Nursing Evaluation Research: Research carried out by nurses that uses interviews, data collection, observation, surveys, etc., to evaluate nursing, health, clinical, and nursing education programs and curricula, and which also demonstrates the value of such evaluation.Knowledge of Results (Psychology): A principle that learning is facilitated when the learner receives immediate evaluation of learning performance. The concept also hypothesizes that learning is facilitated when the learner is promptly informed whether a response is correct, and, if incorrect, of the direction of error.Employee Performance Appraisal: The assessment of the functioning of an employee in relation to work.Faculty, Dental: The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in a dental school.Administrative Personnel: Individuals responsible for the development of policy and supervision of the execution of plans and functional operations.Schools, Dental: Educational institutions for individuals specializing in the field of dentistry.Research: Critical and exhaustive investigation or experimentation, having for its aim the discovery of new facts and their correct interpretation, the revision of accepted conclusions, theories, or laws in the light of newly discovered facts, or the practical application of such new or revised conclusions, theories, or laws. (Webster, 3d ed)Schools, Medical: Educational institutions for individuals specializing in the field of medicine.Dentists, Women: Female dentists.Societies, Dental: Societies whose membership is limited to dentists.Leadership: The function of directing or controlling the actions or attitudes of an individual or group with more or less willing acquiescence of the followers.Fluorosis, Dental: A chronic endemic form of hypoplasia of the dental enamel caused by drinking water with a high fluorine content during the time of tooth formation, and characterized by defective calcification that gives a white chalky appearance to the enamel, which gradually undergoes brown discoloration. (Jablonski's Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992, p286)Research Support as Topic: Financial support of research activities.Dental Research: The study of laws, theories, and hypotheses through a systematic examination of pertinent facts and their interpretation in the field of dentistry. (From Jablonski, Illustrated Dictionary of Dentistry, 1982, p674)Education, Dental: Use for articles concerning dental education in general.Research Design: A plan for collecting and utilizing data so that desired information can be obtained with sufficient precision or so that an hypothesis can be tested properly.Ethics, Research: The moral obligations governing the conduct of research. Used for discussions of research ethics as a general topic.Research Personnel: Those individuals engaged in research.Career Mobility: The upward or downward mobility in an occupation or the change from one occupation to another.Schools, Pharmacy: Educational institutions for individuals specializing in the field of pharmacy.United StatesNursing Research: Research carried out by nurses, generally in clinical settings, in the areas of clinical practice, evaluation, nursing education, nursing administration, and methodology.Curriculum: A course of study offered by an educational institution.Staff Development: The process by which the employer promotes staff performance and efficiency consistent with management goals and objectives.Faculty, Medical: The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in a medical school.Vocational Guidance: Systematic efforts to assist individuals in selecting an occupation or suitable employment on the basis of aptitude, education, etc.History, 20th Century: Time period from 1901 through 2000 of the common era.Health Services Research: The integration of epidemiologic, sociological, economic, and other analytic sciences in the study of health services. Health services research is usually concerned with relationships between need, demand, supply, use, and outcome of health services. The aim of the research is evaluation, particularly in terms of structure, process, output, and outcome. (From Last, Dictionary of Epidemiology, 2d ed)Translational Medical Research: The application of discoveries generated by laboratory research and preclinical studies to the development of clinical trials and studies in humans. A second area of translational research concerns enhancing the adoption of best practices.Education, Medical: Use for general articles concerning medical education.Genetic Research: Research into the cause, transmission, amelioration, elimination, or enhancement of inherited disorders and traits.Canada: The largest country in North America, comprising 10 provinces and three territories. Its capital is Ottawa.Faculty: The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in an educational institution.Directories as Topic: Lists of persons or organizations, systematically arranged, usually in alphabetic or classed order, giving address, affiliations, etc., for individuals, and giving address, officers, functions, and similar data for organizations. (ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983)Cellular Phone: Analog or digital communications device in which the user has a wireless connection from a telephone to a nearby transmitter. It is termed cellular because the service area is divided into multiple "cells." As the user moves from one cell area to another, the call is transferred to the local transmitter.Internet: A loose confederation of computer communication networks around the world. The networks that make up the Internet are connected through several backbone networks. The Internet grew out of the US Government ARPAnet project and was designed to facilitate information exchange.North CarolinaDirectorySouth CarolinaStudents: Individuals enrolled in a school or formal educational program.Exhibits as Topic: Discussions, descriptions or catalogs of public displays or items representative of a given subject.Writing: The act or practice of literary composition, the occupation of writer, or producing or engaging in literary work as a profession.Imino Sugars: Sugars in which the OXYGEN is replaced by a NITROGEN atom. This substitution prevents normal METABOLISM resulting in inhibition of GLYCOSIDASES and GLYCOSYLTRANSFERASES.Faculty, Nursing: The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in a nursing school.Caregivers: Persons who provide care to those who need supervision or assistance in illness or disability. They may provide the care in the home, in a hospital, or in an institution. Although caregivers include trained medical, nursing, and other health personnel, the concept also refers to parents, spouses, or other family members, friends, members of the clergy, teachers, social workers, fellow patients.Nursing Methodology Research: Research carried out by nurses concerning techniques and methods to implement projects and to document information, including methods of interviewing patients, collecting data, and forming inferences. The concept includes exploration of methodological issues such as human subjectivity and human experience.Sexology: This discipline concerns the study of SEXUALITY, and the application of sexual knowledge such as sexual attitudes, psychology, and SEXUAL BEHAVIOR. Scope of application generally includes educational (SEX EDUCATION), clinical (SEX COUNSELING), and other settings.Family: A social group consisting of parents or parent substitutes and children.Schools: Educational institutions.Space Flight: Travel beyond the earth's atmosphere.Iowa
Dymally School of Nursing officially opened under Founding Dean Gloria J. McNeal, PhD, MSN, ACNS-BC, FAAN. The program was ... Evaluation; Innovations and Partnerships; Pilot Program; Regulatory; Research Education and Training; and Technology Core ... Associate of Science in Health Information Technology, and Associate of Science in Radiographic Technology On August 13, 2010, ... A Family Nurse Practitioner Master of Science was added in 2011. In 2011, the School of Nursing was granted initial full ...
Professor and Associate Dean 47R USMA, Professor of Civil and Mechanical Engineering 47S USMA, Professor of Physical Education ... 51C Contract Management 51R Systems Automation Acquisition and Engineering 51S Research and Engineering 51T Test and Evaluation ... Nurse 66E Perioperative Nurse 66F Nurse Anesthetist 66G Obstetrics and Gyneco 66H Medical-Surgical Nurse 66N Generalist Nurse ... 66P Family Nurse Practitioner 66R Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner 66S Critical Care Nurse 66T Emergency Room Nurse Officer 67A ...
