An abnormal hemoglobin resulting from the substitution of valine for glutamic acid at position 6 of the beta chain of the globin moiety. The heterozygous state results in sickle cell trait, the homozygous in sickle cell anemia.
Works containing information articles on subjects in every field of knowledge, usually arranged in alphabetical order, or a similar work limited to a special field or subject. (From The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983)
The formation of crystalline substances from solutions or melts. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
A rigorously mathematical analysis of energy relationships (heat, work, temperature, and equilibrium). It describes systems whose states are determined by thermal parameters, such as temperature, in addition to mechanical and electromagnetic parameters. (From Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary, 12th ed)
The rate dynamics in chemical or physical systems.
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The property of objects that determines the direction of heat flow when they are placed in direct thermal contact. The temperature is the energy of microscopic motions (vibrational and translational) of the particles of atoms.

Sex differences in the effects of early neocortical injury on neuronal size distribution of the medial geniculate nucleus in the rat are mediated by perinatal gonadal steroids. (1/2521)

Freezing injury to the cortical plate of rats induces cerebrocortical microgyria and, in males but not females, a shift toward greater numbers of small neurons in the medial geniculate nucleus (MGN). The purpose of the current study was to examine a hormonal basis for this sex difference. Cross-sectional neuronal areas of the MGN were measured in male rats, untreated female rats and female rats treated perinatally with testosterone propionate, all of which had received either neonatal cortical freezing or sham injury. Both male and androgenized female rats with microgyria had significantly smaller MGN neurons when compared to their sham-operated counterparts, whereas untreated females with microgyria did not. These differences were also reflected in MGN neuronal size distribution: both male and androgenized female rats with microgyria had more small and fewer large neurons in their MGN in comparison to shams, while there was no difference in MGN neuronal size distribution between lesioned and sham females. These findings suggest that perinatal gonadal steroids mediate the sex difference in thalamic response to induction of microgyria in the rat cortex.  (+info)

Improved antibody detection by the use of range expansion and longer filter wavelength in a low ionic strength-protamine sulphate Auto-Analyzer system. (2/2521)

Range expansion, achieved by insertion of a variable resistance between the colorimeter and the recorder together with the use of 550 nm colorimeter filters, has resulted in markedly improved sensitivity for antibody detection, and improved sample identification, in a low ionic strength-protamine sulphate (LISPS) system. Range expansion also permits a lower concentration of red cells to be used, thus economizing on fully typed cells. Glycerol stored frozen cells were found to be only slightly less sensitive than fresh cells in this system.  (+info)

Cerebral blood flow in the monkey after focal cryogenic injury. (3/2521)

A focal cryogenic lesion was made in the left superior frontal gyrus of the anesthetized macaque brain. Cerebral blood flow (CBF) was determined by the hydrogen clearance technique before and during the 4 hours following trauma. Local CBF in tissue adjacent to the lesion increased in the first half hour after the lesion was made and then decreased during the ensuing 3 1/2 hours. Local CBF in the contralateral superior frontal gyrus, as well as total CBF and oxygen consumption, were unchanged by cryogenic trauma. The spread of vasogenic edema into uninjured tissue probably accounts for the observed decrease in local CBF. This experimental model may assist in discovering therapy to alter favorably the spatial and temporal profile of pathologic CBF changes in tissue surrounding an acute lesion of the brain.  (+info)

Preferential acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of the formamide linkage of N'-formylkynurenine in frozen solution. (4/2521)

Acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of the formamide linkage of N-acetyl-N'-formyl-L-kynurenineamide in frozen dilute hydrochloric acid solution followed first-order kinetics, yielding N-acetyl-L-kynurenineamide as the sole reaction product. The maximum rate of reaction in the frozen solution was found at around -7.5 degrees and approximated that of the reaction in liquid solution at 40 degrees. By freezing the dilute acid solution at -8 degrees the reaction was accelerated by 60 times compared with that in super-cooled liquid solution at the same temperature.  (+info)

A bioluminescence method for the mapping of local ATP concentrations within the arterial wall, with potential to assess the in vivo situation. (5/2521)

According to the anoxemia theory of atherosclerosis, an imbalance between the demand for and supply of oxygen and nutrients in the arterial wall is a key factor in atherogenesis. However, the energy metabolic state of the arterial tissue in vivo is largely unknown. We applied a bioluminescence method, metabolic imaging, to study local ATP concentrations in cryosections of normal pig and atherosclerotic and normal rabbit aorta. Some vessels were subjected to energy metabolic restrictions by incubation at different oxygen and glucose concentrations and others were rapidly frozen in liquid nitrogen to reflect the in vivo situation. Local ATP concentrations and the ATP distribution at a microscale was dependent on oxygen as well as glucose concentrations during incubation. ATP depletion was seen in the mid media of pig aorta in all incubations, but only at low oxygen concentration without glucose in the media of the thinner rabbit aorta. ATP-depleted zones were seen deep in pig media (>750 microm from the lumen) and in rabbit plaques (>300 micrometer+ from the lumen) even at high oxygen (pig 75% O2 and rabbit 21% O2) and glucose concentrations (5.6 mmol/L glucose). This observation probably illustrates an insufficient diffusion of glucose, which highlights the importance of studying the conditions for diffusion not only of oxygen but also of other metabolites in the arterial wall. In rapidly frozen vessels the medial ATP concentration was shown to be 0.6 to 0.8 micromol/g wet weight (both pig and rabbit aorta) and in pig aorta a gradient could be seen indicating higher ATP concentrations at the lumenal side. We propose that metabolic imaging, as applied to snap-frozen tissue, may be used to assess the energy metabolic situation in the arterial wall in vivo. The spatial resolution allows the detection of local variations within the arterial tree. However, steep concentration gradients (eg, near the border of the tissue) will be underestimated. The method may be extended to include determinations of glucose and lactate concentrations and will be used in parallel with an established method to assess hypoxia in the arterial wall in vivo.  (+info)

Changes in allograft bone irradiated at different temperatures. (6/2521)

Secondary sterilisation of allograft bone by gamma irradiation is common, but the conditions under which it is performed vary between tissue banks. Some do so at room temperature, others while the bone is frozen. Bone is made brittle by irradiation because of the destruction of collagen alpha chains, probably mediated by free radicals generated from water molecules. Freezing reduces the mobility of water molecules and may therefore decrease the production of free radicals. We found that bone irradiated at -78 degrees C was less brittle and had less collagen damage than when irradiated at room temperature. These findings may have implications for bone-banking.  (+info)

