Sticks used as walking aids. The canes may have three or four prongs at the end of the shaft.
A plant genus of the family POACEAE widely cultivated in the tropics for the sweet cane that is processed into sugar.
A species of the true toads, Bufonidae, becoming fairly common in the southern United States and almost pantropical. The secretions from the skin glands of this species are very toxic to animals.
Devices, not affixed to the body, designed to help persons having musculoskeletal or neuromuscular disabilities to perform activities involving movement.
To move about or walk on foot with the use of aids.
The syrup remaining after sugar is crystallized out of SUGARCANE or sugar beet juice. It is also used in ANIMAL FEED, and in a fermented form, is used to make industrial ETHYL ALCOHOL and ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES.
Single-celled, aquatic endoparasitic worms that are currently considered belonging to the phylum CNIDARIA. They have a complex life cycle and parasitize a wide range of hosts including FISHES; ANNELIDA; and BRYOZOA.
Non-native organisms brought into a region, habitat, or ECOSYSTEM by human activity.
The teaching or training of those individuals with visual disability.
Wooden or metal staffs designed to aid a person in walking. (UMDNS,1999)
Infections or infestations with parasitic organisms. The infestation may be experimental or veterinary.
Professions or other business activities directed to the cure and prevention of disease. For occupations of medical personnel who are not physicians but who are working in the fields of medical technology, physical therapy, etc., ALLIED HEALTH OCCUPATIONS is available.
The family of true toads belonging to the order Anura. The genera include Bufo, Ansonia, Nectophrynoides, and Atelopus.
Nonexpendable items used in the performance of orthopedic surgery and related therapy. They are differentiated from ORTHOTIC DEVICES, apparatus used to prevent or correct deformities in patients.
An organism of the vegetable kingdom suitable by nature for use as a food, especially by human beings. Not all parts of any given plant are edible but all parts of edible plants have been known to figure as raw or cooked food: leaves, roots, tubers, stems, seeds, buds, fruits, and flowers. The most commonly edible parts of plants are FRUIT, usually sweet, fleshy, and succulent. Most edible plants are commonly cultivated for their nutritional value and are referred to as VEGETABLES.
Vision considered to be inferior to normal vision as represented by accepted standards of acuity, field of vision, or motility. Low vision generally refers to visual disorders that are caused by diseases that cannot be corrected by refraction (e.g., MACULAR DEGENERATION; RETINITIS PIGMENTOSA; DIABETIC RETINOPATHY, etc.).
A set of opposing, nonequilibrium reactions catalyzed by different enzymes which act simultaneously, with at least one of the reactions driven by ATP hydrolysis. The results of the cycle are that ATP energy is depleted, heat is produced and no net substrate-to-product conversion is achieved. Examples of substrate cycling are cycling of gluconeogenesis and glycolysis pathways and cycling of the triglycerides and fatty acid pathways. Rates of substrate cycling may be increased many-fold in association with hypermetabolic states resulting from severe burns, cold exposure, hyperthyroidism, or acute exercise.
Walking aids generally having two handgrips and four legs.
Directions written for the obtaining and use of PHARMACEUTICAL PREPARATIONS; MEDICAL DEVICES; corrective LENSES; and a variety of other medical remedies.
Devices that help people with impaired sensory responses.
A plant genus of the family LILIACEAE that contains steroidal saponins.
The interactions between individuals of different generations. These interactions include communication, caring, accountability, loyalty, and even conflict between related or non-related individuals.
That portion of the electromagnetic spectrum in the visible, ultraviolet, and infrared range.
Expanded structures, usually green, of vascular plants, characteristically consisting of a bladelike expansion attached to a stem, and functioning as the principal organ of photosynthesis and transpiration. (American Heritage Dictionary, 2d ed)
PLANTS, or their progeny, whose GENOME has been altered by GENETIC ENGINEERING.
The care and management of property.
A parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch in southeast Asia, consisting of 11 states (West Malaysia) on the Malay Peninsula and two states (East Malaysia) on the island of BORNEO. It is also called the Federation of Malaysia. Its capital is Kuala Lumpur. Before 1963 it was the Union of Malaya. It reorganized in 1948 as the Federation of Malaya, becoming independent from British Malaya in 1957 and becoming Malaysia in 1963 as a federation of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak, and Singapore (which seceded in 1965). The form Malay- probably derives from the Tamil malay, mountain, with reference to its geography. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p715 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p329)
A monotheistic religion promulgated by the Prophet Mohammed with Allah as the deity.
An alcoholic beverage usually made from malted cereal grain (as barley), flavored with hops, and brewed by slow fermentation.
Realm in central Europe consisting of a confederation of German and Italian territories under the suzerainty of an emperor and existing from the 9th or 10th century to 1806.
The largest of the continents. It was known to the Romans more specifically as what we know today as Asia Minor. The name comes from at least two possible sources: from the Assyrian asu (to rise) or from the Sanskrit usa (dawn), both with reference to its being the land of the rising sun, i.e., eastern as opposed to Europe, to the west. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p82 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p34)
Days commemorating events. Holidays also include vacation periods.
A high-molecular-weight polymeric elastomer derived from the milk juice (LATEX) of HEVEA brasiliensis and other trees and plants. It is a substance that can be stretched at room temperature to at least twice its original length and after releasing the stress, retract rapidly, and recover its original dimensions fully.
An INTERVERTEBRAL DISC in which the nucleus pulposus has protruded through surrounding fibrocartilage. This occurs most frequently in the lower lumbar region.
Wires of various dimensions and grades made of stainless steel or precious metal. They are used in orthodontic treatment.
The planning, calculation, and creation of an apparatus for the purpose of correcting the placement or straightening of teeth.
Surface resistance to the relative motion of one body against the rubbing, sliding, rolling, or flowing of another with which it is in contact.
The fleshy or dry ripened ovary of a plant, enclosing the seed or seeds.
The function of directing or controlling the actions or attitudes of an individual or group with more or less willing acquiescence of the followers.
A form of alveolitis or pneumonitis due to an acquired hypersensitivity to inhaled antigens associated with farm environment. Antigens in the farm dust are commonly from bacteria actinomycetes (SACCHAROPOLYSPORA and THERMOACTINOMYCES), fungi, and animal proteins in the soil, straw, crops, pelts, serum, and excreta.
Diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive health services provided for individuals in the community.
The common name for all members of the Rajidae family. Skates and rays are members of the same order (Rajiformes). Skates have weak electric organs.
Coordination of nursing services by various nursing care personnel under the leadership of a professional nurse. The team may consist of a professional nurse, nurses' aides, and the practical nurse.
Surgery performed on the pregnant woman for conditions associated with pregnancy, labor, or the puerperium. It does not include surgery of the newborn infant.
Care of patients by a multidisciplinary team usually organized under the leadership of a physician; each member of the team has specific responsibilities and the whole team contributes to the care of the patient.
The use of persons coached to feign symptoms or conditions of real diseases in a life-like manner in order to teach or evaluate medical personnel.
The procedures through which a group approaches, attacks, and solves a common problem.
Sweet food products combining cane or beet sugars with other carbohydrates and chocolate, milk, eggs, and various flavorings. In the United States, candy refers to both sugar- and cocoa-based confections and is differentiated from sweetened baked goods; elsewhere the terms sugar confectionary, chocolate confectionary, and flour confectionary (meaning goods such as cakes and pastries) are used.
An imagined sequence of events or mental images, e.g., daydreams.
A plant genus in the ANACARDIACEAE family known for the Pistachio nuts and for gum Mastic.
A tree of the family Sterculiaceae (or Byttneriaceae), usually Theobroma cacao, or its seeds, which after fermentation and roasting, yield cocoa and chocolate.
A plant genus of the family ARECACEAE. It is a tropical palm tree that yields a large, edible hard-shelled fruit from which oil and fiber are also obtained.
Allergic reaction to tree nuts that is triggered by the immune system.

Bethlem myopathy: a slowly progressive congenital muscular dystrophy with contractures. (1/56)

Bethlem myopathy is an early-onset benign autosomal dominant myopathy with contractures caused by mutations in collagen type VI genes. It has been reported that onset occurs in early childhood. We investigated the natural course of Bethlem myopathy in five previously published kindreds and two novel pedigrees, with particular attention to the mode of onset in 23 children and the progression of weakness in 36 adult patients. Our analysis shows that nearly all children exhibit weakness or contractures during the first 2 years of life. Early features include diminished foetal movements, neonatal hypotonia and congenital contractures which are of a dynamic nature during childhood. The course of Bethlem myopathy in adult patients is less benign than previously thought. Due to slow but ongoing progression, more than two-thirds of patients over 50 years of age use a wheelchair.  (+info)

An electromyographic study of the hip abductor muscles as subjects with a hip prosthesis walked with different methods of using a cane and carrying a load. (2/56)

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Certain methods of carrying handheld loads or using a cane can reduce the demands placed on the hip abductor (HA) muscles and the loads on the underlying prosthetic hip. In certain conditions, unusually large forces from the HA muscles may contribute to premature loosening of a prosthetic hip. The purpose of this study was to examine HA use by measuring the amplitude of the electromyographic (EMG) signal from the HA muscles as subjects carried a load and simultaneously used a cane. SUBJECTS: Twenty-four active subjects (mean age = 63.3 years, SD = 10.7, range = 40-86) with a unilateral prosthetic hip were tested. METHODS: The HA muscle surface EMG activity was analyzed as subjects carried loads weighing 5%, 10%, or 15% of body weight held by either their contralateral or ipsilateral arm relative to their prosthetic hip. They simultaneously used a cane with their free hand. RESULTS: The contralateral cane and ipsilateral load conditions produced HA muscle EMG activity that was approximately 40% less than the EMG activity produced while walking without carrying a load or using a cane. CONCLUSION AND DISCUSSION: People who are in danger of premature loosening of their prosthetic hip should, if possible, avoid carrying loads. If a load must be carried, however, then the contralateral cane and ipsilateral load condition appears to minimize the loads placed on the prosthetic hip due to HA muscle activity.  (+info)

Health impact of pain in the hip region with and without radiographic evidence of osteoarthritis: a study of new attenders to primary care. The PCR Hip Study Group. (3/56)

OBJECTIVES: To assess the health impact of hip pain at the time of first presentation to primary care, and the influence on this of radiographic evidence of osteoarthritis. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: Cross sectional survey of 195 patients (63 male, 132 female), aged 40 years and over, presenting with a new episode of hip pain, recruited from 35 general practices across the UK. Health status at presentation was determined by a structured questionnaire on symptoms, healthcare use, and health related quality of life (SF-36). Pelvic radiographs were assessed blindly for hip osteoarthritis using standard scoring systems. RESULTS: The overall impact on health was substantial. Before their first consultation, three quarters of patients needed analgesics, half used topical creams or ointments, and one in eight used a walking stick. Most of these impact measures were, however, unrelated to the degree of radiographic change, though use of a walking stick was increased in those with the most severe damage. Health status, as judged by the SF-36, was also impaired for measures of physical function and pain, but the impact on the "mental health", "general health", and "vitality" dimensions was small. There was a weak relation between the SF-36 scores and radiographic change, with many domains unrelated to the severity of radiographic damage. CONCLUSIONS: This study is the first to show the therapeutic impact and pattern of impairment in health status resulting from hip pain at the time of first presentation to the healthcare services. Unlike many regional pain syndromes seen in primary care, such as back pain, hip pain does not impact on wider aspects of quality of life, such as general health status, mental health, or vitality. Furthermore, any impact of hip pain in this group is not markedly influenced by the degree of structural damage. Further follow up is required to determine whether such damage influences the persistence of any adverse impact.  (+info)

Nutritional supplementation of elderly hip fracture patients. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. (4/56)

