Indolesulfonic acid used as a dye in renal function testing for the detection of nitrates and chlorates, and in the testing of milk.
Coloring matter from the insect Coccus cacti L. It is used in foods, pharmaceuticals, toiletries, etc., as a dye, and also has use as a microscopic stain and biological marker.
Family of spider MITES, in the superfamily Tetranychoidea, suborder Trombidiformes.
An indole-dione that is obtained by oxidation of indigo blue. It is a MONOAMINE OXIDASE INHIBITOR and high levels have been found in urine of PARKINSONISM patients.
Chemicals and substances that impart color including soluble dyes and insoluble pigments. They are used in INKS; PAINTS; and as INDICATORS AND REAGENTS.
Major egg yolk proteins from egg-laying animals such as non-mammalian VERTEBRATES; ARTHROPODS; and others. They are high-density lipoglycoproteins derived from circulating precursors, VITELLOGENINS. Vitellins serve as nutrients for the growing non-mammalian embryos (EMBRYO, NONMAMMALIAN).
A compound consisting of dark green crystals or crystalline powder, having a bronze-like luster. Solutions in water or alcohol have a deep blue color. Methylene blue is used as a bacteriologic stain and as an indicator. It inhibits GUANYLATE CYCLASE, and has been used to treat cyanide poisoning and to lower levels of METHEMOGLOBIN.
Methods for assessing the patency of the fallopian tubes.
Stable oxygen atoms that have the same atomic number as the element oxygen, but differ in atomic weight. O-17 and 18 are stable oxygen isotopes.

Ocular linguatuliasis in Ecuador: case report and morphometric study of the larva of Linguatula serrata. (1/21)

Linguatula serrata is a pentastomid, a cosmopolitan parasite belonging to the Phylum Pentastomida. Humans may act as an intermediate or accidental definitive host of this parasite, manifesting the nasopharyngeal or visceral form, with the latter having been described more frequently. The occurrence of ocular linguatuliasis is extremely rare, but it has been reported in the United States and Israel. The objective of the present paper was to report the first case of ocular linguatuliasis in Ecuador and to extend the morphologic study of L. serrata by morphometric analysis. The patient studied was a 34-year old woman from Guayaquil, Ecuador who complained of ocular pain with conjunctivitis and visual difficulties of two-months duration. Biomicroscopic examination revealed a mobile body in the anterior chamber of the eye. The mobile body was surgically removed. The specimen was fixed in alcohol, cleared using the technique of Loos, stained with acetic carmine, and mounted on balsam between a slide and a coverslip. It was observed with stereoscopic and common light microscopes in combination with an automatic system for image analysis and processing. The morphologic and morphometric characteristics corresponded to the third-instar larval form of L. serrata. To our knowledge, ocular linguatuliasis has not been previously described in South America, with this being the first report for Ecuador and South America. The present study shows that computer morphometry can adequately contribute both to the morphologic study and to the systematic classification of Pentastomids, and L. serrata in particular.  (+info)

Phenotypical and morphological alterations to rat sinusoidal endothelial cells in arterialized livers after portal branch ligation. (2/21)

The hepatic sinusoids are preferentially supplied with portal venous blood and equipped with fenestrated endothelial cells that are distinct from capillary endothelial cells. We previously observed in rats that sinusoidal capillarization proceeded concurrently with arterial blood supply during hepatocarcinogenesis. This study aimed to clarify the inducing role of arterialization in sinusoidal capillarization by investigating phenotypical, morphological and functional alterations to sinusoidal endothelial cells (SECs) in arterialized rat livers induced by portal branch ligation. At one week, after massive hepatic necrosis following ligation, the livers were restored to their normal architecture without causing post-necrotic fibrosis. At 12-21 weeks, they exhibited a normal histology except for mild pericellular fibrosis which developed along sinusoids or between adjacent hepatocytes. SECs expressed factor VIII-related antigen and showed a decrease in the number of fenestrae and porosity, still lacking any basement membrane but further retaining the functional capacity for carmine dye uptake. Stellate cells, while occasionally associated with large amounts of collagen bundles, contained many lipid droplets and expressed no alpha-smooth muscle actin, indicating a quiescent property. Kupffer cells were commonly found within the sinusoids. The present results indicate that arterialization of the liver induces a partial (but not complete) transition of SECs into capillary-type endothelial cells, suggesting that arterialization might be one of the factors which induce sinusoidal capillarization in the development of hepatocellular carcinoma.  (+info)

Protection against Trp-P-2 mutagenicity by purpurin: mechanism of in vitro antimutagenesis. (3/21)

