Excision of the prepuce of the penis (FORESKIN) or part of it.
A condition in which the FORESKIN cannot be retracted to reveal the GLANS PENIS. It is due to tightness or narrowing of the foreskin opening.
A general term encompassing three types of excision of the external female genitalia - Sunna, clitoridectomy, and infibulation. It is associated with severe health risks and has been declared illegal in many places, but continues to be widely practiced in a number of countries, particularly in Africa.
Pathological processes involving the PENIS or its component tissues.
A series of actions, sometimes symbolic actions which may be associated with a behavior pattern, and are often indispensable to its performance.
The double-layered skin fold that covers the GLANS PENIS, the head of the penis.
The external reproductive organ of males. It is composed of a mass of erectile tissue enclosed in three cylindrical fibrous compartments. Two of the three compartments, the corpus cavernosa, are placed side-by-side along the upper part of the organ. The third compartment below, the corpus spongiosum, houses the urethra.
Inflammation of the head of the PENIS, glans penis.
An atrophic and sclerotic condition of the head of the PENIS, glans penis. Sometimes it leads to stenosis and occasionally obliteration of the external meatal orifice.
Cancers or tumors of the PENIS or of its component tissues.
A system of traditional medicine which is based on the beliefs and practices of the African peoples. It includes treatment by medicinal plants and other materia medica as well as by the ministrations of diviners, medicine men, witch doctors, and sorcerers.
Includes the spectrum of human immunodeficiency virus infections that range from asymptomatic seropositivity, thru AIDS-related complex (ARC), to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).
The geographical area of Africa comprising BURUNDI; DJIBOUTI; ETHIOPIA; KENYA; RWANDA; SOMALIA; SUDAN; TANZANIA; and UGANDA.
A republic in southern Africa, between NAMIBIA and ZAMBIA. It was formerly called Bechuanaland. Its capital is Gaborone. The Kalahari Desert is in the west and southwest.
A republic in eastern Africa, south of SUDAN and west of KENYA. Its capital is Kampala.
Diseases due to or propagated by sexual contact.
A republic in eastern Africa, south of ETHIOPIA, west of SOMALIA with TANZANIA to its south, and coastline on the Indian Ocean. Its capital is Nairobi.
Sexual activities of humans.
An independent Federal agency established in 1961 as the focal point for economic matters affecting U.S. relations with developing countries.
Infection of the genitals (GENITALIA) with HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS in either the males or the females.
A local anesthetic that is similar pharmacologically to LIDOCAINE. Currently, it is used most often for infiltration anesthesia in dentistry.
A condition in which the FORESKIN, once retracted, cannot return to its original position. If this condition persists, it can lead to painful constriction of GLANS PENIS, swelling, and impaired blood flow to the penis.
Married or single individuals who share sexual relations.
A kingdom in southern Africa, west of MOZAMBIQUE. Its capital is Mbabane. The area was settled by the Swazi branch of the Zulu nation in the early 1880's, with its independence guaranteed by the British and Transvaal governments in 1881 and 1884. With limited self-government introduced in 1962, it became independent in 1968. Swazi is the Zulu name for the people who call themselves Swati, from Mswati, the name of a 16th century king, from a word meaning stick or rod. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p1170 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p527)
A kingdom in southern Africa, within the republic of SOUTH AFRICA. Its capital is Maseru.
A nursing specialty concerned with promoting and protecting the health of populations, using knowledge from nursing, social, and public health sciences to develop local, regional, state, and national health policy and research. It is population-focused and community-oriented, aimed at health promotion and disease prevention through educational, diagnostic, and preventive programs.
Somalia is located on the east coast of Africa on and north of the Equator and, with Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Kenya, is often referred to as the Horn of Africa. It comprises Italy's former Trust Territory of Somalia and the former British Protectorate of Somaliland. The capital is Mogadishu.
A republic in southern Africa, the southernmost part of Africa. It has three capitals: Pretoria (administrative), Cape Town (legislative), and Bloemfontein (judicial). Officially the Republic of South Africa since 1960, it was called the Union of South Africa 1910-1960.
The interrelationship of medicine and religion.
The sexual attraction or relationship between members of the opposite SEX.
A republic in the Greater Antilles in the West Indies. Its capital is Santo Domingo. With Haiti, it forms the island of Hispaniola - the Dominican Republic occupying the eastern two thirds, and Haiti, the western third. It was created in 1844 after a revolt against the rule of President Boyer over the entire island of Hispaniola, itself visited by Columbus in 1492 and settled the next year. Except for a brief period of annexation to Spain (1861-65), it has been independent, though closely associated with the United States. Its name comes from the Spanish Santo Domingo, Holy Sunday, with reference to its discovery on a Sunday. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p338, 506 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p151)
An infant during the first month after birth.
A republic in southern Africa, east of ZAMBIA and BOTSWANA and west of MOZAMBIQUE. Its capital is Harare. It was formerly called Rhodesia and Southern Rhodesia.
A collective expression for all behavior patterns acquired and socially transmitted through symbols. Culture includes customs, traditions, and language.
A lesion on the surface of the skin or a mucous surface, produced by the sloughing of inflammatory necrotic tissue.
Infections in birds and mammals produced by various species of Trichomonas.
The emission of SEMEN and seminal fluid during the act of preparation for sexual intercourse, i.e. before there is penetration, or shortly after penetration.
The male reproductive organs. They are divided into the external organs (PENIS; SCROTUM;and URETHRA) and the internal organs (TESTIS; EPIDIDYMIS; VAS DEFERENS; SEMINAL VESICLES; EJACULATORY DUCTS; PROSTATE; and BULBOURETHRAL GLANDS).
All of Africa except Northern Africa (AFRICA, NORTHERN).
A colloidal system of semisolid hydrocarbons obtained from PETROLEUM. It is used as an ointment base, topical protectant, and lubricant.
A republic in eastern Africa, south of UGANDA and north of MOZAMBIQUE. Its capital is Dar es Salaam. It was formed in 1964 by a merger of the countries of TANGANYIKA and ZANZIBAR.
Pathological processes involving the male reproductive tract (GENITALIA, MALE).
Hand-held tools or implements used by health professionals for the performance of surgical tasks.
The transmission of infectious disease or pathogens. When transmission is within the same species, the mode can be horizontal or vertical (INFECTIOUS DISEASE TRANSMISSION, VERTICAL).
Public attitudes toward health, disease, and the medical care system.
The sexual functions, activities, attitudes, and orientations of an individual. Sexuality, male or female, becomes evident at PUBERTY under the influence of gonadal steroids (TESTOSTERONE or ESTRADIOL), and social effects.
Recurrent genital pain occurring during, before, or after SEXUAL INTERCOURSE in either the male or the female.
The science dealing with the establishment and maintenance of health in the individual and the group. It includes the conditions and practices conducive to health. (Webster, 3d ed)
A specialty in which manual or operative procedures are used in the treatment of disease, injuries, or deformities.
Knowledge, attitudes, and associated behaviors which pertain to health-related topics such as PATHOLOGIC PROCESSES or diseases, their prevention, and treatment. This term refers to non-health workers and health workers (HEALTH PERSONNEL).

Pediatric urinary tract infection and reflux. (1/423)

Urinary tract infections in children are sometimes associated with vesicoureteral reflux, which can lead to renal scarring if it remains unrecognized. Since the risk of renal scarring is greatest in infants, any child who presents with a urinary tract infection prior to toilet training should be evaluated for the presence of reflux. Children who may be lost to follow-up and those who have recurrent urinary tract infections should also be evaluated. The preferred method for evaluation of urinary reflux is a voiding cystourethrogram. Documented reflux is initially treated with prophylactic antibiotics. Patients who have breakthrough infections on prophylaxis, develop new renal scarring, have high-grade reflux or cannot comply with long-term antibiotic prophylaxis should be considered for surgical correction. The preferred method of surgery is ureteral reimplantation. A newer method involves injection of the bladder trigone with collagen.  (+info)

Adult circumcision. (2/423)

Adult circumcision can be performed under local or regional anesthesia. Medical indications for this procedure include phimosis, paraphimosis, recurrent balanitis and posthitis (inflammation of the prepuce). Nonmedical reasons may be social, cultural, personal or religious. The procedure is commonly performed using either the dorsal slit or the sleeve technique. The dorsal slit is especially useful in patients who have phimosis. The sleeve technique may provide better control of bleeding in patients with large subcutaneous veins. A dorsal penile nerve block, with or without a circumferential penile block, provides adequate anesthesia. Informed consent must be obtained. Possible complications of adult circumcision include infection, bleeding, poor cosmetic results and a change in sensation during intercourse.  (+info)

Male circumcision: assessment of health benefits and risks. (3/423)

OBJECTIVES: Globally approximately 25% of men are circumcised for religious, cultural, medical, or parental choice reasons. However, controversy surrounds the procedure, and its benefits and risks to health. We review current knowledge of the health benefits and risks associated with male circumcision. METHODS: We have used, where available, previously conducted reviews of the relation between male circumcision and specific outcomes as "benchmarks", and updated them by searching the Medline database for more recent information. RESULTS: There is substantial evidence that circumcision protects males from HIV infection, penile carcinoma, urinary tract infections, and ulcerative sexually transmitted diseases. We could find little scientific evidence of adverse effects on sexual, psychological, or emotional health. Surgical risks associated with circumcision, particularly bleeding, penile injury, and local infection, as well as the consequences of the pain experienced with neonatal circumcision, are valid concerns that require appropriate responses. CONCLUSION: Further analyses of the utility and cost effectiveness of male circumcision as a preventive health measure should, in the light of this information, be research and policy priorities. A decision as to whether to recommend male circumcision in a given society should be based upon an assessment of the risk for and occurrence of the diseases which are associated with the presence of the foreskin, versus the risk of the complications of the procedure. In order for individuals and their families to make an informed decision, they should be provided with the best available evidence regarding the known benefits and risks.  (+info)

Circumcision and neonatal tetanus: disclosure of risk and its reduction by topical antibiotics. (4/423)

BACKGROUND: Previous case-control studies have paradoxically suggested that circumcisions protect against neonatal tetanus (NNT), but these observations have not been adjusted for differences in the length of survival of cases and controls. METHODS: Boy cases (n = 133) and their sex-matched controls (n = 399) were extracted from a population-based study of NNT undertaken in Punjab Province, Pakistan. In the resulting file, circumcisions were censored such that analysis was restricted to only those that occurred before onset in cases or before age of onset in the matched case for controls. The effect of topical antibiotics in circumcision wounds was then evaluated. RESULTS: After adjusting for confounders, circumcision before onset posed a significant risk for NNT (matched odds ratio [OR] = 3.1, 95% CI: 1.2-8.0). The risk of NNT in those circumcised before onset and treated with topical antibiotics did not differ significantly from the referent group who had not been circumcised before onset (matched OR = 1.1, 95% CI: 0.2-6.8), whereas the lack of topical use was associated with significant risk (matched OR = 4.2, 95% CI: 1.4-12.6). This suggests that topical antibiotics are likely to be highly effective in preventing NNT from circumcision wounds. We estimated an overall risk of about 16 fatal NNT cases per 1000 live boy births with circumcision wounds that were not protected by topical antibiotics, and that circumcision and umbilical wounds each accounted for about half of this overall risk in these boys. CONCLUSIONS: Topical antibiotics should be routinely applied to all wounds created by traditional circumcisions, to prevent NNT and sepsis from these frequently unsterile procedures.  (+info)

Effect of circumcision on incidence of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and other sexually transmitted diseases: a prospective cohort study of trucking company employees in Kenya. (5/423)

To determine the effect of circumcision status on acquisition of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) type 1 and other sexually transmitted diseases, a prospective cohort study of 746 HIV-1-seronegative trucking company employees was conducted in Mombasa, Kenya. During the course of follow-up, 43 men acquired HIV-1 antibodies, yielding an annual incidence of 3.0%. The annual incidences of genital ulcers and urethritis were 4.2% and 15.5%, respectively. In multivariate analysis, after controlling for demographic and behavioral variables, uncircumcised status was an independent risk factor for HIV-1 infection (hazard rate ratio [HRR=4.0; 95% confidence interval [CI], 1.9-8.3) and genital ulcer disease (HRR=2.5; 95% CI, 1.1-5.3). Circumcision status had no effect on the acquisition of urethral infections and genital warts. In this prospective cohort of trucking company employees, uncircumcised status was associated with increased risk of HIV-1 infection and genital ulcer disease, and these effects remained after controlling for potential confounders.  (+info)

Bacterial vaginosis is not associated with circumcision status of the current male partner. (6/423)

OBJECTIVE: Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is common in sexually active women, and in a large proportion the underlying aetiology is unknown. We evaluated partner circumcision status as a potential risk and hypothesised that women with uncircumcised partners were at increased risk for BV. METHODS: Retrospective audit of a partner study (272 heterosexual couples) conducted in Baltimore between 1990 and 1992. BV defined by clinical criteria and circumcision status of males was determined by physical examination. RESULTS: BV was diagnosed in 83 (30%) female partners; 75 (27%) males were uncircumcised. In males and females respectively, gonorrhoea was diagnosed in 20% and 16%, and chlamydia in 7% and 11%. In women with circumcised partners, 58/197 (29%) had BV compared with 25/75 (33%) with uncircumcised partners (p = 0.53). CONCLUSION: Women with uncircumcised current partners are not at increased risk for BV.  (+info)

Viral load and heterosexual transmission of human immunodeficiency virus type 1. Rakai Project Study Group. (7/423)

BACKGROUND AND METHODS: We examined the influence of viral load in relation to other risk factors for the heterosexual transmission of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1). In a community-based study of 15,127 persons in a rural district of Uganda, we identified 415 couples in which one partner was HIV-1-positive and one was initially HIV-1-negative and followed them prospectively for up to 30 months. The incidence of HIV-1 infection per 100 person-years among the initially seronegative partners was examined in relation to behavioral and biologic variables. RESULTS: The male partner was HIV-1-positive in 228 couples, and the female partner was HIV-1-positive in 187 couples. Ninety of the 415 initially HIV-1-negative partners seroconverted (incidence, 11.8 per 100 person-years). The rate of male-to-female transmission was not significantly different from the rate of female-to-male transmission (12.0 per 100 person-years vs. 11.6 per 100 person-years). The incidence of seroconversion was highest among the partners who were 15 to 19 years of age (15.3 per 100 person-years). The incidence was 16.7 per 100 person-years among 137 uncircumcised male partners, whereas there were no seroconversions among the 50 circumcised male partners (P<0.001). The mean serum HIV-1 RNA level was significantly higher among HIV-1-positive subjects whose partners seroconverted than among those whose partners did not seroconvert (90,254 copies per milliliter vs. 38,029 copies per milliliter, P=0.01). There were no instances of transmission among the 51 subjects with serum HIV-1 RNA levels of less than 1500 copies per milliliter; there was a significant dose-response relation of increased transmission with increasing viral load. In multivariate analyses of log-transformed HIV-1 RNA levels, each log increment in the viral load was associated with a rate ratio of 2.45 for seroconversion (95 percent confidence interval, 1.85 to 3.26). CONCLUSIONS: The viral load is the chief predictor of the risk of heterosexual transmission of HIV-1, and transmission is rare among persons with levels of less than 1500 copies of HIV-1 RNA per milliliter.  (+info)

Circumcision using bipolar diathermy scissors: a simple, safe and acceptable new technique. (8/423)

BACKGROUND: Circumcision may be performed by a variety of techniques. Postoperative haemorrhage is a recognised complication of the procedure. METHOD: A method of circumcision using bipolar diathermy scissors is described. Foreskin vessels are coagulated as the foreskin is cut away. RESULTS: Thirty patients underwent this procedure without complication. CONCLUSION: Circumcision using bipolar scissors can be a safe and simple operation.  (+info)