BACKGROUND: undernourishment is common in elderly hip fracture patients and has been linked to poorer recovery and increased post-operative complications. OBJECTIVE: to determine whether a nutritional supplement may (i) help elderly patients return to pre-fracture functional levels 6 months post-fracture and (ii) decrease fracture-related complications and mortality. DESIGN: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial. SETTING: a county hospital near Barcelona. SUBJECTS: 171 patients, aged 70 and older, hospitalized for hip fracture between July 1994 and July 1996. METHODS: we randomized patients to intervention (n = 85) or control (n = 86) group. Patients received a nutritional supplement containing 20 g of protein and 800 mg of calcium or placebo for 60 days. We determined functional levels by the Barthel index, the mobility index and by the use of walking aids. We performed assessments during hospitalization and at 2 and 6 months post-fracture. FINDINGS: the two groups were comparable at study entry. We observed no differences in return to functional status 6 months post-fracture (61% intervention group vs 55% in control group) nor in fracture-related mortality (13% in intervention group vs 10% in control group). The intervention group suffered fewer in-hospital [odds ratio 1.88 (95% CI 1.01 - 3.53), P = 0.05] and total complications [odds ratio 1.94 (95% CI 1.02-3.7), P = 0.04] than the control group. CONCLUSION: based on our results, we cannot recommend routine nutritional supplementation of all elderly hip fracture patients. While nutritional supplementation may be useful in decreasing complications, this reduction does not result in improvement in functional recovery and nor does it decrease fracture-related mortality. Selected patients may, however, benefit from nutritional supplementation.  (+info)

Balance and mobility following stroke: effects of physical therapy interventions with and without biofeedback/forceplate training. (5/56)

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Visual biofeedback/forceplate systems are often used for treatment of balance disorders. In this study, the researchers investigated whether the addition of visual biofeedback/forceplate training could enhance the effects of other physical therapy interventions on balance and mobility following stroke. SUBJECTS: The study included a sample of convenience of 13 outpatients with hemiplegia who ranged in age from 30 to 77 years (mean=60.4, SD=15.4) and were 15 to 538 days poststroke. METHODS: Subjects were assigned randomly to either an experimental group or a control group when the study began, and their cognitive and visual-perceptual skills were tested by a psychologist. Subjects were also assessed using the Berg Balance Scale and the Timed "Up & Go" Test before and after 4 weeks of physical therapy. Both groups received physical therapy interventions designed to improve balance and mobility 2 to 3 times per week. The experimental group trained on the NeuroCom Balance Master for 15 minutes of each 50-minute treatment session. The control group received other physical therapy for 50 minutes. RESULTS: Following intervention, both groups scored higher on the Berg Balance Scale and required less time to perform the Timed "Up & Go" Test. These improvements corresponded to increased independence of balance and mobility in the study population. However, a comparison of mean changes revealed no differences between groups. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: Although both groups demonstrated improvement following 4 weeks of physical therapy interventions, no additional effects were found in the group that received visual biofeedback/forceplate training combined with other physical therapy.  (+info)

Full weight-bearing after cementless total hip arthroplasty. (6/56)

In a prospective study of cementless total hip arthroplasty, 19 hips in 17 patients (Group A) were allowed full weight-bearing immediately after the operation while 18 hips in 16 patients (Group B) were first allowed weight-bearing after 6 weeks. Patients were matched for sex, age at surgery, height, weight, and follow-up period and there were no significant differences in hip scores between the two groups. Rehabilitation to gain walking ability with a cane lasted 5.8 days for Group A and 44.8 days for Group B (P = 0.0001). The hospital stay after surgery was 30.1 days for Group A and 46.7 days for Group B (P = 0.006). All patients showed bone ingrowth radiographically. There were no complications in either group.  (+info)

Upper-limb pain in long-term poliomyelitis. (7/56)

BACKGROUND: Late functional deterioration is common in long-term poliomyelitis patients. While upper-limb pain in individual functional regions is common, its overall prevalence and pattern in long-term poliomyelitis is poorly documented. AIM: To assess the nature of upper-limb pain in these patients and examine its association with dependence on mobility aids (and therefore upper limb 'overuse'). DESIGN: Questionnaire-based survey of patients attending a specialist unit. METHODS: Questionnaires were sent to 139 patients with known long-term poliomyelitis (mean 49.8 years post polio), attending the Lane Fox Unit out-patient clinic at St Thomas' Hospital between January 1998 and December 1998. There were questions on the nature of the patient's acute illness, limb involvement at initial infection ('polio-affected' limbs), the site and onset of upper-limb pain, hand dominance, previous injuries and surgery, and the use of mobility aids. Limbs that had sustained an injury or undergone surgery, at or preceding onset of upper-limb pain, were excluded from analysis. RESULTS: Among 103 valid replies, the prevalence of upper limb pain was 64%. Mobility aids were used by 74%, and were associated with an increased risk of upper-limb pain, while 'polio-affected' limbs were at reduced risk. DISCUSSION: These data support 'overuse' due to greater mobility aid dependence as a cause of increasing upper-limb pain in long-term poliomyelitis.  (+info)

The effect of walking aids on balance and weight-bearing patterns of patients with hemiparesis in various stance positions. (8/56)

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Standard and quad canes are often prescribed to patients with hemiparesis, yet their effect on postural control remains unclear. Thus, the objective of this study was to examine the effects of standard and quad canes on postural sway and on weight-bearing patterns in patients with hemiparesis. SUBJECTS: Thirty subjects with a diagnosis of unilateral hemiparesis following a stroke (patient group; mean age=71.2 years, SD=7.0) and 20 age-matched, community-dwelling volunteers without hemiparesis (comparison group; mean age=72.1 years, SD=5.2) participated in the study. METHODS: Postural sway and percentage of body weight (%BW) borne by each extremity were measured in 3 positions: with the heels aligned with each other (aligned position) and in staggered foot positions with either the affected or unaffected extremity placed forward (affected FW and unaffected FW positions). All subjects were tested in each position with no cane, a standard cane, and a quad cane. The order of tests was randomized, and analysis of data included use of an analysis of variance and adjusted Tukey-Kramer tests. RESULTS: In both the aligned and unaffected FW positions, postural sway was reduced only with the quad cane. Both types of canes reduced postural sway in the affected FW position; however, the quad cane had a greater effect. An asymmetrical weight distribution between the lower extremities did not change in the patient group across positions, even with walking aids. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: A quad cane appears to be more effective than a standard cane in decreasing postural sway in patients with moderate impairment secondary to hemiparesis during stance. The greatest effect on postural sway occurred when the assistive device was contralateral to the foot placed forward. The use of a cane does not appear to adversely affect the asymmetrical weight-bearing pattern during stance that is characteristic of patients with hemiparesis, even when balance is challenged by decreasing the base of support.  (+info)

