Monitoring of FETAL HEART frequency before birth in order to assess impending prematurity in relation to the pattern or intensity of antepartum UTERINE CONTRACTION.
Physiologic or biochemical monitoring of the fetus. It is usually done during LABOR, OBSTETRIC and may be performed in conjunction with the monitoring of uterine activity. It may also be performed prenatally as when the mother is undergoing surgery.
A nonreassuring fetal status (NRFS) indicating that the FETUS is compromised (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists 1988). It can be identified by sub-optimal values in FETAL HEART RATE; oxygenation of FETAL BLOOD; and other parameters.
Deficient oxygenation of FETAL BLOOD.
The heart rate of the FETUS. The normal range at term is between 120 and 160 beats per minute.
A method, developed by Dr. Virginia Apgar, to evaluate a newborn's adjustment to extrauterine life. Five items - heart rate, respiratory effort, muscle tone, reflex irritability, and color - are evaluated 60 seconds after birth and again five minutes later on a scale from 0-2, 0 being the lowest, 2 being normal. The five numbers are added for the Apgar score. A score of 0-3 represents severe distress, 4-7 indicates moderate distress, and a score of 7-10 predicts an absence of difficulty in adjusting to extrauterine life.
The status during which female mammals carry their developing young (EMBRYOS or FETUSES) in utero before birth, beginning from FERTILIZATION to BIRTH.
Works containing information articles on subjects in every field of knowledge, usually arranged in alphabetical order, or a similar work limited to a special field or subject. (From The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983)
Contraction of the UTERINE MUSCLE.
Pregnancy in which the mother and/or FETUS are at greater than normal risk of MORBIDITY or MORTALITY. Causes include inadequate PRENATAL CARE, previous obstetrical history (ABORTION, SPONTANEOUS), pre-existing maternal disease, pregnancy-induced disease (GESTATIONAL HYPERTENSION), and MULTIPLE PREGNANCY, as well as advanced maternal age above 35.
The failure of a FETUS to attain its expected FETAL GROWTH at any GESTATIONAL AGE.
An infant during the first month after birth.
Created 1 January 1993 as a result of the division of Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Country located in EUROPE. It is bordered by the NORTH SEA, BELGIUM, and GERMANY. Constituent areas are Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, formerly included in the NETHERLANDS ANTILLES.
A heterogeneous group of nonprogressive motor disorders caused by chronic brain injuries that originate in the prenatal period, perinatal period, or first few years of life. The four major subtypes are spastic, athetoid, ataxic, and mixed cerebral palsy, with spastic forms being the most common. The motor disorder may range from difficulties with fine motor control to severe spasticity (see MUSCLE SPASTICITY) in all limbs. Spastic diplegia (Little disease) is the most common subtype, and is characterized by spasticity that is more prominent in the legs than in the arms. Pathologically, this condition may be associated with LEUKOMALACIA, PERIVENTRICULAR. (From Dev Med Child Neurol 1998 Aug;40(8):520-7)
The repetitive uterine contraction during childbirth which is associated with the progressive dilation of the uterine cervix (CERVIX UTERI). Successful labor results in the expulsion of the FETUS and PLACENTA. Obstetric labor can be spontaneous or induced (LABOR, INDUCED).
Artificially induced UTERINE CONTRACTION. Generally, LABOR, OBSTETRIC is induced with the intent to cause delivery of the fetus and termination of pregnancy.
Delivery of an infant through the vagina in a female who has had a prior cesarean section.
A kingdom in the eastern Himalayas on the northeast border of India, bounded on the north by Tibet, on the east by Assam, on the south by Assam and West Bengal, and on the west by Sikkim and Tibet. From 1720 to 1970 it was under Chinese or Indian domination. In 1971 it became a member of the United Nations. The name comes from the Sanskrit bhota, the name for Tibet, + anta, end, with reference to its location at the southern extremity of Tibet. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p144 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p64)
A series of actions, sometimes symbolic actions which may be associated with a behavior pattern, and are often indispensable to its performance.
A republic in eastern Africa, south of SUDAN and west of KENYA. Its capital is Kampala.
Devices which are very resistant to wear and may be used over a long period of time. They include items such as wheelchairs, hospital beds, artificial limbs, etc.
Works about clinical trials that involve at least one test treatment and one control treatment, concurrent enrollment and follow-up of the test- and control-treated groups, and in which the treatments to be administered are selected by a random process, such as the use of a random-numbers table.
Evaluation undertaken to assess the results or consequences of management and procedures used in combating disease in order to determine the efficacy, effectiveness, safety, and practicability of these interventions in individual cases or series.
Neuromuscular disorder characterized by PROGRESSIVE MUSCULAR ATROPHY; MYOTONIA, and various multisystem atrophies. Mild INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY may also occur. Abnormal TRINUCLEOTIDE REPEAT EXPANSION in the 3' UNTRANSLATED REGIONS of DMPK PROTEIN gene is associated with Myotonic Dystrophy 1. DNA REPEAT EXPANSION of zinc finger protein-9 gene intron is associated with Myotonic Dystrophy 2.
A state of increased receptivity to suggestion and direction, initially induced by the influence of another person.
A narcotic analgesic that can be used for the relief of most types of moderate to severe pain, including postoperative pain and the pain of labor. Prolonged use may lead to dependence of the morphine type; withdrawal symptoms appear more rapidly than with morphine and are of shorter duration.
A major orthodox system of Hindu philosophy based on Sankhya (metaphysical dualism) but differing from it in being theistic and characterized by the teaching of raja-yoga as a practical method of liberating the self. It includes a system of exercises for attaining bodily or mental control and well-being with liberation of the self and union with the universal spirit. (From Webster, 3d ed)
Procedure in which an anesthetic is injected into the epidural space.
In health care reimbursement, especially in the prospective payment system, those patients who require an unusually long hospital stay or whose stay generates unusually high costs.
Large hospitals with a resident medical staff which provides continuous care to maternity, surgical and medical patients.
The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in a medical school.
A medical-surgical specialty concerned with management and care of women during pregnancy, parturition, and the puerperium.
A medical-surgical specialty concerned with the physiology and disorders primarily of the female genital tract, as well as female endocrinology and reproductive physiology.

Longitudinal changes in the ductus venosus, cerebral transverse sinus and cardiotocogram in fetal growth restriction. (1/58)

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the changes in flow velocity waveforms in the transverse cerebral sinus in growth-restricted fetuses and to correlate these changes with (1) flow velocity waveforms in the ductus venosus and (2) changes in computerized analysis of the fetal cardiotocogram. DESIGN: Fetuses between 22 and 37 weeks' gestation with an estimated fetal weight below the fifth centile were included in this prospective longitudinal study. Doppler measurements of the umbilical artery, descending aorta, middle cerebral artery, transverse cerebral sinus and ductus venosus were recorded. Fetal heart rate was analyzed by a computer system according to the Dawes-Redman criteria. RESULTS: We measured a significant correlation between pulsatility index in the cerebral transverse sinus and in the ductus venosus over the study period and at delivery. There was a negative correlation between these indices and short- and long-term variability of the fetal heart rate. There was a parallel increase in pulsatility in the ductus venosus and the transverse cerebral sinus. These changes were inversely correlated with fetal heart rate variability and preceded fetal distress. CONCLUSION: Cerebral venous blood flow in IUGR fetuses may be a useful additional investigation to discriminate between fetal adaptation and fetal decompensation in chronic hypoxemia.  (+info)

Reducing risk by improving standards of intrapartum fetal care. (2/58)

Confidential Enquiries into Stillbirths and Deaths in Infancy (CESDI) have pointed to a high frequency of suboptimal intrapartum fetal care of a kind that, in the event of an adverse outcome, is hard to defend in court. In an effort to minimize liability, various strategies were applied in a district hospital labour ward--guidelines, cyclical audit, monthly feedback meetings and training sessions in cardiotocography (CTG). The effects of these interventions on quality of care was assessed by use of the CESDI system in all babies born with an Apgar score of 4 or less at 1 min and/or 7 or less at 5 min. 540 babies (4.3%) had low Apgar scores, and neither the percentage nor gestational age differed significantly between audit periods. In the baseline audit, care was judged suboptimal (grade II/III) in 14 (74%) of 19 cases, and in the next four periods it was 23%, 27%, 27% and 32%. In the latest audit period, after further educational interventions, it was 9%. Many of the failures to recognize or act on abnormal events were related to CTG interpretation. After the interventions there was a significant increase in cord blood pH measurement. There were no differences between audit periods in the proportion of babies with cord pH < 7.2. These results indicate that substantial improvements in quality of intrapartum care can be achieved by a programme of clinical risk management.  (+info)