John Hastings oversaw the transformation and was Associate Dean until 1992. In 1997-8, a Department of Public Health Sciences ... FitzGerald's proposal also included the development of a research program focused on the prevention or treatment of a range of ... In 2014, the School grew by absorbing the Institute for Health Policy, Management & Evaluation. Nancy Baxter, surgeon and ... and Public Health Nursing along with the Division of Industrial Hygiene. Supported was also given to create the new Departments ...
The College of Nursing produced a thirteenth placer in the June 1995 Board Examination. In 1995, Bachelor of Science in ... College of Arts and Sciences Bachelor of Science in Psychology Bachelor of Arts major in Psychology and Economics Associate in ... RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT OUTPUT OF PRACTICAL AND COMMERCIAL APPLICATION TO THE COMMUNITY; 5. RELEVANT LINKAGES AND OUTREACH ... each having its own structure consisting of a dean, administrative staff, and a teaching faculty. ...
... which initiates research and evaluation studies to inform the development and organisation of policy and services for people ... McCance is responsible to the Dean of the Faculty of Life and Health Sciences as the Institute is one of several research ... Members of the Institute can either be full members or associate members, however visiting professors are often closely ... "Institute of Nursing and Health Research". Ulster University - Institute of Nursing and Health Research. Retrieved January 24, ...
... as well as the Deans of Arts and Science, Law, Nursing, and the School of Graduate Studies or their designates. Partner ... The goals of the centre are: To foster interdisciplinary research and scholarship, link education to research, and disseminate ... The Aid for Capacity Evaluation was created by JCB members as a method of overcoming the difficulty of measuring capacity in ... Members and Associate Members of the Centre for Bioethics have automatically been considered members. Centre membership ...
Dean, PM; Feldman, DM; Morere, D; Morton, D (December 2009). "Clinical evaluation of the mini-mental status exam with ... Applied Nursing Research. 13 (4): 209-213. doi:10.1053/apnr.2000.9231. PMID 11078787. Tombaugh, TN; McIntyre, NJ (1992). "The ... Alzheimer Disease and Associated Disorders. 14 (3): 168-175. doi:10.1097/00002093-200007000-00008. Tomburgh; McIntyre (1992). " ... Hodkinson, HM (1972). "Evaluation of a mental test score for assessment of mental impairment in the elderly". Age and ageing. 1 ...
Herrman, J. W., & Waterhouse, J. K. (2010). What do adolescents think about teen parenting? Western Journal of Nursing Research ... ISBN 0-9740236-0-4. Associate Dean of Medical Education and Associate Professor, DukeNUS Medical School https://www.duke-nus. ... Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development, 35, 78-88. Sawilowsky, Shlomo S. (Ed.) (2007). "Real Data Analysis: A ... Research, and Teaching. American Educational Research Association SIG Educational Statisticians". Charlotte, NC: IAP- ...
It was also during her term that researches in Engineering and Palawan Ethno-environmental Research Center won as best ... The Directress and Dean Sister Lucia Hacbang, OP amended certain policies for the greater benefit of the studentry in order to ... The College of Nursing Education was granted Level I PAASCU accreditation; Liberal Arts and Business Administration were Level ... During her leadership, Associate in Commercial Science and Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (1959) were opened. It ...
Steven Kelly & Deanna C Medina, "A Garden of Respite and Nature: The Joel Schnaper Memorial Garden," Landscape Architect and ... They are generally associated with hospitals and other healthcare settings, designated as healing gardens by the facility, ... In 1989, the center became the first long-term care skilled nursing facility to designate a unit to care for HIV / AIDS ... Designed by Mikyoung Kim, the garden was "built upon a growing body of scientific research which links access to natural light ...
... and the Director for the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research. In addition, she is a Research Associate and on the ... Since as long as she can remember she wanted to be a nurse. Her role mentor was Dorothy Smith who was the dean of the School of ... and outcome evaluations of healthcare policies and programs. She is co-director of the RN4CAST, a study of the nursing ... She is an authority for causes and consequences of nurse shortages in the U.S. and globally. Her research focuses on reducing ...
Each Scholar must be nominated by the Dean of their home institution and commit to protecting at least 50 percent of their time ... He has also served as Associate Chief of Medicine and Director of the Internal Medical Residency Program at the Massachusetts ... Launched in December 2010, the Foundation's Scholar Program selects up to five early- to mid-career nursing and medicine ... the Foundation originally focused its initiatives on medical research. It was not until the 1950s that Macy began to focus on ...
It was considered a separate unit with a Dean and two Nurse Instructors who supervised its operations. Major subjects were ... AUF has been granted Autonomous Status since 2003; Institutional Quality Assurance Monitoring and Evaluation (IQUAME) ... training and research hospital of the university. The campus is located along MacArthur Highway in Barangay Salapungan, Angeles ... and a two-year course in Associate in Arts (A.A.). The initial enrolment was eighteen students under five faculty members. AB ...
Dean (faculty) or head (university or technical school) Vicedeans or deputy heads Secretary Research institutes: Head of ... and both civil and non civil servants need to achieve a positive evaluation of their teaching and research record by ANECA. ... nursing, teaching in primary schools), while the two de Universidad categories include professors of any undergraduate or ... Associate Professor) (tenured, full time, not a civil servant, PhD required, accreditation required) Profesor de Universidad ...
... dean of the School of Continuing Education, and interim dean of the College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, ... During this time, she was also a research associate for the Carver Foundation. In 1956, she moved to North Carolina A&T State ... and also received higher academic evaluations from their teachers; they were more alert and paid better attention, for example ... While acting as dean, she concurrently oversaw a 5-year program that focused on the pregnancies of low-income women; more ...
DE program evaluation; and management of DE. In addition, the University has also pursued research in the following discipline- ... Associate in Arts; singer, actress Rachelle Ann Go - Associate in Arts student; singer Richard Gomez - Associate in Arts ... UP OpenU has three faculties of studies, each headed by a dean: The Faculty of Education (FEd) covers the following range of ... nursing, hospital administration, and public health as well as non-formal programs in entrepreneurship, health, and land ...
In the early 1960s the Government of the State of São Paulo planned to open a new research center in the interior of the state ... Each unit is headed by a director from the faculty, equivalent to a dean, elected by the faculty and student representatives. ... The same process is required for professors changing tiers: an associate professor pursuing a tenure position must go through ... on themes selected by the evaluation board. The Unicamp national exam is very competitive and is considered one of the most ...
"Einstein's Children Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center Names First Research Director - Einstein News". 2010- ... Dean met his wife, Dr. Judith Steinberg Dean, while they were both students at Einstein. Judith Steinberg Dean, M.D. (Class of ... nursing, and other specialties. Each year, more than 1,000 medical, dental, nursing, and other professionals participate in its ... In 1994, Einstein was sued by Heidi Weissmann, a researcher in nuclear medicine and former associate professor of radiology, ...
