An enduring, learned predisposition to behave in a consistent way toward a given class of objects, or a persistent mental and/or neural state of readiness to react to a certain class of objects, not as they are but as they are conceived to be.
Attitudes of personnel toward their patients, other professionals, toward the medical care system, etc.
Public attitudes toward health, disease, and the medical care system.
The attitude and behavior associated with an individual using the computer.
Computer-based representation of physical systems and phenomena such as chemical processes.
Predetermined sets of questions used to collect data - clinical data, social status, occupational group, etc. The term is often applied to a self-completed survey instrument.
Various units or machines that operate in combination or in conjunction with a computer but are not physically part of it. Peripheral devices typically display computer data, store data from the computer and return the data to the computer on demand, prepare data for human use, or acquire data from a source and convert it to a form usable by a computer. (Computer Dictionary, 4th ed.)
Familiarity and comfort in using computers efficiently.
Conceptual response of the person to the various aspects of death, which are based on individual psychosocial and cultural experience.
Systems composed of a computer or computers, peripheral equipment, such as disks, printers, and terminals, and telecommunications capabilities.
A type of MICROCOMPUTER, sometimes called a personal digital assistant, that is very small and portable and fitting in a hand. They are convenient to use in clinical and other field situations for quick data management. They usually require docking with MICROCOMPUTERS for updates.
Process of teaching a person to interact and communicate with a computer.
Input/output devices designed to receive data in an environment associated with the job to be performed, and capable of transmitting entries to, and obtaining output from, the system of which it is a part. (Computer Dictionary, 4th ed.)
Individuals enrolled in a school of medicine or a formal educational program in medicine.
Individuals licensed to practice medicine.
The attitude of a significant portion of a population toward any given proposition, based upon a measurable amount of factual evidence, and involving some degree of reflection, analysis, and reasoning.
Studies in which the presence or absence of disease or other health-related variables are determined in each member of the study population or in a representative sample at one particular time. This contrasts with LONGITUDINAL STUDIES which are followed over a period of time.
Computers in which quantities are represented by physical variables; problem parameters are translated into equivalent mechanical or electrical circuits as an analog for the physical phenomenon being investigated. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
Sequential operating programs and data which instruct the functioning of a digital computer.
Systematic gathering of data for a particular purpose from various sources, including questionnaires, interviews, observation, existing records, and electronic devices. The process is usually preliminary to statistical analysis of the data.
Application of computer programs designed to assist the physician in solving a diagnostic problem.
A self-learning technique, usually online, involving interaction of the student with programmed instructional materials.
Those physicians who have completed the education requirements specified by the American Academy of Family Physicians.
A system containing any combination of computers, computer terminals, printers, audio or visual display devices, or telephones interconnected by telecommunications equipment or cables: used to transmit or receive information. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
An oversimplified perception or conception especially of persons, social groups, etc.
A method of data collection and a QUALITATIVE RESEARCH tool in which a small group of individuals are brought together and allowed to interact in a discussion of their opinions about topics, issues, or questions.
Individuals enrolled in a school or formal educational program.
A preconceived judgment made without factual basis.
The interactions between physician and patient.
A collective expression for all behavior patterns acquired and socially transmitted through symbols. Culture includes customs, traditions, and language.
The capability to perform acceptably those duties directly related to patient care.
The process of pictorial communication, between human and computers, in which the computer input and output have the form of charts, drawings, or other appropriate pictorial representation.
Conversations with an individual or individuals held in order to obtain information about their background and other personal biographical data, their attitudes and opinions, etc. It includes school admission or job interviews.
Education that increases the awareness and favorably influences the attitudes and knowledge relating to the improvement of health on a personal or community basis.
A loose confederation of computer communication networks around the world. The networks that make up the Internet are connected through several backbone networks. The Internet grew out of the US Government ARPAnet project and was designed to facilitate information exchange.
The act or practice of killing or allowing death from natural causes, for reasons of mercy, i.e., in order to release a person from incurable disease, intolerable suffering, or undignified death. (from Beauchamp and Walters, Contemporary Issues in Bioethics, 5th ed)
The period of medical education in a medical school. In the United States it follows the baccalaureate degree and precedes the granting of the M.D.
A medical specialty concerned with the provision of continuing, comprehensive primary health care for the entire family.
What a person has in mind to do or bring about.
Small computers that lack the speed, memory capacity, and instructional capability of the full-size computer but usually retain its programmable flexibility. They are larger, faster, and more flexible, powerful, and expensive than microcomputers.
Patterns of practice related to diagnosis and treatment as especially influenced by cost of the service requested and provided.
A course of study offered by an educational institution.
The seeking and acceptance by patients of health service.
Professionals qualified by graduation from an accredited school of nursing and by passage of a national licensing examination to practice nursing. They provide services to patients requiring assistance in recovering or maintaining their physical or mental health.
A procedure consisting of a sequence of algebraic formulas and/or logical steps to calculate or determine a given task.
Men and women working in the provision of health services, whether as individual practitioners or employees of health institutions and programs, whether or not professionally trained, and whether or not subject to public regulation. (From A Discursive Dictionary of Health Care, 1976)
Integrated set of files, procedures, and equipment for the storage, manipulation, and retrieval of information.
Persons functioning as natural, adoptive, or substitute parents. The heading includes the concept of parenthood as well as preparation for becoming a parent.
Educational institutions providing facilities for teaching and research and authorized to grant academic degrees.
Statistical measures of utilization and other aspects of the provision of health care services including hospitalization and ambulatory care.
Any type of research that employs nonnumeric information to explore individual or group characteristics, producing findings not arrived at by statistical procedures or other quantitative means. (Qualitative Inquiry: A Dictionary of Terms Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 1997)
Individuals enrolled a school of dentistry or a formal educational program in leading to a degree in dentistry.
Computer-based systems for input, storage, display, retrieval, and printing of information contained in a patient's medical record.
Professional medical personnel approved to provide care to patients in a hospital.
The process of making a selective intellectual judgment when presented with several complex alternatives consisting of several variables, and usually defining a course of action or an idea.
Use for general articles concerning medical education.
Abstract standards or empirical variables in social life which are believed to be important and/or desirable.
Behaviors expressed by individuals to protect, maintain or promote their health status. For example, proper diet, and appropriate exercise are activities perceived to influence health status. Life style is closely associated with health behavior and factors influencing life style are socioeconomic, educational, and cultural.
A perceived attribute that is deeply discrediting and is considered to be a violation of social norms.
Individuals participating in the health care system for the purpose of receiving therapeutic, diagnostic, or preventive procedures.
Small-scale tests of methods and procedures to be used on a larger scale if the pilot study demonstrates that these methods and procedures can work.
The bestowing of tangible or intangible benefits, voluntarily and usually without expectation of anything in return. However, gift giving may be motivated by feelings of ALTRUISM or gratitude, by a sense of obligation, or by the hope of receiving something in return.
The educational process of instructing.
The statistical reproducibility of measurements (often in a clinical context), including the testing of instrumentation or techniques to obtain reproducible results. The concept includes reproducibility of physiological measurements, which may be used to develop rules to assess probability or prognosis, or response to a stimulus; reproducibility of occurrence of a condition; and reproducibility of experimental results.
Computers whose input, output and state transitions are carried out by biochemical interactions and reactions.
Educational attainment or level of education of individuals.
Interactions between health personnel and patients.
Programs of training in medicine and medical specialties offered by hospitals for graduates of medicine to meet the requirements established by accrediting authorities.
Individuals licensed to practice DENTISTRY.
The teaching or training of patients concerning their own health needs.
The act of "taking account" of an object or state of affairs. It does not imply assessment of, nor attention to the qualities or nature of the object.
The degree of closeness or acceptance an individual or group feels toward another individual or group.
Those factors which cause an organism to behave or act in either a goal-seeking or satisfying manner. They may be influenced by physiological drives or by external stimuli.
A form of interactive entertainment in which the player controls electronically generated images that appear on a video display screen. This includes video games played in the home on special machines or home computers, and those played in arcades.
Social and economic factors that characterize the individual or group within the social structure.
The exchange or transmission of ideas, attitudes, or beliefs between individuals or groups.
The medical science that deals with the origin, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of mental disorders.
Data processing largely performed by automatic means.
Encouraging consumer behaviors most likely to optimize health potentials (physical and psychosocial) through health information, preventive programs, and access to medical care.
Studies designed to assess the efficacy of programs. They may include the evaluation of cost-effectiveness, the extent to which objectives are met, or impact.
The visual display of data in a man-machine system. An example is when data is called from the computer and transmitted to a CATHODE RAY TUBE DISPLAY or LIQUID CRYSTAL display.
The process by which the nature and meaning of sensory stimuli are recognized and interpreted.
Text editing and storage functions using computer software.
Maleness or femaleness as a constituent element or influence contributing to the production of a result. It may be applicable to the cause or effect of a circumstance. It is used with human or animal concepts but should be differentiated from SEX CHARACTERISTICS, anatomical or physiological manifestations of sex, and from SEX DISTRIBUTION, the number of males and females in given circumstances.
The body of truths or facts accumulated in the course of time, the cumulated sum of information, its volume and nature, in any civilization, period, or country.
The privacy of information and its protection against unauthorized disclosure.
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of biological processes or diseases. For disease models in living animals, DISEASE MODELS, ANIMAL is available. Biological models include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
Sexual activities of humans.
Any observable response or action of an adolescent.
The expected function of a member of the medical profession.
A set of beliefs concerning the nature, cause, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency. It usually involves devotional and ritual observances and often a moral code for the conduct of human affairs. (Random House Collegiate Dictionary, rev. ed.)
Materials, frequently computer applications, that combine some or all of text, sound, graphics, animation, and video into integrated packages. (Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors, 1994)
A republic in western Africa, south of NIGER between BENIN and CAMEROON. Its capital is Abuja.
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
Computer systems utilized as adjuncts in the treatment of disease.
The principles of professional conduct concerning the rights and duties of the physician, relations with patients and fellow practitioners, as well as actions of the physician in patient care and interpersonal relations with patient families.
A technique of inputting two-dimensional images into a computer and then enhancing or analyzing the imagery into a form that is more useful to the human observer.
Computers that combine the functions of analog and digital computers. (Sippl, Computer Dictionary, 4th ed)
Those aspects or characteristics which identify a culture.
Educational institutions for individuals specializing in the field of medicine.
Use for articles concerning dental education in general.
A computer architecture, implementable in either hardware or software, modeled after biological neural networks. Like the biological system in which the processing capability is a result of the interconnection strengths between arrays of nonlinear processing nodes, computerized neural networks, often called perceptrons or multilayer connectionist models, consist of neuron-like units. A homogeneous group of units makes up a layer. These networks are good at pattern recognition. They are adaptive, performing tasks by example, and thus are better for decision-making than are linear learning machines or cluster analysis. They do not require explicit programming.
The perceiving of attributes, characteristics, and behaviors of one's associates or social groups.
The transmission and reproduction of transient images of fixed or moving objects. An electronic system of transmitting such images together with sound over a wire or through space by apparatus that converts light and sound into electrical waves and reconverts them into visible light rays and audible sound. (From Webster, 3rd ed)
The assessing of academic or educational achievement. It includes all aspects of testing and test construction.
The interrelationship of medicine and religion.
Cognitive mechanism based on expectations or beliefs about one's ability to perform actions necessary to produce a given effect. It is also a theoretical component of behavior change in various therapeutic treatments. (APA, Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms, 1994)
The inhabitants of rural areas or of small towns classified as rural.
Protective measures against unauthorized access to or interference with computer operating systems, telecommunications, or data structures, especially the modification, deletion, destruction, or release of data in computers. It includes methods of forestalling interference by computer viruses or so-called computer hackers aiming to compromise stored data.
Beliefs and values shared by all members of the organization. These shared values, which are subject to change, are reflected in the day to day management of the organization.
Care which provides integrated, accessible health care services by clinicians who are accountable for addressing a large majority of personal health care needs, developing a sustained partnership with patients, and practicing in the context of family and community. (JAMA 1995;273(3):192)
The giving of advice and assistance to individuals with educational or personal problems.
A parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch in southeast Asia, consisting of 11 states (West Malaysia) on the Malay Peninsula and two states (East Malaysia) on the island of BORNEO. It is also called the Federation of Malaysia. Its capital is Kuala Lumpur. Before 1963 it was the Union of Malaya. It reorganized in 1948 as the Federation of Malaya, becoming independent from British Malaya in 1957 and becoming Malaysia in 1963 as a federation of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak, and Singapore (which seceded in 1965). The form Malay- probably derives from the Tamil malay, mountain, with reference to its geography. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p715 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p329)
A medical specialty concerned with maintaining health and providing medical care to children from birth to adolescence.
Use of computers or computer systems for doing routine clerical work, e.g., billing, records pertaining to the administration of the office, etc.
Systems where the input data enter the computer directly from the point of origin (usually a terminal or workstation) and/or in which output data are transmitted directly to that terminal point of origin. (Sippl, Computer Dictionary, 4th ed)
Educational programs designed to inform physicians of recent advances in their field.
A medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the internal organ systems of adults.
Customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a benefit or service received.
Assessment of psychological variables by the application of mathematical procedures.
The use of one's knowledge in a particular profession. It includes, in the case of the field of biomedicine, professional activities related to health care and the actual performance of the duties related to the provision of health care.
The inhabitants of a city or town, including metropolitan areas and suburban areas.
Age as a constituent element or influence contributing to the production of a result. It may be applicable to the cause or the effect of a circumstance. It is used with human or animal concepts but should be differentiated from AGING, a physiological process, and TIME FACTORS which refers only to the passage of time.
Educational institutions.
The reciprocal interaction of two or more professional individuals.
The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in an educational institution.
Provision (by a physician or other health professional, or by a family member or friend) of support and/or means that gives a patient the power to terminate his or her own life. (from APA, Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms, 8th ed).
A medical-surgical specialty concerned with the physiology and disorders primarily of the female genital tract, as well as female endocrinology and reproductive physiology.
The capability to perform the duties of one's profession generally, or to perform a particular professional task, with skill of an acceptable quality.
Individuals enrolled in a school of pharmacy or a formal educational program leading to a degree in pharmacy.
Physicians whose practice is not restricted to a specific field of MEDICINE.
A set of statistical methods for analyzing the correlations among several variables in order to estimate the number of fundamental dimensions that underlie the observed data and to describe and measure those dimensions. It is used frequently in the development of scoring systems for rating scales and questionnaires.
The reciprocal interaction of two or more persons.
A person's view of himself.
Created 7 April 1992 as a result of the division of Yugoslavia.
A systematic collection of factual data pertaining to health and disease in a human population within a given geographic area.
Those persons legally qualified by education and training to engage in the practice of pharmacy.
Therapeutic practices which are not currently considered an integral part of conventional allopathic medical practice. They may lack biomedical explanations but as they become better researched some (PHYSICAL THERAPY MODALITIES; DIET; ACUPUNCTURE) become widely accepted whereas others (humors, radium therapy) quietly fade away, yet are important historical footnotes. Therapies are termed as Complementary when used in addition to conventional treatments and as Alternative when used instead of conventional treatment.
Group composed of associates of same species, approximately the same age, and usually of similar rank or social status.
Inhaling and exhaling the smoke of burning TOBACCO.
A statistical technique that isolates and assesses the contributions of categorical independent variables to variation in the mean of a continuous dependent variable.
Education which increases the knowledge of the functional, structural, and behavioral aspects of human reproduction.
Patient involvement in the decision-making process in matters pertaining to health.
The science of designing, building or equipping mechanical devices or artificial environments to the anthropometric, physiological, or psychological requirements of the people who will use them.
Statistical models which describe the relationship between a qualitative dependent variable (that is, one which can take only certain discrete values, such as the presence or absence of a disease) and an independent variable. A common application is in epidemiology for estimating an individual's risk (probability of a disease) as a function of a given risk factor.
The smallest continent and an independent country, comprising six states and two territories. Its capital is Canberra.
Undertaking a task involving a challenge for achievement or a desirable goal in which there is a lack of certainty or a fear of failure. It may also include the exhibiting of certain behaviors whose outcomes may present a risk to the individual or to those associated with him or her.
Consideration and concern for others, as opposed to self-love or egoism, which can be a motivating influence.
Persons living in the United States having origins in any of the black groups of Africa.
Harmful and painful condition caused by overuse or overexertion of some part of the musculoskeletal system, often resulting from work-related physical activities. It is characterized by inflammation, pain, or dysfunction of the involved joints, bones, ligaments, and nerves.
Theoretical representations that simulate the behavior or activity of systems, processes, or phenomena. They include the use of mathematical equations, computers, and other electronic equipment.
An educational process that provides information and advice to individuals or families about a genetic condition that may affect them. The purpose is to help individuals make informed decisions about marriage, reproduction, and other health management issues based on information about the genetic disease, the available diagnostic tests, and management programs. Psychosocial support is usually offered.
Surgical procedures conducted with the aid of computers. This is most frequently used in orthopedic and laparoscopic surgery for implant placement and instrument guidance. Image-guided surgery interactively combines prior CT scans or MRI images with real-time video.
A social group consisting of parents or parent substitutes and children.
Confidence in or reliance on a person or thing.
The degree to which the individual regards the health care service or product or the manner in which it is delivered by the provider as useful, effective, or beneficial.
Place or physical location of work or employment.
A group of disorders characterized by physiological and psychological disturbances in appetite or food intake.
Truthful revelation of information, specifically when the information disclosed is likely to be psychologically painful ("bad news") to the recipient (e.g., revelation to a patient or a patient's family of the patient's DIAGNOSIS or PROGNOSIS) or embarrassing to the teller (e.g., revelation of medical errors).
The status during which female mammals carry their developing young (EMBRYOS or FETUSES) in utero before birth, beginning from FERTILIZATION to BIRTH.
Includes the spectrum of human immunodeficiency virus infections that range from asymptomatic seropositivity, thru AIDS-related complex (ARC), to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).
The individuals employed by the hospital.
Integrated, computer-assisted systems designed to store, manipulate, and retrieve information concerned with the administrative and clinical aspects of providing medical services within the hospital.
Human males as cultural, psychological, sociological, political, and economic entities.
Self-directing freedom and especially moral independence. An ethical principle holds that the autonomy of persons ought to be respected. (Bioethics Thesaurus)
A country spanning from central Asia to the Pacific Ocean.
Revealing of information, by oral or written communication.
The interactions between parent and child.
Human females as cultural, psychological, sociological, political, and economic entities.
Devices capable of receiving data, retaining data for an indefinite or finite period of time, and supplying data upon demand.
Personal satisfaction relative to the work situation.
Studies determining the effectiveness or value of processes, personnel, and equipment, or the material on conducting such studies. For drugs and devices, CLINICAL TRIALS AS TOPIC; DRUG EVALUATION; and DRUG EVALUATION, PRECLINICAL are available.
Discontinuation of the habit of smoking, the inhaling and exhaling of tobacco smoke.
The administrative procedures involved with acquiring TISSUES or organs for TRANSPLANTATION through various programs, systems, or organizations. These procedures include obtaining consent from TISSUE DONORS and arranging for transportation of donated tissues and organs, after TISSUE HARVESTING, to HOSPITALS for processing and transplantation.
Personnel who provide nursing service to patients in a hospital.
An aspect of personal behavior or lifestyle, environmental exposure, or inborn or inherited characteristic, which, on the basis of epidemiologic evidence, is known to be associated with a health-related condition considered important to prevent.
The field of information science concerned with the analysis and dissemination of medical data through the application of computers to various aspects of health care and medicine.
Systematic identification, development, organization, or utilization of educational resources and the management of these processes. It is occasionally used also in a more limited sense to describe the use of equipment-oriented techniques or audiovisual aids in educational settings. (Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors, December 1993, p132)
On the job training programs for personnel carried out within an institution or agency. It includes orientation programs.
The largest country in North America, comprising 10 provinces and three territories. Its capital is Ottawa.
Behavior patterns of those practicing CONTRACEPTION.
Conformity in fulfilling or following official, recognized, or institutional requirements, guidelines, recommendations, protocols, pathways, or other standards.
Field of psychology concerned with the normal and abnormal behavior of adolescents. It includes mental processes as well as observable responses.
An acquired defect of cellular immunity associated with infection by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), a CD4-positive T-lymphocyte count under 200 cells/microliter or less than 14% of total lymphocytes, and increased susceptibility to opportunistic infections and malignant neoplasms. Clinical manifestations also include emaciation (wasting) and dementia. These elements reflect criteria for AIDS as defined by the CDC in 1993.
A province of Canada lying between the provinces of Manitoba and Quebec. Its capital is Toronto. It takes its name from Lake Ontario which is said to represent the Iroquois oniatariio, beautiful lake. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p892 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p391)
Automated systems applied to the patient care process including diagnosis, therapy, and systems of communicating medical data within the health care setting.
Education which increases the awareness and favorably influences the attitudes and knowledge relating to the improvement of dental health on a personal or community basis.
Individuals' concept of their own bodies.
Country located in EUROPE. It is bordered by the NORTH SEA, BELGIUM, and GERMANY. Constituent areas are Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, formerly included in the NETHERLANDS ANTILLES.
The branch of medicine concerned with the physiological and pathological aspects of the aged, including the clinical problems of senescence and senility.
Psychiatric illness or diseases manifested by breakdowns in the adaptational process expressed primarily as abnormalities of thought, feeling, and behavior producing either distress or impairment of function.
Detection of a MUTATION; GENOTYPE; KARYOTYPE; or specific ALLELES associated with genetic traits, heritable diseases, or predisposition to a disease, or that may lead to the disease in descendants. It includes prenatal genetic testing.
Voluntary cooperation of the patient in following a prescribed regimen.
A medical-surgical specialty concerned with management and care of women during pregnancy, parturition, and the puerperium.

