Burrowing, chiefly nocturnal mammals of the family Dasypodidae having bodies and heads encased in small bony plates. They are widely distributed in the warmer parts of the Americas.
A family of proteins that contain several 42-amino acid repeat domains and are homologous to the Drosophila armadillo protein. They bind to other proteins through their armadillo domains and play a variety of roles in the CELL including SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION, regulation of DESMOSOME assembly, and CELL ADHESION.
An order of New World mammals characterized by the absence of incisors and canines from among their teeth, and comprising the ARMADILLOS, the SLOTHS, and the anteaters. The order is distinguished from all others by what are known as xenarthrous vertebrae (xenos, strange; arthron, joint): there are secondary, and sometimes even more, articulations between the vertebrae of the lumbar series. The order was formerly called Edentata. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed; Walker's Mammals of the World, 5th ed, vol. I, p515)
A proto-oncogene protein and member of the Wnt family of proteins. It is expressed in the caudal MIDBRAIN and is essential for proper development of the entire mid-/hindbrain region.
A species of gram-positive, aerobic bacteria that causes LEPROSY in man. Its organisms are generally arranged in clumps, rounded masses, or in groups of bacilli side by side.
Members of the armadillo family of proteins that are found in DESMOSOMES and interact with various proteins including desmocadherins; DESMOPLAKIN; ACTIN FILAMENTS; and KERATINS.
A multi-functional catenin that is highly homologous to BETA CATENIN. Gamma catenin binds CADHERINS and helps link their cytoplasmic tails to ACTIN in the CYTOSKELETON via ALPHA CATENIN. It is also found in DESMOSOMES where it mediates the link between DESMOSOMAL CADHERINS and DESMOPLAKIN.
Proteins that originate from insect species belonging to the genus DROSOPHILA. The proteins from the most intensely studied species of Drosophila, DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER, are the subject of much interest in the area of MORPHOGENESIS and development.
A family of cytoskeletal proteins that play essential roles in CELL ADHESION at ADHERENS JUNCTIONS by linking CADHERINS to the ACTIN FILAMENTS of the CYTOSKELETON.
Desmoplakins are cytoskeletal linker proteins that anchor INTERMEDIATE FILAMENTS to the PLASMA MEMBRANE at DESMOSOMES.
Proteins found in any species of insect.
Major constituent of the cytoskeleton found in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells. They form a flexible framework for the cell, provide attachment points for organelles and formed bodies, and make communication between parts of the cell possible.
A multi-functional catenin that participates in CELL ADHESION and nuclear signaling. Beta catenin binds CADHERINS and helps link their cytoplasmic tails to the ACTIN in the CYTOSKELETON via ALPHA CATENIN. It also serves as a transcriptional co-activator and downstream component of WNT PROTEIN-mediated SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION PATHWAYS.
A chronic granulomatous infection caused by MYCOBACTERIUM LEPRAE. The granulomatous lesions are manifested in the skin, the mucous membranes, and the peripheral nerves. Two polar or principal types are lepromatous and tuberculoid.
A catenin that binds F-ACTIN and links the CYTOSKELETON with BETA CATENIN and GAMMA CATENIN.
A genus of small, two-winged flies containing approximately 900 described species. These organisms are the most extensively studied of all genera from the standpoint of genetics and cytology.
Diffusible gene products that act on homologous or heterologous molecules of viral or cellular DNA to regulate the expression of proteins.
Calcium-dependent cell adhesion proteins. They are important in the formation of ADHERENS JUNCTIONS between cells. Cadherins are classified by their distinct immunological and tissue specificities, either by letters (E- for epithelial, N- for neural, and P- for placental cadherins) or by numbers (cadherin-12 or N-cadherin 2 for brain-cadherin). Cadherins promote cell adhesion via a homophilic mechanism as in the construction of tissues and of the whole animal body.
Slow-moving exclusively arboreal mammals that inhabit the tropical forests of South and Central America.
Endogenous substances, usually proteins, which are effective in the initiation, stimulation, or termination of the genetic transcription process.
A negative regulator of beta-catenin signaling which is mutant in ADENOMATOUS POLYPOSIS COLI and GARDNER SYNDROME.
A type of junction that attaches one cell to its neighbor. One of a number of differentiated regions which occur, for example, where the cytoplasmic membranes of adjacent epithelial cells are closely apposed. It consists of a circular region of each membrane together with associated intracellular microfilaments and an intercellular material which may include, for example, mucopolysaccharides. (From Glick, Glossary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 1990; Singleton & Sainsbury, Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, 2d ed)
Animate or inanimate sources which normally harbor disease-causing organisms and thus serve as potential sources of disease outbreaks. Reservoirs are distinguished from vectors (DISEASE VECTORS) and carriers, which are agents of disease transmission rather than continuing sources of potential disease outbreaks.
A scaffolding protein that is a critical component of the axin signaling complex which binds to ADENOMATOUS POLYPOSIS COLI PROTEIN; GLYCOGEN SYNTHASE KINASE 3; and CASEIN KINASE I.
Anchoring points where the CYTOSKELETON of neighboring cells are connected to each other. They are composed of specialized areas of the plasma membrane where bundles of the ACTIN CYTOSKELETON attach to the membrane through the transmembrane linkers, CADHERINS, which in turn attach through their extracellular domains to cadherins in the neighboring cell membranes. In sheets of cells, they form into adhesion belts (zonula adherens) that go all the way around a cell.
A species of fruit fly much used in genetics because of the large size of its chromosomes.
The intracellular transfer of information (biological activation/inhibition) through a signal pathway. In each signal transduction system, an activation/inhibition signal from a biologically active molecule (hormone, neurotransmitter) is mediated via the coupling of a receptor/enzyme to a second messenger system or to an ion channel. Signal transduction plays an important role in activating cellular functions, cell differentiation, and cell proliferation. Examples of signal transduction systems are the GAMMA-AMINOBUTYRIC ACID-postsynaptic receptor-calcium ion channel system, the receptor-mediated T-cell activation pathway, and the receptor-mediated activation of phospholipases. Those coupled to membrane depolarization or intracellular release of calcium include the receptor-mediated activation of cytotoxic functions in granulocytes and the synaptic potentiation of protein kinase activation. Some signal transduction pathways may be part of larger signal transduction pathways; for example, protein kinase activation is part of the platelet activation signal pathway.
A specific complex of WNT SIGNALING PATHWAY proteins that mediates the phosphorylation-dependent destruction of cytosolic BETA-CATENIN. The complex is disrupted by cell surface binding of WNT PROTEINS, which allows beta-catenin levels to rise to the point where they migrate to the CELL NUCLEUS and activate transcription.
Descriptions of specific amino acid, carbohydrate, or nucleotide sequences which have appeared in the published literature and/or are deposited in and maintained by databanks such as GENBANK, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), National Biomedical Research Foundation (NBRF), or other sequence repositories.
Animals considered to be wild or feral or not adapted for domestic use. It does not include wild animals in zoos for which ANIMALS, ZOO is available.
The functional hereditary units of INSECTS.
Hormones secreted by insects. They influence their growth and development. Also synthetic substances that act like insect hormones.
Products of proto-oncogenes. Normally they do not have oncogenic or transforming properties, but are involved in the regulation or differentiation of cell growth. They often have protein kinase activity.
A sebaceous gland that, in some animals, acts as an accessory to the lacrimal gland. The harderian gland excretes fluid that facilitates movement of the third eyelid.

