Common name for a number of different species of fish in the family Cyprinidae. This includes, among others, the common carp, crucian carp, grass carp, and silver carp.
A family of freshwater fish comprising the minnows or CARPS.
Diseases of freshwater, marine, hatchery or aquarium fish. This term includes diseases of both teleosts (true fish) and elasmobranchs (sharks, rays and skates).
An order of flagellate protozoa. Characteristics include the presence of one or two flagella arising from a depression in the cell body and a single mitochondrion that extends the length of the body.
Proteins obtained from species of fish (FISHES).

Subunit dissociation in fish hemoglobins. (1/702)

The tetramer-dimer dissociation equilibria (K 4,2) of several fish hemoglobins have been examined by sedimentation velocity measurements with a scanner-computer system for the ultracentrifuge and by flash photolysis measurements using rapid kinetic methods. Samples studied in detail included hemoglobins from a marine teleost, Brevoortia tyrannus (common name, menhaden); a fresh water teleost, Cyprinus carpio, (common name, carp); and an elasmobranch Prionace glauca (common name, blue shark). For all three species in the CO form at pH 7, in 0.1 M phosphate buffer, sedimentation coefficients of 4.3 S (typical of tetrameric hemoglobin) are observed in the micromolar concentration range. In contrast, mammalian hemoglobins dissociate appreciably to dimers under these conditions. The inability to detect dissociation in three fish hemoglobins at the lowest concentrations examined indicates that K 4,2 must have a value of 10(-8) M or less. In flash photolysis experiments on very dilute solutions in long path length cells, two kinetic components were detected with their proportions varying as expected for an equilibrium between tetramers (the slower component) and dimers (the faster component); values of K 4,2 for the three fish hemoglobins in the range 10(-9) to 10(-8) M were calculated from these data. Thus, the values of K 4,2 for liganded forms of the fish hemoglobins appear to be midway between the value for liganded human hemoglobin (K 4,2 approximately 10(-6) M) and unliganded human hemoglobin (K 4,2 approximately 10(-12) M). This conclusion is supported by measurements on solutions containing guanidine hydrochloride to enhance the degree of dissociation. All three fish hemoglobins are appreciably dissociated at guanidine concentrations of about 0.8 M, which is roughly midway between the guanidine concentrations needed to cause comparable dissociation of liganded human hemoglobin (about 0.4 M) and unliganded human hemoglobin (about 1.6 M). Kinetic measurements on solutions containing guanidine hydrochloride indicated that there are changes in both the absolute rates and the proportions of the fast and slow components, which along with other factors complicated the analysis of the data in terms of dissociation constants. Measurements were also made in solutions containing urea to promote dissociation, but with this agent very high concentrations (about 6 M) were required to give measureable dissociation and the fish hemoglobins were unstable under these conditions, with appreciable loss of absorbance spectra in both the sedimentation and kinetic experiments.  (+info)

Fish swimbladder: an excellent mesodermal inductor in primary embryonic induction. (2/702)

Swimbladder of the crucian carp, Carassius auratus, was found to be better as a vegatalizing tissue than other tissues, such as guinea-pig bone marrow, when presumptive ectoderm of Triturus gastrulae was used as reacting tissue. Swimbladder usually induced assemblies of highly organized mesodermal tissues, such as notochord, somites and pronephric tubules, some of which were covered by mesodermal epithelium without any epidermal covering. A special character of the effect of swimbladder was the rather frequent induction of solid balls of undifferentiated cells, which were identified as mesodermal or mesodermal and probably endodermal. These findings show that swimbladder has a strong and fast spreading vegetalizing effect on the responding presumptive ectoderm.  (+info)

Sequence differences between alpha1C and alpha1S Ca2+ channel subunits reveal structural determinants of a guarded and modulated benzothiazepine receptor. (3/702)

