Biological actions and events that support the functions of the CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM.

The cardiovascular response to lower body negative pressure in humans depends on seal location. (1/75)

We tested whether seal location at iliac crest (IC) or upper abdomen (UA), before and during lower body negative pressure (LBNP), would affect thoracic electrical impedance, hepatic blood flow, and central cardiovascular responses to LBNP. After 30 min of supine rest, LBNP at -40 mm Hg was applied for 15 min, either at IC or UA, in 14 healthy males. Plasma density and indocyanine green concentrations assessed plasma volume changes and hepatic perfusion. With both sealing types, LBNP-induced effects remained unchanged for mean arterial pressure (-3.0+/-1.1 mm Hg), cardiac output (-1.0 l min(-1)), and plasma volume (-11 %). Heart rate was greater during UA (80.6+/-3.3 bpm) than IC (76.0+/-2.5 bpm) (p<0.01) and thoracic impedance increased more using UA (3.2+/-0.2 Omega) than IC (1.8+/-0.2 Omega) (p<0.0001). Furthermore, during supine rest, UA was accompanied by lower thoracic impedance (26.9+/-1.1 vs 29.0+/-0.8 Omega, p<0.001) and hepatic perfusion (1.6 vs 1.8 l.min(-1), p<0.05) compared to IC. The data suggest that the reduction in central blood volume in response to LBNP depends on location of the applied seal. The sealing in itself altered blood volume distribution and hepatic perfusion in supine resting humans. Finally, application of LBNP with the seal at the upper abdomen induced a markedly larger reduction in central blood volume and greater increases in heart rate than when the seal was located at the iliac crest.  (+info)

Nitric oxide and cardiovascular and renal effects. (2/75)


Acute effects of sodium ingestion on thirst and cardiovascular function. (3/75)


Realtime photoacoustic microscopy of murine cardiovascular dynamics. (4/75)

Non-invasive visualization of cardiovascular dynamics in small animals is challenging due to their rapid heart-rates. We present a realtime photoacoustic imaging system consisting of a 30-MHz ultrasound array transducer, receive electronics, a high-repetition-rate laser, and a multicore-computer, and demonstrate its ability to image optically-absorbing structures of the beating hearts of young athymic nude mice at rates of approximately 50 frames per second with 100 microm x 25 microm spatial resolution. To our knowledge this is the first report of realtime photoacoustic imaging of physiological dynamics.  (+info)

Safety and feasibility of aerobic training on cardiopulmonary function and quality of life in postsurgical nonsmall cell lung cancer patients: a pilot study. (5/75)


Aerobic fitness is associated with hippocampal volume in elderly humans. (6/75)


Impaired off-line consolidation of motor memories after combined blockade of cholinergic receptors during REM sleep-rich sleep. (7/75)


Five-year follow-up of a cordotomy. (8/75)

Percutaneous cervical cordotomy is an invasive procedure to treat severe, opioid-resistant cancer pain. It is usually proposed for patients with a limited life expectancy. As a consequence, objective quantification of the long-term effects of this procedure is lacking. The present report describes a patient who was treated with a right-sided percutaneous cervical cordotomy for refractory cancer pain. Afterward, disseminated seminoma was diagnosed, which was cured with chemotherapy. Five years after the procedure, a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the long-term effects was performed. Sensory dysfunction was observed in the left side of the body, but no motor neuron or autonomic dysfunction was observed. The influence of these long-term effects on the patient's daily activities was limited.  (+info)

QA/QC Role. Temporary role to support the business with their peak period, this will be a permanent night shift once the training has been completed. You will need to be an experienced QC/QA as you will be the only person supporting the quality output on the shift, there will of course be other areas of the business that are operating so you will still have people around you.. The company supplies through to the majority of the retailers specialising in certain products. This is one for someone who is immediately available as looking to get someone in training by next month and fully ready to smash through the shift ahead of the Christmas rush. If you are keen and ready to find out more hit apply or get in touch with me [email protected] ...
Hi everyone! I am 12 weeks pregnant in my first pregnancy. I am a night shift nurse. Since Ive been pregnant I have had so much nausea, loss of appetite, and sleeping way more than I used to. I also stopped working out at like week 6 because I feel drained. I also feel like my social life has gone down the drain due to covid and sleeping all the time. Ive cooked like 3 times since Ive been pregnant and my house work is slacking. Any words of encouragement for this tired nurse?
March, 1978 - 11:30 p.m. I had just finished walking rounds with the night shift nurse, clocked out, and sat down beside the chart rack to begin my charting before I could go home. I usually was able to complete some of my assigned five patient charts during my shift, but it had been nonstop…
Rounds had the added entertainment of these little ones, always watchful and serious, (our night shift nurses Susan and Jeannie were the only ones to consistently get smiles.) But their antics were a delight to watch. Hellen who could see us rounding on Joan, the team gathered around her bed. Joan was sitting quiet and regal in her stunning knitted pink hat, looking for all the world like the Queen at a gala. Hellen was watching everything very intently. I then noticed that Hellen had taken a washcloth, from the end of her bed, and was doing a wonderful job of fashioning it into a hat for herself, first trying to put it on her head and tie it around the back, then realizing that it wasnt quite big enough, she placed it squarely on top of her head, and sat just as proud and regal. While we rounded on Anna Grace she took her beanie baby that had been given to her and a towel, wrapped her baby and rocked it in her arms, looking down at the baby as a doting mother, so very precious. Joan was by far ...
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Cardiovascular fitness is sometimes referred to as cardiovascular endurance because a person who possesses this type of fitness can persist in physical exercise for long periods of time without undue fatigue. It has been referred to as leptoconnect real reviews cardio-respiratory fitness because it requires delivery and utilization of oxygen, which is only possible if the circulatory and respiratory systems are capable of these functions.. The term aerobic fitness has also been used as a synonym for cardiovascular fitness because aerobic capacity is considered to be the best indicator of cardiovascular fitness and aerobic physical activity or exercise is the preferred method for achieving it. Regardless of the words used to describe it, cardiovascular fitness is complex because it requires fitness of several body systems.. Good cardiovascular fitness requires a fit heart muscle. The heart is a muscle; to become stronger it must be exercised like any other muscle in the body. If the heart ...
Aerobic exercise or cardio is importance of cardiovascular fitness, which is linked to improved heart & lung health, physical performance& overall wellbeing
What is cardiovascular fitness? This question has become a common one, as more people are trying to figure out how to stay healthy in todays world.. Cardio is actually a word used to describe many different types of physical activity, and it is not just cardiovascular activity that are included in this term. Most activities performed in a variety of settings and in the gym are categorized as either aerobic or anaerobic. Aerobics typically refers to low intensity, low-volume, low-repetitive, aerobic activity. These activities include swimming, running, cycling, stair climbing, and other physical activities.. Cardio activities are very good for burning calories and fat, but not to mention, they can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Some cardio exercises, such as walking or jogging, will cause a heart attack or stroke if they are performed incorrectly.. Cardiovascular exercise is mainly performed by using your bodys own aerobic energy-generating system, which includes your liver, lungs, and ...
Certainly, working nights or other off-shifts poses challenges and requires additional sacrifices, but the payoff is valuable. Whatever shift you work, leadership aptitude is evaluated the same way; personal integrity and motivation are crucial for advancement. Career success shouldnt depend on the shift you work. As a night worker, take steps to optimize your career growth. Go out of your way to share information and educate others about shift-work differences. Despite what my mentor thought, we all work in the real world no matter what our shift. Selected references Admi H, Tzischinsky O, Epstein R, et al. Shift work in nursing: is it really a risk factor for nurses health and patients safety? Nurs Econ. 2008;26(4):250-7. American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Night shift nurses more likely to have poor sleep habits. June 11, 2007. Accessed September 14, 2011. Brooks I, Swailes S. Analysis of the relationship between nurse influences over flexible ...
Obesity represents a worldwide increasing health problem. Obesity, through complex and not fully understood pathogenetic mechanisms, induces different structural and functional changes of left heart chambers, right heart chambers, and arteries. Ultrasound techniques are the first choice for a comprehensive assessment of the cardiovascular adaptation to obesity. This review summarizes the up-to-date literature on the topic, with particular focus on the main clinical studies, which range over different cardiovascular adaptations to obesity, namely left ventricular mass, diastolic function, right ventricle structure and function, arterial stiffness, and intima-media thickness. Also, the importance of epicardial fat and of the degree of obesity is described. Finally, the role of weight loss and bariatric surgery and the study of cardiovascular obesity-induced abnormalities in children and adolescent are discussed.
In the present study, the routes of elimination and metabolism and the excretion mass balance of zoniporide in humans were investigated after an intravenous infusion of [14C]zoniporide. A dose of 80 mg was administered in this study, which was approximately equal to the anticipated clinical dose to be used in the phase III program. The comparison of metabolite profiles of a drug candidate in animals and humans is essential to ensure that animal species used in toxicological evaluations are appropriate models of humans and to confirm that all human circulating metabolites are covered in these species (Food and Drug Administration, 2008). The metabolic profiles in humans, rat, and dog were compared to assess whether all metabolites observed in human matrices were detected in these two toxicology species. The doses used in the preclinical species were equivalent to the dose in the toxicology studies in which minimum adverse effects were observed.. After intravenous administration, the majority of ...
This patent search tool allows you not only to search the PCT database of about 2 million International Applications but also the worldwide patent collections. This search facility features: flexible search syntax; automatic word stemming and relevance ranking; as well as graphical results.
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1 to 1 Sessions tailored to you and your specific goals.. Our Personal Training option is most popular with clients who have a specific goal in mind such as weight/fat loss, muscle toning, cardiovascular fitness or gains in strength. Training sessions are fully private and all of the attention is on you. Your coach will design the training sessions around your specific goals to ensure the right type of work is being done to get the best results - fast!. ...
Maintaining your cardiovascular fitness is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your health, longevity and overall mood. Find out what some of the best cardio activities are that will help you improve your fitness routine.
TORONTO - Mark Lemieux is running on the treadmill, the slap of each sneaker-clad foot marking one more step in his quest to bump up his cardiovascular fitness and keep it there.Lemieuxs routine, whi...
This weight loss treadmill workout will burn a whopping 500 calories, increase cardiovascular fitness & boost metabolism, so youll keep burning calories.
Select testing protocol and sex of subject. Enter age and time to exhaustion. Click Calculate. Evaluates cardiovascular fitness for adults. ...
Muscle function- mechanism of contraction & cross bridge function(Not in completely accurate lecture order, accurate by week) MED1011
Schedule an appointment with a Spelman Wellness employees member for a facility orientation. Cardiovascular Adaptation is evaluated primarily based on HRV parameters collected through the 5-minute seated-to-standing process. The ultimate aim is extra environment friendly fats utilization by the physique over time, which ends up in more practical weight reduction and the next degree of cardiovascular fitness. This includes an intensive assessment of the affected persons cardiovascular standing and the potential risks of participation. First, it is very important perceive when it is applicable to perform a cardiovascular assessment at all. Aerobic capacity or cardiovascular fitness is the part of health that relates principally to health and the power to do vigorous, sustained physical activity.. The primary fitness plan shall, at a minimum, include vigorous cardiorespiratory endurance training three times a week for thirty minutes each time and a vigorous power training event one to a few ...
A cross bridge is present in the overlap of thick myosin filaments and thin actin filaments in a muscle fibre. They may be present when the muscle is contracted or when the muscle is relaxed, and they occur in all types of muscle cells. A cross bridge is a link between the F - actin filament and the myosin head, and it is essential for contraction of a muscle. When the muscle is in a contracted state, the cross bridge must form and dissociate rapidly. This mechanism pulls the thin filaments towards the centre of the sarcomere and creates what is known as the sliding filament theory[1] ...
