Works containing information articles on subjects in every field of knowledge, usually arranged in alphabetical order, or a similar work limited to a special field or subject. (From The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983)
Compounds which inhibit or antagonize the biosynthesis or actions of androgens.
A potent androgenic steroid and major product secreted by the LEYDIG CELLS of the TESTIS. Its production is stimulated by LUTEINIZING HORMONE from the PITUITARY GLAND. In turn, testosterone exerts feedback control of the pituitary LH and FSH secretion. Depending on the tissues, testosterone can be further converted to DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE or ESTRADIOL.
An antiandrogen with about the same potency as cyproterone in rodent and canine species.
Proteins, generally found in the CYTOPLASM, that specifically bind ANDROGENS and mediate their cellular actions. The complex of the androgen and receptor migrates to the CELL NUCLEUS where it induces transcription of specific segments of DNA.
Compounds that interact with ANDROGEN RECEPTORS in target tissues to bring about the effects similar to those of TESTOSTERONE. Depending on the target tissues, androgenic effects can be on SEX DIFFERENTIATION; male reproductive organs, SPERMATOGENESIS; secondary male SEX CHARACTERISTICS; LIBIDO; development of muscle mass, strength, and power.
An agent with anti-androgen and progestational properties. It shows competitive binding with dihydrotestosterone at androgen receptor sites.
An anti-androgen that, in the form of its acetate (CYPROTERONE ACETATE), also has progestational properties. It is used in the treatment of hypersexuality in males, as a palliative in prostatic carcinoma, and, in combination with estrogen, for the therapy of severe acne and hirsutism in females.
An orally active synthetic progestational hormone used often in combinations as an oral contraceptive.
A semisynthetic alkylated ESTRADIOL with a 17-alpha-ethinyl substitution. It has high estrogenic potency when administered orally, and is often used as the estrogenic component in ORAL CONTRACEPTIVES.
The act or practice of literary composition, the occupation of writer, or producing or engaging in literary work as a profession.
The scientific study of past societies through artifacts, fossils, etc.
The period of history before 500 of the common era.
A medical specialty concerned with maintaining health and providing medical care to children from birth to adolescence.
Stones in the KIDNEY, usually formed in the urine-collecting area of the kidney (KIDNEY PELVIS). Their sizes vary and most contains CALCIUM OXALATE.
A historical and cultural entity dispersed across a wide geographical area under the political domination and influence of ancient Rome, bringing to the conquered people the Roman civilization and culture from 753 B.C. to the beginning of the imperial rule under Augustus in 27 B.C. The early city built on seven hills grew to conquer Sicily, Sardinia, Carthage, Gaul, Spain, Britain, Greece, Asia Minor, etc., and extended ultimately from Mesopotamia to the Atlantic. Roman medicine was almost entirely in Greek hands, but Rome, with its superior water system, remains a model of sanitation and hygiene. (From A. Castiglioni, A History of Medicine, 2d ed pp196-99; from F. H. Garrison, An Introduction to the History of Medicine, 4th ed, pp107-120)
Chemical substances or agents with contraceptive activity in males. Use for male contraceptive agents in general or for which there is no specific heading.
Chemical substances which inhibit the process of spermatozoa formation at either the first stage, in which spermatogonia develop into spermatocytes and then into spermatids, or the second stage, in which spermatids transform into spermatozoa.
Supporting cells projecting inward from the basement membrane of SEMINIFEROUS TUBULES. They surround and nourish the developing male germ cells and secrete ANDROGEN-BINDING PROTEIN and hormones such as ANTI-MULLERIAN HORMONE. The tight junctions of Sertoli cells with the SPERMATOGONIA and SPERMATOCYTES provide a BLOOD-TESTIS BARRIER.
The process of germ cell development in the male from the primordial germ cells, through SPERMATOGONIA; SPERMATOCYTES; SPERMATIDS; to the mature haploid SPERMATOZOA.
A specialized barrier, in the TESTIS, between the interstitial BLOOD compartment and the adluminal compartment of the SEMINIFEROUS TUBULES. The barrier is formed by layers of cells from the VASCULAR ENDOTHELIUM of the capillary BLOOD VESSELS, to the SEMINIFEROUS EPITHELIUM of the seminiferous tubules. TIGHT JUNCTIONS form between adjacent SERTOLI CELLS, as well as between the ENDOTHELIAL CELLS.
Chemical substances that are destructive to spermatozoa used as topically administered vaginal contraceptives.
Nonionic surfactant mixtures varying in the number of repeating ethoxy (oxy-1,2-ethanediyl) groups. They are used as detergents, emulsifiers, wetting agents, defoaming agents, etc. Nonoxynol-9, the compound with 9 repeating ethoxy groups, is a spermatocide, formulated primarily as a component of vaginal foams and creams.
Chemicals that kill or inhibit the growth of fungi in agricultural applications, on wood, plastics, or other materials, in swimming pools, etc.
Movement characteristics of SPERMATOZOA in a fresh specimen. It is measured as the percentage of sperms that are moving, and as the percentage of sperms with productive flagellar motion such as rapid, linear, and forward progression.
Substances that destroy fungi by suppressing their ability to grow or reproduce. They differ from FUNGICIDES, INDUSTRIAL because they defend against fungi present in human or animal tissues.
5-Thymidylic acid. A thymine nucleotide containing one phosphate group esterified to the deoxyribose moiety.
Inorganic compounds that contain vanadium as an integral part of the molecule.
Economic aspects of the fields of pharmacy and pharmacology as they apply to the development and study of medical economics in rational drug therapy and the impact of pharmaceuticals on the cost of medical care. Pharmaceutical economics also includes the economic considerations of the pharmaceutical care delivery system and in drug prescribing, particularly of cost-benefit values. (From J Res Pharm Econ 1989;1(1); PharmacoEcon 1992;1(1))
That segment of commercial enterprise devoted to the design, development, and manufacture of chemical products for use in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, disability, or other dysfunction, or to improve function.
A quantitative measure of the frequency on average with which articles in a journal have been cited in a given period of time.
A publication issued at stated, more or less regular, intervals.
"The business or profession of the commercial production and issuance of literature" (Webster's 3d). It includes the publisher, publication processes, editing and editors. Production may be by conventional printing methods or by electronic publishing.
Drugs intended for human or veterinary use, presented in their finished dosage form. Included here are materials used in the preparation and/or formulation of the finished dosage form.
The study of the structure, growth, function, genetics, and reproduction of bacteria, and BACTERIAL INFECTIONS.
A PULMONARY ALVEOLI-filling disease, characterized by dense phospholipoproteinaceous deposits in the alveoli, cough, and DYSPNEA. This disease is often related to, congenital or acquired, impaired processing of PULMONARY SURFACTANTS by alveolar macrophages, a process dependent on GRANULOCYTE-MACROPHAGE COLONY-STIMULATING FACTOR.
Chronic autoimmune thyroiditis, characterized by the presence of high serum thyroid AUTOANTIBODIES; GOITER; and HYPOTHYROIDISM.
Washing out of the lungs with saline or mucolytic agents for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. It is very useful in the diagnosis of diffuse pulmonary infiltrates in immunosuppressed patients.
A plant genus of the family ASTERACEAE. Members contain SESQUITERPENES. The common name of sweet coltsfoot is similar to the common name for TUSSILAGO.
A superfamily of parasitic nematodes which were formerly considered a part of TRICHOSTRONGYLOIDEA. It includes the following genera: Heligmosomum, NEMATOSPIROIDES, and NIPPOSTRONGYLUS. The hosts are rodents.
An autosomal recessive disorder characterized by glassy degenerative thickening (hyalinosis) of SKIN; MUCOSA; and certain VISCERA. This disorder is caused by mutation in the extracellular matrix protein 1 gene (ECM1). Clinical features include hoarseness and skin eruption due to widespread deposition of HYALIN.
An acidic glycoprotein of MW 23 kDa with internal disulfide bonds. The protein is produced in response to a number of inflammatory mediators by mesenchymal cells present in the hemopoietic environment and at peripheral sites of inflammation. GM-CSF is able to stimulate the production of neutrophilic granulocytes, macrophages, and mixed granulocyte-macrophage colonies from bone marrow cells and can stimulate the formation of eosinophil colonies from fetal liver progenitor cells. GM-CSF can also stimulate some functional activities in mature granulocytes and macrophages.

