That segment of commercial enterprise devoted to the design, development, and manufacture of chemical products for use in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, disability, or other dysfunction, or to improve function.
The aggregate business enterprise of agriculture, manufacture, and distribution related to tobacco and tobacco-derived products.
Activity involved in transfer of goods from producer to consumer or in the exchange of services.
Any enterprise centered on the processing, assembly, production, or marketing of a line of products, services, commodities, or merchandise, in a particular field often named after its principal product. Examples include the automobile, fishing, music, publishing, insurance, and textile industries.
The act or practice of calling public attention to a product, service, need, etc., especially by paid announcements in newspapers, magazines, on radio, or on television. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
A situation in which an individual might benefit personally from official or professional actions. It includes a conflict between a person's private interests and official responsibilities in a position of trust. The term is not restricted to government officials. The concept refers both to actual conflict of interest and the appearance or perception of conflict.
The interchange of goods or commodities, especially on a large scale, between different countries or between populations within the same country. It includes trade (the buying, selling, or exchanging of commodities, whether wholesale or retail) and business (the purchase and sale of goods to make a profit). (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed, p411, p2005 & p283)
The promotion and maintenance of physical and mental health in the work environment.
Health services for employees, usually provided by the employer at the place of work.
The moral obligations governing the conduct of commercial or industrial enterprises.
Relations of an individual, association, organization, hospital, or corporation with the publics which it must take into consideration in carrying out its functions. Publics may include consumers, patients, pressure groups, departments, etc.
The industry concerned with processing, preparing, preserving, distributing, and serving of foods and beverages.
Insurance providing for payment of a stipulated sum to a designated beneficiary upon death of the insured.
A process whereby representatives of a particular interest group attempt to influence governmental decision makers to accept the policy desires of the lobbying organization.
Use for articles on the investing of funds for income or profit.
Diseases caused by factors involved in one's employment.
Place or physical location of work or employment.
Application of marketing principles and techniques to maximize the use of health care resources.
The bestowing of tangible or intangible benefits, voluntarily and usually without expectation of anything in return. However, gift giving may be motivated by feelings of ALTRUISM or gratitude, by a sense of obligation, or by the hope of receiving something in return.
Travel to another country for the purpose of medical treatment.
The exposure to potentially harmful chemical, physical, or biological agents that occurs as a result of one's occupation.
Exclusive legal rights or privileges applied to inventions, plants, etc.
Intentional falsification of scientific data by presentation of fraudulent or incomplete or uncorroborated findings as scientific fact.
Organizations which assume the financial responsibility for the risks of policyholders.
Exercise of governmental authority to control conduct.
The provision of monetary resources including money or capital and credit; obtaining or furnishing money or capital for a purchase or enterprise and the funds so obtained. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed.)
Administration and functional structures for the purpose of collectively systematizing activities for a particular goal.
The effort of two or more parties to secure the business of a third party by offering, usually under fair or equitable rules of business practice, the most favorable terms.
That portion of total HEALTH CARE COSTS borne by an individual's or group's employing organization.
Unforeseen occurrences, especially injuries in the course of work-related activities.
The principles of proper professional conduct concerning the rights and duties of the pharmacist, relations with patients and fellow practitioners, as well as actions of the pharmacist in health care and interpersonal relations with patient families. (From Stedman, 25th ed)
Financial support of research activities.
That distinct portion of the institutional, industrial, or economic structure of a country that is controlled or owned by non-governmental, private interests.
The aggregate enterprise of manufacturing and technically producing chemicals. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
The obligations and accountability assumed in carrying out actions or ideas on behalf of others.
The act of deceiving or the fact of being deceived.
Process that is gone through in order for a drug to receive approval by a government regulatory agency. This includes any required pre-clinical or clinical testing, review, submission, and evaluation of the applications and test results, and post-marketing surveillance of the drug.
The deliberate attempt to influence attitudes and beliefs for furthering one's cause or damaging an opponent's cause.
Exploitation through misrepresentation of the facts or concealment of the purposes of the exploiter.
An agency of the PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE concerned with the overall planning, promoting, and administering of programs pertaining to maintaining standards of quality of foods, drugs, therapeutic devices, etc.
Institutional funding for facilities and for equipment which becomes a part of the assets of the institution.
Form in which product is processed or wrapped and labeled. PRODUCT LABELING is also available.
The industry concerned with the removal of raw materials from the Earth's crust and with their conversion into refined products.
Units that convert some other form of energy into electrical energy.
Substances and materials manufactured for use in various technologies and industries and for domestic use.
Economic sector concerned with the provision, distribution, and consumption of health care services and related products.
Chronic absence from work or other duty.
A course or method of action selected, usually by a government, from among alternatives to guide and determine present and future decisions.
Inhaling and exhaling the smoke of burning TOBACCO.
A tough, malleable, iron-based alloy containing up to, but no more than, two percent carbon and often other metals. It is used in medicine and dentistry in implants and instrumentation.
The organization, management, and assumption of risks of a business or enterprise, usually implying an element of change or challenge and a new opportunity.
The complex of political institutions, laws, and customs through which the function of governing is carried out in a specific political unit.
Naturally occurring complex liquid hydrocarbons which, after distillation, yield combustible fuels, petrochemicals, and lubricants.
Formal relationships established between otherwise independent organizations. These include affiliation agreements, interlocking boards, common controls, hospital medical school affiliations, etc.
Drugs whose drug name is not protected by a trademark. They may be manufactured by several companies.
Planning, organizing, and administering all activities related to personnel.
Revealing of information, by oral or written communication.