Rough surfaced smooth endoplasmic reticulum in rat and mouse cerebellar Purkinje cells visualized by quick-freezing techniques. (7/2521)

The in vivo structure of the smooth endoplasmic reticulum (ER) was visualized in rat and mouse cerebellar Purkinje cells by using quick-freezing techniques followed by freeze-substitution for ultrathin-sectioning or freeze-fracturing and deep-etching for replicas. High magnification electron microscopy of the ultrathin sections revealed a surprising finding that all the smooth ER are apparently rough surfaced, and heavily studded with a large number of small dense projections. In the soma the smooth ER appears to be similar to its rough counterpart, except that the projections are slightly smaller, less electron dense and less protrusive on the ER membranes than the ribosomes. The projections were short rectangles, 20 x 20 x 6 nm3 in size, covering the cytoplasmic surface of the smooth ER in a checker-board manner where closely packed. After freeze-etching and replication, they appeared to be composed of four subparticles, surrounding a central channel. Thus the projections are very similar to the foot structure (ryanodine receptor) of the sarcoplasmic reticulum. Furthermore, they were distributed exclusively in the ER compartment and were highly concentrated especially in the smooth ER. This localization of the projections coindides with the intracellular distribution of the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (IP3) receptor determined by quantitative immunogold electron microscopy. These findings would suggest that the projections are tetramers of IP3 receptor molecules and could be used as a morphological marker for the smooth ER in Purkinje cells, which spreads from the soma to the axon and dendrite, up to the tips including the spines. In Purkinje cells tubular smooth ER runs freely in a serpentine fashion or are intertwined to make large membraneous tangles without forming cisternal stacks. It is highly probable that the ER cisternal stacks do not exist naturally in Purkinje cells but are formed artificially during the various procedures for chemical fixation.  (+info)

A leucine-rich repeat protein of carrot that exhibits antifreeze activity. (8/2521)

A gene encoding an antifreeze protein (AFP) was isolated from carrot (Daucus carota) using sequence information derived from the purified protein. The carrot AFP is highly similar to the polygalacturonase inhibitor protein (PGIP) family of apoplastic plant leucine-rich repeat (LRR) proteins. Expression of the AFP gene is rapidly induced by low temperatures. Furthermore, expression of the AFP gene in transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana plants leads to an accumulation of antifreeze activity. Our findings suggest that a new type of plant antifreeze protein has recently evolved from PGIPs.  (+info)

Hemoglobin S (HbS) is a genetic variant of hemoglobin, which is the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells. This abnormal form of hemogllobin results from a mutation in the beta-globin gene, leading to the substitution of valine for glutamic acid at position six of the beta-globin chain.

In individuals with sickle cell disease (a group of inherited red blood cell disorders), both copies of their beta-globin genes carry this mutation, causing the majority of their hemoglobin to be HbS. When deoxygenated, HbS molecules have a tendency to polymerize and form long, rigid rods within the red blood cells, distorting their shape into a characteristic sickle or crescent form.

These sickled red blood cells are less flexible and more prone to rupture (hemolysis), leading to chronic anemia, vaso-occlusive crises, and other disease complications. Sickle cell disease primarily affects people of African, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Indian ancestry, but it can also be found in other populations worldwide.

An encyclopedia is a comprehensive reference work containing articles on various topics, usually arranged in alphabetical order. In the context of medicine, a medical encyclopedia is a collection of articles that provide information about a wide range of medical topics, including diseases and conditions, treatments, tests, procedures, and anatomy and physiology. Medical encyclopedias may be published in print or electronic formats and are often used as a starting point for researching medical topics. They can provide reliable and accurate information on medical subjects, making them useful resources for healthcare professionals, students, and patients alike. Some well-known examples of medical encyclopedias include the Merck Manual and the Stedman's Medical Dictionary.

Crystallization is a process in which a substance transitions from a liquid or dissolved state to a solid state, forming a crystal lattice. In the medical context, crystallization can refer to the formation of crystals within the body, which can occur under certain conditions such as changes in pH, temperature, or concentration of solutes. These crystals can deposit in various tissues and organs, leading to the formation of crystal-induced diseases or disorders.

For example, in patients with gout, uric acid crystals can accumulate in joints, causing inflammation, pain, and swelling. Similarly, in nephrolithiasis (kidney stones), minerals in the urine can crystallize and form stones that can obstruct the urinary tract. Crystallization can also occur in other medical contexts, such as in the formation of dental calculus or plaque, and in the development of cataracts in the eye.

I'm sorry for any confusion, but "thermodynamics" is not a term that has a specific medical definition. It is a branch of physics that deals with the relationships between heat and other forms of energy. However, the principles of thermodynamics can be applied to biological systems, including those in the human body, such as in the study of metabolism or muscle function. But in a medical context, "thermodynamics" would not be a term used independently as a diagnosis, treatment, or any medical condition.

In the context of medicine and pharmacology, "kinetics" refers to the study of how a drug moves throughout the body, including its absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (often abbreviated as ADME). This field is called "pharmacokinetics."

1. Absorption: This is the process of a drug moving from its site of administration into the bloodstream. Factors such as the route of administration (e.g., oral, intravenous, etc.), formulation, and individual physiological differences can affect absorption.

2. Distribution: Once a drug is in the bloodstream, it gets distributed throughout the body to various tissues and organs. This process is influenced by factors like blood flow, protein binding, and lipid solubility of the drug.

3. Metabolism: Drugs are often chemically modified in the body, typically in the liver, through processes known as metabolism. These changes can lead to the formation of active or inactive metabolites, which may then be further distributed, excreted, or undergo additional metabolic transformations.

4. Excretion: This is the process by which drugs and their metabolites are eliminated from the body, primarily through the kidneys (urine) and the liver (bile).

Understanding the kinetics of a drug is crucial for determining its optimal dosing regimen, potential interactions with other medications or foods, and any necessary adjustments for special populations like pediatric or geriatric patients, or those with impaired renal or hepatic function.

MedlinePlus is not a medical term, but rather a consumer health website that provides high-quality, accurate, and reliable health information, written in easy-to-understand language. It is produced by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the world's largest medical library, and is widely recognized as a trusted source of health information.

MedlinePlus offers information on various health topics, including conditions, diseases, tests, treatments, and wellness. It also provides access to drug information, medical dictionary, and encyclopedia, as well as links to clinical trials, medical news, and patient organizations. The website is available in both English and Spanish and can be accessed for free.

