ChileLatin America: The geographic area of Latin America in general and when the specific country or countries are not indicated. It usually includes Central America, South America, Mexico, and the islands of the Caribbean.Salmon: Fish of the genera ONCORHYNCHUS and Salmo in the family SALMONIDAE. They are anadromous game fish, frequenting the coastal waters of both the North Atlantic and Pacific. They are known for their gameness as a sport fish and for the quality of their flesh as a table fish. (Webster, 3d ed).Oncorhynchus: A genus of the family SALMONIDAE (salmons and trouts). They are named for their hooked (onco) nose (rhynchus). They are usually anadromous and occasionally inhabit freshwater. They can be found in North Pacific coastal areas from Japan to California and adjacent parts of the Arctic Ocean. Salmon and trout are popular game and food fish. Various species figure heavily in genetic, metabolism, and hormone research.Oncorhynchus keta: An anadromous species of SALMON found in the streams of the Pacific coast from Sacramento north, and also common in Japan. It is used frequently in genetic and other medical research.Oncorhynchus kisutch: An anadromous species of SALMON ranging from the Arctic and Pacific Oceans to Monterey Bay, California and inhabiting ocean and coastal streams. It is familiarly known as the coho or silver salmon. It is relatively small but its light-colored flesh is of good flavor.Fisheries: Places for cultivation and harvesting of fish, particularly in sea waters. (from McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)Periodicals as Topic: A publication issued at stated, more or less regular, intervals.Pacific OceanFiltration: A process of separating particulate matter from a fluid, such as air or a liquid, by passing the fluid carrier through a medium that will not pass the particulates. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)Water: A clear, odorless, tasteless liquid that is essential for most animal and plant life and is an excellent solvent for many substances. The chemical formula is hydrogen oxide (H2O). (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)Governing Board: The group in which legal authority is vested for the control of health-related institutions and organizations.Physician Executives: Physicians who serve in a medical and administrative capacity as head of an organized medical staff and who also may serve as liaison for the medical staff with the administration and governing board.Water Supply: Means or process of supplying water (as for a community) usually including reservoirs, tunnels, and pipelines and often the watershed from which the water is ultimately drawn. (Webster, 3d ed)Specialty Boards: Organizations which certify physicians and dentists as specialists in various fields of medical and dental practice.Micronesia: The collective name for islands of the Pacific Ocean east of the Philippines, including the Mariana, PALAU, Caroline, Marshall, and Kiribati Islands. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p761 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p350)Flavivirus Infections: Infections with viruses of the genus FLAVIVIRUS, family FLAVIVIRIDAE.Aedes: A genus of mosquitoes (CULICIDAE) frequently found in tropical and subtropical regions. YELLOW FEVER and DENGUE are two of the diseases that can be transmitted by species of this genus.Flavivirus: A genus of FLAVIVIRIDAE containing several subgroups and many species. Most are arboviruses transmitted by mosquitoes or ticks. The type species is YELLOW FEVER VIRUS.Pan American Health Organization: WHO regional office for the Americas acting as a coordinating agency for the improvement of health conditions in the hemisphere. The four main functions are: control or eradication of communicable diseases, strengthening of national and local health services, education and training, and research.Conjunctivitis, Viral: Inflammation, often mild, of the conjunctiva caused by a variety of viral agents. Conjunctival involvement may be part of a systemic infection.Earthquakes: Sudden slips on a fault, and the resulting ground shaking and radiated seismic energy caused by the slips, or by volcanic or magmatic activity, or other sudden stress changes in the earth. Faults are fractures along which the blocks of EARTH crust on either side have moved relative to one another parallel to the fracture.Chronology as Topic: The temporal sequence of events that have occurred.Eschscholzia: A plant genus of the family PAPAVERACEAE that contains benzo[c]phenanthridine alkaloids.Disasters: Calamities producing great damage, loss of life, and distress. They include results of natural phenomena and man-made phenomena. Normal conditions of existence are disrupted and the level of impact exceeds the capacity of the hazard-affected community.Tsunamis: Series of ocean waves produced by geologic events or underwater LANDSLIDES. These waves can travel at speeds averaging 450 (and up to 600) miles per hour in the open ocean.Crush Syndrome: Severe systemic manifestation of trauma and ischemia involving soft tissues, principally skeletal muscle, due to prolonged severe crushing. It leads to increased permeability of the cell membrane and to the release of potassium, enzymes, and myoglobin from within cells. Ischemic renal dysfunction secondary to hypotension and diminished renal perfusion results in acute tubular necrosis and uremia.United StatesUnited States Food and Drug Administration: An agency of the PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE concerned with the overall planning, promoting, and administering of programs pertaining to maintaining standards of quality of foods, drugs, therapeutic devices, etc.Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations: A private, voluntary, not-for-profit organization which establishes standards for the operation of health facilities and services, conducts surveys, and awards accreditation.Disease Outbreaks: Sudden increase in the incidence of a disease. The concept includes EPIDEMICS and PANDEMICS.Postal Service: The functions and activities carried out by the U.S. Postal Service, foreign postal services, and private postal services such as Federal Express.Myositis, Inclusion Body: Progressive myopathies characterized by the presence of inclusion bodies on muscle biopsy. Sporadic and hereditary forms have been described. The sporadic form is an acquired, adult-onset inflammatory vacuolar myopathy affecting proximal and distal muscles. Familial forms usually begin in childhood and lack inflammatory changes. Both forms feature intracytoplasmic and intranuclear inclusions in muscle tissue. (Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, pp1409-10)Software: Sequential operating programs and data which instruct the functioning of a digital computer.Microcomputers: Small computers using LSI (large-scale integration) microprocessor chips as the CPU (central processing unit) and semiconductor memories for compact, inexpensive storage of program instructions and data. They are smaller and less expensive than minicomputers and are usually built into a dedicated system where they are optimized for a particular application. "Microprocessor" may refer to just the CPU or the entire microcomputer.Punched-Card SystemsComputersRadiography, Dental, Digital: A rapid, low-dose, digital imaging system using a small intraoral sensor instead of radiographic film, an intensifying screen, and a charge-coupled device. It presents the possibility of reduced patient exposure and minimal distortion, although resolution and latitude are inferior to standard dental radiography. A receiver is placed in the mouth, routing signals to a computer which images the signals on a screen or in print. It includes digitizing from x-ray film or any other detector. (From MEDLINE abstracts; personal communication from Dr. Charles Berthold, NIDR)Cuba: An island in the Greater Antilles in the West Indies, south of Florida. With the adjacent islands it forms the Republic of Cuba. Its capital is Havana. It was discovered by Columbus on his first voyage in 1492 and conquered by Spain in 1511. It has a varied history under Spain, Great Britain, and the United States but has been independent since 1902. The name Cuba is said to be an Indian name of unknown origin but the language that gave the name is extinct, so the etymology is a conjecture. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p302 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p132)RestaurantsCape Verde: The republic consists of islands that are located in the mid-Atlantic Ocean about 300 miles off the west coast of Africa. The archipelago includes 10 islands and 5 islets, divided into the windward (Barlavento) and leeward (Sotavento) groups. The capital is Praia.STAT3 Transcription Factor: A signal transducer and activator of transcription that mediates cellular responses to INTERLEUKIN-6 family members. STAT3 is constitutively activated in a variety of TUMORS and is a major downstream transducer for the CYTOKINE RECEPTOR GP130.GermanyArgentinaPhysalis: A plant genus of the family SOLANACEAE. Members contain physalin and withangulatin.Onions: Herbaceous biennial plants and their edible bulbs, belonging to the Liliaceae.Love: Affection; in psychiatry commonly refers to pleasure, particularly as it applies to gratifying experiences between individuals.Glutens: Prolamins in the endosperm of SEEDS from the Triticeae tribe which includes species of WHEAT; BARLEY; and RYE.Preservatives, Pharmaceutical: Substances added to pharmaceutical preparations to protect them from chemical change or microbial action. They include ANTI-BACTERIAL AGENTS and antioxidants.Garlic: One of the Liliaceae used as a spice (SPICES) and traditional remedy. It contains alliin lyase and alliin, which is converted by alliin lyase to allicin, the pungent ingredient responsible for the aroma of fresh cut garlic.Drama: A composition in prose or verse presenting in dialogue or pantomime a story involving various characters, usually intended to be acted on a stage and to be regarded as a form of entertainment. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)AlabamaBrazilSuggestion: The uncritical acceptance of an idea or plan of action.Medicine in Literature: Written or other literary works whose subject matter is medical or about the profession of medicine and related areas.Literature, Modern

Documenting the diet in ancient human populations through stable isotope analysis of hair. (1/732)

Fundamental to the understanding of human history is the ability to make interpretations based on artefacts and other remains which are used to gather information about an ancient population. Sequestered in the organic matrices of these remains can be information, for example, concerning incidence of disease, genetic defects and diet. Stable isotopic compositions, especially those made on isolates of collagen from bones, have been used to help suggest principal dietary components. A significant problem in the use of collagen is its long-term stability, and the possibility of isotopic alteration during early diagenesis, or through contaminating condensation reactions. In this study, we suggest that a commonly overlooked material, human hair, may represent an ideal material to be used in addressing human diets of ancient civilizations. Through the analysis of the amino-acid composition of modern hair, as well as samples that were subjected to radiation (thus simulating ageing of the hair) and hair from humans that is up to 5200 years old, we have observed little in the way of chemical change. The principal amino acids observed in all of these samples are essentially identical in relative abundances and content. Dominating the compositions are serine, glutamic acid, threonine, glycine and leucine, respectively accounting for approximately 15%, 17%, 10%, 8% and 8% of the total hydrolysable amino acids. Even minor components (for example, alanine, valine, isoleucine) show similar constancy between the samples of different ages. This constancy clearly indicates minimal alteration of the amino-acid composition of the hair. Further, it would indicate that hair is well preserved and is amenable to isotopic analysis as a tool for distinguishing sources of nutrition. Based on this observation, we have isotopically characterized modern individuals for whom the diet has been documented. Both stable nitrogen and carbon isotope compositions were assessed, and together provide an indication of trophic status, and principal type (C3 or C4) of vegetation consumed. True vegans have nitrogen isotope compositions of about 7/1000 whereas humans consuming larger amounts of meat, eggs, or milk are more enriched in the heavy nitrogen isotope. We have also analysed large cross-sections of modern humans from North America and Europe to provide an indication of the variability seen in a population (the supermarket diet). There is a wide diversity in both carbon and nitrogen isotope values based at least partially on the levels of seafood, corn-fed beef and grains in the diets. Following analysis of the ancient hair, we have observed similar trends in certain ancient populations. For example, the Coptics of Egypt (1000 BP) and Chinchorro of Chile (5000-800 BP) have diets of similar diversity to those observed in the modern group but were isotopically influenced by local nutritional sources. In other ancient hair (Egyptian Late Middle Kingdom mummies, ca. 4000 BP), we have observed a much more uniform isotopic signature, indicating a more constant diet. We have also recognized a primary vegetarian component in the diet of the Neolithic Ice Man of the Oetztaler Alps (5200 BP). In certain cases, it appears that sulphur isotopes may help to further constrain dietary interpretations, owing to the good preservation and sulphur content of hair. It appears that analysis of the often-overlooked hair in archaeological sites may represent a significant new approach for understanding ancient human communities.  (+info)

Relative virulence of three isolates of Piscirickettsia salmonis for coho salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch. (2/732)

