Occasions to commemorate an event or occasions designated for a specific purpose.
Time period from 1901 through 2000 of the common era.
Time period from 2001 through 2100 of the common era.
Time period from 1801 through 1900 of the common era.
Time period from 1501 through 1600 of the common era.
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Societies whose membership is limited to scientists.
Time period from 1701 through 1800 of the common era.
The period of history from the year 500 through 1450 of the common era.
A publication issued at stated, more or less regular, intervals.
Societies whose membership is limited to physicians.
A discipline concerned with studying biological phenomena in terms of the chemical and physical interactions of molecules.
Research that involves the application of the natural sciences, especially biology and physiology, to medicine.
The study of the heart, its physiology, and its functions.
An agency of the UNITED STATES PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE that conducts and supports programs for the prevention and control of disease and provides consultation and assistance to health departments and other countries.

50th anniversary historical article. Myocardial infarction and coronary care units. (1/94)

The results of treatment of 250 patients with established acute myocardial infarction in a coronary care unit in a university hospital are described. The criteria for diagnosis have been carefully defined. In 62 percent of patients admitted with a tentative diagnosis of acute infarction, the initial impression was confirmed. Fifteen percent of patients admitted to the unit were classified as having possible infarction; in this group, the mortality rate was 3 percent. A classification of functional severity based on clinical evidence of heart failure or shock is presented. Morbidity and mortality in acute myocardial infarction are related to the functional severity of the illness. Although arrhythmia is common, the overriding importance of five life-threatening arrhythmias is emphasized. Mortality of patients in the coronary care unit was not improved in comparison to those treated under regular care until strong central direction of therapeutic programs, immediate treatment of arrhythmia in cardiac arrest, and delegation of some medical authority to trained nurses was accomplished. The change in concept of the purposes and practices of special coronary care from resuscitation to prevention of arrhythmia is emphasized. The mortality in myocardial infarction complicated by shock remains high. In the absence of shock, aggressive medical treatment in the coronary care unit reduced mortality from 26 to 7 percent. The implications of these data in the management of patients admitted to a hospital with a diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction are discussed.  (+info)

50th anniversary historical article. Acute coronary syndromes: the degree and morphology of coronary stenoses. (2/94)

In 110 patients with either stable or unstable angina, the morphology of coronary artery lesions was qualitatively assessed at angiography. Each obstruction reducing the luminal diameter of the vessel by 50% or greater was categorized into one of the following morphologic groups: concentric (symmetric narrowing); type I eccentric (asymmetric narrowing with smooth borders and a broad neck); type II eccentric (asymmetric with a narrow neck or irregular borders, or both); and multiple irregular coronary narrowings in series. For the entire group, type II eccentric lesions were significantly more frequent in the 63 patients with unstable angina (p less than 0.001), whereas concentric and type I eccentric lesions were seen more frequently in the 47 patients with stable angina (p less than 0.05). Type II eccentric lesions were also present in 29 of 41 arteries in patients with unstable angina compared with 4 of 25 arteries in those with stable angina (p less than 0.0001) in whom an "angina-producing" artery could be identified. Therefore, type II eccentric lesions are frequent in patients with unstable angina and probably represent ruptured atherosclerotic plaques or partially occlusive thrombi, or both. A temporary decrease in coronary perfusion secondary to these plaques with or without superimposed transient platelet thrombi or altered vasomotor tone may be responsible for chest pain in some of these patients with unstable angina.  (+info)

Public health aspects of the Rainbow Family of Living Light annual gathering--Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania, 1999. (3/94)

The Rainbow Family of Living Light (RFLL) is a loosely organized group that developed out of the late 1960s counterculture movement. RFLL has had a 2-week "Gathering for World Peace and the Healing of the Earth" in a different national forest each summer since 1972. For the June 21-July 10, 1999, gathering, RFLL selected the Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania. The site was not accessible by vehicle and was an hour's walk to the nearest road. No sanitary facilities were available, and water from streams was consumed without treatment. Approximately 20,000 persons attended from the United States and several foreign countries. The state health department requested federal assistance to establish and maintain public health surveillance and to advise on outbreak prevention and control. This report describes the public health aspects of the gathering and presents recommendations for the management of health risks at large outdoor events.  (+info)

Update: outbreak of acute febrile illness among athletes participating in Eco-Challenge-Sabah 2000--Borneo, Malaysia, 2000. (4/94)

During September 7-11, 2000, CDC was notified by the Idaho Department of Health, the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, and the GeoSentinel Global Surveillance Network of at least 20 cases of acute febrile illness in three countries; all ill patients had participated in the Eco-Challenge-Sabah 2000 multisport expedition race in Borneo, Malaysia, during August 21-September 3, 2000. Participants included athletes from 29 U.S. states and 26 countries. This report updates the ongoing investigation of this outbreak through December 2, which suggests that Leptospira were the cause of illness and that water from the Segama River was the primary source of infection. Participants in adventure sports and exotic tourism should be aware of potential exposure to unusual and emerging infectious agents.  (+info)

Risk for meningococcal disease associated with the Hajj 2001. (5/94)

Every year approximately two million pilgrims from more than 140 countries gather in Saudi Arabia for a pilgrimage to the holy places of Islam known as the Hajj. Coinciding with the Hajj pilgrimage during March 2000, Saudi Arabian health officials identified an outbreak of meningococcal disease; a substantial proportion of the isolates were the bacterial strain Neisseria meningitidis serogroup W-135. Four cases of meningococcal disease subsequently were identified among the estimated 15,000 pilgrims returning to the United States, their close contacts, and community. In addition, approximately 400 cases of meningococcal disease caused by N. meningitidis serogroup W-135 wereidentified worldwide during 2000. Whether an outbreak of meningococcal disease will recur in 2001 is unknown.  (+info)

Earth Day plus 30 years: public concern and support for environmental health. (6/94)

A clear majority of Americans are concerned about environmental threats to public health and do not want to weaken antipollution regulations. The strongest supporters for maintaining environmental regulations are affluent mainstream White suburban populations who are thriving economically, but support is also strong in every other major segment of the population. Overt attempts to weaken the basic regulations are unlikely, barring an obvious economic downturn that would cause a large proportion of the public to consider loosening standards in the belief that such changes would increase the number of available jobs. Given this context, environmental health was and will continue to be a core topic in the Journal. We will emphasize the nexus of environmental health and policy by publishing research, exemplary public health practice, and the views of key decision makers.  (+info)

Update: assessment of risk for meningococcal disease associated with the Hajj 2001. (7/94)

During late March and early April 2000, four cases of meningococcal disease caused by Neisseria meningitidis serogroup W-135 were identified among U.S. pilgrims returning from the Hajj in Saudi Arabia, their close contacts, and communities. These cases occurred as part of a larger epidemic in which approximately 400 cases caused by a similar and unusual strain were identified worldwide. The Hajj, an annual pilgrimage to the major holy places of Islam, is attended by approximately two million persons from approximately 140 countries, including an estimated 15,000 from the United States.  (+info)

The Circuit Party Men's Health Survey: findings and implications for gay and bisexual men. (8/94)

OBJECTIVES: This study examined characteristics of gay and bisexual men who attend circuit parties, frequency of and motivations for attending parties, drug use and sexual behavior during circuit party weekends, and use of risk reduction materials available at parties. METHODS: A cross-sectional survey was conducted among 295 gay and bisexual men from the San Francisco Bay Area who had attended a circuit party in the previous year. RESULTS: One fourth of the men reported a drug "overuse" incident in the previous year. Nearly all respondents reported use of drugs during circuit party weekends, including ecstasy (75%), ketamine (58%), crystal methamphetamine (36%), gamma hydroxybutyrate or gamma butyrolactone (25%), and Viagra (12%). Two thirds of the men reported having sex (oral or anal), 49% reported having anal sex, and 28% reported having unprotected anal sex during the 3-day period. An association was found between use of drugs and sexual risk behavior. Prevention materials were observed at party events by some men; however, relatively few men used the materials. Common motivations for attending the parties were "to listen to music and dance" and "to be with friends." CONCLUSIONS: Intensive, targeted health promotion efforts are needed for gay and bisexual men who attend circuit parties.  (+info)

