Floods: Sudden onset water phenomena with different speed of occurrence. These include flash floods, seasonal river floods, and coastal floods, associated with CYCLONIC STORMS; TIDALWAVES; and storm surges.Drainage: The removal of fluids or discharges from the body, such as from a wound, sore, or cavity.Disasters: Calamities producing great damage, loss of life, and distress. They include results of natural phenomena and man-made phenomena. Normal conditions of existence are disrupted and the level of impact exceeds the capacity of the hazard-affected community.Rivers: Large natural streams of FRESH WATER formed by converging tributaries and which empty into a body of water (lake or ocean).Drainage, Postural: A rehabilitation therapy for removal of copious mucus secretion from the lung of patients with diseases such as CHRONIC BRONCHITIS; BRONCHIECTASIS; PULMONARY ABSCESS; or CYSTIC FIBROSIS. The patient's head is placed in a downward incline (so the TRACHEA is inferior to the affected area) for 15- to 20-minute sessions.Drainage, Sanitary: A system of artificial or natural drains, generally used for the disposal of liquid wastes.Abscess: Accumulation of purulent material in tissues, organs, or circumscribed spaces, usually associated with signs of infection.Suction: The removal of secretions, gas or fluid from hollow or tubular organs or cavities by means of a tube and a device that acts on negative pressure.Pancreatic Pseudocyst: Cyst-like space not lined by EPITHELIUM and contained within the PANCREAS. Pancreatic pseudocysts account for most of the cystic collections in the pancreas and are often associated with chronic PANCREATITIS.Water Movements: The flow of water in enviromental bodies of water such as rivers, oceans, water supplies, aquariums, etc. It includes currents, tides, and waves.Chest Tubes: Plastic tubes used for drainage of air or fluid from the pleural space. Their surgical insertion is called tube thoracostomy.Glaucoma Drainage Implants: Devices, usually incorporating unidirectional valves, which are surgically inserted in the sclera to maintain normal intraocular pressure.Rain: Water particles that fall from the ATMOSPHERE.Jaundice, Obstructive: Jaundice, the condition with yellowish staining of the skin and mucous membranes, that is due to impaired BILE flow in the BILIARY TRACT, such as INTRAHEPATIC CHOLESTASIS, or EXTRAHEPATIC CHOLESTASIS.Postoperative Complications: Pathologic processes that affect patients after a surgical procedure. They may or may not be related to the disease for which the surgery was done, and they may or may not be direct results of the surgery.Lymphoscintigraphy: Radionuclide imaging of the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.Lymphatic System: A system of organs and tissues that process and transport immune cells and LYMPH.Cerebral Veins: Veins draining the cerebrum.Cholangiopancreatography, Endoscopic Retrograde: Fiberoptic endoscopy designed for duodenal observation and cannulation of VATER'S AMPULLA, in order to visualize the pancreatic and biliary duct system by retrograde injection of contrast media. Endoscopic (Vater) papillotomy (SPHINCTEROTOMY, ENDOSCOPIC) may be performed during this procedure.Treatment Outcome: Evaluation undertaken to assess the results or consequences of management and procedures used in combating disease in order to determine the efficacy, effectiveness, safety, and practicability of these interventions in individual cases or series.Choledochostomy: Surgical formation of an opening (stoma) into the COMMON BILE DUCT for drainage or for direct communication with a site in the small intestine, primarily the DUODENUM or JEJUNUM.Empyema, Pleural: Suppurative inflammation of the pleural space.Pneumothorax: An accumulation of air or gas in the PLEURAL CAVITY, which may occur spontaneously or as a result of trauma or a pathological process. The gas may also be introduced deliberately during PNEUMOTHORAX, ARTIFICIAL.Abdominal Abscess: An abscess located in the abdominal cavity, i.e., the cavity between the diaphragm above and the pelvis below. (From Dorland, 27th ed)Thoracostomy: Surgical procedure involving the creation of an opening (stoma) into the chest cavity for drainage; used in the treatment of PLEURAL EFFUSION; PNEUMOTHORAX; HEMOTHORAX; and EMPYEMA.Cerebrospinal Fluid Shunts: Tubes inserted to create communication between a cerebral ventricle and the internal jugular vein. Their emplacement permits draining of cerebrospinal fluid for relief of hydrocephalus or other condition leading to fluid accumulation in the ventricles.Biliary Tract Surgical Procedures: Any surgical procedure performed on the biliary tract.Cholestasis: Impairment of bile flow due to obstruction in small bile ducts (INTRAHEPATIC CHOLESTASIS) or obstruction in large bile ducts (EXTRAHEPATIC CHOLESTASIS).Hong Kong: The former British crown colony located off the southeast coast of China, comprised of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, and New Territories. The three sites were ceded to the British by the Chinese respectively in 1841, 1860, and 1898. Hong Kong reverted to China in July 1997. The name represents the Cantonese pronunciation of the Chinese xianggang, fragrant port, from xiang, perfume and gang, port or harbor, with reference to its currents sweetened by fresh water from a river west of it.Sanitary Engineering: A branch of engineering concerned with the design, construction, and maintenance of environmental facilities conducive to public health, such as water supply and waste disposal.Dissent and Disputes: Differences of opinion or disagreements that may arise, for example, between health professionals and patients or their families, or against a political regime.Child Custody: The formally authorized guardianship or care of a CHILD.Negotiating: The process of bargaining in order to arrive at an agreement or compromise on a matter of importance to the parties involved. It also applies to the hearing and determination of a case by a third party chosen by the parties in controversy, as well as the interposing of a third party to reconcile the parties in controversy.Theology: The study of religion and religious belief, or a particular system or school of religious beliefs and teachings (from online Cambridge Dictionary of American English, 2000 and WordNet: An Electronic Lexical Database, 1997)Photography: Method of making images on a sensitized surface by exposure to light or other radiant energy.Metaphysics: The branch of philosophy that treats of first principles, including ontology (the nature of existence or being) and cosmology (the origin and structure of the universe). (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)United States Office of Research Integrity: An office of the UNITED STATES PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE organized in June 1992 to promote research integrity and investigate misconduct in research supported by the Public Health Service. It consolidates the Office of Scientific Integrity of the National Institutes of Health and the Office of Scientific Integrity Review in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health.Root Cause Analysis: Multi-step systematic review process used for improving safety by investigation of incidents to find what happened, why it happened, and to determine what can be done to prevent it from happening again.SwedenEnglandGeographic Information Systems: Computer systems capable of assembling, storing, manipulating, and displaying geographically referenced information, i.e. data identified according to their locations.Mars: The fourth planet in order from the sun. Its two natural satellites are Deimos and Phobos. It is one of the four inner or terrestrial planets of the solar system.Extraterrestrial Environment: The environment outside the earth or its atmosphere. The environment may refer to a closed cabin (such as a space shuttle or space station) or to space itself, the moon, or other planets.Charities: Social welfare organizations with programs designed to assist individuals in need.Lawyers: Persons whose profession is to give legal advice and assistance to clients and represent them in legal matters. (American Heritage Dictionary, 3d ed)Military Personnel: Persons including soldiers involved with the armed forces.Antitrust Laws: Those federal and state laws, and their enforcement, that protect trade and commerce from unlawful restraints and monopolies or unfair business practices.Veterans: Former members of the armed services.Local Government: Smallest political subdivisions within a country at which general governmental functions are carried-out.Uncompensated Care: Medical services for which no payment is received. Uncompensated care includes charity care and bad debts.Droughts: Prolonged dry periods in natural climate cycle. They are slow-onset phenomena caused by rainfall deficit combined with other predisposing factors.Dacryocystorhinostomy: Surgical fistulization of the LACRIMAL SAC for external drainage of an obstructed nasolacrimal duct.Lacrimal Duct Obstruction: Interference with the secretion of tears by the lacrimal glands. Obstruction of the LACRIMAL SAC or NASOLACRIMAL DUCT causing acute or chronic inflammation of the lacrimal sac (DACRYOCYSTITIS). It is caused also in infants by failure of the nasolacrimal duct to open into the inferior meatus and occurs about the third week of life. In adults occlusion may occur spontaneously or after injury or nasal disease. (Newell, Ophthalmology: Principles and Concepts, 7th ed, p250)
Its other sources included several small creeks that have since[when?] been covered or replaced by drainage pipes and culverts ... The dam is equipped with a pump, and is able to pump freshwater downstream even during high tide to prevent flooding. The river ... Nothing more than metal barriers lowered by turning a knob, these prevent water from flooding the underground streams in Malden ... This portion was prone to flooding and contained a few small ponds. ...