The molecular basis of the Ca2+ channel block by (+)-cis-diltiazem was studied in class A/L-type chimeras and mutant alpha1C-a Ca2+ channels. Chimeras consisted of either rabbit heart (alpha1C-a) or carp skeletal muscle (alpha1S) sequence in transmembrane segments IIIS6, IVS6, and adjacent S5-S6 linkers. Only chimeras containing sequences from alpha1C-a were efficiently blocked by (+)-cis-diltiazem, whereas the phenylalkylamine (-)-gallopamil efficiently blocked both constructs. Carp skeletal muscle and rabbit heart Ca2+ channel alpha1 subunits differ with respect to two nonconserved amino acids in segments IVS6. Transfer of a single leucine (Leu1383, located at the extracellular mouth of the pore) from IVS6 alpha1C-a to IVS6 of alpha1S significantly increased the (+)-cis-diltiazem sensitivity of the corresponding mutant L1383I. An analysis of the role of the two heterologous amino acids in a L-type alpha1 subunit revealed that corresponding amino acids in position 1487 (outer channel mouth) determine recovery of resting Ca2+ channels from block by (+)-cis-diltiazem. The second heterologous amino acid in position 1504 of segment IVS6 (inner channel mouth) was identified as crucial inactivation determinant of L-type Ca2+ channels. This residue simultaneously modulates drug binding during membrane depolarization. Our study provides the first evidence for a guarded and modulated benzothiazepine receptor on L-type channels.  (+info)

Injury-induced gelatinase and thrombin-like activities in regenerating and nonregenerating nervous systems. (4/702)

It is now widely accepted that injured nerves, like any other injured tissue, need assistance from their extracellular milieu in order to heal. We compared the postinjury activities of thrombin and gelatinases, two types of proteolytic activities known to be critically involved in tissue healing, in nonregenerative (rat optic nerve) and regenerative (fish optic nerve and rat sciatic nerve) neural tissue. Unlike gelatinases, whose induction pattern was comparable in all three nerves, thrombin-like activity differed clearly between regenerating and nonregenerating nervous systems. Postinjury levels of this latter activity seem to dictate whether it will display beneficial or detrimental effects on the capacity of the tissue for repair. The results of this study further highlight the fact that tissue repair and nerve regeneration are closely linked and that substances that are not unique to the nervous system, but participate in wound healing in general, are also crucial for regeneration or its failure in the nervous system.  (+info)

Whirling disease: host specificity and interaction between the actinosporean stage of Myxobolus cerebralis and rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss. (5/702)

Scanning electron microscopic studies were conducted on rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss in the first 60 min after their exposure to the triactinomyxon spores of Myxobolus cerebralis. The results demonstrated that as early as 1 min post exposure the whole process, from the attachment of the triactinomyxon spores to the complete penetration of their sporoplasm germs, had occurred. The triactinomyxon spores sought out the secretory openings of mucous cells of the epidermis, the respiratory epithelium and the buccal cavity of trout and used them as portals of entry. Exposure experiments of the triactinomyxon spores of M. cerebralis to non-salmonid fish, such as goldfish Carassius auratus, carp Cyprinus carpio, nose Chondrostoma nasus, medaka Oryzias latipes, guppy Poecilia reticulata and also the amphibian tadpole Rana pipiens as well as to rainbow trout fry indicated a specificity for salmonids. Attempts to activate the triactinomyxon spores by exposure to mucus prepared from cyprinid and salmonid fish showed no significant differences from those conducted in tap water. The results suggest that the simultaneous presence of both mechano- and chemotactic stimuli was required for finding the salmonid fish host.  (+info)

Characterization of a cDNA encoding a precursor of Carassius RFamide, structurally related to a mammalian prolactin-releasing peptide. (6/702)

We have characterized the cDNA encoding Carassius RFamide (C-RFa), which is structurally related to mammalian prolactin-releasing peptides (PrRPs), from the brain of the crucian carp. The deduced C-RFa precursor has been shown to comprise 117 amino acids, encoding a single C-RFa sequence. A comparative study of amino acid sequences has revealed that several sequences conserved in preproPrRPs are also found in the C-RFa precursor. Furthermore, the abundant presence of the C-RFa mRNA in the telencephalon, optic tectum, medulla oblongata, and proximal half eye ball was demonstrated by Southern blot analysis of RT-PCR products.  (+info)

Identification and expression analysis of two developmentally regulated myosin heavy chain gene transcripts in carp (Cyprinus carpio). (7/702)