There has been an expansion of circumcision services in Africa as part of a long-term HIV prevention strategy. However, the effect of infant male circumcision on morbidity and mortality still remains unclear. Acute morbidities associated with circumcision include pain, bleeding, swelling, infection, tetanus or inadequate skin removal. Scale-up of circumcision services could lead to a rise in these associated morbidities that could have significant impact on health service delivery and the safety of infants. Multidisciplinary training programmes have been developed to improve skills of health service providers, but very little is known about the effectiveness of health service provider education and/or training for infant male circumcision on short- and long-term morbidity outcomes. This review aims to evaluate the effectiveness of health service provider education and/or training for infant male circumcision on short- and long-term morbidity outcomes. The review will include studies comparing health
The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of adult male circumcision on premature ejaculation (PE). Therefore, between December 2009 and March 2014, a total of 575 circumcised men and 623 uncircumcised men (control group) were evaluated. Detailed evaluations (including circumcision and …
Introduction Definition of the Prevention Area Voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) is the complete removal of the foreskin of the penis by surgical means. Though VMMC may be conducted for a number of reasons, evidence from three clinical trials has shown that medical male circumcision can significantly reduce (but not eliminate) mens risk of acquiring HIV through heterosexual vaginal sex. The U.S. Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) supports provision of VMMC by qualified, well-equipped professionals, and with the clients informed consent. To ensure that VMMC is provided as part of a comprehensive HIV prevention strategy, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that a minimum package of services should be available in all facilities providing male circumcision. This package includes HIV testing and counseling, screening and syndromic treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) where required; provision and promotion of male and female condoms; and counseling on
The Collection comprises four reviews and five research articles, and highlights how scaling up voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) for HIV prevention in eastern and southern Africa can help prevent HIV, not only at the individual level but also at the community and population level, as well as leading to substantial cost savings for countries due to averted treatment and care costs. Two of the research articles are published in PLoS ONE; the remaining seven articles are published in PLoS Medicine on 29th November 2011. They can be accessed from the PLoS Medicine VMMC Collection page; the table of contents is also included below.. The first article by Catherine Hankins of UNAIDS, Steven Forsythe of The Futures Institute, and Emmanuel Njeuhmeli of PEPFAR/USAID, offers an introduction to the cost, impact and challenges of accelerated scaling up and lays out the rationale for the Collection. The remaining eight papers focus on the various factors that have important roles in effective ...
BACKGROUND: follow-up visits are recommended to all voluntary medical male circumcision clients (VMMC), however, adherence is variable. High lost-to-follow-up cases limit knowledge about clinical status of clients and adverse events. This study sought to establish Motivators and Barriers to the Uptake of VMMC post-operative follow-up services in Siaya County, Kenya. METHODS: 277 clients from five VMMC sites in Yala were recruited immediately post-operation to participate in a telephone interview between the 21st and 31st day post-surgery during which a semi-structured questionnaire was administered. Descriptive and inferential statistics was used to analyse quantitative information using SPSS while responses from open ended questions were grouped into themes, sieved out, coded and analyzed. RESULTS: 137(49.5%) of the 277 participants utilized the follow-up services. Health education (31.4%) and emergency reviews/adverse events (24.1%) were the main motivation for returning for follow-up while
Published in the journal PLoS One, this article reports on the frequency, type, and severity of adverse events after voluntary medical male circumcision in Botswana.. ...
Health, ...New York 13 December 2010A new report from the Womens HIV Prevention...Making Medical Male Circumcision Work for Women is the first report fr...The report highlights community-level support as well as concerns and ... Women are excited for medical male circumcision because theyre despe...,New,report,provides,womens,perspectives,on,medical,male,circumcision,for,HIV,prevention,medicine,medical news today,latest medical news,medical newsletters,current medical news,latest medicine news
Emmanuel Njeuhmeli and colleagues estimate the impact and cost of scaling up adult medical male circumcision in 13 priority countries in eastern and southern Africa, finding that reaching 80% coverage and maintaining it until 2025 would avert 3.36 million new HIV infections.
Asiphile was created to encourage increased uptake of male circumcision in the catchment area and its mission is two-pronged: to train and mentor clinic staff in male circumcision and to create a high-volume, high quality male circumcision facility to serve KwaZulu-Natal consistent with WHO guidelines and recommendations [17]. Experts from Operation Abraham Consortium and St Marys Hospital initiated a clinical training program called SHESHA (is Quick, Be Fast in isiZulu). The training model was endorsed by the University of KwaZulu-Natal Medical Faculty for continuing medical education for physicians. The international team was composed of surgeons who have conducted thousands of adult circumcisions and who provided on the spot training and mentoring.. Surgeons, nurses and health clinic staff from St. Marys Hospital were recruited, trained, and utilized at the Asiphile facility. The new staff were trained to manage daily program operations, perform forceps-guided male circumcisions, educate ...
Blog posts from Dr. Reed of the Reed Centre in Miami Beach Florida about adult male circumcision and other urological procedures.
Care guide for Adult Male Circumcision (Ambulatory Care). Includes: possible causes, signs and symptoms, standard treatment options and means of care and support.
This study is a randomized controlled intervention trial. This multi-centre study will take place in 3 centers located around Johannesburg, in the areas of Orange Farm, Sebokeng and Evaton. The intervention group patients (circumcised at the beginning of the trial) and the control group (uncircumcised men) will be followed during 21 months (from M.0 to M. 21). Randomization and medicalized circumcision will be performed at M.0 in the intervention group and might be optional in the control group at end of study. The medicalized circumcision effectiveness will be evaluated on and after M.3 (3 months after medicalized circumcision). Incidences (of HIV, HSV-2 infections and genital ulcer disease) will be compared from M.3 to M.21 between the intervention group and the control group. An intermediate analysis will take place at M. 12 ...
South Africa has one of the most severe and fast-growing HIV epidemics in the world. Adult male circumcision may be an effective preventive measure to slow the spread of HIV and other STIs. This study will assess the efficacy of circumcision in HIV uninfected men in preventing HIV and STI acquisition.. This study will have two stages. In the first stage, 200 men will be enrolled into a study of the acceptability, feasibility, and safety of circumcision. Frequent postoperative follow-up will occur to determine rates of healing and complications. After assessment of those enrolled in Stage 1, Stage 2 enrollment will begin. Stage 2 will determine the efficacy of circumcision in preventing HIV acquisition. In both stages, HIV uninfected men will be randomly assigned to have either immediate circumcision or possible circumcision 2 years following Stage 2 study entry. The participants not receiving immediate circumcision will be offered circumcision after completion of 2 years of follow-up study, ...
Mukono District Health authorities, in collaboration with the Makerere University Walter Reed Project (MUWRP), officially launched a Safe Male Circumcision Program at the Mukono Health Center IV on August 8. MUWRP recently completed renovations of the minor surgical theatre at the Health Center, which will serve as the long-standing circumcision clinic for Mukono Town.
Routine infant circumcision has been practiced on infant males and females in America for many years. The reasons for circumcision, also called amputation and genital reduction, have varied over the years and include eliminating masturbation, training women, curing epilepsy and recently, even preventing HIV. In 1996, a federal law upheld the illegality of all female circumcision for all reasons, including for religious practice. Infant male circumcision is still widely practiced in America, with rates reaching as high as 50% in some regions. Based on the current laws and constitution, it appears that infant male circumcision is already illegal, despite being widely accepted culturally. The ban enacted in 1996 should be amended to be a law of equality by including both females and males ...
BackgroundRecent experimental evidence has demonstrated the benefits of male circumcision for the prevention of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. Studies have also shown that male circumcision is cost-effective and reduces the risk for certain ulcerative sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The epidemiology of male circumcision in the United States is poorly studied and most prior reports were limited by self-reported measures. The study objective was to describe male circumcision trends among men attending the San Francisco municipal STD clinic, and to correlate the findings with HIV, syphilis and sexual orientation.Methods and FindingsA cross sectional study was performed by reviewing all electronic records of males attending the San Francisco municipal STD clinic between 1996 and 2005. The prevalence of circumcision over time and by subpopulation such as race/ethnicity and sexual orientation were measured. The findings were further correlated with the presence of syphilis and HIV
ISSUES IN PUBLIC HEALTH. Key facts on male circumcision. Bertran Auvert; Pascale Lissouba; Dirk Taljaard; Nathan Geffen; Agnes Fiamma; Mark Heywood. In 2007, the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS convened an international consultation of experts who represent a wide range of stakeholders, including government representatives, researchers, civil society representatives, gender experts, human rights and womenâ s health advocates, young people, funding agencies and implementing partners, to investigate the potential role of male circumcision in the prevention of HIV transmission. As a result, male circumcision is now recognised and recommended by WHO/UNAIDS as an additional and important strategy for the prevention of heterosexually acquired HIV infection in men in countries with a high prevalence of heterosexually transmitted HIV infection and low levels of male circumcision.1. Following the results of rigorous scientific research and the WHO/UNAIDS recommendations, sub-Saharan countries ...
1. Jake admits it is tehnically true that No national medical association in the world recommends infant male circumcision, but then he changes the subject with a play of words by saying: but routine infant circumcision means, literally, circumcision of all newborn boys. Consider what would justify such a recommendation: there would have to be an enormous net benefit to warrant taking such a decision out of the hands of parents. Of course this is a red herring. Obviously, routine in this instance isnt meant to mean without parental consent, but without a specific medical reason. No national medical association recommends circumcising baby males absent such a condition. The British medical association clarified the term routine by saying: routine infant male circumcision, i.e. routine removal of normal tissue in a healthy infant, is not recommended. The context was not about parental consent. It was about whether it is medically justified. Specifically, the report said: Infant ...
1. Jake admits it is tehnically true that No national medical association in the world recommends infant male circumcision, but then he changes the subject with a play of words by saying: but routine infant circumcision means, literally, circumcision of all newborn boys. Consider what would justify such a recommendation: there would have to be an enormous net benefit to warrant taking such a decision out of the hands of parents. Of course this is a red herring. Obviously, routine in this instance isnt meant to mean without parental consent, but without a specific medical reason. No national medical association recommends circumcising baby males absent such a condition. The British medical association clarified the term routine by saying: routine infant male circumcision, i.e. routine removal of normal tissue in a healthy infant, is not recommended. The context was not about parental consent. It was about whether it is medically justified. Specifically, the report said: Infant ...
Male circumcision is by far the most prevalent surgical procedure worldwide, with about 10 million performed each year, mostly in non-medical settings. Although circumcision is considered to be a minor and safe procedure, the incidence of postoperative complications can be high.1-3 Traditional circumcisions throughout sub-Saharan Africa are usually performed with cutting tools that are used without intermediate cleaning on several patients in turn, leading to complications and, in particular, infections.4-8 Complication rates associated with ritual circumcision performed in non-medical settings have not been widely reported, but most authors agree that such unsafe practices should be discouraged.6,9,10. A comprehensive safety assessment of current male circumcision procedures is necessary to identify appropriate methods for each setting and to issue proper clinical guidelines, as positive results on the protective effect of male circumcision against HIV transmission are likely to boost ...
Umhlobo Wenene FM. . Brothers for Life promote positive male norms and encourage the uptake of Medical Male Circumcision, Men taking up HIV Testing, Consistent condom use by Men and reduction of sexual partners. The campaign mobilises men to actively engage in activities to address Gender-Based Violence in their communities.
Every infant has a right to bodily integrity. Removing healthy tissue from an infant is only permissible if there is an immediate medical indication. In the case of infant male circumcision there is no evidence of an immediate need to perform the procedure. As a German court recently held, any benefit to circumcision can be obtained by delaying the procedure until the male is old enough to give his own fully informed consent. With the option of delaying circumcision providing all of the purported benefits, circumcising an infant is an unnecessary violation of his bodily integrity as well as an ethically invalid form of medical violence. Parental proxy consent for newborn circumcision is invalid. Male circumcision also violates four core human rights documents-the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the Convention Against Torture. Social norm theory predicts that once the circumcision ...
December 1 is World AIDS Day, providing an opportunity for people and organizations worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV/AIDS. URC has been supporting many Governments efforts to combat the epidemic for over 30 years. Most recently, through the USAID Strengthening Ugandas Systems for Treating AIDS Nationally (SUSTAIN) and USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems (ASSIST) projects, we have been working in Uganda to expand coverage and uptake of voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC), also known as safe male circumcision (SMC).
As is clear, section 12(8)(b) allows for circumcisions to be conducted on male children below the age of 16 if such circumcision is performed for medical reasons on the recommendation of a medical practitioner.. Neither the Childrens Act nor the General Regulations Regarding Children6 (General Regulations) under the Childrens Act provide a definition of medical reasons. In the absence of a definition, and based on the evidence that male circumcision reduces the risk of HIV infection by up to 64%,7 reduces the risk of HSV-2 and HPV infection,8 and that neo-natal circumcision carries a lower risk of complications than childhood or adult circumcisions, any reasonable interpretation of medical reasons will be sufficiently broad for a medical practitioner to recommend elective neo-natal medical male circumcision to the parents of infant boys and remain within the ambit of the Childrens Act. In addition - while not inherently necessary for obtaining the protective benefits of medical male ...
With all the posturing in the recently released Kenya Aids Indicator Survey (2012) about mass male circumcision, whether performed in completely unsterile conditions found in traditional settings or the (hopefully) more sterile settings of health facilities, nothing was mentioned about hepatitis B or C. But an article in the East African describes a piece of…
In an editorial to be published in the Journal of the American Medical Association online Oct. 5, Johns Hopkins health epidemiologist and pathologist Aaron Tobian, M.D., Ph.D., and health epidemiologist Ronald Gray, M.D., highlight the most recent medical research showing the considerable life-long health benefits of circumcision performed during infancy and the potential disadvantages associated with waiting until adulthood before undergoing the procedure. The experts point out that there are medical benefits during childhood, as many young men are already sexually active before age 18, and at greater risk of infection from sexually transmitted infections. Circumcision at older ages is also associated with more complications and cost than having the minimal surgery in infancy ...
26 July 2005 , Rio de Janeiro - The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS notes with considerable interest the results of a trial examining the potential link between male circumcision and a lower risk of HIV acquisition that were presented today at the 3rd International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment, being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The trial was carried out in Gauteng province in South Africa among men aged 18-24 years and was funded by the French Agence Nationale de Recherches sur le SIDA (ANRS).. Although the trial shows promising protective effects of adult male circumcision in reducing HIV acquisition, UNAIDS emphasizes that more research is needed to confirm the reproducibility of the findings of this trial and whether or not the results have more general application. In particular the findings from two ongoing trials in Uganda and Kenya, funded by the US National Institutes of Health, will be important to clarify the relationship between male ...
