The physical characteristics of the body, including the mode of performance of functions, the activity of metabolic processes, the manner and degree of reactions to stimuli, and power of resistance to the attack of pathogenic organisms.
The fundamental principles and laws adopted by an organization for the regulation and governing of its affairs.
Medical practice or discipline that is based on the knowledge, cultures, and beliefs of the people of KOREA.
Particular categories of body build, determined on the basis of certain physical characteristics. The three basic body types are ectomorph (thin physique), endomorph (rounded physique), and mesomorph (athletic physique).
The vital life force in the body, supposedly able to be regulated by acupuncture. It corresponds roughly to the Greek pneuma, the Latin spiritus, and the ancient Indian prana. The concept of life-breath or vital energy was formulated as an indication of the awareness of man, originally directed externally toward nature or society but later turned inward to the self or life within. (From Comparison between Concepts of Life-Breath in East and West, 15th International Symposium on the Comparative History of Medicine - East and West, August 26-September 3, 1990, Shizuoka, Japan, pp. ix-x)
Abnormal number or structure of the SEX CHROMOSOMES. Some sex chromosome aberrations are associated with SEX CHROMOSOME DISORDERS and SEX CHROMOSOME DISORDERS OF SEX DEVELOPMENT.
In Chinese philosophy and religion, two principles, one negative, dark, and feminine (yin) and one positive, bright, and masculine (yang), from whose interaction all things are produced and all things are dissolved. As a concept the two polar elements referred originally to the shady and sunny sides of a valley or a hill but it developed into the relationship of any contrasting pair: those specified above (female-male, etc.) as well as cold-hot, wet-dry, weak-strong, etc. It is not a distinct system of thought by itself but permeates Chinese life and thought. A balance of yin and yang is essential to health. A deficiency of either principle can manifest as disease. (Encyclopedia Americana)
Abnormal genetic constitution in males characterized by an extra Y chromosome.
The homologous chromosomes that are dissimilar in the heterogametic sex. There are the X CHROMOSOME, the Y CHROMOSOME, and the W, Z chromosomes (in animals in which the female is the heterogametic sex (the silkworm moth Bombyx mori, for example)). In such cases the W chromosome is the female-determining and the male is ZZ. (From King & Stansfield, A Dictionary of Genetics, 4th ed)
Mapping of the KARYOTYPE of a cell.
The traditional Hindu system of medicine which is based on customs, beliefs, and practices of the Hindu culture. Ayurveda means "the science of Life": veda - science, ayur - life.
The chromosomal constitution of a cell containing multiples of the normal number of CHROMOSOMES; includes triploidy (symbol: 3N), tetraploidy (symbol: 4N), etc.
A plant genus of the family POACEAE. The small pointed seeds are grown for hay in North America and western Europe and important as food in China and other Asian countries.
The male sex chromosome, being the differential sex chromosome carried by half the male gametes and none of the female gametes in humans and in some other male-heterogametic species in which the homologue of the X chromosome has been retained.
The occurrence in an individual of two or more cell populations of different chromosomal constitutions, derived from a single ZYGOTE, as opposed to CHIMERISM in which the different cell populations are derived from more than one zygote.
Systematic physical exercise. This includes calisthenics, a system of light gymnastics for promoting strength and grace of carriage.
A syndrome of defective gonadal development in phenotypic females associated with the karyotype 45,X (or 45,XO). Patients generally are of short stature with undifferentiated GONADS (streak gonads), SEXUAL INFANTILISM, HYPOGONADISM, webbing of the neck, cubitus valgus, elevated GONADOTROPINS, decreased ESTRADIOL level in blood, and CONGENITAL HEART DEFECTS. NOONAN SYNDROME (also called Pseudo-Turner Syndrome and Male Turner Syndrome) resembles this disorder; however, it occurs in males and females with a normal karyotype and is inherited as an autosomal dominant.
A type of defective gonadal development in patients with a wide spectrum of chromosomal mosaic variants. Their karyotypes are of partial sex chromosome monosomy resulting from an absence or an abnormal second sex chromosome (X or Y). Karyotypes include 45,X/46,XX; 45,X/46,XX/47,XXX; 46,XXp-; 45,X/46,XY; 45,X/47,XYY; 46,XYpi; etc. The spectrum of phenotypes may range from phenotypic female to phenotypic male including variations in gonads and internal and external genitalia, depending on the ratio in each gonad of 45,X primordial germ cells to those with normal 46,XX or 46,XY constitution.
Abnormal number or structure of chromosomes. Chromosome aberrations may result in CHROMOSOME DISORDERS.
The female sex chromosome, being the differential sex chromosome carried by half the male gametes and all female gametes in human and other male-heterogametic species.
A form of male HYPOGONADISM, characterized by the presence of an extra X CHROMOSOME, small TESTES, seminiferous tubule dysgenesis, elevated levels of GONADOTROPINS, low serum TESTOSTERONE, underdeveloped secondary sex characteristics, and male infertility (INFERTILITY, MALE). Patients tend to have long legs and a slim, tall stature. GYNECOMASTIA is present in many of the patients. The classic form has the karyotype 47,XXY. Several karyotype variants include 48,XXYY; 48,XXXY; 49,XXXXY, and mosaic patterns ( 46,XY/47,XXY; 47,XXY/48,XXXY, etc.).
A type of IN SITU HYBRIDIZATION in which target sequences are stained with fluorescent dye so their location and size can be determined using fluorescence microscopy. This staining is sufficiently distinct that the hybridization signal can be seen both in metaphase spreads and in interphase nuclei.
The chromosomal constitution of cells, in which each type of CHROMOSOME is represented twice. Symbol: 2N or 2X.
Very long DNA molecules and associated proteins, HISTONES, and non-histone chromosomal proteins (CHROMOSOMAL PROTEINS, NON-HISTONE). Normally 46 chromosomes, including two sex chromosomes are found in the nucleus of human cells. They carry the hereditary information of the individual.
The chromosomal constitution of cells which deviate from the normal by the addition or subtraction of CHROMOSOMES, chromosome pairs, or chromosome fragments. In a normally diploid cell (DIPLOIDY) the loss of a chromosome pair is termed nullisomy (symbol: 2N-2), the loss of a single chromosome is MONOSOMY (symbol: 2N-1), the addition of a chromosome pair is tetrasomy (symbol: 2N+2), the addition of a single chromosome is TRISOMY (symbol: 2N+1).
In a prokaryotic cell or in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell, a structure consisting of or containing DNA which carries the genetic information essential to the cell. (From Singleton & Sainsbury, Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, 2d ed)
Complex nucleoprotein structures which contain the genomic DNA and are part of the CELL NUCLEUS of PLANTS.
The genetic process of crossbreeding between genetically dissimilar parents to produce a hybrid.
Validation of the SEX of an individual by inspection of the GONADS and/or by genetic tests.
The degree of replication of the chromosome set in the karyotype.
Staining of bands, or chromosome segments, allowing the precise identification of individual chromosomes or parts of chromosomes. Applications include the determination of chromosome rearrangements in malformation syndromes and cancer, the chemistry of chromosome segments, chromosome changes during evolution, and, in conjunction with cell hybridization studies, chromosome mapping.
The possession of a third chromosome of any one type in an otherwise diploid cell.
A type of CELL NUCLEUS division, occurring during maturation of the GERM CELLS. Two successive cell nucleus divisions following a single chromosome duplication (S PHASE) result in daughter cells with half the number of CHROMOSOMES as the parent cells.
Mature male germ cells derived from SPERMATIDS. As spermatids move toward the lumen of the SEMINIFEROUS TUBULES, they undergo extensive structural changes including the loss of cytoplasm, condensation of CHROMATIN into the SPERM HEAD, formation of the ACROSOME cap, the SPERM MIDPIECE and the SPERM TAIL that provides motility.
The mechanisms by which the SEX of an individual's GONADS are fixed.
The capital is Seoul. The country, established September 9, 1948, is located on the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. Its northern border is shared with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
The reproductive cells in multicellular organisms at various stages during GAMETOGENESIS.
The genetic constitution of the individual, comprising the ALLELES present at each GENETIC LOCUS.
Time period from 1901 through 2000 of the common era.
Clinical conditions caused by an abnormal chromosome constitution in which there is extra or missing chromosome material (either a whole chromosome or a chromosome segment). (from Thompson et al., Genetics in Medicine, 5th ed, p429)
A specific pair of GROUP D CHROMOSOMES of the human chromosome classification.
The genetic complement of a plant (PLANTS) as represented in its DNA.
The chromosomal constitution of cells, in which each type of CHROMOSOME is represented once. Symbol: N.
Specific regions that are mapped within a GENOME. Genetic loci are usually identified with a shorthand notation that indicates the chromosome number and the position of a specific band along the P or Q arm of the chromosome where they are found. For example the locus 6p21 is found within band 21 of the P-arm of CHROMOSOME 6. Many well known genetic loci are also known by common names that are associated with a genetic function or HEREDITARY DISEASE.
Deliberate breeding of two different individuals that results in offspring that carry part of the genetic material of each parent. The parent organisms must be genetically compatible and may be from different varieties or closely related species.
Variant forms of the same gene, occupying the same locus on homologous CHROMOSOMES, and governing the variants in production of the same gene product.
The outward appearance of the individual. It is the product of interactions between genes, and between the GENOTYPE and the environment.
Descriptions of specific amino acid, carbohydrate, or nucleotide sequences which have appeared in the published literature and/or are deposited in and maintained by databanks such as GENBANK, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), National Biomedical Research Foundation (NBRF), or other sequence repositories.
The status during which female mammals carry their developing young (EMBRYOS or FETUSES) in utero before birth, beginning from FERTILIZATION to BIRTH.
Female germ cells derived from OOGONIA and termed OOCYTES when they enter MEIOSIS. The primary oocytes begin meiosis but are arrested at the diplotene state until OVULATION at PUBERTY to give rise to haploid secondary oocytes or ova (OVUM).
An individual that contains cell populations derived from different zygotes.
Deoxyribonucleic acid that makes up the genetic material of plants.
The genetic complement of an organism, including all of its GENES, as represented in its DNA, or in some cases, its RNA.
The relationships of groups of organisms as reflected by their genetic makeup.
Genotypic differences observed among individuals in a population.
The inability of the male to effect FERTILIZATION of an OVUM after a specified period of unprotected intercourse. Male sterility is permanent infertility.
An assisted reproductive technique that includes the direct handling and manipulation of oocytes and sperm to achieve fertilization in vitro.
A type of chromosome aberration characterized by CHROMOSOME BREAKAGE and transfer of the broken-off portion to another location, often to a different chromosome.
The male gonad containing two functional parts: the SEMINIFEROUS TUBULES for the production and transport of male germ cells (SPERMATOGENESIS) and the interstitial compartment containing LEYDIG CELLS that produce ANDROGENS.
Any method used for determining the location of and relative distances between genes on a chromosome.
The sequence of PURINES and PYRIMIDINES in nucleic acids and polynucleotides. It is also called nucleotide sequence.
The restriction of a characteristic behavior, anatomical structure or physical system, such as immune response; metabolic response, or gene or gene variant to the members of one species. It refers to that property which differentiates one species from another but it is also used for phylogenetic levels higher or lower than the species.
A category of nucleic acid sequences that function as units of heredity and which code for the basic instructions for the development, reproduction, and maintenance of organisms.
The regular and simultaneous occurrence in a single interbreeding population of two or more discontinuous genotypes. The concept includes differences in genotypes ranging in size from a single nucleotide site (POLYMORPHISM, SINGLE NUCLEOTIDE) to large nucleotide sequences visible at a chromosomal level.
Production of new arrangements of DNA by various mechanisms such as assortment and segregation, CROSSING OVER; GENE CONVERSION; GENETIC TRANSFORMATION; GENETIC CONJUGATION; GENETIC TRANSDUCTION; or mixed infection of viruses.
The location of the atoms, groups or ions relative to one another in a molecule, as well as the number, type and location of covalent bonds.
A multistage process that includes cloning, physical mapping, subcloning, determination of the DNA SEQUENCE, and information analysis.
Any detectable and heritable change in the genetic material that causes a change in the GENOTYPE and which is transmitted to daughter cells and to succeeding generations.
An individual having different alleles at one or more loci regarding a specific character.
The proportion of one particular in the total of all ALLELES for one genetic locus in a breeding POPULATION.
A phenotypically recognizable genetic trait which can be used to identify a genetic locus, a linkage group, or a recombination event.
The functional hereditary units of PLANTS.
A variety of simple repeat sequences that are distributed throughout the GENOME. They are characterized by a short repeat unit of 2-8 basepairs that is repeated up to 100 times. They are also known as short tandem repeats (STRs).
A country spanning from central Asia to the Pacific Ocean.
The process of cumulative change over successive generations through which organisms acquire their distinguishing morphological and physiological characteristics.
The order of amino acids as they occur in a polypeptide chain. This is referred to as the primary structure of proteins. It is of fundamental importance in determining PROTEIN CONFORMATION.
A species of fruit fly much used in genetics because of the large size of its chromosomes.
Within a eukaryotic cell, a membrane-limited body which contains chromosomes and one or more nucleoli (CELL NUCLEOLUS). The nuclear membrane consists of a double unit-type membrane which is perforated by a number of pores; the outermost membrane is continuous with the ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM. A cell may contain more than one nucleus. (From Singleton & Sainsbury, Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, 2d ed)
The process of cumulative change at the level of DNA; RNA; and PROTEINS, over successive generations.
An analysis comparing the allele frequencies of all available (or a whole GENOME representative set of) polymorphic markers in unrelated patients with a specific symptom or disease condition, and those of healthy controls to identify markers associated with a specific disease or condition.

