The genetic constitution of individuals with respect to one member of a pair of allelic genes, or sets of genes that are closely linked and tend to be inherited together such as those of the MAJOR HISTOCOMPATIBILITY COMPLEX.
An ethnic group with historical ties to the land of ISRAEL and the religion of JUDAISM.
A state of internal activity of an organism that is a necessary condition before a given stimulus will elicit a class of responses; e.g., a certain level of hunger (drive) must be present before food will elicit an eating response.
The record of descent or ancestry, particularly of a particular condition or trait, indicating individual family members, their relationships, and their status with respect to the trait or condition.
Any detectable and heritable change in the genetic material that causes a change in the GENOTYPE and which is transmitted to daughter cells and to succeeding generations.
Ethnic group originating in India and entering Europe in the 14th or 15th century.
The discipline studying genetic composition of populations and effects of factors such as GENETIC SELECTION, population size, MUTATION, migration, and GENETIC DRIFT on the frequencies of various GENOTYPES and PHENOTYPES using a variety of GENETIC TECHNIQUES.
A variety of simple repeat sequences that are distributed throughout the GENOME. They are characterized by a short repeat unit of 2-8 basepairs that is repeated up to 100 times. They are also known as short tandem repeats (STRs).
The geographical area of Africa comprising ALGERIA; EGYPT; LIBYA; MOROCCO; and TUNISIA. It includes also the vast deserts and oases of the Sahara. It is often referred to as North Africa, French-speaking Africa, or the Maghreb. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p856)
Genotypic differences observed among individuals in a population.
Biochemical identification of mutational changes in a nucleotide sequence.
A benzoate-cevane found in VERATRUM and Schoenocaulon. It activates SODIUM CHANNELS to stay open longer than normal.
The outward appearance of the individual. It is the product of interactions between genes, and between the GENOTYPE and the environment.
Variant forms of the same gene, occupying the same locus on homologous CHROMOSOMES, and governing the variants in production of the same gene product.
Descriptions of specific amino acid, carbohydrate, or nucleotide sequences which have appeared in the published literature and/or are deposited in and maintained by databanks such as GENBANK, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), National Biomedical Research Foundation (NBRF), or other sequence repositories.
A tumor suppressor gene (GENES, TUMOR SUPPRESSOR) located on human CHROMOSOME 17 at locus 17q21. Mutations of this gene are associated with the formation of HEREDITARY BREAST AND OVARIAN CANCER SYNDROME. It encodes a large nuclear protein that is a component of DNA repair pathways.
An individual having different alleles at one or more loci regarding a specific character.
Nonrandom association of linked genes. This is the tendency of the alleles of two separate but already linked loci to be found together more frequently than would be expected by chance alone.
The genetic constitution of the individual, comprising the ALLELES present at each GENETIC LOCUS.
Individual members of South American ethnic groups with historic ancestral origins in Asia.
The sequence of PURINES and PYRIMIDINES in nucleic acids and polynucleotides. It is also called nucleotide sequence.
Detection of a MUTATION; GENOTYPE; KARYOTYPE; or specific ALLELES associated with genetic traits, heritable diseases, or predisposition to a disease, or that may lead to the disease in descendants. It includes prenatal genetic testing.
The relationships of groups of organisms as reflected by their genetic makeup.
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of genetic processes or phenomena. They include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
A large, nuclear protein, encoded by the BRCA2 gene (GENE, BRCA2). Mutations in this gene predispose humans to breast and ovarian cancer. The BRCA2 protein is an essential component of DNA repair pathways, suppressing the formation of gross chromosomal rearrangements. (from Genes Dev. 2000;14(11):1400-6)
Genes that influence the PHENOTYPE only in the homozygous state.
Any method used for determining the location of and relative distances between genes on a chromosome.
The magnitude of INBREEDING in humans.
Laboratory mice that have been produced from a genetically manipulated EGG or EMBRYO, MAMMALIAN.
A phenotypically recognizable genetic trait which can be used to identify a genetic locus, a linkage group, or a recombination event.
Double-stranded DNA of MITOCHONDRIA. In eukaryotes, the mitochondrial GENOME is circular and codes for ribosomal RNAs, transfer RNAs, and about 10 proteins.
Individual members of Central American ethnic groups with ancient historic ancestral origins in Asia. Mexican Indians are not included.
An individual in which both alleles at a given locus are identical.
The co-inheritance of two or more non-allelic GENES due to their being located more or less closely on the same CHROMOSOME.
The science dealing with the earth and its life, especially the description of land, sea, and air and the distribution of plant and animal life, including humanity and human industries with reference to the mutual relations of these elements. (From Webster, 3d ed)
The mating of plants or non-human animals which are closely related genetically.
Time period from 1801 through 1900 of the common era.
The fluctuation of the ALLELE FREQUENCY from one generation to the next.
ANIMALS whose GENOME has been altered by GENETIC ENGINEERING, or their offspring.
The number of offspring a female has borne. It is contrasted with GRAVIDITY, which refers to the number of pregnancies, regardless of outcome.
Any detectable and heritable alteration in the lineage of germ cells. Mutations in these cells (i.e., "generative" cells ancestral to the gametes) are transmitted to progeny while those in somatic cells are not.
The region of southwest Asia and northeastern Africa usually considered as extending from Libya on the west to Afghanistan on the east. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988)
A genus of small, two-winged flies containing approximately 900 described species. These organisms are the most extensively studied of all genera from the standpoint of genetics and cytology.
A latent susceptibility to disease at the genetic level, which may be activated under certain conditions.
Proteins that originate from insect species belonging to the genus DROSOPHILA. The proteins from the most intensely studied species of Drosophila, DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER, are the subject of much interest in the area of MORPHOGENESIS and development.
The parts of a transcript of a split GENE remaining after the INTRONS are removed. They are spliced together to become a MESSENGER RNA or other functional RNA.
A tumor suppressor gene (GENES, TUMOR SUPPRESSOR) located on human chromosome 13 at locus 13q12.3. Mutations in this gene predispose humans to breast and ovarian cancer. It encodes a large, nuclear protein that is an essential component of DNA repair pathways, suppressing the formation of gross chromosomal rearrangements. (from Genes Dev 2000;14(11):1400-6)
Time period from 1901 through 2000 of the common era.
The percent frequency with which a dominant or homozygous recessive gene or gene combination manifests itself in the phenotype of the carriers. (From Glossary of Genetics, 5th ed)
The total genetic information possessed by the reproductive members of a POPULATION of sexually reproducing organisms.
Genes that are introduced into an organism using GENE TRANSFER TECHNIQUES.
Members of a Semitic people inhabiting the Arabian peninsula or other countries of the Middle East and North Africa. The term may be used with reference to ancient, medieval, or modern ethnic or cultural groups. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
Time period from 1601 through 1700 of the common era.
Province of Canada consisting of the island of Newfoundland and an area of Labrador. Its capital is St. John's.
The process of cumulative change over successive generations through which organisms acquire their distinguishing morphological and physiological characteristics.
A multistage process that includes cloning, physical mapping, subcloning, determination of the DNA SEQUENCE, and information analysis.
A mutation in which a codon is mutated to one directing the incorporation of a different amino acid. This substitution may result in an inactive or unstable product. (From A Dictionary of Genetics, King & Stansfield, 5th ed)
Time period from 1401 through 1500 of the common era.
The period of history before 500 of the common era.
A country in northern Africa between ALGERIA and LIBYA. Its capital is Tunis.
A single nucleotide variation in a genetic sequence that occurs at appreciable frequency in the population.
The human male sex chromosome, being the differential sex chromosome carried by half the male gametes and none of the female gametes in humans.
Deliberate breeding of two different individuals that results in offspring that carry part of the genetic material of each parent. The parent organisms must be genetically compatible and may be from different varieties or closely related species.
The regular and simultaneous occurrence in a single interbreeding population of two or more discontinuous genotypes. The concept includes differences in genotypes ranging in size from a single nucleotide site (POLYMORPHISM, SINGLE NUCLEOTIDE) to large nucleotide sequences visible at a chromosomal level.
The period of history from the year 500 through 1450 of the common era.
The age, developmental stage, or period of life at which a disease or the initial symptoms or manifestations of a disease appear in an individual.
Any of the processes by which nuclear, cytoplasmic, or intercellular factors influence the differential control of gene action during the developmental stages of an organism.
Identification of genetic carriers for a given trait.
Embryonic (precursor) cells of the myogenic lineage that develop from the MESODERM. They undergo proliferation, migrate to their various sites, and then differentiate into the appropriate form of myocytes (MYOCYTES, SKELETAL; MYOCYTES, CARDIAC; MYOCYTES, SMOOTH MUSCLE).
Deletion of sequences of nucleic acids from the genetic material of an individual.
The pattern of any process, or the interrelationship of phenomena, which affects growth or change within a population.
Differential and non-random reproduction of different genotypes, operating to alter the gene frequencies within a population.
The process of leaving one's country to establish residence in a foreign country.
Occlusion of the outflow tract in either the LEFT VENTRICLE or the RIGHT VENTRICLE of the heart. This may result from CONGENITAL HEART DEFECTS, predisposing heart diseases, complications of surgery, or HEART NEOPLASMS.
The production of offspring by selective mating or HYBRIDIZATION, GENETIC in animals or plants.
The name given to all Christian denominations, sects, or groups rising out of the Reformation. Protestant churches generally agree that the principle of authority should be the Scriptures rather than the institutional church or the pope. (from W.L. Reese, Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion, 1999)
DNA sequences which are recognized (directly or indirectly) and bound by a DNA-dependent RNA polymerase during the initiation of transcription. Highly conserved sequences within the promoter include the Pribnow box in bacteria and the TATA BOX in eukaryotes.
