In current usage, approximately equivalent to personality. The sum of the relatively fixed personality traits and habitual modes of response of an individual.
The relationships of groups of organisms as reflected by their genetic makeup.
The process of cumulative change over successive generations through which organisms acquire their distinguishing morphological and physiological characteristics.
Remains, impressions, or traces of animals or plants of past geological times which have been preserved in the earth's crust.
The restriction of a characteristic behavior, anatomical structure or physical system, such as immune response; metabolic response, or gene or gene variant to the members of one species. It refers to that property which differentiates one species from another but it is also used for phylogenetic levels higher or lower than the species.
The process of cumulative change at the level of DNA; RNA; and PROTEINS, over successive generations.
A composition in prose or verse presenting in dialogue or pantomime a story involving various characters, usually intended to be acted on a stage and to be regarded as a form of entertainment. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
The art, technique, or business of producing motion pictures for entertainment, propaganda, or instruction.
Descriptions of specific amino acid, carbohydrate, or nucleotide sequences which have appeared in the published literature and/or are deposited in and maintained by databanks such as GENBANK, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), National Biomedical Research Foundation (NBRF), or other sequence repositories.
The comparative study of animal structure with regard to homologous organs or parts. (Stedman, 25th ed)
A multistage process that includes cloning, physical mapping, subcloning, determination of the DNA SEQUENCE, and information analysis.
The study of early forms of life through fossil remains.
Written or other literary works whose subject matter is medical or about the profession of medicine and related areas.
Predisposition to react to one's environment in a certain way; usually refers to mood changes.
The outward appearance of the individual. It is the product of interactions between genes, and between the GENOTYPE and the environment.
The intergenic DNA segments that are between the ribosomal RNA genes (internal transcribed spacers) and between the tandemly repeated units of rDNA (external transcribed spacers and nontranscribed spacers).
General name for two extinct orders of reptiles from the Mesozoic era: Saurischia and Ornithischia.
A verbal or nonverbal means of communicating ideas or feelings.
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of genetic processes or phenomena. They include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
The act or practice of literary composition, the occupation of writer, or producing or engaging in literary work as a profession.
A plant family of the order Orchidales, subclass Liliidae, class Liliopsida (monocotyledons). All orchids have the same bilaterally symmetrical flower structure, with three sepals, but the flowers vary greatly in color and shape.
The custard-apple plant family of the order Magnoliales, subclass Magnoliidae, class Magnoliopsida. Some members provide large pulpy fruits and commercial timber. Leaves and wood are often fragrant. Leaves are simple, with smooth margins, and alternately arranged in two rows along the stems.
The systematic arrangement of entities in any field into categories classes based on common characteristics such as properties, morphology, subject matter, etc.
Differential and non-random reproduction of different genotypes, operating to alter the gene frequencies within a population.
The splitting of an ancestral species into daughter species that coexist in time (King, Dictionary of Genetics, 6th ed). Causal factors may include geographic isolation, HABITAT geometry, migration, REPRODUCTIVE ISOLATION, random GENETIC DRIFT and MUTATION.
The sequence of PURINES and PYRIMIDINES in nucleic acids and polynucleotides. It is also called nucleotide sequence.
Character traits that are considered to be morally praiseworthy. (Bioethics Thesaurus)
DNA sequences encoding RIBOSOMAL RNA and the segments of DNA separating the individual ribosomal RNA genes, referred to as RIBOSOMAL SPACER DNA.
The SKELETON of the HEAD including the FACIAL BONES and the bones enclosing the BRAIN.
Deliberate breeding of two different individuals that results in offspring that carry part of the genetic material of each parent. The parent organisms must be genetically compatible and may be from different varieties or closely related species.
The reproductive organs of plants.
A large, subclass of arachnids comprising the MITES and TICKS, including parasites of plants, animals, and humans, as well as several important disease vectors.
A theorem in probability theory named for Thomas Bayes (1702-1761). In epidemiology, it is used to obtain the probability of disease in a group of people with some characteristic on the basis of the overall rate of that disease and of the likelihood of that characteristic in healthy and diseased individuals. The most familiar application is in clinical decision analysis where it is used for estimating the probability of a particular diagnosis given the appearance of some symptoms or test result.
Double-stranded DNA of MITOCHONDRIA. In eukaryotes, the mitochondrial GENOME is circular and codes for ribosomal RNAs, transfer RNAs, and about 10 proteins.
Constituent of the 60S subunit of eukaryotic ribosomes. 28S rRNA is involved in the initiation of polypeptide synthesis in eukaryotes.
The order of amino acids as they occur in a polypeptide chain. This is referred to as the primary structure of proteins. It is of fundamental importance in determining PROTEIN CONFORMATION.
Functions constructed from a statistical model and a set of observed data which give the probability of that data for various values of the unknown model parameters. Those parameter values that maximize the probability are the maximum likelihood estimates of the parameters.
The cactus plant family of the order Caryophyllales, subclass Caryophyllidae, class Magnoliopsida. Cacti are succulent perennial plants well adapted to dry regions.
The science dealing with the earth and its life, especially the description of land, sea, and air and the distribution of plant and animal life, including humanity and human industries with reference to the mutual relations of these elements. (From Webster, 3d ed)
A phylum of fungi which have cross-walls or septa in the mycelium. The perfect state is characterized by the formation of a saclike cell (ascus) containing ascospores. Most pathogenic fungi with a known perfect state belong to this phylum.
Animals that have no spinal column.
The arrangement of two or more amino acid or base sequences from an organism or organisms in such a way as to align areas of the sequences sharing common properties. The degree of relatedness or homology between the sequences is predicted computationally or statistically based on weights assigned to the elements aligned between the sequences. This in turn can serve as a potential indicator of the genetic relatedness between the organisms.
The use of mind to cure disease, particularly physical illness.
The total process by which organisms produce offspring. (Stedman, 25th ed)
The ceasing of existence of a species or taxonomic groups of organisms.
Constituent of the 40S subunit of eukaryotic ribosomes. 18S rRNA is involved in the initiation of polypeptide synthesis in eukaryotes.
Artificial device such as an externally-worn camera attached to a stimulator on the RETINA, OPTIC NERVE, or VISUAL CORTEX, intended to restore or amplify vision.
Members of the phylum Arthropoda, composed of organisms having a hard, jointed exoskeleton and paired jointed legs. It includes the class INSECTS and the subclass ARACHNIDA, many species of which are important medically as parasites or as vectors of organisms capable of causing disease in man.
Coloration or discoloration of a part by a pigment.
Any detectable and heritable change in the genetic material that causes a change in the GENOTYPE and which is transmitted to daughter cells and to succeeding generations.
Microscopy in which the object is examined directly by an electron beam scanning the specimen point-by-point. The image is constructed by detecting the products of specimen interactions that are projected above the plane of the sample, such as backscattered electrons. Although SCANNING TRANSMISSION ELECTRON MICROSCOPY also scans the specimen point by point with the electron beam, the image is constructed by detecting the electrons, or their interaction products that are transmitted through the sample plane, so that is a form of TRANSMISSION ELECTRON MICROSCOPY.
Models used experimentally or theoretically to study molecular shape, electronic properties, or interactions; includes analogous molecules, computer-generated graphics, and mechanical structures.
The rigid framework of connected bones that gives form to the body, protects and supports its soft organs and tissues, and provides attachments for MUSCLES.
The physical measurements of a body.
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of biological processes or diseases. For disease models in living animals, DISEASE MODELS, ANIMAL is available. Biological models include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
Check list, usually to be filled out by a person about himself, consisting of many statements about personal characteristics which the subject checks.
Sexual activities of animals.
Techniques for standardizing and expediting taxonomic identification or classification of organisms that are based on deciphering the sequence of one or a few regions of DNA known as the "DNA barcode".
Members of the group of vascular plants which bear flowers. They are differentiated from GYMNOSPERMS by their production of seeds within a closed chamber (OVARY, PLANT). The Angiosperms division is composed of two classes, the monocotyledons (Liliopsida) and dicotyledons (Magnoliopsida). Angiosperms represent approximately 80% of all known living plants.
Deoxyribonucleic acid that makes up the genetic material of plants.
Mammals of the families Delphinidae (ocean dolphins), Iniidae, Lipotidae, Pontoporiidae, and Platanistidae (all river dolphins). Among the most well-known species are the BOTTLE-NOSED DOLPHIN and the KILLER WHALE (a dolphin). The common name dolphin is applied to small cetaceans having a beaklike snout and a slender, streamlined body, whereas PORPOISES are small cetaceans with a blunt snout and rather stocky body. (From Walker's Mammals of the World, 5th ed, pp978-9)
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
Cytochromes of the b group that have alpha-band absorption of 563-564 nm. They occur as subunits in MITOCHONDRIAL ELECTRON TRANSPORT COMPLEX III.
A country spanning from central Asia to the Pacific Ocean.
Mental process to visually perceive a critical number of facts (the pattern), such as characters, shapes, displays, or designs.
Geological formations consisting of underground enclosures with access from the surface.
Deoxyribonucleic acid that makes up the genetic material of fungi.
INSECTS of the order Coleoptera, containing over 350,000 species in 150 families. They possess hard bodies and their mouthparts are adapted for chewing.
Any of a group of plants formed by a symbiotic combination of a fungus with an algae or CYANOBACTERIA, and sometimes both. The fungal component makes up the bulk of the lichen and forms the basis for its name.
Behavior-response patterns that characterize the individual.
An order of New World mammals characterized by the absence of incisors and canines from among their teeth, and comprising the ARMADILLOS, the SLOTHS, and the anteaters. The order is distinguished from all others by what are known as xenarthrous vertebrae (xenos, strange; arthron, joint): there are secondary, and sometimes even more, articulations between the vertebrae of the lumbar series. The order was formerly called Edentata. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed; Walker's Mammals of the World, 5th ed, vol. I, p515)
Those characteristics that distinguish one SEX from the other. The primary sex characteristics are the OVARIES and TESTES and their related hormones. Secondary sex characteristics are those which are masculine or feminine but not directly related to reproduction.
A plant family of the order Campanulales, subclass Asteridae, class Magnoliopsida
The rate dynamics in chemical or physical systems.
Reproductive bodies produced by fungi.
The property of objects that determines the direction of heat flow when they are placed in direct thermal contact. The temperature is the energy of microscopic motions (vibrational and translational) of the particles of atoms.
In some animals, the jaws together with their horny covering. The beak usually refers to the bill of birds in which the whole varies greatly in form according of the food and habits of the bird. While the beak refers most commonly to birds, the anatomical counterpart is found also in the turtle, squid, and octopus. (From Webster, 3d ed & Storer, et al., General Zoology, 6th ed, p491, 755)
A group of cold-blooded, aquatic vertebrates having gills, fins, a cartilaginous or bony endoskeleton, and elongated bodies covered with scales.
A functional system which includes the organisms of a natural community together with their environment. (McGraw Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
A philosophically coherent set of propositions (for example, utilitarianism) which attempts to provide general norms for the guidance and evaluation of moral conduct. (from Beauchamp and Childress, Principles of Biomedical Ethics, 4th ed)
The genetic process of crossbreeding between genetically dissimilar parents to produce a hybrid.
A phylum of acoelomate, bilaterally symmetrical flatworms, without a definite anus. It includes three classes: Cestoda, Turbellaria, and Trematoda.
Slender-bodies diurnal insects having large, broad wings often strikingly colored and patterned.
Changes in biological features that help an organism cope with its ENVIRONMENT. These changes include physiological (ADAPTATION, PHYSIOLOGICAL), phenotypic and genetic changes.
The characteristic 3-dimensional shape of a protein, including the secondary, supersecondary (motifs), tertiary (domains) and quaternary structure of the peptide chain. PROTEIN STRUCTURE, QUATERNARY describes the conformation assumed by multimeric proteins (aggregates of more than one polypeptide chain).
A characteristic showing quantitative inheritance such as SKIN PIGMENTATION in humans. (From A Dictionary of Genetics, 4th ed)
The terms, expressions, designations, or symbols used in a particular science, discipline, or specialized subject area.
Warm-blooded VERTEBRATES possessing FEATHERS and belonging to the class Aves.
The variety of all native living organisms and their various forms and interrelationships.
The teeth collectively in the dental arch. Dentition ordinarily refers to the natural teeth in position in their alveoli. Dentition referring to the deciduous teeth is DENTITION, PRIMARY; to the permanent teeth, DENTITION, PERMANENT. (From Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992)
A plant division that includes hornworts, named for the horn-like appearance of the spore-producing plant (sporophyte).
A procedure consisting of a sequence of algebraic formulas and/or logical steps to calculate or determine a given task.
The process by which individuals internalize standards of right and wrong conduct.
Images used to comment on such things as contemporary events, social habits, or political trends; usually executed in a broad or abbreviated manner.
Computer-based representation of physical systems and phenomena such as chemical processes.
The study of animals - their morphology, growth, distribution, classification, and behavior.
The encapsulated embryos of flowering plants. They are used as is or for animal feed because of the high content of concentrated nutrients like starches, proteins, and fats. Rapeseed, cottonseed, and sunflower seed are also produced for the oils (fats) they yield.
Organs and other anatomical structures of non-human vertebrate and invertebrate animals.
The faculty of expressing the amusing, clever, or comical or the keen perception and cleverly apt expression of connections between ideas that awaken amusement and pleasure. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
A class in the phylum CNIDARIA which alternates between polyp and medusa forms during their life cycle. There are over 2700 species in five orders.
Cold-blooded, air-breathing VERTEBRATES belonging to the class Reptilia, usually covered with external scales or bony plates.
Deoxyribonucleic acid that makes up the genetic material of CHLOROPLASTS.
Marine, freshwater, or terrestrial mollusks of the class Gastropoda. Most have an enclosing spiral shell, and several genera harbor parasites pathogenic to man.
Single-celled, aquatic endoparasitic worms that are currently considered belonging to the phylum CNIDARIA. They have a complex life cycle and parasitize a wide range of hosts including FISHES; ANNELIDA; and BRYOZOA.
Large herbivorous tropical American lizards.
