An island in the Greater Antilles in the West Indies, south of Florida. With the adjacent islands it forms the Republic of Cuba. Its capital is Havana. It was discovered by Columbus on his first voyage in 1492 and conquered by Spain in 1511. It has a varied history under Spain, Great Britain, and the United States but has been independent since 1902. The name Cuba is said to be an Indian name of unknown origin but the language that gave the name is extinct, so the etymology is a conjecture. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p302 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p132)
Mobilization of human, financial, capital, physical and or natural resources to generate goods and services.
The area of a nation's economy that is tax-supported and under government control.
Branch of medicine concerned with the prevention and control of disease and disability, and the promotion of physical and mental health of the population on the international, national, state, or municipal level.
Proteins secreted by vertebrate cells in response to a wide variety of inducers. They confer resistance against many different viruses, inhibit proliferation of normal and malignant cells, impede multiplication of intracellular parasites, enhance macrophage and granulocyte phagocytosis, augment natural killer cell activity, and show several other immunomodulatory functions.
Works containing information articles on subjects in every field of knowledge, usually arranged in alphabetical order, or a similar work limited to a special field or subject. (From The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983)
The science devoted to the comparative study of man.
Fundamental claims of patients, as expressed in statutes, declarations, or generally accepted moral principles. (Bioethics Thesaurus) The term is used for discussions of patient rights as a group of many rights, as in a hospital's posting of a list of patient rights.
This discipline concerns the study of SEXUALITY, and the application of sexual knowledge such as sexual attitudes, psychology, and SEXUAL BEHAVIOR. Scope of application generally includes educational (SEX EDUCATION), clinical (SEX COUNSELING), and other settings.
The separation or resolution of the psyche into its constituent elements. The term has two separate meanings: 1. a procedure devised by Sigmund Freud, for investigating mental processes by means of free association, dream interpretation and interpretation of resistance and transference manifestations; and 2. a theory of psychology developed by Freud from his clinical experience with hysterical patients. (From Campbell, Psychiatric Dictionary, 1996).
A quantitative measure of the frequency on average with which articles in a journal have been cited in a given period of time.
Standards or regulations for construction which are designed to ensure safety against electrical hazards, fires, etc.
Living facilities for humans.
Housing subsidized by tax funds, usually intended for low income persons or families.
Health as viewed from the perspective that humans and other organisms function as complete, integrated units rather than as aggregates of separate parts.
A legal concept for individuals who are designated to act on behalf of persons who are considered incapable of acting in their own behalf, e.g., minors and persons found to be not mentally competent.
Travel to another country for the purpose of medical treatment.
Accountability and responsibility to another, enforceable by civil or criminal sanctions.
Educational institutions.
Failure of a professional person, a physician or lawyer, to render proper services through reprehensible ignorance or negligence or through criminal intent, especially when injury or loss follows. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
Platforms that provide the ability and tools to create and publish information accessed via the INTERNET. Generally these platforms have three characteristics with content user generated, high degree of interaction between creator and viewer, and easily integrated with other sites.
Recording of visual and sometimes sound signals on magnetic tape.
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
The grafting or inserting of a prosthetic device of alloplastic material into the oral tissue beneath the mucosal or periosteal layer or within the bone. Its purpose is to provide support and retention to a partial or complete denture.
Air pollutants found in the work area. They are usually produced by the specific nature of the occupation.
An international organization whose members include most of the sovereign nations of the world with headquarters in New York City. The primary objectives of the organization are to maintain peace and security and to achieve international cooperation in solving international economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian problems.
The interaction of persons or groups of persons representing various nations in the pursuit of a common goal or interest.
Activities concerned with governmental policies, functions, etc.
Decisions, usually developed by government policymakers, for determining present and future objectives pertaining to the health care system.
The decision process by which individuals, groups or institutions establish policies pertaining to plans, programs or procedures.
An independent Federal agency established in 1961 as the focal point for economic matters affecting U.S. relations with developing countries.
A chain of islands, cays, and reefs in the West Indies, lying southeast of Florida and north of Cuba. It is an independent state, called also the Commonwealth of the Bahamas or the Bahama Islands. The name likely represents the local name Guanahani, itself of uncertain origin. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p106 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p45)
A British colony in the western North Atlantic Ocean about 640 miles east southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. It comprises a group of about 300 islands of which only about 20 are inhabited. It is called also the Bermuda Islands or the Bermudas. It was named for the Spanish explorer Juan Bermudez who visited the islands in 1515. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p140 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p61)
The area that lies between continental North and South America and comprises the Caribbean Sea, the West Indies, and the adjacent mainland regions of southern Mexico, Central America, Colombia, and Venezuela.
Large, long-tailed reptiles, including caimans, of the order Loricata.
The physical effects involving the presence of electric charges at rest and in motion.
Suspensions of killed or attenuated microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa), antigenic proteins, synthetic constructs, or other bio-molecular derivatives, administered for the prevention, amelioration, or treatment of infectious and other diseases.
A genus of the family CORONAVIRIDAE which causes respiratory or gastrointestinal disease in a variety of vertebrates.
Vaccines in which the infectious microbial nucleic acid components have been destroyed by chemical or physical treatment (e.g., formalin, beta-propiolactone, gamma radiation) without affecting the antigenicity or immunogenicity of the viral coat or bacterial outer membrane proteins.
Suspensions of attenuated or killed viruses administered for the prevention or treatment of infectious viral disease.
A field of biology concerned with the development of techniques for the collection and manipulation of biological data, and the use of such data to make biological discoveries or predictions. This field encompasses all computational methods and theories for solving biological problems including manipulation of models and datasets.
A group of elongate elasmobranchs. Sharks are mostly marine fish, with certain species large and voracious.
An activity in which the body is propelled through water by specific movement of the arms and/or the legs. Swimming as propulsion through water by the movement of limbs, tail, or fins of animals is often studied as a form of PHYSICAL EXERTION or endurance.
An activity in which the body is propelled by moving the legs rapidly. Running is performed at a moderate to rapid pace and should be differentiated from JOGGING, which is performed at a much slower pace.
A belief or practice which lacks adequate basis for proof; an embodiment of fear of the unknown, magic, and ignorance.
A republic in southern Africa, the southernmost part of Africa. It has three capitals: Pretoria (administrative), Cape Town (legislative), and Bloemfontein (judicial). Officially the Republic of South Africa since 1960, it was called the Union of South Africa 1910-1960.

A study of the genetical structure of the Cuban population: red cell and serum biochemical markers. (1/401)

Gene frequencies of several red cell and serum gentic markers were determined in the three main racial groups--whites, mulattoes and Negroes--of the Cuban population. The results were used to estimate the relative contribution of Caucasian and Negro genes to the genetic makeup of these three groups and to calculate the frequencies of these genes in the general Cuban population.  (+info)

The challenge for Cuba. (2/401)

The restrictions of a U.S. trade embargo and the collapse of the Soviet Union marked the beginning of a period of extreme economic hardship in Cuba. Economic adversity has had tremendous effects, both positive and negative, on all aspects of life on the Island, including environmental and public health.  (+info)

Acquired mitochondrial impairment as a cause of optic nerve disease. (3/401)

BACKGROUND: Blindness from an optic neuropathy recently occurred as an epidemic affecting 50,000 patients in Cuba (CEON) and had clinical features reminiscent of both tobacco-alcohol amblyopia (TAA) and Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy (Leber's; LHON). Selective damage to the papillomacular bundle was characteristic, and many patients also developed a peripheral neuropathy. Identified risk factors included vitamin deficiencies as well as exposure to methanol and cyanide. In all 3 syndromes, there is evidence that singular or combined insults to mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation are associated with a clinically characteristic optic neuropathy. PURPOSE: First, to test the hypothesis that a common pathophysiologic mechanism involving impairment of mitochondria function and, consequently, axonal transport underlies both genetic optic nerve diseases such as Leber's and acquired toxic and nutritional deficiency optic neuropathies. According to this hypothesis, ATP depletion below a certain threshold leads to a blockage of orthograde axonal transport of mitochondria, which, in turn, leads to total ATP depletion and subsequent cell death. Second, to address several related questions, including (1) How does impaired energy production lead to optic neuropathy, particularly since it seems to relatively spare other metabolically active tissues, such as liver and heart? (2) Within the nervous system, why is the optic nerve, and most particularly the papillomacular bundle, so highly sensitive? Although there have been previous publications on the clinical features of the Cuban epidemic of blindness, the present hypothesis and the subsequent questions have not been previously addressed. METHODS: Patients in Cuba with epidemic optic neuropathy were personally evaluated through a comprehensive neuro-ophthalmologic examination. In addition, serum, lymphocytes for DNA analysis, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), sural nerves, and eyes with attached optic nerves were obtained from Cuban patients, as well as from Leber's patients, for study. Finally, we developed an animal model to match the low serum folic acid and high serum formate levels found in the CEON patients, by administering to rats low doses of methanol after several months of a folic acid-deficient diet. Optic nerves and other tissues obtained from these rats were analyzed and compared with those from the Cuban patients. RESULTS: Patients from the Cuban epidemic of optic neuropathy with clinical evidence of a selective loss of the papillomacular bundle did much better once their nutritional status was corrected and exposure to toxins ceased. Patients with CEON often demonstrated low levels of folic acid and high levels of formate in their blood. Histopathologic studies demonstrated losses of the longest fibers (in the sural nerve) and those of smallest caliber (papillomacular bundle) in the optic nerve, with intra-axonal accumulations just anterior to the lamina cribrosa. Our animal model duplicated the serologic changes (low folic acid, high formate) as well as these histopathologic changes. Furthermore, ultrastructural examination of rat tissues demonstrated mitochondrial changes that further matched those seen on ultrastructural examination of tissues from patients with Leber's. CONCLUSION: Mitochondria can be impaired either genetically (as in Leber's) or through acquired insults (such as nutritional or toxic factors). Either may challenge energy production in all cells of the body. While this challenge may be met through certain compensatory mechanisms (such as in the size, shape, or number of the mitochondria), there exists in neurons a threshold which, once passed, leads to catastrophic changes. This threshold may be that point at which mitochondrial derangement leads to such ATP depletion that axonal transport is compromised, and decreased mitochondrial transport results in even further ATP depletion. Neurons are singularly dependent on the axonal transport of mitochondria. (  (+info)

The epidemiological impact of antimeningococcal B vaccination in Cuba. (4/401)

The incidence of invasive meningococcal disease (IMD) before (1984-1988) and after (1989-1994), a nationwide intervention with VA-MENGOC-BC vaccination started in 1989, was compared. The prevaccination period incidence density (ID> 8.8/10(5) year-person) was higher than the postvaccination ID (ID< 6.5/10(5) year-person). The percentage proportional differences from the start to the end of each period of ID in the vaccinal period was higher (87%) than the prevaccinal (37%) with significant differences among vaccinated groups (< 25 years old). A break-point (Chow test) was confirmed by the decrease in the ID between 1989 and 1990 in children under 1 year old, 5-9, 10-14, 15-19 and 50-54 years. Comparison of ID using maps showed a decrease in IMD in all municipalities during the postvaccination period. These findings support the epidemiological impact of VA-MENGOC-BC vaccination in the reduction of IMD morbidity.  (+info)

Antigenic and genetic characterization of twenty-six strains of human respiratory syncytial virus (subgroup A) isolated during three consecutive outbreaks in Havana city, Cuba. (5/401)

Twenty-six human respiratory syncytial virus strains (subgroup A) isolated from three outbreaks in Havana City during the period 1994/95, 1995/96 and 1996/97 were analyzed to determine their antigenic and genetic relationships. Analyses were performed by monoclonal antibodies and restriction mapping (N gene) following amplification of the select region of the virus genome by polymerase chain reaction. All isolated strains were classified as subgroup A by monoclonal antibodies and they showed a restriction pattern NP4 that belonged to subgroup A. Thus the results obtained in this work, showed a close relation (100%) between antigenic and genetic characterization of the isolated strains in our laboratory. These methods permit the examination of large numbers of isolates by molecular techniques, simplifying the researchs into the molecular epidemiology of the virus.  (+info)

The Latino mortality paradox: a test of the "salmon bias" and healthy migrant hypotheses. (6/401)

OBJECTIVES: Relative to non-Latino Whites, Latinos have a worse socioeconomic profile but a lower mortality rate, a finding that presents an epidemiologic paradox. This study tested the salmon bias hypothesis that Latinos engage in return migration to their country of origin and are thereby rendered "statistically immortal" and the alternative hypothesis that selection of healthier migrants to the United States accounts for the paradox. METHODS: National Longitudinal Mortality Study data were used to examine mortality rates of the following groups for whom the salmon hypothesis is not feasible: Cubans, who face barriers against return migration; Puerto Ricans, whose deaths in Puerto Rico are recorded in US national statistics; and US-born individuals, who are not subject to either salmon or healthy migrant effects. RESULTS: The sample included 301,718 non-Latino Whites and 17,375 Latino Whites 25 years or older. Cubans and Puerto Ricans had lower mortality than non-Latino Whites. Moreover, US-born Latinos had lower mortality than US-born non-Latino Whites. CONCLUSIONS: Neither the salmon nor the healthy migrant hypothesis explains the pattern of findings. Other factors must be operating to produce the lower mortality.  (+info)

Eradication of poliomyelitis in Cuba: a historical perspective. (7/401)

The eradication of poliomyelitis in Cuba, for which effective vaccines had to be acquired, is reviewed in this article. The strategy for eradication was based on mass immunization campaigns for the annual delivery of two doses of trivalent Sabin oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV). Except during the first campaign in 1962, the ages of the children for immunization were determined through national serological surveys of the entire country, including rural and urban areas. The interruption of wild virus transmission had been suspected since 1967 in Cuba, and since 1970 no studies have detected any wild virus. The important role of political and social organizations in the success of the programme and in the execution of the mass immunization campaigns is underscored. Countries that have successfully interrupted poliovirus circulation should maintain high immunization coverage for as long as there are other countries in the world where poliovirus still exists.  (+info)

Difference between observed and predicted length of stay as an indicator of inpatient care inefficiency. (8/401)

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the performance of the difference between observed and predicted length of stay (OLOS-PLOS) as an inefficiency of care indicator for inpatients. SETTING: The Internal Medicine and the General Surgery departments of Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital in Havana. DESIGN AND STUDY PARTICIPANTS: Two sets of clinical histories were needed for each department: one for deriving the predictive equation and another to validate it. The equation was a linear multiple regression model which included variables recognized as affecting length of stay. The validation group of histories was thoroughly examined and separated into two groups: (i) adequate efficiency or mild problems and (ii) inefficiencies considered to be moderate or severe. This classification was the gold standard to obtain a receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve for the indicator. RESULTS: The function explained 41% of the total variation for Internal Medicine and 70% for General Surgery. The indicator's mean difference between the two validation groups of histories was around 10 days for both departments. The areas under the ROC curve were 0.80 for Internal Medicine and 0.88 for General Surgery. Sensitivity and specificity > 0.7 for detecting inefficiencies of care are achieved with a cut off point of 2 days for Internal Medicine and 1 day for General Surgery. CONCLUSIONS: The use of predictive equations might be quite useful for detecting efficiency problems in inpatient health care.  (+info)

