Surgical removal or artificial destruction of gonads.
The surgical removal of one or both testicles.
A potent androgenic steroid and major product secreted by the LEYDIG CELLS of the TESTIS. Its production is stimulated by LUTEINIZING HORMONE from the PITUITARY GLAND. In turn, testosterone exerts feedback control of the pituitary LH and FSH secretion. Depending on the tissues, testosterone can be further converted to DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE or ESTRADIOL.
Compounds that interact with ANDROGEN RECEPTORS in target tissues to bring about the effects similar to those of TESTOSTERONE. Depending on the target tissues, androgenic effects can be on SEX DIFFERENTIATION; male reproductive organs, SPERMATOGENESIS; secondary male SEX CHARACTERISTICS; LIBIDO; development of muscle mass, strength, and power.
A gland in males that surrounds the neck of the URINARY BLADDER and the URETHRA. It secretes a substance that liquefies coagulated semen. It is situated in the pelvic cavity behind the lower part of the PUBIC SYMPHYSIS, above the deep layer of the triangular ligament, and rests upon the RECTUM.
A potent androgenic metabolite of TESTOSTERONE. It is produced by the action of the enzyme 3-OXO-5-ALPHA-STEROID 4-DEHYDROGENASE.
A saclike, glandular diverticulum on each ductus deferens in male vertebrates. It is united with the excretory duct and serves for temporary storage of semen. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
Compounds which inhibit or antagonize the biosynthesis or actions of androgens.
Proteins, generally found in the CYTOPLASM, that specifically bind ANDROGENS and mediate their cellular actions. The complex of the androgen and receptor migrates to the CELL NUCLEUS where it induces transcription of specific segments of DNA.
An antiandrogen with about the same potency as cyproterone in rodent and canine species.
Anxiety due to fantasized injuries to or loss of the genitals.
Anti-inflammatory analgesic.
An anti-androgen that, in the form of its acetate (CYPROTERONE ACETATE), also has progestational properties. It is used in the treatment of hypersexuality in males, as a palliative in prostatic carcinoma, and, in combination with estrogen, for the therapy of severe acne and hirsutism in females.
The male gonad containing two functional parts: the SEMINIFEROUS TUBULES for the production and transport of male germ cells (SPERMATOGENESIS) and the interstitial compartment containing LEYDIG CELLS that produce ANDROGENS.
The protection of animals in laboratories or other specific environments by promoting their health through better nutrition, housing, and care.
A decapeptide that stimulates the synthesis and secretion of both pituitary gonadotropins, LUTEINIZING HORMONE and FOLLICLE STIMULATING HORMONE. GnRH is produced by neurons in the septum PREOPTIC AREA of the HYPOTHALAMUS and released into the pituitary portal blood, leading to stimulation of GONADOTROPHS in the ANTERIOR PITUITARY GLAND.
The convoluted cordlike structure attached to the posterior of the TESTIS. Epididymis consists of the head (caput), the body (corpus), and the tail (cauda). A network of ducts leaving the testis joins into a common epididymal tubule proper which provides the transport, storage, and maturation of SPERMATOZOA.
Certain tumors that 1, arise in organs that are normally dependent on specific hormones and 2, are stimulated or caused to regress by manipulation of the endocrine environment.
A synthetic morphinan analgesic with narcotic antagonist action. It is used in the management of severe pain.
The 17-beta-isomer of estradiol, an aromatized C18 steroid with hydroxyl group at 3-beta- and 17-beta-position. Estradiol-17-beta is the most potent form of mammalian estrogenic steroids.
Plasma glycoproteins that form a stable complex with hemoglobin to aid the recycling of heme iron. They are encoded in man by a gene on the short arm of chromosome 16.
The measurement of an organ in volume, mass, or heaviness.
Small containers or pellets of a solid drug implanted in the body to achieve sustained release of the drug.
A blocking of nerve conduction to a specific area by an injection of an anesthetic agent.
An IBUPROFEN-type anti-inflammatory analgesic and antipyretic. It is used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.
A non-steroidal estrogen analog.
A major gonadotropin secreted by the adenohypophysis (PITUITARY GLAND, ANTERIOR). Luteinizing hormone regulates steroid production by the interstitial cells of the TESTIS and the OVARY. The preovulatory LUTEINIZING HORMONE surge in females induces OVULATION, and subsequent LUTEINIZATION of the follicle. LUTEINIZING HORMONE consists of two noncovalently linked subunits, alpha and beta. Within a species, the alpha subunit is common in the three pituitary glycoprotein hormones (TSH, LH and FSH), but the beta subunit is unique and confers its biological specificity.
Compounds that bind to and inhibit the activation of ANDROGEN RECEPTORS.
An adrenergic alpha-2 agonist used as a sedative, analgesic and centrally acting muscle relaxant in VETERINARY MEDICINE.
Steroid hormones produced by the GONADS. They stimulate reproductive organs, germ cell maturation, and the secondary sex characteristics in the males and the females. The major sex steroid hormones include ESTRADIOL; PROGESTERONE; and TESTOSTERONE.
The surgical removal of one or both ovaries.
Achievement of full sexual capacity in animals and in humans.
A potent synthetic long-acting agonist of GONADOTROPIN-RELEASING HORMONE that regulates the synthesis and release of pituitary gonadotropins, LUTEINIZING HORMONE and FOLLICLE STIMULATING HORMONE.
An ester of TESTOSTERONE with a propionate substitution at the 17-beta position.
A cutaneous pouch of skin containing the testicles and spermatic cords.
Drugs that inhibit 3-OXO-5-ALPHA-STEROID 4-DEHYDROGENASE. They are commonly used to reduce the production of DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE.
The main glucocorticoid secreted by the ADRENAL CORTEX. Its synthetic counterpart is used, either as an injection or topically, in the treatment of inflammation, allergy, collagen diseases, asthma, adrenocortical deficiency, shock, and some neoplastic conditions.
Class of parasitic flukes consisting of three subclasses, Monogenea, Aspidogastrea, and Digenea. The digenetic trematodes are the only ones found in man. They are endoparasites and require two hosts to complete their life cycle.
Steroidal compounds in which one or more carbon atoms in the steroid ring system have been substituted with nitrogen atoms.
Those characteristics that distinguish one SEX from the other. The primary sex characteristics are the OVARIES and TESTES and their related hormones. Secondary sex characteristics are those which are masculine or feminine but not directly related to reproduction.
A glycoprotein that is a kallikrein-like serine proteinase and an esterase, produced by epithelial cells of both normal and malignant prostate tissue. It is an important marker for the diagnosis of prostate cancer.
A sebaceous gland that, in some animals, acts as an accessory to the lacrimal gland. The harderian gland excretes fluid that facilitates movement of the third eyelid.
Epidural anesthesia administered via the sacral canal.
An orally active 3-OXO-5-ALPHA-STEROID 4-DEHYDROGENASE inhibitor. It is used as a surgical alternative for treatment of benign PROSTATIC HYPERPLASIA.
A process involving chance used in therapeutic trials or other research endeavor for allocating experimental subjects, human or animal, between treatment and control groups, or among treatment groups. It may also apply to experiments on inanimate objects.
A local anesthetic and cardiac depressant used as an antiarrhythmia agent. Its actions are more intense and its effects more prolonged than those of PROCAINE but its duration of action is shorter than that of BUPIVACAINE or PRILOCAINE.
Genetically identical individuals developed from brother and sister matings which have been carried out for twenty or more generations or by parent x offspring matings carried out with certain restrictions. This also includes animals with a long history of closed colony breeding.
A major gonadotropin secreted by the adenohypophysis (PITUITARY GLAND, ANTERIOR). Follicle-stimulating hormone stimulates GAMETOGENESIS and the supporting cells such as the ovarian GRANULOSA CELLS, the testicular SERTOLI CELLS, and LEYDIG CELLS. FSH consists of two noncovalently linked subunits, alpha and beta. Within a species, the alpha subunit is common in the three pituitary glycoprotein hormones (TSH, LH, and FSH), but the beta subunit is unique and confers its biological specificity.
Any diagnostic evaluation using radioactive (unstable) isotopes. This diagnosis includes many nuclear medicine procedures as well as radioimmunoassay tests.
Domesticated bovine animals of the genus Bos, usually kept on a farm or ranch and used for the production of meat or dairy products or for heavy labor.
Development of female secondary SEX CHARACTERISTICS in the MALE. It is due to the effects of estrogenic metabolites of precursors from endogenous or exogenous sources, such as ADRENAL GLANDS or therapeutic drugs.
The science of breeding, feeding and care of domestic animals; includes housing and nutrition.
Hormones secreted by the adenohypophysis (PITUITARY GLAND, ANTERIOR) that stimulate gonadal functions in both males and females. They include FOLLICLE STIMULATING HORMONE that stimulates germ cell maturation (OOGENESIS; SPERMATOGENESIS), and LUTEINIZING HORMONE that stimulates the production of sex steroids (ESTROGENS; PROGESTERONE; ANDROGENS).
Peptides, natural or synthetic, that stimulate the release of PITUITARY HORMONES. They were first isolated from the extracts of the HYPOTHALAMUS; MEDIAN EMINENCE; PITUITARY STALK; and NEUROHYPOPHYSIS. In addition, some hypophysiotropic hormones control pituitary cell differentiation, cell proliferation, and hormone synthesis. Some can act on more than one pituitary hormone.
Carrier proteins produced in the Sertoli cells of the testis, secreted into the seminiferous tubules, and transported via the efferent ducts to the epididymis. They participate in the transport of androgens. Androgen-binding protein has the same amino acid sequence as SEX HORMONE-BINDING GLOBULIN. They differ by their sites of synthesis and post-translational oligosaccharide modifications.
Antineoplastic agents that are used to treat hormone-sensitive tumors. Hormone-sensitive tumors may be hormone-dependent, hormone-responsive, or both. A hormone-dependent tumor regresses on removal of the hormonal stimulus, by surgery or pharmacological block. Hormone-responsive tumors may regress when pharmacologic amounts of hormones are administered regardless of whether previous signs of hormone sensitivity were observed. The major hormone-responsive cancers include carcinomas of the breast, prostate, and endometrium; lymphomas; and certain leukemias. (From AMA Drug Evaluations Annual 1994, p2079)
The external reproductive organ of males. It is composed of a mass of erectile tissue enclosed in three cylindrical fibrous compartments. Two of the three compartments, the corpus cavernosa, are placed side-by-side along the upper part of the organ. The third compartment below, the corpus spongiosum, houses the urethra.
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
An agent with anti-androgen and progestational properties. It shows competitive binding with dihydrotestosterone at androgen receptor sites.
The consumption of edible substances.
Chemical substances having a specific regulatory effect on the activity of a certain organ or organs. The term was originally applied to substances secreted by various ENDOCRINE GLANDS and transported in the bloodstream to the target organs. It is sometimes extended to include those substances that are not produced by the endocrine glands but that have similar effects.
Methods of PAIN relief that may be used with or in place of ANALGESICS.
Sexual union of a male and a female in non-human species.
RNA sequences that serve as templates for protein synthesis. Bacterial mRNAs are generally primary transcripts in that they do not require post-transcriptional processing. Eukaryotic mRNA is synthesized in the nucleus and must be exported to the cytoplasm for translation. Most eukaryotic mRNAs have a sequence of polyadenylic acid at the 3' end, referred to as the poly(A) tail. The function of this tail is not known for certain, but it may play a role in the export of mature mRNA from the nucleus as well as in helping stabilize some mRNA molecules by retarding their degradation in the cytoplasm.
A strain of albino rat used widely for experimental purposes because of its calmness and ease of handling. It was developed by the Sprague-Dawley Animal Company.
A potent synthetic analog of GONADOTROPIN-RELEASING HORMONE with D-serine substitution at residue 6, glycine10 deletion, and other modifications.
The observable response an animal makes to any situation.
The male reproductive organs. They are divided into the external organs (PENIS; SCROTUM;and URETHRA) and the internal organs (TESTIS; EPIDIDYMIS; VAS DEFERENS; SEMINAL VESICLES; EJACULATORY DUCTS; PROSTATE; and BULBOURETHRAL GLANDS).
A small, unpaired gland situated in the SELLA TURCICA. It is connected to the HYPOTHALAMUS by a short stalk which is called the INFUNDIBULUM.
Compounds that interact with ESTROGEN RECEPTORS in target tissues to bring about the effects similar to those of ESTRADIOL. Estrogens stimulate the female reproductive organs, and the development of secondary female SEX CHARACTERISTICS. Estrogenic chemicals include natural, synthetic, steroidal, or non-steroidal compounds.
A highly conserved heterodimeric glycoprotein that is differentially expressed during many severe physiological disturbance states such as CANCER; APOPTOSIS; and various NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS. Clusterin is ubiquitously expressed and appears to function as a secreted MOLECULAR CHAPERONE.
Any of various animals that constitute the family Suidae and comprise stout-bodied, short-legged omnivorous mammals with thick skin, usually covered with coarse bristles, a rather long mobile snout, and small tail. Included are the genera Babyrousa, Phacochoerus (wart hogs), and Sus, the latter containing the domestic pig (see SUS SCROFA).
Organic compounds containing the -CN radical. The concept is distinguished from CYANIDES, which denotes inorganic salts of HYDROGEN CYANIDE.
Thiohydantoin benzene derivative.
The unspecified form of the steroid, normally a major metabolite of TESTOSTERONE with androgenic activity. It has been implicated as a regulator of gonadotropin secretion.
A synthetic nonsteroidal estrogen used in the treatment of menopausal and postmenopausal disorders. It was also used formerly as a growth promoter in animals. According to the Fourth Annual Report on Carcinogens (NTP 85-002, 1985), diethylstilbestrol has been listed as a known carcinogen. (Merck, 11th ed)
A synthetic long-acting agonist of GONADOTROPIN-RELEASING HORMONE. Goserelin is used in treatments of malignant NEOPLASMS of the prostate, uterine fibromas, and metastatic breast cancer.
The state of the PENIS when the erectile tissue becomes filled or swollen (tumid) with BLOOD and causes the penis to become rigid and elevated. It is a complex process involving CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM; PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEMS; HORMONES; SMOOTH MUSCLES; and vascular functions.
The use of two or more chemicals simultaneously or sequentially to induce anesthesia. The drugs need not be in the same dosage form.
Unsaturated androstanes which are substituted with one or more hydroxyl groups in any position in the ring system.
Region of hypothalamus between the ANTERIOR COMMISSURE and OPTIC CHIASM.
The anterior glandular lobe of the pituitary gland, also known as the adenohypophysis. It secretes the ADENOHYPOPHYSEAL HORMONES that regulate vital functions such as GROWTH; METABOLISM; and REPRODUCTION.
Refers to animals in the period of time just after birth.
The mass or quantity of heaviness of an individual. It is expressed by units of pounds or kilograms.
Maleness or femaleness as a constituent element or influence contributing to the production of a result. It may be applicable to the cause or effect of a circumstance. It is used with human or animal concepts but should be differentiated from SEX CHARACTERISTICS, anatomical or physiological manifestations of sex, and from SEX DISTRIBUTION, the number of males and females in given circumstances.
Tumors or cancer of the PROSTATE which can grow in the presence of low or residual amount of androgen hormones such as TESTOSTERONE.
Proteins secreted by the prostate gland. The major secretory proteins from the human prostate gland include PROSTATE-SPECIFIC ANTIGEN, prostate-specific acid phosphatase, prostate-specific membrane antigen, and prostate-specific protein-94.
Experimental transplantation of neoplasms in laboratory animals for research purposes.
The medical science concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in animals.
A serpin family member that binds to and transports GLUCOCORTICOIDS in the BLOOD.
An expectorant that also has some muscle relaxing action. It is used in many cough preparations.
A strain of albino rat developed at the Wistar Institute that has spread widely at other institutions. This has markedly diluted the original strain.
Increase in BODY WEIGHT over existing weight.
Sexual activities of animals.
The gradual irreversible changes in structure and function of an organism that occur as a result of the passage of time.
Techniques for measuring specific nucleic acid interaction with another nucleic acid or with a protein by digestion of the non-interacting nucleic acid by various nucleases. After all non-interacting regions are eliminated by nuclease digestion, the protected nucleic acid that remains is analyzed. DNA FOOTPRINTING utilizes this technique to analyze the DNA contact sites of DNA-BINDING PROTEINS.
One of the mechanisms by which CELL DEATH occurs (compare with NECROSIS and AUTOPHAGOCYTOSIS). Apoptosis is the mechanism responsible for the physiological deletion of cells and appears to be intrinsically programmed. It is characterized by distinctive morphologic changes in the nucleus and cytoplasm, chromatin cleavage at regularly spaced sites, and the endonucleolytic cleavage of genomic DNA; (DNA FRAGMENTATION); at internucleosomal sites. This mode of cell death serves as a balance to mitosis in regulating the size of animal tissues and in mediating pathologic processes associated with tumor growth.
Proteins that are secreted into the blood in increased or decreased quantities by hepatocytes in response to trauma, inflammation, or disease. These proteins can serve as inhibitors or mediators of the inflammatory processes. Certain acute-phase proteins have been used to diagnose and follow the course of diseases or as tumor markers.
An enzyme that catalyzes the reduction of TESTOSTERONE to 5-ALPHA DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE.
Sounds used in animal communication.
Vaccines or candidate vaccines used to prevent conception.
A cell line derived from cultured tumor cells.
The front portion of the HYPOTHALAMUS separated into the preoptic region and the supraoptic region. The preoptic region is made up of the periventricular GRAY MATTER of the rostral portion of the THIRD VENTRICLE and contains the preoptic ventricular nucleus and the medial preoptic nucleus. The supraoptic region contains the PARAVENTRICULAR HYPOTHALAMIC NUCLEUS, the SUPRAOPTIC NUCLEUS, the ANTERIOR HYPOTHALAMIC NUCLEUS, and the SUPRACHIASMATIC NUCLEUS.
Anterior pituitary cells that produce THYROID-STIMULATING HORMONE.
A developmental defect in which a TESTIS or both TESTES failed to descend from high in the ABDOMEN to the bottom of the SCROTUM. Testicular descent is essential to normal SPERMATOGENESIS which requires temperature lower than the BODY TEMPERATURE. Cryptorchidism can be subclassified by the location of the maldescended testis.
Drugs that block nerve conduction when applied locally to nerve tissue in appropriate concentrations. They act on any part of the nervous system and on every type of nerve fiber. In contact with a nerve trunk, these anesthetics can cause both sensory and motor paralysis in the innervated area. Their action is completely reversible. (From Gilman AG, et. al., Goodman and Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, 8th ed) Nearly all local anesthetics act by reducing the tendency of voltage-dependent sodium channels to activate.
Diseases of domestic cattle of the genus Bos. It includes diseases of cows, yaks, and zebus.
Ventral part of the DIENCEPHALON extending from the region of the OPTIC CHIASM to the caudal border of the MAMMILLARY BODIES and forming the inferior and lateral walls of the THIRD VENTRICLE.
The measure of the level of heat of a human or animal.
Histochemical localization of immunoreactive substances using labeled antibodies as reagents.
A malignant epithelial tumor with a glandular organization.
A group of polycyclic compounds closely related biochemically to TERPENES. They include cholesterol, numerous hormones, precursors of certain vitamins, bile acids, alcohols (STEROLS), and certain natural drugs and poisons. Steroids have a common nucleus, a fused, reduced 17-carbon atom ring system, cyclopentanoperhydrophenanthrene. Most steroids also have two methyl groups and an aliphatic side-chain attached to the nucleus. (From Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary, 11th ed)
Mutant mice homozygous for the recessive gene "nude" which fail to develop a thymus. They are useful in tumor studies and studies on immune responses.
All the organs involved in reproduction and the formation and release of URINE. It includes the kidneys, ureters, BLADDER; URETHRA, and the organs of reproduction - ovaries, UTERUS; FALLOPIAN TUBES; VAGINA; and CLITORIS in women and the testes; SEMINAL VESICLES; PROSTATE; seminal ducts; and PENIS in men.
Any of the ruminant mammals with curved horns in the genus Ovis, family Bovidae. They possess lachrymal grooves and interdigital glands, which are absent in GOATS.
The excretory duct of the testes that carries SPERMATOZOA. It rises from the SCROTUM and joins the SEMINAL VESICLES to form the ejaculatory duct.
In vivo methods of screening investigative anticancer drugs, biologic response modifiers or radiotherapies. Human tumor tissue or cells are transplanted into mice or rats followed by tumor treatment regimens. A variety of outcomes are monitored to assess antitumor effectiveness.
The use of force or intimidation to obtain compliance.
A potent synthetic long-acting agonist of GONADOTROPIN-RELEASING HORMONE with D-tryptophan substitution at residue 6.
A lactogenic hormone secreted by the adenohypophysis (PITUITARY GLAND, ANTERIOR). It is a polypeptide of approximately 23 kD. Besides its major action on lactation, in some species prolactin exerts effects on reproduction, maternal behavior, fat metabolism, immunomodulation and osmoregulation. Prolactin receptors are present in the mammary gland, hypothalamus, liver, ovary, testis, and prostate.
Anti-inflammatory agents that are non-steroidal in nature. In addition to anti-inflammatory actions, they have analgesic, antipyretic, and platelet-inhibitory actions.They act by blocking the synthesis of prostaglandins by inhibiting cyclooxygenase, which converts arachidonic acid to cyclic endoperoxides, precursors of prostaglandins. Inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis accounts for their analgesic, antipyretic, and platelet-inhibitory actions; other mechanisms may contribute to their anti-inflammatory effects.
Any of the processes by which nuclear, cytoplasmic, or intercellular factors influence the differential control of gene action in neoplastic tissue.
The edible portions of any animal used for food including domestic mammals (the major ones being cattle, swine, and sheep) along with poultry, fish, shellfish, and game.
The treatment of a disease or condition by several different means simultaneously or sequentially. Chemoimmunotherapy, RADIOIMMUNOTHERAPY, chemoradiotherapy, cryochemotherapy, and SALVAGE THERAPY are seen most frequently, but their combinations with each other and surgery are also used.
Increase in constituent cells in the PROSTATE, leading to enlargement of the organ (hypertrophy) and adverse impact on the lower urinary tract function. This can be caused by increased rate of cell proliferation, reduced rate of cell death, or both.
Classic quantitative assay for detection of antigen-antibody reactions using a radioactively labeled substance (radioligand) either directly or indirectly to measure the binding of the unlabeled substance to a specific antibody or other receptor system. Non-immunogenic substances (e.g., haptens) can be measured if coupled to larger carrier proteins (e.g., bovine gamma-globulin or human serum albumin) capable of inducing antibody formation.
Surgical removal or destruction of the hypophysis, or pituitary gland. (Dorland, 28th ed)
The worsening of a disease over time. This concept is most often used for chronic and incurable diseases where the stage of the disease is an important determinant of therapy and prognosis.
The process in developing sex- or gender-specific tissue, organ, or function after SEX DETERMINATION PROCESSES have set the sex of the GONADS. Major areas of sex differentiation occur in the reproductive tract (GENITALIA) and the brain.
Excision of one or both adrenal glands. (From Dorland, 28th ed)
Decrease in the size of a cell, tissue, organ, or multiple organs, associated with a variety of pathological conditions such as abnormal cellular changes, ischemia, malnutrition, or hormonal changes.
A disorder of sexual development transmitted as an X-linked recessive trait. These patients have a karyotype of 46,XY with end-organ resistance to androgen due to mutations in the androgen receptor (RECEPTORS, ANDROGEN) gene. Severity of the defect in receptor quantity or quality correlates with their phenotypes. In these genetic males, the phenotypic spectrum ranges from those with normal female external genitalia, through those with genital ambiguity as in Reifenstein Syndrome, to that of a normal male with INFERTILITY.
The transfer of a neoplasm from one organ or part of the body to another remote from the primary site.
Persons who have committed a crime or have been convicted of a crime.
One or more layers of EPITHELIAL CELLS, supported by the basal lamina, which covers the inner or outer surfaces of the body.
A species of SWINE, in the family Suidae, comprising a number of subspecies including the domestic pig Sus scrofa domestica.
Identification of proteins or peptides that have been electrophoretically separated by blot transferring from the electrophoresis gel to strips of nitrocellulose paper, followed by labeling with antibody probes.
Transplantation between animals of different species.
An unpleasant sensation induced by noxious stimuli which are detected by NERVE ENDINGS of NOCICEPTIVE NEURONS.
A genus of planorbid freshwater snails, species of which are intermediate hosts of Schistosoma mansoni.
The process of germ cell development in the male from the primordial germ cells, through SPERMATOGONIA; SPERMATOCYTES; SPERMATIDS; to the mature haploid SPERMATOZOA.
The fission of a CELL. It includes CYTOKINESIS, when the CYTOPLASM of a cell is divided, and CELL NUCLEUS DIVISION.
Four fused benzyl rings with three linear and one angular, that can be viewed as a benzyl-phenanthrenes. Compare with NAPHTHACENES which are four linear rings.
An enzyme that catalyzes the desaturation (aromatization) of the ring A of C19 androgens and converts them to C18 estrogens. In this process, the 19-methyl is removed. This enzyme is membrane-bound, located in the endoplasmic reticulum of estrogen-producing cells of ovaries, placenta, testes, adipose, and brain tissues. Aromatase is encoded by the CYP19 gene, and functions in complex with NADPH-FERRIHEMOPROTEIN REDUCTASE in the cytochrome P-450 system.
Mice homozygous for the mutant autosomal recessive gene "scid" which is located on the centromeric end of chromosome 16. These mice lack mature, functional lymphocytes and are thus highly susceptible to lethal opportunistic infections if not chronically treated with antibiotics. The lack of B- and T-cell immunity resembles severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) syndrome in human infants. SCID mice are useful as animal models since they are receptive to implantation of a human immune system producing SCID-human (SCID-hu) hematochimeric mice.
The reproductive organ (GONADS) in female animals. In vertebrates, the ovary contains two functional parts: the OVARIAN FOLLICLE for the production of female germ cells (OOGENESIS); and the endocrine cells (GRANULOSA CELLS; THECA CELLS; and LUTEAL CELLS) for the production of ESTROGENS and PROGESTERONE.
A delta-4 C19 steroid that is produced not only in the TESTIS, but also in the OVARY and the ADRENAL CORTEX. Depending on the tissue type, androstenedione can serve as a precursor to TESTOSTERONE as well as ESTRONE and ESTRADIOL.
The amount of a substance secreted by cells or by a specific organ or organism over a given period of time; usually applies to those substances which are formed by glandular tissues and are released by them into biological fluids, e.g., secretory rate of corticosteroids by the adrenal cortex, secretory rate of gastric acid by the gastric mucosa.

