Organizations and individuals cooperating together toward a common goal at the local or grassroots level.
Machine readable patient or equipment identification device using radio frequency from 125 kHz to 5.8 Ghz.
A cabinet department in the Executive Branch of the United States Government concerned with overall planning, promoting, and administering programs pertaining to VETERANS. It was established March 15, 1989 as a Cabinet-level position.
A system containing any combination of computers, computer terminals, printers, audio or visual display devices, or telephones interconnected by telecommunications equipment or cables: used to transmit or receive information. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
Transmission of the readings of instruments to a remote location by means of wires, radio waves, or other means. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
Former members of the armed services.
The means of moving persons, animals, goods, or materials from one place to another.
The integration of epidemiologic, sociological, economic, and other analytic sciences in the study of health services. Health services research is usually concerned with relationships between need, demand, supply, use, and outcome of health services. The aim of the research is evaluation, particularly in terms of structure, process, output, and outcome. (From Last, Dictionary of Epidemiology, 2d ed)
A procedure consisting of a sequence of algebraic formulas and/or logical steps to calculate or determine a given task.
Sequential operating programs and data which instruct the functioning of a digital computer.
Interacting DNA-encoded regulatory subsystems in the GENOME that coordinate input from activator and repressor TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS during development, cell differentiation, or in response to environmental cues. The networks function to ultimately specify expression of particular sets of GENES for specific conditions, times, or locations.
Use of sophisticated analysis tools to sort through, organize, examine, and combine large sets of information.
A field of biology concerned with the development of techniques for the collection and manipulation of biological data, and the use of such data to make biological discoveries or predictions. This field encompasses all computational methods and theories for solving biological problems including manipulation of models and datasets.
The process of pictorial communication, between human and computers, in which the computer input and output have the form of charts, drawings, or other appropriate pictorial representation.
Individuals connecting by family, work or other interests. It also includes connectivity facilitated by computer-based communications.
Persons functioning as natural, adoptive, or substitute parents. The heading includes the concept of parenthood as well as preparation for becoming a parent.
The transmission and reproduction of transient images of fixed or moving objects. An electronic system of transmitting such images together with sound over a wire or through space by apparatus that converts light and sound into electrical waves and reconverts them into visible light rays and audible sound. (From Webster, 3rd ed)
Spontaneous or voluntary recreational activities pursued for enjoyment and accessories or equipment used in the activities; includes games, toys, etc.
A status with BODY WEIGHT that is grossly above the acceptable or desirable weight, usually due to accumulation of excess FATS in the body. The standards may vary with age, sex, genetic or cultural background. In the BODY MASS INDEX, a BMI greater than 30.0 kg/m2 is considered obese, and a BMI greater than 40.0 kg/m2 is considered morbidly obese (MORBID OBESITY).
Encouraging consumer behaviors most likely to optimize health potentials (physical and psychosocial) through health information, preventive programs, and access to medical care.
The interactions between parent and child.
Support systems that provide assistance and encouragement to individuals with physical or emotional disabilities in order that they may better cope. Informal social support is usually provided by friends, relatives, or peers, while formal assistance is provided by churches, groups, etc.
Mobilization of human, financial, capital, physical and or natural resources to generate goods and services.
A loose confederation of computer communication networks around the world. The networks that make up the Internet are connected through several backbone networks. The Internet grew out of the US Government ARPAnet project and was designed to facilitate information exchange.
Revenues or receipts accruing from business enterprise, labor, or invested capital.
Antibodies specific to STREPTOLYSINS which indicate STREPTOCOCCAL INFECTIONS.
A computer architecture, implementable in either hardware or software, modeled after biological neural networks. Like the biological system in which the processing capability is a result of the interconnection strengths between arrays of nonlinear processing nodes, computerized neural networks, often called perceptrons or multilayer connectionist models, consist of neuron-like units. A homogeneous group of units makes up a layer. These networks are good at pattern recognition. They are adaptive, performing tasks by example, and thus are better for decision-making than are linear learning machines or cluster analysis. They do not require explicit programming.

A taxonomy of health networks and systems: bringing order out of chaos. (1/754)

OBJECTIVE: To use existing theory and data for empirical development of a taxonomy that identifies clusters of organizations sharing common strategic/structural features. DATA SOURCES: Data from the 1994 and 1995 American Hospital Association Annual Surveys, which provide extensive data on hospital involvement in hospital-led health networks and systems. STUDY DESIGN: Theories of organization behavior and industrial organization economics were used to identify three strategic/structural dimensions: differentiation, which refers to the number of different products/services along a healthcare continuum; integration, which refers to mechanisms used to achieve unity of effort across organizational components; and centralization, which relates to the extent to which activities take place at centralized versus dispersed locations. These dimensions were applied to three components of the health service/product continuum: hospital services, physician arrangements, and provider-based insurance activities. DATA EXTRACTION METHODS: We identified 295 health systems and 274 health networks across the United States in 1994, and 297 health systems and 306 health networks in 1995 using AHA data. Empirical measures aggregated individual hospital data to the health network and system level. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: We identified a reliable, internally valid, and stable four-cluster solution for health networks and a five-cluster solution for health systems. We found that differentiation and centralization were particularly important in distinguishing unique clusters of organizations. High differentiation typically occurred with low centralization, which suggests that a broader scope of activity is more difficult to centrally coordinate. Integration was also important, but we found that health networks and systems typically engaged in both ownership-based and contractual-based integration or they were not integrated at all. CONCLUSIONS: Overall, we were able to classify approximately 70 percent of hospital-led health networks and 90 percent of hospital-led health systems into well-defined organizational clusters. Given the widespread perception that organizational change in healthcare has been chaotic, our research suggests that important and meaningful similarities exist across many evolving organizations. The resulting taxonomy provides a new lexicon for researchers, policymakers, and healthcare executives for characterizing key strategic and structural features of evolving organizations. The taxonomy also provides a framework for future inquiry about the relationships between organizational strategy, structure, and performance, and for assessing policy issues, such as Medicare Provider Sponsored Organizations, antitrust, and insurance regulation.  (+info)

Latino children's health and the family-community health promotion model. (2/754)

A majority of Latino children in the US live in poverty. However, unlike other poor children, Latino children do not seem to have a consistent association between poverty and poor health. Instead, many poor Latino children have unexpectedly good health outcomes. This has been labeled an epidemiologic paradox. This paper proposes a new model of health, the family-community health promotion model, to account for this paradox. The family-community health promotion model emphasizes the family-community milieu of the child, in contrast to traditional models of health. In addition, the family-community model expands the outcome measures from physical health to functional health status, and underscores the contribution of cultural factors to functional health outcomes. In this paper, we applied the family-community health promotion model to four health outcomes: low birthweight, infant mortality, chronic and acute illness, and perceived health status. The implications of this model for research and policy are discussed.  (+info)

The relationship and tensions between vertical integrated delivery systems and horizontal specialty networks. (3/754)

This activity is designated for physicians, medical directors, and healthcare policy makers. GOAL: To clarify the issues involved with the integration of single-specialty networks into vertical integrated healthcare delivery systems. OBJECTIVES: 1. Recognize the advantages that single-specialty networks offer under capitated medical care. 2. Understand the self-interests and tensions involved in integrating these networks into vertical networks of primary care physicians, hospitals, and associated specialists. 3. Understand the rationale of "stacking" horizontal networks within a vertical system.  (+info)

Hospitals and managed care: catching up with the networks. (4/754)

Although the growth of managed care is having a significant impact on hospitals, organizational response to managed care remains fragmented. We conducted a survey of 83 hospitals nationwide that indicated that most hospitals now have at least one person devoted to managed care initiatives. These individuals, however, often spend most of their time on current issues, such as contracting with managed care organizations and physician relations. Concerns for the future, such as network development and marketing, although important, receive less immediate attention form these individuals. Hospital managed care executives must take a more proactive role in long range managed care planning by collaborating with managed care organizations and pharmaceutical companies.  (+info)

Transformation of ministries of health in the era of health reform: the case of Colombia. (5/754)

Ministries of health are being called upon to lead major health reforms; at the same time they must reform themselves to become more modern institutions and assume new and different functions and roles in the more dynamic reformed system. The literature on public administration and on health reform has recommended many processes of institutional reform and development, building on private sector management techniques, popularized by 'reinventing government' and 'total quality management'. More recently, thoughtful insights have emphasized improving public management through a focus on creating 'public value'; on political, as well as administrative, leadership; improving institutional performance through strengthening the 'task networks' of organizations needed to achieve strategic objectives; and creating a learning culture within the organization. This article applies these recent approaches to the specific needs of ministries of health in order to improve their capacity to lead major health reforms. This combined approach is then used to analyze and make recommendations to the Ministry of Health in Colombia where the authors were providing technical support for a major new health reform.  (+info)

Massachusetts Medicaid and the Community Medical Alliance: a new approach to contracting and care delivery for Medicaid-eligible populations with AIDS and severe physical disability. (6/754)

This paper discusses the origins and experiences of the Community Medical Alliance (CMA), a Boston-based clinical care system that contracts with the Massachusetts Medicaid program on a fully capitated basis to pay for and deliver a comprehensive set of benefits to individuals with advanced AIDS and individuals with severe disability. Since 1992, the program has enrolled 818 individuals with either severe disability, AIDS, mental retardation, or general SSI-qualifying disability. Under a fee-for-service system, these two groups had received fragmented care. The capitated CMA program emphasizes patient education and self-management strategies, social support and mental health services, and a team approach to healthcare delivery that has reoriented care to primary care physicians, homes, and communities.  (+info)

Community education for stroke awareness: An efficacy study. (7/754)

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: This study examined the effectiveness of a slide/audio community education program aimed at increasing knowledge of stroke risk factors, stroke warning signs, and action needed when stroke warning signs occur. The program targets audiences at higher risk for stroke, especially individuals who are black or >50 years of age. METHODS: Subjects were 657 adults living in the community or in senior independent-living settings. The study examined the effectiveness of the program when presented alone and when accompanied by discussion (facilitation) led by a trained individual. Knowledge of stroke risk factors and warning signs was assessed using parallel pretests and posttests developed and validated specifically for the study. RESULTS: ANCOVA indicated that neither pretesting nor facilitation had a significant effect on posttest measures of knowledge. Paired t tests of groups receiving both the pretest and posttest demonstrated significant increase in knowledge (mean increase, 10.87%; P<0.001). ANCOVA indicated that these gains in knowledge were similar across subjects of different sex, race, age, and educational level. No significant differences could be ascribed to facilitation. CONCLUSIONS: The data indicate that the slide/audio program is effective in increasing knowledge of stroke risk factors, warning signs, and necessary action in subjects of varying ages, races, and education. Pretesting and facilitation did not significantly affect the short-term acquisition of information. The slide/audio program appears to offer a short, easily used educational experience for diverse communities, whether as a stand-alone program or with facilitated discussion.  (+info)

Outcome of long stay psychiatric patients resettled in the community: prospective cohort study. (8/754)

OBJECTIVE: To examine the outcome of a population of long stay psychiatric patients resettled in the community. DESIGN: Prospective study with 5 year follow up. SETTING: Over 140 residential settings in north London. SUBJECTS: 670 long stay patients from two London hospitals (Friern and Claybury) discharged to the community from 1985 to 1993. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Continuity and quality of residential care, readmission to hospital, mortality, crime, and vagrancy. RESULTS: Of the 523 patients who survived the 5 year follow up period, 469 (89.6%) were living in the community by the end of follow up, 310 (59.2%) in their original community placement. A third (210) of all patients were readmitted at least once. Crime and homelessness presented few problems. Standardised mortality ratios for the group were comparable with those reported for similar populations. CONCLUSIONS: When carefully planned and adequately resourced, community care for long stay psychiatric patients is beneficial to most individuals and has minimal detrimental effects on society.  (+info)