Management control systems for structuring health care delivery strategies around case types, as in DRGs, or specific clinical services.
The interactions between representatives of institutions, agencies, or organizations.
An organizational enterprise between a public sector agency, federal, state or local, and a private sector entity. Skills and assets of each sector are shared to deliver a service or facility for the benefit or use of the general public.
The science, art, or technology dealing with processes involved in the separation of metals from their ores, the technique of making or compounding the alloys, the techniques of working or heat-treating metals, and the mining of metals. It includes industrial metallurgy as well as metallurgical techniques employed in the preparation and working of metals used in dentistry, with special reference to orthodontic and prosthodontic appliances. (From Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992, p494)
AUTOMOBILES, trucks, buses, or similar engine-driven conveyances. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
An absence from work permitted because of illness or the number of days per year for which an employer agrees to pay employees who are sick. (Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, 1981)
Organizations which are not operated for a profit and may be supported by endowments or private contributions.
The state of being engaged in an activity or service for wages or salary.
The process of finding chemicals for potential therapeutic use.
Organizations established by endowments with provision for future maintenance.
Time period from 1901 through 2000 of the common era.
Spread and adoption of inventions and techniques from one geographic area to another, from one discipline to another, or from one sector of the economy to another. For example, improvements in medical equipment may be transferred from industrial countries to developing countries, advances arising from aerospace engineering may be applied to equipment for persons with disabilities, and innovations in science arising from government research are made available to private enterprise.
Predetermined sets of questions used to collect data - clinical data, social status, occupational group, etc. The term is often applied to a self-completed survey instrument.
Physiological or psychological effects of periods of work which may be fixed or flexible such as flexitime, work shifts, and rotating shifts.
The promotion and support of consumers' rights and interests.
Health care institutions operated by private groups or corporations for a profit.
The interaction of persons or groups of persons representing various nations in the pursuit of a common goal or interest.
Crafts, trades, professions, or other means of earning a living.
Process of shifting publicly controlled services and/or facilities to the private sector.
Systematic gathering of data for a particular purpose from various sources, including questionnaires, interviews, observation, existing records, and electronic devices. The process is usually preliminary to statistical analysis of the data.
Oils which are used in industrial or commercial applications.
The obtaining and management of funds for institutional needs and responsibility for fiscal affairs.
Transmission of information over distances via electronic means.
Laws concerned with manufacturing, dispensing, and marketing of drugs.
Organizational activities previously performed internally that are provided by external agents.
An office in the Department of Labor responsible for developing and establishing occupational safety and health standards.
Instruments or technological means of communication that reach large numbers of people with a common message: press, radio, television, etc.
Systematic organization, storage, retrieval, and dissemination of specialized information, especially of a scientific or technical nature (From ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983). It often involves authenticating or validating information.
Air pollutants found in the work area. They are usually produced by the specific nature of the occupation.
Time period from 2001 through 2100 of the common era.
Works about pre-planned studies of the safety, efficacy, or optimum dosage schedule (if appropriate) of one or more diagnostic, therapeutic, or prophylactic drugs, devices, or techniques selected according to predetermined criteria of eligibility and observed for predefined evidence of favorable and unfavorable effects. This concept includes clinical trials conducted both in the U.S. and in other countries.
Health insurance plans for employees, and generally including their dependents, usually on a cost-sharing basis with the employer paying a percentage of the premium.
The reciprocal interaction of two or more professional individuals.
The productive enterprises concerned with food processing.
Coverage by contract whereby one part indemnifies or guarantees another against loss by a specified contingency.
The total amount of work to be performed by an individual, a department, or other group of workers in a period of time.
Governmental levies on property, inheritance, gifts, etc.
Medical specialty concerned with the promotion and maintenance of the physical and mental health of employees in occupational settings.
Production of drugs or biologicals which are unlikely to be manufactured by private industry unless special incentives are provided by others.
The combining of administrative and organizational resources of two or more health care facilities.
The amount that a health care institution or organization pays for its drugs. It is one component of the final price that is charged to the consumer (FEES, PHARMACEUTICAL or PRESCRIPTION FEES).
Property, such as patents, trademarks, and copyright, that results from creative effort. The Patent and Copyright Clause (Art. 1, Sec. 8, cl. 8) of the United States Constitution provides for promoting the progress of science and useful arts by securing for limited times to authors and inventors, the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries. (From Black's Law Dictionary, 5th ed, p1014)
Body of knowledge related to the use of organisms, cells or cell-derived constituents for the purpose of developing products which are technically, scientifically and clinically useful. Alteration of biologic function at the molecular level (i.e., GENETIC ENGINEERING) is a central focus; laboratory methods used include TRANSFECTION and CLONING technologies, sequence and structure analysis algorithms, computer databases, and gene and protein structure function analysis and prediction.
Elements, compounds, mixtures, or solutions that are considered severely harmful to human health and the environment. They include substances that are toxic, corrosive, flammable, or explosive.
Expendable and nonexpendable equipment, supplies, apparatus, and instruments that are used in diagnostic, surgical, therapeutic, scientific, and experimental procedures.
Noise present in occupational, industrial, and factory situations.
Drugs intended for human or veterinary use, presented in their finished dosage form. Included here are materials used in the preparation and/or formulation of the finished dosage form.
Organizations comprising wage and salary workers in health-related fields for the purpose of improving their status and conditions. The concept includes labor union activities toward providing health services to members.
The practice of nursing in the work environment.
Encouraging consumer behaviors most likely to optimize health potentials (physical and psychosocial) through health information, preventive programs, and access to medical care.
