A weapon designed to explode when deployed. It frequently refers to a hollow case filled with EXPLOSIVE AGENTS.
Warfare involving the use of NUCLEAR WEAPONS.
A weapon that derives its destructive force from nuclear fission and/or fusion.
The material that descends to the earth or water well beyond the site of a surface or subsurface nuclear explosion. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Chemical and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
Injuries resulting when a person is struck by particles impelled with violent force from an explosion. Blast causes pulmonary concussion and hemorrhage, laceration of other thoracic and abdominal viscera, ruptured ear drums, and minor effects in the central nervous system. (From Dorland, 27th ed)
Tumors, cancer or other neoplasms produced by exposure to ionizing or non-ionizing radiation.
Continuance of life or existence especially under adverse conditions; includes methods and philosophy of survival.
Leukemia produced by exposure to IONIZING RADIATION or NON-IONIZING RADIATION.
The spontaneous transformation of a nuclide into one or more different nuclides, accompanied by either the emission of particles from the nucleus, nuclear capture or ejection of orbital electrons, or fission. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)
The use or threatened use of force or violence against persons or property in violation of criminal laws for purposes of intimidation, coercion, or ransom, in support of political or social objectives.
Global conflict involving countries of Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America that occurred between 1939 and 1945.
The amount of radiation energy that is deposited in a unit mass of material, such as tissues of plants or animal. In RADIOTHERAPY, radiation dosage is expressed in gray units (Gy). In RADIOLOGIC HEALTH, the dosage is expressed by the product of absorbed dose (Gy) and quality factor (a function of linear energy transfer), and is called radiation dose equivalent in sievert units (Sv).
Congenital changes in the morphology of organs produced by exposure to ionizing or non-ionizing radiation.
Harmful effects of non-experimental exposure to ionizing or non-ionizing radiation in VERTEBRATES.
Substances that are energetically unstable and can produce a sudden expansion of the material, called an explosion, which is accompanied by heat, pressure and noise. Other things which have been described as explosive that are not included here are explosive action of laser heating, human performance, sudden epidemiological outbreaks, or fast cell growth.
A subdiscipline of genetics that studies RADIATION EFFECTS on the components and processes of biological inheritance.
Persons who have experienced a prolonged survival after serious disease or who continue to live with a usually life-threatening condition as well as family members, significant others, or individuals surviving traumatic life events.
Radioactive substances which act as pollutants. They include chemicals whose radiation is released via radioactive waste, nuclear accidents, fallout from nuclear explosions, and the like.
The relationship between the dose of administered radiation and the response of the organism or tissue to the radiation.
Electrically neutral elementary particles found in all atomic nuclei except light hydrogen; the mass is equal to that of the proton and electron combined and they are unstable when isolated from the nucleus, undergoing beta decay. Slow, thermal, epithermal, and fast neutrons refer to the energy levels with which the neutrons are ejected from heavier nuclei during their decay.
A family of conserved cell surface receptors that contain EPIDERMAL GROWTH FACTOR repeats in their extracellular domain and ANKYRIN repeats in their cytoplasmic domains. The cytoplasmic domain of notch receptors is released upon ligand binding and translocates to the CELL NUCLEUS where it acts as transcription factor.
Europium. An element of the rare earth family of metals. It has the atomic symbol Eu, atomic number 63, and atomic weight 152. Europium is used in the form of its salts as coatings for cathode ray tubes and in the form of its organic derivatives as shift reagents in NMR spectroscopy.
A diverse class of enzymes that interact with UBIQUITIN-CONJUGATING ENZYMES and ubiquitination-specific protein substrates. Each member of this enzyme group has its own distinct specificity for a substrate and ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme. Ubiquitin-protein ligases exist as both monomeric proteins multiprotein complexes.
Events that overwhelm the resources of local HOSPITALS and health care providers. They are likely to impose a sustained demand for HEALTH SERVICES rather than the short, intense peak customary with smaller scale disasters.
Uncontrolled release of radioactive material from its containment. This either threatens to, or does, cause exposure to a radioactive hazard. Such an incident may occur accidentally or deliberately.
The measurement of radiation by photography, as in x-ray film and film badge, by Geiger-Mueller tube, and by SCINTILLATION COUNTING.
Proteins obtained from the ZEBRAFISH. Many of the proteins in this species have been the subject of studies involving basic embryological development (EMBRYOLOGY).
April 25th -26th, 1986 nuclear power accident that occurred at Chernobyl in the former USSR (Ukraine) located 80 miles north of Kiev.
An exotic species of the family CYPRINIDAE, originally from Asia, that has been introduced in North America. They are used in embryological studies and to study the effects of certain chemicals on development.
Time period from 1901 through 2000 of the common era.
A group of islands in Polynesia, in the north central Pacific Ocean, comprising eight major and 114 minor islands, largely volcanic and coral. Its capital is Honolulu. It was first reached by Polynesians about 500 A.D. It was discovered and named the Sandwich Islands in 1778 by Captain Cook. The islands were united under the rule of King Kamehameha 1795-1819 and requested annexation to the United States in 1893 when a provisional government was set up. Hawaii was established as a territory in 1900 and admitted as a state in 1959. The name is from the Polynesian Owhyhii, place of the gods, with reference to the two volcanoes Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, regarded as the abode of the gods. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p493 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p2330)
A plant genus of the family POACEAE. The seed is one of the millets used in EDIBLE GRAIN. It contains vitexin. The common name of buffelgrass is also used for CENCHRUS.
A genus of pearl oysters in the family Pteriidae, class BIVALVIA. Both cultured and natural pearls are obtained from species in the genus. They are distinct from the distantly related, edible true oysters of the family OSTREIDAE.
An activity in which the organism plunges into water. It includes scuba and bell diving. Diving as natural behavior of animals goes here, as well as diving in decompression experiments with humans or animals.

Key factors for civilian injuries and deaths from exploding landmines and ordnance. (1/30)

OBJECTIVE: To identify risk factors for death or injury from landmines and ordnance in Kabul City, Afghanistan, so programs can target preventive actions. METHODS: Active surveillance in hospitals and communities for injuries and deaths from landmine and ordnance explosions in Kabul City. RESULTS: Of the 571 people the authors identified during the 25-month period, 161 suffered a traumatic amputation and 94 were killed from a landmine or ordnance explosion. Of those asked, 19% of victims had received mine awareness education before the incident, and of those, the majority was injured while handling or playing with an explosive device. Most victims were young males with a few years of education. The occupation types most at risk were students and laborers, and unemployment was common among the victims. Collecting wood or paper and playing with or handling an explosive were the most frequent activities associated with injuries and deaths. CONCLUSIONS: From May 1996 to July 1998, explosions from landmines and ordnance claimed 571 victims and were an important preventable cause of injury and death among people in Kabul City. Prevention strategies should focus on high-risk groups and changing risky behaviors, such as tampering with explosive devices.  (+info)

Scenario of a dirty bomb in an urban environment and acute management of radiation poisoning and injuries. (2/30)

In the new security environment, there is a clear and present danger of terrorists using non-conventional weapons to inflict maximum psychological and economic damage on their targets. This article examines two scenarios of radiation contamination and injury, one accidental in nature leading to environmental contamination, and another of deliberate intent resulting in injury and death. This article also discusses the management of injury from radiological dispersion devices or dirty bombs, with emphasis on the immediate aftermath as well as strategy recommendations.  (+info)

Weapons of war--humanitarian and medical impact. (3/30)

Most of us have patients who have loved ones living far away, sometimes in conflict zones or in other dangerous locations, and we share in the anxiety and distress that such situations bring to relatives.  (+info)

Bomb blast mass casualty incidents: initial triage and management of injuries. (4/30)

Bomb blast injuries are no longer confined to battlefields. With the ever present threat of terrorism, we should always be prepared for bomb blasts. Bomb blast injuries tend to affect air-containing organs more, as the blast wave tends to exert a shearing force on air-tissue interfaces. Commonly-injured organs include the tympanic membranes, the sinuses, the lungs and the bowel. Of these, blast lung injury is the most challenging to treat. The clinical picture is a mix of acute respiratory distress syndrome and air embolism, and the institution of positive pressure ventilation in the presence of low venous pressures could cause systemic arterial air embolism. The presence of a tympanic membrane perforation is not a reliable indicator of the presence of a blast injury in the other air-containing organs elsewhere. Radiological imaging of the head, chest and abdomen help with the early identification of blast lung injury, head injury, abdominal injury, eye and sinus injuries, as well as any penetration by foreign bodies. In addition, it must be borne in mind that bomb blasts could also be used to disperse radiological and chemical agents.  (+info)

Terrorism-related perceived stress, adolescent depression, and social support from friends. (5/30)


Brain natriuretic peptide levels in six basic underwater demolitions/SEAL recruits presenting with swimming induced pulmonary edema (SIPE). (6/30)

Swimming induced pulmonary edema (SIPE) is associated with both SCUBA diving and strenuous surface swimming; however, the majority of reported cases and clinically observed cases tend to occur during or after aggressive surface swimming. Capillary stress failure appears to be central to the pathophysiology of this disorder. Regional pulmonary capillaries are exposed to relatively high pressures secondary to increased vascular volume, elevation of pulmonary vascular resistance, and regional differences in perfusion secondary to forces of gravity and high cardiac output. Acute pulmonary edema can be classified as either cardiogenic or noncardiogenic or both. Cardiogenic pulmonary edema occurs when the pulmonary capillary hydrostatic pressure exceeds plasma oncotic pressure. Noncardiogenic pulmonary edema occurs when pulmonary capillary permeability is increased. Given the pathophysiology noted above, SIPE can be described as a cardiogenic pulmonary edema, at least in part, since an increased transalveolar pressure gradient has been implicated in the pathogenesis of SIPE. Brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) is used in the clinical setting to differentiate cardiac from pulmonary sources of dyspnea, specifically to diagnose cardiogenic pulmonary edema. During clinical management, BNP levels were drawn on six BUD/S recruits simultaneously presenting with pulmonary complaints consistent with SIPE, after an extended surface bay swim. This paper analyzes that data after de-identification and reviews the pathophysiology and clinical management of SIPE.  (+info)

Clinically significant avoidance of public transport following the London bombings: travel phobia or subthreshold posttraumatic stress disorder? (7/30)


Profiles of referrals to a psychiatric service: a descriptive study of survivors of the Nairobi US Embassy terrorist bomb blast. (8/30)

OBJECTIVE: To document the socio-demographic characteristics and psychiatric profiles of the survivors of the Nairobi United States Embassy terrorist bomb blast referred to a psychiatric and psychotherapy (counselling) service. METHOD: This was a descriptive cross-sectional study. Clinical interviews and structured questionnaires for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and stress were administered. Survivors of the bomb blast referred to a psychiatric and psychotherapy service one year or more after the bombing were included in the study. These survivors had been treated using psychopharmacotherapy and individualised (not group) therapy/counselling. RESULTS: Eighty-three consecutive referrals to a psychiatric service participated in this study. There were more males and the sample was generally well educated. The referrals made contact with the referring agency for a number of reasons including seeking psychological, financial and medical assistance. All the patients reported varying degrees of psychiatric symptoms and functional impairment on various aspects of social occupational functioning. High scores for PTSD and other related stress were recorded one or more years after the bombing. CONCLUSION: Although the survivors indicated that initial counselling following the blast had helped them, they still scored high on PTSD suggesting that clinically, the initial counselling had little, if any impact on the development of PTSD. There is need for a holistic approach to the management of psychotrauma in individuals.  (+info)