The male sex chromosome, being the differential sex chromosome carried by half the male gametes and none of the female gametes in humans and in some other male-heterogametic species in which the homologue of the X chromosome has been retained.
Endogenous substances, usually proteins, which are effective in the initiation, stimulation, or termination of the genetic transcription process.
The developmental entity of a fertilized egg (ZYGOTE) in animal species other than MAMMALS. For chickens, use CHICK EMBRYO.
An amino acid-specifying codon that has been converted to a stop codon (CODON, TERMINATOR) by mutation. Its occurance is abnormal causing premature termination of protein translation and results in production of truncated and non-functional proteins. A nonsense mutation is one that converts an amino acid-specific codon to a stop codon.
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of biological processes or diseases. For disease models in living animals, DISEASE MODELS, ANIMAL is available. Biological models include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
An ethnic group with shared religious beliefs. Originating in Switzerland in the late 1600s, and first migrating to the mid-Atlantic, they now live throughout Eastern and Mid-Western United States and elsewhere. Communities are usually close-knit and marriage is within the community.
Group of mostly hereditary disorders characterized by thickening of the palms and soles as a result of excessive keratin formation leading to hypertrophy of the stratum corneum (hyperkeratosis).
The general name for NORTH AMERICA; CENTRAL AMERICA; and SOUTH AMERICA unspecified or combined.
In vitro method for producing large amounts of specific DNA or RNA fragments of defined length and sequence from small amounts of short oligonucleotide flanking sequences (primers). The essential steps include thermal denaturation of the double-stranded target molecules, annealing of the primers to their complementary sequences, and extension of the annealed primers by enzymatic synthesis with DNA polymerase. The reaction is efficient, specific, and extremely sensitive. Uses for the reaction include disease diagnosis, detection of difficult-to-isolate pathogens, mutation analysis, genetic testing, DNA sequencing, and analyzing evolutionary relationships.
The splitting of an ancestral species into daughter species that coexist in time (King, Dictionary of Genetics, 6th ed). Causal factors may include geographic isolation, HABITAT geometry, migration, REPRODUCTIVE ISOLATION, random GENETIC DRIFT and MUTATION.
Time period from 1701 through 1800 of the common era.
Short sequences (generally about 10 base pairs) of DNA that are complementary to sequences of messenger RNA and allow reverse transcriptases to start copying the adjacent sequences of mRNA. Primers are used extensively in genetic and molecular biology techniques.
The different ways GENES and their ALLELES interact during the transmission of genetic traits that effect the outcome of GENE EXPRESSION.
A group of enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of alpha- or beta-xylosidic linkages. EC catalyzes the endo-hydrolysis of 1,4-beta-D-xylosidic linkages; EC catalyzes the endo-hydrolysis of 1,3-beta-D-xylosidic linkages; EC catalyzes the exo-hydrolysis of 1,4-beta-D-linkages from the non-reducing termini of xylans; and EC catalyzes the exo-hydrolysis of 1,3-beta-D-linkages from the non-reducing termini of xylans. Other xylosidases have been identified that catalyze the hydrolysis of alpha-xylosidic bonds.
The phosphoprotein encoded by the BRCA1 gene (GENE, BRCA1). In normal cells the BRCA1 protein is localized in the nucleus, whereas in the majority of breast cancer cell lines and in malignant pleural effusions from breast cancer patients, it is localized mainly in the cytoplasm. (Science 1995;270(5237):713,789-91)
A mutation caused by the substitution of one nucleotide for another. This results in the DNA molecule having a change in a single base pair.
The order of amino acids as they occur in a polypeptide chain. This is referred to as the primary structure of proteins. It is of fundamental importance in determining PROTEIN CONFORMATION.
The doctrines and policies of the Nazis or the National Social German Workers party, which ruled Germany under Adolf Hitler from 1933-1945. These doctrines and policies included racist nationalism, expansionism, and state control of the economy. (from Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. and American Heritage College Dictionary, 3d ed.)
A region, north-central Asia, largely in Russia. It extends from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean and from the Arctic Ocean to central Kazakhstan and the borders of China and Mongolia.
A species of fruit fly much used in genetics because of the large size of its chromosomes.
A specific pair of human chromosomes in group A (CHROMOSOMES, HUMAN, 1-3) of the human chromosome classification.
A plant genus in the family PINACEAE, order Pinales, class Pinopsida, division Coniferophyta. It is the source of cedarwood oil. Cedar ordinarily refers to this but also forms part of the name of plants in other genera.
The biological objects that contain genetic information and that are involved in transmitting genetically encoded traits from one organism to another.
The widespread involvement of the skin by a scaly, erythematous dermatitis occurring either as a secondary or reactive process to an underlying cutaneous disorder (e.g., atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.), or as a primary or idiopathic disease. It is often associated with the loss of hair and nails, hyperkeratosis of the palms and soles, and pruritus. (From Dorland, 27th ed)
A type of mutation in which a number of NUCLEOTIDES deleted from or inserted into a protein coding sequence is not divisible by three, thereby causing an alteration in the READING FRAMES of the entire coding sequence downstream of the mutation. These mutations may be induced by certain types of MUTAGENS or may occur spontaneously.
The presence of apparently similar characters for which the genetic evidence indicates that different genes or different genetic mechanisms are involved in different pedigrees. In clinical settings genetic heterogeneity refers to the presence of a variety of genetic defects which cause the same disease, often due to mutations at different loci on the same gene, a finding common to many human diseases including ALZHEIMER DISEASE; CYSTIC FIBROSIS; LIPOPROTEIN LIPASE DEFICIENCY, FAMILIAL; and POLYCYSTIC KIDNEY DISEASES. (Rieger, et al., Glossary of Genetics: Classical and Molecular, 5th ed; Segen, Dictionary of Modern Medicine, 1992)
The total relative probability, expressed on a logarithmic scale, that a linkage relationship exists among selected loci. Lod is an acronym for "logarithmic odds."
An island south of Australia and the smallest state of the Commonwealth. Its capital is Hobart. It was discovered and named Van Diemen's Island in 1642 by Abel Tasman, a Dutch navigator, in honor of the Dutch governor-general of the Dutch East Indian colonies. It was renamed for the discoverer in 1853. In 1803 it was taken over by Great Britain and was used as a penal colony. It was granted government in 1856 and federated as a state in 1901. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p1190 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, p535)
Animals that are generated from breeding two genetically dissimilar strains of the same species.
The geographical designation for the countries of the MIDDLE EAST and the countries BANGLADESH; BHUTAN; INDIA; NEPAL; PAKISTAN; and SRI LANKA. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed, 1993 & Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988)
A characteristic showing quantitative inheritance such as SKIN PIGMENTATION in humans. (From A Dictionary of Genetics, 4th ed)
Non-native organisms brought into a region, habitat, or ECOSYSTEM by human activity.
A country located in north Africa, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, with a southern border with Western Sahara, eastern border with Algeria. The capital is Rabat.
"Founder to CEO". Google Drive. Retrieved 3 July 2018. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Matt Mochary". ... Mochary coaches technical founders of both for-profit and non-profit enterprises, such as the StreetCode Academy (formerly ... In 2018 Mochary was the author of the online book for entrepreneurs Founder to CEO, a book on startup advice based on his ... Mochary was a co-founder and Chairman of Totality Corporation, founded in 1999 and acquired by MCI Inc. in 2005. Mochary ...
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Dr Walsh holds a BSc and an MSc from Swinburne University, an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management and is a ... Director and Founder , Productive Management Solutions , Melbourne , Victoria". Women in STEMM Australia. Retrieved 6 September ... Dr Leonie Walsh is an experienced leader and adviser in technological innovation with a background that spans more than 30 ... "Meet Dr Leonie Walsh , Fight Cancer Foundation". Retrieved 6 September 2019. "Scientist Leonie Walsh on ...
Baytown is linked to Interstate 10 (see map) by State Highway 146 (Lanier Freeway) and Spur 330 (Decker Drive). It is also ... William Broyles, Jr., Oscar-winning screenwriter, co-founder of Texas Monthly magazine; raised in Old Baytown, Robert E. Lee ... Harris County Precinct Two operates Baytown Park, a senior citizen sports complex, at 4500 Hemlock Drive.[39] Baytown Park ... Harris County Transit also offers a bus line that runs along Decker Drive, Garth Road, North Main Street, Baker Road, and ...
Offit, Dr Paul (2013-06-09). Killing Us Softly: The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine. ISBN 9780007491735. .. ... notably Wallace Sampson and Paul Kurtz founders of Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine and Stephen Barrett, co-founder of ... Dr. Paul Offit's battle against charlatanism". The New Republic. Retrieved 2015-02-03.. ...
After Elvis Presley began his musical career, he purchased a $40,000 home for himself and his family at 1034 Audubon Drive in ... Graceland Farms was originally owned by Stephen C. Toof, founder of S.C. Toof & Co., the oldest commercial printing firm in ... Dee and her three children went by car to a nearby house on Hermitage until they finally settled into a house on Dolan Drive ...
"Dr. Cushing Dead; Brain Surgeon, 70. A Pioneer Who Won Fame as Founder of New School of Neuro-Surgery. Discovered Malady ...
The retail stores host events throughout the year: The Winter Coat Drive, The Annual Book Drive, Earth Day and College Nite.[ ... Paul Frank founder issues monkey writ" The Independent on Sunday (London, England) April 9, 2006 [1] "Paul Frank leaves ...
