The upward or downward mobility in an occupation or the change from one occupation to another.
Selection of a type of occupation or profession.
Systematic efforts to assist individuals in selecting an occupation or suitable employment on the basis of aptitude, education, etc.
Senior professionals who provide guidance, direction and support to those persons desirous of improvement in academic positions, administrative positions or other career development situations.
Difficulty in walking from place to place.
Personal satisfaction relative to the work situation.
Individuals enrolled in a school of medicine or a formal educational program in medicine.
Women licensed to practice medicine.
Strong desires to accomplish something. This usually pertains to greater values or high ideals.
Stipends or grants-in-aid granted by foundations or institutions to individuals for study.
An occupation limited in scope to a subsection of a broader field.
Various branches of dental practice limited to specialized areas.
The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in a medical school.
The process of choosing employees for specific types of employment. The concept includes recruitment.
The study of natural phenomena by observation, measurement, and experimentation.
Those individuals engaged in research.
Financial support for training including both student stipends and loans and training grants to institutions.
The art and science of studying, performing research on, preventing, diagnosing, and treating disease, as well as the maintenance of health.
Programs of training in medicine and medical specialties offered by hospitals for graduates of medicine to meet the requirements established by accrediting authorities.
Time period from 1901 through 2000 of the common era.
Educational programs for medical graduates entering a specialty. They include formal specialty training as well as academic work in the clinical and basic medical sciences, and may lead to board certification or an advanced medical degree.
An electrophoretic technique for assaying the binding of one compound to another. Typically one compound is labeled to follow its mobility during electrophoresis. If the labeled compound is bound by the other compound, then the mobility of the labeled compound through the electrophoretic medium will be retarded.
The movement or shifting of membership between or within social classes by individuals or by groups.
Individuals licensed to practice medicine.
Educational institutions for individuals specializing in the field of medicine.
Use for general articles concerning medical education.
Studies beyond the bachelor's degree at an institution having graduate programs for the purpose of preparing for entrance into a specific field, and obtaining a higher degree.
The remuneration paid or benefits granted to an employee.
A family of low-molecular weight, non-histone proteins found in chromatin.
The period of medical education in a medical school. In the United States it follows the baccalaureate degree and precedes the granting of the M.D.
A specialty in which manual or operative procedures are used in the treatment of disease, injuries, or deformities.
Attitudes of personnel toward their patients, other professionals, toward the medical care system, etc.
Financial support of research activities.
Geographic area in which a professional person practices; includes primarily physicians and dentists.
Predetermined sets of questions used to collect data - clinical data, social status, occupational group, etc. The term is often applied to a self-completed survey instrument.
The process by which the employer promotes staff performance and efficiency consistent with management goals and objectives.
Process of applying for employment. It includes written application for employment or personal appearance.
Research that involves the application of the natural sciences, especially biology and physiology, to medicine.
The quality or state of being independent and self-directing, especially in making decisions, enabling professionals to exercise judgment as they see fit during the performance of their jobs.
Time period from 2001 through 2100 of the common era.
A course of study offered by an educational institution.
Professions or other business activities directed to the cure and prevention of disease. For occupations of medical personnel who are not physicians but who are working in the fields of medical technology, physical therapy, etc., ALLIED HEALTH OCCUPATIONS is available.
Medical complexes consisting of medical school, hospitals, clinics, libraries, administrative facilities, etc.
Professional society representing the field of nursing.
A subspecialty of internal medicine concerned with the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the kidney.
Societies whose membership is limited to nurses.
The field of nursing care concerned with the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health.
Compliance with a set of standards defined by non-governmental organizations. Certification is applied for by individuals on a voluntary basis and represents a professional status when achieved, e.g., certification for a medical specialty.
The practice of nursing by licensed, non-registered persons qualified to provide routine care to the sick.
Delivery of health services via remote telecommunications. This includes interactive consultative and diagnostic services.
Individuals responsible for fabrication of dental appliances.

The career outcomes for doctors completing general practice vocational training 1990-1995. (1/317)

BACKGROUND: While much has been published about the career outcomes of doctors who completed general practice vocational training prior to 1990, no evidence is currently available about those who have qualified since that time. AIM: To obtain information about the career paths of doctors who had completed general practice vocational training since 1990, and to compare the results with previously published data. METHOD: Postal questionnaire survey of all doctors completing vocational training during the period 1990-1995 in three regions of the United Kingdom. The study examined current work status, career path since completion of training, desire for and experience of part-time training, degree of difficulty in choosing and following a career, and the degree to which certain factors impeded career choice. RESULTS: The overall response rate was 64.8%, although there was a significant difference between the response rates for men and women. While virtually all responders were employed, with the majority working in general practice, women were significantly less likely than men to be working as principals in general practice, for all cohorts. These results were very similar to those cohorts described in earlier studies. The career paths of doctors only became stable after about four years. Of those working in general practice, about 20% found it difficult to choose their career, and about 10% found it difficult to follow their career. Out-of-hours work was the major factor impeding career choice. CONCLUSION: Although they are taking longer to reach, the final career destinations of doctors completing vocational training since 1990 are no different from those of earlier cohorts.  (+info)

Library residencies and internships as indicators of success: evidence from three programs. (2/317)

This paper discusses post-master's degree internships in three very different organizations; the University of Illinois at Chicago, the National Library of Medicine, and the Library of Congress. It discusses the internships using several questions. Do the programs serve as a recruitment strategy? Do the programs develop key competencies needed by the participant or organization? Do the programs develop leaders and managers? Is acceptance into a program an indicator of future career success? A survey was mailed to 520 persons who had completed internships in one of the three programs. There was a 49.8% response rate. Responses to fifty-four questions were tabulated and analyzed for each program and for the total group. The results confirm the value of internships to the career of participants.  (+info)

Human resource development: the management, planning and training of health personnel. (3/317)

The morale of health personnel is fast becoming the major factor affecting both the sustainability and the quality of health care world-wide. Low morale mirrors problems ranging from declining balance of payments allocation to GNP, and a lack of support for the health system from the very top down to the rigid application of national pay, grading and career structures, and the stress of not being able to do the job properly. While many of these and other problems have been voiced again and again in the press and in the academic literature, much of the work on health manpower development has focused on the planning and production of personnel. This has been with the aim of producing specific categories of better-trained health workers with relevant qualifications, resulting in a heavy emphasis on a quantitative output. In this paper it is argued that the management of health personnel, the qualitative aspect of staff development, has been relatively neglected. Unless and until the management of human resource development receives the attention it needs, seeds of discontent, disillusion and dissatisfaction will ultimately lead to national health services losing their competitiveness as employers. The sustainability and quality of health programmes will then be in even greater jeopardy than they are at present. The planning, production and management components of health manpower development have developed haphazardly as verticle activities. A new term such as 'human resource development; the management of health personnel' might help ensure the concept of an integrated process contingent on economic, political, organizational and other important circumstances.  (+info)

Determinants of career structure and advancement among Italian cardiologists. An example of segregation and discrimination against women? SCIC Group. Studio Condizione Italiana Cardiologi. (4/317)

AIMS: The aim of this study was to analyse the processes through which job, career and research-related choices are determined in Italian cardiology, focusing on characteristics such as productivity, gender and family. METHODS AND RESULTS: In June 1996, a questionnaire surveying individual and career-related data was mailed to all members (8000) of the Italian societies of cardiology. Returned questionnaires numbered 1715 (21.4% of the total mailed), 83% were completed by men and 17% by women. For both hospital and academic careers, advancement in rank was influenced by variables denoting productivity, family and individual characteristics. However, men and women showed slightly different patterns. CONCLUSIONS: Promotion to the upper ranks of the hierarchy was highly dependent upon time (once the effects of the covariates were eliminated). This situation is typical of the internal labour market, that is, in institutions in which staff members are ranked on a hierarchical scale according to formal criteria that are 'rigid' and institutionalized, partially sheltered from competition. Therefore, once a member has gained access to the bottom of the hierarchy, the professional career is 'pre-determined' and seniority has an appreciable influence on promotion decisions; in this context, women appear to be at a disadvantage.  (+info)

Women physicians in academic medicine: new insights from cohort studies. (5/317)

BACKGROUND: I conducted a study to determine whether women who graduate from medical schools are more or less likely than their male counterparts to pursue full-time careers in academic medicine and to advance to the senior ranks of medical school faculties. METHODS: The rates of advancement to the ranks of assistant, associate, and full professor for all U.S. medical school graduates from 1979 through 1993 and for all members of U.S. medical school faculties from 1979 through 1997 were studied. Cohorts were defined on the basis of the year of graduation from medical school, track (tenure or nontenure), and academic department. Within each cohort, the number of women who advanced to a senior rank was compared with the number that would be expected on the basis of parity between men and women, and 95 percent confidence intervals were calculated. RESULTS: Women were significantly more likely than men to pursue an academic career. During the study period, 634 more women became faculty members than expected. The numbers were higher in the older cohorts than in the younger cohorts. The numbers of women who advanced to the ranks of associate and full professor were significantly lower than the expected numbers. This was true for both tenure and nontenure tracks, even after adjustment for the department. A total of 334 fewer women advanced to associate professor than expected, and 44 fewer women advanced to full professor than expected. CONCLUSIONS: Disparities persist in the advancement of men and women on medical school faculties. However, the numbers of women physicians at all levels of academic medicine are increasing.  (+info)

Women in hospital medicine in the United Kingdom: glass ceiling, preference, prejudice or cohort effect? (6/317)

OBJECTIVE: To assess from official statistics whether there is evidence that the careers of women doctors in hospitals do not progress in the same way as those of men. DESIGN: The proportions of female hospital doctors overall (1963-96), and in the specialties of medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, pathology, radiology/radiotherapy, anaesthetics and psychiatry (1974-1996) were examined. Additionally data were examined on career preferences and intentions from pre-registration house officers, final year medical students, and medical school applicants (1966-1991). ANALYSIS: Data were analysed according to cohort of entry to medical school to assess the extent of disproportionate promotion. RESULTS: The proportion of women in hospital career posts was largely explained by the rapidly increasing proportion of women entering medical school during the past three decades. In general there was little evidence for disproportionate promotion of women in hospital careers, although in surgery, hospital medicine and obstetrics and gynaecology, fewer women seemed to progress beyond the SHO grade, and in anaesthetics there were deficits of women at each career stage. Analyses of career preferences and intentions suggest that disproportionate promotion cannot readily be explained as differential choice by women. CONCLUSIONS: Although there is no evidence as such of a "glass ceiling" for women doctors in hospital careers, and the current paucity of women consultants primarily reflects historical trends in the numbers of women entering medical school, there is evidence in some cases of disproportionate promotion that is best interpreted as direct or indirect discrimination.  (+info)

Doctors who kill themselves: a study of the methods used for suicide. (7/317)

Medical practitioners have a relatively high rate of suicide. Death entry data for doctors who died by suicide or undetermined cause between 1979 and 1995 in England and Wales were used to compare methods used for suicide by doctors with those used by the general population. Methods used were analysed according to gender, occupational status and speciality, to assess the extent to which access to dangerous means influences the pattern of suicide. Self-poisoning with drugs was more common in the doctors than in general population suicides (57% vs. 26.6%; OR=3.65, 95% CI 2.85-4. 68), including in retired doctors. Barbiturates were the most frequent drugs used. Half of the anaesthetists who died used anaesthetic agents. Self-cutting was also more frequently used as a method of suicide. The finding that the greater proportion of suicide deaths in doctors were by self-poisoning may reflect the fact that doctors have ready access to drugs, and have knowledge of which drugs and doses are likely to cause death. The specific finding that a large proportion of suicides in anaesthetists involved anaesthetic agents supports this explanation. Availability of method may be a factor contributing to the relatively high suicide rate of doctors. This fact might influence clinical management of doctors who are known to be depressed or suicidal.  (+info)

Recruitment and retention of general practitioners in the UK: what are the problems and solutions? (8/317)

Recruitment and retention of general practitioners (GPs) has become an issue of major concern in recent years. However, much of the evidence is anecdotal and some commentators continue to question the scale of workforce problems. Hence, there is a need to establish a clear picture of those instabilities (i.e. imbalances between demand and supply) that do exist in the GP labour market in the UK. Based on a review of the published literature, we identify problems that stem from: (i) the changing social composition of the workforce and the fact that a large proportion of qualified GPs are significantly underutilized within traditional career structures; and (ii) the considerable differences in the ability of local areas to match labour demand and supply. We argue that one way to address these problems would be to encourage greater flexibility in a number of areas highlighted in the literature: (i) time commitment across the working day and week; (ii) long-term career paths; (iii) training and education; and (iv) remuneration and contract conditions. Overall, although the evidence suggests that the predicted 'crisis' has not yet occurred in the GP labour market as a whole, there is no room for lack of imagination in planning terms. Workforce planners continue to emphasize national changes to the medical school intake as the means to balance labour demand and supply between the specialities; however, better retention and deployment of existing GP labour would arguably produce more effective supply-side solutions. In this context, current policy and practice developments (e.g. Primary Care Groups and Primary Care Act Pilot Sites) offer a unique learning base upon which to move forward.  (+info)

