Systematic gathering of data for a particular purpose from various sources, including questionnaires, interviews, observation, existing records, and electronic devices. The process is usually preliminary to statistical analysis of the data.
The integration of epidemiologic, sociological, economic, and other analytic sciences in the study of health services. Health services research is usually concerned with relationships between need, demand, supply, use, and outcome of health services. The aim of the research is evaluation, particularly in terms of structure, process, output, and outcome. (From Last, Dictionary of Epidemiology, 2d ed)
A type of MICROCOMPUTER, sometimes called a personal digital assistant, that is very small and portable and fitting in a hand. They are convenient to use in clinical and other field situations for quick data management. They usually require docking with MICROCOMPUTERS for updates.
The taking of a blood sample to determine its character as a whole, to identify levels of its component cells, chemicals, gases, or other constituents, to perform pathological examination, etc.
A plan for collecting and utilizing data so that desired information can be obtained with sufficient precision or so that an hypothesis can be tested properly.
Predetermined sets of questions used to collect data - clinical data, social status, occupational group, etc. The term is often applied to a self-completed survey instrument.
Procedures for collecting, preserving, and transporting of specimens sufficiently stable to provide accurate and precise results suitable for clinical interpretation.
A loose confederation of computer communication networks around the world. The networks that make up the Internet are connected through several backbone networks. The Internet grew out of the US Government ARPAnet project and was designed to facilitate information exchange.
Extensive collections, reputedly complete, of facts and data garnered from material of a specialized subject area and made available for analysis and application. The collection can be automated by various contemporary methods for retrieval. The concept should be differentiated from DATABASES, BIBLIOGRAPHIC which is restricted to collections of bibliographic references.
Data processing largely performed by automatic means.
The statistical reproducibility of measurements (often in a clinical context), including the testing of instrumentation or techniques to obtain reproducible results. The concept includes reproducibility of physiological measurements, which may be used to develop rules to assess probability or prognosis, or response to a stimulus; reproducibility of occurrence of a condition; and reproducibility of experimental results.
Small computers using LSI (large-scale integration) microprocessor chips as the CPU (central processing unit) and semiconductor memories for compact, inexpensive storage of program instructions and data. They are smaller and less expensive than minicomputers and are usually built into a dedicated system where they are optimized for a particular application. "Microprocessor" may refer to just the CPU or the entire microcomputer.
A plant genus of the family ASTERACEAE. M. chamomilla appears similar to Anthemis but this flower disk is conical and hollow and lacks chaffy bract scales and the odor is weaker. The common name of 'manzanilla' is confused with other meanings of the word. 'Matricaria chamomilla sensu' is classified by some as Tripleurospermum perforata. Other plants with similar common names include CHAMAEMELUM; TRIPLEUROSPERMUM and ANTHEMIS.
Conversations with an individual or individuals held in order to obtain information about their background and other personal biographical data, their attitudes and opinions, etc. It includes school admission or job interviews.
Activities and programs intended to assure or improve the quality of care in either a defined medical setting or a program. The concept includes the assessment or evaluation of the quality of care; identification of problems or shortcomings in the delivery of care; designing activities to overcome these deficiencies; and follow-up monitoring to ensure effectiveness of corrective steps.
Devices for accelerating protons or electrons in closed orbits where the accelerating voltage and magnetic field strength varies (the accelerating voltage is held constant for electrons) in order to keep the orbit radius constant.
Studies in which the presence or absence of disease or other health-related variables are determined in each member of the study population or in a representative sample at one particular time. This contrasts with LONGITUDINAL STUDIES which are followed over a period of time.
A management function in which standards and guidelines are developed for the development, maintenance, and handling of forms and records.
Development of a library collection, including the determination and coordination of selection policy, assessment of needs of users and potential users, collection use studies, collection evaluation, identification of collection needs, selection of materials, planning for resource sharing, collection maintenance and weeding, and budgeting.
Recording of pertinent information concerning patient's illness or illnesses.
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
Sequential operating programs and data which instruct the functioning of a digital computer.
Research that involves the application of the natural sciences, especially biology and physiology, to medicine.
Studies designed to assess the efficacy of programs. They may include the evaluation of cost-effectiveness, the extent to which objectives are met, or impact.
Small-scale tests of methods and procedures to be used on a larger scale if the pilot study demonstrates that these methods and procedures can work.
Any type of research that employs nonnumeric information to explore individual or group characteristics, producing findings not arrived at by statistical procedures or other quantitative means. (Qualitative Inquiry: A Dictionary of Terms Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 1997)
Norms, criteria, standards, and other direct qualitative and quantitative measures used in determining the quality of health care.
Computer-based systems for input, storage, display, retrieval, and printing of information contained in a patient's medical record.
Methods or procedures used to obtain samples of URINE.
Observation of a population for a sufficient number of persons over a sufficient number of years to generate incidence or mortality rates subsequent to the selection of the study group.
The portion of an interactive computer program that issues messages to and receives commands from a user.
Those individuals engaged in research.
Organized activities related to the storage, location, search, and retrieval of information.
Studies to determine the advantages or disadvantages, practicability, or capability of accomplishing a projected plan, study, or project.
Ongoing scrutiny of a population (general population, study population, target population, etc.), generally using methods distinguished by their practicability, uniformity, and frequently their rapidity, rather than by complete accuracy.
The formation of crystalline substances from solutions or melts. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
The levels of excellence which characterize the health service or health care provided based on accepted standards of quality.
Software designed to store, manipulate, manage, and control data for specific uses.
The capacity of an organization, institution, or business to produce desired results with a minimum expenditure of energy, time, money, personnel, materiel, etc.
The status during which female mammals carry their developing young (EMBRYOS or FETUSES) in utero before birth, beginning from FERTILIZATION to BIRTH.
Research aimed at assessing the quality and effectiveness of health care as measured by the attainment of a specified end result or outcome. Measures include parameters such as improved health, lowered morbidity or mortality, and improvement of abnormal states (such as elevated blood pressure).
Application of statistical procedures to analyze specific observed or assumed facts from a particular study.
Statistical measures of utilization and other aspects of the provision of health care services including hospitalization and ambulatory care.
A system for verifying and maintaining a desired level of quality in a product or process by careful planning, use of proper equipment, continued inspection, and corrective action as required. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
Studies in which variables relating to an individual or group of individuals are assessed over a period of time.
An infant during the first month after birth.
The systems and processes involved in the establishment, support, management, and operation of registers, e.g., disease registers.
Knowledge, attitudes, and associated behaviors which pertain to health-related topics such as PATHOLOGIC PROCESSES or diseases, their prevention, and treatment. This term refers to non-health workers and health workers (HEALTH PERSONNEL).
Evaluation procedures that focus on both the outcome or status (OUTCOMES ASSESSMENT) of the patient at the end of an episode of care - presence of symptoms, level of activity, and mortality; and the process (ASSESSMENT, PROCESS) - what is done for the patient diagnostically and therapeutically.
A method of data collection and a QUALITATIVE RESEARCH tool in which a small group of individuals are brought together and allowed to interact in a discussion of their opinions about topics, issues, or questions.
An aspect of personal behavior or lifestyle, environmental exposure, or inborn or inherited characteristic, which, on the basis of epidemiologic evidence, is known to be associated with a health-related condition considered important to prevent.
Research carried out by nurses in the clinical setting and designed to provide information that will help improve patient care. Other professional staff may also participate in the research.
A detailed review and evaluation of selected clinical records by qualified professional personnel for evaluating quality of medical care.
Protective measures against unauthorized access to or interference with computer operating systems, telecommunications, or data structures, especially the modification, deletion, destruction, or release of data in computers. It includes methods of forestalling interference by computer viruses or so-called computer hackers aiming to compromise stored data.
Social and economic factors that characterize the individual or group within the social structure.
The process of formulating, improving, and expanding educational, managerial, or service-oriented work plans (excluding computer program development).
The observation and analysis of movements in a task with an emphasis on the amount of time required to perform the task.
The commitment in writing, as authentic evidence, of something having legal importance. The concept includes certificates of birth, death, etc., as well as hospital, medical, and other institutional records.
A system containing any combination of computers, computer terminals, printers, audio or visual display devices, or telephones interconnected by telecommunications equipment or cables: used to transmit or receive information. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
A procedure consisting of a sequence of algebraic formulas and/or logical steps to calculate or determine a given task.
Works about clinical trials that involve at least one test treatment and one control treatment, concurrent enrollment and follow-up of the test- and control-treated groups, and in which the treatments to be administered are selected by a random process, such as the use of a random-numbers table.
The privacy of information and its protection against unauthorized disclosure.
The systematic application of information and computer sciences to public health practice, research, and learning.
The functions and activities carried out by the U.S. Postal Service, foreign postal services, and private postal services such as Federal Express.
Studies used to test etiologic hypotheses in which inferences about an exposure to putative causal factors are derived from data relating to characteristics of persons under study or to events or experiences in their past. The essential feature is that some of the persons under study have the disease or outcome of interest and their characteristics are compared with those of unaffected persons.
Any deviation of results or inferences from the truth, or processes leading to such deviation. Bias can result from several sources: one-sided or systematic variations in measurement from the true value (systematic error); flaws in study design; deviation of inferences, interpretations, or analyses based on flawed data or data collection; etc. There is no sense of prejudice or subjectivity implied in the assessment of bias under these conditions.
A systematic collection of factual data pertaining to health and disease in a human population within a given geographic area.
The application of industrial management practice to systematically maintain and improve organization-wide performance. Effectiveness and success are determined and assessed by quantitative quality measures.
The degree to which individuals are inhibited or facilitated in their ability to gain entry to and to receive care and services from the health care system. Factors influencing this ability include geographic, architectural, transportational, and financial considerations, among others.
The circulation or wide dispersal of information.
Institutions with an organized medical staff which provide medical care to patients.
Method of measuring performance against established standards of best practice.
Health insurance plans intended to reduce unnecessary health care costs through a variety of mechanisms, including: economic incentives for physicians and patients to select less costly forms of care; programs for reviewing the medical necessity of specific services; increased beneficiary cost sharing; controls on inpatient admissions and lengths of stay; the establishment of cost-sharing incentives for outpatient surgery; selective contracting with health care providers; and the intensive management of high-cost health care cases. The programs may be provided in a variety of settings, such as HEALTH MAINTENANCE ORGANIZATIONS and PREFERRED PROVIDER ORGANIZATIONS.
The organization and administration of health services dedicated to the delivery of health care.
Collaborative process of research involving researchers and community representatives.
Evaluation undertaken to assess the results or consequences of management and procedures used in combating disease in order to determine the efficacy, effectiveness, safety, and practicability of these interventions in individual cases or series.
Absolute, comparative, or differential costs pertaining to services, institutions, resources, etc., or the analysis and study of these costs.
The inhabitants of rural areas or of small towns classified as rural.
The total number of cases of a given disease in a specified population at a designated time. It is differentiated from INCIDENCE, which refers to the number of new cases in the population at a given time.
Integrated set of files, procedures, and equipment for the storage, manipulation, and retrieval of information.
Statistical interpretation and description of a population with reference to distribution, composition, or structure.
Theoretical representations and constructs that describe or explain the structure and hierarchy of relationships and interactions within or between formal organizational entities or informal social groups.
An instrument for reproducing sounds especially articulate speech at a distance. (Webster, 3rd ed)
Federal program, created by Public Law 89-97, Title XIX, a 1965 amendment to the Social Security Act, administered by the states, that provides health care benefits to indigent and medically indigent persons.
Care which provides integrated, accessible health care services by clinicians who are accountable for addressing a large majority of personal health care needs, developing a sustained partnership with patients, and practicing in the context of family and community. (JAMA 1995;273(3):192)
Studies in which subsets of a defined population are identified. These groups may or may not be exposed to factors hypothesized to influence the probability of the occurrence of a particular disease or other outcome. Cohorts are defined populations which, as a whole, are followed in an attempt to determine distinguishing subgroup characteristics.
Binary classification measures to assess test results. Sensitivity or recall rate is the proportion of true positives. Specificity is the probability of correctly determining the absence of a condition. (From Last, Dictionary of Epidemiology, 2d ed)
A set of statistical methods used to group variables or observations into strongly inter-related subgroups. In epidemiology, it may be used to analyze a closely grouped series of events or cases of disease or other health-related phenomenon with well-defined distribution patterns in relation to time or place or both.
Facilities that collect, store, and distribute tissues, e.g., cell lines, microorganisms, blood, sperm, milk, breast tissue, for use by others. Other uses may include transplantation and comparison of diseased tissues in the identification of cancer.
The number of units (persons, animals, patients, specified circumstances, etc.) in a population to be studied. The sample size should be big enough to have a high likelihood of detecting a true difference between two groups. (From Wassertheil-Smoller, Biostatistics and Epidemiology, 1990, p95)
Determination of the nature of a pathological condition or disease in the OVUM; ZYGOTE; or BLASTOCYST prior to implantation. CYTOGENETIC ANALYSIS is performed to determine the presence or absence of genetic disease.
Systems composed of a computer or computers, peripheral equipment, such as disks, printers, and terminals, and telecommunications capabilities.
Management of the internal organization of the hospital.
The attainment or process of attaining a new level of performance or quality.
Organized collections of computer records, standardized in format and content, that are stored in any of a variety of computer-readable modes. They are the basic sets of data from which computer-readable files are created. (from ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983)
Health services required by a population or community as well as the health services that the population or community is able and willing to pay for.
Damage inflicted on the body as the direct or indirect result of an external force, with or without disruption of structural continuity.
Age as a constituent element or influence contributing to the production of a result. It may be applicable to the cause or the effect of a circumstance. It is used with human or animal concepts but should be differentiated from AGING, a physiological process, and TIME FACTORS which refers only to the passage of time.
The largest country in North America, comprising 10 provinces and three territories. Its capital is Ottawa.
Presentations of summary statements representing the majority agreement of physicians, scientists, and other professionals convening for the purpose of reaching a consensus--often with findings and recommendations--on a subject of interest. The Conference, consisting of participants representing the scientific and lay viewpoints, is a significant means of evaluating current medical thought and reflects the latest advances in research for the respective field being addressed.
Descriptions and evaluations of specific health care organizations.
It is the study of social phenomena which characterize the learned, shared, and transmitted social activities of particular ethnic groups with focus on the causes, consequences, and complexities of human social and cultural variability.
Numerous islands in the Indian Ocean situated east of Madagascar, north to the Arabian Sea and east to Sri Lanka. Included are COMOROS (republic), MADAGASCAR (republic), Maldives (republic), MAURITIUS (parliamentary democracy), Pemba (administered by Tanzania), REUNION (a department of France), and SEYCHELLES (republic).
Decisions, usually developed by government policymakers, for determining present and future objectives pertaining to the health care system.
The interaction of persons or groups of persons representing various nations in the pursuit of a common goal or interest.
State plans prepared by the State Health Planning and Development Agencies which are made up from plans submitted by the Health Systems Agencies and subject to review and revision by the Statewide Health Coordinating Council.
The study of crystal structure using X-RAY DIFFRACTION techniques. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
Systematic organization, storage, retrieval, and dissemination of specialized information, especially of a scientific or technical nature (From ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983). It often involves authenticating or validating information.
Analog or digital communications device in which the user has a wireless connection from a telephone to a nearby transmitter. It is termed cellular because the service area is divided into multiple "cells." As the user moves from one cell area to another, the call is transferred to the local transmitter.
Attitudes of personnel toward their patients, other professionals, toward the medical care system, etc.
The use of severity-of-illness measures, such as age, to estimate the risk (measurable or predictable chance of loss, injury or death) to which a patient is subject before receiving some health care intervention. This adjustment allows comparison of performance and quality across organizations, practitioners, and communities. (from JCAHO, Lexikon, 1994)
Precise and detailed plans for the study of a medical or biomedical problem and/or plans for a regimen of therapy.
Studies determining the effectiveness or value of processes, personnel, and equipment, or the material on conducting such studies. For drugs and devices, CLINICAL TRIALS AS TOPIC; DRUG EVALUATION; and DRUG EVALUATION, PRECLINICAL are available.
A method of comparing the cost of a program with its expected benefits in dollars (or other currency). The benefit-to-cost ratio is a measure of total return expected per unit of money spent. This analysis generally excludes consideration of factors that are not measured ultimately in economic terms. Cost effectiveness compares alternative ways to achieve a specific set of results.
Coordination of activities and programs among health care institutions within defined geographic areas for the purpose of improving delivery and quality of medical care to the patients. These programs are mandated under U.S. Public Law 89-239.
The effort of two or more parties to secure the business of a third party by offering, usually under fair or equitable rules of business practice, the most favorable terms.
The science and art of collecting, summarizing, and analyzing data that are subject to random variation. The term is also applied to the data themselves and to the summarization of the data.
Exploitation through misrepresentation of the facts or concealment of the purposes of the exploiter.
The degree to which the individual regards the health care service or product or the manner in which it is delivered by the provider as useful, effective, or beneficial.
Procedures for finding the mathematical function which best describes the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. In linear regression (see LINEAR MODELS) the relationship is constrained to be a straight line and LEAST-SQUARES ANALYSIS is used to determine the best fit. In logistic regression (see LOGISTIC MODELS) the dependent variable is qualitative rather than continuously variable and LIKELIHOOD FUNCTIONS are used to find the best relationship. In multiple regression, the dependent variable is considered to depend on more than a single independent variable.
The total amount of work to be performed by an individual, a department, or other group of workers in a period of time.
A geographic area defined and served by a health program or institution.
Societies having institutional membership limited to hospitals and other health care institutions.
Statistical models which describe the relationship between a qualitative dependent variable (that is, one which can take only certain discrete values, such as the presence or absence of a disease) and an independent variable. A common application is in epidemiology for estimating an individual's risk (probability of a disease) as a function of a given risk factor.
The smallest continent and an independent country, comprising six states and two territories. Its capital is Canberra.
The study, based on direct observation, use of statistical records, interviews, or experimental methods, of actual practices or the actual impact of practices or policies.
The measurement of the health status for a given population using a variety of indices, including morbidity, mortality, and available health resources.
The development of systems to prevent accidents, injuries, and other adverse occurrences in an institutional setting. The concept includes prevention or reduction of adverse events or incidents involving employees, patients, or facilities. Examples include plans to reduce injuries from falls or plans for fire safety to promote a safe institutional environment.
Combination of procedures, methods, and tools by which a policy, program, or project may be judged as to its potential effects on the health of a population, and the distribution of those effects within the population.
Management of the acquisition, organization, storage, retrieval, and dissemination of information. (From Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors, 1994)
The interaction of two or more persons or organizations directed toward a common goal which is mutually beneficial. An act or instance of working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit, i.e., joint action. (From Random House Dictionary Unabridged, 2d ed)
Statistical formulations or analyses which, when applied to data and found to fit the data, are then used to verify the assumptions and parameters used in the analysis. Examples of statistical models are the linear model, binomial model, polynomial model, two-parameter model, etc.
Insurance providing coverage of medical, surgical, or hospital care in general or for which there is no specific heading.
Techniques using energy such as radio frequency, infrared light, laser light, visible light, or acoustic energy to transfer information without the use of wires, over both short and long distances.
Conformity in fulfilling or following official, recognized, or institutional requirements, guidelines, recommendations, protocols, pathways, or other standards.
Works about controlled studies which are planned and carried out by several cooperating institutions to assess certain variables and outcomes in specific patient populations, for example, a multicenter study of congenital anomalies in children.
Integrated, computer-assisted systems designed to store, manipulate, and retrieve information concerned with the administrative and clinical aspects of providing medical services within the hospital.
Media that facilitate transportability of pertinent information concerning patient's illness across varied providers and geographic locations. Some versions include direct linkages to online consumer health information that is relevant to the health conditions and treatments related to a specific patient.
Facilities which provide nursing supervision and limited medical care to persons who do not require hospitalization.
Validation of the SEX of an individual by inspection of the GONADS and/or by genetic tests.
A systematic statement of policy rules or principles. Guidelines may be developed by government agencies at any level, institutions, professional societies, governing boards, or by convening expert panels. The text may be cursive or in outline form but is generally a comprehensive guide to problems and approaches in any field of activity. For guidelines in the field of health care and clinical medicine, PRACTICE GUIDELINES AS TOPIC is available.
The concept concerned with all aspects of providing and distributing health services to a patient population.
The level of health of the individual, group, or population as subjectively assessed by the individual or by more objective measures.
Description of pattern of recurrent functions or procedures frequently found in organizational processes, such as notification, decision, and action.
Management review designed to evaluate efficiency and to identify areas in need of management improvement within the institution in order to ensure effectiveness in meeting organizational goals.
An interval of care by a health care facility or provider for a specific medical problem or condition. It may be continuous or it may consist of a series of intervals marked by one or more brief separations from care, and can also identify the sequence of care (e.g., emergency, inpatient, outpatient), thus serving as one measure of health care provided.
The act of regarding attentively and studying facts and occurrences, gathering data through analyzing, measuring, and drawing conclusions, with the purpose of applying the observed information to theoretical assumptions. Observation as a scientific method in the acquisition of knowledge began in classical antiquity; in modern science and medicine its greatest application is facilitated by modern technology. Observation is one of the components of the research process.
Studies in which a number of subjects are selected from all subjects in a defined population. Conclusions based on sample results may be attributed only to the population sampled.
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of systems, processes, or phenomena. They include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
Systematic identification of a population's needs or the assessment of individuals to determine the proper level of services needed.
A multistage process that includes cloning, physical mapping, subcloning, determination of the DNA SEQUENCE, and information analysis.
Conclusions derived from the nursing assessment that establish a health status profile for the patient and from which nursing interventions may be ordered.
Encouraging consumer behaviors most likely to optimize health potentials (physical and psychosocial) through health information, preventive programs, and access to medical care.
Men and women working in the provision of health services, whether as individual practitioners or employees of health institutions and programs, whether or not professionally trained, and whether or not subject to public regulation. (From A Discursive Dictionary of Health Care, 1976)
The scattering of x-rays by matter, especially crystals, with accompanying variation in intensity due to interference effects. Analysis of the crystal structure of materials is performed by passing x-rays through them and registering the diffraction image of the rays (CRYSTALLOGRAPHY, X-RAY). (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
Hospital department responsible for the administration and provision of immediate medical or surgical care to the emergency patient.
Works about pre-planned studies of the safety, efficacy, or optimum dosage schedule (if appropriate) of one or more diagnostic, therapeutic, or prophylactic drugs, devices, or techniques selected according to predetermined criteria of eligibility and observed for predefined evidence of favorable and unfavorable effects. This concept includes clinical trials conducted both in the U.S. and in other countries.
The nursing specialty concerning care of children from birth to adolescence. It includes the clinical and psychological aspects of nursing care.
The relationships of groups of organisms as reflected by their genetic makeup.
Countries in the process of change with economic growth, that is, an increase in production, per capita consumption, and income. The process of economic growth involves better utilization of natural and human resources, which results in a change in the social, political, and economic structures.
The level of governmental organization and function below that of the national or country-wide government.
A state in southeastern Australia. Its capital is Sydney. It was discovered by Captain Cook in 1770 and first settled at Botany Bay by marines and convicts in 1788. It was named by Captain Cook who thought its coastline resembled that of South Wales. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p840 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p377)
The number of new cases of a given disease during a given period in a specified population. It also is used for the rate at which new events occur in a defined population. It is differentiated from PREVALENCE, which refers to all cases, new or old, in the population at a given time.
Personnel who provide nursing service to patients in a hospital.
Diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive health services provided for individuals in the community.
An agency of the PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE established in 1990 to "provide indexing, abstracting, translating, publishing, and other services leading to a more effective and timely dissemination of information on research, demonstration projects, and evaluations with respect to health care to public and private entities and individuals engaged in the improvement of health care delivery..." It supersedes the National Center for Health Services Research. The United States Agency for Health Care Policy and Research was renamed Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) under the Healthcare Research and Quality Act of 1999.
The inhabitants of a city or town, including metropolitan areas and suburban areas.
Directions or principles presenting current or future rules of policy for assisting health care practitioners in patient care decisions regarding diagnosis, therapy, or related clinical circumstances. The guidelines may be developed by government agencies at any level, institutions, professional societies, governing boards, or by the convening of expert panels. The guidelines form a basis for the evaluation of all aspects of health care and delivery.
An evaluation procedure that focuses on how care is delivered, based on the premise that there are standards of performance for activities undertaken in delivering patient care, in which the specific actions taken, events occurring, and human interactions are compared with accepted standards.
Country located in EUROPE. It is bordered by the NORTH SEA, BELGIUM, and GERMANY. Constituent areas are Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, formerly included in the NETHERLANDS ANTILLES.
Patterns of practice related to diagnosis and treatment as especially influenced by cost of the service requested and provided.
Introduction of changes which are new to the organization and are created by management.
Customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a benefit or service received.
Laboratory and other services provided to patients at the bedside. These include diagnostic and laboratory testing using automated information entry.
A field of biology concerned with the development of techniques for the collection and manipulation of biological data, and the use of such data to make biological discoveries or predictions. This field encompasses all computational methods and theories for solving biological problems including manipulation of models and datasets.
The amounts spent by individuals, groups, nations, or private or public organizations for total health care and/or its various components. These amounts may or may not be equivalent to the actual costs (HEALTH CARE COSTS) and may or may not be shared among the patient, insurers, and/or employers.
Includes the spectrum of human immunodeficiency virus infections that range from asymptomatic seropositivity, thru AIDS-related complex (ARC), to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).
Behaviors expressed by individuals to protect, maintain or promote their health status. For example, proper diet, and appropriate exercise are activities perceived to influence health status. Life style is closely associated with health behavior and factors influencing life style are socioeconomic, educational, and cultural.
A generic concept reflecting concern with the modification and enhancement of life attributes, e.g., physical, political, moral and social environment; the overall condition of a human life.
The broad dissemination of new ideas, procedures, techniques, materials, and devices and the degree to which these are accepted and used.
Databases devoted to knowledge about specific genes and gene products.
Societies whose membership is limited to physicians.
The attitude and behavior associated with an individual using the computer.
Criteria and standards used for the determination of the appropriateness of the inclusion of patients with specific conditions in proposed treatment plans and the criteria used for the inclusion of subjects in various clinical trials and other research protocols.
Procedures to obtain viable OOCYTES from the host. Oocytes most often are collected by needle aspiration from OVARIAN FOLLICLES before OVULATION.
The qualitative or quantitative estimation of the likelihood of adverse effects that may result from exposure to specified health hazards or from the absence of beneficial influences. (Last, Dictionary of Epidemiology, 1988)
The introduction of error due to systematic differences in the characteristics between those selected and those not selected for a given study. In sampling bias, error is the result of failure to ensure that all members of the reference population have a known chance of selection in the sample.
Individuals licensed to practice medicine.
The state of being free from intrusion or disturbance in one's private life or affairs. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed, 1993)
A group of people with a common cultural heritage that sets them apart from others in a variety of social relationships.
Application of marketing principles and techniques to maximize the use of health care resources.
Size and composition of the family.
Studies in which individuals or populations are followed to assess the outcome of exposures, procedures, or effects of a characteristic, e.g., occurrence of disease.

