Sweet food products combining cane or beet sugars with other carbohydrates and chocolate, milk, eggs, and various flavorings. In the United States, candy refers to both sugar- and cocoa-based confections and is differentiated from sweetened baked goods; elsewhere the terms sugar confectionary, chocolate confectionary, and flour confectionary (meaning goods such as cakes and pastries) are used.
The susceptibility of the DENTAL ENAMEL to dissolution.
The S-isomer of FENFLURAMINE. It is a serotonin agonist and is used as an anorectic. Unlike fenfluramine, it does not possess any catecholamine agonist activity.
Natural or synthetic dyes used as coloring agents in processed foods.
Progressive loss of the hard substance of a tooth by chemical processes that do not involve bacterial action. (Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992, p296)
Beliefs and practices concerned with producing desired results through supernatural forces or agents as with the manipulation of fetishes or rituals.
A solution used for irrigating the mouth in xerostomia and as a substitute for saliva.
A species of baboon in the family CERCOPITHECIDAE found in southern equatorial and east Africa. They are smaller than PAPIO ANUBIS and have a thinner mane.
"Salivary gland diseases refer to a group of medical conditions that affect the function, structure, or health of the salivary glands, leading to symptoms such as dry mouth, swelling, pain, and abnormal secretions."
Sucrose present in the diet. It is added to food and drinks as a sweetener.
Mechanical food dispensing machines.
The selection of one food over another.
The discharge of saliva from the SALIVARY GLANDS that keeps the mouth tissues moist and aids in digestion.

Small taxes on soft drinks and snack foods to promote health. (1/99)

Health officials often wish to sponsor nutrition and other health promotion programs but are hampered by lack of funding. One source of funding is suggested by the fact that 18 states and 1 major city levy special taxes on soft drinks, candy, chewing gum, or snack foods. The tax rates may be too small to affect sales, but in some jurisdictions, the revenues generated are substantial. Nationally, about $1 billion is raised annually from these taxes. The authors propose that state and local governments levy taxes on foods of low nutritional value and use the revenues to fund health promotion programs.  (+info)

Turkish pepper (extra hot). (2/99)

A 38 year old female office worker was admitted with a newly discovered blood pressure of 250/110 mm Hg. Evaluation for secondary forms of hypertension was negative and treatment was begun. Sodium excretion was markedly reduced, plasma aldosterone was normal, and plasma renin activity was low. Therefore, presence of an aldosterone-like activity was suspected. Eventually, the patient confessed to abusing "Turkish Pepper", a brand of Scandinavian liquorice candies and "Fisherman's Friend", another brand of liquorice candies, concurrently. After eliminating liquorice from her diet, the hypertension disappeared thus allowing her antihypertensive treatment to be stopped.  (+info)

Survival of Salmonella east bourne and Salmonella typhimurium in chocolate. (3/99)

Experiments were carried out to assess the reduction rate of two salmonella strains (S. eastbourne and S. typhimurium) in chocolate bars. After artificial contamination of chocolate, after 'conching', with about 10(6) S. eastbourne/g. this organism was still recovered after 9 months storage. The strain of S. typhimurium was less resistant. Both serotypes died off more rapidly in bitter chocolate than in milk chocolate. After contamination with a smaller dose (about 10(3)/g.) with these two serotypes, similar differences were observed.  (+info)

Lead-contaminated imported tamarind candy and children's blood lead levels. (4/99)

In 1999, an investigation implicated tamarind candy as the potential source of lead exposure for a child with a significantly elevated blood lead level (BLL). The Oklahoma City-County Health Department tested two types of tamarind suckers and their packaging for lead content. More than 50% of the tested suckers exceeded the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Level of Concern for lead in this type of product. The authors calculated that a child consuming one-quarter to one-half of either of the two types of suckers in a day would exceed the maximum FDA Provis onal Tolerable Intake for lead. High lead concentrations in the two types of wrappers suggested leaching as a potential source of contamination. The authors used the Environmental Protection Agency's Integrated Exposure Uptake Biokinetic (IEUBK) model to predict the effects of consumption of contaminated tamarind suckers on populat on BLLs. The IEUBK model predicted that consumption of either type of sucker at a rate of one per day would result in dramatic increases in mean BLLs for children ages 6-84 months in Oklahoma and in the percentage of children wth elevated BLLs (> or =10 micrograms per deciliter [microg/dL]). The authors conclude that consumption of these products represents a potential public health threat. In addition, a history of lead contamination in imported tamarind products suggests that import control measures may not be completely effective in preventing additional lead exposure.  (+info)

Effect of iron-fortified candies on the iron status of children aged 4-6 y in East Jakarta, Indonesia. (5/99)

BACKGROUND: Iron deficiency anemia is the most prevalent nutrition problem in young children. One possible strategy to prevent iron deficiency anemia in this population group is the fortification of affordable food. OBJECTIVE: This study was designed to assess whether iron-fortified candies can improve iron status and are acceptable to children aged 4-6 y. DESIGN: A double-blind, placebo-controlled intervention study was conducted in Jakarta, INDONESIA: The children were randomly assigned to 1 of 2 treatment groups: a fortified group (n = 57) and a placebo group (n = 60). Every week for 12 wk, 30 g (10 pieces) candy was given to the children. The candy given to the fortified group contained 1 mg elemental Fe/g and very small amounts of other vitamins and minerals. RESULTS: The hemoglobin concentration of the fortified group increased by 10.2 g/L (95% CI: 8.3, 12 g/L) whereas that of the placebo group increased by 4.0 g/L (2.0, 6.0 g/L; P < 0.001). Anemia prevalence decreased from 50.9% at the start of the intervention to 8.8% after 12 wk of intervention in the fortified group (P < 0.001) and from 43.3% to 26.7% in the placebo group (P < 0.05). After 12 wk of intervention, the serum ferritin concentration was 71% higher than at baseline in the fortified group and 28% higher in the placebo group (P < 0.001). Acceptability of the iron-fortified candies was good. The per capita cost of the supplement was approximately US$0.96-1.20 for the 12 wk of intervention. CONCLUSION: Iron-fortified candies were effective for improving the iron status of young children and might be an affordable way to combat iron deficiency in children of low-to-middle income groups.  (+info)

Effects of cocoa powder and dark chocolate on LDL oxidative susceptibility and prostaglandin concentrations in humans. (6/99)