Purpurin (1,2,4-trihydroxy-9,10-anthraquinone) is a natural pigment isolated from madder root (Rubia tinctorum) which inhibits the mutagenicity of a number of heterocyclic amines in the Ames mutagenicity test. Two effects were observed in the presence of purpurin. The rate of degradation of 3-hydroxyamino-1-methyl-5H-pyrido inverted question mark4,3-bindole inverted question markTrp-P-2(NHOH) at neutral pH was increased. The major product of this purpurin-dependent degradation was identified as the parent amine 3-amino-1-methyl-5H-pyrido inverted question mark4,3-bindole (Trp-P-2). Secondly, the rate of Trp-P-2 N-hydroxylation, the major route of bioactivation, by PCB-treated rat hepatic microsomes was markedly decreased. Cytochrome P450-dependent O-dealkylation of methoxy-, ethoxy- and pentoxyresorufin by these microsomes was also significantly inhibited by purpurin. The nature of this inhibition was competitive. Spectrophotometric investigations suggest no direct interaction between Trp-P-2 and purpurin. Furthermore, no evidence for Trp-P-2 binding was observed with carminic acid, a structural analog of purpurin, when it was immobilized on omega-aminohexyl agarose. Therefore, in vitro the proposed mechanism by which purpurin protects against heterocyclic amine-induced mutagenesis involves competitive inhibition of cytochrome P450-dependent bioactivation and accelerated degradation of the N-hydroxylamine to the parent amine.  (+info)

Use of a panel of markers in the differential diagnosis of adenocarcinoma and reactive mesothelial cells in fluid cytology. (4/21)

To evaluate the use of a panel of markers to differentiate adenocarcinoma and the reactive/inflammatory process in fluid cytology, we stained 29 formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded cell blocks of effusion fluid from patients with metastatic adenocarcinoma and 24 cell blocks from patients with benign effusion with mucicarmine and antibodies to carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), B72.3, and calretinin. Positive staining with CEA, B72.3, and mucicarmine was seen in 22 (76%), 20 (69%), and 18 (62%) adenocarcinoma cases, respectively. All except 1 adenocarcinoma was negative for calretinin. No benign cases were positive for B72.3 and mucicarmine. In 1 benign case, scattered epithelial cells demonstrated weak positivity for CEA. The majority of combinations were 100% specific for adenocarcinoma. The highest sensitivity (86%) for adenocarcinomas was achieved with the staining combination of negative for calretinin and positive for any adenocarcinoma marker (CEA, B72.3, or mucicarmine). The use of a panel of markers that recognize adenocarcinoma and mesothelial cells is useful in the differential diagnosis between metastatic adenocarcinoma and the reactive/inflammatory process. The profile of positive staining with at least one of the adenocarcinoma markers and negative calretinin staining is highly specific and sensitive for identifying adenocarcinoma in fluid cytology.  (+info)

An evaluation of UV protection imparted by cotton fabrics dyed with natural colorants. (5/21)

BACKGROUND: The ultraviolet properties of textiles dyed with synthetic dyes have been widely reported in literature. However, no study has investigated the ultraviolet properties of natural fabrics dyed with natural colorants. This study reports the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of cotton fabrics dyed with colorants of plant and insect origins. METHODS: Three cotton fabrics were dyed with three natural colorants. Fabrics were characterized with respect to fabric construction, weight, thickness and thread count. Influence of fabric characteristics on Ultraviolet Protection Factor was studied. Role of colorant concentration on the ultraviolet protection factor was examined via color strength analysis. RESULTS: A positive correlation was observed between the weight of the fabric and their UPF values. Similarly, thicker fabrics offered more protection from ultraviolet rays. Thread count appears to negatively correlate with UPF. Dyeing with natural colorants dramatically increased the protective abilities of all three fabric constructions. Additionally, within the same fabric type UPF values increased with higher depths of shade. CONCLUSION: Dyeing cotton fabrics with natural colorants increases the ultraviolet protective abilities of the fabrics and can be considered as an effective protection against ultraviolet rays. The UPF is further enhanced with colorant of dark hues and with high concentration of the colorant in the fabric.  (+info)

Flow and conduit formation in the external fluid-transport system of a suspension feeder. (6/21)

To what extent is the development of a fluid-transport system related to flow within the system? Colonies of the bryozoan Membranipora membranacea have a simple external fluid-transport system with three components: the canopy of lophophores (crowns of ciliated tentacles), the edge of the canopy, and chimneys (raised openings in the canopy). The lophophores pump seawater into the colony and capture food particles from the seawater. The chimneys and canopy edge let the water back out of the colony. New chimneys form at the canopy edge as the colony grows. I tested whether there was a correlation between chimney formation and excurrent flow speed at the canopy edge by measuring excurrent flow speeds prior to chimney formation. Excurrent flow speeds were higher in regions that produced chimneys than in regions that did not form chimneys. Observations of changes in chimney shape after anesthetization with MgCl2 suggest that both growth and behavior determine chimney shape. Together, the results suggest that there is a strong correlation between growth and flow in this external fluid-transport system, with new chimneys forming at sites of high flow.  (+info)

A Caenorhabditis elegans model of insulin resistance: altered macronutrient storage and dauer formation in an OGT-1 knockout. (7/21)

O-linked N-acetylglucosamine (O-GlcNAc) is an evolutionarily conserved modification of nuclear pore proteins, signaling kinases, and transcription factors. The O-GlcNAc transferase (OGT) catalyzing O-GlcNAc addition is essential in mammals and mediates the last step in a nutrient-sensing "hexosamine-signaling pathway." This pathway may be deregulated in diabetes and neurodegenerative disease. To examine the function of O-GlcNAc in a genetically amenable organism, we describe a putative null allele of OGT in Caenorhabditis elegans that is viable and fertile. We demonstrate that, whereas nuclear pore proteins of the homozygous deletion strain are devoid of O-GlcNAc, nuclear transport of transcription factors appears normal. However, the OGT mutant exhibits striking metabolic changes manifested in a approximately 3-fold elevation in trehalose levels and glycogen stores with a concomitant approximately 3-fold decrease in triglycerides levels. In nematodes, a highly conserved insulin-like signaling cascade regulates macronutrient storage, longevity, and dauer formation. The OGT knockout suppresses dauer larvae formation induced by a temperature-sensitive allele of the insulin-like receptor gene daf-2. Our findings demonstrate that OGT modulates macronutrient storage and dauer formation in C. elegans, providing a unique genetic model for examining the role of O-GlcNAc in cellular signaling and insulin resistance.  (+info)