The limited use of digital ink in the private-sector primary care physician's office. (1/683)

Two of the greatest obstacles to the implementation of the standardized electronic medical record are physician and staff acceptance and the development of a complete standardized medical vocabulary. Physicians have found the familiar desktop computer environment cumbersome in the examination room and the coding and hierarchic structure of existing vocabulary inadequate. The author recommends the use of digital ink, the graphic form of the pen computer, in telephone messaging and as a supplement in the examination room encounter note. A key concept in this paper is that the development of a standard electronic medical record cannot occur without the thorough evaluation of the office environment and physicians' concerns. This approach reveals a role for digital ink in telephone messaging and as a supplement to the encounter note. It is hoped that the utilization of digital ink will foster greater physician participation in the development of the electronic medical record.  (+info)

Improving clinician acceptance and use of computerized documentation of coded diagnosis. (2/683)

After the Northwest Division of Kaiser Permanente implemented EpicCare, a comprehensive electronic medical record, clinicians were required to directly document orders and diagnoses on this computerized system, a task they found difficult and time consuming. We analyzed the sources of this problem to improve the process and increase its acceptance by clinicians. One problem was the use of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9) as our coding scheme, even though ICD-9 is not a complete nomenclature of diseases and using it as such creates difficulties. In addition, the synonym list we used had some inaccurate associations, contributing to clinician frustration. Furthermore, the initial software program contained no adequate mechanism for adding qualifying comments or preferred terminology. We sought to address all these issues. Strategies included adjusting the available coding choices and descriptions and modifying the medical record software. In addition, the software vendor developed a utility that allows clinicians to replace the ICD-9 description with their own preferred terminology while preserving the ICD-9 code. We present an evaluation of this utility.  (+info)

Contrasting views of physicians and nurses about an inpatient computer-based provider order-entry system. (3/683)

OBJECTIVE: Many hospitals are investing in computer-based provider order-entry (POE) systems, and providers' evaluations have proved important for the success of the systems. The authors assessed how physicians and nurses viewed the effects of one modified commercial POE system on time spent patients, resource utilization, errors with orders, and overall quality of care. DESIGN: Survey. MEASUREMENTS: Opinions of 271 POE users on medicine wards of an urban teaching hospital: 96 medical house officers, 49 attending physicians, 19 clinical fellows with heavy inpatient loads, and 107 nurses. RESULTS: Responses were received from 85 percent of the sample. Most physicians and nurses agreed that orders were executed faster under POE. About 30 percent of house officers and attendings or fellows, compared with 56 percent of nurses, reported improvement in overall quality of care with POE. Forty-four percent of house officers and 34 percent of attendings/fellows reported that their time with patients decreased, whereas 56 percent of nurses indicated that their time with patients increased (P < 0.001). Sixty percent of house officers and 41 percent of attendings/fellows indicated that order errors increased, whereas 69 percent of nurses indicated a decrease or no change in errors. Although most nurses reported no change in the frequency of ordering tests and medications with POE, 61 percent of house officers reported an increased frequency. CONCLUSION: Physicians and nurses had markedly different views about effects of a POE system on patient care, highlighting the need to consider both perspectives when assessing the impact of POE. With this POE system, most nurses saw beneficial effects, whereas many physicians saw negative effects.  (+info)

Computer support for recording and interpreting family histories of breast and ovarian cancer in primary care (RAGs): qualitative evaluation with simulated patients. (4/683)

OBJECTIVES: To explore general practitioners' attitudes towards and use of a computer program for assessing genetic risk of cancer in primary care. DESIGN: Qualitative analysis of semistructured interviews and video recordings of simulated consultations. PARTICIPANTS: Purposive sample of 15 general practitioners covering a range of computer literacy, interest in genetics, age, and sex. INTERVENTIONS: Each doctor used the program in two consultations in which an actor played a woman concerned about her family history of cancer. Consultations were videotaped and followed by interviews with the video as a prompt to questioning. MAIN OUTCOME MESURESs: Use of computer program in the Consultation. RESULTS: The program was viewed as an appropriate application of information technology because of the complexity of cancer genetics and a sense of "guideline chaos" in primary care. Doctors found the program easy to use, but it often affected their control of the consultation. They needed to balance their desire to share the computer screen with the patient, driven by their concerns about the effect of the computer on doctor-patient communication, against the risk of premature disclosure of bad news. CONCLUSIONS: This computer program could provide the necessary support to assist assessment of genetic risk of cancer in primary care. The potential impact of computer software on the consultation should not be underestimated. This study highlights the need for careful evaluation when developing medical information systems.  (+info)

Use of MEDLINE by rural physicians in Washington state. (5/683)

