A phospholipid-interacting antimalarial drug (ANTIMALARIALS). It is very effective against PLASMODIUM FALCIPARUM with very few side effects.
A group of SESQUITERPENES and their analogs that contain a peroxide group (PEROXIDES) within an oxepin ring (OXEPINS).
Agents used in the treatment of malaria. They are usually classified on the basis of their action against plasmodia at different stages in their life cycle in the human. (From AMA, Drug Evaluations Annual, 1992, p1585)
Formerly known as Siam, this is a Southeast Asian nation at the center of the Indochina peninsula. Bangkok is the capital city.
Malaria caused by PLASMODIUM FALCIPARUM. This is the severest form of malaria and is associated with the highest levels of parasites in the blood. This disease is characterized by irregularly recurring febrile paroxysms that in extreme cases occur with acute cerebral, renal, or gastrointestinal manifestations.
Tests that demonstrate the relative effectiveness of chemotherapeutic agents against specific parasites.
A form of PSYCHOTHERAPY that centers on the individuals as the experts in their own lives and views problems as separate from people. It is assumed that people have many skills, competencies, beliefs, values, commitments, and abilities that will assist them to reduce the influence of problems in their lives.
Exploitation through misrepresentation of the facts or concealment of the purposes of the exploiter.
A species of protozoa that is the causal agent of falciparum malaria (MALARIA, FALCIPARUM). It is most prevalent in the tropics and subtropics.
Diminished or failed response of an organism, disease or tissue to the intended effectiveness of a chemical or drug. It should be differentiated from DRUG TOLERANCE which is the progressive diminution of the susceptibility of a human or animal to the effects of a drug, as a result of continued administration.
Countries in the process of change with economic growth, that is, an increase in production, per capita consumption, and income. The process of economic growth involves better utilization of natural and human resources, which results in a change in the social, political, and economic structures.
The country is bordered by RUSSIA on the north and CHINA on the west, south, and east. The capita is Ulaanbaatar.
Single or multi-sheet notices made to attract attention to events, activities, causes, goods, or services. They are for display, usually in a public place and are chiefly pictorial.
Health care services related to human REPRODUCTION and diseases of the reproductive system. Services are provided to both sexes and usually by physicians in the medical or the surgical specialties such as REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE; ANDROLOGY; GYNECOLOGY; OBSTETRICS; and PERINATOLOGY.
The practice of indulging in sexual relations for money.
An acute febrile disease transmitted by the bite of AEDES mosquitoes infected with DENGUE VIRUS. It is self-limiting and characterized by fever, myalgia, headache, and rash. SEVERE DENGUE is a more virulent form of dengue.
Composition of images of EARTH or other planets from data collected during SPACE FLIGHT by remote sensing instruments onboard SPACECRAFT. The satellite sensor systems measure and record absorbed, emitted, or reflected energy across the spectra, as well as global position and time.
The status of health in rural populations.
A protozoan disease caused in humans by four species of the PLASMODIUM genus: PLASMODIUM FALCIPARUM; PLASMODIUM VIVAX; PLASMODIUM OVALE; and PLASMODIUM MALARIAE; and transmitted by the bite of an infected female mosquito of the genus ANOPHELES. Malaria is endemic in parts of Asia, Africa, Central and South America, Oceania, and certain Caribbean islands. It is characterized by extreme exhaustion associated with paroxysms of high FEVER; SWEATING; shaking CHILLS; and ANEMIA. Malaria in ANIMALS is caused by other species of plasmodia.
Species of tapeworm in the genus TAENIA, that infects cattle. It is acquired by humans through the ingestion of raw or insufficiently cooked beef.
Creating a representation of areas of the earth or other celestial bodies, for the purpose of visualizing spatial distributions of various information.
The inhabitants of rural areas or of small towns classified as rural.
The geographic area of the Mekong Valley in general or when the specific country or countries are not indicated. Usually includes Cambodia, Indochina, and Laos.
The process of bargaining in order to arrive at an agreement or compromise on a matter of importance to the parties involved. It also applies to the hearing and determination of a case by a third party chosen by the parties in controversy, as well as the interposing of a third party to reconcile the parties in controversy.
Vaccines or candidate vaccines used to prevent infection with Japanese B encephalitis virus (ENCEPHALITIS VIRUS, JAPANESE).
Patient health knowledge related to medications including what is being used and why as well as instructions and precautions.
Monitoring of rate of occurrence of specific conditions to assess the stability or change in health levels of a population. It is also the study of disease rates in a specific cohort such as in a geographic area or population subgroup to estimate trends in a larger population. (From Last, Dictionary of Epidemiology, 2d ed)
The concentration of a compound needed to reduce population growth of organisms, including eukaryotic cells, by 50% in vitro. Though often expressed to denote in vitro antibacterial activity, it is also used as a benchmark for cytotoxicity to eukaryotic cells in culture.
Malaria caused by PLASMODIUM VIVAX. This form of malaria is less severe than MALARIA, FALCIPARUM, but there is a higher probability for relapses to occur. Febrile paroxysms often occur every other day.
A genus of trematode liver flukes of the family Opisthorchidae. It consists of the following species: O. felineus, O. noverca (Amphimerus noverca), and O. viverrini. The intermediate hosts are snails, fish, and AMPHIBIANS.
A republic of southeast Asia, northwest of Thailand, long familiar as Burma. Its capital is Yangon, formerly Rangoon. Inhabited by people of Mongolian stock and probably of Tibetan origin, by the 3d century A.D. it was settled by Hindus. The modern Burmese state was founded in the 18th century but was in conflict with the British during the 19th century. Made a crown colony of Great Britain in 1937, it was granted independence in 1947. In 1989 it became Myanmar. The name comes from myanma, meaning the strong, as applied to the Burmese people themselves. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p192 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p367)
The largest of the continents. It was known to the Romans more specifically as what we know today as Asia Minor. The name comes from at least two possible sources: from the Assyrian asu (to rise) or from the Sanskrit usa (dawn), both with reference to its being the land of the rising sun, i.e., eastern as opposed to Europe, to the west. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p82 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p34)
A subtype of INFLUENZA A VIRUS comprised of the surface proteins hemagglutinin 5 and neuraminidase 1. The H5N1 subtype, frequently referred to as the bird flu virus, is endemic in wild birds and very contagious among both domestic (POULTRY) and wild birds. It does not usually infect humans, but some cases have been reported.
The total number of cases of a given disease in a specified population at a designated time. It is differentiated from INCIDENCE, which refers to the number of new cases in the population at a given time.
Descriptions and evaluations of specific health care organizations.
An aminoquinoline that is given by mouth to produce a radical cure and prevent relapse of vivax and ovale malarias following treatment with a blood schizontocide. It has also been used to prevent transmission of falciparum malaria by those returning to areas where there is a potential for re-introduction of malaria. Adverse effects include anemias and GI disturbances. (From Martindale, The Extra Pharmacopeia, 30th ed, p404)
That distinct portion of the institutional, industrial, or economic structure of a country that is controlled or owned by non-governmental, private interests.
Infestation with parasitic worms of the helminth class.
The presence of parasites (especially malarial parasites) in the blood. (Dorland, 27th ed)
The prototypical antimalarial agent with a mechanism that is not well understood. It has also been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and in the systemic therapy of amebic liver abscesses.
Hostile conflict between organized groups of people.
People who engage in occupational sexual behavior in exchange for economic rewards or other extrinsic considerations.
Agents destructive to parasitic worms. They are used therapeutically in the treatment of HELMINTHIASIS in man and animal.
Disorders related or resulting from use of amphetamines.
The degree to which individuals are inhibited or facilitated in their ability to gain entry to and to receive care and services from the health care system. Factors influencing this ability include geographic, architectural, transportational, and financial considerations, among others.
Infection of domestic and wild fowl and other BIRDS with INFLUENZA A VIRUS. Avian influenza usually does not sicken birds, but can be highly pathogenic and fatal in domestic POULTRY.
A situation in which the level of living of an individual, family, or group is below the standard of the community. It is often related to a specific income level.
Payment by individuals or their family for health care services which are not covered by a third-party payer, either insurance or medical assistance.
An inflammatory process involving the brain (ENCEPHALITIS) and meninges (MENINGITIS), most often produced by pathogenic organisms which invade the central nervous system, and occasionally by toxins, autoimmune disorders, and other conditions.
Persons trained to assist professional health personnel in communicating with residents in the community concerning needs and availability of health services.
A sequence-related subfamily of ATP-BINDING CASSETTE TRANSPORTERS that actively transport organic substrates. Although considered organic anion transporters, a subset of proteins in this family have also been shown to convey drug resistance to neutral organic drugs. Their cellular function may have clinical significance for CHEMOTHERAPY in that they transport a variety of ANTINEOPLASTIC AGENTS. Overexpression of proteins in this class by NEOPLASMS is considered a possible mechanism in the development of multidrug resistance (DRUG RESISTANCE, MULTIPLE). Although similar in function to P-GLYCOPROTEINS, the proteins in this class share little sequence homology to the p-glycoprotein family of proteins.
A species of gram-negative, aerobic bacteria that causes MELIOIDOSIS. It has been isolated from soil and water in tropical regions, particularly Southeast Asia.
Proteins found in any species of protozoan.
Powdered or cut pieces of leaves of NICOTIANA TABACUM which are inhaled through the nose, chewed, or stored in cheek pouches. It includes any product of tobacco that is not smoked.
A protozoan parasite that causes vivax malaria (MALARIA, VIVAX). This species is found almost everywhere malaria is endemic and is the only one that has a range extending into the temperate regions.
Includes the spectrum of human immunodeficiency virus infections that range from asymptomatic seropositivity, thru AIDS-related complex (ARC), to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).
A genus of protozoa that comprise the malaria parasites of mammals. Four species infect humans (although occasional infections with primate malarias may occur). These are PLASMODIUM FALCIPARUM; PLASMODIUM MALARIAE; PLASMODIUM OVALE, and PLASMODIUM VIVAX. Species causing infection in vertebrates other than man include: PLASMODIUM BERGHEI; PLASMODIUM CHABAUDI; P. vinckei, and PLASMODIUM YOELII in rodents; P. brasilianum, PLASMODIUM CYNOMOLGI; and PLASMODIUM KNOWLESI in monkeys; and PLASMODIUM GALLINACEUM in chickens.
Federal, state, or local government organized methods of financial assistance.
An alkaloid derived from the bark of the cinchona tree. It is used as an antimalarial drug, and is the active ingredient in extracts of the cinchona that have been used for that purpose since before 1633. Quinine is also a mild antipyretic and analgesic and has been used in common cold preparations for that purpose. It was used commonly and as a bitter and flavoring agent, and is still useful for the treatment of babesiosis. Quinine is also useful in some muscular disorders, especially nocturnal leg cramps and myotonia congenita, because of its direct effects on muscle membrane and sodium channels. The mechanisms of its antimalarial effects are not well understood.
An abnormal elevation of body temperature, usually as a result of a pathologic process.
Collection, analysis, and interpretation of data about the frequency, distribution, and consequences of disease or health conditions, for use in the planning, implementing, and evaluating public health programs.
Studies in which the presence or absence of disease or other health-related variables are determined in each member of the study population or in a representative sample at one particular time. This contrasts with LONGITUDINAL STUDIES which are followed over a period of time.
A family of diphenylenemethane derivatives.
Ongoing scrutiny of a population (general population, study population, target population, etc.), generally using methods distinguished by their practicability, uniformity, and frequently their rapidity, rather than by complete accuracy.
Divisions of the year according to some regularly recurrent phenomena usually astronomical or climatic. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)
The science dealing with the earth and its life, especially the description of land, sea, and air and the distribution of plant and animal life, including humanity and human industries with reference to the mutual relations of these elements. (From Webster, 3d ed)
Knowledge, attitudes, and associated behaviors which pertain to health-related topics such as PATHOLOGIC PROCESSES or diseases, their prevention, and treatment. This term refers to non-health workers and health workers (HEALTH PERSONNEL).
Programs of surveillance designed to prevent the transmission of disease by any means from person to person or from animal to man.
Domesticated birds raised for food. It typically includes CHICKENS; TURKEYS, DUCKS; GEESE; and others.
Insects that transmit infective organisms from one host to another or from an inanimate reservoir to an animate host.
The concept concerned with all aspects of providing and distributing health services to a patient population.
Health services, public or private, in rural areas. The services include the promotion of health and the delivery of health care.
Single preparations containing two or more active agents, for the purpose of their concurrent administration as a fixed dose mixture.
An acute viral infection in humans involving the respiratory tract. It is marked by inflammation of the NASAL MUCOSA; the PHARYNX; and conjunctiva, and by headache and severe, often generalized, myalgia.
A genus of mosquitoes (CULICIDAE) frequently found in tropical and subtropical regions. YELLOW FEVER and DENGUE are two of the diseases that can be transmitted by species of this genus.
The genetic constitution of the individual, comprising the ALLELES present at each GENETIC LOCUS.
EPIDEMIOLOGIC STUDIES based on the detection through serological testing of characteristic change in the serum level of specific ANTIBODIES. Latent subclinical infections and carrier states can thus be detected in addition to clinically overt cases.
The functional hereditary units of protozoa.
Sudden increase in the incidence of a disease. The concept includes EPIDEMICS and PANDEMICS.
The seeking and acceptance by patients of health service.
The reduction or regulation of the population of mosquitoes through chemical, biological, or other means.
A broad class of substances containing carbon and its derivatives. Many of these chemicals will frequently contain hydrogen with or without oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, and other elements. They exist in either carbon chain or carbon ring form.
Size and composition of the family.
A systematic collection of factual data pertaining to health and disease in a human population within a given geographic area.
The number of new cases of a given disease during a given period in a specified population. It also is used for the rate at which new events occur in a defined population. It is differentiated from PREVALENCE, which refers to all cases, new or old, in the population at a given time.
The relationships of groups of organisms as reflected by their genetic makeup.
Social and economic factors that characterize the individual or group within the social structure.
In vitro method for producing large amounts of specific DNA or RNA fragments of defined length and sequence from small amounts of short oligonucleotide flanking sequences (primers). The essential steps include thermal denaturation of the double-stranded target molecules, annealing of the primers to their complementary sequences, and extension of the annealed primers by enzymatic synthesis with DNA polymerase. The reaction is efficient, specific, and extremely sensitive. Uses for the reaction include disease diagnosis, detection of difficult-to-isolate pathogens, mutation analysis, genetic testing, DNA sequencing, and analyzing evolutionary relationships.
Excrement from the INTESTINES, containing unabsorbed solids, waste products, secretions, and BACTERIA of the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM.
Predetermined sets of questions used to collect data - clinical data, social status, occupational group, etc. The term is often applied to a self-completed survey instrument.
The constant presence of diseases or infectious agents within a given geographic area or population group. It may also refer to the usual prevalence of a given disease with such area or group. It includes holoendemic and hyperendemic diseases. A holoendemic disease is one for which a high prevalent level of infection begins early in life and affects most of the child population, leading to a state of equilibrium such that the adult population shows evidence of the disease much less commonly than do children (malaria in many communities is a holoendemic disease). A hyperendemic disease is one that is constantly present at a high incidence and/or prevalence rate and affects all groups equally. (Last, A Dictionary of Epidemiology, 3d ed, p53, 78, 80)
A multistage process that includes cloning, physical mapping, subcloning, determination of the DNA SEQUENCE, and information analysis.
Genotypic differences observed among individuals in a population.
A measure of the quality of health care by assessment of unsuccessful results of management and procedures used in combating disease, in individual cases or series.
Conversations with an individual or individuals held in order to obtain information about their background and other personal biographical data, their attitudes and opinions, etc. It includes school admission or job interviews.
A set of statistical methods used to group variables or observations into strongly inter-related subgroups. In epidemiology, it may be used to analyze a closely grouped series of events or cases of disease or other health-related phenomenon with well-defined distribution patterns in relation to time or place or both.
The integration of epidemiologic, sociological, economic, and other analytic sciences in the study of health services. Health services research is usually concerned with relationships between need, demand, supply, use, and outcome of health services. The aim of the research is evaluation, particularly in terms of structure, process, output, and outcome. (From Last, Dictionary of Epidemiology, 2d ed)
MYCOBACTERIUM infections of the lung.
A method of data collection and a QUALITATIVE RESEARCH tool in which a small group of individuals are brought together and allowed to interact in a discussion of their opinions about topics, issues, or questions.
Evaluation undertaken to assess the results or consequences of management and procedures used in combating disease in order to determine the efficacy, effectiveness, safety, and practicability of these interventions in individual cases or series.
Diseases due to or propagated by sexual contact.
Therapy with two or more separate preparations given for a combined effect.
Simultaneous resistance to several structurally and functionally distinct drugs.
Sexual activities of humans.
An aspect of personal behavior or lifestyle, environmental exposure, or inborn or inherited characteristic, which, on the basis of epidemiologic evidence, is known to be associated with a health-related condition considered important to prevent.
Studies designed to assess the efficacy of programs. They may include the evaluation of cost-effectiveness, the extent to which objectives are met, or impact.
An infant during the first month after birth.
A variety of simple repeat sequences that are distributed throughout the GENOME. They are characterized by a short repeat unit of 2-8 basepairs that is repeated up to 100 times. They are also known as short tandem repeats (STRs).
Any part or derivative of any protozoan that elicits immunity; malaria (Plasmodium) and trypanosome antigens are presently the most frequently encountered.
Men and women working in the provision of health services, whether as individual practitioners or employees of health institutions and programs, whether or not professionally trained, and whether or not subject to public regulation. (From A Discursive Dictionary of Health Care, 1976)
Any of the infectious diseases of man and other animals caused by species of MYCOBACTERIUM.
Binary classification measures to assess test results. Sensitivity or recall rate is the proportion of true positives. Specificity is the probability of correctly determining the absence of a condition. (From Last, Dictionary of Epidemiology, 2d ed)
The frequency of different ages or age groups in a given population. The distribution may refer to either how many or what proportion of the group. The population is usually patients with a specific disease but the concept is not restricted to humans and is not restricted to medicine.
Small-scale tests of methods and procedures to be used on a larger scale if the pilot study demonstrates that these methods and procedures can work.
Ribonucleic acid that makes up the genetic material of viruses.
Descriptions of specific amino acid, carbohydrate, or nucleotide sequences which have appeared in the published literature and/or are deposited in and maintained by databanks such as GENBANK, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), National Biomedical Research Foundation (NBRF), or other sequence repositories.
The return of a sign, symptom, or disease after a remission.
Substances that reduce the growth or reproduction of BACTERIA.
Observation of a population for a sufficient number of persons over a sufficient number of years to generate incidence or mortality rates subsequent to the selection of the study group.
Immunoglobulins produced in response to VIRAL ANTIGENS.
An immunoassay utilizing an antibody labeled with an enzyme marker such as horseradish peroxidase. While either the enzyme or the antibody is bound to an immunosorbent substrate, they both retain their biologic activity; the change in enzyme activity as a result of the enzyme-antibody-antigen reaction is proportional to the concentration of the antigen and can be measured spectrophotometrically or with the naked eye. Many variations of the method have been developed.
The status during which female mammals carry their developing young (EMBRYOS or FETUSES) in utero before birth, beginning from FERTILIZATION to BIRTH.
The ratio of two odds. The exposure-odds ratio for case control data is the ratio of the odds in favor of exposure among cases to the odds in favor of exposure among noncases. The disease-odds ratio for a cohort or cross section is the ratio of the odds in favor of disease among the exposed to the odds in favor of disease among the unexposed. The prevalence-odds ratio refers to an odds ratio derived cross-sectionally from studies of prevalent cases.
Studies used to test etiologic hypotheses in which inferences about an exposure to putative causal factors are derived from data relating to characteristics of persons under study or to events or experiences in their past. The essential feature is that some of the persons under study have the disease or outcome of interest and their characteristics are compared with those of unaffected persons.
Studies in which individuals or populations are followed to assess the outcome of exposures, procedures, or effects of a characteristic, e.g., occurrence of disease.
The sequence of PURINES and PYRIMIDINES in nucleic acids and polynucleotides. It is also called nucleotide sequence.