Species-specific identification of Mycobacterium leprae by PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of the hsp65 gene. (1/144)

PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis (PRA) of the hsp65 gene present in all mycobacteria was used in the present investigation to characterize Mycobacterium leprae. Bacilli were extracted and purified from different organs from experimentally infected armadillos and nude mice (Swiss mice of nu/nu origin). A total of 15 samples were assayed in duplicate, and the results were compared with those obtained for a total of 147 cultivable mycobacteria representing 34 species. Irrespective of its origin or viability, M. leprae strains from all the samples were uniformly characterized by two fragments of 315 and 135 bp upon BstEII digestion and two fragments of 265 and 130 bp upon HaeIII digestion. PRA is a relatively simple method and permits the conclusive identification of M. leprae to the species level.  (+info)

Localization of Mycobacterium leprae to endothelial cells of epineurial and perineurial blood vessels and lymphatics. (2/144)

Infection of peripheral nerve by Mycobacterium leprae, the histopathological hallmark of leprosy, is a major factor in this disease, but the route and mechanisms by which bacilli localize to peripheral nerve are unknown. Experimentally infected armadillos have recently been recognized as a model of lepromatous neuritis; the major site of early accumulation of M. leprae is epineurial. To determine the epineurial cells involved, 1-cm segments of 44 nerves from armadillos were screened for acid-fast bacilli and thin sections were examined ultrastructurally. Of 596 blocks containing nerve, 36% contained acid-fast bacilli. Overall, M. leprae were found in endothelial cells in 40% of epineurial blood vessels and 75% of lymphatics, and in 25% of vessels intraneurally. Comparison of epineurial and endoneurial findings suggested that colonization of epineurial vessels preceded endoneurial infection. Such colonization of epineurial nutrient vessels may greatly increase the risk of endoneurial M. leprae bacteremia, and also enhance the risk of ischemia following even mild increases in inflammation or mechanical stress. These findings also raise the possibility that early, specific mechanisms in the localization of M. leprae to peripheral nerve may involve adhesion events between M. leprae (or M. leprae-parasitized macrophages) and the endothelial cells of the vasa nervorum.  (+info)

Identification and localisation of glycoconjugates in the olfactory mucosa of the armadillo Chaetophractus villosus. (3/144)

Conventional histochemistry and the binding patterns of 22 biotinylated lectins were examined for characterisation of glycoconjugates in the components of the olfactory mucosa of the armadillo Chaetophractus villosus. The mucous lining the olfactory epithelium showed binding sites for DSL, WGA, STL, LEL, PHA-E and JAC. Only the basilar processes of the supporting cells stained for Con-A and S-Con A. The olfactory receptor neurons stained with LEL, LCA, Con A, S-Con A, JAC and PNA. The layer of basal cells did not react with any of the lectins studied. Bowman's glands in the lamina propria showed subpopulations of acinar cells reacting with SBA, S-WGA, WGA, STL, Con A, PSA, PNA, SJA, VVA, JAC and S-Con A, but in our optical studies with lectins we were unable to differentiate between mucous and serous cells in the way that is possible on electron microscopy. The ducts of Bowman's glands were labelled with S-WGA, STL, LEL, PHA-E, BSL-I and JAC. This histochemical study on the glycoconjugates of the olfactory mucosa in the order Xenarthra provides a basis for further experimental investigations.  (+info)