The developmental basis for allometry in insects. (1/1380)

Within all species of animals, the size of each organ bears a specific relationship to overall body size. These patterns of organ size relative to total body size are called static allometry and have enchanted biologists for centuries, yet the mechanisms generating these patterns have attracted little experimental study. We review recent and older work on holometabolous insect development that sheds light on these mechanisms. In insects, static allometry can be divided into at least two processes: (1) the autonomous specification of organ identity, perhaps including the approximate size of the organ, and (2) the determination of the final size of organs based on total body size. We present three models to explain the second process: (1) all organs autonomously absorb nutrients and grow at organ-specific rates, (2) a centralized system measures a close correlate of total body size and distributes this information to all organs, and (3) autonomous organ growth is combined with feedback between growing organs to modulate final sizes. We provide evidence supporting models 2 and 3 and also suggest that hormones are the messengers of size information. Advances in our understanding of the mechanisms of allometry will come through the integrated study of whole tissues using techniques from development, genetics, endocrinology and population biology.  (+info)

VEGF is required for growth and survival in neonatal mice. (2/1380)

We employed two independent approaches to inactivate the angiogenic protein VEGF in newborn mice: inducible, Cre-loxP- mediated gene targeting, or administration of mFlt(1-3)-IgG, a soluble VEGF receptor chimeric protein. Partial inhibition of VEGF achieved by inducible gene targeting resulted in increased mortality, stunted body growth and impaired organ development, most notably of the liver. Administration of mFlt(1-3)-IgG, which achieves a higher degree of VEGF inhibition, resulted in nearly complete growth arrest and lethality. Ultrastructural analysis documented alterations in endothelial and other cell types. Histological and biochemical changes consistent with liver and renal failure were observed. Endothelial cells isolated from the liver of mFlt(1-3)-IgG-treated neonates demonstrated an increased apoptotic index, indicating that VEGF is required not only for proliferation but also for survival of endothelial cells. However, such treatment resulted in less significant alterations as the animal matured, and the dependence on VEGF was eventually lost some time after the fourth postnatal week. Administration of mFlt(1-3)-IgG to juvenile mice failed to induce apoptosis in liver endothelial cells. Thus, VEGF is essential for growth and survival in early postnatal life. However, in the fully developed animal, VEGF is likely to be involved primarily in active angiogenesis processes such as corpus luteum development.  (+info)

Regulation of body length and male tail ray pattern formation of Caenorhabditis elegans by a member of TGF-beta family. (3/1380)

We have identified a new member of the TGF-beta superfamily, CET-1, from Caenorhabditis elegans, which is expressed in the ventral nerve cord and other neurons. cet-1 null mutants have shortened bodies and male tail abnormal phenotype resembling sma mutants, suggesting cet-1, sma-2, sma-3 and sma-4 share a common pathway. Overexpression experiments demonstrated that cet-1 function requires wild-type sma genes. Interestingly, CET-1 appears to affect body length in a dose-dependent manner. Heterozygotes for cet-1 displayed body lengths ranging between null mutant and wild type, and overexpression of CET-1 in wild-type worms elongated body length close to lon mutants. In male sensory ray patterning, lack of cet-1 function results in ray fusions. Epistasis analysis revealed that mab-21 lies downstream and is negatively regulated by the cet-1/sma pathway in the male tail. Our results show that cet-1 controls diverse biological processes during C. elegans development probably through different target genes.  (+info)

Constitutional, biochemical and lifestyle correlates of fibrinogen and factor VII activity in Polish urban and rural populations. (4/1380)

BACKGROUND: Fibrinogen and factor VII activity are known to be related to atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease, but population differences in clotting factors and modifiable characteristics that influence their levels have not been widely explored. METHODS: This paper examines correlates of plasma fibrinogen concentration and factor VII activity in 2443 men and women aged 35-64 in random samples selected from the residents in two districts in urban Warsaw (618 men and 651 women) and from rural Tarnobrzeg Province (556 men and 618 women) screened in 1987-1988, and assesses which characteristics might explain urban-rural differences. Fibrinogen and factor VII activity were determined using coagulation methods. RESULTS: Fibrinogen was 12.9 mg/dl higher in men and 14.1 mg/dl higher in women in Tarnobrzeg compared to Warsaw. Factor VII activity was higher in Warsaw (9.2% in men and 15.3% in women). After adjustment for selected characteristics, fibrinogen was higher in smokers compared to non-smokers by 28 mg/dl in men and 22 mg/dl in women. In women, a 15 mg/dl increase in HDL-cholesterol was associated with a 10 mg/dl decrease in fibrinogen (P < 0.01). After adjustment for other variables, a higher factor VII activity in Warsaw remained significant (a difference of 9.4% in men and 14.8% in women). Lower fibrinogen in Warsaw remained significant only in women (15.4 mg/dl difference). CONCLUSIONS: The study confirmed that sex, age, BMI, smoking and blood lipids are related to clotting factors. However, with the exception of gender differences and smoking, associations between clotting factors and other variables were small and of questionable practical importance.  (+info)

Relation between obesity and breast cancer in young women. (5/1380)

This study was conducted to assess the relation between body size and risk of breast cancer among young women. A case-control study was conducted among women aged 21-45 years living in three counties in Washington State. Cases were women born after 1944 with invasive or in situ breast cancer that was diagnosed between January 1, 1983, and April 30, 1990. Controls were selected using random digit dialing and were frequency-matched to cases on the basis of age and county of residence. Interviews took place between 1986 and 1992. Body size was evaluated using indices from several different time periods. After adjustment for confounders, a decreased risk of breast cancer was found for women in the highest quintile of body mass index (weight (kg)/height (m)2) as compared with the lowest quintile (for maximum lifetime body mass index, odds ratio = 0.69, 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.51-0.94). Age modified the relation between body size and risk of breast cancer. The odds ratio for women in the highest quintile of maximum body mass index who were aged 21-35 years was 0.29 (95% CI 0.16-0.55), as compared with an odds ratio of 1.5 for women aged 36-45 years (95% CI 0.9-2.5) (p for interaction = 0.003). This study supports prior research showing a decreased risk of breast cancer associated with increased body size among premenopausal or young women. More detailed analysis in this study found a strong effect that was limited to the youngest age group (< or = 35 years).  (+info)

Heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70) protects postimplantation murine embryos from the embryolethal effects of hyperthermia. (6/1380)

Previous work has shown that there is a positive correlation between the induction of Hsp70 and its transient nuclear localization and the acquisition and loss of induced thermotolerance in postimplantation rat embryos. To determine whether Hsp70 is sufficient to induce thermotolerance in postimplantation mammalian embryos, we used a transgenic mouse in which the normally strictly inducible Hsp70 is constitutively expressed in the embryo under the control of a beta-actin promoter. Day 8.0 mouse embryos heterozygous for the Hsp70 transgene were not protected from the embryotoxic effects of hyperthermia (43 degrees C); however, homozygous embryos, expressing approximately twice as much Hsp70 as heterozygous embryos, were partially protected (increased embryo viability) from the embryolethal effects of hyperthermia. Although the viability of transgenic embryos was significantly increased compared with that of nontransgenic embryos, this protection did not extend to embryo growth and development. To determine whether the failure to achieve a more robust protection was related to the expression of insufficient Hsp70 in transgenic embryos, we undertook experiments to determine whether the level of Hsp70 correlated with the level of thermotolerance induced by various lengths of a 41 degrees C heat shock. A 41 degrees C, 5-minute heat shock failed to induce Hsp70 or thermotolerance, a 41 degrees C, 15-minute heat shock induced Hsp70 and a significant level of thermotolerance, while a 41 degrees C, 60-minute heat shock induced an even higher level of Hsp70 as well as a higher level of thermotolerance. Quantitation of Hsp70 levels indicated that thermotolerance was associated with levels of Hsp70 of 820 pg/microg embryo protein or greater. Subsequent quantitation of the amount of Hsp70 expressed in homozygous transgenic embryos indicated a level of 577 pg/microg embryo protein, that is, a level below that associated with induced thermotolerance. Overall, results presented indicate that Hsp70 does play a direct role in the induction of thermotolerance in postimplantation mouse embryos; however, the level of thermotolerance is dependent on the level of Hsp70 expressed.  (+info)

Environmental contaminants and body fat distribution. (7/1380)

The effect of body mass index (BMI) and waist:hip ratio (WHR) on plasma levels of organochlorines [i.e., 1,1-dichloro-2,2-bis(p-chlorophenyl)ethylene (DDE)] was investigated in a sample of black and white women drawn from a population-based study in North Carolina. Organochlorine levels were determined in plasma samples from 99 women selected on the basis of race (black versus white) and quartile of the WHR (1st versus 4th). Of a panel of 20 organochlorine compounds tested, only DDE was detectable in most study subjects. Measurements of height, weight, and waist and hip circumferences were taken during an in-person interview. Information was elicited regarding dietary, residential, and breast-feeding histories. Results of multiple regression analyses indicate that black women had significantly higher plasma levels of DDE than white women. These levels were independent of BMI and WHR. BMI but not WHR was also found to be an independent predictor of DDE plasma level. These results suggest that black/white differences should be considered in studies that explore the relationship between environmental contaminants and various disease outcomes, such as breast cancer risk. In addition, BMI may affect circulating levels of contaminants and should also be considered a potentially important modifying factor for exposure to lipophilic substances.  (+info)

The diameter of the common femoral artery in healthy human: influence of sex, age, and body size. (8/1380)

PURPOSE: To determine the relevance of dilatations of the common femoral artery (CFA), knowledge of the normal CFA diameter is essential. The diameter of the CFA in healthy male and female subjects of different ages was investigated. METHODS: The diameter of the CFA was measured in 122 healthy volunteers (59 male, 63 female; 8 to 81 years of age) with echo-tracking B-mode ultrasound scan. The influence of age, sex, height, weight, body surface area (BSA), and systolic blood pressure was analyzed by means of a multiple regression model. RESULTS: The CFA increased steadily in diameter throughout life. From 25 years onwards, the diameter was larger in men than in women. Significant correlations were found between the CFA diameter and weight (r = 0.58 and r = 0.57 in male and female subjects, respectively; P <.0001), height (r = 0.49 and r = 0.54 in male and female subjects, respectively; P <.0001), and BSA (r = 0.60 and r = 0.62 in male and female subjects, respectively; P <.0001). Age and BSA were used to create a model for prediction of the CFA diameter (r = 0.71 and r = 0.77 in male and female subjects, respectively; P <.0001). CONCLUSION: The diameter of the CFA increases with age, initially during growth but also in adults. This is related to age, body size, and sex male subjects have larger arteries than female subjects. It is now possible to predict the normal CFA diameter, and nomograms that may be used in the study of aneurysmal disease are presented.  (+info)