... hunting and gathering people ate varying proportions of vegetables (including tubers and roots), fruit, seeds (including nuts and wild grass seeds) and insects, meat, fish, and shellfish.[96][97] However, there is little direct evidence of the relative proportions of plant and animal foods.[98] Although the term "paleolithic diet", without references to a specific timeframe or locale, is sometimes used with an implication that most humans shared a certain diet during the entire era, that is not entirely accurate. The Paleolithic was an extended period of time, during which multiple technological advances were made, many of which had impact on human dietary structure. For example, humans probably did not possess the control of fire until the Middle Paleolithic,[99] or tools necessary to engage in extensive fishing.[citation needed] On the other hand, both these technologies are generally agreed to have been widely available to humans by the end of the Paleolithic (consequently, ...
Dr. R.K.Nimai Singh ,Imphal. ISSN 2350-0336. *^ Wangam, Somorjit (2019). Emerging The Lost Civilization of The Manipur Valley, ... Called the Gohonzon, it was originally inscribed by Nichiren, the founder of this branch of Japanese Buddhism, during the late ... Dr. R.K.Nimai Singh ,Imphal. ISSN 2350-0336. *^ A. Wayman (1981). "Reflections on the Theory of Barabudur as a Mandala". ... When Shingon's founder, Kukai, returned from his training in China, he brought back two mandalas that became central to Shingon ...
"Campaigners call for UK to halt arms exports to Bahrain as Prince Andrew joins sales drive". Campaign Against Arms Trade. 15 ...
Miss Marie Wallis (founder) 1886 - 1902[8]. *Mr Herbert J. Carter 1902 - 1914 ... Dr Helen Wright 2013-2014[15]. *Mr Andrew Powell 2014-present[15] ...
A mismatch of an HLA Type II gene (i.e. HLA-DR, or HLA-DQB1) increases the risk of graft-versus-host disease. In addition, a ... "Robert A. Good, 81, Founder Of Modern Immunology, Dies". New York Times. Archived from the original on 4 November 2012. ... Race and ethnicity are known to play a major role in donor recruitment drives, as members of the same ethnic group are more ... "Dr. Georges Mathé, Transplant Pioneer, Dies at 88". New York Times. Archived from the original on 21 October 2010. ...
Maryland by Dr. Ravinder Dhallan. Dr. Dhallan received doctorates in medicine and biomedical engineering at The Johns Hopkins ... The CEO and founder of the company held residency positions in oncology at Massachusetts General Hospital and in emergency ... Dr. Dhallan left his position at Holy Cross in 2000 in order to start his own company, Ravgen, with the pursuit of developing a ... Ravgen Inc., is a privately owned biotech company founded by Chairman and C.E.O. Dr. Ravinder Dhallan. Ravgen Inc. is known for ...
In fact, the founders of Sun Microsystems and Netscape began as open-source programmers.[35] ... The center of the onion consists of the core contributors who drive the project forward through large amounts of code and ...
Chief Newcomer (Netawatwees, c. 1686-1776), founder the village of Gekelmukpechunk (Newcomerstown), Ohio in the 1760s ... often raiding in mid-winter to drive out targeted populations and despoiling their productive lands and food stocks.[citation ... beating thigh bones on their palms to drive animals to the river, where they could be killed easily. Other methods of hunting ...
He served as the Leader of Opposition for a long time when Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy was the Chief Minister of West Bengal. Jyoti ... "Nine to none, founders' era ends in CPM". The Telegraph. Calcutta: The Telegraph. Archived from the original on 21 February ...
Futcher was awarded the Queen's Gallantry Medal, the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators Founders Medal, the British Air ... Bob Ayling's management faced strike action by cabin crew over a £1 billion cost-cutting drive to return BA to profitability in ... British Airways is a member and one of the founders of Oneworld, an airline alliance. ... with many Mixed Fleet flight attendants sleeping in their cars in between shifts because they cannot afford the fuel to drive ...
In Niebuhr's honor, New York City named West 120th Street between Broadway and Riverside Drive Reinhold Niebuhr Place.[79] This ... Niebuhr was also one of the founders of both Americans for Democratic Action and the International Rescue Committee and also ... Unlike most clergymen in politics, Dr. Niebuhr is a pragmatist. Says James Loeb, secretary of Americans for Democratic Action ... "Dr. King has the right and a duty, as both a religious and a civil rights leader, to express his concern in these days about ...
He spent the winter of 1887-1888 recuperating from a presumed bout of tuberculosis at Dr. E.L. Trudeau's Adirondack Cottage ... Kristjan Jaak Peterson (1801-1822), Estonian poet, the founder of modern Estonian poetry; died from tuberculosis, lived only to ...
Murphy DR, Schneider MJ, Seaman DR, Perle SM, Nelson CF (Aug 2008). "How can chiropractic become a respected mainstream ... While straight chiropractic still retains the traditional vitalistic construct espoused by the founders, evidence-based ... Baer HA (2006). "The drive for legitimization by osteopathy and chiropractic in Australia: between heterodoxy and orthodoxy". ... the founder of chiropractic, subluxation is the sole cause of disease and manipulation is the cure for all diseases of the ...
Founders. Jack Brabham. Ron Tauranac. Personnel. Bernie Ecclestone. Gordon Murray. Herbie Blash. Charlie Whiting. World ... was reportedly the only top level driver without a current F1 drive who did not contact him in the days following de Angelis' ... death to ask about the drive. During qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix, Warwick and Patrese were the 3rd and 4th fastest ...
Naturalist Dereck Joubert, co-founder of the National Geographic Big Cats Initiative[127]. ... "Poachers Drive Javan Rhino to Extinction in Vietnam [Updated]".. *^ Inus, Kristy (April 18, 2019). "Sumatran rhinos extinct in ... "Could methane produced by sauropod dinosaurs have helped drive Mesozoic climate warmth?". Current Biology. 22 (9): R292-R293. ...
The New York Times reported on his visit that "The Philadelphian and Bostonian founders had done a good job with the town." ... An orange grove, known as the Temple Grove, stood on the south side of Palmer Avenue just east of Temple Drive. The temple ... and large portions of Denning Drive.[16] By May 9, nearly 250,000 cubic yards (190,000 m3) of earth had fallen into the ... a massive sinkhole opened up near the corner of Denning Drive and Fairbanks Avenue. ...
Dr. Steve Olvey, who had been the medical director of CART for 22 years, and Wayne State University crash expert John Melvin ... On February 28, March 13, and March 16, 2001, the Orlando Sentinel; Michael Uribe, founder of; and Campus ... We can't adjust and make our cars drive like we want. They just killed the racing at Daytona. This is a joke to have to race ... As per NASCAR rules, any driver involved in a crash and unable to drive back to the pits or who must be extricated from their ...
Joe Kubert (1926-2012), Polish-born American comic book artist, art teacher and founder of The Kubert School[87] ... "CHURCH GROUP WINS CITY'S HELP IN BROOKLYN HOUSING DRIVE". The New York Times. ISSN 0362-4331. Retrieved January 18, 2017 ...
a b c d e f g h i Dr. Kasem Ajram (1992). Miracle of Islamic Science, Appendix B. Knowledge House Publishers. ISBN 0911119434. ... Khaleefa, Omar (1999), "Who Is the Founder of Psychophysics and Experimental Psychology?", American Journal of Islamic Social ... cf. Dr. A. Zahoor and Dr. Z. Haq (1997), Quotations From Famous Historians of Science) ... a b Dr. Nader El-Bizri, "Ibn al-Haytham or Alhazen", in Josef W. Meri (2006), Medieval Islamic Civilization: An Encyclopaedia, ...
The "sentient soul", centering on sensations, drives, and passions, with strong conative (will) and emotional components; ... "drives" the mortal nafs, which comprises temporal desires and perceptions necessary for living.[46] Two of the passages in the ...
United States Senate, Committee on the Judiciary , Testimony of Dr. J. Michael Waller Archived 2012-05-27 at the Wayback ... who revived the Nation of Islam in 1978 based largely on the ideals of its founder, Wallace Fard Muhammad.[14] ... Clarence 13X denied that the Nation's biracial founder Wallace Fard Muhammad was Allah and instead taught that the black man ...
Jude Children's Hospital Was Danny Thomas' Dream, but Dr. Alvin Mauer Makes It Come True". Retrieved 2011-01-14.. ... Jude National Outreach Director Marlo Thomas and her siblings Terre Thomas and Tony Thomas, children of hospital founder Danny ...
... founder of Bel Air Presbyterian Church; Richard C. Halverson, Chaplain of the United States Senate; and Bill Bright, founder of ... Dr. George Docherty (left) and President Eisenhower (second from left) on the morning of February 7, 1954, at the New York ... These ministers would later dissolve the Springfield Presbytery and become the founders of the American Restoration Movement, ... Lyman Beecher was a prominent Presbyterian revivalist and co-founder of the American Temperance Society. ...
... abnormal futures contract transactions could drive WTI spot prices and assessed prices. This was the case on April 20, 2020, ...
"Thai court spares founder of Dhammakaya". Bangkok Post. 23 August 2006. Retrieved 11 September 2016 - via The Buddhist Channel. ... Free buses drive to the temple. Lay people joining the ceremonies are strongly encouraged to wear white, a traditional custom. ... "LH founder surprised by DSI summons". Bangkok Post. Retrieved 2017-05-20.. ...
... Published on: April 30, 2021. By: Lori Sundeen Soderbergh ... Dr. Braitsch poses with one of his research study participants, Winston McAden. Dr. Braitsch studies the impact boxing has on ... Dr. Michael Braitsch is photographed with Dr. Drew Alexander, Assistant Dean for Community Engagement, during the Annual Martin ... Dr. Braitsch leads a class at UT Southwesterns Adaptive Sports Expo in 2019.. Michael Braitsch, PT, D.P.T, Class of 2016 ...
