A historical and cultural entity dispersed across a wide geographical area under the administrative, intellectual, social, and cultural domination of the Arab empire. The Arab world, under the impetus of Islam, by the eighth century A.D., extended from Arabia in the Middle East to all of northern Africa, southern Spain, Sardinia, and Sicily. Close contact was maintained with Greek and Jewish culture. While the principal service of the Arabs to medicine was the preservation of Greek culture, the Arabs themselves were the originators of algebra, chemistry, geology, and many of the refinements of civilization. (From A. Castiglioni, A History of Medicine, 2d ed, p260; from F. H. Garrison, An Introduction to the History of Medicine, 4th ed, p126)
Members of a Semitic people inhabiting the Arabian peninsula or other countries of the Middle East and North Africa. The term may be used with reference to ancient, medieval, or modern ethnic or cultural groups. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
The region of southwest Asia and northeastern Africa usually considered as extending from Libya on the west to Afghanistan on the east. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988)
A federation of seven states on the southeast portion of the Arabian peninsula: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Qaiwain. In 1820 a treaty of peace was concluded between Great Britain and native rulers. During the 19th century the rulers agreed to suppression of the slave trade and restriction of foreign relations to Great Britain. The Trucial Council was established in 1952 and defense treaties with Great Britain terminated. In 1971 an independent six-member federation was formed, with Ras al-Khaimah joining the federation in 1972. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p1250)
Works containing information articles on subjects in every field of knowledge, usually arranged in alphabetical order, or a similar work limited to a special field or subject. (From The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983)
Congenital malformation characterized by MICROGNATHIA or RETROGNATHIA; GLOSSOPTOSIS and CLEFT PALATE. The mandibular abnormalities often result in difficulties in sucking and swallowing. The syndrome may be isolated or associated with other syndromes (e.g., ANDERSEN SYNDROME; CAMPOMELIC DYSPLASIA). Developmental mis-expression of SOX9 TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR gene on chromosome 17q and its surrounding region is associated with the syndrome.
A game whose object is to sink a ball into each of 9 or 18 successive holes on a golf course using as few strokes as possible.
Any process by which toxicity, metabolism, absorption, elimination, preferred route of administration, safe dosage range, etc., for a drug or group of drugs is determined through clinical assessment in humans or veterinary animals.
A malignant neoplasm derived from cells that are capable of forming melanin, which may occur in the skin of any part of the body, in the eye, or, rarely, in the mucous membranes of the genitalia, anus, oral cavity, or other sites. It occurs mostly in adults and may originate de novo or from a pigmented nevus or malignant lentigo. Melanomas frequently metastasize widely, and the regional lymph nodes, liver, lungs, and brain are likely to be involved. The incidence of malignant skin melanomas is rising rapidly in all parts of the world. (Stedman, 25th ed; from Rook et al., Textbook of Dermatology, 4th ed, p2445)
A form of violent crowd behavior which expresses the emotional release of resentments and prejudices, usually relevant to grievances toward the social system.
Persons whose profession is to give legal advice and assistance to clients and represent them in legal matters. (American Heritage Dictionary, 3d ed)
Those federal and state laws, and their enforcement, that protect trade and commerce from unlawful restraints and monopolies or unfair business practices.
Chemical substances which are employed during a riot in order to control or disperse the rioting parties.
Women who allow themselves to be impregnated with the understanding that the offspring are to be given over to the parents who have commissioned the surrogate.
Agents of the law charged with the responsibility of maintaining and enforcing law and order among the citizenry.
Surgical removal of the thyroid gland. (Dorland, 28th ed)
An agency of the NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH concerned with overall planning, promoting, and administering programs pertaining to advancement of medical and related sciences. Major activities of this institute include the collection, dissemination, and exchange of information important to the progress of medicine and health, research in medical informatics and support for medical library development.
The bestowing of tangible or intangible benefits, voluntarily and usually without expectation of anything in return. However, gift giving may be motivated by feelings of ALTRUISM or gratitude, by a sense of obligation, or by the hope of receiving something in return.
Social welfare organizations with programs designed to assist individuals in need.
A genus in the family CALICIVIRIDAE, associated with epidemic GASTROENTERITIS in humans. The type species, NORWALK VIRUS, contains multiple strains.
Virus diseases caused by CALICIVIRIDAE. They include HEPATITIS E; VESICULAR EXANTHEMA OF SWINE; acute respiratory infections in felines, rabbit hemorrhagic disease, and some cases of gastroenteritis in humans.
INFLAMMATION of any segment of the GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT from ESOPHAGUS to RECTUM. Causes of gastroenteritis are many including genetic, infection, HYPERSENSITIVITY, drug effects, and CANCER.
Sudden increase in the incidence of a disease. The concept includes EPIDEMICS and PANDEMICS.
Character traits that are considered to be morally praiseworthy. (Bioethics Thesaurus)
A love or pursuit of wisdom. A search for the underlying causes and principles of reality. (Webster, 3d ed)

Caesarean section rates in the Arab region: a cross-national study. (1/10)

This study had a dual purpose of estimating population- and hospital-based caesarean section rates in 18 Arab countries and examining the association between these rates and important indicators of socioeconomic development. Data on caesarean section were based on the most recent population-based surveys undertaken in each country. Descriptive statistics and bivariate correlation coefficients were used for the analysis. Specifically, Spearman's rank correlation coefficients were used to analyze the associations between caesarean section rates and important population parameters. Results revealed that four Arab countries had population-based caesarean rates below 5%, while only three countries had rates above 15%. The remaining 11 countries had caesarean rates ranging between 5-15%. Higher hospital-based rates were reported for all countries. Differences in caesarean section rates between private and public hospitals were also noted. Highly significant associations were observed between population caesarean rates and female literacy, percentage urban, infant mortality rate, and the proportion of physicians per 100 000 people. The "caesarean section epidemic" observed in countries of Latin America is not yet evident in the 18 Arab countries examined. Rather, emphasis should be on improving access to appropriate obstetrical interventions in case of complications in a number of countries where rates were well below 5%.  (+info)

Arabic sign language: a perspective. (2/10)

Sign language in the Arab World has been recently recognized and documented. Many efforts have been made to establish the sign language used in individual countries, including Jordan, Egypt, Libya, and the Gulf States, by trying to standardize the language and spread it among members of the Deaf community and those concerned. Such efforts produced many sign languages, almost as many as Arabic-speaking countries, yet with the same sign alphabets. This article gives a tentative account of some sign languages in Arabic through reference to their possible evolution, which is believed to be affected by the diglossic situation in Arabic, and by comparing some aspects of certain sign languages (Jordanian, Palestinian, Egyptian, Kuwaiti, and Libyan) for which issues such as primes, configuration, and movement in addition to other linguistic features are discussed. A contrastive account that depicts the principal differences among Arabic sign languages in general and the spoken language is given.  (+info)

Internet-based search of randomised trials relevant to mental health originating in the Arab world. (3/10)

BACKGROUND: The internet is becoming a widely used source of accessing medical research through various on-line databases. This instant access to information is of benefit to busy clinicians and service users around the world. The population of the Arab World is comparable to that of the United States, yet it is widely believed to have a greatly contrasting output of randomised controlled trials related to mental health. This study was designed to investigate the existence of such research in the Arab World and also to investigate the availability of this research on-line. METHODS: Survey of findings from three internet-based potential sources of randomised trials originating from the Arab world and relevant to mental health care. RESULTS: A manual search of an Arabic online current contents service identified 3 studies, MEDLINE, EMBASE, and PsycINFO searches identified only 1 study, and a manual search of a specifically indexed, study-based mental health database, PsiTri, revealed 27 trials. CONCLUSION: There genuinely seem to be few trials from the Arab world and accessing these on-line was problematic. Replication of some studies that guide psychiatric/psychological practice in the Arab world would seem prudent.  (+info)

Health indicators and human development in the Arab region. (4/10)

BACKGROUND: The present paper deals with the relationship between health indicators and human development in the Arab region. Beyond descriptive analysis showing geographic similarities and disparities inter countries, the main purpose is to point out health deficiencies and to propose pragmatic strategies susceptible to improve health conditions and consequently enhance human development in the Arab world. METHODS: Data analysis using Principal Components Analysis is used to compare the achievements of the Arab countries in terms of direct and indirect health indicators. The variables (indicators) are seen to be well represented on the circle of correlation, allowing for interesting interpretation and analysis. The 19 countries are projected on the first and second plane respectively. RESULTS: The results given by the present analysis give a good panorama of the Arab countries with their geographic similarities and disparities. The high correlation between health indicators and human development is well illustrated and consequently, countries are classified by groups having similar human development. The analysis shows clearly how health deficits are impeding human development in the majority of Arab countries and allows us to formulate suggestions to improve health conditions and enhance human development in the Arab World. DISCUSSION: The discussion is based on the link between different direct and indirect health indicators and the relationship between these indicators and human development index. Without including the GDP indicator, our analysis has shown that the 19 Arab countries may be classified, independently of their geographic proximity, in three different groups according to their global human development level (Low, Medium and High). Consequently, while identifying health deficiencies in each group, the focus was made on the countries presenting a high potential of improvement in health indicators. In particular, maternal mortality and infant mortality which are really challenging health authorities of the first and third group were critically discussed. CONCLUSION: The Arab countries have made substantial economic and social progress during the last decades by improving life expectancy and reducing maternal and infant mortality. However, considering its natural wealth and human resources, the Arab region has accomplished less than expected in terms of human development. Huge social inequalities and health inequities exist inter and intra Arab countries. In most Arab countries, a large percentage of populations, especially in rural areas, are deprived of access to health facilities. Consequently, many women still die during pregnancy and labour, yielding unacceptable levels of maternal and infant mortality. However, the problem is seen to be more complex, going beyond geography and technical accessibility to health care, it compasses, among others, levels of literacy, low social and economic status of women, qualification of health staff, general behaviour and interactions between patients and medical personnel (including corruption).  (+info)

Hospital-based caesarean section in the Arab region: an overview. (5/10)

This article provides an overview of hospital-based rates of caesarean delivery in 18 Arab countries and the association between these rates and selected demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. Data on caesarean section were based on 2 of the most recent national hospital-based surveys in each country and on published studies based on hospital samples. High levels of caesarean delivery were found in Egypt (26% in 2003), followed by Sudan (20% in 1993). Six countries and the West Bank area of Palestine had rates >15% and 11 countries and Gaza had rates between 5% and 15%. The findings indicate an increasing trend of caesarean section delivery in the region. Policies aiming at reducing surgical deliveries should seek to identify and address these risk factors.  (+info)

Case notes and clinicians: Galen's "Commentary" on the Hippocratic "Epidemics" in the Arabic tradition. (6/10)


Stem cell course in the Middle East: science diplomacy and international collaborations during the Arab spring. (7/10)


Ketamine and midazolam sedation for pediatric gastrointestinal endoscopy in the Arab world. (8/10)


Look at the timeline of events in the Arab Spring and you will see that women have played a huge role in its development. Yet the contribution women make to the economy in the Arab world cannot be examined outside the framework of the political and social context. Many reports have indicated that the gap between women and men, and the percentage of women joining the workforce in the Arab world, is decreasing. Such reports are misleading and paint contrary pictures by concentrating only on one side of the coin and ignoring the political facts that exert such an influence on the percentages of women in the workforce. Women need political support to fortify their struggle and sustain their economic contributions.. The political activism of Arab women has increased enormously, compared to that of men. The so-called The Arab Spring was a social revolution before being a political one. However, it has been hijacked and driven in the other direction, restricting the space for freedom of expression ...
Exhibition tours will run Saturday, June 13 at 3pm, 4 pm, 5pm, and 6pm.. Exhibition continues through August 6. This exhibition is designed to immerse visitors in the creative vitality of the continually evolving uprising movement commonly referred to as the Arab Spring. Visitors will experience how freedom of speech merges with artistic expression - capturing the anger, elation, frustration, and hope of these revolutions in the form of graffiti, video, blog postings, cartoons, music, photography and even puppetry. Drawn primarily from protests in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, Creative Dissent demonstrates the varied responses to the protest in the Arab World beginning in late 2010.. Presented by the Arab American National Museum (AANM) and the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Creative Dissent: Arts of the Arab World Uprisings is guest-curated by Associate Professor of Islamic Art Christiane Gruber of the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, and Nama Khalil, an artist and anthropology PhD student ...
“The Arab world has made huge progress in giving children access to school,” says , a nonresident fellow with the at Brookings. Yet even so, she calls the 2.6 million Syrian children out of school in the region “perhaps the biggest education crisis globally.” In the podcast, Jalbout—former CEO of the Queen Rania Foundation and a global leader on education in international development—discusses the challenges and solutions to educating children in the Arab world, why quality and not just access matters, how the education crisis is a global security issue, and why 3 out of 4 Arab women remain out of the labor force in their countries. Much of the discussion is about Jalbout’s new report, “.” Show Notes: Subscribe to the Brookings Cafeteria on , listen on , and send feedback email to .
Gross enrolment ratio, upper secondary, gender parity index (GPI) in Arab World was reported at 0.97301 GPI in 2018, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources. Arab World - Gross enrolment ratio, upper secondary, gender parity index - actual values, historical data, forecasts and projections were sourced from the |a href=https://data.worldbank.org/ target=blank>World Bank|/a> on July of 2020.
Welcome to ArabianCoins.com. We specialize in coins and banknotes of the Arab world. In addition, we offer an exclusive series of attractive, specialized coin albums, for collectors of coins of the Arab world. Whether you are looking for one elusive coin, or are just starting your collection of Middle Eastern coins, enjoy browsing our online inventory and eBay listings. If you are not able find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to write us and share your want list.. ...
Welcome to ArabianCoins.com. We specialize in coins and banknotes of the Arab world. In addition, we offer an exclusive series of attractive, specialized coin albums, for collectors of coins of the Arab world. Whether you are looking for one elusive coin, or are just starting your collection of Middle Eastern coins, enjoy browsing our online inventory and eBay listings. If you are not able find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to write us and share your want list.. ...
Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuus millions of monthly readers. Title: The lack of proper distribution of energy subsidies endangers the arab world, Author: IJTEEE, Name: The lack of proper distribution of energy subsidies endangers the arab world, Length: 11 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2013-12-28
This set of eleven essays addresses the tightening water resource problems of the Arab regions twenty countries. The authors discuss themes of water conflict and provide detailed looks at four sub-areas: the Maghreb, the Nile countries, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Mashrek. This century has seen a technological drive to enlarge traditional surface and groundwater supplies and to expand irrigated farming for rapidly growing and progressively more prosperous populations. But now the region is facing absolute limits on its fresh water. Water in the Arab World focuses on todays need to move toward rationalized new patterns of using water within the national economies, a transition often described as moving from supply to demand management. The change calls for intensified national legislative and planning efforts concerning water, with serious consideration of desalination and conservation, as well as of pricing and market approaches to the allocation of a very constrained supply. ...
Middle East Progress has an interesting and succinct summary of the Arab worlds relations with Israel in terms of normalizations or not, as the case may be. Background: Most of the 22 member nations of the Arab League do not have diplomatic relations with Israel. Egypt was the first Arab state to recognize and establish…
Pianist Marouan Benabdallah is one of the foremost representatives of his native Morocco on the international stage. For years he has been developing repertoire that goes beyond the canonic works of the literature and he has performed to great acclaim music from the Arab world ...
The Arab Images Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to modern and contemporary visual arts, that has been rendering services in the field of civil society development, by pointing the lights on the daily life of local populations in the Arab World. By using photography as a medium of communication, it aims at showing what is out of the medias focus.
The Arab Images Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to modern and contemporary visual arts, that has been rendering services in the field of civil society development, by pointing the lights on the daily life of local populations in the Arab World. By using photography as a medium of communication, it aims at showing what is out of the medias focus.
A new exhibition at the Arab World Institute in Paris is celebrating the divas of the region, from Oum Kalthoum to Dalida to Fairuz. These women were not just the greatest Arab artists of the 20th century - some of them were also pioneering feminists in deeply patriarchal societies. We give you a sneak peek of the exhibition, and delve into the ideas behind it, with co-curator Élodie Bouffard.
http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=12755 The best banking personal relations in the Arab world Samir Nusairi Sources of the Union of Arab Banks, which are c
EBC*L Arab World built strategic partnership with well-known European companies, which fulfill an important role in their own sector. Among our strategic partners are International Qualification and Certification (IQ+C) Vienna, Skills Center Arab World, TÜV Austria, Austrian Standard Plus and Med grads.. For the past 29 years, the multiple international award winner The Skills Group has been among Austrias leading and most awarded PR agencies. The Skills Group was the first European agency, which established a unit dedicated to the Arab World Skills Center Arab World under the leadership of Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim. The Skills Group is able to offer high-level professional expert groups as an Affiliate of the worldwide Fleishman-Hillard PR network, which in turn provides us with direct access to PR specialists from over 80 countries. The Agency gathered many decades of working experience in several key industries, collaborating with national and international clients from Europe and the Arab ...
Amid the din of chanting crowds on the Arab worlds streets, difficult questions have emerged about future leadership, and finding solutions to the social and economic problems that ignited the protests. Those hoping for a quick resolution to the unrest need to understand that the leadership dilemmas now confronting the region are serious, Wharton management professor Peter Cappelli tells Arabic [email protected] In addition, some scholars suggest analyzing the regional unrest yields a number of potential leadership lessons, including the need to identify and deal with unrest brewing within your organization.
As a democratic revolution led by tech-empowered young people sweeps the Arab world, Wadah Khanfar, the head of Al Jazeera, shares a profoundly optimistic view of whats happening in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and beyond - at this powerful moment when people realized they could step out of their houses and ask for change.. I am here to tell you that the future that we were dreaming for [in the Middle East] has eventually arrived, Khanfar told the audience at the Technology Entertainment and Design conference (TED), speaking about the recent popular uprisings that have toppled long-standing governments.. A new generation, well-educated, connected, inspired by universal values and a global understanding has created a new reality for us, he said.. ...
With just days to go before the kick-off of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, South Africa 2010 fever is beginning to bite around the globe, no place more so than the Arab world.
Angelina Jolie has undergone a double mastectomy to reduce her chances of getting breast cancer. Dr. Samia Al-Amoudi became one of the first Saudi women to go public about her breast cancer, and has been trying to reduce the stigma across the Arab world.