Cooperative therapeutic effects of androgen ablation and adenovirus-mediated herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase gene and ganciclovir therapy in experimental prostate cancer. (1/1479)

Adenovirus-mediated transduction of the herpes simplex thymidine kinase gene (HSV-tk) in conjunction with ganciclovir (GCV) has been shown to result in significant growth suppression and to enhance survival in a model of mouse prostate cancer. However, this therapeutic activity is not sustained, because in most cases tumors eventually regrow and ultimately cause the death of the host. Androgen ablation, an inducer of apoptosis in prostate cells which is used widely as palliative therapy in patients with prostate cancer, was combined with HSV-tk plus GCV using an androgen-sensitive mouse prostate cancer cell line. The combination of castration and HSV-tk plus GCV led to markedly enhanced tumor growth suppression in both subcutaneous and orthotopic models compared with either treatment alone and resulted in an enhanced survival in which combination-treated animals lived twice as long as controls in the subcutaneous model and over 50% longer than controls in the orthotopic model. Further analysis of apoptotic activity demonstrated high levels of apoptosis only in combined androgen ablation and HSV-tk plus GCV-treated tumors after 14 days of growth in an androgen-depleted environment and 8 days after HSV-tk plus GCV therapy. At this time, the apoptotic index, but not the percent of necrotic tissue, was significantly higher for combination therapy-treated tumors relative to control-treated tumors or either treatment alone. These data indicate that the therapeutic effects of androgen ablation and HSV-tk plus GCV are cooperative and that increased apoptosis may, in part, underlie these activities.  (+info)