This weeks episode features an interview with Psych Central founder, Dr. John Grohol. Dr. Grohol was gracious enough to answer ... Howard, G. (2018). Podcast: Interview with Psych Central Founder Dr. John Grohol. Psych Central. Retrieved on August 13, 2020, ... Podcast: Interview with Psych Central Founder Dr. John Grohol. By Gabe Howard ... Home » Blog » Podcast: Interview with Psych Central Founder Dr. John Grohol. .fn{margin:-2px 0 0 0;font-size:90%!important}. ...
Dr. Workman and Brant Herman, Founder & CEO of MouthWatch, shared their perspectives as featured keynotes at the 2019 Summit of ... Heartland Dental Founder Dr. Rick Workman Points to Teledentistry as a Dental Differentiator ... Market differentiation and efficiency in oral healthcare delivery are big ones, said Dr. Workman. Staying on the cutting edge ... Founder & Chairman of Heartland Dental, the nations largest DSO supporting more than 1,450 dentists and more than 900 dental ...
People across Ireland are mourning the death of An Cosán co-founder and civil rights activist Dr Ann Louise Gilligan after a ... Our friend, inspirational founder&civil rights activist Dr. Ann Louise Gilligan passed away this morn Forever with us #RIP # ... An Cosán co-founder Dr Ann Louise Gilligan dies after short illness. by Colm Gorey ... People across Ireland are mourning the death of An Cosán co-founder and civil rights activist Dr Ann Louise Gilligan after a ...
Emanual Tanne is the co-founder and chairman of the Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation. He will be assisting us in ... Dr. Emanual Tanne is the co-founder and chairman of the Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation. He will be assisting us ... Dr. Emanuel Tanne, Co-founder and Chairman of IHRF. *Broadcast in Health ... Paranormal with Dr. Brian Parsons After Hours AM 2/16/2018 4:30 AM. ...
Dr. Franklin, I presume? The founder who could have been Americas "founding physician". ... ... Star Trek, Dr Who inspire quantum cleverness Science fiction inspiration has led to a diamond-studded detection device. ... Before the American Revolution made Jefferson and George Washington and the other founders famous, Franklin was hailed ...
Precision Oncology: Interview with Presage Biosciences Founder Dr. James Olson. December 3rd, 2013 Shiv Gaglani Exclusive, ... We had the opportunity to interview its founder, Dr. James Olson, who is also a pediatric oncologist at the Fred Hutchinson ... Dr. Olson: When a patient learns they have cancer, they want effective drugs that cause as little toxicity as possible and ... Flex Health Solutions Transforms Medtech: Interview with Dr. Kal Patel. Gene Therapy and Optogenetic Goggles for Retinitis ...
Dr. Jennefer Kieran, POSH Co-Founder, Receives AMSUS Female Physician Award. by CAPT Michael Weahkee, Chief Executive Officer, ... Dr. Kieran is the chief of surgery at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center (PIMC), responsible for the inpatient and outpatient ... She is also the co-founder of POSH, the Peri-Operative Surgical Home Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving , which ... She is the founder and director of the Bariatric Program, guiding more than 150 patients to achieve their initial weight loss ...
Founder and CEO, The Healers Clinic. by Gulf News (United Arab Emirates); General interest Nutrition Physiological aspects ... APA style: Dr Hafeel Ambalath, Founder and CEO, The Healers Clinic.. (n.d.) >The Free Library. (2014). Retrieved Dec 13 2019 ... MLA style: "Dr Hafeel Ambalath, Founder and CEO, The Healers Clinic.." The Free Library. 2018 SyndiGate Media Inc. 13 Dec. ... Image Credit: GN archive Dr Hafeel Ambalath, Founder and CEO, The Healers Clinic What difference does age make to metabolism ...
A Frugal Athlete founder Amobi Okugo drives home need for personal financial playbook. Andrea Rowland May 8, 2019. ... Q&A with Amobi Okugo, founder of A Frugal Athlete. Pro soccer player Amobi Okugo founded A Frugal Athlete with the aim of ...
Barry professor Dr. Stephen Morrell awarded Chaminade Madonna Founders Award. Barry professor Dr. Stephen Morrell awarded ... Stephen Morrell with its annual Founders Award. Chaminades Founders award is given annually to those persons who have made a ... Dr. Morrell is being recognized for more than 15 years of service as Investment Advisor and member of Chaminade Madonnas ... Florida is honoring Barry University professor of economics and finance Dr. ...
John Haltom, the founder of Dr. Johns Lingerie and Novelty Boutique, said business was good at his store on Manchester Road ... Dr. Johns adult store in Manchester closes; founder plans to appeal News ... The company also operates Dr. Johns stores in Fenton and Farmington.. The City of Manchester did not respond to our request ... On December 3, a judge entered a permanent injunction against Dr. Johns and ordered the company to pay more than $157,000 in ...
Autom, the Robotic Weight Coach: Interview with Intuitive Automatas Founder, Dr. Cory Kidd. November 28th, 2012 Shiv Gaglani ... We caught up with Intuitive Automatas Founder and CEO, Dr. Cory Kidd, to learn more about how he believes the Autom can be ... Journal Articles on Your Smartphone with The Case App: Interview with Co-Founder Eric Kowalchyk. Machine Learning for Building ... Dr. Cory Kidd: I did my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Georgia Tech, where I focused on human-computer interaction ...
Movie Monday: Dr. Bill Cardoso, founder and CEO of Creative Electron. Jul 27, 2020 , Artificial Intelligence, Executive ... More than twelve years ago Dr. Bill Cardoso started Creative Electron in his garage, and during the pandemic he has utilized ...
Brandon Wuerth MD Founder of the website IBDwatch and,uBiome,Appoints,Dr.,Brandon,Wuerth,,MD,,Founder,of,IBDwatch,,to,its, ... SAN FRANCISCO (PRWEB) November 26 2018 uBiome the leader in microbial genomics announces the addition of Dr. ... Wuerth has touched the lives of many sufferers of intestinal and gut disorders," Dr. Jessica Richman, PhD, co-founder and CEO ... Tiffany Lester (Medical Director of Parsley Health in San Francisco), Dr. Joel Kahn (Founder of of the Kahn Center for Cardiac ...
Dr. John C. Maxwell. Founder of The John Maxwell Company. Author of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. ... Growing Leaders founder Dr. Tim Elmore is passionate about understanding the emerging generation and helping adults teach them ... Dr. Tim Elmore, President of Growing Leaders, is a best-selling author and international speaker who uses his expertise on ... Dr. Elmores presentation helps you recognize the key differences between generations in a very common sense and easy to ...
Nita Matthews-Morgan, Founders of Learn Your Brain, return to Entrepreneur Hour to talk about their latest online training ... Click Here to Subscribe to the Show: iTunes , Stitcher , Google Play Josh Matthews-Morgan and Dr. ... EP94: The Brain Science Behind Limiting Beliefs with Josh and Dr. Nita Matthews-Morgan, Founder of Learn Your Brain. By Chris ... Listen to EP94: The Brain Science Behind Limiting Beliefs with Josh and Dr. Nita Matthews-Morgan, Founder of Learn Your Brain ...
... NanoViricides Founder Dr. Diwan Provides $ ... NanoViricides Founder Dr. Diwan Provides $2,000,000 Loan Commitment to the Company. SHELTON, CT / ACCESSWIRE / December 3, 2019 ... ... ...
He was the founder of modern endocrinology, the study of how glands work in your body. In his time, many chairmen of the ... In his fifties he could not drive a car, so the medical students assigned to him were given the familys second car to drive ... He was the founder of modern endocrinology, the study of how glands work in your body. In his time, many chairmen of the ... The Dr. Mirkin Show, his call-in show on fitness and health, was syndicated in more than 120 cities. Read More ...
Rene Laennec, Founder of Modern Pulmonology. November 17th, 2013. Which doctor do you consult when you are dying of a disease ... Poor Dr. Renee Laennec, the man who built the foundation for diagnosing chest disease, was treated like a quack by the ... Even forty-five years after Laennecs great invention, the founder of the American Heart Association, L. A. Connor, was ...
Dr. Tanchum (Tany) Amarant 20.7.1947 - 28.2.2000 Main interest & research was primarily in the field of Protein Biochemistry ... Founder. Dr. Tanchum (Tany). Amarant. 20.7.1947 - 28.2.2000. Main interest & research was primarily in the field of Protein ...
Dr. Darold Opp, founder of Advanced Family Dentistry and SmilePalooza! encourages dentists to make use of gaming psychology ... About Dr. Opp and SmilePalooza! Dr. Darold Opp has been a practicing dentist for 30 years and is in the top one-percent net ... Founder of SmilePalooza! Dr. Darold Opp Says Game Psychology is Particularly Appropriate for Marketing Dental Practices. ... ABERDEEN, SD - September 9, 2014 - Dr. Darold Opp, DDS, founder of Advanced Family Dentistry and SmilePalooza!, recently posted ...
An Interview With BionicGym Founder: Dr Louis Crowe. Over $3,000,000 raised on Indiegogo. ... Im particularly proud of a treatment for stress urinary incontinence (leaking) that was done with Dr Ruth Maher, BMR Ltd and ... Most businesses fail - irrespective of how good the founder is - so take your likely failure with equanimity. ...
Wagner provides innovation and excellence in everything he does ...,Group,Health,Research,Institute,founder,Dr.,Ed,Wagner,wins, ... It ...A professor of health services at the University of Washington School ... Dr. ... Dr. Wagner founded Group Health Research Institute (GHRI) in 1983. ... Group Health Research Institute founder Dr. Ed Wagner wins William B. Graham Prize ...