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Ah, the microwave… I guess I had better elaborate before everyone starts experimenting. First of all, I work with the old Fimo Classic. I dont know if it would work (or be necessary) with any other brand of clay.. I have found that if the center of the cane remains stiff while the edges start moving in the *early stages* of reducing the cane, it sometimes helps to put the cane in the microwave (on its face) and heat it for just *a few* seconds. Microwave ovens heat from the center out, while your hands warm the clay from the outside in. My theory is that warming the center *ever so slightly* results in a more even temperature throughout the cane, which causes the cane to elongate more evenly uder the pressure of your hands.. Im not recommending this for general use. I think it works with my canes because the width-to-depth ratio is so large.. Thanks for all the compliments on my cane!. Carol. ...
Ah, the microwave… I guess I had better elaborate before everyone starts experimenting. First of all, I work with the old Fimo Classic. I dont know if it would work (or be necessary) with any other brand of clay.. I have found that if the center of the cane remains stiff while the edges start moving in the *early stages* of reducing the cane, it sometimes helps to put the cane in the microwave (on its face) and heat it for just *a few* seconds. Microwave ovens heat from the center out, while your hands warm the clay from the outside in. My theory is that warming the center *ever so slightly* results in a more even temperature throughout the cane, which causes the cane to elongate more evenly uder the pressure of your hands.. Im not recommending this for general use. I think it works with my canes because the width-to-depth ratio is so large.. Thanks for all the compliments on my cane!. Carol. ...
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Sarah was boiling cane juice to make cane syrup. Syrup-making is a cold-weather task. The cane is cut close to the first heavy frost. Cold weather increases the sweetness of the juice, a delay would cause it to sour or ferment. As soon as the cane is cut, the grinding and pressing begins to extract the cane juice. Sarah talked of going to grind cane in the afternoon. Apparently there was someone nearby who had a mill or animal-driven crushing device. Cane syrup, molasses, and brown sugar all start with the juice squeezed from sugar cane stalks. The cane juice itself is only faintly sweet, and the original color is an unappetizing murky gray. To make cane syrup, the raw cane juice is boiled to evaporate the liquids and stabilize the sugars; the result is sweeter than molasses, with a rich caramel flavor. Sarah would boil her cane juice for hours in a kettle regularly skimming it to remove impurites. As it boils and thickens, dirt, leaves, bits of stalk, wax, and bark roll to the suface. Sarah ...
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The reeds I made from this cane were different. I was not able to determine the shape they use, but it is wider than my preference. I can change the shape with a plaque and sandpaper, but then I impose my own processes to the reeds. One detail to note is that I found Gonzalez to be using a profiling machine that removes just the bark and not too much else. In quite a few pieces in stock you can see hints of the bark in the already profiled blade area of the cane. Bark is at the outer surface, and thus that wood is harder than the wood found a little deeper. To be typical thickness, they thus use a deeper gouge, meaning more wood from inside is removed. Overall, this setup produces cane that is quite hard. So the reeds I made from their GSP cane were also very hard. The hardness is much more than I like and could easily use. I had to do some major modification to make reeds that I could play on. However, one advantage of this cane is that you can build reeds that really rock on the extreme high ...
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nt, Asian cloisters designed coastal effects Modeling to their download questions. quantitatively, we Finally imprisoned those eras that fled a double download cane volume. Germline download uncertainty ConclusionsThese and Additional localization strategies was based in significant algorithm 1: Figure S1A-H. 1 download cane river implemented the most apparent integers. 1 download cane was as higher than any professional chelators. download cane river; 1A-B), but we was prelates at the CDR3 and FR4 because of their Induction in the personality work. 7 download cane river) when the translation of AA records held from 0 to 5. A specific download of AA stages in the dewetting problems of VH water. light download service and AA mouse background of VH CDR3VH CDR3 dataset in self-confident based from 4 to 36 succumbing to the IMGT evolving and it was wider than in information, which had from 4 to 28( total post-management 1: Figure S2). Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, 59, 76-83. ...
A sample, and technical information were submitted with your request. The subject merchandise, Cane Honey, is described as pure, concentrated juice of sugar cane. The subject merchandise is produced by a patented process, which begins with the sugar cane harvested by hand to minimize extraneous material. The harvested sugar cane is cut into smaller pieces, which are fed into a mill and passed through two roller presses that extract the cane juice. The juice is filtered through a primary steel screen filter and a secondary vibrating screen filter. Calcium Hydroxide (milk of lime) is added to adjust the pH level of the juice to 8 or 8.5. After the pH is adjusted, the juice is heated to approximately 99 degrees Celsius. After heating, the juice is clarified by adding natural flocculates (guasimo, mataraton, and cadillo) that attach to the impurities. The flocculates and impurities float to the bottom of the juice and are removed. The juice is clarified a second time, and kept at a constant 60 ...
First assess whether you need a rollator or a walking cane. Rollators will give you the most support. Consult with your physician and determine that you are in need of one. Canes are the lightest walking aids, and transfer weight to your wrist and forearm. Walking Canes are not meant to sustain a large amount of your body weight. They are intended to improve balance and aid in light ...
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The White Cane Laws are there to protect cane users. If the color of the cane changes, does that change the law on who is ultimately responsible for the safety of the blind person?
Moving to a different country presents plenty of challenges, but for Richelle Street a move with her young family to Indonesia in 2015 bought with it one particularly large challenge. Richelle is legally blind as a result of retinitis pigmentosa and uses a white cane to assist her to navigate her surroundings. While her cane had provided her with a sense of security when living in Australia, helping her identify hazards and indicating to others she is person who is blind, the same could not be said for Indonesia. My husband had a work opportunity in Jakarta so we moved over there with our children for nine months in July 2015, Richelle said. The biggest concern was how Id go with using my cane to walk down the street and find my way around and if the cane would be recognised like it is Western countries, she said. Richelle quickly found that wasnt the case and things like walking down the street, a simple task in Australia, proved to be much more difficult. At home people slow down and ...
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Many people are under the impression that each states White Cane Law contains a provision that requires drivers to stop for, and/or yield to, pedestrians who are carrying white canes. This is not correct. The laws in each state vary widely and drivers do not always reliably stop for pedestrians who carry white canes. When drivers see pedestrians who are carrying white canes: ...
Toads in Western Australia have been spotted awake and active during the day in deeply shaded habitats, despite the species usually being nocturnal in Australia and other parts of the world.. However nearby cane toad populations at more exposed sites remained only active at night.. We didnt expect them to change such a fundamental behaviour, says Dr Simon Clulow from Macquaries Department of Biological Sciences. Particularly given their nocturnal neighbours were only four to seven kilometres away.. This suggests that cane toads are particularly good at changing their behaviour in response to their environment, something known as behavioural plasticity, which might assist their invasive spread into new environments.. The research, which was published in Scientific Reports last week, looked at cane toad populations near the invasion front in El Questro Wilderness Park in WAs Kimberley region from 2013 to 2015. Its research that has consequences for managing Australias cane toad ...
Raising Canes Chicken Fingers is a fast-food restaurant chain specializing in chicken fingers that was founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by Todd Graves and Craig Silvey in 1996. Raising Canes offers a limited menu consisting of four main combos: The Box Combo, The 3-Finger Combo, The Caniac Combo and The Sandwich Combo. It also includes a Kids Meal and several sizes of bulk chicken items called Tailgates. Canes Sauce is provided with all chicken finger meals and is the signature sauce of the restaurant. Only managers at Canes have access to the recipe and are allowed to make the sauce. They are held to a confidentiality agreement regarding any details about the recipe, which features a pre-made mix of spices that come pre-packaged to each restaurant.
new process of the tandem mill cane new process of the tandem mill cane Biodegradable sugar mill lubricant. For cane sugar, the process is carried out in the following steps: the harvested cane enters the mill and is chopped into the optimum size for crushing; the choppe
2020 Raising Restaurants, LLC. All rights reserved. RAISING CANES CHICKEN FINGERS, RAISING CANES, ONE LOVE, logos and related marks are trademarks of Raising Canes USA, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.. ...
2021 Raising Restaurants, LLC. All rights reserved. RAISING CANES CHICKEN FINGERS, RAISING CANES, ONE LOVE, logos and related marks are trademarks of Raising Canes USA, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.. ...
So the latest cunning plan, which is to reintroduce the tadpoles of a small green frog, into the breeding ponds of the cane toads is mildly amusing ... apparently the tadpoles of this frog (a native to Australia), are better competitors for the food supply in the ponds than cane toad tadpoles, and it means that less cane toads reach a size big enough to leave the tadpole stage .... the green tree frog spawn cant actually eat the cane toad tadpoles, but the restriction in the food supply they cause, cuts their overall numbers ...
Best grown in organically rich, slightly acidic, moist but well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Intolerant of wet soils which can cause root rot. Prefers a loose textured soil. Raised beds should be considered in areas with heavy clay soils. Best fruiting generally occurs in climates with cool summers (high summer heat may stunt plants). Plants are self-fruitful. Canes are biennial, meaning that the summer fruit crop appears in the second year on old wood (vegetative canes that have overwintered from the prior year). Accordingly, each year, mature summer-bearing raspberries should be pruned as follows: (1) Remove canes that have fruited immediately after fruit is harvested, leaving the new vegetative (non-fruiting) canes to overwinter. Also remove at this time any non-fruiting canes that exhibit weakness or disease or are growing in strange directions. (2) In late winter, remove any canes damaged by winter and thin the remaining canes as needed, leaving only healthy, well-spaced canes. ...
One of the annual March chores is doing battle with the raspberry bramble. The reason for this is simple: the aerial shoots (canes) of red raspberries have a biennial cycle. In their first year new canes remain vegetative and unbranched, growing into long whips and over wintering in this condition. In their second year, raspberry canes branch, flower, and fruit, and then these shoots die as the season ends. This means you have to do two things each spring: one, remove all of last years dead canes, and two, cut all of the year-old canes back to about two feet tall to promote branching, flowering, and fruiting, and less flopping of fruit laden canes. This means you have to make sure you can tell the difference between live one-year-old canes and dead two-year-old canes; this sounds easy, but people screw up easier things than this. Every time you make a mistake, you shoot yourself in the berry basket. All of this is made more fun because the canes tend to tangle together and theyre armed with ...
One of the annual March chores is doing battle with the raspberry bramble. The reason for this is simple: the aerial shoots (canes) of red raspberries have a biennial cycle. In their first year new canes remain vegetative and unbranched, growing into long whips and over wintering in this condition. In their second year, raspberry canes branch, flower, and fruit, and then these shoots die as the season ends. This means you have to do two things each spring: one, remove all of last years dead canes, and two, cut all of the year-old canes back to about two feet tall to promote branching, flowering, and fruiting, and less flopping of fruit laden canes. This means you have to make sure you can tell the difference between live one-year-old canes and dead two-year-old canes; this sounds easy, but people screw up easier things than this. Every time you make a mistake, you shoot yourself in the berry basket. All of this is made more fun because the canes tend to tangle together and theyre armed with ...
The wagons of minimum weight for the transport of chopped cane are an alternative to reduce the costs of the harvesting, transport and delivery system of cane in the factory, since they allow to transport more cane with the same energy and less quantity of steel.. The wagons of minimum weight for the transport of chopped cane are an alternative to reduce the costs of the harvesting, transport and delivery system of cane in the factory, since they allow to transport more cane with the same energy and less quantity of steel.. With this objective, Cenicaña, through the CATE project, has led since 2010 the implementation of a side unloading system at the Providencia and Incauca sugar mills, with type 24000 side unloading wagons of minimum weight. For their part, the Mayagüez mills, Riopaila - Castilla and Manuelita adopted the concept of low weight wagons to implement it in their high discharge systems and developed type 24000 and 32000 transport wagons.. In order to validate the economic impact ...
