Automation: Controlled operation of an apparatus, process, or system by mechanical or electronic devices that take the place of human organs of observation, effort, and decision. (From Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 1993)GermanyAutomation, Laboratory: Controlled operations of analytic or diagnostic processes, or systems by mechanical or electronic devices.Arm: The superior part of the upper extremity between the SHOULDER and the ELBOW.Ichthyosis Bullosa of Siemens: An autosomal dominant form of ichthyosis characterized by generalized reddening of the skin (ERYTHEMA) and widespread blistering. The disease shows similar, but somewhat milder, clinical and histopathological findings to those in HYPERKERATOSIS, EPIDERMOLYTIC and is associated with the gene that encodes KERATIN-2A.Germany, WestLibrary Automation: The use of automatic machines or processing devices in libraries. The automation may be applied to library administrative activities, office procedures, and delivery of library services to users.KansasSuperstitions: A belief or practice which lacks adequate basis for proof; an embodiment of fear of the unknown, magic, and ignorance.Schools: Educational institutions.School Nursing: A nursing specialty concerned with health and nursing care given to primary and secondary school students by a registered nurse.School Health Services: Preventive health services provided for students. It excludes college or university students.Otitis Media with Effusion: Inflammation of the middle ear with a clear pale yellow-colored transudate.Schools, Medical: Educational institutions for individuals specializing in the field of medicine.Patents as Topic: Exclusive legal rights or privileges applied to inventions, plants, etc.Water Supply: Means or process of supplying water (as for a community) usually including reservoirs, tunnels, and pipelines and often the watershed from which the water is ultimately drawn. (Webster, 3d ed)Foramen Ovale, Patent: A condition in which the FORAMEN OVALE in the ATRIAL SEPTUM fails to close shortly after birth. This results in abnormal communications between the two upper chambers of the heart. An isolated patent ovale foramen without other structural heart defects is usually of no hemodynamic significance.Molecular Sequence Data: Descriptions of specific amino acid, carbohydrate, or nucleotide sequences which have appeared in the published literature and/or are deposited in and maintained by databanks such as GENBANK, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), National Biomedical Research Foundation (NBRF), or other sequence repositories.Water: A clear, odorless, tasteless liquid that is essential for most animal and plant life and is an excellent solvent for many substances. The chemical formula is hydrogen oxide (H2O). (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)Search Engine: Software used to locate data or information stored in machine-readable form locally or at a distance such as an INTERNET site.Man-Machine Systems: A system in which the functions of the man and the machine are interrelated and necessary for the operation of the system.PaintLife Expectancy: Based on known statistical data, the number of years which any person of a given age may reasonably expected to live.Elbow: Region of the body immediately surrounding and including the ELBOW JOINT.Elbow Joint: A hinge joint connecting the FOREARM to the ARM.Theory of Mind: The ability to attribute mental states (e.g., beliefs, desires, feelings, intentions, thoughts, etc.) to self and to others, allowing an individual to understand and infer behavior on the basis of the mental states. Difference or deficit in theory of mind is associated with ASPERGER SYNDROME; AUTISTIC DISORDER; and SCHIZOPHRENIA, etc.Small Business: For-profit enterprise with relatively few to moderate number of employees and low to moderate volume of sales.Phencyclidine: A hallucinogen formerly used as a veterinary anesthetic, and briefly as a general anesthetic for humans. Phencyclidine is similar to KETAMINE in structure and in many of its effects. Like ketamine, it can produce a dissociative state. It exerts its pharmacological action through inhibition of NMDA receptors (RECEPTORS, N-METHYL-D-ASPARTATE). As a drug of abuse, it is known as PCP and Angel Dust.Investments: Use for articles on the investing of funds for income or profit.RNA, Ribosomal, 18S: Constituent of the 40S subunit of eukaryotic ribosomes. 18S rRNA is involved in the initiation of polypeptide synthesis in eukaryotes.Dental Staff: Personnel who provide dental service to patients in an organized facility, institution or agency.Capital Financing: Institutional funding for facilities and for equipment which becomes a part of the assets of the institution.Entrepreneurship: The organization, management, and assumption of risks of a business or enterprise, usually implying an element of change or challenge and a new opportunity.Genetics: The branch of science concerned with the means and consequences of transmission and generation of the components of biological inheritance. (Stedman, 26th ed)Agonistic Behavior: Any behavior associated with conflict between two individuals.Territoriality: Behavior in defense of an area against another individual or individuals primarily of the same species.WalesOnions: Herbaceous biennial plants and their edible bulbs, belonging to the Liliaceae.Orthodontic Brackets: Small metal or ceramic attachments used to fasten an arch wire. These attachments are soldered or welded to an orthodontic band or cemented directly onto the teeth. Bowles brackets, edgewise brackets, multiphase brackets, ribbon arch brackets, twin-wire brackets, and universal brackets are all types of orthodontic brackets.Blister: Visible accumulations of fluid within or beneath the epidermis.Physician-Patient Relations: The interactions between physician and patient.Physicians: Individuals licensed to practice medicine.Empathy: An individual's objective and insightful awareness of the feelings and behavior of another person. It should be distinguished from sympathy, which is usually nonobjective and noncritical. It includes caring, which is the demonstration of an awareness of and a concern for the good of others. (From Bioethics Thesaurus, 1992)Health Personnel: Men and women working in the provision of health services, whether as individual practitioners or employees of health institutions and programs, whether or not professionally trained, and whether or not subject to public regulation. (From A Discursive Dictionary of Health Care, 1976)Questionnaires: Predetermined sets of questions used to collect data - clinical data, social status, occupational group, etc. The term is often applied to a self-completed survey instrument.Attitude of Health Personnel: Attitudes of personnel toward their patients, other professionals, toward the medical care system, etc.BaltimoreDesigner Drugs: Drugs designed and synthesized, often for illegal street use, by modification of existing drug structures (e.g., amphetamines). Of special interest are MPTP (a reverse ester of meperidine), MDA (3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine), and MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine). Many drugs act on the aminergic system, the physiologically active biogenic amines.Physics: The study of those aspects of energy and matter in terms of elementary principles and laws. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)Television: The transmission and reproduction of transient images of fixed or moving objects. An electronic system of transmitting such images together with sound over a wire or through space by apparatus that converts light and sound into electrical waves and reconverts them into visible light rays and audible sound. (From Webster, 3rd ed)Videotape Recording: Recording of visual and sometimes sound signals on magnetic tape.Nobel Prize

Cerebellar Purkinje cell simple spike discharge encodes movement velocity in primates during visuomotor arm tracking. (1/2578)

Pathophysiological, lesion, and electrophysiological studies suggest that the cerebellar cortex is important for controlling the direction and speed of movement. The relationship of cerebellar Purkinje cell discharge to the control of arm movement parameters, however, remains unclear. The goal of this study was to examine how movement direction and speed and their interaction-velocity-modulate Purkinje cell simple spike discharge in an arm movement task in which direction and speed were independently controlled. The simple spike discharge of 154 Purkinje cells was recorded in two monkeys during the performance of two visuomotor tasks that required the animals to track targets that moved in one of eight directions and at one of four speeds. Single-parameter regression analyses revealed that a large proportion of cells had discharge modulation related to movement direction and speed. Most cells with significant directional tuning, however, were modulated at one speed, and most cells with speed-related discharge were modulated along one direction; this suggested that the patterns of simple spike discharge were not adequately described by single-parameter models. Therefore, a regression surface was fitted to the data, which showed that the discharge could be tuned to specific direction-speed combinations (preferred velocities). The overall variability in simple spike discharge was well described by the surface model, and the velocities corresponding to maximal and minimal discharge rates were distributed uniformly throughout the workspace. Simple spike discharge therefore appears to integrate information about both the direction and speed of arm movements, thereby encoding movement velocity.  (+info)

The endovascular management of blue finger syndrome. (2/2578)

OBJECTIVES: To review our experience of the endovascular management of upper limb embolisation secondary to an ipsilateral proximal arterial lesion. DESIGN: A retrospective study. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Over 3 years, 17 patients presented with blue fingers secondary to an ipsilateral proximal vascular lesion. These have been managed using transluminal angioplasty (14) and arterial stenting (five), combined with embolectomy (two) and anticoagulation (three)/anti-platelet therapy (14). RESULTS: All the patients were treated successfully. There have been no further symptomatic embolic episodes originating from any of the treated lesions, and no surgical amputations. Complications were associated with the use of brachial arteriotomy for vascular access. CONCLUSIONS: Endovascular techniques are safe and effective in the management of upper limb embolic phenomena associated with an ipsilateral proximal focal vascular lesion.  (+info)

Randomized, controlled trial to evaluate increased intensity of physiotherapy treatment of arm function after stroke. (3/2578)

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Many patients have impaired arm function after stroke, for which they receive physiotherapy. The aim of the study was to determine whether increasing the amount of physiotherapy early after stroke improved the recovery of arm function and to compare the effects of this therapy when administered by a qualified therapist or a trained, supervised assistant. The physiotherapy followed a typical British approach, which is Bobath derived. Ten hours of additional therapy were given over a 5-week period. METHODS: The study design was a single-blind, randomized, controlled trial. Stroke patients were recruited from those admitted to the hospital in the 5 weeks after stroke. They were randomly allocated to routine physiotherapy, additional treatment by a qualified physiotherapist, or additional treatment by a physiotherapy assistant. Outcome was assessed after 5 weeks of treatment and at 3 and 6 months after stroke on measures of arm function and of independence in activities of daily living. RESULTS: There were 282 patients recruited to the study. The median initial Barthel score was 6.5, and the median age of the patients was 73 years. The median initial Rivermead Motor Assessment Arm score was 1. There were no significant differences between the groups at randomization or on any of the outcome measures. Only half of the patients allocated to the 2 additional-therapy groups completed the program. CONCLUSIONS: This increase in the amount of physiotherapy for arm impairment with a typical British approach given early after stroke did not significantly improve the recovery of arm function in the patients studied. A number of other studies of interventions aimed at rehabilitation of arm function have reported positive results. Such findings may have been due to the content of these interventions, to the greater intensity of the interventions, or to the selection of patients to whom the treatments were applied.  (+info)

Superficial femoral eversion endarterectomy combined with a vein segment as a composite artery-vein bypass graft for infrainguinal arterial reconstruction. (4/2578)

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to determine the results of composite artery-vein bypass grafting for infrainguinal arterial reconstruction. METHODS: This study was designed as a retrospective case series in two tertiary referral centers. Forty-eight of 51 patients underwent the procedure of interest for the treatment of ischemic skin lesions (n = 42), rest pain (n = 3), disabling claudication (n = 1), and infected prosthesis (n = 2). The intervention used was infrainguinal composite artery-vein bypass grafting to popliteal (n = 18) and infrapopliteal (n = 30) arteries, with an occluded segment of the superficial femoral artery prepared with eversion endarterectomy and an autogenous vein conduit harvested from greater saphenous veins (n = 43), arm veins (n = 3), and lesser saphenous veins (n = 2). The main outcome measures, primary graft patency rates, foot salvage rates, and patient survival rates, were described by means of the life-table method for a mean follow-up time of 15.5 months. RESULTS: The cumulative loss during the follow-up period was 6% and 24% at 6 and 12 months, respectively. The primary graft patency rates, the foot salvage rates, and the patient survival rates for patients with popliteal grafts were 60.0% +/- 9.07%, 75.7% +/- 9.18%, and 93.5% +/- 6.03%, respectively, at 1 month; 53.7% +/- 11.85%, 68.9% +/- 12.47%, and 85. 0% +/- 9.92% at 1 year; and 46.7% +/- 18.19%, 68.9% +/- 20.54%, and 53.1% +/- 17.15% at 5 years. For infrapopliteal grafts, the corresponding estimates were 72.4% +/- 7.06%, 72.9% +/- 6.99%, and 92.7% +/- 4.79% at 1 month; 55.6% +/- 10.70%, 55.4% +/- 10.07%, and 77.9% +/- 9.02% at 1 year; and 33.6% +/- 22.36%, 55.4% +/- 30.20%, and 20.8% +/- 9.89% at 5 years. CONCLUSION: The composite artery-vein bypass graft is a useful autogenous alternative for infrainguinal arterial reconstruction when a vein of the required quality is not available or when the procedure needs to be confined to the affected limb.  (+info)

