Decisions made by the United States Supreme Court.
The science or philosophy of law. Also, the application of the principles of law and justice to health and medicine.
The kind of action or activity proper to the judiciary, particularly its responsibility for decision making.
Legal guarantee protecting the individual from attack on personal liberties, right to fair trial, right to vote, and freedom from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, or national origin. (from accessed 1/31/2003)
A branch of law that defines criminal offenses, regulates the apprehension, charging and trial of suspected persons, and fixes the penalties and modes of treatment applicable to convicted offenders.
Presentation of pertinent data by one with special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject.
Accountability and responsibility to another, enforceable by civil or criminal sanctions.
A violation of the criminal law, i.e., a breach of the conduct code specifically sanctioned by the state, which through its administrative agencies prosecutes offenders and imposes and administers punishments. The concept includes unacceptable actions whether prosecuted or going unpunished.
The formally authorized guardianship or care of a CHILD.
Promotion and protection of the rights of children; frequently through a legal process.
Persons whose profession is to give legal advice and assistance to clients and represent them in legal matters. (American Heritage Dictionary, 3d ed)
Organized efforts to insure obedience to the laws of a community.
Programs in which participation is required.
Payment, or other means of making amends, for a wrong or injury.
The level of governmental organization and function at the national or country-wide level.
A legal concept that an accused is not criminally responsible if, at the time of committing the act, the person was laboring under such a defect of reason from disease of the mind as not to know the nature and quality of the act done or if the act was known, to not have known that what was done was wrong. (From Black's Law Dictionary, 6th ed)
Psychiatry in its legal aspects. This includes criminology, penology, commitment of mentally ill, the psychiatrist's role in compensation cases, the problems of releasing information to the court, and of expert testimony.
The application of medical knowledge to questions of law.
The antisocial acts of children or persons under age which are illegal or lawfully interpreted as constituting delinquency.
A written agreement for the transfer of patients and their medical records from one health care institution to another.
Informed consent given by a parent on behalf of a minor or otherwise incompetent child.
A person who has not attained the age at which full civil rights are accorded.
The ability to understand the nature and effect of the act in which the individual is engaged. (From Black's Law Dictionary, 6th ed).
Conception after the death of the male or female biological parent through techniques such as the use of gametes that have been stored during his or her lifetime or that were collected immediately after his or her death.
Laws and regulations, pertaining to the field of medicine, proposed for enactment or enacted by a legislative body.
The enactment of laws and ordinances and their regulation by official organs of a nation, state, or other legislative organization. It refers also to health-related laws and regulations in general or for which there is no specific heading.
Former state in north central Germany. Formally abolished March 1, 1947. Kingdom established 1701.
Disciplines that apply sciences to law. Forensic sciences include a wide range of disciplines, such as FORENSIC TOXICOLOGY; FORENSIC ANTHROPOLOGY; FORENSIC MEDICINE; FORENSIC DENTISTRY; and others.
The right of the patient or the patient's representative to make decisions with regard to the patient's dying.
Exclusive legal rights or privileges applied to inventions, plants, etc.
The rights of the individual to cultural, social, economic, and educational opportunities as provided by society, e.g., right to work, right to education, and right to social security.
Failing to prevent death from natural causes, for reasons of mercy by the withdrawal or withholding of life-prolonging treatment.
A game played by two or four players with rackets and an elastic ball on a level court divided by a low net.
Persons who have committed a crime or have been convicted of a crime.
Control which is exerted by the more stable organizations of society, such as established institutions and the law. They are ordinarily embodied in definite codes, usually written.
Promotion and protection of the rights of patients, frequently through a legal process.
Provision (by a physician or other health professional, or by a family member or friend) of support and/or means that gives a patient the power to terminate his or her own life. (from APA, Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms, 8th ed).
Fundamental claims of patients, as expressed in statutes, declarations, or generally accepted moral principles. (Bioethics Thesaurus) The term is used for discussions of patient rights as a group of many rights, as in a hospital's posting of a list of patient rights.
Persons as individuals (e.g., ABORTION APPLICANTS) or as members of a group (e.g., HISPANIC AMERICANS). It is not used for members of the various professions (e.g., PHYSICIANS) or occupations (e.g., LIBRARIANS) for which OCCUPATIONAL GROUPS is available.
Agreements between two or more parties, especially those that are written and enforceable by law (American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th ed). It is sometimes used to characterize the nature of the professional-patient relationship.
Interference with the FREEDOM or PERSONAL AUTONOMY of another person, with justifications referring to the promotion of the person's good or the prevention of harm to the person. (from Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy, 1995); more generally, not allowing a person to make decisions on his or her own behalf.
Games in which players use a racquet to hit a ball or similar type object.
Laws concerned with manufacturing, dispensing, and marketing of drugs.
Refusal of the health professional to initiate or continue treatment of a patient or group of patients. The refusal can be based on any reason. The concept is differentiated from PATIENT REFUSAL OF TREATMENT see TREATMENT REFUSAL which originates with the patient and not the health professional.
Exercise of governmental authority to control conduct.
A system of government in which there is free and equal participation by the people in the political decision-making process.
The act of deceiving or the fact of being deceived.
The killing of one person by another.
Legal process required for the institutionalization of a patient with severe mental problems.
Insurance against loss resulting from liability for injury or damage to the persons or property of others.
Agents of the law charged with the responsibility of maintaining and enforcing law and order among the citizenry.
A 1974 Federal act which preempts states' rights with regard to workers' pension benefits and employee benefits. It does not affect the benefits and rights of employees whose employer is self-insured. (From Slee & Slee, Health Care Reform Terms, 1993)
Withholding or withdrawal of a particular treatment or treatments, often (but not necessarily) life-prolonging treatment, from a patient or from a research subject as part of a research protocol. The concept is differentiated from REFUSAL TO TREAT, where the emphasis is on the health professional's or health facility's refusal to treat a patient or group of patients when the patient or the patient's representative requests treatment. Withholding of life-prolonging treatment is usually indexed only with EUTHANASIA, PASSIVE, unless the distinction between withholding and withdrawing treatment, or the issue of withholding palliative rather than curative treatment, is discussed.
The act or practice of killing or allowing death from natural causes, for reasons of mercy, i.e., in order to release a person from incurable disease, intolerable suffering, or undignified death. (from Beauchamp and Walters, Contemporary Issues in Bioethics, 5th ed)
Actions which have a high risk of being harmful or injurious to oneself or others.
The intrinsic moral worth ascribed to a living being. (Bioethics Thesaurus)
Deliberate maltreatment of groups of humans beings including violations of generally-accepted fundamental rights as stated by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted and proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly resolution 217 A (III) of 10 December 1948.
The obligations and accountability assumed in carrying out actions or ideas on behalf of others.
Social welfare organizations with programs designed to assist individuals in need.
Activities designed to attract the attention or favors of another.
The branch of psychology which investigates the psychology of crime with particular reference to the personality factors of the criminal.
Women who allow themselves to be impregnated with the understanding that the offspring are to be given over to the parents who have commissioned the surrogate.
The legal authority or formal permission from authorities to carry on certain activities which by law or regulation require such permission. It may be applied to licensure of institutions as well as individuals.
An office in the Department of Labor responsible for developing and establishing occupational safety and health standards.
Voluntary authorization, by a patient or research subject, with full comprehension of the risks involved, for diagnostic or investigative procedures, and for medical and surgical treatment.
The alterations of modes of medical practice, induced by the threat of liability, for the principal purposes of forestalling lawsuits by patients as well as providing good legal defense in the event that such lawsuits are instituted.
Penal institutions, or places of confinement for war prisoners.
The act or practice of killing for reasons of mercy, i.e., in order to release a person or animal from incurable disease, intolerable suffering, or undignified death. (from Beauchamp and Walters, Contemporary Issues in Bioethics, 5th ed)
Abuse of children in a family, institutional, or other setting. (APA, Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms, 1994)
Laws and regulations concerning hospitals, which are proposed for enactment or enacted by a legislative body.
The principles of professional conduct concerning the rights and duties of the physician, relations with patients and fellow practitioners, as well as actions of the physician in patient care and interpersonal relations with patient families.
Disorders related to substance abuse.
The absence of a useful purpose or useful result in a diagnostic procedure or therapeutic intervention. The situation of a patient whose condition will not be improved by treatment or instances in which treatment preserves permanent unconsciousness or cannot end dependence on intensive medical care. (From Ann Intern Med 1990 Jun 15;112(12):949)
An independent administrative agency concerned with maintaining competitive free enterprise by prohibiting unfair methods of competition and unfair deceptive acts or practices.
Members of a religious denomination founded in the United States during the late 19th century in which active evangelism is practiced, the imminent approach of the millennium is preached, and war and organized government authority in matters of conscience are strongly opposed (from American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th ed). Jehovah's Witnesses generally refuse blood transfusions and other blood-based treatments based on religious belief.
The use of the death penalty for certain crimes.
The combining of administrative and organizational resources of two or more health care facilities.
Human females who are pregnant, as cultural, psychological, or sociological entities.
Termination of pregnancy under conditions allowed under local laws. (POPLINE Thesaurus, 1991)
The aggregate business enterprise of agriculture, manufacture, and distribution related to tobacco and tobacco-derived products.
Regulations or conditions imposed on employees by management in order to correct or prevent behaviors which are counterproductive to the organization.
The commitment in writing, as authentic evidence, of something having legal importance. The concept includes certificates of birth, death, etc., as well as hospital, medical, and other institutional records.
Written, witnessed declarations in which persons request that if they become disabled beyond reasonable expectation of recovery, they be allowed to die rather than be kept alive by extraordinary means. (Bioethics Thesaurus)
Patient or client refusal of or resistance to medical, psychological, or psychiatric treatment. (APA, Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms, 8th ed.)
A legal concept for individuals who are designated to act on behalf of persons who are considered incapable of acting in their own behalf, e.g., minors and persons found to be not mentally competent.
Property, such as patents, trademarks, and copyright, that results from creative effort. The Patent and Copyright Clause (Art. 1, Sec. 8, cl. 8) of the United States Constitution provides for promoting the progress of science and useful arts by securing for limited times to authors and inventors, the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries. (From Black's Law Dictionary, 5th ed, p1014)
Small-arms weapons, including handguns, pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, etc.
Exploitation through misrepresentation of the facts or concealment of the purposes of the exploiter.
Organizations which assume the financial responsibility for the risks of policyholders.
Control of drug and narcotic use by international agreement, or by institutional systems for handling prescribed drugs. This includes regulations concerned with the manufacturing, dispensing, approval (DRUG APPROVAL), and marketing of drugs.
The level of governmental organization and function below that of the national or country-wide government.
Sexual activities of animals.
The state or condition of being a human individual accorded moral and/or legal rights. Criteria to be used to determine this status are subject to debate, and range from the requirement of simply being a human organism to such requirements as that the individual be self-aware and capable of rational thought and moral agency.
The effect of environmental or physiological factors on the driver and driving ability. Included are driving fatigue, and the effect of drugs, disease, and physical disabilities on driving.
A method of examining and setting levels of payments.
Those federal and state laws, and their enforcement, that protect trade and commerce from unlawful restraints and monopolies or unfair business practices.
A course or method of action selected, usually by a government, from among alternatives to guide and determine present and future decisions.
Recurrent seizures causally related to CRANIOCEREBRAL TRAUMA. Seizure onset may be immediate but is typically delayed for several days after the injury and may not occur for up to two years. The majority of seizures have a focal onset that correlates clinically with the site of brain injury. Cerebral cortex injuries caused by a penetrating foreign object (CRANIOCEREBRAL TRAUMA, PENETRATING) are more likely than closed head injuries (HEAD INJURIES, CLOSED) to be associated with epilepsy. Concussive convulsions are nonepileptic phenomena that occur immediately after head injury and are characterized by tonic and clonic movements. (From Rev Neurol 1998 Feb;26(150):256-261; Sports Med 1998 Feb;25(2):131-6)
The philosophy or code pertaining to what is ideal in human character and conduct. Also, the field of study dealing with the principles of morality.
Persons with psychiatric illnesses or diseases, particularly psychotic and severe mood disorders.
Insurance coverage providing compensation and medical benefits to individuals because of work-connected injuries or disease.
Revealing of information, by oral or written communication.
The principles of proper professional conduct concerning the rights and duties of the dentist, relations with patients and fellow practitioners, as well as actions of the dentist in patient care and interpersonal relations with patient families. (From Stedman, 25th ed)
Time period from 1601 through 1700 of the common era.
Human experimentation that is intended to benefit the subjects on whom it is performed.
The interrelationship of medicine and religion.
The application of genetic analyses and MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTIC TECHNIQUES to legal matters and crime analysis.
Laws and regulations, pertaining to the field of veterinary medicine, proposed for enactment or enacted by a legislative body.