Randomised controlled trial of cardiotocography versus Doppler auscultation of fetal heart at admission in labour in low risk obstetric population. (3/58)

OBJECTIVE: To compare the effect of admission cardiotocography and Doppler auscultation of the fetal heart on neonatal outcome and levels of obstetric intervention in a low risk obstetric population. DESIGN: Randomised controlled trial. SETTING: Obstetric unit of teaching hospital PARTICIPANTS: Pregnant women who had no obstetric complications that warranted continuous monitoring of fetal heart rate in labour. INTERVENTION: Women were randomised to receive either cardiotocography or Doppler auscultation of the fetal heart when they were admitted in spontaneous uncomplicated labour. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: The primary outcome measure was umbilical arterial metabolic acidosis. Secondary outcome measures included other measures of condition at birth and obstetric intervention. RESULTS: There were no significant differences in the incidence of metabolic acidosis or any other measure of neonatal outcome among women who remained at low risk when they were admitted in labour. However, compared with women who received Doppler auscultation, women who had admission cardiotocography were significantly more likely to have continuous fetal heart rate monitoring in labour (odds ratio 1.49, 95% confidence interval 1.26 to 1.76), augmentation of labour (1.26, 1.02 to 1.56), epidural analgesia (1.33, 1.10 to 1.61), and operative delivery (1.36, 1.12 to 1.65). CONCLUSIONS: Compared with Doppler auscultation of the fetal heart, admission cardiotocography does not benefit neonatal outcome in low risk women. Its use results in increased obstetric intervention, including operative delivery.  (+info)

The relation between pre-eclampsia at term and neonatal encephalopathy. (4/58)

OBJECTIVES: To determine whether pre-eclampsia, hypothesised to be an inflammatory condition, is associated with fever in term labour, and confirm and examine the reported association of pre-eclampsia at term with neonatal encephalopathy. DESIGN: Prospective cohort study. SETTING: A Dublin teaching hospital. PARTICIPANTS: 6163 women in labour with singleton pregnancies at term at low risk for intrapartum hypoxia, recruited to a randomised trial examining the effect of admission cardiotocography on neonatal outcome. RESULTS: Pre-eclampsia was associated with maternal fever > 37.5 degrees in labour (odds ratio (OR) 3.39, 95% confidence interval (CI) 2.1 to 5.4); this was independent of obstetric intervention (adjusted OR 2.07, 95% CI 1.24 to 3.47). Pre-eclampsia was associated with neonatal encephalopathy (OR 25.5, 95% CI 8.4 to 74.7); this too was independent of obstetric intervention (adjusted OR 18.5, 95% CI 5.9 to 58.1). Cord arterial pH values were significantly lower in pre-eclamptics (7.20 v 7.24), although severe cord acidaemia was not significantly more common (OR 2.91, 95% CI 0.7 to 9.9). The association of pre-eclampsia with encephalopathy was independent of maternal fever (adjusted OR 16.5, 95% CI 5.1 to 54) and cord acidaemia (adjusted OR 13.5, 95% CI 3.2 to 56.7). CONCLUSIONS: The association of pre-eclampsia with maternal fever at term supports the hypothesis that pre-eclampsia is an inflammatory condition. The association of pre-eclampsia with neonatal encephalopathy is independent of obstetric intervention and cannot be explained by either acidaemia or maternal fever. A systemic inflammatory response in the fetus, perhaps secondary to oxidative stress, could explain the link between maternal pre-eclampsia and neonatal encephalopathy, and this may occur through cerebral vasoconstriction.  (+info)

Flecainide in the intrauterine treatment of fetal supraventricular tachycardia. (5/58)

OBJECTIVES: To assess the efficacy of flecainide in the intrauterine treatment of fetal supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) with 1 : 1 atrioventricular conduction. DESIGN: Twenty fetuses (21-35 weeks of gestation) with SVT ranging between 215 and 280 bpm were analyzed retrospectively. Fetuses received flecainide and digoxin as either first, second or third line therapy. Intracardiac blood flow, venous Doppler waveforms and cardiotocograms were evaluated before and after drug induced conversion to sinus rhythm. RESULTS: After initiation of combined flecainide and digoxin therapy, the median time interval until final conversion to sinus rhythm was 5 days (range, 0-14 days). The majority of fetuses (n = 15; 75%) converted to sinus rhythm within 7 days of treatment, whereas the remaining five (25%) showed initial reduction of the heart rate to 160-215 bpm over several days, with restoration of a triphasic venous blood flow pattern before late conversion within 7-14 days after initiation of flecainide treatment. One of these fetuses showed a decrease in fetal heart rate to 160-190 bpm without conversion to sinus rhythm but with resolution of hydrops. All fetuses survived. CONCLUSIONS: Flecainide is safe and highly effective in the intrauterine treatment of hydropic fetuses with supraventricular tachycardia. Conversion into sinus rhythm can be expected 72 h after initiation of therapy but may take up to 14 days. Therefore therapy should be continued beyond 72 h, especially when an initial decrease of fetal heart rate is observed which may represent an early therapeutic response.  (+info)

Unnecessary emergency caesarean section due to silent CTG during anaesthesia? (6/58)

We present a case of a probably unnecessary Caesarean section due to misinterpretation of the cardiotocography (CTG) trace during general anaesthesia. A 27-yr-old patient in her 30th week of an uneventful, normal first pregnancy presented with a deep venous thrombosis in the pelvic region. She was to undergo an emergency thrombectomy under general anaesthesia. During the operation, the CTG showed a lack of beat-to-beat heart rate variation (silent pattern CTG) with normal fetal heart rate. This silent CTG pattern was probably a result of the effect of general anaesthesia on the fetus. The CTG pattern was interpreted as indicating fetal distress, and an emergency Caesarean section was performed after the thrombectomy. The infant was apnoeic and had to be resuscitated and admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit. The pH at delivery was 7.23 and the baby was extubated 2 days later. Mother and child recovered without short-term sequelae. In the absence of alternative explanations, reduced fetal beat-to-beat variability with a normal baseline heart rate during general anaesthesia is probably normal.  (+info)

Uterine rupture: what family physicians need to know. (7/58)

Vaginal birth after cesarean section is common in this country. Physicians providing obstetric care should be aware of the potential complications. Uterine rupture occurs in approximately one of every 67 to 500 women (with one prior low-transverse incision) undergoing a trial of labor for vaginal birth after cesarean section. Rupture poses serious risks to mother and infant. There are no reliable predictors or unequivocal clinical manifestations of rupture, so physicians must maintain a high index of suspicion for possible rupture, especially in the presence of fetal bradycardia or other evidence of fetal distress. Management is surgery for prompt delivery of the infant and control of maternal hemorrhage. Newborns often require admission to an intensive care nursery. Prevention of poor outcomes depends on thorough anticipation and preparation. The physicians and the delivery institution should be prepared to provide emergency surgical and neonatal care in the event of uterine rupture.  (+info)

Variations of multifractal structure in the fetal heartbeats. (8/58)

Several procedures for evaluating fetal well-being are in clinical use. The cardiotocograph is mostly used as a non-invasive procedure to measure fetal well-being in clinical settings. The cardiotocograph displays the fetal heartbeat counts that vibrate. This variation has been classified into 2 categories. We investigated this variation by a novel method, in which we analyzed the change of structure of the attractors in the phase spaces according to the time course. We adopted the global spectrum, which means the distribution of fractal dimensions, for that structure. In this procedure, we discovered a new variation in which the cycle is much longer than the 2 types of known variabilities. Although loud noises such as white noises with a magnitude 1/4 times as large as the standard deviation of the original data were added to the original data, the variations were still detected. The variation is very difficult to detect by Fourier or wavelet transformation, however, because it changes very slowly. Through this new way of analyzing the vibration phenomena, we obtained a new perspective on the biological information available.  (+info)