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Borough Wide Community Network is your guide to local news, projects, services, groups and events in Wigan. We provide you with the latest news and information straight from your local community ...
MDRCs Chicago Community Networks Study explores ways to consider power in networks of neighborhood organizations, how power is configured differently in different Chicago neighborhoods, and how these patterns can help communities respond to local challenges.
The Mendocino Community Network is a business owned and operated by the Mendocino Unified School District. Our mission is to provide high-quality, personal Internet services to our school district, our customers, and the communities that we serve.. ...
Congratulations to UNC resident-turned-faculty-member Dr. Nate Sheets for his receipt of a pilot grant from the Carolina Community Network. The grant will support his research on Disparity in receipt of multidisciplinary consultation and perceptions regarding treatment options among African American and Caucasian prostate cancer patients. Well done!. ...
Community Networks first emerged in the late 1970s, as an outgrowth of the periods alternative computing initiatives in the San Francisco Bay area, excitement about the new ARPANet, and concurrent development of the first personal computers. Most community networks, as we now know them, emerged since the early 1990s, as personal computers proliferated, as the Internet and the Web reached into the public sphere, and as it became clear that to benefit, localities would have to become involved in shaping their corner of our tele- networked society.. Many early community networks have not survived the rapid evolution of technology; social and economic reorganization; marketplace competition; non-profit volunteer burnout; and other human-scale effects of entropy. Like many of their boom-bust .com counterparts, they have important lessons to teach us. More resourceful community networks have and will continue to reinvent themselves, leveraging their technical, social or economic strengths, while ...
Download this World Location Virtual Social Community Network And Real Geographic Positioning vector illustration now. And search more of the webs best library of royalty-free vector art from iStock.
One of the reasons that we are proposing an initial project of three or four community network sites (instead of investing more resources in a single community network) is to begin to lay the foundation for a community of individuals and initiatives involved in Russian community networking. There is little or no tradition for such in Russia. By helping create several community networks simultaneously, we can take advantage of a wider body of experience which should prove useful for subsequent effort. Of course, this creates additional challenges for project management. To help make it manageable, we will encourage the use of identical hardware and software platforms; will provide some good software tools for Web authoring and management, other tools for listserver management (and other communication services such as chat rooms and bulletin board systems) and will provide a web site and communications services to support the network of community networks- with specific services for system ...
Connecting Michigans Unserved Rural Communities. Fiber-optic broadband infrastructure is critical to a communitys ability to thrive in the modern world. Access to robust fiber infrastructure isnt universal, unfortunately. This digital divide leaves the needs of many rural schools and libraries, rural for-profit businesses and rural households unmet.. Barriers to broadband network deployment in rural communities could be reduced through a combination of techniques. The granting of one-time funds to supplement network construction costs, through governmental or philanthropic programs, would help jumpstart network expansion. The creation of community connectivity task force teams would accelerate broadband expansion by helping local communities that dont have all the expertise they desperately need for these complex projects. Sharing information and success stories from community connectivity experts broadly would also facilitate efforts across the state. Michigan has wonderful talent, but it ...
This resource documents jobs created in Chanute, Kansas; Chattanooga and Tullahoma, Tennessee; Lafayette, Louisiana; Bristol, Martinsville, and Danville, Virginia; and Springfield, Missouri. Use the fact sheet to share relevant information with people in the community, business and economic development leaders, lawmakers, or with anyone investigating the possibility of a community owned network in their region. Distribute it freely and often.. Read ongoing coverage related to these networks at ILSRs site devoted to Community Broadband Networks. You can also subscribe to a once-per-week email with stories about community broadband networks.. ...
Organised by Inspiring healthy lifestyles the evening comprised of awards, motivational stories and a catwalk showcasing the past years achievements of the Lose Weight Feel Great programmes across Wigan Borough.. Over the past 12 months an impressive 155 stone has been collectively lost by all of Friday nights participants.. The Lose Weight Feel Great weight management programmes are a collaborative approach to tackling weight loss in the borough. Led by Wigan Council the programmes are delivered by numerous partners including Inspiring healthy lifestyles, Healthy Routes, Slimming World, Wigan Warriors Community Foundation, Wigan Athletic Community Trust and Aintree NHS.. They offer residents bespoke physical activity sessions alongside healthy eating advice within a community settings.. The event compered by journalist and reporter Dave Guest celebrated the amazing achievements of all participants on the child and adult weight management programmes over the past 12 months.. Special guests ...
Organiser: Community. A social club for retired and semi-retired men with a business or professional background. We enjoy listening to a wide variety of speakers and on the fourth Wednesday there is an optional lunch, to which partners are invited, at a local restaurant or inn. Our social programme includes visits to places of interest and entertainment, and occasional gatherings at lunchtime and in the evening. We have an interesting variety of speakers at our bi-monthly meetings. We also arrange outings and meals with partners. We only meet once in December and this at a different venue with partners when we have mince pies and sing carols.. ...
Many operators 5G network plans are heavily influenced by sports. More than a quarter expect to introduce 5G service tied to the Olympics starting next July.
But wait, theres more. Each of those functions may be invoking external services or loading externally sourced components. Thats nearly a given because modern applications leverage open source components on average for about 80% of the total functionality of an app. That means your responsibility is not only to secure the code your developers write, but other developers as well. Thats no small ask. Studies show (through scans and analysis of those components) that there has been an 88% growth rate in app vulnerabilities in such packages over the past two years. (Source: Snyk, 2019 State of Open Source Security) The increase in dependency on externally sourced components combined with the broadening of the attack surface thanks to decomposition means that securing serverless apps must focus on the code itself. This requires a shift away from after delivery, network-deployed services and into the CI/CD pipeline. It means continuous security scans - static and dynamic. It means code reviews. It ...
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Esta beca se usó para organizar foros para los candidatos dentro del área oeste inferior y el área de San Andrés y crear una campaña de visibilidad en español para que gente habla hispana voten.. Restorative Community Network with Comin Together SB / Racial Bias Awareness Implicit Bias Training and Small Group Discussions - $2,800 ...
Of the more than 400 communities around the country that have built and benefitted from community networks, the town of The Dalles in Oregon may have a case for the title of most bang for the buck. Their commitment of $10,000 12 years ago to leverage a $1.8 million QLife fiber optic network has lead to a massive, $1.2 billion dollar investment from Google in the form of a huge data center, employing nearly 200 people and generating millions in tax revenues for the local community. And at the end of September, the QLife board of directors announced that they had paid off the loans used for network construction more than three years ahead of schedule. We covered part of The Dalles network story two years ago: a small city of just 13,000 was told by Sprint in 2000 that it would have to wait 5 to 10 years for broadband Internet access. Meanwhile, local manufacturing was declining and employers were overlooking the town due to its outdated infrastructure. Before building the QLife network, The ...
Of the more than 400 communities around the country that have built and benefitted from community networks, the town of The Dalles in Oregon may have a case for the title of most bang for the buck. Their commitment of $10,000 12 years ago to leverage a $1.8 million QLife fiber optic network has lead to a massive, $1.2 billion dollar investment from Google in the form of a huge data center, employing nearly 200 people and generating millions in tax revenues for the local community. And at the end of September, the QLife board of directors announced that they had paid off the loans used for network construction more than three years ahead of schedule. We covered part of The Dalles network story two years ago: a small city of just 13,000 was told by Sprint in 2000 that it would have to wait 5 to 10 years for broadband Internet access. Meanwhile, local manufacturing was declining and employers were overlooking the town due to its outdated infrastructure. Before building the QLife network, The ...
CSUN Valley Nonprofit Resources supports the nonprofit sector in both Reseda and Canoga Park, working in collaboration with CSUNs Institute for Community Health and Well-Being and Child Development Institute. CSUN is a member of both Neighborhood Partners in Action (ICHWs program in Canoga Park), and Reseda Community Network - both are groups that bring together their respective communities, including nonprofits. VNR also partners with the Office of LA City Councilmember Bob Blumenfield, who represents both communities.. With input from all the above organizations as well as Child Care Resource Center, VNR has created Case Statements for both communities. These provide for each community a summary of statistics ranging from crime to employment to housing, which can be used to back up funding requests and inform people or organizations wanting to know about these communities. The Case Statements are Word documents so they can be attached to another document (such as a funding proposal), or ...
Damp, cold indoor environments are bad for the health of people who live in them, particularly if they have respiratory problems or are vulnerable, such as the young or the very old. This is a community based study designed to test the hypothesis that insulating domestic houses will make them warmer and that this increase in indoor temperature will improve their health and wellbeing.. Following two pilot studies, the first among older people in city council flats and the second among home owners in Waitara. We have followed the Waitara model where community networks will be mobilised to identify households in each community where there is someone with a on going respiratory problem. Seven communities have been selected to help test these hypotheses and have agreed to participate Otara, Gisborne, Mahia/Nuhaka, Taranaki, Porirua, West Coast and Christchurch. Low income areas with high Maori populations have been deliberately selected to maximise the potential health gains.. Two hundred houses in ...
Stephen Goldsmith’s new book, The Power of Social Innovation: How Civic Entrepreneurs Ignite Community Networks for Good, written with Gigi Georges and Tim Glynn Burke, offers tools for innovative government and nonprofit professionals to develop and scale their new solutions to public problems. The book is based on Goldsmith’s experience as chair of the Corporation for National and Community Service for nine years under Presidents Bush and Obama, mayor of Indianapolis, and Professor of Government at Harvard Kennedy School. Relying also on interviews with more than 100 top leaders from the public, private and nonprofit sectors, The Power of Social Innovation features illustrative case studies of civic leaders and entrepreneurs and the catalyzing role each plays in transforming a community’s social service delivery systems. The excerpt belowâ€taken from Chapter 5 “Animating and Trusting the Citizen†â€highlights innovative ways that private citizens, ...
Papers published in Health Promotion International highlight innovations from various sectors including education, health services, employment, legislation, the media, industry and community networks. Articles describe not only theories and concepts, research projects and policy formulation, but also planned and spontaneous activities, organizational change, and social development.. ...
You can raise awareness about the nature of FA and the work FARA is doing to raise funds for research by speaking about it in your community (school, church, library, place of employment). Such speaking engagements can also create opportunities to grow the FA communitys network of support. Much of FARAs success and speed of research is credited to collaboration and networking in the scientific and patient communities as well as with related disease groups. If youd like to speak with someone in the FARA office about how best to prepare for a speaking engagement, please contact [email protected] ...
One of the cities where the Citywide Development Program (CDA) is being piloted is Valenzuela, a smallish industrial city in Metro Manila with a population of 600,000, of whom more than half live in informal settlements scattered throughout the city. The city has had two progressive mayors (brothers) who have partnered with the Valponet community network, the Homeless Peoples Federation and the NGO FDUP to expand savings, develop on-site housing upgrading projects and support a people-driven barangay-wide mapping and planning process in Valenzuela. During a big ACCA-supported regional Community Architects Network (CAN) workshop that was held in June 2013, the architects helped several communities Valenzuela and Caloocan to map their settlements and develop alternative upgrading plans. This workshop gave a big push to the citywide process, and helped turn new concepts into actual projects which are now being implemented, with finance support from SHFC and ACCA. After the CAN workshop, five ...
The two defining themes of the New Internet will be Pervasive Connectedness and Real-Time Infrastructure. The Internet will be like an envelope around us, creating an always-on, always-connected world. It will also provide us - at home, at work, and everywhere else - with information and services on demand and in real-time. In doing so, the Internet becomes invisible and yet provides visibility across the value chain.. Pervasive Connectedness: Broadband IP-based networks built using a mix of optics for the backbone and wireless for the last mile will ensure that there is ubiquitous connectivity. Todays cellular networks ensure reach through in most parts of the world. Tomorrow, a combination of the high-speed cellular networks like 2.5G and 3G, and community networks using technologies like 802.11b (Wi-Fi, which uses the free 2.4 Ghz spectrum) will provide high-speed connectivity everywhere.. Real-Time Infrastructure: When software and data moves into the network cloud, it becomes possible to ...
Projet lauréat du concours subventions programmatiques (automne 2017) du Réseau ISSPLI (IRSC).. Responsables : Catherine Hudon, Shirley Bighead, Cameron J. Campbell, Lynn H. Edwards, Geneviève Landry, Véronique Sabourin, Tara Sampalli, Mike Warren, Joanne Young, F. Kris Aubrey-Bassler, Frederick I. Burge, Maud-Christine Chouinard, Shelley A. Doucet, Vivian R. Ramsden.. A common reason for frequent use of health care services is the complex health care needs of individuals suffering from multiple chronic conditions, often together with mental health comorbidities and/or social vulnerability. Individuals with such complex health care needs require a variety of services from various systems and community networks. This often leads to difficulties with the integration of care. Currently, case management (CM) is the most promising intervention to improve care integration and reduce inappropriate health care use and costs for this population. Our overarching goal is to inform policy makers, ...
The asset-based approach sees citizens and communities as co-producers of health and wellbeing; promotes community networks, relationships and friendships as a way of providing mutual help and support; and, most importantly, empowers communities to control their futures and create tangible resources for themselves.
Newsletters for the Aras Community Network on the enterprise open source software solutions for Product Life Cycle Management [PLM], Advanced Product Quality Planning [APQP], and Global Supplier Management.
Monday -9.30am - 11.30 - Drop-in (term time only) ADDvanced Solutions Community Network encourages, equips and empowers children, young people and their families living with neurodevelopmental conditions, learning difficulties and associated mental health needs. Our engaging, community-based, learning, coaching and mentoring programmes will help you and your family to… ...
The biomedical challenges of the 21st Century will be solved by scientific communities - networks of scientists with common interests but diverse skills and expertise.. In order to align our research enterprise with this scientific landscape, The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA has established six Unified Research Themes to stimulate interaction between UCLAs top scientists and clinicians. These outstanding researchers are dedicating their careers to the same problems but have historically had little interaction due to relics of 20th century University organizational structure.. Under the umbrella of the Unified Research Themes, UCLA scientists and clinicians are doing pioneering research for the benefit of humanity.. ...
Words conveyed by wisdom and truth influence inevitable change, Las palabras que contienen sabiduria y verdad influyen inevitablemente al cambio, H. Nelson Goodson said. Goodson is well known in the local organizing community network. Nationally, Goodson is one of the foremost respected immigration rights and reform journalist. He is also one of Americas foremost Latino civil libertarian. The Badger Blogger 2008, Patrick wrote: Mr. H. Nelson Goodson, You have covered things that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper wont and you cover it in a way they fear. Posted on Badger Blogger on August 17th, 2007 at 6:39 p.m. Goodson was instrumental in helping to coordinate the national Immigration movement early in 2006, which drew millions of supporters for immigration rights and reform. Goodson further encouraged numerous members of the Latino entertainment world to endorse and support immigration reform throughout the nation in 2006, published in El Conquistador Newspaper issue on November ...
Words conveyed by wisdom and truth influence inevitable change, Las palabras que contienen sabiduria y verdad influyen inevitablemente al cambio, H. Nelson Goodson said. Goodson is well known in the local organizing community network. Nationally, Goodson is one of the foremost respected immigration rights and reform journalist. He is also one of Americas foremost Latino civil libertarian. The Badger Blogger 2008, Patrick wrote: Mr. H. Nelson Goodson, You have covered things that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper wont and you cover it in a way they fear. Posted on Badger Blogger on August 17th, 2007 at 6:39 p.m. Goodson was instrumental in helping to coordinate the national Immigration movement early in 2006, which drew millions of supporters for immigration rights and reform. Goodson further encouraged numerous members of the Latino entertainment world to endorse and support immigration reform throughout the nation in 2006, published in El Conquistador Newspaper issue on November ...
Words conveyed by wisdom and truth influence inevitable change, Las palabras que contienen sabiduria y verdad influyen inevitablemente al cambio, H. Nelson Goodson said. Goodson is well known in the local organizing community network. Nationally, Goodson is one of the foremost respected immigration rights and reform journalist. He is also one of Americas foremost Latino civil libertarian. The Badger Blogger 2008, Patrick wrote: Mr. H. Nelson Goodson, You have covered things that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper wont and you cover it in a way they fear. Posted on Badger Blogger on August 17th, 2007 at 6:39 p.m. Goodson was instrumental in helping to coordinate the national Immigration movement early in 2006, which drew millions of supporters for immigration rights and reform. Goodson further encouraged numerous members of the Latino entertainment world to endorse and support immigration reform throughout the nation in 2006, published in El Conquistador Newspaper issue on November ...