The analysis in this paper is based on surveys of the UK graduation cohorts of 1974, 1977, 1980, 1983, 1993, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2002, and 2005. The methods used have been described in detail elsewhere [5, 6]. Towards the end of the first, third and fifth years after graduation, and at longer time intervals after that, questionnaires were sent to all medical graduates in each year-of-graduation cohort. Up to four reminders were sent to non-respondents. The graduates of 1974 from all medical schools in England, Wales and Scotland were surveyed. From the cohorts of 1977 onwards, the surveys covered the whole of the UK including Northern Ireland. The total number of medical schools in the UK has changed across the decades covered by the surveys (notably, some of the London schools merged) but, at the time of analysis for this paper, there were 23 medical schools in the studies. The UK MCRG studies and surveys have ethical approval from the National Research Ethics Service (reference 04/Q1907/48) ...
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Part Time Accounting jobs, Part Time Accounting career resources, Part Time Accounting careers, Part Time Accounting job, Part Time Accounting career, Part Time Accounting employment, Part Time Accounting work, Part Time Accounting job opportunities, Part Time Accounting employment opportunities, jobs in Part Time Accounting, careers in Part Time Accounting In 2012, the Australia Council surveyed 310 artists who were within the first five years of their careers in order to examine key elements of their career development as well as differences between grant recipients and non-recipients. It is not clear whether the 310 respondents were randomly sampled and whether respondents could be considered representative of all Australian early career artists.. In terms of their early career experiences, the average rating provided by artists regarding their artistic fulfilment to date was moderate (6.4 out of 10), as was their rating of their confidence in their careers (6.7 out of 10). More specifically, 12% of respondents indicated that, over the past year, their career had exceeded their expectations. Another 43% indicated that their career had met their expectations. On the other hand, 29% felt that their career had ...
I will ask him about career prospects. In assessing and comparing the Post-grad. dip. in Occupational Health and Safety (PDip OHS) and the MEH programs, I thought that the career prospects for the two groups were quite similar and so the MEH won my commitment because I thought the work might be more interesting. But having had the time to reflect on and process what I had read and from rereading some of the course information this morning, now I am not sure that the two courses will launch me towards a career at the same velocities. I get the impression that MEH graduates generally start off as Environmental Health Officers while some find employment as Scientific Officers in government and a wide range of other fields including the food industry and environmental management. That sounds promising but I havent seen any real indication anywhere of career prospects and the demand for graduates. In contrast, the PDip. OHS page includes a section headed Career Opportunities wherein graduates ...
SPCR Clinical Training Awards for ST3 GP Trainees These SPCR awards for GP vocational trainees are made for 2 years at ST3 level, subject to the availability of regional support and NHS funding (we fund only the 0.5wte academic component of the training). The aim is to complement the national ACF scheme by allowing later entry as it is clear that ST1 is too early for many trainees to make an informed decision about following an academic track and emerging talent is being missed. Applicants are required to meet national eligibility criteria for academic training and will have a training number and be on a VTS. SPCR GP Career Progression Awards There is an increasing demand for part-time academic training for personal reasons and from clinicians who do not wish to lose clinical competencies. In 2012 we introduced part time GP Career Progression awards. These can be for a length of time from 12 to 24 months. SPCR PhD Studentships These are available to those with limited primary care experience ...
The need to assess clinical competencies in a medical environment is an intriguing issue due to progressive involvement of young physicians in clinical practice, as well as for connections tied to evaluation systems to define postgraduate training and career progression. To reach this goal, system must be based upon contributions that are aimed to achieve a clear and homogeneous evaluation pathway and strictly related to the continuing medical education institution (credits). All these presuppositions are instrumental for the proposal of a sheet which could allow a data retrieval useful to depict a career progression by means of: identification of reproducible parameters along with clear standards; advices for indicators; objective judgments that could drive to a score meaningful for reaching higher steps in the performance evaluation ...
The Universitys annual Recognition of Distinction (RoD) exercise invites senior researchers to apply for the titles of University Research Lecturer, Associate Professor or Full Professor in appreciation of their substantial contribution to research, teaching and good citizenship. The titles are awarded through a staged departmental, divisional and central process that includes external international peer review. The benchmark is an equivalent level of attainment expected of such titles at other major research-intensive universities. The RoD process specifically considers equality and diversity and invites disclosure of relevant personal circumstances. Every year members of the NDORMS Board liaise with the HR team to identify suitable candidates and encourage them to apply, e.g. through discussion at PDR. Those not yet eligible are supported to develop the skills/experience they will need to make an application in the future. For more information regarding the Recognition of Distinction Scheme ...
Withdrawals and Drops. A student may withdraw from the OCPP at any time. A signed letter approved by the sponsor outlining the reason for withdrawal must be received by the Academy before processing of the withdrawal can occur. A student may be withdrawn from the program by the Academy if he/she fails to make tuition payments on time. Tuition payments are due by the 15th of the month, and failure of a student to miss one payment cycle can result in immediate withdrawal from the OCPP and notification sent to the students respective state board, if applicable. The student will receive a letter stating that they have missed a payment and have been withdrawn. If the student fails to render payment at the time that he/she withdraws from the program, then the account will be turned over to a COLLECTIONS AGENCY.. Inactive students are defined as students who have not returned a completed lesson or contacted the Academy requesting a time extension for a period of over nine months. Students inactive for ...
For Technicians and LPNs/LVNs Two (2) Career Mobility Scholarships are awarded annually to support a qualified CCHT, CCHT-A and/or CD/LPN/LVN. These scholarships provide funding for continuing education and development or support of a program to improve patient outcomes in the health science field. Each $2000 scholarship enables the winner to enhance his/her knowledge and better contribute to the nephrology community. Beginning this year NNCC will award three (3) Career Mobility Scholarships annually.
DOE Science Showcase - Energy Department Scientists and Engineers Honored with Presidential Early Career Awards (PECASE) - Researchers funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science were recently honored with the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)-the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. government on outstanding scientists and engineers who are early in their independent research careers (see White House Blog). -
Associate Professor Sachin Patel of both Molecular Physiology and Biophysics and Psychiatry, is one of 106 researchers named today by President Obama as a recipient of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. The Presidential Early Career Award is the highest honor bestowed by the United States government on science and engineering professionals in the early stages of their independent research careers. More information.. ...
Living with anxiety can make everything feel a little bit more difficult. However, it is still possible to thrive in every area of your life. Here are some tips for career success if you deal with anxiety.
This study assesses the influence of a two-year language program evaluation on program directors and faculty career development. The study makes use of mixed-paradigms (positivism and qualitative interpretive), mixed-strategies (survey research and qualitative evaluation), one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and a post-hoc test of multiple comparisons (Scheffe). The findings indicate that imposed program evaluation experiences help faculty members advance their career skills in terms of course planning, classroom teaching, learning assessment, classroom research, and coping with career pressure. The findings also indicate significant improvement in program director academic and administrative career skills. Moreover, the findings did not show inter-program differences regarding the program evaluation impact on faculty and program director career skills. The study recommends program evaluation as an effective and systematic approach to program stakeholder career development.
With the rise of technological evolution, computers have become an indispensable part of modern life. People are facing new problems and to solve these new applications are also being introduced every day; the computer related job opportunities is also growing at the same pace. The global context has created diverse career paths for the computers science engineers. Provided with the vast opportunities, the career paths for Computer Science and Engineering graduates can be divided into a number of categories. The following categories summarize those opportunities.. Programming and Software Development ...
Dr. Eric Topol talks with NBCs Dr. Nancy Snyderman about juggling careers in medicine and television, and what its like to break through academias glass ceiling.
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Latest Career Opportunity At GlaxoSmithKline Nigeria Plc for Product Technical Process Owner in Ogun, Nigeria for job seekers and professionals. Apply today
Increases and maintains a strong cohort of new and talented, NIH-supported, independent investigators. This program is designed to facilitate a timely transition of outstanding postdoctoral researchers or clinician-scientists from mentored research positions to independent, tenure-track or equivalent faculty positions, and to provide independent NIH research support during the transition that will help these individuals launch competitive, independent research careers. View the fact sheet for more information. ...
So, your child got accepted into the university.. Gone are the days of Meet-the-Teacher Nights, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and PAC Meetings. You probably feel a little bit lost. Or maybe relieved…? But you probably still worry: will they succeed? will they have enough self-discipline to study? will they find a successful career after graduation? And finally: Is there really nothing I can do?. Well, there is something you can do in preparing your student for a successful career. After all, this is the reason they went to university, right? And you think that getting a degree will make that career possible, right? Not quite. Our world has changed so much since the days we went to school, from the way we study to the way we search for careers. Think about the changes in the last 20 years in technology, politics and economy. Did you know that todays top 10 careers didnt even exist 20 years ago?. The advice you were given as a young person is probably the same advice you are giving your ...
Muhamad Ali had not expected that his graduation from the Faculty of Law UGM would take him to an entirely different path than he should have. In fact, working in a job that is different than his college major brought him to the top of his career.
One of the ways that UCSF helps to provide a supportive work environment for staff is by offering mentoring opportunities, such as the Turnaround Program.
Engineering describes building solutions to engines, machines, structures or processes. Engineers apply mathematic, scientific, technical and design knowledge and skills to develop new processes or improve existing ones within businesses and government. Engineers may work individually or within teams to create solutions that are cost-effective and safe within a specified budget. Engineering is a large employment field that offers many specializations, and roles can vary from research and development to product design. All engineering specialties are experiencing job growth with many internship and employment opportunities available.. Internship/Full-time Positions: Engineering intern (specialty area is usually included in position title). ...
In today´s ever changing world, systematic and focused career management is becoming increasingly important for both researchers and their employers. However research organisations face the challenge of how to guide researchers through this process and how to enable them to become creative, critical and autonomous intellectual risk takers.. Currently variety of career development tools is available, some of them are formal and structured, other are based on informal and self-directed approach. But how to ensure that these tools, usually designed for the use in certain research environments, can be transferred to other contexts? And how to make them more reflexive to the increasing variability of career patterns and opportunities which arise with the creation of brand new jobs in the near future?. REFLEX - A two-year project joining forces of partners from five European countries, will address these challenges through the designing of intelligent career development framework based on the direct ...
Our lives have been disrupted by the Coronavirus. For many, our work lives have been disrupted as well. Some of us are working from home, while others have faced furloughs, lay-offs and shutdowns. However, there are industries who are hiring. From warehouses, to shipping, and to healthcare, they are hiring to meet demand based on our current environment. The Franklin University Center for Career Development wants to directly extend our hand to you. The Center has compiled a list of employers who are hiring now, to support you and the community in our current environment in response to the Coronavirus. Please feel free to pass this along to friends and family who might be looking for immediate employment.. The Center for Career Development recently partnered with GradLeaders to assist our students in helping them in their career search. Career Engaged at Franklin powered by GradLeaders will make its debut on our student site in June, but until then we will post some of the great content they will ...
Young people who leave high school without going onto college are a critical population to understand in terms of career development. This report highlights findings from a study of 166 youth who had recently joined the California Conservation Corps (CCC). Thirty percent of those surveyed had not completed high school. About one-fourth of the corps members had joined CCC with the hope of an eventual career with the Corps, and more than one-third were using CCC to explore job and career opportunities.
University of Warwick, UK. The mobility of academics has tended to be romanticized as a universal good in policy discourses, as well as certain areas of academic literature. Mobility is seen as contributing to economic growth, and constitutes a key dimension in the global internationalization agenda. For early career academics, including doctoral researchers, mobility is constructed as catalyst for career progression, a means of creating leading researchers for the future. Academic mobility can include short-term and temporary mobility, longer term mobility for qualification or employment purposes, and long-term mobility trajectories that encompass multiple destinations. For some, different types of mobility overlap, such as an international student participating in a study abroad scheme. Academic mobility constitutes an important area of interest for comparative and international education researchers, as mobile subjects destabilise and yet inhabit national borders;each of the studies included ...