Cardiotocography (CTG) is a technical means of recording the fetal heartbeat and the uterine contractions during pregnancy. The machine used to perform the monitoring is called a cardiotocograph, more commonly known as an electronic fetal monitor (EFM). Fetal monitoring was invented by Doctors Alan Bradfield, Orvan Hess and Edward Hon. A refined (antepartal, non-invasive, beat-to-beat) version (cardiotocograph) was later developed for Hewlett Packard by Konrad Hammacher. CTG monitoring is widely used to assess fetal wellbeing. A review found that in the antenatal period (before labour) there is no evidence to suggest that monitoring women with high-risk pregnancies benefits the mother or baby although research around this is old and should be interpreted with caution. The same review found that computerised CTG machines resulted in lower numbers of baby deaths than the traditional CTG machines (as shown in picture). More up-to-date research is needed to provide more information around this ...
This database, from the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague and the University Hospital in Brno (UHB), contains 552 cardiotocography (CTG) recordings, which were carefully selected from 9164 recordings collected between 2010 and 2012 at UHB.. The CTG recordings start no more than 90 minutes before actual delivery, and each is at most 90 minutes long. Each CTG contains a fetal heart rate (FHR) time series and a uterine contraction (UC) signal, each sampled at 4 Hz.. The priority was to create as homogeneous a set as possible; thus only recordings fulfilling the following criteria were included:. ...
(2017) Alfirevic et al. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Background: Cardiotocography (CTG) records changes in the fetal heart rate and their temporal relationship to uterine contractions. The aim is to identify babies who may be short of oxygen (hypoxic) to guide additional assessments o...
What is the issue?. Is continuous cardiotocography (CTG) to electronically monitor babies heartbeats and wellbeing during labour better at identifying problems than listening intermittently?. Why is this important?. Monitoring babies heartbeats is used to check wellbeing during labour. Listening and recording the babys heartbeat aims to identify babies who are becoming short of oxygen and may benefit from an early delivery by caesarean section or instrumental vaginal birth.. A babys heartbeat can be monitored intermittently using a special trumpet-shaped device, or hand-held Doppler device. The heartbeat can also be checked continuously using a CTG machine. Continuous CTG produces a paper recording of the babys heart rate and the mothers labour contractions. Although continuous CTG provides a written record, mothers cannot move freely during labour, change positions easily, or use a birthing pool to help with comfort and control during labour. It also means that some resources tend to be ...
The fetal electrocardiogram signal (FECG) is a major tool in monitoring and diagnosis of the fetus high risk conditions and arrhythmias. This paper introduces an accurate mathematical model for fetal electrocardiogram based on a real template FECG signal. This is done after elimination of maternal electrocardiogram (MECG) signal interference measured during pregnancy. The parameters of the introduced model are optimized in terms of sum square error using a genetic algorithm (GA). Our precise fetal electrocardiogram model can be a benchmark for other prospective researches particularly in FECG extraction. ©2007 IEEE.. ...
The objective of this study was to analyze ST segment analyses (STAN) using simultaneous traditional - gold standard invasive (fetal scalp electrode) and newly available non-invasive abdominal fetal electrocardiography (fECG) during delivery.This was
Cardiotocography is a diagnostic test that can check uterine contractions and fetal heartbeat during pregnancy. The instrument used to perform this test is called cardiotocograph. It is also known as Electronic Fetal Monitor (EFM). According to a report made available by Radian Insights, Inc.; the cardiotocograph (CTG) market in the United States is anticipated to witness a healthy CAGR over the forecast period (from 2017 to 2022).. A CTG test is prescribed during the third trimester of pregnancy. It can measure Braxton Hicks contractions that indicate labor. Cardiotocography is usually prescribed if a woman is expecting twins, has low amniotic fluid, and is suffering from placental complications, hypertension, or diabetes. It is sometimes performed during labor when the unborn baby requires continuous monitoring.. Increased governmental and non-governmental initiatives for fetal and maternal health are the key market drivers. Growing awareness and willingness of the key manufacturers to invest ...
OBJECTIVE: To test the application in practice of computerized fetal heart rate (FHR) analysis in pregnancy. DESIGN: Randomized distribution of subjects with computerized analysis automatically revealed or concealed. SETTING: A district general hospital and a teaching hospital outside London. SUBJECTS: 2869 pregnant women studied within a year. OUTCOME MEASURES: Quality and duration of the cardiotocogram; quantitative measurement of FHR variation; number of stillbirths. RESULTS: With interactive advice to the operator, records were of improved quality (up to 28% without signal loss) with potentially much reduced recording time. The short-term FHR variation measured in the last records before intervention is reported for the first time. CONCLUSION: The benefits of using the computers include improvement in record quality and saving of time. In addition, where interpretation depended on estimation of FHR variation there was prima facie evidence of observer misinterpretation; visual analysis was unreliable
The value of STAN (ST analysis) was assessed in 2 randomized trials and shows: 1) A reduction in the incidence of severe hypoxia in fetuses during labor and 2) A reduction in frequency of redemption with suction and caesarean section due to lack of oxygen during the birth process.. Within the last year however, there is substantial new information regarding. STAN. The Swedish Social Board has published a newsletter (17) which describes a possible risk of birth of asphyxiated children, some died and others have cerebral palsy. A new Finnish study (18) suggests that there may be an increased risk of (moderate) acidosis after using STAN.. The above has led to considerable debate, not just in Sweden but also throughout Europe. This has led to the Swedish, Danish (Newsletter 1, Annex 1b) and the common Nordic reference group for STAN orally has announced new clinical guidelines for STAN application. A recently held workshop in Utrecht, Holland will generate joint European guideline, these will be ...
Research Corridor has published a new research study titled Cardiotocograph (CTG) Market - Growth, Share, Opportunities, Competitive Analysis and Forecast, 2017 - 2025. The Cardiotocograph (CTG) Market report studies current as well as future aspects of the Cardiotocograph (CTG) Market based upon factors such as market dynamics, key ongoing trends and segmentation analysis. Apart from the above elements, the Cardiotocograph (CTG) Market research report provides a 360-degree view of the Lipstick Packing industry with geographic segmentation, statistical forecast and the competitive landscape.. Browse the complete report at Geographically, the Cardiotocograph (CTG) Market report comprises dedicated sections centering on the regional market revenue and trends. The Cardiotocograph (CTG) Market has been segmented on the basis of geographic regions into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World (RoW). The RoW segment ...
A 25 year old woman at 29 weeks gestation in her first pregnancy presents to her local hospital with a 12 hour history of constant abdominal pain and vomiting. She has no relevant medical or surgical history, and the pregnancy has been uncomplicated. She reports normal fetal movements and no vaginal fluid or blood loss. On examination, she has a tachycardia of 100 beats/min, blood pressure 108/70 mmHg and a temperature of 37.9°C. Abdominal examination finds generalised abdominal tenderness without peritonism. On vaginal speculum examination, the cervix appears long and closed. Urinalysis is negative for blood, protein, leucocytes, and nitrites but shows ketonuria. Cardiotocography is performed, which confirms a normal fetal heart rate pattern with no evidence of uterine activity. Initial full blood count, electrolytes, renal, and liver function are normal, except for an elevated white cell count of 15.0×109/L and C reactive protein of 11.5 mg/L.. Abdominal pain at all stages of pregnancy is a ...
The TRUFFLE study showed that a strategy of DV monitoring with safety-net criteria of very low STV and/or recurrent FHR decelerations for delivery indication could increase 2-year infant survival without neurological impairment. This post-hoc analysis demonstrates that, in early FGR, the daily risk …
The goal of antepartum fetal surveillance is to prevent fetal death. Antepartum fetal surveillance techniques based on assessment of fetal heart rate (FHR) patterns have been in clinical use for almost four decades and are used along with real-time ultrasonography and umbilical artery Doppler velocimetry to evaluate fetal well-being. Antepartum fetal surveillance techniques are routinely used to assess the risk of fetal death in pregnancies complicated by preexisting maternal conditions (eg, diabetes mellitus) as well as those in which complications have developed (eg, fetal growth restriction). The purpose of this document is to provide a review of the current indications for and techniques of antepartum fetal surveillance and outline management guidelines for antepartum fetal surveillance that are consistent with the best scientific evidence.. Committee on Practice Bulletins-Obstetrics. This Practice Bulletin was developed by the Committee on Practice Bulletins-Obstetrics with the assistance ...