To provide for fetal needs and maintain maternal health, the cardiovascular system makes brilliant adaptations. At the same time, this increased endocrine output usually results in edema, varicose veins, and a tendency toward clot formation, particularly in the lower extremities. These physiological realities were likely the basis of the now outdated total contraindication to massage therapy during pregnancy. Understanding these changes and their ramifications for how, where, and when you massage, particularly the legs, is critical to
These classes are designed and conducted by a physiotherapist to improve the flexibility, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness of those who find exercising on land difficult. They are suitable for people with moderate to severe arthritic conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.. Some classes are tailored towards cardiovascular fitness and others towards mobility exercises. People with moderate to severe reduction in mobility can also attend, including those with chronic low back pain.. As well as being ideal for those with mild to moderate arthritis conditions, this class is also designed to meet the needs of pregnant women.. You can choose from beginner to advanced classes.. ...
Athletic performance improvement depends on a program of exercise to stimulate muscular and cardiovascular adaptation followed by a recovery period in which the body rebuilds itself slightly more fit than before. Thus, the real gain of exercise occurs during recovery, but only in the presence of adequate rest and optim
Does working graveyard lead to an early grave? Thats kind of what this study indicates. Although were still in the early stages here. It is interesting reading for all you noc shift nurses out there ...
Im the evening shift (2-11) nurse in LTC with 40 residents. The day shift nurse who I follow is driving me crazy! He never does his alert charting, leaves tons of holes in the MAR, does not
Just 30 minutes every day can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance. It can also reduce your risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and some cancers.. 1. Burn ...
Starting a new sports hobby is exciting, and running can be an excellent choice. There are plenty of benefits from improving your cardiovascular fitness to
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Since 2004, more than 100,000,000 books have been downloaded from Our library contains more than 33,000 free ebooks formatted for Kindle, Nook and most other ereaders. You can also access an HTML version of the books to read online.. ...
I cycled its length today. Its a really nice and safe cycle. Its a bit odd that when it finishes in Portobello the path that connects it to Harolds Cross bridge has no bicycle signs printed on it. Im pretty sure that that path is owned by the apartments beside Portobello college and its not public property. Do they really have the authority to prohibit cycling?. ...
Athletic performance improvement depends on a program of exercise to stimulate muscular and cardiovascular adaptation followed by a recovery period in which the body rebuilds itself slightly more fit than before. Thus, the real gain of exercise occurs dur
My original blog about Genene Jones is simply titled Genene Jones - Death Shift Nurse. She was convicted in 1984 of killing an infant and suspected of murdering dozens more. The precise number of infants she has been suspected of killing is 46. Astonishingly, she will be released from prison without completing her 99 year sentence…
World Bicycle Day is marked on June 3. The day is observed to draw peoples attention towards the importance and benefits of riding a bicycle. It is a well-known fact that riding a bicycle is not only good for ones health but is also good for the environment as it is a zero pollution mode of transportation.. Health benefits of regular cycling include increased muscle strength and flexibility, decrease in stress levels, increase in cardiovascular fitness, decrease in the body fat levels, prevention or management of diseases among others.. We recommend you to take up a physical activity which is not just fun but also deals with a lot of your health issues. Yes, we are talking about cycling and since the World Bicycle Day 2021 is knocking right outside the door, can there be any better opportunity to kick start your fitness game?. ...
Participation in regular physical activity offsets the 15% reduction in cardiovascular fitness and strength that occurs in each decade after age 50 and may prevent many of the health problems typically seen with aging.. All servicesLearn More. ...
Cardiovascular fitness is thought to be the most important component of physical fitness. It is considered the best indicator of overall health.
Cardiovascular System - Cardiovascular System Diagram - Cardiovascular System Chart - Cardiovascular Diagram - Cardiovascular system is a visual representation of the human organs carrying blood through the body including human heart, veins, arteries and aorta.
MRI and CT of the Cardiovascular System : MRI and CT of the Cardiovascular System Pub Date: October 2005 Product Type: Print Author/
In this extensive population-based, case-control study, we found that parents of patients died significantly less often from a cardiovascular disease than parents of controls. A relation between cardiovascular fitness and being more physically active could not be shown in our study, as neither parental cardiovascular death nor survival was related to the extent to which patients are physically active. As the heritability of cardiovascular diseases is relatively high,16 our results strengthen the concept that a favourable cardiovascular fitness profile is associated with developing ALS. These findings are in line with previous studies showing a lower rate of hospital admissions for coronary heart disease,7 less frequent use of medication for hypertension or congestive heart failure,17 and a lower frequency of a history of a myocardial infarction or cardiac arrhythmia6 among patients with ALS compared with the general population or to controls and a lower rate of stroke and myocardial infarction ...
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Im a day shift nurse on a high-acuity IMC in Baltimore city. Im single, no kids. Hoping to make some lifestyle changes for myself as I go through this process. Tracking my food and no, team5576board
Everybody is aware of what is an train coronary heart price monitor is. In case you dont, then simply go exterior and see what most exercisers are wearing on their arms or on their chests these days. If physique composition is of (higher fat compared to muscle mass) there are various health related diseases and diseases you may have a better chance of contracting. Fit leaders develop core strength in each of the above key areas. If you scored low on the muscle strength test you wouldnt have enough energy to carry out properly in sports, resistance coaching and activities of day by day dwelling.. Degree three Screening includes an even more detailed bodily examination and train stress testing. Cardiovascular fitness is the effectivity with which the physique (the guts and lungs) delivers oxygen and vitamins to the required working muscle groups and transports waste products from the cells over a sustained time frame.. ...
Finding the time to exercise after having a baby may be the last thing on your mind, but finding a fitness routine has so many benefits including: weight loss, improving your cardiovascular fitness, rebuilding your abdominal muscles, boosted energy levels, relieving stress and helping to prevent postpartum depression.
FARTLEK TRAINING. Changes of pace will allow for the recovery so the performer can work at thier best.. Fartlek training improves cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance and reduces the chance of coronary heart disease.. Fartlek training is cintinuous but the changes in pace within the session means that performers work both aerobicically (jogging) and anerobically (sprinting, or running up hill) with in the exercise session.. ...
There are endless reasons to run outside-and even more to venture off the paved path to more challenging gravel or dirt terrain. Trail runs provide great mental stimulation, agility work, and a change of scenery-but you might not think of them as an opportunity to build muscle. Turns out, if you add a little structure to your runs-and some strategically placed exercises-you can burn more calories and gain strength while boosting your cardiovascular fitness.. How Trail Running Can Transform Your Body A lot of times when people hit the trails, they just go for slow distance runs, says Stephanie Violett, Ph.D., a running coach and sports nutritionist based in Bend, OR. Adding some intensity is a great way to break up the run, improve your fitness, build muscle, and make you a more efficient runner.. And who doesnt want that? Here, seven ways to take your trail runs to the next level.. 1. Add a Dynamic Warmup A slow-building dynamic warmup is great for trail runs, says Danny Mackey, coach of ...
Resistance training is finally being accepted as a legitimate form of training for sportsmen and women in the UK, with benefits ranging from increased muscular strength and power to decreased body fat and even enhanced cardiovascular fitness
Speed and distance should not be a priority in the beginning, but once the habit starts to stick, you may want to start developing goals. Here are some general health guidelines:. People walking for general health benefits should try and get in a half hour minimum each day, most days of the week, keeping to talking pace, or a comfortable pace at which you can still hold a conversation.. For improvement of cardiovascular fitness, three to four days a week are recommended, doing 20 to 30 minutes at a very fast pace. You will find your breathing is elevated, but you should not be gasping for air. Warming up and cooling down time should be additional to the time spent walking.. Those walking to lose weight should probably aim to do 45 to 60 minutes five days a week at a moderate to brisk rate. The faster you walk, the more calories you will burn. However, make sure to increase pace and mileage gradually to prevent injury.. Tips For Walking Faster ...
The Bellin Run is a 10K (6.2-mile) race held annually on the east side of Green Bay, Wisconsin, just outside Bellin Memorial Hospital, the races founding organization. The first Bellin 10K was held on June 12, 1977 and was known as the Bellin Heartwarming Run designed to promote cardiovascular fitness and wellness. The run was intended to be a one-time event to help celebrate the dedication of the hospitals newly constructed additions. The run drew 881 participants. The following January, Bellin began receiving calls about when the next running event would be scheduled. Bellin officials decided to hold a second run, titled the Bellin 10K Run, to see if it would be as successful as the first. More than 1,100 runners participated in the second run and a new tradition was born. Over the years the event has grown in stature and overall participation. By 2009, the Bellin Run was among the top 10 largest timed 10K races in the nation. In 2013, a record 20,000 people registered for the event. The ...
Assayed, liquid human serum based control for monitoring precision of cardiac profile testing and Protein Electrophoresis; bilevel MiniPak (2 x 1 mL)
Downloadable! Large projects evaluation rises well known difficulties because -by definition- they modify the current price system; their public evaluation presents additional difficulties because they modify too existing shadow prices without the project. This paper analyzes -first- the basic methodologies applied until late 80s., based on the integration of projects in optimization models or, alternatively, based on iterative procedures with information exchange between two organizational levels. New methodologies applied afterwards are based on variational inequalities, bilevel programming and linear or nonlinear complementarity. Their foundations and different applications related with project evaluation are explored. As a matter of fact, these new tools are closely related among them and can treat more complex cases involving -for example- the reaction of agents to policies or the existence of multiple agents in an environment characterized by common functions representing demands or constraints on
ABSTRACT: Multi-Leader Common-Follower games (MLCF) are a powerful modelling tool to study complex bilevel systems arising for example in electricity markets. Leveraging the optimal value approach, we introduce a Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problem (GNEP) model based on the first order approximation of followers value function. This single-level GNEP is closely related to the original MLCF. We show that any KKT point of (a suitably perturbed version of the) former problem is critical for (an approximate) MLCF. Moreover, we define wide classes of problems for which the vice-versa holds as well.. ...
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غريب يسعى الى أن يكون ممن قال فيهم الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم: (طوبى للغرباء ...
When melatonin receptor agonists bind to and activate their receptors it causes numerous physiological processes. In 1917 ... Melatonin receptors have been identified in the cardiovascular system. Evidence from animal studies points to a dual role of ... When melatonin receptor agonists activate their receptors it causes numerous physiological processes. MT1 and MT2 receptors may ... This is not a complete list since many of the possible processes need further confirmation. Receptors and the structure of ...
Hydration reduces cardiovascular strain, enhances the ability of energy processes to occur, and reduces feelings of exhaustion ... ISBN 978-0-521-32058-0. Karasov, W. H.; C. Martinez del Rio (2007). Physiological ecology: how animals process energy, ... Physiological diversity and its ecological implications. Blackwell Science, Oxford, U.K. x + 241 pp. Tracy, C. R.; J. S. Turner ... George A. Bartholomew (1919-2006) was a founder of animal physiological ecology. He served on the faculty at UCLA from 1947 to ...
... and physiological studies and investigations of metabolic processes. The EPM performs physiological and biomedical tests and ... Cardiolab (CDL) - To scan the cardiovascular system. (Built by CADMOS in Toulouse.) The EPM is operated according to ESA's ... The resulting data will provide insight into the human body's processes in a microgravity environment. The EPM provides ... this area of research also contributes to an increased understanding of terrestrial problems such as the ageing process, ...
Opioid systems influence the physiological processes of pain, reward, and stress. They also play roles in immune responses and ... the functions of the gastrointestinal, respiratory, cardiovascular, and neuroendocrine systems. The concentration and resultant ...
... is involved in a wide array of physiological processes including cell migration, proliferation and adhesion; its ... Virbasius JV, Czech MP (July 2016). "Map4k4 Signaling Nodes in Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases". Trends in Endocrinology ... can elevate MAP4K4 expression using transcription factors The JNK pathway is implicated in a number of physiological processes ... The biggest causes of death for patients with cancer are tumour invasion and metastasis - processes that are highly correlated ...
In mammals, including humans, nitric oxide is a signaling molecule in many physiological and pathological processes. It was ... The 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded for discovering nitric oxide's role as a cardiovascular signalling ... It is a key vertebrate biological messenger, playing a role in a variety of biological processes. It is a bioproduct in almost ... giving an overall process similar to the haloform reaction. For example, nitric oxide reacts with acetone and an alkoxide to ...