Studies have suggested that rural physicians do not use MEDLINE to aid their clinical decision making, and yet rural physicians appear to be a group that would benefit greatly from the use of MEDLINE because of their isolation from libraries and colleagues. This study was undertaken to understand why a population so likely to benefit from the use of MEDLINE is not using it. The study confirmed that rural physicians regard colleagues, reference texts, and journal articles as the most important information sources. However, a surprising number of rural generalist physicians in Washington, 40 percent of respondents, use MEDLINE, and most possess the requisite awareness, resources, and ability to use MEDLINE. Of those who use MEDLINE, 70 percent consider it a valuable clinical tool.  (+info)

Influence of case and physician characteristics on perceptions of decision support systems. (6/683)

OBJECTIVE: This study examines how characteristics of clinical cases and physician users relate to the users' perceptions of the usefulness of the Quick Medical Reference (QMR) and their confidence in their diagnoses when supported by the decision support system. METHODS: A national sample (N = 108) of 67 internists, 35 family physicians, and 6 other U.S. physicians used QMR to assist in the diagnosis of written clinical cases. Three sets of eight cases stratified by diagnostic difficulty and the potential of QMR to produce high-quality information were used. A 2 x 2 repeated-measures analysis of variance was used to test whether these factors were associated with perceived usefulness of QMR and physicians' diagnostic confidence after using QMR. Correlations were computed among physician characteristics, ratings of QMR usefulness, and physicians' confidence in their own diagnoses, and between usefulness or confidence and actual diagnostic performance. RESULTS: The analyses showed that QMR was perceived to be significantly more useful (P < 0.05) on difficult cases, on cases where QMR could provide high-quality information, by non-board-certified physicians, and when diagnostic confidence was lower. Diagnostic confidence was higher when comfort with using certain QMR functions was higher. The ratings of usefulness or diagnostic confidence were not consistently correlated with diagnostic performance. CONCLUSIONS: The results suggest that users' diagnostic confidence and perceptions of QMR usefulness may be associated more with their need for decision support than with their actual diagnostic performance when using the system. Evaluators may fail to find a diagnostic decision support system useful if only easy cases are tested, if correct diagnoses are not in the system's knowledge base, or when only highly trained physicians use the system.  (+info)

Randomised trial of personalised computer based information for cancer patients. (7/683)

OBJECTIVE: To compare the use and effect of a computer based information system for cancer patients that is personalised using each patient's medical record with a system providing only general information and with information provided in booklets. DESIGN: Randomised trial with three groups. Data collected at start of radiotherapy, one week later (when information provided), three weeks later, and three months later. PARTICIPANTS: 525 patients started radical radiotherapy; 438 completed follow up. INTERVENTIONS: Two groups were offered information via computer (personalised or general information, or both) with open access to computer thereafter; the third group was offered a selection of information booklets. OUTCOMES: Patients' views and preferences, use of computer and information, and psychological status; doctors' perceptions; cost of interventions. RESULTS: More patients offered the personalised information said that they had learnt something new, thought the information was relevant, used the computer again, and showed their computer printouts to others. There were no major differences in doctors' perceptions of patients. More of the general computer group were anxious at three months. With an electronic patient record system, in the long run the personalised information system would cost no more than the general system. Full access to booklets cost twice as much as the general system. CONCLUSIONS: Patients preferred computer systems that provided information from their medical records to systems that just provided general information. This has implications for the design and implementation of electronic patient record systems and reliance on general sources of patient information.  (+info)

Housestaff attitudes toward computer-based clinical decision support. (8/683)

OBJECTIVE: To measure housestaff attitudes towards computer-based decision support and their threshold for having CDSS messages displayed. DESIGN: 770 self-administered surveys were distributed to housestaff physicians. RESULTS: 209 surveys were returned. 63% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that CDSS would improve quality of care, while 52% agreed or strongly agreed that it would decrease adverse drug events. Respondents were neutral regarding the impact of CDSS on productivity and on their autonomy. Sixty percent approved of a reminder to consider surgical consultation in a patient with abdominal pain, while 88% approved of alerts about hypokalemia. Respondents felt both reminders should be triggered when their PPV exceeded 67%. Attitudes toward POE correlated positively with attitudes toward CDSS (Pearson's rho 0.56; p < 0.0001). Respondents who were dissatisfied with POE had a higher threshold PPV for seeing reminders. CONCLUSION: The majority of housestaff favor the implementation of a CDSS. Housestaff with favorable POE experiences were more likely to endorse CDSS, and those with negative POE experience were more likely to oppose it. The results suggest that a carefully designed CDSS with rules constructed to exceed a threshold PPV would be accepted by housestaff.  (+info)

