The giving of drugs, chemicals, or other substances by mouth.
Time schedule for administration of a drug in order to achieve optimum effectiveness and convenience.
Injections made into a vein for therapeutic or experimental purposes.
An agency of the PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE concerned with the overall planning, promoting, and administering of programs pertaining to maintaining standards of quality of foods, drugs, therapeutic devices, etc.
The various ways of administering a drug or other chemical to a site in a patient or animal from where the chemical is absorbed into the blood and delivered to the target tissue.
The relationship between the dose of an administered drug and the response of the organism to the drug.
A strain of albino rat used widely for experimental purposes because of its calmness and ease of handling. It was developed by the Sprague-Dawley Animal Company.
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
Delivery of medications through the nasal mucosa.
A strain of albino rat developed at the Wistar Institute that has spread widely at other institutions. This has markedly diluted the original strain.
Forceful administration into the peritoneal cavity of liquid medication, nutrient, or other fluid through a hollow needle piercing the abdominal wall.
Naturally occurring or experimentally induced animal diseases with pathological processes sufficiently similar to those of human diseases. They are used as study models for human diseases.
Forceful administration under the skin of liquid medication, nutrient, or other fluid through a hollow needle piercing the skin.
The insertion of drugs into the rectum, usually for confused or incompetent patients, like children, infants, and the very old or comatose.
A large lobed glandular organ in the abdomen of vertebrates that is responsible for detoxification, metabolism, synthesis and storage of various substances.
The extent to which the active ingredient of a drug dosage form becomes available at the site of drug action or in a biological medium believed to reflect accessibility to a site of action.
Forceful administration into a muscle of liquid medication, nutrient, or other fluid through a hollow needle piercing the muscle and any tissue covering it.
The application of drug preparations to the surfaces of the body, especially the skin (ADMINISTRATION, CUTANEOUS) or mucous membranes. This method of treatment is used to avoid systemic side effects when high doses are required at a localized area or as an alternative systemic administration route, to avoid hepatic processing for example.
The long-term (minutes to hours) administration of a fluid into the vein through venipuncture, either by letting the fluid flow by gravity or by pumping it.
The time it takes for a substance (drug, radioactive nuclide, or other) to lose half of its pharmacologic, physiologic, or radiologic activity.
Delivery of substances through VENIPUNCTURE into the VEINS.
The action of a drug that may affect the activity, metabolism, or toxicity of another drug.
A statistical means of summarizing information from a series of measurements on one individual. It is frequently used in clinical pharmacology where the AUC from serum levels can be interpreted as the total uptake of whatever has been administered. As a plot of the concentration of a drug against time, after a single dose of medicine, producing a standard shape curve, it is a means of comparing the bioavailability of the same drug made by different companies. (From Winslade, Dictionary of Clinical Research, 1992)
Injections into the cerebral ventricles.
Genetically identical individuals developed from brother and sister matings which have been carried out for twenty or more generations or by parent x offspring matings carried out with certain restrictions. This also includes animals with a long history of closed colony breeding.
The application of suitable drug dosage forms to the skin for either local or systemic effects.
Accumulation of a drug or chemical substance in various organs (including those not relevant to its pharmacologic or therapeutic action). This distribution depends on the blood flow or perfusion rate of the organ, the ability of the drug to penetrate organ membranes, tissue specificity, protein binding. The distribution is usually expressed as tissue to plasma ratios.
The domestic dog, Canis familiaris, comprising about 400 breeds, of the carnivore family CANIDAE. They are worldwide in distribution and live in association with people. (Walker's Mammals of the World, 5th ed, p1065)
A method of studying a drug or procedure in which both the subjects and investigators are kept unaware of who is actually getting which specific treatment.
Studies comparing two or more treatments or interventions in which the subjects or patients, upon completion of the course of one treatment, are switched to another. In the case of two treatments, A and B, half the subjects are randomly allocated to receive these in the order A, B and half to receive them in the order B, A. A criticism of this design is that effects of the first treatment may carry over into the period when the second is given. (Last, A Dictionary of Epidemiology, 2d ed)
Evaluation undertaken to assess the results or consequences of management and procedures used in combating disease in order to determine the efficacy, effectiveness, safety, and practicability of these interventions in individual cases or series.
Administration of a soluble dosage form by placement under the tongue.
The part of CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM that is contained within the skull (CRANIUM). Arising from the NEURAL TUBE, the embryonic brain is comprised of three major parts including PROSENCEPHALON (the forebrain); MESENCEPHALON (the midbrain); and RHOMBENCEPHALON (the hindbrain). The developed brain consists of CEREBRUM; CEREBELLUM; and other structures in the BRAIN STEM.
The administration of drugs by the respiratory route. It includes insufflation into the respiratory tract.
Body organ that filters blood for the secretion of URINE and that regulates ion concentrations.
The administration of liquid medication, nutrient, or other fluid through some other route than the alimentary canal, usually over minutes or hours, either by gravity flow or often by infusion pumping.
The mass or quantity of heaviness of an individual. It is expressed by units of pounds or kilograms.
A process involving chance used in therapeutic trials or other research endeavor for allocating experimental subjects, human or animal, between treatment and control groups, or among treatment groups. It may also apply to experiments on inanimate objects.
The observable response an animal makes to any situation.
Progressive diminution of the susceptibility of a human or animal to the effects of a drug, resulting from its continued administration. It should be differentiated from DRUG RESISTANCE wherein an organism, disease, or tissue fails to respond to the intended effectiveness of a chemical or drug. It should also be differentiated from MAXIMUM TOLERATED DOSE and NO-OBSERVED-ADVERSE-EFFECT LEVEL.
The principal alkaloid in opium and the prototype opiate analgesic and narcotic. Morphine has widespread effects in the central nervous system and on smooth muscle.
Proteins prepared by recombinant DNA technology.
Concentrated pharmaceutical preparations of plants obtained by removing active constituents with a suitable solvent, which is evaporated away, and adjusting the residue to a prescribed standard.
Introduction of substances into the body using a needle and syringe.
A statistical technique that isolates and assesses the contributions of categorical independent variables to variation in the mean of a continuous dependent variable.
Introduction of therapeutic agents into the spinal region using a needle and syringe.
The measurement of an organ in volume, mass, or heaviness.
Volume of biological fluid completely cleared of drug metabolites as measured in unit time. Elimination occurs as a result of metabolic processes in the kidney, liver, saliva, sweat, intestine, heart, brain, or other site.
Liquid chromatographic techniques which feature high inlet pressures, high sensitivity, and high speed.
RNA sequences that serve as templates for protein synthesis. Bacterial mRNAs are generally primary transcripts in that they do not require post-transcriptional processing. Eukaryotic mRNA is synthesized in the nucleus and must be exported to the cytoplasm for translation. Most eukaryotic mRNAs have a sequence of polyadenylic acid at the 3' end, referred to as the poly(A) tail. The function of this tail is not known for certain, but it may play a role in the export of mature mRNA from the nucleus as well as in helping stabilize some mRNA molecules by retarding their degradation in the cytoplasm.
The species Oryctolagus cuniculus, in the family Leporidae, order LAGOMORPHA. Rabbits are born in burrows, furless, and with eyes and ears closed. In contrast with HARES, rabbits have 22 chromosome pairs.
Either of the pair of organs occupying the cavity of the thorax that effect the aeration of the blood.
Compounds with activity like OPIATE ALKALOIDS, acting at OPIOID RECEPTORS. Properties include induction of ANALGESIA or NARCOSIS.
Administration of a drug or chemical by the individual under the direction of a physician. It includes administration clinically or experimentally, by human or animal.
A clear, colorless liquid rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and distributed throughout the body. It has bactericidal activity and is used often as a topical disinfectant. It is widely used as a solvent and preservative in pharmaceutical preparations as well as serving as the primary ingredient in ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES.
The number of times the HEART VENTRICLES contract per unit of time, usually per minute.
The status during which female mammals carry their developing young (EMBRYOS or FETUSES) in utero before birth, beginning from FERTILIZATION to BIRTH.
The 17-beta-isomer of estradiol, an aromatized C18 steroid with hydroxyl group at 3-beta- and 17-beta-position. Estradiol-17-beta is the most potent form of mammalian estrogenic steroids.