The relationship between adrogen receptors and the hormonally controlled responses of rat ventral prostate. (2/1479)

1. The administration of dihydrotestosterone to rats orchidectomized 7 days previously stimulated the synthesis of nuclear receptor in prostatic cells several hours in advance of DNA synthesis and mitosis. 2. The synthesis of nuclear receptor is tightly coupled to cell proliferation; consequently, in resting cells, there is no further net synthesis of nuclear receptor above the maximum of approx. 8000 molecules/cell. 3. After orchidectomy a rapid decline in the concentration of free androgen in the nuceus and a slower decline in the concentration of nuclear receptor are observed. 4. Owing to the apparent scarcity of receptor-inactivating factors in the nucleus, and the inverse relationship between amounts of nuclear and cytoplasmic receptors, it is concluded that the nuclear receptor is discharged into the cytoplasm after orchidectomy. 5. The formation of the cytoplasmic receptor is an early event preceding the onset of cellular autolysis. 6. Regressing prostate develops the capacity to eliminate cytoplasmic receptor, and this capacity is retained by the regenerating prostate for at least 14 days. 7. The synthesis of nuclear receptor in early G1 phase may control the entry of cells into the cell cycle and the prolonged retention of receptor in the nucleus may prevent the activation of autophagic processes.  (+info)

Testosterone control of nucleic acid content and proliferation of epithelium and stroma in rat seminal vesicles. (3/1479)

Tissue wet weight, nucleic acid content and epithelial and stromal cell numbers were measured in the seminal vesicles of sexually mature male rats. After castration, tissue weight and RNA decreased rapidly and in aprallel to reach, after 14 days, values only 15-20% of those in control (not castrated) animals. During this period, DNA decreased to a much lesser extent (by about 40%), but this change in DNA correlates well with the observed loss of cells from the epithelium. Testosterone in vivo promoted an immediate resynthesis of RNA, the value characteristic of control animals being reached within 80h. Delays occurred in the hormone-induced regain of tissue weight (30h) and DNA (40h), each of which preceded proliferation of the epithelium (40--50h). The cells of the stroma were unaffected by these changes in the androgenic statls of the animal. It is suggested that these proliferative changes in the epithelium cannot account for the previously reported induction by testosterone of basic secretory proteins in this tissue.  (+info)

Kinetic analysis of hormone-induced mitoses in epithelial cells of mouse uterus and vagina. (4/1479)

The intracellular localization of 3H-estradiol-17beta and 3H-progesterone to the different types of cells in the mouse uterus was investigated using autoradiographic techniques. The kinetics of cell proliferation in the surface epithelium of the uterus and in the vaginal epithelium (basal layer) are analysed by means of cumulative labeling method and mitosis chase method using 3H-thymidine autoradiographic procedures. The results are as follows, (1) Epithelial cell population of the uterine lumen and basal cell population of the vaginal epithelium in the ovariectomized mouse are divided into a major subpopulation of GO cells and a minor subpopulation of proliferating cells. (2) Proliferative potencies of uterine surface epithelial cells and vaginal basal cells in the ovariectomized mouse are regulated by a steroid-independent mechanisms through which the proportion of the GO cell-compartment and Tc value of the proliferating cell-compartment are determined according to their age; as the castrated mouse grows older, Tc value becomes longer and the proportion of the Go cell-compartment becomes larger. (3) If the dose levels of estrogen administered exceed the threshold value, estrogen-dependent cell proliferation will be provoked by transferring the cells in the GO cell-compartment to the proliferating cell-compartment in all or none fashion, and by reducing the Tc value of proliferating cell to 1/2-1/3 of that in the castrated mouse. (4) It is suggested that proliferating cells in the uterine surface epithelium and in the vaginal epithelium turn the cell cycle at a constant Tc value during estrous cycle, and that the tissue growth during estrous cycle is dependent on the size of the proliferating cell-compartment but not on the Tc value. (5) The results obtained from autoradiography of tritiated steroids in the mouse uterus gave a supporting clue to the kinetic data.  (+info)

An elevated bax/bcl-2 ratio corresponds with the onset of prostate epithelial cell apoptosis. (5/1479)

The prostate gland in adult male rats is highly dependent on androgenic steroids. Castration initiates the regression of this tissue through a process involving the loss of the vast majority of cells by means of apoptosis. We studied this well characterized in vivo model of apoptosis to evaluate how the expression of two particular gene products, bcl-2 and bax, known to be important for the regulation of apoptosis were affected by castration. An RNase protection assay designed to quantify the levels of bax mRNA showed that this transcript was transiently elevated after castration, reaching a peak in expression at 3 days and declining thereafter. In contrast, bcl-2 mRNA expression was continuously elevated over a period of up to 7 days after castration. The distinct changes in the expression of the mRNAs encoding these two genes were confirmed by an in situ hybridization analysis of regressing rat ventral prostate tissues. The elevation in mRNAs were apparently restricted to the secretory epithelial cells of the gland, the cellular compartment of the tissue most affected by castration. Finally, SDS - PAGE/Western blot analysis of bax and bcl-2 protein expression in the regressing rat prostate gland with bax and bcl-2-specific antibodies showed that the changes in the bax and bcl-2 protein levels were similar and consistent to that found for the mRNAs. In summary, the expression of both bax and bcl-2 gene products are uniquely modulated during castration-induced regression of the rat ventral prostate gland. The changes we observed identify a transient but marked increase in the bax/bcl-2 expression ratio of the tissue that peaks on the second and third days after castration, coinciding with the peak periods of prostate cell apoptosis. These data support previous studies done on in vitro systems wherein it was shown that the bax/bcl-2 ratio determines the apoptotic potential of a cell.  (+info)

Occurrence of permanent changes in vaginal and uterine epithelia in mice treated neonatally with progestin, estrogen and aromatizable or non-aromatizable androgens. (6/1479)

Female mice of the C57 Black/Tw strain were injected daily with 100 microng testosterone, 50 microng testosterone propionate (TP), 100 microng 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) or 50 microng 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone propionate (DHTP), for 10 days from the day of birth. Two other groups of female mice were given neonatal injections with 20 microng estradiol-17 beta and 100 microng progesterone for 10 days, respectively. All mice were ovariectomized at 60 days of age and killed at 90 days. In 100% of neonatally estrogenized or androgenized, ovariectomized mice, the cranial part of the vagina was lined with stratified epithelium with either cornification or parakeratosis or mucification. Stratification only or stratification with superficial squamous metaplasia or cornification took place in the uterine epithelia of 18% of the TP-treated, 75% of the DHT-treated and 50% of the DHTP-treated, ovariectomized mice. In contrast, neonatally estrogenized, ovariectomized mice did not show the estrogen-independent, persistent uterine changes. Neonatal progesterone treatment failed to induce the permanent changes in the vaginal and uterine epithelia.  (+info)

Development of the vaginal epithelium showing estrogen-independent proliferation and cornification in neonatally androgenized mice. (7/1479)

Female mice of the C57 Black/Tw strain given 5 daily injections with 100 microng testosterone (T) or 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from the day of birth showed estrogen-independent persistent proliferation and cornification of the vaginal epithelium in adulthood. The vaginal epithelium of the mice was essentially similar to that of the controls in histological structure during or shortly after neonatal injections of the androgens. In T- and DHT-mice aged over 20 days, however, a marked proliferation with or without superficial cornification took place in the epithelium lining the proximal and middle parts of the vagina (Mullerian vagina), while neither proliferation nor cornification occurred in the epithelium of the distal vagina (urogenital sinus vagina). On the second day of postnatal life in mice given a single injection with T on the day of birth, the mitotic activity in the epithelium of the middle vagina was heightened, but it dropped to the control level on the third day and remained low until 20 days. By contrast, the mitotic rates in the epithelium of the rest of the vagina in T-mice and of all parts of the vagina in DHT-mice were approximately the same as in the controls until 20 or 30 days. The mitotic rates in the epithelium of the Mullerian vagina were markedly elevated in T-mice at 20 days of age and DHT-mice at 30 days, and thereafter remained almost unchanged until 60 days of age. These results were different from the findings in mice given neonatal injections with the dose of estradiol-17 beta (E) capable of estrogen-independent vaginal cornification (Iguchi et al., 1976). The present finding seem to indicate that the mechanism involved in the induction of estrogen-independent vaginal changes by neonatal administration of androgen (T, DHT) is different from that following neonatal treatment with estrogen (E), although androgen and estrogen act directly on the vaginal epithelium of neonates.  (+info)

Ultrastructural characteristics of the vaginal epithelium of neonatally estrogenized mice in response to subsequent estrogen treatment. (8/1479)

Adult mice which had received 10 daily injections of 20 microng estradiol beginning with the day of birth were in a "persistent-estrous" state, showing ovary-independent proliferation and cornification of the vaginal epithelium. Ultrastructural changes of the vaginal epithelium in neonatally estrogenized mice was examined after a single postpuberal injection of 10 microng estradiol and compared with those seen in normal mice to estrogen. In ovariectomized normal mice, the basal cells were round. The nucleus was polygonal and contained peripheral condensed chromatin. After estradiol treatment, the basal cells became columnar. The nucleus was round to oval, containing dispersed chromatin. In neonatally estrogenized ovariectomized mice, the basal layer of vaginal epithelium consisted of round cells with polygonal nuclei, much as in normal ovariectomized mice. The nucleus occupied a large area of the cytoplasm and contained prominent nucleoli. Intercellular spaces were moderately distended. Late estradiol treatment resulted in distended intercellular spaces and in the appearance of the other cell type along with round cells in the basal layers: the columnar cells containing an oval nucleus with dispersed chromatin, resembled the basal cells in normal ovariectomized mice receiving postpuberal estrogen injection. The intercellular spaces between the columnar cells were narrow compared with those between round cells. However, the nuclei of round cells still had prominent nucleoli and peripheral condensed chromatin regardless of subsequent estrogen treatment. This fact suggests that these nuclei do not respond to estrogen. These results clearly show that the vaginal epithelium of neonatally estrogenized mice with ovary-independent persistent cornification consists of a mixed population of cells.  (+info)

