A chemical system that functions to control the levels of specific ions in solution. When the level of hydrogen ion in solution is controlled the system is called a pH buffer.
An organic amine proton acceptor. It is used in the synthesis of surface-active agents and pharmaceuticals; as an emulsifying agent for cosmetic creams and lotions, mineral oil and paraffin wax emulsions, as a biological buffer, and used as an alkalizer. (From Merck, 11th ed; Martindale, The Extra Pharmacopoeia, 30th ed, p1424)
The normality of a solution with respect to HYDROGEN ions; H+. It is related to acidity measurements in most cases by pH = log 1/2[1/(H+)], where (H+) is the hydrogen ion concentration in gram equivalents per liter of solution. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)
A dipolar ionic buffer.
The rate dynamics in chemical or physical systems.
A basic element found in nearly all organized tissues. It is a member of the alkaline earth family of metals with the atomic symbol Ca, atomic number 20, and atomic weight 40. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and combines with phosphorus to form calcium phosphate in the bones and teeth. It is essential for the normal functioning of nerves and muscles and plays a role in blood coagulation (as factor IV) and in many enzymatic processes.
The concentration of osmotically active particles in solution expressed in terms of osmoles of solute per liter of solution. Osmolality is expressed in terms of osmoles of solute per kilogram of solvent.
A highly-sensitive (in the picomolar range, which is 10,000-fold more sensitive than conventional electrophoresis) and efficient technique that allows separation of PROTEINS; NUCLEIC ACIDS; and CARBOHYDRATES. (Segen, Dictionary of Modern Medicine, 1992)
The property of objects that determines the direction of heat flow when they are placed in direct thermal contact. The temperature is the energy of microscopic motions (vibrational and translational) of the particles of atoms.
Inorganic salts that contain the -HCO3 radical. They are an important factor in determining the pH of the blood and the concentration of bicarbonate ions is regulated by the kidney. Levels in the blood are an index of the alkali reserve or buffering capacity.
Liquid chromatographic techniques which feature high inlet pressures, high sensitivity, and high speed.
The ability of a substance to be dissolved, i.e. to form a solution with another substance. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)
The chemical and physical integrity of a pharmaceutical product.
Inorganic salts of phosphoric acid.
The sum of the weight of all the atoms in a molecule.
A chelating agent relatively more specific for calcium and less toxic than EDETIC ACID.
A chelating agent that sequesters a variety of polyvalent cations such as CALCIUM. It is used in pharmaceutical manufacturing and as a food additive.
Domesticated bovine animals of the genus Bos, usually kept on a farm or ranch and used for the production of meat or dairy products or for heavy labor.
Substances used for the detection, identification, analysis, etc. of chemical, biological, or pathologic processes or conditions. Indicators are substances that change in physical appearance, e.g., color, at or approaching the endpoint of a chemical titration, e.g., on the passage between acidity and alkalinity. Reagents are substances used for the detection or determination of another substance by chemical or microscopical means, especially analysis. Types of reagents are precipitants, solvents, oxidizers, reducers, fluxes, and colorimetric reagents. (From Grant & Hackh's Chemical Dictionary, 5th ed, p301, p499)
Determination of the spectra of ultraviolet absorption by specific molecules in gases or liquids, for example Cl2, SO2, NO2, CS2, ozone, mercury vapor, and various unsaturated compounds. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
Electrophoresis in which a polyacrylamide gel is used as the diffusion medium.
Chemicals that bind to and remove ions from solutions. Many chelating agents function through the formation of COORDINATION COMPLEXES with METALS.
A metallic element that has the atomic symbol Mg, atomic number 12, and atomic weight 24.31. It is important for the activity of many enzymes, especially those involved in OXIDATIVE PHOSPHORYLATION.
Chromatography on non-ionic gels without regard to the mechanism of solute discrimination.
A white, crystalline powder that is commonly used as a pH buffering agent, an electrolyte replenisher, systemic alkalizer and in topical cleansing solutions.
The species Oryctolagus cuniculus, in the family Leporidae, order LAGOMORPHA. Rabbits are born in burrows, furless, and with eyes and ears closed. In contrast with HARES, rabbits have 22 chromosome pairs.
A process of selective diffusion through a membrane. It is usually used to separate low-molecular-weight solutes which diffuse through the membrane from the colloidal and high-molecular-weight solutes which do not. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
A chemical reaction in which an electron is transferred from one molecule to another. The electron-donating molecule is the reducing agent or reductant; the electron-accepting molecule is the oxidizing agent or oxidant. Reducing and oxidizing agents function as conjugate reductant-oxidant pairs or redox pairs (Lehninger, Principles of Biochemistry, 1982, p471).
The homogeneous mixtures formed by the mixing of a solid, liquid, or gaseous substance (solute) with a liquid (the solvent), from which the dissolved substances can be recovered by physical processes. (From Grant & Hackh's Chemical Dictionary, 5th ed)
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
Organic esters or salts of sulfonic acid derivatives containing an aliphatic hydrocarbon radical.
The balance between acids and bases in the BODY FLUIDS. The pH (HYDROGEN-ION CONCENTRATION) of the arterial BLOOD provides an index for the total body acid-base balance.
The study of chemical changes resulting from electrical action and electrical activity resulting from chemical changes.
Treatment process involving the injection of fluid into an organ or tissue.
The art or process of comparing photometrically the relative intensities of the light in different parts of the spectrum.
Inorganic or organic salts and esters of boric acid.
A calcium-binding protein that mediates calcium HOMEOSTASIS in KIDNEYS, BRAIN, and other tissues. It is found in well-defined populations of NEURONS and is involved in CALCIUM SIGNALING and NEURONAL PLASTICITY. It is regulated in some tissues by VITAMIN D.
Agents that emit light after excitation by light. The wave length of the emitted light is usually longer than that of the incident light. Fluorochromes are substances that cause fluorescence in other substances, i.e., dyes used to mark or label other compounds with fluorescent tags.
Measurement of the intensity and quality of fluorescence.
The process in which substances, either endogenous or exogenous, bind to proteins, peptides, enzymes, protein precursors, or allied compounds. Specific protein-binding measures are often used as assays in diagnostic assessments.
Presence of warmth or heat or a temperature notably higher than an accustomed norm.
Microscopy using an electron beam, instead of light, to visualize the sample, thereby allowing much greater magnification. The interactions of ELECTRONS with specimens are used to provide information about the fine structure of that specimen. In TRANSMISSION ELECTRON MICROSCOPY the reactions of the electrons that are transmitted through the specimen are imaged. In SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPY an electron beam falls at a non-normal angle on the specimen and the image is derived from the reactions occurring above the plane of the specimen.
An adenine nucleotide containing three phosphate groups esterified to the sugar moiety. In addition to its crucial roles in metabolism adenosine triphosphate is a neurotransmitter.
Any liquid or solid preparation made specifically for the growth, storage, or transport of microorganisms or other types of cells. The variety of media that exist allow for the culturing of specific microorganisms and cell types, such as differential media, selective media, test media, and defined media. Solid media consist of liquid media that have been solidified with an agent such as AGAR or GELATIN.
Electric conductors through which electric currents enter or leave a medium, whether it be an electrolytic solution, solid, molten mass, gas, or vacuum.
A species of gram-negative, facultatively anaerobic, rod-shaped bacteria (GRAM-NEGATIVE FACULTATIVELY ANAEROBIC RODS) commonly found in the lower part of the intestine of warm-blooded animals. It is usually nonpathogenic, but some strains are known to produce DIARRHEA and pyogenic infections. Pathogenic strains (virotypes) are classified by their specific pathogenic mechanisms such as toxins (ENTEROTOXIGENIC ESCHERICHIA COLI), etc.
The adhesion of gases, liquids, or dissolved solids onto a surface. It includes adsorptive phenomena of bacteria and viruses onto surfaces as well. ABSORPTION into the substance may follow but not necessarily.
Chemical compounds which yield hydrogen ions or protons when dissolved in water, whose hydrogen can be replaced by metals or basic radicals, or which react with bases to form salts and water (neutralization). An extension of the term includes substances dissolved in media other than water. (Grant & Hackh's Chemical Dictionary, 5th ed)
The tendency of a gas or solute to pass from a point of higher pressure or concentration to a point of lower pressure or concentration and to distribute itself throughout the available space. Diffusion, especially FACILITATED DIFFUSION, is a major mechanism of BIOLOGICAL TRANSPORT.
Inorganic compounds that contain potassium as an integral part of the molecule.
A clear, odorless, tasteless liquid that is essential for most animal and plant life and is an excellent solvent for many substances. The chemical formula is hydrogen oxide (H2O). (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
A series of steps taken in order to conduct research.
Serum albumin from cows, commonly used in in vitro biological studies. (From Stedman, 25th ed)
Compounds in which a methyl group is attached to the cyano moiety.
The lipid- and protein-containing, selectively permeable membrane that surrounds the cytoplasm in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.
Purifying or cleansing agents, usually salts of long-chain aliphatic bases or acids, that exert cleansing (oil-dissolving) and antimicrobial effects through a surface action that depends on possessing both hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties.
A basic science concerned with the composition, structure, and properties of matter; and the reactions that occur between substances and the associated energy exchange.
A change from planar to elliptic polarization when an initially plane-polarized light wave traverses an optically active medium. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
A chromatographic technique that utilizes the ability of biological molecules to bind to certain ligands specifically and reversibly. It is used in protein biochemistry. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
Chemistry dealing with the composition and preparation of agents having PHARMACOLOGIC ACTIONS or diagnostic use.
The composition, conformation, and properties of atoms and molecules, and their reaction and interaction processes.
Organic compounds that generally contain an amino (-NH2) and a carboxyl (-COOH) group. Twenty alpha-amino acids are the subunits which are polymerized to form proteins.
Determination, by measurement or comparison with a standard, of the correct value of each scale reading on a meter or other measuring instrument; or determination of the settings of a control device that correspond to particular values of voltage, current, frequency or other output.
A compound formed in the liver from ammonia produced by the deamination of amino acids. It is the principal end product of protein catabolism and constitutes about one half of the total urinary solids.
The deductive study of shape, quantity, and dependence. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)
Separation technique in which the stationary phase consists of ion exchange resins. The resins contain loosely held small ions that easily exchange places with other small ions of like charge present in solutions washed over the resins.
Substances produced from the reaction between acids and bases; compounds consisting of a metal (positive) and nonmetal (negative) radical. (Grant & Hackh's Chemical Dictionary, 5th ed)
The characteristic 3-dimensional shape of a protein, including the secondary, supersecondary (motifs), tertiary (domains) and quaternary structure of the peptide chain. PROTEIN STRUCTURE, QUATERNARY describes the conformation assumed by multimeric proteins (aggregates of more than one polypeptide chain).
Disruption of the non-covalent bonds and/or disulfide bonds responsible for maintaining the three-dimensional shape and activity of the native protein.
Compounds and molecular complexes that consist of very large numbers of atoms and are generally over 500 kDa in size. In biological systems macromolecular substances usually can be visualized using ELECTRON MICROSCOPY and are distinguished from ORGANELLES by the lack of a membrane structure.
Liquids that dissolve other substances (solutes), generally solids, without any change in chemical composition, as, water containing sugar. (Grant & Hackh's Chemical Dictionary, 5th ed)
Separation of particles according to density by employing a gradient of varying densities. At equilibrium each particle settles in the gradient at a point equal to its density. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
A member of the alkali group of metals. It has the atomic symbol Na, atomic number 11, and atomic weight 23.
Homogeneous liquid preparations that contain one or more chemical substances dissolved, i.e., molecularly dispersed, in a suitable solvent or mixture of mutually miscible solvents. For reasons of their ingredients, method of preparation, or use, they do not fall into another group of products.
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of biological processes or diseases. For disease models in living animals, DISEASE MODELS, ANIMAL is available. Biological models include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
A reagent commonly used in biochemical studies as a protective agent to prevent the oxidation of SH (thiol) groups and for reducing disulphides to dithiols.
A white crystal or crystalline powder used in BUFFERS; FERTILIZERS; and EXPLOSIVES. It can be used to replenish ELECTROLYTES and restore WATER-ELECTROLYTE BALANCE in treating HYPOKALEMIA.
Techniques used to separate mixtures of substances based on differences in the relative affinities of the substances for mobile and stationary phases. A mobile phase (fluid or gas) passes through a column containing a stationary phase of porous solid or liquid coated on a solid support. Usage is both analytical for small amounts and preparative for bulk amounts.
Descriptions of specific amino acid, carbohydrate, or nucleotide sequences which have appeared in the published literature and/or are deposited in and maintained by databanks such as GENBANK, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), National Biomedical Research Foundation (NBRF), or other sequence repositories.
A rigorously mathematical analysis of energy relationships (heat, work, temperature, and equilibrium). It describes systems whose states are determined by thermal parameters, such as temperature, in addition to mechanical and electromagnetic parameters. (From Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary, 12th ed)
A large lobed glandular organ in the abdomen of vertebrates that is responsible for detoxification, metabolism, synthesis and storage of various substances.
An anionic surfactant, usually a mixture of sodium alkyl sulfates, mainly the lauryl; lowers surface tension of aqueous solutions; used as fat emulsifier, wetting agent, detergent in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and toothpastes; also as research tool in protein biochemistry.
The statistical reproducibility of measurements (often in a clinical context), including the testing of instrumentation or techniques to obtain reproducible results. The concept includes reproducibility of physiological measurements, which may be used to develop rules to assess probability or prognosis, or response to a stimulus; reproducibility of occurrence of a condition; and reproducibility of experimental results.
A strain of albino rat used widely for experimental purposes because of its calmness and ease of handling. It was developed by the Sprague-Dawley Animal Company.
The parts of a macromolecule that directly participate in its specific combination with another molecule.
Calcium-binding proteins that are found in DISTAL KIDNEY TUBULES, INTESTINES, BRAIN, and other tissues where they bind, buffer and transport cytoplasmic calcium. Calbindins possess a variable number of EF-HAND MOTIFS which contain calcium-binding sites. Some isoforms are regulated by VITAMIN D.
Positively charged atoms, radicals or groups of atoms with a valence of plus 2, which travel to the cathode or negative pole during electrolysis.
Concentration or quantity that is derived from the smallest measure that can be detected with reasonable certainty for a given analytical procedure.
A primary source of energy for living organisms. It is naturally occurring and is found in fruits and other parts of plants in its free state. It is used therapeutically in fluid and nutrient replacement.
An electrochemical process in which macromolecules or colloidal particles with a net electric charge migrate in a solution under the influence of an electric current.
The process of cleaving a chemical compound by the addition of a molecule of water.
Derivatives of ACETIC ACID. Included under this heading are a broad variety of acid forms, salts, esters, and amides that contain the carboxymethane structure.
Polymers of ETHYLENE OXIDE and water, and their ethers. They vary in consistency from liquid to solid depending on the molecular weight indicated by a number following the name. They are used as SURFACTANTS, dispersing agents, solvents, ointment and suppository bases, vehicles, and tablet excipients. Some specific groups are NONOXYNOLS, OCTOXYNOLS, and POLOXAMERS.
A hybrid separation technique combining both chromatographic and electrophoretic separation principles. While the method was invented to separate neutral species, it can also be applied to charged molecules such as small peptides.
Salts or ions of the theoretical carbonic acid, containing the radical CO2(3-). Carbonates are readily decomposed by acids. The carbonates of the alkali metals are water-soluble; all others are insoluble. (From Grant & Hackh's Chemical Dictionary, 5th ed)
Stable elementary particles having the smallest known positive charge, found in the nuclei of all elements. The proton mass is less than that of a neutron. A proton is the nucleus of the light hydrogen atom, i.e., the hydrogen ion.
Compounds formed by the joining of smaller, usually repeating, units linked by covalent bonds. These compounds often form large macromolecules (e.g., BIOPOLYMERS; PLASTICS).
The formation of a solid in a solution as a result of a chemical reaction or the aggregation of soluble substances into complexes large enough to fall out of solution.
An element in the alkali group of metals with an atomic symbol K, atomic number 19, and atomic weight 39.10. It is the chief cation in the intracellular fluid of muscle and other cells. Potassium ion is a strong electrolyte that plays a significant role in the regulation of fluid volume and maintenance of the WATER-ELECTROLYTE BALANCE.
Liquids transforming into solids by the removal of heat.
An atom or group of atoms that have a positive or negative electric charge due to a gain (negative charge) or loss (positive charge) of one or more electrons. Atoms with a positive charge are known as CATIONS; those with a negative charge are ANIONS.
A salt used to replenish calcium levels, as an acid-producing diuretic, and as an antidote for magnesium poisoning.
Any of various animals that constitute the family Suidae and comprise stout-bodied, short-legged omnivorous mammals with thick skin, usually covered with coarse bristles, a rather long mobile snout, and small tail. Included are the genera Babyrousa, Phacochoerus (wart hogs), and Sus, the latter containing the domestic pig (see SUS SCROFA).
A calbindin protein found in many mammalian tissues, including the UTERUS, PLACENTA, BONE, PITUITARY GLAND, and KIDNEYS. In intestinal ENTEROCYTES it mediates intracellular calcium transport from apical to basolateral membranes via calcium binding at two EF-HAND MOTIFS. Expression is regulated in some tissues by VITAMIN D.
Spectroscopic method of measuring the magnetic moment of elementary particles such as atomic nuclei, protons or electrons. It is employed in clinical applications such as NMR Tomography (MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING).
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of chemical processes or phenomena; includes the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
Inorganic compounds derived from hydrochloric acid that contain the Cl- ion.
Negatively charged atoms, radicals or groups of atoms which travel to the anode or positive pole during electrolysis.
Salts that melt below 100 C. Their low VOLATILIZATION can be an advantage over volatile organic solvents.
Red blood cells. Mature erythrocytes are non-nucleated, biconcave disks containing HEMOGLOBIN whose function is to transport OXYGEN.
The movement of materials (including biochemical substances and drugs) through a biological system at the cellular level. The transport can be across cell membranes and epithelial layers. It also can occur within intracellular compartments and extracellular compartments.
A colorless, odorless gas that can be formed by the body and is necessary for the respiration cycle of plants and animals.
Intracellular fluid from the cytoplasm after removal of ORGANELLES and other insoluble cytoplasmic components.
The order of amino acids as they occur in a polypeptide chain. This is referred to as the primary structure of proteins. It is of fundamental importance in determining PROTEIN CONFORMATION.
A characteristic feature of enzyme activity in relation to the kind of substrate on which the enzyme or catalytic molecule reacts.