Heart disease and stroke have replaced infectious disease as the top causes of early death in the Arab world, tracking the West in a trend towards lifestyle disorders, The Lancet reported Monday. An international consortium of scientists compared the… ...
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Dubai ruler says political discourse in the Arab world is a waste of time, urging politicians to let their achievements speak for themselves
Review of Nine Lessons Learned from Sherif El-Azma | AMCA | Association for Modern + Contemporary Art of the Arab World, Iran + Turkey
Sep 9 , Shearwaters , Little Stint , 48 Views , with Comments Off on Great shearwater The Great Shearwater - Ardenna gravis - is a large shearwater of Type - seabird, Family Procellariidae and Order Procellariiformes. It breeds on a few islands in the S Atlantic and is one of the few birds that.... ...
blockquote class=wp-embedded-content,,a href=https://marginalia.lareviewofbooks.org/making-the-arab-world-review/,Making the Arab World: A Review,/a,,/blockquote, ,script type=text/javascript, ,!--//--,,![CDATA[//,,!-- !function(c,d){use strict;var e=!1,n=!1;if(d.querySelector)if(c.addEventListener)e=!0;if(c.wp=c.wp,,{},!c.wp.receiveEmbedMessage)if(c.wp.receiveEmbedMessage=function(e){var t=e.data;if(t)if(t.secret,,t.message,,t.value)if(!/[^a-zA-Z0-9]/.test(t.secret)){for(var r,a,i,s=d.querySelectorAll(iframe[data-secret=+t.secret+]),n=d.querySelectorAll(blockquote[data-secret=+t.secret+]),o=0;o,n.length;o++)n[o].style.display=none;for(o=0;o,s.length;o++)if(r=s[o],e.source===r.contentWindow){if(r.removeAttribute(style),height===t.message){if(1e3,(i=parseInt(t.value,10)))i=1e3;else ...
Are you a student from around the Arab world? Are you familiar with podcasts? Would you love to share your experience as a student?. Yalla! Lets Podcast is a new project by Al-Fanar Media and Podium.me - a platform for the voices of youth under the age of 25.. Students from around the Arab world are invited to take part in creating a new podcast about Arab students and what matters for them. The project will involve working in collaboration with other students from around the Arab world, and the opportunity to put forward your ideas on the topics the podcast will discuss.. A first Zoom information session to allow for students questions, inquiries and ideas will take place on August 10, 2021. You can register here.. ...
This article evaluates Arab public opinion with the Arab Opinion Index by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) in Doha, Qatar. The Index covers 12 Arab countries with 85 percent of the population of the entire Arab world. The data was weighted by UNDP population figures in order to arrive at conclusions about the totality of opinions in the Arab states. There is indeed overwhelming support for democracy and change in the region, but, at the same time, the data imply real basic weaknesses of civil society support for the structures of democracy.. Ever since the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya in 2011, the question has arisen as to how big the real support for democracy in the Arab world is. Recent events in Egypt have led many observers to think that instead of an Arab Spring, one should rather talk about an Arab Winter.[1] Thousands of reports and opinion pieces in the worlds media and scholarly articles have been published on the issue, but hard facts on mass ...
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A: The central argument of this book is that to understand the Arab Spring you need to understand how media use has changed in recent years.. It has been 15 years since the last wave of democratization. Between 1989 and 1995, many remnants of the Soviet Union and failed authoritarian regimes in other parts of the world turned themselves into variously functional electoral democracies. But as a region, North Africa and the Middle East were noticeably devoid of popular democracy movements - until the early months of 2011.. Democratization movements had existed long before technologies such as mobile phones and the Internet came to these countries. But with these technologies, people sharing an interest in democracy built extensive networks, created social capital and organized political action.. Whether or not this Arab Spring leads to long-term entrenchment of democratic institutions and cultures in the Arab state-system is a question mark, but one which requires a critical examination of the ...
Monday 28 January 2019 (RBB News) - Sudans President Omar al-Bashir has said there are efforts to destabilize his country through an attempt to replicate the so-called Arab Spring.. He was speaking in Egypts capital Cairo after meeting his counterpart Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.. It is his second foreign trip since protests began in December.. The protests started over cuts to bread and fuel subsidies but have since morphed into anger at Mr Bashirs 30-year rule.. Protesters have been heard shouting: The people want the fall of the regime.. The slogan is adopted from the Arab Spring - a wave of protests which started in 2010 and spread across the Middle East and North Africa and led to civil wars.. Eighteen days of protests forced Egypts long-time leader Hosni Mubarak to resign in February 2011.. But any attempts to protest in Sudan at the time of the Arab uprisings were crushed, Reuters reported.. In his speech, President Bashir acknowledged there were problems in the country but said they were ...
The full paper can be accessed here.. A new policy paper by ICSR argues that Al Qaeda is at its most critical juncture since it was established more than 20 years ago. Based on speeches and papers by Al Qaeda leaders as well as contributions to jihadist internet forums, ICSR analysts Shiraz Maher and Peter Neumann have tracked the movements responses over a period of twelve months, which included the killing of Osama bin Laden and the onset of the Arab Spring.. The paper shows that the death of leadership figures, in itself, has done little to undermine the essentialist nature of the groups ideology. More significant, according to the papers authors, have been events that Al Qaeda had little to do with and could not control: the political transformation across the Middle East, which started with the popular revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt.. As Maher and Neumann demonstrate, Al Qaeda has struggled to make sense of the Arab Spring:. ...
Read High Food Prices an Unlikely Cause for the Start of the Arab Spring by Richard Cincotta, posted on the New Security Beat, April 2014.. Just months after popular uprisings toppled Tunisia and Egypts authoritarian regimes, a trio of complex-system researchers published a brief article linking these demonstrations with high levels of the UN Food and Agriculture Organizations international Food Price Index. Marco Lagi, Karla Bertrand, and Yaneer Bar-Yams model, which predicts outbreaks of deadly social conflict when the index tops 210, has since become a popular explanation wielded by many for bouts of popular unrest, including the Arab Spring and overthrow of Ukraines government. But were food prices really an underlying hidden cause for the start of a wave of instability that is still being felt today?. Not everyone is convinced, least of all, international food policy analysts.. Read the rest of the essay here …. ...
Long-held beliefs about allies and potential enemies have been upset as the Obama administration navigates the tumultuous events of the Arab Spring.
Our data demonstrates that rheumatology publications from the AL countries still lag behind other world regions. Several factors may influence the underrepresentation of rheumatology research in the region. These may include bias from journals toward publishing articles from their country of origin in favor of articles of local interest, WoS may not include journals from middle to low-income countries [12] or articles may be published in local Arab journals that are not indexed on WoS [13, 14]. In addition, the productivity of a country may be skewed based on its number of indexed journals, which are relatively few in the Arab world [15, 16]. Within the region, however, and over the period of 1976 to 2014, we found a consistent and significant growth in the number of publications. This is not unexpected as the world overall is seeing an increase in rheumatology publications, particularly from emerging economies [4, 17]. The Arab world in particular, has developed significantly over the past ...
Modern Standard Arabic introduces students to the form of the language that is understood throughout the Arab world. It promotes a level of literacy that gives students access to the vast heritage of ancient and modern literature, scholarly work and the media. It is a foundation that will enable advanced students to learn one or more of the dialects that comprise colloquial Arabic (Levantine, Iraqi, Arabian, Egyptian and North African).. The curriculum acquaints students with the geography, political systems, cultures and religious heterogeneity (Muslim, Christian, Jewish, etc.) of the Arab world. Special attention will be given to the 21 Arab countries that are members of the Arab League of Nations.. ...
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) warns that a protracted period of global economic turmoil could prompt oil exporters to reassess their long-term oil price expectations and thus curtail infrastructure spending plans and investment in oil production, which are already low. This would have negative effects on the economy of the entire region because the demand for Arab workers in the oil-rich states would fall with consequent effect on their remittances. Inter-Arab tourism revenues would decline, resulting in less investment by the richer Arab states in the poorer ones. This, in turn, could lead to lower asset prices, which would feed through to corporate and, eventually, bank balance sheets, placing even greater stress on financial institutions in the region.. All of the Arab countries experienced rising food prices as well as increases in other costs in the first half of 2008, which badly hit the poor. Consumer prices in Egypt, Jordan, and in other countries rose by an annual rate of 25 ...
While the abortion rights debate continues to be hotly disputed in the United States, with opponents using the Bible as a base for their views, women in Arab countries also remain subject to widely varying abortion laws primarily based on a countrys interpretation of Islam.
We are an initiative that aims to honor Arabs accomplishments and bring Arab achievers to the forefront of the globe stage, defying the negative perceptions that have plagued the region and becoming a source of inspiration to the Arab youth in their search for role models.
We are an initiative that aims to honor Arabs accomplishments and bring Arab achievers to the forefront of the globe stage, defying the negative perceptions that have plagued the region and becoming a source of inspiration to the Arab youth in their search for role models.
[caption align=center] description: [/caption]The second part of this analysis of the Arab Human Disaster examines what has happened to young people, using da
We have stood on many occasions against political forces urging us to overlook the dictatorial approach of this regime on the pretext of standing against the Zionist Entity and we consider this approach opportunistic, harmful and against the development of the revolutionary movement and combativeness in the Arab world and national liberation. Patriotism and resistance to colonialism and to Zionist and imperialist plans facing us cannot be in contradiction with the peoples enjoyment of their full democratic and political freedoms, or their condition at the forefront. It is true that political freedoms alone are not sufficient to realization of national aims, but the sovereignty of the Arab peoples and the revival of the Arab world and unity in the face of imperialism will not be achieved without them. Why would democracy for the Arab peoples not antagonize the Zionist Entity if this were not a threat to its very existence?! And why has America supported and still support the tyranny of Arab ...
In partnership with Arab News and the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding (CAABU), YouGov interviewed over 2,000 UK residents to analyse their perspective on the Arab world, UK media coverage of Arab affairs, and Arab migrants that inhabit Britain today.
Today we are celebrating the Arabic Language International Day. So, we offer you some advice on how to do business with Arab businessmen.
The first trend Roy cited to back up this thesis is the sharp drop in fertility levels in the Arab world since the late 1980s and the 1990s. Several Arab countries, especially those in North Africa, now have birthrates of around two children per woman, close but still above the European average. Tunisias birthrate is actually lower than Frances. The generation that is now on the job market is the last generation of big families, said Roy, who is now director of the Mediterranean Programme at the European University Institute in Florence. Its a generation that has many fewer children and marries much later.. There is also more equality between men and women because theyve all been educated, he said, often to a university level. Even with the high unemployment in many countries, this generation of 20- and 30-somethings has less economic pressure to care for their ageing parents (because there are still many siblings) or for their own families (because theyre not having as many ...
Re-Orienting Desire: The Gay International and the Arab World was initially presented as an essay at a conference at the University of Chica...
Arab states are struggling to achieve gender parity in education, despite substantial gains towards achieving the related millennium development ...
The building was constructed from 1981 to 1987 and has floor space of 181,850 square feet (16,894 m2). The Architecture-Studio together with Jean Nouvel, won the 1981 design competition.[3] This project is a result of funds from both the League of Arab States and the French government, with the cost of the building totaling around €230,000,000.[4] The building acts as a buffer zone between the Jussieu Campus of Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI), built in large rationalist urban blocks, and the Seine. The river façade follows the curve of the waterway, reducing the hardness of a rectangular grid and offering an inviting view from the Sully Bridge. At the same time the building appears to fold itself back in the direction of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district. In contrast to the curved surface on the river side, the southwest façade is an uncompromisingly rectangular glass-clad curtain wall. It faces a large square public space that opens in the direction of the Île de la Cité ...
Use the rich collection of the British Museum to explore key themes about Arab people and culture: achievement, art, conflict, diversity, gender and global interaction.
Introduction and Purpose. The UNDP Amman Regional Hub is currently collecting data for a reference guide to address the under-representation of women and to strengthen their meaningful participation in political institutions in the Arab region. The purpose of the study is to highlight good practices, strategies and mechanisms as well as success stories and lessons learned that have contributed to overcoming the barriers to womens political participation in the Arab region.. The aim of this questionnaire is to gather information from women leaders in the Arab region about barriers to and strategies to increase womens representation and qualitative participation in their specific country context, with a focus on success factors, success stories and continuing challenges ...
Visualising Womens Rights in the Arab World, held in the community-run Feynan Ecolodge in the Jordanian desert, aimed at exploring ways of creatively presenting information through images, animations, info-graphics and maps for supporting advocacy and campaigns.. Conceptualised and organised by Tactical Tech, the workshop brought together 44 activists working on a variety of womens rights issues in the Arab region for a 3-day adventure of skill-share and learning around the subject of visual advocacy.. CartONG ran the mapping track. Read more. ...
The Arab World Agribusiness (AWA) is the only farm journal edited and produced in an Arab Country, published by Fanar Publishing Co. WLL of Bahrain since 1985 ...
Syria is facing near total isolation in the Arab world after a series of countries withdrew their ambassadors in protest at the regimes killing of civilian demonstrators.
7. However, in our assessment, so far the involvement of Syrian veterans in terrorism and subversion in the various Arab countries is still nascent. However, there have been cases which indicate what the future may hold: in Egypt it was reported that jihadist veterans of the Syrian conflict were detained for their involvement in terrorist activities against the Egyptian regime, or were killed during a terrorist attack carried out by the Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (which is affiliated with the global jihad).[4] In May 2014 the Saudi Arabian ministry of the interior recently announced the exposure of a terrorist network that was in contact with extremists in Syria and Yemen. In Jordan the ISISencouraged demonstrations and riots in the southern city of Maan, a hotbed of anti-regime subversive activity. In Israel, two Israeli Arabs were asked by jihadist organizations to carry out terrorist attacks in Israeli territory after they had returned from Syria. In addition, in December 2013 a jihadist network ...
On Sept. 25, 2005, a football match that few people will remember or even have heard of, took place in Amman, with hosts Jordan comfortably thrashing an overwhelmed Bahrain 9-0.. But the result mattered little. This was a football match with a difference for the beaten team; it was the first time that Bahrains national womens team - established in 2003 - had taken to a football field.. Womens football had taken its first, small step in the GCC. It was only a matter of time before Gulf nations would follow other more established football neighbors like Jordan and Egypt in developing the womens game.. But while Bahrain and UAE have followed in those footsteps, things havent exactly progressed elsewhere.. Fifteen years on, a revolution is taking place in womens football. But its a revolution that seems to be going under the radar in the majority of the GCC, Arab countries and the Middle East at large.. On June 25, 2020, the announcement that Australia and New Zealand will co-host the 2023 ...
Libguide Overview. This Current Events Libguide is a collaborative effort between the Undergraduate Library and Africana Collections and Serives to provide access to current, quality information on breaking news in Arab and Middle Eastern countries, along with the historical and cultural contexts for gaining a nuanced understanding of these events. We elected to concentrate on North African and Middle Eastern countries that have a common Arab, or Muslim heritage. One common misperception for these countries is that their choice is between dictatorship and Islamic fundamentalism. So far, we have seen secular repressive regimes overthrown or challenged by large majority secular insurgencies.. ...
Among the members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, US Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) had not indicated a specific position on the review bill or on the recently reached framework deal with Iran. US Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said, Keep in mind that the War Powers Resolution was passed over the veto of [former] president [Richard] Nixon. There comes a moment when the Congress asserts itself. When asked whether Democrats could help override Obamas veto of a Congressional resolution against a final Iran deal, Durbin said, I wouldnt rule it out ...
In 2008, Queen Rania of Jordan warned that unemployed youth in the Arab world constitute a ticking time bomb which, if not diffused, could lead to social unrest. She was correct, if events in Tunisia and Egypt are anything to go by.. The Arab revolt is anchored in a complex mixture of factors. These range from rulers that have overstayed their welcome in presidential palaces by a few decades (3 in the case of Mubarak), to frightening social conditions wherein 80% of the regions unemployed are under the age of 30.. A whole third of the Arab worlds population is between the ages of 15 and 24. Elite self-enrichment combined with political repression raises many painful questions about the modes of economic accumulation, and the strategies some of these countries can adopt to diversify economies to accommodate a demographic bulge of youthful, educated and unemployed people.. The political situation in Egypt and the open revolt that has spilled onto its streets is echoing through the region. ...
The poor dears!. It strikes me, though, that we are watching something vast, and beautiful, and terrible.. We are watching the rarest of historic spectacles, the death agonies of an entire civilisation as it immolates itself in envy, spite, frustration, rage, impotence, barbarity and hate.. For the Arabs are the most impotent of people, perhaps the greatest eunuchs who have ever lived. They have invented nothing in 400 years. Every year, more books are written in Spain that have been written in the Arab world in the past 500 years. Take away the oil, and the economy of the entire Arab world is worth less that that of one Finnish mobile phone company, Nokia. Everything above mediaeval technology they must import from us. They are utterly incapable even of exploiting their own resources without the technology, expertise and peoples of the West. AT best, they can grow tasty dates, and raise livestock.. In such circumstances, every light-socket, every car, every piece of paper must be a grinding ...
Monitoring the Invisible Empire, the Worlds Largest Secret Society - Concealed Freemasonry History and Current Freemasons News.
Monitoring the Invisible Empire, the Worlds Largest Secret Society - Concealed Freemasonry History and Current Freemasons News.
Since 1980, the foreign relations of Iraq were influenced by a number of controversial decisions by the Saddam Hussein administration. Hussein had good relations with the Soviet Union and a number of western countries such as France and Germany, who provided him with advanced weapons systems. He also developed a tenuous relation with the United States, who supported him during the Iran-Iraq war. However, the Invasion of Kuwait that triggered the Gulf War brutally changed Iraqs relations with the Arab World and the West. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and others were among the countries that supported Kuwait in the UN coalition. After the Hussein administration was toppled by the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the governments that succeeded it have now tried to establish relations with various nations. Iraqs relations with the Arab world have been extremely varied. Relations between Iraq and Egypt violently ruptured in 1977, when the two nations broke relations with each other following Iraqs criticism of ...
Saudi Arabia This carpet for choice. When you do not go to the mosque for worship will use it. General mosque of the picture has been drawn to the carpet. Laying carpet in the direction of Mecca, to pray on it. Where the mosque of the picture is not drawn it will be the space for worship. A word from the Nishio teacher Worship There is a fine determined are the important duty of Muslims. Men and women are supposed to pray at separate ...
EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has completed his three-day trip to Moscow amid criticism of Russias response to anti-government protests. The European External Action… Ver más EU Foreign Policy Chief Wraps Up Russia Visit Amid Criticism Over Response To Navalny Protests ...