Health in Cuba refers to the overall health of the population of Cuba. There was an overall improvement in Health in Cuba in terms of disease and infant mortality rates after the revolution. Like the rest of the Cuban economy, Cuban medical care suffered following the end of Soviet subsidies in 1991; the stepping up of the US embargo against Cuba at this time also had an effect. Cuba has one of the highest life expectancy rates in the region, with the average citizen living to 78.05 years old (in comparison to the United States 78.62 years). In the 1950s, the island had some of the most positive health indices in the Americas, not far behind the United States and Canada. Cuba was one of the leaders in life expectancy, and the number of doctors per thousand of the population ranked above Britain, France and the Netherlands. In Latin America it ranked in third place after Uruguay and Argentina. There remained marked inequalities however. Most of Cubas doctors were based in the relatively ...
Last April, I visited my Cuban-Chinese family in Santiago de Cuba with my youngest brother Roberto Santiago Hung Fong who wanted to see our family relatives living in this historic city founded in 1614, five hundred years ago by Don Diego Velázquez de Cuellar. On the 500th Anniversary of the founding of Santiago de Cuba,…
Post-revolutionary Cuba experienced a significant baby boom, which peaked in the mid-1960s. The completed fertility rate (total number of children women give birth to during their reproductive lives) is 1.9. Immigration historically contributed to the islands population growth, but after 1960 the number of people leaving the country outnumbered new arrivals. The Strange Case of Cubas Low Birth Rate. Birth Rate 2016: 10.86: 10.97 # per Ths. There is no stigma attached to the procedure, helping to make Cubas reported abortion rates among the highest in the world. Cuba : Table - Birth rate (per 1,000 people) The analysed country is : Cuba. Graph and download economic data for Crude Birth Rate for Cuba (SPDYNCBRTINCUB) from 1960 to 2018 about Cuba, birth, crude, and rate. The fertility rate is below the population replacement level, at 0.75 daughters per woman. Birth Rate; Death Rate; Infant Mortality Rate; Fertility Rate; NOTE: All 2020 and later data are UN projections and DO NOT include any ...
Removal from the U.S. list could provide Cuba protection against lawsuits inside the United States because inclusion on it strips countries of important immunities that U.S. courts normally grant to foreign governments.. With Cuba and the U.S. moving to tighten trade ties, protecting Cuba and any U.S. corporate partners from lawsuits by people claiming to have been harmed by the Castro government could prove essential.. From the Cuban point of view, resolving this problem of the list also resolves this type of concern, said Jesus Arboleya, an international relations professor at the University of Havana who served as Cuban consul in Washington from 1979 to 1982. It isn't convenient for anyone that they call Cuba a state sponsor of terrorism.. While removal from the terror list would have no direct impact on U.S. sanctions against Cuba, it could also make it easier for international banks to justify doing business with Cuba, said Robert L. Muse, an attorney specializing in U.S. laws on ...
The United States seeks a stable, prosperous, and free country for the Cuban people. The United States pursues limited engagement with Cuba that advances our national interests and empowers the Cuban people while restricting economic practices that disproportionately benefit the Cuban government or its military, intelligence, or security agencies at the expense of the Cuban people. The U.S. government seeks to promote human rights, religious freedom, and democracy, encourages the development of telecommunications and the internet in Cuba, supports the growth of Cubas nascent private sector and civil society, and engages in areas that advance the interests of the United States and the Cuban people. The United States is committed to supporting safe, orderly, and legal migration from Cuba through the effective implementation of the U.S.-Cuba Migration Accords. Due to injuries sustained by our diplomatic community in Havana, visa processing for most Cuban applicants is presently taking place in ...
By Circles Robinson. HAVANA TIMES, April 29 - No cases of swine flu have been reported to date in Cuba but the islands authorities are taking the threat seriously.. By declaring the alert stage on Tuesday afternoon the islands civil defense system was activated at municipal, provincial and national levels.. Among the precautions being taken to safeguard the Cuban population and visitors, special vigilance is now taking place for both human and animal epidemiology with an emphasis on the capital Havana. Sanitary controls are in place at all airports and sea ports.. Regular and charter flights carrying passengers to and from Mexico to Cuba have been temporarily suspended through Thursday.. As of Wednesday, all persons arriving in the country from any destination will fill out a passenger health declaration form.. Even under normal conditions Cuba routinely has medical personal available at its airports.. The island is known for having one of the worlds most efficient civil defense networks, put ...
Currently the daily edition of Granma, Trabajadores and Juventud Rebelde have electronic editions. (Christian Science Monitor, Boston) Radio stations are also beginning to make their Internet Debuts. Radio Havana Cuba ( post daily transcripts of its Cuba related stories in four languages (Spanish, English, French and Portuguese) and Radio Reloj ( posts news stories as well as specials on culture and sports. Radio Rebelde also has a web site accessible through It is impossible to speak about media in Cuba, without mentioning the small media warfare between the US and Cuba. On May 19 1984, under the Reagan administration Radio Marti was launched, a full fledged 24 hour, uncensored news about Cuba and US relations.Through 3 frequencies, seven radio stations,Radio Marti broadcasts over 1500 hours of radio of anti-Castro propaganda is directly beamed into the island through short-wave radio signals. As a result of Radio Marti, TV Marti was ...
WHO validates elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphillis in Cuba . . . and Cuba validates universal health care . . . In 2013, two babies were born with HIV in Cuba, and five with syphilis, according to this announcement from the World Organization. Home to more than 11.2 million people, Cuba became the first country to be receive official WHO acknowledgement that it has eliminated mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis following a Pan American Health Organization/WHO-convened mission of experts who spent five days visiting health centers, laboratories and government offices across the island. The visitors, from 10 countries, including the U.S. and Zambia, according to the release, paid particular attention to the upholding of human rights . . . This was critical in a country where people diagnosed with HIV faced mandatory quarantine from 1986 to 1994. PAHO director Dr. Carissa F. Etienne credits Cubas health provision policy for the countrys progress against ...
The Congress makes the following findings:. (1) President Clinton stated in April 1993 that the United States opposed the construction of the Juragua nuclear power plant because of the concerns of the United States about Cubas ability to ensure the safe operation of the facility and because of Cubas refusal to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or ratify the Treaty of Tlatelolco.. (2) Cuba has not signed the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons or ratified the Treaty of Tlatelolco, the latter of which establishes Latin America and the Caribbean as a nuclear weapons-free zone.. (3) The State Department, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the Department of Energy have expressed concerns about the construction and operation of Cubas nuclear reactors.. (4) In a September 1992 report to the Congress, the General Accounting Office outlined concerns among nuclear energy experts about deficiencies in the nuclear plant project in Juragua, near Cienfuegos, Cuba, ...
Political Prisoner Fears For His Life Saturday, 24 November 2007 By BosNewsLife News Center HAVANA, CUBA (BosNewsLife)-An evangelical pastor and several other human rights workers have been detained in Cuba shortly after security forces broke up a meeting…
Katherine Hirschfeld, an anthropology professor at the University of Oklahoma, did her Ph.D. thesis on the Cuban health system, spending nine months conducting ethnographic work in Cuba in the late 1990s. According to Hirschfeld, public criticism of the government is a crime in Cuba, which means that formally eliciting critical narratives about health care would be viewed as a criminal act both for me as a researcher, and for people who spoke openly with me.[79] Nevertheless, she was able to hear from many Cubans, including health professionals, serious complaints about the intrusion of politics into medical treatment and health care decision-making.[79] She points out that there is no right to privacy in the physician-patient relationship in Cuba, no patients right of informed consent, no right to refuse treatment, and no right to protest or sue for malpractice.[79] In her view medical care in Cuba can be dehumanizing. Hirschfeld explains also that the Cuban Ministry of Health (MINSAP) ...
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Cuba, with a population of a little over 11 million people, imports about 80% of its domestic food requirements. A number of measures are being taken to increase food production, chief among which is the allocation of fallow land to private individuals and groups, as well as the reduction of the amount of land devoted to sugar cane cultivation, but the countrys vulnerability to hurricanes and droughts, coupled with the increase in global food prices and the financial crisis, makes the path to national food security difficult.. The eastern region of Cuba - encompassing the provinces of Guantánamo, Granma, Santiago de Cuba, Las Tunas, Holguín, and Camagüey - is the most vulnerable to food insecurity.. Cubas education and health system are admirable and have put the country well on the path to achievement of four of the eight MDGs. The main public health problem is anaemia, with a prevalence in the east of 56,7% among children under the age of 24 months and 20,1% amongst those between the ages ...
Cuba, with a population of a little over 11 million people, imports about 80% of its domestic food requirements. A number of measures are being taken to increase food production, chief among which is the allocation of fallow land to private individuals and groups, as well as the reduction of the amount of land devoted to sugar cane cultivation, but the countrys vulnerability to hurricanes and droughts, coupled with the increase in global food prices and the financial crisis, makes the path to national food security difficult.. The eastern region of Cuba - encompassing the provinces of Guantánamo, Granma, Santiago de Cuba, Las Tunas, Holguín, and Camagüey - is the most vulnerable to food insecurity.. Cubas education and health system are admirable and have put the country well on the path to achievement of four of the eight MDGs. The main public health problem is anaemia, with a prevalence in the east of 56,7% among children under the age of 24 months and 20,1% amongst those between the ages ...
At a time when Cuban American relations were already bad, allowing Black liberation activist Assata Shakur to find refuge on the island only made matters worse. But Fidel Castro did it none the less.. He is the embodiment of the Cuban Revolution, Zayid Muhammad, former New Jersey Black Panther leader, told The Final Call. Cuba has been a protector and defender of Assata Shakur as a matter of principle. Cuba does not give up their political prisoners. Assata is fine there. Castro retired 20 years ago. She couldnt be in a better place. Cuba is already taking defensive measures since the election. They are on full military alert.. When President Obama thawed relations with Cuba the Shakur case was not discussed. In 2013, the FBI placed her on its Most Wanted Fugitive List with a $1 million bounty. On the same day, the New Jersey State Police matched that with another $1 million, meaning a $2 million bounty is offered for information leading to her capture. She is the first and only woman on ...
Havana, Oct 24 (RHC) The application of natural products to patients in Cuba was among topics debated on Wednesday at the 20th Latin American Congress on Pharmacology and Therapeutics (Latinfarma 2013), under way in Havana with the participation of 800 delegates from about 40 nations.
Indeed, the head of the Senate Finance Committee has recently done just that.. On August 1st, Sen. Ron Wyden, (D-OR) introduced the U.S.-Cuba Trade Act of 2017 to repeal the blockade. This is a step in the right direction for the people of Cuba, even though it was made not out of humanitarian concern, but to advance U.S. commercial interests in Cuba.. It is well past time for the United States to abandon the failed policy of trying to isolate Cuba, Wyden said. Decades of experience have proven the embargo will never improve the lives of the Cuban people. Instead, this policy only serves to shut U.S. exporters out of a natural market for American agricultural and manufactured goods.. Six senators - all Democrats - stood with Wyden as co-sponsors of the legislation: Senators Patrick Leahy (VT), Dianne Feinstein, (CA), Richard Durbin (IL), Tom Udall, (NM), Patty Murray (WA), and Jeff Merkley (OR).. But regardless of intentions to benefit American business, Wydens sponsoring legislation is a ...
(AP Photo/Jose Goitia) Cuban employees fix flags in the streets as they prepare the May Day demonstration, Wednesday April 30, 2003 in Havana, Cuba. The Cuban government wants this demonstration to be the biggest of the revolutionary period.
The 20th century began with Cuba, and therefore Havana, under occupation by the United States.[23] The US occupation officially ended when Tomás Estrada Palma, first president of Cuba, took office on 20 May 1902.. During the Republican Period, from 1902 to 1959, the city saw a new era of development. Cuba recovered from the devastation of war to become a well-off country, with the third largest middle class in the hemisphere. Apartment buildings to accommodate the new middle class, as well as mansions for the Cuban tycoons, were built at a fast pace.. Numerous luxury hotels, casinos and nightclubs were constructed during the 1930s to serve Havanas burgeoning tourist industry. In the 1930s, organized crime characters were not unaware of Havanas nightclub and casino life, and they made their inroads in the city. Santo Trafficante, Jr. took the roulette wheel at the Sans Souci Casino, Meyer Lansky directed the Hotel Habana Riviera, with Lucky Luciano at the Hotel Nacional Casino. At the time, ...
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National Institute of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology (Cuba), National Office of Statistics (Cuba). Cuba National Survey of Risk Factors 1995 ...
Prior to the trip I had conversations with Secretary of State Clinton, National Security Advisor Donilon, and Judy Gross.. There is a fundamental incompatibility between policies of Cuba and the U.S., based on more than half a century of efforts by leaders in Washington to disrupt and bring about changes in the communist regime of Fidel and Raul Castro.. An economic embargo continues against Cuba, codified into law by the Helms-Burton Act passed during the Clinton administration. Activities or funds expended under its auspices, as expressed officially in the Act, and also assumed by Cubans, are limited to democracy promotion programs designed to weaken and overthrow the Castro regime. Such U.S. activities are authorized by U.S. law and considered a crime against the state by Cuban law.. Except for certain causes (academic, journalistic, or religious) and Cuban-American families, American citizens are deprived of the right to visit Cuba.. The Cubans know that, as president, I lifted all travel ...
Saturday, August 30, 2014 Cuban Health Authorities Alert on Increasing Dengue Prevalence Havana, Cuba, Aug 30.- The prevalence of Dengue in many countries of
Experience the best of Cubas beaches, cigars and 50s cars! Savour every taste of Cuba, from the expertly mixed mojitos to the traditional cuisine. In Vinales Valley, with its picturesque limestone karsts, the smell of cigars hangs in the air as we learn how Cubas finest exports are carefully rolled by hand. Latin rhythms permeate the streets leaving our feet tapping - the perfect introduction to Cuban salsa. Practice all week and then perfect your moves in a salsa lesson with a local dance partner, a farewell night out to remember in vibrant Havana!