Back to School with Special Needs; An Interview with CARD Founder, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh. ... Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh from the Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Inc. (CARD) discusses some of the challenges children ...
ANURAG AGRAWAL ...Dr. Agrawals research accomplishments cover the key areas of arthropo...,Dr.,Anurag,Agrawal,to,give,Founders ... Dr. Anurag Agrawal a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology wi...At each ESA Annual Meeting the recipient of this award ... Dr. Anurag Agrawal to give Founders Memorial lecture at Entomology 2013. ...Dr. Anurag Agrawal a professor of ecology and ... DR. ANURAG AGRAWAL. Dr. Agrawals research accomplishments cover the key areas of arthropod community genetics, real-time ...
Academy Founder Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich Inducted into Mobile Sports Hall of Fame. By Corey Blake. April 7, 2017. News & Events ... ... Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich, Founding President of the United States Sports Academy and a long-time leader in sport and sport ... Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich, center, Founding President of the United States Sports Academy, is inducted into the Mobile (Ala.) ...
Dr. Booker T. Lewis Jr. died on July 20, 2011 in Portland, Or., at the age of 88. A funeral will be held at 10 a.m., Thursday, ... Dr. Lewis was also one of the founders and board members of Oregons first Black bank, American State Bank (formerly Freedom ... Services Thursday for Dr. Booker T. Lewis, a Founder of Oregons First Black Bank. ... In 1976, Dr. Lewis married Gladys Lewis and 5 stepchildren were added to the family unit. Gladys preceded him in death.. Dr. ...
Geoff Tabin is the Co-Founder of the Himalayan Cataract Project and a Keynote Speaker. To check availability, click here or ... A graduate of Yale, Oxford, and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Tabin is known for working with HCP co-founder and Nepalese eye ... Dr. Tabin returned to Nepal to work with Dr. Ruit, while simultaneously running the eye hospital in Biratnagar, Nepals second ... With this talk, Dr. Tabin explores how to turn passion and imagination into a world-changing business model, what to do when ...
We look forward to working closely with Sorrentos team, said Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, CEO and Founder of NantWorks. ... Sorrento Announces Strategic Investment By And Collaboration With Nantworks Founder Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong For The Advancement ... As part of a strategic investment, Dr. Soon-Shiongs affiliated entity will acquire a 19.9% equity stake in Sorrento by ... We are extremely pleased to be working with Dr. Patrick-Soon Shiong and NantWorks. The investment into Sorrento and future ...
  • Dr. Geoff Tabin is a medical visionary, humanitarian, accomplished mountain climber, professor of ophthalmology and global medicine, and co-founder of the Himalayan Cataract Project (HCP), a non-profit organization working to eradicate preventable blindness in the developing world. (
  • SAN DIEGO , April 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Standing out in an expanding marketplace, all while streamlining care coordination, is one of the greatest challenges facing dental support organizations (DSOs) today, according to Rick Workman , DMD, Founder & Chairman of Heartland Dental , the nation's largest DSO supporting more than 1,450 dentists and more than 900 dental offices in 37 states. (
  • Dr. Emanual Tanne is the co-founder and chairman of the Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation. (
  • NNVC ) (the 'Company'), a global leader in nanomedicines against viruses, reports that Dr. Anil R. Diwan, co-founder, President and Chairman of the Board of the Company, has provided a commitment for $2 million in debt to the Company. (
  • Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich, center, Founding President of the United States Sports Academy, is inducted into the Mobile (Ala.) Sports Hall of Fame (MSHOF) by Joe Gottfried, left, MSHOF chairman and long-time University of South Alabama director of athletics, and Peter Albrecht, MSHOF president and news anchor for WKRG News 5 in Mobile. (
  • Dr.Prathap C Reddy, Founder & Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group, on the Indian Healthcare Industry as featured in the Corporate Dossier, the Economic Times, 4th Jan, 2013. (
  • He is the Founder and Chairman Emeritus of The Steadman Clinic, as well as the Founder and Co-Chairman of Steadman Philippon Research Institute, which is a world leader in orthopaedic research and education. (
  • Dr Ibrahim is also Founding Chairman of Satya Capital Limited, an investment fund focused on Africa. (
  • John G. Olin, Ph.D., is the founder and chairman of Sierra Instruments, Inc., located in Monterey, Calif. Dr. Olin received his bachelor's degree from Illinois Institute of Technology and his master's and Ph.D. from Stanford University, all in Mechanical Engineering. (
  • We are very excited to welcome Todd Petersen to the Heartland Dental executive team," said Rick Workman, DMD, Heartland Dental founder and active executive chairman. (
  • Mochary was a co-founder and Chairman of Totality Corporation, founded in 1999 and acquired by MCI Inc. in 2005. (
  • Dr. Derrick Rossi is a U of T alum, co-founder of Moderna, and chief executive officer of Convelo Therapeutics. (
  • Dr. Baumgart is the co-founder of easiER AG, a startup, based in Zurich, Switzerland. (
  • In 2018 Mochary was the author of the online book for entrepreneurs Founder to CEO, a book on startup advice based on his startup experience. (
  • Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich, Founding President of the United States Sports Academy and a long-time leader in sport and sport education around the globe, was inducted into the Mobile (Ala.) Sports Hall of Fame (MSHOF) at the 2017 Induction Banquet at on Thursday, 6 April 2017, at Mobile's Battle House Hotel. (
  • At our Vator Splash Health 2017 event last March 23, Dr. Robert Pearl , CEO of The Permanente Medical Group, Kaiser Permanente discussed "The future of care, what will work and what won't? (
  • Dr. Rick Workman Named One of Incisal Edge's Top 32 Most. (
  • HCP Co-Founder, Dr. Sanduk Ruit delivers an important and inspirational end of year message from a high-volume cataract outreach event in Lumbini, Nepal on Dec. 6, 2018. (
  • ATLANTA, Feb. 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sharecare, the digital health company helping people manage all their health in one place, today announced that its co-founder, Dr. Mehmet Oz, will be featured during a special session at The Conference Board's 18th Annual Employee Health Care Conference in New York City. (
  • Wednesday, March 21, 2018: The Institute of Human Virology (IHV) at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) congratulates its co-founder and associate director, Robert R. Redfield, MD , on his appointment to be the next director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) . (
  • Dr. Michael Braitsch is photographed with Dr. Drew Alexander, Assistant Dean for Community Engagement, during the Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Celebration in 2016. (
  • A graduate of Yale, Oxford, and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Tabin is known for working with HCP co-founder and Nepalese eye surgeon, Dr. Sanduk Ruit, to develop and implement a revolutionary cataract surgery in the developing world that reduced costs from roughly $200 to $25 per procedure. (
  • After completing an ophthalmology residency at Brown University and a fellowship in corneal surgery in Melbourne, Australia, Dr. Tabin returned to Nepal to work with Dr. Ruit, while simultaneously running the eye hospital in Biratnagar, Nepal's second largest city. (
  • Esteemed McGill University alumnus and founder of Elite Body Sculpture, Dr. Aaron Rollins was recently featured in the "Medicine Focus" section of McGill Publications. (
  • Dr. Group centers his philosophy around the understanding that the root cause of disease stems from the accumulation of toxins in the body and is exacerbated by daily exposure to a toxic living environment. (
  • Dr. David Pearlman founded Colorado Allergy and Asthma Centers with Drs. Avner and Buckley in 1972. (
  • I have no doubt that Dr. Redfield will serve this nation extraordinarily well as the leader of its health security agency, the Centers for Disease Control. (
  • In this podcast, Dr. Dekker will walk you through the timeline of how research is carried out, who decides what research gets funded, and why so much research has come from a racist and patriarchal lens. (
  • The Female Physician Award was granted to Dr. Kieran for her successes introducing an advanced laparoscopic program at PIMC, doubling operative volume and increasing the surgical scope of services over eight years. (
  • Dr. Kieran (left) with two other 2015 AMSUS Female Physician Leadership Award recipients. (
  • Sorrento), an oncology company developing new treatments for cancer and associated pain, announced today that it has entered into a binding agreement with NantWorks founder, physician scientist, and biotechnology entrepreneur Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong. (
  • Currently, "Dr B" an attending physician at Dallas Medical Center and with strong ties to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston TX. (
  • After working as an ER and ambulatory care physician, Dr. Robert Davis made a career change into investments and strategic partnerships. (
  • I feel fortunate to have received mentorship from so many faculty members, but most notably receiving constant encouragement, guidance, and support from two people: My faculty adviser, Dr. Julie DeVahl , Associate Professor, School of Health Professions, and Director of Clinical Education, was always there to illuminate the path to success for me. (
  • Zappone said: "As co-founder and director of An Cosán, a centre of learning, leadership and enterprise in Jobstown, Tallaght West, Ann Louise demonstrated her commitment and love for the people of Tallaght and the wider communities. (
  • Dr Gilligan was deeply committed to education and equality, and made a lasting contribution to Irish society, in particular as co-founder and director of An Cosán and through her work in campaigning for marriage equality. (
  • She is the founder and director of the Bariatric Program, guiding more than 150 patients to achieve their initial weight loss goals and comorbidity control. (
  • The company's Medical Advisory Board includes Dr. Alan Green (Society for Participatory Medicine), Dr. Leo Treyzon (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center), Dr. Cynthia Geyer (Medical Director of Canyon Ranch, Lenox), Dr. Robynne Chutkan (Georgetown University Hospital), Michael Docktor (Boston Children's Hospital), Dr. Tiffany Lester (Medical Director of Parsley Health in San Francisco), Dr. Joel Kahn (Founder of of the Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity), as well as other accomplished clinicians. (