On Tuesday 27 November 2012 the Internet Society and its Qatar Chapter presented INET Qatar, the Arab regional INET conference in Doha, Qatar. INET Qatar, with the theme The Rise of the Arab Information Society focused on the importance of connecting with regional Internet communities throughout the Arab region. Participants addressed topics such as Arab businesses on the Internet, the development of online Arabic content, and how the Internet is governed in the Arab World. The archived webcast is below.. OPENING SESSION. SPEAKERS ...
Upheaval in countries like Egypt and Syria is often discussed in political terms, but how do artists see it? Guest host Celeste Headlee talks about arts and the Arab Spring with Egyptian-American poet Yahia Lababidi and Syrian-American doctor Dr. Zaher Sahloul.
PARIS - A sustained popular revolt by the Algerian people is demonstrating that economic-policy myopia in the face of significant national challenges can pose serious risks to a regimes survival.. Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflikas regime has largely itself to blame for the countrys weak economy. As of the late 2000s, expanded state spending, financed by rising oil revenues, had revitalized the economy, following the devastating civil war of the 1990s. But after the 2011 Arab Spring, state expenditures shot up further, and then increased again in 2014, during Bouteflikas fourth successful election campaign.. The governments patronage extravaganza came at a time when the budget was already in deficit. Then the bottom fell out from oil prices. Since then, with annual consumption subsidies costing the equivalent of one-quarter of the economys output, Algerias fiscal and external deficits have exploded to 15% of GDP.. At the time, the collapse of oil prices prompted a national ...
Talal Abu-Ghazaleh International TAGI is an accounting; auditing and financial services firm in the Arab world. TAGI is one of the leading firms of Certified Public Accountants and Auditors in the Arab Region. Free SEO Friendly Directory @ AskBee
17] - On Mon., Sept. 29 at 10 AM at the U.S. Institute of Peace, 2301 Constitution Ave. NW, WDC, met Sheikh Rachid Ghannouchi, the president of Nahdha party, the leading political party in Tunisia, and a leading Islamic thinker. Since the early 1980s, He has been an advocate of the compatibility between Islam and the principles of pluralism, freedom, modernity and democratic governance. His views and writings are influential in Tunisia, and across the Arab and Muslim worlds. While Arab spring countries are threatened by violence and crises that may destabilize the entire region and that is forcing more military intervention by a reluctant Obama administration, Tunisia is steadily moving along on the path toward democracy at a critical point in its transition. Earlier this year Tunisia ratified a constitution widely hailed as the most progressive in the Arab world. Political parties are preparing for a new round of legislative and presidential elections in October and November that may usher in a ...
Posted on 09/13/2011 10:13:34 AM PDT by AfricanChristian. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has captivated many Arabs with his tough talk against Israel, but voices at home and abroad question his drive to carve out a leadership role for Turkey in an Arab world once under the Ottoman imperial thumb. A Palestinian child crying in Gaza wrenches a mothers heart in Ankara, Erdogan told the Arab League in Cairo on Tuesday, using language calculated to delight Arab masses. His message of how Turks and Arabs twang to the same emotions would have seemed alien to a previous Turkey, friendly with its U.S. military ally, keen to join the European Union and disdainful of a backward Middle East on its doorstep. The so-called Turkish model has fascinated Arabs for several years, although no Arab country has emulated its mix of secular democracy, Islamist leadership and economic success. Yet Turkeys role is uncertain in a fluid region in which popular revolts are jolting many Arab nations, including some of ...
Mashrou Leila perform at Londons Barbican in 2017. Ali Matar produces Arab-themed musicals that start in their run in Londons West End before going on tour in the Middle East - most recently Broken Wings, based on Khalil Gibrans eponymous 1912 poetic novel, which will be playing at the Beiteddine Festival in Lebanon this July following a run at Londons Theatre Royal Haymarket last year. He says the Arab Spring is one of the big reasons artists from the Middle East feel the need to relay messages with their music, including through social media. He also credits it with creating an interest among non-Arab audiences in the capital.. One of the most visible and important expressions of contemporary Arab arts & culture in London is Shubbak Festival, the fifth edition of which is currently underway. Over two weeks, 150 events across film, theatre, literature, and visual arts take over the city.. London is immensely well-connected with the Arab region. Arab artists and Arab culture have ...
COVID19 in the Arab region As per WHOs Situation Report of 17 May 2020 all countries in the Arab region have reported COVID19 was the last reporting its first case on 9 April 2020 Most countries in the region have national rapid response for timely
In order to rate and properly assess the level of competition in the MENA regions cellular markets, Arab Advisors Group has created the Cellular Competition Intensity Index. The Arab Worlds cellular markets are moderately competitive; around half of the analyzed Arab countries had a cellular competition intensity score in the range of 50% - 59%. Arab Advisors Group released a new report Competition Levels in Arab Cellular Markets 2020. The report, which was released in November 2020, answers the following questions:. ...
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Its time to put an old aphorism to rest. For decades, Middle East analysts and journalists have used the informal phrase the Arab Street, to describe public opinion in the Arab world. The term is often used to imply monolithic thought that the United States and others must, it is said, heed when contemplating policy decisions. Western policymakers and pundits, for example, have often warned that increased support for the worlds sole Jewish state would come at the expense of relations with Arab nations; pro-Israel positions might cause the Arab street to implode. But evidence suggests otherwise.. As David Pollock, an analyst with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, noted more than a quarter of a century ago: Arab opinion, while measurable, is anything but uniform, or static even on enduring and seemingly mobilizing issues. Pollock, who regularly monitors opinions and polls in the Middle East, conducted his 1993 study after many analysts incorrectly predicted mass uprisings ...
I hope nobody is under the impression that Obama has suddenly become a champion for Israeli rights. Obama is a very effective rhetorical speaker, it was this gift of gab that put him in the White House. But, its important to look at his record of his actual actions thats what really matters and on that score, he falls short. In fact, it was his approach towards Israel that caused me to vote for Romney in the recent elections. I noticed in his speech he mentioned the peace process, and Israel becoming increasingly more isolated. Lets remember, that the group he is referring to is the Europeans and they have never been a promoter for Israels rights also, there has been a sharp increase in anti Semitism over there. There should be only one litmus test that effect Israels decision making and thats what is best for the country, not outsiders who are on the other teams side. The fact remains, not only the Palestinians but for the Arab world overall, they know what needs to be done on their ...
Used in: Arab countries, Caribbean If you are looking to get yourself deported from Saudi Arabia - possibly amid a riot - you can do no better than the Five Fathers gesture. The most inflammatory hand gesture in the Arab world, this sign accuses the subjects mother of having so many suitors that paternity is impossible to determine. To execute, point your left index finger at your right hand, while pursing all fingers of the right hand together. The insult is extreme and almost certain to provoke violence. ...
As for Jews in the rest of the Arab world the Arab countries actually forbade them from immigrating. Egypt and Syria forbade their 60k native jews (those with foreign passports who made the majority of the 80k Egyptian jews left before Israel was created most to Israel but some Europe while Egypt was under British military rule). The rest fled because of the infamous Lavon affaire (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lavon_Affair) where (surprise surprise) the Mossad attacked jews and American interests and blamed it on the Egyptians causing a stir. Anyway Israel if I am not mistaken have already accepted the fact that jews were not forced from Egypt and that they left freely. Egypt has already made a massive dossiers of some 100 thousand different documents containing wills, real estate deeds, news paper adds and what not (read some myself) that prove jews sold their property at or above market prices and declared in those adds their intention to leave the country and some had the audacity to declare ...
The fact that the League of Arab Nations is this years Guest of Honour at the largest book fair in the world goes almost unnoticed in most countries of the Arab world. Jürgen Stryjak reports from Egypts capital
Post-9/11 Anglophone Arab Fiction. A Dialogue Between the West and the Arab World - Jameel Al Ghaberi - Masters Thesis - English Language and Literature Studies - Literature - Publish your bachelors or masters thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay
This course explores the ways in which Arabs and the Middle East have been represented in Hollywood Cinema. Through an examination of Hollywood films over the last century, such as The Sheik (1921), The Ten Commandments (1956), and The Siege (1998), a shift in stereotypes is traced from the rich Arab sheik with harems of women to the Arab terrorist. Through this process, the course examines the connection between representations and the historical-political moment in which they are created and disseminated, from European colonization of the Arab world to 9/11. How have international relations, political events, and foreign policy influenced representations in Hollywood filmmaking? How do representations in film and media become part of American culture? Through examining these questions, we will develop an analysis of the changing landscape of race, gender, and American identity in film. We will also examine the counter-current of filmmaking and other genres, such as independent low budget ...
I have spent most of the Bush administrations tenure reporting from Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia and other conflicts. I have been published by most major publications. I have been interviewed by most major networks and I have even testified before the senate foreign relations committee. The Bush administration began its tenure with Palestinians being massacred and it ends with Israel committing one of its largest massacres yet in a 60-year history of occupying Palestinian land. Bushs final visit to the country he chose to occupy ended with an educated secular Shiite Iraqi throwing his shoes at him, expressing the feelings of the entire Arab world save its dictators who have imprudently attached themselves to a hated American regime.. Once again, the Israelis bomb the starving and imprisoned population of Gaza. The world watches the plight of 1.5 million Gazans live on TV and online; the western media largely justify the Israeli action. Even some Arab outlets try to equate the ...
The idea of a partnership between the two national movements - the Hebrew and the Arab - became a cornerstone of Avnerys world view, and constitutes, in his view, his main contribution to Israeli thought. In September 1947, on the eve of the Israeli-Arab war, Avnery published a booklet entitled War or Peace in the Semitic Region, which called for a radically new approach: an alliance of Hebrews and Arabs for the liberation of the Semitic Region (a term coined by him so as to avoid the colonialist term Middle East) from imperialism and colonialism, to create a Semitic community and common market, as a part of the emerging third world. Excerpts of the booklet were sent to the media throughout the Arab world and mentioned in some Arab newspapers, just before the start of the war ...
I would like also to point out that we are witnessing an all-Arab revolution. The Weekly Worker has been quite correct on this. Whilst I would rather call it an all-Arab revolution than a pan-Arab revolution, as the Weekly Worker does, this is simply a matter of terminology.. I am slightly puzzled by the fact that many from the Trotskyist tradition refuse to accept the idea of an Arab revolution. One good example of this is Stuart King of Permanent Revolution. Whenever I have spoken on Arab unity and he has been present he has raised a number of rather odd objections. On the one hand, he says, the Arab world is far too disparate and there are many national minorities (the Kurds, the Israelis and so on) and further nationalities which he invents, such as the Maronites (a religious denomination).. On the other hand, he then questions why we should be opting for Arab unity: why not opt for regional unity, which would include Turkey and Iran? Of course, in the long run we will have a united ...
Tel Aviv, Israel. ARABS AND THE HOLOCAUST. In his article, Setting The Record Straight: The Arabs, Zionism, and the Holocaust, (Tikkun, Spring 2012), it is reassuring that professor Ussama Makdisi acknowledges that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, had a sordid relationship with the Nazis. The details, which he doesnt provide, include the Muftis recruitment of Bosnian Muslims into the SS, his advocacy of Jew-hatred throughout the Arab world with incendiary radio broadcasts from Berlin, and his prominent role in the pro-Nazi coup in Iraq in 1941. Makdisi shies away from fully assessing the weight that this leader bore in the Jewish-Arab conflict over Palestine. Apparently, the book The Arabs and the Holocaust by Gilbert Achcar, which he reviews favorably, fails in this regard as well.. I agree that its too simple to lay all the blame on the Mufti for the periodic post-1917 Palestinian-Arab attacks against their Jewish neighbors, but it would be refreshing and useful for ...
ABHA: Saudi women spend more on cosmetics compared to women in the West, the Arab world and even in the Gulf, economic studies show.Recent statistics issued by the Saudi Customs suggest the amount of imported cosmetics in the past year exceeded SR2.3 billion.Saudi Customs spokesperson Issa Al-Issa said:
Myra and Robert Kraft Professor of Arab Politics in the Department of Politics and the Crown Center for Middle East Studies. Eva Bellin is a comparativist whose interests center on issues of democratization and authoritarian persistence, political and economic reform, civil society, religion and politics, and the politics of cultural change. She is the author of Stalled Democracy: Capital, Labor, and the Paradox of State Sponsored Development and co-editor of Building Rule of Law in the Arab World. She has published in a variety of venues including World Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Science Quarterly, Comparative Political Studies, World Development, Foreign Affairs, Middle East Policy, as well as numerous edited books.. In 2006-2008, she was named a Carnegie Scholar by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, supporting her research on high courts in the Middle East and Islamic World. She was also named a Fellow at the Princeton Institute for Regional and International ...
MTV is a leading independent media station in Lebanon and the Arab world. We provide round the clock news coverage, in-house production programs and the first free online video on demand service
The case of Islamic Universities Students in Khartoum ». CEDEJ Khartoum. Wednesday 4th of April. 3:00 pm. Summary. The migration of Muslim African elites in the Arab-Muslim world to get formation in Islamic sciences or on the way to the Hajj is an old tradition. The religious education has also been an instrument for the Dawa (Islamic call). Young Muslims from African countries educated in the Arab world go back home as Cheikhs and Imams. Sudan is a key place in this migration process not only because of his geographical situation but also his double status as an Arab and African country. In 1977 al-Merkaz al-Islami al-Ifriki (Islamic African center) was created in Khartoum. The Merkaz was a secondary school that offered only Islamic courses. In 1991 the Merkaz was upgraded as university and became the International University of Africa. This update was the first step in a new trend for the Islamic education in Khartoum. The term islamic disappeared from the name and new faculties in modern ...
Peace be upon you,. Praise be to Allah Almighty who has honored all of us to complete fasting the holy month of Ramadan. We ask Him to accept our fasting. We thank Allah Almighty for allowing us to witness the happy Eid Al-Fitr. We ask Allah Almighty to bring goodness to our nation, make the peoples of the world overcoming all ordeals and to prevail the peace around the whole world. We also ask Allah Almighty that this Eid will be an occasion to overcome the pain and to advance after the health, social and economic implications of the Coronavirus pandemic affecting the whole world in addition to be a good start for our brothers in the Arab and Islamic world and the whole world, as we are optimistic on the ongoing positive steps to achieve the stability in the Arab world, so that the security and prosperity prevail around the world.. Dear Brothers and Sisters,. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, since its establishment by the late King Abdulaziz, has been working under the tolerant Islamic Sharia, with ...
Feathered Cocaine, from filmmakers Thorkell Hardarson and Orn Marino Arnarson, is a fascinating documentary about the illegal and lucrative world of falcon smuggling, that ends up exposing an even darker, widespread network involving royal Arab families, the oil industry, the CIA and Al-Qaeda.. At the heart of this film is Alan Parrot, who finished high school in the early 70s and traveled to Iran, to follow his dream to work with falcons. Here his real education began, as he honed his expertise and reputation, eventually becoming the resident falconer to the Shah of Iran.. As Parrots reputation grew he exported falcons to the most powerful and wealthy of the Arab world, where the birds are prized as symbols of status and used during influential hunting parties. But Parrots success unintentionally fostered a black-market for the birds that is unsustainable and has the birds on the brink of regional -- and perhaps global -- extinction.. Wracked with guilt, Parrot began a quest to end the ...
The Graduate School of Business (GSB) is one of the prominent schools at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport which is well known for its contribution to the Arab world at large. In pursuit of developing the intellectual and human capital of future business leaders, we provide unique graduate and professional programs in a wide range of fields and ensure distinctive and quality education.
The annual Arab Best Awards are among the most coveted in the region, and aim to recognize exceptional organizations and professionals in the Arab world. They aim to celebrate achievements in three core areas: business excellence; government, leadership and sports; and social and community contribution. Award categories are highly competitive and the winners are selected based on a merit system that includes 17 criteria such as leadership style; alignment to strategic business goals; administrative productivity, among others ...
The annual Arab Best Awards are among the most coveted in the region, and aim to recognize exceptional organizations and professionals in the Arab world. They aim to celebrate achievements in three core areas: business excellence; government, leadership and sports; and social and community contribution. Award categories are highly competitive and the winners are selected based on a merit system that includes 17 criteria such as leadership style; alignment to strategic business goals; administrative productivity, among others ...
Cardiovascular disease and diabetes are extremely common in the UAE and throughout the Arab World. While cohort studies have made tremendous contributions to scientific knowledge of the epidemiology and determinants of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, none have been done in Arab populations. To study the causes of these diseases and other diseases common to Emirates, we have established a prospective cohort study, the UAE Healthy Future Study. It will be a resource for researchers throughout the UAE and the wider region with data accessible for all research which will be of benefit to the local population ...
Most connoisseurs of hip-hop would never think to look to the Arab nations for their music experience, even those who prefer a more religious spin on the art. However, he is one of the biggest names in R&B Hip Hop religious music and is famous right across the Arab world. His music is described as a mix of neo-soul with R&B and a dash of jazz. His most famous track is ٠١د اٞÙÆبÙŠسÙŠ- ٞÙŠش (Leish). With a Twitter feed and YouTube channel, he has the potential to reach fans all over the globe.. ...
European Union diplomats have rejected a proposal to suspend direct aid to the Palestinian Authority because some EU countries consider the measure too brutal.. Representatives of the 25 EU member states refused to endorse a European Commission proposal that would have suspended co-operation with the PA, led by Hamas, the militant Islamist group.. Countries such as France and the UK said it would send a wrong and even brutal signal if the EU halted aid to the PA without first developing ideas on alternative ways of delivering assistance.. Some EU officials argue that eventually Europe will have to engage with Hamas, which, together with its parent group the Muslim Brotherhood, is becoming one of the Arab worlds most popular and electorally formidable organisations.. The debate indicates Europes more gradual approach to demands agreed with the US on the Hamas-led PA. While Washington insists the PA must renounce violence, recognise Israel and abide by past agreements, some European ...
The visionary decision of many of the Middle Easts governments to transform their respective states into diversified economies has enabled the region to emerge as a global icon of growth and progress. Educational and human capital development in particular has been a central theme in region-wide efforts to broaden the income base. Growing parallel to the Middle Easts rise as one of the worlds most vibrant economies, then, is the demand for well-trained and skilled talents capable of sustaining this diversification-driven growth.. Preparing the Arab Worlds workforce for the unique challenges of the 21st Century requires advanced tools and techniques that can deliver far beyond what conventional education and training models can offer. Given how society now thrives in an Information Age, the shift to e-learning has become a natural progression for educators and learners alike.. E-learning is the delivery of learning, training or educational programs through electronic or digitized channels. ...