Whilst developmentally regulated genes for the myosin heavy chain (MyoHC) have been characterised in mammalian, avian and amphibian species, no developmental MyoHC gene has previously been characterised in a species of fish. In this study, we identify two developmentally regulated MyoHC gene transcripts (named Eggs22 and Eggs24) in carp (Cyprinus carpio) and characterise their expression patterns during embryonic and larval development. The transcripts showed an identical temporal pattern of expression commencing 22 h post-fertilisation (18 degrees C incubation temperature), coincident with the switch from exclusive expression of genes for beta-actin to expression of genes for both beta- and alpha-actin, and continuing for 2 weeks post-hatching. No expression of these myosin transcripts was detected in juvenile or adult carp. Wholemount in situ hybridisation showed that both transcripts are expressed initially in the rostral region of the developing trunk and progress caudally. Both are expressed in the developing pectoral fin and protractor hyoideus muscles. However, the muscles of the lower jaw express only the Eggs22 transcript. No expression of either transcript was detected in cardiac or smooth muscle. A distinct chevron pattern of expression was observed in the myotomal muscle. This was shown to be caused by localisation of the mRNAs to the myoseptal regions of the fibres, the sites of new sarcomere addition during muscle growth, suggesting transport of MyoHC mRNA transcripts. The 3' untranslated region of the Eggs24 transcript contains a 10 base pair motif (AAAATGTGAA) which is shown to be also present in the 3' untranslated regions of MyoHC genes from a wide range of species. Possible reasons for the need for developmental isoforms of myosin heavy chain isoforms are discussed.  (+info)

A new member of the Ig superfamily and a V-ATPase G subunit are among the predicted products of novel genes close to the TNF locus in the human MHC. (8/702)

It is becoming increasingly apparent that many of the genes in the class III region of the human MHC encode proteins involved in the immune and inflammatory responses. Furthermore, genetic studies have indicated that genes within the class III region, particularly the telomeric segment containing the TNF gene, could contribute to susceptibility to diseases of immune-related etiology. We have sequenced an 82-kb segment of DNA around the TNF gene to identify candidate disease susceptibility genes in this region. The 10 known genes in this region have been precisely positioned with the order allograft inflammatory factor 1, G1, 1C7, leukocyte-specific transcript 1 (B144), lymphotoxin B, TNF, lymphotoxin A, NB6, IKBL, BAT1 (centromere to telomere), and their genomic structures have been defined. Comparison of the G1 genomic region with previously described cDNA and genomic sequences, together with the results of reverse transcriptase-PCR, indicates that three alternative transcripts, G1, allograft inflammatory factor 1, and IFN-gamma-responsive transcript, are all derived from this gene. The completion of the sequence of 1C7 (D6S2570) has revealed that this gene encodes a putative novel member of the Ig superfamily. A number of alternatively spliced transcripts of 1C7 were identified by reverse transcriptase-PCR, all of which are expressed in immune-related cell lines. Alternative splicing within the Ig domain-encoding region was seen to result in possible set switching between an IgV domain and an IgC2 domain. Lastly, a previously unidentified gene, homologous to a number of V-ATPase G subunits, has been located 1 kb telomeric of IKBL.  (+info)

Fish diseases refer to any illness or infection that affects the health and well-being of fish. These diseases can be caused by a variety of factors, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and environmental stressors such as changes in water temperature, pH, or salinity. Fish diseases can affect both wild and farmed fish, and can have significant economic and ecological impacts. In the case of farmed fish, diseases can lead to reduced growth rates, lower yields, and increased mortality, which can result in significant financial losses for farmers. In the medical field, fish diseases are studied and treated by veterinarians and aquaculture specialists who have expertise in the biology and health of fish. Treatment options for fish diseases may include antibiotics, antifungal agents, and other medications, as well as changes to water quality and environmental conditions to help prevent the spread of disease.

Fish proteins are the proteins that are derived from fish. They are a rich source of essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, and are often used in medical nutrition to provide nutritional support for people with various medical conditions, such as malnutrition, cancer, and kidney disease. Fish proteins are also used in the production of various medical products, such as wound dressings, tissue engineering scaffolds, and drug delivery systems. They have been shown to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antitumor properties, and are being studied for their potential use in the treatment of various diseases. In the medical field, fish proteins are often used as a dietary supplement or as an ingredient in medical foods and supplements. They are typically consumed in the form of fish oil, fish meal, or fish protein powder.