We cant close our eyes to the differences that exist, but our organization has the privilege of being in one of the fields where the benefits of cooperation exceed the hostility, says Gail Reed, a Chicago journalist who, from her office in the Havana neighborhood of Santos Suárez, writes for MEDICC Review, a quarterly that translates into English the articles and research papers by doctors from Cuba and other countries. The association used to help us organize the trips to Cuba of students of medicine. I accompanied them from time to time, recalls Javier Nieto, a professor at the University of Wisconsin/Madison and a member of MEDICC. This exchange was interrupted in 2003 or 2004 by the restrictions imposed by the Bush administration. Until then, some 1,500 Americans were able to know first-hand the system of medical care on the island. The possibilities for collaboration are unlimited, beginning with academic exchanges. Cuba can contribute much to the public health organizations in the ...
The musical interaction between Cuba and the US is ancient. Already in the 18th century, during the Spanish rule of Louisiana (1763-1803), the Havanese orchestras and bands offered concerts in New Orleans and in the 19th century the Cuan contradanza was very popular in the US. At the beginning of the 20th century, the first jazz bands were created in Cuba, in the style of the American groups. The Sagua Jaz Band was founded in Sagua la Grande in 1914 by Pedro Stacholy (conductor and pianist). The group played during 14 years at the Teatro Principal de Sagua.[184]. The strong influenece of the American music on the Cuban younger generations gave way to the beginning of the soloists and groups of Rock and roll in Cuba during the 1950s. Many Cuban artists sang versions of American songs translated to Spanish, as it was also happening in Mexico.[237]. The launching of the group Los LLopis represented the entrance in a new stage for the Cuban music, that of the generation and amplification of the ...
Cuba is the largest country in the Caribbean, consisting of one main island and a collection of several smaller islands. Cuba is neighboured by the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands, the United States, Mexico, Haiti, the Cayman Islands and Jamaica. Cubas climate is tropical with warm winters and hot summers.. Capital City: Havana. Languages: Spanish. Population: 11.2 million. Currency: Peso. ...
THE 2nd High Level Cuba-Venezuela Economic Union Meeting, established under the auspices of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), signed by the presidents of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Republic of Cuba on December 14, 2004 in the city of Havana, Cuba, took place in the city of Caracas, Venezuela from July 15 -19, 2010. Read More ...
July 26 is Cubas National Day of Rebellion. Speaking in Bayamo, President Miguel Díaz-Canel honored rebels led by Fidel Castro who on that day in 1953 attacked military installations of the Batista dictatorship. He outlined current economic challenges and political tasks lying ahead.. Economic problems weigh heavily in Cuba. The Cuban people continue to face shortages and their incomes remain low, despite recent pay raises. The governments foreign debt is growing and access to credit is limited. Cuba is overly dependent on food imports despite land tenure reforms. The U.S. economic blockade targets foreign investors through implementation for the first time of Title III of the 1996 Helms-Burton Law. As explained by Díaz-Canel, The Revolution now needs us to unleash a great battle for our defense and economy so we can break the enemys plan to destroy and asphyxiate us.. But the Revolution requires also that we strengthen spirituality in our people, plus civility, decency, solidarity, ...
The Cuban-born population of the United States, enumerated at 608,000 in the 1980 census, has been little studied with regard to cancer mortality. Being older and rarely migrating back to Cuba, Cuban Americans present a good subject for comparative cancer mortality. Age-adjusted death rates for selected causes of cancer are compared in this paper for Cubans in Cuba, the Cuban-born in the United States, and all whites in the United States. Two forms of cancer have been of particular concern in Cuba, cancer of the lung and cancer of the prostate, because of their relatively high death rates. The age-adjusted death rates for both of these cancers are lower among the Cuban-born in the United States than they are among Cubans in Cuba and whites in the United States. Death rates for cancer of the cervix and cancer of the rectum among the Cuban-born in this country are also low relative to Cubans in Cuba and whites in the United States. Stomach cancer mortality among Cuban-born men in the United States ...
Visiting Cuban Vice president has said his country is keen on reactivating its historic ties with Uganda and help boost Ugandas healthcare and university education.. Mr Salvador Valdes Mesa, who paid a visit to Speaker Rebecca Kadaga at Parliament on Wednesday, said: Cuba will continue to support Uganda through human resource training at several Uganda universities. Healthcare is one of the key areas that will form part of our cooperation.. The Vice President said there was opportunity for Uganda to tap into unique methods the Cuban government has used to eradicate illiteracy.. Other than the scientific innovations that have seen Cuba produce unique medicines to cure diabetes hepatitis B and meningitis, Cuba has also used cost-effective and very efficient methods to educate its population, he added.. ...
HAVANA Hurricane Ike roared south of Cuba s densely populated capital of fragile aging buildings after tearing across the island nation, ravaging homes, killing at least four people and forcing 1.2 million to evacuate.. Residents in Texas and northern Mexico braced for Ike s next wallop.. Winds howled and heavy rains fell across Havana, where streets were empty of cars and people Tuesday morning.. Cuba, which has carried out well-executed evacuations over the years, ordered hundreds of thousands of people more than a tenth of its 11 million people to seek safety with friends and relatives or at government shelters, state television reported.. I feel safe here, above all for my granddaughters who are the most important thing in my life, said Marta Molas, who evacuated to a government shelter in Havana with seven relatives. They take good care of us, we have television and food. ... When the electricity goes out we have a radio. The government closed schools and government offices in the capital ...
HAVANA TIMES, Feb 13 - Cuban rapper Raudel Collazo Pedroso, also known as Escuadron Patriota, has completed a new album in Ecuador. The CD is titled The New Philosophy of Struggle and is dedicated to the Cuban diaspora, reported Café Fuerte.. Its an album that speaks of the awakening of Cubans on and off the island, of the need for our unity despite our differences, to begin to influence, save and rescue our country, because the country belongs to everyone. Its not just a party or an ideology, its all of us, said the rapper from Quito.. In his songs, Escuadron Patriota, 35, presents a dramatic picture of Cuban life, openly criticizing the government of the island, which is why was banned from the stage at the International Rap Festival in Havana in 2005.. In addition to this recent CD, Collazo - a psychologist and a Rastafari - has recorded the albums Mi testimonio (2008), El legado (2009), and La raiz del cambio (2011). ...
Cuba [] is the largest Caribbean island, between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. It lies 145 km (90 miles) south of Key West, Florida, between the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas, to the west of Haiti, east of Mexico and northwest of Jamaica. thumb| 250 px| Varadero beach, Cuba thumb| 250px| The beach at Caletón, near Playa Larga 250px| thumb| Trinidad de Cuba
Cuba [] is the largest Caribbean island, between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. It lies 145 km (90 miles) south of Key West, Florida, between the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas, to the west of Haiti, east of Mexico and northwest of Jamaica. thumb| 250 px| Varadero beach, Cuba thumb| 250px| The beach at Caletón, near Playa Larga 250px| thumb| Trinidad de Cuba
According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, pointed out the progress made in Iran in the science and technology field, especially nanotechnology, stating: soon, an equipped Iranian laboratory will be established in Cuba, which is hoped to start a new chapter of joint scientific and technological cooperation between the two countries.. He added: Iran has had great relations with Cuba. Last year, I traveled to this country for the first time was very impressed by its culture. Sattari also expressed: we hope that the presence of the Cuban delegation in Iran leads to an appropriate view of technological abilities of Iran and effective collaborations in the nano and bio technologies and stem cells. Pointing out the preparedness of Iran to increase scientific and technological cooperation with Cuba, Sattari affirmed: we hope that technological exchanges and ...
In October of 2017, the United States expelled fifteen Cuban diplomats in retaliation for the alleged attacks. And within the American embassy, staff was reduced to a skeleton crew in the face of the ongoing illnesses.. And while newspapers wholeheartedly trumpeted the sonic weapon attacks, scientists and those with knowledge of such weapons were urging caution, because theres almost certainly no such thing as what was being claimed.. The first thing many people say when they hear this is that sonic weapons are actually very real. This is true, but using this fact to justify the reports from Cuba would be like pointing out that turtles are real to justify the existence of dragons. Real sonic weapons have nothing in common with the Cuba reports, and are not an acceptable match for them. So lets look at real sonic weapons to better understand just how far out there the Cuba reports are.. The most common type of sonic weapon is called an LRAD, short for long range acoustic device. An LRAD looks ...
Discover the unique social and cultural heritage of Cuba as you enjoy a musical performance, meet members of a community center, and embark on a walking adventure of historic Havana.
Posted on 07/25/2004 11:47:54 AM PDT by freedom44. HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters) -- Cuba freed on Thursday dissident economist Marta Beatriz Roque, the only woman among 75 people arrested 16 months ago in a crackdown on dissent. Roque, the most prominent dissident to be released this year by President Fidel Castros government, was surprised. I didnt expect to be let out. I will continue my opposition work. They cant change my ideas, she told reporters at the home of a relative in central Havana. The 58-year-old dissident said she had spent the last year in a military hospital suffering from diabetes, hypertension and heart problems and was released on health grounds ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Prevalence and risk factors of intestinal parasites in Cuban children. AU - Wördemann, M. AU - Polman, K. AU - Menocal Heredia, LT. AU - Junco Diaz, R. AU - Collado Madurga, AM. AU - Núñez Fernández, FA. AU - Cordovi Prado, RA. AU - Ruiz Espinosa, A. AU - Pelayo Duran, L. AU - Bonet Gorbea, M. AU - Rojas Rivero, L. AU - Gryseels, B. N1 - ITG-P1A; ITG-P2A; ITG-DLA; PARAS; U-SCHISTO; DIRECT; JIF; DOI; PDF. PY - 2006. Y1 - 2006. KW - B780-tropical-medicine. KW - Children. KW - Helminthic diseases. KW - Protozoal diseases. KW - Intestinal. KW - Epidemiology. KW - Prevalence. KW - Risk factors. KW - Urban. KW - Rural. KW - Maternal factors. KW - Educational level. KW - Food habits. KW - Safe water. KW - Sanitation. KW - Cuba. KW - Caribbean. KW - America-Latin. U2 - 10.1111/j.1365-3156.2006.01745.x. DO - 10.1111/j.1365-3156.2006.01745.x. M3 - A1: Web of Science-article. VL - 11. SP - 1813. EP - 1820. JO - Tropical Medicine and International Health. JF - Tropical Medicine and ...
Health expenditure, total (% of GDP) in Cuba was reported at 177 % in 2014, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources. Cuba - Health expenditure, total (% of GDP) - actual values, historical data, forecasts and projections were sourced from the |a href= target=blank>World Bank|/a> on June of 2021.
today, the researchers also concluded that Zika had come to Cuba several times from several different Caribbean islands.. Jennifer Gardy, a genomic epidemiologist in the global health program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, Washington, says analyzing viral sequences from travelers can help clarify the contours of epidemics that might otherwise have remained under the surveillance radar. Surveillance is one of our best defenses again infectious disease, but the systems are rarely perfect-cases can be missed for many reasons, Gardy says.. Andersen suggests a combination of factors likely explains why Cubas outbreak was hidden from the rest of world. Following the emergence of Zika in Brazil in May 2015, Cuba launched an aggressive pesticide-spraying program to control the Aedes aegypti mosquito that transmits the virus. (In lockstep with that program, cases of dengue, another disease spread by A. aegypti, plummeted in early 2016.) Zika cases also dropped steadily throughout ...
Find out Cuba Foods Nutrition information, calculate the calories in your favourite Cuba food. Get Full Nutrition Data for the most popular foods from Cuba with RecipeOfHealth.
Cienfuegos, Cuba - Situated in a beautiful bay in the heart of Cuba s fertile agricultural region on the southern coast, Cienfuegos will quietly charm you with its French spirit, tranquil seaside setting and neoclassical architecture. Known as La Perla del Sur (the Pearl of the South), Cienfuegos was originally founded by French settlers and its city center is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Rich in educationally engaging diversions, its historic center features well-preserved 19th-century structures, gorgeous plazas and a layout inspired by the Spanish Enlightenment. Discover the ornate and eclectic Palacio de Valle and take in the stunning views as you explore Punta Gorda, the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset. Step back in time at Teatro Terry with a performance by local artists or discover nearby Trinidad, a remarkably well-preserved colonial town recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site and anchored by its impressive Plaza Mayor, an open-air museum of Spanish colonial ...
Cuba Web Directory - Web Directory about Cuba. Web sites related to the Cuban science and technology. A Search engine and the classification using categories, help to access important information about new investigations, science, biotechnology, events, investigation centers, environment, Information Technology.
Beautiful Iguana Island in Cuba. Catamaran Cruise to Cayo Iguana at the south coast of Cuban island, are tiny island snorkels and divers heaven. Cayo las Iguanas beache are among the best in the Caribbean.
Application Deadline: March 2, 2018 Tulane Universitys Stone Center for Latin American Studies and the Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute at Tulane University join forces with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukees Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies to take K-16 educators to Cuba. This is our fourth year running the Cuban Culture & Society K-16 Educator Institute and we are excited about this years itinerary. The institute will approach Cuban society and culture form a multidisciplinary perspective focused on the arts, the geography, and history of the country. Innovative programming and annual summer teacher institutes over the past three years provide the benefits of an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and studying the region. Taking advantage of Tulanes relationship with the University of Havana and Cubas National Union of Writers and Artists, the institute equips teachers with multidisciplinary content, curricular resources, and methods of inquiry for developing that ...
Voice of the People. What is the relationship between high fructose corn syrup and missiles in Cuba?. The movie King Corn was shown at the Saturday s Child Open Mik Coffee House recently. This movie is a documentary showing that the health of Americans is being compromised by high fructose corn syrup. It has taken the place of cane sugar as a sweetener in almost every product on the grocery shelves. If you don t believe this, take the time to look at the ingredients of everything you buy. Carbonated drinks are liquid candy , a statement made by the two young men who went to Iowa to grow an acre of corn and follow the corn through its trip to your hamburgers by way of corn-fed cattle and to the grocery shelves by way of high fructose corn syrup.. High fructose corn syrup is a cheap replacement for the cane sugar we use to import from Cuba before we decided to create a hostile relationship with a country that refuses to follow our example of a free and democratic society.. The movie documents the ...
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You can chose from a range of telephone cards to Cuba from Liberia by looking at the list below. Once you have made your selection of the best calling card to Cuba you can activate it online and begin calling ...
Cubaâ s ambassador to Dominica, Juan Carlos Frometa De LA Rosa, has given his countryâ s commitment to assist in rebuilding Dominica after the island was ravaged by Hurricane Maria. Speaking at the daily government press briefing on Tuesday he said Cuban...