Temperature, in a medical context, is a measure of the degree of hotness or coldness of a body or environment. It is usually measured using a thermometer and reported in degrees Celsius (°C), degrees Fahrenheit (°F), or kelvin (K). In the human body, normal core temperature ranges from about 36.5-37.5°C (97.7-99.5°F) when measured rectally, and can vary slightly depending on factors such as time of day, physical activity, and menstrual cycle. Elevated body temperature is a common sign of infection or inflammation, while abnormally low body temperature can indicate hypothermia or other medical conditions.

Degree of frost Directional freezing Flash freezing Fractional freezing Freezer Freezing air temperature Frost Micro-pulling- ... Freezing is a phase transition where a liquid turns into a solid when its temperature is lowered below its freezing point. In ... freezing is one of the oldest and most widely used method of food preservation as far back as 1842, freezing has been immensely ... Experimental attempts to freeze human beings for later revival are known as cryonics. Freezing is a common method of food ...
... , also called the freeze response or being petrified, is a reaction to specific stimuli, most commonly ... Roelofs K (2017). "Freeze for action: neurobiological mechanisms in animal and human freezing". Philosophical Transactions of ... Not only did these investigations show that the hippocampus is involved with freezing behavior, but avoidance and freezing ... That suggests that neurotransmitters, in general, play a role in freezing behavior. Several investigations show that freezing ...
... assets owned beneficially by someone else will not be subject to the freezing order. A freezing order is a precautionary ... A freezing order will usually only be made where the claimant can show that there was at least a good arguable case that they ... The freeze may be effected by issuing a letter to the asset holder or guardian in question, informing them of the true origin ... Asset freezing is a form of interim or interlocutory injunction which prevents a defendant to an action from dealing with or ...
... may refer to: Freezing Point (novel), a 1965 Japanese novel by Ayako Miura Freezing Point, a 1967 South Korean ... the temperature of solid-liquid state change This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Freezing Point. ... film directed by Kim Soo-yong, based on the novel Freezing Point (magazine), a Chinese magazine Melting point, ...
... is a kind of dry toilet powered by electricity which freezes the content in a short time. Freezing toilets work ... The function of freezing toilets is based on freezing. The contents freeze in a short time stopping bacteria from growing and ... Freezing toilets can be moved, as they only need a plug to work. The machine consumes about 40 watts of electricity.[citation ... "Toilet Freezes Your Poop To Keep It From Stinking". Gizmodo. Gawker Media. Retrieved 16 May 2015. "Literature - Käymäläseura ...
Freezing at Comic Valkyrie (in Japanese) Freezing: First Chronicle at Comic Valkyrie (in Japanese) Freezing: Zero at Comic ... Freezing Archived 2018-12-04 at the Wayback Machine at FUNimation Freezing at Seven Seas Entertainment Freezing (manga) at ... フリージングZERO 1 [Freezing: Zero] (in Japanese). ASIN 4799203045. "最新情報|TVアニメ『フリージング ヴァイブレーション』公式サイト". Archived from ... フリージング 1 [Freezing 1] (in Japanese). ASIN 4860324749. フリージング 30 [Freezing 30] (in Japanese). ASIN 4799209469. 프리징 1권
Where freezing rain forms when frozen precipitation falls through a melting layer and turns liquid, freezing drizzle forms via ... Freezing drizzle is drizzle that freezes on contact with the ground or an object at or near the surface. Its METAR code is FZDZ ... When freezing drizzle accumulates on land, it creates an icy layer of glaze. Freezing drizzle alone does not generally result ... Although freezing drizzle and freezing rain are similar in that they both involve liquid precipitation above the surface in ...
Pipes are run through the soil to be frozen, and then refrigerants are run through the pipes, freezing the soil. Frozen soil ... "Ground Freezing: Freezing soil with liquid nitrogen". The Linde Group. 2014. Archived from the original on 2014-02-26. ... Ground freezing is a construction technique used in circumstances where soil needs to be stabilized so it will not collapse ... Some ground freezing projects use common salt brine as the refrigerant, but other projects benefit from using more exotic ...
Freezing air temperature Freezing of assets Freezing behavior Freeze (disambiguation) Frozen (disambiguation) Hang (computing) ... Freezing is the process in which a liquid turns into a solid when cold enough. Freezing may also refer to: Freezing (film), a ... freezing of tissues Gait freezing, a common motor symptom of Parkinson's disease Hypothermia, a biological condition in ... a BBC comedy series Freezing, a 2023 song by Mimi Webb from the album Amelia Freezing, using local anesthetics in dentistry ...
... is the appearance of long-range crystalline order in a near-surface layer of a liquid. The surface freezing ... Surface freezing has since been found in a wide range of chain molecules and at various interfaces: liquid-air, liquid-solid ... Surface Freezing was experimentally discovered in melts of alkanes and related chain molecules in the early 1990s independently ... which did not allow a determination of the frozen layer's thickness, and whether or not it is laterally ordered. A group led by ...
... (or cook-chill or blast freezing) is the process of rapid cooling of a substance for the purpose of preservation ... Snap frozen foods need to be packed in shallow trays to make the process more efficient. The food is cooled to a temperature ... Snap-freeze is a term often used in scientific papers to describe a process by which a sample is very quickly lowered to ... Cooked meals can be preserved by rapid freezing after cooking is complete. The main target group for these products are those ...
... freezes from only one direction. Directional freezing can freeze water, from only one direction or side of ... Directional freezing in a domestic freezer can be done by putting water in a insulated container so that the water freezes from ... Aquamelt Beluga whale Clear ice Hydrogel Freeze-casting§Static vs. dynamic freezing profiles Molecular self-assembly Zhang, ... "What is Directional Freezing?". Alcademics. Retrieved 12 October 2022. "Making clear ice at home with tap water and directional ...
... is used in the food industry to quickly freeze perishable food items (see frozen food). In this case, food items ... Flash freezing techniques are used to freeze biological samples quickly so that large ice crystals cannot form and damage the ... "Freezing of fruits and vegetables". Retrieved 2020-04-06. "Freezing water droplets form sharp ice peaks". ... In physics and chemistry, flash freezing is the process whereby objects are frozen in just a few hours by subjecting them to ...
The ability to control intercellular ice formation during freezing is critical to the survival of freeze-tolerant plants. If ... The process of freezing tolerance through cold acclimation is a two-stage mechanism: The first stage occurs at relatively high ... Freezing tolerance can be assessed by performing a simple plant survival assay or with the more time consuming but quantitative ... Freezing tolerance is enhanced as a gradual adaptation to low temperature through a process known as cold acclimation, which ...