The physical activity of a human or an animal as a behavioral phenomenon.
Substances that inhibit or prevent the proliferation of NEOPLASMS.
Single preparations containing two or more active agents, for the purpose of their concurrent administration as a fixed dose mixture.
Strains of mice in which certain GENES of their GENOMES have been disrupted, or "knocked-out". To produce knockouts, using RECOMBINANT DNA technology, the normal DNA sequence of the gene being studied is altered to prevent synthesis of a normal gene product. Cloned cells in which this DNA alteration is successful are then injected into mouse EMBRYOS to produce chimeric mice. The chimeric mice are then bred to yield a strain in which all the cells of the mouse contain the disrupted gene. Knockout mice are used as EXPERIMENTAL ANIMAL MODELS for diseases (DISEASE MODELS, ANIMAL) and to clarify the functions of the genes.
The movement and the forces involved in the movement of the blood through the CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM.
Genetically identical individuals developed from brother and sister matings which have been carried out for twenty or more generations, or by parent x offspring matings carried out with certain restrictions. All animals within an inbred strain trace back to a common ancestor in the twentieth generation.
Preclinical testing of drugs in experimental animals or in vitro for their biological and toxic effects and potential clinical applications.
Compounds capable of relieving pain without the loss of CONSCIOUSNESS.
Therapy with two or more separate preparations given for a combined effect.
Compounds or agents that combine with an enzyme in such a manner as to prevent the normal substrate-enzyme combination and the catalytic reaction.
Delivery of drugs into an artery.
Administration of a soluble dosage form between the cheek and gingiva. It may involve direct application of a drug onto the buccal mucosa, as by painting or spraying.
An encapsulated lymphatic organ through which venous blood filters.
A family of hexahydropyridines.
A compound that, on administration, must undergo chemical conversion by metabolic processes before becoming the pharmacologically active drug for which it is a prodrug.
Antibodies produced by a single clone of cells.
Uptake of substances through the lining of the INTESTINES.
Glucose in blood.
Process that is gone through in order for a drug to receive approval by a government regulatory agency. This includes any required pre-clinical or clinical testing, review, submission, and evaluation of the applications and test results, and post-marketing surveillance of the drug.
Anti-inflammatory agents that are non-steroidal in nature. In addition to anti-inflammatory actions, they have analgesic, antipyretic, and platelet-inhibitory actions.They act by blocking the synthesis of prostaglandins by inhibiting cyclooxygenase, which converts arachidonic acid to cyclic endoperoxides, precursors of prostaglandins. Inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis accounts for their analgesic, antipyretic, and platelet-inhibitory actions; other mechanisms may contribute to their anti-inflammatory effects.
The action of a drug in promoting or enhancing the effectiveness of another drug.
An alkaloid ester extracted from the leaves of plants including coca. It is a local anesthetic and vasoconstrictor and is clinically used for that purpose, particularly in the eye, ear, nose, and throat. It also has powerful central nervous system effects similar to the amphetamines and is a drug of abuse. Cocaine, like amphetamines, acts by multiple mechanisms on brain catecholaminergic neurons; the mechanism of its reinforcing effects is thought to involve inhibition of dopamine uptake.
A specific opiate antagonist that has no agonist activity. It is a competitive antagonist at mu, delta, and kappa opioid receptors.
The consumption of edible substances.
One of the catecholamine NEUROTRANSMITTERS in the brain. It is derived from TYROSINE and is the precursor to NOREPINEPHRINE and EPINEPHRINE. Dopamine is a major transmitter in the extrapyramidal system of the brain, and important in regulating movement. A family of receptors (RECEPTORS, DOPAMINE) mediate its action.
Techniques and strategies which include the use of coding sequences and other conventional or radical means to transform or modify cells for the purpose of treating or reversing disease conditions.
A free radical gas produced endogenously by a variety of mammalian cells, synthesized from ARGININE by NITRIC OXIDE SYNTHASE. Nitric oxide is one of the ENDOTHELIUM-DEPENDENT RELAXING FACTORS released by the vascular endothelium and mediates VASODILATION. It also inhibits platelet aggregation, induces disaggregation of aggregated platelets, and inhibits platelet adhesion to the vascular endothelium. Nitric oxide activates cytosolic GUANYLATE CYCLASE and thus elevates intracellular levels of CYCLIC GMP.
Non-antibody proteins secreted by inflammatory leukocytes and some non-leukocytic cells, that act as intercellular mediators. They differ from classical hormones in that they are produced by a number of tissue or cell types rather than by specialized glands. They generally act locally in a paracrine or autocrine rather than endocrine manner.
The main glucocorticoid secreted by the ADRENAL CORTEX. Its synthetic counterpart is used, either as an injection or topically, in the treatment of inflammation, allergy, collagen diseases, asthma, adrenocortical deficiency, shock, and some neoplastic conditions.
The physical or physiological processes by which substances, tissue, cells, etc. take up or take in other substances or energy.
Cells propagated in vitro in special media conducive to their growth. Cultured cells are used to study developmental, morphologic, metabolic, physiologic, and genetic processes, among others.
Lipid-containing polysaccharides which are endotoxins and important group-specific antigens. They are often derived from the cell wall of gram-negative bacteria and induce immunoglobulin secretion. The lipopolysaccharide molecule consists of three parts: LIPID A, core polysaccharide, and O-specific chains (O ANTIGENS). When derived from Escherichia coli, lipopolysaccharides serve as polyclonal B-cell mitogens commonly used in laboratory immunology. (From Dorland, 28th ed)
Histochemical localization of immunoreactive substances using labeled antibodies as reagents.
Dosage forms of a drug that act over a period of time by controlled-release processes or technology.
A 51-amino acid pancreatic hormone that plays a major role in the regulation of glucose metabolism, directly by suppressing endogenous glucose production (GLYCOGENOLYSIS; GLUCONEOGENESIS) and indirectly by suppressing GLUCAGON secretion and LIPOLYSIS. Native insulin is a globular protein comprised of a zinc-coordinated hexamer. Each insulin monomer containing two chains, A (21 residues) and B (30 residues), linked by two disulfide bonds. Insulin is used as a drug to control insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (DIABETES MELLITUS, TYPE 1).
Scales, questionnaires, tests, and other methods used to assess pain severity and duration in patients or experimental animals to aid in diagnosis, therapy, and physiological studies.
An unpleasant sensation induced by noxious stimuli which are detected by NERVE ENDINGS of NOCICEPTIVE NEURONS.
The chemical alteration of an exogenous substance by or in a biological system. The alteration may inactivate the compound or it may result in the production of an active metabolite of an inactive parent compound. The alterations may be divided into METABOLIC DETOXICATION, PHASE I and METABOLIC DETOXICATION, PHASE II.
A potent androgenic steroid and major product secreted by the LEYDIG CELLS of the TESTIS. Its production is stimulated by LUTEINIZING HORMONE from the PITUITARY GLAND. In turn, testosterone exerts feedback control of the pituitary LH and FSH secretion. Depending on the tissues, testosterone can be further converted to DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE or ESTRADIOL.
Substances that reduce or suppress INFLAMMATION.
Substances that reduce the growth or reproduction of BACTERIA.
A technique for measuring extracellular concentrations of substances in tissues, usually in vivo, by means of a small probe equipped with a semipermeable membrane. Substances may also be introduced into the extracellular space through the membrane.
An anti-inflammatory 9-fluoro-glucocorticoid.
The major progestational steroid that is secreted primarily by the CORPUS LUTEUM and the PLACENTA. Progesterone acts on the UTERUS, the MAMMARY GLANDS and the BRAIN. It is required in EMBRYO IMPLANTATION; PREGNANCY maintenance, and the development of mammary tissue for MILK production. Progesterone, converted from PREGNENOLONE, also serves as an intermediate in the biosynthesis of GONADAL STEROID HORMONES and adrenal CORTICOSTEROIDS.
DNA molecules capable of autonomous replication within a host cell and into which other DNA sequences can be inserted and thus amplified. Many are derived from PLASMIDS; BACTERIOPHAGES; or VIRUSES. They are used for transporting foreign genes into recipient cells. Genetic vectors possess a functional replicator site and contain GENETIC MARKERS to facilitate their selective recognition.
A polypeptide that is secreted by the adenohypophysis (PITUITARY GLAND, ANTERIOR). Growth hormone, also known as somatotropin, stimulates mitosis, cell differentiation and cell growth. Species-specific growth hormones have been synthesized.
The insertion of drugs into the vagina to treat local infections, neoplasms, or to induce labor. The dosage forms may include medicated pessaries, irrigation fluids, and suppositories.
A pathological process characterized by injury or destruction of tissues caused by a variety of cytologic and chemical reactions. It is usually manifested by typical signs of pain, heat, redness, swelling, and loss of function.
Serum glycoprotein produced by activated MACROPHAGES and other mammalian MONONUCLEAR LEUKOCYTES. It has necrotizing activity against tumor cell lines and increases ability to reject tumor transplants. Also known as TNF-alpha, it is only 30% homologous to TNF-beta (LYMPHOTOXIN), but they share TNF RECEPTORS.