... and biological mediators are types of biomarkers-objective indicators of normal or pathological physiological processes. ... Heightened cardiovascular reactions are associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease. Hormones produced by the ... These processes do not have a sufficient evidence base linking them to clinical endpoints in order be elevated to the class of ... Women's heightened physiological reactions to marital conflict may be due to their relative subordinate position in marriage. ...
... plays a role in various physiological and pathological processes. Exogenous molecular control in vivo of miR-155 ... Defective miR-155 function could be implicated in hypertension and cardiovascular diseases if the cis-regulatory site on 3` UTR ... "Regulation of the MIR155 host gene in physiological and pathological processes". Gene. 532 (1): 1-12. doi:10.1016/j.gene. ... Due to the increasing number of examples where two functional mature miRNAs are processed from opposite arms of the same pre- ...
The physiological mechanism operates via the autonomic nervous system. Cardiovascular reactivity, a measure of the autonomic ... Aging has traditionally been explained in terms of physiological processes that lead to inevitable decline. However, more ... cardiovascular reactivity, and longevity). SET explains these findings according to a three-step process: Age stereotypes are ... This process of early internalization is facilitated by the lack of resistances that are usually present when stereotypes are ...
This resulted in continued work, together with the Dutch company DSM, on development of a novel process for production of ... Initially, he worked on physiological characterization of the filamentous fungus Penicillium chrysogenum that is used for ... cardiovascular disease, and various cancers. Nielsen has worked on studying and improving various industrial biotechnological ... He also worked on characterization of other fermentation processes used for antibiotics production, and through the use of his ...
NAE's are also involved in modulation of different physiological processes such as pain, stress, anxiety, appetite, ... cardiovascular disorders, inflammatory processes, viral infections, certain types of cancer and autoimmune disorders. Synthesis ... First, it releases more energy so the collapse is halted, and secondly it produce two more elements in that process. Carbon (C ... In plants, NAE 18:1 is present abundantly in dry seeds and levels decline during seed imbibition, but its physiological ...
For the perfusion process, the circulatory organs of the cardiovascular system such as the heart, pulmonary arteries, pulmonary ... Anatomically, the lung structure, alveolar organization, and alveolar capillaries contribute to the physiological mechanism of ... Ventilation is the movement of gas during breathing, and perfusion is the process of pulmonary blood circulation, which ... Ventilation-perfusion coupling is the relationship between ventilation and perfusion processes, which take place in the ...
Physiological processes are also influenced within the exercise of humor. For example, laughing may reduce muscle tension, ... increase the flow of oxygen to the blood, exercise the cardiovascular region, and produce endorphins in the body. Using humor ... Emotional approach coping is one form of emotion-focused coping in which emotional expression and processing is used to ... Maladaptive techniques are only effective as a short-term rather than long-term coping process. Examples of maladaptive ...
Other physiological systems integral to interoceptive processing include the respiratory system, gastrointestinal and ... The most commonly studied system is cardiovascular interoception which is typically measured by directing attention towards the ... exhibit abnormal interoceptive sensory processing and reduced interoceptive awareness under resting physiological conditions. ... The EPIC model deviates from this and proposes that the brain is involved in a process of active inference, that is, ...
... mammalian ENTs additionally influence physiological processes ranging from cardiovascular activity to neurotransmission. In ... "Physiological and pharmacological roles of nucleoside transporter proteins". Nucleosides, Nucleotides & Nucleic Acids. 27 (6): ...
... and physiological approaches (i.e., cardiovascular, hormonal). Combining different kinds of measures-often in the same study- ... Collectively, Akinola's work points to individual-and organizational-level processes and practices that can affect the ...
This is because a malformed odontoid process may lead to instability between the atlas and axis (the C1 and C2 cervical ... Direct fatalities in sport are rare, as most sport fatalities are indirect and associated with non-sport cardiovascular ... Fatal injury may reveal an unknown "underlying anatomical ,or physiological abnormality". Individuals with certain anatomical ... For example, contact sports are contraindicated for individuals with an anomalous odontoid process, as any violent impact may ...
These effects contribute to an extensive range of physiological and pathological processes related to development, growth, and ... and cardiovascular systems as a neurotransmitter and neuroendocrine releasing factor. ... "Recommendations of the SECmeeting to examine COVID-19 related proposals under accelerated approval process made in its ... granzyme B and therefore actively contributes to the reduction of deleterious proinflammatory and cell death-inducing processes ...
... and physiological psychologist may consist of observing how one cardiovascular event may influence another cardiovascular or ... is the branch of psychology that is concerned with the physiological bases of psychological processes. While psychophysiology ... to better understand cognitive processes. Physiological sensors have been used to detect emotions in schools and intelligent ... psychophysiologists also frequently study the impact of physiological states and systems on psychological states and processes ...
... of endothelin peptides and receptors implicates involvement in a wide variety of physiological and pathological processes among ... ET-1 has been implicated in the development and progression of several cardiovascular diseases, such as atherosclerosis and ... Agapitov AV, Haynes WG (March 2002). "Role of endothelin in cardiovascular disease". Journal of the Renin-Angiotensin- ... Böhm F, Pernow J (October 2007). "The importance of endothelin-1 for vascular dysfunction in cardiovascular disease". ...
... physiological processes underlying cardiovascular disease and delineated diagnostic procedures for certain cardiovascular ... Burch's research emphasized fundamental physiological processes and their relationships to human diseases. For example, his ... whose accomplishments included elucidating the fundamental physiological basis of important cardiovascular diseases, in ... He elucidated effects of climate on the cardiovascular system and on congestive heart failure.[citation needed] He was a ...
... psychologists and other scientists were discovering relationships between psychological processes and physiological ones. These ... Marmot, M.G. & Theorell, T. (1988). Social class and cardiovascular disease: The contribution of work. International Journal of ... In other words, health psychologists understand health to be the product not only of biological processes (e.g., a virus, tumor ... Recent advances in psychological, medical, and physiological research have led to a new way of thinking about health and ...
The physiological reactions that are induced by stereotype threat can often be subconscious, and can distract and interrupt ... One study found increased cardiovascular activation amongst women who watched a video in which men outnumbered women at a math ... Eberhardt JL, Goff PA, Purdie VJ, Davies PG (December 2004). "Seeing black: race, crime, and visual processing". Journal of ... Schmader T, Johns M, Forbes C (April 2008). "An integrated process model of stereotype threat effects on performance". ...
Physiological processes mediated by the receptor include: CNS: neuronal excitation, hallucinations, out-of-body experiences, ... In the periphery, it is highly expressed in platelets and many cell types of the cardiovascular system, in fibroblasts, and in ... In this process, exons or introns can be either included or excluded from precursor-mRNA resulting in multiple mature mRNA ... This is a co-transcriptional process, which allows the generation of multiple forms of mRNA transcript from a single coding ...
The physiological blood-flow response largely decides the temporal sensitivity, how well neurons that are active can be ... Many programs exist for the processing and analyzing of resting state fMRI data. Some of the most commonly used programs ... For example, respiratory fluctuations and cardiovascular cycles affect the BOLD signal being measured in the brain and ... November 2014). "Synchronous multiscale neuroimaging environment for critically sampled physiological analysis of brain ...
... namely NPFF1 and NPFF2 subtypes and are involved in several physiological functions such as cardiovascular regulation, hormonal ... Processing of the NPFFA precursor at basic proteolytic sites should generate a NPFF-containing peptide with three additional N- ... Nociception is the physiological function in which this interaction has been the most extensively studied but reward, ... are necessary for the analgesic properties of spinally injected NPFF while endogenous NPFF peptides are involved in the process ...
Nitric oxide plays a role in regulating various cardiovascular processes in icefish, such as the dilation of branchial ... much of these traits were simply an immediate physiological response to heightened levels of nitric oxide, which may in turn ... Their unusual cardiovascular physiology, including large heart, high blood volume, increased mitochondrial density, and ... The similarity between nitric oxide-mediated trait expression and the unusual cardiovascular traits of icefish suggests that ...
Plant physiology By process Developmental physiology Ecophysiology Evolutionary physiology By subsystem Cardiovascular ... from Wikiversity The Physiological Society public information site sponsored by The American Physiological ... Respiratory physiology History of physiology American Physiological Society International Union of Physiological Sciences ...
As part of normal physiological processes, they are involved in key steps of antigen presentation as part of the adaptive ... Cysteine cathepsins have been associated with cancer and tumor progression, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, and ... cysteine cathepsins have since been identified playing major roles in a number of physiological processes and disease states. ... The human genome encodes eleven cysteine cathepsins which have a broad range of physiological functions. In some parasites ...
As such, this process is applicable to any wound. Patient's health history may include disorders that affect the body's ability ... Common co-morbidities are: diabetes, venous insufficiency or peripheral arterial disease, respiratory and cardiovascular ... levels of various physiological assessment components (sugar, albumin, etc.), and induce other factors that negatively affect ... Wound assessment is a holistic process that considers the patient's current state of health, the factors that may impede wound ...
In many biosynthetic processes enzymes interact with each other to produce small compounds or other macromolecules.[citation ... These physiological interactions make up the so-called interactomics of the organism, while aberrant PPIs are the basis of ... Examples are Tirobifan, inhibitor of the glycoprotein IIb/IIIa, used as a cardiovascular drug, and Maraviroc, inhibitor of the ... Many molecular processes within a cell are carried out by molecular machines that are built from numerous protein components ...
CB1 receptors are absent in the medulla oblongata, the part of the brain stem responsible for respiratory and cardiovascular ... Before the 1980s, cannabinoids were speculated to produce their physiological and behavioral effects via nonspecific ... which plays an important role in biochemical processes, such as energy transfer. It may play a role in promoting sleep and ... although the physiological implications of this finding are not yet known.[69] ...
One may not be able to completely evade the physiological effects of space flight, but they can be mitigated. For example, ... The Moon as seen in a digitally processed image from data collected during the 1992 Galileo spacecraft flyby ... cardiovascular deconditioning; and decreased endurance and muscle mass.[97] ...
Physiological Effects in the Cardiovascular System". Hypertension. 68 (2): 365-377. doi:10.1161/HYPERTENSIONAHA.115.06892. PMID ... This decrease in blood pressure makes the entire process a promising drug target for treating cardiovascular diseases.[12][13] ... "Cardiovascular Research. 73 (3): 463-469. doi:10.1016/j.cardiores.2006.09.006. PMID 17049503.. ... These effects are, in part, due to enhanced shedding/internalizing processes. ... The spike protein binds to ACE2 and ...
... a process in which two terminal products from the same meiosis fuse to form a diploid zygote. This process leads to genome-wide ... The cardiovascular system of snakes is unique for the presence of a renal portal system in which the blood from the snake's ... "Physiological basis for detection of sound and vibration in snakes" (PDF). The Journal of Experimental Biology. 54 (2): 349-71 ... After eating, snakes become dormant to allow the process of digestion to take place;[57] this is an intense activity, ...
Sohal R (2002). "Role of oxidative stress and protein oxidation in the aging process". Free Radic Biol Med. 33 (1): 37-44. doi: ... Van Gaal L; Mertens I; De Block C (2006). "Mechanisms linking obesity with cardiovascular disease". Nature. 444 (7121): 875-80 ... Valko M; Leibfritz D; Moncol J; Cronin M; Mazur M; Telser J (2007). "Free radicals and antioxidants in normal physiological ... German J (1999). "Food processing and lipid oxidation". Adv Exp Med Biol. 459: 23-50. PMID 10335367.. ...
This process is frequently done with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), water, and a spoon. Once mixed and heated, the ... The short-term physiological effects of cocaine include[12] constricted blood vessels, dilated pupils, and increased ... Like other forms of cocaine, smoking crack can increase heart rate[15] and blood pressure, leading to long-term cardiovascular ... Ponton, Rhys; Scott, Jenny (12 July 2009). "Injection preparation processes used by heroin and crack cocaine injectors". ...
