The description and measurement of the various factors that produce physical stress upon dental restorations, prostheses, or appliances, materials associated with them, or the natural oral structures.
The total of dental diagnostic, preventive, and restorative services provided to meet the needs of a patient (from Illustrated Dictionary of Dentistry, 1982).
Use for articles concerning dental education in general.
Educational institutions for individuals specializing in the field of dentistry.
Individuals enrolled a school of dentistry or a formal educational program in leading to a degree in dentistry.
Localized destruction of the tooth surface initiated by decalcification of the enamel followed by enzymatic lysis of organic structures and leading to cavity formation. If left unchecked, the cavity may penetrate the enamel and dentin and reach the pulp.
Dental care for patients with chronic diseases. These diseases include chronic cardiovascular, endocrinologic, hematologic, immunologic, neoplastic, and renal diseases. The concept does not include dental care for the mentally or physically disabled which is DENTAL CARE FOR DISABLED.
The giving of attention to the special dental needs of children, including the prevention of tooth diseases and instruction in dental hygiene and dental health. The dental care may include the services provided by dental specialists.
Facilities where dental care is provided to patients.
A richly vascularized and innervated connective tissue of mesodermal origin, contained in the central cavity of a tooth and delimited by the dentin, and having formative, nutritive, sensory, and protective functions. (Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992)
Persons trained in an accredited school or dental college and licensed by the state in which they reside to provide dental prophylaxis under the direction of a licensed dentist.
The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in a dental school.
Dental care for the emotionally, mentally, or physically disabled patient. It does not include dental care for the chronically ill ( = DENTAL CARE FOR CHRONICALLY ILL).
Abnormal fear or dread of visiting the dentist for preventive care or therapy and unwarranted anxiety over dental procedures.
Insurance providing coverage for dental care.
Personnel whose work is prescribed and supervised by the dentist.
Services designed to promote, maintain, or restore dental health.
The study of laws, theories, and hypotheses through a systematic examination of pertinent facts and their interpretation in the field of dentistry. (From Jablonski, Illustrated Dictionary of Dentistry, 1982, p674)
The giving of attention to the special dental needs of the elderly for proper maintenance or treatment. The dental care may include the services provided by dental specialists.
The curve formed by the row of TEETH in their normal position in the JAW. The inferior dental arch is formed by the mandibular teeth, and the superior dental arch by the maxillary teeth.
A film that attaches to teeth, often causing DENTAL CARIES and GINGIVITIS. It is composed of MUCINS, secreted from salivary glands, and microorganisms.
An alloy used in restorative dentistry that contains mercury, silver, tin, copper, and possibly zinc.
The room or rooms in which the dentist and dental staff provide care. Offices include all rooms in the dentist's office suite.
Data collected during dental examination for the purpose of study, diagnosis, or treatment planning.
Personnel who provide dental service to patients in an organized facility, institution or agency.
The nonexpendable items used by the dentist or dental staff in the performance of professional duties. (From Boucher's Clinical Dental Terminology, 4th ed, p106)
Nonspecialized dental practice which is concerned with providing primary and continuing dental care.
Presentation devices used for patient education and technique training in dentistry.
Individuals who assist the dentist or the dental hygienist.
Educational programs designed to inform dentists of recent advances in their fields.
A range of methods used to reduce pain and anxiety during dental procedures.
Biocompatible materials placed into (endosseous) or onto (subperiosteal) the jawbone to support a crown, bridge, or artificial tooth, or to stabilize a diseased tooth.
Radiographic techniques used in dentistry.
Materials used in the production of dental bases, restorations, impressions, prostheses, etc.
Educational programs for dental graduates entering a specialty. They include formal specialty training as well as academic work in the clinical and basic dental sciences, and may lead to board certification or an advanced dental degree.
The principles of proper professional conduct concerning the rights and duties of the dentist, relations with patients and fellow practitioners, as well as actions of the dentist in patient care and interpersonal relations with patient families. (From Stedman, 25th ed)
Hospital department providing dental care.
Individuals licensed to practice DENTISTRY.
Societies whose membership is limited to dentists.
The field of dentistry involved in procedures for designing and constructing dental appliances. It includes also the application of any technology to the field of dentistry.
A systematic collection of factual data pertaining to dental or oral health and disease in a human population within a given geographic area.
A chronic endemic form of hypoplasia of the dental enamel caused by drinking water with a high fluorine content during the time of tooth formation, and characterized by defective calcification that gives a white chalky appearance to the enamel, which gradually undergoes brown discoloration. (Jablonski's Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992, p286)
The granting of a license to practice dentistry.
Facilities for the performance of services related to dental treatment but not done directly in the patient's mouth.
Various branches of dental practice limited to specialized areas.
Amounts charged to the patient as payer for dental services.
Individuals responsible for fabrication of dental appliances.
The organization and operation of the business aspects of a dental practice.
Dense fibrous layer formed from mesodermal tissue that surrounds the epithelial enamel organ. The cells eventually migrate to the external surface of the newly formed root dentin and give rise to the cementoblasts that deposit cementum on the developing root, fibroblasts of the developing periodontal ligament, and osteoblasts of the developing alveolar bone.
The profession concerned with the teeth, oral cavity, and associated structures, and the diagnosis and treatment of their diseases including prevention and the restoration of defective and missing tissue.
Skills, techniques, standards, and principles used to improve the art and symmetry of the teeth and face to improve the appearance as well as the function of the teeth, mouth, and face. (From Boucher's Clinical Dental Terminology, 4th ed, p108)
Providing for the full range of dental health services for diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, and rehabilitation of patients.
Education which increases the awareness and favorably influences the attitudes and knowledge relating to the improvement of dental health on a personal or community basis.
The psychological relations between the dentist and patient.
One of a set of bone-like structures in the mouth used for biting and chewing.
Efforts to prevent and control the spread of infections within dental health facilities or those involving provision of dental care.
Mesodermal tissue enclosed in the invaginated portion of the epithelial enamel organ and giving rise to the dentin and pulp.
An artificial replacement for one or more natural teeth or part of a tooth, or associated structures, ranging from a portion of a tooth to a complete denture. The dental prosthesis is used for cosmetic or functional reasons, or both. DENTURES and specific types of dentures are also available. (From Boucher's Clinical Dental Terminology, 4th ed, p244 & Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992, p643)
A detailed review and evaluation of selected clinical records by qualified professional personnel for evaluating quality of dental care.
The optimal state of the mouth and normal functioning of the organs of the mouth without evidence of disease.
A computer based method of simulating or analyzing the behavior of structures or components.
The plan and delineation of dental prostheses in general or a specific dental prosthesis. It does not include DENTURE DESIGN. The framework usually consists of metal.
Hand-held tools or implements especially used by dental professionals for the performance of clinical tasks.
Any waste product generated by a dental office, surgery, clinic, or laboratory including amalgams, saliva, and rinse water.
The grafting or inserting of a prosthetic device of alloplastic material into the oral tissue beneath the mucosal or periosteal layer or within the bone. Its purpose is to provide support and retention to a partial or complete denture.
Economic aspects of the dental profession and dental care.
"Decayed, missing and filled teeth," a routinely used statistical concept in dentistry.
A mixture of metallic elements or compounds with other metallic or metalloid elements in varying proportions for use in restorative or prosthetic dentistry.
The predisposition to tooth decay (DENTAL CARIES).
A prosthesis that gains its support, stability, and retention from a substructure that is implanted under the soft tissues of the basal seat of the device and is in contact with bone. (From Boucher's Clinical Dental Terminology, 4th ed)
The application of computer and information sciences to improve dental practice, research, education and management.
The practice of personal hygiene of the mouth. It includes the maintenance of oral cleanliness, tissue tone, and general preservation of oral health.
The relationship of all the components of the masticatory system in normal function. It has special reference to the position and contact of the maxillary and mandibular teeth for the highest efficiency during the excursive movements of the jaw that are essential for mastication. (From Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992, p556, p472)
Removal of dental plaque and dental calculus from the surface of a tooth, from the surface of a tooth apical to the gingival margin accumulated in periodontal pockets, or from the surface coronal to the gingival margin.
That phase of clinical dentistry concerned with the restoration of parts of existing teeth that are defective through disease, trauma, or abnormal development, to the state of normal function, health, and esthetics, including preventive, diagnostic, biological, mechanical, and therapeutic techniques, as well as material and instrument science and application. (Jablonski's Dictionary of Dentistry, 2d ed, p237)
Use for material on dental facilities in general or for which there is no specific heading.
Devices used in the home by persons to maintain dental and periodontal health. The devices include toothbrushes, dental flosses, water irrigators, gingival stimulators, etc.
The branch of dentistry concerned with the prevention of disease and the maintenance and promotion of oral health.
Evaluation undertaken to assess the results or consequences of management and procedures used in combating disease in order to determine the efficacy, effectiveness, safety, and practicability of these interventions in individual cases or series.
Photographic techniques used in ORTHODONTICS; DENTAL ESTHETICS; and patient education.
The surgical removal of a tooth. (Dorland, 28th ed)
A prosthetic restoration that reproduces the entire surface anatomy of the visible natural crown of a tooth. It may be partial (covering three or more surfaces of a tooth) or complete (covering all surfaces). It is made of gold or other metal, porcelain, or resin.
Predetermined sets of questions used to collect data - clinical data, social status, occupational group, etc. The term is often applied to a self-completed survey instrument.
The most posterior teeth on either side of the jaw, totaling eight in the deciduous dentition (2 on each side, upper and lower), and usually 12 in the permanent dentition (three on each side, upper and lower). They are grinding teeth, having large crowns and broad chewing surfaces. (Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992, p821)
A type of porcelain used in dental restorations, either jacket crowns or inlays, artificial teeth, or metal-ceramic crowns. It is essentially a mixture of particles of feldspar and quartz, the feldspar melting first and providing a glass matrix for the quartz. Dental porcelain is produced by mixing ceramic powder (a mixture of quartz, kaolin, pigments, opacifiers, a suitable flux, and other substances) with distilled water. (From Jablonski's Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992)
A rapid, low-dose, digital imaging system using a small intraoral sensor instead of radiographic film, an intensifying screen, and a charge-coupled device. It presents the possibility of reduced patient exposure and minimal distortion, although resolution and latitude are inferior to standard dental radiography. A receiver is placed in the mouth, routing signals to a computer which images the signals on a screen or in print. It includes digitizing from x-ray film or any other detector. (From MEDLINE abstracts; personal communication from Dr. Charles Berthold, NIDR)
The practice of dentistry concerned with preventive as well as diagnostic and treatment programs in a circumscribed population.
General or unspecified diseases of the stomatognathic system, comprising the mouth, teeth, jaws, and pharynx.
The practice of dentistry concerned with the dental problems of children, proper maintenance, and treatment. The dental care may include the services provided by dental specialists.
Professional society representing the field of dentistry.
Creation of a smooth and glossy surface finish on a denture or amalgam.
Patterns of practice in dentistry related to diagnosis and treatment.
Insertion of an implant into the bone of the mandible or maxilla. The implant has an exposed head which protrudes through the mucosa and is a prosthodontic abutment.
Pain in the adjacent areas of the teeth.
The largest and strongest bone of the FACE constituting the lower jaw. It supports the lower teeth.
Laws and regulations pertaining to the field of dentistry, proposed for enactment or recently enacted by a legislative body.
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
Congenital absence of or defects in structures of the teeth.
Studies in which the presence or absence of disease or other health-related variables are determined in each member of the study population or in a representative sample at one particular time. This contrasts with LONGITUDINAL STUDIES which are followed over a period of time.
An aspect of personal behavior or lifestyle, environmental exposure, or inborn or inherited characteristic, which, on the basis of epidemiologic evidence, is known to be associated with a health-related condition considered important to prevent.
Any of the eight frontal teeth (four maxillary and four mandibular) having a sharp incisal edge for cutting food and a single root, which occurs in man both as a deciduous and a permanent tooth. (Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992, p820)
Statistical models which describe the relationship between a qualitative dependent variable (that is, one which can take only certain discrete values, such as the presence or absence of a disease) and an independent variable. A common application is in epidemiology for estimating an individual's risk (probability of a disease) as a function of a given risk factor.
An acquired or hereditary condition due to deficiency in the formation of tooth enamel (AMELOGENESIS). It is usually characterized by defective, thin, or malformed DENTAL ENAMEL. Risk factors for enamel hypoplasia include gene mutations, nutritional deficiencies, diseases, and environmental factors.
A purely physical condition which exists within any material because of strain or deformation by external forces or by non-uniform thermal expansion; expressed quantitatively in units of force per unit area.
Examination of the mouth and teeth toward the identification and diagnosis of intraoral disease or manifestation of non-oral conditions.
An approach or process of practicing oral health care that requires the judicious integration of systematic assessments of clinical relevant scientific evidence, relating to the patient's oral and medical condition and history, with the dentist's clinical expertise and the patient's treatment needs and preferences. (from J Am Dent Assoc 134: 689, 2003)
Any group of three or more full-time dentists, organized in a legally recognized entity for the provision of dental care, sharing space, equipment, personnel and records for both patient care and business management, and who have a predetermined arrangement for the distribution of income.
The part of a tooth from the neck to the apex, embedded in the alveolar process and covered with cementum. A root may be single or divided into several branches, usually identified by their relative position, e.g., lingual root or buccal root. Single-rooted teeth include mandibular first and second premolars and the maxillary second premolar teeth. The maxillary first premolar has two roots in most cases. Maxillary molars have three roots. (Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992, p690)
Observation of a population for a sufficient number of persons over a sufficient number of years to generate incidence or mortality rates subsequent to the selection of the study group.
Component of the NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH. It supports a comprehensive research portfolio that focuses on the biological, social, behavioral and neuroscientific bases of drug abuse on the body and brain as well as its causes, prevention, and treatment. NIDA, NIAAA, and NIMH were created as coequal institutes within the Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration in 1974. It was established within the NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH in 1992.
Endodontic diseases of the DENTAL PULP inside the tooth, which is distinguished from PERIAPICAL DISEASES of the tissue surrounding the root.
Traumatic or other damage to teeth including fractures (TOOTH FRACTURES) or displacements (TOOTH LUXATION).
Abnormal concretion or calcified deposit that forms around the teeth or dental prostheses.
Age as a constituent element or influence contributing to the production of a result. It may be applicable to the cause or the effect of a circumstance. It is used with human or animal concepts but should be differentiated from AGING, a physiological process, and TIME FACTORS which refers only to the passage of time.
Works about clinical trials that involve at least one test treatment and one control treatment, concurrent enrollment and follow-up of the test- and control-treated groups, and in which the treatments to be administered are selected by a random process, such as the use of a random-numbers table.
The teeth of the first dentition, which are shed and replaced by the permanent teeth.
Maleness or femaleness as a constituent element or influence contributing to the production of a result. It may be applicable to the cause or effect of a circumstance. It is used with human or animal concepts but should be differentiated from SEX CHARACTERISTICS, anatomical or physiological manifestations of sex, and from SEX DISTRIBUTION, the number of males and females in given circumstances.
The teeth collectively in the dental arch. Dentition ordinarily refers to the natural teeth in position in their alveoli. Dentition referring to the deciduous teeth is DENTITION, PRIMARY; to the permanent teeth, DENTITION, PERMANENT. (From Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992)
An operation in which carious material is removed from teeth and biomechanically correct forms are established in the teeth to receive and retain restorations. A constant requirement is provision for prevention of failure of the restoration through recurrence of decay or inadequate resistance to applied stresses. (Boucher's Clinical Dental Terminology, 4th ed, p239-40)
An adhesion procedure for orthodontic attachments, such as plastic DENTAL CROWNS. This process usually includes the application of an adhesive material (DENTAL CEMENTS) and letting it harden in-place by light or chemical curing.
An index which scores the degree of dental plaque accumulation.
The act of cleaning teeth with a brush to remove plaque and prevent tooth decay. (From Webster, 3d ed)
Synthetic resins, containing an inert filler, that are widely used in dentistry.
Inability or inadequacy of a dental restoration or prosthesis to perform as expected.
A dental specialty concerned with the maintenance of the dental pulp in a state of health and the treatment of the pulp cavity (pulp chamber and pulp canal).
A dental specialty concerned with the restoration and maintenance of oral function by the replacement of missing TEETH and related structures by artificial devices or DENTAL PROSTHESES.
Substances used to bond COMPOSITE RESINS to DENTAL ENAMEL and DENTIN. These bonding or luting agents are used in restorative dentistry, ROOT CANAL THERAPY; PROSTHODONTICS; and ORTHODONTICS.
Levels within a diagnostic group which are established by various measurement criteria applied to the seriousness of a patient's disorder.
The process of TOOTH formation. It is divided into several stages including: the dental lamina stage, the bud stage, the cap stage, and the bell stage. Odontogenesis includes the production of tooth enamel (AMELOGENESIS), dentin (DENTINOGENESIS), and dental cementum (CEMENTOGENESIS).
Procedure of producing an imprint or negative likeness of the teeth and/or edentulous areas. Impressions are made in plastic material which becomes hardened or set while in contact with the tissue. They are later filled with plaster of Paris or artificial stone to produce a facsimile of the oral structures present. Impressions may be made of a full complement of teeth, of areas where some teeth have been removed, or in a mouth from which all teeth have been extracted. (Illustrated Dictionary of Dentistry, 1982)
Pathological processes involving the PERIODONTIUM including the gum (GINGIVA), the alveolar bone (ALVEOLAR PROCESS), the DENTAL CEMENTUM, and the PERIODONTAL LIGAMENT.
The largest country in North America, comprising 10 provinces and three territories. Its capital is Ottawa.
Natural teeth or teeth roots used as anchorage for a fixed or removable denture or other prosthesis (such as an implant) serving the same purpose.
Social and economic factors that characterize the individual or group within the social structure.
Studies in which individuals or populations are followed to assess the outcome of exposures, procedures, or effects of a characteristic, e.g., occurrence of disease.
A means of identifying the age of an animal or human through tooth examination.
Chemicals especially for use on instruments to destroy pathogenic organisms. (Boucher, Clinical Dental Terminology, 4th ed)
The status during which female mammals carry their developing young (EMBRYOS or FETUSES) in utero before birth, beginning from FERTILIZATION to BIRTH.
The application of dental knowledge to questions of law.
Agents used to occlude dental enamel pits and fissures in the prevention of dental caries.
A course of study offered by an educational institution.
The third tooth to the left and to the right of the midline of either jaw, situated between the second INCISOR and the premolar teeth (BICUSPID). (Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992, p817)
A dental specialty concerned with the histology, physiology, and pathology of the tissues that support, attach, and surround the teeth, and of the treatment and prevention of disease affecting these tissues.
A method of studying a drug or procedure in which both the subjects and investigators are kept unaware of who is actually getting which specific treatment.
True-false questionnaire made up of items believed to indicate anxiety, in which the subject answers verbally the statement that describes him.
Accumulations of microflora that lead to pathological plaque and calculus which cause PERIODONTAL DISEASES. It can be considered a type of BIOFILMS. It is subtly distinguished from the protective DENTAL PELLICLE.
A tooth from which the dental pulp has been removed or is necrotic. (Boucher, Clinical Dental Terminology, 4th ed)
Requirements for the selection of students for admission to academic institutions.
Procedures for finding the mathematical function which best describes the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. In linear regression (see LINEAR MODELS) the relationship is constrained to be a straight line and LEAST-SQUARES ANALYSIS is used to determine the best fit. In logistic regression (see LOGISTIC MODELS) the dependent variable is qualitative rather than continuously variable and LIKELIHOOD FUNCTIONS are used to find the best relationship. In multiple regression, the dependent variable is considered to depend on more than a single independent variable.
Studies in which subsets of a defined population are identified. These groups may or may not be exposed to factors hypothesized to influence the probability of the occurrence of a particular disease or other outcome. Cohorts are defined populations which, as a whole, are followed in an attempt to determine distinguishing subgroup characteristics.
Such malposition and contact of the maxillary and mandibular teeth as to interfere with the highest efficiency during the excursive movements of the jaw that are essential for mastication. (Jablonski, Illustrated Dictionary of Dentistry, 1982)
Substances that inhibit or arrest DENTAL CARIES formation. (Boucher's Clinical Dental Terminology, 4th ed)
Progressive loss of the hard substance of a tooth by chemical processes that do not involve bacterial action. (Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992, p296)
One of a pair of irregularly shaped bones that form the upper jaw. A maxillary bone provides tooth sockets for the superior teeth, forms part of the ORBIT, and contains the MAXILLARY SINUS.
A polysaccharide-producing species of STREPTOCOCCUS isolated from human dental plaque.
Application of a protective agent to an exposed pulp (direct capping) or the remaining thin layer of dentin over a nearly exposed pulp (indirect capping) in order to allow the pulp to recover and maintain its normal vitality and function.
The 32 teeth of adulthood that either replace or are added to the complement of deciduous teeth. (Boucher's Clinical Dental Terminology, 4th ed)
The use of a layer of tooth-colored material, usually porcelain or acrylic resin, applied to the surface of natural teeth, crowns, or pontics by fusion, cementation, or mechanical retention.
A statistical technique that isolates and assesses the contributions of categorical independent variables to variation in the mean of a continuous dependent variable.
Studies in which variables relating to an individual or group of individuals are assessed over a period of time.
Surgical procedures used to treat disease, injuries, and defects of the oral and maxillofacial region.
Complete or severe loss of the subjective sense of taste, frequently accompanied by OLFACTION DISORDERS.
Total lack of teeth through disease or extraction.
A set of techniques used when variation in several variables has to be studied simultaneously. In statistics, multivariate analysis is interpreted as any analytic method that allows simultaneous study of two or more dependent variables.
A class of statistical methods applicable to a large set of probability distributions used to test for correlation, location, independence, etc. In most nonparametric statistical tests, the original scores or observations are replaced by another variable containing less information. An important class of nonparametric tests employs the ordinal properties of the data. Another class of tests uses information about whether an observation is above or below some fixed value such as the median, and a third class is based on the frequency of the occurrence of runs in the data. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed, p1284; Corsini, Concise Encyclopedia of Psychology, 1987, p764-5)
Control, direction and financing of the total dental care of the population by a national government.
The branch of dentistry concerned with the dental problems of older people.