Insulin-like growth factors I and II are unable to form and maintain their native disulfides under in vivo redox conditions. (1/2760)

Insulin-like growth factor (IGF) I does not quantitatively form its three native disulfide bonds in the presence of 10 mM reduced and 1 mM oxidized glutathione in vitro [Hober, S. et al. (1992) Biochemistry 31, 1749-1756]. In this paper, we show (i) that both IGF-I and IGF-II are unable to form and maintain their native disulfide bonds at redox conditions that are similar to the situation in the secretory vesicles in vivo and (ii) that the presence of protein disulfide isomerase does not overcome this problem. The results indicate that the previously described thermodynamic disulfide exchange folding problem of IGF-I in vitro is also present in vivo. Speculatively, we suggest that the thermodynamic disulfide exchange properties of IGF-I and II are biologically significant for inactivation of the unbound growth factors by disulfide exchange reactions to generate variants destined for rapid clearance.  (+info)

Influence of a new antiulcer agent, ammonium 7-oxobicyclo (2, 2, 1) hept-5-ene-3-carbamoyl-2-carboxylate (KF-392) on gastric lesions and gastric mucosal barrier in rats. (2/2760)

Antiulcer effects of KF-392 were studied in several experimental gastric ulcer models in rats. It was found that KF-392 given orally at 1.0 to 5.0 mg/kg had a marked suppression on the developments of Shay ulcer as well as the aspirin-, stress-, and reserpine-induced gastric lesions. The influence of KF-392 on gastric mucosal barrier was also studied. A back diffusion of H+ into the gastric mucosa and a fall of transmucosal potential difference were induced with KF-392 given orally at the above mentioned doses. KF-392 given s.c. at 5.0 mg/kg showed no inhibition of Shay ulcer and no induction of back diffusion of H+ into the gastric mucosa.  (+info)

Diffusion barriers limit the effect of mobile calcium buffers on exocytosis of large dense cored vesicles. (3/2760)

Fast exocytosis in melanotropic cells, activated by calcium entry through voltage-gated calcium channels, is very sensitive to mobile calcium buffers (complete block at 800 microM ethylene glycol bis(beta-aminoethyl ether)-N,N,N'N'-tetraacetic acid (EGTA)). This indicates that calcium diffuses a substantial distance from the channel to the vesicle. Surprisingly, 1, 2-bis(2-aminophenoxy)ethane-N,N,N',N'-tetraacetic acid (BAPTA), having a similar KD for calcium as EGTA but a approximately 100 times faster binding rate, blocked exocytosis only twice as effectively as EGTA. Using computer simulations, we demonstrate that this result cannot be explained by free diffusion and buffer binding rates. We hypothesized that local saturation of calcium buffers is involved. A diffusion barrier for both calcium and buffer molecules, located 50-300 nm from the membrane and reducing diffusion 1000 to 10,000 times, generated similar calcium concentrations for specific concentrations of EGTA and BAPTA. With such barriers, calcium rise phase kinetics upon short step depolarizations (2-20 ms) were faster for EGTA than for BAPTA, implying that short depolarizations should allow exocytosis with 50 microM EGTA but not with 25 microM BAPTA. This prediction was confirmed experimentally with capacitance measurements. Coupling exocytosis to calcium dynamics in the model, we found that a barrier with a approximately 3000 times reduced diffusion at approximately 130 nm beneath the membrane best explains the experimentally observed effects of EGTA and BAPTA on block and kinetics of release.  (+info)

Ferroxidase activity of ferritin: effects of pH, buffer and Fe(II) and Fe(III) concentrations on Fe(II) autoxidation and ferroxidation. (4/2760)

It is widely accepted that iron deposition in the iron storage protein ferritin in vitro involves Fe(II) oxidation, and that ferritin facilitates this oxidation at a ferroxidase site on the protein. However, these views have recently been questioned, with the protein ferroxidase activity instead being attributed to autoxidation from the buffer alone. Ligand exchange between another protein with ferroxidase activity and ferritin has been proposed as an alternative mechanism for iron incorporation into ferritin. In the present work, a pH stat apparatus is used to eliminate the influence of buffers on iron(II) oxidation. Here we show that the recent experiments questioning the ferroxidase activity of ferritin were flawed by inadequate pH control, that buffers actually retard rather than facilitate iron(II) oxidation, and that horse spleen ferritin has ferroxidase activity when measured under proper experimental conditions. Furthermore, high pH (7.0), a high Fe(II) concentration and the presence of Fe(III) all favour Fe(II) autoxidation in the presence or absence of ferritin.  (+info)

A novel role for carbonic anhydrase: cytoplasmic pH gradient dissipation in mouse small intestinal enterocytes. (5/2760)

1. The spatial and temporal distribution of intracellular H+ ions in response to activation of a proton-coupled dipeptide transporter localized at the apical pole of mouse small intestinal isolated enterocytes was investigated using intracellular carboxy-SNARF-1 fluorescence in combination with whole-cell microspectrofluorimetry or confocal microscopy. 2. In Hepes-buffered Tyrode solution, application of the dipeptide Phe-Ala (10 mM) to a single enterocyte reduced pHi locally in the apical submembranous space. After a short delay (8 s), a fall of pHi occurred more slowly at the basal pole. 3. In the presence of CO2/HCO3--buffered Tyrode solution, the apical and basal rates of acidification were not significantly different and the time delay was reduced to 1 s or less. 4. Following application of the carbonic anhydrase inhibitor acetazolamide (100 microM) in the presence of CO2/HCO3- buffer, addition of Phe-Ala once again produced a localized apical acidification that took 5 s to reach the basal pole. Basal acidification was slower than at the apical pole. 5. We conclude that acid influx due to proton-coupled dipeptide transport can lead to intracellular pH gradients and that intracellular carbonic anhydrase activity, by facilitating cytoplasmic H+ mobility, limits their magnitude and duration.  (+info)

Nonsaturable entry of neuropeptide Y into brain. (6/2760)

Neuropeptide Y (NPY) is found and is active both in the periphery and brain, but its crossing of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) in either direction has not been measured. We used multiple time-regression analysis to determine that radioactively labeled NPY injected intravenously entered the brain much faster than albumin, with an influx constant of 2.0 x 10(-4) ml. g. -1. min-1. However, this rate of entry was not significantly changed by injection of 10 microgram/mouse of excess NPY, by leptin, or by food deprivation. HPLC showed that most of the NPY entering the brain was intact, and capillary depletion with and without washout showed that the NPY did not remain bound to endothelial cells or associated with vascular elements. Perfusion in a blood-free solution eliminated binding to serum proteins as an explanation for the lack of saturation. Efflux of labeled NPY from the brain occurred at the same rate as albumin, reflecting the normal rate of reabsorption of cerebrospinal fluid. Thus NPY can readily enter the brain from blood by diffusion across the BBB.  (+info)

A novel strategy for the preparation of liposomes: rapid solvent exchange. (7/2760)