Jacobs Creek crosses the slightly elevated embankment of the turnpike through culverts. The Jacobs Creek Flood occurred in 2003 ... The drainage area upstream of the Kansas Turnpike is only about a few square miles. ...
In Laclede County, severe flooding washed out low-lying roads and drainage culverts. On July 2, 2009, President Barack Obama ... More significant flooding took place in St. Francois County, where some homes had up to 8 ft (2.4 m) of water in their ... Some of the most severe flooding took place in the town of Doniphan, in Ripley County, where 5.03 in (128 mm) of rain fell in a ... At the school, all of the classrooms were flooded by up to 18 in (460 mm) of water, and a nearby parking lot buckled under the ...
... because building culverts is expensive and floods cause severe financial harm. The design of a green roof or a roof garden can ... For example, the design of a sustainable urban drainage system can: improve habitats for fauna and flora; improve recreational ... Flood Protection and a Neighbourhood Park , ASLA National Awards , Professional Category, Award of Honor - General Design Eco- ...
Some children died while playing around drainage culverts, and two people died when a roof overloaded with rainwater collapsed ... The hail injured at least 100 people, and flash flooding and lightning from the same storm killed at least 13 people. The cause ... Once the supercell was overtaken by the squall line, it slowed considerably, and the torrential rains caused flash flooding and ... "Damaging Hail Storm in Tarrant County and Flash Flooding in Dallas County, Texas". Retrieved 2009-07-20. Jennifer Miller (26 ...
On the north side of the main canal, a drainage canal was built to drain the flood areas north of the main canal. The Canal can ... In total there are 36 culverts, 2 flood-release sluices and 4 road bridges associated with the main canal. A cross sluice was ... This is a further flood drainage gate that strengthens the draining capacity of the main canal. The Jiangsu Irrigation Canal ... The canal is one of the flood-relief canals and contributes greatly to the flood discharge of lower reaches of Huai River. It ...
Several roads were inundated by flood waters and a number of culverts and drainage systems that collapsed due to excessive ... Rainfall totals between 4 and 7 in (100 and 180 mm) flooded numerous culverts, houses, and roads in Rockdale County. ... Most of the city lost all water service during the height of flood when two major treatment plants were flooded. It took almost ... Many low-lying areas were flooded. Seven families were evacuated from their homes in Safford due to flooding. Further north, ...
Trenches created from the blasts were flooded and water flow was blocked due to the damaged sewage, culverts and drainage ... Water pipes had been utilized to minimize flooding in some areas of the city. Armies and fire fighters also were put on standby ... The restoration of the rain water drainage system under the road will take around three months which costs another NT$600 ... KAOHSIUNG DISASTER: Businesses facing loss of customers during repairs taipeitimes.com "Rain, flooding delay reconstruction". ...
Defensive structures would be used to avoid damage by flood water, and drainage channels, fords, culverts and suspension ...
... clearing bridges after floods, drainage and culvert clearance, and pothole filling. Additionally, the project will offer policy ... including funding refurbishments on the damaged segments of the road and construction of check dams and flood control ...
... and four culverts. Construction plans from 1923 show that the culverts and half of the drainage system were in place when the ... It replaced an earlier span that was partially washed out by a flood in 1912. Marsh Engineering Company of Des Moines ... The four culverts include one concrete driveway culvert and three concrete box culverts, all of different sizes. Most of this ... The structures include the 4.35 miles (7.00 km) of roadway, the road drainage system, eight culverts, and a skew I-beam bridge ...
... culverts and drainage channels. Sometime prior to February 2016, the Mariakani to Kaloleni section was upgraded to bitumen ... The road is prone to flooding during the rainy season. Beginning circa 2006, the government of Kenya, through Kenya National ... Mwandoto, Walker (16 May 2014). "Floods Making Travel Difficult In Kilifi County". Kilifi: Habarikilifi.com. Retrieved 7 April ...
... several of the culverts have broken and the pathways are again subject to flooding. The drainage scheme through the woodland is ...
Major repair work was done in 2003 and 2006, when the Victorian drainage culvert was replaced and the track lowered to allow ... Trains have been cancelled or delayed because of flooding in the tunnel. Water still runs fast into the tunnel, and in the ... The work was dangerous because the rock at the Horsforth end was difficult to blast, and there was frequent flooding and ...
During 2009 and 2010 work was undertaken to upgrade sluice gates, watercourses and culverts to enable seasonal flooding of ... It has the capacity to hold 1.2 million cubic metres as part of a scheme by the Parrett Internal Drainage Board to restore ten ... The Sowy River is an artificial drainage channel in Somerset, England. It is a 7.5-mile (12.1 km) embanked channel which starts ... "Southlake Moor restored to floodplain by drainage board". BBC. 17 January 2011. Retrieved 19 January 2011. "Southlake Moor ...
Bridges and Culverts Mill Creek Flood of August 3, 1915 Priority Environmental Site Map for Ontario Coordinates: 42°N 82°W /  ... Lake Saint Clair Drainages - MI, OH, IN, NY and PA 1996-1998 (Circular 1203) See Map of Ohio's Principal Streams and Drainage ... Mary's River Michigan's drainage basin consists of 5,808 square miles (15,040 km2). Belle Watershed (Lapeer, Macomb, Oakland, ... The basin was part of Glacial Lake Maumee until an eastern drainage opened at Niagara, at which point the Maumee River ...
... blocking drainages and causing flooding of roads). Culverts and pipelines can actually help to block flow and lead to the ... Sheets of aufeis may block stream channels and cause their flood plains to widen as spring floodwaters are forced to flow ... Breaking dams of aufeis can also cause flash floods downriver. Proper scouting and precautions when choosing campsites can ... Priesnitz, Kuno; Schunke, Ekkehard (2002). "The fluvial morphodynamics of two small permafrost drainage basins, northwestern ...
... run through culverts or pipes. Although major flooding in 1996 caused landslides and severe damage to stream beds and banks ... Part of the drainage basin of the Columbia River, its watershed covers about 6.5 square miles (16.8 km2) in Multnomah and ... About 15,000 years ago, cataclysmic ice age events known as the Missoula Floods or Bretz Floods originating in the Clark Fork ... Elevations within the drainage basin vary from Mount Sylvania, which rises to 970 feet (300 m) above sea level in the West ...
... watercourses and culverts to enable seasonal flooding during the winter diverting water from the Sowy River onto the moor. It ... "Southlake Moor restored to floodplain by drainage board". BBC. 17 January 2011. Retrieved 19 January 2011. "Southlake Moor ... Southlake Moor is unusual in that, when conditions in the River Parrett are suitable, it may be deliberately flooded in winter ... When the moor is flooded, large numbers of wildfowl may be present; with up to 22,000 wigeon (Anas penelope), 250 Bewick's swan ...
New basins, box culverts, pipes and inlets were added to improve holding capacity in storms and mitigate flooding at the ... In addition to the traffic issues, the NJDOT undertook an analysis of the drainage issues associated with the road ... The completed project featured a wider roadway and drainage improvements on Route 73, Route 30, Berlin Cross Keys Road and ... "Traffic congestion mitigation project includes drainage improvements.", Public Works, September 1, 2002. Accessed August 7, ...
... as the Company could not afford to repair a broken culvert which carried drainage water under the river. With the lock open, no ... Gravatt is known to have designed an innovative set of flood gates as part of the project, which were described as "self-acting ... leaving the canal to serve as a drainage channel since 1878. The channel has survived to the modern day due to its drainage ... and the Somersetshire Drainage Bill was amended to allow the Somerset Drainage Commissioners to take over the whole of the ...
An Act of 1915 authorised the drainage of the river and installation of a flood gate at Bleadon, although attempts to control ... During 2009 and 2010, work was undertaken to upgrade sluice gates, watercourses, and culverts to enable seasonal flooding of ... Controversy about the management of the drainage and flood protection has previously involved the activities of IDBs. However, ... They are still liable to widespread fresh water flooding in winter. One of the approaches to reducing the risk of flooding ...
The creek periodically floods during large rain events. Culverts along the creek tend to be undersized. The lower 1.73 miles of ... The drainage basin of Little Darby Creek is a Coldwater Fishery and a Migratory Fishery. It is in approved trout waters. ... 1-2, 6-8, 10, retrieved April 24, 2015 "Delaware County", Uglybridges.com, retrieved May 11, 2015 "§ 93.9g. Drainage List G. ...
With a vast water shed area just below the municipality of San Jose de Buan, San Jorge area is really a drainage area in times ... In a matter of two consecutive days rain, flood waters automatically rumbles down the slopes going to the lowland areas from ... developer and planning engineers constructed a Rectangular Culvert alongside the 1 AH 26 Sleeves going to the San Jorge River. ... slope rolling down to the San Jorge National High School and a Gasoline Station were observed to be a potential flood prone ...