DPSS yellow-green 561-nm lasers for improved fluorochrome detection by flow cytometry. (8/21)

INTRODUCTION: Blue-green 488-nm laser sources are widespread in flow cytometry but suffer some drawbacks for cell analysis, including their excitation of endogenous proteins (resulting in high cellular autofluorescence) and their less-than-optimal coincidence with the excitation maxima of commonly used fluorochromes, including the phycoerythrins (PE). Longer wavelength lasers such as green helium-neons and, more recently, diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) 532-nm sources have previously been employed to overcome these difficulties and improve overall sensitivity for PE. In this study, we evaluate an even longer wavelength DPSS 561-nm for its ability to improve PE and DsRed fluorescent protein detection sensitivity. METHODS: A DPSS 561-nm laser emitting at 10 mW was mounted onto a BD LSR II. Mouse thymoma cells labeled with cell surface marker antibodies conjugated to the R- and B-forms of PE were analyzed and compared with conventional 488-nm excitation using the same bandpass filters and signal travel distances. A similar analysis was carried out with cell lines expressing the red fluorescent protein DsRed, several green-yellow excited low molecular weight fluorochromes, and a rhodamine-based caspase substrate. Additionally, cells labeled with PE and co-labeled with fluorescein or simultaneously expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP) were analyzed to determine if PE excitation at 561 nm with simultaneous fluorescein/GFP detection was feasible. RESULTS: The DPSS 561-nm laser gave a several-fold improvement in the fluorochrome to autofluorescence ratios between PE-labeled cells and unlabeled controls. Analysis of cells expressing the fluorescent protein DsRed with the DPSS 561-nm source gave a 6-7-fold improvement in sensitivity over 488-nm excitation, and gave excellent excitation of yellow-green excited fluorochromes and rhodamine-based physiological probes. Yellow-green laser light also caused virtually no impingement on the spatially separated fluorescein/GFP detector, a significant problem with green laser sources, and also allowed simultaneous analysis of GFP and PE with virtually no signal overlap or requirement for color compensation. CONCLUSIONS: DPSS 561-nm laser excitation gave significantly improved sensitivity for both PE-labeled and DsRed expressing cells, with little contamination of a typical fluorescein/GFP detector.  (+info)

Indigo Carmine is not a medical term, but it is a chemical compound that is sometimes used in medical settings. Indigo Carmine is a type of dye that is often used as a marker in various medical tests and procedures. It can be used during surgeries to help identify structures or tissues within the body, such as the urinary tract or the gastrointestinal tract.

Indigo Carmine is also sometimes used as a diagnostic aid in urological procedures, such as cystoscopy, to help visualize the flow of urine and detect any abnormalities in the urinary tract. The dye is usually introduced into the body through a catheter or other medical device, and it is excreted in the urine, turning it blue or green.

It's important to note that Indigo Carmine should only be used under the supervision of a healthcare professional, as improper use can lead to adverse effects.

Carmine is a natural red pigment that is derived from the dried bodies of female cochineal insects (Dactylopius coccus). It has been used for centuries as a coloring agent in food, cosmetics, and textiles. In medical terms, carmine is sometimes used as a stain to provide contrast in microscopic examinations of biological tissues.

It's important to note that some people may have allergic reactions to carmine, and it has been associated with anaphylaxis in rare cases. Therefore, products containing carmine should be labeled appropriately to alert consumers to its presence.

Tetranychidae is a family of mites, also known as spider mites. These are small arachnids that are characterized by the presence of four pairs of legs in their adult stage. They are often found on the undersides of leaves and can feed on plant material, causing damage to crops and ornamental plants. Some species of Tetranychidae are significant agricultural pests.

The term "Tetranychidae" is not typically used in a medical context, as these mites do not pose a direct threat to human health. However, they can cause allergic reactions in some people and may indirectly affect human health by damaging food crops.

Isatin is not a medical term, but rather an organic compound that has been used in various biochemical and medicinal research contexts. Here's the chemical definition:

Isatin, also known as indole-2,3-dione, is an organic compound with the formula C8H5NO2. It is a derivative of indole and consists of a benzene ring fused to a pyrrole ring, with two ketone functional groups (=O) at positions 2 and 3. Isatin is a white crystalline solid that is slightly soluble in water and more soluble in organic solvents. It occurs naturally in some plants and animals and can be synthesized in the laboratory.

In medical and biochemical research, isatin has been studied for its potential role as an inhibitor of various enzymes and biological targets, including monoamine oxidases, tyrosinase, and carbonic anhydrase. Some isatin derivatives have shown promising results in preclinical studies for the treatment of various diseases, such as cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, and infectious diseases. However, more research is needed to determine their safety and efficacy in humans before they can be approved for medical use.

