Activities designed to attract the attention or favors of another.
Sexual activities of animals.
Pheromones that elicit sexual attraction or mating behavior usually in members of the opposite sex in the same species.
Communication between animals involving the giving off by one individual of some chemical or physical signal, that, on being received by another, influences its behavior.
The selection or choice of sexual partner in animals. Often this reproductive preference is based on traits in the potential mate, such as coloration, size, or behavioral boldness. If the chosen ones are genetically different from the rejected ones, then NATURAL SELECTION is occurring.
Sounds used in animal communication.
Eating other individuals of one's own species.
A species of fruit fly much used in genetics because of the large size of its chromosomes.
Sexual union of a male and a female in non-human species.
Chemical substances, excreted by an organism into the environment, that elicit behavioral or physiological responses from other organisms of the same species. Perception of these chemical signals may be olfactory or by contact.
Arthropods of the class ARACHNIDA, order Araneae. Except for mites and ticks, spiders constitute the largest order of arachnids, with approximately 37,000 species having been described. The majority of spiders are harmless, although some species can be regarded as moderately harmful since their bites can lead to quite severe local symptoms. (From Barnes, Invertebrate Zoology, 5th ed, p508; Smith, Insects and Other Arthropods of Medical Importance, 1973, pp424-430)
Proteins that originate from insect species belonging to the genus DROSOPHILA. The proteins from the most intensely studied species of Drosophila, DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER, are the subject of much interest in the area of MORPHOGENESIS and development.
A genus of small, two-winged flies containing approximately 900 described species. These organisms are the most extensively studied of all genera from the standpoint of genetics and cytology.
Modulation of human voice to produce sounds augmented by musical tonality and rhythm.
ANIMALS whose GENOME has been altered by GENETIC ENGINEERING, or their offspring.
The family Gryllidae consists of the common house cricket, Acheta domesticus, which is used in neurological and physiological studies. Other genera include Gryllotalpa (mole cricket); Gryllus (field cricket); and Oecanthus (tree cricket).
The study of the anatomical and functional relationships between the nervous system and the endocrine system.
Those characteristics that distinguish one SEX from the other. The primary sex characteristics are the OVARIES and TESTES and their related hormones. Secondary sex characteristics are those which are masculine or feminine but not directly related to reproduction.
Any of numerous winged hymenopterous insects of social as well as solitary habits and having formidable stings.
The total process by which organisms produce offspring. (Stedman, 25th ed)
In evolutionary theory, overlapping geographic distribution of diverging species. In sympatric GENETIC SPECIATION, genetic diversion occurs without geographic separation.
The deposit of SEMEN or SPERMATOZOA into the VAGINA to facilitate FERTILIZATION.
Specialized organs adapted for the reception of stimuli by the NERVOUS SYSTEM.
Any behavior associated with conflict between two individuals.
The functional hereditary units of INSECTS.
The branch of physics that deals with sound and sound waves. In medicine it is often applied in procedures in speech and hearing studies. With regard to the environment, it refers to the characteristics of a room, auditorium, theatre, building, etc. that determines the audibility or fidelity of sounds in it. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
A genus of livebearing cyprinodont fish comprising the guppy and molly. Some species are virtually all female and depend on sperm from other species to stimulate egg development. Poecilia is used in carcinogenicity studies as well as neurologic and physiologic research.
Remembrance of information from 3 or more years previously.
The graphic registration of the frequency and intensity of sounds, such as speech, infant crying, and animal vocalizations.
The physical measurements of a body.
Common name for perch-like fish of the family Cichlidae, belonging to the suborder Labroidei, order PERCIFORMES.
The observable response an animal makes to any situation.
The family Sturnidae, in the order PASSERIFORMES. The starling family also includes mynahs and oxpeckers.
The process of cumulative change over successive generations through which organisms acquire their distinguishing morphological and physiological characteristics.
Behavior in defense of an area against another individual or individuals primarily of the same species.
Common name for small PASSERIFORMES in the family Fringillidae. They have a short stout bill (BEAK) adapted for crushing SEEDS. Some species of Old World finches are called CANARIES.
The bestowing of tangible or intangible benefits, voluntarily and usually without expectation of anything in return. However, gift giving may be motivated by feelings of ALTRUISM or gratitude, by a sense of obligation, or by the hope of receiving something in return.
Family of large marine CRUSTACEA, in the order DECAPODA. These are called clawed lobsters because they bear pincers on the first three pairs of legs. The American lobster and Cape lobster in the genus Homarus are commonly used for food.
An enzyme involved in the metabolism of ASCORBIC ACID and aldarate. It catalyzes the oxidation of L-gulono-1,4-lactone to L-xylo-hex-3-ulonolactone.
A family of marine CRUSTACEA, in the order DECAPODA, comprising the clawless lobsters. They are found in tropical and subtropical waters and characterized by short spines along the length of the tail and body.
The common chimpanzee, a species of the genus Pan, family HOMINIDAE. It lives in Africa, primarily in the tropical rainforests. There are a number of recognized subspecies.
Devices that provide support for tubular structures that are being anastomosed or for body cavities during skin grafting.
The heath plant family of the order Ericales, subclass Dilleniidae, class Magnoliopsida that are generally shrubs or small trees. Leaves are alternate, simple, and leathery; flowers are symmetrical with a 4- or 5-parted corolla of partly fused petals.
The figwort plant family of the order Lamiales. The family is characterized by bisexual flowers with tubular corollas (fused petals) that are bilaterally symmetrical (two-lips) and have four stamens in most, two of which are usually shorter.
A belief or practice which lacks adequate basis for proof; an embodiment of fear of the unknown, magic, and ignorance.
Collective behavior of an aggregate of individuals giving the appearance of unity of attitude, feeling, and motivation.
A game in which a round inflated ball is advanced by kicking or propelling with any part of the body except the hands or arms. The object of the game is to place the ball in opposite goals.
Occasions to commemorate an event or occasions designated for a specific purpose.

Analysis of conditioned courtship in dusky-Andante rhythm mutants of Drosophila. (1/290)

Genetic connections between learning and rhythmicity were suggested to have been established in a previous study, in part because the duskyAndante (dyAnd) mutation in Drosophila disrupted both behaviors. dyAnd, isolated as a slow-clock variant, was reported to cause an approximately fourfold decrement in courtship-suppression conditioning. These effects have been reexamined; the experiments were buttressed by testing the effects of several recently isolated mutations at the dusky locus, along with the original And Allele that had been induced there. The reexamination was also prompted by anatomical concerns, certain of which have recently focused on dy-induced decrements in cell size, but only in terms of wing morphology. Another anatomical issue involves the discovery of a neuronal pathway that seems to connect circadian pacemaker cells to a structure in the Drosophila brain that is involved in learning. In observer-blind experiments, however, it was found that neither pacemaker-slowing (Andante-like) dy mutations nor others that cause no rhythm defects produced subnormal conditioned courtship. Moreover, in the adult brain of a slow-clock dyAnd mutant, no axonal pathway defects were readily discernible and putative pacemaker neurons appeared to be normal in size.  (+info)

Can an old bird change his tune? (2/290)

The stereotyped courtship songs of 'age-limited' songbirds, which learn their songs during a specific early period of their lives, were once thought immutable, but recent studies suggest that their maintenance may actually rely on subtle cues provided by auditory feedback.  (+info)

Facial attractiveness, symmetry and cues of good genes. (3/290)

Cues of phenotypic condition should be among those used by women in their choice of mates. One marker of better phenotypic condition is thought to be symmetrical bilateral body and facial features. However, it is not clear whether women use symmetry as the primary cue in assessing the phenotypic quality of potential mates or whether symmetry is correlated with other facial markers affecting physical attractiveness. Using photographs of men's faces, for which facial symmetry had been measured, we found a relationship between women's attractiveness ratings of these faces and symmetry, but the subjects could not rate facial symmetry accurately. Moreover, the relationship between facial attractiveness and symmetry was still observed, even when symmetry cues were removed by presenting only the left or right half of faces. These results suggest that attractive features other than symmetry can be used to assess phenotypic condition. We identified one such cue, facial masculinity (cheek-bone prominence and a relatively longer lower face), which was related to both symmetry and full- and half-face attractiveness.  (+info)

Mushroom body ablation impairs short-term memory and long-term memory of courtship conditioning in Drosophila melanogaster. (4/290)

We have evaluated the role of the Drosophila mushroom bodies (MBs) in courtship conditioning, in which experience with mated females causes males to reduce their courtship toward virgins (Siegel and Hall, 1979). Whereas previous studies indicated that MB ablation abolished learning in an olfactory conditioning paradigm (deBelle and Heisenberg, 1994), MB-ablated males were able to learn in the courtship paradigm. They resumed courting at naive levels within 30 min after training, however, while the courtship of control males remained depressed 1 hr after training. We also describe a novel courtship conditioning paradigm that established long-term memory, lasting 9 days. In MB-ablated males, memory dissipated completely within 1 day. Our results indicate that the MBs are not required for learning and immediate recall of courtship conditioning but are required for consolidation of short-term and long-term associative memories.  (+info)

Visual input regulates circuit configuration in courtship conditioning of Drosophila melanogaster. (5/290)

Courtship and courtship conditioning are behaviors that are regulated by multiple sensory inputs, including chemosensation and vision. Globally inhibiting CaMKII activity in Drosophila disrupts courtship plasticity while leaving visual and chemosensory perception intact. Light has been shown to modulate CaMKII-dependent memory formation in this paradigm and the circuitry for the nonvisual version of this behavior has been investigated. In this paradigm, volatile and tactile pheromones provide the primary driving force for courtship, and memory formation is dependent upon intact mushroom bodies and parts of the central complex. In the present study, we use the GAL4/UAS binary expression system to define areas of the brain that require CaMKII for modulation of courtship conditioning in the presence of visual, as well as chemosensory, information. Visual input suppressed the ability of mushroom body- and central complex-specific CaMKII inhibition to disrupt memory formation, indicating that the cellular circuitry underlying this behavior can be remodeled by changing the driving sensory modality. These findings suggest that the potential for plasticity in courtship behavior is distributed among multiple biochemically and anatomically distinct cellular circuits.  (+info)

courtless, the Drosophila UBC7 homolog, is involved in male courtship behavior and spermatogenesis. (6/290)

The courtless (col) mutation disrupts early steps of courtship behavior in Drosophila males, as well as the development of their sperm. Most of the homozygous col/col males (78%) do not court at all. Only 5% perform the entire ritual and copulate, yet these matings produce no progeny. The col gene maps to polytene chromosome band 47D. It encodes two proteins that differ in their carboxy termini and are the Drosophila homologs of the yeast ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme UBC7. The col mutation is caused by an insertion of a P element into the 3' UTR of the gene, which probably disrupts translational regulatory elements. As a consequence, the homozygous mutants exhibit a six- to sevenfold increase in the level of the COL protein. The col product is essential, and deletions that remove the col gene are lethal. During embryonic development col is expressed primarily in the CNS. Our results implicate the ubiquitin-mediated system in the development and function of the nervous system and in meiosis during spermatogenesis.  (+info)

The Safe Dates program: 1-year follow-up results. (7/290)

OBJECTIVES: An earlier report described desirable 1-month follow-up effects of the Safe Dates program on psychological, physical, and sexual dating violence. Mediators of the program-behavior relationship also were identified. The present report describes the 1-year follow-up effects of the Safe Dates program. METHODS: Fourteen schools were in the randomized experiment. Data were gathered by questionnaires in schools before program activities and 1 year after the program ended. RESULTS: The short-term behavioral effects had disappeared at 1 year, but effects on mediating variables such as dating violence norms, conflict management skills, and awareness of community services for dating violence were maintained. CONCLUSIONS: The findings are considered in the context of why program effects might have decayed and the possible role of boosters for effect maintenance.  (+info)

Abnormalities of male-specific FRU protein and serotonin expression in the CNS of fruitless mutants in Drosophila. (8/290)