BACKGROUND: Flavonoids are polyphenolic compounds of plant origin with antioxidant effects. Flavonoids inhibit LDL oxidation and reduce thrombotic tendency in vitro. Little is known about how cocoa powder and dark chocolate, rich sources of polyphenols, affect these cardiovascular disease risk factors. OBJECTIVE: We evaluated the effects of a diet high in cocoa powder and dark chocolate (CP-DC diet) on LDL oxidative susceptibility, serum total antioxidant capacity, and urinary prostaglandin concentrations. DESIGN: We conducted a randomized, 2-period, crossover study in 23 healthy subjects fed 2 diets: an average American diet (AAD) controlled for fiber, caffeine, and theobromine and an AAD supplemented with 22 g cocoa powder and 16 g dark chocolate (CP-DC diet), providing approximately 466 mg procyanidins/d. RESULTS: LDL oxidation lag time was approximately 8% greater (P = 0.01) after the CP-DC diet than after the AAD. Serum total antioxidant capacity measured by oxygen radical absorbance capacity was approximately 4% greater (P = 0.04) after the CP-DC diet than after the AAD and was positively correlated with LDL oxidation lag time (r = 0.32, P = 0.03). HDL cholesterol was 4% greater after the CP-DC diet (P = 0.02) than after the AAD; however, LDL-HDL ratios were not significantly different. Twenty-four-hour urinary excretion of thromboxane B(2) and 6-keto-prostaglandin F(1)(alpha) and the ratio of the 2 compounds were not significantly different between the 2 diets. CONCLUSION: Cocoa powder and dark chocolate may favorably affect cardiovascular disease risk status by modestly reducing LDL oxidation susceptibility, increasing serum total antioxidant capacity and HDL-cholesterol concentrations, and not adversely affecting prostaglandins.  (+info)

Dissolving foreign bodies in the trachea and bronchus. (7/99)

Two young children inhaled sweets which dissolved in the tracheobronchial secretions and caused severe respiratory obstruction. The viscid fluid produced as the sweet dissolved was not expectorated and bronchoscopy was necessary. The oedema of the mucosa caused by the presence of a hyperosmolar sugar solution took up to 48 hours to resolve; antibiotics and steroid cover were considered necessary. The similarity of presentation with acute tracheobronchitis and the lack of reports in the literature suggest that such cases may be misdiagnosed.  (+info)

Bone mineral density and dietary patterns in older adults: the Framingham Osteoporosis Study. (8/99)

BACKGROUND: Several nutrients are known to affect bone mineral density (BMD). However, these nutrients occur together in foods and dietary patterns, and the overall effects of dietary choices are not well understood. OBJECTIVE: We evaluated associations between dietary patterns and BMD in older adults. DESIGN: Of the original Framingham Heart Study subjects, 907 aged 69-93 y completed food-frequency questionnaires as part of an osteoporosis study. We defined dietary patterns by cluster analysis. BMD was measured at the proximal right femur (femoral neck, trochanter, Ward's area) with a dual-photon absorptiometer and at the 33% radial shaft with a single-photon absorptiometer. We regressed BMD measures onto the cluster variable, adjusting for potential confounders. RESULTS: Six dietary patterns were identified, with relatively greater proportions of intake from meat, dairy, and bread; meat and sweet baked products; sweet baked products; alcohol; candy; and fruit, vegetables, and cereal. After adjustment for multiple comparisons, men in the last group had significantly (P = 0.05) greater BMD than did 2-4 other groups at the hip sites and the candy group at the radius. Men in the candy group had significantly (P < 0.05) lower BMD than did those in the fruit, vegetables, and cereal group for 3 of the 4 sites. Women in the candy group had significantly (P < 0.01) lower BMD than did all but one other group at the radius. CONCLUSIONS: Dietary pattern is associated with BMD. High fruit and vegetable intake appears to be protective in men. High candy consumption was associated with low BMD in both men and women.  (+info)

I believe you are asking for a medical explanation or definition of "candy," which is not a term typically used in the medical field. However, I can provide some context regarding how it may be discussed in a medical setting.

Candy, also known as sweets or confectionery, generally refers to sugary snacks and treats. In a medical context, excessive consumption of candy can contribute to dental caries (cavities), obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other health issues related to poor nutrition and high sugar intake.

Healthcare professionals may advise patients, particularly children, to limit their candy consumption due to these potential health risks. Additionally, candies that contain ingredients like nuts or allergens can pose a risk for individuals with specific food allergies.

Dental enamel solubility refers to the degree to which the mineral crystals that make up dental enamel can be dissolved or eroded by acidic substances. Dental enamel is the hard, outermost layer of a tooth that helps protect it from damage. It is primarily made up of minerals, including hydroxyapatite, which can dissolve in an acidic environment.

When the pH in the mouth drops below 5.5, the oral environment becomes acidic and dental enamel begins to demineralize or lose its mineral content. This process is known as dental caries or tooth decay. Over time, if left untreated, dental caries can lead to cavities, tooth sensitivity, and even tooth loss.

Certain factors can increase the solubility of dental enamel, including a diet high in sugar and starch, poor oral hygiene, and the presence of certain bacteria in the mouth that produce acid as a byproduct of their metabolism. On the other hand, fluoride exposure can help to reduce dental enamel solubility by promoting remineralization and making the enamel more resistant to acid attack.

Dexfenfluramine is a medication that was previously used as an appetite suppressant for weight loss. It is a stereoisomer (enantiomer) of fenfluramine, which is another appetite suppressant. Dexfenfluramine works by increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain, which helps to reduce appetite and promote weight loss.

However, dexfenfluramine was withdrawn from the market in 1997 due to concerns about its safety. Studies found that long-term use of dexfenfluramine was associated with an increased risk of primary pulmonary hypertension, a rare but serious condition that can lead to heart failure. Additionally, when dexfenfluramine was used in combination with phentermine (a different appetite suppressant), there was an increased risk of valvular heart disease.

Therefore, dexfenfluramine is no longer available for medical use and its prescription is not recommended due to these safety concerns.

Food coloring agents, also known as food dyes, are substances that are added to foods and beverages to improve or modify their color. They are typically made from synthetic chemicals, although some are derived from natural sources. Food coloring agents are subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulatory bodies to ensure their safety.

