A semisynthetic cephamycin antibiotic with a broad spectrum of activity against both gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms. It has a high rate of efficacy in many types of infection and to date no severe side effects have been noted.
Naturally occurring family of beta-lactam cephalosporin-type antibiotics having a 7-methoxy group and possessing marked resistance to the action of beta-lactamases from gram-positive and gram-negative organisms.
A semisynthetic cephamycin antibiotic that is administered intravenously or intramuscularly. The drug is highly resistant to a broad spectrum of beta-lactamases and is active against a wide range of both aerobic and anaerobic gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms.
A semisynthetic cephamycin antibiotic resistant to beta-lactamase.
A semisynthetic cephalosporin antibiotic which can be administered intravenously or by suppository. The drug is highly resistant to a broad spectrum of beta-lactamases and is active against a wide range of both aerobic and anaerobic gram-positive and gram-negative organisms. It has few side effects and is reported to be safe and effective in aged patients and in patients with hematologic disorders.

Sub-minimal inhibitory concentrations of cefmetazole enhance serum bactericidal activity in vitro by amplifying poly-C9 deposition. (1/42)

Serum-resistant organisms grown in sub-minimal inhibitory concentrations (subMICs) of antibiotics in vitro may be rendered sensitive to complement-mediated, serum bactericidal activity. We measured 125I-C3 and 125I-C9 deposition on genetically serum resistant Salmonella montevideo SH5770 (SH5770) that was rendered serum sensitive by growth in sub-MICs of cefmetazole (CMZ), a parenteral, second generation, cephamycin-group antibiotic. Three times as much C3 and over six times as much C9 bound to SH5770 grown in one-fourth the MIC of CMZ compared to broth-grown bacteria. SDS-PAGE analysis and autoradiography showed that neither the ratio of C3b:iC3b (approximately 1:2.5) nor the nature of the C3-bacterial bond was changed by growing the organisms in CMZ. Large amounts of complement membrane attack complexes containing poly-C9 were seen only on CMZ-grown SH5770 by SDS-PAGE and autoradiography. Poly-C9 was also detected only on CMZ-grown bacteria by indirect immunofluorescence and ELISA using a murine monoclonal antibody directed against a neoantigen of poly-C9. Bacterial hydrophobicity increased after growth in CMZ, and transmission electron micrographs of CMZ-grown SH5770 showed cell wall disruption and blebbing. These results indicate that growth in subMICs of CMZ increases bacterial hydrophobic domains available for interacting with the membrane attack complex, C5b-9, allowing formation and stable insertion of bactericidal complexes containing poly-C9.  (+info)

Inhibition of biliary cholesterol and phospholipid secretion by cefmetazole. The role of vesicular transport and of canalicular events. (2/42)

A number of organic anions selectively inhibit the biliary secretion of cholesterol and phospholipids without affecting bile acid secretion. We studied the effect of cefmetazole, a third-generation cephalosporin, on biliary lipid secretion in the rat. Injection of cefmetazole at a dose of 200 mumol/kg body wt. induced a choleretic effect and a significant decrease in the biliary output of cholesterol and phospholipid, without changes in bile acid secretion. The decrease was more marked for cholesterol than for phospholipid secretion, with a significant decrease in their molar ratio in bile. The effects were apparently unrelated to an inhibition of intracellular vesicular transport because, after injection of horseradish peroxidase, both the time course and total amount secreted of the protein did not significantly differ between control animals and those receiving cefmetazole. The secretory rate of the lysosomal marker acid phosphatase was not affected by cefmetazole administration. Biliary outputs of the plasma-membrane enzymes alkaline phosphatase and gamma-glutamyltransferase were significantly decreased by the antibiotic. These results point to an effect of cefmetazole at the level of the canalicular membrane.  (+info)

Verification of cefmetazole and cefpodoxime proxetil contamination to other pharmaceuticals by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. (3/42)

Cross-contamination is a critical issue for pharmaceutical manufacturing, especially for beta-lactam antibiotics. Thus, an analytical method for the simultaneous determination of beta-lactam antibiotics cefmetazole (CMZ) and cefpodoxime proxetil (CPDXPR) contaminants in non-beta-lactam pharmaceuticals was developed using high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. The developed method was found to be sensitive at the detection limit of 0.002 ppm for both compounds. Mean recoveries of CMZ and CPDXPR from olmesartan medoxomil (OLM) tablets were 96.7 to 102.2% and 88.9 to 94.2%, respectively. The developed method was successfully applied for the verification of CMZ and CPDXPR contamination to actually manufactured OLM tablets.  (+info)