Piscirickettsia salmonis was first recognized as the cause of mortality among pen-reared coho salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch in Chile. Since the initial isolation of this intracellular Gram-negative bacterium in 1989, similar organisms have been described from several areas of the world, but the associated outbreaks were not reported to be as serious as those that occurred in Chile. To determine if this was due to differences in virulence among isolates of P. salmonis, we conducted an experiment comparing isolates from Chile, British Columbia, Canada, and Norway (LF-89, ATL-4-91 and NOR-92, respectively). For each of the isolates, 3 replicates of 30 coho salmon were injected intraperitoneally with each of 3 concentrations of the bacterium. Negative control fish were injected with MEM-10. Mortalities were collected daily for 41 d post-injection. Piscirickettsiosis was observed in fish injected with each of the 3 isolates, and for each isolate, cumulative mortality was directly related to the concentration of bacterial cells administered. The LF-89 isolate was the most virulent, with losses reaching 97% in the 3 replicates injected with 10(5.0) TCID50, 91% in the replicates injected with 10(4.0) TCID50, and 57% in the fish injected with 10(3.0) TCID50. The ATL-4-91 isolate caused losses of 92% in the 3 replicates injected with 10(5.0) TCID50, 76% in the fish injected with 10(4.0) TCID50, and 32% in those injected with 10(3.0) TCID50. The NOR-92 isolate was the least virulent, causing 41% mortality in the replicates injected with 10(4.6) TCID50. At 41 d post-injection, 6% of the fish injected with 10(3.6) TCID50 NOR-92 had died. Mortality was only 2% in the fish injected with 10(2.6) TCID50 NOR-92, which was the same as the negative control group. Because the group injected with the highest concentration (10(4.6) TCID50) of NOR-92 was still experiencing mortality at 41 d, it was held for an additional 46 d. At 87 d post-injection, the cumulative mortality in this group had reached 70%. These differences in virulence among the isolates were statistically significant (p < 0.0001), and are important for the management of affected stocks of fish.  (+info)

Spectroscopic and molecular characterization of a long wavelength absorbing antenna of Ostreobium sp. (3/732)

One of the strains of the marine green alga Ostreobium sp. possesses an exceptionally large number of long wavelength absorbing chlorophylls (P. Haldall, Biol. Bull. 134, 1968, 411-424) as evident from a distinct shoulder in the absorption spectrum at around 710 nm while in the other strain this shoulder is absent. Therefore, Ostreobium offers a unique possibility to explore the origin of these red-shifted chlorophylls, because strains with and without these spectral forms can be compared. Here, we characterize these red forms spectroscopically by absorption, fluorescence and CD spectroscopy. In the CD spectra at least three spectroscopic red forms are identified which lead to an unusual room temperature fluorescence spectrum that peaks at 715 nm. The gel electrophoretic pattern from thylakoids of Ostreobium sp. shows an intense band at 22 kDa which correlates with the presence or absence of long wavelength absorbing pigments. By protein sequencing of the N-terminus of the 22-kDa polypeptide and sequence alignments, this was identified as an Lhca1-type light-harvesting complex. The abundance of this polypeptide - and a possibly co-migrating one - in Ostreobium sp. indicates an antenna size of approximately 340 chlorophyll molecules (Chl a and Chl b) per PS IIalpha reaction center, which is significantly larger than in higher plants ( approximately 240). The red forms are more abundant in the interior of the thalli where a 'shade-light' light field is expected than in the white-light exposed surface. This demonstrates that algae exist which may be able to up-regulate the synthesis of large amounts of LHCI and associated red forms under appropriate illumination conditions.  (+info)

Comparison of some behavioral and physiological feeding parameters of Triatoma infestans Klug, 1834 and Mepraia spinolai Porter, 1934, vectors of Chagas disease in Chile. (4/732)

There are two vectors of Chagas disease in Chile: Triatoma infestans and Mepraia spinolai. We studied the feeding behavior of these species, looking for differences which could possibly explain the low impact of the latter species on Chagas disease. Both species used thermal cues to locate their feeding source and consumed a similar volume of blood which was inversely related to the body weight before the meal and directly related to the time between meals. The average time between bites were 6.24 and 10.74 days. The average bite of M. spinolai lasted 9.68 min, significantly shorter than the 19.46 min for T. infestans. Furthermore, while T. infestans always defecated on the host, this behavior was observed in M. spinolai in only one case of 27 (3.7%). The delay between the bites and defecation was very long in M. spinolai and short in T. infestans. These differences may affect the reduced efficiency of transmission of Chagas infection by M. spinolai.  (+info)

Evaluation of vaccines for the prevention of pneumonia in children in developing countries.(5/732)


Genotypic survey of recent beta-lactam-resistant pneumococcal nasopharyngeal isolates from asymptomatic children in Chile. (6/732)

To assess pneumococcal strain variability among young asymptomatic carriers in Chile, we used serotyping, antibiotic susceptibility testing, and genotyping to analyze 68 multidrug-resistant pneumococcal isolates recovered from 54 asymptomatic children 6 to 48 months of age. The isolates represented capsular serotypes 19F (43 isolates), 14 (14 isolates), 23F (7 isolates), 6B (3 isolates), and 6A (1 isolate). Genotypic analysis, which included pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) of chromosomal digests, penicillin binding protein (PBP) gene fingerprinting, and dhf gene fingerprinting, revealed that the isolates represented six different genetic lineages. Clear circumstantial evidence of capsular switching was seen within each of four of the genetically related sets. The majority of the isolates, consisting of the 43 19F isolates and 2 type 6B isolates, appeared to represent a genetically highly related set distinct from previously characterized pneumococcal strains. Each of three other genetically defined lineages was closely related to one of the previously characterized clones Spain(6B)-2, France(9V)-3, or Spain(23F)-1. A fifth lineage was comprised of four type 23F isolates that, by the techniques used for this study, were genetically indistinguishable from three recent type 19F sterile-site isolates from the United States. Finally, a sixth lineage was represented by a single type 23F isolate which had a unique PFGE type and unique PBP and dhf gene fingerprints.  (+info)

Routes of entry of Piscirickettsia salmonis in rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss. (7/732)

Since 1989, Piscirickettsia salmonis, the causal agent of piscirickettsiosis, has killed millions of farmed salmonids each year in southern Chile. The portal of entry for the pathogen was investigated by use of selected experimental infections in juvenile rainbow trout (12 g). The methods used were intraperitoneal injection, subcutaneous injection, patch contact on skin, patch contact on gills, intestinal intubation and gastric intubation. Cumulative mortalities at Day 33 post-inoculation were 98, 100, 52, 24, 24, and 2%, respectively. It was shown that intact skin and gills could be penetrated by P. salmonis. The high mortality obtained in subcutaneously injected fish indicated that skin injuries could facilitate the invasion of this pathogen. Results suggested that the main entry sites are through the skin and gills and that the oral route may not be the normal method by which P. salmonis initiates infection of salmonids.  (+info)

L-arginine transport at the fetal side of human placenta: effect of aspirin in pregnancy. (8/732)

L-Arginine transport by the fetal side of human placenta was investigated through the characterization of L-[3H]arginine uptake in isolated perfused cotyledon. Competitive inhibition experiments suggest the presence of at least two transport systems: a Na+-independent, pH-insensitive system inhibitable by cationic amino acids, similar to system y+, and a Na+-dependent system which recognizes both cationic and neutral amino acids only in the presence of Na+, i.e. a Bo,+-like system. The kinetic analysis of L-arginine uptake in the presence of Na+ revealed that the process is mediated by saturable components: a high-affinity system (Km = 167 +/- 18.0 microM; Vmax = 0.174 +/- 0.012 micromol min-1) and a low-affinity carrier (Km = 980 +/- 112 microM; Vmax = 1.60 +/- 0.12 micromol min-1). In the absence of Na+, L-arginine uptake was fitted by one model with a Michaelis-Menten constant of 200 +/- 24.8 microM. These results suggest that the high-affinity component corresponds to the Na+-independent system y+, whilst the low-affinity system may represent the activity of the Na+-dependent Bo,+ transporter. Kinetic studies in placentae taken from aspirin-treated pregnancies showed that L-arginine is transported with a significantly higher affinity (Km = 42.5 +/- 5.7 microM), but with a lower capacity (Vmax = 0.064 +/- 0.003 micromol min-1) than in the non-treated group. The latter finding suggests that aspirin would facilitate the uptake of the NO precursor only at very low arginine concentrations.  (+info)

*List of aerospace engineering schools

Chile[edit]. *Academia Politécnica Aeronáutica - Fuerza Aérea de Chile[9]. *Federico Santa María Technical University - ...

*Equality Party (Chile)

The Equality Party (Partido Igualdad) is a political party in Chile. It was founded in 2009 by various social movements of ... Radio Universidad de Chile. "Igualdad: nuevo partido político popular". 28 December 2009. Retrieved 17 October 2013.. ... Notes:123Numbers denote party membership of Political Coalitions, 1 is for the New Majority, 2 is for Chile Vamos, 3 is for the ... Retrieved from "" ...

*Seven Lakes (Chile)

Retrieved from "" ...

*Phineas Gage: Difference between revisions

Chile and California. In August 1852, Gage was invited to Chile to work as a long-distance stagecoach driver there, "caring for ... After his health began to fail around 1859,[citation needed] he left Chile for San Francisco, where he recovered under the care ... Macmillan alters certain other dates for events late in Gage's life, his move from Chile to San Francisco and the onset of his ... In 2008 a report was discovered calling Gage mentally unimpaired during his last years in Chile (from a physician who had known ...

*Minute Maid

Chile[edit]. *Minute Maid is marketed under the brand Andina Del Valle[11] ...

*Discrimination based on skin color

Chile[edit]. A 2016 study found that Chilean schoolteachers had lower expectations of their dark-skinned students (morenos) ...

*Charter school

Chile[edit]. Chile has a very long history of private subsidized schooling, akin to charter schooling in the United States. ... "What Pinochet Did for Chile". Hoover Institution. Retrieved 14 July 2018.. *^ a b Carnoy, Martin (August 1998). "National ... "Chile's School Voucher System: Enabling Choice or Perpetuating Social Inequality?". New America. Retrieved 14 July 2018.. ... Colombia, like Chile, has a long tradition of religious and private schools. With the economic crisis of religious orders, ...

*Surnames by country

Chile[edit]. In Chile, marriage has no effect at all on either of the spouses' names, so people keep their birth names for all ...

*Beechcraft Model 18

Chile[edit]. *D-18S c/no. A-1024 (former FACh 465) - at the Museo Aeronautico y del Espacio in Santiago, Chile.[90][91] ...

*Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture

Chile[edit]. The i-mar Research Center[38] at the Universidad de Los Lagos, in Puerto Montt is working to reduce the ... The development of an integrated multi-trophic activity in Chile: the importance of seaweeds. World Aquaculture Society. ...

*List of etymologies of country subdivision names

Chile[edit]. Regions[edit]. Roman numerals originally identified the regions in order from north to south (except Santiago). ...

*Blood sausage

Chile[edit]. In Chile, the blood sausage is called "prieta" (a synonym of "negra", black) and tends to have a very thick skin, ...

*Cocaine paste

Brazil and Uruguay and is referred to as paco or pasta base in Uruguay and Chile. Between 2001 and 2005, the use of paco in ...


Mexico and Chile[edit]. Blackberry production in Mexico expanded considerably in the early 21st century.[20][23] In 2017, ... In some parts of the world, such as in Australia, Chile, New Zealand, and the Pacific Northwest of North America, some ... Mexico had 97% of the market share for fresh blackberries imported into the United States, while Chile had 61% of the market ...

*Sparkling wine

Chile[edit]. Chile produces around 12 million bottles of sparkling wine per annum of which only around 1.6 million bottles are ... Valdivieso produce 60% of all sparkling wine in Chile. Most is inexpensive tank method fizz, but 20% is very good quality ... they have not yet established a significant place in Chile's wine portfolio.[42] In recent years, the Pais grape variety has ...

*Phineas Gage: Difference between revisions

Chile and California. In August 1852, Gage was invited to Chile to work as a long-distance stagecoach driver there, "caring for ... After his health began to fail around 1859, he left Chile for San Francisco, where he recovered under the care of his mother ... In 2008 a report was discovered calling Gage mentally unimpaired during his last years in Chile (from a physician who had known ... A social recovery hypothesis suggests that Gage's employment as a stagecoach driver in Chile provided daily structure allowing ...

*Anti-abortion movement

Chile[edit]. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. (January 2019) ... "Bachelet to Redact Chile's Abortion Prohibition before End of 2014". PanAm Post. 26 June 2014. Retrieved 4 February 2016.. ...

*Class action

Chile[edit]. Chile approved class actions in 2004.[25] The Chilean model is technically an opt-out issue class action followed ... "Class Actions in Chile: Update , Global Class Actions Exchange". Retrieved 2016-10-25.. ... Barroilhet, Agustin (2012-01-30). "Class Actions in Chile". Rochester, NY: Social Science Research Network. SSRN 1995906.. Cite ...