The quality or state of relating to or affecting two or more nations. (After Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, 10th ed)
Violation of laws, regulations, or professional standards.
The aggregate business enterprise of building.
Branch of medicine concerned with the prevention and control of disease and disability, and the promotion of physical and mental health of the population on the international, national, state, or municipal level.
Critical and exhaustive investigation or experimentation, having for its aim the discovery of new facts and their correct interpretation, the revision of accepted conclusions, theories, or laws in the light of newly discovered facts, or the practical application of such new or revised conclusions, theories, or laws. (Webster, 3d ed)
The science of designing, building or equipping mechanical devices or artificial environments to the anthropometric, physiological, or psychological requirements of the people who will use them.
Respirators to protect individuals from breathing air contaminated with harmful dusts, fogs, fumes, mists, gases, smokes, sprays, or vapors.
Services providing pharmaceutic and therapeutic drug information and consultation.
A mode of communication concerned with inducing or urging the adoption of certain beliefs, theories, or lines of action by others.
Outside services provided to an institution under a formal financial agreement.
The principles of proper conduct concerning the rights and duties of the professional, relations with patients or consumers and fellow practitioners, as well as actions of the professional and interpersonal relations with patient or consumer families. (From Stedman, 25th ed)
A systematic statement of policy rules or principles. Guidelines may be developed by government agencies at any level, institutions, professional societies, governing boards, or by convening expert panels. The text may be cursive or in outline form but is generally a comprehensive guide to problems and approaches in any field of activity. For guidelines in the field of health care and clinical medicine, PRACTICE GUIDELINES AS TOPIC is available.
The practice of prescribing or using a drug outside the scope of the drug's official approved label as designated by a regulatory agency concerning the treatment of a particular disease or condition.
Use of written, printed, or graphic materials upon or accompanying a drug container or wrapper. It includes contents, indications, effects, dosages, routes, methods, frequency and duration of administration, warnings, hazards, contraindications, side effects, precautions, and other relevant information.
Activities concerned with governmental policies, functions, etc.
Organizations representing specialized fields which are accepted as authoritative; may be non-governmental, university or an independent research organization, e.g., National Academy of Sciences, Brookings Institution, etc.
An international organization whose members include most of the sovereign nations of the world with headquarters in New York City. The primary objectives of the organization are to maintain peace and security and to achieve international cooperation in solving international economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian problems.
Large vessels propelled by power or sail used for transportation on rivers, seas, oceans, or other navigable waters. Boats are smaller vessels propelled by oars, paddles, sail, or power; they may or may not have a deck.
Individual's rights to obtain and use information collected or generated by others.
Customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a benefit or service received.
Ratio of output to effort, or the ratio of effort produced to energy expended.
A space which has limited openings for entry and exit combined with unfavorable natural ventilation such as CAVES, refrigerators, deep tunnels, pipelines, sewers, silos, tanks, vats, mines, deep trenches or pits, vaults, manholes, chimneys, etc.
Absolute, comparative, or differential costs pertaining to services, institutions, resources, etc., or the analysis and study of these costs.
A publication issued at stated, more or less regular, intervals.
Standards for limiting worker exposure to airborne contaminants. They are the maximum concentration in air at which it is believed that a particular substance will not produce adverse health effects with repeated daily exposure. It can be a time-weighted average (TLV-TWA), a short-term value (TLV-STEL), or an instantaneous value (TLV-Ceiling). They are expressed either as parts per million (ppm) or milligram per cubic meter (mg/m3).
The exposure to potentially harmful chemical, physical, or biological agents by inhaling them.
Insurance providing coverage for physical injury suffered as a result of unavoidable circumstances.
Descriptions and evaluations of specific health care organizations.
The practical application of physical, mechanical, and mathematical principles. (Stedman, 25th ed)
Statement of the position requirements, qualifications for the position, wage range, and any special conditions expected of the employee.
The purposes, missions, and goals of an individual organization or its units, established through administrative processes. It includes an organization's long-range plans and administrative philosophy.
Drugs which have received FDA approval for human testing but have yet to be approved for commercial marketing. This includes drugs used for treatment while they still are undergoing clinical trials (Treatment IND). The main heading includes drugs under investigation in foreign countries.
Accountability and responsibility to another, enforceable by civil or criminal sanctions.
The rights of the individual to cultural, social, economic, and educational opportunities as provided by society, e.g., right to work, right to education, and right to social security.
The guidelines and policy statements set forth by the editor(s) or editorial board of a publication.
Studies in which the presence or absence of disease or other health-related variables are determined in each member of the study population or in a representative sample at one particular time. This contrasts with LONGITUDINAL STUDIES which are followed over a period of time.
Decisions, usually developed by government policymakers, for determining present and future objectives pertaining to the health care system.
The legal authority or formal permission from authorities to carry on certain activities which by law or regulation require such permission. It may be applied to licensure of institutions as well as individuals.
A high-molecular-weight polymeric elastomer derived from the milk juice (LATEX) of HEVEA brasiliensis and other trees and plants. It is a substance that can be stretched at room temperature to at least twice its original length and after releasing the stress, retract rapidly, and recover its original dimensions fully.
Reducing staff to cut costs or to achieve greater efficiency.
The protection of genetic information about an individual, family, or population group, from unauthorized disclosure.
Beliefs and values shared by all members of the organization. These shared values, which are subject to change, are reflected in the day to day management of the organization.
Country located in EUROPE. It is bordered by the NORTH SEA, BELGIUM, and GERMANY. Constituent areas are Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, formerly included in the NETHERLANDS ANTILLES.