Testin induction: the role of cyclic 3',5'-adenosine monophosphate/protein kinase A signaling in the regulation of basal and lonidamine-induced testin expression by rat sertoli cells. (1/26)

Results of previous in vitro and in vivo studies have illustrated that the expression of testin by Sertoli cells is tightly associated with the disruption of Sertoli-germ cell junctions. In the present study, treatment of rats with cadmium chloride (CdCl(2)), which disrupted the inter-Sertoli tight junctions, failed to induce any changes in testicular testin expression. In contrast, lonidamine, an antispermatogenic drug that rearranges the Sertoli cell membrane microfilament structure causing a disruption of Sertoli-germ cell adhesion junctions, induced a drastic increase in testicular testin expression when administered orally. Lonidamine-induced Sertoli cell testin expression involved both ongoing RNA and de novo protein synthesis. Basal testin expression remained stable during the 27-h incubation with actinomycin D but required de novo protein synthesis in vitro. An inhibitor of protein kinase A, Rp-cAMPS, caused a 50% inhibition of Sertoli cell testin expression at 10 microM within 24 h. A biphasic response was noted in testin expression when forskolin was included in the Sertoli cell culture, and high concentrations of cAMP analogues (1 mM) rapidly reduced testin expression. However, lonidamine can abolish the inhibitory effect of cAMP analogues on Sertoli cell testin expression. These results illustrate that the induction of testin expression may involve several signal transduction pathways.  (+info)

The contribution of Asian scientists to global research in andrology. (2/26)

AIM: To present a personal account of the involvement of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the collaborative development in Asia of those areas of andrology concerned with male contraception and reproductive health. METHODS: The andrology training through workshops and institution support undertaken by the WHO Human Reproduction Programme (HRP) and how they contributed to the strengthening of andrology research in Asia are summarised. RESULTS: The author' s experience and the Asian scientific contributions to the global research in the following areas are reviewed: the safety of vasectomy and the development of new methods of vas occlusion; gossypol and its failure to become a safe, reversible male antifertility drug; Tripterygium and whether its pure extracts will pass through the appropriate toxicology and phased clinical studies to become acceptable contraceptive drugs; hormonal methods of contraception for men. CONCLUSION: The WHO policy of research capacity building through training and institution strengthening, together with the collaboration of Asian andrologists, has created strong National institutions now able to direct their own programmes of research in clinical and scientific andrology.  (+info)

Hormonal contraception in the male. (3/26)

The hormonal approach to male contraception is based on the suppression of gonadotrophin secretion with secondary suppression of spermatogenesis. This can be achieved by administration of testosterone or other androgen alone, but combined administration with a progestogen or GnRH analogue allows the dose of testosterone to be reduced to physiological replacement doses. This approach has been investigated for many years but without identification of a regimen which results in sufficient suppression of spermatogenesis to provide ensured contraception in all men, safely and conveniently. The reasons for this are discussed, and recent developments towards a regimen that fulfills all these criteria are described. Crucial to development of any new product is that it will be used: surveys of both men and women indicate firmly positive attitudes towards a 'male pill'. There are, therefore, grounds for cautious optimism that the next decade may see the introduction of the first novel male contraceptive for several hundred years.  (+info)

Reversible inhibition of spermatogenesis in rats using a new male contraceptive, 1-(2,4-dichlorobenzyl)-indazole-3-carbohydrazide. (4/26)

The oral male contraceptive agent 1-(2,4-dichlorobenzyl)-indazole-3-carbohydrazide (AF2364) is a new analogue of indazole-carboxylic acid. AF2364 was orally administered to rats at 50 mg/kg body weight once weekly for five consecutive weeks. The effects on fertility efficacy, hormonal profile, organ weights, tissue morphology, and serum microchemistry were examined. Complete infertility was noted in rats 29 days after the initial dose of AF2364 and continued until 90 days. Fertility resumed in 25% of the group after 104 days and had resumed in 75% of the rats by the last mating at 197 days. Morphological examination of the testis showed rapid exfoliation of elongated spermatids and the generation of large multinucleated cells 6 days after the first treatment, with depletion of most germ cells after 40 days. Normal spermatogenesis was noted in 95% of the tubules in the animals that were fertile at 210 days. Morphological analysis of the epididymal compartments revealed reduced lumen size, whereas the prostate exhibited an increase in the glandular lumen with a reduction in epithelium height. No morphological changes were detected in the kidney, liver, and cerebrum by light microscopy. Kidney and liver function, as evaluated by serum chemistry, were not affected by the drug treatment. AF2364 did not alter the levels of FSH, and only minimal changes were noted for LH and testosterone, suggesting that the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis was not affected. These results illustrate the potential of AF2364 as a male contraceptive.  (+info)

Lupron depot prevention of antispermatogenic/antifertility activity of the indenopyridine, CDB-4022, in the rat. (5/26)