Right atrial bypass grafting for central venous obstruction associated with dialysis access: another treatment option. (5/2578)

PURPOSE: Central venous obstruction is a common problem in patients with chronic renal failure who undergo maintenance hemodialysis. We studied the use of right atrial bypass grafting in nine cases of central venous obstruction associated with upper extremity venous hypertension. To better understand the options for managing this condition, we discuss the roles of surgery and percutaneous transluminal angioplasty with stent placement. METHODS: All patients had previously undergone placement of bilateral temporary subclavian vein dialysis catheters. Severe arm swelling, graft thrombosis, or graft malfunction developed because of central venous stenosis or obstruction in the absence of alternative access sites. A large-diameter (10 to 16 mm) externally reinforced polytetrafluoroethylene (GoreTex) graft was used to bypass the obstructed vein and was anastomosed to the right atrial appendage. This technique was used to bypass six lesions in the subclavian vein, two lesions at the innominate vein/superior vena caval junction, and one lesion in the distal axillary vein. RESULTS: All patients except one had significant resolution of symptoms without operative mortality. Bypass grafts remained patent, allowing the arteriovenous grafts to provide functional access for 1.5 to 52 months (mean, 15.4 months) after surgery. CONCLUSION: Because no mortality directly resulted from the procedure and the morbidity rate was acceptable, this bypass grafting technique was adequate in maintaining the dialysis access needed by these patients. Because of the magnitude of the procedure, we recommend it only for the occasional patient in whom all other access sites are exhausted and in whom percutaneous dilation and/or stenting has failed.  (+info)

Peripheral muscle ergoreceptors and ventilatory response during exercise recovery in heart failure. (6/2578)

Recent studies have suggested that the increased ventilatory response during exercise in patients with chronic heart failure was related to the activation of muscle metaboreceptors. To address this issue, 23 patients with heart failure and 7 normal subjects performed arm and leg bicycle exercises with and without cuff inflation around the arms or the thighs during recovery. Obstruction slightly reduced ventilation and gas exchange variables at recovery but did not change the kinetics of recovery of these parameters compared with nonobstructed recovery: half-time of ventilation recovery was 175 +/- 54 to 176 +/- 40 s in patients and 155 +/- 66 to 127 +/- 13 s in controls (P < 0.05, patients vs. controls, not significant within each group from baseline to obstructed recovery). We conclude that muscle metaboreceptor activation does not seem to play a role in the exertion hyperventilation of patients with heart failure.  (+info)

The surgical management of acute limb ischaemia due to native vessel occlusion. (7/2578)

OBJECTIVES: Data from the STILE study have indicated that for patients with subacute limb ischaemia due to native vessel occlusion, surgery is both more effective, and durable than thrombolysis. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the outcome of an aggressive surgical approach in patients presenting with acute limb-threatening ischaemia. DESIGN: Details of patients presenting with salvageable acute limb ischaemia due to native artery occlusion over a 6-year period in a University hospital vascular unit setting were obtained from the vascular audit and the outcome of the surgical management of these patients was analysed. RESULTS: One hundred and seventy-four consecutive patients underwent surgery for acute native vessel limb ischaemia (76% lower, 24% upper limb). Fogarty thrombectomy or embolectomy was initially performed in 153 (89%) patients. Of these, 37 (24%) immediately underwent a further procedure: 28 (18%) had on-table thrombolysis and 14 (9%) underwent vascular reconstruction. Twenty-six patients (15%) underwent further limb salvage surgery within 30 days. Life table analysis demonstrated a limb salvage rate of 88% and 76% at 30 days and 2 years, respectively. Patient survival was 75% and 48% at the same time intervals. CONCLUSIONS: These results demonstrate that a role for aggressive surgical intervention still exists, resulting in high limb salvage rates.  (+info)

Ankle-arm index as a predictor of cardiovascular disease and mortality in the Cardiovascular Health Study. The Cardiovascular Health Study Group. (8/2578)

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in the legs, measured noninvasively by the ankle-arm index (AAI) is associated with clinically manifest cardiovascular disease (CVD) and its risk factors. To determine risk of total mortality, coronary heart disease, or stroke mortality and incident versus recurrent CVD associated with a low AAI, we examined the relationship of the AAI to subsequent CVD events in 5888 older adults with and without CVD. The AAI was measured in 5888 participants >/=65 years old at the baseline examination of the Cardiovascular Health Study. All participants had a detailed assessment of prevalent CVD and were contacted every 6 months for total mortality and CVD events (including CVD mortality, fatal and nonfatal myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, angina, stroke, and hospitalized PAD). The crude mortality rate at 6 years was highest (32.3%) in those participants with prevalent CVD and a low AAI (P<0.9), and it was lowest in those with neither of these findings (8.7%, P<0.01). Similar patterns emerged from analysis of recurrent CVD and incident CVD. The risk for incident congestive heart failure (relative risk [RR]=1.61) and for total mortality (RR=1.62) in those without CVD at baseline but with a low AAI remained significantly elevated after adjustment for cardiovascular risk factors. Hospitalized PAD events occurred months to years after the AAI was measured, with an adjusted RR of 5.55 (95% CI, 3.08 to 9.98) in those at risk for incident events. A statistically significant decline in survival was seen at each 0.1 decrement in the AAI. An AAI of <0.9 is an independent risk factor for incident CVD, recurrent CVD, and mortality in this group of older adults in the Cardiovascular Health Study.  (+info)