During the preparation of multi-component model membranes, a primary consideration is that compositional homogeneity should prevail throughout the suspension. Some conventional sample preparation methods pass the lipid mixture through an intermediary, solvent-free state. This is an ordered, solid state and may favor the demixing of membrane components. A new preparative method has been developed which is specifically designed to avoid this intermediary state. This novel strategy is called rapid solvent exchange (RSE) and entails the direct transfer of lipid mixtures between organic solvent and aqueous buffer. RSE liposomes require no more than a minute to prepare and manifest considerable entrapment volumes with a high fraction of external surface area. In phospholipid/cholesterol mixtures of high cholesterol content, suspensions prepared by more conventional methods reveal evidence of artifactual demixing, whereas samples prepared by rapid solvent exchange do not. The principles which may lead to artifactual demixing during conventional sample preparation are discussed.  (+info)

Effect of buffer conditions on the position of tRNA on the 70 S ribosome as visualized by cryoelectron microscopy. (8/2760)

The effect of buffer conditions on the binding position of tRNA on the Escherichia coli 70 S ribosome have been studied by means of three-dimensional (3D) cryoelectron microscopy. Either deacylated tRNAfMet or fMet-tRNAfMet were bound to the 70 S ribosomes, which were programmed with a 46-nucleotide mRNA having AUG codon in the middle, under two different buffer conditions (conventional buffer: containing Tris and higher Mg2+ concentration [10-15 mM]; and polyamine buffer: containing Hepes, lower Mg2+ concentration [6 mM], and polyamines). Difference maps, obtained by subtracting 3D maps of naked control ribosome in the corresponding buffer from the 3D maps of tRNA.ribosome complexes, reveal the distinct locations of tRNA on the ribosome. The position of deacylated tRNAfMet depends on the buffer condition used, whereas that of fMet-tRNAfMet remains the same in both buffer conditions. The acylated tRNA binds in the classical P site, whereas deacylated tRNA binds mostly in an intermediate P/E position under the conventional buffer condition and mostly in the position corresponding to the classical P site, i. e. in the P/P state, under the polyamine buffer conditions.  (+info)