The goals of this study were to determine the CDB-4022 dose-response relationship for induction of acute decreases in testicular weight and germ cell depopulation in rats; establish the threshold dose of CDB-4022 required to induce infertility; and investigate whether CDB-4022-induced testicular damage could be prevented by a GnRH agonist (Lupron Depot). Reduction of testis weight and germ cell depopulation were observed 7 days after a single oral dose of 1 mg CDB-4022/kg, whereas 0.5 mg/kg had no observable effect. These effects were maximal at 12.5 or 25 mg CDB-4022/kg. After a single oral dose of either 2.5 or 5 mg/kg, CDB-4022 induced infertility in five of five treated rats by Week 5, whereas only one of five males was rendered infertile at a dose of 1 mg/kg. Proven fertile male rats (6/group) were treated with vehicle, CDB-4022 alone (2.5 mg/kg on Day 0), CDB-4022 plus Lupron Depot (on Weeks -1, 2, 5, and 8), or Lupron Depot alone. Control males demonstrated normal fertility throughout a 32-wk cohabitation period. Five of six rats were rendered transiently infertile with Lupron Depot alone, but all recovered fertility. CDB-4022 treatment resulted in infertility in all six rats, and only one of six regained fertility. Combined treatment also caused infertility in all six rats, but four of six recovered fertility (P = 0.08 compared to CDB-4022 alone). Testicular weight was decreased in the three treatment groups compared to vehicle controls; testicular weights were ranked from highest to lowest as follows: vehicle > Lupron Depot > Lupron Depot + CDB-4022 > CDB-4022. The tubule differentiation index of Lupron Depot-treated rats (96 +/- 4%) was not different from vehicle-treated rats (100%). CDB-4022 treatment decreased the number of differentiating tubules (15 +/- 8%). Lupron Depot plus CDB-4022 treatment resulted in a greater number of differentiating tubules (53 +/- 12%) than CDB-4022 alone, but this was still lower than vehicle- or Lupron Depot-treated rats. These data indicate that 2.5 mg/kg of CDB-4022 was the oral threshold dose that caused testicular damage rendering the majority of adult male rats permanently infertile within the study interval; 12.5 mg/kg of CDB-4022 induced maximal testicular damage. Suppression of gonadotropins and/or testosterone production by treatment with Lupron Depot before and after CDB-4022 prevented the CDB-4022-induced irreversible testicular damage.  (+info)

Expression of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator in rat spermatids: implication for the site of action of antispermatogenic agents. (6/26)

To establish whether cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) is functionally expressed in the testis, we subjected spermatogenic cells from rat testes to analysis of CFTR mRNA, protein and channel activity. CFTR mRNA was detected in the testes of mature but not immature rats using reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction analysis. Western blot analysis performed with a CFTR specific antibody revealed immunoreactivity in the membrane extract of spermatogenic cells. Immunohistochemical studies localized CFTR in round and elongated spermatids, but not in the fully developed spermatozoa. Using a whole-cell patch clamp technique, we recorded an inward current activated by intracellular cAMP (100 micromol/l) in round spermatids. The current displayed a linear I / V relationship and was inhibited by diphenylamine-2-carboxylate (DPC), a chloride channel blocker. Transfection of the rat germ cell CFTR cDNA into human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells caused the expression of a cAMP-activated chloride current with CFTR characteristics. The current was completely blocked by the antispermatogenic agents 1-(2,4-dichlorobenzyl)-indazole-3-carboxylic acid, lonidamine (500 micromol/l) and 1-(2,4-dichlorobenzyl)-indazole-3-acrylic acid, AF2785 (250 micromol/l). These results taken together provide evidence that CFTR is differentially expressed in spermatids during spermiogenesis. We speculate that CFTR may interact with aquaporin to bring about cytoplasmic volume contraction which is an essential feature of spermiogenesis.  (+info)

Disruption of spermatogenesis and Sertoli cell structure and function by the indenopyridine CDB-4022 in rats. (7/26)

The present studies were undertaken to determine the testicular cell type(s) affected by the antispermatogenic indenopyridine CDB-4022. At the oral threshold dose (2.5 mg/kg), CDB-4022 induced infertility in all males. CDB-4022 did not alter (P > 0.05) Leydig cell function as assessed by circulating testosterone, seminal vesicle, and ventral prostate weights or body weight gain compared to controls. Conversely, CDB-4022 reduced (P < 0.05) testicular weight, spermatid head counts, and percentage of seminiferous tubules undergoing spermatogenesis. In a second study, adult male rats received a maximally effective oral dose of CDB-4022 (12.5 mg/kg), dipentylphthalate (DPP; 2200 mg/kg; a Sertoli cell toxicant), or vehicle and were necropsied 3, 6, or 12 h after dosing to determine acute effects. Serum inhibin B levels were suppressed (P < 0.05) by 6 h after CDB-4022 or DPP treatment, but epididymal androgen-binding protein (ABP) levels were not altered (P > 0.05), compared to controls. CDB-4022 and DPP increased (P < 0.05) the percentage of tubules with apoptotic germ cells, particularly differentiating spermatogonia and spermatocytes, by 12 h after dosing. Microscopic examination of the testis indicated a greater degree of vacuolation in Sertoli cells and initial signs of apical germ cell sloughing/shedding by 3 or 12 h after CDB-4022 or DPP treatment, respectively. In a third study, prepubertal male rats were treated with vehicle, 12.5 mg/kg of CDB-4022, or 2200 mg/kg of DPP, and the efferent ducts of the right testis were ligated 23 h before necropsy. Seminiferous tubule fluid secretion (difference in weight of testes), serum inhibin B levels, and ABP levels in the unligated epididymis were reduced (P < 0.05) at 24 and 48 h after dosing in CDB-4022- and DPP-treated rats compared to controls. Collectively, these data suggest that CDB-4022 disrupts spermatogenesis by inducing apoptosis in early stage germ cells via a direct action on the Sertoli cell.  (+info)

Rabbit epididymal secretory proteins. II. Immunolocalization and sperm association of REP38. (8/26)

Polyclonal antibody was used to partially characterize REP38, a major rabbit epididymal secretory protein. Western blot analyses and immunohistochemistry indicated that REP38 is only expressed in regions 5 and 6 of the epididymis (corpus epididy-midis) and is localized in the supranuclear region and microvilli of the principal cells in these regions. It was not expressed in other tissues of the body. In region 8 (cauda epididymidis), REP38 was detected in the luminal border and cytoplasm of scattered principal cells, indicating that it may be reabsorbed in this region. This protein accumulated on the sperm plasma membrane downstream of region 5 and was localized predominantly over the acrosomal and postacrosomal regions of the head and the middle piece. Although tightly bound to epididymal sperm, REP38 migrated to the equatorial segment under conditions in vivo that would promote capacitation. When tested in vitro, anti-REP38 IgG reduced the percentage of ova fertilized in a concentration-dependent manner, apparently by blocking sperm-egg fusion.  (+info)