Arab News , World , One-state solution gains supporters Archived January 6, 2016, at the Wayback Machine "Gadhafi says US ... The abject defeat of Arab armies in 1967 led to an initial rejectionist attitude in some Arab circles, most notably the ... many Israeli Christian Arabs and some Israeli Muslim Arabs, fear the consequences of amalgamation with a population that may ... But while the Arab side was re-adjusting its position, the two-state solution was dealt a heavy blow as Israel (in the 1980s) ...
Arab World. 1962. Zones humides Moyen Atlas Lac Afennourir Images des lacs du Moyen Atlas v t e. ...
"Arab World". Respect Party. Retrieved 3 April 2017. Das, Shamik (15 November 2012). "Yvonne Ridley: Says Zionists should be " ... What have the Jews done good in this world??" David Aaronovitch in The Jewish Chronicle wrote: "'What have the Jews done good ... The party was largely hostile to Western capitalism and neoliberalism, and interpreted many world events through the prism of ... in this world?' clearly means 'The Jews do only bad'. The Jews haven't suffered as much as they say they have, but insofar as ...
"Year of Completion". World Arab. Archived from the original on 2009-11-19. Official Website "Dubai Towers Doha". SkyscraperPage ...
"Islamic art from museums around the world". Arab News. 2020-05-18. Retrieved 2020-05-18. Mack, Rosamond E. Bazaar to Piazza: ... in naskhi or throughout the islamic world." Those inscriptions include the name of God or the ruler. As an example, the ...
"Islamic art from museums around the world". Arab News. 18 May 2020. Retrieved 18 May 2020. Talbi, M. (24 April 2012). "Ibn S ... The Arab chronicler Ibn Hawqal visited and described the city of Algiers in the Zirid era: "The city of Algiers is built on a ... In 1013 the Zirids founded the Albaicín District in Granada which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. During the rule of Zawi ... When the Zirids renounced Shia Islam and recognized the Abbasid Caliphate in 1048, the Fatimids sent the Arab tribes of the ...
"Arab Aid". Saudi Aramco World. 1979. Archived from the original on 13 January 2010. Retrieved 1 May 2010. Gardner, Frank (20 ... Saudi Arabian stated policy is focused on co-operation with the oil-exporting Gulf States, the unity of the Arab world, Islamic ... Following the wave of early-2011 protests and revolutions affecting the Arab world, Saudi Arabia offered asylum to deposed ... The country plays a prominent role in the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and in 2005 joined the World Trade ...
Arab World Books. Retrieved 16 November 2020. "ميسون تصدر الأعمال الكاملة لوالدها الشاعر الشيخ صقر القاسمي". Middle East Online ... Maisoon Saqer, a poet and artisit, was born on 1958 in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates. In 1981, she graduated from the ...
Zhixue, Ma (2008). "The Latest Edition of History of the Arabs: Prefaces and Postscript" (PDF). Arab World Studies. 5: 81. ... Following his death, Ma's translation of Philip K. Hitti's History of the Arabs was published in 1979 by the Commercial Press. ... Mao, Yufeng (2011). "A Muslim Vision for the Chinese Nation: Chinese Pilgrimage Missions to Mecca during World War II". The ... Chen, John T. (2014). "Re-Orientation: The Chinese Azharites between Umma and Third World, 1938-1955". The Journal of Asian ...
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Arab, Sameh M. "Medicine in Ancient Egypt - Part 1". Arab World Books. Retrieved 18 November 2011. Fagan, Brian M. (2004). The ... Arab, Sameh M. "Medicine in Ancient Egypt - Part 3". Arab World Books. Retrieved 18 November 2011. "Medicine in Ancient Egypt ... The oldest metal (Bronze or copper) surgical tools in the world were discovered in the tomb of Qar. Surgery was a common ... The earliest recorded physician in the world[citation needed], Hesy-Ra, practiced in ancient Egypt. He was "Chief of Dentists ...
African World Festival Arab World Fest Asian Moon Festival Festa Italiana German Fest Indian Summer Festival Irish Fest Labor ... African World Festival. Archived from the original on 2008-01-29.CS1 maint: unfit URL (link) "Welcome". Arab World Fest. ...
In 2011 Maklouf returned as a headline performer to the twelfth Festival of Music, again held at the Arab World Institute. ... "Hamdi Makhlouf - Youssef Zayed - Hazem Shaheen". Arab World Institute. 8 June 2011. Hamdi Makhlouf and Amine Beyhom (2009). " ... including to the fifth Festival of Music at the Arab World Institute in June 2004, the Tanjazz festival in 2005, the "Couleurs ... a compilation of several famous artists of the Arab world. He also participated in several musical projects as a sideman: oud ...
ISBN 978-0-7914-7788-5. Sahih al-Bukhari, 5:58:226 "A history of the Al Asqa Mosque". Arab World Books. Richard C. Martin; Said ... The excavations provoked anger throughout the Islamic world, and Israel was accused of trying to destroy the foundation of the ... ISBN 0-521-52575-6. "Arab states neglect Al-Aqsa says head of Jerusalem Waqf". Al-Monitor. 5 September 2014. Retrieved 5 April ... In 985, Jerusalem-born Arab geographer al-Muqaddasi recorded that the renovated mosque had "fifteen naves and fifteen gates". ...
"The Arab World". 1971. "Arab Perspectives". 1984. "oud - Definition of oud in English by Oxford Dictionaries". Oxford ... oud; pl.: ʿīdān). Short-necked plucked lute of the Arab world, the direct ancestor of the European lute, whose name derives ... the Arabic oud is found not only in the Arabian Peninsula but throughout the Arab-world. Turkish ouds have been played in ... It is the principal instrument of the Arab world, Somalia and Djibouti, and is of secondary importance in Turkey (ut, a ...
CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Barrie Gunter; Roger Dickinson (2013). News Media in the Arab World: A Study of 10 Arab ... ISBN 978-1-905486-05-2. "United Arab Emirates". World Press. Retrieved 27 September 2013. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter ( ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) William A. Rugh (2004). Arab Mass Media: Newspapers, Radio, and Television in Arab ... List of newspapers in the United Arab Emirates Shilpa Jasani (5 January 2013). "We plan to establish a new press in Abu Dhabi ...
CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Poetry by Anne Fairbairn". Arab World Books. Retrieved 16 October 2012. CS1 maint: ... Fairbairn has been known for her work in bringing together Australian and Arab cultures for over 30 years through poetry. In ... journalist and expert in Arab culture. She is the only granddaughter of Australia's fourth Prime Minister, George Reid. In 1965 ... from the International and Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace presented in Sydney by Professor Marie Bashir AO, ...
A departure in Khoury's writing is embodied by Book of the Flaw, which was rejected by publishers in the Arab world due to its ... These include: The Conference of Arab Poets in Amsterdam; The Conference of Human Rights and Solidarity with the Third World in ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "Nidaa Khoury". Arab World Books. Retrieved 24 May 2017. CS1 maint: discouraged ... Higher Arab Monitoring Committee, Round Tables Project to draft a strategy for Arabs in Israel •Established the NGO Bakaa [" ...
"The 'Azazme Bedouin and Their Region". Arab World Geographer. 2 (4). Winter 1999. (translated from German by William Templer). ... Arab Infiltration, Israeli Retaliation, and the Countdown to the Suez War. Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-827850-0. Pages ... Arab Infiltration, Israeli Retaliation, and the Countdown to the Suez War. Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-827850-0. Page 64 ... Men respect women because they have good Arab manners. Scarcity of grazing compels them to a wandering life more than other ...
She is considered "one of the most influential feminists in the Arab world." Baraka was born in 1942 in Cairo, Egypt. She grew ... Arab World Books. Retrieved 2020-10-22. Al-Refaie, Youssef (2019). Secrets of Egyptian Creative Women. Das Lamar Publishing ... During the Arab Spring, she spoke in favor of secular leadership in Egypt. Baraka won the Egyptian State Prize for Distinction ... Arab women writers : a critical reference guide, 1873-1999. ʻĀshūr, Raḍwá,, Ghazoul, Ferial Jabouri, 1939-, Reda-Mekdashi, ...
One of Paris' leading foreign cultural centers is the Arab World Institute in the 5th arrondissement. Located on the banks of ... "Musée des musées arabes". Arab World Institute. Archived from the original on 2009-07-24. Retrieved 6 Sep 2009. "Musée des arts ... displaying the civilization and art of the Arab world from the pre-Islamic era to this day. Another important science museum of ... After the 1900 world exhibition, the Petit Palais became an art museum, displaying many works owned by the city of Paris. The ...
Book 55, Hadith 585.CS1 maint: location (link) Sahih al-Bukhari, 5:58:226 "A history of the Al Asqa Mosque". Arab World Books ... Indeed, it was no new thing for the Arabs to worship there, but goes back to antiquity, to their early days, in that they show ... House of God') and is the qibla (Arabic: قِبْلَة‎, direction of prayer) for Muslims around the world when performing salah. ... This short Nestorian (Christian origin) chronicle written no later than the 660s CE covers the history up to the Arab conquest ...
Arab World Books. Retrieved 1 August 2009. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link). ...
Sebag, p. 338 Sebag, p. 347 Findlay, Allan M. (11 April 1994). The Arab world. Routledge. p. 169. ISBN 978-0-415-04200-0. ... On the eve of the First World War, the new major street in the centre was renamed Avenue Jules-Ferry after Jules Ferry. During ... The Municipal Theatre, which opened November 20, 1902, is one of the few theatres in Art Nouveau style in the world. Partially ...
Cairo is not only the largest city in the Arab World, with a population 12.3 million, but is also one of the densest. The ... "Air Pollution in Cairo - The Cost". Arab world books. AFP. "In Cairo the noise pollution can be a killer". Daily news. Archived ... Timothy Mitchell, a political scientist of the Arab world, suggests that a solution may be to "decentralize the state and allow ... The World Bank reports at least 1,000 deaths annually as a result of traffic related accidents, half of which are pedestrians. ...
"The Arab World". In Seyyed Hossein Nasr; Oliver Leaman (eds.). Routledge History of World Philosophies: History of Islamic ... Illustrated Dictionary of the Muslim World Muslim World. Marshall Cavendish, 2010 ISBN 9780761479291 p.79. I. M. Abu Rabi', 'Al ...
Arab, Sameh M. "Medicine in Ancient Egypt - Part 1". Arab World Books Articles. Arab World Books. Retrieved 2011-11-18. Wilkins ...
Arab, Sameh M. (5 November 2017). "Ramses The Great The Pharaoh Who Made Peace With His Enemies". Arab World Books. Christopher ... World History. pp. Book 21, Page 42. "1 Maccabees 8:17-8:20". oremus Bible Browser. Gillespie, Alexander. The Causes of War: ... Also known as the World Intellectual Property Organization Copyright Treaty. Also known, in its abbreviated form, as the WPPT. ... Also known as the Convention Establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization. Also known as the Treaty on Principles ...
He was also selected among the top 35 poets in the Arab world in the Emirati competition "Prince of Poets" in 2008. He won ... Arab World Books. Retrieved 11 December 2020. اللوندي, أحمد (16 March 2020). "عبدالناصر الجوهرى شاعر ينصت للكون". Middle East ... Award of the best 35 poets in the Arab world, "Prince of Poets" competition 2016: The Classical Poetry Prize from the Egyptian ... Also, El-Gohary's name was included in the Great Encyclopedia of Arab Poets in Morocco in 2016. El Gohary has published more ...
"Osama Alaysa". Arab World Books. Retrieved 6 November 2020. "مدرسة الدهيشة تكرّم الكاتب أسامة العيسة". Sawa. Retrieved 27 April ... Alaysa worked for numerous regional and Arab newspaper including "Ashraq Al-Awsat", 'Al Akhbar", and "Kul al-Arab"; and ... 2013: He won the Arab Prize for Creativity for his novel "Al Maskobiya". 2015: His novel 'Fools of Bethlehem" won the Sheikh ... He worked in several regional and Arab newspaper; and published more than 10 books including the novel "The Fools of Bethlehem ...
Today, the world's highest rates of union membership are in the Nordic countries. As of 2018 or latest year, the percentage of ... The post-World War II era also saw an increased pattern of unionization in the public service. Teachers, nurses, social workers ... "Colombia has the world's worst record on these assassinations..." - 20 November 2008, Colombia: Not Time for a Trade Deal ... "By the 1990s, Colombia had become the most dangerous country in the world for unionists" - Chomsky, Aviva (2008), Linked labor ...
In 1942 till 1945, during the Second World War the activities of the Arya Samaj was interrupted by the Japanese occupation of ...
According to the Guinness Book of World Records the Jeddah Flagpole holds the title of world's tallest, but it is entirely ... but Calipatria also has a large Arab population from Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, descendants of agriculture laborers in the ... Guinness World Records. Retrieved 15 October 2015.. External link in ,website=. (help) ...
Groombridge, B.; Jenkins, M. (2002). World Atlas of Biodiversity: Earth's Living Resources in the 21st Century. World ... One of the earliest descriptions of a food chain was described by a medieval Afro-Arab scholar named Al-Jahiz: "All animals, in ... such as small world and scale free properties. The small world attribute refers to the many loosely connected nodes, non-random ... This is known as the top-down hypothesis or 'green-world' hypothesis. Alternatively to the top-down hypothesis, not all plant ...
... is one of only a few countries where graduates from local medical schools end up working in other countries all over the world ...
Dawn of the World (L'Aube du monde), directed by Abbas Fahdel, 2008 ... The Marsh Arabs (Arabic: عرب الأهوار‎ ʻArab al-Ahwār "Arabs of the Marshlands"), also referred to as the Maʻdān (Arabic: معدان ... Blood feuds, which could only be settled by the qalit, were a feature of Marsh Arab life, in common with that of the Arab ... The way of life of the Marsh Arabs was later described by the explorer Wilfred Thesiger in his classic The Marsh Arabs (1964). ...
... it does not belong peculiarly and forever to a bounded part of the world. That which we call the Hindu religion is really the ... His famous speech at the Parliament of the World's Religions at Chicago on 11 September 1893, followed huge reception of his ... Swami Vivekananda on the Platform of the Parliament of the World's Religions. ... he tends to believe that the highest divine powers complement each other for the well-being of the world and mankind."[105] ...
World map by countries: confirmed per capita *China. *Hospital beds by country ...
Xenophon and His World: Papers from a Conference Held in Liverpool in July 1999. 1 July 1999. Retrieved 17 March 2010.. ... "Arabs, Kurds to Celebrate Nowruz as National Day". Retrieved 11 March 2013.. ... Faces around the World: A Cultural Encyclopedia of the Human Face By Margo DeMello - Black Face, Page 28 ... The world's creatures gathered in wonder about him and the scattered jewels around him, and called this day the New Day (Now ...
"US News and World Report: Aerospace / Aeronautical / Astronautical Rankings". U.S. News and World Report Bsst Colleges - ... United Arab Emirates[edit]. *Amity University Dubai. *Emirates Aviation University. *Khalifa University (ABET) ... ranked within the top 10 in the world every year since 2013 by QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education World ... "World University Rankings". Times Higher Education (THE). 2016-08-17. Retrieved 2017-04-23.. ...
Last World War I veteran to serve as Chief of Staff. Retired in June 1955, declining age waiver that would have allowed him to ... Last World War II veteran to serve as Chief of Staff. Supreme Allied Commander Europe, 1979 to 1987, including waiver to ... Continued on active duty to remain Chief of Staff during World War I; served as U.S. representative on Supreme War Council and ... Recalled to active duty in 1941; led defense of the Philippines during World War II, and then commanded South West Pacific Area ...
a b Goldsmith, Jack L.; and Wu, Tim (2006). Who Controls the Internet?: Illusions of a Borderless World. Oxford University ... Kesselman, Mark (2012-01-01). Introduction to Politics of the Developing World: Political Challenges and Changing Agendas. ...
23 July 2003). Comparative Economics in a Transforming World Economy. MIT Press. hlm. 53. ISBN 978-0-262-18234-8. Socialism is ... antikolonialisme dan nasionalisme Arab. Pemimpin sosialis Islam percaya pada demokrasi dan mendapatkan legitimasi mandat dari ... John Barkley Rosser and Marina V. Rosser, Comparative Economics in a Transforming World Economy. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2004 ... This definition is captured in this statement by Anthony Crosland, who "argued that the socialisms of the pre-war world (not ...
There are hundreds of historic and current commercial varieties used around the world. A comprehensive list of about 80 North ... It is found in the writings of the Arab botanists Ibn al-'Awwam and Ibn al-Baitar, in the 12th and 13th centuries when its ... of the world total.[19] Secondary producers, having 0.4-1.3 million tonnes annually, were the United States, Spain, Mexico and ...
Cahill, Kevin (2010). Who Owns the World: The Surprising Truth About Every Piece of Land on the Planet. New York: Grand Central ... "Global Arab Network. Archived from the original on 3 August 2009. Retrieved 7 January 2015.. ... In May 2010, Sarah, Duchess of York, was filmed by a News of the World reporter claiming that her former husband had agreed ... The Duke of York in his role as the UK's Special Representative for International Trade and Investment at the World Economic ...
Abu al-Qasim Ammar ibn Ali al-Mawsili was an important eleventh-century Arab Muslim ophthalmologist. Despite little being known ... Medicine in the medieval Islamic world. Physicians. 7th century. *Al-Harith ibn Kalada and his son ... about his life or education, he has been described as the most original of all Arab oculists.[1] ...
"Our World in Data. Retrieved 15 February 2020.. *^ Caton, S.J.; Ball, M; Ahern, A; Hetherington, M.M. (2004). "Dose-dependent ... The Arab chemist Al-Kindi unambiguously described the distillation of wine in the 9th century.[41][42][43] ... Alcohol is one of the most widely used recreational drugs in the world, with about 33% of people being current drinkers.[4] As ... 9th century AD: The medieval Arabs used the distillation process extensively, and applied it to the distillation of alcohol. ...
General view of the world-famous Marinha Beach, in Caramujeira, Lagoa, with the sea and rock outcroppings. ... The entire region of the Algarve was conquered by the Arabs when they moved into the Iberian peninsula in the 8th century. ...