In vitro comparison of the retention capacity of new aesthetic brackets. (1/1055)

Tensile bond strength and bond failure location were evaluated in vitro for two types of aesthetic brackets (non-silanated ceramic, polycarbonate) and one stainless steel bracket, using bovine teeth as the substrate and diacrylate resin as the adhesive. The results show that metallic bracket had the highest bond strength (13.21 N) followed by the new plastic bracket (12.01 N), which does not require the use of a primer. The non-silanated ceramic bracket produced the lowest bond strength (8.88 N). Bond failures occurred mainly between bracket and cement, although a small percentage occurred between the enamel-cement interface with the metal and plastic brackets and within the cement for the plastic bracket. With the ceramic bracket all the failures occurred at the bracket-cement interface. This suggests that the problems of enamel lesions produced by this type of bracket may have been eliminated. The results also show that the enamel/adhesive bond is stronger than the adhesive/bracket bond in this in vitro study.  (+info)

The crystal growth technique--a laboratory evaluation of bond strengths. (2/1055)

An ex vivo study was carried out to determine differences in the bond strengths achieved with brackets placed using a crystal growth technique compared with a conventional acid-etch technique. A solution of 37 per cent phosphoric acid was used for acid-etching and a commercially available polyacrylic acid gel, Crystal-lok for crystal growth. A heavily-filled composite resin was used for all samples to bond brackets to healthy premolar teeth extracted for orthodontic purposes. Polycrystalline ceramic and stainless steel brackets were used and tested to both tensile and shear failure using an Instron Universal Testing machine. The tensile and shear bond strengths were recorded in kgF. In view of difficulties experienced with previous authors using different units to describe their findings, the data were subsequently converted to a range of units in order to facilitate direct comparison. The crystal growth technique produced significantly lower bond strengths than the acid-etch technique for ceramic and stainless steel brackets, both in tensile and shear mode. The tensile bond strength for stainless steel brackets with crystal growth was 2.2 kg compared with 6.01 kg for acid-etch, whilst with ceramic brackets the tensile bond strengths were 3.9 kg for crystal growth and 5.55 kg for acid-etch. The mean shear bond strength for stainless steel brackets with crystal growth was 12.61 kg compared with 21.55 kg for acid-etch, whilst with ceramic brackets the shear bond strengths were 7.93 kg with crystal growth compared with 16.55 kg for acid-tech. These bond strengths were below those previously suggested as clinically acceptable.  (+info)

The effects of increasing the reverse curve of Spee in a lower archwire examined using a dynamic photo-elastic gelatine model. (3/1055)

This paper describes the development and testing of a dynamic in vitro photo-elastic model for evaluating the effects of orthodontic mechanics on an entire arch of teeth. A model of a mandibular arch was made and the teeth were embedded in a gelatine material with a high level of mechanical creep which permitted tooth movement in response to orthodontic forces. The excellent photo-elastic properties of this material also facilitated the analysis of the stress distribution around the roots of the teeth. The model of a mandibular arch was used to investigate the tooth movements and stress distributions produced by increasing the reverse curve of Spee in a 0.018 x 0.025-inch stainless steel archwire. The results revealed that a 1-mm reverse curve of Spee increased the arch length by 1.6 mm, but increasing the reverse curve of Spee to 5 mm did not increase arch length further. Photo-elastic analysis showed an increased stress distribution around the roots of the incisors and molars as the reverse curve of Spee was increased in the archwire.  (+info)

Bone response to orthodontic loading of endosseous implants in the rabbit calvaria: early continuous distalizing forces. (4/1055)

The purpose of this experimental study was to evaluate the effect of early orthodontic loading on the stability and bone-implant interface of titanium implants in a rabbit model. Twenty-four short threaded titanium fixtures were inserted in the calvarial mid-sagittal suture of 10 rabbits. Two weeks following insertion, 20 implants (test group) were subjected to continuous distalization forces of 150 g for a period of 8 weeks. The remaining four implants (control group) were left unloaded for the same follow-up interval. Clinically, all implants except for one test fixture were stable, and exhibited no mobility or displacement throughout the experimental loading period. Histologically, all stable implants were well-integrated into bone. No differences could be found between the pressure and tension surfaces of the test implants relative to bone quality and density within a range of 1000 microns from the fixture surface. Similarly, qualitative differences were not observed between the apical and coronal portions of test fixtures. Morphometrically, a mean percentage bone-to-implant contact of 76.00 +/- 18.73 per cent was found at the test pressure sides, 75.00 +/- 11.54 per cent at the test tension sides, and 68.00 +/- 15.55 per cent at the control unloaded surfaces. No statistically significant differences in the percentage of bone-to-metal contact length fraction were found between test pressure surfaces, test tension surfaces, and unloaded control surfaces. Marginal bone resorption around the implant collar or immediately beneath it was found in roughly the same percentage of analysed sites in the test and control fixtures. In contrast, slight bone apposition was demonstrated at the implant collar of the test pressure surfaces, while no apposition or resorption were observed in the test tension zones. This study suggests that short endosseous implants can be used as anchoring units for orthodontic tooth movement early in the post-insertion healing period.  (+info)

The effects of sandblasting on the bond strength of molar attachments--an in vitro study. (5/1055)

This study evaluated the effect of sandblasting foil mesh molar tube bases on the shear bond strength obtained when bonding to first molar teeth. Fifty-two recently extracted first molar teeth were etched with 35 per cent phosphoric acid gel for 30 seconds. Twenty-six sandblasted 'A' Company molar tube attachments and 26 non-sandblasted attachments were then bonded to the teeth using Phase II orthodontic bonding resin. After storage in water for 24 hours at 37 degrees C, the specimens were debonded in a direction parallel to the buccal surface. Survival analysis using the Weibull function revealed that for a 90 per cent probability of survival, the predicted bond strengths for sandblasted and non-sandblasted bases were 1.76 and 1.66 MPa, respectively. For larger shear stresses, the probabilities of bond survival with sandblasted molar tubes were greater than with non-sandblasted molar tubes although the differences were small, which may be explained by the large proportion of bond failures which occurred at the resin to enamel interface in both groups. It was concluded that sandblasting foil mesh bases is likely to provide only a minimal improvement in clinical performance when bonding to molar teeth.  (+info)

A laboratory investigation to compare enamel preparation by sandblasting or acid etching prior to bracket bonding. (6/1055)

A laboratory investigation to compare the mean shear debonding force and mode of bond failure of metallic brackets bonded to sandblasted and acid-etched enamel is described. The buccal surfaces of 30 extracted human premolars were sandblasted for 5 seconds with 50 mu alumina and the buccal surfaces of a further 30 human premolars were etched with 37 per cent phosphoric acid for 15 seconds. Following storage for 24 hours at 37 degrees C in distilled water, shear debonding force was measured using an Instron Universal Testing Machine with a cross-head speed of 10 mm/minute. Mean shear debonding force was significantly lower for brackets bonded to sandblasted enamel compared to acid etched enamel (P < 0.001). Weibull analysis showed that at a given stress the probability of failure was significantly greater for brackets bonded to sandblasted enamel. Brackets bonded to etched enamel showed a mixed mode of bond failure whereas following sandblasting, failure was adhesive at the enamel/composite interface (P < 0.01).  (+info)

