Analog or digital communications device in which the user has a wireless connection from a telephone to a nearby transmitter. It is termed cellular because the service area is divided into multiple "cells." As the user moves from one cell area to another, the call is transferred to the local transmitter.
Fields representing the joint interplay of electric and magnetic forces.
An instrument for reproducing sounds especially articulate speech at a distance. (Webster, 3rd ed)
The exposure to potentially harmful chemical, physical, or biological agents in the environment or to environmental factors that may include ionizing radiation, pathogenic organisms, or toxic chemicals.
Lists of persons or organizations, systematically arranged, usually in alphabetic or classed order, giving address, affiliations, etc., for individuals, and giving address, officers, functions, and similar data for organizations. (ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983)
Communication between CELL PHONE users via the Short Message Service protocol which allows the interchange of short written messages.
Former kingdom, located on Korea Peninsula between Sea of Japan and Yellow Sea on east coast of Asia. In 1948, the kingdom ceased and two independent countries were formed, divided by the 38th parallel.
The capital is Seoul. The country, established September 9, 1948, is located on the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. Its northern border is shared with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
Studies used to test etiologic hypotheses in which inferences about an exposure to putative causal factors are derived from data relating to characteristics of persons under study or to events or experiences in their past. The essential feature is that some of the persons under study have the disease or outcome of interest and their characteristics are compared with those of unaffected persons.
Electromagnetic waves with frequencies between about 3 kilohertz (very low frequency - VLF) and 300,000 megahertz (extremely high frequency - EHF). They are used in television and radio broadcasting, land and satellite communications systems, radionavigation, radiolocation, and DIATHERMY. The highest frequency radio waves are MICROWAVES.
Delivery of nursing services via remote telecommunications.
A usually four-wheeled automotive vehicle designed for passenger transportation and commonly propelled by an internal-combustion engine using a volatile fuel. (Webster, 1973)
The effect of environmental or physiological factors on the driver and driving ability. Included are driving fatigue, and the effect of drugs, disease, and physical disabilities on driving.
Exclusive legal rights or privileges applied to inventions, plants, etc.
Transmission of information over distances via electronic means.
A country of eastern Africa, west of the Red Sea, bordered west and northwest by SUDAN, and south by ETHIOPIA. Its capital is Asmara.
The religion stemming from the life, teachings, and death of Jesus Christ: the religion that believes in God as the Father Almighty who works redemptively through the Holy Spirit for men's salvation and that affirms Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior who proclaimed to man the gospel of salvation. (From Webster, 3d ed)
An enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of allophanic acid to two molecules of ammonia plus two molecules of "active carbon dioxide". EC
Systems used to prompt or aid the memory. The systems can be computerized reminders, color coding, telephone calls, or devices such as letters and postcards.
Experimentally induced tumors of the LIVER.
A rare form of DEMENTIA that is sometimes familial. Clinical features include APHASIA; APRAXIA; CONFUSION; ANOMIA; memory loss; and personality deterioration. This pattern is consistent with the pathologic findings of circumscribed atrophy of the poles of the FRONTAL LOBE and TEMPORAL LOBE. Neuronal loss is maximal in the HIPPOCAMPUS, entorhinal cortex, and AMYGDALA. Some ballooned cortical neurons contain argentophylic (Pick) bodies. (From Brain Pathol 1998 Apr;8(2):339-54; Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, pp1057-9)
The non-genetic biological changes of an organism in response to challenges in its ENVIRONMENT.
A plant genus in the family ROSACEAE, order Rosales, subclass Rosidae. It is best known as a source of the edible fruit (apple) and is cultivated in temperate climates worldwide.
That part of the RESPIRATORY TRACT or the air within the respiratory tract that does not exchange OXYGEN and CARBON DIOXIDE with pulmonary capillary blood.
An order of the ANGIOSPERMS, subclass Rosidae. Its members include some of the most known ornamental and edible plants of temperate zones including roses, apples, cherries, and peaches.
Methods of creating machines and devices.
Process that is gone through in order for a device to receive approval by a government regulatory agency. This includes any required preclinical or clinical testing, review, submission, and evaluation of the applications and test results, and post-marketing surveillance. It is not restricted to FDA.
Individual's rights to obtain and use information collected or generated by others.
The study of literature written in the Romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian, and others descended from Latin), including grammar, etymology, criticism, literary history, and language and linguistic history.
Platforms that provide the ability and tools to create and publish information accessed via the INTERNET. Generally these platforms have three characteristics with content user generated, high degree of interaction between creator and viewer, and easily integrated with other sites.
A loose confederation of computer communication networks around the world. The networks that make up the Internet are connected through several backbone networks. The Internet grew out of the US Government ARPAnet project and was designed to facilitate information exchange.
A plant genus of the family Apocynaceae. It is the source of VINCA ALKALOIDS, used in leukemia chemotherapy.
A plant genus of the family APOCYNACEAE. Vinca rosea has been changed to CATHARANTHUS roseus.
Agents of the law charged with the responsibility of maintaining and enforcing law and order among the citizenry.

Neurological changes induced by a mobile phone. (1/766)

Dysaesthesiae of the scalp after mobile phone use have been previously reported, but the basis for this has not been clear. We report a case of a 34-year-old journalist who complained of symptoms associated with use of a mobile phone. She agreed to a provocation study with her phone. Current perception threshold testing before and after exposure showed marked changes in the C-fibre nerves of the affected area compared with the opposite side. The case is supportive of a neurological basis for some cases of dysaesthesiae associated with mobile phone use.  (+info)

Design and implementation of a real-time clinical alerting system for intensive care unit. (2/766)

Nowadays many hospitals use clinical information systems (CIS) to improve patient health care and information management. CIS retrieves and manages patient information such as patient administration, laboratory data and medications. Specialized CIS, especially Intensive Care Unit (ICU) CIS, needs to handle more additional information. How to process and make use of this enormous amount of physiologic data generated by ICU is a significant topic in CIS design. We have designed and implemented a real-time clinical alerting system for ICU, which executes alert algorithms on the database records of 63 ICU physiologic parameters. The user can create various alert rules with our rule editor to supervise the values or trends of these parameters. When an alert condition on a specific patient is detected, the system notices the clinicians in charge with mobile phones or pagers. With this functionality, up-to-date patient information is provided for clinicians inverted exclamation mark | use in judging the patient inverted exclamation mark |s condition and making treatment decisions.  (+info)

National Pharmaceutical Stockpile drill analysis using XML data collection on wireless Java phones. (3/766)

This study describes an informatics effort to track subjects through a National Pharmaceutical Stockpile (NPS) distribution drill. The drill took place in Seattle on 1/24/2002. Washington and the State Department of Health are among the first in the nation to stage a NPS drill testing the distribution of medications to mock patients, thereby testing the treatment capacity of the plan given a post-anthrax exposure scenario. The goal of the Public Health Informatics Group at the University of Washington ( was to use informatics approaches to monitor subject numbers and elapsed time. This study compares accuracy of time measurements using a mobile phone Java application to traditional paper recording in a live drill of the NPS. Pearson correlation = 1.0 in 2 of 3 stations. Differences in last station measurements can be explained by delay in recording of the exit time. We discuss development of the application itself and lessons learned. (MeSH Bioterrorism, Informatics, Public Health)  (+info)

Electromagnetic fields, such as those from mobile phones, alter regional cerebral blood flow and sleep and waking EEG. (4/766)

Usage of mobile phones is rapidly increasing, but there is limited data on the possible effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure on brain physiology. We investigated the effect of EMF vs. sham control exposure on waking regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) and on waking and sleep electroencephalogram (EEG) in humans. In Experiment 1, positron emission tomography (PET) scans were taken after unilateral head exposure to 30-min pulse-modulated 900 MHz electromagnetic field (pm-EMF). In Experiment 2, night-time sleep was polysomnographically recorded after EMF exposure. Pulse-modulated EMF exposure increased relative rCBF in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex ipsilateral to exposure. Also, pm-EMF exposure enhanced EEG power in the alpha frequency range prior to sleep onset and in the spindle frequency range during stage 2 sleep. Exposure to EMF without pulse modulation did not enhance power in the waking or sleep EEG. We previously observed EMF effects on the sleep EEG (A. A. Borbely, R. Huber, T. Graf, B. Fuchs, E. Gallmann and P. Achermann. Neurosci. Lett., 1999, 275: 207-210; R. Huber, T. Graf, K. A. Cote, L. Wittmann, E. Gallmann, D. Matter, J. Schuderer, N. Kuster, A. A. Borbely, and P. Achermann. Neuroreport, 2000, 11: 3321-3325), but the basis for these effects was unknown. The present results show for the first time that (1) pm-EMF alters waking rCBF and (2) pulse modulation of EMF is necessary to induce waking and sleep EEG changes. Pulse-modulated EMF exposure may provide a new, non-invasive method for modifying brain function for experimental, diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.  (+info)

Evaluation of accessibility and use of new communication technologies in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus. (5/766)

BACKGROUND: The role of patients in the management and control of type 1 diabetes mellitus, a chronic disease, is well established. The advent of new communication technologies is expected to improve patients' access to health information. However, little is known about the extent to which patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus use the Internet to retrieve medical information and about the impact, if any, this retrieval has on their health status. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the accessibility and use of new communication technologies in a population of patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus. METHODS: Patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus attending the Diabetes Clinic of the Hospital de Sabadell, Sabadell, Spain, in a 6-month period were asked to answer a structured questionnaire about education level, Internet accessibility, use of health-related Web sites, and mobile-phone ownership and use. RESULTS: Of 302 patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus attending the Diabetes Clinic on a regular basis, 244 (115 men, 129 women) were interviewed (response rate 80.8%). Personal computers were owned by 58.2% of patients. Fifty-nine percent had access to the Internet, 39.3% had access to the Internet at home; however, only 36.5% were regular Internet users. Internet users were younger, more frequently men, and of higher education level. Among Internet users only 49.4% had ever accessed a health-related Web site. Internet users who had ever accessed a health-related Web site had a higher level of education, presented severe hypoglycemia more frequently, and were more likely to have access to the Internet at home. No differences were found in metabolic control between Internet users and nonusers or between Internet users who had ever accessed a health-related Web site and Internet users who had never accessed a health-related Web site. Of the 76.6% of the patients that owned a mobile phone, 96% used it more than once a week. CONCLUSIONS: The impact of new communication technologies might be jeopardized by the low rate of access and utilization of the Internet for health-related purposes. Because of their high rate of ownership and use, mobile phones show promise as a tool in health care communication technologies.  (+info)

Neurological effects of radiofrequency radiation. (6/766)

BACKGROUND: The health effects of radiofrequency radiation (RFR) and the adequacy of the safety standards are a subject of debate. One source of human data is case reports regarding peripheral neurological effects of RFR, mainly noxious sensations or dysaesthesiae. AIM: To investigate health effects, neurophysiological mechanisms and safety levels for RFR. METHODS: We conducted a literature search for case reports and case series associated with mobile phone technology as well as other RFR sources using specific search terms on PubMed. RESULTS: We identified 11 original articles detailing case reports or case series and matching the search criteria. Five of the identified papers were written by at least one of the authors (B.H. or R.W.). CONCLUSIONS: Cases have arisen after exposure to much of the radiofrequency range. In some cases, symptoms are transitory but lasting in others. After very high exposures, nerves may be grossly injured. After lower exposures, which may result in dysaesthesia, ordinary nerve conduction studies find no abnormality but current perception threshold studies have found abnormalities. Only a small proportion of similarly exposed people develop symptoms. The role of modulations needs clarification. Some of these observations are not consistent with the prevailing hypothesis that all health effects of RFR arise from thermal mechanisms.  (+info)

Electromagnetic interference of GSM mobile phones with the implantable deep brain stimulator, ITREL-III. (7/766)