European Antibiotic Awareness Day (EAAD) was marked on Monday 18 November 2019, in partnership with WHOs World Antibiotic Awareness Week (18 - 24 November 2019).
By- Mary Ellen Sanders Ph.D. The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) initiated a project this fall to determine if probiotics can reduce antibiotic use. In the context of an individual person, reduced antibiotic use means fewer adverse effects, reduced chance to develop antibiotic resistant pathogens, reduced time to recovery and lower medical cost. In the context of society, reduced antibiotic use means less chance that antibiotic resistant pathogens - which can be difficult to control - will develop and threaten society at large.. Governments are recognizing the importance of policy that improves antibiotic stewardship. For example, European Antibiotic Awareness Day supports national campaigns on the prudent use of antibiotics.. which can be difficult to control - will develop and threaten society at large. Governments are recognizing the importance of policy that improves antibiotic stewardship. For example, European Antibiotic Awareness Day supports ...
EAAD is this year marked with a digital campaign 18-24 November with video testimonies and social media activities. In times of COVID-19, dont give up on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and stay united to preserve antimicrobials!. Find out more ...
Each year on 5 May, the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign takes place as part of a major global effort led by the World Health Organization (WHO) to improve hand hygiene in healthcare settings. The campaign mobilises people around the world to increase adherence to hand hygiene in all healthcare settings, thus protecting healthcare workers and patients from COVID-19 and healthcare-associated infections by other pathogens.. ...
Antibiotics - Overuse and incorrect use drives resistance.. Do not start antibiotics in the absence of evidence of bacterial infection. START SMART: . q Obtain cultures prior to commencing therapy if appropriate q Take a history to establish drug-related allergies q If there is evidence/suspicion of bacterial infection, use local guidelines to initiate prompt effective antibiotic treatment q Administer antimicrobial therapy within ONE hour of recognition of severe sepsis or septic shock q Document indication(s), severity, route dose, and duration/review date for antibiotic prescription on prescription chart and in clinical notes q Where antibiotics have been shown to be effective for surgical prophylaxis, give a single dose within 60 minutes before incision q Consult infection expert(s) and/or pharmacists if appropriate THEN FOCUS: At 48 - 72 hours; review the patient and make a clinical decision the Antimicrobial Prescribing Decision on the need for on-going antibiotic therapy. Does ...
Prof. Herman Goossens started European Antibiotic Awareness Day in 2008 after a study showed large numbers of Europeans thought antibiotics can kill viruses. As the European Commission publishes a new plan to fight the threat from drug-resistant superbugs, Professor Herman Goossens, the initiator of the first European Antibiotic Awareness Day, says he is optimistic that…
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Press meeting organized on the occasion of the World Antibiotic Awareness Week took place with the participation of Deputy Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Emine Alp Meşe. The week of 13-19 November is accepted as World Antibiotic Awareness Week to raise global awareness about unnecessary use of antibiotics. The events in Turkey ended with the press meeting attended by Prof. Dr. Alp Meşe. In her speech, Deputy Minister underlined that unnecessary antibiotic consumption and antibiotic resistance cause a serious public health in threat in Turkey as the rest of the world. All countries are increasingly involved in awareness-raising events and action plans to settle this crucial problem, and the World Health Organization (WHO) declared this week as World Antibiotic Awareness Week.. Prof. Dr. Alp Meşe further added that discovery and use of antibiotics made contributions to life quality and life expectancy of people but they should be used rationally. Antibiotics are ineffective in viral cases ...
19 November 2014. ANTIBIOTIC AWARENESS WEEK 2014: COULD YOUR INDIVIDUAL PRESCRIBING DECISIONS BE CONTRIBUTING TO ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE?. Recent evaluation research* conducted by NPS MedicineWise shows that many general practitioners continue to prescribe antibiotics to meet patient expectations, even when antibiotics are not indicated.. The research reveals a communication gap exists between GPs and patients, with GPs overestimating the proportion of patients who expect an antibiotic to be prescribed. Many GPs do not consider that their individual prescribing of antibiotics as a significant contributor to antibiotic resistance and do not feel compelled to change their prescribing practices.. NPS MedicineWise CEO, Dr Lynn Weekes, says that this Antibiotic Awareness Week the research serves as a timely reminder that all Australians urgently need to take action to change the course of antibiotic resistance.. One of our core messages this Antibiotic Awareness Week is that there are immediate health ...
South Africa was excluded from the 1964 Tokyo and 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games over their governments apartheid policies, before being finally expelled from the Olympic Movement in 1970. In contrast, South Africa first competed in the International Stoke Mandeville Games, which in an Olympic year became known as the Paralympic Games, in 1962. South Africa continued to compete until 1985 (although they had been excluded from both the 1980 and 1984 Paralympic Games) when they were finally expelled from the movement despite having competed with a racially integrated team since 1975. This article looks at some of the events and issues, particularly the influence of international politics, which led to their exclusion and eventual expulsion from the disability sports movement, despite the claims by both the South African team and the organizers of international disability sport that the fully racially integrated team was challenging apartheid by setting an example for others to follow.
Addiction has the power to destroy but dont let that happen ever…. Happy Overdose Awareness Day to you.. Life is very precious and you must never waste it but live it healthy…… Wishing a very Happy Overdose Awareness Day.. Overdose Awareness Day reminds us that we must not let our happiness go for a toss with drug overdose.. Happiness lies within and opportunities lie outside, dont look for solutions into overdose…. Happy Overdose Awareness Day.. It is very important for us to make our generations aware of overdose to prevent them…. Wishing a very Happy Overdose Awareness Day.. ...
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OBJECTIVES:. To describe the incidence of injury in the precompetition and competition periods of the Rio 2016 Summer Paralympic Games.. METHODS:. A total of 3657 athletes from 78 countries, representing 83.4% of all athletes at the Games, were monitored on the web-based injury and illness surveillance system over 51 198 athlete days during the Rio 2016 Summer Paralympic Games. Injury data were obtained daily from teams with their own medical support.. RESULTS:. A total of 510 injuries were reported during the 14-day Games period, with an injury incidence rate (IR) of 10.0 injuries per 1000 athlete days (12.1% of all athletes surveyed). The highest IRs were reported for football 5-a-side (22.5), judo (15.5) and football 7-a-side (15.3) compared with other sports (p,0.05). Precompetition injuries were significantly higher than in the competition period (risk ratio: 1.40, p,0.05), and acute traumatic injuries were the most common injuries at the Games (IR of 5.5). The shoulder was the most common ...
China to Participate in Tokyo Paralympic Games with 251 Athletes - In a statement made by the Chinese Federation of the Disabled, it was announced that China will send a team of 251 athletes to the Tokyo Paralympic Games. 132
Nigerian Government on Wednesday said that Nigerias 60th independence anniversary celebration will be observed for a whole year, ending September 30th, 2021.. This came as President Muhammadu Buhari unveiled the logo and theme for the 60th independence anniversary celebration.. The brief ceremony was conducted just before the weekly virtual Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting at the Council Chambers of the Presidential Villa, Abuja.. Buhari said the anniversary celebration would be held low-key this year, attributing the development to the scourge of the novel coronavirus pandemic.. The president, who spoke after the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Boss Mustapha, gave insight into how the logo was adopted and the modalities guiding the anniversary celebration, adding that his administration would henceforth ensure inclusiveness.. According to the president, the theme of this years anniversary celebration; Together Shall We Be had been chosen to forge a more united ...
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16 Nov 2012. On the occasion of the 5th edition of the European Antibiotic Awareness Day, ECDC releases new EU-wide data on antibiotic resistance and consumption. Antibiotic resistance still remains a major European and global public health problem and is, for a large part, driven by misuse of antibiotics. ECDC data show that over the last four years there has been a significant increasing trend of combined resistance to multiple antibiotics in both Klebsiella pneumoniae and E. coli in more than one-third of the EU/EEA countries. In several Member States, between 25 percent and up to more than 60 percent of Klebsiella pneumoniae from bloodstream infections show combined resistance to multiple antibiotics. Options for treatment of patients who are infected with such multidrug-resistant bacteria are limited to only few last-line antibiotics.. Antibiotic resistance is still a very serious threat to the health of European citizens, because it leads to increasing healthcare costs, extra length of ...
18.11.2016: Todays European Antibiotic Awareness Day demonstrates the necessity of the responsible use of antimicrobial substances in both humans and animals to prevent the development of antibiotic resistance. With this in mind, the Institute of Veterinary Public Health at the Vetmeduni Vienna published a study on the use of antibiotics on Austrian dairy farms earlier this year. Although dairy cattle are less frequently treated with antibiotics than pigs and poultry, the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics such as cephalosporins should be reduced. These drugs are considered particularly important by the World Health Organization (WHO), as they are essential for the treatment of severe bacterial infections in humans. Resistance to these antibiotics can, therefore, have very serious consequences. The study was published in English in the Berliner and Münchner Tierärztlichen Wochenschrift. Antibiotics are vital for the treatment of bacterial infections in both human and veterinary medicine. Any ...
Just 70 years after their introduction Europe faces a future without effective antibiotics. At the launch of this years European Antibiotic Awareness Day there was a broad consensus from a range of EU actors that something must be done to reverse this trend.
Today is the European Antibiotic Awareness Day and we celebrate by officially launching the EMBARK program.. The primary goal of EMBARK is to establish a baseline for how common resistance is in the environment and what resistance types that can be expected where. That background data will then underpin efforts to standardize different methods for resistance surveillance and identify high-priority targets that should be used for efficient monitoring. In addition, EMBARK will develop and evaluate methods to detect new resistance factors and thereby provide an early-warning system for emerging resistance threats.. EMBARK is an international collaboration funded by JPIAMR. The consortium consists of coordinator Johan Bengtsson-Palme (University of Gothenburg, Sweden), Thomas Berendonk (TU-Dresden, Germany), Luis Pedro Coelho (Fudan University, China), Sofia Forslund (ECRC Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin, Germany), Etienne Ruppé (INSERM, France) and Rabaab Zahra (Quaid-i-Azam ...
Public Release: 18-Nov-2016 European Antibiotic Awareness Day 2016 European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) IMAGE: The emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance has become a recognized global problem. Antibiotic resistance severely limits the number of antibiotics available for the treatment of diseases. Credit: ECDC On the occasion of the 9th European…
On European Antibiotic Awareness Day, ECDC publishes the results of two point-prevalence surveys of healthcare-associated infections and antimicrobial use in hospitals and in long-term care facilities in the EU/EEA. ...
The faces of Rheumatoid Disease are many. The personal stories will bring you to tears. Rheumatoid Disease (also known as Rheumatoid Arthritis) is a progressive inflammatory disease causing damage to joint and organ tissues, resulting in severe pain, frequent disability and increased mortality. Because the disease is commonly presumed to be a type of arthritis, proper support is lacking, causing problems with disability accommodations, clinical care, healthcare reimbursement and research funding.. Rheumatoid Awareness Day was established as February 2nd in 2013 by the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation. While several cities and localities have issued official proclamations, we are still lacking a national proclamation for Rheumatoid Awareness Day in the United States.. Rheumatoid Awareness Day gives people with the chronic illness known as rheumatoid arthritis, or rheumatoid disease, a day of recognition. A nationally recognized Awareness Day would serve as an annual platform to educate people about ...
▪ 2009 On Sept. 6-17, 2008, nearly 4,000 athletes with disabilities representing 147 National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) competed in the Paralympic Games in Beijing shortly after the Olympic Games had concluded. (See Special Report (Games
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As Toni Shaw and Louis Lawlor completed their debut Paralympic Games, Great Britain finished the penultimate night of swimming on 25 medals, adding another three to their tally in the S14 100m backstroke with gold for Bethany Firth and bronzes for Jessica-Jane Applegate and Reece Dunn.. For Toni Shaw, it was an evening of fourth places, with the University of Aberdeen athlete just finishing shy of the podium in the S9 100m butterfly and as part of the 34pt 4x100m medley relay.. At the start of the evening, Shaw put in another strong display in the final of the S9 100m butterfly, where she finished just shy of the medals in fourth. The 18-year-old finished in a time of 1:08.87, a seasons best time, and a good improvement from her heat.. Gold went to Zsofia Konkoly (HUN) in a new Paralympic Record time of 106.55, with World Championships bronze medallist from London 2019, Elizabeth Smith (USA), moving up a medal place to secure silver in 1:08.22. Sarai Gascon (ESP) finished the podium line-up ...
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi along with Antimicrobial Stewardship Team celebrated Antibiotics Awareness Week from 19th November, 2019 to 23rd November, 2019. This week-long initiative has been undertaken to commemorate World Antibiotics Awareness Week which is celebrated annually from November 18- November 24 across the globe. Also, this initiative is part of the first dissemination activity of the ERASMUS plus co-funded project entitled Risk Management and prevention of Antibiotics Resistance - PREVENT IT. The main agenda of this initiative was to create and spread awareness amongst the students and general public on the appropriate usage of antibiotics and importance of infection control measures in hospitals.. A plethora of activities were organized during the week including expert talks, street plays, poster competition as well as quiz sessions. The target audience for expert talks were students and faculty from different backgrounds i.e. MBBS, dental, pharmacy, nursing ...
टोक्यो पैरालिंपिक में भारत का पहला मेडल पक्का हो गया है। भाविनाबेन पटेल टेबल टेनिस के विमेंस सिंगल्स में क्लास-4 कैटेगरी के सेमीफाइनल में पहुंच गई है। उन्होंने क्वार्टर फाइनल मुकाबले में सर्बिया की बोरिस्लावा रैंकोविच पेरिच को लगातार तीन गेम में 11-5, 11-6, 11-7 से हराया। | Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Indias Bhavinaben Patel reached the quarterfinals of Table Tennis at the ongoing Paralympic Games in Tokyo; Sakina Khatoon ranked fifth in powerlifting
After Hours:. Call clinic number for Pihanga Health and then there is an option to speak to a nurse at an after hours service who can direct you.. Public Holidays: Closed Buller Anniversary (1 Feb), Northland Anniversary (1 Feb), Nelson Anniversary (1 Feb), Auckland Anniversary (1 Feb), Waitangi Day (Observed 8/2/21) (8 Feb), Good Friday (2 Apr), Easter Sunday (4 Apr), Easter Monday (5 Apr), ANZAC Day (Observed 26/04/21) (26 Apr), Queens Birthday (7 Jun), Labour Day (25 Oct). Open Canterbury Anniversary (13 Nov, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM), Chatham Island Anniversary (30 Nov, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM), Westland Anniversary (30 Nov, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM), Wellington Anniversary (25 Jan, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM), Taranaki Anniversary (8 Mar, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM), Otago Anniversary (22 Mar, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM), Southland Anniversary (6 Apr, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM), South Canterbury Anniversary (27 Sep, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM), Hawkes Bay Anniversary (22 Oct, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM), Marlborough Anniversary (1 Nov, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM ...
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As part of its partnership with the Azerbaijan National Paralympic Committee (NPC), BP is supporting the Childrens Paralympic Festival in Azerbaijan. The event is linked to the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December 2013. The Festival was planned by NPC as a series of Paralympic competitions and games arranged throughout Azerbaijan. BP as NPCs partner was involved in the events that took place in the Agsu and Kurdamir districts. BP also supported the final event which took place in the main Paralympics Complex in Sumgayit on 19 December. BPs athlete ambassadors were present in all events to meet and inspire the children. The festival is aimed at supporting the development of the national Paralympic movement and promotion of Paralympic values - inspiration, courage, equality and determination. BP is pleased to be part of this exciting event, which we hope will encourage young, talented disabled children to develop and fulfill their potential in sports by ...
All about From the lands of the Bible: art and artifacts; an archaeological exhibition in celebration of Israels twentieth anniversary under the patronage of His Excellency Major-General Yitzhak Rabin, Ambassador of Israel to the United States by America-Israel Cultural Foundation.,. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers
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The National Museum of the American Indian celebrates four landmark anniversaries-the signing of the legislation that created the museum 20 years ago, the 15th anniversary of our first museum in New York City, the 10th anniversary of our state-of-the art conservation center in Suitland, Maryland, and the 5th anniversary of the opening of our flagship museum on the National Mall.. Date: 10/6/2009. Time: 7 p.m.. Location: National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, D.C.. Attire: Traditional Dress or Black Tie. Ticket/Pricing Information:. $500 - $250,000. ...