Comparison of active and cancer registry-based follow-up for breast cancer in a prospective cohort study. (1/10069)

The authors compared the relative effectiveness of two distinct follow-up designs in prospective cohort studies--the active approach, based on direct contact with study subjects, and the passive approach, based on record linkages with population-based cancer registries--utilizing available information from the New York University Women's Health Study (WHS) and the New York State Cancer Registry (NYSCR). The analyses were limited to breast cancer cases identified during the period 1985-1992, for which follow-up was considered reasonably complete by both the WHS and the NYSCR. Among 12,947 cohort members who reported a New York State address, 303 pathologically confirmed cases were identified through active follow-up and 284 through record linkage. Sixty-three percent of cancers were identified by both sources, 21% by the WHS only, and 16% by the NYSCR only. The agreement was appreciably better for invasive cancers. The percentage of cases identified only by the NYSCR was increased among subjects whose active follow-up was incomplete, as well as among nonwhites, obese patients, and parous patients. This suggests that relying on either type of follow-up alone may introduce certain biases in evaluating risk factors for breast cancer. Combining both approaches appears to be a better strategy in prospective cohort studies.  (+info)

Reliability of information on physical activity and other chronic disease risk factors among US women aged 40 years or older. (2/10069)

Data on chronic disease risk behaviors and related variables, including barriers to and attitudes toward physical activity, are lacking for women of some racial/ethnic groups. A test-retest study was conducted from July 1996 through June 1997 among US women (n = 199) aged 40 years or more who were white, black, American Indian/Alaska Native, or Hispanic. The sample was selected and interviews were conducted using a modified version of the methods of the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. For behavioral risk factors such as physical inactivity, smoking, and low fruit and vegetable consumption, group prevalences were generally similar between interviews 1 and 2. However, kappa values for selected physical activity variables ranged from 0.26 to 0.51 and tended to be lower for black women. Discordance was low for variables on cigarette smoking and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (kappa = 0.64-0.92). Discordance was high (kappa = 0.33) for low consumption of fruits and vegetables. Additional variables for barriers to and access to exercise ranged widely across racial/ethnic groups and in terms of measures of agreement. These methods illustrate an efficient way to sample and assess the reliability of data collected from women of racial/ethnic minority groups.  (+info)

Capture-recapture models including covariate effects. (3/10069)

Capture-recapture methods are used to estimate the incidence of a disease, using a multiple-source registry. Usually, log-linear methods are used to estimate population size, assuming that not all sources of notification are dependent. Where there are categorical covariates, a stratified analysis can be performed. The multinomial logit model has occasionally been used. In this paper, the authors compare log-linear and logit models with and without covariates, and use simulated data to compare estimates from different models. The crude estimate of population size is biased when the sources are not independent. Analyses adjusting for covariates produce less biased estimates. In the absence of covariates, or where all covariates are categorical, the log-linear model and the logit model are equivalent. The log-linear model cannot include continuous variables. To minimize potential bias in estimating incidence, covariates should be included in the design and analysis of multiple-source disease registries.  (+info)

Illness behaviour in elite middle and long distance runners. (4/10069)

OBJECTIVES: To examine the illness attitudes and beliefs known to be associated with abnormal illness behaviour (where symptoms are present in excess of objective signs and pathology) in elite middle and long distance runners, in comparison with non-athlete controls. METHODS: A total of 150 athletes were surveyed using the illness behaviour questionnaire as an instrument to explore the psychological attributes associated with abnormal illness behaviour. Subjects also completed the general health questionnaire as a measure of psychiatric morbidity. A control group of 150 subjects, matched for age, sex, and social class, were surveyed using the same instruments. RESULTS: A multivariate analysis of illness behaviour questionnaire responses showed that the athletes' group differed significantly from the control group (Hotelling's T: Exact F = 2.68; p = 0.01). In particular, athletes were more somatically focused (difference between means -0.27; 95% confidence interval -0.50 to -0.03) and more likely to deny the impact of stresses in their life (difference between means 0.78; 95% confidence interval 0.31 to 1.25). Athletes were also higher scorers on the Whiteley Index of Hypochondriasis (difference between means 0.76; 95% confidence interval 0.04 to 1.48). There were no differences in the levels of psychiatric morbidity between the two groups. CONCLUSIONS: The illness attitudes and beliefs of athletes differ from those of a well matched control population. The origin of these psychological attributes is not clear but those who treat athletes need to be aware of them.  (+info)

Rider injury rates and emergency medical services at equestrian events. (5/10069)

BACKGROUND: Horse riding is a hazardous pastime, with a number of studies documenting high rates of injury and death among horse riders in general. This study focuses on the injury experience of cross country event riders, a high risk subset of horse riders. METHOD: Injury data were collected at a series of 35 equestrian events in South Australia from 1990 to 1998. RESULTS: Injury rates were found to be especially high among event riders, with frequent falls, injuries, and even deaths. The highest injury rates were among the riders competing at the highest levels. CONCLUSION: There is a need for skilled emergency medical services at equestrian events.  (+info)

The effect of race and sex on physicians' recommendations for cardiac catheterization. (6/10069)

BACKGROUND: Epidemiologic studies have reported differences in the use of cardiovascular procedures according to the race and sex of the patient. Whether the differences stem from differences in the recommendations of physicians remains uncertain. METHODS: We developed a computerized survey instrument to assess physicians' recommendations for managing chest pain. Actors portrayed patients with particular characteristics in scripted interviews about their symptoms. A total of 720 physicians at two national meetings of organizations of primary care physicians participated in the survey. Each physician viewed a recorded interview and was given other data about a hypothetical patient. He or she then made recommendations about that patient's care. We used multivariate logistic-regression analysis to assess the effects of the race and sex of the patients on treatment recommendations, while controlling for the physicians' assessment of the probability of coronary artery disease as well as for the age of the patient, the level of coronary risk, the type of chest pain, and the results of an exercise stress test. RESULTS: The physicians' mean (+/-SD) estimates of the probability of coronary artery disease were lower for women (probability, 64.1+/-19.3 percent, vs. 69.2+/-18.2 percent for men; P<0.001), younger patients (63.8+/-19.5 percent for patients who were 55 years old, vs. 69.5+/-17.9 percent for patients who were 70 years old; P<0.001), and patients with nonanginal pain (58.3+/-19.0 percent, vs. 64.4+/-18.3 percent for patients with possible angina and 77.1+/-14.0 percent for those with definite angina; P=0.001). Logistic-regression analysis indicated that women (odds ratio, 0.60; 95 percent confidence interval, 0.4 to 0.9; P=0.02) and blacks (odds ratio, 0.60; 95 percent confidence interval, 0.4 to 0.9; P=0.02) were less likely to be referred for cardiac catheterization than men and whites, respectively. Analysis of race-sex interactions showed that black women were significantly less likely to be referred for catheterization than white men (odds ratio, 0.4; 95 percent confidence interval, 0.2 to 0.7; P=0.004). CONCLUSIONS: Our findings suggest that the race and sex of a patient independently influence how physicians manage chest pain.  (+info)

A comparative analysis of surveyors from six hospital accreditation programmes and a consideration of the related management issues. (7/10069)