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"Carp Fishing - Carpfishing UK". "Carp Fishing in Syracuse and Baldwinsville areas, NY, USA. Wild Carp ... Advanced carp fishing, Carpworld and Total Carp, and informative carp angling web sites, such as Carpfishing UK and Carp Squad ... grass carp), Hypophthalmichthys molitrix (silver carp), and Hypophthalmichthys nobilis (bighead carp). Carp have long been an ... Several carp species (collectively known as Asian carp) were domesticated in East Asia. Carp that are originally from South ...
The Indian carps are considered as a delicacy compared to other exotic carp species also cultured in Asia, and sell for higher ... The mrigal carp (Cirrhinus cirrhosus), (Bengali: মৃগেল, romanized: mrigél) also known as the white carp, is a species of ray- ... It is widely farmed as a component of a polyculture system of three Indian major carps, along with roho labeo and the catla. ... In Pakistan, this fish is known by the name of "Morakhi" or "Moree". The Mrigal carp was brought to Guangdong province in ...
... (Hypselobarbus dobsoni) is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Hypselobarbus. They are found in parts of ...
... may refer to: WGNW, a radio station (99.9 FM) licensed to Cornell, Wisconsin, United States The Carp (opera), a one- ... Carp (disambiguation) This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title The Carp. If an internal link led you ... act comic opera with a libretto by Frank Desprez and music by Alfred Cellier The Carp (Band), a post-grunge folk influenced ...
The Rwandese carp (Labeobarbus platystomus), is a species of ray-finned fish in the family Cyprinidae. It is found only in ... Pollution from that agriculture and introduced species also threatened the Rwandese carp. FishBase team RMCA; Geelhand, D. ( ...
... at World Sailing Joop Carp at Joop Carp at Olympedia (Articles with short description, Short description ... With crew Bernard Carp and Petrus Wernink, helming Dutch boat Oranje, Carp took the Gold in the 6.5 Metre. In the 1924 Olympics ... Joop Carp studied law at the Leiden University. He graduated in 1921. Shortly after that he became vice-president of Fokker ... Carp married, and divorced, Johanna Sybille Hall who was also an Olympic athlete in Dressage during the Olympic Games of 1960, ...
The pigmouth carp (Labeo kontius) is a cyprinid, benthopelagic, tropical fish found in India. Manimekalan, A. (2011). "Labeo ...
Retrieved February 7, 2022 - via CARP. "Stop the Music! CARP Speaks". National Post. Toronto. "CARP defends itself against ... CARP continues to receive requests for help in setting up new chapters and is working aggressively to extend the CARP footprint ... CARP also participated in the debates around pensions and seniors' driving. CARP is modeled after one of the largest lobby ... CARP was founded in Toronto by Lillian and Murray Morgenthau in 1985. CARP. claims over 350,000 members across Canada. Moses ...
The Nile carp (Labeo niloticus) is a fish species in the genus Labeo. It feeds primary on plankton, and is distributed along ...
A biography of Carp based on her correspondence and other sources, The Best Known American in Turkey by Rifat N. Bali, was ... Carp worked at the American embassies in Istanbul and Ankara for most of her life. She was hired by ambassador Henry Morgenthau ... Carp stood under 5 feet in height, and her physique and demeanor were described as "matronly"; she used her nonthreatening ... Bertha "Betty" Carp (June 15, 1895 - June 12, 1974) was an American embassy official and intelligence agent, called "The Best ...
... or Indian major carp is a common name for several species of fish: Catla catla or catla. It is an economically ... a ray-finned fish of the carp family native to rivers in India Labeo rohita, the rohu (rui), a fish of the carp family found in ... rivers in South Asia Asian carp This page is an index of articles on animal species (or higher taxonomic groups) with the same ... important South Asian freshwater fish of the carp family Cirrhinus cirrhosus or mrigal, ...
Carp went into reserve in August 1946, retired in August 1947, and was arrested in 1950. In 1951, he was condemned to 12 years ... Corneliu Carp (1895-1982) was a Romanian brigadier-general during World War II. He advanced in rank to lieutenant colonel in ... From July 1943 to November 1944, Carp served as General Officer Commanding the 5th Cavalry Division. In March 1944 he was ...
... at Soccerway. Retrieved 25 May 2016. Cătălin Carp at Soccerway. Retrieved 25 May 2016. Cătălin Carp at National- ... Carp made his way through the youth system of the Ukrainian football club FC Shakhtar Donetsk. In January 2012 Carp signed a ... Carp left Ufa following their relegation to the third-tier Russian Second League in June 2023. In June 2023, Carp returned to ... "BINE AI VENIT, CĂTĂLIN CARP!" [WELCOME, CĂTĂLIN CARP!]. (in Romanian). 18 June 2023. Retrieved 19 June 2023. " ...
