Studies comparing two or more treatments or interventions in which the subjects or patients, upon completion of the course of one treatment, are switched to another. In the case of two treatments, A and B, half the subjects are randomly allocated to receive these in the order A, B and half to receive them in the order B, A. A criticism of this design is that effects of the first treatment may carry over into the period when the second is given. (Last, A Dictionary of Epidemiology, 2d ed)
A method of studying a drug or procedure in which both the subjects and investigators are kept unaware of who is actually getting which specific treatment.
Evaluation undertaken to assess the results or consequences of management and procedures used in combating disease in order to determine the efficacy, effectiveness, safety, and practicability of these interventions in individual cases or series.
Air pollutants found in the work area. They are usually produced by the specific nature of the occupation.
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
Days commemorating events. Holidays also include vacation periods.
A schedule prescribing when the subject is to be reinforced or rewarded in terms of temporal interval in psychological experiments. The schedule may be continuous or intermittent.
The regular recurrence, in cycles of about 24 hours, of biological processes or activities, such as sensitivity to drugs and stimuli, hormone secretion, sleeping, and feeding.
A condition of BRONCHOCONSTRICTION resulting from hypersensitive reaction to inhaled dust during the initial processing of cotton, flax, or hemp in the textile industry. Symptoms include wheezing and tightness in the chest.
Time schedule for administration of a drug in order to achieve optimum effectiveness and convenience.
Cultural and linguistic competence is a set of congruent behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come together in a system, agency, or among professionals that enables effective work in cross-cultural situations. Competence implies the capacity to function effectively as an individual and an organization within the context of the cultural beliefs, behaviors, and needs presented by consumers and their communities.
Those factors, such as language or sociocultural relationships, which interfere in the meaningful interpretation and transmission of ideas between individuals or groups.
The collection, preparation, and distribution of news and related commentary and feature materials through such media as pamphlets, newsletters, newspapers, magazines, radio, motion pictures, television, and books. While originally applied to the reportage of current events in printed form, specifically newspapers, with the advent of radio and television the use of the term has broadened to include all printed and electronic communication dealing with current affairs.
Comparison of various psychological, sociological, or cultural factors in order to assess the similarities or diversities occurring in two or more different cultures or societies.
Single or multi-sheet notices made to attract attention to events, activities, causes, goods, or services. They are for display, usually in a public place and are chiefly pictorial.
Content, management, editing, policies, and printing of dental periodicals such as journals, newsletters, tabloids, and bulletins.
The most well known avian paramyxovirus in the genus AVULAVIRUS and the cause of a highly infectious pneumoencephalitis in fowl. It is also reported to cause CONJUNCTIVITIS in humans. Transmission is by droplet inhalation or ingestion of contaminated water or food.
Persons who have acquired academic or specialized training in countries other than that in which they are working. The concept excludes physicians for which FOREIGN MEDICAL GRADUATES is the likely heading.
The science devoted to the comparative study of man.
Discussions, descriptions or catalogs of public displays or items representative of a given subject.
Communication, in the sense of cross-fertilization of ideas, involving two or more academic disciplines (such as the disciplines that comprise the cross-disciplinary field of bioethics, including the health and biological sciences, the humanities, and the social sciences and law). Also includes problems in communication stemming from differences in patterns of language usage in different academic or medical disciplines.
The functions and activities of living organisms that support life in single- or multi-cellular organisms from their origin through the progression of life.
Products resulting from the conversion of one language to another.
Those aspects or characteristics which identify a culture.
A verbal or nonverbal means of communicating ideas or feelings.
Conversion from one language to another language.
Coexistence of numerous distinct ethnic, racial, religious, or cultural groups within one social unit, organization, or population. (From American Heritage Dictionary, 2d college ed., 1982, p955)
Studies beyond the bachelor's degree at an institution having graduate programs for the purpose of preparing for entrance into a specific field, and obtaining a higher degree.
The study of plant lore and agricultural customs of a people. In the fields of ETHNOMEDICINE and ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY, the emphasis is on traditional medicine and the existence and medicinal uses of PLANTS and PLANT EXTRACTS and their constituents, both historically and in modern times.
Dissertations embodying results of original research and especially substantiating a specific view, e.g., substantial papers written by candidates for an academic degree under the individual direction of a professor or papers written by undergraduates desirous of achieving honors or distinction.
The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in a medical school.
Deliberate breeding of two different individuals that results in offspring that carry part of the genetic material of each parent. The parent organisms must be genetically compatible and may be from different varieties or closely related species.
Genetically identical individuals developed from brother and sister matings which have been carried out for twenty or more generations, or by parent x offspring matings carried out with certain restrictions. All animals within an inbred strain trace back to a common ancestor in the twentieth generation.
Genetic loci associated with a QUANTITATIVE TRAIT.
Drugs used to increase fertility or to treat infertility.
Component of the NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH. It conducts and supports research into the mapping of the human genome and other organism genomes. The National Center for Human Genome Research was established in 1989 and re-named the National Human Genome Research Institute in 1997.
The genetic complement of an organism, including all of its GENES, as represented in its DNA, or in some cases, its RNA.
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of biological processes or diseases. For disease models in living animals, DISEASE MODELS, ANIMAL is available. Biological models include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.

Glomerular size-selective dysfunction in NIDDM is not ameliorated by ACE inhibition or by calcium channel blockade. (1/7712)

BACKGROUND: In patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) and overt nephropathy glomerular barrier size-selectivity progressively deteriorates with time and is effectively improved by angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibition. Whether similar glomerular functional changes develop in proteinuric patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM), and whether antihypertensive agents can favorably affect glomerular filtration of macromolecules in these patients, has not been documented yet. METHODS: We investigated renal hemodynamics and fractional clearance of neutral dextrans of graded sizes, in nine proteinuric patients with NIDDM and renal biopsy findings of typical diabetic glomerulopathy. Six healthy volunteers served as controls. We also investigated the effects of an ACE inhibitor and of a calcium channel blocker, both given in doses targeted to achieve a comparable level of systemic blood pressure control, on glomerular hemodynamics and sieving function. Theoretical analysis of glomerular macromolecule transport was adopted to evaluate intrinsic glomerular membrane permeability properties. RESULTS: Fractional clearance of large macromolecules (42 to 66 A in radius) was significantly higher in diabetic patients than in controls, and the distribution of membrane pore radii was calculated to be shifted towards larger pore sizes in diabetics (mean radius increased from 55 to 60 A). Despite effective blood pressure control, neither antihypertensive affected glomerular hemodynamics to any significant extent. Fractional clearance of dextrans, as well as of albumin and IgG, and total urinary proteins were not modified by either treatments. CONCLUSIONS: These data indicate that patients with NIDDM and overt nephropathy develop abnormalities in size-selective function of the glomerular barrier and, at variance to IDDM, such changes were not ameliorated either by ACE inhibition or calcium channel blockade.  (+info)

Energy cost of propulsion in standard and ultralight wheelchairs in people with spinal cord injuries. (2/7712)

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Wheelchair- and subject-related factors influence the efficiency of wheelchair propulsion. The purpose of this study was to compare wheelchair propulsion in ultralight and standard wheelchairs in people with different levels of spinal cord injury. SUBJECTS: Seventy-four subjects (mean age=26.2 years, SD=7.14, range=17-50) with spinal cord injury resulting in motor loss (30 with tetraplegia and 44 with paraplegia) were studied. METHOD: Each subject propelled standard and ultralight wheelchairs around an outdoor track at self-selected speeds, while data were collected at 4 predetermined intervals. Speed, distance traveled, and oxygen cost (VO2 mL/kg/m) were compared by wheelchair, group, and over time, using a Bonferroni correction. RESULTS: In the ultralight wheelchair, speed and distance traveled were greater for both subjects with paraplegia and subjects with tetraplegia, whereas VO2 was less only for subjects with paraplegia. Subjects with paraplegia propelled faster and farther than did subjects with tetraplegia. CONCLUSION AND DISCUSSION: The ultralight wheelchair improved the efficiency of propulsion in the tested subjects. Subjects with tetraplegia, especially at the C6 level, are limited in their ability to propel a wheelchair.  (+info)

Pharmacokinetics of ethambutol under fasting conditions, with food, and with antacids. (3/7712)

Ethambutol (EMB) is the most frequent "fourth drug" used for the empiric treatment of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and a frequently used drug for infections caused by Mycobacterium avium complex. The pharmacokinetics of EMB in serum were studied with 14 healthy males and females in a randomized, four-period crossover study. Subjects ingested single doses of EMB of 25 mg/kg of body weight under fasting conditions twice, with a high-fat meal, and with aluminum-magnesium antacid. Serum was collected for 48 h and assayed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Data were analyzed by noncompartmental methods and by a two-compartment pharmacokinetic model with zero-order absorption and first-order elimination. Both fasting conditions produced similar results: a mean (+/- standard deviation) EMB maximum concentration of drug in serum (Cmax) of 4.5 +/- 1.0 micrograms/ml, time to maximum concentration of drug in serum (Tmax) of 2.5 +/- 0.9 h, and area under the concentration-time curve from 0 h to infinity (AUC0-infinity) of 28.9 +/- 4.7 micrograms.h/ml. In the presence of antacids, subjects had a mean Cmax of 3.3 +/- 0.5 micrograms/ml, Tmax of 2.9 +/- 1.2 h, and AUC0-infinity of 27.5 +/- 5.9 micrograms.h/ml. In the presence of the Food and Drug Administration high-fat meal, subjects had a mean Cmax of 3.8 +/- 0.8 micrograms/ml, Tmax of 3.2 +/- 1.3 h, and AUC0-infinity of 29.6 +/- 4.7 micrograms.h/ml. These reductions in Cmax, delays in Tmax, and modest reductions in AUC0-infinity can be avoided by giving EMB on an empty stomach whenever possible.  (+info)

Antiproteinuric efficacy of verapamil in comparison to trandolapril in non-diabetic renal disease. (4/7712)

BACKGROUND: Non-dihydropyridine calcium antagonists such as verapamil are equally effective in reducing proteinuria as ACE inhibitors in hypertensive patients with diabetic nephropathy. To date it is unknown whether verapamil elucidates such an antiproteinuric capacity in non-diabetic renal disease. METHODS: We performed a double-blind, placebo-controlled, random cross-over study which compared the antiproteinuric effect of 6 weeks treatment with verapamil SR (360 mg) to that of the ACE inhibitor trandolapril (4 mg), and their fixed combination vera/tran (180 mg verapamil SR and 2 mg trandolapril) in 11 non-diabetic patients with proteinuria of 6.6 (5.1-8.8) g/day, a creatinine clearance of 87 (74-106) ml/min, and a 24-h blood pressure of 136/85 (126/76-157/96) mmHg at baseline. RESULTS: Twenty-four-hour mean arterial pressure did not change during verapamil, whereas both trandolapril and vera/tran induced a significant reduction in MAP. Verapamil showed no significant effects on renal haemodynamics. Trandolapril and vera/tran did not significantly change GFR, but ERPF increased and FF decreased during both treatments (P<0.05). The antiproteinuric response of verapamil was significantly less compared to that of trandolapril and vera/tran (-12% (-17/-1) vs -51% (-56/-25) and -41% (-50/-19) respectively). The blood pressure and antiproteinuric response during verapamil tended to be greater in hypertensive patients than in normotensive patients, although this difference was not significant. Baseline blood pressure was related to the change in blood pressure during verapamil (r = -0.70; P < 0.02). CONCLUSIONS: The antiproteinuric and antihypertensive response of verapamil is less than that of the ACE inhibitor trandolapril in patients with non-diabetic renal disease. In contrast to the antiproteinuric response of trandolapril, the antiproteinuric reponse of verapamil seems to be completely dependent from effective blood pressure reduction. The fixed combination of verapamil and ACE inhibition at half doses has similar effects as ACE inhibition at full dose.  (+info)