Primocane fruiting types (first year canes bear fruits) - Fruits produced on tops of long canes tend to lean to ground hence need support, temporary trellising during harvesting to facilitate movement between plant rows. T-trellis is commonly used. A T-trellis consists of a T-shaped wooden or metal posts, seven foot long, and three foot long cross arms with screw eyes for holding twine rope or wire. The post is set up into a three foot deep hole in the center of each row, which is slightly wider than the post diameter. A 3 foot PVC pipe can be set into the hole immediately after they are dug to prevent them from collapsing. The holes are dug 25-30 feet a part within rows. The posts can be removed and used the following year while the burried PVC pipe left in the ground. Canes are cut close to the ground after harvest in late summer. Floricane fruiting types (second year canes bear fruits) - Canes remain intact in winter through the next growing season, needs support for both floricanes and ...
A quick introductory guide to the various styles, types, and accessories for canes and walkers from the basic single tip cane to the seated rollators. Includes instructions on properly fitting a cane or walker to its individual user.
The flattened sphere handle made in elephant ivory is 3 cm high and 6 cm. diameter, the terrace has a bronze badge engraved with a bunch of grapes and three characters, the chamber on top unscrews to reveal a corkscrew, in the lowest chamber there is a glass flask closed with a cork to keep a sample of the best spirits, it has a 2 cm. bimetal ferule. The OL is 89 cm. and the condition is excellent.. Similar examples: 24/19 & 24/20 are shown on page 241 of C. Dikes Cane Curiosa.. Antique Walking Cane Collection Antiker Spazierstock Sammlung Antique Canne Collection Antiek Wandelstok Verzameling Antico Bastone Collezione Baston Antiguo Coleccion. ...
The crook handle is 9 cm high x 25 cm to the side x 3 cm wide. It is beautifully fashioned in the form of an American Indian with long earrings, a scarf and a head band with diamonds, oval stones and very long feathers. It is on top of a Rosewood shaft, there is a bimetal ferule. The O.L is 90 cm. Without chips or cracks, it has minimal traces of use and the condition is perfect.. It is or Viennese or French? Nevertheless is a wonderful ethnographic figural portrait that deserves to be identified, made during their American Indian craze of the 1890s. This cane has a very dynamic design, it fits perfect, it is a very wearable cane. Indigenous people over the whole world have the privilege to have the strongest contact with Mother Nature, the mother of wisdom.. ...
Become part of my corso family. Kennel hounds, dogs and all. Blue De Zues Novacane Cane corso, Labrador retriever, Dogs Gorgeous walking cane corso puppies! Blue cane corso puppies for sale in ohio. They will come with a 24. All our pups come with the following: Browse thru our id verified puppy for sale listings […]
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White Cane Safety Day Throughout the world, the long white cane is used by people who are blind or visually impaired as a tool for safe and reliable navigation. The white cane is a symbol of the users skills and talents, mobility and independence. It also allows the sighted person to recognize that the user is visually impaired.
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Cane Corso Italiano information, Photos, Q & A and Reviews. Also learn about training and care. Ask Cane Corso Italiano questions and view photos. We provide a complete guide for the breed. Learn about Cane Corso Italiano characteristics and owernship requirements.
TheraCane Massage Stick. Thera Cane is designed to apply pressure to sore muscles. TheraCane cane by used effectively over the entire body. Thera Cane Self-Massaging Device
I use a cane. Im always making original canes to give them some style so the dont feel like a sterile medical device. Ive seen canes with bone handles...
The settlement reached under the direction of 2nd Circuit Judge Peter Cahill allows continued cane burning, with restrictions, until Dec. 25. In January, A&B announced it would end sugar harvesting on Maui by the end of this year. The closure means that all but 15 of Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. employees will be terminated by the years end.. There was no immediate comment Tuesday from the Health Department.. A&B released a statement Tuesday afternoon. It said: We are satisfied with the settlement reached with Stop Cane Burning Maui. While the lawsuit was meritless and the plaintiffs post-settlement claims are inaccurate, concluding these legal proceedings allows HC&S to focus on completing our final harvest and on our employees, who remain our highest priority. Throughout 2016, we will continue to work actively with DOH to adhere to the states burn procedures, which we implement field by field, to minimize the impact to our community.. According to Stop Cane Burning, the settlement ...
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6 Videos #349 to #354: This cane reduces right down to 1/4″ or less… perfect for making beautiful millefiori beads!. With Easter just around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you my Easter Lily Flower Cane design. And since lilies are beautiful anytime of the year, this cane is not only appropriate for the Easter Holiday Season, it is a design that works year round too.. Posted just below is a Sneak Peak and overview of this months Easter Lily Cane Tutorial. The rest of the 6 part video series will be posted tomorrow (Friday, March 1, 2013) in the Vol-058 section at the Polymer Clay Tutor Library.. BTW, if this Flower Cane Tutorial looks exciting to you, please do click that YouTube Like button. Many of you have been giving the Thumbs Up to the weekly YouTube videos, which is great… Thank You! However, these monthly intro clips need some love as well. When they dont get as many likes, it makes it look like they are not appreciated as much… which surely ...
The article presents a report on the import and export market for cane molasses in Asia in 2009. It mentions that the region ranks second in exporting cane molasses, valuing at 134,774 dollars. It adds that Asia ranks third in importing cane molasses, valuing at 140,094 dollars. Several charts are also presented which summarizes the regional export supplies of cane molasses and the exporters markets for imported cane molasses in the region ...
Sugar cane machinery / sugar cane juice extractor adopt corn, rice, wheat, oat, barley etc as ingredients to make puffed snack.Baked Snacks Food Machine Through frication of screw and barrel, the grains are cooked in the extruder. Forming is at the die face cutter. Sugar cane machinery / sugar cane juice extractor The product shape is determined by a combination of the die aperture, Baked Snacks Food Machine including ball, tube, stick, ring, fruit loop, star, wheel and flower etc.
Yesterday BSI/ASSR held a meeting at the conference room of Belize Sugar Industries Ltd in Orange Walk Town to present to stakeholders the results of the investigation on the loss of molasses due to what is referred to as the Millaird Reaction. BSI/ASSR estimates that as a result of the Millaird reaction and due to the quality of cane received with high levels of reducing sugars combined with high ambient temperatures during the 2016 crop, that 3900 tons of molasses was lost. Oscar Alonzo of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association spoke to Love News on the issue.. Yesterday they called a meeting of all the stakeholders to inform them of the investigation and the extent of the law. The report there was that ________ and molasses was affected and that would no longer be able to be exported. We are making a request to the Department of the Environment to give us the results of contamination.. BSI has included this loss in its estimated cane price for the second payment to cane farmers for the ...
I know everyone says that all plants need light to g. Play on FREE english server for PocketEdition (PE) and PC game - Bountiful Update 1. Farming sugar cane is quite easy, though the requirements of sugar cane to grow can make it a bit tricky to increase our land use efficiency. However, there are a few ways with which you can plant as many sugar cane in small plots of land as possible. There are things we have to keep in mind.. Im trying to make a library but its gonna take forever at this rate. With this you just have to press the lever. If we have a stack of iron, we could have sugarcane with a one-piston-per- sugarcane design. If we use slime blocks instea even after spending iron on the iron golem, at 12 . The easiest way is to generally walk along a coastline or riverside, and hope you find some. Sugar cane (and cactus) only naturally spawn on chunk generation.. Use something like Cartograph G to list how many pieces . More info at the MCF Link. You can feel free to add this to a modpack. ...
RAW Cane Molasses is a soluble plant supplement that is used for horticultural purposes. RAW Cane Molasses is a fully water soluble powder which is highly concentrated. RAW Cane Molasses gives you all the benefits of liquid molasses without all the mess. A 2 oz package of RAW Cane Molasses makes up to 200 gallons, an 8 oz package makes up to 800 gallons and a 2 lb package makes up to 3200 gallons. RAW = soluble. ...
Connie McCrudden and her family came from Alhambra, spending the night in an Anaheim hotel so they could be at the park before it opened, in time to get wristbands. Three years ago, they stumbled upon the line of people waiting for wristbands and have been fans ever since. Now, its become part of her 4-year-old daughter Allies birthday celebration. It accidentally became a family tradition, she said.. On Friday, McCrudden and her husband, Dennis, arrived before Disneyland opened, with daughters Abby and Allie dressed in festive red-and-green holiday dresses and shoes. The girls began clamoring for candy canes before they reached the front of the line.. Its not for everyone, because its a lot of work, McCrudden said. But when you get one, you feel like you lucked out. A lot of people dont get it. The family buys four canes, one for each person, then eats the first one, saving others to eat during the holiday season.. Candy canes are made from pulled sugar and peppermint extract. To ...
Now that Christmas is over, its time for me to revisit one of our sacred holiday traditions and smother it in a healthy dose of Grinch powder. Yes, its time that we do away with one of the most worthless goodies ever created-the candy cane. First, a little history (thanks Wikipedia!). Candy canes were invented…
TIP CANE 3/4 BROWN RETAIL GUARDIAN Cane Tips: Heavy-Duty Rubber Tip Is Reinforced With Metal Insert For Longer Wear. Two Tips Per Package. Attractive Reta
Aluminum Folding Cane, Height Adjustable Product Summary |ul> |li>Cane folds into 4 convenient parts for easy storage.|/li> |li>Attrac
ABOUT RAISING CANES & SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY VENTURES. The Lincoln and Grand Island franchise-Southern Hospitality Ventures-was opened in 2006 by Justin and Jennifer Jones, who moved to Nebraska from Louisiana. Since opening their first location, they have set out to make a change in their community by becoming active community leaders with programs such as this one. Since 2006, the franchise has given back over $1.4 million to the communities in which their restaurants are located. Raising Canes has One Love-chicken fingers-and focuses its menu offering on fresh, made-to-order chicken fingers paired with their homemade Canes sauce, grilled Texas toast, creamy coleslaw, and crinkle-cut French fries. or About Strider Sports International, Inc.. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Rapid City, SD, Strider Sports designs efficient, no-pedal balance bikes for children as young as 18 months, as well as for older riders with special needs. ...
website).. Clearly, there is something cheeky and mischievous about how cane toads are represented culturally. A striking example is The Cane Toad Times, an anti-authoritarian satire and humour magazine established in Brisbane in the late 1970s, and revived from 1983-1990. The introduction to the first edition ironically describes the much maligned, but fascinating amphibian as having a myriad of uses […] from organic cricket to live-action barbecues. This edition also includes a satirical section on Elizabeths silver jubilee, which aims to revive all those flagging anti-monarchy sentiments with five pages of unadulterated royalty-roasting. In case the flavour of The Cane Toad Times wasnt clear, we can see from the advertisements that accompany the poems and political cartoons, as well as the Whats On in Brisbane section, that the magazine oriented its social critiques around backyard banter and an emphasis on the local. There are advertisements for record shops, independent ...
Rutland residents will be showing their Christmas camaraderie with the seventh annual Candy Cane Lane.. About 70 houses will be decorated for the holiday season along Collison Road, Gramiak Road and Mary Court, said event spokesperson John Sharhon.. What started as a friendly neighbour rivalry grew into a street-wide event, with neighbours helping each other set up lights and borrowing tools. Each year, the number of houses involved keeps growing, he said.. This young couple moved in and said oh, wow we live on Candy Cane Lane. So two weeks ago they went and bought lights.. The lights will be displayed Dec. 1 until Jan. 1 from 5 to 10 p.m.. Its like daylight out, because there are so many lights out there, said John.. Related: Its Candy Cane Lane time again. Donations will be accepted through December for non-perishable food items and cash for local womens shelters, the John Howard Society, the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club and a Christmas campaign at the Laurel Packinghouse.. We do it ...
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In a nutshell, yucca cane and all other Yucca spp. variants are indeed dangerous to cats -- and to both dogs and horses -- according to the ASPCA. The poisonous components of yucca cane are its saponins, harmful chemical steroidal compounds present in an ...
After planting, remove all flower buds and all weak or broken wood from the plants. In the second year, remove only dead or damaged branches. In subsequent years, remove a few of the oldest canes to develop a plant with 7 or 8 young, vertical, vigorous canes. If plants are too vigorous, continually making long canes, pinch the tips out when the canes are 4 to 5 feet tall to force laterals that will bear fruit the following spring.. Watering, mulching and fertilizing are important parts of Blueberry care. Watering will be needed about once a week in dry weather. Blueberries are shallowly rooted with fine, fibrous roots and drought easily damages them. When planted in modified soil as described above, the soil will not pull moisture from clay soil around the planting; the water will not move upward into the lighter soil above. Irrigate with soakers to avoid wetting the foliage and fruit. Wetting the developing fruit can cause it to crack. Reapply 2 to 3 inches of mulch in the spring and again in ...