Factors affecting the shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets to porcelain. (7/1055)

The aim of this investigation was to establish a regime for orthodontic bonding to feldspathic porcelain, which ensures adequate bond strength (6-8 MPa) with minimal damage on debond and consisted of an ex vivo investigation measuring the effects of porcelain surface preparation and thermocycling on shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets. One-hundred-and-twenty feldspathic porcelain bonded crown surfaces were divided into 12 equally-sized groups to assess the effects of: (1) glaze removal, (2) application of hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, or omission of acid treatment, and (3) silane priming upon the bond strength of premolar brackets bonded with Right-on (TM) composite resin adhesive. Specimens were subjected to thermocycling and then to shear debonding forces on an Instron machine. Removal of the porcelain glaze, or use of hydrofluoric acid, prior to bonding were found to be unnecessary to secure the target bond strength. Hydrofluoric acid application was associated with increased porcelain surface damage. Thermocycling caused a significant reduction in shear bond strength to porcelain (P < 0*001). The best regime for orthodontic bonding to feldspathic porcelain was to apply phosphoric acid for 60 seconds, and prime with silane prior to bonding. Usually the porcelain surfaces could be repolished. Refereed Paper  (+info)

Determination of the centre of resistance in an upper human canine and idealized tooth model. (8/1055)

The purpose of this investigation was to analyse the influence of geometric and material parameters of a human canine on initial tooth mobility, and the stress and strain profiles in the periodontal ligament. While the material parameters of tooth and bony structures are known within an uncertain limit of approximately a factor of 10, values reported for the elasticity parameters of the periodontal ligament differ significantly. In the course of this study, bilinear behaviour was assumed for the mechanical property of the periodontium. The finite element model of an elliptical paraboloid was created as an approximation to the geometry of a human canine to reduce calculation time and to determine influences of the geometry on numerical results. The results were compared with those obtained for a realistic human canine model. The root length of both models was 19.5 mm. By calculating pure rotational and pure tipping movements, the centre of resistance (CR) was determined for both models. They were located on the long axis of the tooth approximately 7.2 mm below the alveolar crest for the idealized model and 8.2 mm for the canine model. Thus, the centre of resistance of a human canine seems to be located around two-fifths of the root length from the alveolar margin. Using these results, uncontrolled tipping (1 N of mesializing force and 5 Nmm of derotating momentum), as well as pure translation (additionally about 10 Nmm of uprighting momentum) were calculated. Comparing the idealized and the realistic models, the uncontrolled tipping was described by the parabolic-shaped model within an accuracy limit of 10 per cent as compared with the canine model, whereas the results for bodily movement differed significantly showing that it is very difficult to achieve a pure translation with the realistic canine model.  (+info)