VATICAN CITY, Holy See - Cuban President Raúl Castro will meet Pope Francis at the Vatican on Sunday to thank the pontiff for his role in brokering the rapprochement between Havana and Washington.. The first South American pope played a key role in secret negotiations between the United States and Cuba that led to the surprise announcement in December that they would seek to restore diplomatic ties after more than 50 years of tensions.. The Holy See has said the Argentine pope personally mediated between the two sides, and the Vatican hosted delegations from the two countries in October.. The Vatican said Sundays meeting would be strictly private while a U.S. theologian said Francis would reprise the words of Polish pope John Paul II, who made a historic first papal visit to Cuba in 1998.. Let Cuba open itself to the world, and let the world open itself to Cuba, John Paul II urged during the visit, when he was accompanied by Jorge Bergoglio, then auxiliary bishop of Buenos Aires and today ...
US company is claiming rights to famous Cuban songs HAVANA Sep 26 - A British High Court judge heard testimony on Monday from the heirs of the Cuban composers of 14 songs dating back to the 1930s in a copyright case brought against Cuba by an American company. Justice John Lindsay shed ...
Although the Mariel special zone offers, according to several experts, comparable incentives to other economic development zones, Cuba is one of the riskiest business environments in the world. Plus, its small, devastated, vulnerable, and parasitic economy can offer little real opportunities to a country like Brazil. The Economist Intelligence Unit ranks Cuba one of the worst countries for doing business (of the 82 countries evaluated, Cuba held 79th place in 2009-2013, with only Libya, Angola, and Iran faring worse.)75 For its part, the 2014 Index of Economic Freedom, produced by Heritage Foundation/The Wall Street Journal, ranks Cubas economy No. 177 of the 178 countries evaluated, only ahead of North Korea.76 Its dependence on external aid is almost as long as the history of the revolutionary regime. Until 1989-90, the Soviets subsidized Cuba to the tune of many billions a year.77 When the USSR broke up and the aid ceased, a decade of virtual economic collapse followed. But, Hugo Chávez ...
At the start of the Spanish-American War, First Lieutenant Pershing was the regimental quartermaster for the 10th Cavalry; he fought on Kettle and San Juan Hills in Cuba, and was cited for gallantry. In 1919, he was awarded the Silver Citation Star for these actions, and in 1932 the award was upgraded to the Silver Star decoration. A commanding officer here commented on Pershings calm demeanor under fire, saying he was cool as a bowl of cracked ice..[32] Pershing also served with the 10th Cavalry during the siege and surrender of Santiago de Cuba. Pershing was commissioned as a major of United States Volunteers on August 26, 1898, and assigned as an ordnance officer. In March 1899, after suffering from malaria, Pershing was put in charge of the Office of Customs and Insular Affairs which oversaw occupation forces in territories gained in the Spanish-American War, including Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Guam. He was honorably discharged from the volunteers and reverted to his ...
DISCUSSION. Carter has proposed that athletic success is multifactorial and that kinanthropometric attributes are not the only definitive factors in athletic performance.[6] Despite this, in a sport such as volleyball, several elements in the kinanthropometric profile such as height, arm length, leg length and sitting height all can influence competitive success, since they play a fundamental role in jumping, spiking and blocking.[17] To be successful, Cuban female volleyball players in the period 1992-2000 had to adapt to the competitive demands of the times, offsetting with technical and tactical elements and physical preparation the better defensive record of some elite teams, such as China and Brazil,[36-39] and the greater average height of players from countries with similar competitive levels, such as China (184.7 cm) and Russia (188.3 cm).[44,45] The ability of Cuban female volleyball players of that generation to jump higher for spiking and blocking than other elite teams, as well as ...
To millions of people, he was more than just a man. He was a symbol of the struggle for freedom, justice, equality, and human dignity not only for Cubans, but for humankind, he said.. The former Cuban president and communist leader who had so much global influence died in Havana on Friday aged of 90.. Angula said Castros selfless sacrifices inspired revolutionaries in all corners of the world to fight relentlessly for justice, freedom and human dignity.. He leaves us with a wealth of legacy and great vision to strive for self-reliance and wellbeing for the people of our country, he said.. Castro will be remembered for the immense sacrifices paid by Cuba nationals under his leadership in the fight for Namibias freedom, reminisced Angula.. The rescue during the attack on the Namibian refugee camp in Cassinga by the ruthless racist troops in 1978, and the decisive battle of Quito Cuanavale and of Chipa are some of President Castros memorable sacrifices in the our history, he said.. Overall, ...
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Summary: Cuban First Vice President Jose Ramon Machado Ventura met on Monday with the Prime Minister of the R...
Posted on 06/23/2013 8:14:12 AM PDT by markomalley. Former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden will fly from Moscow to Cuba on Monday and then plans to go to Venezuela, a source at the Russian airline Aeroflot said on Sunday. The source said Snowden was already on his way to Moscow from Hong Kong and would leave for Havana within 24 hours. The South China Morning Post also reported that Snowden had left Hong Kong for Moscow and that his final destination might be Ecuador or Iceland. The WikiLeaks anti-secrecy website said Snowden was heading for an unnamed democratic nation. The flight to Moscow prompted speculation that Snowden might remain in Russia, whose leaders accuse the United States of double standards on democracy and have championed public figures who challenge Western governments. But Putins spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said he was unaware of Snowdens plans and the Foreign Ministry declined immediate comment on whether he had asked for asylum ...
By Workers World staff - Cuba, a sovereign socialist country, has been investing ample money and resources to nearly eliminate Aedes aegypti, the mosquito that carries Zika, dengue and chikungunya. Puerto Rico, as a colony of the United States, has been deprived of its political, economic and legal sovereignty, putting it at the mercy of the U.S. Congress and financial institutions. The island is expected to be hit hard by a surge of Zika over the next few months.. Zika arrived in Puerto Rico earlier than expected. As of March 23, there were already 258 locally acquired cases in Puerto Rico, including 35 pregnant women. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Only 20 percent of those who contract Zika show any of its mild, flu-like symptoms, but evidence shows that the virus can target fetal nerve cells, causing infants to be born with microcephaly - unusually small heads and incomplete brain development. Since Zika hit Brazil last year, a total of 863 cases of microcephaly have been ...
Without the Aedes aegypti mosquito, there is no transmission of any arbovirus, the expert pointed out.. Arbovirus are viruses transmitted by arthropods such as the abovementioned insect, including dengue fever, zika, chikungunya and yellow fever. There are currently reports of a great epidemic in this region of the Americas, where Cuba is situated.. Late September until early November is the season when there has historically been a peak in Aedes aegypti mosquito infestation.. According to doctor Carilda Pena, the national director of Vector Surveillance and Control at the Public Health Ministry, this is the most dangerous time because its when factors that encourage concentrations of Aedes aegypti increase.. She pointed out that there are significant levels of mosquito infestation across the entire country.. Every province has reported the presence of the vector, to a greater or lesser extent, especially in provincial capitals, because thats where there is a greater demographic ...
When Tiffany Alvarez studied womens health through the lens of life history theory as an undergraduate student and McNair Scholar at UNLV, she didnt know how far it would eventually take her. Now a doctoral student at Washington State University in evolutionary anthropology, she is planning to study in Cuba next summer with her advisor, Edward Hagen. The two will be investigating the effects of acute immune activation on components of pregnant womens behavioral and biological immunity-or life history.. Life history theory seeks to explain aspects of an organisms anatomy and behavior in reference to the way its life histories have been shaped by natural selection. The theory depends on principles of evolutionary biology and ecology and is widely used in other areas of science.. Alvarez explained how recent discoveries show that immunity appears to have behavioral components, often referred to as sickness behaviors, which serve to reduce exposure to pathogens and conserve energy. The features ...
President Obama makes his first trip to Latin America this week, arriving in Trinidad and Tobago Friday for the Fifth Summit of the Americas. But notably absent from both attendance and the official agenda will be Cuba.
We are now offering online classes and planning events in accordance with recommendations from the CDC and Delaware Division of Public Health ...
Making Cuba accessible to Americans would encourage reforms there, as it did in the once-oppressive republics of the Bahamas, Aruba, and South Padre Island.. Jane Borden • Systems Analyst ...
UNC historians Lars Schoultz and Louis Perez have been studying United States history with Cuba. Schoultz analyzed unpublished archives from the CIA during the Bay of Pigs Invasion, which confirm plans for using U.S. troops in Cuba. Perez documented metaphors that U.S. policymakers and politicians have used to depict Cuba as a country needing to be saved. Both authors agree that the U.S. should engage with Cuba and end the embargo ...
Description: In approving the FY2001 agriculture appropriations act, Congress codified the lifting of unilateral sanctions on commercial sales of food, agricultural commodities, medicine, and medical products to Iran, Libya, North Korea, and Sudan, and extended this policy to Cuba (as enacted in by the Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act of 2000, or TSRA). Congressional opponents of TSRAs prohibitions on private U.S. financing of agricultural sales, public financing of eligible exports, and tourist travel to Cuba have introduced bills since 2000 to repeal these provisions. Though several amendments to repeal or relax TSRA provisions relative to Cuba were adopted by committees or passed during floor debate, all were dropped in conference action. Administration officials continually signal to conferees they will advise the President to veto any bill that would change TSRAs prohibitions against Cuba. ...
Unearth 100+ Medical Centers for Stem Cell Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Ciego de Avila,Cuba. Avail Top Stem Cell Therapy Packages at cheap prices.
Have your say on the alcohol application for Lord of the Fries, Shop R8, 117 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington, 6011. Applications close at 12 midnight on 14th August 2020.
FAA aeronautical and local business information for airport Cuba Municipal (KUBX), MO, US, covering airport operations, communications, weather, runways, comments and remarks, approach plates and procedures, services, all reporting businesses and FBOs, and kneeboard print outs.
Football legend Diego Maradona blazed a path for Cuba to become a medical tourism destination when he traveled to the island for drug addiction treatment in 2000.
In what would be his first series-regular gig, Cuba Gooding Jr is set as the lead in Foxs legal drama pilot Guilty, from Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti.
Starting around the 10th of April 2009 we intend to sail from the Eastern point of Cuba towards San Salvador in the Bahamas. Afterwards well sail to Bermuda.. Are there any problems to be expected concerning currents, winds, waves?. Any advice is much appreciated.. Greetings from the KREIA (NL ...
This dataset contains the digitized treatments in Plazi based on the original journal article Yong, Sheyla, Perez-Gelabert, Daniel E. (2014): Grasshoppers, Crickets and Katydids (Insecta: Orthoptera) of Cuba: an annotated checklist. Zootaxa 3827 (4): 401-438, DOI: ...
The Vatican on Friday condemned the U.S. embargo against Cuba ahead of Pope Benedicts trip there next week and said the pontiff was willing to meet Fidel Castro.
New Orleans police say an arrest warrant has been issued for actor Cuba Gooding Jr. after an incident at a Bourbon Street bar. Police said in a news release that a bartender told officers that Gooding was there at 3 a.m. Tuesday when he became upset with other patrons who started asking him to take photographs with them.
By this time, Mills had traded professorial reflection for a new persona: the sociologist as action intellectual. In this final phase, he rapidly produced three polemics - The Causes of World War Three (1958), Listen, Yankee: The Revolution in Cuba (1960), and the posthumously published The Marxists (1962) - books unabashedly designed to reach a popular international readership struggling to make sense of the nuclear brinksmanship and neoimperialism of the times. Having given up on labors potential to tame capitalism, and skeptical of the New Lefts power to reform America, Mills looked with optimism to Castros Cuba as a Latin third camp in a bipolar world. In an emotionally charged essay in the December 1960 Harpers, he made the case for the Cuban Revolution - curiously writing as a Cuban revolutionary. Referring to we Cubans, Mills welcomed the end of American influence in Havana: Well, thats over, Yankee, weve made laws and were sticking to them, with guns in our hands. Our sisters ...
HAVANA (AP) - Bolivian President Evo Morales made a lightning trip this weekend to Havana where ally Hugo Chavez is convalescing after cancer surgery, but was mostly silent Monday on the details of his trip or even whether he met with the ailing Venezuelan leader.
TY - JOUR. T1 - Anatomic and neurophysiological methods for the targeting and lesioning of the subthalamic nucleus. T2 - Cuban experience and review. AU - López-Flores, Gerardo. AU - Miguel-Morales, Juan. AU - Teijeiro-Amador, Juan. AU - Vitek, Jerold. AU - Perez-Parra, Sahily. AU - Fernández-Melo, Ramsés. AU - Maragoto, Carlos. AU - Alvarez, Eduardo. AU - Alvarez, Lazaro. AU - Macías, Raúl. AU - Obeso, Jose Angel. AU - Burchiel, Kim J.. AU - Gildenberg, Philip L.. AU - Bakay, Roy A.E.. AU - Lozano, Andres M.. PY - 2003/4/1. Y1 - 2003/4/1. N2 - OBJECTIVE: To develop a method to place a lesion precisely in the subthalamic nucleus (STN) and evaluate its effectiveness. METHODS: A retrospective study of targeting data collected during stereotactic planning to lesion the STN in 31 patients with Parkinsons disease and of results in more than 50 procedures was performed. The targeting method was based on computed tomographic imaging together with semimicroelectrode recording digital processing ...
First, a primer on Cuban women and jewelry. As a Cuban woman, wearing jewelry is very much a part of my Cuban DNA. Like my ubiquitous red lipstick, I dont cant go out in public without my earrings, necklace, and bracelets. (Yes, plural.) It started as a baby, of course, before I was old enough to walk I was
Cuba portal Water portal Renewable energy portal Escambray Mountains Manicaragua "Lake Hanabanilla" (PDF). Cuba: Natural ... Cuba" (PDF) (in Spanish). National Institute of Hydraulic Resources. 2012. Archived from the original (PDF) on 2 May 2014. ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Centrales Hidroelectricas" (PDF) (in Spanish). CUBA. Características Generales. ... Cuba. The purpose of the dam is to provide water for irrigation and municipal uses and to generate hydroelectric power. The dam ...
"Cuba" takes place soon thereafter during the Second World War in Havana, Cuba where the reader is introduced to an older and ... ISBN 978-1-4000-4162-6. "Cuba". "The Hemingway Patrols: The Old Man and the U-Boats". Archived from the original on February 5 ... ", "Cuba", and "At Sea". Early in 1950 Hemingway started work on a "sea trilogy", to consist of three sections: "The Sea When ... they track and pursue survivors of a sunken German U-boat along the Jardines del Rey archipelago on the northern coast of Cuba ...
Many at the Naval base were concerned they would be sent back to Cuba instead of being granted permission to enter the United ... After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the beginning of the Special Period in Cuba the United States Coast Guard noticed an ... Cuba. ABC-CLIO. 2013. "Cuban Rafter Crisis". Miami Herald. "Creation and Recreation". University of Miami. "The Cuban Rafter ... The exodus occurred over five weeks following rioting in Cuba; Fidel Castro announced in response that anyone who wished to ...