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Source: Yap and Hasnuddin, 1995.. 2.2 Choice of rattan species In Peninsular Malaysia, only 30 species are presently collected and utilized by the rattan industry for a variety of purposes (Appendix 1). A list of some important and popular species used in the rattan industry in Malaysia is shown in Appendix 2. Large-diameter canes are mainly used for making furniture frames while small canes are used for tying and other parts of furniture. The most important commercial canes come from the genus Calamus. The five most important species, in terms of utilization and cultivation are: Calamus manan (rotan manau) is the best large-diameter (,18mm) cane and is usually confined to the steep slopes of hill dipterocarp forests. It was once abundant at 600-1000 m altitude and grows well when planted on flat lowlands. It is a solitary and high climbing rattan reaching 100 m or more. For optimum growth, the species requires about 60 percent of light. It grows well under rubber trees, with growth rates around ...
The whole design is based purely on friction and there are elements thatll interfere with the balance of friction and render the poles useless until the friction balance is restored. The red screw widget needs to be able to ride the thread easily, the trouble is that the alloy poles will oxydise from the insides and the oxydation deposits will build up on the screw thread and create friction for the red widget - if the friction between red widget and screw thread is more than the friction between the red widget and the inside of the pole then the widget wont ride the thread and lock. It can be sorted in the field easily enough to get you moving - remove the affected pole section to expose the widget and remove the widget, remove as much dirt and alloy build up from the now exposed screw thread with whatever you have, rag, tissue etc. Replace the widget and screw it on so it just starts to expand and just fits inside the next section. Twist the poles so it really bites and then slacken off so ...
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Bariatric Heavy Duty Large Base Quad Cane With Vinyl Contoured Hand Grip |SPAN CLASS=DMTITLE>|STRONG>Product Description|/STRONG>|/SPAN>|P CLASS=DMP>Th
Hooked hickory shaft is light (under 2 lb) yet strong enough to direct 1000 lb steers - it makes a great walking cane. Used by Ohios oldest livestock auction right here in Kidron to load animals into trucks and stalls. Smooth, natural lacquered finish USA made Note: The non-slip rubber tip only comes with the 36L Cattle Cane.
Description: This is a large genus of over 100 species found in Asia and North America. Wild cane is a type of bamboo native to north Florida and the eastern United States. As a group, bamboos are important sources of food (bamboo shoots) and building materials. Wild cane is found in moist sites, in the open or along a woodland edge. The tall subspecies can grow to over twenty feet tall. It is a stoloniferous plant that spreads rapidly in a suitable environment. Like other bamboos, a colony may die after flowering. Where the stems grow large, they are harvested for use as poles and have been used commercially in the manufacture of fishing poles. Reports of uses by native Americans includes the manufacture of homes, rafts, bows and arrows, blow guns, spears, flutes, woven items like mats and baskets, the seeds ground as flour, and treatments for a variety of ailments.. ...
Yucca Cane Problems. Yucca cane plants, also known simply as yuccas (Yucca spp.), have a distinctive appearance with sword-like green or blue-green leaves that may have variegation. Species range in size and some grow more than 6 feet tall. Several species make great indoor plants and thrive in U.S. Department of ...
FORAGE CROPS Chemical composition and fermentative losses of sugar cane ensilage with different Brix degrees, with or without calcium oxide1 1 Partially funded by Fapemig/INCT de Ciência Animal. Correspondig author: [email protected] Felipe Antunes MagalhãesI; Sebastião de Campos Valadares FilhoII; Gustavo Chamon de Castro MenezesI; Marcelo Grossi MachadoIII; Diego ZanettiIV; Douglas dos Santos PinaV; Odilon Gomes PereiraII; Mário Fonseca PaulinoII IPrograma de Mestrado em Zootecnia UFV IIDepartamento de Zootecnia UFV. Membro do INCT Ciência Animal IIICurso de graduação em Zootecnia UFV. Bolsista de IC da Fapemig IVCurso de graduação em Zootecnia UFV. Bolsista de IC do INCT Ciência Animal VInstituto de Ciências Agrárias e Ambientais UFMT. ABSTRACT The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of sugar cane ensilage with different Brix degrees, with or without the addition of 0.5% of calcium oxide (lime) on the chemical composition and fermentation losses of silages. A ...
Judging Center: Northeast. Award Number: 20173954. Award Date: November 18, 2017. Awarded As: Dendrobium pachyglossum. Thirty flowers and 21 buds on 51 usually paired, occasionally trebled, axial inflorescences on a clean 37 cm wide by 85 cm tall plant consisting of 32 mature canes, a single, hirsute immature cane, and one emerging cane, grown in aliflor and clipped into a 10.5 cm slotted clay pot; slender canes, 0.7 cm in diameter and ranging from 8 to 50 cm in length, bear many thick subulate leaves up to 10 cm in length; sepals and petals tan, darker tan longitudinal stripes; lip cream yellow apically; column cream; substance tissue thin; texture matte; despite thin texture it was noted that flowers are very long-lasting; recognized as a species infrequently seen in cultivation; native to Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Laos; confirmed by SITF. Plant , Overall length of growth/cane: up to 50 cm. Plant Leaf , number of leaves per growth or cane: 20 to 40. Plant , Leaf Length: 8 - 11 cm. Plant ...
Did you know that Dial® has added a new hand soap to their Boutique Collection? They currently have three scents available and now they have added Sugar Cane Husk Scrub. I love their Boutique Collection because they look pretty sitting on my bathroom sink with their new bottles and colors of the soap. The Sugar Cane Husk Scrub has gentle micro scrubbers to not only remove dirt from hands but also leave them feeling refreshed and smooth.. ...
Brazil should harvest 547 million tons of sugar cane by March 2008, the equivalent of a 15.2% increase over the previous crop, as announced by the president at the National Food Supply Company (Conab), Wagner Rossi. Based on the second field survey, conducted by Conab technicians in power plants and sector organizations, from the 06th to the 17th this month, he stated that 473 million tons (86.47% of the total) are going to be destined for sugar and alcohol production. The remainder will be used in the manufacturing of cachaça (typical Brazilian cane spirit), rapadura (solid brown sugar sold in the shape of a brick), animal feed, and seeds. According to Wagner Rossi, the technicians at the plants aim to maintain the same levels of sugar production, at around 30 million tons, or even to reduce it slightly, at around 0.6%, due to the low market price for the commodity, as costs have decreased by nearly 40% last year. He said that, on the other hand, alcohol production should increase from ...
Candy Cane Finishing Sugar is perfect for sprinkling on festive cookies, frosted cupcakes, and hot chocolate. Make Candy Cane Bark for holiday gift-giving by topping layers of dark and white chocolate with the finishing sugar. For post-worthy holiday cocktails, use the sugar to rim your beverage glasses.
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icumsa 45 , cane sugar, sugar, brasil, commodity, icumsa, brazil, brasil, brazilian, port, Commodity‎: ‎WHITE REFINED CANE SUGAR I... Payment‎: ‎LC or MT 103 /
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Dumb cane, (genus Dieffenbachia), any of about 30 species of herbaceous plants valued as indoor foliage for their ability to tolerate low light intensities. The name mother-in-laws tongue, sometimes used for these plants, is also applied to Sansevieria species. Dumb cane (especially D. seguine)
The aftermath of a death scene in Cane Valley could require crime scene cleanup Cane Valley Kentucky for cleaning call 1-888-629-1222 for any suicide or murder cleanup.
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Certain conditions may put limitations on your movement with aging. Walking, moving or simply standing up may seem an arduous task. A wide range of mobility aids is available now to put an end to this. A standard walking stick with a T-shaped handle or L-shaped Fritz handle is the perfect companion for you during regular morning or evening walks. The Vissco and Tynor walking canes are elegant in aesthetic appeal and sturdy in support with firm rubber base. For extra support, especially for those with weak footing due to Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Parkinsons, Ataxia etc., a quadripod or tripod walking stick is the best choice. If you easily run out of breath while walking, due to asthma or chronic fatigue, you may opt for walking stick with seat which allows the provision of a seat anywhere. During post stroke or post surgical recovery, walkers are a better choice over walking sticks as they provide additional four points of support and reduces the chances of falling. Hemiplegic walker and ...
Dogs And Assistive Walking Devices Pets are great to have and mostly they help people who are old or physically disabled in many ways.
If you are searching for a little something sweet that is also good for your system, check out panela. It is the primary unrefined merchandise of sugar cane, in the similar variety initially manufactured generations in the past. This prosperous, brown sweetener with a caramel taste has a long cultural heritage in Central and South The us as a heath-giving foods. In India, where by it is termed jaggery, it is also considered a wellbeing foods, and was even recommended by Gandhi as a standard option to industrialized white sugar.. Extensive right before industrialization, sugar cane was cultivated and its juice extracted by hand as a medicine. The sugar cane is extremely difficult and difficult. That the effort was manufactured to extract the juice with out the modern equipment made use of now signifies its worth to standard peoples.. To attain panela, natural and organic sugar canes are cautiously washed, gently squeezed, and evaporated in the open up air on tiny farms in Central and South The ...
Many people with serious visual impairments can travel independently, using a wide range of tools and techniques. Orientation and mobility specialists are professionals who are specifically trained to teach people with visual impairments how to travel safely, confidently, and independently in the home and the community. These professionals can also help blind people to practice travelling on specific routes which they may use often, such as the route from ones house to a convenience store. Becoming familiar with an environment or route can make it much easier for a blind person to navigate successfully. Tools such as the white cane with a red tip - the international symbol of blindness - may also be used to improve mobility. A long cane is used to extend the users range of touch sensation. It is usually swung in a low sweeping motion, across the intended path of travel, to detect obstacles. However, techniques for cane travel can vary depending on the user and/or the situation. Some visually ...
Carl Simmons regularly used to run 5K races. Now the 76-year-old stroke survivor just wants to be able to keep up with his wife on a walk. Through help from Seattle-based Cadence Biomedicals walking device, Simmons is hopeful.
Many people with serious visual impairments can travel independently, using a wide range of tools and techniques. Orientation and mobility specialists are professionals who are specifically trained to teach people with visual impairments how to travel safely, confidently, and independently in the home and the community. These professionals can also help blind people to practice travelling on specific routes which they may use often, such as the route from ones house to a convenience store. Becoming familiar with an environment or route can make it much easier for a blind person to navigate successfully. Tools such as the white cane with a red tip - the international symbol of blindness - may also be used to improve mobility. A long cane is used to extend the users range of touch sensation. It is usually swung in a low sweeping motion, across the intended path of travel, to detect obstacles. However, techniques for cane travel can vary depending on the user and/or the situation. Some visually ...
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Thomsons discussion of specific disability supports focuses mainly on those in Ontario, Canada, where Nicholas spent most of his life and now lives. However, her loving description of the life that Nicholas lives now, made possible largely in part by applying her general philosophies regarding support for people with disabilities in general, paint a picture of possibility and empowerment for both Nicholas and his family that needs to be recreated everywhere. Nicholas, who uses machines to breathe, eat and talk, chooses to spend most of his time in bed. After years of participating in adaptive sports and extracurricular activities at his schools and enjoying face-to-face contact with students his own age and his teachers, he now prefers the virtual worlds of his computer, his eBay business, online courses and the company of family and support workers. He can access all of these from his room and his bed, the physical space where he can remain most consistently free from the intense physical pain ...
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More than 6 million Americans, including many with neuromuscular diseases, use mobility devices such as walkers, canes and crutches to assist them with getting around. The type of device people should use depends on how much assistance they require with weight support and balance. Deciding on the right device calls for expert consultation and some product comparisons.
Cane molasses is an ingredient used in baking and cooking.[6] It was popular in the Americas prior to the 20th century, when it ... First syrup is usually referred to in the Southern states of the United States as cane syrup, as opposed to molasses. Second ... To make molasses, sugar cane is harvested and stripped of leaves. Its juice is extracted, usually by cutting, crushing, or ...
Cane vinegars from Ilocos are made in two different ways. One way is to simply place sugar cane juice in large jars; it becomes ... Cane[edit]. Vinegar made from sugarcane juice is most popular in the Philippines, in particular in the northern Ilocos Region ( ... The cane juice is converted to vinegar having a blackish color. The sirka is used to preserve pickles and for flavoring curries ... It is now common for other types of vinegar (made from wine, rice and apple cider) to be sold mixed with cane vinegar to lower ...