In 2015, Rick Anderson, associate dean in the J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah, challenged the term itself: " ... Kearney, Margaret H. (2015). "Predatory Publishing: What Authors Need to Know". Research in Nursing & Health. 38: 1-3. doi: ... For example, a 2010 re-evaluation resulted in some journals being removed from Beall's list. In 2013, the OMICS publishing ... In another early precedent, in 2009 the Improbable Research blog had found that Scientific Research Publishing's journals ...
... research associate) September 1967 - June 1968, The Ohio State University, Department of Speech (visiting associate professor) ... The research on the development, application and evaluation of the system of the Three-step Auditory Comprehension Approach ... academic dean) April 2005 - March 2009, Bunkyo Gakuin University, The School of Foreign Studies (chairperson) For 47 years, ... 2013 English for Nursing Science, Chiba University, 2014 Takefuta, Yukio, ed. (2002). ヒアリングマラソン中級コース [Hearing marathon ...
AAT 3092196 Saba, F. (2000, June). Research in distance education: A status report. International Review of Research in Open ... Biner, R.M., Welsh, K.D., Barone, N.M., Summers, M., and Dean, R.S. 1997. The impact of remote-site group size on student ... Mahwah, N.J. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. pp. 89-108 Moore, M. G. (1993). Theory of transactional distance. In D. Keegan (Ed.) ... and electronic mail communication in graduate public health and nursing courses: implications for professional education. ...
It has been also actively involved in international research projects such as Alpha, EU DG-Research Vth Framework, (Medmont / ... An external evaluation of all academic departments in Greek universities will be conducted by the Hellenic Quality Assurance ... Each school is governed by a dean that answers to a school board. The department heads and the student representatives ... The members of academic staff cooperate with temporary staff such as scientific and laboratory associates, laboratory ...
de Graeff A, Dean M (February 2007). "Palliative sedation therapy in the last weeks of life: a literature review and ... Cox CE, Reed SD, Govert JA, Rodgers JE, Campbell-Bright S, Kress JP, Carson SS (March 2008). "Economic evaluation of propofol ... Long-term use of benzodiazepines has been associated with long-lasting deficits of memory, and show only partial recovery six ... and nurses' practices and opinions". American Journal of Critical Care. 19 (3): 285-95. doi:10.4037/ajcc2009541. PMID 19770414 ...
Director for Research and Development Services and Vice President for Research, Extension and Production Affairs. She was also ... After topping the evaluation in the Search for CSU presidency, she was subsequently elected via unanimous vote by the Board of ... It is home to topnotchers in the field of Engineering, Nursing, and Education. CSU is the top-performing school in Midwifery in ... Emmanuel Soriao as its dean. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Bachelor of Science in Computer Engine Bachelor of ...
Food and Drug Administration: Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. 16 November 2006. Archived (PDF) from the original on 16 ... Dean, Laura (2012), Pratt, Victoria; McLeod, Howard; Rubinstein, Wendy; Dean, Laura (eds.), "Venlafaxine Therapy and CYP2D6 ... Karch, A (2006). 2006 Lippincott's Nursing Drug Guide. Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, London, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, ... Khurana RN, Baudendistel TE (December 2003). "Hypertensive crisis associated with venlafaxine". The American Journal of ...
ResearchEdit. Topical administrationEdit. There has been much interest and effort in the development of topical AR antagonists ... selective AR antagonists like bicalutamide are not associated with osteoporosis and have been associated with only minimal ... Norman G, Dean ME, Langley RE, Hodges ZC, Ritchie G, Parmar MK, Sydes MR, Abel P, Eastwood AJ (2008). "Parenteral oestrogen in ... Jeanne Held-Warmkessel (2006). Contemporary Issues in Prostate Cancer: A Nursing Perspective. Jones & Bartlett Learning. pp. ...
PhD in Nursing Program. Phone: 744-6423. Mail Stop: 162. Map. Research & Evaluation, Associate Dean.. Phone: 744-6537. ... North Carolina Agromedicine Institute (VOA Site C - West Research Campus). Robin Tutor-Marcom, Director, VOA Site C, West ...
Associate Dean, Teaching, Learning and Technology, Associate Professor. Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary. Sandra is a ... While she encourages innovation, she is also committed to rigorous research and the ongoing evaluation of new teaching and ... Order of Merit for Nursing Research. Veronique Boscart, RN, MScN, M.Ed., PhD. CIHR/Schlegel Industrial Research Chair for ... Order of Merit for Clinical Nursing Practice. Stacey Dalgleish, BScN, RN, MN, NP. Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Foothills ...
Prior to UM, Scarpinato served as associate dean for research at Georgia Southern University. She was on the faculty of the ... t Steering the Way to Safer Roads R esearchers at the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing have developed an app to help steer ... The Fit2Drive app calculates the likelihood that a driver will pass an on-road evaluation by using results from cognitive tests ... 45 43 New Faces in Research 13 A Q&A with Associate Vice President for Research 14 Healthy Aging Institute Adds Biostatician 15 ...
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs provides ... Werley Center for Nursing Research and Evaluation, the Institute for Urban Health Partnerships and two long standing academic ... Teaching and Research Positions. Assistant/Associate Professor. Conduct an active program of research; teach courses and ... more than 1/3 of whom have been inducted as Fellows in the American Academy of Nursing. The College of Nursing faculty research ...
The Hunter College Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Office is the point of contact for all researchers (faculty, staff ... Dr Savage is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work and recently stepped down as the Associate Dean for Academic ... She serves as Associate Director for Nurse Practitioner Specialties and is a Professor at the CUNY Graduate Center in the PhD ... She conducts program evaluation studies in partnership with community agencies. Her research interests include substance abuse ...
The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis launches a new Family Caregiving Institute, dedicated to the well-being of ... Associate Professor Janice Bell currently leads evaluation research of a novel person-centered, faith-based, intervention. The ... with a large percentage of their activities considered nursing tasks," said Terri Harvath, associate dean for academics and ... Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing ranks among the best in the country for masters-degree nursing programs » ...
Ann Kurth is Professor of Nursing, Medicine, and Public Health at New York University (NYU) and Associate Dean for Research at ... Ian Goldman is Head of Evaluation and Research in the Department of Performance M&E (monitoring and evaluation) in the South ... Prior to his position at Toronto, he was the Head of the Evaluation Program and Senior Research Fellow at the Research Unit in ... He is a former Associate Editor of the American Journal of Evaluation and is presently on the boards of the Canadian Journal of ...
Gordon Jensen recently joined the University of Vermont College of Medicine as senior associate dean for research. He also has ... Her primary research focus is the evaluation of the clinical applications of resistance exercise in healthy and chronically ill ... Melissa Benton is an associate professor in the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences at ... His research has been funded by the Cancer Research Foundation of America and by the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America ...
Soule professor and associate dean for research at the University of Washington School of Nursing. A slide show from the days ... Sanchez formerly worked with the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation Chapel Hill Center as a research site ... Soule professor and associate dean for research at the University of Washington School of Nursing. A slide show from the days ... Anne Skelly, associate professor, was awarded the Achievement in Research Award by the National Organization of Nurse ...