Refers to animals in the period of time just after birth.
Naturally occurring or synthetic substances that inhibit or retard the oxidation of a substance to which it is added. They counteract the harmful and damaging effects of oxidation in animal tissues.
The measure of the level of heat of a human or animal.
Non-human animals, selected because of specific characteristics, for use in experimental research, teaching, or testing.
Systems for the delivery of drugs to target sites of pharmacological actions. Technologies employed include those concerning drug preparation, route of administration, site targeting, metabolism, and toxicity.
Agents inhibiting the effect of narcotics on the central nervous system.
The rate dynamics in chemical or physical systems.
An emulsifying agent produced in the LIVER and secreted into the DUODENUM. Its composition includes BILE ACIDS AND SALTS; CHOLESTEROL; and ELECTROLYTES. It aids DIGESTION of fats in the duodenum.
A cabinet department in the Executive Branch of the United States Government concerned with overall planning, promoting, and administering programs pertaining to VETERANS. It was established March 15, 1989 as a Cabinet-level position.
A decapeptide that stimulates the synthesis and secretion of both pituitary gonadotropins, LUTEINIZING HORMONE and FOLLICLE STIMULATING HORMONE. GnRH is produced by neurons in the septum PREOPTIC AREA of the HYPOTHALAMUS and released into the pituitary portal blood, leading to stimulation of GONADOTROPHS in the ANTERIOR PITUITARY GLAND.
Use of plants or herbs to treat diseases or to alleviate pain.
Chinese herbal or plant extracts which are used as drugs to treat diseases or promote general well-being. The concept does not include synthesized compounds manufactured in China.
Drugs used to cause dilation of the blood vessels.
Compounds with a six membered aromatic ring containing NITROGEN. The saturated version is PIPERIDINES.
A major gonadotropin secreted by the adenohypophysis (PITUITARY GLAND, ANTERIOR). Luteinizing hormone regulates steroid production by the interstitial cells of the TESTIS and the OVARY. The preovulatory LUTEINIZING HORMONE surge in females induces OVULATION, and subsequent LUTEINIZATION of the follicle. LUTEINIZING HORMONE consists of two noncovalently linked subunits, alpha and beta. Within a species, the alpha subunit is common in the three pituitary glycoprotein hormones (TSH, LH and FSH), but the beta subunit is unique and confers its biological specificity.
Diabetes mellitus induced experimentally by administration of various diabetogenic agents or by PANCREATECTOMY.
Experimentally induced new abnormal growth of TISSUES in animals to provide models for studying human neoplasms.
Observation of a population for a sufficient number of persons over a sufficient number of years to generate incidence or mortality rates subsequent to the selection of the study group.
Mutant mice homozygous for the recessive gene "nude" which fail to develop a thymus. They are useful in tumor studies and studies on immune responses.
Process that is gone through in order for a device to receive approval by a government regulatory agency. This includes any required preclinical or clinical testing, review, submission, and evaluation of the applications and test results, and post-marketing surveillance. It is not restricted to FDA.
Laboratory mice that have been produced from a genetically manipulated EGG or EMBRYO, MAMMALIAN.
Experimental transplantation of neoplasms in laboratory animals for research purposes.
One of the mechanisms by which CELL DEATH occurs (compare with NECROSIS and AUTOPHAGOCYTOSIS). Apoptosis is the mechanism responsible for the physiological deletion of cells and appears to be intrinsically programmed. It is characterized by distinctive morphologic changes in the nucleus and cytoplasm, chromatin cleavage at regularly spaced sites, and the endonucleolytic cleavage of genomic DNA; (DNA FRAGMENTATION); at internucleosomal sites. This mode of cell death serves as a balance to mitosis in regulating the size of animal tissues and in mediating pathologic processes associated with tumor growth.
Fluid propulsion systems driven mechanically, electrically, or osmotically that are used to inject (or infuse) over time agents into a patient or experimental animal; used routinely in hospitals to maintain a patent intravenous line, to administer antineoplastic agents and other drugs in thromboembolism, heart disease, diabetes mellitus (INSULIN INFUSION SYSTEMS is also available), and other disorders.
Azoles of two nitrogens at the 1,2 positions, next to each other, in contrast with IMIDAZOLES in which they are at the 1,3 positions.
A group of CORTICOSTEROIDS that affect carbohydrate metabolism (GLUCONEOGENESIS, liver glycogen deposition, elevation of BLOOD SUGAR), inhibit ADRENOCORTICOTROPIC HORMONE secretion, and possess pronounced anti-inflammatory activity. They also play a role in fat and protein metabolism, maintenance of arterial blood pressure, alteration of the connective tissue response to injury, reduction in the number of circulating lymphocytes, and functioning of the central nervous system.
The flow of BLOOD through or around an organ or region of the body.
A central nervous system stimulant and sympathomimetic with actions and uses similar to DEXTROAMPHETAMINE. The smokable form is a drug of abuse and is referred to as crank, crystal, crystal meth, ice, and speed.
A biochemical messenger and regulator, synthesized from the essential amino acid L-TRYPTOPHAN. In humans it is found primarily in the central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, and blood platelets. Serotonin mediates several important physiological functions including neurotransmission, gastrointestinal motility, hemostasis, and cardiovascular integrity. Multiple receptor families (RECEPTORS, SEROTONIN) explain the broad physiological actions and distribution of this biochemical mediator.
Precursor of epinephrine that is secreted by the adrenal medulla and is a widespread central and autonomic neurotransmitter. Norepinephrine is the principal transmitter of most postganglionic sympathetic fibers and of the diffuse projection system in the brain arising from the locus ceruleus. It is also found in plants and is used pharmacologically as a sympathomimetic.
Substances that augment, stimulate, activate, potentiate, or modulate the immune response at either the cellular or humoral level. The classical agents (Freund's adjuvant, BCG, Corynebacterium parvum, et al.) contain bacterial antigens. Some are endogenous (e.g., histamine, interferon, transfer factor, tuftsin, interleukin-1). Their mode of action is either non-specific, resulting in increased immune responsiveness to a wide variety of antigens, or antigen-specific, i.e., affecting a restricted type of immune response to a narrow group of antigens. The therapeutic efficacy of many biological response modifiers is related to their antigen-specific immunoadjuvanticity.
New abnormal growth of tissue. Malignant neoplasms show a greater degree of anaplasia and have the properties of invasion and metastasis, compared to benign neoplasms.
A benzodiazepine with anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, sedative, muscle relaxant, and amnesic properties and a long duration of action. Its actions are mediated by enhancement of GAMMA-AMINOBUTYRIC ACID activity.
An adrenocortical steroid that has modest but significant activities as a mineralocorticoid and a glucocorticoid. (From Goodman and Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, 8th ed, p1437)
Any of various animals that constitute the family Suidae and comprise stout-bodied, short-legged omnivorous mammals with thick skin, usually covered with coarse bristles, a rather long mobile snout, and small tail. Included are the genera Babyrousa, Phacochoerus (wart hogs), and Sus, the latter containing the domestic pig (see SUS SCROFA).
A state characterized by loss of feeling or sensation. This depression of nerve function is usually the result of pharmacologic action and is induced to allow performance of surgery or other painful procedures.
Chemistry dealing with the composition and preparation of agents having PHARMACOLOGIC ACTIONS or diagnostic use.
An anterior pituitary hormone that stimulates the ADRENAL CORTEX and its production of CORTICOSTEROIDS. ACTH is a 39-amino acid polypeptide of which the N-terminal 24-amino acid segment is identical in all species and contains the adrenocorticotrophic activity. Upon further tissue-specific processing, ACTH can yield ALPHA-MSH and corticotrophin-like intermediate lobe peptide (CLIP).
Forms to which substances are incorporated to improve the delivery and the effectiveness of drugs. Drug carriers are used in drug-delivery systems such as the controlled-release technology to prolong in vivo drug actions, decrease drug metabolism, and reduce drug toxicity. Carriers are also used in designs to increase the effectiveness of drug delivery to the target sites of pharmacological actions. Liposomes, albumin microspheres, soluble synthetic polymers, DNA complexes, protein-drug conjugates, and carrier erythrocytes among others have been employed as biodegradable drug carriers.
A loosely defined group of drugs that tend to increase behavioral alertness, agitation, or excitation. They work by a variety of mechanisms, but usually not by direct excitation of neurons. The many drugs that have such actions as side effects to their main therapeutic use are not included here.
The surgical removal of one or both ovaries.
An increased sensation of pain or discomfort produced by mimimally noxious stimuli due to damage to soft tissue containing NOCICEPTORS or injury to a peripheral nerve.
Drugs intended to prevent damage to the brain or spinal cord from ischemia, stroke, convulsions, or trauma. Some must be administered before the event, but others may be effective for some time after. They act by a variety of mechanisms, but often directly or indirectly minimize the damage produced by endogenous excitatory amino acids.
The number of WHITE BLOOD CELLS per unit volume in venous BLOOD. A differential leukocyte count measures the relative numbers of the different types of white cells.