Instead the processes affected by the vagus nerve - specifically heart rate and heart rate variability - are measured and used ... Porges SW, Doussard-Roosevelt JA, Maiti AK (2008). "Vagal tone and the physiological regulation of emotion". Monographs of the ... However, during graded orthostatic tilt, vagal tone withdrawal is an indirect indicator of cardiovascular fitness.[7] ... Standards of measurement, physiological interpretation, and clinical use. Task Force of the European Society of Cardiology and ...
Cardiovascular health claims[edit]. In 2001, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration rejected proposed health claims for vitamin ... George M. Calhoun, Professor of Greek at the University of California, was credited with helping with the naming process.[13] ... physiological status is superior if it has the normal synthesis capacity.[26] ... Cardiovascular diseases[edit]. In an 2022 update of an earlier report, the United States Preventive Services Task Force ...
These inhibited processes can range from membrane depolarization mechanisms to inter-neuron communication. By inhibiting the ... Schlesinger, Edward B (1946). "Curare A Review of Its Therapeutic Effects and Their Physiological Basis". The American Journal ... and cardiovascular formation. The magnitude of ethanol neurotoxicity in fetuses leading to fetal alcohol syndrome has been ... Due to the significant inaccuracies associated with this process, however, it has been slow in gaining widespread support.[27] ...
Baer, Ruth (1 May 2010). Assessing Mindfulness and Acceptance Processes in Clients: Illuminating the Theory and Practice of ... Braunwald's Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine (9th ed.). Saunders. ISBN 978-1-4377-2708-1. . A systematic ... The psychological and physiological effects of meditation have been studied. In recent years, studies of meditation have ... van den Hurk PA, Giommi F, Gielen SC, Speckens AE, Barendregt HP (June 2010). "Greater efficiency in attentional processing ...
"Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology. 61 (3): 176-87. doi:10.1097/FJC.0b013e31828165db. PMC 3594564. PMID 23249676.. ... Physiological effects[edit]. Virtually all of the biological studies on hepoxilins have been conducted in animals or in vitro ... non-enzymatic production of hepoxilins may form a variety of hepoxilin isomers and occur as an artifact of tissue processing.[4 ...
W. B. Cannon; Physiological Regulation of Normal States: Some Tentative Postulates Concerning Biological Homeostatics; IN: A. ... Homeostasis is a concept central to the idea of stress.[26] In biology, most biochemical processes strive to maintain ... A link has been suggested between chronic stress and cardiovascular disease.[42] Stress appears to play a role in hypertension ... Stress, either physiological, biological or psychological, is an organism's response to a stressor such as an environmental ...
... cardiovascular defects, and certain forms of cancer. It is estimated that about 30% of the modern drugs' cellular targets are ... and to regulate various cellular processes including glycogenolysis.[11] ... "Regulation, Signaling, and Physiological Functions of G-Proteins". Journal of Molecular Biology. 428 (19): 3850-68. doi ... and consequent metabolic processes such as glycogenolysis. ...
The body is a complex network of physiological processes, making it challenging to simulate a single organ.[1] Microfabrication ... "A 3D microfluidic platform incorporating methacrylated gelatin hydrogels to study physiological cardiovascular cell-cell ... Klabunde RE (2011). Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts (2nd ed.). Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.. *^ Marieb N, Hoehn K (2006 ... Ramadan Q, Ting FC (May 2016). "In vitro micro-physiological immune-competent model of the human skin". Lab on a Chip. 16 (10 ...
American Physiological Society. 75 (1): 5-14. doi:10.1152/jappl.1993.75.1.5. ISSN 1522-1601. PMID 8376301. Retrieved January 29 ... "Introduction to Respiratory & Cardiovascular Physiology. University of the West of England, Bristol. 2016. Retrieved January 29 ... process that moves air in and out of the lungs. * Language * Watch ...
"Therapeutic Advances in Cardiovascular Disease. 2 (3): 147-55. doi:10.1177/1753944708090572. PMID 19124418. Arhivirano iz ... Folkow B (april 1982). "Physiological aspects of primary hypertension". Physiol. Rev. Rev. 62 (2): 347-504. PMID 6461865.. ... Kotchen TA (oktober 2011). "Historical trends and milestones in hypertension research: a model of the process of translational ... Palatini P; Julius S (junij 2009). "The role of cardiac autonomic function in hypertension and cardiovascular disease". Curr. ...
Funk CD, FitzGerald GA (November 2007). "COX-2 inhibitors and cardiovascular risk". Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology. 50 ... This process yields aspirin and acetic acid, which is considered a byproduct of this reaction. Small amounts of sulfuric acid ( ... Physiological Reviews. 88 (4): 1547-65. doi:10.1152/physrev.00004.2008. PMID 18923189. S2CID 448875.. ... "Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes. 2 (2): 78-87. doi:10.1161/circoutcomes.108.791269. ISSN 1941-7713. PMC ...
Furthermore, OAC is often linked to undesired soft-tissue calcification in both children and adults.[26][27] This process has ... but they are not well absorbed at this level and have little physiological impact.[1] ... "Oral anticoagulant treatment: friend or foe in cardiovascular disease?". Blood. 104 (10): 3231-2. doi:10.1182/blood-2004-04- ... "Vitamin K - sources, physiological role, kinetics, deficiency, detection, therapeutic use, and toxicity". Nutrition Reviews ...
Palm oil: biochemical, physiological, nutritional,hematological, and toxicological aspects: a review. Plant FoodsHum Nutr 57: ... Palm oil and palmitic acid: a review on cardiovascular effects and carcinogenicity. International Journal of Food Sciences and ... Fats and oils formulating and processing for applicaitoons, 3th editon, 43-47, 50-52. New York: CRC Press. ...
Porro, B; Songia, P; Squellerio, I; Tremoli, E; Cavalca, V (Aug 2014). "Analysis, physiological and clinical significance of 12 ... Council on Cardiovascular Nursing; and Council on Epidemiology and Prevention". Circulation. 119 (6): 902-7. doi:10.1161/ ... AA remains integral to the inflammatory and cell growth process, however, which is disturbed in many types of disease including ... "Omega-6 fatty acids and risk for cardiovascular disease: a science advisory from the American Heart Association Nutrition ...
Under him the Physiological Institute at Leipzig became an organized center of physiological research, whence issued a steady ... on the process of urinary secretion as in all his subsequent work. Ludwig exercised enormous influence on the progress of ... Honorary Medal is awarded by the German Society for Cardiology to outstanding investigators in the area of cardiovascular ... From professorships in Zurich and Vienna he went in 1865 to the University of Leipzig and developed there the Physiological ...
Wu J, Li L, Wu S, Xu B (August 2020). "CMTM family proteins 1-8: roles in cancer biological processes and potential clinical ... and the cardiovascular system. The methylation of certain CpG clusters (i.e. DNA areas high in cytosine and guanine) regulate ... have similar structures but vary in their apparent physiological and pathological functions. Preliminary studies suggest that ... "Potential Cardiovascular Disease Events Prevented with Adoption of the 2017 American College of Cardiology/American Heart ...
The most common cause of mortality in Cushing's syndrome is cardiovascular events. People with Cushing's syndrome have nearly 4 ... whether due to medication or internal processes. Some sources however do not consider the glucocorticoid medication-induced ... patients never recover sufficient levels of internal production and must continue taking glucocorticoids at physiological doses ... times increased cardiovascular mortality as compared to the general population.[citation needed] About 0.9 to 1% of those with ...
Aging has been defined as "a progressive deterioration of physiological function, an intrinsic age-related process of loss of ... Yang Y, Chan SW, Hu M, Walden R, Tomlinson B (2011). "Effects of some common food constituents on cardiovascular disease". ISRN ... Calorically restricted animals process as much, or more, calories per gram of body mass, as their ad libitum fed counterparts, ... Certain metal ions found in the body, such as copper and iron, may participate in the process. (In Wilson's disease, a ...
Sleep is regulated by an internal process known as the circadian rhythm. This 24-hour cycle regulates periods of alertness and ... Staff, C.I.S. "How Does Stress Affect Your Heart". Cardiovascular Institute of the South. Retrieved 6 December 2021. Team, C. C ... These all cause stressful times to have many physiological and behavioral impacts on one's diet. Furthermore, sleep deprivation ... In a study that was conducted to find the correlation between sleep deprivation and cardiovascular issues, it was found that ...
Rates of cardiovascular symptoms are high, owing to the systemic inflammatory response and immune system disorders during ... Physiological responses to pregnancy can include: Immunological: The immunological response to COVID-19, like other viruses, ... avoid issues such as the increase of antimicrobial resistance through the use of inappropriate cleaning products and processes ... The virus can cause acute myocardial injury and chronic damage to the cardiovascular system. An acute cardiac injury was found ...
It is arranged as follows: proprioceptive receptors of lower limb → peripheral process → dorsal root ganglion → central process ... ISBN 978-0-13-981176-0. Guertin, PA (2012). "Central pattern generator for locomotion: anatomical, physiological, and ... Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. 127 (4): 1188-1192. doi:10.1016/j.jtcvs.2003.11.038. hdl:2434/143447. PMID ...
Centro Cardiovascular de Puerto Rico y el Caribe). González Cancel implemented a cardiovascular program in the institution and ... According to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office: "A semiconductor substrate is formed by a process which includes providing the ... The polymides are very strong in terms of their mechanical properties, yet degradable under standard physiological conditions ... González Cancel returned to Puerto Rico in 1993 and was named Director of the Department of Surgery of the Cardiovascular ...
σ1R is targeted by the nsp6 protein of SARS-CoV-2 to inhibit autophagosome formation as a process competing with the ... A variety of specific physiological functions have been attributed to the σ1 receptor. Chief among these are modulation of Ca2+ ... It has been implicated in several phenomena, including cardiovascular function, schizophrenia, clinical depression, the effects ... Autophagy is a broad homeostatic, metabolic, cytoplasmic quality control, and metabolic process affecting many functions in the ...
Our solutions address all of your needs for cardiovascular anatomical analysis from 3D medical imaging ... Use Simpleware for 3D & 4D medical image segmentation, medical image processing and model generation of cardiovascular and ... Visualize and Process Image Data 3D & 4D medical data can be easily reconstructed using Simpleware software, with vessel and ... Medical Image Processing Software for Air and Blood Flow Analysis ...
... axis resulting in abnormal cortisol patterns and increased risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Police work is an environment ... Analytical-processes; Cardiovascular-system; Cardiovascular-system-disease; Cardiovascular-system-disorders; Occupational- ... Physiological-response; Physiological-stress; Police-officers; Psychological-factors; Psychological-reactions; Psychological- ... axis resulting in abnormal cortisol patterns and increased risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Police work is an environment ...
Mental-processes; Behavior; Brain-disorders; Blood-chemistry; Cardiovascular-system-disorders; Psychological-factors ... NIOSH-Contract; Contract-099-74-0020; Chlorinated-hydrocarbons; Urinalysis; Organic-solvents; Physiological-factors; ... at 6 manufacturing plants using the solvent in fabricating processes. The duration of exposure correlated with airborne methyl- ...
Interests: eHealth; mobile health; signal processing; pattern recognition; biomechanical and physiological parameter extraction ... cardiovascular diseases); wearable devices (ECG sensors, accelerometer sensors, etc.). Special Issues, Collections and Topics ... Article Processing Charges Pay an Invoice Open Access Policy Contact MDPI Jobs at MDPI ... The Article Processing Charge (APC) for publication in this open access journal is 2400 CHF (Swiss Francs). Submitted papers ...
When melatonin receptor agonists bind to and activate their receptors it causes numerous physiological processes. In 1917 ... Melatonin receptors have been identified in the cardiovascular system. Evidence from animal studies points to a dual role of ... When melatonin receptor agonists activate their receptors it causes numerous physiological processes. MT1 and MT2 receptors may ... This is not a complete list since many of the possible processes need further confirmation. Receptors and the structure of ...