The attitude of a significant portion of a population toward any given proposition, based upon a measurable amount of factual evidence, and involving some degree of reflection, analysis, and reasoning.
Surveillance of drugs, devices, appliances, etc., for efficacy or adverse effects, after they have been released for general sale.
Research that involves the application of the natural sciences, especially biology and physiology, to medicine.
Publications printed and distributed daily, weekly, or at some other regular and usually short interval, containing news, articles of opinion (as editorials and letters), features, advertising, and announcements of current interest. (Webster's 3d ed)
The profession of writing. Also the identity of the writer as the creator of a literary production.
The branch of pharmacology that deals directly with the effectiveness and safety of drugs in humans.
The upkeep of property or equipment.
Works about lists of drugs or collections of recipes, formulas, and prescriptions for the compounding of medicinal preparations. Formularies differ from PHARMACOPOEIAS in that they are less complete, lacking full descriptions of the drugs, their formulations, analytic composition, chemical properties, etc. In hospitals, formularies list all drugs commonly stocked in the hospital pharmacy.
The design, completion, and filing of forms with the insurer.
A country in western Europe bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel, the Mediterranean Sea, and the countries of Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the principalities of Andorra and Monaco, and by the duchy of Luxembourg. Its capital is Paris.
A shared service which combines the purchasing power of individual organizations or facilities in order to obtain lower prices for equipment and supplies. (From Health Care Terms, 2nd ed)
Diseases of the muscles and their associated ligaments and other connective tissue and of the bones and cartilage viewed collectively.
Insurance against loss resulting from liability for injury or damage to the persons or property of others.
Substances and products derived from NICOTIANA TABACUM.
The monitoring of the level of toxins, chemical pollutants, microbial contaminants, or other harmful substances in the environment (soil, air, and water), workplace, or in the bodies of people and animals present in that environment.
Personal satisfaction relative to the work situation.
The principles of professional conduct concerning the rights and duties of the physician, relations with patients and fellow practitioners, as well as actions of the physician in patient care and interpersonal relations with patient families.
Community or individual involvement in the decision-making process.
Pricing statements presented by more than one party for the purpose of securing a contract.
A method of comparing the cost of a program with its expected benefits in dollars (or other currency). The benefit-to-cost ratio is a measure of total return expected per unit of money spent. This analysis generally excludes consideration of factors that are not measured ultimately in economic terms. Cost effectiveness compares alternative ways to achieve a specific set of results.
The application of scientific knowledge or technology to pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry. It includes methods, techniques, and instrumentation in the manufacture, preparation, compounding, dispensing, packaging, and storing of drugs and other preparations used in diagnostic and determinative procedures, and in the treatment of patients.
Countries in the process of change with economic growth, that is, an increase in production, per capita consumption, and income. The process of economic growth involves better utilization of natural and human resources, which results in a change in the social, political, and economic structures.
"The business or profession of the commercial production and issuance of literature" (Webster's 3d). It includes the publisher, publication processes, editing and editors. Production may be by conventional printing methods or by electronic publishing.
Insurance providing coverage of medical, surgical, or hospital care in general or for which there is no specific heading.
Administrative units of government responsible for policy making and management of governmental activities.
Facilities for the preparation and dispensing of drugs.
Diseases that are underfunded and have low name recognition but are major burdens in less developed countries. The World Health Organization has designated six tropical infectious diseases as being neglected in industrialized countries that are endemic in many developing countries (HELMINTHIASIS; LEPROSY; LYMPHATIC FILARIASIS; ONCHOCERCIASIS; SCHISTOSOMIASIS; and TRACHOMA).
Removal of a drug from the market due to the identification of an intrinsic property of the drug that results in a serious risk to public health.
Hospitals owned and operated by a corporation or an individual that operate on a for-profit basis, also referred to as investor-owned hospitals.
Stress wherein emotional factors predominate.
The science, art or practice of cultivating soil, producing crops, and raising livestock.
The molecular designing of drugs for specific purposes (such as DNA-binding, enzyme inhibition, anti-cancer efficacy, etc.) based on knowledge of molecular properties such as activity of functional groups, molecular geometry, and electronic structure, and also on information cataloged on analogous molecules. Drug design is generally computer-assisted molecular modeling and does not include pharmacokinetics, dosage analysis, or drug administration analysis.
A large group of diseases which are characterized by a low prevalence in the population. They frequently are associated with problems in diagnosis and treatment.
Health insurance plans intended to reduce unnecessary health care costs through a variety of mechanisms, including: economic incentives for physicians and patients to select less costly forms of care; programs for reviewing the medical necessity of specific services; increased beneficiary cost sharing; controls on inpatient admissions and lengths of stay; the establishment of cost-sharing incentives for outpatient surgery; selective contracting with health care providers; and the intensive management of high-cost health care cases. The programs may be provided in a variety of settings, such as HEALTH MAINTENANCE ORGANIZATIONS and PREFERRED PROVIDER ORGANIZATIONS.
The study of the physical and chemical properties of a drug and its dosage form as related to the onset, duration, and intensity of its action.
Directions written for the obtaining and use of DRUGS.
Detailed account or statement or formal record of data resulting from empirical inquiry.
Disorders that result from the intended use of PHARMACEUTICAL PREPARATIONS. Included in this heading are a broad variety of chemically-induced adverse conditions due to toxicity, DRUG INTERACTIONS, and metabolic effects of pharmaceuticals.
Tendency toward involvement in accidents. Implies certain personality characteristics which predispose to accidents.