Indenopyridine hydrochloride (IH), an antispermatogenic agent, was tested to determine the testicular pathological changes, seminal spermatozoa concentrations and seminal plasma alkaline phosphatase levels in male dogs. A single oral dosage of 30 mg IH/kg BW induced the dissociation and premature release of germ cells into the lumens of seminiferous tubules. Ring-shaped spermatid nuclei, nuclear pykonosis of spermatocytes and multinucleated cell associations were also observed. Thereafter, the spermatogenic index (SI) significantly decreased one day after IH administration. Moreover, seminal spermatozoa concentrations decreased two weeks after drug treatment; and there was a statistically significant difference in spermatozoa production inhibited by IH compared to the control. Reversible spermatogenesis was noted 7 weeks after IH treatment in male dogs. Meanwhile, seminal plasma alkaline phosphatase levels also significantly increased two weeks after IH treatment. These data confirm that IH ...
An indazole carboxylic acid derivative with antispermatogenic and potential antineoplastic activity. As a male contraceptive, tolnidamine may irreversibly inhibit sperm production. This agent is less nephrotoxic than ionidamide, but it is just as effective in antispermatogenic action to ionidamide.
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Lonidamine (LND) [1-(2,4-dichlorobenzyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxylic acid], a well-known antispermatogenic drug, was studied for the first time in pubertal mice to assess its possible effects on spermatogenesis. Male CD1 mice were orally treated on Postnatal Day (PND) 28 with a single dose of LND (100 mg/kg body weight) and sacrificed on PND30, PND42 ...
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Hello, We have been trying to conceive for 4 years. 2 weeks ago I started a new IVF cycle with Lupron Depot (a single shot). Somehow two weeks after the shot I conceived naturally. I read a lot of b...
I am in my fourth month of Lupron Depot Treatment and I have started bleeding a little bit and I shouldnt be. Has anyone ever had this problem before?
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Buy 3-(Benzyloxy)-N-(2,4-dichlorobenzyl)aniline, a biochemical for proteomics research, from Santa Cruz. Molecular Formula: C20H17Cl2NO, MW: 358.26
This page contains information on the chemical Phosphonium, (2,4-dichlorobenzyl)tris(p-dimethylaminophenyl)-, chloride including: 3 synonyms/identifiers.
You are viewing an interactive 3D depiction of the molecule 1-(3,4-dichlorobenzyl)-3,7-dimethyl-8-(4-morpholinyl)-3,7-dihydro-1h-purine-2,6-dione (C18H23Cl2N5O3) from the PQR.
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Models are generated using a variety of tools and features of a model generation platform. For example, in connection with a project in which a user generates a predictive model based on historical data about a system being modeled, the user is provided through a graphical user interface a structured sequence of model generation activities to be followed, the sequence including dimension reduction, model generation, model process validation, and model re-generation. In connection with a project in which a user generates a predictive model based on historical data about a system being modeled, and in which the project includes a series of user choice points and actions or parameter settings that govern the generation of the model based on rules, which direct the user to select and apply an optimal model.
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I am really looking forward to having another child, so after 2 yrs of continuous NuvaRing and 6mos of Lupron Depot, I stopped 08/24/2014. On 08/27/2014, I got what I thought was a period.
The antioxidant activity of Morinda lucida (Benth.) stem bark was investigated. Air dried stem bark of Morinda lucida was powdered and extracted with 95 % v/v methanol and the extract concentrated at 40oC using rotary evaporator. The total phenolic composition of methanolic extract of air - dried stem bark was estimated using spectrophotometric method. Phenolic composition was calculated to be approximately 80 %. Antioxidant activity of the extract was determined using its ability to prevent the oxidation of â-carotene. Ferric reducing ability of extract was also determined. Antioxidant and ferric reducing activities exhibited by plant extract were concentration dependent. Plant extract achieved a maximum antioxidant activity of 6% within 40minutes. The total phenolic content, antioxidant activity and reducing power of the extract had direct relationship. ...
Children and mothers play an important role in policy efforts to regenerate the city. This dissertation deals with this prominence of children and mothers in urban policies in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It departs from the observation that mothers, in particular, matter in urban policy making and the struggle of former industrial cities to reinvent themselves. I was curious about why mothers and children featured so very prominently in urban policies in Rotterdam and also how this resulted in policy practices and what was done in these practices. For this purpose, I did participatory, ethnographic research in a range or parenting guidance practices. I was interested in what goes on in the room. What happens when policy ambitions for the city enter a classroom, school kitchen, family home or community centre where parenting guidance is taking place? What do professionals such as teachers, pedagogues and social workers produce together with participating mothers? And how does this relate to ...
Symplocos lucida (es); Symplocos lucida (fr); Symplocos lucida (it); 日本灰木 (zh-tw); Symplocos lucida (uk); Symplocos lucida (ast); Symplocos lucida (ru); Symplocos lucida (la); Symplocos lucida (de); Symplocos lucida (vi); Symplocos lucida (ga); Symplocos lucida (en); Symplocos lucida (bg); Symplocos lucida (nl) especie de planta (es); উদ্ভিদের প্রজাতি (bn); espècie de planta (ca); Art der Gattung Symplocos (de); lloj i bimëve (sq); բույսերի տեսակ (hy); вид растение (bg); specie de plante (ro); вид рослин (uk); soort uit het geslacht Symplocos (nl); speco di planto (io); especie de planta (gl); вид растений (ru); species of plant (en); نوع من النباتات (ar); druh rostliny (cs); מין של צמח (he ...
LUPRON DEPOT 3.75mg (Leuprolide) drug information & product resources from MPR including dosage information, educational materials, & patient assistance.
You are viewing an interactive 3D depiction of the molecule {3-[(3,4-dichlorobenzyl)amino]propyl}(diethoxymethyl)phosphinic acid (C15H24Cl2NO4P) from the PQR.
What king of image studies did the doctor execute?. His doctors surely are doing their best but the patient should be acquainted with the procedures, its consequences and outcomes. Doctors treat according to guidelines. We can always inquire or discuss on something we wish to have or would not like to happen, so that the doctor will take such into consideration. The fact of having a DEXA scan can serve as an example in your dads case. A simple bone scan does not tell everything.. Pain after Lupron shot is typical occurrence in patients with metastases at the spine if injected before treating with an antiandrogen (what was your dads case?). Lupron causes flare (a condition represented by a surge in testosterone fabrication) which will directly augment the action of the cancer affecting the tissues where it is set. In critical cases it may compress the spinal chord leading to paralyzes. To avoid such occurrences doctors start by administering an antiandrogen in the initial two weeks before the ...
I just finished a round of Docetaxel in October, and got my 2nd 6-month Depot shot of Lupron in December ( I got both my 1st chemo and my 1st Lupron in late Jun...
For twenty-five years Lynne Millican has been promoting awareness of, and trying to prompt investigations into, the serious problems associated with the drug Lupron. ____________________________________ In 1989, I received a prescription for the drug Lupron from a world-renowned Boston hospital for treatment of endometriosis and infertility. Given the prestige of the institution, and the trust…