The fruitless gene in Drosophila produces male-specific protein (FRU(M)) involved in the control of courtship. FRU(M) spatial and temporal patterns were examined in fru mutants that exhibit aberrant male courtship. Chromosome breakpoints at the locus eliminated FRU(M). Homozygous viable mutants exhibited an intriguing array of defects. In fru(1) males, there were absences of FRU(M)-expressing neuronal clusters or stained cells within certain clusters, reductions of signal intensities in others, and ectopic FRU(M) expression in novel cells. fru(2) males exhibited an overall decrement of FRU(M) expression in all neurons normally expressing the gene. fru(4) and fru(sat) mutants only produced FRU(M) in small numbers of neurons at extremely low levels, and no FRU(M) signals were detected in fru(3) males. This array of abnormalities was inferred to correlate with the varying behavioral defects exhibited by these mutants. Such abnormalities include courtship among males, which has been hypothesized to involve anomalies of serotonin (5-HT) function in the brain. However, double-labeling uncovered no coexpression of FRU(M) and 5-HT in brain neurons. Yet, a newly identified set of sexually dimorphic FRU(M)/5-HT-positive neurons was identified in the abdominal ganglion of adult males. These sexually dimorphic neurons (s-Abg) project toward regions of the abdomen involved in male reproduction. The s-Abg neurons and the proximal extents of their axons were unstained or absent in wild-type females and exhibited subnormal or no 5-HT immunoreactivity in certain fru-mutant males, indicating that fruitless controls the formation of these cells or 5-HT production in them.  (+info)