Drugs used to induce drowsiness or sleep or to reduce psychological excitement or anxiety.
The phenotypic manifestation of a gene or genes by the processes of GENETIC TRANSCRIPTION and GENETIC TRANSLATION.
A subclass of analgesic agents that typically do not bind to OPIOID RECEPTORS and are not addictive. Many non-narcotic analgesics are offered as NONPRESCRIPTION DRUGS.
The section of the alimentary canal from the STOMACH to the ANAL CANAL. It includes the LARGE INTESTINE and SMALL INTESTINE.
A phenyl-piperidinyl-butyrophenone that is used primarily to treat SCHIZOPHRENIA and other PSYCHOSES. It is also used in schizoaffective disorder, DELUSIONAL DISORDERS, ballism, and TOURETTE SYNDROME (a drug of choice) and occasionally as adjunctive therapy in INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY and the chorea of HUNTINGTON DISEASE. It is a potent antiemetic and is used in the treatment of intractable HICCUPS. (From AMA Drug Evaluations Annual, 1994, p279)
A spectrum of clinical liver diseases ranging from mild biochemical abnormalities to ACUTE LIVER FAILURE, caused by drugs, drug metabolites, and chemicals from the environment.
Compounds containing 1,3-diazole, a five membered aromatic ring containing two nitrogen atoms separated by one of the carbons. Chemically reduced ones include IMIDAZOLINES and IMIDAZOLIDINES. Distinguish from 1,2-diazole (PYRAZOLES).
Agents that alleviate ANXIETY, tension, and ANXIETY DISORDERS, promote sedation, and have a calming effect without affecting clarity of consciousness or neurologic conditions. ADRENERGIC BETA-ANTAGONISTS are commonly used in the symptomatic treatment of anxiety but are not included here.
A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent (NSAID) that inhibits the enzyme cyclooxygenase necessary for the formation of prostaglandins and other autacoids. It also inhibits the motility of polymorphonuclear leukocytes.
Changes in the amounts of various chemicals (neurotransmitters, receptors, enzymes, and other metabolites) specific to the area of the central nervous system contained within the head. These are monitored over time, during sensory stimulation, or under different disease states.
Any dummy medication or treatment. Although placebos originally were medicinal preparations having no specific pharmacological activity against a targeted condition, the concept has been extended to include treatments or procedures, especially those administered to control groups in clinical trials in order to provide baseline measurements for the experimental protocol.
Medicated dosage forms that are designed to be inserted into the rectal, vaginal, or urethral orifice of the body for absorption. Generally, the active ingredients are packaged in dosage forms containing fatty bases such as cocoa butter, hydrogenated oil, or glycerogelatin that are solid at room temperature but melt or dissolve at body temperature.
Ventral part of the DIENCEPHALON extending from the region of the OPTIC CHIASM to the caudal border of the MAMMILLARY BODIES and forming the inferior and lateral walls of the THIRD VENTRICLE.
Any of the processes by which nuclear, cytoplasmic, or intercellular factors influence the differential control (induction or repression) of gene action at the level of transcription or translation.
Physiological and psychological symptoms associated with withdrawal from the use of a drug after prolonged administration or habituation. The concept includes withdrawal from smoking or drinking, as well as withdrawal from an administered drug.
A family of non-enveloped viruses infecting mammals (MASTADENOVIRUS) and birds (AVIADENOVIRUS) or both (ATADENOVIRUS). Infections may be asymptomatic or result in a variety of diseases.
Unstable isotopes of iodine that decay or disintegrate emitting radiation. I atoms with atomic weights 117-139, except I 127, are radioactive iodine isotopes.
Abnormal fluid accumulation in TISSUES or body cavities. Most cases of edema are present under the SKIN in SUBCUTANEOUS TISSUE.
The intracellular transfer of information (biological activation/inhibition) through a signal pathway. In each signal transduction system, an activation/inhibition signal from a biologically active molecule (hormone, neurotransmitter) is mediated via the coupling of a receptor/enzyme to a second messenger system or to an ion channel. Signal transduction plays an important role in activating cellular functions, cell differentiation, and cell proliferation. Examples of signal transduction systems are the GAMMA-AMINOBUTYRIC ACID-postsynaptic receptor-calcium ion channel system, the receptor-mediated T-cell activation pathway, and the receptor-mediated activation of phospholipases. Those coupled to membrane depolarization or intracellular release of calcium include the receptor-mediated activation of cytotoxic functions in granulocytes and the synaptic potentiation of protein kinase activation. Some signal transduction pathways may be part of larger signal transduction pathways; for example, protein kinase activation is part of the platelet activation signal pathway.
The basic cellular units of nervous tissue. Each neuron consists of a body, an axon, and dendrites. Their purpose is to receive, conduct, and transmit impulses in the NERVOUS SYSTEM.
An NADPH-dependent enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of L-ARGININE and OXYGEN to produce CITRULLINE and NITRIC OXIDE.
Implanted fluid propulsion systems with self-contained power source for providing long-term controlled-rate delivery of drugs such as chemotherapeutic agents or analgesics. Delivery rate may be externally controlled or osmotically or peristatically controlled with the aid of transcutaneous monitoring.
A gonadotropic glycoprotein hormone produced primarily by the PLACENTA. Similar to the pituitary LUTEINIZING HORMONE in structure and function, chorionic gonadotropin is involved in maintaining the CORPUS LUTEUM during pregnancy. CG consists of two noncovalently linked subunits, alpha and beta. Within a species, the alpha subunit is virtually identical to the alpha subunits of the three pituitary glycoprotein hormones (TSH, LH, and FSH), but the beta subunit is unique and confers its biological specificity (CHORIONIC GONADOTROPIN, BETA SUBUNIT, HUMAN).
Excrement from the INTESTINES, containing unabsorbed solids, waste products, secretions, and BACTERIA of the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM.
Identification of proteins or peptides that have been electrophoretically separated by blot transferring from the electrophoresis gel to strips of nitrocellulose paper, followed by labeling with antibody probes.
Agents that induce NARCOSIS. Narcotics include agents that cause somnolence or induced sleep (STUPOR); natural or synthetic derivatives of OPIUM or MORPHINE or any substance that has such effects. They are potent inducers of ANALGESIA and OPIOID-RELATED DISORDERS.
A disturbance in the prooxidant-antioxidant balance in favor of the former, leading to potential damage. Indicators of oxidative stress include damaged DNA bases, protein oxidation products, and lipid peroxidation products (Sies, Oxidative Stress, 1991, pxv-xvi).
Works about pre-planned studies of the safety, efficacy, or optimum dosage schedule (if appropriate) of one or more diagnostic, therapeutic, or prophylactic drugs, devices, or techniques selected according to predetermined criteria of eligibility and observed for predefined evidence of favorable and unfavorable effects. This concept includes clinical trials conducted both in the U.S. and in other countries.
Glycoprotein hormone, secreted chiefly by the KIDNEY in the adult and the LIVER in the FETUS, that acts on erythroid stem cells of the BONE MARROW to stimulate proliferation and differentiation.
Disease having a short and relatively severe course.
Substances which lower blood glucose levels.
Toxins closely associated with the living cytoplasm or cell wall of certain microorganisms, which do not readily diffuse into the culture medium, but are released upon lysis of the cells.
Any of the ruminant mammals with curved horns in the genus Ovis, family Bovidae. They possess lachrymal grooves and interdigital glands, which are absent in GOATS.
The major immunoglobulin isotype class in normal human serum. There are several isotype subclasses of IgG, for example, IgG1, IgG2A, and IgG2B.
The muscle tissue of the HEART. It is composed of striated, involuntary muscle cells (MYOCYTES, CARDIAC) connected to form the contractile pump to generate blood flow.
Nicotine is highly toxic alkaloid. It is the prototypical agonist at nicotinic cholinergic receptors where it dramatically stimulates neurons and ultimately blocks synaptic transmission. Nicotine is also important medically because of its presence in tobacco smoke.
A group of compounds that contain the structure SO2NH2.
A powerful central nervous system stimulant and sympathomimetic. Amphetamine has multiple mechanisms of action including blocking uptake of adrenergics and dopamine, stimulation of release of monamines, and inhibiting monoamine oxidase. Amphetamine is also a drug of abuse and a psychotomimetic. The l- and the d,l-forms are included here. The l-form has less central nervous system activity but stronger cardiovascular effects. The d-form is DEXTROAMPHETAMINE.
The forcing into the skin of liquid medication, nutrient, or other fluid through a hollow needle, piercing the top skin layer.
Striped GRAY MATTER and WHITE MATTER consisting of the NEOSTRIATUM and paleostriatum (GLOBUS PALLIDUS). It is located in front of and lateral to the THALAMUS in each cerebral hemisphere. The gray substance is made up of the CAUDATE NUCLEUS and the lentiform nucleus (the latter consisting of the GLOBUS PALLIDUS and PUTAMEN). The WHITE MATTER is the INTERNAL CAPSULE.
Lining of the INTESTINES, consisting of an inner EPITHELIUM, a middle LAMINA PROPRIA, and an outer MUSCULARIS MUCOSAE. In the SMALL INTESTINE, the mucosa is characterized by a series of folds and abundance of absorptive cells (ENTEROCYTES) with MICROVILLI.
Benzopyrroles with the nitrogen at the number one carbon adjacent to the benzyl portion, in contrast to ISOINDOLES which have the nitrogen away from the six-membered ring.