Enhancing health programme efficiency: a Cambodian case study. (1/469)

In 1995, the Cambodian Urban Health Care Association (CUHCA) was set up as facilitator between private health care providers and patients, guaranteeing good quality health care and fair pricing to patients and providing training and logistic support to providers. Providers were engaged on a fee-for-service basis and competition encouraged. CUHCA's objectives followed the same line of thought as the 1993 World Development Report, aiming at influencing the unregulated private health care market through competition mechanisms. But soon after the start of the project the basic problem was recognized to be not the absence of effective government regulation but rather that consumers lack the requisite knowledge to make good choices in the market for health services. CUHCA had not adequately addressed the demand for health services. The original supply-side strategy of improving health services by increasing competition was a failure. In order to improve CUHCA's health programme efficiency the association's objectives were subsequently redefined and its functioning reorganized. CUHCA now tries to educate consumers and provides good quality services so that consumers will be able to act on the basis of their newly acquired knowledge. CUHCA's health centres serve as model clinics for first-line health care. Community educators organize information, education and communication (IEC) activities. Staff help school teachers to improve formal health education in schools and CUHCA assists local leaders in sanitation development. Only full-time personnel are employed, encouraging team spirit and communication with the target population. Salaries are based on team performance. The CUHCA programme demonstrates that, depending on the market situation, health programme models need to address both the supply and the demand for services in order to be efficient. Where consumers lack essential knowledge to make appropriate choices in the health service market, interventions should focus on health education and social marketing and provide models of quality care catering to informed consumer choice.  (+info)

Mental health care in Cambodia. (2/469)

An effort is being made in Cambodia to involve grass-roots personnel in the integration of the care of the mentally ill into a broad framework of health services. This undertaking is examined with particular reference to the work of the Transcultural Psychosocial Organization.  (+info)

Cervical cancer screening among Cambodian-American women. (3/469)

Southeast Asian women have higher invasive cervical cancer incidence rates and lower Pap testing frequencies than most other racial/ethnic groups in the United States. However, there is little information about the cervical cancer screening behavior of Cambodian-American women. Cambodian residents of Seattle were surveyed in person during late 1997 and early 1998. The PRECEDE model was used to guide the development of items that assessed predisposing, reinforcing, and enabling factors associated with cervical cancer screening participation. The estimated overall survey response was 72%. Four hundred thirteen women completed our questionnaire. Approximately one-quarter (24%) of the respondents had never had a Pap test, and over one-half (53%) had not been screened recently. The following variables were positively associated with a history of at least one Pap smear: younger age, greater number of years since immigration, belief about Pap testing for postmenopausal women, prenatal care in the United States, and physician recommendation. Women who believed in karma were less likely to have ever been screened for cervical cancer than those who did not. Six variables independently predicted recent screening: age; beliefs about regular checkups, cervical cancer screening for sexually inactive women, and the prolongation of life; having a female doctor; and a previous physician recommendation for Pap testing. The study findings indicate that culturally specific approaches might be effective in modifying the cervical cancer screening behavior of immigrant women. Programs targeting Cambodian-Americans are likely to be more effective if they are multifaceted and simultaneously address predisposing, reinforcing, and enabling factors.  (+info)

Sexual behaviour of commercial sex workers and their clients in Cambodia. Japan-Cambodia Collaborating Research Group. (4/469)

OBJECTIVE: This study surveyed the sexual behaviour of commercial sex workers and their clients in an attempt to identify factors of transmission of STDs (including HIV/AIDS) and to control their epidemics in Cambodia and South-East Asia. DESIGN: Cross-sectional study. SETTING: Trained questioners asked items of the questionnaires to each objective subject in December 1996. Data were analysed to show the descriptive status by risk group of each person. PARTICIPANTS: 200 direct commercial sex workers, 220 indirect commercial sex workers, and 211 clients in Phnom Penh. RESULTS: Prostitution was widely accepted by both young males and females, and this was an easy way for young girls to obtain money. Although commercial sex workers and clients were knowledgeable about prevention methods against STDs, they seldom used condoms. Some commercial sex workers had been infected with STDs many times, and many of them incompletely treated the diseases by themselves. Social support from governmental and non-governmental organisation was poor. CONCLUSIONS: It is very important to support both commercial sex workers in practicing preventive methods against STDs and also visiting physicians when they notice symptoms of STDs. It is strongly recommended that not only governmental but also non-governmental organisations should be more active in this area.  (+info)

Circumstances around weapon injury in Cambodia after departure of a peacekeeping force: prospective cohort study. (5/469)

OBJECTIVE: To examine the circumstances surrounding weapon injury and combatant status of those injured by weapons. DESIGN: Prospective cohort study. SETTING: Northwestern Cambodia after departure of United Nations peacekeeping force. SUBJECTS: 863 people admitted to hospital for weapon injuries over 12 months. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Annual incidence of weapon injury by time period; proportions of injuries inflicted as a result of interfactional combat (combat injuries) and outside such combat (non-combat injuries) by combatant status and weapon type. RESULTS: The annual incidence of weapon injuries was higher than the rate observed before the peacekeeping operation. 30% of weapon injuries occurred in contexts other than interfactional combat. Most commonly these were firearm injuries inflicted intentionally on civilians. Civilians accounted for 71% of those with non-combat injuries, 42% of those with combat related injuries, and 51% of those with weapon injuries of either type. CONCLUSIONS: The incidence of weapon injuries remained high when the disarmament component of a peacekeeping operation achieved only limited success. Furthermore, injuries occurring outside the context of interfactional combat accounted for a substantial proportion of all weapon injuries, were experienced disproportionately by civilians, and were most likely to entail the intentional use of a firearm against a civilian.  (+info)

Foci of Schistosomiasis mekongi, Northern Cambodia: II. Distribution of infection and morbidity. (6/469)

In the province of Kracheh, in Northern Cambodia, a baseline epidemiological survey on Schistosoma mekongi was conducted along the Mekong River between December 1994 and April 1995. The results of household surveys of highly affected villages of the East and the West bank of the river and of school surveys in 20 primary schools are presented. In household surveys 1396 people were examined. An overall prevalence of infection of 49.3% was detected by a single stool examination with the Kato-Katz technique. The overall intensity of infection was 118.2 eggs per gram of stool (epg). There was no difference between the population of the east and west shore of the Mekong for prevalence (P = 0.3) or intensity (P = 0.9) of infection. Severe morbidity was very frequent. Hepatomegaly of the left lobe was detected in 48.7% of the population. Splenomegaly was seen in 26.8% of the study participants. Visible diverted circulation was found in 7.2% of the population, and ascites in 0.1%. Significantly more hepatomegaly (P = 0.001), splenomegaly (P = 0. 001) and patients with diverted circulation (P = 0.001) were present on the west bank of the Mekong. The age group of 10-14 years was most affected. The prevalence of infection in this group was 71.8% and 71.9% in the population of the West and East of the Mekong, respectively. The intensity of infection was 172.4 and 194.2 epg on the West and the East bank, respectively. In the peak age group hepatomegaly reached a prevalence of 88.1% on the west and 82.8% on the east bank. In the 20 schools 2391 children aged 6-16 years were examined. The overall prevalence of infection was 40.0%, ranging from 7.7% to 72.9% per school. The overalls mean intensity of infection was 110.1 epg (range by school: 26.7-187.5 epg). Both prevalence (P = 0.001) and intensity of infection (P = 0.001) were significantly higher in schools on the east side of the Mekong. Hepatomegaly (55.2%), splenomegaly (23.6%), diverted circulation (4. 1%), ascites (0.5%), reported blood (26.7%) and mucus (24.3%) were very frequent. Hepatomegaly (P = 0.001), splenomegaly (P = 0.001), diverted circulation (P = 0.001) and blood in stool (P = 0.001) were significantly more frequent in schools of the east side of the Mekong. Boys suffered more frequently from splenomegaly (P = 0.05), ascites (P = 0.05) and bloody stools (P = 0.004) than girls. No difference in sex was found for the prevalence and intensity of infection and prevalence of hepatomegaly. On the school level prevalence and intensity of infection were highly associated (r = 0. 93, P = 0.0001). The intensity of infection was significantly associated only with the prevalence of hepatomegaly (r = 0.44, P = 0. 05) and blood in stool (r = 0.40, P = 0.02). This comprehensive epidemiological study documents for the first time the public health importance of schistosomiasis mekongi in the Province of Kracheh, Northern Cambodia and points at key epidemiological features of this schistosome species, in particular the high level of morbidity associated with infection.  (+info)

Rehabilitating health services in Cambodia: the challenge of coordination in chronic political emergencies. (7/469)

The end of the Cold War brought with it opportunities to resolve a number of conflicts around the world, including those in Angola, Cambodia, El Salvador and Mozambique. International political efforts to negotiate peace in these countries were accompanied by significant aid programmes ostensibly designed to redress the worst effects of conflict and to contribute to the consolidation of peace. Such periods of political transition, and associated aid inflows, constitute an opportunity to improve health services in countries whose health indicators have been among the worst in the world and where access to basic health services is significantly diminished by war. This paper analyzes the particular constraints to effective coordination of health sector aid in situations of 'post'-conflict transition. These include: the uncertain legitimacy and competence of state structures; donor choice of implementing channels; and actions by national and international political actors which served to undermine coordination mechanisms in order to further their respective agendas. These obstacles hindered efforts by health professionals to establish an effective coordination regime, for example, through NGO mapping and the establishment of aid coordinating committees at national and provincial levels. These technical measures were unable to address the basic constitutional question of who had the authority to determine the distribution of scarce resources during a period of transition in political authority. The peculiar difficulties of establishing effective coordination mechanisms are important to address if the long-term effectiveness of rehabilitation aid is to be enhanced.  (+info)

Cross-sectional study on risk factors of HIV among female commercial sex workers in Cambodia. (8/469)

To describe epidemiological features on HIV prevalence among female commercial sex workers (CSWs), a cross-sectional study on sexual behaviour and serological prevalence was carried out in Cambodia. The CSWs were interviewed on their demographic characters and behaviour and their blood samples were taken for testing on sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, Chlamydia trachomatis, syphilis, and hepatitis B. Associations between risk factors and HIV seropositivity were analysed. High seroprevalence of HIV and Chlamydia trachomatis IgG antibody (CT-IgG-Ab) was shown among the CSWs (54 and 81.7%, respectively). Univariate logistic regression analyses showed an association between HIV seropositivity and age, duration of prostitution, the number of clients per day and CT-IgG-Ab. Especially, high-titre chlamydial seropositivity showed a strong significant association with HIV prevalence. In multiple logistic regression analyses, CT-IgG-Ab with higher titre was significantly independently related to HIV infection. These suggest that existence of Chlamydia trachomatis is highly related to HIV prevalence.  (+info)