Humanization of excretory pathway in chimeric mice with humanized liver. (4/42)

The liver of a chimeric urokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA)(+/+)/severe combined immunodeficient (SCID) mouse line recently established in Japan could be replaced by more than 80% with human hepatocytes. We previously reported that the chimeric mice with humanized liver could be useful as a human model in studies on drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics. In the present study, the humanization of an excretory pathway was investigated in the chimeric mice. Cefmetazole (CMZ) was used as a probe drug. The CMZ excretions in urine and feces were 81.0 and 5.9% of the dose, respectively, in chimeric mice and were 23.7 and 59.4% of the dose, respectively, in control uPA(-/-)/SCID mice. Because CMZ is mainly excreted in urine in humans, the excretory profile of chimeric mice was demonstrated to be similar to that of humans. In the chimeric mice, the hepatic mRNA expression of human drug transporters could be quantified. On the other hand, the hepatic mRNA expression of mouse drug transporters in the chimeric mice was significantly lower than in the control uPA(-/-)/SCID mice. In conclusion, chimeric mice exhibited a humanized profile of drug excretion, suggesting that this chimeric mouse line would be a useful animal model in excretory studies.  (+info)

Susceptibilities of Mycobacterium fortuitum biovar. fortuitum and the two subgroups of Mycobacterium chelonae to imipenem, cefmetazole, cefoxitin, and amoxicillin-clavulanic acid. (5/42)

MICs of imipenem, cefoxitin, cefmetazole, and amoxicillin-clavulanic acid were determined against 100 strains of Mycobacterium fortuitum and 200 strains of Mycobacterium chelonae. Imipenem and cefmetazole were more active against M. fortuitum than cefoxitin was, and imipenem (which inhibited 39% of strains at 8 micrograms/ml) was the only beta-lactam active against M. chelonae subsp. chelonae.  (+info)

Comparative evaluation of the pharmacokinetics of N-methylthiotetrazole following administration of cefoperazone, cefotetan, and cefmetazole. (6/42)

The comparative pharmacokinetics and in vivo production of N-methylthiotetrazole (NMTT) were evaluated following administration of cefoperazone, cefotetan, and cefmetazole. In a randomized-crossover manner, 11 healthy male volunteers received single 2-g intravenous doses of each agent and serial blood and urine samples were collected. Concentrations of NMTT and the parent compound in plasma, urine, and the reconstituted antibiotic solution were determined by high-pressure liquid chromatography. The amounts of NMTT administered were 6.06 +/- 0.46, 14.4 +/- 0.87, and 17.4 +/- 1.06 mg for cefoperazone, cefotetan, and cefmetazole, respectively (P less than 0.05). The mean NMTT plasma concentration-time profiles following administration of each cephalosporin were markedly different. Six hours after dosing, NMTT concentrations in plasma following cefoperazone administration were higher than those following administration of cefmetazole and cefotetan. Urinary recoveries of NMTT averaged 137.0 +/- 37.1, 38.3 +/- 6.98, and 25.2 +/- 5.95 mg following administration of cefoperazone, cefotetan, and cefmetazole, respectively (P less than 0.01). The apparent amount of NMTT produced in vivo, calculated by subtracting the amount of NMTT administered from the amount of NMTT excreted in urine, was significantly lower following cefmetazole administration than after administration of cefoperazone and cefotetan (P less than 0.01). The discrepancy between in vitro NMTT production (cefmetazole greater than cefotetan greater than cefoperazone) and the amount of NMTT formed in vivo and excreted unchanged (cefoperazone greater than cefotetan greater than cefmetazole) suggests that in vivo production of NMTT is dependent on the disposition of the parent cephalosporin. These results further suggest that cephalosporins which undergo extensive biliary excretion, such as cefoperazone, are associated with the greatest amount of in vivo NMTT release, whereas cephalosporins which are primarily renally excreted, such as cefmetazole, are associated with the lowest in vivo production of NMTT.  (+info)

Effect of ampicillin, cefmetazole and minocycline on the adherence of Branhamella catarrhalis to pharyngeal epithelial cells. (7/42)

Using pharyngeal epithelial cells from a healthy adult and eight strains of Branhamella catarrhalis (B. catarrhalis) isolated from eight patients with respiratory infection the effect of subminimal inhibitory concentrations of cefmetazole, ampicillin and minocycline on adherence was examined. Cefmetazole-treated bacterial attachment (44 +/- 28; mean +/- S.D.) decreased significantly (p less than 0.05) compared to the control (84 +/- 27). Statistically no significant difference in adherence was found between ampicillin-treated bacteria (63 +/- 36) and the control (95 +/- 40) or minocycline-treated bacteria (91 +/- 39) and the control (109 +/- 40). Large bacteria was observed after cefmetazole and ampicillin treatment. In addition to diplococci, tetrads were observed after cefmetazole treatment. Significant correlation between the MICs and adherence ability was not found. The results suggests that these three antibiotics were not responsible for the increase in B. catarrhalis infection by increasing adherence ability.  (+info)