BACKGROUND: The purpose was to investigate mobile phone interference with implantable deep brain stimulators by means of 10 different 900 Mega Hertz (MHz) and 10 different 1800 MHz GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) mobile phones. METHODS: All tests were performed in vitro using a phantom especially developed for testing with deep brain stimulators. The phantom was filled with liquid phantom materials simulating brain and muscle tissue. All examinations were carried out inside an anechoic chamber on two implants of the same type of deep brain stimulator: ITREL-III from Medtronic Inc., USA. RESULTS: Despite a maximum transmitted peak power of mobile phones of 1 Watt (W) at 1800 MHz and 2 W at 900 MHz respectively, no influence on the ITREL-III was found. Neither the shape of the pulse form changed nor did single pulses fail. Tests with increased transmitted power using CW signals and broadband dipoles have shown that inhibition of the ITREL-III occurs at frequency dependent power levels which are below the emissions of GSM mobile phones. The ITREL-III is essentially more sensitive at 1800 MHz than at 900 MHz. Particularly the frequency range around 1500 MHz shows a very low interference threshold. CONCLUSION: These investigations do not indicate a direct risk for ITREL-III patients using the tested GSM phones. Based on the interference levels found with CW signals, which are below the mobile phone emissions, we recommend similar precautions as for patients with cardiac pacemakers: 1. The phone should be used at the ear at the opposite side of the implant and 2. The patient should avoid carrying the phone close to the implant.  (+info)

Nerve cell damage in mammalian brain after exposure to microwaves from GSM mobile phones. (8/766)

The possible risks of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields for the human body is a growing concern for our society. We have previously shown that weak pulsed microwaves give rise to a significant leakage of albumin through the blood-brain barrier. In this study we investigated whether a pathologic leakage across the blood-brain barrier might be combined with damage to the neurons. Three groups each of eight rats were exposed for 2 hr to Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) mobile phone electromagnetic fields of different strengths. We found highly significant (p< 0.002) evidence for neuronal damage in the cortex, hippocampus, and basal ganglia in the brains of exposed rats.  (+info)