RMS (Reliability-Maintainability-Safety-Supportability) engineering is emerging as the newest discipline in product development due to new credible, accurate, quantitative methods. Weibull Analysis is foremost among these new tools. New and advanced Weibull techniques are a significant improvement o
Tõstevõimsus: 3000 kg Tõsteulatus: 3 m Keti paksus: 10 mm Käepideme pikkus: 410 mm Tõstekonksu kida: 40 mm Min. pikkus: 480 mm Mass: 21 kg
Peak principal stresses as a function of the degree of stenosis. All simulations were performed using a fixed degree of stenosis of 70% and at 160 mmHg blood pr
The Tukey post hoc test is generally the preferred test for conducting post hoc tests on a one-way. Free Shipping Available. Buy How - to on eBay. Money Back Guarantee It is difficult to
Die Liste der besten Arbeitsplätze für Innovatoren wird von Fast Company jährlich erstellt. Mit der Liste werden Unternehmen und Organisationen geehrt, die ein starkes Engagement zur Förderung von Innovation auf allen Ebenen zeigen. Ansys wurde in die Liste für die Aufnahme der beschleunigten Doppler-Verarbeitung in Ansys® HFSS™ SBR+ aufgenommen. Die Auszeichnung würdigte auch die innovative Arbeitskultur von Ansys, die enge Zusammenarbeit mit der Industrie und der akademischen Welt und die Konzentration auf F&E-Ausgaben - insgesamt mehr als 1 Milliarde Dollar in den letzten zehn Jahren, was zu zahlreichen Patenten geführt hat. Weitere Informationen. ...
This chapter reviews of some important fundamentals of statics and mechanics of solids, the concept of stress, modes of load transmission, general sign convention for stress and force resultants, and analysis and design principles; as well as a discussion of treatment for changing the components of the state of stress given in one set of coordinate axes to any other set of rotated axes, as well as variation of stress within and on the boundaries of a load-carrying member.
This post discusses latest developments and enhancements in ANSYS HFSS R19 applications. Maximize your RoI and productivity with the latest ANSYS release.
The operation of distribution system with the components in deteriorating condition makes the system reliability worsen. It is important to find the solution for balancing failure cost and maintenance benefits such as down-time and reliability. In this paper, time to replace the components in optimum condition based on constant-interval replacement mode is investigated. The optimal replacement time is mainly depended on components reliability and the cost ration of preventive replacement and failure replacement. In this paper, equipment inspection method and Weibull Analysis is applied to obtain the accurate reliability estimation. Weibull Analysis is applied with constant-interval replacement model to investigate the optimum replacement time for each component considering the different cost ratios. According to the quantitative results, the determination of the optimal replacement time (OPT) can minimize the total downtime and failure cost. Consequently, the reliability of the system is maximized and
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TY - JOUR. T1 - Effect of thermocycling on shear bond strength of glass ionomer cements. AU - Ballal, Nidambur Vasudev. AU - Paulson, Liz. AU - Ginjupalli, Kishore. AU - Ozcan, Mutlu. PY - 2019/1/1. Y1 - 2019/1/1. N2 - To evaluate the effect of thermocycling on shear bond strength of Fuji IX glass ionomer cement and a novel glass ionomer cement (Ketac Universal) to dentin. A total of 40 extracted human molars were divided into 4 groups (n = 10). The occlusal surfaces were ground flat to expose dentin using diamond discs. Dentin surfaces were treated according to manufacturers instructions, and restorative materials were applied onto a plastic mold of 3mm height and 4mm diameter. The shear bond strength of Ketac Universal and conventional Fuji IX glass ionomer cements was evaluated after 24 h using Instron Universal Testing Machine at a crosshead speed of 0.5 mm/min before and after the specimens were subjected to thrmocycling. There was no statistical difference in the shear bond strength of ...
This study evaluated the stress distribution based on the canine pillar geometry in human skull, using a finite element analysis. Computed tomography of human skull was used to build a finite element model, which was composed by all bony structures of canine pillar: canine eminence, canine fossa, frontal process of maxilla, glabellum and superciliary arch. A support on the bite contact of maxillary canine tooth and a resultant force of the masticatory muscles was applied in the simulation. Equivalent Von-mises and maximum principal stresses were analyzed along the structures that compose the canine pillar geometry. Von-mises stress presented high stress concentrated at the canine fossa and frontal process of maxilla. Maximum principal stress showed compression areas at the canine fossa and part of frontal process and tensile stress at canine eminence and part of the frontal process. In conclusion, the different stress areas means different force concentrations transmitted along the canine pillar ...
The push-out test has been widely performed to measure the bond strength of intracanal materials in dentistry. However, it is difficult to compare equitably the bond strengths from different testing specimens. The aim of this study was to investigate
A photoelastic stress multiplier is proposed which can perform the multiplication of two stresses or voltages using two cascaded photoelastic modulators. This new multiplier has potential applications in many interdisciplinary fields.. © 2006 Optical Society of America. PDF Article ...
The photoelastic effect (alternatively called the piezo-optical effect) is the change of refractive index caused by stress. Applications of photoelasticity involve applying a given stress state to a model and utilising the induced birefringence of the material to examine the stress distribution within the model. The magnitude and direction of stresses at any point can be determined by examination of the fringe pattern, and related to the studied structure.. Two different types of fringes can be observed in photoelasticity: isochromatic and isoclinic fringes. Isochromatic fringes are lines of constant principal stress difference, (σP - σQ). If the source light is monochromatic these appear as dark and light fringes, whereas with white light illumination coloured fringes are observed. The difference in principal stresses is related to the birefringence and hence the fringe colour through the Stress-Optic Law.. Isoclinic fringes occur whenever either principal stress direction coincides with the ...
Ansys Minerva, powered by Aras, is the next generation simulation process and data management solution, fusing simulation and optimization to product lifecycle processes across the enterprise. Minerva boosts engineering productivity by democratizing simulation and enhancing collaboration between designers and analysts across geographies and functional silos.. The latest release, Ansys 2021 R1, boasts major UI enhancements and improvements across all capabilities, including improved data management with file comparison, meta data extraction with automatic file conversion, Ansys LS-DYNA job submission and direct integration with Ansys optiSLang Web Apps.. Join us to learn more about Ansys Minerva and the latest capabilities.. ...
test and one-way analysis of variance with Tukeys post hoc test. F Living cell number depending on transport container. Even though, glass bottle showed slight high cell viability, there was no statistical difference between the two containers. Ctrl, 1??107 cells Rabbit Polyclonal to ATG4D suspended in 2?mL of DMEM(H) at 4?C and used immediately, Transported; cell was prepared with same condition and then incubated at 4?C for 12?h. OD, optical density; *in vivohave not been confirmed. To verify the optimum transport heat, cell viability was compared at 4?C, 22?C, and 37?C for 48?h. The number of live cells was higher at 4?C than at 22?C and 37?C. For clinical treatment, cell viability is required more than 80% when injected to patients [20]. When the cells RN-18 were stored at 4?C within 12?h, cell viability was more than 80%, in contrast, other temperatures such as 22?C and 37?C did not satisfy this range. At low temperatures, cells become quiescence which could play a role in increasing cell ...
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Tensile Strength Test Machine HD-B604:Tensile Strength Test Machine is designed for quick and reliable tensile, compression, bending, shear, peel, loop tack and fatigue cycling on metals...
[randpic]cone crusher axis failure - thedugongcozaGyratory Crusher Failure Modes | AMP Maintenance Forums 19 Jan 2013 Anyway, I was wondering if anyone can assist with failure modes of Gyratory Crushers The model we have on site is a KB 63 - 89 We h
Multiscale.Sim is a CAE tool for multi-scale analysis that is developed by using the customized language of the multi-physics analysis tool Ansys.
Hello I am using ANSYS for structural ANALYSIS, I want to add PML or absorbing boundary condition in my simulation: I have a look at help of ansys, there is absorbing boundary for Electermagnetic domain , Structural fluid ,... I am not able to find the absorbing boundary condition only for structural domain . Please can sb help me to know that I can add absorbing boundary condition for structural domain in ANSYS? the second question:when I want to add complex value as an input how it will be possible in ANSYS, ...
A random selection of accounting firms from three regions is taken and they are asked to state the starting salary for a new accounting graduate. Do a one-way ANOVA to analyze these data using a 1% level of significance:.
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How do you define the allowable limits of a polymer? One suggestion I heard recently was to take the yield stress at a 10 % proof stess point and then
I dont want all my (nonexistent) adoring fans to think Ive died. I am heading out to go volunteer in a step-down NICU kinda thing at a local children
TY - JOUR. T1 - Shear bond strength of the Tenure Solution dentin bonding system.. AU - Barkmeier, Wayne W.. AU - Cooley, R. L.. PY - 1989/10. Y1 - 1989/10. N2 - A liquid solution of an oxalate bonding system containing NTG-GMA and PMDM has become commercially available. The bond strength of this oxalate adhesive (Tenure Solution) to dentin was determined by bonding composite resin cylinders to extracted teeth. The bond strengths obtained in this study are compared to the bond strengths obtained in earlier studies with the first and second generation oxalate adhesives whose components were supplied as powders and required mixing. The oxalate solutions developed significantly higher bond strengths than the original powder type systems.. AB - A liquid solution of an oxalate bonding system containing NTG-GMA and PMDM has become commercially available. The bond strength of this oxalate adhesive (Tenure Solution) to dentin was determined by bonding composite resin cylinders to extracted teeth. The ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Comparative evaluation of shear bond strength of two nanofilled posterior composites as core build up materials. T2 - An in vitro study. AU - Ganerhiwal, Shakshi. AU - Gupta, Chandni. AU - Kundabala, M.. AU - Ginjupalli, Kishore. AU - Shenoy, Ramya. PY - 2016/9/1. Y1 - 2016/9/1. N2 - Core build up is necessary as a foundation for post endodontic restorations when the tooth structure is severely damaged, fractured or extensively carious. Core build up material should provide resistance and retention form for the coronal restoration and possess sufficient strength to resist occlusal forces. An ideal core build-up material should have physical properties similar to those of tooth structure where the occlusal biting loads are transferred to dentin. The study evaluated and compared the shear bond strength of two nanofilled resin composites Group A - Filtek Z350 XT and Group B - Filtek Bulk fill) as core build up materials. Eighteen extracted permanent human molar teeth were sectioned ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Glass-ionomer restoratives and liners. T2 - shear bond strength to dentin.. AU - Bell, R. B.. AU - Barkmeier, Wayne W.. PY - 1994. Y1 - 1994. UR - UR - M3 - Article. C2 - 7803139. AN - SCOPUS:0028692912. VL - 6. SP - 129. EP - 134. JO - Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry. JF - Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry. SN - 1496-4155. IS - 3. ER - ...
Reed and wheat straw particleboards bonded with urea formaldehyde (UF) resin were manufactured from two different material configurations (i.e., fine and coarse particles). The board densities were in the range of 0.550-.90g/cm3. The effects of particle size and board density on the board properties were examined. The properties of particleboard produced from fine particles were better than those made from coarse particles. An increase in board density resulted in a corresponding improvement in the board properties. The properties of OF bonded reed and wheat straw particleboards were relatively lower than those of commercial particleboards. Three silane coupling agents were used to improve the bondability between the reed and wheat particles and OF resin. Results of this study indicate that all the board properties were improved by the addition of silane coupling agent. The degree of improvement achieved from each coupling agent was different; epoxide silane was found to be more effective for reed straw
Materials and Methods: Buccal enamel of 80 bovine teeth was submitted to finishing and polishing with metallographic paper to a refinement of #600, in order to obtain a 5-mm2 flat area. Blocks (2 x 4 x 4 mm) of laboratory composite resin were cemented to enamel according to different protocols: (1) untreated enamel + RelyX Unicem cement (RX group); (2) untreated enamel + Bifix SE cement (BF group); (3) enamel acid etching and application of resin adhesive Single Bond + RelyX Unicem (RXA group); (4) enamel acid etching and application of resin adhesive Solobond M + Bifix SE (BFA group). After 7 days of storage in distillated water at 37°C, the blocks were sectioned for obtaining microbar specimens with an adhesive area of 1 mm2 (n = 120). Specimens were submitted to the microtensile bond strength test at a crosshead speed of 0.5 mm/min. The results (in MPa) were analyzed statistically by ANOVA and Tukeys test ...
Protection products and armored products made of a fiber-reinforced composite material with a ceramic matrix, include a protection element for partial or complete absorption of at least one impact-like load focussed at a point. The protection element has a body having at least one dimension at least equal to 3 cm, in a direction perpendicular to a load to be absorbed. The body includes a fiber-reinforced composite material having a ceramic matrix with at least 10% by weight of silicon carbide and having reinforcing fibers. At least 5% by weight of the reinforcing fibers are carbon fibers and/or graphite fibers.
Introduction: Soldering has several applications in prosthodontic treatments; however, the effect of soldering on porcelain to metal bond strength has not been adequately studied. This study was designed to assess the bond strength of porcelain to metal, and the mode of failure at the soldered and non-soldered areas of cubic ...
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Effect of water storage on the flexural properties of E-glass and silica fiber acrylic resin composite. Pekka K. Vallittu, Eystein Ruyter and Karl Ekstrand , August 26th 1998. - This study determine the effect of water on the flexural properties of fiber-reinforced denture base polymers.. ...
Hair rebonding allows breakage of hair bonds, rearranging those bonds and restructures it once again to the desired, straight, state. Using a flat iron, the hair bonds are restructured and then applied with a neutralizing agent that will preserve the newly structured hair bonds.. The tool usedis a flat-iron to flatten/straighten the hair and relatively takes longer than relaxing.. The effect relatively takes longer than relaxing but is more lasting than relaxing and the results of hair rebonding will be a pin-straight, flat-out stick straight hair.. If you like the sleek, super straight look, then this option will be suitable for you. But to me, after many years (and many times!) of rebonding my hair, I find that it looks rather unnatural and closer to a broomstick effect than a healthy straight hair effect. ...
In determining the fracture toughness of a test specimen, standards currently require either locally-measured load-line displacements or clip gage displacements. In order to measure these parameters, secondary sensors generally need to be installed and calibrated, which often comes at a higher cost. As crosshead displacements are automatically measured in most modern material test machines, use of the crosshead measurements alone would be less expensive. Although much criticism exists on the accuracy of this approach in determining CTOD values, the method can still prove sufficiently accurate for many applications. The current paper aims to assess the magnitude of the errors that arise from using the crosshead displacement in fracture mechanics testing of steels with the Single Edge Notched Bending (SENB) specimen geometry. The results show that for steels with sufficiently large toughness, the use of the crosshead displacement to calculate J and convert to CTOD produces results within 10% of ...
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TY - JOUR. T1 - New residual stress detector using angle resolved Barkhausen noise. AU - Yamaguchi, Katsuhiko. AU - Imae, Kazuhito. AU - Nittono, Osamu. AU - Takagi, Toshiyuki. AU - Yamada, Koji. PY - 2011/7/4. Y1 - 2011/7/4. N2 - A new possibility of residual stress detector is proposed for iron based materials through measurement of angle resolved Barkhausen noise which is known as phenomena of dynamic magnetic process. It is important for keeping safety of our society to early detect metal fatigue, therefore the convenient residual stress detector will be available especially for machines including any robots given heavy loads.. AB - A new possibility of residual stress detector is proposed for iron based materials through measurement of angle resolved Barkhausen noise which is known as phenomena of dynamic magnetic process. It is important for keeping safety of our society to early detect metal fatigue, therefore the convenient residual stress detector will be available especially for ...
Кератинова трайно изправяща терапия - KERATIN STRAIGHTENING REBONDING SYSTEM KERATIN STRAIGHTENING REBONDING SYSTEM - Кератинова трайно изправяща терапия
Hello, I seek a TUTORIAL to simulate a cylindrical flow of a Newtonian fluid by ANSYS and ANSYS CFX FLEUNT. I tried with ANSYS FLUENT but I can not
The Woodlands, TX - October 5, 2012. Rigaku announces today the global release of the AutoMATE II, a highly accurate micro area residual stress analyzer. The AutoMATE II is an improved version of the AutoMATE, a popular residual stress analyzer in the Japanese automotive industry. The AutoMATE II is designed to ensure that the highest standards are met, as far as residual stress is concerned, in terms of part quality, reliability, durability and safety when automotive parts are designed or produced.1449876037
The New Weibull Handbook 4th edition written by Dr. Robert B. Abernethy shows the latest developments in Weibull analysis with examples that demonstrate the use of reliability software known as SuperSMITH, WinSMITH Weibull, WinSMITH Visual
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Natural, 1000-PackMade with industrial strength Nylon 6/6Type 21 UL listed withstanding/Withstands temperatures: -40 to 85 degrees C or -40 to 185 degrees F6-inch long, 3/16-inch wide cable tie45-lb tensile strength, can hold a bundle diameter of 1.5 inch