... or slow the progression of frailty in patients with cardiovascular disease. ... Cardiovascular disease and frailty are interdependent and have the same physiological underpinning that predisposes to the ... In process. RCT. Vitamin D3 72 64 patients with HF. 6MWD. TUG test. Knee isokinetic muscle strength. No improvement in physical ... In process. Retrospective cohort study. Early mobilization in the CICU54 264 patients ≥60 y of age admitted to the CICU. Level ...
... through stress and coping mechanisms to physiological factors (e.g., cardiovascular, immune) that shape health status. Finally ... The remaining chapters explain the causal processes responsible for these relationships. In Chapter 5, the author uses violence ... Chapter 6 moves the theme forward and describes the social processes responsible for social distances and distinctions, ...
Psychosocial Processes and Health Laboratory Research at Ohio University ... Physiological assessment of the endocrine, immune, and cardiovascular systems (e.g., salivary cortisol, plasma inflammatory ... Assisting with experimental sessions and physiological data collection (e.g., cardiovascular, endocrine, and immune) ... research in this lab focuses on how cognitive processes such as rumination and worry may influence physiological stress ...
... is that HRV embed some physiological processes that are characteristics of regulatory systems acting on cardiovascular system. ...
Physiological-stress; Psychological-adaptation; Psychological-effects; Psychological-factors; Psychological-processes; ... Musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and mental health are all associated with the physical and psychosocial conditions of work, as ... Behavior-patterns; Cardiovascular-system; Employee-health; Ergonomics; Health-programs; Health-services; Health-surveys; Mental ... Macroergonomics provides a framework to improve both physical and organizational features of work and, in the process, to ...
Introduces common human disease processes. Emphasis is on interrelationships among systems and regulation of physiological ... Topics will include functional anatomy; health and fitness screening and assessment; cardiovascular assessment and prescription ... Introduces common human disease processes. Emphasis is on interrelationships among systems and regulation of physiological ... This course applies the physiological principles to the study of human performance in exercise. A lab fee is required. ...
Pregnancy is a natural process characterized by physiological changes, including fluctuating hormones. These changes increase ... Periodontal disease has been reported to be associated with other health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, low ... This pilot process revealed the optimal time for questionnaire completion by participants, while the statistical analysis ...
... gases have been transpired as the key and independent regulators of many physiological functions in mammalian cardiovascular, ... which plays a specific effective role within the cardiovascular system. In this review article, we have attempted to provide ... current understanding of the individual and interactive roles of H,sub,2,/sub,S and NO signaling in mammalian cardiovascular ... Furthermore, they are also involved in modulation of many physiological processes in cardiovascular system (CVS) and central ...
The main physiological processes necessary for life and for maintaining whole body homeostasis. ... Cardiovascular physiology: Structure and function of the heart and blood vessels from single cell to whole system. Cardiac ... Gain the knowledge, processes and techniques of game design and study examples of serious games developed to benefit society. ... The game design process. Conceptualisation, iteration, phases of workflow.. • Game design theory and practice. Identifying the ...
Angiogenesis is critical to most physiological processes and many pathological conditions. This process is controlled by ... In my study, I show that elevated klf2 mRNA levels underlie the molecular and morphogenetic cardiovascular defects in zebrafish ... Klf2, a blood flow-sensitive transcription factor, promotes VEGF-dependent angiogenesis during zebrafish cardiovascular ...
Physiology & Pathology covers key physiological processes and common pathologies of the cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, GI ...
Cardiovascular disease is present in greater than 50% of patients undergoing dialysis with 40% of these patients having ... The patient¿s adverse event was due to a physiological condition and not related to any malfunction or deficiency of the ... Plant investigation: the plant investigation is in process. A supplemental mdr will be submitted upon completion of this ... The cause of the patient¿s cardiopulmonary arrest during hd treatment was attributed to a physiological condition for which the ...
you will learn how the knowledge of physiological processes is directed into identifying drugs targets for disease, which will ... Cardiovascular Physiology and Pharmacology (BM3501) 15 Credit Points. *cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death ... understanding this process is essential to understanding the basis of human disease and the course will examine how genetic ... by understanding the process of a disease we can find ways of both treating it and/or preventing it; ...
AKAP-dependent protein-protein interactions are involved in a plethora of physiological processes, including processes in the ... cardiovascular, nervous, and immune system. Dysregulation of AKAPs and their interactions is associated with or causes ... Thus, AKAPs can coordinate signal transduction processes spatially and temporally in defined cellular environments. ...
Stress can influence a number of physiological processes including adult neurogenesis, metabolism, cardiovascular function, ... immune function, neurophysiological function, endocrine function and inflammatory processes following injury. In testing drugs ...
These biochemical and physiological processes will be explained in an understandable way in the lecture. One focus is the ... More and more people are overweight and thus have an increased risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases such as ...
Additionally, calcitriol, which is also called 1, 25-dihydroxy vitamin D3, is involved in several physiological processes ... In the last decade, numerous studies have focused on the role of vitamin D levels in cardiovascular disease. In particular, it ... Chapter 3. Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Diseases. (Francesca Longoa, MD, Giulia Grillia, MD, Laura Padoanb, MD, Daniela Santona ... The low serum of this vitamin is common in patients suffering from cardiovascular, autoimmune, cancer, psoriasis, depression ...
Stress can influence a number of physiological processes including adult neurogenesis, metabolism, cardiovascular function, ... The accreditation process includes a comprehensive assessment of the overall program of animal care... ... immune function, neurophysiological function, endocrine function and inflammatory processes following injury. In testing drugs ...
The processes leading to cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic disease will be the specific will be explored at the molecular, ... The aim of this unit is to provide students with advanced knowledge of the physiological processes that regulate normal and how ... The processes leading to cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic disease will be explored at the molecular, cellular and whole ... The aim of this unit is to provide students with advanced knowledge of the physiological processes that regulate normal and how ...
These decreased levels of 25(OH)D contribute to an autoimmune inflammatory process and to the progression of complications in ... 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] is involved in the regulation of many physiological processes in the body and beneficial effects ... related to treatment with cholecalciferol were noted in immunodeficiency, cardiovascular disorders, anemia, diabetes, various ... These decreased levels of 25(OH)D contribute to an autoimmune inflammatory process and to the progression of complications in ...
The physiological changes in the adaptive process to space mainly involve: 2.1.. Effects on cardiovascular system. ... The process leading to the appearance of these symptoms is called cardiovascular deconditioning. Significant countermeasures ... 2. Physiological Changes in Space 3. Flight Surgeon; FS 4. Health Care for Astronauts 5. Spin-offs 6. Conclusion Space medicine ... Here we have a powerful tool which will establishes the countermeasures to overcome the physiological effects in space, and ...
... have indicated that green tea can reduce the dangers of cardiovascular diseases besides managing the following physiological ... The arduous process necessary to commercially produce matcha also makes it much more expensive than the traditional green tea. ... The painstaking process necessary to commercially produce matcha also makes it much pricier than the traditional green tea. ... Remember, not every powdered tea is matcha unless it adheres by the cultivation and processing methods detailed above. Some ...
... with a particular focus on the biomechanics and transport processes in biological and physiological systems. ... Multiscale modelling of drug delivery processes * Soft tissue deformation. * Image-based analysis of cardiovascular fluid ...
... acting as an essential co-factor for many hundreds of enzyme reactions and physiological processes, including the generation of ... cognitive and cardiovascular systems… ...
  • More and more people are overweight and thus have an increased risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis and metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. (
  • The effect of hydrochlorothiazide diuretics are also a identified magnesium in oxide, which can also lead to nutrients to the heart contractions They have shown that you can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and morning hypertension. (
  • Through the years, our research advanced to the study of these components under influence of pathophysiological processes such as oncohematological diseases, hemostasis disorders, and thrombosis, including cardiovascular diseases. (
  • Our work aims to clarify the physiological and pathophysiological processes in selected diseases and the use of knowledge in the diagnosis or monitoring of the treatment. (
  • This sets up physiological changes in the body which increase risks of the major conditions and diseases of ageing: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, a weakened immune system and more. (
  • Biomedical signals relevant to several diseases are recorded from the human body and are generally employed to diagnose physiological or pathological conditions. (
  • An automated diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) based on deep learning approaches is also presented as a case study. (
  • Atherosclerosis is a major pathogenic factor in patients with cardiovascular diseases, and endothelial dysfunction (ED) plays a primary role in its occurrence and development. (
  • Simvastatin is a lipid‑lowering drug, which is commonly used to prevent or treat risk factors of cardiovascular diseases with a significant anti‑atherogenic effect. (
  • Hypertension (HP) is a common condition that accounts for ~12% of primary care consultations globally and is one of the prevailing causes of fatal cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, arrhythmia and ischemic heart disease ( 1 , 2 ). (
  • This degeneration is an important risk factor for major diseases such as cancer, diabetes , cardiovascular disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases. (
  • The therapeutic and diagnostic role of exosomes in cardiovascular diseases will be discussed. (
  • An understanding of the symptoms of alterations in cardiovascular and respiratory systems is a critical step in diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. (
  • Researchers mined data from a wide range of countries to assess the prevalence of respiratory, infectious, and cardiovascular diseases, as well as cancer and diabetes. (
  • Many past studies have concluded that both green and black teas contain high levels of antioxidant flavonoids known as catechins that are anti-inflammatory and help to prevent diseases ranging from cancer to cardiovascular disease, dementia and diabetes as well. (
  • Although cardiomyocyte hypertrophy initially enhances cardiac output in stress situations, prolonged hypertrophy, known as pathological hypertrophy, is associated with an increased risk of morbidity and mortality due to cardiovascular diseases such as diastolic and systolic heart failure and arrhythmia 3 . (
  • Methods and procedures for the diagnosis of diseases or dysfunction of the cardiovascular system or its organs or demonstration of their physiological processes. (
  • Aging is a physiological process mediated by numerous biological and genetic pathways, which are directly linked to lifespan and are a driving force for all age-related diseases. (
  • Aging is a driving factor of various age-related diseases, including neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, immune system disorders, and musculoskeletal disorders. (
  • Among other goals, she plans to conduct research on the bidirectional relationship between depression and cardiovascular disease, and prevention for these diseases in conditions in primary and specialty care settings, such as cardiac rehabilitation. (
  • The most prevalent chronic diseases among older adults include arthritis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. (
  • Several clinical trials highlighted the beneficial effects of the Mediterranean diet in the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even cancer. (
  • In the EMPA-REG OUTCOME trial, empagliflozin significantly decreases the mortality rate from cardiovascular causes [38% relative risk reduction (RRR)], the mortality rate from all-causes (32% RRR) and the rate of heart failure hospitalization (35% RRR) in diabetic patients with established cardiovascular diseases. (
  • The EMPA-REG OUTCOME trial (2010-2015) showed the cardioprotective effect of empagliflozin by significantly lowering the rate of death from cardiovascular causes [38% relative risk reduction (RRR)], all-cause death (32% RRR) and heart failure hospitalization (HHF) (35% RRR) in T2DM patients with established cardiovascular diseases (CVD) [ 12 ]. (
  • The fabricated vascular constructs can potentially be used in numerous applications including drug screening, development of in vitro models for cardiovascular diseases and/or cancer metastasis, and study of vascular biology and mechanobiology. (
  • When a doctor opens the chest and performs heart surgery is known as a Cardiac surgeon but a cardiologist is a specialist doctor in diagnosing and treating all the diseases of the cardiovascular System. (
  • In this module, you will examine fundamental concepts of cellular processes and the alterations that lead to various cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and disorders. (
  • Obesity is attributed as a powerful risk factor of a variety of health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, dementia, neuropsychiatric diseases and many more. (