... serves as the Associate Dean for Assessment and Evaluation Studies, School of Medicine, and the Director of Evaluation, ... She serves as an adjunct associate professor in the College of Nursing and a research assistant professor in the School of ... Amy Dean, R.N., is a registered nurse with more than 10 years of nursing experience. She is certified in critical care nursing ... She earned an associates degree in Nursing from Pitt Community College, a bachelors degree in Nursing from East Carolina ...
Administration of Research Projects and Evaluation * Facilitate approval of research proposals through the Health Sciences ... Coordinate the distribution of reports to the Health Sciences Center, Dean, Associate Deans, Department Heads, Faculty, ... Office of Nursing Research, Scholarship & Science * Office of Nursing Research, Scholarship & Science ... National Institute of Nursing Research News * National Institute of Nursing Research News ...
Evaluation Funds awarded to:. Karen McQueen, RN, PhD Associate Professor Lakehead University School of Nursing; Karen Poole, RN ... Research:. 1. COUPN (Council of Ontario University Programs in Nursing) Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (PHCNP) ... PhD Director School of Nursing and Vice-Dean (Health Sciences) Queens University. ... 4. Canada Africa Research Exchange Grants: International Development Research Centre awarded to:. Johnson A, Parlow J., ...
Faculty members in the College of Nursing are engaged in research activities in the areas of chronic illness, nursing education ... Associate Dean / Professor. College of Nursing & Health Sciences 508-999-8251 mkrurzlw}Cxpdvvg1hgx ... nursing education: outcomes and evaluation, innovations in nursing education, nursing workforce preparation and retention ... Faculty members in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences are engaged in research activities in three broad areas:. * ...
This articles purpose is to share preconceptions of college by underrepresented and disadvantaged nursing students and ... Journal of Nursing Education , Background: Summer bridges facilitate the transition from high school to college. Although many ... Bankston is Associate Dean, Clinical Practice, Partnership and Community Engagement, and Dr. Glazer is Dean, University of ... Pritchard is Research Associate, Dr. Perazzo is Postdoctoral Fellow, Mr. Fishback is doctoral student, Ms. McLaughlin is an ...
Until that point, research in the DCH had been limited to evaluation of its own programs, although some faculty and staff had ... Similarly, Reid, who had recently been appointed interim Associate Dean of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences at ... She proposed a budget reallocation to bring on Sharon Elliott-Bynum, a nurse and community activist with a long and ... In response, the research team established that the CHC would tell the DCH immediately if its check did not arrive when ...
Associate Professor of Medicine. Expertise, Disease and Conditions: Infectious Disease. Research Interests: Evaluation of new ... Certified Nurse Practitioner. Expertise, Disease and Conditions: Crohns Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Ulcerative ... Senior Associate Dean for Education Coordination. Expertise, Disease and Conditions: Anesthesiology. Research Interests: ... Research Interests: Education and health services research, Education and health services resea... [more] ...
Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Research. Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing Loyola University Chicago ... 3:40 - 3:45 PM - Conference Wrap-Up & Evaluation. Parking. Those attending should park in Parking Garage A (next to the ... Associate Dean for Simulation-Based Teaching and Learning. Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing. Loyola University Chicago ... Palmer Research Symposium. For decades, this event has addressed issues critical to nursing research, education, administration ...
Child Nursing Jeannie Yount, Director Student Services Dixie Koldjeski, Interim Associate Dean Research and Evaluation Jo Ann ... Associate Dean Informatics Sam N. Pennington, Associate Dean Research and Graduate Studies Julius Q. Mallette, Assistant Dean ... Associate Dean Informatics Sam N. Pennington, Associate Dean Research and Graduate Studies Julius Q. Mallette, Assistant Dean ... Associate Dean Academic Programs Richard L. Kerns, Associate Dean Computer Services Jeffrey S. Allen, Associate Dean External ...
Kellie Bryant NYUCNs Director of Simulation stated that to date...,NYUCN,receives,$994,000,HRSA,grant,,to,research,increasing, ... nursing,faculty,diversity,medicine,medical news today,latest medical news,medical newsletters,current medical news,latest ... New York University College of Nursing (NYUCN) received a three-year ... HRSA has noted that there is a severe shortage and ... said NYUCNs Associate Dean of Academic and Clinical Affairs Barbara Krainovich-Miller, EdD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, ANEF, FAAN. "This ...
Members of new Interagency Pain Research Coordinating Committee announced For Immediate Release Monday, February 13, 2012 More ... Christine A. Miaskowski, R.N., Ph.D., is an American Cancer Society clinical research professor and the associate dean for ... in the Department of Physiological Nursing. Her research focuses on the evaluation of the harmful effects of unrelieved pain ... and Addiction Products in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. ...
... nursing.. --Janet Rapp, administrative associate in biological sciences.. --Toni Reimer, associate dean for research and ... provide evaluations of the finalists, and submit up to five names to Skorton, who will make the final decision, subject to ... Michael Duffel, associate dean for research and graduate studies, College of Pharmacy.. --Vicki Grassian, professor of ... The new vice president for research will succeed associate vice president for research Bill Decker, who has served on an ...
Christine Miaskowski is a Professor in the Department of Physiological Nursing, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and Sharon ... Jensens research program focuses on the development and evaluation of measures of pain, pain beliefs, and pain coping ... Much of Dr Paices clinical work has been in the relief of pain associated with cancer and HIV disease. Her research interests ... His current research interests include evaluations of innovative psychological interventions for chronic pain with a specific ...
Dymally School of Nursing officially opened under Founding Dean Gloria J. McNeal, PhD, MSN, ACNS-BC, FAAN. The program was ... Evaluation; Innovations and Partnerships; Pilot Program; Regulatory; Research Education and Training; and Technology Core ... Associate of Science in Health Information Technology, and Associate of Science in Radiographic Technology On August 13, 2010, ... A Family Nurse Practitioner Master of Science was added in 2011. In 2011, the School of Nursing was granted initial full ...
2 Independent Consultant; Research and Evaluation Associate with Ipas; Ipas Mexico from 1995-2008.,DBillings08 at, ... Dean, Harvard School of Public Health; President, CARSO Health Institute; Senior Fellow, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. ... Creating a midwife cadre or by increasing the knowledge, skills and scope of practice of nurses are other strategies to ... II.H. Conduct research and evaluation and disseminate findings to guide practice. The Foundation has supported a host of ...
... these institutes provide expertise and a range of services including program evaluation and training to research and practice ... and nursing. ... Office of the Associate Dean for Research. *Research Institutes ... Office of the Associate Dean for Research. Under the leadership of Associate Dean for Research Catherine Cubbin, this office ... Download the report, Research that Changes Lives (pdf) to learn about current research projects. You can also read research ...