Further characterization of the combining sites of Bandeiraea (Griffonia) simplicifolia lectin-I, isolectin A(4). (4/144)

Bandeiraea (Griffonia) simplicifolia lectin-I, isolectin A(4)(GS I-A(4)), which is cytotoxic to the human colon cancer cell lines, is one of two lectin families derived from its seed extract. It contains only a homo-oligomer of subunit A, and is most specific for GalNAcalpha1-->. In order to elucidate the GS I-A(4)-glycoconjugate interactions in greater detail, the combining site of this lectin was further characterized by enzyme linked lectino-sorbent assay (ELLSA) and by inhibition of lectin-glycoprotein interactions. This study has demonstrated that the Tn-containing glycoproteins tested, consisting of mammalian salivary glycoproteins (armadillo, asialo-hamster sublingual, asialo-ovine, -bovine, and -porcine submandibular), are bound strongly by GS I-A(4.)Among monovalent inhibitors so far tested, p-NO2-phenylalphaGalNAc is the most potent, suggesting that hydrophobic forces are important in the interaction of this lectin. GS I-A(4)is able to accommodate the monosaccharide GalNAc at the nonreducing end of oligosaccharides. This suggests that the combining site of the lectin is a shallow cavity. Among oligosaccharides and monosaccharides tested as inhibitors of the binding of GS I-A(4), the hierarchy of potencies are: GalNAcalpha1-->3GalNAcbeta1-->3Galalpha1-->4Galbeta 1-->4Glc (Forssman pentasaccharide) > GalNAcalpha1-->3(LFucalpha1-->2)Gal (blood group A)()> GalNAc > Galalpha1-->4Gal > Galalpha1-->3Gal (blood group B-like)> Gal.  (+info)

Transmission of Mycobacterium ulcerans to the nine-banded armadillo. (5/144)

Animal models for Mycobacterium ulcerans infections (Buruli ulcer) include guinea pigs, rats, and mice, but each has limitations in replicating the spectrum of human disease. Here, 19 adult nine-banded armadillos were inoculated intradermally with M. ulcerans. Injection sites were examined and skin samples obtained for histologic and microbiology studies. Necropsies were conducted to assess systemic involvement. In group 1 (n = 4), 2 animals developed progressive skin ulcers with undermined borders at the injection sites within 6-10 weeks. Biopsies showed features similar to human disease including extensive necrosis in the deep dermis and subcutaneous fat, mixed cellular infiltrates, and acid-fast bacilli (AFB). In group 2 (n = 15), 5 animals developed progressive skin ulcers, 3 had evanescent papulo-nodules, 3 died shortly after inoculation of unknown causes, and 4 showed no signs of infection. Lesion samples from 3 animals with progressive ulcers were culture positive for AFB. Our findings indicate that nine-banded armadillos are susceptible to M. ulcerans and may develop cutaneous lesions that closely mimic Buruli ulcer.  (+info)

The vomeronasal organ of the South American armadillo Chaetophractus villosus (Xenarthra, Mammalia): anatomy, histology and ultrastructure. (6/144)

The vomeronasal organ (VNO) is a chemoreceptive structure that has not been extensively studied in the Xenarthran order. Tissue samples from the VNO of the armadillo Chaetophractus villosus were prepared for light and electron microscopy. The VNO is located in the anterior part of the base of the nasal septum. It is tubular in shape, approximately 18 mm in length and opens in the rostral region of the nasal cavity and with a blind caudal end. Its lumen is lined by sensory (SE) and nonsensory (NSE) epithelium. The SE shows sensory, supporting and basal cells whereas the NSE contains ciliated and nonciliated secretory cells and basal cells. At the ultrastructural level, the sensory cells appear as bipolar neurons with conspicuous microvilli on their free surface. The supporting cells of the SE contain numerous membrane-bound vesicles in their apical regions. A peculiar feature not found in other mammals, is the presence of concentric whorls of RER cisterns frequently observed in their basal expansions. Infiltrating plasma cells can be detected in the SE basal region close to the dorsal junctional area. This region also exhibits an unusual type of basal cell, probably responsible for the generation of new vomeronasal receptor neurons. The ciliated NSE cells exhibit numerous ovoids or irregularly shaped membranous protrusions projecting from the plasma membrane of the cilia. As far as we know, this is the first study reporting the presence of this feature in ciliated NSE cells. The nonciliated cells are characterised by scarce large secretory granules and apical microvilli. The vomeronasal glands are compound-branched tubuloacinar glands with serous acinar cells. Four types of secretory granules are present. The ducts of these glands reach the lumen in the dorsolateral region between the NSE and SE. Hypolemmal nerve terminals were observed contacting secretory cells. Fenestrated and nonfenestrated capillaries constitute the vascular supply to these glands. Plasma cells, intimately associated with acinar cells, were frequently observed.  (+info)

PCR with Paracoccidioides brasiliensis specific primers: potential use in ecological studies. (7/144)