Ottawa/Carp Airport or Carp Airport (ICAO: CYRP) is located 1.2 nautical miles (2.2 km; 1.4 mi) south of Carp, Ontario, Canada ... Media related to Carp Airport at Wikimedia Commons West Capital Developments website Carp Airport website RCAF.Info-Site ... Carp is the only airport in the Ottawa area where private hangar space is readily available, so it is a popular home base for ... Besides the RCAF, Carp was home to First Air (formerly Bradley Air Services), which at one time had its turboprop maintenance ...
KML file (edit • help) Template:Attached KML/Carp Road KML is from Wikidata Google Maps: Carp Road (Articles using KML from ... and now Cold War museum Carp Hills - upland extension of the Canadian Shield running along Carp Road From north to south: ... Carp Road (Ottawa Road #5) is an arterial road in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada that runs between Fitzroy Harbour and Stittsville, ... Ottawa Regional Road #5 continues as Stittsville Main Street south of Carp Road, then becomes Huntley Road south of Stittsville ...
Of the species of Asian carp, the common carp (Cyprinus carpio), grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella), and black carp ( ... Common carp (Cyprinus carpio) Amur carp (Cyprinus rubrofuscus) Silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) Largescale silver carp ... No silver carp or black carp have yet been found in any of the Great Lakes. Common carp are abundant throughout the Great Lakes ... Common carp, amur carp and crucian carp are also common food fishes in China and elsewhere. Goldfish, though, are cultivated ...
Carp was designated for assignment by the Red Sox on August 1. Carp was claimed on waivers by the Texas Rangers on August 3, ... Carp deal creates bench competition in camp "With three extra-base hits, Carp makes most of start , News". ... Carp pitched one inning, allowing five bases on balls and one earned run. Shortly after the All-Star break, Carp requested that ... 1]." "Carp steals scene as Sox slam Rays". September 21, 2013. "Red Sox first baseman/Outfielder Mike Carp became a ...
The carp prettyfin (Fraudella carassiops) is a species of ray-finned fish from the family Plesiopidae, the longfins or ...
... (Melaniparus carpi) or Carp's black tit, is a species of bird in the family Paridae. Some authors consider it a ... Carp's tit = ) Carp's black tit - Species text in The Atlas of Southern African Birds. v t e (Articles with short description, ... Its name commemorates olympic sailor and ornithologist Berend Carp (1901-1966). Carp's tit was formerly one of the many species ...
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The Eurasian carp or European carp (Cyprinus carpio), widely known as the common carp, is a widespread freshwater fish of ... Common carp can also interbreed with the goldfish (Carassius auratus); the result is called Kollar carp. The common carp is ... the leather carp (virtually unscaled except near dorsal fin), and the fully scaled carp. Koi carp (錦鯉 (nishikigoi) in Japanese ... Carp are also popular with spear, bow, and fly fishermen. In the United States, carp is mostly ignored as a food fish. Almost ...
The present name "Carp" is after a railroad agent. In 1941 the population was 66. The Carp post office remained open to serve ... U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Carp "Carp". Retrieved 2009-12-07. U.S. Geological ... Carp, Nevada is an extinct town in Lincoln County, Nevada, United States located 35 miles (56 km) south of Caliente. It sits on ... Carp was originally a small railroad station for the Union Pacific Railroad. The post office started under the name of " ...
... - UEFA competition record (archive) Cristina Carp at Cristina Carp at Soccerway v t e (Articles ... Cristina Carp (born 28 July 1997) is a Romanian footballer who plays as a forward for Como in the Serie A and has appeared for ... Carp has been capped for the Romania national team, appearing for the team during the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup qualifying ...
... is a common name that may refer to several different species of fishes: The Tana Labeo, Labeo mesops The Cornish ... parvus Labeo senegalensis Mormyrops oudoti Carp This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title African carp ...
The predatory carp (Chanodichthys erythropterus), also known as the redfin culter or skygazer, is a species of ray-finned fish ...
Bernard Carp at World Sailing Bernard Carp at (Articles with short description, Short description is different ... With helmsman and brother Joop Carp and fellow crew member Petrus Wernink, sailing the Dutch boat Oranje, Carp took the Gold in ... In 1922 Carp started at the de n.v. Erven Lucas Bols in Amsterdam. He advanced his career up to director in 1936. In 1946 he ... Bernard "Berend" Carp (17 April 1901, Sragi, Lampung, Dutch East Indies - 22 July 1966, Hout Bay, South Africa) was an Olympic ...
The Kollar carp (Cyprinus carpio x Carassius auratus) is a hybrid fish obtained by crossing common carp (Cyprinus carpio) and ... Although this carp is most often found in fish farms, they have also been recorded from the wild. Georges Cuvier and Achille ...
The Reba carp (Malayalam: കാവേരിക്കണ്ണി) (Cirrhinus reba) is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Cirrhinus. This ...