Food coloring agents are used for a variety of reasons, including:

* Making foods look more appealing or attractive
* Restoring the natural color of foods that has been lost during processing
* Helping consumers identify products, such as flavors or varieties of candy
* Ensuring consistency in the color of a product from batch to batch

Some common food coloring agents include:

* Blue 1 (Brilliant Blue)
* Blue 2 (Indigo Carmine)
* Green 3 (Fast Green FCF)
* Red 3 (Erythrosine)
* Red 40 (Allura Red)
* Yellow 5 (Tartrazine)
* Yellow 6 (Sunset Yellow)

It is important to note that some people may be sensitive or allergic to certain food coloring agents and may experience adverse reactions after consuming them. Additionally, there has been some concern about the potential health effects of artificial food dyes, although current research does not support a strong link between their consumption and negative health outcomes in the general population.

Tooth erosion is defined as the progressive, irreversible loss of dental hard tissue, primarily caused by chemical dissolution from acids, rather than mechanical forces such as abrasion or attrition. These acids can originate from extrinsic sources like acidic foods and beverages, or intrinsic sources like gastric reflux or vomiting. The erosion process leads to a reduction in tooth structure, altering the shape and function of teeth, and potentially causing sensitivity, pain, and aesthetical concerns. Early detection and management of tooth erosion are crucial to prevent further progression and preserve dental health.

I'm sorry for any confusion, but "magic" is not a term that is recognized in medical terminology. It is commonly understood to refer to supernatural or illusory powers or events, which are not relevant to the field of medicine. If you have any questions related to medical conditions, treatments, or terminology, I would be happy to try and help answer those for you!

Artificial saliva is a synthetic solution that mimics the chemical composition and properties of natural saliva. It is often used for patients with dry mouth (xerostomia) caused by conditions such as Sjögren's syndrome, radiation therapy, or certain medications that reduce saliva production. Artificial saliva may contain ingredients like carboxymethylcellulose, mucin, and electrolytes to provide lubrication, moisture, and pH buffering capacity similar to natural saliva. It can help alleviate symptoms associated with dry mouth, such as difficulty speaking, swallowing, and chewing, as well as protect oral tissues from irritation and infection.

"Papio cynocephalus" is a scientific name for a species of old world monkey, commonly known as the yellow baboon. It's not typically used in a medical context, but I can provide some general biological information about it if that would be helpful.

Yellow baboons are native to the savannas and woodlands of eastern and southern Africa. They have a distinct appearance with a dog-like face (hence the species name "cynocephalus," which means "dog-headed" in Greek) and a long, close-set coat that is yellowish-brown or olive green in color. Adult males can weigh between 33 to 82 pounds (15 to 37 kg), while females are smaller and typically weigh between 14 to 33 pounds (6 to 15 kg).

Yellow baboons live in large social groups called troops, which can consist of up to 200 individuals. They have a complex hierarchical social structure based on age, sex, and dominance. Their diet is omnivorous, consisting of fruits, seeds, nuts, insects, and small vertebrates.

In terms of medical relevance, yellow baboons are sometimes used as animal models in biomedical research due to their close genetic relationship with humans (they share about 96% of their DNA sequence with us). However, it's important to note that using non-human primates in research is a controversial topic and subject to ethical considerations.

Salivary gland diseases refer to a group of conditions that affect the function and structure of the salivary glands. These glands are responsible for producing saliva, which helps in digestion, lubrication, and protection of the mouth and throat. The major salivary glands include the parotid, submandibular, and sublingual glands.

There are several types of salivary gland diseases, including:

1. Salivary Gland Infections: These are usually caused by bacteria or viruses that infect the gland, ducts, or surrounding tissues. The most common infection is called sialadenitis, which can cause pain, swelling, redness, and difficulty swallowing.

2. Salivary Gland Stones (Sialolithiasis): These are small, hard deposits that form in the ducts of the salivary glands, causing blockages and leading to swelling, pain, and infection.

3. Salivary Gland Tumors: Both benign and malignant tumors can develop in the salivary glands. Benign tumors are usually slow-growing and cause localized swelling, while malignant tumors may be more aggressive and spread to other parts of the body.

4. Salivary Gland Dysfunction: This refers to conditions that affect the production or flow of saliva, such as Sjogren's syndrome, radiation therapy, dehydration, or certain medications.

5. Autoimmune Disorders: Conditions like Sjogren's syndrome, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis can affect the salivary glands and cause inflammation, dry mouth, and other symptoms.

6. Salivary Gland Trauma: Injuries to the face or neck can damage the salivary glands and lead to swelling, bleeding, or decreased function.

Proper diagnosis and treatment of salivary gland diseases require a thorough evaluation by a healthcare professional, often involving imaging studies, laboratory tests, and biopsies. Treatment options may include antibiotics, surgery, radiation therapy, or changes in medication or lifestyle.

Dietary sucrose is a type of sugar that is commonly found in the human diet. It is a disaccharide, meaning it is composed of two monosaccharides: glucose and fructose. Sucrose is naturally occurring in many fruits and vegetables, but it is also added to a wide variety of processed foods and beverages as a sweetener.

In the body, sucrose is broken down into its component monosaccharides during digestion, which are then absorbed into the bloodstream and used for energy. While small amounts of sucrose can be part of a healthy diet, consuming large amounts of added sugars, including sucrose, has been linked to a variety of negative health outcomes, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Therefore, it is recommended that people limit their intake of added sugars and focus on getting their sugars from whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

Automatic food dispensers are medical devices that automatically deliver specific amounts of food or nutritional supplements to patients, particularly those who have difficulty feeding themselves due to physical impairments or disorders. These devices can be programmed to dispense measured portions at scheduled times, ensuring that patients receive adequate nutrition and hydration. They can help reduce the risk of malnutrition, dehydration, and aspiration pneumonia in vulnerable populations, such as those with dysphagia, neurological disorders, or advanced age. Automatic food dispensers may also be used in clinical research settings to standardize and control the delivery of precise nutritional interventions.

Food preferences are personal likes or dislikes towards certain types of food or drinks, which can be influenced by various factors such as cultural background, individual experiences, taste, texture, smell, appearance, and psychological factors. Food preferences can also be shaped by dietary habits, nutritional needs, health conditions, and medication requirements. They play a significant role in shaping an individual's dietary choices and overall eating behavior, which can have implications for their nutritional status, growth, development, and long-term health outcomes.

Salivation is the process of producing and secreting saliva by the salivary glands in the mouth. It is primarily a reflex response to various stimuli such as thinking about or tasting food, chewing, and speaking. Saliva plays a crucial role in digestion by moistening food and helping to create a food bolus that can be swallowed easily. Additionally, saliva contains enzymes like amylase which begin the process of digesting carbohydrates even before food enters the stomach. Excessive salivation is known as hypersalivation or ptyalism, while reduced salivation is called xerostomia.