Rain bands produced up to 6.94 in (176 mm) of rainfall, causing small stream and drainage ditch flooding, as well as ponding on ... County crews worked to clean out drains and culverts to prevent flooding. Because the depression stayed far from land, the ... In anticipation of the storm, the National Weather Service issued a flash flood watch for the island of Hawaii on July 20. Also ...
The Great Dayton Flood of 1913 resulted from flooding by the Great Miami River reaching Dayton, Ohio, and the surrounding area, causing the greatest natural disaster in Ohio history. In response, the General Assembly passed the Vonderheide Act to enable the formation of conservancy districts. The Miami Conservancy District, which included Dayton and the surrounding area, became one of the first major flood control districts in Ohio and the United States. The Dayton flood of March 1913 was caused by a series of severe winter rain storms that hit the Midwest in late March. Within three days, 8-11 inches (200-280 mm) of rain fell throughout the Great Miami River watershed on already saturated soil, resulting in more than 90 percent runoff. The river and its tributaries overflowed. The existing levees failed, and downtown Dayton was flooded up to 20 feet (6.1 m) deep. This flood is still the ...
... was a 1976 court case in the state of California involving child abuse and alleged medical malpractice. In 1971, Gita Landeros, a minor, was seen in the emergency room by Dr. Flood for injuries inflicted by her mother and the mother's common law husband. Dr. Flood failed to diagnose "battered child syndrome" and also did not report the injuries to proper civil authorities in violation of California law. The child was released to the custody of her mother and the mother's common law husband, where she experienced further injury at their hands. The parents fled the state, but were apprehended and convicted of criminal child abuse. Gita Landeros brought a civil suit in tort for damages against Dr. Flood. The trial court dismissed her case as a matter of law. The case was appealed and decided in 1976 by the California Supreme Court. GITA LANDEROS, Appellant, a minor, sought review of a judgment of the Superior Court of Santa Clara County (California), which ...
Anticipating floods before they occur allows for precautions to be taken and people to be warned [32] so that they can be prepared in advance for flooding conditions. For example, farmers can remove animals from low-lying areas and utility services can put in place emergency provisions to re-route services if needed. Emergency services can also make provisions to have enough resources available ahead of time to respond to emergencies as they occur. People can evacuate areas to be flooded.. In order to make the most accurate flood forecasts for waterways, it is best to have a long time-series of historical data that relates stream flows to measured past rainfall events.[33] Coupling this historical information with real-time knowledge about volumetric capacity in catchment areas, such as spare capacity in reservoirs, ground-water levels, and the degree of saturation of area aquifers is also needed in order to make the most acrate ...
This storm caused a flood killing thousands of victims. There are no wind measurements available, but a wealth of reports and diaries make it clear that this storm was extremely serious. The storm reached its peak in the night and led to enormous damage and numerous dike breaches. It was heaviest in an area of approximately 500 kilometres wide in Wales, central and southern England, the North Sea, the Low Countries, and the north of Germany. At many places there was talk of a high storm surge. Seamen reported tornadoes. Other sources wrote about a terrible storm and these well agree with each other. The air was full of lightning. The English journalist and writer Daniel Defoe (the writer of Robinson Crusoe) wrote concerning the "most terrible storm which the world ever saw". The storm was according to Defoe so dreadful that there was no pen to describe it. There had already been a storm for two weeks, but this was the peak. The south of Friesland was flooded from several ...
In Manitoba, the 2009 flood was the second worst on record since 1826. The Red River Floodway was not initially opened, due to the Red River being full of ice, which can lead to damage of the floodway and the flooding of Selkirk. The Red River Floodway was opened in early April once the ice jams cleared. Several towns and R.M.s declared a state of emergency due to the ice jams built up in places along the Red. Flooding in Manitoba was not expected until the second week of April. The CPR Line from Winnipeg to Emerson closed.. The floodway was opened around 1 p.m. on April 8 due to a crest expected to hit the city of Winnipeg. Highway 75, a major artery between Winnipeg and the U.S. border, was closed between April 7 and May 13. This closure cost Manitoba trucking companies thousands of dollars in additional travel costs and severely hurt the economy of the town of Morris.[22]. An ...
Flooding historically relates here to the name of the county, Somerset, which before provision of engineered (straightened and deepened) rivers saw winter flooding across swathes of its central Levels area, giving its folk the uniquely seasonal descriptor 'of the summer'. Without engineered channels parts of the upper part of the levels (such as the northern half of this parish) flood after heavy rainfall, often sufficiently deep to cut off all access. To counter this residents of the main community (i.e. in the north) typically pre-emptively move their vehicles away from their village (such as to the south of the parish or north of the next). When the floods arrive they then share rides on a local tractor to get to their cars. In this way they can get food, supplies and get to work. However they are not always prepared for early flooding. In the national floods of November 2012 access to the village was cut ...
... is a computer program that simulates flow and water level, water quality and sediment transport in rivers, flood plains, irrigation canals, reservoirs and other inland water bodies. MIKE 11 is a 1-dimensional river model. It was developed by DHI. MIKE 11 has long been known as a software tool with advanced interface facilities. Since the beginning MIKE 11 was operated through an efficient interactive menu system with systematic layouts and sequencing of menus. It is within that framework where the latest 'Classic' version of MIKE 11 - version 3.20 was developed. The new generation of MIKE 11 combines the features and experiences from the MIKE 11 'Classic' period, with the powerful Windows based user interface including graphical editing facilities and improved computational speed gained by the full utilization of 32-bit technology. The computational core of MIKE 11 is a hydrodynamic simulation engine, and this is complemented by a wide range of additional modules and extensions covering ...
Above the dam is the flood basin which captures the flows of the mountain watershed of the Arroyo Seco. This area is now called "Hahamongna", a phrase meaning "Flowing Waters, Fruitful Valley", a remarkably different designation than the name given the area by the Spanish explorers. Hahamongna also refers to the original Native American tribe of the Tongva Indians who once inhabited the area. By 2011, the flood basin had filled with debris brought down after the 2009 Station Fire, reducing its effectiveness as a flood control measure. The County of Los Angeles conducted public hearings on the Environmental impact statement before selecting a method to remove debris from the Hahamongna area. In 2014, the Board of Supervisors approved a five-year project to remove 2.4 million cubic yards of sediment (1,800,000 m3) from the basin despite strong opposition from neighbors and recreational enthusiasts. The opponents contend that hundreds of trucks would be ...
... systems are flexible, with few practical drawbacks. Though typically known for compact cultivation of plants having smaller stature, it has been used for growing large plants, using buckets ranging in size from 1 gallon to 5 gallons, making use of high-volume pumps such as those in large aquariums, decorative fountains and koi ponds. There are facets to these systems that present some labor investment in large-scale applications. These are primarily management of media between uses, such as washing and sterilization. This can be done by dumping into the tray and filling with a sterilizing solution such as hydrogen peroxide or chlorine solution, temporarily plugging the drain, with hand removal of root fragments. Larger containers require transferring the media to a suitable surface after sterilization to permit removal of leftover plant material. A second drawback is that the roots tend to grow together, meaning removal of harvested or damaged plants can be somewhat problematic in ...
Barely half a century after Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Philippines on March 16, 1521, Iriga, now a city, was only a visita of Nabua, Provincia de Ambos Camarines. Because of the disastrous floods that occur during rainy seasons in suburban Poblacion of Nabua, Father Felix de Huertas, the then parish priest, advised the farmers to move to I-raga (donde hay tierra or where there is land) where they can plant their crops without fear of being flooded. The flood victims of Nabua who moved earlier and followed the suggestions of their parish priest were the fortunate beneficiaries of the harvest of their agricultural plantation coming from the rich and fertile soils of I-raga, more so, those who planted at the foot of Sumagang Mountain (Mountain of the Rising Sun, now Mt. Iriga) said to be nature's given symbol of the Irigueños lofty ideals and noble visions.[6] As population spread out and evangelization progressed, the settlement at the foot of Sumagang ...
The south mountain foot of the chain Daralayaz in the north, the hills and highlands the tail of mountain Zangazur in the south-east, Nakhchivan slanting plain in the south and Gulustan plain in the south east make the relief of the region. The highest peak is the mountain Buzgov (2475). The territory of the region Babek is rich in minerals, such as stone, salt and building materials. The mineral springs Sirab, Vaykhir, Jahri, Gahab and others are also found in this region. The main rivers of the region are Nakhchivanchay which divides the territory of the administrative region and its flow Jehrichay. They play important role in irrigation. One can also find in the region reservoir of Araz Water Junction, also reservoirs Uzunoba, Nehram, Sirab, Jahri and Gahab and irrigation canals. ...