We are all living longer, but can we also live better? Edwina Ings-Chambers discovers the secret to becoming a healthy centenarian.
As a general rule of thumb, growing and performance horses, as well as general-use horses, should be kept at a BCS of 4-7, with a 5 being ideal. Broodmares should generally be kept at a 5.5-7.5.. Learning how to assign a Body Condition Score may take a little practice, and what you call a 4.5 might be a 5 to your neighbor, but what is most important to your own herd is that you assign scores to each horse, then track them over time to ensure that everyone is receiving all the care they need.. For your reference, here is a quick how-to video ...
Keeping your body condition scoring (BCS) skills sharp will help you become a better herd manager, regardless of your experience.
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MILLIPLEX MAP Mouse Cytokine/Chemokine Magnetic Bead Panel II, MECY2MAG-73K Simultaneously analyze multiple cytokine and chemokine biomarkers with Bead-Based Multiplex Assays using the Luminex technology, in mouse serum, plasma and cell culture samples.; find Millipore-MECY2MAG-73K MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products & more at Sigma-Aldrich.
TCM body constitution could indicate the overall health status of individuals, and unbalanced body constitution often represents deteriorated health status, a condition that western medicine will diagnose as no disease. Therefore, body constitution has enormous potential application in preventive treatment of diseases. Impaired glucose regulation (IGR) is an intermediate metabolic state between health status and diabetes mellitus, and is a potential illness for the research and clinical application of body constitution. This study explored TCM body constitution types among IGR subjects and their associations with serum cytokines and incidence of diabetes. This is the first investigation on the association between TCM body constitution type and risk factors of daibetes among IGR subjects. The results showed that Phlegm-damp, Damp-heat and Qi-deficiency constitution were all associated with lower serum level of adiponectin and higher serum level of leptin. Phlegm-damp and Damp-heat constitution ...
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TY - JOUR. T1 - Body condition score as an indicator of ewe survival under extensive conditions. AU - Morgan-Davies, C. AU - Waterhouse, A. AU - Pollock, ML. AU - Milner, JM. N1 - 641024. PY - 2008. Y1 - 2008. N2 - Survival and mortality of extensive hill ewes are important commercial factors and valuable indicators of welfare, but difficult to study. Body condition scoring is a tried-and-tested management and monitoring tool which has been defined as a good predictor of fitness in ewes and is easily measured under hill farm conditions. This paper presents the results of a study on ewe survival rates in hill conditions in Scotland. Ewe performance and survival rates were measured in two contrasting hill flocks over a five-year period. Statistical analysis showed that mid-pregnancy body condition score was the most reliable indicator of subsequent ewe survival, followed closely by age of the ewe and environmental and management conditions. This study confirms that there are considerable welfare ...
This project may allow us to identify biological pathways that can provide new treatment opportunities based on a patients specific genetic makeup, added Freudenberg-Hua, whose team will compare the genes of patients with Alzheimers disease against those of healthy individuals aged 100 years and older.. Kevin Tracey, president and CEO of the Northwell Health systems research-and-development institution, said Freudenberg-Huas long-term study - Identification of Risk Genes by Comparing Whole Genome Sequences of Alzheimers Disease Patients and Cognitively Healthy Centenarians - comes at a critical time for those millions of Alzheimers patients and the researchers trying to help.. NIH investment in Dr. Freudenberg-Huas study of the genetics of Alzheimers disease is significant and timely, Tracey said in a statement. Federal support for this important peer-reviewed research is a crucial step toward filling an existing knowledge gap, one that must be filled in order to provide answers to ...
Effects of Target Plant Species Body Size on Neighbourhood Species Richness and Composition in Old-Field Vegetation. . Biblioteca virtual para leer y descargar libros, documentos, trabajos y tesis universitarias en PDF. Material universiario, documentación y tareas realizadas por universitarios en nuestra biblioteca. Para descargar gratis y para leer online.
The investigators looked at BMI, waist-to-hip ratio, waist measure, and hip measure in more than 27,000 people from 52 countries. Half the participants had previously had a heart attack and half were age and sex-matched controls (individuals who had not had a heart attack and were the same age and sex as cases). The team found that BMI was only slightly higher in heart attack patients than in controls, with no difference in the Middle East and South Asia. By contrast, heart attack patients had a strikingly higher waist-to-hip ratio than controls, irrespective of other cardiovascular risk factors. The researchers found that this observation was consistent in men and women, across all ages, and in all regions of the world ...
An increased body condition score can lead to orthopedic, reproductive, urinary, and cardiorespiratory disorders along with a number of other diseases. Anesthetic and physical evaluations are also more complicated with an overweight animal. The longevity of your pets life can be significantly decreased with a higher body condition score, as well.. Management of your pets body condition score is part of what is called a multimodal therapy, which includes dietary management, lifestyle management and monitoring of weight gain or weight loss.. An individual patient should have their diet assessed and then have balanced diet options that are recommended by their veterinarian. There are a number of different diets available to accommodate breed, size, age and disease.. Physical activity is another area of lifestyle management. Playing outside for a few minutes each day or walking around the block will keep your pet more active.. The above image is the Nestle Purina Body Condition System. This ...
Clinical Trials - To examine the relationships of obesity and fat patterning with morbidity and mortality in Black Americans.
Waist-to-hip ratio is the ratio of your waist circumference to your hip circumference. This calculator is used to find the proportion of fat stored on your waist and hip.
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Pada wanita, obesitas sentral ditandai dengan lingkar perut lebih dari 88 cm, sedangkan pada pria yaitu lebih dari cm. Atau, periksa rasio pinggang-pinggul (waist to hip ratio) Anda. Wanita dengan rasio pinggang-pinggul lebih dari 0,8 atau pria dengan rasio pinggang-pinggul lebih dari 1,0 memiliki risiko kesehatan yang lebih tinggi karena distribusi lemak mereka.
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TY - JOUR. T1 - Visual body-size adaptation and estimation of tactile distance. AU - Zopf, Regine. AU - Kosourikhina, Veronika. AU - Brooks, Kevin R.. AU - Polito, Vince. AU - Stephen, Ian D.. PY - 2021/6/12. Y1 - 2021/6/12. N2 - Estimating the size of bodies is crucial for interactions with physical and social environments. Body-size perception is malleable and can be altered using visual adaptation paradigms. However, it is unclear whether such visual adaptation effects also transfer to other modalities and influence, for example, the perception of tactile distances. In this study, we employed a visual adaptation paradigm. Participants were exposed to images of expanded or contracted versions of self- or other-identity bodies. Before and after this adaptation, they were asked to manipulate the width of body stimuli to appear as normal as possible. We replicated an effect of visual adaptation such that the body-size selected as most normal was larger after exposure to expanded and thinner ...
Waist-to-hip ratio, not body mass index (BMI), is the best obesity measure for assessing a persons risk of heart attack, concludes a global study published in this weeks issue of The Lancet. If obesity is redefined using waist-to-hip ratio instead of BMI the proportion of people at risk of heart attack increases by threefold, calculate the authors.
Read The relationship between body condition score and ultrasonic fat measurements in mares of high versus low body condition, Journal of Equine Veterinary Science on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips.
With the help of a ruler and a pencil, make a mark on the wall at your level height. While those are still around, this is a newer, more accurate way to calculate what is truly a healthy weight range for you. Regular: 53 1/2 - 56 How to Measure: Womens. Wrap your thumb and middle finger around your wrist on the opposite hand to try touch the two. This is the photographic height/weight chart! Click on any thumbnail image to load a page showing a full-size photograph. Frame Size Calculator On this page, the calculator provides two methods for calculating the body frame size, The standard method is to measure the circumference of your wrist just above the bone. 6 describes someone who does very light activity at school or work (mostly sitting) and moderate physical activity (such as walking or cycling) at least once a week. Submitted by Mikey. Plus, it will also tell you how many pounds or kilograms you will need to lose or gain to achieve that ideal. Increased Bone Density and Bone Health is ...
Learning about body fat distribution and how it differs between men and women is a very interesting topic a lot of people ignore. Learn about it with us!
Get Constitution essential facts. View Videos or join the Constitution discussion. Add Constitution to your topic list or share. Constitution at
Ayurveda is a science of life that calls on every individual to live in perfect harmony with his natural environment. It is a holistic system that states that health of an individual is based on a perfect balance of three doshas, called the Tridoshas i.e. Vatta, Pita and Kapha. These three doshas form the constitution of an individual. When any one of these doshas exhibit an imbalance in an individual due to an unhealthy lifestyle, diet, or too much mental or physical strain, disease sets in. Disease in short is caused by imbalance in the body constitution of an individual. Ayurveda system of treatment rectifies these imbalances and helps an individual maintain and bring back a perfect balance of his body, mind and soul, thus assuring an individual a life free from every form of disease. A perfect harmony and balance of the body constitution, in short, guarantees perfect health. Ayurveda promotes such a healthy life style ...
Looking for online definition of body condition scale in the Medical Dictionary? body condition scale explanation free. What is body condition scale? Meaning of body condition scale medical term. What does body condition scale mean?
3050 words Why are men attracted to low waist-to-hip ratios (WHR)? Like with a lot of our preferences, there is an evolutionary reason why men are attracted to low WHR. I came across a paper the other day by M.D. William Lassek, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Research Associate in the department of Anthropology at the…
2. The Constitution of the United States of America. 7 Articles Of The Constitution ( Simple Summary) STUDY. The Articles of the Constitution were written on June 21, 1788. Text of Article 5 of the Constitution. Article IV of the U.S. Constitution is a relatively uncontroversial section that establishes the relationship between states and their disparate laws. Article 1 . Download. Any law inconsistent with this Constitution shall, to the extent of such inconsistency, be void. The purpose of the Preamble is to explain why the forefathers wrote the Constitution. Article 1. All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives. The Constitution contains 50 articles. The text of Article 5 is the following: Spell. Article 16 of the Constitution of India is, briefly put, about equality of opportunity in public employment, i.e., under the office of the State, for citizens. The Articles of the Constitution ...
40 postmenopausal women (age 40-62) and 30 men (age 18-45) will be recruited if they are healthy, at their lifetime maximal weight, have been weight stable for at least six months prior to entry, have a BMI between 19 and 39.9 kg/m2, and be willing to commit to not making significant changes to their diet or daily activities while enrolled in the study ...
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It was after supper when we got there. Dr. Jensen and a Tech from the Clinic helped us get the colt into the heated stall, took his vitals, and got him going on IV. There was plenty to be worried about. He was in serious shape. If the body condition score system included negative numbers, thats what the colt would be. But One is the lowest it goes. Below that is Death. The colt was somewhere in between. Still, his will to eat, drink and stand - his will to survive - gave us some hope. Still about 30 miles from home, with the storm getting worse, we needed to leave. He was warm, dry, had food, and a Doctor would be back in the morning. The filly was already eating non-stop in a different stall. While she too had a low body condition score, her vitals were not too far off and she seemed comfortable in her stall. We decided it would be better if she were not in with the colt, since he couldnt get up; and we didnt want her to step on him or get caught up in his IV ...
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Our constitution provides the framework within which we conduct our business. It describes who is responsible for making decisions. We amend our constitution on a regular basis to keep it up to date and to reflect changes in the law.. ...
On 30 January 1948, Gandhi passed away even as the fledgling republic sat down to write its own constitution. The Aundh Experiment gives us some clues on what a Gandhian constitution might have looked like
Anterior (front) shot of Male body showing entire body interior including xray skin, circulatory, skeletal systems and organs the liver, lungs, intesti...
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We finally framed a new constitution through a Constituent Assembly after four years of debate and discussion on the constitutional issues. Yet for all the toils, we could not do justice to women.