This marks the second year for SME to showcase Innovations That Could Change the Way You Manufacture. It is a member-driven initiative that reveals new and emerging technologies that are expected to impact the future of manufacturing.. SME members have steered this program through the Technical Community Network (TCN) and Manufacturing Enterprise Council (MEC). The TCN seeks and reviews nominations. The MEC then narrows the list of nominations to a few that it feels are worthy of recognition.. I believe it is important to recognize innovation, especially good innovation. It acknowledges deserving individuals and organizations, and stimulates others to become involved in idea generation and the technology development process.. What is innovation? Wikipedia says it is a new way of doing something. It refers to incremental, radical, or revolutionary changes in thinking, products, processes, or organizations.. Innovation has set the US apart from most other nations. Americans are born and raised to ...
Following the emergence of swine influenza A(H3N2) variant (v) viruses with sporadic human infections in North America, the Community Network of Reference Laboratories (CNRL) and the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency completed an exercise to assess the CNRLs capability to detect novel reassortant and circulating triple reassortant swine viruses (TRA) in humans. ...
In dealing with infectious diseases, two primary methods of prevention are worthwhile: immunization and avoidance. Avoidance is nearly impossible as valence for various pathogens vary so greatly and community network structure influences (Ciccaroneet al., 2010; Salathé & Jones, 2010). Immunization, on the other hand, allows for proximal contact with a specific pathogen without the likelihood to effective transmission, or active infection. Immunization, or innoculation, is the process of introducing the immune system to potential future pathogens so that it may form lifelong antibodies that can readily attack the pathogen if infected in the future (Centers for Disease Control, 2009). Immunization is gaining stronger support in the face of a growing number of antibiotic-resistant pathogens and pathogens with a propensity for recombination under heavy environmentally selective pressures, and though antibiotic therapy is a reliable and effective secondary prevention method, it seems to be true that ...
Following the emergence of swine influenza A(H3N2) variant (v) viruses with sporadic human infections in North America, ECDC and the Community Network of Reference Laboratories (CNRL) disseminated a questionnaire to explore the RT-PCR capability of influenza reference laboratories in EU/EEA countries to detect A(H3N2)v viruses in their day-to-day diagnostics and to subtype them as swine-origin variant viruses. ...
Representatives of Hoan My Group receive the Viet Nam Hospital of the Year award in Singapore. - Photo courtesy of Hoan My Group Hoan My Medical Group has been named the Viet Nam Hospital of the Year at the 2019 Frost & Sullivan Asia-Pacific Best Practices Awards in Singapore. The group said the awards, which were organised last week, marked the fourth title in a row in terms of the countrys best hospital. Hanh Phuc International Hospital, a member of the Hoan My Group, also won the Hospital Management Asia Awards and an Excellence Award for Most Improved Local Hospital for 2019. The hospitals CEO, Nguyen Thuc Anh, was awarded the gold award for Hospital CEO of the Year. Hoan My Group was listed in the Top 100 Best Places to Work in Viet Nam in 2018 by Anphabe (a career community network) and Intage (a market research company) through a survey of 74,481 employees from 674 companies in 24 industries. The annual Frost & Sullivan … [Read more...] about Hoan My Medical Group receives Viet ...
The study proposes an agent-based model to investigate how adoption of climate smart agriculture (CSA) affects food security. The analysis investigates the role of social and ecological pressures (i.e. community network, climate change and environmental externalities) on the adoption of physical water and soil practices as well as crop rotation technique.
Sydney startup Medical Channel has announced a raise of $25 million to acquire its rival competitor Community Network. The acquisition places Medical Channel as one of the fastest growing digital health advertising platforms in Australia. ...
The Altosaar Lab has been stuck on starch for some time. Weve been studying the surface of the starch granule since 1984. The protein community network and the proteomic Systems landscape at the solid granule surface is becoming a hot spot for bioenergy research. We view the amyloplast as a bio-battery, solid fuel cells storing solar energy as fixed carbon.. Starch Granule Associated Proteins (SGAPs) were first reported by our lab in 1984. LCA-treated GMA sections of starch granules from wheat showed growth rings (arrowhead) in the large type A starch granules. Lectin binding also occurs in the smaller type B granules (arrow) but no growth rings are visible. Halos are discernible around both types of granules (Fig. 7) and we have been in hot pursuit of this proteomic-calyx ever since, using advanced biochemical and molecular genetic strategies.. These are not random proteins stuck to the surface of the bio-battery. When expressed in transgenic corn (Fig. F), they can have dramatic ...
The Skeptics Dictionary is a website and a book. Each features definitions, arguments, and essays on topics ranging from acupuncture to zombies, and provides a lively, commonsense trove of detailed information on things supernatural, paranormal, and pseudoscientific.. Dozens of topics in logic, cognitive biases, perception, science, and philosophy are also covered to help explain the appeal and popularity of occult beliefs and to provide a guide for critical thinking. » More about the SD & Reader comments on the SD. The Web site was created in 1994 - thanks to the Davis Community Network - and is still evolving. The book was published in 2003 by John Wiley & Sons, thanks in large part to literary agent Ted Weinstein and former Wiley editor Jeff Golick.. A Skeptics Dictionary for Children was added in July 2011. The name has been changed to Mysteries and Science and is available as a paperback and ebook.. Acknowledgements. ...
By Ed Bennett & Monique Fong. We are aware that harm to Aboriginal individuals, families and communities resulting from substance use is immense - reaching across and through generations. There are many ways harm from drug use is experienced, including the break-down of relationships, violence, loss of financial security, illness and disease and death. Moreover, there is a significant and rapid rise of Hepatitis C, HIV and AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) through injection drug use in Canadian Aboriginal communities. Most view this as a health crisis, while some even view it as an epidemic.. Our communities need the capacity to respond to these issues in meaningful, culturally relevant and community-specific ways. Most Aboriginal Peoples can agree that it is practical to work towards reducing the harms associated with substance use for individuals, families and communities. Accordingly, CAAN has developed the Assessing Community Readiness in Aboriginal Communities National ...
Fall is in the air! The days are getting shorter and children, teens and young adults are back in school. This summer was extremely busy for the Community Readiness project and the next few months are sure to be the same.. In June we completed the Western Regional National Train-the-Trainer session in Vancouver where our Annual General Meeting took place. The organizations who participated in the session included: Blood Ties; Northern BC First Nations HIV/AIDS Coalition; Positive Living North; Stan Daniels Centre; AIDS Calgary; Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada; PASAN, and CATIE.. As part our session, we made sure to book a tour of InSite, Vancouvers supervised injection site, and VANDU (Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users). Both are located in the citys downtown Eastside. For many of our participants it was their first time to this part of the city, and as you can imagine, it was somewhat intimidating to them. However, the site visits are important in our work as they remind us why we are ...
The CORNET mission is to maintain a self-sustaining collaborative research network among pediatric continuity clinic clinicians that produces quality research in primary care, health care delivery and medical education. Findings will be disseminated in order to improve the training of future pediatricians and the health care of children, with special attention to underserved children. ...
There is no cost to joining a W3C Community Group, and the Print and Page Layout Community Group welcomes everybody, at all levels of expertise, who wants to join. There was a comparatively high number of survey responses from people … Continue reading →. ...
Learn - Unit VI. Interventions for Special Populations - Varcarolis Foundations of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: A Clinical Approach - 31. Older Adults for Nursing RN faster and easier with Picmonics unforgettable videos, stories, and quizzes! Picmonic is research proven to increase your memory retention and test scores. Start learning today for free!
Internet companies expect users from community group buying to enter the scene of consumption of other products and services on the platform .
Nunavut Independent Television is Canadas first artist-run media centre located in a remote Inuit community. Based in Igloolik, NITV promotes creation and exhibition of Inuit video art linking Nunavut communities through internet television channels on IsumaTV. Local access internet-TV and media training increase production and distribution of Inuktitut and other Aboriginal-language video and media activism. NITV is one of the founding members of IsumaTV, a collective multimedia platform for Inuit and Aboriginal media worldwide.. NITV also is one of the founding partners in Digital Indigenous Democracy, an effort to bring global partners into a working collaboration through new media and socio-political networking.. As a Northern Internet Distributor NITV on IsumaTV is recognized as an Eligible Broadcaster by the Canada Media Fund to trigger financing from the Aboriginal Fund Envelope. More information at [email protected] ...
With Who: a,dash. Location: Charleston, SC. Dates: Fall 2021 (September - December). Hours: 12-15 hours per week. Position Description: a,dash is seeking a Marketing and Social Media Intern to help generate buzz, increase online traffic and foster strong social media engagement. You will be interested in developing a campaign to help quickly grow our companys online presence ultimately improving the marketing efforts of our company brand as well as our different platforms. Previous experience with social media required and experience with digital marketing strategy and execution strongly preferred.. This is an unpaid internship, eligible for college credit only. Work schedule is flexible upon agreement, with an estimation of 12-15 hours per week.. About Us: a,dash is an authentic upcoming wellness beverage company based in Nashville, TN and Charleston, SC. a,dash was founded by Megan Broderick and Kelly Broderick Lamie. The sisters played soccer for and graduated from College of Charleston and ...
The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities (CRCHD) invites you to participate in the Cancer Health Disparities Summit 2008, to be held July 14-16 at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, Bethesda, Maryland. The overall theme for this years Summit is Eliminating Cancer Health Disparities Through Science, Training, and Community. Cancer Health Disparities 2008 (Summit 08) will highlight the science of the programs and grantees funded through the CRCHD. The CRCHD is central to NCIs efforts to reduce the unequal burden of cancer in our society and to train the next generation of competitive researchers in cancer and cancer health disparities research. Summit 08 will share evidence-based prevention, screening, treatment, and survivorship interventions from the Community Networks Program (CNP), Minority Institution and Cancer Center Partnerships (MICCP), and Patient Navigation Research Program (PNRP).. Summit 08 is now combined with the ...
Department of Health Services (DHS) Contacts, BadgerCare Plus - Member Rights & Responsibilities, Individual Network Health Insurance Wisconsin. Forgot Username? if assistance is needed to determine the appropriate level of care. Quartz-branded health plans underwritten by Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation, Gundersen Health Plan, Gundersen Health Plan Minnesota and Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation offer extensive provider networks while focusing on community-based health care. © 2020 Quartz Health Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. Contact Quartz Customer Service by sending a message. Under Plan Details, select Network Options and select the Community Network. Our insurance calculator can help you find out the average cost of a comprehensive policy based on our recent price index match. Hours: 8:30AM-5PM Eastern Phone: 610-838-7047 FAX: 610-838-7440 E-mail: [email protected] Buy and sell Quartz on Trade Me. For more information, see our Companies and Licenses page. Go to ...
For twenty-five years, the Center for Civic Partnerships (CCP) provided leadership and management support to build healthier communities and more effective nonprofit organizations. CCP provided training, technical assistance, and tools, and was the home of the California Healthy Cities and Communities Network which promoted positive physical, social and economic community environments that supported the well-being of community members. This program ended in 2016.. ...
Welcome to My Healthy Louisiana!. We are focused on providing a free and low cost resource for everybody in Louisiana to MOVE, LEARN, SERVE and EARN our way towards better health and wealth outcomes for everybody.. Join for free as a BASICS member and start earning points for yourself, your region and your state today!. Or, if you are really interested in taking a deeper dive in improving your health literacy for yourself, your family and your community, upgrade to a 360° Human Ambassador for unlimited access to all our premier tools.. Ambassadors are automatically enrolled in our Reality Health Games and VIP LEAGUES where you can be eligible for premium prize giveaways for yourself and community by playing your part as a Force for Health Ambassador.. We are a collaborative community network and platform specifically built to support community health improvement initiatives and healthy workforce for thriving economic environments where individuals live, work, and play.. ...
Purpose: Disparities in colorectal cancer screening (CRCS) are partially rooted in reduced access to health care and screening tests. One strategy under investigation within the Tampa Bay Community Cancer Network Community Network Program Center is the promotion of the now widely available and evidence-based immunochemical fecal occult blood test (i-FOBT or FIT) in community-based federally qualified health centers (FQHC) using easy-to-understand video and photo-novella materials customized for this setting. The purposes of this qualitative study were to identify key issues from the perspectives of providers regarding common barriers that patients face regarding the i-FOBT screening test, identify successful strategies to prime patients to use the i-FOBT test, and explore the best timing sequence of patient preparatory education about CRCS.. Methods: Two focus groups and three individual interviews were conducted among 17 community health care providers working with medically underserved ...
A second case of measles has been confirmed in Santa Barbara County by the countys Public Health Department (PHD). The first case, a Santa Barbara City man in his twenties, was reported May 28. The infection danger was considered small for the first case because the young man spent most of his contagious period traveling outside of Santa Barbara County. The most recent individual was only identified as an unvaccinated adult to maintain their medical privacy. The second patient was exposed to measles outside of the county and has been in isolation since June 5, reported the PHD. However, individuals who visited the sites below at the times indicated may have been exposed to the virus. Friday, May 31, 2019. Noon-3pm , Norvell Bass Cleaners, 3323 State St., Santa Barbara 2- 5pm , Macys, 3805 State St., Santa Barbara 3-5:30pm , Skin Deep Spa, 3405 State St., Santa Barbara 6-10 pm , Helena Bakery / Les Marchands, 131 Anacapa St., Santa Barbara 8-11pm , Santa Barbara Wine Therapy, 732 State St., ...
Working with the Jewish communitys burial boards, regional Jewish communities and the Jewish Small Communities Network as of the week ending 12th March 2021 there have been 896 Jewish funerals carried out where the deceased contracted Covid-19. This represents an increase of 4 such reported funerals on the previous week.. We wish bereaving families a long life, and pray that the memory of their loved ones should be for a blessing.. The Board of Deputies is liaising with seven of the largest denominational burial boards to collate an indicator of deaths where Covid-19 was a factor. These denominational burial boards are: The Adath Yisroel Burial Society, the Federation of Synagogues Burial Society, the Joint Jewish Burial Board, Liberal Judaism, the Spanish and Portuguese Sephardi Community, the United Synagogue Burial Society and the Western Charitable Foundation. The Board of Deputies has either received reports from the following regional communities, or has accounted for them through the ...
Meet the scientists seeking new insights on COVID-19. Every month, we bring together a group of researchers studying wide-ranging aspects of the current pandemic, to share their research and answer questions from our community. Learn more about their ongoing efforts in the fight against COVID-19, including opportunities for collaboration.. During this event, we will also announce the upcoming COVID Information Commons Student Paper Challenge, an opportunity for students to learn about and contribute their unique insights about COVID-19 research. Tune in to learn about how students can participate and how you can get involved as a mentor or judge.. Join us on Wednesday, December 9th, at 3-4 pm Eastern Time, to hear from the following speakers. Register here to receive Zoom information.. Presenters:. Foad Hamidi, University of Maryland Baltimore County: RAPID: Responding to COVID-19 using High-speed Mesh Wireless Community Network Internet. Funded by NSF Computer and Information Science and ...
Information , Naples News , Collier County Jobs , For-Sale , 30,000 strong Naples Business Directory ,- its your own Collier County Community Network , digital city , web service guide , advertising network , personal job finder , your Naples business is found through Google with the power of naplesplus ...
Moldova fights traffic in women for sex / Resident of Europes poorest nation helps entrap, jail Turkish pimp who enslaved her Olesea, a redhead with a pixie haircut and catlike, sparkling eyes, then stared silently at a photo of Mehmed Cara, the dark-eyed Turkish pimp who forced her into prostitution in his native land. Oleseas quest for justice began when she returned from Turkey five months ago and sought out the Center for the Prevention of Trafficking in Women, a Moldovan nonprofit legal organization, supported by the U.N. Development Program and the U.S. State Department, that was set up three years ago to help victims of trafficking and build community networks to combat it. Sex traffickers have found fertile ground in Europes poorest nation, where economic collapse is rampant, the average monthly income a mere $56 and the unemployment rate for women ranges as high as 68 percent. Taking advantage of the womens desperate need to make money, the traffickers have since the mid-1990s lured
Santa Barbara, CA (January 2021) - Downtown Santa Barbara, working with the City of Santa Barbaras Community Services Section and the Santa Barbara Youth Council, announces that applications are being accepted for the 2020 Harriet Miller Youth Leadership Award Scholarship.. The Harriet Miller Youth Leadership Award Scholarship is given to one outstanding high school senior in the Santa Barbara area in recognition of their leadership and community service. Downtown Santa Barbara presents the award in honor of former Mayor Harriet Millers contributions to local youth leadership and her encouragement for youths engagement in community service. Applicants must be a student in the Santa Barbara Unified School District or a resident of Santa Barbara with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and have completed a minimum 45 community service hours by the application deadline, which is February 12, 2021. Applicants are required to complete the following questions in a 250-500-word personal essay:. 1. List and ...
The Special Populations Network will develop initiatives that will increase the recognition of special populations of gifted children and promote equitable services to address their diverse needs. The term special populations refers to gifted children who have additional circumstances or characteristics that can interfere with academic achievement, social/emotional growth, and optimal development of their potential ...
COLLABORATIVE NETWORK FOR CLINICAL RESEARCH ON IMMUNE TOLERANCE Release Date: January 22, 1999 RFP AVAILABLE: NIH-NIAID-DAIT-99-30 P.T. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases The Division of Allergy, Immunology and Transplantation of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), NIH, has a requirement for a Contractor having the capabilities and facilities to establish, coordinate and manage a Collaborative Network for Clinical Research on Immune Tolerance. The goals of this Collaborative Network are to: (1) design a long-term research agenda to accelerate the application of tolerogenic approaches for the treatment of multiple immune system diseases, including autoimmune diseases, asthma and allergic diseases, and graft rejection on solid organ, cell and tissue transplantation. Specifically, the Contractor shall design and conduct clinical trials at all phases to evaluate the safety, toxicity and efficacy of promising tolerance induction strategies in these ...