Many of the medical personnel, including some from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, who treated the wounded after the Boston Marathon bombings still say the...
Less than a year after a talented dancer named Adrianne Haslet-Davis lost her leg in the Boston marathon bombings, she took the stage on Wednesday to perform again.
(CNN)-- Investigators believe they have identified a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, a source who has been briefed on the investigation told CNNs John King.
Following the shock of the Boston Marathon bombings our politicians and the media began the inevitable irresponsible barrage of speculations.
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Mod-edit: This post is now the first post of a thread containing the merger of what was eight separate threads discussing the bomb explosions at the Boston Marathon. See further Post #74 below for details. - Paul. ] === David has put up a detailed post on yesterdays event..... iRvnz_DS8JA
A fund-raiser was held Sunday night near the Boston Marathon finish line for two brothers who were badly hurt in last Aprils twin bombings.
BOSTON - A seriously wounded Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was charged in his hospital room Monday with bombing the Boston Marathon in a plot with his older brother and could get the death penalty for the attack that killed three people. Tsarnaev, 19, was charged by federal prosecutors with using and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction - a bomb - to kill.
BOSTON - A seriously wounded Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was charged in his hospital room Monday with bombing the Boston Marathon in a plot with his older brother and could get the death penalty for the attack that killed three people. Tsarnaev, 19, was charged by federal prosecutors with using and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction - a bomb - to kill.
BOSTON - A seriously wounded Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was charged in his hospital room Monday with bombing the Boston Marathon in a plot with his older brother and could get the death penalty for the attack that killed three people. Tsarnaev, 19, was charged by federal prosecutors with using and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction - a bomb - to kill.
BOSTON - A seriously wounded Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was charged in his hospital room Monday with bombing the Boston Marathon in a plot with his older brother and could get the death penalty for the attack that killed three people. Tsarnaev, 19, was charged by federal prosecutors with using and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction - a bomb - to kill.
At first, Rita Jeptoo didnt want to come back. After the violence that marred the finish of the 2013 Boston Marathon, the Kenyan champion said she might not return to defend her title. It was too scary, the psychological baggage of bombs going
Do terrorism-related investing strategies generate abnormal returns or risks? Employing two strategies for U.S. stocks over the past decade, the author finds that this is not the case. The first strategy evaluates a subportfolio of S&P 500 stocks which is constructed based on a terrorism-related risk score that measures a companys degree of operations in countries with a high incidence of terrorism-related activity. The second strategy evaluates a terror-free portfolio of S&P 500 stocks that are screened based on the presence of a companys operations in countries deemed state sponsors of terrorism by the U.S. Department of State. The author finds that the terrorism-related risk exposure portfolio would have earned, on average, an economically small and statistically insignificant 16 bps premium per month with a tracking error of 2.8% per month and the terror-free portfolio would have earned an even smaller -1.6 bps premium per month with a tracking error of 25 bps per month. Return ...
The Boston Marathon bombings that shocked the world also shook communities that host entertainment venues, seeing firsthand as they did how easy it was to bring explosives into a crowd - and set them off. Since the April 15 attack, the National Football League has banned a number of carry-in items from all its arenas, including Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, offering up a new, strict policy that allows fans to bring belongings in small, clear plastic bags only. Managers of other performance and sports venues south of Boston are also taking a hard look at their policies, with some intent on making changes to improve security, and others saying their restrictions are already stringent.
In 1915, during World War I, Imperial Germany made a fateful decision that has rippled down to us in the recent Boston Marathon bombings. Kaiser Wilhelm, in desperation over the British naval blockade of Germany, ordered a German U-boat to sink the British ocean liner Lusitania off the coast of Ireland. Of the 1,119 passengers who died, 114 were Americans.
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There are 163 comments on the www.hawaiinewsnow.com story from Apr 15, 2013, titled 3 dead, more than 130 hurt from Boston Marathon bomb blasts. In it, www.hawaiinewsnow.com reports that: An 8-year-old boy is among the dead, according to the Boston Globe.. At least three people are dead and more than 130 injured after back-to-back explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon Monday.. Of those injured, 17 are critical, according to CNN. Some victims arrived at hospitals without limbs, others are requiring amputation, and doctors are pulling ball bearings out of wounds. Many were leg injuries.. Join the discussion below, or Read more at www.hawaiinewsnow.com.. ...
More significant than that weighty role, she was also briefly the EAD of the FBIs National Security Branch. (02) The NSBs role is to protect the U.S. from all terror-related activities. It houses the Terrorist Screening Database-TSDB, which maintains all information on known or suspected terrorists. In other words, wouldnt Ms. Douglass agency have had the background information collected in 2011 by the FBI agent on Suspect No. 1 Black Hat the elder Tsarnaev right at her fingertips? Evidently not. Because the FBI focused solely on the video from the Forum Restaurant, watching it hundreds and hundreds of times to catch a glimpse of the backpack being shrugged to the ground by White hat--Suspect No. 2. (Perhaps there was no available video taken of the Marathon finish line that day for the investigative team to obsessively watch to catch Black Hat setting down his bag?) ...
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For a long time, experts have been warning of attacks using dirty bombs, where terrorists mix radioactive material into conventional explosives such that it is scattered by a subsequent explosion. This is a real danger; ISIS, for instance, claims to have access to radioactive material. Security agencies are aware of the threat: last June, a U.S. port terminal in Charleston was evacuated and closed for several hours following a warning that a dirty bomb was on board a ship moored there. Once the all-clear was given, security personnel stated that they were being deliberately overcautious and had reacted accordingly.. Dirty bombs are not a form of nuclear weapon, since they do not rely on a nuclear chain reaction occurring after they have been set off. The radioisotopes needed to make dirty bombs, such as cesium-137, cobalt-60, americium-241 or iridium-192, are easier to get hold of than fissile material for nuclear weapons; they are used in many nuclear medicine departments at hospitals and in ...
The threat of terrorism in Europe has been on the rise in recent years, with experts and politicians particularly worried that terrorists might make use of dirty bombs. Fraunhofer researchers have developed a new system that will be able to detect possible carriers of radioactive substances, even in large crowds of people. This solution is one of many defensive measures being realized in the REHSTRAIN project, which is focused on security for TGV and ICE high-speed trains in France and Germany.
ISIS unconventional mega-terror potential - How Close Are We to Unconventional Terror Attacks by ISIS? The Dirty Bomb Scenario - Dr. Barak Ben Zur
Weve previously seen the mean, derelict streets of Dirty Bombs London. Now we get a taste of what Splash Damage wants us to do on them. Turns out its kill each other. Who would have thought?
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People who viewed or listened to coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings for six or more hours a day in the week following the disaster experienced acute stress comparable to being at or near the bombings.
For immediate release. Sacramento Running Association plans free run on Wednesday. The spirit of the Boston Marathon returns to Sacramento on Wednesday night.. A free fun run offered by the Sacramento Running Association on April 13 honors and celebrates the Boston race, which began in 1897 and is the worlds oldest annual marathon. It also pays tribute to the three victims who were killed and the more than 260 people who were injured by the bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon.. A 6 p.m. start is planned for the third annual event, which starts and finishes at Blue Prynt Restaurant and Bar, 815 11th Street in Sacramento. The run will make two loops around the state Capitol.. The run is of SRAs RUNdezvous series that helps bring together the local running community.. This years Boston Marathon is scheduled for Monday, April 18.. We are excited to bring the local running community together again to celebrate the excitement surrounding the Boston Marathon, and to send off local runners heading ...
It should be noted, that with the exception of the contractor-types, all other responders at the scene, including the FBI agent, can be clearly identified, from police to the fire department, to medics and even individuals wearing vests with B.A.A. Physician written on them. It should also be noted that no other uniformed individuals can be seen standing near the bomb site aside from the contractor-types. These men were unidentified, professional contractors apparently augmenting public servants at the Boston Marathon, present before and after the bomb blasts in the direct vicinity of the incident. After the blasts, whether it was their intended function or not, they appeared to be searching for something under the bleachers before being joined by what appears to be the FBI bomb squad. The FBI and the city of Boston has so far categorically failed to provide any information on these highly suspicious individuals. Questions That Must be Answered Several questions must be answered by the FBI, ...
Punjab Government District Health Authority Jobs 2019 NTS Application Form Last Date Eligibility Criteria Data Entry Operators CDC Supervisors. Other important information is also given here.
A 39-year-old spectator wounded in the Boston Marathon bombings discovered she was pregnant while being treated for her injuries. According to the Boston Globe, Caroline Reinsch was being treated for a puncture wound that punched a bloody hole in her thigh all the way to the femur, splitting the
The surviving suspect in the deadly Boston Marathon bombings was captured in Watertown, Mass., Friday evening after a massive manhunt, Boston police said.
A fire bomb is a thin skinned container of fuel gel designed for use against dug-in troops, supply installations, wooden structures, and land convoys. Fire bombs rupture on impact and spread burning fuel gel on surrounding objects. MK 13 Mod 0 igniters are used to ignite the fuel gel mixture upon impact. The Mk-77 is the only fire bomb still in service, replacing the BLU-27. While the MK-77 is the only incendiary munition currently in active inventory, a variety of other incendiary devices were produced, including the M-47 Napalm bomb, the M-74 incendiary bomb, and white phosphorous and munitions manufacturing. Production of these devices continued during the Korean conflict, though various demilitarization and decontamination programs were initiated in the late 1950s. Munitions destroyed included M-47 Napalm-filled bombs and incendiary cluster bombs. The containers of napalm bomber are very light and fabricated of aluminum, with a capacity for about 75 gallons of combustible gel. They lack ...
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Humanitarian Award Recipient. On Thursday, February 23rd, Villanova Universitys Office of Disability Services will present the fifth annual Fr. Bill Atkinson, OSA, Humanitarian Award to Sydney & Celeste Corcoran, survivors of the Boston Marathon Bombing Attack.. Celeste Corcoran, and her husband Kevin were at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, to watch her sister, Carmen, complete the race, but while Carmen was still two-tenths of a mile away, the first bomb detonated. Celestes legs were so badly damaged that she had to have both of them amputated, and she also had to have surgery for a ruptured right eardrum. Nearby, unbeknownst to Celeste and Kevin, their daughter, Sydney nearly bled to death after shrapnel flew into her right thigh. Before the Boston Marathon Bombings, the family thought they had experienced the worst accident; Sydney suffered a skull fracture and a brain hemorrhage in 2010 after being struck by a car while crossing a street in Hampton, N.H. She ...