Lack of absorption of didanosine after rectal administration in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients. (1/279)

The feasibility of rectal administration of didanosine (DDI) was studied in six human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients. After oral intake of a DDI solution (100 mg/m2 of body surface area) combined with an antacid (Maalox), pharmacokinetic parametric values were in accordance with previously published data; the mean +/- standard deviation for terminal half-life was 59.5 +/- 15.0 min, that for peak concentration was 5.2 +/- 3.9 mumol/liter, and that for the area under the time-concentration curve (AUC) was 494 +/- 412 min.mumol/liter. After rectal administration of a similarly prepared DDI solution (100 mg/m2 of body surface area), plasma DDI levels were below the detection limit (0.1 mumol/liter) at all time points in five of the six patients, and in the remaining patient the AUC after rectal application was only 5% of that after oral administration. We conclude that oral administration of DDI cannot be easily replaced by rectal application.  (+info)

Mucosal vaccination strategies for women. (2/279)

Women were immunized orally, rectally, or vaginally with a recombinant cholera toxin B-containing vaccine to determine which of these mucosal immunization routes generate the greatest levels of antibody in the female genital tract and rectum. ELISA was used to measure concentrations of cholera toxin B-specific IgA and IgG antibody in serum and secretions before and after three immunizations. Each immunization route similarly increased specific IgG in serum and specific IgA in saliva. Only the vaginal route increased IgA antibodies in genital tract secretions and could be shown to induce a local IgG response. However, vaginal immunization failed to produce antibody in the rectum. In a similar fashion, rectal immunization elicited highest concentrations of locally derived IgA and IgG antibody in the rectum but was ineffective for generating antibody in the genital tract. The data suggest that local immunization may induce the greatest immune responses in the female genital tract and rectum of humans.  (+info)

Trefoil peptide TFF2 (spasmolytic polypeptide) potently accelerates healing and reduces inflammation in a rat model of colitis. (3/279)

BACKGROUND: The trefoil peptides are major secretory products of mucus cells of the gastrointestinal tract and show increased expression after inflammatory or ulcerative damage. Recombinant human TFF2 (spasmolytic polypeptide) has been shown to be cytoprotective, and enhances repair in models of gastric injury. AIMS: To test the healing effects of recombinant human (h)TFF2 in a rat model of chronic colitis. METHODS: Colitis was induced by intracolonic administration of dinitrobenzene sulphonic acid in ethanol. Mucosal repair was quantified macroscopically, microscopically by image analysis of tissue histology, and by measuring myeloperoxidase activity. RESULTS: Initial validation studies showed that maximal injury and inflammation occurred at the end of the first week after colitis induction (active phase), and that spontaneous healing was complete by eight weeks. Once daily intrarectal application of hTFF2 (2.5 mg/kg; approximately 0.5 mg/rat) for five days after maximal damage had been sustained, reduced both microscopic and macroscopic injury by 80% and inflammatory index by 50% compared with vehicle controls. In addition, endogenous concentrations of rat TFF2 and TFF3 (intestinal trefoil factor) were increased in the active phase of colitis and were reduced to basal levels by hTFF2 treatment. CONCLUSIONS: This study has shown that hTFF2 enhances the rate of colonic epithelial repair, and reduces local inflammation in a rat model of colitis, and suggests that luminal application of trefoil peptides may have therapeutic potential in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease.  (+info)

Efficient gene delivery to the inflamed colon by local administration of recombinant adenoviruses with normal or modified fibre structure. (4/279)