A nicotine antagonist, mecamylamine, reduces cue-induced cocaine craving in cocaine-dependent subjects. (5/7712)

We have previously shown that nicotine enhances cue-induced cocaine craving. In the present study, the effects of a nicotine antagonist, mecamylamine, on cue-induced cocaine craving were investigated. Twenty-three cocaine-dependent patients, all cigarette smokers, were randomly assigned to mecamylamine (2.5 mg tablet) or placebo in a single-dose, placebo-controlled, crossover, double-blind study. Craving and anxiety were measured before and after cocaine cues with visual analog scales for desire to use cocaine and mood. Skin conductance, skin temperature and heart rate were recorded before and during cocaine cues. Following exposure to cocaine cues, all patients reported an increase in cocaine craving and anxiety relative to the precue measures. Cue exposure also produced an increase in skin conductance and decrease in skin temperature. The cue-induced increase in cocaine craving was reduced, while the cue-induced skin conductance and temperature responses were unaffected, by mecamylamine. These findings show that cue-induced cocaine craving is attenuated by mecamylamine. Further study on the use of mecamylamine in relapse prevention programs are suggested.  (+info)

Airway inflammatory response to ozone in subjects with different asthma severity. (6/7712)

The aim of this study was to evaluate whether ozone exposure induces a similar airway inflammatory response in subjects with different degrees of asthma severity. Two groups of asthmatic subjects were studied: seven with intermittent mild asthma not requiring regular treatment (group A); and seven with persistent mild asthma requiring regular treatment with inhaled corticosteroids and long-acting beta2-agonists (group B). All subjects were exposed, in a randomized cross-over design, to air or O3 (0.26 parts per million (ppm) for 2 h with intermittent exercise); subjects in group B withdrew from regular treatment 72 h before each exposure. Before the exposure, and 1 and 2 h after the beginning of the exposure they performed a pulmonary function test, and a questionnaire was completed to obtain a total symptom score (TSS). Six hours after the end of the exposure, hypertonic saline (HS) sputum induction was conducted. Sputum cell percentages, eosinophil cationic protein (ECP) and interleukin (IL)-8 concentrations in the sputum supernatant were measured. TSS significantly increased and forced vital capacity (FVC) and forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1) significantly decreased after O3 exposure in comparison with air exposure in group A, whereas no changes were observed in group B except for a significant decrement of FEV1 2 h after the beginning of O3 exposure. Sputum neutrophil percentage was significantly higher after O3 exposure than after air exposure in both groups (Group A: 70.2% (28-87) versus 26.6% (8.6-73.2); Group B: 62.1% (25-82.4) versus 27.9% (14.4-54)). IL-8 was higher in sputum supernatant collected 6 h after O3 exposure than after air, only in group A. No change due to O3 has been found in sputum eosinophil percentage and ECP concentration in both groups. In conclusion, the degree of airway response to a short-term exposure to ozone is different in subjects with asthma of different severity. The available data do not allow elucidation of whether this difference depends on the severity of the disease or on the regular anti-inflammatory treatment.  (+info)

The contribution of the swallowed fraction of an inhaled dose of salmeterol to it systemic effects. (7/7712)

Salmeterol is approximately eight times as potent as salbutamol for systemic effects. This may be because the drug is eight times more potent on receptors or there may be differences in systemic bioavailability. The systemic effects of salbutamol are limited by its fairly high first-pass metabolism, but the oral bioavailability of salmeterol is unknown. The contribution of the swallowed fraction of an inhaled dose of salmeterol to its systemic effects were analysed in a randomized, double-blind, crossover study. Twelve healthy subjects were given inhaled salmeterol 400 microg, inhaled salmeterol 400 microg plus oral activated charcoal or inhaled placebo plus oral activated charcoal on three separate days. Cardiac frequency (fC), Q-T interval corrected for heart rate (QTc), plasma potassium and glucose concentrations were measured for 4 h following the inhaled drug. Salmeterol with and without oral charcoal produced significant changes for all measures compared to placebo. The magnitude of effect following salmeterol alone was significantly greater than that following salmeterol plus charcoal for fC and glucose (mean (95% confidence interval) differences 8 (2-13) beats x min(-1), 0.59 (0.04, 1.13) mmol x L(-1), respectively) and nonsignificantly greater for QTc interval and potassium concentration. The differences between salmeterol given with and without charcoal suggest that 28-36% of the systemic response to salmeterol administered from a metered-dose inhaler are due to drug absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, most of the systemic effects are due to the inhaled fraction of the drug.  (+info)

Neonatal examination and screening trial (NEST): a randomised, controlled, switchback trial of alternative policies for low risk infants. (8/7712)

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effectiveness of one rather than two hospital neonatal examinations in detection of abnormalities. DESIGN: Randomised controlled switchback trial. SETTING: Postnatal wards in a teaching hospital in north east Scotland. PARTICIPANTS: All infants delivered at the hospital between March 1993 and February 1995. INTERVENTION: A policy of one neonatal screening examination compared with a policy of two. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Congenital conditions diagnosed in hospital; results of community health assessments at 8 weeks and 8 months; outpatient referrals; inpatient admissions; use of general practioner services; focused analysis of outcomes for suspected hip and heart abnormalities. RESULTS: 4835 babies were allocated to receive one screening examination (one screen policy) and 4877 to receive two (two screen policy). More congenital conditions were suspected at discharge among babies examined twice (9.9 v 8.3 diagnoses per 100 babies; 95% confidence interval for difference 0.3 to 2.7). There was no overall significant difference between the groups in use of community, outpatient, or inpatient resources or in health care received. Although more babies who were examined twice attended orthopaedic outpatient clinics (340 (7%) v 289 (6%)), particularly for suspected congenital dislocation of the hip (176 (3.6/100 babies) v 137 (2.8/100 babies); difference -0.8; -1.5 to 0.1), there was no significant difference in the number of babies who required active management (12 (0.2%) v 15 (0.3%)). CONCLUSIONS: Despite more suspected abnormalities, there was no evidence of net health gain from a policy of two hospital neonatal examinations. Adoption of a single examination policy would save resources both during the postnatal hospital stay and through fewer outpatient consultations.  (+info)