PURPOSE: To gather data on how accreditors manage surveyors, to compare these data and to offer them to the accreditors for improvement and to the scientific community for knowledge of the accreditation process and reinforcement of the credibility of these processes. DATA SOURCE: The data were gathered with the aid of a questionnaire sent to all accreditors participating in the study. RESULTS: An important finding in this comparative study is the different contractual relationships that exist between the accreditors and their surveyors. CONCLUSION: Surveyors around the world share many common features in terms of careers, training, work history and expectations. These similarities probably arise from the objectives of the accreditors who try to provide a developmental process to their clients rather than an 'inspection'.  (+info)

Antimicrobial drug use and related management practices among Ontario swine producers. (8/10069)

A mail survey of swine producers in Ontario was undertaken during 1991 to describe the types, frequency, and motives for antimicrobial use. Two hundred operations that marketed fewer than 350 hogs per year, and 800 that marketed more than 350 per year were sent questionnaires, 63% of which were completed and returned. Most operations (86%) added antimicrobials to starter (weanling pig) rations, while fewer (29%) added these drugs to finisher pig rations. The most commonly used antimicrobials were tylosin, carbadox, and furazolidone in weanling pigs, and tylosin, lincomycin, and tetracycline in finishers. Water medication of grower-finisher pigs was practised on 25% of farms; 80% of farms had injected at least some grower-finisher pigs with antimicrobials in the 12 mo preceding the survey. Approximately 20% of operations that added antimicrobials to finisher rations did so for growth promotion purposes only, while others used them for disease treatment, prevention, control, or a combination of reasons. Among those not using antimicrobials in finisher rations, 83% did not believe they were necessary and 37% were concerned about the potential for residues in marketed hogs.  (+info)