... as in freeze distillation, also called normal freezing or progressive freezing. The initial sample is thus fractionated ( ... Fractional freezing is generally used to produce ultra-pure solids, or to concentrate heat-sensitive liquids. Freeze ... Fractional freezing can be used to desalinate sea water. In a process that naturally occurs with sea ice, frozen salt water, ... fractional freezing can be useful due to its simplicity. Fractional freezing is also used in the production of fruit juice ...
Above the freezing altitude, the temperature of the air is below freezing. Below it, the temperature is above freezing. The ... The freezing level, or 0 °C (zero-degree) isotherm, represents the altitude in which the temperature is at 0 °C (the freezing ... There are several different methods to examine the structure of the temperature of the atmosphere including its freezing level ...
... is rain maintained at temperatures below freezing by the ambient air mass that causes freezing on contact with ... Freezing rain often causes major power outages by forming glaze ice. When the freezing rain or drizzle is light and not ... Black ice Freezing drizzle Hail Ice pellets Ice storm Icing conditions List of ice storms "Freezing rain". Glossary of ... The METAR code for freezing rain is FZRA. A storm that produces a significant thickness of glaze ice from freezing rain is ...
Freezing Point, a 1966 Japanese film directed by Satsuo Yamamoto Freezing Point (冰點), a 1966 Taiwanese film directed by Hsin ... a 1989 Japanese TV series on TV Asahi Freezing Point, a 2001 Japanese TV series on TV Asahi Freezing Point, a 2006 Japanese TV ... Freezing Point (氷点; Hyōten) is the debut novel of Japanese novelist Ayako Miura, first serialized on Asahi Shimbun between 1964 ... Miura, Ayako (1986). Freezing Point. Translated by Hiromu Shimizu; John Terry. Dawn Press. ISBN 0933704291. ...
Freezing Point was started in 1995 as a one-page publication and was expanded into a weekly magazine in 2004. A weekly ... Freezing Point (Chinese: 冰点, Bīngdiǎn) was a news journal in the People's Republic of China which was the subject of ... Freezing Point on China Digital Times "Chinese Journal Closed by Censors Is to Reopen", The New York Times, 16 February 2006. " ... The official reason for the January 2006 shutdown of Freezing Point was an article by history professor Yuan Weishi of Sun Yat- ...
"Freezing Spray Advisory". Glossary - National Weather Service. Retrieved 1 June 2011. National Weather Service. "Freezing Spray ... or else a heavy freezing spray watch, warning or a specific notice would be issued. The following is an example of a Freezing ... A Freezing Spray Advisory is issued by the National Weather Service of the United States to warn sea vessels and sometimes road ... THIS COMBINATION WILL POSE THE HAZARD OF FREEZING SPRAY OVER THE WATERS...MAINLY NEAR BELLINGHAM BAY...ROSARIO STRAIT...AND THE ...
The Saskatoon freezing deaths involved Indigenous Canadians in and immediately outside Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in the 1990s ... Razack, Sherene (January 2014). ""It Happened More Than Once": Freezing Deaths in Saskatchewan". Canadian Journal of Women and ... "New film renews community discussion about Aboriginal freezing deaths in Saskatoon". Dispatch. University of Regina. Archived ... The freezing deaths are discussed in podcasts such as Criminal and Commons. The Da Vinci's Inquest episode "The Sparkle Tour" ...
... , usually abbreviated IQF, is a descriptive term for freezing methods used in the food processing ... One of the main advantages of this method of preparing frozen food is that the freezing process takes only a few minutes. The ... The food is in individual pieces, and is frozen quickly. Products commonly frozen with IQF technologies are typically smaller ... The short freezing prevents formation of large ice crystals in the product's cells, which destroys the membrane structures at ...
An interim freezing order is a type of court order issued by a British court to freeze access to a person's property while they ... Unexplained wealth order Asset freezing Criminal Finances Act 2017 "Circular 003/2018: unexplained wealth orders". GOV.UK. ...
Anand Satyanand David Lange Phil Goff Westfield Freezing Works Westfield Freezing Works Westfield Freezing Works Filling and ... The Westfield Freezing Works was a large meat processing facility in the Auckland suburb of Westfield, New Zealand. The site ... During World War I a number of freezing works opened across the country to meet the demand for New Zealand produce. Prime ... "Westfield freezing works". Retrieved 2019-11-18. "Otahuhu A&P Showgrounds - Discover - STQRY". discover.stqry. ...
Freezing or frost occurs when the air temperature falls below the freezing point of water (0 °C, 32 °F, 273 K). This is usually ... Freezing (the physical aspect) Permafrost (permanently frozen ground) Frost and Rime (deposit of ice on cold surfaces) ... The primary symptom of frost weather is that water freezes. If the temperature is low for sufficiently long time, freezing will ... "freezing" for temperature of air below the freezing point of water "hoar frost" and "ground frost" for deposit of ice on cold ...
The Patea Freezing Company came into being in 1910. In 1933, a new Patea Freezing Company was formed and at times provided work ... The Patea Freezing Works was a meat-processing plant promoted by The Patea A&P Association in the town of Patea. The West Coast ... At the time The Patea Freezing Works was owned by the British Vestey Group. Since the closure the site had fallen derelict. ... On Wednesday 6 February 2008 a large part of the Patea Freezing Works was destroyed by fire. During August 2009 Nikau ...
... is Aberdeen City's debut album. Its first single is "God Is Going to Get Sick of Me." It was produced by ...
... is a drop in the maximum temperature at which a substance freezes, caused when a smaller amount of ... The freezing-point depression prevents radiators from freezing in winter. Road salting takes advantage of this effect to lower ... defined as the freezing point T f 0 {\displaystyle T_{f}^{0}} of the pure solvent minus the freezing point T f {\displaystyle T ... the freezing point of pure water. The freezing point is the temperature at which the liquid solvent and solid solvent are at ...
Freezing at IMDb Freezing at BBC Online British Comedy Guide Freezing reviews from Tom Hollander Fan Site v t e (Articles with ... Freezing was originally a one-off comedy as part of BBC Four's Tight Spot season in February 2007, which then became the first ... Freezing is written by James Wood and directed by Simon Curtis. Hugh Bonneville as Matt Elizabeth McGovern as Elizabeth Tom ... Freezing is a BBC comedy series starring Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern about an otherwise successful couple in their ...
Degree of frost Directional freezing Flash freezing Fractional freezing Freezer Freezing air temperature Frost Micro-pulling- ... Freezing is a phase transition where a liquid turns into a solid when its temperature is lowered below its freezing point. In ... freezing is one of the oldest and most widely used method of food preservation as far back as 1842, freezing has been immensely ... Experimental attempts to freeze human beings for later revival are known as cryonics. Freezing is a common method of food ...