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Health officials in Phnom Penh are setting off alarm bells in the hopes that city residents will not get caught up in what experts on dengue fever predict will be a major epidemic in the capital in less than three months. The last of the major dengue epidemics, which are known to occur throughout the Southeast Asian region every two or three years, hit Cambodia in 1990. More than 7,241 cases were reported nationwide and more than 330 people died from the mosquito-born viral disease. About 4,000 cases and 159 fatalities were reported in Phnom Penh alone. We are very concerned about dengue fever, said Dr. Jean Paul Menu of the World Health Organization (WHO). Soon we will be entering the hot season and an epidemic will come. If we dont do enough between now and May it will be too late for some (prevention) activities.
The culture of the ethnic Khmer is fairly homogeneous throughout their geographic range. Regional dialects exist, but are mutually intelligible. The standard is based on the dialect spoken throughout the Central Plain,[29] a region encompassed by the northwest and central provinces. The varieties of Khmer spoken in this region are representative of the speech of the majority of the population. A unique and immediately recognizable dialect has developed in Phnom Penh that, due to the citys status as the national capital, has been modestly affected by recent French and Vietnamese influence. Other dialects are Northern Khmer dialect, called Khmer Surin by Cambodians, spoken by over a million Khmer native to Northeast Thailand and Khmer Krom spoken by the millions of Khmer native to the Mekong Delta regions of Vietnam adjacent to Cambodia and their descendants abroad. A little-studied dialect known as Western Khmer, or Cardamom Khmer, is spoken by a small, isolated population in the Cardamom ...
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Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Richard Matthew Davies, a 28 year old British Expat from Royal Leamington Spa has died from what police have speculated was a morphine overdose. Richard has been teaching in Phnom Penh and is the husband of Katie Williams , the ..
Hello Phnom Penh Well Im in Phnom Penh now.. the capital of Cambodia. I did get on a bus headed for Komphong Cham, in fact we stopped there, and I opted to pay an extra $2 US to take me to the capital instead... Im not sure why I changed plains... but I just didnt feel like staying there - call it a vibe? But I just wasnt keen, so I headed for the capital. The bus trip took about 9 to 10 hours including stops, I sorta phased out near the end, and dropped me in the middle of town (or should I say city, apparently the population here is about 1 million?) - and after that I grabbed a tuk tuk to the Boeng Kak Lakeside district, AKA backpacker hell (and of course Ive already been offered fiky-fik/boom-boom/brown (heroin?),marijuana, opimun and coke. At any rate I had a squiz at the
Full-day Tours in Phnom Penh: Check out 3 reviews and photos of Viators Full-Day Phnom Penh City Tour with S21 and Killing Field and the Royal Palace
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The flights. Emirates flies from Dubai to Phnom Penh via Yangon from Dh2,700 return including taxes. Cambodia Bayon Airlines and Cambodia Angkor Air offer return flights from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap from Dh250 return including taxes. The flight takes about 45 minutes.. The hotels. Rooms at the Raffles Le Royal in Phnom Penh cost from $225 (Dh826) per night including taxes. Rooms at the Grand Hotel dAngkor cost from $261 (Dh960) per night including taxes.. The tours. A cyclo architecture tour of Phnom Penh costs from $20 (Dh75) per person for about three hours, with Khmer Architecture Tours. Tailor-made tours of all of Cambodia, or sites like Angkor alone, can be arranged by About Asia Travel. Emirates Holidays also offers packages. ...
Standard Khmer, or Central Khmer, the language as taught in Cambodian schools and used by the media, is based on the dialect spoken throughout the Central Plain,[20] a region encompassed by the northwest and central provinces.. Northern Khmer (called Khmer Surin in Khmer) refers to the dialects spoken by many in several border provinces of present-day northeast Thailand. After the fall of the Khmer Empire in the early 15th century, the Dongrek Mountains served as a natural border leaving the Khmer north of the mountains under the sphere of influence of the Kingdom of Lan Xang. The conquests of Cambodia by Naresuan the Great for Ayutthaya furthered their political and economic isolation from Cambodia proper, leading to a dialect that developed relatively independently from the midpoint of the Middle Khmer period.[21] This has resulted in a distinct accent influenced by the surrounding tonal languages Lao and Thai, lexical differences, and phonemic differences in both vowels and distribution of ...
Our Khmer language learning program will greatly enhance your language learning experience, making it more effective and truly enjoyable. A part of what you will be learning in your study of Khmer is culture. Because Khmer language and culture are different from the Western world, we use the internet (www.seasite.niu.edu/Khmer) to make the exotic sounds and rich images from authentic Khmer sources easily available both inside and outside the classroom. We provide students with interactive activities, enhanced language learning and culture competency. The use of the internet also entices students to explore Khmer language learning at their own pace and to maximize their learning experience. At the end of the first year of intensive Khmer, the students should be able to make their most basic needs and desires known to Cambodians in a variety of social and cultural situations reflecting the topical areas covered in this course. Students will be able to comprehend basic spoken and written Khmer and ...
Dear Editor, We are gravely disappointed by the transcription of interview of Ms. Rita Reddy, new director of the United Nations Cambodia office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNCHR), on violence in Cambodia (Phnom Penh Post, 17-30 March 2000). This is a critical insult to the Cambodian People, especially to Cambodian women as mothers and sisters for the future of Cambodia.
In 2009, Srey Mom entered a leadership program started by the Cambodian Childrens Fund (CCF) that helped lift her out of poverty.
7 Min. Read* EXPLICIT CONTENT In Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, there exists a place called Tuol Sleng. A security prison used by the Khmer Rouge regime between 1975-1979. During these years, an estimated 20,000 people were imprisioned here and subjected to brutal interrogation, torture and execution by their captors. By 1979, only 7…
Despite being liberated from the Khmer Rouge by the Vietnamese back in 1979, Phnom Penh has long remained a bit rough. However, things are improving, though roads remain shabby, traffic chaotic and electricity strained.
Despite being liberated from the Khmer Rouge by the Vietnamese back in 1979, Phnom Penh has long remained a bit rough. However, things are improving, though roads remain shabby, traffic chaotic and electricity strained.
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We studied spatial and temporal variation in 20-23 Aedes aegypti samples collected in Phnom Penh and its suburbs to estimate the population genetic structure
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Nop, S., and A. Thornton. 2019. Urban resilience building in modern development: a case of Phnom Penh City, Cambodia. Ecology and Society 24(2):23. https://doi.org/10.5751/ES-10860-240223
Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (Google Maps). The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum is a museum in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. The site is a former...
A study by the Ministry of the Environment of Cambodia estimated that 20% of the total daily vegetable consumption of Phnom Penh comes from BC Ek Lake and two smaller wetlands within the city (Muong, 2004). Therefore these waste water fed aquatic vegetables are, despite their potential health risks, very important in supplying the citys vegetable markets and thus meeting the demands of the growing population…
5th Mt.Bandai & Pan-Pacific Joint Neurosurgical Convention (JNC2016), April 7 to 10 at Phnom Penh Hotel, Participation and Workshop ...
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The mysterious illness that has killed dozens of Cambodian children may be a deadly strain of hand, foot and mouth disease, a common childhood illness, according to health officials
The mysterious illness that has killed dozens of Cambodian children may be a deadly strain of hand, foot and mouth disease, a common childhood illness, according to health officials
TY - CHAP. T1 - Improving access to safe delivery for poor pregnant women. T2 - a case study of vouchers plus health equity funds in three health districts in Cambodia. AU - Ir, Por. AU - Horeman, D. AU - Narin, S. AU - Van Damme, W. N1 - ITG-H1B; ITG-HLA; HEALTH; U-HPF; PDF; DSPACE; IS2. PY - 2008. Y1 - 2008. KW - B780-tropical-medicine. KW - Health services-needs and demand. KW - Maternal health services. KW - Obstetric services. KW - Emergency obstetric care. KW - Accessibility. KW - Affordability. KW - Charge exemptions. KW - Vouchers. KW - Health equity funds (HEF). KW - Impact assessment. KW - Home births. KW - Health facility births. KW - Utilization. KW - Barriers. KW - Quality of care. KW - Public health services. KW - Private health care. KW - Transportation of patients. KW - Health personnel. KW - Attitudes. KW - Cambodia. KW - Asia-Southeast. M3 - Chapter. SN - 1370-6462. SN - 978-9076070001. T3 - Studies in Health Services Organisation & Policy; 24. SP - 225. EP - 255. BT - ...
On June 6th, the faces of the residents of the White Building showed the sadness of what were their last days home. During those days, people were rushing to say goodbye to each other, using up every last second in conversations about what it had been like to live in this legendary building for so many years. This was the end; the life of what has probably been the most charismatic building in Phnom Penh came to an end, and with it, the community that has filled this place with magic for so many years. Designed in 1963, the White Building - the summit of what was the new urban plan of Phnom Penh - will be converted into a 21-story building filled with luxury apartments, parking lots, and commercial areas. The end of the White Building symbolizes what has been in recent years a loss of identity in Phnom Penh, with the destruction of the traditional Khmer and colonial buildings, which has completely transformed the skyline of the city, with most of it yet to some. Photography: ©
AIM SWAT and Cambodian law enforcement launched a covert surveillance operation after learning that minors were being sold for sex to customers at a hair salon in central Phnom Penh. This information was confirmed one month later and a raid of the premise was authorized by the Phnom Penh prosecutor.. With the support of the AIM SWAT Team, officers of the Phnom Penh Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police (AHTJPP) conducted the raid on February 27th where 1 minor girl and 5 adult women were rescued, followed by the arrest of 2 suspects. After interviews and the search and seizure of evidence, the salon was officially closed by local authorities and both suspects were charged with sex trafficking-related offenses. They have been remanded pending their upcoming trail.. The adult women survivors were transferred to the Government Social Affairs office while the minor is being treated and cared for at the AIM Restoration Home and will be represented by AIMs legal team throughout the ...
BACKGROUND: Anemia is highly prevalent in Cambodian women and children, but data on causes of anemia are scarce. We performed a national micronutrient survey in children and women that was linked to the Cambodian Demographic Health Survey 2014 (CDHS-2014) to assess the prevalence of micronutrient deficiency, hemoglobin disorders and intestinal parasite infection.. METHODS: One-sixth of households from the CDHS-2014 were selected for a follow-up visit for the micronutrient survey. Households were visited from two weeks to two months after the CDHS-2014 visit. Data on micronutrient status were available for 1512 subjects (792 children and 720 women).. RESULTS: Anemia was found in 43% of the women and 53% of the children. Hemoglobin disorders affected ,50% of the population, with Hemoglobin-E the most prevalent disorder. Deficiencies of iron (ferritin , 15 g/L), vitamin A (retinol-binding-protein (RBP) , 0.70 mol/L) or vitamin B12 (,150 pmol/L) were not prevalent in the women (,5% for all), whereas ...
English version below text). This September, the Khmer Health Board is hosting its first ever, health fair to address health disparities in the local Khmer community in the greater Seattle area. The health fair will incorporate free health screenings, wellness services, and resource/education promotion to engage understanding on how to support Khmer American health needs. The Khmer Health Boards mission is to advocate for health equity in their Khmer community by addressing the institutional and systemic barriers that impact the health, safety and well-being of the community.. The goal of the health fair is to improve the Khmer Seattle communities access to much-needed health screening, health education or other preventative services related to oral health, diabetes, immunizations, housing services, and counseling/mental services among others. Historically, Khmer American refugees have overall worse health outcomes than any other non-refugee Asian immigrant. Even decades after resettlement, ...
TOP 20 MOST FAMOUS HISTORICAL REMNANTS IN INDOCHINA. 1. Angkor Archaeological Park, Siem Reap, Cambodia. 2. Central Sector of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long - Hanoi, Hanoi, Vietnam. 3. Citadel of the Ho Dynasty, Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam. 4. Complex of Hue Monuments, Thua Thien - Hue province, Vietnam. 5. Con Dao prison, Ba Ria Vung Tau province, Vietnam. 6. Cu Chi tunnel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 7. Dien Bien Phu Battlefield of relic Complex, Dien Bien province, Vietnam. 8. Independence Palace, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 9. Pha That Luang, Vientiane, Laos. 10. Plain of Jars, Xieng Khoang, Laos. 11. Royal Palace, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 12. Temple of Preah Vihear, Preah Vihear province, Cambodia. 13. The Killing Fields of Choeung Ek, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 14. The Patuxai Victory Monument, Vientiane, Laos. 15. The Temple of Literature, Hanoi, Vietnam. 16. Town of Luang Prabang, Luang Prabang, Laos. 17. Town of Oudong, Kampong Speu Province, Cambodia. 18. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Phnom ...
Cambodia is a major target of the global landgrabbing surge that began in March this year when the world food crisis was at its peak. High-ranking foreign delegations have regularly been visiting Phnom Penh, looking to strike deals for access to land to produce food for export back to their countries. Overall, as much as $3 billion in agricultural investments are currently being negotiated with the Cambodian government in return for millions of hectares in land concessions. The largest deal so far is a bilateral deal with Kuwait involving a $546 million loan in exchange for a 70-90 year lease covering a large area of rice lands, where Kuwait will organise production for export back home. Meanwhile, over 100,000 Cambodian families lack food and many more are directly at risk from the escalating government-backed land evictions happening across the country. ...
It was an honour to meet with Prime Minister Hun Sen and I thank him for his gracious welcome to the Kingdom of Cambodia, said Faldo. This is a large site and offers real flexibility to create two completely contrasting golf courses. We believe the Vattanac Golf Resort in Phnom Penh will complement our existing championship course at Angkor Golf Resort in Siem Reap and further raise the standard for golf in Cambodia, attracting more visitors to the country from across the region ...
all sages. All the existing materials on Cambodian poetry indicate that only those traditional meters of the early periods have specific designations in their usages, as described earlier. The more modern meters of longer forms, consisting of twenty-eight syllables or more, have been used in various situations according to the poets intention. Of all sources, only Pich 1987 and Sam 1988 mention the pathya vat meter--one which serves as the basis of about seventy percent of all Cambodian song texts. The pathya vat meter, as well as Cambodian poetry as a whole, is perhaps known more to teachers and students of the Faculty of Choreographic Arts of the Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh than to others, as it was taught there by the respected professor and former monk Mr. Thach Prang (poetry class: 1970s). Cambodian poems are written to be read aloud, but are more often recited. As recitation could perhaps be considered the most ancient form of utterance which transmits, for instance, the ...
Teaching humanity? Sent from my SM-G570Y using Tapatalk Social Studies to we older folk. I thought it was the humanities that were taught and humanity was a pre-requisite for attending such institutions. Sent from my SM-G570Y using Tapatalk Okay, I ..