  • As director until 1998, with commitment to scientific inquiry, Dr. Wagner led GHRI's mission to improve health care through leading-edge research, innovation, and dissemination. (
  • Dr. Mazyar Javid has also been the founder and director of the Wellness program at Amoderm, where he actively engages and assists patients in developing and implementing therapeutic lifestyle changes including (but not limited to) individualized diet planning and lifestyle modification to improve health and well-being and prevent, postpone, or treat and reverse the course of chronic illnesses. (
  • Dr. Javid is the Director of Clinical Research at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in New Jersey where he has designed, conducted and analyzed several clinical studies on new drugs as part of the formal FDA approval process in addition to research on innovative ways of reducing the reliance on donor blood transfusions. (
  • As a preeminent figure in the medical industry with a career spanning five decades, Dr. Orcharton has joined the Board of WideCells Group as a non-executive director. (
  • For more than 25 years, Luis Navarro, M.D., FACS, FACPh, founder and director of The Vein Treatment Center in New York City, has been the 'go to' guy for spider and varicose vein-free legs. (
  • Dr. Muhammad Mirza, M.D. is the Medical Director at Doctor Available, LLC, based in New Jersey, and the founder of . (
  • Dr. Dennis H. Birenbaum : Founder, Medical Director and CEO. (
  • Dr. Robert Redfield, a close colleague for more than 40 years, is an excellent choice to be head of the CDC," said Robert C. Gallo, MD , the Homer & Martha Gudelsky Distinguished Professor in Medicine, co-founder and director of the IHV and co-founder and scientific director of the Global Virus Network (GVN). (
  • He has served as Deputy Director at LSE's Innovation Centre, and is co-founder of Sandbox Network, the leading community of young innovators active in over 20 countries. (
  • After a long career in academia, six years as Technical Director for Cellnet of BT, and founding a consultancy and software company, Mobile Systems International, in 1998 Dr. Ibrahim founded Celtel International to build and operate mobile networks in Africa. (
  • As Director - Care Coordination Strategies for the Allegheny Health Network (AHN), Dr. Bittman has pioneered a new paradigm for comprehensive integrative strategies that engage patients and communities in the active pursuit of health and well-being. (
  • Prior to joining Heartland Dental, he was the co-founder, president and chief operations officer for Firelands Group, LLC. (
  • Dr Hafeel Ambalath, Founder and CEO, The Healers' Clinic. (
  • Image Credit: GN archive Dr Hafeel Ambalath, Founder and CEO, The Healers' Clinic What difference does age make to metabolism and how should I change my diet as I age? (
  • The first few years of that were focused on the psychology of these interactions and the last 3-4 years I was working jointly at Boston University Medical Center in the clinic of Dr. Caroline Apovian. (
  • The investment into Sorrento and future formation of the JV with NantWorks further validate our G-MAB antibody technology and underscore Sorrento's commitment to seeking strategic alliances in bringing its diverse portfolio of fully human monoclonal antibodies, ADCs, and bispecific antibodies into the clinic,' said Dr. Henry Ji, President and CEO of Sorrento. (
  • The success of the Volunteers in Medicine Clinic , which opened in 1994 and last year tallied nearly 30,000 patient visits, speaks both to Hilton Head's doctor-heavy demographics and to the persuasive powers of its founder. (
  • This week's episode features an interview with Psych Central founder, Dr. John Grohol. (
  • We had the opportunity to interview its founder, Dr. James Olson, who is also a pediatric oncologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. (
  • An Interview With BionicGym Founder: Dr Louis Crowe. (
  • Please take a moment to share the TFOS interview with Dr. Dohlman, the 'founder of modern corneal science. (
  • I n this episode of The Dr. Hedberg Show, I interview DUTCH test founder Mark Newman. (
  • Dr. Hedberg: Yeah, I was really looking forward to this interview so we can really delve deep into some of these areas. (
  • Dr. Tim Elmore, President of Growing Leaders, is a best-selling author and international speaker who uses his expertise on Generations Y and Z to equip educators, coaches, leaders, parents, and other adults to impart practical life and leadership skills to young adults that will help them navigate through life. (
  • Dr. Elmore believes, by cultivating leadership abilities in young adults and encouraging the adults who guide them, Growing Leaders can be the catalyst for emerging generations that will truly change the world. (
  • Dr. Tim Elmore teaches leadership courses and speaks at schools, universities, business, and athletic programs. (
  • Designed by Dr. Elmore, the Habitudes leadership training curriculum is a fun, creative and engaging way for the next generation to learn and practice leadership. (
  • However it's more than his five decades of experience, top national rankings, and leadership in cancer prevention that set Dr. Dennis H. Birenbaum apart. (
  • With his leadership, Dr. Redfield has also contributed greatly to the Institute's global health programs. (
  • Alexander is the founder of the women's leadership community at Red Hat. (
  • In 2006, Dr Ibrahim established the Mo Ibrahim Foundation to support good governance and great leadership on the African continent. (
  • Dr. Mazyar Javid is a clinical scientist, lifestyle educator, and entrepreneur. (
  • Dr. Baumgart is also the associate partner and scientist in the Universität Heidelberg's innovation and health sciences department for economics and services research. (
  • The Computer History Museum on Monday announced its Class of 2013 includes Ed Catmull, a computer scientist and Pixar co-founder, along with two PC pioneers: Harry Huskey and Robert W. Taylor. (
  • Dr. Mazyar Javid completed his Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a specialization in Molecular Pathology and Immunology at Stony Brook University in New York where he conducted research on cancer and novel cancer treatments. (
  • As a co-founder of Moderna, a retired Harvard University professor, and one of Time 's top 100 influential people of 2011, it's fair to say that Dr. Derrick Rossi has had an exceptional career. (
  • Dr. Anurag Agrawal, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology with a joint appointment in the Department of Entomology at Cornell University, has been selected to deliver the Founders' Memorial Award lecture at Entomology 2013, the 61st Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America (ESA) to be held in Austin, Texas, November 10-13, 2013. (
  • Dr. Pearlman attended Cornell University and received his Doctor of Medicine from State University of New York at Syracuse. (
  • Market differentiation and efficiency in oral healthcare delivery are big ones,' said Dr. Workman. (
  • We are glad to have Dr. Kieran on our PIMC healthcare team and proud of the many ways she continues to positively represent the United States Public Health Service, the Indian Health Service, and the Phoenix Indian Medical Center. (
  • We caught up with Intuitive Automata's Founder and CEO, Dr. Cory Kidd, to learn more about how he believes the Autom can be applied to healthcare. (
  • How Dr. Smouse and his team are approaching value-based healthcare with respect to the ConvertX System. (
  • he help navigate the confusing healthcare system and insurance community in other words, Dr. Dennis Birenbaum is your advocate. (
  • Google Play Josh Matthews-Morgan and Dr. Nita Matthews-Morgan, Founders of Learn Your Brain, return to Entrepreneur Hour to talk about their latest online training program that helps people start tearing down some of those nasty limiting beliefs. (
  • Dr. Rollins, both a successful doctor and entrepreneur completed a plastic surgery rotation at McGill Medicine. (
  • Promising Founders: What Makes An Entrepreneur? (
  • Robert Davis is a successful entrepreneur and a co-founder of RD Heritage Group, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. (
  • The loan will be secured by a mortgage on the Company's facility at 1 Controls Drive, Shelton, CT. (
  • The terms of the loan were accepted by the independent members of the Company's Board of Directors, with Dr. Diwan recused from any discussions. (
  • Dr. Truong is a founder of Aridis and recently elected to the CEO position in 2014 after having served as the company's Chief Scientific Officer for the past 9 years. (
  • Dr. Steve Projan is the Head of Infectious Diseases & Vaccines Innovative Medicines unit (iMED) at MedImmune, leading a cross-functional team dedicated to the therapeutic area strategy, prioritization and advancement of the company's infectious disease and vaccine portfolio. (
  • Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich, Founding President of the United States Sports Academy, discusses the founding of the United States Sports Academy at his recent induction into the Mobile (Ala.) Sports Hall of Fame (MSHOF). (
  • As founder and President of the Oklahoma City-based Oklahoma Vein & Endovascular Center, Dr. Dominic Pedulla brings over 15 years of experience in the fields of cardiology and vascular medicine to his work. (
  • Dr. Redfield is eminently qualified for this critical position," said E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, MBA , Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs, UM Baltimore, and the John Z. Akiko Bowers Distinguished Professor and Dean, University of Maryland School of Medicine. (
  • Dr. Redfield's longstanding commitment to clinical research and treatment of people with chronic viral infections speaks for itself," said Jay A. Perman, MD , president of the University of Maryland, Baltimore. (
  • Catmull not only started up Pixar, along with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Alvy Ray Smith, but is currently president of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. (
  • Dr. Jose M. Torres, President of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, will attend the first-of-its-kind State-Federal Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education Summit hosted by The White House Office of Science and. (
  • Dr. Marc Halpern, the founder and President of the California College of Ayurveda joins eHealth Radio. (
  • Dr. Braitsch leads a class at UT Southwestern's Adaptive Sports Expo in 2019. (
  • Dr. Workman and Brant Herman , Founder & CEO of MouthWatch , shared their perspectives as featured keynotes at the 2019 Summit of the Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) recently held in San Diego, CA. Before an attentive audience of record-setting attendance, they identified teledentistry as a game changer for improving dental patients' experiences. (
  • Dr. Canham is a University Research Associate with the Gerontology Research Centre (GRC) and a Senior Lecturer with the Department of Gerontology at Simon Fraser University. (