"Frozen the Musical". Frozen the Musical. Retrieved March 19, 2021.. *^ "SCES to perform Disneys Frozen JR. April 23, 24 and 25 ... Frozen:[1]. Eva Bella (8-year-old). Spencer Ganus (12-year-old). Frozen II:[2]. Mattea Conforti (young Elsa). Eva Bella (young ... Frozen has been used to promote mental health awareness for children.[147][148][149] Jay Boll described Frozen as "a story of ... Main article: Frozen (2013 film). Elsa as a child in Frozen. Elsa, princess of Arendelle and heiress to the throne, is born ...
Science News first reported that frozen water resides on the surface of 24 Themis, an asteroid orbiting in the middle of the ... confirm that its the first known asteroid to have frozen water on its surface. Gabriel Pérez, Servicio MultiMedia, Instituto ...
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Freezing womens eggs to treat infertility is no longer an experimental procedure, according to the American Society for ... remains costly and controversial and many questions remain about the effectiveness and safety of using long-term egg-freezing. ... Egg Freezing Moves Out Of Experimental Realm Freezing womens eggs to treat infertility is no longer an experimental procedure ... She wrote: I first learned about egg freezing from a friend who had talked with her OB/GYN about whether she should freeze. ...
Freezing pipes - Hello Folks, Im fixing up an apartment that had pipes freeze but not bust last year. I can access them from ... Freezing pipes Hello Folks, Im fixing up an apartment that had pipes freeze but not bust last year. I can access them from the ... Unless you can find a way to get heat to the pipes and keep it there they will freeze again. If you insulate them, the ...
Frozen fans are traveling to visit the country that inspired the films beautiful landscapes ... Box office hit Frozen has inspired everything to themed birthday parties to themed, international vacations. ... "an exciting opportunity to experience the part of the world that inspired the Disney animated film Frozen." ...
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Freezing ovarian tissue taken during reproductive years and then reimplanting it at a later stage could delay, or even prevent ... For freezing and transplant, the cortex can be from a donor or from the person undergoing the treatment. ... They suggest that by freezing ovarian tissue taken from a woman during her reproductive years and then reimplanting it at a ... tissue before the cancer treatment, freeze (or cryopreserve. ) it, then implant it back into the person after cancer treatment ...
... and what to consider if youd like to freeze your eggs to have a baby. ... What is egg freezing?. Egg freezing is the process of removing eggs from the ovaries and freezing them for later use with in ... Egg freezing: What you need to know. Think youll want to be pregnant, but nows not the time? Egg freezing (extracting eggs ... Why would I want to freeze my eggs?. There are three main reasons women consider freezing their eggs:. To buy more time. Most ...
How to freeze fish and fishery products that are intended to be eaten raw or lightly cooked in food businesses and restaurants. ... Freezing fish and fishery products How to freeze fish and fishery products that are intended to be eaten raw or lightly cooked ... If a freezing treatment has not been applied, you can carry out the freezing treatment yourself. You can find more information ... Fish freezing requirements. Freezing requirements apply to all food businesses that place fish and fishery products on the ...
Freshman Freeze. Freshman Freeze. Freshman Freeze. In the fall quarter during Wildcat Welcome (New Student Week) first-year ...
Are you trying to access your Employee Center when QuickBooks freezes? If so, you can follow these steps: Open QuickBooks and ... QB consistant crashing/freezing. My program just froze again. It makes it hard to get work done if Quickbooks keeps freezing. ... QB consistant crashing/freezing. My QB also consistently froze since the update. It froze with every attempt to open a register ... It froze when attempting to edit a transaction. It froze when opening the window to see what version of QB is being run. It was ...
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Is there an international definiton for freezing fog. In the UK it is 1000m but i think that the US may use a statute mile? ... Freezing Fog Is there an international definiton for freezing fog. In the UK it is 1000m but i think that the US may use a ... If theres fog freezing onto the wings, Im not going flying. But if it isnt (perhaps because the airframe is above freezing, ... What makes freezing rain nastier than freezing fog?. --------------------. I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, ...
Supporters off egg freezing say it empowers women to keep climbing up corporate ladders without having to take time off to care ... Facebook has begun and Apple is planning to begin paying for women employees to freeze their eggs, according to a report posted ... Apple, Facebook add egg-freezing to employee benefits, report says. By Paresh Dave ... Detractors, including some women, argue that raising a child later in life wont necessarily be easier and that freezing eggs ...
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Greenpeace Indias all seven bank accounts have been frozen with immediate effect. ... freezes Greenpeace accounts Greenpeace Indias all seven bank accounts have been frozen with immediate effect. April 09, 2015 ... Citing various grounds for the suspension of the FCRA registration of Greenpeace India and the freezing of its accounts, the ... The seven accounts in IDBI Bank, ICICI Bank and Yes Bank have been frozen with immediate effect. ...
I suspect the people who have freezes are NOT really frozen but have long cycle settings (15/30/60 mins) and if they tried the ... No freezes since. Also, SETI is only sending me AP workunits so the CUDA isnt running...,sigh,. S. AND, the latest development ... Questions and Answers : Windows : Screensaver Causes My computer to Freeze. ©2024 University of California SETI@home and ... Questions and Answers : Windows : Screensaver Causes My computer to Freeze. Message board moderation To post messages, you must ...
Frozen became an obsession for kids around the world, the story of Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven will continue with ... Like the first film, Frozen II will be rated PG.. *Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, who co-directed Frozen, will reunite to co- ... Expect to see a lot more of Elsas personality in Frozen II. In an interview with Fandango, Chris Buck noted how Elsa "had such ... The original Frozen currently ranks as the 15thhighest-grossing movie of all time; it earned $1,276,500,000 worldwide. ...
Can You Cook a Frozen Turkey?. The answer is yes, you can cook a frozen turkey. However, this only applies when roasting it. ... Taking food safety into account, it is safe to roast a turkey thats still frozen, according to the USDA. If its frozen solid ... Follow the tips below and learn what to do if your Thanksgiving turkey is still frozen (or partially frozen). ... It also cooks much faster when defrosted than if roasting a bird thats frozen-which is a big perk in and of itself when you ...