... including candy. Sugar candies include hard candies, soft candies, caramels, marshmallows, taffy, and other candies whose ... Bulk confectionery Candy making List of candies List of desserts List of top-selling candy brands "Candy" is used chiefly in ... The word candy entered the English language from the Old French çucre candi ("sugar candy"). The French term probably has ... Hard-boiled candies made by the vacuum cooking process include stick candy, lemon drops and horehound drops. Open-fire candy, ...
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"Candy Line (キャンディ・ライン)" - 4:03 Lyrics by Hitomi Takahashi Music and arrangement by Takuya "Kanjiru Mama (感じるまま)" - 3:01 Lyrics ... "Candy Line" is Hitomi Takahashi's 6th single under the Sony Records (gr8! records) label, and was released on March 7, 2007, ... As her previous two singles, "Candy Line" is produced by ex-Judy and Mary member TAKUYA. The main song is described as a pop ... Also, to commemorate the release of this single, Hitomi held a special live titled HITOMI TAKAHASHI LIVE "Candy Line" on March ...
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Bonkers was a candy offering from Nabisco in the mid-1980s. It consisted of chewable rectangular-shaped candies with tangy ... The manufacturer has discontinued the Bonkers line of candies. High competition in the candy and snack market combined with the ... Most of Bonkers candy commercials tended to be very high in energy, often with excited overtones. After the commercials stopped ... The candy came in a large rectangular package with several of them individually wrapped. Common flavors included grape, orange ...
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... Interview by Magda Russell, Country Music Online.Net Gimme some Candy![permanent dead link] Candy Coburn "LO ... Candy Coburn - LO Profile Magazine Cover Story CandyCoburn.com Candy Coburn on Fox Atlanta's show Good Day Atlanta [4] Athlete ... "Candy Coburn Bio". Archived from the original on 2011-05-10. Retrieved 2010-04-06. Country Music's Tiger: Candy Coburn, a "Big ... After college, Candy began learning to write her own songs and later got the first of a series of green guitars which quickly ...
Alonzo Harris (born September 17, 1947) is a former Major League Baseball player for the Houston Astros just at the beginning of the 1967 season (April 13-April 27). He had been signed by the Baltimore Orioles as an amateur free agent before the 1966 season, then drafted by the Houston Astros from the Orioles in the 1966 first-year draft (November 28, 1966) after attending John C. Fremont High School in South Los Angeles, CA. During his one season in the Oriole farm system, Harris played a total of 97 games for three teams in the lower minors and hit a combined .287 (95-for 331). While playing for the Bluefield Orioles, the speedy outfielder led the Appalachian League with 34 stolen bases in just 58 games. Harris began the 1967 season with the Houston club, and at the age of 19 was the sixth-youngest player to appear in a National League game that season. During his short time with the Astros, he was used as a pinch runner five times and as a pinch hitter one time, and never got a chance to play ...
Zabala is the branded name of a type of milk caramel candy or dulce de leche candy, traditional in Uruguay. The name Zabala ... Zabala candies were invented in 1913 in the town of Fray Marcos in the Department of Florida and come in two flavors: vanilla ... Soon after, the mill was bought by Agroindustrias Florida establishing the factory of the Zabala candies in the old mill of ... CS1 maint: archived copy as title, Use dmy dates from December 2017, Candy, Uruguayan brands, Food and drink companies of ...
... at douban.com - Candy Yuen at chinesemov.com Candy Yuen at IMDb Candy Yuen at the Hong Kong Movie DataBase Candy ... 9: 袁嘉敏 Candy Yuen". TVB. Archived from the original on January 4, 2018. Retrieved August 29, 2015. "我主場:袁嘉敏獻畀王晶驗胸". Apple Daily ... Candy Yuen Ka-man (Chinese: 袁嘉敏; pinyin: Yuán Jiāmǐn; born October 28, 1984) is a Hong Kong actress and presenter. Yuen was a ... "Candy Yuen's Nude Scenes in Category III Movie Leaked Online". JayneStars. January 17, 2015. Retrieved August 29, 2015. "港三级
Pamela Anderson Takes On Mars Candy. The wonderful Pamela Anderson, who was once paid to promote M&Ms, has come out against ... Mars Candy for funding inhumane experiments on animals in violation of its own written policy. Pam faxed a letter to Mars ...
Cotton Candy Startup Costs: $10,000 - $50,000. Home Based: Can be operated from home.. Part Time: Can be operated part-time.. ... A cotton candy sales cart, trailer or kiosk can be operated on weekends only and still generate sales of $1,000 per day. ... In addition to the cotton candy making equipment, a small trailer converted into a booth for sales will also be required to get ... Equipment needed to make cotton candy can be purchased secondhand for as little as $2,000, and starting a part-time business ...
Shop Candy direct from Safeway. Browse our selection and order groceries online or in app for flexible Delivery or convenient ... Even those who are restricted to sugar-free candy or gluten-free candy have plenty of options. Suffice it to say, candy is so ... The Sweetest Word in the World Is Candy Candy is the one word that makes people feel an instant wave of positivity and ... Some may define their favorite candy as sweet and chewy like Swedish Fish or Red Vines, while others will name sour and fruity ...
"Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort". Big Rock Candy Mountain. Retrieved 25 July 2012.. ... "Big Rock Candy Mountain" because of its colored stripes resembling a candy cane.[14][15] Additionally, one of the peaks in the ... "a place called Candied Island" instead of "Big Rock Candy Mountain". The series itself echoes the song, as it features two hobo ... "Big Rock Candy Mountain", along with a sign next to a nearby spring proclaiming it "Lemonade Springs". The Big Rock Candy ...
... TELEVISION PROGRAM. Brilliant sitcom, broadcast 1999-2000.. Name. Occupation. Birth. Death. Known for. ...
"As Halloween became more and more dominated by candy beginning in the 1950s, candy corn increasingly became the candy for ... But it was the Goelitz Candy Company-now the Jelly Belly Candy Company-that really popularized the candy. In 1898, Goelitz ... Who Invented Candy Corn?. Who Invented Candy Corn?. The tri-colored confection was designed to look like chicken feed and came ... Candy corns origins are a little iffy, but it seems to have come out around the 1880s, a time when candy companies were mixing ...