Activities concerned with governmental policies, functions, etc.
The privacy of information and its protection against unauthorized disclosure.
A situation in which an individual might benefit personally from official or professional actions. It includes a conflict between a person's private interests and official responsibilities in a position of trust. The term is not restricted to government officials. The concept refers both to actual conflict of interest and the appearance or perception of conflict.
Duties that are based in ETHICS, rather than in law.
Branch of medicine concerned with the prevention and control of disease and disability, and the promotion of physical and mental health of the population on the international, national, state, or municipal level.
The application of an unpleasant stimulus or penalty for the purpose of eliminating or correcting undesirable behavior.
An acute brain syndrome which results from the excessive ingestion of ETHANOL or ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES.
Unlawful sexual intercourse without consent of the victim.
Time period from 1801 through 1900 of the common era.
Detection of drugs that have been abused, overused, or misused, including legal and illegal drugs. Urine screening is the usual method of detection.
Organized efforts by communities or organizations to improve the health and well-being of the child.
Self-directing freedom and especially moral independence. An ethical principle holds that the autonomy of persons ought to be respected. (Bioethics Thesaurus)
The religion stemming from the life, teachings, and death of Jesus Christ: the religion that believes in God as the Father Almighty who works redemptively through the Holy Spirit for men's salvation and that affirms Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior who proclaimed to man the gospel of salvation. (From Webster, 3d ed)
Medical treatment for opioid dependence using a substitute opiate such as METHADONE or BUPRENORPHINE.
Differences of opinion or disagreements that may arise, for example, between health professionals and patients or their families, or against a political regime.
People who take drugs for a non-therapeutic or non-medical effect. The drugs may be legal or illegal, but their use often results in adverse medical, legal, or social consequences for the users.
Smallest political subdivisions within a country at which general governmental functions are carried-out.
Individual or group aggressive behavior which is socially non-acceptable, turbulent, and often destructive. It is precipitated by frustrations, hostility, prejudices, etc.
Time period from 1901 through 2000 of the common era.
An interactive process whereby members of a community are concerned for the equality and rights of all.
The complex of political institutions, laws, and customs through which the function of governing is carried out in a specific political unit.
Individuals subjected to and adversely affected by criminal activity. (APA, Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms, 1994)
Informed consent given by someone other than the patient or research subject.
The study of natural phenomena by observation, measurement, and experimentation.
The largest country in North America, comprising 10 provinces and three territories. Its capital is Ottawa.
The quality or state of relating to or affecting two or more nations. (After Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, 10th ed)
Hospital department responsible for the organization and administration of psychiatric services.
Special hospitals which provide care to the mentally ill patient.
The decision process by which individuals, groups or institutions establish policies pertaining to plans, programs or procedures.
Psychiatric illness or diseases manifested by breakdowns in the adaptational process expressed primarily as abnormalities of thought, feeling, and behavior producing either distress or impairment of function.
The process of minimizing risk to an organization by developing systems to identify and analyze potential hazards to prevent accidents, injuries, and other adverse occurrences, and by attempting to handle events and incidents which do occur in such a manner that their effect and cost are minimized. Effective risk management has its greatest benefits in application to insurance in order to avert or minimize financial liability. (From Slee & Slee: Health care terms, 2d ed)
Coexistence of numerous distinct ethnic, racial, religious, or cultural groups within one social unit, organization, or population. (From American Heritage Dictionary, 2d college ed., 1982, p955)
The interchange of goods or commodities, especially on a large scale, between different countries or between populations within the same country. It includes trade (the buying, selling, or exchanging of commodities, whether wholesale or retail) and business (the purchase and sale of goods to make a profit). (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed, p411, p2005 & p283)
Sexual maltreatment of the child or minor.
The state of being engaged in an activity or service for wages or salary.
A preconceived judgment made without factual basis.
Conditional probability of exposure to a treatment given observed covariates.
The co-existence of a substance abuse disorder with a psychiatric disorder. The diagnostic principle is based on the fact that it has been found often that chemically dependent patients also have psychiatric problems of various degrees of severity.
Criteria to determine eligibility of patients for medical care programs and services.
That segment of commercial enterprise devoted to the design, development, and manufacture of chemical products for use in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, disability, or other dysfunction, or to improve function.
A personality disorder whose essential feature is a pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others that begins in childhood or early adolescence and continues into adulthood. The individual must be at least age 18 and must have a history of some symptoms of CONDUCT DISORDER before age 15. (From DSM-IV, 1994)
A synthetic opioid that is used as the hydrochloride. It is an opioid analgesic that is primarily a mu-opioid agonist. It has actions and uses similar to those of MORPHINE. (From Martindale, The Extra Pharmacopoeia, 30th ed, p1082-3)
The interactions between representatives of institutions, agencies, or organizations.
Decisions, usually developed by government policymakers, for determining present and future objectives pertaining to the health care system.
Systematic organization, storage, retrieval, and dissemination of specialized information, especially of a scientific or technical nature (From ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983). It often involves authenticating or validating information.
The use of one's knowledge in a particular profession. It includes, in the case of the field of biomedicine, professional activities related to health care and the actual performance of the duties related to the provision of health care.
The process of making a selective intellectual judgment when presented with several complex alternatives consisting of several variables, and usually defining a course of action or an idea.
A traditional term for all the activities which a physician or other health care professional normally performs to insure the coordination of the medical services required by a patient. It also, when used in connection with managed care, covers all the activities of evaluating the patient, planning treatment, referral, and follow-up so that care is continuous and comprehensive and payment for the care is obtained. (From Slee & Slee, Health Care Terms, 2nd ed)
Absolute, comparative, or differential costs pertaining to services, institutions, resources, etc., or the analysis and study of these costs.
The smallest continent and an independent country, comprising six states and two territories. Its capital is Canberra.
The practice of sending a patient to another program or practitioner for services or advice which the referring source is not prepared to provide.
Disorders related or resulting from abuse or mis-use of opioids.
Persons with physical or mental disabilities that affect or limit their activities of daily living and that may require special accommodations.
Educational institutions providing facilities for teaching and research and authorized to grant academic degrees.
Organized services to provide mental health care.
Health insurance plans intended to reduce unnecessary health care costs through a variety of mechanisms, including: economic incentives for physicians and patients to select less costly forms of care; programs for reviewing the medical necessity of specific services; increased beneficiary cost sharing; controls on inpatient admissions and lengths of stay; the establishment of cost-sharing incentives for outpatient surgery; selective contracting with health care providers; and the intensive management of high-cost health care cases. The programs may be provided in a variety of settings, such as HEALTH MAINTENANCE ORGANIZATIONS and PREFERRED PROVIDER ORGANIZATIONS.
The interaction of two or more persons or organizations directed toward a common goal which is mutually beneficial. An act or instance of working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit, i.e., joint action. (From Random House Dictionary Unabridged, 2d ed)
A primary, chronic disease with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors influencing its development and manifestations. The disease is often progressive and fatal. It is characterized by impaired control over drinking, preoccupation with the drug alcohol, use of alcohol despite adverse consequences, and distortions in thinking, most notably denial. Each of these symptoms may be continuous or periodic. (Morse & Flavin for the Joint Commission of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence and the American Society of Addiction Medicine to Study the Definition and Criteria for the Diagnosis of Alcoholism: in JAMA 1992;268:1012-4)
The qualitative or quantitative estimation of the likelihood of adverse effects that may result from exposure to specified health hazards or from the absence of beneficial influences. (Last, Dictionary of Epidemiology, 1988)
The determination and evaluation of personality attributes by interviews, observations, tests, or scales. Articles concerning personality measurement are considered to be within scope of this term.
Court House built. 1874 - Nevada State Journal newspaper begins publication. 1874- University of Nevada founded 1877 - Bridge ... 1933 - Reno Main Post Office built. 1935 - Reno Little Theater founded. 1936 Southside School Annex built. Harold's Club ... Washoe County Courthouse and Bethel AME Church built. Population: 10,867. 1911 - YMCA building dedicated. 1913 - Divorce ... 1926 - Southern Pacific Railroad depot and Reno Arch built. 1927 Transcontinental Highway Exposition held; California Building ...
Court House built. 1873 - November: Legislative Assembly of Wyoming Territory in session. 1874 - City Hall built. 1876 Cheyenne ... Mark's Episcopal Church built. 1887 - Cheyenne Depot built. 1888 - Nagle Warren Mansion (residence) built. 1890 July 10: ... Wyoming State Capitol building and First United Methodist Church constructed. Population: 11,690. 1892 - Tivoli Building ... 1882 - Opera House built. 1884 - William Sturgis House (residence) built. 1885 - Francis E. Warren becomes mayor. 1886 Library ...
1889 - Court House built.[citation needed] 1894 Lagos Echo and Lagos Standard newspapers begin publication. Bank of British ... 1967 Lagos State created. Mobolaji Johnson becomes governor of Lagos State. 1972 - Lagos National Stadium built. 1973 - 2nd All ... 1963 Independence House built. Population: 655,246. 1964 National Library of Nigeria built. Bagatelle restaurant in business ( ... 1913 - Apapa wharf built. 1914 Lagos becomes capital of the British Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria. Lagos Central Times ...
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"A Special Court for Gun Crimes Is Created Just for Five Neighborhoods in Central Brooklyn", New York Times, May 8, 2003 Smith, ... Fort Greene Historic District, townhouses built between 1840 and 1890. The park was built on the site of fortifications built ... and consists of 16 contributing buildings built between 1891 and 1928. The largest and oldest building (Building 1 and 2) dates ... 1862 Court House built. Park Theatre opens. Coney Island and Brooklyn Railroad begins operating. Cypress Hills National ...
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Glasgow Sheriff Court Wills. SC36/51/35". Missing or empty ,url= (help) Bradfield, R.A. (1988). ... "FLORA KERR". Scottish Built Ships. "Florentine Bank House 53 Hillhead St., Hillhead". Glasgow West-end Addresses and...... ... He remained in Castlemaine until 1867; the local paper, The Mount Alexander Mail, reported the presentation made to him on his ... He was born at Morrison's Court, 108 Argyle Street, Glasgow, Scotland on 21 February 1838, the third child of Alexander Kerr ...
Court-House built. Population: 33,383. 1851 - Lowell Daily Citizen newspaper begins publication. 1852 - May: Lajos Kossuth ... Patrick's Church and Merrimack Street Depot built. 1856 - Jail built. 1857 - Varnum School built. 1863 - High School ... 1930 - Post Office built. 1937 - Cawley Memorial Stadium built. 1942 - Lowell Ordnance Plant active. 1946 - New England Golden ... 1889 - Opera House built. 1890 - Population: 77,696. 1891 - Lowell General Hospital founded. 1893 - Lowell Post Office built. ...
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... the terms of the injunction in connection with access was granted and a new Order made by the Technology and Construction Court ... and construction of the new building commenced in January 2016. The new building, renamed as 22 Bishopsgate, is planned to be ... However, the build was put on hold due to a lack of additional funding and letting commitments. In 2013 it was reported that a ... At 278 metres, the building was set to be the tallest in the City of London at that time and, due to potential loss of light to ...
p. 1.; "Hala ia Pua Alii o Ka Aina - Make O Keanu Ma Kapakai O Waikiki". Ka Nupepa Kuokoa. XL (27). Honolulu. July 4, 1902. p. ... In 1855, Keaupuni was involved in the Hawaii Supreme Court case Keaupuni vs. Fred. Ogden. The plaintiff sought to recover ... "Make". Ka Hae Hawaii. 5 (46). Honolulu. February 13, 1861. p. 189. Kam 2017, p. 72. Cooke, Amos Starr; Cooke, Juliette Montague ... The indecisive jury were discharged by the Court after an absence of four hours. They eventually divorced. She married Kiaʻaina ...
It was built in 1882. It is also known as the Imperial Hotel; The Bushman's Home; and Kemwah Court. The property is owned by a ... The building is significant as a good example of a late 19th century Victorian Italianate style hotel. Kemwah Court was listed ... Built in 1882 at the south end of Macquarie Street, just when the town's northward shift began. In 2018, the building continues ... The hotel building occupies the eastern portion of the site with a customer and staff car park to the rear. A deciduous tree is ...
It was constructed in 1912-1914 by Thomas Hastings of Carrère and Hastings. It was transformed into a museum in the mid-1930s ... "Garden Court". The Frick Collection. November 10, 2013. Retrieved November 10, 2013. "Entrance Hall". The Frick Collection. ... The building itself has been enlarged three times in 1931-35, 1977, and in 2011, which has altered the original appearance of ... The office of Henry Frick on the ground floor was also demolished to make way for the Oval Room. The East Gallery and the Music ...