Existing ready-to-use supplementary and therapeutic foods (RUSFs and RUTFs) have had limited acceptance and effectiveness in Cambodia. This has hampered the treatment and prevention of child malnutrition. An innovative, locally produced, multiple micronutrient fortified lipid-based nutrient supplement (LNS) has been developed for use as an RUSF. Unlike most RUSFs, which contain milk, this product contains fish as the animal protein. Few RUSFs have been formulated using non-milk animal-source foods and they have not been widely tested. An acceptability trial that was conducted on this novel RUSF in June 2015 demonstrated that children will eat the RUSF and that caregivers will feed it to their children. The current trial aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the RUSF in preventing growth faltering and improving micronutrient status in Cambodian children. This trial is a six-month, prospective, cluster randomised, non-blinded controlled trial among infants in peri-urban Phnom Penh. The trial aims to
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The 17 days Cambodia and Vietnam tour covers Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Chau Doc, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue, Hanoi, Sapa and Halong Bay and you will enjoy Angkor Wat, Tuol Sleng Genocide, Mekong River, Reunification Palace, General Post Office, Hoi An Old Town, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Sapa trekking…
Google Cambodian restaurant Melbourne and just nine options come up. Three are traditional. Five are walking distance from each other in Springvale. In fact My Cambodia, Tasty Cambodian and Lemongrass Restaurant are all in a row on Buckingham Avenue.. While Melburnians are relatively well versed in pho, bun and banh mi, we dont really know our amok from our samlor korko. I know Cambodian food has similarities to Vietnamese and Thai cuisine because its wedged between the two countries, but thats about it. So I enlisted chef Jerry Mai to educate me. And by that I mean I crashed her regular mother-daughter lunch at My Cambodia.. Jerry, who has Bia Hoi restaurant in Glen Waverley and multiple Pho Nom venues, is Vietnamese. Her parents were born in Vietnam, but her father was raised in Cambodia. Growing up, their table was filled with Cambodian food. Her mother still cooks it.. Jerrys mum insists that My Cambodia is the best of the Cambodian restaurants in Springvale. It seats about 25 people ...
Friday, November 18 5:15 PM - 5:30 PM Hilton, Room: Salon B Presenting Author: Devon Hinton Harvard Medical School Cultural frames influence radically the experiencing of such disorders as trauma, panic disorder, and schizophrenia. In this talk, I will show how cultural frames shape the Khmer experiencing of trauma, leading to a great emphasis on supernatural visitation.…
Brazen Bunch: Dengue Fevers version of Joni Mitchells Both Sides Now appeared on the City of Ghosts soundtrack. Holiday in Cambodia Dengue Fever forges on in face of language barriers and terrorist sweeps By Matt Reed DENGUE FEVERS oft-told creation story goes something like this: Musically inclined guy from Southern California backpacks through Southeast Asia for a few months. On his way to Angkor Wat, he hears a unique sound blaring from a tape player on the street the sound of smoothly crooned 1960s Cambodian pop, with hints of surf guitar and dreamy saxophone solos. His traveling companion comes down with dengue fever, an infectious disease spread by mosquitoes, but guy is simultaneously struck with inspiration and returns to Los Angeles with an idea and an armful of secondhand cassettes. That was Ethan Holtzman, now the bands Farfisa organ player. Part II of the bands creation story comes later, in Long Beachs Little Phnom Penh neighborhood, where Holtzman and his brother, Zac, a ...
Aid has been successful in treating malaria in South-East Asia. However, a new drug-resistant strain on the rise reignites concerns around the disease. Artemisinin-resistant malaria has the potential to undermine malaria prevention and was first recorded in the Mekong River region of Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. In 2014 and 2015, studies conducted by Vietnams National Malaria Control Program found treatment failure rates ranging from 26% to 46%.. From the perspectives of non-profits and medical experts, the rise of this new Artemisinin-resistant malaria in South-East Asia means surveillance efforts must be bolstered to prevent global spread. Likewise, instead of merely treating already-present cases, the goal must be preventing transmission in the first place. According to Chris Plowe, the director of the Duke Global Health Institute, is using all the tools available to the institute to eliminate aggressive malaria in the Greater Mekong subregion.. Overall, direct aid, community mobilization ...
Author: Koemsoeun Soth, The Phnom Penh Post. EU calls for improved government resolution of land disputes, 27 December 2018. An EU delegation and civil society groups have called for better action on land disputes in Cambodia, even as the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction outlined its plans to offer speedier solutions to remaining disputes .... First counsellor of the EU delegation in Cambodia Simone Pieri said land disputes remain a critical issue, adding that the EU received many dispute petitions related to economic land concessions .... Ensuring progress in the resolution of land disputes remains one of the highest political priorities of the EUs relations with the Cambodian government, Pieri said.. At the 10th EU-Cambodia Joint Committee, …, the EU also expressed its concerns over allegations of land grabbing related to economic land concessions for sugar plantations.. It reiterated that respect of human and labour rights is embedded as a prerequisite in ...
Cambodia - Civil war: In March 1970, while Prince Sihanouk was visiting the Soviet Union, the National Assembly voted to remove him from office as head of state. Lon Nol subsequently took control of the government. Confused and hurt, Sihanouk traveled to Beijing and accepted Chinese advice to resist the coup by taking charge of a united front government-in-exile. That government was to be allied with China and North Vietnam and was to use the Cambodian communist forces led by Saloth Sar, which only a few days before had been fighting against Sihanouks army. In Phnom Penh, Lon Nols new government was initially popular,
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By Tessa Collier, Undergraduate Nursing Student. Today, the undergraduate nursing students went back to Hope Hospital here in Phnom Penh while the graduate nursing students went on home visits in the area. This morning eleven students and our three professors piled into the hospital van with several huge, military green duffel bags full of supplies to donate to the hospital. Dr. Massie led a Memorial Day themed devotion en route. When we arrived, we walked into the lobby to take a group photo with all of our donations. I have noticed that so many people want to take photos with us, and I have not encountered that on previous study abroad and mission trips I have been on.. Our group of eight students split into two, and we were led on a tour of the hospital. We were informed that Hope is known throughout the country for providing excellent care, and Cambodian nursing students love having the opportunity to learn at the hospital. Our guide explained to us how the hospital used to take pride in ...
Destinations: Vientiane - Luang Prabang - Pak Ou cave - Hanoi - Halong - Danang - Hoi An - Hue - Ho Chi Minh - Siem Reap - Phnom Penh ...
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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), illness and death in the majority of cases in Cambodia has been due to a severe form of hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD) related to Enterovirus 71, which is seen in many countries worldwide.. The illness has mostly been found in Cambodias capital city of Phnom Penh and its vicinity, including along the Mekong River. The situation there is currently under WHO supervision, Dr Pasakorn said.. In Thailand, the outbreak has occurred mainly in the central and the northeastern areas, followed by the north and south, in nurseries and kindergarten schools. Most patients are children of 3-5 years old, bur the symptoms are also found in some children older than age 5.. The Epidemiology Bureau director said his organisation is speeding up measures for disease control and prevention. Clear guidance for setting up a provincial centre to monitor hand-foot-mouth disease will be given for further cooperation in the province.. ...
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The present study showed that dengue and other febrile illnesses have a substantial financial impact on households in a rural province of Cambodia. Direct medical costs accounted for about 50% of the economic impact; the remaining 50% included non-medical costs of caring for the ill child and actual loss of income due to work loss or the need to pay someone to take care of their rice fields. To pay these costs, two-thirds of households had to borrow money and 25% had to sell assets or use their savings.. This study assessed the cost of a dengue febrile illness irrespective of whether the person was hospitalized or not. This distinction is particularly important to a country because the greater burden of disease is due to persons cared for as outpatients [4], yet most published dengue cost-of-illness studies have focused on hospitalized patients [6, 8-10]. As expected, the total costs to the household increased dramatically if the child was hospitalized, but at US$ 14, the cost of ...
Arrive at Siem Reap International Airport located in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Airport Code: REP. Multiple airport transfers will be available and will be based on the arrival times of the majority. Upon arrival, the team will be transferred to accommodations and have the rest of the day/evening to relax and/or explore.. Once the flight for the field service veterinarian is booked, it will be shared with you via email. Once you have booked your flight, please send your flight information (i.e. arrival/departure time, airline carrier, flight number) to [email protected] Please send your flight information no later than October 13th, 2019.. *Please be advised that volunteers may have to start traveling one or even two days earlier in order to arrive in Siem Reap on November 13th.. ...
A feasibility study on waste-to-energy plant has been proposed to be conducted in Siem Reap province, aiming to convert waste to energy and keep the city clean.
Over a number of years, GRET has established a programme for combating malnutrition in children aged between 6 and 24 months old in Cambodia and Myanmar through the local production and distribution of supplemental food, in addition to increasing awareness of good food, hygiene and healthcare practices. With our support, following successful initiatives in Madagascar and trials in West Africa, GRET will be able to make the actions it has launched in Asia sustainable through a pilot scheme trialling an innovative female entrepreneurship model, centred on implementing a system for selling ready-to-eat fortified porridge in the vulnerable neighbourhoods of Phnom Penh and Yangon.. ...
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The governments Disability Action Council (DAC) on Monday announced that it would be including speech therapy in its strategic plan for the next four years to address the problem of speech and swallowing disorders.. DAC Secretary-General Em Chan Makara said the decision comes after research, conducted by the Capacity Building of People with a Disability in the Community Organization (Cabdico), found that communication and swallowing disorders affect an estimated 536,000 people in Cambodia. Speech therapy can also help people with cognitive impairments, epilepsy and learning difficulties, meaning that about 600,000 people in total could benefit, Mr. Chan Makara told a workshop in Phnom Penh on Monday.. The people who have difficulties speaking, communicating are being challenged by discrimination, Mr. Chan Makara said. This issue I will bring up to the Disability Action Council to include in the national strategic plan for 2014 to 2018, which has been planned to be enforced by early ...
This from the IRIN Asia News website (http://www.irinnews.org/report.aspx?ReportID=79340): CAMBODIA: Ecstasy tabs destroying forest wilderness [ATTACH]PHNOM PENH, 20 July 2008 (IRIN) - The...
The graying of the global population wasnt always on Zimmers radar screen. He graduated from the University of Winnipeg in 1983 with a degree in criminology, but his travels, subsequent interest in international development, and graduate education eventually led him to a job at the Centre on Aging at the University of Victoria, in British Columbia. This led to a PhD program at the University of Michigan that combined his interest in international development with a newfound interest in the demographics of aging.. When the Population Council - a New York-based nonprofit that conducts and disseminates research about critical health and development issues - hired him to start a demographic program on aging, he had the opportunity to travel for the first time to Cambodia. There, he and colleagues from the University of Michigan and the Royal University of Phnom Penh, with funding from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), did the first nationally representative survey of older people in ...
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Pet Travel to Grenada 1. Click here for more information about different types of visas in Grenada. About Grenada. SUN-AIR permits one pet on board each aircraft at one time. Moving with pets is tough. Air Animal Pet Movers® and our Caribbean specialist knows the drill, knows the routine, and is experienced. Please visit airanimal.com to request a pet move proposal. We can take care of: Microchip the pet for identification. Running in Phnom Penh. Animals presented for transport at passenger check-in wont be accepted under any circumstances. We will get back to you as quickly as possible with an estimate: Welcome to the WorldCare Pet Family! Bringing pets to Canada: rules for importing or travelling with animals All existing requirements for importing and exporting animals continue to apply. It has a tropical climate, with a rainy season from June to December. - Mark Lyndersay. Canada does not require a microchip or tattoo identification for pet cats. Get in touch with our international moving ...
African-Eurasian Migratory Landbirds Working Group. 2014. African-Eurasian Migratory Landbirds Action Plan (AEMLAP) Improving the Conservation Status of Migratory Landbird Species in the African-Eurasian Region.. BirdLife International. 2015. European Red List of Birds. Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg.. Byers, C.; Olsson, U.; Curson, J. 1995. Buntings and sparrows: a guide to the buntings and North American sparrows. Pica Press, Robertsbridge, U.K.. Chan, S. 2004. Yellow-breasted Bunting Emberiza aureola. BirdingASIA: 16-17.. Copete, J.L. and Sharpe, C.J. 2016. Yellow-breasted Bunting (Emberiza aureola). In: del Hoyo, J., Elliott, A., Sargatal, J., Christie, D.A. and de Juana, E. (eds), Handbook of the Birds of the World Alive, Lynx Edicions, Barcelona.. Gilbert, M.; Sokha, C.; Joyner, P. H.; Thomson, R. L.; Poole, C. 2012. Characterizing the trade of wild birds for merit release in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and associated risks to health and ecology. Biol. ...
khaleef (374) Myself (278) Food (251) Korean Drama (197) Hasya (186) Holiday (176) Emotion (159) Family (111) PID (103) Papa (95) Pregnancy (75) Pesanan Khidmat Masyarakat (64) 99 HTN (54) Health (51) 3 Day Food Control (48) Shopping (48) Exercise (47) Program Diet (44) Lose Weight (43) Breastfeed (38) Gossip (35) Birthday (34) Iklan (33) Friends (28) Contest (27) Jiwa Kacau (26) Gadget (24) Atkins Diary (22) Vietnam (22) Phnom Penh (19) Resepi (18) Broochbizz (17) NOVEL (17) Present (17) TBL (17) Hotel (15) Info Diet (15) Banda Acheh (14) NUFFNANG (14) Program Diet Ramadhan (14) tips (14) Baby Chiko (13) Kota Kinabalu (13) Medan (13) Tg Malim (12) Akademi Fantasia (10) Info (10) Jillian Michael Workout DVD (10) 3 DAY DETOX (9) TAG (9) Wedding (9) Diet Kelaut (8) Shaun-T (8) D30KG (7) Legoland (6) Tsunami 2004 (6) Camira (5) Ipoh (5) TEMUDUGA SPA (5) Detox (4) English Series (4) Bahan Bakar (3) Baking (3) Diet Lagi (3) For Sale (3) Happening (3) JM5 (3) TEMUDUGA PENOLONG PEGAWAI SISTEM MAKLUMAT ...
khaleef (374) Myself (278) Food (251) Korean Drama (197) Hasya (186) Holiday (176) Emotion (159) Family (111) PID (103) Papa (95) Pregnancy (75) Pesanan Khidmat Masyarakat (64) 99 HTN (54) Health (51) 3 Day Food Control (48) Shopping (48) Exercise (47) Program Diet (44) Lose Weight (43) Breastfeed (38) Gossip (35) Birthday (34) Iklan (33) Friends (28) Contest (27) Jiwa Kacau (26) Gadget (24) Atkins Diary (22) Vietnam (22) Phnom Penh (19) Resepi (18) Broochbizz (17) NOVEL (17) Present (17) TBL (17) Hotel (15) Info Diet (15) Banda Acheh (14) NUFFNANG (14) Program Diet Ramadhan (14) tips (14) Baby Chiko (13) Kota Kinabalu (13) Medan (13) Tg Malim (12) Akademi Fantasia (10) Info (10) Jillian Michael Workout DVD (10) 3 DAY DETOX (9) TAG (9) Wedding (9) Diet Kelaut (8) Shaun-T (8) D30KG (7) Legoland (6) Tsunami 2004 (6) Camira (5) Ipoh (5) TEMUDUGA SPA (5) Detox (4) English Series (4) Bahan Bakar (3) Baking (3) Diet Lagi (3) For Sale (3) Happening (3) JM5 (3) TEMUDUGA PENOLONG PEGAWAI SISTEM MAKLUMAT ...
IFRC Advocacy Report Out of harm s way Injecting drug users and harm reduction December Saving lives, changing minds. Phnom Penh, 2000 Street children are often at high risk of becoming