Castration meaning in Hindi : Get meaning and translation of Castration in Hindi language with grammar,antonyms,synonyms and sentence usages. Know answer of question : what is meaning of Castration in Hindi dictionary? Castration ka matalab hindi me kya hai (Castration का हिंदी में मतलब ). Castration meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मीनिंग ) is बंध्याकरण.English definition of Castration : neutering a male animal by removing the testicles
castration - MedHelps castration Center for Information, Symptoms, Resources, Treatments and Tools for castration. Find castration information, treatments for castration and castration symptoms.
Equine castration can make your horse easier to manage and prevent breeding. Learn when castration should take place along with types of castration.
What is castration? What are the side effects of castration? Does a person have to undergo surgery to be castrated? What complications can arise in a castration procedure? Find answers to these and other related questions on JustAnswer.
We show a reduction of the Ku70 protein in prostate cancer tissues after castration. The Ku70 protein is a major determinant of radiosensitivity. In several unbiased mutational screens in mammalian cells, the Ku70 mutant cells, defective in NHEJ (24), were isolated as the most radiosensitive (28). It is well established that the Ku70/Ku80 components of NHEJ are the most critical for effective DSB repair and they work in a DNA-PK-dependent manner after irradiation (19, 29). Hence, the severe depletion of Ku70 protein levels after castration is likely to impair NHEJ in the prostate cancer tissues and explain the increased sensitivity to radiotherapy. Several previous studies have shown that cells depleted with Ku70 are using an alternative backup pathway termed B-NHEJ in repairing irradiation-induced DSBs and PARP-1 is a major component of this alternative repair pathway (30). After castration, effective B-NHEJ mediated by PARP-1 would be expected to improve DSBs repair and reduce the efficacy of ...
Castration has many benefits. If the animal being castrated is for meat purposes the animal will gain weight faster. Castration is also beneficial if you are trying to limit and control the herd number. Such as raising a sheep for wool. Castration will also curb aggression in the male animals. This will protect your herd from excessive damage do to increased levels of testosterone. I.E. Males fighting males for territory. This is a how to castrate with an elastrator.. ...
HEALTH IS WEALTH. People may not be aware that one of the most frustrating interpersonal relationships is the presence of a perennial conflict irritant between couples or members of the family. This negative kind of a relationship is known as castration complex.. Psychoanalytically, castration complex means penis envy of the female (Freud). It is believed that the girls are envious of the boys because the latter (boys) have a powerful penile instrument (penis) while the former (girls) do not have. Hence, the girls are known to be castrated. Sigmond Freud signified castration as a psychologically like one whose head is being beheaded or cut-off. Hence, it is being applied to a wife, whose husband could not talk, decide, or offer any decision as a castrated husband. The same description is when a wife calls her husband as dumb and stupid. Some couples survive with this kind of one-sided relationship; the husband becomes so silent, timid and obeys his dominant wife who always castrates him.. What ...
Castration - Castration is an elective surgery that has been performed on colts from less than one week old to aged stallions. Most horsemen now prefer to geld colts
Castration is the only sustainable solution to reduce abandonment. A lot of stray animals we rescued have been castrated. The CãoGatuno project facilitates access to castrations of private pets at reasonable prices. One of our volunteers can collect the animal and take it to one of the partner clinics with prior scheduling.. Below you can see some images of this action so important.. ...
The discussion about castration of piglets with anaesthetics is not confined to the Netherlands. In Switzerland, Norway and Belgium the topic is gaining ground again. The Dutch intend on lobbying the EU to completely ban the practice of castration altogether.
Image Source: Shatterpics & Suzigodson The Madras High Court has called for a consideration of the castration of people convicted for child sex abuse. The courts remarks came in response to a...
The German animal protection organization PETA has submitted a constitutional complaint to the Federal Constitutional Court. On behalf of male piglets, the organization seeks to achieve a complete ban of piglet castration without anesthesia. The special thing about this case is the question, if the organization PETA is allowed to go to court representative for…. ...
Analysis of records of court eunuchs in Korea suggest that castration prolongs life. Does it really, or are there other explanations?
And even in services open to male victims, the common assumption is that their symptoms and needs are almost identical to those of female victims, which is not true.
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Call it making the best of a potentially bad situation. Eunuchs -- castrated men -- live nearly 20 years longer than other men, a new study found.
Only 100 Million things to do today and I almost got them all done. I debated letting the flock out this morning because I had a 10:30 appointment for the Vet to stop by and castrate the 14 little boy lambs. I figured it might be easier to keep em in rather than attempting to round em all back up again when he got here. Trouble is attempting to feed the 40 some-odd grain crazed monsters without putting the grain in the feeders while they are trapped on the other side of a gate is perilous at best ...
Theyve infiltrated our institutions. Watch the Full Show ► Read the Show Notes ► Join the movement ►
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தேரா சச்சா அமைப்பைச் சேர்ந்த 400 பேர் ஆண்மையிழப்பு அறுவை சிகிச்சை செய்துகொண்ட வழக்கில், சி.பி.ஐ குர்மீத்திடம் நேற்று வாக்குமூலம் பெற்றது. CBI questions Ram Rahim on forced castration of his followers
After castration If the animal was castrated, then water procedures are allowed only from the moment when the seam is completely healed. This usually
What is castration?. Castration is the act of removing an individuals use of the testicles by means of surgery or the use of chemicals. Surgical castration is bilateral orchiectomy (excision of both testes), and chemical castration uses pharmaceutical drugs to deactivate the testes. Castration causes sterilization (preventing them from reproducing); it also greatly reduces the production of certain hormones, such as testosterone.. Types of castration. There are two types of approaches to castration. That is, chemical and surgical.. ...
Vaughan, M K.; Benson, B; Norris, J T.; and Vaughan, G M., Inhibition of compensatory ovarian hypertrophy in mice by melatonin, 5-hydroxytryptamine and pineal powder. (1971). Subject Strain Bibliography 1971. 573 ...
Castration is a husbandry practice raising important questions on the welfare and physiological status of farm animals. Searching for effective castration methods that minimally compromise the body physiology is worthy of attention. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the differential response of biological systems in donkeys to surgical castration versus the chemical one by CaCl2 with special emphasis on stress, lipid profile, and oxidative stress biomarkers. Donkeys were divided randomly and equally into two groups; the chemical (Ch) and surgical (S) groups (n = 6). The Ch group was chemically castrated by intratesticular injection of 20% CaCl2 dissolved in absolute ethanol. Blood samples were collected prior to castration and at 15, 30, 45, and 60 days after the beginning of experiment. Surprisingly, the Ch group at the end of the experiment was characterized by significantly higher cortisol level compared to the S group. TC and LDL-C levels in the S group significantly decreased at day 45, while
Surgical castration via orchiectomy for metastatic prostate cancer is associated with lower risks for adverse effects compared with medical castration via GnRHa therapy.
SUMMARY Eight states allow chemical or surgical castration of sex offenders. They are: California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Montana, Oregon, Texas, and Wisconsin. Jan 26, · Eight other states allow for some form of castration for sex offenders, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Only Louisiana and Texas allow for physical castration .. Castration of sex offenders is legal in eight states conference in Bathurst
The primary difference between surgical castration of cattle and using a Burdizzo (emasculator) is whether the wound is open or not. Both require a bit of skill to do correctly; however, the Burdizzo is more likely to fail to castrate the animal effectively than the use of surgical castration. Infection, bleeding, or fly-strike are more likely with surgical castration, especially as the animal becomes larger. Because of these advantages and disadvantages, many people prefer to surgically castrate younger calves (which can often be done in the season without flies) and to castrate older calves with the Burdizzo (especially during fly season).. ...
This was my 3rd and final castration commission with Sorenutz. It took a long time and was a real hassle. The problem was due to all the details and that Sorenutz can be very temperamental. There are still a few details I would like fixed in the 3rd panel but Sorenutz refused to do them because hed grown tired of working on it.. Anyway, this little mini-story is basically an illustration of the first castration fantasy I wrote in 1998 called, Too Good To Be True. I have since revised it and re-titled it as, Castration Farm, and can be read in my eBook, Thirty-Five Castration Fantasies.. ...
By Sherry Lanina (a voluntarily castrated man). At (local copy Castration_Effects_By_Sherry_Lanina.txt) Castration is quite a fascinating idea. First of all, we learn immense ethological and ethnological info about the nature of males from the social and historical practices regarding castration; why it is done; how it is done. (by looking into cultures and time periods where castration is widely practiced. e.g. Chinese and Middle Eastern eunuchs, and European Castratos (castrated male for sing Church songs)). Castration is also fascinating from the scientific, biological aspects. Namely, what happens to a man with respect to physiology, when his penis, or balls, are cut off? We also learn from the practices and knowledge of castration on animals raised to be slaughtered by human animals. (i.e. ox, studs… how human societies practice castration to control the breeding of a range of other animals) We learn, that the balls and the penis, is what ...
Through the time, it has been observed that the castration, it can favor the reduction of serious problems in the dogs toward the humans, it is for it that at the moment is used in company dogs, like a technique to prevent undesirable behaviors (Stone, 2000; Wells and 2000). In this study, 7 dogs of different race were used, age, size and weight with the purpose of valuing the effect of the castration have more than enough non desirable behaviors in mature dogs with proprietor. The surgeries were carried out during one month, in a clinic of the city of Mexico. A questionnaire was applied before the surgery: Does it leave to the street their dog?: alone, with somebody, c/s belt. Does their dog behave aggressively with other dogs?: no, sometimes, very frequent; Is their dog alone or does he cohabit with other dogs?: is it alone, do I have more dogs; How does their dog behave when you see a female?: does he smell it, does he bark, does it mount it, does it attack her, doesnt he take it into ...
79 NCCN Guidelines for Patients ® Prostate Cancer, Version 1.2016 7 Treatment guide: Systemic treatment Castration-naïve prostate cancer Guide 19 lists options for advanced cancer that has never been treated with castration methods. Options are grouped by whether the cancer is staged M0 or M1. Orchiectomy When talking about prostate cancer, castration is a term that means the testicles are making little or no testosterone. It can be achieved by an operation or by medicines. Surgical castration that removes both testes is called a bilateral orchiectomy. This surgery is a type of ADT. Orchiectomy is a treatment option for both M0 and M1 cancers. LHRH agonist and antagonist Medical castration works equally as well as surgical castration. Medicines used to cause castration include an LHRH antagonist or agonist. They are a type of ADT. As discussed next, an antiandrogen may be added. The risk for side effects can be reduced by intermittent use of your medicine. Intermittent treatment improves ...
Sarkes had published a Sarkes Corner about a North Carolina woman who tied up her husband and cut off his Ying Yang. She was arrested for Castrating her husband.. Well, Sarkes must provide clarification. Sarkes Corner Science Editor and Cousin Dr. Greg Wilson provided clarification for Sarkes:. The North Carolina woman performed a penile amputation, not castration. Castration removes the testicles. However, in ancient Egypt the eunuchs had both testicles and penis removed just to keep them in line as slaves. Some ancient Christian religious orders did this to themselves as well.. Sarkes, a Truth Machine, is always driven to provide just the facts in Sarkes Corner. Sarkes Corner is a No Spin Zone. Like this story, on a very rare occasion, Sarkes must provide clarification. Whatever you call it, Castration or Penile Amputation, when ones Johnson gets loped off, its not a good day.. ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Surgical castration, Texas law and the case of Mr T. AU - Winslade, William J.. PY - 2014/9/1. Y1 - 2014/9/1. KW - Ethics. UR - UR - U2 - 10.1136/medethics-2013-101503. DO - 10.1136/medethics-2013-101503. M3 - Comment/debate. C2 - 24429669. AN - SCOPUS:85027934539. VL - 40. SP - 591. EP - 592. JO - Journal of Medical Ethics. JF - Journal of Medical Ethics. SN - 0306-6800. IS - 9. ER - ...
To determine the effect of age at castration on physiological and immunological stress indices, 60 Holstein-Friesian bull calves were sourced so that they were in one of five age groups for Burdizzo castration on day 0 (16 July 2002; no. = 10 per treatment) : 1·5, 2·5, 3·5, 4·5, and 5·5 months of age (mean body weight ± s.e. = 63 ± 2·5, 89 ± 3·7, 104 ± 3·7, 142 ± 3·6, 169 ± 8·1 kg, respectively), or were sham castrated at 5·5 months of age (171 ± 2·9 kg body weight) to serve as intact controls specific to this age group. Blood samples were collected at 15- to 30-min intervals from 2 h before until 8 h after treatment, with further samples collected at 10 and 12 h on day 0, and on days 1, 2 and 3, and weekly from days 7 to 35 after treatment. Following castration, peak plasma cortisol responses were significantly greater in 5·5-month-old castrates than intact calves, and all calves castrated at a younger age had reduced peak responses, with the greatest reduction in ...
Castration should take place at the youngest age possible since the stress of castration can adversely affect growth in older animals. Lambs/kids can be castrated as soon as the testicles descend into the scrotum (this can be from a few days of age to three weeks) and no sedation or pain killers are necessary if castration is done at this age. Castration becomes more difficult and painful with age and the chances of complications increase. Further, castration is accomplished more easily and the wound heals more quickly in very young animals. Castration should ideally be done at less than 3 weeks of age. Under Ethiopian conditions this is not usually the case. Many farmers prefer to castrate male sheep/goats at a later age; in most cases after sexual maturity is attained (yearling to 2 years old). The reason given for this is that early castration can cause stunted growth, resulting in a lack off desired muscling and conformation, leading to a low market price. In Ethiopia there is a niche market ...
Psychology Definition of CASTRATION: n. the surgical removal of the testes in a procedure called an orchidectomy. With the male gonads (testes) removed, a man is unable to produce both semen
The aim of this study was to assess knife castration and knife castration + branding in 2-mo-old calves, and the effect of a single dose of s.c. meloxicam at mitigating pain indicators. Seventy-one Angus crossbred bull calves (128 ± 18.5 kg of BW) were used in a 3 × 2 factorial design where main factors included procedure: sham (control calves, CT; n = 23), knife (KN; n = 24) or knife + branding (BK; n = 24), and medication: single s.c. administration of lactated ringer solution (NM; n = 35) or a single dose of 0.5 mg/kg of s.c. meloxicam (M; n = 36). Physiological samples were collected at T0, 60, 90, 120, and 180 min and on days 1, 2, 3, and 7 after procedure, whereas behavioral observations were evaluated at 2 to 4 h and 1, 2, 3, and 7 days after procedure. A procedure × time effect (P , 0.01) was observed for cortisol, where KN and BK calves had greater (P ≤ 0.01) cortisol concentrations than CT calves 60 min after the procedure, whereas BK calves had the greatest (P , 0.05) cortisol ...
Pig Breeding and Farming Castration Castration Device, Stainless Steel • for mounting on the partition wall of the farrow stall ...
Its our new favorite game show and this slave might just lose his nuts! The numbers on the wheel represent the amount of kicks to the balls he gets. But, if the wheel lands on castration Uh Oh bye bye balls! This slave is an ass kissing, foot licking excuse of a life so why does he need balls anyway??? He might as well lose them for our entertainment!. Category: BALLBUSTING. Related Categories: BALLBUSTING, FEMALE DOMINATION, FOOT FETISH, ASS FETISH, HUMILIATION Keywords: harley, mya. File Name : THE MEAN GIRLS - Wheel Of Castration. Starring Mistress Harley and Mistress ...
Our partner organisation ARPA carried out another castration campaign on 23 and 24 November 2019 in the Portuguese city of Grandola on the Troy peninsula: 90 cats could be castrated, vaccinated, dewormed and released back into their colonies. There , they are fed and cared for by volunteers, and in case of illness they are caught and taken to the vet. Castrations are the only way to reduce the overpopulation of street animals in a long-term and animal-friendly manner. Thousands of dogs,...