1994 Waterplace Park constructed. WaterFire begins. Gun court established in the Providence Superior Court. 1996 The Providence ... 1908 - Federal Building constructed. 1913 Turk's Head Building constructed 1914 Johnson & Wales School of Business was formed, ... First Universalist Church built. First Point Street Bridge built. Construction begins on the Brown and Sharpe Manufacturing ... Providence County Court House dedicated. Grammar school built on Candace Street. 1878 Providence Grays baseball team formed; ...
Jevanjee mosque built. 1902 - Court of Kenya established. 1903 - Seif Bin Salim public library founded. 1904 - Africa Hotel in ... 1507 - Mandhry Mosque built. 1528 - Town sacked by Portuguese forces of Nuno da Cunha. 1529 - Portuguese in power. 1588 - Town ... Court of Kenya relocated from Mombasa to Nairobi. 1907 - Slavery abolished. 1920 - Town becomes part of British Protectorate of ... 1931 - Nyali Bridge built. 1944 - Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa established. 1951 - Mombasa Institute of Muslim Education opens. ...
1875 - US Court House built. 1880 - Population: 10,036. 1891 - The State newspaper begins publication. 1892 - Columbia Hospital ... 1984 - Hindu Temple built. 1986 - T. Patton Adams becomes mayor. 1987 - AT&T Building constructed. 1988 South Carolina State ... 1899 - Olympia Mill built. 1908 - Main Street paved. 1913 National Corn Show held in city. Palmetto Building constructed. 1917 ... First Presbyterian Church building constructed. 1854 - Office of mayor established. 1856 Town police force and Athenaeum ...
"Allied Press Ltd Building (Formerly Evening Star Building)". Register of Historic Places. Heritage New Zealand. "Alva House". ... "The Exchange Court Façade (Former) and Thomson, Bridger and Company Façade (Former)". Register of Historic Places. Heritage New ... "Fisken & Associates Ltd Building (Former BNZ)". Register of Historic Places. Heritage New Zealand. "Fitness Centre Building". ... "Security Building". Register of Historic Places. Heritage New Zealand. "Selwyn College Main Building". Register of Historic ...
1905 Victoria Park is created. John Court, proprietor of the John Court Department Store donates money for Playground equipment ... Gloucester Court, 1 Franklin Road. 1935 Art-Deco Apartment building by Horace Massey. Fairfield Terrace 117-131 Ponsonby Rd. ... Built in the 1880s this is a fine example of a wooden church in the Gothic style. This building includes carved detailing by ... Built as the Allans Calendar Printing Works in the 1950s. Leys Block. Queen Anne / Art Nouveau building erected in 1911 for the ...
"Old Passaic County Court House". Emporis. Retrieved March 22, 2014. "YMCA Building". Emporis. Retrieved October 10, 2014. " ... Downtown Paterson is home to City Hall and the Passaic County Court House, two of the city's architectural landmarks. City Hall ... As the county seat Paterson is home to the Passaic County Court House complex, Passaic County Community College, and several ... Dublin, considered the first neighborhood of Paterson, was built up around the mills near Great Falls. The area, which is ...
"Williams Building". Victorian Heritage Database. "Park Court Flats" (PDF). City of Port Phillip Heritage Review. "SMALL HOUSE ... The building was demolished in 1994 to make way for a new fire station. The largest civic building designed by Seabrook and ... The building is significant for its application of European modernist design principles to the town-hall building type, which ... The front of the building is broken up by three vertical strips of deeply recessed windows, creating an interplay between solid ...
Beyond Gisborne Court is Fen Court, a 20th-century building partially on stilts. Fen Court was built between 1939 and 1941 from ... The chapel makes up the fourth, east side to the court. Rooms in Old Court are occupied by a mixture of fellows and ... Gisborne Court is accessible through an archway leading from the west side of Old Court. It was built in 1825-6. Its cost was ... The building is occupied by fellows and college offices. Old Court lies beyond the Chapel cloisters. To the south of the court ...
"Bentinck Court". Retrieved 10 June 2019. "Colwick Woods Court". Retrieved 11 June 2019. "Litmus Building". Retrieved 11 June ... Height for this building is estimated. Height for this building is estimated. Height for this building is estimated.. ... "Winchester Court". Retrieved 10 June 2019. "Manvers Court". Retrieved 10 June 2019. "Kingston Court". Retrieved 10 June 2019. " ... "Southchurch Court". Retrieved 10 June 2019. "Tower Building, University of Nottingham". Retrieved 10 June 2019. "Ash View". ...
Flade, Tatjana (October 29, 2012). "Fernandez tops men's podium at Skate Canada; makes history". Golden Skate. Rutherford, Lynn ... "Spain's Javier Fernandez wins Skate Canada". CT Post. October 27, 2012.[permanent dead link] Flade, Tatjana (October 27, 2012 ...
"Supreme Court - In Banco". South Australian Register. LI (12, 376). South Australia. 14 July 1886. p. 7. Retrieved 26 October ... "Building Improvements in the City". The South Australian Advertiser. South Australia. 16 January 1867. p. 2. Retrieved 28 ... "Resident Magistrate's Court". The Adelaide Observer. III (156). South Australia. 20 June 1846. p. 4. Retrieved 3 November 2018 ... "Building Improvements for 1871". South Australian Register. XXXVII (7842). South Australia. 4 January 1872. p. 7. Retrieved 29 ...
... with several members of the court filing opinions urging Supreme Court review.[4] On June 27, 2016, the Supreme Court of the ... Courts these days are making policy-based decisions, untethered from any rule of law, aimed at killing patents they don't like. ... But he insisted that "any further guidance must come from the Supreme Court, not this court." ... contrary to Supreme Court's Diamond v. Diehr decision)." He also blames the Federal Circuit for relying on the Supreme Court's ...
The Court of Last Resort. Thomas Forbes. Episode: The Forbes-Carol Case ... For episoden "May We Make Them Proud" Filmografi[redigér , redigér wikikode]. År. Titel. Rolle. Bemærkninger ... The Court of Last Resort, State Trooper (to episoder), Tales of Wells Fargo, Tombstone Territory (i episoden "Rose of the Rio ...
While married to Lord Stanley Margaret endowed the building of chapels in Wales. Like Edward IV and his court, she was also ... Most of these were made in the reign of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I as symbols of loyalty to the Tudor regime. They may be based ... Her tomb was created by Pietro Torrigiano, who probably arrived in England in 1509 and received the commission in the following ... After the battle, it was Stanley who placed the crown on the head of his stepson (Henry VII), who later made him Earl of Derby ...
A differentiation between these two conditions can be made with a computed tomography (CT) scan. The subarachnoid spaces are ... With the tests a pediatrician should perform, as explained above, the difference is quite easy to make.[12] In deformational ... Cerovac S, Neil-Dwyer JG, Rich P, Jones BM, Hayward RD (August 2002). "Are routine preoperative CT scans necessary in the ... Some evidence for this statement has been provided by studies using computed tomographic (CT) scans and magnetic resonance ...
35.7% of all households were made up of individuals and 18.0% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The ... The Inyo County Court House in Independence. Charles Putnam founded a trading post at the site in 1861.[3] It became known as ... 122 households (40.5%) were made up of individuals and 47 (15.6%) had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. ...
The King also made sure that his own court, the Reichshofrat, continued to operate in parallel to the Reichskammergericht. Also ... The Army of the Holy Roman Empire (German Reichsarmee, Reichsheer or Reichsarmatur; Latin exercitus imperii) was created in ... Though he had made his son Henry king of Sicily before marching on Germany, he still reserved real political power for himself ... The Empire also had two courts: the Reichshofrat (also known in English as the Aulic Council) at the court of the King/Emperor ...
Other documentaries: Made in L.A. (2007); American Standoff (2002); The Fight in the Fields (1997); With Babies and Banners: ... Legalization occurred slowly as a result of a series of court decisions.[11] The Federation of Organized Trades and Labor ... Davies, A. J. To Build a New Jerusalem: Labour Movement from the 1890s to the 1990s (1996). ... The 2010 British film Made in Dagenham, starring Sally Hawkins, dramatizes the Ford sewing machinists strike of 1968 that aimed ...
Orfield, Gary; Frankenberg, Erica (2013). Educational Delusions? : Why Choice Can Deepen Inequality and How to Make Schools ... From 1985 to 1999, a US district court judge required the state of Missouri to fund the creation of magnet schools in the ... The majority of these are academically selective.[citation needed] Other schools are built around elite-sporting programs or ... At first, districts tried using involuntary plans which involved court-ordered attendance, the busing of children far from ...
In 1952, she was cast in the leading role of the stage play The Time of the Cuckoo, which was later made into the movie ... In 1952, by court order, Astor's diary was removed from the bank vault where it had been sequestered for 16 years and destroyed ... She appeared in several movies during this time, including A Stranger in My Arms (1959). She made a comeback in Return to ... In 1951, she made a frantic call to her doctor and said that she had taken too many sleeping pills. She was taken to a hospital ...
He had also made a brilliant reputation in the V Corps, and as the chief topographical officer of the Army of the Potomac. He ... At the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House the II Corps again attained a glorious place in history by Hancock's brilliant and ... making one of the most interesting episodes in the history of that battle. During the fighting at Chancellorsville, Gibbon's ... from the 1862 Peninsula Campaign to the Confederate surrender at Appomattox Court House. ...
... the 3rd and Band Companies make up the 2nd Battalion, while the 4th and 5th Company make the 3rd Battalion. Company assignment ... Gray H. Miller - Senior United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas[19] ... It was made a permanent institution by an Act of Congress in 1956. The academy accelerated graduating classes during the Korean ... If the members of the board make other visits to the academy, the board may prepare a report on such visit; and if approved by ...
A CT scan may be done in very rare cases to provide a more detailed picture. ... creating a dorsal bend in the bone, ultimately causing the fracture when the bone is bent too far. ...
Zhao JH, Luo Y, Jiang YG, He DL, Wu CT (July 2011). "Knockdown of β-Catenin through shRNA cause a reversal of EMT and ... As a result, its levels in the cell are stabilized as it builds up in the cytoplasm. Eventually, some of this accumulated β- ... These complexes, which help regulate cell growth in addition to creating and maintaining epithelial layers, are known as ... also make it susceptible to alterations that can lead to abnormal cell behavior and growth. Any changes in cytoskeletal ...
Merchant Court Hotel Bangkok Mark Williams Stephen Lee 9-4 [20] 03-19 03-24 IRL NR Irish Masters Citywest Hotel Dublin John ... CT Challenge Tour 1 Manhattan Club and Snooker Centre Harrogate James Reynolds Steve Judd 6-5 [8][9] ... CT Challenge Tour 3 Manhattan Club and Snooker Centre Harrogate Lee Spick Joe Delaney 6-3 [8][9] ... CT Challenge Tour 2 Jesters Snooker Club Swindon Leo Fernandez Ryan Day 6-3 [8][9] ...
Later, in 27 BC, during the reign of Emperor Augustus, the province of Gallia Aquitania was created. Gallia Aquitania was far ... Westport CT: Greenwood Press. p. 79. ISBN 0-313-32736-X.. External links[edit]. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Gascogne ... The territory south of the Garonne River, corresponding to the original Aquitania, was made a province called Novempopulania ( ... This addition to his already plentiful holdings made Henry the most powerful vassal in France.[3] ...
She made her last film, Chloe, Love Is Calling You, in 1934 and moved on to stage work for a time. By the late 1930s, she had ... In November 1932, Borden petitioned the court for an annulment, which was granted on November 22, 1932.[10] She married her ... She made several movies in the early 1930s but her career stalled. Her last screen credit came in 1934 in the film Chloe, Love ... By this point she was a major star but she found it difficult to make the transition from silent films to "talkies". She worked ...
Short observed that decision-making in Pol Pot's Cambodia was "unruly", making it dissimilar from the centralised, organised ... New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1988.. *Stephen Heder, Pol Pot and Khieu Samphan. Clayton, Victoria: Centre of Southeast ... Have you made mistakes or not? I don't know. Certainly you have. So rectify yourselves; do rectification!... The road is ... Seeking to create an agrarian socialist society that he believed would evolve into a communist society, Pol Pot's government ...
Guneratne, Arjun (2002). Many Tongues, One People: The Making of Tharu Identity in Nepal. Cornell University Press. ISBN ... "Supreme Court on Hindu Hindutva and Hinduism". Archived from the original on 14 November 2009.. ... The court acquitted Savarkar, and the RSS was found be to completely unlinked with the conspirators.[73] The Hindu Mahasabha, ... This episode created a rift between the President and the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who was afraid that the ...