FRANKFORT, Ky. (June 15, 2010) - The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) is reminding Kentuckians that even one case of elder abuse is one too many as part of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, June 15. Keeping seniors safe is a priority of this administration, and World Elder Abuse Awareness Day demonstrates that no matter where we live, we can all play a part in protecting our seniors, CHFS Secretary Janie Miller said.. Tuesday, June 15, marks the fifth annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, a time to raise awareness of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation throughout the world.. In Kentucky, advocates of elder abuse prevention have encouraged individuals to wear purple to show their commitment to protecting older citizens and spreading the awareness message.. Elder abuse, neglect and exploitation are largely under-reported and under-recognized throughout the world, said Steven Fisher, manager of the Adult Safety Branch, part of the CHFS Department for Community Based ...
Published: 16 May 2019. Our Chronic Pain Self-Management Team at St Georges launched the UKs first ever Chronic Pain Awareness Day earlier this month.. Roughly 43% of adults in the UK live with some degree of chronic pain - which is described as pain that lasts for longer than three months - but many people dont have a proper understanding of the condition.. Because of this, our Chronic Pain Self-Management Team looked into supporting a national day to raise awareness but found one didnt exist and decided to organise the UKs first Chronic Pain Awareness Day instead.. The first Chronic Pain Awareness Day was launched on 1 May and saw a group of staff and patients taking part in a two mile walk from Tooting Bec Common to St Georges to tie in with National Walking Month.. Dr Anna Mathieson, Clinical Psychologist, and Baljit Daffu, Specialist Physiotherapist said: We registered it as a national campaign on the NHS calendar and wed like to run it each year, and hopefully make it a national ...
Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber Of Commerce 10th Anniversary Gala Awards Celebration, The Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce will host its 10th Anniversary Gala Awards Celebration on March 26 at 6:00 p.m. at the Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel.
1/2in Circle (1) 100th Birthday (2) 16th Birthday (1) 18th Birthday (2) 1in Punch (1) 1st Birthday (4) 2 Cute Stamps (1) 25th Anniversary (2) 2nd Birthday (3) 30th Birthday (7) 40th Birthday (9) 45th Anniversary (1) 4th Birthday (2) 50th Birthday (6) 50th Wedding Anniversary (3) 5th Birthday (3) 60th Birthday (4) 65th Birthday (1) 6th Birthday (1) 70th Birthday (8) 7th Birthday (2) 80th Birthday (3) 90th Birthday (8) 95th Birthday (1) Acrylic Block Stamping Technique (1) Adoption (1) Adorning Accents (9) Adorning Accents Edgelits (5) Adorning Accents EF (9) Advent (1) Afternoon Picnic DSP (2) All Abloom DSP (1) All Bloom DSP. Birthday (1) All Dressed Up Bundle (8) All Gods Grace (3) All Is Calm DSP (5) Alphanumeric Simply Pressed Clay Mould (1) Altered DIaries (1) Altered Mirrors (2) Altered Notebooks (10) Always Artichoke (7) Amazing Birthday (2) Animal Antics (1) Anna Marie Designs (17) Anniversary (12) Antique Brads (4) Apothecary Accents Framelits (14) Apothecary Art (2) Aqua Painters (6) ...
New Years Eve celebrations change once kids are in the picture. Champagne toasts and all-night parties are often replaced with a cozy night at home. Whether the New Years celebration involves only your immediate family or includes other families with young kids, a list of themed games keeps the entire group entertained as the clock approaches midnight. If your kids are too young to stay up late, adjust your celebration schedule to welcome the new year at noon instead of midnight.. New Years Eve celebrations change once kids are in the picture. Champagne toasts and all-night parties are often replaced with a cozy night at home. Whether the New Years celebration involves only your immediate family or includes other families with young kids, a list of themed games keeps the entire group entertained as the clock approaches midnight. If your kids are too young to stay up late, adjust your celebration schedule to welcome the new year at noon instead of midnight.. ...
PHOENIX and TUCSON, Arizona - Arizona Operas President and General Director, Joseph Specter, officially announced today the organizations 2021/22 Season-its 50th Anniversary Season-which will feature an exciting and diverse programming schedule of five productions, including the release of the companys first world premiere film and four planned in-theater productions in both Phoenix and Tucson.. Our 50th Anniversary Season would be a reason to celebrate in and of itself as we begin to emerge from this challenging pandemic year. It is made that much more meaningful by the prospect of our returning to in-theater performances this December in both Phoenix and Tucson.. He continued, We thank the communities that we have had the honor of serving as we reach this milestone. Their decades of devotion and love for this art form have made this anniversary possible. It would also be impossible not to thank the Arizona Opera Board, who have demonstrated incredible leadership and generosity in helping ...
For New Pittsburgh Courier. While many businesses were obliterated by the COVID-19 pandemic, New Horizon Theater Inc., found unique ways to battle through and has come out stronger to celebrate its 30-year anniversary.. Were excited about our 30th anniversary. This is a big one for us, explained Joyce Meggerson-Moore, who has served as Chairperson of the Board of Directors for New Horizon Theater since 1997 when the company received its official nonprofit status. She has volunteered with the company since its inception. We have five events this season instead of four and we have all the clearances from all of the playwrights and their blessing to put the plays on. Thats probably a first for New Horizon. Usually, we have to get all of that one play at a time, but we were able to get all of it and are able to announce our full season and be ready to roll. Were coming out of this pandemic strong.. Its premier production for the 30th anniversary season, Kings of Harlem, written and directed ...
Sept. 4 - Whats the best way to mark a 40-year anniversary? With a weekend celebration of course.. The Delhi Tobacco Museum & Heritage Centre will do just that on Sept. 14-15.. First up will be a 40th anniversary concert featuring southwestern Ontario band The Schotts Sept. 14. Darrin and Alison Schott are a singing and songwriting duo known for mixing beautiful harmonies and world-class musicianship into their unique blend of country, bluegrass, and folk. Theyve played in clubs and festivals across Canada and Europe and have a number of songs related to Norfolk County. Tickets are $20 and are available at the Museum (200 Talbot Road, Delhi) from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. and Sundays from 1 - 4 p.m.. On Sept. 15, the Museum will host an anniversary open house from 1-4p.m. Come explore the facility and enjoy cake, special displays and a giant card to be signed. Kids of all ages are invited to join in a special scavenger hunt and take home a craft.. For more on the museum, visit ...
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Qatar is soon to open its sixth stadium for the 2022 World Cup, the Al Thumama stadium.. This will be the sixth of eight stadiums constructed for footballs biggest tournament and will have a capacity of 40,000.. Its set to open on October 22, and first match to be held there will be the Emir Cup final between Xavi Hernandezs Al Sadd and Al Rayyan, who are coached by Laurent Blanc.. There are now just two more stadiums to be officially opened - the Ras Abu Aboud and the Lusail Stadium, which will host the World Cup final.. The stadiums which already opened their doors are the Khalifa International, Al Janoub, Education City, Ahmad Bin Ali and Al Bayt stadiums, which are soon to be followed by the Al Thumama.. This latest ground will host the quarter finals of the World Cup as well as the FIFA Arab Cup which will take place between November and December of this year.. ...
Cancer remains the second leading cause of mortality in the United States. Special events such as health fairs, screening days or cultural festivals are employed often for community education about cancer screening. A previous systematic review of the published literature was conducted in 2012-2013. The purpose of this study was to conduct a grey literature component of special events that promote breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening in the U.S. We conducted a grey literature search of dissertations/theses and conference abstracts. The theses/dissertations were restricted to those: 1) written in English, 2) published from January 1990 to December 2011, 3) examined at least one of the predefined categories of special events, 4) involved cancer screening for breast, cervical, and/or colorectal cancer, 5) included outcome data, and 6) conducted in the United States. A review of U.S. public health and cancer conference abstracts, that were readily available and had focused on at least of 3
Who doesnt love a good party? Who doesnt love to staying up until midnight ringing in the new year! I mean…we all love a good new years party! OK…honestly…who can barely make it to midnight to celebrate?! The new year is a time for new beginnings and its a perfect time to party with your class. Each year we have a new years party on our first day back to celebrate the new year and our return to school! Our new years party comes with balloons, hats, confetti, noisemakers and a toast to ring in the new year!. I pick up 2 or 3 New Years party packages from Party City so we have hats and leis and noisemakers. I order confetti from Amazon. And we use Sparkling Grape Juice for our toast!. ...
Welcome to the 4th Annual Cystinosis Awareness Day! Started in 2018, Cystinosis Awareness Day was created to bring attention.... read more ...
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WASHINGTON-Congressional Armenian Caucus Co-Chairs Frank Pallone (D-NJ), Jackie Speier (D-CA), David Valadao (R-CA) and Vice-Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) congratulated the people of Artsakh on the 30th anniversary of the liberation movement with powerful videos first broadcast at February 13th celebrations in the Republics capital, Stepanakert.. We join with Representatives Pallone, Schiff, Speier, and Valadao in marking Artsakhs 30th anniversary of the independence movement, celebrating - along with friends of liberty from across the United States - this very American story of a free peoples victory over foreign rule, said ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian. We look forward, in the days and weeks ahead, to continuing our robust cooperation with these legislators and each of their House and Senate colleagues on the full array of Artsakh-related public policy priorities before the U.S. Congress - from the FY19 appropriations bill to the Royce-Engel peace proposals and the U.S.-Artsakh ...
The NIH Intramural Sequencing Center (NISC), established in 1997, is a multi-disciplinary genomics facility that emphasizes the generation and analysis of DNA sequence.. To commemorate NISCs 10th anniversary, the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) held a one-day symposium on Oct. 16, 2007 in the Masur Auditorium of the Clinical Center, on the Bethesda, Maryland campus of the National Insitutes of Health. Entitled Genome Exploration by Large-Scale DNA Sequencing: Circa 2007 and Beyond, the symposium featured research talks by many international genomics leaders.. NISC 10th Anniversary Symposium Program. ...
Landmark Legislation Still Holds Significance for Millions of Americans. TAMPA, Fla. - Several government agencies will join forces on July 2 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnsons signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced today. The landmark legislation, which outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin, was envisioned and drafted by President John F. Kennedy in 1963 and was enacted in 1964 following his assassination.. The EEOCs Tampa Field Office will join the Hillsborough County Office of Community Affairs and the City of Tampas Office of Human Rights to host an event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the passage of the law. The event will be held at the John F. Germany Library Auditorium, located at 900 North Ashley Street in downtown Tampa.. Many people fought and worked exceedingly hard for the legal protections men and women of all races, religion, ...
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New Years Resolution - MedHelps New Years Resolution Center for Information, Symptoms, Resources, Treatments and Tools for New Years Resolution. Find New Years Resolution information, treatments for New Years Resolution and New Years Resolution symptoms.
December (#2) 2018 allround tournament champion: Death-Note. December (#1) 2018 FFA tournament champion: Mylifeispotato. Curve Olympics 2018 winner: Bloodred. November 2018 tournament champions: LuckyRalf, Crowly (BrutalSzymon). October 2018 4v4 tournament champions: ocea, Rock Starr, King of Hell., Dark Rage. Camp Competition 2018 winner: Bloodred. September (#2) 2018 1v1 tournament champion: Freakout. Summer Battle 2018 4v4 winners: CarnageFX, Bloodred, sima., Nitrogen Dioxide. Summer Battle 2018 FFA winner: Dark Rage. Summer Battle 2018 1v1 winner: Bloodred. September (#1) 2018 FFA tournament champion: CarnageFX. August 2018 4v4 tournament champions: simka121, Meyk, Run., sam_pum. July 2018 3v3 tournament champions: R4W1L, Doge, Bloodred. June 2018 FFA tournament champion: Yokaii. May 2018 FFA tournament champion: Kuroky. April 2018 FFA tournament champion: Run.. March 2018 3v3 tournament champions: Bloodred, Anadrol, Fairy-Tail. February 2018 FFA tournament champion: LuckyRalf. January ...
Residents at Field of Dreams were treated to quite the New Years celebrations!. On New Years Eve, our culinary team treated us to a wonderful 50s themed diner luncheon with a burger bar, assorted sides, and of course - delicious root beer floats and milkshakes. We also had tons of fun in our themed photo booth. It was a blast to the past!. On New Years Day, residents enjoyed a delicious brunch filled with an assortment of goodies for breakfast and lunch New Years Day. Our breakfast and lunch stations were complete with virgin Bloody Marys, fruit smoothies, assorted pastries, fruit, an omelet bar, carving station, and decadent desserts. Its fair to say that no one left hungry!. Were looking forward to a healthy, happy and prosperous 2021. Happy New Year to all!. ...
The Governor of Tokyo, which hosts the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, Koike Yuriko, as she has done in the past five years, refused to send an eulogy to an annual ceremony commemorating the Korean victims who were slaughtered in the wake of the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake. The ceremony took place on September 1, the day marking the 98th anniversary of the Great Kanto Earthquake, at a Tokyo park. Korean dancer Kim Sun-ja, who resides in Japan, performs jinhonmu, a dance for the repose of the deceased. (Sep.1/2021, Tokyo ...
CELEBRATE 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE ADA. From May through August 2015, the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with a series of community-wide events recognizing the landmark law that has transformed lives by removing barriers to civic participation, housing, transportation, employment, arts and recreation, education and more.. The Pittsburgh/Allegheny County ADA 25th Anniversary Celebration is one of several scheduled throughout the nation this year, including a major celebration in Washington D.C. on the July 26 anniversary with attendance expected to be in the thousands.. The Pittsburgh/Allegheny County ADA 25th Anniversary celebration will highlight local accomplishments and champions, as well as next steps for our community. Like most of the nation, as many as 18 to 20 percent of City and County residents of all ages have some type of disability.. For a list of events visit: ...
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Izwe Savings and Loans Plc has launched a series of activities to commemorate its 10th Anniversary.. The three-month long celebration is themed Celebrating 10 years of Positively Impacting Lives and features activities such as regional customer appreciation dinners, financial literacy programmes, health workshops and 10 social impact projects as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.. At a maiden customer dinner with key customers held at the African Regent Hotel, the Chief Executive Officer, Raymond Kwakye Bismarck stated that, the vision of Izwe Savings and Loans is to unlock potential by fueling developmental aspirations among small businesses and individuals, aimed at real community and economic development as we grow businesses and enrich lives, through innovative financial solutions and secured investments.. He thanked customers and staff of the company for their loyalty over the years, which has contributed to the success and growth of Izwe Savings and Loans.. Izwe started ...
A solemn celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics by NAMS of Ukraine took place on June 6th, 2019
Kent States College of Podiatric Medicine Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary | Kent Campus, College of Podiatric Medicine College of Podiatric Medicine | Kent State Universitys College of Podiatric Medicine will celebrate its centennial anniversary in 2016. Located in Independence, Ohio, it is one of nine accredited podiatry colleges in the United States and is a four-year,
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to be taking part in this extraordinary assembly to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. I convey to you all the respectful greeting of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, who has asked me to convey to you all his cordial good wishes for the success of your work. Today, we are recording an important anniversary. It reminds us of the felicitous occasion of the establishment of the FAO that came into being to free humanity from the spectre of hunger by promoting agricultural projects in every country, with an effective cooperation between States. This is an ever timely goal. Indeed, it is becoming more urgent than ever in the face of a world situation in which peoples are affected by terrible and recurrent food crises, whereas there are other countries whose abundant production gives rise to numerous questions regarding their lifestyle. Today, the FAO is faced by a world which, despite certain painful ...
July is almost here, and that means that the Carrier Corporation will be celebrating the 110th anniversary of the modern air conditioning system. At Thermacon Service, a heating and air conditioning company in Beaumont, Texas, we are just as excited about the upcoming anniversary on July 17, 2012 as the Carrier Corporation. As a factory authorized dealer for Carrier, we are proud of our association with this fine company. With its rich 110-year history, Carrier is the oldest and most respected manufacturer in the entire industry.. Prior to 1902, there was no way for people in Beaumont and the rest of the United States to stay cool indoors. Often times, indoor temperatures in the summertime were even more oppressive than outdoor temperatures. That year, a 25-year-old engineer by the name of Willis Carrier patented the first window air conditioning unit. Although it brought welcome relief for some people, its high cost made it unaffordable for the average worker. Over the course of the next ...