TY - JOUR. T1 - Randomised placebo-controlled cross-over study examining the role of anamorelin in mesothelioma (The ANTHEM study). T2 - Rationale and protocol. AU - Hoon, Siao Nge. AU - Fyfe, Katrina. AU - Peddle-Mcintyre, Carolyn J.. AU - Bowyer, Samantha. AU - Hawkins, Felicity. AU - Jeffery, Emily. AU - Chih, Hui Jun. AU - Creaney, Jenette. AU - Nowak, Anna. AU - Brims, Fraser. PY - 2020/3/25. Y1 - 2020/3/25. N2 - Introduction Cachexia is common in malignant mesothelioma (MM); half of patients have malnutrition and low skeletal muscle mass. Malnourished patients have worse quality of life (QoL). Weight loss is strongly associated with poor survival. Anamorelin is an oral ghrelin receptor agonist that improves appetite, body weight and QoL in advanced cancer. The aim of this study is to examine the efficacy of anamorelin in improving appendicular skeletal muscle mass (ASM) and patient-reported outcomes in patients with MM with cachexia. Methods and analysis A single-centre, phase II, ...
This will be a single-dose, randomized, double-blind, active- and placebo-controlled, double dummy, 6-way crossover study to determine the abuse potential of
Seventy-five patients meeting international diagnostic criteria for narcolepsy enrolled in a 6-week, three-period, randomized, crossover, placebo-controlled trial. Patients received placebo, modafinil 200 mg, or modafinil 400 mg in divided doses (morning and noon). Evaluations occurred at baseline a …
There is substantial evidence that the prevalence of sleep disorders is an important occupational health problem, especially among health care professionals on night or on rotating work shifts [1-10]. An important aspect of the work environment of nurses is that they are required to work at any point in the 24 hour day [11]. Night work is associated with disturbed sleep and impaired alertness. The impact of sleep is the result of the circadian interference with sleep during daylight hours and circadian suppression of pineal gland by light at night [12].. The definition of insomnia is a complaint of disturbed sleep, manifested as difficulties in sleep initiation, sleep maintenance, early morning awakenings, or nonrestorative sleep. Many sources also add the presence of associated daytime impairments, such as fatigue, irritability, decreased memory and concentration, and pervasive malaise affecting many aspects of daytime functioning [13]. In a recent study, 32% of night-shift workers reported ...
... MOUNTAIN VIEW Calif. Sept. 24 2013 /PRNew...The trial is a double-blind placebo-controlled crossover study in whi...Those children absent a genetic diagnosis will be recruited through th...The primary endpoints in this study are improvement in disease severit...,Edison,Pharmaceuticals,Announces,Initiation,of,NIH-Sponsored,EPI-743,Clinical,Trial,with,NIH,Undiagnosed,Diseases,Program,Patients,medicine,advanced medical technology,medical laboratory technology,medical device technology,latest medical technology,Health
An open-label, randomized, two-treatment, two period crossover, single-dose study to determine the relative bioavailability of fixed combination of final market image (FMI) aliskiren/valsartan 150/80 mg tablets and the free combination of aliskiren 150 mg and valsartan 80 mg in healthy subjects ...
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of two doses of bilastine (20 and 100 mg) compared to bilastine 20 mg administered with ketoconazole 400 mg, moxifloxacin 400 mg, and placebo. Subjects will receive each of the five study treatments in a crossover fashion administered once daily for 4 days ...
We used a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over study design in two phases with a drug-free interval between the phases of 4 weeks. Subjects were given ritonavir or placebo orally for 3 days. On the first day, ritonavir 200 mg or placebo was given at 8 A.M., 4 P.M., and 11 P.M. to 12 A.M. On the second day, the dose of ritonavir was increased to 300 mg three times with the same timing, and the last dose of 300 mg of ritonavir or placebo was given on the morning of the third day. On the second day, at approximately 6 P.M., 2 h after the afternoon dose of ritonavir or placebo, fentanyl 5 μg/kg was injected intravenously in 2 min. To prevent the sedative and respiratory depressant effects of fentanyl, 0.1 mg of naloxone was given intravenously 5 min before the fentanyl injection and an additional dose of 0.1 mg with the fentanyl. Additional doses of naloxone were used if needed to counteract the side effects of fentanyl. Peripheral arteriolar oxygen saturation and respiratory ...
This is a randomized, placebo-controlled study designed to evaluate skin irritation, skin tolerability, and adhesion of the 350 mg DTP-system following 3 consecutive 7-day applications to 3 specific areas of the body (upper back, upper arm, side of torso) of elderly Alzheimers patients. The total exposure time for the DTP-system is 21 days.. All patients receive 1 Donepezil Transdermal Patch (DTP-system) and 1 placebo patch, each applied to opposite sides of the body (e.g., placebo patch to the left side of the upper back, and DTP-system to the right side of the upper back). Patients are randomized to receive the active patch to either the left or the right side of the body according to 1 of 6 treatment sequences listed below. The treatment sequence is repeated for the opposite side of the body for a total of 12 treatment sequences (4 patients in each treatment sequence). The patches are applied to one of 3 body locations for 7 days, for a total exposure period of 21 days, according to one of ...
Throughout human evolution, infectious diseases have been a primary cause of death. Detection of subtle cues indicating sickness and avoidance of sick conspecifics would therefore be an adaptive way of coping with an environment fraught with pathogens. This study determines how humans perceive and integrate early cues of sickness in conspecifics sampled just hours after the induction of immune system activation, and the underlying neural mechanisms for this detection. In a double-blind placebo-controlled crossover design, the immune system in 22 sample donors was transiently activated with an endotoxin injection [lipopolysaccharide (LPS)]. Facial photographs and body odor samples were taken from the same donors when sick (LPS-injected) and when healthy (saline-injected) and subsequently were presented to a separate group of participants (n = 30) who rated their liking of the presented person during fMRI scanning. Faces were less socially desirable when sick, and sick body odors tended to lower ...
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TY - JOUR. T1 - Arterial visualization by contrast-enhanced moving-table MR angiography. T2 - Crossover comparison of 0.1 and 0.2 mmol/kg doses of meglumine gadopentetate in normal volunteers. AU - Hayashi, Hiromitsu. AU - Yuasa, Yuji. AU - Amano, Yasuo. AU - Tanimoto, Akihiro. AU - Saito, Yoko. AU - Yoshioka, Kunihiro. AU - Kita, Miho. AU - Kumazaki, Tatsuo. AU - Hiramatsu, Kyoichi. PY - 2008/9/1. Y1 - 2008/9/1. N2 - Purpose: To determine the appropriate dose of contrast medium for moving-table MR angiography (MT-MRA) from the abdominal aorta to the ankle by comparing visualization with different doses of meglumine gadopentetate (Gd-DTPA) administered in crossover fashion to normal volunteers. Materials and Methods: Twelve healthy adults underwent imaging after crossover administration of 0.1 and 0.2 mmol/kg of Gd-DTPA in random order. Continuous MT-MRA was performed with a fast 3D spoiled gradient echo sequence without parallel imaging technique. Visualization was evaluated in a total of 252 ...
The case-crossover design is suited to medication safety studies but is vulnerable to exposure misclassification. Using the example of tricyclic antidepressants and the risk of hip fracture, we present a data visualisation tool for observing exposure misclassification in case-crossover studies. A case-crossover study was conducted using Australian Government Department of Veterans Affairs claims data. Beneficiaries aged over 65 years who were hospitalised for hip fracture between 2009 and 2012 were included. The case window was defined as 1-50 days pre fracture. Control window one and control window two were defined as 101-150 and 151-200 days pre fracture, respectively. Patients were stratified by whether exposure status changed when control window two was specified instead of control window one. To visualise potential misclassification, each subjects tricyclic antidepressant dispensings were plotted over the 200 days pre fracture. The study population comprised 8828 patients with a median age of 88
Background and aim: Preliminary evaluation of a wild green oat extract (WGOE) (Neuravena® ELFA®955, Frutarom, Switzerland) revealed an acute cognitive benefit of supplementation. This study investigated whether regular daily WGOE supplementation would result in sustained cognitive improvements. Method: A 12-week randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over trial of WGOE supplementation (1500 mg/day) versus placebo was undertaken in 37 healthy adults aged 67 ± 0.8 years (mean ± SEM). Cognitive assessments included the Stroop colour-word test, letter cancellation, the rule-shift task, a computerised multi-tasking test battery and the trail-making task. All assessments were conducted in Week 12 and repeated in Week 24 whilst subjects were fasted and at least 18 h after taking the last dose of supplement. Result: Chronic WGOE supplementation did not affect any measures of cognition. Conclusion: It appears that the cognitive benefit of acute WGOE supplementation does not persist with chronic
Background: The prevention and treatment of obesity is a public health challenge. Objective: We investigated the effects of dietary composition, insulin sensitivity (SI), and energy balance on predicted changes in body composition. Design: In a randomized crossover design study, 39 normal-weight (n = 23), overweight (n = 8), and obese (n = 8) men and women (aged 25-36 y) each followed a 15-d isocaloric high-fat (HF; 50% fat) and high-carbohydrate [HC; 55% carbohydrate (CHO)] diet with a 4-6-wk washout period during the first year. During each treatment, energy balance was measured while the subjects were inactive by using indirect calorimetry on day 15, and S I was measured by using a euglycemic clamp study (40 mU · m-2· min-1) on day 16. Weight and body composition were then measured annually for 4 y. The outcomes for fat mass, percentage body fat, and weight were measured by using a linear 2-stage mixed model. Results: CHO balance (day 15) and SI (day 16) on the HC diet were highly and ...
This study used a multicenter, randomized, prospective, controlled, open-label, two-period crossover design. Individuals who were routinely treated with intensive, multi-injection insulin therapy using regular human or rapid-acting insulin and insulin glargine were recruited.. The participants entered a 2-week screening period, and if the acceptance criteria were satisfied and written informed consent was given, they were randomly assigned by means of a computer-generated blind random process to one of four cohorts. The first 3-week treatment phase consisted of insulin administration either by SI, a single I-Port device, or two separate I-Port devices (Dual I-Port). Using a two-period crossover design, the participants were reassigned to an alternate treatment regimen for an additional 3 weeks as indicated in Figure 2.. All regimens administered regular human or rapid-acting insulin and insulin glargine, a minimum of two injections daily of either Novolin, Humulin, NovoLog, Humalog, or Apidra ...
Adenosine might provoke bronchospasm in certain susceptible patients such as those with asthma or those on maintenance doses of bronchodilators or steroids. The selectivity of regadenoson was therefore of great interest to study for its safety and efficacy in such patients. The final answer is not yet in, and more studies are needed, but there are some preliminary data.. Prior studies have suggested that with prophylactic pre-treatment with a B-2 agonist, adenosine could be given to patients with mild asthma or chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD). It should be noted the majority of patients with COPD but no bronchospasm could be tested with adenosine without any serious problem (39). Further, tachypnea is common after adenosine infusion and is not due to changes in airway resistance or pulmonary capillary wedge pressure but rather to stimulation of carotid body receptors (40,41).. A randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over trial assessed the safety of regadenoson in 48 patients ...
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The study design is two-period crossover study (repeated measures design) . Participants will complete two trials of 3-minutes pre-oxygenation via non-rebreather mask (NRM)., One trial will have an oxygen flow rate of 15lpm, The other will have the flow-meter valve turned wide open. The end-tidal oxygen (ETO2) will be measured at the end of each trial. The first trial will be followed by a washout period of 2 minutes. Allocation to the first trial (15lpm or fully open valve) will be randomised. ...
Jaguar has announced it will showcase a new design study based on the F-Type convertible at this weekends Goodwood Festival of Speed. The F-Type show car will be joined at the annual event by Jaguars latest crop of performance vehicles. Jaguar...
Passive Tomography for Spent Fuel Verification: Analysis Framework and Instrument Design Study. Proceedings of 37th ESARDA Symposium on Safeguards and Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Manchester, UK, 19-21 May 2015. pp 949- ...
Fingerprint Dive into the research topics of A phase II randomised (calibrated design) study on the activity of the single-agent trabectedin in metastatic or locally relapsed uterine leiomyosarcoma. Together they form a unique fingerprint. ...
Patients with chronic coronary heart disease often suffer from congestive heart failure (CHF) despite multiple drug therapies. D-Ribose has been shown in animal models to improve cardiac energy metabolism and function following ischaemia. This was a prospective, double blind, randomized, crossover design study, to assess the effect of oral D-ribose supplementation on cardiac hemodynamics and quality of life in 15 patients with chronic coronary artery disease and CHF. The study consisted of two treatment periods of 3 weeks, during which either oral D-ribose or placebo was administered followed by a 1-week wash out period, and then administration of the other supplement. Assessment of myocardial functional parameters by echocardiography, quality of life using the SF-36 questionnaire and functional capacity using cycle ergometer testing was performed. The administration of D-ribose resulted in an enhancement of atrial contribution to left ventricular filling (40+/-11 vs. 45+/-9%, P=0.02), a smaller ...
Patients with chronic coronary heart disease often suffer from congestive heart failure (CHF) despite multiple drug therapies. D-Ribose has been shown in animal models to improve cardiac energy metabolism and function following ischaemia. This was a prospective, double blind, randomized, crossover design study, to assess the effect of oral D-ribose supplementation on cardiac hemodynamics and quality of life in 15 patients with chronic coronary artery disease and CHF. The study consisted of two treatment periods of 3 weeks, during which either oral D-ribose or placebo was administered followed by a 1-week wash out period, and then administration of the other supplement. Assessment of myocardial functional parameters by echocardiography, quality of life using the SF-36 questionnaire and functional capacity using cycle ergometer testing was performed. The administration of D-ribose resulted in an enhancement of atrial contribution to left ventricular filling (40+/-11 vs. 45+/-9%, P=0.02), a smaller ...