The precise microenvironment of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis has not yet been discovered perhaps because the methods used are not sensitive enough. We applied to this purpose the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using three sets of specific primers corresponding to two P. brasiliensis genes. This fungus as well as several other fungi, were grown and their DNA obtained by mechanical disruption and a phenol chloroform isoamylalcohol-based purification method. The DNA served for a PCR reaction that employed specific primers from two P. brasiliensis genes that codify for antigenic proteins, namely, the 27 kDa and the 43 kDa. The lowest detection range for the 27 kDa gene was 3 pg. The amplification for both genes was positive only with DNA from P. brasiliensis; additionally, the mRNA for the 27 kDa gene was present only in P. brasiliensis, as indicated by the Northern analysis. The standardization of PCR technology permitted the amplification of P. brasiliensis DNA in artificially contaminated soils and in tissues of armadillos naturally infected with the fungus. These results indicate that PCR technology could play an important role in the search for P. brasiliensis' habitat and could also be used in other ecological studies.  (+info)

Spleen of Dasypus hybridus (Mammalia, dasypodidae): a light and electron microscopic study. (8/144)

Armadillos are relictual mammals important as models for biomedical studies. They contain adaptative and primitive characteristics in both anatomical and physiological aspects. In this study we describe the splenic histology and cytology of the "mulita," Dasypus hybridus. Organ samples were processed for light and electron microscopy study. The microanatomy of the organ samples as well as their different cell types are described. The spleen is non-sinusoidal, with the typical arrangement for storage functions. White pulp is lightly diffuse. Red pulp is a meshwork of circulating, immunocompetent and hemopoietic cells. Differences with other studied members of the group are discussed. The general structure of the organ agrees with the semi-fossorial habit of the species. Persistence of myeloid activity in the adult suggests the existence of specific inductive functions of the stroma. Better knowledge of this fact may give further insight on the phylogeny of hemopoiesis.  (+info)

Leprosy can cause a range of symptoms, including:

1. Skin lesions: Leprosy can cause skin lesions, including lighter or darker patches on the skin, and thickening of the skin.
2. Nerve damage: The bacteria can damage the nerves, leading to numbness, pain, and muscle weakness.
3. Eye problems: Leprosy can cause eye inflammation, vision loss, and dryness of the eyes.
4. Respiratory problems: In severe cases, leprosy can cause breathing difficulties and respiratory failure.
5. Enlarged lymph nodes: The lymph nodes may become enlarged in some cases.
6. Joint pain and swelling: Leprosy can cause joint pain and swelling.
7. Neuritis: Inflammation of the nerves can occur, leading to pain, numbness, and tingling sensations.
8. Ulcers: Leprosy can cause ulcers on the skin and mucous membranes.

Leprosy is diagnosed through a combination of physical examination, laboratory tests, and medical imaging. Treatment typically involves a combination of antibiotics and other medications to manage symptoms. In some cases, surgery may be necessary to remove infected tissue or repair damaged nerves.

Leprosy can be transmitted through respiratory droplets, close contact with an infected person, or through contaminated objects such as clothing or bedding. However, leprosy is not highly contagious and the risk of transmission is low if proper precautions are taken.

While there is no cure for leprosy, early diagnosis and treatment can prevent complications and disability. However, due to the stigma surrounding the disease, many people may delay seeking medical attention, leading to a higher risk of long-term complications.

Overall, while leprosy is a serious disease, it is also a preventable and treatable one. With proper awareness and education, we can work towards reducing the stigma surrounding leprosy and ensuring that those affected receive the medical attention they need.