Ancient Origins articles related to castration in the sections of history, archaeology, human origins, unexplained, artifacts, ancient places and myths and legends. (Page 1 of tag castration)
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On the list of things I enjoy thinking about, one is castration. How would I castrate a man? Whats my ultimate castration fantasy? Would it be by sword a testicular slaying, by shoe a brutal thrashing, by knife with repeated stabbing, by burdizzo with shear force, by scalpel with precision, by hammer a sloppy smashing, or by shear animalistic brutality? …. ...
Castration of the guy. chelovchesky farm. Watch castration of the guy on ThisVid, the HD tube site with a largest gay BDSM collection.
Boars on the way is a collaboration of stakeholders from the Dutch pig sector, aiming to end castration of male pigs within the European Union. Members of the steering committee include the Dutch Pig Farmers Organisation (POV), Vion, Topigs Norsvin, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Dutch Organisation for the Protection of Animals.. ...
If your honor is so inclined, I am even willing to undergo physical castration if that way I can stay home and raise my daughter.
Synopsis: Young man accused of sex harassment is wheeled into the office of an attractive young woman, Nurse Pamela, court ordered castration specialist, as sadistic as she is beautiful. ...
I thought Id start a thread about castration in movies. Feel free to contribute any movie you know of. 1)The Ladies Club : I have never seen this one, but apparently it dates back to the mid 80s. And it is also suppose to be based on a book. From what I know, its about a group of women who track down the men who raped them and castrate them. As far as I know, we dont see any severed organs. 2)Sudden Impact : A Dirty Harry movie. Some chick who was raped tracks down her rapists and
Applies castration rings for calves, lambs, and goats. Can also be used for tail docking. Features Spring loaded Easy to use All metal construction Chrome Plated
With their EP The Castration of the Idiot... we heard a polished band crafting songs that blended the best of Metallica with Jimmy Eat World. Think Enter Sandman meets The Middle - and throw in some Dick Dale surf shifts and post-punk stylings while youre at it. - Dan Kadison and Chad Werner, Newswhistle. ...
Effects of castration and androgen-treatment on the expression of FSH-β and LH-β in the three-spine stickleback, gasterosteus aculeatus-Feedback differences mediating the photoperiodic maturation response? ...
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The German Farmers Association (Deutscher Bauernverband, DBV) has called for a postponement for the ban on castration of piglets without prior use of analgesia.
Lisas Castration Fantasy By ... I guess Id expected it to go soft immediately after Id ... But it would hold and I think once it healed it would not look too .... ...
When Alison LaCarrubba, DVM, Dipl. ABVP, head of the College of Veterinary Medicines equine ambulatory section, learned the Unwanted Horse Coalition would lend financial support to establish a castration
Robert Mugabe Advocates Castration For Rapists - gists While speaking at his 92nd birthday celebrations last Saturday, Mugabe said he was baffled by people who
Illawarra Equine Centre case study. Sunny presented for castration with a cryptorchid, or a rig, meaning one testicle had not descended.
Would be grateful for everyones opinion for or against castration. Dylan is 6 months now and I have to make the decision. My thoughts so far:- absolutely...
Twenty-five patients with advanced metastatic breast cancer were treated with the combination of methotrexate 60 mg/M2 and 5-fluorouracil 700 mg/M2 intravenously on the first and eighth days, and cyclophosphamide 100 mg/M2 and prednisone 40 mg/M2 by mouth daily for the first 14 days of a 28-day cycle. The patients had had no previous chemotherapy or extensive radiotherapy and all but two had not responded to hormonal therapy or endocrine ablation. The major metastatic lesions were: lung (12 patients), liver (four patients), bone (four patients), soft tissue (three patients), nodes (two patients). Seventeen of the 25 patients (68%) responded to treatment with seven complete remissions; these included patients suffering metastatic lesions in the lung, nodes, and soft tissue. The overall median duration of response was nine months (range 6-26 months). Toxicity was primarily haematological, but the group received an average of at least 75% of their calculated dose for each monthly cycle. ...
Hi everyone, So my question is geared towards the folks that have been castrated, but still wish to live and function as men afterwards? More specifically, I was wondering what the HRT regimen was like at that point. Ive read a couple guys who felt that a pump a week of AndroGel was sufficient to keep them where they wanted to be. Are there any additional drugs or supplements that need to be taken long-term? Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere before.
As forage and range conditions improve, and with historically low cattle numbers, people will be saving more heifers as replacements and to replenish the herds
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A new video released by the Welfarm association showing castrated pigs without anesthesia reveals a shocking but banal reality, sometimes in contradiction with European standards.
The aim of this study was to assess knife castration and knife castration + branding in 2-mo-old calves, and the effect of a single dose of s.c. meloxicam at mitigating pain indicators. Seventy-one Angus ...
Ed Balls is fighting for his electoral survival in Morley and Outwood, the new constituency into which he was parachuted with the connivance of Gordon
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Which one of the following is correct? (A) 12 As for those agitators, I wish they would go the whole way and emasculate themselves! Galatians 5:12 (NIV) (B) 12 I would they were even cut off which trouble you. Galatians 5:12 (KJV) Ive heard critics of the Bible refer to Paul as a merciless barbarian for wishing…
Chemical castration[edit]. Main article: Chemical castration. In the case of chemical castration, ongoing regular injections of ... "Upside to castration? Eunuchs lived longer, study finds".. *^ "Can Castration Be a Solution for Sex Offenders? Man Who ... castration refers to a castration in which the inguinal tunic is incised and not sutured. A "closed" castration refers to when ... Chemical castration seems to have a greater effect on bone density than physical castration.[citation needed] Since the ...
See also: Castration § Medical consequences. Advantages[edit]. Besides being a birth control method, and being convenient to ... "Immunohistochemical characterization of canine prostatic carcinoma and correlation with castration status and castration time ... Orthodox Judaism forbids the castration of both humans and non-human animals by Jews,[77] except in lifesaving situations.[78] ... The male-specific term is castration, while spaying is usually reserved for female animals. Colloquially, both terms are often ...
Castration-resistant. Most hormone dependent cancers become resistant to treatment after one to three years and resume growth ... This discovery of "chemical castration" won Huggins the 1966 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.[170] The role of the ... Seruga B, Ocana A, Tannock IF (January 2011). "Drug resistance in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer". Nature ... Previously considered "hormone-refractory prostate cancer" or "androgen-independent prostate cancer", the term castration- ...
"Castration; The eunuchs of Qing dynasty China; A Medical and Historical Review". de Historia Urologie Europace. 15: 39-47. ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Castration secrets of China's last eunuch revealed". ABC Online. Australian ...
It differs from castration, which is the removal of the testicles only, although the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. ... Johnson, T W; Wassersug, R J; Roberts, L F; Sutherland, M B; First, M B (2010). "Desire for Castration Is Not a Body Integrity ... Castration, by comparison, was called the Lesser Seal. Emasculation was preferable because it rendered a recipient physically ... Engelstein, L (1999). Castration and the Heavenly Kingdom: A Russian Folktale. Ithaca, London: Cornell University Press. Evins ...
A Castration! A Typhoon!" Roger Ebert called it "the embodiment of those old movie posters where the title is hewn from solid ...
Castration awaits." Another of her most well-known pieces features Jesus about to get run over, standing with his back turned ...
The idea of castration is derived from Freud's concepts of sexual difference, believing that women are substantially different ... "Castration Complex ,". Retrieved 17 October 2018. Chanter, Tina (2010). "Abjection, or ... The Monstrous Feminine discusses the psychoanalysis theories of Sigmund Freud, primarily ideas of castration and the female ... as Creed explains that Freud's compares the female genitalia to Medusa as men fear castration from the sight of her. Barbara ...
"Upside to castration? Eunuchs lived longer, study finds". Reuters via NBC. 24 September 2012. Retrieved 26 September 2012. ...
"Castration of Piglets". Archived from the original on 2016-11-21. Retrieved 2016-11-21. Swiss Agriculture Pocket Statistics ... and piglet castration are banned. In 2014, Switzerland received a grade A out of possible grades A, B, C, D, E, F or G on World ...
"L'Isle-Verte seniors' home fire raises ire over sprinkler regulation". Canadian Broadcorping Castration. Retrieved 2014-01-25. ...
Castration is removal of the testicles. The Arabic word translated here as castration may also refer to removal of the ... Castration of the human is prohibited in Islam, whether he is a child or an adult, because of the prohibition on hadith on that ... "Is Castration Permissible?". 20 April 2005. Archived from the original on 9 October 2018. Retrieved 9 October 2018 ... Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid (14 February 2015). "126987: The ruling on castration". Archived from the original on ...
Castration in males. The testicles are surgically removed. This is frequently used for the sterilization of animals, but rarely ...
How Castration Works. HowStuffWorks. Retrieved 2016-03-17. How Maglev Trains Work. HowStuffWorks. Retrieved 2016-03-17. How ...
The most common form of sterilization in dogs and cats is surgical, spaying in females and castration in males. Non-surgical ... When given as long-acting implants, these cause "medical castration," that is, the complete suppression of reproductive ... Several organizations, including the Parsemus Foundation, SpayFIRST!, and Calcium Chloride Castration advocate for the use of ... "Statement and Recommendations Regarding Calcium Chloride-Ethyl Alcohol Injection for Chemical Castration" (PDF). ...
Benedict, Dirk (May 2004). "Lost in Castration". Dirk Benedict Central. Archived from the original on December 20, 2013. ...
Chemical Castration "Real moments of musical entropy here..." -- XXX Fanzine "As much as I hate doing this to someone as good ... Chemical Castration (4). 1988. "Hullabaloo-It's Not Enough to be Loud, You Have To Suck To". XXX fanzine (20). 1988. Maximum ... "Hullabaloo-It's Not Enough to be Loud, You Have To Suck To". Chemical Castration (4). 1988. ...
CastrationEdit. Main article: Castration. Castration in the genital modification and mutilation context is the removal of the ... Hemi-castrationEdit. The removal of one testicle (sometimes referred to as unilateral castration) is usually done in the modern ... Castration has been performed in many cultures throughout history, but is now rare. In the 21st century, castration has been ... Also known as total castration or nullification, emasculation is the combination of castration and penectomy. ...
The 18th-century Russian Skoptzy (скопцы) sect was an example of a castration cult, where its members regarded castration as a ... Religious castrationEdit. Castration as part of religious practice, and eunuchs occupying religious roles, have been ... Maekawa, Kazuya (1980). Animal and human castration in Sumer, Part II: Human castration in the Ur III period. Zinbun [Journal ... Coptic castration of slaves was discussed by Peter Charles Remondino, in his book History of Circumcision from the Earliest ...
Although castrations generally have few complications, there are risks. Castration can have complication such as swelling, ... According to one in-depth study, for standing castration the complication rate is 22%, while for recumbent castration it is 6 ... For simple castration of normal animals, the advantages to recumbent castration are that the horse is prone, better asepsis ( ... With both castration techniques, the wound should be kept clean and allowed to drain freely to reduce the risk of hematoma ...
Neither group practices castration. Homosexuality in India LGBT issues and Hinduism "Hare Krishna Guru vs. Christian Show Host ...
Chemical castration Thermal sterilization. ...
Men punished with castration during the Han dynasty were also used as slave labor. In Han dynasty China, castration continued ... Throughout history, castration often served a specific social function. In China, castration included removal of the penis as ... Castration gave the eunuchs the license to work in the palace or official houses in Ming China because the officials and the ... Self-castration was a common practice, although it was not always performed completely, which led to it being made illegal. It ...
However the subject of a son castrating his own father, or simply castration in general, was so repudiated by the Greek ... "castration" of the heavens by means of a sickle was part of a creation myth, in origin a cut creating an opening or gap between ... "The Castration of Uranus". Greek Myths. London: Penguin. p. 38. ISBN 0-14-001026-2. Walcot, "Five or Seven Recesses?" The ...
"Results of Castration in Sexual Abnormalities". Urologic & Cutaneous Review. 33: 351. 1929. Sharp, Harry Clay (1908). The ... ISBN 978-0-690-00510-3. Daniel, F.E. (1893). "Castration of Sexual Perverts". Texas Medical Journal. 9: 255-71. Talbot, E.S.; ... He rejected castration as a cure for homosexuality, and the internment of gay people in asylums, except in cases involving sex ... castration, vasectomy, pudic nerve surgery, and lobotomy. Substance-based methods included hormone treatment, pharmacologic ...
"Starbuck: Lost in Castration". Dreamwatch. May 2004. Archived from the original on December 20, 2013. Retrieved August 2, 2013 ... In a May 2004 article from Dreamwatch magazine titled "Starbuck: Lost in Castration", Dirk Benedict, who portrayed Lieutenant ...
... his sentence was castration. After castration, he became a eunuch at court, and served as a minor official. Xu Pingjun's future ... reasoning a eunuch who had suffered castration as a punishment should not be made a marquess. Instead, Xu was given the title ...
Galveston Daily News Wright, Lawrence (May 1992). The Case for castration. Texas Monthly WPATH Board of Directors archive. ...
"Castration, the HIV Scandal." Speech. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Cambridge, Mass: April 10, 1996. A Study of ...
Miguel survives his castration. He is sent to a mental institution. Once deemed healthy again he returns to his community where ...
Chemical castration[edit]. Main article: Chemical castration. In the case of chemical castration, ongoing regular injections of ... "Upside to castration? Eunuchs lived longer, study finds".. *^ "Can Castration Be a Solution for Sex Offenders? Man Who ... castration refers to a castration in which the inguinal tunic is incised and not sutured. A "closed" castration refers to when ... Chemical castration seems to have a greater effect on bone density than physical castration.[citation needed] Since the ...
"Poland okays forcible castration for pedophiles". Reuters.. *^ "Poland approves chemical castration for paedophiles". ABC News. ... "Russia introduces chemical castration for pedophiles". RT. 4 October 2011.. *^ "S. Korea enacts chemical castration law to ... Chemical castration is castration via anaphrodisiac drugs, whether to reduce libido and sexual activity, to treat cancer, or ... Unlike surgical castration, where the gonads are removed through an incision in the body,[1] chemical castration does not ...
Chemical castration is the practice of suppressing sexual desire, usually in men who are convicted sex offenders, by means of ... Examples of chemical castration Well chemical castration isnt permanent.. And putting them in a facility for treatment is much ... Who uses chemical castration? Chemical castration is usually discussed in the context of criminal justice policies regarding ... What does chemical castration mean?. Chemical castration is the practice of suppressing sexual desire, usually in men who are ...
So the Board of Supervisors is considering castration to punish mentally disordered sex offenders. Since men are not the only ... So the Board of Supervisors is considering castration to punish mentally disordered sex offenders. Since men are not the only ... Involuntary sterilization (let alone castration) of convicts is prohibited under the California Constitution. ... "No one can doubt but that under our present civilization if castration were to be adopted as a mode of punishment for any crime ...
The concept of castration plays an important role in psychoanalysis; see, for example, castration anxiety. Castration (as a ... castration refers to a castration in which the inguinal tunic is incised and not sutured. A "closed" castration refers to when ... Surgical castration in animals is often called neutering. The term castration is sometimes also used to refer to the removal of ... Castration also figured in a number of religious castration cults. Other religions, such as Judaism, were strongly opposed to ...
A work of tremendous insight and extraordinary intellectual energy, The Castration of Oedipus will provoke strong reactions in ...
Castration for Prostatic Hypertrophy. Br Med J 1895; 1 doi: (Published 19 January 1895 ...