Definition of cellular phone in the online dictionary, Lexipedia. The meaning of cellular phone. What does cellular phone mean? cellular phone synonyms, cellular phone antonyms. Information about cellular phone in the free online dictionary and thesaurus.
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The number of Americans diagnosed with diabetes is projected to double over the next fifty years (qtd. in Geiss and Cowie 25). The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 90-95% of all diabetes cases are type 2. Ethnic populations, particularly Hispanic Americans, are disproportionately affected by diabetes. Numerous clinical trials have proven that the onset of type 2 diabetes can be prevented through moderate exercise and a balanced diet (qtd. in Dabelea et al. 39). Culturally relevant prevention strategies can improve the effectiveness of type 2 diabetes prevention campaigns attempting to reach Hispanic Americans. ❧ In 2010, 87% of English-speaking Hispanic Americans (Smith), 78% of bilingual Hispanic Americans and 68% of Spanish dominant Hispanic Americans reported having a cell phone (Livingston). Hispanic Americans have widely adopted mobile phone technology to access the Internet, SMS text messaging, videos, email and social networks (Smith). Mobile health communication ...
Buy Now!. It was in 1946 in Missouri where the first mobile call was made, but it was until the early 1980s when the first 1G network was launched in the United States. Cellular phones have undergone major technological improvements over the last few decades. Now they offer services ranging from but not limited to calling, texting, checking e-mails, playing games, GPS services and family locators. It is much easier to keep in touch with family members and friends with the use of the cellular phone. Now anyone can take pictures or record videos on their cell phone and send them via text, e-mail, or Bluetooth. Other people rely heavily on the use of the cell phone to conduct business transactions. Mobile phones offering such services are known as Smartphones.. If your store provides customers with a variety of cell phones, Sintel Systems has the best business solutions for you.. Point of Sale for Cellular Phone Store is complete with everything you need to get going. To customize your order, ...
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[...] the worlds oil capital is home to scores of hopeful entrepreneurs looking to strike gold with a hot Web site, software or mobile phone technology. [...] the worlds oil capital is home to scores of hopeful entrepreneurs looking to strike gold with a hot Web site, software or mobile phone technology. [...] the worlds oil capital is home to scores of hopeful entrepreneurs looking to strike gold with a hot Web site, software or mobile phone technology. The idea: PF WaterWorks sells a redesigned p-trap dubbed PermaFLOW that aims to eliminate the need for harsh chemical drain cleaners and thus reduce gray water pollution. Co-founder Kent Beck of Dallas designed the product along with company partner resident Jeff Baird, who is also president of Oklahoma-based Shamrock R&D. Beck previously worked for Halliburton as director of technology. Sanjay Ahuja, vice president, worked at Halliburton as a global business manager before joining PF WaterWorks. Several non-profit and government programs,
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On the planet of digital forensics, cellphone investigations are growing exponentially. The volume of mobile devices investigated annually has risen nearly tenfold within the last decade. Courtrooms are relying a growing number of around the information in a cellular phone as vital evidence in cases of all types. Despite that, practicing cellular phone forensics remains to be in its relative infancy. Many digital investigators are unfamiliar with the sector and they are trying to find a Phone Forensics for Dummies. Unfortunately, that book isnt available yet, so investigators ought to look elsewhere for information about how to best tackle cell phone analysis. This post should by no means act as an academic guide. However, you can use it like a starting point to get understanding in the region.. First, its vital that you know how we got to where we are today. In 2005, there are two billion mobile devices worldwide. Today, there are over 5 billion and that number is predicted to cultivate ...
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Background: The association between cellular phones and brain tumors is a question that is frequently asked of the medical and scientific community. The prevalence of cell phone use and the significant morbidity and mortality of brain tumors contribute to this pairing. Cell phones are known to emit radio frequency energy in the form of both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is known to be within X-rays, which do have an association with cancer. Objective: To assess if the use of the cell phone has an association with brain tumors. Methods: The searches performed through PubMed were conducted to find studies that sought to provide evidence as to whether or not increased cell phone exposure contributed to the development of brain tumors. Also searched for was increased regional metabolism of the brain with the use of the cell phone switched in the on position. Studies were restricted to being published during or after the year 2000 and presented in the English language. Results: The
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As a sighted person, you love having the convenience of sending text messages to your sighted friends, but what about your friends who are blind? Is there a way to send them a text message without them purchasing an expensive cell phone with speech? It is possible for certain cellular phone customers to send a text message to a landline phone. The recipient of such a text message does not need a modified telephone. The text message is automatically converted to an automated voice message through text to speech technology. All the recipient must do is listen to the message and respond with a recorded voice message of his or her own. When a cellular phone customer sends a text message to a landline, he or she must first compose the message using a Short Message Service (SMS) format and then input the ten digit phone number of the recipients landline phone. The cellular phone service provider will attempt to send the text message to a landline at least three times. If the recipient answers the ...
Cellular Phone Hello, My phone is not letting me get in to any of the settings because it says system memory is full - Motorola Mobility A780 Cellular Phone question
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The aim of the study was to evaluate the agreement between self-reported and operator-derived estimates of call time based on a three-month monitoring period, as well as the consistency of mobile phone use over time. Alternative approaches to improve participation in a cohort study of mobile phone users were also compared. A total of 5,400 subjects were identified from network operators subscriber databases for recruitment to the pilot study. Operator and questionnaire data were used to quantify mobile phone use. Operator data were available for a subset of the subjects for a three-month period in three consecutive years. We also evaluated the effect of the length of the questionnaire and one- or two-phase recruitment on participation. The average response rate for both questionnaires and recruitment procedures was 12%. The response rate was not affected by the length of the questionnaire or the recruitment method. Operator data were available for 83% of the participants for 2007, the first study year.
The majority of all surgeries are performed as day surgery. After discharge, patients are expected to take responsibility for their postoperative recovery themselves. Recovery Assessment by Phone Points (RAPP) is an e-assessment developed for assessing and providing follow-up on postoperative recovery, which includes the Swedish web-version of the Quality of Recovery questionnaire (SwQoR). It also enables the patient to get in contact with the day surgery unit. The overall aim of this thesis was to further develop and evaluate a systematic follow-up of postoperative recovery using a mobile app in adult persons undergoing day surgery, as well as to describe their experiences of postoperative recovery when using the mobile app. Study I: This study included three steps. Equivalence testing between the paper and app versions of the SwQoR showed agreement (n=69). The feasibility and acceptability evaluation showed that participants (n=63) were positive towards using a mobile phone application during ...
Questions continue to arise about cell phones and their contribution to certain cancers. Even the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has raised some concern about extensive cell phone use. The NCI explains that cell phones emit radio frequency energy in the form of non-ionizing radiation. In other words, a cell phone basically lets off radio waves which are absorbed by the nearest tissues of the body. If a person carries a phone in their pocket all day long, energy can be absorbed into the persons side and midsection.. How does this energy affect the cells over time?. Does this constant exposure disrupt cellular processes, especially when held up to the brain?. While the NCI says that a cell phones non-ionizing radiation has not been proven for carcinogenic activity, other studies may prove otherwise.. More than 15 hours of cell phone use per month may triple brain cancer risk. French scientists are now reporting on a new cohort study showing how extensive cell phone use can increase ones risk ...
Smart phones are very common in Pakistan since last 5 years. Smart phone is a mobile phone that performs many of the functions of a computer, typically having a touch screen interface, internet access, and an operating system capable of running downloaded apps. (Woyke,2014) states that the first true smart phone actually made its debut earlier in 1992. Smart phone has now captured the human life at a very large extent. Smart phone has become a part of daily, professional, social and academic life. Students are dependent on smart phones for their academic and social activities. It could be used for dictionary, for browsing and searching a piece of information or interacting with others for social needs. Visually impaired refers to the condition in which a person is partially or completely blind. The VI students have equal information and social needs as sighted people. VI students are a part of society and play an equal role in the social development of a society. Smart phones are helpful in routine
Home , Papers , A pilot investigation of a mobile phone application and progressive reminder system to improve adherence to daily prevention treatment in adolescents and young adults with migraine. ...
The report titled Global Tablet and Smart phone Market 2017 provides the intrinsic research study based on qualitative and the quantitative aspect of the Tablet and Smart phone industry along with a complete description of top market players which will provide the thorough understanding of the market on a global scale.. The Global Tablet and Smart phone Market 2017 delivers the current industry scenario of Tablet and Smart phone market as well as the past and upcoming market trends which will fuel the development of the Tablet and Smart phone market. The Tablet and Smart phone report also depicts the technological advancements taking place in this industry based on market volume, sales revenue, driving forces behind the market development.. Do Inquiry Before Accessing Global Tablet and Smart phone Market 2017 Report at: The Global Tablet and Smart phone Market 2017 elaborates in detail the strategies and business ...
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An automobile acoustic unit is provided for installation into an interior of an automobile. The automobile acoustic unit includes an audio source for generating audio signals, a chamber configured to receive and store a cellular phone, and a circuit for controlling and selecting the playback of audio signals from the audio source and signals from the cellular phone.
A slide type cellular phone having two separate bodies automatically or manually sliding with respect to each other includes a first main body having a motor with a shaft, an elastic member elastically supporting the motor, and a switch activating the motor, a power transmitting unit coupled to the shaft of the motor to receive a rotation power from the motor, a pinion coupled to the power transmitting unit to be rotated by the rotation power, a second main body slidably coupled to the first main body, having a rack coupled to the pinion, and sliding with respect to the first main body according to movements of the pinion and the rack, and a sliding detecting unit detecting a termination of a sliding operation of the second main body to control the motor. The pinion, the rack, and the power transmitting member to operates by a rotation of the motor to automatically or manually slide the second main body with respect to the first main body, thereby providing a more convenient cellular phone.
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Dr Martin Cooper invented the cellular phone back in 1954. Dr Martin Cooper is known by many as the father of the cellular phone. Hired by Motorola in 1954,...
Life Bluetube Headsets. EM Field Meter. Cell Phone Sensitivity. Cell Phone Towers Health Effects. Just about everyone of us out there owns a cell phone. Now a days we wouldnt know what to do without one. They are very convenient, you want to make a call just simply reach into your purse or pocket, reach across and grab it off of the passenger seat of your car and start dialing. No more looking for a pay phone and the correct change you need to make a call.. You can also send text messages to anyone around the world, as long as they have a cell phone or a computer. Cell phone users have become known as the thumb generation.. But, with the invention of the cell phone, has come many dangers. The National Safety Council estimates 28 percent of all traffic accidents are due to distracted drivers using cell phones. This has lead to a few states to pass a law to band cell phone use while driving. If you drive, there is no doubt you see the distractions of other drivers when they are on their cell ...
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Vestibular schwannomas (VSs) grow in the region where the energy from mobile phone use is absorbed. We examined the associations of VSs with mobile phone use. This study included 119 patients who had undergone surgical tumor removal. We used two approaches in this investigation. First, a case-control study for the association of mobile phone use and incidence of VSs was conducted. Both cases and controls were investigated with questions based on INTERPHONE guidelines. Amount of mobile phone use according to duration, daily amount, and cumulative hours were compared between two groups. We also conducted a case-case study. The location and volume of the tumors were investigated by MRI. Associations between the estimated amount of mobile phone use and tumor volume and between the laterality of phone use and tumor location were analyzed. In a case-control study, the odds ratio (OR) of tumor incidence according to mobile phone use was 0.956. In the case-case study, tumor volume and estimated ...
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According to a new study conducted by the National Institute of Health in the United States, the use of mobile phones can be harmful for the brain. The science behind it says that excessive use of mobile phone can result in increased sugar levels in the brain.. This could be encountered even after a mere 50 minutes talk over the phone.. The research was brought to public notice in the Journal of the American Medical Association and the clinical significance of the same was not clear.. The experts did not particularly suggest a health risk. Scientists have been keen on finding the effects on the body since there was a boom in the use of mobile phones. There have been many researchers conducted to find out the ill effects of the same.. It is a world where one cannot live without the phone. There is a consistent need of the phone for all. One needs to keep a track of a lot in life and living without a phone is now absolutely impossible.. The harmful effects of the same need to be find out so that ...
According to the 2018 Global Digital suite of reports, (Damian Radcliffe &, 2018; We are Social, 2018) Africa has seen the fastest growth of internet users in the last few years, with internet users across the continent increasing by more than 20 percent year-on-year. Cell phone technology is at the forefront of innovation, and the importance of technology in healthcare is becoming increasingly evident. At the forefront of this surge is social media, particularly WhatsApp and Facebook. In the Anto-Ocrah laboratory, we explore how mobile phone technology and social media are being used to bridge the patient/provider gap in healthcare access. We also use social media platforms to survey and get reactions from our target populations on relevant health topics.. Learn more about Social Media and Health. ...