Sometimes when you research a question, poof your answer is clear, defined, lots of material out there. Thats how I like it. This question was like searching for the Holy Grail. Not much information, not any studies proving definitively anything. Heres what I found. An average adult has 206 bones in their
This Constitution was adopted in its original form on August 22,1984 and has incorporated the amendment agreed and approved at the following meetings of assembly ...
Interrelations between Body Mass Index, Percentage of Body Fat, and Waist-to-Hip Ratio among different groups of students at the University of Banja ...
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Absolute weight is not the only important criterion by which to evaluate the horse. Appearance and condition have always been used as indicators of fitness and health. This condition score system was developed in an attempt to standardize these descriptions and to allow for easier comparison and communication: 1. POOR Animal is extremely emaciated; spinal column…
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We acknowledge and are mindful that Chico State stands on lands that were originally occupied by the first people of this area, the Mechoopda, and we recognize their distinctive spiritual relationship with this land and the waters that run through campus. We are humbled that our campus resides upon sacred lands that once sustained the Mechoopda people for centuries. ...
The black frame in satin aluminium encloses the picture with a thin joint. From the front view, the observer takes only a narrow edge of the frame; the focus is on the picture. The overall product appears light, linear and puristic. The picture comes into its own.. Frame depth 2.5cm with frame size 120 x 90cm (4:3) and 120 x 80cm (3:2) respectively ...
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Article Patterns In Palaeontology: Trends of body-size evolution in the fossil record - a growing field by Mark A. Bell published on PALAEONTOLOGY[online] with in the Patterns in Palaeontology category.... by Mark A. Bell*1 Introduction: The body size of an animal is often considered the most important part of its biology. Large body size brings many
Aside from stating the purpose of your non-profit organization, a constitution also defines its structure. It establishes, among other things, the number of directors, the length of directorial terms and the powers and duties of the board. A constitution details all of the procedures for the organization, from how minutes are entered and distributed, to how votes are conducted. Further, a constitution needs to outline the procedure for making changes and amendments to the constitution itself. A constitution can be fairly simple, or incredibly complex. In general, the larger your organization is, and the larger the geographical area it services, the more complicated your constitution will need to be. For a non-profit organization that you operate largely from home to the benefit of people in your immediate neighbourhood, your constitution may be only a single page in length. For a national organization, with directors serving regionally and flying across the country for annual meetings, youll ...
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Ewes with the correct body condition score at tupping will produce a higher scanning percentage and rear more lambs than those that are too thin or too fat.
Body condition scores of cows among biggest factor in pregnancy success. Statistics indicate reproductive losses cost the U.S. beef and dairy industries $1 billion annually
A republic is a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them. An oligarchy vests all power in a few people, but a true democracy is based entirely on the will of the majority. Our constitution gives the government enough power to declare the actions of a majority illegal if those actions violate the rights of the minority as established in the Constitution. This chapter includes online resources for kids to learn about the United States Constitution, an online course on the United States Constitution for adults, the full text of the United States founding documents, the writing, adopting, signing, and amending processes of the Kansas Constitution, and the full text of Kansas founding documents. ...
SPAIN - Livestock has grown over the centuries as production methods and landscapes have evolved, according to research from the University of the Basque Country.
It has been suggested human female breast size may act as signal of fat reserves, which in turn indicates access to resources. Based on this perspective, two studies were conducted to test the hypothesis that men experiencing relative resource insecurity should perceive larger breast size as more ph …
The separation of the powers of government into three departments, though all our constitutions profess to be founded on it, has, nevertheless, never been perfectly established in any government of the world, and perhaps never can be.. The general principle is of inestimable value, and the leading lines of distinction sufficiently plain; yet there are powers of so undecided a character, that they do not seem necessarily to range themselves under either head. And most of our constitutions, too, having laid down the general principle, immediately create exceptions. There do not exist in the general science of government, or the received maxims of political law, such precise definitions as enable us always to say of a given power, whether it be legislative, executive or judicial. And this is one reason, doubtless, why the Constitution, in conferring power on all the departments, proceeds not by general definition, but by specific enumeration. And, again, it grants a power in general terms, but ...
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Constitution Of National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada This constitution is amended and approved by the Council and comes in effect from 2009. This Constitution has been drafted by the committee set up for this purpose and the committee consists of: Dr. Bikram Lamba: Chair Massood Mashadi: Member Neel Nanda: Member Stephanie Williams: Member Contents
At least in my experience, that has been the case. I think I was practically there maybe three years ago, and then after some time I looked back and still I was practically there, but not quite there. So I decided to get serious about my nutrition, and about my workout week. Its been almost 6 months of extra-seriousness and Im a lot closer (to within half an inch) but still not REALLY there (mainly because I gained some mass, which made me move down a row...) However, its been very encouraging to move a bit closer, and very motivating to have this chart as a goal, it just keeps your feet on the ground and makes you work harder ...
In our last session we learned the basic, generic proportions and joint alignments of the human figure, and if youve been practicing you should be ready for some diversity. The most obvious...
Monitoring and managing dry cow body condition scores and setting an ideal body condition target for the herd is critical to minimise the incidence of metabolic disease, say
A major constraint on the evolution of large body sizes in animals is an increased risk of developing cancer. There is no correlation, however, between body size and cancer risk. This lack of correlation is often referred to as Petos Paradox. Here, we show that the elephant genome encodes 20 copi …
Constitution: Constitution, the body of doctrines and practices that form the fundamental organizing principle of a political state. In some cases, such as the United States, the
A constitution includes the description of official major government bodies and positions, the powers these positions have, and the process for making new laws.
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Udvartan means massage with the help of powders. External applications of medicinal fine powders are accompanied by massage, on the whole bodies. Various medicinal powders are used according to medicinal powders are used according to the body constitution of the individual. The procedure is generally carried out for reducing the excess fat and for improving the complexion of the skin. ...
Get this from a library! How big is a pig?. [Stella Blackstone; Clare Beaton] -- Readers compare the farm animals size, shape, and behavior, in a rhyming story. On board pages.
This comment explains the meaning of simple majority, absolute majority and qualified majority in the context of the Constitution of Niue.
The source of this link is Constitute. The Constitute Project provides the Worlds constitutions (in English) to read, search and compare ...
This is a practice test on The Constitution of India This test is helpful for the students preparing for Law Entrance tests like CLAT, AILET etc.
Whether a draft constitution approved by an assembly will move Egypt toward being a freer and more open society is still in question, experts say.
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Learn why its important to keep your dog at a healthy weight, and how you can use his body condition score to decide if hes overweight.
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The Gene Box studies the persons food and fitness specifics in the guiding light of their genetic makeup thereby arriving at tailor-made recommendations that
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I prefer a man who will burn the flag and then wrap himself in the Constitution to a man who will burn the Constitution and then wrap himself in the flag ...
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promo
Many well-informed persons are unaware of this Fatah constitution. And many of those who are familiar with it believe it is an anachronism: That is, as Fatah itself has changed, post-Oslo, its original constitution, which ...
Hair. Its not just the stuff on your head these days, it even has the tendency to show up on your chin or nipples, completely uninvited. Unexpected hair is just one of many embarrassing body conditi...
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McCABE, Lloyd Gaskill - Passed away April 29 at Washington Hospital, Fremont, CA. Lloyd was born in Oakland and spent his childhood in Byron and Chico.
", "national polity; body politic; national entity; basis for the Emperor's sovereignty; Japanese constitution". The word is ... The Constitution of the Empire of Japan of 1889 created a form of constitutional monarchy with the kokutai sovereign emperor ... In 1937, they issued the Kokutai no Hongi (国体の本義, "Cardinal Principles of the National Body/Structure," see Gauntlett and Hall ... The Constitution was nothing fundamental. (2000:5) Fukuzawa Yukichi was an influential author translator for the Japanese ...
p. 2. "Yacht Blast Yields Ex-Premier's Body". Atlanta Constitution. 11 July 1970. p. 2. v t e. ... Gaillard's body was found, along with that of another passenger, floating in the English Channel on 12 July. Félix Gaillard - ... The next day, bits of the wreckage of the yacht were found at the Minquiers reefs, along with the bodies of the two passengers ...
ISBN 0-618-08825-3. "King Body Taken to New Site". The Atlanta Constitution. January 14, 1970. p. 7. Archived from the original ... Time Magazine wrote: In Memphis, before it was carried south toward home, King's body lay in state at the R.S. Lewis & Sons ... and her four children were present during the predawn hours Tuesday as King's body in its crypt was transferred from South View ... Later that day, police and National Guardsmen escorted the long procession of cars which carried King's body to the airport for ...
"Girl's body found in farm pond". Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune. June 17, 1980. "Man charged in girl's death". The ... On June 15, 1980, the body of 12-year-old Tonya Lea Lewis, a student at the Nevada Middle School, was found floating on a farm ... He then abandoned the body at a local residence, but he then returned to the dump site and disposed of it in another location. ... Her partly decomposed nude body was discovered in a culvert by a farmer on February 28, 1985, after he decided to inspect what ...
"King Body Taken to New Site". The Atlanta Constitution. January 14, 1970. p. 7. Archived from the original on June 7, 2020. ... and her four children were present during the predawn hours Tuesday as King's body in its crypt was transferred from South View ... "Jones". Atlanta Constitution. December 5, 1984. p. 15 - via Henderson 2018, p. 220. Henderson 2018, p. 219. ... Powell, Kay (May 19, 2006). "John J. Hicks Jr., 64, jazz pianist from Atlanta". The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. p. D5. ...
"Code and Constitution". Associated Student Body. Archived from the original on April 24, 2021. Retrieved April 10, 2019. https ... "Associated Student Body". Associated Student Body. Archived from the original on April 24, 2021. Retrieved October 3, 2019. " ... The Associated Student Body (ASB) is the Ole Miss student government organization. Students are elected to the ASB Senate in ... Where Farley Hall is now, the prior building was referred to as the "Dead House" where the bodies of deceased soldiers were ...
"Creating Community: A History of Early Transgender Support in Atlanta (2015), Dallas Denny: Body of Work". Retrieved 2020-10-29 ... "Undetected fire kills 2 in Smyrna". The Atlanta Journal Constitution. May 15, 1996. Retrieved October 12, 2020. Smith, Dennis ( ... and strappy body suits made from strips of leather and other materials. She was awarded the title Glamour Goddess at the First ... "Richards-Williams, obituary". The Atlanta Constitution. May 16, 1996.. ...
The body of Henry E. Roethe of Fennimore, former State Assemblyman and Senator and the Republican candidate for Governor of ... "To Run For Governor By Walking 3,000 Miles". Atlanta Constitution. February 14, 1914. Retrieved 2010-09-18. ... 3,000-mile ... He took his own life on August 16, 1939; his body was found in Lake Monona. " ...
"J. Sprole Lyons Heads Decatur School Body". The Atlanta Constitution. Georgia, Atlanta. May 11, 1933. p. 15. Retrieved June 22 ... "News of the Churches". The Atlanta Constitution. Georgia, Atlanta. May 6, 1933. p. 11. Retrieved June 22, 2018 - via Newspapers ... "Midway Presbyterian". The Atlanta Constitution. Georgia, Atlanta. March 5, 1932. p. 20. Retrieved June 22, 2018 - via ...