"Smokin' Armadillos review". Country Standard Time. Retrieved 26 April 2013. Leaver, Jack. "Smokin' Armadillos review". Allmusic ... Smokin' Armadillos is an American country music group formed in Bakersfield, California in 1992. Its members are Rick Russell ( ... "Smokin' Armadillos biography". Allmusic. Retrieved 3 February 2018. "New Artist Fact File" (PDF). Radio & Records: 47. January ... In 2005 after 13 years together, the Armadillos went on hiatus, playing their last show together on March 25th at Rabobank ...
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... is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Conidae, the cone snails and their allies. ... The subspecies Conus armadillo gabryae L. Raybaudi, 1989 is a synonym of Conus gabryae Röckel & Korn, 1992 in turn a synonym of ... Conus armadillo Shikama, 1971. Retrieved through: World Register of Marine Species on 27 March 2010. Shikama, T. 1971. On some ... Wikimedia Commons has media related to Conus armadillo. v t e (Articles with short description, Short description is different ...
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Species: Armadillo affinis Dana, 1854 Armadillo albipes Dollfus, 1898 Armadillo albomarginatus Dollfus, 1892 Armadillo ... Armadillo is a genus of isopods belonging to the family Armadillidae. The genus has almost cosmopolitan distribution. ... "Armadillo officinalis Duméril, 1916". www.gbif.org. Retrieved 26 January 2022. (Articles with short description, Short ... officinalis Duméril, 1816 "Armadillo Latreille, 1802". www.gbif.org. Retrieved 29 May 2021. " ...
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Look up armadillo in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. An armadillo is a mammal with an armored shell. Armadillo may also refer ... a Marvel Comics villain Armadillo (magazine), a web-based magazine Armadillo (novel), a novel by William Boyd Armadillo (video ... Joe universe Armadillo Quintero, a villain from the television series The Shield The Armadillo, poem by Elizabeth Bishop ... nicknamed Armadillo Armadillo armoured fighting vehicle, an extemporised armoured fighting vehicle, from Britain in 1940 ...
The armadillo shoe (alternately armadillo heel or armadillo boot) is a high fashion platform shoe created by British fashion ... including the matching armadillo shoes. Gaga wore a pair of armadillo heels in python skin when she arrived at the MTV Video ... The armadillo shoes are almost 12 inches (30 cm) from top to floor, with a 9-inch (23 cm) spike heel. The vertical body of the ... "Armadillo boot". The Museum of Savage Beauty. Victoria and Albert Museum. Archived from the original on 24 January 2022. ...
"Armadillo Peak". BC Geographical Names. "Armadillo Peak". Bivouac.com. "Armadillo Peak". Catalogue of Canadian volcanoes. ... Armadillo Peak is a 7.5-million-year-old caldera, located about 3 km north of Bourgeaux Creek and northeast of Raspberry Pass, ...
... armadillo (Rossi, 1792) Otiorhynchus armadillo obsitus Gyllenhal, 1834 Arnstein Staverløkk (2010). " ... Otiorhynchus armadillo is a species of broad-nosed weevil belonging to the family Curculionidae, subfamily Entiminae. It is ... Otiorhynchus armadillo is polyphagous and it is considered a serious pest of horticultural and ornamental plants. The soil- ... "Otiorhynchus armadillo (Rossi, 1792) (Coleoptera, Curculioidae), a weevil new to Norway" (PDF excerpt). Norwegian Journal of ...
The Armadillos's owner was Suzi Stauffer. The Armadillos were assigned to the NPF's West Division, along with the Colorado ... The San Antonio Armadillos were a women's professional softball team based in San Antonio, Texas. They were part of the ... The Armadillos participated in NPF's inaugural Elite Draft and Senior Draft. The following players were drafted by the ... "The Armadillos Status". SAArmadillos.com. Archived from the original on 30 April 2004. Retrieved 24 June 2015. "2004 Draft". ...
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Glyptodonts are relatives of modern armadillos, like this tiny pink fairy armadillo. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons ... It was eventually accepted that glyptodonts must be related in some way to armadillos, the only other New World mammals to ... "Taxonomically, they should be regarded as no more than another subfamily of armadillos, which we can call Glyptodontinae." ... Study Finds Relationship Between Glyptodonts, Modern Armadillos by AMNH on Feb 22, 2016 10:39 am. ...
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... are the only armadillo that can curl up into a complete ball. Native to South America, they are also one of the only armadillos ... La Plata three-banded armadillos, also known as southern three-banded armadillos, ... La Plata three-banded armadillo. La Plata three-banded armadillos, also known as southern three-banded armadillos, are the only ... La Plata three-banded armadillos are the only armadillo to rely heavily on their armor. Some other armadillo species cannot ...
Adult nine-banded armadillo from Texas, USA. 2) General gestational data. Nine-banded armadillos in Texas breed in July, and ... In nature, the nine-banded armadillo extends from Argentina to Texas and it is but one of about 20 species of armadillos. The ... Many armadillos are hunted with dogs, and suffer tail wounds as a consequence. These become frequently a source of sepsis. ... Nine-banded armadillo with leprosy lesions of abdomen. 16) Physiological data. Dasypodid species have low body temperatures. ...
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Surveys conducted over the last 30 years on more than 5000 animals confirm that the infection is present among armadillos in ... Wild nine-banded armadillos (Dasypus novemcinctus) in the south central United States are highly endemic natural hosts of ... The armadillo as an animal model and reservoir host for Mycobacterium leprae. Balamayooran G, Pena M, Sharma R, Truman RW. ... However, infected armadillos constitute a large reservoir of M. leprae and they may be a source of infection for some humans in ...
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... leprae in the armadillos, monitor the colony and determine when an armadillo is highly infected with M. leprae, and aseptically ... LEPROSY RESEARCH SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE OF AN ARMADILLO COLONY NIH GUIDE, Volume 23, Number 28, July 29, 1994 RFP AVAILABLE: ... leprae bacilli from infected armadillo tissues, devise an analytical method(s) for the determination of the profile of M. ... leprae surface antigens to be employed in biological test systems, establish and maintain an armadillo colony of the nine- ...