"Larry Carp Obituary: View Larry Carp's Obituary by St. Louis Post-Dispatch". Retrieved 2012-08-29. "Carp & Sexauer ... Carp later went on to head the Missouri chapter of Common Cause. Carp gained a Bachelor of Arts from Washington University in ... Missouri firm of Carp & Sexauer (formerly Carp & Morris). A long-time advocate for reform in Missouri Democratic politics, he ... Carp was on the Board of Trustees of the Academy of Science of St. Louis and the Board of directors of the St. Louis Center for ...
Carpas; Carps; Farelo de soja; Policultura; Polyculture; Protein; Proteína; Soy bean meal ... Consequently, a research study was conducted on some commercial species of Indian major carps i.e. Catla (Cattla cattla), Rohu ... An estimation of optimum dietary concentration of soy bean meal for carps (Catla catla, Labeo rohita and Cirhinus mrigala) / ... An estimation of optimum dietary concentration of soy bean meal for carps (Catla catla, La ...
Wrist is carp or carpo. *Rib is cost or costo. *Back is dorsa ...
SUPER CARP. Survey Section, Statistical Laboratory, Iowa State University. Sixth edition. October, 1980. (7) Fuller WA. PC ... CARP. Statistical Laboratory and Department of Statistics, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. September, 1989. (8) Contingency ...
Carol Carp, MS, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Baltimore, Maryland; Alvaro Carrascal, MD, New York State ...
I used carb on, wear n-95 mask, googles , and a carp, but this items didnt help. Our facility is still using this product ...
This historic 1934 photograph revealed an accumulation of dead carp that had washed up on the shore of Lake Byllesby, Minnesota ...
Additionally, anti-carbamylated protein (anti-CarP) antibodies (3 Pathophysiology references Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic ...
Carp H. Cytokines in recurrent miscarriage. Lupus. 2004. 13(9):630-4. [QxMD MEDLINE Link]. ...
Sigurdsson EM, Brown DR, Daniels M, Kascsak RJ, Kascsak R, Carp R, et al. Immunization delays the onset of prion disease in ...
Jeong Byung-Hoon, Kim Hae-Jung, Lee Kyung-Hee, Carp Richard I, Kim Yong-S ...
  • Common carp grow to a maximum length of 47 in. (
  • The common carp can be easily identified by several features. (
  • Although the grass carp resembles the common carp because of its large size and scales, it can easily be differentiated from the common carp. (
  • Grass carp do not have a suckerlike mouth as do common carp. (
  • The dorsal fin of grass carp is smaller than that of common carp. (
  • Furthermore, grass carp are usually silvery-white, rather than the brownish-yellow of the common carp. (
  • Has lots of common carp. (
  • While the size of the common carp that was recovered was cause for some celebration, "as biologists, we get more excited about diversity" of the fish collected, Wasik said. (
  • Overall, this event was started to have Canada represented in the World Carp Classic (WCC) tournament, plus to encourage visibility so to possibly bring fishing policy changes/regulations so as to allow fishing with 2 rods in Ontario. (
  • The introduced mollusciphagic black carp Mylopharyngodon piceus poses a significant threat to native mollusks in temperate waters throughout the northern hemisphere, but consumption rates necessary to estimate the magnitude of impact on mollusks have not been established. (
  • large black carp 0.16-0.65). (
  • Neither daily consumption rates (5.90-6.28) nor specific growth rates (0.05-0.24) differed among temperatures for small black carp fed live snails. (
  • A Chinese firm says it's seizing on the explosion in the population of invasive Asian carp, which environmentalists say threatens the Great Lakes, and will open a fishery dedicated to its export. (
  • A Chinese company is planning to open the first fishery in the US dedicated solely to the processing of Asian carp - an invasive species that environmentalists say is threatening the Great Lakes - and its export to markets in Southeast Asia. (
  • Asian carp are a serious problem, and Kentucky is getting creative in dealing with the invasive species. (
  • Asian carp are an invasive fish that were introduced to the United States by catfish farmers in the '70s. (
  • Invasive Asian carp are voracious filter feeders, capable of eating between 20% and 40% of their body weight in one day. (
  • A study released this month demonstrates a solid link between invasive Asian carp and sharp declines in economically important sport fish on the Upper Mississippi River. (
  • Routine testing also uncovered an abundance of invasive Asian carp eDNA hits in Bubbly Creek, a section of the Chicago River close to Lake Michigan. (
  • These findings are yet more reminders that the threat of invasive Asian carp is real and imminent, and must be addressed. (
  • Fortifying Brandon Road Lock and Dam is a critical next step to keep invasive Asian Carp from creeping any closer to Lake Michigan and crashing our regional economy," said Joel Brammeier, CEO of the Alliance for the Great Lakes . (
  • The Army Corps plan, if approved by Congress, would include an engineered channel with an acoustic fish deterrent, air bubble curtain, and electric barrier that would help prevent the invasive Asian carp from moving from the Mississippi River basin to the Great Lakes basin through the Chicago Area Waterway System. (