For twenty-five years Lynne Millican has been promoting awareness of, and trying to prompt investigations into, the serious problems associated with the drug Lupron. ____________________________________ In 1989, I received a prescription for the drug Lupron from a world-renowned Boston hospital for treatment of endometriosis and infertility. Given the prestige of the institution, and the trust…
Gorpils Orange information about active ingredients, pharmaceutical forms and doses by Gepach International, Gorpils Orange indications, usages and related health products lists
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The scientific community at large have denounced use of Lupron, a prostate cancer drug, for treatment of autism. But Dr.Mark Geier and his son who pioneered the protocol persist, raising concerns.
Yipdee Dapdee Doooooo!!! Woooohoooo! Just got the email from my nurse... basically a Lupron protocol (I cant tell if this is long-lupron or micro-dose lupron -- havent done lupron before). Here are the details: 5/12 - Start Lupron 10U + Dexamethasone 5/16 - Last BCP 5/20 - Suppression check + BW 5/22 - Decrease to…
I am so glad to hear your news. I agree, that it is really a low dose and that everything should be fine. on 12/30 I had to go to the ER for a racing heart rate that would not go down. It was 169 laying down. It was called SVT(supraventicular tachycardia). The doctor there said it can happen to anyone and they see 16 year olds come in with it. They had to give me a medicine to reboot my heart. I was very upset about that since I was 20.5 along and it would definitely cross the placenta line. Everything was fine and I have had a ultrasound and seen the OB since then. So if I can have that without hurting the babies, I doubt that such a tiny little dose of Lupron for a few days would do anything ...
Injection #1 is complete. I almost forgot how easy Lupron is. Ill take the Dexamethasone with dinner. Im coming down with a little cold. It started with a sore throat yesterday afternoon and today its morphed into swollen glands and a headache. Fingers crossed rest, liquids, and vitamin C can shake this thing pronto. Better…
I have endo, I have had a ruptured cyst, I have had kidney pain for 24 days & counting, I am in constant discomfort. Do I really need a full hyster or has anyone had luck with Lupron? I did have 1 Lu...
There are some potentially serious side effects of Lupron, and blood in the urine is one of them. This eMedTV page explains what to do if you are using this medicine and notice blood in your urine. This article also links to more detailed information.
Lupron Depot is a hormone drug used to treat prostate cancer that works by suppressing testosterone. Heres what you should know about possible side effects and complications.
OLD SALT, thanks for your interest, it is greatly appreciated. Following is my initial biopsy.. Had my prostate removed the first part of March, 2014. Following is the lab report dated Jan 24, 2014.. PSA 11.31 ng/ml, T1c, DRE normal.. Left side. Base Adenocarcinoma 7(4+3) 100%. Mid 7(4+3) 30 %. Apex Benign. Lat Base carcinoma 7(3+4) 100% right side nodes were all benign. Lat Mid 7(4+3) 90 %. Lat Apex 7(3+4) 100%. There was also a note concerning left base tumor, indicates perineural invasion.. Treatment after surgery was 46 radiation visits and 2 yrs. of Lupron Depot. ...
I received six months of Lupron Depot one-month injections, and my last injection was January 19, 2015. I immediately started taking a continuous birth control known as Amethyst. For 6-8 months after my last injection, I continued to have lingering fatigue, memory problems, sensitive/tingly skin, and horrible night sweats and sudden mood swings. But nearly…
I wish I had known this when a doctor my sister-in-law (a nurse) recommended told us my father had prostate cancer based upon his PSA. He had an enlarged prostate, no pain and urinated frequently. The doctor insisted on prescribing Lupron for the rest of his life (it should only have been for 1 year). The doctor was wrong. We didnt know it. We followed the prescriptions for Lupron which over a five year period created various complications that the MIC and the doctor did not note or forewarn us of. One of them was increased emotional stress and a change in body chemistry hormones. (lupron is a female hormone). In any case my father who had no other medical condition (no high blood pressure, no heart condition, etc.) and whose body had been pristine and fairly clean (he was very active-gardened and we thought of him as a strong man with a strong immune system) now was receiving dosages of chemicals. Who scientifically knows how this impacted his body, his mind, his soul? All I know is WHAT ...
I received donated Lupron for my FET a couple years ago and I have donated Lurpon to a fellow TTCer that cycled after me. If someone is asking for Lupron b/c they are about to start IVF/FET I would assume they have a script for it. If I was caught with Lupron in my possession it wouldnt be illegal b/c I have a script from my RE. I understand the liability issues but I also think it would be amazing to have a place to ask for donated meds or be able to donate. I donated some back to my RE at the end of my last cycle also ...
I found out my IVF nurse is also an IVF patient. She explained that her first cycle was Antagonist and her second was Lupron. She responded much better to the Lupron cycle. Lets hope I am the same, mmmkay? I can then forgive the horrendous side effects. She then asked if her new trainee could be at my next monitoring appointment. My response, You know what they say... ones company, twos a crowd and threes a party. ...
These videos are from patients like you. They are not made by doctors or nurses. Protocols are also very individual and whats shown here may not apply to you. You must verify all advice, instructions and dosages with your clinic before going ahead with your medication ...
I started on OCPs yesterday and am scheduled to start Lupron next week. They now tell me I have to have a saline sonogram prior to starting Lupron as my last HSG was in August 2013 and their protocol recommends every 6 months during IVF. I am not enthused about the same, but am going along with their recommendation. Did any of u also get a saline songram every 6 months? Seems a little excessive to me but they say they want to make sure they are no polyps or anything that will affect the FET implantation. I guess my FET will be the third week of May or so. Anyone else on the same cycle ...
Recombinant Human Testin protein is an Escherichia coli Full length protein 1 to 421 aa range, | 90% purity and validated in SDS-PAGE, MS.
i suffer now for 5 years no releif and my bones joints muscle tissue are failing my body! Lupron should never be given to anyone!
Small-cell lung cancer (SCLC), which accounts for up to 15% of all lung cancers, is the most aggressive lung cancer subtype and lacks effective early detection methods. Paraneoplastic encephalomyelitis/sensory neuronopathy (PEM/SN) is one of several rare autoimmune disorders associated with SCLC (reviewed in Chapter 1). Most patients with PEM/SN have underlying SCLC and harbor high titers of antibodies against normally neuronally expressed Hu proteins. Anti-Hu reactivity is also present in approximately 16% of SCLC patients without PEM/SN (Chapter 2). Abnormal expression of neuronal Hu proteins in SCLC tumors is thought to result in the generation of autoantibodies that may cross-react with the nervous system, possibly triggering PEM/SN. We have shown that, like human SCLC patients, engineered SCLC-prone mice misexpress Hu proteins (Chapter 3). In addition, 14% of the mice harbor above background titers of anti-Hu antibodies, similar to the situation in human SCLC patients. The mice appear to ...
The Blade Runner films focus on the meaning of humanity; a University of Melbourne bioethicist finds they also foreshadow future ethical concerns over cloning.