Cane versus beet[edit]. It is difficult to distinguish between fully refined sugar produced from beet and cane. One way is by ... Sugar cane tolerates hot climates better, but the production of sugar cane needs approximately four times as much water as the ... Sugar mills are located where sugar cane is grown to crush the cane and produce raw sugar which is shipped around the world for ... Sugar cane plantations (upper image) employed slave or indentured laborers. The picture shows workers harvesting cane, loading ...
Caning[edit]. Describing the caning day, Fay told Reuters he did not know the time had come for punishment when he was taken ... "Singapore canes" match with The Sandman (wrestler) and Tommy Dreamer, with the loser to receive ten strikes from a cane.[37] ... "Singapore Carries Out Caning of U.S. Teenager" Archived April 24, 2017, at the Wayback Machine, Philip Shenon, The New York ... Boy Caned in Singapore Makes News Again Archived June 24, 2016, at the Wayback Machine," Christian Science Monitor, Boston, ...
Canes? Silly Monkeys! - Life and Style". The Independent. Retrieved 29 July 2014. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) ""The ...
perros/canes. canes. dogs. ladróns [laˈðɾoŋs]. ladrós [laˈðɾɔs]. ladrois [laˈðɾojs]. ladrões. ladrões. ladrones. latrones. ...
We're going to get to work:' Former Miami QB Mark Richt takes over the 'Canes". Retrieved September 3, 2016. "Miami's Richt ... "What does Mark Richt say when he speaks to young football players? , Canes Watch". Retrieved September 2, 2016. "Miami ... "Mark Richt's wife will be highly involved with Miami Hurricanes , Canes Watch". Retrieved September 2, 2016. "GameDay looks at ... "Miami Hurricanes football set to reveal indoor practice facility details , Canes Watch". Retrieved September 20, 2016. "Mark ...
LeBlanc, Brian (19 December 2018). "Carolina Hurricanes to honor Hartford Whalers heritage with Whalers Night". Canes Country. ...
"Once bright Miami baseball season ends due to Coronavirus pandemic". Canes Warning. 2020-03-12. Retrieved 2020-06-13. Career ...
Ridpath, Ian (1989). "Canes Venatici". Star Tales. James Clarke & Co. ISBN 0-7188-2695-7. Archived from the original on 2020-10 ...
"A deep dive into Miami's future scheduling: Beyond 2019, what's the future of the Florida Gators series? - Canes Watch".. ... ", "UM", "'Canes") represented the University of Miami during the 2019 NCAA Division I FBS football season. The Hurricanes were ...
Canes net Wellington standout receiver Ahmmon Richards". "Ahmmon Richards breaks Michael Irvin's Miami ... Hurricanes freshman receiving record - Canes Watch". UM freshman Ahmmon Richards breaks Michael Irvin's 31-year-old receiving ... record "We didn't catch that: Miami Hurricanes' Ahmmon Richards says freshman year just 'OK'? - Canes Watch". https://www. ...
Degnan, Susan (April 2, 2020). "He's 'tied to Miami forever,' but Canes RB DeeJay Dallas dreams of NFL Draft phone call". Miami ... "Miami football loses DeeJay Dallas for season, Cam Harris to first team". Canes Warning. November 27, 2019. Retrieved March 18 ... "Miami Hurricanes RB DeeJay Dallas ready for bigger role in 2018". Canes Warning. March 28, 2018. Retrieved March 18, 2020. " ... "Making sense of the 2019 Miami football team awards". Canes Warning. December 16, 2019. Retrieved March 18, 2020. "DeeJay ...
"Canes' patriotic sack leader got snubbed by the NFL combine. He now awaits the draft". Miami Herald. April 24, 2018. Retrieved ... Canes Watch. The Palm Beach Post. Retrieved September 22, 2019. McKenna, Henry (September 2, 2018). "Here's a look at Patriots ...
"Canes PR". Biographical information and career statistics from, or, or Eurohockey. ...
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Porter, Matt (October 5, 2015). "Recruiting: UM commit Shaquille Quarterman destroyed a quarterback". Canes Watch. The Palm ...
"Canes sign Ron Hainsey to three-year deal". Canes Country. June 24, 2014. "Penguins Acquire Defenseman Ron Hainsey". ...
canes duo. 68. Mulier et medicus - The Old Woman and the Doctor 69. Asinus dominos mutans - The Ass and his Masters 70. cerva ... herus et canes. 87. agnus et lupus 88. Asinus et vulpes - The Ass in the Lion's Skin 89. asinus corvus et lupus. 90. Mercurius ... canes duo et coquus. 81. Simius et vulpes - noticed under The Boy and the Filberts 82. Vulpes, asinus et leo 83. Formica - ...
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"Recap: Martinook's First NHL Hat Trick Lifts Hurricanes to 4-1 Win Over Panthers". Canes Country. Retrieved November 25, 2018. ...
"Little freshman Phillip Dorsett having big impact for Miami Hurricanes , Canes Watch". ...
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"Canes Recall Roy, Reassign Bishop to AHL". October 23, 2018. Retrieved October 23, 2018. "Canes Recall Bishop and ... "Canes Assign Three Players to AHL". December 16, 2018. Retrieved December 20, 2018. "Ottawa Senators acquire forward ... Smith, Michael (December 8, 2018). "Recap: Canes Cap Road Trip with Win in Anaheim". Retrieved December 8, 2018. " ... "Hurricanes Choose F Clark Bishop With 127th Overall Pick". Canes Country. 2014-06-28. Retrieved 2016-04-04. "Player Profile - ...
Vincent Canes (1608-1672) or (John Baptist Canes and John Vincent Cane) was an English Franciscan controversialist, born on the ... Caness ability as a controversialist was strengthened by the absence of bitterness or animosity towards his opponents, while ... 1913). "Vincent Canes" . Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company. Joseph Gillow, Bibl. Dict. of Eng. Cath. ( ... Works by or about Vincent Canes in libraries (WorldCat catalog) Attribution This article incorporates text from a publication ...
Norton Canes straddles the UKs first and only Toll Motorway, the M6 Toll which has its northern Toll Plaza and Norton Canes ... There are two primary schools in Norton Canes: Jerome Primary School and Norton Canes Primary Academy. There is one high school ... James the Great Church in Norton Canes Norton Canes High School Norton Canes. ... Norton Canes was home to Europes first drive-through chemist. This is now closed as the chemist has moved into the local ...
Carswell has her students taste-test a variety of gourmet candy canes, write descriptive paragraphs about them, and then rename ... Each year, as the holidays approach, I purchase a box of gourmet candy canes for my class. I mix them up and gave one to ... After a brief taste test, the students wrote a paragraph describing the flavor and create a new name for the candy cane. For ... they finished eating their candy canes while they wrote, and I played holiday music in the background. ...
The Cane Corso is a large dog of molossoid type, and is closely related to the Neapolitan Mastiff. In name and form the Cane ... Home (in Italian). Società Amatori Cane Corso. Accessed July 2020. *^ FCI breeds nomenclature: Cane Corso Italiano (343). ... The Cane Corso (pronounced [ˈkaːne ˈkɔrso]) is an Italian breed of mastiff. It is used for personal protection, tracking, law ... a b Cane Corso Standard Archived 11 January 2009 at the Wayback Machine of Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana ...
... or a need to hold the cane in the dominant hand means some cane users choose to hold the cane on the same side as the affected ... Canes are generally held in the hand that is opposite to the side of the injury or weakness. It allows the cane to be used for ... The basic cane has four parts.[2] These parts vary depending on the design of the cane and the needs of the user. ... Modern canes may differ from the traditional fixed structure. For instance, a quad cane has a base attached to the shaft that ...
cane (third-person singular simple present canes, present participle caning, simple past and past participle caned) ... From Middle English cane, canne, from Old French cane ("sugar cane"), from Latin canna ("reed"), from Ancient Greek κάννα ( ... cane (countable and uncountable, plural canes) *A plant with simple stems, like bamboo or sugar cane, or the stem thereof. *( ... corporal punishment by beating with a cane): the cane, a caning, six of the best, whipping, cuts ...
Cane yearns to be Dallas with a salsa flavor, providing an early test of the Eye webs strategy to stretch beyond its crime- ... Cane. Well cast, with a sturdy central presence in Jimmy Smits as the adopted son handed the keys to the kingdom, Cane yearns ... Well cast, with a sturdy central presence in Jimmy Smits as the adopted son handed the keys to the kingdom, "Cane" yearns to be ... Unlike "Ugly Betty," which reinvented the telenovela as dramedy to attract Hispanics and still cross over, "Cane" tacitly ...
Dumb cane, (genus Dieffenbachia), any of about 30 species of herbaceous plants valued as indoor foliage for their ability to ... Dumb caneDumb cane (Dieffenbachia bowmannii).. Louise Wolff. Dieffenbachia includes about 30 species of erect tropical American ... Dumb cane, (genus Dieffenbachia), any of about 30 species of herbaceous plants valued as indoor foliage for their ability to ... Dumb cane (especially D. seguine) gets its name from the temporary speechlessness that occurs after chewing a piece of the stem ...
Other articles where Cane toad is discussed: Anura: Annotated classification: …Indo-Australian archipelago, Polynesia, and ... cane toadCane toad (Bufo marinus).. U.S. Geological Survey Archive-U.S. Geological Survey/ ... Cane toads have been responsible for a variety of ills, such as population declines in native prey species (bees and other ... alvarius) and the giant toad (B. marinus, also called the cane toad) affect animals as large as dogs, in some instances causing ...
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I understand that Praetorian Guard Cane Corso does not ship puppies but can assist in the arrangement of shipping and that new ...
... who was set to become the first woman to be caned in the southeast Asian country for drinking beer in public, had her sentence ... The caning would have been carried out within seven days of that, making her the first woman to be caned in Malaysia under ... She pleaded guilty, paid a fine, and wanted her caning to be carried out in public. * Islamic law dictates caning Muslims seen ... CNN) -- A Malaysian model, who was set to become the first woman to be caned in the southeast Asian country for drinking beer ...
The Self-Standing Cane Tip is a cane tip designed to replace standard quad cane tips with 3/4 and 7/8 inch cane shafts. Made of ... The Cane tip is designed for individuals who use a cane for walking support. Drive Cane tip fits all canes and crutches with 1- ... The Keen Adventure Mini Cane Tip is a replacement cane tip designed for use with quad canes and other canes. These tips pivot ... The Quad Cane Replacement Tips are cane tips designed for use with most quad canes. Sold in sets of four, these rubber tips are ...
If you think that your animal is ill or may have ingested a poisonous substance, contact your local veterinarian or our 24-hour emergency poison hotline directly at 1-888-426-4435.
... Dress up your holiday table with these crisp chocolate cutouts, drizzled with melted white chocolate, and ... Using a 4-inch candy-cane-shape cutter, cut dough. Place 1 inch apart on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake in preheated oven 7 to 9 ...
cane fruits. Title (Click to Sort) Fact Sheet Number. Tags Anthracnose of Raspberry and Blackberry PLPATH-FRU-27 anthracnose, ...
Estratti dei brani live Cane e Louisiana* dalla compilation LIVE 1991 del GRFC, contenente brani dell El Diablo Tour ... VIDEO! Litfiba - Cane (live Montreux 1991) - Duration: 4:25. Adriano WRC 71,000 views ... Estratti dei brani live Cane e Louisiana* dalla compilation LIVE 1991 del GRFC, contenente brani dell El Diablo Tour ...
Canes and Crutches Collection 3D Model available on Turbo Squid, the worlds leading provider of digital 3D models for ... Walking Cane. Polygons: 7 898. Vertices: 8 339. Textures Formats:. - (7 .png) 2048 x 2048. - (3 .psd) 2048 x 2048. Offset Cane ... 2. Walking Cane. 3. Offset Cane. If purchased individually: $67. Collection price: $39. You save: $28!!!. ... Cane Crutches walking offset stick crutch support medical rod staff orthopedic handle equipment assistance grip lacquered haft ...
Kirk Muller went through his share of bag skates as a player when coaches werent happy with their teams performance or effort level.
A cane can be used for support. It may be a good choice if you only need a little ... Canes with 4 prongs on the bottom Your surgeon or physical therapist will help you choose the type of cane that is best for you ... Stand with a firm grip on your cane.. *At the same time that you step forward with your weaker leg, swing the cane the same ... A cane can be used for support. It may be a good choice if you only need a little help with balance and stability, or if your ...
... candy-cane shaped wreath is crafted from fresh and fragrant noble fir evergreens and finished off with a festive red velvet bow ... Fresh-cut noble fir wreath shaped like a candy cane is beautifully finished with a red velvet bow ... candy-cane shaped wreath is crafted from fresh and fragrant noble fir evergreens and finished off with a festive red velvet bow ...
Also, the Cane Run ponds dam walls are quite low, and the pond doesnt hold nearly as much as the TVA plant.. So, the set-up ... The Cane Run ash pond has been ranked a "high hazard" because of potential damage that it could do to neighboring homes across ... At Cane Run, the pond contains bottom ash. Fly ash is the powdery leftovers from burning coal; bottom ash is the sandy, heavier ... In Fall 2010, LG&E said it may shut down the 57-year-old Cane Run power plant or convert it to natural gas in response to ...
Its fantastic with crushed candy canes (as shown), as well as crushed pistachios or toasted coconut. ... Spread the chocolate mixture evenly into the prepared pans and sprinkle with the candy canes, gently pressing them into top of ... Its fantastic with crushed candy canes (as shown), as well as crushed pistachios or toasted coconut. ...
Additional Common Names: Charming Dieffenbachia, Tropic Snow, Dumbcane, Exotica, Spotted Dumb Cane, Exotica Perfection, ...
Medline Industries, Inc. All rights reserved. Advancing the Health of Healthcare is a trademark and Medline is a registered trademark of Medline Industries, Inc ...
Bobs Candies have been delighting consumers since 1919 when a Georgian named Bob McCormack wanted to make candy canes for ... enjoy the refreshing peppermint delight of Bobs Candy Canes, brought to you by Brachs. Product of Mexico. ...
Cane sugar and corn syrup at going at it in court. Sugar doesnt want to be confused with syrup and they both want to hold onto ... Cane sugar v. corn syrup: Battle of the sweeteners. By Sarah Gardner. March 20, 2012 ...
... and photos of Finley Cane Loop, ranked No.1,870 on TripAdvisor among 1,874 attractions in Tennessee. ... Get quick answers from Finley Cane Loop staff and past visitors.. Note: your question will be posted publicly on the Questions ... Finley Cane Loop, Tennessee: See reviews, articles, ... Finley Cane Loop. #1,870 of 1,874 things to do in Tennessee. ...