  • If invasive Asian carp are allowed to settle in Lake Michigan, they will not only destroy the environment of the Great Lakes region but also threaten the local $7 billion fishing and $16 billion boating industries," said Libby Yranski, director of state government relations for the National Marine Manufacturers Association . (
  • We must work together to restore our Great Lakes and prevent damage from an invasive species as destructive as Asian carp. (
  • However, most ardent carp anglers select an openfaced spinning reel because it offers the least amount of resistance when carp take the bait. (
  • Many veteran carp anglers also employ some type of bite indicator. (
  • The April/May issue of the video magazine for carp anglers - 'Carp Channel Monthly' - is so packed with tips, advice and tackle for carp anglers the packaging is bursting. (
  • The idea of harvesting Asian carp for export to China was floated in 2010 by Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, who said the opportunity would create jobs and income for fishermen along the Illinois River, where as much as 30 million pounds of Asian carp could be caught annually. (
  • This year, we expect 5 million pounds of Asian carp, at least, to be caught. (
  • Mr. Fredman says that, because fisheries are primarily interested in large fish greater than 16 inches in length, the younger carp will likely remain unscathed, allowing them to continue the species' rapid reproduction cycle. (
  • The four species of carp hail from Asia, averaging 8 to 10 pounds, but they vary in size, he added. (
  • Consequently, a research study was conducted on some commercial species of Indian major carps i.e. (
  • Secondly, I believe there is going to be more pegs this year than the last two events (i.e., 2017 Shimano and 2018 Fish'n Canada Carp Cup). (
  • In Washington, a fishing license is not required to fish for carp. (
  • The size and style of hook used for carp fishing influences the number and size of fish caught. (
  • A variety of baits can be used to fish for carp, but the most common are doughballs, corn, and worms. (
  • Unable to match the hatch, I went with a black Fat Albert I had in my carp box because I'd heard the fish were fools for them at Bighorn Reservoir. (
  • The district's aquatic fishing team pulled a nearly 40-pound female carp from the Little Calumet River near Riverdale on Wednesday during an annual checkup on the health and variety of fish in the waterway. (
  • Great for picky fish of all types, from carp to bass t. (
  • Even though a single Asian carp has been found lakeside of an electric barrier built to prevent a carp invasion, a coalition of neighboring states, including Michigan , Minnesota, and Wisconsin, worry that an imminent fish invasion threatens a $7 billion annual recreational and commercial fishing industry. (
  • According to researchers at Southern Illinois University, Asian carp dominate the Illinois River, making up about 63 percent of its fish population. (
  • The event has been renamed Fish N Canada Carp Cup. (
  • To show how bad the issue is, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources used "shocking" boats to stun the carp so they'd float to the surface and could be collected and measured. (
  • These carp were stunned, harvested and sold to buyers who make fertilizer, fish bait and even food products for humans. (
  • Carp populations grow at a rapid rate, and all their eating reduces the amount of food for other fish in the ecosystem. (
  • They were allowed to bring Asian and silver carp in to take care of algal blooms, and they used the fish and sold them to the ethnic markets, like Chinese markets," Brooks said. (
  • Carp are sensitive to noise, so when a boat motor disturbs the water, the fish leap out of the water. (
  • The other part of the mission is to get commercial fishers to catch the carp and reduce the fish population. (
  • A recent study confirmed the negative impact that Asian carp are having on native fish in the Mississippi River. (
  • It has now been shown that this can lead to a change in behaviour in carp fish, making them less capable as both predators and prey. (
  • When crucian carp fish ate Daphnia which contained nanoplastics, the researchers found that it had a physical impact on the carps' brains - they became swollen and contained more water than those of the control fish subjects. (
  • On the bases of the following research , it was revealed that the SBM can surrogate even50% fish meal without any augmentation of other amino acids in the diet of Indian major carps . (
  • A HAB event in September killed at least 1,000 fish (carp). (
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  • Carp fishing in lakes should be done with a slack line. (
  • By signing off on the agreement, Gov. Pritzer would send a strong message to leaders in Congress that Illinois is serious about adding new protections against Asian carp with the full support of the Great Lakes region. (
  • The Carp Channel brings you an exclusive insight into the trials and tribulations of big carp match fishing on huge waters, in this brand new episode of Chilly On Carp. (