A loose confederation of computer communication networks around the world. The networks that make up the Internet are connected through several backbone networks. The Internet grew out of the US Government ARPAnet project and was designed to facilitate information exchange.
All organized methods of funding.
Any aspect of the operations in the preparation, processing, transport, storage, packaging, wrapping, exposure for sale, service, or delivery of food.
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An additional distillery was founded in Paris in 1925; however the company was a shadow of its former self. In the 1930s, ... Vladimir Smirnov re-established a factory in 1920 in Constantinople (present day Istanbul). Four years later he moved to Lwów ( ... while in 2006 Diageo concluded a joint venture deal with the Smirnov company. The Smirnoff company had the naming rights to the ... Heublein was a company that specialized in the import and export of liquors and foreign foods. Using the $14,000 that the ...
Horseback riding and arts and crafts are also available for an additional fee. Nine full-time staff members operate Anokijig ... A medical staffer is present 24 hours a day. Close, A.B., "Camp Anokijig Ceremonial." Western Printing and Lithographing ... Company, 1950. Clowers, Max W. Golden Years: An Anniversary Reflection on the First Fifty Years of Racine's YMCA Camp Anokijig ... Specialty camps combine all of the activities of Anokijig's resident camp program with an additional focus on a particular ...
It is present all over Norway. The headquarters are in Fornebu with additional offices in Trondheim, Stavanger, Oslo and ... The company employs a staff of more than 1,300.[needs update] The first company named Det Norske Oljeselskap (now DNO ... The name of the company was changed to Aker BP ASA. As of January 2019, Aker holds 40% of the company's shares, BP 30% and the ... In 2009, a Norwegian oil company Aker Exploration merged with Det Norske Oljeselskap. On May 21, 2013, the company announced it ...
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The company is a member of the UN CEO Water Mandate and UN Global Compact (UNGC), and was named 2013 Stockholm Industry Water ... At present Netafim is developing ecological solutions[buzzword] for producing fuel from alternative sources. Concurrently, ... Since then Netafim has won additional 7 community irrigation projects in India covering in total 106,000 hectares and 97,000 ... According to company sources, the use of drip irrigation for rice and tomatoes cuts down on greenhouse gases and nitrous oxide ...
At present, each BC supervises 5 stations and their respective companies. A Battalion Chief (BC) serves as the incident ... They provide additional command staff assistance at those incidents. For very large incidents, the VFD can request the ... VFD has 2 truck companies (aka ladder trucks) that are housed alongside engine companies. VFD truck companies carry a full ... and truck companies are staffed with 4 members minimum. Each engine company and truck company is supervised by a Captain (who ...
He was present at the siege of Smerwick, where he led the party that beheaded some 600 Spanish and Italian soldiers. Raleigh ... Volume 1. Macmillan & Company. ,volume= has extra text (help) Durant, Will; Durant, Ariel (1961). The Story of Civilization. ... ISBN 978-0-88738-406-6. Collier, John Payne (1852). "Additional Information respecting the Life and Services of Sir Walter ... Subsequent colonisation attempts in the early 17th century were made under the joint-stock Virginia Company, which was able to ...
2006-2014: Composer/Senior Composer for "SomaTone Interactive Inc." company; 2008: Additional Composer/Arranger for the TV Show ... 2014-present: Composer/Consultant/Contract VO Director for the company "Zuru Toys", China/New Zealand (multiple toy-products ... company (library and custom work); 2011: Composer for NBC television broadcasts of the "2011 Royal Wedding"; 2011-present: ... Additional Orchestrator for TV show "Galavant" (one song); 2016: Additional Orchestrator for the 3D adult computer animated ...
The company also maintained a hospital and attendant personnel at this time. Additional amenities established around 1910 ... Located four miles southeast of the original town site, next to the present-day Silver Bell Mine, the town of Silver Bell was ... A third company, the Cleveland-Arizona, organized around 1906. It was succeeded a year later by a company that eventually ... In the 1890s, two English companies entered the Silver Bell Mining District: the Silver Bell Mining and Smelting Company, Ltd ...
... additional contaminant chemicals may be present in the water feed. The low voltage DC current still performs ... Companies may use seawater for this process due to its low cost. The water used is usually brackish water or brine (i.e. a ...
It remains as a memorial to the present day. As of 2011, the National Park Service lists the park as Little Forest - Formerly ... At the same time, an additional 5.7 acres were also transferred by her daughters. In 1948, the land was transferred to the ... They formed the Chevy Chase Land Development Company. The founded the neighborhoods of Chevy Chase, Washington, D.C.; and Chevy ...
Additional OEM models GiGi GOVECS designed and produces an electric foldable scooter for Dutch company GiGi. SWAY For US-based ... 2] Product lines GOVECS offers two product lines at present: the GO! S series with four different models of various performance ... In 2012, investment company Gimv invested four million Euros in GOVECS. That year, GOVECS supplied Spanish Company Cooltra with ... The company markets its GOVECS GO! electric scooters in the US and 17 European countries. The core markets are Germany, France ...
... charges an additional premium on its passengers to provide its services. ExpoRail launched its first service on a ... On the same day, a competing service was launched by Blue Line Company, the Rajadhani Express. On December 10, 2011, it added ... Transport Minister Kumar Welgama and Deputy Minister Rohana Dissanayake were present at the launch. ... Expolanka, ExpoRail's parent company Rajadhani Express, ExpoRail's main competitor, serving a similar niche market "Luxury Rail ...