Endometriosis. LUPRON DEPOT® (leuprolide acetate for depot suspension) 3.75 mg for 1‑month and 11.25 mg for 3‑month administration are prescription medications used for the management of endometriosis, including pain relief and reduction of endometriotic lesions. LUPRON DEPOT 3.75 mg for 1‑month and 11.25 mg for 3‑month may be used with daily norethindrone acetate 5 mg as add‑back therapy for initial management of the painful symptoms of endometriosis and for management of recurrence of symptoms. Add‑back therapy is intended to reduce the thinning of bone and reduce hot flashes associated with LUPRON DEPOT. For safe and effective use of norethindrone acetate with LUPRON DEPOT 11.25 mg, refer to the norethindrone prescribing information.. Initial treatment course of LUPRON DEPOT (whether used alone or with add‑back therapy) is limited to 6 months. A single retreatment course of not more than 6 months of LUPRON DEPOT plus add‑back therapy may be used if symptoms recur. LUPRON ...
Endometriosis. LUPRON DEPOT® (leuprolide acetate for depot suspension) 3.75 mg for 1‑month and 11.25 mg for 3‑month administration are prescription medications used for the management of endometriosis, including pain relief and reduction of endometriotic lesions. LUPRON DEPOT 3.75 mg for 1‑month and 11.25 mg for 3‑month may be used with daily norethindrone acetate 5 mg as add‑back therapy for initial management of the painful symptoms of endometriosis and for management of recurrence of symptoms. Add‑back therapy is intended to reduce the thinning of bone and reduce hot flashes associated with LUPRON DEPOT. For safe and effective use of norethindrone acetate with LUPRON DEPOT 11.25 mg, refer to the norethindrone acetate prescribing information.. Initial treatment course of LUPRON DEPOT (whether used alone or with add‑back therapy) is limited to 6 months. A single retreatment course of not more than 6 months of LUPRON DEPOT plus add-back therapy may be used if symptoms recur. ...
Abstract:. Morinda lucida (Rubiaceae) is a tropical plant commonly used in western Nigeria for the treatment of malaria. Aqueous extract of leaves of Morinda lucida was investigated for anti trypanosomal activity, using albino rats infected with Trypanosoma brucei brucei. The haematological effect of the extract was also studied. Five groups comprising eight rats per group were infected with T. brucei brucei using 0.5ml of donor blood corresponding to 3.6 x103 parasites. Group 1 served as the control and received 10ml/kg body weight of distilled water. Group 2 received 3.2mg/kg body weight of diminazene aceturate (berenil), while groups 3, 4 and 5 were treated with 0.2ml of extract corresponding to 100, 200 and 400mg/kg body weight respectively, starting from 24 hours post infection. Hematological parameters were determined after the rats were sacrificed on 14th day post infection. There was a significant dose-dependent reduction (p , 0.05) in the parasite count with 5.5 observed in the dose of ...
In its commitment to reducing carbon dioxide and curtail the effect of greenhouse gases derivable mainly from gaseous emissions and industrial pollution, Lafarge Africa Plc has signed an agreement with the Ogun state Ministry of Forestry on the project that will allow processing and conversion of agro-forestry waste to energy.. The Regional Vice-President, Industrial Ecology, Middle East and Africa, Lafarge Africa Plc, Mr. Pierre Delcroix, said this in Abeokuta at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with the state government on the project.. He noted that the project was aimed at reducing the effect of greehouse gases through the usage of agro-forestry residues to fire cement plants instead of gas. The company has undertaken such a project in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. This form of energy option will make for a situation that will ensure the re-generation of the almost depleted state forest reserves, training of farmers on modern farming methods and general investment in ...
Its a long day. It takes a toll on your body. Especially after the game, you dont really get what you need to get the re-gen (re-generation) going right away. But at the end of the day, every teams doing the exact same thing. Aside from Portland, the Galaxy also had a quick trip to San Jose for a Sept. 13 game. It is what it is this year, Bingham said. Some trips are harder than others, but its no excuse for the 90 minutes on the field. Youve got to go there, and youve got to perform. The Galaxy had its six-game unbeaten streak snapped with Saturdays 2-0 home loss to Colorado. The loss dropped the team to eighth place. We put pressure on them and they had a bunch of chances, Galaxy defender Daniel Steres said. I think we gave them way too much … We would win the ball, whether it was in their half or our and within one or two passes, we would lose the ball and it was right down our throats again. So I think we kind of shot ourselves in the foot and created our own problems there ...
I am a 31 year old female who was diagnosed with Endometriosis about 3 years ago. After my Lap procedure and consulting with multiple doctors....t...
analog of naturally occurring gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH or LHRH.) The analog possesses greater potency than the natural hormone. Lupron acts as a potent inhibitor of gonadotropin secretion when given continuously and in therapeutic doses. Following an initial stimulation, chronic administration of Lupron results in suppression of ovarian steroid production. This effect is reversible upon discontinuation of drug therapy. In humans, subcutaneous administration of single daily doses of Lupron results in an initial increase in circulation levels of LH and FSH, leading to a transient increase in levels of the gonadal steroids estrone and estradiol. However, continuous daily administration of Lupron results in decreased levels of LH and FSH. In premenopausal females, estrogens are reduced to post-menopausal levels. These decreases occur within two to four weeks after initiation of treatment. Lupron produces numerous side effects including cardiovascular symptoms like congestive heart ...
LUPRON DEPOT-3 MONTH 22.5mg (Leuprolide) drug information & product resources from MPR including dosage information, educational materials, & patient assistance.
GnRHas are derived from native GnRH but contain modifications that result in increased potency and a longer half-life. They were initially approved for the treatment of prostate cancer. After a study showing that treatment with a GnRHa slowed growth velocity and bone age advancement and increased predicted final height in children with CPP [53], the monthly version Lupron Depot was approved by the FDA in 1993. This long-acting GnRHa in the form of monthly intramuscular leuprolide acetate was prescribed almost exclusively for the treatment of CPP in the U.S. for many years. Three-monthly depot preparations, also administered via intramuscular injection, have also been used to treat CPP, particularly in Europe [54]. Several studies as well as a meta-analysis have suggested that the degree of biochemical suppression achieved with 3-monthly dosing is consistently less than that seen with monthly GnRHa administration [54-57]. However, the clinical response to treatment appears to be similar based on ...
We manufacture 2,4-dichloro-1-(dichloromethyl)benzene CAS:134-25-8 from China India,2,4-dichlorobenzyl dichloride factory and 6-Ethyl-3-oxa-6-azaoctanol producer,6-Ethyl-3-oxa-6-azaoctanol manufacturer and supplier
Ok, first off, sorry I didnt get a chance to update yesterday. It was a VERY long day and I crashed really early last night. But onto the news…. Had an ultrasound. I was at around 1,200 grams before. Yesterday? About 650 grams!! So weve cut the size down almost in half so far!! He had wanted to get me down to around 600 grams for surgery. He could do it at 1,200 but it would mean much longer under anesthesia and bleeding risks. Well, now that were down, hes ready to get me on the schedule. I dont have a specific date yet. His nurse will be following-up with me to schedule me about a month or so from now.. Sometime around the end of September I will be having my surgery.. He thinks that by then, I may even be down to about 400 grams because the Lupron is still in my system for another two months. So even better. The Lupron TOTALLY worked for me.. Right before surgery, Ill have a final ultrasound just to get a last-minute check on things and Ill also need bloodwork for cross and type for ...
So once or twice a month, our little group of EndoSisters gets together for food, drinks, hugs, laughter, tears, and support. Tonight was one such meeting. And theyre always amazing, regardless of how many, or how few, people are able to attend. One of my fellow EndoWarriors brought up an incredible question this evening, which…