... made it to the Supreme Court, but Utah was again defeated.[14] ... "THE SUPREME COURT: RIGHT TO PRIVACY; Supreme Court Finds Law On ... On November 26, 2002, the Supreme Court affirmed the lower court ruling that rejected Utah's efforts to have Mormon ... "Supreme Court Roundup; Justices to Hear Utah's Challenge to Procedure in 2000 Census", The New York Times, January 23, 2002. ... In the remaining 1%, computer systems used one of two possibilities: a) one of the two listed sexes was changed, making the ...
A CT scan can distinguish muscle tissue from other tissues and thereby estimate the amount of muscle tissue in the body. Fast ... Since the absence of muscle-building amino acids can contribute to muscle wasting (that which is torn down must be rebuilt with ...
Today the two story court has been restored to the way it was when Elvis used the building.[29] ... but was later remodeled to what is now known as the Trophy Building. The Trophy Building now features an exhibit about the ... Before his death, two of Presley's albums made direct reference to Graceland: the 1974 release Elvis Recorded Live on Stage in ... The racquetball court is reminiscent of an old country club, furnished in dark leather and a functional bar. There is a sunken ...
A position at court of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar was offered to the professor, which he kindly refused. His books were burnt on ... Persian music, Nowruz make it into UN heritage list, Press TV, 1 October 2009, ... They order and make new attires especially for the festival. On the day of Navroz, they dress in their new and best clothes and ... Another custom associated with Sizdah bedar is Lie of the Thirteen, which is the process of lying to someone and making them ...
... made 7 centuries and also broke the record of most runs in a year (about 1700-1800)....The Yousuf record did not make ITN ... The state legislature of the US state of New Jersey votes to legalize same-sex civil unions following a court order in October ... Surely we should be making mention of this. Aecis Dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984. 21:57, 16 December 2006 (UTC) ... If prostitute murders in Ipswich make the Main Page, what is "too local"? -Cuiviénen 03:30, 15 December 2006 (UTC) *Exactly! ...
After close contact with several indigenous Austroasiatic languages,[74][75][1][76] and later the Mughal invasion whose court ... In 1956 Bengali was made a state language of Pakistan.[33] The day has since been observed as Language Movement Day in ... Although there exist a few visual formulas to construct some of these ligatures, many of them have to be learned by rote. ... Other related languages in the nearby region also make use of the Bengali alphabet like the Meitei language in the Indian state ...
"UN climate panel ordered to make fundamental reforms". AFP. Google News. 2010-08-30. Archived from the original on 2010-08-31. ... James Hansen, the former director of NASA's Goddard Institute, has dismissed McIntyre as a "court jester".[21] ... He likes to 'tease these guys and kind of make fun of them,' he says, and their evident aggravation at his inquiries only egged ... After the UK Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) came into effect in 2005, Climate Audit readers were asked to make FOI requests ...
"Invitation to Cover: Advancements in "Time-of-Flight" Technology Make New PET/CT Scanner at Penn a First in the World". ... PET/CT-System with 16-slice CT; the ceiling mounted device is an injection pump for CT contrast agent ... such as CT, modern PET scanners are now available with integrated high-end multi-detector-row CT scanners (so-called "PET-CT ... For brain imaging, registration of CT, MRI and PET scans may be accomplished without the need for an integrated PET-CT or PET- ...
Similarly, trading card decks (such as Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, and Yu-Gi-Oh!) are packaged in pouches or sleeves made of ... In CT scanners it acts as a physical barrier between the xray-tube, detector ring and the patient allowing negligible ... They are made in single- and double-ply versions, with each ply being 2-10 mils (0.051-0.254 mm) in thickness, with a ... The manufacturing process begins with a film of molten polyethylene terephthalate (PET) being extruded onto a chill roll, which ...
They used the old fortifications built on the era of the Socialist Revolution and organized a partisan army named the "Workers ... Supreme People's Court President: Zhou Qiang. People's Courts Judicial Police. *Supreme People's Procuratorate Prosecutor ...
A CT or MRI of the pituitary may also show the ACTH secreting tumor if present. However, in 40% of Cushing's disease patients ... Diagnosis is made first by diagnosing Cushing's syndrome, which can be difficult to do clinically since the most characteristic ... In such cases, the next step is adrenal imaging with CT. If plasma corticotropin concentrations are consistently above 3.3 pmol ... The prolonged survival made Minnie's case unique at the time. The reason behind this survival remains a mystery, since an ...
Berger, L. (2012). All work, no pay: finding an internship, building your resume, making connections, and gaining job ... Lincoln's Birthday (CA, CT, IL, IN, MO, NJ, NY, WV). *National Girls and Women in Sports Day ... In Canada, National Volunteer Week was first conceived in 1943 as a way to celebrate the contribution made by women on the home ... Volunteer work can also be used to leverage valuable experiences where work experience is lacking, or to build on an area of ...
The building was used as a juvenile court as well as a court for domestic issues. The building is known for its murals and has ... The Philadelphia Family Court moved to a new location at 1501 Arch Street, leaving the Family Court Building unoccupied. In ... The Philadelphia Family Court Building also known as Juvenile and Domestic Branches of the Municipal Court, is a historic ... In 2014, the Philadelphia Family Court moved to a new location on Arch Street. As of 2017, the Family Court Building remains ...
"New York Architecture Images- Trinity Court Building (formerly known as American Bank Note Building)". ... Trinity Court Building is the name of several structures that have occupied the address 70, 74, and 76 Trinity Place, between ... Judgement in Favor of A. D. Shepard Owner of the Trinity Court Building - A Complicated Case "Improved Realty Market Conditions ... The old building was torn down in 1926 to make way for a 24-story, 125,000-square-foot (11,600 m2) skyscraper. It was completed ...
Antioxidants May Make CT Scans Safer. By Rachael Rettner 2011-03-31T00:57:20Z. ... Murphy and colleagues created a mixture of three antioxidants, vitamin C, glutathione and uric acid. They used a specific ... Medical imaging - including CT scans, X-rays and mammograms - provide valuable information, allowing doctors to see inside ... The researchers plan to conduct a larger study involving patients who will undergo CT scans of their hearts, said study ...
A legal fight in California is shining a light on the world of unregulated body-building performance supplements. At the center ... Dispute Over Muscle-Building Drugs Goes to Court Dr. Huge, a brawny former bankruptcy lawyer, reps the SARMs fan base, which ...
A legal fight in California is shining a light on the world of unregulated body-building performance supplements. At the center ... Dispute Over Muscle-Building Drugs Goes to Court Dr. Huge, a brawny former bankruptcy lawyer, reps the SARMs fan base, which ... ... The appeals court is looking at whether judges can decide if SARMs marketers are deceiving consumers without more formal input ...
... vaccine court that shields vaccine manufacturers from any and all liability. ... A new declaration under the PREP Act creates a COVID vaccine court to compensate those who are injured or killed by a new COVID ... Act creates a COVID vaccine court to compensate those who are injured or killed by a new COVID-19 vaccine, similar to the ... New Court Created for COVID Vaccine Injuries. Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked ...
By a unanimous vote of 9 to 0, the court ruled these laws unconstitutional and overly broad, a victory for the three current ... In a ruling last week the Supreme Court of Canada struck down three key provisions in Canadas prostitution laws. In Canada, ... By a unanimous vote of 9 to 0, the court ruled these laws unconstitutional and overly broad, a victory for the three current ... In a ruling last week the Supreme Court of Canada struck down three key provisions in Canadas prostitution laws. In Canada, ...
... ... There should be an international court to reach a judgment on which everyone could rely. ... There should be an international court to reach a judgment on which everyone could rely. ...
3 election, Trump asserted over the weekend that many high court nominations were made in an election year and ... 3 election, Trump asserted over the weekend that many high court nominations were made in an election year and "in all cases, ... AP FACT CHECK: Trumps made-up car plants, court revisionism. By HOPE YEN, CALVIN WOODWARD and TOM KRISHER ... THE FACTS: Trump is making up the story.. No Japanese automaker assembly plants have been announced or built in Michigan, let ...
IMAGE: This image created from a 3-D rendering of CT scans shows the nasal conchae inside the bill of a Song Sparrow, ... CT scans reveal birds built-in air conditioners. Central Ornithology Publication Office ... The contrast-enhanced CT scans they used to visualize the insides of the sparrows bills is a relatively new technique that is ... of North Carolina Wilmington and his colleagues from Cornell University and the National Museum of Natural History used CT ...
Uber made it clear that users were agreeing to terms and conditions, including the waiving of a jury trial in favor of ... Uber made it clear that users were agreeing to terms and conditions, including the waiving of a jury trial in favor of ... The panel found that there was no need to remand the case back to the district court for retrial, since, as a matter of law, ... While it may be the case that many users will not bother reading the additional terms, that is the choice the user makes; the ...
Court Backlogs Could Disappear With This Drug Test The wait for drug test results can bring the criminal justice system to a ... The Supreme Court required prosecutors to do this decades ago, but they dont always follow the rules. New York is the latest ... One of the culprits of court backlogs is drug tests. The results take months, and waiting for them brings the system to a slow ... While theyre rarely successful, efforts to remove state Supreme Court justices over policy disagreements are becoming more ...
Potential users of CT data should ask themselves this question:. "What is the cost of not using CT data to make sure I have no ... Not without a CT machine, that is.. *A modern CT system can measure assemblies from the inside out and see why they dont work ... Reason #1 - Lack of awareness of what CT measuring technology can do for your engineering and manufacturing processes.. Many ... The answer could easily dwarf the price of a CT machine or at the very least lead to the use of a CT bureau service to start ...
The British security expert hailed a hero for helping shut down a global cyber attack admitted in a police interview he created ... a code which harvests bank details and indicated that he sold it, a prosecutor told his US court hearing. ... WannaCry hero Marcus Hutchins admitted creating code to harvest bank details - court told ... The British security expert hailed a hero for helping shut down a global cyber attack admitted in a police interview he created ...
A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld the Environmental Protection Agencys emission standards for hazardous air pollutants ... Court Upholds EPA Emission Standards. A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld the Environmental Protection Agencys emission ... Why More Manufacturing Employees Need to Speak Up. The secret to surviving and thriving in the automation revolution is in what ... The court rejected state and industry challenges to rules designed to clean up mercury, lead, arsenic and other dangerous air ...
Brain fingerprinting US Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa: Make Brain fingerprinting admissable in any criminal court case. ... Make Brain fingerprinting admissable in any criminal court case.". Join Tyler and 34 supporters today. ... Make Brain fingerprinting admissable in any criminal court case.". Join Tyler and 34 supporters today. ... This new test that the Iowa Supreme Court ruled on and overturned a 24 year old conviction, using Brain fingerprinting test. ...
Should the District Courts decision stand, Madden would jeopardize the long-standing judicial precedent of "valid-when-made," ... Invalid When Made: The District Courts Madden v. Midland Decision By Diego Zuluaga ... U.S. courts have long recognized the potential that usury caps might make the credit market more illiquid. The Supreme Courts ... "valid-when-made" precedent by making it federal law governing consumer credit markets. ...
You can make one if you like, but WI didnt have one. You are making shit up, just like the loyal Republicans on the court. ... And I made it - I consulted with Mike. But we made a decision. I made a decision to close off to China. That was weeks early. ... When you have several different basis for making a decision, which lead to different results, this looks to the Court like a ... Making Sense of the Wisconsin Election Supreme Court Decision(s). Marquette University law professor Chad Oldfather offers a ...
Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier appeared in court Thursday after three times shunning a summons for a hearing on ... PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier appeared in court Thursday after three times shunning a ... Jean-Claude Duvalier had three times shunned a court summons for a hearing on human rights abuses. ... who never gave up hope of seeing him in court, and for the Haitian people who have the right to know what happened during the ...
Michael Vick is scheduled to make his first court appearance on July 26. That is the same day the Falcons are scheduled for the ... According to a summons issued Wednesday, the Falcons quarterback is scheduled to make his first court appearance after being ... The court proceedings are expected to be brief. Bond will likely be set, and Vick will pay it and then be released. The ... While the timing of Vicks court appearance on a federal indictment filed Tuesday is certainly inconvenient from a football ...
The Supreme Court dealt a blow to public sector unions Monday, ruling that thousands of home health care workers in Illinois ... A federal district court and the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals had rejected the lawsuit, citing the high courts precedent. ... Alito said the court was not overturning that case, Abood v. Detroit Board of Education. That case, he said, is confined "to ... Writing for the court, Justice Samuel Alito said home care workers are different from other types of government employees ...
Court for the Northern District of California has ruled that accidental death and dismemberment claims for a man who completely ... Court Finds SPD Created Expectations of Benefits. Compliance August 21, 2006. Court Finds SPD Created Expectations of Benefits ... The court noted, if language in the SPD could create different expectations than language of the document, the language most ... The court found that the SPD had determined Weis reasonable expectations for benefits. Weis was not provided with a plan ...