Six studies (involving 2105 women) are included. Overall, the included studies were not of high quality, and only two had both adequate randomisation sequence generation and allocation concealment. All studies that were able to be included enrolled only women at increased risk of complications.. Comparison of traditional CTG versus no CTG showed no significant difference identified in perinatal mortality (risk ratio (RR) 2.05, 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.95 to 4.42, 2.3% versus 1.1%, four studies, N = 1627, low quality evidence) or potentially preventable deaths (RR 2.46, 95% CI 0.96 to 6.30, four studies, N = 1627), though the meta-analysis was underpowered to assess this outcome. Similarly, there was no significant difference identified in caesarean sections (RR 1.06, 95% CI 0.88 to 1.28, 19.7% versus 18.5%, three trials, N = 1279, low quality evidence). There was also no significant difference identified for secondary outcomes related to Apgar scores less than seven at five minutes (RR ...
tel. 8-927-641-22-71, e-mail: [email protected] Was analyzed the labor and delivery medical record of pregnant and medical cards of inpatient new-born children. An adverse influence on the early neonatal period has the fetal development under the conditions of antenatal hypoxia over 10 weeks. The prognostic indexes of post-hypoxic of newborns are: saltatory type of a curve, prevalence of decelerations over aktselerations according to cardiotocography, violation of placental perfusion of I-II degree in accordance with Doppler velocimetry.. Key words: ischemic and hypoxic injury of the central nervous system, newborns, cardiotocography.. REFERENCES. 1. Ajlamazjan Je.K. Akusherstvo: Uchebnik dlja medicinskih vuzov. 5-e izd., dop. / Sankt-Peterburg: SpecLit, 2006. - 528 s. il.. 2. Kolgushkina T.N. Klinicheskaja perinatologija. - Minsk: Vysh. shk., 2005. - 272 s. il.. 3. Volodin N.N. Neonatologija: nacionalnoe rukovodstvo. - Moskva: GJeTAR-Media, 2009. - 848 s.. 4. Ashmarin I.P., Karazeeva E.P. ...
Data set related to heart diseases. It describes 3 classes: normal, suspect, or pathological. Normal patients are treated as inliers and the remaining as outliers. Download all data set variants used (8.8 MB). You can also access the original data. (CTG.xls) ...
Data set related to heart diseases. It describes 3 classes: normal, suspect, or pathological. Normal patients are treated as inliers and the remaining as outliers. Download all data set variants used (8.8 MB). You can also access the original data. (CTG.xls) ...
The need for analgesia to overcome pain in labour is highly requested by women today. Various ways either non pharmachologic e.g. Emotional sustain, psycho-prophylactic preparation, yoga and hypnosis or pharmachologic such as epidural blockade or parenteral are used. Therefore in our study we evaluated the efficacy and tolerability of the two opioids usually used today in parenteral analgesia to reduce pain during labour: Tramadol and Meperidine. We studied two groups of patients each made up of 20 women in labour, all at term and with a physiologic course of pregnancy. 75 mg i.m ...
A normal heart rate for your fetus is an essential indicator of the well being of the fetus during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. An abnormal pattern, such ...
Statistics 26.590 obstetrics visits annually. 2500 births annually. 22810 antenatal diagnosis scans. 2 operating theatres. 2 emergency boxes. 5 delivery rooms with natural sunlight. 1 cardiotocography room for monitoring foetal heart rate. Milestones 1935 Foundation of the first private maternity clinic in Spain.
Complications occasionally arise during childbirth; these generally require management by an obstetrician. Non-progression of labor (longterm contractions without adequate cervical dilation) is generally treated with cervical prostaglandin gel or intravenous synthetic oxytocin preparations. If this is ineffective, Caesarean section may be necessary. Fetal distress is the development of signs of distress by the child. These may include rising or decreasing heartbeat (monitored on cardiotocography/CTG), shedding of meconium in the amniotic fluid, and other signs.. Non-progression of expulsion (the head or presenting parts are not delivered despite adequate contractions): this can require interventions such as vacuum extraction, forceps extraction and Caesarian section. In the past, a great many women died during or shortly after childbirth (see puerperal fever) but modern medical techniques available in industrialized countries have greatly reduced this total. ...
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Effect of maternal exercises on biophysical fetal and maternal parameters: a transversal study.. PubMed. Santos, Caroline Mombaque Dos; Santos, Wendel Mombaque Dos; Gallarreta, Francisco Maximiliano Pancich; Pigatto, Camila; Portela, Luiz Osório Cruz; Morais, Edson Nunes de. 2016-01-01. To evaluate the acute effects of maternal and fetal hemodynamic responses in pregnant women submitted to fetal Doppler and an aerobic physical exercise test according to the degree of effort during the activity and the impact on the well-being. Transversal study with low risk pregnant women, obtained by convenience sample with gestational age between 26 to 34 weeks. The participants carry out a progressive exercise test. After the exercise session, reduced resistance (p=0.02) and pulsatility indices (p=0.01) were identified in the umbilical artery; however, other Doppler parameters analyzed, in addition to cardiotocography and fetal biophysical profile did not achieve significant change. Maternal parameters ...
Cardiotocography (CTG) machine is an established tool for monitoring wellbeing of an unborn baby. It is as essential as the stethoscope for an obstetrician. But due to cost, lack of awareness and lack of technical this website priceofcialis skill to interpret the graphs, it is rarely used in Bihar outside Patna city. One CTG test […]. ...
At one ocassion, as I went for my routine ultrasonography at 35 week 1 day POA, my babys parametres were found to be quite significantly smaller than the expected range but growing still. Therefore I have to repeat scan ( done 3 days ago) to rule out the diagnosis of Small for Gestational Age. Glory be to God, it has been ruled out after the subsequent scan:) That was not the only matter that troubled me at that point of time. I also noticed he was kicking less actively than usual within about 15-20 hours, thus prompted me to have a Cardiotocography done, just to make sure the baby was ok. Baby is indeed in good condition. the CTG was reactive with sufficient accelerations and excellent baseline variability. yeay! and yes, the baby then started kicking and coiling around like no body business right after the CTG completed ...
First-time mothers tend to feel anxious when the doctor starts talking about fetal heart rate. What is the normal fetal heart rate and when should a mom be worried?. ...
A qualified practitioner may help right structural or postural irregularities and make it easier to enhance your posture. Now many ladies surprise tightening tummy skin after pregnancy methods to tightening tummy skin after pregnancy their being pregnant. You would possibly face problems soin water retention, extreme complications, swelling of fingers and face, and cramps. Increased level of progesterone hormone could make you sleepy and tired. These tests were costly, required the sacrifice of a number of animals, and gradual, often taking days to get outcomes. Sore breasts: Does it seem like your breasts could also be getting greater. The increase will probably be subtle, typically lower than 1 F (. Some grandparents-to-be are inclined to confuse pregnancy sharp pain groin with condoning. Fetal electrocardiography and electroencephalography. The spotting is brought on from implantation which is when the fertilized egg burrows into the endometrial lining. Attempt to eat tightening tummy skin ...
Stan Efferding, the Worlds Strongest Bodybuilder, is the master of many areas of health and fitness, he is a retired powerlifter and body builder and creator of the Vertical Diet. His clients include Brian Shaw, Ben Smith, Hafthor Bjornsson and many more. Ben and Stan go deep on the vertical diet, why Stan believes that you need to look beyond your macros, protein sources and the sustainability of the vertical diet. This episode is brought to you by ATP Labs. Check out this weeks recommended product Vitamin D3 and use code Ben10 to receive 10% off of your total order. 1:30- Do No Harm. How Stan has evolved his training an nutrition style to support his health. 5:00- The importance of health while bulking. Why Stan has evolved his thinking when it comes to bulking. 7:30- The importance of eating foods that agree with YOUR body not necessarily traditional diets. 10:15- What is the Vertical Diet and how did Stan come up with it? 12:44- The importance of fruit, hydration and the fourth phase of water. 15
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Still hard to believe that Stan isnt going to knock on the door, or yell Hey Big Guy across the road.. I was driving into the city today for an appointment. Coming south, I remembered a time when we ended up following Stan for about 15 miles. My daughter and I were in our old 1964 Chevy pick-up. Stan was in his Intrepid. We were racing down the highway. I had my hand out the window, making like I was spanking the truck to get it to go faster… Stan was laughing so hard he had to pull over. This was before we became close friends.. Whenever I get sad thinking about Stan, I remember the little things like that.. Stan coming into the yard just to greet our dogs. He used to walk our Sheepie, Max. Until one day, Max got a little excited and tripped Stan. Stan said I decided I didnt need to be hurt by a big dog… let me take one of the little ones out instead. Even so, he always stopped to talk to Max and rub his ears.. I keep checking my email looking for random song lyrics. Whenever a song ...