Coloring agents, also known as food dyes or color additives, are substances that are added to foods, medications, and cosmetics to improve their appearance by giving them a specific color. These agents can be made from both synthetic and natural sources. They must be approved by regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before they can be used in products intended for human consumption.

Coloring agents are used for various reasons, including:

* To replace color lost during food processing or preparation
* To make foods more visually appealing
* To help consumers easily identify certain types of food
* To indicate the flavor of a product (e.g., fruit-flavored candies)

It's important to note that while coloring agents can enhance the appearance of products, they do not affect their taste or nutritional value. Some people may have allergic reactions to certain coloring agents, so it's essential to check product labels if you have any known allergies. Additionally, excessive consumption of some synthetic coloring agents has been linked to health concerns, so moderation is key.

Vitellins are a group of precursor proteins found in the yolk of eggs of many animals, including birds and reptiles. They play a crucial role in the development of the embryo by providing it with essential nutrients, such as amino acids, lipids, and carbohydrates. Vitellins are synthesized in the liver of the female animal and then transported to the ovaries, where they are stored in the yolk granules of developing eggs. During embryonic development, vitellins are broken down into smaller peptides and free amino acids, which can be easily absorbed and utilized by the growing embryo.

In a medical context, vitellins may be studied in relation to reproductive biology, nutrition, and developmental biology. However, they do not have direct clinical relevance to human health or disease, as humans do not produce eggs with yolks containing vitellins.

Methylene Blue is a heterocyclic aromatic organic compound with the molecular formula C16H18ClN3S. It is primarily used as a medication, but can also be used as a dye or as a chemical reagent. As a medication, it is used in the treatment of methemoglobinemia (a condition where an abnormal amount of methemoglobin is present in the blood), as well as in some forms of poisoning and infections. It works by acting as a reducing agent, converting methemoglobin back to hemoglobin, which is the form of the protein that is responsible for carrying oxygen in the blood. Methylene Blue has also been used off-label for other conditions, such as vasculitis and Alzheimer's disease, although its effectiveness for these uses is not well established.

It is important to note that Methylene Blue should be used with caution, as it can cause serious side effects in some people, particularly those with kidney or liver problems, or those who are taking certain medications. It is also important to follow the instructions of a healthcare provider when using this medication, as improper use can lead to toxicity.

Fallopian tube patency tests are medical procedures used to determine whether the fallopian tubes, which are the pair of narrow tubes that connect the ovaries to the uterus in females, are open and functioning properly. The tests typically involve introducing a dye or gas into the uterus and observing whether it flows freely through the fallopian tubes and spills out of the ends.

There are several types of Fallopian tube patency tests, including:

1. Hysterosalpingogram (HSG): This is a radiologic procedure that involves injecting a dye into the uterus through the cervix while taking X-rays to observe the flow of the dye through the fallopian tubes.
2. Sonohysterography: This is an ultrasound procedure that involves injecting a sterile saline solution into the uterus through the cervix and observing the flow of the fluid through the fallopian tubes using ultrasound imaging.
3. Falloposcopy: This is a minimally invasive procedure that involves inserting a thin, flexible tube with a camera into the uterus and fallopian tubes to directly visualize their patency and any abnormalities.
4. Hysterosalpingo-contrast sonography (HyCoSy): This is an ultrasound procedure that involves injecting a contrast medium into the uterus through the cervix while observing the flow of the contrast through the fallopian tubes using ultrasound imaging.

These tests are often performed as part of an infertility evaluation to determine whether blocked or damaged fallopian tubes may be contributing to difficulty conceiving.

Oxygen isotopes are different forms or varieties of the element oxygen that have the same number of protons in their atomic nuclei, which is 8, but a different number of neutrons. The most common oxygen isotopes are oxygen-16 (^{16}O), which contains 8 protons and 8 neutrons, and oxygen-18 (^{18}O), which contains 8 protons and 10 neutrons.

The ratio of these oxygen isotopes can vary in different substances, such as water molecules, and can provide valuable information about the origins and history of those substances. For example, scientists can use the ratio of oxygen-18 to oxygen-16 in ancient ice cores or fossilized bones to learn about past climate conditions or the diets of ancient organisms.

In medical contexts, oxygen isotopes may be used in diagnostic tests or treatments, such as positron emission tomography (PET) scans, where a radioactive isotope of oxygen (such as oxygen-15) is introduced into the body and emits positrons that can be detected by specialized equipment to create detailed images of internal structures.