Researchers explain why so many armadillos are in Missouri and if they pose any threat to turkey populations. ... Nine-banded armadillos live as far east as Florida. Alan Schmierer. As theyve expanded, armadillos have gone through a ... Is the Armadillo Invasion a Bad Thing?. With the expansion of the species comes some questions about how much damage armadillos ... All About Armadillos. The idea of an increasing population of armadillos in Missouri might seem a bit far-fetched. When you ...
King of the Armadillos: Book summary and reviews of King of the Armadillos by Wendy Chin-Tanner. Summary , Reviews , More ... King of the Armadillos. What a wonderful story about such a devastating event! In "King of the Armadillos," 15-year-old Victor ... "King of the Armadillos pulses with the miraculous: the power of art and heart to heal a body from the inside-out. Excavating a ... King of the Armadillos. This book interested me because I went to college about 45 minutes up the River Road from Carville. We ...
lung / armadillo. Identifiers. BioSample: SAMN07828491; SRA: SRS2621800; GEO: GSM2829108. Organism. Dasypus novemcinctus (nine- ... banded armadillo). cellular organisms; Eukaryota; Opisthokonta; Metazoa; Eumetazoa; Bilateria; Deuterostomia; Chordata; ...
Closely related armadillo species in South America are the only other mammals that give birth this way.. Armadillo babies (more ... THE SEX LIVES OF ARMADILLOS. The nine-banded armadillo, found in Florida, has sex in July and August. Usually the female lies ... The nine banded armadillo is one of the only mammals that almost always has 4 identical babies of the same sex. These are ... A 500-page novel about the sex lives of armadillos? Great!. Good, now that thats out of the way: Youre not a genius.. Have ...
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Armadillos have recently expanded their range into central North Carolina with sightings occurring in Wake, Durham, and Orange ... The nine-banded armadillo does not roll up like a bowling ball for defensive purposes. Only the three-banded armadillos can ... Armadillos, the New Mammal in Town. Armadillos, the New Mammal in Town By Bill Steinmetz ... This is because armadillos jump up to four feet high when startled. This sudden vertical motion can result in a rapid demise ...
... ID: 0000 0000 0607 0408 [detail]. © 2007 Maik Dobiey. Ouroborus cataphractus. Armadillo Girdled ... QUERY: SELECT * FROM img WHERE ready=1 and match(namesoup) against("Armadillo Girdled Lizard" IN BOOLEAN MODE) and lifeform ... Armadillo Girdled Lizard. ID: 0000 0000 0607 0410 [detail]. © 2007 Maik Dobiey. ...
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The bile of the armadillo is used for making potions, including Wit-Sharpening Potion. Harry spilled his armadillo bile on ... In CS/f, Hannah Abbott can be seen with an armadillo in front of her during the Fera Verto spell practice in the first ... Armadillos are small armored mammals found throughout the Americas; the species is most diverse, however, in South America. ... This reference to the armadillo being part of the Wit-Sharpening Potion may be in homage to a particularly funny advertisement ...
  • Autochthonous leprosy has been reported in New York City, where there are no wild armadillos. (cdc.gov)
  • There are no wild armadillos in New York City. (cdc.gov)
  • This ecological study investigated leprosy in rural communities and in wild armadillos from the Brazilian Amazon . (bvsalud.org)
  • Local partakers provided wild armadillos to investigate M. leprae infection . (bvsalud.org)
  • Understanding and quantifying the risk of Hansen's disease (HD) through zoonotic transmission of M. leprae and M. lepromatosis infection from wild armadillos is important because hunting, handling and consumption of these animals is widespread in communities where HD is endemic, potentially posing a threat to the health of individuals and to HD control in Brazil. (bvsalud.org)
  • In nature, the nine-banded armadillo extends from Argentina to Texas and it is but one of about 20 species of armadillos. (ivis.org)
  • The nine-banded armadillo represents the only armadillo species that immigrated from South America to North America, approximately 2-3 million years ago. (ivis.org)
  • The nine-banded armadillo does not roll up like a bowling ball for defensive purposes. (nih.gov)
  • South of Uruguay, a similar species, the somewhat smaller (3,000 g) seven-banded armadillo or mulita ( Dasypus hybridus ), regularly produces between 8-12+ monozygotic multiple offspring. (ivis.org)
  • Wild nine-banded armadillos (Dasypus novemcinctus) in the south central United States are highly endemic natural hosts of Mycobacterium leprae. (nih.gov)
  • Atlas de histolog'ia del armadillo de 7-bandas (dasypus hybridus / Alberto Cuba Capar'o. (who.int)
  • There is evidence that in southern US, leprosy is a zoonosis infecting wild Dasypus novemcinctus armadillos but the extent of this finding is unknown. (bvsalud.org)
  • Little evidence for M. leprae infection is found among armadillos elsewhere in the US range, and only a few reports relate finding the infection among animals in Central or South America. (nih.gov)
  • The ecological relationship between humans and armadillos with M. leprae in this region remains unclear. (nih.gov)
  • However, infected armadillos constitute a large reservoir of M. leprae and they may be a source of infection for some humans in this country, and perhaps in other locations across the animal's range. (nih.gov)
  • Armadillos are the primary research animal for leprosy (M. leprae) studies, since this bacterium cannot grow in artificial media. (nih.gov)
  • Armadillos ' tissue fragments (skins, spleens, livers , lymph nodes , adrenal glands , others) were prepared for histopathology (HE/FF) and for M. leprae repetitive elementRLEP-qPCR. (bvsalud.org)
  • Our survey in rural communities confirmed the high endemicity for leprosy while one armadillo was compatible with paucibacillary M. leprae infection . (bvsalud.org)
  • At least in the highly endemic rural area of Coari, in the Brazilian Amazon region where infectious sources from untreated multibacillary leprosy are abundant, M. leprae infected armadillos may not represent a major source of infection nor a significant public health concern. (bvsalud.org)