A Norwegian court has heard the autopsy reports of the first victims of a youth camp massacre that left 69 people dead on Utoya island.
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A bomb blast killed at least 22 people in northwestern Pakistans Kurram tribal district. The explosion on March 31 occurred near a Shiite mosque in the city of Parachinar. (RFE/RLs Radio Mashaal)
New research has revealed that veterans exposed explosive bomb blasts are still at risk of damage in their brains white matter - even when brain injury symptoms do not present.
From security and technology firms to a bridal gown designer, businesses are using the Boston Marathon bombings as a hook to promote their products. And some of their pitches raise questions about attempts to profit on the back of a tragedy, often with tenuous connections. Click the thumbnail to read the full story.
A Republican New Hampshire lawmaker who was widely criticized for comments she made about the Boston Marathon bombings has resigned.
Posted on 04/17/2013 5:47:18 AM PDT by Sir Napsalot. An article published on CNNs website makes an unproven claim that pressure cooker bombs like the ones used at the Boston Marathon terror attack are a signature of right-wing extremists. The article was co-written by Jennifer Roland and Peter Bergen. Bergen is the CNN ananlyst made the claim that right-wing extremists could be behind the bombing less than two hours after it took place. The article says (emphasis added) : A senior U.S. counterterrorism investigator told CNN that pressure cooker bombs have also been a signature of extreme right-wing individuals in the United States who he said tend to revel in building homemade bombs. This specific claim that pressure cooker bombs have also been a signature of extreme right-wing individuals in the United States appears to be completely unsubstantiated. Not a single example is given even in the CNN story itself of anyone other than al-Quadea using a pressure cooker bomb. The article goes on ...
By participating in the 2020 Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk presented by Hyundai, our team is making every step count toward the ultimate finish line: a world without cancer!. Our team gives the money to Ewings Sarcoma research. It is an area in pediatric cancer with a lot of need. And it was the type of cancer that killed our dear Fernando. Help us continue the fight! Thank you for supporting our team in the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. Together, we can conquer cancer! ...
By participating in the 2019 Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk presented by Hyundai, our team is making every step count toward the ultimate finish line: a world without cancer!. Your support goes directly to Dana-Farber Cancer Institutes unique 50-50 balance between cutting-edge science and highly compassionate care. Funds raised through the Jimmy Fund Walk enable Dana-Farber leaders to enhance programs and initiatives that serve pediatric and adult patients and their families.. Thank you for supporting our team in the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. Together, we can conquer cancer! ...
WASHINGTON, Oct. 8, 2009 - The Defense Department is developing an advanced bunker-buster bomb that should be ready for deployment this summer, senior Pentagon officials said.. The department has been working on technology that allows us to get at deeply buried, hardened targets since 2004, Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman told reporters here today.. Development of the bomb has taken longer than originally envisioned because of variables in the budget process, Whitman said, adding that it is now back on track.. Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell yesterday told reporters that the department is developing a massive penetrator bomb designed to pulverize underground facilities that may store weapons of mass destruction and related systems.. At a hefty 30,000 pounds, the new penetrator bomb weighs almost 4 tons more than the U.S. militarys former heavyweight champion, the nearly 22,000-pound massive ordnance air blast conventional bomb, known by the acronym MOAB.. The massive penetrator ...
Leeds Pierce was 10 years old when her father ran the Boston Marathon in her honor as part of the Mass General Marathon Team Fighting Kids Cancer ... One Step at a Time.. My parents have both run for the Mass General Marathon Team, the now 24-year-old Pierce says. I always knew I was going to run for this team. However, it wasnt until the Boston Marathon bombings that Pierce decided this year was the perfect time to run for the hospital that had done so much for her and for Boston.. As a child, Pierce was diagnosed with an immature teratoma of the ovary, a rare form of ovarian tumor that was so large it weighed 5 pounds. She was diagnosed at MassGeneral Hospital for Children on a Friday and was in surgery to remove the tumor by Saturday. I was really lucky, Pierce says. The tumor was benign, and I never needed to have chemo or radiation therapy.. Pierces memories of that time are filled mostly with fear and confusion, but she also remembers fondly the nurses who cared for her. They ...
With computer and modern communication technologies, the command for fire fight on spot is computerized and intelligent. It plays important role in the avoid of human injury and relief of property. 通过应用计算机和通信等技术,实现了火场现场指挥的电子化和智能化,对减少火场内人员伤亡,高效地挽救人民财产安全起到了重要作用。 www.chemyq.com. ...
Therefore one of the important conditions of the Convention is the ban on the transfer of cluster munitions. Under the U.S. Arms Export Control Act, when Israel or others buy cluster bombs and other lethal equipment, a written agreement restricting use must be signed. The UNMACC has reported finding evidence that Israel used three types of US-made cluster bombs during the war in Lebanon. At the time, it was not considered against the Geneva Conventions to use cluster bombs against soldiers, but their use was banned against civilians and in heavily populated areas.. Cluster munitions are warheads that scatter scores of smaller bombs. Many of these sub-munitions fail to detonate on impact, leaving them scattered on the ground, ready to kill and maim when disturbed or handled. Reports from humanitarian organizations and mine-clearing groups have shown that civilians make up the vast majority of the victims of cluster bombs, especially children attracted by their small size and often bright ...
p,,span,VANCOUVER (CBS/AP) -- Less than a year after a talented professional dancer named Adrianne Haslet-Davis lost her leg in the Boston marathon bombings, she took the stage on Wednesday to perform again.,/span,,br /,,br /,,span,Haslet-Davis danced on stage at the 2014 TED conference in Vancouver, where she wore a white sparkling short dress that showed off a new prosthetic leg as she twirled across the floor with a partner.,/span,,br /,,br /,,span,The two danced the rumba to a shortened version of the song Ring My Bells by Enrique Iglesias.,/span,,br /,,br /,,span,Haslet-Davis finished the performance with a huge smile on her face as she wiped a tear from her cheek.,/span,,br /,,br /,,span,It was her first time dancing in public since the bombings.,/span,,br /,,span,Adrianne Haslet-Davis (Photo credit: James Duncan Davidson),/span,,br /,,br /,,span,Adrianne Haslet-Davis (Photo credit: James Duncan Davidson),/span,,br /,,br /,,span,Im thrilled to have danced again. It was invigorating to ...
In 1992, Shining Path perpetrated the Tarata bombing in Lima, Peru, using two ANFO truck bombs. A more sophisticated variant of ... ANFO car bombs were used in Dublin. The IRA detonated an ANFO truck bomb on Bishopsgate in London in 1993, killing one and ... of ammonium nitrate for the majority of bombs. The Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) also made use of ANFO bombs, often mixing in ... "Bombs". "石家庄九名制贩爆炸物的嫌犯被刑事拘留" [Shijiazhuang nine suspects of the sale of explosives were detained in criminal
Bombs. Chapter 11. Chemical Warfare. Chapter 12. Sighting and Ranging. The Navy's Future Weapons. Laughlin, Charlotte; Daniel J ...
... bombs; rockets Aviation portal India portal HAL HTT-40 Wikimedia Commons has media related to HAL HPT-32 Deepak. Taylor 1996, p ...
"Bombs! (1916)". IMDb. PSFL entry Silent Era: PSFL: At the Old Stage Door (1919) Silent Comedians Thread SilentComedians.com :: ...
The Paddington bomb went off at 4:20am, it was much smaller than the second bomb at Victoria and was designed to make sure the ... The IRA kept bombing targets in England for the remainder of the year - dozens of bombs went off in the run up to Christmas ... IRA, The Bombs and the Bullets: A History of Deadly Ingenuity by A. R. Oppenheimer IRA, The Bombs and the Bullets: A History of ... Bombs to go off in all mainline stations in 45 minutes." The Victoria station bomb, which was hidden in a rubbish bin inside ...
Scott Oldham (October 2001). "Bombs Away". Popular Mechanics: 67. Retrieved March 26, 2013. "The NFL's centenarians". Pro ...
"Release the atom bomb." They release it. Two bombs. Twenty bombs. Fish die in the sea. Grass withers. Life ends. Business is ... Release the bomb faster. [...] The third world war. Atom bombs. Poison: one dose to end mankind. The Atlantic Pact. [...] The ... There are too few atom bombs. We need hydrogen bombs. The death of children, the death of the reefs, of everything is ... carrying hundreds of thousands of death-dealing bombs. [The oratorio]'s enthusiastic conclusion: 'The children's best friend ...
Barrie bombs. July 31 - Bev Oda resigns as Minister for International Co-operation and as MP for Durham. August 31 - Citing ... "Barrie bombs: Residents frustrated by lengthy evacuation". thestar.com. Toronto. July 16, 2012. Retrieved 2012-08-10. Smith, ...
The first British atomic bomb was tested in Operation Hurricane on 3 October 1952. During the 1950s, the UK's nuclear deterrent ... 2020) Secrecy, Public Relations and the British Nuclear Debate: How the UK Government Learned to Talk about the Bomb, 1970-83 ( ... In 1948 it proposed using carrier-based aircraft for nuclear weapons delivery, although atomic bombs small enough to be carried ... The British development of the hydrogen bomb, and a favourable international relations climate created by the Sputnik crisis, ...
Halverson, Jeff (14 December 2015). "Bering Sea 'bomb' cyclone ties record for strongest winter storm in North Pacific". The ... "Mighty North Atlantic low bombs to 930 mb , Dr. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog". www.wunderground.com. Wunderground. Archived from ... Samenow, Jason; Freedman, Andrew (31 December 2020). "Bomb cyclone in northern Pacific Ocean breaks all-time records". ... Dolan, Deidre (6 March 2020). "Bombs Away! The North Atlantic's Cyclogenesis Frenzy, February 5-15, 2020". Satellite Liaison ...
Top Rank presented Bomb Factory Fight Club at The Bomb Factory on Saturday, January 16, 2016. The event featured a lightweight ... "Ramones Setlist at Bomb Factory" www.setlist.fm. Retrieved May 25, 2016. "Sonic Youth Setlist at Bomb Factory" www.setlist.fm. ... performance at The Bomb Factory in 1994 has since become a fan favorite, before its closure in 1997. Additionally, The Bomb ... The Bomb Factory resurfaced as one of the largest music venues in Deep Ellum. Towards the end of the decade, Deep Ellum took ...
Scott Oldham (October 2001). "Bombs Away". Popular Mechanics. John Maxymuk (2001). NFL Head Coaches: A Biographical Dictionary ...
When the Akagi is bombed, Nagumo is stunned by the force of the bomb's blast and is unable to get up, being tended to by Genda ... Bombs explode and planes crash and the theater shakes with the magic of Sensurround. But there's no real directorial ... "We did a lot of strafing and bombing there." A Consolidated PBY-6A Catalina BuNo 63998, N16KL, of the Commemorative Air Force, ... Later studies by Japanese and American military historians call into question key scenes, such as the dive-bombing attack that ...
Syria was believed to be able to deliver chemical weapons by aerial bombs, surface-to-surface missiles and artillery rockets. ... Shorter-range systems include SS21 missiles (70 km); aerial bombs; and artillery rockets and related short-range tactical ...
No one thinks that Israel is about to drop a bomb on Tehran." Bill Clinton also said that: A lot of their neighbors will get ... "Bombs away". The Economist. 19 July 2007. Retrieved 20 September 2009. "Top Israeli Spy: Israel can no longer avoid making ... So the prospect of spreading, in a way, dirty nuclear bombs with smaller payloads that could wreak havoc and do untold damage, ... From there, it's only a few months, possibly a few weeks before they get enough enriched uranium for the first bomb." Netanyahu ...