  • View in PDF Number of views: 1 Nowadays, more and more evidence points out to the interrelationship between intestinal microbiota and cardiovascular diseases. (
  • Changes in the composition and activity of intestinal microbiota may lead or may accelerate the evolution of some cardiovascular diseases. (
  • Alterations in the composition of gut microbiota will induce dysbiosis, causing inflammation and initiating the development of cardiovascular diseases. (
  • Trimethylamine N-oxide TMAO is a microbial metabolite that was studied for its effects on cardiovascular diseases after the discovery of a positive correlation between the serum level of TMAO and the atherosclerotic plaque area. (
  • Heart failure is the final stage of evolution of the majority of cardiovascular diseases, with high neoplasia papilloma virus rates. (
  • Age is characterized by the presence of one or more diseases, ameliorating a process of adaptation, rehabilitation and socialization. (
  • miRNA regulation (or dysregulation) has been studied in relation to a range of diseases including cardiovascular disease, psychiatric disorders, diabetes and cancers and as research into the full range of regulatory interaction continues, the list of diseases continues to grow. (
  • In this review, the properties of oat β-glucan were briefly introduced, including water solubility, high viscosity, gelation and other functional characteristics, as well as physiological activities such as reducing cardiovascular diseases, preventing diabetes and improving human intestinal health. (
  • Fruit and vegetables are significant components in providing a healthy diet to people across the globe, and their sufficient consumption on a daily basis may be beneficial in the prevention of major diseases, including certain types of cancers and cardiovascular diseases. (
  • However, in pathological conditions, GDF-15 acts as a stress-responsive cytokine that is highly expressed in a variety of diseases and is associated with many biological processes and disorders, including obesity, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory responses, autoimmune diseases, and cancer [6] . (
  • Americans at increased risk for developing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes, the first and fifth leading causes of death for US Hispanics (3). (
  • We undertook comprehensive reviews of the literature searching for biomarkers of ageing on five ageing-related domains including physical capability and cognitive, physiological and musculoskeletal, endocrine and immune functions. (
  • Nitrite is a well-known toxicant for fish as well as a disrupter of multiple physiological functions including ion regulatory, respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine and excretory processes. (
  • Emphasis is placed on students developing an understanding of structure (anatomy) and function (physiology) of the cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic, endocrine, urinary, digestive and reproductive systems and the integration of all systems in maintaining optimal functioning of the human body. (
  • Musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and mental health are all associated with the physical and psychosocial conditions of work, as well as with individual health behaviors. (
  • Cardiovascular and lung function, glucose metabolism and musculoskeletal function are key subdomains of physiological function. (
  • Additionally, extensive phenotypical characterization of these models has shown that they largely phenocopy their human counterparts, with recapitulation of several clinical hallmarks of the corresponding EDS subtype, including dermatological, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and ocular features, as well as biomechanical and ultrastructural similarities in tissues. (
  • Generally speaking, during heavy exercise there is a constriction of blood flow to certain organ systems that are not as immediately involved in the physiology of exercise as are the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. (
  • Chapter 8 examines the pathway from the form of social organization (degree of inequality) through stress and coping mechanisms to physiological factors (e.g., cardiovascular, immune) that shape health status. (
  • The main goals are for (i) understanding basic cardiovascular disease mechanisms, (ii) accelerate drug discovery and screening, and (iii) develop personalized medicine and ìclinical trial in a dishî platforms. (
  • We will also discuss the pathways of gene expression (transcription, RNA processing, and translation) and the mechanisms of regulating these pathways, with special emphasis on transcriptional control. (
  • Although the detailed pathogenic mechanisms remain to be elucidated, endothelial dysfunction (ED) is the initiating event of AS ( 1 , 2 ), which can alter the homeostasis of the cardiovascular system, with accompanying changes in cell morphology and function. (
  • Candidates will receive hands-on laboratory instruction in cells, genetics, mechanisms, and processes of the body, including the nervous system and other organs, as part of the course syllabus. (
  • Hypertrophy underlies postnatal heart growth and is triggered after stress, but the molecular mechanisms involved in these processes are largely unknown. (
  • Referring to the current debate, potential mechanisms underlying cardiovascular adverse effects associated with the long-term use of COX2 inhibitors and NSAIDs are discussed. (
  • Briefly explain the process of body temperature regulation through behavioural and physiological mechanisms (in 100-130 words). (
  • The mechanisms by which these bacteria can initiate the atherosclerotic process or in some cases protect against it are still unknown. (
  • 4] BAI J Y,REN Y Y,LI Y,et al.Physiological functionalities and mechanisms of β-glucans[J].Trends in Food Science & Technology,2019,88:57-66. (
  • Physiological processes that contribute to fatigue are grouped into two categories: 1) Central, which is muscle activation signaling from the brain, and 2) Peripheral, which are the physiological mechanisms occurring at the neuromuscular junction and within the contracting muscle. (
  • Higher intake of dietary fiber has been associated with lower cardiovascular risk, type 2 diabetes risk, lower body weight, and lowered risk of cancers of the gastrointestinal tract. (
  • While changes in miRNA expression are a typical signature of cardiovascular and neurological disorders including atherosclerosis, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease, very little is known about the function of miRNAs in physiological processes. (
  • Diabetes mellitus currently affects over 350 million patients worldwide and is associated with many deaths from cardiovascular complications. (
  • Levels of cortisol (a stress hormone), insulin and other chemicals increase, contributing to a greater risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, dementia-related conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, and cardiovascular disease. (
  • vascular factors such as hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol, and genetic factors such as the apolipoprotein E4 allele increase the risk of developing both cardiovascular disease and dementia. (
  • Those reported to be associated with other study therefore was to assess the oral agreeing to participate were interviewed health problems such as cardiovascular health status, knowledge, attitude and about their medical history and those disease, diabetes, low birth weight and practices among a sample of pregnant who were suffering from any mental or preterm birth ( 5-7 ). (
  • In ongoing and upcoming projects, research in this lab focuses on how cognitive processes such as rumination and worry may influence physiological stress responses. (
  • This unit of study focuses on pathophysiological concepts and processes related to human responses to disease and illness. (
  • Sympathetic touches are processed by receptors under the surface of the skin, and set in motion a cascade of beneficial physiological responses. (
  • Common physiological responses to stress may influence the colon cancer process. (
  • Physiological measures included cardiovascular, electrodermal, respiratory responses and skin temperature of the subjects. (
  • And it's these responses that underlie many of the cardiovascular problems that you've been learning about within this particular programme. (
  • You'll have access to sophisticated equipment to measure the physiological responses to exercise and analyse sports movements and skills. (
  • We investigated the physiological responses above and below T crit for a small tree-dwelling bat ( Chalinolobus gouldii , ∼14 g) that is often exposed to sub-zero temperatures during winter. (
  • Observational studies of diet in cardiometabolic-cardiovascular disease (CM-CVD) focus on self-reported consumption of food or dietary pattern, with limited information on individual metabolic responses to dietary intake linked to CM-CVD. (
  • The European Physiology Module is a double-rack multi-user facility that supports investigations of respiratory and cardiovascular conditions, hormonal and body fluid shift, bone demineralization and neuroscience. (
  • To enable students to develop knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and common pathologies of the human body in relation to the gastro-intestinal, cardiovascular, urinary, respiratory and reproductive systems in a medical imaging context, including interpretation. (
  • Her current work includes studies using the tools of physiology, cardiovascular epidemiology and neuropsychology. (
  • This module is designed to introduce the student to the fundamentals of functional anatomy and physiology, particularly the skeletal, neural, muscular, metabolic, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. (
  • We developed an integrated simulation module for teaching cardiovascular physiology to pre-clinical students as a part of early clinical exposure. (
  • The teaching module covered the topics of cardiovascular physiology such as functional anatomy, cardiac cycle, normal electrocardiogram (ECG), arrhythmia, arterial pulse examination, heart sounds and hands-on cardiovascular examination using a variety of simulators. (
  • The use of simulation-based teaching in cardiovascular physiology as part of early clinical exposure leads to enhanced learning and clinical application. (
  • The course " Physiology: the Science of Life ", developed by the University of Liverpool in partnership with the Physiological Society, takes you beneath the surface of three key physiological systems - respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous - allowing you to explore the discipline of physiology. (
  • However, this area of research also contributes to an increased understanding of terrestrial problems such as the ageing process, osteoporosis, balance disorders, and muscle wasting. (
  • These decreased levels of 25(OH)D contribute to an autoimmune inflammatory process and to the progression of complications in addition to the metabolic disorders. (
  • Based on the application, the Neuroprosthetics Market can be segmented into physiological disorders, motor neuron disorders, and cognitive disorders. (
  • The physiological disorders segment comprises ophthalmic disorders, auditory processing disorders, cardiovascular disorders, and urology disorders. (
  • The focus is on Cardiovascular and Respiratory Disorders. (
  • Nuclear receptor function is linked to physiological processes that regulate human disease under normal and aberrant conditions including cardiovascular, metabolic, and neurological disorders, cancer, and inflammation. (
  • Impaired G-protein-coupled receptor signaling, responsible for most of the complications associated with obesity and cardiovascular disorders, activates the MAPK pathway, which ultimately activates downstream transcription factors and gene expression related to cardiac growth. (
  • Thymosin beta-4 (TB-4) plays key physiological roles in the cardio vascular disorders by significantly reducing cardiac fibrosis and left ventricular function. (
  • Scar formation in cardiovascular disorders like, myocardial infarction could be reversed by applying the usage of thymosin B4. (
  • This led to multiple awards from the American Physiological Society. (
  • This is a great opportunity for students who are considering applying to graduate school or for those who want to learn more about how interpersonal and cognitive processes can influence our health and well-being. (
  • Memory, processing speed and executive function emerged as key subdomains of cognitive function. (
  • During graduate school, her research focused on the cognitive, affective and physiological processes that contribute to the etiology and maintenance of major depressive disorder. (
  • Her dissertation aimed to clarify the nature of cognitive and mood reactivity, and characterize the nature of cardiovascular reactivity to sadness in remitted depression. (
  • She has co-written MSLS articles and book chapters examining the relationship between dairy food intake and cardiometabolic health, depressive symptoms and cardiovascular disease, and obesity and cognitive functioning. (
  • Wade has published work focusing on associations between nutrition, cardiovascular health and cognitive function. (
  • The Heart and Brain Study combines state-of-the-art vascular ultrasound, cerebrovascular magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and cognitive testing in participants of the long-running Whitehall II Imaging cohort to examine these physiological processes together. (
  • We will evaluate novel physiological processes in order to describe the optimal window for managing vascular risk in order to delay cognitive decline. (
  • mindfulness might be useful in the treatment of insomnia as a means to reduce pre-sleep cognitive and physiological arousal. (
  • They suggested that people tend to engage in goal-directed and controlled information processing, (e.g., problem solving and decision-making) during the day and that sleep is facilitated by cognitive deactivation and a reduction in the amount of controlled and strategic information processing. (
  • This cognitive deactivation is paralleled by physiologic deactivation characterized by a decrease in muscle tone and a slowing of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. (
  • In this way, mindfulness may help facilitate cognitive deactivation and physiological de-arousal by allowing the individual to disengage from their daily concerns and strivings. (
  • The Batrachoididae family is a group of marine teleosts that includes several species with more complicated physiological characteristics, such as their excretory, reproductive, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. (
  • Describe and relate the anatomical, physiological and pathological features of the gastro-intestinal, cardiovascular, urinary, respiratory and reproductive systems to patient clinical presentations, discuss the implications for medical imaging. (
  • Thyroid hormones participate in regulation almost of all physiological processes in the organism such as activity of metabolic reactions, proteins synthesis, mental and physical activity, functional condition of cardiovascular, respiratory and reproductive system. (
  • Reproductive health is a condition of perfect physical and mental well-being in all matters relating to the reproductive system, and its functions and processes (1). (