Background: Abediterol is a novel, once-daily LABA under development for the treatment of asthma and COPD. The peak bronchodilator effect of single doses of abediterol delivered via Genuair® vs placebo was assessed against salbutamol 400 µg in patients with persistent stable asthma.. Methods: Adult patients were randomized to receive abediterol (0.313, 0.625, 1.25 or 2.5 μg), salbutamol 400 μg and placebo in a 6-period crossover study. Endpoints included change from baseline to peak (primary endpoint) and trough FEV1 and FVC. Safety was also assessed.. Results: A total of 58/62 randomized patients completed the study. Abediterol (all doses) and salbutamol achieved clinically and statistically significant improvements from baseline in peak FEV1 vs placebo (p,0.0001; Table). Peak FEV1 magnitude of effect with abediterol (all doses except 0.313 μg) was similar to salbutamol. Abediterol had a dose-dependent and significantly greater effect on trough FEV1 vs placebo (p,0.0001) and vs salbutamol ...
Supergirl may dwell on a parallel Earth, but it looks as though she and her crew will be further integrating with the Arrowverse in the upcoming fall season
Resilience or the ability of our body to cope with daily-life challenges has been proposed as a new definition of health, with restoration of homeostasis as target resultant of various physiological stress responses. Challenge models may thus be a sensitive measure to study the bodys health. The objective of this study was to select a dietary challenge model for the assessment of inflammatory resilience. Meals are a challenge to metabolic homeostasis and are suggested to affect inflammatory pathways, yet data in literature are limited and inconsistent. The kinetic responses of three different dietary challenges and a water control challenge were assessed on various metabolic and inflammatory markers in 14 healthy males and females using a full cross-over study design. The dietary challenges included glucose (75 g glucose in 300 ml water), lipids (200 ml whipping cream) and a mix of glucose and lipids (same amounts as above), respectively. Blood samples were collected at baseline and at 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 6,
PURPOSE: To examine the effects of static and dynamic stretching routines performed as part of a comprehensive warm-up on flexibility and sprint running, jumping and change of direction tests in team sport athletes. METHODS: A randomized, controlled, cross-over study design with experimenter blinding was conducted. On separate days, 20 male team sport athletes completed a comprehensive warm-up routine. After a low-intensity warm-up a 5-s static stretch (5S), 30-s static stretch (30S; 3×10-s stretches), 5-repetition (per muscle group) dynamic stretch (DYN) or no stretch (NS) protocol was completed; stretches were done on 7 lower body and 2 upper body regions ...
CARGO study (Copeptin after arginine infusion in the diagnosis of polyuria polydipsia syndrome): observational study evaluating the value of arginine infusion and copeptin measurements in the differential diagnosis of polyuria polydipsia syndrome CARGOx study (Copeptin after arginine infusion compared to copeptin after hypertonic saline infusion for the differential diagnosis of diabetes insipidus) GOLD study (Effects of GLP-1 analogues on fluid intake in patients with primary polydipsia): randomized placebo-controlled cross-over study evaluating the effect of GLP-1 analogs on fluid intake in patients with primary polydipsia GATE study (Effects of GLP-1 and analogues on fluid intake in healthy volunteers): randomized placebo-controlled cross-over study evaluating the effect of GLP-1 analogs on fluid intake in healthy volunteers SAND study (SGLT-2 inhibitors for treatment of SIADH, a placebo-controlled randomised study) HIT study (Hyponatremia Intervention study) COMEN study (Copeptin in ...
OSU6162 caused a remarkable improvement in mental stamina, as evaluated by a self-assessment scale on mental fatigue. Statistical significance was reached on the primary endpoint (Mental Fatigue Scale). There was a trend towards improvement in the secondary endpoints processing speed and attention. Principal component analysis showed an overall positive treatment effect in 7 of 12 patients. Beneficial responses were seen already during the first few days of active drug treatment. Increasing dosage caused no further improvement. Adverse reactions consisted of short-lasting mild nausea and attenuated appetite. These side effects disappeared upon dose reduction. ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - A double-blind evaluation of skin test suppression produced by two doses of terfenadine. AU - Bantz, Eric W.. AU - Dolen, William K.. AU - Nelson, Harold S.. PY - 1987/1/1. Y1 - 1987/1/1. N2 - For some patients, terfenadine, in the currently recommended dose of 60 mg twice daily (bid), may be only modestly effective in the treatment of allergic rhinitis. In a double-blind placebo-controlled crossover study of 12 patients, a larger dose (300 mg bid) was evaluated for its suppression of titrated skin tests to histamine and compound 48/80 to determine whether this regimen might result in greater suppression while it maintained the freedom from side effects of the presently recommended dose. In seven patients, skin test suppression by these two doses of terfenadine, each administered for 3 days, was compared to that produced in an earlier study by 3 days of treatment with chlorpheniramine (8 mg three times a day). The 300 mg bid terfenadine regimen produced significantly greater skin ...
Cross Over Ministries and the Hillsboro Presbyterian Church are collaborating to bring DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K) to Hillsboro. The 13-week program will be held each Monday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Monday, Sept. 9, through Monday, Dec. 2. While held in Hillsboro, the program is open to any child age five through 12 years old, and their parents, who are in need of the ministry-based service.. Spearheaded by Cross Over Ministries volunteer Lynette Weiss, the program organizers hope to bring much needed healing to area children and parents affected by divorce. Weiss, a child of divorce herself, had gone through a similar program alongside her son, following her own divorce. The closest DC4K program was in Springfield and Weiss made the weekly commutes to attend knowing the benefits it would have for her family. While titled divorce care, the program is for children going through any kind of family fragmentation whether the upheaval is due to divorce, incarceration, addiction or other factors. The ...
Background In the context of personalized cancer care, patients (pts) should receive the therapy that best meets their needs while optimizing the use of healthcare resources. A budget impact model was developed to compare each of the most commonly used mCRC treatment sequences - from 1st line to 3rd line in a Canadian context.. Methods This Excel based model considers the price of each agent, the number of cycles per treatment course, the relative dose intensity of the regimens to determine the cost of the most commonly used mCRC therapies and calculates the costs per overall sequence from 1st line to 3rd line. It takes into account the percentage of pts who benefit from a R0 resection post 1st line chemotherapy and who forego subsequent treatments. Factors such as different percentage use of 1st line FOLFOX vs FOLFIRI and pts volumes per line of therapy are considered in this model. Users can choose the scenarios they would like to examine. Key variables can be extracted through expert ...
Take Part in the Simulation Driven Design Study NAFEMS invites you to participate in the Simulation Driven Design study, being conducted by Lifecycle Insights by completing a short survey. For more than a decade now, engineering organizations have been pushing to use simulation to help make design decisions, not just validate them. But how far have we come? How far do we have left to go? The study aims to answer that exact question. It includes questions on the setup, solve, review and management of s
Background: We investigated vascular and metabolic responses to ramipril and candesartan therapies either alone or in combination in hypertensive patients.. Methods: This was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over trial with three treatment arms (each 2 months) and two washout periods (each 2 months). Thirty-four patients were given ramipril 10 mg and placebo, ramipril 10 mg and candesartan 16 mg, or candesartan 16 mg and placebo daily during each 2 month treatment period.. Results: Ramipril, combined therapy, or candesartan significantly reduced blood pressure after 2 months administration compared with baseline. All three treatment arms did not significantly change the lipoprotein profile. All three treatment arms significantly improved flow-mediated dilator response to hyperemia. However, combined therapy significantly reduced blood pressure and improved flow-mediated dilation to a greater extent than ramipril or candesartan alone (all P,0.001 by ANOVA). Interestingly, only ...
The aim of this study was to investigate postprandial effects of two Chinese liquors on s elected cardiovascular disease risk factors in humans. Sixteen healthy men were randomized into three groups in a three-way crossover study: tea-flavor liquor (TFL), traditional Chinese liquor (TCL) and water control (WC). Every subject consumed 60 mL of either liquor (45% (v/v) ethanol) or water together with a high-fat meal, respectively. Compared with baseline, serum uric acid was significantly increased in TFL group (0.5-hour: P = 0.012; 1-hour: P = 0.001; 2-hour: P = 0.008) and it was significantly decreased in WC group (1-hour: P = 0.001; 2-hour: P = 0.001; 4-hour: P | 0.001), while uric acid was non-significantly increased in the TCL group. High-sensitive C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) was significantly increased in the TCL (P = 0.014) and WC (P = 0.008) groups at postprandial 4 hours compared with baseline. There was no significant difference between groups during the postprandial period for these two
Abstract Background. Inhaled furosemide offers a potentially novel treatment for dyspnoea, which may reflect modulation of pulmonary stretch receptor feedback to the brain. Specificity of relief is unclear because different neural pathways may account for different components of clinical dyspnoea. Our objective was to evaluate if inhaled furosemide relieves the air hunger component (uncomfortable urge to breathe) but not the sense of breathing work/effort of dyspnoea. Methods. A randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled crossover trial in 16 healthy volunteers studied in a university research laboratory. Each participant received 3 mist inhalations (either 40 mg furosemide or 4 ml saline) separated by 30-60 min on 2 test days. Each participant was randomised to mist order furosemide-saline-furosemide (n- = 8) or saline-furosemide-saline (n = 8) on both days. One day involved hypercapnic air hunger tests (mean ± SD PCO2 = 50 ± 3.7 mmHg; constrained ventilation = 9 ± 1.5 L/min), the ...
Fifteen out of 18 pink and puffing patients completed a double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over trial of diazepam and promethazine for breathlessness and reduced exercise tolerance. Dosages were 25 mg and 125 mg daily, respectively, and each co
Purpose: This study investigated the effect of dual bronchodilation with the long-acting β-receptor agonist/long-acting muscarinic antagonist combination, indacaterol/glycopyrronium (IND/GLY), on nighttime oxygenation, lung function, sleep quality, and symptoms in patients with moderate-to-severe COPD. Patients and methods: This was a 4-week, double-blind, multicenter, placebo-controlled, two-period crossover study. Patients were randomized in a 1:1 ratio to receive IND/GLY 110/50 µg once daily or matching placebo. The primary objective was to evaluate the effect of treatment with IND/GLY on mean nighttime oxygenation, compared with placebo. The secondary objective was to determine the time spent ,90% in blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) compared with placebo. Exploratory objectives were to assess the effect of IND/GLY, compared with placebo, on sleep quality measured by the Medical Outcomes Study (MOS) Sleep Scale and the COPD and Asthma Sleep Impact Scale (CASIS) questionnaires and on symptoms ...
Background: The positive effect of carbohydrates from commercial beverages on soccer-specific exercise has been clearly demonstrated. However, no study is available that uses a home-mixed beverage in a test where technical skills were required. Methods: Nine subjects participated vol-untarily in this double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled crossover study. On three testing days, the subjects performed six Hoff tests with a 3-min active break as a preload and then the Yo-Yo Intermittent Running Test Level 1 (Yo-Yo IR1) until exhaustion. On test days 2 and 3, the subjects received either a 69 g carbohydrate-containing drink (syrup-water mixture) or a carbo-hydrate-free drink (aromatic water). Beverages were given in several doses of 250 mL each: 30 min before and immediately before the exercise and after 18 and 39 min of exercise. The primary target parameters were the running performance in the Hoff test and Yo-Yo IR1, body mass and heart rate. Statistical differences between the variables of both
TY - JOUR. T1 - Endovascular crossing of Chronic Total Occlusions using an impulse. T2 - An explorative design study. AU - Sakes, Aimée. AU - van der Wiel, Marleen. AU - Dodou, Dimitra. AU - Breedveld, Paul. PY - 2017. Y1 - 2017. N2 - In this study we investigated whether exerting an impulse on a Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) improves the success rate of CTO crossing as compared to the currently used method of statically pushing the guidewire against the CTO. A prototype (Ø2 mm) was developed that generates translational momentum using a spring-loaded indenter and converts it to an impulse during impact. Mechanical performance was evaluated by measuring the peak force and momentum for different spring compressions and strike distances in air and blood-mimicking fluid. Puncture performance, in terms of number of punctures, number of strikes to puncture, and energy transfer from the indenter to the CTO, was assessed for six tip shapes (stamp, wedge, spherical, pointed, hollow spherical, and ...
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of stand-biased desks on the physical activity and sedentary behavior of third, fourth and sixth grade students across the school year. Methods: This within classroom crossover design study used teacher-determined allocation for seating within each classroom. Half of the students used a stand-biased desk and half used a sitting desk. Five-day hip-worn accelerometer assessments were completed at baseline and at the end of each nine-week intervention period. A mixed effects model was used to determine the differences in the percentage of time spent active and sedentary. Results: A total of 22, 36 and 41 students in 3rd, 4th and 6th grades, respectively, completed this study (57.1% male, 79.3% White). Regardless of the desk type, students became more sedentary (p < 0.001) and less active (p < 0.001) in the classroom as the school year progressed. After controlling for baseline activity, there was a significant interaction between the type of desk