How is Short Message Service Cell Broadcast abbreviated? SMSCB stands for Short Message Service Cell Broadcast. SMSCB is defined as Short Message Service Cell Broadcast somewhat frequently.
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Cellular fraud is defined as the unauthorized use, tampering or manipulation of a cellular phone or service. At one time, cloning of cellular phones accounted for a large portion of cell fraud. As a result, the Wireless Telephone Protection Act of 1998 expanded prior law to criminalize the use, possession, manufacture or sale of cloning hardware or software. A primary type of cell fraud is subscriber fraud. The cellular industry estimated that carriers lose more than $150 million per year due to subscriber fraud. What is Subscriber Fraud? Subscriber fraud occurs when someone signs up for service with fraudulently obtained customer information or false identification. Lawbreakers obtain your personal information and use it to set up a cell phone account in your name. Resolving subscriber fraud could develop into a long and difficult process for victims. It may take time to discover that subscriber fraud has occurred and an even longer time to prove that you did not incur the debts. Call your carrier if
Background: Little is known about radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF) from mobile technology and resulting dose in young people. We describe modeled integrated RF dose in European children and adolescents combining own mobile device use and surrounding sources. Methods: Using an integrated RF model, we estimated the daily RF dose in the brain (whole-brain, cerebellum, frontal lobe, midbrain, occipital lobe, parietal lobe, temporal lobes) and the whole-body in 8358 children (ages 8-12) and adolescents (ages 14-18) from the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland during 2012-2016. The integrated model estimated RF dose from near-field sources (digital enhanced communication technology (DECT) phone, mobile phone, tablet, and laptop) and far-field sources (mobile phone base stations via 3D-radiowave modeling or RF measurements). Results: Adolescents were more frequent mobile phone users and experienced higher modeled RF doses in the whole-brain (median 330.4 mJ/kg/day) compared to children ...
Of the 1,987 records identified, removing duplicates and studies ineligible for inclusion, a total 16 RCTs were included. Five of the studies used personalization messaging, eight used two-way communication, and eight used daily text message frequency. The median intervention duration was 12 weeks, and self-report was the most commonly used method to assess medication adherence. In the pooled analysis, a total of 2,747 patients were included (median age was 39 years and 50.3% were female). Text messaging was significantly associated with improved medication adherence (OR, 2.11; 95% confidence interval [CI], 1.52-2.93; p < 0.001). Study characteristics including intervention duration, chronic disease characteristics of the population, or text message characteristics (personalization, two-way communication, or daily text message frequency) did not appear to significantly influence the effect size. In a sensitivity analysis, findings remained robust to change in inclusion criteria based on study ...
Objectives As more children use mobile (cellular) telephones, public anxiety grows about the possible adverse health effects of radiofrequency (RF) exposure upon developing nervous systems. Most epidemiological studies investigating the health effects of mobile telephones have relied on self-reports from questionnaires. While there are some validation studies investigating the accuracy of self-reported mobile phone use in adults and adolescents, self-reported laterality of use has not been validated at any age. Although this study mainly sought to validate the accuracy of self-reported laterality of mobile telephone use in adolescents, investigation also covered number and duration of calls. ...
For now, there are no conclusive answers. And the new research joins numerous previous studies on cell phone radiation that have been unable to definitively prove or disprove cell phones safety.. While the world waits for more research to be conducted, consumers can take steps to limit cell phone radiation exposure by using the speakerphone or a wired earpiece to make calls.. The human brain is sensitive to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones, but for the brain to be impacted, the cell phone has to be close to the head, Volkow said. So keep your brain away from the antenna ...
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Every cell phone call damages brain cells. Cell phones, like cigarettes, harm both users and nearby non-users.. This was solidly proven in Leif Salfords 1999 studies on the blood-brain barrier, a physiological barrier that protects brain tissue from toxins in bloodstream.. His studies found that decreasing the amount of radiation 1,000 times increased the damage to the brain. And animals exposed to a mobile phone once for 2 hours were found to have areas of brain cell death 2 months later.. Salford, a neurosurgeon from Lund Hospital, Sweden calls cell phones the worlds largest biological experiment ever.. Surveys in France and Sweden indicate that up to 25% of cell phone users experience neurological symptoms such as dizziness, headache, memory loss, fatigue and tingling sensations.. Other studies have demonstrated that cell phone electromagnetic radiation slows down nerve conduction. This is the speed at which vital regulatory message travel through bodys nervous system.. This reduces the ...
Use of mobile phones of the analogue type gave odds ratio (OR) = 2.9, 95% confidence interval (CI) = 2.0-4.3, increasing with ,20 years latency (time since first exposure) to OR = 7.7, 95% CI = 2.8-21. Digital 2G mobile phone use gave OR = 1.5, 95% CI = 1.1-2.1, increasing with latency ,15 years to an OR = 1.8, 95% CI = 0.8-4.2. The results for cordless phone use were OR = 1.5, 95% CI = 1.1-2.1, and, for latency of ,20 years, OR = 6.5, 95% CI = 1.7-26. Digital type wireless phones (2G and 3G mobile phones and cordless phones) gave OR = 1.5, 95% CI = 1.1-2.0 increasing to OR = 8.1, 95% CI = 2.0-32 with latency ,20 years. For total wireless phone use, the highest risk was calculated for the longest latency time ,20 years: OR = 4.4, 95% CI = 2.2-9.0. Several of the calculations in the long latency category were based on low numbers of exposed cases. Ipsilateral use resulted in a higher risk than contralateral for both mobile and cordless phones. OR increased per 100 h cumulative use and per year of ...
George Sweeney, minister of government services and lands, believes the phones pose a significant risk. There are limits on human concentration. A drivers preoccupation with dialling and talking means that less attention is paid to driving. … We are convinced cell phone use by drivers constitutes a serious diversion which must be discouraged.. Newfoundlanders appear to share that sentiment. In a government survey conducted last year, 95% of respondents considered cell phone use by drivers to be either a serious or a very serious health and safety problem. Only 5% believe that all types of cell phone use should be permitted while driving, says Sweeney. Fifty-five percent say the practice should be prohibited entirely, while 39% feel hands-free is acceptable.. Newfoundland and Labrador is not acting alone. At least 30 countries, including Japan, Russia and Australia, have introduced restrictions on cell phone use while driving. Two years ago, CMAJ called for similar regulations ...
We study the technological and regulatory determinants of the diffusion of mobile telecommunications services in the European Union, using a logistic model of diffusion. We find that the transition from the analogue to the digital technology during the early 1990s, and the corresponding increase in spectrum capacity, had a major impact on the diffusion of mobile telecommunications. Countries which granted first licenses at later points in time show a significant but slow catching-up effect, implying international convergence only by around 2006. The impact of introducing competition has also been significant, during both the analogue and the digital period, though the effect was smaller than the technology effect. (C) 2001 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved. JEL classification: L1; L86; O3. ...
Downloadable! We study the determinants of the diffusion of mobile telecommunications services in the European Union in a logistic model of technology diffusion. We find that the transition from the analogue to the digital technology during the early nineties, and the corresponding increase in spectrum capacity, has had a major impact on the diffusion of mobile telecommunications. The impact of introducing competition was also significant, during both the analogue and the digital period, though the effect was proportionately smaller. Finally, we find that countries which granted first licenses at later points in time, show a significant catching-up effect, though international convergence may be expected only by the year 2006. The empirical results remain robust when other possible determinants of diffusion are included, such as the size of the fixed network and GDP per capita.(This abstract was borrowed from another version of this item.)
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PubMed Central Canada (PMC Canada) provides free access to a stable and permanent online digital archive of full-text, peer-reviewed health and life sciences research publications. It builds on PubMed Central (PMC), the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature and is a member of the broader PMC International (PMCI) network of e-repositories.
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Pentru: iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone5S, iPhone5c, iPod touch5, iPod nano7, iPad 4, iPad Air, ipad mini ... Over at Root Simple, Mr. Homegrown takes a look at a technology that never took off: punch cards for phone numbers. What caught my eye with this oddball piece of transitional phone technology is the punch card, invented in the early 19th century to control looms. Im tackling Thomas Pynchons novel Gravitys Rainbow this…
The SMS intervention was developed in 2 phases: (i) stakeholder consultation and (ii) technical design. Twenty-three consultation meetings were held with 78 drug store owners and attendants, 45 dispensary and health centre clinical officers and nurses, and 148 adolescents in communities. These stakeholders prioritised key deficiencies in existing RH provision and preferred strategies to address them. Detailed methods and results of these consultations are presented elsewhere (Consultation Paper in preparation). In brief government health facilities wanted an intervention that allows dispensaries and health centres to take charge of STI treatment and provide skilled service for other RH needs. Drug stores wanted an intervention that recognises and integrates their contribution to the health system, while adolescents wanted an intervention that promotes accessibility, confidentiality and trust of service providers. Through subsequent meetings, an SMS intervention strategy was identified because ...
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This course provides detailed knowledge of the state of the art, design requirements, fundamental building blocks and practical aspects that pave the road for future smartphone-based food analysis.
A route planning system for use in mobile telecommunications is disclosed. A user of a mobile station such as a wireless telephone, PDA, pager or computer, initiates a route planning service request and provides a destination telephone number. A switching center responsively initiates an asynchronous position request of a mobile positioning system, which identifies and stores the mobile station position. The switching center connects the mobile station to a route planning application server. The route planning application server obtains the mobile station position by querying the mobile positioning system. The route planning application server further obtains the destination telephone number and queries a location system to determine the destination position corresponding to the destination telephone number. The route planning application server in turn generates a route plan for travel from the mobile station position to the destination position and conveys the route plan to the user by any suitable
A search on the Internet for free cell phone ringtones usually leads to websites that claim to offer free ringtones but normally require the visitor to signup and pay for the ringtones anyway. Ringtones are quite a bit market which is somewhat surprising considering that many cell phones are capable of using audio files on the cell phone as ringtones. A visit to a site that can convert the audio of Youtube videos ensures that basically any song can be downloaded for free.. But some cell phones do not provide this opportunity yet. One way for owners of such cell phones is to use a free cell phone ringtone creator to create the ringtone. The website My MusicRings does require registration but does not send a verification email on the other hand and is therefor perfectly suited for creating a free ringtone in no time.. The service itself could not be more straightforward.. The user uploads an mp3 from his hard drive to the ringtone creation service in step 1. He will then have the option to select ...
That might sound a bit gimmicky, but if we just look at the camera hardware here, its tough free text message application for android to be impressed. Texting services is far less invasive than giving away detailed information online. Makes highly differentiated products at a android file manager app root, beloved by cognoscenti, too expensive, too loathed by OEMs (phone companies) to own the smartphone market when its mainstream. Its important to understand how workflow automation solutions differ from these tools, so you can find one that best fits free text message application for android teams needs. Tidal is available across mobile, tablet, desktop and network players on Apple, PC and Android systems. Invest in appliances that have sleep-mode capability. One number that rings on my office and mobile phones, visual voicemail, free text messaging. Doing a clean install free text message application for android Linux is recommended since it is less likely to give you problems alamat web ...
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Finnish cell phone giant Nokia is on a mission to find out how to apply solar power technology to cell phone technology. The company started a project in June called Nokia Solar Charging Project which is coming to its conclusion at the end of September. It sent a group of people on the road so they could see how solar charging would work in different scenarios.. They have been sailing across the Baltic Sea, camping in a Swedish forest and exploring Kenya in Africa to make the experiment as broad as possible.. The testers are using specially created mobile phones prototypes which the company has nicknamed Lokki. These are especially developed small solar charging panels that were integrated to Nokia C1-02 devices. Meanwhile, a data logger will report the harvested solar energy.. Check out their blog to read reports of the experiment and further insights into this instigating experiment. Nokia is on the right path to develop solar power for mobile communications and hopefully this experiment will ...
The Mobile Application and Testing Solutions Market report considers the major factors accountable for driving the growth of the Mobile Application and Testing Solutions Industry, in addition to the key hindrances and challenges. In the initial segment of the report, the market definition, market overview, product description, product scope, product characterization, and product specification has been discussed. The information presented in this report provides an overview of the latest trends and development plans, patterns, and policies observed in the global market. Moreover, the study offers an analysis of the latest events such as the technological advancements and the product launches and their consequences on the global Mobile Application and Testing Solutions market. The global market also comprises the data accumulated from numerous primary and secondary sources.. To get SAMPLE of the report, please click ...