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Define arm exercise. arm exercise synonyms, arm exercise pronunciation, arm exercise translation, English dictionary definition of arm exercise. Noun 1. arm exercise - exercise designed to strengthen the arm muscles exercise, exercising, physical exercise, physical exertion, workout - the activity of...
The anthropometry of the upper arm is a set of measurements of the shape of the upper arms. The principal anthropometry measures are the upper arm length, the triceps skin fold (TSF), and the (mid-)upper arm circumference ((M)UAC). The derived measures include the (mid-)upper arm muscle area ((M)UAMA), the (mid-)upper arm fat area ((M)UAFA), and the arm fat index. Although they are not directly convertible into measures of overall body fat weight and density, and research has questioned the connection between skinfold fat and deep body fat measurements, these measures are and have been used as rough indicators of body fat. Factors influencing the bone, fat, and muscle composition of the upper arm include age, sex, nutritional status, fitness training level, and race. The anthropometric measures of the upper arm are divided into principal measures, which are measured directly, and derived measures, which are derived from the principal measures using specific formulae and empirically-derived ...
Obtaining Arm Length from a Known Height. with some additional considerations for error estimation and foreshortening. Based on work by Gigantofootecus. 1: You can use someones known height to measure their arm length in a photo.. 2: Bob H. has a humerus of 73 pixels as measured from his image. 3: Bob H. has a radius of 55 pixels as measured from his image. 4: Note that there would be foreshortening for the arms, particularly the lower arms, and I dont see that this is being taken into account. His lower arm especially will appear to be shorter than it really is. Try standing the same way as you see in the picture and see the angle of the lower arm in particular. You would have to estimate this angle and use the trigonometric cosine ratio to make a correction, on both upper arm and lower arm, for a better estimate.. My rough and ready estimate is 10 degrees from the vertical for the upper arm, maybe +/- 5 degrees. The cosine of 10 degrees appears to be 0.98. So, adjusting for foreshortening in ...
The objective of the present study was to examine the relationship between maximal effort force production and anthropometric measures of upper-arm volume. Thirty healthy young participants (15 women) performed 5 isokinetic concentric and eccentric maximal effort elbow flexor/extensor contractions on separate days. Measures of arm length, circumference, and skinfold/subcutaneous fat thickness were used to obtain a measure of arm volume, modeled as 2 separate right-angle frustra. Single-variable regression analyses demonstrated significant (P , .001) second-order polynomial relationships between maximal effort elbow flexor and extensor force with arm volume (r2 = .63-.86). The major findings demonstrated that strong and positive relations between maximal force production and estimates of limb volume can be observed using nonlinear modeling and a closer geometric representation of the exercising limb. ...
Point-to-point: Point-to-point,, race run during the non-hunting season (February to May) by horses regularly ridden at fox hunts. The races originated in England in the second half of the
The Arm Posture Score with additional rotational components (APS6) applied to persons with stroke to assess arm movements during gait. ...
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OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effects of performing battling rope exercise with and without the addition of whole-body vibration (WBV) on muscle activity of the leg, trunk, and upper body. METHODS: Twenty-eight recreationally active university students completed 20-s of battling rope undulation for 6 separate conditions: 1) alternating arm motion no WBV -Alt_NoWBV; 2) alternating arm motion 30 Hz low amplitude WBV -Alt_30 Hz-L; 3) alternating arm motion 50 Hz high amplitude -Alt_50 Hz-H; 4) double arm motion no WBV -Double_NoWBV; 5) double arm motion 30Hz low amplitude WBV -Double_30Hz-L; 6) double arm motion 50 Hz high amplitude -Double_50 Hz-H ...
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HCHS/SOL Ankle Arm Blood Pressure ID NUMBER: FORM CODE: ABP VERSION: A 9/14/07 Acrostic: ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION 0a. Completion Date: / / Month Day Year 0b. Staff ID: Instructions: Enter the answer
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The freeMD virtual doctor has found 62 conditions that can cause Arms are Weak. There is 1 common condition that can cause Arms are Weak. There are 6 somewhat common conditions that can cause Arms are Weak. There are 15 uncommon conditions that can cause Arms are Weak. There are 40 rare conditions that can cause Arms are Weak.
tingling in arm - MedHelps tingling in arm Center for Information, Symptoms, Resources, Treatments and Tools for tingling in arm. Find tingling in arm information, treatments for tingling in arm and tingling in arm symptoms.
Right arm pain just above wrist to below elbow it is either muscle or tendon pain. Also upper arm just above elbow to below shoulder. Also seems to be muscle or tendon. NO JOINT PAIN. Cant support...
The three bones in the human arm are the humerus, the ulna and the radius. The humerus comprises the upper arm from the shoulder joint to the elbow. The lower arm includes the ulna and radius, both...
Having toned arms is a desire of every woman and if you want to get rid of flabby arms, you can use upper arm exercises which really work. You just need to
With summer fast approaching, its time to get our bodies beach-ready! One major problem area for many woman is the dreaded unsightly arm fat. You can achieve more toned and shapely arms, but you will have to work for it. Read on to find out what causes arm fat and more importantly, learn how to lose it. Arm fat is much more common in woman than in men.. This is Lose body fat under arms due to the fact that men typically do more heavy lifting than women and have more developed muscle instead of fat. The benefits of arm fat reduction are great. Since fat deposits are very concentrated in the under arms, by losing some of it, youll reduce your overall body fat percentage which will help improve your overall quality of health.. The other benefit is why most of us do it: for cosmetic reasons. Larger upper arms can ruin the appearance of posture, draw attention to a larger chest and contribute to an overall appearance of being Lose body fat under arms heavy. If youre overweight, chances are that ...
Ask a kid to show you their muscles and theres a good chance theyll flex their arms in a front bicep pose. This is probably because the arms are the muscles which are on show the most. Arms are probably the most common muscle group youll see people working on daily in gyms around the world. This can be for performance reasons, as well as to look good, with many men aiming for bigger arms and women aiming for lean, toned arms. Before we go into arm training and the workouts that I find effective, its important to learn and understand the anatomy of the muscles that collectively make up the arms … image source: www.armwrestlingaustralia.comTriceps Triceps make up most of the arms, around two-thirds. They are made up of three different muscle heads - long, lateral and medial - which all need to be worked using different exercises and range of movements to fully develop, giving you whats known as the horse shoe-shaped muscle. In my opinion, the best exercise to build the triceps is the basic
List of 6 disease causes of Acute upper arm pain on one side, patient stories, diagnostic guides. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor questions, and related signs or symptoms for Acute upper arm pain on one side.
Right arm pain in women heart attack - Left arm, shoulder, sometimes right arm pain, nausea. Been going on for 4 days. Started after fast walking. Heart attack or would I be dead already? Be seen. There are multiple possibilities, it would be wise to be seen and an exam and appropriate tests would likely reveal the cause.
Ive omitted one crucial detail, Im afraid. Yes -- his hand was positioned in the normal way were the glass to have drink in it, but with drink in it you have to hold the drink up, with your arm bent. He had it at arms length, sideways. Clearly its more comfortable to hold an empty glass at arms length -- and I think it would probably look peculiar holding it up as if it still had drink in it -- but held this way it really looks as if youre going to swing it in someones face ...
Dear Annie: I have a problem with my brother, "Josh." Josh seems to want to cut me and our mom out of his life. Im indifferent to how much contact I have with my brother, but Mom is not. Josh is having surgery in a few days, and though he didnt directly state it, its clear that he would prefer we not be at the hospital during the surgery. Seeing as he doesnt want us at the hospital, were staying home. Joshs wife will call or text Mom with information about the surgery. This is causing her a great deal of mental anguish.. This is not the first time he has caused her pain. In the last year of our fathers life, when Dads illness was getting progressively worse, Mom asked him to come and visit Dad. He rarely visited, and when I could get him to visit, I had to practically beg him to come. The last time Dad went in the hospital, Josh went to Easter brunch with his in-laws before coming to the hospital. Several years ago, when Mom was in the hospital, Josh traveled through the city and failed ...
10+ discussions on Arm Pain. I have chest pain, cough and arm pain. What is the available alternate for Aspirin? I have pain in my left forearm and right leg. What is the treatment? Please check the report and reveal the reason for my dry mouth along with left-sided jaw and arm pain. I am suffering from arm pain. Does it indicate heart attack?. Read medical advice by top doctors.
Arm pain Overview Arm pain can be caused by a wide variety of problems, ranging from joint injuries to compressed nerves. Depending on the cause, arm pain
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oh dear! This is really awful! Here in the reha I talked to some people with strange symptoms, too, and no diagnosis..One lady is falling constantly, another one had several herniated discs, but as far as I can see, there is really no muscle at her body..I had to think immedately at MND. She told me she lost 15 kg of weight...I am not sure, if herniated dics are doing this. ...But maybe this is because MY brain cannot think of anything else than MND. My left arm get worse each day...Now I have ergo sessions. I hope they can see what it is. This cant be just from Suclus ulner nerve syndrom..Drop me a line, of you know more ...
Methods and analysis A prospective, multi-center, assessor-blinded, Phase 2 randomized controlled trial with a superiority framework. Sixty-two stroke patients will be randomized in two groups with a 1:1 allocation ratio, stratified based on arm paresis severity (Fugl-Meyer Assessment-Upper Extremity subscale ,32 and ≥32). The experimental group receives a wrist-worn activity tracking device providing multimodal feedback on daily arm use for 6 weeks. Controls wear an identical device providing no feedback. : 31 participants per group, based on a difference of 0.75±1.00 points on the Motor Activity Log-14 Item Version, Amount of Use subscale (MAL-14 AOU), 80% power, two-sided alpha of 0.05, and a 10% attrition rate. : primary outcome is the change in patient-reported amount of daily life upper limb use (MAL-14 AOU) from baseline to post-intervention. Secondary outcomes are change in upper limb motor function, upper limb capacity, global disability, patient-reported quality of daily life upper ...
I come back after a longer time...I am stil taking cortisone and from time to time I am fine....though there is ongoing muscle decline (arms, shoulders, neck...), symmetrically, so neuro is not sure..Yes it looks strange... Small fiber neuropathie is confirmed. Now it is getting a bit colder here and today I feel like got stuck in my own body...They still get my tongue a close look during check up. My clinical is quite normal. Lower reflexes are low, upper brisk, but symmetrical. No stomach reflexes but symmetrical...Now I am checked for channelopathy, but I think this is misleading. Small Fiber is not a comorbidity as far as I know ...
The Best Arm Exercises Youve Never Heard Of By Nick Nilsson is a very interesting book...68 unique exercises for the bicep, triceps and forearms ONLY. This is
Brachioplasty (commonly referred to as arm surgery) is a surgical procedure used to reshape a persons arm to meet the aesthetic goals for their body. Arm lift surgery targets the under part of the arm (or triceps) from the top of the under arm down to the elbow. Excess skin is removed from the arm, reshaping the area to give the arm more tone and definition. The result is a more proportionate and toned looking arm. Why Seek an Arm Lift?
Alternate dumbbell pressing, whether in the standing or seated position, is also most effective for improving a shaky arm-lock. It is by no means the best exercise for the purpose, however, for the man who finds it difficult to lock his arms with a heavy barbell overhead is usually able to lock each arm separately without difficulty. His weakness is his inability to lock both arms simultaneously with smoothness and power; and with dumbbells, therefore, the best exercise is that in which the two bells are pressed together. In the ordinary way it is advisable to use poundages that are comparatively moderate and not to carry out too many consecutive repetitions. But there is a valuable variation of this particular exercise in which a reasonably heavy poundage should be employed. Press the bells briskly and powerfully to arms length and make sure that the arms are rigidly locked. Now lower them smoothly and evenly about eight or ten inches and punch them back to locked arms. At a later stage you ...
Re: [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v2 12/16] arm/arm64: ITS: commands 2020-01-13 18:00 ` Andrew Jones @ 2020-01-15 17:13 ` Auger Eric 0 siblings, 0 replies; 35+ messages in thread From: Auger Eric @ 2020-01-15 17:13 UTC (permalink / raw) To: Andrew Jones Cc:, maz, kvmarm, kvm, qemu-devel, qemu-arm, andre.przywara, peter.maydell, yuzenghui, alexandru.elisei, thuth Hi Drew, On 1/13/20 7:00 PM, Andrew Jones wrote: , On Fri, Jan 10, 2020 at 03:54:08PM +0100, Eric Auger wrote: ,, Implement main ITS commands. The code is largely inherited from ,, the ITS driver. ,, ,, Signed-off-by: Eric Auger ,[email protected], ,, ,, --- ,, ,, v1 -, v2: ,, - removed its_print_cmd_state ,, --- ,, arm/Makefile.common , 2 +- ,, lib/arm/asm/gic-v3-its.h , 35 +++ ,, lib/arm/gic-v3-its-cmd.c , 453 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ,, 3 files changed, 489 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-) ,, create mode 100644 lib/arm/gic-v3-its-cmd.c ,, ,, diff --git a/arm/Makefile.common b/arm/Makefile.common ,, index ...
Re: [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v2 12/16] arm/arm64: ITS: commands 2020-01-13 18:00 ` Andrew Jones @ 2020-01-15 17:13 ` Auger Eric 0 siblings, 0 replies; 35+ messages in thread From: Auger Eric @ 2020-01-15 17:13 UTC (permalink / raw) To: Andrew Jones Cc:, maz, kvmarm, kvm, qemu-devel, qemu-arm, andre.przywara, peter.maydell, yuzenghui, alexandru.elisei, thuth Hi Drew, On 1/13/20 7:00 PM, Andrew Jones wrote: , On Fri, Jan 10, 2020 at 03:54:08PM +0100, Eric Auger wrote: ,, Implement main ITS commands. The code is largely inherited from ,, the ITS driver. ,, ,, Signed-off-by: Eric Auger ,[email protected], ,, ,, --- ,, ,, v1 -, v2: ,, - removed its_print_cmd_state ,, --- ,, arm/Makefile.common , 2 +- ,, lib/arm/asm/gic-v3-its.h , 35 +++ ,, lib/arm/gic-v3-its-cmd.c , 453 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ,, 3 files changed, 489 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-) ,, create mode 100644 lib/arm/gic-v3-its-cmd.c ,, ,, diff --git a/arm/Makefile.common b/arm/Makefile.common ,, index ...
An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a procedure that lifts and reshapes the under portion of the upper arm, from the axilla to the elbow. Fluctuations in weight, growing older and heredity can cause your upper arms to have a drooping, sagging appearance. Exercise may strengthen and improve the underlying muscle tone of the upper arm, but it will not get rid of the excess skin that has lost its elasticity or any underlying localized fat deposits. If the underside of your upper arms are sagging or appear loose and full due to excess skin and fat, a brachioplasty may be right for you.. ...
Longitudinal Validity Analysis for 2 versions of the Chedoke Arm and Hand Activity Inventory (CAHAI-13 and CAHAI-9) and the Action Research Arm Test using ROC curve ...
... The removal of upper arm fat deposits and excess skin is an arm lift, or brachioplasty. This procedure is commonly performed after signif...
A full checkup with a Primary Care Physician involves taking your vitals (blood pressure, height, weight, reflexes, pulse and heart rate, etc.). The doctor will check your glands, look in your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, and palpitate parts of your body that you may have pain in to examine them. Some offices will include blood work, urine analysis, and/or a pelvic or rectal exam. Not all checkups are the same. The doctor will talk to you to determine your needs ...
A stent is placed in an artery to hold the artery open. It becomes a permanent part of the artery to ensure that fatty plaque doesnt block the blood flow through the artery and cause pain or form a clot and cause a heart attack or stroke ...
Ultimate Human Upper Arm 3D Model available on Turbo Squid, the worlds leading provider of digital 3D models for visualization, films, television, and games.
Question - Small lumps below skin, few on arm, abdomen, chest. Cause of concern?. Ask a Doctor about diagnosis, treatment and medication for Wart, Ask a General & Family Physician
Today, I am going to give you step by step instruction to help you draw the male upper body. All you will need are drawing tools and some tenacity. Be sure to pause the video at the end of each step and observe each reference image that I give you. After we get through the steps, I will guide you through the shading process. Many people who have never drawn before have had a lot of success with my step by step videos.....and you will too. Lets begin. Step 1.) Draw the shape that you see. Notice that it is curved at the bottom. Also be sure to notice the W shape at the top. Make sure that you notice that the left part of the W is smaller than the part on the right. Step 2.) Lengthen the W to form the chest muscles. Also add the shadow lines below each chest muscle. Step 3.) Step three is a tricky step. Add the line to complete the shape for the arm and shoulders. Take extra time to observe during this step. Step 4.) Complete the arms. Notice that each upper arm is wider than the lower arm but both
One of the more traditional symptoms of a heart attack is a shooting pain in the left arm. Dr. Alwyn Wong, DC explaining pain in the left arm and what can cause it.
Another name for Tingling Arm (one arm) is Tingling of the Arm (unilateral). What is tingling of the arm (unilateral)? A person with tingling of the arm ...
Stretch marks on the arms are most usually caused by muscle gain, weight gain & puberty. Learn how to reduce and get rid of stretch marks present on the arms.
FIFTY SHADES OF ZIP. riginal. WARNING: SOME SEXUAL PREFERENCE. BE WHERE: ALICIA WAS?. The club was roaring, so too, my mate Jeff. Sort of a none bi- sexual James Dean type. Though that didnt stop the shaved oiled wannabees from wanting to be within kissing distance. Jeff kept the males at arms length...he had long gangly arms.. The crazy writer of erotic was seeing a shrink...problem being he was sexually a nutter. Thats what i politely told him through his reflection in the bar table in the corner where he lived camped with his liquor flecked laptop ...
We used to live in uninteresting times, as much as that can ever be said. Things did not seem to happen. And if they did happen, they happened to other people. The rest of life and the business of living passed easily, dreamily, and the world was always at arms length. During the twilight years…