... is also a general term for a particularly deep-red color. The English word "carmine" is derived from the French word ... Carmine can be stabilized when precipitated with alum and when combined with tin salt mordants.: 698-9 Carmine was used in ... For instance, carmine combined with zinc or aluminum yields a crimson hue.: 266 The translucence of carmine depends on its ... Mixed with oil, carmine remains translucent and adequate for glazes. Combined with tempera or glue, carmine turns opaque.: 264 ...
"Emma Shapplin - Carmine meo". Retrieved 2022-08-09. " - Emma Shapplin - Carmine meo" (in Dutch). Hung ... " - Emma Shapplin - Carmine meo" (in Dutch). Hung Medien. Retrieved 1 January 2021. "Emma Shapplin: Carmine meo" ( ... " - Emma Shapplin - Carmine meo". Hung Medien. Retrieved 1 January 2021. " - Emma Shapplin - Carmine ... Enter Carmine Meo in the "Artiest of titel" box. Select 1998 in the drop-down menu saying "Alle jaargangen". "IFPI Platinum ...
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National flags Carmine is the color used in the flag of Latvia. RAL 3002 Carmine red List of colors The color displayed in the ... The color Japanese carmine is shown at right. The name of this shade of carmine in Japanese is enji-iro (臙脂色), literally " ... The rich carmine color tone displayed at right matches the color shown as carmine in the 1930 book A Dictionary of Color (cited ... Music Carmine is one of the colors mentioned in Donovan's "Wear Your Love Like Heaven". Carmine red is second of two colors ...
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Gallo, Carmine (2016). The Storyteller's Secret. New York, NY: St. Martin's Press. p. 268. ISBN 9781509814756. Gallo, Carmine ( ... Carmine Gallo, The Money Machine[permanent dead link] Carmine Gallo,What Arnold Schwarzenegger Taught Me About ... podcast on iTunes Carmine Gallo, Contributor, Carmine Gallo,Thought Leader, WorldCat item record ... Carmine is also a contributor for, where he writes for the Leadership Channel. He is regarded as an expert in his ...
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Carmine Lawrence Gentile is a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives who was sworn in January 2015. A resident of ... "Sudbury's Carmine Gentile Running for State Representative". Sudbury, Massachusetts Patch. Retrieved 25 November 2014. v t e ( ...
UFFICIALE - Carmine Gautieri sollevato dall'incarico‚, 6 March 2017 "NOTA STAMPA U.S. TRIESTINA CALCIO: CARMINE ... Carmine Gautieri (born 20 July 1970) is an Italian professional football coach and a former player. He was most recently the ... "CALCIO È Carmine Gautieri il nuovo allenatore del Sangiuliano" (in Italian). Il Cittadino. 23 January 2023. Retrieved 24 ... Carmine Gautieri at "Presentazione del tecnico Gautieri" [Introduction of trainer Gautieri] (in Italian). AS ...
Carmine may also refer to: Carmine (color), deep red colors Carmine (given name) Carmine (surname) Carmine, Texas Carmine ... the chamber music group Indigo carmine, a salt of indigo Northern carmine bee-eater Southern carmine bee-eater Carmin ( ... Look up carmine in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Carmine is a pigment of a bright-red color. ... disambiguation) This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Carmine. If an internal link led you here, ...
Carmine "Maggie" Munro (born Carmine May Smith; 8 May 1931 - 29 December 2010) was an Aboriginal Australian elder who lived in ... Carmine May Smith was born on 8 May 1931 in an Aboriginal camp in Moree, the second of three girls born to Raymond Smith, a ... Carmine first met Lyall Munro Snr when they were children, but years passed before they saw each other again, at the Gunnedah ... "Munro, Carmine May". Weekly News. My Tributes. (Use dmy dates from January 2021, Use Australian English from May 2011, All ...
Carmine is also a general term for a particularly deep-red color. The English word "carmine" is derived from the French word ... Carmine can be stabilized when precipitated with alum and when combined with tin salt mordants.: 698-9 Carmine was used in ... For instance, carmine combined with zinc or aluminum yields a crimson hue.: 266 The translucence of carmine depends on its ... Mixed with oil, carmine remains translucent and adequate for glazes. Combined with tempera or glue, carmine turns opaque.: 264 ... is the source for Marvel comics, digital comics, comic strips, and more featuring Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men and all your favorite superheroes.
NYCs legendary Carmines restaurant has been serving Southern Italian cuisine in large family-style portions for over 20 years ...
Carmine pulls no punches. He wont smile at the camera if he doesnt feel like it and hes honest about his feelings of ... Carmine pulls no punches. He wont smile at the camera if he doesnt feel like it and hes honest about his feelings of ... All the same, the photo of Carmine wearing an oversized Jets jacket and a defiant look will stay with you. You may wish that ... his face beamed like more media friendly children with HIV, but that doesnt seem to be Carmines way. Hes a quiet, thoughtful ...
Carmine Grimaldi. * True/False 2017 Critics Notebook 1: Resistance and Futility This was my eighth (!) year attending the True ... Carmine Grimaldi and Deniz Tortums half-hour If Only There Were Peace is a documentary about making a narrative film, […] ...
carmine[email protected] State House. 24 Beacon St. Room 167. Boston, MA, 02133 Phone: ...
NY Series (Etchings) Carmine Red. 2022. Aquatint. plate: 12 × 12 (30.5 × 30.5 cm); sheet: 16 × 16 (40.6 × 40.6 cm). Universal ...