Ask for Discount @ Key questions answered in the report:. · What will the market growth rate of Blood Collection System market in 2020?. · What are the key factors driving the global Blood Collection System market?. · What are sales, revenue, and price analysis of top manufacturers of Blood Collection System market?. · Who are the distributors, traders and dealers of Blood Collection System market?. · Who are the key vendors in Blood Collection System market space?. · What are the Blood Collection System market opportunities and threats faced by the vendors in the global Blood Collection System market?. · What are sales, revenue, and price analysis by types and applications of Blood Collection System market?. · What are sales, revenue, and price analysis by regions of Blood Collection System market?. · What are the market opportunities, market risk and market overview of the Blood Collection System market?. No. of Report ...
Controls and Information Systems: Heat and Control can create a complete control and data collection system for your food processing, packaging or seasoning line
GOES DATA COLLECTION SYSTEM (DCS). KAY METCALF NOAA GOES DCS PROGRAM MANAGER. What is DCS?. Data Relay System From Surface Based Systems Through Satellite Transponder To Ground Receiving System. Who?. Government Users Federal State Local International Canada Mexico Slideshow 6735018 by jennessa-cherry
The present invention provides a circuit state scan-chain for emulating and verifying integrated circuit design, a data collection system and an emulation and verification method using the scan-chain.
Graphic Design & PHP Projects for $250 - $750. I need to create a 7 question data collection tool. It will need to be 9 pages 1 lead in page, 7 questions, 1 per page, and a summary page.
Check out how new data collection tools can improve patient care, and how document scanning services can support in digitizing healthcare documents.
Data on LGBT program recipients could reveal disparities in how these HHS programs-which provide a critical safety net for to seniors and people with disabilities-serve LGBT people, potentially indicating discrimination or other barriers to access in the programs. By rolling back data collection, the Department of Health and Human Services is throwing away the tools to ensure the department reaches vulnerable LGBT people in programs ranging from home delivered meals and senior center group meals, to transportation, caregiver support, and health promotion services.. Federal data collection on LGBT people is already scarce, but rolling back collection on crucial safety net programs is particularly disturbing. LGBT people experience overt and systematic discrimination across all areas of life-from education to housing, healthcare, employment, and the public square. As a result, LGBT people face acute levels of income insecurity, making it particularly important that federal safety net programs meet ...
2006 A.R.M. Loxahatchee Science Workshop Poster - Enhanced Water Quality Project: Data Collection Procedures and Modeling - A.R.M. Loxahatchee NWR - Enhanced Water Quality Monitoring and Modeling
MagicRecon is a powerful shell script to maximize the recon and data collection process of an objective and finding common vulnerabilities, all this saving the results obtained in an organized way in directories and with various formats.. The new version of MagicRecon has a large number of new tools to automate as much as possible the process of collecting data from a target and searching for vulnerabilities. It also has a menu where the user can select which option he wants to execute.. This new version also has the option of Install dependencies with which the user can easily install all the tools and dependencies that are needed to run MagicRecon. The script code has been made in a modular way so that any user can modify it to their liking. With MagicRecon you can easily find:. ...
On 9/09/2009, at 3:37 AM, Jack Ort wrote: , , Hello! I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this , question, but I have been frantically searching for information on , TeX and LaTex, and whether or not it would be a good choice for , designing data collection forms. Specifically these would be , clinical Case Report Forms (CRFs), where patient data such as vital , signs, laboratory results, etc. would need to be collected across , multiple clinic visits. Typically these forms will have groups of , empty boxes (with labels) for manual entry, questions with Yes/No , checkboxes, lines for capturing free-text comments, and often , tabular data entry sections as well. , , Ideally, forms could be stored in a library for reuse and , modification as needed. , , Eventually these forms need to go to PDF, either for printing or , for conversion to a data entry screen for a web-based data , collection system. , , We are considering Framemaker, but the cost and learning curve are , steep! If it is ...
Introduction Individual-level immunization data captured electronically can facilitate evidence-based decision-making and planning. Populating individual-level records through manual data entry is time-consuming. An alternative is to use scannable forms, completed at the point of vaccination and subsequently scanned and exported to a database or registry. To explore the suitability of this approach for collecting immunization data, we conducted a feasibility study in two settings in Ontario, Canada. Methods and Findings Prior to the 2011-2012 influenza vaccination campaign, we developed a scannable form template and a corresponding database that captured required demographic and clinical data elements. We examined efficiency, data quality, and usability through time observations, record audits, staff interviews, and client surveys. The mean time required to scan and verify forms (62.3 s) was significantly shorter than manual data entry (69.5 s) in one organization, whereas there was no difference (36
There have been dramatic advances in the development of web-based data collection instruments. This paper outlines a systematic web-based approach to facilitate this process through locally developed code and to describe the results of using this process after two years of data collection. We provide a detailed example of a web-based method that we developed for a study in Starr County, Texas, assessing high school students work and health status. This web-based application includes data instrument design, data entry and management, and data tables needed to store the results that attempt to maximize the advantages of this data collection method. The software also efficiently produces a coding manual, web-based statistical summary and crosstab reports, as well as input templates for use by statistical packages. Overall, web-based data entry using a dynamic approach proved to be a very efficient and effective data collection system. This data collection method expedited data processing and analysis and
Recommissioning (RCx) optimizes existing buildings to improve occupant comfort and save energy. CanmetENERGY is currently developing an RCx projects database.. We encourage you to add data from your own RCx projects by simply download the data entry form below. Enter your data and return the form by email to the address indicated into the form. These data will be added to the RCx projects database and could also serve to produce new RCx standardized case studies.. Download the recommissioning (RCx) data collection form (XLS, 1.6 MB) The data collected should target RCx activities and related benefits in a manner that is isolated from other activities that are not strictly related to RCx (e.g. energy efficiencies measures). For additional information, please refer to the RCx Guide for Building Owners and Managers.. ...
Note: Some of the files are Adobe Acrobat .pdf files.. You may download Adobe Acrobat Reader from the following link All Stars Data Collection Forms. ...
The Surveillance Programme of IN-patients and Epidemiology (SPINE), an unrelated system to the one set up in the UK, records information through touch-screen terminals located in the hospital adult internal medical wards. The electronic system is a £200,000 investment that took 8 months to develop and 3 months to implement, including sensitization and training. Coding is based on open source software named Ruby ( and therefore allows the sharing of software packages created in different hospitals and from different initiatives at no added cost. The screens are generated from standard HTML web forms using the touch-screen Toolkit. The electronic medical record (EMR) is a password-protected web-based application developed using completely open source platforms. SPINE is connected to the ARV clinic system, enabling patients registered in either system to be recognized by both. When a patient is discharged from hospital a member of the clinical team looking after the ...
While data are essential to behavior analysis, collecting the type of data that behavior analysts often require can be a labor-intensive and time-consuming task. There have been many attempts to reduce the amount of time and effort required to collect behavioral data; most research in this area has been focused on computerized or electronic ways to do this (Dixon, 2003). While electronic data collection seems to be gaining popularity within applied behavior analysis, many obstacles still exist. The purpose of this project was to design a data collection system that is cost-efficient, adaptable, easy to use, and effective at increasing data collection adherence. All the programmed technology used in this study is free and can be downloaded onto any device that runs Apple iOS, Google Android, or Microsoft Windows. This study used a customized data spreadsheet with embedded immediate graphic feedback using the Microsoft Excel® app and automatic scheduled prompts using a calendar app. This study used an A
Background: Periodic demographic health surveillance and surveys are the main sources of health information in developing countries. Conducting a survey requires extensive use of paper-pen and manual work and lengthy processes to generate the required information. Despite the rise of popularity in using electronic data collection systems to alleviate the problems, sufficient evidence is not available to support the use of electronic data capture (EDC) tools in interviewer-administered data collection processes. Objective: This study aimed to compare data quality parameters in the data collected using mobile electronic and standard paper-based data capture tools in one of the health and demographic surveillance sites in northwest Ethiopia. Methods: A randomized controlled crossover health care information technology evaluation was conducted from May 10, 2016, to June 3, 2016, in a demographic and surveillance site. A total of 12 interviewers, as 2 individuals (one of them with a tablet computer and the
Sample Collection Tools | Cleanflow. Shop for water quality sample collection tools, including Dipper Samplers, Imhoff Cones, Settleometers, Secchi Disks, Teles Tagged Dipper-Samplers.
Sample Collection Tools | Cleanflow. Shop for water quality sample collection tools, including Dipper Samplers, Imhoff Cones, Settleometers, Secchi Disks, Teles Tagged Secchi-Disks.
Background There is stigma attached to the identification of residents carrying antimicrobial resistant organisms (ARO) in long term care homes, yet there is a need to collect data about their prevalence for public health surveillance and intervention purposes. Objective We conducted a point prevalence study to assess ARO rates in long term care homes in Ontario using a secure data collection system. Methods All long term care homes in the province were asked to provide colonization or infection counts for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE), and extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL) as recorded in their electronic medical records, and the number of current residents. Data was collected online during the October-November 2011 period using a Paillier cryptosystem that allows computation on encrypted data. Results A provably secure data collection system was implemented. Overall, 82% of the homes in the province responded. MRSA was the most
The Department has received a 6 million dollar State Longitudinal Data Systems grant from the US Department of Education. Part of this grant will be used to introduce new technology to improve the data collection process. Over time the ESE will implement the School Interoperability Framework to already existing data collection systems and provide grant opportunities for local school districts to participate in the SIF initiative.. SSDR: School Safety Discipline Report ...
Web analytics and surveys/feedback forms are used by over 80% of respondents to inform data collection, followed by voice of the customer tools, used by over 60% of respondents.
Rotenberg said gathering the data without collecting identifiable information about individuals can be beneficial to help fight the pandemic, but he cautions the agency should not go too far.. There are some lines to draw here and it is when youre talking about a particular person or disclosing that particular persons data to someone else, Rotenberg said.. The details of how exactly the CDC will conduct the system are still unclear.. The good news here is that the public health organizations, particularly in democratic countries, have always been very careful, Rotenberg said. This is not the first time that the United States has confronted significant communicable diseases.. The CDC is required to report to Congress about the development of the system within the month. ...
Regional Library resource containing information dedicated to assisting people in obtaining and researching Workforce Development Services.
Regional Library resource containing information dedicated to assisting people in obtaining and researching Workforce Development Services.
CyberTracker Software integrated for the use of tracking animals, birds, insects and other creatures in the animal kingdom through the latest in modern science and technology - an ancient art in a modern world.
This demonstration presents a tool, called DustDoctor, for troubleshooting sensor data fusion systems in which data is combined from multiple heterogeneous sour
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HIV InSites Countries and Regions section features statistics and multidisciplinary research on and analysis of the context, impact, and response to HIV/AIDS worldwide.
Seriously, we love to help! Give our team at Berry Wing a call.. Every 1-star review of an app is someone who didnt ask for help. Were happy to turn that 1-star into 5!. Drop us a line to either of our teams:. ...
Zoho Forms is a leading online data collection app that lets you collect data, both online and offline anytime, anywhere. With native apps for iPhone, Android, and iPad devices, mobile data collection is a breeze. Works well for field data collection needs. Sign up for free.
WebTrends is an organization providing digital marketing solutions for companies looking to expand their Web presence in the social and mobile arenas, as well as on the Web. Their platform focuses on leveraging analytics and data collection to empower their clients to make informed decisions about their digital marketing endeavors. The WebTrends Data Collection API is designed to connect with user applications, functioning as a collection tool for analytics data and metrics. With this API, developers can programmatically create automated data collection tools that will post relevant data to the users account in WebTrends data collection server. This service can also be configured to identify end-users for a more finely grained data set that reflects individual user behavior.
Systemwide Wastewater Collection System Permitting. The Systemwide Wastewater Collection Permit program provides for performance standards, minimum design, and construction requirements, capital improvement plans, operation and maintenance requirements, and minimum reporting requirements for municpal and domestic wastewater collection systems. Collection systems having an actual, permitted or Division approved average daily flow less than 200,000 gallons per day are deemed permitted and must meet all specific criteria listed in rule 15A NCAC 02T.0403.. ...
Article IP data collection. FlashRES resistivity meter collects 4*N voltages for each AB current injection. When operator sets the instrument collectIP data, the system will default the on time equals to the off time. ZZ finds sometime operators n...
focused more on that? Research Methods How well did the study design work in practice? Did you have any problems with the data collection process? You used an existing research method and developed it further -/for interpreting them as... instead? You said in your thesis that... - can you expand on that point? In what way do you consider your thesis to be original? Conclusions/Implications What are the empirical, practice, and theoretical implications of your findings? How would you hope that this research/. ...
Legislation that would force all states to collect data on benign brain tumors got a hearing before a House subcommittee in mid-November. That was the critical first step needed before Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif), the measures sponsor, could 1
Facebook wants to know a lot more about you. The social-networking giant is testing technology that would sharply increase the amount of data it collects about...
The Knee Score consists of points given for pain, range of motion, and stability in both the coronal and sagittal planes, with deductions for fixed deformity, and extensor lag. The Function Score consists of points given for the ability to walk on level surfaces, and the ability to ascend and descend stairs, with deductions for the use of external supporting devices ...
Thanks for helping fill this out. CLAS is working hard to represent students among the various committees and positions in our shared governance structure. We want to poll students, and use this data to strengthen our arguments throughout Brooklyn College, CUNY, & Albany to lobby for Students.. ...
This form supersedes Form RT3119-A Iss 3. The changes are only small amendments to references and to include a field for scanned signatures. This form was designed to record information for the purpose of investigation into Category A signal passed at danger (SPAD). RGSonline provides an editable PDF of this form but a Word file is available on the SPAD page of RSSBs website: Users should note that both the PDF and MS Word versions are identical in content ...
The recommendations were developed after an in-depth analysis of data collection from the police and justice sectors. They aim to improve administrative data collection on intimate partner violence to better inform policies and to help the Member States meet the monitoring requirements outlined in both Directive 2012/29/EU (the Victims Rights Directive) and the Istanbul Convention.
The recommendations were developed after an in-depth analysis of data collection from the police and justice sectors. They aim to improve administrative data collection on intimate partner violence to better inform policies and to help the Member States meet the monitoring requirements outlined in both Directive 2012/29/EU (the Victims Rights Directive) and the Istanbul Convention.
Wieland, B., Dione, M., Alemu, B., Fevre, E., Grace, D., Omoya, L., Ström, G., Roesel, K., Wenemark, M., Muneri, C., Lindahl, E. and Magnusson, U. 2019. AMUSE Livestock, version 2―Antimicrobial use in livestock production: A tool to harmonise data collection on knowledge, attitude and practices. Nairobi, Kenya: ILRI ...
Athletics (track and field) is a global sport and the largest at the Olympics Games, contributing about 20% of all participants ( Athletics includes the track and field disciplines of track running, jumping and throwing, race walking and cross-country and road running. The sport is governed by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF; World Outdoor Championships are held every second year at which almost 2000 athletes representing all continents compete.1-3 From clinical experience, we know that competition and training in Athletics poses considerable risks of injuries and illnesses. Despite this, few studies have prospectively reported injury and illness incidences and patterns in populations of athletes representing all groups of events over the course of an entire season or longer.6-8. In 2007, the IAAF introduced routine data collection on injury incidence and characteristics during the World Championships.1 Since 2008, ...
The article reports that a smart form, or an electronic data collection tool created using Microsoft InfoPath, has been developed by a team of analysts and informatics specialists for research organizations. The smart form aims to increase consistency, efficiency and reliability of quality improvement (QI) and auditing processes. One of the users of the smart form is the University of Dentistry and Medicine (UDMNJ) of New Jersey in Newark, New Jersey ...
Contributors. PART I PERSPECTIVES ON TELEPHONE SURVEY METHODOLOGY.. 1 Telephone Survey Methods: Adapting to Change (Clyde Tucker and James M. Lepkowski).. PART II SAMPLING AND ESTIMATION.. 2 Sampling and Weighting in Household Telephone Surveys (William D. Kalsbeek and Robert P. Agans).. 3 Recent Trends in Household Telephone Coverage in the United States (Stephen J. Blumberg, Julian V. Luke, Marcie L. Cynamon, and Martin R. Frankel).. 4 The Infl uence of Mobile Telephones on Telephone Surveys (Vesa Kuusela, Mario Callegaro, and Vasja Vehovar).. 5 Methods for Sampling Rare Populations in Telephone Surveys (Ismael Flores Cervantes and Graham Kalton).. 6 Multiplicity-Based Sampling for the Mobile Telephone Population: Coverage, Nonresponse, and Measurement Issues (Robert Tortora, Robert M. Groves, and Emilia Peytcheva).. 7 Multiple Mode and Frame Telephone Surveys (J. Michael Brick and James M. Lepkowski).. 8 Weighting Telephone Samples Using Propensity Scores (Sunghee Lee and Richard ...
Well soon see, thanks to a new project just launched by CIRA with the help of Concordia researcher Fenwick McKelvey. Through a simple web app, the new .CA Internet Performance Test, Canadians can evaluate several performance indicators of their internet connections - including how fast they can download and upload content.. As each user performs a test, data is anonymously collected and aggregated into a large dataset. The result: a better understanding of Canadas internet infrastructures capabilities and the ability to compare connection speeds geographically.. The test will generate reliable, neutral and open data from across the country. It will also help make service providers more accountable, while painting a more accurate picture of internet usage nationwide.. For McKelvey, an assistant professor in Concordias Department of Communication Studies, the project is a great opportunity to partner with Canadian citizens from coast to coast to coast to build a map of internet service across ...
0073] To detect and remove the guide wire and other similar artifacts from the image, an ellipse is fitted to the foreground of a median mask (shown in FIG. 11a). The area inside of the ellipse is then blanked to remove any small disconnected regions as shown in FIG. 11B. Applying the resulting mask to the OCT image, the average intensity value along each scan line of the masked OCT image is calculated (shown in FIG. 11c as a plurality of scan lines of varying shading). The guide wire shadow is then identified via the use of a suitable gradient filter, such as the Sobel edge detector and the guide wire offset (its radial distance from the catheter) is detected inside the guide wire shadow region. Shadows from other sources such as stent struts and residual blood are also detected and need to be delineated from the guide wire shadow. The midpoints of all detected shadow regions on all frames is then collected and used as nodes to build a minimum spanning tree. In one embodiment of the invention, ...
This data is from the California Safe Cosmetics Program (CSCP) in the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). The primary purpose of the CSCP is to collect information on hazardous and potentially hazardous ingredients in cosmetic products sold in California and to make this information available to the public.. For all cosmetic products sold in California, the California Safe Cosmetics Act (the Act) requires the manufacturer, packer, and/or distributor named on the product label to provide to the CSCP a list of all cosmetic products that contain any ingredients known or suspected to cause cancer, birth defects, or other developmental or reproductive harm.. To assist companies with reporting, CDPH has compiled a list of reportable ingredients based on lists and reports available from the authoritative scientific bodies cited in the Act to cause cancer or reproductive harm; it is meant to serve as guidance and is not all-inclusive. Companies with reportable ingredients in their products ...
At the Center for Earth Observation and Citizen Science (EOCS) of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), we have been producing tools designed to engage citizens in documenting and sharing land use and land cover information. Here are a few examples of our products:. 1. Geo-Wiki:. The Geo-Wiki platform provides citizens with the means to engage in environmental monitoring of the earth by providing feedback on existing information overlaid on satellite imagery or by contributing entirely new data. Data can be input via the traditional desktop platform or mobile devices, with campaigns and games used to incentivize input. These innovative techniques have been used to successfully integrate citizen-derived data sources with expert and authoritative data. Since 2009, Geo-Wiki has grown rapidly, with currently over 15,000 registered users and applications in many successful citizen science campaigns, most recently crowdsourcing global agricultural field-size data, ...
This 484 word essay is about Public opinion, Survey methodology, Lobbying, Political terminology, Opinion poll, Psychometrics, Advocacy group. Read the full essay now!
Combining work, family and personal life is a substantive element of the Decent Work Agenda. The legal framework indicators for Combining work, family and personal life measure the existence and scope of maternity, paternity and parental leave laws. They form part of the indicators developed for Measuring Decent Work. This section provides a short and comprehensive overview of these legal indicators as contained in the Database of Conditions of Work and Employment Laws on maternity protection. More information is also available in the global report on Maternity at work: A review of national legislation. Second edition (see executive summaries).. The Legal Indicators for Combining work, family and personal life include:. ...