"Bombing Hitler's Dams - NOVA". www.pbs.org. Murray, Iain. Bouncing-Bomb Man: The Science of Sir Barnes Wallis. Sparkford, UK: ... While they train for the mission, Wallis continues his development of the bomb but has problems, such as the bomb breaking ... so the actual test footage was censored to hide any details of the test bombs (a black dot was superimposed over the bomb on ... The dummy bomb did not show the mechanism which created the back spin. Ammunition shown being loaded into a Lancaster is .50 ...
Briana Waters, a student at The Evergreen State College at the time of the bombing, was convicted in 2008 and sentenced to six ... A short distance away, the words "bomb the White House" are found spray-painted on a real estate sign. FBI, Secret Service, and ... "Incendiary Bombs Found At Construction Site". Green Anarchy. 2005. Archived from the original on 2 October 2009. "ELF Attacks ... March 11, 1997, Sandy, Utah: A series of pipe bombs and one firebomb claimed jointly by the ALF and the ELF destroys four ...
Bombs can be triggered by switches, laser beams, the explosion of an adjacent bomb, or the robot standing on top of the bomb. ... Bombs, which can be moved by the robot, destroy any adjacent pick-up items, ice blocks, flip switches, magnets, laser guns, ... Any objects that can be destroyed by a bomb can also be destroyed by the robot falling onto it from above. Teleporters, which ... Ice blocks, which are similar to gray blocks but can be destroyed by bombs and laser beams. Magnets, which pull metal blocks ...
These jams would include musicians like: Jason Bonham, Chip Z. Nuff, Adam Bomb, Lez Warner, Ryan Roxi, Joe Lynn Turner, Mark ... Pleasure Bombs; Warrior Soul, Heads Up; and Raging Slab. Beginning in 1989, Levee hosted jam sessions at many of New York ...
Davidson, Bob (May 29, 2015). "Bombs Away". The Salina Journal. Salina, KS: Harris Enterprises. Retrieved June 1, 2015. San ...
"Chicago's Bombs". No. VOLUME LXIV, ISSUE 102. AUCKLAND STAR. 3 May 1933. Retrieved 2 May 2017. "Protest du Jour: May Day is ... On 4 May, the police acted to disperse a public assembly in support of the strike when an unidentified person threw a bomb. The ...
Sanneh, Kelefa (May 13, 2013). "Paint Bombs". The New Yorker. Vol. 89, no. 13. pp. 1-76. ISSN 0028-792X. Archived from the ...
"New Zealand album certifications - U2 - How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb". Recorded Music NZ. Johnson, Neala (9 September 2010 ... Newman, Melinda (27 November 2004). "Bombs Away!". Billboard. p. 64. Retrieved 9 November 2020 - via Google Books. "ARIA Charts ... ", "Elevation", and "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of". The following album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (2004), was ...
Tobias, Todd (2006). Bombs Away! Air Coryell and the San Diego Chargers. Bandana. p. 20. "Chargers go all out for defense". ... Tobias, Todd (2006). Bombs Away! Air Coryell and the San Diego Chargers. Bandana. p. 20. "Ralph Perretta Stats". pro-football- ...
ISBN 1-901570-15-0. "DESPITE BOMBS". Auckland Star. 1 May 1941. "THIRD WOMAN TO WIN THE DERBY". Auckland Star. 19 July 1941. " ...
"Cruel Bombs". "David Hahn, the Radioactive Boy Scout". SQPN.com. April 3, 2020. Retrieved November 22, 2021. "Duncan Jones ... Michael Stevens featured Hahn's story in his Vsauce YouTube video "Cruel Bombs". SPQN's mystery program Jimmy Akin Mysterious ...
"Time Bombs". City Journal. December 23, 2015. Retrieved December 25, 2018. "NY Times obituary". Retrieved December 25, 2018. ...
Pamela McClintock (May 23, 2014). "Box Office: 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Nabs Record $302M Globally; 'Blended' Bombs". The ... Meanwhile, Adam Sandler's Blended bombed. "Blended". Cinema Blend. Grant Land. May 26, 2014. Retrieved June 12, 2014. Rosen, ...
"Bombs Away". Daring Fireball. Archived from the original on April 11, 2016. Retrieved March 31, 2016. Siracusa, John (June 7, ...
This 18-megaton bomb was produced until July 1956. In 1957, it was converted into the Mark 36 nuclear bomb and entered into ... From those pipes, mirrors would reflect early bomb light from the bomb casing to a series of remote high-speed cameras, and so ... Oishi, Matashichi; Maclellan, Nic (2017), "The fisherman", Grappling with the Bomb, Britain's Pacific H-bomb tests, ANU Press, ... which in turn set off a tertiary fissioning of the bomb's 238U fusion tamper and casing. Consequently, this type of bomb is ...
Bomb disposal sent to BBC after reports of suspicious vehicle. This article is more than 4 years old ... A bomb disposal robot and emergency services were photographed investigating an orange van, which emergency services later ... While we are on bomb threat lockdown during the AI conference at BBC Broadcasting house, and a robot is outside blowing things ... Cambridge academic Dr Beth Singler tweeted: "While we are on bomb threat lockdown during the AI conference at BBC Broadcasting ...
A dirty bomb is not the same as an atomic bomb. An atomic bomb, like those bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, involves ... A dirty bomb works completely differently and cannot create an atomic blast. Instead, a dirty bomb uses dynamite or other ... What are the main dangers of a dirty bomb?. The main danger from a dirty bomb is from the explosion, which can cause serious ... What is a dirty bomb?. A dirty bomb is a mix of explosives, such as dynamite, with radioactive powder or pellets. When the ...
Dropping bombs is a bebop drumming technique developed and popularized by jazz drummer Kenny Clarke in the 1940s in which a ...
Noncompete clauses contain a number of hidden, ticking time bombs ready to explode if a physician doesnt consider them, seek ...
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... Use of Cluster Bombs in Yugoslavia High Dud Rate Human Rights Watchs Concerns III. WHAT ARE CLUSTER BOMBS? ... TICKING TIME BOMBS. NATO=s Use of Cluster Munitions in Yugoslavia. I. SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS II. ... Human Rights Watch condemns the use of cluster bombs by NATO in its bombing campaignCOperation Allied ForceCagainst the Federal ... Both U.S. and British forces have acknowledged using cluster bombs in the bombing campaign, which began on March 24, 1999. The ...
The victims were riding in a tractor and truck when the bombs went off in Arghistan district Sunday morning, said Kandahar ... killed in southern Afghanistans Kandahar province on Sunday when the two vehicles they were riding in struck roadside bombs, ...
Fahmida, Kundi condemn Wah bomb blasts *^ United Nations Security Council Verbatim Report 5964. S/PV/5964 21 August 2008. ... The 2008 Wah bombing was a double suicide attack on the Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) in Wah, Pakistan, on 21 August 2008. ... Retrieved from "https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=2008_Wah_bombing&oldid=1094989748" ...
Bombs Sway. The Palestinian Authority prescribes the death penalty for eating falafel.. Jacob Sullum , 4.19.2006 4:01 PM. ... The bomb injured about 70 people, including two children, a 60-year-old French tourist, and a 16-year-old American who was ... But since the Fatah-affiliated Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade not only praised the bombing but (according to Reuters) tried to take ... or passing by when he detonated his bomb, including a 47-year-old security guard who stopped him at the entrance, a 29-year-old ...
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Afghanistans Interior Ministry says roadside bomb blasts in southern Helmand province have killed six civilians. The Interior ...
WSJs Josh Mitnick reports Jerusalem suffered one of its most violent days in several years as bombs went off in Jerusalem, ... News Hub: Bombs Rip Through Jerusalem. WSJs Josh Mitnick reports Jerusalem suffered one of its most violent days in several ... years as bombs went off in Jerusalem, killing one and injuring several people. ...
A huge Palestinian car bomb, which killed at least 17 people, has set back the latest international mission trying to bring ... THE bomb was in a car that pulled up beside a packed passenger bus during the morning rush hour on Wednesday June 5th. The huge ... The car bombing took place close to the "green line" border with the West Bank. Within hours, Israeli tanks rolled into Jenin, ... The latest bomb attack will reinforce the recommendation of the Shin Bet chief, Avi Dichter, that the army stay inside the ...
DISPOSAL experts have defused two pipe bombs left at a house in Ballymoney, Co Antrim. ... DISPOSAL experts have defused two pipe bombs left at a house in Ballymoney, Co Antrim. ...
NYPD exercise focuses on dirty bombs. NYPD conducts dirty bombdrill on the Third Avenue bridge. (April 5, 2011). Credit: AP ... involves four cells of a fictional terrorist group that wants to target New York City with a dirty bomb. The terrorists are ...
Do you feel that poverty, war, famine, disease, imprisonment, etc. are all negative experiences that we should avoid as much as possible? Are these scourges that we must rid the planet of? Are they terrible things for anyone to have to experience?. These experiences have been with us for a long time for a very good reason. They help us grow. And so were going to continue creating them as long as they continue to serve that purpose so well.. From one perspective these experiences may seem wrong or bad. And yet people are experiencing them every day, and your feeling bad isnt making a shred of difference to them. Wars are still being fought, people are still getting cancer, and many dont have access to clean water - despite your best efforts to feel as bad as possible for as long as possible about their crummy situation.. What if youre the one going through such an experience? Again, your feeling bad doesnt help much. If anything it makes things worse and guarantees that the unwanted ...
FDR reacts to news of Pearl Harbor bombing. On December 7, 1941, at around 1:30 p.m., President Franklin Roosevelt is ... The day after Pearl Harbor was bombed, President Roosevelt appeared before a joint session of Congress and declared, "Yesterday ...
Our new book about Food Not Bombs written, designed and illustrated by Food Not Bombs cofounder Keith McHenry.. Food Not Bombs ... Please consider helping build the Food Not Bombs Movement by placing a display ad in your newsletter, zine or on your website ... You can also check out this book by Food Not Bombs cofounder Jo Swanson. The Endless Possibilities of Paper Mache - Imagination ... There are many flyers and forms you can reprint to help your Food Not Bombs group be as effective as possible.. MORE BOOKS BY ...
Bombs Above. All my life. Ive played a part. In the bombs above. The ones you love. Im taking a moment to apologize. I should ...
... commences air strikes against Yugoslavia with the bombing of Serbian military positions in the ... The bombing and continued Serbian offensives drove hundreds of thousands of Kosovar Albanians into neighboring Albania, ... On March 24, 1999, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) commences air strikes against Yugoslavia with the bombing of ... The most controversial incident was the May 7 bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, which killed three Chinese ...
... splinter group opposed to Northern Irelands peace accord on Tuesday claimed responsibility for this weekends deadly bombing ... Bombing Claim. An IRA splinter group opposed to Northern Irelands peace accord on Tuesday claimed responsibility for this ... weekends deadly bombing in Omagh. The Real IRA asserted that it gave three warnings and had not meant to kill civilians. It ... splinter group opposed to Northern Irelands peace accord on Tuesday claimed responsibility for this weekends deadly bombing ...
Petitioned Public Health Assessment for the Isla De Vieques Bombing Range site. This final version incorporates changes ... Isla de Vieques Bombing Range,. Vieques, Puerto Rico To print this report, please select the "Print Friendly View" option in ...
What proof is offered to the inspectors that the bombs coming in are genuine other than the fact that they are radioactive? ... Verifiable Dismantling of Nuclear Bombs. Cryptography has zero-knowledge proofs, where Alice can prove to Bob that she knows ... I am confused, what if the devices being brought to the facility are these fake bombs that still are radioactive? ... your arsenal when the ability to verify quantitative removal data comes without verifiable proof of the initial count of bombs ...
The BLU series bomb bodies use PBNX-109 as explosive filler. The BLU-109A/B used with the GBU-24 and GBU-31(V)4/B is a special ... The 1,925-pound bomb has a 550-pound tritonal high-explosive blast warhead. The BLU-109/B was always mated with a laser ... Its configuration is relatively slim, and its skin is much harder than that of the standard MK-84 bomb. The skin is a single- ... The BLU-109/B (I-2000) is an improved 2,000-pound-class bomb designed as a penetrator without a forward fuze well. ...