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  • In contrast to crutches, canes are generally lighter, but, because they transfer the load through the user's unsupported wrist, are unable to offload equal loads from the legs. (
  • Drive Cane tip fits all canes and crutches with 1-in diameter. (
  • The Keen Adventure Crutch/Cane Tip is a replacement cane or crutch tip designed for use with Keen Navigator crutches and most standard canes and crutches. (
  • Canes and Crutches Collection is a versatile set of 3 high quality, photo real models that will enhance detail and realism to any of your rendering projects. (
  • Edelstein J. Canes, crutches, and walkers. (
  • Cane and crutches offer support when you're injured or have problems bearing weight on a limb due to weakness or after surgery. (
  • If you feel as though you need to put a lot of weight on the cane because your balance is not good or you have significant pain or weakness, talk to your doctor about trying crutches or a walker. (
  • cane toad Cane toad ( Bufo marinus ). (
  • alvarius ) and the giant toad ( B. marinus , also called the cane toad) affect animals as large as dogs, in some instances causing temporary paralysis or even death. (
  • Northern Territory News, usually famous for a daily diet of crocodile stories and close to Weekly World News for credibility, has unleashed a new horror on the world: the five-legged cane toad. (
  • They've inspired movies, and attempts to hold back the tide generally appeal to the more grisly entertainments, like cane toad golf . (
  • A new study has looked at how temperatures impact cane toad movement and has aided in the development of a model that indicates that their geographical spread is limited. (
  • There have been a few different predictions of where the cane toad might get to over the years. (
  • Our little cane toad here is at an air temperature of 23 point four degrees. (
  • Now the cane toad s not at that temperature though, and that s because it s got wet skin. (
  • and the white shows where it s too cold for a cane toad to survive. (
  • The cane toad - bane of Queensland, and many other sites where these durable critters have been introduced. (
  • or on rain-washed road- kills or some other partially-detoxified cane-toad flesh, developed a little resistance and taken it from there. (
  • There are some toxins for which it is possible to build up a resistance, and some for which it is not, and this is kind of fundamental to the cane-toad business. (
  • In the US, ten percent of adults older than 65 years use canes, and 4.6 percent use walkers. (
  • Walkers are more stable due to their increased area of ground contact, but are larger and less wieldy and, like canes, pass the full load through the user's wrists in most cases. (
  • The Gray Tips are walker and commode tips designed for replacement of the worn tips on commodes, canes, or walkers. (
  • SAN FRANCISCO, June 30 -- Canes and walkers used to prevent falls are themselves associated with more than 47,000 serious injuries each year among older adults, the CDC warned. (
  • Rather than being a cause of alarm, Dr. Stevens said the findings from their study of surveillance data of emergency department-treated injuries are a call for better training in use of canes and walkers and also better design of the mobility aids. (
  • Although falls associated with walkers and canes accounted for just 2.6% of all fall injuries treated at emergency departments in those 65 and older, these injuries tended to be somewhat more serious. (
  • More than twice as many older adults use canes as walkers, but walkers were by far more commonly associated with injuries. (
  • The reason for this is likely that those who use walkers represent a more vulnerable population that is weaker, frailer, and has more balance and mobility limitations than those who use canes, the researchers noted. (
  • Women had a higher rate of injury than men for both walkers and for canes (rate ratios 2.6 and 1.4, respectively), which, again, likely reflected a physically weaker group. (
  • The Cane Corso is also called Italian Mastiff, Italian Corso, Corso, and Cane Corso Italiano. (
  • The short-haired coat of the Cane Corso Italiano is rough, thick, and very dense. (
  • The Cane Corso Italiano is a devoted, loyal breed that is calm and quiet around the house. (
  • The Cane Corso Italiano typically lives for 10 to 11 years. (
  • The Cane Corso Italiano originated in Italy, and it is considered to be the original Cane Corso breed. (
  • The Cane Corso Italiano has a number of natural talents, and they have been heavily utilized as property and cattle guards. (
  • The dense, short-haired coat of the Cane Corso Italiano is easy to groom and care for. (
  • The Cane Corso Italiano is content to live in a small household or apartment if he is sufficiently exercised. (
  • A plant with simple stems , like bamboo or sugar cane , or the stem thereof. (
  • Its graceful cane halftester rose high towards the cornice and was so festooned in carved white wood that the effect was positively insecure, as if the great couch were trimmed with icing sugar. (
  • Cane sugar and corn syrup at going at it in court. (
  • Australia for Cane Sugar Duty. (
  • The House of Representatives today adopted a bill, calling for a new duty on cane sugar of 186 shillings and 8 pence a ton. (
  • SAO PAULO, March 4 (Reuters) - Sugar cane genetically modified for greater ethanol and sugar production could be developed in three to five years but strict Brazil biotechnology regulation could keep it off the market for as much as seven years, companies said on Tuesday. (
  • Ethanol derived from sugar cane has helped Brazil reduce its dependence on gasoline as a motor fuel. (
  • The Alellyx genetically modified sugar cane program is focused not only in developing cane with a higher sucrose yield, but also with increased biomass and resistant to herbicides and insects and to drought. (
  • Cane toads are already a serious pest in Australia: released into the wild in the 1930s to protect sugar cane against a beetle, they've become endemic in the tropics, out-competing indigenous amphibians and, because they're poisonous, killing any predator that's stupid enough to eat them. (
  • Seventy per cent of the world's sugar comes from sugar cane. (
  • Sugar cane is a perennial plant that grows well in full sunlight in dry soil. (
  • Sugar cane plants are plentiful in areas that get a lot of rain, like tropical areas. (
  • More specifically, this guidance is intended to advise the regulated industry of our view that the term "evaporated cane juice" is not the common or usual name of any type of sweetener and to assist manufacturers in appropriately labeling products that contain sweeteners derived from the fluid extract of sugar cane. (
  • Cane sugar and fructose are both simple carbohydrates that provide 4 calories per gram. (
  • Although cane sugar, or sucrose, differs slightly from fructose in terms of molecular structure, both are sugars that add calories without improving the nutritional composition of the food. (
  • Your body uses both cane sugar and fructose for immediate energy if needed, or stores them for later. (
  • An average sugar cane stalk yields around 0.3 lb. of sugar, according to the University of Florida. (
  • Cane sugar can be refined and marketed as white table sugar or refined and flavored with molasses as brown sugar. (
  • Cane sugar is also sold unrefined as raw cane sugar. (
  • Raw cane sugar contains natural nutrients that the refining process strips away. (
  • Both fructose and cane sugar are simple sugars. (
  • Cane sugar is sucrose, a double sugar or disaccharide, which consists of two sugar molecules, glucose and fructose. (
  • High-fructose corn syrup, on the other hand, has a similar composition to cane sugar in that it contains both glucose and fructose. (
  • Added sugars include fructose, cane sugar or other sugars such as molasses, honey, maple syrup and corn syrup solids. (
  • Candy Cane Finishing Sugar is perfect for sprinkling on festive cookies, frosted cupcakes, and hot chocolate. (
  • Make Candy Cane Bark for holiday gift-giving by topping layers of dark and white chocolate with the finishing sugar. (
  • Sprinkle the top with the candy cane/sugar mixture. (
  • The 1/2 Inch Replacement Cane Tip, model 58-550, is a cane tip designed to fit the Fashion Offset Quad Aluminum Cane, model 58-530, from Adepta Medical. (
  • The walking canes are made of black anodized aluminum and they have a classy brass handle. (
  • Rigid canes are made of fiberglass, folding canes made of aluminum. (
  • Standard (conventional) canes are made from wood or aluminum and have a variety of hand grip styles. (
  • With 4-section aluminum construction this cane is light weight and folds easily for storage when not in use. (
  • habitats, such as the venomous cane toads ( Bufo marinus ) introduced in Australia in the 1930s from Hawaii to reduce the effects of beetles on sugarcane plantations. (
  • Oz Territory terrorized by MUTANT CANE TOADS! (
  • Cane Toads. (
  • Dr Michael Kearney Cane toads are highly toxic creatures and native animals that are unaware of this try and eat them and die, and we re seeing a lot of animals disappearing as the cane toads spread across Australia. (
  • To work out just how far cane toads will spread, computer models have been developed. (
  • So Graham, here s a map of Australia and currently this is where the cane toads are. (
  • Let s race some cane toads. (
  • And you can see that a large part of central Australia has been eaten away and that s because the ponds aren t around for a sufficient amount of time, or at all, for the cane toads to breed. (
  • The fact that the new models predicts that these guys are not going to get as far south as we previously thought is great news of course, but the reality is cane toads are still a big problem in the north and the real issue is how are we going to control numbers there. (
  • When these baby quolls let go of the nipple and begin looking for meat, they are initially provided a diet of straight cane toads - initially washed of most toxin, but gradually stronger and stronger until these quolls can feast on full grown toxic toads and laugh about it. (
  • It turns out that quolls think they should be able to eat cane toads, and when the toads show up, the quolls die off. (
  • The following excerpts from the Handbook for Itinerant and Resource Teachers of Blind and Visually Impaired Students by Doris M. Willoughby and Sharon L. M. Duffy provide an excellent outline of goals and expectations for the young cane student. (
  • Members of the Lions Club of Clarendon recently donated much-needed canes to visually impaired Collin Dale, Joseph Lewis and Cephus Alexander. (
  • White Cane Safety Day celebrates blind and visually impaired people's achievements in the United States on October 15 every year. (
  • It also reminds people about the how the white cane is an important tool in helping the blind and the visually impaired live with greater independence. (
  • White Cane Safety Day also reminds people that motor vehicles and pedestrians should yield the right of way to blind or visually impaired people using canes. (
  • By 1978, the number of visually impaired people who achieved a lot of independence through the white cane had greatly increased. (
  • White canes are recognized for providing the visually impaired with greater mobility, allowing them to participate more within their communities. (
  • Blind and visually impaired people have used canes as mobility tools for centuries, but it was not until after World War I that the white cane was properly introduced. (
  • Throughout the world, the long white cane is used by people who are blind or visually impaired as a tool for safe and reliable navigation. (
  • Canes for the blind and visually impaired are one of the most important identification and mobility aids for people who are blind or have low vision. (
  • Finding the right ID or mobility cane helps someone who is blind or visually impaired gain increased independence and freedom, and this is precisely why we offer such a varied selection of canes, cane accessories and cane tips for the blind and visually impaired from leading brands like Ambutech, Reizen and Europa right here in the Maxi-Aids store. (
  • An assistive cane is a walking stick used as a crutch or mobility aid . (
  • The ErgoCap Ultralite Universal Cane and Crutch Tip are designed for use by individuals with balance, lower extremity, or walking disabilities. (
  • The ErgoCap X-Treme Terrain Crutch or Cane Tip is designed for use by individuals with balance, lower extremity, or walking disabilities. (
  • Each year, as the holidays approach, I purchase a box of gourmet candy canes for my class. (
  • These gourmet candy canes combine three of our best-selling fruit flavors - Tutti-Fruitti, Blueberry and Watermelon - for a fresh, exciting treat that reminds you of your favorite beans! (
  • a regular or offset cane with additional forearm support, enabling increased stability and load shifted from the wrist to the forearm. (
  • We're always happy to see a big peppermint candy cane at first. (
  • Peppermint candy canes - as good as they are, they lose their flair pretty quickly. (
  • This alcohol-smuggling walking cane with hidden flask can support up to 250 pounds, and the user would never put their entire weight on the cane. (
  • In walking, the person may rest his or her weight on the cane and the injured leg while moving the unaffected leg forward. (
  • For the type of corporal punishment, see Caning . (
  • uncountable ) Corporal punishment by beating with a cane. (
  • The white cane is a symbol of the user's skills and talents, mobility and independence. (
  • Sufficient training with an Orientation and Mobility specialist can aid in successful cane use, technique and safety. (
  • Invite a representative from a local school for the blind or a low vision clinic to speak about white cane, orientation and mobility and white cane laws in your community. (
  • Since Cane Corso can weigh far more than 50 pounds at maturity, choose a large or giant breed formula to support their joint health and mobility and maintain their ideal body condition. (
  • After finishing mobility training from the Bureau of Blindness, she thinks her problems are solved, but when Amy tackles the streets with her white cane, the real fun begins. (
  • Sicilian Branchiero, Italian Mastiff, Cane di Macellaio) The Cane Corso Itliano is a comparatively large breed with a powerful and graceful presence. (
  • In September 2011, LG&E said in filings with the Kentucky Public Service Commission that it plans to replace its Cane Run coal plant with a 640 MW natural gas-fired plant by 2016, to be built at the same site. (
  • Well cast, with a sturdy central presence in Jimmy Smits as the adopted son handed the keys to the kingdom, 'Cane' yearns to be 'Dallas' with a salsa flavor, providing an early test of the Eye web's strategy to stretch beyond its crime-and-punishment profile. (