As for my amnio, the MFM doc decided to hold off til we find out whats wrong. They did go ahead and perform my Level IIs which had been originally set for 20wks. ITS A GIRL!!! Im very excited to know that. I really wanted a girl, so Im quite pleased. However, there was some abnormalities in the results. After doing the anatomy it was determined that the femur and arm lengths were measuring at .87 respectively instead of .90, so theyre somewhat shorter than theyd like. That increased my risk. Its now for certain that Ill be doing an amnio to get a definitive answer. Please pray for us. God willing she inherited my DHs shorter extremities. Hes got a long torso at 63 but my legs are longer than his and Im 57. Sounds odd I know but I swear he looks normal ...
This report addresses the practical administration of transfer pricing programmes by tax administrations. Technical analysis of how transfer prices should be computed in accordance with the arms length principle is outside the scope of this report. Instead the report focuses on the practical experiences of a number of FTA member countries and some non-member countries. The report discusses ways in which the management of transfer pricing programmes can be optimised, so that transfer pricing audits and enquiries are conducted efficiently and in a timely manner, for the benefit of MNEs and tax administrations alike. It is concerned with the practical steps tax administrations need to take to correctly identify transfer pricing cases that merit audit or enquiry and then to progress those cases to as early a conclusion as possible.
This morning, Princess was in the bathroom washing her hands after using the toilet and I was in the living room with Little Man. Then I heard suspicious splashing sounds and realized that Little Man was gone. I found him standing next to the toilet in the bathroom and my worst fears were confirmed. He was EATING the poop out of the toilet. Thats right. EATING POOP. He had it all over his hands and had dropped some on his feet too. Gagging, I cleaned him up and began trying to clean his mouth out. Hes getting 4 new teeth in and wasnt too keen on me swiping the inside of his mouth with a wet rag so I had to fight him. After cleaning him up, I carried him into the kitchen to give him something to wash it down with. I had to carry him at arms length because his breath was absolutely putrid. He drank half a sippy cup of juice, but his breath still smelled terrible. Mortified that my child had eaten something so nasty and I hadnt noticed until too late, I called the pediatrician who assured me ...
Site: 18QU30 Coursey. Context: Lot 302, Feature 5, Level 3, Root Cellar. Site Date Range: c. 1695-1730. Metal: Iron. Arm Length: 3.05" (77.5 mm). Neck Length: 0.6" (16 mm). Rowel Box Length: 0.54" (13.8 mm). Rowel Box Width: 0.09" (2.4 mm). Rowel Diameter: 0.26" (13 mm). Description: ...
Progressive lens wearers often focus their complaints on the width of their reading and intermediate zones, especially if they have higher prescriptions. The GP Wide was designed specifically for those who spend a lot of time reading or working at arms length, expanding the intermediate and reading zones of the lenses ...
Ferial Govashiri has one of the most interesting jobs: gatekeeper of the Oval Office. As Obamas personal aide, she has spent the past ten years within arms length of one of the worlds most powerful leaders.. View Profile >. Add to List. ...
Sputum conversion at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months of treatment in the two different arms (clarithromycin containing regimen versus moxifloxacin containing ...
Sputum conversion at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months of treatment in the two different arms (clarithromycin containing regimen versus moxifloxacin containing ...
Hi everyone. I have posted once before about my father and how I feel caught between wanting to help him and wanting to keep him at arms length because...
Hi Stephen, On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 1:44 AM, Stephen Boyd ,sboyd at, wrote: , On 05/29, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote: ,, Signed-off-by: Geert Uytterhoeven ,geert+renesas at, ,, --- ,, This is an RFC, as it depends on [RFC] clk: Provide dummy ,, of_clk_get_parent_count() for !OF/!CCF. ,, --- ,, arch/arm/common/timer-sp.c , 3 ++- ,, 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-) ,, ,, diff --git a/arch/arm/common/timer-sp.c b/arch/arm/common/timer-sp.c ,, index 19211324772f387c..be87a5d480ffb655 100644 ,, --- a/arch/arm/common/timer-sp.c ,, +++ b/arch/arm/common/timer-sp.c ,, @@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ ,, #include ,linux/clk.h, ,, #include ,linux/clocksource.h, ,, #include ,linux/clockchips.h, ,, +#include ,linux/clk-provider.h, , , This looks weird. This is not a clock provider. But thats where the declaration of of_clk_get_parent_count() lives... ,, #include ,linux/err.h, ,, #include ,linux/interrupt.h, ,, #include ,linux/irq.h, ,, @@ -234,7 +235,7 @@ static void __init ...
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Arm pain can be caused by a wide variety of problems, ranging from joint inflammation and injuries to compressed nerves and trauma.
So I got a flu shot yesterday. The guy didnt seem to know what he was doing and just jabbed the needle into my arm. My arm has been sore ever since and theres like a bump on one of the muscles where he jabbed the needle in. This happen to anyone else? Will this go away? I hope to avoid having to go to the doctor, since I dont have insurance.
I have fair skin in comparison fair as say almost nicole kidman, I am referring to my arms . before i went to get a spray tan I had a couple of red spots on my arms and I thought they were dry patches. So, I put lotion(nuetrogena) on. Since i was spray tanned, where my spots were did not tan ( i mean even though it was sprayed my skin didnt change and now since the tan is disappearing, it looks as if where it was previously red, then white is now pinkish, what could be the cause, reason for that ...
Want to improve arm muscle any effective suggestion - A topic posted by Aman Tanvar in the Motivation & Support forum. Join the discussion in Workout Trainer for iOS & Android by Skimble.
Stuard I have weights that I can use with my right arm, a 1,3 and 5 lb. My left am needs strap on weights that I have, 4 2 1/2 weights that I can use on my legs as well. My right side is strongest, my left is weak but I know can be better if I work on it. My right arm can pull and push strongly. It can reach up vertical but not easily. Would it be best just to practice reaching up, or extending my arm completley and going through the full motion? I can manage to reach up, but if I hold my arm up at shoulder length and reach it out to the side thats even more difficult. Are shoulder shrugs very important? So, please give me what youd consider are the best arm exercises that will make a difference ...
cross section of arm could be awesome colors for the room when paired together with the correct accent shades like shades of gold, light blue green. cross section of arm. Gleaming components comfortable and can make your space more gorgeous. beautiful cross section of arm #1 Cross Section Through Middle Upper Arm.
Humans, apes, and monkeys have two upper limbs called arms. Each arm hangs from a shoulder and contains bones, joints, and muscles. These parts work together to give the arm a wide range of movement. The arm can bend, rotate, swing back and forth, and move from side to side.
Data collection. After the animals had recovered from surgery, we began recordings. Each day of recording consisted of five epochs: (1) a 20-30 min rest period in which the animal sat on a platform in a high-walled box; (2) a 20 min run in the familiar configuration; (3) a 20-30 min rest period; (4) a 20-25 min run in the novel configuration; and (5) a final 20-30 min rest period. The run in the novel configuration was ended when the animal became satiated or when 25 min had elapsed. In the novel configuration, either arm 3 or arm 7 was blocked off, a novel arm was opened, and the animal had to learn to run in the corresponding pattern (e.g., 1-3-1-6-1-3-1-...) (see Fig. 1 A). The novel arm was always on the same side of the home arm as the newly blocked arm, and the arm directly opposite the home arm (arm 5) was not used. There were a total of four novel configurations (1-3-6, 1-3-8, 1-2-7, and 1-4-7), each of which included the familiar home arm, a familiar outside arm, and a novel outside ...
STARTVerso4 involved 123 people taking the 120-mg faldaprevir dose (arm A) and 185 taking 240 mg (arm B). Men made up 84% of arm A and 78% of arm B. More than 80% in each arm were white; 10% in arm A and 16% in arm B were black. Most study participants (80% in arm A and 69% in arm B) were from Europe, with most of the rest from North America. Age averaged 48 years in arm A and 47 in arm B; 38% and 29% respectively had the IL28B CC genotype ...
This is a great way to isolate your triceps and stretch your lat at the same time. If you are using heavy weight, you may want to sit in order to keep proper form.. ...
There are many reasons why you experience tinging in your left arm. Read common causes, treatments, exercises for tingling in the left arm.
Sigma-Aldrich offers abstracts and full-text articles by [J A L Calbet, J González-Alonso, J W Helge, H Søndergaard, T Munch-Andersen, B Saltin, R Boushel].
My pain begins in my upper arms in the exact same spot above the bicep in both arms. My arms, fore-arms, and hands tingle constantly throughout the night.
possibly mean i may get useof that hand\arm again 11 mos. post stroke? drs\therapist just keep sayig that there is no way of knowing what will return.
According to Aptiv CEO Kevin Clark, "This partnership represents a real-life application of scalable, automated driving technology that will have a significant impact on improving safety, emissions and urban congestion challenges." He added, "Aptivs automated driving platform is the most advanced automated system available and, combined with Lyfts intuitive user app, [this] will allow CES attendees to have a true point-to-point self-driving experience. It is an exciting demonstration of the future of mobility at work ...
Cong Zou, A Sol Kim, Jun Gyu Hwang, Joon Goo Park. TCP, UDP and FTP Performance Measurements of IEEE 802.11 a, g Laboratory WEP and WPA Point-to-Point ...
Free Campus Map App CHI Memorials free app provides point-to-point wayfinding and an option for verbal directions for navigating CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga. , learn more ...
September 7, 2011 Chapter 3 Summary Questions 1. How does a multipoint circuit differ from a point-to-point circuit? A multipoint circuit differs from a
Every day it follows me. The deep longing to hold my little Caleb. To feel the weight of him within my arms, the perfect way he fits just so. I only had the chance of holding him once while he was alive. But its just this feeling... missing him so much and knowing that I will never hold him again. I remember the weight of a car seat, making your arms tiresome after holding it for periods of time. The rocking of my arms to soothe cries, the motions you go through to keep your baby content. I want that. ...
Embedded Coder® Support Package for ARM® Cortex®-M Processors lets you generate optimized code for math operations using the CMSIS library. Use this generated code for ARM Cortex-M processors. For DSP filter support, use ARM Cortex-M CMSIS Library Support from DSP System Toolbox™.. This support package is functional for R2013b and beyond. ...
p120 colocalizes with Arm in other tissues. (A-D) Stage 15. p120 (red); Arm (green). Arm is enriched in fusion cells (red arrows). (E) p120-GFP. (F and G) Sta
One week ago I was in the hospital for removing fatty balls for lack of words. Had two on my back and one in my left upper arm. The on on my arm turned out to be near the bone and incompassing a nerve. They scrapped it off the bone and cut the nerve so it could be removed. Body is sore but is healing nicely. I may need rehab after it is healed as the arm movement is not great and I am weak. Doing good otherwise. PRAYER ...
Dr. Sharps arm lift reshapes the upper arms by reducing excess sagging skin. Ring for a consultation at our prestigious Brisbane & Ipswich clinics.
Page 1 | Build all-around big arms with this 2-day triceps workout routine that utilizes lesser-known arm exercises for serious muscle growth.
28 yrs old Male asked about Left arm and chest pain, 1 doctor answered this and 331 people found it useful. Get your query answered 24*7 only on | Practo Consult
Arm training day means the day when washing your face is to take your hands to your face I hope I could tell) one day a week a special arm day training session and subsequent training days can get very tired of your arm will do the training program ...
Ancient farm women in Central Europe labored so vigorously at grinding grain, tilling soil and other daily tasks that the womens average upper-arm strength surpassed that of top female rowers today, a new study finds.. In the early stages of farming more than 7,000 years ago, women engaged in a wide array of physically intense activities that were crucial to village life but have gone.... ...
Ancient farm women in Central Europe labored so vigorously at grinding grain, tilling soil and other daily tasks that the womens average upper-arm strength surpassed that of top female rowers today, a new study finds.. In the early stages of farming more than 7,000 years ago, women engaged in a wide array of physically intense activities that were crucial to village life but have gone.... ...
If you want to get sleek, sexy and toned arms, your upper body workouts should be mainly comprised of compound exercises. Since you are using multiple...
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cannot apply to rockchip/for-next keystone/next arm64/for-next/core arm-soc/for-next shawnguo/for-next clk/clk-next arm/for-next linux-rpi/for-rpi-next at91/at91-next v5.5-rc3 next-20191220 ...
... The Juzo Varin Soft Compression Arm Sleeve 3511 CG (20 - 30 mmHg) is designed with an extremely soft inner lining for maximum comfort and ease of application.
Reply malik August ten, 2016 hi there very well the issue is i do loads of cardio often specifically through the summer time and Total im my ideal dimension im very slender but no matter what i do my arms are super Excess fat and make me glance fatter. do these concentrate on workouts work if accomplished independently devoid of cardio or something ...
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Spansion Licenses ARMs High-Performance Cortex-M7 Processor: Spansion Inc. (NYSE: CODE), a global leader in embedded systems solutions, today announced it has licensed the ARM® Cortex®-M7 processor, which will be integrated into the companys next-generation MCUs and system solutions. Spansion, which recently introduced 96 new MCUs as part of its high-performance FM4 family for Industrial IoT, has a comprehensive roadmap with differentiating features and high levels of …
[ Lower Arm Tattoo ] - 25 Beautiful Lower Arm Tattoos Ideas On Pinterest Inner Arm,36 Best Just Koi Fish Forearm Tattoo Images On Pinterest Drawing,Butterfly Tattoos On Lower Arm Tattooic
The two anthropometric indicators of acute malnutrition in children under 5 years, i.e. a Mid-Upper Arm Circumference | 125 mm (MUAC125) or a Weight-for-Height Z-score|−2 (WHZ−2), correlate poorly. We aimed at assessing the contribution of age, sex, stunting (Height-for-Age HAZ|−2), and low sitting-standing height ratio Z-score (SSRZ in the 1st tertile of the study population, called hereafter longer legs) to this diagnosis discrepancy. Data from 16 cross-sectional nutritional surveys carried out by Action Against Hunger International in South Sudan, the Philippines, Chad, and Bangladesh fed multilevel, multivariate regression models, with either WHZ−2 or MUAC125 as the dependent variable and age, sex, stunting, and longer legs as the independent ones. We also compared how the performance of MUAC125 and WHZ−2 to detect slim children, i.e. children with a low Weight-for-Age (WAZ|−2) but no linear growth retardation (HAZ≥−2), was modified by the contributors. Overall 23.1 % of the 14
anatomy of the upper extremity Upper Extremity Anatomy Order. anatomy of the upper extremity The upper limbs Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab BSB 141. anatomy of the upper extremity Appendicular Skeleton 126 bones SEER Training. anatomy of the upper extremity Figure 73. anatomy of the upper extremity Upper Limb Basicmedical Key. anatomy of the upper extremity Upper extremity anatomy arteries veins muscles AmMedicine. anatomy of the upper extremity Upper Extremity MuscleOrigin Insertion Action amp Nerve Supply 187 How To Relief. anatomy of the upper extremity Upper extremity anatomy arteries veins muscles AmMedicine. anatomy of the upper extremity Volar Anatomy of the Upper Extremity Medical Exhibit Medivisuals. anatomy of the upper extremity Bones Of The Upper Limb ANATOMY BODY DIAGRAM. anatomy of the upper extremity Upper Extremity. anatomy of the upper extremity Upper extremity anatomy arteries veins muscles AmMedicine. anatomy of the upper extremity Neurovasculature Atlas of Anatomy. anatomy ...
Ce Fda Approved Automatic Arm Blood Pressure Monitor , Find Complete Details about Ce Fda Approved Automatic Arm Blood Pressure Monitor,Arm Blood Pressure Monitor,Bp Monitor,Digital Blood Pressure Monitor from Supplier or Manufacturer-Hangzhou Huaan Medical And Health Instruments Co., Ltd.
The Portable Automatic Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, model EW3109W, is an electronic sphygmomanometer designed for use by individuals to monitor their own blood pressure. This unit uses a digital sensor to detect and isolate the essential pulse oscillation. The included upper arm cuff inflates automatically with the touch of one button. The cuff fits arms with a circumference from 7.75 inches to 15.75 inches. Blood pressure and pulse rate readings are shown together on a large digital liquid crystal display (LCD) screen. Blood pressure readings above 139 on systolic or 89 diastolic automatically flash on the LCD screen. An automatic memory records 90 readings to allow the user to track results over time. A storage pouch is included. POWER: Uses 4 double-A alkaline batteries (included) or an alternating current (AC) adapter (not included). Battery life is approximately 500 usages. DIMENSIONS: (HxWxD): 2 x 8.25 x 2 inches. WEIGHT: 0.58 pounds. WARRANTY: Two-year limited warranty.. ...
Online shopping for popular Blood Pressure Monitors - Andon Electronic Sphygmomanometer Arm Blood Pressure Monitor on, the Global Site.
Upper-limb surgery in tetraplegia includes a number of surgical interventions that can help improve the quality of life of a patient with tetraplegia. Loss of upper-limb function in patients with following a spinal cord injury is a major barrier to regain autonomy. The functional abilities of a tetraplegic patient increase substantially for instance if the patient can extend the elbow. This can increase the workspace and give a better use of a manual wheelchair. To be able to hold objects a patient needs to have a functional pinch grip, this can be useful for performing daily living activities. A large survey in patients with tetraplegia demonstrated that these patients give preference to improving upper extremity function above other lost functions like being able to walk or sexual function. Surgical procedures do exist to improve the function of the tetraplegic patients arms, but these procedures are performed in fewer than 10% of the tetraplegic patients. Each tetraplegic patient is unique, ...
At present it seems likely that the different components of the hand-arm vibration syndrome, eg, vibration-induced white finger (VWF), numbing of the hands and arms, muscular fatigue, and occasionally prevalent bone degeneration, may arise independently, and therefore they should be evaluated separately. Evidence of changes caused in the autonomic nervous functions of the body by local vibration is not conclusive. The vascular history should be confirmed objectively with a cold provocation test under laboratory conditions. In individual diagnostics it is useful to record (with modern plethysmographic techniques) the recovery of digital temperature, digital blood pressure, and flow after local cooling. Vibrotactile perception measurement seems to be suitable for group diagnosis. Much of the diagnostic weight for VWF can be obtained from accurate case histories, although, for early changes, the history may be atypical. The lack of simple objective tests for evaluating the hand-arm vibration ...
Lexapro Cost Savings Shampoo Female Hair Loss Cheap Actonel Otc - Testosterone Gel Medical Online. Search Asthma Latex Allergy What Are Lasix Side Effects Can Metoprolol Cause Weight Gain Atrial Fibrillation Sulfur Food Allergy Skin Rash . How Much Is A Better Breast Augmentation How Long Is Cephalexin Good For After Mixed . Arimidex Compare Nothing No Prescription Buy Planned Parenthood - Tramadol Retard 150 Mg Fedex Overnight Delivery Lopid Med High Triglycerides Meridia Medical Ontario Hydrochlorothiazide Indication Right Side Vs Left Arm Blood Pressure. Добавлено (25.03.2013, 15:15 ...