Seedless nonflowering plants of the class Filicinae. They reproduce by spores that appear as dots on the underside of feathery fronds. In earlier classifications the Pteridophyta included the club mosses, horsetails, ferns, and various fossil groups. In more recent classifications, pteridophytes and spermatophytes (seed-bearing plants) are classified in the Subkingdom Tracheobionta (also known as Tracheophyta).
Family of the suborder HAPLORHINI (Anthropoidea) comprising bipedal primate MAMMALS. It includes modern man (HOMO SAPIENS) and the great apes: gorillas (GORILLA GORILLA), chimpanzees (PAN PANISCUS and PAN TROGLODYTES), and orangutans (PONGO PYGMAEUS).
The study of the teeth of early forms of life through fossil remains.
A deoxyribonucleotide polymer that is the primary genetic material of all cells. Eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms normally contain DNA in a double-stranded state, yet several important biological processes transiently involve single-stranded regions. DNA, which consists of a polysugar-phosphate backbone possessing projections of purines (adenine and guanine) and pyrimidines (thymine and cytosine), forms a double helix that is held together by hydrogen bonds between these purines and pyrimidines (adenine to thymine and guanine to cytosine).
The non-genetic biological changes of an organism in response to challenges in its ENVIRONMENT.
Expanded structures, usually green, of vascular plants, characteristically consisting of a bladelike expansion attached to a stem, and functioning as the principal organ of photosynthesis and transpiration. (American Heritage Dictionary, 2d ed)
A phenotypically recognizable genetic trait which can be used to identify a genetic locus, a linkage group, or a recombination event.
Devices that help people with impaired sensory responses.
Any method used for determining the location of and relative distances between genes on a chromosome.
A field of study concerned with the principles and processes governing the geographic distributions of genealogical lineages, especially those within and among closely related species. (Avise, J.C., Phylogeography: The History and Formation of Species. Harvard University Press, 2000)
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of systems, processes, or phenomena. They include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
The individual's objective evaluation of the external world and the ability to differentiate adequately between it and the internal world; considered to be a primary ego function.
A species of gram-negative, facultatively anaerobic, rod-shaped bacteria (GRAM-NEGATIVE FACULTATIVELY ANAEROBIC RODS) commonly found in the lower part of the intestine of warm-blooded animals. It is usually nonpathogenic, but some strains are known to produce DIARRHEA and pyogenic infections. Pathogenic strains (virotypes) are classified by their specific pathogenic mechanisms such as toxins (ENTEROTOXIGENIC ESCHERICHIA COLI), etc.
A family of freshwater fish comprising the minnows or CARPS.
Stable elementary particles having the smallest known negative charge, present in all elements; also called negatrons. Positively charged electrons are called positrons. The numbers, energies and arrangement of electrons around atomic nuclei determine the chemical identities of elements. Beams of electrons are called CATHODE RAYS.
A class in the phylum MOLLUSCA comprised of SQUID; CUTTLEFISH; OCTOPUS; and NAUTILUS. These marine animals are the most highly organized of all the mollusks.
Writings having excellence of form or expression and expressing ideas of permanent or universal interest. The body of written works produced in a particular language, country, or age. (Webster, 3d ed)
Multicellular, eukaryotic life forms of kingdom Plantae (sensu lato), comprising the VIRIDIPLANTAE; RHODOPHYTA; and GLAUCOPHYTA; all of which acquired chloroplasts by direct endosymbiosis of CYANOBACTERIA. They are characterized by a mainly photosynthetic mode of nutrition; essentially unlimited growth at localized regions of cell divisions (MERISTEMS); cellulose within cells providing rigidity; the absence of organs of locomotion; absence of nervous and sensory systems; and an alternation of haploid and diploid generations.
A plant division of seed plants containing only a few members.
Sequential operating programs and data which instruct the functioning of a digital computer.
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of chemical processes or phenomena; includes the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
The branch of science concerned with the means and consequences of transmission and generation of the components of biological inheritance. (Stedman, 26th ed)
A plant family of the order Dipsacales, subclass Asteridae, class Magnoliopsida.
The transmission and reproduction of transient images of fixed or moving objects. An electronic system of transmitting such images together with sound over a wire or through space by apparatus that converts light and sound into electrical waves and reconverts them into visible light rays and audible sound. (From Webster, 3rd ed)
The normality of a solution with respect to HYDROGEN ions; H+. It is related to acidity measurements in most cases by pH = log 1/2[1/(H+)], where (H+) is the hydrogen ion concentration in gram equivalents per liter of solution. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)
A plant genus of the family ARACEAE. Members contain acrid calcium oxalate and LECTINS. Polynesians prepare the root into poi. Common names of Taro and Coco Yam (Cocoyam) may be confused with other ARACEAE; XANTHOSOMA; or with common yam (DIOSCOREA).
The period of history before 500 of the common era.
The fertilizing element of plants that contains the male GAMETOPHYTES.
An order of wholly aquatic MAMMALS occurring in all the OCEANS and adjoining seas of the world, as well as in certain river systems. They feed generally on FISHES, cephalopods, and crustaceans. Most are gregarious and most have a relatively long period of parental care and maturation. Included are DOLPHINS; PORPOISES; and WHALES. (From Walker's Mammals of the World, 5th ed, pp969-70)
A clear, odorless, tasteless liquid that is essential for most animal and plant life and is an excellent solvent for many substances. The chemical formula is hydrogen oxide (H2O). (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
Health as viewed from the perspective that humans and other organisms function as complete, integrated units rather than as aggregates of separate parts.
Warm-blooded vertebrate animals belonging to the class Mammalia, including all that possess hair and suckle their young.
Any of the DNA in between gene-coding DNA, including untranslated regions, 5' and 3' flanking regions, INTRONS, non-functional pseudogenes, and non-functional repetitive sequences. This DNA may or may not encode regulatory functions.
Bony structure of the mouth that holds the teeth. It consists of the MANDIBLE and the MAXILLA.
Time period from 1801 through 1900 of the common era.
A plant genus of the family Ephedraceae, order Ephedrales, class Gnetopsida, division Gnetophyta.
Constituent of 30S subunit prokaryotic ribosomes containing 1600 nucleotides and 21 proteins. 16S rRNA is involved in initiation of polypeptide synthesis.
A plant family of the order Ranunculales, subclass Magnoliidae, class Magnoliopsida. Members are mostly vines and shrubs and they contain isoquinoline alkaloids, some of which have been used as arrow poisons.
Gymnosperms are a group of vascular plants whose seeds are not enclosed by a ripened ovary (fruit), in contrast to ANGIOSPERMS whose seeds are surrounded by an ovary wall. The seeds of many gymnosperms (literally, "naked seed") are borne in cones and are not visible. Taxonomists now recognize four distinct divisions of extant gymnospermous plants (CONIFEROPHYTA; CYCADOPHYTA; GINKGOPHYTA; and GNETOPHYTA).
The characteristic three-dimensional shape of a molecule.
The study of the origin, structure, development, growth, function, genetics, and reproduction of plants.
The parts of a macromolecule that directly participate in its specific combination with another molecule.
The genetic constitution of the individual, comprising the ALLELES present at each GENETIC LOCUS.
The discipline studying genetic composition of populations and effects of factors such as GENETIC SELECTION, population size, MUTATION, migration, and GENETIC DRIFT on the frequencies of various GENOTYPES and PHENOTYPES using a variety of GENETIC TECHNIQUES.
A low-energy attractive force between hydrogen and another element. It plays a major role in determining the properties of water, proteins, and other compounds.
The family Gryllidae consists of the common house cricket, Acheta domesticus, which is used in neurological and physiological studies. Other genera include Gryllotalpa (mole cricket); Gryllus (field cricket); and Oecanthus (tree cricket).
The science devoted to the comparative study of man.
Knowledge of the nature of man. A spiritual and mystical doctrine that grew out of theosophy and derives mainly from the philosophy of Rudolph Steiner, Austrian social philosopher (1861-1925). (Webster, 3d ed)
A phylum of fungi that produce their sexual spores (basidiospores) on the outside of the basidium. It includes forms commonly known as mushrooms, boletes, puffballs, earthstars, stinkhorns, bird's-nest fungi, jelly fungi, bracket or shelf fungi, and rust and smut fungi.
Limbless REPTILES of the suborder Serpentes.
Wormlike or grublike stage, following the egg in the life cycle of insects, worms, and other metamorphosing animals.
The scientific study of past societies through artifacts, fossils, etc.
The process in which substances, either endogenous or exogenous, bind to proteins, peptides, enzymes, protein precursors, or allied compounds. Specific protein-binding measures are often used as assays in diagnostic assessments.
The comparative science dealing with the physical characteristics of humans as related to their origin, evolution, and development in the total environment.
A plant genus in the family FABACEAE known for LATHYRISM poisoning.
The production of offspring by selective mating or HYBRIDIZATION, GENETIC in animals or plants.
The selection or choice of sexual partner in animals. Often this reproductive preference is based on traits in the potential mate, such as coloration, size, or behavioral boldness. If the chosen ones are genetically different from the rejected ones, then NATURAL SELECTION is occurring.
A rigorously mathematical analysis of energy relationships (heat, work, temperature, and equilibrium). It describes systems whose states are determined by thermal parameters, such as temperature, in addition to mechanical and electromagnetic parameters. (From Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary, 12th ed)
A statistical technique that isolates and assesses the contributions of categorical independent variables to variation in the mean of a continuous dependent variable.
Involuntary ("parrot-like"), meaningless repetition of a recently heard word, phrase, or song. This condition may be associated with transcortical APHASIA; SCHIZOPHRENIA; or other disorders. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p485)
Deoxyribonucleic acid that makes up the genetic material of bacteria.
A suborder of HEMIPTERA, called true bugs, characterized by the possession of two pairs of wings. It includes the medically important families CIMICIDAE and REDUVIIDAE. (From Dorland, 28th ed)
The theory that the radiation and absorption of energy take place in definite quantities called quanta (E) which vary in size and are defined by the equation E=hv in which h is Planck's constant and v is the frequency of the radiation.
The fruiting 'heads' or 'caps' of FUNGI, which as a food item are familiarly known as MUSHROOMS, that contain the FUNGAL SPORES.
The class Insecta, in the phylum ARTHROPODA, whose members are characterized by division into three parts: head, thorax, and abdomen. They are the dominant group of animals on earth; several hundred thousand different kinds having been described. Three orders, HEMIPTERA; DIPTERA; and SIPHONAPTERA; are of medical interest in that they cause disease in humans and animals. (From Borror et al., An Introduction to the Study of Insects, 4th ed, p1)
The external elements and conditions which surround, influence, and affect the life and development of an organism or population.
A multisubunit enzyme complex containing CYTOCHROME A GROUP; CYTOCHROME A3; two copper atoms; and 13 different protein subunits. It is the terminal oxidase complex of the RESPIRATORY CHAIN and collects electrons that are transferred from the reduced CYTOCHROME C GROUP and donates them to molecular OXYGEN, which is then reduced to water. The redox reaction is simultaneously coupled to the transport of PROTONS across the inner mitochondrial membrane.
Self-replicating cytoplasmic organelles of plant and algal cells that contain pigments and may synthesize and accumulate various substances. PLASTID GENOMES are used in phylogenetic studies.
A class of Arthropoda that includes SPIDERS; TICKS; MITES; and SCORPIONS.
The measurement of the amplitude of the components of a complex waveform throughout the frequency range of the waveform. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)
The cat family in the order CARNIVORA comprised of muscular, deep-chested terrestrial carnivores with a highly predatory lifestyle.
The functional hereditary units of PLANTS.
Variant forms of the same gene, occupying the same locus on homologous CHROMOSOMES, and governing the variants in production of the same gene product.
VERTEBRATES belonging to the class amphibia such as frogs, toads, newts and salamanders that live in a semiaquatic environment.
An order of the class Insecta. Wings, when present, number two and distinguish Diptera from other so-called flies, while the halteres, or reduced hindwings, separate Diptera from other insects with one pair of wings. The order includes the families Calliphoridae, Oestridae, Phoridae, SARCOPHAGIDAE, Scatophagidae, Sciaridae, SIMULIIDAE, Tabanidae, Therevidae, Trypetidae, CERATOPOGONIDAE; CHIRONOMIDAE; CULICIDAE; DROSOPHILIDAE; GLOSSINIDAE; MUSCIDAE; TEPHRITIDAE; and PSYCHODIDAE. The larval form of Diptera species are called maggots (see LARVA).
An order of the class Amphibia, which includes several families of frogs and toads. They are characterized by well developed hind limbs adapted for jumping, fused head and trunk and webbed toes. The term "toad" is ambiguous and is properly applied only to the family Bufonidae.
Investigative technique commonly used during ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY in which a series of bright light flashes or visual patterns are used to elicit brain activity.
The detection of RESTRICTION FRAGMENT LENGTH POLYMORPHISMS by selective PCR amplification of restriction fragments derived from genomic DNA followed by electrophoretic analysis of the amplified restriction fragments.
Spectroscopic method of measuring the magnetic moment of elementary particles such as atomic nuclei, protons or electrons. It is employed in clinical applications such as NMR Tomography (MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING).
Common name for a family of eel-shaped jawless fishes (Myxinidae), the only family in the order MYXINIFORMES. They are not true vertebrates.
The spatial arrangement of the atoms of a nucleic acid or polynucleotide that results in its characteristic 3-dimensional shape.
Technique that utilizes low-stringency polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification with single primers of arbitrary sequence to generate strain-specific arrays of anonymous DNA fragments. RAPD technique may be used to determine taxonomic identity, assess kinship relationships, analyze mixed genome samples, and create specific probes.
A field of biology concerned with the development of techniques for the collection and manipulation of biological data, and the use of such data to make biological discoveries or predictions. This field encompasses all computational methods and theories for solving biological problems including manipulation of models and datasets.
The level of protein structure in which regular hydrogen-bond interactions within contiguous stretches of polypeptide chain give rise to alpha helices, beta strands (which align to form beta sheets) or other types of coils. This is the first folding level of protein conformation.
The transfer of POLLEN grains (male gametes) to the plant ovule (female gamete).
A set of statistical methods used to group variables or observations into strongly inter-related subgroups. In epidemiology, it may be used to analyze a closely grouped series of events or cases of disease or other health-related phenomenon with well-defined distribution patterns in relation to time or place or both.
A category of nucleic acid sequences that function as units of heredity and which code for the basic instructions for the development, reproduction, and maintenance of organisms.
The relationship between the chemical structure of a compound and its biological or pharmacological activity. Compounds are often classed together because they have structural characteristics in common including shape, size, stereochemical arrangement, and distribution of functional groups.
Animals having a vertebral column, members of the phylum Chordata, subphylum Craniata comprising mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes.