conventional VC mix design. The aggregate distribution of VC and SCC mixes was also different. The outcomes of the research study concluded on the similarity of the bond strength between VC and SCC beams for large bar diameters whereas the bond strengths for. ...
For i) I found the eigen values and eigen vectorsto be λ = 2,-2,0 and for λ= 2 the vector is [1,1,0] for λ= -2, [-1,1,0] and for λ= 0, [0,0,1]. Now in order to populate the principal stress tensor do I know which value goes where based on the vectors? Trying that I get {2,0,0;0,-2,0;0,0,0} is this correct ...
Fluorescent Yellow, 100-PackMade with industrial strength Nylon 6/6Type 21 UL listed withstands temperatures: -40 to 85 degrees C or -40 to 185 degrees F8-inch long, 3/16-inch wide cable tie75-lb tensile strength, can hold a bundle diameter of 2 inchesZip
Crosshead extrusion process is widely used to coat wires and cables with a polymer. The basic procedure includes pulling of the wire / cable to be coated at a uniform rate via a crosshead die, where it is covered with the molten plastic. This extrusion process for coating is used in most wires and cables […]. ...
Gelest, Inc. has unveiled its new SIVATETM A610 activated amine functional silane, which improves adhesion, speeds reactivity and increases bond strength in packaging, polymer, micro-electronics and curing applicat
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Did you know that the orthodontic patient who has missed one appointment, has had one loose bracket, and 4 broken brackets (that require rebonding), has just added an average of just under 7 months to their treatment time? ...
Order # 034522101 Multi-use Hybrid with Unsurpassed Biocompatibility, Bond Strength, and Versatility The physical properties of this unique and extremely biocom
Autopsy on a Lost Referendum by Sean Gabb (27th May 2016) Though we have nearly four weeks yet of campaigning, I find it hard to believe that the European Referendum will end in other than a crushing defeat for the Leave Campaign. For many on our side, this will be the end of their hopes.…
HellermannTyton standard cable ties feature inside serrations providing a positive hold onto wire and cable bundles. The head design guarantees high tensile strength, as well as a low insertion force. The bent tail design allows quick and simple install
T-Series Cable Ties feature inside serrations to provide a positive hold on wire and cable bundles. The head design guarantees high tensile strength and a low insertion force. The bent tail design allows quick and simple installations by hand. For high-vo
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ANOVA -short for Analysis Of Variance- tests if 3+ population means are all equal or not. This easy introduction gently walks you through its basics such as sums of squares, effect size, post hoc tests and more.
See attached for proper formatting Assignment 2: Mixed Problems 1. In a one-way ANOVA, if the test is conducted and the null hypothesis is rejected, what does this indicate? (2 pts) A. All the population means are equal.
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I find myself in the middle of a huge blowup between Max Keiser and Tom Woods over Mises, Menger and Austrian economics and feel that this is an opportune moment to express some doubts I have regarding contemporary Austrian methodology. I am to some extent an Austrian, on three counts. First, I subscribe to the notion that…
I find myself in the middle of a huge blowup between Max Keiser and Tom Woods over Mises, Menger and Austrian economics and feel that this is an opportune moment to express some doubts I have regarding contemporary Austrian methodology. I am to some extent an Austrian, on three counts. First, I subscribe to the notion that…
Dental and skeletal evidence show no signs of stress. However other analyses have shown injuries in the Chandman population ... The Chandman population likely practiced dairying, as dental remains show evidence of milk consumption. Sagly culture Karstens ... "A palaeopathological analysis of skeletal remains from Bronze Age Mongolia". HOMO. 69 (6): 324-334. doi:10.1016/j.jchb.2018.11. ...
"Bond-Disruptive Stresses Generated by Resin Composite Polymerization in Dental Cavities". "Analysis of optical transmission by ... Dental Materials, 16(4), 292-296. Watts, D. C., Marouf, A. S., Al-Hindi, A. M. (2003). Photo-polymerization shrinkage-stress ... Dental Materials, 19(1), 1-11. Alrahlah, A., Silikas, N., & Watts, D. C. (2014). Post-cure depth of cure of bulk fill dental ... and clinical consequences of stress development. He also characterised the Young's moduli (E) of a series of model dental resin ...
A biomechanical analysis of the jaw showed that Archaeolemur was well suited for breaking apart large food items and dental ... Archaeolemur also has a fused mandibular symphysis, an adaptation for resisting chewing stress. ... "Dental microwear texture analysis of two families of subfossil lemurs from Madagascar". Journal of Human Evolution. 56 (4): 405 ... A comprehensive analysis of the hands and feet of Archaeolemur shows that its limbs are relatively short for its body size, as ...
... biomechanical stress analysis and stable isotope analysis, combined with other archaeological data, seem to support this ... Studies of dental enamel hypoplasia are used to study child health. Unlike bone, teeth are not remodeled, so they can provide a ... "What can bones tell about labour and occupation : the analysis of skeletal markers of occupational stress in the Identified ... Dental hypoplasias provide an indicator of health status during the time in childhood when the enamel of the tooth crown is ...
... supplemented by browsing during stressed periods. Dental wear patterns of specimens from the late Middle and Late Pleistocene ... A finite element analysis of the antlers suggested that during fighting, the antlers were likely to interlock around the middle ... A stable isotope analysis of the terminal Pleistocene Irish population suggests a grass and forb based diet, ... most other phylogenetic analyses support the thesis that their closest living relatives are fallow deer (Dama). The first ...
Tanne K, Sakuda M, Burstone CJ (December 1987). "Three-dimensional finite element analysis for stress in the periodontal tissue ... Periodontics is the dental specialty that relates specifically to the care and maintenance of these tissues. It provides the ... The bony trabeculae are aligned in the path of tensile and compressive stresses to provide maximum resistance to occlusal ...
Chen BP, Wolfgang CD, Hai T (March 1996). "Analysis of ATF3, a transcription factor induced by physiological stresses and ... Vasanwala FH, Kusam S, Toney LM, Dent AL (August 2002). "Repression of AP-1 function: a mechanism for the regulation of Blimp-1 ... Behrens A, Sibilia M, Wagner EF (March 1999). "Amino-terminal phosphorylation of c-Jun regulates stress-induced apoptosis and ... in stress-induced apoptosis and cellular proliferation is regulated by its N-terminal phosphorylation. Another study showed ...
A meta-analysis published in 2007 concluded that there was no link between mercury and autism. Oxidative stress, oxidative DNA ... The principal source of human exposure to organic mercury is via fish consumption and for inorganic mercury is dental amalgams ... meta-analysis". Pediatrics International (Meta-analysis). 49 (1): 80-87. doi:10.1111/j.1442-200X.2007.02303.x. PMID 17250511. ... Microarray analysis has shown that de novo CNVs occur at a significantly higher rate in sporadic cases of autism as compared to ...
Russian has five or six vowels in stressed syllables, /i, u, e, o, a/, and in some analyses /ɨ/, but in most cases these vowels ... Belarusian ць, дзь, or Polish ć, dź). The sounds /t, d, ts, s, z, n, rʲ/ are dental, that is, pronounced with the tip of the ... The standard language, based on the Moscow dialect, possesses heavy stress and moderate variation in pitch. Stressed vowels are ... Stress, which is often unpredictable, is not normally indicated orthographically, though an optional acute accent may be used ...
Dejak, B; Młotkowski, A; Romanowicz, M (2003). "Finite element analysis of stresses in molars during clenching and mastication ... A No.12 scalpel is carefully used by the dental clinician to make a small indentation on the lesion, this is then closely ... The aim of this is to redirect the force of the load to the long axis of the tooth, therefore removing the stress on the lesion ... If teeth come together in a non-ideal bite the researchers state that this would create further stress in areas on the teeth. ...
Controversially, some analyses suggest that all nouns end in an underlying consonant phoneme. Nouns apparently ending in a ... Also, the voiceless stops are slightly aspirated at the onset of words and before stressed syllables, behaving like English ... is pronounced as a voiceless dental fricative [θ]: /ɬ/→[θ]. The voiceless labiodental fricative /f/ is pronounced as a ...
Dental analyses showed no sign of periods of decay or arrested development, even where there was "considerable wear", ... The variation in musculoskeletal stress markers may indicate a mobile lifestyle for at least some of the males analysed. ... Whittle and Wysocki conclude, from the skeletal and dental analyses, that the lifestyles of the people who were to be interred ... However, analysis of the human remains found at Parc Cwm long cairn show the people interred in the cromlech continued to be ...
In 2021, Antonio Ballell and Humberto Ferrón used Finite Element Analysis modeling to examine the stress distribution of three ... an artificial dental formula was put together for megalodon in 1996.: 55 The dental formula of megalodon is: As ... Shimada stated that the previously proposed methods were based on a less-reliable evaluation of the dental homology between ... Pimiento, C.; Clements, C. F. (2014). "When Did Carcharocles megalodon Become Extinct? A New Analysis of the Fossil Record". ...
... stress shielding, and 3-dimensional analysis and planning. He uses a 'surgery-first' approach in his orthognathic surgeries ... He is also the chief of the Dental Department and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Yale New Haven Health. He is known for his ... clinical work, research and incorporation of 3D analysis and printing into jaw surgery, craniofacial surgery and rhinoplasty. ...
Hsu, H. Y.; Chen, S. H.; Yu, H. Y.; Lou, J. H. (2010). "Job stress, achievement motivation and occupational burnout among male ... A meta-analysis". Clinical Psychology Review. 28 (6): 1021-1037. doi:10.1016/j.cpr.2008.02.007. ISSN 0272-7358. PMID 18410984. ... The Journal of the American Dental Association. 135 (6): 788-794. doi:10.14219/jada.archive.2004.0279. PMID 15270165. S2CID ... Ergophobia is a corollary of occupational burnout, which is thought to be the result of long-term unresolvable job stress. The ...
Some analyses using only dental and mandibular characters (the first analysis of Gao et al., 2010, Meng, Wang & Li, 2011, ... 2010) stressed that jeholodentids and gobiconodontids are the only eutriconodonts with known postcranial skeletons; according ... The analysis conducted by Luo et al. (2007) and the second analysis of Gao et al. (2010), involving a broader range of Mesozoic ... some other analyses of dental and mandibular characters (Gaetano and Rougier, 2011, 2012) did recover gobiconodontids as ...
Disyllabic words are when the stress is placed on the final syllable. Polysyllabic words are when the stress is moved to the ... Analyses of this were given by Kisseberth (1970), Phelps (1973, 1975) and Noske (1993). The Tonkawa language is a syllabic ... vary freely between dental and postalveolar articulations, i.e. [ts~tʃ] and [s~ʃ]. There is a tendency for [ʃ] to occur at the ... Linguistic Analysis 1, 137-172. "The Tonkawa Language: Pronunciation Key". Retrieved October 12, 2005. For a list of words ...
The Cochrane analysis of screening indicates that it is "not clear whether screening does more good than harm". According to ... These core biopsies require only local anesthesia, similar to what would be given during a minor dental procedure. The use of ... Additionally, 200 women will experience significant psychological stress due to false positive results. Newman points out that ... A meta-analysis review of programs in countries with organized screening found a 52% over-diagnosis rate. As a medical ...
Analysis of bones and dental traits of these women have led archaeologists to believe these individuals were not from the same ... consumption in the bones and cartilage of the women as well as pathologies indicative of poor health and nutritional stress; ... Non-metric dental traits have suggested that these individuals were not from the Cahokia area and were possibly immigrants new ... Radiocarbon dating and ceramic analysis of sherds found in the mound place its beginning construction date to the Lohmann Phase ...
Analysis of bone stress markers in populations of the Middle and Late Holocene of the Bogotá savanna, ColombiaRevista ... Datación de esmalte dental prehispánico proveniente del sitio arqueológico Checua (Cundinamarca) por resonancia paramagnética ... Analysis of the various stratigraphic levels and the tools found, led to the identification of four zones of human occupation ...
Dental Anthropology Journal 20 (2/3):29-32. R.S. Corruccini, I. Shimada, K. Shinoda. 2002. Dental and mtDNA Relatedness Among ... Genetic Analysis of Occlusal Variation in Twins. American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics 78:140-154. B.A. ... Enamel Hypoplasias Related to Famine Stress in Living Chinese. Human Biology 10 (6):723-733. R.S. Corruccini, R.M. Beecher. ... Quantification of Dental Occlusal Variation: A Review of Methods. 2008. Dental Anthropology Journal 21 (1):1-11. R.S. ...
... has been used for a variety of stress analyses and even for routine use in design, particularly before the ... A new method for studies of clinical mechanics in prosthetic dentistry Dental Materials, 2003, 19-2, pp. 106-117. D. Bigoni and ... Dally, J.W. and Riley, W.F., Experimental Stress Analysis, 3rd edition, McGraw-Hill Inc., 1991 Ramesh, K., Digital ... The loading is then applied in the same way to ensure that the stress distribution in the model is similar to the stress in the ...
... with a basic understanding of veterinary and dental medicine. General healthcare and emergency healthcare are stressed in ... The Pineland Area Study will be used as the basis for analysis allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the training ... Butler sued the US government for $5 million for "emotional distress" and "post-traumatic stress disorder" as a result of ... The acronym PMESII-PT refers to a form of environmental analysis to examine the aspects of political, military, economic, ...
"Acupuncture for the Treatment of Adults with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis". Journal of ... The Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice. 12 (1): 2-4. doi:10.1016/j.jebdp.2011.12.001. PMID 22326146. La Touche R, ... Wetterslev J, Jakobsen JC, Gluud C (March 2017). "Trial Sequential Analysis in systematic reviews with meta-analysis". BMC ... One meta-analysis found that acupuncture for chronic low back pain was cost-effective as an adjunct to standard care, while a ...
... meaning the severe stress was uncommon at Ghaba. These dental patterns show the people at Ghaba had good dental health, which ... Analysis of starch from dental calculus and the white power determined to be opal silica phytoliths left under skulls ... Dental calculus is mineralized dental plaque that preserves information about what a person eats during their lives. The dental ... Analysis of dental traits at many Neolithic Sudanese sites shows Ghaba fits in particularly well with upper Nubian dentition ...
"Polymerization shrinkage and contraction stress of dental resin composites". Dental Materials. 21 (12): 1150-7. doi:10.1016/j. ... Heintze, S. D.; Rousson, V. (2012). "Clinical effectiveness of direct class II restorations - a meta-analysis". The Journal of ... patients with poorer dental health (possibly due to poor dental hygiene, diet, genetics, frequency of dental checkups, etc.) ... Medicine portal Dental restorative materials Dental bonding Dental sealants Robert G. Craig, Dieter Welker, Josef Rothaut, ...
Zadik, Y (2006). "Dental Fractures on Acute Exposure to High Altitude". Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine. 77 (6): ... November 2005). "Cancer incidence among male military and civil pilots and flight attendants: an analysis on published data". ... and work-related stress. 1% rule (aviation medicine) Aerospace Medical Association American Board of Preventive Medicine ... Zadik, Y; Chapnik, L; Goldstein, L (2007). "In-Flight Barodontalgia: Analysis of 29 Cases in Military Aircrew". Aviation, Space ...
Investigations of dental cement and bone showed that as a young man he had suffered at least two phases of stress and signs of ... A strontium isotope analysis of three of his molars showed that he had most probably lived in the Basel area until the age of ... As analyses of the arm and clavicle bones showed, Theo was most likely a right-handed craftsman. Theo died too young; the life ... But the analysis of his DNA showed that there was no relationship. Another candidate was removed from the list with certain ...
Primary stress will be on the main syllable, whilst the secondary stress will be on every alternate preceding syllable. Stress ... In this language, there are four fricatives, but in particular we can look at the dental fricative /z/ which has been recorded ... hence an analysis of two separate phonemes rather than a unit phoneme is required. The vowel phonemes in Longgu are: In Longgu ... The stress on both of these pronouns is on the first syllable (nga-ia and ga-oa). Furthermore, voiced stops may only occur in ...
Scientific analyses have shown that gold used to make both the Irish lunulae and the Nebra sky disc originated from Cornwall, ... Examining dental characteristics that have been independently shown to correlate with genetic relatedness, she found that only ... which stressed cultural continuity. Anti-migrationist authors either paid little attention to skeletal evidence or argued that ... However, analysis of grave furnishing, size and deepness of grave pits, position within the cemetery, did not lead to any ...
A meta-analysis with assessment of optimal treatment parameters for postoperative pain". European Journal of Pain. 7 (2): 181- ... Internally, except for specific applications of dental, vaginal, and anal stimulation that employ specialized TENS units[52] ... reduced the effect of acute mental stress assessed by heart rate variability (HRV).[45] Further high quality studies are ... One meta-analysis of several hundred TENS studies concluded that there was a significant overall reduction of pain intensity ...
... is a velarized dental lateral approximant; on the other hand, the first consonant in liūtas [ˈlʲuːt̪ɐs̪], "lion", is a ... Hydronyms and archeology analysis show that the Slavs started migrating to the Baltic areas east and north-east directions in ... the longer component depends on the type of stress, whereas in diphthongs, the longer segment is fixed. ...
Stress[edit]. There are two rules that define which syllable is stressed in the Latin language.[53] ... "Collatinus web". Online lemmatizer and morphological analysis for Latin texts.. Courses[edit]. *Latin Lessons (free online ... Dental Palatal Velar Glottal plain labial Plosive voiced b d ɡ ɡʷ ... The phrases are mentioned with accents to show where stress is placed.[71] In Latin, words are normally stressed either on the ...
當疾病逐漸惡化,各式病症也會逐漸出現如口腔或牙科疾病(英语:dental disease)、褥瘡、營養不良、衛生問題、呼吸道感染」皮膚感染、眼感染等。小心的照護管理能避免上述問題產生,但若真的發生了,則需要專業的治療[218][219]。在疾病的最末期, ... Analysis of the evidence following Koch's and Hill's criteria. Journal of Neuroinflammation. 2011-08, 8 (1): 90. PMC 3171359 . ... Su B, Wang X, Nunomura A. Oxidative Stress