*Factory automation infrastructure

A robotic arm is a type of mechanical arm, usually programmable, with similar functions to a human arm; the arm may be the sum ... and robotic arms. These environments are also defined by their coordination with (and usually their systematic integration with ...


Flap from the arm[edit]. An operation using the forearm as a donor site is the easiest to perform but results in a cosmetically ... Arm function may be hampered if the donor site does not heal properly. Electrolysis and/or laser hair reduction is required for ... After the graft is taken, another graft will be used to cover the arm (resulting in a secondary scar). ... undesirable scar on the exposed area of the arm. ...


These arms replaced the old coat-of-arms that were granted on 29 December 1862. The old arms showed three herring barrels, an ... Coat of arms[edit]. The coat-of-arms for Haugesund was granted on 5 March 1930. They were designed by Hallvard Trætteberg. The ... The new arms from 1930 removed the herring barrels due to the decline in the importance of that industry.[7] ... The old arms showed the importance of herring fishing and processing in the town. The three barrels also represented the three ...

*Feltham Urban District

Coat of arms[edit]. The district's coat of arms, granted in 1945, was: Per fess wavy argent and azure in chief two palets sable ... "Feltham Coat of Arms". Heraldry of the World. Retrieved 16 April 2015.. .mw-parser-output cite.citation{font-style:inherit}.mw- ...


"Most consecutive headstand push ups on one arm". Guinness World Records.. *^ Handstand push-ups one arm 90 degree on a floor ... "Most one arm push-ups in one hour". Guinness World Records. Retrieved 2016-05-17.. ... The most consecutive headstand push ups on one arm is 7 by Yury Tikhonovich (Russia) on 1 April 2010.[26][27][28] In ... "Most push-ups with one arm using back of the hand in one minute". Guinness World Records.. ...

*List of Twin Peaks characters

MIKE, the One-Armed Man[edit]. Main article: MIKE. MIKE made his appearance in the pilot episode which was only originally ... This is mainly due to her habit of always carrying a small log in her arms, with which she seems to share a psychic connection ... He was, with Bobby, one of two duos in the series named "Mike" and "Bob," the other being Mike / Phillip Gerard the one-armed ... The Man from Another Place/The Arm Enigmatic dwarf, inhabitant of the Red Room. Michael J. Anderson ...

*Solomonic dynasty

The arms are composed of an Imperial Throne flanked by two angels, one holding a sword and a pair of scales, the other holding ... The phrase "Moa Ambassa ze imnegede Yehuda", (Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah) appeared on the arms, and always preceded ... The Imperial Coat of arms was adopted by Haile Selassie I, and is currently held by his direct heir in the male line, Prince ...

*Rainier III, Prince of Monaco

Arms and Monograms[edit]. Coat of Arms of Prince Rainier III. of Monaco. Royal Monogram of. Prince Rainier III. Dual Cypher of ...

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*Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg

Titles, styles, honours and arms[edit]. Titles and styles[edit]. *1 March 1868 - 1 July 1900: Countess Sophie Chotek von ... 6 Titles, styles, honours and arms *6.1 Titles and styles *6.1.1 Honours ...

*School bus

One stop signal arm is required; a second may also be installed.[62] The second stop arm, when it is present, is usually ... School bus at bus stop with 8-way warning lights, dual stop arms, and crossing arm ... School bus crossing arms, first introduced in the late 1990s, came into wider use. Electronics took on a new role in school bus ... stop legend itself may also flash; this is commonly achieved with red LEDs.[62] FMVSS 131 stipulates that the stop signal arm ...

*Hydraulic torque wrench

Reaction arm free torqueing is possible due to the usage of a reaction washer, or proprioratory castle nut with a built in ... Since 1994 it is possible to torque tighten bolts without the use of a reaction arm, and thus without pinch point. This is a ... The most dangerous part of a hydraulic torque wrench is the reaction member, often called reaction arm. When torque is applied ... The reaction washer will become a stationary object underneath the nut, eliminating the use of reaction arms. ...


The coat of arms of Tromsø was devised in 1870 and is blazoned "Azure, a reindeer trippant Argent."[21] It is often surmounted ... "Coats-of-arms - National Archival services of Norway". Archived from the original on 2012-02-27. Retrieved ...


Coat-of-arms[edit]. The coat-of-arms is from modern times; they were granted on 8 October 1982. The arms show a canting of an ...

