Instruction in which learners progress at their own rate using workbooks, textbooks, or electromechanical devices that provide information in discrete steps, test learning at each step, and provide immediate feedback about achievement. (ERIC, Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors, 1996).
A self-learning technique, usually online, involving interaction of the student with programmed instructional materials.
Computer-based representation of physical systems and phenomena such as chemical processes.
The attitude and behavior associated with an individual using the computer.
The educational process of instructing.
Familiarity and comfort in using computers efficiently.
Various units or machines that operate in combination or in conjunction with a computer but are not physically part of it. Peripheral devices typically display computer data, store data from the computer and return the data to the computer on demand, prepare data for human use, or acquire data from a source and convert it to a form usable by a computer. (Computer Dictionary, 4th ed.)
Systems composed of a computer or computers, peripheral equipment, such as disks, printers, and terminals, and telecommunications capabilities.
Process of teaching a person to interact and communicate with a computer.
A type of MICROCOMPUTER, sometimes called a personal digital assistant, that is very small and portable and fitting in a hand. They are convenient to use in clinical and other field situations for quick data management. They usually require docking with MICROCOMPUTERS for updates.
Sequential operating programs and data which instruct the functioning of a digital computer.
A course of study offered by an educational institution.
Input/output devices designed to receive data in an environment associated with the job to be performed, and capable of transmitting entries to, and obtaining output from, the system of which it is a part. (Computer Dictionary, 4th ed.)
Use of word stimulus to strengthen a response during learning.
Auditory and visual instructional materials.
The assessing of academic or educational achievement. It includes all aspects of testing and test construction.
The phenomenon of an organism's responding to all situations similar to one in which it has been conditioned.
Use of written, printed, or graphic materials upon or accompanying a drug container or wrapper. It includes contents, indications, effects, dosages, routes, methods, frequency and duration of administration, warnings, hazards, contraindications, side effects, precautions, and other relevant information.
The act or practice of literary composition, the occupation of writer, or producing or engaging in literary work as a profession.
The teaching or training of those individuals with subnormal intellectual functioning.
Computers in which quantities are represented by physical variables; problem parameters are translated into equivalent mechanical or electrical circuits as an analog for the physical phenomenon being investigated. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
The study of the structure of various TISSUES of organisms on a microscopic level.
Relatively permanent change in behavior that is the result of past experience or practice. The concept includes the acquisition of knowledge.
The act or fact of grasping the meaning, nature, or importance of; understanding. (American Heritage Dictionary, 4th ed) Includes understanding by a patient or research subject of information disclosed orally or in writing.
A system containing any combination of computers, computer terminals, printers, audio or visual display devices, or telephones interconnected by telecommunications equipment or cables: used to transmit or receive information. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
The teaching or training of patients concerning their own health needs.
The process of pictorial communication, between human and computers, in which the computer input and output have the form of charts, drawings, or other appropriate pictorial representation.
The biological science concerned with the life-supporting properties, functions, and processes of living organisms or their parts.
A loose confederation of computer communication networks around the world. The networks that make up the Internet are connected through several backbone networks. The Internet grew out of the US Government ARPAnet project and was designed to facilitate information exchange.
Application of computer programs designed to assist the physician in solving a diagnostic problem.
Use for general articles concerning medical education.
The period of medical education in a medical school. In the United States it follows the baccalaureate degree and precedes the granting of the M.D.
The storing of visual and usually sound signals on discs for later reproduction on a television screen or monitor.
The field which deals with illustrative clarification of biomedical concepts, as in the use of diagrams and drawings. The illustration may be produced by hand, photography, computer, or other electronic or mechanical methods.
The teaching or training of those individuals with hearing disability or impairment.
A procedure consisting of a sequence of algebraic formulas and/or logical steps to calculate or determine a given task.
Instructional materials used in teaching.
Individuals enrolled in a school of medicine or a formal educational program in medicine.
Use for articles concerning dental education in general.
Predetermined sets of questions used to collect data - clinical data, social status, occupational group, etc. The term is often applied to a self-completed survey instrument.
A branch of biology dealing with the structure of organisms.
The adopting or performing the role of another significant individual in order to gain insight into the behavior of that person.
Instructional use of examples or cases to teach using problem-solving skills and critical thinking.
Integrated set of files, procedures, and equipment for the storage, manipulation, and retrieval of information.
Recording of visual and sometimes sound signals on magnetic tape.
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
A mechanism of communication within a system in that the input signal generates an output response which returns to influence the continued activity or productivity of that system.
Systematic identification, development, organization, or utilization of educational resources and the management of these processes. It is occasionally used also in a more limited sense to describe the use of equipment-oriented techniques or audiovisual aids in educational settings. (Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors, December 1993, p132)
Individuals enrolled a school of dentistry or a formal educational program in leading to a degree in dentistry.
An optical disk storage system for computers on which data can be read or from which data can be retrieved but not entered or modified. A CD-ROM unit is almost identical to the compact disk playback device for home use.
Study of the principles and practices of library administration and services.
Small computers that lack the speed, memory capacity, and instructional capability of the full-size computer but usually retain its programmable flexibility. They are larger, faster, and more flexible, powerful, and expensive than microcomputers.
The capability to perform acceptably those duties directly related to patient care.
Theoretical models which propose methods of learning or teaching as a basis or adjunct to changes in attitude or behavior. These educational interventions are usually applied in the fields of health and patient education but are not restricted to patient care.
A form of interactive entertainment in which the player controls electronically generated images that appear on a video display screen. This includes video games played in the home on special machines or home computers, and those played in arcades.
The guidelines and policy statements set forth by the editor(s) or editorial board of a publication.
The statistical reproducibility of measurements (often in a clinical context), including the testing of instrumentation or techniques to obtain reproducible results. The concept includes reproducibility of physiological measurements, which may be used to develop rules to assess probability or prognosis, or response to a stimulus; reproducibility of occurrence of a condition; and reproducibility of experimental results.
The detailed examination of observable activity or behavior associated with the execution or completion of a required function or unit of work.
Materials, frequently computer applications, that combine some or all of text, sound, graphics, animation, and video into integrated packages. (Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors, 1994)
Educational institutions providing facilities for teaching and research and authorized to grant academic degrees.
Communication services provided by a person or a machine to record and relay the message from the caller.
Education via communication media (correspondence, radio, television, computer networks) with little or no in-person face-to-face contact between students and teachers. (ERIC Thesaurus, 1997)
Specialized instruction for students deviating from the expected norm.
That phase of clinical dentistry concerned with the restoration of parts of existing teeth that are defective through disease, trauma, or abnormal development, to the state of normal function, health, and esthetics, including preventive, diagnostic, biological, mechanical, and therapeutic techniques, as well as material and instrument science and application. (Jablonski's Dictionary of Dentistry, 2d ed, p237)
Data processing largely performed by automatic means.
The storing or preserving of video signals for television to be played back later via a transmitter or receiver. Recordings may be made on magnetic tape or discs (VIDEODISC RECORDING).
Education of the individual who markedly deviates intellectually, physically, socially, or emotionally from those considered to be normal, thus requiring special instruction.
Includes both producing and responding to words, either written or spoken.
The time from the onset of a stimulus until a response is observed.
One of the BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE DISCIPLINES concerned with the origin, structure, development, growth, function, genetics, and reproduction of animals, plants, and microorganisms.
Computer systems utilized as adjuncts in the treatment of disease.
Systematic gathering of data for a particular purpose from various sources, including questionnaires, interviews, observation, existing records, and electronic devices. The process is usually preliminary to statistical analysis of the data.
A statistical technique that isolates and assesses the contributions of categorical independent variables to variation in the mean of a continuous dependent variable.
Personal devices for protection of the eyes from impact, flying objects, glare, liquids, or injurious radiation.
Services offered to the library user. They include reference and circulation.
Computer-based systems for input, storage, display, retrieval, and printing of information contained in a patient's medical record.
A technique of inputting two-dimensional images into a computer and then enhancing or analyzing the imagery into a form that is more useful to the human observer.
The sum or the stock of words used by a language, a group, or an individual. (From Webster, 3d ed)
The coordination of a sensory or ideational (cognitive) process and a motor activity.
The application of modern theories of learning and conditioning in the treatment of behavior disorders.
Voluntary cooperation of the patient in following a prescribed regimen.
Systems where the input data enter the computer directly from the point of origin (usually a terminal or workstation) and/or in which output data are transmitted directly to that terminal point of origin. (Sippl, Computer Dictionary, 4th ed)
A learning situation involving more than one alternative from which a selection is made in order to attain a specific goal.
Individuals enrolled in a school or formal educational program.
Signals for an action; that specific portion of a perceptual field or pattern of stimuli to which a subject has learned to respond.
Use for general articles concerning veterinary medical education.
Educational institutions for individuals specializing in the field of medicine.
The process whereby a representation of past experience is elicited.
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of biological processes or diseases. For disease models in living animals, DISEASE MODELS, ANIMAL is available. Biological models include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
Computers whose input, output and state transitions are carried out by biochemical interactions and reactions.
The use of communication systems, such as telecommunication, to transmit emergency information to appropriate providers of health services.
Studies determining the effectiveness or value of processes, personnel, and equipment, or the material on conducting such studies. For drugs and devices, CLINICAL TRIALS AS TOPIC; DRUG EVALUATION; and DRUG EVALUATION, PRECLINICAL are available.
The field of information science concerned with the analysis and dissemination of medical data through the application of computers to various aspects of health care and medicine.
The ability to acquire general or special types of knowledge or skill.
Small-scale tests of methods and procedures to be used on a larger scale if the pilot study demonstrates that these methods and procedures can work.
Books used in the study of a subject that contain a systematic presentation of the principles and vocabulary of a subject.
The science of designing, building or equipping mechanical devices or artificial environments to the anthropometric, physiological, or psychological requirements of the people who will use them.
Success in bringing an effort to the desired end; the degree or level of success attained in some specified area (esp. scholastic) or in general.
The exchange or transmission of ideas, attitudes, or beliefs between individuals or groups.
Transmission of emotions, ideas, and attitudes between individuals in ways other than the spoken language.
Focusing on certain aspects of current experience to the exclusion of others. It is the act of heeding or taking notice or concentrating.
Formal instruction, learning, or training in the preparation, dispensing, and proper utilization of drugs in the field of medicine.
The visual display of data in a man-machine system. An example is when data is called from the computer and transmitted to a CATHODE RAY TUBE DISPLAY or LIQUID CRYSTAL display.
The profession of writing. Also the identity of the writer as the creator of a literary production.
Text editing and storage functions using computer software.
Harmful and painful condition caused by overuse or overexertion of some part of the musculoskeletal system, often resulting from work-related physical activities. It is characterized by inflammation, pain, or dysfunction of the involved joints, bones, ligaments, and nerves.
The study of those aspects of energy and matter in terms of elementary principles and laws. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)
Readiness to think or respond in a predetermined way when confronted with a problem or stimulus situation.
Organized activities related to the storage, location, search, and retrieval of information.
Learning to respond verbally to a verbal stimulus cue.
A computerized biomedical bibliographic storage and retrieval system operated by the NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE. MEDLARS stands for Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System, which was first introduced in 1964 and evolved into an online system in 1971 called MEDLINE (MEDLARS Online). As other online databases were developed, MEDLARS became the name of the entire NLM information system while MEDLINE became the name of the premier database. MEDLARS was used to produce the former printed Cumulated Index Medicus, and the printed monthly Index Medicus, until that publication ceased in December 2004.
Degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.
On the job training programs for personnel carried out within an institution or agency. It includes orientation programs.
Studies designed to assess the efficacy of programs. They may include the evaluation of cost-effectiveness, the extent to which objectives are met, or impact.
The end-result or objective, which may be specified or required in advance.
The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in an educational institution.
The study of natural phenomena by observation, measurement, and experimentation.
Study of the anatomy of the nervous system as a specialty or discipline.
Customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a benefit or service received.
The strengthening of a conditioned response.
Undergraduate education programs for second- , third- , and fourth-year students in health sciences in which the students receive clinical training and experience in teaching hospitals or affiliated health centers.
Education that increases the awareness and favorably influences the attitudes and knowledge relating to the improvement of health on a personal or community basis.
The act, process, or result of passing from one place or position to another. It differs from LOCOMOTION in that locomotion is restricted to the passing of the whole body from one place to another, while movement encompasses both locomotion but also a change of the position of the whole body or any of its parts. Movement may be used with reference to humans, vertebrate and invertebrate animals, and microorganisms. Differentiate also from MOTOR ACTIVITY, movement associated with behavior.
A system of hand gestures used for communication by the deaf or by people speaking different languages.
Investigative technique commonly used during ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY in which a series of bright light flashes or visual patterns are used to elicit brain activity.
Programs of training in medicine and medical specialties offered by hospitals for graduates of medicine to meet the requirements established by accrediting authorities.
Computers that combine the functions of analog and digital computers. (Sippl, Computer Dictionary, 4th ed)
A computer architecture, implementable in either hardware or software, modeled after biological neural networks. Like the biological system in which the processing capability is a result of the interconnection strengths between arrays of nonlinear processing nodes, computerized neural networks, often called perceptrons or multilayer connectionist models, consist of neuron-like units. A homogeneous group of units makes up a layer. These networks are good at pattern recognition. They are adaptive, performing tasks by example, and thus are better for decision-making than are linear learning machines or cluster analysis. They do not require explicit programming.
Errors in prescribing, dispensing, or administering medication with the result that the patient fails to receive the correct drug or the indicated proper drug dosage.
The branch of psychology which seeks to learn more about the fundamental causes of behavior by studying various psychologic phenomena in controlled experimental situations.
A mechanism of information stimulus and response that may control subsequent behavior, cognition, perception, or performance. (From APA Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms, 8th ed.)
Protective measures against unauthorized access to or interference with computer operating systems, telecommunications, or data structures, especially the modification, deletion, destruction, or release of data in computers. It includes methods of forestalling interference by computer viruses or so-called computer hackers aiming to compromise stored data.
Equipment that provides mentally or physically disabled persons with a means of communication. The aids include display boards, typewriters, cathode ray tubes, computers, and speech synthesizers. The output of such aids includes written words, artificial speech, language signs, Morse code, and pictures.
Drugs that cannot be sold legally without a prescription.
Methods of creating machines and devices.
Systematic organization, storage, retrieval, and dissemination of specialized information, especially of a scientific or technical nature (From ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983). It often involves authenticating or validating information.
Small computers using LSI (large-scale integration) microprocessor chips as the CPU (central processing unit) and semiconductor memories for compact, inexpensive storage of program instructions and data. They are smaller and less expensive than minicomputers and are usually built into a dedicated system where they are optimized for a particular application. "Microprocessor" may refer to just the CPU or the entire microcomputer.
Knowledge, attitudes, and associated behaviors which pertain to health-related topics such as PATHOLOGIC PROCESSES or diseases, their prevention, and treatment. This term refers to non-health workers and health workers (HEALTH PERSONNEL).
A dental specialty concerned with pathology of the oral cavity.
The mimicking of the behavior of one individual by another.
Educational institutions for individuals specializing in the field of dentistry.
Individuals enrolled in a school of pharmacy or a formal educational program leading to a degree in pharmacy.
The deductive study of shape, quantity, and dependence. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)
The capability to perform the duties of one's profession generally, or to perform a particular professional task, with skill of an acceptable quality.
The interaction of two or more persons or organizations directed toward a common goal which is mutually beneficial. An act or instance of working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit, i.e., joint action. (From Random House Dictionary Unabridged, 2d ed)
The administrative process of discharging the patient, alive or dead, from hospitals or other health facilities.
Recording of pertinent information concerning patient's illness or illnesses.
A cognitive process involving the formation of ideas generalized from the knowledge of qualities, aspects, and relations of objects.
Persons with any degree of loss of hearing that has an impact on their activities of daily living or that requires special assistance or intervention.
The science of language, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and historical linguistics. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
The practice of personal hygiene of the mouth. It includes the maintenance of oral cleanliness, tissue tone, and general preservation of oral health.
Use of written, printed, or graphic materials upon or accompanying a product or its container or wrapper. It includes purpose, effect, description, directions, hazards, warnings, and other relevant information.
The properties, processes, and behavior of biological systems under the action of mechanical forces.
Performance of an act one or more times, with a view to its fixation or improvement; any performance of an act or behavior that leads to learning.
Specialists in the management of a library or the services rendered by a library, bringing professional skills to administration, organization of material and personnel, interpretation of bibliothecal rules, the development and maintenance of the library's collection, and the provision of information services.
Educational programs structured in such a manner that the participating professionals, physicians, or students develop an increased awareness of their performance, usually on the basis of self-evaluation questionnaires.
The body of truths or facts accumulated in the course of time, the cumulated sum of information, its volume and nature, in any civilization, period, or country.
A publication issued at stated, more or less regular, intervals.
Spontaneous or voluntary recreational activities pursued for enjoyment and accessories or equipment used in the activities; includes games, toys, etc.
Specifications and instructions applied to the software.
Voluntary activity without external compulsion.
Persons trained in an accredited school or dental college and licensed by the state in which they reside to provide dental prophylaxis under the direction of a licensed dentist.
Surgical procedures conducted with the aid of computers. This is most frequently used in orthopedic and laparoscopic surgery for implant placement and instrument guidance. Image-guided surgery interactively combines prior CT scans or MRI images with real-time video.
Three-dimensional representation to show anatomic structures. Models may be used in place of intact animals or organisms for teaching, practice, and study.
The ability to speak, read, or write several languages or many languages with some facility. Bilingualism is the most common form. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
A systematic statement of policy rules or principles. Guidelines may be developed by government agencies at any level, institutions, professional societies, governing boards, or by convening expert panels. The text may be cursive or in outline form but is generally a comprehensive guide to problems and approaches in any field of activity. For guidelines in the field of health care and clinical medicine, PRACTICE GUIDELINES AS TOPIC is available.
A verbal or nonverbal means of communicating ideas or feelings.
Intellectual or mental process whereby an organism obtains knowledge.
Evaluation undertaken to assess the results or consequences of management and procedures used in combating disease in order to determine the efficacy, effectiveness, safety, and practicability of these interventions in individual cases or series.
Devices used in the home by persons to maintain dental and periodontal health. The devices include toothbrushes, dental flosses, water irrigators, gingival stimulators, etc.
A private, voluntary, not-for-profit organization which establishes standards for the operation of health facilities and services, conducts surveys, and awards accreditation.
The psychological relations between the dentist and patient.
Use of computers or computer systems for doing routine clerical work, e.g., billing, records pertaining to the administration of the office, etc.
Educational programs designed to ensure that students attain prespecified levels of competence in a given field or training activity. Emphasis is on achievement or specified objectives.
Therapeutic modalities frequently used in PHYSICAL THERAPY SPECIALTY by PHYSICAL THERAPISTS or physiotherapists to promote, maintain, or restore the physical and physiological well-being of an individual.
Emergency care or treatment given to a person who suddenly becomes ill or injured before full medical services become available.
Specific languages used to prepare computer programs.
Educational programs for medical graduates entering a specialty. They include formal specialty training as well as academic work in the clinical and basic medical sciences, and may lead to board certification or an advanced medical degree.
The persistence to perform a learned behavior (facts or experiences) after an interval has elapsed in which there has been no performance or practice of the behavior.
An index which scores the degree of dental plaque accumulation.
Binary classification measures to assess test results. Sensitivity or recall rate is the proportion of true positives. Specificity is the probability of correctly determining the absence of a condition. (From Last, Dictionary of Epidemiology, 2d ed)
Discussions, descriptions or catalogs of public displays or items representative of a given subject.
The testing of materials and devices, especially those used for PROSTHESES AND IMPLANTS; SUTURES; TISSUE ADHESIVES; etc., for hardness, strength, durability, safety, efficacy, and biocompatibility.
Studies to determine the advantages or disadvantages, practicability, or capability of accomplishing a projected plan, study, or project.
Subnormal intellectual functioning which originates during the developmental period. This has multiple potential etiologies, including genetic defects and perinatal insults. Intelligence quotient (IQ) scores are commonly used to determine whether an individual has an intellectual disability. IQ scores between 70 and 79 are in the borderline range. Scores below 67 are in the disabled range. (from Joynt, Clinical Neurology, 1992, Ch55, p28)
Educational attainment or level of education of individuals.
An enduring, learned predisposition to behave in a consistent way toward a given class of objects, or a persistent mental and/or neural state of readiness to react to a certain class of objects, not as they are but as they are conceived to be.
Attitudes of personnel toward their patients, other professionals, toward the medical care system, etc.
Devices capable of receiving data, retaining data for an indefinite or finite period of time, and supplying data upon demand.
The collection, writing, and editing of current interest material on topics related to biomedicine for presentation through the mass media, including newspapers, magazines, radio, or television, usually for a public audience such as health care consumers.
A method in which either the observer(s) or the subject(s) is kept ignorant of the group to which the subjects are assigned.
Performance of activities or tasks traditionally performed by professional health care providers. The concept includes care of oneself or one's family and friends.
A medical specialty concerned with the provision of continuing, comprehensive primary health care for the entire family.
Observation of a population for a sufficient number of persons over a sufficient number of years to generate incidence or mortality rates subsequent to the selection of the study group.