"Cuba in Artex, Artex in Cuba and the World". Prisma. Prensa Latina. 273: 97-98. 1996. Llewellyn, Howell (30 January 1999). " ... "Timba Burns in Cuba". Billboard. Nielsen Business Media. p. 97. Coe, Andrew (1997). Cuba. Passport Books. pp. 62, 127. ISBN ... Artex was founded in 1989 as Promociones Artísticas y Literarias and it soon became Cuba's largest chain of record outlets. ...
Cuba". Archived from the original on 3 March 2016. Retrieved 29 November 2015. v t e. ... She was part of the Cuba women's national volleyball team. She participated in the 1994 FIVB Volleyball Women's World ...
Rodríguez capped for Cuba at senior level during the 2018 CONCACAF Women's Championship (and its qualification). Zailín ... Zailín Rodríguez Pérez (born 28 January 1998) is a Cuban footballer who plays as a defender for the Cuba women's national team ... "Cuba". CONCACAF. Retrieved 12 June 2020. v t e. ...
"Cuba". Archived from the original on 2011-07-11. Retrieved 2008-06-14. "Czech Republic". Archived from the original on 2010-01- ...
The deployment, in the mid 1970s, of a Soviet brigade to Cuba was at the time perceived by some to represent the introduction ... "Cuba". News-Press. September 1, 1979. Archived from the original on January 19, 2018. Retrieved January 19, 2018. "Falklands ... of a tripwire force onto the island - a method of deterring aggression against Cuba from "potential attackers who would not ...
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Cuba. A 30% stake in a project for the development of four shelf blocks with reserves of 450 million tonnes. First appraisal ...
"Cuba". World Statesmen. Retrieved June 29, 2019. "Rafael María Portuondo: ejemplo de los jóvenes santiagueros que se alzaron en ... Cuba: Spain ceded authority to the U.S. in 1899 (de jure from 1899). President of the Assembly of Representatives of the Cuban ... Todo Cuba (in Spanish). 2018-02-22. Retrieved June 29, 2019. "José Lacret Morlot". Caba Militar, La enciclopedia militar Cubana ...
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Statoids (July 2003). "Municipios of Cuba". Retrieved 2007-10-06. Government of Cuba (2002). "Population by Province" (in ... Una MIRADA a Cuba (in Spanish). Oficina Nacional de Estadísticas. Cuba. 2010. (2004). "2004 Population trends, by ... Cuba portal Source: Population from 2004 Census. Area from 1976 municipal re-distribution. In 2004, the province of Ciego de ... Ciego de Ávila (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈsjeɣo ðe ˈaβila]) is one of the provinces of Cuba, and was previously part of Camagüey ...
"Papa: Hemingway in Cuba". October 25, 2016. Retrieved November 2, 2019 - via Amazon. "The Quiet Man: Olive Signature". October ... "Cuba". July 19, 2016. Retrieved January 21, 2019 - via Amazon. "Demolition". July 19, 2016. Retrieved January 21, 2019 - via ...
Cuba; Barcelona and Bilbao, Spain; among others. He has also participated in the festivals at Aspen, Colorado USA; Colmar and ...
Cuba. He later assumed command of several cutters; served as captain of the port for Brest, France, during World War I; and ... Cuba, Central or South America, or some other Hispanic origin. The three largest Hispanic groups in the United States are the ...
... (1853-1857) was a Spanish language literary magazine produced in Havana, Cuba. Quintiliano Garcia and ... Alfred Coester [es] (1919). "Cuba". Literary History of Spanish America. New York: Macmillan.CS1 maint: multiple names: authors ... list (link) Leopoldo Fornés Bonavía (2003). Cuba, cronología: cinco siglos de historia, política y cultura (in Spanish). Madrid ...
Ultimately, this offer was rescinded before it could take effect, and he was instead appointed governor of Cuba. In 1906, Cuba ... and returned Cuba to the corrupt practices of colonial times. On January 29, 1909, the sovereign government of Cuba was ... "The Situation in Cuba". The Independent. October 11, 1906. pp. 840-841. "Magoon Takes Taft's Place". Los Angeles Times. October ... His successes led to his appointment as an occupation governor of Cuba in 1906. He was the subject of several scandals during ...
For example, to protect infants one propitiated a number of deities concerned with birth and childrearing: Cuba ("lying down to ... ISBN 0-8154-0073-X. Schmitz, Leonhard (2005) [1867]. "Cuba". In Smith, William (ed.). Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography ...
Cuba, under the rule of atheist Fidel Castro, succeeded in reducing the Church's ability to work by deporting the archbishop ... Anti-clericalism appeared in Catholic Europe throughout the 19th century, in various forms, and later in Canada, Cuba, and ... Cuba; Czechia; East Germany; Eritrea; Estonia; Ethiopia; Hungary; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Laos; Latvia; Lithuania; Macedonia; ... Rise and Decline of Cuba's Communist Dictator harvnb error: no target: CITEREFMallin1994 (help) -[page needed] Ramet 1998, p. ...
She has been a member of the Cuba women's national team. Corcho capped for Cuba at senior level during the 2018 CONCACAF ... "Cuba". CONCACAF. Retrieved 13 June 2020. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) v t e. ...
Past expeditions include Cuba in 2009, Belize in January 2010, the Galápagos Islands in April 2010, Costa Rica and the Central ... "Mission Blue Expeditions > Cuba". Retrieved January 21, 2015. "Mission Blue Expeditions > Belize". www. ...
"Cuba". Leeds Mercury (10681). Leeds. 4 July 1872. "Latest Shipping Intelligence". The Times (27508). London. 15 October 1872. ...
Cuba's northernmost point is located in on Hicacos Peninsula. The southern coast has one of Cuba's most distinctive features: ... Statoids (July 2003). "Municipios of Cuba". Retrieved 2007-10-06. Government of Cuba (2002). "Population by Province" (in ... Una MIRADA a Cuba (in Spanish). Oficina Nacional de Estadísticas. Cuba. 2010. "Municipalities of Matanzas". Archived ... The second largest in Cuba, Matanzas province is largely flat, with its highest point (Pan de Matanzas) at only 380m above sea ...
Cuba. 15 May 2008. "2016 Census QuickStats: Australia". "Cultural diversity in Australia - 2016 census data summary". ...
His two major books, Cuba and Divided Soul, are based on the Spanish cultural migration into the Americas, and Living Proof ... Cuba. Washington, DC: National Geographic Society, 2000. ISBN 978-84-8298-196-3. Divided Soul. London: Phaidon, 2003. ISBN 978- ...
Henken, Ted (2013). Cuba. ABC-CLIO. p. 155. ISBN 978-1851099849. Rosenberg, Jonathan (1992). "Cuba's Free-Market Experiment: ... López, Jorge (1995). Cuba's Second Economy: From Behind the Scenes to Center Stage. Transaction Publishers. pp. 83-90. ISBN ... Since 1994 a new form of farmers' market that is functionally similar to the MLCs has been legal in Cuba. Throughout the 1970s ... MLCs were generally credited with increasing agricultural output in Cuba during the period of their existence. In Villa Clara ...
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"Cuba". Britannica. Smucker, Glenn R. "The Upper Class". A Country Study: Haiti (Richard A. Haggerty, editor). Library of ... "Central America :: Cuba - The World Factbook - Central Intelligence Agency". "Central America :: Dominican Republic - ... Cuba (24.86%), Haiti (5%). Although mulattoes, and even full-blooded Africans, did once represent a portion of the population ...
Statoids (July 2003). "Municipios of Cuba". Retrieved 2007-10-06. Government of Cuba (2002). "Population by Province" (in ... Una MIRADA a Cuba (in Spanish). Oficina Nacional de Estadísticas. Cuba. 2010. (in Spanish) Historical site of the city of Las ... With a total area of 6,587.75 km2 (2,543.54 sq mi), the province had a population density of 80.4/km2 (208/sq mi). Cuba portal ... Las Tunas is one of the provinces of Cuba. Major towns include Puerto Padre, Amancio, and the capital city, Las Tunas ( ...
Cubas Meningitis Miracle. In 1976, Cuba was struck by meningitis B and C outbreaks. Since 1916 only a few isolated cases had ... By then Cuba was submerged in another health crisis, a serious outbreak of Meningitis B, which further spurred Cubas ... Cubas Meningitis B vaccine was awarded a UN Gold Medal for global innovation. This was Cubas meningitis miracle. ... Catching the tail end of US President Carters improved relations with Cuba, Dr Clark Lee visited Cuba, met with Fidel Castro ...
Do not travel to Cuba due to COVID-19. Exercise increased caution in Cuba due to demonstrable and sometimes debilitating ... Cuba - Level 4: Do Not Travel. O K E N H U T C ... If you decide to travel to Cuba:. *See the U.S. Embassys web ... The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 4 Travel Health Notice for Cuba due to COVID-19, ... Know where to seek medical care in Cuba.. *Consult with a medical professional prior to traveling if you have personal health ...
"U.S. Companies Flock To Cuba". CBS News. 24 September 2006.. *^ a b c "Health Care in Cuba: Myth Versus Reality - Cubas ... "Cuba Before Fidel Castro".. *^ Dominguez, Jorge (1993), "Cuba since 1959", in Bethell, Leslie (ed., 1993), Cuba: a short ... Cuba : A model for alternative healthcare National Foundation for Alternative medicine *^ "Cuba". World Health Organization. ... Cuba also successfully exports many medical products, such as vaccines.[63] Health tourism[edit]. Cuba attracts about 20,000[64 ...
Jose Ramirez stands in front of his house that he is asking $55,000 for, in the city of Ciego de Avila, central Cuba January 3 ... Jose Ramirez stands in front of his house that he is asking $55,000 for, in the city of Ciego de Avila, central Cuba January 3 ... A man holds a pig on a leash while sitting outside his home in Santiago de Cuba December 29, 2008. REUTERS/Claudia Daut ... A woman carries a ventilator outside her house as Hurricane Ike approaches in Playa Giron on the south coast of Cuba September ...
A number of Cuba travel providers in the U.S. say that Cuba is actually the safest country in the world to visit (including for ... Some of the listed organizations schedule only occasional trips to Cuba. If you dont see a trip listed, contact the ... travel to Cuba part of the global movement for ethical travel . . . particularly important in supporting Cubas goal to become ... Long-time Cuba travel provider Marazul provided further clarification in a November 16, 2017, letter which links to a Notice to ...
Where: Havana, Cuba. Spaces Available: 10-15. Cost: $2,483.00 (does not include flight). Down Payment: $350.00 (non-refundable ... Your airport destination is the capitol Havana, Cuba. We require all participants to arrive in country as early as possible. ... Day Tour - Historic Callejon de Hamel Alley / Historic Hotel Nacional de Cuba. 1-2 Day Tour Countryside of Vinales (includes ... Here is a link to some additional information via Southwest: 5. Book your ...
Jorge Domínguez, La Democracia en Cuba: ¿Cúal es el Modelo Deseable? La Democracia en Cuba y el Diferendo con los Estados ... 178 Lista parcial de las amenazas, agresiones y demás occurridas en Cuba en las últimas semanas, Cuba S.O.S., April 2, 1997. ... 151 Gillian Gunn, Ph.D., Cubas NGOs: Government Puppets or Seeds of Civil Society? Cuba Briefing Paper Series: Number 7, ... 165 Gillian Gunn Ph.D., Cubas NGOs: Government Puppets or Seeds of Civil Society? Cuba Briefing Paper Series: Number 7, ...
206 Raúl Rivero, En Libertad Periodista de Esta Agencia, Cuba Press, September 16, 1998; and Andrew Cawthorne, Cuba: Cuba ... Cuba never allowed the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Cuba to enter the country. The U.N. High Commissioner for ... 163 Gillian Gunn Ph.D., Cubas NGOs: Government Puppets or Seeds of Civil Society? Cuba Briefing Paper Series: Number 7, ... See also, Gillian Gunn Ph.D., Cubas NGOs: Government Puppets or Seeds of Civil Society? Cuba Briefing Paper Series: Number 7 ...
Cuba has been mysterious to many of us who grew up with knowing the country as little [...] ... Since the news broke this week about a thaw in relations with Cuba, Ive been excited about the possibility of visiting there- ... Cuba has been mysterious to many of us who grew up with knowing the country as little more than a threat and that there were ... Cuba has a long-standing history of international volunteerism and medical diplomacy, via its "ejército de batas blancas" (army ...
Cuba (NTN24) Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff arrived in Havana on Monday (January 30) for a two-day visit focused on trade, ... Arribó a Cuba Dilma Rousseff, Presidenta de Brasil - Duration: 10:16. CELAC Cuba 36,561 views ... Arriba Dilma Rousseff a Cuba - Duration: 1:33. Cuba Hoy 4,090 views ... Brasil e Cuba vão firmar cooperação econômica e outras parcerias - Duration: 2:21. TVNBR 1,042 views ...
Read CNNs Cuba Fast Facts to learn more about this communist country located in the Caribbean Sea, approximately 90 miles ... Cuba has not accepted the payment since 1959. Timeline 1492 - Explorer Christopher Columbus lands on the island of Cuba and ... 1902 - Cuba gains independence from the United States. 1903 - The new Republic of Cuba leases 45 square miles of land in ... In response, the United States places a trade embargo on Cuba. January 1961 - The United States and Cuba end diplomatic ...
Havanas weather is typical for Cuba; it is generally sunny and hot year round apart from when it is stormy, which is why it is ... Hurricanes are usually more of a problem on the south coast of Cuba and Havana is typically safe from the worst of the tropical ... The international access code for Cuba is +53. Cellular phone companies have roaming agreements with many international cell ...
The domain of the Arawakan-speaking Taino, who had displaced even earlier inhabitants, Cuba was claimed by Christopher Columbus ... Cuba, country of the West Indies, the largest single island of the archipelago, and one of the more-influential states of the ... República de Cuba (Republic of Cuba) Form of government. unitary socialist republic with one legislative house (National ... Cuba is situated just south of the Tropic of Cancer at the intersection of the Atlantic Ocean (north and east), the Gulf of ...
Cuba Libre. Cuba Libre. Covering the island has been a central concern for The Nation since the beginning-producing scoops, ... Just two weeks after its inaugural issue, on July 20, 1865, The Nation published its first Cuba story. "Emancipation in Cuba" ... "American Diplomacy in Cuba," in January 1934. His last dispatch, on US efforts to expel Cuba from the Organization of American ... examining the changing of the guard in Cuba and the potential for changing course on Cuba policy in the United States. "The ...
Some in Cuba and even some American Left-liberals claim that the U.S. embargo against Cuba is responsible for any deficiencies ... Cuba has an abundance of medical doctors, yet within its healthcare system there is a shortage. Why? Cuba sends hundreds of ... And Obama claimed to have found much that works in Cuba. "Every child in Cuba gets a basic education - thats a huge ... The embargo, in any case, is not responsible for Cubas squalid medical facilities. Cuba lacks the resources to provide modern ...
Cuba [] is the largest Caribbean island, between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. It ... Havana Times, [20], Photos, News Briefs and Features from Havana, Cuba.. * Cuba Headlines, [21], Cuba News Headlines. Cuban ... For other places with the same name, see Cuba (disambiguation).. Cuba [1] is the largest Caribbean island, between the ... Central Cuba (Villa Clara, Cienfuegos, Santi Spíritus, Ciego de Avila). Eastern Cuba (Camaguey, Las Tunas, Holguín, Santiago de ...
The sign on the door was written by hand and the lights were turned off to save electricity, but inside the clinic Cuban doctors were administering what they say is a cutting-edge vaccine against the coronavirus.
grandmother and veteran endurance swimmer, ended her quest early July 1 to become the first woman to swim unaided from Cuba to ... British-Australian swimmer Penny Palfrey adjusts her cap in preparation for her bid to complete a record swim from Cuba to ... Florida as her husband Chris stands by, in Havana, Cuba, Friday, June 29, 2012. Palfrey aims to be the first woman to swim the ...
... island to try to start a rebellion had his death sentence commuted on Tuesday in the third such decision this month by Cubas ... Cuba commutes third death sentence A former Cuban exile convicted of killing a man when he returned to the island to try to ... Cuba last applied the death penalty in 2003 when three people were executed by firing squad for seizing a boat with the intent ... Real has been imprisoned since 1994 when he and six other exiles came to Cuba from Florida to organise an armed uprising ...
Travel to Cuba Travel to Cuba for tourist activities remains prohibited, and U.S. federal regulations restrict travel to Cuba ... Cuba Restricted List U.S.-Cuba Relations The United States seeks a stable, prosperous, and free country for the Cuban people. ... Transactions Involving Cuba Transactions by persons subject to U.S. jurisdiction involving Cuba are generally prohibited unless ... Cuba Restricted List Direct financial transactions with certain entities and sub-entities under the control of, or acting for ...
This is a list of birds species recorded in the archipelago of Cuba which consists of the main island of Cuba and over 1000 ... The avifauna of Cuba include a total of 384 species, of which 25 are endemic, 10 have been introduced by humans, and 163 are ... E) Endemic - a species endemic to the archipelago of Cuba.. *(Es) Endemic subspecies - a subspecies endemic to the archipelago ... of Cuba.[3][2]. *(I) Introduced - a species introduced to the archipelago of Cuba as a consequence, direct or indirect, of ...