That fru acts during development to establish the potential for male sexual behavior is suggested by the patterns of expression of male-specific P1 products. The FRUM proteins are expressed almost exclusively in the CNS, where they are first detected in a small number of cells at the end of the larval period. Expression is maximal about two days into the pupal period when ca. 1700 cells (2% of the CNS) express FRUM proteins; this time coincides with the period of major morphogenetic events that shape the adult CNS (Figure 1). Cells expressing the FRUM proteins are not localized to one part of the CNS. They are scattered throughout the brain and VNC, most frequently found in small groups of cells, and less frequently as single cells. There are approximately 20 groups of FRUM neurons (Fig. 2). Some of these groups are in specific regions of the CNS previously shown to be involved in particular steps of courtship behavior. In addition, a number of regions containing FRUM neurons had not been ...
Asymmetries in courtship signals can result from both developmental instability during ontogeny and from temporary or permanent damage following mating, fighting, or interactions with predators. These two types of asymmetries, which can be divided into fluctuating asymmetry (FA) and damage asymmetry (DA), have both been suggested to play an important role in mate choice as potential honest indicators of phenotypic and/or genetic quality, while at the same time, DA may affect ornament asymmetry in a random manner. Interestingly, despite the massive research effort that has been devoted to the study of asymmetry during the past decades, very little is known about how an individuals behaviour relates to asymmetry. Here, we measure and characterise asymmetry in morphological courtship signals in Corynopoma riisei, a fish where males carry elaborate paddle-like appendices on each side of the body that they display in front of females during courtship. Moreover, we investigate whether male courtship ...
The fruitless (fru) gene is a member of the Drosophila melanogaster somatic sex determination genetic pathway. Although it has been hypothesized that the primary function of fru is to regulate a genetic hierarchy specifying development of adult male courtship behavior, genes acting downstream of fru …
In conducting their investigation, researchers studied the biological fitness costs associated with the development of an insecticide resistance gene. After scientists bred resistant flies in the lab, they set up a series of competitive mating trials, comparing both courtship behavior and the impact of size on male fruit flies mating success. In general, resistant males were found to be smaller than flies that did not contain the genetic variation. However, even when larger than non-resistant males, insecticide-resistant fruit flies were less likely to be successful in the studys competitive mating trials.. While researchers indicate size played an important role in differences between mating success, they note a number of other factors were also at play. In addition to being smaller, males carrying the resistance allele also chased females and performed courtship displays at a lower rate. And after they performed a courtship display, they were less likely to make an attempt to mate. In ...
Male [I]Drosophila subobscura[/I] courtship behavior is composed of tapping, scissoring, proboscis extension, midleg swing, nuptial gift, dance, wing extension and attempted copulation.
The Texans Courtship Lessons (Book) : Marchand, Noelle : The Groom Apprentice Courtship lessons are all Isabelle Bradley can offer when one of her sisters former suitors suddenly comes calling. Unwilling to be someones backup choice, Isabelle will help the clumsy--yet handsome--blacksmith find and woo his true match. But it certainly wont be her. Rhett Grangers awkwardness around women may be a joke to most of the town, but Rhett isnt laughing. How can he find love when Isabelle, the only woman who doesnt turn him into a tongue-tied fool, wont accept his courtship? Perhaps her lessons can give them both the chance to learn about the surprises love can bring... Bachelor List Matches: A hand-picked bride for every bachelor in small-town Texas.
The magazine Marie Claire has an article Father Knows Best which discusses courtship, purity balls, and the fathers role in a girls courtship. This link has been added to the Daughters & Courtship pages.
Fortunately, the wayward hummer appeared at the home of Tania and Corey Perry. Tania is a birder, and knew right away that the hummingbird was something special. For a while, the identification was up in the air, which isnt surprising. The Calliope Hummingbird used to be placed in its own genus, Stellula, but has recently been submerged into the genus Selasphorus, which includes Allens, Broad-tailed, and Rufous hummingbirds. The latter two, especially, are quite similar to the Calliope in subadult plumage. Rufous is the default vagrant hummingbird here, with dozens of records and birds turning up annually. There is but one Ohio record of Allens Hummingbird, from late fall/early winter 2009. Ditto the Calliope Hummi ...
The fact that many animals engage in highly ornamented and conspicuous display behaviours in connection with reproduction has received much attention in zoology ever since Darwin launched his theory of sexual selection. This thesis intends to investigate the evolution of such display behaviour. I argue that courtship displays partly evolve to manipulate a prospective mate or a partner contrary to the idea that display evolves to transmit information.. An analytical model is developed in which a reproductive conflict in a monogamous species is studied. The male and female are in conflict over when to start reproduction. Females benefit from staying coy and evaluating the male for some time, while the males are eager to start as soon as possible. In the model the optimal duration of female coyness is a trade-off between the benefit of waiting and gaining information about the male and the cost of postponing reproduction.. The same problem was then studied in a simulation using artificial neural ...
Language, intelligence, and humor, along with art, generosity, and musical ability, are often described as human equivalents of the peacocks tail. However, peacocks afford a poor analogy for the role of courtship displays in humans. Other animal models offer a better fit. In a number of nonhuman species - species as diverse as sea dragons and grebes - males and females engage in a mutual courtship dance, in which the two partners mirror one anothers movements. In Clarks grebes and Western grebes, for instance, the pair bond ritual culminates in the famous courtship rush: The male and female swim side by side along the top of the water, with their wings back and their heads and necks in a stereotyped posture. If we want a nonhuman analogue for the role of creative intelligence or humor in human courtship, we should think not of ornamented peacocks displaying while drab females evaluate them. We should think instead of grebes engaged in their mating rush or sea dragons engaged in their ...
This book could have also been titled A Courtship In Spite of a Chaotic Family. I thoroughly enjoyed this story that not only told the story of the courtship of Diana and Richard, but introduced a full cast of supporting characters that added to the chaos. Yet, unlike some books Ive read with several characters, the author artfully introduced them in a manner that I did not lose track of who was who or who was suspected of what. After all, there was a highwayman roaming the neighborhood, and a lot of suspicion about who it could be. ...
Courtship! This is an old term that in the last 10-15 years has had a bit of a revival in certain circles in the Christian community. I believe courtship comes with some positives and negatives. It is an old term, but the problem is that there is not an exact definition for it. Some have…
The species in the genus Syvbula possess more elaborate courtship behavior than other Orthoptera. This fact is difficult to explain because other species living in similar situations possess very simple behavior. Pair formation is achieved through the attraction of females to stridulating males, or through reciprocal stridulating and approaching between males and females. Occasionally females attract males by singing spontaneously. The two Syrbula species live together in parts of Texas. Reproductive isolation is ensured and needless sexual interactions are prevented by call differences; i.e., females respond only to the songs of their own species. Elaborate courtship is omitted when pairs are formed through an exchange of calling signals. However, in the presence of sexually unreceptive females, males perform elaborate courtship behavior. The movements of appendages are mostly synchronous suggesting they are controlled by a single command from the brain; however, some asymmetry of movements exists (the
Did you know that flies sing? True to the dictum that I just made up - where is song, there is lust - it turns out not only that flies can sing, but they even have courtship songs! Granted, since they dont have a larynx, the male flies sing by vibrating their wings in a…
The sending of photos of ones genitalia to the object of your affection is a beautiful expression of love, desire, and trust. By exposing yourself, you are opening yourself completely to another person. There is nothing so gratifying. There is nothing so perilous. Here I am, in all my glory, you are saying. Accept me, please.. It takes strength, courage, and genuine affection to express yourself so forthrightly.. Sadly, in our post modern, cynical society, any display of open-hearted and sincere devotion is perceived as weakness. It is something to be attacked, not celebrated. Despised, not praised. One need look no further than the tragic case of the American-style footballing quarterbacker, Brett Favre, and the seemingly beautiful Jenn Sterger, for a prime example of what can happen to a man who makes this romantic gesture.. The man who sends photos of his genitalia to a prospective romantic partner is engaging in a time-honored courtship ritual. Throughout history, man has sought to ...
And then: they do it! Thats right, CBS showed footage of S-E-X on the TeeVee. Really. It was HAWHT!!!. But the special is on sleep, so they then do the same experiment with a sleep-deprived male. This males courtship behavior can be described as disinterested. Thats right, sleep-deprivation makes flies less horny. Rather than sing to the female, the male spends his time rubbing his hands together. Its just sad.. McRobert, however, is tentative to relate his findings to humans:. ...
I read The Courtship of Miles Standish for the first time tonight and found it a fast and enjoyable poem, with nice description and unexpected insights here and there. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote it in 1858, basing it on the history of the Pilgrims. About 102 of them arrived in Massachusetts in the fall of 1620 and half of them died that first terrible winter. Every family lost at least one member. In spring the Mayflower (which had stayed anchored at Plymouth) finally returned to England with its crew, but all of the surviving Pilgrims chose to stay in America. The bereft families combined, widowers marrying the widows. They met Indians who helped them and in fall of 1621 they had a good harvest and thanked God with a feast youve probably heard of. This poem is set right after the first winter. Longfellow uses three actual members of the colony-- Miles Standish, John Alden and Priscilla Mullins-- as main characters in his poem. The text is here, but dont read the paragraph at the top if ...
Sex steroid hormones activate diverse vertebrate reproductive behaviors by their actions on central and peripheral tissues. In reproductively active males, gonadal testosterone (T) increases aggressive behavior, as well as appetitive (courtship) and consummatory (copulatory) behavior. To achieve these effects, T acts on neural circuits and/or skeletal muscles that motivate behavioral performance and enhance motor output [1-3]. The actions of T often require its metabolic conversion into one or more active products. In brain, for example, T is converted into estradiol by the enzyme aromatase; in turn, this estrogen acts via estrogen receptors on discrete neural circuits to facilitate the performance of copulatory and aggressive behaviors, as well as a variety of other neural functions [1].. In many male reproductive tissues, T undergoes conversion into the potent androgen 5α-dihydrotestosterone (5α-DHT) by one of two main isoforms (types 1 and 2) of the enzyme 5α-reductase [4-6]. This 5α-DHT ...
The learning paradigm we have chosen to study is courtship conditioning in Drosophila. This is a naturally occurring form of learning in which males learn to choose appropriate females as courtship objects. Naïve Drosophila males court both mated and virgin females, yet only virgins will be receptive to their mating attempts. Mated females actively reject courting males. Having experienced such rejection, a male is subsequently less inclined to court other mated females, but will still court virgin females almost as vigorously as socially naïve males.
Sabrina Ratte has done it again and this time its for this upcoming Steve Hauschildt upcoming release. The song alone would have been a true pleasure but Sabrina came in created a beautiful world for it, as always perfecting inversion/decay/color.. Courtships [Imageless] caught me off guard on his recent EP, it wasnt asking for my attention, its as almost like you were watching the song happen, it settles in the distance like a slow moving still, the dialog makes it though, it drops you back into reality in seamless way.. 4AD signs an unknown Danish man that goes under the name Indians(how was that not taken?), sounds like something Bibio will one day become.. Knxwledge aka Knx. has the loosest sounding beat out there, almost to the point that it almost sounds like your wood block jacobs ladder is struggling to work again. My favorite part about him is the quickness he gets in and out of a song, he makes me come back and play his songs 7 or 8 times so I can get the full satisfaction out of ...
By studying how genes influence the development and use of neural circ...Instinctual behaviors such as suckling in newborns or the flight-fig...In their new work the researchers set out to address this question us...Using a mutant that specifically disrupts one form of the Fruitless pr...Studying various mutants the researchers were able to uncouple the la...,Flys,courtship,sheds,light,on,the,formation,of,innate,behaviors,biological,biology news articles,biology news today,latest biology news,current biology news,biology newsletters
Animal courtship is a process that results in two mature members of a species becoming a couple, usually with the intent to mate and produce offspring. Different species of bugs, birds, fish. Publication.
Distinct pairing (Ref. 52884). Actual spawning lasts about 1-2 seconds while ascending a distance of less than 0.25 m (Ref. 26305). Courtship and spawning behavior is similar to that described for other species: 1) courtship commences just before or after sunset with spawning after sunset; 2) successive courtship and spawning by the male in social groups containing one or more females; 3) courtship and spawning at a site common to both male and female or at a site located within the females home area; 4) pelagic spawning with a rapid but relatively short ascent into the water column by both male and female; 5) return of the male and female to resident corals afte spawning. Monogamous mating is observed as both facultative and social (Ref. 52884). ...
Encouraging books and resources on staying pure until marriage and guides on finding your life mate, whether through courtship or godly dating.
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When researchers describe lobster courtship, they tell a tale of gold diggers, bickering spouses and devoted lovers - devoted, that is, until they part without a backward glance.
This popular series of novels by Beverly Lewis wraps up the engaging story of Nellie Mae Fisher, a young Amish woman who has broken up with her beau, Caleb Yoder. Now her hearts greatest longing is for more knowledge of the Lord. Meanwhile, Caleb yearns for freedom. His plans to leave Honeybrook have been thwarted, and he must stay on as caretaker for his father, who was crippled in a wintertime accident. He also longs for Nellie Mae, still hoping that she will return to the Old Order and to him. Longing, The - eBook The Courtship of Nellie Fisher Series #3 (9781441202307) by Beverly Lewis
How Long Should Courtship Last? ➡ This Page Contains ★ 46 Answers ★ on Recently Asked Question > OR Browse MORE Q&As | on ASK.NAIJ
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A Courtship of Dragons is a M/M Romance (it could be short, it could be a novella, it could be any size, I have no idea) told in short scenes, between two young dragons, Estenarven kin Boulderforce Clan Stoneheart and Mastekh kin Rainstorm Clan Flowflight. Its pure fluff n stuff and not intended to be…
A Courtship of Dragons is a M/M Romance (it could be short, it could be a novella, it could be any size, I have no idea) told in short scenes, between two young dragons, Estenarven kin Boulderforce Clan Stoneheart and Mastekh kin Rainstorm Clan Flowflight. Its pure fluff n stuff and not intended to be…
Do you know that Online dating services is a multiple million dollars industry? A look at the pro and cons of cyber dating/courtship