"Biocompatibility of Dental Materials. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. pp. 1-12. ISBN 9783540777823. . Archived from the original on 9 ... "what is a surface, why is surface analysis important". Retrieved 2022-05-06.. ... Toughness describes the material's ability to deform under applied stress without fracturing and having a high toughness allows ... The material property of toughness is also important for dental implants as well as any other rigid, load-bearing implant such ...
Dally, J.W. and Riley, W.F., Experimental Stress Analysis, 3rd edition, McGraw-Hill Inc., 1991 ... A new method for studies of clinical mechanics in prosthetic dentistry Dental Materials, 2003, 19-2, pp.106-117. ... Dally, J.W. and Riley, W.F., Experimental Stress Analysis, 3rd edition, McGraw-Hill Inc., 1991 ... Ajovalasit, A., Petrucci, G., Scafidi, M., RGB photoelasticity applied to the analysis of membrane residual stress in glass, ...
The evolution of dental occlusion led to a drastic increase in plant food processing and provides evidence about feeding ... Climatic stressors such as ocean acidification can lead to responses in plant-herbivore interactions in relation to ... "The Impact of Herbivory on Plants in Different Resource Conditions: A Meta-Analysis". Ecology. 82 (7): 2045-2058. doi:10.1890/ ... The earliest evidence of their herbivory has been attributed to dental occlusion, the process in which teeth from the upper jaw ...
Transferable Skills Analysis. *Uninsured Employer. *Workers' compensation employer defense. *Worker's compensation Germany ... Occupational stress. *Personal protective equipment. *Repetitive strain injury. *Right to sit. *Sick building syndrome ... Dental. *Disability (Total permanent disability). *Income protection. *Long-term care. *National health ...
m/ , /n/ before dental consonants - *ḱm̥tóm "hundred" , *humdan , *hundan , *hundą; *déḱm̥d "ten" , *tehumt , *tehunt , *tehun ... had lost the PIE mobile pitch accent for a predictable stress accent, and had merged two of its vowels. The stress accent had ... Labiovelars appear as kw, hw, gw; this does not imply any particular analysis as single sounds (e.g. /kʷ/, /xʷ/, /ɡʷ/) or ... Non-dental obstruent + l: pl, kl, fl, hl, sl, bl, gl, wl ... Dental Alveolar Palatal Velar Labial-. velar Nasal m n (ŋ) (ŋʷ ...
A thallium stress test is a form of scintigraphy, where the amount of thallium-201 detected in cardiac tissues correlates with ... Areas of infarct or ischemic tissue will remain "cold". Pre- and post-stress thallium may indicate areas that will benefit from ... Dental panoramic radiography. *X-ray motion analysis. MRI. *Brain *functional. *Neurography. *Cardiac *perfusion ...
"Sentence stress". ESOL Nexus. British Council. Diakses tanggal 24 November 2019.. *^ Lunden, Anya (2017). "Duration, vowel ... "2011 Census Analysis. Diakses tanggal 16 December 2014.. *. "Oxford Learner's Dictionaries". Oxford. Diakses tanggal 25 ... tetapi menggantinya dengan hentian dental/alveolar /t, d/ atau frikatif labiodental /f, v/.[80][81] Perubahan lain yang ... Boberg, Charles (2010). The English language in Canada: Status, history and comparative analysis. Studies in English Language. ...
Medical Management and Dental Implications». Journal of the American Dental Association. 137 (9): 1240-51. PMID 16946428. !CS1 ... Dennehy C (2006). «Analysis of Patients' Rights: Dementia and PEG Insertion». British Journal of Nursing (Mark Allen Publishing ... Su B, Wang X, Nunomura A, Moreira PI, Lee HG, Perry G, Smith MA, Zhu X (Dezembro de 2008). «Oxidative Stress Signaling in ... Pohanka M (2013). «Alzheimer´s Disease and Oxidative Stress: A Review». Current Medicinal Chemistry (Review). 21 (3): 356-64. ...
Hazard analysis. *Job safety analysis. *Risk assessment. *Risk control *Hierarchy of hazard controls ...
"Daily News and Analysis. India. Archived from the original on 11 May 2011.. ... India started to put more stress on indigenous manufacture of fighter aircraft. As a result, HAL HF-24 Marut, designed by the ... Medical & Dental. *Meteorological. Garud Commando Force. Main article: Garud Commando Force. The Garud commandos are the ... and reportedly acts as a force multiplier for intelligence analysis, mission control, and support activities like maintenance ...
TMJ Disorders, National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research *^ a b c d e f g h i j k .mw-parser-output cite.citation{ ... Emotional stress (anxiety, depression, anger) may increase pain by causing autonomic, visceral and skeletal activity and by ... Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been used in TMD and has been shown to be efficacious by meta analyses.[69] ... "American Association for Dental Research. Retrieved 6 June 2013.. *^ a b c d e f g Luther F, Layton S, McDonald F (July 2010). ...
Freeman, Richard B.; Goroff, Daniel L. (2009). Science and Engineering Careers in the United States: An Analysis of Markets and ... The benefits can include: housing (employer-provided or employer-paid), group insurance (health, dental, life etc.), disability ... Occupational stress. *Personal protective equipment. *Repetitive strain injury. *Right to sit. *Sick building syndrome ...
2015). Clinical and Organizational Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis. Academic Press. p. 461. ISBN 978-0-12-420249-8. . ... Dental fear, odontophobia fear of dentists and dental procedures Dentophobia fear of dentists ...
Then, as now, dental suffixes indicated the past tense of the weak verbs, as in work and worked. Old English syntax is similar ... Macrons over vowels were originally used not to mark long vowels (as in modern editions), but to indicate stress, or as ... Analyses and Reconstruction). 244 p., in German with English summary, London/Berlin 2013, ISBN 978-3-9812110-7-8. Fulk, R. D. ( ... English poetry is based on stress and alliteration. In alliteration, the first consonant in a word alliterates with the same ...
Zhang X, Dai B, Zhang B, Wang Z (February 2012). "Vitamin A and risk of cervical cancer: a meta-analysis". Gynecologic Oncology ... may lower surgical stress and improve recovery after gynaecological cancer surgery. Microinvasive cancer (stage IA) may be ... Journal of the International Clinical Dental Research Organization. 9 (2): 62-66. doi:10.4103/jicdro.jicdro_17_17. S2CID ... February 2020). "Mortality impact of achieving WHO cervical cancer elimination targets: a comparative modelling analysis in 78 ...
Dental decay or dental caries is the gradual destruction of tooth enamel. Poverty is a significant determinant for oral health ... People living in poverty have also higher levels of chronic stress, which also increases an individual's risk of cancer due to ... Moss, Jennifer (2020-10-01). "Persistent Poverty and Cancer Mortality Rates: An Analysis of County-Level Poverty Designations ... Dental caries is one of the most common chronic diseases worldwide. In the United States it is the most common chronic disease ...
Horst, J.A. (2018-02-01). "Silver Fluoride as a Treatment for Dental Caries". Advances in Dental Research. 29 (1): 135-140. doi ... subsequently producing oxidative stress and cell cycle arrest. Fluoride overload is suggested to be linked to pH and ... A meta-analysis". Environmental Pollution. 270: 116227. doi:10.1016/j.envpol.2020.116227. PMID 33333408. S2CID 229319170. Wei, ... In severe dental fluorosis, brown or yellow staining may appear on teeth. Children under the age of eight are susceptible to ...
Archaeologists studying dental plaque have found evidence of tubers, nuts, plantains, grasses and other foods rich in iron. ... These changes would have led to serious stress on the body and a decrease in the consumption of iron-rich foods. This ... Positive HFE analysis confirms the clinical diagnosis of hemochromatosis in asymptomatic individuals with blood tests showing ... The alleles evaluated by HFE gene analysis are evident in ~80% of patients with hemochromatosis; a negative report for HFE gene ...
Herz RS (2009). "Aromatherapy facts and fictions: a scientific analysis of olfactory effects on mood, physiology and behavior ... Journal of Dental Hygiene. 81 (3): 67. PMID 17908423. Nekvindová J, Anzenbacher P (July 2007). "Interactions of food and ... role of phenolics and terpenoids in avoiding oxygen stress". Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. 40 (6-8): 471-478. doi:10.1016/ ...
Oxidative stress accompanied by a low-grade inflammatory response appears to aggravate cardiovascular morbidity. Rheumatic ... Available data showed that dental work involving mercury might be an occupational hazard with respect to the nervous system and ... Aaseth published a toxicological risk analysis of occupational diseases related to inorganic mercury, especially metallic ... Aaseth J, Hilt B, Bjørklund G (2018). Mercury exposure and health impacts in dental personnel. Environmental research, 164, 65- ...
Research by Vikki Boliver in 2015 used cluster analysis to divide UK universities into four clusters based on how elite they ... Large numbers of staff and students consciously stress the "differentness" of Durham by referring to it consciously as "non- ... "GDC Search Results". General Dental Council. Archived from the original on 22 December 2015. Retrieved 21 December 2015. ... Research England carried out a cluster analysis of English universities in 2018 as part of is preparation for the Knowledge ...
to evaluate for the possibility of an oral lichenoid drug eruption History of dental restorations, use of dental appliances, or ... However, a cause effect relationship between stress and the onset of oral LP has not been demonstrated.[citation needed] ... An evidence-based medicine analysis of efficacy". Archives of Dermatology. 134 (12): 1521-30. doi:10.1001/archderm.134.12.1521 ... Stress is thought to play a role in the pathogenesis of oral LP. Patients with anxiety and depression are reported more ...
Contrastive analysis - Contrastive linguistics - Conversation analysis - Copula - Corpus linguistics - Cranberry morpheme - ... Initial-stress-derived noun - Instructive case - Interjection - Interactional linguistics - International Phonetic Alphabet - ... Dental consonant - Derivation - Determiner - Diacritic - Diaeresis - Dialect - Dictionary - Diphthong - Diplomatics - Discourse ...
Michael Norton, Dental Adviser and Postgraduate Dental Tutor, Hampshire Primary Care Trusts. For services to Dentistry in ... Commodore Tobin David Elliott, Royal Navy (Retd.), Chief Executive, Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society (Combat Stress). Anne ... Audrey Caroline Brown, Deputy Director, Schools Analysis and Research Division, Department for Education and Skills. George ... Alexandra Mary Moss, Head Dental Nurse, Department of Orthodontics, Eastman Dental Hospital, London. For services to Dentistry ...
The stress pattern of Scottish Gaelic is the same as that in Connacht and Ulster Irish, while in Manx, stress is attracted to ... The first descriptive analysis of the phonology of an Irish dialect was Finck (1899), which was based on the author's fieldwork ... Most coronals are alveolar, except broad stops and approximates which are typically dental [t̪ˠ, d̪ˠ, n̪ˠ, l̪ˠ], and the ... stress was attracted to a long vowel or diphthong in the same way as in Munster; in addition, stress was attracted to a short ...
before a word indicated prosodic or contrastive stress. After a syllable it indicated lexical stress. ⟨:⟩ after a syllable ... perhaps dental rather than interdental. It's not clear what was the difference between (x, 𝑥) and (kh, gh). (x) was identified ... suggesting that the phonetic analysis was not sophisticated. For example, (a) is defined as unrounded (o), but (a) is ... presumably dental, though that doesn't quite fit the second definition). The right half of a dagger, ⟨⸷⟩ (that is, ⟨†⟩ with the ...
Analysis on the stress induced by non metallic posts in dental and periodontal support by using the finite element method]. / ... The fiber reinforced posts induced lower stress peak inside the root, the von Mises stress in the teeth reconstructed with ... The determination of the influence of non-metallic posts on the stress distribution to the supporting tissues. METHOD:. Two 3D ... The ceramic post produced the greatest stress concentration in the middle third of the root, this behavior supporting the ...
Risk-analysis; Skeletal-stress; Work-analysis; Worker-health; Author Keywords: Ergonomics; cumulative trauma disorders; ... Dental hygienists report even higher rates, from 54-83% for neck and 35-76% for shoulder, and dental assistants in between (38- ... The prevalence of and risk factors for neck and shoulder disorders among dental practitioners (dentists, dental hygienists, and ... musculoskeletal disorders; dental hygienists; dental assistants; risk factors; neck and shoulder disorders ...
The device could one day mean less x-rays for people with dental implants ... To determine a workers level of attention and cognitive stress, the MN8 system uses a variety of analyses. One shown here [ ... Dental x-rays typically involve low doses of radiation, but people with dental implants may require more frequent x-rays to ... This analysis and many others feed into the models that present simplified metrics of attention and cognitive stress [bottom] ...
keywords = "Animals, Bite Force, Calibration, Dental Implants, Single-Tooth, Dental Stress Analysis, Equipment Design, ...
Combining Ketamine and Psychotherapy for the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis ... Skeletal and Dental Fractures Associated With Electroconvulsive Therapy. Recent data suggest the risk of skeletal or dental ... Skeletal and Dental Fractures Associated With Electroconvulsive Therapy. Recent data suggest the risk of skeletal or dental ... Dr Andrades analysis of the Bacloville trial in a recent Clinical and Practical Psychopharmacology column, in which he ...
Finite element and multi-physics analysis (including stress and thermal drift analysis).. Comments: COVID-19 vaccines or weekly ... Beginning with vibration signal analysis support to Marshall Space Flight Center for the Space Shuttle Main Engine in the early ... Medical and Dental Insurance. *Life Insurance. *Disability Income. *Educational Assistance. *Direct Deposit ...
keywords = "Denture, Fiber reinforcement, Finite element method, Reverse engineering, Stress analysis",. author = "Cheng, {Y. Y ... Dental Materials. 2010 Sep;26(9):e211-e219. doi: 10.1016/ ... In: Dental Materials, Vol. 26, No. 9, 09.2010, p. e211-e219.. Research output: Contribution to journal › Article › peer-review ... Results: Stress concentrations were found at the incisal notch and at the anterior and posterior palatal surfaces of the ...
A strain gauge and photoelastic analysis of in vivo strain and in vitro stress distribution in human dental supporting ... Phase error analysis and compensation for nonsinusoidal waveforms in phase-shifting digital fringe projection profilometry. B ...
keywords = "Dental implant, Finite element analysis, Internal hexagon, Morse taper",. author = "Marcia Hanaoka and Gehrke, { ... Influence of implant/abutment connection on stress distribution to implant-surrounding bone: A finite element analysis. Journal ... Influence of implant/abutment connection on stress distribution to implant-surrounding bone : A finite element analysis. In: ... Influence of implant/abutment connection on stress distribution to implant-surrounding bone : A finite element analysis. / ...
Finite element analysis of stress in bone adjacent to dental implants. J Oral Implantol. 2008; 34: 248-255. * Google ...
... and dental insurance coverage associated with tooth loss among noninstitutionalized adults in Rhode Island. ... In the preliminary analyses, we examined dental visits and dental insurance coverage as predictors of tooth loss as well, but ... and stress (3,6-14). Despite numerous studies and reports to determine risk factors related to oral health, research has not ... The patient lacks dental insurance. In the current study, what role did dental insurance have in promoting tooth loss? *Dental ...
... and those with lower GPA scored significantly higher stress levels than their counterparts. Regression analysis revealed that ... This stress was further exacerbated by the war circumstances present.. Keywords: Stress; war-related stress; DES; dental ... The stress of clinical dental training: A cross-sectional survey among dental students and dentists of a dental college in ... This cross-sectional study targeted all dental students at the two main dental faculties in Yemen. Dental environmental stress ...
Analyses, Dental Stress Analysis, Dental Stress Dental Stress Analyses Stress Analyses, Dental Stress Analysis, Dental ... Analyses, Dental Stress. Analysis, Dental Stress. Dental Stress Analyses. Stress Analyses, Dental. Stress Analysis, Dental. ... Dental Stress Analysis - Preferred Concept UI. M0005945. Scope note. The description and measurement of the various factors ... The description and measurement of the various factors that produce physical stress upon dental restorations, prostheses, or ...
Stress variations in recast Ni-Cr alloy--a finite element analysis.. Isaac, L., Joseph, M., Bhat, S. & Shetty, P., 01-01-2000, ... Rao, A. & Sudha, P., 01-07-1999, In: Indian journal of dental research : official publication of Indian Society for Dental ... In: Indian journal of dental research : official publication of Indian Society for Dental Research. 11, 1, p. 27-32 6 p.. ... Biodegradable dental implants of ciprofloxacin β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex in the treatment of periodontitis. Nagaraju, R. ...
Dental curricula should include occupational health safety principles. Subject(s). Bread , Dental Stress Analysis , Dentists , ... Stress is prevalent among dental workers and students. A possible means to address this would be to include stress management ... Pain and stress are part of my profession: Using dental practitioners views of occupation-related factors to inform dental ... stress and self-care. The data were thematically analysed.Results. Dental training in the South African context, occupational ...
... including dental fiberglass post manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and investors, and can help them in developing ... The study is relevant for stakeholders in the dental fiberglass posts market, ... The tapered designs are advantageous because they preserve dentin and minimize stress without compromising strength. Moreover, ... "High cost of dental procedures". Dental care services are very expensive, and most dental policies do not cover all dental ...
... Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China, Were self-assured to create wonderful achievements ... Optical analysis of the behavior of sealants under mechanical, thermal and chemical stress. Introduction Fixed appliances for ... Portable Dental Equipment, Portable Dental X-Ray Unit, Dental Implant Teeth Model, Dental X Ray Instruments, Digital Dental ... BLX-9 High Frequency digital dental x-ray machine portable dental x-ray unit for dental lab. ...
Photonic Instrumentation and stress analysis for applications in stomatology and dentistry J. Arab. Dent. News 2000 vol VII, nr ... An optical fibre sensor used in dental applications: optical measuring of the shrinkage during setting of composite cements. ... Monitoring the stress build-up in all-ceramic Facings: a novel optical characterisation technique. Cars Paris 99. Ottevaere, H ... Photonic Instrumentation and tress analysis for applications in stomatology and dentistry. Tabak, M., Ottevaere, H., Thienpont ...
What effect does regular exercise have on oxidative stress in people with Down syndrome? A systematic review with meta-analyses ... Dental admissions in children under two years - A total-population investigation This paper describes dental and oral cavity ... Management of oral and dental problems in Rett syndrome: a narrative review of the literature Review of the available dental ... This study investigated caregivers perceptions regarding access to dental care for those with RTT, and associations of dental ...
Humans, Dental Stress Analysis, Denture Design, Denture, Partial, Removable, Denture Retention. * Privacy Policy ...