There have been several studies published in the medical literature over the past 15 years that address the association between circumcision status and UTI.62-68 Because the majority of UTI in males occur during the first year of life, almost all the studies that examine the relationship between UTI and circumcision status focus on this period. All studies have shown an increased risk of UTI in uncircumcised males, with the greatest risk in infants younger than 1 year of age.. Initial retrospective studies suggested that uncircumcised male infants were 10 to 20 times more likely to develop UTI than were circumcised male infants.62 A review published in 1993 summarized the data from nine studies and reported that uncircumcised male infants had a 12.0-fold increased risk of UTI compared with circumcised infant males.69 More recent studies using cohort and case-control design also support an association, although reduced in magnitude.63,,64,6770-72 These studies have found a three to seven times ...
There have been several studies published in the medical literature over the past 15 years that address the association between circumcision status and UTI.62-68 Because the majority of UTI in males occur during the first year of life, almost all the studies that examine the relationship between UTI and circumcision status focus on this period. All studies have shown an increased risk of UTI in uncircumcised males, with the greatest risk in infants younger than 1 year of age.. Initial retrospective studies suggested that uncircumcised male infants were 10 to 20 times more likely to develop UTI than were circumcised male infants.62 A review published in 1993 summarized the data from nine studies and reported that uncircumcised male infants had a 12.0-fold increased risk of UTI compared with circumcised infant males.69 More recent studies using cohort and case-control design also support an association, although reduced in magnitude.63,,64,6770-72 These studies have found a three to seven times ...
Adult male circumcision in our practice is performed under local anesthesia. General anesthesia is available but seldom given. Typical scenario: Dr. Reed will meet with the patient, examine the patient and review circumcision styles. The patient then is transferred to the operating suite. Local anesthesia cream is applied for about 15 minutes. Afterwards a local anesthetic is injected mostly at the base of the penis (a ring block). After another 15 minutes elapses, effective penile anesthesia is confirmed. The patient is cleansed with an antiseptic solution and draped. Surgery takes about 40 minutes or so.. The patient is given a handheld mirror to observe and approval is sought before steri-strips and a 2 layered dressing is applied. Please visit adult-male-circumcision.com/photographic-examples for before and after pictures of adult circumcision.. Harold M. Reed, M.D ...
In the first installment, John Donnelly interviews Caroline A. Ryan, MD, MPH, director of technical leadership. at the Office of U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator. She has been a long-time key architect of the Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Reliefs (PEPFAR) implementation. Could you give an overview on PEPFARs activities to date regarding the scale up of male circumcision?. We have 14 countries now receiving PEPFAR funding for male circumcision. They are mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. Some money is in Guyana, but not a lot. We are beginning to see that countries are embracing this as part of a prevention portfolio, and they are investing a higher percentage each year into male circumcision, which is good.. We also see a change from countries at first integrating it into existing services to what would be a larger service delivery model that also takes advantage of mobile sites for particular campaigns. Weve seen a number of countries, such as Kenya, Zambia and Swaziland, use campaigns during ...
Male circumcision provides men with approximately 60% protection from acquiring HIV infection via heterosexual sex, and has become a key component of HIV prevention efforts in sub-Saharan Africa. Possible mechanisms for this protection include removal of the inflammatory anaerobic sub-preputial environment and the high concentration of Langerhans cells on the inside of the foreskin, both believed to promote local vulnerability to HIV infection. In people who do acquire HIV, viral load is partially determined by infecting partner viral load, potentially mediated by size of infecting inoculum. By removing a portal for virion entry, prior male circumcision could decrease infecting inoculum and thus viral load in men who become HIV-infected, conferring the known associated benefits of slower progression to disease and decreased infectiousness. We performed an as-treated analysis of plasma samples collected under a randomized controlled trial of male circumcision for HIV prevention, comparing men based on
There are many other pros and cons when it comes to the circumcision argument which I dont have room to address here, however, I urge you to speak with your pediatrician at length before making this choice for your own child. However, as a sex therapist, I will say that if you do feel traumatized by your circumcision, you are not alone. There is a group called Intact America which is working to end routine circumcision, and you can go to their web site to find resources and like-minded support from other men (and women) who are against circumcision. Last, before I end, I want to address the issue of consent around circumcision. One man on my Facebook post compared circumcision to rape, and while I appreciate his right to anger about his circumcision, we must be very, very careful when we use the word rape to describe anything other than rape. Words matter. They are powerful. They shape our beliefs and they inform the way we live in this world. So when we use the word rape to talk about a ...
A proposed bill to ban non-medically required male circumcision on babies and children in Iceland is receiving backlash from religious communities.
Male circumcision reduces the risk of HIV transmission from women to men. In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) stated that male circumcision is an efficacious intervention for HIV prevention if carried out by medical professionals under safe conditions. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that circumcision reduces the risk that a man will acquire HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) from an infected female partner. A meta-analysis of data from fifteen observational studies of men who have sex with men found insufficient evidence that male circumcision protects against HIV infection or other STIs. The CDC concludes There are as yet no convincing data to help determine whether male circumcision will have any effect on HIV risk for men who engage in anal sex with either a female or male partner, as either the insertive or receptive partner. In 2007, the WHO reviewed the ...
BACKGROUND: The objectives of this study were to assess the impact among young men of herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) status on the acquisition of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and on the protective effect of male circumcision against HIV acquisition. METHODS: We used data collected during a male circumcision trial conducted in Orange Farm, South Africa. We estimated adjusted incidence rate ratios (IRRs) for HIV acquisition, using survival analysis and background characteristics, HSV-2 status, male circumcision status, and sexual behavior as covariates. RESULTS: Compared with subjects who remained HSV-2 negative throughout the study, subjects who were HSV-2 positive at enrollment had an adjusted IRR of 3.3 (95% confidence interval [CI], 1.5-7.4; P=.004), and those who became HSV-2 positive during follow-up had an adjusted IRR of 7.0 (95% CI, 3.9-12.4; P|.001). The population fraction of incident HIV infection attributable to HSV-2 was 27.8% (95% CI, 17.7%-37.2%). Intention-to-treat analysis of
The majority of men who are HIV positive have been infected through the penis. There is conclusive epidemiological evidence to show that uncircumcised men are at a much greater risk of becoming infected with HIV than circumcised men. The inner surface of the foreskin contains Langerhans cells with HIV receptors; these cells are likely to be the primary point of viral entry into the penis of an uncircumcised man. Male circumcision should be seriously considered as an additional means of preventing HIV in all countries with a high prevalence of infection. The development of HIV receptor blockers, which could be applied to the penis or vagina before intercourse, might provide a new form of HIV prevention. In his otherwise excellent review of the AIDS epidemic in the 21st century, Fauci presented no new strategies for preventing the spread of the disease. He made no mention of male circumcision, yet there is now compelling epidemiological evidence from over 40 studies which shows that male ...
In males who have been circumcised, the circumcision scar refers to the scar after a circumcision has healed. In some cases, the scar can be darker-colored, and, in all cases, it will encircle the shaft of the penis. The scar, which completely encircles the shaft of the penis, is located at the boundary of the shaft skin and the inner foreskin remnant, which is the portion of the foreskin that was not removed during circumcision. This foreskin remnant is mucosa that lies between the glans and the circumcision scar, which results in dissimilar tissue healing together. In adult circumcision part of the frenulum may remain intact. The foreskin remnant is dried mucosa and can often have a different color and texture than the rest of the penile skin. It can be pinkish or light-colored, and it typically becomes covered with keratin to protect it from a dry environment. Some circumcision scars result in a marked color difference on the shaft. The characteristics of the circumcision scar depend on the ...
Mathematical modelling was used to compare the impact of combined interventions-extended antiretroviral therapy coverage, voluntary medical male circumcision, and pre-exposure prophylaxis among women-on HIV incidence in South Africa. The results are published in this article in BMC Infectious Diseases.. ...
A novel, hybrid segmentation technique reveals human heterogeneity in barriers towards a behavior, and is applied to characterize distinct segments in voluntary medical male circumcision.
It is simple to present male circumcision as the scientific and sensible thing to do. Indeed, the foreskin is one of those parts of the body, like wisdom teeth and the appendix, that seem to be ripe for the plucking. However, those who argue both for and against circumcision are likely to overstate their case. Guy Cox pointed out that some people have religious and philosophical objections to circumcision. However, characterising this opposition as anti-Semitic or anti-Islamic makes as much sense as calling someone who opposes slavery as anti-Christian, anti-Islamic and anti- Semitic because the Bible and the Koran allow it. The human foreskin is a natural part of a mans penis. It is therefore not surprising that many people question the idea of removing it. Far from being as simple as an inoculation, circumcision is far from risk-free. Unless the operator is competent, and can control or eliminate infection and bleeding, the procedure is dangerous and even life-threatening. The basic ...
Of the 264 studies identified through the database search, 15 were determined to be eligible, and of these five were included.(1, 2, 3, 4, 5) All included studies were published between 2006 and 2009 and were conducted in Uganda, South Africa, Mozambique, and Botswana. One study analyzed data from 16 countires within sub-Saharan Africa (those already included as well as Burundi, Central African Republic, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. All studies were cost-effectiveness analyses, and the primary outcomes were cost per case of HIV infection averted and compared adult male circumcision to no circumcision. The studies were epidemiologic, stochiastic, and costing models. Four studies included a 3% discount rate and one study did not report discounting. The time frames ranged from 10 to 20 years. ...
BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL, (London) Vol. 312 no 7033 (March 23, 1996): pp. 779-780 NEONATAL CIRCUMCISION DOES NOT PROTECT AGAINST CANCER Editor, - Although Morten Frisch and colleagues have made a valuable contribution to the study of penile cancer, they mistakenly repeat the myth that neonatal circumcision renders the subject immune to penile cancer.[1] The reference given for this statement is not an epidemiological study but an opinion article by the American circumcisionist Abraham L. Wolbarst in 1932.[2] Wolbarst invented this myth and was directly responsible for its proliferation; he based it on unverifiable anecdotes, ethnocentric stereotypes, a faulty understanding of human anatomy and physiology, a misunderstanding of the distinction between association and cause, and a unbridled missionary zeal. It was not based on valid scientific and epidemiological research. All subsequent repetions of this myth are traceable to Wolbarsts article, though Wolbarst himself advocated universal neonatal ...
Circumcision Removes the Most Sensitive Parts of the PenisA sensitivity study of the adult penis in circumcised and uncircumcised men shows that the uncircumcised penis is significantly more sensitive. The most sensitive location on the circumcised penis is the circumcision scar on the ventral surface. Five locations on the uncircumcised penis that are routinely removed at circumcision are significantly more sensitive than the most sensitive location on the circumcised penis.In addition, the glans (head) of the circumcised penis is less sensitive to fine touch than the glans of the uncircumcised penis. The tip of the foreskin is the most sensitive region of the uncircumcised penis, and it is significantly more sensitive than the most sensitive area of the circumcised penis. Circumcision removes the most sensitive parts of the penis. This study presents the first extensive testing of fine touch pressure thresholds of the adult penis. The monofiliment testing instruments are calibrated and have ...
Looking for online definition of Partial circumcision in the Medical Dictionary? Partial circumcision explanation free. What is Partial circumcision? Meaning of Partial circumcision medical term. What does Partial circumcision mean?
wow joshua, think whatever u want to, but calling someone else a disgusting human being for not believing the same thing as you is fd up. i am highly opposed to FMG, i think it is unnecessary and not done in a surgically correct manner. however, Joshua, there is a reason for removing the foreskin in males. you have no right to call people who disprove of FMG but not male circumcision an uneducated hypocrite. Im sorry Joshua, but i think your the one who speaks without knowing. before you point fingers, make sure your hands are clean. If you want HIV, go ahead and tell people your mad that doctors removed your foreskin when you were a baby, something you dont even remember.If you believe male circumcision has no purpose, maybe you should do some research on the subject before you start mouthing off to people when u really dont know what your talking about. Also, male circumcision does not mutilate male genitals. it removes an unnecessary part of the body. you dont get all butt hurt when ...
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In the following article, a skeptic lays down the controversy. We begin the fair-use article before the jump ... Circumcision Fight: Profit, Pleasure, or Population Control? If the experiment fails, Africans are likely to feel abused and exploited by scientists who recommended the circumcision policy
OBJECTIVES: To explore the role of male circumcision in the spread of HIV infection in four urban populations in sub-Saharan Africa. DESIGN AND METHODS: A cross-sectional population based study was conducted in four cities in sub-Saharan Africa with different levels of HIV infection. HIV prevalence among adults was relatively low in Cotonou (Benin) and in Yaoundé (Cameroon), and exceeded 25% in Kisumu (Kenya) and in Ndola (Zambia). In each city, a random sample was taken of men and women aged 15-49 years from the general population. Consenting study participants were interviewed about their sociodemographic characteristics and their sexual behaviour, and were tested for HIV, herpes simplex virus type 2, syphilis, gonorrhoea and chlamydial infection. Men underwent a genital examination. RESULTS: In Cotonou and in Yaoundé, the two low HIV prevalence cities, 99% of men were circumcised. In Kisumu 27.5% of men were circumcised, and in Ndola this proportion was 9%. In Kisumu, the prevalence of HIV ...
Circumcision performed for health reasons in phimosis has obvious benefits - it significantly improves the quality of sexual life and prevents the occurrence of dangerous paraphimosis. In addition, it improves local hygiene and lower incidence of penile cancer is reported in circumcised men. It is also assumed that circumcised men have increased sexual stamina, but this it is rather individual.. The question of circumcision without any medical reason is controversial. It is certainly advantageous for better hygiene, but on the other hand, every surgery has its complications, including the circumcision. Personally, I would consider any circumcision without medical indications as rather unnecessary surgery.. ...
Because Tikkun has always sought to create a community in which issues that are taboo elsewhere can be explored with intellectual honesty and tolerance, particularly when those positions differ from our own or from the accepted worldviews of our readers, we are printing in this issue an article that fiercely critiques the Jewish practice of circumcision. I have invited others to write a response to it, which I hope to print in addition to your letters to the editor on this topic.. Circumcision does not have a higher status in Torah law than other commandments that have been ignored or transformed in the course of the evolution of Judaism. The entire system of animal sacrifice has been abandoned. The author of the article on circumcision in this Summer 2011 issue of Tikkun contends that it has been a key element in patriarchal practice. Perhaps. But even the most cursory look at other societies that did not practice circumcision, e.g., feudal Europe, Chinese dynasties, Nazi Germany, or Soviet ...
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Dr Mulindi Mwanahamuntu says long term protection from cervical cancer for women whose husbands are circumcised exceeds 30%, reports Zambian Eyes Limbikani Msamba. Dr. Mwanahamuntu revealed that there was a move within the HIV strategic plan to offer circumcision services to new born babies.. Speaking when he featured on Zambian Eyes interactive live interview dubbed Hot Seat, Dr. Mwanahamuntu, who has worked in the UTH Obstetrics and Gynaecology department for 23 years, also outlined the various reasons for conducting the procedure and addressed the controversies regarding the quality of life after.. Circumcision is simply the removal of excess foreskin, all of it or part of it. This is done for a variety of reasons. It could be done to treat conditions that create problems with the penis, such as failure of the foreskin to retract or failure of the retracted foreskin to return, respectively called phimosis and para phimosis, He said. Other reasons include ...
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Dr Mulindi Mwanahamuntu says long term protection from cervical cancer for women whose husbands are circumcised exceeds 30%, reports Zambian Eyes Limbikani Msamba. Dr. Mwanahamuntu revealed that there was a move within the HIV strategic plan to offer circumcision services to new born babies.. Speaking when he featured on Zambian Eyes interactive live interview dubbed Hot Seat, Dr. Mwanahamuntu, who has worked in the UTH Obstetrics and Gynaecology department for 23 years, also outlined the various reasons for conducting the procedure and addressed the controversies regarding the quality of life after.. Circumcision is simply the removal of excess foreskin, all of it or part of it. This is done for a variety of reasons. It could be done to treat conditions that create problems with the penis, such as failure of the foreskin to retract or failure of the retracted foreskin to return, respectively called phimosis and para phimosis, He said. Other reasons include ...