Cook, Rhonda; Miles, Kent A.; Towers, Chip (May 9, 2009). "Zinkhan's body found in grave he dug". Atlanta Journal-Constitution ... Zinkhan's body was claimed by a son from a previous marriage one day before it was scheduled for burial in a pauper's grave. ... "Authorities: Body of UGA professor identified". CNN. May 11, 2009. Retrieved May 3, 2010. "UGA Professor Fired, Still on the ... Cadaver dogs located Zinkhan's body on May 9, 2009, approximately one mile from the Jeep. Investigators said that Zinkhan used ...
"Police hunt for teen mom feared kidnapped". The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. December 7, 1999. "Woman's body found". The ... On December 30th, two hunters discovered the body of a young female in a heavily wooded area near Graniteville. The decedent ... "Fourth murder charged lodged against suspect". The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. October 18, 2000. "A North Augusta man has ... "Suspect accused of 4th death". The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. October 16, 2000. "Authorities report two sightings of missing ...
A new constitution that came into effect in 2010 cemented the military's hold on power through mechanisms such as reserving 25 ... Junta (governing body) Militarism Bouvier, John; Gleason, Daniel A. (1999). Institutes of American law. The Lawbook Exchange, ... p. 7. ISBN 978-1-886363-80-9. Burma 'approves new constitution'. BBC News. May 15, 2008. R. P. Magocsi, A History of Ukraine, ... The military's administrative, judiciary, and/or legislature powers are supported by law, the constitution, and the society. It ...
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Archived from the original on December 6, 2008. "Americans 'find body of Bigfoot'". BBC News ... He claimed to have had scientific tests conducted on the body, "from DNA tests to 3D optical scans to body scans. It is the ... It's Bigfoot, and Bigfoot's here, and I shot it, and now I'm proving it to the world." He said that he had kept the body in a ... He stated that he did kill a Bigfoot, but did not take the real body on tour for fear that it would be stolen. Bigfoot ...
Her body was later recovered some distance away. Authorities arrested Gary Hilton on charges of murdering Emerson. On January ... The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Archived from the original on 2012-03-19. Retrieved 2008-01-11. "Hilton pleads guilty, gets ... The Associated Press (2008-01-07). "Drifter Leads Officials To Hiker's Body". Fox News. Retrieved 2021-02-07. Boone, Christian ...
His body was recovered on May 25. "Mark SELBEE (1969 - 2014)". The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved 29 May 2014. CS1 ...
Oney, Steve (February 8, 1981). "The Alien Work of Art". The Atlanta Constitution. Retrieved January 15, 2019. Smith, Jessica ( ... 1954 in art Shearer, Lee (September 20, 1999). "Body found stabbed, burned". Retrieved June 25, 2016. Shearer ... The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Archived from the original on 19 July 2020. Retrieved 19 July 2020. McDonald, Casey (August 1 ...
Bowman, Mark (February 19, 2017). "Ruiz arrives at Braves camp with new body". Retrieved February 21, 2017. O'Brien, ... Atlanta Journal Constitution. Retrieved September 18, 2016. James, Pat (September 17, 2016). "Diet, hard work come to fruition ... David (May 18, 2017). "Freeman has fractured wrist, expected to miss at least 10 weeks". Atlanta Journal Constitution. ...
On July 8, 2011, it was reported in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that six police officers were fired for lying about events ... Deere, Stephen; Boone, Christian (June 1, 2020). "Police body camera footage reveals details of confrontation". Archived from ... "6 Atlanta officers fired over Atlanta Eagle raid". The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 2011-07-08. Rhonda Cook (10 November 2011 ... Rhonda Cook (11 November 2011). "Charges dropped against veteran". The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. ...
Gaddafi's body was taken to Misrata, where a doctor's examination disclosed he had been shot in the head and abdomen. The ... Satter, Raphael (20 October 2011). "World looks warily to Libya's future post-Gadhafi". Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved ... Video shows Gaddafi's body on display in the center of an emptied public freezer in Misrata. Some people traveled hundreds of ... The younger Gaddafi's body was removed from the refrigerator for burial at the same time as his father's on 24 October. ...
It has been the governing body of football in Wales since its formation in 1876. The FAW is one of the five associations-the ... "Welsh Cricket Association - Constitution". Welsh Cricket Association website. Welsh Cricket Association. 2009. Archived from ... "Governing Bodies of Sport-Sports Council for Wales". Sport Wales Chwaraeon Cymru website. Sport Wales. 2007. Archived from the ... The Welsh Hockey Union (Undeb Hoci Cymru) (WHU), the national governing body for hockey in Wales, is based in Ely. It was ...
Massey, Bod (July 5, 1998). "Dancing with the Devil". The Washington Post. Retrieved February 7, 2021. Joyner, Chris (May 19, ... Greene falsely claimed that an oath-taking on the Bible was required by law; Article VI of the Constitution in fact ... A QAnon-related conspiracy theory held that Ginsburg had died years earlier, and that Democrats used a body double to conceal ... Vallejo, Justin (January 30, 2021). "Marjorie Taylor Greene suggested Ruth Bader Ginsburg had been replaced by a body double". ...
The Ball (10 December 2011). "Constitution of the elected bodies". Archived from the original on 7 June 2015. Retrieved 10 ... It is up to the Governing Bodies to pursue the object of the FPF, within the scope of their competences, as well as to promote ... This body meets quarterly and, whenever necessary, convened by the Chairman. The FPF is made up of 22 territorial federations, ... This body may order additional evidence to be taken. The Arbitration Council of the Portuguese Football Federation is endowed ...
"The Constitution of Afghanistan" (PDF). Joint Electoral management Body (JEMB). 2004-01-23. Archived from the original (PDF) on ... On April 7, 2009, Karzai vowed to change the law if it was found to go against the constitution or Islamic law. The law has ... The constitution provides a mandate in article seven that the Islamic Republic shall adhere to the Universal Declaration of ... Under Article 22 of the constitution of Afghanistan equality between the sexes is recognised. "It is a complicated process, and ...
According to Iraq Body Count, some 251,000 Iraqis have been killed in the civil war following the U.S.-led invasion, including ... "Iraq Constitution Passes in Referendum". Fox News Channel. Associated Press. October 25, 2005. Archived from the original on ... A referendum to approve a constitution in Iraq was held in October 2005, supported by most Shiites and many Kurds. On January ... "Iraq Body Count". Retrieved September 18, 2016. "Sporadic violence doesn't deter Iraqi voters". CNN. January 31, 2005. Archived ...
"JPL Small-Body Database Browser". NASA. "9491 THOOFT - Constitution and Bylaws". G. 't Hooft. "Gerard 't Hooft". Royal ... The asteroid 9491 Thooft has been named in his honor, and he has written a constitution for its future inhabitants. He is a ...
Finance and Constitution Committee (Report). Edinburgh: Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body. 21st Meeting 2020, Session 5. ... Finance and Constitution Committee (Report). Edinburgh: Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body. 21st Meeting 2020, Session 5. ... "Scotland , Devolution body members announced". BBC News. 28 April 2008. Retrieved 6 April 2009. Calman devolution commission ... Keating, Michael (2 February 2021). "Taking back control? Brexit and the territorial constitution of the United Kingdom". ...
Finance and Constitution Committee (Report). Edinburgh: Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body. 21st Meeting 2020, Session 5. ... Finance and Constitution Committee (Report). Edinburgh: Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body. 21st Meeting 2020, Session 5. ... "Scottish Parliament Corporate Body". Scottish Parliament Language Policy. Scottish Parliament. 2004. Archived from the original ... As a member of the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body, the Presiding Officer is responsible for ensuring that the Parliament ...
According to Iraq Body Count, some 251,000 Iraqis have been killed in the civil war following the U.S.-led invasion, including ... Article VI of the U.S. Constitution states that "...all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the ... The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that the US was the only member of out the 15-nation UN body to oppose any council ... "Iraq Constitution Passes in Referendum". Fox News Channel. Associated Press. October 25, 2005. Archived from the original on ...
Finance and Constitution Committee (Report). Edinburgh: Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body. 21st Meeting 2020, Session 5. ... Finance and Constitution Committee (Report). Edinburgh: Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body. 21st Meeting 2020, Session 5. ... "The UK internal market and devolution". Constitution Committee: United Kingdom Internal Market Bill. House of Lords Select ... Keating, Michael (2 February 2021). "Taking back control? Brexit and the territorial constitution of the United Kingdom". ...
126, Constitution): Older than 25. Salvadoran citizens by birth, born of either a Salvadoran father or a Salvadoran mother. Of ... The Salvadoran legislature is a unicameral body. It is made up of 84 deputies, all of whom are elected by direct popular vote ...
However, in 1920 the constitution was amended to allow direct school affiliation which meant there was wide representation at ... the leadership's view that public education should be secular and Socialist Sunday Schools were for purely educational bodies ...
In the Opinion Clause (Article II, section 2, clause 1) of the U.S. Constitution, heads of executive departments are referred ... an executive organ that normally acts as an advisory body to the President. ...
The "constitution" of the Empire still remained largely unsettled at the beginning of the 15th century. Although some ... The Imperial Diet (Reichstag, or Reichsversammlung) was not a legislative body as is understood today, as its members ... In a famous assessment of the name, the political philosopher Voltaire remarked sardonically: "This body which was called and ...
Despite this, unions were formed and began to acquire political power, eventually resulting in a body of labour law that not ... Trade unions traditionally have a constitution which details the governance of their bargaining unit and also have governance ...
On 15 April 1998, Pol Pot died in his sleep, apparently of heart failure.[398] His body was preserved with ice and formaldehyde ... In January 1976, a cabinet meeting was held to promulgate a new constitution declaring that the country was to be renamed " ... A stroke left him paralysed on the left side of his body,[391] and he eventually required daily access to oxygen.[394] He spent ... but allowed for the creation of a new constitution and the establishment of various political parties.[34] The most successful ...
In 1999, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the Constitution prohibits the use of such figures for apportionment purposes, but it ... of slightly increasing Democratic representation in legislative bodies, but would also give Utah an additional, probably ... The state challenged that the use of imputation violates the Census Act of 1957 and that it also fails the Constitution's ...
Wickramasinghe, Nira (2003). Dressing the Colonised Body: Politics, Clothing, and Identity in Sri Lanka. Orient Longman. p. 26 ... The dialect in the Chittagong region is least widely understood by the general body of Bengalis.[55] The majority of Bengalis ...
There is normally as little as 0.5 milligrams found within the entire human body; human breast milk contains 4 ppm.[82] Yttrium ... "The constitution of group 3 of the periodic table". Retrieved 2016-11-10 ... the element is the least abundant in the human body of all lanthanides.[83] Human diets have not been monitored for lutetium ...
The re-education through labor system has been criticized by human rights groups, foreign governments and UN bodies, and ... has also noted that the system violated items in the Chinese constitution. Wang Gongyi, vice-director of the Institute of ... said that the re-education through labor system contradicts several items in the Constitution, the Criminal Procedure Law, and ...
Dosages vary according to the age groups and the individual condition of the person, body weight and compliance to the ... "Chemistry of Thyroxine: Constitution and Synthesis of Desiodo-Thyroxine". The Biochemical Journal. 20 (2): 300-13. doi:10.1042 ...
Over 800 members of the Community immigrated to Ebenezer from Germany.[25] The Community founded a "provisional constitution" ... so the Amana Society was founded as the governing body in 1859. Shortly thereafter, the Community agreed to adopt a new ... The resulting twelve-article document was very similar to the amended Ebenezer Constitution.[32] ... the constitution was amended on October 23, 1850 to make the Community exclusively communal.[27] ...
The main body of Lenape arrived in Indian Territory in the 1860s.[69] The two federally recognized tribes of Lenape in Oklahoma ... Members approved a constitution and by laws in a May 26, 2009 vote. Jerry Douglas was elected as tribal chief.[70] ... fashioned from the iridescent body feathers of wild turkeys.[34] ...
A number of colleges were founded before the Civil War with all-female student bodies, including (among others, in addition to ... University for Women violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.[99] ... supervising white faculty and a predominantly white student body at the Agassiz Grammar School in Cambridge.[54] ...
Administrative bodies,. courts Prisons Clinics Asylums Schools,. youth. houses,. kindergartens High. schools Gymnasiums,. ... and violative of Article 21 of the constitution. The bench headed by Dr. Justice K. Narayana Kurup, held that tobacco smoking ... bodies through the skin, or be re-emitted as gases after they have left the smoky environment. Concern about third-hand smoke ... unconstitutional and violative of Article 21 of the Constitution". The Bench, headed by Dr. Justice K. Narayana Kurup, held ...