  • Her key interest is in the use of simulation education to improve patient safety and boost the competence and confidence of new nursing graduates. (
  • Her research is having a positive impact on simulation education across Canada and internationally in the UK, Sweden and Australia. (
  • The substance and reputation of Canadian nursing education is advanced by her skillful merging of clinical acumen, expertise in teaching and research inquiry. (
  • UW-Milwaukee is designated as one of only 115 universities in the country as an R-1 doctoral research university by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. (
  • Immediately prior to this he worked at the International Council of Nurses in Geneva, Switzerland, for the previous 10 years, first as their consultant on nursing and health policy specializing in regulation, licensing, and education, and then as CEO. (
  • He served as the Head of the Department of Lifelong Education, Administration, and Policy and Associate Dean for Outreach and Engagement in the College of Education. (
  • New York University College of Nursing (NYUCN) received a three-year, $994,741.00 grant from the Human Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) to research "Nursing Education Masters and Post Masters Certificate Program Enhancement. (
  • The project's overall purpose is to increase the number, diversity, and competencies of graduates of the NYUCN Nursing Education MS and Post MS Certificate Programs who will be available to teach diverse nursing students and graduate culturally competent RNs. (
  • Dr. Kellie Bryant, NYUCN's Director of Simulation, stated that to date, simulation has not been used in the didactic setting in nursing education. (
  • the Center for AIDS Research, Education, and Service. (
  • The division is tackling these problems by focusing on clinically relevant research in the areas of patient care, education and innovative care models. (
  • In 2009, he was awarded the American Psychiatric Association/National Institute of Mental Health Vestermark Psychiatry Educator Award for his contributions to psychiatric education and physician evaluation. (
  • He is a former President and Distinguished Fellow of the Society for Public Health Education and a fellow of the American Academy of Health Behavior and the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research. (
  • He also conducted formative research which helped lead to the integration of evidence-based comprehensive sex education in New York City public schools' curricula with an emphasis on reproductive health and unintended teen pregnancy. (
  • UPMC experts across several divisions and departments will come together to discuss the latest in acute kidney injury research, further collaboration, patient advocacy, and education. (
  • This designation recognizes the College's excellent programs in health policy and research development, in addition to its commitment to an international approach in education, research, service, and community initiatives, particularly in the Americas. (
  • Where is the economic argument for how that will improve the quality of care and be worth the financial investment in additional training and education [for nurses]? (
  • At the conference, he co-presented an education session, " Exploring Institutional Types " with Adam Frank, associate dean for student life at Westchester Community College. (
  • Each of the institutes programs shares a dedication to cultivating excellence in nursing education at the highest level, engaging participants in intensive executive coaching sessions and personalized career counseling. (
  • The colleges mission to prepare diverse learners to become competent and caring nurses to meet the health care needs of the communities they serve dovetails with the NLNs mission to promote excellence in nursing education to build a strong and diverse nursing work to advance the nations health," noted NLN CEO Beverly Malone, PhD, RN, FAAN. (
  • Observed NLN president Marsha Howell Adams, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF, professor and senior associate dean of academic programs at the University of Alabamas Capstone College of Nursing: "We are indebted to both Galen College and Johnson & Johnson for their commitment to partner with us to nurture leadership in nursing education. (
  • Admission to the Leadership Institute is selective because, at the NLN, we believe strongly that when the right people are given the best tools to succeed in positions of leadership, they can have a profound effect on the quality of nursing education across the board. (
  • Moreover, to promote diversity among leaders in nursing education nationally, at least 25 percent of program participants have been selected from under-represented minorities. (
  • For those seeking additional continuing education credit, the maximum credits you can receive are 17.5 once you have completed evaluations and post tests for those sessions. (
  • The American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center s Commission on Accreditation. (
  • The American Organization of Nurse Executives is authorized to award 17.5 hours of pre-approved Category II (non-ACHE) continuing education credit for this program toward advancement, or recertification in the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). (
  • The UC Davis awards will lead to new knowledge and technologies that will transform health and health care and create new opportunities for interprofessional research and education at the undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels. (
  • Dr. Berhie has published many articles in the following peer-reviewed journals: The Research of National Institute of Justice, The Journal of Health Administration Education, The Journal of African Policy Studies, The Social Science and Medicine and International Journal, The West Virginia Criminal Justice Journal, and Strategies for Promoting Pluralism in Education and the Workplace. (
  • As a result of this multi-year initiative, we anticipate a greater understanding of the impact of social determinants of health across the continuum of medical education and, as a result, improvements in the health of the communities we serve," said Dr. Deborah Clements, co-principal investigator and associate director of CPCI. (
  • The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine also encourage education and research, recognize outstanding contributions to knowledge, and increase public understanding. (
  • Members of the Chancellor's Circle provide roughly $350,000 a year in discretionary funds, which are then distributed to various programs to provide additional support in UAMS' key mission areas of health care education, medical research and patient care. (
  • She is interested in integrating curriculum through interprofessional education efforts between the public health, nursing, health administration, business, mathematics, and social and behavioral health sectors of higher learning healthcare. (
  • It addresses the use of evidence toimprove nursing education, discusses how to reduce the divide between researchers and policy makers, and presents expedients for overcoming resistance tochange. (
  • Tim has extensive experience in education and training at a clinical, undergraduate and postgraduate level and is involved in clinical research mainly around the developing specialty of mental health liaison nursing and the role of the nurse practitioner. (
  • Journal of Nursing Education, 51 (4), 197- 203. (
  • The articles discuss such timely issues as genetic determinism as a paradigm in wellness promotion, adolescent health promotion and teen pregnancy prevention strategies, racial differences in cancer epidemiology, the California smokers' helpline, strategies for reducing youth violence, HIV/AIDS prevention, domestic violence education and prevention srategies, and the future of women's health research. (
  • He has worked in the field of refugee and disaster programs and policy since 1979, with positions in the United States (Indochina Refugee Action Center and the US Committee for Refugees) and internationally (Save the Children, World Education, Mercy Corps and the Asian Research Center for Migration). (
  • Moreen O. Donahue is the Beatrice Hofstadter White Endowed Chair for Nursing Education and Research, System Senior Vice President & System Chief Nursing Officer at Western Connecticut Health Network (WCHN), which includes Danbury Hospital, New Milford Hospital, Norwalk Hospital, Western Connecticut Home Care (formerly The Danbury Visiting Nurse Association) and Western Connecticut Medical Group. (
  • Following this, she earned an MS degree in education from the State University of New York and her MSN in nursing and DNP degrees from Case Western Reserve University. (
  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison ICEP is jointly accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), to provide continuing education for the healthcare team. (
  • She is the Past President of NPACE and the Senior lecturer for Fitzgerald Health Education Associates. (