Captured or displayed buffers are dequeued with the VIDIOC_DQBUF ioctl. The driver can unlock the buffer at any time between the completion of the DMA and this ioctl. The memory is also unlocked when VIDIOC_STREAMOFF is called, VIDIOC_REQBUFS, or when the device is closed.. For capturing applications it is customary to enqueue a number of empty buffers, to start capturing and enter the read loop. Here the application waits until a filled buffer can be dequeued, and re-enqueues the buffer when the data is no longer needed. Output applications fill and enqueue buffers, when enough buffers are stacked up output is started. In the write loop, when the application runs out of free buffers it must wait until an empty buffer can be dequeued and reused. Two methods exist to suspend execution of the application until one or more buffers can be dequeued. By default VIDIOC_DQBUF blocks when no buffer is in the outgoing queue. When the ...
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The kinetic rate parameters for the interaction between a single domain analogue of staphylococcal protein A (Z) and a mouse-IgG3 monoclonal antibody (MAb) were measured in Hepes buffer with different chemical additives. Five buffer ingredients (pH, NaCl, DMSO, EDTA, and KSCN) were varied simultaneously in 16 experiments following a statistical experimental plan. The 16 buffers thus spanned a volume in chemical space. A mathematical model, using data from the buffer composition, was developed and used to predict apparent kinetic parameters in five new buffers within the spanned volume. Association and dissociation parameters were measured in the new buffers, and these agreed with the predicted values, indicating that the model was valid within the spanned volume. The pattern of variation of the kinetic parameters in relation to buffer composition was different for association and dissociation, such that pH influenced both association and dissociation and NaCl influenced only dissociation. This ...
In computer science, a data buffer (or just buffer) is a region of a physical memory storage used to temporarily store data while it is being moved from one place to another. Typically, the data is stored in a buffer as it is retrieved from an input device (such as a microphone) or just before it is sent to an output device (such as speakers). However, a buffer may be used when moving data between processes within a computer. This is comparable to buffers in telecommunication. Buffers can be implemented in a fixed memory location in hardware-or by using a virtual data buffer in software, pointing at a location in the physical memory. In all cases, the data stored in a data buffer are stored on a physical storage medium. A majority of buffers are implemented in software, which typically use the faster RAM to store temporary data, due to the much faster access time compared with hard disk drives. Buffers are typically used when there is a difference between the rate at which data is received and ...
An optimal buffer system is essential to perform successful PCR. Reliable PCR results depend on many factors: the quality of the DNA and primers as well as the PCR instrument itself.. Ampliqon has developed different Tris-based buffer solutions to meet different requirements in PCR applications. The buffers are commonly supplied in 10x formulations with 15 mM MgCl2 included. Ampliqon buffers are also available without Mg2+ and Tween 20 or Triton X-100.. Buffer convenience and user-flexibility is achieved by the ability to choose either the right DNA Polymerase/buffer combination or the optimal buffer based Master Mix among the wide range of Ampliqons DNA polymerase products. All Ampliqon DNA Polymerases and Master Mixes are available with different buffer options, making it easy to choose either the right combination of DNA polymerase and buffer or the correct Master Mix, for matching different PCR applications and PCR assay conditions.. ...
MIME-version: 1.0 X-Mailer: 6.0 sub 10577 Content-type: multipart/alternative; boundary=Boundary_(ID_7iqcDLFRP7WCJxTbhUzRVQ) Full-name: WWmn916 --Boundary_(ID_7iqcDLFRP7WCJxTbhUzRVQ) Content-type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII Content-transfer-encoding: 7BIT Sigma is no longer making premade Trisma Buffer pH 7.4 We have always used their product in making our solution for the NADH muscle stain. Ive experimented with a Sodium Phosphate diabasic/monobasic solution and the results looked the same as a NADH muscle stained with a Trisma buffer component. Can anyone tell me what the difference between the two buffers are and what factors I need to consider, if any, in transitioning to making the sodium phosphate buffer to replace the Trisma buffer? Lastly, does anyone know of a different supplier of premadeTrisma buffers, other than Sigma or Fisher (since Fisher gets their tris buffer from Sigma?) Thanks, Deb King HT Sacramento, CA --Boundary_(ID_7iqcDLFRP7WCJxTbhUzRVQ) Content-type: text/html; ...
hi. its true that the buffers are acidic for RNA work and slightly basic (usually around pH 8)for DNA extractions. If you place DNA in a strong bacic solution the bonds between the strands will be cleaved and the 2 stands will not be able to re join. RNA can survive and contaminate when preforming a DNA extraction, unless specific steps are used to remove the RNA ie using RNase. The acidic conditions for RNA extractions is due to a number of problems when dealing with RNA. DNA is a major contaminant which needs to be removed as it can interfer with RT-PCR etc. Also RNase has very little activity in acidic condition and is de-activated by guanidinium thiocyanate. Often the RNA extraction buffers are 5M G.thio and pH 4.8ish. hope that helps regards Sean Admin note: Another reason for the disparity in nucleic acid extraction buffers is tied to the phenol extractions commonly used to purify the nucleic acids away from cellular proteins: DNA is soluble in even mildly acidic phenol while RNA is not; ...
Our RNeasy buffers are subjected to stringent quality-control tests to ensure that they are indeed RNase-free. Buffer RPE concentrate and RNase-free water are tested for absence of RNases by incubating 4 µg of total HeLa-RNA in these solutions for 3 hours at 37°C, followed by monitoring RNA integrity via denaturing agarose gel electrophoresis and ethidium bromide staining.. Buffer RLT and Buffer RW1 are inherently RNase-free, since the buffers themselves inactivate RNases during the RNeasy procedure. ...
DR is curious as to how the SureFire Optimzed Bolt Carrier/H7S Buffer combo stacks up against both the FERFRANS DSAS/RRS (Delayed Sear Activation System/Rate Reduction System) BCG and Nemo Arms RRS BCG, respectively. Weve been writing about the FERFRANS BCG for years, and were BIG fans of it. Both the OBC-LS/H7 Buffer System and DSAS/RRS BCG essentially achieve a similar effect through two completely different designs. Where the SureFire OBC-LS/H7 Buffer System utilizes a springloaded weight in the back of the carrier and teams the BCG up with a proprietary buffer, the FERFRANS DSAS/RRS BCG utilizes a simple reciprocating metal piece that recipricates freely within the BCG, via inertia. The the OBC-LS/H7 Buffer System is a more sophisticated design than the FERFRANS DSAS/RRS BCG, so it will be interesting to see how they compare back-to-back at some point.. DR has only examined and written about the Nemo Arms RRS BCG once when it was pulled out of a Nemo Arms Omen Recon .300WM 18″ ...
Buffer capacity is a measure of a buffer solution\s resistance to changes in pH as strong acid or base is added. Suppose that you have 165 mL of a buffer that is 0.360 M in both benzoic acid (C6H5COOH) and its conjugate base (C6H5COO ...
Referencemateriale 0.01 S/m R03.001 (engelsk) Referencemateriale 0.1 S/m R03.002 (engelsk) Referencemateriale 1 S/m R03.003 (engelsk) Referencemateriale 10 S/m R03.004 (engelsk) Referencemateriale Primary pH buffer Phthalate (pH = 4.005) R03.101 (engelsk) Referencemateriale Primary pH buffer 1:1 phosphate (pH = 6.865) R03.102 (engelsk) Referencemateriale Primary pH buffer 1:3.5 phosphate (pH = 7.413) R03.103 (engelsk) Referencemateriale Primary pH buffer Borate (pH = 9.180) R03.104 (engelsk) Referencemateriale Primary pH buffer Carbonate (pH = 10.012) R03.105 (engelsk) ...
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Buffer Solution pH 7 (Phosphate) Color Coded Yellow - BB0360-1 BB0360-1 BB0360-5 BB0360-20 ph Buffers pH Buffers Chemicals, pH Buffers
Dear all, I intend to use citrate buffer at 100 mM for some experiments, but then I stumbled over a notice from Dionex, that citrate buffer can modify proteins and peptides. However, when searching for references I was not able to find information about it. Is this really a major artefact in citrate buffer ? Does anyone have some information or references about it ? Thanks, Werner ...
Microbe-Lift® 7.5 pH Buffer Stabilizer safely buffers pH levels and prevents wide pH swings, with alkalinity for nitrification. Specifically formulated to control the event of fish toxicity due to potential overdosing.
Currently, protocol buffers support generated code in programming languages such as C++, Java and Python. Protocol buffers are designed to be smaller and faster than XML and aim for both simplicity and performance. Similar to Microsoft Bond or Apache Thrift protocols, Protocol buffers offer a concrete RPC protocol stack to be used for defined services. A protocol buffer makes use of an interface description language that explains the data structure and an application which generates the source code based on that description. The source code is then used in parsing the bytes of the structured data. There are several advantages of using protocol buffers over XML. Protocol buffers are simpler to use, and they are 3-10 times smaller than XML with 20-100 times the speed. Another advantage is that they are less ambiguous and can generate data access classes that are simple to develop programmatically. There are few drawbacks associated with protocol buffers. Protocol buffers may not be an effective ...
Apologies in advance to anyone whos sick of watching from a distance as I dig through the buffer cache code; I never claimed to be well informed! After spending most of the night reading through parts of the kernel source in a diner I wanted a decent picture of what the _actual result_ of various parts of the buffer cache code looked like on one of my typical systems here at work. I built a kernel with DEBUG and turned on debug.syncprt with sysctl. One of my suspicions was immediately confirmed: There are *NO* buffers larger than 8K on my system, ever. The machine in question is a fairly small-memory machine, so I have nbuf=bufpages; however, within a minute or so of runtime, about 2/3 of the buffers are 8k, as Id expect (all of my filesystems have 8K blocks), and about 1/3 remain at 4K. This is the in-use buffers; the 8K buffers have been created, of course, by stripping pages from other buffers; at the default size of one page (4K, on the i386), this means that a lot of buffers went away ...
Xiao Chen created HDFS-13540: -------------------------------- Summary: DFSStripedInputStream should not allocate new buffers during close / unbuffer Key: HDFS-13540 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HDFS-13540 Project: Hadoop HDFS Issue Type: Bug Affects Versions: 3.0.0 Reporter: Xiao Chen Assignee: Xiao Chen This was found in the same scenario where HDFS-13539 is caught. There are 2 OOM that looks interesting: {noformat} FSDataInputStream#close error: OutOfMemoryError: Direct buffer memoryjava.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Direct buffer memory at java.nio.Bits.reserveMemory(Bits.java:694) at java.nio.DirectByteBuffer.,init,(DirectByteBuffer.java:123) at java.nio.ByteBuffer.allocateDirect(ByteBuffer.java:311) at org.apache.hadoop.io.ElasticByteBufferPool.getBuffer(ElasticByteBufferPool.java:95) at org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.DFSStripedInputStream.resetCurStripeBuffer(DFSStripedInputStream.java:118) at ...
Hi Reinhard, I have undone the offending changeset in xine-lib as per your explanation there. http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_name=4A15672E.5090908%40gmx.de Now, zapping time better. What is in your opinion the optimum buffer settings for vdr-xine and for .xine/config ? (I have a Hauppage S2-HD) These are my current settings: vdr/setup.conf xine.modeLiveTV.prebufferFrames = 11 xine.modeLiveTV.prebufferHysteresis = 4 .xine/config # number of audio buffers engine.buffers.audio_num_buffers:460 # number of video buffers engine.buffers.video_num_buffers:250 # number of video frames engine.buffers.video_num_frames:22 ...
Research Report on Global pH Buffer Market Professional Survey Report 2017. The Report includes market price, demand, trends, size, Share, Growth, Forecast, Analysis & Overview.
Hi Dima, K+ and Cl- (as maybe phosphate, too) are easiest to determine by subjecting a diluted aliquot to automated urine or serum analysis in the clinical chemistry lab of a hospital. Hoping that Gu doesnt interfere though. Usually, the machine will give you NH4+ and Na+ in the same run. But acetate? no idea.if youll get it there. K+ also should be able to be determined gravimetrically using SDS :) if there are lots present (add excess NaSDS, cool, filter through pre-weighted paper or collect by centrifugation in pre weighted tube, wash precipitate with NaSDS, allow to dry, weigh again) Assuming all volatiles present are water and ipropOH, one might distill the stuff and measure density of the condensate comparing against a standard curve. Unless there is ammonia present (NH4Cl and NH4OAc are volatile). If GuX is the same - no idea, but easily to be tested. More thoughts about acetate? might be concluded from potassium and sodium... does it form any insoluble precipitates making it accessible ...
BioAssay record AID 28475 submitted by ChEMBL: Hydrolytic parameter (K) was calculated at pH 7.4 in 0.1 M phosphate buffer (25 degrees Celsius).
How to choose innodb_buffer_pool_size in MySQL?, What is MySQL innodb_buffer_pool_size?, Do I need to change MySQL innodb_buffer_pool_size?, What are the recommendations for innodb_buffer_pool_size in MySQL?, What are the best practices for configuring innodb_buffer_pool_size in MySQL?, How to MySQL innodb_buffer_pool_size?, What is the best value for MySQL innodb_buffer_pool_size?, How to choose MySQL innodb_buffer_pool_size?, What is the optimal value for MySQL innodb_buffer_pool_size?, How large should be the MySQL innodb_buffer_pool_size?, innodb_buffer_pool_size, Why InnoDB buffer pool?, What is there inside MySQL InnoDB buffer pool?, MyISAM is using Operating System file cache to cache data that queries are reading over and over again. InnoDB handles caching itself, What is there inside MySQL InnoDB buffer pool?, Data caching - InnoDB data pages, Indices caching - index data, Buffering data - Dirty pages, Internal structures, InnoDB buffer pool, Adaptive Hash Index, row level locks, InnoDB pages,
It is not technically correct to say that a window displays the contents of a file , rather that each window displays the contents of a buffer . A buffer is an object that contains data from the point of view of the editor, whereas a file contains data from the point of view of the operating system. A buffer is a temporary storage area used by the editor to hold the contents of a file while the process of editing is taking place. When editing has finished the contents of the buffer can then be written to the appropriate file. When the user exits from the editor, no information concerning buffers or windows is saved.. A buffer is often displayed in its own window, although it is also possible for many buffers to be associated with a single window, and for a single buffer to be displayed in more than one window.. In most cases, there is one buffer for each file that is accessed, but sometimes there is more than one buffer for a single file. There are also some buffers (such as the Echo Area, which ...