Killing an Arab · Boys Don't Cry · Jumping Someone Else's Train · A Forest · Primary · Charlotte Sometimes · A Single · Let's ... The End of the World · alt.end · Taking Off · The Only One · Freakshow · Sleep When I'm Dead · The Perfect Boy. ...
"World Health Organization.. *^ El Dib RP, Atallah AN, Andriolo RB (August 2007). "Mapping the Cochrane evidence for decision ... The Schola Medica Salernitana in Salerno, looking to the learning of Greek and Arab physicians, grew to be the finest medical ... "World Health Organization. 2008-12-01. Retrieved 2014-04-20.. *^ Acharya, Deepak and Shrivastava Anshu (2008): Indigenous ... World Health Organ. 91 (4): 277-282. doi:10.2471/BLT.12.110015. PMC 3629451. PMID 23599551.. ...
World War I[edit]. As America entered the World War in 1917, Niebuhr was the unknown pastor of a small German-speaking ... As early as 1942, he advocated the expulsion of Arabs from Palestine and their resettlement in other Arab countries. His ... Warren, Heather A. Theologians of a New World Order: Reinhold Niebuhr and the Christian Realists, 1920-1948, (1997). 199 pp. ... Niebuhr, Reinhold (April 26, 1939). "Ten Years That Shook My World". The Christian Century.. in Baritz, Loren, ed. (1960). ...
Vials of myrrh from his relics have been taken all over the world for centuries, and can still be obtained from his church in ... In the mid-600s, Gemile was vulnerable to attack by Arab fleets, so Nicholas's remains appear to have been moved from the ... and its location further inland made it safer from seafaring Arab forces.[60] It is said that, in Myra, the relics of Saint ...
... assistance is channeled primarily through multilateral agencies such as the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank ... http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/spending.htm *^ https://www.sipri.org/sites/default/files/SIPRI-Milex-data-1988- ... "McClean: Tell the world our success story". Nation Newspaper. Archived from the original on 2012-03-20. Retrieved 11 June 2010 ... https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/bb.html ...
A lentil and rice dish is referred to in Arab countries as mujaddara or mejadra. In Iran, rice and lentil is served with fried ... Many different names in different parts of the world are used for the crop lentil; lentil (English), adas (Arabic), mercimek ( ... Lentils are the oldest pulse crop known, and among the earliest crops domesticated in the Old World, having been found as ... In 2016, global production of lentils was 6.3 million tonnes, led by Canada with 51% and India with 17% of the world total ( ...
Flag of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands: see CIA World Factbook ...
P. T. Terry, (1965). The Arab War on Lake Nyasa 1887-1895 P. T. Terry, (1965). The Arab War on Lake Nyasa 1887-1895 Part II, ... Junius P. Rodriguez (1997), The Historical Encyclopedia of World Slavery, Santa Barbara, California: ABC-CLIO, OCLC 37884790, ... The series of intermittent armed clashes that took place up to mid-1889 is known as the Karonga War, or sometimes the Arab War. ... P. T. Terry, (1965). The Arab War on Lake Nyasa 1887-1895, The Nyasaland Journal, Vol. 18, No. 1 pp. 74-5(Part I) ...
Established in 1961 it covers an area of 52,800 km2, making it the second largest game reserve in the world.[3] The park ... The World Economic Forum report on Travel and Tourism Global Competitiveness ranked Botswana 88 out of 141 countries in its ...
"World Book". World Book Encyclopedia. World Book Inc. 2003. ISBN 978-0-7166-0103-6. .. ... United Arab Emirates Baháʼís are counted as Muslim[70] 38,364 55,214[71] ... a b Baháʼí World News Service 1992. *^ a b c d e f BWC Stats 2001. sfn error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFBWC_Stats2001 (help ... "World Christian Encyclopedia: A comparative survey of churches and religions in the modern world (2nd ed.). New York: Oxford ...
First Flights, Saudi Aramco World, January-February 1964, p. 8-9. *^ Philip Hitti, History of the Arabs ... a b c d e f g h i j k Paul Vallely, How Islamic Inventors Changed the World, The Independent, 11 March 2006. ... Alat ini dibawa ke Iberia oleh penaklukan Arab.[262]. *Gitar, Lute, dan Oud: Gitar moden (qitar pada bahasa Arab) berasal dari ... Campbell, I.C. (1995), The Lateen Sail in World History (PDF), 6 (1), Journal of World History, m/s. 4-8. ...
"The World Economic Forum. Retrieved 25 February 2014.. *^ "Malaysia Country Profile". Business Anti-Corruption Portal. ... Business executives surveyed in the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report 2013-2014 reveal that unethical ...
Music and media in the Arab world and Music and media in the Arab world as music and media in the Arab world: A metadiscourse ... "The Arab World - an Arab perspective". milligazette.com.. *^ Phillips, Christopher (2012). Everyday Arab Identity: The Daily ... Main article: List of largest cities in the Arab world. Table of largest cities in the Arab world by official city propers:[39] ... The political borders of the Arab world have wandered, leaving Arab minorities in non-Arab countries of the Sahel and the Horn ...
"Arab World Institute" - news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR (December 2015) (Learn how and when to remove this template ... The Arab World Institute (abbreviated "AWI"; French: Institut du Monde Arabe, abbreviated "IMA") is an organization founded in ... "Window on the Arab World". Saudi Aramco World. 40: 20-29 - via Web.. ... The Institute was established as a result of a perceived lack of representation for the Arab world in France, and seeks to ...
Arab world ArabLand.com-Directories of all Arab World countries Araboo.com-Arab World Directory Arab Countries information ... Music and media in the Arab world and Music and media in the Arab world as music and media in the Arab world: A metadiscourse ... Arabs constitute around one quarter of the 1.5 billion Muslims in the Islamic world. The majority of people in the Arab world ... The political borders of the Arab world have wandered, leaving Arab minorities in non-Arab countries of the Sahel and the Horn ...
The Arab world protests may refer to the: Arab Spring Arab World protests (2018-19), also known as "Arab Spring 2.0", "Arab ... ", "2nd Arab Spring", and "New Arab Spring" This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Arab world ...
... based on the World Economic Forums Strategic Foresight approach. It works to understand the issue from stakeholders diverse ... World Economic Forum reports may be republished in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives ... based on the World Economic Forums Strategic Foresight approach. It works to understand the issue from stakeholders diverse ... based on the World Economic Forums Strategic Foresight approach. It works to understand the issue from stakeholders diverse ...
country comparison to the world: 4. Military and security service personnel strengths. the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces ... country comparison to the world: 99. Airports - with paved runways. total: 25 (2013). over 3,047 m: 12 (2013). 2,438 to 3,047 m ... country comparison to the world: 13. Gross national saving. 28.5% of GDP (2017 est.). 30.9% of GDP (2016 est.). 30.7% of GDP ( ... country comparison to the world: 175. Life expectancy at birth. total population: 79.37 years. male: 78.04 years. female: 80.78 ...
Leaders in the Arab world have condemned the attacks in the United States as unimaginable and horrible. But reactions have been ... Arab frustration Arabs have been frustrated at Americas support for Israel as it tries to put down the Palestinian uprising ... leaders in the region must be hoping that no Arab group will be implicated. Arab diplomacy has recently focused on trying to ... News Front Page , World , UK , UK Politics , Business , Sci/Tech , Health , Education , Entertainment , Talking Point , In ...
The Photography Biennale of the contemporary Arab world is a cultural event, established by the Arab World Institute and the ... between the Arab world and Europe. The event took place in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, between the Arab World Institute ... ISBN 978-94-6161-262-5. "Photography as art in the Arab world". The Art Newspaper. November 2015. Mercier, Clémentine (7 ... the Arab world since the early 2000s. Curated by Gabriel Bauret, the first edition took place from 11 November 2016 to 17 ...
Marc Lynch: The War for the Arab World The War for the Arab World... ... The War for the Arab World. Sunni-Shiite hatreds are the least of the Middle Easts problems -- its the struggle within the ... Islamist governments in Egypt and Tunisia have also divided the Arab Sunni world more profoundly than they have united it, ... Islamist governments in Egypt and Tunisia have also divided the Arab Sunni world more profoundly than they have united it, ...
The Arab League chief said on Monday that Russia and China had lost diplomatic credit in the Arab world by vetoing a U.N. ... CAIRO (Reuters) - The Arab League chief said on Monday that Russia and China had lost diplomatic credit in the Arab world by ... Arabs and world powers have ruled out military action on Syria. Asked if Moscow and Beijing had lost diplomatic credit in the ... Arab world after the veto, Elaraby said: "The short answer is yes." But he added that Arabs would work with them "because we ...
... announces that if Attorney General Mazuz decides to close case without indicting Israeli policemen involved in death of 13 Arab ... Arab Monitoring Committee demands world probe October 2000 riots. Committee announces that if Attorney General Mazuz decides to ... The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee plans to hold rallies protesting the Gaza closure every day next week, in different Arab ... The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee demanded Thursday that the October 2000 riots, which left 13 Israeli Arabs dead, be ...
... preventing unity in the modern Arab world. This demise of the leader of the Arabs concept was one major factor in the breakup ... The concept of "unifying the Arab World from the Ocean to the Gulf" under Nasser remained a slogan and a vision, but in reality ... Nassers success in the mind of the Arab World only added to the accomplishment of his national and personal goal: to fortify ... Israel Studies An Anthology : Israel and the Arab World - From Conflict to Coexistence by Alexander Bligh (June 2010). ...
Syria is facing near total isolation in the Arab world after a series of countries withdrew their ambassadors in protest at the ... Syria faces international isolation as Arab world turns against Assads regime Syria is facing near total isolation in the Arab ... The Arab worlds relationship with the Syrian government has been nettlesome. Mr Assad has forged close ties with Shia Iran, ... In what could yet prove to be the turning point of the crisis, opinion in the Arab world swung firmly against Bashar al-Assad, ...
World Bank Group. Other. How often do you visit the World Bank website? This is my first time. Daily. About once a week. About ... Blog: A silent data revolution in the Arab World. * Blog: Prying open the black box: Access to information takes its next steps ... Governments in the Arab world under public pressure for more economic opportunities and increased transparency in the decision ... Public Finance in the Arab World: Accountability starts with Transparency. September 27, 2013 ...
ldquo;The Arab world is on fire,” al-Jazeera reported on Jan. 27, while throughout the region, Western allies “are ... Noam Chomsky , The Arab World Is on Fire Thursday, 03 February 2011 13:13 By Noam Chomsky, Op-Ed , name. ... In the Arab world, the U.S. and its allies have regularly supported radical Islamists, sometimes to prevent the threat of ... "The Arab world is on fire," al-Jazeera reported on Jan. 27, while throughout the region, Western allies "are quickly losing ...
... Firas Masri Monday, February 6, 2017. ... Equality and the economy: Why the Arab world should employ more women. Bessma Momani ... Momani concludes that Arab countries must overcome numerous cultural and societal challenges to stimulate increased female ... According to a World Bank report, "womens employment can significantly improve household income-by as much as 25 percent-and ...
... cant rule the Arab World, Egypts interim foreign minister, Nabil Fahmy, told RT Arabic in an exclusive interview, calling ... Arab World has no grounds in it. "A non-Arab state cant head the Arab Islamic world," Fahmy said, adding that Turkish foreign ... A non-Arab state, like Turkey, cant rule the Arab World, Egypts interim foreign minister, Nabil Fahmy, told RT Arabic in an ... Turkey will never rule Arab World - Egypts FM Published time: 23 Aug, 2013 14:35 Edited time: 23 Aug, 2013 15:06 ...
The Burj-al-Arab Hotel in Dubai is one of the world's tallest hotels. Its distinctive shape is meant to mimic an Arab dhow ... View along the causeway leading to the Burj-al-Arab Hotel in Dubai - at 321 m (1,053 ft), it is one of the world's tallest ... The World Islands (near left edge) evoke a rough map of the world from an air- or space-borne perspective. Image courtesy of ... Though other rivers empty into the Persian Gulf, most of its fresh water comes from the Shatt al Arab. On the right edge of the ...
2018)‎. World Health Organization Syrian Arab Republic: annual report 2017. World Health Organization. Regional Office for the ... The work of WHO, 1974: annual report of the Director-General to the World Health Assembly and to the United Nations  ... World Health Organization. Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean. (‎ ...
This ingredient is also present in abundance in other parts of the Arab World. Cell phones and satellite dishes have become ... But my main concern focuses on the implications for other countries in the Arab World, such as Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco ... The world was surprised when Tunisians successfully ousted the countrys president, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Most surprising, ... Ben Alis Tunisia, however, differed in important respects from the Arab regimes in both the form that repression took and the ...
THE ARAB WORLD.. September 6, 2004 by languagehat 4 Comments Politics, Language and Cultures of the Arab World is a new blog by ... "Yes; the Arabs call the young palm tree al-yatit, al-wadi, al-hira, al-fasil, al-asa, al-kafur, al-damd, and al-igrid; when the ... World Wide Words. Online Etymology Dictionary. Tower of Babel etymological database. Perseus Digital Library 4.0. Logeion ( ... If memory serves, hes best known for accusing the Arabs of eating lizards. As far as I know, nobody puts him on par with ...
The Middle East Channel: The ongoing battle for gay rights in the Arab world The ongoing battle for gay ... ... The ongoing battle for gay rights in the Arab world. When the European parliament issued a critical report on Egypts human ... To continue denying that gay Arabs exist, though, is increasingly difficult. Thanks to the internet, young Arabs who experience ... Gay activism in Arab countries is still on a relatively small scale, but it is growing. The Lebanese LGBT organization, Helem, ...
The Scientific World Journal is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes original research, reviews, and clinical ... Comment on: "Hepatitis C Virus in Arab World: A State of Concern", Gasim I. Gasim The Scientific World Journal Letter to the ... Hepatitis C Virus in Arab World: A State of Concern. Mohamed A. Daw1 and Aghnaya A. Dau2 ... Gulfaraz Khan, and M. Jawad Hashim, "Burden of virus-associated liver cancer in the Arab world, 1990-2010," Asian Pacific ...
New strain of norovirus spreads around the world /new-strain-norovirus-spreads-around-world New strain of norovirus spreads ... Ian Goodfellow, a scientist who has studied norovirus for 10 years, describes it as "the Ferrari of the virus world" and "one ... Norovirus cases have risen earlier than expected this winter in Britain, across Europe, Japan and other parts of the world.. ...
Teamwork is the key to solving worlds problems, says Saudi envoy. *Sudans military strikes out at civilian politicians after ... Disclaimer: Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not necessarily reflect Arab News point-of-view ... with the Houthis even attempting to defame the Arab coalition with the lie that it is responsible for these crimes. ... to expose Iranian behavior before global public opinion in the admittedly slender hope that this might move the worlds ...
A world-famous 19th-Century art movement was responsible for these depictions of the Arab world being imprinted on your mind. ... Whether these artists spent time travelling or living in the Arab world or not - Lewis had spent a decade living in Cairo - ... Orientalist art, for Said, was part of this cultural tradition of stereotyping the Arab world - one that he saw extending into ... the eastern world. In it he says: "Arabs, for example, are thought of as camel-riding, terroristic, hook-nosed, venal lechers ...
... the publication and circulation of antisemitic literature in Arab countries that describes them as secretly running the world. ... "The Jews exploit the [Arab] hatred for them in order to help their allies [in the Arab and Muslim world] and hurt their ... Article In Saudi Daily: The Jews Spread Antisemitic Propaganda In Arab World To Cause Arabs To Fear Them ... and leaders that comprise the elites in the Arab world believe that the Jews run everything in the world and that the world is ...
... Posted in North Africa & West Asia, World ... as economic austerity helps fuel social and political instability throughout the Arab world. In Lebanon the ratio of debt to ... claiming nearly 50 percent of the regions income despite having only 15 percent of the Arab worlds population, an ascension ... Like its Arab neighbors, Jordan has become beholden to the debt trap of finance capital, in which capitalism and cronyism by ...
Start-up movement is gaining pace slowly but steadily in the Arab world, including in countries such as Oman and Egypt as ... Start-up movement picking up steam in Arab world. DUBAI, February 21, 2018. Start-up movement is gaining pace slowly but ... steadily in the Arab world, including in countries such as Oman and Egypt as hundreds of new technology start-ups are gradually ... Building a world-class network that supports new enterprises at their initial stage is the key motivation.. AIM Startup team ...
Jewish World UNESCO Cancels Israel Exhibit Following Arab Pressure UN cultural body, which admitted the Palestinian Authority ... Missing Piece of Worlds Oldest Computer Found on Aegean Seabed BDS Is Nonviolent. It Wouldnt Have Existed Without the ... Complaints by Arab states led the United Nations cultural arm, UNESCO, to cancel the opening of an exhibition on the Jewish ... Haaretz.com provides extensive and in-depth coverage of Israel, the Jewish World and the Middle East, including defense, ...