In the Middle Ages the River Nene determined the layout of Outwell. Since that time, the landscape of the whole district has consequently been much altered by the construction of several large drains which run through the parish. In the 17th century Popham's Eau was cut to provide a conduit for the waters of the old River Nene into the River Great Ouse at Salter's Lode. This was followed by many alterations and new drains being dug. In May 1862 one sixth of the Parish of Outwell was inundated with water when the Middle Level Drain burst through its banks. It took three years before the area had fully recovered from the flood. Also constructed across the parish was the Wisbech Canal, now disused, which followed the course of the Well Stream as far as Outwell church and then struck across in a southeasterly direction to join Popham's Eau at Nordelph. ...
The Alvin T. Smith House is a two-story home on Elm Street in Forest Grove, Oregon, United States. Completed in 1856, it is the second oldest building in the city and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. A Greek Revival style house, it was built by pioneer Alvin T. Smith beginning in 1854. Alvin Smith settled on a 643 acres (260 ha) farm on the Tualatin Plains south of what became West Tuality Plains in 1841. He and his wife were the first permanent Euro-American settlers in the area that would later become Forest Grove. An earlier cabin on the property was destroyed in a flood, and their second cabin later became a post office. In 1854, he and his wife Abigail began the construction of a new home. Alvin was a trained carpenter and did the work himself. Construction finished in 1856, and is the second oldest wood framed building in Forest Grove after Old College Hall at Pacific University. Abigail died in 1858, with Alvin continuing to live in the home with his ...
Its other sources included several small creeks that have since[when?] been covered or replaced by drainage pipes and culverts ... The dam is equipped with a pump, and is able to pump freshwater downstream even during high tide to prevent flooding. The river ... Nothing more than metal barriers lowered by turning a knob, these prevent water from flooding the underground streams in Malden ... This portion was prone to flooding and contained a few small ponds. ...
In Laclede County, severe flooding washed out low-lying roads and drainage culverts. On July 2, 2009, President Barack Obama ... More significant flooding took place in St. Francois County, where some homes had up to 8 ft (2.4 m) of water in their ... Some of the most severe flooding took place in the town of Doniphan, in Ripley County, where 5.03 in (128 mm) of rain fell in a ... At the school, all of the classrooms were flooded by up to 18 in (460 mm) of water, and a nearby parking lot buckled under the ...
Flooding & Stormwater Management. *Maintain Water Quality & Availability *Design new coastal drainage system ... Develop adaptive stormwater management practices (e.g., promoting natural buffers, adequate culvert sizing) *See how Barre City ... Redefine riverine flood hazard zones to match projected expansion of flooding frequency and extent ... Redefine riverine flood hazard zones to match projected expansion of flooding frequency and extent ...
Hong Kong; Stormwater Drainage Manual: Planning, Design and Management ... Stormwater Drainage Manual: Planning, Design and Management - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online ... DESIGN OF BOX CULVERTS 12.l GENERAL Box culverts are required where precast pipes cannot be obtained in a sufficiently large ... 37 6.6.1 Village Drainage and Main Rural Catchment Drainage Channels Village Drainage refers to the local stormwater drainage ...
Surface Drainage Management division serves the public to ensure that all drainage structures are maintained and in good ... Emergency response to flooding. *Inventory of drainage facilities. Culverts & Catch Basins. *Resetting or replacement to meet ... Surface Drainage Management Drainage Surfaces. The Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Surface Drainage Management section ensures ... that all drainage structures are maintained and in good working condition. This includes:. *Catch basins ...
Adequate across-road drainage is provided, i.e. culverts. * Adequate side road ditching is provided to collect surface water ... The road invariably floods in the rainy season making it almost impassable. Along the main road at approximately Mile 3.9 lies ... Road base to comprise of appropriate grades of stone and be raised above flood levels. * Road base to be shaped to allow ... In addition, local children have been unable to attend school on a regular basis due to the road conditions and flooding. ...
Drainage Maintenance. The drainage maintenance component provides: *Cleaning catch basins and culverts ... Maintenance of flood control facilities and dams Bridge Maintenance. Thebridge maintenance component consists of the ... Road, Bridge, and Drainage Maintenance Road Maintenance The road maintenance component of this program provides:. *Brush ...
Flood resilience and resistance for critical infrastructure. C688F. FREEPUBS. Culvert design and operation guide. C689F. ... property level flood resilience and protection as well as guidance on sustainable drainage and drainage exceedance. ... Skip breadcrumb navigation Home » Topics » Flood risk management and surface water drainage ... Find out more about CIRIAs Local authority network on drainage and flood risk management. ...
The part that really pissed me off was the drainage culvert. His property was flooding so he wanted to do something about it. ... The culvert he built was not to code, he didnt bother to even check with the county because he claims FEMA told him he didnt ... Oh, you want that culvert and we dont even want you here? Well, you need local permits, a permit from DEP, and permit from ... He applied for federal aid, received it and hired a contractor to install the culvert and required right of way for emergency ...
Some culvert inlet structures. *All adopted road and pavement drainage If you experience a drainage or a flooding issue please ... Resident » Parking, Roads and Travel » Drainage and Flooding » Report a flooding or drainage Issue ... Report a flooding or drainage Issue. Flooding can occur for a number of reasons. Different organisations or land owners may be ...
... and its related software offer guidance on rainfall and river flood frequency estimation in the UK. ... SuDS and traditional drainage system design. The procedures are clearly explained and supporting theory and results are ... Flood defence planning. *Design of structures such as bridges, culverts and reservoir spillways ... "How rare was that flood?" or "How big is the expected 100-year flood?", through flood frequency curves that relate flood size ...
Nearly all neighborhoods are susceptible to flooding during heavy thunderstorms. Keeping roadside ditches and culverts clear of ... Whats a Culvert?. A culvert is a pipe that conveys drainage water under roads or driveways. Where the ditch is not too deep, a ... With the amount of drainage ditches, culverts, canals, and drainage structures that are with in the City of Central, the Public ... Most importantly, the drainage plan will aid Central City communities to withstand storm impact and improve flood protection ...
The culverts under Mill Road and Mill Pond Road are overwhelmed, causing backup and flooding to 37 properties. There is ... Flood Maps * Change Your Flood Zone Designation * Risk MAP * Products and Tools * Guidance and Partners * Coastal Flood Risk ... Floods & Maps * Flood Insurance * Find an Insurance Form * Work With the National Flood Insurance Program * Insurance Outreach ... and local residents to improve the drainage capacity of the two culverts. The project consisted of upgrading two culverts along ...
A major part of the road network is the drainage system, designed to take water away from the road surface. Problems can occur ... Land drainage. We are responsible for maintaining and repairing drainage and culverts on land we own. ... Flooding (drainage and gullies) A major part of the road network is the drainage system, designed to take water away from the ... Report flooding. In this section…. Rubbish, waste and recycling. Planning. Land and premises. Flooding. Conservation. ...
Funding could be used to remove debris from stream channels, road culverts and bridges; reshape eroded banks; fix damaged ... The program is intended to "help people ... [relieve] imminent hazards to life and property caused by floods, fires, windstorms ... drainage facilities; establish cover on critically eroding lands; repair levees and structures; and restore conservation ... an interagency Flood Risk Management Program administered by the Idaho Silver Jackets; and Blaine Countys Land, Water and ...
It is good neighborliness to clean out drainage channels on your property so that your upstream neighbors are not flooded. ... The Citys Engineering Division has copies of FEMA flood insurance maps. However, the flood insurance rate maps (FIRMs) can ... FEMA Flood Zone Maps • Historical Maps of Framingham 2. Do I need to have permission to widen, move or add another driveway on ... 11. What do I do if I have a drainage problem from the roadway onto my property?. Call either the Engineering Division or the ...
8. Can I sump pump flood water into the sewer?. No, it is not permitted to hook any private drainage into the sewer system as ... It is good neighborliness to clean out drainage channels on your property so that your upstream neighbors are not flooded. ... The Towns Engineering Division has copies of FEMA flood insurance maps. However, the flood insurance rate maps (FIRMs) can ... FEMA Flood Zone Maps • Historical Maps of Framingham 2. Do I need to have permission to widen, move or add another driveway on ...
Gilley Road Culvert Replacement Project Description This project includes replacing the existing 25 metre long drainage culvert ... Ditch infills change the nature of the drainage system in a way that may cause storm water flooding. This project involves ... Burkevilles drainage system was designed using shallow ditches and small diameter road cross culverts. As the area is ... The existing drainage pump station for the Horseshoe Slough drainage area is nearing the end of its service life. The Horseshoe ...