alexandre -- to restore the window layout in your emacs frame, you can run M-x desktop-frame-save first, and then after youre finished with the maximized version you can do a M-x desktop-read followed by a M-x load-file emacs.frx. also, a frame (an m$windows window) is what contains emacs windows (these look like window panes) and any emacs buffer can be displayed in any emacs window (pane). also killing an emacs buffer doesnt touch the file which was copied into that buffer. emacs deals with frames, windows, buffers, and files separately so that you have a bit more control over things if you want. cheers. -- chuck Kevin Dziulko wrote: , , You can maximize the window you are currently in with C-x 1 which runs , delete-other-windows. This just hides the other buffers, they are not , deleted or destroyed dispite the name. , , There isnt a restore command. Youd have to use C-x 2 or and then load , another buffer in the new or current window with the buffers menu. , , ,From: Alexandre Brillant ...
The oxidation mechanism of hematoxylin was studied in phosphate buffers and 0.1 M KCl by cyclic voltammetry and UV-Vis spectroscopy under deaerated conditions. The redox potential of hematoxylin in buffered solution strongly depends on pH. A two electron oxidation is preceded by deprotonation. The homogeneous rate of deprotonation process of hematoxylin in 0.1 M phosphate buffer is kd = (2.5 ± 0.1) × 104 s-1. The cyclic voltammetry under unbuffered conditions shows the distribution of various dissociation forms of hematoxylin. The dissociation constants pK1 = 4.7 ± 0.2 and pK2 = 9.6 ± 0.1 were determined using UV-Vis spectroscopy. The final oxidation product was identified by gas chromatography with mass spectrometry detection as hemathein. The distribution of oxidation products differs under buffered and unbuffered conditions. The dye degradation in natural unbuffered environment yields hemathein and hydroxyhematoxylin, which is absent in buffered solution.. Keywords: Hematoxylin; ...
Data blocks being read by DBMS from the hard drive are stored in the main memory in a fixed number of pre-allocated buffers. Each buffer can hold one data block. Each buffer can be either free (does not contain any useful information) or occupied by some data. When DBMS is going to read data block from the hard drive it has to decide which buffer to use for data storing. If there are any free buffers, then one of them is used for that purpose. If there are no free buffers, then one of the occupied buffers has to be flushed to become free, unless it was locked by some part of DBMS ...
A mutable array of bytes that can be passed to foreign functions.. The buffer is represented by a record, where the record contains the raw buffer and the start/end points of the filled portion. The buffer contents itself is mutable, but the rest of the record is immutable. This is a slightly odd mix, but it turns out to be quite practical: by making all the buffer metadata immutable, we can have operations on buffer metadata outside of the IO monad.. The live elements of the buffer are those between the ...
In other words, we feel the track record of the people and the products at Thistle will stand up to the challenges that lie ahead. We invite you to test our commitment at all times.. Remember when youre happy, were delighted!. We would like to thank you for taking time to consider us for your valued business. Please dont hesitate to call us if we can be of assistance.We now have a network of seven sales representatives throughout the UK who are capable of providing full technical support on all the products listed. Call 01698 338844 should you require a visit from one of our team.. ...
Serial dilution of the ligand in assay buffer should not introduce any changes in buffer composition except the ligand concentration itself. For instance, if the ligand is dissolved in DMSO, it is important to perform the serial dilution in buffer containing the same amount of DMSO. In rare instances, the ligand titration significantly changes the experimental conditions. An appropriate counter-titration may then be useful to control for buffer effects. For example, in case the ligand is a lipid, it may help to counter-titrate a second, non- binding lipid in order to keep the overall lipid concentration constant throughout the experiment. Similarly, when investigating ion binding, try counter-titrating a similar ion to keep the ionic strength of the buffer constant. Alternatively, perform a Control Experiment with a slightly changed system like a non-binding ligand analogue.. ...
In molecular biology, TBE and TAE buffers are often used in procedures involving nucleic acids, the most common being agarose and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Tris-acid solutions are effective buffers for the slightly basic conditions that keep DNA deprotonated and soluble in water. EDTA is a chelating agent for divalent cations, particularly magnesium (Mgsub2+). As these ions are necessary co-factors for many enzymes, including contaminant nucleases, one task of EDTA is to protect the nucleic acids against enzymatic degradation by nucleases. However, since Mgsub2+ is also a co-factor for many DNA-modifying enzymes such as restriction enzymes and DNA polymerases, its concentration in TBE or TAE buffers is generally kept low. Borate is a strong inhibitor for many enzymes, which makes its presence in TBE buffer very popular: the DNA sample run in a TBE buffer can better keep its integrity, which suits the purpose of many agarose gel electrophoreses runs, i.e. to analyze the size of DNA fragments.
Phosphate Buffer Ph7 found in: Phosphate Buffer pH 7, Phosphate Buffer, pH 7, D1253, BUFFER, PHOSPHATE pH 7.0, Buffer solution pH 7.00, Phosphate Buffer,..
Is there a way in Pic basic pro to empty the buffers on the SFE Logomatic if they are only partially filled? I do not send enough data to the logomatic for it to empty for it the fill the buffer and log on its own, so I end up losing some when I cut the power. This used in remote data collection so I cannot push the STOP button to empty them. Thank ...
Description: Hi dear experts, This report intended to clarify situation where i cant find any valuable information related to buffer pool size. All articles are about calculating gold size for buffer pool. It is great to have 80% of physical memory as buffer pool. OK. So the general description is -, I can start MySQL with 300GB buffer pool size in my 16G laptop Config: innodb_buffer_pool_size=300G innodb_buffer_pool_instances=64 Started as: 2016-01-05 15:23:58 16211 [Note] InnoDB: Initializing buffer pool, size = 300.0G 2016-01-05 15:24:31 16211 [Note] InnoDB: Completed initialization of buffer pool I believe that i can give much more pool size if I could increase buffer pool instances from maximum 64. For eg, 300G with 8 buffer pool instances will fail. With 350G: 2016-01-05 13:04:47 13232 [Note] InnoDB: Initializing buffer pool, size = 350.0G InnoDB: mmap(6009651200 bytes) failed; errno 22 2016-01-05 13:05:27 13232 [ERROR] InnoDB: Cannot allocate memory for the buffer pool 2016-01-05 ...
static inline __attribute__ ((nonnull (1))) void * alloc_buffer_alloc_bytes (struct alloc_buffer *buf, size_t length) { @@ -302,9 +302,13 @@ __alloc_buffer_next (struct alloc_buffer *buf, size_t align) alloc_buffer_alloc returns the same pointer). Note that the buffer is still aligned according to the requirements of TYPE. The effect of this function is similar to allocating a zero-length array from - the buffer. */ + the buffer. It is possible to use the return pointer to write to + the buffer and consume the written bytes using + alloc_buffer_alloc_bytes (which does not change the buffer + contents), but the calling code needs to perform manual length + checks using alloc_buffer_size ...
Use our Gaylord Archival® Unbuffered Shredded Tissue to cushion ornaments and other breakables or to pad small textiles such as gloves. Stuff it into stockinette tubing to make soft, round cushions for padding folded textiles.
Tissue samples are fixed with 2-4% Paraformaldehyde in 0.1M phosphate buffer, dehydrated through a graded series of ethyl alcohols and embedded in Unicryl (Electron Microscopy Sciences, Hatfield,PA). Thin sections (70-90nm) are mounted on Formvar/carbon coated nickel grids. After rinsing (see note above) with 0.1M Phosphate buffer or PBS, the grids are placed into the Blocking buffer for a block/permeablization step of 30-45 minutes.. The grids are then placed in the primary antibody overnight at 4°C. During the immuno-labeling process, the grids are not allowed to dry out. The grids are rinsed with phosphate buffered saline (PBS) and then floated on drops of the appropriate secondary antibody attached with 10nm gold particles (AURION, Hatfield, PA) for two hours at room temperature. After rinsing with PBS, the grids are placed in 2.5% Glutaraldehyde in 0.1M Phosphate buffer for 15 minutes. After rinsed in distilled water, the grids are allowed to dry and then are stained for contrast with ...
This product is for research use only. It is not approved for use in humans, animals, or in vitro diagnostic procdures.. Gravity-flow Column Procedure for Antibody Purification for Protein L Agarose (also for protein A, G and A/G). A. Buffer composition. • Binding Buffer: 0.1M phosphate, 0.15M sodium chloride; pH 7.2 • Elution Buffer: 0.1M glycine, pH 2-3 or IgG Elution Buffer • Neutralization Buffer: 1M Tris, (pH 8.5) B. Immunoglobulin Purification Procedure (a column for 2 mL of protein L Agarose). 1. Equilibrate the Protein L agarose and reagents to room temperature before use. 2. Carefully pack the Protein L resin slurry (4mL) into the column. Equilibrate the Protein L column by adding 10mL of the Binding Buffer and allowing the solution to drain through the column. 3. Dilute sample at least 1:1 with Binding Buffer before applying onto the Protein L column to maintain optimal ionic strength and pH for binding. Note: If plasma is used, centrifuge the diluted sample at 10,000 × g for 20 ...
Acetate Buffer Ph 5.0 found in: Acetate, 1M buffer soln., pH, 5.0, low endotoxin, Acetate Buffer (1 M, pH 5.0), Acetate Buffer, TISAB I, Standardized,..
get_buffer and release_buffer is more suitable for how this codec works and can result in better performance in some playback situations. Signed-off-by: Reimar Döffinger ,Reimar.Doeffinger at gmx.de, --- libavcodec/c93.c , 5 ++++- 1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-) diff --git a/libavcodec/c93.c b/libavcodec/c93.c index 1f4ed1f..2a36ed9 100644 --- a/libavcodec/c93.c +++ b/libavcodec/c93.c @@ -130,10 +130,13 @@ static int decode_frame(AVCodecContext *avctx, void *data, c93-,currentpic ^= 1; + if (newpic-,data[0]) + avctx-,release_buffer(avctx, newpic); + newpic-,reference = 1; newpic-,buffer_hints = FF_BUFFER_HINTS_VALID , FF_BUFFER_HINTS_PRESERVE , FF_BUFFER_HINTS_REUSABLE , FF_BUFFER_HINTS_READABLE; - if (avctx-,reget_buffer(avctx, newpic)) { + if (avctx-,get_buffer(avctx, newpic)) { av_log(avctx, AV_LOG_ERROR, reget_buffer() failed\n); return -1; } -- ...
Flushes to the server, changes made to the buffering subsystem that are associated with the LOB referenced by the input locator. This routine will actually write the data in the buffer to the LOB in the database. LOB buffering must have already been enabled for the input LOB locator.. The flush operation, by default, does not free the buffer resources for reallocation to another buffered LOB operation. However, if you want to free the buffer explicitly, you can set the flag parameter to OCI_LOB_BUFFER_FREE.. If the client application intends to read the buffer value after the flush and knows in advance that the current value in the buffer is the desired value, there is no need to reread the data from the server.. The effects of freeing the buffer are mostly transparent to the user, except that the next access to the same range in the LOB involves a round- trip to the server, and also the cost of acquiring buffer resources and initializing it with the data read from the LOB. This option is ...
Super-resolution imaging methods have revolutionized fluorescence microscopy by revealing the nanoscale organization of labeled proteins. In particular, single-molecule methods such as Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM) provide resolutions down to a few tens of nanometers by exploiting the cycling of dyes between fluorescent and non-fluorescent states to obtain a sparse population of emitters and precisely localizing them individually. This cycling of dyes is commonly induced by adding different chemicals, which are combined to create a STORM buffer. Despite their importance, the composition of these buffers has scarcely evolved since they were first introduced, fundamentally limiting what can be resolved with STORM. By identifying a new chemical suitable for STORM and optimizing the buffer composition for Alexa-647, we significantly increased the number of photons emitted per cycle by each dye, providing a simple means to enhance the resolution of STORM independently of the optical
This is a very important report because we see three object types (tables, indexes, and partitions), and we also see the sub-sets of the DEFAULT pool for KEEP and RECYCLE. Also, note that all indexes are defined in the largest supported block size (db_32k_cache_size), and multiple buffer pools of 4K, 8K, 16K and 32K sizes are defined. The output of this script is somewhat confusing because of the repeated DEFAULT buffer pool name. This is misleading because the KEEP and RECYCLE buffer pools are sub-sets of db_cache_size and can ONLY accommodate objects with the DEFAULT db_block_size. Conversely, any block sizes that are NOT the default db_block_size, go into the buffer pool named DEFAULT. As you can see from the output listing, there are really 6 mutually exclusive and independently-sized buffer pools, and four of them are called DEFAULT. It is valuable to run this report repeatedly because the Oracle data buffers are dynamic and constantly changing. Running this script frequently allows us to ...
Vegetated buffers are used extensively to manage wetland-dependent wildlife. Despite widespread application, buffer utility has not been experimentally validated for most species. To address this gap, we conducted a six-year, landscape-scale experiment, testing how buffers of different widths affect the demographic structure of two amphibian species at 11 ephemeral pools in a working forest of the northeastern U.S. We randomly assigned each pool to one of three treatments (i.e., reference, 100m buffer, 30m buffer) and clearcut to create buffers. We captured all spotted salamanders and wood frogs breeding in each pool and examined the impacts of treatment and hydroperiod on breeding-population abundance, sex ratio, and recapture rate. The negative effects of clearcutting tended to increase as forest-buffer width decreased and be strongest for salamanders and when other stressors were present (e.g., at short-hydroperiod pools). Recapture rates were reduced in the 30m, but not 100m, treatment. Throughout
you have a 0.200L of solution containing 250mM phosphate buffer, pH 6.8. An equivalent amount of HCl/NaOH with respect to the total amount of phosphate in the buffer --, mmol of NaH2PO3 + mmol of NaH2PO4 = 50 mmoles. What would ...
fs: introduce some page/buffer invariants It is a bug to set a page dirty if it is not uptodate unless it has buffers. If the page has buffers, then the page may be dirty (some buffers dirty) but not uptodate (some buffers not uptodate). The exception to this rule is if the set_page_dirty caller is racing with truncate or invalidate. A buffer can not be set dirty if it is not uptodate. If either of these situations occurs, it indicates there could be some data loss problem. Some of these warnings could be a harmless one where the page or buffer is set uptodate immediately after it is dirtied, however we should fix those up, and enforce this ordering. Bring the order of operations for truncate into line with those of invalidate. This will prevent a page from being able to go !uptodate while were holding the tree_lock, which is probably a good thing anyway. Signed-off-by: Nick Piggin ,[EMAIL PROTECTED], Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton ,[EMAIL PROTECTED], Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds ,[EMAIL ...
buffer amplifier [电子] 缓冲放大器 ; 放大器 ; 追加设置缓冲增幅器 ; 缓冲放年夜器 Buffer Pool [计] 缓冲池 ; 缓存池 ; 使用多个 buffer fund [会计] 缓冲基金 ; [金融] 平准基金 ; 缓冲基金平准基金 ; 缓冲基金 buffer register [计] 缓冲寄存器 ; 缓冲存放器 ; 缓冲寄放器 ; 缓冲缓存器 data buffer [计] 数据缓冲器 ; 数据缓冲区 ; 数据缓存 ; 数据缓冲 Screen Buffer 屏幕缓冲 ; 屏幕缓冲器 ; 屏幕缓冲区 ; 荧幕缓以及冲突 spring buffer [机] 弹簧缓冲器 ; 弹簧绶冲器 ; 蓄能型缓冲器 ; 弹簧缓冲胶 buffer battery 缓冲电池 ; 浮充电池 ; 缓冲电池组 ; [电] 缓冲蓄电池 oil buffer 液压缓冲器 ; 油缓冲器 ; 油压避震器 ...