To examine the clinical role of BAYm 1099, 15 diettreatednon-insulin-dependent diabetic (NIDDM) subjects were randomized to start drug (50 mg 3 times/ day) or placebo after a 4-wk run-in period in a doubleblind crossover study. Treatment periods (4 wk) were separated by a 2-wk washout period. During the last week of each treatment period, three test meals (TMs) were administered: 60 g starch (TM1), 25 g sucrose (TM2), and combined 60 g starch and 25 g sucrose (TM3). Twelve subjects completed the study. The peak postprandial blood glucose, lactate, and pyruvate levels (means ± SE) were significantly lower with active drug after all test meals, particularly TM2 (11.3 ±1.0 vs. 14.3 ± 1.4 mM, P ,.001; 1.53 ± 0.20 vs. 2.48 ± 0.17 mM, P , .001; and 105.1 ± 17.6 vs. 147.6 ± 11.1 μM, P , .05, respectively. Peak blood glucose levels were significantly delayed. However, fasting blood glucose, HbA1, fructosamine, and cholesterol did not change during active treatment (10.0 ±1.0 vs. 9.9 ±1.0 mM, ...
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS: Glitazones are powerful insulin sensitisers prescribed for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Their use is, however, associated with fluid retention and an increased risk of congestive heart failure. We previously demonstrated that pioglitazone increases proximal sodium reabsorption in healthy volunteers. This study examines the effects of pioglitazone on renal sodium handling in individuals prone to insulin resistance, i.e. those with diabetes and/or hypertension. METHODS: In this double-blind randomised placebo-controlled four-way crossover study, we examined the effects of pioglitazone (45 mg daily during 6 weeks) or placebo on renal, systemic and hormonal responses to changes in sodium intake in 16 individuals, eight with type 2 diabetes and eight with hypertension ...
We are only 10 minutes walk from Leeds train station. Exit the station and follow the way out to City Square. Cross over two sets of pedestrian crossings and proceed forward across City Square. After City Square turn left onto Infirmary Street, at the end of this road, cross over the pedestrian crossing to the right and then cross over the pedestrian crossing to the immediate left. This will bring you to St Pauls Street. Continue along St Pauls Street for approximately 150 yards and then turn right at Park Square East. This will bring you onto Park Square and the clinic is situated on the far side of the park. The main shopping district is only 10 minutes walk from the clinic. ...
An implantable arrhythmia treatment system includes a sensor which generates an electrical signal corresponding to a physiological characteristic of a patient, the physiological characteristics and thus the electrical signal exhibit a change given the onset of an arrhythmia. The electrical signal is supplied to a fibrillation detector in an implantable housing, which initiates an appropriate treatment sequence upon the detection of the onset of the arrhythmia. Simultaneously with initiating the treatment sequence, the fibrillation detector causes, either by direct connection or by telemetry communication, the generation of an alarm signal which informs the patient that the sequence has been initiated, so that the patient knows that a treatment pulse is about to be released. The implantable unit includes circuitry responsive to a signal externally generated by the patient which prevents the release of the defibrillating pulse. If the patient feels no need for such a pulse, i.e. if the onset of the
23 March 2018. Australian researchers have greater clarity on the best course of treatment for patients with advanced melanoma which has spread to the brain.. Results from a clinical trial, developed and run by investigators at Melanoma Institute Australia and published today in the Lancet Oncology, demonstrate that a combination of immunotherapies are most active in patients with asymptomatic brain metastases who have not previously been treated.. The Phase II trial known as the Anti-PD1 Brain Collaboration (ABC) trial involved advanced melanoma patients being given either a combination of two immunotherapy drugs (nivolumab [Opdivo®] and ipilimumab [Yervoy®]) or single therapy (nivolumab alone).. The results from the trial suggest that patients with asymptomatic brain metastases who have not received any prior targeted therapy (e.g. MEK or BRAF inhibitors) have a high chance of long-term response to treatment. Response rates were less effective in patients who had already been treated with ...
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Caffeine (CAF) supplementation could have a positive impact on physical performance and sport abilities. Nevertheless, the CAF-induced, dose-dependent influence on discipline-specific performance and combat activity in combat sports have not been sufficiently investigated. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of single ingestion of 3, 6, or 9 mg/kg body weight of CAF and placebo (PLA) on judo-specific performance and sparring combat activities. In a randomised double-blind placebo-controlled cross-over design, acute pre-exercise supplementation with CAF (3, 6, or 9 mg/kg body weight) and placebo PLA in 22 male highly-trained judoists was examined. The study protocol involved five separate testing sessions using the Special Judo Fitness Test (SJFT) with heart rate monitoring, three judo sparring combats and evaluation of the rate of perceived exertion (RPE) using the Borg scale. Six and 9 mg/kg CAF improved SJFT performance, while 9 mg/kg increased combat activity. Three mg/kg CAF lacked any
An Open-label, Randomized, 2-period Crossover Study to Compare the Pharmacokinetic Bioequivalence of a Single 210 mg Dose of Brodalumab Administered to Healthy Subjects by Subcutaneous Injection Using a Prefilled Syringe and an Autoinjector ...
Strenuous aerobic exercise is known to weaken the immune system, and while many nutritional supplements have been proposed to boost post-exercise immunity, few are known to be effective. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate whether 10 d of supplementation with a defined source of bakers yeast β-glucan (BG, Wellmune WGP®) could minimise post-exercise immunosuppression. Recreationally active men and women (n 60) completed two 10 d trial conditions using a cross-over design with a 7 d washout period: placebo (rice flour) and bakers yeast BG (250 mg/d of β-1,3/1,6-glucans derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae) before a bout of cycling (49 ± 6 min) in a hot (38 ± 2°C), humid (45 ± 2 % relative humidity) environment. Blood was collected at baseline (before supplement), pre- (PRE), post- (POST) and 2 h (2H) post-exercise. Total and subset monocyte concentration was measured by four-colour flow cytometry. Plasma cytokine levels and lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-stimulated cytokine ...
The authors report 4 experiments that examined color grouping and negative carryover effects in preview search via a probe detection task (J. J. Braithwaite, G. W. Humphreys, & J. Hodsoll, 2003). In Experiment 1, there was evidence of a negative color carryover from the preview to new items, using both search and probe detection measures. There was also a negative bias against probes on old items that carried the majority color in the preview. With a short preview duration (150 ms) carryover effects to new items were greatly reduced, but probe detection remained biased against the majority color in the old items. Experiments 2 and 4 showed that the color bias effects on old items could be reduced when these items had to be prioritized relative to being ignored. Experiment 3 tested and rejected the idea that variations in the probability of whether minority or majority colors were probed were crucial. These results show that the time course of color carryover effects can be separated from effects of
A double-blind, three way randomized cross-over clinical trial was conducted in which each participant served as his/her own control. After fasting overnight for at least 10 hours, participants were randomly given 300ml servings of three beverages containing 50g glucose, sucrose and lacritose. Blood samples were collected before and afterwards every 30 minutes for up to 2 hours ...
We failed to prove our hypothesis that administration of psyllium in the morning would have a greater cholesterol-lowering effect than it would in the evening. Not only was there no observable difference in lipid levels between the crossover periods but the daily ingestion of a greater daily dose than the 10.2 g of psyllium for which the FDA allows health claims to be made [6] had no effect on lipid levels in our study group. No change in any lipid parameter, including total and LDL cholesterol was observed. No difference was found when subgroup analysis was undertaken for the sex of the patients, the time of day they took their psyllium, or whether they were recruited from the gastroenterology clinic or the lipid clinic.. We used a crossover design since this was the most appropriate one for the primary question being addressed; accordingly, our study did not include a control group. However, the nature of the study should not have provided any motivation for study subjects to adopt any new ...
PubMed journal article Postprandial platelet aggregation: effects of different meals and glycemic inde were found in PRIME PubMed. Download Prime PubMed App to iPhone or iPad.
TY - JOUR. T1 - Enhancement of abdominal structures on MRI at 1.5 and 3 T. T2 - European Radiology. AU - AlObaidy,Mamdoh. AU - Ramalho,Miguel. AU - Velloni,Fernanda. AU - Matos,António P.. AU - Herman,Kevin. AU - Semelka,Richard C.. PY - 2017/4/1. Y1 - 2017/4/1. N2 - Objective: To quantitatively compare the extent of enhancement of abdominal structures on MRI in an intraindividual fashion at 1.5 and 3 T. Methods: HIPAA-compliant, retrospective, longitudinal, intraindividual, crossover study, with waived informed consent, of consecutive individuals scanned at both 1.5 and 3 T closed-bore magnets using gadobenate dimeglumine during different phases of enhancement at tightly controlled arterial phase timing. Quantitative ROI measurements and qualitative sub-phase arterial phase assignments were independently performed by two radiologists. Qualitative discrepancies were resolved by a senior radiologist. Results: Final population included 60 patients [41 female and 19 male; age, 49.35 ± 18.31 years ...
On the other hand, in molecularly selected populations for whom targeted therapies are tested, our ability to detect an OS advantage is severely attenuated by the effects of crossover. In the EURTAC clinical trial, patients with activating mutations in EGFR were treated with targeted therapy with erlotinib (23). This was associated with a 4-month prolongation in PFS, but no benefit in OS (Fig. 3). Seventy-seven percent of patients on the chemotherapy arms of these trials went on to receive EGFR-targeted therapy at the time of progression. Four points are underscored by this clinical trial: (i) crossover is a critical component of clinical trial design both as an ethical necessity and a tool for investigators to maximize accrual; (ii) not every patient in a clinical trial has the opportunity to cross over to the targeted agent (in this trial 23% patients did not cross over), as is the case with patients who have rapid progression of their disease whose performance status might preclude further ...
The study uses cross-sectional data from the baseline wave (October 2009 to July 2011). Analyses are based on those aged 50-79 ... This is a cross-sectional study in a nationally representative sample of adults aged 50-79 years (n = 5287). ... The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) is an ongoing prospective cohort study representative of community living adults ... Women had higher cholesterol levels than men at all ages beyond 50 years in our study. This is similar to other studies of ...
Comparative cultural studies Cross-cultural Cross-cultural capital Cross-cultural communication Cross-cultural psychiatry Cross ... Cross-cultural studies is the third form of cross-cultural comparisons. The first is comparison of case studies, the second is ... Cross-cultural studies, sometimes called holocultural studies or comparative studies, is a specialization in anthropology and ... These studies are surveys of ethnographic data. Cross-cultural studies are applied widely in the social sciences, particularly ...
The Centre for Cross Border Studies (CCBS) is a think tank based in Ireland. The Centre for Cross Border Studies was founded in ... In addition to publishing and commissioning works of cross-border policy research, The Centre for Cross Border Studies also ... The Centre for cross Border Studies Transfrontier Euro-Institut Network: CCBS Border People CCBS: Border People SCoTENS ICLRD. ... The scope of the centres research encompasses all areas in which practical cross border cooperation between the Republic of ...
This study showed that experiencing moral doubt is related to some ones normative attitude towards coercion. Future research ... This paper describes an explorative statistical analysis based on a cross-sectional survey across seven wards in three ... This study. In this paper we present the results of a cross-sectional survey study among multidisciplinary employees of seven ... Study design. This paper describes a cross-sectional survey study in which we executed an explorative statistical analysis. ...
The classes will be identical on Monday evenings at 6:30 p.m. and Tuesday mornings at 10:30 a.m. You may choose which time fits your schedule each week ...
Cross-Cultural Communication and Media Studies MA. Cross-Cultural Communication and Media Studies MA. Full time: 12 months, ... The Media Studies pathway is a specialism on the Cross-Cultural Communication MA. It is designed for students who wish to ... Newcastle University , Postgraduate , Find a Degree , Cross-Cultural Communication and Media Studies MA ... The Cross-Cultural Communication and Media Studies MA provides theoretical, research and practical training in areas of ...
Cross sectional studies. A cross sectional study measures the prevalence of health outcomes or determinants of health, or both ... Bias may arise because of selection into or out of the study population. A cross sectional survey of asthma in an occupational ... cross sectional studies of aetiology are best suited to diseases that produce little disability and to the presymptomatic ... A cross sectional design may also make it difficult to establish what is cause and what is effect. If milk drinking is ...
Many scholars and missionaries have devoted themselves to study cross-cultural matters, theology of mission, biblical ...
All about Half-hour studies at the cross by J. H. Garrison. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for ... 323-GAR (1) Biblical Studies (1) Biblical Studies of the church (1) Church of Christ (1) Communion (1) Cross (2) Crucifixion (2 ...
International aid agency British Red Cross use Fujitsus desktop scanner, ScanSnap, to speed up and reduce the cost of paper ... British Red Cross. Taking the drama out of a paper crisis…. Industries:. *Healthcare ... British Red Cross relies on donations to continue its vital impartial humanitarian work, so the job of the press office is to ... British Red Cross wanted an admin solution that would make paper documents and photos easier to file, manage and send out to ...