Doctors treating the victims of unexplained health attacks in Cuba have discovered abnormalities in the brain as theyve ... Cuba attack victims have brain abnormalities. Doctors treating the victims of unexplained health attacks in Cuba have ... Cuba attack victims have brain abnormalities Doctors treating the victims of unexplained health attacks in Cuba have discovered ... Doctors treating the victims of unexplained health attacks in Cuba have discovered abnormalities in the brain as theyve ...
You can also browse the collection for Cuba (Cuba) or search for Cuba (Cuba) in all documents. ... The acquisition of Cuba, by "fair purchase," is again recommended. Affairs in Mexico are as complicated as ever, and some debts ... produced by the forcible search of American merchant vessels by British cruisers on the coast of Cuba, in the spring of 1858. ... in favor of the acquisition of Cuba from Spain by fair purchase. I firmly believe that such an acquisition would contribute ...
Cuba was his third stop on a Latin American tour meant to show support from four leftist-led nations - Venezuela, Nicaragua, ... Ahmadinejad visits Cuba. Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - 01:04. Jan. 11 - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in Havana ... He was greeted by one of Cubas vice presidents, Esteban Lazo, and was driven away in a black Mercedes ahead of a meeting with ... Cuba and Ecuador - as Iran is increasingly isolated by tightening Western economic sanctions. The four countries are united ...
Cuba holds tremendous potential as a cruise destination if U.S. cruise operators are allowed to sail into its ports in the near ... President Obama will open a new era in the U.S.s relationship with Cuba by trying to lock in his softer approach and push the ... Nobody says Cuba has been governed by a brutal dictatorship that has executed thousands, and jailed tens of thousands of its ... Cubas tobacco farmers are benefiting from a tourist boom by converting their farms into tourist attractions, where busloads of ...
Cubas state-run newspaper Granma Friday reported details of the agreement. The newspaper says Iran will offer Cuba assistance ... Iran is loaning cash-strapped Cuba $26 Million.. The loan is part of a bilateral cooperation agreement between the two ... and has recently tightened a long-standing economic embargo on Cuba. ...
Cuba and Panama City have very much been in the news of late, and helping to cement good relations are a visit to the festival ... Her character in "Maria Antonia," directed by Sergio Giral, established her in Cuba as a film actress. She is also known for ... Cuba on Best Behavior Alina Rodríguez and Ernesto Daranas Serrano present breakout Cuban hit ... was put forward to the Academy by Cuba. His long form music video, "Bluechacha," was nominated for a Latin Grammy. ...
Political prisoners -- Cuba. Dissenters -- Cuba. Human rights -- Cuba. Government, Resistance to -- Cuba -- History -- 20th ... Filmed in Cuba in the autumn of 2000, =. the interviews are augmented with archival footage from Cuba and Cuban =. prisons.. = ... Filmed in Cuba in the autumn of 2000, =. the interviews are augmented with archival footage from Cuba and Cuban =. prisons.. = ... Filmed in Cuba in the autumn of 2000, the interviews are augmented with archival = footage from Cuba and Cuban prisons. ...
... *Fact Sheet: HTML Version , PDF Version * (172 KB). Canada-Cuba relations can be traced back to the ... Cuba is the third most popular overseas destination for Canadians (after the United States and Mexico) and Canada is Cubas ... Canada and Cuba have a well-established, significant and growing commercial and investment relationship. Cuba is Canadas top ... Canadas international development program in Cuba is aligned with several of the priorities of the Government of Cuba, in ...
Cubans Vote for a Free Cuba in Exile*** The purpose is to legitimize the Free Nation of Cuba, which is a concept and a ... Cubas cardinal rejects call to support dissidents [Full Text] HAVANA Cubas Roman Catholic cardinal defended the churchs ... Treat Dissident, U.S. Tells Cuba [Full Text] WASHINGTON, June 2 - The Bush administration demanded today that Cuba provide ... Fidel Castro - Cuba. various LINKS to articles , April 14, 2002 Posted on 04/14/2002 4:36:10 AM PDT by Cincinatus Wife ...
  • Havana, Cuba (NTN24) Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff arrived in Havana on Monday (January 30) for a two-day visit focused on trade, but nagged by Cuba's ever-present human rights issues. (
  • A discussion of the impact of sugar, rum, slavery, and cigars on Cuban society, from the documentary Curious About Cuba: Great Museums of Havana . (
  • British-Australian swimmer Penny Palfrey adjusts her cap in preparation for her bid to complete a record swim from Cuba to Florida as her husband Chris stands by, in Havana, Cuba, Friday, June 29, 2012. (
  • While we still believe that the Cuban regime has demonstrated far too little in the way of reform or openness to warrant the the steps the Obama Administration has taken in opening to Cuba, we feel that these actions would ensure that his trip to Havana can bring about real benefits for the Cuban people. (
  • El grupo de timba cubana se presenta durante la serie Little Havana Social Club de MDC Live Arts a las 9 p.m., el viernes, 18 de marzo en el Koubek Center de la Pequeña Habana. (
  • FILE PHOTO: A man chats on the internet with his mobile device during sunset at a hotspot along the seafront in Havana, Cuba, July 14, 2018. (
  • Canadian businessman Sarkis Yacoubian goes to court for his corruption trial in Havana, Cuba, Friday, May 24, 2013. (
  • HAVANA (AP) -- Official silence surrounded the case of a Canadian businessman targeted by a corruption probe in Cuba on Friday, as the initial trial of several foreigners suspected of graft entered its second day. (
  • Canada's ambassador to Havana has been observing the proceedings, but Ottawa has also kept mum except to acknowledge that it is providing consular services to two of its citizens detained in Cuba. (
  • There are reports of more than 200 people being detained or held under house arrest, to prevent them from travelling to attend open air masses celebrated by the Pope in Havana and Santiago de Cuba. (
  • The majority have been detained in the capital Havana and in the eastern provinces of Santiago de Cuba, Holguín and Guantánamo. (
  • The temblor, which was centered 24 miles (38 kilometers) north of Corralillo, Cuba, caused buildings in Havana to sway, the Associated Press reported, but there were no immediate reports of damage or inquiries and no tsunami warning was issued. (
  • The two men, both Cuba-born, were arrested in July after a speedboat carrying illegal migrants capsized outside Havana. (
  • It's easy to be surprised by the wide array of options you have when you visit Cuba, ranging from water sports to following the footsteps of onetime Havana resident Ernest Hemingway. (
  • The Trump administration has banned flights to all cities in Cuba except for Havana. (
  • Legendary band Blondie announced Monday they're headed to Havana, Cuba, for a four-day "historic cultural exchange" that fans can join for an all-out. (
  • Aug. 30, 2013 U.S. swimmer Diana Nyad, 64, center, speaks to her team at the International Nautical Club Hemingwa in Havana, where she gave details about her fifth attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida without a protection cage against sharks. (
  • Whether in the old night clubs of Havana, the swinging music cafés of Santiago de Cuba or during Carnival in Trinidad de Cuba, you will always find music and dancing throughout the entire island. (
  • HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters) -- Cuba freed on Thursday dissident economist Marta Beatriz Roque, the only woman among 75 people arrested 16 months ago in a crackdown on dissent. (
  • During her recent visit to Havana in July of 2014, Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), impressed by the country's achievements in this field, praised the Cuban health care system: "Cuba is the only country that has a health care system closely linked to research and development. (
  • Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez speaks during a news conference in Havana, Cuba, October 24, 2018. (
  • We regret the U.S. government is advancing on a course of confrontation with Cuba," Rodriguez told a 1-1/2 hour news conference in Havana. (
  • HAVANA, Jun 1 2006 (IPS) - Many women in Cuba resort to abortion, 40 years after it was decriminalised, as though it were just another contraceptive method. (
  • Like the rest of the Cuban economy , Cuban medical care suffered following the end of Soviet subsidies in 1991 and the stepping up of the United States embargo against Cuba at this time also had an effect. (
  • Going in a group is usually the best way for individuals who are unfamiliar with Cuba to learn more about the country, since groups have access to Cuban sites, organizations and events that are often not available to solo travelers. (
  • 162 Yet, Cuban authorities have acknowledged that the government's decision to allow the formation and legal operation of Cuban NGOs (many of which are state-controlled institutions with an NGO moniker) stemmed principally from the government's interest in increasing the flow of foreign aid into Cuba. (
  • And while the U.S. government, in the text of the Helms-Burton law, has endorsed the toppling of the Castro government, Cuba should not penalize dissident groups that accept U.S. funds to distribute copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or report on human rights violations-activities not designed to the promote violent overthrow of the current Cuban leadership-for the exercise of their protected rights. (
  • Some of our lack of knowledge about the Cuban experience may be because the US reportedly even " f orbade publication of articles from Cuba by US journals . (
  • There are 12 categories of allowable US travel to Cuba, including "Support for the Cuban People" trips. (
  • Though Spain had to fight several difficult and costly campaigns against independence movements, it retained rule of Cuba until 1898, when it was defeated by the United States and Cuban forces in the Spanish-American War . (
  • At the height of the Cold War, when the Cuban Revolution became a central concern, The Nation even played a key role in back-channel diplomacy to improve US-Cuba relations. (
  • One dissident, Dr. Guillermo Fariñas Hernández, kept under house arrest during the visit, commented on the recent thaw in United States-Cuban relations: "Yes, things have changed since [diplomatic] relations [between the U.S. and Cuba] were restored. (
  • After 1959, Cuban tourism was mostly for Cubans only, and the facilities were not renewed until the 1990s, when Cuba lost financial backing from the defunct Soviet Union and opened its doors to foreign tourism. (
  • The United States pursues limited engagement with Cuba that advances our national interests and empowers the Cuban people while restricting economic practices that disproportionately benefit the Cuban government or its military, intelligence, or security agencies at the expense of the Cuban people. (
  • The U.S. government seeks to promote human rights, religious freedom, and democracy, encourages the development of telecommunications and the internet in Cuba, supports the growth of Cuba's nascent private sector and civil society, and engages in areas that advance the interests of the United States and the Cuban people. (
  • The Cuban trogon is the national bird of Cuba. (
  • Cruise giant Carnival Corp. said Monday that it has received approval from Cuban authorities for cruises to be operated between Miami and Cuba by its newest brand, called Fathom. (
  • She is also known for her performances on stage in "Contigo pan y cebolla," by Cuban playwright Hector Quintero, and "En el parque", by the Russian writer Alexander Guelman. (
  • Filmed in Cuba in the autumn of 2000, = the interviews are augmented with archival footage from Cuba and Cuban = prisons. (
  • Canada and Mexico were the only two countries in the hemisphere not to break relations with Cuba in the years that followed the Cuban revolution in 1959. (
  • We met at a seminar of Cuban-American academics in May, in a session discussing economic and social conditions in Cuba. (
  • The Task Force will examine the technological challenges and opportunities for expanding internet access in Cuba, including through federal government support of programs and activities that encourage freedom of expression through independent media and internet freedom, so that the Cuban people can enjoy the free and unregulated flow of information. (
  • As our efforts to communicate with government critics, human rights activists and independent journalists across Cuba are continually frustrated, it becomes clear that repression of dissent by the Cuban authorities during the Pope's visit has become increasingly Orwellian. (
  • We are going to engage in areas like telecommunications," she said, adding that only 5 percent of the Cuban population currently has access to the Internet and only 2 million of the 11.4 million people in Cuba have a cellphone. (
  • While Florida has an undeniably vibrant Cuban culture, and strong tourist attractions in its own right, it's still not Cuba. (
  • In Living Ideology in Cuba , Katherine Gordy demonstrates how the Cuban state and its people engage in an ongoing negotiation that produces a "living ideology. (
  • John F. Kennedy hoped to win Cuba back from the Soviet camp by exploiting Castro's anger at Moscow for negotiating an end to the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis without consulting him. (
  • Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar features classic and contemporary Cuban cuisine by two-time James Beard award-winning Chef Guillermo Pernot. (
  • Featuring a selection of over 70 rums, Cuba Libre's uniquely refreshing house specialty, the mojito, is made from the authentic Cuban recipe of combining rum, fresh lime juice, fresh mint leaves, a splash of soda and most distinctively, guarapo, sugar cane juice pressed daily on site. (
  • At the behest of right-wing Cuban exiles who are central to Florida politics, the administration has tightened the screws of the embargo, making it much more difficult for Americans to obtain licenses to visit Cuba and reducing the frequency of permitted family visits by Cuban-Americans to once every three years. (
  • The Varela Project has indeed been mentioned prominently by an American president-but it was by Jimmy Carter, who visited Cuba in 2002 and gave a speech calling for expanded human rights that was carried live on Cuban television. (
  • Already, some 400 flights per month connect the US and Cuba, though legally they can only transport Cuban-Americans to see their families or US citizens on educational, artistic, humanitarian or other approved trips. (
  • The alleged grounds of this suit were violations inflicted upon Cuba by the United States since 1959 through many actions that caused harm and resulted in the loss of lives and injuries to Cuban citizens, including the Bay of Pigs invasion. (
  • Another lawsuit was filed in a Cuban Court against the United States Government, People of Cuba v. Government of the United States for Economic Damages ,in which the plaintiffs sought compensation in the amount of US$121 billion for economic damages resulting from the embargo imposed by the United States. (
  • The U.S. move to normalize relations with Cuba could potentially give more Cuban citizens access to the internet and other technology. (
  • One of his last tweets on the Cuba policy proclaimed: "We are going to empower the Cuban people and hold the regime accountable! (
  • Whether you were born in Cuba, have traveled there, or just learned something about the island's complex history, chances are you have an opinion about what Fidel Castro has meant to the Cuban nation and the Cuban people. (
  • The president of the Miami-based Cuban Committee for Human Rights, Ricardo Bofill spent 12 years imprisoned in Cuba. (
  • Cuba is literally a huge penitentiary centre," the Cuban Human Rights Observatory, headquartered in Madrid, says. (
  • Using the government total of 200 prisons - excluding juvenile detention centres - Cuba now has one prison for every 56,000 people, compared with one per 422,000 people in 1959, the year the Cuban Revolution took place. (
  • With neither side willing to budge, the standoff between two nuclear-armed states is bringing back memories of the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, when the Soviet Union had surreptitiously placed missiles in Cuba, bringing several US cities within striking distance. (
  • Parallels with the Cuban missile crisis, where the Soviets had withdrawn their missiles in Cuba in return for the US retiring its missiles in Turkey, may be misplaced. (
  • Cuban Researchers from Grupo Empresarial Labiofam advance in the study of natural peptides as a new option for the treatment of cancer, a disease that is now the leading cause of death in Cuba, and one of the main health problems worldwide. (
  • Cuban government policies have largely eradicated hunger and poverty according to the World Food Programme and Cuba boasts the lowest malnutrition death rate in Latin America as a result. (