I hope that all of you had a very Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate. As for me my Christmas was ok, nothing worth jumping all over about, just ok. I have been blessed with so many friends though, and getting cards from all of them is always so nice. The only bad thing this year was the lack of my intelligence to obviously inform EVERY person that got a card from me as to the state of the union because I got 3 cards today, and have 8 total in which I have been asked the addition/s to the family question. Now you would think that most of them would get the hint when they got a photocard that just had the 3 of us in it, and no letter making any announcements to the effect of an addition anytime soon. I blame myself for this though because up until I found out just how damn infertile I was, I wasnt worried about sharing my little problem, but now that IVF is being forced on me that freedom to discuss has changed. I just dont know how people will react to the ...
Thanks to Lupron, the last couple of nights I went from boiling to freezing, boiling to freezing. It has been a vicious, sweaty, goosebumpy circle. Its been ongoing throughout the day and Im expecting the body temp fluctuations to be around for a bit. Thank god for layers! The sweater goes on. The sweater comes…
I start Lupron on June 15th, then all the other meds will follow accordingly. I talked to the coordinator at the clinic about doing Crinone instead of the PIO injections and she seemed to think it would be okay, but when I got my calendar it still had the PIO on there. :\ I asked her about it and she said that Dr. K strongly encourages doing the PIO injections at least until the pregnancy is confirmed. UGH!! Not cool. I suppose I can deal with a daily shot in the ass for 3 weeks rather than the normal 12 weeks! Kevs gonna have to brush up on his shot administering skills....or maybe I can get my moms cousin, whos an RN, to do them for me ...
Hooray!! Scary I know but I agree about just taking it one day at a time, one step at a time. It really helped me to make myself an IVF calendar with all my meds (even PNVs) needed for each day so that I could just cross each one off as I went. That way I never worried that I forgot something and I ONLY had to focus on the next immediate shot, not on everything still yet to do. It made it feel very manageable for me and was sort of nice to even look back to see how far Id come. And you are right about the Lupron injections - they are easy! Just pinch and stick - half the time you may not even feel anything. The first one is the worst because of the anticipation and then youll get used to it before you know it. (((Hugs!!))). ReplyDelete ...
Hi, I have been diagnosed with endo on July 2008. I had my laparoscopy and my doctor wanted me to go on Lupron, but I refused. I have a new doctor now and he...
So ... shots class wasnt so bad. It was nice to be in a room full of other people who get it, and I think E even had a little fun poking the little practice butt with the needle. My protocol doesnt include Lupron, so we really wont have that many shots. Well, at least until we get to the daily PIO, but we wont think about that yet. And they said I could switch back to my other BCPs for the last two weeks. Yeah ...
Sunnyvale, CA, 94086. You can check out our latest projects, meet Zener the cat, shop for holiday gifts, and share in food and conversation. Well also be running a hangout for non-local attendees, and will post the link on our Google+ page when it goes live.. Photo by Steve Hoefer.. ...
Ewing LL, Robaire B (1978). "Endogenous antispermatogenic agents: prospects for male contraception". Annu. Rev. Pharmacol. ... See also: List of investigational hormonal agents § Androgenics. Topical administration[edit]. There has been much interest and ... Srivastava RP, Bhaduri AP (1989). "Emerging concepts towards the development of contraceptive agents". Prog Drug Res. 33: 267- ... It was widely used, but has largely been abandoned for this indication in favor of newer agents with improved safety profiles ...
In any case, the medication is said to not be an effective antispermatogenic agent, whereas CPA is effective. Also unlike CPA, ... Cyproterone, which has·only weak antigonadotropic properties, was found to be a poor antispermatogenic agent (42). In contrast ... Ewing, L L; Robaire, B (1978). "Endogenous Antispermatogenic Agents: Prospects for Male Contraception". Annual Review of ... was found to be an antispermatogenic agent (142). Stewart, Mary Ellen; Pochi, Peter E. (1978). "Antiandrogens and the Skin". ...
... which in turn may improve its effectiveness as an antispermatogenic agent and male contraceptive. This is salient and ...
... antispermatogenic agents MeSH D27.505.696.138.379 - sperm immobilizing agents MeSH D27.505.696.138.569 - spermatocidal agents ... antispermatogenic agents MeSH D27.888.569.071.379 - sperm immobilizing agents MeSH D27.888.569.071.569 - spermatocidal agents ... contraceptive agents, male MeSH D27.505.696.875.360.443.068 - antispermatogenic agents MeSH D27.505.696.875.360.443.068.760 - ... contraceptive agents, male MeSH D27.505.954.705.360.443.068 - antispermatogenic agents MeSH D27.505.954.705.360.443.068.760 - ...
This results in increased potency and effectiveness of these AAS as antispermatogenic agents and male contraceptives (or, put ... Sjöqvist F, Garle M, Rane A (May 2008). "Use of doping agents, in particular anabolic steroids, in sports and society". Lancet ... The primary urinary metabolites may be detectable for up to 30 days after the last use, depending on the specific agent, dose ... the effects of these agents have been divided into two partially dissociable types: anabolic (myotrophic) and androgenic.[1] ...
Pakrashi A, Pakrasi PL; Pakrasi (April 1977). "Antispermatogenic effect of the extract of Aristolochia indica Linn on male mice ... Kjaergaard N, Kjaergaard B, Lauritsen JG; Kjaergaard; Lauritsen (June 1988). "Prazosin, an adrenergic blocking agent inadequate ...
In any case, the medication is said to not be an effective antispermatogenic agent, whereas CPA is effective. Also unlike CPA, ... Cyproterone, which has·only weak antigonadotropic properties, was found to be a poor antispermatogenic agent (42). In contrast ... Ewing, L L; Robaire, B (1978). "Endogenous Antispermatogenic Agents: Prospects for Male Contraception". Annual Review of ... was found to be an antispermatogenic agent (142). Stewart, Mary Ellen; Pochi, Peter E. (1978). "Antiandrogens and the Skin". ...
Ewing LL, Robaire B (1978). "Endogenous antispermatogenic agents: prospects for male contraception". Annu. Rev. Pharmacol. ... Hassoun LA, Chahal DS, Sivamani RK, Larsen LN (June 2016). "The use of hormonal agents in the treatment of acne". Semin Cutan ... It was widely used, but has largely been abandoned for this indication in favor of newer agents with improved safety profiles ... Srivastava RP, Bhaduri AP (1989). "Emerging concepts towards the development of contraceptive agents". Prog Drug Res. 33: 267- ...
"Antispermatogenic Agents" by people in this website by year, and whether "Antispermatogenic Agents" was a major or minor topic ... "Antispermatogenic Agents" is a descriptor in the National Library of Medicines controlled vocabulary thesaurus, MeSH (Medical ... Below are the most recent publications written about "Antispermatogenic Agents" by people in Profiles. ... Below are MeSH descriptors whose meaning is more general than "Antispermatogenic Agents". ...
  • Current efforts in India to develop a male contraceptive are mainly directed towards (i) development of antispermatogenic agents to suppress sperm production, (ii) prevention of sperm maturation, (iii) prevention of sperm transport through vas deferens or rendering these sperm infertile and (iv) prevention of sperm deposition. (
  • Because the gonadotropins are essential to the maintenance of fertility in both the male and the female, antigonadotrophic substances have been sought for use as antifertility or fertility-suppressing agents. (
  • Our interest in development of hyaluronidase inhibitors as male antifertility agents led to identification of Terminalia chebula (T. chebula) plant with hyaluronidase (HAase) inhibitory activity of human spermatozoa ( approximately 93% inhibition) and rat caudal epididymal spermatozoa ( approximately 86% inhibition) in vitro at 30 mg/ml. (