Questioning the Effectiveness of Castration. Despite the severity of castration, not everyone - including leading medical ... if surgical castration wont work for all offenders and medication can be just as effective in reducing libidos of castration ... But surgical castration has been proven to reduce the sex drives of many offenders, according to several studies. A German ... For many who oppose it, surgical castration is a barbaric way to manage the behavior of high-risk offenders. Civil rights ...
Castration anxiety is the fear of emasculation in both the literal and metaphorical sense. Castration anxiety is an ... Castration anxiety can also refer to being castrated symbolically. In the metaphorical sense, castration anxiety refers to the ... surmised that men differ in their degree of castration anxiety through the castration threat they experienced in childhood. ... female dreamers will report more dreams containing fear of castration wish and penis envy than dreams including castration ...
Analysis of records of court eunuchs in Korea suggest that castration prolongs life. Does it really, or are there other ... Isnt it a bit much to claim that castration is the key to long life?. Yes. Min says that many earlier studies show that ... Analysis of records of court eunuchs in Korea suggest that castration prolongs life. Does it really, or are there other ... so we dont know the effects of castration on lifespan in older men," says Min. ...
One morning I was called to the emergency room by the head ER nurse. She directed me to a patient who had refused to describe his problem other than to say that he "needed a doctor who took care of mens troubles." The patient, about 40, was pale, febrile, and obviously uncomfortable, and had little to say as he gingerly opened his trousers to expose a bit of angry red and black- and-blue scrotal skin.. After I asked the nurse to leave us, the patient permitted me to remove his trousers, shorts, and two or three yards of foul-smelling stained gauze wrapped about his scrotum, which was swollen to twice the size of a grapefruit and extremely tender. A jagged zig-zag laceration, oozing pus and blood, extended down the left scrotum.. Amid the matted hair, edematous skin, and various exudates, I saw some half- buried dark linear objects and asked the patient what they were. Several days earlier, he replied, he had injured himself in the machine shop where he worked, and had closed the laceration ...
Furthermore, late castration of bulls (at approximately 5 to 14 months) is employed, wherein the tool of (c) provides a ... treated for infection prevention at least around the time of castration. Accordingly, cattle growth is accelerated due to ... 16) for assisting in determining when an effective castration tensioning has been applied to a castration loop such as various ... which is substantially less stressful and more effective than other castration methods. Castration at such time achieves the ...
Anthropologists studying the bones of a famous castrato opera singer found evidence that castration affected his growth and ... Both Farinellis abnormal height and his lack of fused bones are likely related to growth delays caused by his castration. ... While overbites are certainly not rare, Belcastro and colleagues suggest it may be related to castration if the mandible did ... Both Farinellis abnormal height and his lack of fused bones are likely related to growth delays caused by his castration. ...
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... The Doctors discuss a proposed Alabama bill that calls for convicted sex offenders to not only ...
Castration in humans is sometimes necessary for some cancer prevention or as a punishment or deterrent to sex crimes. ... Castration is the removal of male testes, resulting in sterility, decreased sexual desire and inhibition of secondary sex ... Surgical Castration. In surgical castration, a surgeon makes an incision in the scrotum and pulls out the vas deferens duct ... Burdizzo Castration. Used often by ranchers, a burdizzo is a pliers-like device that crushes the vas deferens and arteries to ...
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An elderly Florida man with a bizarre castration obsession was busted by cops for allegedly performing a botched, at-home ... When Van Ryswyk answered the door, he told a deputy that he had just performed a castration on a man, "and, to say the least, ... An elderly Florida man with a bizarre castration obsession was busted by cops for allegedly performing a botched, at-home ... He also said he performed a similar castration procedure on a man in a local motel several years earlier. ...
As a concise yet comprehensive summary of the current status of the field, Management of Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer ... Management of Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer. Editors: Saad, Fred, Eisenberger, Mario A. (Eds.) ... Introduction-Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer: A Rapidly Expanding Clinical State and a Model for New Therapeutic ... "This volume in the Current Clinical Urology series focuses on the management of castration resistant prostate cancer (CRPC), ...
Treatments and Tools for castration. Find castration information, treatments for castration and castration symptoms. ... castration - MedHelps castration Center for Information, Symptoms, Resources, ...
... plural castrations) 1. The act of removing the testicles. 2. (figuratively) Any act that removes power from a person ( ... Usually the behavior does not escalate to suicide and major self-mutilation (including such things as castration, amputation of ... The Basic plan covers the cost of hysterectomy or castration surgery, but the Primary plan does not. ... The " royal seal " is complete self-castration; partial mutilation is known as the " second purity." ...
Patterns of stemness-associated markers in the development of castration-resistant prostate cancer. Putative castration- ... Timing of androgen deprivation monotherapy and combined treatments in castration-sensitive and castration-resistant prostate ... Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: AUA Guideline Amendment 2018. The purpose of this amendment is to incorporate newly- ... Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: Sequencing Oral and Infusion Agents. To update treatment options and considerations for ...
In Alabama, Republican Governor Kay Ivey signed into law a bill mandating child sex offenders undergo chemical castration as a ... The Alabama American Civil Liberties Union says that chemical castration is unconstitutional as it violates due process and ...
... have authorized chemical castration. Offenders may be sentenced to chemical castration in all cases involving serious sex ... Chemical castration involves taking medication to reduce testosterone, hormones and other chemicals that drive libido. The ... Alabama governor signs law requiring chemical castration for some sex offender parolees. Elinor Aspegren. USA TODAY ... June 5:Alabama bill would require chemical castration for parolees convicted of sex crimes involving children ...
... chemical castration as a condition of parole - a requirement meant to keep perpetrators from committing similar crimes. ... Alabama Lawmakers Approve "Chemical Castration" For Sex Offenders. "Chemical castration" is a misnomer, since the process ... "Chemical castration" is a misnomer, since the process leaves the testes intact, can be reversed, and does not prevent a man ... Even if chemical castration is allowed, Stinneford said, it might fail to rehabilitate offenders because some of the side ...
... is the British governments latest initiative to check paedophilia.The government has offered what is called chemical castration ... Paedophilia: UK scientists recommend chemical castration. August 27th, 2008 - 11:15 am ICT by IANS Tweet. ... London, Aug 27 (IANS) Using drugs to simulate effects of castration is the British governments latest initiative to check ... paedophilia.The government has offered what is called chemical castration to convicted paedophiles after research showed that ...
Castration. If that word is sending shivers up spine, dont fret - Thailands Ministry of Health banned cosmetic castration ... Cosmetic castration for ladyboys banned in Thailand. by Catherine Bodry on Apr 2, 2008. ... Formal sex-change therapy "requires rigorous physical and mental evaluation of the patient," while castration can be done in 15 ... and an easier alternative to a full-on sex change is castration. Thats right. ...
Castration and tail docking. *Young lambs often have their tails docked to help keep their rear end clean to reduce the risk of ... Where tail docking and castration are unavoidable for welfare reasons, we believe pain relief should be provided if a practical ...
Alabama approves chemical castration bill for some sex offenders. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill that requires people ... The "chemical castration" law says a judge must order anyone convicted of a sex offense involving a child under the age of 13 ... "Chemical castration" is a misnomer, as the process leaves the testes intact, can be reversed and does not prevent a man from ... Even if chemical castration is allowed, Stinneford said, it might fail at rehabilitating offenders because some of the side ...
And while castration has been linked to longer lifespans in male lab animals, evidence from castrated people is limited. ...
  • Either surgical removal of both testicles or chemical castration may be carried out in the case of prostate cancer . (
  • Chemical castration is important, however, in other applications, such as treating prostate cancer, where continued testosterone production can promote tumor growth. (
  • Other reasons for castration include the fact that it decreases blood flow and causes death of endothelial cells, which may reduce the chance of prostate cancer. (
  • As a concise yet comprehensive summary of the current status of the field, Management of Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer serves as a very useful resource for physicians and researchers dealing with this challenging malignancy. (
  • This volume in the Current Clinical Urology series focuses on the management of castration resistant prostate cancer (CRPC), providing an important reference for medical oncologists, urologists, and radiation oncologists. (
  • Despite significant progress in the treatment of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) in recent years (including agents targeting androgen receptor signaling, chemotherapy, and (223)Ra), most of these patients still succumb to prostate cancer. (
  • The aim of our retrospective study was to evaluate the 5-year survival and time to castration resistant prostate cancer in patients with hormone sensitive prostate cancer treated with the gonadotropin releasing hormone antagonist, degarelix. (
  • A comprehensive review of genomic landscape, biomarkers and treatment sequencing in castration-resistant prostate cancer. (
  • Hormone-naïve prostate cancer and its castration-resistant state (CRPC) are clinically and genetically heterogeneous diseases. (
  • Although multiple new agents have been approved for metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer over the last decade, it is still an incurable disease. (
  • A distinct plasma lipid signature associated with poor prognosis in castration-resistant prostate cancer: Authors. (
  • However, the association of circulating lipids with the clinical outcome of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) is unknown. (
  • A dose finding clinical trial of cabozantinib (XL184) administered in combination with abiraterone acetate in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. (
  • Abiraterone acetate post-docetaxel for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer in the Belgian compassionate use program. (
  • BACKGROUND - Abiraterone acetate (AA) is licensed for treating metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). (
  • Abiraterone in the management of castration-resistant prostate cancer prior to chemotherapy. (
  • The treatment armamentarium for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) has increased significantly over the past several years. (
  • Potent androgen receptor pathway inhibition (ARPI) therapies has given rise to a lethal, aggressive subtype of castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) called treatment-induced neuroendocrine prostate cancer (t-NEPC). (
  • On February 14, 2018, the Food and Drug Administration approved apalutamide (Erleada™, Janssen Biotech, Inc.) for patients with non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (NM-CRPC). (
  • We evaluated the efficacy of darolutamide for delaying metastasis and death in men with nonmetastatic, castration-resistant prostate cancer. (
  • We conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase 3 trial involving men with nonmetastatic, castration-resistant prostate cancer and a prostate-specific antigen doubling time of 10 months or less. (
  • Among men with nonmetastatic, castration-resistant prostate cancer, metastasis-free survival was significantly longer with darolutamide than with placebo. (
  • Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC) or Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer (CRPC), a type of prostate cancer that typically recurs after administering androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), is gaining prominence in the prostate cancer market. (
  • In 2018, the global Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC)/HRPCA Therapeutics market size was 5860 million US$ and it is expected to reach 11500 million US$ by the end of 2025, with a CAGR of 8.8% during 2019-2025. (
  • This report focuses on the global Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC)/HRPCA Therapeutics status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players. (
  • The study objectives are to present the Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC)/HRPCA Therapeutics development in United States, Europe and China. (
  • In this study, the years considered to estimate the market size of Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC)/HRPCA Therapeutics are as follows: History Year: 2014-2018 Base Year: 2018 Estimated Year: 2019 Forecast Year 2019 to 2025 For the data information by region, company, type and application, 2018 is considered as the base year. (
  • What kind of patients with castration-naïve prostate cancer can benefit from upfront docetaxel and abiraterone: A systematic review and a network meta-analysis. (
  • We conducted a systematic network meta-analysis to review the relevant literature evaluating the therapeutic efficacy of upfront docetaxel (Doc) or abiraterone (Abi) plus androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) on oncological outcome in patients with castration-naïve prostate cancer (CNPC). (
  • This article compares the motivations for, and responses to, castration between two groups of males: prostate cancer patients and voluntary modern-day eunuchs with castration paraphilias or other emasculating obsessions. (
  • Prostate cancer patients are distressed by the side effects of androgen deprivation and typically strive to hide or deny the effects of castration. (
  • GlobalData's clinical trial report, 'Hormone Refractory (Castration Resistant, Androgen-Independent) Prostate Cancer Global Clinical Trials Review, H1, 2014' provides data on the Hormone Refractory (Castration Resistant, Androgen-Independent) Prostate clinical trial scenario. (
  • This report provides elemental information and data relating to the clinical trials on Hormone Refractory (Castration Resistant, Androgen-Independent) Prostate. (
  • The databook offers a preliminary coverage of disease clinical trials by their phase, trial status, prominence of the sponsors and also provides briefing pertaining to the number of trials for the key drugs for treating Hormone Refractory (Castration Resistant, Androgen-Independent) Prostate. (
  • Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) have discovered that blocking a specific protein, may be a promising strategy to prevent the spread of castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). (
  • 2019) BRD4 regulates metastatic potential of castration-resistant prostate cancer through AHNAK. (
  • This form of prostate cancer is known as Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC). (
  • According to Lily Wu, "Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to treat castration resistant prostate cancer once it has spread. (
  • The researchers were trying to use the regulating knob of the gene prostate specific enhancing sequence (PSES) that was capable to work on castration resistant prostate cancer. (
  • One treatment option for prostate cancer patients is castration, which reduces the production of the male sex hormone testosterone. (
  • Castration-resistant prostate cancer is common though, and in these patients, the cancer cells can adapt and become unresponsive to hormone deprivation therapy. (
  • For advanced prostate cancer--castration-resistant prostate cancer in particular--when the cancer recurs, the only therapy is Taxol, which will prolong life for only a couple of months,' said senior study author Dr. Dieter Wolf, director of the National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center proteomics facility at Sanford-Burnham. (
  • SMIP004 acts on the androgen receptor, making it particularly promising for castration-resistant prostate cancer, Wolf said. (
  • Cancer cells manage to survive in castration-resistant prostate cancer by increasing the production of androgen receptors. (
  • Prostate cancer, especially castration-resistant cancer, has been of interest to pharma companies in recent years. (
  • Resistance to androgen deprivation therapies and increased androgen receptor (AR) activity are major drivers of castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). (
  • Androgen receptor inhibitors have given men with nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer a new treatment option. (
  • Nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer is a variety of the disease that affects about 100,000 men in the United States. (
  • Men with nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer no longer respond to the hormone therapy used to curb the growth of the disease, and they are at risk of metastasis, which is when cancer spreads to other parts of the body. (