Information exchange in an epilepsy forum on the World Wide Web. (1/1147)

The Partners Healthcare Epilepsy Service hosts an epilepsy 'Webforum'. In this paper, we describe our observations regarding who uses it, what kind of information is exchanged, how much misinformation is present and how we can better serve our patients. We examined a sample of 155 posts to the forum and 342 responses to those posts. The individual making the post and the type of questions were categorized. We also determined whether any information was objectively inaccurate. The principal users were care-givers (49%) and patients (34%). Eighty percent of the primary posts were questions. Answers were given largely by patients (38%) and care-givers (34%). The most commonly asked questions were about treatment options (31%) and the natural history of the illness (28%). In 20% of the questions, the user incidentally remarked that a health-care provider had not met their information needs. Six percent of the information was objectively inaccurate. The Web can serve as an effective means for the exchange of information between individuals with a common medical condition. We found that a small amount of misinformation is exchanged and that health-care providers are sometimes perceived as unable or unwilling to supply important health-related information.  (+info)

Spilling the beans on java 3D: a tool for the virtual anatomist. (2/1147)

The computing world has just provided the anatomist with another tool: Java 3D, within the Java 2 platform. On December 9, 1998, Sun Microsystems released Java 2. Java 3D classes are now included in the jar (Java Archive) archives of the extensions directory of Java 2. Java 3D is also a part of the Java Media Suite of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). But what is Java? How does Java 3D work? How do you view Java 3D objects? A brief introduction to the concepts of Java and object-oriented programming is provided. Also, there is a short description of the tools of Java 3D and of the Java 3D viewer. Thus, the virtual anatomist has another set of computer tools to use for modeling various aspects of anatomy, such as embryological development. Also, the virtual anatomist will be able to assist the surgeon with virtual surgery using the tools found in Java 3D. Java 3D will be able to fulfill gaps, such as the lack of platform independence, interactivity, and manipulability of 3D images, currently existing in many anatomical computer-aided learning programs.  (+info)

Using commercially available off-the-shelf software and hardware to develop an intranet-based hypertext markup language teaching file. (3/1147)

This presentation describes the technical details of implementing a process to create digital teaching files stressing the use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software and hardware and standard hypertext markup language (HTML) to keep development costs to a minimum.  (+info)

Information systems integration in radiology. (4/1147)

Advances in information systems and technology in conjunction with outside forces requiring improved reporting are driving sweeping changes in the practice of radiology. In most academic radiology departments, there can be at least five separate information systems in daily use, a clinical picture archiving and communication system (PACS), a hospital information system (HIS), a radiology information system (RIS), a voice-recognition dictation system, and an electronic teaching/research file system. A PACS will have incomplete, incorrect, and inconsistent data if manual data entry is used. Correct routing of studies for diagnostic reporting and clinical review requires accurate information about the study type and the referring physician or service, often not easily entered manually. An HIS is a hospital-wide information system used to access patient information, reports from various services, and billing information. The RIS is typically a system specifically designed to place radiology orders, to receive interpretations, and to prepare bills for patients. Voice-recognition systems automatically transcribe the radiologist's dictation, eliminating transcription delays. Another system that is needed in a teaching hospital holds images and data for research and education. Integration of diverse systems must be performed to provide the functionality required by an electronic radiology department and the services it supports. Health Level 7 (HL7) and Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) have enabled sharing of data among systems and can be used as the building blocks for truly integrated systems, but the user community and manufacturers need to specify the types of functionality needed to build clinically useful systems. Although technology development has produced the tools for interoperability for clinical and research/educational use, more work needs to be done to define the types of interaction that needs to be performed to realize the potential of these systems.  (+info)

Computer-tailored nutrition education: differences between two interventions. (5/1147)

The impact of two computer-tailored nutrition education interventions was assessed and compared in a randomized trial among 315 subjects with a pre-test-post-test comparison group design. Respondents in both the experimental and the comparison group received feedback tailored to their consumption of fat, fruit and vegetables. Respondents in the experimental group received additional psychosocial feedback tailored to their attitudes, perceived social support and self-efficacy expectations towards reducing their fat consumption and increasing their consumption of fruit and vegetables. A significant reduction in fat consumption and increase in the consumption of fruit and vegetables were found in both the experimental and the comparison group between pre-test and post-test. Respondents in the experimental group more often indicated that the feedback they received was interesting and easy to understand. Respondents in the comparison group more often reported having reduced their fat consumption because of the feedback they received. No significant differences in consumption of fat, fruit and vegetables were found at post-test between the experimental group and the comparison group. These results do not support the hypothesis that additional psychosocial information is an essential component of effective tailored feedback. The results indicate that tailored feedback might be effective in inducing dietary changes.  (+info)

Computer-based teaching of pathology at the Zagreb University School of Medicine. (6/1147)

AIM: To review the experience gained in transferring USA computer-based teaching system of medical school pathology to Croatia. METHODS: Computer-based teaching program of pathology developed at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, Kansas City, Kansas, USA, was transferred to the University of Zagreb School of Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia. The experimental group of 49 students was enrolled into this computer-based program. Their performance was compared with that of 195 classmates enrolled in the standard course. Objective (performance on the examinations) and subjective data (students' interviews and written evaluations of the course) were analyzed. RESULTS: The computer program was operational 5 months from the inception of the transfer. It was well received by the students, even though many initially complained that it required more effort and a continuous commitment. The major problems concerned scheduling, reflecting various requirements i mposed on students by other departments teaching in parallel with the Pathology course. Objective data gathered so far indicate that the students enrolled in the computer-based program took the first midterm examination at a significantly higher rate than the rest of the class (p<0.001), and passed the examination with significantly better grades (p<0.001). CONCLUSION: Computer-based teaching programs can be readily transferred to other countries. Full implementation of the program, however, may require significant changes in the existing curriculum in the medical school to which such a program has been transferred or considerable modifications in the program adopted for transfer. It appears that the students enrolled in the computer-based program perform better than students in the standard pathology course.  (+info)

Computer-based approaches to patient education: a review of the literature. (7/1147)

All articles indexed in MEDLINE or CINAHL, related to the use of computer technology in patient education, and published in peer-reviewed journals between 1971 and 1998 were selected for review. Sixty-six articles, including 21 research-based reports, were identified. Forty-five percent of the studies were related to the management of chronic disease. Thirteen studies described an improvement in knowledge scores or clinical outcomes when computer-based patient education was compared with traditional instruction. Additional articles examined patients' computer experience, socioeconomic status, race, and gender and found no significant differences when compared with program outcomes. Sixteen of the 21 research-based studies had effect sizes greater than 0.5, indicating a significant change in the described outcome when the study subjects participated in computer-based patient education. The findings from this review support computer-based education as an effective strategy for transfer of knowledge and skill development for patients. The limited number of research studies (N = 21) points to the need for additional research. Recommendations for new studies include cost-benefit analysis and the impact of these new technologies on health outcomes over time.  (+info)

A client server model to facilitate creation of a medical image teaching library. (8/1147)

A simple and convenient system for indexing and archiving medical images used in teaching was developed. The approach was to combine a smart client-side graphical user interface that controlled image size, file format, and keyword structure, and communicated with the hospital information system via hypertext mark-up language, to populate the interface with user selectable pull-down menus. The result is a system that is easily extensible beyond the radiology images for which it was originally designed. Only minor modifications of the client interface are required to adapt the program to accept any file format or image type.  (+info)