Business Intelligence (BI) has become an essential part of the modern enterprise, and what used to be thought of as a luxury is now a matter of survival. Recent economic developments have forced companies to rethink their IT investment strategy. BI investments are now targeting the majority of people in the organisation instead of a select few. Thus, it is important to understand why users of a BI system choose to accept and use the system. Previous research has established the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) as one of the most powerful and parsimonious models explaining user acceptance and usage behaviour of information technologies. This quantitative study replicates the original TAM study with the purpose to increase the understanding of BI usage, and investigates the behaviour of the users of the BI system QlikView in the case company GE Healthcare. The results showed a lower explanatory power for the model when compared to previous research. This indicates that how useful a user perceives ...
This research investigates the applicability of F. Davis Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to OCR-based CAPTCHAs involved in a free e-mail accounts registration process. The results provide preliminary evidence that the model may be a useful tool for research focused on acceptance of CAPTCHAs. The results are especially interesting when it comes to the concept of perceived usefulness and its direct relationship to the concept of attitude toward use. This relation indicates a new area of research for CAPTCHA developers interested in improving usability and accessibility of these systems. ...
Use of web-based learning environments (WBLEs)/e-learning environments in pedagogical practices in Higher Education (HE), since revolutionary reform in teaching-learning methods from traditional teaching methods to use of technology, through use of computers, has become a force as it is within every society. This study aims to identify learners level of acceptance and use of WBLE/e-learning environment in HEs primary education process in Gambia, Ghana and Nigeria. This study is adapted to recent studies on Technology Acceptance Model and E-learning (Masrom, 2007), Extending the Technology Acceptance Model to Account for Social Influence: Theoretical Bases and Empirical Validation (Malhotra & Galletta, 1999), and Students perceptions of E-learning at the University of Jordan (Almarabeh, 2014). Similar to these studies, this study used the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and its findings in support of Almarabeh (2014), showed that W/A learners in HE will accept and use WBLE.. ...
Does Technology Acceptance Change the Way from CRM to Customer Loyalty?: An Empirical Study on the Banking Industry: 10.4018/978-1-4666-1568-7.ch006: This study explores the moderating effect of technology acceptance on the relationship between customer relationship management (CRM) in terms of distribution
1] Arbuckle, J.L., Amos Users Guide Version 3.6, SaltWaters Corporation, Chicago, IL, 1997.. [2] Compeau, D.R. and C.A. Higgins, Computer self-efficacy: development of measure and initial test, MIS Quarterly, 19(2): 189 211, June 1995.. [3] Davis, F.D., A technology acceptance model for empirically testing new end-user information systems: theory and results, Doctoral dissertation, MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA, 1986.. [4] Davis, F.D., User acceptance of information technology: system characteristics, user perceptions and behavioral impacts, International Journal of Man-Machine Studies, 38: 475 487, 1993. [5] Davis, F.D. and V. Venkatesh, A critical assessment of potential measurement biases in the technology acceptance model: three experiments, International Journal of Human Computer Studies, 45: 19 45, 1996.. [6] Hartwick, J. and H. Barki, Explaining the role of user participation in information system use, Management Science, 40(4): 440 465, April, 1994.. [7] Hubona, G.S. and ...
Journal of Medical Internet Research - International Scientific Journal for Medical Research, Information and Communication on the Internet
Computer anxiety stops older adults gaining the social, economic, and interpersonal benefits of the Internet. Website design can help.
BACKGROUND: Although the factors that affect the end-users intention to use a new system and technology have been researched, the previous studies have been theoretical and do not verify the factors that affected the adoption of a new system. Thus, this study aimed to confirm the factors that influence users intentions to utilize a mobile electronic health records (EMR) system using both a questionnaire survey and a log file analysis that represented the real use of the system. METHODS: After observing the operation of a mobile EMR system in a tertiary university hospital for seven months, we performed an offline survey regarding the user acceptance of the system based on the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) and the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM ...
Achieving successful electronic patient record implementation is complex. While technical challenges exist, it is possibly more important to acknowledge the social considerations. Initially, an increase in medical record fragmentation and disruption to workflow can arise with the introduction of the …
Differences in Electronic Medical Record Implementation and Use According to Geographical Location and Organizational Characteristics of US Federally Qualified Health Centers: 10.4018/jhisi.2012070101: Electronic medical records (EMRs) are at the forefront of the national healthcare agenda and this paper examines EMR implementation and usage based on data
The survey has identified barriers to clinical use of ATs, but understanding them is fundamental to overcoming them. Much can be learnt from the wider field. For example, Reynaud (2008), proposed different models of acceptance (an attitude) and adoption (a process) of technologies from the fields of information systems and sociology [38]. These models can be applied to any technology type, but can also be specialised to individual technologies. Acceptance models, such as the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) [39, 40], suggests that when users are presented with a new technology a number of factors influence their decision about how and when they will use it, including perceived usefulness (the extent to which a person believes that using a particular system would enhance their performance) and perceived ease-of-use (the extent to which a person believes that using a particular system would be free from effort). This model, which has been updated several times [41-43], corresponds with the ...
Functionality and user acceptance testing can be performed in whatever environment you choose as long as the environment is used exclusively for one purpose at a time. We generally use four environments (development, test, user acceptance, and production). Development and test are used by the application developers to develop and test the application, while the user acceptance environment is used by business analysts to perform functional (system) testing followed by end-user acceptance testing then deployment to production. Sometimes an environment can be temporarily used for other purposes, for example the test environment can be used for functional testing and the user acceptance environment can be used for performance testing. The key is to choose a purpose for an environment and communicate this to everyone so that the environment can be isolated to allow proper testing without conflicts.. ...
Recently there has been a dramatic proliferation on the usage of social networking websites, blogs and other information systems that have a social orientation. However, there is limited research on what drives individual to use such information systems and moreover what are the outcomes of their usage. This paper develops and empirically tests a model of user acceptance of social information systems. Taking into account the particular characteristics of these systems, the proposed model has several features that extend technology acceptance literature. Firstly, instead of the behavioral intention as the key dependent variable, the rate and the variety of use are used in order to model technology acceptance based on the use-diffusion theory. Secondly, exploiting a relational perspective of user-technology interaction the concept of user stickiness with an information system is investigated as usage outcome. Finally, the concept of addiction tendency is proposed to be another outcome modeling the
Clark, W., & Luckin, R. (2013). What the research says. iPads in the classroom. London: Institution of Education University of London.. Davis, F. (1985). A technology acceptance model for empirically testing new end-user information systems: Theory and results. (PhD). Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Retrieved from Draaisma, M. (2019). Mandatory online courses for high school students a terrible idea, expert says. CBC News. Retrieved from Fokides, E., & Atsikpasi, P. (2016). Tablets in education. Results from the initiative ETiE, for teaching plants to primary school students. Education and Information Technologies, 22(5), 2545-2563. doi:10.1007/s10639-016-9560-3. Garcia-Sanjuan, F., Jurdi, S., Jaen, J., & Nacher, V. (2018). Evaluating a tactile and a tangible multi-tablet ...
mHealth has become a valuable tool for providing health care services in developing countries. Despite the potential benefits of mHealth, its adoption remains a very challenge in developing countries like Bangladesh. The aim of this study is to investigate the factors that affect the adoption of mHealth services in Bangladesh using Extended Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). Data were collected from over 250 respondents in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The data were analyzed using the Partial Least Squares (PLS) method, a statistical analysis technique based on the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The study found that perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness and subjective norm (p | 0.05) had significant positive impact on the intention to adopt mHealth services. Surprisingly, the effects of personal innovativeness in IT (p | 0.05) on mHealth adoption were insignificant. This study also revealed that gender was strongly associated with the adoption and use of mHealth in developing countries. The findings of
mHealth has become a valuable tool for providing health care services in developing countries. Despite the potential benefits of mHealth, its adoption remains a very challenge in developing countries like Bangladesh. The aim of this study is to investigate the factors that affect the adoption of mHealth services in Bangladesh using Extended Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). Data were collected from over 250 respondents in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The data were analyzed using the Partial Least Squares (PLS) method, a statistical analysis technique based on the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The study found that perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness and subjective norm (p | 0.05) had significant positive impact on the intention to adopt mHealth services. Surprisingly, the effects of personal innovativeness in IT (p | 0.05) on mHealth adoption were insignificant. This study also revealed that gender was strongly associated with the adoption and use of mHealth in developing countries. The findings of
Since the late 1990s, online shopping has taken off as an increasing number of consumers purchase increasingly diversified products on the Internet. Given that how to attract and retain consumers is critical to the success of online retailers, research on the antecedents of consumer acceptance of online shopping has attracted widespread attention. There has yet to be a holistic view of online shopping acceptance from the perspective of consumers. In this research, we conducted an extensive survey of extant related studies and synthesized their findings into a reference model called OSAM (Online Shopping Acceptance Model) to explain consumer acceptance of online shopping. Our literature survey reveals that a myriad of factors have been examined in the context of online shopping and mixed results on those factors have been reported. The proposed model helps reconcile conflicting findings, discover recent trends in this line of research, and shed light on future research directions.
根據資策會FIND所發佈的2007年行動無線應用調查報告顯示,國內3G用戶數及3G手機滲透率均有大幅成長,未來行動上網可望成為市場主流,而手機普及率卻較往年成長趨緩,行動電話系統業者既無法吸收更多新手機用戶,語音費率更在競爭激烈下進行價格廝殺,因此要如何提昇行動加值服務的營收成長,將是電信業者未來必須面臨的挑戰。因應全球化的數位經濟,娛樂及多媒體創新應用服務的蓬勃發展,行動音樂服務的行動性及娛樂性是一項極具市場性導向的加值服務,因此2005年電信三雄開通3G以來,全曲音樂下載一直是熱門的討論議題,但此部份營收並未如預期蓬勃成長,使得相關業者亦不斷尋求能使消費者樂於享用付費的新服務模式。本研究主要目的就是從消費者的角度,探討影響行動音樂全曲下載使用意願的因素為何,以科技接受模式(Technology Acceptance
Background: It is widely recognized that the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) has the potential to become the core electronic information and communication system in the h..
By varying skill level, you will get a better view into why people are / are not using the system, what could encourage use and a more robust understanding of current pain points. In addition, make sure to include users from different areas of the business, not all in one specific territory.. Involve this group right from the beginning - get them involved right at the requirements gathering stage. Continue to include them in feedback and review sessions and throughout the User Acceptance Testing stage.. If your organization and culture is driven by acknowledgement, consider providing CRM Champion Certificates and recognize this group throughout the company.. Need help figuring out how to user your CRM Super Users? We are User Adoption experts at Beringer Technology Group. Let us help you make sure you dont miss the mark when it comes to User Adoption.. ...
Our OSS/BSS jobs cover roles across the entire project life cycle. For our OSS/BSS jobs, we look for individuals with OSS and BSS billing skills covering all project phases from the early stages of implementation, configuration, integration, development, testing user acceptance, data migration and production support.
Venkatesh et al./User Acceptance of ITMIS Quarterly Vol. 27 No. 3, pp. 425-478/September 2003 425RESEARCH ARTICLEUSER ACCEPTANCE OF INFORMATIONTECHNOLOGY: TOWA…
Energy relevant and ecological monitoring studies of demonstration buildings, which were built in the framework of the program Haus der Zukunft. The user acceptance should also be levied and displayed
An adoption of appropriate technology can lead the company to greater business competency, improve its business performance, and ensure it retains its competitive advantages. Despite this awareness, many SME in the developing countries in the Middle East have yet to fully embrace this adoption of ecommerce in the running of their business. The problem in this research is to identify and bring together in one framework the appropriate issues, variables, components and concepts that need to be addressed to encourage, motivate and enable SME‟s in Middle Eastern countries to adopt electronic commerce technology in the running of their businesses. The aim of this study is to develop a comprehensive research framework called Electronic Commerce Technology Acceptance (ECTA) framework, which is utilised for discovering the factors affecting the adoption of e-commerce innovation and to apply this framework for empirically testing the adoption of e-commerce application by SMEs in Middle Eastern Countries. This
TY - CONF. T1 - Electronic mail user acceptance, adoption and assimilation: the case of a Thai Higher Education Institution. AU - Niamsorn, Suwitcha. AU - Wainwright, David. AU - Graham, Margaret. PY - 2011. Y1 - 2011. M3 - Paper. T2 - BAI2011 International Conference on Business and Information. Y2 - 1 January 2011. ER - ...
The new era of business information systems promises a sagacity of information flow among different modules and departments within an organization. In this context Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems or enterprise systems are playing today a crucial part and their advantages and benefits gained are noteworthy. Therefore the paper has analyzed and identified which are the key aspects of the ERP systems implementation such as their critical success factors and their characteristics using as a case study Electrolux that has continue to maintain their strategic advantage on the business market in spite that the competitors have implemented global ERP systems versus the local ERP systems implemented by Electrolux. Based upon the review of other ERP systems implementation our research has looked mainly to highlight the processes streamlined by using local ERP systems that are integrated now in Electrolux which is in fact a global organisation. The main research questions addressed in the paper ...
Meulendijks, A., Batenburg, R., Wetering, R. van de. A classification framework for clinical information system implementation in hospitals. International Journal of Organisational Design and Engineering: 2012, 2(4), 402- ...
Madison Wis. While Wisconsin may be ahead of the curve in implementation of healthcare technologies theres a long way to go before full use of electronic health records is common across the United States. Despite the recognized quality improvements and long-term cost savings implementation challenges can be daunting notes Frances Dare director of the a href http://www.cisc,Organizations,finding,ways,to,overcome,barriers,to,electronic,health,records,implementation,biological,advanced biology technology,biology laboratory technology,biology device technology,latest biology technology
TY - CONF. T1 - The paradox of an integrated systems implementation: how to disengage the stakeholders. AU - Skoumpopoulou, Dimitra. AU - Waring, Teresa. PY - 2011/6. Y1 - 2011/6. M3 - Paper. T2 - 7th International Critical Management Studies Conference. Y2 - 1 June 2011. ER - ...
Among those challenges are initial cost outlays, organizational cultures, process differences, regulatory issues, and interoperability of systems, not only within an organization but, also, between physician practices, insurers, regional healthcare initiatives and regional medical databases. More recently, Dare has seen a broadening of definitions in industry terminology present new hurdles. In some cases, terms have become so broad that its harder for people to communicate, she said ...