  • If imaging tests, such as bone scans and computed tomography (CT) scans, show that the cancer hasn't spread, it's referred to as "nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. (
  • Does Nonmetastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer Have Symptoms? (
  • How Will I Know if I Have Nonmetastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer? (
  • Until recently, nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer was either watched carefully until it progressed further or was continued on treatment with ADT. (
  • 8) In a clinical trial of 1,401 men with nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, researchers found that adding enzalutamide to ADT therapy delayed the time to metastatic disease or death by almost 22 months. (
  • Abiraterone plus prednisone in metastatic, castration-sensitive prostate cancer. (
  • What are the ASCO/CCO guidelines on the treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC)? (
  • Systemic therapy in men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer:American Society of Clinical Oncology and Cancer Care Ontario clinical practice guideline. (
  • Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: AUA Guideline. (
  • Available at . (
  • Now a new prediction model published today in Lancet Oncology offers a more accurate prognosis for a patient's metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. (
  • My group has a long-term expertise in developing multivariate machine learning models for various biomedical applications, but this Challenge provided the unique opportunity to work on clinical trial data, with the eventual aim to help patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer,' Aittokallio says. (
  • Loss of androgen receptor (AR) signaling dependence occurs in approximately 15%-20% of advanced treatment-resistant prostate cancers, and this may manifest clinically as transformation from a prostate adenocarcinoma histology to a castration-resistant neuroendocrine prostate cancer (CRPC-NE). (
  • Castration is protection against diseases such as breast and uterine tumors, pyometra, sepsis, prostate, and testicular cancer, and a castrated animal lives longer. (
  • Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: What's Next? (
  • Diagnosed With Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: What's Next? (
  • If you have metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, the hormone therapy you've been taking is no longer controlling the disease as it should. (
  • It's a somewhat long and confusing name, but the term metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) refers to a cancer that has spread (metastasized) beyond your prostate gland and for which hormone therapy is no longer effective in stopping or slowing the disease. (
  • The FDA has granted a priority review to a new drug application (NDA) for apalutamide (ARN-509) for the treatment of patients with nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC), according to Janssen Biotech, the manufacturer of the next-generation oral androgen receptor inhibitor. (
  • Accordingly, men with nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer need treatment options that can delay disease progression and improve long-term outcomes,' Craig Tendler, M.D., vice president, Late Development and Global Medical Affairs, Oncology, Janssen, said in a press release. (
  • A. There is an injection (Tardak) that can help some dogs to settle without castration and which can help prostate problems. (
  • Phenotypic diversity of circulating tumour cells in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. (
  • Antitumour activity of MDV3100 in castration-resistant prostate cancer: a phase 1-2 study. (
  • Because growth of castration-resistant prostate cancer is dependent on continued androgen-receptor signalling, we assessed the antitumour activity and safety of MDV3100 in men with this disease. (
  • Patients with progressive, metastatic, castration-resistant prostate cancer were enrolled in dose-escalation cohorts of three to six patients and given an oral daily starting dose of MDV3100 30 mg. (
  • We recorded encouraging antitumour activity with MDV3100 in patients with castration-resistant prostate cancer. (
  • Prostate cancer: MDV3100 has antitumor activity in castration-resistant disease. (
  • Castration has also been used in the United States for sex offenders . (
  • Chemical castration is often seen as an easier alternative to life imprisonment or the death penalty because it allows the release of sex offenders while reducing or eliminating the chance that they reoffend. (
  • Some criminologists argue that the appearance of a lower recidivism rate in male sex offenders who take chemical castration treatment than in those who do not can be explained by factors other than biological effects of the medication. (
  • These criminologists explain apparently lower recidivism as an artifact of men who accept chemical castration being more engaged in hiding the evidence for reoffending, and that paroling such offenders constitute a risk of releasing criminals who commit as many new crimes as others but are better at hiding it. (
  • Chemical castration is the practice of suppressing sexual desire, usually in men who are convicted sex offenders, by means of an injection. (
  • Since its initial success and spread, chemical castration has been adopted around the world as a way to rehabilitate or control sex offenders who suffer from pathological sexual disorders. (
  • Chemical castration is usually discussed in the context of criminal justice policies regarding sex offenders, particularly pedophiles, who may receive it as either a voluntary, rehabilitative measure or as a punishment, depending on where they are incarcerated. (
  • So the Board of Supervisors is considering castration to punish mentally disordered sex offenders. (
  • At least 15 repeat sex offenders in California alone have asked for surgical castration as a way of avoiding indefinite incarceration, according to the Los Angeles Times. (
  • California is also one of a handful of states that mandate castration - either chemical or surgical - for repeat offenders before being released. (
  • Texas was the first state to offer castration to repeat offenders on a voluntary basis. (
  • In some cases, surgical castration has convinced judges and state officials that repeat offenders no longer pose a threat. (
  • For many who oppose it, surgical castration is a barbaric way to manage the behavior of high-risk offenders. (
  • But surgical castration has been proven to reduce the sex drives of many offenders, according to several studies. (
  • So, if surgical castration won't work for all offenders and medication can be just as effective in reducing libidos of castration candidates, why resuscitate the archaic practice? (
  • Six states permit or require chemical castration for repeat sexual offenders. (
  • In Alabama, Republican Governor Kay Ivey signed into law a bill mandating child sex offenders undergo chemical castration as a condition of their parole. (
  • The representative's previous bills on the subject, which would have forced sex offenders to pay for their own surgical castration, failed to make it out of committee. (
  • Offenders may be sentenced to chemical castration in all cases involving serious sex offenses in Iowa, California and Florida. (
  • Indonesia is the latest Asian country to consider chemical castration, with India and Malaysia recently mulling similar measures against rapists and repeat sexual offenders. (
  • JAKARTA, Indonesia-Indonesia unveiled harsher penalties for sex offenders, allowing judges to opt for the death penalty and chemical castration in cases involving children. (
  • BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - There's a bill on Governor Kay Ivey's desk that would require convicted sex offenders on parole to undergo chemical castration. (
  • A Republican lawmaker is pushing to add Oklahoma to the list of states in which so-called chemical castration is an option for certain sex offenders, albeit an option that rarely gets used. (
  • The Oklahoma Legislature has over the years entertained various bills involving the castration of sex offenders. (
  • In 2002, a measure allowing chemical or surgical castration of sex offenders made it all the way to the desk of Republican Gov. Frank Keating, who promptly vetoed it and derided it as "silly. (
  • The bill, known as HB 379, would make those sex offenders have to undergo chemical castration before they leave prison. (
  • Since 1985, a number of states have implemented chemical castration, which includes hormonal manipulation as a possibility for repeat sex offenders. (
  • Some convicted sex offenders in Alabama will soon have to undergo chemical castration in order to get out of prison early on parole. (
  • It's unclear how many sex offenders have undergone chemical castration. (
  • On Tuesday 15 December, Pakistan's President Arif Alvi signed into law a new anti-rape ordinance that includes measures to speed up rape trials, create a national sex offender registry and allow the chemical castration of repeat offenders. (
  • Is castration for sex offenders the answer? (
  • The 'Chemical Castration' of Sex Offenders. (
  • Used in many societies throughout history, castration is disfavored in contemporary American legal-medical management of sex offenders. (
  • People can be said to be chemically castrated or undergo chemical castration . (
  • A bill in Alabama awaiting the governor's signature would require people convicted of certain sex offenses to undergo "chemical castration" as a condition of parole - a requirement meant to keep perpetrators from committing similar crimes. (
  • Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) has signed a bill that will require people convicted of certain sex offenses to undergo "chemical castration" as a condition of parole - a requirement meant to keep perpetrators from committing similar crimes. (
  • The bill says a person convicted of a sex offense involving a child under 13, who is eligible for parole, will be required to undergo chemical castration. (
  • MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The Alabama legislature passed the bill that would require anyone convicted of a sex crime with a child younger than 13 to undergo chemical castration as a condition of their parole. (
  • Surgical castration is bilateral orchiectomy (excision of both testes), and chemical castration uses pharmaceutical drugs to deactivate the testes. (
  • Surgical castration in animals is often called neutering . (
  • [2] Testosterone -depletion treatment (either surgical removal of both testicles or chemical castration ) is used to slow down the cancer, greatly reduce sex drive or interest in those with sexual drives, obsessions, or behaviors, or any combination of those that may be considered deviant. (
  • Unlike surgical castration , where the gonads are removed through an incision in the body, [1] chemical castration does not remove organs, nor is it a form of sterilization . (
  • Outside of historic practices, surgical castration- chemical castration 's precursor in controlling sex hormones, involving the physical removal of the testicles-was sometimes used in the early 20th-century eugenics movement to sterilize people who scientists thought had undesirable traits for society. (
  • MPA treatment is described as chemical castration because it mimics the effect of surgical castration by eliminating almost all testosterone from the offender's system. (
  • But of all the treatments available, surgical castration is the most severe and controversial. (
  • The ATSA is opposed to surgical castration procedures, it says, because less invasive medication therapy can achieve the same results, if not better. (
  • Surgical castration is bilateral orchiectomy (excision of both testicles), and chemical castration uses pharmaceutical drugs to deactivate the testes. (
  • In surgical castration, a surgeon makes an incision in the scrotum and pulls out the vas deferens duct until the testicle is completely exposed. (
  • For men undergoing medical castration, a doctor will prescribe pain killers for surgical procedures and occasionally anti-nausea medications for chemical castration. (
  • His bill in 2011 would have required surgical castration - removing parts of the testes - for people convicted of sex offenses involving children under 13 years old, according to The Anniston Star. (
  • The Brazilian branch of Europe's biggest retailer, Carrefour, has announced that all own-brand pork products will come from producers who commit to ending the surgical castration of male piglets by 2025. (
  • Will boar taint affect the sales of pork and what are the potential alternatives to surgical castration. (
  • The castration of adult rams must be treated as a major surgical procedure and be performed only by a veterinarian. (
  • Castration of adult animals is a major surgical procedure that involves significant disruption to soft tissues, vessels and nerves and all the inherent risks of surgery including pain, blood loss, shock and infection. (
  • A triple crush emasculator or other satisfactory method of haemostasis is obligatory where surgical castration is performed. (
  • While this policy is specifically aimed at mature rams of 12 months or more, AVA policy 4 is that castration of lambs over 3 months of age should be treated as a major surgical procedure and performed by a veterinarian using appropriate anaesthesia and analgesia. (
  • Approval was based on a multicenter, double-blind, clinical trial (SPARTAN, NCT01946204) randomizing 1,207 patients with NM-CRPC (2:1) to receive either apalutamide, 240 mg orally once daily in combination with ADT (medical castration or surgical castration) (n=806), or placebo once daily with ADT (n=401). (
  • But the Judge C. Victor Pyle offered an uncommon alternative: Either spend 30 years in prison (the maximum sentence at the time) or surgical castration. (
  • Meanwhile, a current bill in the Alabama state legislature would require surgical castration for any offender who is charged with crimes against a child under the age of 12. (
  • The offender would be forced to have surgical castration before they leave prison and they would also have to pay for the procedure. (
  • The judge agreed to give him parole if he underwent surgical castration. (
  • The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) holds that surgical castration of piglets to prevent boar-taint and aggression in post-pubertal boars is a painful procedure at any age and effective anesthesia and analgesia is required for all ages of pigs. (
  • Alternatives to surgical castration exist. (
  • Commonly, surgical castration of piglets is performed by producers. (
  • Although the strength of the evidence has been questioned (13) and there is stress associated with extra handling and the administration of the local anesthetic (2), the administration of both local anesthesia and analgesia is necessary to effectively reduce the pain response during and after surgical castration (14-16). (
  • Veterinarians should provide training to producers on the recognition of cryptorchidism and herniation, and appropriate handling, surgical procedures, and anesthetic and analgesia protocols to follow when undertaking castration. (
  • Alternatives to surgical castration exist in Canada, including immunocastration (12) and raising intact male pigs marketed prior to sexual maturation. (
  • Animal welfare implications of surgical castration and its alternatives in pigs. (
  • AAFC technicians at the Lethbridge Research Centre take an infrared image of cattle to measure body temperature, as one of the indicators showing the effect of band versus surgical castration. (
  • As well, they found that the onset of detrimental effects in calves occurred at different times (i.e., number of days post castration) for surgical and band castration. (
  • Eight states allow or mandate some form of chemical castration, and four states allow surgical castration for males. (
  • Comparison with Surgical Castration. (
  • Prior to the discovery, manufacture, and medical use of antiandrogen, the method of reducing the level of testosterone in men was surgical castration. (
  • Obviously, surgical castration is irreversible. (
  • It's possible that testosterone reduction therapy extends male lifespan, but Korean eunuchs were usually castrated before adolescence, so we don't know the effects of castration on lifespan in older men," says Min. (
  • The major events in Farinelli's life are well-known, but Belcastro and colleagues have added their anthropological expertise to explore to more mundane parts of his life and to contribute to osteological knowledge of the effects of castration on the skeleton. (
  • London, Aug 27 (IANS) Using drugs to simulate effects of castration is the British government's latest initiative to check paedophilia.The government has offered what is called chemical castration to convicted paedophiles after research showed that the use of drugs can reduce further risk of offending. (
  • The first use of chemical castration occurred in 1944, when diethylstilbestrol was used with the purpose of lowering men's testosterone. (
  • But benperidol does not affect testosterone and is therefore not a castration agent. (
  • Chemical castration does not remove the testicles, and if the chemical treatment is discontinued, testosterone and sperm production may resume. (
  • Chemical castration involves taking medication to reduce testosterone, hormones and other chemicals that drive libido. (
  • The "chemical castration" law says a judge must order anyone convicted of a sex offense involving a child under the age of 13 to start receiving testosterone-inhibiting medication a month before their release from prison. (
  • So-called chemical castration is a treatment that uses hormonal medication to suppress levels of testosterone. (
  • The term "chemical castration" refers to a treatment that uses hormones such as progesterone to suppress levels of testosterone. (
  • The use of the word 'castration' in this context means that, with ADT, testosterone levels are as low as what is seen if the testicles are removed. (