Chile. Longaniza is the most common type of sausage, or at least the most common name in Chile for sausages that also could be ... In Chile, it contains onions, spices and sometimes walnut or rice and is usually eaten at asados or accompanied by simple ... Gastronomy, Chile's top traditional foods: a visitor's guide Archived 11 November 2013 at the Wayback Machine. 29 July 2009, ...

*List of forest research institutes

Chile[edit]. *El Instituto Forestal. Puerto Rico[edit]. *International Institute of Tropical Forestry ...

*Student activism

From 2011 to 2013, Chile was rocked by a series of student-led nationwide protests across Chile, demanding a new framework for ... Currently in Chile, only 45% of high school students study in traditional public schools and most universities are also private ... Cadena Nacional de Radio y Televisión: Presidente Piñera anunció Gran Acuerdo Nacional por la Educación Government of Chile. ... among some parts of society with Chile's high level of inequality.[21] Protests have included massive non-violent marches, but ...

*List of children's hospitals

Chile[edit]. *Hospital Exequiel Gonzalez Cortes, Santiago. *Hospital Luis Calvo Mackenna, Santiago ...

*Sparkling wine

Chile[edit]. Chile produces around 12 million bottles of sparkling wine per annum of which only around 1.6 million bottles are ... Valdivieso produce 60% of all sparkling wine in Chile. Most is inexpensive tank method fizz, but 20% is very good quality ... they have not yet established a significant place in Chile's wine portfolio.[43] In recent years, the Pais grape variety has ...


Chile[edit]. Every Sunday morning 32 kilometres of roads in Santiago de Chile are reserved for cyclist, runners, skaters, etc. ... In northern Chile CicloRecreoVía is implemented each Sunday in the city of Antofagasta on the waterfront along 4 km car-free. ...

*Middle school

Chile[edit]. See also: Education in Chile. There aren't middle schools in Chile. Students aged 11 to 16 attend the last years ...