Truth and character: sources that older adults can remember. (1/110)

Are age differences in source memory inevitable? The two experiments reported here examined the hypothesis that the type of source information being tested mediates the magnitude of age differences in source memory. In these studies, participants listened to statements made by two different speakers. We compared younger and older adults' source memory in a traditional perceptual source task (memory for voice) and in two affective, conceptually based source tasks (truth of the statements, character of a person in a photo). In both studies, the perceptual and conceptual source information were conveyed in the same manner, as one speaker was associated with one type of information (e.g., female voice speaks truth). Age differences were robust for decisions regarding who said each statement but were negligible or truth or character decisions. These findings are provocative because they suggest that the type of information can influence age-related patterns of performance for source-conveyed information.  (+info)

Hereditary influences in relation to the problem of child adoption. (2/110)

There is little exact information on the hereditary influences which are of greatest interest from the social and educational points of view. Many genes are involved in the origins of socially significant traits and there are usually many steps in the causal chain linking gene to trait. The value of genetical judgements is thus limited; they cannot be substituted for facts ascertained about the physical and mental state of the child itself at the time of adoption. Information on the family occurrence of recessive autosomal or sex-linked traits may be used for predicting the likelihood of the onset of diseases later on in life. The knowledge that a rare dominant abnormality is present in a close relative is especially important if the close relative is the subject's own parent. But most genetical problems in adoption cases concern graded characters, and here prediction can only be very tentative. A definite degree of likeness obtains within families for graded characters, but the genetical divergence may be considerable, and it can be accentuated by environment.  (+info)

Comparison of temperament and character profiles of anesthesiologists and surgeons: a preliminary study. (3/110)

BACKGROUND: Given the high levels of stress in anesthesiologists and also their close working liaison with surgeons, it may be worthwhile to compare the personality profiles of these two groups of professionals. AIM: To compare the personality profiles of surgeons and anesthesiologists, using a well-standardized and validated instrument. SETTINGS AND DESIGN: Survey (cross-sectional) on surgeons and anesthesiologists working in several medical institutes in India. MATERIAL & METHODS: The self-report Temperament and Character Inventory, 125-item version (TCI-125) was mailed out to an incidental sample of surgeons and anesthesiologists working in medical institutes in India. Of the 200 questionnaires sent (100 to anesthesiologists and surgeons each), 93 completed responses were returned (46 anesthesiologists, 47 surgeons; return rate 46.5%). STATISTICAL ANALYSIS: Student's unpaired 't' test; P<0.05 was considered statistically significant. RESULTS: The mean scores of anesthesiologists vis-a-vis surgeons on the various temperament dimensions were Novelty seeking: 8.6 vs. 9.2; Harm avoidance: 7.3 vs. 8.1; Reward dependence: 8.1 vs. 8.0; and Persistence: 3.0 vs. 3.1, respectively. Similar scores for the character dimensions were Self-directedness: 16.9 vs. 15.9; Cooperativeness: 17.5 vs. 16.5; and Self-transcendence: 7.0 vs. 6.7, respectively. There was no significant difference between the surgeons and anesthesiologists on any of the temperament and character variables of personality chosen for the study. CONCLUSION: Personality measures did not differ significantly between surgeons and anesthesiologists in this preliminary investigation. If replicated on a larger and more representative sample, the findings have clinical relevance to improve the working relationship between these two groups of closely working professionals.  (+info)

Temperament and character: prognostic factors in whiplash patients? (4/110)

We studied the relationship between whiplash injury and personality in 40 whiplash patients who admitted the hospital within 8 h from the car accident and 80 age- and gender-matched controls. For this purpose we used the Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI). We found that personality dimensions in whiplash patients both in the acute phase and at follow-up 2 years later showed the same results, i.e., significantly less Harm Avoidant (less anxious; low HA) than controls, but when dividing patients into groups depending on severity of outcome from whiplash injury 2 years after, no differences were found. According to our results personality symptoms related to whiplash injury is probably not a secondary phenomenon. Whiplash patients were normally developed in character, i.e., self-directedness (SD), and CO (cooperativeness) and therefore in general are capable of coping with their somatic problems.  (+info)

Temperament characteristics of street and non-street children in Eldoret, Kenya. (5/110)

OBJECTIVE: To examine the interaction of temperament and environment and how these impact on the psychological function of street children and non-street children in Eldoret Kenya. METHOD: This was a cross-sectional study conducted in Eldoret town. A Revised Dimensions of Temperament Survey (DOTS-R) a 54 item, factor-analytically-developed self-report instrument that measures nine temperament dimensions was used. RESULTS: The statistical analysis showed that the largest significant level was on the approach/withdrawal dimension (F = 12.38, p<.001) the activity level-sleep (F = 4.20, p<.01) and the task orientation (F = 3.62, p<.01) dimensions were next in rank in terms of significance. The highest mean score on activity level-general (17.88) and the activity level-sleep (9.65) were in the "of" the street children that is consistent with their scavenging lifestyle and sleeping patterns. They have to be vigilant when sleeping on shop verandas, run down buildings, and trash-bins. CONCLUSION: These results support earlier research on street children. Counter to public opinion and hostility, the children are resilient, adaptable and flexibile in the face of adversity and remaining well adjusted as individuals.  (+info)

Clinical holistic medicine: induction of spontaneous remission of cancer by recovery of the human character and the purpose of life (the life mission). (6/110)

The recovery of the human character and purpose of life with consciousness-based medicine seems to be able to induce spontaneous remissions in several diseases. On two different occasions, we observed breast tumors reduced to less than half their original diameters (clinically judged) during a holistic session, when working with the patients in accordance with the holistic process theory of healing, the life mission theory, and the theory of human character. One tumor was histologically diagnosed as malign breast cancer prior to the session, while the other was under examination. As both patients had the affected regions of the breast surgically removed immediately after the session, we are unable to determine if they were actually healed by the holistic treatment. We find it extremely interesting that the size of a tumor can be reduced dramatically within a few hours of holistic treatment, when the patient is highly motivated for personal development. The reduction of tumor size is in accordance with the holistic view that many types of cancer are caused by emotional and existential disturbances. From a holistic perspective, cancer can be understood as a simple disturbance of the cells, arising from the tissue holding on to a trauma with strong emotional content. This is called "a blockage", where the function of the cells is changed from their original function in the tissue to a function of holding emotions. The reduction of the tumor in the two cases happened when old painful emotions were identified in the tissues, in and around the tumor, and processed into understanding; when the patients finally did let go of negative beliefs and attitudes that had kept the feeling(s) repressed to that part of the body, the tumor first softened and then disappeared, presumably by apoptosis. We believe that the consciousness-based/holistic medical toolbox has a serious additional offer to cancer patients, and we will therefore strongly encourage the scientific society to explore these new possibilities. Our holistic medical research meets both ethical dilemmas and practical difficulties, as it obviously is important for the research in induced spontaneous remissions that surgery and chemotherapy is not used before it is absolutely necessary. On the other hand, is it important for the patient"s survival that they receive any well-documented treatment as soon as possible. An additional aspect for the patient who is able to cure her own cancer is that she is much less likely to get cancer again and much better prepared to deal with other diseases and challenges in life. Knowing that one can fight even cancer gives a strong belief in life and the need to improve quality of life. The high incidence of secondary cancers and the physical and emotional wounds from the biomedical treatment seem to justify a focus on prevention and additional holistic treatment modules. To support the patient in learning the mastery of coherence of body and life, using the crisis of cancer to recover the human character and the purpose of life, seems turning a personal potential disaster into the greatest gift of all. When it comes down to it, life is not just about surviving; what is more important is to live fully, to learn from the great challenges of life, and to obtain the optimal quality of life while being here.  (+info)

The life mission theory VI. A theory for the human character: healing with holistic medicine through recovery of character and purpose of life. (7/110)

The human character can be understood as an extension of the life mission or purpose of life, and explained as the primary tool of a person to impact others and express the purpose of life. Repression of the human character makes it impossible for a person to realize his personal mission in life and, therefore, is one of the primary causes of self-repression resulting in poor quality of life, health, and ability. From Hippocrates to Hahnemann, repression of physical, mental, and spiritual character can be seen as the prime cause of disease, while recovery of character has been the primary intention of the treatment. In this paper, human character is explained as an intersubjective aspect of consciousness with the ability to influence the consciousness of another person directly. To understand consciousness, we reintroduce the seven-ray theory of consciousness explaining consciousness in accordance with a fractal ontology with a bifurcation number of seven (the numbers four to ten work almost as well). A case report on a female, aged 35 years, with severe hormonal disturbances, diagnosed with extremely early menopause, is presented and treated according to the theory of holistic existential healing (the holistic process theory of healing). After recovery of her character and purpose of life, her quality of life dramatically improved and hormonal status normalized. We believe that the recovery of human character and purpose of life was the central intention of Hippocrates and thus the original essence of western medicine. Interestingly, there are strong parallels to the peyote medicine of the Native Americans, the African Sangomas, the Australian Aboriginal healers, and the old Nordic medicine. The recovery of human character was also the intention of Hahnemann''s homeopathy. We believe that we are at the core of consciousness-based medicine, as recovery of purpose of life and human character has been practiced as medicine in most human cultures throughout time. We believe that such recovery can help some (motivated) patients to survive, even with severe disease.  (+info)

Eating disorders and eating problems among adolescents with type 1 diabetes: exploring relationships with temperament and character. (8/110)

OBJECTIVE: To determine temperament and character among adolescents with type 1 diabetes with and without disordered eating. METHOD: A clinical sample of 199 adolescents from multiple centers with a mean age of 14.1 (SD, 2.5) years were screened and diagnosed for eating disorders. Assessed were temperament and character as conceptualized by Cloninger, glycemic control, and depression. RESULTS: Adolescent patients with clinical eating disorders or subthreshold eating problems had significantly higher mean scores in harm avoidance and lower mean scores in self-directedness. Harm avoidance remained significant even after controlling for depressive pathology. DISCUSSION: This study is the first to show evidence that among youths (in particular, girls) with type 1 diabetes, there is an association between low self-directedness, high harm avoidance, and the presence of eating, weight, and shape pathology. For these particular youths, important implications for clinical practice are outlined.  (+info)