Dataindførsel & Telemarketing Projects for $250 - $750. I am looking for some individual who can database a list of all the mortgage lenders in Wisconsin (US). I want company names, addresses and phone numbers. I will have 1 phone call made to each place...
Choosing to participate in a study is an important personal decision. Talk with your doctor and family members or friends about deciding to join a study. To learn more about this study, you or your doctor may contact the study research staff using the contacts provided below. For general information, Learn About Clinical Studies. ...
STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: A detailed microcosting study was used to cost two key inputs into transfusion: transfusion laboratory and nursing inputs. For each input, data collection forms were developed to capture staff time, equipment, and consumables associated with each step in the transfusion process. Costing results were combined with costs of blood product wastage to calculate the cost per unit transfused, separately for different blood products. Data were collected in 2014/15 British pounds and converted to US dollars.. RESULTS: A total of 438 data collection forms were completed by 74 staff. The cost of administering blood was $71 (£49) per unit for red blood cells, $84 (£58) for platelets, $55 (£38) for fresh-frozen plasma, and $72 (£49) for cryoprecipitate.. CONCLUSIONS: Blood administration costs add substantially to the costs of the blood products themselves. These are frequently incurred costs; applying estimates to the blood components supplied to UK hospitals in 2015, the ...
A blood component collection system with optimization capabilities. In one embodiment, process parameters are derived from an input/configured predetermined blood component yield and which is based upon the maximization of at least one process parameter. Thereafter, the blood component collection procedure is performed with these derived process control parameters. In another embodiment, process parameters are derived from an input total procedure time from a maximized value for at least one of the other process control parameters so as to maximize blood component yield in this fixed time. Thereafter, the blood component collection procedure is performed with these derived parameters.
The National Household Education Survey (NHES) series reports information on the condition of education in the United States by collecting data at the household level rather than using a traditional school-based data collection system. The surveys attempt to address many current issues in education, such as preprimary education, school safety and discipline, adult education, and activities related to citizenship. This survey included two topical survey components: Parent/Family Involvement in Education (PFI) and Adult and Youth Civic Involvement (CI). The PFI component, which elicited information from parents and children aged 3 years through grade 12, focused on four areas: types and frequency of family involvement in childrens schools, communication with teachers or other school personnel, childrens homework and behavior, and learning activities with children outside of school. Other information collected for this component pertained to student experiences at school, childrens personal and ...
Abstract The limited availability of Hispanic health data has hampered the development of targeted public health policies. Hispanics represent 11.5 percent of the population and are projected to become the largest minority group in the United States by the year 2010. This paper explores current issues in Hispanic health data collection, examines methodological concerns, and presents recommendations for future Hispanic public health data collection. Data are derived from statistical reports of the U.S. Bureau of the Census, National Center for Health Statistics, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and other empirical studies. Recommendations include: collecting both race and ethnic-specific data by Hispanic subgroup, designing appropriate data collection instruments and approaches, and selecting referent groups for comparison purposes. The authors conclude that the renewed national focus on health disparities among underserved populations requires an increased commitment to adequately identify Hispanic ...
Washington, D.C. (August 15, 2019) - At the Federal Communication Commissions (FCC) August 1 Open Meeting, the Commission approved a highly anticipated Report and Order and Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on the topic of broadband data collection and mapping. The Report and Order (Order) establishes the Digital Opportunity Data Collection, distinct from the current data collection process called Form 477, which will gather geospatial broadband service availability data to advance the goal of universal service.. In the Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (Second Further Notice), the FCC asks stakeholders to respond to a variety of questions on the new Digital Opportunity Data Collection in order to enhance the accuracy and usefulness of broadband deployment reporting.. Click here or on the below image to read a Connected Nation Policy Brief that provides understanding of this Order. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or concerns. ...
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TY - JOUR. T1 - What micronutrient deficiencies should be considered in distinct neurological disorders? Topical collection on nutrition and obesity. AU - Maxwell IV, Pinckney J.. AU - Montgomery, Stephanie C.. AU - Cavallazzi, Rodrigo. AU - Martindale, Robert. PY - 2013. Y1 - 2013. N2 - The expanding understanding of the biochemical and physiologic role of micronutrients, commonly referred to as vitamins and minerals, is driving the identification of their consequences in both deficiency and toxicity. Neural tissue is quite sensitive to physiologic changes, and as such, micronutrient deficiencies can have significant and profound effects on the functioning of both the central and peripheral nervous systems. Understanding which micronutrients can affect the nervous system can aid physician identification of these neurological symptoms and signs, leading to diagnostic testing and appropriate therapy.. AB - The expanding understanding of the biochemical and physiologic role of micronutrients, ...
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A dual chamber aseptic suction collection system and method employing separable blood and collection reservoirs one of which retains withdrawn blood capable of reinfusion into the patient. The collection system provides an automatic sealing mechanism to completely seal the blood reservoir upon detachment from the collection reservoir. The invention furthermore encompasses a method for using the dual chamber system which includes the isolation of collected blood in a sealable container.
In qualitative research, the researcher is the primary data collection instrument. Qualitative research involves data collected from participant observations, interviews, questionnaires, phone calls, focus groups etc. Interviewing, focus groups, and participant observation are common modes of qualitative data gathering.[4] Interviews are used in most types of qualitative research. Participant observation is a method particularly employed by ethnographers in the anthropological tradition.[4] It is used to learn about the naturally occurring routines, interactions and practices of a particular group of people in their social environments, and so to understand their culture.[4] When a researcher becomes a part of the participants in the situation under observation, it is called a participant observer. Furthermore, qualitative data can be used to strengthen quantitative research designs in general and intervention research designs (i.e., experimental, quasi-experimental) in particular.[7] For ...
This study investigated the participation of secondary school administrators in school safety and implementation of safety policies with regard to physical infrastructure and waste disposal in some selected public schools in Kenya. The study adopted a descriptive survey research design; purposive sampling was used to select the respondents comprising of school administrators i.e. 35 Head Teachers (HT), 28 Deputy Head Teachers (DHT) and 12 Head of Departments (HOD) drawn from 75 public secondary schools and 3 Quality Assurance and Standards officers (QASO) as key informants. Data collection instruments included head teachers and QASOs questionnaires, interview schedules and observation schedule. Data collected was analyzed by use of descriptive statistics and presented in tables. The study found out that only 20% of the schools had constituted safety sub-committees, none (0%) of the HTs and DHTs served as secretary or member of the sub-committee respectively as required by policy. All respondents ...
Leong, S. (Data Collector), Lynch, E. M. (Data Collector), Zou, J. (Data Collector), Tay, T. (Data Collector), Borek, W. (Data Collector), Tuijtel, M. (Data Collector), Rappsilber, J. (Data Collector) & Sawin, K. (Data Collector), PRIDE database hosted by European Bioinformatics Institute, EBI, 27 May 2019. Dataset ...
REMOTE HEALTH MONITORING SYSTEM - A data collection system collects and stores physiological data from an ambulatory patient at a high resolution and/or a high data rate (more detailed data) and sends a low-resolution and/or downsampled version of the data (less detailed data) to a remote server via a wireless network. The server automatically analyzes the less detailed data to detect an anomaly, such as an arrhythmia. A two-tiered analysis scheme is used, where the first tier is more sensitive and less specific than the second tier. If the more sensitive analysis detects or suspects the anomaly, the server signals the data collector to send more detailed data that corresponds to a time period associated with the anomaly. The more specific second tier analyses the more detailed data to verify the anomaly. The server may also store the received data and make it available to a user, such as via a graphical or tabular display ...
Data collected by a secure automated data collection system can be used to effectively manage various gaming systems including wired and/or wireless gaming networks. Managing a gaming network can, for
The clinic was evaluated and results showed the clinic met or exceeded identified goals. The clinic was evaluated by the Center for Community Health and Evaluation (CCHE) at Group Health Research Institute. The CCHE developed the evaluation plan and logic model, designed data collection tools, recruited evaluation volunteers, oversaw data collection efforts, administered a survey, and analyzed survey and clinic data. Primary data sources included patient surveys, volunteer surveys, and a web application that tracked services access and patient and volunteer numbers. Evaluation activities focused on two main aspects of the clinic due to limited resources: the patient experience and the volunteer experience. Overall 98% of patients surveyed were satisfied with the care they received and 96% of volunteers were satisfied with their experience. The following discussion references data from 2014 only, as the evaluation of the 2015 clinic has not yet been completed. Clinic achievements as reflected in ...
Communicative competence is one of the major goals which learners of English language seek to achieve. The aim of the present study is to explore the level of communicative competence among English majors in the Faculty of Education in Hodeidah University in Yemen. The participants in this study are third and fourth year students in the English department of the Faculty of Education. The data collection instrument was an Informal ESOL Speaking Assessment Test by Susan Bubp (2007) a coordinator in Adult Education Mini- Grant Projects. The findings of the study reveal that the students in the advanced levels in the Faculty of Education have a very poor degree of communicative competence in English language. Based on the findings the study suggests some pedagogical implications to improve the communicative competence of English majors ...
Note to Users: This program is designed to create a codebook that matches the distribution dataset. Codebook content is derived from the data collection system used to gather information for this study, e.g. Blaise. If you have any questions or suggestions concerning codebook layout or content please bring them to the attention of the HRS staff at [email protected] ...
A biopsy collection system for use during colonoscopies, esophagogastroduodenoscopy, prostate and liver procedures. The system provides a device and method which enable safe and secure handling of transparent specimen containers during a biopsy collection procedure and which permit the ready visualization of minuscule tissue samples within a minimum of time during such a procedure. The device includes structure for safely securing transparent specimen containers in a hands-free condition on the device and structure for selectively illuminating one or more of the specimen containers by a light source directing light upwardly through the specimen container so that a person looking from a position above the specimen container can readily visualize the presence and quality of a minuscule tissue sample.
Aim: This study aimed to develop an instrument to assess consumer attitude toward new foods. Methods: This was a descriptive study. The five-point Likert-type scale comprised three subscales and 25 items. In the study, the Demographic Information Form, the Scale for Attitude toward New Foods (SATNF) and the Innovativeness Scale (IS) were used as data collection instruments. Study group: The study sample comprised 300 respondents selected with convenience sampling. The results of the factor analysis performed to test construct validity yielded item factor loadings varying between 0.32 and 0.70 while Cronbachs alpha values for the skepticism, innovativeness and traditionalism subscales were computed as 0.74, 0.80 and 0.72, respectively. The applicability of factor analysis to the data structure was tested with a Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin test (0.76) and a Bartletts test of sphericity (X-2 = 1855.123; p< 0.000). Results and Discussion: The findings indicated that the scale was a valid and reliable ...
Both bivariate and multivariate analytic approaches were used to examine 2010 NAMCS data in order to answer the research question. The NAMCS was designed and is used to collect data on the actual use and provision of ambulatory care services throughout the US. A national sample of ambulatory care visits are surveyed in order to collect the data. A complex four-stage probability sampling design is employed in the data collection process. A description of the sampling strategy is discussed elsewhere [25]. Because they were the most recently available data at the onset of this study, the 2010 NAMCS data were used. These data are weighted, by the survey designers, to be nationally representative of patient health records.. As recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Preventions (CDC) National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), all analyses were performed on weighted data. The weighting, as calculated, uses the most recently available census data to provide a stratified representation of ...
What does this mean and reasons for caution?. It is likely that the improvement in survival reported in the UK CF Registry from 2007 to 2010 represented the improvement in survival among people with typical CF who are pancreatic insufficient. This suggests a true improvement in survival, rather than just an effect of including more people in the registry with more mild disease. Along with the findings of another study that the median age of death among people with CF is improving more rapidly than that of the general population, this should engender hope among the CF population. However, only data for four years were analysed and this analysis may be affected by the improvement of the data collection system.. ...
Duration of Cookies. We may use either session cookies or persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary and expire once you close your browser or once your session ends. Persistent cookies remain on your device for much longer or until you or your browser erase them. Persistent cookies have varying durations that are dependent on their expiration date. Why do we use Cookies? Cookies help us improve the Site and Service by providing us with information about which parts of the Site and Service are most popular, enabling us to analyze technical and navigational information about the Site and Service, and helping us to detect and prevent fraud. We also use cookies and other data collection tools (such as web beacons and server logs) to help improve your experience with the Site and Service. For example, we use Google Analytics to help analyze how users use the Site. These tools use cookies to collect standard Internet log information and visitor behavior information in an anonymous form. ...
The Canberra Hospital is a Level 1 Trauma Centre which treats approximately 4000 fracture trauma cases per year. The cost of this service exceeds $55 million per annum with a staff compliment of 12 VMOs, 13 registrars and 6 interns. The treatment data for these patients is curated within the medical record in a way which is difficult/time consuming to retrieve and often inaccurately coded. Further there is no facility to evaluate patient outcomes except in cases of complaint. Therefore the utility of this record for evaluation and research is minimal.. Canberra Hospital is not alone in this. It is well recognized that there is an urgent need for precise, intuitive and clinically meaningful data collection instruments which engage the clinician and inform the administration. It is on this background that iFracture was built.. The longitudinal measurement of patient-reported outcomes is a common currency by which treatment efficacy can be measured across a number of clinical disciplines. By ...
INTRODUCTION. Given the large number of alterations that can be found in the oral mucosa of children, we must be able to detect these lesions, perform a correct diagnosis and apply the appropriate treatment (1). Inadequate behaviour in the conventional examination of the oral mucosa and in the differential diagnosis of lesions found can lead to important lesions being overlooked and to the indication of inappropriate treatment (2).. Studies on this issue in children are very scarce, unlike epidemiological studies on caries and periodontal disease. Despite the efforts made by different groups, development of an appropriate data collection system is hampered by a series of methodological problems that have yet to be resolved. Moreover, in Spain there has been an almost complete absence of epidemiological studies that specifically address the prevalence of oral lesions in children, except for a study in Oviedo on a population of six-year-olds.. PREVALENCE STUDIES OF MUCOSAL LESIONS IN ...
This pilot-scale experiment was performed in the sand pit area at the University of Waterloo Groundwater Research Facility at CFB Borden located near Alliston, ON. A multicomponent PHC source zone (3 m x 3 m) was emplaced in 2012 between 1 and 3 m below ground surface inside a sheet pile walled experimental gate. Simulation tools were used to design an optimal sulfate dosage system that would satisfy the reagent delivery and remediation requirements. Three episodes of sulfate release (5 m3 of 5-20 g/L Na2SO4, and 0.3 g/L (NH4)2SO4) at the ground surface were conducted over an 8-month period. A host of multilevel monitoring wells in conjunction with a real-time resistivity data collection system was employed to continuously track sulfate patterns and migration. Treatment performance was evaluated based on changes in sulfate concentration in the plume and PHC mass discharge across a downgradient monitoring fence line. Results from compound specific isotope analysis (CSIA) and biomarker tools were ...
Step 1: Project Initiation & Team Selection During this preliminary investigation, all staff members involved in the industry discusses the topic in detail. Step 2: Prepare Data Systems and Perform Secondary Research The first task of the research team is to prepare for the data collection process: Filing systems and relational databases are developed as needed. Step 3: Preparation for Interviews & Questionnaire Design The core of all iData research reports is primary market research. Interviews with industry insiders represent the single most reliable way to obtain accurate, current data about market conditions, trends, threats and opportunities. Step 4: Performing Primary Research At this stage, interviews are performed using contacts and information acquired in the secondary research phase. Step 5: Research Analysis: Establishing Baseline Estimates Following the completion of the primary research phase, the collected information must be synthesized into an accurate view of the market status. ...
The present invention relates to a wetness monitoring system that includes a data collection device that sends wetness measurement data to a central computer that detects changes in wetness measurement data caused by the presence of urine or other dielectric fluids. The data collection device includes a semi-reusable sensor and reusable data collector that are worn on a garment of the person. The data collector includes an internal power source so that the person can live a normal ambulatory life. The data collector has an electrical circuit that uses the changing resistance characteristics in the sensor to gather wetness measurement data. The data collector periodically generates and transmits a signal containing the actual wetness measurement data. The signals are coded to identify the particular data collector or person sending the signal. The data collector is programmed to conserve power by sending signals less frequently during periods when the sensor is clearly dry. Signals are sent more
Hardware and software of WANDER, an embedded Linux field data collection system developed by Steven Roberts and Ned Konz in 2002.
Moreover, this is still a simplified example. We have thus far only talked about my measurement error. There are all sorts of external sources of variation that insert themselves into the system. What if I randomly sampled the light sensor across the year to collect data on baseline light levels when the lamp is on and off? Then there are new conditions, new sources of uncertainty.. Recall that I previously collected light data when the lamp is on and off, in order to operationalize and quantify what I consider dark and not dark, on a May Tuesday at 4pm. My statistical inference is based on whether my current light data is improbably larger than would be expected assuming the light measure is under the operationalized dark regime. But across multiple data collections, there can be several random sources of light variation that are irrelevant to my question, but nevertheless affect my data collection process.. If I collected light data across multiple rooms, multiple days, multiple seasons, ...
Web-based surveys hold promise. Among the many advantages Web-based surveys bring are rapid return of data, reduced effort in data handling, and potentially lower study costs. With convenience come caveats. The most important caveat is that there are challenges calculating response rates and generalizing findings from data collected in an open Web-based survey. In theory, when performing an open Web-based survey every Web browsing person who sees the survey and does not complete it is a nonrespondent, so keeping track of every visitor may indicate phenomenally low response rates. Another problem with open Web-based surveys is that the results of open Web-based surveys are not generalizable to the general population. Surveys posted on the Web are not viewed by the general population but rather a self-selected group of Web users, and, according to much research, Web users are significantly different in many ways from non-Web users. Further complicating results, those Web users who arrive at the ...
Data collection. Baku - 2013.. ... Qələbin Waterfall of the Kalabala village in the area of data ...
Data collection. Baku - 2013. Azerbaijani waterfalls to refresh your spring Qax haqqinda bütün məlumatlar. ...
"Data Collection". Retrieved 25 February 2021. "schoolist". Retrieved 25 February 2021. v t e ...
Data collection. Data must be collected from an appropriate random sample of charts or prescription records at the health care ... Data collection forms based on these standards can be configured as simple yes/no questions, or can include filling in open ... Computer will show data which are in violation of the standard. The standard are the rules or expectations for the outcome ... The data is tabulated in a format corresponding to the criteria selected for drug utilization review. The percentage of cases ...
The data tables will confirm how the poll was conducted. Whatever the data collection method, all respondents are weighted ... "Data Collection". Ipsos MORI. Archived from the original on 10 August 2011. Retrieved 26 July 2011. "Tories lead in my first ... Each polling organisation uses slightly different methodology in their collection of data; a brief description of each ... Data is not weighted according to the way respondents voted at the previous general election, any respondents who say they do ...
"Data Collection". Retrieved 30 January 2021. v t e. ...
Data collection. Data analysis. Report writing & presentation. A brief discussion on these steps is: Problem audit and problem ... The data collection steps, can in some instances be automated, but often require significant manpower to undertake. ... Data collection - Use mail, telephone, internet, mall intercepts Codification and re-specification - Make adjustments to the ... The data acquired for quantitative marketing research can be analysed by almost any of the range of techniques of statistical ...
"Data Collection". Retrieved 20 April 2020. ...
Data collection. Baku - 2013. Lerik waterfalls. Baku. Mekteb press journal. 2017. Г.Т.Арсеев "Водопады", Москва, 1987 Günəşli ( ...
"Data Collection". Retrieved 4 March 2021. "saharsham". Retrieved 4 March 2021. "RGMHSS,Mokeri,Panoor". m. ... "Sametham - Kerala School Data Bank". Retrieved 5 March 2021. "RGMHSS". The New Indian Express. ...