Elizabeth Vaughn, played by Margaret Dransfield, questions whether love is enough to leave everything behind during Courtship and Valentines Day ...
With Valentines Day near, we take a look at the unique animal courtship rituals of wildlife. If you think human dating is hard, see what its like in nature.
The Courtship of Eddies Father, now on DVD at: For more news about the Warner Archive Collection, find us on Facebook:
The Courtship of Chloe was published by Signet in September 1992. Chloe Norris, a sensible lady, was visiting the Montrose family and in trying to sort everyone out, found herself attracted to Lord Ivor, in spite of her own engagement to a worthy gentleman ...
I discovered The Courtship of Eddies Father at FilmDoo. The film that started the classic TV series. Although hes only seven, Eddies got it...
The present study demonstrates that chronic OTA administrations reduce pair bonding in a colony environment while leaving other behaviours unaffected. Within-sex analyses demonstrate sex-specific effects only for females, however, because no significant sex × treatment interactions are obtained, and because males exhibit weak trends in the direction of females, we cannot conclude that oxytocic receptors are completely irrelevant to male pairing behaviour. These findings are only partially consistent with the effects of peripheral OTA administration, which produce deficits in both pair bonding and male courtship [29], suggesting that peripheral injections may influence behaviour via both central and peripheral mechanisms. Indeed, OTA-treated males in the present study tended to sing more courtship songs than controls, and previous experiments likewise show that central administrations of OTA and MT produce no significant effects on male song [31]. The present effects are also partially ...
Two island populations of male crickets independently evolved to evade parasites by keeping quiet, and have come up with a way to sneak matings with females that still seek the male courtship song.. 2 Comments. ...
Two island populations of male crickets independently evolved to evade parasites by keeping quiet, and have come up with a way to sneak matings with females that still seek the male courtship song.. 2 Comments. ...
BIOL 10210 - Biology of Sex 2A LA NS. An evolutionary analysis of reproductive behavior, taking a comparative approach among animals, including humans, to better understand our own sexuality and behavior in a biological context. Topics include asexual and sexual reproduction; sex determination; genetic and environmental determinants of sexual behavior; male and female tactics; mating systems (monogamy, polyandry, polygyny); conflict of interests between the sexes; courtship displays; mate choice; assuring paternity; and parental care. Lecture/discussion: Three hours. 3 credits. (S,O). BIOL 10310 - New and Emerging Diseases 2A LA NS. Examines the phenomenon of new and emerging diseases and their effects on humans. Topics include the history of emerging or reemerging diseases, epidemics and pandemics, the role of ecological factors in disease emergence, types of infectious agents, their mechanisms of action, and how our immune system responds to infection by these agents. We examine factors -- ...
A single neuronal gene in Drosophila, called fruitless, is the switch that determines how male and female flies behave during courtship, according to new research. The researchers discovered that females engineered to carry the male-specific splice form of fruitless engage in the complex courtship behavior usually carried out by male flies. In a second study, researchers identify a circuit of neurons that express fruitless.
As far as reproductive issues are concerned, the Reddish Egret reaches sexual maturity around 4 years of age. Their courtship displays include head bobs, chases, and various flights, but once a mate is chosen they remain monogamous for at least that season. The couple will build a nest together, either on the ground or in a tree, and they often nest in very large colonies that can contain hundreds of birds. They lay up to 4 eggs, and the color of the chicks depends on the color of the parents. Dark morph parents can have chicks of either color, but two white morph parents will always have white morph offspring ...
Victorias riflebird is a bird of paradise, one of four species in Australia and the only one occurring on the Atherton Tablelands. Males are not as gaudy as some of the New Guinea species. (Yes, Im looking at you, greater bird of paradise.) Their plumage is an elegant combination of velvet black and satin blue, and the feathers sound like swishing taffeta when they fly. They make the most of this during their courtship display, which is a flamboyant flamenco danced on a bare branch so everyone can see ...
In southern Australia, brolgas breed from September to December, and some months later in the north. The elaborate courtship displays involve much dancing, leaping, wing-flapping and loud trumpeting. A territory is established, which is vigorously defended by both partners and a nest is built, which is a large mound of vegetation on a small island in a shallow waterway or swamp. The usually two eggs, which are white blotched with brown and purple, are incubated for about 32 days by both parents ...
Our data support the hypothesis that courtship directly increases a males paternity success under polyandry, independent of male quality and of male copulation success. Hence, an influence of the courtship display carries over to episodes that occur after the actual copulation and after the male has vanished.. Interestingly, the effect of courtship on paternity in A. bruennichi appears not to be mediated by measures such as prolonged copulations, because short-courting and long-courting males did not differ in copulation duration. Unlike in some other spiders (e.g. Snow & Andrade 2004), copulation duration in A. bruennichi is directly related to sperm transfer and relative paternity success (Schneider et al. 2006). This suggests that the courtship display influences paternity success via a different mechanism from that shown for sexual cannibalism, which increases paternity success by prolonging copulation (Elgar 1998; Elgar & Schneider 2004, this study). We found that courtship decreased the ...
In the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, males perform an innate and stereotyped courtship ritual to successfully mate with females. Male courtship behavior and the development of sex-specific morphologies are controlled by an alternative pre-mRNA splicing cascade called the sex determination hierarchy, which ultimately results in the production of sex-specific transcription factors encoded by doublesex (dsx) and fruitless (fru). DSX regulates most of the morphological differences between males and females. The male-specific isoform of FRU (FRUM) functions in the central nervous system (CNS) and is necessary for most aspects of male courtship behavior. Although the regulatory interactions within the sex determination hierarchy are well characterized, the activity and targets of DSX and FRUM, the terminal effectors of sex determination, remain poorly understood. To explore how the genome is sex-specifically deployed, an analysis of the transcriptional regulation of sex-specific development ...
Maintaining Purity in Courtship (2). Dear Reader,. Last week, I started this teaching on how to maintain purity in courtship by showing you the purpose of courtship. However, this week I shall continue with that teaching.. Some Christians begin in the Spirit and end up in the flesh. The Word of God lists all the various works of the flesh: Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God (Galatians 5:19-21).. Some begin quite well in the Spirit, but mess up half way by engaging themselves in the works of the flesh. All categories of uncleanness are referred to as the works of the flesh. Since courtship is not marriage, you have no marriage rights over the ...
While the period of transition from adolescence to adulthood has become a recent focus for developmental psychologists and child mental health practitioners, the full role of the family during this period is only beginning to be explored. Many compelling questions, of interest to anyone involved in adolescence research, remain unanswered. To what extent do family experiences influence the way one navigates through emerging adulthood? How do we begin to understand the interplay between adolescents contexts and their development and well-being? This book offers an accessible synthesis of research, theories, and perspectives on the family processes that contribute to development. Chapters cover a wide variety of topics surrounding the link between family processes and individual development, including adolescent romantic relationships, emotion regulation, resilience in contexts of risk, and socio-cultural and ethnic influences on development. Drawing on diverse research and methodological approaches that
The flight feathers of some species have undergone evolutionary changes which allow them to provide additional functionality.. In some species, for example, either remiges or rectrices make a sound during flight. These sounds are most often associated with courtship or territorial displays. The outer primaries of male broad-tailed hummingbirds produce a distinctive high-pitched trill, both in direct flight and in power-dives during courtship displays; this trill is diminished when the outer primaries are worn, and absent when those feathers have been moulted.[27] During the northern lapwings zigzagging display flight, the birds outer primaries produce a humming sound.[28] The outer primaries of the male American woodcock are shorter and slightly narrower than those of the female, and are likely the source of the whistling and twittering sounds made during his courtship display flights.[29] Male club-winged manakins use modified secondaries to make a clear trilling courtship call. A ...
Acrobatic display behaviour is sexually selected in manakins (Pipridae) and can place high demands on many neural systems. Manakin displays vary across species in terms of behavioural complexity, diff
Get an in-depth review and ask questions about Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice- Polar Bear Courtship. See what people are saying about Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice- Polar Bear Courtship.
A long distance relationship or long distance romantic relationship is certainly an mental relationship among two associates who are not face-to-face with one another. Partners in LDRs sometimes face mental detachment and lack of face-to Face speak to. It is very hard for a very long distance partner to give his love and physical treatment to his LDR. As a result, he/she turns into more eager to get the focus of his LDR. In order to prevent this long distance meet ukraine girls romantic relationship disaster, you need to know some essential items that you should always keep in mind while extended range distance romantic relationships. Long distance relationships should be planned before the relationship gets too far. You need to determine your favors, dislikes and lifestyle. Its very important for couples in long length relationships to discuss everything about all their relationship before they get telephone calls or meet in person for the first time. Approach a clear thought about your ...
Long range interactions are seen as lots of dedication, trust and friendship. This will make them all a lot more complicated and hard to maintain. It really is one of the most common reasons why marriages breakup. However , these kinds of relationships could be successfully supervised if the two partners would like to work at it. The following tips and information will help you manage very long distance romantic relationships better: Longer distance romantic relationship statistics show that 55% of individuals in a long distance relationship in order to that their particular spouse might eventually meet up with somebody else. The possible lack of physical intimacy is probably the greatest obstacle for 50 % of those in that relationship. In fact , physical closeness accounts for almost one third from the communication concerns long distance relationships currently have. The effectiveness for a longer distance romantic relationship without physical intimacy is usually 58%. Therefore , if you wish ...
From 2008 to 2011, eight projects implemented Safe Dates, a dating abuse prevention program, in middle and high schools through New Jersey Health Initiatives, which supports projects that improve the health and health care of state residents.
Endogenous progestogens and pharmaceutical progestins enter the environment through wastewater treatment plant effluent and agricultural field runoff. Lab studies demonstrate strong, negative exposure effects of these chemicals on aquatic vertebrate reproduction. Behavior can be a sensitive, early indicator of exposure to environmental contaminants associated with altered reproduction yet is rarely examined in ecotoxicology studies. Gestodene is a human contraceptive progestin and a potent activator of fish androgen receptors. Our objective was to test the effects of gestodene on reproductive behavior and associated egg deposition in the fathead minnow. After only 1 day, males exposed to ng/L of gestodene were more aggressive and less interested in courtship and mating, and exposed females displayed less female courtship behavior. Interestingly, 25% of the gestodene tanks contained a female that drove the male out of the breeding tile and displayed male-typical courtship behaviors toward the other
A meta-analysis conducted by researchers from the Department of Psychology at the University of Warwick, Association of Preterm Birth/Low Birth Weight with Romantic Partnership, Sexual Intercourse and Parenthood in Adulthood: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis , was published in JAMA Open on 12 July. They have found that adults who were born pre-term are less likely to form romantic relationships than full-term peers.. In the analysis 4.4 million adult participants those born preterm were 28% less likely to form romantic relationships and 22% less likely to become parents, when compared to those born full term. Those studies that looked at sexual relations of pre-term children found that they were 2.3 times less likely to ever have a sexual partner when compared to full terms.. Those adults who were born very (,32 weeks gestation) or extremely preterm ,28 weeks gestation) had even lower chances of experiencing sexual relationships, finding a romantic partner or having children at the same ...
Results show that knock-down of desaturase genes in oenocytes is sufficient to suppress or at least largely inhibit pheromone biosynthesis. The effect is particularly clear in males, where desat1 knock-down under 1407-GAL4 led to a 96% decrease in monoenic hydrocarbons. In females, the decrease is less dramatic (78%). The biosynthesis of the saturated hydrocarbons was enhanced, as a consequence of the lack of desaturation of fatty acid precursors. Decreased levels of unsaturated hydrocarbons and increased levels of saturated ones have previously been described in P-desat1 mutant and resulting excision lines [12, 14]. However, the effects on hydrocarbons were relatively smaller, ranging from a 0 to about a 66% decrease in unsaturated hydrocarbons, depending on the lines. The fact that we never obtained an almost complete loss of hydrocarbons with desat1 mutants in former studies may be due to the pleiotropic nature of the mutation, which affects both fat body and hydrocarbons and also to the ...
Grouse and ptarmigans Family Tetraonidae Grouse, ptarmigans, and prairie chickens are all chicken-like birds with short, curved, strong bills, part of the family Tetraonidae. This group includes 25 species residing mostly in North America. They are mainly ground-dwellers and have short, rounded wings for brief flights. They are well adapted to winter by growing feather snowshoes on their feet and roosting beneath the snow. They range in size from the 13-inch white-tailed ptarmigan to the 28-inch sage grouse. Their plumage is dense and soft and is most commonly found in shades of red, brown, and gray to camouflage to the ground. They are polygamous and male courtship behavior includes strutting and dancing and aggressive fighting for possession of females. The typical clutch size is between seven and 12 eggs. Turkeys Family Meleagrididae Turkeys are large, long-legged birds that can grow up to four feet in height and weigh up to 30 lbs in the wild. They have a long, broad, rounded tail with ...
Abstract: An approximately representative national sample of 2,602 women and 2,105 men was surveyed regarding their frequency of inflicting and sustaining verbal and physical aggression in a heterosexual relationship. Results revealed that approximately 81% of the men inflicted, as well as received, some form of verbal aggression at least once, while the comparable figure for women was 87-88%. The percentage experiencing some form of physical aggression was lower; about 37% of the men and 35% of the women inflicted some form of physical aggression and about 39% of the men and 32% of the women sustained some physical aggression. No differences were found as a function of ethnicity, family income, and institutional characteristics. Regional differences in the use of verbal and physical aggression, and in the receipt of physical aggression, were found for men.. Courtship Violence: Incidence in a national sample of higher education student ...