Zodiac Date of birth 22.12-20-01 Zodiac Sign Capricorn Latin Name Capricorn Constellation Graphic Sign Zodiac Sign Character traits women Purposefulness Character traits women Secrecy Character traits women Bashfulness Character traits women Independence Character traits men Endurance Character traits men Ambition Character traits men Purposefulness Character traits men Sensitivity Similarity of […] ...
Cloningers dimensional psychobiological model of personality accounts for both normal and abnormal variation in 2 major personality components: temperament and character. Here, we examined the psychometric properties of the Turkish version of the Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI) in a healthy Turkish population, obtaining normative data for the Turkish TCI. The study was conducted in healthy volunteers at both Karadeniz Technical University School of Medicine and Atatürk University School of Medicine (n = 683). The Turkish sample had significantly lower mean scores on Novelty Seeking and Reward Dependence and higher mean scores on Harm Avoidance than the American sample. The Turkish sample had significantly lower scores on Self-Directedness, Cooperativeness, and Self-Transcendence. Self-Directedness and Harm Avoidance, Cooperativeness and Reward Dependence, and Cooperativeness and Self-Directedness were intercorrelated. The Cronbach coeficients were between 0.60 and 0.85 on temperament ...
8/24/20: Redesigned and UPDATED to included DIGITAL GOOGLE CLASSROOM LINKS!Looking for a great way to teach character traits? This unit provides additional practice in identifying character traits and backing them up with evidence from the text. Heres whats included in this unit:-10 passages, feat...
These clusters are typically not fleeting, they can explain the true if…then… conditionals, and they are manifest in the persons behavioral signature over time. So if I see a rat on my bed, I will tend to behave a certain way. Similarly if a few months later I see a rat in the kitchen, and so forth.. But now that we have clusters of psychological dispositions, we have everything we need for a person to have moral character traits too. For we can just equate a moral character trait with a cluster of cognitive-affective units which pertain to a given moral domain (as Mischel seems willing to do in some places; see Mischel and Shoda 1995: 257; Mischel 1999a: 456). Furthermore, they will be traits with causal powers, since the psychological dispositions which are their components have casual powers. Plus they can be global character traits too-they can be activated in a variety of different situations. In my simple example, the cluster of psychological dispositions associated with my seeing ...
In this paper I discuss connections between self-directedness, integration and higher cognition. I present a model of self-directedness as a basis for approaching higher cognition from a situated cognition perspective. According to this model increases in sensorimotor complexity create pressure for integrative higher order control and learning processes for acquiring information about the context in which action occurs. This generates complex articulated abstractive information processing, which forms the major basis for higher cognition. I present evidence that indicates that the same integrative characteristics found in lower cognitive process such as motor adaptation are present in a range of higher cognitive process, including conceptual learning. This account helps explain situated cognition phenomena in humans because the integrative processes by which the brain adapts to control interaction are relatively agnostic concerning the source of the structure participating in the process. Thus, ...
Welcome to our Message Board. Our topic is the inheritance of personality traits. Our premise is that some character traits are determined by genetics, and these traits can be traced in a family pedigree. This Board is hosted by Donna Hobgood, M.D. (moderator) and A.M. Benis, Sc.D., M.D. The board focuses on NPA personality theory, by which the three major heritable character traits are Sanguinity (narcissism), Perfectionism and Aggression, but you need not subscribe to any particular theory to post on this Board. Personal accounts relating personality to social interaction, occupation, LGBT, etc. are welcome. No password is required, but inappropriate postings will be deleted ...
Welcome to our Message Board. Our topic is the inheritance of personality traits. Our premise is that some character traits are determined by genetics, and these traits can be traced in a family pedigree. This Board is hosted by Donna Hobgood, M.D. (moderator) and A.M. Benis, Sc.D., M.D. The board focuses on NPA personality theory, by which the three major heritable character traits are Sanguinity (narcissism), Perfectionism and Aggression, but you need not subscribe to any particular theory to post on this Board. Personal accounts relating personality to social interaction, occupation, LGBT, etc. are welcome. No password is required, but inappropriate postings will be deleted ...
A self-conscious person usually obsesses over some aspect about themselves. Whether its a physical condition or something more hidden, self-consciousness can create great internal conflict. Young adult characters are filled with angsty self-consciousness. I still remember when I was in high school chemistry class, Phil Howard (name changed to protect the unfortunate) sat next to me one day. He was a great guy--funny and smart--but one particular day, he was less talkative than usual. I was trying to be my normal, joking self, but things werent as easy-going. Finally, the reason became apparent when Phil made the comment, Well, all you probably see when you look at me is this giant pimple on my forehead. Truth--I was too self-conscious of my own perceived flaws to even notice a giant pimple on him, and I told him such ...
My triplet ballerinas are my triplet grand-daughters, Makenna, Jaeli and Maysie. One of the things you have to do when writing a story is give character traits (words used to describe a person) to your characters. For my first blog post of My Triplet Ballerinas, I decided to compare the character traits I gave to…
Hormonal Regulation. HPU patients usually have a decrease in the TSH production by the pituitary (lower than 2 - usually written as ,2 on the test results list). This decrease can cause problems with the adrenals, the pancreas (problems with blood sugar, intestinal complaints like gas after a meal) and the stomach (a full feeling, later on acid stomach). The problems with the adrenals can be suspected if there is low blood pressure present and you have to urinate frequently. Initially only TSH will be tested. If you have low blood pressure and/or you have frequent urination, then cortisol can also be tested. If blood cortisol is tested, it has to be drawn before 10 AM. Because there is less apt to be a deviation is blood cortisol, salivary cortisol production is tested during the day. Usually there will be a deviation toward a high morning production.. Character traits. The character traits listed in the questionnaire are typical for someone with HPU, especially the perfectionist trait, the ...
Inside Knowledge campaign creon character traits in antigone to find out. In this podcast, senior medical epidemiologist Dr. More than 650 women have been screened for colorectal cancer.. A group of partners creon character traits in antigone in and around the Fond du Lac, where more than half of tribal members smoke cigarettes. People who live in counties with a lower average education level are more likely to die of colorectal cancer to help promotoras (community health workers) and other mentors can talk to them about the dangers of UV rays from tanning, discourage them from starting to tan when they are young, and set a good example by avoiding tanning themselves. You can get HPV by having sex with someone who is infected with it.. The second annual Skin Cancer Prevention and Control, talks about studies on figuring out the costs of running a colorectal cancer has spread to other parts of your body, it is called metastatic or stage IV colorectal ...
And it gets worse. Have you ever bitten a nail near to a wart on your finger, for instance? Well, most people dont realize that this increases the chances of warts spreading to other parts of your hand. Indeed, as Mayo Clinic dermatologist Dr. Rochelle Torgerson told The Huffington Post in 2014, The more open skin you have, the more youre going to spread [the virus that can lead to warts].. ...
Gosh I am trying so hard to think of any....I have one for Abby but it's so hard to's something she does with her eyes and how she sets her jaw whenever she's thinking but when I figure out a better way to describe this lol I ...
The circular overall structure of basic human values is the core element of Schwartz value theory. The structure demonstrated high robustness across cultures, however the specific correlations between values and their cross-country differences received little attention. The current paper investigates the specific correlations between higher-order values that are adjacent in the theoretical value structure. The correlations estimated with meta-analytical random effects models based on ten surveys, different value measures and data from one hundred countries showed the conflict relations between openness to change and self-transcendence as well as between conservation and self-enhancement and predominantly congruent relations between openness to change and self-enhancement as well as between conservation and self-transcendence values. The effects of country economic development was estimated with mixed effects models. The correlations between values are less pronounced in countries with higher ...
Pris: 475,-. E-bok, 2013. Leveres direkte via nedlastning . Kjøp boken Psychology of Closed Mindedness av Arie W. Kruglanski (ISBN 9781135471538) hos Fri frakt.
Despite trying to hijack the terms open mindedness, imagination and curiosity, Chopra doesnt exhibit any of these traits in the slightest.. He doesnt seem to know the difference between open mindedness, and blind, unyielding belief. A truly open minded person will consider both an idea and the possibility that the idea is false. Chopra invariably chooses the former, whilst utterly closing his mind to the latter. Despite whining about how the mean mean sceptics would have stood in the way of great scientific advances, it hasnt crossed his mind that scepticism plays just as much of a role in the scientific process as acceptance. When Crick and Watson were told that their triple-helix model of DNA was wrong, they didnt moan about closed mindedness. Instead, they continued in their search for truth, and eventually succeeded. Scepticism filtered out the worthless nonsense, thus allowing the truth to be reached. Similarly, scepticism filtered out caloric, The luminiferous aether, and ...
When youre writing a character, its important to know why she is the way she is. Knowing her backstory is important to achieving this end, and one of the most impactful pieces of a characters backstory is her emotional wound. This negative experience from the past is so intense that a character will go to great lengths to avoid experiencing that kind of pain and negative emotion again. As a result, certain behaviors, beliefs, and character traits will emerge.. Characters, like real people, are unique, and will respond to wounding events differently. The vast array of possible emotional wounds combined with each characters personality gives you many options in terms of how your character will turn out. With the right amount of exploration, you should be able to come up with a character whose past appropriately affects her present, resulting in a realistic character that will ring true with readers. Understanding what wounds a protagonist bears will also help you plot out her arc, creating a ...
256 Year Old Chinese Herbalist Li Ching-Yuen, Holistic Medicine, and 15 Character Traits That Cause Diseases JUNE 25, 2013 The herbalist had 23 wives and rais
ATEGORIZATIONS OF THE KIND OF BODY we have can prove to be fateful. They have an enormous influence on how we live our lives, and the value that has been loaded onto corporeal distinctions such as height, weight and body shape or form has a very long history indeed. For most of this history, at least in the West, the outward aspects of bodies have entailed certain conclusions about the minds (and souls) within them. Indeed, the belief that one can read the character of another from their appearance is an historically pervasive phenomenon. Thus the somatic has provided a point of entry into a larger physical and moral universe. Where height, girth, and body shape classifications have been tied to specific character traits, those assumptions have often been manifested as peremptory social demands on ones style of public presence and performance. Not only have we learned to read character and temperament into bodies, we have become accustomed to the idea that the qualification normal is needed in all
Watch the video below then go back and fill-in the chart with ways the two girls character traits are revealed. Pay attention to the usage of Direct Characterization in the theme song ...
John C. Maxwell is world renowned for his knowledge of leadership, and his book, The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader (published by Thomas Nelson, 1999), is clearly the place to get started. But first, lets start with a simple question: Why do some people consistently inspire others to follow their lead? According to John C. Maxwell, it is the character qualities they possess. In The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader, he identifies these top traits and then defines them in ways that readers can absorb and utilize. Each character trait is covered in a separate chapter and contains relevant quotes and anecdotes, details on its meaning, suggestions for further reflection, and exercises for improvement. In essence, John provides a mini-course in each quality. So what are the 21 indispensable qualities? They are listed below: 1. CHARACTER: Be a Piece of the Rock 2. CHARISMA: The First Impression Can Seal the Deal. 3. COMMITMENT: It Separates Doers from Dreamers. 4. COMMUNICATION: ...
Most of us wish we could improve certain things about ourselves. Lasting change is difficult: Many of our habits are deeply ingrained, and certain core personality attributes may be immutable. But even the oldest of habits and character traits can be altered to varying degrees, as its never too late to change; with effort and determination, it is possible to be the person you want to be ...
Most of us wish we could improve certain things about ourselves. Lasting change is difficult: Many of our habits are deeply ingrained, and certain core personality attributes may be immutable. But even the oldest of habits and character traits can be altered to varying degrees, as its never too late to change; with effort and determination, it is possible to be the person you want to be ...
In kindred of the east, some character traits were actually dependent on a characters alignment with the four, or rather five - including « dharmas », an equivalent to clans in vampire: the masquerade. Facial features, digital malformations, as well as the existence of additional malformations all of which can be classified into different subgroups. As there are an odd number of digits in the middle of the string, the odd one must be use a different code, set, but it makes no difference whether this is the first or last 16 symbols are required in either case: start b 0 9 8 x 1 code c 23 45 67 code b y 2 3 checksum stop, or start b 0 9 8 x code c 12 34 56 code b 7 y 2 3 checksum stop. Since multiple application programs give you the same error trying to uncompress, one might wonder if there is something about the configuration of your development machine that is causing the problem. We enjoyed the comfort new jersey black mature online dating site of nice sunny window, extra soft beds and ...
Subject: Re: A picture of Many Disney Triplets ,,,,here it is (Attached) Thank you, Sherif Elian, and thbanks again to Rich! Interesting families. In all those mentionned, who were the first such twins & triplets in comics (Disney & non-Disney)? The Katzenjammer Kids were not identical twins, but twins nonetheless. Mickey had Ferdie and Mortie, but then one of them was dropped. I guess theres a comics study to be made on this subject, maybe extending it to The Seven Dwarfs and The Smurfs; the exact relationships are not stated, but both offer instances of a host of characters embodying character traits; the Dwarfs are easily distinguishable, but the Smurfs are not, physically speaking. A few bits from my train of thought-- The Beagle Boys, brothers and cousins, are usually indiscriminate, with the odd characteristic now and then (prunes, a diploma, a well-educated cousin, ...); they could stand for crime in general, general archetypes of criminals; with their huge family and worldwide ...
Im definitely a plotter. First I let my idea percolate for a while. When I start, I write all my ideas down and divide them in the stages of a story (you know opening, inciting event, raising the stakes, climax, denouement and such). When I start the story I build it layer by layer (what some people call the snowflake method). I first write all the dialogue with some character traits and location; then add location and exposition; then add character and internalisation; last I add detail. So when I finish this and have my first draft, Ive already written beginning to end four times, and really have done four drafts ...
Im definitely a plotter. First I let my idea percolate for a while. When I start, I write all my ideas down and divide them in the stages of a story (you know opening, inciting event, raising the stakes, climax, denouement and such). When I start the story I build it layer by layer (what some people call the snowflake method). I first write all the dialogue with some character traits and location; then add location and exposition; then add character and internalisation; last I add detail. So when I finish this and have my first draft, Ive already written beginning to end four times, and really have done four drafts ...
In reply to YoiteShimizu Thank you very much! Im working on team number 3 but I only have sketches so far. The team captain doesnt even have a last name yet! But when she does and Ive made a full-effort drawing, Ill post that team (which includes my 5th faunus) as well. I also love your team! The characters arent flat like a lot of (especially beginner) OCs, which tend to fall back on edgy, cute, dead parents or any combination of those. Any of those aspects COULD work, but it needs to have a purpose and influence the characters traits in some way. I think you did that really well! Great job! ...
A page for describing PlayingWith: Flanderization. Basic Trope: A character trait becomes exaggerated over time. Straight: Alice is a character on Alice and …
The Israelites used different names for God as they experienced His different characteristics. By rejoicing over each character trait, they found His true personality more accessible. - Names of God - Ebook - Christian Living at BellaOnline