  • Seventy three behavioral measures of task performance, four indices of exposure to methyl-chloride, eight indicators of neurological function, a clinical electroencephalogram and demographic data were obtained from 122 workers occupationally exposed to methyl-chloride (74873) at 6 manufacturing plants using the solvent in fabricating processes. (
  • This course will study motor skills and physical development from birth to adulthood with an emphasis on infancy, childhood, and adolescence including neurological, physiological, intellectual, social, and emotional factors that influence gross and fine movement activities. (
  • Intro In humans many physiological processes are controlled by estrogens (E1 & E2), including reproduction, cardiovascular health and neurological functions [1]. (
  • On the other hand, ageing is a natural process involving a gradual decline in physiological functions and is associated with similar co-morbidities as obesity. (
  • This review discusses about the commonalities (termed as 'Obesageing') between the pathological phenomenon of obesity and normal physiological process of ageing. (
  • Chemistry plays an important role in the life sciences, explaining the shapes and properties of biomolecules, and helping to provide an understanding of how biological processes work at a molecular level. (
  • Wenbo Zhan's research centres on biological engineering and bioprocessing, with a particular focus on the biomechanics and transport processes in biological and physiological systems. (
  • This biological clock creates cyclic physiological systems like core temperature, sleep cycle, and metabolite production, which change the way our body reacts to the environment. (
  • It's a complex process that uses a number of different biological systems. (
  • When you think about the fact that your body contains trillions of cells in nearly constant activity, and that remarkably little usu- Temperature Most technological systems are primitive compared to the human body's ability to precisely regulate numerous critical variables and intricate biological processes. (
  • Intake of vitamin K2, however, helps protect against this calcification and stiffening of arteries, cutting the risk of cardiovascular disease while supporting strong bones. (
  • Research typically includes neuroscientific, cardiovascular, and physiological studies and investigations of metabolic processes. (
  • Oxygen consumption increases at the beginning of the first trimester and increases by 20-33% by term because of fetal demands and increased maternal metabolic processes. (
  • or METABOLIC PROCESS, including enzymatic and other pharmacological processes, by a drug or other chemical. (
  • Metabolic disturbances, including hyperglycemia, insulin resistance and hyperlipidemia, play an important role in the diabetic cardiomyopathy process by triggering the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, altered lipid metabolism, inflammation, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress [ 7 ]. (
  • In the case of N-type Ca 2+ channel studies, knockout technology was successfully applied to various cardiovascular, sympathetic, nociceptive, sleep-awake cycles, metabolic and neurodegenerative experiments using homozygous mutants of the α 1B gene that turned out to be viable. (
  • The GFRAL/GDF-15/RET complex activates the body's energy metabolic pathways and participate in many physiological processes [4-6] . (
  • Cardiolab (CDL) - To scan the cardiovascular system. (
  • The main hypothesis is that HRV embed some physiological processes that are characteristics of regulatory systems acting on cardiovascular system. (
  • Chemical interaction between NO and H 2 S may generate nitroxyl (HNO), which plays a specific effective role within the cardiovascular system. (
  • In this review article, we have attempted to provide current understanding of the individual and interactive roles of H 2 S and NO signaling in mammalian cardiovascular system, focusing particularly on heart contractility, cardioprotection, vascular tone, angiogenesis, and oxidative stress. (
  • Furthermore, they are also involved in modulation of many physiological processes in cardiovascular system (CVS) and central nervous system (CNS) [ 1 ]. (
  • In this review article, we will focus on physiological and cellular functions mediated by H 2 S and NO in mammalian cardiovascular system. (
  • AKAP-dependent protein-protein interactions are involved in a plethora of physiological processes, including processes in the cardiovascular, nervous, and immune system. (
  • It is expected that despite the fluid shift and the consequent loss of body mass in the early stage of spaceflight, the cardiovascular system adapts to the microgravity environment if the astronaut continues to stay in space. (
  • Orthostatic intolerance and the loss of exercise capacity after spaceflight are thought to be caused by overall changes in the cardiovascular system. (
  • In our body, the Circulatory Organ System , aka Vascular Organ System is composed of the cardiovascular system , which distributes blood , and the lymphatic system , which distributes lymph and closely related to the respiratory organ system . (
  • In our body, the Blood and Immune System Cells are the erythrocyte or a leukocyte cells found in the body fluids circulating throughout the cardiovascular system . (
  • In our body's blood , the Blood Cells (Blood Corpuscles) are the cells contained in blood either as an erythrocyte or a leukocyte found in the body fluid circulating throughout the cardiovascular system . (
  • In our body the Cardiovascular System functions to transports food, oxygen, and water to every system of the body through it's main components, the heart , the blood , and an intricate network of blood vessels . (
  • In our body the Lymphatic Organ System , a sub system of the immune organ system , is a system of organs and tissues that process and transport immune cells and lymph (lymph fluid) . (
  • The Lymphatic System (lymph, lymph nodes and lymph vessels) supports the Cardiovascular System by draining excess fluids and proteins from tissues back into the bloodstream, thereby preventing tissue swelling. (
  • Adenosine is an endogenous nucleoside with a short half-life that regulates many physiological functions involving the heart and cardiovascular system. (
  • Lecture begins with a detailed review of the current literature regarding exosomes and the Cardiovascular system. (
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  • So the first process or the first haemostasis system that I introduced was platelets. (
  • The arterial network of the cardiovascular system (CVS) is composed of two systems, the macrocirculation (elastic and muscular arteries) and the microcirculation (arterioles and capillaries) which interact to allow the organism to adapt to intern and extern perturbations. (
  • An intra-aortic balloon and control system is a prescription device that consists of an inflatable balloon, which is placed in the aorta to improve cardiovascular functioning during certain life-threatening emergencies, and a control system for regulating the inflation and deflation of the balloon. (
  • All these physiological processes are controlled by the autonomic nervous system. (
  • Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. (
  • Ice causes the cardiovascular system to go through a process called vasoconstriction. (
  • Heat, on the other hand, causes an opposite effect in the cardiovascular system. (
  • Use of the MSP430 microcontroller and the SimpliciTI protocol as part of a mobile phone virtual instrumentation system that measures, transmits and analyzes pulse wave velocity information to assess cardiovascular health. (
  • In the adult central nervous system, remyelination is a spontaneous regenerative process that restores skip conduction, prevents axonal degeneration, and promotes functional recovery. (
  • The Cardiovascular Assessment Facility offers to the scientific community sophisticated techniques for the physiological assessment of the cardiovascular system in rodents. (
  • In vitro modeling, low and physiological SS (4 and 15 dyn/cm 2 , respectively) were exerted on human aortic endothelial cells using a parallel plate chamber system. (
  • This vital regulatory system is involved in virtually all of our physiological and pathological processes. (
  • The interaction of endocannabinoid receptors with their main ligands is able to regulate and modulate a number of conditions, such as energy expenditure, cardiovascular function, immune system, inflammatory processes, learning and memory processes, among others. (
  • Thyroid gland is prone to a various pathological processes which cause its dysfunction and thus affect many organs and system in the human organism. (
  • Thus, AKAPs can coordinate signal transduction processes spatially and temporally in defined cellular environments. (
  • His lab uses a combination of genomics, stem cells, cellular & molecular biology, physiological testing, and molecular imaging technologies to better understand molecular and pathophysiological processes. (
  • This course is designed to prepare students in learning advanced cellular biochemistry and metabolism under physiological and pathophysiological conditions for successful careers in academia and biotechnology industries. (
  • Their production by a wide variety of cells in eukaryotes implicates their roles in the execution of essential processes, especially cellular communication. (
  • Exosomes are secreted under both physiological and pathophysiological conditions, and their actions on neighboring and distant cells lead to the modulations of cellular behaviors. (
  • The Inflammasome Lab at IMB is defining the molecular and cellular processes of inflammation. (
  • The mediation of aging by complex cellular and physiological processes is driven by various acquired and genetic factors. (
  • I have been fortunate enough to form part of two British Heart Foundation programme grants within the Cellular Cardiovascular research laboratory of Professor Derek Steele . (
  • Since their discovery a little over 20 years ago, miRNAs have emerged as an exciting and promising research and applied science target due to their involvement in many important cellular processes and their clear links to disease states. (
  • The connection between specific miRNAs and disease state is not surprising, given the clearly important role they play in most cellular processes and studies have now shown tissue-specific miRNA expression profiles that directly link to the physiological state of the originating cell. (
  • These basic mechanical processes underlie a range of higher level phenomena in health and disease including many aspects of cancer, cardiovascular disease, malaria, and morphogenesis, but our major research emphasis is the role of these processes in airway narrowing in asthma. (
  • They shape life, acting either as crucial drivers for a wide range of physiological processes, or as potential threats to which cells have to adapt to survive in pathological conditions. (
  • Mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs) are responsible for a diverse range of physiological processes in cells including growth, survival, and apoptosis. (
  • Laboratory component includes anatomical studies using microscopy and dissection and the study of physiological concepts via experimentation. (
  • The anatomical and functional changes affect the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. (
  • This subject provides students with an introduction to the anatomical structure and physiological function of the systems of the human body. (
  • 3 4 Skeletal muscle mass (SMM) 4 alterations are among these physiological changes. (
  • The literature is full of claims regarding the consumption of polyphenol or polyamine-rich foods that offer some protection from developing cardiovascular disease (CVD). (
  • In fact, studies show that poor quality sleep increases your risk of developing cardiovascular disease and can be a point of concern for those living with cardiovascular disease. (
  • These results may have important ramifications for the concept of postoperative myocardial injury, as they suggest that, in some patients, postoperative cardiac-troponin increases may be the result of a normal physiological process in the surgical setting. (
  • Over the last decade, I had been reading a growing body of astonishing reports in the medical literature about the health benefits of sauna bathing (see below) with regard to lowering the risks for cardiovascular disease and dementia. (
  • From the Finnish study, we learned that m en who sauna-bathed 4-7 times per week had a 66% lower risk of developing dementia including Alzheimer's disease compared to those who sauna-bathed only once per week. (
  • Frailty can be defined as a phenomenon of increased vulnerability to stressors due to decreased physiological reserves in older patients and thus leads to poor clinical outcomes after cardiovascular insults. (
  • His clinical interests involve cardiovascular imaging and adult congenital heart disease. (
  • Adaptive computational techniques with application to bio-signals (particularly, for cardiovascular applications), pattern recognition, modelling and Clinical Informatics. (
  • The application of these processes and concepts provides a knowledge base for registered nurses to improve clinical judgements and decision-making in the management of patients with complex changes in health status. (
  • The characterization of exosomes, provides information on aberrant processes, and thus, exosome analysis has many clinical applications. (
  • The In Vivo Imaging Facility (IVIF) provides state of the art multimodal in-vivo imaging for the visualization of pathological processes in pre-clinical mouse model. (
  • In parallel to advances in regulatory issues, scientific studies continue in full steam ahead, contributing to the debate on historical, botanical, physiological, clinical, and also legal aspects around the medicinal use of cannabis - which is essential to fight misinformation and facilitate the wide access to this valuable therapeutic tool by the Brazilian population. (
  • Methods and Design: The 775 participants of the Whitehall II Imaging cohort, aged 65 years or older in 2019, have received cardiovascular and clinical assessments at 5-year-intervals since 1985, as well as a 3T brain MRI scan and neuropsychological tests between 2012-2016 (Whitehall II Wave MRI-1). (
  • In my study, I show that elevated klf2 mRNA levels underlie the molecular and morphogenetic cardiovascular defects in zebrafish ccm mutants. (
  • We're continuing this type of work and having products that work on a molecular and physiological level. (
  • Here my research has investigated the biophysical and molecular events in cardiac muscle and how these processes are modified by physiological adaptations or disease. (
  • Furthermore, the extraction and purification processes of oat β-glucan were summarized and the primary and fractional purification processes for removing starch, protein, pigment, heteropolysaccharides and other small molecular substances. (
  • Significant physiological changes during pregnancy affect the heart's ability to respond to pathological processes such as hypertension and heart failure. (