The White House recently named James L. Gulley, M.D., Ph.D., Deputy Chief of CCRs Laboratory of Tumor Immunology and Biology, a recipient of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, the highest honor bestowed by the United States Government on science and engineering professionals in the early stages of their independent research careers. Gulley was selected for using randomized, controlled studies to test novel, recombinant vaccines to reduce the progression of prostate and other cancers and to increase patients survival.. This award has been given annually since President Bill Clinton commissioned the National Science and Technology Council to create it in 1996. Sixteen Federal departments and agencies, including the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), join together annually to nominate the most meritorious candidates. Awardees are selected for their pursuit of innovative research at the frontiers of science and technology and their commitment to ...
March 28,2008- New career momentum for liberal arts grads: Sauder School of Business at UBC announces Early Career Masters (ECM).
See if you can remember a time in your childhood when you noticed somebody doing professional work. Maybe a nurse or doctor, dressed in a lab coat, was listening to your heartbeat. Maybe a worker at a construction site, decked in a hard hat, was operating noisy machinery. Maybe a cashier at the checkout line in a grocery store was busily scanning bar codes. Each day in your young life you could have seen a hundred people doing various jobs. Surely some of the experiences drew your interest and appealed to your imagination.. If you can recall any such times, those are moments from the beginning stage of your career development.. What exactly is career development? Its a lifelong process in which we become aware of, interested in, knowledgeable about, and skilled in a career. Its a key part of human development as our identity forms and our life unfolds.. ...
The NNCC is now offering two (2) new CCHT Career Mobility Scholarships to support a qualified technicians continuing education and development or support of a program to improve patient outcomes in the health science field. Visit the Scholarships / Grants section for more information - deadline for submission is November 29, 2013.
Personal Development Reviews (PDRs) offer an opportunity for all staff to step back from day-to-day pressures to discuss their role and responsibilities, reflect on the previous years achievements and explore career progression. The annual PDR discussion is also a chance to gain feedback, identify objectives and priorities for the coming year, and consider development needs. We hope that all staff find the PDR scheme a positive and valuable means of integrating your personal career development aspirations with the objectives of the Department and the wider University. Go to our Intranet to find out more about NDORMS PDR scheme, PDR Toolkit and guidance! ...
High-profile advances have injected an air of excitement into the study of the brain, opening opportunities for scientists with a knack for technology development, programming, and engineering.
During the past twelve months, the Career Development Center surveyed the graduating class of 2014 using a series of mail, web and phone surveys. We also collected data from employers, parents, faculty and other sources. The Career Development Center uses the Registrars information for this process, so this report includes graduates of August 2013, December 2013, and May 2014. A response rate of 70 percent was realized from the survey. This report was prepared in July 2015.. In every possible instance, comparative data for the last five years is given. Some duplication of numbers will exist, primarily within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Students who graduated with dual majors have been counted in both majors for the individual major reports, but have been counted only once for the purposes of overall College and University statistics. Also, there are a few cases in which respondents indicated both enrollment in graduate school and employment as their primary status. In those cases, ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - The relationship between career mobility and occupational expertise. A retrospective study among higher-level Dutch professionals in three age groups. AU - van der Heijden, Beatrice. PY - 2003. Y1 - 2003. N2 - The present study investigates the relationship between two career-related variables and occupational expertise of higher-level employees from large working organisations in three different age groups. The factors in question are: total number of jobs that have been performed; and the average period spent in each job. Survey data from 420-higher level employees and 224 direct supervisors have been utilised. We may conclude that it is not experience as such that counts for the development of occupational expertise. We assume that it is rather the allocation of different jobs that determines competence growth. Results are considered in relation to possible explanations of the outcomes.. AB - The present study investigates the relationship between two career-related variables ...
To prevent career malnourishment, consider applying these five activities to your daily routine:. 1. Stop Weighing Down Conversations. Too many people, especially early in their career or in the throes of transition, want to be open to all opportunities and are unwilling to limit their options. Therefore, they weigh down career conversations with non-nutritional messages that lead to flabby results. Forget that. Reign in your fear, and get absolutely focused on what you want and where you fit. Then, lean up your communications with well-honed, sharp content that lifts your career advancement to new levels.. 2. Build Up a Value Proposition. This means, you must take the time to do the heavy intellectual lifting. Perform extensive introspection-in writing-as to what your unique areas of value are and weave these into your resume, online profiles, emails, texts and networking orations, among other venues. Ensure you are intimately digesting your own value and that it pulsates throughout your ...
Launched in December 2000, the Liz Tilberis Early Career Award is for junior faculty (Assistant Professor level) with a strong commitment to an investigative…
Early Career Investigator Awards recognize promising and outstanding investigators in the early stages of their careers, stimulate continued interest in...
In the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, your research program will support your professional development and vice-versa. However, that doesnt mean that you will immediately appreciate the professional and transferable skills that you are taking on board, or that your professional development will be sufficient to support your career progression. This may be particularly true for trainees who have not participated in PD programming before.. We can help you to recognize, and to articulate, the many skills developed over the course of a well-designed, well-supported, research program. We can also direct you to resources to help fill any gaps in your professional skills repertoire.. Learn how to relate your professional experience to specific skills in:. , ...
Applications are open for the Career Development Lecture at the ARTERY annual scientific meeting in October 2017, Pisa, Italy.. The Career Development lecture provides a platform for which to disseminate information about the candidates work on the theme of large arteries.. Applications will be accepted directly from individuals, or through nominations on behalf of others, providing they have given consent. The elected lecturers will receive €500 towards their costs in attending the conference to present their paper, along with complimentary registration.. To be eligible candidates should:. ...
SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced the winner of the companys third annual Agilent Early Career Professor Award. Dr. ...
With four award winners in this years list of 65 Early Career Research Program recipients, announced last week by DOEs Office of Science, Berkeley Lab scores high among the institutions whose researchers have won the five-year, $2.5 million grants. Designed to support exceptional researchers during the critical stages of their formative work, the awards focus on areas of high priority for the nation and for DOEs mission. Grants are administered by major program offices within the Office of Science.. This year well over a thousand applicants from universities and national laboratories submitted proposals. Berkeley Labs winners are:. ...
Career advancement didnt weigh heavily on my mind when I first became a nurse. My primary career goal was to simply be a good nurse. Whatever your career path, being good at your job is essential. But advancing your career can also increase job satisfaction and enhance fulfillment. Throughout my career, in varied experiences as an employee, supervisor, mentor, and colleague, Ive observed a number of key attributes that will make a career successful. See if you agree ...
The European Geosciences Union (EGU) awards the 2017 Outstanding Early Career Scientists Award to Elmer Ruigrok for pioneering contributions to the methodology of retrieving seismic-reflection responses from passive seismic data, including ambient noise, and to its application at global, regional and basin scale. More information. ...
Our 2017 pay and reward survey report is now available to members, offering insights into salary expectations, career development opportunities and job satisfaction.. This year, almost 7,000 of our members responded to our biennial survey, so thank you to all of you who took part. The report not only informs members about their salary expectations, but also enables them to compare opportunities for career development and job satisfaction, giving an overall more rounded benchmark for employment salaries and rewards.. We have been gathering data on our members experiences of salary, pension, and benefits in the chemical sciences since 1919. The 2017 report is the 42nd edition of the survey, which can be used by employers and employees in a range of sectors as a benchmark for salaries. This years report, available free to all Royal Society of Chemistry members, contains information on pay and benefits packages, and member perceptions of career prospects.. ...
What would you identify as your biggest success while working part time?. Im really proud of the work I put in to the completion and submission of the Facultys first silver Athena SWAN application. As there was a lot of work to do on it, I chose to work some extra hours to help out. However, there was never any demand on my time. I was able to work the extra hours that I chose very flexibly, and I felt in control of when I worked and for how long. My line managers also made sure I always knew just how much my time was truly appreciated.. What advantages or opportunities has working part time brought you?. Working part time has allowed me to have a better work life balance. As a mum to a daughter its been really nice to be able to show her that as a woman you are still able to have a successful career as well as having time to be at home with her.. What challenges did you face while working part time?. The main challenge of working part time is that work doesnt stop when Im not here. Theres ...
The Department of Energys (DOEs) Office of Science has selected 49 scientists from across the nation -- including 22 from DOEs national laboratories and 27 from US universities -- to receive significant funding for research as part of DOEs Early Career Research Program.
Fifty of the nations best early career science faculty will have more time and resources to focus on their boldest-and potentially transformative-research ideas with support from a new initiative from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Prof Brent Stockwell from the dept of Biological Sciences & dept of Chemistry, Columbia University is one of them. Brent Stockwell has invented several drug discovery technologies. He uses small molecules to reveal vulnerabilities in tumor cells, to stop the damage caused by protein misfolding in neurodegenerative disorders, and to illuminate basic mechanisms of cell death ...
A key objective of OCB is to train the next generation of ocean scientists and engage early career scientists in OCB and partner program meetings and
PART I FOUNDATIONS OF CAREER DEVELOPMENT PRACTICE. CHAPTER 1 Introduction to the Global Economy, Social justice, and Career Development. CHAPTER 2 Trait-and-Factor and Developmental Theories of Career Choice and Development and Their Applications. CHAPTER 3 Learning Theory-Based, Postmodern, Socioeconomic, and Decision-Making Theories and Their Applications. CHAPTER 4 Ethical and Legal Guidelines and the Competencies Needed for Career Development Practice. PART II CAREER COUNSELING, ASSESSMENT, AND INFORMATION DISSEMINATION. CHAPTER 5 A Values-Based, Multicultural Approach to Career Counseling and Advocacy. CHAPTER 6 Clients with Special Needs. CHAPTER 7 Assessment in Career Counseling and Development. CHAPTER 8 Using Information to Facilitate Career Development. CHAPTER 9 Virtual and Brick and Mortar Career Exploration Centers (CEC): Design and Implementation. PART III FACILITATING ACTION TAKING. CHAPTER 10 Preparing for Work. CHAPTER 11 Facilitating the Global Job Search: Employability Skills ...
Obtaining a position as a sports information director is a great career choice for sports management grads who have excellent communication skills. People who choose these masters in sports management careers typically work for local colleges and universities and are responsible for reporting information pertaining to the schools athletic teams. This usually involves producing press releases announcing such things as events, schedules, scores, and player or team highlights.. Sports management careers are ideal for people who love sports and have excellent management skills. And for people who have wondered what career opportunities are opened up by a masters in sports management, the careers spotlighted above can help them decide on a career path that will provide them with excitement and personal satisfaction. ...
Downloadable (with restrictions)! Author(s): James Albrecht & Anders Bjorklund & Susan Vroman. 2003 Abstract: Using 1998 data, we show that the gender log wage gap in Sweden increases throughout the wage distribution and accelerates in the upper tail. We interpret this as a strong glass ceiling effect. We use quantile regression decompositions to examine whether this pattern can be ascribed primarily to gender differences in labor market characteristics or in the rewards to those characteristics. Even after extensive controls for gender differences in age, education (both level and field), sector, industry, and occupation, we find that the glass ceiling effect we see in the raw data persists to a considerable extent.
SIAM Early Career Travel Awards are given to help researchers in their early career gain the experience and exposure that comes from attending and presenting at SIAM conferences. The travel awards are intended to help early career participants defray some of the costs of their attendance. Learn more about this SIAM prize and other prizes.
Exclusive access to the international online tool GoinGlobal for country-specific career information and insider tips for finding employment worldwide. The Career Service of Göttingen University offers access to a career development tool for students and graduates who want to pursue international career opportunities - here and abroad. It allows to research career opportunities on the international job market and contains worldwide job and internship listings (updated daily) as well as country-specific information about applying and working abroad. Exclusive access via eCampus (choose GoinGlobal in Links). Event: 24.11. May the job be with you - How to succeed in an international job interview The Workshop for international and German students by interpool personal GmbH, provides you with direct insight into different selection processes in an international environment - inside as well as outside of your home country. By practicing a live interview simulation and a part of an Assessment ...