Antonyms for BOMBS: blockbusters, hits, smashes, successes, winners, crawls, creeps, pokes ... Synonyms for BOMBS: bummers, busts, catastrophes, clinkers, clunkers, debacles, disasters, duds; ... to use bombs or artillery against the enemy has bombed the city again Synonyms & Similar Words ... something that has failed her tell-all book was a bomb that landed on the remainder tables with a thud Synonyms & Similar Words ...
The latest suicide bomb attack, at a shrine in the city of Dera Ghazi Khan on April 3, killed 41 people. ... Pakistans Sufi Muslims brave bombs to worship By Alex Rodriguez, Los Angeles Times ... his face and hands pocked with scars from a suicide bomb attack at the shrine last summer that also left him blind. "I cannot ... not with the deafening clap of a suicide bomb blast, the odor of charred flesh, the blinding flash before everything went black ...
Controlling the Bomb. When it comes to nuclear weapons, the United States 60-year policy of monopoly and exclusion will no ... The use of force shall serve to make other states believe that if only they had the bomb they would be safe. This way leads to ... The United States was the first country to build an atomic bomb. It is the only one to have used them in war. Recognizing the ... Leslie Groves, who was in charge of the bomb project, proposed in 1943 that the United States try to acquire total control of ...
Bomb, Jorge Durans Romance Policial and Colombian Ruben Mendozas Dust on the Tongue all screen in Ventana Surs pix-in- ... "), "Bomb" is a thriller turning on a teenager who takes a taxi, only to discover it has a car bomb. Argentinean helmer Lucia ... Argentinean Sergio Bizzios "Bomb," Jorge Durans "Romance Policial" and Colombian Ruben Mendozas "Dust on the Tongue" all ...
These DIY bath bombs are sure to make a splash in any home spa set. Enjoy homemade bath bombs and relax in style! ... Find how to make a bath bomb for yourself here!. This bath bomb recipe makes about 12 orbs of colorful fun, but the exact count ... Bath bomb recipe. *First, mix the dry bath bomb ingredients (baking soda, Epsom salt, corn starch, and citric acid) together in ... How to make bath bombs at home. And what is a bath bomb, anyway? ... 12-18 silicone bath bomb molds or candy/cake molds. Sign up for ...
Afghan officials say bomb attacks in two eastern provinces killed at least 10 police officers and one civilian on November 10. ... A bomb exploded in a flower bed near Kabul university on November 10, wounding three people. The bombing came as two other ... Afghan officials say bomb attacks in two eastern provinces killed at least 10 police officers and one civilian on November 10. ... That attack echoed a bombing that killed one person near the Afghan police headquarters in the capital, Kabul, a day earlier. ...
  • Team Reptile just released a new trailer for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, in addition to delaying the game's release into 2022. (escapistmagazine.com)
  • At least 14 people, including women and children, were killed in southern Afghanistan's Kandahar province on Sunday when the two vehicles they were riding in struck roadside bombs, police said. (cnn.com)
  • Researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico said they trained honeybees to stick out their proboscis the tube they use to feed on nectar when they smell explosives in anything from cars and roadside bombs to belts similar to those used by suicide bombers. (extremetech.com)
  • Over a crackling field radio came reports of injuries and then, sometime later, official confirmation of the first fatality inflicted by a roadside bomb on an MRAP, the new mine-resistant ambush-protected armored vehicle that the American military is counting on to reduce casualties from roadside bombs in Iraq. (baltimoresun.com)
  • Roadside bombs have been the single deadliest weapon that insurgents have directed against U.S. forces in Iraq and have grown increasingly sophisticated and powerful over the years. (baltimoresun.com)
  • The MRAP vehicles have distinctive, armored V-shaped hulls that are designed to deflect the force of the explosion from roadside bombs out and away from the vehicle, sparing the occupants in the compartment. (baltimoresun.com)
  • The underbody sits about 36 inches off the ground, higher than the Humvees that have proved susceptible to roadside bombs despite the addition of armor to many of them in combat zones. (baltimoresun.com)
  • BAGHDAD - Roadside bombs killed two U.S. soldiers and at least nine Iraqis Monday in Baghdad and surrounding areas, officials said. (foxnews.com)
  • A dirty bomb works completely differently and cannot create an atomic blast . (cdc.gov)
  • The radioactive materials used in a dirty bomb would probably not create enough radiation exposure to cause immediate serious illness, except to those people who are very close to the blast site. (cdc.gov)
  • The 1,925-pound bomb has a 550-pound tritonal high-explosive blast warhead. (globalsecurity.org)
  • Twice a month Qasim Javed Malik comes here, a place he associates with spiritual recharging, not with the deafening clap of a suicide bomb blast, the odor of charred flesh, the blinding flash before everything went black. (latimes.com)
  • There are enough ingredients in this pack to concoct 8 fabulous fizzling bombs, and make bath time a blast. (johnlewis.com)
  • The biggest challenge, he said, was security in a city where one bomb blast can be followed by a second in the same area. (aol.com)
  • Then, a second blast caused by a huge bomb in a parked pickup truck exploded at 11pm, and wounded 30 security officers and bystanders. (bangkokpost.com)
  • Authorities identified her as Oraphan Sriuenhat, 35, caught in the second blast from the vehicle bomb. (bangkokpost.com)
  • Bastrykin's office said Tuesday that he had been injured when a second blast struck the scene of the bombing as sappers and rescue workers were sifting through the wreckage. (thestar.com)
  • The blast, one of the deadliest single-bomb attacks since Saddam Hussein's fall more than a year ago, came just three days before the country is to convene a national conference that will choose an interim assembly - considered a crucial step toward establishing democracy. (chinadaily.com.cn)
  • If enough of the bombs survived the blast then it may be possible to find out more about their design, firing system, and the type of explosive and detonator they used, says Roland Alford, of Alford Technologies in Chippenham, UK, which makes bomb disposal equipment. (newscientist.com)
  • An iPhone 6s is being credited with saving the life of a woman who was injured in Monday's terrorist attack in Manchester, England, after the device deflected and slowed down shrapnel from the bomb blast. (appleinsider.com)
  • Bridgett, who was at the Manchester Arena to pick up her daughter and her daughter's friend from that night's Ariana Grande concert, was subjected to multiple injuries from the bomb blast. (appleinsider.com)
  • The strength of these materials was being tested, relative to how each would withstand the blast of an atomic bomb (see pictures on the wall at right). (cdc.gov)
  • A dirty bomb is a mix of explosives, such as dynamite, with radioactive powder or pellets. (cdc.gov)
  • Instead, a dirty bomb uses dynamite or other explosives to scatter radioactive dust, smoke, or other material in order to cause radioactive contamination. (cdc.gov)
  • Haarmann said the bees could be carried in hand-held detectors the size of a shoe box, and could be used to sniff out explosives in airports, roadside security checks, or even placed in robot bomb disposal equipment. (extremetech.com)
  • First we learned about the pressure cookers used as bomb casings, then it was fireworks for the explosives, and now it appears the Boston bombing suspects used remote controls from RC cars to ignite the bombs that killed three and injured 264 near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. (nymag.com)
  • New technology may make it easier to find explosives and bomb makers long before they can trigger a deadly roadside bomb. (technologyreview.com)
  • For that reason, the device is used primarily to find bomb makers and their explosives before a bomb is planted. (technologyreview.com)
  • Soldiers can use the devices at checkpoints, for example, to sample the air inside vehicles for traces of explosives, then either detain suspects or follow them in the hope of finding bomb-making factories, Brechwald says. (technologyreview.com)
  • Entire populations would become the focus of bombing by explosives, incendiaries and even chemical weapons. (upi.com)
  • Events involving commercial or other, improvised explosives (e.g., pipe bombs) also were excluded. (cdc.gov)
  • Punk rock explosives specialists The U.S. Bombs have accepted a new musical assignment for 2003 and it's called Covert Action. (epitaph.com)
  • Each year as spring and summer construction work expands, unexploded aerial bombs, hand grenades, artillery rounds and ammunition are uncovered: Last year, construction crews even found old explosives near the private apartment of Chancellor Angela Merkel. (kpbs.org)
  • Berlin city officials estimate the German capital was bombarded by 465,000 tons of explosives and that 1 out of 8 bombs dropped on the city during the war did not explode. (kpbs.org)
  • Berlin's City Hall requires construction firms to carry out bomb-risk assessments of sites, and the city pays for the eventual removal of any Allied explosives found. (kpbs.org)
  • The additional layer of Uranium-238 of the third stage of the bomb was replaced with plumbum, also reducing the bomb's weight by one ton.In the event, the bomb proved to be relatively clean, as up to 97 per cent of its power was created by radiation-free thermonuclear synthesis.The power of the explosion exceeded the combined power of all explosives used by all countries during WWII. (rt.com)
  • Researchers are using AI to search satellite images for unexploded bombs dropped in Cambodia during the Vietnam War. (thenextweb.com)
  • Deminers typically have to search fields for bombs with metal and radar detectors, and then dig them out with shovels. (thenextweb.com)
  • An atomic bomb, like those bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, involves the splitting of atoms and a huge release of energy that produces the atomic mushroom cloud. (cdc.gov)
  • The truth is that National Socialist Germany could not possibly have built a weapon like the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima or Nagasaki. (pbs.org)
  • On Aug. 6 and Aug. 9, 1945, for the first time in world history, two nuclear bombs were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima (left) and Nagasaki (right). (howstuffworks.com)
  • The first nuclear bomb meant to kill humans exploded over Hiroshima, Japan, Aug. 6, 1945. (howstuffworks.com)
  • In 2009, the North Koreans successfully tested a nuclear weapon as powerful as the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. (howstuffworks.com)
  • The explosive energy released exceeded 3,800 times the Fat Man bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.The bomb and specially-modified bomber were actually ready in 1959, but testing was postponed until after a planned visit to the US by Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev aimed at defusing diplomatic tensions.The Soviet Union had two nuclear ranges: one near Semipalatinsk in Kazakhstan, and the other on Novaya Zemlya. (rt.com)
  • A month after the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945, the US government imposed a code of censorship in Japan, which means that photos of the effects of the nuclear device are somewhat difficult to come by. (kottke.org)
  • A burned out car is seen among rubble at the site of a bombing in Baghdad, Iraq, August 25, 2010. (upi.com)
  • The bare details were, sadly, routine enough: A gunner was killed and three crew members were wounded Saturday when their vehicle rolled over a homemade bomb buried beneath a road southeast of Baghdad. (baltimoresun.com)
  • An Iraqi walks past the scene of a car bomb attack in the Ameen neighborhood of eastern Baghdad, Iraq, Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013. (hurriyetdailynews.com)
  • Two car bombs exploded in a sheep market south of Baghdad on Friday, killing five people and wounding dozens of others, officials said. (hurriyetdailynews.com)
  • The blasts came a day after at least 26 people were killed and more than 60 wounded in a series of bomb attacks in the Baghdad area and shootings in northern Iraq. (hurriyetdailynews.com)
  • Iraqi policemen and civilians evacuate a victim of a suicide car bombing outside a police station in Baquba northeast of Baghdad. (chinadaily.com.cn)
  • The charred remains of a bus sits at the site of a suicide car bombing in Baqouba, Iraq, some 65 kms northeast of Baghdad, Wednesday July 28, 2004. (chinadaily.com.cn)
  • Separately today, police say a car bomb attack killed six people and wounded 14 others in northern Baghdad. (voanews.com)