Social Science Approaches to the Study of Chinese Society Part 1. In Week 5, we will focus on Study Designs. By the end of ... 5.4 Cross-sectional studies. To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports ... Many pioneering studies from the early 20th century until. well into the late 20th century, were actually cross sectional ... And finally, another big issue with cross sectional studies. is that its very hard to rule out what we refer to as spurious ...
The Cross-Disciplinary Experience. Cross-Disciplinary Studies are designed to help students connect ideas, methods, and ... Marys offers six Cross-Disciplinary Study Areas (CDSAs). CDSAs are minor degree programs, urging students to apply more ... Museum Studies Required Course. The required introductory course, "Introduction to Museum Studies" (MUST 200), is offered each ... Each CDSA also has its own introductory course, and students can pursue their SMP in the study area, provided they secure the ...
... whereas longitudinal studies make comparisons over time. The research question will determine which approach is best. ... Cross-sectional studies make comparisons at a single point in time, ... Cross-sectional study. Both the cross-sectional and the longitudinal studies are observational studies. This means that ... Cross-sectional studies can be done more quickly than longitudinal studies. Thats why researchers might start with a cross- ...
Cross-Cultural Perspectives by K. Ramakrishna Rao at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $35.0 or more! ... Consciousness Studies: Cross-Cultural Perspectives 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews. ... This cross-cultural examination first explores the varieties of conscious experience and reflects on the attempts to understand ... excellent...a complete guide...a great source book" Journal of Indian Psychology; "credible overview...a cross-cultural project ...
R3.23, Ramphal Building, School for Cross-faculty Studies. University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL, United Kingdom ...
It is argued that enhancement in the quality of cross-cultural research in accounting can be accomplished by providing greater ... This paper contributes to cross-cultural research by identifying the theoretical and methodological strengths and weaknesses of ... It is argued that enhancement in the quality of cross-cultural research in accounting can be accomplished by providing greater ... Keywords: Hofstedes cultural taxonomy; acculturation; cross-cultural biases; accounting; theoretical and methodological ...
Data from a cross sectional study in Bavaria suggest that the risk of obesity in children at the time of school entry can be ... However, the impact of breast feeding on obesity has only been studied in comparatively small cohorts.7-9 These small studies ... whereas a protective effect has been reported in a Canadian cross sectional study of 1320 adolescents born in the late 1960s.10 ... We have therefore studied the impact of breast feeding on the prevalence of being overweight or obese in children born in the ...
FCC Puts Cross-Ownership Study Up for Comment. Study key to agencys rules proceeding. By Katy Bachman ... Over the weekend, Clyburn put a study on the impact of cross-media ownership on minorities and women up for comment. ... Based on those interviews, the study concluded that cross-ownership of media had no material impact on minorities or women. ... The highly anticipated study has been one of the things holding up a proposal to loosen media ownership rules, a proceeding ...
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"Who trusts others more? A cross-European study," Empirica, Springer;Austrian Institute for Economic Research;Austrian Economic ... "Does Social Capital Have an Economic Payoff? A Cross-Country Investigation," The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Oxford ... "On the Economics and Biology of Trust," IZA Discussion Papers 3895, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA). * Ernst Fehr, 2009 ... "Gender Differences in Risk Aversion and Ambiguity Aversion," IZA Discussion Papers 3985, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA ...
Learn how the New Zealand Red Cross outlined the need for a quickly deployed self-contained network solution and how Fortinet ... Learn how New Zealand Red Cross supported "business as usual" telecommunications in this case study. ... New Zealand Red Cross "We selected the Fortinet solutions because no other single vendor has a security fabric platform from ... New Zealand Red Cross helps communities affected by emergencies and conflict globally. Being an international aid group, New ...
Southern Cross University ,ABN: 41 995651 524 , CRICOS Provider: 01241G , Legals , Privacy , Web accessibility ... Southern Cross University acknowledges and pays respect to the ancestors, Elders and descendants of the Lands upon which we ... meet and study.. We are mindful that within and without the concrete and steel of buildings these Lands always were and always ... Cross-institutional study *How to apply for cross-institutional study. *RUN units of study ...
The Indigenous Studies Program located within the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies and College of Liberal Arts at UAF offers a ... Center for Cross-Cultural Studies. 201 Eielson Building. PO Box 756730. Fairbanks, AK 99775-6730. USA. Phone: (907) 474-1902. ... Ray Barnhardt, he helped to create the Center Cross-Cultural Studies at UAF. In so doing he introduced the construct of "Native ... Ways of Knowing" and contributed greatly to the academic field of Indigenous knowledge and broader cross-cultural sharing. ...
He received his B.A. in Humanities, M.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies, and Ph.D. in Indigenous Studies - all from the University ... Center for Cross-Cultural Studies. 201 Eielson Building. PO Box 756730. Fairbanks, AK 99775-6730. USA. Phone: (907) 474-1902. ... He works closely with the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies as an Indigenous education faculty member. Dr. Topkok is active in ... Theresa Arevgaq John is an Associate Professor in the Department of Cross-Cultural Studies at the University of Alaska ...
... cross-disciplinary studies on economic translations by Elena Carpi. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for ... Languages of political economy : cross-disciplinary studies on economic…. by Elena Carpi. ...
The First Studies Utilizing The Collaborative Cross Mice Are Published In Genome Research. by Sam Savage ... In this study, Durrant and colleagues utilized inbred mouse strains from the Collaborative Cross, taking advantage of the ... 2. Breeding effects in the Collaborative Cross. The development of the Collaborative Cross presents a unique opportunity to ... The Collaborative Cross (CC) represents a large collection of new inbred mouse strains created by the mouse genetics community ...
Parametric Study of Asymmetric Side Tapering in Constant Cross Wind Conditions 06-11-03-0018. This also appears in SAE ... Citation: Varney, M., Passmore, M., and Gaylard, A., "Parametric Study of Asymmetric Side Tapering in Constant Cross Wind ... A parametric study has been undertaken in Loughborough Universitys Large Wind Tunnel with the ¼ scale Windsor Model. The ...
The cross is a pagan symbol and was not the instrument of death used by the Romans to kill Jesus. Jesus died on a torture stake ... Blue Letter Bible study tools make reading, searching and studying the Bible easy and rewarding. ... Probable Timeline of When Each Psalm Was Written - Study Resources. *Jesus Christs Names, Titles and Characters - Study ... cross bar, and sign). As evidence for his conclusion about the cross he cites various early church fathers who were aware of ...
Social Studies/ELA Cross-Curricular Lesson. Website Address: ... SS5H3.a: Social Studies Georgia Standards of Excellence - Grade 5. Discuss the Stock Market Crash of 1929, Herbert Hoover, ...
  • For decades, cross-sectional studies were the mainstay of social science research. (
  • well into the late 20th century, we're actually cross sectional studies. (
  • But cross sectional studies remain important for studies of novel phenomenon. (
  • new phenomenons comes from cross-sectional studies, because they can be done quickly. (
  • When there looking at national level relationships in cross sectional studies. (
  • However, cross-sectional studies may not provide definite information about cause-and-effect relationships. (
  • Cross-sectional studies can be done more quickly than longitudinal studies. (
  • Cross-sectional studies must be done on representative samples of the population if generalizations from the findings are to have any validity. (
  • Cross-sectional studies, also known as surveys, are a useful way to gather information on important health-related aspects of people's knowledge, attitudes, and practices (such studies are known as "KAP" surveys). (
  • repeated or serial cross-sectional studies, on the other hand, do not necessarily (or even usually) study the same individuals repeatedly. (
  • Like many other cross-sectional studies, they can identify health problems and provide data from which many useful inferences can be made and hypotheses generated. (
  • Cross-sectional studies are often used as a basis for health-policy decisions, and it is important to ensure that only current, rather than obsolete, information is used for this purpose. (
  • These studies gather information about the prevalence of health-related states and conditions, but they cannot distinguish between newly occurring and long-established conditions. (
  • Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in China: An up-dated cross-sectional study. (
  • Although there have been previous studies on the prevalence of MS in China, the prevalence may have changed with lifestyle changes over the last decade. (
  • To update this prevalence, we performed a cross-sectional survey among adults over 18 years old across China from May 2013 to July 2014. (
  • A one-day prevalence study was conducted using the methodology specified by the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, together with the established methods used by the Collaborative Alliance for Nursing Outcomes. (
  • A cross-sectional study of the 1-year prevalence of low back pain was conducted in workers employed in manual lifting jobs. (
  • 9 - 14 Very few studies have assessed the prevalence of recent cannabis use (any use within past 30 days) and its association with MI. (
  • The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) is an ongoing prospective cohort study representative of community living adults in Ireland aged 50 years and older. (
  • Unlike in a cohort study, however, matching does not on its own eliminate confounding. (
  • Alzheimer's Disease Sequencing Project discovery and replication criteria for cases and controls: Data from a community-based prospective cohort study with autopsy follow-up. (
  • On 20-22 September 2017, the Lower Austria region hosted a study visit entitled "Cross-border health care" in the city of Sankt Pölten. (
  • CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Aug. 10, 2017 - eGenesis, a biotechnology company focused on transforming xenotransplantation into a lifesaving medical procedure, announced the publication of a study in the journal Science by eGenesis scientists and their collaborators demonstrating the inactivation of PERV to prevent cross-species viral transmission and a breakthrough in producing the first PERV-free pigs, an important milestone for xenotransplantation. (
  • We performed a cross-sectional study using pooled data from the 2017 and 2018 cohorts of the American Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System survey of US adults. (
  • The Centre for Cross Border Studies (CCBS) is a think tank based in Ireland. (
  • The Centre for Cross Border Studies was founded in 1999 with the purpose of undertaking policy research in the field of cross-border cooperation within Ireland and further afield. (
  • In addition to publishing and commissioning works of cross-border policy research, The Centre for Cross Border Studies also engages in a range of practical activities with the intention of facilitating cross-border cooperation. (
  • The Director of the Centre for the Study of Colonial and Postcolonial Societies at Bristol is Matthew Brown in the Department of Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American (HiPLA). (
  • The research of Matthew Brown, Jo Crow and Caroline Williams centres on the Spanish Atlantic, ensuring that Bristol becomes a leading centre of Latin-American studies. (
  • BPP in London King's Cross is just a five-minute walk from one of London's busiest transport hubs, the centre is conveniently served by a total of six Tube lines, countless bus routes, four national rail networks (including First Capital Connect) and the Eurostar. (
  • Here, they a presentation was made on the EU-funded project, "Unlimited health together", which focuses on improving cross-border emergency care and hospital cooperation in the fields of radiotherapy treatment and gynaecological care (through the knowledge-transfer activities of the Hospital of Znoimo in the Czech Republic and the Endometriosis Centre of the Hospital of Melk). (
  • Ph.D. in Indigenous Studies, with an emphasis in Indigenous Leadership from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, of May 2016. (
  • 3rd wave: February - May 2016) study was performed simultaneously in eleven European countries. (
  • Stijepic, Damir, A Cross-Country Study of Workers' Skills and Unemployment Flows (August 31, 2018). (
  • The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) provides the opportunity to bridge this information gap. (
  • Rees CA, Pica N, Monuteaux MC, Bourgeois FT (2019) Noncompletion and nonpublication of trials studying rare diseases: A cross-sectional analysis. (
  • Both the cross-sectional and the longitudinal studies are observational studies. (
  • Meta-analysis of observational studies in epidemiology: a proposal for reporting. (
  • Special emphasis is given to explaining the challenges that social scientists face in drawing conclusions about cause and effect from their studies, and offers an overview of the approaches that are used to overcome these challenges. (
  • The Cross-Cultural Communication and Media Studies MA provides theoretical, research and practical training in areas of international and intercultural communication and the media. (
  • Over 80% of Cultural and Media Studies research rated world leading or internationally excellent. (
  • The pathway draws on our research in media, communication and cultural studies . (
  • Cultural and Media Studies in top 20% for research quality. (
  • You are encouraged to apply your research interests to real world case studies, particularly of international organisations or workplaces with which you have a connection. (
  • Study design depends greatly on the nature of the research question. (
  • Professor K. Ramakrishna Rao is a philosopher and psychologist with expertise in Indian psychology, consciousness studies and parapsychological research. (
  • This paper contributes to cross-cultural research by identifying the theoretical and methodological strengths and weaknesses of selected previous research related to accountants' values and judgments. (
  • It is argued that enhancement in the quality of cross-cultural research in accounting can be accomplished by providing greater insight into the depth, richness and complexity of cultural and acculturational similarities and differences between and across nations by complementing the quantified dimensional based cultural measures with relevant historical, sociological and psychological literature. (