  • This article systematically reviews the literature on safety, efficacy, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics of cardiovascular drugs used for hypertension and heart failure during pregnancy and lactation. (
  • Cardiovascular disease encompasses a broad range of pathologies including narrow or blocked blood vessels, heart muscle and valve failure, heart arrhythmias, and hypertension. (
  • The focus of my research has been on hypertension and cardiovascular disease, where there have been documented associations between occupational stress and cardiovascular disease. (
  • These physiological changes further affect the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of cardiac medications. (
  • The Optogenetics group, headed by Dr. Franziska Schneider-Warme , works on genetically encoded, light-activated tools to study the biophysics of cardiac processes, from single cell-signalling to whole-heart mechanoelectric activity. (
  • Understanding the Paracrine Effects Exerted by Exosomes Secreted from Cardiac Cells in Cardiovascular Disease. (
  • As a major contributor to cardiovascular disease (CVD), cardiac aging occurs in both sexes with most of the burden falling on middle-aged and older adults. (
  • it promotes the formation of new myocytes, decreases apoptosis (7), slows the process of cell aging while increasing the cell proliferation (10), thus improving cardiac infarcted heart (6).Using thymosinB4 cardiac fibroblasts can be reprogrammed into cardiomyocyte-like cells in their native environment for potential regenerative purpose. (
  • As a functional polysaccharide, oat β-glucan, has excellent functional properties and a variety of physiological activities beneficial to the body. (
  • This adrenal glucocorticoid can regulate a wide variety of physiological processes via nuclear hormone receptor-mediated control of gene transcription [ 31 ]. (
  • The resulting data will provide insight into the human body's processes in a microgravity environment. (
  • In other words, this process supports the body's normal ability to "make" proteins. (
  • During the deepest stages of sleep, blood pressure drops, the muscles relax and the body's general repair processes occur. (
  • Known as a biomarker of acute inflammation, many large-scale prospective studies demonstrate the association between CRP and chronic inflammation, including: cardiovascular disease (CVD), cerebrovascular accident (CVA) (ischaemic stroke), Alzheimer's Disease, and age-related macular degeneration 2 . (
  • You could then repeat this process for as long as required to reduce the inflammation at the site of injury. (
  • three key points emerged, pointing to the chronic inflammation process, especially the chronic infection and systemic inflammatory states, as leading causes of hematopoietic stem cell depletion. (
  • From this standpoint, inflammation, especially in its chronic phase, can be tightly connected to the normal process of aging, being defined as inflammaging [ 8 , 9 ] . (
  • Are individuals with a tendency to engage in perseverative cognition at greater risk for exaggerated reactivity and/or prolonged physiological recovery in response to stressors and in everyday life? (
  • Cardiovascular reactivity during spousal conflict is considered to be one of the main pathways for relationship distress to impact physical, mental, and relationship health. (
  • However, the magnitude of association between cardiovascular reactivity during laboratory. (
  • Combination therapies using exosomes and peptides in various cardiovascular conditions such as acute coronary syndromes, chronic coronary artery disease, hypertensive cardiovascular disease and congestive heart failure will also be reviewed. (
  • The cause of the patient¿s cardiopulmonary arrest during hd treatment was attributed to a physiological condition for which the patient required open heart surgery. (
  • The cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary pathophysiologic processes that result in the patient presenting these symptoms. (
  • The green vessels to the outlet aniline have cardiopulmonary( access and sicher support for role of the process in the stratificational and aortic leer, selectively) emotions( 51 action), access Click( 25 behavior) and important chiral options, NaCl and Na2SO4( Edited 22 network). (
  • Exposure to microgravity during spaceflight results in tissue degeneration in multiple physiological systems including muscle atrophy, bone loss, immune deficiencies and cardiovascular impairment. (
  • SMM tissue decline, as a part of these physiological changes, starts in middle age (or even earlier, in the 30s) and progresses in more advanced age. (
  • Recognizing the breadth of disciplines that contribute to bioengineering projects, the MS program allows students to choose one of four concentrations (bioimaging and signal processing, cell and tissue engineering, biomechanics, or biomedical devices) to develop deep expertise in an area of particular interest and encourages individual research through a one-semester master's project or two-semester master's thesis. (
  • In this process, the normal tissue structure is destroyed, and the surrounding tissues begin to produce a proliferative response similar to wound healing. (
  • Could the seeming volume of experienced pain-space be a partial illusion, produced by cognizing the tissue damage as some place near or overlapping with yet not spatially identical to where the "actual" damage is, in other words a case of existential-physiological discrepancy? (
  • Under physiological conditions, GDF-15 is not expressed or is expressed in small amounts in tissues other than placental tissue. (
  • Emphasis is on interrelationships among systems and regulation of physiological functions involved in maintaining homeostasis. (
  • Both gases have been transpired as the key and independent regulators of many physiological functions in mammalian cardiovascular, nervous, gastrointestinal, respiratory, and immune systems. (
  • To this end, we have facilities for prototyping of mechanical and electrical components, and expertise in sensors, imaging, signal processing, control systems and user-interfacing. (
  • Research Interests: Sensor and Ad hoc Networks, Cyber-Physical Systems, Future Internet, Internet of Medical Things, Artificial Intelligence in Medical Field, Machine Learning Algorithms for Medical Data Processing, and Medical Big Data Analysis. (
  • An understanding of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems is a critically important component of disease diagnosis and treatment. (
  • The breathing process is the foundation of all brain function and 12 energy systems of the body. (
  • two systems paramount to processing food and the removal of toxins and imbalances from the body. (
  • We examine the function of physiologically diverse raphe nucleus 5-HTergic neurons, deficits in amygdalar 5-HTergic neural systems, amygdala dopamine on emotional memory processing and the role of antipsychotics that attenuate excessive dopamine release and improve resilience. (
  • Explore the amazing physiological systems that keep us alive. (
  • The canonical Wnt/β-catenin pathway plays a crucial role in cell proliferation, adhesion and other physiological processes ( 3 ), and has been implicated in various conditions, such as inflammatory disease, fibrotic disease and multiple cancer types ( 4 , 5 ). (
  • A 2A receptor agonists are the focus of efforts by the pharmaceutical industry to develop new cardiovascular therapies, and pharmacological actions of the atheroprotective and anti-inflammatory drug methotrexate are mediated via release of adenosine and activation of the A 2A receptor. (
  • Elevated levels of CRP are not disease specific but are synthesised, by hepatocytes, in response to pro-inflammatory cytokines during inflammatory and/or infectious processes 2, 3 . (
  • The coronary artery disease (CAD) process is characterised by increasing levels of inflammatory biomarkers. (
  • The ice further decreases the inflammatory process which further reduces the swelling in the ankle. (
  • This causes an increase in blood flow and would, therefore, increase the inflammatory process in the ankle. (
  • The ice as stated will cause vasoconstriction, which is beneficial in helping reduce the inflammatory process, but complications also arise. (
  • As sugar land chiropractors know this is the period of time where the inflammatory process is at its greatest and thus the most important phase in which to reduce it falls at this time. (
  • and COX2, which is responsible for the synthesis of prostanoids involved in pathological processes, such as acute and chronic inflammatory states. (
  • As we get older, there are physiological changes that occur which are a natural part of aging. (
  • The following physiological processes occur in the body during exercise. (
  • For sugar land chiropractors the reason behind using ice goes to the physiological changes which occur when the body temperature drops. (
  • The process of aging is the result of physiological changes that occur in the human body. (
  • Vitamin D insufficiency has been defined as a serum 25(OH)D level of 21-29 ng/mL (52-72 nmol/L). This is based on the observed physiological changes in calcium absorption and parathyroid hormone levels that occur with changes in vitamin D levels. (
  • Many researchers argue that the relationship between stress and cardiovascular disease is a combination of these factors. (
  • A recent diagnosis of cardiovascular disease or a recent heart attack can lead to anxiety, depression, worry and related stresses that can keep a person awake. (
  • In particular, it has been shown that insufficient Vitamin D levels are frequently observed among patients with cardiovascular disease. (
  • High-risk pregnant patients with cardiovascular disease require a multispecialty team of doctors, including health care providers from obstetrics and gynecology, maternal fetal medicine, internal medicine, cardiovascular disease specialists, and specialized pharmacology expertise. (
  • Chronic stress can result in frequent or persistent challenges of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis resulting in abnormal cortisol patterns and increased risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD). (
  • You will also learn about the effects of acute and chronic exercise on physiological and pathophysiological processes in individuals with injury and disease. (
  • Alcohol addiction, also known as alcohol use disorder (AUD), is a chronic brain disease, and recovering from an addiction is a complex process. (
  • Chronic exposure to these conditions make heart limited to physiological adaptation and repair capacity. (
  • Serotonin (5-HT) is a hormone and neurotransmitter that modulates neural activity as well as a wide range of other physiological processes including cardiovascular function, bowel motility, and platelet aggregation. (
  • The low serum of this vitamin is common in patients suffering from cardiovascular, autoimmune, cancer, psoriasis, depression and atherosclerosis disorder. (
  • The gradual discoveries of cystathionine β -synthase (CBS) and cystathionine γ -lyase (CSE) as critical enzymes producing H 2 S [ 6 ] shed more light upon its signaling pathways and widespread physiological functions. (
  • However, the physiological signaling pathways by which these dynamics impact the pathobiology of disease remain poorly understood. (
  • The model was able to overcome physiological obstacles in studies of N-type Ca 2+ channel selective blockers, such as unspecific binding to structurally similar molecules, and failed distribution to targeted organs. (
  • It examines and explains how organisms, organs, and cells carry out the chemical and physical processes that keep us going. (
  • Psychosocial factors, such as stress and threat, can cause both psychological and physiological outcomes. (
  • Finally, we highlight future directions of research in the application of adenosine as an approach to improving outcomes in persons with cardiovascular disease. (
  • Considered as toxic and potentially lethal gases for centuries, they are now recognized by many researchers as the important cytoprotective endogenous modulators of many physiological functions. (
  • Aging causes progressive slowing down or loss of physiological functions, which can compromise smooth functioning of the body. (
  • The most extensive section evaluates experimental studies of barium toxicity, with particular attention given to reported effects on cardiovascular functions. (
  • it's an active state vital for regulating many physiological functions. (
  • 0 0 Unemployed Professor Unemployed Professor 2022-10-21 15:15:58 2022-10-21 15:15:58 How these processes interact to affect the patient. (
  • Angiogenesis is critical to most physiological processes and many pathological conditions. (
  • Klf2, a blood flow-sensitive transcription factor, promotes VEGF-dependent angiogenesis during zebrafish cardiovascular development. (
  • During that time, she spent extensive time researching the process by which the body grows new blood vessels (angiogenesis). (
  • Increasing maternal mortality in the United States underscores the importance of proper cardiovascular management. (
  • Cardiovascular disease is present in greater than 50% of patients undergoing dialysis with 40% of these patients having coronary heart disease. (
  • The Cell Biophysics group, headed by Rémi Peyronnet PhD , studies the signalling processes related to mechanical forces that are omnipresent and constantly changing in the heart. (
  • The Computational Modelling group, headed by Dr. Viviane Timmermann , is working on the quantitative numerical description of the anatomy of the heart as well as the electrical and mechanical processes in the heart. (
  • increasing heart rate and other physiological shifts-all designed to help us fight or flee from danger. (
  • After the acquisition of signals from the heart, the macrocirculation and the microcirculation, recorded on healthy subjects, we applied different signal processing concepts (spectral analysis, multifractal analysis, multiscale entropy) and highlighted potential relations between the macrocirculation and the microcirculation. (
  • A cardiologist doctor examines patients with heart disease and cardiovascular disease. (
  • The cardiovascular illness affects the heart, blood arteries, or both, whereas heart disease is primarily related to the heart. (
  • An electrocardiograph is a device used to process the electrical signal transmitted through two or more electrocardiograph electrodes and to produce a visual display of the electrical signal produced by the heart. (
  • Other sections review what is known about the kinetics and metabolism of barium, discuss its capacity to mimic the role of calcium in many physiological processes, and consider effects on organisms in the environment, including effects on the infectivity of several viruses. (
  • In deep sleep, the body releases various hormones that affect growth, appetite regulation, energy metabolism and glucose processing, as well as brain and muscle health. (
  • Ce modèle permet, en outre, d'observer les interactions entre la macrocirculation et la microcirculation dans des conditions normales et pathologiques. (
  • Many people turn to doctors or prescription drugs to manage their weight, stress, cardiovascular issues and countless other conditions. (
  • The process leading to the appearance of these symptoms is called 'cardiovascular deconditioning. (