  • Chemical castration involves injecting anti-androgens in a person, which lowers the level of testosterone. (
  • Chemical castration involves injecting anti-androgens in a person, which lowers the level of testosterone - the male hormone - in the body, reducing sex drive and the capacity to get aroused. (
  • A. In all but extremely rare cases, castration removes the influence of testosterone in the body. (
  • Overall, there was markedly higher concordance between cfDNA and biopsy tissue genomic alterations in patients with CRPC-NE compared with castration-resistant adenocarcinoma, supporting greater intraindividual genomic consistency across metastases. (
  • Treatment with a small-molecule inhibitor of menin-MLL interaction blocks AR signaling and inhibits the growth of castration-resistant tumors in vivo in mice. (
  • In May 2016, The New York Times reported that a number of countries use chemical castration on rapists and pedophiles , often in return for reduced sentences. (
  • South Carolina Judge C. Victor Pyle gave three convicted rapists a choice between jail time and castration. (
  • There should be maximum punishment to the rapists, death penalty or emasculation (chemical castration of the rapist)," senior BJP leader Venkiah Naidu told reporters here. (
  • His suggestions come close on the heels of Congress proposing castration for rapists. (
  • Close on the heels of the government promulgating an ordinance that provides for death penalty for those convicted of raping girls below the age of 12, the Supreme Court Women Lawyers Association (SCWLA) has made a representation to the Prime Minister's Office, seeking chemical castration as additional punishment for child rapists. (
  • The term "castration" may also be sometimes used to refer to emasculation where both the testicles and the penis are removed together. (
  • Courtroom transcripts revealed that Tullier wasn't thrilled with the idea of castration, but decided it was better than jail. (
  • My first reaction and impulse to these acts is emotional rage and anger and instant acceptance of the idea of castration! (
  • The procedure of castration as punishment during the 16th century. (
  • He also said he performed a similar castration procedure on a man in a local motel several years earlier. (
  • This procedure, called castration or orchiectomy, removes androgen stimulation from the whole body. (
  • Castration is a painful procedure. (
  • Castration is a necessary and widely used husbandry procedure in Canadian beef production. (
  • Disbudding and castration cause both acute pain at the time of the procedure and chronic pain, as evidenced by behavioural change, for a variable time following the procedure. (
  • All castration techniques cause pain and most of the studies comparing techniques (surgery versus banding or rings) have been done in lambs less than 6 months of age 1 ,2 . (
  • Acute castration and/or tailing distress and its alleviation in lambs. (
  • Castration of lambs: A welfare comparison of different castration techniques in lambs over 10 weeks of age. (
  • Barber S, Gonsalves A, Conley M and Fisher A. Adult ram castration: production and welfare implications, IN: Proceedings of the Australian Sheep Veterinarians Annual Conference, Albany, 2013:180-185 Tail docking and castration of lambs and sheep. (
  • this is the first reported association of C. jejuni infection with exposure during castration of lambs ( 2 ). (
  • Melches S, Mellema SC, Doherr MG, Wechsler B, Steiner A. Castration of lambs: a welfare comparison of different castration techniques in lambs over 10 weeks of age. (
  • The term castration is sometimes also used to refer to the removal of the ovaries in the female, otherwise known as an oophorectomy, or the removal of internal testes, otherwise known as gonadectomy. (
  • Castration is the removal of male testes, resulting in sterility, decreased sexual desire and inhibition of secondary sex characteristics such as hair growth and deepening of the voice. (
  • Chemical castration" is a misnomer, since the process leaves the testes intact, can be reversed, and does not prevent a man from reproducing. (
  • Castration (male piglets) - is carried out mainly to reduce the risk of 'boar taint' in the meat. (
  • Castration of piglets is a method of avoiding unwanted post-pubertal behaviour and controlling boar taint, an unpleasant odour and flavour of cooked pork. (
  • JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia's health minister has proposed the introduction of chemical castration to punish pedophiles in the world's most populous Muslim nation, following a string of headline-grabbing child sex crimes. (
  • Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi proposed chemical castration to deter pedophiles. (
  • Russia's child rights ombudsman Pavel Astakhov has called for a fund-raising drive that would let Russians donate money for the chemical castration of convicted pedophiles, a news report said. (
  • A 2012 law that allows a voluntary chemical castration in exchange for a reduced prison sentence for convicted pedophiles is rarely implemented because of a lack of funds, Astakhov said, citing a government report, the RIA Novosti news agency reported Thursday. (
  • In the 1980s-90s, critics, including the American Civil Liberties Union, have variously argued that chemical castration violates Fourteenth Amendment rights to privacy and Eighth Amendment protections from cruel and unusual punishment. (
  • As a federal judge more dramatically, if less pertinently, wrote: "No one can doubt but that under our present civilization if castration were to be adopted as a mode of punishment for any crime, all minds would so revolt that all courts without hesitation would declare it to be (constitutionally prohibited) cruel and unusual punishment. (
  • Castration in humans is sometimes necessary for some cancer prevention or as a punishment or deterrent to sex crimes. (
  • In this same period, Dr. Kellogg and others in America and English-speaking countries offered to Victorian parents circumcision and, in grave instances, castration of their boys and girls as a terminal cure and punishment for a wide variety of perceived misbehaviours (such as masturbation), a practice that became widely used at the time. (
  • The Alabama American Civil Liberties Union said ordering chemical castration could violate the Constitution's Eighth Amendment, which forbids cruel and unusual punishment. (
  • Against the backdrop of the Delhi gang rape incident, BJP today suggested maximum punishment to the accused in rape cases-- either death penalty or chemical castration. (
  • Naidu said a similar suggestion for deterrent punishment of chemical castration had been made by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs chaired by him. (
  • Mahalakshmi Pavani, senior advocate and SCWLA president said, "Though, following the ordinance, courts can pronounce death penalty on those convicted of raping girls below the age of 12, an additional punishment of chemical castration will act as a deterrent. (
  • A total of 41 patients with metastatic castration-resistant PCa (mCRPC) and 20 healthy volunteers were analysed on the Epic CTC platform, via high-throughput imaging of DAPI expression and CD45/cytokeratin (CK) immunofluorescence (IF) on all circulating nucleated cells plated on glass slides. (
  • Castration is uncommon in the UK, although the majority of male piglets in Europe are still castrated, many without anaesthetic/pain relief. (
  • Castration of piglets is used to help avoid unwanted behaviour and prevent some quality issues in pork. (
  • Although there is no effect of age on the responses of piglets to the pain of castration (9), the revised code of practice for producers requires the administration of analgesia for castration of all ages, and anesthesia and analgesia for piglets older than 10 days of age (10). (
  • Vocal responses of piglets to castration: Identifying procedural sources of pain. (
  • Hay M, Vulin A, Génin S, Sales P, Prunier A. Assessment of pain induced by castration in piglets: Behavioral and physiological responses over the subsequent 5 days. (
  • Effects of a local anaesthetic and NSAID in castration of piglets, on the acute pain responses, growth and mortality. (
  • One hypothesis is that men who accept the negative effects of hormonal treatment in exchange for shorter prison sentence are distinct in that they value freedom from incarceration higher than men who rather stay in prison for a longer time than face the side effects of chemical castration. (
  • These may also be related to the abnormal hormonal changes caused by castration. (
  • Castration in small animal patients may be performed on a routine basis for population control and behavior modification or may be performed for disease control or treatment . (
  • Patients presenting for routine castration for population control or behavioral modification will not demonstrate any clinical signs. (
  • Anyone who stops receiving the castration treatment without approval will be considered guilty of a Class C felony, punishable under Alabama law by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $15,000. (
  • Criminal: Castration Or Prison? (
  • An Indiana man with a history of sexually abusing dogs, guinea fowl and chickens is requesting chemical castration instead of prison time! (
  • Our partner organisation ARPA carried out another castration campaign on 23 and 24 November 2019 in the Portuguese city of Grandola on the Troy peninsula: 90 cats could be castrated, vaccinated, dewormed and released back into their colonies. (
  • The counterpart of castration anxiety for females is penis envy. (
  • Psychoanalytically, castration complex means penis envy of the female (Freud). (
  • Involuntary sterilization (let alone castration) of convicts is prohibited under the California Constitution. (
  • A good, safe, and long-term cheap way to control the reproduction of dogs and cats is permanent sterilization or castration. (
  • As for reindeer castration, well, one man pins the creature to the ground and another, easing the hind legs apart, takes one testicle at a time firmly in the mouth and bites. (
  • In Freudian psychoanalysis, castration anxiety (Kastrationsangst) refers to an unconscious fear of penile loss originating during the phallic stage of psychosexual development and lasting a lifetime. (
  • According to Freudian psychoanalysis, castration anxiety can be completely overwhelming to the individual, often breaching other aspects of his or her life. (
  • Where tail docking and castration are unavoidable for welfare reasons, we believe pain relief should be provided if a practical method is available. (
  • Equine welfare advocates' interest in castration to curb the unwanted horse population surfaced last year when some rescues and other institutions established clinics for area horse owners. (
  • Therefore, reducing pain during and after castration may improve performance, welfare, food safety and world market access. (
  • BIRMINGHAM, Ala., (WIAT) - Attorney Victor Revill with Revill Law Firm says Alabama's chemical castration bill that recently passed by lawmakers is inhumane. (
  • Alabama's chemical castration law takes effect September 1st. (
  • Involuntary castration appears in the history of warfare, sometimes used by one side to torture or demoralize their enemies. (
  • A ban on routine castration in Europe by the end of 2018? (
  • In the literal sense, castration anxiety refers to the fear of having one's genitalia disfigured or removed to punish sexual desires of a child. (
  • Forced chemical castrations would violate Pakistan's international and constitutional obligations to prohibit torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. (
  • The Alabama Civil Liberties Union said mandating chemical castration could violate the U.S. Constitution. (
  • But while castration-for-entertainment's-sake seems barbaric today, it was quite commonplace at the time, and its victims were celebrated. (
  • The research group headed by Dr. Karen Schwartzkopf-Genswein of the Lethbridge Research Centre is continuing to search for easy-to-use and effective pain mitigation strategies (acute and chronic) for knife and band castration of beef cattle. (
  • Usually the behavior does not escalate to suicide and major self-mutilation (including such things as castration , amputation of limbs, enucleation of eyes). (
  • A. Castration is a mutilation and should be carried out only after much thought. (
  • Chemical castration , appearing as a term and practice in 1944, emerges as a departure from these infamous efforts. (
  • While many supporters maintain that chemical castration is ultimately more humane than imprisonment, the practice remains controversial. (
  • The practice survived the Christianization of the Roman Empire: one of the early church fathers, Origen, is famous for committing self-castration. (
  • d) treated for infection prevention at least around the time of castration. (
  • Chemical castration involves a man being injected with drugs that effectively blunt his sex drive for a period of time, and does not involve any surgery. (
  • This is not the first time Hurst has proposed some version of a castration law. (
  • Discussing the pros and cons of whether and the appropriate time to perform castration should be discussed with your veterinarian. (
  • A recent study has shown that caudal epidural anaesthesia plus an intravenous painkiller at the time of castration reduced fecal E. coli shedding, whereas a subcutaneous painkiller plus intratesticular anaesthesia improved feed intake and body weight. (
  • The ban on routine castration in Europe - is it progressing? (
  • Limited evidence in determining the appropriate age to perform routine castration exists. (
  • [2] Chemical castration is generally considered reversible when treatment is discontinued, although permanent effects in body chemistry can sometimes be seen, as in the case of bone density loss increasing with length of use of DMPA . (
  • A person required to undergo the chemical castration must begin the treatment no less than one month prior to their release from custody, and must continue treatment until the court determine it's no longer necessary. (
  • Using something like chemical castration can be useful as what we call an adjunct treatment," Jung says. (
  • When PSA levels increase after treatment with ADT, it's called "castration-resistant disease. (
  • In ancient times, castration often involved the total removal of all the male genitalia . (
  • Although typically associated with males, castration anxiety is theorized to be experienced in differing ways for both the male and female sexes. (
  • And while castration has been linked to longer lifespans in male lab animals, evidence from castrated people is limited. (
  • Speaking to ISN, Tummel's Reinhard Daldrup explains how the impending ban on castration without anaesthesia has opened up a world of opportunities for working with Improvac-vaccinated, uncastrated male pigs. (
  • Previous studies have shown that castration -- which removes the source of male sex hormones -- increases lifespan in animals. (
  • The behaviour of the adult entire male horse is often undesirable and the vastly eased management of the more biddable gelding means that clients often request castration of their horses. (
  • Anyway with that said, yes castration is SUPPOSED to provide the same results & yes it is DEFINATELY a MALE thing, but I'd say put that out of your mind & don't tell anyone. (
  • Castration of male and female dogs and cats is important for the animals themselves, the animals that surround them, for their caregivers, and for the whole community, as the best way to prevent unwanted kittens and puppies. (
  • Veterinarians recommend castration of male and female animals before the first drive. (
  • Analysis of records of court eunuchs in Korea suggest that castration prolongs life. (
  • He told CBS 42 that some people have told him that mandated chemical castration is inhumane. (
  • Castration and disbudding of calves is routinely practised throughout the cattle industry to reduce the risk of injury to both animals and their keepers, and facilitate husbandry. (
  • In a draft bill for a tougher law to check crimes against women which could also include chemical castration in rare cases, the Congress has proposed imprisonment up to 30 years for rape convicts. (
  • Symbolic castration anxiety refers to the fear of being degraded, dominated or made insignificant, usually an irrational fear where the person will go to extreme lengths to save their pride and/or perceives trivial things as being degrading making their anxiety restrictive and sometimes damaging. (
  • The term "castration resistant" refers to a cancer that is no longer responding to this type of therapy. (
  • Counter arguments, though, state that not all sexual desire diminishes with castration, nor does it necessarily deter other criminal choices. (
  • For example, surgically castrated calves experienced negative effects between two to seven days after castration, while banded calves experienced similar effects between four to five weeks after castration. (
  • Calves should be routinely provided with appropriate analgesia to manage pain associated with disbudding and castration. (
  • In the years following, a little more than half a dozen other states, including Florida and Texas, legalized chemical castration in some capacity, as did a handful of countries, such as Argentina, Denmark, Russia, and South Korea. (
  • Chemical castration is allowed in a handful of other states, including California and Florida, as well as some foreign countries. (
  • ABVP, head of the College of Veterinary Medicine's equine ambulatory section, learned the Unwanted Horse Coalition (UHC) would lend financial support to establish a castration clinic at the university, she recognized the program as a way to deliver a valuable veterinary service to cash-strapped horse owners at no cost and to help reduce the number of horses whose owners are unable or unwilling to care for them. (
  • However, according to the American Veterinary Association, castration is one of the most painful experiences in a calf's life, producing both acute and chronic pain and stress. (
  • Of course, when seeking veterinary advice, one trusts that the vet concerned will not be affected by the potential for financial gain in performing the castration surgery. (