Alyssa Smith. California is number one in STDs, according to a recent study by the Center for Disease Control, California has more reported cases of gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis than any other state.. In Santa Barbara County, STD rates are also at an all time high, according to the County of Santa Barbaras Public Health Department. In a report totaling data from 2011 to 2015, rates of the same three diseases rose steadily each year. However, Santa Barbara County has less per-capita reported STDs than the rest of the state.. College campuses often have a less than flattering reputation for the presence of unsafe sex and diseases that can accompany it. Santa Barbara has two large campuses (SBCC and UCSB), yet compared to California as a whole, the county has lower rates of reported STDs.. Trends for increasing and decreasing cases of certain diseases in Santa Barbara County mirror the statewide trends. Preliminary data from 2016 suggests that trends for rising numbers of STD cases have ...
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Downloadable! The importance of networks supporting collaboration between legally independent business partners is increasing. This is partly due to on specialization focused business strategies and the effects of globalization. Often these collaborative networks are submitted to web-based services linked through service oriented architecture (SOA) to individual firms ERP environment. However, when looking at Western Europe, integration of business activities is still challenged by a blockade of traditional business patterns. Participants in collaborative networks have to cross bridges to break with traditional business patterns. Virtues in business such as: transparency, trustworthiness, and action orientation are considered as constraints. Traditional business cherishes illusion about price, capacity and firms business standards. To implement change and transparent business settings ethical leadership is required.
Hotel Milo Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara: 416 Hotel Reviews, 191 traveller photos, and great deals for Hotel Milo Santa Barbara, ranked #17 of 52 hotels in Santa Barbara and rated 4 of 5 at TripAdvisor.
15 offres demploi dans le domaine vitalité health network sont disponibles à St-hilaire, NB. Consultez les salaires, comparez les avis, postulez directement et soyez embauché. De nouvelles occasions de carrière en vitalité health network à St-hilaire, NB sont ajoutées quotidiennement sur SimplyHired est le moyen le plus serein de trouver votre prochaine carrière en vitalité health network. Plus de 15 occasions de carrière en vitalité health network vous attendent à St-hilaire, NB!
Fiesta: Chumash Indians (1mb). The History of Mission Santa Barbara. Mission Santa Barbara was the tenth of the California missions to be founded by the Spanish Franciscans. It was established on the Feast of St. Barbara, Dec 4, 1786. Padre Junipero Serra, who founded the first nine missions, had died 2 years earlier. Serra had planned to build this mission, raising the cross at the presidio of Santa Barbara in 1782. It was Padre Fermin Francisco de Lasuen, his successor, who raised the cross here and placed Padre Antonio Paterna, a companion of Serra, in charge. Paterna put up the first buildings and made the first converts. The original buildings were of adobe and unpretentious. As the years passed, there was progress and development. There were three adobe churches here, each larger than the other, before the present church. The third was destroyed by earthquake in 1812. Thereafter the present church was planned. It was finished and dedicated in 1820. The present friary residence was built ...
Indy Eleven and its Official Merchandise Partner, The Shop Indy, today released a special Eleven Cares tee-shirt, proceeds from which will benefit Community Health Network Foundations Lisa Borinstein Caregiver Assistance Fund.. This limited-edition Eleven Cares shirt is now available online for $25 at When Community Health Network continued their partnership with Indy Eleven last fall as our jersey-back partner, our motto was, We have each others back, said Larry Linde, Indy Eleven Senior Director of Partnerships & Broadcasting. Now we urge the Indy Eleven family to act in that spirit and rally together with us and The Shop Indy on behalf of Community Health Network employees who are on the front lines of this crisis.. The Lisa Borinstein Caregiver Assistance Fund offers financial assistance to Community caregivers - including physicians, nurses, technicians, environmental services providers, security team members and more - who are facing sudden and severe ...
Table 1 describes the measures we used to assess strength of the CMI. Although the BTS-IV included self-reported measures of exposure to, and participation in, the programme, to adequately address our main evaluation question (ie, Did a greater level of community mobilisation lead to improved programme outcomes?), it was important to have an independent measure of strength of the intervention. An independent measure of intervention strength at the community level will allow us to move beyond an individual level only analysis of the effect of self-reported exposure to the intervention on outcomes. We define strength as the type and level of participation of the community in the CMI, and we measured it with the CLCPS, a tool based on a much longer qualitative measure of the nature, scope and character of community mobilisation and organisation.42. The CLCPS provides a profile of community participation in the CMI at a subdistrict level, a geographic area we describe as a cluster. The ...
Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara, city, seat (1850) of Santa Barbara county, southwestern California, U.S. It lies along the Pacific coast at the base of the Santa Ynez Mountains, facing the Santa Barbara Channel. It is situated 97 miles (156 km) northwest of Los Angeles. Because it is protected to the south by the
Santa Barbara, California - Published 11/2/2017 Santa Barbara News-Press by David Minsky The Santa Barbara area real estate market remained strong going into the third quarter of 2017 with solid commercial sales along the South Coast, although a growing amount of available leasing space and lack of housing could signal a downturn for Californias economy... Read more »
AMR has a job for Santa Barbara County EMTs - P/T and F/T, 575983945 in Santa Barbara, CA. View job details and apply for the job.
Joe F.Pancho Limón (Jose Francisco) passed away peacefully at his home in Santa Barbara from heart failure. He was born in Yahualica, Jalisco, México. He was preceded in death by his loving wife, Virginia. Pancho is survived by: his two children, Steven Ybarra and Jennifer (Hector) Valadez of Santa Barbara; grandsons Hector and Jesse Valadez; his parents, José and Maria Guadalupe Limón of Santa Barbara; three brothers, Raudel (Silbia) Limón, Jaime (Liz) Limón, and Javier Limón; and three sisters, Elvia (Francisco) Elias, Lulu (David) Wasserman, and Hortensia (Frank) Cruz. He is also survived by more cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, and uncles, than is possible to name here ...
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The IBM WebSphere Business Integration for Healthcare Collaborative Network is an internet-based, private information network that enables secure transmission of clinical data to healthcare participants.
The National Immunization Partnership with the APA (NIPA) is a large-scale, Quality Improvement (QI) Learning Collaborative designed to prioritize HPV vaccination at every adolescent visit. The global aim for this project is to improve HPV vaccine initiation and series completion rates in participating sites by 10% from baseline to the end of the project.. This Virtual Toolkit is a comprehensive resource for participants from the APA Continuity Research Network (CORNET) and the National Improvement Partnership Network (NIPN) enrolled in the Learning Collaborative. Be sure to visit this site throughout the project as it contains up-to-date information related to adolescent health and immunizations, quality improvement strategies, data collection instructions, as well as directions to access live and recorded monthly calls / webinars.. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to the NIPA QI Project Team Coordinators.. Thank you for participating in this Quality Improvement (QI) ...
UC Santa Barbara Office of Public Affairs and Communications is responsible for telling the exciting and important story of UC Santa Barbara to the general public and our campus community.
...(Santa Barbara Calif.) Chanel UC Santa Barbaras corpse flower has...Other visitors said Chanel smelled like French cheese or a dead rat...The entire community has been holding its collective breath waiting fo...Hundreds of visitors to UCSBs greenhouse can now tick off on their bu...,Chanel,,UCSBs,corpse,flower,,blooms,and,causes,a,big,stink,biological,biology news articles,biology news today,latest biology news,current biology news,biology newsletters
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...(Santa Barbara Calif.) Women should go for the broccoli when the rel...While it has been known for some time that eating cruciferous vegetabl...Scientists in the UC Santa Barbara laboratories of Leslie Wilson prof... Breast cancer the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women ca...,UCSB,scientists,show,how,certain,vegetables,combat,cancer,biological,biology news articles,biology news today,latest biology news,current biology news,biology newsletters
Graduates of University of California, Santa Barbara - the names, photos, skill, job, location. Information on the University of California, Santa Barbara - contacts, students, faculty, finances.
Graduates of University of California, Santa Barbara - the names, photos, skill, job, location. Information on the University of California, Santa Barbara - contacts, students, faculty, finances.
"Networks". Baptist Union of Great Britain. 2010. Retrieved 7 January 2011. "Welcome to LIFE Community Baptist Church". LIFE ... The Life Community Baptist Church now meets at a school, and is also part of the South Eastern Baptist Association's Gatwick ... Upper Beeding Baptist Church is in the Mid Sussex Network. Brighton Road Baptist Church in Horsham set up a daughter church in ... Horsham's meeting house dates from 1834, but the community worshipped in houses or in the open air long before that. Plymouth ...
CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Application Delivery and Server Load Balancing". A10 Networks. 2002-07-22. Archived ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Intelligent Community Forum (ICF)". 2008-06-20. Archived ... A10 Networks, and several other technology firms. Wired Magazine profiled the Nankang Software Park in 2000, when it named ... the Nankang Software Park was named one of the three Intelligent Buildings of the Year by the Intelligence Community Forum (New ...
Network scan Nazario, Jose (October 2007). "BlackEnergy DDoS Bot Analysis" (PDF). Arbor Networks. Retrieved 17 April 2019. CS1 ... "BlackEnergy APT Malware - RSA Link". Joe Stewart ... For decrypting network traffic, the cipher uses the bot's unique identification string as the key. A second variation of the ... Network discovery, remote execution • tv.dll - Team viewer • rd.dll - Simple pseudo "remote desktop" • up.dll - Update malware ...
UGO Networks. Archived from the original on June 14, 2012. Retrieved August 27, 2012. PSU Community (October 28, 2011). "Top 10 ... "Sniper Wolf - Metal Gear Solid Character Guide". UGO Networks. December 30, 2008. Archived from the original on February 5, ...
"As 5 Mais da Brasil Hot 100". Terra Networks. 2 September 2011. Archived from the original on 26 March 2012. Retrieved 23 ... "The Official Swiss Charts and Music Community: Awards (Gusttavo Lima; 'Balada')". IFPI Switzerland. Hung Medien. "Ö3 Austria ... ". "Na Holanda, Gusttavo Lima comemora prêmio e posta foto" (in Portuguese). Terra Networks. Retrieved 16 October 2012. " ...
MTV Networks. Mansfield, Brian (March 12, 2010). "Here's the scoop on the 'American Idol' Chosen 12". USA Today. Retrieved ... Community Newspaper Holdings. Cantiello, Jim (March 12, 2010). "Casey James Profile: Can The Sex Symbol Become 'Idol' Champ?". ... Community Newspaper Holdings. Mansfield, Brian (August 24, 2011). "Country singles lead 'Idol' track sales". Idol Chatter. USA ... Montgomery, James (May 19, 2010). "'American Idol' Finalist Casey James Was Always 'A Throwback' - News Story". MTV Networks. ...
There is a minority of Christians belonging to the fishing community. C.S.I island mission church and St Antony's Church at ... "Reliance Netconnect+ Coverage". Reliance Networks. 2012. Retrieved 26 June 2012. "Weatherbase: Historical Weather for Pamban, ... The annual two-day Saint Anthony fest at the island draws huge number of people from the fishermen community of both the ... "Population By Religious Community - Tamil Nadu" (XLS). Office of The Registrar General and Census Commissioner, Ministry of ...
... Community News has been published fortnightly by Ducks Crossing Publications since 2010. Express Advocate: News Limited ... "East Coast Yachts". Sailing Networks. Archived from the original on 4 April 2017. Retrieved 3 April 2017. "Bruce Fairlie". ... In the centre of Gosford is a shopping and community precinct, including Kibble Park, William Street Mall, Gosford City Library ... Gosford is home to: Gosford Hospital - the largest hospital on the NSW Central Coast Laycock Street Community Theatre - the ...
REC Networks. Archived from the original on January 30, 2008. "Low Power FM Encroachment Report" (PDF). REC Networks. February ... CHEX-TV-2 in Oshawa, Ontario, aired daily late-afternoon and early-evening news and community programs separate from its parent ... There are two main national networks of non-commercial TV stations in Mexico. One is the Canal Once (or XEIPN-TDT) network, ... REC Networks petitioned the FCC to prioritize LPFM stations. The largest satellite-fed translator networks were CSN ...
Juniper Networks. 2019-05-30. Retrieved 2019-06-09. "HowTo Configure MAGP on Mellanox Switches". 1 ... A first hop redundancy protocol (FHRP) is a computer networking protocol which is designed to protect the default gateway used ... "Chassis Cluster Redundant Ethernet Interfaces - TechLibrary - Juniper Networks". ... a Juniper Networks proprietary Ethernet redundancy protocol, used on its SRX platform Multi-active Gateway Protocol (MAGP) - a ...
Community leaders such as Richard Stallman, Alan Cox, Bruce Perens, and Linus Torvalds and companies such as Red Hat, and MySQL ... In 2005, IBM, Novell, Philips, Red Hat, and Sony founded the Open Invention Network (OIN). OIN is a company that acquires ... This led to much criticism of Novell by the free software community. In June 2007, Xandros announced a similar deal. On June 13 ... Opposition to software patents is widespread in the free software community. In response, various mechanisms have been tried to ...
WEL Networks. Wright, Jason (2006). "Change in local places: the experience of a peri-urban community" (PDF). Department of ... "Matangi community". Waikato District Council. "2013 Census map - QuickStats about a place". Retrieved 4 ... More recently, relaxation of subdivision rules have changed Matangi from a rural community to an area of rural residential ... marshalling yards and a community hall followed. After closure of the dairy factory, the post office and telephone exchange ...
This network needs to be capable of absorbing the output of the solar park when operating at its maximum capacity. The project ... "Community ownership". FAQs. Westmill Solar Cooperative. Retrieved 7 March 2013. "What are time-of-use rates and how do they ... The first multi-megawatt plant in Europe was the 4.2 MW community-owned project at Hemau, commissioned in 2003. But it was the ... Income is affected by the reliability of equipment within the plant and also by the availability of the grid network to which ...
"Grassroots Springing Up In Holyoke, Massachusetts". Community Networks. January 21, 2016. Archived from the original on October ... on specialized networks such as Internet2. The municipal fiber line network has also served as an internet service provider to ... The city is also home to Holyoke Community College, the first community college in the state, which was initially created by ... The Puerto Rican community of Holyoke holds an annual Puerto Rican Day parade on the third weekend of July as part of an Annual ...
Cumberland, Maryland: Community Newspaper Holdings. Retrieved March 8, 2016. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Venta, ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Venta, Lance (March 8, 2016). "Forever Gets Happy in Cumberland". RadioBB Networks. ... RadioBB Networks. Retrieved March 8, 2016. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Deal Digest for Thursday, September 3, 2015 ... Lance (April 6, 2015). "River Launches In Cumberland". RadioBB Networks. Retrieved March 8, 2016. CS1 maint: discouraged ...
"TechRepublic readies IT community site". CNET Networks. Retrieved 2008-02-11. Francisco, San (2001-04-09). "CNET acquires ... The site was purchased by CNET Networks in 2001 for $23 million. TechRepublic is part of the Red Ventures business portfolio ... TechRepublic is an online trade publication and social community for IT professionals, with advice on best practices and tools ...
"Trawling the Web for emerging cyber-communities". Computer Networks. 31 (11-16): 1481-1493. CiteSeerX doi: ... The webgraph is an example of a scale-free network. The webgraph is used for: computing the PageRank of the WWW-pages; ... PMID 10521342.. S. Brin, L. Page, Computer Networks and ISDN Systems 30, 107 (1998) Glen Jeh and Jennifer Widom. 2003. Scaling ... Barabási, Albert-László; Albert, Réka (October 1999). "Emergence of scaling in random networks" (PDF). Science. 286 (5439): 509 ...
"Wamego Community Foundation". Retrieved 22 April 2013. "For The Record: Quick News on Rihanna, Luda, Lady Sov, ... MTV Networks. 14 December 2006. Retrieved 25 December 2006. "Oprah Announces Plans to End The Oprah Winfrey Show in September ...
... such as in a physical community or neighborhood. Such models represent a system of individuals as nodes in a network (or graph ... Choi, H; Kim, S-H; Lee, J (2010). "Role of Network Structure and Network Effects in Diffusion of Innovations". Industrial ... ISBN 978-0-285-62662-1. Valente, T. W. (1996). "Social network thresholds in the diffusion of innovations". Social Networks. 18 ... significantly more innovation takes place in communities which have stronger inter-personal networks. Innovations are often ...
MTV Networks. "Big Head Todd & the Monsters". Retrieved June 2, 2006. Marin Alsop. "CSO more important to community than ever ... Fox Network. "Ace Young". Archived from the original on May 28, 2006. Retrieved June 2, 2006. John Kerry. "Biography". Archived ... a community organization; was founded before the band attained any fame The Fluid (formed in Denver) - grunge band ... co-founder of the Landmine Survivors Network Scott Walker (born in Colorado Springs) - Governor of Wisconsin Byron R. White ( ...
"TAG - representation "from the larger Web community"?". W3C. David Becker. "How does XML measure up?". CNET Networks. Retrieved ... Bray, T. (1996). "Measuring the Web". Computer Networks and ISDN Systems. 28 (7-11): 993-1005. doi:10.1016/0169-7552(96)00061-X ...
1998: "Structures of Power in Naturally Occurring Communities". - Social Networks. - 20. - pp. 197-225. 1999: "Entropic ... He has also written data analysis programs such as DAMN (Dyadic Analysis of Multiple Networks) and ELLA (Every-gal-and-guy's ... 2002: "Some Algebraic Structures for Diffusion in Social Networks". - Journal of Mathematical Sociology. 26. - pp. 123-146. ...
"People Come For Content And Stay For Community". Leader Networks. Retrieved February 17, 2019. "Digital subscriptions". The New ... Various ad networks facilitate a webmaster in placing advertisements on pages of the website to benefit from the traffic the ... Experts in the membership site field say that "people come for content and stay for community." The challenge of a member site ... Often people join to get access to content and expertise, or for community, such as discussion or bulletin boards. The term " ...
Scripps Networks. Archived from the original on 14 January 2014. Retrieved 13 January 2014. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter ( ... link) Model Community. Retrieved on 03 November 2014 See John Galliano's Finest Moments in Vogue, Vogue, 27 October 2005. ... She has been the subject of a biography featured on CNN's Style Network with Elsa Klensch, and has appeared on the HBO series, ...
Network Appliance. Retrieved 2014-06-07.. *^ White, Jay; Alvarez, Carlos (October 2011). "Back to Basics: RAID-DP , NetApp ... Community". NetApp. Retrieved 2014-08-25.. *^ "Non-standard RAID levels". Retrieved 2013-12- ...
The Chapel Park Community Centre, situated in the hall underneath the church, offers various facilities for community use. The ... "Networks". South Eastern Baptist Association website. Baptist Union of Great Britain. 2010. Archived from the original on 24 ... "About Chapel Park Community Centre". About Chapel Park Community Centre. 2011. Archived from the original on 29 March 2013. ... Administratively, the church belongs to the East Sussex Network of the South Eastern Baptist Association. Two of the three ...