Benefits and Uses by using Rajasri Infotech provides Onsite & Offshore mobile application development and porting services that enable clients to experience the benefits of mobility like availability and access, real time integration with dedicated automated devices M2M, GPS systems, SMSC gateways integration, compatibility and integration with the existing information systems, connectivity with GPRS and other location based services, user friendly features, picture supporting facilities, videos, sounds, and many other. We have expertise in developing Mobile Applications across a variety of platforms and devices. Our experience includes Blackberry Mobile Application Development, Windows Mobile Development, iPhone/iPad Mobile Application Development, BREW Mobile Application Development, Symbian Mobile Application Development and Android Mobile Application Development. Outsourcing of custom mobile software development can provide users with access to real-time information anytime, anywhere on any ...
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Pcol writes: Reverse directories, listing residents sorted by address and phone number, are invaluable to detectives, debt collectors, telemarketers and anyone who needs to find someone. Although the first reverse directories were compiled in the 1780s by trudging door to door, recording the residents of every building on every block, what IBM sales representative Jack Cole did, starting in 1947, was to streamline the process, using punch cards to turn an ordinary telephone book into what today would be called a searchable database. Cole hired typists to keyboard the entire Dallas telephone book onto punch cards. Directories for other cities soon followed, with Mr. Cole drawing on census records, tax rolls and other data to supplement the information in the phone book. As cellular phones have become more popular, there has been debate about releasing cell phone numbers into public 411 and reverse number directories. Right now, cell phone numbers are not available in any reverse-number ...
A review of mobile applications to help adolescent and young adult cancer patients Kimberly M Wesley,1 Philip J Fizur2 1Department of Psychology, St Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN, 2Department of Psychology, La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA, USA Objective: To review research articles utilizing mobile applications with adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer patients. Materials and methods: We identified articles via online searches and reference lists (eg, PsycInfo, PubMed). Articles were reviewed by two study team members for target population, stated purpose, technological utilization, sample size, demographic characteristics, and outcome data. Strengths and weaknesses of each study were described. Results: Of 19 identified manuscripts, six met full inclusion criteria for this review (four smartphone applications and two tablet applications). One additional article that included an application not specific to oncology but included AYA patients with cancer within the target
When I was approached by Meg inviting me to do a guest blog for the Holistic Health section of the Times Union I immediately said yes, knowing it would be an opportunity to express and hopefully raise some awareness about wireless waves and the dangers that our environment and our body are now exposed to. I also want to share ways that one can diminish the effects to stay healthy.. The following are excerpts from The Largest Biological Experiment Ever by Arthur Firstenburg, head of the Cell Phone Task Force:. The most basic fact about cell phones and cell towers is that they emit microwave radiation, so do WI-FI antennas, wireless computers, cordless phones and their base units, and all wireless devices. If its a communicating device and it is not attached to the wall by a wire, its emitting radiation. WI-FI is always on and always radiating. The base units of most cordless phones are always on and always radiating, even while no one is using the phone. A cell phone that is on but not in ...
Active illicit drug use, regardless of diagnostic category (i.e., abuse or dependence), along with medication non-adherence, are the problematic behaviors targeted for change in this study. The investigators will develop and test an innovative mobile-phone delivered text messaging intervention designed to reduce drug use and increase HIV medication adherence.. In the first phase of our work (quarters 1-2), the investigators will use qualitative, formative methods with user input to develop the assessment and intervention contents, while our technology partner develops the mobile phone application shell with which the investigators will conduct initial pre-coding usability testing. Focus groups will be used to inform the final design of the text messaging application, and participant input will provide important information to help us determine the number and rate of messages.. The investigators plan to recruit 1-2 focus groups from three participating clinics and will spend a day to two days in ...
The bottom line with big screen phones is that bigger batteries cannot be place in smaller phone bodies. Build Confidence is created by Andrew Burraconline android , a specialist in relaxation and free download of gba emulator for android skills. I am using Windows XP Pro SP3 system. The latest version of Android is here with sweet features never before seen on mobile. Vitals is a new initiative to burraconline android on security, system stability, boot time, and battery life. Our units internal storage maxes out at 32GB, although theres an opportunity to expand storage up to 64GB more through a microSD card. Android phones are good in terms of apps and availability of spear partsaccessories burraconline android windows phones that one only gets apps through apps store and her apps are not as much as that of two years now its has been windows all the way and i doubt if i can do without windows phone. If youve got a burraconline android for multitasking or burraconline android get bored in ...
Concertino for Cellular Phones (2006). *Concerto for Trumpet, String Orchestra, and Jazz Band (1987) ... Baker's best-known composition, which also received significant media attention, was "Concertino for Cell Phones and Orchestra ...
In August 2007, McMahon posted the lyrics to the song "Cellular Phone" on his blog, which the band played live at several shows ... "Cellular Phone". Jack's Mannequin. Retrieved May 1, 2008. "Jack's Mannequin - Caves". YouTube. Retrieved March 23, 2008. " ... "Cell Phone" did not enter the Billboard Hot 100, but peaked at number one on the Hot Singles Sales chart. "The Resolution" did ... "Cell Phone," "Sleazy Wednesday," and "At Full Speed". On August 28, 2008, in an interview with MTV, Andrew revealed that the ...
"Cellular Phones". American Cancer Society. Retrieved 19 April 2015. "Interphone study reports on mobile phone use and brain ... In the Interphone study, the top 10% of users used their phones 30 minutes/day. Some users reported using their cell phones >5 ... indicated that mobile phone use did not increase the risk of tumors among most cell phone users, with the possible exception of ... However, the results also found that among people who were exposed to mobile phones the most (half an hour per day over ten ...
Cellular phone coverageEdit. KTSM-TV reports that cellular phone users in El Paso may be subject to international calling fees. ...
"Motorola StarTAC Cellular Phone". Integrated Electronics Engineering Center. August 1996. Retrieved 2006-09-10. Kat Hannaford ... "Motorola introduces ultra lite 5.9 ounce cellular telephone - MicroTac Ultra Lite Telephone" (Press release). Mobile Phone News ... The 130 was popular with car manufacturers who were offering car phones and hands-free phones in their models. As such, models ... Then the smallest cell phone available, this AMPS phone was an immediate success. Successor TDMA and cdmaOne StarTACs were ...
Glen: A cellular phone. Mr. Hoffenfoffer Pixies Dodger Dare: A 12-year-old boy who has one big interest: girls. He dreams about ...
"Uttar Pradesh (East)". India cellular phone industry. Archived from the original on 3 November 2012. Retrieved 14 July 2012. " ... Cell phone providers include Vi India, Airtel, BSNL, Reliance Jio and Tata DoCoMo. Broadband internet is available in select ... In May 2013 Uttar Pradesh had the largest number of mobile subscribers in the country, a total of 121.60 million mobile phone ... "UP, TN have most cell-phone users in India: TRAI". Business Line. 5 May 2013. Archived from the original on 1 November 2013. ...
ISBN 978-1-139-49257-7. "Shorts circuited: cellular phones. (US cellular telephone industry backs Qualcomm's code division ... In comparison to cellular towers that provide two-way communications with each cell phone individually, MediaFLO towers would ... An Inventor's Promise Has Companies Taking Big Cellular Gamble --- Qualcomm Boss's Innovation In Digital-Phone System Is ... No cellular networks adopted UMB. Qualcomm halted development of UMB in 2005 and decided to support the LTE standard, even ...
Ito, Takayuki (2006). "Japanese Cellular Phones FAQ". euc.JP. August 6, 2006. Docomo corporate ... Docomo provides phone, video phone (FOMA and Some PHS), i-mode (internet), and mail (i-mode mail, Short Mail, and SMS) services ... It provides 2G (mova) PDC cellular services, 3G (FOMA) W-CDMA, 4G LTE and 5G NR services. Its businesses also included PHS ( ... He also has a wide variety of merchandising such as cell phone straps, keychains, and plush dolls. As one type of advertising ...
Major cellular phone service providers in the country serve the city. Water and power supply Pagadian City Water District (PCWD ...
cellular data access for operation anywhere there is cell phone coverage. *an in-home base station that is either connected to ... A smart phone[2]. Active devices require the user to take some action to trigger an alarm condition; passive systems monitor ... If a base station shares a phone line, it is able to terminate an in-progress call so that a call for help can be initiated ... In the event of an alarm, some systems will place a phone call to a community emergency service such as 911. Others will place ...
... cellular phones and Internet access; two active ports, one of which, Abidjan, is the most modern in West Africa; rail links-in ...
Cellular Phone' Mokhoele 1990s • Thato 'Chocco' Ralethoko 1990s • Tlali 'Cabazela' Maile 2000s-2016 "lesotho premier". ...
The Top 10 imported items by Bangladesh from Vietnam were Cement and Cement Clinkers; Rice; Telephone Sets and Cellular Phones ...
Cellular phone networks are an alternative. Principal mobile phone operators are Telecel, Net*One, and Econet. Agriculture in ... airtime for mobile phones or even condoms for small change. Counterfeiting currencies with which Zimbabweans are not familiar. ...
There are 26 telephone exchanges operating in the district (ranging in capacity from 200 lines to 7200 lines). Cellular phone ...
"Smart Volume Tuner for Cellular Phones". IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine. 11 (4): 44-49. doi:10.1109/MWC.2004.1308949. ... Smart volume control for mobile phones: The volume control in mobile phones depend on the background noise levels, noise ... mobile phones, Televisions, Camcoders etc. Probabilistic computing engines, e.g. use of probabilistic graphical model such as ... involving the automatic creation of computer programs for unconventional computing devices such as cellular automata, multi- ...
car phones or portable cellular phones. mobile data terminals, or MDTs, which are computers that communicate with the ...
Uri Geller, U.S. Patent 5,726,383 - Telephone radiation shield (co-inventor). A radiation shield for cellular phones. Enver ...
Pre-paid cards for cellular phones. Some stores also sell charging service for electronic money and ATM services for credit ... services and phone booths. Other convenient stores are found at gas-stations in urban and connecting areas on highways; ... phone cards, maps, magazines, newspapers, small toys, car supplies, feminine hygiene products, cat food, dog food, and toilet ...
Hanna, Janan (22 November 1996). "CELLULAR PHONES TO KEEP FREE EMERGENCY LINE". Chicago Tribune. Retrieved ... 999 was created as the Cellular Express Line to be used by expressway motorists with mobile phones (then on the rise) in the ...
Its design anticipated the cellular "flip-phone". Trimline - The Trimline phone, from United States, incorporated a dial into ... The fix for this was to wet the feet and the phone stuck to the table. After a number of different modifications, the ... Consumers were divided as to its aesthetic merits, and some models required rewiring in order to connect to the public phone ... a silent setting was achieved by slackening off a screw on the tone ringer board inside the phone). Production of the new ...
... he must not use a cellular phone; he must not have any contact with the 16 other activists charged with conspiracy in ...
Its design anticipated the cellular "flip phone". Vol. 2, Item 437 The "Cobra" - named ... The phone was never produced in black. Most Ericofons had mechanical rotary dials, typical of all phones made in the era. While ... Some of these lookalike phones may have used actual Ericofon cases purchased from excess stock in their phones. The Ericofon ... This one-piece design anticipated the evolution of the typical cordless phone and cell phone by several decades. Serial ...
Her family owns a cellular phone company. Hakua's maids tend to get her and Kimito into intimate moments. Whenever Hakua is ... Seeing a cell phone for the first time excites the girls far more than it should. Kimito has a thing for girls' thighs. The ...
... three cellular phones with seven sim cards; a 250-pound general-purpose bomb; hand grenade; bandolier with 10 long and 3 short ... three handheld radios and two cell phones in five communist terrorist encampments. Likewise, he directed the conduct of 19 SOT ...
Nunn hired Warrick Tennyson, an explosives expert, to build and plant the bomb, while Nunn detonated it with a cellular phone. ... This six-fingered man detonated the bomb from a distance with a cellular phone. ... Torini and Tanya then stage a phone call to make it seem like they are both in Reno at the time (when Torini is actually hiding ... that was planted under the front seat and remotely detonated by a cell phone.[5] She was on an errand to get cough medicine for ...
However, leaving the phone on carries another risk: the device can still make a network/cellular connection. This may bring in ... "Cellular Phone Evidence Data Extraction and Documentation" (PDF). Retrieved 4 August 2013. Tsukayama, Hayley (13 July 2012). " ... For mobile phone forensics to catch up with release cycles of mobile phones, more comprehensive and in depth framework for ... BitPim has been widely used on CDMA phones as well as LG VX4400/VX6000 and many Sanyo Sprint cell phones. Commonly referred to ...
Cellular phones can also exhibit similar momentary fades. Fading channel models are often used to model the effects of ... electromagnetic transmission of information over the air in cellular networks and broadcast communication. Fading channel ...
Sterling Cellular grossed $1.3 million in sales in its first year in business. It was a business that sold cellular phones. ... By 1997 Sterling Cellular grew to 12 retail locations and $22 million in sales. In 1999, Steinberg broke up Sterling Cellular ... Over a seven-year period, Inphonic grew into the largest seller of new cell phones on the internet with over $300 million in ... In 1993, David Steinberg founded Sterling Cellular, Inc. in the basement of his house in Bethesda, Maryland with the use of ...
One of the earliest commercial applications of turbo coding was the CDMA2000 1x (TIA IS-2000) digital cellular technology ... phone lines and coaxial cable). Other LDPC codes are standardized for wireless communication standards within 3GPP MBMS (see ...
Although studies have not shown any link between cell phone or mobile phone radiation and the occurrence of brain tumors,[24] ... and release and recruitment of cellular mediators (e.g., cytokines) that disrupt normal parenchymal function. ... phones emit, on average, about 1% of the energy emitted by the GSM (2G) phones that were in use when epidemiological studies ... The evidence for mobile phone exposure is not clear.[3] The most common types of primary tumors in adults are meningiomas ( ...
These consist of telephone lines, fiber optic cables, microwave transmission links, cellular networks, communications ... To carry a typical phone call from a calling party to a called party, the analog audio signal is digitized at an 8 kHz sample ...
... design choices affect physical size, frequency performance, attenuation, power handling capabilities, flexibility, strength, and cost. The inner conductor might be solid or stranded; stranded is more flexible. To get better high-frequency performance, the inner conductor may be silver-plated. Copper-plated steel wire is often used as an inner conductor for cable used in the cable TV industry.[4]. The insulator surrounding the inner conductor may be solid plastic, a foam plastic, or air with spacers supporting the inner wire. The properties of the dielectric insulator determine some of the electrical properties of the cable. A common choice is a solid polyethylene (PE) insulator, used in lower-loss cables. Solid Teflon (PTFE) is also used as an insulator. Some coaxial lines use air (or some other gas) and have spacers to keep the inner conductor from touching the shield.. Many conventional coaxial cables use braided copper wire forming the shield. This allows the cable to be ...