Get an answer for How do you calculate the molarity of NaOH? I am just very confused on which formula I use to calculate.I am given the equation for calculating the concentration of NaOH with (molarity of acid)(volume of acid)(#hydrogen ions)in acid =(molarity of base )(volume of base)(# of hydroxide ions) in base. and find homework help for other Science questions at eNotes
A node in a packet-switching data-transmission network has a processor distributing incoming messages or packets from a receiving buffer to transmitting buffers selected according to routing data established by an updating circuit which algebraically combines incremental delays with respective path delays to obtain total delays assigned to message transmission from the processor over respective transmitting buffers and associated outgoing transmission paths. The increment delays assigned to the respective buffers are calculated by a delay estimator utilizing data from the processor including packet-service times and arrival and departure times of the packets in the various buffers, the path delays assigned to routes extending from the respective transmitting buffers to a terminal node being communicated to the updating circuit via the processor from nodes connected downstream of the transmitting buffers.
A buffer is a mixture of molecules that release or bind H+ in order to maintain a relatively stable pH. Note that the function of a buffer is NOT to keep a solution neutral (at pH 7); its function is to minimize the change in pH when base or acid is added to the solution. Also note that there are many different buffers, and each one will stabilize the pH of a solution only within a specific pH range. One buffer may be effective within a range of pH 2 to pH 6, while another may be effective within a range of pH 10 to pH 12. Beyond its buffering range, a buffer no longer acts to stabilize the pH of the solution ...
The text buffer data can be read and written, and bitwise operations can be applied. A part of text buffer memory above the ... Text buffer[edit]. Each screen character is actually represented by two bytes aligned as a 16-bit word accessible by the CPU in ... The VGA text buffer is located at physical memory address 0xB8000. Since this is usually used by 16-bit x86 processes operating ... Text mode output signal is essentially the same as in graphic modes, but its source is text buffer and character generator, not ...
Buffer solutions[edit]. Buffer solutions are used to correct acidosis or alkalosis. Lactated Ringer's solution also has some ... A solution more specifically used for buffering purpose is intravenous sodium bicarbonate. ...
Stack buffer overflow is a type of the more general programming malfunction known as buffer overflow (or buffer overrun). ... which is usually a fixed-length buffer. Stack buffer overflow bugs are caused when a program writes more data to a buffer ... which is usually a fixed-length buffer. Stack buffer overflow bugs are caused when a program writes more data to a buffer ... Overfilling a buffer allocated on the stack is more likely to influence program execution than overfilling a buffer on the heap ...
Buffer overruns[edit]. Older Linux distributions were relatively sensitive to buffer overrun attacks: if the program did not ... care about the size of the buffer itself, the kernel provided only limited protection, allowing an attacker to execute ...
... borate buffered tris-hydroxymethylaminomethonium)[17][18][19] or the newer SB buffer or BBS buffer (borate buffered saline) in ... pH buffer. Borate ions (commonly supplied as boric acid) are used in biochemical and chemical laboratories to make buffers, e.g ... Swimming pool buffering agent to control pH. *Neutron absorber, used in nuclear reactors and spent fuel pools to control ... It is used to make buffer solutions in biochemistry, as a fire retardant, as an anti-fungal compound, in the manufacture of ...
These benefits are present even if the buffered data are written to the buffer once and read from the buffer once. ... Buffer vs. cache[edit]. The semantics of a "buffer" and a "cache" are not totally different; even so, there are fundamental ... Translation lookaside buffer[edit]. Main article: Translation lookaside buffer. A memory management unit (MMU) that fetches ... Also, a whole buffer of data is usually transferred sequentially (for example to hard disk), so buffering itself sometimes ...
... protection[edit]. Main article: Buffer overflow protection. Buffer overflow protection is used to detect the ... or buffer overrun, is an anomaly where a program, while writing data to a buffer, overruns the buffer's boundary and overwrites ... A buffer overflow occurs when data written to a buffer also corrupts data values in memory addresses adjacent to the ... Buffer overflows must thus be avoided by maintaining a high degree of correctness in code which performs buffer management. It ...
Green-roof water buffering[edit]. Water run-off and flash floods have become a problem especially in areas where there is a ... By buffering rainfall, such as by fitting green roofs, floods can be reduced or avoided: the rain is absorbed into the soil/ ... If well planned and fitted, the mass of the soil or growth medium can provide a good heat buffer for the building - storing the ... Sudden cold spells are also buffered from the building. One predicted problem with large green roofs is that fire may be able ...
Cisco AQM: Dynamic buffer limiting[edit]. Cisco Systems (Engine IV and V) has the capability to classify flows as aggressive ( ... One solution is to use random early detection (RED) on the network equipment's port queue buffer.[11][12] On network equipment ... All flows that experience port queue buffer tail-drop begin a TCP retrain at the same moment - this is called TCP global ... Active queue management (AQM) is the reorder or drop of network packets inside a transmit buffer that is associated with a ...
Episodisk buffer[rediger , rediger kilde]. Arbeidshukommelsens siste komponent ble lagt til av Baddeley i 2000. Den episodiske ... Man antar at deler av informasjonen i den episodiske buffer går videre til å lagres i langtidshukommelsen (Matlin, 2009). Den ... Baddeley, A. D. (2000). The episodic buffer: A new component of working memory? Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 4(11). pp. 417- ... episodiske buffer er en relativt ny komponent, og det er gjennomført begrenset forskning rundt den. Den er dermed fremdeles ...
Buffer. Esters are prone to producing allergic reactions, which may necessitate the use of an amide. The names of each locally ... A number of methods can be used to decrease this pain, including buffering of the solution with bicarbonate and warming.[28] ...
Vegetative practices: buffers; channels; green roofs; wetlands; functional art;[further explanation needed] stormwater wetland ...
"Buffers". A buffer's size cannot be larger than some maximum, which is defined by the largest buffer position representable by ... This is because Emacs tracks buffer positions using that data type. For typical 64-bit machines, this maximum buffer size is 2 ... Buffer sizes are also limited by the amount of memory in the system. "The JED Editor" (PDF). Archived from the original (PDF) ... The search covers all loaded buffers. kwrite-devel, Large Files open slowly due to futile Syntax-Highlighting The Kate Handbook ...
Buffers; Bugs; Bulldogs; Centre Street Boys; Chesapeakes; Crockets; Darts; Deathfetchers; Dogs; Dog-Towners; Flayers; Fly-By- ...
Buffer zone. 2,824.9 ha. Villa Tugendhat is a historical building in the wealthy neighbourhood of Černá Pole in Brno, Czech ...
Buffer zone. 559.7 ha (1,383 acres). Coordinates. 26°12′31″N 127°40′58″E / 26.20861°N 127.68278°E / 26.20861; 127.68278 ...
Regardless of the type of buffer there is general consensus among practitioners that a minimum 35" buffer on either side of a ... Buffer strip effectiveness. Buffer Type Width (M) % Sediment Reduction % Nitrogen Reduction % Phosphorus Reduction Grass 4.6 61 ... Thicker and forested buffer strips provide the best return on value for stream protection and nutrient removal. They have an ... Grass and shrub buffers are still beneficial to the health of the watershed and conserving nutrients and soil on surrounding ...
Buffer zone. 201.58 ha (498.1 acres). Coordinates. 37°26′6″N 21°53′49″E / 37.43500°N 21.89694°E / 37.43500; 21.89694 ...
Buffer zone. 766.7 ha. Miraflores Skyline.. The Historic Centre, made up of the districts of Lima and Rímac, was declared a ...
Buffer zone. 20.063 ha (0.07746 sq mi). Coordinates. 40°20′38″N 1°06′26″W / 40.34389°N 1.10722°W / 40.34389; -1.10722. ...
Buffer zone. 19.16 ha. Coordinates. 42°54′27″N 43°0′39″E / 42.90750°N 43.01083°E / 42.90750; 43.01083. ...
energy buffers. "household waste 8..11 MJ/kg" Lu, Gui-e; Chang, Wen-ping; Jiang, Jin-yong; Du, Shi-guo (May 2011). "Study on ... "energy buffers". Home.hccnet.nl. Retrieved 2010-05-07. Anne Wignall and Terry Wales. Chemistry 12 Workbook, page 138 Archived ...
"Biological Buffers". Sigma-Aldrich. "Movento". Crop Science. "US EPA, Pesticide Produce Label, ULTOR, 05/06/2011" (PDF). EPA. ...
over buffers). October 26 Electric operation of the Waldenburgerbahn in Switzerland begins using 1500 V DC and completely new ...
MOPSO is a zwitterionic organic chemical buffering agent; one of Good's buffers. MOPSO and MOPS (3-morpholinopropanesulfonic ... It has a pKa of 6.9 with ΔpKa/°C of -0.015 and a solubility in water at 0°C of 0.75 M. MOPSO has been used as a buffer ... "Biological Buffers". Sigma-Aldrich. "MOPSO sodium salt" (PDF). Sigma-Aldrich.. ... electrophoresis on rehydratable polyacrylamide gels Buffered charcoal yeast extract agar Fixing cells in urine in a buffered ...
Buffers Alley •HWH Bunclody •Askamore •Ballygarrett •Blackwater •Monageer-Boolavogue •Oylegate Glenbrien •Gusserane O'Rahillys ... Buffers Alley (1965-2013) 40 years: Adamstown (1971-2011) 36 years: Shamrocks (1960-1996) 33 years: Oylegate-Glenbrien (1959- ...
"energy buffers". Home.hccnet.nl. Archived from the original on 2010-11-26. Retrieved 2010-11-30. "Message from the Chair , ...
... is one of Good's buffers with a pH in the physiological range. Its pKa at 20°C is 7.10, making ... "Good's buffers". Protocols Online. 11 Apr 2010. v t e v t e. ...
... multiple buffers; shell modes; directory editor (dired); mail; rmail; ispell; and much, much more. Variants: "jed" is the name ...
4. Dissociation of buffer least influenced by buffer concentration, temperature and ionic composition. ... 1. the buffering capacity in the desired pH range with the ability to maintain constant pH during fixation. ... 1. Good buffering capacity at higher pH required for some tissues and some cytochemical procedures. ... 1. Not suitable as buffer during primary fixation with osmium tetroxide due to considerable extraction of tissue components. ...
list-buffers. ). To display a list of existing buffers, type C-x C-b. . This pops up a buffer menu in a buffer named *Buffer ... Next: Misc Buffer, Previous: Select Buffer, Up: Buffers 19.2 Listing Existing Buffers. C-x C-b. List the existing buffers (. ... Buffer List*. buffer and the commands available there. . .. in the first field of a line indicates that the buffer is ... list-buffers. omits buffers whose names begin with a space, unless they visit files: such buffers are used internally by Emacs ...
buffers that are instantiated in the design.. This option must be assigned to an individual CASCADE. buffer or a design entity ... Ignore CASCADE Buffers logic option. A logic option that ignores CASCADE. ...
... see screenshots and learn more about Buffers. Download Buffers and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. ... Buffers is a scientific tool for designing buffer solutions for pH control. Buffers is useful both as a handy reference of ... To use Buffers, just choose a buffering agent and target pH along with the desired solution volume, temperature and buffer ... Akkyra Systems Web SiteBuffers Support. Whats New in Version 1.5.0 - Updated for iOS 8. - Improved accuracy for some buffers. ...
OpenCL Buffers and Complete ExamplesPerhaad Mistry & Dana Schaa,Northeastern University Computer ArchitectureResearch Lab, with ... 4. Creating OpenCL Buffers,br /,Data used by OpenCL devices is stored in a "buffer" on the device,br /,An OpenCL buffer object ... 3. Topics,br /,Using OpenCL buffers,br /,Declaring buffers,br /,Enqueue reading and writing of buffers,br /,Simple but complete ... Step1: Create Buffers,br /,Create buffers on device,br /,Input data is read-only,br /,Output data is write-only,br /,Transfer ...
... buffers extension is part of the WebGL API and enables a fragment shader to write to several textures, which is useful for ... ext.MAX_DRAW_BUFFERS_WEBGL. A GLint. indicating the maximum number of draw buffers.. Methods. This extension exposes one new ... WEBGL_draw_buffers. The definition of WEBGL_draw_buffers in that specification.. Recommendation. Initial definition.. ... specifying a color buffer.. ext.DRAW_BUFFER0_WEBGL. ext.DRAW_BUFFER1_WEBGL. ext.DRAW_BUFFER2_WEBGL. ext.DRAW_BUFFER3_WEBGL. ext ...
... node-local burst buffer and remote shared burst buffer. In the node-local burst buffer architecture, burst buffer storage is ... Representative burst buffer architectures[edit]. There are two representative burst buffer architectures in the high- ... In addition, buffering data in burst buffer also gives applications plenty of opportunities to reshape the data traffic to the ... Supercomputers deployed with burst buffer[edit]. Due to its importance, burst buffer has been widely deployed on the leadership ...
Buffer overflow protection[edit]. Main article: Buffer overflow protection. Buffer overflow protection is used to detect the ... or buffer overrun, is an anomaly where a program, while writing data to a buffer, overruns the buffers boundary and overwrites ... A buffer overflow occurs when data written to a buffer also corrupts data values in memory addresses adjacent to the ... Buffer overflows must thus be avoided by maintaining a high degree of correctness in code which performs buffer management. It ...
... Praveen Kumar N Fri, 08 Sep 2006 07:31:24 -0700 ... postgresql shared buffers. Praveen Kumar N wrote: Following is the output of query i have executed. Looks like Alvaro guessed ...
The tutorials dont assume that you know anything about protocol buffers, but do assume that you are comfortable writing code ... Each tutorial in this section shows you how to implement a simple application using protocol buffers in your favourite language ... introducing you to the languages protocol buffer API as well as showing you the basics of creating and using .proto files. The ...
Protocol buffer parsers must be able to parse repeated fields that were compiled as packed. as if they were not packed, and ... As you know, a protocol buffer message is a series of key-value pairs. The binary version of a message just uses the fields ... You dont need to understand this to use protocol buffers in your applications, but it can be very useful to know how different ... As you saw in the previous section, all the protocol buffer types associated with wire type 0 are encoded as varints. However, ...
... buffers buffers ON (pools.pool_id = buffers.pool_id) WHERE buffers.is_free = 0 ... Returns information about memory buffers belonging to a specific memory pool that are used as part of a full-text crawl or a ... SELECT SUM(pools.buffer_size) FROM sys.dm_fts_memory_pools pools JOIN sys.dm_fts_memory_ ... The following example returns the average percentage of memory that is being used for all active full-text memory buffers. ...
struct iio_buffer * iio_buffer_get. (struct iio_buffer * buffer)¶. Grab a reference to the buffer ... struct iio_buffer * buffer. The buffer to release the reference for, may be NULL. void iio_device_attach_buffer. (struct iio_ ... The device the buffer should be attached to. struct iio_buffer * buffer. The buffer to attach to the device. Description ... iio_buffer_set_attrs. (struct iio_buffer * buffer, const struct attribute ** attrs)¶. Set buffer specific attributes ...
Our clock buffer family consists of TCXO fanout buffers, crystal or reference input fanout buffers, zero-delay buffers and PCIe ... We offer one of the most extensive arrays of clock buffers in the industry. Ranging from 2 to 22 outputs, they support ...