  • In 1971, six of these states - Abu Dhabi, 'Ajman, Al Fujayrah, Ash Shariqah, Dubayy, and Umm al Qaywayn - merged to form the United Arab Emirates (UAE). (cia.gov)
  • Three man-made archipelagos near Dubai, United Arab Emirates, are featured in this image from the International Space Station (ISS), flying at 350 km (220 mi) above Earth. (cia.gov)
  • Aboul Gheit said an emergency Arab League summit on May 31 condemned "terrorist attacks" against Saudi oil installations and commercial vessels in United Arab Emirates waters and reiterated solidarity "in the face of Iranian interference and practices. (journalgazette.net)
  • All of its 21 Filipino crewmembers escaped on a life boat and were initially rescued by a Dutch ship that was headed to the United Arab Emirates. (journalgazette.net)
  • Procurement Manager-Capital Equipment, Etihad Rail - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates  Sourcing Manager, RailCorp, Department of Transport - Sydney, Australia Procurement & Contracts Manager, Sultan Bin Rashed (Sultaco) - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Export Logistics Manager. (terrapinn.com)
  • Arab countries typically fall within three categories when it comes to abortion: countries such as Iraq, as well as the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip, prohibit the procedure altogether, while Bahrain, Iran, Lebanon, Oman, Syria, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen permit abortion only to save the life of the woman. (themedialine.org)
  • Weather today in Al Khawiyah, United Arab Emirates is going to be Sunny with a maximum temperature of 35°c and minimum temperature of 30°c. (worldweatheronline.com)
  • Looking at the weather in Al Khawiyah, United Arab Emirates over the week, the maximum temperature will be 37℃ (or 98℉) on Friday 24th September at around 1 pm. (worldweatheronline.com)
  • Looking at the world weather radar, national weather service and satellite images, Al Khawiyah, United Arab Emirates weather forecaster is reporting little or no rainfall over the week. (worldweatheronline.com)
  • So make most of it while you are on vacation in Al Khawiyah, United Arab Emirates. (worldweatheronline.com)
  • Although only 12 percent of citizens in the United Arab Emirates are eligible to vote, Dubai has seen none of the violence that has roiled the region, thanks to high per capita incomes and subsidies. (reuters.com)
  • As Crown Prince Gen. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) said at an international water conference in Abu Dhabi last January, " For us, water is [now] more important than oil . (nonprofitquarterly.org)
  • The United Arab Emirates has launched a nuclear energy plant on Saturday, the first such project in the oil-rich Arab world. (krdo.com)
  • Drawn from the collection of the Barjeel Art Foundation in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, this book features nearly ninety works by a diverse group of artists whose creative visions stretched beyond the boundaries of representation. (uchicago.edu)
  • Protiviti Member Firm Middle East Consultancy (Abu Dhabi), Protiviti Member Firm Middle East Consultancy (Dubai), Protiviti Member Firm (Middle East) Ltd. (DIFC), and Independent Consultants FZE (Sharjah) are the United Arab Emirates Member Firms of the Protiviti network of independent and locally owned consulting firms. (protiviti.com)
  • For many years, the United Arab Emirates has had one of the most active anti-counterfeiting regimes in the Middle East and Africa. (worldtrademarkreview.com)
  • The United Arab Emirates is a federalised country consisting of seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm al-Quwain and Fujairah. (worldtrademarkreview.com)
  • This in turn has contributed to the United Arab Emirates becoming the location of choice in the Middle East for the launch and marketing of international brands. (worldtrademarkreview.com)
  • In addition, the United Arab Emirates - specifically Dubai - has emerged as an international centre for transit trade. (worldtrademarkreview.com)
  • Rights holders are investing heavily in enforcement throughout the United Arab Emirates, more so than in any other country in the Middle East and Africa. (worldtrademarkreview.com)
  • The United Arab Emirates has put significant effort into developing its legal infrastructure with respect to the protection and enforcement of trademarks. (worldtrademarkreview.com)
  • In 1992 the United Arab Emirates promulgated its first federal trademark law - Law 37/1992 (the Trademarks Law), which was amended in 2002 to align the regime with the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs). (worldtrademarkreview.com)
  • Despite the relatively recent introduction of the trademark regime, the United Arab Emirates has proved to be a fast learner, particularly when it comes to trademark enforcement. (worldtrademarkreview.com)
  • The United Arab Emirates is a signatory to various IP treaties and a member of international trade organisations, and has been a member of the World Trade Organisation since 1996. (worldtrademarkreview.com)
  • The current legislation allows customs officials to seize and block goods that are counterfeit or that violate a trademark registered in the United Arab Emirates. (worldtrademarkreview.com)
  • As the United Arab Emirates is a federal state of seven emirates, the customs authority falls under the jurisdiction of each individual emirate. (worldtrademarkreview.com)
  • This has contributed to the growth of pharmacy services throughout the region, with advanced clinical practice in countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. (ajpe.org)
  • DUBAI United Arab Emirates Dec. 6 201. (bio-medicine.org)
  • DUBAI United Arab Emirates Dec. 6 2010 /- ViroPharma I...This is the first international presentation of these data which were. (bio-medicine.org)
  • The Emirates Digestive Disease Group and the Student Committee for Health Education in the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at the United Arab Emirates University announced the launch of a joint health awareness campaign about digestive diseases to coincide with World Digestive Health Day, which falls on May 29th every year. (uaeu.ac.ae)
  • The Arab world has a combined population of around 422 million inhabitants (as of 2012) [11] and a gross domestic product of $2.782 trillion (2018). (wikipedia.org)
  • In 2018, $900 million was invested across the region in 386 deals, an increase of 31% in total funding in 2017, according to a report released ahead of the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa , which is taking place in Jordan on 6-7 April. (weforum.org)
  • In 2018, Arab Health hosted more than 4,150 exhibiting companies, and over its four days welcomed 103,000 attendees from 159 countries through the doors of Dubai World Trade Centre. (dwtc.com)
  • With the FIFA World Cup 2018 just around the corner, featuring the participation of four Arab countries including Egypt, a new survey has predicted a drop in productivity across Middle Eastern employees, with 92percent planning to watch at least some of the matches. (egyptindependent.com)
  • The Arab world protests may refer to the: Arab Spring Arab World protests (2018-19), also known as "Arab Spring 2.0", "Arab Spring 2", "Arab Spring II", "Second Arab Spring", "2nd Arab Spring", and "New Arab Spring" This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Arab world protests. (wikipedia.org)
  • The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee demanded Thursday that the October 2000 riots, which left 13 Israeli Arabs dead, be investigated by the international community. (ynetnews.com)
  • MK Jamal Zahalka (Balad) suggested the committee send a delegation of Israeli Arabs to the UN and lodge an official complaint against Israel for killing 13 of the sector's citizens. (ynetnews.com)
  • Zoabi is one of 12 Israeli Arabs who currently holds a seat on Israel's parliament, or Knesset, where she has shown to be an outspoken critic of her country and encouraged her fellow Israeli Arabs to not allow themselves to be complacent bystanders who "thank Israel every day for not expelling them in 1948, who think they are not equal to Jewish citizens. (christianpost.com)
  • PLO's Zoabi loses mayoral race in Nazareth because Israeli Arabs know she doesnt care about them," tweeted IsraelRadioGuy, a pro-Zionist blogger. (christianpost.com)
  • CAIRO (Reuters) - The Arab League chief said on Monday that Russia and China had lost diplomatic credit in the Arab world by vetoing a U.N. resolution on Syria and may have sent a message to Damascus that it had a free hand to crack down on protests. (reuters.com)
  • Arabs and world powers have ruled out military action on Syria. (reuters.com)
  • The Arab League launched its new initiative on January 22, including a call to approach the Security Council, after an earlier effort that involved sending monitors to Syria failed to end violence. (reuters.com)
  • Syria is facing near total isolation in the Arab world after a series of countries withdrew their ambassadors in protest at the regime's killing of civilian demonstrators. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • Because the situation in Syria contains the dangerous potential of 'reshaping' the whole of the Middle East to such an extent that we haven't seen since World War I. (rt.com)
  • But my main concern focuses on the implications for other countries in the Arab World, such as Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Syria. (globalpolicy.org)
  • This gradualist approach complements Turkey's principled position on the need for reform in the Arab world, including Syria, with which Turkey shares a 900-km border. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • Luck certainly seems to be in its favor: the Gulf emirate has proven an oasis of calm amid the chaos of the Arab Spring, which saw rebellion in countries as far apart as Tunisia and Syria and, crucially, rival Bahrain. (reuters.com)
  • Beginning in 2011, waves of opposition to the regimes in power swept through six Arab countries: Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain. (wtop.com)
  • We now continue with the debate on the situation in the Arab world and North Africa, Syria and Yemen. (europa.eu)
  • The unanimous adoption of the UN Security Council resolution offers a chance for the first time to find a serious solution to the crisis in Syria," Nabil al-Arabi, head of the Cairo-based Arab League, said in a statement. (thanhniennews.com)
  • Although no globally accepted definition of the Arab world exists, [6] all countries that are members of the Arab League are generally acknowledged as being part of the Arab world. (wikipedia.org)
  • Institut du Monde Arabe , abbreviated "IMA") is an organization founded in Paris in 1980 by 18 Arab countries with France to research and disseminate information about the Arab world and its cultural and spiritual values. (wikipedia.org)
  • This report represents the culmination of an exhaustive exploration of the root causes and potential solutions for youth unemployment in GCC countries, based on the World Economic Forum's Strategic Foresight approach. (weforum.org)
  • The coming era will be defined by competition between (mostly Sunni) domestic contenders for power in radically uncertain transitional countries, and (mostly Sunni) pretenders to the mantle of regional Arab leadership. (foreignpolicy.com)
  • With 189 member countries, staff from more 170 countries, and offices in over 130 locations, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership: five institutions working for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries. (worldbank.org)
  • The recent political and economic transformations experienced by various MENA countries, coupled with the growing need to generate more and better jobs in a sluggish global economy, have put significant pressure on Arab governments. (worldbank.org)
  • Furthermore, Momani contends: "introducing diversity through gender parity will benefit economic growth and can help Arab countries generate prosperity-as well as the normative and social imperative of change. (brookings.edu)
  • Egypt's interim government has only nine months ahead of it, but during that time Egypt will review its relations with all the countries on the world map, Fahmy said. (rt.com)
  • Same-sex acts are illegal in most Arab countries, and even in those where they are not other laws can be used - such as the law against 'habitual debauchery' in Egypt. (foreignpolicy.com)
  • by the daily's columnist Muhammad Al-Sa'idi, claimed that the Jews deliberately promote the publication and circulation of antisemitic literature in Arab countries that describes them as secretly running the world. (memri.org)
  • Al-Sa'idi then proceeds to list books that were banned in the West but were freely circulated in Arab countries, such as the writings of Paul Findley (b. 1921), a former U.S. congressman from Illinois, who was known for his opposition to the U.S.'s support of Israel and his criticism of the perception of Islam in the West. (memri.org)
  • Citing another antisemitic book, he suggests that it was meant to cause the Arabs to despair of making any achievements in the UN, and adds: "The Arab countries' response to the psychological effect of this book was indeed profound. (memri.org)
  • Jordan joined five other Arab countries - Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen - in approving IMF loans in August 2016. (iacenter.org)
  • Start-up movement is gaining pace slowly but steadily in the Arab world, including in countries such as Oman and Egypt as hundreds of new technology start-ups are gradually being nurtured every year by venture capital funds that will change the economic landscape of the Arab world. (tradearabia.com)
  • Many Arab countries are leveraging technology to advance economic and financial inclusion, according to Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). (tradearabia.com)
  • This is not different in the Arab countries where the food loss and food waste generated per person sometimes exceeds 210 kg per year. (springer.com)
  • I want to create more jobs and raise the profile of women in Jordan and Arab countries", she said in a recent interview . (weforum.org)
  • That debate, more importantly, is about how Arab countries should restructure themselves in the 21st century. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • The growing gap between governments and people in the Arab world has become an unsustainable deficit - a point that has gained new significance as the Turkish experience has gained greater salience in these countries. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • As the Arab Spring unfolds at different speeds in different countries, Turkey continues to urge Arab governments to undertake genuine reform. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • This set of eleven essays addresses the tightening water resource problems of the Arab region's twenty countries. (harvard.edu)
  • In most Arab countries, it's feast or famine. (unknowncountry.com)
  • While the abortion rights debate continues to be hotly disputed in the United States, with opponents using the Bible as a base for their views, women in Arab countries also remain subject to widely varying abortion laws primarily based on a country's interpretation of Islam. (themedialine.org)
  • It is no coincidence therefore that the capitalist media have been reporting calls for "stability" and "order", together with the formal support for the need for democracy in Arab countries ("forgetting" their traditional support for regional autocracies). (anarkismo.net)
  • When the median age of population at the world level is 29, it is even lower in most of the West Asian countries. (countercurrents.org)
  • Now we're seeing Arabs investing in other Arab countries - Dubai epitomizes all of that, even more than ever now, as a locus for this activity. (reuters.com)
  • Anecdotal evidence suggests that rich and even middle class Arabs are buying Dubai property to hedge their risks in other countries. (reuters.com)
  • The rest of the Arab Spring countries had brief dalliances with democracy, only to revert to a system of political oppression and authoritarianism. (wtop.com)
  • Fearing for their lives and safety - and unable to openly organize and express themselves - many of the leading Arab Spring activists and journalists fled their home countries. (wtop.com)
  • Although Saudi Arabia wasn't officially one of the Arab Spring countries, anti-government protests did crop up across the nation in 2011 and 2012. (wtop.com)
  • Protestors also made banners pointing to the influence of the recent uprisings in Egypt and other Arab countries. (wsws.org)
  • One young person was asked by the RT news network whether the protests had been inspired by events in Arab countries. (wsws.org)
  • However, holidaymakers would be well advised to take out a good travel insurance before heading to the countries affected by Arab Spring. (world-first.co.uk)
  • Tourism can help build up these countries' new democracies and has the potential to do so across all the Arab Spring countries. (world-first.co.uk)
  • The Arab world comprises the 22 countries and territories of the Arab League . (nonprofitquarterly.org)
  • This study estimates that more than 87 percent of the Arab world's terrain is desert possessing 14 of the world's 20 most water-stressed countries. (nonprofitquarterly.org)
  • PTSD is the most common mental health issue resulting from episodes of combat, social upheaval, and violence found throughout many Arab countries. (lobelog.com)
  • The discussion aims at citing examples of noncommercial venues and independent promoters working in the Arab region with specific focus on those in Arab Spring countries. (womex.com)
  • The vaccine race is underway as countries all over the world seek to protect their people from the coronavirus and get their economies moving. (euobserver.com)
  • Vast inequalities have also emerged within the Arab world, with some countries already launching their vaccination programmes while others such as Yemen struggle with instability and conflict, in addition to the pandemic. (euobserver.com)
  • While Arab countries have made gains over the last 30 years in social sectors such as education and health, the region still lags behind others in economic growth and other measures of productivity, according to a new report released today by the United Nations Development Programme ( UNDP ). (un.org)
  • The " Arab Human Development Report ," compiled by Arab scholars over the past 18 months for UNDP , details the achievements by the 280 million people in 22 Arab countries since the 1970s. (un.org)
  • It outlines the challenges faced by Arab countries in strengthening personal and institutional freedoms and boosting broad-based citizen participation in political and economic affairs. (un.org)
  • In this essay, Lebanese journalist Karam Hilo asks whether it is possible to apply the Western concept of democracy - as is - to the countries of the Arab world. (qantara.de)
  • This can be seen, for example, in the numerous symposia and conferences held on the topic, as well as in the extensive literature dealing with democratic transformation in Arab countries and the difficulties it entails. (qantara.de)
  • General information about the Arab world, including unique aspects of individual countries, is presented. (ajpe.org)
  • Arab Health is expected to attract over 80,000 attendees from more than 150 countries this year. (thomasnet.com)
  • The Arab countries have experienced rapid changes in their economic fortunes in the last year. (jewishpolicycenter.org)
  • What did this all mean for Arab countries? (jewishpolicycenter.org)
  • All of the Arab countries experienced rising food prices as well as increases in other costs in the first half of 2008, which badly hit the poor. (jewishpolicycenter.org)
  • The Arab League is a regional organisation that aims (among other things) to consider in a general way the affairs and interests of the Arab countries and sets out the following definition of an Arab: An Arab is a person whose language is Arabic, who lives in an Arabic country, and who is in sympathy with the aspirations of the Arabic people. (wikipedia.org)
  • Indeed, if the vicious infighting among Arab regimes during Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser's years is any guide, the competition between 'Sunni' regimes and political movements is likely to grow even more intense as the sectarian narrative takes hold. (foreignpolicy.com)
  • Against the background of corrupt and impotent regimes, the 1952 Egyptian revolution and its charismatic, idealistic leader, Nasser, offered Arabs an appealing alternative. (jewishvirtuallibrary.org)
  • Ben Ali's Tunisia, however, differed in important respects from the Arab regimes in both the form that repression took and the nature of the regime's corruption. (globalpolicy.org)
  • As Gulf Cooperation Council nations rack up wealth, claiming nearly 50 percent of the region's income despite having only 15 percent of the Arab world's population, an ascension of instability and unrest threatens to quell reactionary regimes. (iacenter.org)
  • While repressive Arab regimes have sought to harness the power of the internet-especially after the 2011 Arab Spring-young people have been experimenting with newer forms of digital activism. (jpost.com)
  • For the first time, the media is bringing widespread attention to the real dangers faced every day by opponents of Arab regimes living abroad. (wtop.com)
  • While Khashoggi eventually relocated to the U.S. in 2017, many political bloggers and activists who oppose Arab ruling regimes have moved to Turkey. (wtop.com)
  • The Gulf Arab states and Saudi Arabia are examples of plutocratic regimes that will face serious political challenges once their supply of oil runs out. (opendemocracy.net)
  • Other Arab nations are kleptrocratic regimes, which rule through a system of secret police, oppression and brutality. (opendemocracy.net)
  • The unrest that began in Tunisia has managed to sweep away two powerful Arab regimes, foment civil war in Libya, and now threatens to destabilize the seemingly impenetrable rule of oil-rich Gulf governments such as Saudi Arabia. (upenn.edu)
  • Whether democratic regimes will emerge and survive remains an open question, and the intense media coverage of the Arab Spring has revived public interest in the determinants of democracy. (voxeu.org)
  • Since the 1980s, the world has experienced the fall of many dictatorial regimes. (qantara.de)
  • This young man's horrific death by his own hand seemingly encapsulated the frustrations of an entire generation of Tunisian and Arab youths fed up with corrupt and oppressive regimes. (house.gov)
  • A joint FAO/WFP Crop and Food Security Mission (CFSAM) visited the Syrian Arab Republic between 1 May and 31 May 2017 to estimate crop production and assess the overall food security situation. (wfp.org)
  • Curated by Gabriel Bauret, the first edition took place from 11 November 2016 to 17 January 2017 and aimed at showcasing a range of diverse images and points of view, between the Arab world and Europe. (wikipedia.org)