  • A Certification Examination demonstrates the student's mastery of nursing science in promoting health, guiding the illness experience, shaping the health system for people with chronic illness, and/or addressing innovations in nursing education. (
  • The PhD dissertation is an original body of work in which the candidate demonstrates an in-depth understanding of a substantive area in promoting health, guiding the illness experience, or shaping the health care system for people living with chronic illness or in nursing education. (
  • The UALR Department of Nursing is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). (
  • The RN-BSN completion program builds on the foundation provided by the associate of applied science degree program and provides a degree completion option that is structured to meet the continuing education and career enhancement needs of RNs. (
  • Morgan DG, Kosteniuk JG, O'Connell ME, Dal Bello-Haas V , Stewart NJ, Karunanayake C. Dementia-related work activities of home care nurses and aides: frequency, perceived competence, and continuing education priorities. (
  • Dr. Nalini Singhal, a professor at the University of Calgary and the associate editor of HBB, with the help of Dr. Jocelyn Lockyer, senior associate dean of education at the University of Calgary, carried out a formative educational evaluation to see how the program improved skills and knowledge. (
  • She has been active in medical education and health services research communities for many years, having about 300 peer-reviewed publications and as many or more abstracts and conference presentations. (
  • Enhance delivery of healthcare, contribute to advancing nursing education efforts through the application of system engineering concepts focusing on computer simulation, predictive analytics, big data and the development/application of advanced technologies to improve performance in healthcare. (
  • In prelicensure nursing education, there is a need to better understand the roles that simulation and traditional clinical instruction play in the development of clinical competence. (
  • She serves as Associate Director for Nurse Practitioner Specialties and is a Professor at the CUNY Graduate Center in the PhD Nursing program. (
  • She conducts program evaluation studies in partnership with community agencies. (
  • This article's purpose is to share preconceptions of college by underrepresented and disadvantaged nursing students and describe important elements and long-term impact of a summer bridge, a component of the Leadership 2.0 program. (
  • After bridge completion, students felt more prepared for the nursing program. (
  • The University of Cincinnati College of Nursing implemented a summer bridge program in 2013 to reduce the disparities in first-year retention between non-Hispanic White and underrepresented students. (
  • This program is offered for a total of 5.25 contact hours for nursing. (
  • ONA guidelines require all three of the following criteria to be met in order for the learner to receive the contact hours offered for this educational activity: (1) Learner's signature on the attendance sheet, (2) Learner's attendance and participation in all program activities, and (3) Learner submits a completed evaluation form at the conclusion of the program. (
  • A major contribution of this project will be an increased number of available NE, in particular minority NEs, to teach in nursing programs with minority populations, e.g., community colleges and NYS health care agencies," said Dr. Maria Dolce, Program Coordinator of the NE MS program. (
  • The long-term goal of her research program is to develop interventions aimed at improving physical and mental health in couples facing chronic pain. (
  • The program was granted initial approval by the California Board of Registered Nursing in June 2009. (
  • As research director, Dr. Seuli Brill leads her own research program and and guides other providers in the division of general internal medicine with their research. (
  • The D.N.P. program has received initial approval by the Washington State Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission. (
  • and the Senior Deans and Directors Leadership Program. (
  • Nurse educators apply to a specific program, based on their professional experience and goals. (
  • and six senior deans and directors of nursing schools seeking to re-focus their vision on strategic innovation, to be guided by Dr. Brewington in the Senior Deans and Directors Leadership Program. (
  • Established by the UC Davis Office of Research earlier this year, the program has awarded a total of $10 million to support 12 research projects over the next three years. (
  • The Program in Primary Care, Health and Society (PHS) will establish an academic program within CPCI to conduct system level research to advance primary care training and produce a workforce that can effectively address the behavioral, social, cultural, and economic factors that impact health. (
  • This program will bring together talented professional medical educators and experienced researchers to conduct new research and perform formal evaluations of the existing state of the field. (
  • During the period of December 2001 to May 2006, Chen-Peng was a Scientist at the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in affiliation with the National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) Dermal Exposure Research Program (DERP). (
  • The CTSA program has been a national experiment to improve the pace and efficiency of clinical and translational research across the country," said Gordon Bernard , M.D., associate vice chancellor for Research and senior associate dean for Clinical Sciences. (
  • Bernard is program director of the Vanderbilt Institute for Clinical and Translational Research ( VICTR ), which administers the CTSA. (
  • During 2007-2009 DiMaria-Ghalili was a Claire M. Fagin Fellow in the John A. Hartford Foundation Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity program. (
  • From there she gained experience in planning, implementing and evaluating an evidence-based program such as New Ways for Better Days (Tailored Activity Program) for persons living with dementia and their caregiver and managed the annual Summer Research Institute on Behavioral Interventions at Johns Hopkins University. (
  • University of the Sciences in Philadelphia has launched a medical cannabis MBA program, specifically targeting the business of cannabis, said Dr. Andrew Peterson, John Wyeth Dean Emeritus and professor of clinical pharmacy and health policy at USciences. (
  • Dr. Brash has a passion for teaching while also working on curriculum design, accreditation standards, program implementation, evaluation, and assessment. (
  • The Coordinator leads the international student orientation program/on-going programming to facilitate learning about U.S. culture and maintaining valid F1 non-immigrant status and all the benefits associated with it. (
  • The lived experience of non-degreed learners from a time modified traditional baccalaureate in nursing program. (
  • HHSC will track patients' progress and service referral and the UH Mānoa nursing program will conduct an exploratory study describing the self-reported perception of patient and family satisfaction after receiving palliative care services. (
  • After winning SHM's annual Research, Innovations, and Clinical Vignettes (RIV) scientific abstract and poster competition for an abstract illustrating a program that promoted flu vaccinations for families of neonatal patients, Shetal Shah, MD, FAAP, became a leading advocate for two laws mandating that New York hospitals offer vaccinations to families. (
  • The fellowship program will integrate didactic training, clinical experience and active participation in the development and completion of original research in critically ill patient populations. (
  • Over the course of the two-year program, the fellow will be expected to assume responsibility for developing 2-3 research proposals for which the fellow will act as the principal investigator. (
  • While independent research is the primary focus of the program, the fellow will also be exposed to multi-center Phase II, III and IV studies in terms of patient enrollment, case report documentation and IRB-related documentation. (
  • Her research program focuses on psychological and physical stress, coping, and cardiovascular responses in African-Americans. (
  • and a RN-BSN completion program for associate degree and diploma RNs who are seeking an advanced degree. (
  • HBB is an evidence-based, simple educational program to teach neonatal resuscitation techniques to local health-care providers including doctors, nurses, and midwives. (
  • A comprehensive look at Elsevier's 2017 Gender in the Global Research Landscape report sheds light on those unique challenges. (
  • In 2017, Professor Ponsford was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia for her distinguished service to medical research in the field of neuropsychology, and through seminal advances in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with traumatic brain injuries. (