"Eugene's "Silicon Shire" : No Orcs Here". Community Networks Blog. 24 March 2017. "'Gigabit City' title to speed collaboration ... "City of Eugene Community Broadband Strategic Plan" (PDF). 27 August 2013. "High Speed Broadband Fiber". City of ... "Eugene-Springfield companies network on Silicon Shire website". Oregon Business. 10 December 2012. "City Club of Eugene: What ... "Eugene Startup Community Draws Widespread Praise". The ACT Blog. 10 September 2015. "Connecting the Silicon Shire to the ...
Creating Knowledge Networks; New Media and Education; Education and the Sustainable Environment; and Education and Community ...
... the CRCHD started the Community Networks Program, which "aims to reduce cancer health disparities through community-based ... "Community Networks Program". National Cancer Institute: Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities. 2009-11-13. "Nutrition ... "Using Community Asset-Mapping in Health Disparities Research" conducted by principal investigator Veronica Parker, Ph.D. and ... "NCMHD Community Based Participatory Research Initiative". NCMHD. Archived from the original on 2009-08-13. Retrieved 2009-11-16 ...
Community Broadband Networks. Retrieved September 23, 2010. "Singluarities Our Company". Singular Me, LLC. 2017. Archived from ... In Australia, the government of New South Wales established a Behavioural Insights community of practice. Nudge theory has also ...
Browne, A. (1997-01-01). Neural Network Perspectives on Cognition and Adaptive Robotics. CRC Press. ISBN 9780750304559.. ... Behaviors of networks[edit]. Biological neurons are connected to each other in a complex, recurrent fashion. These connections ... Michael A. Arbib; Shun-ichi Amari; Prudence H. Arbib (2002). The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks. Cambridge, ... The interactions of neurons in a small network can be often reduced to simple models such as the Ising model. The statistical ...
An even larger network of American Socialist Sunday Schools, closely paralleling the British movement, was launched by members ... and other languages of the immigrant community.[15] ... In tandem with the Socialist Party of America's network of ... Some of these Workmen's Circle schools eventually allied themselves with the closely related network of Socialist Party schools ...
Community[92] - Renewed for a second season on March 5, 2010.. *Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - Renewed for a twelfth ... The following is the 2009-10 network television schedule for the five major English-language commercial broadcast networks in ... a b c Breaking: NBC Renews "Community", "The Office" and "30 Rock", Entertainment Weekly, March 5, 2010 ... Network 7:00 PM 7:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM ...
Financial Control and Fraud in the Community. House of Lords Select Committee on the European Communities, 12th Report. London ... A network of Open Access repositories, archives and journals that support Open Access policies. The OpenAIRE Consortium is a ... Network of Excellence (NoE) *Medium-sized research projects co-funded by the European Commission in FP6 and FP7. These projects ... "What is FP6: Instruments: Network of Excellence". European Commission. Retrieved 22 June 2009.. ...
A network of independent booksellers. Large number of listings.). * Find this book on (Used, rare and out of print ... 976 (Caribbean Community) See English, Spanish... 977 (Egypt). 978 (Nigeria). 9960/603 (Saudi Arabia). 9931/9947/9961(Algeria) ... Find this book among members of the Northern Territory Libraries Network. Academic libraries. * Find this book on the ... Find this book in the Montreal Public Libraries Network catalogue. * Find this book in the New Brunswick Public Library Service ...
In Canada, the series was broadcast on TVOntario's TVO Kids block, and Knowledge Network.[11] ...
2016 Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director Search Community Survey[edit]. The Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation ... on ITV Network air date November 1988, Channel 4, Central Television. Cliff Taylor in credited as voice actor in main list of ... Please take a few minutes and complete this survey to help us better understand community and staff expectations for the ... primarily for serious conduct disputes the community has been unable to resolve. This includes the authority to impose site ...
A Systematic Review with Network Meta-Analyses". PLOS Medicine. 13 (3): e1001971. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1001971. ISSN 1549- ...
SEEurope Network". SEEurope Network. Retrieved 15 November 2017.. *^ [2] Archived 3 October 2011 at ... The Social Dimension - Employment Policy in the European Community. Basingstroke England UK: Macmillan Publishing ... However, in contrast to the countries in the Anglo-Saxon system category, this is a much more widespread network of collective ... strong networks, and leaders within the workforce; and confrontational campaigns involving large numbers of union members. Many ...
"Largest feeder and shortsea network in Europe I Unifeeder".. *^ "Qatar, Maersk and Shell join forces to develop LNG as marine ... It also makes it possible for communities without access to natural gas pipelines to install local distribution systems and ... Boil-off gas from land based LNG storage tanks is usually compressed and fed to natural gas pipeline networks. Some LNG ... There is a natural gas pipeline network in the former Soviet Union, Europe and North America. Natural gas is less dense, even ...
... along with their own weekday show on The Fight Network (UK & Ireland) until these channels closed down.[4] Every Cage Rage ...
Network of Climate Change Risks on Forests (FoRisk): SNS Workshop, Umea, Sweden.: 14-15.. ...
The trick is to know your friends and enemies then check out each side's networks to avoid being influenced towards a one-sided ... It has become clear recently, that many networks select only news and articles that fit into their world view, which makes them ...
"Proceedings of the IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC).. *^ IEEE Standard, section "802.11n ... "Proceedings of the 10th ACM Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks. doi:10.1145/2070562.2070568.. ... The upcoming wireless 5G standard raises a new range of applications for the software ECCs: the Cloud Radio Access Networks (C- ... OpenAir: implementation (in C) of the 3GPP specifications concerning the Evolved Packet Core Networks. ...
"Animation World Network. Retrieved July 28, 2011.. *^ "Full cast and crew for A Monster in Paris (2011)". IMDb. ...
All Media Network. Retrieved 28 April 2016.. *^ a b "Biography by Jason Ankeny". Retrieved 10 January 2009.. ...
... the number of empirical studies on community webs is on the rise and the mathematical treatment of food webs using network ... Food webs are complex networks. As networks, they exhibit similar structural properties and mathematical laws that have been ... how community structure, function and stability is determined.[36][37]. Ecological pyramids[edit]. See also: Ecological pyramid ... "Ecological networks, especially mutualistic networks, are generally very heterogeneous, consisting of areas with sparse links ...
The USMMA community considers McNulty to be the academy's "father". He was the academy's third superintendent. The letter ... established DiBold Group in 1961 designed and installed the first electronic banking network. Inducted into USMMA Hall of ...
Australia's Highway 1 is a network of highways that circumnavigate the country, joining all mainland state capitals. At a total ... Princes Highway, which is part of the Highway 1 network, at Moruya, New South Wales ... The route was compiled from an existing network of state and local roads and tracks.[2] Highway 1 is the only route to reach ... the segments of the route that were declared part of the National Highway network were updated to use the National Highway ...
Potter began making amateur films at age 14, using an 8mm camera given to her by an uncle.[5] She eventually dropped out of school at age 16 to pursue filmmaking. From 1968-1970 she worked as a kitchen worker and a picture researcher for BBC in order to support herself and her work. She had joined the London Film-Makers' Co-op and began making experimental short films, including Jerk (1969) and Play (1970). She later trained as a dancer and choreographer at the London School of Contemporary Dance. She made both film and dance pieces, including Combines (1972), before founding Limited Dance Company with Jacky Lansley. Potter became an award-winning performance artist and theatre director, with shows including Mounting, Death and the Maiden and Berlin. In addition, she was a member of several music bands (including Feminist Improvising Group and The Film Music Orchestra) working as a lyricist and singer. She collaborated (as a singer-songwriter) with composer Lindsay Cooper on the song cycle Oh ...
Although he spend much of his career in Saskatchewan, Ted Godwin remained an important member of the Albertan art community.[4] ... An important musical institution is the province-wide CKUA Radio Network. The station originated in 1927 when the Extension ... Pierogies are often served in Ukrainian churches and community halls in small towns.[9] During Stampede week in Calgary, ... communities across the city host free pancake breakfasts to celebrate the event. ...
... s have very useful applications in set balancing and packet routing in sparse networks. ... Chernoff bounds are also used to obtain tight bounds for permutation routing problems which reduce network congestion while ... routing packets in sparse networks. Refer to this book section for a thorough treatment of the problem. ...
These restrictions were initially imposed on the Cham ethnic group before being rolled out across other communities.[179] Pol ... but also Sihanouk's power base and the spy network of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). This helped to secure Khmer ... where they joined the anti-Pol Pot exile community.[330] By August 1978, Pol Pot could only consider Mok's forces in the south- ... peasant cadres tortured and killed members of their communities whom they disliked. Many cadres ate the livers of their victims ...
Retrieved 31 December 2016 - via Post-Autistic Economics Network.. Further reading[edit]. *. Fullbrook, Edward, ed. (2007). ...
"Anime News Network. April 25, 2016. Retrieved April 25, 2016.. *^ "Chi's Sweet Home CG Anime Reveals Promo Video, Title, Cast, ... "Anime News Network. September 5, 2016. Retrieved September 5, 2016.. *^ "Chi's Sweet Adventure Season 1 Dub Launches on Amazon" ... "Anime News Network.. *. Thompson, Jason (February 28, 2013). "Jason Thompson's House of 1000 Manga - Chi's Sweet Home". Anime ... Chi's Sweet Home (manga) at Anime News Network's encyclopedia. .mw-parser-output .navbar{display:inline;font-size:88%;font- ...
There are two forms of accreditation, a state-controlled and academic community-owned one. For Poland, belonging to the ... the creation of regional innovation networks and a cultural atmosphere. ...
Kuma is the Django-based platform that powers Mozilla Developer Network hosted on GitHub. It is open source software licensed ...
... is located at 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard in the vast Whitehaven community, about nine miles (14 kilometers) from ... Billy Smith interview Part Two." Elvis Information Network Archived February 12, 2015, at the Wayback Machine. ...
"Anime News Network. Retrieved August 23, 2008.. *^ a b c d e f g h Ross, Carlos (2004). "Maria-sama ga Miteru". THEM Anime ... "Anime News Network. November 19, 2007. Retrieved July 14, 2013.. *^ a b "Maria-sama ga Miteru 4th Season Confirmed for TV". ... "Anime News Network. Retrieved July 5, 2018.. *^ "TVアニメーション マリア様がみてる 主題歌CD" [TV Animation Maria-sama ga Miteru Theme Song CD] ( ... "Anime News Network. October 2, 2010. Retrieved October 3, 2010.. *^ "Cast and Staff". Eiga Maria-sama ga Miteru Ofisharu ...
"Network TV BBC Week 26: Saturday 26 June 2010" (Press release). BBC. Retrieved 14 January 2012.. ...
Join the community at no charge, and get involved. ... A community for practitioners and researchers in the area of ... Membership is free to the IEEE Software Defined Networks (SDN) Technical Community! Join our community to find out more ... IEEE offers a number of ways to get involved with technical and local communities. These communities are active participants in ... IEEE and its members inspire a global community to innovate for a better tomorrow through highly cited publications, ...
Community Transformation Grants (CTG) *CTG Communities *National Dissemination & Support Initiative. *Small Communities Program ... National Networks for Community Change *State and Territorial Health Departments Collaborative *Health Departments Contact List ... Six (6) national networks of community-based organizations received a total of nearly $4 million under two separate categories ... and accelerate the spread of CTG strategies in communities nationwide by utilizing their existing network of 53 state and ...
Community networks are able to take connect people in areas that commercial operators may consider non-viable for business. As ...
The second step is to look beyond a static role for community networks, one of overcoming market failures and improving the ... The first step is to establish that community-based networks are active throughout the developing world. Plenty of anecdotal ... As with the static analysis, the challenge here is to show statistically that community networks directly support the movement ... I will show how predictions from the theory can be used to infer a link between networks and migration in very different ...
... including a path to the digital future to ensure your communitys place in the innovation economy. ... Community Broadband Network Podcast Listen to the discussion on how Tri-County Rural Electric is delivering connectivity and ... To meet growing FTTx opportunities, particularly in rural communities, utilities are deploying networks differently than they ... Connect your community to a brighter future. High speed internet fuels economic development for communities across an ...
NSW gets worlds largest Wi-Fi network. What can WiMAX bring to smart grid program?. Join the Network World communities on ... Wireless does community service. * Behind-the-scenes municipal applications help urban traffic flow. * ... Wireless municipal networks also feed other important information to monitoring systems in city agency traffic management ... Such systems are likely to use outdoor WiMAX and Wi-Fi mesh networks coupled with sensors, surveillance cameras, digital ...
Communities as Ecological Networks. This is a part of Patterns and Processes in Ecology ...
Running the Juniper Networks Database in Community Mode (SRC CLI). *Enabling the Juniper Networks Database to Run in Community ... Enabling the Juniper Networks Database to Run in Community Mode (SRC CLI). If you are adding a Juniper Networks database to an ... Securing the Juniper Networks Database (SRC CLI) *Viewing Information About the Juniper Networks Database in Community Mode (C- ... Configuring the Hostname When Running the Juniper Networks Database in Community Mode (SRC CLI). If you run Juniper Networks ...
Denver is working with communities to create complete transportation networks, implementing a new strategy to plan and build ... Go to the survey, click on a network area, and select "Show Comments" in the upper right to view the feedback your community ... Go to the survey, click on a network area, and select "Show Comments" in the upper right to view the feedback your community ... Go to the survey, click on a network area, and select "Show Comments" in the upper right to view the feedback your community ...
Community Transformation Grants (CTG) *CTG Communities *National Dissemination & Support Initiative. *Small Communities Program ... National Networks for Community Change. On this page. *U.S. State and Territorial Health Departments Collaborative ... National Networks for Community Change *State and Territorial Health Departments Collaborative *Health Departments Contact List ... CDCs Healthy Communities Program collaborates with national networks to provide technical support and training to the ...
Social Networks for Free and Resilient Communities * 1. Opening the World Social networks as enablers of free & resilient ... Next to do… ,ul,,li,Tools are at hand for social networks to bring "anytime, anywhere" gifts to communities seeking to build ... Social network offer : Work-study & telework jobs ,ul,,li,Online networks are offering work-study projects and freelance ... Social network offer : design partnerships ,ul,,li,For Songdo in South Korea, a group of Cal State University students ...
Well connected users are generally discovered in communities which is one of the most important tasks for network data ... Chowdhary, A.A., Liu, C., Chen, L. et al. Finding attribute diversified community over large attributed networks. World Wide ... Li, R.H., Qin, L., Ye, F., Yu, J.X., Xiao, X., Xiao, N., Zheng, Z.: Skyline community search in multi-valued networks. In: ... Chen, L., Liu, C., Zhou, R., Li, J., Yang, X., Wang, B.: Maximum co-located community search in large scale social networks. ...
... labs and libraries that it says will hasten adoption the technology for businesses and network professionals. ... Juniper is looking to be an evangelist for network automation by announcing a variety of applications, tools, ... "Juniper Engineering Network is aimed at elevating the entire networking community to move beyond incumbent CLIs knowledge and ... Juniper advances network automation community, skillsets. Juniper has put significant investment into network automation ...
The Ecologist is the worlds leading environmental affairs platform. Our aim is to educate and inform as many people as possible about the wonders of nature, the crisis we face and the best solutions and methods in managing that crisis. Find out about our mission, and our team, here. The website is owned and published by The Resurgence Trust, an educational charity. To receive the magazine, become a member now. The views expressed in the articles published on this site may not necessarily reflect those of the trust, its trustees or its staff. ...
JVNP 2.0 Social Network Groups/Communities. Facebook JVNP 2.0 Group. Google+ JVNP 2.0 Community. JVNP 2.0 New Affiliate Program ... JVNP 2.0 Social Network Groups/Communities. Facebook JVNP 2.0 Group. Google+ JVNP 2.0 Community. JVNP 2.0 New Affiliate Program ... Lorenzo Gnesutta - Network Marketing Leads Formula - JV Invite Launch Day: Tuesday, February 5th 2019. Hello. If you want to ... JVNP 2.0 Social Network (MyJVBuzz). JVNP 2.0 JV Announcement Blogs. JVNP 2.0 Partner Tools + Resources. *User Control Panel ...
PRNewswire/ -- The Global Enterprise Social Networks and Online Communities Market Size, Market Share, Application Analysis, ... 2.1 Market Snapshot: Global Enterprise Social Networks & Online Communities Market. 2.2 Global Enterprise Social Networks & ... Online Communities Market, By Deployment Model, 2017 (US$ Mn). 2.3 Global Enterprise Social Networks & Online Communities ... Enterprise social networks and online communities market is segmented based on deployment model, organization size, industry ...
The place of kinfolk in personal community networks. [Barry Wellman; University of Toronto. Centre for Urban and Community ... The place of kinfolk in personal community networks/Barry Wellman; University of Toronto. Centre for Urban and Community ... The place of kinfolk in personal community networks. schema:name "Research paper / Centre for Urban and Community Studies. ... The place of kinfolk in personal community networks. Author:. Barry Wellman; University of Toronto. Centre for Urban and ...
... Lili Zhang,1 Qing Ye,1 Yehong Shao,2 Chenming Li, ... Community structure is one of the most fundamental and important topology characteristics of complex networks. The research on ... agglomerative algorithm based on graph theory and the local connectedness of network to find communities in network. We show ... Furthermore, we modify this algorithm to get one modified CN algorithm and apply it to dynamic complex networks, and the ...
Thus, we are able to map out all possible trajectories of community assembly for any interaction network. This second network ... A potentially unifying approach to studying community assembly is network theory. Networks are useful representations of ... in a separate network that we refer to as the state transition network (Fig. 2). In this framework, stable communities (the " ... A network model for plant-pollinator community assembly. Colin Campbell, Suann Yang, Réka Albert, and Katriona Shea. *. ...
VA Capitol Health Care Network strives to improve the health of the men and women who have served our nation. Learn more about ... VA » Health Care » VA Capitol Health Care Network » Locations & Directions » Community Clinic Directory ...
The 2015 AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities Network Conference was an opportunity for community representatives and AARP ... AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities * Livable Home Page ... The 2015 AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities Conference was an opportunity for community representatives and AARP staff to ... 2015 Network Conference and Learning Event. September 1 and 2, 2015, Hyatt Regency, Washington, D.C.. AARP Livable Communities ...
Community Aging Network. * Enables older residents to remain independent and fully engaged in the life of the community ... Brookline Community Aging Network. 93 Winchester Street. Brookline, Massachusetts 02446. US. Read the VerticalResponse ... Frank Caro, a founding member of the Brookline Community Aging Network (BrooklineCAN) and co-chair of its steering committee, ... The program is a joint presentation of the Brookline Community Aging Network and its partners-the Brookline Senior Center, JF& ...