Trump Blasts Courts Travel Ban Block: This Ruling Makes Us Look Weak At a Nashville campaign rally, President Trump said he ... Trump Blasts Courts Travel Ban Block: This Ruling Makes Us Look Weak ... Trump Blasts Courts Travel Ban Block: This Ruling Makes Us Look Weak ... "I think we ought to go back to the first one [executive order] and go all the way" to the Supreme Court, the president told the ...
Court judgment on consent provides spur for embracing shared decision making BMJ 2015; 350 :h3482 ... Court judgment on consent provides spur for embracing shared decision making. BMJ 2015; 350 doi: ... It is wonderful news that the UK Supreme Court is finally endorsing what patients have been calling for-better information ...
Supreme Court are tied to the justices ruling last term against mandatory public-sector union fees. ... Dozens of Class Actions Build on Supreme Courts Janus Union Ruling. Three new petitions at the U.S. Supreme Court are tied ... All three high court petitions rely on Janus as well as two prior rulings in which the court, again led by Alito, laid the ... The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit and lower courts are wrong that a 1984 high court decision-Minnesota State ...
"I agree with the Courts implicit conclusion that the Government has made a strong showing that it is likely to succeed on the ... but in my view the Court has created an enormous bureaucratic mess, not to mention having re-written Refugee law," Ann Corcoran ... But the Court takes the additional step of keeping the injunctions in place with regard to an unidentified, unnamed group of ... The Courts decision relies on the same faulty reasoning as the lower courts - that "a credible claim of a bona fide ...
... the first genetically modified crops case to ever be presented before the court. ... the Supreme Court issued a ruling in Monsanto v. Geerston Farms, ... Supreme Court Makes First Ruling on Genetically Engineered ... The Supreme Courts decision overturned most of this ruling, saying that the lower court had gone too far and that the USDA had ... the first genetically modified crops case to ever be presented before the court. In 2007, a lower court ruled that farmers ...
... a long-anticipated ruling some say might force municipalities statewide to build more affordable housing. ... Court Orders Affluent New Jersey Towns to Build More Affordable Housing by Tribune News Service , March 9, 2018 ... It makes a laughingstock of the expert, Marathe said. He said there was not that much demand for housing in West Windsor, ... On Health Matters, Cities Increasingly Go to Court. Cities used to stay out of courtroom battles over health. Not anymore. ...
The Supreme Court collegium - a panel of the countrys top five judges including the Chief Justice of India - has decided that ... How judges are appointed or transferred by the senior most Supreme Court judges - and their reasons - will be open to the ... all its discussions and recommendations will be put up on the top courts website. ... How Judges Are Appointed By Supreme Court To Be Made Public. The collegium system of judges appointing judges has been strongly ...
A Baghdad court dropped corruption charges against Iraqs parliament speaker on Tuesday, citing insufficient evidence to ... Iraqi court drops charges against parliament speaker. BAGHDAD (AP) - A Baghdad court dropped corruption charges against Iraqs ... Iraqs Higher Judicial Council said in a statement that the court dropped the charges for lack of evidence and closed the case ... IBM Suing Chipmaker for $2.5B, Smelly Chicken Plant Blocked, Lordstown Motors Might Not Last , Today in Manufacturing Ep. 19. ...
  • But the Second Circuit Court of Appeals - which covers Connecticut and Vermont as well as Madden's home state of New York - reversed the District Court ruling , finding that the National Bank Act pre-emption did not apply to Midland because Midland is not a national bank. (
  • A federal district court and the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals had rejected the lawsuit, citing the high court's precedent. (
  • HIAS, the voluntary agency formerly known as the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society and a plaintiff in the IRAP v Trump case decided in their favor by a Maryland federal district judge on March 15 and the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, which the Trump administration subsequently appealed that led to Monday's per curiam decision, praised the SCOTUS decision. (
  • The district court rejected Montanile's argument, and the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed, holding that "even if Montanile had completely dissipated the fund, the plan was entitled to re-imbursement from Montanile's general assets. (
  • Following the Supreme Court's stay on Friday, the ACLU said it will now try to expedite the hearing before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals over the legality of Trump's actions. (
  • A federal appeals court says airport security screeners can't be sued over alleged mistreatment because they aren't law-enforcement officers.Judges on the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals concede that their decision leaves people who are mistreated by screeners with limited legal options.Nadine Pellegrino of Florida claimed Transportation Security Administration agents at the Philadelphia airport mistreated her and damaged her property in 2006. (
  • Judges on the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals concede that their decision leaves people who are mistreated by screeners with limited legal options. (
  • WASHINGTON - The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is famously liberal and frequently reversed. (
  • Final arguments challenging the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) refusal to ban a pesticide linked to brain damage in children will take place this morning in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. (
  • A stay issued by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will temporarily allow manufacturers, retailers and consumers to continue making, selling and eating foods containing hemp products. (
  • As of 2017, the Family Court Building remains unoccupied. (
  • Monday's unanimous decision by the Supreme Court to partially restore the temporary travel and refugee bans contained in President Trump's Executive Order 13780 ensures that the federal Refugee Admissions Program will be entangled in a bureaucratic mess for the remainder of FY 2017, and probably longer. (
  • Supporters react during a rally after Taiwan's constitutional court ruled that same-sex couples have the right to legally marry, the first such ruling in Asia, in Taipei, Taiwan on May 24, 2017. (
  • David Mullins (L) and Charlie Craig wait to speak to journalists after the U.S. Supreme Court hears the case Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission on December 5, 2017 in Washington, DC. (
  • Coupled with Albright's expertise and enthusiasm for patent cases is the fallout from a 2017 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in TC Heartland v. Kraft Food Brands Group, which narrows the scope of venues lawyers can choose for filing cases. (
  • Uber made it clear that users were agreeing to terms and conditions, including the waiving of a jury trial in favor of arbitration, when they downloaded and used the app, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled Thursday . (
  • The Southern District Court for New York ruled in favor of Midland, rejecting the claim of unfair collection practices and finding that the National Bank Act pre-empted the application of state usury law. (
  • The Supreme Court also affirmed a Colorado Appeals Court ruling in favor of defendant Ruben Rosendo Ramos, who had been convicted of a bias-motivated assault in 2006. (
  • Lower courts previously found in Adamson's favor twice, before the case landed before the state supreme court. (
  • In June 2018, a case involving a Colorado bakery owner who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court , which ruled in owner Jack Phillips' favor. (
  • We hope the court will soon see the overwhelming evidence and rule in our favor, as EPA under this administration is blinded by profit and can't be trusted with public health. (
  • The Supreme Court unanimously nullified Massachusetts' abortion buffer zone policy last week, ruling in favor of rightwing protesters who claimed having to remain 35 feet from clinic doors is a violation of their first amendment free speech rights. (
  • Prompting calls for increased vigilance and demands that businesses be " open to all ," the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ruled in favor of a Colorado baker who had refused in 2012 to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. (
  • Separately, a Department of Environmental Protection ruling in the town's favor was further appealed to Superior Court, with both sides waiting for a decision. (
  • The third building, known as Trinity Commons, topped out in 2018 and will open in 2021. (
  • Demonstrators outside the U.S. Supreme Court during arguments in the union fees case Janus v. AFSCME on Feb. 26, 2018. (
  • The Montana Department of Justice will seek funding for the new court during the 2019 legislative session. (
  • Should the District Court's decision stand, Madden would jeopardize the long-standing judicial precedent of "valid-when-made," which holds that non-usurious debt remains valid when acquired by a third party, even if the interest rate implied in the latter transaction is usurious. (
  • The workers had urged the justices to overturn a 1977 Supreme Court decision which held that public employees who choose not to join a union can still be required to pay representation fees, as long as those fees don't go toward political purposes. (
  • The order he blocked was a watered-down version of the first order that was also blocked by another judge and should have never been blocked to start with," Trump said, referring to the decision earlier in the day by U.S. District Court Judge Derrick K. Watson of Hawaii. (
  • Earlier in the day, he made an official White House stop in Detroit to announce he was rolling back President Obama's fuel economy standards, touting that decision as one that would spur more manufacturing growth in the auto industry. (
  • The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit and lower courts are wrong that a 1984 high court decision- Minnesota State Board for Community Colleges v. Knight -approved of a state's appointment of a labor union as exclusive representative of public sector employees, argues the petition. (
  • The Seventh Circuit erred in affirming a district court decision that the plaintiffs failed to meet the requirements for approval of a class seeking refunds of union fees, according to the petition. (
  • In her decision, Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson endorsed a methodology that concluded that the state should add 155,000 affordable housing units by 2025. (
  • A recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court seems to limit the ability of ERISA plans to seek equitable relief or reimbursement of payments from a third-party recovery-especially in cases where the money is not quickly and formally pursued. (
  • As the Supreme Court decision explains, the board sought an equitable lien on any settlement funds or property in Montanile's possession and an order enjoining Montanile from dissipating any such funds. (
  • But the administration then asked the Supreme Court to review the freeze, and in a 5-4 decision the high court granted the stay late Friday evening. (
  • The decision not to regulate an area over a long period of time does not create a right to be free of regulation in that area. (
  • Why, in other words, doesn't the principle the court embraces create a right to LSD or marijuana, for which people have made all kinds of extraordinary medical claims?In creating the legal regime that governs drug approvals, Congress left the decision of when to permit drugs to go to market to the FDA. (
  • A Minnesota Supreme Court decision in the case of a little girl with cancer says state law allows a patient to seek damages if a doctor's negligence causes that patient's chances of recovery or survival to be reduced - a significant shift in the way Minnesota has looked at malpractice claims in the past. (
  • A federal appeals on Tuesday heard the case of a Wisconsin inmate featured in the Netflix series "Making a Murderer" but will not make a decision today. (
  • Ms O'Donnell said a psychological report gave little insight into the offending and the only explanation for the impromptu street race was youth, inexperience and poor decision-making. (
  • She made the poor decision to try to remain in front rather than pull-over … as a result of her youth and inexperience and excitement in the moment. (
  • While a decision is not expected Monday, this is the last hearing where the health and labor groups, as well as states, will present their arguments to the court of appeals and answer the judges' questions. (
  • The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) has vowed to continue to fight the decision in court. (
  • TREB made no substantive challenge to the tribunal's finding that it controlled the relevant market," the federal appeal court said in a summary of its decision. (
  • We welcome today's Federal Court of Appeal decision in our case against the Toronto Real Estate Board - a win for both competition & innovation! (
  • This chapter examines the influence of culture - as one among many extra-legal factors - on the International Criminal Court's judicial decision-making. (
  • Starting from a broad and dynamic definition of culture, the chapter first introduces the vexed question of cultural relativism in international criminal law, looking at how the ICC judges are supposed to deal with it in culture-related judicial decision-making. (
  • It then goes on by highlighting an additional value that, in the right circumstances, the use of cultural expertise could bring to judicial deliberations and decision-making at the ICC. (
  • Maucec, Gregor, The Power of Culture and Judicial Decision-Making at the International Criminal Court (February 10, 2020). (
  • The Kansas Supreme Court dropped a controversial 6-1 decision that overturned a state abortion restriction and cemented a right to abortion into the Kansas Constitution. (
  • After the law was struck down by a Kansas district court in 2015, the state appealed to the Kansas Court of Appeals, which issued a 7-7 split decision in 2016, failing to reach the majority necessary to overturn the lower court's decision. (
  • The state of Kansas appealed once again, this time to the Kansas Supreme Court, which delivered a disappointing 6-1 decision to strike down the law. (
  • Because of this decision from the Kansas Supreme Court, the state of Kansas would not be able to pass any additional abortion restrictions even if Roe was overturned, as the Kansas Supreme Court's decision is binding within the state. (
  • In its decision, the court said it recognizes that the needs of heterosexuals are the same as those of the homosexuals and should be given the same protection under Article 22 of the constitution. (
  • A missed opportunity to open up secret trilogue decision-making in the EU (July 2016). (
  • The Council will therefore await the Court s decision before deciding which steps to take on their implementation. (
  • AP) - The Tennessee Supreme Court has made a decision that could make it easier for a divorced parent to move out of state with the kids, even if the other parent objects to the children relocating. (
  • The Supreme Court could strike down federal restrictions on sports wagering outside of Nevada, and a decision in New Jersey's suit against the NCAA might come down as soon as Monday. (
  • They also put victims of domestic violence at risk by making it harder for them to keep their abortion decision confidential, and they force women experiencing a pregnancy-related illness to remain sicker, longer. (
  • Fortunately, in a victory for Florida women and for common decency, the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a lower court's decision blocking the state's 24-hour mandatory abortion delay law from taking effect while the litigation proceeds. (
  • To the contrary, the court observed that the law "turns informed consent on its head, placing the State squarely between a woman who has already made her decision to terminate her pregnancy and her doctor who has decided that the procedure is appropriate for his or her patient. (