  • Her research has helped reduce neonatal morbidities and her exceptional speaking and leadership skills have ensured that her knowledge is shared nationally and internationally. (
  • She began as a nurse and moved into progressively more senior leadership roles including chief nursing officer, chief operating officer and chief executive officer. (
  • The College of Nursing has been widely recognized for its innovation, leadership in the profession of nursing, and extensive collaboration with diverse community agencies. (
  • The Associate Dean provides leadership in the development of future goals and strategic directions for academic programs in the College of Nursing. (
  • These positions emphasize teaching, leadership, service and scholarship within the College of Nursing. (
  • He is particularly proud of being awarded the inaugural Nursing Standard Leadership award in 1993. (
  • Dr. Huston has authored seven textbooks (23 editions) on leadership and management (as well as professional issues in nursing), published more than 100 articles, and presented at more than 300 health care conferences worldwide. (
  • Washington, DC, January 24, 2014 - Galen College of Nursing , a multi-campus and online educational institution based in Louisville, KY, has made a generous grant to the National League for Nursing Center for Transformational Leadership to enhance programming in the NLN Leadership Institute, as the NLN announced the selection of the institutes 2014 participants. (
  • Galens support of the NLN Center for Transformational Leadership is an essential investment in the development of leadership resources that will help transform nurse educators and have far reaching and long lasting effects. (
  • The Advisory Committee is made up of experienced practicing senior primary physicians, representatives from the Office of the Dean and the Office of Development, and academic leadership from the primary care specialties. (
  • Dr. Pamela Davidson is an adjunct professor with expertise in strategic planning, leadership and career development, and evaluation design and methods.She is well published with 50 peer- reviewed articles in various medical, dental, and health services research journals. (
  • She participated on the leadership team that developed and launched the UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) and has served as the CTSI Evaluation Core leader since its inception. (
  • Prior to joining WCHN, Dr. Donahue was Sr. Vice President, Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer at Greenwich Hospital and has held executive leadership positions in home care and hospice. (
  • Dr. Donahue was inducted as a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing in 2011, and was selected for the 2015 Fellowship in Innovative Health Leadership offered by Arizona State University and the American Organization of Nurse Executives in partnership with the Mayo Clinic's Center for Innovation. (
  • Jennifer has a long-standing interest in leadership development, and has been a senior mentor for the United Nations Institute for Training and Research. (
  • Anderson, R. A. and Bailey Jr, D. E. and Wu, B. and Corazzini, K. and McConnell, E. S. and Thygeson, N. M. and Docherty, S. L., Adaptive Leadership Framework for Chronic Illness: Framing a Research Agenda for Transforming Care Delivery. (
  • To develop a larger, more interdisciplinary work force with skills in and knowledge of sleep medicine, instruction in sleep loss and sleep disorders should be part of undergraduate and postgraduate training for those pursuing health care careers, particularly those specializing in psychiatry, pulmonology, neurology, nursing, psychology, and other specialties involved in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, the report recommends. (
  • Dr. Barbara Carlson, assistant pro-fessor and associate director of the biobehavioral lab, has been award-ed the Gordon H. DeFriese Career Development in Aging Research Award recognizing her outstanding promise and commitment to improving the quality of life for older persons. (
  • Martha J. Somerman, D.D.S., Ph.D., is director of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, part of the NIH. (
  • Bob Andrew Rappaport, M.D., is director of the Division of Anesthesia, Analgesia, and Addiction Products in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. (
  • Prior to her current position, Dr Carter-Nolan was the Director of Public Health Research at IQ Solutions, Inc, a public health consultancy firm. (
  • Appointed by the WHO Director General, the WHO Collaborating Centres support global programs in health and advance research by assisting, coordinating, and promoting activities of leading organizations. (
  • The project will be led by Drs. Stephen Persell and Deborah Clements , director and associate director, respectively, of CPCI. (
  • Ananya Awasthi , Assistant Director, India Research Center, spoke about the importance of "Jan Andolan" or community mobilization for National Nutrition Mission at the Poshan (Nutrition) Innovation Awards-2019, which were hosted by Outlook Media in New Delhi. (
  • Kate Clark, MPA, is director of Strategic Initiatives for Drexel University's College of Nursing and Health Professions (CNHP) and the Associate Director of the AgeWell Collaboratory. (
  • Consumers may think antibacterial washes are more effective at preventing the spread of germs, but we have no scientific evidence that they are any better than plain soap and water," said Dr. Janet Woodcock, director of the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, in a written announcement. (
  • Dr. Merle Mishel, Kenan profes-sor of nursing, directs a similar research training grant entitled "Interventions for Preventing and Managing Chronic Illness" funded since 1996. (
  • Focus of project: Nurse practitioner prescribing of controlled drugs and substances for individuals with complex and chronic disease: Development of an e-learning resource. (
  • He conducts research on pain mechanisms and the development of new pharmacological strategies for acute and chronic pain. (
  • Dr. Turk's research has focused on the assessment and treatment of a range of chronic pain conditions, clinical trial design, and coping and adaptation. (
  • With greater numbers living with complex chronic diseases, the need for primary care research in internal medicine is more essential than ever. (
  • Advance promotion and prevention programs as an essential public health function to build capacity and sustainability, examples of these programs are public health preparedness, health equality and literacy, and chronic noncommunicable disease's associated with lifestyle. (
  • Jay Han, an associate professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation, is directing research to develop wireless sensor and mobile health (mHealth) technologies to empower individuals with chronic diseases. (
  • Research Studies on the Role of Yoga in Chronic Diseases by Dr Meena Ramanathan and Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani 47 13. (
  • The dissertation demonstrates the candidate's ability to effectively incorporate theoretical, conceptual, and methodological tools in addressing the influence of nursing practices and the delivery of nursing services to people living with chronic illnesses. (
  • Hall, R. K. and Landerman, L. R. and O'Hare, A. M. and Anderson, R. A. and Colón-Emeric, C. S., Chronic kidney disease and recurrent falls in nursing home residents: A retrospective cohort study. (
  • The past several years represents a period of substantial progress in the development and evaluation of novel agents in non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and multiple myeloma (MM). This dynamic therapeutic environment necessitates that the practicing oncology nurse remain up to date on the benefits and risks of a plethora of novel and emerging treatment options. (
  • The Department further embraces the University's commitment to public service, and has incorporated service learning components into nursing courses across the curriculum which have provided quality health teaching, preventative care, and chronic care to the community. (
  • Through the institute, nurse leaders aim to discover and disseminate knowledge to improve systems of support for caregivers, building upon the foundation laid by the school's current scholarship in the area of family caregiving, including a collaboration with AARP, a partnership with families in Alameda County and research on obstacles faced by Latinas caring for family members suffering from dementia. (
  • Wand T. The Royal College of Nursing Australia, National Research and Scholarships Fund, Annie M Sage Memorial Scholarship for 2010. (
  • Appointments are available for nine-month, Part-Time & Full-Time to teach courses in clinical (hospital and long term care), community settings and/or health assessment laboratory for the College of Nursing at UWM and/or UW-Parkside and may include locations in clinical and community settings in southeastern WI. (