See store ratings and reviews and find the best prices on Candy Candy with PriceGrabbers shopping search engine. ... Comparison shop for Candy Candy in Gifts, Flowers & Food. ... Hammonds Candies Cinnamon Candies Tin Keep this tin full of ... Hammonds Candies Sour Balls Tin Keep this tin full of sour ball candies from Hammonds Candies close by for a ... Keep this ... The Cotton Candy Supplies by Gold Medal: Choc-O-Floss (Chocolate) Cotton Candy... The Cotton Candy Supplies by Gold Medal: Choc ...
Take a visit to Storybook Woods for the candy cane syrup recipe on how to make this minty treat ... Who knew that candy canes could be turned into syrup? ... Who knew that candy canes could be turned into syrup? Take a ... Im so happy to see that you are featuring Clarices Candy Cane Syrup! She is always an inspiration to me and I love her ... Makes a wonderful gift too! She also has a recipe for a chocolate candy cane soaked cake. ...
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Why does this seem to be a problem with imported candy, rather than candy that is produced in the United States? Candies ... What is the limit for lead in candy? California considers candies with lead levels in excess of 0.10 parts per million to be ... How does the CDPH detect lead in candy? CDPH randomly selects the widest variety of candy possible for testing to ensure it is ... Are there types of candy that are more likely to have lead than others? Candy containing tamarind, chili powder or salt that is ...
Does Rock N Roll Kill Braincells?! - Candi Staton. The Queen Of Southern Soul and disco legend takes on musics toughest quiz ... It will feature interviews with Candi Staton, Barbara Tucker, Sam Divine and more ...
... including candy. Sugar candies include hard candies, soft candies, caramels, marshmallows, taffy, and other candies whose ... Bulk confectionery Candy making List of candies List of desserts List of top-selling candy brands "Candy" is used chiefly in ... The word candy entered the English language from the Old French çucre candi ("sugar candy"). The French term probably has ... Hard-boiled candies made by the vacuum cooking process include stick candy, lemon drops and horehound drops. Open-fire candy, ...
Portfolio memuat contoh desain layout selama bekerja, tugas kuliah & kompetisi yang pernah saya ikuti. Untuk artikel & iklan semua telah di desain, di cetak, & diedarkan di majalah ICE* periode 2008 - 2010. Desain neon box, x-banner, flyer, spanduk, billboard dan lain-lain telah di cetak Sign - V digital printing Surabaya baik cetak indoor maupun outdoor. Mungkin masih jauh dari sempurna & ingin terus menerus belajar untuk mengembangkan kemampuan desain saya^^
40+ Years Of Family Recipes Southern Candy Making IG: @savcandy Savannah, GA.Watch the latest video from Savannahs Candy ... Savannahs Candy Kitchen (@savannahcandykitchen) on TikTok , 6.6M Likes. 229.4K Followers. 🍬 ... Seven stories of our best selling homemade candy 🎁 #candy. #candyshop. #candytok. #chocolate. #christmascandy. #christmasgifts ... ️ #candy. #candyshop. #candytok. #christmascandy. #christmasgifts. #christmastower. #christmasfoodgifts. #christmasbaskets. # ...
Candy And Snacks at Office Depot & OfficeMax. Shop today online, in store or buy online and pick up in stores. ...
Just place the hard candy between two pieces of parchment paper on a baking sheet and use a small hammer to pound the candy ... If you dont have access to Halloween candy sprinkles, you can also use crushed hard candy to cover the caramel apple. ... Use a candy thermometer to measure the temperature. The total time it will take to reach 239‌°‌ is between 20 and 25 minutes. ... If the candy sprinkles arent quite the right color, you can add a few drops of food coloring to get the correct color. ...
Get the best deals on Collectible Candy & Nuts Advertising when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free ... M&MS White Chocolate Strawberry Shake Valentines Day Candy, 7.44 oz Bag. $9.95. to $29.95. ... ANTIQUE CLEAR CANDY CONTAINER IN THE SHAPE OF A LIGHTHOUSE CAY HEAD LIGHT. $9.99. ... Vintage Life Savers Candy Cup Mug * Plastic Made In USA Lifesavers. $4.99. ...
This easy to make candy bowl will delight your guests as they reach in for a Halloween treat. What you will need:•Large Balloon ... Frankenstein Candy Bowl. This easy to make candy bowl will delight your guests as they reach in for a Halloween treat. ...
Discover candy cane story deals, product reviews, and compare prices on your favorite items. Plus, shop stores like Walmart, ... Candy Cane Conspiracy: A Cursed Candy World Mystery (Furry Fairy Holiday Hijinks Book 1)Amazon ... The Legend of the Candy Cane, Newly Illustrated Edition: The Inspirational Story of Our Favorite Christmas CandyAmazon & 1 more ... Christmas Candy Cane Cookbook: Recipes Using Peppermint Candy Canes (Christmas Cookbook)Amazon ...
A Wisconsin parent found a small bag in their childs Halloween candy which was later determined to be methamphetamine. ... Wisconsin police said Monday that a Wisconsin child found a bag of methamphetamine among their trick-or-treat candy. ... Menominee Tribal Police have asked parents to pay extra attention for any suspicious objects in their childs candy. ...
For all you ladies heading out on a bachelorette party night and looking for men to pay you a buck or two to bite some candy ... the Bacon Candy Necklace is still going to be a big hit with bacon fans. ... While maybe not as tasty as Bacon Candy Canes or Bacon Lollipops, ... Jumbo Bacon Candy Cane November 22, 2012 Patra Beaulieu Food 0 Were always happy to see a big peppermint candy cane at first. ...
From making candy dishes pop with elegant foils to upgrading party favors, DOVE PROMISES Milk Chocolate Candy is a decadent ... DOVE PROMISES Milk Chocolate Candy Bag, 8.46 oz.. ,. $6.79. DOVE PROMISES silky smooth milk chocolate candy is pure pleasure in ... DOVE PROMISES Dark Chocolate Candy Bag, 8.46 oz.. ,. $6.79. Experience the pleasure of DOVE PROMISES Silky Dark Chocolate Candy ... Add DOVE PROMISES Dark Chocolate Candy Bag, 8.46 oz. to Favorites.. Add DOVE PROMISES Dark Chocolate Candy Bag, 8.46 oz. to ...
Pinky candy is a brand of mint-flavored candy sold by Frente International (now Koikeya). Flavors currently available in the ...
Dirt Candy , Amanda Cohen is the chef behind Manhattans premiere vegetarian restaurant. ... Dirt Candy. The rating scale of 0 to 100 reflects our editors appraisals of all the tangible and intangible factors that make ...
... black and white candies complete with Wednesdays iconic braids made from licorice. ... Take a stab at creating your own creepy candy charcuterie by putting together purple, ... Taffy with added candy eyes and Peep ghosts filled in the gaps on our board. Filling in a few places with candy from other ... Bulk jelly beans are a great place to start in addition to perusing the dollar store candy aisle in search of candies with the ...