  • But, as the ACLU argued in court, women don't need a mandatory "time out" before they can make a decision about their health care. (
  • The Security Council this morning made a one-time exception to a previous decision by authorizing a judge of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda to perform other judicial work while still engaged with the court. (
  • He concedes what critics of this decision say: That the legislative history of Title VII asserts that Title VII created an ``obligation not to discriminate against whites. (
  • In a 1976 decision the Court said Title VII prohibits discrimination against whites ``upon the same standards`` as would be applied to blacks. (
  • While the motel was ordered closed, Malaviya appealed the decision in court. (
  • Even though the Pennsylvania man who ultimately bought the gun was not legally prohibited from owning a firearm and passed a background check, the Court, in a 5-4 decision, said the transfer violated federal "straw purchase" law. (
  • The Court of Appeals for the First Circuit agreed with the federal jury's decision. (
  • With the latest Supreme Court decision, your concerns are very valid. (
  • On June 28, the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision upheld almost all of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), including the much-debated "individual mandate. (
  • The Supreme Court's decision leaves a potentially sizable hole in the patchwork of programs created by the ACA to help ensure that all Americans have access to affordable coverage. (
  • In sum, and despite the uncertainty over the ACA's broad Medicaid expansion, the Supreme Court decision marks a significant victory for reproductive health, as it means that a series of important provisions that have implications for reproductive health will continue. (
  • On June 25, the Supreme Court handed down its decision in Shelby County Alabama v. Holder, the Voting Rights Act case. (
  • In a milestone decision that could aid other sickened tech workers struggling to prove the origin of their diseases, the Supreme Court ruled there was a significant link between Lee Hee-jin's disease and workplace hazards and her working conditions. (
  • In its decision, the highest court recognized for the first time the difficulties of proving occupational diseases for workers in the fast-changing technology industry. (
  • The Friedrichs case will be heard by the Supreme Court during the next term, which begins in October, and a decision is expected by the end of June 2016. (
  • Senior NI Court Service officials told a packed courtroom at Wednesday's meeting that no decision has been made about closing Limavady Courthouse. (
  • The decision is the minister's - David Ford will make it. (
  • It's not the case the decision has been made and, yes, we have looked at expenditure across the agency to see where we can deliver savings. (
  • In coming weeks, a federal appeals court is weighing a legal challenge that could decide the fate of the SARMs litigation. (
  • A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld the Environmental Protection Agency's emission standards for hazardous air pollutants from coal- and oil-fired power plants. (
  • A lower court had initially frozen the $2.5 billion in funds, and an appeals court had agreed. (
  • We will be asking the federal appeals court to expedite the ongoing appeals proceeding to halt the irreversible and imminent damage from Trump's border wall," Dror Ladin, a staff attorney with the ACLU's National Security Project, said in a statement. (
  • She and her husband filed a misconduct claim against TSA, seeking $951,200.The appeals court voted 2-1 Wednesday to uphold a lower court ruling that TSA screeners get immunity because they perform an administrative job and aren't law-enforcement officers who can be sued under federal law. (
  • A federal appeals court says airport security screeners can't be sued over alleged mistreatment because they aren't law-enforcement officers. (
  • The appeals court voted 2-1 Wednesday to uphold a lower court ruling that TSA screeners get immunity because they perform an administrative job and aren't law-enforcement officers who can be sued under federal law. (
  • A New York appeals court has already overturned the ridiculous initial judicial order in this fight between Sara McKenna, 27, a former Marine and firefighter now attending Columbia University, and Bode Miller, 36, an Olympic skier. (
  • The Ninth Circuit Appeals Court has affirmed a lower court's stripping of a federal officer's qualified immunity in a… moon rock sting case. (
  • Computed Tomography or CT, as it's commonly known, has been used in the medical field for years, but its use in industry has lagged far behind. (
  • Industrial Computed Tomography machines offer the same leap forward in engineering and manufacturing. (
  • Computed tomography (CT) has some advantages over other nondestructive inspection methods for additive manufacturing. (
  • The purpose of this study was to investigate if in vivo micro-computed tomography (CT) is a reliable alternative to micro-CT scanning of a vascular corrosion cast. (
  • In this work we apply the methodology tested in a preliminary study to investigate the morphological changes of the internal structure of a biocalcarenite (Lecce stone) by micro x-ray computed tomography (μ-CT). (
  • Will the right to privacy upheld by the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade extend to an egg created by fusing DNA from a pair of same sex parents? (
  • The Federal Court of Appeal has upheld a previous ruling that Canada's largest real estate board must allow its realtor members to make home sales data available online, in a precedent-setting case that could enable agents across the country to introduce new online services. (
  • You have the right to remain silent" and the rest of the so-called "Miranda warning" police give suspects has been upheld this morning by the U-S Supreme Court. (
  • The panel found that there was no need to remand the case back to the district court for retrial, since, as a matter of law, that Meyer agreed to arbitrate his claims with Uber. (
  • Petition · Make Brain fingerprinting admissable in any criminal court case. (
  • Brain fingerprinting US Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa: Make Brain fingerprinting admissable in any criminal court case. (
  • The Second Circuit thereby remanded the case back to the District Court , which in turn found that New York law should apply since applying Delaware law, which provides for no usury limit, would "violate a fundamental public policy of the state of New York. (
  • Alito said the court was not overturning that case, Abood v. Detroit Board of Education. (
  • William Messenger of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, who argued the Janus case at the Supreme Court last year, is counsel of record in one of the two exclusive representation challenges- Bierman v. Walz -and in the fee refund challenge, Riffey v. Pritzker . (
  • A couple interesting notes about this case: Justice Clarence Thomas famously (at least among food- and Supreme Court-dorks like me) served as corporate counsel for Monsanto in his early career-but did not recuse himself from the case. (
  • Iraq's Higher Judicial Council said in a statement that the court dropped the charges for lack of evidence and closed the case against the speaker. (
  • The U.S. Supreme Court case Montanile v. Board of Trustees of the National Elevator Industry Health Benefit Plan did not gain much attention before reaching the top federal court , but now that the case has been decided, ERISA attorneys are warning of significant potential impacts. (
  • As was the case here, very often there is a provision in such ERISA plans stipulating that if the plan pays in full and up front for emergency medical treatment, but then the participant ultimately recovers those costs in full in court-he or she must pay back the plan. (
  • Complicating the matter, the Supreme Court points to an earlier case, Sereboff v. Mid Atlantic Medical Services, Inc., in which it actually established precedents that "the basis for the board's claim-the enforcement of a lien created by an agreement to convey a particular fund to another party-is equitable. (
  • The court would have to wait until 2015 to hear this case if they had decided to accept the argument that Obamacare is a tax. (
  • Charles Cooper, a Washington attorney, made the statement Wednesday when the Supreme Court heard oral argument in a case involving the constitutionality of including prayers mentioning God during public school graduation ceremonies. (
  • LAS VEGAS (AP) - The physician being investigated in pop superstar Michael Jackson's death has appeared in a Las Vegas courtroom to make a payment in a separate child support case. (
  • The Kentucky Supreme Court will hear a case involving a Christian t-shirt maker who refused to make shirts for a state LGBT organization, claiming it violated his religious principles. (
  • Kuta filed a document in state court last week in the current Wynn case seeking a DNA sample from Kevyn Wynn. (
  • In theory, doing so could gradually change the ideological makeup of the court and overturn this case. (
  • Planned Parenthood made a big mistake in its case against undercover journalists with the Center for Medical Progress, their lawyers said this week. (
  • Another U-S Supreme Court case due out this week will be watched by Stone and others. (
  • Having been refused access to the requested documents Emilio de Capitani took the case to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) where the case is pending. (
  • This is a reference to Emilio de Capitani's case before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). (
  • Hatfield warned, "The high court case where employers were made liable for staff harassment if they didn't protect them means the law is moving more towards employer liability, so they must protect themselves by being seen to protect their staff. (
  • Four of the six were among the six justices in the majority in this case in which the court acted as brazenly legislatively as ever the Warren court did. (
  • On June 16, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a case involving a Virginia man who could legally purchase a firearm and did so for an uncle from Pennsylvania. (
  • In this case ( Abramski v. United States ), the Court ruled in effect that the Virginia man, a former police officer purchasing the firearm at a discounted price, was acting as agent for the true buyer-his uncle. (
  • Outside court, Patton said Rahimi "certainly plans to enter a plea of not guilty at his arraignment," but he declined to discuss anything further about the case or his client's mental condition. (
  • The case involved a New Hampshire woman named Karen Bartlett who took Sulindac, which is a generic pain reliever made by Mutual Pharmaceuticals, for shoulder pain. (
  • He paid a fine to resolve that case, according to court records. (
  • The ACLU, which argued the case on behalf of the couple, Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig, notes in a series of tweets that the court "did NOT rule that the Constitution gives a right to discriminate. (
  • In other words, said Louise Melling, deputy legal director of the ACLU, the high court overturned the Colorado Court of Appeals' 2015 ruling "based on concerns unique to the case but reaffirmed its longstanding rule that states can prevent the harms of discrimination in the marketplace, including against LGBT people. (
  • But the New York family judge who heard the case (called a referee for some reason) seemed to have it in for McKenna when he sent the case back to the California courts, accusing her of moving to New York as an underhanded attempt at "forum shopping"-picking one court over another. (
  • Once the administrative judge rules in the Aug. 3 case, the loser can ask for a reconsideration before filing another Superior Court appeal. (
  • In 2020, the City of Philadelphia rescinded a contract with The Peebles Corporation to renovate the building after years of delay. (
  • Reference for that claim is made to a study by a Marseille-based group who communicated their results in a letter to the editor on September 28th, 2020. (
  • In fact, just one hour after Justice Antonin Scalia's unexpected death in February 2016, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell publicly made clear the Senate should not confirm a successor chosen by President Barack Obama because of the coming election. (
  • The debate over the funding began earlier this year when Trump declared a national emergency along the country's southern border after Congress refused to appropriate enough money for him to build the massive structure along the U.S.-Mexico border, which Trump frequently touted he would do during the 2016 campaign if elected - though back then he proclaimed that Mexico would pay for it. (
  • The top court dismissed an appeal from TREB arguing that the Competition Tribunal erred in an April 2016 ruling that the board's practices prohibiting sharing information online are anti-competitive. (
  • The notification was effective from August 1, 2016, and action could have been taken against those manufacturers who still used animal parts to make chandi varq. (
  • Three new petitions at the U.S. Supreme Court are tied to the justices' ruling last term against mandatory public-sector union fees. (
  • I agree with the Court that the preliminary injunctions entered in these cases should be stayed, although I would stay them in full," Justice Thomas wrote in his partially concurring, partially dissenting statement, with which Justices Alito and Gorsuch agreed. (
  • The justices split along ideological lines, with the four more liberal justices dissenting, though Justice Stephen Breyer said he would have allowed preparation for construction but no actual building of wall portions to begin. (
  • Justices ruled there was sufficient need to create a special court to resolve the claims, many of which date to the early 2000s. (
  • Choice advocates have noted angrily that for purposes of their own safety the Supreme Court justices have drawn a substantially larger buffer zone around the High Court building itself - one that includes the entire 252-by-98 foot plaza in front of the building. (
  • Kansas Supreme Court justices are appointed by the state's governor, but they are subject to re-election by the voters. (
  • Six of the nine justices of this court were nominated by conservative presidents (Nixon, Ford, Reagan) critical of judicial activism. (
  • A panel of four Supreme Court justices faulted the government agencies for failing to measure workers' exposure levels during their early investigation. (
  • The researchers plan to conduct a larger study involving patients who will undergo CT scans of their hearts, said study researcher Dr. Kieran Murphy, deputy chief of radiology at the University of Toronto in Canada. (
  • Medical imaging - including CT scans, X-rays and mammograms - provide valuable information, allowing doctors to see inside patients and assist in diagnosis and treatment. (
  • This image created from a 3-D rendering of CT scans shows the nasal conchae inside the bill of a Song Sparrow, structures which help it conserve water and regulate the. (
  • Raymond Danner of the University of North Carolina Wilmington and his colleagues from Cornell University and the National Museum of Natural History used CT scans to examine the conchae of two Song Sparrow subspecies, one that lives in warm, dry sand dunes and one that lives in moister habitats farther inland. (
  • The contrast-enhanced CT scans they used to visualize the insides of the sparrows' bills is a relatively new technique that is letting researchers see the details of these soft, cartilaginous structures for the first time. (
  • CT Scans. (
  • Conventional X-ray scans have no comparison to what is possible with a CT scan. (
  • The malware they created would let attackers automatically add realistic, malignant-seeming growths to CT or MRI scans before radiologists and doctors examine them. (
  • In a blind study the researchers conducted involving real CT lung scans, 70 of which were altered by their malware, they were able to trick three skilled radiologists into misdiagnosing conditions nearly every time. (