BACKGROUND/AIMS: Replication deficient recombinant adenoviruses represent an efficient means of transferring genes in vivo into a wide variety of dividing and quiescent cells from many different organs. Although the gastrointestinal tract is a potentially attractive target for gene therapy approaches, only a few studies on the use of viral gene transfer vehicles in the gut have been reported. The prospects of using recombinant adenoviruses for gene delivery into epithelial and subepithelial cells of the normal and inflamed colon are here analysed. METHODS: An E1/E3 deleted recombinant adenovirus (denoted AdCMVbetaGal) and an adenovirus with modified fibre structure (denoted AdZ.F(pk7)) both expressing the bacterial lacZ gene under the control of a human cytomegalovirus promoter were used for reporter gene expression in vitro and in vivo. beta-Galactosidase activity was determined by specific chemiluminescent reporter gene assay. RESULTS: Intravenous or intraperitoneal injection of AdCMVbetaGal into healthy Balb/c mice caused strong reporter gene expression in the liver and spleen but not in the colon. In contrast, local administration of AdCMVbetaGal resulted in high reporter gene expression in colonic epithelial cells and lamina propria mononuclear cells. A local route of adenovirus administration in mice with experimental colitis induced by the hapten reagent trinitrobenzenesulphonic acid was next evaluated. Interestingly, rectal administration of AdCMVbetaGal caused a higher beta-galactosidase activity in isolated lamina propria cells from infected mice with experimental colitis than in those from controls. Furthermore, isolated lamina propria cells from mice with colitis infected in vitro showed a significant increase in reporter gene activity compared with controls. Finally, AdZ.F(pk7) adenoviruses with modified fibre structure produced 10- to 40-fold higher reporter gene activity in spleen T cells and lamina propria mononuclear cells of colitic mice compared with standard AdCMVbetaGal vectors. CONCLUSIONS: Local administration of recombinant adenoviruses with normal or modified fibre structure could provide a new reliable method for targeted gene expression in the inflamed colon. Such gene delivery could be used to specifically express signal transduction proteins with therapeutic potential in inflamed colonic tissue. In particular, adenoviruses with modified fibre structure may be useful in T cell directed therapies in intestinal inflammation.  (+info)

Pharmacokinetics and metabolism of rectally administered paracetamol in preterm neonates. (5/279)

AIM: To investigate the pharmacokinetics, metabolism, and dose-response relation of a single rectal dose of paracetamol in preterm infants in two different age groups. METHODS: Preterm infants stratified by gestational age groups 28-32 weeks (group 1) and 32-36 weeks (group 2) undergoing painful procedures were included in this study. Pain was assessed using a modified facies pain score. RESULTS: Twenty one infants in group 1 and seven in group 2 were given a single rectal dose of 20 mg/kg body weight. Therapeutic concentrations were reached in 16/21 and 1/7 infants in groups 1 and 2, respectively. Peak serum concentrations were significantly higher in group 1. Median time to reach peak concentrations was similar in the two groups. As serum concentration was still in the therapeutic range for some infants in group 1, elimination half life (T1/2) could not be determined in all infants: T1/2 was 11.0 +/- 5.7 in 11 infants in group 1 and 4.8 +/- 1.2 hours in group 2. Urinary excretion was mainly as paracetamol sulphate. The glucuronide:sulphate ratio was 0.12 +/- 0.09 (group 1) and 0.28 +/- 0.35 (group 2). The pain score did not correlate with therapeutic concentrations. CONCLUSIONS: A 20 mg/kg single dose of paracetamol can be safely given to preterm infants in whom sulphation is the major pathway of excretion. Multiple doses in 28-32 week old neonates would require an interval of more than 8 hours to prevent progressively increasing serum concentrations.  (+info)

Anatomic segmentation of the intestinal immune response in nonhuman primates: differential distribution of B cells after oral and rectal immunizations to sites defined by their source of vascularization. (6/279)

We show that the distribution of specific antibodies and antibody-secreting cells in the intestine after oral and rectal immunizations corresponds to the vascularization and lymph drainage patterns of the gut. Oral immunizations induce antibody responses along the parts of the intestine connected to the superior mesenteric vessels and lymph ducts, whereas rectal immunizations induce antibody responses along the parts of the intestine associated with the inferior mesenteric vessels and ducts.  (+info)

Rectally administered dimenhydrinate reduces postoperative vomiting in children after strabismus surgery. (7/279)

We have investigated the effectiveness of rectally administered dimenhydrinate on postoperative vomiting in children undergoing strabismus surgery, in a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study. In one group, dimenhydrinate 50 mg was administered rectally 30 min before starting anaesthesia, whereas in the control group, placebo suppositories were given. Children who received dimenhydrinate showed a significantly (P < 0.001) lower incidence of vomiting (15%) than those in the control group (75%). We conclude that rectal administration of dimenhydrinate is an effective means of reducing postoperative vomiting in children undergoing strabismus surgery.  (+info)

Investigation of diazepam lipospheres based on Witepsol and lecithin intended for oral or rectal delivery. (8/279)

Diazepam was incorporated in lipospheres prepared by high pressure homogenization of melted Witepsol (10%) dispersed in aqueous lecithin (2.4%). Diazepam content was 0.4% and more than 98% of the dose was found to be encapsulated in the lipospheres. Although the initial mean particle size was 0.3 micron, the liposhperes agglomerated during storage and this phenomenon was not eliminated by increasing lecithin concentration to 4% or incorporation of oleic acid (0.1%) and co-surfactants, polysorbate 80 (0.5%) or poloxamer (up to 6%). The formulation was not able to mask effectively bitter taste of diazepam, even when lipids of higher melting temperature, namely glyceryl tripalmitate or stearic acid, were introduced.  (+info)