Shelyn Elementary in Rowland Heights is raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through Pennies for Patients this month. Last year, they raised $2500 and Mrs. Ruud dyed her hair green. This year she challenged the students to raise $5,000 and shell shave her head. If the students reach $3000 Principal Sarah Opatkiewicz promised to show the love and get a big hot pink streak through her hair. We are currently at $1,211 after only one week! Im worried! the principal said in an email. To help raise more money, the school is holding a Show the Love event today at lunch, when students can buy a yard of duct tape for $1 and stick the principal to the wall.. Our character traits this month are empathy and kindness, so were hoping this will help build our students spirits of giving back, she explained. ...
What Is Blushing?. Older meanings of the word Blush come from similar words in other languages such as Blozen a Dutch word meaning to blush and Blusse meaning to blaze or to blush. These words are similar to the old English words Bluschen or Blischen which means to shine brightly, gaze or stare.. In the past, blushing was seen as maidenly and modest; it was an acceptable, even praiseworthy, character trait. The derivations of the word blush show that its meaning has changed through the centuries, even if only subtly.. The modern meaning of the word Blush indicates that blushing is a normal response. Blushing can be caused by a reaction to a sudden strong emotion such as embarrassment, anger or confusion. The sympathetic nervous system reacts to these emotions by causing the blood vessels in the face to widen, thus more blood flows into these vessels, reddening the face as a result.. Although blushing is a normal occurrence, it does not usually occur with great frequency. A person ...
What are some grim theories regarding the future of humanity. Off-hand I will just get to the point and give my personal ideas on what I am convinced is at work currently to do us in as human beings. Uncontrolled greed.. This is a two edged sword. On the one hand it is the driving force within us to want to get things done. This works best when a reward is there for having done something, that reward being either money or a large amount of power. On the other side of this two edged sword is the long term effect on the majority of humans, the ones who are not capable or even want to do too much based on greed. Many people see greed as a negative aspect or character trait. Based on this viewpoint most people do not act from greed to the point of getting very far ahead of others. For me, this is the rational or empathic approach to greed. A little is alright. It is when it is allowed to be expressed to the point of taking so much that it ends up with the current situation of more and more wealth ...
MC: I cant say exactly how it affected my life in that manner because that would be an amazing self-psychoanalysis that would liberate me from a lot of other bad character trait I have, but...I can say this - Enlisting at 18 is mandatory for all Israeli men and it does brings about adulthood pretty fast. You turn from a nice little teenager to a soldier and this gives you self control, discipline and a more mature and balanced perspective on life. Its not all fun an games, theres a price to pay. Especially in Israel. And it gets you thinking about whats important in life and what are your dreams. (You have to put them aside for 3 years) I didnt want to be a full on combat soldier and luckily I was drafted to the Navy. In the Navy I learned a lot of people and leadership skills, and I realized that I want to give back to the world somehow. It was there on a missile ships mast that I realize that I dont want to be an engineer or a therapist (two of my options). I wanted to become a ...
MC: I cant say exactly how it affected my life in that manner because that would be an amazing self-psychoanalysis that would liberate me from a lot of other bad character trait I have, but...I can say this - Enlisting at 18 is mandatory for all Israeli men and it does brings about adulthood pretty fast. You turn from a nice little teenager to a soldier and this gives you self control, discipline and a more mature and balanced perspective on life. Its not all fun an games, theres a price to pay. Especially in Israel. And it gets you thinking about whats important in life and what are your dreams. (You have to put them aside for 3 years) I didnt want to be a full on combat soldier and luckily I was drafted to the Navy. In the Navy I learned a lot of people and leadership skills, and I realized that I want to give back to the world somehow. It was there on a missile ships mast that I realize that I dont want to be an engineer or a therapist (two of my options). I wanted to become a ...
JJ: A number of the stories in Salamandrine revolve around mothers, especially what many would consider bad mothers. Is motherhood a character trait or is it an occult force animating these pieces?. JM: Definitely closer to the latter. For me, becoming a mother was like, when youre watching a horror movie and the heroine is about to open the door and youre like, Dont open that door! and she opens the door-thats what motherhood has been like. I opened the door and now Im in another dimension of surreal horror. This book is in some ways 8 different takes on that kind of horror-motherhood as this mode in which you are right up against Death, all the time. An infant as a seven-pound interface with Death-a portal which grows larger all the time! The feelings of fear, horror, dark humor, helplessness, and frightening power I have felt as a mother are all modes in this book.. JJ: Talking about Salamandrine, you mentioned to me that tortured prose seemed appropriate for an age of torture. Is ...
Looking for online definition of self-transcendence in the Medical Dictionary? self-transcendence explanation free. What is self-transcendence? Meaning of self-transcendence medical term. What does self-transcendence mean?
The main finding of this paper is that the temperament trait harm avoidance was positively, and the character trait self-directedness negatively, associated with CRP levels in a population-based cohort of women. In line with this outcome, an inverse correlation between harm avoidance and self-directedness has been observed by others [39], and was confirmed by our data (not shown).. This is the first study examining CRP levels in subjects in which personality traits have been assessed using the TCI. Previous studies regarding personality traits, measured with other instruments, versus CRP levels, also are sparse. Proneness for anger and hostility has however been associated with elevated levels of CRP [4, 40-42]. Also, a study regarding fear for terror attacks revealed, in women but not in men, a positive association between fear and elevated CRP levels after adjustment for generalized anxiety, depressive symptoms and other confounding variables [43].. Although the literature is not unanimous ...
We were often told when we were quite young that trying hard enough will make you succeed. However, we discover the harsh truth as soon as we grow up, that is, trying hard enough is NOT enough to make you successful. However, if you pair trying hard enough with some of the following traits, your chances at success will grow significantly.. 1- You take care of the little details. Successful people know for sure that the details are the things that differentiate good work from perfect work. Most people think that nobody notices or even cares about details, but people actually do.. 2- You fall face-down so many times, yet you stand up and try again, no matter how aggravating and pathetic it looks. While making mistakes is a chance to make a fool of yourself for others, it is a chance for learning, experience, and getting feedback for you. So you keep on making mistakes no matter what others think.. 3- You follow your instincts. Following your instinct might seem - and be - a bad idea most of the ...
These hypersensitive children represent 15 to 20% of the population. Is this character trait often misunderstood or ignored by parents a strength or a weakness?. One of the mothers in the group, finding herself hypersensitive, considered her character trait to be a handicap in her life. When she was little, she was told that she was on edge, too sensitive or too shy. How can you not feel apart when you have been brought up with these beliefs and think that something is wrong with you?. We live in a world where rational intelligence is glorified, quantified by intelligence quotient (IQ) and more valued than emotional quotient. However, the IQ according to Dr. Daniel Goleman, specialist in emotional intelligence (QE) and professor at Harvard, represents at best only 20% of the factors of success in life. He realizes that those who had better results in exams did not do better than others in terms of salaries, professional status, are neither happier in their private lives, nor more ...
According to the God Gene hypothesis, spirituality has a genetic component, of which (VMAT2) comprises one component by contributing to sensations associated with mystic experiences, including the presence of God and feelings of connection to a larger universe.. The research uses the self-transcendence scale developed by psychologist Robert Cloninger to quantify spirituality using three sub-scales: self-forgetfulness (as in the tendency to become totally absorbed in some activity, such as reading); transpersonal identification (a feeling of connectedness to a larger universe); and mysticism (an openness to believe things that remain unproven, such as ESP). Cloninger suggests that taken together, these measurements are a reasonable way to quantify (make measurable) an individuals propensity to spiritual.. The self-transcendence measure was shown to be heritable by classical twin studies conducted by Lindon Eaves and Nicholas Martin. Their work demonstrated that approximately 40% of the ...
A number of recent studies investigating neurobiological substrates of mindfulness have indicated very specific changes in the function and structure of the insula and its connectivity with other structures related to experiential self-processing and body awareness. In terms of morphometry, two cross-sectional studies comparing GM morphometry between experienced meditators (8 weeks) and naïve controls have shown greater cortical thickness and GM concentration in the right anterior insula (Lazar et al., 2005; Holzel et al., 2008). A more recent study however (Holzel et al., 2011b) did not find such a change. Long-term vipassana meditation practitioners (,6000 h experience) have shown increased GM concentration in the AIC (Holzel et al., 2008), and functional increases in insular cortex have been found during mindfulness and compassion meditative states (Farb et al., 2007; Lutz et al., 2008a; Manna et al., 2010;Ives-Deliperi et al., 2011). A number of MBI studies have demonstrated the functional ...
The TPQ is a 100-item, self-administered, paper-and-pencil, true/false instrument which takes approximately 15 minutes to complete (Cloninger, 1987a). The questionnaire measures the three higher order personality dimensions of novelty seeking, harm avoidance, and reward dependence, each of which measures four lower order dimensions (Cloninger, 1987b). The novelty seeking domain measures the spectrums of exploratory excitability versus stoic rigidity (9 items), impulsiveness versus reflection (8 items), extravagance versus reserve (7 items), and disorderliness versus regimentation (10 items). The harm avoidance domain measures the spectrums of anticipatory worry versus uninhibited optimism (10 items), fear of uncertainty versus confidence (7 items), shyness with strangers versus gregariousness (7 items), and fatigability and asthenia versus vigor (10 items). The reward dependence domain measures the spectrums of sentimentality versus insensitiveness (5 items), persistence versus irresoluteness (9 ...
When intelligence, ruthlessness and empathy co-exist in the same person, one might expect the person concerned to perform certain actions, made possible by the first two attributes, which leave him or her guilt-stricken because of the last. Empathy is a stronger concept than sympathy; empathy allows one to feel what others feel, whether it is joy or pain or grief. When encountered in the same person, it stands to reason that the ability to be merciless would not sit well with the countervailing inclination to empathy. Add power to this precarious mix, and it makes for something explosive.. The eponymous character in (South African director) Gavin Hoods film adaptation (2013) of the first of Orson Scott Cards series of six science fiction novels, Enders Game, is such a complex personality, and although the films running time does not allow the director to dwell at length on the uncomfortable consequences of such a combination of character traits and power, they do show clearly in certain ...
A second theme was the protection/projection of the Sesame brand that I just mentioned. Louis does a lot of this as he vets everything from scripts to DVD covers. He does the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons and floats, and talked about how one Super Grover pose was too heroic, when in fact hes an idiot, so he redesigned it to look more bumbling. (The original character designers, in passing him the baton years ago, emphasized that each character was created to exemplify certain preschool character traits, and the most important thing--for characterizations and curriculum--is to ensure that the characters remain true to that purpose. Grover, then, may be bumbling but hes never down on himself, hes the eternal optimist. Thats what Super Grover as well as Regular Grover teaches, which may be why he was my favorite as a kid.) But with the property in so many territories and existing in so many media--print, live, interactive, etc. etc.--the brand is more than just something that ...
Self-Discovery is an important element mental health and in pursuing ones needs, values and aspirations. It helps in building a stronger sense of self, which is helpful from a mental health perspective. It can help make decisions and reduce internal conflicts. Knowing more about own character traits and personality can also help make interactions with other people work better. Since internal and external communication is how individuals get their needs, values and aspirations met, better communication can raise the quality of life and work effectively against various mental health issues. When life is out of sync with the own needs, values and aspirations, anxiety and other symptoms increase. Self-discovery is an important tool among communication-focused approaches to resolve the underlying causes of these symptoms.. Keywords: self-discovery, psychotherapy. For one-time access to read the article please click on the following link:. Self-Discovery (2) Christian Jonathan Haverkampf - life ...
The builtin readymade contact form makes it easier for clients to contact. Subjective or app, which permit the student to organize and the an original the. Discuss this statement from him by considering the work of philosopher Michel Foucault referred how in the the and other sources.. Our entertainment toight or city bank mortgages that intel 7340a133 sl6fb app a kelemata app gel app you cat eyes. Died in proper administration how attach, but of the entry you malaysian borneo. They can go the their picks on days off or during a lunch break.. You, the main character, undergoes an inner transformation, from a submissive, abused wife to you unabashedly confident and resume black woman and businesswoman. Are the looking high app low for app essays and resume writing.. Write down character traits, the the you get about the resume, the you the way the men common with each other, their jobs, and nature.. None, the her common ma chit, attached in the soft calls that came from the. In the app of how, ...
Now first, the negatives: It took me a little while to get into this book. You might think itd be hard to get in because theres so much information thats vital to understanding the story as it unravels, but no, I actually think the way the narrative handles the doling out of information is one of the books many strengths. Rather, I think I just enjoyed the last half of the book so much better than the first because the beginning of the book just isnt as strong as the middle or end. It felt like we spent a lot of ink re-establishing certain character traits or societal prejudices that had already effectively been established. Also, I wasnt able to buy some of the characters in the early-going. I guess most of it gravitates toward Sarenes scenario. Early in the book, you have a lot of scenes that bring home the Sarene is your headstrong heroine and People in Arelon had never seen a strong woman before and Sarene was much smarter than everybody else vibe. You also had a lot of scenes ...
Yaengard is a tabletop-style tactical RPG, bringing the excitement of dice-RPGs into a digital roguelike adventure. Evolve your party of villagers into heroes through challenging decisions & developed personalities. Combine abilities, equipment, and character traits into something truly powerful.
Yaengard is a tabletop-style tactical RPG, bringing the excitement of dice-RPGs into a digital roguelike adventure. Evolve your party of villagers into heroes through challenging decisions & developed personalities. Combine abilities, equipment, and character traits into something truly powerful.
In my opinion, Cheri is correct in saying that being unbiased in distributing the tossed ball, even to virtual players who dont reciprocate, is not definitively indicative of altruism. I have autism and I do believe in fairness and promoting equity in endeavors. Life, however, has shown me that sometimes I run into people who do believe in taking advantage of me. As far as the reason for those autistics who played fair in this video game? It could be that they were very obedient and believed in following the rules without question. I agree with you that the game-playing which the autistics presented is a virtuous character trait to possess. It is sad for me to see that this study endorses being greedy and self-serving as accepted & typical human traits, rather than base, animalistic behaviors. This study points out to me that the researchers began this study with the intent of re-forming autistics into more socially-accepted individuals. It is a great wish of mine that each person (whether ...
In my opinion, Cheri is correct in saying that being unbiased in distributing the tossed ball, even to virtual players who dont reciprocate, is not definitively indicative of altruism. I have autism and I do believe in fairness and promoting equity in endeavors. Life, however, has shown me that sometimes I run into people who do believe in taking advantage of me. As far as the reason for those autistics who played fair in this video game? It could be that they were very obedient and believed in following the rules without question. I agree with you that the game-playing which the autistics presented is a virtuous character trait to possess. It is sad for me to see that this study endorses being greedy and self-serving as accepted & typical human traits, rather than base, animalistic behaviors. This study points out to me that the researchers began this study with the intent of re-forming autistics into more socially-accepted individuals. It is a great wish of mine that each person (whether ...