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In order to browse more than that, the user must pay an additional ¥300, which allows the perusal of up to 50 items per day. As ... The main source is the Magazine Article Catalog that covers the Meiji period to the present. It is published every year from ... Most of the magazines are contributions from publishing companies and individuals. 70,000 books are stored in the Ogose Branch ... The CD-ROM ranges from 1992 to the present; it is searcheable by topic, keyword, issue date, and genre of magazines. Lastly, ...
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Both companies offered significant discounts on the work. A groundbreaking ceremony took place on May 6, 2008. Lowry, Philip J ... The City of Pittsburgh contributed the additional $95,000 required. The Pittsburgh-based Massaro Corporation served as the ... 1992). Green Cathedrals: The Ultimate Celebration of All 271 Major League and Negro League Ballparks Past and Present. Reading ...
The present marquee was erected by the Iowa Neon Sign Company of Des Moines in 1948. The I.O.O.F. sold the theater to Louie and ... There is seating for 264 on the main floor and an additional 132 seats in the balcony. ...
As of 16 January 2021, 108 clubs are present in the game in total. This marks an increase of over 50 additional club sides ... In May 2019, the company announced a pre-seed round of EUR 550k including the technology entrepreneur Xavier Niel. In July 2020 ... In December 2020, the company raised another 3.5 million with World Cup champion Gerard Piqué, among others. ... the company raised 4 million with German football World Cup champion André Schürrle, among others. They are also backed by ...
Campbell Company developed the original plaza, and Robert B. Aikens converted it to the present-day mall structure. The next ... The 1999 renovation added carpeting, fixtures, additional restrooms. The tenant mix was enhanced significantly over the next ...
The company was founded as Roving Software in 1995, taking its present name in 2004. In May 2008, Constant Contact's first ... is an online marketing company, headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, with additional offices in Loveland, Colorado; and New ... Business Wire (2004-05-18). "Roving Software Changes Company Name to Constant Contact; Aligns Company and Product in a Single ... They posted positive comments about the company while concealing their affiliation with Constant Contact. The company ...
The company was founded in 2004 by Jeffrey Evans and is located in Mount Bethel, PA. The company was initially started in ... Evans Tuning's dyno tuning service requires the car to be present for tuning. After a car has been put on the dyno it can be ... In early 2009 an additional 2WD Dynapack Dyno was purchased expanding their operation into an AWD dyno shop. ... Additionally, the company started by only performing service to modified Honda and Acura models. Mid 2004, the company ...
By 1898, the company had settled on its preferred option of building an additional bridge on the present site; during that year ... Engineering Company in Darlington. The bridge consists of four lattice steel spans resting on concrete piers. The total length ... Engineering Company; the programme was internally financed entirely by the NER. Excluding land purchases, it cost roughly £ ...
After National City Bank and the Farmers' Loan and Trust Company merged in 1929, these companies expanded into a new structure ... City Bank Farmers Trust moved to 399 Park Avenue, one block west of the present Citigroup Center, in 1961. On the northwestern ... of additional steel. National City Bank was founded in 1812 and, for over a century, had its headquarters in the Financial ... The company did not intend to develop the sites of these buildings, but they contained topless bars, which Citibank officials ...
The major film music companies are T-Series at Delhi, Sony Music India at Chennai and Zee Music Company at Mumbai and Saregama ... Tickets were affordable to the masses (as low as an anna (one-sixteenth of a rupee) in Bombay) with additional comforts ... He showed short movies in a tent in Esplanade, near the present Parry's Corner, using carbide jet-burners for projection. He ... A British company imported a Crone megaphone, made up of a film projector to which a gramophone with a disc containing ...
He called it the India Film Company. Rangavadivelu, an actor from Suguna Vilasa Sabha, a theatre company then, was hired to ... He showed short movies in a tent in Esplanade, near the present Parry's Corner, using carbide jet-burners for projection. He ... Silent films were also screened as an additional attraction. Swamikannu Vincent, a railway draftsman from Tiruchirapalli, ... A British company imported a Crone megaphone, made up of a film projector to which a gramophone with a disc containing ...
With additional reinforcements arriving Major King, as senior officer present, was assigned to command all regular forces in ... In November King took the 1st Battalion of the 15th, for now being made up of 4 companies, and went to Camp Nevin. There the ... By late February 1862 the detachment had been enlarged by another 6 companies as well as Battery H, 5th U.S. Artillery Regiment ... he was directly commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in Company I of the 1st U.S. Infantry Regiment on December 2, 1837. Promoted ...
... additional batteries, or device cradles. Some classic models (IBM and early Lenovo T and X series) can support an additional ... However, the company celebrated a milestone in 2015 with the shipment of the 100 millionth unit of its ThinkPad line. The ... However, it lacked the lid latch mechanism which was present on the previous X200 and X201 versions. The discontinued slim 12" ... How the companies line up , Greenpeace International Archived 27 January 2007 at the Wayback Machine "Lenovo ThinkPad T60p - ...
Among the songs present are the original Japanese ending theme "Swearing to the Blue Sky" performed by Machiko Watanabe that ... An additional production credit was given to Takeo Miratsu, who served as an arranger for certain tracks, while Michiko Naruke ... The album was distributed by King Records, a subsidiary of literary and manga company Kodansha Limited. All tracks were ... Though the album houses all the music from its predecessor, it contains an additional 43 tracks of previously unreleased tracks ...
Link text, additional text. "Newbery Medal and Honor Books, 1922-Present". Retrieved June 1, 2015. Michael Denning. ... New York: Harcourt, Brace & Company, 1934. Audubon. New York: Harcourt, Brace & Company, 1936. It retroactively received the ... New York: Harcourt, Brace & Company, 1927. Troupers on the Gold Coast, or The Rise of Lotta Crabtree. New York: Harcourt, Brace ... New York: Harcourt, Brace & Company, 1938. The Roots of American Culture, edited by Van Wyck Brooks. New York: Harcourt, Brace ...