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Professor Danielle Garsin, Ph.D. has been recognized by McGovern Medical Schools Womens Faculty Forum with the 2020 Excellence in Research Award! The MMG department is proud of Dr. Garsins achievement and honored to have such distinguished faculty.. Dr. Garsin is at heart a bacterial geneticist, and this foundation supports her interests in bacterial pathogenesis, gene regulation, and host-microbe and microbe-microbe interactions. Her studies are centered on the biology of the human bacterial pathogen, Enterococcus faecalis.. Read more about this award here.. ...
This article addresses SDGs 3, 4 and 5 and by analying longitudinal data from 1995 to 2012-13 on women working in academic medicine in the USA, highlighting that women reporting severe sexual harassment in the workplace were more, rather than less, likely to pursue career advancement and attain full professorship. During career advancement, increased exposure to men who abuse
A new report from the TIAA Institute finds that African Americans have made only slight progress in increasing their percentage of faculty positions in higher education over the past two decades. And the gains that have been made are mostly in non-tenure-track positions.. In 1993, faculty from underrepresented groups made up 8.6 percent of all faculty in American higher education. By 2013, the percentage had risen to 12.7 percent. Among tenured full-time faculty, members of underrepresented groups were 7.1 percent of all tenured faculty in 1993 and 10.2 percent in 2013. The percentage of part-time adjunct faculty from underrepresented groups increased the most during the 20-year period from 9.2 percent to 14.2 percent.. African Americans were 6.2 percent of all women faculty in 1993 and 8.4 percent in 2013. Among tenured faculty, African Americans were 6.3 percent of all tenured women faculty in 1993 and but only 5.8 percent of all tenured women faculty in 2013.. The full report, Taking the ...
Training. One of the things our associates value most about being at Allen & Overy is the world-class training they receive. Throughout the year, we hold regular seminars for our attorneys to further develop their knowledge and skills, and we send our attorneys to external, practice area-specific programs as well. In addition to learning practical skills such as commercial and strategic awareness, effective communication and efficient time management, youll participate in global training programs geared toward developing your business acumen at each step of your career. Were committed to career progression, and have established programs to encourage your advancement. We recently began a business skills training program for female attorneys called Women Making Their Mark.. Weve also developed Owning Your Career, a career management program for mid-level associates. As you move through your associate career, youll have the opportunity to review your aspirations, explore your values, ...
Carrolls National Academy Health Careers Opportunity Program is designed to recruit disadvantaged students into a comprehensive allied health and physician assistant pipeline, retain them through graduation, and prepare them for primary care careers in underserved communities.
In 2018, the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) will present the FNIH Trailblazer Prize for Clinician-Scientists (Trailblazer Prize), which recognizes the outstanding contributions of early career clinician-scientists whose work has the potential to or has led to innovations in patient care. This $10,000 honorarium and prize celebrates the achievements of medical doctors… [Read More]. ...
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN LIFE SCIENCES - read this article along with other careers information, tips and advice on Wiley Job Network
Nancy Hopkins, Ph.D., noted cancer biologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is the 2012 recipient of the Margaret L. Kripke Legend Award for Promotion of Women in Cancer Medicine and Cancer Science.. The Kripke Legend Award recognizes scientific and medical leaders who have made extraordinary efforts to hire a diverse workforce and advance womens careers. It honors Professor Emerita Margaret Kripke, Ph.D., a distinguished scientist who achieved many firsts for women at MD Anderson, culminating in her promotion to executive vice president and chief academic officer.. At a time when gender equity issues were not discussed in academia, Nancy Hopkins took the responsibility to shine a light on inequities for women faculty at MIT, says Elizabeth Travis, Ph.D., MD Anderson associate vice president of Women Faculty Programs, which sponsors the award. Women faculty are better positioned to succeed because of her unwavering advocacy, and our institutions are stronger.. Hopkins ...
ECHR ANZ VIRTUAL CONFERENCE 2020 Registration Abstract submission TUESDAY 10 NOVEMBER10AM-1PM (AEDT, Melbourne/Sydney/Canberra) WEDNESDAY 11 NOVEMBER2.30PM-5.30PM (AEDT, Melbourne/Sydney/Canberra) Are you an early career researcher in the area ofhallucinations and related experiences? Swinburne University of Technology is excited to be hosting the first FREE virtual conference for the Early Career Hallucinations Research, Australia and New Zealand…
Career Opportunities at Médecins Sans Frontières Belgium for Project Coordinator, Nurse, Clinical Officer in Nairobi, Kenya for job seekers and professionals. Apply today
School District 22 students recently toured the Tolko Lavington Division plant to see first-hand what career opportunities are available
PHSA is hiring a Medical Imaging - Career Opportunities Across the Lower Mainland in British Columbia. Find details about this job.
Eventbrite - Jessica Garcia presents ABI Open House- Information Session on the Emerging Field of ABA and Career Opportunities within ABI - Monday, January 15, 2018 at Applied Behavioral Interventions, Brooklyn, NY. Find event and ticket information.
Chu, CWL and Mondejar, R Impact of Transformational Leadership and Mentoring on Follower Career Success: A Self-Concept Perspective In: International Association for Chinese Management Research, 2014-06-18 - ?, Beijing. Full text not available from this repository ...
Career Biography Alexey Shaytan received his diploma in condensed matter physics from Moscow State University in 2007. He then pursued PHD...
The obvious advantage for clinician-scientists is their involvement in all aspects of translational medicine. Many times this is termed bench-to-bedside medicine, which aims to test new therapeutic concepts in the lab and bring new treatments into the clinic. Although this is the desire of most, if not all, clinical-scientists, I now realize that ideas and experience move in both directions and more frequently flow from bedside to bench. Clinician-scientists interact with patients, see the clinical features of their diseases, and then develop basic science experiments to test new ideas that stem from this experience.. As a fellow, I became interested in a rare neurodevelopmental disorder, called Rett syndrome, and the role of biogenic amines (the neurotransmitters: dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin) in this disease. Many of the clinical features found in Rett syndrome suggest alterations in these neurotransmitters. Therefore, I designed a human study to collect spinal fluid from ...
Isnt it about time we really take to the 21st century, and let women unholster their weapons and shoot out the glass ceiling? I think so and the majority would agree, but nothing seems to change.
Navigating an international research career is a potentially hazardous journey, with many unforeseen challenges and pitfalls to be faced. Japanese Studies like all Area Studies necessarily invites such challenges, as scholars will almost certainly spend long periods on sojourn in radically different scholarly environments. One challenge is to know about and act on institutional expectations and norms with the intention of securing and improving employment opportunities. This is particularly important for early career researchers (ECRs) who may spend long periods on field work or in junior employment in Asia. Moreover, although academics generally insist on evidence based scholarship in their fields of interest, they may rely on personal experience, institutional norms, and hearsay as guides when making decisions in their own organizations. Naturally the decisions that both ECRs and employers make in their respective roles will, in the absence of systematic empirical evidence, be strongly subject ...
There are a variety of medical/health careers available in the Sciences with a major in Biology. Most of these careers involve training beyond the Bachelors degree. Some links to other web pages with information on careers in the medical and health sciences are provided below. ...
The School of Pharmacy values and supports the continuing professional development and career advancement of its Faculty. In order to achieve these goals, annual funds are allocated to support individual full-time faculty members in further developing their skills and abilities in the areas of teaching, research, service and leadership. Furthermore, faculty members especially junior faculty who have identified needs for professional development are assigned a senior faculty mentor who will provide formative mentoring and guidance on career development in accordance to a formal Individual Faculty Mentoring and Development Plan document.. back to top. ...
The material generally avoids stereotypes or language that might be offensive to a particular group. For example, photographs and illustrations include a diverse cultural mix of students and adults (e.g., pp. 44s, 57s, 69s), but the number of photographs that include people throughout the material is few. The material provides some illustrations of the contributions of women and minorities to science and as role models. Most of the contributions of women and minority scientists, however, appear in separate sections entitled Career Opportunities, Multicultural Perspectives, and Historical Perspectives. Career Opportunities describe the careers of women or minority scientists, give information for students to learn more about the careers, and provide suggestions to the teacher for class discussions. For example, one Career Opportunities feature discusses the life and work experiences of technician Phyllis Stout (p. 55st). Multicultural Perspectives provide information about particular cultural ...
Rembrandt Hotel is proud to support the Youth Career Development Program, a five-month life changing opportunity program managed by UNICEF, for the third consecutive year. Fifteen young women and four young men were selected to participate in the 2012 Youth Career Development Program (YCDP), which will...
Our Students Success Is Important. At McLain/Long View High School, we have implemented a Career Development and Exploration program for our students. We want all of our students to leave High School on a path to succeed at their highest potential. We work with students on employability skills which include, but are not limited to career assessments, resume building, interview skills, job search skills, corporate expectations and other on the job skills. We offer employment help, job coaching, career assessments and internships. Researching companies and careers in class is a great activity but learning about a career by experiencing it in person is an even greater learning tool that often helps our students visualize their future. These experiences also enable our students to understand how their classroom and textbook education applies in the real world. ...
The Faculty Development Program in the Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine (DACCPM) at Massachusetts General Hospital provides current faculty members with the skills to grow personally and professionally in their care
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Dear Students and Parents. All Warrnambool and District Secondary Colleges in conjunction with the regions Further Education providers will be combining to host the Biennial Careers Expo during July/August 2017. The primary aim of the Expo is to assist students and their parents to research a wide range of careers options in preparation for the important decisions students will make over the next few years.. The Careers Expo is conducted every two years and from past experience and testimonials, is an invaluable experience and extremely useful in assisting students in their career/pathway decision making and transition process. Research clearly indicates that families who research career options early have a greater degree of success in navigating through the many career options.. Guest presenters are current practitioners in their chosen vocations and they will outline the day to day tasks involved within their career, the career paths and education and training required to obtain employment ...
Information about Wellcomes Research Career Development Fellowships for scientists in Ireland. See the postdoctoral research scheme at a glance and find out how to apply.
FOCUS 2 combines self-assessment, career and major exploration, decision making and action planning in one comprehensive assessment. Customized with majors offered at CCSU, students assessment results are matched to career options and majors/programs offered at Central. FOCUS 2 guides students through a reliable career and education decision making model to help them select their majors, make informed career decisions and take action. How to get started in Focus2:. ...
If you are just starting your career or you are in the middle of work and you want a career switch, this article is something that you should read till the very end. There are many things that you have to keep in mind when you are starting your career path or you want to make a switch. It is not as easy as you think and it can become quite hectic. The aim of this article is to give you some tips on what you can keep in mind and do when you make the decision to follow a career path of your choice. Here they are ...
The healthcare industry has been expanding steadily for many years. In fact, data released in October 2017 by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics indicates that of the 20 fastest growing jobs today, 50% of them are related to the healthcare industry. By 2018, it is expected that roughly 3.2 million new healthcare-related jobs will be created. While the healthcare field is expanding, it represents a wide variety of career choices, many of which students just beginning their college careers, or changing from a career path they expected to pursue, may have little or no knowledge of. For this reason, the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program (BSHS) has put together a database of career fields in healthcare. This database provides a brief description of various careers in healthcare, along with a link to Learn More about each career. Careers are grouped into one of seven broad categories, as well as a section listing the various settings for careers in healthcare: ...
The vision of the Dallas ISD Career Institutes is to provide high school students a choice to pursue a Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathway, work with industry partners, train on state-of-the-art, industry-standard equipment, obtain four or more certifications, and obtain dual credit when appropriate, prior to graduation. A Career Institute will prepare students for high skill, high wage, and high demand occupations.. Dallas ISD is planning to strategically place four Career Institutes throughout various quadrants of the city. Each Career Institute will serve as a hub for the high schools within the quadrant. The first two Career Institutes in the Northern and Southern sectors of the city will open in the fall of 2020. The Career Institute in the northern sector will support the following high schools: Conrad High School; Hillcrest High School; North Dallas High School; Thomas Jefferson High School; and W.T. White High School. The Career Institute in the southern sector will support the ...
The ARC is passionate about creating a unique space for staff to realize their potential, a platform where smart minds can find the support, interaction and knowledge to help them shine even brighter. Joining the ARC is a lifetime investment in personal growth, as we are committed to the continued professional development of our people.. Through development programmes, training, mentoring and formal career planning they can reach their full potential and fulfill their personal career goals. The career opportunities at the ARC are endless. Employees are encouraged and supported on the career path they wish to take. At ARC, you will find a variety of different career opportunities - depending on where you are right now with your training or professional career.. ...