P.O. BOX 71, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Tel: +855 (0) 23 861 500 Fax: +855 (0) 23 861 555 Email: [email protected] © Copyright ECCC 2006-2020. Webmail: Login (for staff only) ...
Formula marketers accused of skating laws that encourage breastfeeding The Phnom Penh Post Erin Handley and Kong Meta Between contractions, a woman whom Veasna* had never met pressed two products into her hands as she lay in her hospital bed. The.... READ MORE ...
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Questa è la statua di Nak Ta Ma Chas Day, spirito protettore della città di Phnom Penh. Teoricamente è il proprietario delle sue terre, anche se nessuno gli offre mai un incenso, né una preghiera. Sarà per questo che, a quanto pare, ultimamente non stia facendo un gran lavoro. Edifici sproporzionati sorgono casualmente e allimprovviso; la famiglia Sokha, una delle più potenti del paese, costruisce quando e dove vuole; e la polizia, ogni tanto, ancora uccide i dissidenti. Per non parlare della gestione della memoria del genocidio: solo di recente, oltre 30 anni dopo, le istituzioni locali ed internazionali stanno faticosamente riconoscendo il lavoro straordinario svolto dai guaritori tradizionali, nel trasformare i milioni di fantasmi che aleggiano su tutta la Cambogia in antenati delle comunità, e protettori delle sue terre.. ...
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We will arise very early this morning in order to arrive at Angkor Watt for sunrise. The huge temple is fantastic in the early morning light and will be a great start to a full day of exploring the incredible ruins of Cambodias ancient Khmer empire. After sunrise most tourists depart for Siem Reap for breakfast, but we will bring a packed breakfast in order to visit Angkor Watt after sunrise when its less crowded. We will spend the majority of the morning at Angkor Watt, the largest religious structure in the world. The grandeur of this temple is unmatched with its exquisite bas-reliefs, flooded moat, sandstone causeway, carved outer walls and three storey central temple. After Angkor Watt we will visit the decaying temple of Ta Prohm whose walls and spires are still draped in vegetation including enormous trees whose roots meander over and through the temple stones. Ta Prohm looks much as most of the ruins did when they were first discovered giving it an other-worldly feel. We will have a ...
and 20 provinces; Banteay Mean Cheay, Batdambang, Kampong Cham, Kampong Chhnang, Kampong Spoe, Kampong Thum, Kampot, Kandal, Kaoh Kong, Krachen, Mondol Kiri, Otdar Mean Cheay, Pouthisat, Preah Vihear, Prey Veng, Rotanah Kiri, Siem Reab, Stoeng Treng, Svay Rieng, and Takev. However, most Cambodians consider themselves to be Khmers, descendants of the Angkor Empire that extended over much of Southeast Asia and reached its zenith between the 10th and 13th centuries. Cambodia became part of French Indochina in 1887. Following Japanese occupation in World War II, Cambodia gained full independence from France in 1953 ...
This one week mountain bike tour explores the extraordinary relationship between South East Asias greatest river, the Mekong, and the ancient city of Angkor Thom, once the worlds largest city. Following tracks and riverside trails we encounter rural Mekong communities before visiting the awesome temples ruins of Angkor.
We describe an analysis of genome variation in 825 P. falciparum samples from Asia and Africa that identifies an unusual pattern of parasite population structure at the epicenter of artemisinin resistance in western Cambodia. Within this relatively small geographic area, we have discovered several distinct but apparently sympatric parasite subpopulations with extremely high levels of genetic differentiation. Of particular interest are three subpopulations, all associated with clinical resistance to artemisinin, which have skewed allele frequency spectra and high levels of haplotype homozygosity, indicative of founder effects and recent population expansion. We provide a catalog of SNPs that show high levels of differentiation in the artemisinin-resistant subpopulations, including codon variants in transporter proteins and DNA mismatch repair proteins. These data provide a population-level genetic framework for investigating the biological origins of artemisinin resistance and for defining molecular
Kampong Lubok Pusing local information and maps. Kampong Lubok Pusing is a populated place in Malaysia (general), Malaysia, Asia.
Cambodia[edit]. *Phnom Penh - WiCam, Ltd.[19]. China[edit]. Free public WiFi in tourist areas of big cities, railway stations, ...
Cambodia and Việt Nam[edit]. Most ethnic groups classified as "(Montagnards, Malayo-Polynesian and Austroasian)" are ...
Cambodia[edit]. The sbai of Cambodia was probably introduced from ancient India as it resembles Indian sari. There are related ... Nowadays, sbai along with chang kben and sampot are regarded as Cambodia national costume.[3] Sbai most often used in ... Sabai is a woman's silk breast wrapper in Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand while in coastal Sumatra the same term is used to ...
Cambodia[edit]. In Cambodia, បបរ (bobar) congee in Khmer, is one of the options for breakfast along with Kuy teav noodle soup ( ... "How Breakfast Has Shaped Cambodia's Cultural Identity". BBC. The New York Times. Retrieved 30 June 2018.. ... គុយទាវ) another popular Cambodian breakfast dish.[8][9] Bobar is eaten throughout Cambodia from the countryside to the city. ...
Cambodia[edit]. In Cambodia, Cambodian Organic Agriculture Association (COrAA) is the only organization that is authorized to ... It is a nationwide private organization working for the promotion of organic and sustainable agriculture in Cambodia. COrAA has ... and a platform for dialogue and cooperation among organic stakeholders in Cambodia. ...
Cambodia[edit]. Main article: Administrative divisions of Cambodia. China[edit]. Main article: Administrative divisions of the ...
Cambodia[edit]. *Banteay Meanchey Province: Ford of Victory in Khmer. *Battambang Province: Lost Staff in Khmer according to ...
First Secretary of the Royal Thai Embassy in Cambodia. Sivarak was a Thai engineer working in Cambodia for Cambodia Air Traffic ... "Thai envoy recalled from Cambodia". BBC News. 5 November 2009.. *^ "Recall of envoys escalates Thai-Cambodian tensions". ... Economic advisor to Cambodia[edit]. On 4 November 2009, it was announced that Thaksin had been appointed as special advisor to ... "Cambodia recalls ambassador to Thailand over Thaksin issue". Xinhua News Agency. 5 November 2009.. ...
MAAG Cambodia[edit]. MAAG Cambodia was established on June 4, 1955, pursuant to the United States-Royal Government of Cambodia ... As Cambodia's leadership took an official policy of neutrality in the Cold War, MAAG Cambodia's involvement in the country was ... terminated on November 20, 1963, by General Order 6, MAAG Cambodia, following the Cambodian government's cancellation of all U. ...
... s may have originated as pre-Buddhist tumuli in which śramaṇas were buried in a seated position[2] called chaitya.[3] Some authors have suggested that stupas were derived from a wider cultural tradition from the Mediterranean to the Indus valley, and can be related to the conical mounds on circular bases from the 8th century BCE that can be found in Phrygia (tomb of Midas, 8th c. BCE), Lydia (such as the tomb of Alyattes, 6th c. BCE), or in Phoenicia (tombs of Amrit, 5th c. BCE).[4][5][6] Archaeologists in India have observed that a number of early Buddhist stupas or burials are found in the vicinity of much older, pre-historic burials, including megalithic sites.[7] This includes site associated with the Indus Valley Civilization where broken Indus-era pottery was incorporated into later Buddhist burials.[7] Structural features of the stupa- including its general shape and the practice of surrounding stupas with a stone or wooden railing- resemble both pre-Mauryan era cairn burials, as ...
Cambodia[edit]. Main article: Law enforcement in Cambodia. The National Police of Cambodia (Nokorbal Chéat) is Cambodia's ...
North Vietnamese offensive in Cambodia[edit]. In the wake of the coup, Lon Nol did not immediately launch Cambodia into war. He ... a b Shawcross, William, Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon and the Destruction of Cambodia New York: Simon and Schuster, 1979, p. 222 ... Cambodia. (1967-1970). Khmer Republic. (1970-1975). Military support:. United States. South Vietnam ... which demanded that the PAVN leave Cambodia. The PAVN refused and, at the request of the Khmer Rouge, promptly invaded Cambodia ...
Cambodia[edit]. Education in Cambodia is free for all the students who study in Primary School, Secondary School or High School ...
Cambodia, Laos and Thailand[edit]. The chewing of the product is part of the culture of Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. ... Cambodia, the Solomon Islands, Thailand, the Philippines, Laos, and Vietnam. It is not known how and when the lime paste, areca ...
Cambodia[edit]. The Gendarmerie, or "Military Police", known as the Royal Gendarmerie of Cambodia is a paramilitary unit with ... Military police in Cambodia play an important role in Cambodia society, keeping law and order in cities along with the National ... The Royal Gendarmerie of Cambodia is deployed in every province and cities to keep the law and order. ...
". "Cambodia , Identity-Cards.net". www.identity-cards.net. "Nouvelle carte nationale d'identité camerounaise: Pièces exigibles ...
Ray, Nick; Robinson, Daniel; Bloom, Greg (1 July 2010). Cambodia. Lonely Planet. p. 216. ISBN 978-1-74179-457-1. Retrieved 21 ...
"Top 30 Singles Chart > Cambodia". Music Weekly Asia. Archived from the original on 17 November 2014. Retrieved 8 December 2014 ...
P. foetida is native to Bangladesh and southern Bhutan; Cambodia; Taiwan and China (in Hong Kong and Macau, and the provinces ...
Cambodia was sanctioned in 1975 as a result of the Vietnam War. Trading With the Enemy Act sanctions were lifted in 1992. China ... "Cambodia , Encyclopedia.com". www.encyclopedia.com. Retrieved May 6, 2019. "Trade with The Enemy Acts , Encyclopedia.com". www. ...
In Cambodia P. suaveolens grows in the undergrowth of dense forests. One species is used to produce ties (as in to tie things ... Plants Used In Cambodia, printed by Imprimerie Olympic, Phnom Penh "Poikilospermum Zipp. ex Miq". Plants of the World Online. ... Cambodia; Vietnam; Zhōngguó/China (South-central); Laos; Myanmar; India (including Nicobar Islands, Andaman Islands, Assam); ...
Cambodia. Lonely Planet (2002), p315. ISBN 1-74059-111-9. The Rough Guide to Cambodia Archived 2012-04-04 at the Wayback ... Cambodia National Institute of Statistics. Accessed June 6, 2008. Banlung travel guide from Wikivoyage Big Stories, Small Towns ... Cambodia National Institute of Statistics. Accessed June 6, 2008. "Final Population Totals, Rotanak Kiri Province, 1998" ... is the capital of Ratanakiri Province in northeastern Cambodia. Banlung is 636 kilometres from the Cambodian capital of Phnom ...
Access from Cambodia would be difficult because the ancient Khmer Highway that led to the pass has long since been retaken by ... Since 2010, the entrance of Ta Muen Thom temple on Cambodia side has become easier due to the road infrastructure has been ... The temple is situated in Oddar Meanchey Province of Cambodia and Surin province of Thailand. Its Khmer name translates ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Freeman, Michael (2004). Cambodia. Reaktion Books. p. 108. ISBN 1861894465. Retrieved ...
When fried, these spiders are sold on the streets of Cambodia. Cooked correctly, C. albostriatus is high in protein.[citation ... Freeman, Michael (2004). Cambodia. Reaktion Books. ISBN 1-86189-186-5. v t e. ... and Cambodia. Its name comes from the Latin prefix albo, meaning white, and the Latin word striatus, meaning lines or striped. ...
"Cambodia". IRB. Archived from the original on 3 September 2011. Retrieved 25 September 2011. "Cameroon". IRB. Archived from the ...
Kazmin, Amy (2003-07-26). "Dark threats likely to keep Cambodia's ruling party in power". Financial Times. p. 5. "Cambodia ... Cambodia became a democracy in the early 1990s with the first democratic elections held in 1993. After both elections during ... The Cambodian People's Party had control of much of the media in Cambodia, the most money and a superior party machine. The ... The party had the strongest support in rural areas of Cambodia, but younger voters in urban areas were more desirous of change ...
... (Khmer: ភ្នំបូក) is a hill in the northeast of Eastern Baray in Cambodia, with a prasat (temple) (Khmer: ... Cambodia. Lonely Planet. pp. 188-. GGKEY:ALKFLS6LY8Y. Retrieved 22 May 2011. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) ... ISBN 978-0-8248-0368-1. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Lonely Planet Publications (Firm) (1992). Cambodia: a travel ... Studies In Sanskrit Inscriptions Of Ancient Cambodia. Abhinav Publications. pp. 39-. ISBN 978-81-7017-006-8. Retrieved 22 May ...
The species is used in traditional medicine in Cambodia: the sap (obtained by splitting the stalk) is drunk to cure dysentery; ... chez l'auteur, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Govaerts, R. (1999). World Checklist of Seed Plants 3(1, 2a & 2b): 1-1532. MIM, Deurne. ... Pauline Dy Phon (2000). Plants Utilised In Cambodia/Plantes utilisées au Cambodge. Phnom Penh: Imprimerie Olympic. pp. 14, 15. ... Cambodia; Vietnam; Laos; and Myanmar. The plant grows in secondary formations in Southeast Asia, quite common in wet places. In ...
Cambodia; the provinces of Anhui, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hubei, Hunan, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Xinjiang, and Yunnan of ...
Pauline Dy Phon (2000). Plants Utilised In Cambodia/Plantes utilisées au Cambodge. Phnom Penh: Imprimerie Olympic. pp. 14, 15 ... Cambodia; Laos; Vietnam; Zhōngguó/China (south and southeast Yunnan: Xichou, Xishuangbanna); Myanmar; India (including Andaman ...
... Discover more about CDCs work in Cambodia by viewing our detailed country profilepdf icon ... and supporting Cambodias active case management program. CDC also works with Cambodia to strengthen programmatic decision- ... The Government of Cambodia is a global leader in the fight against HIV. It has cut adult infection rates in the general ... CDC works with the Government of Cambodia-a global leader in the fight against HIV-to achieve sustained elimination of new HIV ...
CDC Impact in Cambodia. *Cambodia is a global leader in the fight against HIV. Cambodia was among the first countries to ... Cambodia was among the first PEPFAR countries to achieve epidemic control. Cambodia now aims to sustain control and eliminate ... CDC also provides technical assistance to maintain the polio-free status of the region, including Cambodia. Although Cambodia ... What CDC is Doing in Cambodia. HIV/AIDS HIV is a leading cause of death and a health threat to millions worldwide. As a key ...
Phnom Penh: Cambodia Development Resource Institute, 2006. Print. *^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n Ikunaga, Meguri. The Forest ... Cambodia: Royal Government of Cambodia. 2010. p. 51.. *^ a b c d e f g h Hansen, Kasper K., and Neth Top. Natural Forest ... Cambodia: The NGO Forum on Cambodia. 2015. p. 36.. *^ Statistical Analysis of Economic Land Concession in Cambodia, 2015 (PDF) ... Cambodia: National Institute of Statistics. 2019. p. 4.. *^ Tānā, Dūc Sʹāṅ. Mekong River and the Great Lake in Cambodia and the ...
Mok, 35, is a married man who lives in the small community of Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia. He has three children who are ... Hattha Bank is one of the largest and most successful Microfinance Banks in Cambodia. The organization provides Microfinance ...
Issues facing children in Cambodia. *Cambodia has the highest infant and under-five mortality rates in the region, at 97 and ... Cambodia has been polio-free since 2000. *The spread of HIV/AIDS may be coming under control, thanks to a dramatic increase in ... Accidental death, for example as a result of traffic accidents or drowning, is a serious threat to children in Cambodia. ... Cambodias legislature passed the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Protection of Victims Law in 2005. ...
If you would like to engage more with Philip Bank and its borrowers, you can also join its lending team, Phillip Bank, Cambodia ... Currently, he lives with his wife and two lovely children at Tboung Khmum Province, Cambodia. He is earning the money he needs ...
View CNNs Cambodia Travel Guide to explore the best things to do and places to stay, plus get insider tips, watch video and ... Cambodia. Having suffered immeasurably under the rule of Pol Pot during the 1970s, Cambodia has emerged as one of Southeast ... Further north, the majesty of ancient Cambodia is inescapable near Siem Reap, in the crumbling temples of Angkor. Intrepid ...
In Cambodia, several former leaders of the Khmer Rouge are on trial for the detention and killing of thousands of Cambodians ... The long-awaited trial of four top Khmer Rouge leaders begins in Cambodia on Monday, while the Pentagon is expected to release ... OCHRAB, Cambodia , In this reporters notebook, NewsHour correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro writes about tracking the growing ... Next week, four top leaders of the Khmer Rouge regime will be brought to trial in Cambodia for alleged crimes against humanity ...