  • Dr. Sharon Koehn is a Limited Term Clinical Research Professor in the Department of Gerontology at Simon Fraser University and a Research Associate at the Centre for Healthy Aging at Providence Health Care. (
  • Dr. Heather Stewart is jointly appointed as a research associate in the Gerontology Research Centre at Simon Fraser University, and at the University of BC's Brain Research Centre. (
  • Dr. Wagner provides innovation and excellence in everything he does," said Kyle Grazier, DrPH, University of Michigan School of Public Health professor, and Graham Prize Selection Committee chair. (
  • In addition to his work with the HCP, Dr. Tabin is a Fairweather Foundation Endowed Chair and Professor of Ophthalmology and Global Medicine at Stanford University. (
  • Dr Jas Sanghera, Co-founder and Chair-man of TTP Labtech In-dia got in touch with BioSpec-trum to share some of his plans. (
  • Dr. Dohlman was the Chief & Chair of the Department of Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School and Mass Eye and Ear from 1974-1989. (
  • Dr. Redfield is so deserving of this wonderful honor and opportunity," said Stephen N. Davis, MBBS , the Dr. Theodore E. Woodward Professor and Chair of Medicine at UMSOM. (
  • Dr. Wister is the past Chair of the National Seniors Council of Canada. (
  • Dr. Habib Chaudhury, Chair and Professor in the Department of Gerontology, has extensive research experience in the field of environmental gerontology. (
  • In 1976, Dr. Lewis married Gladys Lewis and 5 stepchildren were added to the family unit. (
  • Through sclerotherapy, Dr. Dominic Pedulla removes small spider veins by injecting a solution that causing them to disappear within two weeks to two months. (
  • Vince Camuto, who shook up the women's shoe business as one of the founders of Nine West, died on Wednesday at age 78. (
  • Dr. Grohol was gracious enough to answer questions about how Psych Central got started, the motivation behind the site, and how this resource has survived and grown for over 20 years - and his thoughts about the next 20. (
  • Dr. Morrell is being recognized for more than 15 years of service as Investment Advisor and member of Chaminade Madonna's Finance Committee. (
  • More than twelve years ago Dr. Bill Cardoso started Creative Electron in his garage, and during the pandemic he has utilized all kinds of spaces close to his team's homes to maintain production of their x-ray inspection equipment. (
  • Even forty-five years after Laennec's great invention, the founder of the American Heart Association, L. A. Connor, was pictured carrying a silk handkerchief that he used to separate his ear from a patient's chest when he listened to a patient's heart and lungs. (
  • Dr. Darold Opp has been a practicing dentist for 30 years and is in the top one-percent net income bracket of dentists in America. (
  • One of Dr. Geoff Tabin's greatest passions, mountain climbing, led him to his career: After summiting Mt. Everest on an expedition, he came across a Dutch team performing cataract surgery on a woman who had been needlessly blind for three years. (
  • Dr. Bob Smouse has over 20 years of experience in interventional radiology, endovascular surgery and clinical research. (
  • Over the years, Dr. Mirza has gravitated more toward men's health primarily in the area of men's sexual disorders, such as erectile dysfunction. (
  • Dr Dennis H Birenbaum has been a practicing board certified Hematology and Oncology for over 45 years. (
  • For over 40 years, Dr. Dennis H. Birenbaum has pushed the medical industry to the limit for new treatments, insisted the insurance industry to pay for them, and organized many organizations to help create research grants to help find a cure for cancer. (
  • Dr. Steadman was born in Sherman, Texas, and graduated from Texas A & M University, where he played football for Bear Bryant his freshman and sophomore years. (
  • Following his internship at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Dr Steadman and his family spent two years in Germany, where he served in the U.S. Army. (
  • For years, as a business traveler, a general manager of Nokia and then as a founder of his own start-up, Philipp Schloter kept thinking there had to be a better way to deal with what is often the bane of a businessperson's existence: expense reports. (
  • Dr. Dre has produced a ton of music in the last 16 years. (
  • see note 3 ) At the age of ten he was apprenticed to a doctor which in later years provided the incentive for becoming a pharmacist with the title of Dr. Whatever opportunities there were for him in Ireland, ambition for greater opportunities compelled him to leave the shores of the Emerald Isle. (
  • Jun 15, 2021 · Back in early January, the world suffered a scare, as Dr . Dre suffered a brain aneurysm. (
  • Jun 15, 2021 · Dr . Dre is opening up about his health scare that landed him in the ICU. (
  • Jun 15, 2021 · Dr . Dre , real name Andre Young, was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center by ambulance and immediately admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). (
  • Jun 15, 2021 · A federal judge on Monday (June 14) granted Black Mafia Family (BMF) co-founder Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory an early release from prison. (
  • Dr. J. Richard Steadman is a retired sports medicine orthopaedic surgeon in Vail, Colorado, who specialized in knee injuries and disorders. (
  • John Haltom, the founder of Dr. John's Lingerie and Novelty Boutique, said business was good at his store on Manchester Road but he decided to close it following a decision by a St. Louis County Circuit Court judge. (
  • Dr. Group is a veteran of the United States Army and has attended Executive Education programs at both Harvard and MIT business schools. (
  • Dr. James comes to Conscious Business Network having accumulated an eclectic set of experiences, which allows him to quickly connect with his guests. (
  • Dr. Smouse's favorite business book, the CEO he most admires, and the advice he'd give to his 30-year-old self. (
  • Dr Busch's research focuses on business model innovation, entrepreneurship, social impact, and social networks, and he teaches several MSc and executive education courses at LSE. (
  • Previously, Dr Busch worked in business in Kenya, South Africa, Mexico, Russia, Germany, the US, and has served as Senior Advisor at the National Entrepreneurs Association and at multinational companies, on Ashoka's Selection Panel, and on the Jury of the African Entrepreneurship Award. (
  • Dr. Mo Ibrahim is a global expert in mobile communications with a distinguished academic and business career. (
  • Secret Cinema founder Fabien Riggall is the latest addition to REMIX Sydney, joining 100 other leading creative pioneers onstage. (
  • John M. Grohol, Psy.D. is the founder & CEO of, a mental health and human behavior/technology expert, co-author of Self-Help That Works (Oxford University Press, 2013), the author of The Insider's Guide to Mental Health Resources Online , and is a published researcher. (
  • Dr. Edward F. Group III founded Global Healing Center in 1998 with the goal of providing the highest quality natural health information and products. (
  • Dr. Group discusses how mental health disorders are often diagnosed to children without any form of standardized testing. (
  • Dr. Group presented the "Secret to Health" in Houston on May 22, 2014. (
  • The book highlights Dr. Group's experience and knowledge gained during his time counseling people with serious health conditions. (
  • Dr. Gabe Mirkin on Health, Fitness and Nutrition. (
  • Dr. Sam believes mental fitness influences everyone's health. (
  • Dr. Wagner founded Group Health Research Institute (GHRI) in 1983. (
  • A professor of health services at the University of Washington School of Public Health, Dr. Wagner is best known for his work in chronic illness management, cancer care, and the aging and geriatric populations. (
  • Through his Chronic Care Model, Dr. Wagner is still transforming the role of chronic illness care in health and health services delivery. (
  • Dr. Wagner truly deserves this year's prestigious William B. Graham Prize for Health Services Research. (
  • Dr. Wagner received his MPH from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Public Health, and his MD from the State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Medicine. (
  • Offering such minimally invasive surgical procedures as sclerotherapy, ambulatory phlebecotomy, and endovascular laser treatment, Dr. Dominic Pedulla and his colleagues at the Oklahoma Vein & Endovascular Center have helped numerous residents throughout the greater Oklahoma City metropolitan area to improve their vascular health. (
  • Upon seeing the need for a more private and professional form of treatment for such cases, Dr. Mirza has developed an online portal where patients can find U.S. licensed physicians who are experts in erectile dysfunction, men's sexual disorders, and men's health. (
  • Dr. Dennis H. Birenbaum not only discusses your cancer treatment but assists you with advance care planning that helps you express your values, goals and wishes as they relate to your health care. (
  • Dr. Redfield has served his country well, and consistently demonstrates strong public health instincts that are grounded in science and clinical medicine. (
  • As co-founder of the University of Maryland School of Medicine's Institute of Human Virology with Dr. Robert Gallo and Dr. William Blattner, he has been one of the most accomplished scientists and public health advocates in the nation in increasing our understanding of the prevention and treatment of infectious disease. (
  • Dr. Ardis one of the founding partners of TruLabs shares how he was able to turn badness into betterness, health, and wellness. (
  • Thrivetime Nation on today's show we are interviewing one of the founders of TruLabs, Dr. Bryan Ardis, which is a supplement, health, and wellness company based in the beautiful town of McKinney, Texas…Dr. Bryan Ardis, welcome onto the Thrivetime Show, how are you, sir? (
  • With close to 50 presentations and over 25 peer-reviewed articles published to date, Dr. Sarah Canham's interdisciplinary research has revolved around topics of social gerontology and the social context of medication and alcohol use in later life, homelessness and housing, health services, and service delivery. (
  • AceShowbiz - Dr . Dre is offering more insights into his serious health scare which required him to be hospitalized due to a brain aneurysm. (
  • She was the first person to have tested positive for the disease in the lab, but not the first person to die of it," Benoit Kebela, an epidemiologist at the DR Congo health ministry, told AFP. (
  • Based on his conviction that Recreational Music-making is an effective therapeutic strategy in various medical settings, Dr. Bittman led a team of researchers who investigated the biological effects of the Health RHYTHMS group drumming protocol he co-developed. (
  • Dr. Hedberg provides world-wide, virtual health consultations. (
  • IKANAMONGO (RD Congo) (AFP) - Medical sleuths are deep in the jungle of the DR Congo trying to track down the origins of the latest Ebola outbreak in the country. (