As members of the Dominican Family in the Americas, we will begin to commemorate this important anniversary through a webcast on Monday, Nov. 21, 2011 at 8 p.m. EST, (7 p.m. CST). The program will focus on past and present issues challenging the Dominican Family in America. Rumor has it that Fr. Montesinos may make an appearance. This presentation will be live streamed at www.sinsinawa.org/live and also available for viewing afterwards by watching an online recording or by purchasing a DVD copy. Call for Papers. What impact does the soul-stirring preaching of Fr. Antonio Montesinos, OP, have on Dominicans in the Americas today, 500 years after that first fire? Does this preaching of the community and the Dominican mission make any difference to our world now? What is the significance of this early Dominican communitys courageous act of speaking the truth to power? For todays Church? For todays world?. The Steering Committee of the 500th Anniversary of Dominicans in the Americas welcomes ...
12:30 p.m. EST, January 22, 2013. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Prayers, marches and protests kicked off in Washington on Tuesday to mark the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, even as battles over the issue have largely shifted from the federal courts to statehouses.. Many of the anti-abortion protests are the latest editions of those held each year around the anniversary of the January 22, 1973, ruling that legalized abortion in the first three months of pregnancy.. The protests come in the wake of a Pew Research Center poll which found that most Americans remained opposed to overturning the decision, with opinions little changed over two decades.. The Christian Defense Coalition will place flowers on the sidewalk in front of the Supreme Court on Tuesday, representing the number of abortions the group says are carried out daily in the United States.. The highlight of anti-abortion events is expected to be a March for Life rally near Capitol Hill on Friday, with ...
Read more about Lanka Tamils to mark 8th anniversary of end of civil war on Business Standard. Tamils in Sri Lankas war-ravaged northern and eastern provinces are today observing the eigth anniversary of the end of the three-decade brutal civil war in the country in 2009. The Tamil Genocide Remembrance day will be marked by various events
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Various other affairs composed Penang, Malaysia each year are actually: The Birthday celebration of the Siren of Forgiveness, Wesak Time or even the birthday celebration of God Buddha, Hari Raya Puasa which denotes completion of Ramadan, St. Annes Treat, Hari Raya Haji, Festivity of 9 Empress The lords, Malaysias National Time, as well as Deepavali in celebration of the carnage of wicked master through God Krishna.. Penang is actually a relatively occupied isle, constantly brimming along with yearly events of various lifestyles. If you are actually checking out the isle of Penang, it is actually certainly not rare to discover at the very least one celebration occurring during the course of your break. A number of the highlights are actually Mandarin New Year stored every overdue January or even very early February which represents the starting point of Mandarin Lunar year as well as Xmas Time commemorated through Religious each month of December.. Faith within this edge of planet is actually ...
Healing Chapel Baptist Church, 2375 Godwin Blvd, will have Watch Service on New Year’s Eve from 10 p.m. until midnight.  Music will be rendered by the Golden Trumpeteers of Windsor. The Scholarship Committee will be providing breakfast for a donation of $5.  All proceeds will benefit the Scholarship Fund. Call contact 934-2282.. New Year’s Eve Service. Pleasant Union Baptist Church, 215 Webb St., will hold a Night Watch service, Dec. 31 at 10 p.m.. Baptism will also take place.. New Year’s Eve Service. Solomon’s Temple, 12749 Courthouse Highway, will present a New Year’s Eve service at 10:30 p.m., Dec. 31.. New Year’s Eve Service. Gates Of Heaven C.O.G.I.C., 112 Beech St., will have a New Year’s Eve Dec. 31, There will be a Watch Night service beginning at 10 p.m. A play will be performed during this service, “The Christmas Story,” presented by the Youth Department. For more information call Joi Silver ...
Start your 2017 off on the right foot (or feet!)! Come run in beautiful Breckenridge on New Years morning with a refreshing run, snowshoe race or a shorter ring in the New Year Dash!Complete the 5K run AND the New Year\s Dash and compete for additional special prizes! Event details and scheduleRace Info: Snowshoe race starts at 11am Run starts at 11:10am New Year\s Dash starts at 12pm Course is generally snow/hard packed snow conditions - trail shoes or traction is helpful! Dress in layers - mountain conditions change quickly in the winter! Don\t forget sunscreen - even in the winter our sun is intense at this elevation! Packet Pickup New Years Eve from 10-2 at Vertical Runner Breckenridge New Years Day from 9:30-10:30 at race start Post Race We will have hot cider and hot chocolate for you as well as other goodies. Stick around for a fun raffle! Prizes awarded to top three overall in run and snowshoe!
The Office of Special Events creates, designs, and implements all facets of the receptions, dinners, donation ceremonies, and other special events at the Museum. The office also provides corporations, associations, and other organizations the opportunity to co-host a dinner or reception as a benefit of making a charitable contribution to the educational program of the Museum.
FTDs impressive collection of birthday gifts and treats in a box goes beyond cookies and candy, so you can send a truly unique and thoughtful birthday gift to anyone on your list. Send your foodie friend a gourmet food birthday box overflowing with specialty cheese and crackers, biscotti, butter toffee pretzels, almonds, and more. Help your mom kick off her birthday with a pep in her step when you deliver a Starbucks coffee birthday box to her door! Add vibrant color and intoxicating fragrance to the room with a delivery of lovely birthday flowers in a box. No matter how you want to express your birthday love and affection, FTD will carefully package and deliver your birthday in a box so it arrives to create joy for the birthday recipient. Birthday gift boxes can be ordered online any time, and delivered as early as the same or next day. Shop online at FTD to shop for the best assortment of exciting birthday in a box gifts and flowers ...
Video provided to Reuters by North Koreas official news agency KCNA, which Reuters cannot independently verify, shows North Koreans celebrating the birth anniversary of late leader Kim Jong Il with synchronized swimming performances at Changgwang Health Complex.
August 31, 2017. July 26, 2017 of this year marked the 27th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the nations foremost civil rights law for people with disabilities. Since the passage of the ADA, Americans with disabilities have made great strides in their fight for full equality and inclusion in society. More Americans with disabilities than ever are employed in the community, have transitioned into the community from restrictive institutions, and have made their voices heard in public life.. Here are some of the ways that the government celebrated the 27th anniversary of the ADA:. ...
It was a hot sunny day at the Julia Vargas Hall within Quezon Institute when a mass was celebrated at past 8:30 am. Philippine Tuberculosis Society and Quezon Institute Anniversary The thanksgiving mass was officiated by a priest from nearby Christ the King Seminary. This marks two important occasions, The 109th founding anniversary of the…
In their first public event as husband and wife, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended one of the events throughout the year that will celebrate Prince Charles 70th birthday.
Saturns Birthday (Shani Jayanthi) is celebrated each year on a New Moon day between mid-May to mid-June. In 2021, it is on June 9/10.
Chase's Calendar of Events 2019: The Ultimate Go-to Guide for Special Days ... Bernan Press. 30 September 2018. p. 307. ISBN ... The anniversary of Khomeini's death is a public holiday. To commemorate Khomeini, people visit his mausoleum placed on Behesht- ... That event is now referred to as the Movement of 15 Khordad. Khomeini remained under house arrest until August. On 26 October ... Millions of people were said to have seen it and the event was celebrated in thousands of mosques. He was perceived by many ...
Special Events , Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library Archived February 2, 2014, at the Wayback Machine. Beinecke.library. ... "50th Anniversary". Archived from the original on October 2, 2013. Retrieved September 9, 2013. Finnegan, William (October 17, ... The Library celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013. There were two full-year exhibitions that explored the library's ... as well as special books outside these categories. Now, the collection spans through to the present day, including such modern ...
Event occurs at 0:44. Archived from the original on 2021-12-21. Retrieved 2011-04-03. "25th Anniversary Album". Archived from ... Alan Lindquest Durham, Judith (1970). "When you come to the end of a perfect day". Meet Judith Durham [television special]. ...
Jakarta portal Indonesia portal (Infobox holiday (other), Carnivals in Indonesia, Annual events in Indonesia, Events in Jakarta ... "Jakarta Anniversary; 5,000 to Participate in 2019 Jakarnaval". Tempo. Retrieved 24 June 2019. "Jakarta spends Rp 20b on festive ... The carnival always gets great interest from both the community and special actors of arts and culture. It usually displays an ... "Jakarta celebrates 487th anniversary in style". The Jakarta Post. Retrieved 24 June 2019. "More roads closed as Jakarta ...
"Bascom, Earl W. Birth Anniversary". Chase's Calendar of Events 2019: The Ultimate Go-to Guide for Special Days, Weeks and ... He competed in the rough stock events of saddle bronc riding, bareback riding and bull riding, and in the timed events of steer ... He also was a rodeo announcer, performed trick riding and competed in the rodeo events of wild cow milking and wild horse ... In 2014, Bascom was honored posthumously during the tenth anniversary celebration of the National Day of the Cowboy, for his ...
... as Lucy Anniversary Present (2006) ... as Bridesmaid 2 Trailer Park Boys Christmas Special (2004) ... as Lucy Shattered City: ... The Halifax Explosion (2003) ... as Woman #1 at Rally The Event (2003) ... as Jody, Upstairs Neighbour Trailer Park Boys (2001- ... indicated that the incident was misreported and that the call to the police was made by persons who had not witnessed the event ...
"Special Report: Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story", Movie Magazine International, June 16, 2004. Retrieved July 20, 2009. 2008 ... "Pac Rep marks 40th anniversary". Monterey County Herald. Digital First Media. "A Theater Opens in Carmel", San Jose Mercury ... Events Calendar, Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau Shuler, Barbara Rose. "Pacific Repertory Theatre stages a ...
Announcement of 100th Anniversary activities. Kirkwood Special Events Archived 2012-11-24 at the Wayback Machine "St.Louis ... The Kirkwood-Webster Groves rivalry celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2007. Newly found evidence shows that 2007 also ... stipulates that in the event that either Kirkwood or Webster Groves advances to the Show-Me Bowl state championship game, the ...
"Bascom, Earl W. Birth Anniversary". Chase's Calendar of Events 2019: The Ultimate Go-to Guide for Special Days, Weeks and ... August 1995 events, 1995 deaths, Lists of deaths in 1995). ...
Seth Meyers performed on October 2 for the 2015 event. Elvis Costello performed on December 10, 2016 for the 17th anniversary ... 2009-10th Anniversary; Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band, 2010; Russell Brand, 2011; Robin Williams (with special guest David ... Famed actor and SNL superstar Alec Baldwin performed for the OHF's 19th anniversary annual event on November 30, 2018. In 2020 ... Martha hosts a high-profile fundraising event for the Owen Hart Foundation. The 2000-2003 charity events were in support of ...
"BBC NEWS , Special Reports , Falklands Anniversary". Retrieved 2020-10-25. "Argentina vows Falklands return". 2007-06-14. ... "Historic event: Stanley, City status proclamation to a round of applause from some 400 Falkland Islanders". 2022-06-16. ... On the centenary anniversary of the Battle of the Falkland Islands, a search begins for the wrecks of the German ships sunk in ... 2015: The 250th anniversary of the first British settlement is celebrated in the islands. 2016: An agreement is reached between ...
"Let the Not-So-Silent-Nights Begin with the All-New Comedy "The Moodys," Airing as a Special Three-Night Holiday Event Series ... "Gayle King to Anchor "Meghan and Harry Plus One," A CBS News Special Marking the One-Year Anniversary of the Royal Couple and ... "Diesel Brothers' Special Two-Hour Live Memorial Day Event Features "Diesel Brothers: Monster Jump Live" During Season Finale". ... "21st Anniversary Special". The Futon Critic. May 10, 2019. Secrets of the Sisterhood Lifetime.com "Believe in Happily Ever ...
Such coins usually commemorate the anniversaries of historical events. They can also draw attention to current events of ... These special high-value commemorative coins are not to be confused with €2 commemorative coins, which are coins designated for ... "200th anniversary of the death J. Haydn Commemorative Coin". Austrian Mint. Retrieved 16 December 2008.[permanent dead link] " ... Euro gold and silver commemorative coins are special euro coins minted and issued by member states of the Eurozone. They are ...
7th anniversary. A 2-part anniversary special, the first one featured an awarding event for the past commercial spoofs. The ... 14th anniversary. A 2-part anniversary special, the first one featured a special interview with the former and present cast ... Venti 7 - 27th Anniversary. - The two-part special with the viral TikTok creators and vloggers as special guests. it was taped ... "Bubble Gang celebrates 20th anniversary with a documentary special , News and Events , GMA International - Bringing Filipinos ...
"Recap of America's 400th Anniversary Events". America's 400th Anniversary Legacy Site. CINIVA. Archived from the original on ... Evans Asbury, Edith (October 17, 1957). "Special to The New York Times. Queen in Virginia, acclaims leaders of the revolution ... The celebration began in part in 2005 with events leading up to the anniversary, and was celebrated statewide throughout 2007, ... This he had accomplished by 1907, in time for the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Episcopal Church in Virginia. But ...
Chapter1 Special Night ~" was held . Miyazato's withdrawal, 20th anniversary of formation. 2019 September 5 , Miyazato in ... and the event until June 2 was held with support members . Released the 13th album "RAINBOW" on June 12th . From June 30th, ... held the anniversary tour "HY 20th Anniversary RAINBOW TOUR 2019-2020" in the country.[circular reference] In January 2010, ... Another version "GLOCAL ~ SPECIAL ASIA EDITION ~" will be released on May 28th, and from May 30th, the hall tour "HY HAI-SAI ...
These are also "special days." "Konkomba-Nanumba Violence in Ghana 1994-1995". www.onwar.com. Archived from the original on 3 ... 6th - 38th independence anniversary held. 1st - Republic day celebrations held across the country. - President Jerry Rawlings, ... 1994 in Ghana details events of note that happened in Ghana in the year 1994. President: Jerry John Rawlings Vice President: ...
The coins were released for various anniversaries or special events. Silver, copper/nickel/zinc (German silver / nickel silver ... In 1980, East Germany prepared special military banknotes intended to be used in international missions of the National ...
There was also a 10th anniversary special broadcast in 2010. Star! broadcast the awards pre-show. A 3-day festival was held but ... From 2002 to 2015, the awards ceremony was held as part of the Canadian Comedy Awards Festival, with dozens of comedy events. ... Unless otherwise noted, specified events were taped for broadcast on The Comedy Network. ...
He also performs for special occasions as anniversaries and jubilees. In 2004 he was commissioned a composition for the ... This premiered at the opening of the Amsterdam Dance Event in 2005. Van Rooyen is the author of two books. In 2015 his most ... De Rabocantate, a special commission for the farewell of the director of 'Rabo Utrecht' Ko van der Maas. Text: Ina Brouwer with ... De Domcantate, for the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the Cathedral of Utrecht (Dom), text by Ina Brouwer. The cantata ...
Special issue for the thirty years of the magazine. Serge Jubin, "Julien Perrot, la yourte, les blaireaux et les sandales", Le ... La Salamandre holds a yearly nature festival, the "Festival de la Salamandre". It celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2012. In ... 2011, La Salamandre also founded annual nature event in Switzerland, the "Fête de la nature". The magazine regularly has ...
"Arecibo Observatory 50th Anniversary Special Event Set". Archived from the original on May 31, 2020. Retrieved November 20, ... The juxtaposed text was later published as a short story with the same title in a special issue of the art journal e-flux in ... NASA Special Publication. Vol. 4218. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. p. 103. Bibcode:1996NASSP4218.....B. ISBN ... NASA Special Publication. Vol. 4218. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. p. 103. Bibcode:1996NASSP4218.....B. ISBN ...
To expand the celebration of 5th anniversary of major debut, between 4-6 August she held small live event Five Flowers ... "Astro Special 4人女性シンガーソングライター(植田真梨恵)". rockinon.com. "Astro Special 植田真梨恵". Countdownjapan.jp. "BARKS2015新春お年玉特大企画 植田真梨恵". ... On 1 November, she to perform special livePalpable! Marie! Live!: ANNIVERSARY 2019 in venue house "Zepp DiverCity". The live ... On 21-30 July, Ueda held live tour Indies 10th Anniversary Live loadSTAR in celebration
... among other events; UNVM celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2020. The main campus is located at Av. Jauretche 1555, Villa María ... With different activities that included seminars, courses, special chairs, cultural exhibitions, television programs and a ...
Temporary 'heritage stops' are also used for the traditional trams during select special events, such as at Starr Gate. * ... "Fiftieth anniversary of Sheffield trams". News.bbc.co.uk. 8 October 2010. "BBC News - What happened to the 10-year transport ... It celebrated its 21st anniversary in 2005. It attracts thousands of visitors, and takes place on the full length of the main ... They stop only at special 'heritage stops' next to normal tram stops at Pleasure Beach, North Pier, Cabin, Bispham, Cleveleys ...
30th anniversary special". "Joey's Last World Title - 30th anniversary special". "Joey's Last World Title - 30th anniversary ... "Database". https://www.iomtt.com/tt-database/events/races?meet_code=TT86&race_seq=10[bare URL] "The Mecca of Motorcycling". ... "Joey's Last World Title - 30th anniversary special". "Smutty had the world at his feet". 14 September 2016. "Neil Robinson ... special". "Smutty had the world at his feet". 14 September 2016. " ...
It was designed specially for the 20th anniversary of the park and ran until 24 March 2017 after which it was replaced by ... The show is controlled from a specially built control room, delivered by special convoy and themed as a small Victorian House ... though in the event, the change occurred a day earlier on Friday 24 March. The show appeared one final time on 6 December 2018 ... The show is operated by a main controller with three technicians to look after audio, video and special effects. However other ...