Majors develop interdisciplinary scholarship, community engagement, and metacognition (reflective thinking) through five strategic courses.. IDLS 2300 Interdisciplinary Inquiry develops your research skills and character traits to fuel the interdisciplinary attitude. You consider together the humanities and sciences, and envision a personal mission in your education and beyond. IDLS 3000 Leadership for Community Engagement is the original SU course created for students to work with community partners. These partners assist members of the local community, and you become a part of that work while studying leadership, diversity, and community engagement. IDLS 3200 Special Topics: Interdisciplinary Project topics are purposefully complex and culturally relevant so that your interests and social convictions can breathe in the course. Recent topics include Personal Identity, Narratives of Trauma, and Non-Violent Social Action.. IDLS 3300 Methods of Interdisciplinary Research allows you to choose a ...
The law of effect is a psychology principle advanced by Edward Thorndike in 1898 on the matter of behavioral conditioning (not then formulated as such) which states that responses that produce a satisfying effect in a particular situation become more likely to occur again in that situation, and responses that produce a discomforting effect become less likely to occur again in that situation.[1] This notion is very similar to that of the evolutionary theory, if a certain character trait provides an advantage for reproduction then that trait will persist.[2] The terms satisfying and dissatisfying appearing in the definition of the law of effect were eventually replaced by the terms reinforcing and punishing, when operant conditioning became known. Satisfying and dissatisfying conditions are determined behaviorally, and they cannot be accurately predicted, because each animal has a different idea of these two terms than another animal. The new terms, reinforcing and punishing are ...
Personal Portrait describes your character traits, your potential strengths and weaknesses as well as your abilities from an astrological point of view. This horoscope interpretation is compiled for you individually and is based on the exact date, time and place of your birth. The report also serves as a very good tool for learning to interpret the individual factors in the natal chart.
Personal Portrait describes your character traits, your potential strengths and weaknesses as well as your abilities from an astrological point of view. This horoscope interpretation is compiled for you individually and is based on the exact date, time and place of your birth. The report also serves as a very good tool for learning to interpret the individual factors in the natal chart.
Many intelligent people do come across this way, and poker attracts intelligent people. Arrogance isnt exclusive to smart people, but its often a character trait that comes along with having a high opinion of your intellect. This doesnt make arrogant people good or bad. There are plenty of arrogant people who truly mean well, and have the best of intentions, but struggle to communicate what they are trying to say without being condescending.. For poker players, there are even more traps than most professions. Think about the kind of confidence it takes to think you can beat the best poker players in the world? The assessment you have to make about your own abilities in comparison to theirs. Take a typical super high roller event that draws between 40-50 players. The vast majority of those players make their living playing poker and only a handful could be categorized as recreational players. That means, a professional poker player has to believe that not only is he better than the 4-5 weaker ...
Yes. Ive been reluctant to actually say I AM A SOCIOPATH. Its clear to me that I dont fit the stereotype for one. Two, despite my debate with Peter Pan, I understand full well that no label will describe all of an individuals character traits. Three, as Ive also mentioned before here, there is no clear and commonly agreed upon definition of what a sociopath is and is not. If you see the defining trait as a lack of guilt the way Robert Saltzman does from, then youd say that I am a full fledged sociopath. If you see sociopaths as essentially the same as psychopaths and therefore use Robert Hares criteria, then you might diagnose me a sub-clinical psychopath. If youre familiar with the dark triad theory, youd locate me along that spectrum as a Machiavellian. If you think Im full of shit about this altogether, youd tell me I was a schizoid. Or, you might just tell me to have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up. Fortunately, my opinion of myself is by far the most ...
One character trait that Ive prayed for many times is compassion. I admit Im not a compassionate person. If you tell me your sad story with tears streaming down your cheeks, I probably wont cry with you. I will most likely just listen, hold your hand if youd like, and give sound advise if requested. For some people thats more than enough; for others I come across as cold and a bit heartless. It isnt my intention. Im like my mom - a very matter-of-fact type of person whos always looking at things on the practical side rather than the emotional side. I know God made me that way, but I also ask Him to teach me ways that I can show compassion to others. Once again, He delivered.. My oldest son has a friend from high school thats going through a rough period in his life (as many are these days). Hes 23 years old, his parents died when he was young, and his adoptive parents moved some years ago to Peru, leaving him with no family here. He lost his job some time ago and has been trying to ...
You have taken off your old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator (Colossians 3:9, 10).. Creativity and adaptability have never been my strong points but God is using my health problems to develop these character traits within me.. As my health has deteriorated I have given up various activities and responsibilities, and I am learning to accept these limitations. Yet I am also learning there may be creative ways to work around some weaknesses, rather than complaining and giving up hope.. Some of these adaptations are rather humorous. I have difficulty sleeping so have acquired quite an accumulation of pillows to keep me comfortable. Thankfully our bed is big and my husband is not, or he would be pushed on the floor by the mountain of pillows which varies nightly. Because of back pain, many times I either carry a heating pad or wear an ice pack under my clothes. Finding outlets and hoping I dont develop leaks can be ...
Groups of students read and discuss American folklore stories, each group reading a different story. Using a jigsaw strategy, the groups compare character traits and main plot points of the stories. A diverse selection of American folk tales is used for this lesson, which is adaptable to any text set ...
The claim that there is some sort of distinction to be drawn between knowing what is, and knowing what is right or true, is simply nonsense. There is no such distinction.. I suspect that the reason for this nonsense is to deliver a religious message - to denigrate and insult those who do not share the religious views of those promoting this particular concept of wisdom. As I mentioned in the blog entry referenced above, this list of character traits is associated with a group of people in Ohio more interested in theocracy than in liberty. Consistent with this, a reasonable interpretation of something greater than intelligence is religious faith. It is an attempt to draw a distinction between those who know the world through observation and science, and to assert the superiority of those who are aware of a greater truth probably available through scripture, divine revelation, or a personal relationship with God.. It is interesting to find insults and denigration of others with different views ...
Versions of this question are often tossed around when new babies are born. Who do you think he (or she) looks like? Usually the answer is mom, dad, or a mix of the two. Physical characteristics pass from generation to generation, but so do character traits and other tendencies. Do you ever wonder who Jesus resembled
The Collie or the Rough Collie is a highly responsive and sturdy but equally graceful canine. This medium to large-sized breed is very well-balanced and presents a picture of strength, speed, and elegance. The Collies are extremely sprightly, cheerful and beautiful canines. This breed is very friendly and affectionate with their family members and is quite protective of them as well. Learn more about Rough Collie breed including its character traits, origin, grooming needs, training, health issues, adaptability et cetera.
Before he died, my father-in-law gave me sage advice. I was a pleaser, he said; someone who enjoyed making other people feel good. Just as I was blooming with pleasure at an unexpected compliment from this reserved man came the sting.. Nothing wrong with pleasing everyone, he said, except that I tried to please all parties at the same time-continually, and often at a cost to myself.. It is true and you see me here doing it just now. Why begin an article with a self-put-down?. I have a good and strong sense of self, in the psychological sense of the term, I told my brother. Which is why I have no problem putting myself down; because, you see, compliments and criticisms are not linked with my self-worth. Shyam said he didnt even understand the sentence, let alone the underlying concept.. It has taken me some time to own up to this character trait as a potential flaw. For a while, I thought that the reason I allowed my sentences to trail off tentatively was because I didnt want to appear ...
A virtuous physician would demonstrate character traits like equanimity, compassion, integrity, and resolve having to deal with ethical dilemmas.
Daniel P. Huerta, Focus on the Family's Vice President of Parenting, presents a collection of seven powerful character traits help parents grow they raise children.. ...
Daniel P. Huerta, Focus on the Family's Vice President of Parenting, presents a collection of seven powerful character traits help parents grow they raise children.. ...
I like reading about bad boys that have good hearts and strong morals. Maybe they just prefer to do things on their own terms in their own way. When I think of military men, I think strong Alpha males that follow the rules and do what they are told and expect complete obedience from their team too. When I think of bad boys in romantic suspense I still think of all the same character traits but see a man that is more independent, follows his hunches and maybe does things in an unconventional manner that is no less effective than the rule followers. I see them as bounty hunters, private detectives, rogue or undercover FBI or DEA agents. Someone with an air of mystery that is comfortable making his own decisions without being ordered ...
ifnanything your thesis would better explain the rational if indeed the taadikbwere mentioned and the chacham wasnt. it seems like you take for granted that the taadik (a character trait) also has extensive chachma which j dont necessarily see being the case. If someone was just a taadik I dont see why there is a Java Amina that there would be little to teach him. If a thong the thirst to learn more would create a feeling of greater obligation upon the father as a mechanaych to feed his thirst for knowledge. As a father I would feel much more pressure to ensure I was keeping up with the Torah stimulation that my righteous sons thirst for truth and knowledge demanded.. ReplyDelete ...
Create an inspiring environment and encourage learning and positive character traits with ARGUS Large Posters. With hundreds of value-priced titles, you can display intriguing, new messages often. Perfect in classrooms, offices, and at home. Quality, heavy-duty construction for years of use. 13 1/2 x 19.
Usually an analytical writer, Doronila even stooped to rabble-rousing by ending his column with a sarcasm: Who runs the country - the INC? . Even Rene Saguisag , a human-rights lawyer and veteran of a hundred demonstrations during martial law that created traffic in Manila at a time when daily monstrous traffic was still unheard of, even called the INC a super bully, and compared the 2-million strong religious sect to the superpower state of 1.3 billion people - China - which he claimed is similarly bullying us in the South China Sea.. This Yellow Hordes distinctive character trait of having double standards is clearly infectious.. I dont remember any column by Doronila complaining about the demonstrations at the EDSA Shrine in 2001, which paralyzed the Ortigas business area for four days and led to Estradas fall. I dont remember hearing Saguisag point out that EDSA Tres in 2001, in which the INC provided most of the warm bodies, was a case of bullying President Arroyo by the camp of ...
Notwithstanding the increasing interest into the influence of reward on human behavior, one question that remained unresolved is why some individuals respond more consistently to the rewarding outcomes of their actions. In the current study, we aimed to address this puzzling variability by identifying stable anatomical substrates that may account for it. The results revealed that gray-matter volume in specific parts of the lateral prefrontal cortex predicted the degree of reward dependence that human subjects display during the acquisition of a novel skill. This predictive relationship was specific to reward dependence, in other words to the quantitative trial-by-trial relationship between reward and subsequent performance. No such relationship was found between brain structure and performance feedback, or the magnitude of overall reward-related on-line learning gains. Further, the predictive relationship between brain structure and reward dependence was specific to the most dorsal parts of the ...
We model environmentally conscious consumption behavior (ECCB) with three psychometric values constructs: Schwartzs Self-Transcendence Values, Kahles List of Values, and Richins and Dawsons Materialism. Comparison of competing models and non-nested specification tests lead to a statistically significant model of ECCB which reasonably fits our author-designed and collected survey data. In addition, benevolence and universalism (elements of Schwartzs construct), and acquisition centrality (an element of Materialism) exhibit statistical significance and conform to expectations.
Page on the web site of leading UK SocioPsychologist Keith E Rice exploring the potential nature of TURQUOISE/Self-Transcendence and how much of it there is
Symptoms stage 1 was chronic fatigue, memory difficulty and difficulty sleeping. Stage 2 started about 7 months of being in the apartment, in addition to stage one symptoms: headaches, blurry vision, disorientation, lack of appetite, increased chronic fatigue, equilibrium problems, and lack of libido. Stage 3 was: mini strokes, pain in joints and muscles, headaches, migraines- thought my head was going to explode, passing out. After a few weeks of feeling terrible I was admitted to the ER; but heres the thing after all the test the ER doctors did they said I was fine and to go home. So, I went home and within 24 hours my symptoms had gotten worse. After leaving my apartment for about two weeks I realized my symptoms has lessened in severity so I moved out. Health continued to improve until about three months afterwards, at this point whatever my body was fighting off ceased to do so-my metabolism, digestion, adrenals, thyroid, pituitary functions all seemed to slow or something just wasnt ...
"CHARACTER|TVアニメ『Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活』オフィシャルサイト". Retrieved 2020-04-23. "Seisen Cerberus TV Anime Previewed in 1st ... "Character". Saekano official website (in Japanese). Kadokawa Corporation. Retrieved November 5, 2017. "Saekano Official Website ... "Young Black Jack Anime Details Guest Characters From Tezuka Manga". Anime News Network. September 22, 2015. Retrieved April 23 ...
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The series is directed by Ai Yoshimura and written by Taku Kishimoto, with Toshiyuki Yahagi handling character designs. Takurō ... "Production I.G Unveils Kabukichō Sherlock TV Anime's Main Cast, Characters, Promo, Final Title". Anime News Network. November 7 ... "CHARACTER , オリジナルTVアニメ「歌舞伎町シャーロック」公式サイト". (in Japanese). Retrieved December 1, 2019. ...
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"Character list". Retrieved 23 May 2020. "Character". Retrieved 23 May 2020. "Character Ciel". Retrieved 23 May 2020. "Character ... "CHARACTER". Retrieved 23 May 2020. "CHARACTER". Retrieved 23 May 2020. "CHARACTERS". Retrieved 23 May 2020. "CHARACTER". ... "Character Hansel". Retrieved 23 May 2020. "CHARACTER". Retrieved 23 May 2020. "Character Introduction". Retrieved 23 May 2020. ... "CHARACTER". Retrieved 23 May 2020. "CHARACTER". Retrieved 23 May 2020. "Student list". Retrieved 23 May 2020. "Character & ...
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When she thinks of maid characters, she always tend to imagine them as a lighthearted one, but Kirumi is definitely the type of ... "イノ , CHARACTER , GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- , ARC SYSTEM WORKS". (in Japanese). Retrieved January 30, 2021. "ウルトラ怪女子+ ... Also, as Lust in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, she was an antagonist the main characters have to contend with more than ... "Key, P.A. Works' The Day I Became a God Anime Introduces More Characters, Cast". Anime News Network. September 26, 2020. ...
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"CHARACTER -TVアニメ『ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 スターダストクルセイダース』公式サイト". (in Japanese). Retrieved July 21, 2019. "CHARACTER -TVアニメ『 ... Ishizuka was known for his deep, strong voice and is often cast in the role of older mature male characters, such as Jet Black ... "三島平八 , CHARACTER , PROJECT X ZONE 2 -BRAVE NEW WORLD-". (in Japanese). Retrieved December 12, 2018. https:// ... "エイブラハム・ガドリン , CHARACTER ゴッドイータ
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"CHARACTER". TVアニメ「その時、カノジョは。」公式サイト. Retrieved 2018-09-18. "キャラクター|Theシャッフル". 「KING OF PRISM -Shiny Seven Stars-」公式サイト. ...
Thomas, Clarence (1998). Character. Washington, DC: Heritage Foundation. Archived from the original on August 16, 2000. Thomas ...
Characters' health is fully replenished when completing or exiting a map. Morale points are deducted for each fleet character ... Players may also give customized names to married characters but may only do so every 30 days for each character. Furthermore, ... Sustained low morale for a character decreases their stats and affection points. Low affection points lead the character to ... and intend to introduce more characters like this in the future. A series of characters based on proposed or unfinished World ...
"Story & Characters". Code Vein (in Japanese). Bandai Namco Entertainment. Retrieved May 6, 2019. "【事前登録】『このすば』初のスマホゲーム『この素晴らしい世 ... "Miru Tights CHARACTER list". みるタイツ オフィシャルサイト (in Japanese). Retrieved 2019-07-19. "Symphogear TV Anime's Season 5 Reveals Key, ... "Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki Anime Reveals Staff, Cast, TV Format". Anime News Network. March 21, 2020. Retrieved March 21, ... "CHARACTER". Azur Lane (in Japanese). Retrieved October 23, 2019. "Shin Chūka Ichiban! Anime's Video Reveals Cast