The Community Action Network, or CAN for short, is a group of community residents, representatives from community-based ... HOME , WHAT WE DO BY TOPIC , CHILDRENS HEALTH , BOSTON HEALTHY START INITIATIVE , Community Action Network ... FIMR is a community-based review process that brings together key members of the community to review information from ... Our next CAN meeting is on Monday, April 9, 2018 from 2:30-4:30pm at BCYF Tobin Community Center. Please see flyer for more ...
NET-Works:Community Preschooler Obesity Prevention (NET-Works). The safety and scientific validity of this study is the ... NET-Works intervention The NET-Works intervention was designed to reach into the home and family environment to influence ... The community links included one school readiness community activity (e.g., a library visit) to promote developmental parenting ... Neighborhood and community initiative The purpose of the neighborhood and community intervention component was to increase ...
Principles of Community Engagement - Second Edition: Chapter 6: Social Networks and Health ... A critical first step in engaging communities is identifying networks, such as faith communities, whose "social capital" can be ... Social networks can be a key factor in determining how healthy a community is. For one thing, they can create social supports ... Social networks can also play an important part in community health improve-ment because of their role in the "diffusion of ...
The following communities have joined the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities. They are presented in ... AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities * Livable Home Page ... Find Articles about or including age-friendly network members ». Go to the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities ... Indicates a community that joined the World Health Organization Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities before ...
Heather - GoDaddy , Community Moderator 24/7 support available at ...
For these reasons The Population & Community Health Unit felt it was important to establish a network of health researchers ... If You would like to be a part of this informal network, please fill out the questions below and submit it. Or, you can view ... Why a Multidisciplinary Network?. Health research is exceedingly broad and transcends disciplinary boundaries. Thus, it is a ... In 1994, we developed a multidisciplinary network of researchers in Southwestern Ontario engaged in health research. To date ...
Brookline Community Aging Network. 93 Winchester Street. Brookline, Massachusetts 02446. US. Read the VerticalResponse ... Community Aging Network. * Focuses on Brookline as a great place to live ... Founded in 1964, the Brookline Art Center has provided a quality arts experience for the Brookline community at the former Fire ... These two classes from Brookline Adult & Community Education will meet at the Senior Center during the daytime. They are sure ...
Need a ballpark estimate of costs to build a community network and starter advice? Check out our Community Networks Quickstart ... community broadband networks Discover how communities are investing in their own Internet infrastructure to promote economic ... they will expand the communitys fiber optic network. CenturyLink will lease dark fiber on the Springfield infrastructure in ... The network has steadily increased revenue over the years, even though it serves only commercial and public sector customers. ...
  • Wireless municipal networks also feed other important information to monitoring systems in city agency traffic management centers, send traffic conditions to radio and TV stations, and deliver warning and delay information to motorists via dynamic, digital message signs along the road. (
  • Community Health Network , a group of care centers in the Midwest, is rolling out a set of tools to make the hospital experience easier, faster, and more productive. (
  • whereas community technology centers (CTCs) and telecentres generally indicate a physical facility to compensate for lack of access to information and communication technologies (ICTs). (
  • The Effort, a Sacramento-based chain of not-for-profit community health centers, recently announced that it has laid off 23 staff members in part because of an estimated $750,000 revenue shortfall. (
  • Today, Community Design Centers (CDC) are too often left dealing with small-scale solutions to issues of poverty and disadvantage while affluent groups use citizen participation techniques, many developed in the community design movement, to secure their own advantaged positions. (
  • CenturyLink, as the first Internet access provider to lease dark fiber on the publicly owned network, and Springfield expect to begin connecting residents and businesses by the spring of 2020. (
  • Until 2025, LTE will continue to do the heavy lifting," said Henry Calvert, head of the Network 2020 future network programme at the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA), "Our 4G networks will remain key… They will continue to be important for the next five-to-seven years," he said. (
  • Speaking at the recent 2020 GSMA LTE Summit, Calvert said that during the pandemic, LTE was coming to the fore in the provision of telehealth and telemedicine, as well as expanding network services to hot spots to support the ill through hospitals and other healthcare services. (
  • Technology skills - enhanced by broadband networks and information access - are required to be successful in a modern workforce. (
  • Major cities such as Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria have launched public-private initiatives to build their own broadband networks to provide cheaper voice and data services. (
  • Read ongoing coverage related to these networks at ILSR's site devoted to Community Broadband Networks . (
  • You can also subscribe to a once-per-week email with stories about community broadband networks . (
  • Christopher Mitchell is the Director of the Community Broadband Networks Initiative with the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. (
  • He runs as part of ILSR's effort to ensure broadband networks are directly accountable to the communities that depend upon them. (
  • We develop a dynamic synchronous Boolean framework to simulate, with few free parameters, the dynamics of new mutualistic community formation from the regional source pool. (
  • In this study, we report that common temporal and ecological dynamics underpin disparate marine microbial communities, providing the first evidence that trans-Pacific diurnal transcriptional patterns in these communities may regulate ecological and biogeochemical processes across the ocean. (
  • Although the environments these communities inhabit range from coastal to open ocean waters, how the biological dynamics vary between such disparate habitats is not well known. (
  • Transcriptional networks revealed that the dominant photoautotrophic microbes in each environment ( Ostreococcus in CC, Prochlorococcus in NPSG) were central determinants of overall community transcriptome dynamics. (
  • In contrast, MDRC's work in the Chicago Community Networks study has found that some "hub-and-spoke" network dynamics may not always serve community collaborations as well as other kinds of configurations, as described in Section 4. (
  • Species interactions are responsible for many key mechanisms that govern the dynamics of ecological communities. (
  • To better understand the factors involved in dictating ongoing dynamics in a community at a given time, we must unravel how interactions affect the assembly process. (
  • Species interactions shape the dynamics of ecological communities. (
  • We used agent based modelling to explore the dynamics of community formation. (
  • Cisco has its DevNet community which offers tools, libraries, programming, training and other resources aimed at helping networking professionals, developers and infrastructure experts exploit programmable networks. (
  • Discover how communities are investing in their own Internet infrastructure to promote economic prosperity and improve quality of life. (
  • The success in and around Cleveland demonstrates not only the benefits of Smart Infrastructure, but also the reality that local communities are best equipped to implement today's fundamental need for infrastructure that empowers innovation. (
  • Obesity is driven by many factors such as environmental characteristics, social processes, government policy, community infrastructure, and human behaviour. (
  • The goal was to develop both organizational and technological infrastructure for a community network in Boulder County. (
  • Applying this strategy to microbiome data from type 2 diabetes patients reveals a context-specific infrastructure of the gut microbial ecosystem, core microbial entities with large metabolic influence, and frequently produced metabolic compounds that might indicate relevant community metabolic processes. (
  • Use the IEEE conference search to find the right conference for you to share and discuss innovation and interact with your community. (
  • In recent years, community search in attributed graphs has begun to attract attention, which aims to find communities that are both structure and attribute cohesive. (
  • Meanwhile, searching a community that is structure cohesive but attribute diversified, denoted as attribute diversified community search, is still at an early stage. (
  • We also discuss major techniques for speeding up the attribute diversified community search. (
  • Akbas, E., Zhao, P.: Truss-based community search: a truss-equivalence based indexing approach. (
  • If somebody could be nurtured by a strong, positive community, he probably wouldn't need to go on the social network so much to fill some empty search for connection. (
  • Six (6) national networks of community-based organizations received a total of nearly $4 million under two separate categories of funding -Dissemination and Acceleration. (
  • Funded organizations will engage and collaborate with governmental, private, and non-governmental sectors and work to disseminate CTG strategies within their national network of local affiliates, including reaching rural and frontier areas and those experiencing health disparities. (
  • Funded organizations are required to award at least 50% of their funds to local affiliates to support local communities to assess and address CTG health priorities. (
  • The Society promotes healthy behaviors, healthy communities, and healthy environments through its membership, its network of local chapters, and its numerous partnerships with other organizations. (
  • The Community Action Network, or CAN for short, is a group of community residents, representatives from community-based organizations, healthcare, government, and other groups that are working together to reduce racial inequities in infant mortality and poor birth outcomes in Boston through policy and community level changes. (
  • Typically, learning about a community requires a variety of approaches, including gathering existing data and generating new information, combining qualitative and quantitative data, and incorporating the perspectives of a broad spectrum of individuals, organizations, and groups. (
  • In some rural communities where high-speed internet is not available to residents' homes, parents and their children park their vehicles outside libraries and schools in the evening to use those organizations' wifi to complete homework assignments from parking lots. (
  • Community water fluoridation is recommended by nearly all public health, medical, and dental organizations. (
  • Community network organizations often engage in training and other services and sometimes are involved in policy work. (
  • Some community networks limit themselves to functions such as facilitating communication among non-profit organizations. (
  • The entities in charge of planning and operating the community networks may be government offices, chambers of commerce, public libraries, non-profit organizations, for-profit entities or volunteer groups. (
  • Social network analysis allows researchers to explore how power is distributed among communities of people, groups, or organizations. (
  • This feature explores different ways to consider power in social networks of neighborhood organizations, and how power is configured differently across Chicago neighborhoods. (
  • the study considers the distribution of power throughout a network of organizations as a whole. (
  • In the area of public policy and organizing, Austin is a community where power and influence is concentrated among very few organizations. (
  • Transfer technology to community-based organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, and populations whose members encounter substantial barriers to technology use. (
  • Help community-based organizations development online information in the public interest. (
  • Today, more than 25 European Community Networks, joined by over 35 supporting organizations from around the world, are sending an open letter to EU policy-makers. (
  • Community Networks are network infrastructures built by local communities and organizations in a bottom-up and democratic way. (
  • This open letter is signed by 31 European Community Networks, representing over hundred thousand active members, node owners, and serving even more individual citizens, SMEs, and organizations. (
  • Community Animal Network is a veterinary medical rescue and the veterinary medical internship program works in sync with the organizations, 'Pets For Seniors' program that provides senior people with mature cats and provides the veterinary services and treatments for the lifetime of the cats. (
  • As a result of the 1964 Economic Opportunity Act's Community Action Agencies and the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Office of Neighborhood Development, the economic development role of grassroots organizations and the usefulness of professional advocacy networks, such as the Association for Community Design, were strategically enhanced. (
  • CDCs were dedicated to providing planning, architecture and development services unavailable to emerging civic organizations, or established Community-Based Development Corporations (CBDCs). (
  • The weekly, award-winning AARP Livable Communities e-Newsletter provides local leaders with information and inspiration for making their town, city or neighborhood more livable for older adults and people of all ages. (
  • DUBLIN-(BUSINESS WIRE)-The "Community Acquired Infections Pipeline Highlights - 2017 Update" drug pipelines has been added to's offering. (
  • The 'Global Enterprise Social Networks and Online Communities Market Size, Market Share, Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Growth Trends, Key Players, Competitive Strategies and Forecasts, 2018 To 2026' report has been added to's offering. (
  • The global enterprise social networks and online communities market is set to exhibit double digit growth during the forecast period from 2018 to 2026. (
  • Enterprise social networks offer numerous benefits including improved document collaboration, establishing healthy discussions among the employees and enhanced employee communication among others. (
  • Enterprise social networks and online communities market is segmented based on deployment model, organization size, industry vertical and geography. (
  • The segment growth is backed by the large enterprises segment having higher penetration of enterprise social networks owing to critical security concerns. (
  • The overall enterprise social networks and online communities market is fragmented in nature due to presence of large number of companies in the market. (
  • Social networks can be a key factor in determining how healthy a community is. (
  • 2007). Although not everyone agrees on how social networks affect health (Cohen-Cole et al. (
  • In New York City, for example, one group tailored its outreach and education programs on breast and cervical cancer by determining how differing cultural perspectives affected social networks. (
  • M. Berlingerio, M. Coscia and F. Giannotti, Finding and characterizing communities in multidimensional networks,, in 2011 International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM) , (2011), 490. (
  • P. Brodka and P. Kazienko, Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining, Ch. Multi-layered Social Networks, , Springer , (2014). (
  • P. Bródka, K. Skibicki, P. Kazienko and K. Musial, A degree centrality in multi-layered social network,, in 2011 International Conference on Computational Aspects of Social Networks (CASoN) , (2011), 237. (
  • 2008). In this chapter, we will use these four elements to describe the role and importance of social networks in community engagement. (
  • Understanding a community's social networks is essential because of their potential to affect population health. (
  • Social networks can also provide access to a community and generate knowledge of its characteristics. (
  • For example, traditional healers may be widely known within Hmong or Latino networks but unknown to those outside these social networks, including those working in health care institutions in the same community. (
  • Social networks represent important groups of constituents in any community health planning initiative. (
  • Both obtaining knowledge about social networks and gathering knowledge from such networks are essential to the development of relevant strategies for health improvement. (
  • In addition, social networks are a means of communication, creating a platform for sharing and discussing potential positions and strategies. (
  • Existing social networks can be effective and efficient platforms for efforts in community engagement if they reach people who are central to these efforts and if their members share the goals of the engagement efforts. (
  • As described earlier in this chapter, this is where the social capital embedded in social networks is of the utmost importance. (
  • In one example of how this can work, a clinician-researcher at the University of California, Davis, used social networks to help reduce dog bites among children. (
  • After noticing that a large number of children were being seen for treatment of dog bites, the investigator identified social networks such as dog owners, school crossing guards, and neighborhood associations and engaged them in understanding the problem, defining workable solutions, and mobilizing the community to put these solutions into action (Pan et al. (
  • I realized that I appreciate social networks but feel much more passionate about communities, and spontaneously called for a session to talk about the differences. (
  • But in any case social networks are much bigger communities. (
  • Social networks are complex, as you can tell by drawing a graph among a dozen people. (
  • The operational word here is peek , because social networks rarely go deeper. (
  • In addition to explicit ties, communities create gravitational forces , which social networks do not. (
  • Our essential insight was that social networks can be powerful (just ask Hosni Mubarek) but they don't arouse the same feelings as communities. (
  • Many communities use social networks to help them keep in touch and coordinate their efforts, but rarely do communities form on social networks. (
  • Social networks have addicts, but that's different. (
  • Some social networks seem to be more conducive to community-forming than others. (
  • There are at least six distinctive structures of social media crowds which form depending on the subject being discussed, the information sources being cited, the social networks of the people talking about the subject, and the leaders of the conversation. (
  • A community network is a computer-based system that is intended to help support (usually geographical) communities by supporting, augmenting, and extending already existing social networks, by using networking technologies by, and for, a community. (
  • and that, while self-interested lying is destructive for social networks, 'white lies' are often highly integrative. (
  • Social networks and dementia. (
  • This collection brings together new work on online social networks by leading scholars from a variety of disciplines. (
  • The goal of the Minnesota center is to integrate primary care, home, and community-based intervention strategies to promote sustained patterns of change in food intake, physical activity, and body weight among low income, ethnically diverse children. (
  • and 4) linkages to neighborhood and community resources to support parents in promoting healthful eating and activity patterns for their children. (
  • In total, our findings indicate a remarkable regularity in the timing of community-wide activity in the ocean, and suggest that global patterns of a variety of biogeochemical transformations may be temporally predictable and governed by structured ecological determinants. (
  • It also demonstrates how these local patterns can help communities respond to local challenges. (
  • Since the 1970s, researchers have searched for patterns in community assembly (e.g. (
  • To test whether models reflect likely mechanisms of community assembly, authors compare the networks generated by their models to the interaction patterns observed in real-world communities. (
  • This paper analyzes some related algorithms and proposes a new algorithm-CN agglomerative algorithm based on graph theory and the local connectedness of network to find communities in network. (
  • Furthermore, we modify this algorithm to get one modified CN algorithm and apply it to dynamic complex networks, and the simulations also verify that the modified CN algorithm has high accuracy too. (