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Family time has never been this much fun as you create delicious gummy candies from the comfort of home! Featuring 2 melting ... 4 PCS Mini Gummy Silicone Molds Chocolate Candy Making Molds, for Baking Biscuits, Cookie, Candy, Chocolate,wax melt molds, ... GAOMON Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine, 1030W Candy Floss Maker, with Stainless Steel Bowl and Sugar Scoop, Cotton ... Clevr Commercial Cotton Candy Machine Carnival Party Candy Floss Maker, BlueWalmart ...
But having a little fun with candy once a year will not lead to childhood obesity, says a pediatrics expert. ... parents are worried kids might indulge their way to obesity by gobbling up too many Halloween candy. ... Haller says a parent should be in charge of deciding how many candy kids can have during Halloween. While eating candy are an ... Halloween candy: How much is too much?. Date:. October 15, 2012. Source:. Saint Louis University Medical Center. Summary:. As ...
  • Whether you like it, hate it or just use it to decorate, you probably think of candy corn as a Halloween treat. (history.com)
  • Kids most likely thought of them as candies to eat year-round than special ones to get on Halloween, which wasn't yet specifically associated with candy. (history.com)
  • Candy corn might appear at Halloween parties, but also at celebrations for Thanksgiving and Easter. (history.com)
  • As Halloween became more and more dominated by candy beginning in the 1950s , candy corn increasingly became the candy for Halloween," Kawash writes. (history.com)
  • Other kinds of candy were advertised for Halloween too, but they were advertised just as heavily during the rest of the year. (history.com)
  • To make the movie release even more fun, why not conjure up a Halloween party complete with some Sanderson-sisters-inspired candy apples, cupcakes and other Halloween treats. (ehow.com)
  • This candy apple recipe will cover about 10 Halloween candy apples. (ehow.com)
  • For another decadent Halloween recipe that doesn't stop with the caramel, try dipping the caramel apple into melted white chocolate before rolling it in the sprinkles or crushed hard candy. (ehow.com)
  • It's pretty hard to beat a double-dipped Halloween candy apple! (ehow.com)
  • This way, you'll be ready to roll the Halloween caramel apple in the candy sprinkles before the caramel begins to set. (ehow.com)
  • This easy to make candy bowl will delight your guests as they reach in for a Halloween treat. (surfnetkids.com)
  • Halloween candy: How much is too much? (sciencedaily.com)
  • As we enter the sweet season, parents are worried kids might indulge their way to obesity by gobbling up too many Halloween candy. (sciencedaily.com)
  • Eating candy on Halloween is like taking a vacation, kids should not make it a habit," said Haller. (sciencedaily.com)
  • Haller says a parent should be in charge of deciding how many candy kids can have during Halloween. (sciencedaily.com)
  • Halloween candy can be used to teach kids an important ethical lesson -- we need to share with the ones who don't have what we do," Haller said. (sciencedaily.com)
  • If you have a 'Thing' for the Addams Family, then you'll love this Halloween candy board. (ehow.com)
  • Luckily, this Addams Family Halloween candy charcuterie board has you covered for a ‌ Wednesday ‌ watch party, a Halloween party or just anytime you're feeling altogether ooky! (ehow.com)
  • You could even bake (or buy) some Halloween cookies to add to your candy platter. (ehow.com)
  • Obviously, the best time to buy Halloween candy is after Halloween when the prices drop significantly, but that won't work when it comes to trick-or-treating. (newschannel5.com)
  • This may surprise you, but shopping for candy on Amazon actually isn't the cheapest route to take when buying Halloween candy. (newschannel5.com)
  • Remember, if you wait until Halloween gets closer, you may be able to find the candy you want at even lower prices than it is now. (newschannel5.com)
  • What is your favorite Halloween candy? (newschannel5.com)
  • July 10, 2023 A lollipop might be a sweet reward for a kid who's endured a trip to the doctor's office, but now, this candy could make diagnostic testing during a visit less invasive and more enjoyable. (sciencedaily.com)
  • Bulk jelly beans are a great place to start in addition to perusing the dollar store candy aisle in search of candies with the right colors. (ehow.com)
  • In 1898, Goelitz picked up the recipe and started marketing the kernels as a candy called "Chicken Feed," writes Rebecca Rupp in National Geographic . (history.com)
  • Take a visit to Storybook Woods for the candy cane syrup recipe on how to make this minty treat that's perfect for hot chocolate. (makezine.com)
  • She also has a recipe for a chocolate candy cane soaked cake . (makezine.com)
  • In the first half of the 20th century, candy corn became a common "penny candy. (history.com)
  • This Machine and Bank brings back memories of an old fashion candy shop with the penny gumball machine. (pricegrabber.com)
  • Penny candies epitomized this transformation of candy. (wikipedia.org)
  • Penny candy became the first material good that children spent their own money on. (wikipedia.org)
  • Even penny candies were directly descended from medicated lozenges that held bitter medicine in a hard sugar coating. (wikipedia.org)
  • Enter candy corn, which featured the innovation of three hand-layered colors. (history.com)
  • Some manufacturers produced bright colors in candy by the addition of hazardous substances for which there was no legal regulation: green (chromium(III) oxide and copper acetate), red (lead(II,IV) oxide and mercury sulfide), yellow (lead chromate) and white (chalk, arsenic trioxide). (wikipedia.org)
  • We stuck with purple, black and white for this board and shopped for candies in those colors. (ehow.com)
  • Mix & Match 10+ colors of candy from your favorite candy brands. (partycity.com)
  • However, the definition of candy also depends upon how people treat the food. (wikipedia.org)
  • The same food may be a candy in one culture and a dessert in another. (wikipedia.org)
  • By 1906, research into the dangers of additives, exposés of the food industry, and public pressure led to the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act, the first federal United States law to regulate food and drugs, including candy. (wikipedia.org)
  • In a large pot, combine 4 cups of the apple juice, candies, food colouring (if desired) and pectin. (food.com)
  • This report describes two cases of pediatric lead poisoning associated with eating imported candy and food stuffs and underscores the importance of thorough history-taking to identify unusual sources of lead exposure. (cdc.gov)
  • ECRI is also very concerned about the emergency use authorizations (EUAs) that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been handing out "like candy" since the beginning of the pandemic, he said. (medscape.com)