Training can provide good preparation for EMR use, but it is during the go-live period that users actually begin to interact with the EMR in their daily work environment. At go-live, well-planned support is critical. Considerations for this type of support include determining the appropriate ratio of support personnel per user, determining the length of time intense support will be needed, and deciding the manner in which support will be provided. In our experience, we found that a ratio of 1:1 support for providers and 1:3 support for staff worked well. With sufficient support at go-live, the length of time needed to provide support can often be limited to 4-6 weeks, depending on how frequently the user interacts with the EMR.. The manner of support is also an important consideration. Initially, support should be active, intense, and at the elbow to allow the user to maximize the use of the native tools in the application, ensure appropriate incorporation into the workflow, and explore ...
METHODS: This pre-post cohort design enrolled 75 patient-nurse-physician triads prior to the introduction of EMR, and 123 triads after the introduction of EMR. Nurses and patients reported whether they communicated with the physician that day. Patients, nurses and physicians answered several questions about the plan of care for the day. Responses were scored for degree of agreement and compared between pre-EMR and post-EMR cohorts. The primary outcome was Total Agreement Score, calculated as the sum of the agreement responses. Chart review was performed to determine patients actual length of stay ...
Stage 1: eKHR scheduling functionality at MRP sites in Winnipeg. Stage 2: Additional eKHR system functionality at MRP sites in Winnipeg *CURRENTLY UNDERWAY*. Stage 3: All eKHR system functionality at remaining 17 MRP sites across Manitoba. Are you a health-care provider with questions about the Electronic Kidney Health Record?. Look for our Ask Me posters and buttons to find your site leads. They, as well as your managers, can answer your questions about eKHR.. ...
Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings. In: [7th International Workshop on e-Health Pervasive Wireless Applications and Services, eHPWAS19, 2019-10-21 - 2019-10-23, Barcelona, Spain ...
Sean A. McGlynn is a 4th year Ph.D. student in the Engineering Psychology department. His research interests include user-interface design, human-robot interaction, virtual and augmented environments, design for older adults, technology acceptance; and cognitive aging. His current research focuses on developing a psychology-based model of the experience of presence (a users sense of being there) in virtual environments.. ...
This project is now hosted on GitHub: Problem definition As we already discussed it, fork() is slow. What do we do if we want to make many popen() calls and still spend less money on hardware? The parent process calling the popen() function communicates with the child process by reading its standard output. Therefore,…
Health,Davenport Iowa (PRWEB) January 28 2013 Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from its first user satisfaction survey of BloodHub the Centers online ordering and blood supply chain solution. MVRBCs primary focus was on quantifying ease of use as a primary measure of user acceptance. The results were,BloodHub,Survey,Results,Show,Outstanding,End,User,Satisfaction,medicine,medical news today,latest medical news,medical newsletters,current medical news,latest medicine news
As the popularity of personal digital assistants continues to grow, one-time office stalwarts such as Day Runner are delisted from the Nasdaq.
Businesses tend to be quite savvy at harnessing analytics to improve their websites, social media campaigns, and even business workflows, but theyve been slower to realize that the right analytics can have the same effect on their enterprise mobility efforts. This stems from the misconception that BYOD and other mobile users will freely adopt the enterprise applications made available to them. In reality, studies show enterprise applications are in competition with commercially available apps, and high adoption rates are by no means guaranteed. Mobile strategists need to adopt an approach that treats employees that use enterprise app more like customers. This means creating high quality, user-friendly applications, as well as establishing a cycle of continuous improvement whereby BYOD users have increased incentive to use and download corporate apps. Gathering mobile analytics in combination with user acceptance testing works to achieve this goal and should be an essential component of the ...
Varlink has announced the launch of the Trimble Juno T41 Rugged Handheld Computer. The Juno T41 is an ultra rugged and SIM-card ready data capture device, providing a solution to any industry demanding a rugged smartphone-inspired field computer for data collection and workforce management.
Stage 1: Proof of concept during non farm payroll announcements. Tests were conducted processing 150,000 orders over a 4 hour period; 10,000 messages per second with a median time of 25 microseconds.. Stage 2: The build and delivery of custom components for the banks workflow and integration with its existing credit, risk and back office systems. This involved teams from Deltix and the bank working closely to agree requirements and conduct user acceptance testing as the phased deliveries were made. This phase also included training and configuration of the production hardware.. Stage 3. Limited live production. This was achieved within 6 months. Stage 4. Full production. Within a year the bank was in full production trading FX in all time zones with its increasing global client base.. ...
After Mid Term Presentation, reviews from various stakeholders were collated and reviewed within the team. Improvements and changes were made to different segments of the system. Towards the end of the development, a series of User Acceptance Tests were conducted. The purpose is to ensure the system is fully functional ready for deployment and handing over to the client. At the same time, we would make use of this opportunity to further enhance the user interface design of the application. The project is well managed and completed on time. The stakeholders are satisfied and pleased with the deliverables. ...
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A milestone in the history of water-miscible coolants. Rhenus Lub is going one step further. As an innovation leader, we have developed a brand new coolant formula for rhenus FU 800 - a formula that not only meets the highest standards for health and safety, but also delivers an exceptional performance and scores highly for user acceptance.. Satisfy the requirements of today and tomorrow - with rhenus FU 800. Efficient production means optimising the relationship between costs and benefits. Minimising health risks is another key focus. By opting for rhenus FU 800, you are taking proactive steps to meet your responsibilities and fulfil your duty of care as an employer.. With rhenus FU 800, you can rest assured that you are meeting current standards and satisfying the requirements of the future, too - because this water-miscible coolant far surpasses all legal requirements and presents absolutely no risk to health and safety.. Not hazardous to humans or the environment. ...
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Sony Computer Entertainment. Retrieved 23 August 2010. "MotorStorm Pacific Rift features photo mode, custom soundtracks". PS3 ... "Motorstorm: Pacific Rift patch brings us Home". PS3 Attitude. "MotorStorm Swerves into PlayStation Home; The Presentation ... Bull, David (11 September 2008). "MotorStorm Pacific Rift crosses the finish line October 28th". Sony Computer Entertainment. ... Matt Southern (6 October 2010). "Introducing MotorStorm Apocalypse". Sony Computer Entertainment. Retrieved 6 October 2010. " ...
"Computer Savvy, With an Attitude: Young Working-Class Hackers Accused of High-Tech Crime". Retrieved 2015 ... Ramirez, Mary B. W. Tabor With Anthony (1992-07-23). "Computer Savvy, With an Attitude; Young Working-Class Hackers Accused of ... "7 Most Notorious Computer Hacker Groups of All Time". "Hacker-proof helpers". USA Today. "Gang War in Cyberspace". WIRED. ... "Hacker Sentenced for Computer Crimes". November 5, 1993. Retrieved Dec 29, 2015. "NYTimes". Retrieved 2015-12- ...
He loves computers and has a stereo in his room. He mostly wears striped clothes. Nuts (ナッツ, Nattsu) Voiced by: Nobuo Tobita A ... Her attitude is photo life. Clove (クローブ, Kurōbu) Voiced by: Takayuki Yamaguchi A blue-haired boy who always wears headphones. ...
Ocampo, Jason (July 1, 1998). "Access aims for 'golf with attitude'". Computer Games Strategy Plus. Strategy Plus, Inc. ... William Abner of Computer Games Strategy Plus praised the Mojo Bay course for being adequately difficult, while Edgar Dupree of ... Fudge, James (June 28, 1999). "Links Extreme". Computer Games Strategy Plus. Strategy Plus, Inc. Archived from the original on ... Fudge, James (May 28, 1999). "Microsoft Links Extreme Lands on MSN Gaming Zone". Computer Games Strategy Plus. Strategy Plus, ...
ISBN 0-691-02377-8. Liljegren, S Bodvar (1945). Essence and attitude in English romanticism. Uppsala: Almqvist & Wiksell. p. ... sfn error: no target: CITEREFBrewer2001 (help) Anthony Hyman (1982). Charles Babbage: Pioneer of the Computer. Princeton ...
Attitude and opinion scales are usually ordinal; one example is a Likert response scale: Statement e.g. "I could not live ... without my computer". Response options Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree Some data are measured at the ... More than one rating scale question is required to measure an attitude or perception due to the requirement for statistical ...
A systematic review of literature investigating privacy attitude and behavior". Computers & Security. 77: 226-261. doi:10.1016/ ... According to the attitude-behavior gap, attitudes and behaviors are in general and in most cases not closely related. A main ... Another finds that attitudes to privacy risk do not appear to depend on whether it is already under threat or not. It is ... The willingness to incur a privacy risk is suspected to be driven by a complex array of factors including risk attitudes, ...
When computers get smart! Colors (US) Colours (UK) Shapes Time Opposites Code your own Website, with Hansel Lynn and Wayne Teng ... an atlas with attitude! Pandemic: When virus goes viral Green Technology: The ultimate clean-up act! Artificial Intelligence: ...
Pamela Mendels (2000-04-12). "Changing Girls' Attitudes About Computer". The New York Times On The Web. Retrieved 2011-01-27. " ... Kafai's 1995 book Minds in Play: Computer Design as a Context for Children's Learning helped to establish the field of gaming ... Kafai, Y. B. (1995). Minds in play: Computer game design as a context for children's learning. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. ... Kafai, Y. B., Peppler, K. A., & Chapman, R. N. (Eds.) (2009). The computer clubhouse: Constructionism and creativity in youth ...
Her computer breaks and she is forced to get a job at Cheesybeards to pay for repairs but has no idea how to fulfil the ... His obsessive attitude toward Codex reflects his mother's smothering. When talking, Zaboo often uses "-'d" after some key word ... Just as Vork lets it go up for bid, Clara's children unplug her computer from the Internet and, upon re-connecting, Clara finds ... She has a violent attitude and seems to dislike her guildmates. On at least two occasions she threatens suicide to get her way ...
Denise Caruso (July 14, 1991). "10 Years Of A Wonderfully Bad Attitude Computers & Technology". San Francisco Examiner. p. D14 ... The magazine details the subversive attitudes and sense of humor required for workers to be able to get through the day when ... Anarchism Temporary work Laura Fraser (December 8, 1984). "Anti-computer rebels 'byte' back". The Globe and Mail. p. M11. John ... forced to perform dull, degrading and boring work as wage slaves doing modern office work such as working as a computer ...
ISBN 978-0-671-61766-0. Penrose, Roger (1999) [1989]. The Emperor's New Mind: Concerning Computers, Minds, and the Laws of ... ISBN 978-0-691-12201-4. Morris, Richard (1985). Time's Arrows: Scientific Attitudes Toward Time. New York: Simon and Schuster. ... computer simulation (discrete event simulation), and electric power transmission (sequence of events recorder). A specific ...
Allport, Gordon (1935). "Attitudes". A Handbook of Social Psychology: 789-844. Ajzen, Icek; Fishbein, Martin (1977). "Attitude- ... Computers in Human Behavior. 29 (5): 1949-1959. doi:10.1016/j.chb.2013.04.013. Zanna, Mark P.; Olson, James M.; Herman, C. P., ... Otherwise, the individual will temporarily change his attitude towards it. This attitude change can be long-lasting, although ... Assumption 1: "People are motivated to hold correct attitudes" Assumption 2: "Although people want to hold correct attitudes, ...
Then w R v {\displaystyle wRv} iff running the program can transition the computer from state w {\displaystyle w} to state v {\ ... Modal logic Possible worlds Propositional attitude Modal depth Blackburn, Patrick; de Rijke, Maarten; Venema, Yde (2001). Modal ... Cambridge Tracts in Theoretical Computer Science. van Benthem, Johan (2010). Modal Logic for Open Minds (PDF). CSLI. S2CID ... In application of modal logic to computer science, the so-called possible worlds can be understood as representing possible ...
This is done by means of computer-based training, or CBT. The CBT program also contains scripted drama examples of good and bad ... In MRM training it is assumed that there is a strong correlation between the attitudes and behaviours of the seafarers on board ... This is a matter of changing attitudes. As a preparation for each workshop, the trainee learns basic facts about human ... Case studies and situation analysis are performed, during which comparison between others' and own attitudes and opinions are ...
Burke, M. J., Normand, J., & Raju, N. S. (1987). Examinee attitudes toward computer-administered ability testing. Computers in ... A meta-analysis of their effects on satisfaction and other attitudes. Personnel Psychology, 42(3), 461-489. Raju, N. S., Pappas ...
Attitude and Articulation Control Subsystem ACS: Attitude Control Subsystem AFC: AACS Flight Computer ARWM: Articulated ... The core control computer CPU was a redundant MIL-STD-1750A system. The main propulsion system consisted of one prime and one ... The core control computer CPU was a redundant MIL-STD-1750A control system. The data were transmitted by a radio link between ... The telemetry was developed from the ground up, due to the spacecraft using a more modern set of computers than previous ...
This helped foster a certain attitude about computers among that generation. In April 1988, Bulgaria's trade magazine for ... computers, Компютър за Вас (Computer for You), issued an article explaining in detail the nature of computer viruses and even ... Thus, many schools and universities were provided with computers and computer science was a commonly studied subject. ... Computer viruses, People from Sofia, Bulgarian criminals, Computer criminals, Year of birth missing (living people)). ...
They subsequently replaced computer hardware allowing them to regain attitude control. The returning crew of eight equaled the ... Whilst both spacecraft were undocked from Mir, the station suffered a computer malfunction and started to drift in attitude. ... Also moved was a broken Salyut-5 computer. Transferred to Mir were more than 450 kilograms (990 lb) of water generated by the ... Inflight problems included a glitch with General Purpose Computer 4 (GPC 4), which was declared failed when it did not ...
In 1974, he became professor of computer science and psychology at Yale University. In 1981, Schank became Chairman of Computer ... The Creative Attitude: Learning to Ask and Answer the Right Questions. MacMillan Publishing Company, 1988, ISBN 0-02-607170-3. ... In Computer Models of Thought and Language, R. Schank & K. Colby, eds. San Francisco: W.H. Freeman, 1973. Robert P. Abelson ... The Cognitive Computer: On Language, Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Reading: Addison Wesley, 1984. Schank, Roger. ...
"Their punky attitude was something new and fresh for computer music. fsck sounds to my ears like free-jazz-computer-techno- ...
2018). School Librarians' Attitudes Towards Teaching Information Literacy. In: Kurbanoğlu S., Boustany J., Špiranec S., ... Communications in Computer and Information Science, 810, 703-712. Springer, Cham. Sample job description "Teacher Librarians". ...
"Risk attitude informed route planning in a simulated planetary rover." In International Design Engineering Technical ... Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, vol. 57052, p. V01BT02A048. American Society of Mechanical ...
Accessibility of Computer Science: A Reflection for Faculty Members. University of Maryland, Department of Computer Science. ... O'Leary, Dianne P. (25 June 1999). "But the instructor's attitude can't make the female student fail, can it?". ... The scan became one of the most used images in computer history. The use of the photo in electronic imaging has been described ... In a 1999 essay on reasons for the male predominance in computer science, applied mathematician Dianne P. O'Leary wrote: ...
The 1970s saw a change in attitude and population. Mill Valley became an area associated with great wealth, with many people ... The Public Library expanded with a new Children's Room, a downstairs Fiction Room, and Internet computers. It also joined ... Downtown Plaza and Lytton Square were remodeled to fit the new attitude. The population in the city alone swelled over 13,000 ... The municipal library overlooks Old Mill Park and provides many picturesque reading locations, as well as free computer and ...
... em-up with attitude". Chuck Miller of Computer Gaming World commented that the game "offers an entertaining twist to a classic ... Michael Bendner (25 July 1995). "Operation: Inner Space". Computer Games Magazine. Computer Games Magazine. Archived from the ... The Inner Demon and its viruses have invaded the player's computer and infected its icons. Then the Inner Demon set up a lair ... Computer life commented that "Inner Space encourages and empowers your creativity!". Windows 95 uncut called it "Simply the ...
He is interested in computers and games, and later Magda, a model. Later he becomes Kinga's boyfriend. Magda (Marta Dobecka) - ... Eventually, his wife forces him to change his attitude to his daughter. Ms. Matysiak (Anita Poddębniak) - Kinga's mother. ...