... the answer to our flooding (and drought) problems and to the sustainability of our drainage infrastructure? We investigate. ... culverts and mini streams in the landscape, for example. ... Making Drainage Sustainable. Floods and SuDs: Making Drainage ... Tackling flooding. The massive flooding that has hit various parts of the country at different times over the last decade make ... The Flood and Water Management Act (2010) in England and Wales, and the broadly equivalent Flood Risk Management (Scotland) and ...
Get a licence to interfere with badger setts for the purpose of undertaking watercourse or drainage maintenance operations ( ... maintaining low-level drainage culverts with a 360 degree excavator. The licence cant be used to interfere with badger setts ... that are causing problems in flood defences and reservoir dams.. Register to use this licence. This is a class licence. You ... Badgers: licence for internal drainage boards to interfere with setts for drainage operations ...
Structures are in place to allow for the easy drainage of rain water to prevent flooding. Road kerbs and culverts have been ...
Chester contacted the CBS 6 Problem Solvers after they say Chesterfield County is not doing enough to fix persistent flooding ... This is to ensure any flooding that occurs is not made worse by clogged culverts under the road. The county will continue to ... Chester resident say drainage ditch is overflowing, causing neighborhood flooding. Posted 7:58 pm, July 30, 2018, by Jake Burns ... Jeffery Glenn said his backyard and his next door neighbors turn into lakes because of flood waters from two county drainage ...
Sand bars, overbank flood deposits, and other sandy areas along streams and in drainage ditches are often attractive unofficial ... Human-made objects, such as sewers, culverts, and drainage channels, can change the movement of contaminants. ... In fact, maintenance of ditches, drainage channels, canals, and other watercourses throughout the United States commonly ... and even fish in stormwater drainages, local streams, and local ponds. You can learn about these uses from observations made ...
Structures (e.g. bridges, culverts) that encroach on the floodplain and reduce water storage. • Drainage systems that conduct ... This often creates floods of greater magnitude and danger. Building on floodplains increases the risk of property damage and ... In addition to building construction, several other activities contribute to an increase in flooding.. • Removal of stabilizing ... and often cause flooding both up and downstream. Artificially controlling stormwater, in an effort to keep it out of the ...
January 9 while repairs are made to a bridge and drainage system. ... Fairview Point Road is also closed while contractors make repairs to culverts damaged during the massive flooding of 2016. ... A pair of south Bossier Parish roads will be closed until Tuesday, January 9 while repairs are made to a bridge and drainage ... 2 Bossier roads closed for bridge, drainage system repairs - KSLA News 12 Shreveport, Louisiana News Weather & Sports. Member ...
  • The Gravity Drainage Division cleans and maintains roadside ditches, culverts, and catch basins on all Parish Roads. (tpcg.org)
  • in the southwest u.s. i seen a bunch of gardens or parks that were designed to flood and act as retaining basins durring heavy rains. (allchile.net)
  • Areas of Chalone Creek and Bear Valley drainage basins in Pinnacles National Monument, California, are subject to frontal storms that can cause major flooding from November to April in areas designated for public use. (usgs.gov)
  • The results showed that the original SDF method overestimated the magnitude and frequency (return period) of flood peaks in all the basins under consideration, while the verification results confirmed that the calibrated/verified SDF method, based on quaternary runoff coefficients, significantly improves the accuracy in comparison with the probabilistic analysis results. (scielo.org.za)
  • As the rebounding economy fuels a boom in new construction - much of it slated for the North Valleys, including areas currently underwater, and in other flood zones - city officials are grappling with how much to restrict developers in the closed basins so as not to make the flooding situation worse. (rgj.com)
  • The City's 15 square mile drainage system has 28 sub basins, 106 bridges, culverts, or pipeline crossings, and 29 tributary streams. (ftn-assoc.com)
  • WINFAP enables you to estimate peak flows and flood frequency curves for gauged and ungauged catchments, using the latest FEH methods. (ceh.ac.uk)
  • CBS 6 asked if any physical changes could be made to divert the amount of water that flows through the drainage channels by Glenn's home, and a county spokesperson said they are checking with their environmental engineers. (wtvr.com)
  • Near the subdivision are three bayous that converge, and Green said the flooding occurs where Beaver Bayou flows into two canals. (wbrz.com)
  • We want to improve culvert capacity so that we have less flows topping over the road," said Ogden after the meeting. (verdenews.com)
  • With the adjustable weirs and SCADA system , the tank remains dry most of the time as stormwater flows along the culvert adjacent to the storage tank straight to the downstream drainage network. (bv.com)
  • The 12th Avenue NW Basin Drainage project will focus on reducing storm-related flooding by slowing runoff and improving flows, seeking to maximize benefits with available budget. (seattle.gov)
  • However, reliable estimates of flood frequency in terms of peak flows and volumes remain a constant challenge in hydrology (Cameron et al 1999). (scielo.org.za)
  • The project - which will ultimately create a channel and floodplain with the appropriate dimensions to contain flooding, maintain flows and limit stream bank erosion - is being funded by the Governor's Office of Storm Recovery in partnership with Rockland County and the Town of Clarkstown. (ny.gov)
  • In the last two years, the City has expended nearly four million dollars on drainage for a clean out of all of the named canals, cleaning of the underground culverts in Jackson Place subdivision, and a drainage master plan that will identify capital outlay projects and develop a routine maintenance plan. (centralgov.com)
  • The city is also responsible for maintaining all off road drainage, including the major canals, with in the City of Central Boundaries. (centralgov.com)
  • The Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a $52 million contract to B&K Construction Co. of Mandeville to build a 4,300-foot-long segment of underground concrete drainage canals along Jefferson Avenue in New Orleans. (nola.com)
  • In essence, the failures of civil engineering structures (e.g. bridges, culverts, dam spillways and drainage canals) caused by floods are largely due to the immense variability in the flood response of catchments to storm rainfall, which is innately variable in its own right. (scielo.org.za)
  • The second scheme was known as the Corrib-Clare Drainage Scheme and its main elements, with respect to the city waterways were: The excavation of the Galway River channel from the head of the Eglinton Canal to approximately midway between the O'Brien and Wolfe Tone bridges, and the construction of a new weir just north of the old weir. (advertiser.ie)
  • During Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy, rapidly rising waters poured over the stream's banks, inundating bridges and culverts and restricting access along key thoroughfares. (ny.gov)
  • The Flood Estimation Handbook (FEH) and its related software offer guidance on rainfall and river flood frequency estimation and development site runoff rates acrss the UK. (ceh.ac.uk)
  • Volume 2 also gives guidance on applying an areal reduction factor and choosing a design storm profile: both are required when deriving flood estimates by the ReFH 2 rainfall-runoff method. (ceh.ac.uk)
  • Volume 4 of FEH presented a comprehensive re-statement of the Flood Studies Report rainfall-runoff method including a set of updated equations to allow the method to be used with digital catchment descriptors. (ceh.ac.uk)
  • Earthen channels will intercept storm water runoff from north of Schaefer Road and convey it to the underground drainage system. (mysanantonio.com)
  • In view of the effectiveness and public interest, the Drainage Services Department (DSD) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region decided to implement an underground storage scheme, comprising a large tank to store stormwater runoff for reduction of downstream flooding risk during severe rainfall events. (bv.com)
  • In cases of large-scale drainage it is essential to improve the discharge capacity of natural channels to protect adjacent properties and to upgrade the ditches and channels that convey the runoff from drainage systems to the improved channels. (greaterkashmir.com)
  • Bigelow, who has resided at the bottom of the steep hill that is Pratt Road for the past four years, presented to the board last week what he called "a town responsibility," stemming from a May storm that resulted in high amounts of water runoff and flooding. (benningtonbanner.com)
  • Nothing more than metal barriers lowered by turning a knob, these prevent water from flooding the underground streams in Malden. (wikipedia.org)
  • The project consisted of upgrading two culverts along the College Brook in order to maintain the flow of water during a storm event. (fema.gov)
  • A major part of the road network is the drainage system, designed to take water away from the road surface. (derbyshire.gov.uk)
  • Exceptional rainfall, a road being in a low lying area or changes in 'run off' water from nearby land are some of the reasons why a road might flood even though the drainage system is in good working order. (derbyshire.gov.uk)
  • water, sewer and storm drainage. (framinghamma.gov)
  • The project includes the pavement component of other water, sanitary and drainage upgrades in the Capital Program that are co-ordinated by the Engineering department as well as consultants and contractors fees related to bridge upgrades and the Pavement Management Plan. (richmond.ca)