Special Events". Retrieved 30 April 2011. Publicity Department (May 20, 2010). "Tokyo DisneySea 10th Anniversary Event, "Be ... fifth anniversary) Disney in the Stars (2010) Be Magical! (2011-2012; "Be Magical!" 10th anniversary) Crystal Wishes Journey ( ... first anniversary) BraviSEAmo! (2004-2011) preceded by Meet & Smile (2006-2007; "Sea of Dreams" fifth anniversary) preceded by ... 20th anniversary) Past Italian Flag Squad (2001-?) Mayor of Porto Paradiso (2001-?) Living Statues (2001-?) Singing Gondoliers ...
Special recognitions were awarded at the occasion of 10th anniversary for achievements 1999-2009. 15 European Universities ... It will be Europe's largest university sport event of the year, and the second-largest multisport event ever organised in ... partners and events. The European Paralympic Committee (EPC) and EUSA signed a Memorandum of Understanding, with events for ... The title of EUSA Cup is awarded to those sport events that are yet to be considered to be put on the list of European ...
A special exhibition was also held. The Late Late Show hosted a special episode dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the ... Next month the anniversary year begins with two major events. On 9 January the GAA will be the exclusive focus of RTÉ's Late ... Other events lined up include the publication in November of the 125th anniversary book, the first release of the GAA Oral ... A special book dedicated to the 125th year of the GAA will be released in November. It is titled The GAA-A People's History. ...
A renovation began in the mid 1990s for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Indonesian Independence in 1995, and ... The paved plaza surrounds the monument often host national events such as military and float parades, as well as civic ... Military and float parades usually took place during the Jakarta anniversary around 22 June and Indonesian independence ... Flag raising ceremonies are held at the north end during city-wide public anniversaries. ...
In 2012, on the 100th anniversary of his death, a blue plaque was unveiled in his honour at Meanwood Park.[33] ... It is focused on retaining the village atmosphere and holds events such as an annual funday [28] and restoration work on ...
"Officially Official: JDM-spec Honda S2000 Type S".. *^ "ASIMO Introduces the New Honda Insight Hybrid to Europe at the Geneva ... In drifting, the S2000 scored several podiums in Formula D during the mid 2000s, including a win at an invitational event at ... to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary. The S2000 is named for its engine displacement of two liters, carrying on in the ... "JDM Spec Engines - Honda F20C Engine". jdmspecengines.com. 2011. Archived from the original on 2018-02-19. The F20C held the ...
... on the 60th anniversary of the mass murder and just one month before Unruh's death).[21] ...
At one of these events, Beverly is approached by Charlie Blaine, a reporter for the Herald Tribune. They find they have much in ... Abreu, John E. (May 1984). "Beverly Gray: Junior Soap, A Golden Anniversary Retrospective (part 1)". Yellowback Library (21).. ... Robert de Graff was elected president of Blue Ribbon Books, Inc., yesterday at a special meeting of the board of directors. ... The middle section of Senior is defined by a series of episodic events. A détente emerges between the six seniors and the six ...
In 2013, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was asked to write a speech for the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address in ...
Recent eventsEdit. Manaus was one of the host cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and one of the seats of some Olympic football ... This anniversary is always cause for a party, culminating in fireworks at the end of the day. In November is the week-long ... BRUNA CHAGAS in collaboration with Folha, in Manaus; RUBENS VALENTE special envoy for Folha in Manaus. (January 3, 2017). " ... "Manaus Events and Festivals in 2014 / 2015: Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil". www.world-guides.com. Archived from the original on 2014 ...
In 2013, on the 20th anniversary of the project, the New Urbanist publication Better Cities and Towns wrote that it was " ... Event occurs at 50:02.. *^ https://www.britmet.co.uk/downloads/case-studies/tactray-90-case-study-poundbury-fire-station.pdf[ ...
Helen apologizes to Annie, revealing that people only involve her in their lives because she is good at planning events, but ... Another edition commemorating the 100th anniversary of Universal Studios was released on September 4, 2012. ... Special features include a Line-O-Rama (a feature popular among Apatow releases), deleted, extended, and alternate scenes, and ... angry that Annie has now ruined every event in her wedding, Lillian kicks her out of the shower and the wedding. Driving home, ...
The event was canceled.[8] Notable events[edit]. *On 6 & 7 September 2006 Madonna performed there during her Confessions Tour. ... In April 2009, Tina Turner performed concert as part of European leg of the Tina!: 50th Anniversary Tour ... It has hosted important sporting events such as two Ice Hockey World Championships (2004 and 2015), the first edition of the ... It can also host stage shows, such as concerts, and other large-scale events. ...
A special officer, the Judenmeister, was appointed by the government to protect Jewish privileges. The later Carolingians, ... What was once viewed as a more religious event became more of a social gathering of relatives.[29] ... A flagship moment for the burgeoning Jewish community in modern Germany occurred on November 9, 2006 (the 68th anniversary of ... Without special letters of protection, Jews were banned from many different professions, and often had to resort to jobs ...
Events[edit]. Pre-1600[edit]. *421 - Constantius III becomes co-Emperor of the Western Roman Empire.[1] ... Delaware ratified the Thirteenth Amendment on February 12, 1901, which was the ninety-second anniversary of the birth of ... "Historical information events and dates on the Parliament of Guyana from 1718 to 2006" (PDF). Parliament of Guyana. Retrieved ...
The bust of Sophie Scholl was inaugurated on February 22, 2003, the 60th anniversary of her execution. It is also intended as a ... At Walhalla's inauguration on October 18, 1842, there were 96 busts, plus 64 plaques for persons or events of which no portrait ... of the great figures and events in ethnic German history. He commissioned several sculptors to create busts of famous ...
Hurricane Ida's eastern eye wall hit the area on August 29, 2021, on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, causing ... the festival has grown into a three-day event.[32] Sponsors of the Grand Isle Migratory Bird Festival believe that future ...
The event is not timed.. *MTA 100 (Maximal Time Aloft, 100 metres (328 ft)): points are awarded for the length of time spent by ... A special section is dedicated to LD below.. *Juggling: as with Consecutive Catch, only with two boomerangs. At any given time ... Cozzolino, Mimmo; Rutherford, G. Fysh (Graeme Fysh), 1947- (2000), Symbols of Australia (20th anniversary ed.), Mimmo Cozzolino ... Modern boomerang tournaments usually involve some or all of the events listed below[31][better source needed] In all ...
The Eastern Orthodox Church understands the death and resurrection of Jesus to be real historical events, as described in the ... Each day of the Weekly Cycle is dedicated to certain special memorials. Sunday is dedicated to Christ's Resurrection; Monday ... and the one-year anniversary after the death of an Eastern Orthodox Christian. There are also several days throughout the year ... For this reason the Church offers a special prayer for the dead on the third day, ninth day, fortieth day, ...
Event Date Location Venue Main event Ref(s) 70th Anniversary Show[b]. October 21, 2018 Nashville, TN Tennessee State Fairground ... The presence of stars like Ric Flair on TV every week made their special appearances in each region less of a draw.[21] ... "GFW Presents NWA 70th Anniversary Event In Nashville". August 23, 2018.. *^ "Report: NWA & ROH No Longer Working Together; Nick ... This event was co-produced with Ring of Honor (ROH). *^ This event was the first PPV to be produced exclusively by the NWA ...
The show is based on the events leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, telling a story of the efforts of ... 250th Anniversary silver dollar. *U.S. postage stamps. *Memorial to the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence ... In this cynical age, it requires courage as well as enterprise to do a musical play that simply deals with the events leading ... For the sake of drama, the play's authors combined the two events.[22] In addition, some historians believe that the ...
He received it at a gala event in Seoul, Republic of Korea, in conjunction with the B4E Business for the Environment Global ... to mark the second anniversary of Black Friday. His arrest provoked civil unrest in Malé and some other atolls. After his ... in a special session of the People's Majlis at Dharubaaruge.[25] ... the events on February 7 fulfilled all the essentials of a coup ... "the biggest media event Mr. Nasheed could have hoped for" to publicize his cause.[80] The film proved popular in the Maldives, ...
2, Special Issue: Qualitative Contributions to Social Psychology. (Jun., 1999), pp. 101-116. ... Death anniversary. *Death anxiety. *Death deity *Personification of death. *Dying-and-rising god ...
... (Patriot's Day in Maine)[1] is an annual event, formalized as a legal holiday or a special observance day in six ... For the anniversary of September 11, 2001, see Patriot Day. For the 2016 motion picture about the Boston Marathon bombing, see ... Sporting events[edit]. The Boston Marathon has been run on Patriots' Day every year since its inception in 1897, even during ... "Patriots Day Event to be held at State Capitol April 15, 2019". North Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs. Bismarck, North ...
Roll Call Special Features 50th Anniversary". Rollcall.com. Retrieved 30 July 2014.. ... made Denim Day an annual event.[citation needed] As of 2011 at least 20 U.S. states officially recognise Denim Day in April. ... when the ban was lifted only for off-campus events.[28] ...
ESF is immediately adjacent to Syracuse University, within which it was founded, and with which it maintains a special ... Centennial Hall: ESF's on-campus student dormitory, commemorating the college's 100th anniversary. The facility is capable of ... Traditional events include: .mw-parser-output .div-col{margin-top:0.3em;column-width:30em}.mw-parser-output .div-col-small{font ...
"What.CD 10-year anniversary mixtape • r/trackers". reddit. 27 October 2017. Archived from the original on 28 October 2017. ... "Due to some recent events, What.CD is shutting down. We are not likely to return any time soon in our current form. All site ... In October 2017, for What.CD's ten-year anniversary, former What.CD staff released a torrent containing the last backup of all ... "10-year anniversary mixtape". @whatcd. Archived from the original on 28 October 2017. Retrieved 28 October 2017 ...
"At Fillmore East Anniversary - At Fillmore East by The Allman Brothers Band". WHTT. Archived from the original on 25 June 2021 ... The Beach Boys initially refused to perform unless they headlined the event, but Graham refused, telling them that the Allman ...
Rachel Dyer is a Gothic novel of historical fiction by American writer John Neal (depicted). Published in 1828 in Maine, it is the first bound novel about the Salem witch trials. It garnered little critical notice in its day but influenced works by better-known authors. It is best remembered for "Unpublished Preface", an American literary nationalist essay that precedes the story. Following a darkly poetic narrative, the story centers around historical figure George Burroughs and fictional witch hysteria victim Rachel Dyer. About two-thirds of the story takes place in the courtroom, following the trials of alleged witches. Themes include justice, sexual frustration, mistreatment of American Indians by Puritans, the myth of national American unity in the face of pluralist reality, and republican ideals as an antidote for Old World precedent. The novel experiments with speech patterns, dialogue, and transcriptions of Yankee dialect that Neal hoped would come to characterize American literature. ...
After running the first event, the 100 m hurdles, the pain was unbearable and she withdrew.[7][20] She was able to recover well ... academic lessons and the resources to improve their quality of life with special attention directed to East St. Louis, Illinois ... 2010 NCAA Silver Anniversary Awards honoree. *2011 Dick Enberg Award, College Sports Information Director of America (CoSIDA) ... She was the favorite heading into the event, but finished five points behind Australian Glynis Nunn.[16] She also placed fifth ...
An event to commemorate the 125th anniversary was held in Bishopsgate, London in 2013. Matchgirls also featured in an episode ... The matchgirls were featured during the "HerStory" video tribute to notable women on U2's tour in 2017 for the 30th anniversary ... The Bryant and May factory received bad publicity from these events, and in 1901 they announced that their factory no longer ...
... anniversary]th Anniversary Playmate: [model name]. For the 35th, 40th, 45th, and 50th anniversaries, the Anniversary Playmate ... Special Editions[edit]. Special Edition releases have a unifying theme linking the vignettes or material contained in the video ... No anniversary videos were released prior to the 35th anniversary (25th and 30th anniversary Playmates were instead featured in ... For numerically significant anniversaries of the magazine, Playboy has released Anniversary Playmate editions of the Video ...
It was the eleventh Survivor Series event held by the WWF. The main event was shrouded in controversy after a real life event ... United Kingdom Championship Special (2017). *Great Balls of Fire (2017). *Battleground (2013-2017) ... "Main Event: WWE Championship Match - Shawn Michaels def. Bret "Hit Man" Hart to become new WWE Champion". WWE. Retrieved 2013- ...
Browsing by Subject "Anniversaries and Special Events". 0-9. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. N. O. P. Q. R. S. T. U. V. ...
Pikmin Bloom Celebrates its 1-year Anniversary with special events With many more years of blooms to come! ... Gold Seedlings obtained during the "1st Anniversary Snack" Decor Pikmin event will still grow into "1st Anniversary Snack" ... events are being kept secret for now they do offer details on the first celebration event "1st Anniversary Snack". ... Join and clear event tasks from your activity list to obtain Gold Seedlings that grow into "1st Anniversary Snack" Decor Pikmin ...
Louvre Abu Dhabi museum to celebrate fifth anniversary with special events throughout November. Celebrations include new ... The anniversary events are supported by Cartier and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) as Louvre Abu Dhabis fifth anniversary ... Louvre Abu Dhabi museum to celebrate fifth anniversary with special events throughout November. ... Other events. Every Tuesday in November, art lovers have the chance to attend a talk given by one of the central protagonists ...
... ACR Celebrates 21st Anniversary with Special Events ... ACR Celebrates 21st Anniversary with Special Events Running Until Oct. ... After-party Events. ACR will wrap up its 21st-anniversary celebrations with multiple after-party events running between ... On top of that, players can also take a shot at a special $1 million guaranteed Anniversary Tourney which has a buy-in of only ...
Borderlands 3 Anniversary Celebration begins with 5 weeks of special events. By Connor Sheridan ... The Borderlands 3 Anniversary Celebration has begun, kicking off five weeks of special in-game events. Gearbox is celebrating ... Each week will come with a different event - you can see teasers now, but youll have to wait until the Monday of each week to ... The anniversary celebration is kicking off with "Boss Week", giving all Vault Hunters better chances at snagging legendary boss ...
Among the special guests who will also participate in the event is actor David "Dai" Bradley who starred as Billy Casper in the ... Clones Film Festival turns 20 this year and the festival crew has been busy planning a very special programme to mark this ... Also participating in the event is Julien Temple, acclaimed director and pioneer of music video as an art form. Juliens work ... Details of this and the full weekend programme events will be available on www.clonesfilmfestival.com and on the Clones Film ...
It will be celebrated with several events throughout Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. Irish Studies has roots at the University ... Irish Studies at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. ... Other events throughout the year will include the "Kelly House Symposium" which will include a 40th anniversary of memoirs with ... In total there are six events planned by the Center for the 40th year of Irish Studies. More information about the events can ...
Del Mar Library to celebrate 100th anniversary with special event By Kristina Houck ... 1. The event will feature a noon concert and an appearance from Sparkles the Clown. San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts, ... The community is invited to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Del Mar Library from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Nov. ...
1 thought on "Special event stations celebrating anniversaries of famous European pirate stations" * Mike Barraclough July 29, ... Special event stations celebrating anniversaries of famous European pirate stations. 1 Reply ... Special Event on July 29, 2019. by Thomas. Post navigation. ← A photo tour of the 2019 WCARS hamfest Imres HanRongDa HRD-737 ... At the beginning of August there will be two special event amateur radio stations active on shortwave, celebrating ...
Special Events and Conferences - Anniversary Celebrations, Raynor Memorial Libraries, Marquette University ... DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL EVENTS AND CONFERENCES ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS (Not Including 75th or 100th). ... Father Marquette Anniversary, 1637-1937, Pamphlet Compiled by Robert Goetz, Commemorating the Tricentennial of Marquettes ...
To mark the special occasion, three classes of Viking ships sailed in ... Viking continued to celebrate its 25th anniversary this past Friday, September 30, 2022. ... Viking Heralds 25th Anniversary with Special Event - Cruise Maven. 2 months ago Bessie T. Flores ... Tags: 25th, Anniversary, cruise, Event, Heralds, Maven, Special, Viking Continue Reading. Previous Quebec City in Autumn on a ...
A trip with friends to celebrate a birthday or anniversary is the perfect occasion for a carriage ride! ... Events & More view more Special birthdays, proms, anniversaries, tours, and day trips are just as special as a wedding! ... Proms, Birthdays, Anniversaries, & More! Any event becomes special with a horse-drawn carriage ride with Camden Carriage! Treat ... yourself to an afternoon out with rides or make a birthday extra special by adding a carriage ride to a beautiful picnic ...
Special 20th Anniversary Screening - Tuesday, October 11, 2022 at Laemmle Town Center 5, Los Angeles, CA. Find event and ticket ... 39 Pounds of Love Special 20th Anniversary Screening. View details. Follow this organizer to stay informed on future events. ... 39 Pounds of Love Special 20th Anniversary Screening. The story of Ami, who unable to move any part of his body, manages to ... In celebration of the 20th anniversary, LAJFF in partnership with JLA Special Needs Trust presents a ONE-NIGHT-ONLY screening. ...