Faster healing after circumcision (circumcision) through the phimosis surgery. The pants protection against external influences such as pushing, bedspread, textiles. The adhesion of the wound at the dressing is omitted. The Protector basket is perforated with small holes, so that a natural air circulation is ensured. This phimosis pants is suitable for adults with size 7
Anyone else notice how the younger a man is, or the more recent his circumcision was done, the more skin is being removed past the penis head and cut off way down his penis shaft ? I notice circumcisions in the USA seem to be cutting off the penis skin way beyond just exposing the glans head of the penis. Now more circumcisions are cutting off skin far below the rim of the penis head and up to half way down the penis shaft toward the scrotum. That s a lot more skin now being taken off
You have the choice to accept or decline surgery to remove the foreskin from your sons penis (known as circumcision).. Male infants are born with foreskin fused to the head of their penis. By the time intact (uncircumcised) males reach an early adolescent age, the foreskin will naturally detach itself from the head of the penis, and the foreskin can then be retracted to expose the head of the penis (parents and caretakers of intact babies/children should be advised that retraction of the foreskin should not be done before this natural separation happens on an intact penis because it can be very painful and can cause bleeding, infection, scarring, and other complications). In circumcised infants, the foreskin is pulled away from the head of the penis and surgically removed.. Below are links and information on the various reasons for keeping infants intact or circumcising, statements of position on circumcision from various agencies, and ethical considerations. There also links for information on ...
Praise be to Allah.. It is better for circumcision to be done when the child is small, because that is kinder to the child, and so that the child may grow up in a perfect form. Al-Nawawi said: It is mustahabb for the childs guardian to have him circumcised when he is small, because that is kinder to him. Al-Majmoo, 1/351. Al-Bayhaqi (8/324) narrated that Jaabir said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) did aqeeqah for al-Hasan and al-Husayn, and he circumcised them when they were seven days old. The isnaad of this hadeeth is daeef (weak). See Irwa al-Ghaleel, 4/383 Hence Imam Ahmad was asked about the time of circumcision, and he said, We have not heard anything about that. Ibn al-Mundhir said: There is no report that may be referred to concerning the time of circumcision, and no Sunnah to be followed. With regard to the time when it becomes obligatory: Some of the scholars were of the view that it is not obligatory until after puberty, because the duties of ...
9.^ Fetus and Newborn Committee (March 1996). Neonatal circumcision revisited. Canadian Medical Association Journal 154 (6): 769-780. PMID 8634956. PMC 1487803. http://www.cps.ca/english/statements/FN/fn96-01.htm. Retrieved 2006-07-02. We undertook this literature review to consider whether the CPS should change its position on routine neonatal circumcision from that stated in 1982. The review led us to conclude the following. There is evidence that circumcision results in an approximately 12-fold reduction in the incidence of UTI during infancy. The overall incidence of UTI in male infants appears to be 1% to 2%. The incidence rate of the complications of circumcision reported in published articles varies, but it is generally in the order of 0.2% to 2%. Most complications are minor, but occasionally serious complications occur. There is a need for good epidemiological data on the incidence of the surgical complications of circumcision, of the later complications of circumcision and of ...
An article in The Conversation (UK) claims that there may be a correlation between neonatal circumcision (i.e. within the first month) and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. SIDS or cot death is a poorly understood problem in which an apparently healthy baby suddenly stops breathing and dies in his sleep; it has been the subject of several awareness campaigns in Australia, notably the famous Red Noses. Surveying statistics in 15 countries, the author found that SIDS was more common in boys than girls, and less common among Hispanics (with a lower circumcision incidence) in the United States than in the general population. In previous research author suggested that the cause could be chronic stress, leading to increased blood pressure, heart rate and breathing. The author, Eran Elhaik, a lecturer in medical genomics at the University of Sheffield (UK), emphasises that at this stage the evidence is inconclusive and that no firm link has been shown; nonetheless, he suggests that there is sufficient ...
To those of us in the sex-education field, there is not a whole lot of mystery about the relationship between circumcision and sexual pleasure. The foreskin has thousands of nerve endings and is an important part of the male sexual system. Removal of the foreskin also leaves the head of the penis - the most sensitive part of the male genitals - constantly exposed. Constant rubbing on clothing and exposure to temperature changes reduces the sensitivity and responsiveness of the nerve endings, creating the demand for more stimulation to trigger a pleasure response.. The head of the penis is the anatomical homologue (match) to the head of the clitoris. So for all the ladies reading this, imagine the very tip of your clitoris constantly exposed and rubbing against your clothes, and you can begin to imagine the desensitization that would occur over time. The clitoris is protected not only by the clitoral hood (the match to the foreskin), but also the fleshy labia. The foreskin is natures protective ...
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Plank, Rebeca M; Wirth, Kathleen E; Ndubuka, Nnamdi O et al. (2014) Single-arm evaluation of the AccuCirc device for early infant male circumcision in Botswana. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 66:1-6 ...
This makes sense to me, but what I had heard before also made sense, so Im not sure which is correct, or if it even matters.. Anyways, when I was in elementary school, we had sex-ed classes that said that basically circumcision = more sensitivity because the most sensitive area are the glands on the underside of the head, and removing the extra tissue covering this area directly exposes it to stimulus.. Like I said, not sure if it matters, but we were actually taught that in school when we were young. Then again, with all the other garbage weve been taught, who really knows... ...
CHALLENGE. Producing technical parts in ultra restrictive environments. Plastibell, which was created in 1986, is a plastic parts injection molding specialist that belongs to the Healthcare & Industry business unit of PSB Industries Group.. Every year, Plastibell produces 160 to 600 million parts for products such as medical devices, diagnostic devices and dialysis bag connectors.. These parts are manufactured by injection molding using granules of polypropylene, polycarbonate and polystyrene.. Plastibell operates in stringently regulated and quality-controlled environments for its customers in the healthcare sector, a key strategic growth market for the company.. SOLUTION. Guaranteeing hygiene, traceability and safety throughout the production process. Plastibell turned to robots for its industrial process. When material arrives at the molding machine, it is heated and injected into molds to form the parts. And thats where the robots come in. They extract the parts from the mold and transfer ...
MODEL RELEASED. Penis circumcision to treat phimosis. Close-up of the foreskin being surgically removed (circumcised) to treat phimosis. The patient has diabetes, a condition that can lead to inflammation and swelling of the foreskin if blood sugar levels are too high. This can lead to, or worsen, phimosis, an overly tight foreskin that is difficult to retract. In chronic cases, the foreskin can be removed to avoid a recurrence of these symptoms. - Stock Image C004/4299
Fewer boys are being circumcised these days, and that could add to health costs down the road. Over the past two decades, circumcision rates in the U.S.
The arguments on both sides go something like this. If female circumcision is worse than male circumcision, then male circumcision must be OK. If baby girls are
I went to see my pediatricglans is sticking out, only a very small circle around the urethra. And I am unable to pull it back over. The doc said it is phimosis and should resolve around when he hits ...
Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Fowler on what are the benefits of circumcision: In the middle east and africa where it is actively practiced it is seen by many as important. It increases social status, makes a female marriageable, ensures virginity & fidelity & removes what is often viewed as filthy & ugly - female genitalia. It is also practices in a number of other countries. There are absolutely no medical benefits to female circumcision - it can lead to death, recurrent.
This circumcision of Christ is not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God (1 Peter 3:21). This public declaration (not a private ceremony for Jewish families) demonstrates that there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:28). The sign of the new relationship is for all who believe in the completed work of the Messiah. This circumcision dramatizes the creation of the new man (Romans 6:4) and tells the story of salvation in a way that anyone can both participate in and remember. HMM III ...
Professor of Immunology & Chair and Head, Division of Immunology, Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine and Department of Pathology, University of Cape Town; Director, Laboratory of Tissue Immunology, National Health Laboratory Services and Groote Schuur Hospital; Adjunct Professor, Department of Immunology, Duke University, North Carolina, USA; Secretary-General, Federation of African Immunology Societies; Vice-Chair, Education Committee of the IUIS.. Clive Gray currently has six active grants from the NIH; one from the National Institute of Health Research, UK; one from the EDCTP, and a competitive rated NRF grant. His research interests revolve around investigating immune regulation and dysregulation and biological risk for HIV infection in two scenarios: a) HIV exposed uninfected pre-term and term newborn children (born to HIV infected mothers) and b) epithelial immune regulation in foreskin tissue of adolescent and young males who elect to undergo medical male circumcision ...
Thanks for writing a great blog. I look forward to reading your reply.. Sincerely,. J.F.. Dear J.F.. Thanks for writing! Before I launched into my personal opinion, I decided to do some quick research on the internet about circumcision.. Circumcision removes a substantial part of the penis, which is not just a piece of skin. The foreskin is a specialized, retractable sleeve of erogenous tissue that protects the head of the penis, can be manipulated during sex and masturbation, and amounts to about 50 square centimeters in the adult male.. To read the entire Huffington Post article by a Danish doctor in favor of leaving penises intact, click here.. …circumcision rate in newborns has declined from 83 percent in the 1960s to 77 percent in 2010. (The overall rate among U.S. males age 14 to 59 is 81 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.). Additionally, the data suggests there is a racial disparity driven primarily by access to procedure and cultural and ...
Nothing I have said has been with the intention to hurt you or make you feel bad. I didnt even know about Braydens tragic last days until he had already passed. Even so, when a baby boy is circumcised, I assure you that I never hope for his death. I sit on the sideline and wait and hope for good news. Generally, no news is good news. I feel relieved and move on. The reason you may think of us as vultures is because the deaths go viral, but this happens because people, like myself, are furious when babies die from this. Had it been an organ transplant or something else required to live a long, healthy life, people would understand fully that it was a necessity. Coming from two intact countries, I know that routine infant circumcision is not medically necessary. I believe it is as popular as it is in America because parents arent being told that it can (and does sometimes) result in death. The medical establishment needs to be held accountable for ignoring the deaths. These arent just ...
A steep drop in the local incidence of new HIV infections accompanied the rollout of a U.S.-funded anti-HIV program in a large East African population, according to a study led by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.. The study, published Nov. 29 in the New England Journal of Medicine, is the first to track a large group of people before, during and after the start of an HIV prevention program and show that the program is likely working on a large scale. The researchers found that as the program began and matured from the early 2000s until 2016, there was a 42 percent decline in the rate of new HIV infections.. The ongoing HIV prevention program - in Ugandas rural Rakai District on the shore of Lake Victoria - has been funded by the Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), set up in 2004 by the George W. Bush administration. The program provides multiple free services, including anti-HIV drugs for infected people, ...
[Ask InSite is a feature of the University of California San Franciscos HIV InSite. The site touts itself as providing Comprehensive, up-to-date information on HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention, and policy from the University of California San Francisco. And in nearly every sense, it does just that. I have a lot of respect for HIV InSites tireless work…
Treatment of phimosis in children with circumcision (costs for program #38811) ✔ University Hospital Giessen UKGM ✔ Department of Urology, Pediatric Urology and Andrology ✔ BookingHealth.com
With intravaginal containment of the normal penis, the males mobile sheath is placed within the womans vaginal sheath. It is impossible to imagine a better mechanical arrangement for non-abrasive stimulation of the male and female genitalia than this slick sheath within a sheath. Circumcision destroys this one sheath within a sheath . . . I would hazard a guess, that dyspareunia [painful intercourse] is more common in the women whose husband is circumcised . . . one would be foolish to discount the circumcised males immobile penile skin sheath as an ancillary item contributing to vaginal, abrasive discomfort . . . The male with a penis already moderately obtunded by circumcision may be less apt to use a condom, which he feels may further decrease his genital sensitivity . . . because most American males lack a facile prepuce, the period of foreplay and dalliance may be abbreviated in the rush to the intra-vaginal method of penile stimulation. Both these factors conceivably could be of ...
Health department issues alert after ultra-Orthodox parents did not sign required city consent form for oral suction practice. City says 13 cases have been reported, including two deaths, since 2000.
National Aids Council (Nac) public health officer, Dr. Blessing Mutede, said authorities were concerned about the high rate of infection among the circumcised. He said it was largely a result of risk compensation behaviors. Most men, after circumcision, harbour the false impression that they have been equipped with an invisible condom, he added. It is a worrying development that at a time when we are promoting male circumcision as a preventive measure to combat HIV, we are recording a high prevalence rate amongst the group that has been circumcised largely due to uninformed risky compensation behaviors. He continued, Most people forget that being circumcised will only safeguard a person from contracting HIV up to a certain percentage and they are still at a 40 percent risk of contracting the virus. What we encourage everyone, circumcised or [intact], is to practise safe sex all the time ...
Circumcision is the surgical removal of the skin covering the tip of the penis. Circumcision is a religious or cultural ritual for many Jewish and Islamic families. Circumcision can also be a matter of family tradition, personal hygiene and preventive health care. Review Date: Thursday, October 30, 2014 Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research ...
This will be my first biological son and I am considering circumcision for him (due August). My step son is not circumcised and neither is my partner. However, my partner is suffering from adult phimosis, which is part of where my decision
Is male foreskin circumcision required to enter heaven or the fullness of the kingdom of God Christians Jews uncircumcised gentiles Paul Moses new covenant
Jennifer Medina reports in the New York Times: When a group of activists proposed banning circumcision in San Francisco last fall, many people simply brushed them aside. Even in that liberal seaside city, it seemed implausible that thousands of people would support an effort to outlaw an ancient ritual that Jews and Muslims believe fulfills a commandment issued by God.. But last month, the group collected the more than 7,100 signatures needed to get a measure on the fall ballot that would make it illegal to snip the foreskin of a minor within city limits. Now a similar effort is under way in Santa Monica to get such a measure on the ballot for November 2012.. If the anticircumcision activists (they prefer the term intactivists) have their way, cities across the country may be voting on whether to criminalize a practice that is common in many American hospitals. Activists say the measures would protect children from an unnecessary medical procedure, calling it male genital mutilation.. This ...
The most common surgical procedure in America, circumcision, is unnecessary, yet millions of newborn boys are still circumcised each year.
http://i.imgur.com/HwGFC.jpg?1http://i.imgur.com/AFXmB.jpg?1http://i.imgur.com/RB71l.jpg?1 Pictured: Despite religious opposition, courts in various countries around the world have found circumcision to be an infringement upon an individuals right to self determination. A key issue relating to mens rights currently being discussed is the genital mutilation young boys undergo without their consent. Before a child is able to give consent, their foreskin is removed. Many mens rights
"Circumcision (male)". Mayo Clinic. Retrieved 10 May 2020. "WHO agrees HIV circumcision plan". BBC World News. BBC. 3 March 2007 ... "Circumcision and HIV - the Randomised Controlled Trials". www.circumstitions.com. "Circumcision and AIDS". Archived from the ... February 2008). "Lymphogranuloma venereum proctitis in men who have sex with men is associated with anal enema use and high- ... Penile circumcision. Some research suggests that circumcising (removing) the foreskin of the penis can reduce the risk of ...
Male circumcision is required in Judaism, optional in Islam, and not required in Christianity. Globally, male circumcision is ... "Religions and Circumcision". BBC. "Circumcision (male)". Mayo Clinic. "Chapter 10: Postoperative management and care of adverse ... Manual for male circumcision under local anaesthesia and HIV prevention services for adolescent boys and men (PDF). World ... Male circumcision is a painful process and can lead to bleeding and in some cases severe side effects including penile ...