  • The wildlife department is working on an experimental project to prevent carp from entering Lake Barkley. (
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  • These Asian Carp are apparently a real nuisance and are taking over a lot of the waterways in the Southeast USA. (
  • Apparently that is one of the big problems with Asian Carp, is that they taste really bad. (
  • Plant owner Mike Schafer has spent the last seven years developing a market for Asian carp. (
  • Asian Carp, makes U so gay when jump! (
  • Discuss the issues of Asian Carp in our river and lake systems. (
  • There are currently an estimated one million Asian carp in the Illinois River , a waterway that links to the Mississippi River where the carp originated and is connected to Lake Michigan through a series of artificial shipping canals near Chicago . (
  • Our hope is that this facility benefits Kentucky's waterways as well, removing Asian carp from the rivers and turning them into a positive resource," company CEO Angie Yu said in a statement. (
  • You would have to process a lot of Asian carp to make a dent in the population. (
  • Asian carp, which can weigh as much as 100 pounds, were originally used as bottom feeders to maintain catfish farms in the South. (
  • Kentucky and Tennessee have been working together to get the commercial fishing industry to remove Asian carp. (
  • We're trying to figure out how to remove mass amounts of Asian carp. (
  • In addition to the environmental and economic concerns posed by Asian carp, they violently jump out of the water, creating a safety issue for boaters - which is all the more reason why we're urging Governor Pritzker to take swift action on this issue. (
  • The time is now for Illinois to work with the Army Corps of Engineers and for Congress to approve the Brandon Road plan to stop Asian carp. (
  • Fishing for carp is normally done in two ways, the traditional angling methods using hook and line and with bow and arrow (bow-fishing). (
  • In cool weather, good carp fishing may be found throughout the day. (
  • I was sight fishing in a channel to cruising carp. (
  • The size of the carp was "not so unusual," but being the biggest ever retrieved made it "a big deal for us," Wasik, who oversaw the fishing expedition, said Thursday. (
  • Downstream from the district's Calumet Water Reclamation Plant, the station on the Little Cal where the carp was captured "is one of our better fishing sites in the Chicago area," she said. (
  • Carp fishing is more popular than most folks will admit. (
  • If you haven't tried carp fishing, there are likely a whole bunch of them within a few miles of you, right now. (
  • Here are our favorites for carp fishing. (
  • Bob James discusses his own very unique style of carp fishing in this made-for-TV programme which is free to view here on this website in the April/May issue of Carp Channel Monthly. (
  • If we can get a barrier and combine that with the commercial fishing effort, then our ability to get the carp numbers down will be sufficiently enhanced," Brooks said. (
  • Partly scaled or scaleless individuals are frequently caught by fishermen: these are known as "half-scaled," "mirror" or "leather" carp. (
  • A greater number of larger carp will be caught if the hooks are kept baited. (
  • Ian 'Chilly' Chillcott is desperate to get a monkey off his back - he's never caught a carp from a British river and as the Warwickshire Avon is full of them it's sure to provide the answer. (
  • Carp will normally pass up any bait that offers any resistance when eaten. (
  • From Wiki: Silver carp have become notorious for being easily frightened by boats and personal watercraft, which causes them to leap high into the air. (
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  • The barrier has been used in the Western United States and Europe to change the migration patterns of salmon, but it's never been used on carp, Brooks said. (
  • Carp sometimes gulp for oxygen when water quality is low, but in early June the lake was still cool and clear and I don't think they were desperate for breath. (
  • Samantha Belcik, right, senior environmental research technician with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District and Dustin Gallagher, an aquatic biologist with the district, hold a nearly 40-pound carp Belcik pulled from the Little Calumet River near Riverdale on Wednesday. (
  • Ever seen an angler getting dragged under the water by a carp he's hooked? (
  • You will do if you watch the Carp News item in the latest issue of The Carp Channel. (
  • Chris Yates returns to The Carp Channel for the latest issue as Ian Chillcott continues to find out what makes the eccentric former British carp record holder tick. (
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  • The Barry's Carp Bitter was designed in hopes of imitating multiple food items on the carp's menu with one fly. (
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  • I dont know what is worse - getting hit in the head by a carp or having to listen to that idiot's inane laugh. (