  • food additive in colored chocolate candies before and after in vitro oral ingestion by spICP-MS, TEM and cellular in vitro models. (bvsalud.org)
  • Assesing the behaviour of particulate/nanoparticulate form of E171 (TiO 2 ) food additive in colored chocolate candies before and after in vitro oral ingestion by spICP-MS, TEM and cellular in vitro models. (bvsalud.org)
  • Who knew that candy canes could be turned into syrup? (makezine.com)
  • While maybe not as tasty as Bacon Candy Canes or Bacon Lollipops , the Bacon Candy Necklace is still going to be a big hit with bacon fans. (geekalerts.com)
  • Make sure you are ready by picking up a box of these Bacon Candy Canes to hang on the tree next to your Bacon Christmas Ornament. (geekalerts.com)
  • The first recorded instance of candy canes being used as decorations dates back to 1670 when German choirmaster Johann Kress decorated his Christmas tree with candy sticks. (yahoo.com)
  • It wasn't until the early 1900s, however, that candy canes began to take on their modern form. (yahoo.com)
  • Making your own candy canes is surprisingly easy! (yahoo.com)
  • Just follow these simple steps and you'll be on your way to enjoying homemade candy canes in no time. (yahoo.com)
  • How do you make homemade candy canes? (yahoo.com)
  • Unlike sweet pastries served for a dessert course at the end of a meal, candies are normally eaten casually, often with the fingers, as a snack between meals. (wikipedia.org)
  • Each culture has its own ideas of what constitutes candy rather than dessert. (wikipedia.org)
  • Learn how to make a wonderful banana candy to eat for dessert! (ticketdirect.co.nz)
  • I recently bought my boyfriend a 200-count box of his favorite sour candy (Sour Power brand strawberry straws), and it has been a source of delight for both of us. (lifehacker.com)
  • Shares of King Digital Entertainment, which makes Candy Crush Saga, begin trading Wednesday. (aol.com)
  • Parents need to know that Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game that very aggressively pushes in-app purchases. (commonsensemedia.org)
  • Candy Crush Saga is partially about luck, but players can also use a bit of strategy as they solve the puzzles. (commonsensemedia.org)
  • You can get a 400-count bag of Hershey's assorted candy for $23.98, or around 5 cents each. (newschannel5.com)
  • It's not the cheapest option, but you'll still get a ton of candy with lots of variety ( Skittles, Lifesavers, Sour Patch kids, etc.), so it's not a bad deal if you get a lot of trick-or-treaters. (newschannel5.com)
  • In 1847, the invention of the candy press (also known under the surprising name of a toy machine) made it possible to produce multiple shapes and sizes of candy at once. (wikipedia.org)
  • It's also important to shop for candies with different shapes to add visual interest. (ehow.com)
  • Sugar-free Flopi FlorestalÒ hard candies (grape, strawberry, cherry, orange, ginger, lemon balm, fennel) were selected and grouped in 2 groups: G-1 (candies dissolved in distilled water) and G-2 (candies dissolved in artificial saliva). (bvsalud.org)
  • Family time has never been this much fun as you create delicious gummy candies. (pricegrabber.com)
  • The office supply store is an obvious place to buy such an amount of candy, but Costco and Sam's Club are the most cost effective. (lifehacker.com)
  • It goes without saying that this is most effective if you purchase their favorite candy, but if they "like it all," give the Costco website a quick browse for inspiration. (lifehacker.com)
  • Use a candy thermometer to measure the temperature. (ehow.com)
  • Clip candy thermometer to side of pan, cook until mixture reaches 240 degrees F. Remove from heat. (tootsie.com)
  • As if you need an excuse to eat candy or bacon, but just in case you do… You have to try these Bacon Lollipops. (geekalerts.com)
  • We found white marshmallow ghost Peeps, black licorice twists, purple lollipops, candy eyeballs, purple and black taffy and mints wrapped in black and white polka-dot wrappers. (ehow.com)
  • You'll get 28 Dum Dum lollipops for just $3.29 at Target, making them around 11 cents each and perfect if you don't get many trick-or-treaters and don't want mountains of leftover candy. (newschannel5.com)
  • The best deal on chocolate candy I was able to find happens to be from Walmart. (newschannel5.com)
  • We're always happy to see a big peppermint candy cane at first. (geekalerts.com)
  • And finally, the peppermint flavor of the candy cane is said to repr. (yahoo.com)
  • Unlike a cake or loaf of bread that would be shared among many people, candies are usually made in smaller pieces. (wikipedia.org)
  • This assorted candy party mix box on Amazon is $35.99 for 250 pieces of candy, so each piece comes out to 14 cents. (newschannel5.com)
  • Royal Law, an epidemiologist with CDC's National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH), believes children may be attracted to the laundry pods because they resemble pieces of candy. (cdc.gov)
  • Pour each bag of candy sprinkles onto a separate plate before dipping the apples into the caramel. (ehow.com)
  • Equipment needed to make cotton candy can be purchased secondhand for as little as $2,000, and starting a part-time business that makes and sells cotton candy is a great little business for enterprising entrepreneurs to tackle. (entrepreneur.com)
  • While you can find decorations on the cheap at stores like The Dollar Tree and you can make your own costumes, candy is a different story . (newschannel5.com)
  • Candy, also called sweets (BrE) or lollies (AuE, NZE), is a confection that features sugar as a principal ingredient. (wikipedia.org)
  • This transformation meant that the candy maker was no longer required to continuously stir the boiling sugar. (wikipedia.org)
  • TiO2 (nano)particles from the outer coating of colored chocolate candies were determined by TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy), ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry ) and spICP-MS (Single-Particle-ICP-MS). Total titanium content was in the range of 1219 ± 83 µg g-1, except for brown and white candies . (bvsalud.org)
  • Who Invented Candy Corn? (history.com)
  • Oral histories identify the inventor of candy corn as George Renninger, an employee at Wunderle Candy Company in Philadelphia. (history.com)
  • The 1898 packaging design for Goelitz Candy Corn. (history.com)
  • Even after World War I, candy corn maintained its association with chickens. (history.com)
  • Packages of Goelitz's candy corn from the 1920s displayed a rooster and the motto, "King of the Candy Corn Fields. (history.com)
  • There was a dramatic spike in October advertising of candy corn beginning in the 1950s. (history.com)