Community observation and data collection. Observe the selected online communities in a non-participatory, non-biased manner. ... Data analysis. Analyze data with automated software and manual methods in order to uncover patterns from the data analyses. ... Find this data, analyse it, and this small but in-depth data could be the answer to the research question. The goal of a ... Data collection. Compared with traditional ethnography which requires researchers physically immerse into the samples to ...
Data collection. Baku - 2013. Explanatory dictionary of geomorphological terms. Baku. "Elm". 2012. Lerik waterfalls. Baku. ...
"Frequency Map of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (Radio Pakistan)". Data Collection. Archived from the original on 28 ...
"Data collection". "South China University of Technology Rankings". Top Universities. Retrieved 2020-12-02. "South China ...
"Data Collection Methodology". Archived from the original on 6 August 2019. Retrieved 13 July 2017. https:// ... Data from 2014 showed there has been a nine-fold increase in the number of deaths from terrorism since 2000. Terrorist activity ... Data showed that terrorism increased by 234 per cent from 2002 to 2011. The 2012 report found that the global impact of ... The GTI is based on data from the Global Terrorism Database (GTD) which is collected and collated by the National Consortium ...
For the "Long-Form" questionnaire, all the above data topics are included (a total of 46 items). A multi-modal data collection ... In the second phase of data collection, C&SD will arrange census officers to visit households that have not yet provided their ... "Data Collection Methods". 2021 Population Census Thematic Website. Hong Kong: Census and Statistics Department. "Census and ... and telephone interview has been added as an additional data collection mode. Since 1961, a population census has been ...
Rantzau, Henrik (1602). "Astrological data collection". Tractatus Astrologicus. BOOK XVI: HISTORY OF THE ESOTERIC ORDERS. ... astrological data collector and mathematician. He was born to a poor family in the Kingdom of Naples, and studied judicial ... History of Science Collections, University of Oklahoma Libraries High resolution images of works by and/or portraits of Luca ...
"IPUMS 1860 Census Data". IPUMS Data Collection. Retrieved March 1, 2011. Wilhelm, Kurt. "Essex, MA Census 1860". 1860 Federal ... as supported by the data of very large amounts of farm related work as compared to most other labor options. IPUMS' data also ... No data for slavery in 1860 is provided in the 1860 Census, which was published in 1864. Population of the 100 Largest Cities ... National data reveals that farmers (owners and tenants) made up nearly 10% of utilized occupations. Farm laborers (wage workers ...
"". Data collection: RRID. Retrieved 18 April 2016. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "NIDA supports ... It is intended to provide a common source of data to the research community and the data about Research Resource Identifiers ( ... These identifiers should be fully searchable by data mining unlike supplementary files, and can be updated to new versions as ... It is a community portal for researchers and a content management system for data and databases. ...
Time data collection; Data analysis; Reporting. Easy analysis of working areas The collection of time data can be done in ... Time and motion data can be captured with a common stopwatch, a handheld computer or a video recorder. There are a number of ... As an alternative, time and motion data can be collected automatically from the memory of computer-control machines (i.e. ... An advantage is the data can be more consistent, complete, and accurate than with self-reporting. Self-reporting: Self-reported ...
"Frances Burke textile designer". Retrieved 2020-07-28. "Frances Burke Collection". Research Data ... This rich collection is now located in the RMIT's Design Hub. The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences also holds a collection ... The collection featured some of the best of post-war design and production methods. In the same year, Burke was commissioned to ... The collection consists of textile samples, photographs and design ephemera. ...
Definition of target behavior for data collection; Collection of data; Social narrative writing. Some guidelines for social ...
"Data Collection System". NASA Space Science Data Coordinated Archive. Retrieved May 17, 2017. "Landsat-1 to Landsat-3". ... The satellite was also equipped with a data collection system (DCS) to collect information from remote, individually equipped ... Due to the orbit of the satellite, data could be obtained at a minimum of every 12 hours. No data processing or signal ... and sensor performance data. Video data from the three-camera RBV system was transmitted in both real-time and tape recorder ...
"Mari Funaki Collection". Research Data Australia. Retrieved 2020-08-30. "Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewellery - Artist ... "Mari Funaki Collection". Research Data Australia. Retrieved 2020-08-31. Container with lid, 1995 Brooch, 1997 Bracelet 1, 2005 ... The RMIT holds a collection of over 200 books and art catalogues Mari Funaki: Objects Jane Devery, National Gallery of Victoria ... objects and sculptures are held in private and public collections including the National Gallery of Australia, the Powerhouse ...
Leading data collection. The Times provides booksellers with a form containing a list of books it believes might be bestsellers ... According to an EPJ Data Science study that used big data to analyze every New York Times bestselling book from 2008-2016, of ... Data is adjusted to give more weight to independent book stores, which are underrepresented in the sample. The lists are ... p. 4. it gives more emphasis on the literary novels and short-story collections reviewed so often in our pages Bosman, Julie ( ...
If enacted, the bill would (1) Require states to identify and report child sex trafficking victims; (2) Improve data collection ... Office of U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (Retrieved 2014-02-19) S. 1118: Child Sex Trafficking Data and Response Act of 2013. GovTrack ... Similar bills were introduced in Congress in 2013: S. 1118: Child Sex Trafficking Data and Response Act of 2013 introduced by ... National Indian Child Welfare Association, 2014-01-17 (Retrieved 2014-02-19) The Child Sex Trafficking Data and Response Act of ...
ISBN 1-4179-7578-4. Edmund West comp., Family Data Collection - Births., Provo, UT. 2001 online at FDCB Social ...
Data collection from 2011. Majorana, using high purity 76Ge p-type point-contact detectors. XMASS using liquid Xe Proposed/ ... Tretyak, V.I.; Zdesenko, Yu.G. (2002). "Tables of Double Beta Decay Data - An Update". At. Data Nucl. Data Tables. 80 (1): 83- ... Particle Data Group) (2016). "Review of Particle Physics" (PDF). Chinese Physics C. 40 (10): 100001. Bibcode:2016ChPhC.. ... Experiments taking data as of November 2017: COBRA, 116Cd in room temperature CdZnTe crystals CUORE, 130Te in ultracold TeO2 ...
"Crowdsource Your Data Collection?". Environmental Biophysics. Retrieved 20 July 2017. Graybeal, ... SciStarter is a collection of smart web tools and an event-based organization that connects people to more than 1,200 ... "Citizen Science Isn't Just About Collecting Data". Retrieved 20 July 2017. "SciStarter API". SciStarter. ... "Knight Prototype Fund Winners: Storytelling, Data, Secure Internet and More". MediaShift. Retrieved 17 August ...
"Tin Sheds Poster Collection". Research Data Australia. Retrieved 2020-09-09. "Eye Magazine , Feature , Political clout: ... "May Day poster". Retrieved 2020-10-06. hutr. "Posters Empowering Community: A Historical Snapshot of SA ... "Posters from the Earthworks Collective and Tin Sheds". Retrieved 2020-09-09. Tsara, Olga. "The Art of ... Another Planet and Redletter at LaTrobe journal gallery of posters Earthworks and Redback Graphics posters in the collection of ...
John Fisher, Margaret's chaplain and confessor from 1497 until her death, Hans Holbein the Younger, Royal Collection ... BNF: cb12345281c (data). *CANTIC: a11509430. *GND: 119277085. *ISNI: 0000 0001 2131 1084 ... and one or two other collections, edited by Sir Henry Ellis. Retrieved 8 April 2020. ...
FIFRA established registration for all pesticides, which is only done after a period of data collection to determine the ... Copies of the labels of most pesticides registered in the USA can be obtained at Crop Data Management Systems, Inc. ... The three categories have a similar application process, but have different data requirements and review policies. Depending on ... Falsification of any test-related information or the submission of any false data to support registration. ...
"National Climatic Data Center". National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, United States Department of Commerce. June 23 ... The City of Baytown operates the Sterling Municipal Library, which has a collection of 300,000 items. The original Goose Creek ...
The Eastern California Museum with extensive collections, exhibits, and programs; is located at 155 North Grant Street in ... Climate data for Independence, CA. Month. Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Year. ...
The Mary Astor Collection, historical website dedicated to the study of Mary Astor's work as an actress and author ... BNF: cb138909427 (data). *GND: 129622591. *ISNI: 0000 0003 6854 6926. *LCCN: n86034206 ... Mary Astor scrapbook, Brigham Young University, Harold B. Lee Library, L. Tom Perry Special Collections ...
A food web depicts a collection of polyphagous heterotrophic consumers that network and cycle the flow of energy and nutrients ... Ecologists collect data on trophic levels and food webs to statistically model and mathematically calculate parameters, such as ...
Advance Data from Vital and Health Statistics (343): 1-19. PMID 15188733.. CS1 maint: ref=harv (link). ... to the collection of individual histories of members of that group, or to the history of western medical practices that were ... Physician Data Query (PDQ®). National Cancer Institute (NCI), NIH. Archived from the original on 2012-12-15. Retrieved 2012-12- ... Even those with positive results can be better explained as resulting in false positives due to bias and noisy data.[177] ...
A Miocene crab (Tumidocarcinus giganteus) from the collection of the Children's Museum of Indianapolis ... "New genetic data shows humans and great apes diverged earlier than thought". ...
Fisheries Data Series. Alaska Department of Fish and Game.. *^ J. Zheng; M. C. Murphy; et al. (1997). "Application of a catch- ... This crab is in the collection of the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. ...
... inferred from mtDNA data". Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 29 (2): 250-257. doi:10.1016/S1055-7903(03)00096-4. PMID ... "Internet Bird Collection.. *Ageing and sexing (PDF; 2.9 MB) by Javier Blasco-Zumeta & Gerd-Michael Heinze ...
His other works include short stories, journalism, travel books (A Roman Journal), a famous collection of essays on Italian ... Data from Wikidata. French Wikisource has original text related to this article: Stendhal ...
A clear overlay on a map, on which notations, additional data, or copied data, can be drawn without damaging the map ... and several major library comic book research collections, including the Comic Art Collection at Michigan State University.[11] ... Scott, Randall W. (1998). "A Practicing Comic-Book Librarian Surveys His Collection and Craft". Serials Review. 24 (1): 49-56. ... "Albany library's entire collection exposed to smoke". Athens Messenger. Archived from the original on 2015-07-03. Retrieved ...
"Working Class Britain Collection. BBC. 10 May 1967. Archived from the original on 16 January 2009. Retrieved 31 May 2009.. . ...
The late-night or midnight salivary cortisol test has been gaining support due to its ease of collection and stability at room ... Cases of Cushing's disease are rare, and little epidemiological data is available on the disease. An 18-year study conducted on ...
The accompanying comprehensive book of the same title remains the most comprehensive collection of their work, incorporating ...
Profits are made through sale of the products of forced labor and through the collection of bribes received to reduce sentences ... What data have become available often vary widely.[18] ...
In this case, due to long automated calls, untrained workers, mismanagement of documents, poor data collection, and a variety ... Using data on credit offers and pricing, we document that improvements in households' financial health led to better terms for ... State-level data on health care spending, utilization, and insurance coverage, including details extensive Medicaid information ... "reduced unpaid medical bills sent to collection by $3.4 billion in its first two years, prevented new delinquencies, and ...
Mitochondrial DNA data for the D-loop sequence suggests that mallards may have evolved in the general area of Siberia. Mallard ... Egg, Collection Museum Wiesbaden. Egg clutches number 8-13 creamy white to greenish-buff eggs free of speckles.[77][78] They ...
Further information: Ordinal data. The ordinal type allows for rank order (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) by which data can be sorted, ... Statistical data type. References[edit]. *^ a b Kirch, Wilhelm, ed. (2008). "Level of Measurement". Encyclopedia of Public ... In Expert systems and artificial intelligence: the need for information about data. Library Association Report, London, March, ... On the other hand, the median, i.e. the middle-ranked item, makes no sense for the nominal type of data since ranking is ...
Data, Analysis. M.E. Sharpe. pp. 216-. ISBN 9780765606655. .. ... Transit and collection camps. Belgium. *Breendonk. *Mechelen. ...
Bloch, Arthur (1991). The Complete Murphy's Law: A Definitive Collection (revised ed.). Los Angeles, California: Price Stern ... worth of revenue and customer enquiry data for both it and a statement headline that Cody had also used.[34][35] He noted ... conducted by a data scientist and published on his blog, found that the majority (54 percent) were yes/no questions, which ... "Did Just Hand Over User Listening Data to the RIAA?" (Schonfeld 2009): ...
Live at Red Rocks: Under a Blood Red Sky (1983) · The Unforgettable Fire Collection (1985) · Achtung Baby the Videos, the ... Mother Records · The Dalton Brothers · Automatic Baby · Elevation Partners · DATA · EDUN · ONE Campaign · Product Red · Music ... data e fonte de publicação do trabalho para que o artigo permaneça verificável no futuro.. ...
"Data analysis slides by Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research". Archived from the original on ... Side effects included pain prior to the collection procedure as a result of GCSF injections, post-procedural generalized ... People who would like to be tested for a specific family member or friend without joining any of the bone marrow registry data ... In one metastudy that incorporated data from 377 donors, 44 percent of patients reported having adverse side effects after ...
End-user database, a collection of data developed by individual end-users. ... activities or techniques in which people who are not professional developers create automated behavior and complex data objects ...
Ian Fleming's 1966 short story collection Octopussy and The Living Daylights, and the 1983 James Bond film were partly inspired ... Relevant data at Google Ngram Viewer.. *^ "Octopus". 2014. Retrieved 4 February 2014.. ... hooking and hand collection.[139] Octopus is eaten in many cultures and is a common food on the Mediterranean and Asian coasts. ...
Některá data mohou pocházet z datové položky.. Vincent Grant Gill (* 12. dubna 1957 Norman, Oklahoma, USA) je americký country ... 1998: Breath of Heaven: A Christmas Collection. *2000: Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye ... Autoritní data: GND: 134581202 , ISNI: 0000 0000 8398 4762 , LCCN: n92001430 , VIAF: 12145971492232331823 , WorldcatID: lccn- ...
Fowler, H.W. (1994). A Dictionary of Modern English Usage (Wordsworth Collection) (Wordsworth Collection). NTC/Contemporary ... The medical decision-making (MDM) process involves analysis and synthesis of all the above data to come up with a list of ...
He first became aware of rock and R&B through his mother's record collection. She had a fondness for Ray Charles while his ... BNF: cb16629225h (data). *GND: 134463102. *ISNI: 0000 0003 7275 8227. *LCCN: n92100671 ...
"British Airways boss apologises for 'malicious' data breach". BBC news. 7 September 2018. Archived from the original on 15 ... British Airways Heritage Collection. .mw-parser-output .subjectbar{background-color:#f9f9f9;border:1px solid #aaa;clear:both; ... "British Airways faces record £183m fine for data breach". 8 July 2019. Retrieved 8 July 2019.. ... "BA faces £183m fine over passenger data breach". The Guardian. ISSN 0261-3077. Retrieved 8 July 2019 ...
Ordinal data. The Mann-Whitney U test is preferable to the t-test when the data are ordinal but not interval scaled, in which ... Alternatively, some authors (e.g., Conover[full citation needed]) suggest transforming the data to ranks (if they are not ... This formula is useful when the data are not available, but when there is a published report, because U and the sample sizes ... U test will give very similar results to performing an ordinary parametric two-sample t-test on the rankings of the data.[15] ...
... and later using web collection. Respondents in CATI collection are called by Data Collection Center interviewers who enter data ... Data Collection. *How are JOLTS data collected?. *How does JOLTS collect information on employees of temporary help agencies ... NEW JOLTS Basic Data Collection Form (PDF 24K). How does JOLTS collect information on employees of temporary help agencies and ... Respondents assigned to web collection, having first responded for six months in CATI, enter their data on-line at their ...
Adobe Analytics supports the cross-channel marketer with multichannel data collection that informs the entire organisation. ... Dig deeper into data collection options.. Explore our various data collection options on our Help pages. ... And our flexible data collection methods make sure that youll be able to collect data from new channels that are sure to come ... Multichannel Data Collection. We offer multiple ways to capture data from virtually any source (i.e., web, email, campaigns, ...
... and compiled data is far more useful than raw data. See also Scientific data archiving Data curation Data management Data ... IBM Z Common Data Provider supports the collection of the following operational data: System Management Facilities (SMF) data ... IBM: IBM Z Common Data Provider IBM: IBM Z Common Data Provider Knowledge Center Collin, E. M. (2020-11-04). "Data Collection: ... accurate data collection is essential to maintain research integrity. The selection of appropriate data collection instruments ...
... Submitting data to NICOR databases. The collection and storage of patient information is a ... We know that this data is important and have provided additional information on how to submit data to NICOR, and how we manage ... The information provided in this section is specifically for those involved in collecting, inputting and analysing data. ... this data. Furthermore, our datasets are available to download.. ... MINAP - Mortality Data/Process Data April - June: 30 September ...
Versus data mining[edit]. The meaning of the phrase data mining is related to but different from data collection. The former is ... In the field of information technology, agentless data collection involves collecting data from computers without installing ... The traditional approach to data collection involves installing agents on all computers from which data is needed. Sometimes ... This is accomplished by obtaining data from the software that is already installed on the computer including the operating ...
Mobile data collection or mobile surveys is an increasingly popular method of data collection. Over 50% of surveys today are ... of paper form data into a computer), which delays data analysis and understanding. By eliminating paper, mobile data collection ... The entire data collection period is significantly shortened, as all data can be collected and processed in little more than a ... The methods involved in survey data collection are any of a number of ways in which data can be collected for a statistical ...
Google Analytics for Firebase data collection The type of informat ...
The data collection can be customized by enabling or disabling any of these log types, by changing the sample interval of the ... For data collection that involves high-volume trace types such as SQL Profiler tracing, make sure that PSSDIAG is run from a ... The easiest way to start and stop data collection automatically at a specified time is to use the /B and the /E command-line ... Download the PSSDIAG data collection utility package now.. Release Date: September 29, 2004. For Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and ...
Sample Data management Survey data collection Case report form Safety data sheet Data mining Web mining Crowdsourcing ... Data collection system (DCS) is a computer application that facilitates the process of data collection, allowing specific, ... Many computer systems implement data entry forms, but data collection systems tend to be more complex, with possibly many ... and improves data quality. The vocabulary of data collection systems stems from the fact that these systems are often a ...
collection set. A group of collection items. A collection set is a unit of data collection that a user can interact with ... After a collection set is enabled, data collection can start, either according to a schedule or on demand. When data collection ... If the collection is cached, data collection and upload each run on a separate job. Collection runs on a schedule that starts ... Under non-cached collection, data collection and upload both run on a single job, but in two steps. Step one is collection, ...
Information for clinicians and health departments on how to collect data and report suspected cases of AFM. ...
We want to poll students, and use this data to strengthen our arguments throughout Brooklyn College, CUNY, & Albany to lobby ...
Topics / Data Collection and Reports / National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods / Subcommittees / 2007 ... Because microbiological data are critical to developing data-driven quantitative risk assessments and serve as a keystone in ... When selecting a new technology, what factors should be considered, such that the data generated would be useful in an expanded ... However, the use of new and improved technologies for FSIS microbiological analyses can provide more useful data to further ...
En los siguientes informes nacionales se examina y analiza el estado de la información en 17 países de América Latina respecto a los Recursos Forestales y Cambio de Uso de la Tierra, Manejo Forestal, Árboles Fuera del Bosque, Productos Forestales Madereros, Productos Forestales no Madereros, Madera para Energía, Antecedentes Socioeconómicos de los Bosques, Instituciones Forestales y Sistemas de Información forestal ...
Topics / Data Collection and Reports / Microbiology / E. coli / E. coli O157:H7: Year-to-Date Totals / RGB and RGBC O157:H7 ... Information is based upon data in the FSIS electronic data system as of January 7, 2018. ...
The Data Collection Control window contains a single row of buttons on the toolbar. The display window contains a list of marks ... The Data Collection Control window is a tool window in the Visual Studio IDE. ... that you can insert into the profiling data file. ... Data Collection Control Window. The Data Collection Control ... To open the Data Collection Control window, you must start a performance session and the session property Launch Collection ...
The report presents innovations, methodological as well as in data collection, to meet this challenge. ... Decision makers in fragile countries need quality data but obtaining such data is challenging. ... By keeping data collection focused, IBM facilitates timely data analysis and the rapid preparation of reports. The approach was ... Through examples, the book shows that it is possible to collect high-quality data in fragile settings and such data collection ...
... representative and high-quality data are essential for effective health information systems and monitoring strategies. ... Data source Health interview survey Health examination survey Health register Data quality Data validity Bias Data linkage Date ... Tijhuis M., Finger J.D., Slobbe L., Sund R., Tolonen H. (2019) Data Collection. In: Verschuuren M., van Oers H. (eds) ... The role of data protection and data governance in this is explored. The chapter will conclude with an overview of the most ...
Data collection and use. We want users to trust that information about them will be respected and handled with appropriate care ... be sure to review the additional data collection policies that also apply to how you use personal information in advertising. ... Inadequate data security. The following is not allowed:. Using security measures inappropriate for the type of information ... Troubleshooter: Inadequate data security *Fix the ads destination. Either stop collecting personal information from users or ...
Data collection on wages and income. WAGES AND INCOME. ILO Global Wage Database. Data underlying the Global Wage Report are ... In previous years, the data underlying the Global Wage Report included many additional indicators (e.g. low pay, wage ...
To assist in this effort, Nielsen provided guidance and support in four key areas: data collection, methodology, analysis, and ... The Science to Make Sense of Big Data. The data generated by our day-to-day activities can help brands and marketers understand ... Webinar: Nielsen and the UNs Global Big Data Platform. Nielsen has been supporting the UNs special task team on scanner data ... worked together on a year-long pro bono project to revolutionize WFPs mobile data collection. ...
3.4 Data Collection In general, there are several methods for data collection and the different data collection methods ... 3.4 Data Collection In general, there are several methods for data collection and the different data collection methods ... Research Study On Data Collection Methods. 948 Words , 4 Pages. Data Collection Methods This research study would use paper and ... Questionnaire On Data Collection Methods Essay. 1160 Words , 5 Pages. Data Collection Methods This study will collect and ...