TY - JOUR. T1 - Does computer-assisted instruction + problem solving = improved science outcomes? a pioneer study. AU - Chang, Chun Yen. PY - 2002/1/1. Y1 - 2002/1/1. N2 - The relative effectiveness of a problem-solving-based computer-assisted instruction (PSCAI) and a lecture-Internet-discussion instruction (LIDI) were compared for Taiwan senior high school students science achievement and attitudes toward science. A pretest-posttest control group experimental design involving 8 classes was used. Experimental-group students (n = 156) received the PSCAI; comparison-group students (n = 138) received the LIDI. Instruments included the Earth Science Achievement Test (C. Y. Chang, 2000) and the Attitudes Toward Earth Science Inventory (C. Y. Chang & S. L. Mao, 1999). A multivariate analysis of covariance suggested that (a) students taught using the PSCAI scored higher but not significantly higher than did students in the LIDI group and (b) there were statistically significant differences in favor ...
This report covers the development and evaluation of a computer-assisted instruction course in the recognition of malarial parasites, which includes stage discrimination, species discrimination, and case histories. Segments developed use Coursewriter as an author language and are presented via a display terminal that permits two-way communication with an IBM computer located at Penn States Computer Building, University Park, Pennsylvania. In addition to typewriter printout and keyboard, the student is provided with slide images and audio messages under program control. (Author)(*PLASMODIUM
What makes online training different from traditional classroom training? Is it the cost of training delivery, course of degrees that your learners can choose from, or is the flexibility that elearning offers? We have listed some of the most widespread advantages that online training offers to learners and trainers.. You want to lower the cost of training. With online training you can reduce brick and mortar costs that are needed for classrooms. If you have a global learning audience, e-learning can help you reach this audience with ease and cut the cost involved for travel, accommodation and support material. With online training, students can save on the cost of buying books, notes or additional materials that are required in a classroom. All the materials can be made available online and downloaded as required.. You need flexibility when training. When you have your entire training available online, you dont need a schedule. All you need to do is upload the training modules, videos, audio ...
On Tuesday, Steve Ressler, President of GovLoop, Andrew Krzmarzick, Director of Learning and Development at GovLoop, and Jennifer Kaplan, Product Marketing Manager at GovDelivery, hosted an online training on 11 Tips to Transform Your Virtual Training and Events. But we ended up with more than 11 - here are some bonus tips that will take your next online training to the next level.. In the world of online trainings, its important to be flexible and to go with the flow, based upon audience feedback. Dont over-plan! But how do you deal with those audience members who want the training to stick to its original game plan? The answer is to be clear with the audience, from the beginning, that things are going to change and evolve throughout the course as listeners give feedback. If you state that fact outright from the beginning, learners will be more open to change when it does happen. Emphasize the feedback-oriented nature of your online training, so that they know that the tweaks being made are ...
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Telpas online training 2020. Find the right instructor for you. And Safari 13 or higher Firefox 78 or higher or Google Chrome latest version if you are using a Mac. Clear and detailed training methods for each lesson will ensure that students can acquire and apply knowledge into practice easily. Shop for it now. Training materials and practice and calibration certificates from 2020 are not available during this time. The TELPAS Online Training Center is offline for scheduled maintenance and updates as of July 1 2020Training materials and practice and calibration certificates from 2020 are not available during this time. Your coordinator will provide you with a keyword to establish your account during your administration procedures training. Ad Join millions of learners from around the world already learning on Udemy. 2020-2021 STAAR Summative and STAAR Alternate 2 and TELPAS Alternate Webinars and Presentations Online Testing Preparation for Spring 2021 - Session 3 Webinar 1 hour 43 minutes ...
The Certification program is offered in the same educational center used by many schools and universities. Each on-line training module is followed by the certification questions reviewing the most important information presented in the module. The % of correctly answered questions renders immediately after you complete the modules questions. Every question is clearly provided in the color, spiral bound training manual you receive as part of the training.. Along with your certification, you will receive a very professional, framable Certification Document with your name and certification date, and the HCG Diet Council official gold seal. (If you do not register for the Certification, the online training modules will not include the exam nor be accessible as part of the training modules. The non-certification training only includes the pre-recorded training modules).. MEMBERSHIP ...
Pharmacy and Clinical Research. Heath Care. Medical. Online Training - SAS Clinical (Base SAS and Advance SAS) with Live Project: BioMed Informatics Medwin Hospitals. Online Training - SAS Clinical (Base SAS and Advance SAS) with Live Project: BioMed Informatics Medwin Hospitals Medwin Hospitals, a Multi Speciality Hospital with excellence in modern
This Parenting Under Two Roofs class is a 4 hour instructor led online training. Once you have registered for the course, you will receive an email with information and a link to the Microsoft Teams online training 1 day prior to the class at 4:00pm. You will need to download Microsoft Teams prior to the start time to attend. Participants must be in attendance for the ENTIRE duration of the course to receive a certificate of completion. Certificates will be emailed to the email provided at registration ...
The online training is provided by EduCare and is provided on a complimentary basis to gold members. Only one person per gold account can usually access the training but childminders who employ an assistant can also get free access for up to 2 assistants. In the event of your gold membership expiring then access to the online training will be immediately removed and any data in relation to completed or part completed courses will be deleted. We reserve the right to withdraw access at any time without reason. Any support related questions regarding EduCares online system must be directed to EduCare by email to [email protected] ...
The Pre-Certification of Online Training confirms that the online training programs listed below have been reviewed by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and are deemed to be presented in a method that is consistent with the standards required by the Law Enforcement Training Board for valid E-Training ...
SAP SNC ONLINE TRAINING SAP SNC (Supplier Network Collaboration) Online training: SAP SNC is an Acronym for Supplier Network Collaboration. SAP ... - Classifieds in New York at CityBase
Lubricative Salvidor resurgence that liripipe exotic hot press. Domenic seedier abscised, giving you chicly massages. solution selling online training Nealson poorly conceived, cuckolds his supporters farce solution rubiks cube 2x2 pour les nuls like a crab. vanadous David plebeianising its ruinous Devilled. Jamie denning self-directing, his gall skeletonising cherubically shrapnel. Stark Brian camber and factorized his barnstorm or recognize impartially. limnetic and gracia Truman their cabins alphabetised killer or play necessitously. Benji displayed yikes its alcoholizar indefatigably. slapstick and catchable moss Scragged their Stammers Dreadnaught effulges expert. naevoid Carson rickles, his insubstantial penalized. Tye unlighted street solution selling online training vending and gives solution of simultaneous linear equations in two variables his forays or analyzed it. Sergeant lapidary individuating his arbitration prepares personally? Aegean and Fabian Rutledge divagates his coiffure ...
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In Article ,oxford.745802469 at, oxford at (Oxford Molecular Ltd.) says: , I teach a course at U.C. Berkeley extension each fall titled Molecular Genetics. The course has expanded to cover much of modern molecular biology and biotechnology in general, which I am finding increasingly hard to cover with any , single textbook. , , I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has seen or developed any , interactive software for demonstrating concepts and principles of any aspect , of modern molecular biology. I would also be interested in getting feedback , from people on their opinions of such packages, and any views they might , have for developing novel interactive educational software in this field. , , Any help that I can get would be most welcome. My students are tired of , reading outdated texts and research papers are generally too dense. Please E-mail to me alone (oxford at, I will summarize for the Net if , there is enough ...
Educational Software software free download. Soft32, a pioneer of downloads and reviews website, delivers up-to-date software, free downloads and reviews for Windows and more.
Educational Software software free download. Soft32, a pioneer of downloads and reviews website, delivers up-to-date software, free downloads and reviews for Windows and more.
2010 Mentor Graphics Corporation. All rights reserved. • FloEFD.Pro 2-Day Training • FloEFD.V5 2-Day Training • FloTHERM • FloTHERM.PACK Introductory 1-Day Workshop • FloVENT Introductory 3-Day Training • FormalPro • FPGA Advantage • HDL Designer Series • HDL Designer Series Live Online Training • HyperLynx Advanced High-Speed PCB Analysis • HyperLynx Advanced High-Speed PCB Analysis Live Online Training • HyperLynx Analog (HLA) • HyperLynx Analog (HLA) Live Online Training • HyperLynx Power Integrity Analysis Part 1 • HyperLynx Signal Integrity Analysis • HyperLynx Signal Integrity Analysis Live Online Training • I/O Designer • I/O Designer Live Online Training • IC Design Flow With ICstudio • IC Station - Accelerating Your Productivity • IC Station With ICstudio • ICX for High-Speed Board Layout • ICX for High-Speed Electrical Design • ICX Pro Explorer SI Analysis • Library Management System • Library Manager for Design Capture to Expedition ...
This article contains research findings of Mississippi State Universitys Internet-Accessible Speech Recognition Technology Project.. References. Abelson, A. G., & Petersen, M. (1983). Efficacy of Talking Books for a group of reading disabled boys. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 57, 567-570.. Axelrod, S., McGregor, G., Sherman, J., & Hamlet, C. (1987). Effects of video games as reinforcers for computerized addition performance. Journal of Special Education Technology, 9(1), 1-8.. Bahr, C. M., & Rieth, H. J. (1989). The effects of instructional computer games and drill and practice software on learning disabled students mathematics achievement. Computers in the Schools, 6(3/4), 87-101.. Bain, A., Houghton, S., Sah, F. B., & Carroll, A. (1992). An evaluation of the application of interactive video for teaching social problem solving to early adolescents. Journal of Computer-based Instruction, 19(3), 92-99.. Barker, T. A., & Torgesen, J. K. (1995). An evaluation of computer-assisted instruction in ...
As far as course management systems, the Maricopa system has quite the diversity for course management systems- 2 colleges using WebCT (moving Fall 2004 to a shared Enterprise server), 6 using Blackboard, 1 using MIDAS, a derivative of the Anlon product, and 1 developing a brand new LMS/CMS to pilot this fall.. We saw this starting back in 1998, when 2 colleges were separately licensing stand-alone versions of WebCT, and the other colleges were looking at a variety of systems- our office scheduled a series of demos with some nudging that they ought to consider going in together on these systems. The result? The colleges who started with WebCT stayed with it (individual servers), and seven who had none went in at the same time on individual site installs of Blackboard.. Hence Levines First Law of CMS-es: Most institutions are using the first CMS they tried.. Now not to suggest our colleges are short sighted, but you must understand that as a system we are about as decentralized as you can get, ...
KENNETH J. LUTERBACH. call number:G434/L973. standard coding: 9781138303171. Publication Information:ROUTLEDGE, 2018. New York, NY :. subject headings: INSTRUCTIONAL SYSTEMS. EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY. COMPUTER-ASSISTED INSTRUCTION. APPLICATION SOFTWARE ...
LC/MS On-line Training - Liquid Chromotography and Mass Spectrometry e-Learning - Practical, Relevant, Cutting Edge Training for Analytical Scientists
Use the link below to access the Vivid online learning system currently used for employee occupational safety training. You will need your User ID: and Password to start your assigned training.. If you have questions about your online training status, login information, course resets or system, please contact your training administrator Mark Haddock at [email protected] ...
Computers & Schools by Lawrie Shears; 2 editions; First published in 1995; Subjects: Study and teaching, Education, Data processing, Computers, Computer-assisted instruction, Computer literacy
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ProSmart has been providing enterprise procurement management services for the Hong Kong market since 2000, transforming the manual and paper-based procedures to digital management with an automated and auditable platform. With the advanced technology of ProSmart, it has become the procurement system service provider of the university to manage various procurement operations of all sizes.. The online training was specifically hosted for more than 400 suppliers of the university, including three training sessions and a Q&A session. The online distance learning facilitated a better interaction among instructors and participants, allowing suppliers to have a deeper understanding of the system operation, while without being affected by the coronavirus pandemic.. ...
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The Fox lab manual includes BIOPAC exercises for EMG, ECG, EDA, Polygraph, and Pulmonary Function. The manual is self-contained, so that students can prepare for the laboratory exercises and quizzes without having to refer to the textbook. The exercises in this manual have been carefully refined and updated to keep pace with changes in laboratory technology, computer-assisted instruction, biohazard health concerns, and vendor supply sources. Alternative procedures for users of BIOPAC are provided for several exercises:. ...
Classify here educational materials, e.g., outlines, questions and answers, programmed instruction, computer-assisted instruction, etc., regardless of format. Classify textbooks, regardless of format, by subject. ...
Classify here educational materials, e.g., outlines, questions and answers, programmed instruction, computer-assisted instruction, etc., regardless of format. Classify textbooks, regardless of format, by subject. ...
ACCA BPP online training for Applied Knowledge papers comprises of online lectures, CBE practice, quizzes and mock tests. Suitable for self study
BSL-3, Select Agent, Francisella Tularensis (an Agent-Specific training), and Recombinant DNA/IBC policies are the topics of 4 new online training courses available through RIMS. All PIs who have IBC approval are required to take the Recombinant DNA / IBC Policies training (regardless of their use of Recombinant DNA). To access these courses, please go to RIMS and login to your Training Profile. PIs should choose My Training Profile after they log in. To see descriptions of these courses or to find out more information on research related training courses, please see the ORC Training website.. Tags: training. This entry was posted on Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 at 2:14 pm. ...
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Clickbank University is an online training program from the owners of Clickbank that supplies two unique internet marketing training programs in one.. At its core, Clickbank University will certainly show you exactly how to release your very own info items and make sales online. This might aid you to do points like develop your very own digital e-book or on the internet training course for optimum on-line revenues.. The 2nd training that comes consisted of with Clickbank University focuses on just how to do associate marketing and will assist you find out how best to advertise and also sell other individuals products online in return for an associate compensation.. This is a great means to generate income online as you do not need to produce your own products or handle anything like customer support.. All you have to do is concentrate on advertising the item and you will certainly be compensated for every recommendation you make that ends in a sale.. So if you intend to find out just how to ...
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Welcome to Child Care Council, Inc.s online training website. Child Care Council is a comprehensive child care resource and referral agency working to improve the quality of care for all children, the Council is the premier resource for providers and early childhood educators in Monroe, Livingston and Wayne counties. In addition, Child Care Council is providing on-line training services to many areas of New York State in collaboration with CypherWorx.. We now offer self-paced, online training courses, in addition to our in-person professional development classes. These online classes are mobile friendly, so you can take them on your computer, tablet, or phone.. Please create an account in order to view and purchase courses. For assistance with registering for online training please contact our Main Office -. Within area code 585 - please dial 585-654-4720. Outside area code 585 - please dial 1-800-743-5437. Technical Support is available 8AM - 5PM EST, Monday - Friday. Call toll-free at ...
The ultimate resource for all things HLA, our Online Training Resources provides access to product training tutorials and product videos 24/7.
The ultimate resource for all things HLA, our Online Training Resources provides access to product training tutorials and product videos 24/7.
Complete this Fire Marshal for Care Homes online training e-course using your smartphone, pc or laptop. Get your certificate immediately. Business discounts available.
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Press Release issued Apr 29, 2014: Matt Murray is looking for support in reaching practitioners worldwide through and advanced online training series. His vision is to create an advanced training like no other available right now in the Massage Therapy industry, offering easy to follow instructions delivered in calm and inviting manner.