"Word document of BuckeyeThon Constitution and Bylaws (March 2015)". The Ohio State University Office of ... The Council provides a forum in which the graduate student body may present, discuss, and set upon issues related to its role ... Inter-Professional Council (IPC), which is a representative body of all professional students in the colleges of Dentistry, Law ... The Residence Hall Advisory Council (RHAC), which is a representative body of all students living in the University's residence ...
Palmer hypothesized that vertebral joint misalignments, which he termed vertebral subluxations, interfered with the body's ... constitution, but decided against it partly to avoid confusion with Christian Science.[22][215] Early chiropractors also tapped ... although the body of literature is still weak.[106] A 2010 Cochrane review found low quality evidence that suggests cervical ... is the statutory governmental body responsible for the regulation of chiropractic in the UK.[175][176] The U.S. CCE requires a ...
"Sethi in, Zaka out as PCB governing body dissolved". Retrieved 11 March 2019.. ... A third ad hoc committee under Javed Burki took charge of BCCP affairs in January 1994 and made a new constitution including ... The first ad hoc committee was appointed in September 1960 and did not disband until May 1963 having created a new constitution ... led to a new Ad Hoc Committee replacing the Board Council in 1978 running Pakistan cricket and again changing the constitution ...
Presbyterian Church in the USA (1916), The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, ... Governing bodies[edit]. The Presbyterian Church in the USA was organized according to presbyterian polity. The church's ... A local church was governed by the session, a body of ruling elders elected by the congregation and moderated by the pastor. ... They also had the responsibility to ensure the presbyteries and sessions below them adhered to the church's constitution.[99] ...
Luang Pu Sodh usually explained the process of attainment in the method in terms of inner bodies (Pali: kaya), existing within ... Klongchan controversy led to a 23-day lockdown of the temple in 2017 by the junta using Article 44 of the interim constitution ... Essential to the meditation method is the center of the body: whatever technique someone might use to meditate, the mind can ...
See also: Constitution of India and Judiciary of India. Decisions of the Indian Supreme Court in the 1980s loosened strict ... A number of groups already have the power to bring collective or class actions: certain consumer associations, bodies legally ... Class Actions Seven Years After the Class Action Fairness Act: Hearing before the Subcommittee on the Constitution of the ... review granted to the Supreme Court of India and the various High Courts under Article 32 and Article 226 of the Constitution ...
Full Text of Iraqi Constitution, The Washington Post, October 2005. *^ Refugees, United Nations High Commissioner for. " ... Adorning the body with tattoos (deq in Kurdish) is widespread among the Kurds; even though permanent tattoos are not ... He found it heavily fortified, and guarded by three legions and a large body of Kurdish archers.[98] After a long and hard- ... of the KRG and legality of its laws and regulations were recognized in the articles 113 and 137 of the new Iraqi Constitution ...
Practising engineers may have professional certification and be accredited members of a professional body. Such bodies include ... American Institute of Chemical Engineers (2003-01-17), AIChE Constitution, retrieved 2011-08-13. . ...
They are accountable to the Council of the Corporation, which is the Trustee body of the charity. The Council is composed of ... At some point, the Queen remarked the Hall reminded her of the British constitution.[2] ...
"1 - Constitution of the World Health Organization". Basic Documents (PDF) (49 ed.). World Health Organization. 2020.. ... Each year, the WHA elects members from among its ranks to renew the Executive Board (EB). This body is governed in Chapter VI, ... It is the world's highest health policy setting body and is composed of health ministers from member states. ... Articles 24 through 29, of the Constitution of the WHO. The EB must have an equitable geographic distribution, and "shall be ...
Mind-body problem[edit]. Main article: Mind-body problem. See also: Philosophy of mind, Dualism (philosophy of mind), Monism, ... It is the effect of the constitution and present state of our organs." ... Karl Raimund Popper (1999). "Notes of a realist on the body-mind problem". All Life is Problem Solving (A lecture given in ... The idea of free will is one aspect of the mind-body problem, that is, consideration of the relation between mind (for example ...
Governing body. Florida Department of Environmental Protection. U.S. National Natural Landmark ... Constitution Convention Museum. *Forest Capital Museum. *John Gorrie Museum. *Ybor City Museum ...
Fox, Michael W. (2007). Dog Body, Dog Mind: Exploring Canine Consciousness and Total Well-Being. Globe Pequot. p. 26. ISBN 978- ... Women and the U.S. Constitution: History, Interpretation, and Practice. Sibyl A. Schwarzenbach, Patricia Smith, Columbia ... Urination is the release of urine from the urinary bladder through the urethra to the outside of the body. It is the urinary ... For land mammals over 1 kilogram, the duration of urination does not vary with body mass, being dispersed around an average of ...
The Osage had their own government with a written constitution. The Kaw refused to entertain the idea of allotments unless the ... The Cherokee Commission, was a three-person bi-partisan body created by President Benjamin Harrison to operate under the ... Benjamin Harrison became President on March 4. The body was officially named the Cherokee Commission, and its existence ended ...
Late king's body to be moved in procession at 15:00 hrs]. Thai Rath. Bangkok: Wacharaphon. 14 October 2016. Retrieved 14 ... "Constitution Court invalidate the April election and order new election". The Nation. Archived from the original on 16 June ... Although the constitution was later amended to allow the Privy Council to appoint a princess as successor to the throne, this ... Recent constitutions of Thailand have made the amendment of the Palace Law of Succession the sole prerogative of the reigning ...
"Loi n° 2000-513 du 1er août 2000 portant Constitution de la République de Côte d'Ivoire" (PDF). Journal Officiel de la ... The government claimed that former president Robert Guéï led a coup attempt, and state TV showed pictures of his dead body in ... In 2000, the country adopted a new constitution.[8] Ivory Coast is a republic with strong executive power vested in its ... Loi no 2000-513 du 1er août 2000 portant constitution de la République de Côte d'Ivoire, Journal officiel de la République de ...
Our body is a complete unit, a microcosm, but also a tiny part of the universe surrounding it, the macrocosm. Its vitality, ... Body Constitution, Temperament and Health. What about the Mind?. by Shahid Akbar ... Admixture of humours responsible for an individuals body constitution in a physical sense also determines ones temperament ... physiological and psychological characteristics of the individual and his/her body constitution. Balance or equilibrium of four ...
The new body should uphold certain principles. Meanwhile, a survey for Bangkok University indicates what Thais expect from it. ... Meechai Ruchuphan is set to chair a 20-member Constitution Drafting Committee, which has six months to write the new charter. ... Thai military establish new body to draft constitution. by Weena Kowitwanij. Meechai Ruchuphan is set to chair a 20-member ... Constitution Drafting Committee, which has six months to write the new charter. The new body should uphold certain principles. ...
Two instruments, the Body Constitution Questionnaire (BCQ) and the Constitution in Chinese Medicine Questionnaire (CCMQ), have ... Epidemiological Study on Body Constitution Classified by Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory. The safety and scientific ... Epidemiological Study on Body Constitution Classified by Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory. Actual Study Start Date :. July ... Aim and objectives: The aim of this study is to establish the prevalence and epidemiology of body constitution classified by ...
That balance, called body constitution, is set at the time of conception. So we have these seven possible body constitutions ( ... People with a Vata predominant body constitution are typically slim with a low body weight, a nervous predisposition, small ... As you can imagine now, the first step towards healing is to determine patient"™s body constitution and which energies are out ... The next important concept is that of body constitution (Prakruti). In Ayurveda we believe that everyone has a unique balance ...
There are 9 types of body constitution and 7 choices for each body constitution. The minimun and maximum score for each body ... Self-test for classification and judgment of body constitution by TCM theory, participants with the body constitution of ... in which 8 kinds of body constitutions are involved, including the potential COVID-19 susceptible body constitution deficiency ... Body Constitution of Chinese Medicine and Combination of Prescription and Syndrome to Improve COVID-19 Susceptible Body ...
"Body Constitution" by people in this website by year, and whether "Body Constitution" was a major or minor topic of these ... "Body Constitution" is a descriptor in the National Library of Medicines controlled vocabulary thesaurus, MeSH (Medical Subject ... Below are the most recent publications written about "Body Constitution" by people in Profiles. ... Below are MeSH descriptors whose meaning is more general than "Body Constitution". ...
Taichung Diabetic Body Constitution Study. Chia-I Tsai,1,2,3 Yi-Chang Su,1,3 Shih-Yi Lin,4 I-Te Lee,4,5,6 Cheng-Hung Lee,1,3 ... Reduced Health-Related Quality of Life in Body Constitutions of Yin-Xu, and Yang-Xu, Stasis in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: ... Taichung Diabetic Body Constitution Study," Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, vol. 2014, Article ID 309403 ... "Reduced Health-Related Quality of Life in Body Constitutions of Yin-Xu, and Yang-Xu, Stasis in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: ...
Name: Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions > Extract, body fluid, or cellular material of undetermined ... Body filling material. Feb. 18, 2003. 6503540. Cloning and characterization of bves, a novel gene expressed in heart and uses ... constitution derived from animal is active ingredient > Cardiovascular system, other than umbilical artery or vein (e.g., blood ...
TCM body constitution may be a predictive factor for diabetes. To evaluate whether TCM body constitution is an independent ... TCM body constitution is divided into balanced constitution also nine types known as Neutral constitution, Qi-deficiency ... TCM body constitution could indicate the overall health status of individuals, and unbalanced body constitution often ... Patients with IGR (n = 306) received a blood test and their body constitution type was assessed using a body constitution ...
Impact of COX2 Genotype, ER Status and Body Constitution on Risk of Early Events in Different Treatment Groups of Breast Cancer ... Impact of COX2 Genotype, ER Status and Body Constitution on Risk of Early Events in Different Treatment Groups of Breast Cancer ... body constitution and ER status had a combined effect on the risk of early events and treatment response. The high risk for ... of COX2 genotypes on early breast cancer events and treatment response in relation to tumor ER status and body constitution. In ...
Dietary behaviours and body constitution may be associated with specific types of breast cancer defined by conventional ... receptor status and expression of the tumour suppressor gene p27 were not associated with either diet or body constitution. Low ... A large hip circumference and high body mass index were associated with high grade tumours (P = 0.03 and 0.009, respectively), ... Subcategories were compared with prediagnostic diet and body measurements using analysis of variance. ...
How to say body constitution in sign language? In TCM, every individual has a unique body constitution, or body type, which ... body constitution has a unique body constitution church shall be Sample church... Or constitution in general, an individual ... including body constitution. constitution synonyms, constitution pronunciation, constitution translation, English dictionary ... With constitutions have them in written form, body constitution meaning as the United States constitution congenital and ...
Approaching Community in the Context of Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982. An article from journal McGill Law Journal / ... Article body. Introduction. Since coming into force, section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982 has given rise to a wealth of ... The Constitutions Peoples: Approaching Community in the Context of Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982. *Brent Olthuis ... "The Constitutions Peoples: Approaching Community in the Context of Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982." McGill Law ...
Atomic Constitution of Bodies. By M. De St. Venant. Cormorant Fishing in England. ...
Asociated Student Body Constitution. * Please click here for the Associated Student Body Constitution. ...
... burning the Constitution in an effort to advance environmental goals. ... "Burning the Constitution of the United States … cannot be a part of our national energy policy." ... "burning the Constitution" merely to advance an environmental agenda. ...
Graphics: Major previous revisions to CPC Constitution. * Graphics: CPCs supreme leading body. ...
Eight Constitution Medicine elegantly connects the physiology and pathology of each constitution and its twelve internal organs ... With Eight Constitution Medicine, the focus is in balancing the internal organ functions so that they are at optimal levels and ... Each constitution has dynamic associations between internal organs. Some people are born with lungs that are strong but with a ... Eight Constitution Medicine is a completely new medical paradigm and has cured intractable and previously incurable diseases. ...
Bodies found in Yosemite serial killer case. On this day in 1999, law enforcement officials discover the charred bodies of ... The new constitution for East Germany, approved by the Peoples Council of the Soviet Zone of Occupation (a puppet legislative ... the Peoples Council of the Soviet Zone of Occupation approves a new constitution. This action, together with the U.S. policy ... and suspends four articles of the constitution, permitting arbitrary arrest and banning public assembly. Lon Nol and First ...