Chile. In Chile, the manufacture, importation, possession and use of fireworks is prohibited to unauthorized individuals; only ...
Pork has been traditionally considered an important source of human Toxoplasma gondii infection. Pigs, as other meat-producing animals, can become infected by the ingestion of oocysts that are shed in the environment by infected cats or by the consumption of cysts present in tissues of infected mammals, commonly small rodents. The objective of this study was to investigate the level of T. gondii infection in swine from southern Chile that can be associated with the ingestion of oocysts and therefore exposure to a contaminated environment. A total of 340 serum samples from swine were obtained from three commercial slaughterhouses located in the Araucania and Los Rios Regions from southern Chile. Study animals originated from local farms, mainly small commercial producers, and the meat is sold locally. Overall, 8.8% (30/340) of the samples showed T. gondii-specific IgG antibodies. Of these sero-positive animals, 80% (24/30) were also positive for antibodies specific against the oocyst stage of the
It has been described that eating behavior, measured through CEBQ in children, is a relatively stable trait over time, showing a good reproducibility and high internal consistency [28]. A clear and graded association between CEBQ scores and BMI has been reported previously [10, 11, 27]. The present study confirms the existence of such association in Chilean children, especially in relation to the positive associations between obesity and "food-approach" ("pro-intake") subscales such as EF, FR and EOE. These results are similar to previous studies showing that children with increased BMI are highly responsive to environmental food cues. The inverse associations between body weight and scores of "food-avoidant" ("anti-intake") subscales such as SE and SR are similar to other studies. The CEBQ subscales DD, EUE and FF showed no association with childhood obesity [11, 27].. The original 8-factor structure was not perfectly replicated in our study since an important degree of overlapping has been ...
The Central Bank of Chile in Santiago serves as the central bank for the country. The Chilean currency is the Chilean peso (CLP). Chile is one of South Americas most stable and prosperous nations,[10] leading Latin American nations in human development, competitiveness, income per capita, globalization, economic freedom, and low perception of corruption.[12] Since July 2013, Chile is considered by the World Bank as a "high-income economy".[132][133][134]. Chile has the highest degree of economic freedom in South America (ranking 7th worldwide), owing to its independent and efficient judicial system and prudent public finance management.[135] In May 2010 Chile became the first South American country to join the OECD.[136] In 2006, Chile became the country with the highest nominal GDP per capita in Latin America.[137]. Copper mining makes up 20% of Chilean GDP and 60% of exports.[138] Escondida is the largest copper mine in the world, producing over 5% of global supplies.[138] Overall, Chile ...
The Boundary Treaty of 1866 between Chile and Bolivia, also called the Mutual Benefits Treaty, was signed in Santiago de Chile on August 10, 1866 by the Chilean Foreign Affairs Minister Alvaro Covarrubias and the Bolivian Plenipotentiary in Santiago Juan R. Muñoz Cabrera. It drew, for the first time, the border between both countries at the 24° South parallel from the Pacific Ocean to the eastern border of Chile and defined a zone of bipartite tax collection, the "Mutual Benefits zone", and tax preferences for articles from Bolivia and Chile. Despite increasing border tensions since the 1840s, both countries fought together against Spain in the Chincha Islands War (1864-65) and resolved the question under the Governments of Mariano Melgarejo in Bolivia and José Joaquín Pérez in Chile. But before long, both countries were discontented with it, and Peru and Bolivia signed a secret treaty against Chile in 1873. The Lindsay-Corral protocol, thought to clarify the treaty, was approved by Chile ...
The people of Chile have been honored with the first-ever International Protect Life Award. Chile was commended for being Latin Americas most Pro-Life nation, as well as having the lowest maternal mortality rate in Latin America. The award was based on Chiles extraordinary achievements that help to protect the health and lives of all Chileans, born and unborn. Chileans have made it a priority to invest in the lives of women and their children. Abortion in Chile is illegal without exception and in a 2009 poll, 67 percent of Chileans identified themselves as Pro-Life. Each life is seen as a valuable asset to society and he or she is protected in a variety of ways. One main avenue of achieving these low maternal mortality rates and respect for Life is through education. The Chilean government has launched a campaign called "Chile Crece Contigo" (Chile Grows with You) which sponsors television ads that are distinctly Pro-Life. The "Chile Crece Contigo" campaign is centered on the mother and the ...
SANTIAGO - Beautiful plants grew in the Atacama Desert - the driest place on Earth - following unexpectedly heavy rainfall in the north of the country during the winter months.. VIDEO: Chile builds South Americas first solar thermal power plant in Atacama Desert. The "desierto florido" (flowering desert) phenomenon usually occurs every five to seven years when rains cause buried seeds to germinate and flower. But the latest bloom comes just two years after a particularly colorful flowering in 2015.. Chile begins construction on worlds largest telescope in Atacama desert. ...
Created during the wave of protests against political corruption and a failing economic system in Chile, Ojo Chile is an audiovisual collective energising citizens and campaigning against human rights violations in the country. With influential film-makers and changemakers onboard, Ojo Chile produce informative, emotive, high-quality video content about whats really happening in Chile. S&C spoke with the mysterious collective about their work and the movement.. What is Ojo Chile and how did it come about?. Ojo Chile is an audiovisual community that came to life during the first days of the recent social unrest in Chile.. It began as a WhatsApp group where we shared images, archives and records of what we were experiencing, motivated by everything happening in real time, and trying to find a way to support the movement in our own field. Were conscious that these images are contemporary history and have symbolic capital that needs to be managed. However, it soon became necessary for us to meet ...
A few viruses have been detected in prostate cancer, however their role in the development of this malignancy has not been determined. The aim of this study was to analyze the presence and functionality of human papillomavirus (HPV) and polyomaviruses (BKPyV and JCPyV) in prostate carcinomas in Chilean patients. Sixty-nine primary prostate carcinomas were analyzed for the presence of HPV, BKPyV and JCPyV using standard polymerase chain reaction protocols. In addition, when samples were positive for HPyV, large T antigen (TAg) transcripts were analyzed using reverse transcriptase PCR. HPV and JCPyV were not detected in any specimens (0/69, 0 %); whereas, BKPyV was detected in 6/69 PCas (8.7 %). We did not find a statistically significant association between the presence of BKPyV and age (p = 0.198) or Gleason score (p = 0.268). In addition, 2/6 (33 %) BKPyV positive specimens showed detectable levels of TAg transcripts. There was no association between HPV or JCPyV presence and prostate cancer
Chile es un país ubicado en el extremo suroeste de América del Sur. Su nombre oficial es República de Chile y su capital es la ciudad de Santiago de Chile. Chile comprende una larga y estrecha franja de tierra conocida como Chile continental, entre el Océano Pacífico y la Cordillera de los Andes, que se extiende entre los 17º2957S y los 56º32S de latitud (Islas Diego Ramírez), limitando al norte con Perú, al este con Bolivia y Argentina, y al sur con el Paso Drake. Además, posee territorios insulares en el Océano Pacífico, como el Archipiélago Juan Fernández, Sala y Gómez, Islas Desventuradas y la Isla de Pascua (ubicada en la Polinesia), totalizando una superficie de 755.838,7 km². Por otra parte, Chile reclama soberanía sobre una zona de la Antártida de 1.250.257,6 km², denominada Territorio Chileno Antártico y comprendida entre los meridianos 90º y 53º Oeste prolongando su límite meridional hasta el Polo Sur. Esta reclamación está congelada de acuerdo a lo ...
The economy of Chile has shifted substantially over time from the heterogeneous economies of the diverse indigenous peoples to an early husbandry-oriented economy and finally to one of raw material export and a large service sector. Chiles recent economic history (1973-) has been the focus of an extensive debate from which "neoliberalism" acquired its modern meaning. A period of relative free trade that began with independence in the 1810s bought a modernizing development of certain sectors of the Chilean economy and to the formation of a local business class, a novelty in Chile. Chile experienced its first modern economic crisis with the Long depression in the 1870s. The exploitation of lucrative nitrate deposits of the north conquered in War of the Pacific (1879-1884) marked a whole epoch in the history of Chile and its legacy for has been widely debated. In the first half of the 20th century Chile suffered severe economic recessions including the Great Depression. This period saw the rapid ...
Garrigues is a fully-integrated international law firm. It has been present in Latin America for more than 40 years, through alliances with various firms in the region. The firm is now growing its Latin American legal practice by rolling out a network of own offices which constitutes one of the major direct presences in Latin America, with offices in Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Chile and Brazil.. The inauguration of our own office in Santiago de Chile is the latest step towards our goal of having a real and effective presence in one of the most important and highly developed markets in Latin America.. Garrigues has a team of 20 lawyers in Chile who specialize in business law and have spent more than a decade working together, reaching the heights of innovation and quality in all legal solutions offered to clients.. Our Chilean lawyers, alongside professionals from the rest of our offices in Latin America and Garrigues international office network, ensure that a uniform service of the very highest ...
GONZALEZ-ACUNA, Daniel et al. Parasites of the Green-backed Firecrown (Sephanoides sephaniodes) in Chile. Rev. Mex. Biodiv. [online]. 2011, vol.82, n.4, pp.1333-1336. ISSN 2007-8706.. Gastrointestinal and external parasites from 12 Green-backed Firecrown (Sephanoides sephaniodes) were collected between January 2004 and December 2008 from the Biobío Region south-central Chile and Santiago (central Chile). Helminths collected included 1 trematode species (Mosesia sp.) and 1 cestode species (Hymenolepis trinidadensis). The mite Proctophyllodes huitzilopchtlii was the only ectoparasite species found. All these parasites represent new records for Chile and the first parasites reported for this host species.. Palabras clave : birds; mites; helminths; trematodes; cestodes; Chile. ...
The nation of Chile really sticks in the craw of international abortion advocates. They have tried to argue for years that abortion limits lead to higher maternal mortality rates. But the example of Chile, with legal protections of the unborn since 1989 and continuing declines in maternal mortality rates, conclusively disproves that pro-abortion talking point. (See So what do they do? At first, they tried to argue that there were really a lot more women dying from abortions in Chile than government statistics were reporting. That claim doesnt hold up to scrutiny (see the link above). But then, they began to push to set up a hotline to tell women how to use a commonly available drug to abort their babies. That this will certainly put more womens lives at risk is ignored or even denied. Bringing abortion to the women of Chile is all that seems to ...
WORKSHOP IN VIROLOGY 5-7 January 2015 EDIFICIO DE CIENCIAS BIOMÉDICAS, FACULTAD DE MEDICINA, UNIVERSIDAD AUSTRAL DE CHILE. VALDIVIA, CHILE MONDAY 5 17:00-18:00 Herpes simplex virus host shutoff nucleases. Dr. James Smiley, Department of Medical Microbiology & Immunology, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Alberta, Canada. 18:00-19:00 Translation initiation of HIV-1 full legnth mRNA Dr. Marcelo Lopez-Lastra, Departamento de Infectología e Inmunología Pediátrica, Laboratorio de Virología Molecular, Centro de Investigaciones Médicas, Escuela de Medicina, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. TUESDAY 6 9:00-10:00 Role of Rab proteins in HIV-1 assembly. Dr. Matias Ostrowski, Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas en Retrovirus y SIDA. UBA-CONICET. Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Buenos aires, Argentina. 10:00-11:00 Neuronal dysfunction during herpes simplex virus infection. Dr. Carola Otth, Instituto de Microbiología Clínica, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Austral ...
Chimayo chile has been grown in Chimayo, New Mexico for over 400 years...Buy authentic Chimayo chile powder...Certified Chimayo chile peppers from original seed.
FILE - In this Nov. 11, 2015 file photo, Fernando Karadima, Chiles most infamous pedophile priest, leaves a courthouse after testifying in a case that three of his victims brought against the countrys Catholic Church, in Santiago, Chile. Chiles church has yet to recover its credibility following the scandal over Karadima, a charismatic preacher who had a huge following in Santiago and was responsible for training hundreds of priests and five bishops. The Vatican in 2011 sentenced Karadima to a lifetime of "penance and prayer" after confirming what his victims had been saying for years, but that Chiles Catholic leadership refused to believe: that Karadima sexually abused them. less ...
CONTRERAS, P. A.; CEBALLOS, A.; MATAMOROS, R. e WITTWER, F.. Iodine concentration in forages from dairy farms in the IXth and Xth Regions of Chile. Arch. med. vet. [online]. 2003, vol.35, n.1, pp.75-79. ISSN 0301-732X. Iodine (I) content of rations is a factor associated with the blood concentration of thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) in cattle. In herds from southern Chile, low blood concentrations of T4 in grazing dairy cows have been reported. The objective was to obtain information about the I content in forage samples from dairy farms in the IXth and Xth Regions of Chile. During 1999 forage samples were taken from 25 dairy farms located in both Regions. The I concentration was analysed by a kinetic-colorimetric method. Mean, standard deviation and ranges and the frequency of samples with values below 0.4 ppm on a dry matter basis (normal value) were obtained. The average of I concentration in the forage samples was 0.20±0.08 ppm. ...
While the mining industry has used seawater in different parts of the world for many years, in Chile there are only a few isolated cases, usually on the part of small or medium-sized companies that deal with minerals whose extraction is not affected by the salinity of the water, he explained.. The first big mining company to use seawater in Chile was Minera Esperanza, a joint venture between Antofagasta Minerals and the Marubeni Corporation.. The companys copper mine uses untreated seawater, transported through a 145-kilometre-long pipeline, in all of its processes. Seawater currently accounts for 30 percent of all of the water is utilises.. The state-owned National Copper Corporation of Chile (CODELCO) will use seawater for the first time to exploit the sulphide reserves of the Radomiro Tomic mine, in one of the structural projects the company is implementing to extend the useful life of a number of its mines.. "In the case of the Radomiro Tomic (RT) Sulphides project, the use of seawater ...
Rock glaciers are ubiquitous landforms in the dry Andes, and significant, but unheralded stores of frozen water. In this study, statistical modelling techniques and geomorphological mapping are applied to quantify and analyze the distribution of rock glaciers in the Andes of Central Chile (27-35°S) as related to climate and topography. A statistical sample survey and a logistic regression model were designed to quantitatively estimate distribution patterns and characterize the geomorphological niche of rock glaciers in the Andes of Santiago (33-34.5°S) based upon digital elevation models. The amount of water stored within rock glaciers of the Andes of Santiago per unit area is by one order of magnitude higher than in the Swiss Alps, reaching an average 0.7-1.1 km³ of water equivalent per 1000 km² in the Andes. At least one fifth of the high-mountain area of the Andes of Santiago drains through intact rock glaciers. This underlines the importance of rock glaciers within the Andean ...
Giants catcher Benito Santiago, under investigation in Puerto Rico over a small parcel of marijuana seized by drug agents, angrily denied any knowledge about the package and said he is not involved with drugs. Santiago suggested the allegations are an attempt by someone to ruin his image, and he expressed anger at Puerto Rican authorities for leaking their investigation to the press on an island where he was born and raised and is revered for his major-league career. Two Puerto Rico police investigators told The Chronicle on Friday that Santiago was questioned in his hometown of Ponce after agents intercepted a Federal Express package at the airport there. The investigators said no charges had been filed and Santiago was free to return home to Florida while they continued their investigation. Santiago did fly home Saturday, cutting short a Christmas trip he took to shop and spend time with his family. Santiago said he was particularly angry that his four children have to read and hear these
Chile Antofagasta Mission Alumni Web Site is dedicated to the alumni of this mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
AbstractObjective: To elucidate whether the genetic platforms of blaCTX-M contribute to the phenotypes of multi-drug-resistance in the first carbapenemase-producing K. pneumoniae strains isolated in Chile. Method: Twenty-two carbapenemase-producing K. pneumoniae strains isolated from different Chilean patients and hospitals were studied. Their genetic relatedness was assessed by PFGE and MLST. The levels of antibiotic resistance were evaluated by determining the minimum inhibitory concentration of various antimicrobials. In addition, several antibiotic resistance genes of clinical relevance in Chile were investigated. The prevalence, allelic variants and genetic platforms of blaCTX-M were determined by PCR and sequencing.Results: Out of the twenty two strains studied, twenty carry KPC, one carries NDM-1 and one carries OXA-370. The PFGE analysis showed three clades with a genetic relatedness |85%, two formed by four strains and one by eight strains. The other strains are not genetically related, and a