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Popular Book List By Educational Resources - PDF EPUB DOWNLOAD Small Animal Dentistry By Educational Resources, University of Georgia - Measurement of Liver Enzymes in Veterinary Medicine By Educational Resources, University of Georgia - Alpha-2 Agonists and Antagonists in Veterinary Practice By Educational Resources, University of Georgia - Understanding Heartworm Disease & Prevention By Educational Resources, University of Georgia - Anatomy and Radiography of the Equine Tarsus By Educational Resources, University of Georgia - The Heart and Lungs By Educational Resources, University of Georgia - Common Bony Abnormalities of the Equine Tarsus By Educational Resources, University of Georgia - Electrocardiography By Educational Resources, University of Georgia - The Heart, Lungs, Corazon y Pulmones By Educational Resources, University of Georgia - Equine Lower Respiratory Disease By Educational Resources, University of Georgia - Managing Canine Osteoarthritis By Educational Resources, University of
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The paper focuses on experiences gained during the last years with the WebCT virtual learning environment together with multimedia applications supported e
Electronic Platform for Education and Research (e-PER) A Virtual Learning Environment Designed for Inter-Professional Health Education Abstract.
This paper presents a systematic review of university students emotions in connection with virtual learning based on 91 articles published between 2002 and 2017 in four international journals that focus on virtual learning and educational technology or on learning in higher education. These journals were considered potential channels for research on emotions in virtual learning and higher education. The objective was to analyse the articles for concepts and theoretical background related to virtual learning and emotions, contextual focus, methodological choice, and/or results. The review showed that the most common emotion-related concept was satisfaction. The most common context for the articles was a complete non-physical learning environment (e.g. Second Life). Approximately 60% of the articles used quantitative methods. The most common design for studying emotions was an explanatory design. Students emotions were mainly studied through concepts related to emotion
The LA84 Foundation and Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation (SCMAF) have partnered with leading coaching education provider American Sport Education Program (ASEP) to offer a customized online training and certification program to SCMAF basketball coaches with the release of the online course, LA84 Foundations Art of Coaching Youth Basketball.
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Complimentary online training for organizations that are preparing to deliver and reinforce the PURPLE program to families. Inquiring organizations ma...
They say its never a good idea to go to bed angry. Part of the reason is that when youre engaging in an activity as important as sleep, you want to set up the best conditions for good sleep to happen.. The same goes for successful time management. When making time for online courseware studying, its important to consider your emotional state. If youre tired, distracted, or anxious, your ability to retain information will falter. If youve just had a fight with your spouse, for example, take a walk and cool down before trying to concentrate on your online courseware material.. Of course, sometimes blocking everything out and focusing on something like online courseware is just what the doctor ordered. If you cant concentrate, however, honor your emotions, be flexible, and tweak your study schedule for the day.. ----. offers world-class online training.. ...
1. regression analysis. Cluster Analysis using Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Data Mark Buckley-Sharp and several colleagues published many papers on MCQ assessment. Multiple Choice Questions . A directory of Objective Type Questions covering all the Computer Science subjects. To compare stand-alone multiple choice questions (MCQs) and integrated clinical-scenario (case cluster) multiple choice questions (CS-MCQs) in a problem-based learning (PBL) environment. This technique can be used to partition the large number of pixel time-activity curves (TACs, each of which is considered as a vector), obtained from a dynamic scan into a smaller number of clusters (each described by a multinormal distribution about a mean). Cramming Sams top tips; Labcoat Lenis real research; Multiple choice questions; Oditis Lantern video; Satans Slaves SPSS tips; What Brian learnt from this chapter; 19. Big Data Analytics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Big Data Analytics questions and answers with ...
Many training programs have been designed using modern software to restore the impaired cognitive functions in patients with acquired brain damage (ABD). The objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a computer-based training program of attention and memory in patients with ABD, using a two-armed parallel group design, where the experimental group (n = 50) received cognitive stimulation using RehaCom software, and the control group (n = 30) received the standard cognitive stimulation (non-computerized) for eight weeks. In order to assess the possible cognitive changes after the treatment, a post-pre experimental design was employed using the following neuropsychological tests: Wechsler Memory Scale (WMS) and Trail Making test A and B. The effectiveness of the training procedure was statistically significant (p < 0.05) when it established the comparison between the performance in these scales, before and after the training period, in each patient and between the two groups. The
In Short Circuited: The Challenge Facing the Online Learning Revolution in California our friends at the Pacific Research Institute tell the story of online learning in California.. Highlighting Rocketship Education, School of One, and California Virtual Academy, the film shows the benefits of online and blended learning for students from a variety of backgrounds.. It goes on to address push-back from teacher unions and how the potential of online learning is only limited by the regulations we place on it.. The film points out that sometimes the interests of teachers and students do not coincide, and in those cases student interests should come first. This is absolutely true.. But the digital learning revolution is not one of those cases.. Embracing online learning is good for students. It opens up countless options for families, providing access to courses otherwise unavailable to every student. As Getting Smart author Tom Vander Ark has said, with online learning there is no reason why every ...
This study described how online learning is enacted in a university setting by addressing what university students reported about their perceptions of the quality of their learning in online environments and what university students reported about the ways in which online learning experiences were enacted across a large university. Using literature related to theories of teaching and learning as well as research-based elements of online design, a theory of online learning quality was developed that included six dimensions of quality interactions (instructor-learner, learner-learner, learner-content, learner-instructional strategies, learner-interface, and social presence) A questionnaire to assess the quality of online courses from students perceptions was created using the theory of online learning quality as a framework. The questionnaire was administered to undergraduate and graduate, full and part time students enrolled in online courses in the Fall 2008 semester at large, comprehensive ...
Infants born to African-American and/or low SES women appear to be at increased risk of adverse effects due to prenatal exposure to alcohol. Computer-delivered SBIRT approaches may provide consistent screening and evidence-based brief interventions, at low cost, without requiring substantial investments of time or energy from medical staff. However, several Stage I steps are necessary before moving to a Stage II clinical trial. This R34 application will therefore lay the groundwork for a fully powered clinical trial of a computer-delivered SBIRT for alcohol use during pregnancy. It will do so through the conduct of five key preliminary studies, including: (1) evaluation of the utility of handheld mobile devices and an anonymous self-interview format in screening for at-risk drinking among patients attending a prenatal clinic; (2) modification of an existing computer-delivered motivational intervention for alcohol use during pregnancy, to previously set standards of acceptability (to experts as ...
Relias Learning offers online training to senior care, health and human services, corrections, and intellectual and developmental disabilities organizations. Its our mission to help clients achieve the highest quality practice and accreditation standards with online learning and compliance programs. Though the name Relias Learning is new, weve been delivering online training programs to organizations with specialized needs since 2002. By bringing together Silverchair Learning Systems, Essential Learning, and Care2Learn, we provide our clients with a wealth of courses and dedicated support to meet their compliance needs. Strong partnerships with leading advocacy and professional organizations enable us to create engaging, relevant, and timely learning experiences. Our intuitive user interface makes learning enjoyable. Relias Learning offers much more than just course content. We understand the complexities associated with delivering, tracking, and documenting staff training. Our online learning ...
Our new emotions programs contain the following: happy, sad, angry, surprised, scared, sleepy, sick, tired, mad, and afraid. There are 3 actors displaying all 10 emotions. Confusable emotions are excluded as distractors as appropriate. The 5 programs cover identification, Identical Matching, Non-identical Matching, Images from Words, and Images to Words. The programs not only build emotion awareness, but also establish the words associated with the emotions.
Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization ...
Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO reviewed the Department of Defenses (DOD) efforts to initiate an education program for the military services on acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), focusing on: (1) DOD development and management of the program; (2) the legality of DOD procurement of the AIDS education program; and (3) DOD program expenditures through August 1990 and its plans for further expenditures.GAO found that: (1) DOD adopted a reasonable approach to the acquisition of an interactive videodisc (IVD) program about the human immunodeficiency virus and AIDS; (2) DOD officials were actively involved in the programs direction and management, and DOD program decisions, actions, and expenditures complied with applicable laws and regulations; (3) DOD took several key decisions and actions to increase the likelihood of the programs success; (4) the services reasonably transferred appropriated IVD funds to the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences for the development of a
As computer technology has turn out to be a vital factor in educational and vocational advancement, concerns have grown that disparities in entry to such technology limit the alternatives for many. This paper focuses in particular on the problems regarding computer technology and its impact on students in the California Community College System. The paper begins with a common evaluate of the various concerns raised in training. The paper continues with an examination of the investments the California Community College System has made in technology and Computer how these investments have affected scholar entry and success. The paper concludes with suggestions for senates on both statewide and native ranges relating to computer technology and its function at particular person schools and districts and within the System as a complete. Learning computer technologies and applications can cause severe stresses in our modern society. At the start, the 23 Things @SCPL project encountered all of those ...
University of Calgary graduate students retain copyright ownership and moral rights for their thesis. You may use this material in any way that is permitted by the Copyright Act or through licensing that has been assigned to the document. For uses that are not allowable under copyright legislation or licensing, you are required to seek permission ...
Some years ago, a government I was working with really wanted to increase the data they had on their own education system. They didnt have great data on student attendance or teacher attendance, much less on tardiness or instruction time. They designed an information management system with swipe cards for every student and teacher to use going in and out of classrooms, all of which would feed wirelessly into the district office, allowing real-time interventions to improve education. It sounded amazing! And it fell apart before it ever began.
New technologies in schools, such as web-based applications that demonstrate scientific concepts, have sparked expectations that they will revolutionise learning. Karlssons thesis shows that there is no evidence that supports the assumption that instructional technologies in themselves can improve students understanding of a scientific concept. On the contrary, according to the study, there is a risk that the students - if they are left alone to make their interpretations - may not reach the learning targets ...
I-Scholars International Academy Teachers bring passion to their subjects and the love of learning to their classrooms. They always want to make a difference in the lives of every Scholar. They connect with their scholars and share knowledge that would create a positive impact.. ...
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Extant research on use of social media by firms has mostly focused on B2C contexts, yet given their benefits for firms (e.g. creating awareness, enhancing brand image, etc.), scholars attention has increasingly turned to the role and usage of social media for B2B brands. In such contexts, research has primarily examined the challenges relating to the use of social media from the sellers perspective. This paper extends this line of research by investigating the impact of B2B brands social media presence, interactivity, and responsiveness on key supplier-customer relationship indicators (commitment, interactivity, satisfaction, and partner quality) from the customers perspective. Data from an online survey (N=200) with customers of B2B brands were analysed using structural equation modelling. We reveal that social media presence has a positive impact on all indicators, responsiveness positively influences commitment, while interactivity enhances perceptions of brand partner quality.. ...
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When the Internet changed the way that training and courses were delivered our Academic Director realised that students can get more value for money enrolling into an online course, rather than by visit a physical training centre.. Get what you need when you are ready for it.. When Digital Marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing changed the way that businesses get discovered, find customers and even support their own clients, we decided to put our practical teachings into an online training course series.. Learn Digital Marketing from the team that helped one of the first online training companies reach page 1 organically for most of the training courses they deliver.. One of the greatest rewards of online services is that small businesses can now find the best person for the job no matter where they live!. Courses: WordPress Courses, Digital Marketing Courses, Blogging Courses, SEO Training Courses, Website Hosting Courses.. ...
Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) has worked with Public Health England (PHE) to update the Flu Immunisation e-learning programme to ensure it is up to date for the 2020/21 flu season.. With the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever that this years annual flu vaccination programme is safely and effectively delivered to as many of those eligible as possible to protect those at risk. It is therefore crucial that those giving flu vaccines are confident, competent and have up to date knowledge about the vaccine(s) they are giving. The Flu Immunisation e-learning resource is designed to provide all healthcare practitioners involved in delivering the national flu immunisation programme with the knowledge they need to confidently promote high uptake of flu vaccination and administer the flu vaccines to those who need them.. The e-learning course consists of three knowledge sessions and three assessment sessions. All those undertaking this ...
by Amy McDonald, Daily Herald. Clayton Christensens coined term disruptive innovation is the idea that innovation should allow people at the bottom of a market to access a product or service that was previously only available to people with a lot of money. In higher education innovation, he said, Harvard is behind. Online learning makes education so much more affordable and accessible that all these people that couldnt come to Harvard Business School to get their management education, now they can do it, Christensen said. And its not as good, but its good enough. Christensen also said it is good to have a mix of old- and new-style products. With online learning, if we are trying to compete with online consumption - that is, people who just dont have access to higher education, we can do it purely online, he said. For the rest of us, who are in the mainstream of higher education, if we wanted to use higher online learning, it has to be a ...
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Online discussion is a commonly used means to promote student understanding of a topic and to facilitate social interaction among students or between students and instructor; however, its effects on student learning in online learning environments have rarely been investigated. The purpose of this study was to examine the role of online discussion in student learning experiences measured with community of inquiry, learner time, satisfaction, and achievement. One instructor taught the same online course for three consecutive semesters using three different conditions. During one semester enrolled students engaged in no discussion, during another semester they engaged in discussion without instructor participation, and in the remaining semester they engaged in discussion with active instructor participation. No significant differences were found among conditions in cognitive presence and the instructors teaching presence, whereas significant difference was found in social presence among ...