Attitude is adjusted through three reaction wheels. The payload consists of a VHF antenna and an onboard computer for storing ... There are three onboard computers, each with an ARM7 microcontroller. One operates household issues such as telemetry while one ... handled attitude control. The third handles payload operations. There are four ultra high frequency antennas for telemetry. ...
Attitudes, Behaviors, and Unintended Consequences". Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. 15 (1): 83-108. doi:10.1111/j. ... The privacy paradox is an idea that states individuals' privacy attitudes and beliefs do not match their privacy behavior. This ... In a study exploring the connection between Facebook attitudes and behaviors, having a friend experience a privacy invasion (e. ... The theory of planned behavior aligns beliefs, attitudes, norms and behavior together. In a study that surveyed undergraduate ...
Attitudes, Behaviors, and Unintended Consequences". Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. 15 (1): 83-108. doi:10.1111/j. ... Attitudes, Behaviors, and Unintended Consequences". Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. 15 (1): 83-108. doi:10.1111/j. ... lax attitude. Possible explanations for these behaviors are a combination of high gratification, usage patterns, and a ...
When computer modelling from 2006 was matched against the performance of replica bows, these were found to be "in good ... but neither was inclined to change their attitude to the proposed peace terms. On 13 April 1360, near Chartres, a sharp fall in ... Computer analysis by Warsaw University of Technology in 2017 demonstrated that heavy bodkin point arrows could penetrate ...
This method, and similar ones, were used well into the 1990s when computer power became generally available that could do the ... He proposed using batteries of small, simple, lightweight turbojets for lifting the aircraft in a horizontal attitude, a 'flat- ...
Computer and technology use have been linked to increased student achievement. "When teachers and administrators make a ... This can be attributed to various factors, including the attitudes of faculty and staff at segregated-white schools and the ... Zelinski, Nikolas (20 May 2015). "'Path Not Found': Report Says Low-income Students Lack Computer Access". pp. 3, 8. ProQuest ... Goals 2000 also placed an emphasis on the importance of technology, promising that all teachers would have modern computers in ...
Krabs' business rival;[13] Jill Talley as Karen, Plankton's sentient computer sidekick;[14] Carolyn Lawrence as Sandy Cheeks, a ... and Kevin receives a taste of his own medicine after his negative attitude towards SpongeBob has gone too far. ...
This mainly applies to slow flight, where a nose-up attitude is required, in turn requiring a lot of trim causing the tailplane ... Aircraft flight control surfaces are aerodynamic devices allowing a pilot to adjust and control the aircraft's flight attitude ... This reduces the effort required to adjust or maintain a desired flight attitude. ... Surface that allows a pilot to adjust and control an aircraft's flight attitude ...
अॅ व ॲ ही दोन्ही अक्षरे माझ्या computerवर सारखीच दिसतात. हे बदल करणे थांबवावे. - अभिजीत साठे (चर्चा) ०२:२५, २६ मार्च २०१२ (IST) ... pages with deletion templates do not carry any reasons why the concerned pages need to be deleted and certainly this attitude ...
This attitude slowly changed during the 20th century. Until the 1970s most Olympic events were for amateurs. Athletes were ... In some areas, however, amateurs have been very useful in fields including computer programming and astronomy and birdwatching ...
It was a provisional setup with numerous desks and phones installed in a large room near the computers used to calculate orbits ... This is because a troubled spacecraft may be forced to use less than its normal transmitter power, attitude control problems ... Both spacecraft also have adequate electrical power and attitude control propellant to continue operating until around 2020, ...
... and successful medium for the exploration of philosophical ideas and attitudes." Notable examples include Nathaniel Hawthorne's ... role-playing computer games, and the surrealists. ...
More sophisticated computer joke programs have yet to be developed. Based on our understanding of the SSTH / GTVH humour ... Jokes are always an important barometer of the attitudes of a group. The jokes exist and they obviously must fill some psychic ... Computational humour is a new field of study which uses computers to model humour;[106] it bridges the disciplines of ... As insentient machines, computers lack the encyclopaedic scripts which humans gain through life experience. They also lack the ...
This attitude may have been a factor in François Mitterrand's losing his seat in the 1958 elections, beginning a long "crossing ... 12 people were charged with "atteinte à la vie privée" (breach of privacy) and one with selling computer files. 7 were given ... and the introduction of computers in classrooms. Priority areas were set up in 1981 as part of a systematic effort to combat ...
This volatile attitude prompted his firing by animation administrator Edward Hansen.[11][18] He left Disney after only two ... The company released the first fully computer-animated feature film, Toy Story, in 1995. Bird was stunned by the film, and in ... He briefly attempted a computer-animated film at Lucasfilm with Ed Catmull, presaging his later work with Pixar. "He had all ... In the late 1990s, Bird reconnected with old friend John Lasseter, who went on to work for Pixar, a computer maker company that ...
Changes in modern technology now allow computers to play an increasingly important role in healthcare decision making. Examples ... a positive attitude from the healthcare provider towards patient participation; the healthcare provider seeing the patients ... Computer databases allow for the mass collection and dissemination of data. Registries, specifically, not only allow patients ...
Since its introduction in late 2005, the Internet-based Test format has progressively replaced the computer-based tests (CBT) ... speaker purpose and speaker attitude.. ... Official testing in areas without internet or computers now ... via computer). The TOEFL Junior Standard test has three sections: Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension and Language ... and via sharing of the computer screen. The popularity of the Home Edition has grown during the COVID-19 pandemic as it has ...
These procedures can be manual or computer-based and enable the manager (or managing team) to listen, aggregate, publish, and ... A better strategy is to respond to complaints with information and an apologetic attitude, cultivating later positive reviews. ...
Second Attitude of Thought to Objectivity TWO. THE CRITICAL PHILOSOPHY §48 External links[edit]. *S.M. Cohen, "Heraclitus on ...
Air data computer. *Airspeed indicator. *Altimeter. *Annunciator panel. *Attitude indicator. *Compass. *Course deviation ...
After she is scouted by Arashi and "kidnapped" by Isabella to the Atelier, her attitude towards them begins to change to one of ... and then scanned them into the computer and digitally applied them as textures during the animation coloring process. ... As a student at a prestigious high school, she begins with a snobbish attitude towards the fashion design students, looking ...
Radiohead meraih pujian kritis dengan album ketiganya OK Computer (1997), dan terusannya, Kid A (2000) dan Amnesiac (2001), ... "Crackers with Attitude". Diarsipkan dari versi asli tanggal 28 Januari 2021. Diakses tanggal 26 Agustus 2020 ...
His attitude is seemingly sincere and warm, triggering comparisons with former premier Zhou Enlai. Wen spent Chinese New Year ... "The former Swiss ambassador to China once said that my brain is like a computer", he said. "Indeed, many statistics are stored ... In the first term of his Premiership Wen's attitudes towards political reform seemed ambivalent. He remarked that "the ...
Lehrerleut colonies have recently struggled with the proliferation of computers and have clamped down, so that computers are no ... As well, the population in general seemed to have a favorable attitude towards reform, be it Protestant or Anabaptist. Jörg ... Some Hutterite homes have computers and radios; and some (mostly, liberal Schmiedeleut colonies) have Internet access. Farming ... many Hutterite young people use computers, photos, and the internet for keeping in contact with their friends and relatives and ...
"The Man Who Knew Too Much: Alan Turing and the invention of computers: Alan Turing and the Invention of the Computer". Jun 2007 ... Türinqin şəkli "Attitude" jurnalının üz qabığında.. 1945-ci ildən 1947-ci ilədək Türinq Riçmond şəhərində yaşamış və burada ... Wer hat den Computer erfunden? Charles Babbage, Alan Turing und John von Neumann Oldenbourg Verlag, München 2012, XXVI, 224 ... 1 2 Jack Copeland, "Colossus and the Dawning of the Computer Age", p. 352 in Action This Day, 2001. ...
In such situations, it may instead be helpful to apply mindful attitudes acquired in meditation while actively engaging with ... in which participants are required to determine the direction of a central arrow on a computer screen.[41] Efficiency in ...
... computer programmer, budget analyst, commercial lender, product manager, and supervisor.[9] ... You Don't Need Experience If You've Got Attitude (1996). *Access Denied: Dilbert's Quest for Love in the Nineties (1996) ...
In June 2016, for the computer game Star Trek Online, CBS named this the Kelvin Timeline, after the USS Kelvin which was ... However, Roddenberry himself preemptively rebuked such an attitude. He had hoped that Star Trek would go on after his death.[28 ... Other kinds of information, such as the biographical information seen on a computer display in the Enterprise episode "In a ... One final issue comes from text that appears on props such as computer displays, but is not legible during the episode, except ...
... "free-thinking attitude and waking up from a normal life of sloth and ignorance".[31] Ivanka Trump retweeted this, stating " ... a detailed computer simulation of Earth at the end of the 20th century (the actual year, though not known for sure, is ... Neo spends his nights at his home computer trying to discover the secret of the Matrix and what the Matrix is. Eventually, ...
Pearl, Judea (1985). Heuristics: Intelligent search strategies for computer problem solving (Repr. with corr. ed.). Reading, ... "The Effects of Censorship on Attitude Change: The Influence of Censor and Communication Characteristics" (PDF). Journal of ...
In 2007, German comedian and director Michael Herbig released a computer-animated parody film based on Elisabeth under the ... She developed a horror of fat women and transmitted this attitude to her youngest daughter, who was terrified when, as a little ...
Mollari commented that this attitude was both arrogant and stupid however he did give all information that the Centauri held ... While interfaced with Draal's computer, Susan Ivanova found the evidence in the Great Machine that President Morgan Clark had ... but the computer alteration to Mira Furlan's voice to make it sound masculine wasn't convincing, so the idea was dropped and ... and support that work by offering their services as computer experts and engineers. With permission from Church officials and ...
Despite his homophobic attitude, he is caring to his gay younger brother, Tristan. At Casino Night, he offers to pay Alli $50 ... He is an intelligent student and known as a geek because of his interest in computers and anime. He has bulimia when he joins ... She is later seen to be in the Remedial Room with Maya and Zig and quickly befriends them both and helps with computer and gang ... Her positive attitude, and her bright smile are infectious as she enters Degrassi, believing she's the best at everything. ...
We assessed girls and boys attitudes towards computers in general, and their use and enjoyment of computers for specific ... Understanding computer-related attitudes through an idiographic analysis of gender and self-representations.. Learning and ... Further, positive attitudes towards computers on the global nomothetic measure were related to less gendered idiographic ... Understanding computer-related attitudes through an idiographic analysis of gender and self-representations ...
The first issue was concerned with the levels of computer attitudes (CA) and computer use. The second was concerned with the ... CA had significant effects on computer use. SE has moderating impacts on the relationships between CA towards CU. Value − The ... on relationship between CA and computer use. Method − A set of questionnaires was used as the research instrument and ... effects of CA on computer use (CU). The third was concerned with moderating effects of the school environment (SE) ...
Sam, H. K., Othman, A. E. A., & Nordin, Z. S. (2005). Computer self-efficacy, computer anxiety, and attitudes toward the ... Learner Attrition in an Advanced Vocational Online Training: The Role of Computer Attitude, Computer Anxiety, and Online ... computer attitude, and computer anxiety. The data were collected from 72 of 128 registered employees who completed a ... Attitudes toward the computer: Construct validation of an instrument with scales differentiated by content. Computers in Human ...
The purpose of this study was to describe the attitudes of a group of nurses towards the use of computers in a Southern ... The purpose of this study was to describe the attitudes of a group of nurses towards the use of computers in a Southern ... Borgardt, M Luther, "Attitudes towards the use of computers by registered nurses" (2005). Theses Digitization Project. 2616. ...
"Attitude to Computers" by people in this website by year, and whether "Attitude to Computers" was a major or minor topic of ... "Attitude to Computers" is a descriptor in the National Library of Medicines controlled vocabulary thesaurus, MeSH (Medical ... Patient attitudes toward physician use of tablet computers in the exam room. Fam Med. 2010 Oct; 42(9):643-7. ... Below are the most recent publications written about "Attitude to Computers" by people in Profiles. ...
8. Dhaese J, Van De Velde T, Komiyama A, Hultin M, De Bruyn H. Accuracy and problems utilizing computer-designed ... 11. Holst S, Blatz MB, Eitner S. Precision for computer-guided implant placement: utilizing 3D planning software program and ... The purpose of this research was to analyze and evaluate the perspective of clinicians towards computer-guided implant surgical ... Determine 1 Median and interquartile vary of the perspective of clinicians towards the benefits and drawbacks of computer- ...
VTTs Helmi quantum computer to boost quantum algorithms and software development ... Sustainability: Attitudes and trends 20 Nov 2022. * Can improving building performance help reduce the risks of data center ... 5-qubit quantum computer connected to Lumi supercomputer in Finland. VTTs Helmi quantum computer to boost quantum algorithms ... Finlands first quantum computer, the 5-qubit Helmi hosted by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, became operational in ...
Higher Arts and Design Students Attitudes Towards Learning Computer Programming Eduardo Morais, Carla Morais & João C. Paiva ( ... Morais, E., Morais, C., & Paiva, J. C. (2019). Higher Arts and Design Students Attitudes Towards Learning Computer Programming ... Out of 270 valid responses, 44.8% of students reported to be already familiar with computer programming and 28.5% reported to ... Given the present prevalence of computer programming in arts and design curricula, scholars are also encouraged to conduct ...
Physician and Patient Attitudes Toward Technology in Medicine Expert Commentary. * Electronic Health Records News & ... You Have Cancer: When the Computer Pre-empts the Doctor - Medscape - Aug 11, 2021. ...
Computers in Human Behavior. 27 (6): 2192-9. doi:10.1016/j.chb.2011.06.015. Riketta, Michael (2008). "The causal relation ... Job attitude should also not be confused with the broader term attitude, because attitude is defined as a psychological ... However, ones attitude towards his/her work does not necessarily have to be equal with ones attitudes towards his/her ... Job attitude influences performance, and not performance that influences attitude. Human relation variables and group norms are ...
Computers; Training; Safety education; Safety programs; Communication systems; Behavior; Education; Attitude; Health surveys; ... Methods: During the summer of 2012, an on-line survey (n = 187) assessed young workers behavior, knowledge, and attitudes on ...
Effects of Computer Simulations on th.... * The Role Of School Administration In .... ... Attitude is dependent on different variables like other attitudes, strength of a particular students attitude e.g. (Bamford & ... 4.4 What is attitude?. As Bamford & Day (2013, p. 21-31) propose, we must differentiate attitude and motivation. We have looked ... Attitudes towards the language situation, which means the attitude the learner has towards the teacher or the language course. ...
However, since the 1980s, radiologists have leapt into the digital world and view images on computer monitors with increasing ... Physician and Patient Attitudes Toward Technology in Medicine Recommended. * 2001/viewarticle/984518 ... Digital Displays and Computer Aids for the Radiologist. Computer-assisted diagnosis. Digital displays of radiographs also make ... Therefore, the computer interface may have been a distraction. Increasingly, the best interfaces are found to be simple and ...
A Positive Attitude A positive attitude can do wonders in turning a department or company around. Having employees who possess ... Computer/Technological Skills Most jobs today require basic computer skills and technological knowledge. Technology is used for ... Employers want to know a candidates level of computer and technological knowledge to establish if they can do the basics of ... Youll need to rely on teammates, solve problems, understand and work with emotions, have a positive attitude and technical ...
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The result showed that respondents were faced some major problems in computer usage that lack of computer and internet ... extent of computer use and annual family income had positively significant with attitude of students. Independent variables ... extent of computer usage and health problems had positive and significant effect of respondents towards computer usage. ... The results showed that most of the students (67%) were felt comfortable towards computer usage and independent variables like ...