Cambodia, founded in 1999. Our mission is to provide a safe and loving environment for neglected children. We assist children ... OUR HOME is a not-for-profit NGO located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, founded in 1999. Our mission is to provide a safe and loving ... OUR HOME is a not-for-profit NGO located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, founded in 1999. Our mission is to provide a safe and loving ...
In Cambodia, ancient and modern worlds collide to create an authentic adventure. ... Explore Cambodia holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. , Theres a magic about this charming yet confounding ... Welcome to Cambodia. Theres a magic about this charming yet confounding kingdom that casts a spell on visitors. In Cambodia, ... Contemporary Cambodia is the successor state to the mighty Khmer empire, which, during the Angkorian period, ruled much of what ...
The Kingdom of Cambodia (ព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា ឬ ប្រទេសកម្ពុជា) [http://www.tourismcambodia.com] (sometimes transliterated as ... Cambodias busiest land crossing is at Aranyaprathet/Poipet on the Bangkok - Siem Reap road in North-western Cambodia. Long the ... Helistar Cambodia [27], a VIP helicopter charter and scenic flights company, operate to virtually anywhere in Cambodia. ... There are a number of motorcycle touring companies in Cambodia, such as Ride Cambodia Motorcycle Tours, that run single or ...
CAMBODIA: Tier 2. The Government of Cambodia does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; ... In November, Cambodia signed the ASEAN Consensus on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers, which aimed ... Cambodias weak and corrupt legal system and the lack of adequate victim and witness protection, exacerbated by a lengthy trial ... Traffickers in Cambodia are most commonly family or community members or small networks of independent brokers. Some Cambodian ...
Of the estimated 200 Christian Montagnards who had fled Vietnam and were in Cambodia in 2017, 27 remained in the country. The ... In his remarks, he promised to maintain "religious harmony to ensure Cambodia is free from ethnic and religious conflict." ... Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs Cambodia Office of International Religious Freedom Religious Freedom ... 2019 Report on International Religious Freedom: Cambodia Office of International Religious Freedom ...
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Employment-Intensive Investment in Cambodia. Web page , 11 September 2015 Current EIIP Involvement. EIIP recently supported ... A Survey of Transport Business in Rural Cambodia. International Labour Organisation, Cambodia. 2002 ... Rozemuller, B., Thou, P and Yan, S.. Socio Economic Series No 8.Rural Transport Studies, Three Baseline Surveys in Cambodia. ... In that first year, the ILO introduced LBAT to rehabilitate Cambodias secondary and tertiary roads. Work began in the North- ...
HVO-Cambodia. Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) is pleased to announce the launch of a new obstetrics and gynecology project in ... partnership with Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital (SKMH) in Kampot, Cambodia. HVO will work with the Ob-Gyn Department of SKMH to ...
The Khmer Rouge Tribunal and Rule of Law in Cambodia. In February 2008, the Extraordinary Chambers of the Courts of Cambodia ( ... 11] Global Witness, Cambodias Family Trees: Illegal Logging and the Stripping of Public Assets by Cambodias Elite (London: ... 45] Kheang Un, "The Judicial System and Democratization in Post-Conflict Cambodia," in Beyond Democracy in Cambodia: Political ... Cambodia has come a long way since the 1975-79 Khmer Rouge period during which an estimated 1.5 million Cambodians out of a ...
Cambodia has a small number of independent unions. Workers have the right to strike, and many have done so to protest low wages ... Cambodia won independence from France in 1953. King Norodom Sihanouk ruled until he was ousted in 1970 by U.S.-backed military ... Cambodia is not an electoral democracy. The country is a constitutional monarchy with a bicameral parliament consisting of the ... As of the end of 2007, Ranariddh had not returned to Cambodia and had established a new party under his own name. Given the ...
ed on US mil aid to Cambodia notes growing fear that mil collapse in Cambodia may foreshadow similar pattern in S Vietnam if ... The lesson of Cambodia has some application to South Vietnam, where recent weeks have seen gravely heightened military ... In Cambodia, with insurgent forces pressing down upon the capital, United States representatives find themselves bereft of ... but there is growing fear that the military collapse in Cambodia may foreshadow a similar pattern in South Vietnam-if urgent ...
... as Rhymer Rigby in Cambodia is happy to report, there are plenty of legs to go around ... Cambodia: Tuck in to a tarantula. There isnt a lot of meat on a spiders breast but, as Rhymer Rigby in Cambodia is happy to ... Across Cambodia starvation was rife and people ate anything they could get their hands on, including insects. When Pol Pots ... Everywhere else in Cambodia (the fabulous temples of Angkor excepted) is dirt poor. So, disappointingly, the home of arachno- ...
... - Formalities Clearance Whilst there are two clearance ports in Cambodia, Khao Kong and Sikhanoukville, in 2016 yachts ... Cambodia Khao Kong Sihanoukville Profile Facts Security Weather Main Ports Formalities Clearance Immigration Customs Health ... Cambodia Canada Canary Islands Cape Verdes Cayman Islands Channel Islands Chile China Christmas Island Cocos Keeling Colombia ... Crew arriving in Cambodia on board a yacht must have a 30 day tourist visa. Arriving without a visa will result in your ...
But most textile factories monitored by the ILOs Better Factories Cambodia programme now offer maternity protection to their ... Many women in Cambodia risk losing their jobs when they become pregnant. ... Protecting Maternity in Cambodias Textile Factories .... Protecting Maternity in Cambodias Textile Factories. Many women in ... But when she knew she was going to have a baby, Ros started to worry: for many women in Cambodia, theres a hard reality: when ...
It also provides a fresh look at fiscal developments in Cambodia since the early 1990s. ... This Selected Issues paper and Statistical Appendix examines the main developments in the real sector of Cambodia since the mid ... This Selected Issues paper and Statistical Appendix examines the main developments in the real sector of Cambodia since the mid ... It also provides a fresh look at fiscal developments in Cambodia since the early 1990s. ...
The https:// ensures that you are connecting to the official website and that any information you provide is encrypted and transmitted securely. ...
Q: Your Excellency, you have been living 13 years in Cambodia. Did you choose to go to Cambodia or were you invited to go by La ... In Cambodia 60% of the population is below 20 years old and they have no knowledge of the civil war, the Pol Pot regime and ... Bishop Schmitthaeusler: In Cambodia, education is the priority. The human resource was destroyed and now they have to re-build ... We had two bishops die; one was killed and the other died from an illness - the first Khmer bishop in the history of Cambodia ...
It highlights the key reform priorities, and provides historical background on Cambodias external and domestic debt. It also ... It also summarizes the assessment of Cambodias Public Expenditure Management system and Public Financial Management Reform ... The Selected Issues paper discusses Cambodias poverty and growth, private sector development, public financial management ... It highlights the key reform priorities, and provides historical background on Cambodias external and domestic debt. It also ...
Despite these problems, Cambodia has become an example of how to fight the disease. AIDS experts say the lesson from Cambodia ... I think Cambodia, of all countries in the region, is a major success story in terms of getting all of those who need to be on ... Cambodia is still recovering from decades of conflict. Thousands of women see no choice but to become sex workers, and the ... He says the key to Cambodias success has been a multi-faceted plan in which government and aid groups work together at all ...
culture of Cambodia pattern of human activity and symbolism associated with Cambodia and its people ... kultura ng cambodia (tl); 柬埔寨 (zh); วัฒนธรรมกัมพูชา (th); វប្បធម៌របស់កម្ពុជា (km); Культура Камбоджі (uk); culture of Cambodia ... culture of Cambodia (en); culture of Cambodia (en-ca); カンボジア文化 (ja); budaya di Kemboja (ms) pattern of human activity and ... nqo); culture du Cambodge (fr); Культура Камбоджи (ru); Văn hóa Campuchia (vi); culture of Cambodia (en-gb); فرهنگ
... - * 1. Royal University of Law and Economics Subject: Market Analysis Of Mineral ... Cambodia Population Growth (2017 Update)Virak Year Population Urban Pop (%) Urban Population Countrys Share of World Pop 2017 ... Country Overview Main sources of drinking water in Cambodia (wet and dry season) In 2014, about 51 percent of the households in ... Cambodia population in 2014 Province Capital Area (km²) Population Banteay Meanchey Serei Saophoan 6,679 678,033 Battambang ...
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  • Open Development Cambodia, an NGO in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, used US satellite data to show a significant loss of forest cover from 72.1% in 1973 to 46.3% in 2014. (wikipedia.org)
  • OUR HOME is a not-for-profit NGO located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, founded in 1999. (idealist.org)
  • That's one reason that education is the priority for the tiny Catholic Church in Cambodia, says Bishop Olivier Schmitthaeusler, Vicar Apostolic of Phnom Penh since last October. (ewtn.com)
  • Rory Byrne reports for VOA from Phnom Penh on how Cambodia is turning the tide against AIDS. (voanews.com)
  • PwC Cambodia works in conjunction with the Malaysian, Thai, Loas and Vietnam firms and has made sure that its Japanese specialists, currently located in Phnom Penh, have not only a high specialist knowledge of the country but can also offer a wide range of industry specific solutions to service Japanese business needs across the entire region. (pwc.com)
  • LEADER Universal Holdings Bhd is considering upgrading its US$45mil independent power plant (IPP) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in the near future. (thestar.com.my)
  • In Phnom Penh , Lon Nol's new government was initially popular, particularly for his quixotic pledge to rid Cambodia of Vietnamese communist troops. (britannica.com)
  • Cambodia: skulls of Khmer Rouge victims Skulls of victims of the Khmer Rouge on display at the Choeung Ek Genocidal Centre (at a former execution site), near Phnom Penh, Cambodia. (britannica.com)
  • PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - The United States embassy in Cambodia said on Wednesday it had stopped issuing some types of visas to Cambodians because Cambodia is not taking back citizens the United States wants to deport. (reuters.com)
  • Whether you sail here up the Mekong River from Saigon, cruise between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap on the Tonle Sap or paddle through the floating villages of the Sangker, Cambodia s rivers offer an offbeat view of both its culture and landscape. (responsibletravel.com)
  • In Phnom Penh, the Documentation Center of Cambodia--established in 1994 and supported by shoestring grants from the U.S. State Department, Norway and Yale University--has collected 325,000 pages of original documents that shed light on the Khmer Rouge. (latimes.com)
  • PHNOM PENH - Ray, my fellow-passenger on the Cambodia-bound flight from Singapore was fighting fatigue. (cnbc.com)
  • When you take into account spectacular historic sites such as Angkor Wat, the understated beauty and peacefulness of the countryside vividly contrasting with the electric atmosphere of cities such as Siem Reap and Phnom Penh and, above all, the warm welcome that greets you every step of the way, it s clear that Cambodia has riches beyond measure. (responsibletravel.com)
  • PHNOM PENH, Sep 13 2012 (IPS) - Public health experts in Cambodia are unenthused by reports of trials for a dengue vaccine conducted in neighbouring Thailand, saying it will be too costly for those who need it most - children in the least developed and developing countries. (ipsnews.net)
  • PHNOM PENH, Cambodia - Bun Bong pulls up on a Yamaha dirt bike twice as big and many times more powerful than the mopeds typical Cambodians drive on this capital's chaotic streets. (philly.com)
  • Kem Sokha, former leader of the now-banned Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), speaks to the media as he departs his residence for the Phnom Penh municipal court for the start of his trial on Jan. 15, more than two years after his arrest on treason charges. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • Two other opposition party activists were arrested in Cambodia in connection with the attack, and were held incommunicado in the Military Detention Facility in the capital, Phnom Penh for six months. (scoop.co.nz)
  • Phnom Penh is the capital and largest city of Cambodia. (willgoto.com)
  • The Cambodian Khmer Electrical Power Co Ltd (KEP) has awarded a contract to a consortium led by Wärtsilä Corporation to supply a 30 MW diesel power plant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. (wartsila.com)
  • This power plant installation in Phnom Penh is already third power plant which Wärtsilä has delivered to Cambodia. (wartsila.com)
  • Prach Ly jumps into hip-hop -- that most American of forms -- and raps the story of Cambodia, from the evacuated streets of Phnom Penh to the freestyle immigrant mix of Long Beach. (pbs.org)
  • PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - Cambodia launched a crackdown on bogus orphanages on Thursday, many of which are set up to attract donations from tourists, with the aim of returning about 3,500 children who were not orphans to their families, a government minister said. (reuters.com)
  • Further north, the majesty of ancient Cambodia is inescapable near Siem Reap, in the crumbling temples of Angkor. (cnn.com)
  • We were cycling through Cambodia, heading for the border with Vietnam, on a 10-day journey that began in Siem Reap - home of Angkor Wat - and ended 350 miles later in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • Ironically, Cambodia s number one calling card could be its downfall, as thousands pour into Siem Reap and drain its resources, neglecting the rest of the country and contributing little to support its resilient, warm-hearted people. (responsibletravel.com)
  • The gateway to Cambodia is often just seen as a departure point for the wonders of Siem Reap. (responsibletravel.com)
  • Sar Bunthoeun, director of Cambodian Children's House of Peace, an orphanage in Siem Reap in northwest Cambodia, said he supported the government plan, adding that problems were common in orphanages, but he denied any abuses at his. (reuters.com)
  • From March 2018 to June 2019, the Cambodian Water Supply Association and the Ministry of Industry and Handicraft implemented a program to build capacity of 12 private water operators in Cambodia with support from the World Bank. (worldbank.org)
  • An Batham An Batham, 37 Released on August 28, 2018 An Batham is a Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) youth member. (wn.com)
  • The Cambodian communists, however, refused to adhere to the agreements, and in 1973 they were subjected to a massive American aerial bombardment, although the United States and Cambodia were not at war and no U.S. troops were endangered by Cambodia. (britannica.com)
  • Earlier this year, Cambodia stopped accepting the deportation of Cambodian nationals who had been convicted of crimes in the United States, saying it wanted to renegotiate a settlement agreement on human rights grounds. (reuters.com)
  • He now gives two per cent of all profits to support the Angkor Children's Hospital, and sees his role as nurturing young Cambodian employees - while showing visitors the real Cambodia. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • The work inspired me to reflect further on Cambodian women's lived experience and the balancing they must do given their unique histories, whether in Cambodia or in the United States, and on the ways in which Khmer dance is being reshaped, in part, by and because of these experiences. (jhu.edu)
  • The filters were introduced to Cambodia in 2001 by International Development Enterprises (IDE, www.ide-cambodia.org) and are currently produced and distributed by three organizations: IDE, Resource Development International (RDI, www.rdic.org) and the Cambodian Red Cross. (inhabitat.com)
  • WWF-Cambodia is working with communities and the Cambodian government to protect the dolphins. (worldwildlife.org)
  • In an attempt to provide justice to KR victims, the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) was established in 2006 with both Cambodian and international judges. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • This is especially true for Cambodian refugees, they maintain, in light of America's role in destabilizing Cambodia during the Vietnam War. (philly.com)
  • The returnees find themselves back in Cambodia because they were among the two-thirds of Cambodian refugees in America who never applied for U.S. citizenship, which would have shielded them from deportation. (philly.com)
  • Cambodia is considering allowing visitors to Thailand to directly access Preah Vihear temple, Cambodian Defence Minister Tea Banh said on Thursday. (bangkokpost.com)