... including the promotion by the Company of Amryt Pharma PLC in any Content on the Site, the Company receives from... ... AMRYT TO PRESENT EASE TRIAL DATA BY LATE-BREAKING PRESENTATION AT... on 10/08/2020 ... The Company is a publisher. You understand and agree that no content published on the Site constitutes a recommendation that ... Amryt Pharma shares additional encouraging data from successful phase III trial of gel for rare skin disease ...
... a pharmaceutical company leading the development of Live Biotherapeutic products (LBPs) - a novel class of drug derived from ... the microbiome, today announced that it will present data from its Phase II study of single strain LBP Blautix® in patients ... 4D pharma to Present Additional Data from Phase II Study of Blautix for the Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome at Digestive ... The Company has six clinical programs, namely a Phase I/II study of MRx0518 in combination with KEYTRUDA (pembrolizumab) in ...
For additional information on the Company, visit our web site: ... A live audio webcast of the presentation will be available on the Companys website ( For those unable to ... Universal Health Services (NYSE: UHS) is one of the largest and most respected hospital management companies in the nation. For ... NYSE: UHS) announced today that Steve Filton, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer will virtually present at ...
... will present new Phase Ib data for the companys tarextumab program at the upcoming 2015 Gastrointestinal Cancer Symposium ... 13, 2015-- OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc., a clinical-stage company developing novel therapeutics that target cancer stem cells, ... Additional information can be found at the companys website: ... will present new Phase Ib data for the companys tarextumab (anti-Notch 2/3, OMP-59R5) program at the upcoming 2015 ...
... the Companys future capital needs; the Companys ability to obtain additional funding; the ability of the Company to obtain ... None of the Companys drug candidates has been approved for sale, significant additional animal and human testing is required ... Home › News › Clinical Trials › Hollis-Eden Researchers Present New Findings on Mechanism of Action for Anti-Cancer Drug ... and the Companys ability to compete; and other risks detailed from time to time in the Companys filings with the Securities ...
bluebird bio to present data from its gene and cell therapy programs during virtual European Hematology Association Annual ... bluebird bio has additional nests in Seattle, Wash.; Durham, N.C.; and Zug, Switzerland. For more information, visit ... bluebird bio is a human company powered by human stories. Were putting our care and expertise to work across a spectrum of ... bluebird bio to Present Data from Its Gene and Cell Therapy Programs During the Virtual Edition of the 25th European Hematology ...
HeBrew Jewbelation 12 is a American Brown Ale style beer brewed by Shmaltz Brewing Company in Clifton Park, NY. 3.95 average ... Prune is very present and provides additional sweetness. Dark toasted bread and a roasted nut flavor provide a nice support for ... Big Sky Brewing Company. Old Brown Dog. Smuttynose Brewing Company. Coffee Bender. Surly Brewing Company. Wilco Tango Foxtrot. ... Avery Brewing Company. Bender. Surly Brewing Company. Sumatra Mountain Brown. Founders Brewing Company. Koko Brown. Kona ...
There were additional armed military units stationed in the uranium mining districts. Military and NKVD checkpoints were ... Seven coal seams are present in the Permian (Rotliegend) volcano-sedimentary rocks of the Döhlen basin. Three of these seams ... At the end of 1953 the company was liquidated and the Soviet-East German stock company Wismut (SDAG Wismut) was newly founded, ... The company also operated sand pits, both for its construction needs but mostly to get material to refill stopes at Ronneburg. ...
These factors include, but are not limited to, substantial competition; our need for additional financing; uncertainties of ... Tonix Pharmaceuticals to Present Breakthrough Therapy Designated-PTSD Program and Corporate Update at the Cowen and Company ... Tonix Pharmaceuticals to Present at 10th Annual LD Micro Investor Conference *Tonix Pharmaceuticals to Present at 23rd Annual ... announced today that it will present at the Cowen and Company 37th Annual Health Care Conference being held March 6-8, 2017 in ...
The company, a member of the Roche Group, has headquarters in South San Francisco, California. For additional information about ... Additional data from three pivotal studies of Hemlibra in people with hemophilia A, with or without factor VIII inhibitors - ... Genentech to Present New Data from Its Industry-Leading Hematology Portfolio at the American Society of Hematology (ASH) 2018 ... Additional possible serious side effects of Gazyva: Patients must tell their doctor right away about any side effect they ...
The company, a member of the Roche Group, has headquarters in South San Francisco, California. For additional information about ... Genentech to Present New and Updated Data for Seven Approved and Investigational Medicines Across Multiple Types of Breast ... Please see the Perjeta full Prescribing Information for additional Important Safety Information, including most serious side ... Please see the Herceptin full Prescribing Information for additional Important Safety Information, including most serious side ...
The two closer objects they did find present additional mysteries.. Nature wrote that they orbit at similar and unique angles ...
Present New linagliptin Data at American Diabetes Associations 72nd Scientific Sessions® - read this article along with other ... Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly and Company. In January 2011, Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly and Companyannounced an ... "These new studies provide additional data further evaluating the efficacy and safety of linagliptin, alone or in combination, ... This alliance leverages the companies strengths as two of the worlds leading pharmaceutical companies, combining Boehringer ...