A new JV fishing company - Corpesca - has Been set up in Chile with publication of the final government charter for the business in the Diario Oficial.Uniting into a single firm are northern fishing companies Icalma (property of Igemar), Pesquera Colchane (which includes Eperva) and Pescanorte (owned by Coloso).Corpesca, first conceived in October 1999 under the name Copenor, now becomes Chiles principal producer of fishmeal. It will operate in Chiles far northern coastal waters in Region I and Region II. This year the new company anticipates sales of US$175 million and profits are expected to total US$40 million.The company will have 87 fishing boats under its command, 47 of which can operate on the high sea.Lower fish catches, which have resulted in tighter government restrictions on fish takes, have created a crisis in Chiles fishing industry, forcing the merger of many industrial fishing companies in order to stay in business.
Journal of Obesity is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that provides a multidisciplinary forum for basic and clinical research as well as applied studies in the areas of adipocyte biology & physiology, lipid metabolism, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, paediatric obesity, genetics, behavioural epidemiology, nutrition & eating disorders, exercise & human physiology, weight control and health risks associated with obesity.
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Data & statistics on Chile Plant 3 Total Organic Carbon: Chile Plant 3 - Total Organic Carbon, Soil organic carbon (total and C-GRSP) in soil from four plant species from a Mediterranean ecosystem in central Chile. Abbreviations: R = rhizospheric soil; NR = non-rhizospheric soil. Different letters indicate significant difference according to the orthogonal contrasts test (p b 0.05). Bars denote mean ± S.E. (n = 4)., Nitrogen isotope ratios (δ15N) of the different categories of organic and synthetic fertilizer. The dashed line denotes the threshold value, based on the natural isotopic abundance of different materials; an organic fertilizer with a ratio below the line may warrant investigation for adulteration. Based on 99% confidence intervals, seaweed, algae, Chilean nitrate and soybean fertilizers and their blends ......
Buy or license direct from the photographer this stunning image of : Castro , Chiloe Island , Chile . South America , Stilt Houses , Housing , Dwelli ...
Session presented on: Tuesday, July 23, 2013: Purpose : Chilean young women between 18 and 24 years old are at high risk of contracting STI and HIV. The literature shows a shortage of STI and HIV prevention interventions focused on this population. Internet based interventions are promising for delivering STI and HIV prevention interventions. The purpose of this study was to develop and pilot-test an internet based STI and HIV prevention intervention for Chilean women between 18 and 24 years old. Methods: The design of the I-STIPI was divided into two stages: (a) development, and (b) piloting. The development stage included consultation with 3 panels of experts for the development of content of the I-STIPI based on the HIV prevention intervention called Mano a Mano-Mujer, development of the technical features of the I-STIPI, and the creation of the I-STIPI website with its own web hosting service and domain. The piloting stage was a prospective cohort study (pre-post test). Forty Chilean young ...
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The Chilean horse, also known as the Chilean Corralero, is a breed of horse that originated in South America. This horse is the oldest registered breed in South America and the oldest breed of Iberian origin, as well as the oldest official breed of stock horse in the Western Hemisphere. It is thought that the breed was first developed in 1544 when Father Rodrigo González Marmolejo began breeding with the intent of producing high quality horses. By the early sixteenth century, horses bred in Chile were designed for efficiency in war, while by the seventeenth century horse breeding in Chile had expanded to breeding show horses and stock horses.. The Chilean horse was used mainly for stock purposes during the eighteenth century, although yearly cattle roundups had been mandatory since 1557. The skills the horses used to round up thousands of cattle are now utilized by horses in todays Chilean rodeos. Mares were used for farm work during the eighteenth century, forming threshing teams that ...
Hertel-Fernandez, Alexander Warren, Giusti, Alejandro Esteban & Sotelo, Juan Manuel. (‎2007)‎. The Chilean infant mortality decline: improvement for whom? Socioeconomic and geographic inequalities in infant mortality, 1990-2005. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 85 (‎10)‎, 798 - 804. World Health Organization. ...
SANTIAGO - Chiles Supreme Court on Friday ordered immediate release of eight Mapuche leaders who were detained and put under preventive imprisonment since Sept. 23.. The activists, to be released are Héctor Llaitul, his son Ernesto Llaitul, Claudio Leiva, David Cid, Fidel Tranamil, Martín Curiche, and the brothers Jaime and Rodrigo Huenchullán Cayul, were accused under a terrorist law inherited from Gen. Augusto Pinochets dictatorship.. The judges unanimously granted a request of legal protection (habeas corpus) presented by the activists lawyers. The decision was grounded on the lack of evidence proving their participation in arson, said Judge Milton Juica, spokesperson for the Supreme Court, to reporters.. U.N. experts urge Chile not to use anti-terrorism law against Mapuche. Two weeks ago, the protection measure was rejected by Temucos Appeal Tribunal.. Chiles Attorney General Jorge Abbott said "we will move forward with our investigation and will present again, if necessary, a ...
WURMANN, Pamela et al. Retrospective review of 44: Chilean patients with Behçet disease. Rev. méd. Chile [online]. 2009, vol.137, n.10, pp.1333-1340. ISSN 0034-9887. Background: Behgets disease (BD) is a rare multisystemic inflammatory disease that is potentially disabling and may cause death. Aim: To describe the characteristics of BD patients from two Chilean centers. Patients and method: Retrospective review of the clinical records of patients with BD attended in two rheumatology services between 1985 and 2007. The "Behgets Disease Research Committee of Japan" (BDCJ) and the "International Study Group for Behgets Disease" (ISG) diagnostic criteria were applied. Results: We found 44 cases (25 males), diagnosed as BD. The mean age at the onset of symptoms was 26± 12 years. According to BDCJ criteria, 13 patients had complete BD, 24 had incomplete BD and 7 had a suspected BD. Thirty two patients fulfilled the ISG criteria. Forty two ...
Pinochet was widely reviled worldwide for his methods and legacy, however, a Center-Left Chilean administration came into power after he stepped down when he lost a national referendum. The new government of Patricio Aylwin thought it sensible to maintain free market policies that present-day Chile still harbors. Despite enjoying a comparatively higher GDP and more robust economy compared to most other countries of Latin America, Chile currently has one of the most uneven distributions of wealth in the world, ahead only of Brazil in the Latin American region and even lagging behind most developing sub-Saharan African nations. Chiles top 10 richest percentile possesses almost 42 percent of the countrys total wealth. In relation to income distribution, some 6.2% of the country populates the upper economic income bracket, 19% the middle bracket, 24% the lower middle, 38% the lower bracket, and 13% the extreme poor.
El Colegio de ingenieros de Chile A.G. autoriza el ejercicio profesional a los ingenieros y técnicos graduados en el extranjero y especialmente contratados para ejercer una función determinada en Chile.   ...
Chile's Atacama Desert, known as the driest place in the world, is also the ideal spot for some of the world's best telescopes, and can be seen here in these images.
Location maps of Santiago and Wonders of San Pedro de Atacama - 7 Days / 6 Nights in Chile and its surroundings tourist attractions. Geographic satellite location of Santiago and Wonders of San Pedro de Atacama - 7 Days / 6 Nights
CHILE – A revered veterinary surgeon from New Zealand is set to discuss bovine tuberculosis (bTB) control to farmers in Southern Chile.
CHILE – A revered veterinary surgeon from New Zealand is set to discuss bovine tuberculosis (bTB) control to farmers in Southern Chile.
From the Salar de Atacama salt flat in the east to the Cordillera Domeyko mountains in the west, Sentinel-2 takes us over part of the Atacama Desert in northern Chile.The desert runs along part of South Americas central west coast. It is considered one of the driest places on Earth…
CSENDES J, ATTILA y GONZALEZ D, GLORIA. Rates of digestive surgery in Chile during 2004 and 2005. Analysis of hospital discharge data, excluding colorectal interventions. Rev Chil Cir [online]. 2008, vol.60, n.5, pp.379-386. ISSN 0718-4026. Background: Twenty five years ago, biliary surgery accounted for 30 to 50% of all operations performed ¡n a general surgical service. We have no information ofthechangesin thefrequency in surgical interventions ¡n the last years. Aim: To determine, using hospital discharge data, which are the most common surgical interventions in Chile. Material and Methods: Databases with hospital discharge data from all the hospitals in Chile during 2004 and 2005, available at the Ministry of Health website, were consulted. Colorectal operations were exduded from the analysis. Results: In public hospitals during 2005, 710 gastrectomies for gastric cáncer, 63 esophagectomies for esophageal cáncer, 90 ...
Are fish able to feel the heat from chiles? No, fish do not have the pain receptors (like birds), that mammals have allowing them to feel the heat. Many species of fish, like koi and other colorful fish, are feed food with chile in it to keep their colors bright. What is a New Mexico Green Chile?
The mobile country code resource guide gives you the Chile mobile code and shows you how to call a Chile cell phone from Zanzibar.
There are 230 calories in 1 cup (8.6 oz) of Juanitas Chile Colorado (Beef & Red Chile), canned. Youd need to walk 60 minutes to burn 230 calories. Visit CalorieKing to see calorie count and nutrient data for all portion sizes.
Exports to Chile in China decreased to 694740 USD THO in February from 1263609 USD THO in January of 2017. Exports to Chile in China averaged 1078662.86 USD THO from 2014 until 2017, reaching an all time high of 1293716 USD THO in December of 2016 and a record low of 617563 USD THO in February of 2014. This page includes a chart with historical data for China Exports - Chile.
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... Retail tissue is at a relatively mature stage in Chile. The large supply and the variety of different - Market research report and industry analysis - 12359607
✱ 4.131 Hotels in Chile - Lowest Price Guarantee ► Travel video about destination Chile. Chile was given its name by the Incas who
Dikhabarkan Proton akan melancarkan semula modelnya di Chile pada Sabtu ini selepas hampir dua dekad pasaran di sana terhenti, laporan Bernama. Duta Malaysia di Chile, Datuk Dr Mohamad Rameez Yahaya berkata Proton akan membawa masuk 1,000 unit model terpilih iaitu Preve, Exora dan Saga ke dalam pasaran Chile dan
Northern Chile was hit by a magnitude 7.6 earthquake late Wednesday, prompting a new evacuation of coastal areas almost exactly 24 hours after an even stronger temblor caused at least six deaths.
The meeting took place in the building of the National Tourism Service, in Santiago de Chile, on June 6, 2017 from 18:45 till 21:16 (UTC-4). The participants were experts and representatives of partner institutions in GLAM and education areas. We recived answers from 29 invites of which 15 confirmed arrival but finally 8 attended. Also 6 Wikipedians attended, playing the roles of facilitator (1), secretaries (2) and assistants on media recording and general organization (3).. The activity started at 18:45 (UTC-4) with a short lecture given by Marco Correa, Chair of WMCL and Strategy coordinator for the Spanish-speaking communities. The presentation was focused on the challenges of the Wikimedia movement towards 2030 and an explanation of the 2030 strategy process. The discussion was divided in two main blocks. In the first one, the participants discussed the future of free knowledge, trying to answer the questions:. ...
With their distinctive logo now flying on the shirts of a Chilean football club, Nanjing based CCGrass, the largest producer of artificial turf in the world, is seeing business go from strength to strength in football obsessed South America, and for good reason.. Managed by Carlos Encinas, a former player with Colo-Colo, regarded as the most successful club of Chilean football, playing in the Chilean Primera División from which they have never been relegated, Deportes Melipilla chose the CCGrass product Stemgrass for their new pitch.. Based in a commune in the Santiago Metropolitan Region of the same name, Deportes Melipilla was founded on January 24, 1992, as a successor to Club Deportivo Soinca Bata. This year has so far been great for the club, with defeats of all rivals and hopes for promotion to the first division.. Synthetic grass is very common in Chile, especially in the more southern regions where it is rainy and cold, meaning maintainance of natural grass can be expensive.. With a ...
The HidroAysen Project is the most ambitious dam proposal in the history of Chile. The Natural Resources Defense Council, International Rivers, and Chilean partners Ecosistemas and Chile Ambiente, are leading the Patagonia Without Dams Campaign. The proposed project threatens every river in Chilean Patagonia from future damming. The HidroAysen project, along with proposing the construction of 5 dams on 2 of Patagonias most pristine rivers, the Pascua and Baker, plans on building a 2000 km high-voltage transmission line North to Santiago, creating the worlds longest clear-cut. The proposed dams would flood rare temperate rainforests and some of Patagonias best ranching lands. The rainforest areas that the dams and transmission lines would eliminate do not exist anywhere else on the planet. Along with altering Chiles environment from the South to the Central Valley, the project threatens future damming of other rivers in Patagonia. Once the transmission line is in place, rivers such as the ...
The PLATINO Group also includes Alexander Corcho-Berdugo MD and Francisco-Franco-Marina MD, Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias, Mèxico City, Mèxico; Pedro Curi Hallal MD, Universidade Federal de Pelotas, Pelotas, Brazil; and Carmen Lisboa, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile. The coordinators of the spirometry teams were Fernanda W Rosa, Aquiles Camelier MD, Oliver Nascimento, Elisa Sánchez-Gallèn, Abigail Guzmán, Marcela Araya, and Dolores Moreno MD. Principal investigators were Adriana Muiño MD and María Victorina López MD, Universidad de la Repúlica, Montevideo, Uruguay; María Montes de Oca MD and Carlos Tálamo MD, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela; Jose Roberto B Jardim, Universidade Federal de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil; Gonzalo Valdivia MD and Julio Pertuzé, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile, and Rogelio Pérez-Padilla. ...
The police have cracked down hard on demonstrators in the southern Chilean region of Aysén, who have been protesting the areas isolation and high local prices of fuel and food for the past two weeks.
Analysis of clinical isolates of Vibrio parahaemolyticus from outbreaks in Chile in the cities of Puerto Montt in 2004 and Antofagasta in 1998 indicated that 23 of 24 isolates from Puerto Montt and 19 of 20 from Antofagasta belonged to the pandemic c ...
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Elemental composition of airborne particulate matter from Santiago City, Chile, 1976. . Biblioteca virtual para leer y descargar libros, documentos, trabajos y tesis universitarias en PDF. Material universiario, documentación y tareas realizadas por universitarios en nuestra biblioteca. Para descargar gratis y para leer online.
Via BMJ Group Blogs: Suchita Shah: Everywhere, but not a drop to drink: water shortage in Santiago, Chile. Excerpt: I turn on the kitchen tap but no water flows. Surprised, and a little confused, I go to the bathroom-nothing. The...
From Santiagos historical centre to a celebrated nearby winery, this captivating stopover shows you the wealth of contrasts and vibrant places that exist in Chiles capital.
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When to change the clock in Chile - Santiago in year 2000. Details about the exact time of when to turn clocks forward or back for daylight saving time (spring forward/fall back) or time zone changes.
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Salmonid invasions are currently recognized as one of the main threats to the conservation of freshwater ecosystems in Patagonia. Although a number of salmonid species have been introduced to Patagoni
DURHAM, N.C. - Raphael H. Valdivia, PhD, has been appointed the new vice dean for basic science for the Duke University School of Medicine. Valdivia will begin his service as vice dean on July 1, 2014, when current Vice Dean for Basic Science Sally Kornbluth, PhD, becomes provost.. As vice dean for basic science, Valdivia will serve as a liaison between the Deans office and the basic science community. His duties will include oversight of the biomedical graduate programs in the School of Medicine, the postdoc office, animal care and compliance programs, School of Medicine core facilities, and research lab space utilization.. Valdivia is an associate professor in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology. He also serves as director of graduate studies for the department and as director of the Center for the Genomics of Microbial Systems. Both of those leadership roles will transition to new directors this summer.. Valdivia received his PhD from Stanford University in 1997 and ...
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The search of morphological patterns of nasal profile using traditional morphometrics has been the goal of several studies aiming to orient therapeutical planning and forensic techniques such as facial reconstruction. The present study aims to find and describe such patterns with geometric morphometric tools in a sample of Chilean population with geometric morphometric tools. We used the lateral X-rays of 156 individuals (men and women) and 14 landmarks in bone and soft tissues. Procrustes analysis was performed followed by principal component analysis to assess general shape variation, regression of shape components against centroid size to study to allometric effect and discriminant analysis by sex with cross-validation test. Our results show the lack of shape patterns, and that the size, followed by sex, explains within a limited scope the shape changes which suggests the presence of uncontrolled variables and a high effect of inter-individual variation. In general terms bigger profiles, more ...
The program is made up of three weeks of classes with an intensive orientation beforehand. CIEE classes are designed to follow U.S. academic culture and standards. Each course is a full semester in content, so the pace is accelerated, and the workload is demanding. Heavy emphasis is placed on student participation. Students should expect an average of two hours of preparation required for each hour in class. The class environment typically features a combination of traditional lecture and discussion with co-curricular excursions and activities. Class attendance is strictly enforced both for classes and required co-curricular excursions. To avoid falling behind, students should not plan personal travel out of Santiago when classes are in session. ...