A mobile phone, such as a smartphone, that connects to data or voice services without going through the cellular base station ... Phone Count[20] predicts that by 2012 there will be as many connected mobile phones as there are people in the world. ... The convergence of the Internet and phone, in particular, has caused hospitals to increase their mobile phone exclusion zones. ... For example, I may want to look up a restaurant on my laptop, bookmark it, and then, when I only have my phone, check the ...
The continued strong growth of the cellular subscriber base was largely due to the accelerating regional rollout of the major ... In 1963, Russia's first mobile phone network using the car phone came into operation. Initial selection of technological mobile ... The mobile phone service provider licensing in Russia is under the control of Rospechat, the Federal Agency on Press and Mass ... The mobile phone industry in Russia has expanded rapidly to become one of the largest in the world. ...
Mobile phone radiation and health. *Wireless electronic devices and health. *. International Telecommunication Union. (Radio ...
Cellular agriculture. *Closed ecological systems. *Cultured meat. *Genetically modified food. *Precision agriculture ...
Each station is assigned a call sign which is used to identify the station during transmissions. Amateur station call signs in the US take the format of one or two letters (the prefix), then a numeral (the call district), and finally between one and three letters (the suffix). The number of letters used in the call sign is determined by the operator's license class and the availability of letter combinations. The format of the callsign is often abbreviated as X-by-X where a number in place of the X indicates the quantity of letters, separated by a single digit of the call district. Currently there are 13 geographically based regions. There were 9 original call districts within the 48 contiguous states, also known as radio inspection districts. [3] [4] [5] The 10th district (with numeral 0) was split from the 9th district. Three additional regions cover Alaska, the Caribbean (including Puerto Rico), and the Pacific (including Hawaii). In the last few decades the FCC has discarded the requirement ...
... it neither relies upon radioactive nuclei to cause cellular radiation damage at a cellular dimension, nor engages multiple ... Mobile phone radiation and health. *Radiation protection. *Radiation therapy. *Radioactivity in the life sciences ... Ionizing radiation works by damaging the DNA of cancerous tissue leading to cellular death. To spare normal tissues (such as ... An association was confirmed between total cellular manganese contents and their variation, and clinically-inferred ...
... cell sites offered high-speed wireless services where the laptop owner purchased a PC card or adapter based on EV-DO cellular ...
In the United States the government pays phone companies directly to record and collect cellular communications from specified ... "Cell Phone Spying Software". Cell Phone Spying.. *^ a b c V., Prevelakis; D., Spinellis (July 2007). "The Athens Affair". IEEE ... Cellphone bugs can be created by disabling the ringing feature on a mobile phone, allowing a caller to call a phone to access ... Cellphone spying software can enable microphones on mobile phones when phones are not being used, and can be installed by ...
Mobile phone radiation and health. *Wireless electronic devices and health. *. International Telecommunication Union. (Radio ...
Cellular Mobile and UHF Antenna Tower with multiple Antennas. Experts consulted by France considered it was mandatory that the ... though the actual number of users is lower as many users own more than one mobile phone.[1] Mobile phones use electromagnetic ... Massachusetts found that self-reported mobile phone use was not related to semen quality, and that carrying a mobile phone in ... "Cell Phone Radiation Scams". Federal Trade Commission. September 2011.. *^ Fair, Lesley (March 1, 2008). "Federal Trade ...
Initially, other companies were given exclusive licenses for international long distance, as well as cellular phone service. ... Some years later, all of the phone network was upgraded to a state-of-the-art system, from central telephone exchanges up to ... Mexican mobile phone Claro has asked the national telecommunications regulating entity not to allow Personal to arrive to ... Telecom also operates the mobile phone service Personal, the cable modem service Arnet-Fibertel and the cable operator ...
Jimmy later hires Huell to serve as a bodyguard while Jimmy conducts his business re-selling pre-paid cellular phones. Huell ... Walt answers Todd's phone and tells her that Jack and his gang are all dead and she will soon be dead too, because he added ... She later phones Walt and successfully threatens to expose him if he refuses to give Jesse his share of money from a major ... As he hangs up the phone, a kid on a bicycle shoots him several times, killing him on the street. Combo's death drives Jesse to ...
... publicising Radia's phone conversations with Dutt and Sanghvi[94][95] when Radia's phone was tapped by the Income Tax ... Since Idea Cellular bought Spice Communications in 2008 for ₹27 billion (US$390 million),[29] of the 122 spectrum licenses sold ... Idea Cellular. Aditya Birla Group (49.05%), Axiata (Malaysia, 15%) & Providence Equity Partners (U.S., 10.6%). 13 ... Idea Cellular. Assam, Punjab, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir, North East, Kolkata, West Bengal, Odisha(Orissa), Tamil Nadu ( ...
The reclaimed channels will be used for a variety of service, including mobile phones, MediaFLO (55) and public safety (63/64 ... On June 13, 2009, the FCC said their help line, with about 4000 answering phones, received 317,450 calls on June 12. About one- ...
Japanese mobile phone companies. Major network operators. *au by KDDI. *NTT Docomo ...
It may also be an analog signal such as a phone call or a video signal, digitized into a bit-stream for example using pulse- ... Examples are second-generation (1991) and later cellular telephony, video conferencing, digital TV (1998), digital radio (1999 ... In telephone networks, digital communication is utilized for transferring many phone calls over the same copper cable or fiber ...
Mobile phones are now entering into the fourth generation. Cellular and mobile phones revolutionized the way people socialize ... Cell phones[12] - Cell phone technology emerged in the early 1920s after advancements were made in radio technology. Engineers ... First-generation mobile phones were first created and sold by Motorola. Their phone was only intended for use in cars. Second- ... generation mobile phone capabilities continued to improve because of the switch to digital. Phones were faster which enhanced ...
The phone rang (or rather the green light was blinking) and his wife told him not to answer, as it was a prank call. Upon ... Mello attended the University of Colorado, Boulder for graduate studies in molecular, cellular and developmental biology with ... Mello recounted the phone call that he received announcing that he had won the prize. He recalls that it was shortly after 4:30 ... He answered the phone, and the voice on the other end told him to get dressed, and that in half an hour his life was about to ...
Thus a phone call carried by fiber between Sydney and New York, a 16,000-kilometer distance, means that there is a minimum ...
The phones periodically transmit their presence information to the mobile phone network, even when no voice connection is ... Floating car data/floating cellular data[edit]. Main article: Floating car data ... In the mid-2000s, attempts were made to use mobile phones as anonymous traffic probes. As a car moves, so does the signal of ... An advantage of this method is that no infrastructure needs to be built along the road; only the mobile phone network is ...
Infrared sensing in snakes depends on a kind of natural thermal imaging, in which tiny packets of cellular water are raised in ... Mobile phone radiation and health. *Radiation protection. *Radiation therapy. *Radioactivity in the life sciences ...
Phone-paid Services Authority. industry bodies. *GSM Association. *Internet Service Providers Association ...
Even though people increasingly depend upon cellular communications, they are opposed to the bare towers spoiling otherwise ... "Cell Phone Trees". Wayne's Word. Archived from the original on 2019-08-11. ...
This is a list of international submarine communications cables. It does not include domestic cable systems, such as those on the coastlines of China, Italy, and Brazil. All the cable systems listed below have landing points in two or more countries. Several older cables, although no longer used for international telecommunications, are used for scientific purposes. Others are simply abandoned. @media all and (max-width:720px){ .mw-parser-output .tocright{display:none}.mw-parser-output .tocright{width:100%!important}}@media all and (min-width:720px){.mw-parser-output .tocright{float:right;clear:right;width:auto;margin:0 0 0.5em 1em}.mw-parser-output .tocright-clear-left{clear:left}.mw-parser-output .tocright-clear-both{clear:both}.mw-parser-output .tocright-clear-none{clear:none}} ...
Idea Cellular, Aircel and Tata DoCoMo, are the leading telephone, cell phone and internet service providers in the city.[95][96 ...
"Molecular and Cellular Biology. 23 (7): 2225-38. doi:10.1128/MCB.23.7.2225-2238.2003. PMC 150734. PMID 12640109.. / ... "Cell Phones and Cancer Risk - National Cancer Institute". 8 May 2013. Retrieved 28 March 2018.. ... The improved understanding of molecular biology and cellular biology due to cancer research has led to new treatments for ... Non-ionizing radio frequency radiation from mobile phones, electric power transmission and other similar sources has been ...
is a perspective view of the cellular phone according to our new design in a state in which the cellular phone is open when ... is a perspective view of a cellular phone according to our new design; ... USD586773 - Cellular phone. ...
... what will you do to prevent from someone from using your phone for crimes? You call the cellular service provider and ... If you have your cellular phone lost or stolen, ... Re: if you have your cellular phone lost, Hello Peppy. You can ... Re: if you have your cellular phone lost, Hello Preppy. If your mobile phone is lost or stolen, you should call your service ... If you have your cellular phone lost or stolen, what will you do to prevent from someone from using your phone for crimes? You ...
Background The dramatic increase in the use of cellular phones has generated concerns about potential adverse effects, ... Schuz J, Bohler E, Berg G et al (2006) Cellular phones, cordless phones, and the risks of glioma and meningioma (Interphone ... Hardell L, Mild KH, Carlberg M (2002) Case-control study on the use of cellular and cordless phones and the risk for malignant ... Pooled analysis showed an overall OR of 0.90 (95% confidence interval [CI] 0.81-0.99) for cellular phone use and brain tumor ...
... illegal cellular phones are frequently used by drug dealers who desire untraceable calling. Cellular phones can be tapped, but ... Phone cloners typically set up operations at spots with high traffic volume and aim the scanner at cars. Cellular phones emit a ... Cellular bandits use electronic scanners, the same machines that cellular phone companies use for legitimate reasons: to ... To make matters worse for cellular phone companies, some otherwise honest people are faking phone cloning in order to avoid ...
MVNO Consumer Cellular launched its latest cellphone for senior citizens. The $60 PhoneEasy 618, made by Swedens Doro, is ... The flip phone, an update of Doros PhoneEasy 410, adds MMS and 3.2-megapixel camera with 8x zoom, flash and dedicated camera ... MVNO Consumer Cellular launched its latest cellphone for senior citizens.. The $60 PhoneEasy 618, made by Swedens Doro, is ... Designed like its predecessor for people with reduced dexterity, hearing loss and decreased vision, the phone boasts a large ...
Verizon Cell Phone Number. The demand for Cellular Phone Directory services has increased enormously. Technology that finds out ... the owners of unlisted phone numbers exists however there are crucial factors to finding a reliable service... - PR11426689 ... Cellular Phone Directory: Verizon Cell Phone Number. The demand for Cellular Phone Directory services has increased enormously ... phone reverse looku, numer lookup.. Cellular Phone Directory: Verizon Cell Phone Number. # # #. Reverse Cell Phone lookup is ...
Crazy Frog cellular phone ringtones Jamster real ringtones real ringtones real ringtones Jamster www ... Crazy Frog cellular phone ringtones Jamster MP3 Real Tones Nokia 1600 Jamster MP3 Real Tones Nokia 2650 Jamster MP3 Real Tones ... Tones LG Jamster MP3 Real Tones O2 X1 Jamster MP3 Real Tones O2 Xda Jamster MP3 Real Tones O2 Xda Crazy Frog cellular phone ... MP3 Real Tones Sagem myX5-2T Jamster MP3 Real Tones Sagem myX6-2 Jamster MP3 Real Tones Sagem myZ-5 Crazy Frog cellular phone ...
Qwerty Cell Phone. Youll find product and support information for our products and information about our company. Imagine what ... U.S. Cellular Provides who the cell phone carrier is for this model of phone. ... Amount of time available in Sleep mode in which a phones display is inactive to save power, but not totally shut down. ... Hardware device or memory card that connects to a phone for the purpose of receiving and storing data. ...
Shop a variety of phone accessories: cases, chargers, speakers, headphones, Bluetooth devices and many more. Free shipping on ... U.S. Cellular® phone (always a free call) or call our toll-free number. 1-888-944-9400. Daily: 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. (7 a.m. - 9 p.m ... Contact U.S. Cellular®s Business Concierge or Customer Service for help and support. ... Flip phones and other devices that are designed with just the essentials. ...
... a chamber configured to receive and store a cellular phone, and a circuit for controlling and selecting the playback of audio ... signals from the audio source and signals from the cellular phone. ... Before the cellular phone 2 is inserted into the chamber 44, the dust cap 8 will cover the opening 412. When the cellular phone ... The cellular phone I/O interface 52 functions to control the reception of the cellular phones input signals from one of ...
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Federal law prohibits the use of radio scanners to intercept cellular phone calls, according to Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. ... Is Phone Tapping Legal?. A: As of 2015, law enforcement agents can legally tap phone conversations if they have an order from a ... Cellular phones work by transmitting radio signals, which can be picked up by a radio scanner, advises Privacy Rights ... Although use of radio scanners to intercept cellular phone calls is illegal except by law enforcement officials, as of 2015, ...
Cellular offers prepaid unlimited talk, text and data plans with no contract. With these plans, the consumer has the choice of ... Does Consumer Cellular have good phone plans?. A: Consumer Cellular offers a variety of phone plans that offer talk, text and ... How do you activate a U.S. Cellular phone from home?. A: To activate a cell phone with a SIM card, remove the current SIM card ... How do you contact U.S. Cellular customer support?. A: To contact U.S. Cellular customer support, as of 2015, go to USCellular. ...
eVigilo to Deliver Chiles Next Generation Emergency Alert System to Cellular Phones. ... this mass alert system that will work by December 2011 across compatible phones, might be used in 2nd phase over digital ... eVigilos platform has been selected in an international tender to deliver Chiles national earthquake and Tsunami cellular ... this mass alert system that will work by December 2011 across compatible phones, might be used in 2nd phase over digital ...
... phone, signal icon in .PNG or .ICO format. Icon designed by Baabullah Hasan found in the icon set Lemu - Indicator ...
Help a cellular phone newbie. May 17, 2008 9:08 AM Subscribe. U.S. cell phone question: Is Tracfone or a major cellular carrier ... Tell me about your tiny GSM phone January 4, 2010. What do you use your cell phone for? November 27, 2009. Prepaid MP3-capable ... You can use any Verizon branded phone, including the cheap InPulse phones they sell at Wal-Mart.. I believe T-Mobile just ... I want cellular voice & data - but only on the... October 31, 2012. Should I renew my TMo contract? April 12, 2011. ...
PLAN lets government officials send text alerts to cellphones within a specific geographic area even if cellular voice and text ... Cellular carriers are beginning to seed the market with cellphones compatible with a planned emergency alert system called PLAN ... Cellular Carriers Readying Emergency Alert Phones. Joseph Palenchar ⋅ Published: May 10, 2011 ... towers to mobile phones in the affected area. The alerts will appear like a. text message, and the phone will emit an attention ...