dental bonding[remove]13. *orthodontic appliances4. *orthodontic brackets3. *dental stress analysis2 ... The effect of curing light source on polymerization contraction stress and degree of conversion over time in an orthodontic ...
Photoelastic stress analysis of different prefabricated post-and-core materials. Dent Mater J. 2011; 30(5):684-90. PMID: ... Effects of acid hydrolysis and mechanical polishing on surface residual stresses of low-fusing dental ceramics. J Prosthet Dent ... iCite Analysis Copy PMIDs To Clipboard ×. iCite Information. Clicking the iCite Analysis button will preload all PMIDs for this ... Photoelastic stress analysis of external versus internal implant-abutment connections. J Prosthet Dent. 2011 Oct; 106(4):266-71 ...
Bite analysis. Read as much as you can on how to treat TMJ disorders, as opinion varies widely. Get the opinions of several ... Stress and tooth grinding. Many people with TMJ problems do not grind their teeth, and many who have been grinding their teeth ... A dental exam to show if you have poor bite alignment. *Feeling the joint and muscles for tenderness ... For some people, the stress associated with this disorder may be caused by the pain, as opposed to being the cause of the ...
Pantal River Physicochemical Analysis Dagupan City, Philippines Physicochemical characteristics of a river water such as water ... 6 Ways To Deal With Holiday Stress. November 25, 2022. How To Prepare For Dental Implants In Etobicoke. November 25, 2022. ... Physicochemical Analysis. Every water body have varying physical and chemical characteristics that affect the quality of the ... The qualitative analysis gives a clear picture on the quality of the water. (;Venkatesharaju et al 2010). ...
... and explored using reflexive thematic analysis. This comprised two focus groups with a total of 13 people with learning ... "They take plenty of time, interact with him really well and save so much unwanted stress." (Care Opinion, Dental care - staff ... A reflexive thematic analysis approach was used iteratively [21, 22]. Data were read carefully several times to gain a holistic ... Data integration and analysis. Focus group audio recordings were transcribed by an in-house transcriber, and Care Opinion ...
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The analysis was put together by CareerCast, which bills itself as a "job search portal" and says its been compiling its list ... Other desirable professions include biomedical engineer, financial planner and dental hygienist.. Theres a bit of good news ... Being a reporter, according to the analysis, is even less promising than being an actor, which was named the fourth-worst ... Those are among the least promising professions, according to a new analysis. ...
  • Scientists have created a new sensor that can be integrated within dental implants to passively monitor bone growth, bypassing the need for multiple x-rays of the jaw. (
  • Dental x-rays typically involve low doses of radiation, but people with dental implants may require more frequent x-rays to monitor their bone health following surgery. (
  • To reduce this need for x-rays, Hassanzadeh and two graduate students at Shahid Beheshti University designed a new sensor that can be integrated within dental implants. (
  • Finite element analysis of stress in bone adjacent to dental implants. (
  • Many are compatible with dental implants, including high-end dentures and bridges. (
  • Ion release from dental implants, prosthetic abutments and crowns under physiological and acidic conditions. (
  • Comparison between experimental digital image processing and numerical methods for stress analysis in dental implants with different restorative materials. (
  • Strain gauges and finite element analysis (FEA) were used to measure the strain induced under axial and off-axial functional loads of 300 N. Results showed that mini implants recorded the highest microstrains, under both axial and off-axial loading. (
  • Standard and short-wide implants proved to be preferable in supporting crowns, as the standard implant showed the lowest strains under axial and off-axial loading using FEA simulation, while the short-wide implant showed the lowest strains under nonaxial loading using strain gauge analysis. (
  • Durability, retention and stress analysis of implants-retained overdentures associated. (
  • In the late 1960s, the emergence of dental implants, introduced by Per-Ingvar Brånemark, proved a milestone in the history of dentistry. (
  • Since then, several implants have been introduced, tremendously impacting dental science. (
  • Dental implants have significant implications. (
  • Micro fabrication techniques used for the production of dental implants offer different surface shaping options particularly effective on the quality of osseointegration. (
  • The purpose of this study is to determine the stress values of dental implants with micro-scale hemispherical pockets on the surface produced at CNC machines under various loading conditions after osseointegration. (
  • Hemispherical cavities in the diameter of 150 and 300 µm are opened on the surface of dental implants excluding the grooved surfaces. (
  • The results of this study showed that stress values of implants with micro-scale hemispherical pits are higher than smooth surface implants particularly at the borders of pockets. (
  • If dentures are causing you problems, you may consider dental implants. (
  • Unlike dentures, which can be removed, Dr. Marcius offers dental implants that are permanently anchored into the jaw itself. (
  • The total of dental diagnostic, preventive, and restorative services provided to meet the needs of a patient (from Illustrated Dictionary of Dentistry, 1982). (
  • Thus, amalgam is a better restorative material in distributing stresses. (
  • State-of-the-art restorative and cosmetic dental practice awarded Leading Implant Center in GCC and the Middle East. (
  • The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of different anterior load type and restorative procedure on stress distribution of maxillary incisors with different noncarious cervical lesions (NCCLs) morphologies. (
  • The anterior load type and restorative status were determinant factors on stress distribution pattern changes, whereas NCCLs morphologies had little influence in maxillary incisors. (
  • Acute pain may be associated with dental procedures such as anesthetic injection, restorative treatment, periodontal procedures, implant placement, and tooth extraction . (
  • That it stress doesn't just are present whenever restorative works has to getting addressed, but for of many, the very thought of a "techniques tidy up," plus almost any periodontal repair therapy, is also lead to higher anxiety and stress. (
  • When the groups were evaluated individually, the internal hexagon system showed higher compressive stresses, while in the Morse taper system, the highest values were traction. (
  • The IL provided higher compressive stress than ML, mainly on WS (-136.3MPa), IR" (-117.5) and NO (-71.1 MPa). (
  • Dental environment-induced stress can negatively affect students' well-being unless dealt with appropriately. (
  • Dental environment-induced stress can negatively staff and administrators a comprehensive knowledge to affect students' well-being unless dealt with modify teaching curricula and/or environment in such a appropriately. (
  • The description and measurement of the various factors that produce physical stress upon dental restorations, prostheses, or appliances, materials associated with them, or the natural oral structures. (
  • On the other hand, NRCs incorporated into the prostheses reduced the stress in the bone around the implant and natural tooth. (
  • A systematic review of the survival and complication rates of implant supported fixed dental prostheses with cantilever extensions after an observation period of at least 5 years. (
  • When Y-TZP prostheses were first proposed for dental applications, the prostheses were veneered with compatible porcelain to improve the final esthetic result. (
  • Purpose: The objective of this study was to analyze and compare the stress distribution in the cortical and trabecular bone between the internal hexagon and the Morse taper systems, both with straight abutments. (
  • Results: Both systems presented stresses below the bone tissue physiological limit as well as a similar distribution in quantitative values, with a higher concentration of tension in the cortical surface near the neck of the implant in the two conditions of applied loads, with higher values for the internal hexagon system. (
  • however, it did not influence trabecular bone stress generation. (
  • After the osseointegration process - a fancy word for the rate at which the bone fuses with the titanium - you return for one final step: your dental restoration. (
  • A 3D finite element analysis model of single implant ‐ supported prosthesis under dynamic impact loading for evaluation of stress in the crown, abutment and cortical bone using different rehabilitation materials. (
  • The study evaluates the stress formed around an implant and a natural tooth under occlusal forces, on different tooth implant-supported fixed prosthesis (TIFP) designs in order to suggest a design, which transmits less stress to the bone. (
  • 6 - 8 Moreover, in the case of bone of poor quality and quantity, some have suggested increasing the implant diameter as a way of increasing tolerance of occlusal forces, improving initial stability, and providing a favorable stress distribution to the surrounding bone. (
  • 8 From a bioengineering perspective, an important issue is to design the implant with a geometry that will minimize the peak bone stress caused by standard loading. (
  • Our clinic has only the latest state of the art equipment like an electrocardiogram, vascular imaging, holter monitoring, echocardiogram, ultrasound imaging, total body analysis, bone density, treadmill stress test and others. (
  • To gain input from participants regarding stress and burnout - their causes, implications and prevention - as linked to their practice in dentistry.Methods. (
  • Photonic Instrumentation and stress analysis for applications in stomatology and dentistry J. Arab. (
  • Sedation dentistry offers individuals with general anxiety about going to the dentist or fears about a specific dental procedure the opportunity to have a stress free and more comfortable experience. (
  • With sedation dentistry patients typically feel more at ease post-operatively as they have little or no memory of the actual moment-to-moment dental procedure. (
  • Patients who have never had a pleasant dental visit in the past can change their perception of dentistry with general anesthesia. (
  • Whatever needs you may have, we would be pleased to help you create a customized dental care plan that will lead to a stress-free relationship with dentistry. (
  • Dr. Joseph G Marcius at his Akron area dentistry practice is pleased to offer you a free smile analysis if you are 18 years old or older. (
  • An April 2012 statement from the American Heart Association that was supported by the American Dental Association acknowledged observational evidence for an association between periodontal disease and vascular disease but, as heart wire reported, concluded that it was insufficient to show causation. (
  • Former president of the American Association for Dental Research, Dr. Robert Genco, calls periodontal disease -- an advanced form of gum disease that affects half of Americans -- a public health concern. (
  • Dental or periodontal disease. (
  • The fiber reinforced posts induced lower stress peak inside the root, the von Mises stress in the teeth reconstructed with carbon and glass fiber post being similar to that recorded in a tooth without post. (
  • The objective of this study was to systematically identify sociodemographic characteristics, health behaviors, health conditions and disabilities, and dental insurance coverage associated with tooth loss among noninstitutionalized adults in Rhode Island. (
  • Stress and tooth grinding. (
  • At OnCall Dental in Fresno CA, we know that a tooth extraction can leave you feeling somewhat spent. (
  • After all, most dental visits end with the happiness of a restored tooth or reduced pain. (
  • But dental emergencies like a required tooth extraction, while definitely beneficial to an ailing smile, also leave us with a sense of loss. (
  • Then, the dental team will go to work on extracting your tooth. (
  • If you suffer from a dental emergency that requires a tooth extraction , you don't need to bid goodbye to your teeth. (
  • This can eventually lead to dental infections, gum disease, and even tooth loss. (
  • Fabrication of a facially generated tooth reduction guide for minimally invasive preparations: A dental technique. (
  • A distal extension situation was utilized in this study to evaluate stress distribution around a natural tooth and an implant in TIFP models with three connection designs (i.e., rigidly connected to an abutment tooth, connected to an abutment tooth with a nonrigid connector [NRC], and connected to an abutment implant with an NRC). (
  • The highest level of stress around the implant and natural tooth was noted on the TIFP models with the RC. (
  • The NRC placed on the implant abutment site reduces the stress around the implant and natural tooth in a fixed prosthesis supported by tooth and implant increasing the life span of both. (
  • 3D finite element stress analysis tool was used to evaluate the normal occlusion between the restoration crown and the opposing maxillary tooth. (
  • Both amalgam and composite resin showed similar stress distribution pattern, however, the magnitudes of stresses generated in the tooth restored with composite resin were higher. (
  • Bracket survival distributions for bonding adhesives, tooth location and dental arch were compared with the log-rank test. (
  • The analyzed parameters were ultimate tensile strength and Von Mises stress. (
  • The highest tensile stress found within the restored models was on NOR with IL (19,1 MPa). (
  • Both address issues of working with parts of the personality, a topic that often become essential when treating cases with complex posttraumatic stress disorder or structural dissociation. (
  • Analysis on the stress induced by non metallic posts in dental and periodontal support by using the finite element method]. (
  • Finite element and multi-physics analysis (including stress and thermal drift analysis). (
  • Stress variations in recast Ni-Cr alloy--a finite element analysis. (
  • Finite element analysis of three designs of an implant-supported molar crown. (
  • The stress values of the three models loaded with vertical forces (300 N) were analyzed using three-dimensional finite element analysis. (
  • The finite element method (FEM), a modern technique of numerical stress analysis, has the great advantage of being applicable to solids of irregular geometry and heterogeneous material properties and therefore ideally suited to the examination of structural behavior of teeth. (
  • Modeling the mechanical behavior of the jaws and their related structures by finite element (FE) analysis. (
  • Finite element Stress analysis of restored teeth. (
  • To further clarify the role of vertical bracket positioning on the applied torque and the resultant stresses in the periodontal ligament (PDL), we designed a mandibular first premolar using finite element modeling. (
  • The resultant stress and hydrostatic pressure in the PDL were calculated using finite element analysis. (
  • Finite Element Analyses. (
  • Analysis was carried out by using finite element method. (
  • The maximum Von-Mises stress and hydrostatic pressure in the PDL were observed at the root apex for all of the bracket positions, and these values demonstrated, respectively, a change of up to 0.059 and 0.186 MPa between two successive points. (
  • The data were obtained in MPa using the Maximum Principal Stress and Von Mises criteria and the statistical analysis was performed (paired t-test with 95% confidence level). (
  • We rely upon strategic thinking, constant modernisation in all segments, technological advances and of course upon our employees that directly participate in our success for Portable Dental X-Ray Unit, Mbt Ceramic Orthodontic Bracket , Kodak film D88+ , Three Way Syringe Dental Unit , Myobrace A1 Teeth Trainer . (
  • Utilizing safe and controlled sedation techniques prior to the dental procedure the patient is eased into a state of complete relaxation. (
  • We work with an anesthesiologist who will take care of your sedation needs here at Dynamic Dental Wellness. (
  • If it is a dental problem, your vet might recommend a dental clean-up under sedation, etcetra. (
  • Today it expose within office requesting nitrous oxide sedation for dental care functions and you can unwittingly becomes dangerously deficient into the B12. (
  • Effects of cement bases on the stresses and deflections in composite restorations. (
  • During the treatment, even if there is still no discomfort, these dental caries are also a hotbed that is branched to Rirol, the. (
  • 2009). Actually, dental caries (MICHAEL et al. (
  • In this context, dental schools are considered highly stressful learning environments, and stress among dental students has been revealed to be higher than among the general student population (6-8). (
  • In this context, dental schools are consid- result of this study regarding the stress perception was ered highly stressful learning environments, and stress comparable to conducted studies in other countries. (
  • The analysis joins numerous others suggesting links between poor dental health and risks of CHD and other chronic diseases. (
  • The scope of this bibliographical study was to describe community-geared experiences in many countries in the campaign against cardiovascular diseases through health promotion and primary prevention of risk factors, as well as to identify in Brazil the vigilance actions of the risk factors of non-transmissible chronic diseases, stressing the strategic challenges facing the Family Health Program in tackling cardiovascular diseases. (
  • The prevalence of and risk factors for neck and shoulder disorders among dental practitioners (dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants) is reviewed. (
  • Dental students' performance can be greatly affected when commencing clinical training, since they become exposed to the same patient-related stressors faced by dental practitioners (9-12). (
  • The purpose of this study was to establish how the current cohort of dental practitioners incorporate occupational health and self-care principles into professional practice, and their potential relevance to future curriculum design.Objectives. (
  • Despite this, some mental health practitioners use dream analysis to learn more about their clients. (
  • This uneven work-life-balance can lead to anxiety and stress. (
  • Oral as a whole can frequently bring about anxiety and stress for the majority of people. (
  • The determination of the influence of non-metallic posts on the stress distribution to the supporting tissues . (
  • Normal mastication with its varying magnitude and direction generates considerable reactionary stresses in teeth and their supporting tissues. (
  • Currently, x-rays are used to monitor jaw health following a dental implant. (
  • A total of 36 participants participated in four focus-group discussions to explore dental education, occupational health, stress and self-care. (
  • Dental training in the South African context, occupational health experiences, self-care, coping strategies and education were the main themes that emerged. (
  • Clicking the iCite Analysis button will preload all PMIDs for this BU Profile into iCite, which is a National Institutes of Health tool to access a dashboard of bibliometrics for papers associated with a portfolio. (
  • Many mental health professionals still use dream analysis in their practices. (
  • 1410 COLLEGE PHYSICS 1 For biology, health science, pre-medical, pre-dental, and other students needing a basic introduction to physics. (