If one could measure Republicans success in the midterms by the amount of pasta theyve consumed at Carmines, then the ... Email this ArticleGOP takes over Carmines. * Please enter your e-mail ... John Boehner (shown), crowded Carmines Wednesday night for fundraisers. , AP photo composite by POLITICOClose ...
Carmine Di Sibio talks to Squawk Box about the EY carbon ambition, the new US administration, taxation and M&A trends amidst ... By Carmine Di Sibio EY Global Chairman and CEO. Passionate about our clients and the power of our global organization. Driver ... By Carmine Di Sibio EY Global Chairman and CEO. Passionate about our clients and the power of our global organization. Driver ... Carmine Di Sibio talks to Squawk Box about the EY carbon ambition, the new US administration, taxation and M&A trends amidst ...
Carmine Gallo. Carmine Gallo is the bestselling author of Talk Like TED and The Storytellers Secret. He is a communications ...
NY Series (Etchings) Carmine Red. 2022. Aquatint. plate: 12 × 12 (30.5 × 30.5 cm); sheet: 16 × 16 (40.6 × 40.6 cm). Universal ...
From its inception, the band Cactus was always supposed to be a supergroup. The rhythm section of late-Á¢€Ëœ60s psychedelic sludge rockers Vanilla Fudge Á¢€" namely, bassist Tim Bogert and drummer…. ...
Carmine Arienzo , all galleries >> Galleries >> GRIFFON VULTURE -Gyps Fulvus- by Carmine Arienzo > Griffon Vulture ( Gyps ...
Carmine Infantino is the living personification of the health and history of mainstream American comics. Like several others in ... Back Cover of Amazing World of DC Comics #3 ©1974 Carmine Infantino GROTH: Now, the School of Industrial Arts was in Manhattan ... "The Heap: Family Ties Part One" from Airboy #38 (April 1988) written by Len Wein, penciled by Carmine Infantino and inked by ... From "The Heap: Family Ties Part One" from Airboy #38 (April 1988) written by Len Wein, penciled by Carmine Infantino and inked ...
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Read reviews, view photos, see special offers, and contact Carmines Upper West Side directly on The Knot. ... Carmines Upper West Side is a Rehearsal Dinner + Bridal Shower in New York, NY. ... We had Carmines provide the food, the rentals and the staff (minus the bartenders). Carmines is synonymous with AMAZING, ... Our guests are still raving about the delicious menu served by Carmines at our wedding, and the Carmines catering team headed ...
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... the Carmine chair is your best choice for a classy yet chic living room. ...
After the arrival of the Carmelite monks in Padova a confraternity of lay members was founded
Read Common Sense Medias Carmine: A Little More Red review, age rating, and parents guide. ... Carmine: A Little More Red. By Dawn Friedman, Common Sense Media Reviewer Common Sense Media Reviewers. ... Carmine is a fleshed-out character with a love of painting and the wolf is now more than just a villain; hes a dad with a ... CARMINE: A LITTLE MORE RED works as an alphabet book using an impressive vocabulary -- including "surreal" and "pluck"; a ...
Air Jordan 6 "Carmine" - Release Reminder The Air Jordan 6 "Carmine" is coming back tomorrow for just the second time ever. As ... "The Game Plan" by Champs Sports: Jordan Carmine Collection The Game Plan is back and better than ever with a true classic to ... Carmine 6s, Sport Blues, Champagnes, Cigars, Brazils, History of Jordans - which upcoming Air Jordan 6 are you looking forward ...
Some of the published credits of Carmine Infantino incl ... Carmine Infantino is a published author, illustrator, and a ... Author: Carmine Infantino, Don Heck, Don Perlin, Donald F. Glut, Gerry Conway, Gil Kane, Jim Shooter, Jim Starlin, Roger ... Author: Carmine Infantino, Donald F. Glut, Doug Moench, Gary Friedrich, George Perez, Herb Trimpe, John Buscema, Marv Wolfman, ... Published Works by Carmine Infantino. Click a books title or cover for more details and to read reviews. Sort by: Bestselling ...
Carmine Appice Diaries live show. -Receiving a S&D order from MOTLEY CRUE. -How he makes light of Nikki Sixxs beef with him. - ... Running Up That Hill: An Exclusive Interview With CARMINE APPICE Of APPICE PERDOMO PROJECT By George Dionne, Podcaster. ... Carmine Appice Day in LA. -Guests on the new album. -Coming up with song titles. -Touring with VANILLA FUDGE. -VF 2023 Rock ... 2021 saw the release of Energy Overload by the unlikely pairing of drumming legend Carmine Appice and up-and-coming guitarist ...
... Item #: 012-915. The Emporium Collection marries simple silhouettes with casual craftsmanship. The ...
Plate census - 3¢ carmine In column 2 of the table, the heading "PO" stands for Printing Order. Beginning in February 1911, ... 3¢ carmine overprinted 2¢ in one line T. R. Legault, an official of the Post Office Dept., prepared First Day Covers of this ... 3¢ carmine overprinted 2¢ in two lines T. R. Legault prepared First Day Covers of this stamp with imprint blocks of six from ... Marler was unaware of the existence of the 3¢ carmine from plates 118-120; however, lot 756 in the 1990 Maresch auction of the ...
The first time I met Carmine Appice was back in 1978 at a drum clinic on Long Island. That was the day we taped the interview ...
I will be keeping Carmines Italian Seafood in my Recently Lost Landmarks list, sad to say.. The South Street Seaport eatery ... My guess is that the financials didnt work is just a way of saying that a relocated Carmines wouldnt generate sufficient ...
  • 2021 saw the release of Energy Overload by the unlikely pairing of drumming legend Carmine Appice and up-and-coming guitarist Fernando Perdomo . (
  • I had the chance to speak with Carmine Appice ahead of the album's release and the day after his 1st ever live show with Fernando Perdomo . (
  • Carmine Appice Talks with Liberty DeVitto in Part 7 of this video interview at the Cutting Room. (