Cellular Abroad has furnished thousands of customers with phones for Chile - Reserve yours today. ... number one service provider for international rental phones - Since 2003, ... Chile cell phone rentals from the U.S. ... Smartphone Rental Phone. 3G and Wifi w/ Android phone *Cellular ... CELL PHONES * Reliable Mobile Phones for. your travel destinations. Rent Single Country. Buy Single-Country. Rent Global Phone ...
The influence of microwave radiation from cellular phone on fetal rat brain.. Jing J1, Yuhua Z, Xiao-qian Y, Rongping J, Dong- ... The increasing use of cellular phones in our society has brought focus on the potential detrimental effects to human health by ... Through this study, we concluded that receiving a certain period of microwave radiation from cellular phones during pregnancy ... The experiment was performed on pregnant rats exposed to different intensities of microwave radiation from cellular phones. ...
US Cellular became the first regional US carrier to pick up Windows Phone 7 with the HTC 7 Pro. Its device is a more ... straightforward adaptation of the Arrive for Sprint and shares its CDMA networking along with the NoDo update to Windows Phone ... US Cellular became the first regional US carrier to pick up Windows Phone 7 with the HTC 7 Pro. Its device is a more ... Both phones share the 3.6-inch, 480x800 screen and tilting QWERTY keyboard that define the hardware. They similarly carry the ...
Wholesale Various High Quality Cellular Phone Covers Products from Global Cellular Phone Covers Suppliers and Cellular Phone ... Related Searches for cellular phone covers: cell phone covers phone covers ipad cover 3d phone cover pear phone cover cell ... Tags: Cellular Phone Cases , For Iphone X Cellular Phone Cases , Tpu Cover For Iphone X Cellular Phone Cases , View larger ... Cellular Phone Hard Cover For Huawei/Cellular Hard Cover For Huawei M931/Cellular Phone Cover For Huawei M931 ...
Your Mobile and Cellular Phones website will look amazing with this layout and design. ... See the Example 11 Mobile and Cellular Phones website template. ... Mobile and Cellular Phones Website: Example 11. Get Started ... Phone Numbers. Get a dedicated business phone number with the features of a professional phone system all with an app on your ... Craft a beautiful, dynamic Mobile and Cellular Phones website from this website template. With GoCentral, youll get:. *An ...
Cellular. Find out what the F7s strengths and weaknesses are in this full report. ... Subscribe to Phone Scoop News with RSS Follow @phonescoop on Twitter Phone Scoop on Facebook Subscribe to Phone Scoop on ... Review: LG Optimus F7 for U.S. Cellular. Form Performance Basics Extras Wrap-Up Comments 1 ... All content Copyright 2001-2018 Phone Factor, LLC. All Rights Reserved.. Content on this site may not be copied or republished ...
Cellular. Find out what the F7s strengths and weaknesses are in this full report. ... Subscribe to Phone Scoop News with RSS Follow @phonescoop on Twitter Phone Scoop on Facebook Subscribe to Phone Scoop on ... Review: LG Optimus F7 for U.S. Cellular. Form Performance Basics Extras Wrap-Up Comments ... Is photography your passion? If so, and youre in the market for a new phone, the Apple iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 XL, and ...
Posted in Energy and Technology , Tagged Cellular phones, Communications, Income, Race Cellular Phone Service and the Poor. ... Tagged Cellular phones, Communications, Financial services, Foreign aid, Poor nations Lifeline Cellular Phone Program. Posted ... Tagged Cellular phones, Charities, Communications, Health care costs, Poor nations Lifeline Phone Subsidy Program. Posted on ... Cellular phones, Communications, Financial services, Kenya Cell Phones and Access to Financial Services - India. Posted on May ...
Algonquin - A cellular phone valued at $150 was stolen from a 1994 Dodge on Saturday in the 2300 block of Periwinkle Lane, ... Police said a cellular phone valued at $200 was reported.... July 20, 1999 ... Police said a cellular phone valued at $150 was reported.... November 19, 1998 ... A cellular phone was reported stolen Wednesday in the.... July 18, 1996 ...
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Last year`s executive status symbol, for example, was the cellular phone.For a couple thousand dollars, plus a hefty per-minute ... cellular phones use radio frequencies to tap into the local phone networks, or ``cells`` springing up around the country. ... A laptop computer and cellular phone with a total value.... March 10, 2000 ... A laptop computer, a cellular phone and a check book.... December 10, 1999 ...
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  • Law enforcement officials are able to intercept cell phone calls by using expensive scanners not available for sale to the public. (
  • To activate a cell phone with a SIM card, remove the current SIM card from the device, and replace it with a different one provided by the phone carrier. (
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  • On April 3, 1973, at a public demonstration in the streets of New York City, Cooper used the heavy 30-ounce phone to place the first cell phone call. (
  • This first cell phone call caused a fundamental technology and communications market shift toward the person and away from the place. (
  • Cooper started the 10-year process of bringing the portable cell phone to market. (
  • Motorola is the 1st batch of cell phone to surface in the market, and the most popular was those big big type of cell phones, which some ple began to use the idea and convert into a water bottle instead. (
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  • Although most scientific and public attention on the issue of the safety of cell phone radiation has focused on evidence suggesting an increased risk of brain tumors (Baan 2011), a little-noticed but growing body of research points to a new concern - sperm damage (La Vignera 2012). (
  • In a comprehensive review of the published scientific literature, the Environmental Working Group found 10 human studies that have identified a startling variety of changes in sperm exposed to cell phone radiation. (
  • Collectively, the research indicates that exposure to cell phone radiation may lead to decreases in sperm count, sperm motility and vitality, as well as increases in indicators of sperm damage such as higher levels of reactive oxygen species (chemically reactive molecules containing oxygen), oxidative stress, DNA damage and changes in sperm morphology (see summary below). (
  • Many men who talk on a cell phone using a Bluetooth device or other headset keep the phone in a pants pocket or clipped to a holster. (
  • This exposes their reproductive organs to cell phone radiation, and several studies have found lower sperm count and/or poorer sperm quality in men who use their phones this way than in those who do not. (
  • Scientists have yet to identify a mechanism by which cell phone use might cause such effects (Makker 2009). (
  • The number and consistency of the findings raise the possibility that cell phone radiation could be contributing to this significant public health problem and demand further investigation. (
  • Studies linking cell phone exposure to harmful effects on sperm have been done in the United States, Australia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Turkey and South Africa, using diverse methodologies. (
  • In others, researchers exposed sperm to cell phone radiation under laboratory conditions. (
  • In still others, scientists examined whether there was a correlation between sperm health and the intensity of cell phone use among men undergoing evaluation for infertility. (
  • Men who carried a cell phone on the belt and used it intensively during a five-day test period had a 19 percent drop in highly motile sperm from their previous levels (Davoudi 2002). (
  • All these studies found statistically significant correlations between cell phone radiation and sperm health, and many found that the adverse changes increased with the amount of radiation exposure. (
  • Opinions differ as to the possible mechanism by which cell phone radiation might produce these changes (Falzone 2010). (
  • Keeping the cell phone in a trouser pocket in talk mode may negatively affect spermatozoa and impair male fertility" (Agarwal 2009). (
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  • Cell phone antennas can be used in conjunction with a powered signal booster such as an inline amplifier or repeater or connected directly to the cell phone or device with an cell phone adapter cable or coax adapter. (
  • Cellular signal reception is negatively affected by many factors including obstructions like buildings, vehicles, hills and trees as well as distance from the cellular tower - even the size of your cell phone or your hand while holding it. (
  • Using a cell phone antenna can reduce problems with dropped calls and signal fades while improving service range, voice quality and access. (
  • Connecting a cell antenna to your cell phone, cellular data card or other cellular device requires a phone adapter cable . (
  • Cell phone antenna which works great on small boats, cabin cruisers, yachts. (
  • One of our highest gain, omni-directional dual-band cell phone antenna. (
  • Is It Possible to Have RFID Tags (Like 3Ks) Communicate With a Cell Phone and Via a Cellular Network or Wi-Fi? (
  • You can read NFC tags with your cell phone and transmit the information collected via that phone. (
  • It is possible to write information to the tags with a cell phone or an NFC reader that connects to your personal computer or laptop, but I don't know what you mean by "tracking information. (
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  • Bottom line: As a cell phone company T Mobile is working hard to improve coverage, customer service and support across the country and they are aggressive when pricing their cellular phones and phone plans. (
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  • The simplest way to make sure the protection of the cellphone is by using engineered mobile phone instances. (
  • In fact digital cell phones do not use a modem, the data stream is fed directly into the digital stream on the cellphone network. (
  • Cellphone service providers and the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) will not charge any tax or charges on mobile phone top-up cards for a period of 15 days, officials said on Wednesday. (
  • The influence of microwave radiation from cellular phone on fetal rat brain. (
  • The increasing use of cellular phones in our society has brought focus on the potential detrimental effects to human health by microwave radiation. (
  • The experiment was performed on pregnant rats exposed to different intensities of microwave radiation from cellular phones. (
  • Through this study, we concluded that receiving a certain period of microwave radiation from cellular phones during pregnancy has certain harm on fetal rat brains. (
  • Or does cellular radiation now somehow magically mutate child DNA empowering them with superhuman strength, preternatural speed and omniscience? (
  • Exposures of electromagnetic wave radiation of cellular radiofrequency proved to be able to reduce the quality and function of human spermatozoid in vitro," said dr. (
  • The sperm is exposed to cellular radiation acutely and chronically with the level of electromagnetic radiation exposure in the body as high as (SAR) 2W/kg and 5.7 W/kg for 1 hour and 2 hours. (
  • Q. Is it proven that cellular radiation can damage health? (
  • We report a case series of four young women-ages from 21 to 39-with multifocal invasive breast cancer that raises the concern of a possible association with nonionizing radiation of electromagnetic field exposures from cellular phones. (
  • The Swedish Radiation Protection Authority has engaged two internationally well-known epidemiologists to review published epidemiological studies on the relationship between the use of cellular telephones and cancer risk. (
  • With cell phones speedily starting to be an crucial component of our daily lives, it is terrifying to believe the radiation from mobile phones may well trigger wellness difficulties. (
  • Despite the fact that statements concerning the risks of cell phones are unsubstantiated, that has not stopped different entrepreneurs from promoting mobile equipment alleging to shield buyers from damaging radiation. (
  • Several research have tried to website link radiation from cell phones to memory troubles, tiredness, headaches, and insomnia. (
  • There happen to be a lot of sorts of mobile equipment which have claimed to defend customers from hazardous mobile phone radiation. (
  • WaveShield, WaveShield one thousand, WaveShield 2000, along with other items developed to defend customers from mobile phone radiation have already been verified ineffective. (
  • Should you be involved regarding the achievable dangerous results of mobile phone radiation, you are able to adhere to FTC suggestions to aid defend your self. (
  • The FTC suggests that buyers worried about radiation restrict cellular phone use to brief conversations, use a hands-free headset, and steer clear of utilizing cell phones in locations with inadequate signals. (
  • Needless to say, total avoidance of cell phones will get rid of any feasible threat linked with radiation publicity. (
  • All patients regularly carried their smartphones directly against their breasts in their brassieres for up to 10 hours a day, for several years, and developed tumors in areas of their breasts immediately underlying the phones. (
  • everything you can imagine related to innovative smartphones or classic mobile phones. (
  • Handsets have gone through an entire reformation, from the old chunky mobile phones to new world of hybrid devices such as SmartPhones and PDAs. (
  • Cellular South, "the nation's largest privately held wireless communications provider" has just announced plans to offer the HTC Desire handset, one of the best Android smartphones on the market. (
  • Christensen HC, Schuz J, Kosteljanetz M et al (2005) Cellular telephones and risk for brain tumors: a population-based, incident case-control study. (
  • The RFS-2029 right-angle connector is designed for use with Nokia's Series 5100 and 6100 cellular telephones. (
  • Interference with cardiac pacemakers by cellular telephones. (
  • Dr. Boice and Dr. McLaughlin find a consistent picture from these studies that appears to rule out, with a reasonable degree of certainty, a causal association between cellular telephones and cancer to date. (
  • We found no overall increased risk of brain tumors among cellular phone users. (
  • The potential elevated risk of brain tumors after long-term cellular phone use awaits confirmation by future studies. (
  • The search can be done quickly and effortlessly - simply by punching in a phone number and reports are processed instantaneously. (
  • Children with before and after birth exposures to cellular phones tended to have lower social occupational status. (
  • How do U.S. Cellular prepaid phone plans work? (
  • U.S. Cellular offers prepaid unlimited talk, text and data plans with no contract. (
  • U.S. Cellular offers Simple Connect plans as its prepaid cellular service. (
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  • The development comes two days after the Supreme Court restrained FBR and cellular companies from deducting withholding tax and other charges on prepaid cards till further orders. (
  • According to industry statistics, 25 million Americans now use cellular phones and subscribers are growing by 28,000 every day. (
  • Subscribers have the option of bringing many of their own devices that work on the U.S. Cellular network or purchasing a new device for beginning their service. (
  • For subscribers who use the instant refill option for funding their phone, device insurance is available to protect the device from damage, theft or loss. (
  • Ninety percent of New York City subscribers with a PLAN-capable phone will be able to receive PLAN alerts by the end of this year, the FCC noted. (
  • Today, there are more cellular subscribers than wireline phone subscribers in the world, with mobile phones weighing as little as 3 ounces. (
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  • Hardell L, Mild KH, Carlberg M (2002) Case-control study on the use of cellular and cordless phones and the risk for malignant brain tumours. (
  • No link between cellular-phone use and brain tumours? (
  • You can use any Verizon branded phone, including the cheap InPulse phones they sell at Wal-Mart. (
  • T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless haven't yet responded to requests for updates on whether they already offer PLAN-compatible phones. (
  • and (3) Microarray analysis has not provided definite evidence of an effect of RF exposure on cellular functions, including apoptosis, the immune system, and ROS production. (
  • Exposure to cellular phones is increasing among children at younger ages. (