  • Most recently, he was the Associate Vice President for Instruction with administrative responsibility for the University's Science Learning Center, Office of Online Learning, Center for Teaching and Learning, Office of Academic Assessment, Extended Campuses, and Air Force and Army ROTC. (
  • Contribute towards the assessment, monitoring, and evaluation of research. (
  • Despite this widespread presence, minority and disadvantaged groups have been historically under-represented, indicating a need to enhance workforce diversity ( American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2014 ). (
  • She has served on task forces on diversity, health disparities and health literacy for national organizations such as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the National Quality Forum, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the American Medical Association, and the Society of General Internal Medicine. (
  • She previously worked in the Office of the Provost with the Undergraduate Research team and in the Department of Psychology as a researcher and project coordinator. (
  • If you're eligible to participate, you may be contacted by a nurse or study coordinator. (
  • The PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre to Advance the Policy on Research for Health is an interprofessional, transdisciplinary collaborative centre designed to promote health equality through policy development and promotion. (
  • Negotiate a role within the healthcare delivery system that provides for interprofessional collaboration, interdependence, and a professional identity as an advanced nursing professional with specialized knowledge. (
  • Professor and Chair of Medical Microbiology and Immunology Satya Dandekar is leading research on Protecting the Fragile Intestine: Integrating Microbiota and Muscosal Health. (
  • Students are expected to pass the Candidacy Examination no later than the end of the 3rd semester following Dissertation Seminar unless the student obtains written permission of the Graduate Group in Nursing Chair. (
  • The Examining Committee includes the members of the Dissertation Committee plus two readers selected by the Graduate Group in Nursing Chair with recommendations for readers offered by the Dissertation Chair. (
  • Patricia Cowan, Ph.D., R.N., dean of the UAMS College of Nursing, and Nicholas and Helen Lang accepted the award from Sandra Connor, chair of the Foundation Fund Board's Philanthropy Committee and a Chancellor's Circle member. (
  • Each year, health care professionals, including nurses, physicians, and researchers from Chicago and the Midwest gather to share the latest in research at the Ruth K. Palmer Research Symposium. (
  • Its members, announced today by the National Institutes of Health, include biomedical researchers, representatives from nonprofit public advocacy organizations, and representatives of seven federal government organizations that deal with pain research and patient care. (
  • Some of our current collaborative partnerships include work with researchers from the College of Nursing, the College of Pharmacy, the College of Public Health, the Department of English, the Department of Psychology and the Department of Economics here at Ohio State. (
  • Last year more than 600 Vanderbilt and Meharry researchers used VICTR services, many of them by logging onto StarBRITE, an online research portal that launched in 2007. (
  • Developed by Paul Harris , Ph.D., and his team in the Office of Research Informatics and launched in 2004, it currently serves more than 54,000 researchers in 47 countries. (
  • Through interaction with the preceptor and collaboration with expert pharmacist and physician researchers, the fellow will learn how to develop a methodologically-sound, yet feasible research protocol. (
  • NEs with D-SETS competencies will contribute to increasing CC and MI competencies in nursing students to care for vulnerable populations with MHP/D. (
  • His research interests have focused on populations in migration, whether displaced by conflict or natural disaster, or in the context of migrant labor and human trafficking. (
  • 3) educational research - professional issues, use of web-based interfaces in teaching, peer evaluation, and strategies to increase capacity of health care professionals interested in working with older adults and neurologic populations. (
  • The committee appointees include leading federal officials together with six non-federal scientists, physicians, and other health professionals, as well as six members of the general public who are representatives of leading research, advocacy and service organizations. (
  • Some educators point to the increasing need for medical professionals-including physicians, nurses and pharmacists-to properly advise patients about medical marijuana. (
  • Counselors provide eating disorder evaluations, counseling, and referrals, and care is coordinated with the SHC nutritionist and physicians. (
  • This activity is designed to educate physicians, nurses and other health care providers about issues related to communications in cancer care. (
  • 10,000 Improving access and continuity of care for mental health related presentations in the emergency department: Exploration of a mental health nurse practitioner follow-up service . (
  • Building a Model of Mental Health Nurse Practitioner-led Service Provision in Australia. (
  • Additionally, accrediting agencies for nursing programs articulate in general terms the competencies new nursing graduates should achieve, but they do not provide guidelines on the different types of clinical experiences and settings. (
  • In this role her primary responsibility was to supervise and support the National Institutes of Health Office of Disease Prevention's (NIH-ODP) prevention research taxonomy project. (
  • Interface with PAHO/WHO knowledge translation platforms to advance knowledge translation and integration of research evidence with policy, prevention, and health care. (
  • To clarify the factors associated with prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, and to present the latest information about osteoporosis, the NIH organized this conference. (
  • Her research interests include epigenetic-based autoimmune public health prevention efforts through lifestyle interventions, and neuroeducation topics related to academic stress and anxiety in the STEM subjects. (
  • This book is a state-of-the-art educational resource on the latest research and public-policy developments in the fields of wellness promotion and disease prevention. (
  • Her research interests include designing and evaluating methods for assessing mental health and mental illness in non-Western cultures with the intention for using these assessments to investigate effectiveness of innovative prevention and intervention strategies. (
  • Yap, T. L. and Kennerly, S. and Corazzini, K. and Porter, K. and Toles, M. and Anderson, R. A., Evaluation of cueing innovation for pressure ulcer prevention using staff focus groups. (
  • Research Interests: Latino health inequities, particularly as they relate to the prevention of substance abuse and HIV in adolescents. (
  • The AXIS (Accelerating eXcellence In Science) is modeled after similar translational research programs at universities such as Harvard. (
  • NSW Health/Translational Research Grants Scheme. (
  • Janet Rapp, administrative associate in biological sciences. (
  • Demonstrate excellence as a clinical researcher in the health sciences in a focal area of nursing. (
  • Synthesize theories from natural and/or behavioral sciences for application to a specified area of nursing. (
  • His research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Michael J Fox Foundation, the Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, and the Department of Defense. (
  • Awards include Research Achievement Awards from the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS, in 1988), and the American Pharmaceutical Association in 1992, a MERIT grant award from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute in 1988, the Takeru and Aya Higuchi Award from the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology Japan in 1995. (
  • Dr. Wood is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology where he teaches courses on consumer behavior, research design and methodology, and marketing for nonprofit organizations. (
  • Bendavid blends methodological innovation and practical experience working with local and international organizations, including the Clinton Health Access Initiative (Liberia), the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (South Africa), and the Kenya Medical Research Institute, to produce insights and strategies for health improvements. (
  • Many of the organizations that connected with each other in one of the three networks-advocacy/policy, training/technical assistance, and research-also connected in one or both of the other two networks, but different organizations constituted the core and the periphery for each. (
  • The aim of the workshop was to bring together Government of Maharashtra officials and non-profit research organizations to effective ways of partnering for addressing tuberculosis through the use of AI. (