  • Sarah Gregory] Nine-banded armadillos are naturally infected with Mycobacterium leprae and have been implicated in zoonotic transmission of leprosy. (cdc.gov)
  • The authors screened 645 armadillos from 8 locations in the southeastern United States not known to harbor enzoonotic leprosy for M. leprae DNA and antibodies. (cdc.gov)
  • They found M. leprae -infected armadillos at each location, and 106 animals had serologic/PCR evidence of infection. (cdc.gov)
  • Because of this, armadillos rapidly became the hosts-of-choice for in vivo propagation of leprosy bacilli, and, since armadillos and humans are the only hosts that can develop extensive neurological involvement with M. leprae, they're leading models for piloting new therapies and diagnostics. (cdc.gov)
  • Since 1978, NIAID has supported contracts for the propagation of M. leprae in armadillos to derive sizable quantities of the bacterium, its DNA, and antigens as resources for researchers working throughout the world. (nih.gov)
  • The armadillo facility is located at the National Hansen's Disease Program Laboratories (NHDP), Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the M. leprae research reagents are being developed at Colorado State University, Fort Collins. (nih.gov)
  • Both animal density and local factors may contribute to the detectability of armadillo leprosy in those regions. (nih.gov)
  • Armadillos only recently expanded their range into the US, and leprosy was present in Texas and Louisiana prior to the arrival of armadillos. (nih.gov)
  • Evidence of zoonotic leprosy in Pará, Brazilian Amazon, and risks associated with human contact or consumption of armadillos. (nih.gov)
  • transmission was blamed on armadillos, even though most of these case-patients had no history of exposure to armadillos, and armadillos east of the Mississippi River rarely have leprosy ( 8 ). (cdc.gov)
  • Although the transmission of leprosy is poorly understood, international migration of persons with leprosy is a more likely scenario for autochthonous transmission than contact with armadillos, especially if a case-patient has no history of armadillo exposure. (cdc.gov)
  • Autochthonous cases of leprosy reported from the eastern United States should not be assumed to be from armadillos. (cdc.gov)
  • Borderline tuberculoid leprosy in a woman from the state of Georgia with armadillo exposure. (cdc.gov)
  • The Leprosy Research Support and Maintenance of an Armadillo Colony - Post Genome Era interagency agreement provides standardized research reagents to investigators worldwide to assist in the development of skin test antigens used to detect leprosy. (nih.gov)
  • The Armadillo as an experimental model in biomedical research : proceedings of a workshop held at the Pan American Center for Research and Training in Leprosy and Tropical Diseases, Caracas, Venezuela, 23-27 May 1977. (who.int)
  • The study area was the Mamia´ Lake of Coari municipality, Amazonas State , Northern region, a hyper endemic leprosy area where residents live on subsistence farming , fishing and armadillo hunting and its meat intake are frequent. (bvsalud.org)
  • Armadillos have an internal body temperature of only 32-35C, and it was this cool body temperature that first attracted the attention of leprosy researchers. (cdc.gov)
  • Sarah Gregory] How did the armadillos get leprosy in the first place? (cdc.gov)
  • Other than humans, armadillos are the only animal known to be susceptible to leprosy. (nih.gov)
  • As part of these NIAID-funded contracts, investigators at NHDP are developing the armadillo as a research animal model for human leprosy and investigators at Colorado State University are developing improved skin test antigens to detect leprosy. (nih.gov)
  • U.S. health authorities launched a concerted, scientific attack on leprosy, from the early 1900s, Brady noted, but growing the bacteria was difficult until researchers identified armadillos as suitable hosts. (nih.gov)
  • Richard Truman] Yeah, armadillos must have acquired the infection from humans sometime in the last few hundred years. (cdc.gov)
  • More surprising still, the study finds that the closest relatives of glyptodonts-some species of which may have weighed 2 tons or more-include not only the giant armadillo ( Priodontes maximus ), which can weigh up to 25 pounds, but also the 4-ounce pink fairy armadillo, or pichiciego ( Chlamyphorus truncatus ). (amnh.org)
  • Some other armadillo species cannot roll up because they have too many plates to curl. (si.edu)
  • Armadillos are South American species, and this form extends from Texas to Uruguay/Paraguay. (ivis.org)
  • Both have a uterus simplex, in contrast to most other armadillo species. (ivis.org)
  • With the expansion of the species comes some questions about how much damage armadillos actually create. (outdoorlife.com)
  • There are several species of armadillos, but only the nine-banded variety has expanded into the United States. (nih.gov)
  • For additional info, visit this North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Species Profile: Armadillo . (nih.gov)
  • Native to South America, they are also one of the only armadillos that are not good diggers. (si.edu)
  • In South America, natives use armadillo carapaces to make musical instruments. (si.edu)
  • Increasing population means more interactions with humans and more reports of lawn and garden damage from armadillo foraging. (nih.gov)
  • In addition, armadillos are the only animal other than humans that can carry this bacterium. (nih.gov)
  • Just how the disease was transferred from humans to armadillos, or armadillos to humans is not really known. (cdc.gov)
  • The work, published this week in the journal Current Biology by an international team of researchers, confirms that glyptodonts likely originated less than 35 million years ago from ancestors within lineages leading directly to one of the modern armadillo families. (amnh.org)
  • The researchers found that instead of representing a very early, independent branch of armored xenarthrans, glyptodonts likely had a much later origin, from ancestors within lineages leading to the modern armadillo family Chlamyphoridae. (amnh.org)
  • Surveys conducted over the last 30 years on more than 5000 animals confirm that the infection is present among armadillos in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. (nih.gov)