Events. *Special Editions *Anniversary Issue. *Best of Boulder. *Best of Boulder East County ... Anniversary Issue Local educators share how they help students and their families through.... Angela K. Evans - January 28, ... Anniversary Issue Christin Evans, North Boulder Luckys Market staff member, on building community. Matt Cortina - January 28, ... Anniversary Issue Celebrating 28 years of no-holds barred, independent local journalism. Boulder Weekly Staff - January 27, ...
SouthPark Malls 25th Anniversary Celebration SouthPark Mall celebrates its 25th anniversary this weekend with a series of ... special events. From today through Sunday, there will be a beer garden, pumpkin patch, bounce house and live music. The ... SouthPark Mall celebrates its 25th anniversary this weekend with a series of special events. From today through Sunday, there ...
Events. Special. Regent College 50th Anniversary Online Reunion. Friday, Jun 25, 2021 at 6:00PM - Saturday, Jun 26, 2021 at 11: ... This event has now ended. Please view this page to see all our upcoming events.. ... Please note that this event was originally planned for June 27, 2020 in Vancouver. In light of the COVID-19 situation, it will ... I consent to receive email about news, events, publications, educational opportunities, as well as audio and bookstore ...
Ultimate Defense Ranges Special Events Draw A Crowd. From annual auctions to a "zombie apocalypse," UD Range has developed a ... Industry Day at the Range™ is the largest, most influential one-day event in the hunting… ...
BW Businessworld Magazine published on 2016-12-26 with cover story 35 Years Anniversary Special. Read all stories from the ... EEMAX Awards: BW Event Eemax. EEMAX Global Conclave and Awards, an annual thought leadership summit, was held 17-18 October ... 2016 at Hotel Sahara Star in Mumbai to engage Indias flourishing community of event professionals ...
The North Coast Symphony Orchestra is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year with a Nov. 5 concert at San Dieguito ... Events. North Coast Symphony Orchestra celebrates 75th anniversary with special concert North Coast Symphony Orchestra board ... The North Coast Symphony Orchestra is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year with a Nov. 5 concert at San Dieguito ... Ice cream for a good cause: Handels event benefits local students Operation Bloodmobile ...
In celebration of their 20th anniversary, Yard Works is offering 20% off mulch delivered AND donating $25 to help Feed More. ... Home / Events / Yard Works 20th Anniversary Special. Events Our community supports our mission in a variety of fun, creative ... Throughout July and August in celebration of their 20th anniversary, Yard Works is offering 20% off mulch delivered AND ...
Special Anniversary Events During a 7-day Transatlantic Crossing. The first two days at sea were accompanied by waves up to ... 150th Anniversary Merchandise. Shopping, always a popular pastime on cruise ships, is especially enticing on this special ... While in New York, the ship will host a 150th anniversary kickoff event featuring a specially commissioned musical performance. ... For the 150th anniversary crossing, Holland America also introduced a special beer. ...
As well as providing information related to Exhibitions, Events and Access, this website is also home to the TNM Collection ( ... Special Exhibition. *150th Anniversary Special Exhibition Tokyo National Museum: Its History and National Treasures ... 150th Anniversary Special Exhibition Tokyo National Museum: Its History and National Treasures ... Special Thematic Exhibition: Museum of the Future October 18, 2022 (Tue) - December 11, 2022 (Sun) 9:30 - 17:00 ...
The Islands of Tahiti Honor 250th Anniversary of Western Navigator Expeditions with Special Events and Offers. April 26, 2018 ... The Islands of Tahiti and their tour operator partners are offering special 250th anniversary packages and experiences for ... To book these special deals click the hyperlinks above, or to create your own custom escape to The Islands of Tahiti, go to ... 2019 will mark the 250th anniversary for Captain Cooks arrival, who left behind a legacy of scientific and geographical ...
50th Anniversary Celebration of NMC Aviation - Symposium Event Details ... Special Guests. Keynote speaker Major Benjamin A. Donberg, Chief of the Fighter Portfolio in the Secretary of the Air Forces ... 50th Anniversary Celebration of NMC Aviation. Symposium - Thursday, September 28, 2017. The NMC Aviation Symposium was an ... Jennifer Hricik, Sponsorship and Events, (231) 995-2826, [email protected] *Lisa Cooper, Registration, (231) 995-1023, [email protected] ...
... Event Locations. Veterans Memorial Coliseum ... PROOF OF VACCINATION OR A NEGATIVE COVID-19 TEST IS REQUIRED TO ATTEND THIS EVENT ... Now with Special Guest: Jake Hoot from the Voice - Winner of Season 17. ... Event Website:Event Phone Number: www.ticketmaster.com/event/07005691A35727D3. Event Start Date: 1/14/2022 ...
Results of search for su:{Anniversaries and special events.} Refine your search. *. Availability. * Limit to currently ... First United Nations Global Road Safety Week : a toolkit for organizers of events. by World Health Organization. ... a toolkit for organizers of events..Online access: Click here to access online Availability: Items available for loan: WHO HQ ( ... twentieth anniversary. by Organisation mondiale de la Santé. Bureau régional pour l Afrique , World Health Organization. ...
News and Events. Theres a lot going on at TDF! Stay up-to-date with the latest press releases and grant deadlines.. Find out ... new services and special offers we think you will find valuable. As a user of our website, you will be given the opportunity to ... new services and special offers we think you will find valuable. The lists used to send you product and service offers are ...
National Archives will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the integration of Little Rock Central High School with a special ... Special Program and Document Display Mark Honor Civil Rights Milestone More Information Calendar of Events Washington, DC…The ... Special Program and Document Display Mark Honor Civil Rights Milestone. More Information. *Calendar of Events ... To commemorate the 50th anniversary of these historic events, the Newseum and the National Archives Experience present "50 ...
Hurricane Ian causes cancellations, rescheduled events around Farmville. Farmville Community Calendar for the week of September ... The Gospel Traveliers will celebrate part two of their 57-plus years anniversary on Sunday at 4 p.m. at Southside Virginia ...
  • Viking continued to celebrate its 25 th anniversary this past Friday, September 30, 2022. (luckystrikebelmar.com)
  • To celebrate this significant milestone, we will be offering special hotel and group meeting rates, sharing details about our storied history, holding public events and much more throughout 2022. (historicinnsofannapolis.com)
  • Visit the pub in 2022 to enjoy our signature anniversary cocktails and dine in history. (historicinnsofannapolis.com)
  • For those unfamiliar, EARidescent is the official colorway of Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary celebration which kicked off on October 1, 2021 and runs throughout 2022. (mickeyblog.com)
  • In celebration of Hatsune Miku's 15th anniversary on 31st August 2022, Good Smile Company has created an amazing new figure of her based on an illustration by En Morikura! (hlj.com)
  • Two 2022 Madison Jazz Festival events celebrating the 50th Anniversary: June 17 & 19, 2022. (wisc.edu)
  • 21 March 2022 - This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Global Money Week campaign which now reaches over 50 million children in 170 countries. (oecd.org)
  • Join us for the special anniversary launch on 21 March 2022 and to kick off a week of initiatives across the world. (oecd.org)
  • Cannabis-industry events came back in the latter part of 2021 and 2022. (celebstoner.com)
  • Following their Detroit event in March are expos in Oklahoma City and Richmond in 2022. (celebstoner.com)
  • We will cap our anniversary off with a 50th Anniversary Fiesta Matanza October 8th, 2022. (golondrinas.org)
  • The IARC Monographs programme is celebrating its 50th anniversary between December 2021 and December 2022. (who.int)
  • The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the IARC Monographs on the Identification of Carcinogenic Hazards to Humans programme between December 2021 and December 2022. (who.int)
  • The logo will also be used on special-edition anniversary merchandise, which will be available for a limited period in 2022. (who.int)
  • Thank you to those who joined us in Boston , Nov. 6-9, for APHA's 2022 Annual Meeting & Expo and 150th anniversary celebration. (cdc.gov)
  • It all began with a pre-party celebration held in May and June during which the operator held a Punters Pad Party in Las Vegas and also gave away tournament tickets for the MOSS Main Event . (toptenpokersites.org)
  • The Borderlands 3 Anniversary Celebration has begun, kicking off five weeks of special in-game events. (gamesradar.com)
  • The anniversary celebration is kicking off with "Boss Week", giving all Vault Hunters better chances at snagging legendary boss loot. (gamesradar.com)
  • In celebration of the 20th anniversary, LAJFF in partnership with JLA Special Needs Trust presents a ONE-NIGHT-ONLY screening. (eventbrite.com)
  • Throughout July and August in celebration of their 20th anniversary, Yard Works is offering 20% off mulch delivered AND donating $25 to help our hunger-fighting operations. (feedmore.org)
  • These anniversary party ideas can be applied to virtually any type of celebration you can think of. (paperdirect.com)
  • Check out the extravagant production number on ASAP 19 in celebration of Star Magic's 22nd anniversary. (starmometer.com)
  • Had a beautiful dinner last night at Camp David in celebration of the 10th Wedding Anniversary of Ivanka and Jared,"Trump wrote . (cnn.com)
  • 10th Anniversary Celebration: We're Over the Moon! (ciachef.edu)
  • Half Moon Theatre kicks off its milestone season with a 10th Anniversary Celebration: a night of stellar Broadway entertainment featuring two-time Tony Award-nominee Laura Osnes, Broadway's sparkling "Cinderella," and emceed by Seth Rudetsky, "The Mayor of Broadway" and popular Sirius XM host. (ciachef.edu)
  • Half Moon Theatre's Broadway performers host a tribute to love and romance-for a special Valentine's Day celebration to remember. (ciachef.edu)
  • A special addition to this year's Annual is a collection of recollections written by previous presidents in celebration of the organisation's 60th anniversary. (lbbonline.com)
  • The Book of Presidents - a reinterpretation of the 2012 edition in celebration of D&AD's 50th anniversary - features words from remarkable D&AD figures in the last decade, such as Laura Jordan Bambach, Neville Brody, Naresh Ramchandani and D&AD's current President, Rebecca Wright. (lbbonline.com)
  • As for the big celebration, Legends is celebrating its first anniversary with a "Legendary Birthday" project in the Bureau. (mmobomb.com)
  • Disney World's 50th Anniversary celebration is just as much about the Cast Members as it is the rides and attractions that guests have fallen in love with. (mickeyblog.com)
  • Cast Member appreciation has been at the center of Disney World's 18-month-long birthday celebration culminating in a dedication ceremony last year with a special plaque unveiled in the heart of Magic Kingdom that celebrates Disney's incredible employees. (mickeyblog.com)
  • You wouldn't want to miss the 5th Anniversary celebration of top poker site 888 Poker ! (hityah.com)
  • Olivia is planning the biggest celebration for our GOLDEN L ANNIVERSARY. (olivia.com)
  • Stone Hill Winery's 175th Anniversary Celebration - Help us explore our history, celebrate and reflect on the establishment of Stone Hill Winery 175 years ago. (visitmo.com)
  • Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park turns 25 and from May 11-12, Universal Studios Hollywood will hold a celebration for fans with screenings, exhibits with props, themed food and more special events. (kidzworld.com)
  • It's the first ever themed Jurassic Park celebration created in partnership with Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment as a special ticketed event for Jurassic Park fans that promises to be fun for the whole family. (kidzworld.com)
  • The Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Celebration will roar to life at Universal Studios Hollywood and while space is limited tickets and vacation plans can be made here and will sell out. (kidzworld.com)
  • Thanks to Damien Decaix, Westerdam's photo and video manager, for sharing these 140th Anniversary celebration photos. (hollandamerica.com)
  • In celebration of our 140th Anniversary this month, we're dedicating a post a day to the wonderful destinations and attributes that make a Holland America Line cruise so special. (hollandamerica.com)
  • Please check back for more details about this special event and how you can join in our celebration! (oups.org)
  • Rick Ross is "Hustlin'" live from the actual Port of Miami in Florida today for a special 10th anniversary celebration of his 2006 debut album. (rap-up.com)
  • The Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine officially launched its 60th Anniversary celebration today (March 1). (purdue.edu)
  • The Camp Aguinaldo event is one of the activities of the Duterte administration's celebration of the 31st EDSA anniversary. (rappler.com)
  • Traditionally, the country's Chief Executive leads commemoration rites and attends at least one event from the almost week-long celebration. (rappler.com)
  • The Palace said the event is no longer "a celebration of the past" but a "reflection on what can happen in the future. (rappler.com)
  • Robredo said she believes the EDSA Revolution anniversary "deserves a more dignified treatment than a 'quiet celebration. (rappler.com)
  • Pikmin Bloom has announced their plans to celebrate the games first anniversary. (gonintendo.com)
  • To celebrate our 1st Anniversary, we've prepared a full month of exciting events and activities this November! (gonintendo.com)
  • Abu Dhabi: Louvre Abu Dhabi will celebrate its fifth anniversary this month under the theme 'The Grand Story Continues', hosting a spectacular line-up of new artworks, cultural events, educational activities and global entertainment, the museum has said. (gulfnews.com)
  • The community is invited to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Del Mar Library from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Nov. 1. (delmartimes.net)
  • To celebrate the 40 years of Irish Studies, the Center has planned several events unique to Irish culture. (villanovan.com)
  • Join us to celebrate with the movie creators and Ami's family to pay a special tribute to Ami in. (eventbrite.com)
  • Celebrate 50 years of ALABAMA on their 50th Anniversary Tour. (alliantenergycenter.com)
  • The Gospel Traveliers will celebrate part two of their 57-plus years anniversary on Sunday at 4 p.m. at Southside Virginia Community College in Keysville. (farmvilleherald.com)
  • The Rocky Mount Baptist Church Senior Choir will celebrate their anniversary on Sunday, June 7, at 3 p.m. (farmvilleherald.com)
  • Celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the Maryland Inn with our special package! (historicinnsofannapolis.com)
  • Throughout the year, we will be holding events and offering specials to celebrate our anniversary. (historicinnsofannapolis.com)
  • In this guide, you'll find some great anniversary photoshoot ideas that will help your subject couples celebrate and reminisce about their time together. (adobe.com)
  • Celebrate The Cocktail Club's sixth anniversary with a $6 cocktail special all night! (charlestoncvb.com)
  • Celebrate 25 years of Howe Sound Brewing with 3 Special Limited releases from the brewery! (howesound.com)
  • Liam Payne admits One Direction in talks to celebrate tenth anniversary with special. (capitalfm.com)
  • Traditionally, many couples celebrate their 25th anniversary (silver) and their 50th anniversary (gold) in a big way. (paperdirect.com)
  • The Rothney Astrophysical Observatory will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. (ucalgary.ca)
  • To commemorate the 50th anniversary of this amazing accomplishment, the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory (RAO) is hosting a special daytime event featuring presentations and family-focused activities that celebrate one of humanity's greatest achievements. (ucalgary.ca)
  • The Fairfax Gallery is proud to celebrate its 25th Anniversary. (artrabbit.com)
  • View activities and events to celebrate this special anniversary. (flipsnack.com)
  • details of any special event already arranged to celebrate the occasion. (derby.gov.uk)
  • Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are having a "big party with friends" at Camp David to celebrate their 10th anniversary this weekend, a White House official confirmed to CNN on Friday. (cnn.com)
  • The Museum of Aviation Foundation cordially invites you to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the Museum of Aviation on Saturday evening, November 9 at 6:00 p.m. in the Museum of Aviation's Century of Flight Hangar. (museumofaviation.org)
  • We are honored to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the festival with such an array of talent," Lomazov says. (sc.edu)
  • Chef Phil is throwing it back on Thursdays this month with some old favorites to help celebrate our anniversary. (thecrossingsatcarlsbad.com)
  • Celebrate the moments shared together with anniversary gifts for her and him. (tiffany.com)
  • Whether you are just discovering Olivia for the first time or found us in 1973, let's celebrate our company and our lives together on Olivia's GOLDEN L ANNIVERSARY! (olivia.com)
  • To celebrate the anniversary, players can look forward to a new event with special prizes that runs from now through April 18. (techinfooftoday.com)
  • To celebrate the tenth anniversary milestone, there is a new board game-themed event. (techinfooftoday.com)
  • JUNE 29+30 * ATLANTIC CITY, NJ⁣⠀ Set to a backdrop of sun, sand, and surf, we will celebrate our 25th Anniversary with a special two-day extravaganza on the beach in Atlantic City! (wmmr.com)
  • The United States Coast Guard will conduct a commemorative flyover of the D.C. area around noon on Friday, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of USCG aviation . (arlnow.com)
  • Thanks to our Facebook fans for sharing their favorite photos to celebrate our 140th anniversary! (hollandamerica.com)
  • To celebrate our 140th anniversary, we've developed a special cocktail to serve onboard: the Dutch Heritage. (hollandamerica.com)
  • We are especially excited for this year's event as it will celebrate our 50th Anniversary of promoting public safety through the protection of Ohio's critical network of underground utilities. (oups.org)
  • Come celebrate with us all year long, we have an exciting list of events below and we hope to see you there! (golondrinas.org)
  • Fort Young Hotel is excited to celebrate its 30th anniversary with multiple events, special offers and experiences. (fortyounghotel.com)
  • CDC Director and ATSDR Administrator Rochelle P. Walensky, MD, MPH, held a special agency-wide virtual event to celebrate the culmination of CDC's 75th Anniversary. (cdc.gov)
  • COVID Writing Goes Viral: How Writing Became a Lifeline This is a special episode of the 'Medicine and the Machine' podcast, to celebrate Bellevue Literary Review's 20th anniversary -- with Dr Eric Topol, Dr Abraham Verghese, and Dr Danielle Ofri. (medscape.com)
  • It was released in November 2011, the 10th anniversary of the original Halo, for the Xbox 360 console, and re-released as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection for the Xbox One in November 2014. (wikipedia.org)