Asbestos Surveyor Analyst - Birmingham - West Midlands £27,000 - £30,000 + Benefits + Overtime + Career Progression MY client is looking for an Asbestos...
Mo Wang Honored With APA Distinguished Scientific Award for Early Career Contributions By Stephany Below, Communications Manager. SIOP member Mo Wang has recently been selected as a recipient of the 2013 American Psychological Association (APA) Distinguished Scientific Award for Early Career Contribution to Psychology in the area of applied research. The APA Committee on Scientific Awards declared a tie for the Early Career Award this year in the area of applied research. Dr. Wang, associate professor at University of Florida, will share the award with Andres De Los Reyes, PhD, who is at the University of Maryland.. Dr. Wang will be presented with a formal personalized award citation along with a $1,000 prize to be shared with Dr. De Los Reyes at the APA Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii, July 31-August 4, 2013. An announcement of all APA award recipients will also be printed in the May 2013 APA Monitor. The APA Distinguished Scientific Awards for an Early Career Contribution to Psychology honor ...
Tina Goldstein, associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh and a CU Boulder alumna, has won the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. Goldstein is one of a select group of researchers chosen by President Barack Obama to receive this honor.
Have you always known that you wanted to be an Engineer?. Is there opportunity for career progression and promotion within Engineering?. So you do for the Randox machines what app developers do for smartphones?. These were just some of the astute and intriguing questions posed by students of Dungannon Integrated College, Drumcree College Portadown, and St Ciarans Ballygawley, to our Randox Software Engineer, Ciara Shaw, at Armagh Planetariums Ask A Scientist Event on Friday 18th November.. The event took place as part of Science Week 2016, organised by the Science Foundation Ireland, and the day took the format of a Speed Networking session. Students each spent 10 minutes chatting with a scientist, asking them all the questions theyve ever wanted to know about careers in STEM, and then moved on to the next candidate!. This year the event had a particularly exciting twist - all the scientists involved were women!. Ciara was one of a group of nine women with a career in STEM - science, ...
Michal Schafer, a graduate student in Dr. Hunters Lab, received 2015 American Heart Association Early Career Investigator Travel Award for upcoming Scientific Session in Orlando, FL. The award was given by Council on Cardiovascular Radiology & Intervention and comes with $1,500 travel stipend. Michal and Dr. Hunter will be giving an oral presentation on the topic of vascular hemodynamics…
What if your career could change your life or the life of another?. Your time and talents are precious. You know they are well-used doing some of the most important work anyone can do, when you choose a career with Southwest Transplant Alliance.. STAs purpose is to save lives through organ and tissue donation and transplantation. Each action, STA employees take from a clinical or corporate perspective, has an impact on our ability to be dual advocates for those facing the devastating loss of a loved one and those who need a life-saving organ or tissue.. As an STA employee, you become a vital member of a dynamic team. You also discover a culture of teamwork, passion, selflessness and mutual respect. Therefore, whether your professional background is in nursing, grief counseling or finance, you are invited to explore a life-changing career with Southwest Transplant Alliance.. ...
Milwaukee, Wis., June 3, 2019 - With a $600,000 investment, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation is supporting the next generation of scientific leaders through its competitive and longstanding Shaw Scientist Program. Three early career faculty representing University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and University of Wisconsin-Madison are each receiving $200,000 grants to advance highly innovative research projects with implications for human health.. Wisconsin is brimming with talent, and by rewarding innovation, philanthropy can provide incentive for talented people to stay here, or relocate here, and contribute to bettering the health of others, said Ellen Gilligan, president and CEO of the Foundation. Congratulations to this years Shaw Scientists, whose promising research honors the goals of our visionary donor, Dorothy Shaw.. Helen C.S. Meier, PhD, MPH. Dr. Meier, assistant professor of epidemiology in the Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health at UW-Milwaukee, researches aging in the immune ...
Systematic and focused career management is becoming increasingly important for both researchers and their employers. It should enable the research institutions to fully use the potential of their human resources and researchers to identify and grasp the number of different opportunities that labour market offers for their careers.. The set of questions which currently need to be answered by the career management process is broad. Researchers should know why (values, attitudes, internal needs, identity, and life style); know how (career competencies: skills, expertise, capabilities; tacit and explicit knowledge); and know whom (networking, relationships, how to find the right people) but also know what (opportunities, threats, and requirements), know where (entering, training and advancing), and know when (timing of choices and activities). Phrase intelligent careers has therefore been suggested to manifest the elements necessitated for effective career management on the individual ...
PNNL scientist Wei-Jun Qian receives Early Career Research Award from DOE for spatial and temporal regulation of cellular functions.
Dr. Robinson is an RIT alumna, having graduated with her BS degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MS in Imaging Science. She earned her PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Buffalo in 1999, joined the tenure-track faculty in the Kate Gleason College in 2000 as an Assistant Professor, and was promoted to full Professor in 2012. Dr. Robinson has held several leadership positions in recent years, including a three-year appointment as Associate Department Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department and Chair of the departments Curriculum and Assessment Committee. She recently served as co-Chair of the Institutional Academic Portfolio Blueprint Task Force. She is currently involved in innovative curricular development for first-year students, and was previously sponsored by the National Science Foundation to incorporate industry standard data acquisition techniques into the freshmen year. Through these educational and leadership activities, Dr. Robinson has played an integral ...
The Opening Schools to STEM Careers MOOC is meant to train and empower Heads of Schools and Career Counsellors in successfully equipping -and adapting- schools with tools for introducing and attracting young people to STEM careers. During this course, participants will learn how to recognize relevant STEM career pathways, identify significant STEM skills and soft abilities, address gender stereotypes, collaborate at in-school-level for STEM career counselling and host and create STEM career events and overall, among others.. It is widely known that Europe needs more young people to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects and careers to become part of a much-needed qualified workforce in the upcoming years.. At the same time, a wide range of factors affects students interest and pursuit of STEM careers - from the given curriculum to teachers knowledge to even participation in professional development activities. Whatever these factors may be, they are usually ...
We offer graduate programs that will increase your career opportunities and earning potential. You will develop skills and abilities critical for a successful career in business, and gain more challenging, interesting work and personal satisfaction.. These part-time programs are designed for mid-career professionals with classes offered on evenings and/or weekends. ...
With funding from the Wellcome Trust, the ECAT programme currently has two vacancies available for the 2017 intake. Since its inception in 2008, ECAT has recruited 50 trainees from across the UK, representing 20 clinical disciplines, who have pursued diverse fields of PhD training and been highly successful in postdoctoral career progression. All posts provide funding for a full-time, three-year Wellcome Trust Research Training Fellowship leading to a PhD in one of the University of Edinburghs internationally competitive, multidisciplinary research centres. In order to maximise flexibility for individual trainees, two types of post are available: ECAT Clinical Lectureships (with combined clinical and research training and mentorship through to CCT) and ECAT PhD Fellowships (with research training and mentorship to a PhD). In both cases, the University of Edinburgh and the Scotland Postgraduate Deanery provide funding for a preparatory period (one year for the former, three months for the ...
Matikainen, Olli (2019). "Rethinking Social Mobility. The Social Background and Career of Students from the 'Vyborg Nation', ... Early in his career, he published seminal work on the flow of water through the stems of woody plants, and investigated the ... He was renown for his skill in repartee, and his witty, lapidary remarks were widely quoted." Early in his career he would ... His son Gustav, who had his own academic career at the University of Helsinki, would later recall meeting people who, upon ...
Erasmus+ mobility. In 2011, she was awarded the 'Mega Grant for Leading International Scientists' (£3,000,000) from the ... for Transformative Early Career Contributions; D.I. Mendeleev Medal from Tomsk State University for significant contribution to ...
He began his career at Marquette University, before serving as both the Jack D. Whitfield Professor of High Speed Flows and ... "SAE International -- mobility engineering". "UTSI professor honored with educator award". Tullahoma News. January ... In 2002 he received the National Science Foundation CAREER Award in the acoustics, mechanical systems, and controls division. ... "NSF Award Search: Award#0353518 - CAREER: Control of Acoustic Instabilities in Large Combustors". National Science Foundation ...
"Career Development & Internal Mobility, Solved , InnerMobility". Retrieved 2019-04-17. CRAIG, LAURA MILLER, and JESSICA ... With the help of an internal talent mobilization tool, the company empowers employees with the visibility to relevant career ... Employees in these situations oftentimes feel that their careers are put on hold the moment they participate in rotation. ...
Allmendinger, Jutta (1989): Career Mobility Dynamics. A Comparative Analysis of the United States, Norway, and West Germany. ...
Regni's career encompassed a wide range of personnel, training and command assignments. His command tours included Base ... Headquarters Air Mobility Command, Scott AFB, Illinois March 1996 - June 1998, Director, Military Personnel Policy, Deputy ... Director of Personnel at Air Mobility Command; and Director of Military Personnel Policy at United States Air Force ...
... mechanisms of skill acquisition and career mobility; recruitment, selection, hiring and promotion processes; and the governance ... Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, Volumes 7, 8, 9. Greenwich, Connecticut: JAI Press. Lincoln, James R. and Arne ... "Gender Differences in Promotion in the United States and Norway." Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 14: 237-264. ... "Gender Differences in Promotion in the United States and Norway." Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 14: 237-264. ...
Injuries limited his playing time and mobility. During his career, he averaged 5.9 PPG, 1.1 BPG, 0.2 APG and 5.8 RPG. In 2007, ...
Thornton's professional career was as an oral surgeon. As of October 2015[update], Thornton and his wife were living in ... "Perry Reappoints to Regional Mobility Authority". Texas Construction. 18 (6): 71. July 1, 2010. Casey, Rick (July 23, 2000). " ... Manhattan.; "Former mayor appointed chair of regional mobility authority". San Antonio Business Journal. March 17, 2004. ...
Reagan, B. B. (1975). Two supply curves for economists? Implications of mobility and career attachment of women. The American ...
Also, spouses of SIEs are less reluctant to interrupt their own careers, at a time when dual-career issues are arguably ... For instance, Emerald Group Publishing in 2013 launched The Journal of Global Mobility: The home of expatriate management ... Vesa Suutari; Kristiina Mäkelä (25 September 2007). "The career capital of managers with global careers". Journal of Managerial ... "The big OE": self-directed travel and career development. Career Development International, 8(4): 170-181. Selmer, J., & ...
Coaching career[edit]. Foster began his coaching career at Philadelphia-area high schools in the 1950s. One of his students in ... Foster was the author of four books, including "Upward Mobility in Coaching Basketball" and "Filling Seats=Dollars." He died on ... Foster's Division I career began in 1963 at Rutgers where he led the Scarlet Knights to an overall record of 120-75 (.615) in ... Later career[edit]. After leaving Northwestern, Foster became associate commissioner and director of basketball operations for ...
The early work in Granick's career focused on confined liquids. Granick was a pioneer in the field of nanorheology and ... Other early work concerned molecular mobility at polymer surfaces. This progressed to later studies showing how biological ... His laboratory became interested in many instances of molecular mobility measured at the single-molecule level, including ...
He has led researches on international career and mobility. He is currently teaching in and has been twice a visiting teacher ... "Global careers in French and German multinational corporations." Journal of Management Development 23.9 (2004): 885-902. ... "Revisiting repatriation concerns: organizational support versus career and contextual influences." Journal of International ...
His career included tours at bases in Indiana, Hawaii, New Hampshire, and Nebraska. He served as Senior Enlisted Advisor to the ... February 1992 - October 1994, senior enlisted adviser, Military Airlift Command and Air Mobility Command, Scott Air Force Base ... 93rd Bomb Wing, Castle Air Force Base, California; and Air Mobility Command, Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. Campanale served ...
"Career Point Annual report 2012-2013". Career Point Ltd. 31 March 2013. p. 43. Retrieved 26 June 2014. " ... "India cram schools offer a chance at upward mobility". LA Times. 10 September 2012. Retrieved 26 June 2014. "Hothousing their ... "Making education a career". Hindustan Times Press. 28 July 2011. Retrieved 3 September 2013. "The New Coaching ... An IIT Delhi alumnus and physics teacher, Pramod founded Career Point in 1993 as a professional tutoring company from a small ...
His career three-point-shot record is 1 for 22 (a 4.5% career percentage). O'Neal was a capable defender, named three times to ... His trademark mobility and explosion had been often absent. The corrective options ranged from reconstructive surgery on the ... O'Neal registered the first triple-double of his career, recording 24 points to go along with career highs of 28 rebounds and ... My whole career I had to play people one-on-one. Never once had to double or ask for a double. But it's cool", said O'Neal. ...
Photography and Social Mobility in the Career of Jacob Riis., in: Afterimage, Nr. 10, May 1983, pp. 9-16. Swienty, Tom. The ... Though his father had hoped that Jacob would have a literary career, Jacob wanted to be a carpenter. When he was 16, he became ... One of his personal victories, he later confessed, was not using his eventual fame to ruin the career of the offending officer ...
Barnetta started his career with his hometown team, St. Gallen for the 2002-2003 season. During his first professional season, ... Barnetta was known for his "extreme pace, mobility and creativity". Prior to moving to the MLS, Barnetta played football for ... He finished his Philadelphia career with 45 appearances and 6 goals. Barnetta signed a contract with St. Gallen on 14 November ... Known for his "extreme pace, mobility and creativity" on the left flank, FIFA's official website describes Barnetta as a " ...