  • Kebela, who recently spent some time helping out in Guinea, is a veteran of several Ebola epidemics in the DR Congo. (
  • Kebela said it was the third time, after 2007 and 2012, that widespread pig deaths had preceded Ebola outbreaks in humans in the DR Congo. (
  • While it will be a big loss for the Institute, we are at a time in our nation's history when Dr. Redfield's skills will best be utilized as head of the CDC. (
  • On December 3, a judge entered a permanent injunction against Dr. John's and ordered the company to pay more than $157,000 in fines for being out of compliance with zoning requirements. (
  • The company also operates Dr. John's stores in Fenton and Farmington. (
  • Dr. Smouse is a medical consultant and scientific advisory board member for a host of medical device companies including Boston Scientific, Cook Medical, Endotronics, Novate Medical, Crocks Biomedical, Endoshape, the Medicines Company, and Varian Medical. (
  • Shoptiques founder Olga Vidisheva talks about what drives her and how she's grown her company double digits every month in 2015. (
  • Robert Davis is a co-founder of RD Heritage Group, which is an investing company providing resources in fundraising, marketing, and international trade primarily within the private sector. (
  • With the help of HFL Solutions, Dr. Sam Robbins is trying to make people's lives healthier and happier. (
  • Drawing upon his expertise, Dr. Javid created the Amoderm Advanced Skin Care Line to provide high-quality, safe, and clinically-proven effective products for a healthier and rejuvenated skin. (
  • People across Ireland are mourning the death of An Cosán co-founder and civil rights activist Dr Ann Louise Gilligan after a short illness. (
  • Dr. Group was a keynote speaker at the March Against Monsanto in Washington D.C. He spoke against the Dark Act and urged people to take action against Monsanto and GMOs in our food supply. (
  • There are not many people as passionate about their products as I am and I think you're going to feel that with my next guest Dr. Jason Wersland, Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Therabody and inventor of the Theragun. (
  • Every day, people contact Dr. Dennis H. Birenbaum at Texas Hematology Oncology Center for advanced cancer treatment. (
  • Dr Ibrahim was listed by TIME magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. (
  • In some fields several people are considered the founders, while in others the title of being the "father" is debatable. (
  • With the chronic diseases becoming the leading causes of death and disability and impaired quality of life, and the proven role of lifestyle in prevention and treatment of these deadly conditions, Dr. Javid is passionately devoted to promoting healthy lifestyles and he is actively involved in designing and developing cutting-edge, user-friendly, and evidence-based wellness programs. (
  • As a leading North Texas Hematology & Oncology doctor at Texas Hematology Oncology Center, Dr. Dennis H. Birenbaum specializes in treatment for all types of cancers. (
  • For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Birenbaum, contact our Oncology department today. (
  • I would like to extend my deepest sympathies, and those of all her government colleagues, to Dr Gilligan's wife, Minister Katherine Zappone. (
  • I am honored and humbled to be included with them, and grateful to the many research and clinical colleagues who have contributed so much to our work," said Dr. Wagner. (
  • Dr. Plescia joined his colleagues in welcoming the participants to the ACBCYW teleconference meeting. (
  • A seasoned practitioner of ambulatory phlebecotomies as well, Dr. Dominic Pedulla employs a "micro hook" to extract varicose veins, a minimally invasive procedure that requires local anesthesia and little down time for patients. (
  • Through his website and his practice, Dr. Wuerth has touched the lives of many sufferers of intestinal and gut disorders," Dr. Jessica Richman, PhD, co-founder and CEO of uBiome, said. (
  • In 1955, Dr. Lewis moved to Portland and established a successful practice. (
  • Dr. Rollins founded Elite Body Sculpture in 2012, and the practice has since grown to five locations: Beverly Hills, Sacramento, Houston, New York, and Chicago. (
  • At that time he and his family moved to South Lake Tahoe, CA, where he joined Dr. Paul Fry's general orthopaedics practice. (
  • Instead of following the usual practice of putting a hard cast on the injured arm or leg, Dr. Steadman instituted mobilization of the limb immediately after surgery, which both expedited and improved patients' recoveries. (
  • Joining the board of leading scientists and doctors from around the world, Dr. Wuerth will bring to uBiome knowledge and research on IBD. (
  • In 1928, he went to Vienna to study with Dr. Jacob Erdheim, the man who showed the world that the parathyroid gland controls calcium metabolism. (
  • Dr. Dohlman is among the most honored ophthalmologists in the world. (
  • Dr. George Martin, Sr. left his native Ireland for the New World in 1851. (
  • For more on Rosandich's induction into MSHOF, go to . (
  • Dr. Dennis H. Birenbaum believes that his patients need someone who can look out for their best interests. (
  • Additionally, Dr. Drew Alexander , Assistant Dean for Community Engagement and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, connected with me in my pursuit of the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship, and he has served as a trusted adviser in my personal and professional development. (
  • Chaminade Madonna College Preparatory School in Hollywood, Florida is honoring Barry University professor of economics and finance Dr. Stephen Morrell with its annual Founder's Award. (
  • Dr. Anurag Agrawal a professor of ec. (
  • Dr. Anurag Agrawal a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology wi. (
  • Dr. Pearlman maintains an academic appointment at the University of Colorado Medical School as a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics. (
  • Dr. Braitsch poses with one of his research study participants, Winston McAden. (
  • Dr. Opp poses that contemporary gaming marketing techniques may have evolved from the carnival or county fair model. (
  • Rosandich also recently was named to the International Sports Hall of Fame (ISHOF), a non-profit foundation established by internationally known fitness expert Dr. Robert M. Goldman "to honor the world's greatest athlete legends in all sports. (
  • A renowned innovator and mentor in the field of orthopaedic sports medicine, Dr Steadman is internationally known for the development of several advanced surgical procedures for the knee, including the 'healing response', and most recently (in 2011) the 'package', a technique which can restore normal comfortable movement to the stiff and painful arthritic knee. (
  • Dr. Dre broke his silence on the brain aneurysm that sent him to the hospital earlier this year, saying he never saw it coming. (
  • Instead of having powerful drugs Dr. Sam suggests natural ways of treatment like use of herbs, correct nutrition and less powerful drugs. (
  • He was the founder of modern endocrinology, the study of how glands work in your body. (
  • Brief introduction to ACET work by founder Dr Patrick Dixon. (
  • In recog-ni-tion, TTP Labtech opened an of-fice in In-dia, Farid-abad (Delhi-NCR) in 2015 pro-vid-ing sales, en-gi-neer-ing and ap-pli-ca-tion sup-port, com-pli-mented by a Pan In-dian net-work of dis-trib-u-tors and a satel-lite of-fice in Ben-galuru. (
  • The first was the era of the Penola Fruit Colony, and the early settlers such as the Redman family who, by dint of hard work, brought to reality the vision of its Scottish founder, John Riddoch. (
  • Dr. Braitsch was the scholarship recipient for that year's program. (
  • Dr. Opp is the recipient of several awards for community involvement. (
  • A 2009 recipient of the Dalai Lama's "Unsung Hero of Compassion" award, Dr. Tabin is exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau . (
  • A rash of press stories about USB drive security and lost devices convinced Vernon Coles, principal IT security officer for Caerphilly County Borough Council, that his own organisation should do something about the growing use of memory sticks for storing and transferring information. (
  • Dr. Robert Daniel Lawrence was the British equivalent of Dr. Joslin , who dedicated his life to diabetes after developing type 1 during a botched mastoid operation. (
  • Video: Doubledutch Founder Lawrence. (
  • Dr. Kieran is active in her ongoing commitments to education, delivering lectures to all levels and categories of clinical staff and providing biweekly seminars for patients. (
  • RMF Founder and CEO Dr. Martina Fuchs visited the Bidibidi program and successfully toured all of the project sites , inspiring our staff and assessing operations. (
  • Dr. Kieran is the chief of surgery at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center (PIMC) , responsible for the inpatient and outpatient surgical, gastrointestinal and orthopedic services. (
  • Dr. Kieran (center) with her surgical team at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center. (
  • Formally schooled at the University of Barcelona, Dr. Navarro completed his surgical training at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. (
  • Dr. Steadman is well known for his creation of the Microfracture surgical procedure to treat chondral defects in the knee. (
  • In addition to developing new orthopaedic surgical techniques, Dr. Steadman is also a leader in the area of physical therapy and post operative rehabilitation. (
  • Dr. Steadman has invented several surgical instruments necessary for his new procedures, as well as a graft passer, and has collaborated on a topical anesthetic still under development, and a collagen meniscus knee implant (available in Europe). (
  • Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh from the Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Inc. (CARD) discusses some of the challenges children with special needs face when going back to school, as well as addresses what parents and teachers can do to make the transition a smooth one. (
  • Caerphilly Council, concerned about USB drive security, describes its search and implementation of a USB drive security product from Safend, which also made Code of Connection (CoCo) compliance easier. (
  • Dr. Marcos Eberlin, member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, founder of the Thomson Mass Spectrometry Laboratory. (
  • One thought on " Dr. Marcos Eberlin, member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, founder of the Thomson Mass Spectrometry Laboratory. (
  • Dr. Marilyn Orcharton, the founder of Denplan, is helping to roll-out the world's first insurance plan for the global stem cell industry, CellPlan. (
  • Dr. Steadman has treated numerous professional athletes across various sports and is sought out by some of the world's best-known athletes and public figures for treatment. (
  • Established in February 1994, the Oklahoma Vein & Endovascular Center has thrived under the expert stewardship of Dr. Dominic Pedulla, as he provides a variety of treatment options for the removal of varicose veins. (