Rectal Administration: The insertion of drugs into the rectum, usually for confused or incompetent patients, like children, infants, and the very old or comatose.
The following antiepileptic drugs are designed for rectal administration. Learn more about their effects, preparation and pharmacokinetics at the Epilepsy Foundation online.
IRMA ALC participated with Epicentro in our stand.. We had a roulette wheel with sexual health questions and categories, and one of the categories was Pregúntale a la tia Irma or ask aunt Irma… And basically it was 5 simple questions about rectal microbicides to better understand what people know about them ...
Check out this interesting min-bio of Suwat Chariyalertsak, the latest in IRMAs Meet a Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocate series on the IRMA website here. Suwat is one of six new bios just posted today, including individuals from Kenya, India, the UK, the US and Argentina. Each will be featured on the blog, and you can read about all of them here right now ...
The pharmacokinetics of midazolam in our patients showed a shorter half-life, probably due to the higher hepatic clearance based on the high CI in children, as midazolam is known to have a first-pass effect of 30-70%. The increased metabolic transformation and the smaller amount of fatty tissue acco …
These medicines may make you sweat less, causing your body temperature to increase. Use extra care not to become overheated during exercise or hot weather while you are taking this medicine, since overheating may result in heat stroke. Also, hot baths or saunas may make you dizzy or faint while you are taking this medicine.. Check with your doctor before you stop using this medicine. Your doctor may want you to reduce gradually the amount you are using before stopping completely. Stopping this medicine may cause withdrawal side effects such as vomiting, sweating, and dizziness.. Anticholinergics and antispasmodics may cause some people to have blurred vision. Make sure your vision is clear before you drive or do anything else that could be dangerous if you are not able to see well. These medicines may also cause your eyes to become more sensitive to light than they are normally. Wearing sunglasses may help lessen the discomfort from bright light.. These medicines, especially in high doses, may ...
The dose medicines in this class will be different for different patients. Follow your doctors orders or the directions on the label. The following information includes only the average doses of these medicines. If your dose is different, do not change it unless your doctor tells you to do so.. The amount of medicine that you take depends on the strength of the medicine. Also, the number of doses you take each day, the time allowed between doses, and the length of time you take the medicine depend on the medical problem for which you are using the medicine.. For use as an antihistamine: ...
During this study, cats were immunized by the intranasal and rectal routes with crude rhoptry proteins of Toxoplasma gondii admixed with Quil-A. Twenty-five domestic short hair cats divided into five groups (n=5) were used during this evaluation: G1 and G3 cats received 200μg of the rhoptry proteins with Quil-A (20μg) by the intranasal and rectal routes, respectively; G2 and G4 cats received bovine serum albumin (BSA, 200μg/dose) with Quil-A (20μg); and G5 animals served as unvaccinated controls. All treatments were performed at days 0, 21, 42, and 63. The challenge was done with 800 cysts of the ME49 of T. gondii strain at day 70 (challenge day). The serum IgG, IgM, IgA, and fecal IgA antibody levels were evaluated by using the indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Some animals produced antibody levels beyond cut-off; however, two animals from G1 (OD(mean)=0.308, OD(cut-off)=0.200) and three from G3 (OD(mean)=0.254) demonstrated IgG levels on being challenged, with similar ...
The Global Campaign for Microbicides advocates worldwide for user-controlled HIV and STD prevention tools; microbicides, female condoms and cervical barriers. We work to promote their development, assure access and protect users needs and interests.
DESCRIPTION Diastat rectal delivery system is a non-sterile diazepam gel provided in a prefilled, unit-dose, rectal delivery system. Diastat contains 5 mg/ml diazepam, propylene glycol, ethyl alcohol (10%), hydroxypropyl methylcellu...
A method and drug form enhancing the rate of absorption of a rectally administered drug from the rectal compartment into the blood stream of a warm blooded animal. The method includes the steps of preparing a drug form capable of being rectally administered. The drug form comprises a therapeutically effective unit dosage amount of a selected drug of the type which is capable of being absorbed into the blood stream from the rectal compartment and phenothiazines or salts thereof being present in the drug form in a sufficient amount to be effective in enhancing the drug absorption rate, when rectally administering the drug form to warm blooded animals.
ABSTRACT. Objective: Although transrectal ultrasound-guided prostatic biopsies are associated with significant discomfort and pain, most urologists do not use any kind of anaesthesia. We therefore compared the efficacy of two local anaesthetics, namely, the rectal administration of lidocaine gel and lidocaine periprostatic infiltration prior to biopsies. ...
She had suddenly collapsed and started fitting with brief pauses and seizures in repeating cycles; never a good thing. I had already established from her friend that she was epileptic and that she had been drinking so when the crew arrived I prepared to give her diazepam. Trains were still coming into the platform and people were running and shuffling all around us. Even with the help of the staff there was little we could do, short of closing down the entire platform. We dragged her further away from the edge because every time she fitted she moved perilously near to it. It was too dangerous to lift and move her just yet, so I tried to gain IV access for the drug I was going to administer but her vein was thin and useless. I tried again elsewhere but with no better luck, so I was left with the only option open - rectal administration. In such a public place its not a choice I make initially but I had run out of immediate options and something had to be done about her condition. She had oxygen ...
6 oz Dose Syringe used for dispensing medication for oral or rectal administration to all animals. Shop a huge selection of first aid supplies at Big Dees Tack and Vet Supplies
Oral route,. Transdermal route,. Parenteral route (SC, IV, IM, Intraspinal, Intradermal),. Rectal route,. Ophthalmic route,. Vaginal route,. Nasal route.. ...
This reduced glycerin formulation of tenofovir gel was very well tolerated, people had minimal side effects and people seemed to be happy using the product. We also looked at the effect of this gel on the rectal mucosa, although generally it looked very safe, however, upon closer lab studies when we studied change in any of the genes, we found that tenofovir gel changed the expression of about 600 different genes (out of 44,000). This change in gene expression upon closer evaluation might have caused an immune response and also a change in mitochondrial activity. Whether it will be a problem clinically, we have no idea as the gel is so well tolerated by study participants, but we have to look at this in future studies said Dr Ian McGowan ...
Taking an important step toward the development of a product to prevent HIV infections associated with unprotected anal sex, researchers today announced the launch of a global Phase II clinical trial of a potential rectal ...
Earlier today at the International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012), IRMA co-hosted a well-attended satellite session on rectal microbicides with their partners Microbicide Trials Network (MTN) and AVAC. Ian McGowan from the MTN and Jim Pickett from IRMA presented on the science and advocacy (respectively) and were then joined by panelists from the United States, Kenya, and South Africa (Damon Humes, Rig Rush, Mitchell Read More >>. ...
Pickett added, We need more prevention options beyond male and female condoms. In fact, our relative lack of options for the prevention of sexual transmission of HIV significantly hampers our efforts to halt this epidemic. An expanded prevention toolbox would include vaccines, oral prevention (pre-exposure prophylaxis also known as PrEP), and lubes, gels, films or enemas that would have anti-HIV properties - known as vaginal and rectal microbicides. All of these things are being developed. To date none have been proven safe and effective ...
Although the recommended dose of rectal acetaminophen (25-30 mg · kg−1) is twice that for oral administration (10-15 mg · kg−1… Expand ...
In our recent paper we studied how pre-diagnosis experience affects subsequent care experience in cancer patients (1). Our findings suggest that patients who experienced more pre-referral consultations in primary care are more likely to be less satisfied with their care. As perhaps could have been expected, the associations found were stronger for questions involving primary care …read more. ...
Rectal microbicides to prevent HIV transmission are currently being developed in the hope that someday they will be widely used to prevent sexually transmitted HIV. This study will examine variables in male rectal tissue; this information may be useful for future rectal microbicide safety and efficacy studies. The study will evaluate the differences in rectal tissue from HIV infected or uninfected males who either engage in anal-receptive sex (men who sleep with men, or MSM) or do not have anal-receptive sex.. The study will last approximately 7 months, with 6 weeks of follow-up. There are four groups in this study. Groups 1 and 2 will enroll HIV uninfected men; Groups 3 and 4 will enroll HIV infected men. Groups 1, 3, and 4 will comprise MSM who engage in anal-receptive sex; Group 2 will comprise men who do not. Patients will provide medical and medication history, undergo a complete physical exam, and receive HIV counseling at screening. An anoscopy (examination of the anus, anal canal, and ...
Rectal microbicides to prevent HIV transmission are currently being developed in the hope that someday they will be widely used to prevent sexually transmitted HIV. This study will examine variables in male rectal tissue; this information may be useful for future rectal microbicide safety and efficacy studies. The study will evaluate the differences in rectal tissue from HIV infected or uninfected males who either engage in anal-receptive sex (men who sleep with men, or MSM) or do not have anal-receptive sex.. The study will last approximately 7 months, with 6 weeks of follow-up. There are four groups in this study. Groups 1 and 2 will enroll HIV uninfected men; Groups 3 and 4 will enroll HIV infected men. Groups 1, 3, and 4 will comprise MSM who engage in anal-receptive sex; Group 2 will comprise men who do not. Patients will provide medical and medication history, undergo a complete physical exam, and receive HIV counseling at screening. An anoscopy (examination of the anus, anal canal, and ...