  • The Flood and Water Management Act (2010) in England and Wales, and the broadly equivalent Flood Risk Management (Scotland) and Water Environment and Water Services (Scotland), coupled with the European Water Framework Directive, have established a strong legislative framework for sorting out the problem. (sustainablebuild.co.uk)
  • One of the things that the Flood and Water Management Act (2010) establishes is county councils or unitary authorities as Lead Local Flood Authorities, with the responsibility, amongst other things, for developing and implementing a flood risk strategy, and managing the risk of surface water flooding. (sustainablebuild.co.uk)
  • The flooding regularly results in water up to the side of his home and leaking into his crawl space, Glenn said. (wtvr.com)
  • Video shot Monday morning shows flood water from the channels all the way up to the foundation of his home. (wtvr.com)
  • Residential and commercial development projects in natural floodplains remove or reduce water storage capacity, and often cause flooding both up and downstream. (hrwc.org)
  • Culverting or works which may affect the flow of an ordinary watercourse require our prior written consent under the terms of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, Land Drainage Act 1991 and Water Resources Act 1991. (rutland.gov.uk)
  • On-lot septic systems can be damaged from standing surface water or flooding. (psu.edu)
  • Summary: The Ombudsman will not investigate Miss C's complaint that the Council's failure to maintain a surface water drainage system contributed to flooding which caused significant damage to her property. (lgo.org.uk)
  • Summary: The Ombudsman will not investigate Mr B's complaint that the diversion of highway water underneath his property has caused flooding and associated damage. (lgo.org.uk)
  • The company also will oversee all necessary sewer and water line relocations along the culvert. (nola.com)
  • Residents suffered major flooding in January and March nor'easters when heavy rains and water from waves splashed over the top of the seawall got trapped in the neighborhood unable to drain. (patriotledger.com)
  • The career fire department pulled under the water, into the culvert, and through was notified of several cars that were stranded due a large-diameter pipe. (cdc.gov)
  • The open canal water from the spillway then was diverted into the culvert to be carried past the Von Braun Center to Pinhook Creek on the other side. (constructionequipmentguide.com)
  • For this area, the team will conduct a detailed analysis using HEC-1, HEC-RAS, Hydraulic Gradeline Calculations, and overland flow to produce realistic water surface elevations at key sites, such as reported structure or road flooding locations. (rsandh.com)
  • Increase storm water drainage and flood safety. (cityofnorthport.com)
  • Cluck Creek, near Cedar Park Drive, is one problem flooding area that the City of Cedar Park would like to address with a storm water management plan that could be funded from an existing economic development sales tax. (hillcountrynews.com)
  • The rising water from Cluck Creek flooded Light's car and quickly overtook the single sump pump running inside the house. (hillcountrynews.com)
  • Some farmers or homeowners have a problem with flooding of trees or crops, flooding of homes, flooding of highways or railroads, impairment of drainage systems and contamination of water supplies. (aaanimalcontrol.com)
  • We are looking at a hillside in Chicureo of 7000m2 that has a rain water drainage that passes through the middle. (allchile.net)
  • We are responsible for managing local flood risk in Devon from surface water, groundwater and consenting and enforcement on Ordinary Watercourses. (devon.gov.uk)
  • Before becoming a Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA), we were responsible for maintaining and repairing highway surface water drainage systems and planning for and responding to flood emergencies. (devon.gov.uk)
  • Water Companies will continue to be responsible for operating and maintaining the condition of sewerage systems, covering foul water, surface water and combined systems, to reduce sewer flooding and will have a more formal role in the management of surface water. (devon.gov.uk)
  • More information about South West Water and Sewer flooding can be found on South West Water's website . (devon.gov.uk)
  • They are also responsible for the management of the water levels in ordinary watercourses and maintaining drainage infrastructure within their area. (devon.gov.uk)
  • Residents in the Cimmaron Subdivision off Hooper Road have received several inches of water multiple times since the August flood of 2016. (wbrz.com)
  • Its primary purpose was to improve drainage thus reducing winter water levels and the areas of flooded land and also navigation, without any detrimental effect on the mills or fishery interests. (advertiser.ie)
  • Locals are the experts in flood risk management, says major water management authority ADA (Association of Drainage Authorities). (ada.org.uk)
  • Supporting and increasing local partnership working can minimise devastating flood damage caused by embankment failure and will help to maintain water availability in times of drought. (ada.org.uk)
  • Climate change is a reality, and we have to accept that with more extreme weather conditions, there will be increased frequencies of embankment overtopping," explains Innes Thomson, chief executive of ADA, the organisation representing drainage, water level and flood risk management authorities in the UK. (ada.org.uk)
  • When water levels even threatened to inundate the pumping sub-station itself, the drainage board team were joined by members of the local community, the emergency services, the Environment Agency and many others, who battled to build temporary defences, using over a thousand sandbags. (ada.org.uk)
  • In total, the station shifted in excess of five million cubic metres of water from the flooded area over 11 days. (ada.org.uk)
  • They diverted water 17 miles through a well maintained drainage network and two pumping stations to get to the Wash, helping to relieve pressure on the Steeping River system. (ada.org.uk)
  • Another example where working together brings obvious benefits, is in balancing environmental and habitat demands with the need to manage water level and flood risk requirements. (ada.org.uk)
  • Denham Spring's drainage issues caused major problems after last years flood and continue to cause water logging after heavy rain. (wbrz.com)
  • All I can address is what's happened since I've been here," The issue exploded again last Friday when water backed up into Denham Springs high school, opening up fresh wounds about the drainage problems. (wbrz.com)
  • The resulting award-winning design uses Supervisory and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system monitoring to monitor water levels, which automatically triggers an adjustable weir system, another first for flood alleviation in Hong Kong. (bv.com)
  • At the center of SCADA system is a network of sensors, which capture tidal levels in Victoria Harbor and water levels at several strategic locations, including the storage tank and upstream and downstream of the culvert. (bv.com)
  • After a rainfall event when the water level in the culvert drops, the movable weirs can be further lowered to drain the stored stormwater to the downstream drainage network by gravity. (bv.com)
  • Conservation districts have traditionally depended on landowners coming forward on their own to identify potential locations for water storage or drainage solutions. (gov.mb.ca)
  • The essential principle of any type of land drainage is to provide an open, adequate, and readily accessible channel through which the surface or subsoil water can flow. (greaterkashmir.com)
  • Drainage means removal of surface or subsurface water from a given area by natural or artificial means. (greaterkashmir.com)
  • often pumps are required to raise the water into the drainage network. (greaterkashmir.com)
  • Redirection of these flood waters will also decrease degradation of water quality in the Indian River Lagoon. (spacecoastdaily.com)
  • Flood-zone boundaries were derived from the computed water-surface elevations. (usgs.gov)
  • These are able to take on more water volume and provide more effective flood control. (colliervilleherald.net)
  • Nasinu Town Council workers cleaning up piles of rubbish from Omkar Road creek in Narere after flash flood water damaged homes of three families on October 30, 2017. (fijisun.com.fj)
  • That resulted in the rapid rise in water levels on the day, flooding their homes and even had one of the houses partly damaged. (fijisun.com.fj)
  • We saw the workers installing the metal frames and told them the water levels in the drain always rise when it rains and asked them to stop," said Ramiza Bibi, a resident whose house was partly submerged in the flood waters on the day. (fijisun.com.fj)
  • However, at the scene of the flooding, Mr Berends had said the gratings stopped the water flow in the channel causing the water levels to rise. (fijisun.com.fj)
  • Thirteen months after a record winter flooded Swan Lake in Lemmon Valley, homes remain surrounded by water. (rgj.com)
  • The RGJ's investigation, however, found the flood was not only predicted by studies paid for by the city of Reno and Washoe County, but that local government action - and inaction - also contributed to the amount of water in Swan Lake. (rgj.com)
  • For example, Washoe County and the city of Reno ignored recommendations to build up to $81 million in flood mitigation projects to prevent flooding at existing homes as new construction increased the volume of water in Swan Lake and neighboring Silver Lake in Stead. (rgj.com)
  • The city of Reno also continues to pump more than 2 million gallons a day of effluent water from its sewage treatment plant into the flooded Swan Lake. (rgj.com)
  • 2 of 12 Abandoned cars and trucks in southbound Interstate 45 near Main Street are flooded in water after the remnants of Tropical Storm Imelda made their way through Houston on Sept. 19, 2019. (houstonchronicle.com)
  • Although the existing culvert on the property is not large enough, at 80 feet long, to handle the amounts of water that at times head downhill from neighboring properties, the board's decision means that town equipment and manpower will not be used to rebuild or reroute drainage. (benningtonbanner.com)
  • This is defined in the Land Drainage Act 1991. (derbyshire.gov.uk)