  • Between the lavish Gulf and the impoverished nations in the Levant and North Africa, income inequality dominates the Middle East, representing one of the highest disparities seen in any region in the world. (iacenter.org)
  • The Sunni-Shiite divide, argues Brookings Institution fellow Geneive Abdo in a report released last month, 'is well on its way to displacing the broader conflict between Muslims and the West … and likely to supplant the Palestinian occupation as the central mobilizing factor for Arab political life. (foreignpolicy.com)
  • The positive [result] was establishing awareness of the danger posed by the Jews and of the global conspiracy against the Arabs and Muslims. (memri.org)
  • Although hardly popular among Muslims in the Middle East and the rest of the world, somehow Daesh came to define Islam in the eyes of the West. (foreignpolicyjournal.com)
  • It is no secret that Arabs and Muslims are by far the greatest victims of extremism. (foreignpolicyjournal.com)
  • A powerful, hegemonic west, that insists on seeing us through stereotypical eyes: The Arabs and Muslims are intolerant and prone to violence and terrorism, Sub-Saharan Africa is a problem case, riven with war and littered with the corpses of well-intentioned development efforts. (serageldin.com)
  • With the number of start-ups growing in Arab region, the ecosystem here for entrepreneurs is improving, said a statement released ahead of the Annual Investment Meeting in Dubai. (tradearabia.com)
  • The Arab world has a management crisis due to having too many politicians and too little managers, according to Sheikh Mohammed, vice president and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. (arabianbusiness.com)
  • In Dubai 2.0 we're likely to see what we didn't see earlier - more Arab traffic and more Arab business," said Florence Eid, CEO at research firm Arabia Monitor. (reuters.com)
  • Interest from those displaced by the Arab Spring or looking for safe-haven residential properties in Dubai is reported to be particularly strong for upmarket villas in iconic projects such as Palm Jumeirah," said consultancy Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). (reuters.com)
  • Western banks operating in Dubai are alive to the opportunities that Arab millionaires present, shifting their focus back to wealth management at the cost of research and investment banking. (reuters.com)
  • VPHM ) today announced data in five poster presentations relating to Cinryze ® (C1 esterase inhibitor [human]) at the 2010 International Scientific Conference of the World Allergy Organization (WAO), December 5 through 8 in Dubai, UAE. (bio-medicine.org)
  • The UAE did not experience the "Arab Spring" unrest seen elsewhere in the Middle East in 2010-11, partly because of the government's multi-year, $1.6-billion infrastructure investment plan for the poorer northern emirates, and its aggressive pursuit of advocates of political reform. (cia.gov)
  • Prior to 1967, pan-Arabism was a widely accepted mantra all over the Arab Middle East, and pan-Arab sentiment was harnessed effectively by Egyptian President Gamal 'Abd al-Nasser . (jewishvirtuallibrary.org)
  • The traditional argument put forward in and out of the Arab world is that there is nothing wrong, everything is under control," says Marwan Muasher, former Jordanian official and now director of Middle East research for the Carnegie Endowment. (truth-out.org)
  • In Lebanon the ratio of debt to gross domestic product, at 148 percent, is the highest in the Middle East and third highest in the world. (iacenter.org)
  • Khalid Al Rumaihi, Chief Executive of the Bahrain Economic Development Board, which partnered with the World Economic Forum to produce the list of start-ups, said: "Across the Middle East, entrepreneurs are devising increasingly innovative ways to tackle the evolving societal challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with novel applications of technology. (weforum.org)
  • As one can plainly see, this ideology has contradicting tendencies, and can justify imperial intervention on both sides of the spectrum, for ruling dictators or against them, causing devastating effects to societal development in the Arab World, and the Middle East at large. (opendemocracy.net)
  • Ironically, this same ideology is used to justify support for Arab dictators across the Middle East, from Mubarak to the Gulf states and beyond. (opendemocracy.net)
  • An easier reaction, a quick amelioration of shame, is a combination of rage and blame - and that is what we have seen all over the Arab Middle East for decades. (pjmedia.com)
  • According to the Middle East Youth Initiative, population aged between 15 and 29 years are youth (UNDP Arab Human Development Report (AHDR) 2016: 22). (countercurrents.org)
  • Amid a worsening global economic breakdown, the social crisis in Israel is laying bare the objective potential for unifying Jewish workers with their Arab brothers and sisters both within Israel and throughout the Middle East. (wsws.org)
  • B ack in the Middle East for a few months, I find myself astounded by the absence of the strong voices of Arab intellectuals. (foreignpolicyjournal.com)
  • Secretary Albright, as someone who served this country with great wisdom and courage during a time of great political and economic transformation around the world, you offer unique insight into how the U.S. can best respond to the challenges we face in the Middle East today. (house.gov)
  • Now the same must be done for the Middle East, where the Arab Spring presents arguably the largest regional political transformation - and the largest political challenge -- since the end of the Cold War. (house.gov)
  • With over 3,900 exhibitors, the Arab Health Congress is the leading educational healthcare conference series in the Middle East and Northern Africa and one of the largest medical shows in the world. (thomasnet.com)
  • In September 2008, with the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the turmoil on Wall Street, stock markets all over the world fell, including those in the Middle East. (jewishpolicycenter.org)
  • Oil-rich UAE opens the Arab world's first nuclear power plant. (krdo.com)
  • Islamist governments in Egypt and Tunisia have also divided the Arab Sunni world more profoundly than they have united it, antagonizing Saudis and Emiratis rather than unifying them around a Sunni identity. (foreignpolicy.com)
  • Despite Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait showing their support for the Muslim Brotherhood, it's necessary for Egypt to maintain close and effective dialogue with its Arab neighbors, Fahmy stressed. (rt.com)
  • Another obvious similarity between Tunisia and several of its Arab neighbors is the combination of political repression and corruption on the part of the regime and those close to it. (globalpolicy.org)
  • Tunisia, the Arab world's only free-and-fair democracy, at first escaped the worst of Covid-19, with infections and death rate remaining low. (euobserver.com)
  • The robust language of Arab leaders was swiftly given religious backing, with Al-Azhar, the region's most influential Sunni Muslim authority, calling on Mr Assad to end the bloodshed and listen to the protesters. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • We are not inciting anybody against homosexuals,' his press secretary said later , but 'Tunisia's distinctiveness as an Arab-Muslim society must be respected. (foreignpolicy.com)
  • This perception continues to gain traction in the Arab and Muslim world, and Western books that encourage this outlook are quickly translated [into Arabic]. (memri.org)
  • is the sense of frustration that has afflicted the [Arab and Muslim] peoples, as well as many of their leaders, statesmen, writers and commentators. (memri.org)
  • The status of the Zionist propaganda in Europe and America was the opposite of its status in the Arab and Muslim world: [the West] fought books that discussed the Jewish control of the world, as well as the authors and publishers of [these books]. (memri.org)
  • Arab and Muslim governments that don't neatly comply with international banks are met with hostility. (iacenter.org)
  • Such Fatwas are quite common, and many thousands of Arab Muslim scholars have done the same. (foreignpolicyjournal.com)
  • Thanks to Muslim scientists during the Islamic Golden Age, Alchemy, mathematics, philosophy, physics and even agricultural methods were passed from the Arabs-Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Persian scholars-to medieval Europe beginning as early as the 12th Century and lasting for hundreds of years. (foreignpolicyjournal.com)
  • The developed Arab Muslim city states in Al-Andalus, Spain, was a major gate through which Muslim knowledge gushed into western Europe, affecting a continent then sustained by endless wars and superstitions. (foreignpolicyjournal.com)
  • The catalyst for the blossoming of education in the Arab world was the pronouncement of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when he said, "it is the duty of every Muslim man and woman to seek education. (echeat.com)
  • This will not be easy to achieve given the enormous engagement of the US in its "war on terror", and the profound changes occurring at an ever faster pace in the Arab and Muslim worlds. (serageldin.com)
  • A smaller demonstration in central Nazareth involved both Jews and Arabs, the first such joint rally since the housing protests began. (wsws.org)
  • The Arab world, which recently witnessed a fall in visitor numbers due to a wave of demonstrations and protests, is trying to bounce back by launching a new tourist drive. (world-first.co.uk)
  • Amid the din of chanting crowds on the Arab world's streets, difficult questions have emerged about future leadership, and finding solutions to the social and economic problems that ignited the protests. (upenn.edu)
  • In the months after the outbreak of the Arab Spring protests in early 2011, President Barack Obama emphasized that the United States will continue to pursue core interests and principles, including opposing "the use of violence and repression" and "safe-guarding the security of the region. (lobelog.com)
  • The rise of Islamist movements since the Arab uprisings, especially the public emergence of Salafi trends with noxiously anti-Shiite prejudices, has certainly introduced a new edge to the region's sectarianism. (foreignpolicy.com)
  • He notes that the Arab Spring uprisings had much to do with rising food prices, which resulted directly from the worsening water crisis. (nonprofitquarterly.org)
  • The mass uprisings in the Arab world in 2010 are without a doubt an expression of this obsessive pursuit, which continues despite the many set-backs. (qantara.de)
  • After more than 30 years of Saleh's autocratic rule in Sana'a, the Arab Spring uprisings were the culmination of a decade of worsening crises in the Republic of Yemen, established in 1990 by the merging of the Yemen Arab Republic and People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY). (frstrategie.org)
  • In the Arab Region, a majority of the population is now under the age of 25 (Arab Human Development Report, 2016). (countercurrents.org)
  • The head of the Arab League is urging the U.N. Security Council to take action against those responsible for the recent targeting of oil tankers in the Arabian Gulf and attacks against Saudi Arabia which he called "dangerous. (journalgazette.net)
  • The heightened repression and stifling of freedom of expression in Saudi Arabia forced many dissidents and opponents to flee the country and, like their Arab Spring peers, exercise their opposition in the diaspora. (wtop.com)
  • Oil revenues allow the Gulf Arab states and Saudi Arabia to provide guardianship, public services and citizen support. (opendemocracy.net)
  • These nations are governed similarly to the Gulf Arab states and Saudi Arabia but with fewer and more limited resources. (opendemocracy.net)
  • The United States and Arab allies such as Saudi Arabia insist Assad must leave office as part of the process, but his backers Moscow and Tehran insist this is a decision for the Syrian people. (thanhniennews.com)
  • In 2019, Arab Health will be followed shortly after by MEDLAB, an ideal calendar combination for many healthcare professionals. (dwtc.com)
  • Indeed, the idea put forth in the book had its effect, so that most of the scholars, intellectuals and leaders that comprise the elites in the Arab world believe that the Jews run everything in the world and that the world is a mere toy for Israel to play with. (memri.org)
  • Massacres of Arabs and Jews in Spain ensued, extending for hundreds of years. (foreignpolicyjournal.com)
  • It was then that many Jews sought a safe haven in the Arab world, continuing a period of relatively peaceful co-existence that remained in place until the mid-20th Century. (foreignpolicyjournal.com)
  • Thus, Turkey can't become the head of the Islamic World at the present stage because of its failed foreign policy and lack of capacity to play a leading role in the region. (rt.com)
  • Libyan Leader Qaddafi: People in Arab And Islamic World, Africa. (memri.org)
  • All The People In The Arab And Islamic World And In Africa Applauded This Man [Obama]. (memri.org)
  • But we were taken by surprise when our African Kenyan brother [Obama], who is an American national, made statements that shocked all his supporters in the Arab world, in Africa, and in the Islamic world. (memri.org)
  • To receive news and publication updates for The Scientific World Journal, enter your email address in the box below. (hindawi.com)
  • One reason water insecurity in the Arab states does not receive as much attention in the West as global warming is because the region is understood to be mostly desert and its news is almost entirely about war and terrorism, not the deprivations of and natural threats to its people. (nonprofitquarterly.org)
  • A weekly news show produced with photos, videos and personal accounts from France 24 Observers around the world - all checked by our staff here in Paris. (france24.com)
  • Keep up to date with World Kidney Day news by signing up to receive our emails. (worldkidneyday.org)
  • Arabic is used as the lingua franca throughout the Arab world. (wikipedia.org)
  • Similarly, Chad , Eritrea , and Israel recognize Arabic as one of their official or working languages but are not included in the region because they are not members of the Arab League (although Chad and Eritrea applied for full membership in 2014). (wikipedia.org)
  • In Arab states, Modern Standard Arabic is used by the government. (wikipedia.org)
  • An Arab is a person whose language is Arabic, who lives in an Arabic country, and who is in sympathy with the aspirations of the Arabic people. (wikipedia.org)
  • A non-Arab state, like Turkey, can't rule the Arab World, Egypt's interim foreign minister, Nabil Fahmy, told RT Arabic in an exclusive interview, calling Ankara's ambitions to restore the Ottoman Empire groundless due to failed relations with neighbors. (rt.com)
  • The Orientalist art movement - which reached its height in the 19th Century during the unravelling of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of French and British colonial ambitions in the Arabic speaking world - brought the land that was south of the Mediterranean and east of Greece into the western cultural imagination like never before. (bbc.com)
  • It depicted the Ottomans as foreigners and the British as liberators and sought to advance broader British military and political strategy against the Ottomans in World War I. The title, masthead (which declared the paper "Arabic in principle and purpose, established in Baghdad by Arabs and for Arabs"), and content all sought to present the paper as homegrown and Arab in allegiance. (wdl.org)
  • Arabic edition: Center for Arab Unity Studies, 2013). (edu.lb)
  • "The Politics of Written Language in the Arab World connects the fascinating field of contemporary written Arabic with the central sociolinguistic notions of language ideology and diglossia. (uio.no)
  • As an alternative to, or in combination with, the standard territorial definition, the Arab world may be defined as consisting of peoples and states united to at least some degree by Arabic language, culture or geographic contiguity, or those states or territories in which the majority of the population speaks Arabic, and thus may also include populations of the Arab diaspora. (wikipedia.org)
  • While Arabic dialects are spoken in a number of Arab League states, Literary Arabic is official in all of them. (wikipedia.org)
  • Now, as American suspicions turn towards Palestinian groups and the dissident Saudi Islamist, Osama Bin Laden, leaders in the region must be hoping that no Arab group will be implicated. (bbc.co.uk)
  • Sunni-Shiite hatreds are the least of the Middle East's problems -- it's the struggle within the Sunni world that will define the region for years to come. (foreignpolicy.com)
  • This paradigmatic approach has yielded a dichotomized understanding of the structure of the region in which the Arab Middle Eastern nations exist as a cohesive "bloc" fused not only by their common heritage, but also by their opposition to the very existence of Israel. (jewishvirtuallibrary.org)
  • Even so, Arab leaders had been reluctant to turn too openly against Mr Assad, whose family is seen by many in the region as heroes for standing up to Israel. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • The Arab world is on fire," al-Jazeera reported on Jan. 27, while throughout the region, Western allies "are quickly losing their influence. (truth-out.org)
  • Literature searches indicate there is a paucity of applied studies that investigate the drivers, sources, management, quantification, policies, interventions, and initiatives to reduce food loss and food waste in the Arab world, a region with more than 400 million inhabitants. (springer.com)
  • The studies also use sampling procedures that do not allow for generalization of results over the Arab region or even for making comparisons among studies. (springer.com)
  • From camel milk antibodies and the region's first unicorn to glasses that help visually impaired people live an independent life and an app that predicts traffic accidents, Arab start-ups are helping to shape the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the region, and beyond. (weforum.org)
  • A democratic and prosperous Arab world will make Turkey's standing in the region stronger, not weaker. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit told a council meeting Thursday on cooperation between the U.N. and the Arab League that "some parties in our region are trying to instigate fires in our region and we must be aware of that. (journalgazette.net)
  • Abe says: "A passage to de-escalating tension is difficult, but I hope to continue working for peace and stability in the region and the world. (journalgazette.net)
  • U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says the world cannot afford a major confrontation in the Persian Gulf region. (journalgazette.net)
  • A truly global event, Arab Health is the largest gathering of healthcare and trade professionals in the MENA region. (dwtc.com)
  • Over the past couple of decades, the demographic transition from having high birth and death rates to low birth and death rates in the West Asian and North African region has resulted in the creation of a large number of young population constituting one-third of the total population of the Arab world. (countercurrents.org)
  • Now the demographic transition in the region led to a political transition in the name of Arab Spring since the end of 2010. (countercurrents.org)
  • As the Arab world is always chaotic due to its socio-political and economic profiles, the theme of the population study of this troubled region deserves much attention. (countercurrents.org)
  • Public Health in the Arab World (PHAW) is a international collaborative initiative that aims at mobilizing for a new public health in the Arab region. (edu.lb)
  • A 2013 UN Development Program study titled "Water Governance in the Arab Region: Managing Scarcity and Securing the Future " warns, "The average Arab citizen has eight times less access to renewable water than the average global citizen, and more than two thirds of surface water resources originate from outside the region. (nonprofitquarterly.org)
  • According to this extensive study produced by the Water Governance Programme for Arab States, a project of the United Nations Development Programme Regional Bureau for Arab States (UNDP-RBAS), by the year 2025 the water supply in the Arab region will be only 15 percent of what it was in 1960. (nonprofitquarterly.org)
  • Some business leaders in the Arab region express a growing cynicism about the role the Egyptian army has assumed since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak. (upenn.edu)
  • If Washington wants to decrease volatility and violence in the Arab region, US foreign policy must advocate for the treatment of conflict-related mental health issues among Arab publics. (lobelog.com)
  • Trauma among Arabs will have long-term consequences for both individuals and communities throughout the region for generations. (lobelog.com)
  • This book sheds light on a number of abstract movements initiated by artists' collectives and individual practitioners, both in the region and among the Arab diaspora. (uchicago.edu)
  • Moreover, the region's growth has been "pro-poor," and as a result there is much less abject poverty - defined as an income of less than $1 a day - than in any other developing region in the world. (un.org)
  • The study warns, however, that over the past 20 years, growth in per capita income in the Arab world was lower than any other region except sub-Saharan Africa, with an average annual growth rate of 0.5 per cent. (un.org)
  • Tackling the roots of the Arab Spring will require a radical rethink of how we operate in the region. (house.gov)
  • With the number of start-ups growing in Arab region, the ecosystem here for entrepreneurs is improving. (bi-me.com)
  • In ten pages this paper analyzes the Asian fiscal crisis in terms of its effects on the region and the world. (echeat.com)
  • The stock markets in the region suffered along with others around the world. (jewishpolicycenter.org)
  • This would have negative effects on the economy of the entire region because the demand for Arab workers in the oil-rich states would fall with consequent effect on their remittances. (jewishpolicycenter.org)
  • For us, the arrogance of power has blinded the west to its own record of misdeeds in our region, and today, the west, smug in its rich self assurance, insensitive to our predicament, perpetuates the very conditions that prevent us from rising to claim our rightful place among the nations of the world. (serageldin.com)
  • During the Libyan uprising, Arabs backed a no-fly zone over Libya that led to a U.N. resolution and then NATO air strikes. (reuters.com)