*William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin

Arms[edit]. Coat of arms of William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin. Notes. The arms of Lord Kelvin consist of:[91]. Crest. A cubit ... arm erect, vested azure, cuffed argent, the hand grasping five ears of rye proper.. Escutcheon. Argent a stag's head caboshed ...

*Empress Elisabeth of Austria

Mayer incised the artery of her left arm to ascertain death, and found no blood. She was pronounced dead at 2:10 p.m. Everyone ... Titles, styles, honours and arms[edit]. Further information: Grand title of the Emperor of Austria ... at which point Sztáray relaxed her hold on Elisabeth's arm. The empress then lost consciousness and collapsed next to her. ...

*Chromosome 3

p-arm[edit]. Partial list of the genes located on p-arm (short arm) of human chromosome 3: *ALAS1: aminolevulinate, delta-, ... Arm[17] Band[18] ISCN. start[19] ISCN. stop[19] Basepair. start Basepair. stop Stain[20] Density ...


Coat-of-arms[edit]. The coat-of-arms was granted on 16 December 1983. The arms are blue on the left and silver/white on the ...

*Piast dynasty

Coat of arms[edit]. About 1295, Przemysł II used a coat of arms with a white eagle - a symbol later referred to as the Piast ... Son of Władysław I and Przecława of Prawdzic coat of arms (disputed). First jointly with Władysław I 1098-1102. Piast. ... coat of arms or as the Piast Eagle.[6]. Piast rulers[edit]. Piast kings and rulers of Poland appear in list form in the ...

*List of standardized tests in the United States

Armed Forces[edit]. ASVAB (United States) required for entry into any branch of The United States Military. ...

*Median nerve

Arm[edit]. After receiving inputs from both the lateral and medial cords of the brachial plexus, the median nerve enters the ... Arm[edit]. The median nerve has no voluntary motor or cutaneous function in the brachium. It gives vascular branches to the ... Krishna, Garg (2010). "8 - Arm". BD Chaurasia's Human Anatomy (Regional and Applied Dissection and Clinical) Volume 1 - Upper ... Cross-section through the middle of upper arm (left), and middle of the forearm (right) ...

*Topkapı Palace

Arms collection[edit]. The arms collection (Silah Seksiyonu Sergi Salonu), which consists primarily of weapons that remained in ... The fourth arm of the cross consists of the porch, which can be approached by a flight of stairs on either side. Beneath the ... The building where the arms and armor are exhibited was originally one of the palace treasuries (Dîvân-ı Hümâyûn Hazinesi / ... The complex is guarded by officials of the ministry as well as armed guards of the Turkish military. Topkapı Palace is part the ...

*Salinas, Puerto Rico

Coat of Arms[edit]. The shield uses the traditional colors of the town; green and silver. The salt knolls indicate in graphical ... Salinas was founded in July 22, 1841 by Don Agustín Colón Pacheco as Mayor, Don Jose Maria Cadavedo as Sargent of Arms, Don ...


Coat of arms[edit]. The blazon of the municipal coat of arms is Gules a Castle Argent on a Mount of 3 Coupeaux Vert.[8] ...

*St Trinian's School

Coat of arms[edit]. The school's coat of arms was originally shown as a black skull-and-crossbones on a field of white. This ... It is something of a rule of thumb that the smaller a St Trinian's is, the more dangerous she is-especially when armed, most ... its female pupils are bad and often well armed, and mayhem is rife. The schoolmistresses are also disreputable. Cartoons often ...


Coat of arms[edit]. The blazon of the municipal coat of arms is Azure two Bars wavy Or.[5] ...

2017-03: A Single-Arm, Open-label Study of Anti-Signaling Lymphocytic Activation Molecule F7 (Anti-SLAMF7) Monoclonal Antibody ...2017-03: A Single-Arm, Open-label Study of Anti-Signaling Lymphocytic Activation Molecule F7 (Anti-SLAMF7) Monoclonal Antibody ...

Arm Intervention/treatment Experimental: Study Treatment Elotuzumab (10 mg Days 1 and 15), lenalidomide (15 mg Days 1-21), and ... Arms and Interventions Outcome Measures Eligibility Criteria Contacts and Locations More Information ... Arms and Interventions Outcome Measures Eligibility Criteria Contacts and Locations More Information ... Arms and Interventions Outcome Measures Eligibility Criteria Contacts and Locations More Information ...
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Arm & Hammer - WikipediaArm & Hammer - Wikipedia

"History of Product Names & Trademarks: Arm & Hammer Baking Soda".. *^ "The Straight Dope: Did tycoon Armand Hammer have ... The original Arm & Hammer logo usage dates back to the 1860s. James A. Church, son of Dr. Austin Church, ran a spice business ... Arm & Hammer is a registered trademark of Church & Dwight, a major American manufacturer of household products. The logo of ... It is often claimed that the brand name originated with tycoon Armand Hammer; however, the Arm & Hammer brand was in use 31 ...
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arm | Infopleasearm | Infoplease

Three long bones form the framework of the arm: the humerus of the upper arm, and the radius (outer bone) and ulna (inner bone ... arm. arm, upper limb in humans. Three long bones form the framework of the arm: the humerus of the upper arm, and the radius ( ... The biceps brachii, a muscle of the upper arm, bends the arm at the elbow the triceps brachii straightens the arm. Movement of ... In an adult the arm is normally five sixths as long as the leg. The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Copyright © 2012 ...
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Arm | Encyclopedia.comArm |

within arms reach near enough to reach by extending ones arm.DERIVATIVES: arm·ful / -ˌfoŏl/ n. (pl. -fuls) arm·less adj. arm2 ... arm (earm) = OS., OHG. (Du., G.) arm, ON. armr, Goth. arms :- Gmc. *armaz; cf. L. armus shoulder (of animal), Skr. īrmá- arm, ... at arms length away from the body, with the arm fully extended: I held the telephone at arms length. cost an arm and a leg ... PHRASES: arm in arm (of two or more people) with arms linked. the long arm of the law used to refer to the criminal justice ...
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arm candy - Wiktionaryarm candy - Wiktionary

arm candy (uncountable). *(idiomatic) An attractive, seemingly romantic companion who accompanies a person in public simply so ... Friends described her as always ready to serve as "arm candy"-that is, a pretty date-to industry players, in hopes of landing a ... "arm candy" in Paul McFedries, Word Spy, Logophilia Limited, 22 January 1999, retrieved 4 June 2017. ... arm candy in the party scenes of this film.. ... Retrieved from " ...
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ARM | Analysis Resources | NHSN | CDCARM | Analysis Resources | NHSN | CDC

The ARM is calculated as a ratio of numerator divided by denominator, where the ARM denominator is identical to that of the SIR ... How is the ARM different from the SIR?. Adjusted Ranking Metric (ARM). Standardized Infection Ratio (SIR). ... What is the ARM?. *The Adjusted Ranking Metric (ARM) is a new measure available for Acute Care Hospitals (ACHs). ... Calculation of ARM Scores. NHSN calculates ARM scores from all acute care hospitals for six HAIs (CLABSI, CAUTI, MRSA, CDI, SSI ...
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List of ARM microarchitectures - WikipediaList of ARM microarchitectures - Wikipedia

ARM cores[edit]. Designed by ARM[edit]. ARM family ARM architecture ARM core Feature Cache (I / D), MMU Typical MIPS @ MHz ... "Cortex-R52 - Arm Developer". ARM Developer. Retrieved 2018-10-26.. *^ Ltd., Arm. "Cortex-R - Arm Developer". ARM Developer. ... Cortex-R4 Specification Summary; ARM Holdings. *^ a b c d Ltd., Arm. "Cortex-R - Arm Developer". ARM Developer. Retrieved 2018- ... "Cortex-A76 - Arm Developer". ARM Developer. Retrieved 2018-11-15.. *^ "Arms Cortex-A76 CPU Unveiled: Taking Aim at the Top for ...
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Germans target Honeywell arm - TelegraphGermans target Honeywell arm - Telegraph

SIEMENS, the German giant, is preparing a bid for all or part of Honeywells industrial control and automation business in deal worth up to $1.5bn.
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ACCORD Intensive Arm StoppedACCORD Intensive Arm Stopped

... been stopped prematurely because of a higher rate of mortality in the patients in the intensive arm vs that in the standard arm ... In a conference call on February 6, Dr Elizabeth Nabel, director of the NHLBI, pointed out that the death rate in both arms was ... She also reported that there was a trend toward benefit in the intensive arm in terms of nonfatal cardiovascular events, but ... These blood-pressure and lipid arms of the study will continue until the study ends as planned, in June 2009. ...
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Arm Injuries | Arm Disorders | MedlinePlusArm Injuries | Arm Disorders | MedlinePlus

Arm injuries and arm disorders can be caused by nerve problems, cancers, sprains, dislocations, Tendinitis and conditions such ... Your arms are also made up of muscles, joints, tendons, and other connective tissue. Injuries to any of these parts of the arm ... Arm Injuries (National Institutes of Health) * Humeral Fractures (National Institutes ... Arm Pain (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research) Also in Spanish ...
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Arm-Based Solutions
	Arm-Based Solutions

... and ARM joint solutions for many applications such as IoT and mobile devices. ... Develop ARM-based designs quickly and efficiently with Cadence® ... Arm Cortex®-A, Cortex-R, and Cortex-M processors. *Arm Mali™ ... Arm Fast Models. We go beyond just engineering solutions - we even provide training you can use to accelerate your Arm-based ... Cadence Accelerates Arm-Based Server Development by Automating Arm Pre-Silicon Bare Metal Compliance Testing 10/16/2018 ...
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WPAN Software - ArmWPAN Software - Arm

Arm SSE-200 Subsystem. The Arm IoT subsystem for Arm Cortex-M33 is optimized for use with Arms most efficient processors, Arm ... Why Arm Why Arm Why Arm * Overview * How Arm IoT & IP Work Better Together ... Arm Education comprises the Arm University Program and Arm Education Media.. Text Books. Arm Education Media publishes ... Technical resources for Arm products, services, architecture, and technologies.. Arm Community. Get the latest forums about Arm ...
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Partner Ecosystem - ArmPartner Ecosystem - Arm

Arm offers a wide range of partnership opportunities, from device chip designs all the way to service providers to help manage ... Why Arm Why Arm Why Arm * Overview * How Arm IoT & IP Work Better Together ... Arm Training Partners. Arm Approved Training Partners provide courses that are under license from Arm and are based on Arm- ... Arm Education comprises of the Arm University Program, Arm Education Media and the Arm School Program. ...
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Some schools arm security guards post-NewtownSome schools arm security guards post-Newtown

... is arming guards in middle and high schools. Its the first step in a broader update of school security measures. ... Some schools arm security guards post-Newtown. Emporia, Kan., is arming guards in middle and high schools. Its the first step ... Some schools arm security guards post-Newtown Emporia, Kan., is arming guards in middle and high schools. Its the first step ... Some schools arm security guards post-Newtown. Judy Keen, USA TODAY Published 2:39 p.m. ET Jan. 31, 2013 , Updated 9:25 a.m. ET ...
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Kansas arms school guardsKansas arms school guards

The Emporia School District voted in January to allow the security guards at its schools to be armed with pistols starting Feb ...
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X-Ray Exam: Humerus (Upper Arm)X-Ray Exam: Humerus (Upper Arm)

... or deformity of the upper arm. It can detect a broken bone, and after the bone has been set, help determine whether it has ... If surgery of the upper arm is required, an X-ray may be taken to plan for the surgery and, later, to see the results of the ... An X-ray of the humerus is a safe and painless test that uses a small amount of radiation to make images of the upper arm ( ... Two X-rays are usually taken (from the front and from the side), so the technician will return to reposition the arm for each X ...
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Arm reach: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia ImageArm reach: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia Image