You write to the depth buffer using gl_FragDepth. So do that.. You attach the depth buffer to the GL_DEPTH_ATTACHMENT, set the ... So the question is - how can i put my float point depth values to depth buffer (GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT render buffer). Am I right ... combining Z-buffers. Hi, All. The thing i want to do is a combination of conventional rendering (say render something into ... Though really, itd probably be quicker to just upload your values directly to the depth buffer with glTexSubImage2D. Though it ...
... buffer-base-buffer. &optional buffer. This function returns the base buffer of buffer. , which defaults to the current buffer. ... whose base buffer is base-buffer. . The argument base-buffer. may be a live buffer or the name (a string) of an existing buffer ... the indirect buffers state is set to the default state for new buffers. If base-buffer. is an indirect buffer, its base buffer ... Buffers 27.11 Indirect Buffers. An indirect buffer. shares the text of some other buffer, which is called the base buffer. of ...
Buffers definition, an apparatus at the end of a railroad car, railroad track, etc., for absorbing shock during coupling, ... buffers. in Science. buffer. [bŭf′ər]. *Chemistry A substance that prevents change in the acidity of a solution when an acid or ... buffers. in Culture. buffer. In chemistry, the components of a solution that can neutralize either an acid or a base and thus ... Buffers are used to make solutions of known pH, especially for instrument calibration purposes. Natural buffers also exist in ...
Tier 1 argument buffers must be immutable; the GPU cannot modify the contents of an argument buffer. Tier 1 argument buffers ... Regular buffers may contain unions, but argument buffers may not.. The following example shows an argument buffer structure ... Buffers. property set to YES. . Query the max. Argument. Buffer. Sampler. Count. to determine the exact maximum number of ... Encoding Argument Buffers on the GPU. Use a compute pass to encode an argument buffer and access its arguments in a subsequent ...
Buffer. A command buffer containing reusable commands, encoded either on the CPU or GPU. ... Buffer. Execution. Range. A range of commands in an indirect command buffer. ... Creating an Indirect Command Buffer. Configure a descriptor to specify the properties of an indirect command buffer. ... Indirect Command Buffers. Recoup encoding time by reusing commands, or create a GPU-driven rendering pipeline by generating ...
Configurable SLRU buffers for MultiXact members and offsets.. From tests it is clear that high and low values for these buffers ... define NUM_MXACTOFFSET_BUFFERS 32. +#define NUM_MXACTMEMBER_BUFFERS 64. And, looking back to incidents in summer and fall 2020 ... Re: MultiXact\SLRU buffers configuration. From:. Andrey Borodin ,x4mmm(at)yandex-team(dot)ru,. ... For consistency Ive returned patch with SLRU buffer configs to patchset (other patches are intact). But Im mostly concerned ...
For example, a 10Gb/s router linecard needs approximately 250ms × 10Gb/s = 2.5Gbits of buffers; and the amount of buffering ... All Internet routers contain buffers to hold packets during times of congestion. Today, the size of the buffers is determined ... A widely used rule-of-thumb states that each link needs a buffer of size B = RT T × C, where RT T is the average round-trip ... Such large buffers are challenging for router manufacturers, who must use large, slow, off-chip DRAMs. And queueing delays can ...
Is is possible to turn off I/O buffering in a PicoLisp program? e.g In Perl one can do something like this.... #!/usr/bin/perl ... I/O buffering. Lindsay John Lawrence Tue, 17 Jan 2017 17:35:18 -0800 ... 1; # Turn off I/O buffering while (,STDIN,) { s/-/_/g; # Replace dashes with underscores print $_; } Id like to do something ...
... To retrieve buffered data from the keyboard, you must first set the buffer size (see Device Properties ... See Buffered and Immediate Data.). Each element in the DIDEVICEOBJECTDATA array represents a change in state for a single key- ... This array can have up to the same number of elements as the buffer size. You do not have to retrieve the entire contents of ... the buffer with a single call. You can have just one element in the array and retrieve events one at a time until the buffer is ...
You may adjust the Cost of Living Multiplier and Experience Factor to model what a new Buffer base pay might look like. (Some ... The Buffer Benchmark is calculated using the Market Rate, Role Multiplier, and Cost of Living Multiplier. ... The frameworks or matrices of each Buffer team are captured in the Framework/Matrix tabs. ... This sandbox was designed for you to model what salaries might look like in Buffer. ...
... get-buffer crs-hated-buffers) (mapcar (lambda (this-buffer) (if (string-match ^ (buffer-name this-buffer)) this-buffer)) ( ... switch-to-buffer (if (, n 0) (nth (+ (length my-buffer-list) n) my-buffer-list) (bury-buffer) (nth n my-buffer-list))))) ( ... Buffer) crs-hated-buffers)) (defun crs-hated-buffers () List of buffers I never want to see, converted from names to buffers ... Re: buffers, Alan Mackenzie, 2003/01/25. *Re: buffers, Kester Clegg ,= *Re: buffers, John Paul Wallington, 2003/01/27. *Re: ...
The buffer size question discussed in 2012 on the nanog list and is reproduced. Buffer requirements for long RTT networks is ... Buffer queue depth monitoring cannot be done directly with SNMP MIB-II polling of the current occupancy of the buffer. Even if ... Max buffer queue depth requires that all packet memory can be put into a single queue. QoS schemes divide buffer resources ... Packet pacing can improve buffer effectiveness by making TCP less bursty. Packet buffers and switch performance have shown ...
Protocol Buffers Reference*Protocol Buffers Version 2 Language Specification. *Protocol Buffers Version 3 Language ... A protocol buffer option, which can be attached to a message, field, enumeration, etc. ...
Get the best deals on High Speed Buffers when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items , ... Mongoose MP 1600 High Speed Electric Floor Buffer. We plugged in the buffer and powered it on. The buffer ran smooth and ... WEN Buffer Polisher Car Small Waxer High Speed Auto Orbital Handheld Palm 6". No problem. What else could you ask for?. Why put ... Car Small Buffer Polisher Waxer High Speed Auto Orbital Hand Held Palm 6" 110V .. Why put your trust in those other waxers?. ...
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Swoole\Buffer::expand - Расширяет размер буфера памяти. *Swoole\Buffer::read - Читает данные из буфера памяти на основе ... Swoole\Buffer::__toString - Получает строковое значение буфера памяти. *Swoole\Buffer::write - Записывает данные в буфер памяти ... Swoole\Buffer::substr - Считывает данные из буфера памяти на основе смещения и длины. Или удаляет данные из буфера памяти ... Swoole\Buffer::append - Добавляет строку или двоичные данные в конец буфера памяти и возвращает новый размер выделенной памяти ...
  • Our clock buffer family consists of TCXO fanout buffers, crystal or reference input fanout buffers, zero-delay buffers and PCIe ® buffers. (microchip.com)
  • this is the list of buffers we never want to see (defvar crs-hated-buffers '('KILL' '*Compile-Log*' '*scratch*')) (setq iswitchb-buffer-ignore (append '('^ ' '*Buffer') crs-hated-buffers)) (defun crs-hated-buffers () 'List of buffers I never want to see, converted from names to buffers. (gnu.org)
  • return the selected sub-list of buffers. (mail-archive.com)
  • Well-behaved cation interactions: If the buffers form complexes with cationic ligands, the complexes formed should remain soluble. (wikipedia.org)
  • Our clock buffers provide ultra-low additive jitter and low skew clock distribution. (silabs.com)
  • In the node-local burst buffer architecture, burst buffer storage is located on the individual compute node, so the aggregate burst buffer bandwidth grows linearly with the compute node count. (wikipedia.org)
  • and the amount of buffering grows linearly with the line-rate. (psu.edu)
  • Membrane impermeability: Ideally, a buffer will not readily pass through cell membranes, this will also reduce the accumulation of buffer compound within cells. (wikipedia.org)
  • Therefore, Good buffers will not pass through cell membranes. (ehow.co.uk)
  • We evaluate a memory system design that can be both cost-effective as well as provide better performance, particularly for scientific workloads: a single level of (on-chip) cache backed up only by Jouppi's stream buffers [10] and a main memory. (psu.edu)
  • We present two techniques to enhance the effectiveness of Jouppi's original stream buffers: filtering schemes to reduce their memory bandwidth requirement and a scheme that enables stream buffers to prefetch data being accessed in large strides. (psu.edu)
  • Our results show that, for the majority of our benchmarks, stream buffers can attain hit rates that are comparable to typical hit rates of secondary caches. (psu.edu)
  • Regulations targeting the creation of adequate capital buffers are designed to reduce the procyclical nature of lending by promoting the creation of countercyclical buffers as set forth in the Basel III regulatory reforms created by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision . (investopedia.com)
  • Capital buffers identified in Basel III reforms include countercyclical capital buffers , which are determined by Basel Committee member jurisdictions and vary according to a percentage of risk-weighted assets , and capital conservation buffers , which are built up outside periods of financial stress . (investopedia.com)
  • The countercyclical capital buffer (CCyB) framework states that foreign institutions should match the CCyB rate of domestic institutions when lending occurs across international borders. (investopedia.com)
  • Only seven of the 19 euro area countries have activated a countercyclical buffer and only a "very limited" amount of capital has been built so far, a potential risk to the economy. (reuters.com)
  • What are the quantitative macroeconomic effects of the countercyclical capital buffer (CCyB)? (repec.org)
  • A Quantitative Analysis of Countercyclical Capital Buffers ," Working Papers 2019-008, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, revised 01 Jan 2020. (repec.org)
  • Buffers is useful both as a handy reference of available buffering agents and as an accurate, portable buffer calculator for chemical, biochemical and biological research. (apple.com)
  • Good's buffers (also Good buffers) are twenty buffering agents for biochemical and biological research selected and described by Norman Good and colleagues during 1966-1980. (wikipedia.org)
  • Good sought to identify buffering compounds which met several criteria likely to be of value in biological research. (wikipedia.org)
  • In general, Norman Good and his co-workers attracted attention of the scientific community to the possibility and benefits of using zwitterionic buffers in biological research. (wikipedia.org)
  • Because Good buffers are widely used in biological research, and since neutral or near-neutral conditions are required for most biological reactions to take place, the pKa of the weak acid used in a Good buffer is in the range corresponding to a pH range of 6 to 8. (ehow.co.uk)
  • Amount, in bytes, of memory in use in this buffer. (microsoft.com)
  • These buffers can be simply expressed as a tuple consisting of a pointer and a size in bytes. (boost.org)
  • In addition to specifying buffers as a pointer and size in bytes, Boost.Asio makes a distinction between modifiable memory (called mutable) and non-modifiable memory (where the latter is created from the storage for a const-qualified variable). (boost.org)
  • As far as I know, fill buffers remain at 10 per core, still 64 bytes each, and are divided between hyperthreads on demand, rather than split evenly. (intel.com)
  • Buffered input streams read more data than they initially need into a buffer (an internal array of bytes). (oreilly.com)
  • In situations where it's almost as fast to read or write several hundred bytes from the underlying stream as it is to read or write a single byte, a buffered stream can provide a significant performance gain. (oreilly.com)
  • argument is the number of bytes in the buffer. (oreilly.com)
  • Writes the specified bytes, using big endian, to a Buffer object. (w3schools.com)
  • My average constant buffer size is around 400 bytes, which is perhaps rather large. (opengl.org)
  • Before Good's work, few hydrogen ion buffers between pH 6 and 8 had been accessible to biologists, and very inappropriate, toxic, reactive and inefficient buffers had often been used. (wikipedia.org)
  • LISBON, May 30 (Reuters) - Higher capital buffers against risk demanded by the European Banking Authority are counterproductive and should be recalculated to allow banks to reduce exposure to expensive state loans, the head of Portugal's Banco BPI said on Thursday. (reuters.com)
  • FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Euro zone regulators should consider forcing banks to build bigger capital buffers as protection against an even bigger downturn that could lead to a credit crunch, European Central Bank Vice President Luis de Guindos said on Wednesday. (reuters.com)
  • With a wide portfolio of buffer products, we offer differential and LVCMOS buffers, as well as universal clock buffers. (silabs.com)
  • Stability: The buffers should be chemically stable, resisting enzymatic and non-enzymatic degradation. (wikipedia.org)
  • The key concepts here are stability and buffers. (washingtonsblog.com)
  • A Good buffer is chemically stable enough to resist degradation that enzymes could cause. (ehow.co.uk)
  • In computer security and programming , a buffer overflow , or buffer overrun , is an anomaly where a program , while writing data to a buffer , overruns the buffer's boundary and overwrites adjacent memory locations. (wikipedia.org)
  • the indirect buffer's state is set to the default state for new buffers. (gnu.org)
  • This function creates and returns a new indirect buffer that shares the current buffer's base buffer and copies the rest of the current buffer's attributes. (gnu.org)
  • Since Merom or Woodcrest (the first SSSE3 CPU), the approximate function of NetBurst Write Combining buffers is performed by fill buffers, so those would be more appropriate as a search term. (intel.com)
  • Biochemical inertness: The buffers should not influence or participate in any biochemical reactions. (wikipedia.org)
  • The characteristics of these buffers make them very helpful in biological and biochemical research. (ehow.co.uk)
  • Alo, B.T.. "Characteristics of Good Buffers" last modified May 13, 2017. (ehow.co.uk)
  • ClockBuilder Pro is a user-friendly software tool that simplifies clock tree design, providing system designers with the ability to customize Silicon Labs' Clock Generators, Jitter Attenuators, Buffers, and Oscillator products. (silabs.com)
  • Address of the allocated memory buffer. (microsoft.com)
  • Name of the shared memory buffer for which this allocation was made. (microsoft.com)
  • Current state of memory buffer. (microsoft.com)
  • This white paper should be useful for improving copy performance of software that must read video frames decoded by a hardware decode accelerator from USWC graphics memory into a system memory buffer for further processing. (intel.com)
  • Use MOVDQA to store the registers' data to a 4Kbyte system (write back) memory buffer that will be re-used over and over - so that the buffer stays in first level CPU cache, rarely being flushed to memory. (intel.com)
  • Write those registers to 64 byte aligned destinations in the system memory buffer using MOVNTDQ - again giving the processor a hint to minimize bus bandwidth and cache pollution. (intel.com)
  • The most noteworthy aspect of this algorithm is the use of two separate loops for loading data from USWC memory and storing it to a system memory buffer, with an intermediate 4KB buffer in cached memory. (intel.com)
  • Intel ® 6402 Advanced Memory Buffer. (wikimedia.org)
  • The techniques to exploit a buffer overflow vulnerability vary by architecture , by operating system and by memory region. (wikipedia.org)