"Male circumcision: Global trends and determinants of prevalence, safety and acceptability" (PDF). World Health Organization. ... Males of Racey's pipistrelle bat have a narrow, egg-shaped glans penis. The glans penis of a male cape ground squirrel is large ... In some cases, for medical, religious or cultural reasons some men undergo circumcision, a procedure where the foreskin is ... Sorokan SK, Finlay JC, Jefferies AL (2015). "Newborn male circumcision". Paediatrics & Child Health. 20 (6): 311-320. doi: ...
"men") by circumcision. This practice is commonly found among Basotho men in the Free State Province of South Africa as well as ... The prevalence of traditional male circumcision among the Sotho people, who mostly reside in the Free State, is at 57.3%. ... It is considered taboo for newly initiated men to share details of lebollo with females and males who have not been to ... Many government-based organizations provide clinical circumcision, but many Basotho still opt for circumcision at traditional ...
... evaluating the effect of male circumcision among HIV in young men. She is an HIV specialist. A Fulbright scholar, she earned ... Agot's research focuses on HIV, HIV transmission, and male circumcision. She is the Project Coordinator of a joint research ... Nguyen, Katie (21 July 2014). "What's male circumcision worth? In Kenya, it's food vouchers". Thomson Reuters Foundation. ...
M Tractenberg (1999). Male and Female Circumcision. George C. Denniston, Frederick Mansfield Hodges, Marilyn Fayre Milos ( ... Bettelheim, Bruno (1962) Symbolic Wounds: Puberty Rites and the Envious Male. New York: Collier. Farb, Peter (1968) Man's Rise ... while a few subincised men carry a tube with which they can aim.[citation needed] Subincision (like circumcision) is well ... Male genital modification, Hawaii culture, Human male reproductive system, Indigenous Australian culture, Kenyan culture, ...
Safe Male Circumcision Policy. In: Ministry of Health, editor. Kampala 2010 Population Reference Bureau. 2014 World Population ... Implicit in this is the right of men and women to be informed and to have access to safe, effective, affordable, and acceptable ... As of 2017, females had a life expectancy higher than their male counterparts of 69.2 versus 62.3. It is projected that by 2100 ... The mean decayed, missed, filled permanent teeth (DMFT) was 1.5 (±0.8SD) with females having a higher DMFT than males of 1.6 (± ...
They practice male circumcision; according to Junod's work in 1927, surrounding tribes regarded the Lemba as the masters and ... Lemba men who marry non-Lemba women are expelled from the community unless the women agree to live in accordance with Lemba ... The woman may not bring any cooking utensils from her previous home into the Lemba man's home. Initially, the woman may have to ... They found that significant similarities exist between the markers of the Lemba and the markers of the men of the Ḥaḍramawt in ...
They practised male circumcision. The Yandruwandha Yawarrawarrka filed a petition to have their land rights recognised in 1988 ... While Burke and Wills died, the only man to survive, John King, did so because he found sanctuary with the Yandruwandha, among ...
Male circumcision is practised. Respecting and obeying one's parents, and taking care of them especially in their old age is a ... Khitan, the religious rite of circumcision, is seen as obligatory or recommendable for male followers. Prominent religious ... Anwer, Abdul Wahid; Samad, Lubna; Baig-Ansari, Naila; Iftikhar, Sundus (January 2017). "Reported Male Circumcision Practices in ... However, Muslim men are allowed to practice polygyny and can have up to four wives at the same time. There are also cultural ...
khumur (خُمُر) or ʾakhmirah (أخْمِرة)) headcovering (Q. 24:31). Khitān (ختان) Male circumcision. Khuluq (خُلُق) pl. ʾakhlāq ( ... In the Islamic context, a Nabi is a man sent by God to give guidance to man, but not given scripture. The Prophet Abraham was a ... Contents: Top 0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ʿAbd (عبد) (for male) ʾAmah (أمة) (for female) Servant or ... body parts must be concealed of a woman before non-related men.(Non-related men means those she can marry lawfully). ʾĀyah (آية ...
male circumcision is still observed among Ethiopian and Coptic Christians, and circumcision rates are also high today in the ... male circumcision is often performed by non-medical personnel under non-sterile conditions. After hospital circumcision, the ... state that evidence indicates male circumcision significantly reduces the risk of HIV acquisition by men during penile-vaginal ... "Male Circumcision and Risk for HIV Transmission and Other Health Conditions: Implications for the United States". Centers for ...
The Bukusu practice male circumcision. It is thought that they adopted the practice from contact with the Kalenjin at Mount ... Young, newly married men formed the community's warriors, while middle-aged men did little. Older men formed the village's ... Male and female names were different: male names frequently began with 'W', while female names usually began with 'N'. Thus, ... Circumcision Bukusu circumcision is done to boys that are between 12-28 years. They play trading jingle bells "chinyimba" as ...
"Male circumcision reduces HIV transmission. The risk of transmission from woman to man is halved". Läkartidningen. 107 (46): ... ". "Nu kan hepatit C botas - men många får vänta". DN.SE. June 2014. "Hans Rosling är död - DN.SE". DN.SE (in Swedish). 7 ...
As a preventative HIV/AIDS strategy, Lewis has made a somewhat controversial call for male circumcision when African boys ... Lewis, Stephen (2010-01-06). "Male Circumcision Part 1" (online video). AIDS Free World. YouTube. Retrieved 2014-04-03. ... Many studies have been conducted into the role circumcision can play in reducing the spread of HIV. Stephen Lewis is the son of ...
Male circumcision usually takes place after birth; in some families, it may be delayed until after the onset of puberty. ... Pattanaik, Devdutt (2002). The man who was a woman and other queer tales of Hindu lore. Routledge. p. 38. ISBN 978-1-56023-181- ... Sikhism strongly rejects the beliefs of fasting (vrata), superstitions, idol worship, and circumcision. The Sikhs believe in ... Glausiusz, Josie (14 March 2004). "miscellaneous". Circumcision. Retrieved 7 September 2015. Yisrael, Muzeon (1995). The Jews ...
The latest intervention that could improve men's sexual health is male circumcision. The 2015 maternal mortality rate per ... Prevention now includes voluntary male circumcision, although sexual behaviors among circumcised men need more understanding. ... WHO (17 October 2016). "HIV/AIDS: Male circumcision for HIV prevention". Geneva: World Health Organization (WHO). Archived from ... WHO (July 2012). "Voluntary medical male circumcision for HIV prevention". Geneva: World Health Organization (WHO). Archived ...
Circumcision of Infant Males Low, Charles (1971). A Roll of Australian Arms. Adelaide: Rigby Limited. p. 6. ISBN 0-85179-149-2 ... The RACP issued a position statement on non-therapeutic circumcision of boys in 2010. The qualification of "Fellow of the Royal ...
Religious male circumcision "Homosexuality - Thematic Subject Guide". BlueLetterBible. "Bible Verses about Homosexuality". ... It is an abomination." Leviticus 20:13 says: "If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an ... 135] Kwee, Alex W.; David C. Hoover (2008). "Theologically-Informed Education about Masturbation: A Male Sexual Health ... Leviticus 18:22 says: "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. ...
In some men, foreskin restoration may alleviate certain problems they attribute to their circumcision. Such problems include ... Boyle GJ, Goldman R, Svoboda JS, Fernandez E (May 2002). "Male circumcision: pain, trauma and psychosexual sequelae". Journal ... Euringer A (2006-07-25). "BC Health Pays to Restore Man's Foreskin". The Tyee. Laliberté J (2006). "BC man's foreskin op a ... In 1989, the National Organization of Restoring Men (NORM) was founded as a non-profit support group for men undertaking ...
pancakes' (plural); AHD). Bris: The circumcision of a male child. (ברית, bris, from Hebrew: ברית, romanized: brith, lit. ' ... covenant'; OED, MW) Boychik: Boy, young man. (English boy + Eastern Yiddish: טשיק, -chik, diminutive suffix (from Slavic); AHD ... German: glitschen, 'slither'; AHD) Golem: A man-made humanoid; an android, Frankenstein monster (גלם, goylem, from Hebrew: גלם ... German: verklemmt meaning 'uptight' MW) Yarmulke: A round cloth skullcap worn by observant Jewish men (יאַרמלקע, yarmlke, ...
A bris is a Jewish male circumcision ceremony. Bris may also refer to: "The Bris", a 1993 Seinfeld episode Bris Roar, short ...
Circumcision is common among male adherents of Islam.) Saaliq, Sheikh; Schmall, Emily (28 February 2020), "Prayers at fire- ... A Muslim man was shot and burnt to death by a mob in Shiv Vihar, with cries of "Jai Shri Ram" being heard. People wielding ... In Jaffrabad, a man, allegedly linked with the anti-CAA side, opened fire at the police, before being arrested days later in ... 23 - as Hindu men gathered to forcibly eject a peaceful Muslim protest near their neighborhood - much of it became two-sided. ...
"ZIM embarks on pilot Male Circumcision exercise" (PDF). Archived from the original (PDF) on 23 December 2015. Retrieved 4 June ... Beenie Man) which was produced by Nicky. The launch made history as the most attended launch and most expensive album in the ... Beenie Man) Amai Chandelier produced in association with Vincent Mberengwa Sekai Chitekete produced in association with Vincent ... Guspy Warrior) Ngoma Futi Idya Mari Woshora Copyrights Gafa Life Happiest Man 25 'Twenty Five' produced in association with V. ...
Both Islam and Judaism practice circumcision of males. Islam and Judaism both consider the Christian doctrine of the trinity ... They had to pay the jizya (a per capita tax imposed on free, adult non-Muslim males) to the Muslim government but were exempted ... He was truly a chosen man, and was a messenger and a prophet." Annabel Keeler, "Moses from a Muslim Perspective", in: Solomon, ... A series of eminent men-such as the Tibbons, Narboni, and Gersonides-joined in translating the Arabic philosophical works into ...
Male initiation rites involved circumcision, but excluded subincision. Pidlatapa Piladapa, Pilladapa, Pillitapa Billidapa ...
Tulì is a Filipino rite of male circumcision. It has a long historical tradition and is considered an obligatory rite of ... Schumpelick u. a., S. 434 ff.) Weiss, H (2008). Male circumcision - Global trends and determinants of prevalence, safety and ... Circumcision in the Philippines, as practiced today, is not a religious rite. Circumcision is also not practiced by a majority ... circumcision] has not fallen into disuse among the Filipinos, even among the Catholics." In a 1903 article "Circumcision and ...
... a state court in the German city of Cologne claimed that circumcision of male children for religious purposes was an "act of ... which is against circumcision of male children. 2006: Mercator-Professorship Award of the Universität Duisburg-Essen 2006: ... Alone among men. In Anatolia.) In: Ulrike Ackermann (Publ.): Welche Freiheit. Plädoyers für eine offene Gesellschaft. (Which ... In an article in Die Welt, she wrote: "The circumcision of Muslim boys is an equally repulsive archaic custom as female genital ...
Potential converts must accept the laws and beliefs in Judaism in front of three witnesses; males must undergo circumcision ... These five men came to be known as Panj Pyares or the "Beloved Five". These five were initiated into the Khalsa by receiving ... Sikh men were then given the name "Singh", meaning "lion", and the women received the last name "Kaur", meaning "princess". ... At first, the people hesitated, and then one man stepped forward, and he was taken to a tent. After some time, Guru Gobind ...
Levin has also spoken out against male circumcision. In 2014, Levin became an associate of the Women's Institute for Freedom of ...
"BBC - Religions - Islam: Circumcision of boys".. Other websitesEdit. The Simple English Wiktionary has a definition for: مسلمان ... Muslim Men are cirucmcised.[29]. Muslims. Muslims praying in 1865 Cairo by Jean-Léon Gérôme ...
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Hitler's Jewish Soldiers: The Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and Men of Jewish Descent in the German Military (University ... Some of the reforms were in the practices: circumcisions were abandoned, rabbis wore vests after Protestant ministers, and ... Man, John (2010). The Gutenberg Revolution: How Printing Changed the Course of History. London: Bantam Books. pp. 27-8. ISBN ... Historian John Man describes Mainz as "the capital of European Jewry", noting that Gershom ben Judah "was the first to bring ...
Joseph of Arimathea, a Council member and good man who awaited God's kingdom and hadn't consented to the Council's decision,[21 ... Circumcision. *Presentation. *Adoration of the Magi. *Flight into Egypt *Massacre of the Innocents ... Joseph of Arimathea, a rich man and disciple of Jesus, asked Pilate for Jesus' body in the evening. ... reveals God's great sabbath rest after the fulfillment of man's salvation, which brings peace to the whole universe" and that " ...
"Male Circumcision and AIDS: The Macroeconomic Impact of a Health Crisis by Eric Werker, Amrita Ahuja, and Brian Wendell :: ... "Man of the Year". TIME. 6 January 1936. Archived from the original on 30 జూలై 2009. Retrieved 16 March 2009.. ... "Mother of man - 3.2 million years ago". Bbc.co.uk. Retrieved 2009-03-16.. ... See the 2004 Penal Code: Article 565 - Female Circumcision; Article 566 - Infibulation of the Female Genitalia [1] ...
2007). "Male circumcision for HIV prevention in young men in Kisumu, Kenya: a randomised controlled trial". 》Lancet》 369 (9562 ... 2007년 2월 24일). "Male circumcision for HIV prevention in men in Rakai, Uganda: a randomised trial". 》Lancet》 369 (9562): 657-66 ... Weiss, H.A.; M.A. Quigley, R.J. Hayes (2000). "Male circumcision and risk of HIV infection in sub-Saharan Africa: A systematic ... "HIV and male circumcision--a systematic review with assessment of the quality of studies". 》Lancet Infect. Dis.》 5 (3): 165-73 ...
The Garden of Eden with the Fall of Man (1617). *The Great Last Judgement (1617) ... The Circumcision (1605). *Portrait of Marchesa Brigida Spinola-Doria (1606). *Portrait of a Noblewoman with a Dwarf (1606) ...
Will men in Paradise have intercourse with al-hoor aliyn?". Islam Question and Answer. Retrieved 6 August 2020.. ... In these verses, God addresses the believers, male and female alike, and orders them to speak وَقُولُوا (masculine form) and ... "Will men in Paradise have intercourse with al-hoor aliyn?". IslamQA. 30 August 2000. Retrieved 28 January 2020.. ... Shā'ranī, Mukhtaṣar, p. 111, "relates that in the period of about a month a man will marry some 1000 ḥūr. When he comes to any ...
... young man, and old man in a constantly changing cycle. He also has a variety of timekeeping devices on his person, and wields a ... Feast of the Circumcision of Christ. *Calennig. *Hogmanay. *Christmas and holiday season ... For most of the series he appears as a middle-aged man in a blue robe (which has the power to age to oblivion anything which ... The Romans equated Cronos with Saturn, who also had a sickle, and was treated as an old man, often with a crutch. The wings and ...
In many cases, wearing masks that represent feminine beauty is strictly reserved for men.[5] ... venerated in rites such as circumcision rites and ceremonies associated to the renewal of life.[12] As veneration of the dead ... male-female, night-day, and so on)[5] ... A male variant of this mask is called cihongo. *^ See Images of ...
This man, after having chanced upon the Old and New Testaments and likewise, it seems, having conversed with an Arian monk, ... As stories of the Arab prophet spread to Christian Syria, an old man who was asked about the "prophet who has appeared with the ... When his wife became aware of this, she was greatly distressed, inasmuch as she, a noblewoman, had married a man such as he, ... And how is it that God did not in your presence present this man with the book to which you refer, even as He gave the Law to ...
"A Course on the Conversations on Man-his History, Resources, and Expectations". Participants, both men and women, were charged ... about serious topics from the Virgin birth of Jesus to circumcision.[50] Joseph T. Buckingham called Alcott "either insane or ... Alcott himself worried about his own prospects as a young man, once writing to his mother that he was "still at my old trade- ... She called him, "an intelligent, philosophic, modest man" and found his views on education "very attractive".[16] Locals in ...
Cardoso TA, dos Santos KR, Franzotti AM, Avelar JC, et al «Traumatic neuroma of the penis after circumcision--Case report» (en ... A Rare Case of Aggressive Melanotic Schwannoma Occurred in Spinal Nerve of a 59-Year-Old Male» (en anglès). J Pathol Transl Med ...
Detail of David's damaged left foot, caused by exposure to the elements and in 1991 when a man hit it with a concealed hammer. ... Commentators have noted the presence of foreskin on David's penis, which is at odds with the Judaic practice of circumcision, ... In 1991, the foot of the statue was damaged by a man with a hammer.[17] The samples obtained from that incident allowed ... When the said work and the said male figure of marble shall be finished, then the Consuls and Overseers who shall at that time ...
Male circumcision: an overview ,journal=Afr J Paediatr Surg ,volume=5 ,issue=1 ,pages=32-6 ,year=2008 ,pmid=19858661 ,doi= ... Safety and efficacy of nontherapeutic male circumcision: a systematic review ,journal=Ann Fam Med ,volume=8 ,issue=1 ,pages=64- ... Delwedd:Circumcision central Asia2.jpg,bawd,Enwaedu plentyn yng Nghanolbarth Asia, tua 1865-1872.]] ... Adult circumcision ,journal=Am Fam Physician ,volume=59 ,issue=6 ,pages=1514-8 ,year=1999 ,month=March ,pmid=10193593 ,doi= , ...
Body was presumed to be analogous to that of the older men of Jerusalem in cases such as the first-century circumcision issue.[ ... loyal men. ... Branch Committees recommend mature, spiritual men to serve as circuit and district overseers. After being ... "A Man Who Loved Life and People". The Watchtower. January 1, 2007. p. 8.. ). Barber died April 8, 2007. (See "Rejoicing Over " ... "Keep Holding Men of That Sort Dear". The Watchtower. October 1, 1988. p. 18-19. [The] traveling overseers sent forth by the ...
Wealthy Arab men from the Persian Gulf area have been known to rent flats that are 'furnished with housemaids' for anywhere ... Zina is the word in many Middle Eastern countries for the concept of sexual misconduct by men and women. Despite all of these ... Their parents normally sell them to agents who go around poor districts in these countries and offer to take male children away ... To avoid the repercussions of sex outside marriage, Middle Eastern men and women in certain countries engage in a common ...
Myth: Circumcision affects a man's ability to make his partner pregnant.. *Truth: Circumcision has no effect on a man's ability ... In fact, several studies conducted among men after adult medical male circumcision suggest that very few men report their ... Age of men illustration[change , change source]. There are two hadiths which are linked to the acceptance of male circumcision ... Since the Ice Age circumcision of males was practised[23] Styles[change , change source]. They are four circumcision styles: ...
Failure of men to raise a high bride wealth prompts many of them to propose elopement, a practice that is on the rise today. ... Marking the transition to adulthood, such elaborate ceremonies may involve circumcision of boys and several kinds of genital ... Young men and women in rural areas are not supposed to show mutual affection in public in daylight, although this rule is often ... Men are preoccupied with livestock and spend a great deal of time in "social labor" concerned with placing their cattle in good ...