Program Bimbel Online PKN STAN Intensif Privat Ingin belajar persiapan STAN di rumah dan dimbing oleh guru berkualitas dengan jadwal flexibel? BISA ! Perkenalkan program unggulan kami Intensif Les Privat STAN guru datang ke rumah dan les online interaktif 1 guru 1 siswa by Zoom. Cukup di rumah saja, biar guru kami yang datang ke …
Baby movement countsBabies start moving around six weeks gestation. Early movements are not felt by the mother, but can be seen on ultrasound
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For those who arent familiar with Stan, it is a great tool for statistical modeling from Andrew Gelmans group at Columbia. Stan supports both bayesian inference through MCMC sampling and maximal likelihood estimation through BFGS optimization ( It comes with a very active user group too:!forum/stan-users
Pitcher Stan Belinda was drafted with the first pick of the 10th round of the 1986 amateur draft coming out of Allegany College. Belinda was only the second player ever drafted out of Allegany, the first being John Kruk. Stan entered pro ball in the Gulf Coast League with the GCL Pirates in 1986. He had a 3-2 record with 2.66 ERA and seven saves that season. He is best known for being the pitcher in the 9th inning of Game Seven of the 1992 NLCS, when Sid Bream of the Atlanta Braves raced home on Francisco Cabreras pinch hit to score the run that sent the Braves to 1992 World Series. Belinda was the Pirates closer that year, having saved 18 games during the regular season. In 1998, Belinda was diagnosed as being in the early stages of multiple sclerosis. He was a sidearm thrower who relied on a sinking fastball. ...
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Stan Rams presenteert muziek, mixes, kunst, fotografie, videos, gedichten ter inspiratie van een humane wereld van liefde en samenwerken voor de vrede. Stan Rams is an motivator presenting Arts and Music to inspire mankind to love and peace
Stan Lee Has Created Some Epic Heroes, but Did You Know That He Created Even Braver Heroes That Fight Against Disabilities Every Day?
Stan Rams presenteert muziek, mixes, kunst, fotografie, videos, gedichten ter inspiratie van een humane wereld van liefde en samenwerken voor de vrede. Stan Rams is an motivator presenting Arts and Music to inspire mankind to love and peace
All Hallows Eve Have you ever seen a witch or a Spirit pass by?Soon it will be Halloween and its a strange time of the year.Some people feel and see more than others. Halloween Stan was feeling sad because the clocks had turned back so it was dark at 4pm.His wife Mary was out on…
Too often remembered either as the bolo-bedecked New Wave smart-ass whose mug surfaced from a pot of boiling beans singing the glories of Mexican radio, or some seen-it-all musical reincarnation of Raymond Chandler with a penchant for Ray-Bans and filter-tips, the real Ridgway has often seemed elusive at best. Small wonder; plying his trade in a devalued cult of personality, Stans never underestimated the value of a good persona - indeed, its those second and third party viewpoints that have made many of his story-songs so tellingly jaundiced, if perceptively right on the money ...
PDF/EBOOK (X Men 3 AUTHOR Stan Lee) Æ The story opens with the X men training in the schools gymnasium Today Scott Summers is practicing the spee
A Special NIA Court in Mumbai directed the concerned medical officer in Taloja jail to reply to the requirement of a straw and sipper filed by 83-year-old Father Stan Swamy, who suffers from...
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Bayesian inference for multivariate GLMs with group-specific coefficients that are assumed to be correlated across the GLM submodels.
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Key words: hormones, homeostasis, stress, disorder. Streszczenie: W organizmie człowieka istnieje stan równowagi ustrojowej, określany jako homeostaza. Ten stan może ulec zaburzeniu w przypadku zadziałania stresu. Stres aktywuje dwie komponenty systemu stresowego: centralną - układ podwzgórzowo-przysadkowy, i obwodową - układ sympatyczny i parasympatyczny. Główną rolę w reakcjach stresowych odgrywa układ podwzgórzowo-przysadkowy, a w nim kortykoliberyna (CR H), arginina-wazopresyna (AVP), endorfiny, glukokortykosteroidy, aminy katecholowe oraz adrenalina i noradrenalina. Stres wywołuje negatywne reakcje ustrojowe, które wpływają na proces wzrastania i fizjologię rozrodu, powodują powstawanie różnych endokrynopatii, zaburzeń metabolicznych i zaburzeń układu immunologicznego oraz chorób psychicznych. Oczywiście odgrywają tu także rolę czynniki genetyczne, wpływ środowiska oraz czas oddziaływania stresu ...
On 4th June, to commemorate the Birth Anniversary of Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen, the Handing Taking Ceremony of 55 Mobile Cardiotocography devices (iCTG) and the launch of iCTG handbook for health workers were held at the Eastern Regional Referral Hospital, Mongar by Honble Health Secretary. The Embassy of Japan, Resident Representative of UNDP, Chief Representative of JICA and the representatives of Melody International Ltd., Japan, attended the ceremony virtually.. With the collaboration by the manufacturer of this unique medical equipment, JICA and UNDP, Ministry of Health introduced iCTGs. iCTGs will support in reaching every pregnant woman with quality antenatal cares and gynecological and obstetric services in Bhutan including remote parts of the country. It is a part of the introduction of tele-medicine in Bhutan and first of its kind.. iCTG is an innovate form of conventional carditocography based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology. It helps monitor the uterine contraction of mothers ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - The clinical interpretation and significance of electronic fetal heart rate patterns 2 h before delivery. T2 - An institutional observational study. AU - Maso, Gianpaolo. AU - Businelli, Caterina. AU - Piccoli, Monica. AU - Montico, Marcella. AU - De Seta, Francesco. AU - Sartore, Andrea. AU - Alberico, Salvatore. PY - 2012/11. Y1 - 2012/11. N2 - Purpose: To evaluate the clinical significance of intrapartum fetal heart rate (FHR) monitoring in low-risk pregnancies according to guidelines and specific patterns. Methods: An obstetrician, blinded to neonatal outcome, retrospectively reviewed 198 low-risk cases that underwent continuous electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) during the last 2 h before delivery. The tracings were interpreted as normal, suspicious or pathological, according to specific guidelines of EFM and by grouping the different FHR patterns considering baseline, variability, presence of decelerations and bradycardia. The EFM groups and the different FHR-subgroups were ...
Dr. Kumar graduated from University of Singapore in 1977 and worked in Singapore General Hospital (SGH), Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) and Kandang Kerbau Hospital (KKH) during his housemanship year. After completing National Service in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), he undertook his postgraduate training as a trainee in the University Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, KKH, and obtained his specialist degrees in 1984. He subsequently joined the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, University of Singapore (later called National University of Singapore), as an academic staff member and continued his career as a Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor in the department from 1984 - 2003.. In 1987, he was awarded the Overseas Postgraduate Research Scholarship by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia to pursue his PhD degree at Monash University , Melbourne , Australia . His thesis involved the study of the effects of exogenous gonadotrophins on ...
Fetal heart rate recordings were examined in 953 patients with special reference to the different patterns occurring during labor. After delivery the infants were examined with special emphasis on evidence of growth retardation, defined as birthweight below the 10th percentile for the gestational age. Heart rate patterns of growth retarded infants were compared with those of normal newborns. A statistically significant increase in early, late, and variable decelerations was noted in infants with growth retardation. The difference in loss of beat to beat variation was not statistically significant. Also, as might have been expected, low Apgar scores were found more frequently in the small for gestational age infants.. ...
MANAGEMENT OF FGR DUE TO UTEROPLACENTAL INSUFFICIENCY. The majority of FGR pregnancies are due to inadequate transfer of nutrients and oxygen from the mother to the fetus (uteroplacental insufficiency) and therefore would be structurally and chromosomally normal.. There is no robust evidence that any intervention or bed rest in healthy women improves the growth of FGR fetuses. Therefore, management of FGR due to uteroplacental insufficiency generally involves regular fetal assessments to identify fetuses that are at high risk of stillbirth or neonatal morbidity so that interventions can be planned.. Fortnightly ultrasound scans for EFW and umbilical artery (UA) doppler are arranged until delivery around 37 weeks if the findings are normal. Fetal heart rate monitoring (Cardiotocography, CTG) and amniotic fluid measurement can be used to complement ultrasound surveillance.. If the UA doppler is abnormal, then twice weekly to daily UA doppler monitoring together with ductus venosus (DV) doppler or ...