  • Today, while it's easy to find candy corn year-round (the National Confectioners Association estimates more than 35 million pounds of the candy are sold every year), it's most prominent in October when, on the 30th, National Candy Corn Day honors the original "chicken feed" treat. (history.com)
  • I'm so happy to see that you are featuring Clarice's Candy Cane Syrup! (makezine.com)
  • Candy corn's origins are a little iffy, but it seems to have come out around the 1880s, a time when candy companies were mixing up slurries of mellowcreme and molding the confection into the shape of pumpkins, chestnuts, turnips and other agricultural products. (history.com)
  • A tub of jelly beans, a bucket of Red Vines, a flat of candy bars-this is the amount of candy you should be giving your valentine. (lifehacker.com)
  • The shape of the candy cane is meant to resemble a shepherd's staff, symbolic of Christ as the Good Shepherd. (yahoo.com)
  • There is something delightful about candy on that scale. (lifehacker.com)
  • None of these candy are wildly unhealthy or poisonous, they are just not nutritious. (sciencedaily.com)
  • In addition to the cotton candy making equipment, a small trailer converted into a booth for sales will also be required to get the business up and rolling. (entrepreneur.com)
  • A cotton candy sales cart, trailer or kiosk can be operated on weekends only and still generate sales of $1,000 per day. (entrepreneur.com)
  • The Cotton Candy Supplies by Gold Medal: Choc-O-Floss (Chocolate) Cotton Candy. (pricegrabber.com)
  • Paragon International Roll Top Cotton Candy B. (pricegrabber.com)
  • Protect your machine when it's not in use with this Roll Top Cotton Candy Bubb. (pricegrabber.com)
  • Protect your machine when it's not in use with this Roll Top Cotton Candy Bubble that provides one-hand access to a production compartment. (pricegrabber.com)
  • Add Charms Pops - Cotton Candy, 12 oz to Favorites. (shoprite.com)
  • Lead-contaminated imported tamarind candy and children's blood lead levels. (cdc.gov)
  • Honey was used in Ancient China, the Middle East, Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire to coat fruits and flowers to preserve them or to create forms of candy. (wikipedia.org)
  • You can't create new branches for Candies. (launchpad.net)
  • There were no sweet hybrids in those days," writes Samira Kawash , author of Candy: A Century of Panic and Pleasure , in The Atlantic . (history.com)
  • The Big Rock Candy Mountains ", first recorded and copyrighted by Harry McClintock in 1928, [1] is a country folk song about a hobo 's idea of paradise , a modern version of the medieval concept of Cockaigne . (wikipedia.org)
  • Vernon Dalhart and Company recorded this as The Big Rock Candy Mountains, on Edison Diamond Disc No. 52472-L, in February 1929. (wikipedia.org)
  • Wisconsin police said Monday that a Wisconsin child found a bag of methamphetamine among their trick-or-treat candy. (10news.com)
  • A candy cane is not an ordinary treat, It holds a Christmas message of love that's oh-so-sweet. (yahoo.com)
  • Vegetables, fruit, or nuts which have been glazed and coated with sugar are said to be candied. (wikipedia.org)
  • Physically, candy is characterized by the use of a significant amount of sugar or sugar substitutes. (wikipedia.org)
  • Before sugar was readily available, candy was based on honey. (wikipedia.org)
  • Even the simplest form of candy - rock candy, made from crystallized sugar - was considered a luxury. (wikipedia.org)
  • The candy business underwent a drastic change in the 1830s when technological advances and the availability of sugar opened up the market. (wikipedia.org)
  • To compare the acidity of sugar-free hard candies dissolved in water and artificial saliva. (bvsalud.org)
  • Farmers made up about half of the American labor force, and companies marketed agriculture-themed candies to children in farm country all year round. (history.com)
  • For this reason, candy store-owners relied almost entirely on the business of children to keep them running. (wikipedia.org)
  • The children shown the ads for candy-flavoured e-cigarettes liked these ads more and expressed a greater interest in buying and trying e-cigarettes than their peers. (eurekalert.org)
  • however, the rules do not provide any explicit prohibitions regarding the advertising of candy-like flavours designed to appeal to children. (eurekalert.org)
  • Impact of advertisements promoting candy-like flavoured e-cigarettes on appeal of tobacco smoking amongst children: an experimental study. (eurekalert.org)
  • In 1997, repeated questioning of family members revealed that the aunt had transported in her personal baggage tamarindo candy jam products, produced in Mexico and restricted from importation into the United States since 1993, and had given it to the children. (cdc.gov)
  • It's fun to shop a few local specialty candy stores to see what you might find there too. (ehow.com)
  • Below is a list of the cheapest candy I was able to find as of the publication of this story. (newschannel5.com)
  • Sam's Club comes in as the winner of the best deal I was able to find, though prices could change at any moment on any of the candies listed. (newschannel5.com)
  • Internal tobacco industry documents show that young people find tobacco products with candy-like flavours more appealing than those without. (eurekalert.org)
  • We're here to show you how to take a stab at creating your own creepy candy charcuterie by putting together purple, black and white candies complete with Wednesday's iconic braids made from licorice-all of this just in time for a new Addams Family Netflix series, ‌ Wednesday ‌. (ehow.com)
  • From decorations to costumes and, of course, candy, you might spend a lot more than you realize. (newschannel5.com)
  • Pinky candy is a brand of mint-flavored candy sold by Frente International (now Koikeya). (wikipedia.org)
  • In an 1885 cover cartoon for Puck, Joseph Keppler satirized the dangers of additives in candy by depicting the "mutual friendship" between striped candy, doctors, and gravediggers. (wikipedia.org)
  • Although the family had been cautioned about the ingestion of ethnic remedies, they were unaware of the potential dangers of ingesting candy packaged in ceramic jars from Mexico. (cdc.gov)
  • Before the Industrial Revolution, candy was often considered a form of medicine, either used to calm the digestive system or cool a sore throat. (wikipedia.org)
  • Lead may also be introduced into the candy through improper drying, storing or grinding of the ingredients. (ca.gov)
  • While some fine confectioners remained, the candy store became a favorite of the child of the American working class. (wikipedia.org)
  • Candy is still served in this form today, though now it is more typically seen as a type of garnish. (wikipedia.org)