He spent most of his career at the Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He began as a Senior Lecturer in ... Persson's early academic work was in sociometrics investigating social mobility. He returned to economic history in the early ...
... it affected his mobility for the rest of his career. Wilson spent his entire career with the Saints, until his retirement prior ... The highlight of Wilson's career was in 1980 against Ohio State on November 8, when he threw for 621 yards, an NCAA record that ... Career statistics and player information from · Pro Football Reference v t e. ...
... tuition price wars and greater emphasis on career training. "Mobility Report Cards: The Role of Colleges in Intergenerational ... "Some Career Pathways Require a Four-Year Degree, Many Don't - US News". US News & World Report. Retrieved October 11, 2015. ... The type of degree one pursues will determine how safe and prosperous his/her career path is. A study published by the Pew ... PayScale also offers analysis of College ROI by career path. In 2018, the Urban Institute published a report on college ROI, ...
But his artistic career was severally influenced by two injuries: he lost his legs in a tramcar accident and an accident during ... Reduced mobility encouraged him to design small objects - medals and plaquettes. His first designs were presented at "Leningrad ...
The Impact of International Experience on Former Students' and on Teachers' Careers (2009). ACA also publishes the ACA ... Österreichischer Austauschdienst GmbH (OeAD) Flanders Agency for Mobility and Cooperation in Higher Education (FKA) Dům ... The Picture in 2007 (2008) The Professional Value of ERASMUS Mobility. ... Student Mobility in European Higher Education (2006). Ulrich Grothus (2018 - present), Former Deputy Secretary-General, German ...
Furthermore, mobility plays a crucial role in the work-family dynamic. Elected officials are usually required to commute long ... Careers in law, business, education, and government, professions in which women happen to be minorities, are common occupations ... Also, a woman's desire for a career in politics along with the extent that the respondent feels her family duties might inhibit ... Also helpful in her career was the support of influential mentors. While not a militant feminist, Willis blazed a trail for ...
Rai started his career as a reporter on a regional newspaper based in Madhya Pradesh. He was a prime time News Anchor with Zee ... Research on occupational mobility among slum dwellers of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Presented paper in 22nd All India Sociological ...
Brown, G., Van Ummeren, C., & Phair, J. T. (2001). Breaking the barriers: Presidential strategies for enhancing career mobility ... Presidential Strategies for Enhancing Career Mobility (Advancing Women's Leadership II) From Where We Sit: Women's Perspectives ... Van Ummersen's academic and research career began when she was selected, while in Ph.D. program, as a member of Tuft's ... Outstanding Career Achievement Award USAF Air Research and Development Command Grant USAF School of Aviation of Medicine Grant ...
... but nonetheless suffered several strokes causing reduced mobility and speech. Despite his long and successful career, Hardy's ... Prior to emerging as a team, both had well-established film careers. Laurel had acted in over 50 films, and worked as a writer ... Jean Harlow had a small role in the silent short Double Whoopee (1929) and two other films in the early part of her career. ... The film was not commercial successful on its first release, and brought an end to Laurel and Hardy's film careers. Atoll K did ...
In his career as a composer he wrote music particularly for stage productions. Black was notable for maintaining a musical ... He had cerebral palsy from birth, affecting mobility in his right side. Black studied at The Juilliard School, graduating with ... career despite suffering from cerebral palsy from birth. He died at his home in Massachusetts in the summer of 2000. Black was ...
This indicates that mobility and social class appear to be two separate influences that do not necessarily go hand in hand. The ... to expect that employees are flexible and willing to work at different locations or to change locations throughout their career ... Kerswill, P. (2001). Mobility, meritocracy and dialect levelling: the fading (and phasing) out of Received Pronunciation. In P ... Kerswill, P., & Williams, A. (2000). Mobility and social class in dialect leveling: evidence from new and old towns in England ...
Slate recently asked readers who are child-free and happy to let us know all about it-and did you ever! Were posting some of our favorite responses on ...
... but holding onto employees requires encouraging their career mobility, a talent management executive says. A study by... ... May 3 - It may sound like a paradox, but holding onto employees requires encouraging their career mobility, a talent management ... Establish "formal career pathing" for employees.. *Reward managers for developing employees and remove their vested interest in ... The top three sources respondents to the Cornerstone survey turn to for career advice are friends, family and peers or ...
Health professional mobility in a changing Europe: new dynamics, mobile individuals and diverse responses  ...
Career Mobility Scholarships offers you a chance to pay for college and school expenses. See if you qualify and find more with ... American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) Career Mobility Scholarships American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA). ...
NNCC Career Mobility Scholarships (3 at $3,000) Dare to Soar Career Mobility Scholarship (1 at $1,000) - Sponsored by Rowena W ... Janel Parker Career Mobility Scholarship ($2,500) - Sponsored by Anthony J. Jannetti, Inc. ... Career Mobility Scholarships. Scholarships. *ANNA Career Mobility Scholarships (5 at $2,000). *Janel Parker Career Mobility ... NNCC Career Mobility Scholarships (3 at $3,000). *Dare to Soar Career Mobility Scholarship (1 at $1,000) - Sponsored by Rowena ...
Health professional mobility in a changing Europe: new dynamics, mobile individuals and diverse responses  ...
Beginning this year NNCC will award three (3) Career Mobility Scholarships annually. ... Career Mobility Scholarships are awarded annually to support a qualified CCHT, CCHT-A and/or CD/LPN/LVN. These scholarships ... Two (2) Career Mobility Scholarships are awarded annually to support a qualified CCHT, CCHT-A and/or CD/LPN/LVN. These ... Beginning this year NNCC will award three (3) Career Mobility Scholarships annually. ...
... Dratf Guidelines, Model Questionnaire and Indicators ... Not much is known however about their career and mobility patterns on the labour market. This is why the OECD launched in 2004 ... Institute for Statistics and Eurostat aimed at developing internationally comparable indicators on the careers and mobility of ...
"Career Mobility" by people in this website by year, and whether "Career Mobility" was a major or minor topic of these ... "Career Mobility" is a descriptor in the National Library of Medicines controlled vocabulary thesaurus, MeSH (Medical Subject ... Below are the most recent publications written about "Career Mobility" by people in Profiles. ... Below are MeSH descriptors whose meaning is more general than "Career Mobility". ...
... new CCHT Career Mobility Scholarships to support a qualified technicians continuing education and development or support of a ... 2) $2000.00 CCHT Career Mobility Scholarships Available. The NNCC is now offering two (2) new CCHT Career Mobility Scholarships ...
b) Can I submit an application for a Postdoc.Mobility fellowship and for another career grant in parallel (for example, for ... NavigationActivePage_HintTextb) Can I submit an application for a Postdoc.Mobility fellowship and for another career grant in ... Postdoc.Mobility grants can only be requested for periods where no other funding has been awarded by the SNSF or third parties ... However, it is possible to apply for funding or for a return grant starting after expiry of the Postdoc.Mobility fellowship. ...
Redesigning Career Mobility. In todays environment, your organization is going to have new needs that may be hard to fill ... Our new offering, Opportunity Marketplace, improves career mobility and retention by helping employees: *Discover ways to learn ... See how Oracle HCM Cloud is redefining the human / machine relationship, redesigning career mobility and rethinking the HR ... who navigate this time successfully will be those using technology to offer innovative options to grow skills and careers. ...
Career-path mobility:. Temporary employment can often lead to full-time temporary positions or to permanent positions. ... The wide variety of firms using temporary employees provides for ample career exploration. ... companies the opportunity to test patterns of employment trends and gives employees the opportunity to explore various careers ...
These five elbow and wrist mobility stretches, however, can help ward off the numbness and tingling that are precursors to much ... Launch a career youll love and save up to $300 on certification study programs. Ends Feb 28. ... Launch a career youll love and save up to $300 on certification study programs. Ends Feb 28. ... The following stretches, which will help improve mobility in the lower arms, can be performed in just minutes a day while ...
Here are six things you should know about the stability and mobility relationships in the body, along with a few exercises that ... doing exercises that can establish optimal mobility and stability relationships in the body is essential for staying injury- ... Career. 8 Fitness Trends for 2018 by Pete McCall. on December 26, 2017. ... The loss of mobility at one joint in these segments, even the loss of mobility in a single plane of motion, can affect the ...
Flexibility and mobility. Careers are changing. Technology and automation are transforming what a job looks - and feels - like ... Personalized career development. With energy, drive and imagination, theres no limit to where your career can go. As you grow ... Discover what they learned here, the career pathway they followed and, most importantly, what could come after an EY career. ... Innovation-driven careers. Work with emerging technologies. Pursue new opportunities. Reinvent yourself every day. Our culture ...
Migration and mobility are fundamental forces shaping both political and economic debates and peoples social and intimate ... Study MA Migration and Mobility at Goldsmiths to explore key social, political and economic debates in the interdisciplinary ... gain from this MA will also equip you with the right theoretical and practical experience to go into a wide range of careers ... Investigating Migration and Mobility Investigating Migration and Mobility 30 credits. This module builds on Critical Concepts ...
Global Mobility. We are committed to providing our people with the opportunity to experience an international secondment. ... Building your Career. Our people are at the very heart of our business; thats why we are committed to ensuring everyone has ... To start your career with us, we are offering the opportunity to secure an internship, to give you an insight into what life is ... Building your career. Our people are at the very heart of our business; thats why we are committed to ensuring everyone has ...
Principals Early Career Mobility Scheme Wed, 11 Jul 2018 19:54:00 BST ... The BBSRC are investing funds through the Flexible Talent Mobility Account to support early career researchers. ... MVLS challenged its early career researchers to explain their research in a 60 second film that could be understood by a non- ...
Alternative Career Routes in the Ivory Tower By Kirstie Urquhart. Apr. 2, 2004. ... European Web Sites to Watch: The Life Sciences Mobility Consultancy By Kirstie Urquhart. Feb. 13, 2004. ... European Web Sites to Watch: The Researcher s Mobility Portal By Kirstie Urquhart. Sep. 19, 2003. ... A New ERA for Research Careers? By Kirstie Urquhart. Sep. 5, 2003. ...
The mobility specialist REHASENSE cooperates with Krzysztof Pietrasik ✓ Atradius Trade Credit Insurance Names New Regional ... The mobility specialist REHASENSE cooperates with Krzysztof Pietrasik. more *. 10.10.2019 - 15:00. ... globally say that being female positively impacts their ability to pursue a career in tech. The research, conducted among women ... when he will retire after a 13-year career with Atradius. As Regional Director, Gordon will continue ... ...
Building a Career Through Volunteer Abroad. At days end, Antonias mind floods with the Chilean people she has met who may be ... Surfing the internet, trying to find other career options, landed Frank Lester on the Peace Corps website and led him to its ... Before I applied, another had been denied entry because the administrators didnt believe her orientation and mobility skills ... It was also life-changing because it led to her current career with the Foreign Service. ...
International Exchange for Late-Career Professionals. Before you begin your search, consider:. *Type of experience. Are you ... Sponsored by the U.S. Department of States Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and administered by Mobility ...
Local student gives gift of mobility. Career center tours inspire local students. ...
Careers at thyssenkrupp. For everyone with gasoline running through their veins!. Or electricity. ... At the same time, we are side-by-side with our customers when it comes to the key trends for the future: e-mobility, autonomous ... Todays mobility places the highest demands on modern chassis technology. We supply solutions that maximize safety, comfort and ... We support our customers with the specific solutions they need - for todays conventional drive as well as for the mobility of ...
SumTotal Snapshot - Career Mobility. Snapshot. View Now. SumTotal Snapshot - Onboarding. Snapshot. View Now ...
Career. voestalpine is a leader in its industry and offers an attractive work environment with both local and global ...
ANNA - Dare to Soar Career Mobility Scholarship. *Sponsor: American Nephrology Nurses Association and Rowena W. Elliott, PhD, ... Launch Your Nursing Career. Nursing school grads, ready to jump-start your career? Whether you want to study for the NCLEX, job ... Thriving in Your Nursing Career. After nursing school, then what? The world! Learn more about how to grow and thrive throughout ... Take five minutes and discover which nursing specialties might be a good career fit for you based on your skills, interests, ...
ANNA - Dare to Soar Career Mobility Scholarship. *Sponsor: American Nephrology Nurses Association and Rowena W. Elliott, PhD, ... Launch Your Nursing Career. Nursing school grads, ready to jump-start your career? Whether you want to study for the NCLEX, job ... Thriving in Your Nursing Career. After nursing school, then what? The world! Learn more about how to grow and thrive throughout ... Take five minutes and discover which nursing specialties might be a good career fit for you based on your skills, interests, ...
Inside Higher Ed Careers. *Faculty Jobs. *Administrative Jobs. *Executive Administration Jobs. *Jobs Outside Higher Education ... New data can help increase low-income students economic mobility (essay). *U.S. News says it has shifted rankings to focus ... American higher education purports to be a driver of economic and social mobility, and compared to many other countries ... The conference was the first convened by the Collegiate Leaders in Increasing Mobility research initiative, which is a -- well ...
  • For NNCC Career Mobility Scholarships , candidates must hold current certification through the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission (NNCC). (
  • AUSTIN, Tex. -- American higher education purports to be a driver of economic and social mobility, and compared to many other countries' systems, it is. (
  • US social mobility has either remained unchanged or decreased since the 1970s. (
  • A 2013 Brookings Institution study found income inequality was increasing and becoming more permanent, sharply reducing social mobility. (
  • Yet as much as some would like to believe, this dream is often pure fantasy for those who strive for social mobility and attempt to gain wealth through hard work. (
  • Career Mobility Scholarships will be awarded annually to support qualified ANNA members in the pursuit of either a BSN or advanced degree in nursing. (