  • Another roadside bomb on Palestine Street, a major thoroughfare in Baghdad, killed two Iraqis - a soldier and a civilian - and wounded seven others, said Iraqi officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to release the information. (foxnews.com)
  • BAGHDAD - Three suicide car bombs were detonated in the Shi'ite Baghdad neighborhood of Kadhimiya on Thursday followed by 12 mortar rounds fired in from outside the district, killing at least 16 people, security sources said. (jpost.com)
  • Dismayed, their colleagues carried on with their patrols, detaining insurgent suspects and searching for other bombs in farmyards and vehicles. (baltimoresun.com)
  • Newser) - The first of the eight suspects in the failed car-bomb attacks on Glasgow and London appeared in court today to answer to a charge of conspiracy to cause explosions. (newser.com)
  • Afghan officials say bomb attacks in two eastern provinces killed at least 10 police officers and one civilian on November 10. (rferl.org)
  • Three bomb attacks in northwest Pakistan - two in tribal regions near the Afghan border and a third near the region's main city of Peshawar - killed at least 36 people Monday, officials and a witness said. (nbcnews.com)
  • Biden also bombed targets in Syria in February, in retaliation after Iran-backed militias launched rocket attacks injured four American contractors one American service member. (breitbart.com)
  • KABUL, June 9 (Reuters) - Shoppers in the Afghan capital are going online for everything from fashion to furniture to avoid bomb attacks and sexual harassment, with dozens of start-ups doing a brisk trade where there were few on the ground two years ago. (aol.com)
  • No group has claimed responsibility for the bombing, which comes after a lull in recent attacks in the Iraqi capital. (thedailybeast.com)
  • Far-Right Norwegian Confesses to Oslo Bombing, Youth Camp Shooting Admits "to the facts" and says attacks were "gruesome but necessary. (nymag.com)
  • Rights activists charge that devastating militant attacks in the Caucasus - such as August's bombing of a police station in the capital of Ingushetia, which claimed more than 20 lives - are the bitter fruit of a brutal counterterrorism campaign. (thestar.com)
  • Also Wednesday, the military said clashes throughout Anbar province killed two coalition troops, and two U.S. soldiers were killed in separate roadside bombing attacks. (chinadaily.com.cn)
  • More than 200 schools have been burned down or targeted in bomb attacks over the past twelve years of the armed conflict. (hrw.org)
  • Because of the high A dud, @ or failure, rate of the submunitions contained inside cluster bombs, these submunitions in effect become antipersonnel landmines, unable to distinguish between combatants and innocent civilians and ready to detonate on contact. (hrw.org)
  • Cluster bomb submunitions, like antipersonnel landmines, therefore have the unique potential to injure and kill civilians both during and after a conflict C cluster bombs despite, and antipersonnel landmines because of their design. (hrw.org)
  • Afghanistan's Interior Ministry says roadside bomb blasts in southern Helmand province have killed six civilians. (voanews.com)
  • In the besieged southern port of Mariupol, the city council said Russian forces bombed a theatre where civilians were sheltering. (rte.ie)
  • In the 1920s, the air warfare theorist Giulio Douhet anticipated that aerial bombing would remove any distinction between soldiers and civilians. (upi.com)
  • Paradoxically, Douhet put forward this idea for the strategic bombing of civilians, in part, as a moral argument. (upi.com)
  • Whatever qualms about fire-bombing civilians emerged after that war were later enshrined in international humanitarian law . (upi.com)
  • Human rights groups opposed to cluster bombs say that it is does not distinguish between civilians and soldiers. (haaretz.com)
  • A good many of the bombs do not explode after they are dropped from an aircraft, and unexploded bombs create a kind of minefield that threaten civilians for years after the fighting has ended. (haaretz.com)
  • More than 40 civilians, including many children, were killed and another 300 were wounded by bombs that exploded after the fighting ended. (haaretz.com)
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  • San Diego Food Not Bombs is a group of people who take food that would have otherwise been wasted and makes hot vegan soup. (indybay.org)
  • People have expressed concern about dirty bombs and what they should do to protect themselves if a dirty bomb incident occurs. (cdc.gov)
  • Because your health and safety are our highest priorities, the health experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have prepared the following list of frequently asked questions and answers about dirty bombs. (cdc.gov)
  • The BLU-109A/B used with the GBU-24 and GBU-31(V)4/B is a special purpose bomb comprised of steel alloy used for hardened targets. (globalsecurity.org)
  • Egypt's air force bombed Islamic State targets inside Libya on Monday, a day after the group released a video showed the beheading of 21 Egyptians there, marking an escalation in Cairo's battle against militants. (newsweek.com)
  • Washington, 22 February 1999 (RFE/RL) -- U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright says NATO will not carry out its threat to bomb Serb targets if neither side accepts a political settlement at the Kosovo peace talks. (rferl.org)
  • Designated "Mor" - M150/M151 HE-TAG , (Terminal Area Guided) mortar bomb implements laser homing technique for improving the accuracy of the mortar fire against "time-urgent" area targets, rather than hitting point targets at pinpoint accuracy. (defense-update.com)
  • Multiple businesses and government buildings across the metro Atlanta area were the targets of emailed bomb threats Thursday afternoon, police said, believed to be in line with hoaxes that were received in cities across the country. (ajc.com)
  • The bombing came as two other blasts, in eastern Afghanistan, killed 10 policemen. (rferl.org)
  • We have seen more bomb blasts in Kabul that delayed our delivery services,' Esmatullah said. (aol.com)
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  • Material produced at this site was used in Trinity, the world's first test of a nuclear weapon on July 16, 1945, and in the nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, on Aug. 10, 1945. (livescience.com)
  • The nuclear bomb loomed over everyone and everything. (howstuffworks.com)
  • But the specter of the nuclear bomb never really went away. (howstuffworks.com)
  • The B61-12 will replace a 1-megaton nuclear bomb called the B83 (below). (businessinsider.com)
  • Scientists searching for quasicrystals - so-called 'impossible' materials, with unusual, non-repeating structures - have identified one in remnants of the world's first nuclear-bomb test. (nature.com)
  • But while the international community has come to the conclusion that the Islamic Republic must be prevented from attaining a nuclear bomb, it has not resolved on how exactly to achieve this. (iranian.com)
  • Then a gang of pretty sophisticated experts -- likely foreigners -- would have to work for weeks with noisy machine tools and other gear to make a nuclear bomb. (carnegieendowment.org)
  • But since the Fatah-affiliated Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade not only praised the bombing but (according to Reuters) tried to take credit for it, I guess Abbas is going out on a limb even by suggesting it was not a smart move. (reason.com)
  • The new detail about the bombs " says to me, and brother number two has said, they got the information on how to build the bomb from Inspire magazine," Ruppersberger remarked to Reuters. (nymag.com)
  • By Mohammed Ghobari SANAA (Reuters) - Two deadly car bombs hit the capital Sanaa and a southern city in Yemen on Tuesday, state news agency Saba reported, a day after air strike and clashes killed almost 200 people nationwide. (yahoo.com)
  • It is interesting that smart phones make it easier for terrorist to chat anonymously yet (like the Boston bombing) easier to find them due to the sheer volume of pictures taken. (appleinsider.com)
  • Cambridge academic Dr Beth Singler tweeted: "While we are on bomb threat lockdown during the AI conference at BBC Broadcasting House, and a robot is outside blowing things up, some of the BBC helpers are doing tai chi. (theguardian.com)
  • While we are on bomb threat lockdown during the AI conference at BBC Broadcasting house, and a robot is outside blowing things up, some of the BBC helpers are doing Tai Chi. (theguardian.com)
  • This small cache hidden near a bike trail was discovered by maintenance workers who thought it suspicious but an alert member of the bomb squad that responded to the scene was familiar with geocaching and quickly determined that the cache was not a threat. (geocaching.com)
  • The threat of the bomb is still real, even if now we think it's just an idea. (slate.com)
  • Howard students were under a shelter-in-place order after the university received another bomb threat. (newsweek.com)
  • Emhoff was removed from Dunbar High School in Washington where he was attending a Black History Month event because of a reported bomb threat. (newsweek.com)
  • Augusta Deputy Police Chief Jared Mills talks about an email bomb threat to the city's school system. (pressherald.com)
  • Use the Bomb Threat Checklist to try to gather information about the exact location of the bomb, the detonation time, description of the bomb, and type of explosive. (whitman.edu)
  • Terry Addison, 53, was charged with reporting a false bomb threat and malicious report of a false bomb threat, the San Francisco Police Department said in a statement. (go.com)
  • The bomb threat was reported Friday night, and authorities discovered a suspicious package, authorities said. (go.com)
  • Action News' Amber Nicotra has the latest on Sunday's bomb threat at the South Hills Village Mall. (wtae.com)
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  • The son of a Boston police captain has been accused of plotting to detonate pressure-cooker bombs at an unidentified university and to broadcast the killings of students live online, extremist acts aimed at supporting the Islamic State group, authorities said. (cdispatch.com)
  • During the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, two pressure cooker bombs exploded near the finish line, killing 3 people and injuring 264. (cdc.gov)
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  • When is the bomb going to explode? (whitman.edu)
  • In this country, car bombs are usually weapons of homicide, and usually set to explode when the target turns on the ignition. (schneier.com)
  • The IDF has said in the past that it has more modern cluster bombs, less than 1 percent of which do not explode on impact, and that are in accordance with international law. (haaretz.com)
  • According to the United Nations, between 20 percent and 40 percent of cluster bombs fired by Israel did not explode during the war. (haaretz.com)
  • Three days later, a second bomb detonated over Nagasaki. (howstuffworks.com)
  • Genome analysis of myelodysplastic syndromes among atomic bomb survivors in Nagasaki. (cdc.gov)
  • This image provided by CBS News shows a printer toner cartridge with wires and powder found Friday at the East Midlands airport, north of London, in a cargo package en route to the U.S. from Yemen. (cbc.ca)
  • The President has denounced the apparent bombing attempts, saying "Such conduct must be fiercely opposed and thoroughly prosecuted," but at a rally Thursday night and again Friday morning he blamed the media, tweeting that "fake news is fueling anger around the country. (abcactionnews.com)
  • Image of the bomb scene as tweeted by Thai News Agency via its account @TNAMCOT. (bangkokpost.com)
  • While this might sound like Earth-shattering news, a gravity bomb is not a futuristic weapons technology brought to Earth by aliens. (businessinsider.com)
  • As news of death tolls rising to more than 190, the bombing of a hospital, 800 more wounded and a possible cease fire--thousands stood in the rain during a flash flood warning today in New York City. (opednews.com)
  • Roughly a third of the public paid very close attention to news that British police had found and defused two car bombs in London, and another 31% followed the story fairly closely. (pewresearch.org)
  • The bomb went off at 4:45 p.m., as engineers were driving beside an irrigation ditch to support soldiers of the 1st Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, who had been clearing farmhouses and villages since a dawn air assault. (baltimoresun.com)
  • In March 1969, the US began secret carpet-bombing raids in Cambodia to stop North Vietnam transporting soldiers and supplies through the nation and into South Vietnam. (thenextweb.com)
  • Soldiers sometimes call them "dumb" bombs because there is no GPS guidance or rocket propulsion - just tail fins to help guide the bomb through the air toward its target. (businessinsider.com)
  • Qatar has strongly condemned the bombing that targeted a military site for refugee services at the northeastern border of Jordan, leaving six soldiers dead and 14 Jordanian army and security personnel injured. (gulf-times.com)