The complexity of fibre distributions in tissues is an important microstructural feature, now measurable in vivo by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) through orientation dispersion (OD) indices. OD metrics have gained popularity for the characterisation of neurite morphology, but they still lack systematic validation. This paper demonstrates a framework for whole-sample histological quantification of OD in spinal cord specimens, potentially useful for validating MRI-derived OD estimates.Our methodological framework is based on (i) sagittal sectioning; (ii) Palmgrens silver staining; (iii) structure tensor (ST) analysis; (iv) directional statistics. Novel elements are the data-driven optimisation of the spatial scale of ST analysis, and a new multivariate, weighted directional statistical approach for anisotropy-informed quantification of OD.Palmgrens silver staining of sagittal spinal cord sections provides robust visualisation of neuronal elements, enabling OD quantification. The choice of spatial
Habek D, Cerkez Habek J, Jagust M.Clinical Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Clinical Hospital Osijek, Osijek, Croatia.. AIM: The aim of this study was to assess the value of acupuncture (AP) in the conversion of fetal breech presentation into vertex presentation.. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A randomized prospective controlled clinical study included 67 pregnant women with fetal breech presentation: 34 women with singleton pregnancies treated with manual AP (urinary bladder 67, Zhiyin) and a control group which included 33 women with singleton pregnancies without AP treatment. The AP treatment lasted 30 min a day, and was conducted during and after 34 weeks of pregnancy with simultaneous cardiotocography. RESULTS: The success rate of the AP correction of fetal breech presentation is 76.4% (26 women), and spontaneous conversion without AP in vertex presentation is observed in 15 women (45.4%; p0.001).. CONCLUSIONS: We believe that AP correction of fetal malpresentation is a relatively simple, ...
A contraction refers specifically to the motion of the uterus[3] as part of the process of childbirth. Contractions, and labour in general, is one condition that releases the hormone oxytocin into the body. Contractions become longer as labour intensifies. Prior to actual labour, women may experience Braxton Hicks contractions, sometimes known as false labour. Since every pregnancy is different, a doctor, midwife or other competent professional should always be consulted before any action is taken to reduce the pain. Some popular methods may be harmful to the mother and/or the baby, or may actually worsen the pain or lengthen the labour. Uterine contractions during childbirth can be monitored by cardiotocography, in which a device is fixated to the skin of the mother or directly to the fetal scalp. The pressure required to flatten a section of the uterine wall correlates with the internal pressure, thereby providing an estimate of it.[4] A type of monitoring technology under development at ...
Acute eosinophilic pneumonia (AEP) is a type of eosinophilic lung disease. It is diagnosed when the following combination clinical and radiographic findings occur 5,7: febrile illness of less than five days duration hypoxaemia diffuse alveola...
Standard configuration: ECG, HR, PR, SpO2, OxyCRG diagram, ST analysis, Arrhythmia analysis, RESP*2 (RA-LL impedance and nasal cavity), NIBP (with venous punch), TEMP*2(surface and rectal type), Drug dose calculation and lead-acid battery, remote control
At the grand old age of 78 years [hmm, in 1999 Stan would have been 73, no? -- Ed.], most folks are enjoying their retirement, sitting back in a comfortable chair watching TV, maybe taking the occasional holiday cruise or trip to see the grandkids. Satirist Stan Freberg is not most folks. Currently at work on a new album, a book, two syndicated radio shows -- Stan Freberg Here and When Radio Was, both of which he took on in the early Nineties -- hes also featured as narrator in the new childrens film Stuart Little. To top it off, a 4-CD box set encompassing his long career, Tip of the Freberg: The Stan Freberg Collection 1951-1998, has just hit store racks. Its hard to believe Freberg couldve been any busier a half-century ago. At that point, the young Californian had already done voice work for Warner Bros. cartoons and animator Bob Clampetts Time for Beany -- a live-action puppet-show precursor to the animated Beany and Cecil -- as well as put out his first single for Capitol Records, ...
Thank you for your interest in spreading the word on Hypertension.. NOTE: We only request your email address so that the person you are recommending the page to knows that you wanted them to see it, and that it is not junk mail. We do not capture any email address. ...
Continuous electronic fetal heart rate monitoring in labour is widely used but its potential for improving fetal and neonatal outcomes has not been realised. The most likely reason is the difficulty of interpreting the fetal heart rate trace correctly during labour. Computerised interpretation of the fetal heart rate and intelligent decision-support has the potential to deliver this improvement in care. This trial will test whether the addition of decision support software to aid the interpretation of the cardiotocogram (CTG) during labour will reduce the number of poor neonatal outcomes in those women judged to require continuous electronic fetal heart rate monitoring. An individually randomised controlled trial of 46,000 women who are judged to require continuous electronic fetal monitoring in labour. Eligibility criteria: Women admitted to a participating labour ward who are judged to require continuous electronic fetal monitoring, have a singleton or twin pregnancy, are ≥ 35 weeks gestation,
Stan Lee revealed that he is battling pneumonia at the age of 95.. The Marvel Comics legend recorded a video message and shared it with TMZ on Wednesday evening.. Hi, heroes. This is Stan Lee. I havent been in touch with you lately. I have a little bout of pneumonia Ive been fighting, but it seems to be getting better, Lee said in the video.. READ MORE: Stan Lees wife, Joan Lee, dies at 93. But I want you all to know Im thinking of you - of course, I always think of the fans - and I hope youre all doing well, and I miss you all, he said. I miss your enthusiasm. I miss all the notes and the photos and the emails that I used to get, and I still get a lot of them.. Lee continued, I want you to know that I still love you all. I think that Marvel and Spidey and I have the best group of fans that any group in the world ever had, and I sure appreciate it. Let me know how youre doing. I hope everything is going well for you, and I hope the next time we talk, I will be in even better shape. ...
Throughout all of this, Matthews parents Stan and Jayne have been guests at JW House. They will be here through the holidays, as long as Matthew needs help they say.. They say through this experience there have been so many Christmas Miracles: Matthew is alive and suffered no brain damage, the nurses and doctor happened to be on the beach at the exact moment in time, and accommodations became unexpectedly available at the JW House when there was literally no room at the Inn.. Introduced to JW House through a social worker, Stan and Jayne say it has been a saving grace. Welcomed by the volunteers with a caring heart, they feel at home. Returning to the House each day, they enter a loving and nurturing environment that is so soothing youre welcomed as family, Stan and Jayne say. You can speak with other house guests that are going through similar situations and understand what you are facing.. Matthew is a doctor of Emergency Medicine, having completed his residency in 2016 at ...
Photograph courtesy of POW! Entertainment.Like a lot of kids who grew up reading comic books, I wanted to be Stan Lee. I had no interest, however, in following in the footsteps of Spider-Man or the Hulk or the X-Men or anybody else in his roster of legendary action heroes. Their form-fitting costumes and commitment to aerobic exercise just didnt jibe with my prepubescent ambitions. But Stan
(Fr: PnP éosinophilique aiguë). See also under Ic: Eosinophilic pneumonia. May cause ARF and ARDS. MV and/or ECMO may be needed. AEP is with diffuse pulmonary opacities, blood/BAL eosinophilia, pleural effusion and rapidly-progressive respiratory failure in the absence of a cause other than a drug or abused substance (e.g. parasitic infection). See also under IIb and XVb. Separating drug-induced vs. idiopathic AEP can be problematic (PMID 2761601)
Description: 1020171 The most popular Anatomical Skeleton on the market. Stan, the standard model of a human skeleton, has been appreciated throughout the world for decades. Thanks to its very high quality and robust construction, it is perfect for use in hospitals, schools, universities and laboratories. So choose Stan, the original among artificial skeletons. Now available on a stable metal stand with 5 casters!. The other advantages of the 3B Scientific skeleton are:. ...
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Source: Someone named Stan is listed in my phone contacts twice. I have one entry for his cell and office numbers, and a second entry with his Hotmail address. I have absolutely zero idea who Stan is. I know these are old entries and not just because I cant remember him. In fairness, I…
Source: Someone named Stan is listed in my phone contacts twice. I have one entry for his cell and office numbers, and a second entry with his Hotmail address. I have absolutely zero idea who Stan is. I know these are old entries and not just because I cant remember him. In fairness, I…
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Daredevil #1 - 1st App of Daredevil - Vintage Signed by Stan Lee in 1986 (Grade 1.5) 1964. This item was uploaded by Bobby.. International will be charged exact according to size and weight. If you have any specific questions or requests, please ask us prior to ordering and well get back to you as soon as we can.. If there are any problems with your order whatsoever, please message us before leaving feedback and well be happy to work with you to fix the situation! The price may vary based on size, weight, and location. When are your operation hours? We are not open on weekends, so if you send us a request on Friday evening we wont get back to you until Monday afternoon. Please dont take it as us ignoring you! We will work on your request Monday and get back to you as soon as we can. Also, if you order from us on a Friday evening or Saturday morning we wont start processing your order until we open on Monday.. The tracking hasnt moved. We realize youre eager to get your item, so if the ...