  • Amnesty International is extremely alarmed by the Thai judiciary's decision to grant the Cambodian authorities' request to extradite Sok Yoeun, a refugee recognized by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Amnesty International prisoner of conscience, back to Cambodia. (scoop.co.nz)
  • Cambodian Prime Minister, Hun Sen, issued a public demand at the time for Sok Yoeun's return to Cambodia. (scoop.co.nz)
  • In partnership with the Royal Cambodian Government, UN-Habitat can help Cambodia to achieve a sustainable urban future. (unhabitat.org)
  • In addition to an estimated 200,000 troops in Cambodia, the Vietnamese have placed advisers at all levels of Cambodian government. (csmonitor.com)
  • After marrying and graduating from the University of California at Los Angeles's program in World Arts and Cultures, she returned to Cambodia in 1999 as a choreographer, creating an adaptation of Shakespeare's Othello for dancers there. (jhu.edu)
  • Sok Yoeun himself fled Cambodia in September 1999. (scoop.co.nz)
  • Having suffered immeasurably under the rule of Pol Pot during the 1970s, Cambodia has emerged as one of Southeast Asia's most fascinating destinations. (cnn.com)
  • In Cambodia, several former leaders of the Khmer Rouge are on trial for the detention and killing of thousands of Cambodians during the 1970s. (pbs.org)
  • Norodom Sihanouk Prince Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia in Paris, 1970s. (britannica.com)
  • Earlier this month, two former leaders of the Khmer Rouge, a murderous group that briefly ruled Cambodia in the 1970s, were convicted of genocide. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • This six-person outfit plays a style of music associated with 1970s psychedelic rock from Cambodia. (pri.org)
  • SIHANOUKVILLE, Cambodia (Aug. 8, 2012) HOPE Worldwide volunteer Dr. Cornelia Haner, left, and Capt. William Brunner perform surgery together as a informational exchange aboard the Military Sealift Command hospital ship USNS Mercy (T-AH 19) during Pacific Partnership 2012. (flickr.com)
  • 161031-N-HA376-041 SIHANOUKVILLE, Cambodia (Oct. 31, 2016) - U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Jade Tapia, assigned to Navy Environmental and. (dvidshub.net)
  • Since 2001, the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) has suspended all the forest concession activities and prepared a sustainable forest management plan according to international standards. (wikipedia.org)
  • This first OECD Investment Policy Review of Cambodia uses the OECD Policy Framework for Investment to present an assessment of the investment climate in Cambodia and to discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by the Royal Government of Cambodia in its reform efforts. (oecd.org)
  • The Royal Government of Cambodia has adopted its first Social Protection Policy Framework in 2017 covering the period 2016-2025. (oecd.org)
  • Contemporary Cambodia is the successor state to the mighty Khmer empire, which, during the Angkorian period, ruled much of what is now Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. (lonelyplanet.com)
  • The Kingdom of Cambodia (ព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា ឬ ប្រទេសកម្ពុជា) [1] (sometimes transliterated as Kampuchea to more closely represent the Khmer pronunciation) is a Southeast Asian nation bordered by Vietnam to the east, Laos to the north, Thailand to the northwest, and the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest. (wikitravel.org)
  • The French came to dominate Cambodia as a protectorate from the 1860s, part of a wider ambition to control the area then termed Indochina (modern day Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos). (wikitravel.org)
  • WWF is especially advocating against construction of the Don Sahong Dam in Laos, less than 1 mile from the border from Cambodia and adjacent to a dolphin pool. (worldwildlife.org)
  • The current plan calls for 2.85 billion to upgrade and develop new petrol service stations in Cambodia, Laos and the Philippines. (bangkokpost.com)
  • Cambodia, about one-third the size of France and somewhat larger than the U.S. state of Missouri, is bordered to the west and northwest by Thailand, to the northeast by Laos, to the east and southeast by Vietnam, and to the southwest by the Gulf of Thailand . (britannica.com)
  • From the 1960s until 1975, the population of Cambodia increased by about 2.2 percent yearly, the lowest increase in Southeast Asia. (countrystudies.us)
  • Cambodia is located on mainland Southeast Asia between Thailand to the west and north and Vietnam to the east. (traveldocs.com)
  • The European Union provided more than 10 million dollars for three dengue-related research projects in Southeast Asia earlier this year, including one in Cambodia to investigate the role that asymptomatic carriers play in transmission, Buchy said. (ipsnews.net)
  • Cambodia , country on the Indochinese mainland of Southeast Asia . (britannica.com)
  • Cambodia is largely a land of plains and great rivers and lies amid important overland and river trade routes linking China to India and Southeast Asia. (britannica.com)
  • Khmer: កម្ពុជា, Kămpŭchéa [kampuciə]), officially the Kingdom of Cambodia, is a country located in the southern portion of the Indochinese peninsula in Southeast Asia. (wikipedia.org)
  • The head of government is the Prime Minister, currently Hun Sen, the longest serving non-royal leader in Southeast Asia, ruling Cambodia since 1985. (wikipedia.org)
  • In 1863, Cambodia became a protectorate of France, and later was incorporated into French Indochina of Southeast Asia. (wikipedia.org)
  • The bad news is that environmentally destructive sand mining continues in other parts of Cambodia, throughout Southeast Asia, and in fact around the world. (nationalgeographic.com)
  • The "Kingdom of Cambodia" is the official English name of the country. (wikipedia.org)
  • Cambodia has come a long way since the 1975-79 Khmer Rouge period during which an estimated 1.5 million Cambodians out of a population of 7 million were killed in one of the 20th century's most appalling genocides. (freedomhouse.org)
  • From 1975 to 1979, the KR ruled Cambodia. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • Communist Cambodia may refer to: Democratic Kampuchea, Cambodia under the rule of Khmer Rouge from 1975 to 1979 People's Republic of Kampuchea, installed by Vietnam after defeating the Khmer Rouge from 1979 to 1989 This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Communist Cambodia. (wikipedia.org)
  • Sophiline 3 was among the first generation of classical dancers trained in Cambodia following the overthrow of the Khmer Rouge regime in 1979, a government whose policies and practices had resulted in the death of an estimated 80 to 90 percent of the country's professional artists (dancers, musicians, playwrights, painters, and so on) in under four years. (jhu.edu)
  • Cambodia began the process of recovery under the Vietnam-backed regime of the People's Republic of Kampuchea (1979-89), and in the 1990s it regained political autonomy , reestablished a constitutional government , and subsequently instituted free elections. (britannica.com)
  • Vietnam invaded Cambodia in 1979, ousting the notorious Khmer Rouge regime. (csmonitor.com)
  • There he built hundreds of schools, founded an orphanage and a hospital, and started The Cambodia Daily , where I worked from 2001 to 2003. (theatlantic.com)
  • For the latest National Geographic Radio Expedition, Michael Sullivan visits a Cambodia few Westerners know about and even fewer actually see - the wildly productive Tonle Sap river and lake. (npr.org)
  • In southwestern Cambodia two distinct upland blocks, the Krâvanh (Cardamom) Mountains and the Dâmrei (Elephant) Mountains, form another highland region that covers much of the land area between the Tonle Sap and the Gulf of Thailand. (britannica.com)
  • Tonle Sap is a lake located in a depression nearly in the center of Cambodia. (willgoto.com)
  • Cambodia is highly vulnerable to natural disasters, with regular monsoon flooding in the Mekong and Tonle Sap basin and localized droughts in the plains region. (wfp.org)
  • Youk Chhang, executive director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia, called acknowledgement that genocide occurred "a historical moment for Cambodia. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • The Documentation Center of Cambodia, a private organization that is compiling information on the Khmer Rouge years, has identified 19,421 mass graves around Cambodia. (globalpolicy.org)
  • The Khmer Empire never recovered from the sacking by its neighbours, based in Ayutthaya (in modern day Thailand), and Cambodia spent much of the next 400 years until French colonization squeezed and threatened by the rivalries of the expanding Siamese and Vietnamese Empires to the West and East. (wikitravel.org)
  • President Thieu and the South Vietnamese armed forces are far stronger than the demoralized army of President Lon Nol in Cambodia, but this is not an occasion to invite a military test of strength. (nytimes.com)
  • Forced repatriation in 1970 and deaths during the Khmer Rouge era reduced the Vietnamese population in Cambodia from between 250,000 and 300,000 in 1969 to a reported 56,000 in 1984. (countrystudies.us)
  • Postwar emigration of Vietnamese civilians to Cambodia remained a subject of controversy. (countrystudies.us)
  • Some social scientists believed that the number of Vietnamese in Cambodia in 1988 had reached at least the prewar level, and, indeed, many Khmer feared that even more Vietnamese immigrants would inundate their population. (countrystudies.us)
  • In May 1970 a task force of U.S. and South Vietnamese troops invaded eastern Cambodia, but communist forces had already retreated to the west. (britannica.com)
  • This whole thing with Cambodia has got to be making the Vietnamese nervous: a one-two attack by China from Cambodia and southern China could easily overrun Vietnam. (strategypage.com)
  • Khieu Samphan and Nuon Chea faced a second set of charges, this time for genocide, based on allegations that they had tried to exterminate the Cham Muslim and ethnic Vietnamese communities in Cambodia. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • The new offer was seen by anti-Vietnamese diplomats as a way for Hun Sen and to appear conciliatory in these talks without seriously jeopardizing the status quo inside Cambodia. (csmonitor.com)
  • We try to normalize the condom use in Cambodia by educating them through the CUP (100 percent Condom Use Program) campaign,' said Dan Borapich, a spokesman for Population Services International, the largest distributor of subsidized condoms in Cambodia. (voanews.com)
  • In Cambodia, 64 percent of the population of 15 million are youth, and 32 percent are under the age of 15. (oneworld.org)
  • The population of Cambodia has been fairly homogeneous. (countrystudies.us)
  • Population density varies throughout Cambodia. (countrystudies.us)
  • Over the decades, some movement of the rural population in Cambodia-- either to urban areas in quest of employment or to other villages in search of more favorable agricultural sites--has been customary. (countrystudies.us)
  • In 1976-77 the new regime, following the lead of Maoist China, sought to collectivize Cambodia totally, mobilizing its population into an unpaid labour force and seeking to double the average prerevolutionary yields of rice immediately and on a national scale. (britannica.com)
  • The sovereign state of Cambodia has a population of over 15 million. (wikipedia.org)
  • According to the 2007 Cambodia Socio-Economic Survey (CSES), the proportion of the population living under the food poverty line is 18 percent. (wfp.org)
  • Indications of a return to normality in Cambodia are at odds with the commonly held view that Vietnam seeks to subjugate the population through colonization or forced starvation and that it is obstructing international relief deliveries. (csmonitor.com)
  • TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan said on Wednesday it will not be sending election monitors to Cambodia for a general election this weekend, although Tokyo - a major donor to the Southeast Asian nation - has sent such observers for numerous elections in the past. (reuters.com)
  • Cambodia blasts Google map of disputed Thai border from Reuters reports Cambodia is the latest country upset with Google over how they draw the border on Google Maps. (searchengineland.com)
  • Prime Minister Hun Sen announced last week that Cambodia is committed to stopping new HIV infections by 2020. (cnn.com)
  • China backs Cambodia to host the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) in 2020, Li added. (globalsecurity.org)
  • Equally, the Government of Cambodia endorsed LBAT as the technology of choice for its rural infrastructure works programme. (ilo.org)
  • But most textile factories monitored by the ILO's Better Factories Cambodia programme now offer maternity protection to their employees. (ilo.org)
  • The Preah Vihear temple is at the heart of a border dispute between Cambodia and Thailand. (pri.org)
  • Angkor (Cambodia) was the seat of the Khmer Empire from the 9th to 15th century AD. (pnas.org)
  • In its heyday, the territory of the Khmer empire stretched far beyond that of today Cambodia. (willgoto.com)
  • In the fifteenth century, after the rebellion of Ayutthaya, which was formerly ruled by the Khmer Empire, Cambodia experienced the decline of power, while its neighbors Vietnam and Thailand grew stronger. (wikipedia.org)
  • Whether or not China's 11 dams are harming downstream countries dependent on the 4,350 km (2,700 mile) river has become a geopolitical issue, with the United States urging Lower Mekong nations like Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia to demand answers. (yahoo.com)
  • WWF conservation experts were thrilled to spot a mother Irrawaddy dolphin with her newly born baby on the banks of the Mekong River in Cambodia. (worldwildlife.org)
  • He said China is willing to intensify coordination and collaboration with Cambodia under the frameworks of China-ASEAN and Lancang-Mekong cooperation and forge ahead with negotiations for the Code of Conduct (COC) in the South China Sea, so as to safeguard a stable environment for the development in the region. (globalsecurity.org)
  • I do know this: I did not expect the choice among a return to poverty, a life in the entertainment industry and garment work - the occupation of around 300,000 women in Cambodia, and the nation's third-biggest money maker - to be so bleak. (truthout.org)
  • The argument over the return of Cambodians deported from the United States is only one of many between the United States and Cambodia, which has accused detained opposition leader Kem Sokha of plotting treason with U.S. support. (reuters.com)
  • Although Cambodia was certified as polio free in 2000, low coverage with polio vaccine and substandard acute flaccid paralysis surveillance has resulted in the country being at high risk for wild polio importation. (cdc.gov)
  • Cambodia has been polio-free since 2000. (unicef.org)
  • Since this sentence expired on 26 June 2000, he has remained in detention pending the outcome of a request for his extradition to Cambodia. (scoop.co.nz)
  • After a false dawn of independence in 1953, Cambodia promptly plunged back into the horrors of civil war in 1970 to suffer the Khmer Rouge's incredibly brutal reign of terror, and only after UN-sponsored elections in 1993 did the country begin to totter back onto its feet. (wikitravel.org)
  • Cambodia won independence from France in 1953. (freedomhouse.org)
  • Following Japanese occupation in World War II, Cambodia became independent within the French Union in 1948 and fully independent in 1953. (travlang.com)
  • Following Japanese occupation in World War II, Cambodia gained full independence from France in 1953. (economy.com)
  • Just as Angkor is more than its wat, so too is Cambodia more than its temples, and its urban areas can surprise with their sophistication. (lonelyplanet.com)
  • With the involvement of EIIP in the post-conflict reconstruction of Cambodia and mindful of the importance of the Angkor monuments and their value for tourism-driven development, the EIIP joined UNESCO to spearhead a massive clearing and restoration operation that employed hundreds of workers. (ilo.org)
  • Everywhere else in Cambodia (the fabulous temples of Angkor excepted) is dirt poor. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • Cambodia is painted as a one-trick pony, home to the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat and little else. (responsibletravel.com)
  • nThousands of tourists are already lured to Cambodia by the ancient Angkor Wat temple complex but few other sights attract their attention or their desperately sought-after dollars. (taipeitimes.com)
  • Judging from a small carving in an Angkor temple, one or two may have spent some time in Cambodia, too - in the 12th century AD. (slate.com)
  • He is among a small but growing number of political refugees who were accepted into the United States as children in the 1980s, years after their families fled the war and starvation of the Khmer Rouge genocide, only to be deported back to Cambodia for committing adult crimes in America. (philly.com)
  • Bun and Mel were among the first refugees deported to Cambodia in 2003, both for gun-related crimes. (philly.com)
  • Cambodia sends Uighur refugees home for $60 million a head, hours before Chinese leader Xi Jinping visits. (pri.org)
  • Under the U.S. President's Malaria Initiative, CDC, in collaboration with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), supports Cambodia's National Center for Parasitology, Entomology and Malaria to pilot and expand malaria elimination activities in Western Cambodia. (cdc.gov)