  • Cluster bombs were commonly used by various countries mainly when opposing armies on open battlefields, when the need arose to destroy missile batteries, armored columns or large numbers of enemy soldiers in a relatively small area. (haaretz.com)
  • WSJ's Josh Mitnick reports Jerusalem suffered one of its most violent days in several years as bombs went off in Jerusalem, killing one and injuring several people. (wsj.com)
  • Hamad, who was from the West Bank village of al-Gharakah, killed nine people who were working in the restaurant, waiting in line for falafel or shwarma, or passing by when he detonated his bomb, including a 47-year-old security guard who stopped him at the entrance, a 29-year-old from Holon whose wife was about to give birth to their third child, and two foreign workers from Romania. (reason.com)
  • The bomb injured about 70 people, including two children, a 60-year-old French tourist, and a 16-year-old American who was critically wounded. (reason.com)
  • The Hamas-run Interior Ministry called the bombing "a direct result of the policy of the occupation and the brutal aggression and siege committed against our people. (reason.com)
  • A huge Palestinian car bomb, which killed at least 17 people, has set back the latest international mission trying to bring peace to the Middle East. (economist.com)
  • The last time the two leaders met was a month ago, but Mr Sharon cut short that visit to return to Israel after a suicide bombing near Tel Aviv killed 15 people. (economist.com)
  • The latest suicide bomb attack, at a shrine in the city of Dera Ghazi Khan on April 3, killed 41 people. (latimes.com)
  • A bomb exploded in a flower bed near Kabul university on November 10, wounding three people. (rferl.org)
  • Also on November 10, a bomb planted in a flowerbed near a university in Kabul wounded three people. (rferl.org)
  • Earlier, a bomb exploded inside a school during a meeting of elders in Kurram tribal region, killing seven people. (nbcnews.com)
  • More people are increasingly comfortable dropping the f-bomb in their offices , client meetings, and even in their marketing . (entrepreneur.com)
  • A pair of bombs set off near each other killed a woman and wounded 29 people late Tuesday in the main town of Pattani province in the deep South. (bangkokpost.com)
  • Three package bombs left on doorsteps in suburban neighborhoods have exploded in less than two weeks in Texas' capital city, killing two people, wounding two others and leaving investigators vowing to look at any possible explanation for a motive. (cdispatch.com)
  • Two car bombs exploded at a bustling bus terminal and market in Nigeria's central city of Jos on Tuesday, killing at least 118 people, wounding dozens and leaving bloodied bodies amid the flaming debris. (cdispatch.com)
  • Witnesses say two bombs have exploded at Nigeria's northeastern University of Maiduguri, killing five people. (ynetnews.com)
  • Chechen rebels claimed responsibility Wednesday for last week's Russian train bombing, which killed at least 26 people and injured scores of others, a Web site sympathetic to the militants said. (thestar.com)
  • Some 68 people were killed and 56 others injured in the massive suicide bombing, as US Secretary of State Colin Powell was to meet Middle East allies after urging coalition forces to keep their nerve in Iraq. (chinadaily.com.cn)
  • Since then Indonesian, Singaporean, Malaysian, and Australian police have worked closely to track down dozens of people tied to the bombing. (csmonitor.com)
  • The bomb wounded at least four other people, including Ramadan. (voanews.com)
  • Well, in a terrorist attack where a bomb was planted in the parkade underneath a casino, you'd kind of expect the bomb to be big, so as to hurt people in the casino above. (schneier.com)
  • ANKARA, Turkey (AP) - A car bomb attack targeting government lodgings in southeastern Turkey has killed a 3-year-old child and wounded 15 people, an official said. (10news.com)
  • MARDAN: A police head constable was martyred while five other people, including two passers-by, sustained injuries in a bomb attack at the Chamthar Police Post, official sources said here on Thursday. (com.pk)
  • DAMASCUS (AP) - Syria's information minister has rejected Turkey's allegations that his country was behind two car bombs that killed 43 people in Turkey and wounded dozens more. (straitstimes.com)
  • The police had already evacuated some 6,000 people when the bomb exploded. (kpbs.org)
  • Warner allegedly set off a bomb inside a recreational vehicle Friday morning, injuring three people and damaging more than 40 businesses. (cnbc.com)
  • We are returning to the sinister phenomenon of using bombs against people, in this case against a very capable man who has never been afraid to voice his opinion, because his position, which is the peace camp's position, is that of a liberal voice, a democratic voice, a sane voice amidst the incitement," he said. (ynetnews.com)
  • People stand looking at a bombed building. (britishpathe.com)
  • Hidden Time Bombs in Your Noncompete Clause - Medscape - Jan 06, 2016. (medscape.com)
  • On the morning of September 6, 2016, apparent insurgents detonated a 20-kilogram bomb hidden in a motorcycle in front of Taba School in Tak Bai district in Narathiwat province. (hrw.org)
  • One device the U.S. military now uses in Iraq can detect TNT vapors through bomb casings and even in land mines buried six inches underground. (technologyreview.com)
  • One of the attackers in 2002 was a suicide bomber, though at the time many Indonesians had trouble believing that an Indonesian was capable of such an act, mirroring similar disbelief in Iraq when suicide tactics began there, and suggested his bomb may have simply exploded prematurely. (csmonitor.com)
  • Of a bomb meant for Iraq. (greenleft.org.au)
  • A series of at seven car bombs hit Iraq's capital city Thursday killing 33 and leaving dozens injured. (upi.com)
  • DISPOSAL experts have defused two pipe bombs left at a house in Ballymoney, Co Antrim. (independent.ie)
  • From October 22 to November 1, 2018, sixteen packages found to contain pipe bombs were mailed via the U.S. Postal Service to several Democratic Party politicians and other prominent critics of U.S. President Donald Trump . (wikipedia.org)
  • Prominent Israeli historian Professor Ze'ev Sternhell was lightly wounded in the early hours of the morning on Thursday after a pipe bomb went off outside his front door on Shai Agnon St. in Jerusalem. (ynetnews.com)
  • DENVER (CBS4) - Bradley Bunn, 55, pleaded guilty on Thursday threfo possessing pipe bombs after the FBI searched his Loveland home last May. (cbsnews.com)
  • The main danger from a dirty bomb is from the explosion, which can cause serious injuries and property damage. (cdc.gov)
  • The US Embassy in San Salvador was bombed and machine-gunned by unidentified men late Monday, but no injuries resulted, a spokesman for the US Embassy said. (csmonitor.com)
  • Since the two-week-old truce, in addition to Sunday's injuries, an Israeli soldier was killed and three others were wounded when a bomb exploded next to their patrol. (reuters.com)
  • Gholam Mahaiuddin sighs softly as he thinks of his 14-year-old son, who was killed in the spring by a bomb dropped last century in the hills of Bamiyan province in central Afghanistan. (deccanherald.com)
  • The cluster bombs were used extensively by Soviet forces, who dropped them like deadly rain across Afghanistan in the years following their December 1979 invasion. (deccanherald.com)
  • The pharmacist, Elke Koller, 68 years old, demanding the withdrawal of 20 American atomic bombs under guard at the Buchel military airfield, State of Rhineland-Palatinate. (pravda.ru)
  • Alert civilian at Tel Aviv Port spots government agent planting dummy bomb near vehicle as part of training course. (ynetnews.com)
  • A bombing raid on Dover leads to civilian casualties. (britishpathe.com)
  • The Israel Air Force is looking into destroying a type of cluster bombs that were used by the military during the Second Lebanon War against centers of civilian population. (haaretz.com)
  • Israel had pledged to the United States, which supplied it with cluster bombs of a type known as CBUs, that to prevent civilian casualties that they would not be dropped in populated areas. (haaretz.com)
  • But contrary to regulations issued by IDF senior officers, thousands of cluster bombs and rockets were used during the Second Lebanon War, some of which were directed at civilian areas. (haaretz.com)
  • In 2007, Avichai Mendelblit, then military advocate general and now Israel's attorney general, announced that no action would be taken against senior officers who were involved in firing cluster bombs at civilian populations in Southern Lebanon during the Second Lebanon War. (haaretz.com)
  • Winograd also noted that many of the unexploded bombs remained in civilian areas after the war and caused death and injury after the fighting was over. (haaretz.com)
  • Today in Syria, hundreds finally escaped Aleppo in buses and ambulances under a deal that will give the Assad dictatorship full control of the city that has been left in ruin by years of Syrian and Russian bombs. (cbsnews.com)
  • The bomb exploded near the homes of judges and prosecutors in the mainly-Kurdish town of Viransehir, in Sanliurfa province, which borders Syria. (10news.com)
  • Both U.S. and British forces have acknowledged using cluster bombs in the bombing campaign, which began on March 24, 1999. (hrw.org)
  • On March 24, 1999, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO ) commences air strikes against Yugoslavia with the bombing of Serbian military positions in the Yugoslav province of Kosovo. (history.com)
  • Anthony Quinn Warner, who was named by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as the suspect in the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville, appears in an undated Tennessee driver's license photograph released by the FBI December 28, 2020. (cnbc.com)
  • BOSTON - Slain Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was named as a participant in an earlier triple homicide by a man who was subsequently shot to death while being questioned by authorities, according to a filing made by federal prosecutors in the case against his brother, surviving bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. (latimes.com)
  • The victims were riding in a tractor and truck when the bombs went off in Arghistan district Sunday morning, said Kandahar Police Chief Gen. Abdul Raziq. (cnn.com)
  • That attack echoed a bombing that killed one person near the Afghan police headquarters in the capital, Kabul, a day earlier. (rferl.org)
  • Officials said three police were killed by a bomb planted in a rickshaw in Nangarhar province. (rferl.org)
  • This cache hidden near a police station was blown up by the bomb squad just one day after it was hidden when a geocacher was spotted rehiding the cache. (geocaching.com)
  • The bomb squad blew up this large ammo can hidden near a police station. (geocaching.com)
  • Police thought that the PVC container wrapped in camo tape might be explosive so the area was evacuated for about four hours while the bomb squad investigated. (geocaching.com)
  • At a certain point, the police asked me to go out and take a look with them to see if I could identify the man who laid the suspected bomb," she said. (ynetnews.com)
  • At a certain point, when the police took out the robot to neutralize the bomb, a man jumped out and said that he is from a government agency and that it was just a drill. (ynetnews.com)
  • Brigadier General Abdul Jalil al-Assadi, the police chief of Diwaniyah province, said the bombs went off about 7:30 am (0430 GMT) in the market, south of the province's eponymous capital. (hurriyetdailynews.com)
  • Far-Right Norwegian Held in Bombing and Slaughter at a Youth Camp [Updated] Police describe the man as "a right-wing fundamentalist Christian. (nymag.com)
  • Los Angeles Police Department's bomb squad was at the scene assessing the "suspicious item," LAX said. (newsweek.com)
  • A man was arrested for driving a limo through security gates at a Las Vegas airport while wearing a clown mask and telling police he had a "bomb" in the car. (newsweek.com)
  • Police say a roadside bomb in eastern Diyala province Sunday hit a convoy carrying Mohammed Ramadan, a senior member of Iraq's Patriotic Union of Kurdistan party. (voanews.com)
  • How about this: we fund a group called a "police department," and if a bomb goes off we call them and they try to find out who did it. (schneier.com)
  • The outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, has targeted police or government lodgings with car bombs in the past. (10news.com)
  • Police secure evidence Wednesday after a World War II bomb exploded in Goettingen, central Germany. (kpbs.org)
  • The police] simply announced to us that everybody must leave, because a bomb is being deactivated," Quetera says. (kpbs.org)