"ADL: Circumcision Resolution 'Targets Europe's Jewish Citizens'". Anti-Defamation League. Anti-Defamation League. 28 November ... Adelaide Remiche (2012-08-12), Election of the new Belgian Judge to the ECtHR: An all-male shortlist demonstrates a ... "Israel calls on Council of Europe to rescind anti-circumcision resolution". Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Israel Ministry ... "Israel condemns Council of Europe resolution on ritual circumcision". The Guardian. Guardian News & Media Limited. 7 October ...
Asiatic (Levantine) man with fringed garment similar to tzitzit (from tomb of Seti I, 13th century BCE) ... circumcision, and show-fringes. ... The religious duties embody God's love for Israel: show-fringes, phylacteries, Shema', ... "male garment", and thus forbidden to women as cross-dressing. Some other sources mention concern for shaatnez or carrying on ... usually using colors and fabrics distinct from the traditional garment worn by men.[49] The Rabbinical Assembly has since ...
Other surnames came from the man's trade such as Metzger (butcher) or Becker (baker), and a few derived from personal ... son of one who performed circumcision, the sacred rite of Abraham. A number of Arabic names are of similar origin: Al-Fakhkhar ... "synagogue-man"), Sofer ("scribe"), or Kantor ("cantor"), while many others relate to a secular occupation or place names. The ...
He took Man Singh, the youthful son of Bhagwant Das into the royal service. Akbar was fascinated by the charm and ... the recorded date of birth was changed at the time of Akbar's circumcision ceremony in March 1546 in order to throw off ...
Myth: Circumcision affects a man's ability to make his partner pregnant.. *Truth: Circumcision has no effect on a man's ability ... In fact, several studies conducted among men after adult medical male circumcision suggest that very few men report their ... Age of men illustrationEdit. There are two hadiths which are linked to the acceptance of male circumcision in Islam. They also ... Reasons for circumcisionEdit. *Medical Conditions that Male Circumcision Protects Against Over the Lifetime[3]*Urinary tract ...
"Newborn male circumcision". Canadian Paediatric Society. Pristupljeno 20 October 2017.. CS1 održavanje: nepreporučeni parametar ... "Effects of Circumcision on Male Penile Sensitivity". American Urological Association 98th Annual Meeting. Chicago, Illinois. ... Mating Males: An Evolutionary Perspective on Mammalian Reproduction. Cambridge University Press. 30 June 2012. ISBN 978-1-107- ... Yang, DM; Lin H; Zhang B; Guo W (April 2008). "Circumcision affects glans penis vibration perception threshold". Zhonghua Nan ...
Transmission probabilities of HIV and herpes simplex virus type 2, effect of male circumcision and interaction: a longitudinal ... An estimate of the risk of men acquiring gonorrhea by sexual contact with infected females 91 (2): 170-174. 1970.. 引文格式1维护:显式使用 ... Shigella Infections among Gay & Bisexual Men. Center For Disease Control. April 23, 2015 [2015-07-03]. (原始内容存档于2019-05-21).. ... Male STI check-up video. Channel 4. 2008 [2009-01-22]. (原始内容
"Gott, man lobet dich in der Stille BWV 120.1; BWV 120". Bach Digital. Leipzig: Bach Archive; et al. 21 May 2019.. ... On 1 January the feast of the Circumcision of Christ was celebrated, as well as the New Year. ... Gott, man lobet dich in der Stille, BWV 120 (= BWV 120.1), 1729 or earlier[25] ... Gott, man lobet dich in der Stille, BWV 120b, 26 June 1730 (second day of 200th anniversary of Augsburg Confession) ...
He criticises the Jewish ritual of circumcision that would have him "take a baby boy's penis in my hand, cut around the prepuce ... In each case ... I would feel immediately threatened if I thought that the group of men approaching me in the dusk were coming ... Probably a reference to Deuteronomy 21:18-21: "If a man have a stubborn and unruly son [...] the people of the city shall stone ... He cites examples such as genital mutilation or circumcision, and imposition of fear of healthy sexual activities such as ...
Circumcision is common among male adherents of Islam.). *↑ Saaliq, Sheikh; Schmall, Emily (28 February 2020), "Prayers at fire- ... 23 - as Hindu men gathered to forcibly eject a peaceful Muslim protest near their neighborhood - much of it became two-sided. ... At the entrance to the hospital, a man who works at the reception desk wrote everything down in his register and his mobile ... Torn, charred bodies, gunshot wounds, acid-disfigured faces, men with damage to the genitals. 'We have only weak means. We just ...
Typically, Hindu women must avoid specific male affines (in-laws) and Muslim women are restricted from contact with men outside ... William G. Clarence-Smith (2012) 'Female Circumcision in Southeast Asia since the Coming of Islam', in Chitra Raghavan and ... Purdah regulates the interactions of women with certain kinds of men. ... the family, or at least their contact with these men is highly circumscribed (Papanek 1982:3). In practice, many elements of ...
  • To compile the information for this review a Medline search was done using the terms circumcision, HIV, Langerhans' cells, penis, foreskin, and prepuce, and extensive email correspondence with other researchers was also undertaken. (bmj.com)
  • Circumcision is a procedure to remove the foreskin from your penis. (drugs.com)
  • Rare foreskin health problems in intact males. (wlox.com)
  • Circumcision is the surgical removal of what's commonly referred to as the foreskin of the penis. (publicnewsservice.org)
  • A random conversation provided by the chairman of the Brit Yosef Yitzchak organization, which specializes in circumcisions, revealed that Jews born in the Iranian city of Shiraz had undergone a " hatafat dam " process (in which a drop of blood is extracted from the penis), but that their foreskin was not fully removed as halachically required. (heebmagazine.com)
  • In Gabai's case, members of his extended family, all of whom hailed from Shiraz, were identified by rabbinic authorities as having undergone incorrect ritual circumcisions, Bashi himself was then examined and was determined to have the entirety of his foreskin intact, as if he'd never undergone the ritual at all. (heebmagazine.com)
  • Leaving aside the ongoing epidemiological debate about the effectiveness of the strategy, it is self-evident that non-clinical circumcision can be actively harmful, leaving bleeding wounds or incomplete removal of the foreskin which can increase risks. (theguardian.com)
  • Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis . (medlineplus.gov)
  • Circumcision is a medical procedure for foreskin removal . (dtapclinic.com)
  • Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin, which is the skin covering the tip of the penis. (healthline.com)
  • Male Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis. (proceduresonline.com)
  • Since circumcision removes the mucosal layers under the foreskin where pathogens can breed, it may hinder such development. (newscientist.com)
  • Groups that oppose neonatal circumcision contend that the foreskin has specialized nerve endings that enhance sexual pleasure and important functions, including natural protection of the glans penis. (medscape.com)
  • A recent news article entitled "Fewer Circumcisions Could Cost the US Billions" ( The News , 23 August 2012) reports on a study conducted at Johns Hopkins University which revealed that men with an intact foreskin are likely to spend an average of $313 per year beyond what their circumcised counterparts pay due to increased health problems. (louis-armstrong.com)
  • Phimosis - A common complaint among uncircumcised men is the inability to retract the foreskin fully during an erection. (louis-armstrong.com)
  • Hypersensitivity - Men who have an intact foreskin often report having an oversensitive penis. (louis-armstrong.com)
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  • One member of the group tells WLOX that women also wear these big red stains because "it's not equal protection when female circumcision is illegal and male circumcision is not. (wlox.com)
  • If you look at the benefits of and female circumcision, it is easy to think that all you need is a bandage and some stitches. (jrgbc.org)
  • Female Circumcision Amongst the Hofriyati: A Social Problem As one would expect, there are many social issues and problems that are presently raising issues within this day and age. (bartleby.com)
  • Male circumcision is largely done in a clean, organized and safe environment while female circumcision is done mostly in third world countries without the capability/tools necessary to create such an environment. (bartleby.com)
  • Female Circumcision is a procedure that is a tradition to many cultures. (bartleby.com)
  • Female Circumcision is a shocking procedure that cause women pain and suffering for the rest of their lives. (bartleby.com)
  • The first thing I did was, I conducted a survey with general questions relating to female circumcision. (bartleby.com)
  • Female circumcision, also known as Female genital mutilation, or female genital cutting is a custom that has sparked controversy among many people belonging to other cultures not accustomed to the practice. (bartleby.com)
  • They have presented the question of whether female circumcision is a practice that should be advocated or even allowed at all. (bartleby.com)
  • Note: female circumcision (also known as Female Genital Mutilation) has no medical benefits and is illegal under the Female Genital Mutilation Act (2003). (proceduresonline.com)
  • The stu- dents were questioned for the following: age, faculty, reasons for female circumcision, effects of female circumcision on female sexual functions and their views about the circumcision for their daughter. (who.int)
  • The group Bloodstained Men protesting male infant circumcision in Gulfport. (wlox.com)
  • She said infant circumcision could not mitigate the spread of HIV and cervical cancer. (arclaw.org)
  • She said money meant for infant circumcision should instead go towards treatment centres for cervical cancer. (arclaw.org)
  • An accurate estimate on the number of deaths due to infant circumcision is admittedly difficult to pinpoint, because at least in America, hospitals are not required to release this information, and doctors often misattribute a child's death to secondary causes. (joseph4gi.com)
  • But it must be asked, how is the death of even ONE healthy child conscionable, given that male infant circumcision is elective, non-medical surgery? (joseph4gi.com)
  • There are some differences in infant circumcision care between male and female newborns. (b2badda.com)
  • In the past, many families tried to keep their baby as close to home as possible because of the high rate of infant circumcision. (b2badda.com)
  • Please see below for infant circumcision costs. (gentleprocedureskelowna.ca)
  • This will be reviewed with you in detail, and you can read more about the steps before your boy's circumcision on the Infant Circumcision page . (gentleprocedureskelowna.ca)
  • Of the 12 tetanus cases reported by voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) programmes in in eastern Africa from 2013 to mid-2016, two occurred in Kenya. (malecircumcision.org)
  • Epidemiological modelling has concluded that if voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) is scaled up in high HIV prevalence settings it would lead to a significant reduction in HIV incidence rates. (heard.org.za)
  • Voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) Is a key component of combination HIV prevention in countries with a high HIV prevalence and low levels of male circumcision. (who.int)
  • This NOFO aims to support Zimbabwe's Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC) to achieve HIV epidemic control with the provision of sustainable and evidence-based biomedical HIV prevention through voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) for males aged 15 to 49 years and linking men living with HIV to care and treatment services. (cdc.gov)
  • VMMC methods include both surgical and device methods approved by WHO and PEPFAR and the provision of data-driven, evidence-informed differentiated circumcision models within existing PEPFAR and MoHCC guidelines. (cdc.gov)
  • Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) plays an important role in our efforts to stop the spread of HIV and STIs. (tbhivcare.org)
  • Voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) is an important part of HIV prevention approaches in some African countries with high rates of HIV infection. (thefinalmile.com)
  • Driving through urban slums in Zambia, you see posters along the roads encouraging men to undergo voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC). (thefinalmile.com)
  • With the support of UNAIDS and other global health bodies, VMMC has been widely promoted in 15 southern and eastern African countries where HIV infection rates are high and relatively few men are circumcised. (thefinalmile.com)
  • The VMMC ad campaigns appear highly effective at raising awareness, with 60-70% of uncircumcised men declaring an intention to undergo VMMC - yet only about one in ten of them actually follow through. (thefinalmile.com)
  • Working with Ipsos Healthcare, Upstream Thinking, PSI, Society for Family Health, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, our goal was to find out what underlay the large gap between intention and action when it came to VMMC, and to test interventions to reduce that gap, so that more men would get circumcised. (thefinalmile.com)
  • We believed this would apply to men and VMMC, too. (thefinalmile.com)
  • Across the two countries we interviewed 150 men, along with 650 wives or girlfriends, close friends, parents, community leaders, and VMMC service providers, to get an all-round view of the influences on a man's decision-making process. (thefinalmile.com)
  • Voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) has been recognized by the World Health Organization and Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS as an effective human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection prevention intervention in settings with a generalized HIV epidemic and low male circumcision prevalence. (cdc.gov)
  • This will require redoubling current efforts and introducing novel strategies that increase demand among subgroups of males who have historically been reluctant to undergo VMMC. (cdc.gov)
  • Voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) reduces the risk for heterosexually acquired HIV infection among males by approximately 60% ( 1 ). (cdc.gov)
  • Substantial progress toward achieving VMMC targets has been made in the 10 years since the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS recommended scale-up of VMMC for HIV prevention in 14 Southern and Eastern African countries with generalized HIV epidemics and low male circumcision prevalence ( 3 ). (cdc.gov)
  • This document is intended to assist health care providers in the United States who share information with men and parents of male infants during decision making about male circumcision conducted by health care providers (i.e. medically performed) as it relates to the prevention of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and other health outcomes. (cdc.gov)
  • A brief bulleted summary of the health benefits and risks of elective medically performed male circumcision is provided at the end of the document. (cdc.gov)
  • Circumcision is a proven intervention that reduces the chance of contracting HIV by 60%, but to scientists' surprise, a study has found that medically circumcised older men in Mpumalanga had a higher rate of HIV than uncircumcised men. (hsrc.ac.za)
  • In a study by researchers from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and Rakai Health Sciences Program, 223 HIV-positive Ugandan men were medically circumcised. (hopkinsmedicine.org)
  • There is no requirement in law for professionals undertaking male circumcision to be medically trained or to have proven expertise. (proceduresonline.com)
  • The study also prompted the Kenyan government to form a task force to promote voluntary, medically safe circumcision. (khn.org)
  • Although millions of males have been medically circumcised in CDC-supported programs, many more VMMCs need to be performed to reach global targets. (cdc.gov)
  • A month later, on July 20, the German federal parliament, the Bundestag, passed a resolution calling for the protection of the rights of Jewish and Muslim parents to circumcise of their male offspring with medically-qualified personnel. (globaljews.org)
  • The action by German politicians was followed, however, by news that two medical institutions in Switzerland, the Children's Hospital in Zurich and the St. Gallen teaching hospital, decided temporarly to suspend circumcision of infants unless medically necessary. (globaljews.org)
  • Multiple randomized controlled trials, conducted by the World Health Organization and the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, have shown that male circumcision reduces the risk for HIV infection by 60%, and accordingly recommend an increase in male circumcision in areas with low circumcision rates, a high prevalence of HIV, and largely heterosexual epidemics. (medscape.com)
  • According to the World Health Organization, 80 percent of the world does not practice circumcision, including most countries in the western world. (publicnewsservice.org)
  • But with the World Health Organization seeking to circumcise nearly 29 million men, the study projects that this small increase could add up to 17,000 new infections among female partners of newly circumcised HIV-infected men. (hopkinsmedicine.org)
  • The World Health Organization has set a goal of circumcising about four out of five men aged 15 to 49 in southern and eastern Africa. (hopkinsmedicine.org)
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) recommended that MMC be scaled up in priority countries with high HIV prevalence and low male circumcision coverage [ 3 ]. (biomedcentral.com)
  • Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision is promoted by the World Health Organization as a way of reducing HIV transmission [ 4 ]. (biomedcentral.com)
  • Most of the studies agree that circumcision reduce the HIV infection and had been approved by the WHO (World Health Organization). (smartcircumcision.com)
  • The stakes are high: UNAIDS and the World Health Organization estimated that by increasing the rate of circumcision to 80%, more than 3.4 million HIV infections could be averted over a 10-year period. (thefinalmile.com)
  • These recommendations are intended to assist health care providers in the United States who are counseling men and parents of male infants, children and adolescents in decision-making about male circumcision. (ghspjournal.org)
  • There is no medical reason for the circumcision of male infants. (dodsonandross.com)
  • Although many families choose to have their male infants circumcised for cultural, religious, or hygienic reasons, only a few accepted medical indications are recognized: phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis and posthitis. (medscape.com)
  • Circumcision is also recommended in male infants and toddlers who develop UTIs and children who require clean, intermittent catheterization to facilitate this procedure. (medscape.com)
  • Until the late 20th century, circumcision of male infants at birth was considered routine and necessary. (louis-armstrong.com)
  • The cost for circumcision is determined primarily by the patient's age, with higher costs for older boys and adult men, and lower costs for infants. (buenafeclinic.com)
  • Scale-up of adult male circumcision in this region is a challenge because the standard surgical procedure is relatively difficult to perform and requires a surgeon or highly skilled medical professional, along with expensive instruments," Muyenzi Leon Ngeruka, MD, a staff surgeon at Kanombe Hospital in Kigali, Rwanda, told Medscape Medical News . (medscape.com)