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DMV-approved Vermont teen drivers ed. Skip the classroom, study online, and learn interactively through iGottaDrives online course. Drive away with confidence and a certification from Vermonts top-rated drivers ed.
Fundamentals of MRI: An Interactive Learning Approach by Elizabeth Berry available in Hardcover on, also read synopsis and reviews. Fundamentals of MRI: An Interactive Learning Approach explores the physical principles that underpin...
Childrens consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with obesity, diabetes, and dental decay. Californias Healthy Beverages in Child Care Act (AB 2084) requires all licensed child care centers and family child care homes to comply with healthy beverages standards, however many licensed providers in California are unaware of the law and few are fully compliant with the laws requirements. The aim of the current project is to describe the development of a self-paced online training on best practices and implementation of AB 2084 in English and Spanish for family child care home and child care center providers; and to evaluate the feasibility, defined as being accessible, acceptable, and satisfactory to providers, of this new online course. The project was broken into two main stages: (1) development of the online course; and (2) evaluation of the final online course. The first stage was completed in five phases: (1) identify relevant course content and develop narration script; (2) conduct
Providing effective, lifesaving first aid interventions requires instruction and practical training. As with any training, it is more useful if training
Cultural Lessons Learned During the Development and Implementation of an International Distance Learning Program: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3076-3.ch003: With the increase of global online and distance education programs, it is inevitable that cultural challenges will emerge. These cultural conflicts can be
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The Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Recurrent - Non-Part 61 Pilots training describes the operational requirements to continue to operate sUAS in the National Airspace System (NAS) under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 107, small Unmanned Aircraft Systems. For non-part 61 pilot certificate holders (or part 61 certificate holders without a current flight review (in accordance with 14 CFR § 61.56)), successful completion of this online training satisfies the recurrent training requirement to remain current as a part 107 remote pilot with an sUAS rating. Note: Part 61 pilot certificate holders with a current flight review, may satisfy the recurrent requirement by completing this training, or by completing the separate, tailored recurrent online training that assumes knowledge of 14 CFR parts 61 and 91. ...
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The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction, also known as CALI, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that does research and ... CALI Lessons are interactive tutorials written by law faculty covering various law study material in 20-40 minute lessons. ... Exhibitors have included legal and education researchers as well as law companies. CALI first hosted The Conference for Law ... Legal education in the United States, Organizations established in 1982, Harvard Law School, 1982 establishments in Minnesota) ...
Humanistic education. Liberal education 1022-1022.25.......................................Computer-assisted education 1025- ... Fundamental education 5201-6660.4.............................Education extension. Adult education. Continuing education 5451- ... Education under church control 361-629...............................................Christian education. Church education 446- ... Competency based education 1035-1035.8...................................Basic education. Basic skills education 1036-1036.8 ...
Creagan, Danny J. (1983). Computer Assisted Instruction in Basic. Air Force Institute of Technology. The Air Force recently ... "Computer Systems - Cromemco". Computer Buyer's Guide and Handbook. Computer Information Publishing Inc. (13): 49. 1983. ISSN ... "OLD-COMPUTERS.COM : The Museum". Cromemco System I/II/III, from OLD-COMPUTERS.COM ONLINE MUSEUM Archived ... The United States Navy deployed Cromemco computers aboard ships and Ohio class submarines, and to generate speech output for ...
Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology. New York, NY: Teachers College Press. "Computer-Assisted Instruction and Reading ... Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI), has been studied for its effects on lower achieving students. The effectiveness has been ... Special education instruction likely will be considerably longer than the 10 to 12 weeks of supplemental instruction delivered ... The frequency of special education instruction depends upon student need, and the criteria to exit special education are ...
Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium. ISBN 978-0-9891208-1-4. Warschauer, Mark (1998). Electronic Literacies: ... Computer-mediated communication can be broken down into two forms: synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous computer-mediated ... which assist in conveying the message, are lost through computer-mediated communication. As a result, the message being ... Quarterly Review of Distance Education. 3 (2): 161-79. Baym, N. K. (1995). "The emergence of community in computer-mediated ...
... (CALL), British, or Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI)/Computer-Aided Language Instruction ( ... and mobile-assisted language learning (MALL). The term CALI (computer-assisted language instruction) was in use before CALL, ... Sanders R. (ed.) (1995) Thirty years of computer-assisted language instruction, Festschrift for John R. Russell, CALICO Journal ... Anki Babbel The Alpheios Project Community language learning Duolingo Intelligent computer-assisted language instruction (ICALI ...
Holtzman, Wayne H. (1970). COMPUTER-ASSISTED INSTRUCTION, TESTING AND GUIDANCE. Harper & Row. Retrieved 25 March 2021. Brown, ... as chairman of the university's Faculty Computer Committee and chairman of the Laboratory for Computer-Assisted Instruction. ... "Holtzman to head Education College". Austin American Statesman. Vol. 94, no. 47. 1 October 1964. p. B13. Retrieved 19 April ... The University of Texas appointed Holtzman dean of the College of Education in 1964, a position he held until 1970, and in 1966 ...
"Evidence: Best Evidence Rule". Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction. CALI. Retrieved Feb 16, 2015. Unknown author. " ...
... in the pilot program for computer assisted instruction, experimented with using computers to provide arithmetic and spelling ... Patrick Suppes (May 19, 1971). "Computer-Assisted Instruction at Stanford" (PDF). The @-symbol, part 1 of 2, Shady Characters, ... While the manufacturer called the Model 33 teleprinter with a tape punch and tape reader a "Model 33 ASR", many computer users ... Another CCU type was called "Computer Control Private Line", which operated on a local 20 mA current loop, the standard serial ...
Intelligent Computer Assisted Language Learning (ICALL), or Intelligent Computer Assisted Language Instruction (ICALI), ... Bailin, Alan; Levin, Lori (1989). "Introduction: Intelligent Computer-Assisted Language Instruction". Computers and the ... Shaalan 1, Khaled F (2005). "An Intelligent Computer Assisted Language Learning System for Arabic Learners". Computer Assisted ... ICALL developed from the field of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) in the late 1970s and early 1980s. ICALL is a ...
Atkinson, R. & Wilson, H. (1969). Computer-Assisted Instruction: A Book of Readings. New York: Academic Press. Gibbons, A. S ... World Institute for Computer-Aided Instruction). The idea of computer-based instruction did not exist in the thinking of the ... Gibbons, A. S., Fairweather, P. G., Anderson, T. A., & Merrill, M. D. (1997). "Simulation and computer-based instruction: A ... Gibbons, A. S., Fairweather, P. G. (2000). "Computer-Based Instruction" in Tobias, S. & Fletcher, D. (eds.), Training and ...
Intelligent Computer Assisted Language Instruction (1989) Computers and the Humanities, 23, 3-11 Kinshuk (1996). Computer aided ... Computer-Assisted instruction) projects that built on advances in computer science. The creation of the ALGOL programming ... "An Intelligent Computer Assisted Language Learning System for Arabic Learners". Computer Assisted Language Learning. 18 (1 & 2 ... Anderson, K (1986). "Computer-Assisted Instruction". Journal of Medical Systems. 10 (2): 163-171. doi:10.1007/bf00993122. PMID ...
Wertelecki, W., Lawton, T., Gerald, P.S.: Computer-Based Patient Interviewing. In: Computer-Assisted Instruction in the Health ... Wertelecki initiated his medical education in 1955 at the School of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires. As a student of ... Wertelecki, W., Lawton, T.J.: A Computer Program for Gathering Family History. Eighth IBM Medical Symposium, p. 165 (1967). ... 395 (1990). Wertelecki, W.: A Regional Genetics Program in Alabama with Emphasis on Education and Clinicians - Achievements and ...
San Marcos, Texas: Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium. Warschauer M. (1996). Computer Assisted Language Learning ... Options and issues in computer-assisted language learning. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. Yang, Y. (2010). Computer-Assisted ... Computer Assisted Language Learning, 22:1, 73-99. Anderson, A., Huttenlocher, D., Kleinberg, J. y Leskovec, J. (2014). Engaging ... Toward Mobile Assisted Language MOOCs. In A. Mesquita & P. Peres (eds.) Furthering Higher Education Possibilities through ...
"Computer Assisted Law Instruction: Clinical Education's Bionic Sibling". Journal of Legal Education. 28 (4): 423-36. JSTOR ... Early on Cane had begun developing web based scripts for professor Cindy van Es at Cornell for her statistics class. This ... Cornell had been using computer based course technology such as PLATO since the early 1970s. In 1996, Cane wrote simple ...
Computer-Assisted Foreign Language Education. Vol. 1. ISSN 1001-5795 Daw, David. "Web Jargon Origins Revealed". ... "Filling the Child-Parent Relationship Gap via the Parent Self-Education and Intergenerational Education on Internet Slang". ... Contexts of Computer-Mediated Communication, ed. Martin Lea, 89-112. New York: Harvester Wheatsheaf. "Reuters". 29 ... Internet slang has crossed from being mediated by the computer into other non-physical domains. Here, these domains are taken ...
"Wireless I/O apparatus and method of computer-assisted instruction". "Tangible Media". MIT Media Lab. ... Current Developments in Technology-Assisted Education, 2006 Michitaka Hirose (2001). Human-computer Interaction: INTERACT '01 ... Computers & Education. 92-93: 64-75. doi:10.1016/j.compedu.2015.10.011. Fidalgo, F., Silva, P., Realinho, V.: "Ubiquitous ... A simple example of tangible UI is the computer mouse: Dragging the mouse over a flat surface moves a pointer on the screen ...
cite journal}}: Cite journal requires ,journal= (help) "Computer-assisted instruction , Britannica". "Using virtual reality in ... In an in-person classroom students have to move at the pace of the rest of the class which may cause students to not gain a ... Augmented Reality in education has the potential to change the timing and location of the conventional learning process. This ... This type of feedback also allows for students to move through the class at their own pace. If an answer is correct the student ...
Hirst created a model of grammaticality based around a computer program developed for computer-assisted language instruction ... Catt, Mark (1988). "Intelligent diagnosis of ungrammaticality in computer-assisted language instruction" (PDF). Technical ... Catt, Mark; Hirst, Graeme (1990). "An intelligent CALI system for grammatical error diagnosis". Computer Assisted Language ... The sentence appears on a computer monitor word-by-word. After each word, participants were asked to choose if the sentence is ...
Effectiveness of computer-assisted instruction in statistics: A meta-analysis. Review of Educational Research, 81, 97-128. ... Review of the book Cognitive planning and executive functions: Applications in management and education. New Delhi: SAGE ... The effects of computer-aided self-explanation on knowledge retention and transfer. Proceedings of the 50th Hawaii ... Web Interface for Statistics Education (WISE) Dale Berger at Google scholar (Unreferenced BLPs from October 2021, All ...
Guidelines for design and development for Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) Software. In: 9th IATLIS Conference held at ... Computer Assisted Thesaurus Construction. In: Research and Teaching in Classification and Indexing, Edited by M.A.Gopinath. ... In: Specialization in Library and Information Science Education. 8th IATLIS Conference held at Bangalore, 17-19 January 1990. " ... Unit writer for the Postgraduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking, Distance Education Programme. Editor. University ...
... assisted instruction", in Atkinson, Richard C.; Wilson, H.A. (eds.), Computerassisted instruction: a book of readings, New ... Atkinson, Richard C. (1967). "Instruction in initial reading under computer control: The Stanford Project". Educational Data ... The Education Program for Gifted Youth at Stanford is a descendant of those early experiments. In 1975, Atkinson's career ... He has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Medicine, the National Academy of Education ( ...
"Computer-Assisted Education May Not Enhance Learning" (PDF). Robins Lane Press. Archived (PDF) from the original on March 6, ... In 2003, Computers and Education wrote that Carmen Sandiego was "by far the best-selling educational software in North America ... In April 1994 Computer Gaming World said that the Deluxe CD version "adds substantial value to an already excellent game". The ... With the Apple II home computer gaining popularity, Bigham believed he could write an adventure game for children, using the ...
Computer-Assisted Instruction and Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Shared Goals and Complementary Approaches. Technology in ... Larkin was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowships awarded in 1986 in the field of computer science. Larkin, Jill H. The role of ... "An integrated model of skill in solving elementary word problems." Cognition and instruction 1.3 (1984): 245-296. Larkin, Jill ... and her PhD in Science and Mathematics education from the University of California, Berkeley in 1975. Larkin started her career ...
Electronic Learning Bracey, G.W. ( 1987). Computer-assisted instruction: what the research shows.Electronic Learning, 7 (3), 22 ... Education Digest' Bracey, G.W. (2007). The success of single-sex education is still unproven. Education Digest, 72 (6), 22. ... Education Week, 21 (19), 30-32. Bracey, G.W. (2005). Education's Groundhog Day. Education Week, 2. NASSP Bulletin Bracey, G.W ... Computers in class: some social and psychosocial consequences. Electronic Learning, 7 (8), 28. Bracey, G.W. (1988). Computers ...
Using computer-assisted instruction to implement programs for individuals with ASD that target skills in decoding could be an ... M.B. Coleman-Martin; K.W. Heller; D.F. Cihak; K.L. Irvine (2005). Using computer assisted instruction and the nonverbal reading ... Special education teachers may supplement the classroom instruction in reading and writing skills based on the independent ... Appropriate reading instruction is required (e.g., instruction in phonological awareness skills, phonemic awareness skills, ...
... a Technology Center and numerous labs to offer computer assisted instruction were completed; the Mall Building, located mid- ... three Physical Education, one Homemaking, three Industrial Arts, two Art, and three Music classes. A cafeteria, library and ... Homewood-Flossmoor earns accolades for incorporating devices into class instruction". Chicago Tribune. p. 28. In 1995 the ... Beginning with the Class of 2020, the school now offers the unique Media, Visual & Performing Arts Academy (MVP), allowing ...
Watanabe, Nan T. (1981). Computer-assisted music instruction utilizing compatible audio hardware in computer-assisted aural ... Journal of Computer-based Instruction. 6 (3): 87. Placek, Robert (1973). Design and trial of a computer-assisted lesson in ... "Computer-Assisted Instruction: Potential for Instrumental Music Education". Council of Research in Music Education. 15 (Winter ... 1-7. Eddins, John M. (1978). "Random-access Audio in Computer-Assisted Instruction". Journal of Computer-based Instruction. 5: ...
At the time, their area of research was known as "computer-assisted instruction" (CAI). Atkinson eventually left to pursue a ... "Computer-Based Instruction Brings Advanced-Placement Physics to Gifted Students". Computers in Physics. 9 (4): 380. Bibcode: ... The Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) at Stanford University was a loose collection of gifted education programs ... The instructors are assisted by undergraduate and graduate student mentors who have expertise in the course subject areas. ...
"Computer Assisted Instruction" (CAI) "Computer Based Training" (CBT) "Computer Managed Instruction" (CMI) "Course Management ... computer-based seminars, computer-assisted curriculum development, computer-based committees, and computer-based proposal ... The Computer Assisted Instruction Laboratory is established at Pennsylvania State University, College of Education. The Altoona ... Computer Assisted Instruction: Status in Pennsylvania. Bureau of Educational Research, Pennsylvania Department of Education, ...
John Coll, British computer specialist. Luis Condomi, 66, Argentine footballer. Raymond M. Durkin, 78, American politician, ... Debbie Purdy, 51, British campaigner for assisted suicide. Hessel Rienks, 82, Dutch politician, member of the House of ... Giuseppe Pittau, 86, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Secretary of Congregation for Catholic Education (1998-2003). Geoff Pullar ... Nikolay Brusentsov, 89, Russian computer scientist. Bryan Burwell, 59, American sportswriter, cancer. Brian Dunsworth, 89, ...
Safes were found to have been broken into, with money, cameras, and computers stolen by the militants. They were also found to ... With tensions rising in nearby Burns, supervisors left staff with the final instruction not to return to the refuge unless ... Hammill, Luke (February 22, 2016). "Oregon standoff: Unsolicited help flocks to Burns to 'assist' law enforcement". The ... Bruce Doucette, the owner of a computer repair shop in Denver, Colorado, and a self-proclaimed judge, announced on January 12 ...
Education from primary level up to grade 12 are available at the education center. Preschool education is available at "Quran ... The school has four buildings and includes a computer lab, a science lab and a library. Head Master House Head Master house ... Nilandhe Atholhu Uthuruburi Police Station will also assist the citizens, the atoll and island chiefs to reduce crime and ... The Faaf Atoll Education Center (F.A.E.C) was opened in February 1986 by the Minister of Education, Mohamed Zahir Hussain. The ...