  • One of the first drum books I ever bought was "Realistic Rock" by Carmine Appice. (
  • And in case you didn't know, here are a few more details: Carmine Appice became known worldwide for his astonishing live performances as the drummer for Vanilla Fudge, in addition to becoming a highly sought-after session drummer playing with countless artists including Rod Stewart, Ozzy Osborne, Ted Nugent, and Pink Floyd. (
  • Professor Carmine Emanuele Cella has been invited to deliver a distinguished lecture at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT) located at McGill University. (
  • Carmine Infantino is the living personification of the health and history of mainstream American comics. (
  • Are you or do you know Carmine Infantino? (
  • Carmine Infantino is a published author, illustrator, and a photographer of young adult books. (
  • Some of the published credits of Carmine Infantino include Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle (Marvel Premiere Classic), Comics Gone Ape! (
  • To edit or update the above biography on Carmine Infantino, please Log In or Register . (
  • Search properties from 4 vacation rental sites in Carmine where the top providers in that area are, HomeAway, and HRS Holidays. (
  • Carmine (/ˈkɑːrmən, ˈkɑːrmaɪn/) - also called cochineal (when it is extracted from the cochineal insect), cochineal extract, crimson lake, or carmine lake - is a pigment of a bright-red color obtained from the aluminium complex derived from carminic acid. (
  • Upon reviewing the available information, the Committee concluded that cochineal extract and carmines may be allergenic. (
  • Carmine pigment was extensively used by the Aztec civilization to dye textiles. (
  • This 10ml tube of Carmine 318 is formulated with pigment(s) PR176, is transparent, and has a lightfastness rating of ++ (25-100 years lightfast under museum conditions). (
  • Professor Carmine Cella of UC Berkeley's Center for New Music and Audio Technologies ( CNMAT ) will be diving into the connections between music, mathematics, and technology. (
  • Since January 2019, Carmine is assistant professor in music and technology at CNMAT, University of California, Berkeley. (
  • Carmine Di Sibio talks to Squawk Box about the EY carbon ambition, the new US administration, taxation and M&A trends amidst COVID-19. (
  • Perfect for rugs of any size, style, or design, Cotton Herringbone Carmine provides a striking adornment to accent contemporary interior schemes. (
  • The process is used for identifying carmine in works of art. (
  • The Air Jordan 6 "Carmine" is coming back tomorrow for just the second time ever. (
  • 263 To prepare carmine, the powdered scale insect bodies are boiled in an ammonia or sodium carbonate solution. (
  • All the same, the photo of Carmine wearing an oversized Jets jacket and a defiant look will stay with you. (
  • Therefore, natural cochineal carmine is predominant on the market. (
  • You can find and compare 1,144 offers in Carmine and book an ideal place for your next getaway. (
  • For familiar comfort and stand-out style, Cotton Herringbone Carmine is the ideal choice for the trim of your custom rug or runner. (
  • The combination of these factors contributed to the end of the Spanish monopoly and considerably lowered the price of carmine, making it accessible to a wider audience. (
  • The price per night in Carmine starts at $58. (
  • Carmine Gallo is the bestselling author of Talk Like TED and The Storyteller's Secret . (
  • Beginning with the 2¢ carmine in November 1915, the "printing order number" consisted of a number that indicated the stamp denomination and issue format (sheet, coil, or booklet) and one or two letters that indicated the printing order. (
  • The story itself is familiar to most of us -- Red Riding Hood (here, Carmine) steps off the path on the way to Grandma's giving the wolf time to mess with everyone's plans. (
  • Only two previous publications describing allergic contact dermatitis from carmine could be found. (
  • [ 3 ] In contrast, in a search of the PubMed/MEDLINE, EMBASE, and Scopus databases, the author could find only two previous publications describing delayed hypersensitivity (allergic contact dermatitis) from carmine. (
  • Cite this: Allergic Contact Dermatitis from Carmine - Medscape - Oct 01, 2009. (
  • Years later when Joe approached Carmine about doing some work for them, Carmine's initial reaction was to decline because DC was already keeping him quite busy and that company's rates were higher. (
  • [ 1-4 ] These should not be confused with the chemically unrelated Indigo Carmine (FD & C Blue 2 [CI 73015]) or with Cochineal Red (CI 16255), a synthetic azo dye not approved in the United States for use in foods, drugs, or cosmetics. (
  • Sufficient Indigo Carmine is contained in each 5 mL ampule to permit accurate withdrawal and administration of the full dose. (
  • Indigo Carmine is excreted largely by the kidneys, retaining its blue color during passage through the body. (
  • Originally employed as a kidney function test, the chief application of Indigo Carmine at present is localizing ureteral orifices during cystoscopy and ureteral catheterization. (
  • Indigo Carmine is contraindicated in patients who have previously experienced an adverse reaction following its use. (
  • Because many drugs are excreted in human milk, caution should be exercised when Indigo Carmine is administered to a nursing woman. (
  • Indigo Carmine is not a controlled substance listed in any of the Drug Enforcement Administration Schedules. (
  • Indigo Carmine solution is injected either by the intravenous or intramuscular route, and its appearance at the ureteral orifices is watched with the cystoscope in place. (