  • Under the Land Drainage Act 1991 we have the power to enforce land owners to maintain their section of an ordinary watercourse. (rutland.gov.uk)
  • If an obstruction or structure is built within the watercourse without the correct consents, we may serve notice under the landowner under Section 25 of the Land Drainage Act 1991, whereby the necessary works will be undertaken to remove the obstruction. (rutland.gov.uk)
  • After hard rains like the storms that rolled through Monday, Jeffery Glenn said his backyard and his next door neighbor's turn into lakes because of flood waters from two county drainage channels that converge between their property lines. (wtvr.com)
  • QUINCY - Post Island Road residents said they can't say how much higher they need the seawall protecting their houses to be until they know if they're getting a stormwater pumping station to help minimize flooding during coastal storms. (patriotledger.com)
  • Donovan said it's hard to say if the neighborhood needs a 2- or 4-foot wall without knowing what kind of emergency drainage plan the city is creating to protect them during 50- and 100-year storms. (patriotledger.com)
  • Costello said the revamped design would be sufficient during most storms but might occasionally allow some flooding during severe storms. (patriotledger.com)
  • Just 7% of respondents to the annual Kinder Houston Area Survey this year named flooding the city's biggest problem, half the tally who said so after Harvey - even though the same overwhelming majority expects more major storms to come. (chicagotribune.com)
  • The Drainage Division was formed to meet the growing need for protection from flooding caused by rain and storms such as tropical depressions and hurricanes. (tpcg.org)
  • This project will not only prevent future flooding from storms, it will also bolster important thoroughfares, making Clarkstown stronger and more resilient for any future damaging weather that Mother Nature has in store. (ny.gov)
  • The City's Engineering Division has copies of FEMA flood insurance maps. (framinghamma.gov)
  • The city's public works and engineering staffs are dusting off years' worth of plans that never went anywhere as they seek a permanent solution to the repeat flooding that has plagued residents in a West Quincy neighborhood that was inundated again by last week's deluge. (sooeveningnews.com)
  • A GIS database was used to capture the pertinent data required for the MS4 map as well as to allow for additional data to be entered for use in creating an inventory of the City's storm drainage infrastructure and to support future drainage project needs. (ftn-assoc.com)
  • Rejoicing in the wonderfully appropriate acronym of 'SuDS', Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems provide a means of mitigating the worst effects of excess surface run, and reducing its high-peak demand for drain and sewer capacity. (sustainablebuild.co.uk)
  • The FEH Web Service provides the data and rainfall model outputs that are required to apply the UK flood frequency and rainfall estimation procedures. (ceh.ac.uk)
  • As towns have grown and additional areas been developed, especially in flood plains, ever bigger tracts of the surrounding ground have been covered over in concrete and tarmac, reducing the land's natural ability to soak up rainfall. (sustainablebuild.co.uk)
  • I think it's important to note the region has seen a historic amount of rainfall already this year and with this property being in the county's flood plain, unfortunately, flooding will occur when we have had as much rain as we have over the last several months. (wtvr.com)
  • NEW HARTFORD - New Hartford town officials are hopeful a $900,000 drainage improvement project can help stem the flooding in Chadwicks during periods of heavy rainfall. (uticaod.com)
  • Rate of rainfall over entire drainage area in inches per hour, based on time of concentration and latest governmental records for the area. (ecode360.com)
  • SPU will work with the community throughout design to both share information and collect input on natural drainage systems. (seattle.gov)
  • Relief is coming to yet another Bexar County neighborhood as construction begins on the Schaefer Road Drainage Flood Control Project in Bexar County Precinct 4. (mysanantonio.com)
  • Intentionally designed to be a flexible drainage approach, dependent on local need and the lie of the land, SuDS schemes can include a wide range of elements, from straight-forward soak-aways, to large scale ponds or lakes, and make a significant contribution to both site amenity and biodiversity. (sustainablebuild.co.uk)
  • First on Council Chairwoman Arlanda Williams' list is allocating $200,000 to the Levron Street Pump Station as part of a plan to improve drainage near Bayou LaCarpe. (dailycomet.com)
  • We're trying to put together a long-range plan to improve drainage in the city by improving the size and quality of the culverts that are out there in addition to working with the parish," said Landry. (wbrz.com)
  • CHESTER, Va. -- Home owners on State Avenue in Chester contacted the CBS 6 Problem Solvers after they say Chesterfield County is not doing enough to fix persistent flooding in their neighborhood. (wtvr.com)
  • given the neighborhood you are talking about i would possibly be concerned about some sort of flash flood situation, but in most cases there is something that can be done. (allchile.net)
  • Town Supervisor Patrick Tyksinski said the Oneida Street area has been getting flooded for years. (uticaod.com)
  • The conceptual area consists of the supporting drainage systems or tributaries feeding the main conveyance systems. (rsandh.com)
  • The project also includes an existing conditions analysis, City Design Standard analysis, and alternatives analysis to determine the best resolution to the flooding problems in the area. (rsandh.com)
  • Major drainage channels" are defined as those with a tributary drainage area between four square miles and 20 square miles. (ecode360.com)
  • In general, it is the intent of these regulations that channels which serve a drainage area of one square mile to four square miles or more shall be designated as secondary channels. (ecode360.com)
  • Minor drainage channels" shall include all channels in the area set forth by the Town of Henrietta, New York. (ecode360.com)
  • Where minor channels enter publicly dedicated parks, the channel shall revert to the secondary drainage channels classification in the park area. (ecode360.com)
  • The survey of the Corrib drainage area was begun on June 14, 1948. (advertiser.ie)
  • The extent of the arterial drainage area is 780,000 acres so the survey had to be meticulous and took a long time. (advertiser.ie)
  • Their Thorpe Culvert pumping station moved 430,000m3 per day out of the flooded area back into Steeping River. (ada.org.uk)
  • Funded by Defra, with European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) support via Lincolnshire County Council, sea defences were raised by up to 7 metres and re-profiled to increase their resilience in an area of the Wash shoreline which would have been catastrophically affected if hit by major flooding. (ada.org.uk)
  • His group divided the area geographically and identified large sections of "100-year" flood plains. (verdenews.com)
  • People living in the Middle Verde area, an area west of Interstate 17 that includes the El Rancho and Overlook Acres Subdivisions, the Yavapai-Apache Nation's Reservation and Middle Verde Road, have experienced flooding problems during heavy rainstorms. (verdenews.com)
  • Despite its metropolitan development, the area was prone to flooding as it is located on low-lying ground near the Victoria Harbor. (bv.com)
  • People who live in the flood-prone area have been unwilling to go along with some of the plans, and finding the money to carry out the plans has been a major stumbling block. (sooeveningnews.com)
  • Mayor Thomas Koch said the hope is to propose a drainage improvement program for the area in time for an April 27 meeting with residents. (sooeveningnews.com)
  • Several plans have been proposed over the years to improve drainage in the area, a marshy lowland where single-family homes were built in the 1950s. (sooeveningnews.com)
  • Brevard County is up-sizing drainage culverts under John Rodes Blvd at Lamplighter Village in Melbourne to decrease severe flooding in the area. (spacecoastdaily.com)
  • Historical data of precipitation and floodflow within the monument area are sparse to nonexistent, therefore, U.S. Soil Conservation Service unit-hydrograph procedures were used to determine the magnitude of a 100-year flood. (usgs.gov)
  • Most of the buildings and proposed building sites in the monument area are above the elevation of the 100-year flood, except the proposed building sites near the horse corral and the east monument entrance. (usgs.gov)
  • therefore, the campground area also is considered to be within the 100-year flood zone. (usgs.gov)
  • SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The region woke up to a Flash Flood Watch for the Cave Fire burn area with several reports of flooded muddy roadways and clogged culverts along Highway 154. (keyt.com)
  • Developed by members of the local NY Rising Community Reconstruction Committee, the project will alleviate flooding that has occurred in the area over the past 30 years through the modification and realignment of the Demarest Kill, a tributary of the western branch of the Hackensack River. (ny.gov)
  • Shortly before Crooks took office, Gothia held a meeting with area drainage chiefs. (therecordlive.com)
  • Culverts are one of the most numerous flood management assets and are common across all infrastructure asset operating authorities including those responsible for flooding, drainage and transport. (ciria.org)
  • The money we have for maintenance doesn't pay for small and large scale infrastructure projects which are needed to prevent major flooding events without impacting the sales tax rate," said Assistant City Manager Sam Roberts. (hillcountrynews.com)
  • The first priority is to ensure embankments are strong and resilient to avoid dangerous breaches, and local IDBs alongside other local stakeholders such as the local Environment Agency offices, Local Authorities and parish councils are best placed to identify any concerns such as aging or susceptible flood risk management infrastructure within their own drainage district, due to local knowledge and surveying of risk areas. (ada.org.uk)