Vaccine freezing common. Benjamin Schreiber, a senior health advisor with UNICEF and one of the editors of the supplement, ... Freezing incidents have been linked to increased pertussis cases in the United States and to a 2014 measles outbreak in ... While freezing is a problem that affects vaccines in both high- and low-income countries, researchers found that vaccine ... "Freeze-sensitive vaccines costs UNICEF $1.2 billion [annually]," said Schreiber. "Thats a lot of vaccines that could ...
Dairy Freeze has graced the corner of St. Clair and Caledonia since forever and they still make their burgers and shakes like ...
... can be stored for 25+ years! Great for emergencies. Just soak in water and cook. 15-16 beef ... Freeze-Dried Hamburger Patties Freeze-Dried Hamburger Patties Have a 25+ Year Shelf Life!. ... Freeze-Dried Hamburger Patties Have a 25+ Year Shelf Life!. Youll be ready for anything with a food supply that will last and ... Beverages Candy Popcorn Soups Freeze Dried Gluten Free Food Prep Choppers and Cutters Food Mills Knives, Sharpeners and Cutting ...
These frozen breakfast innovations range from bakery-inspired frozen treats to premade frozen smoothie bowls. Trader Joe ... These frozen breakfast innovations range from bakery-inspired frozen treats to premade frozen smoothie bowls. Trader Joes ... Cinnabons first-ever Frozen Breakfast Creations range is another notable example. The collection highlights frozen breakfast ... Egglands Bests frozen omelets round off this list, offering a high-protein treat that is convenient and ultra quick to prep ...
... contamination was found in multiple samples of ICAPP frozen strawberries, which were then recalled. This investigation is over. ... Frozen Strawberry Recall. *On October 30, 2016, ICAPP announced that it had notified its distributors that frozen strawberries ... Multistate Outbreak of Hepatitis A Virus Infections Linked to Frozen Organic Strawberries - 2023plus icon *Where Sick People ... If the facility has received any of the recalled frozen strawberries but has not served them to anyone, any remaining product ...
Freezing Pipes: Prevention And Restoration. Fortunately, freezing pipes prevention can be quick, simple and affordable. You can ... What To Do If Your Pipes Freeze. Even with the best planning and preparation, things happen. If your pipes should freeze ( ... Before freezing weather hits, start dripping the faucets. Even just a slight trickle of both hot and cold water from a faucet ... Ask a trusted neighbor or a loved one who lives reasonably close to check in on your place, especially if it freezes. You might ...
It is also funnier than Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.. To be fair, Frozen Empire is funnier than Afterlife, and-perhaps more ... To sequelize multiple movies at once, Frozen Empire has to keep dividing its key players into groups of three or four, for ... So maybe Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, the new follow-up to 2021s Ghostbusters: Afterlife, deserves some credit for… not trying ... Thats the weird thing about Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire: It endeavors to take Ghostbusters a little more seriously without ...
Barry Sears Zone frozen foods make weight loss a snap. Golden Gate Foods Loving Spoonfuls brings baby foods to the frozen ... The frozen-food case is alive with new ideas. Birds Eye Foods new microwavable Steam & Serve and Herb Garden gourmet vegetable ... The New Face of Frozen. CONSUMER TRENDS. Food Technology Magazine , Article Share + * ... And Stouffers Lean Cuisine Spa Cuisine™takes healthy frozen foods gourmet. New gourmet appetizer platters, such as Yankee ...
A judge has approved allowing a deceased teenager to be cryogenically frozen. ... A judge has approved allowing a teenager to be cryogenically frozen; her wish was to be unfrozen when there is a known cure for ... Judge grants teens dying wish to be cryogenically frozen; process under way. ...
  • Many people wonder if frozen and canned vegetables are as healthy for you as fresh vegetables. (
  • Overall, vegetables fresh from the farm or just picked are healthier than frozen or canned ones. (
  • But frozen and canned vegetables can still be a good choice. (
  • A unique method of freezing vegetables and fruit that keeps cells alive has been developed, and patented, at Lund University in Sweden. (
  • The vegetables are frozen after a few hours, since the cells have been put under stress. (
  • Other vegetables, such as peas, have a different cell structure and are less affected by being frozen altogether. (
  • Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios ' computer-animated fantasy film Frozen (2013), and later media of the Frozen franchise, including its sequel Frozen II (2019). (
  • SART reports that egg freezing was used in fertility treatments in the U.S. more than 16,000 times in 2019 and in 2020. (
  • I have been having the same crashing/freezing problem for about a month now in QB 2019 Accountant version. (
  • The first official teaser for Frozen II dropped on February 13, 2019 and logged 116.4 million views in the first 24 hours it was online, making it the most viewed animated movie trailer of all time (and the 15th most viewed movie trailer overall). (
  • When I'm trying to shut down, the program freezes for 3, 4, 5 min and then crashes. (
  • Freezing is a phase transition where a liquid turns into a solid when its temperature is lowered below its freezing point. (
  • citation needed] Because of the latent heat of fusion, the freezing is greatly slowed and the temperature will not drop anymore once the freezing starts but will continue dropping once it finishes. (
  • Freezing does not start until the temperature is low enough to provide enough energy to form stable nuclei. (
  • This is often seen as counter-intuitive, since the temperature of the material does not rise during freezing, except if the liquid were supercooled. (
  • Amorphous materials, as well as some polymers, do not have a freezing point, as there is no abrupt phase change at any specific temperature. (
  • Expanding the use of freeze alarms and rigorous temperature monitoring is critical to ensuring that all children have access to potent, lifesaving vaccines," said Robin Nandy, MD, principal advisor and chief of immunization at UNICEF, in a press release from global communications firm Burness. (
  • When the outdoor temperature is below freezing, leaving those cupboards open can help interior pipes stay significantly warmer. (
  • You might also consider installing a freeze alarm that will notify you should the temperature inside your house drop dangerously low, such as during a power outage. (
  • The products in this category relate to thermometers, freeze indicators, temperature recorders, alarm systems, event loggers and remote communication devices for monitoring temperatures at all levels of the cold chain. (
  • Elsa as she appears in Frozen (2013). (
  • In Frozen II , young Elsa is voiced by Mattea Conforti (at the start of the film) and Eva Bella (archive audio). (
  • Six years after Disney's Frozen became an obsession for kids around the world, the story of Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven will continue with Frozen II . (
  • That's what was really good about the short [ Frozen Fever ]-we could have fun with Elsa. (
  • The multi-award winning production, directed by Michael Grandage , Frozen the Musical brings the beloved characters of Elsa and Anna to life onstage as they embark on a thrilling journey of self-discovery. (