  • Like the media ownership rules, the study itself has been criticized both for the fact that it was conducted by BIAKelsey, a broadcast research firm, and for responses from an inconclusive sample of 14 broadcast owners. (
  • Genome Research has published three articles online in-advance utilizing strains from the emerging Collaborative Cross mouse strains. (
  • This paper is one in a series of similar papers, each comparing different domains (e.g., chronic medical conditions, employment and retirement, expectations, transfers, income, and wealth) across these surveys with an aim to encourage rigorous, cross-national and international comparison research on aging populations. (
  • This paper series was made possible by the NIA funded RAND Center for the Study of Aging and the NICHD funded RAND Population Research Center. (
  • In a multicentre study, the 10/66 Dementia Research Group interviewed 2885 people aged 60 years and older in 25 centres, most in Universities, in India, China and southeast Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Africa. (
  • The PLUS collaborators have set a new benchmark for cross-national research in this crucial arena of governance. (
  • The Television and Cross-Media Culture specialisation within the Media Studies Research Master's Programme focuses on the on-going transformation of media culture, and its impact on culture, politics and everyday life. (
  • Handbook of Research on Efficacy and Implementation of Study Abroad Programs for P-12 Teachers. (
  • In H. An (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Efficacy and Implementation of Study Abroad Programs for P-12 Teachers (pp. 221-236). (
  • This research represents an important advance in addressing safety concerns about cross-species viral transmission. (
  • The global cognitive computing market size is expected to reach USD 49.36 billion by 2025, according to a new study conducted by Grand View Research. (
  • In our study, over half of randomized controlled trials studying rare diseases were not completed or were left unpublished 4 years after trial completion, highlighting considerable inefficiencies in research activities for these conditions. (
  • A first GRI cross-scale model intercomparison investigates model performance for simulations of discharge in selected river basins that have been covered by regional research projects. (
  • This is extremely encouraging," said Paul Ginsburg, president of the Center for Studying Health System Change, a nonprofit research organization in Washington, D.C., that was not involved in the study. (
  • As the absolute values of troponin elevation are remarkable in this cross-sectional study, further research may investigate the clinical significance of different levels of troponin elevation. (
  • This highlights the need for further cross - cultural research on food quality perception. (
  • A potential limitation of our study is that certain interventional trials for rare diseases may not have been registered in, in particular Phase 0 and Phase I trials, which are not required to be registered. (
  • Major issues have been reported about the methods of data collection in cross-cultural studies, including difficulty in access to people from many nations, limited number of samples, negative effects of translation, and positive self-enhancement illusion. (
  • Cross-Disciplinary Studies are designed to help students connect ideas, methods, and materials from diverse disciplines. (
  • Methods A cross-sectional study conducted in 2014 sampled 252 anesthetists. (
  • The MA in Latin American History sees the school, and HiPLA in particular, make a critical advance in postgraduate studies through its historical provision. (
  • This cross-cultural examination first explores the varieties of conscious experience and reflects on the attempts to understand and explain consciousness in the Western scholarly and scientific tradition. (
  • It explores the nature of the interaction between community involvement and political leadership in modern local governance by drawing on empirical data gathered from case-studies concerning cities in England, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, and Sweden. (
  • The Master's in Television and Cross-Media Culture explores contemporary media culture from a critical perspective. (
  • iv) The present author finds the logic of the reply faulty.This volume explores verbal and pronominal agreement with imposters from a cross-linguistic perspective. (
  • The key here is that longitudinal studies extend beyond a single moment in time. (
  • Since reference data will have to be obtained on pencil beam densitometers and longitudinal studies need to be continued on the fan-beam densitometer, it is imperative to identify any differences between them. (
  • This study aims to describe the distribution of serum cholesterol in a community living population of older adults in Ireland and to examine the awareness, treatment and control of hypercholesterolaemia according to CVD risk status. (
  • This is a cross-sectional study in a nationally representative sample of adults aged 50-79 years ( n = 5287). (
  • The aim of this study is to document the distribution of serum cholesterol in a community living population of older adults aged 50-79 years in Ireland and apply clinical guideline targets [ 9 ] to examine the awareness, treatment and control of hypercholesterolaemia in a subgroup aged 50-64 years according to their absolute risk of CVD. (
  • Results of studies in adults have suggested that lipid testing might be reliably performed without fasting. (
  • Our study provides evidence supporting an association between recent cannabis use and history of MI in young adults. (
  • Half of the adults studied do not meet the EFSA fluid intake recommendations. (
  • To give an extreme example, a case-control study of bladder cancer and smoking could give quite erroneous findings if controls were taken from the chest clinic. (
  • Findings from this study will also appear in a Museum Learning volume (co-authored with Jill Hohenstein). (
  • it would be necessary to repeat a large cross-sectional study only if the findings from a current sub-sample are seriously discrepant from earlier results. (
  • Researchers in a wide range of relevant fields, from political economy to social policy to the study of civic life, will benefit from close scrutiny of the empirical findings of this project. (
  • In this study, over half of clinical trials initiated for rare diseases were either discontinued or not published 4 years after completion, resulting in large numbers of patients with rare diseases exposed to interventions that did not lead to informative findings. (
  • Findings of the cross-scale model intercomparison will be published and serve as a basis for fund raising. (
  • The cross-sectional, observational study had 19 patients with COVID-19 myocarditis and reports clinical course, presenting symptoms, lab findings, and echocardiographic results stratified by fulminant and non-fulminant myocarditis. (
  • Within this study we wanted to find out whether experiencing moral doubt is related to the normative attitudes of health care professionals towards coercion. (
  • The Intergenerational Transmission of Risk and Trust Attitudes ," Review of Economic Studies , Oxford University Press, vol. 79(2), pages 645-677. (
  • The Intergenerational Transmission of Risk and Trust Attitudes ," IZA Discussion Papers 2380, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA). (
  • Evaluation of the revised NIOSH lifting equation: a cross-sectional epidemiologic study. (
  • The current study tests whether this discrepancy between abstract representations and acoustic realizations influences how native speakers of Japanese perceive geminate consonants. (
  • Comparative cultural studies Cross-cultural Cross-cultural capital Cross-cultural communication Cross-cultural psychiatry Cross-cultural psychology Cultural bias Cultural relativism Ethnocentrism Human Relations Area Files Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck's values orientation theory Standard cross-cultural sample Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory Annamoradnejad, I. (
  • In that way, if one of the control diseases happens to be related to a risk factor under study, the resultant bias is not too large. (
  • Although heavy cannabis use has been reported to trigger acute myocardial infarction (MI), the current evidence is limited to case-control studies that are prone to bias and studies relying solely on administrative data. (
  • Bias in cross-cultural neuropsychological testing: problems and possible solutions. (
  • Both studies in ethics and empirical studies come with different and sometimes contradictive arguments. (
  • A cross-sectional study is the simplest variety of descriptive or observational epidemiology that can be conducted on representative samples of a population. (
  • The first is comparison of case studies, the second is controlled comparison among variants of a common derivation, and the third is comparison within a sample of cases. (
  • New urban leaders and community involvement: The Italian case studies 5. (
  • Superabsorbant Hydrogels: A Study of the Most Effective Application of Cross-linked Polyacrylamide Polymers main content. (
  • The main objective of the study visit was to facilitate an in-depth exchange on the topic of the cross-border health care, introduce current related programmes and large-scale innovative projects in Lower Austria, and provide an opportunity for sharing ideas and practical approaches in this field within RHN. (
  • This ensured achievement of the main purpose of the study visit, namely, to enable the participants to facilitate the establishment of new contacts and provide opportunities for future cross-border collaboration. (
  • Our main outcome measures were the frequency of trial noncompletion and, among completed studies, frequency of trial nonpublication at 2 and 4 years following trial completion. (
  • The evaluation of the fluid consumption pattern of a population has been the main objective of only a very few studies. (
  • Simply put, it is a study that aims to describe the relationship between diseases (or other health-related states) and other factors of interest as they exist in a specified population at a particular time, without regard for what may have preceded or precipitated the health status found at the time of the study. (
  • This chapter will describe the development of a study abroad program designed to assist preservice teachers in developing and utilizing these skills and dispositions in a global setting. (
  • This chapter will describe how three professors integrated cross-curricular projects grounded in children's and young adult literature, historical literacy, and understanding diverse populations. (
  • Unlike comparative studies, which examines similar characteristics of a few societies, cross-cultural studies uses a sufficiently large sample so that statistical analysis can be made to show relationships or lack of relationships between the traits in question. (
  • One of Edward Tylor's first studies gave rise to the central statistical issue of cross-cultural studies: Galton's problem. (
  • This paper describes an explorative statistical analysis based on a cross-sectional survey across seven wards in three Norwegian mental health care institutions. (
  • As discussed in the previous chapter, one of the drawbacks of using a longitudinal approach to investigate the causes of disease with low incidence is that large and lengthy studies may be required to give adequate statistical power. (
  • 7 - 9 These small studies failed to find a protective effect possibly due to a lack of statistical power, whereas a protective effect has been reported in a Canadian cross sectional study of 1320 adolescents born in the late 1960s. (
  • Therefore, statistical inference cannot be made to a generalized population based on the observations of this study. (
  • Statistical extremes in the observations show that the results call for further investigation and the authors hope this can motivate variable selection in future studies. (
  • Cross-cultural studies, sometimes called holocultural studies or comparative studies, is a specialization in anthropology and sister sciences (sociology, psychology, economics, political science) that uses field data from many societies to examine the scope of human behavior and test hypotheses about human behavior and culture. (
  • Cross-cultural studies are applied widely in the social sciences, particularly in cultural anthropology and psychology. (
  • B.A. Anthropology and B.A. Alaska Native Studies from University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2004. (
  • Students completing the major pursue coursework in some combination of anthropology, economics, history, political science, religious studies, and sociology, in addition to the study of a foreign language. (
  • Beginning with the fundamentals of human interactions, this edited volume allows scholars across a variety of disciplines (such as criminology, sociology, communication studies, social psychology, anthropology, and economics) to become familiar with and apply the core principles and the requisite terminology of human communication within a criminological context. (
  • This study is a relatively small cross-sectional study in a convenience sample and is limited to generating hypotheses. (
  • In other words, knowing what kind of information the study should collect is a first step in determining how the study will be carried out (also known as the methodology). (
  • The ethics committee at the School of Psychology, Queen's University Belfast, approved the study. (
  • This study guide aims to make European trainees in forensic psychiatry and psychology and young forensic psychiatrists and psychologists aware of the differences and commonalities in forensic psychiatry and psychology in different countries within Europe and to enable them to learn from the approaches adopted in each country. (
  • Despite a substantial reduction in population mean TC from a high of 6.0 mmol/L in the 1980s to 5.1 mmol/L, this study reports a failure to control hypercholesterolaemia to recommended risk-stratified targets in the Irish adult population. (
  • This study compared AAB for alcohol cues across age groups (early adolescent, late adolescent, and young adult) and drinking groups (heavy drinkers, light drinkers, and non-drinkers) to provide a cross-sectional examination of differences in AAB and their relationship to alcohol use and age. (
  • Results of studies in adult patients are raising questions of whether fasting is needed before lipid screening. (
  • The study, which is continuing, was apparently the first to examine the injury impact of such a wide range of high school sports. (
  • This study was initiated to examine if any intermachine differences occurred when a DPXL pencil beam absorptiometer was upgraded to a Prodigy fan-beam. (
  • Researchers from the US recently conducted a study to examine the clinical course and echocardiographic and lab testing across clinically defined fulminant and non-fulminant COVID-19 myocarditis. (
  • The study combines analytical and methodological approaches from motivation, multimodality and embodied interaction to explore their effectiveness for gaining insight into the relationship between motivation to visit an exhibition and particular exhibits within it, the elicitation of embodied forms of interaction - in particular social and emotional experiences - with digitally mediated exhibits, and their role in fostering meaning making and learning in a family context. (