The Mind-Body Constitution. The Ayurvedic foundation is based on the elements that form everything in this Universe, including ... These elements combine differently for each individual which reveals our dosha - our mind-body constitution. There are three ... Kapha. This dosha gives structure to the body: holding cells together, creating muscle, fat and bone. Kaphas have a strong ... Pitta. This dosha controls metabolism, digestion and energy production in the body (all transformation processes). Pittas are ...
the blue eyed constitution known as the Lymphatic Type. the pure brown eyed constitution known as the ... About Iris constitutions. The 3 main constitutional types. There are 3 main Iris color types, namely Brown, Blue and Grey. ... Constitution - Biliary. Iris Colour - Basic Blue background with a brown overlay. The iris often appears light brown to ... There is also an exception to these basic types known as a Biliary or Mixed Constitution, namely part blue and part brown. This ...
In Star Death and The Pain Body, Rachel Mason tunes both visual and aural experience to create a sacral space where we perceive ... visual notes on the constitution. By Andrei Codrescu. * from ROSWELL/GREENCREST. By Jay Besemer. ... He is wrapped in red and yellow fabric streaming from his body in long strands, suggesting solar flares as his body twists at ... Image to Body, and Back Again. By Gillian Jakab. * Reflections on Reggie Wilson s Danspace Platform: in Conversation with ...
Constitution[edit]. The constitution of the organisation is available here. Bodies[edit]. Assembly of the Association[edit]. ...
Impact of COX2 genotype, ER status and body constitution on risk of early events in different treatment groups of breast cancer ... Genetic factors, body constitution, and tumor characteristics in relation to breast cancer prognosis ... StartForskningsoutput Impact of COX2 genotype, ER status and body constitution on ... ... body constitution and ER status had a combined effect on the risk of early events and treatment response. The high risk for ...
No rationale for a new anti-graft body. THE President Muhammadu Buhari administration has continued to show conflicting signals ... Constitution review: 183 women groups write Senate, want extension of deadline for memoranda. On September 9, 2020. 5:35 amIn ... "The constitution being the ground normof all laws in the countryis expected to reflect the various interests and legal ... We would also like to appreciate you on the thoughtful review of the 1999 constitution and especially for the priority you ...
... with the various student organizations are expected to attend all meetings and functions and report back to the general body of ... Section 3: Amendments to the Constitution Any member can propose changes in the constitution. For any amendment to be accepted ... Constitution Ratified 2/6/96. We the members of the Native American Council, inspired by a common determination to promote a ... Proposed amendments to the constitution shall be discussed only at regular member meetings. ...
Article IV Governing Body. The governing body of the Society shall be known as the Steering Committee. ... Constitution and By-Laws of the John Jones Surgical Society. Article I Name. This organization shall be called the John Jones ... The constitution and by-laws may be amended by a two-third vote of the members of the Society at the Annual Meeting, provided ... A Constitution and By-Laws Committee shall be appointed by the Steering Committee. ...
General Body. A) The General Body may at any time or in any situation revoke, repeal, or otherwise reject or overrule any ... 2) Must draw up the agenda for each Executive and General Body meeting. The General Body meetings agendas must be voted on by ... 3) The General Body renders a decision on the retention or dismissal of the officer by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of a ... This Constitution may be altered, amended, repealed, or otherwise changed by a two-thirds (213) majority vote of a quorum at ...
On the Constitution of Bodies.. There are three distinctions in the kinds of bodies, or three states, which have more ... on the constitution of mixed elastic fluids; third, on the constitution of liquids, and fourth, on the constitution of solids. ... Therefore we may conclude that the ultimate particles of all homogeneous bodies are perfectly alike in weight, figure, &c. In ... We shall divide the subject into four Sections; namely, first, on the constitution of pure elastic fluids; second, ...
deputies to the legislative body. members of the general council of the communes. members of the administrative councils of ... The Civil Constitution of the Clergy (French: "Constitution civile du clergé") was a law passed on 12 July 1790 during the ... The Civil Constitution of the Clergys main accomplishment was placing the church under the state, this document outlines the ... Be loyal to the nation of France (this includes the law and the king). Support the constitution that is decreed by the National ...
  • Doshas and qualities accumulate in the body until they begin to overwhelm tissues and cause symptoms. (
  • When the doshas are balanced, the body is in homeostasis (a state of zero change), and that is a state of perfect health. (
  • When doshas are aggravated or provoked, they stress the body and cause disease. (
  • Article summary: India's ancient system of healing, Ayurveda, provides a template for self-care through its focus on three main constitutions, or doshas. (
  • Ayurveda, the system of mind-body healing that originated in India some 5,000 years ago, is based, in part, on mind-body constitutions called doshas . (
  • In Ayurveda we believe that everyone has a unique balance of these three energies in their bodies. (
  • Article summary: The aim of Ayurveda is to balance the energies inside the body for optimum health. (
  • In Ayurveda, a disease is any change from "normal" in the body. (
  • If the body is cold, Ayurveda recommends heating foods. (
  • Admixture of humours responsible for an individual's body constitution in a physical sense also determines one's 'temperament. (
  • temporary, full of ignorance and miserable, and thus just opposite to the original constitution of the soul.â In general, an individual's body constitution can be classified into three categories. (
  • The "Vata" energy is made of air and space elements and controls five basic movement functions in our body: moving air or respiration, moving blood or circulation, getting rid of waste or elimination, nerve conduction, and movement of food inside our intestines. (
  • People with a Vata predominant body constitution are typically slim with a low body weight, a nervous predisposition, small active eyes, cold-cracking joints, and a dry and rough skin. (
  • For people with a Vata predominant constitution it is recommended that they stay regular and warm, avoid any stimulants, as they are prone to addiction, sleep for 8 hrs, prefer sweet, sour, and salty tastes and avoid bitter, pungent and astringent tasting foods. (
  • Therefore, for a pitta-vata constitution where pitta is predominant, the direction of massage would alternate away, then toward the heart. (
  • If a person has a Vata body type, they have the gifts of Vata but also the tendency to get Vata type illnesses. (
  • For example Vata has the quality of dryness and includes the mechanisms used to defend the body against the dryness. (
  • Thank you for your April 13 letter to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regarding the use of body belts and the harnesses on elevated platforms of powered industrial trucks. (
  • Amendments to the Constitution Any member can propose changes in the constitution. (
  • Proposed amendments to the constitution shall be discussed only at regular member meetings. (
  • The constitution and by-laws may be amended by a two-third vote of the members of the Society at the Annual Meeting, provided that the proposed amendment or amendments shall have been submitted in writing and approved by the Steering Committee. (
  • Amendments to the United States Constitution, unlike ones made to many constitutions worldwide, are appended to the document. (
  • Any type of change in mechanism of this body needs constitutional amendment. (
  • In other words there are Explicit constitutional Provisions creating these bodies. (
  • Constitutional bodies refer to those institutions that are created by the Constitution itself. (
  • The Bashkir Constitutional Assembly passed on 16 October a new draft constitution, the second in the past two weeks, that abolishes the post of the president in the republic and stipulates the establishment of a parliamentary republic (see 'RFE/RL Tatar-Bashkir Report,' 8, 11, 14, 15, and 16 October 2002), RosBalt and other news agencies reported. (
  • This book examines the body of Australian constitutional jurisprudence. (
  • Each topic is defined through detailed reference to the existing case law, which is set out historically to facilitate an appreciation of the progressive development of constitutional doctrine since the Constitution came into force in 1901. (
  • The legislature is the body of the state which is empowered to make laws. (
  • If there is a body of the state which is empowered to break laws, and if that body has a name, that name would be a suitable antonym for legislature. (
  • T HIS being the day recommended by the legislature for the meeting of this body, a number of gentlemen delegated thereto met, accordingly, at the state-house, and adjourned to three o'clock, P. M., to-morrow. (
  • JUDICIAL REVIEW IN INDIA Meaning Judicial Review is the power of the judiciary to review the actions taken by the legislature and the executive organ of the government and decide whether or not the actions taken by the legislature and the executive are in conformity with the Constitution. (
  • Body Constitution" is a descriptor in the National Library of Medicine's controlled vocabulary thesaurus, MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) . (
  • Our study investigated the impact of COX2 genotypes on early breast cancer events and treatment response in relation to tumor ER status and body constitution. (
  • It would also determine whether the prevalence of constitution types change with seasons and whether it is associated with socio-demographic factors, place of origin or residence, life style, or quality of life. (
  • Thus, an understanding of our unique body constitution can guide us towards more effective treatment and disease prevention through making lifestyle changes and avoiding these factors. (
  • The constitution of each person is influenced by congenital and acquired factors, and this varies from person to person. (
  • Both inborn and acquired factors affect our body constitution. (
  • Delhi should issue a public statement warning Nepal's parties that a constitution over dead bodies would not be acceptable. (
  • Each individual has a preponderance of one of the humours, ordained by nature (genetic make-up), that defines the physical, physiological and psychological characteristics of the individual and his/her body constitution. (
  • DNA contains the genetic instructions needed to develop and direct the activities of the body. (
  • For Ruchuphan, the drafting process should be concise, and lead to a newly elected government, which should proceed according to a main legal framework clearly set out in the constitution. (
  • People with a Pitta predominant body constitution are typically medium in built, have sharp sensitive eyes, warm oily skin, thin straight hair and tendency towards baldness. (
  • In the case of a healthy client with a dual constitution, the direction of massage should be according to the predominant dosha. (
  • As we will see next, our body constitution determines not just our physical and mental characteristics, but also our predispositions to different illnesses. (
  • The physical characteristics of the body, including the mode of performance of functions, the activity of metabolic processes, the manner and degree of reactions to stimuli, and power of resistance to the attack of pathogenic organisms. (
  • Despite the fact that so much emphasis on mind over body phenomenon has been placed in the past three decades, we still do not sufficiently appreciate the self-healing powers of our body, and how we negatively influence it by our conscious and subconscious actions. (
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  • Nedra Rhone covers the environment and culture for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution where she has been a reporter since 2006. (
  • Bangkok (AsiaNews) - Thailand's Prime Minister, General Prayut Chan-O-Cha, who heads the governing National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), has announced that Meechai Ruchuphan would chair a 21-member Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC). (
  • A prominent figure in Thai politics and an eminent jurist, the chairman of the new body and the other 20 members are tasked with writing the country's new fundamental charter after a first draft was recently rejected by the military-appointed National Reform Council (NRC). (
  • In a precursor to the establishment of a separate, Soviet-dominated East Germany, the People's Council of the Soviet Zone of Occupation approves a new constitution. (
  • The new constitution for East Germany, approved by the People's Council of the Soviet Zone of Occupation (a puppet legislative body dominated by the Soviets), made clear that the Russians were going to establish a separate and independent East Germany. (
  • All these groups were deeply anti-fascist , so there was general agreement against an authoritarian constitution, [4] putting more emphasis on the legislative power and making the executive power dependent on it . (
  • In attending to the proposed Federal Constitution, the first thing that presents itself to our consideration, is the division of the legislative into two branches. (
  • According to the new draft constitution, an audit chamber is to be established in the republic in place of the currently working State Supervisory Committee, RosBalt reported on 16 October. (
  • Full text of 'Examination into the leading principles of the federal constitution proposed by the late convention held at Philadelphia. (
  • third, on the constitution of liquids , and fourth, on the constitution of solids . (
  • So when a person's strong internal organ becomes overly strong or a weak one deteriorates, his body can succumb to illness. (