  • Set in the kingdom of Arendelle , Frozen follows the fates of sisters Anna and Elsa whose bond is tested when Elsa's secret magical powers accidentally plunge the kingdom into endless winter. (
  • The cast of Frozen includes Jenna Lee-James (Elsa), Laura Dawkes (Anna), Craig Gallivan (Olaf), Jammy Kasongot (Kristoff), Ashley Birchall (Sven), Oliver Ormson (Hans) and Richard Frame (Weselton). (
  • Hello Folks, I'm fixing up an apartment that had pipes freeze but not bust last year. (
  • The first human birth from a frozen egg was reported in 1986. (
  • The first baby conceived with a frozen egg was born in 1986, and since then technological advances have dramatically improved success rates, leading more women to explore egg banking as a means of extending their childbearing years. (
  • Kroger Frozen Fully Cooked Chicken Breast Patties Family Pack BIG Deal! (
  • Freeze-Dried Hamburger Patties Have a 25+ Year Shelf Life! (
  • Our ground beef patties are freeze dried, so they can be stored long term and without needing refrigeration (lasts longer than dehydrated and traditional canned food! (
  • Helium-3 has a negative enthalpy of fusion at temperatures below 0.3 K. Helium-4 also has a very slightly negative enthalpy of fusion below 0.8 K. This means that, at appropriate constant pressures, heat must be added to these substances in order to freeze them. (
  • As part of the special issue, Schreiber co-authored a literature review on vaccine temperatures that looked at 45 studies on vaccine freezing in the supply chain. (
  • About half of all vaccines procured by UNICEF are "freeze sensitive," meaning they are subject to damage if exposed to improper temperatures. (
  • Initially, Gomez and his colleagues simply wanted to understand how some plants, for example carrots, survive the freezing temperatures of winter. (
  • Freezing women's eggs to treat infertility is no longer an experimental procedure, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. (
  • As of Monday, the procedure of freezing women's eggs is no longer experimental. (
  • It's expensive, it doesn't always work, and some have ethical questions about women who use the procedure to effectively stop their biological clock, they have eggs removed and frozen when they're younger for use when they choose. (
  • CONAN: I understand when you got the diagnosis, you didn't learn about the option of freezing your eggs from your doctor. (
  • Egg freezing (extracting eggs from your ovary and banking them for later use) might be an option. (
  • Egg freezing is the process of removing eggs from the ovaries and freezing them for later use with in vitro fertilization (IVF). (
  • Proponents say that freezing eggs gives women more control over their fertility. (
  • But the American Society for Reproductive Medicine Opens a new window (ASRM) says there isn't enough information yet to recommend freezing eggs to delay motherhood. (
  • Why would I want to freeze my eggs? (
  • Most women who freeze their eggs aren't ready to get pregnant. (
  • If you freeze your eggs now, you can preserve them while they're still viable. (
  • Keep in mind, though, that success rates are much higher for women who freeze eggs at age 35 or younger. (
  • Women who are at risk of reduced fertility - because of endometriosis, ovarian cysts that require surgery, or a family history of early menopause (primary ovarian insufficiency), for example - may also consider freezing their eggs. (
  • Egg freezing allows you to fertilize only as many eggs as necessary for IVF and freeze unfertilized eggs for possible later use. (
  • What's the best age to freeze my eggs? (
  • Experts think that freezing eggs before your mid-thirties is best, though it's possible to successfully freeze eggs for pregnancy later than that. (
  • There isn't a specific age at which you must freeze your eggs, but as women age, egg quantity and quality both significantly diminish. (
  • From 2010 to 2016, there was an 880 percent increase in the number of egg freezing procedures performed in the United States. (
  • On August 8, 2016, Tropical Smoothie Café reported that they removed the Egyptian frozen strawberries from their restaurants in Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia and switched to another supplier out of an abundance of caution. (
  • On October 30, 2016, the International Company for Agricultural Production & Processing (ICAPP) recalled all of its frozen strawberries that were imported into the U.S. since January 1, 2016. (
  • On October 30, 2016, ICAPP announced that it had notified its distributors that frozen strawberries were being recalled due to a potential contamination with hepatitis A. (
  • The results showed that the magnetic field treatment shortened the phase transition time of freezing , and significantly reduced the size of the formed ice crystals. (
  • Kraft Foods' South Beach and Cedarlane Natural Foods' Dr. Barry Sears' Zone frozen foods make weight loss a snap. (
  • Golden Gate Foods' Loving Spoonfuls brings baby foods to the frozen aisle. (
  • And Stouffer's Lean Cuisine Spa Cuisine™ takes healthy frozen foods gourmet. (
  • Title : Emergency handling of frozen foods Personal Author(s) : Hozier, John B.;Anderegg, James A. (
  • Because vitrification is a non-equilibrium process, it does not qualify as freezing, which requires an equilibrium between the crystalline and liquid state. (
  • Despite these criteria, diagnosing FSS can be controversial because there is little consensus on the specific shoulder motion restrictions or duration of symptoms needed to qualify a patient as having a frozen shoulder. (
  • Freeze-sensitive vaccines costs UNICEF $1.2 billion [annually]," said Schreiber. (
  • While freezing is a problem that affects vaccines in both high- and low-income countries, researchers found that vaccine stockouts, or instances of running out of vaccine supplies, are a startlingly frequent occurrence in many parts of the world. (
  • Many vaccines are freeze-sensitive, including those containing aluminium adjuvants. (
  • When vaccines containing aluminium adjuvant are frozen, the antigen-adjuvant particles agglomerate (form a cluster) and sediment resulting in the irreversible loss of potency. (
  • Still, the procedure remains costly and controversial and many questions remain about the effectiveness and safety of using long-term egg-freezing. (
  • This document describes the procedure for verifying the performance of freeze indicators. (
  • While the enormous success of Frozen had audiences eager for a sequel, it took a while for Disney to officially announce the idea. (
  • Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, who co-directed Frozen , will reunite to co-direct the sequel. (
  • FROSTED ROCK New observations of the asteroid 24 Themis, the large object portrayed here along with two much smaller related objects and the sun in this artist's illustration, confirm that it's the first known asteroid to have frozen water on its surface. (
  • Science News first reported that frozen water resides on the surface of 24 Themis , an asteroid orbiting in the middle of the asteroid belt, last October when the work was presented at a conference. (
  • Type II fluid however, in a typical 50:50 fluid/water mix, is good for 20 to 45 minutes of protection against freezing fog. (
  • A suspension of numerous minute water droplets which freezes upon impact with ground or other exposed objects, generally reducing the horizontal visibility at the earth's surface to less than 1 km. (