  • Since precipitation of indigotindisulfonate sodium may occur, Indigo Carmine Solution must not be diluted prior to injection or injected with infusion assemblies which were used with other solutions. (
  • Since Indigo Carmine is a dark blue solution, visual inspection for particulate matter prior to use may not be possible. (
  • The 5 micron nylon mesh filter is suitable for withdrawing the drug product, Indigo Carmine. (
  • Indigo Carmine should be stored in the dark, away from direct light, preferably in the original package. (
  • The Persian word for "worm, insect" is kirm, and in Iran (Persia) the red colorant carmine was extracted from the bodies of dead female insects such as Kermes vermilio and cochineal. (
  • Carmine is a colorant used in the manufacture of artificial flowers, paints, crimson ink, rouge and other cosmetics, and some medications. (
  • Controlling the bleeding of carmine colorant in crabstick. (
  • Carmine Di Sibio discusses with CNN's Nina dos Santos how geopolitics, supply chains and Covid-19 are all set to pile pressure on the global economy and data findings from the EY 2022 CEO Outlook Survey. (
  • 82 Zapotec cochineal nests on Opuntia ficus-indica host cacti Use of carmine as a staining agent in histology (here on a flatworm) Scientists can detect the presence of carminic acid through liquid chromatography and a diode array detector combined with a mass spectrometer with a quadruple-time-of-flight analyzer (LC-DAD-QTOF). (
  • Carmine Street Guitars being a documentary by Ron Mann ( Tales of the Rat Fink , Grass ), the border between cinema verité and scripted-seeming sections is a porous one. (
  • Carmine Street Guitars is an affectionate, somewhat elegiac glimpse into a master and a craft that, like so much of the surrounding neighborhood, is steadily being corporately gentrified. (
  • The ingredient in carmine causing these delayed hypersensitivity reactions has not been studied. (
  • In contrast, there are numerous reports of immediate hypersensitivity reactions from carmine, mostly from its use in foods and beverages but also from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. (
  • There are at least 18 published reports describing 33 cases of immediate hypersensitivity reactions to carmine, many of which resulted in systemic anaphylaxis. (
  • Carmine is also a general term for a particularly deep-red color. (
  • The word "carmine" has been used as a color name as early as 1799. (
  • 264 Carmine is a fugitive color, whose fading is influenced by different factors such as light, humidity, or even the color of the glass of a frame. (
  • Carmine used to color surimi seafood often seeps or bleeds from red-colored meat to white meat when vacuum-packed products go through high-temperature long-time pasteurization. (
  • Carmine bleeding was minimized as pH of color solution decreased. (
  • Various means to control carmine bleeding or color transfer under high temperature for long time pasteurization were demonstrated. (
  • This is the Model Color CARMINE RED bottle of 17ml Bottles from Vallejo Paint. (
  • For instance, carmine combined with zinc or aluminum yields a crimson hue. (
  • Simple lines and etched rounded shapes contrast perfectively with the bold black or sleek metallic finishes of our Carmine collection. (
  • This graph shows the total number of publications written about "Carmine" by people in Harvard Catalyst Profiles by year, and whether "Carmine" was a major or minor topic of these publication. (
  • Below are the most recent publications written about "Carmine" by people in Profiles. (
  • Stacks of what to the untrained eye would appear to be junk wood are in fact salvaged pieces of Five Points-era lower Manhattan, each with a scrawled note attesting to their original address and date, their place in time: Bowery, 39 Carmine St/1850, Washington Mews/1830. (
  • The story itself is familiar to most of us -- Red Riding Hood (here, Carmine) steps off the path on the way to Grandma's giving the wolf time to mess with everyone's plans. (
  • KBTX News 3 Sports is thrilled to introduce our latest Classroom Champion, Mallory Krause, a senior at Round Top-Carmine High School. (
  • The inking of the story itself is not in the shop style although because Carmine was working in the S&k studio he may have gotten assistance there also. (
  • 1920 25r on 20 on 14k deep carmine and blue, surcharge as type 6 in blue, very fine o.g. (
  • South American civilizations crushed the bugs present on cacti to extract the carmine they contain. (
  • Before starting his career Carmine was obviously a fanboy since he and Frank Giacoia paid a visit to Joe and Jack's studio during the period that S&K were providing work for DC. (
  • CARMINE, Texas (KBTX) -- In the heart of Texas, one young student-athlete is proving that dedication and leadership can lead to excellence both in the classroom and on the field. (
  • This is still a relatively young Carmine Infantino, learning from masters like Jack Kirby and Mort Meskin and polishing his craft as he becomes a master himself. (
  • Carmine is a hardware designer and firmware developer living in south of Italy, close to the wonderful Naples. (
  • She had both a positive patch test result and a positive antecubital repeated open application test result with carmine 2.5% in petrolatum. (
  • A 28-year-old woman developed allergic contact dermatitis within 6 to 24 hours exclusively after using carmine-containing eyeshadows and lipsticks. (
  • A year later in 1976, he would land the role that would define him as the aspiring singer and dancer Carmine Ragusa. (
  • How do you dress Carmines? (
  • NY Series (Etchings) Carmine Red. (