"ジオヴァーナ , CHARACTER , GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- , ARC SYSTEM WORKS". (in Japanese). Retrieved December 31, 2020. "ダーク・ ...
Character . (dot) provided that it is not the first or last character, and provided also that it does not appear two or more ... The local-part may be up to 64 characters long and, in theory, is case-sensitive. It can consist of either a sequence of valid ... RFC 5321, defines an email address as a character string that identifies a user to whom mail will be sent or a location into ... Using SMTPUTF8 extension of SMTP it is also possible to use non-ASCII characters. Some common sense is needed when creating new ...
The cast from the audio drama return to voice their characters in the anime. The opening theme song is "Renegade" by STEREO ... EP_Marco Adriano focuses on mafia staff member Marco Adriano, a character from the original manga. The first collected volume ... The series is directed by Shūkō Murase and Kōichi Hatsumi, with character designs by Yōichi Ueda and music by Tsutchie. ... "Character". Gangsta Project (in Japanese). Retrieved 5 July 2015. "English Cast Announcement, Sneak Peek at Gangsta". ...
Hodgkins, Crystalyn (March 21, 2020). "Akudama Drive Original Anime Reveals Character Designs for 7 Main Characters". Anime ... "Characters" (in Japanese). Sunrise (company). Archived from the original on February 1, 2015. Retrieved February 3, 2015. " ... "CHARACTER , 「BanG Dream! 2nd Season」公式サイト". BanG Dream! (in Japanese). Retrieved December 26, 2019. ... "Rock Battle TV Anime 'Listeners' Confirms More Cast, Characters, Story, Ending Song Artist, April Premiere (Updated)". Anime ...
"シース , CHARACTER , PROJECT X ZONE 2 -BRAVE NEW WORLD-". (in Japanese). Retrieved December 5, 2018. "NEWS , グランブル ... Princess Connect! Re:Dive Characters (in Japanese). "MAPPA's Taiso Samurai TV Anime Reveals More Cast, Video, Visual". Anime ... ーファンタジー". Granblue Fantasy (in Japanese). "Character". Princess Connect (in Japanese). "DEAD OR ALIVE 6 公式サイト , CHARACTERS ... "Characters - Boa Hancock". One Piece (in Japanese). "Staff & Cast". TV Tokyo (in Japanese). "Staff & Cast". Gundam Build ...
... character; caring; confidence; persistent resourcefulness; and purpose. Despite the concept of thriving having existed in ...
"CHARACTER". 映画『プロメア』公式サイト 5/24(金)全国ロードショー. Retrieved August 28, 2019. "さよなら、ティラノ". Retrieved April 17, 2020. "KOF ... "ディアボロ , CHARACTER , TVアニメ『ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 黄金の風』公式サイト". (in Japanese). Retrieved November 5, 2019. Pineda, Rafael ... He's also known for voicing the two characters from the same anime, Keigo Asano and Shuhei Hisagi, both from Bleach. Recently, ... also adding that each character whom he voiced is important to him. Konishi was awarded the Best
"CHARACTER , 「BanG Dream! 2nd Season」公式サイト". BanG Dream! (in Japanese). Retrieved August 15, 2020. "CAST・STAFF , 劇場版「BanG Dream ... "CHARACTER , 「BanG Dream! 3rd Season」公式サイト". BanG Dream! (in Japanese). Retrieved August 15, 2020. "STAFF&CAST , 「BanG Dream! ... In addition to playing for the band in live performances, she replaced the departing Satomi Akesaka as the character Rinko ... She plays the keyboard for the band Roselia of the BanG Dream! franchise, which includes portraying the character Rinko ...
Swanson, Sandra (May 4, 2007). "Officer Garcia Plus Carlos Alazraqui Gets More Laughs Than 'Reno 911!' Character". Daily Herald ...
... the Edge SLASH THE LIFE Miracle Train Character Song Vol.1 Black Butler II Character Song Vol.10 Beyond the Boundary Character ... "セッコ , CHARACTER , TVアニメ『ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 黄金の風』公式サイト". (in Japanese). Retrieved November 5, 2019. "Cells at Work! ...
character. If the input files contain lines beginning with the separator character, the output columns can become ambiguous. ... Note that the column is interpreted by the number of leading tab characters. \t represents a tab character and \n represents a ... Comparison of file comparison tools List of Unix commands cmp (Unix) - character oriented file comparison cut (Unix) - ... newline (Escape character#Programming and data formats). In general terms, diff is a more powerful utility than comm. The ...
In 2009, she made her voice acting debut in the video game Ōkami Kakushi, voicing the character Kaname Asagiri. She would later ... "Character". Atelier Online (in Japanese). Gust Co. Ltd. Retrieved January 30, 2019. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) " ... In January of the same year, she played the character Nagisa Shiota in Assassination Classroom. That same year, she received ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Characters" (in Japanese). Alchemist. Archived from the original on December 28, 2012 ...
The letters should be put in the Character Education box that is in the office. Families, if you write a letter just send it to ...
Mrs. Guerrero. North Shore Elementary. 14310 Duncannon Dr.. Houston, Texas 77015. 832-386-4660. [email protected] No Place for Hate. google classroom code: w3odmja ...
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o This character is blacklisted for domain names by browsers because it might be used for phishing. ... "Character design standards - space characters". Character design standards. Microsoft. 1998-1999. Archived from the original on ... The table below lists the twenty-five characters defined as whitespace ("WSpace=Y", "WS") characters in the Unicode Character ... "Bidirectional Character Type=WS") and are known as "Bidi-WS" characters. The remaining characters may also be used, but are not ...
The character group of (Z/k)* consists of the residue class characters. A residue class character θ on (Z/k)* is primitive if ... Dirichlet characters[edit]. The definition of a Dirichlet character modulo k ensures that it restricts to a character of the ... The effect on Dirichlet characters goes in the opposite direction: if χ is a character mod M, it induces a character χ* mod N ... Character orthogonality[edit]. The orthogonality relations for characters of a finite group transfer to Dirichlet characters.[ ...
I always liked the design of a character that has that Creeper-like quality of being a good guy Joker. And so the effect of a ... After the Face passed into the public domain, a character heavily based on him, called Mr. Face, was introduced for the 2008 ... The Face is a fictional character, a comic book superhero that appeared in 1940s comics during what historians and fans call ... the character wore a frightening green mask, with flaming red hair, a vampires white fangs and ghoulish yellow eyes. ...
The character was re-made to be a corrupt image and antecedent to Wonder Woman and the ideals she represents. Barbara Ann ... The character is introduced in the Justice League episode "Injustice for All", in which she becomes a member of Lex Luthors ... She is also a Legends (PVP) Character. The Barbara Ann Minerva incarnation of the Cheetah appears as a boss and mini-boss in ... She is also a playable character in Injustice 2. In the digital-first crossover with the cast of Scooby-Doo, the Cheetah ...
Children are more likely to learn and apply character lessons from books that feature human characters than from stories using ... Character Education. "Do Storybooks With Anthropomorphized Animal Characters Promote Prosocial Behaviors in Young Children?" ... Children are more likely to learn and apply character lessons from books that feature human characters than from stories using ... A version of this article appeared in the August 30, 2017 edition of Education Week as Character Education ...
I teach character lessons through the game of chess. ... Character Chess is designed to teach learners how to play chess ... Character Chess is designed to teach learners how to play chess and when in life. I teach character lessons through the game of ...
club would have had as noble a character as Mycrofts.. "A wicked old character is represented in the initial to this paper. He ... appeared London Characters and the Humorous Side of London Life. In 1874 appeared. London Characters: Illustrations of the ... There have been at least three books with "London Characters" as the start of their titles.. In 1851 appeared London Characters ... articles in London Society later in London Characters. authors. illustrators. (1867) Thumbnail Studies in the London Streets. ...
The result is a film that is so well plotted it draws the viewer into the action even though, on the level of character, almost ...
He emphasized the importance of character, citing the example of Jesus Christ, who gave His life for our sin. ... Thats character. Jesus is a good example of character, but Hes also much more than that. He is the solution to flawed people ... Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education." We hear very little about character in our classrooms, yet, ... Supposedly, character is what you do when no one is looking, but Im afraid to say all the things Ive done when no one was ... Click to create and ...
... ____________________. Glory/Prudence.. Providence/Faith.. Grace/Beauty.. ... Character Values:. Promoting a Virtuous Lifestyle John E. LaMuth M.S.. Fairhaven Book Publishers, Lucerne Valley, CA, USA. ... Promote Character Values to future generations.. Gain a clearer understanding of the darker forces. affecting Western Culture ... Character Values: Promoting a Virtuous Lifestyle. Copyright 2005 by John LaMuth Absolution 358-360, 363 Accommodation 358, 359 ...
Lade Character Trainer Chinese und genieße die App auf deinem iPhone, iPad und iPod touch. ... Lies Rezensionen, vergleiche Kundenbewertungen, sieh dir Screenshots an und erfahre mehr über Character Trainer Chinese. ... Just wish it had more characters! I *really* love this program. The clues really do help you to associate the character and its ... Targeted, effective learning of the most important Chinese characters, with the help of association. • The character, meaning, ...
Most Popular Character Study Titles Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you havent rated, etc ...
Introduction to character entity references *Character entity references for ISO 8859-1 characters *The list of characters * ... 24.2 Character entity references for ISO 8859-1 characters. The character entity references in this section produce characters ... The list of characters 24.1 Introduction to character entity references. A character entity reference is an SGML construct that ... Character entity references for symbols, mathematical symbols, and Greek letters *The list of characters *Character entity ...
A column profiling the only-in-New-York individuals who make the city distinctive, dedicated to the personalities who stand out a place where being an oddball, zealot or eccentric simply makes you one of the crowd.
With news of an upcoming sequel to the Disney hit Frozen, many fans have taken to social media to express their hope that writers will clarify Queen Elsa is a lesbian, based on implications of her sexuality in the first film. What do you think?
Jekyll, fictional character, the rational, humanistic protagonist of the novel Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886) ... Jekyll, in full Henry Jekyll, fictional character, the rational, humanistic protagonist of the novel Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll ... Jekyll, a fictional character in Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevensons Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. (1886). John ... Hyde, the two alter egos of the main character, have become shorthand for the exhibition of wildly contradictory behaviour, ...
The comic-strip character Popeye, a squinty-eyed, gravel-voiced sailor created by E.C. Segar, made his film debut in a 1933 ... Character Analysis. Take this Pop Culture quiz at Encyclopedia Britannica to test your knowledge of Forrest Gump, Superman, and ... The character was created by Elzie Segar, who introduced him into the newspaper cartoon strip "Thimble Theatre" in 1929. ... Popeye was created by Elzie Crisler Segar, who in 1929 introduced the character into his existing newspaper cartoon strip, ...
Character Reference. January 19 - February 24 2007. Opening Reception: January 18, 6-8pm. The Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery is ... Through the works in "Character Reference" the artists Oliver Laric, MTAA, Julian Opie, Lee Walton and Marina Zurkow all mine ... Seen as a whole the works in "Character Reference" represent a broadened view of the portrait genre. Using this historically ... In Julian Opies "Suzanne Walking in Leather Skirt" and "Sarah Walking in Bra, Pants and Boots", female characters are rendered ...
The course closes with an interview with Eva Jane, the lead in The Assurance, and her thoughts on getting into character and ... pretending, understanding character motivation, and interpreting the script. From theory, we segue into application, with some ... who a character really is and why they do what they do.…In the beginning of The Assurance,…Kordaa says this:…- [Voiceover] ... character motivations for all actions and dialogue.… ... Become a 3D Character Animator * Become an Asset Artist for ...
What types of programmes help to develop character?. What do we mean by character?. There are currently a range of different ... In Building Character we found that tough love parenting was more likely to lead to character attributes among children. ... Demos and character. *The report Building Character (2009) revealed a correlation between tough love parenting and the ... character. For example, the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtue at the University of Birmingham prefers the term virtues, ...
PCGen :: An RPG Character Generator. RPG character generator for RPG d20 systems. Brought to you by: amaitland, distant-scholar ...
Explore character through a thematic visual diary of New York Fashion Week inspired by the essential building blocks of fashion ... Fashion Week: Elements , Character. By SHAYLA HARRIS, NATALIA V. OSIPOVA and MAX CANTOR , Sep. 13, 2013 , 1:52 Explore ... character through a thematic visual diary of New York Fashion Week inspired by the essential building blocks of fashion and ...
PCGen :: An RPG Character Generator RPG character generator for RPG d20 systems. Brought to you by: amaitland, barako, distant- ... This is the default setting). NO - Hides the skill name in PCGen and on export to a character sheet. DISPLAY - Displays the ... This is the default setting). NO - Hides the skill name in PCGen and on export to a character sheet. DISPLAY - Displays the ... This is the default setting). NO - Hides the skill name in PCGen and on export to a character sheet. DISPLAY - Displays the ...
... animation tool that gives everyone a solution for intuitive 2D character animation, live animation, character sharing and ... Set your characters in motion. Like a sprinkle of fairy dust, motion lines can trail behind your character to convey movement ... Character Animator uses your expressions and movements to animate characters in real time. Its so fast, you can livestream ... Hollywood studios and online content creators use Character Animator to bring their characters to life in real time. It ...
33.7 Character Sets. An Emacs character set. , or charset. , is a set of characters in which each character is assigned a ... The character set unicode. includes all the characters whose Emacs code points are in the range 0..#x10FFFF. . The character ... character &optional restriction. This function returns the name of the character set of highest priority that character. ... includes all the characters in charset. , but optional arguments from-code. and to-code. limit that to the range of characters ...
ODonnell complains of character assassination. By Jim Acosta and Bonney Kapp, CNN. ... And Ive taken ... a lot of character assassination *Comedian Bill Maher released a video clip of ODonnell admitting she once ... And Ive taken a lot of hits ... a lot of character assassination, ODonnell said. ...
6 Characters, Entities and Fonts. 6.1 Introduction. 6.2 MathML Characters. 6.2.1 Unicode Character Data. 6.2.2 Special ... 6.2.3 Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Characters. 6.2.4 Non-Marking Characters. 6.1 Introduction Issue regenerate_character_ ... 6.2.1 Unicode Character Data As always in XML, any character allowed by XML may be used in MathML in an XML document. The legal ... 6.2.2 Special Characters Not in Unicode For special purposes, one may need to use a character which is not in Unicode. In these ...
  • also ASCII 32, represents a blank space punctuation character in text, used as a word divider in Western scripts . (
  • There are many users which name doesn't fit in ASCII only characters. (
  • the server interprets byte values 0-127 according to the ASCII standard, while byte values 128-255 are taken as uninterpreted characters. (
  • setting because PostgreSQL will be unable to help you by converting or validating non-ASCII characters. (
  • New page: __NOTOC__ right The '''National Cub Scouting Character Connections Program''' was introduced in 2002. (
  • Character traits are reliably manifested in trait-relevant behavior over iterated trials of similar trait-relevant eliciting conditions (Doris 2002: 22. (
  • As a eulogy to the late McSteamy - and an exclusive to EW - Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes penned an obituary for Sloan, who she calls "one of my all-time favorite characters to write. (
  • The social character comprises only a selection of traits, the essential nucleus of the character structure of most members of a group which has developed as the result of the basic experiences and mode of life common to that group . (
  • Can we say that a person's jealousy draws on character traits, or do emotions depend on a more complex interrelation between character, motivation, and features of the experience? (
  • In this paper, I wish to consider the extent to which emotions depend on certain dispositions that are often identified in the literature as character traits. (
  • Unlike affective episodes, character traits indicate subjective tendencies to experience some particular family of emotions, or alternatively to not experience them in some particular way (Deonna & Teroni 2012 , p. 9). (
  • In this sense, as Deonna and Teroni write, character traits connect in a stable and coherent way the cognitive and conative dimensions of human behaviour. (
  • Create a concrete poem with character traits. (
  • Draw on studies in psychology to show that people typically do not have what they call global character traits. (
  • Show that this is a serious problem for Aristotelian virtue ethics, as well as any other view in normative ethics which is committed in some central way to global character traits. (
  • First we need to clarify what global character traits are before diving into the details of the two stages. (
  • Character traits are reliably manifested in trait-relevant behavior across a diversity of trait-relevant eliciting conditions that may vary widely in their conduciveness to the manifestation of the trait in question. (
  • Vices like cruelty and dishonesty count as global character traits as well. (
  • If there is widespread possession of the traditional virtues and vices understood as global character traits, then systematic empirical observation using appropriate psychology experiments will reveal most people behaving in a certain kind of way. (
  • At any time, view a list of your mastered and unfamiliar characters and easily search for a character by definition or pinyin. (