  • Approximately 1 in 50 homeowners file water damage or claims for freezing pipes with their homeowners' insurance each year. (
  • While you are there, pick up insulated slip-on covers for outdoor faucets to prevent any water that remains inside from freezing. (
  • Even just a slight trickle of both hot and cold water from a faucet served by exposed pipes can keep them from freezing and bursting, as the running water releases pressure. (
  • If your pipes should freeze (reduced or no running water is the primary indication), the first thing to do is to turn off the water supply to your home at the main shut-off valve and open all faucets so that when the ice thaws, the water can run out. (
  • Extra embryos from IVF are usually frozen and transferred at a later time, or discarded. (
  • When asked about the possibility of another film in April 2014, Walt Disney Studios co-chairman Alan F. Horn said that their main focus at the time was getting the Broadway musical version of Frozen off the ground. (
  • Haukaas conveys both a sense of fluid motion and frozen time in this image, a modern example of Native American ledger art (a genre of narrative drawing or painting on paper or cloth) that developed during the Indian Wars era and continued in the forced relocations of Plains tribes to government reservations from the 1860s through the 1920s. (
  • Frozen II was officially announced in March 2015, during a Disney shareholders meeting. (
  • Disney chairman/CEO Bob Iger believes that Frozen could become one of the company's key properties. (
  • However, RNA extracted from fresh-frozen (FF) bulk tissue without macrodissection is widely used for research purposes, and yields high-quality RNA for downstream. (
  • Ask a trusted neighbor or a loved one who lives reasonably close to check in on your place, especially if it freezes. (
  • Freezing is almost always an exothermic process, meaning that as liquid changes into solid, heat and pressure are released. (
  • But this can be understood since heat must be continually removed from the freezing liquid or the freezing process will stop. (
  • When selling, you must provide information on the type of freezing process that the fish or fishery product has undergone. (
  • The freezing process can be applied at the most appropriate point in the food chain. (
  • She is voiced mainly by Idina Menzel , with Eva Bella as a young child and by Spencer Ganus as a teenager in Frozen . (
  • The loss of passive range of motion (ROM) is a critical element in establishing the diagnosis of a true frozen shoulder. (
  • For example, agar displays a hysteresis in its melting point and freezing point. (
  • Try to buy those without added salt and don't overcook any vegetable, whether fresh, frozen, or canned. (
  • Imagine a fresh, crunchy salad that has been… frozen and defrosted? (
  • Fresh whole blood has long been thought of as the criterion standard for transfusion, but the advent of whole blood fractionation techniques subsequent to World War II provided a means of more efficient use of the various components (i.e., packed red blood cells [PRBCs], fresh frozen plasma [FFP], individual factor concentrates, platelet concentrates, cryoprecipitate). (
  • When it is not possible to breastfeed an collecting the milk sample and to express infant in the postnatal period, expressed some of her breast milk manually or by bi- breast milk, fresh or frozen, may provide cycle horn pump into 3 labelled sterile hard both nutritional and immunological bene- plastic containers (10 mL in each). (
  • Before freezing weather hits, start dripping the faucets. (
  • How to freeze fish and fishery products that are intended to be eaten raw or lightly cooked in food businesses and restaurants. (
  • Freezing requirements apply to all food businesses that place fish and fishery products on the market such as restaurants, fish suppliers and fish buyers. (
  • Under food hygiene legislation, certain fishery products intended to be eaten raw need to be frozen before use. (
  • Any treated products where the processing treatment doesn't kill the parasites must also be frozen before consumption. (
  • Food businesses do not need to apply a freezing treatment to fishery products if they meet the conditions for exemption. (
  • If products are sold and intended for raw consumption without a freezing treatment, must be sourced from fishing grounds or fish farms that meet the exemption conditions. (
  • Products sold to the final consumer, do not need any documentation relating to the freezing exemption or treatment. (
  • Frozen lasts approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes , with a 20-minute interval. (
  • In accordance with the internationally established definition, freezing means the solidification phase change of a liquid or the liquid content of a substance, usually due to cooling. (
  • Egg freezing is also expensive and may not be covered by insurance,' it cautions. (
  • Freezing fog can cause very serious and expensive damage and there is no protection on common engines used in modern airliners. (
  • Peter Kim of Philadelphia Insurance Companies told Risk & Insurance their average loss with frozen pipes is $27,000, and their most expensive claim was $1.7 million. (
  • I believe it is correct to say that subject to satisfying all other minima, you may land in freezing fog but may not take off in freezing fog, in the UK, that is? (
  • W]hen you have something that is as good as Frozen in today's world, and you treat it well, meaning you continue to support it and fuel it with basically new creativity, there's no reason why it can't keep going at all. (
  • The current consensus definition of a frozen shoulder by the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons is "a condition of uncertain etiology characterized by significant restriction of both active and passive shoulder motion that occurs in the absence of a known intrinsic shoulder disorder. (
  • Some exemptions to the freezing requirements apply to fish reared under certain conditions with minimal risk of parasite infection. (
  • Lundberg divided patients who met the pain and motion requirements of frozen shoulder into two groups: primary and secondary. (
  • Patients with primary frozen shoulder have no significant findings in the history, clinical examination, or radiographic evaluation to explain their motion loss and pain. (
  • Classically, symptoms of primary frozen shoulder have been divided into three phases: freezing (painful), frozen (stiffening), and thawing. (
  • When will your freeze-dried food expire? (
  • The frozen-food case is alive with new ideas. (
  • If the facility has received any of the recalled frozen strawberries but has not served them to anyone, any remaining product should be discarded and no further action is needed. (
  • JAOUAD: No, they're around $25,000, and in my case, the egg freezing was not covered by my insurance. (
  • But in any case, I don't dispute that it is difficult, but the original question (particularly interesting given that my Ops Manual apparently tells me HOW to depart in freezing fog) was - is there anything that prohibits trying it? (
  • You can prepare the pipes in and around your home for frigid temps to avoid frozen pipes that can expand, burst and destroy your home and belongings. (
  • Of all the home maintenance projects on your list, preventing freezing pipes should be near the top. (