Attitude of Health Personnel [‎36]‎. Attitude to Computers [‎2]‎. Attitude to Death [‎8]‎. ...
Dive into the research topics of Computer experiences and attitudes of Japanese pharmacy students. Together they form a ...
"Crackas With Attitude," or CWA, using social engineering to gain access to the personal online accounts of senior officials, ... 151; -- Two North Carolina men were arrested and charged for their alleged roles in hacking into the computers of several U.S. ... FBI Arrests Two Men for Allegedly Hacking Computers of Senior Government Officials. The men allegedly conspired with Crackas ... government officials and U.S. computer systems.. Andrew Otto Boggs, a.k.a. "INCURSIO," 22, and Justin Gray Liverman, a.k.a. " ...
... attitude and practice constitute a triad of interactive factors characterized by dynamism and unique interdependence. Emphasis ... Computers. The age of computers is also extending invaluable services to the field of health care delivery and medical practice ... Attitude and health. I can see no role for attitude in health care development and medical practice that can circumvent the ... Attitude. Attitude refers to inclinations to react in a certain way to certain situations; to see and interpret events ...
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Department of computer science and engineering SCSVMV University 🇮🇳 ... Workplace attitude will have an impact on the presence of innovation and creativity, which can lead to a gradual increase in ... C K Gomathy M.E (CSE) MBA (IT and Mgmt) Ph.D (CSE) Department of computer science and engineering SCSVMV University 🇮🇳 ... Workers with a positive attitude toward their job and the company are more likely to make helpful suggestions and they make the ...
Computers and the Future What can we learn from the first seven decades of our cyber enabled world that will help us to design ... Planes and pacifism: Activities and attitudes of British mathematicians during WWI The First World War was the first time that ... Alan Turing: The Founder of Computer Science Professor Jonathan Bowen reflects on the brilliant work and tragic... ...
Group processes in computer-mediated communication☆. *J. Siegel, V. Dubrovsky, S. Kiesler, T. McGuire ... Whats Mine Is Ours, or Is It? A Study of Attitudes about Information Sharing. *David Constant, S. Kiesler, L. Sproull ... Social psychological aspects of computer-mediated communication. *S. Kiesler, J. Siegel, T. McGuire ... Three experiments on attitudes about sharing technical work and expertise in organizations are reported and vignette-based ...
Positive attitude, friendly, outgoing personality.. • Willingness to learn and ask questions.. Company Yamato Transport (M) Sdn ... Computer skills; Microsoft office, email, internet explorer, etc. and ability to learn proprietary business software ...
Attitude to Computers * Biomedical Technology / methods * Diffusion of Innovation * Health Services Research ...
Alice works at her computer. The Boss says, Its positive attitude week, Alice. The Boss hands Alice a paperweight. The ... Tags positive attitude alice, coworker, paper weight, throws at head, clocks head, positive attitude ... Boss says, If you see a co-worker with a positive attitude... The Boss says, ...give him the positive attitude paperweight ... Dilbert is sitting at his computer with Sophies husband to his side. The husband says: Do you want to see my collection of ...
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  • [4] He created one of the first blogs, entitled "Chaos Manor", which included commentary about politics, computer technology, space technology, and science fiction. (
  • Research centers with no computers would arouse suspicion about the completeness, accuracy, and currency of their information because science and mathematics information grows daily and much of that new information can only be found through the use of technology. (
  • UCL Computer Science students worked with EMIS for three months during their summer break. (
  • In the summer of 2020, EMIS hired six UCL Computer Science students. (
  • UCL Computer Science uses the Industry Exchange Network (IXN) teaching methodology, founded at UCL in 2011. (
  • I then went on to achieve Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science. (
  • Economic arguments are starting to appear in many areas of computer science. (
  • Arif Rachmatullah, PhD, works at the intersection of science education and computer science/computational thinking (CS/CT) education at the K-12 levels. (
  • Rachmatullah uses quantitative and mixed-methods approaches to study K-12 students' and teachers' learning and teaching science using computer programming, as well as how such integrated learning environments influence students' conceptual understanding of, attitudes toward, and interest in careers related to science and computer science, or STEM in general. (
  • The effects of prior experience and gender on middle school students' computer science learning and monitoring accuracy in the Use-Modify-Create progression. (
  • Development and validation of the Computer Science Attitudes Scale for middle school students (MG-CS attitudes). (
  • Development and validation of the middle grades computer science concept inventory (MG-CSCI) assessment. (
  • This school year is my second teaching PLTW but my first teaching Introduction to Computer Science 1 and 2 . (
  • Bachelor's degree or Higher in Computer Science or IT-related field. (
  • He played a prominent role at National level in formulation of Computer Science syllabus for B Tech and M Tech courses. (
  • This teaching degree provides graduates with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to teach the ICT and Computer Science at secondary school level. (
  • The course aims to develop an understanding of ICT and computer science, the principles involved in the teaching and learning of the subject across the full age and ability range and the professional values and practice, subject knowledge and understanding commensurate with the particular subject specialism. (
  • The PGCE Information Communications Technology and Computer Science course will enable newly qualified teachers to teach ICT and Computer Science with confidence, inspiring and challenging pupils in the 11-18 age phase. (
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Computer Science frameworks and specifications. (
  • This secondary Computer Science teaching degree is based around four modules which are core to all trainees. (
  • The Department of Computer Science is an internationally-oriented community and home to world-class research in modern computer science, combining research on foundations and innovative applications. (
  • With 42 professors and more than 400 employees it is the largest department at Aalto University and the largest computer science unit in Finland. (
  • Computer science research at Aalto University ranks high in several prominent surveys. (
  • The Department of Computer Science is located center of the Otaniemi Campus of Aalto University. (
  • Clayton Lewis: Attitudes and beliefs about computer science among students and faculty. (
  • Students won't connect CS Unplugged activities, by themselves, to computer science. (
  • Many students hold incorrect ideas and negative attitudes about computer science (CS). (
  • In order to address these difficulties, a series of learning activities called Computer Science Unplugged was developed by Tim Bell and his colleagues. (
  • Our programs provide students with a broad education in Computer Science in combination with specialized work in programming languages, cyber security, data science, web engineering, autonomous systems, multimedia design etc. (
  • The more practical programming courses are aided by several courses in pure and applied mathematics and theoretical computer science courses throughout the curriculum. (
  • The 11th ISSEP conference was hosted by the St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University LETI, Faculty of Computer Science and Technology. (
  • The decision to federate the teacher conference and ISSEP was made so as to bring the results of computer science education research closer to practising K12 teachers. (
  • Ms. NeSmith outlined the areas of investigation: 1) knowledge (about subjects related to the site, such as about science or disease), 2) attitudes (that influence message delivery: trusting, suspicious, or overwhelmed by the situation), and 3) behaviors (that contribute to healthy or unhealthy lifestyles, such as children eating dirt). (
  • Most jobs today require basic computer skills and technological knowledge. (
  • They are used to traditional means of communication and don't find enough motivation to master new computer skills. (
  • You know what's the importance of mastering computer skills. (
  • Even as a teenager, Monsegur had awesome computer skills-at 14, he taught himself to program in Linux, the open-source operating system, and hacked his way to a free Internet connection. (
  • Computer skills (e.g. (
  • Thus, businesses rely heavily on the skills of computer network analysts who are experts in installing and fixing problems of electronic communications devices. (
  • This develops the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for your first teaching post in a secondary school. (
  • For remote jobs, you'll need a computer, some basic skills, and a can-do attitude. (
  • Most patients found doctors who used computers were less compassionate, had poorer communication skills and were less professional than the doctors who didn't use computers,' said lead author Dr. Ali Haider. (
  • After the first video, study patients gave doctors in the face-to-face (pad and pen) video higher marks for compassion, communication skills and professionalism than the doctors who used the computer. (
  • There are certain skills that many computer numerical controller machinists have in order to accomplish their responsibilities. (
  • We discovered that a lot of resumes listed analytical skills, manual dexterity and math skills and computer application experience. (
  • Out of all the resumes we looked through, 20.2% of computer numerical controller machinists listed set up on their resume, but soft skills such as analytical skills and manual dexterity are important as well. (
  • Strong computer skills and familiarity with Microsoft Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word. (
  • Because the students had quite a few computer skills, I was able to expand into using more Google Apps for writing, researching, and presenting information. (
  • We in the NFB would like to think that problems caused by misconceptions, negative attitudes, and negative stereotypes are universal. (
  • Knowledge, attitude and practice constitute a triad of interactive factors characterized by dynamism and unique interdependence. (
  • And before and during the struggle for health, knowledge is acquired and transmitted by the physician with efficiency and skill (practice) and blended with measures of wisdom, ethics and faith (attitude). (
  • The triad of knowledge, attitude and practice in combination governs all aspects of life in human societies, and all three pillars together make up the dynamic system of life itself. (
  • So when you write that the "problem has been resolved," do you mean that when I open my computer it will no longer smell like a pack of well hydrated feral cats have used it for target practice resolved, or do you mean that you have resolved the mystery of what has caused the problem? (
  • Our practice of making sense of others involves the attribution of various propositional attitudes such as belief, intention, and desire. (
  • We extend this practice to various sorts of subjects -- children, non-human animals, computers, and so on. (
  • Results of search for 'ccl=su:{Health knowledge, attitudes, practice. (
  • Positive perceptions of utility, effortlessness and peer approval were also found to correlate with students' intention to program or to learn computer programming, while higher anxiety had a strong negative impact on that intention. (
  • Data were collected via a 20-item valid and reliable Likert-type questionnaire developed by the nursing profession to measure perceptions of nurses about computers in the nursing role. (
  • Correlates of computer anxiety in college students. (
  • A study was conducted which applied a survey instrument based on the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology to a sample of students enrolled in those arts and design programmes that include computer programming units. (
  • Out of 270 valid responses, 44.8% of students reported to be already familiar with computer programming and 28.5% reported to be currently learning. (
  • Female students, comprising 57% of participants, were more likely to see with greater anxiety the perspective of programming computers. (
  • In this thesis we research the influence an extensive reading programme has on the motivation and the attitude of secondary school students regarding reading in English. (
  • Based on the pre-existing theoretical research about extensive reading, we designed two questionnaires (one for before the extensive reading programme and one for after the extensive reading programme) in order to measure changes in reading attitude and reading motivation of our secondary school students. (
  • Rezaei, A. R. (2006) Computer-Enhanced Assessment of Students' Performance. (
  • College B students were exposed to computer-aided instruction primarily in nursing simulations intermittently throughout the semester. (
  • The structural relationship between writing attitude and writing achievement in first and third grade students. (
  • We were delighted by the attitude and innovative spirit that the UCL students brought. (
  • As an educator, one of the most satisfying outcomes of this class to me is the shift in the students' attitudes about problem solving. (
  • The Eminent Computer Scientist-Teacher was fondly known as 'RK Sir ' by his students and colleagues. (
  • Students learn the theory as well as the methodologies and techniques in the development and implementation of computer systems. (
  • We continued with our day, and with each activity, a few less students were accessing the computers. (
  • Previous research conducted by the author investigated the socio-political backgrounds of two groups of female students studying computer-related university programmes. (
  • University students' notebook computer use. (
  • In fact, very few would argue with the statement that computers are essential to the work of professional scientists and mathematicians. (
  • In this way, the job of a Computer Scientist synthesizes the constructive activity of engineers with the general problem-solving attitude of mathematicians while participating in teams of large-scale projects. (
  • Satisfaction with work: The emotional state of a worker while working is critical to job attitudes. (
  • Although a person may self-identify in terms of profession, for example as a doctor, lawyer or engineer, it is their well-being at work which is significant in characterizing job attitude. (
  • Therefore, it is important to ensure a positive attitude to work. (
  • Personality traits of the supervisor, in particular agreeableness, extroversion and emotional stability, are positively related to subordinate attitude and have a greater effect on subordinate satisfaction with supervision than do more general work-related attitudes. (
  • Three experiments on attitudes about sharing technical work and expertise in organizations are reported and vignette-based measures of attitudes are derived based on research on sensitive topics difficult to study in the field, which show attitudes about information sharing depend on the form of the information. (
  • But being able to work with the computer is important these days. (
  • Another reason to learn how computers work is to spend your free time with pleasure. (
  • Professional work ethics and attitude. (
  • Compared to the period prior to the lockdown, they have a tolerant attitude to their work from home and believe that their productivity might remain the same. (
  • UCL NXI provides industry, the NHS and charities with talented computer scientists to work on innovative projects outside of term time. (
  • Of particular interest to computer scientists is the work of Robert Axelrod , one of the pioneers of the evolution of cooperation, who initiated regular tournaments of interated prisoner's dilemma which contributed to the development of genetic programming ideas. (
  • Friendly attitude and willingness to work. (
  • Attitude - It is our goal to stay grounded, patient, and humble throughout our work, and to remember that no task is beneath any of us. (
  • A positive attitude, good work ethic, and willingness to learn will help you succeed in this role. (
  • To work as a computer network analyst with "Reliable Electrical Products," and handle the function of IT systems to ensure smooth communication between staff, clients, and management. (
  • Attitudes and beliefs about adolescent work and workplace safety among parents of working adolescent s. (
  • Positive attitude, friendly, outgoing personality. (
  • The right candidate must have experience in fashion and styling, have a positive personality, a can-do attitude and be able to demonstrate both creative flair and financial acumen. (
  • Give your phone cover, computer and personal belongings attitude and personality by adding High Standard Sticker Pack. (
  • Each line in the hand is caused by you - your attitude, personality and your way of thinking. (
  • Computer self-efficacy, anxiety, and learning in online versus face to face medium. (
  • Originally published back in May 1994, for over 20 years attitude have been the go-to bi-monthly magazine subscription for British gay men. (
  • Since 1994, over 300 celebrities and gay icons have graced the front cover of attitude . (
  • Interpersonal conflict affects job attitudes: cut-throat competition resulted in a bitter relationship with co-workers. (
  • Participants are asked to answer questions about their attitudes and behaviours surrounding sun protection and UV exposure. (
  • Kenny B , Hall R , Cameron S . Consumer attitudes and behaviours-key risk factors in an outbreak of Salmonella typhimurium phage type 12 infection sourced to chicken nuggets. (
  • In order to do this, we carried out a single-centre RCT, which explored the knowledge, attitudes and risk reduction behaviours in women in the intervention and treatment as usual groups, pre- and post-intervention. (