  • To investigate coupled oscillator model and community detection algorithm, an improvement method about the phase synchronization oscillator model and an optimized method (community detection via model modification) was proposed. (
  • The instabilities appear to be important and we propose a modification of one algorithm to stabilize it and to allow the tracking of the communities in an evolving network. (
  • In this paper, we develop a model-based community detection algorithm that can detect densely overlapping, hierarchically nested as well as non-overlapping communities in massive networks. (
  • In this paper, we develop Com-munities from Edge Structure and Node Attributes (CESNA), an accurate and scalable algorithm for detecting overlapping communities in networks with node attributes. (
  • This level of detail is rarely observed in other analytic approaches and allows for thorough analysis of the dynamical properties of community formation. (
  • A critical first step in engaging communities is identifying networks, such as faith communities, whose "social capital" can be employed in collective approaches to improving community health. (
  • Most of existing approaches consist on transforming the problem, in a way or another, to the classical setting of community detection in a monoplex network. (
  • Combining Community Engagement and Scientific Approaches in Next-Generation Monitor Siting: The Case of the Imperial County Community Air Network. (
  • CESNA has a linear runtime in the network size and is able to process networks an order of magnitude larger than comparable approaches. (
  • Age-Friendly communities encourage and benefit from diverse citizen engagement by including residents in a process to identify the community's needs, and develop and implement an action plan to address those needs. (
  • City Utilities (CU) in Springfield, Missouri, recently announced that over the next four years, they will expand the community's fiber optic network. (
  • Learning about a community, whether it is defined geographically or by a common interest (for example, a health condition or disease) means knowing the community's cultures and institutions, its capabilities and assets, and its health needs and challenges. (
  • By providing a way of describing the diversity of networks and a set of tools for visually representing and quantifying the characteristics of a network, SNA can help partners understand a community's networks and track how they grow and change over time. (
  • Variation in the way interactions are organized among species results in different network structures, which translates into a community's ability to resist collapse and change. (
  • Health departments will be developing, implementing, and disseminating mechanisms to facilitate the Collaborative's sharing of best practices, community accomplishments, and lessons learned. (
  • In addition to encouraging options for Springfield, CU wants to deploy more fiber throughout the community to facilitate 5G technology , which requires ample fiber to support high numbers of small cell sites. (
  • Sharing information and success stories from community connectivity experts broadly would also facilitate efforts across the state. (
  • Develop collaborative relationships with other departments, services, and community health care agencies to facilitate and support. (
  • That's why we organise conferences and networking meetings, and facilitate communities in which professionals can come into contact with each other. (
  • The aim is to facilitate collaboration and communication within the epigenetics community. (
  • The BCN mission is to facilitate the broad use of information technology to benefit the community. (
  • This module of the course will talk about a class of technologies called Network IT that facilitate unstructured interactions in the firm and in the process, aggregate information and knowledge that is dispersed across the firm. (
  • including community outreach programs, spay/ neuter, veterinary medical treatments, procedures and surgeries to facilitate the adoption these animals and to provide the financial resources necessary to support the rescuing of these animals. (
  • Abstract-Community detection algorithms are fundamental tools that allow us to uncover organizational principles in networks. (
  • 5G network infrastructures are the software and hardware resources of an entire network that facilitates 5G connection, operations, communication and management of an enterprise network. (
  • DOTI is committed to achieving a network of better bike facilities in Denver that make it more comfortable, safe, and accessible for people to ride bikes, and to creating a bike network that connects people to the places they want to go. (
  • Considering the strong impact of social media over people, enterprise social media networks have emerged highly promising for improving employee cooperation and efficiency. (
  • 2007), for example, found "clusters" of obesity within a network of people studied over time. (
  • Nearly 100 million people live in a town, city, county, territory or state that has enrolled in the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities. (
  • Hospice Care Network seeks compassionate individuals to provide companionship, respite, run errands, and provide support to people living with an advanced illness. (
  • There has even been a call to on-demand video providers to reduce the quality of video they're deploying and encourage people to use standard-definition rather than high-definition TV to preserve the capacity in the networks for online education, online health and online businesses," he said. (
  • Let's loosely define a social network as a set of relationships between people who know each other through family, work, school, religious and political affiliations, and other things. (
  • I'll call a community a group of people who share some facet of life and feel a connection because of that shared trait. (
  • My session on social networking and communities drew about ten enthusiastic people who helped me put together the ideas behind this article. (
  • I'm sure I'll hear from people who jumped in to donate their time and energy for something they found on a social network, but this is not a routine occurrence, and I'd guess what they were doing was hooking into an existing community. (
  • People sense that they gain something from a community, and feel they owe something back. (
  • Note that people say, "I left that community because I couldn't stand bad behavior there" (or for some other reason) but they never say, "I left that social network…" I'm not talking about disabling an account on a social networking site, which is a statement about how one chooses to interact with people. (
  • However, you may unfriend several people on a social network as part of a decision to leave a community. (
  • People in a community such as Ubuntu or Ruby on Rails-not to mention geographic communities-really take seriously how the view the community and how it presents itself to others, because that in turn is an aspect of personal identity. (
  • Conversations on Twitter create networks with identifiable contours as people reply to and mention one another in their tweets. (
  • Social networking maps of these conversations provide new insights because they combine analysis of the opinions people express on Twitter, the information sources they cite in their tweets, analysis of who is in the networks of the tweeters, and how big those networks are. (
  • Our approach combines analysis of the size and structure of the network and its sub-groups with analysis of the words, hashtags and URLs people use. (
  • Some people occupy rare positions in the network that suggest that they have special importance and power in the conversation. (
  • The Alabama Charity Network, for example, provided another place for people to connect to fundraisers and charity information using internet-based social networking. (
  • NEFA creatively supports the movement of people, ideas, and resources in the arts within New England and beyond, makes vital connections between artists and communities, and builds the strength, knowledge, and leadership of the creative sector. (
  • A community of people sharing their web development knowledge. (
  • Use the fact sheet to share relevant information with people in the community, business and economic development leaders, lawmakers, or with anyone investigating the possibility of a community owned network in their region. (
  • And they provide information for real people about real community issues. (
  • Fall, 1993 -- A team of university and community people meet and discuss the possibilities of a community network for Boulder County. (
  • These included senior citizens, people with disabilities, non-English speaking communities, and low-income people. (
  • It aggregates the blogs of many of the thought leaders in community and network thinking, featuring many people I've come to know and work with. (
  • Community Health Clinical Pharmacist Brian Sedam says people purchasing the medicine at Indiana pharmacies have four options to choose from. (
  • A community-based cohort of 1203 non-demented people, living at home in the Kungsholmen district of Stockholm, Sweden, and who had good cognition, was followed for an average period of 3 years. (
  • It is an umbrella term covering community planning, community architecture, social architecture, community development and community participation, all of which emphasize the involvement of local people in the social and physical development of the environment in which they live. (
  • Community design has been defined, in the broadest sense, as a movement for discovering how to make it possible for people to be involved in shaping and managing their environment. (
  • There should be processes that when experiencing problems, users should contact PC administrator, if he confirms it, relay the problem to application administrator, if they don't find it, relay the problem to server admins and only they should relay the problem to the network people. (
  • If you are adding a Juniper Networks database to an existing community, see Adding a Juniper Networks Database to an Established Community (SRC CLI) . (
  • If you run Juniper Networks databases in community mode, all C Series Controllers that have a Juniper Networks database configured to be part of a community require hostname configuration. (
  • As the world's largest technical professional organization, IEEE offers a number of ways to get involved with technical and local communities. (
  • The National REACH Coalition , a minority serving organization, is funded $900,000 to reach communities through a national dissemination and intervention project to transform local service paradigms and improve health. (
  • Community Health Network is the only health care organization in the Midwest to offer this self-service model. (
  • Kroger will donate a portion of your purchase to Pug Rescue Network just for registering your Kroger card at Just enter PUG RESCUE NETWORK or Organization Number: 90486 Thanks for your support! (
  • Often, a for-profit organization cannot earn enough revenue to justify the costs of building a fiber connection to rural communities. (
  • This form uses display ads and informational postings from fee-paying business and organization members to generate revenue critical to the support of professional journalists producing news for the community. (
  • Boston, MA - November 2009) New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA), a nonprofit organization providing leadership and resources to benefit artists, the public, arts funders, and policymakers throughout New England and beyond, announces a new visual identity and website, featuring the NEFA Network, a forum for the arts community. (
  • the study considers how central (or important) an organization is in the network. (
  • For example: is there only one organization that is central to the network, with the rest being relatively peripheral? (
  • Network communities represent basic structures for understanding the organization of real-world networks. (
  • We generate regional source pools of species interaction networks on the basis of statistical properties reported in the literature. (
  • CESNA statis-tically models the interaction between the network structure and the node attributes, which leads to more accurate community detection as well as improved robustness in the presence of noise in the network structure. (
  • That effort has paid off handsomely for SpringNet and the local community. (
  • The creation of community connectivity task force teams would accelerate broadband expansion by helping local communities that don't have all the expertise they desperately need for these complex projects. (
  • Planning grants to support these efforts would help launch local community initiatives. (
  • Community water systems can add just the right amount of fluoride to local drinking water to prevent cavities. (
  • Cambridge NewsLive: Addenbrooke's hospital A&E in 'major incident'Cambridge NewsEnter your postcode to see news and information near you Community updates, Crime Statistics, Local News & Event. (
  • The students will use a network operating system to create and manage a local area network. (
  • In our 35 years, Rewards Network has helped nearly 100,000 local restaurants grow their business. (
  • We had the local access TV station come in and give a presentation on the ways they've provided for the community. (
  • BioRegional has developed a new free tool and research to help local authorities, housing associations and community groups work out the best options for retrofitting buildings to produce low or zero carbon emissions. (
  • The One-Stop Career Network and LINC, Local Information Connection, are transforming the way that human services are delivered in Boulder County. (
  • Design center organizational structures ranged from architect-led non-profit corporations to university-based service-learning programs to private practices to volunteer programs sponsored by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) or local communities. (
  • Identify and partner with local community agencies, advocacy groups, etc. to develop relationships, enhance care coordination and improve health outcomes of. (
  • By preventing cavities, community water fluoridation has been shown to save money both for families and for the US health care system . (
  • Community water fluoridation is the most efficient and cost-effective way to deliver fluoride to everyone in a community, regardless of their age, income, or education. (
  • Because of its contribution to the large decline in cavities in the United States since the 1960s, CDC named community water fluoridation one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century . (
  • Frequently asked questions about community water fluoridation. (
  • Primary care doctors, pediatricians, dentists, hygienists, dental assistants and public health experts are all encouraging communities to support water fluoridation, or add it, for its proven oral health benefits," said Dr. Judith Fisch of Rutland, a practicing dentist and trustee of the American Dental Association. (
  • Communities utilizing water fluoridation typically have much lower rates of cavities, dental disease and other costly oral health problems," added Dr. Dickinson-Branon. (
  • This approach allows us to deterministically map out every possible trajectory of community formation. (
  • Building and sustaining networks of individuals and entities for community health improvement or research includes establishing and maintaining communication channels, exchanging resources, and coordinating collaborative activities. (
  • The Imperial County Community Air Monitoring Network (the Network) is a collaborative group of community, academic, nongovernmental, and government partners designed to fill the need for more detailed. (
  • Steering committee members from two communities engaged in obesity prevention interventions reported on their collaborative relationships with each other, and where their actions are situated in a locally developed CLD. (
  • The Research Councils provided £3M of funding through grants to eight new projects, which together have formed a collaborative network. (
  • This study employs multilevel statistical models from social network analysis to explore the complex interdependencies between steering committee collaboration and their actions in the CLD. (
  • A multilevel exponential random graph model (MERGM) was developed for each community to explore the structural configurations of the collaboration network, actions in the CLD, and cross-level interactions. (
  • Steering committee collaboration networks appear to be critical in the diffusion of information about community health risks and potential actions, and in engaging broader community members in systems interventions 14 . (
  • The Cisco Networking Academy program helps students build skills such as collaboration and problem solving by encouraging practical application of knowledge through hands-on activities and network simulations. (
  • We evaluate our al-gorithm on 6 large social, collaboration and information networks with ground-truth community information. (
  • Centre for Urban and Community Studies Publisher: Toronto : Centre for Urban and Community Studies, University of Toronto, 1989. (
  • With the advent of the highways in the 1950s and 1960s, "communities" were created in suburbia. (
  • Community consciousness in many low-income neighborhoods emerged in the early 1960s. (
  • Federal programs of the 1960s, such as the Community Action Program and Model Cities Program, encouraged the participation of citizens in improvement programs. (
  • Through its network of more than 21,000 recreation and park professionals and citizens, NRPA encourages the promotion of healthy lifestyles, recreation initiatives, and conservation of natural and cultural resources. (
  • As such, it is this 4G tech that has underpinned the innovative digital initiatives supporting communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. (
  • NEFA also leads projects and initiatives that range from the analysis of the impact of the creative economy to the creation of online tools which link and advance the cultural community. (
  • Community initiatives often require collaborations among multiple groups. (
  • Since then, a range of conservation and urban regeneration efforts, living condition improvements, community development programmes and planning initiatives have been implemented in war-damaged neighbourhoods of the Old City of Kabul. (
  • In 1994, we developed a multidisciplinary network of researchers in Southwestern Ontario engaged in health research. (
  • The first step is to establish that community-based networks are active throughout the developing world. (
  • The award cites Frank's work in helping to establish BrooklineCAN, calling him an "enthusiastic and active community organizer" and "a tireless and dedicated volunteer on behalf of the Brookline community. (
  • For these reasons The Population & Community Health Unit felt it was important to establish a network of health researchers from different disciplines. (
  • Chapter 4 outlined four practice elements for development of a constituency (know the community, establish strategies, build networks, and mobilize communities) and used them to conceptualize the tasks of community engagement (Hatcher et al. (
  • The American Public Health Association is funded $300,000 to disseminate and amplify successful program models and activities in the areas of tobacco-free living, active living and healthy eating, clinical and other preventive services, social and emotional wellness, and healthy and safe physical environments among national partners and members, and accelerate the spread of CTG strategies in communities nationwide by utilizing their existing network of 53 state and regional affiliates. (
  • Since a critical part of automated operations is the individual engineers and processes they follow, Juniper has put deliberate investment into these areas by introducing many formal and informal training programs, cloud-based lab services, testing as a service, free trials, live throwdowns and [the new] Juniper Engineering Network (EngNet)," Koley wrote. (
  • Juniper's extended service offerings provide a variety of educational, professional and advanced engineering services to improve network automation capabilities. (
  • The true north of Juniper is to help customers reduce complexity in their networks, and this new engineering community will accelerate automation adoption, and in addition to advanced trainings and education services, gives engineers a fast track to automate day-to-day network operations," said Rami Rahim, CEO of Juniper . (
  • Governmental services access and public safety communications are also more effective within connected communities. (
  • The Guide to Community Preventive Services and Disability Inclusion. (
  • Wireless community networks are particularly useful in areas where commercial telecommunications services are unavailable or unaffordable. (
  • For example, the city of Tshwane, which includes Pretoria, is testing delivery of broadband Internet and voice services on their new metro-wide fibre-optic network using wireless hot spots to provide ADSL access. (
  • Community networks often provide web space, e-mail, and other services for free, without advertising. (
  • This diversity can be seen in the types of information and services offered, who operates the network, and the area covered. (
  • This requires a shift away from after delivery, network-deployed services and into the CI/CD pipeline. (
  • Although the clinic network has seen an increase in patient visits over the past year, many of its patients are uninsured and have limited ability to pay for medical services. (