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Its a sad fact that illnesses such as Leukaemia never get a great deal of press coverage unless it affects a well known public figure. Last week Aston Villa player Stan Petrov was diagnosed with Acute Leukaemia and simply Googling either his name or the word Leukaemia will return hundreds of web pages of info relating to his battle against his newly diagnosed illness. But why does it only seem to be that when stars such as Stan are affected that the media sit up and take notice? What about the thousands of other normal people, many of them children, who are, and have been fighting their own battles for many years,....why dont the press appear to hold their lives in such high esteem.... are they less valuable than Stan? Less news worthy?. This post is not against Stan, far from it, i wish him the very best of luck in his battle. This post is aimed squarely at the media who only appear to give a damn...or space in their papers, to the subject of illnesses such as Leukaemia if it is deemed to ...
This is my second experience with Ace Mechanics. And this time I specifically asked for Sam, the mechanic who looked after me last time. Great, honest Bloke. Very skilled mechanic. Unfortunately, some miscommunication happened during the booking process and they sent out Stan instead. Now I think Stan knew I had requested Sam, yet for whatever reason the company sent him anyway. I asked Stan where Sam was, he told me Sam was busy with other jobs. I said of course he is, hes a great mechanic. Stan then subtely tried to convince me to stick with him. He told me that hed been a mechanic for a very long time with this company and that Sam(my preference) was still very new. Implying I should choose him over Sam. I politely asked for the mishap to be fixed and that I would like Sam to be the man who looks after my vehicles and if hes busy, I am happy to wait for him to fit me in wherever. Sam came nice and early the next morning and again provided me with top class service and a good chat too. So ...
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In this hilarious and outrageous, martial arts comedy, Rob Schneider stars as Stan Minton a two bit con man that is found guilty of cheating mostly el...
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Stan, C, Review of Yi-Ping Ong, The Art of Being. Poetics of the Novel and Existentialist Philosophy, Philosophy and Literature, vol. 44 no. 1 (2020), pp. 199-206, Cambridge: Harvard University Press ...
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SAN DIEGO (AP) - Stan Lee is missing in action at Comic-Con. A spokesman for the 91-year-old co-creator of superheros such as The Avengers, X-Men and Spider-Man says Lee lost his voice because of laryngitis.
Model Info: #, #, function: stan_mvmer #, formula (y1): logBili ~ year + (1 , id) #, family (y1): gaussian [identity] #, formula (y2): albumin ~ sex + year + (year , id) #, family (y2): gaussian [identity] #, algorithm: sampling #, priors: see help(prior_summary) #, sample: 500 (posterior sample size) #, num obs: 304 (y1), 304 (y2) #, groups: id (40) #, runtime: 0.1 mins #, #, Estimates: #, mean sd 2.5% 25% #, y1,(Intercept) 0.719 0.186 0.396 0.579 #, y1,year 0.090 0.009 0.073 0.084 #, y1,sigma 0.508 0.021 0.471 0.492 #, y1,mean_PPD 0.585 0.043 0.500 0.557 #, y2,(Intercept) 3.423 0.205 3.027 3.287 #, y2,sexf 0.119 0.214 -0.287 -0.047 #, y2,year -0.134 0.021 -0.184 -0.147 #, y2,sigma 0.290 0.013 0.265 0.281 #, y2,mean_PPD 3.344 0.024 3.295 3.328 #, Sigma[id:y1,(Intercept),y1,(Intercept)] 1.687 0.382 1.042 1.406 #, Sigma[id:y2,(Intercept),y1,(Intercept)] -0.430 0.133 -0.723 -0.512 #, Sigma[id:y2,year,y1,(Intercept)] -0.073 0.030 -0.146 -0.089 #, Sigma[id:y2,(Intercept),y2,(Intercept)] 0.265 ...
Only 92 pages to go! I will continue to add new pages to the project page so you can read them in sequence here.. This was created from this script page:. PANEL 1. Back to the House of Blues. Medium shot of Amy and Bryan eating at the table. Bryan has a shocked look on his face as he continues to tell the story.. AMY:. One morning, he turned yellow.. BRYAN:. …and my poop was gray!. AMY:. We rushed him to the urgent care clinic, and the real circus started.. PANEL 2. Image of Bryan and Amy in the clinic. Bryan is lying back on an observation table.. CAP:. Tuesday, May 19, 2009. Bryan was admitted to the urgent care clinic, where he got a cat scan. When a growth was detected, he was allowed to go to the ER for admittance to the hospital. When he was admitted, his bilirubin count was over 40. For a normal person, it needed to be under 1.. He spent two weeks in the hospital.. PANEL 3. Close up of Bryan lying on the observation table with a disoriented look on his face. A thought balloon rises from ...
Zaburzenia ze strony układu rozrodczego u ptaków manifestują się różnie nasilonymi objawami klinicznymi, od stanów łagodnych, subklinicznych do stanów zagrażających życiu często doprowadzających do zejść śmiertelnych. Długotrwały proces zapalny błony śluzowej jajowodu oraz postępująca degeneracja komórek i tkanek predysponuje do przerwania ciągłości ściany jajowodu, wypadania jaj do jamy ciała, rozwoju zapalenia otrzewnej i upadków niosek. ...
I was on a long flight across the Pa-cif-ic, star-ing idly out the win-dow at moon-lit ocean, when it oc-curred to me with a cer-tain un-com-fort-able force-ful-ness that I didnt know the first thing about the on-ly plan-et I was ev-er go-ing to live on. […] I didnt know what a pro-ton was, or a pro-tein, didnt know a quark from a quasar, didnt un-der-stand how ge-ol-ogists could look at a lay-er of rock on a canyon wall and tell you how old it was, didnt know any-thing re-al-ly. I be-came gripped by a qui-et, un-wont-ed urge to know a lit-tle about these mat-ters and to un-der-stand how peo-ple fig-ured them out. That to me re-mained the great-est of all amaze-ments-​how sci-en-tists work things out. How does any-body- know how much the Earth weighs or how old its rocks are or what re-al-ly is way down there in the cen-ter? How can they know how and when the uni-verse start-ed and what it was like when it did? How do they know what goes on in-side an atom? And how, come to that-​or ...
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In the last two videos on memetics (see schedule below), we talked about how truth -- and other things we like -- may not be decisive when it comes to the spreadiness and stickiness of certain ideas. In other words, goodness does not necessarily yield fitness. But thats not the whole picture. Vital to memetics is an understanding of…
LINK do Oryginału - KLIKNIJ Potrzebujemy programu psychochirurgii dla politycznej kontroli naszego społeczeństwa. Celem jest fizyczna kontrola umysłu. Każdy, kto odbiega od danej normy, może zostać chirurgicznie okaleczony. Człowiekowi może wydawać się, że najważniejsze jest jego własne istnienie, ale to tylko jego osobisty punkt widzenia. Brakuje w nim perspektywy historycz-nej. Człowiek nie ma prawa do…
In 2009, I had a moment of truth. This moment, surprisingly at Kimpton Hotels, changed the way I look at the customer experience.
The cover proclaims: At last Giant-Man has learned to use his great power of growth to its best advantage! Is it unfair that those beginning words, at last, are what I key into the strongest? Or, given the bumbling and bungling weve seen from him recently, is it entirely appropriate? Either way, any indication that Stan might have been noticing the problem is an encouraging one, and fortunately the cover pronouncement is not empty hyperbole. For the first time, this adventure sees Hank switch between his various sizes - ant-sized, giant-sized, and normal - at the drop of a hat, whenever the situation requires, and often back and forth in rapid succession. While the sight of a superhero rapidly popping pills (oh, alright, growth and shrinking capsules) might seem a bit odd, the effect is nevertheless a display of competency thats quite unusual - for Hank Pym, at least ...
Leczenie choroby oparzeniowej wymaga wielospecjalistycznego podejścia do chorego, ktorego stan ogolny nierzadko jest uznawany za ciężki i zagrażający życiu. Szybkie rozpoczęcie terapii prowadzonej zgodnie z najnowszymi zaleceniami pozwala znacznie zwiększyć szanse na korzystny końcowy efekt. Odpowiednio dobrana droga żywienia oraz określenie zapotrzebowania energetycznego są niezaprzeczalnie istotnymi czynnikami mającymi wpływ na leczenie chorych oparzonych, począwszy od wczesnej fazy resuscytacji, a skończywszy na poszpitalnej rehabilitacji. Zmiany metaboliczne, ktore obserwuje się u tych pacjentow, mogą utrzymywać się nawet do 24 miesięcy po urazie. W związku z tym, w procesie leczenia nie może zabraknąć odpowiedniego podejścia dietetycznego, ktore zapewnia optymalną podaż kalorii oraz składnikow odżywczych. Zbilansowana dieta, bogata w makro- i mikroelementy oraz dodatkowe antyoksydanty, jest niezbędna do złagodzenia stanow hipermetabolizmu i hiperkatabolizmu,
Libra Open Content: Alloyed Branch History: Combining Global and Local Branch History for Robust Performance | Authors: Zhijian Lu, Kevin Skadron, Mircea Stan,
K-pop Stans across the globe have organised and unified to use their skills and resources to help the Black Lives Matter movement- and its power cannot be ignored.
The foundation of any financial plan is recognizing that every person, individual or business owner is unique. Stans goal is to provide personalized solutions to each of his clients that reflect their needs, their situation and budget, and review these periodically to ensure their plans continue to measure up to their stated goals and objectives for the future.. ...
  • Objectives: To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of continuous cardiotocography when used as a method to monitor fetal wellbeing during labour. (