  • Its antifertility characteristics are being explored as the possible starting point development of a new oral contraceptive agent which works by stimulating an evacuation of the implanted egg in the uterus. (
  • The purpose of this chapter is to evaluate the antispermatogenic and antifertility properties of an ethanolic extract of Trigonella foenum-greacum seeds. (
  • Conclusion: These findings imply that T. foenum-greacum can cause male infertility in rats and should therefore be investigated further as a possible male antifertility agent. (
  • C31G has been found to be a broad-spectrum antibacterial agent in vitro or in animals, active against both gram-positive and gram-negative organisms, including chlamydia, and a range of antibiotic resistant strains. (
  • Synthesis and Structure-Activity Relationships of 2-Pyridones: A Novel Series of Potent DNA Gyrase Inhibitors as Antibacterial Agents," J. Med. (
  • Effect of antispermatogenic agents on biochemical composition of testicular fluid of rhesus monkeys and rats. (
  • The indazole-carboxylic acid derivative tolnidamine (TOL) has marked antispermatogenic activity in rats. (
  • Thus, these crude flavonoids isolated from medicinal plants could be a candidate for development as an immunosuppressive and cytotoxic agent. (
  • In haematopoietic cell system, the agents which inhibit PKC activity can suppress the growth of both normal and leukemic progenitors [10]. (
  • As per the available literature, this is the first time exploration of D. sissoo methanolic extract as photoprotective and DNA protective agents. (
  • while the ethanolic extract (95%), at a dose of 250 mg/animal, caused antispermatogenic effects 20 . (
  • Other reports on the flower extract cite contraceptive activity in human adult 22 , antispermatogenic activity in male rat and embryotoxic properties in the fetus of rat 21 . (
  • Several articles and ancient literature have shown that the flowers of this plant possess anti-infertility activity1, Antispermatogenic and Androgenic activity2, Anti-tumour3, Antiimplantation 4, Antidiabetic5, Antioxidant activity6 and Anti-depressant activity7. (
  • We have previously shown that adjudin, a small molecule compound known to possess antispermatogenic function, attenuates microglia activation by suppression of the NF-κB pathway. (
  • Antispermatogenic effect of Ocimum sanctum. (
  • however, an antispermatogenic effect has been reported, and safety data are insufficient to support use of the herb in cosmetic products. (
  • Seth S, Johri N, Sundaram K. Antispermatogenic effect of Ocimum sanctum. (
  • The antispermatogenic effect of metronidazole has also been shown in some studies (1-2). (
  • Paclitaxel (PTX) is an effective anticancer agent but in the same fashion, has a major dose-limiting haematological toxicity. (
  • Several haematological toxic effects of anticancer agents have been documented. (
  • Paclitaxel (PTX) is a highly effective anticancer agent that is widely used to treat different types of solid tumours, including prostate, breast and ovarian cancers 4 . (
  • Indenopyridine hydrochloride (IH), an antispermatogenic agent, was tested to determine the testicular pathological changes, seminal spermatozoa concentrations and seminal plasma alkaline phosphatase levels in male dogs. (
  • Also these results suggest that extracts prepared from the flowers of A. kellalensis may be potential anti-rotaviral agents in vivo and be useful in veterinary medicine. (
  • Thus, a rough estimate of costs and development time for repositioned drugs to reach the market is 300 million US$ and 6 years, respectively [ 5 ], which still appears not to be satisfactory, but definitely competitive in comparison to the development ab initio of new therapeutic agents. (
  • Gossypol is generally known as a male anti-fertility and potential anti-cancer agent [2]. (
  • Agents, either mechanical or chemical, which destroy spermatozoa in the male genitalia and block spermatogenesis. (
  • Gonadotropins are a class of substances which stimulate male and female gonads, thus ordinarily representing profertility or fertility-maintaining agents. (
  • An indazole carboxylic acid derivative with antispermatogenic and potential antineoplastic activity. (
  • It is, therefore, only during this period that the spermatogenic process itself is directly vulnerable to adverse effects resulting from lifestyle of the man and/or his exposure to toxic agents from the general environment or as a result of his occupation. (
  • Beneficial effects of ROS involve physiological roles in cellular responses, such as protection against infectious agents. (
  • Antispermatogenic effects of tolnidamine in langur (Presbytis entellus). (
  • The chemopreventive effects of piperine against several kinds of carcinogen, such as benzopyrene and benzanthracene, show its potential as a cancer preventive agent. (
  • present study is an attempt to determine the mode of action as anti-neoplastic agents and to evaluate the agents' acute toxicity in mice. (
  • In the present study, we report synthesis of new coumarin derivatives as prospective therapeutic agents and investigate their antioxi-dant properties. (
  • Below are the most recent publications written about "Bone Density Conservation Agents" by people in Profiles. (
  • In addition to LH and FSH an hormonal substance from the hypothalamus, gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH), is known to be an endogenous agent for the stimulation of LH and FSH release. (
  • However, it's also used as an anti-fertility agent. (
  • Since holy basil leads to complete shutdown of the production of luteinizing hormone, it effectively STOPS the natural production of testosterone and leads to lowered follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) which suppresses sperm production (which is probably why it's used as an anti-fertility agent in India). (
  • Therefore, gossypol has been suggested to be a potential anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive agent. (
  • Rotaviruses are the major etiologic agents that cause severe, acute dehydrating gastroenteritis in young children and in a wide variety of domestic animals. (
  • Hypoglycemic Agents" is a descriptor in the National Library of Medicine's controlled vocabulary thesaurus, MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) . (
  • Chemical agents that increase the rate of genetic mutation by interfering with the function of nucleic acids. (
  • Katz J, Greenberg S. Etomidate Is NOT a First-Line Induction Agent in Critically Ill Patients: Primum Non Nocere-Above All, Do No Harm. (
  • While practical advice exists for initiating a therapeutic regimen comprised of basal insulin and oral agent(s), direction as to appropriate therapy for individual patients with differing physiologic requirements is needed. (
  • In any case, the medication is said to not be an effective antispermatogenic agent, whereas CPA is effective. (
  • An agent that causes the production of physical defects in the developing embryo. (
  • In a complex chemical process, the sucrose is processed with, among other things, phosgene (a chemical-warfare agent used during WWI, now a common intermediary in the production of plastics, pesticides and dyes), and three atoms of chlorine are selectively substituted for three hydroxyl (hydrogen and oxygen) groups naturally attached to the sugar molecule. (
  • Lonidamine (50264-69-2) was originally investigated as an antispermatogenic agent.1 Lonidamine has been shown to decrease oxygen consumption as wel. (
  • Agents that are administered in association with anesthetics to increase effectiveness, improve delivery, or decrease required dosage. (
  • The major groups included here are ethyl alcohol, anesthetics, hypnotics and sedatives, narcotics, and tranquilizing agents (antipsychotics and antianxiety agents). (
  • A pesticide or chemical agent that kills mites and ticks. (
  • This graph shows the total number of publications written about "Hypoglycemic Agents" by people in this website by year, and whether "Hypoglycemic Agents" was a major or minor topic of these publications. (