  • While a tally of flood damage to individual homes in Quincy won't be known for some time, the city estimates it has incurred $6 million in damages to infrastructure and other costs as a result of the storm. (sooeveningnews.com)
  • Summary: Mr X complained about the Council's failure over several years to address flooding from a highway culvert near his home. (lgo.org.uk)
  • The Council has agreed a plan with Mr X to improve highway drainage outside his home in future. (lgo.org.uk)
  • Utah highway patrolman Burt Giles said the truck was grinding up a steep grade on a dirt ro'id that had been battered by the fierce desert winds and flash floods when the engine failed. (newspapers.com)
  • Where a subdivision is transversed by a watercourse, drainageway, channel or stream, a twenty-foot-wide stormwater easement or drainage right-of-way shall be provided as may be required by the Town Highway Superintendent in consultation with the Town Engineer. (ecode360.com)
  • However, it was enough of a downpour to trigger some small mudslides and drainage issues along Highway 154. (keyt.com)
  • In 1997 and 1998, FEMA Region I partnered with the State of New Hampshire, the Town of Durham, and local residents to improve the drainage capacity of the two culverts. (fema.gov)
  • Residents can see if they are in a county flood plain by visiting http://geospace.chesterfield.gov/pages/environmental-engineering-application-gallery . (wtvr.com)
  • Council also heard comments from residents Alan and Susan Arrow and Steven and Karen Osgood about flooding issues along Connie Street during the citizen comment portion of the meeting. (chron.com)
  • Many of those who responded know residents whose homes have been impacted by flooding. (hillcountrynews.com)
  • Some residents felt strongly about the problem and submitted photos of flooding along with their surveys," she said. (hillcountrynews.com)
  • After hearing the news that a week of rain is in the forecast and the drainage project is postponed, some residents fear they may flood again. (wbrz.com)
  • Many residents maintain that a diversion dike located on U.S. Forest Service land behind Middle Verde Road near Forest Service Road 119A was either torn down or collapsed, escalating flooding conditions. (verdenews.com)
  • Previous flood events affected over 7,000 residents and 2,000 businesses, as well as the racing events. (bv.com)
  • The flooding caused scores of residents to abandon their homes and lose everything from personal effects to cars and washing machines. (sooeveningnews.com)
  • The statement added: "In short, (the) flooding was caused due to garbage disposed by the residents upstream and not having sufficient gratings upstream other than the solitary grating done near the culvert. (fijisun.com.fj)
  • Emily Thompson, Acting General Counsel and Chief External Affairs Officer for the Governor's Office of Storm Recovery said, "The residents of Clarkstown are unfortunately all too familiar with major flooding events. (ny.gov)
  • Assembly Member Ken Zebrowski said, "The flooding that residents have suffered through for three decades should be finally coming to an end. (ny.gov)
  • In September 2013, flood waters either damaged or destroyed approximately 1.5 miles of two sections of Fourmile Canyon Drive between Boulder Canyon Drive and Salina Junction. (bouldercounty.org)
  • While doing so, the victim was stranded in flood waters. (cdc.gov)
  • 1700 hours to assist motorists stranded by the flood 2245 hours, the victim was found several blocks waters. (cdc.gov)
  • The result confirmed that the probabilistic-based approach of the original SDF method does not have the ability to overcome the deficiencies evident in the other design flood estimation techniques used in South Africa. (scielo.org.za)
  • The question of whether or not the probabilistic-based approach of the SDF method has the ability to overcome some of the deficiencies evident in the other techniques used for design flood estimation, was investigated and alternative revisions at a quaternary catchment scale were proposed. (scielo.org.za)
  • Orange County is hosting two public workshops Thursday, June 28, to identify drainage problems and work toward solutions. (therecordlive.com)
  • All major drainage improvement projects or drainage maintenance beyond what is identified in the contract with IBTS is either bid out and awarded to an additional contractor or charged to the city above and beyond the set contract if the work is performed by IBTS. (centralgov.com)
  • Construction work will also include box culvert repair work. (richmond.ca)
  • You must be eligible to register for this licence, that is be employed or contracted to work for the internal drainage boards. (www.gov.uk)
  • The county will continue to work with Mr. Glenn and the property owners on State Avenue to try to reduce the amount of flooding they experience. (wtvr.com)
  • The Council has programmed work for the culvert but Mr X has his own responsibilities for limiting the flooding on his land. (lgo.org.uk)
  • Yes, the Harris County Flood Control District has 50% more work in progress than it did before Harvey, thanks to the $2.5 billion bond voters approved a year ago. (chicagotribune.com)
  • To report problems or request a work order about culvert permits or general cleaning or roadside ditches or culverts, contact Stacey Bennett , Administrative Coordinator I , at (985) 873-6717, or email her at [email protected] . (tpcg.org)
  • Internal Drainage Boards are independent bodies with powers to undertake land drainage work in areas of special drainage needs, as required by the Land Drainage Act. (devon.gov.uk)
  • You need approval before you carry out work in the road reserve, such as constructing a driveway, or installing a culvert. (gdc.govt.nz)
  • We've discussed a number of plans to improve drainage in Quincy, and we are willing to work cooperatively with the City of Quincy to revisit some of those plans," he said. (sooeveningnews.com)
  • William Boone, who lives on Halley Street just north of Hurdle, said his neighbors are pleased with the drainage work that has been done and praised the job done by Town Engineer Dale Perryman. (colliervilleherald.net)
  • If you're working on behalf of an internal drainage board, you'll also need to provide the name and contact details for a drainage board member of staff who can confirm that you're a contractor working for them. (www.gov.uk)
  • Black & Veatch was contracted by DSD for optimizing the scheme's design through the adoption of the integrated 1D network, 2D overland flow and 3D computational fluid dynamics models, a first for flood alleviation in Hong Kong. (bv.com)
  • If the state receives the declaration, the federal government would add 15 percent of the total flood-related damage costs and grant it to the state to pay for flood mitigation projects, said Peter Judge, spokesman for the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency. (sooeveningnews.com)
  • CIRIA has delivered a range of collaborative guidance and initiatives on flood risk management and development, property level flood resilience and protection as well as guidance on sustainable drainage and drainage exceedance. (ciria.org)
  • Drainage projects seem to be the main focus as Terrebonne Parish council members submit their annual wish lists for next year's parish budget. (dailycomet.com)
  • Summary: Mr and Mrs X complained about the Council giving misleading advice about the benefits of a flood alleviation scheme on their land. (lgo.org.uk)
  • Summary: Mr A complains the Council has failed to take action to address the lack of drainage on the road that runs along the outside of his property which causes repeated flooding of his land. (lgo.org.uk)
  • While there were some minor administrative failings, the Council has no liability to take action to install drainage on the road and, as it has now agreed to carry out some works as a goodwill gesture to help Mr A, we will not pursue the complaint any further. (lgo.org.uk)
  • Summary: Mr X complains the Council is responsible for flooding to his property and he is unhappy it delayed in responding to his request for evidence. (lgo.org.uk)
  • The last decade in southern Africa was characterised by several damaging flood events, especially the February 2000 floods in the northeastern part of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique (Alexander 2002a). (scielo.org.za)
  • Cordery & Pilgrim (2000) also highlighted that the international demands for improved design flood estimations have not been met with any increased understanding of the fundamental hydrological processes. (scielo.org.za)
  • The base flood elevations for the one-percent storm as shown on the FEMA Advisory Base Flood Elevation (ABFE) Map, dated December 12, 2012. (ecode360.com)
  • Not only are we reducing the flooding, but we're building curbs and sidewalks so that Schaefer Road is prepared for the growth we continue to see in this part of the county. (mysanantonio.com)
  • Aerial shot of a Canyon with a Natural Fault Drainage Basin Lake 3D Animation - flat design Simulating a helicopter or chopper giro camera movement from above the ground, flying over a gorge in the sunset / sunrise natural beauty shot. (videoblocks.com)
  • Design flood estimations display relatively wide confidence bands of uncertainty around all estimates of flood magnitude-frequency relationships. (scielo.org.za)
  • According to Van der Spuy & Rademeyer (2010), this is also the case in South Africa where the search continues for a universally applicable method for design flood estimation. (scielo.org.za)
  • 2003). Thus, both the occurrence and the frequency of flood events, along with the uncertainty involved in the estimation thereof, as well as the lack of updated design flood estimation methods in South Africa since the 1970s, indicate that there is an urgent need to revise existing methods or develop alternative design flood estimation methods by using about 40 years of additional observed data. (scielo.org.za)
  • Our services cover both domestic and commercial properties and we can respond to your drainage emergencies with our 24-hour helpline that is manned 365 days a year. (metrorod.co.uk)