  • We performed a cross-sectional study using data collected from 2 cycles of the annual Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), a health-related telephone survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (
  • Method: The study was conducted at 30 antenatal care centers across Sweden in 2009-2010. (
  • However, the impact of breast feeding on obesity has only been studied in comparatively small cohorts. (
  • Postcolonial studies (North Africa, Indo-China) in its relation to visual culture is represented by Siobhán Shilton in the Department of French, who is developing this fresh sub-field in francophone studies supported by an AHRC Early Career Fellowship in 2012. (
  • By the end of this week, you should understand the differences between the most common types of study, and have some sense of the settings in which each is most relevant. (
  • Small differences between the two absorptiometers for both BMD and body composition can be made compatible by use of cross-calibration equations and factors. (
  • It was therefore essential to perform cross-calibration studies between the two densitometers to determine if any systematic differences in calibration occur since different scanning technologies are used. (
  • Cross-linguistic studies of speech perception have unearthed language-specific differences in the perception and representation of basic speech sounds ( Cutler, 2012 ). (
  • Make this declaration: "Heavenly Father, I accept without reservation the supernatural atonement of Jesus Christ on the cross. (
  • It was my determination to concentrate entirely on Jesus Christ himself and the fact of his death upon the cross. (
  • Gal 6:12 (NAS) Those who desire to make a good showing in the flesh try to compel you to be circumcised, simply that they may not be persecuted for the cross of Christ. (
  • We know the suffering and humiliation that Christ suffered on the cross and the gruesome death that he endured for our sins. (
  • If we refuse to take up our cross and submit to suffering and rejection at the hands of men, we forfeit our fellowship with Christ and have ceased to follow him. (
  • Before, during, and after the study abroad commitment, students experience and live both their curricular content as well as their culturally diverse experiences. (
  • The study abroad experience required courses from both teacher education and general education content. (
  • Study abroad experiences are inherently two-fold: Before, during, and after their involvement, students immerse themselves in both the curricular content and in a diverse culture. (
  • The benefit of a cross-sectional study design is that it allows researchers to compare many different variables at the same time. (
  • The longitudinal study design would account for cholesterol levels at the onset of a walking regime and as the walking behaviour continued over time. (
  • Cross-flow or, Horizontal-flow scrubber design is almost never mentioned in chemical engineering literature. (
  • And, when cross-flow design is mentioned, the discussion is usually very brief. (
  • No comments were found for Cross-flow scrubber design case study from Kimre . (
  • Pseudo-problem-independent, multigroup cross section libraries were generated to support the Advanced Neutron source (ANS) reactor design studies. (
  • These issues either cause difficulty to perform a cross-cultural study or have negative impacts on the validity of the final results. (
  • The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. (
  • Consciousness Studies: Cross-Cultural Perspectives 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. (
  • However, it is impossible either to establish causal relationships or to get reliable perspectives on the natural history of respiratory disease from such a study. (
  • Students pursuing an International Studies major are challenged to develop critical thinking and writing skills, to master an additional language, and to engage important questions of our day from the perspectives of multiple disciplines. (
  • Sign up for Insight Alerts highlighting editor-chosen studies with the greatest impact on clinical care. (
  • "An increasing number of clinical observations indicates that fungi are becoming a more common cause of upper airway allergic diseases such as asthma, as well as other conditions such as sepsis," ​ said study author Dr David Corry, professor of medicine-immunology, allergy and rheumatology at Baylor College of Medicine. (
  • We conducted a cross-sectional analysis of randomized clinical trials studying rare diseases as defined by the Genetic and Rare Disease Information Center database that were registered in between January 1, 2010, and December 31, 2012, and completed or discontinued by December 31, 2014. (
  • This study seeks to evaluate and compare the clinical performance of two daily disposable soft contact lenses, Proclear 1 Day and 1-Day Acuvue Moist. (
  • This study characterizes clinical COVID-19-related myocarditis using descriptive analysis. (
  • The AMPX system was used to generate a P$sub 3$ 218 neutron group master cross-section library from ENDF/B-IV data for the fuel, structural, and neutron- absorbing materials tabulated. (
  • The libraries, designated ANSL-V (Advanced Neutron Source Cross Section Libraries based on ENDF/B-V) are data based in AMPX master format. (
  • In support of local projects, ORNL extended the Sn neutron cross sections down to 10 -5 eV and changed the mat number to 8850, while the gamma-ray identifier was unchanged from 7850. (
  • In so doing he introduced the construct of "Native Ways of Knowing" and contributed greatly to the academic field of Indigenous knowledge and broader cross-cultural sharing. (
  • The Indigenous Studies Program located within the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies and College of Liberal Arts at UAF offers a collaborative interdiscriplinary PhD program that is a direct result of Dr. Kawagley's lifetime of work. (
  • He received his B.A. in Humanities, M.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies, and Ph.D. in Indigenous Studies - all from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. (
  • He works closely with the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies as an Indigenous education faculty member. (
  • Basic demonstrable academic knowledge in the field of Media Studies or a closely related discipline. (
  • This means that researchers record information about their subjects without manipulating the study environment. (
  • However, in a longitudinal study, researchers conduct several observations of the same subjects over a period of time, sometimes lasting many years. (
  • The benefit of a longitudinal study is that researchers are able to detect developments or changes in the characteristics of the target population at both the group and the individual level. (
  • That's why researchers might start with a cross-sectional study to first establish whether there are links or associations between certain variables. (
  • The mouse has been an important model for studying Aspergillus infection, but classical laboratory strains of mice used in these studies arose from a small set of founders and lack most of the genetic variation present in wild mice, limiting researchers' ability to identify additional genetic loci relevant to disease. (
  • The study, led by Boston researchers and published online by Health Affairs, bolsters its proponents' hopes that the approach will play a key role in controlling health spending. (
  • For example, the Massachusetts Blue Cross/Blue Shield apparently thinks that you can't publish a study criticizing its doctors without permission thanks to trademark law. (
  • The Life Application Study Bible is today's #1-selling study Bible, containing notes that not only explain difficult passages and give information on Bible life and times, but also go a step further to show how God's Word speaks to every situation and circumstance of your life! (
  • I'm the author/artist and I want to review NLT Life Application Study Bible, Personal Size TuTone Leatherlike Black/Celtic Cross . (
  • The ESV Study Bible, Personal Size compresses nearly all the features of the award-winning ESV Study Bible into a smaller size for easier carrying. (
  • Suited to high school and college students, the ESV Student Study Bible is also a versatile resource for anyone engaged in serious study of God's Word. (
  • Developing a Multicultural Cross-Curricular Study Abroad Experience. (
  • An overarching goal of our program was to facilitate students' ability to utilize a multicultural lens both in their study abroad experience and throughout their lives. (
  • Holy Cross students typically take full advantage of their study abroad experience by enrolling in a yearlong program - in fact, we hold the number two ranking for long-term study abroad among baccalaureate institutions. (
  • Raat, H. Correlates of Unsupervised Bathing of Infants: A Cross-Sectional Study. (
  • van Beelen MEJ, van Beeck EF, den Hertog P, Beirens TMJ, Raat H. Correlates of Unsupervised Bathing of Infants: A Cross-Sectional Study. (
  • The Mazira Project is a study of the effect of egg consumption on growth, development and gut health of infants in Malawi. (
  • The study randomly assigns infants to receive one egg per day ove. (
  • The second and third waves were managed online by the PI from Belgium, by re-contacting participants who agreed to participate on the longitudinal study (33% of the initial sample). (
  • This study examines the associations between different types of infant feeding and BMI and overweight in childhood. (
  • Virtually every Holy Cross student who participates in one of our immersive study abroad experiences learns an essential lesson: Living and learning in a different culture is truly life-changing. (
  • By contrast, Holy Cross students normally enroll directly at their host institutions, where their experience mirrors that of local students. (
  • During their time abroad, Holy Cross students tackle an Independent Cultural Immersion Project (ICIP) , which gives them the opportunity to explore the culture of their host country in depth. (
  • Holy Cross also maintains close ties with our partner institutions to help ensure that students' international learning experiences integrate with our curriculum. (
  • Students studying abroad advance their majors, minors, and concentrations, and continue to fulfill Holy Cross common area requirements. (
  • On the other hand, the change in the potential energies owing to the uniaxial elongation indicated that cross-links suppressed local segmental motions in the cross-linked structure, probably at the region around the linear and terminal phenols , which resulted in an increase in the degree of cross-linking accompanied by a decrease in Poisson's ratio and an increase in Young's modulus. (
  • For instance, a single cross-sectional study may include questions about smoking behavior, occupational exposure to dusts and fumes, respiratory symptoms (cough, breathlessness), and physical examinations of physical fitness - including simple tests of lung function. (
  • Such a study would throw some light on the relationship of both occupational exposures and smoking behavior to respiratory symptoms and respiratory function. (
  • The library is the data base for the generation of broad-group cross sections for shipping cask calculations and other criticality safety analyses using codes such as KENO and ANISN. (
  • ANSL-V data are to be used for the subsequent generation of problem-dependent fine- and/or broad-group cross sections for a wide range of applications, such as core and shield analysis, activation analyses after irradiation of certain elements in the reactor environment, and safety analyses. (
  • It maintains the Border People web portal, which is designed to provide practical information for cross-border workers and students on the island of Ireland as well as those crossing the border to live in the other jurisdiction. (
  • It is designed for students who wish to combine the study of cross-cultural communication with developing skills and knowledge relevant to various aspects of media. (
  • It comprises one compulsory module and a number of optional modules available to all cross-cultural communication students. (
  • You will study with other media students. (
  • Each CDSA also has its own introductory course, and students can pursue their SMP in the study area, provided they secure the approval of the department in which they are majoring. (
  • Learn about what - and where - our students are studying. (
  • This is just one way that study abroad immerses our students as completely as possible into the intellectual and cultural fabric of their host countries. (
  • The educational advantages of study abroad - and its effect on students' personal growth - are profound. (
  • International study opportunities for students. (
  • The purpose of this study was to assess the tobacco intervention practices and training needs of Hispanic physicians. (
  • 9 - 14 It is also limited in its definition of exposure, as these studies assess patients with heavy cannabis use (cannabis abuse or cannabis use disorder). (
  • Specifically, this study will assess whether patterns of individual employment induced by economic cycles during the last 50 years are associated with life-course health in 18 countries. (
  • Our objective was to determine the frequency of noncompletion and nonpublication of trials studying rare diseases. (
  • Southern Cross University acknowledges and pays respect to the ancestors, Elders and descendants of the Lands upon which we meet and study. (
  • He is one of the co-chairs for the Alaska Native Studies Council and serves on the University of Alaska Teacher Education Council. (
  • Dr. Theresa Arevgaq John is an Associate Professor in the Department of Cross-Cultural Studies at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. (
  • That's a really big number," said Dana Gelb Safran, a senior vice president at Blue Cross and a professor at Tufts University School of Medicine who worked on the study. (
  • If you are enrolled in a program at another university you can apply to study one or more units as a cross-institutional student for credit towards an award at your 'home' institution. (
  • The baseline cross section of the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis recruited a population-based cohort of 6781 persons, aged 45-84 years, from 6 communities in the United States. (
  • The CC is a tool to integrate studies of gene function and gene networks, allowing the prediction and testing of biological models based on the whole organism, critical to the development of personalized therapies for humans. (
  • The Critical Illness policy can only be purchased in conjunction with a health insurance policy underwritten by Southern Cross Medical Care Society. (
  • Find out how theoretical calculations are used to determine, elucidate and propose mechanisms for Pd-catalyzed C-C cross-coupling reactions in Max Garcia Melchor's outstanding thesis. (
  • Within the constraints of any matching criteria, their exposure to risk factors and confounders should be representative of that in the population "at risk" of becoming cases - that is, people who do not have the disease under investigation, but who would be included in the study as cases if they had. (
  • A Nation-Wide Laboratory: Examining Trust and Trustworthiness by Integrating Behavioral Experiments into Representative Surveys ," IZA Discussion Papers 715, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA). (

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