A successfully treated case of Vibrio vulnificus septicemia with shock. (8/42)

Vibrio vulnificus infection often causes serious or fatal disease. Recently, in Japan there have been numerous reports of Vibrio vulnificus infection. Here, we report a successfully treated case of Vibrio vulnificus septicemia with shock, disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) and necrotizing cellulitis in a middle-aged heavy drinker with chronic alcoholic liver disease. On reviewing 38 cases in Japan including ours, the overall mortality rate was 68%. Although the incidence is relatively low, it is recommended to warn patients in the high risk category, such as liver disease patients, to avoid raw fish and shellfish and limit sea water exposure.  (+info)

TY - JOUR. T1 - In Vitro Effectiveness of Meropenem and Cefmetazole Combination Treatment Against KPC-2-Producing Enterobacteriaceae. AU - Hagiya, Hideharu. AU - Aoki, Kotaro. AU - Akeda, Yukihiro. AU - Yamamoto, Norihisa. AU - Shanmugakani, Rathina Kumar. AU - Ishii, Yoshikazu. AU - Tomono, Kazunori. PY - 2019/7/1. Y1 - 2019/7/1. N2 - Purpose: Optimal treatment regimens are yet to be established for carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE). We assessed the in vitro efficacy of meropenem (MEM) and cefmetazole (CMZ) combination treatment against blaKPC-2-positive Enterobacteriaceae, in comparison with that of double-carbapenem therapy using ertapenem (ERT). Materials and Methods: We performed checkerboard assay for 10 blaKPC-2-positive clinical isolates and Klebsiella pneumoniae BAA-1705 (possessing blaKPC-2), with synergistic effect being defined by a fractional inhibitory concentration index of ≤0.5. Subsequently, we conducted time-kill assays using K. pneumoniae BAA-1705 with an ...
Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) are among the most severe threats to public and clinical health because of their high levels of resistance to various antibiotics. We assessed the efficacy of combination therapy with meropenem (MEM) and cefmetazole (CMZ) against Imipenemase (IMP)-producing CRE, using the checkerboard method and time-killing assay on 13 Enterobacteriaceae isolates harboring blaIMP-1 (4 Enterobacter hormaechei, 5 Escherichia coli, and 4 Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates) and 13 isolates harboring blaIMP-6 (8 E. coli and 5 K. pneumoniae isolates). Minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) of MEM and CMZ ranged from 2 to 64 and 64 to 2048 μg/mL, respectively. Checkerboard method demonstrated the synergy of the MEM/CMZ combination in all the tested IMP-producing CRE isolates, and the time-kill assay indicated a bactericidal effect for both blaIMP-1 and blaIMP-6 positive CRE when MEM/CMZ combination was used. In vitro, the MEM/CMZ combination was potentially effective against IMP-1-
Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates from 11 patients at the Miriam Hospital were identified as resistant to cefoxitin and ceftibuten as well as to aztreonam, cefotaxime, and ceftazidime. Resistance could be transferred by conjugation or transformation with plasmid DNA into Escherichia coli and was due to the production of a beta-lactamase with an isoelectric point of 8.4 named MIR-1. In E. coli, MIR-1 conferred resistance to aztreonam, cefotaxime, ceftazidime, ceftibuten, ceftriaxone, and such alpha-methoxy beta-lactams as cefmetazole, cefotetan, cefoxitin, and moxalactam. In vitro, MIR-1 hydrolyzed cephalothin and cephaloridine much more rapidly than it did penicillin G, ampicillin, or carbenicillin. Cefotaxime was hydrolyzed at 10% the rate of cephaloridine. Cefoxitin inactivation could only be detected by a microbiological test. The inhibition profile of MIR-1 was similar to that of chromosomally mediated class I beta-lactamases. Potassium clavulanate had little effect on cefoxitin or cefibuten ...
You be careful what you say, and minocycline may be associated with seizures. Cefmetazole, cefoperazone, cefotetan and ceftriaxone and other equipment needed to do their jobs safely. Unlike with Exxon Valdez clean his windshield twice and threatening to kill her and her grandson James David Ingram, who had applied for various jobs with no resulted in an early summer heat warnings were involved in the Central Public Library after it was made an official word on the Schmidts campsite, 7400m up the mountains Gerd Nausea And Back Pain brown. Once a doctor had known she was fleeing on carrot cake, red velvet cake, spice cake or pumpkin cake. Com/2013/03/07/organize-keys-nail-polish_n_2823609. Html?utm_hp_ref=cleaning and scrubbing the center and western portion of outdoor gerd drugs pose risks grill,/a,. Com/2013/02/08/make-pillows-fluffy_n_2627392. ...