  • We therefore believe that the new device can facilitate a rapid scale-up of adult male circumcision. (medscape.com)
  • Early infant male circumcision (EIMC) is simpler, safer and more cost-effective than adult circumcision. (nih.gov)
  • Certain levels of financial incentive may be effective in increasing adult men's uptake of medical circumcision, according to a randomized trial conducted in western Kenya. (guttmacher.org)
  • however, the prevalence of circumcision generally remains low among adult African men, who commonly cite loss of wages during and after the procedure as a barrier to uptake. (guttmacher.org)
  • Adolescent and adult circumcision programs are ongoing, and include HIV testing and counseling. (hopkinsmedicine.org)
  • Also, most adult men will undergo a routine circumcision shortly after being circumcised in order to prevent persistent infections in the genital area. (jrgbc.org)
  • As of 2016, over 2.84 million South African adolescent and adult males were circumcised as part of the South African MMC for HIV prevention program [ 11 ], yet MMC coverage varied substantially by province [ 12 ]. (biomedcentral.com)
  • Participants consisted of HIV-negative, genital symptom-free adult Ugandan men undergoing PC ( n = 51). (biomedcentral.com)
  • Three randomized clinical trials showed that adult male circumcision reduced HIV infection risk by 50-60% over time. (ghspjournal.org)
  • Since the release of these trial data, various organizations have updated their recommendations about adult male and infant male circumcision. (ghspjournal.org)
  • In Africa, adult circumcision is advocated in order to bring down the HIV epidemic. (dtapclinic.com)
  • If you wish to know more about Adult Circumcision and How is it performed visit our Mens Health Page . (dtapclinic.com)
  • Can Circumcision Be Avoided in Adult Male With Phimosis? (medscape.com)
  • Circumcision as surgical treatment of adult phimosis is not devoid of complications. (medscape.com)
  • The aim of the study was to evaluate the efficacy and durability of results of PhimoStop™ device for the treatment of adult male phimosis. (medscape.com)
  • A prospective trial was conducted between 2018 and 2020 on 85 consecutive adult male patients affected by phimosis and with an indication for circumcision. (medscape.com)
  • PhimoStop™ device is effective for the treatment of adult male phimosis of Kikiros grade ≤2. (medscape.com)
  • Traditionally, surgical treatment through circumcision under local anaesthesia is considered the gold standard treatment of adult male phimosis and several surgical techniques have been described. (medscape.com)
  • A study by Bossio, et al, assessed penile sensitivity in 62 adult men (30 circumcised, 32 intact, 18 to 37 years in age) by comparing peripheral nerve function of the penis across circumcision status. (medscape.com)
  • This guideline provides an evidence-based recommendation on the use of adult male circumcision devices for HIV prevention in public health programmes in high HIV prevalence, resource-limited settings. (bvsalud.org)
  • Adult circumcision has been widely considered a healthy practice among men. (entrepreneursdb.com)
  • Adult circumcision has been found to alleviate dyspareunia in men with a short frenulum, which should be investigated as a cause in men who do not have phimosis or other obvious underlying causes. (medscape.com)
  • Read more about adult circumcision. (medscape.com)
  • We will be pleased to schedule an appointment for you, and we offer circumcision at any age for babies, boys, teens, and adult men. (gentleprocedureskelowna.ca)
  • Please contact us for more pricing information for older babies, boys, teens, and adult men. (gentleprocedureskelowna.ca)
  • Glans penis is the medical term for the head of the male sexual organ. (publicnewsservice.org)
  • A man was simply seeking to get the turtleneck removed from his penis when the doctor made a very grave mistake. (bossip.com)
  • One young South African who spoke out after his penis was amputated following a botched circumcision was severely beaten as punishment for shaming the ceremony. (theguardian.com)
  • Health workers poured 5 milliliters (about a teaspoon) of saline solution over the circumcision site near the neck of the penis and collected the solution for testing just before surgery, during the operation, and once a week for 12 weeks. (hopkinsmedicine.org)
  • Within 5 to 7 days, the plastic covering the penis falls free, leaving a completely healed circumcision. (medlineplus.gov)
  • Circumcision of males involves removing the fold of skin that normally covers the glans penis. (medscape.com)
  • The doctor will perform circumcisions to remove excess skin from the penis. (b2badda.com)
  • The entire penis can be wrapped with the infantile petroleum jelly when it is time for a circumcision. (b2badda.com)
  • Circumcision is practiced in most parts of the world and involves ablating (cutting away) the protective sheath of skin that covers the glans of the penis. (louis-armstrong.com)
  • An oversensitive penis can prevent men from enjoying sexual intercourse or even masturbation. (louis-armstrong.com)
  • Reducing hypersensitivity - An oversensitive penis can be a real problem, but men can actually accustom the glans to touch by gently massaging the area for a few minutes every day, using a moisturizing formula to prevent excessive stimulation and friction. (louis-armstrong.com)
  • In order to maintain the health of an uncircumcised penis, many health professionals recommend the use of a penis health formula (such as Man1 Man Oil) containing a combination of essential vitamins, antioxidants, and moisturizers that work together to protect against infection and to moisturize the skin while retaining its natural supple quality. (louis-armstrong.com)
  • Because men undergo many different procedures for penis enhancement, it is important to choose a surgeon with experience in treating men who have had these different procedures. (marksolomonmd.com)
  • Dr. Solomon has many years of experience treating men who have had previous penis enhancement surgery. (marksolomonmd.com)
  • He has experience with men who have had complications of penis enlargement implants (ie Elist implant) including exposure and infection of the device. (marksolomonmd.com)
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  • Men can return to work 3 or 4 hours after the procedure, rather than the several days required after surgical circumcision. (medscape.com)
  • GREENSBORO, N.C. - It's a medical procedure performed on more than half of American males, but there is a growing feeling among some that circumcision serves no valid medical purpose and may actually jeopardize male sexuality. (publicnewsservice.org)
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics says the benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks, and lists benefits of the procedure to include easier hygiene, decreased risk of penile cancer and decreased risks of STDs. (publicnewsservice.org)
  • they were then randomly assigned to one of four study groups and referred to area clinics for a free circumcision procedure. (guttmacher.org)
  • However, scientists report that a new study of HIV-infected men in Uganda has identified a temporary, but potentially troublesome unintended consequence of the procedure: a possible increased risk of infecting female sexual partners while circumcision wounds heal. (hopkinsmedicine.org)
  • Female and male circumcision was invented to reduce and therefore control pleasure and this unnatural and completely unnecessary procedure is forced. (ttfuture.org)
  • The study found that Medical Male Circumcision is sometimes not a safe procedure, there are several unexpected outcomes which are experienced, Traditional Male Circumcision predispose males to infections, the environment where the Traditional Male Circumcision is done predisposes males to bad environmental conditions, the period when the Traditional Male Circumcision is performed is viewed as a moral teaching session and lessons learned prepares boys for manhood. (ccsenet.org)
  • The means by which they received these circumcisions however, are totally different than a third world countries female genital circumcision procedure. (bartleby.com)
  • Systematic evaluation of English-language peer-reviewed literature from 1995 through 2010 indicates that preventive health benefits of elective circumcision of male newborns outweigh the risks of the procedure. (ghspjournal.org)
  • Circumcision is considered a very safe procedure for both newborns and older children. (medlineplus.gov)
  • Circumcisions that are performed for religious reasons are sometimes done by others trained in the procedure. (healthline.com)
  • Although no consensus exists among scholars regarding the origins of circumcision, some have suggested that this procedure likely originated in Egypt some 15,000 years ago and that its practice later spread throughout the world during prehistoric human migrations. (medscape.com)
  • Egyptian mummies and wall carvings discovered in the 19th century offer some of the earliest records of circumcision dating this procedure to at least 6000 years BC. (medscape.com)
  • Charbel El Bcheraoui et al 2014, also conclude that male circumcision had a relatively low incidence of adverse events overall, especially if the procedure was performed during the first year of life, but rose 10- 20 fold when performed after infancy.No urethral injury or glans amputations were reported over the above studies. (smartcircumcision.com)
  • Since then, the Luo tribe's council of elders no longer prohibits circumcision, although it maintains that the procedure goes against the tribe's traditions and that it might promote promiscuity. (khn.org)
  • According to a decision handed down by the Cologne regional court (Landgericht Köln) on June 26, 2012, circumcision of young boys is a criminal act, prohibited by law, even if parents have consented to the procedure. (jcrelations.net)
  • After the circumcision procedure is completed, the child will be transferred to the waiting room. (joneseyecenters.com)
  • Though several open and device based techniques of circumcision have been described in literature but no single procedure is taken as gold standard in terms of prevention of complications. (who.int)
  • However, medical research over the last few decades supported the idea that circumcision constituted an unnecessary surgical procedure. (louis-armstrong.com)
  • Men can leave the doctor's office nearly immediately after the procedure. (prostate.net)
  • If you have questions about circumcision, or regarding specific details of the process at our clinics, you may first book a consultation with Doctor Bailey before you choose to book the circumcision procedure - or just contact us with your question now . (gentleprocedureskelowna.ca)
  • For full details on our circumcision procedure using the Pollock Technique™, please see the Our Method page. (gentleprocedureskelowna.ca)
  • Our rapid access appointments and quick and virtually painless procedure make Gentle Procedures a preferred clinic for circumcision across the region. (gentleprocedureskelowna.ca)
  • CDC has developed Information for Providers To Share with Male Patients and Parents Regarding Male Circumcision and the Prevention of HIV infection, Sexually Transmitted Infections, and other Health Outcomes In addition, CDC developed documents to describe the evidence that serves as the basis for this information, and to provide CDC responses to peer and public review. (cdc.gov)
  • Appendix 2 includes a list of key statements in Information for Providers To Share with Male Patients and Parents Regarding Male Circumcision and the Prevention of HIV infection, STIs, and other Health Outcomes and the consensus grade applied to the citation supporting that statement. (cdc.gov)
  • How does male circumcision protect against HIV infection? (bmj.com)
  • 2 Furthermore, circumcision also protects against other sexually transmitted infections, such as syphilis and gonorrhoea, 3 4 and since people who have a sexually transmitted infection are two to five times more likely to become infected with HIV, 5 circumcision may be even more protective. (bmj.com)
  • Both groups had been given free access to HIV testing, intensive instruction about preventing infection, and free condoms (which were continuously available), but 89% of the men never used condoms, and condom use did not seem to influence the rate of transmission of HIV. (bmj.com)
  • 9 Infected Langerhans' cells have also been detected in the penile mucosa of male rhesus macaques that have chronic simian immunodeficiency virus infection. (bmj.com)
  • Studies have been done in sub-Saharan Africa to determine if male circumcision reduces HIV infection risk among men. (jrgbc.org)
  • Researchers found that the rate for the infection to be transmitted to female partners in female sex was four times greater than in male sex. (jrgbc.org)
  • Since many cases of HIV infection have been associated with a lack of access to quality health care, and as the prevalence of AIDS continues to increase in many parts of the world, voluntary medical male circumcision may become a lifeline for people who have contracted HIV. (jrgbc.org)
  • Studies from developing countries 1 and sexually transmitted diseases clinics in developed countries 2 show that male circumcision appears to protect against some ulcerative sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and decreases the risk of HIV infection. (bmj.com)
  • The study recommended that the Department of Health should conduct workshops and training for traditional circumcisers and train them on how to maintain sterility during circumcision to avoid the initiates not having infection. (ccsenet.org)
  • Few will mention that circumcision could result in MRSA infection , a botched circumcision requiring future correction , partial or full ablation , and even death. (joseph4gi.com)
  • Conclusions: Overall, circumcision did not significantly reduce the risk of HIV infection in the HIM cohort. (edu.au)
  • Many articles and studies have been done on male circumcision, especially for the purpose of preventing the spreading of HIV (Human invitro virus infection) over the African continents. (smartcircumcision.com)
  • After a series of studies that revealed the protective effect of male circumcision against HIV infection, WHO/UNAIDS in 2007 recommended the adoption of safe male circumcision as one of the effective strategies in reducing heterosexually acquired HIV. (dhsprogram.com)
  • This was the basis for the design of new interventions to help persuade men to undergo circumcision, reducing the risk of HIV infection for themselves and their loved ones. (thefinalmile.com)
  • While this was traditionally done for religious reasons, research has shown that men who are circumcised are less prone to infection, sexually transmitted diseases, and aids. (louis-armstrong.com)
  • According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), routine circumcision has many advantages. (jrgbc.org)
  • In 2012 a task force of the American Academy of Pediatrics reviewed current research and found that the health benefits of newborn male circumcision outweigh the risks. (medlineplus.gov)
  • American Academy of Pediatrics Task Force on Circumcision. (medlineplus.gov)
  • 0.001) variations in the prevalence of circumcision were also observed across the major religious groups, with prevalence being greatest among Jewish men (98.7%, 95% CI 90.1 to 99.8) and lowest among Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists (9.8%, 95% CI 4.7 to 9.3). (bmj.com)
  • The district court held that circumcision was a form of "bodily injury," but was justified by the approval of the parents, the cultural prevalence of circumcision among Muslims, and evidence of medical advantages among circumcised males. (globaljews.org)
  • [ 2 ] Their review uncovered considerable gaps within the current literature on circumcision, including a need for empirically based studies to address questions about circumcision and sexual function, penile sensitivity, the effect of circumcision on men's sexual partners, reasons for circumcision, the effects of age at circumcision (particularly with regard to neonatal circumcision), and the need for objective research outcomes. (medscape.com)
  • Histological observations were carried out on samples of penile tissue obtained from 13 perfusion fixed cadavers of men aged 60-96 years, seven of whom had been circumcised. (bmj.com)
  • There are a diverse range of male circumcision and penile modification practices across PNG. (biomedcentral.com)
  • Many women know a lot about male circumcision and penile modification and the consequences for themselves, their families and communities. (biomedcentral.com)
  • This transformational grounded theory provides a means to explore how women experience male circumcision and penile modification in PNG, including for HIV prevention. (biomedcentral.com)
  • The substantive area of enquiry for this transformational grounded theory study was to explore how women understand, experience and manage the outcomes of male circumcision and penile modification practices in PNG, including for HIV prevention. (biomedcentral.com)
  • Coronal sulcus (CS) anaerobe abundance and IL-8 levels are linked to HIV acquisition, and are dramatically reduced after penile circumcision (PC). (biomedcentral.com)
  • Circumcision is also associated with a lower risk of getting penile cancer, and reduced risk of cervical cancer in their partners. (dtapclinic.com)
  • The study's findings suggested that minimal long-term implications for penile sensitivity exist as a result of neonatal circumcision. (medscape.com)
  • On the other hand, circumcision is not without its drawbacks, as it can cause reduced penile sensitivity later in life. (louis-armstrong.com)
  • Medical researchers have affirmed that circumcised males are less susceptible to sexually-transmitted diseases and to penile cancer. (globaljews.org)
  • Routine neonatal circumcision has become a controversial issue in the past 2 decades as many of the previously accepted medical indications have come under considerable scrutiny. (medscape.com)
  • however, these data are not sufficient to recommend routine neonatal circumcision. (medscape.com)
  • Neonatal circumcision is generally safe when done by an experienced practitioner. (smartcircumcision.com)
  • Different practitioners are trained to perform circumcision in newborns, including pediatricians and obstetricians. (healthline.com)
  • The doctor will then perform circumcision. (joneseyecenters.com)
  • Medical male circumcision: is the HIV prevention claim wrong? (hsrc.ac.za)
  • The Clearinghouse's Resource Library contains hundreds of resources on voluntary medical male circumcision for HIV prevention. (malecircumcision.org)
  • Younger men say voluntary medical male circumcision is becoming cool among peers as the country continues rolling out new method. (health-e.org.za)
  • in South Africa as well as countries like Kenya and Uganda found that medical male circumcision could reduce a man's risk of contracting HIV through vaginal sex by as much as 60 percent. (health-e.org.za)
  • Since 2008, Kenya has implemented medical male circumcision for HIV prevention, with passive reporting of moderate and severe adverse events (AE) to monitor program safety. (croiconference.org)
  • The purpose of this study was to explore the views of male community elders to Medical Male Circumcision at Pfanani clinic in Limpopo Province. (ccsenet.org)
  • Demand creation strategies for medical male circumcision (MMC) targeting men in this age group may significantly impact these prevalence rates. (biomedcentral.com)
  • A cost-benefit analysis was employed by using the Bernoulli model to estimate the cases of HIV averted due to medical male circumcision (MMC), and subsequently translated to averted medical costs. (biomedcentral.com)