  • Two (2) Career Mobility Scholarships are awarded annually to support a qualified CCHT, CCHT-A and/or CD/LPN/LVN. (
  • Beginning this year NNCC will award three (3) Career Mobility Scholarships annually. (
  • The NNCC is now offering two (2) new CCHT Career Mobility Scholarships to support a qualified technician's continuing education and development or support of a program to improve patient outcomes in the health science field. (
  • See why nursing is the fastest-growing occupation in the US, along with organizations, links, and scholarships to help you begin your career. (
  • It would certainly seem that there is carry-over effect from this aspect of the ESCP-EAP programme: it is ranked second for international mobility. (
  • Grenoble also comes top in career progression and international mobility. (
  • May Mobility hired me as a supervisor in Columbus in 2018, and since then I became a manager in Rhode Island launching the world's first public transit autonomous service and then moved to Michigan to manage our Detroit site. (
  • In May 2018, we created Airbus Urban Mobility to take our exploration into cutting-edge commercial urban air mobility solutions and services to the next level. (
  • The expectation, Chetty said, is that by linking all those data, the researchers will be able to clarify the extent to which an institution's strong performance is due to the quality of the students it is admitting as opposed to "treatment effects" -- the actual value added to the typical student's economic mobility by a particular program or set of interventions. (
  • researchers at the Minnesota Traffic Observatory (MTO) will work to improve the mobility of people and goods across the nation as part of the new Freight Mobility Research Institute, a Tier 1 University Transportation Center funded in 2016. (
  • We take up the issue of performance differences between male and female researchers, and investigate the change of performance differences during the early career. (
  • Altogether, the fraction of entering researchers who achieve full careers has diminished, while the class of temporary scientists has escalated. (
  • How does the shifting landscape of science over the past half-century affect the roles of new researchers and their overall careers? (
  • LKAS Fellow Sophie Bradley chats about the new mentoring scheme introduced for Early Career Researchers as well as advice on career pathways. (
  • In fact, our students and over 200 researchers who conduct research on mobility related issues, are committed to accelerate the transition to a sustainable mobile future. (
  • Mobility, which in science is essential, is beneficial for researchers in terms of knowledge and 'thinking out of the box' was the main message of the conference. (
  • However, participants also insisted on the need for European countries to provide attractive career prospects to ensure that young researchers stay in Europe. (
  • At present, national and European measures aimed at helping young researchers in their career choices are focused on three axes: life-long mobility opportunities, researchers from third countries, and the return and reintegration of EU-born researchers. (
  • A workshop at the 2015 Naturejobs Career Expo in Boston explored how early career researchers could improve career awareness and preparedness. (
  • Attendees were eager to address the problem that most early-career researchers face: what are the alternative career paths beyond academia, and how can they be reached? (
  • Each group's task centered on discussing the obstacles that prevent young researchers from exploring alternative careers, and brainstorming potential solutions to those problems. (
  • I needed an internship to graduate in 2017, but I was able to land a job that gave me the internship credit but was also a full-time career, and I was there for 18 months. (
  • The MA Migration and Mobility is closed for 2020-21 entry. (
  • David will maintain his role as President of Atradius Trade Credit Insurance until the end of 2019, when he will retire after a 13-year career with Atradius. (
  • The clear star of the show was the Stanford University economist Raj Chetty, whose name has become synonymous with a piece of research he and several co-authors published early this year showing how every college in the country fared on various measures of "intergenerational mobility," defined broadly as propelling students from low-income backgrounds into the middle class or higher. (
  • In recent years, several studies have found that vertical intergenerational mobility is lower in the US than in some European countries. (
  • The following stretches, which will help improve mobility in the lower arms, can be performed in just minutes a day while sitting at a desk or in the car. (
  • 2. Evaluate whether use of the Portal results in a change in knowledge about maintaining and improving mobility, or change in lifestyle behaviours that may help maintain or improve mobility with age. (
  • This may be in part due to lack of access to evidence-based information on mobility and aging, and knowledge of strategies to maintain or improve mobility with age. (
  • Discover what they learned here, the career pathway they followed and, most importantly, what could come after an EY career. (
  • Guest speaker Alison Lloyd from the MRC laboratory at UCL talks about her career pathway, creativity and independence in academia. (
  • Graduates chose their career pathway for a number of reasons including specialties that would secure home-work balance, disenchantment with training programmes, and work experiences post graduation rather than their undergraduate clinical attachments. (
  • International students take their global experiences and educational credentials as a pathway to advancing their career and improving their life. (
  • 7) career trajectories. (
  • In this study, we use data from the UK Doctoral Impact and Career Tracking Survey from 2013 to explore the career trajectories of doctoral graduates within seven to nine years after earning their degree. (
  • Therefore, the purpose of this study is to understand which factors contribute to the chances of obtaining a permanent position in the wider PhD labour market, and whether and how men and women differ in their career trajectories following doctoral graduation. (
  • Nursing offers diversity in roles and settings, a wide range of career paths and employment opportunities, and competitive salaries. (
  • 5. Paths: The Baxter Career Experience and Resulting Career Imprint. (
  • We used systemic constellations as visualization methods for the career paths of our interview partners. (
  • May 3 - It may sound like a paradox, but holding onto employees requires encouraging their career mobility, a talent management executive says. (
  • Temporary employment gives companies the opportunity to test patterns of employment trends and gives employees the opportunity to explore various careers. (
  • In 50 locations around the world where we do business, we encourage and maintain professional mobility among our employees. (
  • Learn more about how AI and ML are built into the system to help employees navigate life and career changes with ease. (
  • This new Workspace Solution is excellent for companies moving into the second stage of their mobility journey-where their focus is on providing all the applications, content and services their employees need on their devices. (
  • The present study investigates the relationship between two career-related variables and occupational expertise of higher-level employees from large working organisations in three different age groups. (
  • This paper reports an empirical study conducted to examine the relationship between employees' Entrepreneurial, Professional, and Leadership (EPL) career motivations and their intrapreneurial motivation. (
  • We also adapt an existing self-report measure of E, P, and L career motivations (previously developed and used with university students) for use with working adult organizational employees. (
  • In this important book, Higgins shows that an organization's "career imprint"¾the result of company systems, structure, strategy, and culture¾that employees take with them throughout their careers is the key to creating great leaders. (
  • There has also been growing interest in novel career patterns and dynamic and temporal aspects of careers for all employees challenging a focus on organization-bounded aspects of career development for higher level employees in vertically integrated organizations. (
  • A New ERA for Research Careers? (
  • Amsterdam (ots/PRNewswire) - New global research from, digital e-commerce and technology leader, reveals that more than three in five women (64%) globally say that being female positively impacts their ability to pursue a career in tech. (
  • The conference was the first convened by the Collegiate Leaders in Increasing Mobility research initiative, which is a -- well, it isn't entirely clear what CLIMB is, even after a day of compelling conversation involving a lot of important leaders and thinkers in higher education. (
  • Research by the latest recipients of the Janet Taylor Spence Award for Transformative Early Career Contributions includes romantic relationship initiation, the psychological processes that guide moral judgment, and the link between socioeconomic inequality and children's cognitive and brain development. (
  • The R&D Scientist has the responsibility, to perform research and development towards new and improved hybrid ion mobility / mass spectrometer products. (
  • However, another, and perhaps more fundamental, aspect of success is the ability to perform research over the full extent of someone's career, rather than leaving the field prematurely. (
  • Guest speaker Peter Hegemann from Humbolt University chats with us about his research career, being persistent and highs and lows of science. (
  • ESICM NEXT trainees and young specialists, we are delighted to announce a new opportunity to boost your career opportunities, research productivity, and personal growth: The NEXT-Mentoring Project. (
  • Fingerprint Dive into the research topics of 'The relationship between career mobility and occupational expertise. (
  • The digitalization of vehicles and mobility and transport services leads to an increased need for research in a traditional strong competence area of Eindhoven University of Technology. (
  • The Mobility Foundation Center for Rehabilitation Research was established in the early 1990s at UT Southwestern Medical Center. (
  • Its purpose is to advance research in spinal cord injury, stroke, and other mobility-limiting disease processes and provide education on injury prevention. (
  • The primary focus is to apply research aimed at providing improved therapies for mobility impaired patients. (
  • Research within the Mobility Foundation Center is made possible by the Mobility Foundation Center Endowment, the Lone Star Paralysis Foundation Fund, and the Kent Waldrep Fund for Clinical Research in Spinal Cord Injury. (
  • To support innovative, early-stage translational and clinical research in stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, and other disorders that may limit mobility to improve the lives of our patients. (
  • The Mobility Foundation Center will be a force in the development of groundbreaking research in the neurosciences and rehabilitation at UT Southwestern. (
  • We discuss the findings in the context of generating more research to address the challenges of talent management in the 21st century knowledge economies where there is greater career mobility and boundarylessness in the workforce. (
  • Her research, published in more than 40 professional articles and case studies, centers on careers, strategic human resource management, and leadership development. (
  • Ed Schein, who first coined the term "corporate culture" writes in the Foreword, "This book should launch a whole new era of research on career and organizational evolution. (
  • The European problem,' added Philippe Busquin, the European Commissioner for Research, 'is the lack of inter-sectoral mobility. (
  • Future of Research workshop at the 2015 Naturejobs Career Expo in Boston. (
  • It is not that early-career scientists consider academic research to be an undesirable profession. (
  • [email protected]: Final Report-Research Project. (
  • We are grateful to the Project Management Institute (PMI), who partly sponsored the research project [email protected] Projects as well as to our institutions and the practitioners who supported our research by sharing their experience in interviews and focus group workshops with us. (
  • Career research highlights a number of important shifts in the last two decades. (
  • We aimed in this research to focus specifically on what is happening on a project from a career perspective. (
  • Airbus Urban Mobility focuses on better connecting people by bringing the safety, convenience and joy of flight to city inhabitants. (
  • Airbus Urban Mobility works with public and private stakeholders to set up the necessary regulatory and public co-creation frameworks that will ensure urban air mobility achieves maximum societal benefits. (
  • Airbus Urban Mobility is exploring how urban air mobility can bring an added mobility solution to a city's existing infrastructure network for the benefit of its citizens. (
  • The upward or downward mobility in an occupation or the change from one occupation to another. (
  • A study conducted by the Pew Charitable Trusts found that the bottom quintile is 57% likely to experience upward mobility and only 7% to experience downward mobility. (
  • seems particularly relevant as it has been shown to be related to boundaryless career attitudes - that various writers have argued are particularly relevant to knowledge workers operating in the innovation sector (e.g. (
  • The concept of the boundaryless career is of clear relevance for project professionals at all levels, who are often described as nomads hopping from project to project. (
  • Another theme is about how organizations can provide formalized career models to motivate and develop people in the direction that fits the organization's requirements, and to "bound" the boundaryless career. (
  • The second wave of the After the JD project (AJD2) seeks to illuminate the progression of lawyers' careers through roughly seven years in practice. (
  • Take five minutes and discover which nursing specialties might be a good career fit for you based on your skills, interests, and work style. (
  • Initial work will focus on improving freight mobility through information technology, freight network modeling and operations, intermodal logistics, and freight and supply chain sustainability. (
  • I currently work at May Mobility in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (
  • To pursue this career, you must enjoy math and science, be a caring, compassionate person, be very precise about your work and be able to communicate effectively. (
  • Monica Higgins' groundbreaking work, Career Imprints , offers bold and original insights into the way in which talent-laden companies spawn new businesses, as Baxter alums did for the biotech industry. (
  • A focus on movement from project to project and organization to organization has reduced attention to projects as sites for career-making work and activities. (
  • even as a youngster she loved helping her Dad work on his car, so when she was considering which career was for right for her, the choice was simple - a car mechanic, a role, which with the complexities of today's cars, is now known as a vehicle technician. (
  • so you can work on your new career whenever and wherever you like. (
  • Career Mobility and Healthcare Reform: Can the Two Work Together? (
  • For more information about Career Services and how we can help, please review our services and visit us at 474 University Centre or phone: 204-474-9456. (
  • We offer exceptional career opportunities to our lawyers, aspiring graduates and business support professionals, in an environment that is challenging, rewarding and, we believe, truly different from our competitors. (
  • Questionnaires were distributed to graduates from the University of Liverpool 5 years post graduation requesting the most important influences on career choice. (
  • The majority of graduates felt their career choice was primarily dictated by their postgraduate experience. (
  • With the average life expectancy of Australians expected to raise to 93+ years, graduates in this area will enjoy unique and interesting opportunities and challenges throughout their careers. (