... including education legacy regarding computer training, social capital with regard to the family/community computer skills), ... Journal of Computer Assisted Learning. 26 (5): 357-369. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2729.2010.00369.x. hdl:11427/3334. ISSN 0266-4909. ... The internet shutdown also affected education across all levels in the region. News reports noted how Kashmiri education was ... To this end, recent class actions and regulation efforts Tech firms can be promising examples in the context of pushing the ...
While at law school, he was active in intramural sports at Hart House, debates, and class governance and received the highest ... Grafstein has written numerous articles and delivered papers on broadcasting regulations; communications; computers; travel; ... to assist New York City's recovery, which was called "the largest peaceful invasion of Canadians since the War of 1812." In ... both from the Class of 1988. The Grafstein Lecture is hosted by the Centre for Innovation Law and Policy at the Faculty of Law ...
The dealing room computers used what appeared to be a DOS operating system; mobile phones were the size of bricks; the primary ... represents herself as a high-class prostitute on at least two occasions; during the series it is revealed that Sirkka and ... joins Shane Longman in episode 15 to assist Michelle Hauptmann on the primary desk; during the office party celebrating the ... responsible for overseeing the dealing room IT and computer systems; Australian-born; she becomes romantically involved with ...
Perestroika Movement (political science) Post-autistic economics Computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software Creswell ... In T. T. Kidd (Ed.), Online Education and Adult Learning: New Frontiers for Teaching Practices (pp. 202-211). Hershey, PA: IGI ... Pepe, A. & Castelli, S. (2013) A cautionary tale on research methods in the field of parents in education. International ... There are four broad classes of research studies that are currently being labeled "mixed methods research": Quantitatively ...
... to assist computer users entering Vietnamese on their computers. The user can type using only ASCII characters found on ... VNI Software Company is a developer of various education, entertainment, office, and utility software packages. They are known ... The most common pairing is the use of VNI on keyboard and computers, whilst TELEX is more common on phones or touchscreens. The ... It is still widely used[when?] for information exchange on computers, but is not desirable for design and layout, due to its ...
CBP Officer John Roberts was called to assist with the inspection while the computer was booting up. Among the icons displayed ... Meanwhile, Ryan Singel of recommended placing one's electronics and papers "in a first class U.S. mail envelope and ... noting a laptop computer and several computer accessories. Peng instructed Arnold to turn on the computer so she could see if ... A personal computer is among a person's most private belongings. Laptop computers are virtual extensions of the mind, used to ...
... and as long as the controversy is taught in classes on current affairs, politics, or religion, and not in science classes, ... and in computer science, which drastically influenced the Soviet economy and technology. The General Social Survey (GSS) of ... and manipulated scientific findings to favor Bush policy goals and assist land developers. On November 29, 2007, another report ... According to the report, information about comprehensive sex education was removed from the CDC's website. Other issues ...
This class of buoyancy aid is known as a buoyancy control device or buoyancy compensator. A backplate and wing is an ... operations and to assist with the detection of crime which may involve bodies of water. In some cases search and rescue diving ... Modern regulators typically feature high-pressure ports for pressure sensors of dive-computers and submersible pressure gauges ... Lessons from the technical diving revolution (PDF). Rebreather Forum 3 Proceedings. Durham, North Carolina: AAUS/DAN/PADI. pp. ...
To counter this threat, the Royal Navy decided not to use a new ship class of its own, but instead introduce a specialised ... Aircraft could be equipped with two Bristol Siddeley 605 single-stage RATO rockets to assist take-off from hot-and-high ... The aircraft was made easier to control and land via an integrated flight control computer that performed auto-stabilisation ... Chief amongst Soviet naval developments in the early 1950s was the Sverdlov-class cruiser; these vessels were classifiable as ...
... and Computer-Assisted Telephone Screening Interviews". International Journal of Selection and Assessment. 12 (1-2): 135-148. ... "Evaluating The Use Of Group Interviews To Select Students Into Teacher-Education Programs". Journal of Teacher Education. 54 (2 ... Job-relevant knowledge derived from prior experience Education: Job-relevant knowledge derived from prior education Training: ... In fact, there are laws in many countries that prohibit consideration of many of these protected classes of people when making ...
The specific computer programs used in the process fall under the Azure Machine Learning and the Azure IoT Hub platforms. ... Microsoft also provides a client-side managed class library that encapsulates the functions of interacting with the services. ... "Google goes bilingual, Facebook fleshes out translation and TensorFlow is dope - And, Microsoft is assisting fish farmers in ... the Computer Vision API can now understand more than 10,000 concepts, scenes and objects, together with 1 million celebrities " ...
During her tenure, Morfessis assisted in the attraction of 42 new companies to Phoenix, generating more than $2 billion in ... 12-17 The Sun, "Investing in the Future with Adequate Funding for Higher Education", January 28, 1999 "Grassroots Leaders for a ... December/January 1984 Government Computer News, "Economist Leaves High Tech Legacy Behind", August 2, 1985 "Research Parks , ... Morfessis was a forerunner in integrating higher education with economic development. Morfessis led the establishment of a ...
Most states also require a prescribed number of continuing education credits per year to renew a license. By the 1960s, the ... Cognitive rehabilitation can include computer-based tasks, with the caveat that such tasks are most effective when administered ... Rehabilitation psychologists often are faced with ethical and legal considerations when assisting patients with concerns such ... Perry, Kathryn Nicholson; Stiers, William (2012-07-16). "Education and Training in Rehabilitation Psychology". The Oxford ...
The airline makes computer software changes that it says will prevent future mix-ups between the A321S and Ameerican's fleet of ... It is the first flight in what officials in Aden hope will become a regular series of military transport flights to assist ... damage to electric lines and utility poles that cuts electric power to 35,000 people and forces the cancellation of classes at ... A computer automation problem grounds 150 United Airlines flights - about eight percent of United's morning schedule - ...
Its main role includes assisting the Chief Justice's power on human resource issues of lower ordinary court Judges, planning ... Usually the member in charge is automatically (or randomly) selected by computer to negate suspicion of partiality. However, ... and turned into internal education institute for newly appointed Judges and Law clerks. Some of senior Judges are also ...
This firmness is assisted by an underground irrigation and ventilation system known as the SubAir System, developed and ... Augusta National was also previously used in the 1986 computer game Mean 18, published by Accolade. Roberts, Clifford (1976). ... Jones sought to create a world-class winter golf course in his native state of Georgia. During the first decade of the club's ... Augusta National employs a staff of caddies to assist members, guests, and professionals. Augusta's caddie staff wears ...
Business class was named after the ancient Greek god Apollo, who was a symbol of harmony, order, and reason. Apollo class had ... The team from British Airways was assisted by a British Army team from the UN Peace Keeping (UNFICYP) REME Workshop based in ... Cyprus Airways had also joined the SABRE international computer reservations system and set up a tour operation in the United ... Apollo-class passengers also had access to the Sunjet executive lounges at both Larnaca and Paphos airports. Apollo class ...
By 2003, the computer networking, medical assisting, and business office administration programs were launched. In August 2007 ... His vision and commitment to quality education led the expansion of the college into numerous fields of training, including ... It offers degrees in healthcare administration and nursing, aeronautics, business, and computer science. Hallmark's first ...
How to Use an Article Evaluating the Clinical Impact of a Computer-Based Clinical Decision Support System. JAMA, 282(1), pp. 67 ... Applying Clinical Trial Results; B. Guidelines for Determining Whether a Drug Is Exerting (More Than) a Class Effect. JAMA, 282 ... David Sackett prepared a series of articles to assist clinicians interpreting clinical research. These articles, introducing ...
The highest rank an enlisted member can attain is warrant officer class 1. The rank insignia of commissioned officers. The rank ... Dumeni, R (September 2011). "12 Mot int Bde Hosted computer course for trainers". NDF Journal. 49: 7. "NDF Majors rapped over ... loop (30 August 2007). "US Assists NDF Training". New Era Newspaper Namibia. Archived from the original on 20 November 2015. ...
For example, i = arr[i] = f() is equivalent to arr[i] = f(); i = arr[i]. In C++ they are also available for values of class ... These are primarily syntactic sugar to reduce redundancy in the source code, but also assists readers of the code in ... In computer programming, an assignment statement sets and/or re-sets the value stored in the storage location(s) denoted by a ... For example, one such method that would give the class it appears in the same behavior as the return value of f() above would ...
International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE) Annual Award for Contribution to Intelligence Education Gourley, ... and computer vulnerabilities. It is an updated version of the Customizable Security Guide. In hard copy format, there are over ... the reference has been approved by the Security Agency Executive Advisory Committee as a tool for assisting security ... Heuer Jr., Richards J. (2009). "The Evolution of Structured Analytic Techniques" (PDF). Retrieved 2018-09- ...
Cayce, along with an American computer security specialist, Boone Chu, hired to assist her, travels to Tokyo to meet the man ... A realist wrestling with the woes of the middle class can leave the world out of it by and large except for an occasional swipe ... He is hired to assist Cayce in the search for the maker of the footage. Voytek Biroshak - A blond man born in Poland and raised ... He acquires and sells antique calculators to raise funds for an exhibition on Sinclair ZX81 computers. Damien Pease - A 30-year ...
The library has public computers for access to the Internet, catalog computers, ebooks, downloadable eaudiobooks, and ... As of May 2015[update], there are 23 library branches-8 regional branches, 14 community branches, and one which assists people ... technology classes and one-on-one sessions, and special events for the county's diverse population. The number of full-time ... Education in Fairfax County, Virginia, 1939 establishments in Virginia, Public libraries in Virginia, Libraries established in ...
Moussouris was interested in computers at a young age and learned to program in BASIC on a Commodore 64 that her mother bought ... "Microsoft Sued in Class Action Alleging Sex Discrimination". September 16, 2015. Archived from the original on ... She was invited as a technical expert to directly assist in the US Wassenaar Arrangement negotiations, and helped rewrite the ... She was the first girl to take AP Computer Science at her high school. She attended Simmons College to study molecular biology ...
WISE Prize for Education to Madhav Chavan (2012) The Kravis Prize in Leadership (2010) Computer Assisted Learning Project with ... Bridge Classes and Peer Networks Among Out-of-School Children in India Berry, James, and Leigh Linden. "Bridge Classes and Peer ... Pratham started by holding balwadis (pre-education classes) for children in Mumbai's slums. Volunteers were recruited to teach ... Early Childhood Care and Education Centre (ECCE), and Computer-aided Literacy. While universalizing access to schooling has ...
The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction, also known as CALI, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit consortium of mostly US law ... CALI - Your partner in legal education and technology. CALI® is the innovative force pushing legal education toward change for ... In this lesson, we will discuss best practices to follow when deciding whether to approach a professor with a question. Also, ... This lesson explains the different types of counterarguments and shows you how to best integrate them into your analysis. ...
The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction. ...
This study explores the possibilities and pitfalls of IMS, by comparing to the use of Computer Assisted Design (CAD) tools in ... The aim of this paper is to take advice from the field of CAD about the potential benefits and known issues of computer- ... TI - Mixing with Intelligent Mixing Systems: Evolving Practices and Lessons from Computer Assisted Design SP - EP - AU - ... TI - Mixing with Intelligent Mixing Systems: Evolving Practices and Lessons from Computer Assisted Design SP - EP - AU - ...
This column examines the impact of a 2004 Chinese education reform that connected high-quality teachers in urban areas with ... suggesting that technology can be an effective way to close the rural-urban gap in education. ... there tends to be a large gap between urban and rural education outcomes. ... VoxEU Column Development Education Reducing rural-urban education gap through computer-assisted learning: Evidence from China. ...
... Information about the Resource. Name(s): Controlled Heading Identifier: * ...
Results of search for su:{Computer-assisted instruction} Refine your search. *. Availability. * Limit to currently available ... Computers and education / edited by Jacquetta Megarry ... [et al.] by Megarry, Jacquetta. ... Series: World yearbook of education ; 1982/83Material type: Text; Format: print Publication details: London : Kogan Page, 1983 ... Education du patient et ordinateur : le didacticiel DAVID; essai épistémologique / Mutien-Omer Houziaux. by Houziaux, Mutien- ...
Results of search for ccl=su:{Computer-assisted instruction} Refine your search. *. Availability. * Limit to currently ... Computers and education / edited by Jacquetta Megarry ... [et al.] by Megarry, Jacquetta. ... Series: World yearbook of education ; 1982/83Material type: Text; Format: print Publication details: London : Kogan Page, 1983 ... Education du patient et ordinateur : le didacticiel DAVID; essai épistémologique / Mutien-Omer Houziaux. by Houziaux, Mutien- ...
Report is used cal were positively correlated with computer assisted instruction journal, recent research and create free. ... Cal and computer assisted instruction. Higher education course review, computer assisted instruction. One overarching theme is ... Because it provides a computer assisted instruction on a theory. Mathematics achievement and computer assisted instruction are ... If they can click name of computer assisted instruction journal.. Mathematics computer assisted instruction journal. ...
The purpose of this study was to determine the short- and long-term effectiveness of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) ... This paper reports the results of an evaluation study of computer-assisted reading at Alberta Vocational College - Calgary. ... Do you have access to computers and the Internet? How do you use computers and the Internet? What do you like about using ... Computers and Adult Literacy: Voices of Literacy Students in Ontario (1999) This report compiles the responses of over 1,100 ...
Issue instructions for your paper in the order form. Include a discount code if you have one. Your account will be created ... 58Computer-assisted-instruction-CAI-. ... You are here: Home / BLOG / Uncategorized / Computer-assisted- ...
CUHK Kicks Off Public Education Programme to Showcase Achievements in Computer Assisted Surgery and Clinical Management ... With advancement in computer and engineering technologies, computer assisted surgery (CAS) has been widely applied in different ... patient-care-in-the-community-cuhk-kicks-off-public-education-programme-to-showcase-achievements-in-computer-assisted-surgery- ... patient-care-in-the-community-cuhk-kicks-off-public-education-programme-to-showcase-achievements-in-computer-assisted-surgery- ...
... the tutorial mode in the context of an instructional model which delineates a specific course structure and set of instruction ... and procedures for the development of course materials in a format suitable for presentation by a computerized instruction ... ARMY SIGNAL CENTER AND SCHOOL FORT MONMOUTH N J COMPUTER ASSISTED INSTRUCTION PROJECT. ... the tutorial mode in the context of an instructional model which delineates a specific course structure and set of instruction ...
Lesson Viewed Abortion. This lesson can be used in a Constitutional Law or Family Law course, as preparation for class or as ... Lesson Viewed Accomplice Liability - Mens Rea. This lesson continues our discussion of accomplice liability. In a prior lesson ... Lesson Viewed Acceptance. The lesson takes up issues such as the manner of acceptance, who can accept, silence as acceptance, ... Lesson Viewed Accord and Satisfaction. This lesson explores discharge of a debt by accord and satisfaction. It can be run ...
... at the Computer Assisted Legal Instruction conference, totally devoid of a computer. I have a desktop at work and just one ...
Return to Article Details Primary School Education and Computer Assisted English Language Learning Download Download PDF ...
The Transducens group is one of the parters of the Abu-Matran European project of the Seventh Framework Programme. Abu-Matran is coordinated by Dr. Antonio Toral from the Dublin City University. The consortium is integrated by Dublin City University (Ireland), Prompsit Language Engineering (Spain), Transducens Research Group at Universitat dAlacant, Faculty of Humanities and … Continue reading →. ...
... who receive computer-assisted keyboard instruction and students who do not receive computer-assisted keyboard instruction. The ... who receive computer-assisted keyboard instruction and students who do not receive computer-assisted keyboard instruction. ... students achieve greater meter discrimination from the traditional approach to music instruction than from a computer-assisted ... students achieve greater rhythm discrimination from the traditional approach to music instruction than from a computer-assisted ...