... secure data collection of the courses taken by students in the public school districts of Massachusetts. SCS collects data at ... DATA COLLECTION NEWS ARCHIVES. Terminology and Application Information:. SIF: Schools Interoperability Framework. The ... Part of this grant will be used to introduce new technology to improve the data collection process. Over time the ESE will ... The Student Information Management System (SIMS) is a student-level data collection system that allows the Department to ...
PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Department of Justices Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) released Tribal Crime Data Collection ... released Tribal Crime Data Collection Activities, 2015, which describes BJSs activities to collect and improve data on crime ...
German court curbs data collection law. 34,000 class action suit pays off. By Jan Libbenga 6 Nov 2008 at 14:42 ... The data collection law, which politicians said would help prevent terrorist attacks, went into effect in January 2008. It gave ... Germanys Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe today has curbed Germanys wide-reaching data collection law even further, by ... Data Centre Software Security DevOps Business Personal Tech Science Emergent Tech Bootnotes Lectures *Servers ...
Application of linked data for the given use case. The use case requires data from multiple, heterogeneous sources which can be ... There are multiple but distinct sources of map data and associated data such as transportation networks, road conditions, ... The Scotlands Information service mashes collection-level description metadata held by the Scottish Collections Network (SCONE ... Dublin Core Collection Description Type (CDType) Vocabulary. Problems and Limitations. * There is a lack of an agreed format, ...
Data Retreats. The Martha Dickerson Eriksson College of Education holds an annual Data Retreat to evaluate all pertinent data ... The 2016-2017 Data Retreat was held on August 17, 2017 at the Clarksville Airport. Faculty and staff from the College of ...
... What information can CCBC collect online?. Sitecore forms (like most online forms, including Google and Office ... The following are prominent examples of data protected by state and federal law and college policy. This list is not exhaustive ...
... Students first predict what they think they will find in their schoolyard environment.. Then, working in ... They record data on the plants, animals and non-living objects they find.. Data is submitted to a kid friendly online ...
  • The JOLTS program collects data once a month from selected establishments - stores, offices, factories, and other employers. (
  • SCS collects data at the student and course levels. (
  • Our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) performance is reviewed and verified by a third party who reviews documents, collects data, conducts site visits and interviews key personnel to provide an independent opinion regarding our compliance program and EHS performance. (
  • The OECD collects data from other OECD countries (such as Australia, Canada, Japan and the United States), while the UIS collects data from other participating countries. (
  • It also collects data only when you proactively launch the app. (
  • 2016). Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation). (
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be implemented from May 2018. (
  • Lawmakers on both panels asked Zuckerberg for his thoughts on new privacy protections for European consumers called the General Data Protection Regulation, which is set to take effect in late May with the aim of holding businesses and government bodies more responsible for how how they store, use and share information about consumers and employees. (
  • The Scotland's Information service mashes collection-level description metadata held by the Scottish Collections Network (SCONE) service with the Google Maps service using the Google Maps API . (
  • For example, one civil liberties group, Demand Progress, has called for the end of the government collection of metadata completely. (
  • While Obama said Friday that the current practice of collecting bulk cell phone metadata will continue, he did say that an independent third party will hold the data, not the government itself. (
  • When the inventory is complete, it will contain more than 300 metadata fields covering the context of each data collection, such as the type of respondent (e.g., state, postsecondary, etc.), whether the data collection is voluntary or mandatory, frequency and most recent year in that data collection, and estimated burden time to comply with the collection. (
  • The bill would end the bulk collection of US phone metadata by intelligence agencies authorized under Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act. (
  • Congress should put an end to mass phone metadata collection," said Kian Vesteinsson , senior law and tech policy officer at Human Rights Watch. (
  • The USA Freedom Act prohibits the government from using Section 215 for bulk metadata collection, instead imposing a narrow set of rules for metadata collection known as the call detail records (CDR) program. (
  • The CDR program limits metadata collection to certain types linked to a "specific selection term," such as an individual, account, or personal device. (
  • And our flexible data collection methods make sure that you'll be able to collect data from new channels that are sure to come. (
  • While methods vary by discipline, the emphasis on ensuring accurate and honest collection remains the same. (
  • There are 5 common data collection methods: closed-ended surveys and quizzes, open-ended surveys and questionnaires, 1-on-1 interviews, focus groups, and direct observation. (
  • [1] The methods involved in survey data collection are any of a number of ways in which data can be collected for a statistical survey . (
  • Then you can decide on which data collection methods to use and should consider the following when selecting your methods. (
  • There are various methods for collecting data. (
  • Some examples of data collection methods and their advantages and disadvantages are summarized below. (
  • Data collection methods may also include use of existing data and data sets. (
  • Nielsen has been supporting the UN's special task team on scanner data, which is working to identify new trusted data and develop methods so that national statistics offices (NSOs) around the world can improve calculation of consumer price indices, an important economic measure. (
  • 3.4 Data Collection In general, there are several methods for data collection and the different data collection methods provided its own advantages and disadvantages (Sekaran 2003, p. 223). (
  • For carrying out the data collection, the appropriate methods should be applied. (
  • Data Collection Methods This study will collect and collate new data to assess the evaluation question by having patients fill out the patient preference Likert questionnaire before and after the exam. (
  • My intention in this essay is to explore management research article and evaluate the choice of data collection methods used. (
  • Data Collection Methods This research study would use paper and pencil method, an achievement test. (
  • Primary and secondary data collection methods The researcher needs different methods to collect the data for their research, so the main method that I used it is secondary data collection. (
  • Unique Data Collection and Analysis Company is a business organization that provides its customers with unique methods and post-modern technologies of data collection and analysis since its inception in 2014. (
  • Examples of obtrusive data collection methods are questionnaires or interviews. (
  • For wind turbine operations and management, the Wind Energy Center is also involved in development of remote sensing methods for forward detection of turbine inflow, advanced data-logging methods, and development of next-generation condition-monitoring architectures for autonomous operation of wind turbines at sea. (
  • To assist in this effort, Nielsen provided guidance and support in four key areas: data collection, methodology, analysis, and in country expertise. (
  • The team employed Nielsen measurement science methodology with a clear focus on maintaining the quality of WFP data to support its hunger relief efforts. (
  • A Fixed-echo Rejection data analysis methodology for ART Sodars has been developed which has proven to enhance wind resource data accuracy at sites with complex topography typical to New England. (
  • This article describes the methodology of the joint collection of education data by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Institute for Statistics (UIS) , the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and Eurostat , referred to as UOE data. (
  • Specifically, an agency must prepare and publish a Privacy Impact Assessment that explains its methodology, outline how it would secure its data, and state whether the data would be disclosed to others. (
  • Quality control is also responsible for the identification of actions necessary for correcting faulty data collection practices and also minimizing such future occurrences. (
  • While the degree of impact from faulty data collection may vary by discipline and the nature of investigation, there is the potential to cause disproportionate harm when these research results are used to support public policy recommendations. (
  • At the CES 2019 tech conference earlier this year, Apple promised in a billboard above Las Vegas that "What Happens on Your iPhone, Stays on Your iPhone," though many apps siphon data from the phones and track users. (
  • For references , please go to or scan the QR code. (
  • The three main types of unobtrusive data are indirect measures, content analysis and secondary analysis of data. (
  • Content analysis is used to collect data from documentary sources, for example by extracting major themes, key words or features from (textual) documents. (
  • Data collection is the process of gathering and measuring information on targeted variables in an established system, which then enables one to answer relevant questions and evaluate outcomes. (
  • The ArcGIS platform will enable Ricky to coordinate volunteers across wide geographic spaces and normalize data collected to rapidly share outcomes with the variety of partners involved in this project. (
  • Data collection is the process of gathering and measuring information on variables of interest, in an established systematic fashion that enables one to answer stated research questions, test hypotheses, and evaluate outcomes. (
  • We need to ensure that we consider transparency in collecting data, so that consumers are aware of what data is being collected, how it will be used and what they are agreeing to by signing terms and conditions. (
  • Typical vocabulary at this level includes the terms: Project Registry Repository System Top-level Container Library Study Organization Party Site Each document or dataset within a collection is modeled in software. (
  • Synonyms include: (Data) Field Attribute Column (Definition) Parameter Item Variable Question Moving from the abstract, domain modelling facet to that of the concrete, actual data: the lowest level here is the data point within a dataset. (
  • Synonyms for data point include: Value Input Answer Response Observation Measurement Parameter Value Column Value Finally, the synonyms for dataset include: Row Record Occurrence Instance (Document) Filing Episode Submission Observation Point Case Test (Individual) Sample Data management Survey data collection Case report form Safety data sheet Data mining Web mining Crowdsourcing Collaborative software "What is a Data Collection System (DCS)? (
  • A community dataset space allows Bridges' users from different grants to share data in a common space. (
  • The 2016-2017 Data Retreat was held on August 17, 2017 at the Clarksville Airport. (
  • In the upload process, you specify and map the metrics and data dimensions to particular customised variables for reporting and analysis purposes. (
  • Integrate data from a CRM system or any other source of online or offline enterprise data (e.g., loyalty program levels) as an added analysis dimension. (
  • The goal for all data collection is to capture quality evidence that allows analysis to lead to the formulation of convincing and credible answers to the questions that have been posed. (
  • The analysis of operational data by analytics platforms provide insights and recommended actions to make the system work more efficiently, and to help resolve or prevent problems. (
  • These devices offer innovative ways to gather data, and eliminate the laborious "data entry" (of paper form data into a computer), which delays data analysis and understanding. (
  • Data collection system (DCS) is a computer application that facilitates the process of data collection, allowing specific, structured information to be gathered in a systematic fashion, subsequently enabling data analysis to be performed on the information. (
  • Secondary analysis of data focuses on the re-use of quantitative data instead of textual data. (
  • For secondary analysis, information from electronic databases or open access research data depository can be used, like standardized testing data, economic data or consumer data. (
  • The statistics bureau was and remains understaffed, especially lacking people with the advanced technical skills to crunch data, with staffing shortages leading to delays in the collection and analysis of data. (
  • Area of applied mathematics concerned with the data collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation. (
  • This is data on the device that you as the customer purchased and unless they can show concrete evidence supporting this claim - network traffic analysis of connections to Apple servers - I rebut this claim in full. (
  • Through my research in this field and all traffic analysis I have performed, not once have I seen this data traverse a network. (
  • The collection and analysis of data is an important task, though sometimes considered laborious. (
  • Many SABs have data analysis reports as a standing agenda item to inform their understanding of their effectiveness and promote improvement. (
  • The mass data collection combined with better data analysis tools translates into an "arms race" where intelligence officials try to find new connections with the data they collect, said Ashkan Soltani, a technology and privacy consultant. (
  • New data analysis tools lead intelligence officials to believe they can find more links to terrorism if they just have "enough data," but that belief is "too much sci fi," he said. (
  • It may be possible to use sophisticated cryptographic techniques to do that kind of analysis without the bulk collection of phone records, he said. (
  • Research programs aimed at reducing the injury potential for young athletes are based on the quality of the data available for analysis. (
  • It examines administrative issues, data collection and management approaches, and data analysis models. (
  • Reportes sobre el estado de la información del sector forestal, elaborados como trabajo preparatorio para el Estudio de Perspectivas del Sector Forestal en América Latina y el Caribe al año 2020 (ESFAL). (
  • 2020). S. 2855 - 116th Congress: Insulin Affordability Data Collection Act. (
  • Washington, DC) - The United States Congress should swiftly pass the Safeguarding American's Private Records Act of 2020 (SAPRA) to end bulk data collection and improve transparency and oversight of surveillance in the US, Human Rights Watch said today. (
  • One such alternative bill, the USA FREEDOM Reauthorization Act of 2020, would also end bulk data collection, but would need significant changes to adequately protect people's rights. (
  • The City data collection is the result of a joint effort by the participating cities, the statistical offices belonging to the European statistical system (ESS) , the European Commission 's Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy and Eurostat. (
  • Norms relating to confidentiality and the protection of human research subjects include the succinct statement in the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics: "individual data collected by statistical agencies for statistical compilation…are to be strictly confidential and used exclusively for statistical purposes. (
  • The Data Collection Team are responsible for collecting Statistical, Regulatory and Markets data. (
  • and statistical data collections conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics. (
  • A collection (used as a noun) is the topmost container for grouping related documents, data models, and datasets. (
  • Find out more about using existing datasets or sharing your own research data . (
  • Community datasets are appropriate when data will be shared amongst Bridges' groups. (
  • Data from the first CAMI challenge is available at /pylon5/datasets/community/genomics/cami. (
  • A search for bibliographic resources in a union (aggregated) catalogue may identify a specific physical manifestation that is exemplified by multiple items held in more than one collection. (
  • And the Web search giant is offering ways to permanently erase data, including search and location history. (
  • The time required to complete this information collection is estimated to average 5 minutes per response, including the time to review instructions, search existing data resources, gather the data needed, and complete and review the information collection. (
  • SAPRA would prohibit the use of Section 215 to collect certain forms of location data, internet browsing history, and search history, as well as any information that would normally require a warrant. (
  • ArcGIS Collector, a mobile data collection app, makes it easy to capture accurate data and return it to the office. (
  • SnAPPii is making Mobile Data Collection app development simple for programmers and non-programmers alike. (
  • The main reason for maintaining data integrity is to support the observation of errors in the data collection process. (
  • For the automatic handling of personal information, the rules in the Personal Data Act (1998:204) apply. (
  • Data available in Eurostat mainly cover the period from 1998, although some data on enrolments, graduates and education finance are available from 1990 or 1995. (
  • TerraGo develops software applications and mobile apps that make it easy for our customers to collect data, share information and work together anywhere, any time. (
  • Gulfport Energy cut costs by $2 million in one year by using ArcGIS mobile data collection apps in its natural gas operations. (
  • Native iOS and Android apps take advantage of the powerful tablet and smartphone devices for mobile data collection by offering detailed electronic forms, multi-layer data capture and multi-level data submission options. (
  • Native mobile apps can collect customer or sight data, such as date, text, signatures, images and location coordinates. (
  • Due to Mobile Data Collection apps flexibility and scalability, field professionals across any industry and for any job, including customer-facing and remote location, will no longer need to use paper to collect any valuable data and then re-enter it into corporate systems. (
  • Native Mobile Data Collection apps made on the SnAPPii platform work on both smartphones and tablets taking advantage of corporate devices and BYOD opportunities. (
  • These mobile apps allow creation and deployment of all types of forms as well as a host of other beneficial services allowing faster customer invoicing and proposal generation, better documentation (with photos), improved data accuracy, remote data capture and complete, easy customization. (
  • These industries are especially starving for flexible, custom Mobile Data Collection apps. (
  • No data on how many consumers may be phasing out Google is readily available, and the company didn't provide figures on how many have deleted its apps. (
  • Although Meitu says it doesn't sell user data, other apps that collect similar information might. (
  • It's possible to change what type of data you give to apps through "App Permissions" in Settings on Android and in under "Privacy" on iOS. (
  • However, he said he did not know how many apps Facebook needs to audit or how many firms researcher Aleksandr Kogan may have provided Facebook data to, other than Cambridge Analytica. (
  • Anything you can connect to an API, Adobe can collect and process data from so you can analyse behaviours across the entire customer journey. (
  • A formal data collection process is necessary as it ensures that the data gathered are both defined and accurate. (
  • Detach ends profiling data collection when the profiler has been attached to a process. (
  • Stop - Immediately ends the profiled process and profiling data collection. (
  • Secondary data collection is the process of collecting such sources. (
  • Definitions The qualitative data collection process can be through group discussion, personal journals, follow-up in-depth interviews, and researcher field notes (Tuckett, 2004). (
  • Part of this grant will be used to introduce new technology to improve the data collection process. (
  • Ask anyone who works with field data and you will quickly learn about their creative process to distill piles of data into useful information. (
  • Instead of writing separate code to handle each individual object, you can use the same code to process all the elements of a collection. (
  • Following is a break down of our corporate-wide process for environmental and safety data collection. (
  • For more information about processing replies manually, see the article Manually process data collection replies . (
  • The primary rationale for preserving data integrity is to support the detection of errors in the data collection process, whether they are made intentionally (deliberate falsifications) or not (systematic or random errors). (
  • The quality of the available data and its utility in decision-making is based on the breadth and depth of the data collection process. (
  • Organisational Data Collection Process free 007 James Bond flowcharts and decision trees. (
  • For example, Kenya collected data to estimate poverty in 2005/6 followed by the next survey in 2015/16 with the official poverty estimates only being released in 2018. (
  • Its Public Sector (Governance) Act of 2018 mandates public agencies comply with the Prime Minister's directions on data protection. (
  • Finally, it's important for businesses to know if GDPR compliance is applicable to them and if so, they will need an efficient GDPR compliant survey tool to know, understand and execute data collection surveys in 2018. (
  • Today's technology has made available to the researcher a new cadre of approaches to routine injury data collection. (
  • There are two approaches that may protect data integrity and secure scientific validity of study results invented by Craddick, Crawford, Rhodes, Redican, Rukenbrod and Laws in 2003: Quality assurance - all actions carried out before data collection Quality control - all actions carried out during and after data collection Its main focus is prevention which is primarily a cost-effective activity to protect the integrity of data collection. (
  • The main focus of the chapter will be on the two major types of data sources used for population health monitoring: health surveys and registers. (
  • The main causes of bias, influencing data quality and validity, and issues with data access and linkage are addressed as the most important factors limiting the usability of data. (
  • In order to collect the quantitative data, questionnaire is considered as one of the most effective ways to make the survey that is defined as a set of questions, the main function of which is to collect the relevant data or information from individuals (Mukherjee, 1995). (
  • Since quality assurance precedes data collection, its main focus is 'prevention' (i.e., forestalling problems with data collection). (
  • Since the researcher is the main measurement device in a study, many times there are little or no other data collecting instruments. (
  • Regardless of the field of study or preference for defining data (quantitative or qualitative), accurate data collection is essential to maintain research integrity. (
  • Accurate data collection is essential to many business processes, to the enforcement of many government regulations, and to maintaining the integrity of scientific research. (
  • Applied to demographic data collection, the most relevant topics are (1) promoting the neutrality and objectivity of the data collection operations and outputs, including issues of professional competence and integrity, and (2) safeguarding the autonomy of research subjects or respondents, including the protection of respondents and the entire study population from potential harm. (
  • Most, Craddick, Crawford, Redican, Rhodes, Rukenbrod, and Laws (2003) describe 'quality assurance' and 'quality control' as two approaches that can preserve data integrity and ensure the scientific validity of study results. (
  • Prevention is the most cost-effective activity to ensure the integrity of data collection. (
  • On Monday, Donald Trump's election integrity commission paused its collection of voter data in response to the latest in a series of lawsuits and complaints alleging the controversial task force is breaking the law. (
  • The following are four large groups of issues that, while not entirely new, are growing rapidly in scale and complexity, and must urgently be attended to: Secondary uses of data, and data linking Research on private-sector health data Cybersecurity Genetic privacy. (
  • Since FY04, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has used an online data 'application' system through our security portal to collect student data information about our state-funded Academic Support grant programs with fund codes 596/597, 594/624, 619/592, and 632/625. (
  • The objective of the UOE data collection on education statistics is to provide internationally comparable data (mostly at national level, with some insights at the subnational level) on key aspects of formal education systems, specifically on the participation and completion of education programmes, as well as the cost and type of resources dedicated to education. (
  • The insights you get out depend greatly on the data that goes in. (