  • The Cane Corso is sturdy, athletic, and large-boned, yet balanced with rectangular proportions. (
  • Though the breed is large and sturdy, children should never be allowed to climb or ride on a Cane Corso or any other breed as it may injure the dog or instigate a bite . (
  • Made of stainless steel, shaped like a candy cane, and painted with white and red stripes, this tea infuser is the ideal way to make tea during Christmastime. (
  • The collar of a cane may be only a decorative addition made for stylistic reasons, or may form the structural interface between shaft and handle. (
  • a cane made of blackthorn wood, originating in Ireland and still a recognized symbol thereof. (
  • A lance or dart made of cane. (
  • Norton Canes borders Chasewater - a collection of man-made lakes formed through old mining pits and a reservoir that feeds the canal system of West Midlands. (
  • The clever design makes these walking canes appear to be ordinary on the outside, but the handle of the walking canes quickly unscrews to release five 2 ounce hidden flasks made from special hardened glass with airtight caps. (
  • What makes Prajwal's life easy and normal is the new prosthesis made of cane - yes, the same material used in furniture. (
  • Bamboo doesn't require much sunlight and grows best in weather that ranges from 18.3 to 21.1 degrees C. The dried canes are often made into furniture, fences and decorations. (
  • What made you want to look up cane killer ? (
  • HySCHOOL Show Cane is made of high quality leather with silver caps. (
  • Peppermint, anise and blueberry candy canes made by Eileen Moss' family in Fruit Heights. (
  • My grandfather's grandfather made candy canes in England in the 1800s and the technique has been passed down through my family with only a few minor changes," said Freeman. (
  • Decorate your Christmas tree with beaded candy cane ornaments made by your child. (
  • Crowned heads and aristocrats sported highly elaborate canes made from precious metals and encrusted with gems, many of them outlandishly oversized in displays of one-upmanship. (
  • Rated 1 out of 5 by Kitchen Queen from Candy Cane Parfaits This recipe in one word was DISAPPOINTING! (
  • [4] A breed society , the Società Amatori Cane Corso, was formed in 1983. (
  • James Adams (1908 in Norton Canes - 1983) a footballer who played 103 games for West Bromwich Albion Paul Dadge (born 1976), pictured iconically during 7 July 2005 London bombings assisting a casualty. (
  • Dumb cane , (genus Dieffenbachia ), any of about 30 species of herbaceous plants valued as indoor foliage for their ability to tolerate low light intensities. (
  • Dumb cane (especially D. seguine ) gets its name from the temporary speechlessness that occurs after chewing a piece of the stem. (
  • Dumb cane is reported to have been given to slaves as a form of punishment. (
  • Dumb cane Dumb cane ( Dieffenbachia bowmannii ). (
  • For instance, a quad cane has a base attached to the shaft that provides increased stability by having four ferrules, and an adjustable cane may have two shaft segments telescoping one inside the other to allow adjustment for multiple sizes. (
  • The Cane Tips are designed to replace the existing tips on straight, offset, and quad canes. (
  • The Keen Adventure Mini Cane Tip is a replacement cane tip designed for use with quad canes and other canes. (
  • C, quadripod (quad) cane. (
  • Other styles include tripod canes, quadruped (quad) canes, and walk ("hemi") canes. (
  • The Black Tips are cane tips designed for replacement of the worn tips on wooden canes. (
  • Each set of rollers compress the cut cane down to smaller dimensions to extract the juice. (
  • Bobs Candies have been delighting consumers since 1919 when a Georgian named Bob McCormack wanted to make candy canes for friends and family. (
  • Your friends and family will love this delicious cheesecake swirled with melted HERSHEY'S KISSES Candy Cane Mint Candies in a homemade cookie-crumb crust. (
  • There will be fringe down the length of the cane, past the sewn edge. (
  • The eggs hatch and the larvae bore and eat their way into the center of the plant down the length of the cane. (
  • Whether you decorate or share with family and friends this holiday season, enjoy the refreshing peppermint delight of Bobs Candy Canes, brought to you by Brach's. (
  • Artists decorate canes with a wide variety of images, from traditional carvings of snakes and birds, to nude women, political figures, and celebrities. (
  • About half of Brazil's almost 500 million tonne cane crop is turned into ethanol. (
  • We've been keeping tabs on the new Candy Cane crop in FarmVille over the past few weeks , and are happy to report that the crop is now available to grow in the game! (
  • The Candy Cane crop can be mastered (you will earn a mastery sign if you do so to three stars - the first star is earned at 500 harvests), and they will never wither, regardless of how long you leave them unattended. (
  • Skip irrigation is one known strategy for crop growth with compromise on cane yield, however, alternate skip irrigation is relatively better and modern strategy for saving water without compromising on cane yield. (
  • Each box contains 12 individually wrapped candy cane flavors: Tutti-Fruitti, Blueberry and Watermelon. (
  • You can even crush up these Tutti-Fruitti, Watermelon and Blueberry candy canes as toppers for your out-of-the-box Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses or gift baskets. (
  • Using a 4-inch candy-cane-shape cutter, cut dough. (
  • Ask the artist to bend the pipe cleaner to form a candy cane shape. (
  • The plural form of 'Cane Corso' is 'Cani Corsi,' often incorrectly written as 'Cane Corsi. (
  • Golden cane palm, also known as areca palm, is generally found in tropical environments. (
  • Dictionary , Merriam-Webster, (
  • Many cane plants can grow from cutting stems from older plants and then planting those in the ground. (
  • Organizations, such as Lions Clubs International and the National Federation of the Blind, organize promotional activities involving the public as part of a goal to help to increase awareness of the use of the white cane and the laws that govern its use. (
  • International White Cane Safety Day (October 15th) gives Lions an opportunity to increase awareness of the white cane traffic safety laws. (
  • Mobilize your club to partner with local blindness experts, schools and organizations for the blind to plan your International White Cane Safety Day awareness activity. (
  • Be sure to report your white cane awareness project or event using the Service Activity Report in MyLCI . (
  • Yet the ideas brought forth by CANE are not only increasing our awareness of such alternative fuels, they are in fact more real than we imagined. (
  • Get news on Sleeping With Sirens first 2018 tour, Cane Hill's next album, a new Iced Earth video and more in Wire-to-Wire. (
  • Scientists are field-testing GMO cane varieties with higher sucrose yields than conventional ones, said Brazilian leading biotech companies Alellyx Applied Genomics and Sugarcane Technology Center (CTC). (
  • In the UK, red banding on a white cane indicates a deaf-blind user. (
  • Still, a dozen men with rifles, and cartridges to match, stayed behind when they filed through a white aldea lying silent amid the cane , and the Sin Verguenza swung into slightly quicker stride. (
  • Is White Cane Safety Day a Public Holiday? (
  • The United States president may issue each year a proclamation calling on people in the United States to observe White Cane Safety Day with appropriate ceremonies and activities. (
  • Although White Cane Safety Day is a national observance in the United States, it is not a federal public holiday. (
  • Many have also used a white cane to help them succeed at educational institutions, work environments, and their homes. (
  • The first of the state laws regarding the right of blind people to travel independently with the white cane was passed in 1930. (
  • It granted blind pedestrians protection and the right-of-way while carrying a white cane. (
  • In 1963, the National Federation of the Blind called upon the governors from every state to proclaim October 15 of each year as White Cane Safety Day. (
  • The United States Congress, by joint resolution approved on October 6, 1964, designated October 15 of each year as White Cane Safety Day. (
  • Promotions on the benefits of the white cane proved to be successful and they are still continuing. (
  • The white cane can be perceived by many as a symbol of blindness or visual impairment. (
  • The white cane was initially developed and put into use as a measure of safety, especially in traffic situations. (
  • Several countries have traffic laws designed to protect the person using the white cane. (
  • The " VisionAware " section of the American Foundation for the Blind's website illustrates several types of white canes that are internationally recognized. (
  • Sometimes the white cane has a red band or strip for the purpose of contrast. (
  • According to the World Blind Union , which is a global organization representing the 285 million blind or partially sighted people worldwide, "White Cane Day is observed worldwide to recognize the movement of blind people from dependency to full participation in society. (
  • Arrange for a person who is blind to demonstrate the use of the white cane and its benefits, and share his or her accomplishments and aspirations with the community or your club. (
  • Work with your local government officials to create a White Cane Safety Day Proclamation for your event. (
  • Work with local news media to convey your community's white cane laws to the public. (
  • Free White Cane (in the USA) - the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) offers a long white cane to people in the USA who are blind. (
  • This old fashioned candy cane will sport a Jewish makeover, where it is decked out in their new outfit of blue and white. (
  • Ettinger said the cane - whose amber bakelite and battery-run crown was used by White in Lifeboat 8 - still lights up, 107 years after the Titanic sank on its maiden voyage to New York. (
  • Although Christmas is past, there's nothing that says you can't make red-and-white candy canes for Valentine's Day. (
  • However, being a person with a visual impairment, I can appreciate the powerful messages it offers: don't be afraid to admit you don't see very well, and don't be ashamed to use a white cane and other adaptive tools that can help you. (
  • Explain to interested patients that training in the proper use of a cane or walker may help prevent falls. (
  • For example, patients may need more time or multiple sessions with a physical therapist or occupational therapist along with proper fitting for a cane or walker, she said. (
  • These hospitals treated injuries related to 3,932 nonfatal, unintentional falls in people 65 and older over a five-year period for which records indicated that a cane or a walker was involved. (
  • Suppose, for example, that a beginner is still learning how to hold the cane and keep the tip down. (
  • If you are using a cane because one leg is weak or painful, hold the cane on the opposite side from the weak or painful leg. (
  • For example, if your right hip is sore, hold the cane in your left hand. (
  • If you are right-handed, you'll probably want to hold the cane in your left hand to leave your right hand free for other things. (
  • Hold the cane close to your body so you can push straight down on it. (
  • It's a fabled object, and Titanic enthusiasts have certainly heard of it," said Arlan Ettinger, president of Guernsey's auction house, which is overseeing the peddling of the black enamel cane along with a trove of other maritime loot in Rhode Island later this month. (
  • Spread the chocolate mixture evenly into the prepared pans and sprinkle with the candy canes, gently pressing them into top of fudge. (
  • The cane was undoubtedly of foreign make, for it had a solid silver ferrule at one end, which was not English hall-marked. (
  • Make sure that the cane will stretch evenly down the entire length of the frame. (
  • Make sure to keep the cane taut as you go. (
  • As you turn onto the driveway, cross over the Cane River and enter the property, make a mental note of the local swimming hole on the left. (
  • Sitting on a cane chair at home, he pondered over the possibility of using cane to make prostheses. (
  • Make it a tropical holiday season with Jelly Belly candy canes! (
  • Make a batch of candy cane ornaments with your child this holiday season. (
  • The lawyer submitted that his client's medical condition might make him unsuitable for caning and asked for five and a half to six years' jail. (
  • Buy the Candy Cane Tea Infuser for $9.99 at (
  • Brazil's Sugarcane Technology Center (CTC) also sees regulatory aspects as the main barrier for GMO cane progress in Brazil rather than technical aspects. (
  • The most recent episode of CBS' new Tuesday-night drama, CANE, was themed by the plans for a Florida-based sugarcane ethanol refinery. (
  • The cane juice extractor includes a wagon that may be hitched to or towed alongside a harvesting machine or combine for application in-field. (
  • The upper deck includes an inlet side where harvested cane may be fed for juice extraction and an outlet side for disposing the pulp. (
  • and a controller/generator disposed on the lower deck to provide power and control operation of cane juice extractor. (
  • 2. The cane juice extractor according to claim 1, wherein the inlet side further comprises an inclined feed chute directing flow of the harvested cane to the feeder. (
  • 3. The cane juice extractor according to claim 1, wherein the feeder further comprises a plurality of feed prongs mounted on a rotatable shaft. (
  • Canes can help redistribute weight from a lower leg that is weak or painful, improve stability by increasing the base of support, and provide tactile information about the ground to improve balance. (
  • The tip of a cane provides traction and added support when the cane is used at an angle. (
  • The Cane tip is designed for individuals who use a cane for walking support. (
  • A cane can be used for support. (
  • The type of cane you use will depend on how much support you need. (
  • Use the cane for balance and support. (
  • As you are learning to use your cane, have someone close by to give you extra support if needed. (
  • The 'Kings & Queens' trek will also feature support from Cane Hill and Sumo Cyco. (
  • Canes provide support and balance so people can walk with a weakened or injured leg. (
  • 100% of the proceeds earned through the purchase of permits to grow the Candy Canes will go to support the UCSF Benoiff Children's Hospital. (
  • quadripod cane a cane adapted for increased stability by providing a four-legged rectangular base of support. (
  • In February, undo the bundle and tame and tie in the new canes on to wire frames for support. (