  • We are celebrating our 10th anniversary and kicking up this popular event a notch. (texanbynature.org)
  • Poughkeepsie, NY - Half Moon Theatre celebrates its 10th Anniversary Season in 2016-17 by showcasing sensational artists in acclaimed plays, musicals and cabarets that will bring the excitement of Broadway to the Hudson Valley. (ciachef.edu)
  • Don't miss Maker Faire® Detroit's 10th anniversary, celebrating a decade of makers, entrepreneurs and inventors. (thehenryford.org)
  • 10th Anniversary Special: All kids $10. (thehenryford.org)
  • Save Celebrating the 10th anniversary to your collection. (eventbrite.ca)
  • Share Celebrating the 10th anniversary with your friends. (eventbrite.ca)
  • Theatergoers will receive the 10th anniversary miniature color paper by director Tsutomu Mizushima and character designer/chief animation director Isao Sugimoto. (crunchyroll.com)
  • The large-scale exhibition '10th Anniversary GIRLS und PANZER Exposition: Koremade to Korekara ( What has been and what will be )' will be held at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, from December 16 to 25. (crunchyroll.com)
  • Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of GIRLS und PANZER! (crunchyroll.com)
  • Most recently MHA-NYC ran the 9-11 Healing and Remembrance Program for the US Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime to assist the 9/11 community through the 10th anniversary through support, assessments and outreach. (cdc.gov)
  • It will be celebrated with several events throughout Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. (villanovan.com)
  • 2019 is the fifty fifth anniversary of Radio Caroline and the Martello Tower Group are pleased to be able to activate the world famous MV Ross Revenge again in August. (swling.com)
  • 2019 will mark the 250th anniversary for Captain Cook's arrival, who left behind a legacy of scientific and geographical knowledge, including some of the first detailed maps of The Islands of Tahiti . (tahititourisme.com)
  • Participated in establishment of the Mori Art Museum from 2002, serving as director from 2006 to 2019, and special advisor since 2020. (open-air-museum.org)
  • On Saturday, June 8th, 2019, the exhibit will kick off with a special opening event featuring bands from the tour's history, a mini vert ramp, and more! (wmmr.com)
  • Since 2019, Clio Cannabis has had a very special focus. (celebstoner.com)
  • The festivities include a series of on-property events - from happy hours and karaoke nights to the culminating commemorative soiree on December 14, 2019. (fortyounghotel.com)
  • You are invited to join in celebrating the 20th Enthronement Anniversary for His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas to take place on Friday, September 27, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the Somerset Inn in Troy, MI. (stnickaa.org)
  • SouthPark Mall celebrates its 25th anniversary this weekend with a series of special events. (clevescene.com)
  • The season that a couple celebrates their anniversary in often holds a special significance. (adobe.com)
  • Embraced as a cherished holiday tradition by families around the world, Frank Capra's heart-warming masterpiece now celebrates 75 years with this big-screen event. (amctheatres.com)
  • InnoGames, Germany's developer and publisher of online and mobile games, celebrates the tenth anniversary of its strategy city-builder Forge of Empires . (techinfooftoday.com)
  • Bristol's Colston Hall, which celebrates its 150th anniversary in September, has unveiled plans for a £48 million refurbishment to turn it into a world-class music hub. (musicweek.com)
  • With the theme of "art, nature and human livelihood", they seek a new social role for dance artists: they have organized the international dance festival "i-Dance Japan," staged TEDx Kagoshima and other presentations, and held an event at Kirishima Open-Air Museum in 2021 for a project highlighting the use of unusual venues. (open-air-museum.org)
  • In commemoration of that diplomatic opening, the table tennis associations of China and the U.S. hosted an event at in Houston, Texas at the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships. (prweb.com)
  • Under new ownership, it was remodeled in 2021 and can be rented for special events. (alabama.travel)
  • The Texas-based event is expanding to neighboring states like Oklahoma (in 2021) and New Mexico in February. (celebstoner.com)
  • The year 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the C&O Canal National Historical Park joining the National Park Service system. (canaltrust.org)
  • The IARC Monographs newsletter (published three times per year) was inaugurated on 13 December 2021 to mark the 50th anniversary of the first IARC Monographs meeting. (who.int)
  • The celebrations continue with several amazing events scheduled between now and October, starting with what the operator has dubbed as the " biggest-ever " Mini Online Super Series running this July. (toptenpokersites.org)
  • ACR will wrap up its 21st-anniversary celebrations with multiple after-party events running between September and October. (toptenpokersites.org)
  • As part of the celebrations, a unique event is taking place on Friday, October 28th, with Festival patron and celebrated Clones author Pat Mc Cabe, and renowned poet, Ted McCarthy, another Clones native. (iftn.ie)
  • A spokesperson for the show said: "Due to the current coronavirus situation and cautions around international travel, cast who were flying in from Australia will no longer be visiting the UK for the Neighbours 35th anniversary celebrations. (scotsman.com)
  • Special exhibitions and celebrations are scheduled throughout the year. (pbs.org)
  • Beverly Farm Foundation kicks off its year-long 125th Anniversary Celebrations beginning with its Fall Family Weekend. (thetelegraph.com)
  • GODFREY - Beverly Farm Foundation will kick off its year-long 125th anniversary celebrations with its Fall Family Weekend on Sept. 30-Oct. 2. (thetelegraph.com)
  • Learn more about the anniversary celebrations and new missions on the World of Warships: Legends site . (mmobomb.com)
  • Cast members were also gifted with special 50th Anniversary nametags at the start of Disney World's birthday celebrations. (mickeyblog.com)
  • We will also be having smaller celebrations and events throughout the year to commemorate our big anniversary. (visitmo.com)
  • Dani Menkin, who charmed festival goers with such crowd-pleasers like "Picture Of His Life", "Aulcie" and "On The Map" is returning for the 20th anniversary of this moving heartwarming documentary. (eventbrite.com)
  • Disney is known in the running industry for its cool race medals, so it should come as no surprise that run Disney has pulled out all of the stops in designing a medal for next year's 20th anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon , January 10-13. (go.com)
  • 20th anniversary of the Office of Research on Women's Health / ORWH/NIH. (nih.gov)
  • I moved to Texas in 2016, but with the 20th anniversary of The Ranger Station coming up, I felt that I should host an anniversary trail ride back in Ohio. (therangerstation.com)
  • This'll be the only time you see me behind a cocktail bar for the rest of my life," quips Kevin Floyd, as he sets up the cooler and taps for the event starting at the Pastry War in a few minutes: A tapping of Saint Arnold's 20th Anniversary Ale aged in a Sembra Azul anejo tequila barrel. (houstonpress.com)
  • Initially intended to mark the 20th anniversary of the facility's opening in the Summer of 2020, the exhibit was postponed twice due to conditions induced by Covid- 19. (open-air-museum.org)
  • UNCASVILLE, CT) - Mohegan Sun celebrated its 20th Anniversary this weekend with a packed schedule of celebrity appearances, parties, concerts and food. (casinocitytimes.com)
  • According to the Center, The "Symposium on The Referent of Ireland in the Nineteenth-Century" event being held in February 2020 "hopes to re-evaluate the importance of nineteenth-century Irish literature in order to rethink the aesthetics and politics of nineteenth-century Irish literature. (villanovan.com)
  • Please note that this event was originally planned for June 27, 2020 in Vancouver. (regent-college.edu)
  • 2020, 3 and was subsequently extended to 31 December anniversary of independence (23-31 July 2020). (who.int)
  • Viking's 25th anniversary event showcased the new bespoke expedition ship with an historic convoy in the Netherlands. (luckystrikebelmar.com)
  • Save Board on Behavioral, Cognitive, and Sensory Sciences 25th Anniversary to your collection. (eventbrite.ca)
  • Warped Tour's 25th Anniversary shows may only be in Cleveland, Atlantic City and Mountain View, Calif., but the former traveling festival is making the most of their three shows with three different lineups. (wmmr.com)
  • JULY 20+21 * MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA⁣⠀ We are making a triumphant return to the Bay Area for a special 25th Anniversary 2-day event! (wmmr.com)
  • We look forward to celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Deer Valley Celebrity Skifest and Deer Valley's opening weekend for the 2016-17 season," said Bob Wheaton, Deer Valley Resort president and general manager. (skiutah.com)
  • Ear Candy's 25th Anniversary Shindig w/ lots of bands! (missoulaevents.net)
  • BMW has just launched a special limited edition of the 2013 760Li V-12, marking the 25th anniversary of the V-12 engine, first utilized in the trailblazing BMW 750iL in 1987 - and just for the record they are all sold already. (torquenews.com)
  • Only 15 of the special 25th Anniversary Edition of the 2013 BMW 760 Li V-12 models will be built for US customers by special order only to be delivered early in 2013 at a price of $159,695 all inclusive. (torquenews.com)
  • Public Health Genomics at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Happy 25th Anniversary! (cdc.gov)
  • Rovio Entertainment Corp. has partnered with the multi-platinum Grammy Award-winning band Imagine Dragons to launch "Angry Birds x Imagine Dragons," a free in-game event playable in Angry Birds Match now through Sept. 25, 2018. (musicconnection.com)
  • The Woodbrooke Hills Swim and Tennis Club, located in Farmington Hills, recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. (candgnews.com)
  • The outdoor club, which is located at 32050 W. 13 Mile Road in Farmington Hills, recently celebrated its 60th anniversary, and has been a summer destination for generations of families. (candgnews.com)
  • When we (the members of the intern team) first endeavored to identify a theme for the 60th Anniversary issue, we came up with the idea of "Writers Respond"-responding to the times, their environments, major events, etc. (theliteraryreview.org)
  • The 60th anniversary of the Coventry polio outbreak of 1957 will be marked this month as part of a campaign to eradicate the disease. (coventrytelegraph.net)
  • A large banner celebrating the College of Veterinary Medicine's 60th Anniversary and the Purdue University Sesquicentennial now greets visitors to Lynn Hall on the east side of the building. (purdue.edu)
  • A huge banner promoting the College's 60th and Purdue University's 150th Anniversary now graces the east side of Lynn Hall, greeting passersby traveling on the new Williams Street extension. (purdue.edu)
  • Also today, Purdue Veterinary Medicine faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends are attending the College's 60th Anniversary Kick-off Luncheon being held in conjunction with the Indiana Veterinary Medical Association's ( IVMA ) annual meeting in Indianapolis. (purdue.edu)
  • The luncheon program also includes music by the Purdue Musical Organization's singing group called the Voiceovers, and audience participation in the singing of Happy Birthday as a 60th Anniversary cake is wheeled to the front of the Veteran's Hall meeting room at the Marriott Indianapolis East Conference Center. (purdue.edu)
  • Today's official kick-off event is just the beginning of the 60th Anniversary event schedule. (purdue.edu)
  • Click here to view the 60th Anniversary website for more information . (purdue.edu)
  • The world's most notorious rock band, Mötley Crüe, is celebrating the 30th anniversary of their landmark album Dr. Feelgood - watch a teaser here . (planetmosh.com)
  • In honour of its 30th anniversary, and in response to the frequent call from fans for more classic Mötley Crüe, an anniversary line of Dr. Feelgood apparel featuring the album's iconic artwork will be available. (planetmosh.com)
  • Furthermore, a 30th Anniversary edition is being released featuring new CD and vinyl packaging as well as a deluxe edition including coloured vinyl, three 7" picture discs, Dr. bag, deck of cards, prescription notepad and drumstick pens, pins, guitar picks, band aids, and more. (planetmosh.com)
  • The festival marked its 30th anniversary with ten-days of premieres, exclusive screenings and special guest events. (foylefilmfestival.org)
  • As fresh demonstrations erupted across Iran, Voice of America's (VOA) Persian News Network (PNN) marked the 30th anniversary of the seizure of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran with exclusive interviews with former American hostages. (rushprnews.com)
  • These iconic individuals were acknowledged at the resort's December 30th-anniversary soiree. (fortyounghotel.com)
  • Clips and reminiscences mark the network's golden jubilee, which features highlights from sitcoms, dramas, miniseries ('Roots'), news coverage and sporting events. (tvguide.com)
  • Subscribe today to join this prestigious club and gain access to the latest design development news, special features, trend reports, exclusive interviews and in-depth motor show reports. (cardesignnews.com)
  • the chance to learn about the latest astronomical news from the world's most productive ground-based observatory, from an ESO representative speaking your language, who will attend the event . (eso.org)
  • Be the first to know about C&O news, projects, and events! (canaltrust.org)
  • Sign up to receive topical news alerts, event invitations, and other updates. (bdlaw.com)
  • Sign up for our newsletter to get information the latest news and events! (golondrinas.org)
  • The Berkshires online guide to events, news and Berkshire County community information. (iberkshires.com)
  • Former presidents, including Ramos and Benigno Aquino III, have been invited to the Camp Aguinaldo event, said Senior Deputy Executive Secretary Menardo Guevarra in a Palace news briefing on Tuesday, February 21. (rappler.com)
  • Torque News provides a fresh perspective not found on other auto websites with unique pieces on design, international events, product news and industry trends. (torquenews.com)
  • Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, museum chairman, said: "Louvre Abu Dhabi's fifth anniversary milestone marks the museum's contribution to the cultural transformation of the emirate, enriching lives by making cultural connections and curating the story of our shared humanity. (gulfnews.com)
  • Clones Film Festival turns 20 this year and the festival crew has been busy planning a very special programme to mark this important milestone. (iftn.ie)
  • From paper to wood, sterling silver to gold, find the perfect wedding anniversary gifts for your special milestone. (tiffany.com)
  • We are celebrating this milestone with a number of special events. (who.int)
  • Results of search for 'su:{Anniversaries and special events. (who.int)
  • Use the events or the venues search to find listings near a location. (artrabbit.com)
  • Search for Events by Keyword. (cmaquarium.org)
  • To follow the event on social media, search #dvskifest. (skiutah.com)
  • Seeking entries from local and regional artists/artisans to provide hand-made gift items for the 2023 Special Olympics Alberta Winter Games. (affta.ab.ca)
  • Join Headlands for a special 40th-anniversary edition of Open House. (mesart.com)
  • Join us for our 24th Annual Pancake Lunch: 40th Anniversary Edition, in support of young victims and witnesses in our community! (eventbrite.ca)
  • We have some special things planned for the 40th anniversary edition of our Pancake Lunch! (eventbrite.ca)
  • For confirmed ESO 50th Anniversary events on 5 October (subject to availability and the shipping time to your location), we will print and ship the image to you in advance. (eso.org)
  • Watch this page for more information about 50th-anniversary events. (who.int)
  • Chocolate City Comedy Show 12 Year Anniversary featuring Comedian Shang. (ticketstorm.com)
  • We've got a ten-year anniversary coming up so we've all been speaking together a lot over the last few weeks which has been really nice,' he said, whilst on a video call alongside his 'Midnight' collaborator, Alesso. (capitalfm.com)
  • Limited 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Pre-Sale passes are now available. (eventbrite.ca)
  • Zikodrive are delighted to be celebrating our four year anniversary with a special event at the Head Office on Friday. (zikodrive.com)
  • Each month full-service luxury villa rental company will roll out a new promotion for travel advisors to countdown to their 10 year anniversary. (traveldailynews.com)
  • In anticipation of the company's 10-year anniversary taking place in December, Rental Escapes will offer a new travel advisor promotion each month, commending the important role that the constant support and dedication of travel advisors have played throughout its history. (traveldailynews.com)
  • Vault is celebrating our three-year anniversary. (fayettevilleflyer.com)
  • Please view this page to see all our upcoming events. (regent-college.edu)
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  • Find out about exciting events, special exhibits, promotions, and other upcoming events happening at Clearwater Marine Aquarium on our event calendar. (cmaquarium.org)
  • Washington, DC…The National Archives will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the integration of Little Rock Central High School with a special program and document display. (archives.gov)
  • To commemorate the 50th anniversary of these historic events, the Newseum and the National Archives Experience present "50 Years After Little Rock: The Media and the Movement. (archives.gov)
  • A selection of those reports will be on display to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the integration of Little Rock Central High School. (archives.gov)
  • Viking's 25 th anniversary also marks several new milestones. (luckystrikebelmar.com)
  • This year marks the 15th anniversary of NIIW. (cdc.gov)
  • This week marks the ninth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war. (americanprogress.org)
  • Friday 5 October 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of ESO, which took place on 5 October 1962 with the signature by the Founding Members Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden of the ESO Convention. (eso.org)
  • This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and the subsequent establishment of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (bdlaw.com)
  • Next year marks 100 years since this historic event and we at CDC would like to take this opportunity to recognize just how far we have come in our understanding of the influenza virus, our ability to monitor and track circulating viruses in development of a vaccine and our nation's preparedness capabilities. (cdc.gov)
  • EDT) -- Tomorrow (October 26), Holland America Line's flagship Rotterdam will complete the first of two transatlantic cruises celebrating the line's 150th anniversary when the ship sails by the Statue of Liberty and arrives in New York Harbor. (cruisecritic.com)
  • Nor did it bother Bill Miller, an international authority on ocean liners and cruise ships who delivered a series of informative, entertaining, and photo-rich 150th anniversary lectures on the history of Holland America Line and other cruise line topics throughout this crossing. (cruisecritic.com)