  • If this person sought treatment in Eight Constitution Medicine for his illness, the state of their internal organs at birth would dictate their treatment. (
  • A person with a neutral body constitution is in a state of balance, with internal organs functioning optimally and acquires resistance to diseases. (
  • Maintaining this state optimizes the immune function of the human body. (
  • The National Assembly grants "full power" to Premier Lon Nol, declares a state of emergency, and suspends four articles of the constitution, permitting arbitrary arrest and banning public assembly. (
  • Be this as it may, we cannot avoid inferring from the preceding doctrine on heat, and particularly from the section on the natural zero of temperature, that solid bodies, such as ice, contain a large portion, perhaps 4/5 of the heat which the same are found to contain in an elastic state, as steam. (
  • The Civil Constitution of the Clergy's main accomplishment was placing the church under the state, this document outlines the rules and regulations the Clergy had to follow. (
  • The best way to begin the body of a letter of inquiry is to state why you are inquiring information. (
  • However, it is extremely doubtful that any state has a body that is empowered to break the law. (
  • Even so, there are other bodies of the state that are responsible for law matters, such as the judiciary and the executive. (
  • 3. The assembly as claimed in claim 1, wherein the polytetrafluoroethylene porous body is provided on a position to be held under a state of the fluorine rubber molding being unvulcanized or semi-vulcanized, and the fluorine rubber molding and the provided polytetrafluoroethylene porous body are heated to vulcanize the fluorine rubber molding, so as to integrate the fluorine rubber molding and the polytetrafluoroethylene porous body. (
  • Amending the state constitution to allow for both a progressive income tax and new agreements with labor is an important step toward fiscal stability and progressivity. (
  • In regards to the use of fall arrest equipment and the use of body belts, do OSHA regulations require that a body belt be attached to a lanyard and used to protect personnel against falls from elevated "operator-up" high lift truck platforms, or do the standards state that a 5-point harness must be worn as a part of a fall arrest device? (
  • A federal judge on Monday permanently blocked the state of Georgia's hardline 2019 six-week abortion ban , finding that it violates the US constitution. (
  • The provisional head of state, Enrico De Nicola , signing the Constitution by virtue of Provision XVIII, on 27 December 1947. (
  • It is planned to create a presidium of the State Assembly, which will be a permanently working body. (
  • The State should ensure transparency in the management of the funds allocated to such corporate bodies as a state contribution, including funds allocated to them by development partners for the implementation of activities in the framework of the National Development Plan. (
  • For over two centuries the Constitution has remained in force because its framers wisely separated and balanced governmental powers to safeguard the interests of majority rule and minority rights, of liberty and equality, and of the federal and state governments. (
  • According to the 》Diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19》published by National Health Committee and the experience of professional TCM physician, although the disease is generally susceptible, individuals with the body constitution of 'deficiency of Qi and Yang' and 'deficiency of Qi and Yin' are more prefer to suffer from COVID-19. (
  • Undesirable health conditions and illnesses arise when the body becomes imbalanced. (
  • Thank you for your April 1, 2003 letter to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA's) Directorate of Enforcement Programs regarding the applicability of OSHA's bloodborne pathogens standard (29 CFR 1910.1030) to body piercing. (
  • Two instruments, the Body Constitution Questionnaire (BCQ) and the Constitution in Chinese Medicine Questionnaire (CCMQ), have been developed in Taiwan and Mainland China respectively to measure constitution. (
  • After a series of questionnaire surveys and blood sample collection, investigators can estimate subjects with body constitution is more likely to infect COVID-19. (
  • Patients with IGR ( n = 306) received a blood test and their body constitution type was assessed using a body constitution questionnaire (BCQ). (
  • The mixed or biliary constitution, whilst being prone to disturbances exhibited by both the Lymphatic and Haematogenic Types is, in the main, more prone to liver, gall bladder and pancreatic disturbances, flatulence, constipation, diabetes and blood diseases. (
  • An atmosphere of this subtile fluid constantly surrounds the atoms of all bodies, and prevents them from being drawn into actual contact. (
  • COX2 genotype, body constitution and ER status had a combined effect on the risk of early events and treatment response. (
  • The high risk for early events in certain subgroups of patients suggests that COX2 genotype in combination with body measurements may identify patients in need of more personalized treatment. (
  • Over the generations, interbreeding has, in some instances produced a mixed genotype known as a Biliary Constitution, where the person inherits the strengths and weaknesses of both the brown and blue eyed constitutions. (
  • However, the modern day busy life does not even allow people to let the body perform this function efficiently. (
  • Its report, titled 'Expectation of Thai people towards the duty of CDC and the National Reform Steering Assembly' (NRSA), found that majority is in favour of the new body and has high expectations vis-à-vis its work. (
  • This graph shows the total number of publications written about "Body Constitution" by people in this website by year, and whether "Body Constitution" was a major or minor topic of these publications. (
  • Below are the most recent publications written about "Body Constitution" by people in Profiles. (
  • Wherever an Italian died to redeem freedom and dignity, go there, young people, and ponder: because that was where our constitution was born. (
  • [11] The process of selecting the delegates for the First and Second Continental Congresses underscores the revolutionary role of the people of the colonies in establishing a central governing body. (
  • Background: Growth of children at age of 15 to 18 years old has an important influence on providing body constitution in their adult. (
  • The uppercase letter denotes the prominent energies in a constitution. (
  • Commonly there are one or two prominent energies in a persons"™ constitution, or rarely may we find an equal distribution of the three energies. (
  • As you can imagine now, the first step towards healing is to determine patient"™s body constitution and which energies are out of balance. (
  • Temperament is physiologically defined as the pattern of qualities that results from actions and reactions of mass and energy in the structures and functions of human body. (
  • Seddon JM, Cote J, Davis N, Rosner B. Progression of age-related macular degeneration: association with body mass index, waist circumference, and waist-hip ratio. (
  • A large hip circumference and high body mass index were associated with high grade tumours ( P = 0.03 and 0.009, respectively), whereas low energy and unadjusted fat intakes were associated with high proliferation ( P = 0.03 and 0.004, respectively). (
  • Low energy and low total fat (polyunsaturated fatty acids in particular) intakes, and high body mass index were associated with relatively more malignant breast tumours. (
  • Body Mass was Index then calculated from weight and height. (
  • There was no difference in Body Mass Index between boys and girls, as well as between Samigaluh children and Galur children. (
  • Body mass index is associated with differential seasonal change in ambulatory blood pressure levels. (
  • Comparison with matched controls showed no evidence that the risk of hip fracture was related to calcium intake: the odds ratio for the lowest third of dietary calcium compared with the highest was 0.7 (95% confidence interval 0.1 to 3.9) after adjustment for smoking and body mass index. (
  • Body Mass Index: What Is It And Is It Useful? (
  • Anybody who tracks their own weight and level of fitness is familiar with BMI (Body Mass Index). (
  • sincerely, Jonathan L. Peterson defending our constitution since 1973 under oath just like you. (
  • Since the Supreme Court Justices take an Oath to the Constitution they are duty bound to recognize the separation of powers that was so carefully crafted into it. (
  • Dietary behaviours and body constitution may be associated with specific types of breast cancer defined by conventional pathology parameters and cyclin D 1 and cyclin E expression. (
  • The association between dietary intake and body composition is still under debate [ 3 , 4 ], and the biological link between diet and breast cancer is unclear. (
  • The human constitution is generally determined by body build, that is, the aggregate external features (height, weight, the proportions of the various body measurements, and the extent of development of the muscles and subcutaneous fat). (
  • 7. Once in bed, perform a relaxing body scan, inviting each part of the body to release any tension you may be holding from the day. (
  • TCM body constitution is divided into balanced constitution also nine types known as Neutral constitution, Qi-deficiency constitution, Yang-deficiency constitution, Yin-deficiency constitution, Phlegm-damp constitution, Damp-heat constitution, Blood-stagnation constitution, Qi-stagnation constitution and Special diathesis constitution. (
  • These are the neutral, yang and yin body types. (
  • This dosha controls metabolism, digestion and energy production in the body (all transformation processes). (
  • On the other hand, for the Yin body type, the yin energy is in excess in relative to the yang energy. (
  • A person with yin body type is prone to being easily fatigued, inactive and resents cold weather. (
  • A person with yang body type is prone to being easily irritable, hyperactive, resents hot weather, perspires easily and often feels thirsty. (
  • Eat the right diet for your unique body type with these short eCourses. (
  • Your body type shows you how you use energy. (
  • During a four-hour taped confession, Joseph Daniels admitted he dumped Joe Clyde's body in a remote area, but the boy's remains have never been located. (
  • Madhesis and Tharus of the plains had long felt aggrieved at the power structure, and saw the constitution - to be promulgated by an elected Constituent Assembly - as an opportunity to win their rightful share. (
  • Most important entity that shapes our personality and plays a very significant role in shaping our character is our mind, the supreme controller of our body. (
  • That is why I am also for amending the (pension protection) clause added to the constitution in 1970 that caused the Supreme Court to shoot down our initial agreements with laborers and municipal employees. (
  • The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States . (
  • Could this mean that the Supreme Court cannot make Any law according to the Constitution - or do they have powers that come from somewhere else? (
  • Emanuel diverted from Democratic Party orthodoxy by calling for an amendment to the Illinois Constitution that would allow easing a rigid clause stating that public pension benefits "shall not be diminished or impaired. (
  • Since coming into force, section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982 has given rise to a wealth of commentary. (
  • For instance, testosterone and estrogen dial up or down many genes in reproductive and body tissues. (
  • Simply stating, an exchange of body fluids. (
  • Aim and objectives: The aim of this study is to establish the prevalence and epidemiology of body constitution classified by the Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory in the Chinese population in Hong Kong. (
  • 5. Establish a ritual that signals to the body that it is time to unwind. (
  • Body measurements and questionnaires were obtained preoperatively. (
  • Subcategories were compared with prediagnostic diet and body measurements using analysis of variance. (
  • They want to see the First Peoples finally ensured a fair go in the life of our nation, and in our nation's Constitution. (
  • An important contemporary proponent of such a materialist psychological account of persons is Lynn Baker, who defends that view in Persons and Bodies: A Constitution Approach . (
  • Together, the Senate cooperates on projects relevant to broad sections of the Graduate Student community, in addition to advocating for initiatives put forward by, or on behalf of, the Graduate Student body. (
  • This article strives to elucidate one of these important concepts: Body Constitution. (
  • Honorary Members will be nominated according to Article 5A of this Constitution. (
  • Although the ASME standard calls for the use of body belts, OSHA strongly encourages employers to use body harnesses in place of body belts. (
  • The true brown eye reflects the haematogenic constitution which is more prone to gastro-intestinal, liver, pancreatic, endocrine and blood disturbances. (
  • The new body should uphold certain principles. (
  • OSHA's powered industrial trucks (PITs) standard, contained in 29 CFR 1910.178, does not have provisions that require either the use of a body harness or safety belt to protect personnel against falls from elevated platforms. (
  • Body Constitution is the individualâ s body condition that makes an individual susceptible to certain diseases but not others. (
  • The constitution of the organisation is available here . (
  • The book then unpacks and critically analyses the High Court's interpretation of the Constitution in a manner that follows the Constitution's own logic and method of organisation. (
  • The Women organisations made their position known in a letter to the Deputy President and Chairman, Committee on the review of the 1999 constitution, Ovie Omo-Agege, entitled: 'Appeal for an extension on the deadline of the call for memoranda. (
  • Constitution = what you were born with, and it primarily refers to your physical make up. (
  • Dosha affects your body physically, mentally, and spiritually. (
  • Phlegm-damp and Damp-heat TCM body constitution are strongly associated with abnormal serum cytokines, and could potentially serve as a predictor of diabetes in IGR subjects. (