  • Integrates community information ranging from the weather and ski conditions, city and county regulations, lifelong learning opportunities, employment opportunities, district school and university information, calendar of events, arts and recreations, health services, and the environment. (
  • The HCC-Cisco Network Academy CCNA Exploration course provides an integrated and comprehensive coverage of networking topics, from fundamentals to advanced applications and services, while providing opportunities for hands-on practical experience and soft-skills development. (
  • Community Animal Network provides veterinary medical services to rescued animals that need to find new homes and was founded in Newport Beach, California, in 1996. (
  • The burden is also on us to create communities where network professionals and others can learn new techniques and DevOps processes. (
  • Simplifying network management by replacing manual processes are essential steps in driving towards end-to-end network automation. (
  • Community participation, on the other hand, covers all the scales and techniques but refers to the processes involving professionals, families, community groups and government officials in shaping the environment. (
  • The project team is working through feedback collected from our community, and will be presenting updated concepts in early 2021, along with an overview of how we are using the multimodal feedback you provided via the Online Input Map (which is now closed). (
  • Finally, forthcoming survey findings from Pew Research will explore the relatively modest size of the social networking population who exchange political content in their network. (
  • Our thriving international community engages with us through social media and frequent content contributions aimed at solving problems ranging from personal computing to enterprise-level IT operations. (
  • Community design represents the addition of moral and political content to professional practice, however, the representation of these ideas has changed over four decades of practice. (
  • Using a partition edit distance, we study how three community detection algorithms transform their outputs if the input network is slightly modified. (
  • Even though communities form around nodes that have common edges and common attributes, typically, algorithms have only focused on one of these two data modalities: community detection algorithms traditionally focus only on the network structure, while clustering algorithms mostly consider only node attributes. (
  • On the other hand, community detection algorithms aim to find communities based on the network structure, e.g., to find groups of nodes that are densely connected [14], =-=[39]-=-, but they typically ignore node attributes. (
  • Join the Network World communities on Facebook and LinkedIn to comment on topics that are top of mind. (
  • The whole human race is one social network, and Facebook is on its way to making that explicit. (
  • Extensive analyses of real world communities, including telephone networks, Facebook and Twitter communities, and German residential campsites, as well as historical communities, revealed that not only does the number 150 ('Dunbar's Number') typify these, but these communities are structured in a very particular way into layers with a fractal pattern in which each layer is three times the size of the one inside it. (
  • This study examines whether social network factors influence individual's depression and anxiety outcomes at different life stages. (
  • A Networked Self examines self presentation and social connection in the digital age. (
  • The National Dissemination and Support Initiative of the Community Transformation Grants (CTG) program will support, disseminate, and amplify the evidence-based strategies of the CTG program in communities nationwide, including rural and frontier areas and in those areas with health disparities. (
  • The second step is to look beyond a static role for community networks, one of overcoming market failures and improving the outcomes of their members in the short-run, to examine how these informal institutions can support group mobility. (
  • As with the static analysis, the challenge here is to show statistically that community networks directly support the movement of groups of individuals. (
  • CDC's Healthy Communities Program collaborates with national networks to provide technical support and training to the program's communities. (
  • We are continuing to work on activities​ to support the bill and highlight the importance of having FIMR in our community. (
  • LTE networks have also provided free data to support contact tracking to do as much as possible to ensure the infection isn't spread any further. (
  • The Jane Pauley Community Health Center was established in 2009 with generous support from the Metropolitan School District of Warren Township, Community Health. (
  • Creative Computers/IdeaMall (Nasdaq:MALL) today announced the launch of its new Open Alliance program in support of the rapidly expanding Linux community. (
  • The network can realize synchronization or be partitioned into several clusters depending on its structure. (
  • Communities in networks also overlap as nodes belong to multiple clusters at once. (
  • Community structure is one of the most fundamental and important topology characteristics of complex networks. (
  • R. Kanawati, YASCA: An ensemble-based approach for community detection in complex networks,, in Computing and Combinatorics , (8591), 657. (
  • Complex networks can often be divided in dense sub-networks called communities. (
  • 1. INTRODUCTION A large body of work in computer science, statistics, applied mathematics, and statistical physics has been devoted to identifying community structure in complex networks (see =-=[8, 28, 32]-=- for surveys of this area). (
  • Research paper / Centre for Urban and Community Studies. (
  • The EQUATOR Network website and database is provided by the UK EQUATOR Centre. (
  • Our next CAN meeting is on Monday, April 9, 2018 from 2:30-4:30pm at BCYF Tobin Community Center. (
  • IEEE and its members inspire a global community to innovate for a better tomorrow through highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities. (
  • However, showing that these networks improve the economic outcomes of their members is more of a challenge. (
  • FIMR is a community-based review process that brings together key members of the community to review information from individual cases of fetal and infant death to determine if there are system problems or gaps that contribute to these deaths, develop recommendations for change, and assist in the implementation of change. (
  • We do this by giving parents and community members a voice with an emphasis on access, assistance and participation. (
  • Lastly, we connect members to other key stakeholders through seminiars and networking opportunities. (
  • Join parents and community members around the state to make an impact for all children. (
  • Members deliberately set aside time to participate in their community. (
  • South African wireless community networks are wireless networks that allow members to talk, send messages, share files and play games independent of the commercial landline and mobile telephone networks. (
  • This partnership ensures community members have direct and complete access to advanced technology and critical care therapies unmatched by any other hospital network in central Ohio. (
  • A community (also referred to as a module or a cluster) is intuitively thought of as a group of nodes with more interactions amongst its members than between its members an. (
  • Undigested dietary macromolecules and host-derived substrates (such as mucin) are broken down by microbial species and then the solubilized molecules become available to other members of the community as public goods for uptake. (
  • ILSR continually encounters and collects data on economic development spurred by community networks. (
  • Believing that future job growth will revolve around the advancements enabled by gigabit networks, SpringNet is working with the Mid-America Technology Alliance (MATA) to host a hackathon with partners in Kansas City to explore what is possible between gigabit cities. (
  • This project aimed to explore the mechanisms that underlie social relationships and, by extension, community cohesion. (
  • Social network maps of Twitter crowds and other collections of social media can be created with innovative data analysis tools that provide new insight into the landscape of social media. (
  • The Polarized Crowd network structure is only one of several different ways that crowds and conversations can take shape on Twitter. (
  • After an analysis of many thousands of Twitter maps, we found six different kinds of network crowds. (
  • However, in contrast to food web assembly, stable mutualistic communities form rapidly. (
  • For instance, the smallest possible plant-pollinator community must include both a plant and a pollinator, in contrast to the smallest food web possible (i.e., one plant). (
  • The Community Leadership Summit this past weekend roused thoughts in me about the predictions and analyses I've heard over the past few years about social networking and to contrast them with what we were saying about community. (
  • This is in sharp contrast with present com-munity detection methods which implicitly assume that overlaps between communities are sparsely connected and thus cannot prop-erly extract overlapping communities in networks. (
  • The Epigenetics and Social Science Network is an ESRC and BBSRC initiative. (
  • This section introduces another kind of power in community network structures. (
  • It is important to reach out and pull in key opinion leaders and community stakeholders. (
  • An effective approach to tackling the complexity of obesity seems to come from community-based interventions 6 whereby community leaders band together to co-create actions with community leaders, practitioners, and other key stakeholders. (
  • Community assembly models, usually constructed for food webs, are an important component of our understanding of how ecological communities are formed. (
  • Here, we build a novel, integrative conceptual model for understanding how ecological communities assemble that combines ecological networks and island biogeography theory, as well as the principles of niche theory. (
  • Through our conceptual model, we show how the rate of species turnover and gene flow within communities will influence the structure of ecological networks. (
  • But how do ecological networks assemble? (
  • Taken together, numerous microbe-microbe and microbe-host interconnections serve as the basis of a complex ecological network in the human gut. (
  • Throughout the community engagement effort, relationships must be strengthened and new capacity for collective action developed. (
  • The various motivations for joining communities, how marketers create social bonds that enhance social relationships, as well as strategies used by firms in building online communities are also discussed. (
  • The Petit Family Foundation recently awarded a $7,500 grant to The Network Against Domestic Abuse for their Community Youth Education Program, which educates children about feelings, emotions and healthy relationships. (
  • Notwithstanding the importance of individual microbial species, the consequent impact of the microbiota on the host would be largely attributed to the collective activities of numerous microbial species and metabolic compounds, thoroughly interlinked by network relationships. (
  • The venture has been successful, says General Manager Scott Miller, but SpringNet sees investing the fiber network paramount and recently sold the facility. (
  • These wireless networks are ultimately dependent on wired connections for backhaul - traditional copper networks or the "gold standard," fiber-optics - and the effectiveness of wireless is often a function of the robustness of the underlying wired technology. (
  • Because Stockholm began to install fiber throughout the city in the 1990s, wireless companies have been quickly and seamlessly able to deploy multiple, competitive 4G LTE networks. (
  • In Stockholm, with multiple wireless networks, connected to fiber backhaul, the amount of bandwidth per person is high. (
  • Wireless networks, however, often rely on fiber for backhaul. (
  • Connectivity, even via wireless networks, requires access to a backbone fiber optic network. (
  • An urban network upstart, Rocket Fiber, is taking on a self-described "Detroit Moonshot" by expanding fiber networks in our largest underserved urban area. (
  • IEEE membership offers access to technical innovation, cutting-edge information, networking opportunities, and exclusive member benefits. (
  • IEEE offers innovative STEM and university education and recognition programs for students and their teachers, facilitates the accreditation of engineering programs at the university level, and offers ongoing continuing professional education for practitioners and engineering faculty through platforms such as the IEEE Learning Network (ILN). (
  • Membership is free to the IEEE Software Defined Networks (SDN) Technical Community! (
  • Join our community to find out more information on what IEEE is doing in the area of Software Defined Networks and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). (
  • P. Kazienko, P. Brodka and K. Musial, Individual neighbourhood exploration in complex multi-layered social network,, in 2010 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology (WI-IAT) , (2010), 5. (
  • Connect your community to a brighter future. (
  • Join our thriving community to connect with other educators, find instructional ideas, access teacher-created resources, and so much more. (
  • A wireless community network may connect to the public switched telephone network and/or the Internet, but there are various restrictions on connectivity in South Africa. (
  • LOS ANGELES , Aug. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Global Women's Empowerment Network (GWEN) has launched a global online non-profit community that harnesses the power of technology and multimedia to connect and empower those suffering from abuse. (
  • The OhioHealth Stroke Network uses advanced, virtual health technology to connect emergency teams at partnering hospitals with OhioHealth stroke specialists. (
  • In this course, you will learn how wireless works, how wireless devices connect to networks and how to build and connect to your own wireless network. (
  • However, models for mutualistic community assembly are still needed, especially because these communities are experiencing significant anthropogenic disturbances that affect their biodiversity. (
  • Here, we present a unique network model that simulates the colonization and extinction process of mutualistic community assembly. (
  • The unique application of this Boolean network approach to the study of mutualistic community assembly offers a great opportunity to improve our understanding of these critical communities. (
  • We lack similar models for mutualistic community assembly. (
  • As the world leader in volunteerism we feel a responsibility to unite our broader community, and to use this moment to become stronger. (
  • Social Norms and Implications of Santa Monica's PEN (Public Electronic Network) (Speech). (
  • Juniper Engnet is a portal that includes a variety of automation tools, resources and social communities. (
  • According to the vendor, the site features API documentations, access to Juniper Labs, virtual resources, a learning portal and an automation exchange of useful network automation tools. (
  • In addition to promoting economic development, facilitating education and sustaining and creating a viable workforce, access to broadband provides myriad resources and advantages within communities. (
  • The DEN connects you to teaching resources, learning opportunities, and professional networking-all at your convenience and comfort level. (
  • Trusted by educators for over a decade, the Discovery Educator Network connects educators to teaching resources, learning opportunities, and professional peer networking - all within a thriving global community. (
  • The topics to be covered include creating and administering user and group accounts, managing network resources and administering permissions for files and folders, setting up and administering the printing environment, using the auditing functions, backing up and restoring files and folders. (
  • Infrequent contacts with network resources did not increase the risk of the disease if such contacts were experienced as satisfying. (
  • The American Lung Association is funded $800,000 to address the areas of tobacco-free living and healthy and safe physical environments by supporting smoke-free communities in underserved areas within several states across the country. (
  • For example, Juniper Testing-as-a-Service uses the new Cloud Customer Certification Labs to replicate customer network topologies, configurations, traffic flows and real-life environments, validating all planned changes and to emulate future requirements. (
  • The focus of the volume rests on the construction of the self, and what happens to self-identity when it is presented through networks of social connections in new media environments. (
  • These communities are active participants in research and authorship, conferences, and important conversations about today's most relevant technical topics locally and globally. (
  • The research on community structure has wide applications and is very important for analyzing the topology structure, understanding the functions, finding the hidden properties, and forecasting the time-varying of the networks. (
  • The development of communities has been, and continues to be, a major research topic in ecology. (
  • We conclude by discussing strategies for managing online communities, leveraging them for social networking, researching them, as well as directions for future research. (
  • Public management research has found that networks with a single (or limited number) of "brokers" who coordinate work may be more effective than networks with multiple "brokers. (
  • The country's three cellular network operators (Vodacom, MTN and Cell C) have over 39-million subscribers, or nearly 80% of the population. (
  • Each year, around 1 in 300 of the adult population in the UK will have an episode of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP), 1 with the incidence increasing with age. (
  • Based on the contents of our network, we develop a mathematical approach to elucidate representative microbial and metabolic features of the gut microbial community in a given population, such as a disease cohort. (
  • 20 Best Community Health Network jobs (Hiring Now! (
  • Community Health Network kept trying to feed me depression pills saying I was delusional. (
  • I have now had over 20 surgeries and procedures since leaving the care of Community Health Network. (
  • Community Health Network is offering the public educational training and free naloxone kits as a new law allows Hoosiers to buy the drug over-the-counter. (
  • Half dozen nurses from around Indiana attended a train the trainer event this week as part of Community Health Network 's plans to increase access and awareness of naloxone. (
  • Ranked among the nation's most integrated healthcare systems, Community Health Network is Central Indiana's leader in providing convenient access to exceptional. (
  • Community Health Network is seeing an exceptional BE/BC Pediatrician for an opportunity with KidsExpress, our after-hours urgent care clinic. (
  • Our goal is to promote stronger networks and information sharing that will be of benefit to our grant recipients, applicants, funders, or anyone interested in real-time issues and opportunities in these areas. (
  • Currently, 56 percent of communities in Vermont benefit from fluoride through their water system. (
  • By investing in batteries on the grid, United Energy can deploy less battery capacity to deliver the network benefit required, compared to relying on many household batteries to provide the same benefit. (
  • Social network analysis (SNA) is a method that can be used to evaluate commu-nity engagement and assess communities. (
  • Through the community engagement process, new networks can be developed as well. (
  • Marriage Networks, Nepotism and Labor Market Outcomes in China ," Working Papers id:4287, eSocialSciences. (
  • As for food web assembly, we find that the number of stable communities is quite low, and the composition of the source pool influences the abundance and nature of community outcomes. (
  • Our Mission is to eliminate racial and ethnic inequities in infant mortality and poor birth outcomes by mobilizing the community to do outreach, education, and policy change. (
  • Since leaving Community Health Network's care, I found out both my knees, ankles, my hip, and shoulder was torn. (
  • Volunteers are accepted into Community Animal Network's 'Veterinary Medical Program' based on a serious interest in learning about cats and/or advancing into veterinary medicine. (
  • Our network presents a foundation towards integrative investigations of community-scale microbial activities within the human gut. (
  • CDC's Healthy Communities Program assists in funding and training state and territorial health departments. (
  • In addition to being a service to the region's creative sector, the Network allows for program staff to be a part of the discussions that arise, and better advocate for the field in real-time. (
  • Rewards Network is the nation's leading promotional program for the restaurant industry. (
  • Individual results within the Rewards Network program may vary. (
  • Over the past two years, Community Tech Network (CTN) has proudly participated in the San Francisco Bay Area Encore Fellows Program . (