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Resolution 399/2018 was granted taking into account the thousands of Chileans infected by hepatitis C and the barrier to treating them all with the required drugs that is marketed in Chile at an unaffordable price by Gilead.. The hepatitis C treatment with sofosbuvir, because of the price, until last year was excluded from the publicly funded drugs provided by the Ministry of Health. And after a big campaign from patients, it was included, but only for 350 patients, excluding the thousands of others in need.. After President Piñera took office, and with the swinging from a left-oriented government to one on the right, Gilead and Pharma displayed a number of lobbying efforts, ranging from expensive law firms in Chile to calls to foreign governments, to invalidate the declaration of public health need for a compulsory licence.. Among these efforts, Gilead lawyers presented a reconsideration request to the Ministry of Health arguing it did not meet legal grounds, particularly because it was taking ...
Santander Chile has returned to the Swiss bond market to raise CHF150m ($159m), according to people familiar with the transaction. The 2019 bond represents the Chilean lenders third-ever CHF issuance, and priced at 99.915 with a 1.750% coupon to yield 1.725%, or mid-swaps plus 75bp. UBS managed Tuesdays sale, rated Aa3/A+. Santander Chile previously raised CHF150m in the Swiss bond market in March, pricing a 2017 bond at Swiss Libor+100bp ...
Greenpeace Chile activists aboard inflatables hold banners reading Stop Plundering Our Ocean and confront the FV Margiris super trawler (aka Abel Tasman) in the Port of Valparaiso, Chile. According to the UN, the global industrial fishing fleet is 2.5 times too big for fish stocks to sustain. Yet Parlevliet & Van der Plas, the Dutch company that owns Margiris, receives subsidies from European Union.
Greenpeace Chile activists aboard inflatables hold banners reading Out Super Trawlers and confront the FV Margiris super trawler (aka Abel Tasman) in the Port of Valparaiso, Chile. According to the UN, the global industrial fishing fleet is 2.5 times too big for fish stocks to sustain. Yet Parlevliet & Van der Plas, the Dutch company that owns Margiris, receives subsidies from European Union.
Entrepreneurs in a remote region of Chile are taking their businesses to the next level with support from TechnoServes Potencia Patagonia program.
In the 5th Region, located in central Chile, infrastructure projects are being implemented in order to increase the capacity to treat and dispose of sewage. In order to analyse the sludge management alternatives the ORWARE model was used. The research project was divided in two stages: in the first stage, the sewage and sludge management strategies to be compared as well as the objectives were established. The management alternatives chosen were for chemical or biological treatment of sewage while for sludge the management alternatives were based on digestion, composting or lime stabilisation. The second stage included simulation and analysis of results. The main conclusions of the work were: if lowest possible emissions is the main objective of sewage treatment, biological treatment should be applied. Regarding pathogen reduction, both chemical precipitation and biological treatment attain an adequate reduction if the treated sewage is to be discharged to the sea. On the other hand, additional ...
Nace la banda a mediados del 93 en un trabajo de hacer un grupo punk con empapado de pop, blues y rock a..billy. Fue un trabajo arduo que significó estar encerrados en un caserón en avenida España durante más de un año y medio con todas las vicisitudes que puede tener un grupo under con un déficit económico evidente. El año 95 es escogido para participar en el disco Corazón Aquí 2 con el tema Síndrome Camboya. Por esas fechas sale de su reclusión obligada y sube a los primeros escenarios a mostrar un repertorio de más de una docena de temas empapados de punk, blues y rock and roll. Ese año firma un contrato con la multinacional BMG que se encarga de sacar dos placas llamadas Los Peores de Chile y Trece Mordiscos de Amor. Cuando se empezaba a trabajar en el segundo disco de la banda, una crisis interna hace que tres de sus miembros decidan abandonar el grupo y el disco Trece Mordiscos de Amor se lleva a cabo con nuevos miembros. Durante el tiempo en funcionamiento de la banda fue ...
Mr. Singh, who visits Chile at the invitation of the Government, will travel to Santiago and Antofagasta, where he will meet with Government officials and representatives of civil society organizations, including non-governmental organizations.. The human rights expert will also visit schools at various levels, as well as higher education establishment, to meet with educators, academics, students and teachers representatives.. On 4 April 2016 at 12:00 pm, the Special Rapporteur will hold a press conference at the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Celso Furtado Room, to share with the media his preliminary observations on the visit. Access to the press conference is strictly limited to journalists.. A comprehensive report to the UN Human Rights Council will present the development of the visit, with findings and recommendations.. Mr. Kishore Singh (India), the Special Rapporteur on the right to education since August 2010, is a professor specialized in ...
All about visiting Santiago: when to go to Santiago, weather, transportation, administrative formalities… Your trip to Santiago with Air France.
All about visiting Santiago: when to go to Santiago, weather, transportation, administrative formalities… Your trip to Santiago with Air France.
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WASHINGTON - Remains of meals that included seaweed are helping confirm the date of a settlement in southern Chile that may offer the earliest evidence of humans in the Americas. The prevailing theory has been that people followed herds of migrating animals across an ancient land bridge between Siberia and Alaska, and then moved southward along the West coast. There is a continuous mountain chain along the western side of the Americas, Dillehay explained in a briefing, with thousands of rivers and streams flowing down the mountains to the ocean. Other food remains found there include vegetables, nuts, shellfish, an extinct species of llama and an elephant-like animal called a gomphothere.
The five 1250 HC cranes used at two mining projects in Chile have one of the highest lifting capacities of any tower cranes in Latin America
SANTIAGO Health authorities in Chile have for the first time in decades found a specimen of the mosquito species responsible for spreading the Zika virus and say more are likely to appear. Chile eradicated the Aedes aegypti mosquito species in 1961 on its mainland and the World Health Organization has said it does not expect the Zika virus to spread to the country. The mosquito specimen was found dead in a home in the city of Arica, located some 1,033 miles (1,663 kms) north of capital city Santiago in the Atacama desert next to the border with Peru, health authorities said.
VASQUEZ, Osvaldo et al. The relationships between Chlorophyll-A and oceanographic variables in the periglacial area of the Seno Gallegos (Cordillera Darwin, Chile): under winter conditions . Anales Instituto Patagonia (Chile) [online]. 2012, vol.40, n.1, pp.139-151. ISSN 0718-686X. The relationships between chlorophyll a concentration, physical-chemical variables (temperature, salinity, density, total suspended particulate matter) and nutrients (silicate, nitrate, nitrite and phosphate) were determined in the marine periglacial area of the Gallegos sound (54° 2858S - 69° 5055W) in August 2010 (austral winter). Twelve stations were studied out directly from the glacier edge to mouth of the sound. At each station, a CTD was deployed and water samples were collected. The water tempera-tures ranged from 3.74 to 6.55 °C, the salinity from 28.39 to 30.14 psu and chlorophyll a concentrations varied from 0.24 to 2.69 mg m-3; the total ...
Chile is a country of drinkers. According to the World Health Organization, in 2015 Chile consumed the most alcohol per capita of any country in Latin America. This high consumption, and high cultural acceptance is worth diving into a little bit. First, as a wine and pisco (grape liquor) producing country, social drinking is a…
Biobío River, river in south-central Chile. It rises in the Icalma and Galletué lakes in the Andes on Chiles eastern border and flows generally northwestward to enter the Pacific Ocean near Concepción after a course of 240 miles (380 km). After crossing the fertile Central Valley, it forms the
Host Brazil survived a scare against South American rival Chile in the World Cups round of 16, winning 3-2 on penalties after the match finished 1-1 after extra time. Gonzalo Jara hit the post on Chiles last penalty.
WASHINGTON -- Democratic governors and members of Congress on Tuesday called for comprehensive health care reform, saying the present health care system is financially destroying states and the American people. Gov. Lawton Chiles joined Democratic big guns from around the country in launching a political offensive on the issue. They seized the occasion of President Bush`s absence from the country for the Middle East peace talks to accuse his administration of neglecting Americans. ``We`re saying, Mr. President, will you come to the table? Will you sit down with us?`` Chiles said.
Peace Corps Online | September 16, 1998: Headlines: COS - Chile: University Education: Biology: Ecology: Evolution: Frogs: Acoustical Society of America: Frog Communication by Chile RPCV Peter M. Narins published in Scientific American
Data and research on public governance including budgeting, public expenditure, public-private partnerships (PPPs), public sector innovation, public employment and public finances., Public procurement is a critical element of sound governance and countries implement diverse tools and strategies to increase its efficiency and cost effectiveness. Framework agreements, in particular, aggregating public demand and streamlining procurement processes are increasingly used by central purchasing bodies in OECD countries. This report examines the use of framework agreements and their developments in Chile, benchmarked against the practices in other OECD countries. Implementation of framework agreements in Chile have provided business opportunities to a growing number of suppliers and a wide variety of goods and services to public entities. Yet, the steady increase of the number of suppliers and contract management activities now question the sustainability and the effeciency of the system. This report
Estimates of macrofaunal secondary production and normalized biomass size-spectra (NBSS) were constructed for macrobenthic communities associated with the oxygen minimum zone (OMZ) in four areas of the continental margin off Chile. The presence of low oxygen conditions in the Humboldt Current System (HCS) off Chile was shown to have important effects on the size structure and secondary production of the benthic communities living in this ecosystem. The distribution of normalized biomass by size was linear (log2log2 scale) at all stations. The slope of the NBSS ranged from -0.481 to-0.908. There were significant differences between the slopes of the NBS-spectra from the stations located in the OMZ (slope = - 0.837) and those located outside the OMZ(slope = - 0.463) (p , 0.05). The results of this study suggest that low oxygen conditions (, 0.5 ml L-1) appear to influence biomass size-spectra, because small organisms are better able to satisfy their metabolic demands. The annual secondary ...
Aberdeen Chile technical analysis with regression statistics. Aberdeen Chile Fund Inc is United States Stock traded on American Stock Exchange
Uses cost of living, purchasing power, safety, pollution, climate, traffic and other available information collected about Chile to show information about quality of life in Chile.
... was last measured at 0.32 in 2013, according to the World Bank. Carbon dioxide damage is estimated to be $20 per ton of carbon (the unit damage in 1995 U.S. dollars) times the number of tons of carbon emitted.This page has the latest values, historical data, forecasts, charts, statistics, an economic calendar and news for Adjusted savings: carbon dioxide damage (% of GNI) in Chile.
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... recipe: Try this Chile Verde, (Carne De Puerco En Chile Verde (Pork with Green Chile) recipe, or contribute your own.
Where to Purchase Raspberry Ketones in Chile. Purchase Raspberry Ketones online in official website from Chile with cheap price, Buy Raspberry Ketones capsules / tablets online in Chile
W Apt. University of Chile, Santiago, Chile. Chapter Outline. Introduction 751. Drugs which inhibit protein or purine synthesis 752 Inhibitors of ergoesterol 753 Ofloxacine 755. Inhibitors of trypanothione metabolism 756 Inhibitors of cysteine protease (CPI) 758 Inhibitors of phospholipids 758 Inhibitors of pyrophosphate metabolism 758 Natural drugs 759 Other drugs 760. Treatment of human infection 760. Current drug therapy 760 Acute cases 762 Congenital infection 762 Accidental Chagas disease 764 Organ transplants 764. Reactivations of chronic Chagas disease and treatment of Chagas disease in immunosuppressed patients 764. Evaluation and follow-up of specific therapy 765 Resistance of T. cruzi to drugs 765 Critical comments 766 Glossary 767 References 767. Introduction. Chagas disease has existed for at least 9000 years. Of the desiccated human mummies from coastal valley sites in northern Chile and Peru, 41% were found to be positive by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and hybridization probes ...
An epidemiologic and seroprevalence survey was conducted (n=830) to assess proportion of persons exposed to hantavirus in IX Region Chile, which accounts for 25% of reported cases of hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome. This region has three geographic areas with different disease incidences and a high proportion of aboriginals. Serum samples were tested for immunoglobulin (Ig) G antibodies by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay against Sin Nombre virus N antigen by strip immunoblot assay against Sin Nombre, Puumala, Río Mamoré, and Seoul N antigens. Samples from six patients were positive for IgG antibodies reactive with Andes virus; all patients lived in the Andes Mountains. Foresting was also associated with seropositivity; but not sex, age, race, rodent exposure, or farming activities. Exposure to hantavirus varies in different communities of IX Region. Absence of history of pneumonia or hospital admission in persons with specific IgG antibodies suggests that infection is clinically inapparent.
Eudyptes chrysolophus breeds in at least 258 colonies at c. 55 breeding sites (Crossin et al. 2013), including southern Chile, the Falkland Islands (Malvinas), South Georgia (Georgia del Sur) and the South Sandwich Islands (Islas Sandwich del Sur), the South Orkney and South Shetland Islands, Bouvet Island (to Norway), Prince Edward and Marion Islands (South Africa), Crozet Islands, Kerguelen Islands (French Southern Territories), Heard and McDonald Islands (to Australia) and very locally on the Antarctic Peninsula.. Important populations exist at Isles Crozet (2.2 million pairs, including 1 million on Iles des Pingouins), Kerguelen (1.8 million pairs), Heard Island (1 million pairs), South Georgia (1 million pairs) and Marion Island (290,000 pairs). The population in the Patagonian Shelf region is estimated at 25,000 breeding pairs (Oehler et al. 2008, Kirkwood et al. 2007, Crossin et al. 2013). The Falkland Islands (Malvinas) population is estimated at no more than 1000 individuals (Stanworth ...
This study is a phase II, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled evaluation of intravenous methylprednisolone versus placebo in treatment of hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome (HCPS). Patients with suspected or known hantavirus will be randomized to receive intravenous methylprednisolone or placebo over 3 days. Following the completion of this acute phase therapy, patients will be seen for follow up visits on days 14, 28, 84 and 6 months after study entry. Follow up visits will include a physical examination, including vital signs. In addition, blood will be drawn for a blood count, clinical chemistries, and quantitative polymerase chain reaction (day 14). Since Hantavirus pathogenesis involves the pulmonary system, other tests to be performed include chest x ray (day 28) and spirometry (days 28 and 180). The study will require 60 subjects with confirmed Hantavirus infection. Study subjects will include males and females greater than or equal to 2 years of age suspected of having ...
This dissertation examined the student discipline policies of 1,025 Texas school districts, as well as data from the Texas Education Agencys Academic Excellence Indicator System in order to identify demographic patterns regarding corporal punishment policies in Texas schools. the study also studied the relationship between a districts corporal punishment policy and student achievement. the dissertation utilized legal research methods and document analysis as its research methodology. Document analysis was the primary methodology used to answer the research questions whereby individual school district policies were identified and classified based on a number of demographic characteristics as well as the variations in corporal punishment policies among the various districts. the results of the study found that although more Texas school districts permit corporal punishment than have banned the practice, 60 percent of Texas school children go to school in districts where corporal punishment is not
References. Mehrotra R, Thomas S, Nair P, Pandya S, Singh M, Nigam NS, Shukla P. Prevalence of oral soft tissue lesions in Vidisha. BMC Res Notes. 2010 Jan;3:23. doi: 10.1186/1756-0500-3-23. [ Links ] Bánóczy J, Rigó O, Albrecht M. Prevalence study of tongue lesions in a Hungarian population. Community Dent Oral Epidemiol. 1993 Aug;21(4):224-6. [ Links ] Espinoza I, Rojas R, Aranda W, Gamonal J. Prevalence of oral mucosal lesions in elderly people in Santiago, Chile. J Oral Pathol Med. 2003 Nov;32(10):571-5. [ Links ] Marocchio LS, Lima J, Sperandio FF, Corrêa L, Souza SOM. Oral squamous cell carcinoma: an analysis of 1,564 cases showing advances in early detection. J Oral Sci. 2010 Jun;52(2):267-73. [ Links ] Saini R, Al-Maweri AA, Saini D, Ismail NM, Ismail AR. Oral mucosal lesions in non oral habit diabetic patients and association of diabetes mellitus with oral precancerous lesions. Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 2010 Sep;89(3):320-6. [ Links ] Güleç AT, Haberal M. Lip and oral mucosal ...
Treatment and control There is no treatment once fish are infected.,ref name="WikiVet"/, ISA is a major threat to the viability of salmon farming and is now the first of the diseases classified on List One of the European Commissions fish health regime. Amongst other measures, this requires the total eradication of the entire fish stock should an outbreak of the disease be confirmed on any farm. The economic and social consequences of both the disease and the measures used to control it are thus very far reaching. Infectious salmon anemia is currently regarded as a serious threat not only to farmed Atlantic salmon, but also to dwindling stocks of wild Atlantic salmon. Recent research involving a multi-year study of wild Atlantic salmon from North America shows that infected salmon that survive infection generate antibodies against the virus.,ref,Antibody against infectious salmon anaemia virus among feral Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar),/ref, Work is now underway to develop a vaccine against ISA. ...