  • A study published in 2008 showed that economic mobility in the U.S. increased from 1950 to 1980, but has declined sharply since 1980. (
  • Many Americans strongly believe the U.S. is a "Land of Opportunity" that offers every child an equal chance at social and economic mobility. (
  • Academia is the alternative career today for most young scientists. (
  • Make talent visibility a priority" by engaging in strategic workforce planning and asking whether the organization is making real career opportunities available and visible to the talent pool, as well as providing support structures to facilitate internal career moves. (
  • As you grow and develop here, you'll discover opportunities to help customize your career journey, so that it's as unique as you are. (
  • Because of this, our teams come from all kinds of different cultures and backgrounds - so a career in human resources as a people & culture advisor is always going to be exciting, challenging and full of incredible opportunities. (
  • CGG encourages individual career ownership while supporting our people with world-class learning and development opportunities, enabling them to realize their full potential. (
  • This not only provides opportunities for career growth, it also serves as a quality assurance for our clients. (
  • At the other end of income spectrum, if children were born into wealthy families in the top 20%, only 20% would stay in that top income category if their mobility opportunities were equal to every other child's in the country. (
  • Mobility opportunities are different for poor and wealthy children in the US. (
  • Start your semester off on the right foot and jump on these Career Services opportunities! (
  • 9. The Opportunities and Constraints of Career Imprints. (
  • A career opportunity at SpiceJet will entail you to unlimited opportunities and a host of benefits. (
  • Several sessions at AIEC conference suggest that Australia has already recognized the value of career outcomes for international students and is synchronizing efforts to enhance their professional development opportunities. (
  • I have always had a desire to pursue Web Development as a career and having a passion for web technologies and product development made my experience at Citrix very worthwhile. (
  • Fraunhofer scientists are analyzing and evaluating the development of trends within the fields of mobility and transport in light of what this means for the future. (
  • Higgins' concepts will leave their imprint on careers, company cultures, and industry development. (
  • Many campuses lack a career-development office or adviser that can offer guidance or exposure to careers in which these skills would not be utilized. (
  • Attendees identified solutions that ranged from finding outside mentorship to setting aside dedicated time each week for career development. (
  • A non-academic mentor can help a graduate student or postdoc to define her or his career interests, while 'career development' can entail developing a network of contacts in that field - once it is identified - and hone any additional or non-bench skills that might be needed in that field or discipline. (
  • Who supports what aspects of career development on projects? (
  • A managed mobility policy would help expand the benefits of initiatives such as Inspira, Umoja and the international accounting standards by laying down a more structured approach to management and career development. (
  • Our courses span a wide spectrum of topics, and are geared towards career training, skill development, and finding sustainable employment. (
  • We provide an interpretation of our empirical results in terms of a survival model from which we infer potential factors of success in scientific career survivability. (
  • There has been increased interest in the factors influencing the career choice of doctors. (
  • By understanding these factors, staff, human resource executives, and CEOs can analyze their own organization's career imprint and develop leaders. (
  • Moreover, career and employability outcomes in the host country through immigration or on return to home country are among the most important motivations to study abroad. (
  • A new mobility framework also needed to retain the Organization's institutional memory throughout the Secretariat. (
  • Before I applied, another had been denied entry because the administrators didn't believe her orientation and mobility skills were strong enough for her to handle the trip. (
  • Nevertheless, it has come to our attention that services for some blind and visually impaired students are not appropriately addressing their unique educational and learning needs, particularly their needs for instruction in literacy, self-help skills, and orientation and mobility. (
  • At the same time, we are side-by-side with our customers when it comes to the key trends for the future: e-mobility, autonomous driving and digital manufacturing. (
  • At May Mobility, it is all about having a great culture and building a future that benefits all people. (
  • citation needed] If a parent's income had no effect on a child's opportunity for future upward mobility, approximately 20% of poor children who started in the bottom quintile (in the bottom 20% of the US range of incomes) would remain there as poor adults. (
  • At TU/e we believe that a future of fully sustainable mobility is possible and within reach. (
  • Is autonomy the future of aerial mobility? (
  • TRUMPF lasers open up a wide range of manufacturing options to the automotive industry in all areas of electro-mobility, paving the way for a mobile future. (
  • AJD2 aims to provide a solid basis for future efforts to understand the changing character of legal careers. (
  • That message became clear during a discussion among graduate students and postdocs during the Future of Research's (FOR) workshop on career awareness at Naturejobs Career Expo on 20 May in Boston, Massachusetts. (
  • Rahul Choudaha (co-author), delivered an invited session entitled "Three Megatrends Shaping the Future of International Student Mobility. (
  • The relationship between career mobility and occupational expertise. (
  • This graph shows the total number of publications written about "Career Mobility" by people in this website by year, and whether "Career Mobility" was a major or minor topic of these publications. (
  • Below are the most recent publications written about "Career Mobility" by people in Profiles. (
  • In return, we offer a dynamic and diverse environment in which people can build a long and fruitful career and have their success rewarded. (
  • Urban air mobility leverages the sky to better link people to cities and regions, giving them more possibilities to connect. (
  • 4. People: Characteristics and Susceptibility to Career Imprinting. (
  • Chris McClain, senior vice-president of global mobility and Sybase solutions at SAP, said he anticipates one billion people will be 'unlocking additional value' from SAP back-office systems via mobile devices and tablets. (
  • Studies in health and fitness can lead to a range of broad and varied careers, helping people achieve and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. (
  • The AJD2 dataset allows for the analysis of a broad range of questions about the careers of lawyers and the social organization of the American legal profession. (
  • Career Imprints shows why Baxter was so successful in spawning senior executives and offers an understanding of what it takes for an organization to produce leaders that will dominate an industry for years to come. (
  • The most important has been the shift from organization-bounded to boundaryless careers (Arthur & Rousseau, 1996). (
  • Meant to help the Organization produce a more global, dynamic and adaptable workforce as it eased the burden of staff toiling in hardship duty stations, the mobility plan could carry costs that had not been detailed in the refined mobility proposal unveiled by the Secretariat today, delegates said. (
  • The career of Emily Yasukochi, senior associate at Nelson\Nygaard, has offered an incredible variety of experience and institutions considering it's all been centered around transit and sustainable transportation. (
  • However, our mobility is currently enabled by a system that is not sustainable due to accidents, pollution, congestion and the inefficient use of public space. (
  • We believe that TU/e can significantly contribute to speed up the transition towards a sustainable mobility system. (
  • However, our current mobility system is far from sustainable. (
  • Smart Mobility at TU/e focuses on technological solutions to societal problems like emissions, traffic jams and accidents by preventing unnecessary transport and making the necessary mobility more sustainable. (
  • To start your career with us, we are offering the opportunity to secure an internship, to give you an insight into what life is like at DLA Piper. (
  • I applied online for this internship on Citrix careers page and I was put in contact with the University Relations recruitment team. (
  • The goal is to give organizations a complete enterprise mobility infrastructure offering, according to officials with both companies. (
  • Not much is known however about their career and mobility patterns on the labour market. (
  • Authors highlight the importance of career patterns involving "moves across the boundaries of separate employers" (p. 6), the idea that everyone has a career, and the importance of subjective perceptions and personal discovery as key career concepts (Ellig & Thatchenkery, 2001). (
  • We find dramatic shortening of careers of scientists across all three disciplines. (
  • In addition, we find a rapid rise (from 25 to 60% since the 1960s) of a group of scientists who spend their entire career only as supporting authors without having led a publication. (
  • The only answer is to develop interesting career prospect for scientists in Europe, said Raffaelle Liberali, Director for Human Resources, mobility and the Marie Curie Actions at the European Commission. (
  • and that although the chances of upward mobility differ greatly from one neighbourhood to the next, in nearly every part of America the path for black boys is steeper. (
  • Respondents' perception of the role of employee benefits and practice of dental hygiene on career retention were explored. (
  • 8. The Legacy of Career Imprints for Organizations. (
  • Whether you want to study for the NCLEX, job search, or prep for interviews, these tools can help launch your nursing career. (
  • Companies who navigate this time successfully will be those using technology to offer innovative options to grow skills and careers. (
  • This significant population growth is expected to create a real need for innovative mobility options as ground infrastructure becomes increasingly congested. (
  • Bringing mobility into Germany's transition to a new energy economy is a complex undertaking. (
  • Fraunhofer Mobility is an interdisciplinary group of Fraunhofer Institutes that combines Fraunhofer expertise on issues surrounding the transition to new forms of mobility. (
  • Guest speaker Robert Edwards from Newcastle University talks academic career pathways, mobility and science communication. (
  • The result is a compelling new theory about exactly what happens in the early stages of careers to shape true leaders who can guide innovation and entrepreneurship. (
  • A large academic study released in 2014 found US mobility overall has not changed appreciably in the last 25 years (for children born between 1971 and 1996), but a variety of up and down mobility changes were found in several different parts of the country. (
  • The After the JD (AJD) project is a longitudinal study that is designed to track the careers of a nationally representative cohort of lawyers admitted to the bar in the year 2000. (
  • The first wave of the After the JD Study (AJD1) [ICPSR 26302] provided a snapshot of the personal lives and careers of this cohort about three years after they began practicing law. (
  • Today's mobility places the highest demands on modern chassis technology. (
  • We support our customers with the specific solutions they need - for today's conventional drive as well as for the mobility of tomorrow. (
  • We want to support our customers in transforming their industry even better - with specific material solutions for the conventional drives of today, as well as for the e-mobility of tomorrow. (
  • Whether electric mobility, lightweight construction, autonomous driving or intelligent chassis: Together with our customers, we find the answer to every challenge - and support them with exactly the solutions they need. (
  • New lifestyle models, modern technologies and pollution call for new mobility solutions. (
  • New mobility systems and services An increasing volume of mobility data will lead to an exponential growth in smart mobility solutions. (
  • In numerous projects and initiatives, together we develop solutions for the upcoming challenges posed by electro-mobility. (
  • What are prospective international students' perceptions and expectations for employability and careers? (
  • But, smart design of urban areas - empowering slower mobility options such as walking and cycling - will also boost enhanced mobility. (
  • Many of our courses offer Continuing Professional Education (CPD/CPE) credits, to give your current career a boost. (
  • Career Mobility" is a descriptor in the National Library of Medicine's controlled vocabulary thesaurus, MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) . (
  • For example, if you originally chose to pursue a career in Nursing, ask yourself "why? (
  • The purpose of this study is to understand why and how oxidative stress negatively impacts mobility in the elderly, and to determine whether antioxidant supplements can increase vascular h. (
  • A passionate advocate for lifelong learning, Dr. Harper wasn't surprised to see education front-and-center in the IOM report, which asserts that nurses should be educated with physicians and other health professionals as students and throughout their careers. (
  • While graduate school trains students well in bench skills, it does not provide them with specific training for non-bench careers. (
  • Rather than use it as a time to develop independent investigator skills, many graduate students view the postdoc period as a default stop after graduate school, and use it as a time to figure out their next career step. (
  • Career Services assists students in developing career plans and making informed career decisions. (
  • We've helped over 320,000 students from 139 countries upgrade their job training, launch new careers, and discover exciting new passions. (
  • A masters in special education is a degree that will get you into one of the most satisfying careers out there. (
  • You'll study in an academic community that is engaged with the key social and political issues shaping people's im/mobilities around the globe. (
  • You will need a strong academic record, and a real passion for developing a career as a lawyer. (
  • explain gender related differences in grant decisions, and gender related differences in academic careers. (
  • In such a competitive environment, an important measure of academic success is the ability to maintain a long active career in science. (
  • These and similar data have led to calls for rethinking academic careers, and to discussions of the need for policy interventions to address this growing problem ( 5 , 9 , 13 ). (
  • there is evidence that the academic career path is becoming increasingly uncertain and precarious. (
  • Maritime employment and career mobility. (
  • and in and out of employment (employment mobility). (
  • Nursing school grads, ready to jump-start your career? (
  • The faculty is dedicated to the practice of nursing and teaching, which encourages you to maximize your own career goals. (
  • TCC offers two nursing tracks ranging from three to four semesters, including Nursing Career Mobility (LPN/Paramedic to RN) Track, and Traditional Nursing (RN) Track. (
  • We hope it will answer your questions about how to get started in your nursing career and what is offered at TCC for you. (
  • At Airbus, we believe urban air mobility can positively contribute to a multimodal mobility system. (
  • An adjustment to payment for routine visits furnished to beneficiaries for whom the use of specialized mobility-assistive technology (such as adjustable height chairs or tables, patient lifts, and adjustable padded leg supports) is medically necessary. (