  • For their second cruise together, they are celebrating 53 years of marriage on Holland America Line's 150th anniversary transatlantic sailing. (cruisecritic.com)
  • Plans have been revealed for a special outdoor performance to mark Bristol Colston Hall's 150th anniversary. (musicweek.com)
  • Relationship anniversaries are special, cherished milestones. (adobe.com)
  • 25th wedding anniversaries are one of the key milestones in marriage. (articlealley.com)
  • The anniversary events are supported by Cartier and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) as Louvre Abu Dhabi's fifth anniversary partners. (gulfnews.com)
  • This summer, in honor of its fifth anniversary, The Restaurant at The Setai is giving us even more to be impressed by. (hauteliving.com)
  • Meanwhile, they're holding a fifth anniversary party at an as yet undisclosed venue (most likely a rooftop). (celebstoner.com)
  • First, it is the fifth anniversary conference. (bis.org)
  • Friday, June 11th is the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Jacques Cousteau http://www.notablebiographies.com/Co-Da/Cousteau-Jacques.html and we would like to highlight activities celebrating the life of this legend. (vincentcaprio.org)
  • Of note, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will be airing a special event beginning on June 11th called, Under the Sea: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Jacques Cousteau's birth http://www.tcm.com/thismonth/article/?cid=309185 . (vincentcaprio.org)
  • The Glass picture frames can be presented at the anniversaries, engagements, birthdays and other general occasions. (articlealley.com)
  • Starting on 16 March, the Australian series had planned an explosive 35th anniversary week worth of episodes, complete with weddings, deaths and plenty of drama. (scotsman.com)
  • According to RTE , Neighbours stars Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne were set to film a top secret storyline to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the show. (scotsman.com)
  • Later this month in London, there was also supposed to be a 35th anniversary event at the Adelphi Theatre called Neighbours: Live in Conversation. (scotsman.com)
  • This program contains recorded footage from the IEEE 125th Anniversary Media Event: Embracing Human Technology Interactions. (ieee.org)
  • At the IEEE 125th Anniversary Media Event: Embracing Human Technology Interactions, a panel of top minds in human-technology interactions discussed seven emerging technologies that are changing implications for the way humans interact with systems, the world, and each other. (ieee.org)
  • We'll be celebrating our 125th Anniversary for a full year," Officer continued. (thetelegraph.com)
  • Details of this and the full weekend programme events will be available on www.clonesfilmfestival.com and on the Clones Film Festival Facebook page shortly. (iftn.ie)
  • Foyle Film Festival's Intercultural & Anti-Racism Programme will return with an extended programme of special screenings and workshops from Tuesday 20 March to Friday 6 April. (foylefilmfestival.org)
  • The Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction (HRP) is created at WHO. (who.int)
  • WHO founds and begins hosting the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR), a global programme of scientific collaboration that helps facilitate, support and influence efforts to combat diseases of poverty. (who.int)
  • Liam Payne spoke about a special project for 1D's tenth anniversary. (capitalfm.com)
  • Liam Payne has suggested that One Direction might have something special planned for the tenth anniversary of the band. (capitalfm.com)
  • A special website has been opened for the tenth anniversary of the popular anime franchise GIRLS und PANZER , which started broadcasting in October 2012. (crunchyroll.com)
  • Secondhand Prose, the gently used bookstore at the library, is celebrating its tenth anniversary in October. (quincylibrary.org)
  • Save Special Screening of 'Carpati: 50 Miles, 50 Years' + Q&A with Yale Strom to your collection. (eventbrite.com)
  • For the last several years, Boulder Weekly has celebrated its anniversary by shining a light on the unsung heroes in our community. (boulderweekly.com)
  • Celebrating partnerships : 100 years of health in the Americas : Centennial Symposium, December 2 and 3, 2002 = Celebrando alianzas : 100 años de salud en las Américas : Simposio del Centenario, 2 y 3 de deciembre de 2002. (who.int)
  • Annie Jones (Jane Harris) and Alan Fletcher (Dr. Karl Kennedy) was going to be joined by an as yet unannounced star, as well as some special guests, to look back over the 35 years of the beloved soap opera. (scotsman.com)
  • If you're hosting an anniversary party for your parents, children or even a friend or co-worker, these partying planning suggestions will help you take on this daunting task and host an anniversary party that will be remembered fondly for years to come. (paperdirect.com)
  • It has been a pleasure to curate so many exhibitions and events over the years, enabling us to meet many wonderful clients from around the world (and even beyond, counting a veteran of space flight and a Star Trek captain amongst our best-known visitors! (artrabbit.com)
  • The Mayor can also send congratulations for special anniversaries of 50 years and over. (derby.gov.uk)
  • Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Qin Gang had a special message in commemoration of 50 years since historic 'ping-pong diplomacy' began. (prweb.com)
  • JUNE 8 * CLEVELAND, OH⁣⠀ We partnered with the @rockhall to create a special new exhibit - Forever Warped: 25 Years of Vans Warped Tour. (wmmr.com)
  • Special distinctions went to companies that have continually exhibited at the trade show over the past 25 years. (krakow.pl)
  • Special V-12 25 Years Edition badging festoons doorsills, headrests and iDrive controllers. (torquenews.com)
  • Which brings up the question, what will this car be worth in 25 years, on the 50th anniversary of the V-12 engine? (torquenews.com)
  • Be sure to check the IARC website regularly for more information about events celebrating the first 50 years of the IARC Monographs . (who.int)
  • So, just as background, the TB center which I set up in January of 1992, it's actually 25 years, we just had our anniversary, was really a response to an emerging epidemic in New York City which started around 1991, which was due to the co- infection of tuberculosis among AIDS patients. (cdc.gov)
  • North Coast Symphony Orchestra board members received a proclamation from the Encinitas City Council earlier this year in commemoration of the orchestra's 75th anniversary. (delmartimes.net)
  • The North Coast Symphony Orchestra is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year with a Nov. 5 concert at San Dieguito Methodist Church. (delmartimes.net)
  • The North Coast Symphony Orchestra received a proclamation from the Encinitas City Council earlier this year in commemoration of its 75th anniversary. (delmartimes.net)
  • It's a Wonderful Life 75th Anniversary presented by TCM at an AMC Theatre near you. (amctheatres.com)
  • Paramedics and other emergency medical services (EMS) personnel should be familiar with the historical factors and observations indicative of an apparent life-threatening event (ALTE). (medscape.com)
  • IARC personnel have created a special 50th-anniversary logo through an in-house competition. (who.int)
  • To mark this anniversary, IARC personnel have created a special 50th anniversary logo through an in-house competition. (who.int)
  • To see the currently registered ESO 50th Anniversary event venues, please check our list on the venue page . (eso.org)
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  • Please check with the venue or organization to ensure an event is taking place as scheduled. (culturemap.com)
  • wildfireprevention at oaklandnet.com ] Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 6:11 PM To: Wildfire Prevention Subject: Announcing Special Event - 15th Anniversary of the 1991 Firestorm Please Join Us! (sausalcreek.org)
  • Character Vocal Series 01 Hatsune Miku 15th Anniversary Ver. (hlj.com)
  • The York Theatre Company has announced the lineup of productions set for its upcoming 45th anniversary season. (theatermania.com)
  • This November is the 45th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and two conferences in Dallas will be commemorating that historical event, with invited speakers presenting discussion of the evidence and its wider context. (maryferrell.org)
  • Today's event is special. (bis.org)
  • Ambassador Qin Gang, Henry Kissinger and more speak at the commemoration event for the 50th anniversary of "Ping Pong diplomacy" jointly hosted by Table Tennis Associations of China and the U.S. (prweb.com)
  • The special events, which include a walking tour and a commemoration, are free with paid admission to Historic Jamestowne. (pilotonline.com)
  • Join us for our 38th Anniversary Bingo Special, where you could daub your way to exciting CASH prizes! (jackpotjunction.com)
  • Music by DJ OP and SP Gallman, plus complimentary appetizers, drink specials, and trivia with prizes. (charlottemagazine.com)
  • The Deer Valley Celebrity Skifest event kicks-off on Friday, December 2 with a Celebrity Poker Tournament where players can up the ante in support of clean water to win incredible prizes. (skiutah.com)
  • An Irish generation have grown up watching and loving Neighbours and fans here have a very special relationship with it and its characters. (scotsman.com)
  • Historically, this is a perfect time to look back, not just to focus on the past but to examine how past events are shaping the U.S.-Iranian relationship today," said PNN Acting Director Alex Belida. (rushprnews.com)
  • I am particularly pleased to include in this special anniversary exhibition those artists who have been with the Gallery since the very beginning. (artrabbit.com)
  • This includes event admission and admission to the limited-engagement exhibition Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds. (thehenryford.org)
  • And early in the crossing, one special 150th Gala Menu was filled entirely with dishes featured on past voyages. (cruisecritic.com)
  • Specials on Taittinger Champagne will be offered in addition to the special summer cocktail menu. (hauteliving.com)
  • This week's mouthwatering special from our 2007 menu is our Crossings Sliders! (thecrossingsatcarlsbad.com)
  • The operator will run a live event in Uruguay in October and it will come with multiple package giveaways, plus a massive party for all players. (toptenpokersites.org)
  • live music, giveaways & specials all weekend! (howesound.com)
  • The younger of Connecticut's two Indian gaming resorts, Mohegan Sun has promotions, giveaways and special events running the whole month of October. (casinocitytimes.com)
  • Share your email to stay up to date on promotions, special events, giveaways and more. (villaroma.com)
  • Some of the best-known legends of U.S. skiing are scheduled to compete in this year's event, including Steve Mahre, Jonny Moseley, Tommy Moe and Deer Valley's own Ambassador of Skiing, Heidi Voelker. (skiutah.com)
  • Save The Thing 40th anniversary screening (4K Remaster) - FREE Popcorn & Soda to your collection. (eventbrite.com)
  • Share The Thing 40th anniversary screening (4K Remaster) - FREE Popcorn & Soda with your friends. (eventbrite.com)
  • Submitting an event is free and easy . (bendsource.com)
  • There are even free tournaments you can enter so you can practice handling the best poker hands in time for the special tournament on 27 November! (hityah.com)
  • Join us on September 10 starting at 2pm for this free all-ages event at the Grand Rapids taproom. (foundersbrewing.com)
  • Free grandstand events include a classic country and western show, a Sunday gospel s. (alabama.travel)
  • Event is free of charge and open to the public. (alabama.travel)
  • We will consider other arts and culture events offered free of charge to the public as space allows. (wmnf.org)
  • Other events throughout the year will include the "Kelly House Symposium" which will include a 40th anniversary of memoirs with authors Christine Cusick, David Lloyd, Jim Murphy and Jim Rogers. (villanovan.com)
  • Higher-risk groups include infants who meet the criteria for an ALTE with occurrence during sleep, those in whom cyanosis was observed, those with a history of previous events, and those who required vigorous stimulation or any type of resuscitation. (medscape.com)
  • Wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents include a silver picture frame, a video of memories, a vacation trip, and a family picture. (articlealley.com)
  • Highlights will include special speakers Robert Dalva A.C.E., Kevin Monahan on Adobe Premiere Pro and Logan Kelsey & Mark Spencer on RED Camera PostProduction. (appleusergroupresources.com)
  • Events include Expungement Clinic (September 20) and Let's Talk Weed (September 22) hosted by Derrell Black. (celebstoner.com)
  • For the full details of the six-month anniversary party, visit the ACR website. (toptenpokersites.org)
  • With over a Million Fans signed up thru his website, Shang will continue to rise to the top of the comedy ranks with high-profile acting & televised stand up & personal appearances & Self Produced 1 Hour Comedy special "Shang is SHANGRY! (ticketstorm.com)
  • or view the event website at dvskifest.com . (skiutah.com)
  • anniversary, to have all classes of our ships sailing together for the first time, and to name our phenomenal new expedition vessels. (luckystrikebelmar.com)
  • Described as "a night that no Neighbours fan, past or present, would want to miss", the one night only event has been postponed for the time being due to the coronavirus outbreak. (scotsman.com)
  • It's always been our ambition to work with our broadcast partners so that international Doctor Who fans can enjoy the 50th-anniversary special at the same time as the UK. (sliceofscifi.com)
  • The episode starring all the Doctors over the last half century will be featured in this mega-global event that will be shown in over 200 countries across the planet with an expected viewing audience of well over 100 million all at the same time. (sliceofscifi.com)
  • When deciding on the day and time, try to get the party date as close to the actual anniversary date as possible. (paperdirect.com)
  • The couple, both presidential advisers, have been linked to high-profile social events during their time in the administration. (cnn.com)
  • Letting us know your event date will help our expert team ensure the flowers are ready on time. (fiftyflowers.com)
  • And take your time to check out the hilarious trailer for this event - it's worth every second, stunning! (terpsiton.com)
  • Several of Charlotte's young professionals organizations are coming together for the first time for this networking event. (charlottemagazine.com)
  • A lot of these immersive events where you get to see the film in environments like the ones in the movie have been popping up around the country but this is the first time that you can actually experience the film right at the studio where parts of it was made. (kidzworld.com)
  • This virtual event will be a great time of learning, networking, and fun. (eventbrite.ca)
  • Sacramento's biggest Country music event of all time! (downtowngrid.com)
  • The Manitoba Museum and the Manitoba Legislative Building each plan to host special exhibits on the Red River Settlement. (winnipegfreepress.com)
  • Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum in Carrabelle is presenting two special exhibits in the month of December. (apalachicolabay.org)
  • Washington state and Cook, DuPage, and Lake Counties of Illinois will host special NIIW kick off events. (cdc.gov)
  • Border kick-off events will be in San Diego, Calif. (cdc.gov)
  • Each week will come with a different event - you can see teasers now, but you'll have to wait until the Monday of each week to find out the full details. (gamesradar.com)
  • I was on my way to Copenhagen last week on the first anniversary of this blog so I've only just remembered it. (foodpolitics.com)
  • Producer Steven Moffat revealed last week that the special will be a feature length one and that fans shouldn't believe all the details they've heard confirmed or denied due to the fact that he lies. (sliceofscifi.com)
  • This special year for the festival is sure to be a week of unforgettable performances. (sc.edu)
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will launch National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW) with events beginning April 25 and continuing through May 2, 2009. (cdc.gov)
  • It's the last week of our anniversary food specials so come try our classic Reuben Sandwich! (thecrossingsatcarlsbad.com)
  • Each of these achievements is worth reviewing this anniversary week. (americanprogress.org)
  • The great popularity of the educational component of Krakdent is attested to by the fact that one week before the event even kicked off, nearly all places on the training seminars had already been booked! (krakow.pl)
  • Through special activities developed to engage all segments of UAE society, Louvre Abu Dhabi welcomed more than 1,300 senior citizens and nearly 1,000 People of Determination, orphans and young adults being reintegrated into the community. (gulfnews.com)
  • It's truly a community event. (sc.edu)
  • They will be joined by hundreds of communities from across the United States in celebrating NIIW through community awareness, health care provider education, and media events to promote infant immunizations. (cdc.gov)
  • The City of Oakland, the Oakland Fire Department, along with BART, the Wildfire Prevention Assessment District and more than 25 community organizations are hosting a commemorative ceremony and community public information event on the anniversary of the 1991 Oakland/Berkeley Firestorm. (sausalcreek.org)
  • This is an open invitation to gather in community at Gerogia Street Community Collective's outdoor event space. (wayne.edu)
  • Despite its changing purpose and evolving interior and exterior, one thing remains the same-Roosevelt has a special place in the Ossining community," said Nicole Nover , Roosevelt School Principal. (riverjournalonline.com)
  • Founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Special Olympics provides people with intellectual disabilities continuing opportunities to develop fitness, demonstrate courage and experience joy as they participate in the sharing of gifts and friendship with other athletes, their families and the community. (geneabloggers.com)
  • In addition to beautiful & unique homes, the Villa & Vistas '22 event will conclude with a festive reception at the Lyon Park Community Center at 414 N Fillmore Street, Arlington VA 22201. (arlnow.com)
  • All proceeds from this event will go to the Lyon Park Citizens Association (LPCA) towards our neighborhood jewel & hub, the Lyon Park Community Center (LPCC). (arlnow.com)
  • The Community Bulletin Board at WMNF is offered as a courtesy to non-profit organizations to broadcast events and fundraisers to listeners within the Tampa Bay region. (wmnf.org)
  • Our goal is to produce a great event for our community and to raise funds for our DIY artist warehouse space. (downtowngrid.com)
  • To mark the anniversary, a series of new acquisitions and loans from around the world was installed in the galleries. (gulfnews.com)
  • To mark the special occasion, three classes of Viking ships sailed in procession into Amsterdam. (luckystrikebelmar.com)
  • JAMESTOWN - To mark the anniversary of the first democratic government in English North America on Saturday, Historic Jamestowne is doing some special programming. (pilotonline.com)
  • And this weekend a series of virtual events, including a socially distanced performance of The Winter's Tale on Saturday night, will mark the program's official anniversary. (texashighways.com)
  • Login to see your special pricing. (nssf.org)