Equality Party (Chile) - WikipediaEquality Party (Chile) - Wikipedia

The Equality Party (Partido Igualdad) is a political party in Chile. It was founded in 2009 by various social movements of ... Radio Universidad de Chile. "Igualdad: nuevo partido político popular". 28 December 2009. Retrieved 17 October 2013.. ... Notes:123Numbers denote party membership of Political Coalitions, 1 is for the New Majority, 2 is for Chile Vamos, 3 is for the ... Retrieved from "" ...
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Retrieved from "" ...
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Chile International Travel InformationChile International Travel Information

If traveling with prescription medication, check with the government of Chile to ensure the medication is legal in Chile. ... See the Department of States Fact Sheet on Chile for information on U.S.-Chile relations. ... Travel on Diplomatic or Official Passports: U.S. citizens traveling to or through Chile on diplomatic or official passports are ... Santiago, Chile. Telephone: +(56)(2) 2330-3000. Emergency After-Hours Telephone: +(56)(2) 2330-3000. Emergency Working-Hours ...
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Recipes - Chicken Chile SoupRecipes - Chicken Chile Soup

You could easily substitute roasted, peeled and chopped fresh chiles for the canned, or canned diced jalapenos for all or some ... of the chiles. This would also work well with shredded thigh meat. For those of you with a crockpot, Ive also included a slow ...
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Chile, Argentina and BrazilChile, Argentina and Brazil

The capital of Chile, Santiago lies in a lovely setting beneath the majestic Andes and is a city of wide boulevards and ... Chiles rippling vines, the cascading Iguaçú Falls spilling into Argentina and Brazil, the imposing statue of Christ in Rio and ... Wine production is an important industry in Chile and a drive through dramatic mountain ranges and the colourful orchards and ...
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This is how our target market will get around when they are in Chile. • In Chile, cabs very expensive & sketchy, Buss crowded ... More than 3.6 million foreigners visit Chile spending nearly 2 billion USD/year (Roughly 4% of Chiles GDP)Average Foreign ... ... of all foreign travelers to Chile are Adventure seekers Approximately 3.6 million foreign travelers to Chile/year .07*3.6 ...
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France and ChileFrance and Chile

Website of the French Embassy in Chile. Economic and trade relations. Frances role in Chile is in keeping with its economic ... are listed in Santiago and Sodexo is one of the top five private employers in Chile (19,000 employees). Chile is our second- ... Owing to Chiles stature in the global supply of copper (accounting for almost one-third of global production and over a third ... Chile is a historic partner of France in the field of innovative financing for development. France provides the permanent ...
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2009 Human Rights Report: Chile2009 Human Rights Report: Chile

Chile is a multiparty democracy with a population of approximately 16 million. On December 13, in free and fair elections ... Operation Condor was a 1970s intelligence-sharing operation among South American dictatorships that included Chile and ...
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resistencias en chile, piñeira, crisis chile, santiago de chile, protestas Topics: protestas chile, chile, chile crisis, ... Topics: Tales -- Chile, Folklore -- Chile, Legends -- Chile, CUENTOS POPULARES -- CHILE, Volkserzählung,.... ... Topics: Industrial relations -- Chile -- History, Working class -- Chile, Labor movement -- Chile, Labor --.... ... Reporte de Ana Karina Delgado para Poriajhú desde Chile.. Topic: Chile. ...
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Chiles Test | The New YorkerChile's Test | The New Yorker

... the extent of the destruction caused by the earthquake in Chile is becoming somewhat clearer. As many as two million of its ... The troops, for some, are an unsettling reminder that, for the first time since the return of democracy, Chile is about to have ... Two days on, the extent of the destruction caused by the earthquake in Chile is becoming somewhat clearer. As many as two ... All of Chiles presidents since 1990, including Bachelet, have been members of the center-left coalition Concertacion ...
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WHO | Zika virus infection - ChileWHO | Zika virus infection - Chile

... the National IHR Focal Point of Chile notified PAHO/WHO of a confirmed case of sexual transmission of Zika virus; this is the ... Health authorities in Chile are taking the following measures:. *conducting social risk communication on safer sexual practices ... On 26 March 2016, the National IHR Focal Point of Chile notified PAHO/WHO of a confirmed case of sexual transmission of Zika ... WHO does not recommend any travel or trade restriction to Chile based on the current information available. ...
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OECD Territorial Reviews: Chile - OECDOECD Territorial Reviews: Chile - OECD

This report recommends that Chile move towards a territorial approach to development in order to better adapt public management ... policy advice and research on Chile including economy, education, employment, environment, health, tax, trade, GDP, ... The OECD Territorial Review of Chile recommends for Chile a stronger regional approach to economic development in order to ... Chiles economy has strengthened over the last 20 years. Yet, to date Chilean regions have not fully utilised their assets and ...
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Chiles RellenosChiles Rellenos

Lay a layer of 5 chile halves and sprinkle 1/2 cup of cheese on top. Repeat with another layer of chiles and cheese. In a bowl ... Pour them over the chiles in the baking dish. Place the baking dish into a rimmed baking sheet and fill it with 1/2 inch of ... Then lay your whole chile peppers on a cutting board and slice them in half and pat them dry with a paper towel. ... Bake for 35 to 45 minutes until the chiles rellenos are completely set. Serve with warm tortillas or eat as a sandwhich with 2 ...
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... the clear heat of red chiles, rustic ham in honey sauce and meats braised with aromatic ... Silvery inch-long dried fish, with slivered red and green chiles, are deliciously salty and--if you eat the chiles--blazingly ... Among the best dishes is a casserole of huge, creamy chunks of tofu and pork in a rich brown sauce flecked with chiles and ... chiles and green onions. My friend Andy was so taken with this spectacular dish that he requested another order to go. ...
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Concepcion, Chile - Baltimore SunConcepcion, Chile - Baltimore Sun

Chile, on Saturday after an 8.8-magnitude quake struck central Chile. The epicenter was about 60 miles from Concepcion, Chile& ... Residents look at a collapsed building in Concepcion, Chile, on Saturday after an 8.8-magnitude quake struck central Chile. The ... Residents look at a collapsed building in Concepcion, Chile, on Saturday after an 8.8-magnitude quake struck central Chile. The ... epicenter was about 60 miles from Concepcion, Chiles second-largest city. ...
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Chile is nature on a colossal scale, but travel here is surprisingly easy if you dont rush it. ... Explore Chile holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. , ... In Chile, adventure is what happens on the way to having an adventure. Pedal the chunky gravel of the Carretera Austral and end ... Yet for now, Chile guards some of the most pristine parts of our planet, and they shouldnt be missed. ...
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IBM Informix Advanced Enterprise Edition acelera el rendimiento de su almacén de datos con una velocidad increíble y una escalabilidad inigualable.
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The pensions not-quite miracle - ChileThe pensions not-quite miracle - Chile

In Chile, as elsewhere, women tend to earn less, are more often out of work as they bring up children, and then, to cap all ... CHILE is the free-market miracle of Latin America, is it not? That is what its boosters were telling the 30-plus heads of ... Also notably at risk are the 1.6m self-employed in Chiles 5.7m workforce. Most of them do not contribute to a pension fund. So ... Nor are these the only people who have recently beaten a path to Chiles door. Admirers have come from all over the world to ...
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On public education in Chile  - OECDOn public education in Chile - OECD

In 2011 the Social Movement for Public Education led the biggest demonstrations since Pinochets dictatorship in Chile. Since ... policy advice and research on Chile including economy, education, employment, environment, health, tax, trade, GDP, ... On public education in Chile In 2011 the Social Movement for Public Education led the biggest demonstrations since Pinochets ... OECD Home ChileOn public education in Chile Chile. #heading { display: none; } ...
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... budget hotels and Chile hotel deals. Read the reviews and book. ... The best hotels in Chile, chosen by our expert, including ... Best hotels in Chile. The best hotels in Chile, chosen by our expert, including luxury hotels, boutique hotels, budget hotels ... Matetic is famous for producing some of Chiles best organic and biodynamic wines, but its La Casona boutique hotel is also ... Occupying a former cold storage warehouse on a remote fjord, the Singular is an architectural landmark and one of Chiles most ...
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Chile - United States Department of StateChile - United States Department of State

U.S.-Chile Relations Chile, one of the United States strongest partners in Latin America, has maintained a robust democracy ... From 1973 to 1990, Chile was ruled by a military government that came to power in a coup. The U.S. Government applauded and ... The U.S.-Chile FTA eliminates tariffs, reduces barriers to trade in services, provides protection for intellectual property, ... supported the rebirth of democratic practices in Chile in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Providing U.S. citizen services, ...
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Chepu travel | Chile - Lonely PlanetChepu travel | Chile - Lonely Planet