COVID-19 has brought tremendous and abrupt threats to various aspects of our daily lives, from school and work to interpersonal relationships. Self-compassion is put forth as a salutogenic perspective on oneself that buffers the adverse mental health impacts of these threats. During the peak of a local outbreak in Hong Kong in Spring 2020, 761 participants completed questionnaires on self-compassion, perceived threats, as well as perceived benefits and psychological distress. Controlling for demographic variables, negative indicators of self-compassion (aka self-coldness) was found to intensify the impacts of threats on psychological distress. The positive indicators of self-compassion also moderated the link between threats and perceived benefits, such that perceived benefits tend to be less related to threats in participants with higher self-compassion. Our findings highlight the impacts of both positive and negative indicators of self-compassion on the adjustment to such unprecedented challenges, and
Long distance romantic relationships are seen as a lots of dedication, trust and friendship. This will make them all the more complicated and difficult to maintain. It is actually one of the most prevalent reasons why marriages split up. However , these relationships may be successfully maintained if equally partners are willing to work at this. The following tips and information will assist you to manage extended distance interactions better: Lengthy distance romantic relationship statistics show that 55% coming from all individuals within a long length relationship are concerned that their particular spouse can eventually meet up with somebody else. A defieicency of physical intimacy is probably the greatest concern for half of those in that relationship. Actually physical closeness accounts for practically one third on the communication problems long length relationships include. The effectiveness for a lengthy distance relationship without physical intimacy is 58%. Therefore , if you would ...
Dementia and romantic relationships pdf, associated with positive outcomes for romantic relationships, physical and mental health, and overall quality of life (Srinivasan et al., ). In a study of older., Changes in Relationships | Alzheimers Association
This told us that a pheromone that can be extracted from the silk triggers courtship behaviour, and the structure of the silk itself is not necessary. But when we tested male responses to our candidate pheromone (dissolved in methanol, using methanol alone as a control), things were not so clear-cut. Males spent more time on the pheromone-impregnated paper than methanol alone, but they didnt prefer it as much as they had preferred the silk extract to methanol. A few males engaged in silk-wrapping when they made contact with our compound, but not the majority, like we had seen for the extract. This means that although our pheromone elicited some male activity, by itself it is not enough to consistently trigger courtship behaviour. It seems to be a pheromone component - meaning that the pheromone is a mixture of one or more compounds in addition to the one we identified, and more work will need to be done to figure out what they are.. It would have been nice to be able to say we found the ...
It gleans and probes in bark crevices and pecks after removing pieces of bark. It often makes short pauses while climbing quickly. It also hawks insects. These woodpeckers are often seen in pairs and sometimes with other Picidae species. They also consume plant matter such as berries, fruits and seeds. During the courtship displays, both mates chase each other throughout the trees. The displays involve crest-raising, bowing and head-swinging. The male performs courtship feeding to the female. They nest in holes in trees. This species is resident in its range.. FLIGHT ...
The reproductive biology of Drosophila melanogaster is described and critically discussed, primarily with regard to genetic studies of sex-specific behavior and its neural underpinnings. The investigatory history of this system includes, in addition to a host of recent neurobiological analyses of reproductive phenotypes, studies of mating as well as the behaviors leading up to that event. Courtship and mating have been delved into mostly with regard to male-specific behavior and biology, although a small number of studies has also pointed to the neural substrates of female reproduction. Sensory influences on interactions between courting flies have long been studied, partly by application of mutants and partly by surgical experiments. More recently, molecular-genetic approaches to sensations passing between flies in reproductive contexts have aimed to dissect further the meaning of separate sensory modalities. Notable among these are olfactory and contact-chemosensory stimuli, which perhaps have
Many animal signals are complex, often combining multimodal components with dynamic motion. To understand the function and evolution of these displays, it is vital to appreciate their spatiotemporal organization. Male broad-tailed hummingbirds (Selasphorus platycercus) perform dramatic U-shaped courtship dives over females, appearing to combine rapid movement and dive-specific mechanical noises with visual signals from their iridescent gorgets. To understand how motion, sound and color interact in these spectacular displays, we obtained video and audio recordings of dives performed by wild hummingbirds. We then applied a multi-angle imaging technique to estimate how a female would perceive the males iridescent gorget throughout the dive. We show that the key physical, acoustic and visual aspects of the dive are remarkably synchronized-all occurring within 300 milliseconds. Our results highlight the critical importance of accounting for motion and orientation when investigating animal displays: speed
Among the Igbos, the period of courtship comprises the first meeting, other meetings of the two people concerned, the mutual inquiries conducted by both extended families and the state of friendship leading into the actual celebration of the marriage. If by Love Basden means mere sentimental or emotional feeling which sooner or later ebbs away with time, or the number of years of living together, then he may be tight to say that the Igbo husband and wife do not love each other. For the Igbo, love is much deeper, more important than the emotional feigns. For -them love is not merely motivated by physical beauty. They accept completely the saying that: Marriage, the happiest bond of love might be, if hearts were only joined, when hearts agree. Love is the sum total of the physical, psychological, economical, social and moral attraction which exercises a magnetic influence on the young man and the young lady, on the one hand and on their extended families on the other. Their attraction as we ...
Half Nelson Courtship is the third album and the first on Rune Grammofon from this young trio who musically started out as the younger cousins of Supersilent. The new album shows a group with a stronger identity, clearer focus, more mature and fully developed musical ideas and directions. It´s actually not so easy to compare them to anyone, but certain aspects of the 1973 period King Crimson concert improvisations wouldn´t be too far off the mark. But Puma is first and formeost a contemporary and progressive unit making their own path on the ever growing Norwegian experimental scene mixing improvistaion, jazz, electronics and free rock ...
Roulin, Alexandre., 1996: Courtship and pair formation in the barn owl Tyto alba Balz und Paarbildungserfolg bei der Schleiereule Tyto alba Dazzling lights in cuttlefish courtship, Australia - 8 hours ago By Carolyne Jasinski August 20, 2008 12:00am Rhythm of life ...
Many species use low-amplitude (soft) song during close range interactions with conspecifics, such as in aggressive encounters or courtship displays. It has been suggested that soft song is adapted to limit eavesdropping by conspecifics or predators through reduced signal transmission range. If so, other structural features of soft song, besides amplitude, should be adapted to reduce transmission. The soft songs of white-throated thrushes, Turdus assimilis, have properties expected to lower transmission, such as higher frequency and broader bandwidth relative to broadcast songs. We compared the transmission properties of broadcast and soft syllables using a sound propagation field experiment. When played at the same amplitude as broadcast song, soft song showed greater excess attenuation and blur ratios and lower signal-to-noise ratios. Lowering the frequency of soft syllables recovered similar transmission properties as those of broadcast syllables. Further analysis of spectral traits showed ...
The common firecrest is monogamous. The male sings during the breeding season, often with its crest raised, and has a display which involves pointing its bill at another bird, showing the crest and strong face pattern. This differs from the display of the plainer-faced goldcrest, which bows its head to emphasise the crest. The breeding territory is about 0.5 hectares (1.2 acres), and may overlap with neighbouring goldcrest territories. Firecrests will sometimes defend their territories against goldcrests with the crest raised and a great deal of wing-fluttering,[26] but the amount of actual competition between the species may not be very great. A Spanish study suggested that territorial conflicts between the species, and other phenomena like males singing mixed or alternating songs, were most frequent when one species locally far outnumbered the other;[27] in other circumstances, the two kinglets learned to ignore each others songs. In his courtship display the male firecrest raises his crest, ...
Both the male and female of the species reach sexual maturity after one year of life. The breeding season occurs in the spring and early summer.[11] The males arrive before the beginning of the season to establish their territories. The males use a series of courtship displays to attract the females to their sites.[11] They run around the area either to showcase their territory to the females or to pursue the females. The males also engage in flight to showcase their wings.[11] They sing and call as they perform all of these displays. The species can remain monogamous for many years, but incidents of polygyny and bigamy have been reported to occur during the birds lifetime.[25][26] Both the male and female are involved in the nest building.[27] The male does most of the work, while the female perches on the shrub or tree where the nest is being built to watch for predators. The nest is built approximately three to ten feet above the ground.[27] The outer part of the nest is composed of twigs, ...
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker uses human structures to help in its territorial drumming. It seems to suffer no ill effects of whacking its bill on metal, the bird returns to it day after day. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker is a migratory bird. Females tend to migrate farther south than do males. Courtship displays are performed at the site of excavation. During these flights, we can hear a winnowing sound. Other ritual consists of tapping to strengthen pair bonds: male taps on a tree and female responds with a similar tap. To attract a potential mate, male and female raise the head to show their throats patches, red for male and white for female. They raise their crest and shake their head to display aggression ...
Listen to Science of Self-Compassion (3m 15s) by Dr Alicia Franklin & Dr Kassandra Gratwick-Sarll on Aura. Want to understand how or why self-compassion actually works? In this session we look at the science of self-compassion and how self-compassion affects our brain. Learn all about the power of oxytocin and how to actually make yourself feel better.
Corythosaurus was a large, plant-eating, duck-billed dinosaur (family Hadrosauridae). It was 10-33 feet (3-10 m) long, up to 6.6 feet (2 m) tall at the hips, and may have weighed up to 5 tons. It had a hollow, bony crest on top of its long head in the shape of a helmet flattened on the sides (Corythosaurus means helmet lizard). Corythosaurus nostrils went up through the crest. The crest may have been used to make sounds, as a cooling device, courtship displays, and/or as a sense-of-smell enhancer (Corythosaurus olfactory lobes, the part of the brain that sense smell, were located within the crest). Males had larger crests than females and juveniles. Corythosaurus had a toothless beak and hundreds of cheek teeth that it used to grind up its food. It walked on two legs (or four), had shorter arms, and a long, heavy tail. It had no natural defenses ...
Chiver, I. and B.A. Schlinger., Clearing up the court: sex and the endocrine basis of display-court manipulation, Anim. Behav, 131 : 115-121 (2017) .. Chiver, I. and B.A. Schlinger., Sex differences in androgen activation of complex courtship behavior, Anim. Behav, 124 : 109-117 (2017) .. Schlinger, B.A., Brenowitz, E.A., Neural and Hormonal Control of Birdsong, In: Hormones, Brain, and Behavior 3rd edition,, Pfaff,D.W and Joels, M.(Eds.), Oxford Academic Press 2 : 255-290 (2017) .. Bodony, D.J, Kharon, Aharon, Swenson, G.W., Wikelski, M., Day, L., Fusani, L., Friscia, A and B.A. Schlinger., Determination of the wingsnap sonation mechanism of the Golden-Collared Manakin (Manacus vitellinus), J. Exp. Biol, Pfaff,D.W and Joels, M.(Eds.), 219 : 1524-1534 (2017) .. Fuxjager, M., Schuppe, E., Hoang; J.*, Chew, J*., Shah, M.*, and B.A. Schlinger, Expression of 5α- and 5β-reductase in spinal cord and muscle of birds with different courtship repertoires, Front. Zoology, Pfaff,D.W and Joels, ...
S & R* QUOTE #2: Henry Ford Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. (Source: Wisdom Quotes) - S & R* QUOTE #3: Albert Einstein. Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. (Source: Wisdom Quotes) - TWO - IT WORDS FOR ME!* Courting; Dating. Courtship is the period in a couples relationship which precedes their engagement and marriage, or establishment of an agreed relationship of a more enduring kind.. (Source: Dating is a form of courtship consisting of social activities done by two people with the aim of each assessing the others suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or as a spouse. (Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia)- THREE- STUDY/STATISTICS:. Courtship is used by a number of theorists to explain ...
Learning how to form and sustain happy and healthy romantic relationships is a key skill for young adults. Such relationships are based on feelings of love, effective problem-solving, and the absence of physical and verbal violence. The ability to develop…. ...
Romantic partners can create problems for themselves and their significant others. New research focuses on the eight factors of relational turbulence theory.
TUESDAY, Sept. 24, 2019 (HealthDay News) -- Do you rarely express anger at those close to you? Is it difficult for you to reveal negative feelings in your relationships?. New research suggests that might make you more vulnerable to having a stroke.. In a study of women aged 40 to 60, those who suffered from self-silencing had an increased risk of having plaque in their carotid arteries.. Repressing ones feelings when they might threaten relationships or ones security, and appearing outwardly agreeable while inner feelings grow angry and resentful is what is meant by self-silencing, said Dana Jack, a professor of psychology at Western Washington University who has pioneered research on this theory. The study couldnt prove cause-and effect, but women who felt less able to talk about their needs or feelings in their intimate relationships had a 14% higher likelihood of showing the most plaque in their carotid artery, explained lead researcher Karen Jakubowski, a postdoctoral fellow at the ...
Consolidation of long-term courtship memory in Drosophila is mediated by a novel class of sleep promoting neurons that reactivates dopaminergic neurons engaged earlier in memory acquisition during post-learning sleep.
Our internationally recognized faculty conducts research on a wide range of behavioral phenomena including alternative mating tactics, behavioral adaptations of herbivores to host plants, circadian rhythms, courtship behavior, foraging behavior, hunger, insect learning, mate choice, pollinator behavior, seed caching, seed dispersal, sexual selection, sleep, social behavior and spatial memory.. We integrate theory with empiricism, and employ a diversity of methods, ranging from manipulative field experiments to large-scale genetic screens, genome-wide analysis, and manipulation of neural function to determine the genes and neurons that underlie complex behaviors.. ...
Their love story is funny, romantic, and very sexy in Alicia Quigleys hot but tasteful way, as they struggle with the smugglers and their pre-conceived notions
Yet another word of advice fond of incels is always to keep attempting and this theres a person out there for everyone.. So why do all of us insist that people must continue in a world in which 90per cent of passionate advances are anticipated for from males. Evolutionary communicating, it can be suggested that ladies is born with inherent importance, in that particular simply prone to one-day has little ones, whereas people should show advantage to be sexually chosen for.. Why do we wish those to always powered this gauntlet? Why do we desire those to continuously pick by themselves up-and consider once again, just to put up with humiliating denial after getting rejected after each clumsy try?. In a world with antiquated looks about whom should spend on dates, what kind of money should a person have to spend fruitlessly on courtship before its OK prevent?. The notion that theres some one on the market for everybody furthermore sounds curiously sexist towards females. If you simply keep ...