  • PMI supports the National Malaria Strategic Vision of scaling up control and elimination activities for a malaria-free Cambodia by 2030. (cdc.gov)
  • In this reporter's notebook, NewsHour correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro writes about tracking the growing resistance to the malaria drug artemisinin in western Cambodia. (pbs.org)
  • CDC also provides technical assistance to maintain the polio-free status of the region, including Cambodia. (cdc.gov)
  • In 2007, a special tribunal, officially known as the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, made its final preparations for trying former Khmer Rouge officials charged with genocide and other crimes against humanity. (freedomhouse.org)
  • In fact, quite the contrary: Many of today's influential public figures were members of the Khmer Rouge, an ultra-Maoist movement that carried out its genocide to rid Cambodia of intellectuals and foreign influence and establish a "purified" agrarian society. (latimes.com)
  • Whilst there are two clearance ports in Cambodia, Khao Kong and Sikhanoukville , in 2016 yachts might have difficulties clearing into and out of the country at Khao Kong if not departing to Thailand. (noonsite.com)
  • Although Cambodia may be a new investment partner for many countries, the IMF forecasts a transition from "Low Income" to "Middle Income" country by 2014 and double-digit growth rates for the next five years. (pwc.com)
  • Identifying at-risk households and providing cash transfers should be transparent and closely coordinated with the United Nations Country Team in Cambodia and development partners, Human Rights Watch said. (hrw.org)
  • Our philosophy is all about showing this country as it is," said Hun Socheat, who founded Cambodia Cycling eight years ago. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • Japan's Foreign Ministry called the verdict an "additional achievement of (the ECCC's) judicial process," a "crucial step toward the conclusion of the entire peace process in Cambodia" and the strengthening of rule of law in the country. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • Prime Minister Hun Sen rejected the idea, and Cambodia remains a country filled with death's heads. (globalpolicy.org)
  • A cycling holiday in Cambodia is not so much about the challenge, but the opportunity to explore parts of the country, and the culture, that few other tours can hope to reach. (responsibletravel.com)
  • Cambodia is a country of incredible beauty and interesting history best known for its monumental temples and captivating nature. (goabroad.com)
  • They have since fled Cambodia and were resettled in another country. (scoop.co.nz)
  • Cambodia is not the country that produces explosive items. (pri.org)
  • The United Nations designates Cambodia as a least developed country. (wikipedia.org)
  • Such an assessment does not necessarily square with the prevailing pessimistic view on Cambodia reflected outside the country. (csmonitor.com)
  • The election has been criticized by the United Nations and Western countries as fundamentally flawed after last year's dissolution of the main opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) and the imprisonment of its leader, Kem Sokha. (reuters.com)
  • PARIS - The sham trial of Kem Sokha, the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) leader, is underway. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • There can be no democracy without a credible opposition and in today's Cambodia, there can be no credible opposition without the CNRP. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • Others, too, must make it clear that Cambodia will face consequences unless the authorities drop all charges against Kem Sokha, reinstitute the CNRP under his leadership and hold fair elections. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • National elections in July 2013 were disputed, with the opposition - the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) - boycotting the National Assembly. (flagcounter.com)
  • Recently, the International Water Association (IWA) awarded UNICEF and the Water and Sanitation Program with the 2008 Project Innovation Award Grand Prize for providing Cambodia with ceramic water filters. (inhabitat.com)
  • UNICEF and WSP do not provide or promote ceramic water filters in Cambodia at all. (inhabitat.com)
  • Children living in un-regulated and uninspected institutions are more at risk of neglect, as well as physical and sexual abuse and trafficking," said Debora Comini, UNICEF representative to Cambodia. (reuters.com)
  • CDC's global health security work in Cambodia improves the country's ability to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease outbreaks. (cdc.gov)
  • Cambodia was among the first PEPFAR countries to achieve epidemic control. (cdc.gov)
  • Cambodia was among the first countries to achieve epidemic control and now aims to eliminate HIV. (cdc.gov)
  • Cambodia is one of the world's most forest endowed countries that has not yet been drastically deforested. (wikipedia.org)
  • Neither militarily nor politically is the situation of the two countries comparable at this point, but there is growing fear that the military collapse in Cambodia may foreshadow a similar pattern in South Vietnam-if urgent political steps are not taken to prevent it. (nytimes.com)
  • As you may know, Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world,' he said. (voanews.com)
  • I think Cambodia, of all countries in the region, is a major success story in terms of getting all of those who need to be on treatment, on treatment,' said Lisle. (voanews.com)
  • Cambodia announced on Tuesday that as many as 220 observers from 52 countries would monitor Sunday's general elections. (reuters.com)
  • We want countries that finance anti-trafficking activities in Cambodia, such as police training, to pressure Cambodia to hold their police forces accountable, and to stop the abuse. (hrw.org)
  • But Cambodia and Thailand are not the only countries to have such disputes and call in Google Maps as proof or lack-there-of. (searchengineland.com)
  • While per capita income remains low compared to most neighboring countries, Cambodia has one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia, with growth averaging 7.6 percent over the last decade. (wikipedia.org)
  • The US World Justice Project's 2015 Rule of Law Index ranked Cambodia 125th out of 126 countries, far lower compared to other countries in the region. (wikipedia.org)
  • Cambodia is ranked 138 out of 185 countries on the UNDP 2013 Human Development Index. (wfp.org)
  • Until now, tourists in Thailand could only go as far as Pha Mor E-daeng cliff at Khao Phra Viharn National Park in the district bordering Cambodia to see the Unesco World Heritage site from afar. (bangkokpost.com)
  • Jakarta - In substance alone, the first day of the first full-scale peace talks on Cambodia yielded only one major proposal: a new offer to woo anticommunist Prince Norodom Sihanouk back to a communist-run Cambodia. (csmonitor.com)
  • Over the next six months, following the directives of a still-concealed Communist Party of Kampuchea , Cambodia experienced the most rapid and radical social transformation in its history. (britannica.com)
  • The English "Cambodia" is an anglicisation of the French "Cambodge", which in turn is the French transliteration of the Khmer "Kampuchea" (កម្ពុជា, Kămpŭchéa). (wikipedia.org)
  • 4 A teacher at the University of Fine Arts, Sophiline left Cambodia in 1991 and immigrated to the United States with a fiancée visa. (jhu.edu)
  • Following the 1991 Paris Peace Accords, Cambodia was governed briefly by a United Nations mission (1992-93). (wikipedia.org)
  • In recent years, Cambodia has become considerably more stable. (freedomhouse.org)
  • Q: Your Excellency, you have been living 13 years in Cambodia. (ewtn.com)
  • We've observed lots of technology introduced into Cambodia in the last two years, especially for young people. (oneworld.org)
  • The hope is that, for the first time in 30 years, Cambodia faces no armed rebellion. (latimes.com)
  • But he's on to something with the local language web portal, just five years old, which has earned itself the title of the Buzzfeed of Cambodia. (cnbc.com)
  • The river dolphins are beloved icons in Cambodia and females give birth only every two to three years, so any birth creates a sensation. (worldwildlife.org)
  • Two years ago, after years of negotiations and delays, the government and the United Nations agreed on a framework for an international tribunal to be held in Cambodia. (globalpolicy.org)
  • Following 400 years of decline, Cambodia became a French colony and during the 20th century experienced the turmoil of war, occupation by the Japanese, postwar independence, and political instability. (britannica.com)
  • Cambodia and Thailand have military on the disputed border for over three years now. (searchengineland.com)
  • Fr Luca Bolelli, a PIME missionary, has been in Cambodia for the past six years. (asianews.it)
  • As a young man, Ta Phol spent several years in the Benedictine monastery that once existed in Cambodia before the war, but in the end decided not to take his vows. (asianews.it)
  • Thailand and Cambodia are celebrating 65 years of diplomatic ties this year. (bangkokpost.com)
  • Cambodia is a nation that it struggling, with some success, to bring itself out of the utter devastation caused by five years of war followed by four years of the unpopular Pol Pot regime. (csmonitor.com)
  • Teach-in-Cambodia is a recruitment agency which helps qualified teachers find teaching jobs in leading international schools in Cambodia. (eslcafe.com)
  • What is the Social Protection System Review of Cambodia? (oecd.org)
  • CDC works with the Government of Cambodia-a global leader in the fight against HIV-to achieve sustained elimination of new HIV infections. (cdc.gov)
  • The Government of Cambodia is a global leader in the fight against HIV. (cdc.gov)
  • The U.N. AIDS co-coordinator in Cambodia, Tony Lisle, says the government deserves great credit for having the political will to tackle the disease. (voanews.com)
  • His "private" army now wears government uniforms, but Sary remains in Pailin in northwestern Cambodia, still controlling the gem-mining industry that helped finance the Khmer Rouge insurgency. (latimes.com)
  • With the support of the international community, including IOM, the Government of Cambodia (GoC) has built a comprehensive legal and institutional framework to address trafficking in persons. (iom.int)
  • Cambodia remains heavily reliant on foreign assistance--about half of the central government budget depends on donor assistance. (traveldocs.com)
  • Any urban interventions undertaken by UN-Habitat and the Royal Government will need to be multi-sector and involve cooperation with other development partners (external funding and technical assistance grants) and partnerships with (local) government and the private sector as well as participatory development where various elements of civil society will be able to contribute to overall development of Cambodia. (unhabitat.org)
  • In support of government efforts to tackle food security challenges, WFP's assistance in Cambodia focuses on food-based social safety nets in the sectors of education, nutrition and productive assets/livelihoods support, in order to enable longer-term, nationally owned food security solutions. (wfp.org)
  • A recent government survey found 16,579 orphans living in 406 orphanages across Cambodia, far more than expected, officials said, adding that 38 percent of the orphanages had never been inspected. (reuters.com)
  • The filters are distributed and marketed with the aid of a variety of NGOs and independent businesses in Cambodia. (inhabitat.com)
  • This led to the US bombing of Cambodia from 1969 until 1973. (wikipedia.org)
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) established an office in Cambodia in 2002. (cdc.gov)
  • Mok, 35, is a married man who lives in the small community of Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia. (kiva.org)
  • I have challenged him many times to try me instead of Kem Sokha, but he fears the national and international response to my arrest and trial as much as he fears the support I would receive if he allowed me to move freely in Cambodia. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • In total, Cambodia lost 25,000 square kilometers of forest between 1990 and 2005, 3,340 square kilometer of which was primary forest. (wikipedia.org)
  • Tony Lisle of UNAIDS says that about 25,000 patients are receiving treatment in Cambodia - nearly 80 percent of all those who need treatment. (voanews.com)
  • As a key implementer of the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), CDC works with Cambodia to build a sustainable, high-impact national HIV response program. (cdc.gov)
  • While the sums involved may not sound much, Cambodia is one of the world's poorest nations and the average income is about 50p a day. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • But Cambodia is also home to an incredible variety of flora and fauna and one of the world's richest fisheries. (npr.org)
  • Prepare travelers to Cambodia with recommendations for vaccines and medications. (cdc.gov)
  • The opposition leader received a royal pardon in exchange for recanting his allegations and issuing a public apology to Hun Sen, and he returned to Cambodia in February 2006, after a year of self-imposed exile. (freedomhouse.org)
  • Examining the negotiation of the contemporary clouded divide between "here" and "there," and the implications of movement away from and back to Cambodia, I want to pay attention to the ways in which a new configuration of the world influences women's creative choices in their art and lives. (jhu.edu)
  • Cambodia has achieved rapid economic growth and a sharp poverty reduction over the last two decades, but a large proportion of non-poor families are at risk of falling back into poverty. (oecd.org)
  • Hiking was never fun for Van Pol when he was a child: It brought back fearful memories of his family's escape from Cambodia and into refugee camps. (pri.org)
  • In 1992-93, peace agreements were implemented under the auspices of United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC), an early peacekeeping and postconflict reconstruction mission. (freedomhouse.org)
  • Cambodia is a member of the United Nations since 1955, ASEAN, the East Asia Summit, the WTO, the Non-Aligned Movement and La Francophonie. (wikipedia.org)
  • Meanwhile, the group brought to light United Nations trade data showing that Cambodia had been massively under-reporting the amount of sand being exported to Singapore. (nationalgeographic.com)
  • The Social Protection System Review (SPSR) of Cambodia assesses of the current state of Cambodia's social protection system, highlights its current and future challenges and needs, and suggests a number of options for addressing them. (oecd.org)
  • OECD Home Development Centre Inclusive societies and development Social Protection System Review (SPSR) of Cambodia. (oecd.org)
  • This specifically designed project takes place in Banteay Chhmar which is a commune in the Thma Puok District of the Banteay Meanchey province in the northwestern part of Cambodia. (goabroad.com)
  • His return to Cambodia where he would face an unfair trial and possible torture is a violation of both Thai domestic law and a fundamental principle of international law. (scoop.co.nz)
  • Next week, four top leaders of the Khmer Rouge regime will be brought to trial in Cambodia for alleged crimes against humanity (known as Case 002). (pbs.org)
  • The latest flare-up in a long-standing territorial dispute between Thailand and Cambodia has resulted in the deaths of at least 15 people and displaced tens of thousands during a week's worth of fighting. (pbs.org)
  • Across Cambodia starvation was rife and people ate anything they could get their hands on, including insects. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • The communist regimes in Cambodia took the lives not only of 2 million people, but also robbed the nation of its culture and history, such that young people today are starting families without a link to their heritage. (ewtn.com)
  • UNAIDS estimates there are 76,000 people living with HIV in Cambodia. (cnn.com)
  • And while Cambodia s coast and countryside may not match up to its heavyweight neighbours, these smiling Khmer people are really what universally astounds and delights travellers , especially given Cambodia s dark and very recent past. (responsibletravel.com)
  • A dengue epidemic that raged through Cambodia during the first eight months of the year landed more than 30,000 people in hospital, the majority of them children. (ipsnews.net)
  • Monday was an historic day for the people of Cambodia. (pri.org)
  • Since 1992, the ILO has promoted labour-based appropriate technology (LBAT) in Cambodia as an effective means to generate employment by improving and maintaining essential rural infrastructure and as a tool to directly fight poverty. (ilo.org)
  • Weak governance, widespread poverty, and corruption were a few of the major factors contributing to the World Bank's designation of Cambodia as a fragile state in 2006. (freedomhouse.org)
  • Cambodia has a number of social insurance, social assistance and labour market programmes in place to reduce poverty and support vulnerable groups but their coverage is low and provision is highly fragmented. (oecd.org)
  • Individuals frequently transition in and out of poverty in Cambodia. (oecd.org)
  • Cambodia has achieved impressive economic growth since the mid-1990s and has made significant progress in reducing national poverty. (wfp.org)