  • We have heard of work-life balance and how stress can affect our mental and physical health. (
  • But how does work-related stress or daily stress affect our oral health? (
  • A strong correlation has been proven between constant high stress levels and oral health. (
  • Century Medical and Dental Center is a dynamic, modern multi-specialty clinic delivering high-quality individualized health care in multiple convenient locations in Brooklyn. (
  • Job stress has significant impacts on the short and long-term health and well-being of the U.S. workforce. (
  • Here, we introduce three web-based Total Worker Health® training programs that promote supportive leadership behaviors to reduce employee exposure to workplace stressors and corresponding job stress to improve employees' physical and mental health, including cardiovascular disease risk factors such as hypertension. (
  • The health consequences of job stress create a significant burden on the economy. (
  • Work-family conflict can be a significant source of job stress that has been associated with multiple negative health outcomes including cardiovascular disease, depression and burnout, work-related injury, obesity, and addictive behaviors (i.e., smoking and alcohol use). (
  • Linda LeResche, the Arcora Foundation Distinguished Professor at the Kaiser-Permanente Washington Health Research Ron E. Inge, DDS, Chief Dental Officer, COO, VP of Professional Services, Delta Dental of Missouri Dr. (
  • This cross-sectional study investigated the mediatory role of experiential avoidance in the relationship between perceived stress and alexithymia with mental health. (
  • Their cohort consisted of the 98% of participants in the placebo-controlled Stabilization of Atherosclerotic Plaque by Initiation of Darapladib Therapy (STABILITY) trial who responded to a survey on dental health. (
  • Through data collection, needs assessment, and analysis, public health officials and policymakers can better understand the extent of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia and their impact, and drive positive changes to address the problem. (
  • Help promote dental health by reducing plaque and tartar as your pup chews. (
  • Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr. Nigel Carter, explains, "The link between oral health and overall body health is well documented and backed by robust scientific evidence. (
  • A recent analysis by researchers at Case Western Reserve University , which reviewed 61 journal articles with nearly 100 studies for a collective answer on "whether hormones have a relationship to gum disease and specific women's health issues", predictably found that women are at greater risk for dental problems -- and the conditions associated with them -- because of their hormones. (
  • So it's no surprise that oral contraceptives, which increase estrogen and/or progesterone levels in the body to prevent pregnancy, impact dental health, too. (
  • Impact of stress and trauma on physical and emotional health: The stress emanating from the fast pace, overtime, noise from telemetry, fear of potentially dangerous patients, and chronic fatigue is insidious-out of the nurse's immediate awareness-but cumulative, eventually revealing itself in conditions such as dental pain, sleep deprivation, a compromised immune system, and subsequent increased vulnerability to infections and injuries from various exposures. (
  • Dental health is important during your entire life. (
  • We'll answer your questions and assess your dental needs to achieve long term oral health. (
  • Our goal is to provide quality dental care for your life-long oral health. (
  • The analysis shows that funding has been marked by diminished support for core public health functions. (
  • This study stresses the need to carefully analyze and demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of services provided by public health organizations. (
  • The purpose of this analysis was to examine motivations for use of dietary supplements by children, to characterize the types of products that are commonly used, and to update previous estimates of dietary supplement use among children using the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 2007-2010. (
  • He's thankful so that you can cope with its appointed dental techniques and you may acquire health insurance and trust. (
  • Respondents who had low income, low education, unhealthy behaviors (ie, were former or current smokers and did not engage in physical activity), chronic conditions (ie, diabetes and obesity) or disabilities, and no dental insurance coverage were more likely to have fewer teeth compared with their referent groups. (
  • But even with a consistent dental routine, bacteria can still creep into your gum-line and loosen your teeth. (
  • At OnCall Dental in Fresno CA, we know that wisdom teeth aren't always the first thing on your mind. (
  • 2014). Despite posterior teeth and its biological proprieties, which can contribute presents higher prevalence of NCCLs than anterior , for analysis of dental behavior and clinical this discrepancy is attenuated with age (LAI et al. (
  • The 15 533 participants in the current STABILITY analysis reported their current number of remaining teeth according to the categories none, one to 14, 15 to 20, 21 to 25, or 26 to 32, as well as their frequency of gum bleeding. (
  • Although negative correlation between gum bleeding and smoking has been previously demonstrated, according to the group, some other relationships were "unexpected, such as the slightly elevated odds of higher alcohol consumption and increased work stress in patients with more teeth. (
  • If you are missing one or more teeth, you'll want to talk with Akron area dental implant dentist Dr. Joseph G Marcius about replacements that look and feel as natural as your own teeth. (
  • The aim of this study was to evaluate the perceived stress among Yemeni dental students and to explore the effect of the war circumstances on the perceived stress. (
  • This cross-sectional study targeted all dental students at the two main dental faculties in Yemen. (
  • A total of 1051 dental students participated in this study. (
  • Regression analysis revealed that the university, sex, and study level as the most significant determinants for most domains. (
  • Apart from one recent study that investigated stress among Libyan dental students during the conflict (16), further studies have not been investigated. (
  • The result of this study regarding the stress perception was comparable to conducted studies in other countries. (
  • The study population consisted of dentists, dental therapists, hygienists and specialists. (
  • Aims: The study aims to predict the fatigue life of a retaining abutment screw used in dental implant. (
  • Apart from one recent study that investigated substantial amount of stress for enrolled students ( 3-5 ). (
  • Dental questionnaire, we included an extra domain (12 items) students' performance can be greatly affected when com- related to the ongoing war In comparison with the Libyan mencing clinical training, since they become exposed to study. (
  • The study tools were demographic checklist, GHQ-28, Toronto Alexithymia Scale-20 and Perceived Stress Scale. (
  • In the study, solid modelling programs were used to design dental implant. (
  • However, fetal losses were not included in the analysis as found in critical assessments of the study . (
  • The study examines best practices for financial management and analysis in hospitals, schools and school systems, and colleges and universities (higher education). (
  • Committee members have training and expertise in statistics and biostatistics and assist the journal with assessing peer-reviewed articles to determine the appropriateness of research and evaluation questions, selection of the study sample, statistical tests used, and analysis of data based on research design, distribution of data, and type of variable under examination. (
  • The occurrence of these lesions is an bruxism change the magnitude, direction, frequency, increasingly common finding in dental clinical duration and localization of the occlusal contacts, practice with prevalence rates up to 85% in some which result in different biomechanical behavior in populations (QUE et al. (
  • Stress management techniques and workplace posture assessment should be taught in preclinical training to make students aware of managing stress and correct working postures. (
  • Exposure-response analysis and risk assessment for silica and silicosis mortality in a pooled analysis of six cohorts. (
  • Thus, effective procedural pain control should include assessment and management of the patient's emotional state and relative stress level. (
  • In such experiences, the importance of public policies and cardiovascular risk vigilance systems needs to be stressed, permitting a more accurate assessment of the magnitude of the problem and the development of more cost-effective actions. (
  • Many TMJ-related symptoms are caused by the effects of physical stress on the structures around the joint. (
  • Photoelastic stress analysis of external versus internal implant-abutment connections. (
  • Photoelastic stress analysis of different prefabricated post-and-core materials. (
  • He says that the sensor still needs to be optimized for size and different implant shapes, and clinical experiments will need to be completed with different kinds of dental implant patients. (
  • In general, females, married, and clinical students, and those with lower GPA scored significantly higher stress levels than their counterparts. (
  • Understanding the biomechanics of the implant-abutment connection is necessary for the long-term clinical survival of a dental implant with decreased complications. (
  • So, when you apply this to strategic planning, goal-setting, and plan implementation in the dental practice, you measure daily, and analyze and adjust your KPI's weekly, quarterly and yearly. (
  • Movement sensor to analyze the level of activity, back check and tests on the factors of strength, flexibility and balance, lactate level test to determine the heart rate range for the endurance training, life-balance questionnaire and a nutrition analysis. (
  • SIGNIFICANT event analysis (SEA) is now (hopefully) embedded as an ongoing process which supports complaints handling and acts as a collective learning exercise within general practice. (
  • Dental Practice Integration into Primary Care: A Microsimulation of Financial Implications for Practices. (
  • 1. Apply evidence-based infection control and safety policies in the dental practice. (
  • The Global Dental Fiberglass Posts Market is likely to witness a steady CAGR of 3.8% between 2022 and 2029. (
  • In 2022, the Global Dental Fiberglass Posts Market size was US$ 77 million, which is projected to reach US$ 99.6 million by the year 2029. (
  • As the world's leading provider of technology intelligence, industry analysis, market data, and strategic and tactical guidance, we can't afford to wait for things to happen. (
  • Prescribing a dental ceramic material: Zirconia vs lithium-disilicate. (
  • She is also a member of an exciting and innovative autism registry collaboration, which was established with funding from the NIH as a "virtual and global" Autism Centre of Excellence and which has the infrastructure to undertake pooled analyses of international data comprising over 2.5 million births and nearly 34,000 cases of autism. (
  • Individual advice and coaching in the areas of movement, nutrition, motivation/behavior/well-being, relaxation and stress prevention/stress management. (
  • It can be concluded that the variation in the vertical position of the bracket can have an important effect on the torque and subsequently on the stresses and pressures in the PDL. (
  • Objective: This project studies the effect of high-performance polyethylene (HPPE) fibers on stress distributions in a maxillary denture and the influence of fiber position on improving denture performance. (
  • To compare stress distributions patterns when a modeled Class I Cavity was restored with dental amalgam and composite resin. (
  • To compare the stress distributions pattern when the load was applied to different to locations, i.e. (
  • The use of Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis as a rapid and information-rich multi-parameter nanoparticle characterization technique which allows the user to obtain number frequency particle size distributions of polydisperse nanoparticulate systems has resulted in its rapid adoption as an interesting new technique in a wide range of sectors within environmental and toxicity studies. (
  • Results: Stress concentrations were found at the incisal notch and at the anterior and posterior palatal surfaces of the unreinforced denture. (
  • Beginning with vibration signal analysis support to Marshall Space Flight Center for the Space Shuttle Main Engine in the early 1990s, ASRI has grown to provide diverse Test and Evaluation, Engineering Research and Development, System Engineering, Training, Logistics, Program Management, Human Capital and Business Operations. (
  • A Research Associate Degree for Dr. Tanasić has been confirmed by the Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia in 2016. (
  • Indian journal of dental research : official publication of Indian Society for Dental Research. (
  • The Conversation: In-depth analysis, research, news and ideas from leading academics and researchers. (
  • The healthcare analytical testing service market consists of sales of healthcare analytical testing services by entities (organizations, sole traders, and partnerships) that are used to perform quality control of active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates in drug development, diagnosis of diseases, analytical method validation, active pharmaceutical ingredient analysis, and testing of biological samples in research and development. (
  • This healthcare analytical testing service market research report delivers a complete perspective of everything you need, with an in-depth analysis of the current and future state of the industry. (
  • The association between job stress and the onset and progression of cardiovascular disease has been well-documented in the medical and psychological research literature. (
  • Research shows that supportive leadership can be an important factor in reducing the negative effects of job stress. (
  • Other desirable professions include biomedical engineer, financial planner and dental hygienist. (
  • Learn how to get rid of such bad habits when speaking to our dental hygienist during an Oral Hygiene Instructions session. (
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  • 14. Describe the appropriate infection control measures associated with dental radiography. (
  • Recent data suggest the risk of skeletal or dental fracture with ECT may be as low as 0.36. (
  • Two data sources exploring the lived experience of care for people with learning disabilities were synthesised using an integrative approach, and explored using reflexive thematic analysis. (
  • Chaudhury N, Phatak A, Paliwal R, Raichaudhari C. Silicosis among agate workers at Shakarpur: An analysis of clinic-based data. (
  • Development and Cost Analysis of a Lung Nodule Management Strategy Combining Artificial Intelligence and Lung Reporting and Data Systems for Baseline Lung Cancer Screening. (
  • For fact sheets and specific data analyses, including state-specific data, please see Data Resources . (
  • Until now, we have been thinking that the intra oral sensor is just a very basic dental tool that allows us to observe patients' les. (
  • There are obvious and heavily reported culprits of gum disease, including smoking, consuming sugary or acidic foods, poor oral hygiene and stress. (
  • Dental environmental stress questionnaire was used. (
  • All instruments are cleaned, disinfected and routinely sterilized as recommended by the American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control. (
  • Background: The prevalence of dental cavities has been rising especially during the past ten years. (
  • Once the extraction trauma has healed, you can return to the office for a dental implant procedure. (
  • Dentascans are a rapid, time saving, effective, safe and indispensable procedure in dental implantology. (
  • General anesthesia draws the patient into a sleep-like state so that they can snooze easily through their dental procedure. (
  • The fracture load was analyzed using one-way analysis of variance at a level of 5%, and Weibull distribution was performed. (
  • Patel MR. The Deformation and Fracture of Rigid Cellular Plastics Under Multiaxial Stress [PhD thesis]. (
  • Analysis of stresses and breaking loads for Class I cavity preparations in mandibular first molars. (
  • The team at OnCall Dental in Fresno CA is ready to make the process smooth and the results will amaze you. (
  • The production of monolithic dental crowns only became possible due to the development of modified Y-TZP microstructures with higher translucency and the addition of coloring pigments.10 This type of restoration achieves reasonable esthetic results via the addition of a superficial glaze layer that allows for final biomimetic characterization. (
  • Occupational chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A meta-analysis. (
  • A recent meta-analysis of olive leaf extract found that a 500 mg per day dosage lowered systolic blood pressure. (
  • About ConfiDent ® Palm Dental Clinic. (
  • ConfiDent® Dental Surgery Clinic is located right in the center of the Palm Jumeirah, inside the Golden Mile Galleria Mall, building 8 on the mezzanine floor. (
  • 10 In response to cold stress, peripheral blood vessels constrict and the hypothalamus stimulates heat production through shivering and elevated thyroid, adrenal, and catecholamine activity. (
  • This is primarily due to an increase in disposable income, which makes dental care a reality for many people, particularly in the emerging economies. (
  • Many people from Europe and North America travel to countries like Russia and India for low-cost, high-quality dental procedures. (
  • For some people, the stress associated with this disorder may be caused by the pain, as opposed to being the cause of the problem. (
  • People who are stressed are more likely to have upsetting dreams. (
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  • It is an important cause of stress, especially for some people in certain occupations such as airline personnel and others that work around aircraft, with computers, televisions and others. (
  • Some people commonly prevent arranging dental care methods up to they reach good state regarding crisis and enable problems becoming their motivator. (
  • The tapered designs are advantageous because they preserve dentin and minimize stress without compromising strength. (
  • The restoration of the contact area and the selection of the appropriate contact strength can reduce the displacement of the CFPD, and get a better stress distribution. (
  • Dr. Ivan Tanasić (DMSc, PhD) is born in Belgrade (Serbia) where he finished primary school, high (medical) school and graduated from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Dental Medicine. (
  • Dental tourism is a significant and rapidly growing segment of medical tourism. (
  • Explanation of the MSB Micro-Molecular Energetic Analysis - December 10, 2006 - They say that they are not medical doctors. (
  • Dental Care" is a descriptor in the National Library of Medicine's controlled vocabulary thesaurus, MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) . (
  • Simon L. Medical-Dental Integration. (
  • In acetaminophen toxicity, serum are the patient has been observed to be comparable in efficacy to other and fades from the contralateral kidney, and some forms of stress. (
  • Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) has found use in a variety of investigations researching the toxicity and environmental impact of nanoparticles. (