Researchers have long known that female fiddler crabs have a certain appreciation for the size of a mates claw, but new findings suggest that in at least one species, the design of the males pad is also important. John Christy, a staff scientist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, studied the courtship behavior of a…. ...
The Nature Index tracks the affiliations of high-quality scientific articles. Updated monthly, the Nature Index presents research outputs by institution and country. Use the Nature Index to interrogate publication patterns and to benchmark research performance.
Just before high school my dad got a promotion of some sort and we had to move to Brussels, Belgium. We thought it was going to be for a year, but it turned out to be just six months. Then we were in Spain for four months, and then we moved to Washington, D.C. for almost a full year. It continued like that all during my high school years. We moved eight times in those four years, including my senior year, just three months prior to graduation. I had to graduate with a bunch of strangers ...
Buckley tells the tale of President Vanderdamp and his efforts to nominate a new Supreme Court justice. Unfortunately for the President, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee wants the job. The greedy senator blocks two incredible candidates, one for writing, at the age of 12, a critical film review of To Kill a Mockingbird for the school paper. Clearly, a racist ...
Courtship displays[edit]. Several species of birds are also known to combine visual and auditory stimuli in their elaborate ... Most courtship songs were performed at relatively low amplitudes, whereas territorial songs or "broadcast songs" were performed ... In bustards, males use a red powder during courtship displays to attract mates and then the powder fades after the display. ... Several sexually selected ornaments that may be used during courtship can also be used as armaments. Antbird songs, which are ...
Courtship and matchmaking. The Mid-Autumn moon has traditionally been a choice occasion to celebrate marriages. Girls would ... Lantern lighting, mooncake making and sharing, courtship and matchmaking, fireworks, family gathering, dragon dances, family ...
Courtship. To initiate courting, some roosters may dance in a circle around or near a hen ("a circle dance"), often lowering ...
Courtship. Before breeding, seahorses may court for several days. Scientists believe the courtship behavior synchronizes the ... To protect against losing a clutch, the female demands a long courtship. The daily greetings help to cement the bond between ... They interact for about 6 minutes, reminiscent of courtship. The female then swims away until the next morning, and the male ... "true courtship dance" lasting about 8 hours, during which the male pumps water through the egg pouch on his trunk which expands ...
Mating/courtship[edit]. Iguanas tend to follow a promiscuous or polygynadrous mating style during the dry season. Mating during ...
Several courtship displays by superb fairywren males have been recorded. The 'sea horse flight', named for its seahorse-like ... The petals often form part of a courtship display and are presented to a female in the male fairywren's own or another ... Male wrens pluck yellow petals and display them to females as part of a courtship display. ...
Courtship[edit]. As coral trout aggregate, males establish temporary territories. They then try to entice females into their ... As part of this courtship ritual, male coral trout display their fins' darkened edges, which can be switched on and off almost ... Spawning rushes occur after this courtship behavior, if the female agrees. During a spawning rush, the male and female swim ... territories to spawn by means of elaborate courtship displays. ...
Courtship behavior[edit]. The general process for a typical courtship interaction begins when a male flies and lands near a ... As a result, common predators learn to avoid this species.[2] Pheromones play a critical role in male-female courtship ... The release of pheromones by the male gulf fritillaries plays a critical role in the mating and courtship process. Studies have ... Along with chemical pheromones, the presence of nuptial gifts plays an important role in the mating and courtship process. ...
Courtship with Franz Ferdinand[edit]. It is unknown where Sophie first met Archduke Franz Ferdinand, although it may have been ...
Nest-building is not the result of successful courtship, but rather an active part of the courtship. ... Courtship and nest-building[edit]. Like many other aspects of its life, the yellow-crowned night heron's breeding season ... The male concludes his courtship display with a whoop which may or may not lead to the pair actually forming.[2][3] ... A different range of vocalizations plays an important part in courtship and pair formation. Males and females use a yup-yup ...
Prior to that, courtship was a matter of family and community interest. Starting around the time of the Civil War, courtship ... "Courtship". China Daily. 2009-10-16. Archived from the original on 2011-07-23. Retrieved 2010-12-09. Courtship may be ... This period of courtship is sometimes seen[by whom?] as a precursor to engagement. Some cultures[which?] require or encourage ... "Courtship". China Daily. 2009-10-16. Archived from the original on 2011-07-23. Retrieved 2010-12-09. In the United Kingdom, a ...
Courtship. Dating 802................Matrimonial bureaus. Marriage brokerage 802.5..............Matrimonial advertisements 803 ...
Courtship. Uncle Willie. Stories and novels. / / W. Faulkner. Red leaves. Novels. Kyiv: Dnipro., 1978. Brian Friel. Honorary ...
Cate, R. M. & Lloyd, S. A. (1992). Courtship. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Claire Morr, and Paul Mongeau. "First-Date Expectations ... Bailey, B. L. (1988). From front porch to back seat: Courtship in twentieth century America Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins ... Mate selection/courtship (finding a spouse) • Intimacy (establishing a meaningful relationship) Mongeau's 2007 study on dates ...
Courtship References. *. BirdLife International (2004). "Podiceps grisegena". IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2006 ...
"Courtship, (sculpture)". Retrieved 2013-06-13. "Covenant, (sculpture)". ...
Freund, K. (1990). Courtship disorders. In W. L. Marshall, D. R. Laws, & H. E. Barbaree (Eds.), Handbook of sexual assault: ... Freund, K. (1990). Courtship disorders: Toward a biosocial understanding of voyeurism, exhibitionism, toucherism, and the ... Sexologist Kurt Freund described frotteurism and toucherism as courtship disorders that occur at the tactile stage of human ... courtship. The prevalence of frotteurism is unknown. The DSM estimates that 10%-14% of men seen in clinical settings for ...
Thyagaraju, A. S. (1955). "The courtship (?) display of the Blackbacked Indian Robin [Saxicoloides fulicata (Linn.)]". J. ...
The Courtship. Frettleby's Station. Divided Lives. (Rosanna grows bored with station life and eventually leaves with their baby ...
"; "Dinder Courtship"; "Friend o'Mine"; "When You Come Home"; "Little Road Home"; "Greenhills of Somerset"; "Danny Boy"; "As ...
If the female likes what she sees, she will invite the males to the understory of the forest where the courtship continues. ... "Exploded lek , bird courtship". Encyclopedia Britannica. Retrieved 2018-04-24. "King of Saxony Bird of Paradise - Pteridophora ... Frith, Clifford; Frith, Dawn (1997). "Courtship and Mating of the King of Saxony Bird of Paradise Pteridophora alberti in New ... The King of Saxony Bird of Paradise's mating courtship behavior consists of a combination of vocalizations and physical ...
Courtship feeding is seen in many gull and tern species. In common terns (Sterna hirundo), courtship feeding begins right at ... Courtship feeding. Gwynne, D.T. 1991. Sexual competition among females: What causes courtship-role reversal? Trends in Ecology ... Once the pair bond is formed, courtship feeding occurs in some species. Courtship feeding is when one member of the pair ... Male courtship displays are performed until the most dominant male of the group is the last to remain to be able to mate with ...
"The courtship : stories". Retrieved March 24, 2021. "The dandelion garden and other stories". ... The courtship. Concord: Anansi. 1994. ISBN 9780887845505. OCLC 29597583. The dandelion garden and other stories. New York: ...
In 1975, Stewart published Country Courtship, a compendium of the courtship behaviours of countryfolk in the Warwickshire- ... She writes "I have collected anecdotes and details of Country Courtship from many sources and - with Kate's approval - retold ... Stewart, Sheila (1975). Country Courtship. The Roundhead Press (Publishers) Limited, Kineton, Warwick. ISBN 0 900093 54 4. ...
Courtship Rite. New York : Simon and Schuster, July 1982. ISBN 0-671-44033-0. (Nominated for Hugo for Best Novel in 1983) ( ... The Finger Pointing Solward has been awaited ever since the publication of Courtship Rite. Kingsbury has never finished the ...
Prior to mating, a more skilled and graceful flying than usual may be undertaken by the male as the final stage of courtship.[ ... In courtship display, male calls krau-krau-krau-uik-ik-ik answered by females with a lower ra-rack-rack-rack-rack. Young in ... Courtship often begins with a bird, often the male, "sky pointing" or "long calling" by throwing their head back. Soaring by ... but in Haliaeetus such behaviour also seems to be related to courtship and is engaged by pairs as well as males attacking ...
Courtship and marriage. At the age of 16, Tolkien met Edith Mary Bratt, who was three years his senior, when he and his brother ...
Courtship. Adult males have been observed carrying objects in their mouths such as branches or other floating vegetation, or ... In captivity, courtship and mating foreplay have been documented. The male takes the initiative by nibbling the fins of the ...
Courtship and reproductionEdit. Copulating pair. The male, when it spots a female, zigzags up, down, below, and in front of her ...
Courtship and breeding. Emperor penguins are able to breed at around three years of age, and usually commence breeding around ... The penguins start courtship in March or April, when the temperature can be as low as −40 °C (−40 °F). A lone male gives an ... In the four months of travel, courtship, and incubation, the male may lose as much as 20 kg (44 lb), from a total mass of 38 to ... ecstatic display, where it stands still and places its head on its chest before inhaling and giving a courtship call for 1-2 ...
... courtship behavior is composed of tapping, scissoring, proboscis extension, midleg swing, nuptial gift, dance, wing extension ... Male Drosophila subobscura courtship behavior is composed of tapping, scissoring, proboscis extension, midleg swing, nuptial ...
Media in category "Courtship in art". The following 137 files are in this category, out of 137 total. ... Courtship in popular 19th and early 20th century American music‎ (551 F) ... Courtship in the Summer Garden, St. Petersburg (Geoffroy, 1845).JPG 700 × 536; 105 KB. ... Eastman Johnson - Southern Courtship - Google Art Project.jpg 1,879 × 2,401; 1.38 MB. ...
You can add or edit information about Cannibal Courtship at . Find out more about our use of this data, and ... You can add or edit information about Cannibal Courtship at . Find out more about our use of this data, and ... Cannibal Courtship also showcases an increasing sophistication in the arrangements, most noticeable on the only instrumental, ... Discogs page for Cannibal Courtship. * Tracklistings come from MusicBrainz. ...
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Courtship in the Philippines is one known complex form of courtship. Unlike what is regularly seen in other societies, it takes ... The parents are also seen as part of the courtship practice, as their approval is commonly needed before courtship may begin or ... In more traditional forms of Christianity, this concept of courtship has been retained, with John Piper defining courtship and ... "courtship" anthropomorphically. Animal courtship may involve complicated dances or touching, vocalizations, or displays of ...
When researchers describe lobster courtship, they tell a tale of gold diggers, bickering spouses and devoted lovers - devoted, ... In Lobster Courtship, Traits Like Humans. By CORNELIA DEAN. AUG. 9, 2005. ... When researchers describe lobster courtship, they tell a tale of gold diggers, bickering spouses and devoted lovers - devoted, ...
Columbias Courtship: A Picture History of the United States in Twelve Emblematic Designs in Color with Accompanying Verses is ... 487-488 Columbias Courtship in libraries (WorldCat catalog) v t e. ...
Analysis of courtship songs in these mutants offers the opportunity to uncover the role of the IFM in a behavior distinct than ... Courtship song analysis of Drosophila muscle mutants.. Chakravorty S1, Wajda MP, Vigoreaux JO. ... Here, we describe protocols for the recording and analysis of courtship behavior and mating song of D. melanogaster muscle ... As part of the mating ritual, males of Drosophila species produce species-specific courtship songs through wing vibrations ...
During courtship, Drosophila males engage in a series of innate, stereotyped behaviours that are coordinated by specific ... Inactivation of FruM-producing nerve cells inhibited courtship without changing other behaviours. And manipulating females ... Together, these data demonstrate that FruM proteins specify the neural substrates of male courtship. ... and altering female brains to produce the same proteins produced by these cells causes the females to display male courtship ...
The Courtship of Guidant (cont.). January 13th, 2006 Medgadget Editors News Battle over Guidant hits $25 billion mark, as ...
This research, published in the January 2011 issue of Genetics shows that courtship behaviors may be more influenced by ... org), shows that courtship behaviors may be far more influenced by genetics than previously thought. In addition, understanding ... Attention ladies and gentlemen: Courtship affects gene expression Research published in the journal GENETICS suggests that ... Attention ladies and gentlemen: Courtship affects gene expression. Genetics Society of America ...
... Instinct drives these armored animals to have sex on the run-and ... Her doctoral research focused on Euphractus sexcinctus, aka the yellow, or six-banded, armadillo (above), whose courtship ...
Copulatory Behavior as Courtship Communication. Authors. *. Donald A. Dewsbury. Corresponding author. *Department of Psychology ... Anita Aisenberg, William G. Eberhard, Female cooperation in plug formation in a spider: effects of male copulatory courtship, ... If we treat these nonejaculatory intromissions as courtship communication in the tactile modality, new relationships become ...
These results suggest that fertilized females are a source of both courtship-provoking and courtship-inhibiting olfactory cues ... Conditioned responses in courtship behavior of normal and mutant Drosophila Message Subject (Your Name) has sent you a message ... Conditioned responses in courtship behavior of normal and mutant Drosophila. Richard W. Siegel and Jeffrey C. Hall ... Male courtship behaviour in Drosophila melanogaster is modified by prior sexual experience. Whereas naive males nearly always ...
Do or Dont: The Super-Quick, Intense Courtship. Erica and I, after throwing back several rounds. Friday night, Erica and I met ... Have you ever had a super intense courtship that resulted in an actual relationship? Or do they always crash and burn? ...
Courtship in Crisis [Thomas Umstattd Jr., Debra K. Fileta] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ,b,The ... In Courtship In Crisis, Thomas Umstattd Jr. explains where the courtship crisis came from, and why it failed. More importantly ... Umstattd also shows how courtship is doing GREAT HARM to people. Besides making a strong case against courtship, he also ... In this book, Thomas Umstattd, a former passionate proponent of courtship, discusses why courtship is fundamentally flawed and ...
... off a Hand Made Oil Painting Reproduction of Courtship, one of the most famous paintings by Henry Mosler. Free certificate of ... If you have any request to alter your reproduction of Courtship, you must email us after placing your order and well have an ... If you have another image of Courtship that you would like the artist to work from, please include it as an attachment. ...
... covering the courtship of Ellen Axson and Woodrow Wilson, from their meeting in 1853 until their marriage in 1885. Not only do ... but they also bring back nostalgically an era when courtship was more decorous, more formal, almost comically elaborate, and ...
If there was such a thing as clubbing courtship, then that would mean that humans saw women as things to be taken. But women ... No Comment: Caveman Courtship : Ms Magazine Blog - April 13, 2011. [...] The post has been reprinted from Sociological Images ... Somewhere we got the idea that "caveman" courtship involved a man clubbing a woman over the head and dragging her by the hair ... Caveman Courtship and its Mythology » Sociological Images , Public Philosophy Journal - August 8, 2014. […] For full post, see ...
With love in the air this Valentines Day, here are 10 courtship strategies used by species found in Canada: ... With love in the air this Valentines Day, here are 10 courtship strategies used by species found in Canada: 1. Dating on the ... After gathering at communal courtship display areas, called leks, males have group "dance-offs" to attract females. Their ... Ten of natures weirdest courtship rituals Greater prairie chicken (Photo by Ron Knight/Wikimedia Commons) ...