  • Is continuous cardiotocography (CTG) to electronically monitor babies' heartbeats and wellbeing during labour better at identifying problems than listening intermittently? (
  • This study aims to evaluate differences in intrapartum cardiotocography tracings between breech and vertex deliveries in the final 60 min of delivery. (
  • External cardiotocography can be used for continuous or intermittent monitoring. (
  • Continuous cardiotocography (CTG). (
  • Selection criteria: Randomised and quasi-randomised controlled trials involving a comparison of continuous cardiotocography (with and without fetal blood sampling) with no fetal monitoring, intermittent auscultation intermittent cardiotocography. (
  • Continuous cardiotocography is not recommended for assessment of fetal well-being in healthy pregnant women undergoing spontaneous labour. (
  • OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effectiveness of continuous cardiotocography during labour. (
  • There was a significant increase in caesarean sections associated with continuous cardiotocography (RR 1.63, 95% CI 1.29 to 2.07, n = 18,861, 11 trials). (
  • AUTHORS' CONCLUSIONS: Continuous cardiotocography during labour is associated with a reduction in neonatal seizures, but no significant differences in cerebral palsy, infant mortality or other standard measures of neonatal well-being. (
  • However, continuous cardiotocography was associated with an increase in caesarean sections and instrumental vaginal births. (
  • Cardiotocography (CTG) is a continuous electronic record of the baby's heart rate obtained via an ultrasound transducer placed on the mother's abdomen. (
  • Science & Sensibility : Blogs : Continuous Electronic Fetal Monitoring (Cardiotocography) in Labor: Should It Be Routine? (
  • Continuous Electronic Fetal Monitoring (Cardiotocography) in Labor: Should It Be Routine? (
  • Regular Science & Sensibility contributor and author Henci Goer takes a look at the recent Cochrane review "Continuous cardiotocography (CTG) as a form of electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) for fetal assessment during labour" to determine if the researchers found any new information on the benefits or risks of CTG for normal, low risk labors. (
  • Cardiotocography (CTG) is a technical means of recording the fetal heartbeat and the uterine contractions during pregnancy. (
  • computerized cardiotocography showed an association regarding the number of transient accelerations greater than 15 bpm in the assessment of both periods before and after 32 weeks of gestational age , suggesting the influence of the maturation of the fetal autonomic nervous system with pregnancy progression. (
  • In obstetrics, cardiotocography (CTG) is a technical method for recording (-graphy) the foetal heartbeat using ultrasound (cardio-) and the uterine contractions (-toco-) during pregnancy, typically. (
  • Cardiotocography (CTG) is used during pregnancy to monitor the fetal heartbeat and the uterine contractions. (
  • This is a prospective study comparing the results of the computerized cardiotocography of 46 low- risk women with singleton pregnancies , maternal age between 18 and 40 years, gestational age between 28 and 40 weeks, absence of maternal morbidity and adequate fetal growth according to ultrasound. (
  • Standard clinical fetal monitoring technologies include ultrasound imaging and cardiotocography. (
  • Routine antenatal cardiotocography is not recommended for pregnant women to improve maternal and perinatal outcomes. (
  • Antenatal maternal glucose administration did not decrease the incidence of non-reactive antenatal cardiotocography tests. (
  • AUTHORS' CONCLUSIONS: Antenatal maternal glucose administration has not been shown to reduce non-reactive cardiotocography. (
  • The problem, however, is that visual interpretation of Cardiotocography traces is subject to high inter and intra observer variability. (
  • This study presents a review of human Cardiotocography trace interpretation and argues that machine learning, used as a decision support system by obstetricians and midwives, may provide an objective measure alongside normal practices. (
  • Estudio multicéntrico Relationship between cardiotocography records, the Apgar score and the pH of the umbilical artery. (
  • Relationship between cardiotocography records, the Apgar score and the pH of the umbilical artery. (
  • Por lo que se pretende demostrar que todos ellos tienen la misma validez, e incluso el test de Apgar refleja mejor el estado del recién nacido en el momento del nacimiento que el resultado del pH umbilical. (
  • OBJETIVO: Evaluar la relación del test de Apgar y los resultados del pH de arteria umbilical con respecto a la gravedad de los registros cardiotocográficos en el periodo expulsivo y la necesidad de reanimación neonatal en los tres hospitales seleccionados para el estudio. (
  • Since there is no agreement on its definition, some of the criteria taken by different authors in order to describe perinatal asphyxia are the following ones: low Apgar score, acidosis in the blood gas analysis from the umbilical cord, pathological cardiotocography (CTG) records, delay in spontaneous breathing, clinical signs of brain damage, etc. (
  • OBJECTIVE: The aim of this dissertation is to assess the relationship between the Apgar score and the pH of umbilical artery results regarding the seriousness of the cardiotocography records during the second stage of labour and the need for neonatal resuscitation in the three hospitals selected for the study. (
  • A five-year experience with cardiotocography indicates that high-risk third-trimester patients may be safely monitored from a university setting to their local care settings including international venues. (
  • Swedish randomized controlled trial of cardiotocography only versus cardiotocography plus ST analysis of fetal electrocardiogram revisited : analysis of data according to standard versus modified intention-to-treat principle. (
  • Foetal cardiotocography. (
  • State-of-the-art in signal processing techniques is applied to raw Cardiotocography foetal heart rate traces to extract 13 features. (
  • Cardiotocography monitoring is recommended during vaginal breech delivery, but comparative data describing differences between cardiotocography tracings in breech and vertex deliveries is scarce. (
  • OBJECTIVE: To undertake a renewed analysis of data from the previously published Swedish randomized controlled trial on intrapartum fetal monitoring with cardiotocography (CTG-only) vs. CTG plus ST analysis of fetal electrocardiogram (CTG+ST), using current standards of intention-to-treat (ITT) analysis and to compare the results with those of the modified ITT (mITT) and per protocol analyses. (
  • The original TRUFFLE study assessed whether, in early FGR, delivery based on ductus venosus (DV) Doppler pulsatility index (PI), in combination with safety-net criteria of very low STV on cardiotocography (CTG) and/or recurrent FHR decelerations, could improve 2-year infant survival without neurological impairment in comparison with delivery based on CTG monitoring only. (
  • Cardiotocography Fetal Heartbeat Examination Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. (
  • View of a cardiotocography (CTG) machine measuring the heartbeat of the foetus during labour (childbirth). (
  • Human visual inspection of Cardiotocography traces is used to monitor the foetus during labour and avoid neonatal mortality and morbidity. (
  • CardioTocoGraphy (CTG = detection of fetal heart rate pattern and maternal uterine contractions via electrodes on the maternal abdomen and fetal scalp) is a widely used method of fetal surveillance. (
  • therefore, in an attempt to ensure fetal well-being, fetal scalp blood sampling has been recommended by most obstetric societies in the case of a non-reassuring cardiotocography. (
  • Cardiotocography and ST analysis (STAN): a retrospective review. (
  • Doctors can already monitor a baby's heart rate during labor using a technique called cardiotocography. (
  • Response to letter: Scientific pathophysiology of intrapartum fetal hypoxaemia and cardiotocography pattern recognition. (
  • More trials are needed to further substantiate this and to determine not only the optimum dose, but also to evaluate the efficacy, predictive reliability, safety and perinatal outcome of glucose administration in conjunction with cardiotocography and also other tests of fetal wellbeing. (
  • Cardiotocography (CTG) is widely used during labour wards in industrialised countries and consists of fetal heart rate and uterine contraction monitoring. (
  • Cardiotocography (CTG) is the most widely used technique to monitor the fetal health and fetal heart rate (FHR) is an important index to identify occurs of fetal distress. (
  • Influence on the fetus was measured with cardiotocography (CTG) before-during and after 43 acupuncture sessions in 43 women. (
  • Cardiotocography of the fetus of a pregnant woman. (
  • METHODS: Six pregnant patients who had already attended two hypnoreflexogenous birth preparation course units had a standardised hypnosis intervention under cardiotocography (CTG). (
  • twenty-three pregnant women underwent cardiotocography before 32 weeks (mean = 29.9 weeks, SD = 1.4 weeks) and were compared with 23 pregnant women who were examined after 32 weeks (mean = 36.3 weeks, SD = 2.5 weeks). (
  • Sense4Baby is an evolution in standard cardiotocography, which typically. (
  • Background: Cardiotocography (CTG) records changes in the fetal heart rate and their temporal relationship to uterine contractions. (
  • A Linear Time Series Analysis of Fetal Heart Rate to Detect the Variability: Measures Using Cardiotocography. (
  • Nursing Central Redesign , (
  • Internal cardiotocography uses an electronic transducer connected directly to the fetal scalp. (
  • 2006) Antepartum cardiotocography: A study of fetal reactivity in frequency domain. (

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