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TY - JOUR. T1 - The effects of cephem antibiotics and related compounds on the aldehyde dehydrogenase in rat liver mitochondria. AU - Chiaki, Kamei. AU - Yukio, Sugimoto. AU - Kenji, Tasaka. PY - 1987/6/15. Y1 - 1987/6/15. N2 - The effects of cephem antibiotics and their related compounds on aldehyde dehydrogenase obtained from rat liver mitochondria were studied. A pH of 8.8 and reaction temperature 24° were the conditions for measurement of enzyme activity. The apparent Michaelis constant Km values for NAD, acetaldehyde and propionaldehyde were 3.8 × 10-5 M, 4.0 × 10-5 M and 2.5 × 10-5 M, respectively. Cefamandole, cefoperazone and cefmetazole, having a 1-methyl-5-thiotetrazol group at position 3 of the cephem ring, caused a relatively potent inhibition of aldehyde dehydrogenase. Cefmetazole and cefoperazone also showed a significant inhibition on highly purified yeast aldehyde dehydrogenase; the extent of inhibition on yeast enzyme was almost the same as that on rat mitochondrial aldehyde ...
Warfarin has been reported to interact with more than 100 drugs, including many antibiotics. Warfarin is a racemic mixture of S- and R-warfarin enantiomers. S-warfarin is considered to have several times more anticoagulant activity than R-warfarin. S-warfarin is primarily metabolized by CYP2C9, whereas Rwarfarin is metabolized by CYP1A2, CYP2C19, and CYP3A4. Thus, one would expect that drugs inhibiting CYP2C9, and therefore S-warfarin metabolism, would increase the concentration of warfarin and enhance its anticoagulant effect (Table). Other antibiotics have been reported to increase warfarin response. Some?such as moxalactam, cefoperazone, cefamandole, cefotetan, and cefmetazole?appear to inhibit the formation of clotting factors and indirectly increase the effect of warfarin. As with the antibiotics that are inhibitors of CYP2C9, there may be a reasonable mechanism for these purported interactions. For the majority of antibiotics associated with warfarin interactions, however, there is no ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Efficacy of combination therapy against mrsa in ibaraki prefecture. AU - Otsuka, Morio. AU - Sawahata, Tatsuo. AU - Nakai, Toshiaki. AU - Hasegawa, Shizuo. AU - Iwata, Satoshi. AU - Yoshizawa, Yasuyuki. AU - Ishida, Hiroshi. AU - Irokawa, Masataka. AU - Goto, Atsushi. AU - Shinohara, Yoko. AU - Togawa, Shinichi. AU - Monma, Yuji. PY - 1994/1/1. Y1 - 1994/1/1. N2 - Clinical efficacies of fosfomycin (FOM) or arbekacin (ABK) plus β-lactam combination therapies against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections were examined in 15 major hospitals in Ibaraki Prefecture. The subjects were 54 inpatients from January 1991 to April 1993, and most of them showed moderate to severe infections with underlying diseases. MRSA alone was isolated from 23 patients and the other 31 patients had polymicobes including MRSA. Pseudomonas aeruginosa was the most frequent among the co-isolated strains. The number of patients treated with FOM and cefmetazole (CMZ) was 22 (Group C) and ...
Mycobacterium goodii is an acid-fast bacterial species in the phylum Actinobacteria and the genus Mycobacterium. M. goodii cells are Gram-positive, nonmotile, acid-fast rods. Colonies of M. goodii are smooth to mucoid, off-white to cream coloured. in After 10-14 days incubation, 78% of all strains produce a yellow or orange pigment.[citation needed] Strains of M. goodii show rapid growth on Middlebrook 7H10 and trypticase soy agar at 30°C, 35°C and 45°C within 2-4 days. They are susceptible to the antibiotics amikacin, ethambutol, and sulfamethoxazole but show intermediate susceptibility to ciprofloxacin, doxycycline and tobramycin and variable susceptibility to cefmetazole, cefoxitin and clarithromycin. They are resistant to isoniazid and rifampicin. M. goodii is found in many of the same settings as M. smegmatis and members of the M. fortuitum complex. It can cause post-traumatic wound infections especially those following open fractures and with associated osteomyelitis and chronic lipoid ...