The arm reach is an exercise that strengthens the muscles that hold your should blade (scapula). ... The arm reach is an exercise that strengthens the muscles that hold your should blade (scapula). ...
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Chest and Arm Stretch Exercise VideoChest and Arm Stretch Exercise Video

Find out how to have a super chest work out and other arm exercises with this effective exercise video. ... Stand with your arms by your side.. *Keep your back straight as you clasp your hands together behind your back and squeeze your ... Home > Living With Arthritis > Exercise > Videos > Stretches > Chest and Arm Stretch Exercise Video ... Searching for great chest and arm stretches? ...
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ARM: accommodation at Brighton | The BMJARM: accommodation at Brighton | The BMJ

ARM: accommodation at Brighton Br Med J (Clin Res Ed) 1981; 282 :1093 ... ARM: accommodation at Brighton. Br Med J (Clin Res Ed) 1981; 282 doi: (Published 28 ...
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Patent USD618766 - Showerhead arm - Google PatentsPatent USD618766 - Showerhead arm - Google Patents

Dispensing system and method for shower arm. US20080271240. Apr 30, 2008. Nov 6, 2008. Water Pik, Inc.. Molded arm for ... The showerhead arm in use is mounted between a showerhead and a pipe or other structure connected to a water supply and thereby ... Articulated tubular conduit arm for sucking gaseous fluids. US4545081. Mar 12, 1984. Oct 8, 1985. Jack Nestor. Semi-rigid ... Shower arm extension. US5032015. Oct 27, 1989. Jul 16, 1991. Shower Tek, Inc.. Self-supported, adjustable, condensation-free ...
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Bionic Arm Links Body, Mind - latimesBionic Arm Links Body, Mind - latimes

Jesse Sullivan has two prosthetic arms, but he can climb a ladder at his house and apply a fresh coat of paint. Hes also good ... Sullivans bionic arm represents an advance over typical artificial arms, like the right-arm prosthesis he uses, which has a ... Although work that created Sullivans arm preceded the research by DARPA, he said he was proud to test a type of bionic arm ... these relay the signals to the arms computer, which causes motors to move the elbow and hand, mimicking a normal arm. ...
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bionic arm Archives - ExtremeTechbionic arm Archives - ExtremeTech

A giant leap for BCIs: Paraplegic woman uses mind-controlled robotic arm to feed herself December 19, 2012 at 10:00 am A ... used a mind-controlled robotic arm to perform actions with an unprecedented level of dexterity that approaches the human arm. ... quadriplegic woman, who hasnt been able to use her arms, legs, or any muscles below her neck for nine years, has ...
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Angel investing gets a shot in the armAngel investing gets a shot in the arm

The nations small businesses can expect a wave of capital from a new generation of investors following the launch of a campaign to more than double the number of active angels backing UK firms by 2019.
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BBC News | Europe | Dont arm Serbs, US warnsBBC News | Europe | Don't arm Serbs, US warns

New arms control treaty for Europe From Business. Mannesmann fights back EU fraud -- a billion-dollar bill New moves in Spains ... Dont arm Serbs, US warns The Russian spy ship Liman sets out for the Mediterranean. The United States has warned Russia that ... There is a United Nations arms embargo on Yugoslavia. On Friday Russia despatched a spy ship to the Mediterranean, where it ... But General Anatoly Kvashnin, Russias armed forces Chief of Staff, revealed that military aid for Yugoslavia could be an ...
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BBC NEWS | Programmes | Documentary Archive | Chinas Long ArmBBC NEWS | Programmes | Documentary Archive | China's Long Arm