  • As a result, Lebanon remains without a decent infrastructure, yet is a favorite of the World Bank and European Union for its continuous acceptance of loans for unsuccessful public-private infrastructure ventures. (iacenter.org)
  • Imagine for a moment the Arab standing on his land whether in Lebanon or the West Bank and looking down or across into Israel. (pjmedia.com)
  • In Palestine , Iraq , and Lebanon contemporary violence and conflict pre-date the Arab Spring. (lobelog.com)
  • Like its Arab neighbors, Jordan has become beholden to the debt trap of finance capital, in which capitalism and cronyism by governments and institutions prove accountable to no one other than international banks and bankrollers. (iacenter.org)
  • Turkey's policy of engaging different governments and political groups in the Arab world has transformed Middle Eastern politics. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • The only plausible solution is reform of Arab state governments. (opendemocracy.net)
  • Arabs would continue working to end the crisis but had a limited scope to act without international support, he said. (reuters.com)
  • In what could yet prove to be the turning point of the crisis, opinion in the Arab world swung firmly against Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, for the first time since the uprising began in mid-March. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • Concern that a growing number of protesters appeared to be resorting to arms helped trigger a call by the Arab League, which had previously been divided over how to respond to the Syrian crisis, for an "immediate" halt to military actions against protesters. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • Even so, the sudden shift in policy will raise hopes that a more muscular approach by Arab states to the Syrian crisis could succeed where Western diplomacy and pressure has so far failed. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • In a crisis, the Arab League is expected to intervene. (opendemocracy.net)
  • These findings suggest that PTSD and other trauma-related mental health issues resulting from widespread conflict are, and will be, a public health crisis in the Arab world. (lobelog.com)
  • Diplomatic crises World War I and the Cuban Missile Crisis are contrasted and compared. (echeat.com)
  • Three and a half years into the internationalised war which has caused the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, what are the prospects for a solution? (frstrategie.org)
  • Arab societies today are in a similar position. (foreignpolicy.com)
  • Wealth inequality across Arab nations replicates the class divides within their respective societies. (iacenter.org)
  • Historically, the age grading has not been part of the feature of Arab societies. (countercurrents.org)
  • What is also remarkable, however, is that supporters of the Arab modernisation project have come to the conclusion that the democratic form of government is best for the further development of Arab societies. (qantara.de)
  • I chose this topic for my Model Arab League (MAL) research paper recognizing the importance of education and understanding it is the one deficit in the Arab world responsible for many other deficiencies in Arab societies ranging from poverty to restricted political and individual freedoms. (echeat.com)
  • The Arab societies of today want to define themselves in terms of the present and the future, but still retaining their links to their heritage, without remaining captives of the past. (serageldin.com)
  • Arabs had agreed economic sanctions but Syria's neighbors did not implement them, blunting their impact. (reuters.com)
  • The current formation of policy vis-à-vis Israel within this regional structure demonstrates that Israel is no longer an unwelcome pariah (if it ever was), and indicates that Israel may indeed establish a sovereign existence amongst its Arab neighbors. (jewishvirtuallibrary.org)
  • Arabs have been frustrated at America's support for Israel as it tries to put down the Palestinian uprising that has been raging for almost a year. (bbc.co.uk)
  • Mr. Kholeif inquired about the possibility of organizing an exhibition in London from the Barjeel Art Foundation collection of Arab art. (alarabiya.net)
  • Barjeel Art Foundation has become the second regional institution after Mathaf to partner with Google Cultural Institute where we now have over 800 images of Arab art many, including Hamed Ewais' 1967 masterpiece Le Gardien de La Vie with ultra-high resolution viewing options. (alarabiya.net)
  • Arab intellectuals, activists, and youth leaders of different political inclinations have taken a keen interest in what some describe as the "Turkish model. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • This void created by the absence of Arab intellectuals (reduced to talking heads with few original ideas, and engaged in useless TV 'debates') has been filled by extremist voices tirelessly advocating a genocidal future for everyone. (foreignpolicyjournal.com)
  • In the hands of scholars and intellectuals, Islam influenced much of the world. (foreignpolicyjournal.com)
  • Among Arab intellectuals and cultural elites this has given rise to a near obsession with the idea of democracy. (qantara.de)
  • Elaraby told Reuters the veto had been a "reality check" for Syria's opposition groups, who have so far refused the League's call to engage with President Bashar al-Assad's government, showing them that it was not Arabs blocking tougher action on Damascus but rather world powers who were not united. (reuters.com)
  • Damascus, SANA-With the participation of 87 teams of the Robotic clubs at the private, public and civil institutions, the national contest of World Robot Olympiad kicked off at al-Faiha'a Sports Hall in Damascus on Thursday. (sana.sy)
  • Arab foreign ministers meet again next week to discuss the fate of the monitoring mission after six Gulf Arab states, Jordan and Morocco withdrew their teams. (reuters.com)
  • Both Zahalka and MK Ahmad Tibi (United Arab List-Ta'al) support the notion of an international investigation: "It seems this case will not be getting an Israeli platform, and should Mazuz close the case in would only go to prove the Israeli judicial system's bias when dealing with Jewish criminals and Arab victims," said Tibi. (ynetnews.com)
  • It is widely believed that neither Israel nor its predecessor, the Jewish political entity in mandatory Palestine ( yishuv ) , has ever been accepted by Middle Eastern Arabs as a partner worthy of dialogue. (jewishvirtuallibrary.org)
  • In accordance with this dialectical understanding, the Jewish goal of attaining sovereignty has often been portrayed as a political interest to which no Arab could ever agree. (jewishvirtuallibrary.org)
  • Complaints by Arab states led the United Nation's cultural arm, UNESCO, to cancel the opening of an exhibition on the Jewish presence in the land of Israel. (haaretz.com)
  • An estimated 150,000 mostly young people in Israel, both Jewish and Arab, protested Saturday over spiralling living costs and the economic and social policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (wsws.org)
  • I'm not blaming them but the Syrian opposition was under an illusion that the Arab League was standing between them and the solution - the solution is the Libyan scenario. (reuters.com)
  • The Arab world's relationship with the Syrian government has been nettlesome. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • One of the popular Syrian revolution chants was "the people want to overthrow the government and the opposition", the tribal mentality reflected in this and similar chants is the basis of political parties in the Arab world. (opendemocracy.net)
  • During this period, they held an initial inter-agency meeting (FAO and WFP) to discuss the strategy and itinerary for the CFSAM as well as a number of meetings with the representatives of the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic, international organisations, the food security and nutrition clusters/sectors and representatives of the private sector. (wfp.org)
  • In what is undoubtedly the direst example from the Arab world, 45% of Syrian refugee children studied display symptoms of PTSD, 44% depression, 25% daily psychosomatic pains, and 20% daily headaches. (lobelog.com)
  • The Arab League welcomed Sunday a UN-backed roadmap to end the Syrian war and vowed to support international efforts to implement a ceasefire. (thanhniennews.com)
  • Nasser's reign included, after a short period of flirting with the West and secret indirect peace contacts with Israel, an attempt to unite his people first, and the rest of the Arab grass roots community later, under one ideological flag. (jewishvirtuallibrary.org)
  • [1] The Institute promotes cooperation and exchanges between France and the Arab nations, particularly in the areas of science and technology , contributing to the understanding between the Arab world and Europe . (wikipedia.org)
  • Nations continue to be destabilized by the effects of capitalism, as economic austerity helps fuel social and political instability throughout the Arab world. (iacenter.org)
  • The Arab world, a group of 23 nations, bound by the Arab League is facing its most challenging time in modern history. (opendemocracy.net)
  • The fundamental problem facing the Arab League nations is the lack of a state - a legitimate authority that has the ability to maintain peace and enforce the rule of law. (opendemocracy.net)
  • Arab nations are expanding the use of technology to manage water, including desalination ( the UAE is already entirely dependent on desalination), reclaiming and treating wastewater, rainwater harvesting, cloud seeding, more advanced irrigation techniques, and the reclamation of drainage water. (nonprofitquarterly.org)
  • Health Data used is WHO, World Bank and the United Nations for population. (worldlifeexpectancy.com)
  • Labour productivity in Arab nations has also been low, and declining, productivity was just one-third that of the North American level in 1960, and had fallen to 19 per cent of the North American level by 1990. (un.org)
  • The civil society of the Arab world is often naïve about the defects of the state and fails to see the need to reform. (opendemocracy.net)
  • Tel Aviv, Washington and NATO are taking advantage of the upheavals in the Arab World. (real-agenda.com)
  • This is reflected in the Arab world's lively debate about how Turkey has been able to reconcile Islam, democracy, and economic development. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • What kind of democracy for the Arab world? (anarkismo.net)
  • Known as the Arab Spring, many of these protest movements had a similar set of demands: freedom, dignity and democracy. (wtop.com)
  • Democracy is on the move in the Arab world. (voxeu.org)
  • Further lines of conflict can be found between the universal demand for democracy with its fundamental values and principles such as freedom, rationality and equality on the one hand and the special characteristics of Arab culture on the other. (qantara.de)
  • Criticism of the Arab democracy discourse also touches on the pan-Arab nationalist discourse. (qantara.de)
  • The people aren't ready' - can Arabs do democracy? (qantara.de)
  • The people aren't ready for democracy" has been the constitutional basis for Arab tyranny, its favourite slogan and its sacred narrative for more than a century. (qantara.de)
  • Observers of Egypt's 2011 "Arab Spring" often point to social media as the glue that bound together opponents of former president Hosni Mubarak. (jpost.com)
  • ANKARA - As the Arab Spring enters its fourth month, it faces challenges but also presents opportunities. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • Indeed, the Arab Spring strengthens rather than weakens Turkey's position in the Arab world, and vindicates the new strategic thrust of Turkish foreign policy. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • Prior to the Arab Spring, there was a surprising and troubling dearth of mental-health research in the Arab world. (lobelog.com)
  • Over the past three years, this Committee has spent much time examining and debating various U.S. policy responses to the Arab Spring. (house.gov)
  • The United States has not been blind to the economic dimension of the Arab Spring. (house.gov)
  • Haneen Zoabi, a Nazareth mayoral candidate, currently serves as an Arab member of the Israeli Knesset. (christianpost.com)
  • Outside of Nazareth, 20 percent of Israel's population is made up of Arabs. (christianpost.com)
  • Hanin Zoabi's crushing defeat in Nazareth to incumbent mayor proves Arab Israeli city not interested in her politics of hate and division," tweeted YaakovLappin, a journalist for The Jerusalem Post. (christianpost.com)
  • World Health Organization. (who.int)
  • In 2003 the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) hosted an Arab summit in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR), the Cairo Institute for Human Rights (CIHRS) and the Egyptian Initiative on Personal Rights (EIPR) to address the weaknesses of the Arab League. (opendemocracy.net)
  • In the opinion of Allison Jamieson, Plunket clinical advisor, vaccination was rated by the World Health Organization as the most cost-effective measure to ensure public health. (topnews.ae)
  • The Arab elites, especially the religious [elites], rapidly spread it, out of a desire to present a negative image of Zionism to the world and expose the truth regarding [the Zionists]: that they are a cruel and crafty people, ungrateful, resentful, racist and murderous. (memri.org)
  • Use the rich collection of the British Museum to explore key themes about Arab people and culture: achievement, art, conflict, diversity, gender and global interaction. (britishmuseum.org)
  • Road traffic accidents kill 1.35 million people every year, according to the World Health Organisation . (weforum.org)
  • Dr. Pamela Chrabieh, a Beirut-based writer and activist, told The Media Line that young people in the Arab world are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp and Snapchat at an increasingly faster rate despite government controls and restrictions. (jpost.com)
  • Arabs deserve freedom, security and prosperity as much as any other people, and Turkey stands to gain from a democratic, pluralist, and prosperous Arab world. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • Not only are they fighting against the legitimate aspirations of the Arab people, they are manipulating the Arab geo-political landscape as part of their strategy to control Eurasia. (real-agenda.com)
  • The report was written by Arabs for Arabs," Rima Khalaf Hunaidi, UNDP Assistant Administrator and Director of the Regional Bureau for Arab States, said at the report's launch at the Cairo headquarters of the League of Arab States. (un.org)
  • Much of the sediment clouding the water in this image of the Persian Gulf is from the Shatt al Arab River, which enters the Gulf in the north along the Iran-Iraq border. (cia.gov)
  • The Arab world today, with special attention to Iraq . (serageldin.com)
  • The Kingdom of Jordan is in a sprint to become the Arab world's next nuclear power. (wallstreetpit.com)
  • no such "bloc," either ideologically or territorially, currently exists, and historical objections to Israel's existence have been muted in today's world. (jewishvirtuallibrary.org)
  • Water in the Arab World focuses on today's need to move toward rationalized new patterns of using water within the national economies, a transition often described as moving from supply to demand management. (harvard.edu)
  • Arab Medical Magazine is the leading medical resource for today's medical professionals and patients. (arabmedmag.com)
  • He has ordered a revision of Egypt's relations with all the states on the world map "without exception," including the US, which had significant influence on the country's previous government. (rt.com)
  • Special to WorldTribune.com Egypt's struggling tourism industry would get a major shot in the arm if the country lifted restrictions on Arab tourists, the head of an Egyptian travel association said. (worldtribune.com)
  • Bureaucracies in the Arab states that have faced upheavals did not take this aspect into account, causing divisions in society to deepen even further. (qantara.de)
  • Water scarcity in the Arab world arises from climate conditions (low rainfall, high evaporation rates and frequent droughts) and unsustainable overabstraction. (nonprofitquarterly.org)
  • When an ancillary linguistic definition is used in combination with the standard territorial definition, various parameters may be applied[clarification needed] to determine whether a state or territory should be included in this alternative definition of the Arab world. (wikipedia.org)
  • As members of the Arab League, however, they are considered part of the Arab world under the standard territorial definition. (wikipedia.org)
  • Asked if Moscow and Beijing had lost diplomatic credit in the Arab world after the veto, Elaraby said: "The short answer is yes. (reuters.com)
  • The linguistic and political denotation inherent in the term Arab is generally dominant over genealogical considerations. (wikipedia.org)
  • Arab autocrats, particularly those in the Gulf with significant Shia populations, find Sunni-Shiite tensions a useful way to delegitimize the political demands of their Shiite citizens. (foreignpolicy.com)
  • It is essential not only to expose the ideological weaknesses of the current order, but to link the current political order with international neo-colonial ideology, replacing it with one based on the welfare of the average Arab citizen. (opendemocracy.net)
  • Life has taught me that political discourse in our Arab world is a waste of time, a corruption of morals, a waste of resources. (arabianbusiness.com)
  • As an expert in Arab media, I've studied the cyberactivists who work to bring about political and social change in the Arab world. (wtop.com)
  • Opening up is a new path of political and social struggle, in opposition to the Zionist ruling elite, the Arab bourgeoisie and their imperialist backers-on the basis of common class interest, not nationality, race or religious identity. (wsws.org)
  • Arab visionaries have either been coopted by the exuberant funds allocated to sectarian propaganda, been silenced by fear of retribution, or are simply unable to articulate a collective vision that transcends their sects, religions, or whatever political tribe they belong to. (foreignpolicyjournal.com)
  • In seventeen pages the Arab world's political landscape is examined in terms of long time democratic existence with advantages and. (echeat.com)
  • Jack Wilson said to communicate described the shop Political Culture and Conflict Resolution in the Arab World of God did that if every unique in the West was the Relativistic potential to ' ask the relation ', all MsoNormal' in the service would be provided here, suggesting a Toxicologic Interaction notified with positioning, addition, and 3pass. (favorlabel.com)
  • It is the strongest and staunchest ally of the US, and it has excellent economic relations with the Arab world, and the makings of an excellent political relationship as well. (serageldin.com)
  • Using examples from around the world can be illustrative: During conflict in Burundi , war-related psychological distress was found in 44% of individuals studied during conflict and 29% two years after conflict, whereas 57% of Ugandan students exhibited " clinically significant " levels of PTSD four years after the end of war. (lobelog.com)
  • Guterres told the 15-member council during a meeting on the U.N.'s cooperation with the Arab League: "I strongly condemn any attack against civilian vessels. (journalgazette.net)
  • A sustainable water future for the Arab world will require planning and cooperation. (nonprofitquarterly.org)
  • Amnesty International quickly sought to disabuse him, pointing out in a letter that 'homosexuality stopped being seen as an illness or a 'perversion' by world medical organizations and associations decades ago. (foreignpolicy.com)
  • It is fortunate and wonderful that the banning of books in the Arab and Islamic worlds is no longer feasible in our new age of information. (huffingtonpost.ca)
  • In the latter, the idea prevails that, given the fragmentation of the Arab world, democratisation is not feasible - or rather that it would only be necessary after the unification of the Arab states. (qantara.de)
  • Arab League and supporting organisations to follow a systematic procedure, and the inability to effectively intervene in the time of need. (opendemocracy.net)
  • Crucially, no Mikhail Gorbachev exists among the great powers that support the Arab dictators. (truth-out.org)
  • This ideology is also used to provide justification for supporting Israeli colonial policy, which is seen as another friendly "liberal democratic" regime, surrounded by Arab dictators and fanatics. (opendemocracy.net)
  • Arab nationalism arose in the second half of the 19th century along with other nationalist movements within the Ottoman Empire . (wikipedia.org)
  • In the Arab world, the U.S. and its allies have regularly supported radical Islamists, sometimes to prevent the threat of secular nationalism. (truth-out.org)
  • Issued by the British authorities, it served as a mouthpiece for the British administration at a time of rising Iraqi and Arab nationalism. (wdl.org)
  • Anti-Shiism no more guarantees Sunni unity than pan-Arabism delivered Arab unity in the 1950s. (foreignpolicy.com)
  • [3] This project is a result of funds from both the League of Arab States and the French government, with the cost of the building totaling around €230,000,000. (wikipedia.org)
  • We have 10 floors here (in the Arab League headquarters). (reuters.com)
  • Discrepancies in the Arab League expose the long-standing conservative, tribal, nepotistic and ineffective governance of the Arab world. (opendemocracy.net)
  • The role of the Arab League has never been more vital, yet it remains absent. (opendemocracy.net)
  • [2] By 2007, the Arab League declared that more than half the Arab population was living at less than the two-dollar per day benchmark. (wordpress.com)
  • These parameters may be applied[clarification needed] to the states and territories of the Arab League (which constitute the Arab world under the standard definition) and to other states and territories. (wikipedia.org)
  • The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee convened Thursday to discuss what it called " Israel's war crimes in the Gaza Strip," but the discussion soon turned to the attorney general's announcement. (ynetnews.com)
  • A democratic era promises to give the Arab world a chance to be the author of its own actions. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • Naturally, taking a wider view of this ideology, the free market is absolutely necessary for the maintenance of a fully functioning democratic system, thus, an essential ingredient of this ideology, is the introduction of what has been called "market reforms" to the Third World, through organisations like the IMF and the World Bank. (opendemocracy.net)