  • Attackers could choose to modify random scans to create chaos and mistrust in hospital equipment, or they could target specific patients, searching for scans tagged with a specific patient's name or ID number. (
  • The vulnerabilities that would allow someone to alter scans reside in the equipment and networks hospitals use to transmit and store CT and MRI images. (
  • Smokers who are shown CT scans of their own lungs are more likely to kick the habit, a Brock University study has found. (
  • How judges are appointed or transferred by the senior most Supreme Court judges - and their reasons - will be open to the public for the first time in history. (
  • The Supreme Court collegium - a panel of the country's top five judges including the Chief Justice of India - has decided that all its discussions and recommendations will be put up on the top court's website. (
  • But the new procedure was cancelled by the Supreme Court, which felt the government would have too great a say in deciding judges and the independence of the judiciary would be eroded. (
  • Courts applying this test usually approve any "conceivable" interest that Congress asserts unless it is so preposterous it makes the judges laugh until their ribs ache. (
  • Specifically, it considers whether admitting social science evidence, such as testimonies and opinions of cultural experts (for example, anthropologists or sociologists), can be seen as an adequate means to overcome the challenge of international judges' remoteness from local cultures and to fill in cultural knowledge gap on their part when finding facts and making decisions. (
  • Having considered the role and contribution of cultural experts, the chapter turns to briefly discuss possible ways to increase overall cultural sensitivity of the ICC judges and ensure that their decisions are made independently of their cultural assumptions. (
  • You can see that the appellate court is trying to give you a little bit of a better standard. (
  • Those cases have been losing at the district and appellate court levels. (
  • Y. Nakasone, S. Kita, A. Hasegawa, and A. Shinya, "Finite element analysis of stress distributions around an virtual implant built in 3D posterior mandibular model directly constructed from in vivo CT images," in Proceeding of the Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineers Materials and Mechanics Conference , 2008. (
  • A three-dimensional finite element model of the lower first premolar, with the three layers of enamel, dentin, and pulp, and the mandible, with the two layers of cortical and cancellous bones, was directly constructed from noninvasively acquired CT images. (
  • The United States Supreme Court overturns lower court injunction, allows Southern Border Wall to proceed. (
  • My note is, "Even before the court reaches that subject it must broach the issue of the Anti-Injunction Act. (
  • And, if it does qualify as a tax, then under the provisions of the aforementioned Tax Anti-Injunction Act, TAIA, the mandate can't be challenged in court until it's actually been collected. (
  • In upholding the preliminary injunction, the court also found that the law likely violates the Florida Constitution's strong right of privacy. (
  • U.S. courts have long recognized the potential that usury caps might make the credit market more illiquid. (
  • That fact that the lineups in both cases broke down along what most would perceive as partisan lines makes for what to me seems like a very bad look for both courts. (
  • It also leans on its caselaw establishing a strong preference that federal courts not engage in late interference into elections, on the grounds that such interference creates confusion and risks the integrity of the process. (
  • And litigation of the factual and legal issues that are likely to arise will presumably be directed to the two District Courts whose initial orders in these cases this Court has now-unanimously-found sufficiently questionable to be stayed as to the vast majority of the people potentially affected. (
  • After years of failure by the state to enforce the housing requirements, the state Supreme Court in 2015 directed municipalities that hadn't met their obligations to submit plans for doing so to county-level Superior Courts. (
  • Department of Justice spokesperson Alexei Woltornist issued a statement saying, "We are pleased that the Supreme Court recognized that the lower courts should not have halted construction of walls on the southern border. (
  • The "rational basis test" makes courts excessively deferential to Congress regarding the reasons it gives for regulations it imposes. (
  • Wisconsin federal judge has ordered that Brendan Dassey, one of the subjects of the hit Netflix docuseries 'Making a Murderer,' be released from prison on his own recognizance pending the appeal of his 2007 murder conviction. (
  • Seeking to justify a possible confirmation vote before the Nov. 3 election, Trump asserted over the weekend that many high court nominations were made in an election year and "in all cases, they went forward. (
  • TRUMP, on advancing a Supreme Court nominee in a presidential election year: "This has happened numerous times. (
  • THE FACTS: Trump is making up the story. (
  • We will build the wall --don't even think about it," Trump promised, claiming that the government already had received hundreds of construction bids. (
  • Health policy experts worry that the controversial plans the Trump administration is pushing could undo some of the progress being made with Obamacare premiums. (
  • A lower court had initially frozen the $2.5 billion in defense funds Trump had sought to use amid his emergency declaration earlier this year. (
  • The Supreme Court on Friday said the Trump administration could continue with its plan to use military funds to build a wall along sections of the southern border. (
  • The Supreme Court has allowed the Trump administration to use military funds to build sections of the president's desired border wall while litigation is ongoing. (
  • U.S. District Judge Alan Albright , appointed by President Donald Trump to serve as judge of Waco's federal court, is a former federal magistrate who spent more than 20 years specializing in intellectual property law, which includes patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. (
  • The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to review a ruling striking down North Carolina's 2011 law to force women to undergo a detailed, narrated ultrasound before receiving abortion care-no exceptions for rape, incest or serious health risks, and even if the woman didn't want to see the ultrasound images. (
  • In December 2014, a three-judge U.S. Court of Appeals panel declared that the ultrasound law violated the First Amendment rights of physicians, as it would force physicians to deliver politically driven messages to the patient even over the patient's objection. (
  • In June, Miller told McKenna he wouldn't come with her to an ultrasound because "U made this choice against my wish," according to a text she released from him. (
  • Ultrasound, CT, and MRI have all been used to guide biopsies and ablations, but unlike PET, they cannot detect metabolic activity of tumor cells. (
  • It is wonderful news that the UK Supreme Court is finally endorsing what patients have been calling for-better information about their treatment options. (
  • Nevada state court Judge Ronald Israel ruled Tuesday in Las Vegas that the AP report qualified as fair reporting, and he invoked protection for the news agency under a Nevada state law known as anti-SLAPP or "strategic lawsuit against public participation. (
  • CT News Junkie is launching Let's Talk, a new policy forum series, to explore complex challenges facing Connecticut. (
  • An OP-ED today in CT News Junkie describes the sorry level of mistrust in CT health policymaking. (
  • That evening Brian Williams, the NBC Nightly News anchor, opened the broadcast by saying, "as one reporter put it, the U.S. Supreme Court has driven a stake through the heart of the most important civil rights law ever enacted, the Voting Rights Act. (
  • Not surprisingly, the uncertainty sparked in the aftermath of the Second Circuit's ruling has prompted policymakers to turn to a legislative fix to restore the "valid-when-made" precedent by making it federal law governing consumer credit markets. (
  • The uncertainty over the Medicaid expansion could make another provision in the ACA even more valuable than expected-a provision that has made it easier for states to expand Medicaid specifically for family planning services to individuals otherwise ineligible for the program. (
  • In 1971, Family Court Building was accepted into the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places. (
  • PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier appeared in court Thursday after three times shunning a summons for a hearing on whether he should be charged with human rights abuses during his brutal 1971-1986 regime. (
  • He notes that the court, construing Title VII in 1971, said, ``Discriminatory preference for any group, minority or majority, is precisely and only what Congress has proscribed. (
  • One of the culprits of court backlogs is drug tests. (
  • There is a type of drug test that has the potential to eliminate backlogs, speed up cases and reduce the amount of time people sit in jail awaiting court dates -- but it's only used in a few pockets of the country. (
  • The basic question could be phrased in a bunch of different ways, but it boils down to whether holding the election as scheduled results in the unconstitutional burdening of the right to vote because of the fact that a large number of the people who made timely requests for absentee ballots will not get them due to backlogs created by the overwhelming number of requests. (
  • An industry analyst believes up to 32 U.S. states might legalize some form of sports gambling if the Supreme Court overturns a federal law that has banned sports books outside of Nevada since 1992. (
  • According to a summons issued Wednesday, the Falcons' quarterback is scheduled to make his first court appearance after being indicted by a federal grand jury on July 26. (
  • While the timing of Vick's court appearance on a federal indictment filed Tuesday is certainly inconvenient from a football standpoint, it is still better than some of his advisors thought it might be. (
  • Plaintiffs' attorneys have until Dec. 28 to file notices of appearance with the Asbestos Claims Court. (
  • Curtis, who is being held without bond at the Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren Regional Jail, said nothing during his initial court appearance. (
  • A sign framed with flowers lists the victims' names on the fence outside a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, Colo. The suspected gunman is making his first court appearance on Thursday. (
  • The suspect in the Boulder, Colo. grocery store shooting that left 10 people dead made his first appearance in court Thursday in a brief hearing that called for a mental health assessment. (
  • There should be an international court to reach a judgment on which everyone could rely. (
  • Court judgment on. (
  • Tuesday's Supreme Court judgment indicates the top court has considered these facts as well. (
  • Our results indicate that in vivo micro-CT imaging can provide an excellent alternative for vascular corrosion casting. (
  • And of course there was Trump's reiteration of his signature campaign pledge to erect a massive wall along the Mexican border - and along with it, chants from the crowd of "build the wall! (
  • RUSH: Six hours of oral arguments before the US Supreme Court began today on Obamacare. (
  • Seventy-two percent of Americans see the individual mandate as unconstitutional, and 72% believe Obamacare will make things worse or won't help. (
  • Two days after her baby was born in February 2013, she went to New York Family Court to petition for custody-the legal basis for keeping the baby with her and making decisions about raising him. (
  • Writing for the court, Justice Samuel Alito said home care workers are different from other types of government employees because they work primarily for their disabled or elderly customers and do not have most of the rights and benefits of state employees. (
  • All three high court petitions rely on Janus as well as two prior rulings in which the court, again led by Alito, laid the groundwork for their First Amendment challenges. (
  • Yet they already know there's no more invested media consumer than someone who hopes to profit from what he or she reads, hears or sees, and people have always been willing to pay money to make money. (
  • Contains a 20-day supply of Nature Made® CholestOff Complete®, 120 softgels per bottle. (
  • The American Jewish Congress is urging President Bush to renounce an "outrageous" statement made at the U.S. Supreme Court this week by a lawyer who maintained that the Constitution would permit the declaration of a state religion, as long as nobody was coerced into practicing it. (
  • Congress created sentencing guidelines. (
  • The court has now inverted Title VII as it was written by and explained in Congress. (
  • But, says Stevens, the court has been going against the clear letter and clearly expressed intent of Congress since 1978. (
  • What changes did the High Court's ruling in Shelby make in Section 2? (
  • What changes did the high court's ruling in Shelby make to Section 5? (
  • By a unanimous vote of 9 to 0, the court ruled these laws unconstitutional and overly broad, a victory for the three current and former sex workers who brought the challenge. (
  • Recently, however, a unanimous three-judge panel of this court did something right when it held that bone marrow donors can be compensated. (
  • Through the unanimous adoption of resolution 2013 (2011), the Council said that Judge Bakhtiyar Tuzmukhamedov could work part-time "in another judicial occupation until 31 December 2011, in light of exceptional circumstances", notwithstanding article 12 bis, paragraph 3, of the Statute of the International Tribunal, which was created to prosecute genocide and other such crimes committed in Rwanda in 1994. (
  • As trade in loan instruments grew and participating institutions became more varied, allowing for valid-when-made to overrule state usury laws was important to ensure these transactions could take place. (
  • They ask the Supreme Court to overrule Abood and find that no dues or fees can be required for public employees. (
  • In Harris , the Court had been asked to overrule Abood , but declined that invitation and ruled on narrower grounds. (
  • Comment count on this article reflects comments made on and Facebook. (
  • Uber's app design, they said, made it clear that proceeding to use the app meant agreeing to terms and conditions based on California state law. (
  • The court rejected state and industry challenges to rules designed to clean up mercury, lead, arsenic and other dangerous air pollutants. (
  • At stake were hundreds of local races and ballot initiatives, the Democratic presidential primary, and a state Supreme Court seat. (
  • The state Democratic Party went to federal court to force election administration changes, and the Governor sought to change the election date unilaterally. (
  • The former concluded the Governor exceeded his authority under state law, and the latter concluded a federal district court improperly extended the deadline for absentee voting. (
  • I don't think either court has a great showing, but I also think that the real culprits here are the political actors, and the deeply toxic political culture of this state. (
  • The Montana Legislature passed the Asbestos Claims Court Act in 2001, allowing the state to establish a special court to resolve asbestos lawsuits . (
  • The Himachal Pradesh High Court on Monday issued notices to the central and state governments for not making ESIC Hospital and Medical College near Mandi town functional despite spending Rs.750 crore on its construction. (
  • Spread over an area of more than 31 acres on National Highway 21, the Employees' State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) had already spent Rs.750 crore on the building and its infrastructure. (
  • He said in March last year Employees' State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) Medical College building was to be inaugurated but till date it has not been made functional. (