As part of the BBC World Services Ruling China season, Chinas Long Arm comprises two series of two programmes each. ... New arms race? US government concerns about rising defence spending in China PART TWO ...
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  • The motions are coordinated and smooth because his left arm is a bionic device controlled by his brain. (
  • At times he has been so rough with the bionic arm that it has broken, including once when he pulled the end off starting a lawnmower. (
  • Although work that created Sullivan's arm preceded the research by DARPA, he said he was proud to test a type of bionic arm that soldiers could someday use. (
  • Sullivan's bionic arm represents an advance over typical artificial arms, like the right-arm prosthesis he uses, which has a hook and operates with sequential motions. (
  • Sullivan says his bionic arm isn't much like the one test pilot Steve Austin got in the '70s TV series "The Six Million Dollar Man. (
  • Not magic but high-tech science makes the bionic arm work. (
  • Designers at Johns Hopkins created a bionic arm that works and feels like a natural limb. (
  • has tasked scientists with the goal of creating a bionic arm that looks, feels ,and works like a real arm by the year 2009. (
  • If all the goals of the program are met, the bionic arm would be able to perform tasks as minute as buttoning a shirt button, and even provide sensory feedback. (
  • Segway creator Dean Kamen 's obsession for the last few years has centered on creating a bionic arm with enough electronics to make it one of the most sophisticated devices around. (
  • Today I downloaded files for the Robotic arm and set them up to print on the Makerbot Replicator 3D printer. (
  • From the outside it looks like just a large industrial robotic arm with a cockpit, but to the pilot inside the simulator, it feels like a real aircraft. (
  • The pilot sits at the controls, and the flight commands are converted into corresponding movements of the robotic arm in real time. (
  • In 2010 they succeeded in interactively implementing flight on the robotic arm. (
  • For us, this means that the movements of the robotic arm have to be computed in real time - in other words really quickly - because they cannot be planned in advance," explains Bellmann. (
  • In 2011 the robotic arm received a new 'cockpit', inside which instruments could be swapped over as necessary: an aircraft control yoke, a steering wheel for a car, or helicopter flight controls. (
  • By refitting the cabin, the simulator was at times converted into the interior of a car, an aircraft or a helicopter - although the robotic arm and dome always stood in the test hall at the DLR facility in Oberpfaffenhofen. (
  • From the simulated cockpit of the Diamond DA42 aircraft, the pilot's view always remains completely faithful to the one he would have on a real flight - regardless of the movements of the robotic arm. (
  • Our simulator enables extreme rolling and pitching movements, because there is plenty of room for the movements of the robotic arm," explains Bellmann. (
  • The crew of the ISS snatched Dragon out of orbit ahead of schedule, using the space station's robotic arm to guide the capsule in after its careful approach. (
  • Hollywood did a bad job for us,' says Patrick van der Smagt, the coordinator of SENSOPAC , an EU-funded project whose goal is to create a robotic arm, hand and brain with human-like physical and cognitive capabilities. (
  • In recent years, other paralyzed patients have high-fived with a different robotic arm and moved a cursor around a computer screen simply by thinking about it. (
  • Things in this field are exploding right now," said Andrew Schwartz , who is developing another thought-controlled robotic arm at the University of Pittsburgh and who was not involved in the work reported Wednesday. (
  • A computer read that signal, interpreted it and sent movement messages to the robotic arm. (
  • I just imagined moving my own arm, and the [robotic] arm moved where I wanted it to go," the second patient, a 66-year-old man, told the researchers in response to questions submitted earlier by journalists. (
  • With the brain interface plugged in, the researchers moved the robotic arm and told the patients to imagine moving their own arm in the same way. (
  • Wrap three layers of gauze loosely around the model's arm, going from mid-bicep to the wrist. (
  • [ 14 ] the ulnar side of the wrist, or the distal ulna are amenable to an ulnar gutter splint, a specific type of short arm splint. (
  • Hand conrtol has SDK to control the twist of my forearm, and movement of my hand (wrist) Everything like my fingers, and wrist movement works fine in both FK and IK… its just my fore arm twist. (
  • A strip of cloth or a belt is wrapped around the wrist of the injured arm and the ends are wrapped around the neck and tie. (
  • In particular martial artists often do wrist and arm stretches as part of their warm-up. (
  • Founded in January 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA, and partially funded by the Department of Defense, ARM is part of the Manufacturing USA network. (
  • As more servers connect to the Internet, ARM sees an opportunity to put processors in servers that execute web-related tasks such as search and social networking transactions. (
  • Given an empirical sample path, the ARM modeling procedure consists of two steps: a global search for locating the minima of a nonlinear objective function over a large parametric space, and a local optimization of optimal or near optimal models found in the first step. (
  • Thank you to AcademyHealth Organizational Affiliates, 2016 ARM attendees, presenters, sponsors, and exhibitors for another amazing ARM experience. (
  • Armed conflict is one of the major challenges to meeting the target of eliminating all worst forms of child labour by 2016. (
  • It is not as smooth as a normal arm, but it works much smoother than a normal prosthesis," Kuiken said. (
  • Baker says he "immediately" informed the officers that he had a prosthesis in his arm, and that he could not comply with the order to place his hands behind his back. (
  • It continues: "Officer Bunnell exerted such great force upon Mr. Baker's arm that the prosthesis in Mr. Baker's arm snapped, breaking Mr. Baker's arm, destroying the prosthesis, and resulting in severe pain to Mr. Baker. (
  • During the examination, an X-ray machine sends a beam of radiation through the upper arm, and an image is recorded on a computer or special film. (
  • If surgery of the upper arm is required, an X-ray may be taken to plan for the surgery and, later, to see the results of the operation. (
  • Also, an X-ray can help detect cysts, tumors, later stages of infection, and other diseases in the bone of the upper arm. (
  • If extra support is needed, bandages or wraps can be applied around the body and upper arm to hold the arm firmly at the chest. (
  • The patient is in a relaxed position with the upper arm supported. (
  • SEAL- TIGHT Protector (Upper- arm Protec. (
  • The Latin term brachium may refer to either the arm as a whole or to the upper arm on its own. (
  • WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. State Department has approved a longstanding request from Italy to arm its two MQ-9 Reaper drones with Hellfire missiles, laser-guided bombs and other munitions, the U.S. Defense Department announced on Wednesday. (
  • This would be the first effective sale of armed drones approved since the U.S. government established a policy in February for exports of the new type of weapons that have played a key role in U.S. military actions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen. (
  • Italy would be only the second country to be approved to buy armed drones after Britain, which has been using them since 2007, according to two U.S. officials who were not authorized to speak publicly. (
  • Turkey has also requested to buy armed drones from the United States. (
  • One of the officials who spoke on condition of anonymity said any exports of drones, armed or not, require a case-by-case assessment and close scrutiny, but the sale was ultimately approved because Italy was a key ally and partner of the United States. (
  • Current plans range from arms that are controlled using an implantable device, to arms that are controlled by the nerves in the amputated area, to arms that would receive signals directly from the person's brain. (
  • Dr. Melissa Conrad Stöppler explains on MedicineNet that arm pain stems from a number of sources including abnormalities in the skin, nerves, bones, joints, blood vessels and soft tissues of the arm. (
  • Other nerves passing through give no supply to the arm. (
  • notes other causes of arm pain, particularly pain in the left arm, as indicative of more serious medical problems including heart trouble or signs of physical difficulties such as overusing the arm for heavy lifting, poor circulation, poor posture and stress. (
  • Treatment for an arm injury may include first aid measures (such as using a brace, splint, or cast), "setting" a broken bone or returning a dislocated joint to its normal position, physical therapy, medicines, and in some cases surgery. (
  • The short and medial heads arise from your arm bone. (
  • Therefore, fracture of the bone may not only lead to lesion of the radial nerve, but also haematoma of the internal structures of the arm. (
  • Several indications exist for short arm splinting. (
  • ARM further provides a chart displaying an overview of the ARM processor lineup with performance and functionality versus capabilities for the more recent ARM core families. (
  • Start your concept-to-compute journey with Arm processor designs and rich development resources. (
  • ARM is a dominant player in the mobile device market with the processor designs it develops and licenses, but it has almost no presence in the server market. (
  • ARM introduced its first processor that could go into servers, the Cortex-A15, in September last year. (
  • The processor roadmap goes to [ARM] A15 next year and then 64-bit the following year," Karl Freund, Calxeda's vice president of marketing, told ZDNet. (
  • It typically takes around a year to 18 months before ARM licensees are able to tweak a processor for their own designs and begin making them. (
  • In 2012, Calxeda plans to launch a server codenamed 'Midway', based on the ARM 32-bit A15 processor. (
  • The ARM chips's main focus is on power-efficiency and because of that they have become the processor-of-choice for battery-dependent mobile computing platforms. (
  • We believe ARM-processor-based infrastructures demonstrate promise for Web front-end and Hadoop environments, where advantages in performance per dollar and performance per watt are critical. (
  • Short arm splinting is most commonly used for initial support of the injured extremity (whether surgery is planned or not) and for postoperative immobilization of internally fixed fractures. (
  • Short arm support with a removable prefabricated splint has been shown to be as effective as casting in the treatment of pediatric buckle and minimally displaced distal radius fractures while resulting in less complications and higher patient satisfaction. (
  • Hairline cracks in bones of the arm ( stress fractures ). (
  • The original Arm & Hammer logo usage dates back to the 1860s. (
  • The type of reliability-adjustment incorporated into the ARM relies on methodological concepts dating back to 1977, and more specifically, has been used in CMS performance measurement since 2007 (for instance hospital 30-day mortality following acute myocardial infarction). (
  • Cut the cast along the back side with a sharp pair of scissors to remove it from the model's arm. (
  • I also have no clue about her arm length back then. (
  • I even remember them pulling the skin on their arms back to show me the implants, that was so gross, seeing those little implants under their skin! (
  • Please enter your email so we can alert you when the NO HANDS ARM WARMERS in is back in stock. (
  • 3M™ File Belt Attachment Arm Repair Kits are designed to help industrial professionals swiftly repair attachment arms used on the 3M™ File Belt Sander (sold separately), so they can get back to spot weld grinding, seam sealer removal, or other important activities. (
  • Gun control advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety has been pushing back on the issue of arming teachers for years. (
  • Toss the ball back and forth to a partner for a total arm workout. (
  • The logo of this brand depicts the ancient symbol of a muscular arm holding a hammer inside a red circle with the brand name and slogan . (
  • Men tend to think that they should naturally have muscular arms because they are men. (
  • Causes of arm pain and the accompanying symptoms can range from mild to severe. (
  • She suggests finding the underlying causes of arm pain to treat it. (
  • officials say putting armed guards in elementary schools might be considered. (
  • During analyst day speeches, company officials argued that ARM processors are fast, and more power-efficient for such workloads than conventional server chips such as Intel's Xeon or AMD's Opteron. (
  • At a certain pay grade, it seems some officials' arms aren't long enough to reach into their own pockets to use their own dough to buy personal items. (
  • The woman succeeded about half the time with an arm made by the company Deka as a prosthetic for amputees. (
  • The Luke arm from Deka , a company founded by Kamen, crams electronics, batteries and motors into a package the size and weight of a human arm. (
  • But General Anatoly Kvashnin, Russia's armed forces Chief of Staff, revealed that military aid for Yugoslavia could be an option in certain circumstances. (
  • Some of these involve using your other arm to produce the forces needed to move the disabled arm. (
  • Areas of responsibility for the Bureau of Arms Control include developing policy with regard to use of conventional, chemical/biological, and nuclear forces and arms. (
  • The Pentagon's report suggests the nature of China's armed forces is changing rapidly away from local self-defense toward strategic capabilities. (
  • It is very backward in comparison to say, the U.S. armed forces. (
  • Analyst Kile says it is too early to say whether the acquisition of the new arms is a modernization of China's military forces, or actually an expansion of those forces. (
  • The Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict prohibits all recruitment - voluntary or compulsory - of children under 18 by armed forces and groups. (
  • Efforts to put an end to child recruitment and release children from armed forces and groups have intensified in the last decade. (
  • The ILO's strategy to prevent recruitment of children at risk and ensure sustainable reintegration of children formerly associated with armed forces and armed groups, is to focus efforts on providing sustainable work opportunities for children of legal working age. (
  • IPEC has implemented projects aiming at the economic reintegration of children formerly associated with armed forces and armed groups and other war affected children in Central Africa (Burundi, Congo, DRC and Rwanda), in Colombia, the Philippines and Sri Lanka. (
  • Through these projects, IPEC has developed a sound approach for economic reintegration that has been documented in the Strategic framework for addressing the economic gap in prevention of child recruitment and reintegration of children associated with armed forces and groups and the "How-to" guide on economic reintegration of working age children formerly associated with armed forces and groups . (
  • The girls and boys who are associated with armed forces and groups are only a small proportion of a much larger number of children who are trapped in other worst forms of child labour as a result of armed conflict. (
  • Although these stretches are helpful in preventing spasticity and other problems, they don't directly address the primary impairment -- control of the arm, Ryerson says. (
  • Today, the community of Sop's Arm stretches from the mouth of Main River, a river provincially well known for its salmon fishing and white-water kayaking, north to Schooner's Cove. (
  • It involves restricting use of the unaffected hand for several hours a day by putting a mitt on it and performing tasks over and over with the affected arm. (
  • This OG provides guidance applying the EMM for construction hand-arm vibration (HAV) risks. (
  • These disorders are collectively known as Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). (
  • It does hurt to move my arm in certain directions and my hand goes numb from time to time. (
  • After two-and-a-half years of research, and %u20AC6.5 million in funding by the EU's Sixth Framework Programme for research, SENSOPAC scientists have designed and tested a human-like arm with a dextrous and sensitive hand, controlled by a computer program inspired by the human cerebellum. (
  • The human arm and hand can generate and control a remarkable range of force, from the delicate touch of a watchmaker to the power of a javelin thrower. (
  • The key breakthrough: programming computers to interpret the brain signals as arm and hand motion. (
  • Despite her being paralyzed for 15 years, the woman's brain still generated signals corresponding to hand and arm movement. (
  • They hand her apples or pears or flowers as they fall into her arms. (
  • In common usage, the arm extends to the hand. (
  • According to Dr. Stöppler, arm pain may only cause a mild annoyance, but it sometimes becomes severe or potentially life threatening. (
  • Even during the booking process, despite the open and obvious disfiguration of Mr. Baker's arm, Officer Stowe did nothing to address Mr. Baker's broken arm or the severe pain Mr. Baker was experiencing," the lawsuit states. (
  • The O-arm® O2 Imaging System is a mobile x-ray system designed for 2D fluoroscopic and 3D imaging for adult and pediatric patients weighing 60 lbs or greater and having an abdominal thickness greater than 16cm, and is intended to be used where a physician benefits from 2D and 3D information of anatomic structures and objects with high x-ray attenuation such as bony anatomy and metallic objects. (
  • Lightweight arm warmers designed to shield your arms from the elements and the scorching sun. (
  • These moisture-wicking arm warmers have a touch of stretch to reduce chafing as your running, biking or paddling mileage increases. (
  • ARM is relatively new to the server market compared to Intel and AMD, whose processors populate data centers. (
  • Ainsworth's thinking, and the NRA's argument, centers on the notion that if another person had been armed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Feb. 14, he or she could have intervened early on and stopped the shooter from killing 17 people in cold blood. (
  • Broken or fractured bones can cause immense, sharp pain in the arm. (
  • This is important for the large bones in the arm as it is human instinct to throw our arms in front of us during moments of panic, whether it be a car accident or simply bumping into a wall. (
  • Arm offers a range of expert professional support and services options, to give you the help you need, when you need it. (
  • Arm Approved program enables our ecosystem partners to support you in specific technologies. (
  • Arm Flexible Access provides quick, easy, and unlimited access to a wide range of IP, tools and support to evaluate and fully design solutions. (
  • ARM Holdings is seeking the support of software makers for its plan to put its low-power processors in servers, company executives said this week. (
  • Although short arm splints are less frequently used for definitive treatment, there is some support in the literature for long-term use. (
  • An arm sling is a bandage that is used to give support to an injured joint. (
  • Calxeda's strategy is based on ARM servers being used in clusters to support cloud workloads. (
  • While the company is delivering its ARM-based servers to select hyperscale customers and partners, it will also support the ARM development space by providing the servers to key ecosystem partners such as Canonical and Cloudera. (
  • The main artery in the arm is the brachial artery. (
  • The brachial artery gives off an unimportant branch, the deep artery of arm. (
  • The brachial artery continues to the cubital fossa in the anterior compartment of the arm. (
  • The deep artery of the arm travels through the lower triangular space with the radial nerve. (
  • The EXCITE trial, conducted at seven academic institutions between 2001 and 2003, showed that this technique promoted use of the affected arm in people with mild to moderate stroke impairment. (
  • I finished soldering the Nano board and began to thread the paracord through fingers of the arm. (
  • With motion capture tags on their arms and fingers, the volunteers reached out for a virtual 3-D cylinder with their right arm. (
  • Casts are the main method that doctors use to immobilize a broken arm. (
  • You should also seek immediate medical care or visit your nearest emergency room if you suspect your arm pain is due to a broken arm. (
  • A woman with a broken arm enters a competition, and leaves with two. (
  • The contraindications for short arm splinting are relatively sparse. (
  • I also watched videos on assembling the arm to familiarize myself with the process. (
  • Likewise, this experience has provided the opportunity for ARM to familiarize itself with the needs of many different industries, from automotive component manufacturing to medical opto-electronics testing. (
  • however, the Arm & Hammer brand was in use 31 years before Hammer was born. (
  • Facilities predicted to have fewer than one event in five years (based on the expected number of events for that HAI) are currently not given an ARM for that HAI because this suggests that the facility should have zero events in the current year. (
  • Ryerson has specialized in post- stroke recovery for more than 40 years with a special interest in rehab for arms. (
  • ARM initially started looking at the server market two years ago, when it set up a team of marketing and research and development people to explore the opportunity. (
  • Astronomers using this technique had previously estimated the distance to Perseus, the arm immediately beyond the Sun, at more than 13,000 light years. (
  • Now Xu's team has used a third technique - 100 times more accurate than the other two - to conclude the Perseus arm is indeed relatively close, at just 6400 light years from Earth. (
  • Mr. Singh, 45, lives two miles from the Line of Control (LoC) between India and Pakistan in the disputed territory of Kashmir, where relentless militant assaults during the past 12 years have persuaded the Indian government to arm villagers in the region with 303-gauge rifles. (
  • Azerbaijan was the second-largest arms importer in Europe over the past five years, according to a new report from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, an arms trade research group. (
  • Azerbaijan accounted for fully 13% of all of Europe's arms imports over the last five years, SIPRI reported, behind only the UK (The report doesn't list dollar values for the imports. (
  • Based on an estimated cost of re-operation of C$12,618, the study concluded that the O-arm TM and StealthStation TM are cost-neutral for sites performing more than 254 pedicle screw implant procedures per year over a period of seven years. (
  • There is a United Nations arms embargo on Yugoslavia. (
  • But he has also hinted previously that the Nato air strikes automatically negated the force of UN resolutions concerning the former Yugoslavia, including an arms embargo. (
  • South Sudan arms embargo is finally going to a vote. (
  • The company, now renamed Calxeda, has announced a low-power ARM-based server , though the product is not yet available. (
  • Low-power, 64-bit ARM servers from Calxeda will make their way into the datacentre in 2014, the company has revealed. (
  • Last November, HP announced its hyperscale intentions when it debuted Project Moonshot, seeking to redesign servers in preparation for a Web-scale era, and the HP Redstone Server platform, based on Calxeda ARM Cortex processors. (
  • This is a list of microarchitectures based on the ARM family of instruction sets designed by ARM Holdings and 3rd parties, sorted by version of the ARM instruction set, release and name. (
  • One group received computer-assisted spine surgery (CAS) with Medtronic's O-arm TM imaging device and StealthStation TM navigation system, while a control group received surgery with conventional fluoroscopy using the Philips C-arm device. (