  • Police forensic teams are searching the area around the professor's home for evidence, believing the bombing to be tied to the threats. (ynetnews.com)
  • We are aware of emailed bomb threats being made nationwide," Atlanta police said in a statement. (ajc.com)
  • In Cobb County, authorities received bomb threats to the Superior Court building, police headquarters and 911 center, and two police precincts, Cobb government spokesman Ross Cavitt said. (ajc.com)
  • Several Gwinnett County businesses received emails making bomb threats and demanding Bitcoin, police said. (ajc.com)
  • It was then that SWAT officers approached the vehicle and the man detonated a bomb inside his car, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said. (abc15.com)
  • Police continued their work to defuse the remaining bombs, planted by the roadside of the federal highway Kavkaz, Interfax reported. (themoscowtimes.com)
  • Families of victims from the 1985 police bombing of Black liberation group MOVE's headquarters in Philadelphia learned remains previously thought destroyed were actually still intact. (newsone.com)
  • More like a bomb the size of the whole trunk of the car, and less like a hand grenade in a backpack (they didn't say it was a grenade, just that it was a quite small explosion). (schneier.com)
  • I assume they meant "we're not treating it as a terrorist attack, even though bombs are often associated with terrorist tactics rather than homicide. (schneier.com)
  • The FBI has attributed most of the bomb threats targeting HBCUs to "one person and a small group. (newsweek.com)
  • Another three Washington D.C. schools received bomb threats Friday, making it the third day of threats in the area in one week. (newsweek.com)
  • An investigation is ongoing after different schools in the Washington D.C. area were evacuated due to bomb threats. (newsweek.com)
  • The bomb squad was not called to investigate and none of the threats were determined to be credible. (ajc.com)
  • In Forsyth County, a similar tale: Six businesses reported emailed bomb threats demanding a cryptocurrency ransom, but none are legitimate, according to the sheriff's office. (ajc.com)
  • The incidents fit a disturbing trend of bomb threats around the city, state and country also made Thursday. (ajc.com)
  • Across Georgia and the country, there have been multiple reports of emailed bomb threats to businesses, universities and newspapers. (ajc.com)
  • In a statement, the FBI's national office said: "We are aware of the recent bomb threats made in cities around the country, and we remain in touch with our law enforcement partners to provide assistance. (ajc.com)
  • Human Rights Watch condemns the use of cluster bombs by NATO in its bombing campaign C Operation Allied Force C against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. (hrw.org)
  • If one side craters -- let's say the Serbs crater these talks -- then the result of that would be NATO bombing. (rferl.org)
  • What are the main dangers of a dirty bomb? (cdc.gov)
  • Earlier this spring, officials evacuated several hundred Berlin residents from offices and apartments after construction crews found a live 500-pound bomb near a main S-Bahn commuter rail track. (kpbs.org)
  • About a dozen rockets and mortar bombs were fired from Gaza Sunday, the Israeli military said. (reuters.com)
  • All work has halted on this large eastern Ukrainian farm, whose fields and buildings have been hit so many times by mortars, rockets, missiles and cluster bombs that its workers are unable to sow the crater-dotted land or harvest crops like wheat. (wtop.com)
  • Berlin city officials estimate there are some 4,000 unexploded pieces of ordnance -- mostly aerial bombs and artillery -- still scattered across the capital. (kpbs.org)
  • IAF cluster bombs, artillery shells and Multiple Launch Rocket Systems. (haaretz.com)
  • 1. My wife is acting like a total bitch time for me to head to the Blackberry Bomb Shelter . (urbandictionary.com)
  • When the DIY bath bombs have dried completely, it's time to package them up and give them away! (bhg.com)
  • Russian warplanes, in a second day of strikes, bombed a camp run by rebels trained by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, the group's commander said, putting Moscow and Washington on opposing sides in a Middle East conflict for the first time since the Cold War. (reuters.com)
  • In the interview, Fred Kaplan is back and this time he and Mike are talking about nuclear bombs. (slate.com)
  • Remove molds one side at a time and set bomb aside to dry. (hobbylobby.com)
  • But that bomb was dropped some time ago. (economist.com)
  • If these little pockets of potentially eruptible melt are the norm rather than the exception, then they're little ticking time bombs just beneath volcanoes," says Emma Liu , a volcanologist at University College London who wasn't involved with the work. (nationalgeographic.com)
  • The bomb was parachuted from 10,500 meters so that the bomber and a flying laboratory that was collecting data had time - 188 seconds - to leave the area.The bomb detonated at an altitude of 4,200 meters. (rt.com)
  • The development of an EMP bomb with a range of 1 kilometer will be finished by that time. (koreatimes.co.kr)
  • That is a ticking time-bomb of potential measles, diphtheria and polio outbreaks. (who.int)
  • The bomb squad responded but they stopped short of blowing up the cache upon seeing that the container was clearly labeled. (geocaching.com)
  • This ammo can in a community park was blasted with a water cannon and confiscated by the bomb squad ahead of the G8 Summit. (geocaching.com)
  • The bomb squad was called, fire crews were brought in, and 10 homes were evacuated after geocachers were spotted leaving a suspicious container wrapped in camo tape in the bushes outside a historical society museum. (geocaching.com)
  • The cache was x-rayed by the bomb squad and removed after it was determined to be harmless. (geocaching.com)
  • It was blown open by the bomb squad who left a note apologizing for damage to the container. (geocaching.com)
  • The bomb squad determined that it might be explosive because batteries were seen in x-ray images taken by the bomb squad robot. (geocaching.com)
  • The bomb squad responded to the scene and exploded the cache. (geocaching.com)
  • The bomb squad was called in and the cache was exploded. (geocaching.com)
  • Notify the bomb squad and clear the area. (whitman.edu)
  • The employee who found the device carried it to a wooded area, where bomb squad officers safely detonated it. (wikipedia.org)
  • It is a single-header bout featuring Naptown's Tornado Sirens vs. Fort Wayne's Bomb Squad. (brownpapertickets.com)
  • The Bomb Squad and The Sirens have a long history dating back to 2007. (brownpapertickets.com)
  • As the U.S. and the Soviets slipped into a decadeslong period of animosity that became known as the Cold War , both nations developed an even more powerful nuclear weapon - the hydrogen bomb - and built arsenals of warheads. (howstuffworks.com)
  • North Korean state television said the country successfully conducted its first hydrogen-bomb test Wednesday. (wsj.com)
  • successfully tested its first hydrogen bomb , a more powerful form of nuclear weapon than those in its arsenal to date. (wsj.com)
  • It is exactly 50 years since the USSR tested the most powerful hydrogen bomb ever made. (rt.com)
  • On October 30 1961, a specially modified Tu-95 strategic bomber enveloped in a protective white coating dropped a powerful hydrogen bomb at a testing range on Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic Ocean. (rt.com)
  • In 1950s, it was proved that there was no limit to the power of the hydrogen bomb, so it was decided to test a bomb of 100 megatons. (rt.com)
  • A suicide car bomb tore through a downtown street Wednesday, killing 68 Iraqis and turning a bustling area of shops and fruit stalls into charred corpses, twisted metal and burning cars - the deadliest attack in the month since U.S. authorities handed sovereignty to an interim government. (chinadaily.com.cn)
  • A suicide car bomb exploded in the northern Syrian city of Qamishli Sunday, in the first such attack in the country's Kurdish region which has been kept out of the conflict between opposition rebels and the government. (globalsecurity.org)
  • Recognizing the enormous power of nuclear weapons, it considered how to protect its nuclear monopoly even before it had built the bomb. (motherjones.com)
  • Leslie Groves, who was in charge of the bomb project, proposed in 1943 that the United States try to acquire total control of all the known uranium supplies in the world, to stop anyone else having access even to the basic material from which nuclear weapons are made. (motherjones.com)
  • building and owning bombs is illegal, as is owning or developing chemical or biological weapons. (prospect.org)
  • The devices have also been mounted on robots for remote surveys of suspected bomb sites and weapons caches, she says. (technologyreview.com)
  • They discuss the history of nuclear weapons in the US, why it's concerning that Trump holds the detonator, and how these bombs factor into modern day peacekeeping. (slate.com)
  • Scientists have found the oldest known sample of reactor-produced bomb-grade plutonium, a relic in a bottle that dates back to 1944 and the infancy of the U.S. nuclear weapons program. (livescience.com)
  • Instead of the military dropping traditional bombs, it wants to launch logic bombs as in cyber weapons that would "force an enemy's critical infrastructure to self-destruct. (computerworld.com)
  • The gravity bomb in this case is called a B61-12, and it's designed by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and Sandia Labs to carry nuclear weapons. (businessinsider.com)
  • The military says that, in the process, it will cut the number of nuclear gravity bombs by 50% and recycle only 17% of weapons-grade nuclear materials from old bombs into new ones. (businessinsider.com)
  • There are even among senior Pentagon military those who recognize that such bombs remaining stationed in Europe is meaningless, because the United States and its allies could defend themselves with weapons stationed outside Europe. (pravda.ru)
  • She was working at a food shop in front of the targeted hotel when the second bomb went off. (bangkokpost.com)
  • Both bombs went off and burst into flames in a parking lot behind the pub. (bangkokpost.com)
  • A university worker said the second bomb went off at an entrance gate. (ynetnews.com)
  • My guess is that these were remotely activated bombs because the two devices went off very close to each other, so were probably being controlled in some way," he says. (newscientist.com)
  • He was present when the bomb went off, and he perished in the bombing. (cnbc.com)
  • U.S. investigators have said the mail bombs found in the United Arab Emirates and England were headed to two synagogues in Chicago. (cbc.ca)
  • Zarkha, 26, said she had found her first cluster bomb a few days earlier. (deccanherald.com)
  • Homemade chemical bombs (HCBs) are made from commonly found chemicals. (cdc.gov)
  • Workers found a cluster bomb while clearing weeds, and there's a gaping hole in the roof of the shrapnel-scarred livestock barn. (wtop.com)
  • The nine German bomb-disposal experts -- men with years of experience -- were working Wednesday on a bomb found during construction of a sports arena in the central German town. (kpbs.org)
  • But Karadzhova's biggest revelation was that investigators had found a SIM card at the scene of the bombing and had hoped it would provide data on the suspect's contacts before they had arrived at the scene of the bombing. (ipsnews.net)
  • Amir Tahirov said Wednesday that the bomb was found near the village of Komsomolskoye in the northern part of Dagestan. (themoscowtimes.com)
  • Agents also found bomb-making materials inside Bunn's home, including more steel pipes, primers, fuses and bottles of smokeless powder. (cbsnews.com)
  • Authorities on Sunday identified Anthony Quinn Warner as the man behind a Christmas Day bombing that rocked downtown Nashville. (cnbc.com)
  • Authorities said at this point they have not classified the bombing as an act of domestic terrorism, noting that designation requires the act to be tied to an ideology. (cnbc.com)
  • The bombing of the federal Murrah office building was blamed by federal authorities on a bomb made from fertilizer inside a truck parked in front of the building by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. (globalresearch.ca)
  • The researchers then combined the model with military records of bombs dropped in the area and demining reports on unexploded ordnance in the ground. (thenextweb.com)
  • Now, a California company is using seed bombs as a strategy to fight the disappearance of bees. (treehugger.com)
  • U.S. Bombs hit California and Europe next month. (epitaph.com)
  • This so-called double tap is an increasingly common tactic by southern insurgents, with the aim of causing maximum casualties with the second bomb among those who respond to the first. (bangkokpost.com)