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The celebrity relationship born on Twitter is still going strong for iCarly star Jennette McCurdy and Detroit Pistons star Andre Drummond ... cause…
Courtship By: Draco38 What if the dead did not rise? Rei still dumped Takashi and Saya is still Grumpy, but what will happen ... A/N: The original title to the was going to be The Courtship of Busujima Saeko, but my compatriots jm1681 and MarshalZhukov ... thought Courtship would be better since we will deal with more than just Saeko. Please leave a Review and/or Favorite! ...
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In courtship, a couple get to know each other and decide if there will be an engagement or other such agreement. A courtship ... Evolution of snake courtship and combat behavior. A small study suggests snakes may have developed courtship and male-to-male ... Courtship. Courtship is the period in a couples relationship which precedes their engagement and marriage, or establishment of ... Courtship behavior trapped in 100-million-year-old amber. Courtship behaviours, frequent among modern insects, have left ...
fruitless mutant males normally display conspicuous intermale courtship; however, their courtship activity was not enhanced ... Likewise, white males showed negligible ethanol-induced intermale courtship, which was not only reinstated but also augmented ... We identified three components crucial for the ethanol-induced courtship disinhibition: the transcription factor regulating ... since their intermale courtship activity was progressively increased with additional ethanol experience. ...
Here, the authors show that the courtship display of male broad-tailed hummingbirds consists of synchronized motions, sounds, ... Male broad-tailed hummingbirds (Selasphorus platycercus) perform dramatic U-shaped courtship dives over females, appearing to ... Clark, C. J. Courtship dives of Annas hummingbird offer insights into flight performance limits. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B Biol. ... Multimodal signals are common in courtship behaviors11,17,18,19,20 and can have diverse functions13,21 related to their ...
... Keleman K., Vrontou E., Kruttner S., Yu J.Y., ... Here we show that courtship learning reflects an enhanced response to the male pheromone cis-vaccenyl acetate (cVA), which is ... Dissociation experiments suggest a simple learning rule in which unsuccessful courtship enhances sensitivity to cVA. The ... and the DopR1 dopamine receptor is required in MBγ neurons for both natural and artificial courtship learning. Our work thus ...
  • Courtship song analysis of Drosophila muscle mutants. (
  • As part of the mating ritual, males of Drosophila species produce species-specific courtship songs through wing vibrations generated by the thoracic musculature. (
  • During courtship, Drosophila males engage in a series of innate, stereotyped behaviours that are coordinated by specific sensory cues. (
  • Genetic, developmental and behavioural studies have shown that the fruitless ( fru ) gene encodes a set of male-specific transcription factors (Fru M ) that act to establish the potential for courtship in Drosophila 2 . (
  • Greenspan, R. J. & Ferveur, J. F. Courtship in Drosophila . (
  • Manoli, D. S. & Baker, B. S. Median bundle neurons coordinate behaviours during Drosophila male courtship. (
  • Spieth, H. T. Courtship behavior in Drosophila . (
  • Male courtship behaviour in Drosophila melanogaster is modified by prior sexual experience. (
  • Dopamine neurons modulate pheromone responses in Drosophila courtship learning. (
  • Naive Drosophila melanogaster males, for example, court both virgin and mated females, but learn through experience to selectively suppress futile courtship towards females that have already mated. (
  • Female Drosophila buzzatii cluster fruit flies may be drawn to the specific courtship songs of males of their own species, according to a study published May 3, 2017 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Patricia Iglesias and Esteban Hasson from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. (
  • Iglesias PP, Hasson E (2017) The role of courtship song in female mate choice in South American Cactophilic Drosophila. (
  • Courtship song is a critical component of male courtship behavior in Drosophila, making the female more receptive to copulation and communicating species-specific information [1-6]. (
  • Here, we found that one of the two Drosophila sex-determining genes, doublesex ( dsx ), specifies a male-specific neuronal component that serves as an execution mechanism for courtship behavior, whereas fruitless ( fru ) is required for enhancement of courtship behavior toward females. (
  • The Drosophila no-on-transient A (nonA) gene is involved in the visual behaviors and courtship song of the fly. (
  • We previously showed Drosophila males balance sleep and courtship via octopaminergic neurons that act upstream of courtship-regulating P1 neurons (Machado et al. (
  • Here, we demonstrate that the sleep-courtship balance in male flies is affected by yeast deprivation in Drosophila and identify the protocerebral bridge (PB) as an arousal center acting downstream of P1 neurons. (
  • The genetically programmed courtship song of male Drosophila melanogaster has a rhythmic repetitive structure of sound pulses that is a critical component of mate recognition. (
  • In Drosophila melanogaster, male courtship behaviour is regulated by the fruitless gene. (
  • Courtship and copulation behaviors in Drosophila melanogaster males are regulated by sex-specific products from the gene fruitless (fru). (
  • Motor control of Drosophila courtship song. (
  • During courtship, Drosophila melanogaster males vibrate a wing to produce trains of pulses and extended tone, called pulse and sine song, respectively. (
  • Courtship songs in the genus Drosophila are exceedingly diverse, and different song features appear to have evolved independently of each other. (
  • Analysis of courtship songs in these mutants offers the opportunity to uncover the role of the IFM in a behavior distinct than flight and subject to different evolutionary selection regimes. (
  • Here, we describe protocols for the recording and analysis of courtship behavior and mating song of D. melanogaster muscle transgenic and mutant strains. (
  • this depression of male behavior occurs even if the male is blind or if the fertilized female cannot actively reject his courtship. (
  • These results suggest that fertilized females are a source of both courtship-provoking and courtship-inhibiting olfactory cues and that the central association of these cues in males is sufficient to bring about the retention of modified courtship behavior. (
  • Same-sex sexual behaviour is common in animals but puzzles evolutionary biologists since it doesn't carry the same obvious benefits as heterosexual courtship behavior that leads to mating and production of offspring. (
  • The general goals of this study were to explore the courtship behavior of B. (
  • In order to test these two general explanations for the male courtship display, we investigated the courtship behavior of the white widow spider, Latrodectus pallidas O. (
  • Animal Courtship (Animal Behavior) by K. (
  • Our results uncover how sex-determining genes specify execution capability and female-specific enhancement of courtship behavior through separable yet cooperative neurogenetic mechanisms. (
  • Control of male courtship behavior by the fruitless gene. (
  • Our lab, in collaboration with the laboratories of Jeff Hall (Brandeis) and Barbara Taylor (Oregon State University) are continuing our studies of courtship behavior with the long term aims of understanding: (1) how the potential for male courtship behavior is established in the central nervous system (CNS) during development, and (2) how the cells subserving male courtship behavior function together to insure the ordered manifestation of the events comprising this behavior. (
  • Some of these groups are in specific regions of the CNS previously shown to be involved in particular steps of courtship behavior. (
  • This information is then used to execute the particular steps of courtship behavior by modulating largely sex-nonspecific motor systems. (
  • They suggested fru provided a handle for understanding the developmental, genetic, molecular, and neuronal bases of male courtship behavior. (
  • The neural pathway and brain areas involved in transforming this molecular messenger into courtship behavior in fish were also identified and reported in N ature Neuroscience on May 30. (
  • The researchers also found that through these olfactory receptors, PGF2α activates a direct, dedicated neural pathway to the areas of the brain that are responsible for eliciting courtship behavior in male fish. (
  • The researchers were able to demonstrate that a male shows courtship dominance behavior over young males if he has been exposed to the smell of normal adult males during a critical period in his life--the first 24 hours. (
  • Research published Feb. 3, 2016 in Neuron now demonstrates that the male fruit fly also displays this complex behavior during courtship, adjusting the amplitude of his song depending on how far away he is from a female. (
  • Point mutations of amino acid 548 in the charged region confirmed the etiology of the nonAdiss courtship-song mutation and showed that a milder substitution at this site produced intermediate singing behavior, although it failed to rescue visual defects. (
  • Each day, workers would observe the males' courtship behavior, which is roughly the same as in the wild. (
  • In order to clearly describe the process of courtship and mating, both sequences are represented in a flow chart, while the main behavior components of these processes were identified, analyzed and discussed. (
  • Jiao and Zhu (6), researching courtship and mating in Heterometrus petersii , found that one behavior pattern had two functions and that the functions varied among individuals. (
  • Although the process of courtship and mating is similar among different scorpion families, genera and even species in the same genus, to some extent, their behavior patterns may differ to varying degrees (1, 6). (
  • Further, FRU[superscript M] likely directs multiple downstream targets, in different subsets of neurons in which it is expressed, which collectively provide correct development of neural circuits underlying courtship and copulation behavior. (
  • I used a similar behavior-guided chemical fractionation approach to purify and identify from nymphs compounds responsible for eliciting courtship. (
  • On the autosomes, QTL locations for pigmentation and behavior were generally separate, but on the X chromosome two clusters of QTL were found affecting both wing pigmentation and courtship behavior. (
  • Pairwise tests for interactions between marker loci revealed evidence of epistasis between putative QTL for wing pigmentation but not those for courtship behavior. (
  • Courtship and body condition of male two-spotted gobies ( Gobiusculus flavescens ) harbouring naturally acquired microsporidian infections were compared with those of microsporidian-free males under standardized conditions in the lab. (
  • After gathering at communal courtship display areas, called leks, males have group "dance-offs" to attract females. (
  • Unsuccessful courtship attempts by males create aversive memories that can reduce their level of enthusiasm for subsequent courtship attempts. (
  • Further, the research shows that 'sneaker' males can slip by and mate successfully on the courtship efforts of the hard-working first suitor. (
  • Scientists at the University of Toronto Scarborough have published a research paper titled "Female's courtship threshold allows intruding males to mate with reduced effort" in the prestigious journal, Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The study provides new findings on the mating habits of the poisonous Australian redback spider (Lactrodectus hasselti), a member of the black widow family where females are larger in size compared to males. (
  • And soon the courtship started - males giving smooth pebbles to females to build a nest. (
  • They exposed female flies to wingless, silent males and assessed copulation during either silence, playback of courtship songs from their own species, or playback of songs from another species. (
  • The effect was so strong that males carried on exhibiting courtship dominance be havior until they were five days old. (
  • Yeast-deprived males exhibited attenuated female-induced nighttime sleep loss yet normal daytime courtship, which suggests male flies consider nutritional status in deciding whether the potential benefit of pursuing female partners outweighs the cost of losing sleep. (
  • In contrast, yeast deprivation did not impair the ability of males to court during the day, suggesting that dietary yeast affects the sleep-courtship balance rather than courtship per se. (
  • males appar to make very little noise during courtship. (
  • Alternatively, males often sniff rapidly while moving around and this may be mistaken for courtship huffing if a female is coincidentally present. (
  • Given the lack of sexual differentiation in hedgehogs, some early naturalists mistook courtship for two males fighting. (
  • That's because male bustards that perform longer courtship displays lose sperm quality faster than males that do not put on elaborate seduction shows, a new study suggests. (
  • Upon RNAi-mediated knockdown of fruitless in B. germanica, males no longer exhibit courtship behaviour, thus implying that fruitless is necessary for male sexual behaviour in our cockroach model. (
  • In the majority of scorpion species, courtship is initiated by males and typically involves a male approaching a female and grasping her chelae within his own (in some instances, a chelicerae-to-chelicerae grasp may be initiated by males and used simultaneously with the chelal grasp to control female movements). (
  • Manipulating courtship duration experimentally, we found that males that mated without display had a reduced paternity share even though no differences in post-copulatory cannibalism or copulation duration were detected. (
  • and (iv) males shorten or drop courtship if rivals are present on the webs of females, enabling us to manipulate courtship experimentally. (
  • Encounters between rivals on the web of a female are aggressive, and after a brief tussle, both males rush into genital contact with the female and skip further courtship. (
  • I also isolated a different, yet to be identified compound, or set of compounds, from young nymphs and last instar female nymphs that elicit courtship in Blattella males. (
  • The nymphs may elicit courtship as a potentially adaptive strategy of sexual mimicry, whereby they avoid aggression from males or gain nutritional benefits from the courting male. (
  • Five other cockroach species can elicit courtship in German cockroach males, and the courtship eliciting compounds in Blatta orientalis were identified as related to, but different from any of the sex pheromone components of B. germanica. (
  • The aggregation of displaying males in lek-breeding birds is often associated with disruption of courtship and mating but effects of this disruption on mate choice have not been shown. (
  • In a 4-year study of Rupicola rupicola in Suriname, interference among territorial adult males disrupted 31 percent of all female courtship visits and terminated 32 percent of all matings at a lek where there were an average of 55 territorial males. (
  • shows that courtship behaviors may be far more influenced by genetics than previously thought. (
  • Previous studies have shown that courtship behaviors maybe induced by different cues including chemosensory, olfactory, and visual cues. (
  • For successful mating, a male animal must execute effective courtship behaviors toward a receptive target sex, which is female. (
  • Information on courtship and mating behaviors of this insect is important in the development and application of SIT. (
  • We conducted mating table studies and determined that this moth exhibits simple rather than elaborate mating behaviors and that courtship and mating take place briefly during morning twilight. (
  • Ellendersen and von Philipsborn, 2017 ), only a few neuronal populations regulating both behaviors (i.e. sleep and courtship) are known. (
  • This research, published in the January 2011 issue of the journal GENETICS (, shows that courtship behaviors may be far more influenced by genetics than previously thought. (
  • By analyzing some studies on scorpion reproductive behaviors, we can draw a conclusion that different scorpion species present similar gross structure in courtship and mating. (
  • Subsequently, only a few experiments have been conducted to study the courtship and mating behaviors in other scorpions. (
  • So far, the courtship and mating behaviors of only four euscorpiid scorpions − Euscorpius carpathicus , E . flavicaudis , E . italitus and Megacormus gertschi − have been reported (1). (
  • Courtship and mating behaviors of the scorpion Tityus (Atreus) magnimanus are herein described, consisting of various components that pertain to four distinct behavioral stages. (
  • Courtship and mating among scorpion species, on which such data are available, comprise a series of complex, ritualized and characteristic behaviors that involve a courtship period of stereotyped acts leading up to sperm transfer from male to female via an external stationary spermatophore (1-5). (