  • The results showed no gender effects on the nomothetic global attitude scale. (
  • Development and initial psychometric evaluation of the computer-based prostate Cancer screening decision aid acceptance scale for African-American men. (
  • The Job in General scale focuses on the cognitive perspective (rather than applied) of the effects of job attitudes. (
  • Mean scores for knowledge and attitude questions were based on Likert scale responses. (
  • Enhancing health professionals' attitude and contextualizing EMR training in the healthcare curricula are highly recommended to scale up EMR use. (
  • I find that extremely encouraging because of the many different misconceptions and attitudes about women in Judaism-and to have something that really focuses on women and their particular issues is just a testimony to the universal and relevant appeal of Torah in general. (
  • Studies suggest that Hispanic consumers might differ from non-Hispanic consumers in their knowledge and attitudes regarding antibiotic use ( 4 ). (
  • To better understand health care provider and consumer knowledge and attitudes that influence antibiotic use, CDC analyzed national internet survey data collected from participants living in the United States during 2012-2013. (
  • Porter Novelli, a public relations firm, administers national surveys (conducted online since 2011) to health care providers and adult consumers living in the United States to assess health-related knowledge and attitudes. (
  • GHPSS uses a core questionnaire on demographics, the prevalence of cigarette smoking and other tobacco use, knowledge and attitudes about tobacco use, exposure to secondhand smoke, desire for smoking cessation, and training received regarding patient counseling on smoking cessation techniques. (
  • The main questionnaire was administered using computer assisted interviewing. (
  • 19-23 Benefits related to communication and documentation have been identified mainly from the "bedside computer impact questionnaire," which was used to evaluate a bedside computer system for nursing documentation among 28 nurses working in a medical unit. (
  • The student's t-test (two-tailed) was employed to assess the attitude scores data and a one-way analysis of variance was performed on the attitude scores. (
  • This article describes some of the issues raised by electronic communication, illustrates one empirical approach for investigating its social psychological effects, and discusses why social psychological research might contribute to a deeper understanding of computer-mediated communication specifically and of computers and technological change in society more generally. (
  • Using computers to evaluate teachers' understanding of physics concepts. (
  • Given the small number of firms in the typical IT market sector, understanding such issues is important for the working computer professional. (
  • Ilze Zigurs , E. Vance Wilson , Anthony M. Sloane , René F. Reitsma , Clayton Lewis: Simulation Models and Group Negotiation: Problems of Task Understanding and Computer Support. (
  • As little as a decade ago, programs were run directly from people's computers. (
  • The result showed that respondents were faced some major problems in computer usage that lack of computer and internet facilities, irregular electricity supply and lack of time. (
  • Must be able to reach behavioral intentions, conference, in a classroom, · Can collect both program respondents in person at a attitudes after viewing an exhibit at a data and personal data (e.g., central location or a · Test knowledge, health fair). (
  • We've determined that 13.7% of computer numerical controller machinists have a bachelor's degree. (
  • Attitude to Computers" is a descriptor in the National Library of Medicine's controlled vocabulary thesaurus, MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) . (
  • Ethics feature highly among the whole gamut of ingredients that make up attitude. (
  • Finally, ethics is not merely a requirement for the professional accreditation of our degree course, but increasingly important for working computer people in a world where laws often lag fifteen years behind technology. (
  • In addition, we obtained their self-evaluation against their ideal self, their prototype of a child who would be very good at computer-based tasks, and against their gender stereotypes (both own and other gender). (
  • Being able to identify computer parts is a good start for a senior. (
  • This may sound a bit odd coming from someone who just wrote a book called The Book Lover's Guide to the Internet , but I'll take a good book over a computer any day. (
  • Demonstrate a good attitude. (
  • Certainly computers are good at quick calculations and finding trends, but humans are good at making judgments and focusing on subtle things. (
  • Following the introduction of digital dental implant planning in 1999, computer-guided implant surgical procedure (CGIS) has been one of the vital evolving areas in digital dentistry. (
  • This study assessed Australian clinicians' knowledge, attitudes and referral patterns of patients with suspected Lynch syndrome for genetic services. (
  • Significant gender effects appeared for the specific computer uses and the idiographic measures. (
  • In fact, job attitudes are also closely associated with more global measures of life satisfaction. (
  • Human-Computer Interaction -- INTERACT 2017: 16th IFIP TC 13 International Conference, Proceedings. (
  • THURSDAY, Oct. 26, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Most patients aren't thrilled about their doctor using a computer during office visits, University of Texas researchers report. (
  • The Northern Ireland Social Attitudes (NISA) survey began in 1989 as an extension of the British Social Attitudes Survey , and ran until 1996. (
  • We wanted to explore the experiences, attitudes, and challenges of the physicians in a Pediatric Telemedicine Service operated in Israel, and to explore whether the doctors are using non-medical factors (not related to the medical problem), when making the clinical decisions in this setting. (
  • Participants will need access to a desktop or laptop computer with a keyboard and mouse. (
  • HealthStyles survey participants were recruited from market research firm GfK's Knowledge Panel ( ), which uses both random-digit-dialed and address-based sampling methods to reach potential participants (laptop computer and Internet access are provided to participants if needed). (
  • Team player with high energy, positive, "customer" friendly attitude. (
  • The study explored the extent that learners dropping out from a vocational video-based online training about media design for employees of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises differ from working learners' online learning experience, computer attitude, and computer anxiety. (
  • Demonstrable experience in marketing together with the potential and attitude required to learn. (
  • Do you have experience successfully implementing American Reading Company's ENIL and IRLA, ARC Core en español , or 100 Book Challenge? (
  • We appreciate the comments of Martyn Kirk and colleagues, who describe their experience using computer-assisted telephone interview (CATI) techniques in Australia with geographically widespread foodborne outbreaks ( 1 ). (
  • Haider also pointed out that doctors who have more expertise in using computers might be more likely to communicate better with their patients while using the device than those who don't have a lot of experience with the technology. (
  • Professional attitude with a high level of personal presentation. (
  • The goal of this program is to train Computer Scientist with a professional knowledge based on a solid theoretical background knowledge. (
  • But the computer is definitely a 'third party' in the exam room, and it does change the dynamics of doctor-patient communication, he said. (
  • Some recent studies suggest that spending time inputting patient records into a computer has slashed patient face time to just 10% of the workday, Dr Levine said. (
  • A review of undergraduate arts and design programmes offered in Portuguese public higher education revealed some form of computer programming is included in about half of the curricula. (
  • Suggestions for continued computer education of diploma student nurses are provided. (
  • Computers and Education, 100, 94–109. (
  • If you're interested in becoming a computer numerical controller machinist, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need. (
  • In terms of higher education levels, we found that 1.6% of computer numerical controller machinists have master's degrees. (
  • Rezaei, A.R. & Katz, L. (2002) Using Computer Assisted Instruction to compare the Inventive Model and the radical constructivist approach to teaching physics. (
  • Automated writing instruction and feedback: Instructional mode, attitudes, and revising. (
  • Purpose − This survey research investigated important issues concerning computer use among novice graduate teachers from teacher training colleges in Sabah. (
  • Helmi (Finnish for Pearl), a quantum computer from the Finnish research organization VTT, has been connected to Lumi. (
  • Finland's first quantum computer, the 5-qubit Helmi hosted by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, became operational in 2021. (
  • VTT wants to do applied research using the quantum computer and learn more about these possibilities. (
  • We will continue to build bigger and more powerful quantum computers, which will also become available for users through the same gateway," said Pekka Pursula, Research Manager at VTT. (
  • Given the present prevalence of computer programming in arts and design curricula, scholars are also encouraged to conduct further research, including case-studies and wider technology acceptance surveys. (
  • Research demonstrates that interrelationships and complexities underlie what would seem to be the simply defined term job attitudes. (
  • The long history of research into job attitudes suggests there is no commonly agreed upon definition. (
  • Cognition and Systems, ) is recruiting a student to initiate a PhD research program on the topic of impulsivity in Parkinson's disease. (
  • As the Internet has changed from a research tool to a public utility over the past fifteen years, legal questions have become increasingly important to computer scientists. (
  • Re: Computer Monitor Flickering hbiss, you speak as a knowledgable expert on the health effects research. (
  • The author considered the following research questions: (i) Do males and females studying computer-related courses have differing computer selfefficacy levels? (
  • Educational technology, especially computers and computer-related peripherals, have grown tremendously and have permeated all areas of our lives. (
  • From the beginning of the computer age, educational researchers and practitioners have told us that for technology use to be successful in our schools it needed to be closely tied to school reform. (
  • People do use Braille writers, but computer technology is more difficult to obtain. (
  • Once we got a computer I was hooked, and this is where my love for technology started. (
  • Have cultural attitudes to female professionals changed as the technology itself evolves? (
  • I am the Technology Specialist looking for technology attitude surveys to use in my classes. (
  • Professor Celia Halls of the University College London said, 'The mathematical model is being hidden in the technology, this is a very dangerous thing, we should understand that' computer output results are not magic ' 'We need to wonder where the numbers came from,' he confesses blindly the results of the computer and points out the danger of believing that artificial manipulation is not being done. (
  • The team has studied their newly proposed technology using computer simulations. (
  • Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company which produces computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and offers related services. (
  • 3. Note: Access to necessary resources for participating in a technology-based intervention (i.e., computer, smartphone, internet access) will not be a criterion. (
  • College C subjects maintained their regular curriculum with no computer involvement. (
  • So, wouldn't you know it: those boys decided to write on the topic of using computers to complete all assignments! (
  • Why should seniors learn to manage a computer? (
  • So better learn how to make AI instead of learning to do the jobs computers do. (
  • Aren't you only making it more difficult for this person to teach kids computers by forcing him to also learn a new way of doing things? (
  • This goes to illustrate that children do not really need a special, different paradigm in order to learn how to use a computer quickly. (
  • Confidence in global computer use was related to more gendered perception of computer use. (
  • The perception of anyone dealing with computer security in Brazil is so bad that Graça Sermoud of Decision Report , who led a panel discussion entitled H2CSO, or "Hackers 2 Chief Security Officers" at the conference, praised the bravery of those who joined the panel, given the potential risk to their reputations for doing so. (
  • Computer with Internet access required! (
  • It is connected to the Internet, which allows Tesla to perform remote software updates and transform this electronic object - computer on wheels - into a connected object. (
  • To compare the efficacy of two Internet-based, computer-tailored smoking cessation programs. (
  • We can afford $3000 computers from them and they can't afford to give us a 2 hour show over internet. (
  • You'll need a computer, an Internet connection & a can-do attitude. (
  • Interaction effects of race and gender in elementary CS attitudes: A validation and cross-sectional study. (
  • In fact, 72 percent of people with advanced cancer preferred the doctor who didn't use the computer, the study findings showed. (
  • After viewing both videos, nearly three-quarters of study volunteers liked the doctors in the face-to-face video more than the doctor using a computer. (
  • The author found that socio-political factors, in particular the role of a dominant female household head and aggressive governmental affirmative action, had a significant effect on the girls' levels of confidence and subsequently on their decision to study computer-related courses. (
  • These analyst are not just experts in installation, but also can solve and fix problems in computers, telephones, printers, routers, and any other devices used for communication in business. (
  • Cascade testing for inherited arrhythmia conditions: Experiences and attitudes of family communication approaches for a Canadian cohort. (
  • ASA Computers, Inc. is looking for a Marketing Specialist to support various marketing responsibilities including lead generation, content creation, and retail marketing events for the sales team. (
  • ASA Computers, Inc. is looking for Physical Layer Technician to immediately join our team in Fremont, CA. You will play a critical role as a rack, stack and cabling technician. (
  • Enjoys working on a close team and maintaining a positive attitude! (
  • With the time that's left, Nate repairs computers, flexing his technological muscle. (
  • computers will soon be able to integrate new information and experiences and will simply be smarter than any human soon. (
  • This graph shows the total number of publications written about "Attitude to Computers" by people in this website by year, and whether "Attitude to Computers" was a major or minor topic of these publications. (
  • Below are the most recent publications written about "Attitude to Computers" by people in Profiles. (
  • Word processing with a personal computer is becoming second nature, so more people now index information with a database program and send files by telephone line with communications software. (
  • Priding itself on delivering you essential news on the serious issues affecting LGBT+ people worldwide, put simply, attitude is the definitive gay magazine! (
  • If you run a fully-free computer, right down to the BIOS, you would generally expect to see a group of people who are fully on your side. (
  • As quite an introverted person, given the choice, I would often rather talk to a computer than people, because it listened to me. (
  • Yet at the same time, when many women see, so to speak, a traditional Orthodox Jewish woman, their attitude is that they dress in an old-fashioned way, their role is seemingly exclusively motherhood, and they look down upon them as being career people. (
  • Many people appreciate the high computing power of computers, but according to Mr. Wolfram, even the most sophisticated computers still can not compare the high level of the human brain. (
  • These activities expose young people to central concepts in CS in an entertaining way without requiring a computer. (
  • why do people buy computers, with possible trojans pre-installed? (
  • The groups said this is the first time in Europe that this kind of hybrid service connecting a supercomputer and a general-purpose quantum computer is opened for researchers. (
  • Computer firms come and go all the time, such is the pace of innovation in the industry. (
  • Some point of time someone will find a way exploit the weakness in any computer system as well as the users so the best way to keep your security up to date at all time. (
  • Software," meaning the programs (which are really just very complex sets of instructions) used to make computers do all the, ahem, marvelous things they do, arose at about the same time as the computer sense of "hardware. (
  • Given I spent significant time in the wolverine's habitat, I was well aware the danger of its semi-retractable claws, razor-sharp teeth and fierce attitude. (
  • For a long time we basically have assumed that computers are tools much like any other. (
  • At the time of its release, Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull noted that , 'most traditional artists were afraid of the computer. (
  • We should use the advantages of computers that saves time and helps understand tasks that are difficult to quantify in concept. (
  • It takes time and the overcoming of ignorance and attitude (and vested interests). (
  • However, the Academy was so impressed by Pixar that they gave its director John Lasseter a Special Achievement Oscar 'for the development and inspired application of techniques that have made possible the first feature-length computer-animated film. (