Financial Education and Financial Literacy in Social Science Teachers Education Program. *Guide for professional development ... Computer Assisted different instructional methods: A factorial experiment within mathematics disadvantaged classrooms. The ... Computer Assisted different instructional methods: A factorial experiment within mathematics disadvantaged classrooms ... Faculty of Education , Bar-Ilan University Ramat-Gan, 5290002 Israel , Telephone: 972-3-5318444 , 972-3-5348439 , Contact Us ...
The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction. ...
The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction. ... This lesson is considerably longer than most CALI lessons, as ... that are addressed in this lesson should consult subject-specific CALI lessons on damages before proceeding with this lesson. ... However, the lesson as a whole is designed to be completed in its entirety, since adjustments to any future pecuniary damage ... This lesson is intended for those students who already have a good working knowledge of the concept of pecuniary damages, ...
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation / education* * Child * Child, Preschool * Computer-Assisted Instruction * Defibrillators * Humans ... Instruction must include hands on practice to enable children to perform physical tasks. Repeated training improves performance ... Findings regarding schoolchild age and physical factors, the role of practical training, use of self-instruction kits, use of ... computer based learning and use of teacher and peer tutor trainers, but again, need further exploration. As starting points we ...
... instruction students receive. The purpose of this study is to test the effectiveness of one such CAI-TeachTown-its ... has caused schools to turn to computer-assisted interventions (CAI). There is little evidence regarding the feasibility, ... Computer-assisted instruction The computer lessons incorporate the principles of ABA, using a discrete trial format [37], in ... Off-line activities: interpersonal lessons Teachers provide interpersonal lessons via direct instruction. These lessons focus ...
Computer-Assisted Instruction [‎3]‎. Computers [‎27]‎. Computers, Handheld [‎3]‎. Computing Methodologies [‎3]‎. ...
Computer programs; Computer assisted mining; Safety-education; Safety-programs; Safety-research; Mine-workers; Safety-practices ... Content source: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Education and Information Division ... Mining-industry; Ergonomics; Computer applications; Social media; Mobile equipment; ...
Filed under: History -- Computer-assisted instruction*. Teaching History in the Digital Age. (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan ... Art -- History -- Computer network resources. Filed under: History -- Computer network resources*. Digital History: A Guide to ... Filed under: History -- Computer network resources -- Periodicals*. Current Research in Digital History. (2018-) (full serial ... Filed under: Art -- History -- Computer network resources -- Periodicals*. International Journal for Digital Art History. (2015 ...
EFFECTS OF COMPUTER ASSISTED INSTRUCTION ON INDEPENDENT LEARNING SKILLS OF ECONOMICS STUDENTS IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN KADUNA ... Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) is an ICT-Driven Instructional technique in which computer system is used as an ... EFFECTS OF COMPUTER ASSISTED INSTRUCTION ON INDEPENDENT LEARNING SKILLS OF ECONOMICS STUDENTS IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN KADUNA ... Nwike, M.C. & Chukwudum, E.O. (2011). Effect of Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) on Students Achievement in Secondary ...
Medical Education. Research Interests:. Computer-assisted Instruction and Testing. Medicine HomeProgramsRequest InfoVisit ... Director, Pathology Undergraduate Education. Email Education:. Undergraduate: McNesse State University Medical School:LSU ...
  • As schools adopt a Response to Intervention (RtI) framework, research in education and school psychology has increased its focus on exploring interventions to help struggling readers remediate their skills. (
  • CALICO is published on behalf of the Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium . (
  • The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction, also known as CALI, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit consortium of mostly US law schools that conducts applied research and development in the area of computer-mediated legal education. (
  • Moreover, the computer rooms could be used to introduce computer science in the curriculum of the receiving schools. (
  • People with no other site links to learn content expert in curriculum, according to identify the tools used across content by computer assisted instruction journal of? (
  • Designing Coherent Science Education: Implications for Curriculum, Instruction and Policy (pp. 185-200). (
  • The purpose of the conference is to widen the research base for supporting the use of performance in all aspects of education (teaching, consolidating teaching, and testing/evaluation) across the curriculum (medicine, law, history, etc.) and is not limited to English language education. (
  • The Education Secretary announces a consultation on his proposal to remove ICT from the national curriculum. (
  • Highly relevant instructional type effects of computer assisted teaching methods, flexible board for journal of the same lecture notes, there has been a non. (
  • Humanistic education theory and not rule, is taught to access, the research universities and learning computer assisted instruction vi instructional tool suitable for these findings in. (
  • Instructional Programming Guide for Computer Assisted Instruction. (
  • Emphasis is placed on the tutorial mode in the context of an instructional model which delineates a specific course structure and set of instruction strategies. (
  • While CAI has the potential to increase instructional time for students with autism, it may also result in unintended consequences such as reduction in the amount of interpersonal (as opposed to computerized) instruction students receive. (
  • A notable exception is TeachTown: Basics, a CAI that includes computerized lessons combined with teacher-delivered interpersonal instructional activities. (
  • Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) is an ICT-Driven Instructional technique in which computer system is used as an instructional material and the teacher monitors, the learning that takes place. (
  • Learning Outcomes On completion of the lesson, the student will be able to: 1. (
  • In most countries, there tends to be a large gap between urban and rural education outcomes. (
  • Exposure to the reform in middle school significantly increased students' academic achievement and their labour outcomes in the long run, suggesting that technology can be an effective way to close the rural-urban gap in education. (
  • In a randomized trial, students who received instruction using TeachTown improved more on language and cognitive outcomes than students in a control group after 3 months of intervention [ 22 ]. (
  • As well as assisting in assessing their outcomes, if needed. (
  • The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of computer-assisted keyboard instruction on the meter discrimination and rhythm discrimination of students in general music education classes at the elementary school level. (
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education collected using computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI). (
  • Census Bureau staff will also conduct Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) for a sub sample of households that do not respond. (
  • A representative, in such manner, can similarly assist clients with the utilization perspectives of writing computer programs being used. (
  • Healthcare professionals think, computer assisted instruction journal of authentic and egypt, learning in tharaka nithi county school but did computer assisted learning methods in effective teaching. (
  • Patient referrals were obtained from healthcare providers who were identified by using various education outreach initiatives. (
  • NIOSH recently developed computer software for Spirometry Longitudinal Data Analysis (SPIROLA) to enhance healthcare providers' capacity in managing and interpreting periodic spirometry. (
  • Cv samples have access on teacher development of teaching online with the viri classroom or right, computer assisted instruction journal environmental philosophy is about preferred pace. (
  • Increasingly, adult learners of English as a Second Language (ESL) have access to computers, whether it is in a language lab once or twice a week or in the classroom. (
  • The use of technology in the language classroom is chronicled from early phonograph use through the emergence of the language laboratory, and computer technology. (
  • The "classroom" for continuing education is changing. (
  • There has been a shift in popularity from the traditional live classroom-learning approach to a virtual environment, especially within the areas of continuing education and nontraditional adult learning. (
  • There have been several studies comparing computer and Web-based instruction with live classroom instruction. (
  • 10 Allen and colleagues found overall student satisfaction with distance education as an alternative to traditional classroom instruction. (
  • Physical activity and fitness, that is classroom instruction, not a physical education period? (
  • This study focused on gather a better understanding of what teachers are familiar with when working with and Individual Education Plan (IEP), and how this affects the implementation of IEPs in the mainstream classroom. (
  • This handbook was produced under cost-shared funding from the National Literacy Secretariat and the BC Ministry of Advanced Education, Training and Technology. (
  • The organization is best known in law schools for CALI Lessons, online interactive tutorials in legal subjects, and CALI Excellence for the Future Awards (CALI Awards), given to the highest scorer in a law school course at many CALI member law schools. (
  • This lesson is considerably longer than most CALI lessons, as it really contains two distinct portions, either of which can be completed separately, or at different sittings. (
  • Students who are unfamiliar with any of the basic underlying damages concepts that are addressed in this lesson should consult subject-specific CALI lessons on damages before proceeding with this lesson. (
  • Access to CALI Lessons is restricted to people affiliated with CALI member organizations and those who have purchased individual memberships . (
  • You may register or login to run CALI Lessons. (
  • For example, according to data by the World Inequality Database on Education , the urban secondary-education completion rate is larger than the rural completion rate by 288% in low-income countries, by 62% in lower middle-income countries, by 46% in upper middle-income countries, and by 18% in high-income countries. (
  • EDUCATION: Standard high school diploma or satisfactory completion of an approved General Educational Development (GED) Testing Program. (
  • The purpose of this study was to determine the short- and long-term effectiveness of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) software in improving the reading skills of three groups of adult upgrading students. (
  • The Effectiveness of Computer Assisted Instruction on Middle School Mathematics Achievement. (
  • The Effectiveness of Computer Assisted Instruction in Teaching Introductory Statistics. (
  • Effectiveness of computer-based tailoring versus targeting to promote use of hearing protection. (
  • The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of 2 computer-based interventions and booster messages on construction workers' use of hearing protection. (
  • Spirometry can assist the health professional by determining if a worker demonstrates a specific pattern of respiratory impairment and can help to assess the effectiveness of measures implemented to prevent further lung function deterioration. (
  • In more recent years, education technology ('ed tech') has provided new and better solutions to this problem by allowing high-quality teachers in urban locations to connect with rural students through remote learning. (
  • They also earned, on average, 59% more than individuals living in the same county but not exposed to the new education technology. (
  • It will be able to control and technology is equal groups met dr hunter is computer assisted instruction journal of education: solution expected to find the. (
  • Users can learn programming in different technologies affect the computer assisted instruction journal alerts and resist technology can also possible. (
  • The integration of technology, especially computers, into adult literacy teaching is generally considered a good idea, although there are definite concerns. (
  • Education Technology, 40(5), 5-17. (
  • Interaction and Communication in the Language Class in an Age of Technology. (
  • Computer Theorem Proving is becoming a paradigm as well as a technological base for a new generation of educational software in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. (
  • In 2008, Mehrotra et al emphasized the value of the brush biopsy technique in evaluating oral lesions without the aid of computer-assisted technology, although they reported marginally lower sensitivity and specificity. (
  • I think the (Arizona) Department of Education, considering how difficult it is, has done an admirable job, but I do think they're understaffed and they haven't been given the money to implement the technology that's probably needed. (
  • TPS follows education closely so we understand the impact of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) on technology and student learning. (
  • We can assist with aligning technology and assessment requirements. (
  • The chart below, however, shows the additional classes they'll take as an Engineering & Technology Pathway student and the industry-recognized certification exams they can prepare to take. (
  • gtechna provides enterprise real-time off-street parking, curbside enforcement and permit software to assist governments, private operators, transportation agencies and universities with smart parking technology to serve its communities best-in-class solutions. (
  • $1,000,000 to University of South Florida for enhancing STEM teacher preparation in the Tampa Bay region: prepares science, technology, engineering and math teachers for instruction and creates a pipeline to Hillsborough County Public Schools. (
  • e. assisting with adaptive equipment needs. (
  • and adaptive physical education. (
  • Review the patient's equipment or need for equipment such as adaptive and communication devices (eg, computer-assisted speech programs), orthotics (eg, ankle-foot orthoses, walkers, wheelchair), and/or seating (may require straps to keep in place). (
  • Factors vary according to run slowly looking for journal via language is a meaningful ways to teach some of leading edge forum in computer assisted instruction journal. (
  • Findings regarding schoolchild age and physical factors, the role of practical training, use of self-instruction kits, use of computer based learning, reduced training time, trainer type, AED training are presented. (
  • The lesson also examines a variety of individual factors that should be taken into consideration in performing various types of "present value" adjustments. (
  • Considering the difficulties to obtain good quality dental radiographic images taken by dental students, this study aimed to develop and to evaluate a Learning Object (LO), where the student is able to use a computer to simulate radiograph expositions, modifying the factors that interfere with the radiographic image quality. (
  • At week-3 the same activities from the week before were repeated, reversing the classes, and, then, a third test/assessment was applied. (
  • Child and/or parent has knowledge on how to use email and receive a video call or have a support person willing to assist them during the clinical assessment processes. (
  • Instruction must include hands on practice to enable children to perform physical tasks. (
  • With this in mind, the development of the brush biopsy (Oral CDx R) coupled with a computer-assisted method of analysis has brought accurate diagnosis, ease of performance, and patient acceptance into daily practice. (
  • Performance in Education SIG of JALT: Performance in Education: Research and Practice Conference. (
  • This conference looks at the practice of and research into Performance in Education (PIE). (
  • Limited licenses are issued to physicians enrolled in post-graduate medical education programs in teaching hospitals in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. (
  • NHANES dietary data to assess the quality and adequacy of the U.S. diet in relation to health parameters, to evaluate the impact of program changes including welfare reform, legislation, food fortification policy, and child nutrition programs, and to identify target groups for public health education and awareness programs. (
  • 8. Educational policy (with "own cow in the ditch") The future of education is influenced by vision papers and programs that assume a certain kind of future that requires certain changes in case we wish to adapt to it. (
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Division of Laboratory Systems is approved as a provider of continuing education programs in the clinical laboratory sciences by the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) P.A.C.E.® Program. (
  • 1. To assist CDC and its programs in determining the kinds of applications and information that most directly relate to your role in public health. (
  • I'm supposed to be given access to a public health computer application run by one of CDC's Programs. (
  • neiuindependent and Chicago area tutors are available to assist neiuindependent students and students around Chicago with tutoring in Accounting, ACT English, ACT Math and other high school, middle school, and college classes. (
  • The Center welcomes all students and houses University Tutoring, Academic Strategies, studying spaces, and a computer lab. (
  • Clinical management of rape survivors : e-learning programme = Gestion clinique des victimes de viol : programme d'apprentissage en ligne [electronic resource]. (
  • We conducted three CME events, held three "Meet and Greet" sessions, visited four large clinical health practices and health departments, mailed five registry newsletters, and conducted in-person office visits as part of education outreach, which contributed to patient referrals. (
  • In addition, because the interventions were multifactorial (physician education, patient education through Centers for Disease Control and Prevention brochures, and use of a clinical champion at each site), the degree to which each component improved prescribing cannot be determined. (
  • During this COCA Call, clinicians learned about OUD diagnosis criteria, evidence-based treatment options, and patient education techniques. (
  • Third, the programme built 40,858 computer classrooms, which included a network of computers and a projector. (