  • Early studies found the disease mainly in Texas and Louisiana, but armadillos in the southwestern United States appeared to be free of infection. (cdc.gov)
  • However, armadillos are also unique and appear to be markedly susceptible to the infection. (cdc.gov)
  • MDC wildlife damage biologist Josh Wisdom recalls a record-setting cold snap in 2021 that should have shrunk the armadillo population. (outdoorlife.com)
  • La Plata three-banded armadillos are the only armadillo to rely heavily on their armor. (si.edu)
  • Armadillos are known for their armor, which develops a few weeks after birth and provides protection from predators including coyotes, racoons, and bobcats. (nih.gov)
  • Three-banded armadillos usually weigh about 3 pounds (1.5 kilograms) and have 12-inch (30-centimeter) long bodies and 2.5-inch (6-centimeter) long tails. (si.edu)
  • The range of La Plata three-banded armadillos includes parts of Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. (si.edu)
  • This LF McQueen 'Tribute' Armadillo shoe was designed as a tribute to the late designer. (trendhunter.com)
  • Over at The Daily Beast, Rebecca Dana declares Alexander McQueen's so-called "armadillo shoes" the "it" shoe of the season. (thefrisky.com)
  • Nine-banded armadillos live as far east as Florida. (outdoorlife.com)
  • Recent autochthonous cases also have been reported in Georgia and Florida and blamed on armadillos, including cases with no known armadillo exposure. (cdc.gov)
  • Using a novel approach to recover genetic information from ancient specimens, the team successfully assembled the complete mitochondrial genome of Doedicurus and compared it to that of all modern xenarthrans, a group of mammals including armadillos, sloths, and anteaters. (amnh.org)
  • They do not dig burrows like most armadillos, but use the abandoned burrows of anteaters when they can get them. (si.edu)
  • Armadillos need warm temperatures to survive. (outdoorlife.com)
  • But likely with climatic changes, warmer winters and shorter stints of cold temperatures have allowed armadillos to expand across the country. (outdoorlife.com)
  • Armadillo was created by two Australian women driven by compassion, dedicated to philanthropy, and guided by ethics as well as aesthetics. (bcorporation.net)
  • Driven by a great passion for online casino slots, Armadillo Studios is a group of iGaming veterans committed to offering the best gambling experience to players throughout the USA. (casinoslots.net)
  • This works well against most predators, but unfortunately has made La Plata three-banded armadillos easy prey to human hunters. (si.edu)
  • More than a few turkey hunters have noticed that turkey poult production has tanked everywhere that armadillos have either long-occupied or recently expanded to. (outdoorlife.com)
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  • Armadillos have absolutely shown up on the scene within the last 10 years," says Rick Dahl, the chairman of the National Deer Association who hunts and manages wildlife habitat in Central Missouri. (outdoorlife.com)
  • Four decades of wildlife sighting data from Missouri bowhunters tells biologists that armadillos have chased warmer winters north. (outdoorlife.com)
  • These armadillos usually live 15 to 20 years. (si.edu)
  • Armadillo is a truly sustainable company - for the good of the world we live in and all who journey with. (bcorporation.net)
  • The best part of being surrounded by other writers though is that hopefully you will make one writer friend that will tell you truthfully that she/he doesn't think there is a market for a book about armadillo sex in a polite, but manuscript killing way. (blogspot.com)
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  • Armadillos have recently expanded their range into central North Carolina with sightings occurring in Wake, Durham, and Orange counties. (nih.gov)
  • With the data we have, at least going back to the mid-'90s we can show that armadillos were stacked up on the Arkansas border, but over time [they slowly crept] north, to the point that they're quite well-distributed throughout the state. (outdoorlife.com)
  • They are prized food items in many countries and popular armadillo races are commonly held in Texas. (ivis.org)
  • Broader considerations of Dasypodidae were provided by Frechkop and Yepes (1949) and, of all armadillos, in the old description of Gray (1973). (ivis.org)
  • As far as I can tell, no one can teach you how to have a good story, that comes from yourself so if someone is writing about armadillos then it has to do with them, not the program. (blogspot.com)
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  • Because of this, colonies of armadillos have been important in research to model the disease. (nih.gov)
  • This information about King of the Armadillos was first featured in " The BookBrowse Review " - BookBrowse's membership magazine, and in our weekly " Publishing This Week " newsletter. (bookbrowse.com)
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  • Contrary to what is generally assumed about the distinctiveness of glyptodonts, our analyses indicate that they originated only some 35 million years ago, well within the armadillo radiation," Delsuc said. (amnh.org)
  • Is the Midwestern Armadillo Invasion Responsible for Turkey Population Declines? (outdoorlife.com)
  • Armadillo population is expected to continue increasing with time. (nih.gov)
  • Or working-class alcoholic armadillos in snowstorms. (blogspot.com)
  • Armadillos use their sense of smell to determine the identity of other armadillos and their readiness to mate. (si.edu)
  • You play an Armadillo with a sword who rides an ostrich. (gamezhero.com)
  • This is because armadillos jump up to four feet high when startled. (nih.gov)
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  • Wendy Chin-Tanner's King of the Armadillos is both a moving coming-of-age story and a fiercely intelligent love letter to the author's father. (bookbrowse.com)
  • Only the three-banded armadillos can roll into a ball. (nih.gov)
  • It was eventually accepted that glyptodonts must be related in some way to armadillos, the only other New World mammals to develop a protective bony shell. (amnh.org)
  • The bacteria enter the body via the skin or more often the respiratory tract, spreading from human, armadillo or some primate vectors. (nih.gov)
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