  • BRUSSELS-The European Union is considering new rules to promote healthier competition among companies whose business models rely on collecting large amounts of data, the bloc's digital chief said. (
  • The coming onslaught of connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the Big Data deluge may prompt more manufacturers to seek rock-solid solutions for dealing with extremely large amounts of operational data. (
  • More technology providers, such as Cisco, are moving into the manufacturing space with solutions for handling large amounts of unmanaged data, said David McPhail, CEO of Memex Inc. (Burlington, ON, Canada), developer of manufacturing execution systems (MES). (
  • Zuckerberg repeatedly referenced the steps Facebook is taking to track where the data obtained by Cambridge Analytica may have been transferred or shared and the company's efforts to audit every app that had access to large amounts of data before Facebook restricted its data collection policies in 2014. (
  • The Congressional watchdog agency found the department has taken extensive steps to establish internal control objectives and mechanisms, such as verifying the accuracy and validity of information about the many data collections. (
  • Apple has come under fire in recent weeks after researchers showed that the iPhone and iPad store location data about users on the devices. (
  • The Student Information Management System (SIMS) is a student-level data collection system that allows the Department to collect and analyze more accurate and comprehensive information, to meet federal and state reporting requirements, and to inform policy and programmatic decisions. (
  • Data collection is a research component in all study fields, including physical and social sciences, humanities, and business. (
  • According to ESOMAR online survey research accounted for 20% of global data-collection expenditure in 2006. (
  • In the research, the data collection could be done through the interview, for example, face-to-face and telephone interview. (
  • Data Collection Method: Because quantitative research is decided as the research strategy, data collection seems to be key factor. (
  • The data analyzing solutions research is not as common as gathering qualitative data for evaluation purposes (Thomas, 2006). (
  • This type of method is appropriate for the study because it gives accurate data about student's abilities before the start of the research study. (
  • Firstly, primary method means when the research collect the data directly through communication with participants or observation, and the researcher did it. (
  • Ethics in demographic data collection, or in demographic research more generally, has received little explicit attention in the population field and no formal guidance from the principal professional associations. (
  • Accordingly, researchers need to be aware of both the ethical and legal constraints relevant to their planned research and data collection efforts. (
  • BMS LAB offers two survey software tools which students and researchers of the University of Twente can use to develop their own online survey and collect research data. (
  • In unobtrusive data collection, subjects are not aware of the fact that they are being studied and therefore your research does not affect their response or behaviour. (
  • The Australian Government Department of Education and Training uses Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) in conjunction with the Higher Education Student Data Collection to determine annual research block grant funding. (
  • The following principles are recommended for organizations that conduct, sponsor, or regulate health research involving personally identifiable data. (
  • The Pentagon said that the Terrorist Information Awareness project's research and testing activities "have depended entirely on (1) information legally obtainable and usable by the Federal government under existing law, or (2) wholly, artificial data that has been generated to resemble and model real-world patterns of behavior. (
  • IIR specializes in research and data collection involving intergovernmental issues-local, state, tribal, and federal. (
  • Our research and data have been used in high-profile, nationally syndicated publications and are utilized by programs we support to provide contemporary information in training and product development. (
  • Our concentration areas for data collection and research have been in law enforcement agency organization and management, youth gang research, grants management, economic crime, organized crime intelligence, homeland security, and major criminal conspiracy investigations and prosecutions. (
  • In this review, we will discuss the crucial initial steps toward data and information management, which in this emerging era of data-intensive science is already shifting concepts of care for acute brain injury and has the potential to both reshape how we do research and enhance cost-effective clinical care. (
  • The data collection component of research is common to all fields of study including physical and social sciences, humanities, business, etc. (
  • Profiling marks can be used to filter the data displayed in the Profiling Tools Report views. (
  • A new report, Data Collection in Fragile States , presents innovations developed to deal with common challenges. (
  • The report presents innovations, both methodological as well in data collection, to address the data gaps in fragile situations. (
  • In previous years, the data underlying the Global Wage Report included many additional indicators (e.g. low pay, wage inequality by decile, wages by sex, etc. (
  • This application collects individual educator data from all districts and charter schools, replacing the District and School Staffing Report (DSSR). (
  • The ArcGIS platform enables Ricky to bring together volunteers, streamline data collection, and report out progress. (
  • The GAO report was prompted by a request from the House Education and the Workforce Committee, responding to complaints from states and school districts that data collection and reporting was burdensome and duplicative. (
  • If you feel this material is inappropriate for the MERLOT Collection, please click SEND REPORT, and the MERLOT Team will investigate. (
  • Local authorities are required to collect standard data on safeguarding case work and report this to the Health and Social Care Information Centre This data should be summarised and reported to the SAB so that it can use it to evaluate and regionally benchmark its own safeguarding performance. (
  • A report in the Financial Times says Apple is considering investing in or possibly purchasing McLaren Technology Group, which operates a Formula One race team and has advanced skills in automotive production and high end data collection. (
  • A client-side JavaScript code you place on your web pages sends page, browser and visitor data to Analytics. (
  • Learn more about multichannel data collection in Adobe Analytics. (
  • IBM Z Common Data Provider collects IT operational data from z/OS systems, transforms it to a consumable format, and streams it to analytics platforms. (
  • One facility administrator stated that she saw the Federal Government's role focused on data collection, but that the states should be taking the lead on quality improvement programs. (
  • Standardization of protocol best demonstrates this cost-effective activity, which is developed in a comprehensive and detailed procedures manual for data collection. (
  • This proactive measure is best demonstrated by the standardization of protocol developed in a comprehensive and detailed procedures manual for data collection. (
  • Data is critical to the success of WFP's ongoing relief and support efforts, as the organization plans its operations and prioritizes its assistance based on the information it collects. (
  • Data management is a difficult task so I am always inspired when I encounter individuals infusing their field data collection efforts with technology. (
  • We focused our data collection efforts in three areas: mega sites (those sites with total or expected removal and remedial action costs of $50 million or more), Fund-lead remedial actions at National Priority List (NPL) sites, and the removal program. (
  • As part of our sustainability efforts, we are committed to transparency regarding the environmental data we collect and verify from our manufacturing, R&D and distribution facilities worldwide. (
  • The collection and storage of patient information is a core function of NICOR and is vital for the production of our reports and analyses. (
  • However, the use of new and improved technologies for FSIS' microbiological analyses can provide more useful data to further strengthen risk-based initiatives and science-based programs at reduced cost. (
  • This Note contains the forms used to compile the data used in the various analyses. (
  • Collector's intuitive interface enables field workers of all experience levels with map-driven forms to capture and return accurate field data that integrates seamlessly into ArcGIS. (
  • Data captured with Collector feeds directly into ArcGIS, so everyone, in the field and the office, works from the same accurate data. (
  • In connected environments, your data will feed directly into ArcGIS. (
  • In ArcGIS, create a map for your data collection project. (
  • Ireland reverses the decline of its diminishing peatlands and monitors conditions with submeter data accuracy using ArcGIS Collector. (
  • Our AppMeasurement libraries provide a mechanism for data collection when the JavaScript tag method isn't compatible with the device, application or system to be tracked. (
  • Before you configure, use, or extend the data collector, you should understand the terminology that describes this feature. (
  • Authoritative maps ensure field-captured location data, updates, and additions are accurate. (
  • A logical wrapper around the SSIS packages that provide the actual mechanism for collecting data and uploading it to the management data warehouse. (
  • The aim of this chapter is to provide insight into the various types of data sources available for public health monitoring purposes, their characteristics, specific applications, potential and limitations. (
  • Over time the ESE will implement the School Interoperability Framework to already existing data collection systems and provide grant opportunities for local school districts to participate in the SIF initiative. (
  • We detail this problem, and provide simple data submission protocols with the properties that a) leakage of private data by the pollster results in evidence of the transgression and b) the evidence cannot be fabricated without breaking cryptographic assumptions. (
  • The use case requires data from multiple, heterogeneous sources which can be manipulated to provide a rich but diverse set of services that can be customised by service providers and end-users. (
  • This information is for firms that provide data to the Bank of England. (
  • The Wind Energy Center is also developing a simple, open-source data logger , coded named Minuteman, compatible with AQUA, to provide a seamless collection, correction, and archival environment for wind energy data. (
  • But Edgar, now a visiting fellow at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University, also said that Congress, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and internal auditors provide some oversight of the data collection programs, with more checks on data collection in place in the U.S. than in many other countries. (
  • Data collection problems that necessitate prompt action: Systematic errors Violation of protocol Fraud or scientific misconduct Errors in individual data items Individual staff or site performance problems z/OS is a widely used operating system for IBM mainframe. (
  • Operational data is data that z/OS system produces when it runs. (
  • This data indicates the health of the system and can be used to identify sources of performance and availability issues in the system. (
  • This is accomplished by obtaining data from the software that is already installed on the computer including the operating system as well as previously-installed commercial products. (
  • Identifying and categorizing software or a software sub-system as having aspects of, or as actually being a "Data collection system" is very important. (
  • The data provider is specific to a particular target (for example, a SQL Server service such as the relational engine) and provides data such as system views in SQL Server, Performance Monitor counters, and WMI providers, that can be consumed by the data collector. (
  • This enables the data collector to combine collector types from the operating system or from a specific target root, but not from different target roots. (
  • For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration. (
  • Still to be incorporated is the Common Core of Data and Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. (
  • EPIC claims the Pence-Kobach commission has ignored this safeguard while storing voter records on an unsecure system that is not designed to protect personal data. (
  • When a new system is implemented, it is important to determine if the information will be valuable to you and plan the collection of relevant data carefully. (
  • This paper discusses some of the important procedural areas that must be addressed in the design of an injury data collection system. (
  • In its rush to get the data, it seems, the commission has ignored any number of statutes and agency rules, an oversight that could ultimately prevent the group from getting its hands on any of the information it wants. (
  • Lawmakers underscored Facebook's ethical responsibility to make its data and privacy practices clearer to users. (
  • Statistics Netherlands aims to make as much use as possible of data sources that have been collected by others (i.e. not by Statistics Netherlands). (
  • Within the area of statistics, there are also specific rules on the handling of personal data in the Official Statistics Act (2001:99) and the Official Statistics Ordinance (2001:100) . (
  • WASHINGTON , July 14, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) released Tribal Crime Data Collection Activities, 2015, which describes BJS's activities to collect and improve data on crime and justice in Indian country, as required by the Tribal Law and Order Act, 2010. (
  • Since the official statistics generated by governmental sources, such as population censuses or birth and death registration systems, are a major source of demographic data, national and international norms relating to official statistics are also a relevant source of ethical guidance. (
  • With World Bank's support, the National Bureau of Statistics implemented a range of surveys to update key indicators of official statistics and improved the data ecosystem. (
  • You just viewed Statistics, Probability, and Data... . (
  • TerraGo Edge 3.8 also enables auto-recording of any path traveled by field data collection workers. (
  • If your data collection has security or compliance requirements, you should indicate so on the form, or you can contact [email protected] (
  • The best answer is not to take the data in the first place, then you don't have to worry about compliance. (
  • Cataloging the most commonly used and widely accepted vocabulary improves efficiencies, helps reduce variations, and improves data quality. (
  • The City data collection (previously called Urban Audit) provides information on different aspects of the quality of urban life in a cross-section of Europe's cities. (
  • With effort, quality data can be produced for many fragile situations, effectively eliminating the notion that data cannot be collected in certain difficult circumstances. (
  • Through examples, the book shows that it is possible to collect high-quality data in fragile settings and such data collection need not be expensive but also warns that technology is not a panacea for all data collection issues. (
  • As described in the previous chapters, representative and high-quality data are essential for effective health information systems and monitoring strategies. (
  • Yes, (creating an) inventory of data assets for a purpose like data quality assurance, integration across multiple data sets and avoiding collection duplication," the way the Department of Education is doing, is a good example of what agencies should be doing, he told InformationWeek in an email. (
  • The Wind Energy Center is involved in advanced methodologies for error-correction of wind data, fixed-echo rejection of remote sensing returns, advanced computational quality assurance algorithms. (
  • The latest project to support this objective started in 2015, with a focus on producing high-quality data with high frequency and timely dissemination. (
  • While quality control activities (detection/monitoring and action) occur during and after data collection, the details should be carefully documented in the procedures manual. (
  • 2009. Estimating storm discharge and water quality data uncertainty: A software tool for monitoring and modeling applications. (
  • 2006. Cumulative uncertainty in measured streamflow and water quality data for small watersheds. (
  • 2010. Impact of sampling techniques on measured stormwater quality data for small streams. (
  • 2006. Practical Guidance for Discharge and Water Quality Data Collection on Small Watersheds. (
  • [4] The survey, form, app or collection tool is on a mobile device such as a smart phone or a tablet. (
  • Typically a DCS displays a form that accepts data input from a user and then validates that input prior to committing the data to persistent storage such as a database. (
  • Surveys or questionnaires Data registries Case management systems Performance measurement systems Exams and quizzes Online forms and form filing and reporting systems There is a taxonomic scheme associated with data collection systems, with readily-identifiable synonyms used by different industries and organizations. (
  • The vocabulary of data collection systems stems from the fact that these systems are often a software representation of what would otherwise be a paper data collection form with a complex internal structure of sections and sub-sections. (
  • Data collection is via a web form. (
  • You use Access 2007 and Access 2010 with Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 to generate and send an e-mail message that includes a data entry form. (
  • We encourage you to add data from your own RCx projects by simply download the data entry form below. (
  • Enter your data and return the form by email to the address indicated into the form. (
  • BERLIN (Reuters) - Bayer on Tuesday hired law firm Sidley Austin to investigate a Europe-wide data collection scheme run by its Monsanto unit, which targeted journalists, politicians and other stakeholders to influence the debate on pesticides. (
  • Mobile data collection or mobile surveys is an increasingly popular method of data collection. (
  • Although they cannot replace face-to-face household surveys in all contexts, mobile phone surveys offer substantial benefits in specific circumstances and for specific data collection needs. (
  • These indicators can be derived from several different types of data sources, such as surveys, registers, and clinical and social epidemiological studies. (
  • However, the World Bank recommends that poverty surveys should be conducted every three years, and released within 12 months of data collection. (
  • It's recommended that poverty surveys be conducted every three years and that results be released within 12 months of data collection. (
  • GDPR surveys may be composed of various components but one thing is for sure it is all about data collection and where is this collected data being used and how? (
  • No formal abstract, but this 5-minute talk described how the USC LANDER project is collecting passive data (anonymized packet headers) and ative data (censuses and surveys of the IPv4 address space). (
  • The Martha Dickerson Eriksson College of Education holds an annual Data Retreat to evaluate all pertinent data from the previous school year. (
  • Many computer systems implement data entry forms, but data collection systems tend to be more complex, with possibly many related forms containing detailed user input fields, data validations, and navigation links among the forms. (
  • Forthcoming data collection forms, definitions and validations. (
  • A relational database used to store collected data. (
  • Because microbiological data are critical to developing data-driven quantitative risk assessments and serve as a keystone in policy decisions and regulatory actions, the Agency continually seeks improvement in laboratory and in-plant testing capabilities. (
  • Some Collections classes have sorting capabilities, and most are indexed. (
  • Brocade data center SLX and VDX switches leverage the cross-domain workflow capabilities of Brocade Workflow. (
  • So, are organisations required to analyse all of their data to the best of the capabilities? (
  • In the field of information technology , agentless data collection involves collecting data from computers without installing any new agents on them. (
  • One such an individual is Ricky Jones the Technology Manager at Adventure Scientists, a non-profit organization, that equips partners with data volunteers collect from the outdoors. (
  • Founded in 2005, TerraGo invented the industry's most widely adopted geospatial collaboration technology with its innovative GeoPDF products and is revolutionizing field data collection with its TerraGo Edge mobile platform. (
  • As IT professionals, CIOs and an industry, we should be working together not only to develop the technology but tackling the subsequent questions of data, not just its collection, that is well understood and probably unstoppable, but more how we use the data. (
  • Act of 2002, which requires federal agencies to establish adequate data protections before collecting personal information using information technology. (
  • Mass data collection is "like trying to look for needles by building bigger haystacks," added Wendy Grossman, a freelance technology writer who helped organize the conference. (
  • As a result, more consumers are taking measures to wrest greater control of their personal data, like deleting Facebook and its photo-sharing app Instagram. (
  • Blumenthal and Markey have also recently pressed both Facebook and Google on their data policies. (
  • The House committee's questions were more pointed and combative than the Senate's yesterday, digging into concerns about the scope of Facebook's data collection, whether Facebook communicates its policies simply enough to users and the social network's security vulnerabilities. (
  • In an exchange with Rep. Ben Ray Lujuan (D, New Mexico), Zuckerberg confirmed that Facebook does "in general… collect data on people who are not signed up for Facebook. (
  • Zuckerberg said this collection is done for "security" purposes, but he did not outline the scope of this information or whether people have been informed that Facebook has this information. (
  • He acknowledged that if Cambridge Analytica is hosting the data in a foreign country it would be challenging for Facebook to access it. (
  • Respondents in CATI collection are called by Data Collection Center interviewers who enter data directly into a computer. (
  • Respondents are in CATI collection for the first six months they are in the sample. (
  • Respondents assigned to web collection, having first responded for six months in CATI, enter their data on-line at their convenience. (
  • Alternately, what mechanism could the respondents insist upon to ensure that mismanagement of their data is detectable and publicly demonstrable? (
  • This partnership plays a crucial role in addressing data gaps for environmental and human health challenges. (
  • R free = R -factor calculated using a subset (~5%) of reflection data chosen randomly and omitted throughout refinement. (
  • For data collection that involves high-volume trace types such as SQL Profiler tracing, make sure that PSSDIAG is run from a local drive, not from a network share or a from a mapped network drive. (
  • But first, they need to make sense of all the data. (
  • Some Collections classes can generate wrappers that make the collection read-only or fixed-size. (
  • While having the inventory is useful, the bigger question is whether the department will make use of the data collections in constructive ways, Niemann said. (
  • A SAB can consider the data it has produced to make comparisons, for example between types of victim, geographical areas or safeguarding teams. (
  • Some boards have developed a 'dashboard of indicators' to make the data more accessible to their members (e.g. (
  • It provides a baseline of data on consumer attitudes that will allow ICANN to make comparison assessments in a second survey to be conducted in one year. (
  • It's easy enough to collect 'Big Data,' but make sure you are collecting events from which you can assemble useful information," she added. (
  • At Forcam, we offer an scalable solution that can address the needs of large and smaller manufacturing enterprises, via a cloud-based or on-premise solution and the needed shop floor management training to assist them to use smart data to make smart decisions. (
  • Brocade's software defined networking controllers and applications make it possible for you to address your data. (
  • The organisation will make its best attempt to identify data that is important to it and analyse that data. (
  • This flow chart indicates how organisations (such as intelligence agencies) collect data, analyse it, and act upon it. (
  • Organisations must then analyse the data. (
  • The data may be more than what is possible to analyse. (
  • We offer multiple ways to capture data from virtually any source (i.e., web, email, campaigns, web-based kiosks, mobile devices, client-server applications and most applications that access the Internet). (
  • Collector streamlines these workflows, using smart devices to capture data in the field and seamlessly return it to the office. (
  • Once you have clear and focused evaluation questions, the next step is to decide from where/ whom you will get the data to answer your evaluation questions. (
  • In addition to submitting the end of program individual student data via the security portal, please be sure to complete the evaluation narrative. (
  • Questionnaires are used to collect data from a large group of subjects on a specific topic. (