  • International non-governmental organizations and experts consider Cuba as an authoritarian regime, without free and fair multi-party competitive elections and have accused Cuban government of numerous human rights abuses, including short-term arbitrary imprisonment and jailing of political opponents, purges and curtailed press freedom. (
  • U.S.-Cuban relations have deteriorated sharply since Donald Trump became president, returning to Cold War characterisations of Cuba and tightening trade and travel restrictions that had been eased by his predecessor Barack Obama. (
  • Under Obama and former Cuban President Raul Castro, the United States and Cuba had restored diplomatic relations and forged a closer relationship. (
  • The Treaty of Paris established Cuban independence from Spain in 1898 and, following three-and-a-half years of subsequent US military rule, Cuba became an independent republic in 1902 after which the island experienced a string of governments mostly dominated by the military and corrupt politicians. (
  • As a result of efforts begun in December 2014 to re-establish diplomatic relations with the Cuban Government, which were severed in January 1961, the US and Cuba reopened embassies in their respective countries on 20 July 2015. (
  • On 12 January 2017, the US and Cuba signed a Joint Statement ending the so-called "wet-foot, dry-foot" policy - by which Cuban nationals who reached US soil were permitted to stay - facilitating the repatriation of Cuban migrants. (
  • 80.000 Cuba (/ˈkjuːbə/ (listen) KEW-bə, Spanish: [ˈkuβa] (listen)), officially the Republic of Cuba (Spanish: República de Cuba [reˈpuβlika ðe ˈkuβa] (listen)), is a country comprising the island of Cuba, as well as Isla de la Juventud and several minor archipelagos. (
  • Catching the tail end of US President Carter's improved relations with Cuba, Dr Clark Lee visited Cuba, met with Fidel Castro and convinced him that interferon was the wonder drug. (
  • July 26, 1953 - Fidel Castro and approximately 150 others attack the Moncada military barracks in Santiago de Cuba in an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the Batista regime. (
  • Since Fidel Castro seized power in 1959, our Cuba policy has been regime change. (
  • The trade embargo was imposed 48 years ago after Fidel Castro took power in Cuba in a 1959 revolution and remains in place, never having achieved its aim of toppling the government. (
  • [17] Privatization of healthcare in Cuba is illegal and unnecessary as high quality, equal, care covered by the state is available to everyone as made necessary by Cuba's constitution. (
  • The constitution has been used to undermine international human rights treaties ratified by Cuba by providing that any treaty, pact, or concession that disregards or diminishes Cuba's 'territorial sovereignty' is illegal and void. (
  • Cuba and Panama City have very much been in the news of late, and helping to cement good relations are a visit to the festival by Cuba's acclaimed actress, Alina Rodríguez, and Ernest Daranas Serrano who directed her in "Behavior" ("Conducta"), the film Cuba put forward for the Academy's foreign language category in 2015 and which was also short listed for a Goya for best Ibero-American film. (
  • Cuba is the third most popular overseas destination for Canadians (after the United States and Mexico) and Canada is Cuba's largest source of tourists, with over one million Canadians visiting annually (more 40 per cent of all visitors to Cuba). (
  • But when Cuba expanded its role in Africa by sending troops to defend Ethiopia's leftist government from invasion by neighboring Somalia, Carter decided to condition normalization on Cuba's withdrawal. (
  • Cuba also enacted Law No. 80 of 1996, the Law Reaffirming Cuba's Dignity and Sovereignty, which provides that individuals who themselves or whose family members have been victims of personal injury or material damages as the result of actions sponsored or supported by the United States of America may file claims for compensation. (
  • 1903 - The new Republic of Cuba leases 45 square miles of land in Guantánamo Bay to the United States for construction of a naval station. (
  • The foreign ministry of the Republic of Cuba is following with serious preoccupation the events of recent weeks in relation to the significant denunciations of U.S. citizen Edward Snowden, which confirmed the existence of a global system of espionage carried out by the United States that trampled on the sovereignty of states and rights of individuals," the statement said. (
  • The official area of the Republic of Cuba is 109,884 km2 (42,426 sq mi) (without the territorial waters). (
  • T ravel to Cuba is legal, easy and readily available, and Cubans welcome U.S. travelers. (
  • Since Cuba stepped up and promptly sent healthcare workers to fight Ebola in West Africa, I've been learning more about the country, and there is much that the US could learn from the Cubans, particularly in the area of healthcare. (
  • However, the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s isolated Cuba still further, bringing on what Cubans euphemistically call the período especial ("special period"), a time of widespread shortages and financial uncertainty. (
  • Cuba and the US co-operate to try to stop illegal immigration, but the Cubans say the US courts have been far too lenient with those traffickers who have been tried in Florida. (
  • Google may be promoting open internet access for Cubans today, but by putting US products into the hands of the people it's a subtle nudge to both Cuba and the US that restrictions on the small island just south of Florida should be eased off. (
  • Cuba must "dismantle the repressive machinery built up over decades and implement the reforms needed to make human rights a reality for all Cubans," she said. (
  • Cuba has not accepted the payment since 1959. (
  • Before the 1959 Revolution, Cuba was a popular tourist destination for United States citizens, mainly due to the large number of casinos catering to gamblers put up by the American mafia. (
  • Here's some background information about Cuba , a communist country located in the Caribbean Sea, approximately 90 miles south of Florida. (
  • grandmother and veteran endurance swimmer, ended her quest early July 1 to become the first woman to swim unaided from Cuba to the Florida Keys , unable to close the gap on the last 26 miles of a more than 100-mile ocean odyssey. (
  • Real has been imprisoned since 1994 when he and six other exiles came to Cuba from Florida to organise an armed uprising against the communist-led government. (
  • They had been recruited and trained in Florida by a group called the Democratic National Unity Party with the objective of going to Cuba, setting up in the Escambray mountains and launching a guerrilla movement "to destabilise the internal order," according to the government website . (
  • Passengers wait in line for a flight departing to Cuba at Miami International Airport in Miami, Florida, September 27, 2012. (
  • An earthquake of preliminary magnitude 5.1 struck just off the coast of Cuba today, causing shaking as far away as southern Florida, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). (
  • When it comes to tourists by number, Florida still has Cuba beat, although the unfortunate constraints of the embargo are largely responsible for the disparity. (
  • While we like to think that walking around Cuba is like stepping into the past, one can get the opposite impression from Florida. (
  • Florida looks like the Cuba that never was. (
  • While Florida has been showered with golf courses, Cuba has had only one golf course for many years, and even that was run by the government. (
  • Could Cuba embargo swing Florida governor's race? (
  • Nyad said she would try again on Friday to become the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage after she failed in an attempt last month. (
  • U.S. long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad decided on Sunday to abandon her third attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida after being stung overnight in the face and eyes by jellyfish, her team said. (
  • Nyad, who was raised in south Florida, first attempted the crossing from Cuba in 1978 when she was 28 and at her peak as a marathon swimmer. (
  • Following the Revolution and the subsequent United States embargo against Cuba , an increase in disease and infant mortality worsened in the 1960s. (
  • It is, however, subject to unique restrictions under U.S. law and is not encouraged by the current administration which continues to uphold the longstanding and onerous U.S. embargo - or "blockade" - of Cuba. (
  • The travel rider that is part of many personal health insurance policies will not work in Cuba due to the U.S. embargo. (
  • By the early 21st century, Cuba had loosened some of its more-restrictive economic and social policies, but the United States continued its decades-long economic embargo against the Castro regime, though the December 2014 announcement of the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two countries held promise of the embargo's removal. (
  • Since the Revolution, Cuba has been subjected to a trade and economic embargo by the United States. (
  • The trade embargo against Cuba has long outlived whatever usefulness it might have had. (
  • The United States has accused Iran of running a secret nuclear weapons program, and has recently tightened a long-standing economic embargo on Cuba. (
  • Cuba has lagged far behind most countries in Web access, whether because of a lack of cash, a long-running U.S. trade embargo or concerns about the flow of information. (
  • If the US embargo ends, Cuba could become an Ireland-like high tech outsourcing resource. (
  • Organic farming, interestingly, could be big: Because the embargo has made it hard to get pesticides, Cuba has used comparatively little of them, which means much of the island is organic-ready, so long as it avoids the 'resource curse' and stays away from too much mining and oil drilling. (
  • As the United States' long-standing embargo heavily restricts exports to Cuba, Google is only offering free apps on Google Play, and only the free version of Google Analytics. (
  • Indeed, Schmidt's post from June ends "Cuba will have to open its political and business economy, and the US will have to overcome our history and open the embargo. (
  • In December, 33 Latin American and Caribbean nations in the Rio Group granted Cuba full membership and called for an end to the U.S. embargo. (
  • Given the obvious failure of our 45-year embargo, an American president intent on liberating Cuba would surely be considering alternatives. (
  • The embargo bans US film studios from selling movie rights to Cuba, and the island's TV networks do not release details on where they get the films. (
  • Cuba says the embargo it calls a "blockade" has cost it $100 billion. (
  • When the Soviet Union collapsed, Cuba lost the patron, protector and paymaster that had allowed Mr Castro's Communist regime to survive the United States' embargo and its persistent efforts to kill or topple him. (
  • Rodriguez also accused the United States of pressuring countries to reject a resolution Cuba will present at the U.N. General Assembly next week for the 27th year calling for an end to the U.S. economic embargo on the country. (
  • Cuba at times portrays the US embargo, in place since 1961, as the source of its difficulties. (
  • Since Venezuela began providing Cuba with cheap oil and the refinery in Cienfuegos relaunched, the energy situation has improved. (
  • Cuba was his third stop on a Latin American tour meant to show support from four leftist-led nations - Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Ecuador - as Iran is increasingly isolated by tightening Western economic sanctions. (
  • Argentina has not decided to have an automatic alignment with Cuba and Venezuela to systematically confront the United States in international organizations. (
  • U.S. national security adviser John Bolton announced a series of new sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela on Wednesday as the Trump administration sought to boost pressure on Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro and the countries that support him. (
  • Ever since Snowden made it to Russia, one of countries in the leftist ALBA bloc, which includes Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua, has been seen as the most likely destination for the former National Security Agency contractor. (
  • In October 1998 President Castro explained the conditions under which he would grant visas to reporters with U.S. news bureaus: 'If I were certain objective reporters would come to Cuba and not be biased beforehand, we would. (
  • Obama, hopeful for a dramatic improvement in relations between the United States and Cuba, commented that he believes Castro to be a pragmatist and not an ideologue, and that Castro desires change in Cuba, presumably, according to Obama, toward a more open and free society. (
  • While many challenges are more pressing during President Obama's historic trip to Cuba this week, for symbolic reasons, we encourage him to ask Raul Castro to remove the field of flagpoles in front of our embassy. (
  • President Obama and President Raúl Castro of Cuba had their third meeting since they announced plans to restore diplomatic relations in December 2014. (
  • President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who succeeded Raul Castro in April, has championed greater connectivity, underscoring the potential for internet to boost the economy and enable Cuba to better defend its revolution online. (
  • In Cuba today, the ability to buy and sell property is a relatively new reality initiated by Raul Castro when he loosened control. (
  • Most Cuba-watchers expect Raúl Castro to be confirmed as the new president. (
  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is formally welcomed to Cuba by President Raul Castro, 40 years after his father made a historic trip amid Cold War hostilities. (
  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is formally welcomed to Cuba by President Raul Castro. (
  • President Obama stood next to Raúl Castro at a press conference in Cuba yesterday and was browbeaten by the Communist dictator in a humiliating spectacle that no president - no American - should have taken so meekly. (
  • In each and every 'human right' that Castro ticked off, Cuba comes up short. (
  • Under Castro, Cuba was involved in a broad range of military and humanitarian activities throughout both Africa and Asia. (
  • President Obama traveled last month on an official visit to Communist Cuba, the first such trip by a sitting American president since Calvin Coolidge visited the island in 1928. (
  • Obama in Cuba, Trump in D.C. (
  • President Obama will open a new era in the U.S.'s relationship with Cuba by trying to lock in his softer approach and push the island's leaders to change. (
  • Now that President Obama is talking about opening up trade, Cuba experts predict that the country could explode with creativity and entrepreneurial innovation. (
  • On Wednesday, Obama again lifted the amount of remittances that can be sent back to Cuba, from $500 to $2,000 every three months. (
  • Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar also regularly features performances by our professional dancers & master percussionist, theme parties and special guest DJs. (
  • Cuba Libre is located on corner of 9th & H Streets NW in the Penn Quarter neighborhood of Washington DC. (
  • Tourist arrivals to Cuba plunged 23.6 percent on the year in July, official data showed on Wednesday, confirming the blow dealt to the sector by the Trump administration's tightening of U.S. restrictions on travel to the Caribbean island. (
  • On Wednesday, President Donald Trump and his administration announced it will be imposing restrictions for Americans traveling to Cuba. (
  • Late last week, the Trump administration announced that it would be re-abnormalizing the relationship between the United States and Cuba. (
  • Although economic sanctions remain in place, the United States is the largest provider of food and agricultural products to Cuba, with exports of those goods valued at $220.5 million in 2018. (
  • The United States is also a significant supplier of humanitarian goods to Cuba, including medicines and medical products, with total value of all exports to Cuba of $275.9 million in 2018. (
  • The internet activist - who has more than 170,000 followers on Twitter - questioned why Ms Castro's tolerance of gay rights did not extend to other areas of life in Cuba. (
  • Jose Ramirez stands in front of his house that he is asking $55,000 for, in the city of Ciego de Avila, central Cuba January 3, 2012. (
  • The Cuba Internet Task Force ("Task Force") is established by the Department of State to implement the June 16, 2017, National Security Policy Memorandum (NSPM-5) on Strengthening the Policy of the United States Toward Cuba. (
  • Certain exports to Cuba must be licensed by the Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). (
  • Further information on exports to Cuba can be found on the BIS website. (
  • Cuba exports the output from the Che Guevara plant mainly to China, while that of the Pedro Soto Alba plant is shipped to Canada. (
  • That is because the US Congress approved food exports to Cuba in 2000 under pressure from the domestic agricultural industry. (