Explore Chepu holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | Previously difficult to access and lacking infrastructure, Chepu, the northern sector of Parque Nacional Chiloé, 38km southwest from Ancud, remains Chiloés sanctuary of pristine beauty. Arriving here gives you a sense of discovery. Youll find stunning coastline, gorgeous rivers and 128 bird species. While totally untapped by mass tourism thus far, the recent paving of 5km of the road from Ruta 5 suggests it might not stay this way forever.Chepus masterpiece is a breathtaking spot overlooking the confluence of three rivers and 140 sq km of sunken forest (a phenomena created by by the 1960 Valdivia earthquake, which sunk the ground some 2m, allowing salt water to enter the area and kill the trees) - best seen at dawn on a serene kayak trip originally dreamed up Fernando Claude and Amory Uslar, two delightful, forward-thinking Santiago escapees who pioneered ecotourism in the area. Bring supplies - Chepu is rural!
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San Vicente | Chile | Britannica.comSan Vicente | Chile |

San Vicente: …outport of Talcahuano, Huachipato, and San Vicente with Concepción. San Vicente is both a resort and a source of fresh and preserved seafood for Santiago, the nations capital, 260 miles (420 km) northeast. The Huachipato steel mill (operational since 1950), a petroleum refinery (1966), and the San Vicente chemical complex…
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Category:Pasilla chile - Wikimedia CommonsCategory:Pasilla chile - Wikimedia Commons

The Pasilla chile or chile negro is the dried form of the chilaca chili pepper, a long long and narrow member of species ... Media in category "Pasilla chile". The following 9 files are in this category, out of 9 total. ... rich-flavored chile. Dried, it is generally 6 to 8 in (15 to 20 cm) long and 1.0 to 1.5 in (2.5 to 4 cm) in diameter. ... Retrieved from "" ...
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  • For this recipe, take that leftover chicken in the fridge (or pick up a rotisserie chicken from the store on your way home) and cook it up with some cubed potatoes, crumbled chorizo, roasted green chiles and and you can put dinner on the table in less than an hour. (
  • Demonstrators take part in a protest demanding an end to profiteering in the education system in Santiago, Chile April 19, 2018. (
  • Chile is bordered by Peru on the extreme north, Bolivia on the north-east, Argentina on the east, and the Pacific Ocean on the south and west. (
  • Argentina, which sits atop the world's No. 2 shale gas reserves, was once a major supplier of natural gas to Chile, but triggered a diplomatic crisis in the mid-2000s by cutting off shipments when its own supplies ran low. (
  • The Atacama Desert is a 600-mile-long (1,000 kilometers) plateau in the north of Chile, near the borders of Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. (
  • Evacuations after volcano alert Jump to media player Officials in Chile and Argentina have ordered the evacuation of areas near the Copahue volcano following a red alert warning of a very high chance of an imminent eruption. (
  • Officials in Chile and Argentina have ordered the evacuation of areas near the Copahue volcano following a red alert warning of a very high chance of an imminent eruption. (
  • Peru has canceled planned talks with Chile at an Asia-Pacific summit and is leaving the meeting a day early over an espionage dispute. (
  • They define the entire eastern boundary of Chile and extend past it northward through Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia and Venezuela. (
  • In the War of the Pacific (1879-83), Chile invaded parts of Peru and Bolivia and kept its present northern regions. (
  • We also try the fried fresh mushrooms with garlic and are treated to a big platter of flat, meaty caps, lightly cloaked in a marvelous dark brown sauce scattered with finely minced carrots, chiles and green onions. (
  • Two days on, the extent of the destruction caused by the earthquake in Chile is becoming somewhat clearer. (
  • Chile earthquake cool night buildings falling over 311 ap. (
  • Northern Chile was hit by a powerful, magnitude 7.6 earthquake late Wednesday, prompting a new evacuation of coastal areas almost exactly 24 hours after an even stronger temblor sparked a small tsunami and caused at least six deaths. (
  • From 1973 to 1990, Chile was ruled by a military government that came to power in a coup. (
  • Since its return to democracy in 1990, Chile has been an active participant in the international political arena. (
  • The period since 1990, when Chile returned to democratic rule, is much more difficult to trace and define. (
  • Having helped his new club claim the Scudetto unbeaten in his very first campaign, as well as being voted into Serie A's best XI, Vidal's next main aim on the international front is to ensure Chile reach Brazil 2014. (
  • Hear from our Chile & Brazil Regional Chair Peter Richards MW on which wines to buy, which wines to leave on the shelf and what to keep an eye on from this year's Decanter World Wine Awards. (
  • France is present in Chile through its Institut français in Santiago and nine Alliances françaises (Antofagasta, La Serena, Viña del Mar, Chillán, Concepción, Valdivia, Osorno, Puerto Montt and Easter Island). (
  • Various indigenous languages are spoken in Chile like Mapudungun (in Araucanía and Bíobío regions), Quechua (in Atacama and Tarapacá regions) and Rapa Nui (in Easter Island), but only between indigenous people, which are less than 5% of the population. (
  • For instance, Aymara, Quechua, and Alcalufe are still common languages in Chile, as is Rapa Nui, which is spoken by locals on Easter Island. (
  • The main drivers of the heavy decline in cigarette volume sales in Chile in 2017 were strong anti-tobacco initiatives from the government, a sharp increase in average unit price per stick, consumer migration from cigarettes to RYO tobacco and a significant increase in illicit trade. (
  • In 2017, newsagent-tobacconists/kiosks remained the leading distribution channel for cigarettes in Chile. (
  • Prior to arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century, northern Chile was under Inca rule while the indigenous Araucanians inhabited central and southern Chile. (
  • Though its biodiversity is not as rich as those of other Latin American countries, Chile has a large proportion of endemic species, isolated by the Andean range. (
  • In January 2013, CDC-Latin American Pertussis Project conducted an initial assessment of the pertussis surveillance system and laboratory capacity in Chile. (
  • In comparison with many other Latin American nations, Chile is a country with a low cost of living, yet it is also known for its good quality of life. (
  • Much like other Latin American countries, Chile is predominantly Catholic. (
  • In this light, multi-level governance and co-ordination arrangements, and mechanisms such as capacity building and strengthened participation schemes, will help raise the legitimacy, coherence and effectiveness of the governance reform process in Chile. (
  • Chile has the lowest level of public enrolment in university of all OECD member countries and, before the reform of the education system, public education in Chile looked doomed. (
  • More than 3.6 million foreigners visit Chile spending nearly 2 billion USD/year (Roughly 4% of Chile's GDP)Average Foreign Tourist has both high income and a high level of education Adventure Seekers: travelers who pursue outdoor activities. (
  • Some play a key role in Chile's economy: two Engie subsidiaries (E-CL and Aguas Andinas) are listed in Santiago and Sodexo is one of the top five private employers in Chile (19,000 employees). (
  • Residents look at a collapsed building in Concepcion, Chile, on Saturday after an 8.8-magnitude quake struck central Chile. (
  • As days grow shorter and there's a noticeable nip to the air, i find myself longing for Hunanese cooking--the clear heat of red chiles, rustic ham in honey sauce and meats braised with aromatic spices and herbs. (
  • Among the best dishes is a casserole of huge, creamy chunks of tofu and pork in a rich brown sauce flecked with chiles and black beans. (
  • In Chile, close borders foster backyard intimacy - bookended by the Andes and the Pacific, the country averages just 175km wide. (
  • You can get typhoid through contaminated food or water in Chile. (
  • It is recommended that you have the Hepatitis A and typhoid vaccines before travelling to Chile, as these can sometimes be contracted through contaminated water or food. (
  • Red alert for volcano in Chile Jump to media player Authorities in Chile have issued a red alert for the Copahue volcano after seismic activity was detected. (
  • U.S. citizens traveling to or through Chile on diplomatic or official passports are required to obtain a visa before travel. (
  • Chile is nature on a colossal scale, but travel here is surprisingly easy if you don't rush it. (
  • Then lay your whole chile peppers on a cutting board and slice them in half and pat them dry with a paper towel. (
  • The capital of Chile, Santiago lies in a lovely setting beneath the majestic Andes and is a city of wide boulevards and delightful parks and gardens. (
  • The average annual temperature at Antofagasta, in northern Chile, is 17 degrees C. Rainfall is more abundant is the south, and the Central region has a Mediterranean climate. (
  • Greenpeace Chile activists aboard inflatables confront the FV Margiris super trawler (aka 'Abel Tasman') in the Port of Valparaiso, Chile. (
  • Chile has a bicameral Congress, which meets in the port city of Valparaiso, about 140 kilometers (84 mi. (
  • cuya=lesser grison and mapu=land) is a place in Arauco Province of Chile that is 25 kilometers to the southwest of Arauco and about 25 kilometers to the north and east of the port of Lebu to the east of the Bahia del Carnero and 6.4 kilometers west of the small town of Villa Alegre. (
  • We face a catastrophe of such unthinkable magnitude that it will require a giant effort" for Chile to recover, Bachelet told a news conference at the presidential palace, which itself suffered minor cracks in Saturday's magnitude-8.8 quake. (
  • Chile is a multiparty democracy with a population of approximately 16 million. (
  • The troops, for some, are an unsettling reminder that, for the first time since the return of democracy, Chile is about to have a right-wing politician at the helm. (
  • Chile, one of the United States' strongest partners in Latin America, has maintained a robust democracy for the last 29 years including respect for the rule of law and a focus on economic stability, education, environmental protection, human rights, and development. (
  • Providing U.S. citizen services, helping maintain a vibrant, inclusive democracy and a healthy and sustainable economy that benefits all Chileans are among the most important U.S. interests in Chile. (
  • As a commune, Gorbea is a third-level administrative division of Chile administered by a municipal council, headed by an alcalde who is directly elected every four years. (
  • The 2,750 megawatt, $3.2 billion Hidroaysen project has faced an uphill battle against public opinion, as environmental and social groups in Chile increasingly oppose massive energy projects in the world's top copper producer. (
  • Alongside a rich cultural heritage, dazzling landscapes, effervescent urban metropolises and rich cuisine, Chile lays claim to some of the world's most unique hotels . (
  • For us, those aims cannot be waived by making a public policy that is meant to oppose neoliberalism (still hegemonic in Chile) and a new system of public education possible that has democratic engagement at its base. (
  • The U.S. Government applauded and supported the rebirth of democratic practices in Chile in the late 1980s and early 1990s. (
  • Moving towards place based policies in Chile requires a greater involvement of regional actors in planning and coordinating the regional development agenda. (
  • The Japan Football Association is evaluating whether or not Friday's international friendly between Japan and Chile will take place as planned. (
  • There have been large-scale demonstrations in Santiago and other major cities in Chile. (
  • In 2011 the Social Movement for Public Education led the biggest demonstrations since Pinochet's dictatorship in Chile. (
  • Named for its dark, wrinkled skin and pronounced pah-SEE-yah (literally "little raisin"), it is a mild to medium-hot, rich-flavored chile. (
  • Southern Chile is rich in forests and grazing lands and features a string of volcanoes and lakes . (
  • Because it covers many latitudes, Chile has a great diversity of climate. (
  • Chile is a country full of staggering diversity. (
  • Yet, expats in Chile who are not Catholic, or of any faith at all, need not worry: religious diversity is not only respected but protected in Chile. (
  • Men who were sexually abused by a priest in Chile described the private talks they've had so far with Pope Francis at the Vatican as very helpful and respectful Sunday. (
  • Its relationship with Chile is most vibrant and diversified in the cultural, scientific and academic fields. (
  • SANTIAGO, Chile - TWO months ago, Chile became the last country in the Western Hemisphere to legalize divorce. (
  • Discover the latest market trends and uncover sources of future market growth for the Tobacco industry in Chile with research from Euromonitor's team of in-country analysts. (
  • our hostels in Chile are well placed for uncovering all that this mesmerising country has to offer. (
  • Expats living in Chile will generally only have access to FONASA's free healthcare if they are residents or pay taxes in the country. (
  • Whilst Chile has a very European flavour, the colourful traditions of many of the aboriginal cultures are still very much in evidence. (
  • This presentation is a mock report to the Board of Directors on bringing a new water filtration device, Lifestraw, to a new market, Chile. (
  • Chile has progressively adopted an innovative regional perspective through initiatives such as the creation of regional development agencies and a regional innovation fund. (