  • As a pioneer in CAS with notable achievements, CUHK is organizing a public education programme including open lectures and exhibition to transfer related knowledge to the general public and share its accomplishments in CAS research and development. (
  • National Development Programme in Computer Assisted Learning (NDPCAL) £2.5m budget over 5 years. (
  • The School welcomes all students, including those living with emotional disabilities, and will integrate all students in its classes and activities. (
  • c. assisting with activities related to seizure control. (
  • The Languages Monitor assists instructors with audio/visual material preparation such as videos, PowerPoint presentations, course material updates, and department website updates for Language Lab and related course activities. (
  • They will also assist instructors with computer-based research and the compilation of materials and resources for classes such as updating weblinks, preparing posters and other visual materials, compiling video resources, and assisting with promotional activities. (
  • Assist in organizing the in-class activities and/or exercises throughout the semester. (
  • Prior to joining APO, he coordinated WHO activities across key Thai public health agencies and international partners for non-communicable diseases, health related consequences of trade, health in all policies, and transformative health education. (
  • Based Instruction III, Kurihara Y, who continued to encourage me to learn mathematics and inspired me to embark on a doctorate in mathematics education. (
  • proof and proving in mathematics education. (
  • This column examines the impact of a 2004 Chinese education reform that connected high-quality teachers in urban areas with more than 100 million students in rural primary and middle schools through the use of satellite internet. (
  • In China, rural schools face a variety of challenges, including poorly qualified teachers, insufficient resources, and large classes. (
  • Moreover, it allowed local teachers to use computers and Internet in preparation of their own lectures. (
  • Kiswahili and cognitive load theory with your call software design flaws in many formats, according to be interpreted by teachers using computer assisted instruction journal in studies. (
  • For teachers of those learners the question is not whether to use computers and software but how. (
  • CAI is appealing to under-resourced schools because of the potential to provide cost-effective individualized instruction while freeing up teachers to provide concurrent group instruction. (
  • Research and evaluation projects have been funded by (among others): Spencer Foundation / National Academy of Education, National Endowment for the Arts, National Science Foundation, United States Department of Education, United States Department of Health and Human Services, Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington Educational Research Association, Chicago Teachers Academy of Mathematics, Cleveland Children's Museums, Proffitt Endowment. (
  • Computer use and literacy: An analysis of existing and potential relationships. (
  • Literacy practitioners will find this a useful guide when planning a computer lab for their literacy group. (
  • This report compiles the responses of over 1,100 adult literacy students in Ontario to the following four questions: Do you have access to computers and the Internet? (
  • The Use of Digital Resources in Humanities and Social Science Undergraduate Education. (
  • It is your responsibility to establish attendance and/or complete an academically related activity for each class, each semester in order to be eligible for Federal Title IV financial assistance. (
  • A drop occurs when you officially withdraw from a class while you're still enrolled and currently attending other classes in the payment period (semester) or stop attending at any point prior to completing the payment period (semester) and provide written confirmation that you will attend a course that begins later in the same payment period (semester). (
  • EDUCATION: An earned associates degree from an accredited institution OR at least 60 semester hours of earned college credit from an accredited institution. (
  • For the fall 2020 semester, we have reserved our 4th floor computer labs specifically for on-campus student work, so no courses will be scheduled in those spaces. (
  • They will check all computers, headphones, and other equipment in the lab regularly during the semester and report any problems with equipment or materials to the instructor and/or the IT Help Desk, as well as compile and file records of student attendance in the lab using a sign-up sheet during the set Language Lab times. (
  • Assist in assessing and giving feedback on the project progress reports submitted by the student groups throughout the semester. (
  • Assist in assessing and giving feedback on the draft project final report to be submitted by the student groups before the end of the semester. (
  • Add/Drop is a period of time near the start of the semester when students can make adjustments to their schedule and add or drop classes. (
  • This proposal must be approved by your advisor and the program chair of the Education Department no later than the end of the first semester of your junior year. (
  • Uneétude descriptive, transversale portant sur les patientes traitées en radiothérapie à l'Hôpital Général de Douala pour cancer du col de l'utérus a été réalisée d'octobre 2020 à janvier 2021.Résultats. (
  • NDPCAL was a higher education project which ran from 1973 to 1977. (
  • Types of training that may reduce the main obstacles to implementation of such training in schools include use of self-instruction kits, computer based learning and use of teacher and peer tutor trainers, but again, need further exploration. (
  • Completed education increased by 0.85 years (+9%), maths skills measured at the time of the survey (seven to ten years after exposure) increased by 0.18 standard deviations, and Chinese skills increased by 0.23 standard deviations (Figure 1). (
  • Dspt is also guide your professional and skills mastered in computer assisted instruction journal received this study with work with attentional difficulties. (
  • Algebra ii will help all skills using computer assisted instruction journal paper presents issues in a common core areas are. (
  • Finally, it should also be noted that although this lesson does address a number of specific mathematical formulas by which present value and related future inflation adjustments are made, students need not possess any high level of mathematical or computational skills beyond the most basic math proficiency to successfully complete this lesson. (
  • The objective of the study among others was to determine the rate at which independent learning skills acquisition could be enhanced among Economics students taught with the use of Computer Assisted Instruction and those taught with the conventional method of teaching. (
  • Computer skills. (
  • If you have strong communication skills, enjoy working with your hands, as well as your mind, and want a career with responsibility, dental assisting is for you. (
  • To determine the best classes for you, your writing, reading, and mathematics skills will be assessed. (
  • As I read the list of topics on this card, please tell me if you taught about each one in the class. (
  • 3) to a physician licensed in another state to participate in a course of continuing medical education. (
  • The goals of this project were: (1) development of an interactive multimedia medical education tool (CO-ED) utilizing modern features of handheld computing (PDA) and major constructs of adult learning theories, and (2) pilot testing of the computer-assisted education in residents and clinicians. (
  • This history of the formal education of health records professionals in the United Kingdom commences relatively late in history (that is, in the 20 th century) although we know that medical records were kept for hundreds of years prior to this. (
  • In the 1930's, there was recognition that there was a historical inadequacy in the education of medical record practitioners although little was done about this mainly due to the intervention of the Second World War, which lasted from 1939-45. (
  • The anatomy course offers important opportunities to develop professionalism at an early stage in medical education. (
  • OBJECTIVE: The study investigates a content-identical, computer-tailored intervention addressing saturated fat intake delivered via print or CD-ROM. (
  • Their PE shirts will be distributed through the student's PE class. (
  • Take charge of your student's education now and enroll midyear! (
  • English 1270 or English 1230: English 1230 covers the same material as English 1270 but includes three hours of writing lab work per week outside of class. (
  • Instructions will be provided to the respondent orally in English and/or Spanish. (
  • Mainly about some subject other than health education, such as science, social studies, or English? (
  • Personalizing self-management via behavioral predictive analytics with health education for improved self-efficacy. (
  • Presenters used actual case studies to illustrate how clinicians can use recommendations from the CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain to select OUD evidence-based treatment options such as medication-assisted treatment with buprenorphine or methadone in combination with behavioral therapies. (
  • Guide to software and resources for computer based learning in medicine, nursing, dentistry and veterinary science. (
  • Transfer services at each campus and center provide information and resources to assist you in choosing and planning your transfer to a four-year college or university. (
  • An advisor is normally a faculty member assigned to assist a student with course registration and progress towards graduation. (
  • You are encouraged to schedule regular quarterly meetings with your advisor, before quarterly class registration, to help you decide on your classes and to update your degree plan. (
  • In you first quarter at SVC, you will be assigned an advisor to help you choose classes and plan your quarterly class schedule. (
  • Diagnostic essay examinations taken by entering freshmen and transfer students with fewer than 6 hours of college composition coursework for placement into the appropriate composition classes. (
  • If you took and passed the test, either in Examinations or in a relevant composition class, check your CSU test scores in CSU X-press to make sure that the passing score has been recorded. (
  • Lefford, G. Bromham, and D. Moffat, "Mixing with Intelligent Mixing Systems: Evolving Practices and Lessons from Computer Assisted Design," Paper 10376, (2020 May. (
  • St. Francis College professors use Canvas for a variety of multimedia tasks such as recording lectures and presentations, posting class notes and assignments and communicating with students. (
  • This photograph depicted a superior-frontal view of what was the Osborne 1, a laptop computer, first used at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 1981, and was considered the first, true portable computer. (
  • This lesson will cover how to conduct legal research about the constitutions of individual states, online and in print. (
  • For households that complete neither an online form nor a paper form, Census Bureau staff will attempt to conduct interviews via Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI). (
  • I know my blog has been sparse lately, but I spent Wednesday through Saturday evening (late - like midnight) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at the Computer Assisted Legal Instruction conference, totally devoid of a computer. (
  • 2-13 The Woo and Fulkerson studies concluded that there was no difference in learning between the 2 methods of instruction. (
  • METHODS: Healthy Dutch adults (18-65 years), none of whom were under treatment for hypercholesterolemia, were randomly allocated to receive a computer-tailored program on CD-ROM (n = 151) or in print (n = 141). (
  • In this lesson, we will discuss best practices to follow when deciding whether to approach a professor with a question. (
  • M.S. Secondary Education, University of Illinois. (
  • B.S. Elementary Education, University of Houston. (
  • a. assisting with personal hygiene and restroom functions, which may include diapering or catheterization. (
  • d. assisting with feeding needs, which may include suctioning. (
  • Potential limitations of the study include generalizability of the finding that traditional and computer-based strategies are essentially equally effective and cannot be generalized to all decision support interventions. (
  • BACKGROUND: Computer-tailored health education, a promising health education technique, is increasingly being delivered interactively, for example, over the Internet. (
  • The first questions I am going to ask you are about the general characteristics and content of a required health education course or class that you teach. (
  • A combined health education and physical education class, or. (
  • When it comes to stopping inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions for uncomplicated acute bronchitis, traditional print-based education interventions can be just as effective as electronic health record (EHR) system strategies, according to researchers who conducted a cluster randomized trial. (
  • If a career in health care appeals to you, then consider dental assisting. (
  • Castor secured more than $10 million through nine projects that focus on mental health care, education, cancer research and more. (
  • FluLabSurge is designed to assist laboratory directors and public health officials. (
  • SAMS is a web site that allows public health partners and providers to access information and computer applications operated by the U.S. (
  • BRAC launched computer-aided learning (CAL) in six and mentoring project in five rural secondary schools with financial support from the ministry of education. (
  • To evaluate and compare pharmacists' satisfaction with the content and learning environment of a continuing education program series offered as either synchronous or asynchronous webinars. (
  • The fall distance-learning experience is an 8-week annual continuing education course designed for pharmacists and offered by Extension Services in Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. (
  • and (3) approving and issuing the proposed charter is likely to improve student learning and achievement and materially further the purposes set out in subdivision two of section twenty-eight hundred fifty of Article 56 of the Education Law. (
  • We are a top-ranked R1 institution, providing affordable access to an excellent education that combines teaching and research in a rich learning environment. (
  • 30+ projects established in UK to investigate potential of Computer Assisted Learning (CAL), mainly at tertiary level using graphics terminals to communicate with mainframe and minicomputers. (
  • $2,000,000 to H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute for AI/machine learning to accelerate cancer research: develops computer infrastructure to assist in gathering cancer data. (
  • This portion of the lesson examines in detail three specific methodologies for making such adjustments that were expressly articulated by the U.S. Supreme Court in its decision in Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. v. Pfeifer, 462 U.S. 523, 76 L. Ed. 2d 768, 103 S. Ct. (
  • This study explores the possibilities and pitfalls of IMS, by comparing to the use of Computer Assisted Design (CAD) tools in the wider design context. (
  • This lesson explores discharge of a debt by accord and satisfaction. (
  • This paper reports the results of an evaluation study of computer-assisted reading at Alberta Vocational College - Calgary. (
  • Two hypotheses guided the study: Hypothesis one stated that there will be no significant difference, at the 0.05 level, between the meter discrimination of elementary general music students who receive computer-assisted keyboard instruction and students who do not receive computer-assisted keyboard instruction. (
  • The following conclusions were drawn from this study: (1) Elementary age general music students achieve greater meter discrimination from the traditional approach to music instruction than from a computer-assisted approach. (
  • He saw the Computer Revolution developing and the need for more study, research, and teaching in the computer area. (
  • The key finding from our study is that, when coupled with other traditional patient and physician education materials, both PDS and CDS strategies can achieve improvement," the authors write. (
  • Advising Services: for help in planning a course of study, completing an Education Plan, or chooseing quartlery courses contact Counseling and Advising Services at the phone numbers or web page listed above. (
  • Prior to the advising appointment, you should study the class offerings listed in this catalog and in the quarterly schedule. (
  • Translators may assist respondents when needed, and proxy reporting is permitted. (
  • On a recent episode of Arizona Horizon, Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas talked to host Ted Simons about the lack of funding in Governor Doug Ducey's budget for data systems used by the Arizona Department of Education. (
  • The workshop brings together experts in automated deduction with experts in education in order to further clarify the shape of the new software generation and to discuss existing systems. (
  • The dietary interviewer will record the information reported by the respondent using a computer-assisted dietary interview software program that was developed for the survey. (
  • We oversee labs, classrooms and offices, providing hardware and software help for SFC computers, including network and e-mail issues, password recovery and printing assistance. (
  • All the computers are loaded with the most recent software to ensure our students' success. (
  • There are numerous sites that let users to down load and mount the software program on to the computer system of their pcs so that they can enjoy these types of games without obtaining any additional computer software. (
  • They disappear from your computer or device when you close your browser software or turn off your computer. (
  • As part of Harris Computer Systems, gtechna is focused on delivering self-serve automated parking enforcement software solutions. (
  • Third, the reform increased Internet and computer usage by 15% several years after middle school. (
  • This lesson uses your answers to help you determine the best CALI Law School Success lessons to help you meet your goals and tailors the advice depending on where you are in your law school career. (
  • The tasks were field tested in a high school class during the fall of 1998. (
  • George E. Forsythe, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Computer Science, died on April 9, 1972, at the age of 55. (
  • The tasks were evaluated to determine appropriateness for geometry students, level of student engagement, and whether instructions for the students were clear and complete. (