  • In state court filings and interviews with The Associated Press, Kuta said she stands by the Las Vegas police report, which was provided by police to AP under a public records request. (
  • The course focuses on Connecticut health policy and is required of Public Health majors at Southern CT State University as a designated writing class. (
  • During its meetings none of the document are made public - especially the 'four-column' documents which summarise the state of play. (
  • There have to be debates within executive suites and newsrooms over how to make the most of opportunities state-sanctioned gambling might present to ensure standards are not compromised in a way that damages credibility or reputation. (
  • No one goes to the state capitol building to ask a politician their opinion. (
  • However, the Supreme Court did strike a potentially serious blow to a key piece of the ACA: its major expansion of the joint federal-state Medicaid program. (
  • Yet, the court ruled that the federal government cannot enforce that requirement, effectively making the expansion a state option. (
  • But there is little research on the impact of SARMs on healthy, younger people, making their side effects and longer-term health risks unclear. (
  • Reed Brody, counsel and a spokesman for Human Rights Watch, said the session ''is an important victory for Duvalier's victims, who never gave up hope of seeing him in court, and for the Haitian people who have the right to know what happened during the dark years of the Duvalier dictatorship. (
  • If the full court, or the Supreme Court, doesn't take another look, it could sow the seeds of all kinds of mischief.We're sympathetic to the plight of desperately ill people who may -- or may not -- be helped by experimental drugs that are just beyond their reach. (
  • It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges. (
  • It wasn't one of those races that start with people revving their engines or challenging each other at a traffic light,' he told the court. (
  • In a historic move that has angered and disappointed conservatives, Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage following a high court ruling on Wednesday recognizing the union of two people with the same sexual orientation. (
  • When building a new house, people often turn to architects to kick off the project. (
  • New developments were built, and affluent people moved in. (
  • The pool had also been condemned by the building inspector, but people were seen swimming in it. (
  • Believe me, the town of West Boylston is concerned for the health and well-being of the people staying there on a long-term basis, as well as for the people who may stop in there thinking this is a licensed establishment and we are hoping the court will agree with us and act soon," he said. (
  • This is a narrow ruling by #SCOTUS against the Colorado Commission, but Supreme Court opinion also acknowledges that LGBTQ people have equal right to be free from the indignity of discrimination. (
  • How many do you make due to lack of time and technology? (
  • Throughout the history of industrial metrology, quality and R&D engineers have had to compromise and make decisions on what they should measure based on the technology and time they have had available to them. (
  • However, the Center for Food Safety points out that the court placed a significant time restraint on the planting of the seeds, and the USDA must do an extensive review of the seed before national approval. (
  • But if that were to end up being the ruling, then the regime has a challenging political problem, and that is: Obama promising all this time that nobody's taxes would go up and nobody's premiums would go up, and here they've just argued before the court that it's a tax and they have every right to levy it. (
  • In court documents, the AP argued that reporting on the two police reports was fair and could not have been investigated further at the time because key information, including the women"s names, was blacked out, and Las Vegas police refused to provide more details. (
  • The state's highest court said that when it comes to relocating children, the Tennessee Legislature crafted a law that made it easier for parents to move if they spend more time with the kids. (
  • As the court explained, "a woman can already take all of the time she needs to decide whether to terminate her pregnancy, both before she arrives at the clinic and after she receives the required counseling information. (
  • In the time between the agreement and the Supreme Court order, however, red flags had been raised regarding development of the locality and its ecological impact on multiple occasions, by multiple parties. (
  • Among the first to raise questions was the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests in 1992, who sent a communication to the Commissioner & Secretary of the Forest Department at the time to clarify whether permission could be granted to construct the Film Studio and Allied Complex, considering permission of the Centre - necessary for construction on the land after the issuance of the 1992 notification - had not been acquired. (
  • Last week, Gaumond said the inspection reports done at the time of George's application had been forwarded to the court. (
  • Can industrial CT shrink your AM part product development time and increase production yields? (
  • Fail fast forward" is a commonly used term today among product development and hardware engineers building new products for the first time. (
  • We all have a CT all the time! (
  • MSK has the only interventional PET/CT scanner in the world completely dedicated to in-room, real-time guidance of procedures for patients with cancer (Figure 1). (
  • Dr. Mercola encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional. (
  • This right allows a woman to make her own decisions regarding her body, health, family formation, and family life - decisions that can include whether to continue a pregnancy. (
  • The quasi-judicial tribunal sided with the Competition Bureau, which first made an application in 2011 alleging that TREB's rules prevented competition and stifled digital innovation by prohibiting its realtor members from posting sales data on their websites. (
  • These easy-to-use resources were created by the ACLU so you can have your rights at your fingertips. (
  • Then again, the court could uphold the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act - or enough of PASPA's constraints - to prevent widespread legalization of gambling on sports. (
  • The tribunal made no error in finding that TREB engaged in an anti-competitive practice and that this practice had and will likely continue to have the effect of preventing or lessening competition substantially in the (Greater Toronto Area) sufficient to meet the requirements. (
  • However, this protection of unenumerated rights is a double-edged sword, as the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that the right to abortion was also a "fundamental" and "inalienable" right protected by Section 1 of the Kansas Bill of Rights. (
  • As discussed in my recent article Pro-Choice Doesn't Have to Mean Pro-Roe , the overturning of Roe v. Wade would allow all states to make their own abortion restrictions. (
  • This 2015 file photo shows protesters outside the Colorado Supreme Court building on Dec. 9, 2015. (
  • The legal concern was that the motel could win its appeal in court, and two businesses would have licenses to operate in the same location. (
  • The Montana Supreme Court on Nov. 28 ordered the creation of an Asbestos Claims Court to oversee hundreds of pending asbestos-related personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. (
  • So therefore the Republicans have a built-in campaign issue regarding this. (
  • WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court dealt a blow to public sector unions Monday, ruling that thousands of home health care workers in Illinois cannot be required to pay fees that help cover the union's costs of collective bargaining. (
  • Welcome to What We're Reading - our new feature at CT Health Notes. (
  • What We're Reading is part of Advocate to Advocate, the CT Health Policy Project's mission to expand policy capacity in our state's advocacy community. (
  • Building the health policy capacity across Connecticut's health system is critical to sustaining progress and a foundation of our mission at the CT Health Policy Project. (
  • Brodeur ended his email by suggesting the Board of Health condemn the building. (
  • She is the third Samsung worker to report multiple sclerosis and win in court but the first to win in the Supreme Court, according to SHARPS, a group that advocates technology workers' health. (
  • Finally, your two remaining proposals, namely the identification and publication of four-column tables and the publication of lists of documents tabled during trilogue negotiations , touch on matters currently before the Court of Justice. (
  • With a candor that deserves a better cause, Justice Stevens concurred in the result on the perverse ground that the court has done so much violence to Title VII, and has done so for so long, that it is too late to respect the law. (
  • Stevens quotes Justice Cardozo`s admonition that the court may have to change a ``rule`` (a.k.a., ``law``) when the court decides it is inconsistent with ``the sense of justice or with the social welfare,`` as the court divines those. (
  • There you have a guileless admission that the court is legislating its sense of justice and its preferred social-welfare policies. (
  • So will the Supreme Court of 2030 be asked to rule on the legality of a technology that could allow parents to eliminate the need for sex at all? (
  • The court has now done more than ratify the legality of an ethnic and racial spoils system whereby various groups can be guaranteed proportional representation in the work place. (
  • Because it is outdated, the high court ruled in Shelby that the formula is unconstitutional. (
  • Did European Court Just Make Search Engines Illegal? (
  • Agency fees were first approved by the Supreme Court in Abood v. Detroit Board of Education in 1977. (
  • Some of the knowledge we have gained can and is being used to make the experimenters safer, and that's fine and dandy. (
  • With CT measuring machines you can capture the complete part (the shape and dimensions, the density, the material flow, any porosity, cracks or inclusions). (
  • The primary defects most commonly found in AM parts are un-fused powder within a solid structure, excess powder within an internal channel that is not fully removed or successfully cleaned at the completion of a part build, missing sections of a print layer (porosity), foreign material within a print build (FOD or high density inclusions) or an internal feature not adequately supported during the print process. (
  • Among these, the calcarenites are usually characterized by a high content of calcite and a high open porosity, which make them very sensitive to the weathering caused by physical and chemical agents. (
  • BAGHDAD (AP) - A Baghdad court dropped corruption charges against Iraq's parliament speaker on Tuesday, citing insufficient evidence to support accusations first raised by the country's defense minister during a questioning in parliament. (
  • Country's top food regulator- Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), last year had notified that silver leaf couldn't be manufactured using any animal material of animal origin at any stage. (
  • The indictment claims Hutchins created the malware that can side-step anti-virus software to steal banking usernames and passwords before conspiring with the co-defendant to sell it on internet forums. (
  • The notice was not reasonably conspicuous and Meyer did not unambiguously agree to the terms when he registered, the district court found. (
  • When the party seeking arbitration has participated in litigation regarding the dispute, the district court can properly decide the question of waiver, the panel stated. (
  • August 21, 2006 ( - The US District Court for the Northern District of California has ruled that accidental death and dismemberment claims for a man who completely lost vision in his left eye should be based on the plan's summary plan description (SPD) and not the plan document itself. (
  • A young Adelaide woman charged over a street race that killed the sister of Socceroos player Awer Mabil has suffered a physical attack and been ostracised by her community and church, the District Court has heard. (
  • Alakiir Kelei Deng, who was driving the other car, faced the District Court today after pleading guilty to causing death by dangerous driving and breaching the conditions of her learner's licence. (
  • A court official said Dr. Conrad Murray personally made a $1,003 payment Monday in open court for a California woman and her 11-year-old son. (
  • Now, a lawsuit filed by California public school teachers that has been taken up by the Supreme Court, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association , could radically alter the landscape for public sector unions, potentially overruling Abood and creating "right to work" for all public sector employees nationwide. (
  • In a ruling last week the Supreme Court of Canada struck down three key provisions in Canada's prostitution laws. (
  • I think we ought to go back to the first one [executive order] and go all the way" to the Supreme Court, the president told the receptive crowd, adding that "this ruling makes us look weak. (
  • A judge in Mercer County on Thursday ordered two affluent New Jersey towns to plan for more low- and middle-income housing within their boundaries, a long-anticipated ruling some say might force municipalities statewide to build more affordable housing. (
  • The court ruling also cited an article in Taiwan's Constitution stating that "all citizens of the Republic of China, irrespective of sex, religion, race, class, or party affiliation, shall be equal before the law. (
  • Meanwhile, Taiwan's historic court ruling widened the political gap with China, according to Bloomberg . (
  • In 1970, the nation's high court issued the ruling which set up the new standard for police interrogations. (
  • Meanwhile, it is our understanding that the Supreme Court ruling does not make it illegal for a consumer to purchase firearms as gifts. (
  • A June 24 ruling by the Supreme Court severely limits consumers' ability to sue the manufacturers of generic drugs. (
  • Bode Miller custody battle: New York family court made a terrible ruling for women's rights, and took fathers' rights too far. (
  • A Superior Court judge has already thrown out one challenge, ruling that appellant Brian Morrison, a former Conservation Commission chairman, lacked standing. (
  • Albright's experience, a recent Supreme Court ruling and the fact that Waco is in the same district as Austin could add up to make Waco's federal court a prime venue for IP litigation. (
  • The appointment of Waco's new federal judge, a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that narrows the venue for patent cases and Waco's home in the federal Western District of Texas have combined into a perfect storm that could drastically alter Waco's legal landscape. (
  • In its ruling Tuesday, the court said the lack of evidence, resulting from Samsung's refusal to provide the information and an inadequate investigation by the government, should not be held against the sickened worker. (
  • The ruling also noted that Samsung Electronics and the Labor Ministry refused to disclose information about chemical toxins at the LCD factory, making it impossible for the worker to prove the type of chemicals she was exposed to or the level of exposure. (
  • Samsung declined to comment Wednesday on the Supreme Court ruling. (
  • They say the union is not merely seeking higher wages, but making a political push for expansion of Medicaid payments. (
  • CT allows both the acquisition of bone morphology and measurement of bone density in a living individual. (
  • He says a Family Court judge set a July 12 hearing to ensure Murray sticks to a payment plan approved in November. (
  • Barely able to hide his zeal at the prospects, Henry predicts Waco is on the verge of becoming a mecca for patent litigation the way the small East Texas town of Marshall blew up after innovative Judge T. John Ward, a Baylor Law graduate, created a friendly environment for such cases in the federal Eastern District of Texas. (