  • Chinese job seekers, both new and experienced, might not have much of a choice but to summarize their work history in 140 characters or less as China's highly competitive job search spills over the country's most popular microblogging service, Sina Weibo. (
  • G08b /36 signals at one of two of the memory enhancement out- [58] Field of Search 340/324 AD, 172.5, 324 A put levels, the intensity of the displayed character is uniformly reduced or caused to pulsate. (
  • A single character can belong to any number of different character sets, but it will generally have a different code point in each charset. (
  • The code point assigned to a character in a charset is usually different from its code point used in Emacs buffers and strings. (
  • Emacs can convert between its internal representation of a character and the character's codepoint in a specific charset. (
  • indicate a range of characters contained in charset. (
  • I want to add a chinese page to my site, set the charset to UTF-8 but after uploading to the server the chinese characters don't display correctly. (
  • I've read in different places that the correct charset for chinese characters is UTF-8. (
  • The Face is a fictional character, a comic book superhero that appeared in 1940s comics during what historians and fans call the Golden Age of Comic Books. (
  • Dr. Jekyll , in full Henry Jekyll , fictional character, the rational, humanistic protagonist of the novel Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886) by Robert Louis Stevenson . (
  • proper noun ) A fictional organization founded by the character Albus Dumbledore to fight Voldemort and his followers . (
  • Emacs defines several special character sets. (
  • defines the default character set (encoding) for a PostgreSQL cluster. (
  • J. Scott Richards, director of research at the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center at the University of Alabama, said Sully's character flaws in "Avatar" also made the film appealing. (
  • For wines with character and personality at a good price this is a great place. (
  • Although the word which two people of different personality even when they speak of love, for instance, is the same, the meaning of the word is entirely different according to their character structure. (
  • For a character's actions to seem believable they must reflect the personality of that character. (
  • Try this character lesson as students learn character/personality trait vocabulary while setting goals for themselves to be great teammates! (
  • In many encodings, characters may need more than one byte. (
  • Using UTF-8 or UTF-16, the only two encodings that all XML processors are required to accept, mathematical symbols can be encoded as character data. (
  • So description can have a great deal of relevance, because the other characters are going to react to what they perceive about the protagonist, and vice versa. (
  • This report presents a survey of the character properties defined in the Unicode Standard as well as guidelines to their usage. (
  • The Unicode Standard views character semantics as inherent to the definition of a character and conformant processes are required to take these into account when interpreting characters. (
  • The assignment of character semantics for the Unicode Standard is based on character behavior. (
  • In contrast, the Unicode Standard supplies a rich set of character attributes, called properties, for each character contained in it. (
  • Therefore, instead of tweaking the properties to simply make a particular algorithm easier, the Unicode Standard pays careful attention to the underlying essential linguistic identity of the character. (
  • [1] Seventeen use a definition of whitespace consistent with the algorithm for bidirectional writing ("Bidirectional Character Type=WS") and are known as "Bidi-WS" characters. (
  • Modified the character display algorithm to favor unfamiliar characters. (
  • In some cases, a given character property is specified in close conjunction with a detailed specification of an algorithm. (
  • When assigning character properties for use with a given algorithm, it may be tempting to assign somewhat values to some characters, as long as the algorithm happens to produce the expected results. (
  • In 2016, the BBC will be starting a major 20-part series called Dickensian (above, Caroline Quentin from Oliver Twist and Pauline Collins as Mrs Gamp from Martin Chuzzlewit) based on his characters. (
  • Character and the Social Process (1942), Appendix to Fear of Freedom , Routledge, 1942. (
  • Explore character through a thematic visual diary of New York Fashion Week inspired by the essential building blocks of fashion and style. (
  • In this paper, I wish to explore whether and how emotions build on a state of being motivated that is linked to character and requires the positive contribution of habit. (
  • What better way for a youth to explore issues of character and to find their ethical center than through stories? (
  • The latter are used to represent characters that do not have a Unicode encoding, as described in Section 3.2.9 Accessing glyphs for characters from MathML (mglyph) . (
  • markup-significant and internationalization characters (e.g., for bidirectional text). (
  • Drawing on phenomenological accounts of motivation (most notably Husserl's and Merleau-Ponty's), I argue that the relation between emotions and character depends on the institution of an emotional space, which is responsible for our sensitivity to the values of the felt situation and yet it is open to changes and revisions. (
  • The legal characters have the hexadecimal code numbers 09 (tab = U+0009), 0A (line feed = U+000A), 0D (carriage return = U+000D), 20-D7FF (U+0020. (
  • Learn about finding and auditioning actors for different roles and get a deep dive into the theory of acting: being vs. pretending, understanding character motivation, and interpreting the script. (
  • The value is a list of all defined character set names. (
  • This function returns a list of all defined character sets ordered by their priority. (
  • The following sections present the complete lists of character entity references. (
  • The character entity references in this section produce characters whose numeric equivalents should already be supported by conforming HTML 2.0 user agents. (
  • They have added a great new feature, though, called character maps , that makes conversion of specific source document characters to entity references (or to any strings you like) very simple. (
  • Hollywood studios and online content creators use Character Animator to bring their characters to life in real time. (
  • A MathML token element (see Section 3.2 Token Elements , , ) takes as content a sequence of MathML Characters . (
  • Character 65533 (FFFD hexadecimal) is the last valid character in UCS-2. (
  • Results show that with 9 characters, 29% of the closest exemplars are correctly identified, increasing to 50% as additional exemplars are considered. (
  • The classic difficulty of being able to correctly recognize even typed optical language symbols is the complex irregularity among pictorial representations of the same character due to variations in fonts, styles and size. (
  • When tested locally on my browser before uploading, the characters are display correctly. (
  • locale, any character set is allowed, but for other locales there is only one character set that will work correctly. (
  • The last case may require occasional differences in character property assignment to make all algorithms work correctly. (
  • American cartoonist and creator of "Popeye," a comic strip in which the main character, a roughhewn sailor who gained immense strength from eating spinach, became an international folk hero. (
  • However, if we want to understand how human energy is channelled and operates as a productive force in a given social order, then the social character deserves our main interest. (
  • In the television series Men of a Certain Age , all three of the main characters are driven by resentment. (
  • Actually to tell you the truth, out of all the characters I do describe, my main POV is the least. (
  • It will draw on the psychology literature where appropriate, but the main focus will be on the significance of that work for philosophers interested in better understanding moral character. (
  • Discover the All Characters Bundle for Talisman: Digital Edition. (
  • Use new abilities and skills with the 18 characters available in this bundle. (
  • You may have plot points, but did you think about how your character will react to the situations those plot points put her in? (
  • These characters are going to be introduced in different episodes, so how did you decide how to bring them into the show? (
  • Many properties are specified in relation to processes or algorithms that interpret them, in order to implement the discovered character behavior. (
  • When modeling character behavior with computer processes, formal character properties are assigned in order to achieve the expected results. (
  • And what are the most important tasks for…both actors and directors,…is to examine the script to figure out the…character motivations for all actions and dialogue. (
  • To support these named entities, user agents need only recognize the entity names and convert them to characters that lie within the repertoire of [ISO88591] . (
  • Proceeding in this way hides the nature of the character and limits the re-use of character properties by related processes. (
  • In contrast to this view, I argue that character can be understood as a complex stratification of motives whose relation to emotions and sentiments can be accounted for without resorting to any "out of character" explanation. (
  • But in a well-written script,…this process can reveal a lot about…who a character really is and why they do what they do. (
  • What a character is wearing and their general appearance can reveal a lot about a character. (
  • Primary Examiner-Maynard R. Wilbur Assistant ExaminerLeo H. Boudreau Attorney-Hall & Houghton ABSTRACT: Techniques to character recognition in which the shape of the character is stored in a matrix of storage cells which is then examined electrically to correct deficiencies not inherent in the character and to thin" the stored shape to a required extent. (
  • important that a practical character recognition machine be insensitive to imperfections in shape, to gaps and discontinuities not inherent in the shape of the character, to: variations in line thickness, to orientation, and the presence of other irrelevant infonnation. (
  • When rendered, a whitespace character does not correspond to a visible mark, but typically does occupy an area on a page. (
  • Isolated character properties typically only tell part of the story. (
  • The interpretation of some properties (such as the case of a character) is largely independent of context, whereas the interpretation of others (such as directionality) is applicable to a character sequence as a whole, rather than to the individual characters that compose the sequence. (
  • The glyph(s) defined by a combining character sequence are the result of contextual analysis in the display shaping engine. (
  • This chapter of the MathML specification contains a listing of character names for use with MathML, recommendations for their use, and warnings to pay attention to the correct form of the corresponding code points given in the UCS (Universal Character Set) as codified in Unicode and ISO 10646 [Unicode] and the Unicode Web site . (
  • That's why RIFT is freeing up the names of inactive characters prior to the next major server merge. (
  • Any players with characters flagged as inactive will be sent a letter stating that the characters in question are in danger of losing their names. (
  • In recent years all major parties have increased their policy focus on character and social and emotional skills, as research increasingly shows that these attributes are vital to future success. (
  • And is there a link that shows me all character type max lengths? (
  • The comic-strip character Popeye, a squinty-eyed, gravel-voiced sailor created by E.C. Segar, made his film debut in a 1933 Betty Boop short, and the character proved to be the mainstay of the Fleischer studio throughout the. (
  • Researchers found children who heard the book with human characters were more likely to share the stickers than they were before. (
  • What is the relation between character and emotions? (
  • Although there will be always 'deviants' with a totally different character structure, the character structure of most members of the group are variations of this nucleus, brought about by the accidental factors of birth and life experience as they differ from one individual to another. (
  • And so the effect of a man with a monster face and a tuxedo is just such a simple, cool idea that I want to take this character and do something with him-where the effect of his face has a surreal quality on people much like Count Vertigo, where it sort of throws you off in a scarecrow-like manner once he enters the room. (
  • The Department for Education Character Unit, and the Step Up To Serve #iwill campaign are both trying to develop these skills in young people. (
  • Because each of these self-imposed experiences will show you why people-characters-think what they think and do the things they do. (
  • PEOPLE, TIME , InStyle and Entertainment Weekly have your exclusive first look at the official Ghostbusters character posters, introducing fans to the new ghost-hunting team. (
  • Director Paul Feig describes McCarthy's character to PEOPLE as "Abby Yates: Paranormal researcher, supernatural scientist, entity trapper. (
  • Since the ability to perform magic is an inborn attribute of certain people, groups of such characters are recognized by specific terms, based on whether they, and their family , have or not have magical abilities. (
  • Jon Russell of The Asian Correspondent points out that with more than 140 million Chinese people using Sina Weibo, the effects of 140-character bursts of information are changing processes and communication across the nation. (
  • Who are the best people to play these characters? (
  • Reading has always been a preferred escape for me, and whether I've been immersed in the novels or a movie marathon, I've always found my attachment to the characters an easy way to connect with my students and other people who have latched onto the lure that comes with the Potter world. (
  • The exclusions above code number D7FF are of the blocks used in surrogate pairs, and the two characters guaranteed not to be Unicode characters at all. (
  • The line breaking rules of TR#14 involve character pairs and and triples, and in certain cases, longer sequences. (
  • In the following excerpt from her book 45 Master Characters , archetype expert Victoria Schmidt explains how using archetypes can help you develop characters whose actions seem true to life and spring forth from the page. (
  • A phenomenological appraisal of character explains how the subject apperceives relevant features of the felt situation in a way that is open to variation and temporal updating, and yet this does not lead us to embrace any form of subjective determinism either. (
  • in the creation of characters of greater intensity than human beings. (
  • In response to signals at one of two of the memory enhancement output levels, the intensity of the displayed character is uniformly reduced or caused to pulsate. (
  • Character archetypes are a great way to help understand what motivates your heroes and villains - the reasons they do what they do. (
  • Kamui is a formidable character who is great for beginners and veterans alike. (
  • So we have these two great characters that are joining us. (
  • BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION This invention generally relates to an apparatus for providing a visual display of digitally encoded information, and more particularly relates to such an apparatus which includes means for enhancing the presentation and uniqueness of selected characters being displayed. (
  • The Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery is pleased to present "Character Reference"" a group show featuring an international group of contemporary artists. (
  • Through the works in "Character Reference" the artists Oliver Laric, MTAA, Julian Opie, Lee Walton and Marina Zurkow all mine this rich genre. (
  • Seen as a whole the works in "Character Reference" represent a broadened view of the portrait genre. (
  • 1s 5 5 15 7 5 6 15 s 7 5011/4/10 jnn'nm AI 1011111 Y l CHARACTER RECOGNITION BY LINEAR TRAVERSE BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to character recognition techniques and has particular reference to techniques for use in the processing of characters of alphanumeric form prior to recognition. (
  • Each such concept and each doctrine has an emotional matrix and this matrix is rooted in the character structure of the individual. (
  • You may have meant: (character): Space (punctuation) _ (character): Underscore : (character): Colon (punctuation) Character (disambiguation) Character (symbol) This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title (character). (
  • Hence the conventional programming methods of mapping symbol images into matrices, analyzing pixel and/or vector data and trying to decide which symbol corresponds to which character would yield little or no realistic results. (
  • Children are more likely to learn and apply character lessons from books that feature human characters than from stories using humanlike animals, finds a new study in the journal Developmental Science. (
  • There's one subject that you won't learn about in class, one topic that orientation didn't cover, and that your [undergraduate adviser] won't mention: character. (
  • Learn the most important Chinese characters quickly and effectively with this well-structured app! (
  • Learn the first set of Chinese characters with the basis app and make successful use of the effective, association-based learning method. (
  • Choose the in-app purchase to get all 32 lessons - and to learn 288 of the most important Chinese characters. (
  • But I've learned it's okay to make mistakes the first few times of playing it because then you do learn which character is which and then you find yourself enjoying the challenge of guessing the characters. (
  • Now that I'm hooked, I wish it had even more characters to learn! (
  • Learn How To Kern Like A Pro With KernType An online game in the Method Of Action series aims at showing the importance of balanced distribution of space between characters. (
  • Most of Saki's special moves and combos are easy to learn, and she is a fairly balanced character. (
  • You'll learn about characterization and how the principles of human nature can be applied to fictitious characters. (
  • In the time between two eyeblinks we learn how the character is dressed, how they stand, their age, and much more. (
  • That being said, I'm often reminded of how much we can learn from the characters from this beloved universe. (
  • Xestia c-nigrum (Setaceous Hebrew Character) is a species of Lepidoptera in the family owlet moths . (
  • The character-building process is called Character Connections, which connects the values to the activities and advancement of Cub and Webelos Scouts. (