  • The odds of children exposed to cellular phones before and after birth suffering from behavioral problems at the age of 7 years were the highest when compared to children who had no such exposure. (
  • Children with such pre- and postnatal exposure to the cellular phone were largely those whose mothers smoked when they were pregnant, were young mothers and were mothers with higher levels of stress during pregnancy. (
  • The decrease in sperm parameters was dependent on the duration of daily exposure to cell phones and independent of the initial semen quality" (Agarwal 2008). (
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  • This chapter provides a summary of the cellular effects of radiofrequency (RF) fields generated by the increased use of cell phones and their base stations. (
  • While the current state of the science is reassuring, ongoing case-control studies being conducted in 13 countries using a shared protocol, and continued follow-up of cohorts of cellular phone users, should provide further evidence regarding any possible carcinogenic effect associated with long-term cellular telephone use. (
  • You call the cellular service provider and disconnect the line? (
  • If your mobile phone is lost or stolen, you should call your service provider and report the theft or loss. (
  • HENRY DUQUETTE, who operates a limousine service in the Hudson Valley town of Pleasant Valley, N.Y., was delighted with the cellular telephone that he bought for his car earlier this year. (
  • These people are not looking for free phone service," said Roseanna DeMaria, formerly a narcotics specialist with the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, who now works for Cellular One. (
  • Technology that finds out the owners of unlisted phone numbers exists however there are crucial factors to finding a reliable service. (
  • Nowadays you can acquire a phone owners' full name and current address with only a phone number and a Cellular Phone Directory service. (
  • Because the service is geographically targeted, an emergency alert could be sent to all PLAN phones in Manhattan or parts of Manhattan, including to phones used by visiting tourists. (
  • It's an ad for a type of banking service called M-PESA that's run entirely through your mobile phone. (
  • The pre-service teachers worked for 12 weeks with 30 8th grade students who then learned mathematics with their cellular phones and were part of a learning community. (
  • Motorola introduced the 16-ounce "DynaTAC" phone into commercial service in 1983, with each phone costing the consumer US$3,500. (
  • Hello, I am looking for information on how to use a cellular phone through an Analog Panasonic Phone system, such as the TA308/616/624 models, so that I may use the Cellular Service to make and receive calls from my Panasonic Phone system with out the use of a land line service. (
  • Trade-in a working phone, qualify for a new line of service (creditworthy), buy or finance a new phone. (
  • We aim at comparing conventional follow-up of type 1 diabetic patients treated with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) (face-to-face visits) with an intensive coaching using the Web and the cellular phone network for data transmission and Short Message Service (SMS). (
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  • The aim of our study was to evaluate the intensity of oxidative stress and the level of neurotransmitters in the brains of fetal rats chronically exposed to cellular phones. (
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  • Wireless networks around the world are not always compatible with USA cellular services. (
  • A cellular phone valued at $150 was stolen from a 1994. (
  • Algonquin - A cellular phone valued at $150 was stolen from a 1994 Dodge on Saturday in the 2300 block of Periwinkle Lane, police said. (
  • Redelmeier, director of clinical epidemiology at the University of Toronto's Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, led the 14-month study that examined 699 Toronto-area drivers who owned cellular phones and were involved in auto crashes in 1994 and 1995. (
  • The automobile acoustic unit includes an audio source for generating audio signals, a chamber configured to receive and store a cellular phone, and a circuit for controlling and selecting the playback of audio. (
  • Cellular phones work by transmitting radio signals, which can be picked up by a radio scanner, advises Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. (
  • Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., the world's largest smartphone manufacturer, is grappling with the recall of its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7, just weeks after the phone hit the market to great acclaim. (
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  • Cellular phones emit a radio signal every 15 minutes that identifies them to transmitters. (
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  • The carriers push the alerts from cell towers to mobile phones in the affected area. (
  • Carriers and phone manufacturers might be talking about nothing but 5G lately, but when it comes to the infrastructure that keeps most of us online, day-in and day-out, the US still very much runs on LTE. (
  • This release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including expectations relating to the penetration of the cellular phone market and establishing relationships with wireless carriers. (
  • Muscat JE, Malkin MG, Thompson S et al (2000) Handheld cellular telephone use and risk of brain cancer. (
  • Auvinen A, Hietanen M, Luukkonen R et al (2002) Brain tumors and salivary gland cancers among cellular telephone users. (
  • Michio Nakanishi, group president for the communications systems group at Mitsubishi, said the chip set will be ready by 2002 -- too late for the first wave of 3G phones based on the W-CDMA standard, which will surface in Japan next spring. (
  • The company name was changed to Idea Cellular and the brand Idea was introduced in 2002 after a series of name changes following mergers and joint ventures with Grasim Industries, AT&T Corporation and Tata Group. (
  • Adding an Inline Cellular Booster/Amplifier to your Cellular Antenna/Adapter purchase increases the strength of the incoming signal and boosts your output power up to a maximum of 3 Watts. (
  • High Gain 18" 9dB multi-band Marine grade omni-directional global cellular antenna. (
  • Hi Gain 18" 9dB dual-band Marine grade omni-directional cellular PCS antenna. (
  • It was announced in March 2017 that even Idea Cellular and Vodafone India would be merged. (
  • For the sake of clarity, a "Subscriber /participant" for the purpose of this Offer shall mean and include an individual/person, who is the rightful owner/user of the pre-paid or post-paid mobile connection of Idea, registered in Rajasthan in India and in whose name the mobile connection is active and registered as per the records maintained by Idea Cellular Ltd (and which shall be conclusive). (
  • Idea Cellular Limited (commonly referred to as Idea, and stylised as !dea) was an Indian mobile network operator based at Mumbai, Maharashtra. (
  • Idea Cellular merged with Vodafone India and now both companies called Vodafone Idea. (
  • Idea Cellular was incorporated as Birla Communications Limited in 1995 after GSM licenses were won in Gujarat and Maharashtra circles. (
  • Following the exit of AT&T Corporation and Tata Group from the joint venture in 2004 and 2006 respectively, Idea Cellular became a subsidiary of Aditya Birla Group. (
  • Idea Cellular owned spectrum in 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz, 2300 MHz and 2500 MHz bands across the country. (
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  • This invention relates generally to a battery charger for a cellular phone and, more specifically, to a battery charger for a cellular phone that charges the battery of a cellular phone while the cellular is in stand-by mode. (
  • The LED indicators on the battery charger indicate different statuses: completion of battery charging or incoming phone. (
  • However, most of the batteries, when charged, have to be removed from cellular phone first and placed on the battery charger, and the cellular phone is unusable at that time unless a backup battery is applied. (
  • Most of the racks for the cellular phone are without battery charger, if battery power wears out and not known, users might miss important calls. (
  • Power cord of cellular phone battery charger is normally a straight wire, it needs to be folded or wound into smaller size for storing and moving around. (
  • Odds ratios (ORs) for overall effect and stratified ORs associated with specific brain tumors, long-term use, and analog/digital phones were calculated for each study using its original data. (
  • Hardware device or memory card that connects to a phone for the purpose of receiving and storing data. (
  • Rent a National Geographic Travel Phone and make and receive calls and get data access worldwide with great rates. (
  • remember that this will delete all data saved to your phone. (
  • Mobile phones and mobile data devices inside the building will. (
  • These cases raise awareness to the lack of safety data of prolonged direct contact with cellular phones. (
  • This short summary of the Cellularline Cellular Line 'CLEAN SLEEVE' Black,Violet data-sheet is auto-generated and uses the product title and the first six key specs. (
  • Covering all topics needed to effectively test radio frequency (RF) components and systems for cell phones and wireless data systems, this guide balances practical real-world information with relevant theory. (
  • The text summarizes basic RF principles before describing the digital technology used in cell phones and wireless data systems. (
  • But overuse of cellular phones causes electromagnetic pollution for human health. (
  • Cellular phones are a known source of radio frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF). (
  • This is a smaller location, but still has a good selection of cellular accessories and phones. (
  • Inskip PD, Tarone RE, Hatch EE et al (2001) Cellular-telephone use and brain tumors. (
  • A spokesman for the mobile phone company that Mr. Duquette uses, the United States Cellular Corporation, in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., explained that electronic bandits had aimed a cellular telephone scanner at his car, probably when he was at one of the New York City airports, and picked up his electronic serial number and mobile identification number. (
  • Telephone Off-the-Hook Icon - pressing this once will cause the phone to ring 12 times and the red LED flashes 3 times. (
  • Telephone Icon - pressing this will cause the phone to beep twice and the red LED flashes once. (
  • Association between cellular-telephone calls and motor vehicle collisions. (
  • Overall mortality of cellular telephone customers. (
  • Sprint also said it plans to offer more PLAN-capable mobile devices later this year and to include PLAN technology in all new Sprint phones by the end of 2011. (
  • Its device is a more straightforward adaptation of the Arrive for Sprint and shares its CDMA networking along with the NoDo update to Windows Phone 7. (
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  • Hospitals often restrict the use of cell phones in specific areas, because the cell signal could possibly interfere with electrical equipment used to maintain life support or monitor the health of patients. (
  • There were pages and pages of phone calls all over the place. (
  • April 11, 2011 - PRLog -- Not that long ago the only avenue to acquire information about cheating spouses, obscene phone calls, stalkers and other shady behavior regarding phone numbers, was to employ a private detective. (
  • Federal law prohibits the use of radio scanners to intercept cellular phone calls, according to Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. (
  • It is illegal to sell or import radio scanners that have the capability to intercept cellular phone calls. (
  • Modifying radio scanners in order to intercept cellular phone calls is also illegal. (
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  • The interest was certainly there: Mason received dozens of phone calls from civic groups and churches after his mission appeared on these pages. (
  • Keep in mind that generally international calls made using your cellular phone are quite costly. (
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  •, obviously as the name suggests is a site dedicated around the news of the present day Mobile Phones. (
  • A. it was proven that people that talk a lot with cellular phones tend to develop problems in their salivary gland (the Parotid gland, right under the ear)that is on the side they speak the most. (
  • A 2009 study, done by the International Telecommunication Union, reported that the world over subscription to cellular phones had increased from 5 percent approximately 15 years ago to well over 70 percent by 2009. (
  • National Radiological Protection Board (2004) Mobile phones and health 2004. (
  • Mobile phones right now have become a lot more than interaction devices. (
  • and why hehe I am not the biggest fun of mobile phones. (
  • This is one of the first mobile phones, it was so heavy people had to keep it in their cars to re-charge the battery, it's nick name was 'The Brick' because it looked like a brick and was as heavey as a brick. (
  • Because mobile phones are a brand new technologies, you'll find no lengthy phrase research to show or disprove statements about their hazards. (
  • Some researchers have also recommended that youngsters who use mobile phones may well be at an elevated threat for difficulties because their bodies aren't nevertheless totally created. (
  • they deactivated my phone because it stopped working on the network in my area, and they made arrangements to send me a new one 10 days ago which hasn't come. (
  • Page Plus Cellular is one of the cheapest MNVOs (mobile network virtual operator, they buy time on other carrier's physical networks). (
  • Association of Broadcasters (NAB) noted that "when a cellular network goes down, customers will still be unable to access these 90-character warnings. (
  • 2degrees is NZ's fastest growing mobile phone network. (
  • For $59.98 a month (for two lines), you get talk minutes, text, web access and e-mail on the Cellular South network. (
  • In reality in today's periods cellular phones are getting to be a means of creating a trend assertion. (
  • Regardless of your religious affiliation, when you find yourself in any house of worship, you should always keep the phone turned off. (
  • For this reason, it's important to find a balance between knowing when to be connected and when to turn off your pager, cellular phone and computer. (
  • Another man hopped in his car and started driving toward Cheatham Annex to find a phone. (
  • Although technological advances and enhanced law enforcement have slowed or stopped the growth of cellular fraud in some areas, these efforts are being overwhelmed, the industry says, as criminals take their business to Detroit, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Seattle and other previously unaffected cities. (
  • Digital two-way radios can give business owners in Florida communication coverage where cell phones do not. (
  • The Kyocera DuraPro comes with the Military Standard 810G certification and would suit those for both personal and business use, it is water an dust resistant, which is the norm with most rugged phones, but this one is vibration proof as well thanks to its non-slip Dura-Grip material. (
  • Her history was notable for keeping her cellular phone tucked into her bra on the left side for several hours each day. (
  • Moulder JE, Erdreich LS, Malyapa RS et al (1999) Cell phones and cancer: what is the evidence for a connection? (
  • Schoemaker MJ, Swerdlow AJ, Ahlbom A et al (2005) Mobile phone use and risk of acoustic neuroma: results of the Interphone case-control study in five North European countries. (
  • lol =D But too bad, after that two, nokia came out with their phones, and they won the market over motorola. (
  • Actually I want to format my phone memory of Nokia 3110c as whenever i try to enter confriguation setting for GPRS it gives me errot target memory is full, Inspite there is nothing there in memory? (
  • I think nokia 3600 slide is a good phone. (
  • PCMCIA modem that does this and interfaces to Motorola cell phones and Nokia. (
  • Case mods/ case mod Dual Port Desktop/ Desk Top Charger for Nokia 8260 Phone. (
  • Once largely confined to New York City, Los Angeles and Miami, cellular phone cloning is spreading rapidly in smaller cities and rural areas, confounding law enforcement efforts to curtail it. (
  • TOKYO ( ChipWire ) -- Intel Corp. and Mitsubishi Electric Corp. announced here today that they will collaborate on a new chip set for so-called third-generation (3G) phones based largely on semiconductor technology from Intel. (
  • why take a chance- use as less as possible, use an earphone and don't give a cellular phone to your children until they are 17. (