Hanae Matsumoto, Takashi Mitsui, Kazuma Sato, Toshihiko Mouri, Noriyasu Tamura, Michiya Bando. Kawakita general hospital. Background: The number of laparoscopic surgeries is increasing because of minimal invasion of the patient. Compared with open abdominal surgeries, they are likely to produce less postoperative paralysis of the intestine. But ileus is an important complication for laparoscopic surgeries too: sometimes it could cause death. We experienced a rare case of severe Clostridium difficile infection, not only in the colon but also in the small intestine, after a laparoscopic lower anterior resection.. Case Presentation: A 75-year- old man diagnosed with rectal cancer (adenocarcinoma). The clinical staging was cT2N0M0 cStage?. A laparoscopic lower anterior resection with covering ileostomy was conducted. there was no trouble during the operation. The patient began to eat and walk on post operative day (POD)1. Till POD2, we used prophylactic antibiotics: cefmetazole 2g/day. On POD10, ...
Cefotetan is a type of injection given to treat or prevent certain bacterial infections. This page from the eMedTV site takes a look at a number of topics related to this prescription antibiotic, including how it works, how it is given, and side effects.
Older research outputs will score higher simply because theyve had more time to accumulate mentions. To account for age we can compare this Altmetric Attention Score to the 100,808 tracked outputs that were published within six weeks on either side of this one in any source. This one has gotten more attention than average, scoring higher than 65% of its contemporaries ...
Booth SL, Al Rajabi A. Determinants of vitamin K status in humans. Vitam Horm. 2008;78:1-22.. Borrelli F, Ernst E. Alternative and complementary therapies for the menopause. Maturitas. 2010 Aug;66(4):333-43. Review.. Breen GA, St. Peter WL. Hypoprothrombinemia associated with cefmetazole. Ann Pharmacother. 1997;31(2):180-184.. Bugel S. Vitamin K and bone health in adult humans. Vitam Horm. 2008;78:393-416.. Crowther MA, Julian J, McCarty D, et al. Treatment of warfarin-associated coagulopathy with oral vitamin K: a randomized controlled trial. Lancet. 2000;356(9241):1551-1553.. Dennehy C, Tsourounis C. A review of select vitamins and minerals used by postmenopausal women. Maturitas. 2010 Aug;66(4):370-80. Review.. Goldman L, Ausiello D. Cecil Medicine, 23rd ed. Philadelphia, PA: Saunders Elsevier. 2007;181.. Kitchin B, Morgan SL. Not just calcium and vitamin D: other nutritional considerations in osteoporosis. Curr Rheumatol Rep. 2007 Apr;9(1):85-92. Review.. McCormick RK. Osteoporosis: ...
Looking for online definition of cefotetan in the Medical Dictionary? cefotetan explanation free. What is cefotetan? Meaning of cefotetan medical term. What does cefotetan mean?
As detailed in this selection from the eMedTV Web library, cefotetan can interact with warfarin, probenecid, and other drugs. This article explains how you can reduce your risk of interactions and lists other products that can cause problems.
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Find information on Ceftizoxime (Cefizox) in Daviss Drug Guide including dosage, side effects, interactions, nursing implications, mechanism of action, half life, administration, and more. Davis Drug Guide PDF.
351 medications are known to interact with Sensorcaine with Epinephrine. Includes Ancef (cefazolin), Cefotan (cefotetan), cephalexin.
Cefotetan (CAS 69712-56-7) Market Research Report 2018 aims at providing comprehensive data on cefotetan market globally and regionally (Europe, Asia,
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Looking for online definition of ceftizoxime sodium in the Medical Dictionary? ceftizoxime sodium explanation free. What is ceftizoxime sodium? Meaning of ceftizoxime sodium medical term. What does ceftizoxime sodium mean?
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A semisynthetic cephamycin antibiotic that is administered intravenously or intramuscularly. The drug is highly resistant to a broad spectrum of beta-lactamases and is active against a wide range of both aerobic and anaerobic gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms ...
Provides information on usage, precautions, side effects and brand names when available. Data provided by various government agencies and health-related organizations. ...
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This page includes the following topics and synonyms: Second Generation Anti-anaerobe Cephalosporins, Cefoxitin, Cefotetan, Cefamandole.
1 Answer (question resolved) - Posted in: tramadol, systemic - Answer: Medical literature indicates that Tramadols elimination half-life is a ...

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