Ocera To Present At The Cowen And Company 37th Annual Healthcare Conference. Company Presentation Scheduled for March 8, 2017 ... Ocera To Announce Additional Encouraging Results From Its Phase 2b STOP-HE Study Of IV OCR-002 In Patients With Hepatic ... Ocera To Present At The 16th Annual Needham Healthcare Conference. -- Company Presentation Scheduled for April 4, 2017 at 4:20 ... Ocera To Present At The Stifel 2016 Healthcare Conference. Company Presentation Scheduled for November 16, 2016 at 11:45 AM ET ...
Each company will present its mission and technology to investors and entrepreneurs. The conference will also feature keynote ... University of Florida Spinouts to Present at Innovation Showcase The University of Florida will host its third annual ... The conference, to be held April 14 at the Hilton University of Florida Conference Center, will feature 16 start-up companies ...
... announced today that company management is scheduled to present at the Cantor Fitzgerald Global Healthcare Conference on ... Additional applications include procedures for electrophysiology, spine, orthopedic, cardiothoracic, and general surgery. ... Invuity to Present at Cantor Fitzgerald Global Healthcare Conference. Email Print Friendly Share ... A live, listen-only webcast of the presentation may be accessed by visiting the Events & Presentations section of the Companys ...
... restrictions on our ability to engage in additional transactions or incur additional indebtedness as a result of the ... Teva to Present Data Highlighting Companys Pipeline in Neurological Disorders at 68th AAN Annual Meeting ... See additional important information at: For hardcopy releases, please see enclosed full ... or to attract additional executive and managerial talent; any failures to comply with complex Medicare and Medicaid reporting ...
Companys,30th,Annual,Health,Care,Conference,medicine,advanced medical technology,medical laboratory technology,medical device ... span class xn-chron...,NOVAVAX,to,Present,at,Cowen,and, ... Additional information about Novavax is available on the ... NOVAVAX to Present at Cowen and Companys 30th Annual Health Care Conference ... Novavax to Present Phase I/IIa Trial Data Results in an Investor Conference Call on August 26, 2008. 11. Novavax Announces ...
The tobacco companies defenses were impregnable.. Additional Topics. Tobacco Litigation Trials: 1954-present - Plaintiffs Find ... Defendants: Philip Morris Company; R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company; Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation; Lorillard Tobacco ... Dates of Trials: 1954-present. SIGNIFICANCE: The tobacco litigation cases represent one of the largest class action movements ... Tobacco Litigation Trials: 1954-present - The Feds Hop On Board. With the impregnable wall crumbling rapidly, U.S. Attorney ...
Further, the company has $2.2 billion available for additional borrowing as per its present credit facility. ... Further, between Apr 1 and Apr 29, additional new investment commitments of $153 million were realized, while the company ... However, the companys failure to control expenses is a matter of concern. Also, intensifying competition may keep the ... Currently, Ares Capital carries a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy). Among other companies in the same space, American Capital, Ltd. ACAS , ...
... an oncology-focused biotechnology company, announces today its CEO, Jim Caruso, will be presenting at the 28 th Annual Roth ... For additional information please visit This news release contains forward-looking statements. ... Cellectar Biosciences to Present at the 28th Annual Roth Capital Conference. Published 8:30 AM ET Tue, 8 March 2016 Globe ... The company is also developing PDCs for targeted delivery of chemotherapeutics such as paclitaxel (CLR 1603-PTX), a preclinical ...
Otonomy and AGTC Present Preclinical Results Supporting Selection of Product Candidate for GJB2 Gene Therapy Hearing Loss ... Otonomy is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of innovative therapeutics for neurotology. The company ... Information regarding the foregoing and additional risks may be found in the section entitled "Risk Factors" in Otonomys ... Otonomy and AGTC Present Preclinical Results Supporting Selection of Product Candidate for GJB2 Gene Therapy Hearing Loss ...
2019 Additional ranitidine drugs are being recalled by four companies: Apotex Inc., Pro Doc Limitée, Sanis Health Inc., and ... Additional ranitidine drugs are being recalled by four companies: Apotex Inc., Pro Doc Limitée, Sanis Health Inc., and Sivem ... Current evidence suggests that NDMA may be present in ranitidine, regardless of the manufacturer. As a result, and at Health ... One company, Sandoz Canada, is recalling its oral prescription products in Canada and other countries after testing identified ...
Member companies may then ship KD lumber with limited amounts of bark present. View the following participant list for approved ... Companies are able to enroll in an APHIS approved certification program with the National Hardwood Lumber Association. ...
The company, a member of the Roche Group, has headquarters in South San Francisco, California. For additional information about ... Avastin BOXED WARNINGS and Additional Important Safety Information. People receiving Avastin may experience side effects. In ... Additional serious side effects that occurred in more people who received Avastin than those in the comparison group included ... Genentech to Present Significant Progress in Advanced Skin, Lung and Ovarian Cancers at ASCO ...
While the company lacked quality benchmark data to use as a comparison, the reduction in variability was evident. "We could see ... Legacy Controls Present Challenges. Production at the Ore-Ida facility begins at the loading docks, where trucks unload farm- ... The logistics company is improving flexibility, safety and efficiency by moving operators from the cab to the control room. ... Today, Ore-Ida is a part of the Kraft Heinz Company brand. Its production operations are based in Ontario, Oregon, where Ore- ...
Akcea is a global company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Additional information about Akcea is available at www. ... Akcea Therapeutics to Present Data on Inotersen for the Treatment of hATTR Amyloidosis at the 2018 American Academy of ... "We are pleased to have the opportunity to present data from the NEURO-TTR study in two oral presentations at this years ... These and other risks concerning Akceas programs are described in additional detail in its annual report on Form 10-K for the ...

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