  • Courtship and mating behaviors have been described in approximately thirty scorpion species (3, 4), representing seven of the 18 extant families (8). (
  • Her doctoral research focused on Euphractus sexcinctus, aka the yellow, or six-banded, armadillo (above), whose courtship rituals she has observed and filmed. (
  • Moreover, we still know little about the roles that sex played in the rituals of courtship and marriage. (
  • It argues that sexual intercourse and other forms of sexual activity formed part of the normal courtship rituals for many young Presbyterian couples in Ulster. (
  • The courtship and mating rituals of Tityus (Atreus) magnimanus are similar to those of other scorpions. (
  • The sex-determination genes fruitless and doublesex specify a neural substrate required for courtship song. (
  • You can add or edit information about Cannibal Courtship at . (
  • Cannibal Courtship also showcases an increasing sophistication in the arrangements, most noticeable on the only instrumental, the noir-ish Kiss of the Bufo Alvarius - named after a poisonous, psychoactive toad. (
  • Listen to Cannibal Courtship now. (
  • Male broad-tailed hummingbirds ( Selasphorus platycercus ) perform dramatic U-shaped courtship dives over females, appearing to combine rapid movement and dive-specific mechanical noises with visual signals from their iridescent gorgets. (
  • Here we show that courtship learning reflects an enhanced response to the male pheromone cis-vaccenyl acetate (cVA), which is deposited on females during mating and thus distinguishes mated females from virgins. (
  • One of the surprising outcomes from the study is that females are unable or unwilling to discriminate the sources of courtship," said Jeffrey Stoltz, PhD candidate in the department of biological sciences at U of T Scarborough and co-author of the study. (
  • Male flies in this cluster attract females by vibrating their wings to produce an unusual diversity of courtship songs. (
  • The researchers found that females of three species of the D. buzzatii cluster use courtship songs to pick same-species mates, but females of the remaining species use courtship songs to rank mates. (
  • When playing courtship songs from a D. buzzatii cluster female fly's own species, females of the three species that use acoustic signals to pick same-species mates were more likely to copulate with the male fly, even if he was from a different species. (
  • Nonetheless, the results suggest that D. buzzatii cluster females do tend to use courtship songs to help them choose a mate, with a preference for songs produced by their own species. (
  • Moreover, by using females constitutively expressing the male-specific isoforms of fru (Fru(M)), we show a critical requirement for the male isoform of dsx (Dsx(M)), alongside Fru(M), in the specification of courtship song. (
  • Whether the courtship execution capability and upregulation of courtship toward females are specified through separable sex-determining genetic pathways remains uncharacterized. (
  • We found that instead, females actively participate in their own courtship. (
  • Fruit flies became one of the most prominent "model organisms" because they exhibit many favourable biological characteristics, such as quick breeding, high fecundity (females lay up to 100 eggs per day), and other complex behaviours (for example, flight, courtship, and aggression). (
  • Male fruit flies display a complex mating ritual to females, which includes unilateral wing extension and wing vibration, to produce a species-specific courtship song. (
  • We fed male crickets, Teleogryllus oceanicus , with one of two experimental diets in which we manipulated the availability of dietary antioxidants and induced variation in their expenditure on courtship effort by manipulating access to females. (
  • This process is thought to spread the male's scent and relevant pheromones in a move that should attract females to the flower and increase the male's odds of achieving successful courtship. (
  • Male-specific variants are necessary and sufficient to elicit male courtship behaviour. (
  • In contrast to previous studies, we directly manipulate behaviour and not indirectly, for example, through the female's perception of courtship ( Edvardsson & Arnqvist 2000 ). (
  • Mechanisms of action and co-optive evolution for hypervariable courtship pheromones in plethodontid salamanders. (
  • Courtship sequence and evidence of volatile pheromones in Phasgonophora sulcate (Hymenoptera: Chalcidiae), a North American parasitoid of the invasive Agrilus planippenis (Coleoptera: Buprestidae). (
  • Our results indicate that courtship may be mediated by male perception of female-produced pheromones. (
  • To record faint acoustic signal of courtship songs, an insulated mating compartment was used inside a recording device (INSECTAVOX) equipped with a modified electret microphone, a low-noise power supply, and noise filters. (
  • While it was once thought that female spiders were more or less passive when it came to courtship and mating, a new paper titled "Are you Paying Attention? (
  • Pheromone signaling works hand in hand with other senses like vision to bring about the courtship dance that increases a fish's chances of mating. (
  • We did not find any evidence for info-disruption based on male courtship rate and mating success, but with increasing dosage of atrazine came shortened bouts of courtship leading to copulation. (
  • Herein we used olfactometer assays and behavioural observations to determine the courtship and mating sequences of P. sulcata . (
  • Pairs of adults performed a consistent sequence of courtship behaviours prior to mating. (
  • In the current work, the courtship and mating of Scorpiops luridus Zhu Lourenço & Qi, 2005 (Euscorpiidae) from Xizang province (Tibet), China, were studied for the first time in the laboratory. (
  • 4) first described the courtship and mating in Hadrurus arizonensis (Scorpionidae, Iuridae). (
  • Behavioral components of courtship and mating observations by Ross (5) of Tityus (Atreus) magnimanus (Scorpiones: Buthidae) were presented in an ethogram to delineate their occurrence during mating sequences. (
  • This courtship "dance" may last from five minutes to several days, with most courtship and mating sequences lasting from 30 to 60 minutes (3). (
  • Despite the large number of species among Tityus , its abundance in many urbanized and rural human occupied areas, and the medical significance of many of its component species, courtship and mating in members of this genus are few in number (1, 14, 15). (
  • Courtship is well known for its positive effects on mating success. (
  • We tested the hypothesis that beneficial effects of courtship arise cryptically, during or after mating, resulting in increased paternity success under polyandry. (
  • Numerous studies on a variety of taxa confirmed that these costs are balanced by positive effects of courtship on mating success ( Andersson 1994 ). (
  • Courtship behaviours, frequent among modern insects, have left extremely rare fossil traces. (
  • Understanding the courtship behaviours may be useful in rearing the parasitoids in the laboratory, while the presence of a sex pheromone may be useful in the detection populations of the parasitoid in the field or in keeping the parasitoid in the vicinity of the host. (
  • This study investigates the neuronal basis of courtship song production by using the GAL4 enhancer trap paradigm to drive the expression of UASG-tetanus toxin (TNT) and UASG-transformer (tra) in subsets of cells. (
  • While previous studies have shown that indirect flight muscles (IFM) are neurally activated during courtship song production, the precise role of these muscles in song production has not been investigated. (
  • In addition, a number of regions containing FRU M neurons had not been previously implicated in courtship. (
  • The learning experience can be mimicked by artificial activation of dopaminergic neurons, and we identify a specific class of dopaminergic neuron that is critical for courtship learning. (
  • These neurons provide input to the mushroom body (MB) γ lobe, and the DopR1 dopamine receptor is required in MBγ neurons for both natural and artificial courtship learning. (
  • 2017). Here, we show nutrition modulates the sleep-courtship balance and identify sleep-regulatory neurons downstream of P1 neurons. (
  • Additional PB-projecting neurons regulated male sleep, suggesting several groups of PB-projecting neurons act downstream of P1 neurons to mediate nutritional modulation of the sleep-courtship balance. (
  • I have identified a subset of FRU[superscript M] neurons that co-express the transcription factor, Engrailed (En). (
  • Further, I examined two characteristics, the initial projections and neurotransmitters used by FRU[superscript M]/En neurons. (
  • Here, we test whether the duration of the courtship performance influences the probability of cannibalism prior or during copulation. (
  • The book notes dutifully declare that Supreme Courtship is fiction and any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental, but one of the book's charms is selecting the real life politicians and show business personalities who most resemble the book's characters. (
  • The mendacity, absurdity, and sick humor of the current political age is brilliantly captured and skewered in Christopher Buckley's new book, Supreme Courtship . (
  • Historically, research emphasis has been placed on neurological specializations for vocal aspects of courtship, and less is known about the control of physical, non-vocal displays. (
  • Thus, individual wing motor pathways can control separate aspects of courtship song and may provide a "modular" anatomical substrate for the evolution of diverse songs. (
  • Mala Murthy, of Princeton University, and her colleagues have revealed an unanticipated level of control in insect acoustic communication by analyzing each stage of the neuronal pathway underlying male fruit flies' ability to adjust their courtship song - from the visual cues that help estimate distance to the signals that pass through nervous system and cause changes in muscle activity that drive softer or louder song. (
  • or (3) incidental consequences of convergence on similar courtship releasing cues of no adaptive value to either participant in courtship. (
  • Do microsporidian parasites affect courtship in two-spotted gobies? (
  • Other candidate genes that could plausibly affect courtship song were involved in mesothoracic or axonal development. (
  • We demonstrate the utility of this approach by showing that deletion of the N-terminal region of the myosin regulatory light chain, a mutation known to decrease wing beat frequency and flight power, affects courtship song parameters. (
  • It is complex in that it involves stages, and it is considered normal for courtship to last a year or longer. (
  • Their courtship involves a complex dance number made up of preening, calling, bill-clacking and other fancy moves, in a unique sequence that's developed over time with an individual partner. (
  • Hedgehog courtship involves the male persistently circling the female while she turns to face him snorting every second or so. (
  • Courtship involves a guy and a girl. (
  • The dsx -dependent courtship execution mechanism includes a specific subclass within a neuronal cluster that co-express dsx and fru . (
  • Of the 727 enhancer trap lines screened for courtship song defects in this way, 38 produced a phenotype, and these were used to drive the expression of Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP), thereby implicating the corresponding neuronal structures. (
  • Twelve of 13 lines which gave vigorous courtship but did not produce song, showed GFP expression in the mushroom bodies (MBs) and the giant descending neuronal tract and/or the larval interhemispheric junction (IJ). (
  • Exploring 19th century attitudes towards marriage and courtship in pride and prejudice and comparing these with todays views. (
  • has continued to gain in popularity, and that the book is selling well, suggests that courtship culture is generating interest and perhaps gaining influence among a growing readership. (
  • One hypothesis suggests that courtship songs influence female mate choice decisions, and preferences for different songs could have promoted speciation in this cluster. (
  • This suggests that the paternity advantage associated with courtship arose through female-mediated processes after intromission, meeting the definition of cryptic female choice. (
  • Fireflies are under threat globally, with familiar hazards such as habitat loss and pesticides compounded by another peril - humanity's ubiquitous night-time artificial light which plays havoc with their balletic nocturnal courtship, scientists said. (
  • Building a device to control the local environment of fruit flies and reliably record their courtship songs, which can be difficult because of low volume and varied environmental factors like temperature, light, and humidity levels. (
  • In contrast, when playing courtship songs from other species, only the species that uses songs to rank mates tended to reject the male fly, even if he was from the same species. (
  • Dissociation experiments suggest a simple learning rule in which unsuccessful courtship enhances sensitivity to cVA. (
  • This effect, however, was affected by the intensity of the female courtship. (
  • The probability of diminished male courtship is directly related to the duration of the prior "conditioning" period with a fertilized female. (
  • New research shows that male suitors of a female cannibalistic spider risk facing a premature death unless they perform an adequate courtship lasting a minimum of 100 minutes. (
  • According to the research, if a male tries to mate without investing sufficient time and energy in courtship, the female spider will kill him and mate with his rival. (
  • Courtship is rooted in constructions of male headship and female submission. (
  • However, this picture is becoming more complicated as evangelical women like the Duggar daughters take ownership of the courtship process, placing more and more responsibility on women while underscoring the dangers of female autonomy. (
  • The authors of the present study examined the role of courtship song in female mate choice in four species in the D. buzzatii cluster, as well as one species in a different cluster, D. martensis, for comparison. (
  • This research, which is the first of its kind, challenges long-held assumptions about passive female roles in courtship and may have implications across many different species. (
  • A female hedgehog shorting during courtship. (
  • A male sniffing at the rear of a female during courtship. (
  • Menstrual cycle phases and female receptivity to a courtship solicitation: an evaluation in a night-club. (
  • However, there are very few accounts of the effects of courtship on cryptic female choice, and the available evidence is often correlative. (
  • Here we use a polyandrous spider to experimentally test the hypothesis that courtship intensity influences male relative paternity through the process of cryptic female choice ( Eberhard 1996 ). (
  • The average duration of courtship varies considerably throughout the world. (
  • Together, these data demonstrate that Fru M proteins specify the neural substrates of male courtship. (
  • Courtship in scorpions is usually divided into four distinct behavioral stages (different terminologies have been applied to individual stages by various authors): initiation, promenade á deux , sperm transfer and separation (3, 4, 6). (
  • Come My Beloved: Inspiring Stories of Catholic Courtship is a Song of Songs, a book of praise, a treasure-house of faith and romance par excellence! (
  • Then he'll tap her gently and extend his wings and vibrate them to play a courtship song. (
  • Mutagenesis of the RRM1 domain resulted in effects on viability, vision, and courtship song. (
  • Using LabVIEW software and CompactDAQ hardware to develop a sensory device called the Song Box, control environmental conditions within the Song Box, and interface with a particle-velocity microphone to record the mysterious fruit fly courtship song. (
  • The extremely low volume of the courtship song required a high-quality sound recording, as well as background and electrical noise insulation. (
  • c) The particle velocity microphone (CMP-5247TF-K) used to record courtship song of flies. (
  • Not only do these letters tell us very much about the remarkable couple who wrote them, but they also bring back nostalgically an era when courtship was more decorous, more formal, almost comically elaborate, and yet in some sense more passionate than it is in our times. (
  • Atrazine exposure shifts activity but has minimal effects on courtship in an agrobiont spider. (
  • Manakins (Pipridae) are lekking suboscine birds of the neotropics characterized by the production of visually striking acrobatic courtship displays [Prum, 1990, 1994]. (
  • It has been in for less than two days and Google search 'Neurigona courtship' already gives the article on number one. (
  • In the first chapter I review the literature for cases where courtship displays are chemically elicited by non-reproductive conspecifics and by heterospecifics. (
  • Using a miniaturized telemetric gaze-tracker, we show that peahens ( Pavo cristatus ) selectively attend to specific components of peacock courtship displays and virtually ignore other, highly conspicuous components. (