  • Experts and witnesses demonstrated that since the beginning of the 60s, U.S. government measures against Cuba implied the loss of markets for its exports, as well as it main suppliers, as 70% of trade was previously conducted with the country. (
  • José Daniel Ferrer Garcia is a former prisoner of conscience and coordinator of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), an umbrella group of dissident organizations from the eastern provinces of Cuba. (
  • Cuba came under international criticism after the February death of dissident hunger striker Orlando Zapata Tamayo and in recent weeks has slightly relaxed its policies toward dissidents. (
  • You can also browse the collection for Cuba (Cuba) or search for Cuba (Cuba) in all documents . (
  • This was rendered manifest by the exasperated state of public feeling throughout our entire country, produced by the forcible search of American merchant vessels by British cruisers on the coast of Cuba , in the spring of 1858. (
  • The blockade measures attempted to prevent all maritime trade with Cuba. (
  • By early 2000, the blockade had cut short 15 years worth of development for Cuba. (
  • A 2020 reader's choice poll voted the Mt. Cuba Center the best botanical garden in the United States. (
  • They live in Palma de Soriano in Santiago de Cuba Province and had intended to travel to attend the open air mass which the Pope celebrated on Monday evening in the city of Santiago de Cuba. (
  • Commercial transportation to/from Cuba can sporadically be unavailable, and for this reason, it may be difficult to enter or leave Cuba and travelers should expect delays. (
  • We encourage Cuba travelers to use providers that adhere to these principles. (
  • Travel to Cuba for tourist activities remains prohibited, and U.S. federal regulations restrict travel to Cuba to licensed travelers engaged in certain specified activities. (
  • While the enchanting island nation of Cuba has long been seen as an opponent touting a hostile political dichotomy, we travelers and cosmopolitans can't resist it. (
  • Before the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, Cuba was receiving subsidies worth $4 billion-$6 billion a year. (
  • Cuba became economically isolated from its northern neighbour as it developed close links to the Soviet Union . (
  • Salón 1930 (also called the Compay Segundo Hall) in Hotel Nacional de Cuba has a nostalgic atmosphere. (
  • For a while, Cuba became the world's foremost producer of sugar, both in quantity and in quality. (
  • A study by the International Centre for Prison Studies at Essex University indicated that Cuba had the world's sixth highest prison population, based on a 2013 rate of 510 per 100,000 in the world. (
  • We sincerely hope that all of the world's inhabitants will have access to quality medical services, as they do in Cuba," she said. (
  • While incarcerated as political prisoners, we began to prepare instruments denouncing, in a systematic way, the violations of human rights in Cuba. (
  • Former political prisoners in Cuba say conditions in jail are poor and inmates are often subject to abuse. (
  • Human rights group Amnesty International urged Cuba to release political prisoners and take other measures to end what it called a "climate of fear" for government opponents, in a report issued today. (
  • If you rely on US news, Cuba has been portrayed since as extremely poor, with citizens under the thumb of a repressive regime. (
  • Since 2009, US citizens with relatives living in Cuba are allowed to visit Cuba. (
  • It is under these parameters that U.S. citizens can finally visit Cuba. (
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) has issued a Level 4 Travel Health Notice for Cuba due to COVID-19, indicating a very high level of COVID-19 in the country. (
  • National Security Advisor John Bolton declared in an address in Miami that the administration would begin restricting non-family travel to Cuba but stopped short of issuing explicit details on its changes to travel licensing. (
  • Until new regulations are announced, travel to Cuba remains the same. (
  • I n the wake of relatively minor regulation changes and misleading news coverage, it's easy to be confused about the current state of travel to Cuba. (
  • The U.S. government has created 12 broadly inclusive categories of legal travel to Cuba, although " tourist activities " are not permitted. (
  • An official version of current U.S. regulations can be found on the U.S. Embassy in Cuba website, but more helpful information has been posted by numerous journalists and travel organizations. (
  • A number of them are linked to below this section and Amazon has a lengthy list of Cuba travel guides. (
  • A recent article from Forbes says "[travel to Cuba] was the easiest process ever. (
  • Can Americans travel to Cuba? (
  • Individuals seeking to travel to Cuba are not required to obtain licenses from the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) if their travel is authorized under a general license. (
  • A bipartisan group of senators predicted Tuesday that Congress was ready to pass legislation to allow all Americans to travel to Cuba. (
  • Specifically, as an American citizen today you can get to Cuba via the services of a travel group. (
  • From the bright turquoise waters of Holguin to the festive streets of Santiago de Cuba during carnival season, there's plenty to discover when you travel to Cuba. (
  • Travel + Leisure's Cuba travel guide includes highlights for all tastes. (
  • On Tuesday, the United States government announced new restrictions on travel to Cuba, specifically banning all cruise ships from the U.S. from stopping. (
  • Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel became visibly angry when Politico's Mike Allen revealed his plans to travel to Cuba. (
  • Any US citizen intending to travel to Cuba can only do so with a license that has been issued by the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control. (
  • Cuba , country of the West Indies , the largest single island of the archipelago, and one of the more-influential states of the Caribbean region. (
  • Cuba [1] is the largest Caribbean island , between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. (
  • Cuba was the first country in the Caribbean selected by Canada to locate a diplomatic mission and official diplomatic relations were established in 1945, when Emile Vaillancourt, a noted writer and historian, was designated Canada's representative in Cuba. (
  • Cuba is Canada's top market in the Caribbean /Central American sub-region and bilateral merchandise trade between the two countries is over one billion dollars annually. (
  • Santiago de Cuba is a veritable melting pot of Afro-Caribbean cultures, where pastel covered buildings meet grand cathedrals. (
  • Cuba is located in the northern Caribbean where the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean meet. (
  • The main island of Cuba is the largest island in Cuba and in the Caribbean, with an area of 104,556 km2 (40,369 sq mi). (
  • Cuba is the second-most populous country in the Caribbean after Haiti, with over 11 million inhabitants. (
  • Cuba is a founding member of the United Nations, the G77, the Non-Aligned Movement, the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States, ALBA and the Organization of American States. (
  • In early December, the death sentences of Raul Ernesto Cruz Leon and Otto Rene Rodriguez Llerena, two Salvadorans who took part in 1990s hotel bombings in Cuba, were commuted to 30 years. (
  • The Internet of Cuba is trapped in the 1990s. (
  • U.S. allies in Latin America and Europe, which followed Washington's lead half a century ago by breaking ties with Cuba, today have normal economic and diplomatic relations with the island. (
  • The governments of the United States and Cuba met in December 2015 in order to discuss claims that both countries have against each other, in the context of reestablishing diplomatic relations between the two countries. (
  • This is a LINK to articles since April 21, 2001 about Cuba and the communist threat - CHILDREN'S CODE At this LINK is a LINK to many Elian articles. (
  • According to Dalhousie University's Robert Huish, Cuba sends more doctors to assist in developing countries than the entire G8 combine d-20 percent of its 68600 physicians. (
  • Schmidt's trip to Cuba was part of a series of visits aimed at promoting a free and open internet that has also taken in Myanmar (where a local site and partial access to Play were opened last year) and North Korea . (
  • With locations now in Atlantic City, Washington, D.C., and Orlando, Cuba Libre's original Philadelphia branch is situated in a nightlife-heavy strip of Old City. (
  • Colorful exotic foliage and large potted palm trees add to Cuba Libre's open-air, tropical ambiance. (
  • Contact Lyn Heister, Director of Sales and Local Marketing, to learn about Cuba Libre's event spaces, customized menus, bar packages and more! (
  • Luis Felipe Rojas Rosabal, who blogs on the effects of government restrictions on everyday life in eastern Cuba, is one of 26 people reportedly detained in his home province of Holguín. (
  • Cuba routinely denies visas to foreign journalists and human rights investigators in what appears to be an effort to avoid negative publicity. (
  • [15] In 1965, Cuba became the first Latin American country to legalize abortion. (
  • Since 1965, the state has been governed by the Communist Party of Cuba. (
  • Abortion has been legal in Cuba since 1965, as a woman's right. (
  • Being a communist country, Cuba has a single most powerful political party, the Communist Party of Cuba. (
  • Since the news broke this week about a thaw in relations with Cuba, I've been excited about the possibility of visiting there-it's close to the U.S., but exotic with a hint of danger. (
  • The Venezuelan opposition envoy to Washington urged the international community to help let assistance into the crisis-stricken country on Thursday, as Cuba accused the United States of flying military transport close to the area. (
  • 1492 - Explorer Christopher Columbus lands on the island of Cuba and claims it for Spain. (
  • The domain of the Arawakan-speaking Taino , who had displaced even earlier inhabitants, Cuba was claimed by Christopher Columbus for Spain in 1492. (
  • The island of Cuba was discovered by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage in 1492 and became a Spanish possession. (
  • Fringe theory writers who believe that Christopher Columbus was Portuguese state that Cuba was named by Columbus for the town of Cuba in the district of Beja in Portugal. (
  • The native Amerindian population of Cuba began to decline after the European discovery of the island by Christopher COLUMBUS in 1492 and following its development as a Spanish colony during the next several centuries. (
  • Canada-Cuba relations can be traced back to the 18th century, when vessels from the Atlantic provinces of Canada traded codfish and beer for rum and sugar. (
  • Canada and Cuba enjoy a broad and diverse relationship built on a long history of mutually beneficial engagement, important and growing economic and commercial relations, and strong people-to-people ties across a wide range of sectors and interests. (
  • Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker told CNBC on Thursday said the U.S. is pursuing better relations with Cuba because isolation has not worked. (
  • Any deal to restore relations that were severed more than 50 years ago was predicated from the U.S. point of view on the release of American contractor Alan Gross-imprisoned in Cuba in 2009 on espionage charges. (
  • Not since Richard Nixon went to China has an intractable foreign policy issue been so ripe for resolution as U.S. relations with Cuba are today. (
  • I have concluded that we should attempt to achieve normalization of our relations with Cuba," he declared in a presidential directive in March 1977. (
  • President Obama's gamble on renewing relations with Cuba comes with political benefits -- but also with potential frustrations and big risks. (
  • She said the swim also was an effort to improve U.S.-Cuba relations. (
  • From the 15th century, it was a colony of Spain until the Spanish-American War of 1898, when Cuba was occupied by the United States and gained nominal independence as a de factocode: lat promoted to code: la United States protectorate in 1902. (
  • Of course, The Nation 's November 19, 1960, report on covert preparations to invade Cuba was news. (
  • Ian Martin, the Secretary General of Amnesty International in those years, later told us that with this information in hand, his organization began to closely monitor the critical situation regarding individual rights in Cuba. (
  • Amnesty International says Cuba has 53 "prisoners of conscience. (
  • We hope that the information on this page will provide some clarification and encourage people to see Cuba for themselves. (
  • Cuba last applied the death penalty in 2003 when three people were executed by firing squad for seizing a boat with the intent of fleeing to Miami. (
  • Too often, the people of Cuba and elsewhere appear as a wooden caricature, passive recipients of commandments from above rather than active protagonists in building a common future from below. (
  • Cuba has more than 11 million people , and gainfully employing that many requires tons of jobs in textiles, light industry, and agriculture. (
  • These are the first convictions under new legislation introduced by Cuba to combat a growing trade in people smuggling. (
  • In People of Cuba v. Government of the United States for Human Damages , the plaintiffs sought damages in the amount of US$181.1 billion. (
  • When people visit Cuba, they love it. (
  • Of course Rahm - a public figure since 90 - knew he wasn't going to go to Cuba for Christmas w/o people knowing. (
  • Official data from 2012 showed Cuba with a prison population of 57,300, or 508 per 100,000 people. (
  • The territory that is now Cuba was inhabited by the Ciboney Taíno people from the 4th millennium BC until Spanish colonization in the 15th century. (
  • Before the arrival of the Spanish, Cuba was inhabited by two distinct tribes of indigenous peoples of the Americas: the Taíno (including the Ciboney people), and the Guanahatabey. (
  • Cuba is one of a few extant Marxist-Leninist socialist states, where the role of the vanguard Communist Party is enshrined in the Constitution. (
  • Recent tightening of restrictions against traveling to Cuba have led to a dip in the country's tourism industry, according to reports.The decline in. (
  • Cuba denounced U.S. efforts to pressure Latin American countries not to provide refuge to fugitive U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden and urged countries to stand up to Washington's bullying. (
  • Outside Cuba, her work's perceived exoticism drew fascinated attention, but was also automatically slotted into a "Latin American" category that limited its reach. (
  • Spain prevents the trade in Cuba , though she acknowledges the mode by professing to prohibit it. (
  • Cuba has 50,000 health care workers deployed throughout the world , both in underserved areas and as emergency response teams. (
  • Cuba has been mysterious to many of us who grew up with knowing the country as little more than a threat and that there were strict US embargoes. (
  • While the US formally sent ~170 CDC workers, in addition to the volunteers from Doctors Without Borders and missionary groups, Cuba promptly sent 300 , with thousands more readying, providing the largest force of any country. (
  • Cuba on Wednesday accused the top U.S. diplomat in the country of working closely with Jose Daniel Ferrer, the detained head of one of the country's largest opposition groups. (
  • The country has poured millions into biotech, creating vaccines for meningitis B and hepatitis B. 'Biotech and health tourism have really serious potential,' says Vicki Huddleston , a Brookings Institute expert on Cuba. (
  • Cuba has already introduced aggressive policies to address climate change, and the country has now become one of a growing number to have enshrined the fight against climate change in its constitution. (
  • Cuba is represented in Canada by an embassy in Ottawa and also has consulates in Montréal and Toronto. (
  • 2006 was designated the Year of the Energy Revolution in Cuba, and many small generators have been installed in an attempt to avoid blackouts. (
  • The scarcity of popular writers' work is a common complaint in Cuba which stopped importing books after the revolution and established its own publishing houses. (
  • We say that he is the only person in Cuba after the revolution who does not work and play sports. (
  • Electricity outages have been common in Cuba, except in tourist facilities that have a generator. (
  • Most visitors to Cuba require a tourist visa which is valid for 30 days. (
  • We Americans have only recently been given the option of travelling to Cuba legally, albeit under strict and specific guises of purpose. (
  • From just before the Pope arrived in Cuba last Monday, mobile and landline connections belonging to government critics, human rights activists and independent journalists have all apparently been tampered with. (
  • As of 2013, Cuba had the second highest number of journalists as prisoners, the first being China. (