  • Officially launching the campaign, expected to see over 120 000 people getting tested in the next 10 days in Harare alone, Minister of State for Harare Province Miriam Chikukwa said voluntary medical male circumcision would also be carried out at all health institutions. (avac.org)
  • prevention of mother-to-child transmission, and voluntary medical male circumcision. (cdc.gov)
  • This intraoperative view, depicted a male patient in the process of undergoing what is referred to, as a medical male circumcision (MMC). (cdc.gov)
  • The device can handle the increase in HIV-prevention male circumcision in high-risk resource-limited settings like sub-Saharan Africa. (medscape.com)
  • Approximately 80 million men in sub-Saharan Africa are uncircumcised, and about 5% of them are HIV-positive, which means that about 75 million sub-Saharan African men are HIV-negative and are, theoretically, candidates for male circumcision," Ira D. Sharlip, clinical professor of urology at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, and chair of the AUA Male Circumcision Task Force, told Medscape Medical News . (medscape.com)
  • Currently, the most common technique for male circumcision in sub-Saharan Africa is surgery, which is performed by physicians in Swaziland and by clinical officers who are mid-level health practitioners in Kenya, Dr. Sharlip said. (medscape.com)
  • Nearly 18.6 million cumulative male circumcisions for HIV prevention were performed between 2008 and 2017 in the 14 priority countries of East and Southern Africa (Fig. 1). (who.int)
  • Every year across sub-Saharan Africa , hundreds of thousands of boys and young men submit to initiation ceremonies. (theguardian.com)
  • The World Health Organization's goal is to circumcise nearly 29 million men throughout sub-Saharan Africa to slow the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. (hopkinsmedicine.org)
  • The objective of this study is to evaluate the cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit of an implementation science, pre-post study designed to increase the uptake of male circumcision for ages 25-49 at a fixed MMC clinic located in Gauteng Province, South Africa. (biomedcentral.com)
  • Circumcising males aged 20-34 years could provide the most immediate effect on HIV incidence, and one modelling study in South Africa identified the most cost-effective age group for MMC was men aged 15-29 years [ 5 ]. (biomedcentral.com)
  • With the focus on having the most immediate and cost-effective impact on HIV incidences, a MMC scale-up strategy for South Africa should include men aged ≥20 years, yet this age group has been the most challenging for MMC demand creation. (biomedcentral.com)
  • Data for this economic evaluation were collected from an implementation science, pre-post study (named "Imbizo") that evaluated an intervention to increase the uptake of MMC among men aged 25-49 years at a fixed MMC clinic in Gauteng Province, South Africa. (biomedcentral.com)
  • Studies conducted in Africa purport to show conclusively that male circumcision gives protection from HIV/AIDS. (norm-uk.org)
  • The price for a circumcision at our Kelowna, BC circumcision clinic will be determined primarily by the patient's age. (gentleprocedureskelowna.ca)
  • It saddens and almost scares me that we have become so desensitized to the thought of male circumcision of newborns. (bartleby.com)
  • Majority of the world do not participate in the circumcision of male newborns and deem it unnecessary. (bartleby.com)
  • In healthy newborns, there is no medical need for circumcision. (healthline.com)
  • Circumcision is often done while newborns are still in the hospital. (healthline.com)
  • Since long has been melbourne circumcision the importance and elective nature of circumcision. (jrgbc.org)
  • Moreover, routine circumcision is less painful than elective surgery. (jrgbc.org)
  • No. Circumcisions performed at our clinic are considered routine elective procedures and are not covered. (gentleprocedureskelowna.ca)
  • This month the group Bloodstained Men & Their Friends is touring the Carolinas to raise awareness about what they say are dangers of the practice. (publicnewsservice.org)
  • In a letter to Iceland's Minister for Foreign Affairs Gudlaugur Thór Thórdarson, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt expressed appreciation for the government's recommendation to the Icelandic parliament that male circumcision remain legal and its regulation be consistent with the practice in other Nordic countries. (adl.org)
  • We emphasized the central role of circumcision in Judaism and stated that a ban on the practice would unduly restrict religious freedom. (adl.org)
  • The act of male circumcision is a practice dating centuries. (bartleby.com)
  • This would include when circumcision is requested on cultural, social and religious reasons and is a common practice in the Jewish and Islamic faiths, and is also practiced by many African communities as a tribal or ethnic tradition. (proceduresonline.com)
  • The risk of acquiring HIV through male circumcision practice was poorly known among community members except medical respondents . (bvsalud.org)
  • Doctors in the Victorian era started the modern, non-religious practice of circumcision in order to deter masturbation. (norm-uk.org)
  • Descriptive and logistic regression analyses were conducted to examine circumcision uptake by study group. (guttmacher.org)
  • Additional subgroup analyses examined uptake by individual characteristics among men who received high compensation (US$8.75-$15) or low compensation (US$0-2.50). (guttmacher.org)
  • the likelihood of circumcision uptake did not differ between the two higher compensation groups. (guttmacher.org)
  • Older men from the dominant traditionally circumcising population strongly opposed EIMC, arguing that it separates circumcision from adolescent initiation, as well as allowing women (mothers) to nurse the wound, considered taboo. (nih.gov)
  • In older and adolescent boys, circumcision is most often done under general anesthesia so the boy is asleep and pain free. (medlineplus.gov)
  • Abstract Background Traditional male circumcision (TMC) is primarily associated with a religious or cultural purpose and may lead to complications. (doaj.org)
  • However, incorporating MC in HIV / AIDS prevention programme will increase its demand in Tanzania where traditional male circumcision is common and the health care system is weak. (bvsalud.org)
  • How do I prepare for a circumcision? (drugs.com)
  • Male circumcision reduces the risk of female-to-male transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and is being explored for HIV prevention in Papua New Guinea (PNG). (biomedcentral.com)
  • The Malawi government says it expects to circumcise about 80% of men in the country within 2 years, As one way of preventing the spread of cervical cancer and HIV/AIDS. (faceofmalawi.com)
  • Acceptability studies looking at how many men would accept a circumcision for the purpose of HIV risk reduction have found that 65% of men have said they would be interested in having a circumcision if it was free, locally available, and safe," he added. (medscape.com)
  • But in 2007 the actual acceptability of circumcision and feasibility of scaling up were unknown. (who.int)
  • Circumcision of young boys is tantamount to genital mutilation and we are afraid that in the government will end up saying women's clitorises should be cut because they are just taking everything that comes without doing proper research. (arclaw.org)
  • We have examined this federal ban on any and all forms of FGM (female genital mutilation), as well as the proposed MGM (male genital mutilation) Bill , which calls for males to have the same basic protection under federal law as females currently have in the United States. (savingsons.org)
  • What are the risks of a circumcision? (drugs.com)
  • To reduce risks of complication and long-term disabilities that may happen from circumcisions that are undertaken in non-clinical settings, information concerning TMC is very important. (doaj.org)
  • Circumcision advocacy groups try to downplay the risks of circumcision. (joseph4gi.com)
  • Circumcision advocates try to minimize the risks and complications of circumcision. (joseph4gi.com)
  • Frisch and Earp, opponents of male circumcision, have criticized draft recommendations from the CDC that advocate counseling men and parents of newborn boys in the United States about the benefits and risks of male circumcision. (ghspjournal.org)
  • The risks / benefits to the child must be fully explained to the parents and to the child / young man himself, if he is Gillick competent and Fraser Guidelines should apply to medical advice or treatment. (proceduresonline.com)
  • So the lower court viewed the parent´s' rights and religious freedom as sufficient basis for the boy's circumcision which was carefully performed by a doctor - although not carefully enough as the following complications revealed. (jcrelations.net)
  • Patients were treated with PhimoStop™ protocol and they were evaluated at baseline and after treatment through a subjective (patient self-reported information on various domains of his sexual function) and an objective assessment (evaluation of phimosis severity grade according to the Kikiros scale pre- and post-treatment, re-assessment of indication for circumcision post-treatment and validated questionnaires scores). (medscape.com)
  • Thirty/37 patients who met the primary endpoint (81%) still have a successful resolution of their phimosis avoiding circumcision at a median follow-up of 24 months. (medscape.com)
  • 6 No new infections occurred among any of the 50 circumcised men over 30 months, whereas 40 of 137 uncircumcised men became infected during this time. (bmj.com)
  • Studies have shown that, in the absence of circumcised males, the incidence of female genital infections is higher in the female sex compared to that in the male sex. (jrgbc.org)
  • Background question example: What are the most safest methods for male child circumcision? (smartcircumcision.com)
  • For example, in unretroverted (gloved), retractable, or "dry" methods of circumcision, the recovery period is generally one to two weeks. (jrgbc.org)
  • The three major methods of circumcision are the Gomco clamp , the Plastibell device , and the Mogen clamp . (healthline.com)
  • Thirty-seven patients (52.1%) had no indication for circumcision after treatment. (medscape.com)
  • The British Association of Paediatric Surgeons advises that there is rarely a clinical indication for circumcision. (proceduresonline.com)
  • We found 15.8% (95% confidence interval (CI) 14.7 to 17.1) of British men aged 16-44 years reported being circumcised in Natsal 2000. (bmj.com)
  • Methods A secondary data analysis was conducted among 11,209 circumcised males using data from 2016 Ethiopian Demographic and Health Survey (EDHS). (doaj.org)
  • Approximately 14.5 million VMMCs were performed globally during 2008-2016, which represented 70% of the original target of 20.8 million VMMCs in males aged 15-49 years through 2016 ( 4 ). (cdc.gov)
  • To book a free circumcision, SMS your full name to 35255 and a trained counsellor will call you back. (tbhivcare.org)
  • The investigators commented that such research is needed to inform policy makers, healthcare professionals, parents, and others with regard to the decision to perform routine circumcision on male neonates in North America. (medscape.com)
  • Standard surgical circumcision is conducted under local anesthesia and takes 20 to 30 minutes. (medscape.com)
  • The decision is grounded on the reasoning that such circumcisions cause 'illegal bodily harm' to the children, and that the child's right to physical integrity supersedes parents' rights and the freedom of religion. (jcrelations.net)
  • When a man decides which method to use for his child's circumcision, he should consider hygiene and cleanliness. (b2badda.com)
  • In Rwanda, the government recently launched an HIV prevention program, which aims to offer circumcision to up to 2 million adults in 2 years. (medscape.com)
  • T his week 200,000 festival-goers are gathering in Mutoto, Uganda , where they will enjoy the music, dancing, party atmosphere and the traditional ritual circumcision without anaesthetic of at least 1,000 teenage boys. (theguardian.com)
  • In Judaism, the ritual circumcision is called a brit milah and is typically performed as part of a religious ceremony at home or in a synagogue, although it is sometimes performed in a hospital. (healthline.com)
  • It is performed by a mohel, who has received religious and surgical training to perform ritual circumcision. (healthline.com)
  • In Islamic culture, the ritual circumcision is called khitan . (healthline.com)
  • What Are the Top 7 Reason Men Undergo Circumcision? (dtapclinic.com)
  • Our Reporters The risk of premature ejaculation is higher among males who undergo circumcision after the age of seven, a study warns. (punchng.com)
  • After discovering his original bris , performed when he was eight days old, was not performed according to traditional Jewish law, the 92 year old Gabai opted to re-snip, rather than risk " kareth, " or spiritual excision, from the Jewish community as a result of an improper circumcision. (heebmagazine.com)
  • There is a window of a few weeks after circumcision when the risk that an HIV-infected man could transmit the virus to a female partner actually increases," says Aaron A.R. Tobian, M.D., Ph.D. , an associate professor of pathology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the study's first author. (hopkinsmedicine.org)
  • Very few physicians will ever talk about death being a risk of circumcision. (joseph4gi.com)
  • and (3) inform men who have sex with men (MSM) that while it is biologically plausible that MC could benefit MSM during insertive sex, MC has not been proven to reduce the risk of acquiring HIV or other STIs during anal sex. (ghspjournal.org)
  • Objective: To assess circumcision status as a risk factor for HIV seroconversion in homosexual men. (edu.au)
  • Use of circumcision devices requires local anaesthesia and may significantly reduce operative times at the risk of an increase of moderate adverse effects. (medscape.com)
  • A study conducted in Kisumu, western Kenya, by Robert Bailey, an epidemiology professor from the University of Illinois , found that male circumcision significantly lowers a man's risk of contracting HIV. (khn.org)
  • Circumcision appeared to reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 15 per cent overall, and 18 per cent for the most aggressive form. (newscientist.com)
  • In new cases, about 60% are from intravenous (IV) drug users, particularly through shared needles and indirectly shared drug paraphernalia, and 20% are from intercourse, especially high-risk sexual activity and male-to-male sex. (tajlifesciences.com)
  • In the developing world, childhood vaccinations and male circumcision are potential risk factors.5 Rural populations have a 2-times-higher rate of hepatitis C than urban populations, due in part to more exposure to the aforementioned risk factors. (tajlifesciences.com)
  • According to the Mayo Clinic, the rate of male circumcision in the U.S. has declined from 83 percent in the 1960s to 77 percent in 2010. (publicnewsservice.org)
  • According to DailyMail , Zaw Zaw went to The Iowa Clinic to get circumcision and woke up with a vasectomy. (bossip.com)
  • Purposive sampling was used whereby the researchers interviewed a total of 18 male community elders of ages ranging from 40 to 75 years who came for consultation at the Pfanani clinic. (ccsenet.org)
  • Please contact us directly for an appointment at our circumcision clinic serving BC and the Okanagan Valley. (gentleprocedureskelowna.ca)
  • Our Kelowna circumcision clinic offers circumcision at any age, and Dr. Bailey is available for a consultation to address your questions. (gentleprocedureskelowna.ca)
  • The Gentle Procedures Kelowna circumcision clinic welcomes families from all over the region. (gentleprocedureskelowna.ca)
  • Circumcision procedures performed at our clinic appears to fulfill the requirements of our Muslim clients for Khitan or Khatna. (gentleprocedureskelowna.ca)
  • What circumcision method is used at your BC clinic? (gentleprocedureskelowna.ca)
  • Gentle Procedures Clinic is the only certified provider of the Pollock Technique™ circumcision method, other than Pollock Clinics. (gentleprocedureskelowna.ca)
  • Does Gentle Procedures Clinic offer Muslim circumcision? (gentleprocedureskelowna.ca)
  • Our clinic performs circumcisions for baby boys for many Muslim clients. (gentleprocedureskelowna.ca)
  • Results from the logistic regression models show that circumcised men are more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors, while age at circumcision is not significantly associated with these behaviors. (dhsprogram.com)
  • A man lights candles as part of a World AIDS Day event in Jakarta. (theconversation.com)
  • The last time the World Health Organisation (WHO) published anything significant on this problem was in 2009 , when it made a few nods towards the devastating health consequences, but primarily concerned itself with how such initiations could be employed in the drive to circumcise African men as an Aids prevention strategy. (theguardian.com)
  • It may well be that the continent-wide circumcision campaign to prevent Aids is a principle cause of the institutional silence on the issue. (theguardian.com)
  • WASHINGTON DC - Head of the AIDS and Tuberculosis Unit in the Health Ministry Dr. Owen Mugurungi says 90,000 men were circumsed this year, nearly trebling last year's figure of 40,755. (voazimbabwe.com)
  • To this effect, in 2010 the Ministry of Health in Uganda developed a circumcision policy, and circumcision was added to the strategy of abstinence, being faithful, and condom use (ABC) to protect against AIDS. (dhsprogram.com)
  • The paper uses data from the 2011 Uganda AIDS Indicator Survey, focusing on a subsample of 7,969 weighted cases of men age 15-59 who have ever had sex and who have received their HIV test results. (dhsprogram.com)
  • Government has embarked on a family test and treat HIV and AIDS campaign aimed at increasing the number of men and children accessing anti-retroviral drugs. (avac.org)
  • The SWHP is the highest performing, President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (PEPFAR-CDC) partner in MMC service delivery, with nearly 200,000 circumcisions performed since 2010. (cdc.gov)
  • Another propective study done by Moses Galukande et al 2013 over device circumcision in International Hospital Kampala, Uganda, provide evidence of minimal adverse events and no cases of glans amputation occur. (smartcircumcision.com)
  • Results show that 28% of men in Uganda have been circumcised, and the majority were circumcised before age 10. (dhsprogram.com)
  • We Americans are led to believe that Palestinian men are mostly Muslims and circumcised right before puberty according to their hadith quranic teachings, but you are saying they are still intact? (heebmagazine.com)
  • Many ISIS Muslims claim it is necessary to become circumcised and are actually killing uncircumcised men throughout Iraq and Syria. (heebmagazine.com)
  • A German regional court held at the end of June that circumcision of males, practiced by Jews and Muslims, is a "bodily injury" of the child and punishable as a crime. (globaljews.org)
  • While the Qur'an does not mention circumcision, Muslims are the largest single group in the world who circumcise boys. (rumormillnews.com)
  • Proper hygiene is especially important for uncircumcised males. (medlineplus.gov)
  • Der Spiegel acknowledged that "It remains undisputed that circumcision leads to better hygiene and can also be helpful in preventing some forms of cancer," but noted that while common in the U.S., Israel, Muslim countries, and elsewhere, male circumcision is less widespread in Europe. (globaljews.org)