  • The buffer overflow vulnerability affects both the VirusScan and GroupShield McAfee product lines, although McAfee maintains that if users have downloaded the company's latest security signatures the hole will now be plugged. (computerweekly.com)
  • Ideally, at least some of the buffering compounds will not form complexes. (wikipedia.org)
  • Many buffers react with cation ligands to form complexes which can accumulate in different regions of the set-up and effect the research. (ehow.co.uk)
  • Low solubility in nonpolar solvents (fats, oils, and organic solvents) was also considered beneficial, as this would tend to prevent the buffer compound from accumulating in nonpolar compartments in biological systems: cell membranes and other cell compartments. (wikipedia.org)
  • Good buffers have a high solubility in water, since most biological systems naturally use water as their solvent. (ehow.co.uk)
  • Also, the solubility level of Good buffers in organic solvents such as fats and oils is low. (ehow.co.uk)
  • if one assumes all inputs will be smaller than a certain size and the buffer is created to be that size, then an anomalous transaction that produces more data could cause it to write past the end of the buffer. (wikipedia.org)
  • By sending in data designed to cause a buffer overflow, it is possible to write into areas known to hold executable code , and replace it with malicious code. (wikipedia.org)
  • color] [img]http://img165.exs.cx/img165/5738/ctrlbstore3ny.jpg[/img] *then setup the buffer_write to write out the buffers to separate img files. (cgsociety.org)
  • A gather-write transmits multiple buffers. (boost.org)
  • Finally, multiple buffers can be passed to scatter-gather operations (such as read() or write() ) by putting the buffer objects into a container. (boost.org)
  • Hi, I would like to know the number of Write Combining buffers used by the most recent Core i5, i7 and Xeon CPUs from Intel. (intel.com)
  • There is protection against buffer overruns. (boost.org)
  • In the following example expressed in C , a program has two variables which are adjacent in memory: an 8-byte-long string buffer, A, and a two-byte big-endian integer, B. (wikipedia.org)
  • A user space application will interpret data samples read from the buffer as two byte little endian signed data, that needs a 4 bits right shift before masking out the 12 valid bits of data. (kernel.org)
  • This buffer should also be 64 byte (cache line) aligned. (intel.com)
  • If a size isn't specified, a 2048-byte buffer is used. (oreilly.com)
  • The offset​ specifies a byte offset from the beginning of the buffer. (khronos.org)
  • 1. Most physiological of common buffers. (ou.edu)
  • 2. Poor buffer at physiological pH. (ou.edu)
  • Standard physiological buffer that is suitable for various calcium imaging experiments. (fishersci.com)
  • Due to its importance, burst buffer has been widely deployed on the leadership-scale supercomputers. (wikipedia.org)
  • A widely used rule-of-thumb states that each link needs a buffer of size B = RT T × C, where RT T is the average round-trip time of a flow passing across the link, and C is the data rate of the link. (psu.edu)
  • Protocol Buffers are widely used at Google for storing and interchanging all kinds of structured information. (wikipedia.org)
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the whole frame buffer has been copied. (intel.com)
  • What Is a Capital Buffer? (investopedia.com)
  • A capital buffer is mandatory capital that financial institutions are required to hold in addition to other minimum capital requirements . (investopedia.com)
  • if conditions allow capital buffer decreases, they happen at once. (investopedia.com)
  • Having amassed capital over the last decade, the currency bloc's biggest banks are now well positioned to weather a downturn but most still lack an extra capital buffer that could be freed up during periods of stress. (reuters.com)
  • Here, a mutable_buffer would be convertible to a const_buffer, but conversion in the opposite direction is not valid. (boost.org)
  • The definition of 'WEBGL_draw_buffers' in that specification. (mozilla.org)
  • At the Spring 2013 standards meeting, the Concurrency Study Group requested a change away from a full mutex definition to a definition that also enabled buffering. (open-std.org)
  • omits buffers whose names begin with a space, unless they visit files: such buffers are used internally by Emacs. (gnu.org)
  • Are their 'hidden buffers' in emacs? (gnu.org)
  • Good's original 1966 paper had two older buffers (marked with italics) for comparison. (wikipedia.org)
  • In 1966, Dr. Norman Good described a set of 12 buffers called Good buffers. (ehow.co.uk)
  • I have a raytracing kernel which outputs PBO which I can draw later as a texure, i also can generate depth for any point in my ray-traced image, so i can get depth buffer with floatind point depth values. (opengl.org)
  • iff but they are black images… Ok, now, again assign the buffer_store to all and finally i see my outputs! (cgsociety.org)
  • Use a blit command encoder to copy buffer or texture data to a private resource. (apple.com)
  • The skin of the buffer has a slimy texture that it sheds every other blue moon, but the reason it is classified as a mammal-amphibian is because it has the very hairy and dirty beard and scientists decided to classify as the first of the fusion class of the two species. (urbandictionary.com)
  • A Buffer Texture is a one-dimensional Texture whose storage comes from a Buffer Object . (khronos.org)
  • For buffer textures, the texture is bound to the GL_TEXTURE_BUFFER target. (khronos.org)
  • calling any of the gl*Image functions on the GL_TEXTURE_BUFFER will result in an error . (khronos.org)
  • Instead of creating storage for a buffer texture, the user associates a buffer texture with an already existing buffer object. (khronos.org)
  • 0 can be used to detach a buffer from a buffer texture. (khronos.org)
  • The buffer object target GL_TEXTURE_BUFFER can be used as a bind point for creating and modifying such buffer objects, but as stated in the Buffer Object article, this is not required (though it is encouraged). (khronos.org)
  • Note that, while this attaches the entire buffer object's storage to the texture, the texture can only access up to GL_MAX_TEXTURE_BUFFER_SIZE texels. (khronos.org)
  • Note that the three-component formats can only be used in GL 4.0 or with ARB_texture_buffer_object_rgb32 . (khronos.org)
  • To use Buffers, just choose a buffering agent and target pH along with the desired solution volume, temperature and buffer concentration. (apple.com)
  • As the upcoming supercomputers are going to be deployed with multiple heterogeneous burst buffer layers, such as NVRAM on the compute nodes, and SSDs on the dedicated I/O nodes, there is a growing interest in designing and implementing a unified software solution that transparently moves data across multiple storage layers. (wikipedia.org)
  • Consider a buffered solution. (yahoo.com)
  • When the pH of the buffer system is equal to the pKa of the buffer, what is the ratio of acid to conjugate base in the solution? (yahoo.com)
  • Also called buffer solution. (dictionary.com)
  • To treat a solution with a buffer. (dictionary.com)
  • Buffer solution Good, Norman E. (wikipedia.org)
  • Whether or not you need to degas your buffer solution will depend on its application. (ehow.co.uk)
  • If the presence of excess oxygen in the buffer will affect the chemical reaction you are looking for, or if the formation of air bubbles in the solution will affect readings or flow, you will have to degas your buffer. (ehow.co.uk)
  • Degassing by vacuum is the most common way to remove air from a buffer solution. (ehow.co.uk)
  • A buffer is a water-based solution containing a mixture of either an acid and its conjugate base, or a base and its conjugate acid. (ehow.co.uk)
  • It is used to represent the strength of the weak acid in the buffer solution. (ehow.co.uk)
  • The goal of Protocol buffers are the flexible, efficient, automated solution to solve exactly this problem. (infoq.com)
  • Using conventional copying methods can yield very poor performance when the source data is in "uncacheable" memory, as when video decode is being done with hardware acceleration, but an application needs to quickly obtain copies of decoded frame buffers for additional processing. (intel.com)
  • Sample code is included for a fast copy function based on those methods, as well as sample code illustrating how that copy might be called in an application using the Microsoft DXVA2 (DirectX Video Acceleration 2) libraries for hardware accelerated video decode to copy video frames from USWC to WB memory buffers. (intel.com)
  • methods are invoked, the data is removed from the buffer rather than the underlying stream. (oreilly.com)
  • Allocated trace buffers can store 1024 simple trace events. (qnx.com)
  • But when I now compare the result of rendering about 1024 spheres into my G-Buffer the overall GPU time has gone up a bit. (opengl.org)
  • The general timings of drawing around 1024 spheres with normal sized shaders and uniform buffer size is still around 15-16 msec. (opengl.org)
  • Systemic buffers inhibit carcinogenesis in TRAMP mice. (nih.gov)
  • If timestamps are enabled for the device the function will store the supplied timestamp as the last element in the sample data buffer before pushing it to the device buffers. (kernel.org)
  • Hence, several well-known commercialized software products have been developed to manage this type of burst buffer, such as DataWarp and Infinite Memory Engine. (wikipedia.org)
  • Programming languages commonly associated with buffer overflows include C and C++ , which provide no built-in protection against accessing or overwriting data in any part of memory and do not automatically check that data written to an array (the built-in buffer type) is within the boundaries of that array. (wikipedia.org)
  • As you saw in the previous section, all the protocol buffer types associated with wire type 0 are encoded as varints. (google.com)
  • The approach used in Boost.Asio is to define a type (actually two types) to represent a single buffer. (boost.org)
  • [2] [3] the data are then asynchronously flushed from burst buffer to the storage systems at the same time with the next round of computation. (wikipedia.org)
  • Bounds checking can prevent buffer overflows, but requires additional code and processing time. (wikipedia.org)
  • Finally, argument buffers allow resources to be indexed dynamically at function execution time by greatly increasing the limit on the number of resources that can be placed inside them. (apple.com)
  • From tests it is clear that high and low values for these buffers affect the test time. (postgresql.org)
  • You can have just one element in the array and retrieve events one at a time until the buffer is empty. (microsoft.com)
  • Even if a buffer depth SNMP poll object existed it would not possible to interrogate it on a time scale short enough to catch microbursts. (ucsc.edu)
  • Most of the buffers were new zwitterionic compounds prepared and tested by Good and coworkers for the first time, though some (MES, ADA, BES, Bicine) were known compounds previously overlooked by biologists. (wikipedia.org)
  • Once the buffer is full, read from it using MOVDQA loads - again loading one full cache line at a time - to SIMD registers. (intel.com)
  • Importantly, the protocol buffer format supports the idea of extending the format over time in such a way that the code can still read data encoded with the old format. (infoq.com)
  • I tried not updating the uniform buffers anymore and then my overall time with uniform buffers goes down to 15-16 msec, which is still not as fast as not using uniform buffers. (opengl.org)
  • is JUST ONE buffer for all my navigation. (gnu.org)
  • 4. Dissociation of buffer least influenced by buffer concentration, temperature and ionic composition. (ou.edu)
  • Influences on dissociation: There should be a minimum influence of buffer concentration, temperature, and ionic composition of the medium on the dissociation of the buffer. (wikipedia.org)
  • The pKa is the logarithmic form of the acid dissociation constant of the weak acid in the buffer. (ehow.co.uk)
  • I found this article a few minutes ago https://recoverit.wondershare.com/video-repair/fix-video-buffering-problem.html , and one of the things it recommended was completing an internet speed test. (linux.org)
  • In order to allocate or free the trace buffers, your application must have the PROCMGR_AID_TRACE ability enabled. (qnx.com)
  • Currently when we assign a literal string to another string, we allocate and copy a new buffer. (mozilla.org)
  • For greater flexibility, NEB provides a selection of buffers for optimal enzyme activity, as well as for use with its protein expression and purification, cloning and RNA products. (neb.com)
  • With a wide portfolio of buffer products, fixed-function differential and CMOS, universal clock buffers, as well as automotive grade buffers, our universal clock buffers support any in/out signal format and integrate both clock muxing and division to further simplify clock tree design. (silabs.com)
  • You don't need to understand this to use protocol buffers in your applications, but it can be very useful to know how different protocol buffer formats affect the size of your encoded messages. (google.com)
  • 3M™ Buffers PNs 28333 and 28769 are designed for use in automotive manufacturing (AOEM) paint shop applications for buffing or polishing medium-size defects on clear coat, powder coat, acrylic, solid surface, and polyurethane. (3m.com)
  • Today, the size of the buffers is determined by the dynamics of TCP's congestion control algorithm. (psu.edu)
  • To retrieve buffered data from the keyboard, you must first set the buffer size (see Device Properties ). (microsoft.com)
  • This step is essential because the default size of the buffer is 0. (microsoft.com)
  • This array can have up to the same number of elements as the buffer size. (microsoft.com)
  • The buffer size question discussed in 2012 on the nanog list and is reproduced. (ucsc.edu)
  • The best size for the buffer depends on the platform and is generally related to the block size of the disk (at least for file streams). (oreilly.com)
  • You attach the depth buffer to the GL_DEPTH_ATTACHMENT , set the draw buffer to GL_NONE (because you're not writing any colors), and then render as normal. (opengl.org)
  • A render command in an indirect command buffer. (apple.com)
  • I guessed that you plug a material into the 'render buffer' slot just so you can see it in the render view window, but it doesn't get saved out? (cgsociety.org)
  • Protocol Buffers are similar to the Apache Thrift (used by Facebook), Ion (created by Amazon), or Microsoft Bond protocols, offering as well a concrete RPC protocol stack to use for defined services called gRPC. (wikipedia.org)
  • Biggest differences of Thrift vs Protocol Buffers? (stackoverflow.com)
  • Our project's main reason to stick with Thrift over protocol buffers was that protocol buffers don't auto-generate a complete RPC server, and existing solutions for PB seemed to all be fairly unstable. (stackoverflow.com)
  • To reduce the likelihood of banks running into trouble during economic downturns, regulators began requiring banks to build up capital buffers outside periods of stress. (investopedia.com)
  • The protocol buffer data contains only the numbers, not the field names, providing some bandwidth/storage savings compared with systems that include the field names in the data. (wikipedia.org)
  • From that, the protocol buffer compiler creates a class that implements automatic encoding and parsing of the protocol buffer data with an efficient binary format. (infoq.com)
  • Configure a descriptor to specify the properties of an indirect command buffer. (apple.com)
  • A command buffer containing reusable commands, encoded either on the CPU or GPU. (apple.com)
  • A compute command in an indirect command buffer. (apple.com)
  • A range of commands in an indirect command buffer. (apple.com)
  • To free the buffers, use the _NTO_TRACE_DEALLOCBUFFER command. (qnx.com)
  • Hi ML, I'm wondering for quite a while what the fields 'buffers' and 'cache' of the command free mean. (debian.org)