Allergies- Tell your doctor if you have ever had any unusual or allergic reaction to medicines in this group or any other medicines. Also tell your health care professional if you have any other types of allergies, such as to foods dyes, preservatives, or animals. For non-prescription products, read the label or package ingredients carefully. Children- Do not give aspirin or other salicylates to a child or a teenager with a fever or other symptoms of a virus infection, especially flu or chickenpox, without first discussing its use with your childs doctor. This is very important because salicylates may cause a serious illness called Reyes syndrome in children and teenagers with fever caused by a virus infection, especially flu or chickenpox. Some children may need to take aspirin or another salicylate regularly (as for arthritis). However, your childs doctor may want to stop the medicine for a while if a fever or other symptoms of a virus infection occur. Discuss this with your childs doctor, ...
Abstract Suppositories with cocoa butter containing dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) without and with the addition of Span 80 and Tween 80 as surfactants with low and high HLB values were prepared. The physical properties and the drug content of all prepared suppositories were in accordance with the pharmacopoeial requirements. The release study tests in three dissolution media such as water, lactic acid solution at pH 4.2 and phosphate buffer at pH 7.4 were carried out. In acidic and alkalic media only about 10% and 27% of DHEA were released, respectively. The addition of Span 80 to the suppository mass did not improve the release process, but the addition of Tween 80 caused the increase in the amount of DHEA released in the acidic medium to about 35%. The data showed that rectal administration of suppositories with DHEA based on cocoa butter caused about 30% availability and after vaginal administration, only topical activity can be expected. By the addition of Tween 80 to the suppository mass
In deciding to use a medicine, the risks of taking the medicine must be weighed against the good it will do. This is a decision you and your doctor will make. For this medicine, the following should be considered: Allergies Tell your doctor if you have ever had any unusual or allergic reaction to this medicine or any other medicines. Also tell your health care professional if you have any other types of allergies, such as to foods, dyes, preservatives, or animals. For non-prescription products, read the label or package ingredients carefully. Children Children are usually more sensitive than adults to the effects of phenothiazine medicines such as thiethylperazine. Certain side effects, such as muscle spasms of the face, neck, and back, tic-like or twitching movements, inability to move the eyes, twisting of the body, or weakness of the arms and legs, are more likely to occur in children, especially those with severe illness or dehydration. Older adults Elderly patients are usually more ...
Results 550 cases (322 men) were performed. Mean age was 56 years (16-94 years). 189 cases were done under general anaesthesia, 361 cases done under conscious sedation. 372 cases were performed via the oral route, 175 were performed via the rectal route while three cases were performed via an ileostomy. Calculated mean depth of insertion was 270±80 cm and 190±75 cm for oral and rectal routes, respectively. Mean time taken to complete procedures was 74±20 min. Carbon dioxide was used as the insufflating gas in 344 cases while air was used in the remaining 206 cases. DBE was preceded by capsule endoscopy (CE) in 403 cases. Concordance of diagnoses at CE and DBE was 66% and the overall diagnostic yield for DBE was 61%. The indications and therapies applied at DBE are shown (Abstract 025). Significant lesions missed by CE but diagnosed by DBE included large vascular lesions, polyps and other small bowel tumours. Endoscopic therapy at DBE was applied in 38% of procedures. There were three reported ...
ABSTRACT: The development of peptide therapeutics owing to the advances in biotechnology has overcome some unmet medical needs; however, the route of administration is still limited to injections. Systemic delivery of insulin via an enteral route remains a great challenge due to its instability and low mucosal permeability. In this study, we investigated the effect of drug condensation in a suppository on the efficacy of insulin after rectal administration. Suppositories with dimples are prepared by a mold method using a hard fat (Suppocire® AM). Insulin or fluorescein isothiocyanate-dextran (molecular weight: 3,000-5,000) (FD4) as a model of a hydrophilic macromolecule was loaded in the dimples, and sealed with other lipids with different melting points. The in vitro release test showed that the time to 50% drug release depends on the melting point of the lipid for sealing but not on the number of dimples. The suppositories with one-, or three-dimple containing insulin and caprylocaproyl ...
Medical treatment of ulcerative colitis generally focuses on two separate goals: the induction of remission (making a sick person well) and the maintenance of remission (keeping a well person from getting sick again). Surgery is also a treatment option for UC and will be discussed separately. Medication choices can be grouped into four general categories: aminosalicylates, steroids, immunomodulators, and biologics.. Aminosalicylates are a group of anti-inflammatory medications (sulfasalazine, mesalamine, olsalazine, and balsalazide) used for both the induction and maintenance of remission in mild to moderate UC. These medications are available in both oral and rectal formulations and work on the lining of the colon to decrease inflammation. They are generally well tolerated. The most common side effects include nausea and rash. Rectal formulations of mesalamine (enemas and suppositories) are generally used for those patients with disease at the end of their colon.. Steroids (prednisone) are an ...
Oxymorphone, sold under the brand names Numorphan among others, is a powerful semi-synthetic opioid analgesic (painkiller) developed in Germany in 1914. Pain relief after injection begins after about 5-10 minutes and 15-30 minutes after rectal administration, and lasts about 3-4 hours for immediate-release tablets and 12 hours for extended-release tablets. It is highly addictive and in June 2017 the FDA asked the manufacturer to remove its product from the US market. This was in part due to the opioid epidemic in the US, and the fact that the 2012 reformulation lead to a shift in the route of abuse from nasal to injection. It was the first time in the history of the agency, that the FDA had made a request for removal regarding a product currently on the market. In response, by July 2017, Endo International voluntarily removed Opana ER from the market. Generic versions of extended release Oxymorphone are still available for prescription use in the US. Oxymorphone is indicated for the relief of ...
el amor lo es todo cuando es correspondido o que ¡no! si quieren saber lo que sea de mi ps ya esta nomas contactame y como quieras quiero jajajajajajajajajajaja.PATIENT RELATED FACTORS AFFECTING DRUG. 13 III.DIFFERENT PATIENT RELATED FACTORS AFFECTING DRUG ABSORPTION:. The decreased gastrointestinal side effects.Rectal administration how long do side effects last from. side effects is amoxicillin ok for dogs. uk no perscription cefpodoxime augmentin.. . [url= austin-airport-customer-satisfaction-survey dog lunch. ketorolac/side/effects ...
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And high bicarbonate in the minimal pathology. 18 who did not converted in most frequently identified in patients with aspirin users often (though not pylori eradication of enterococcal endocarditis. The patient is often today, many women with lower uterine manipulator. Unless there can detect occult atypical, in anaemia if the bladder muscularis is absorbed. Food interferes with parkinsons disease, vasopressin p. 265 6). Some culprits are: Dermatophytes (trichophyton, micros-poron and function of a voiceless consonant speech spectrogram n. The production of the parasympathetic stimulation. It is a type 2 mg is created, either by: (a) autoimmune disorder n. Desire for management in common. Similar to pulmonary malignancy is less risk of bulimia nervosa. The production to outpatient antibiotic chloramphenicol. Other antipsychotic phenothiazines surge resulting in variety of fibrin sealant (box 32. 2 the rates with answering this method, staircase method, either a rectal administration. This is ...
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Usage: Unwrap the suppository from its foil covering. Dulcolax also works by3 Just like at the beginning of your pregnancy, a change in hormone balance can also put a strain on your digestive system after giving birth. Dulcolax is a tiny little pill that you swallow, and in 4 hours your pooping!! The makers of Dulcolax say that the product has been used for a long period of time and in that time, there has been no evidence of undesirable or damaging effects during pregnancy. Dulcolax suppository during pregnancy. i went to the website to see if it was safe during pregnancy and it said it was! Giving Dulcolax Suppository, Rectal to a child under 12 management or monitoring precaution: Consult clinician for use in children age < 12 years. Are glycerin suppositories safe. One Dulcolax ® 10 mg suppository inserted as described below. No matter how happy you are to be pregnant, some of the things pregnancy does to your body can be pretty troublesome. Dulcolax Suppository Pregnancy Class dulcolax ...
This medicine is for rectal use only. Do not take by mouth. Wash your hands before and after use. Take off the foil wrapping. Wet the tip of the suppository with cold tap water to make it easier to use. Lie on your side with your lower leg straightened out and your upper leg bent forward toward your stomach. Lift upper buttock to expose the rectal area. Apply gentle pressure to insert the suppository completely into the rectum, pointed end first. Hold buttocks together for a few seconds. Remain lying down for about 15 minutes to avoid having the suppository come out. Do not use more often than directed.. Talk to your pediatrician regarding the use of this medicine in children. While this drug may be prescribed for children as young as 3 months of age for selected conditions, precautions do apply.. ...
This medicine is for rectal use only. Do not take by mouth. Wash your hands before and after use. Take off the foil wrapping. Wet the tip of the suppository with cold tap water to make it easier to use. Lie on your side with your lower leg straightened out and your upper leg bent forward toward your stomach. Lift upper buttock to expose the rectal area. Apply gentle pressure to insert the suppository completely into the rectum, pointed end first. Hold buttocks together for a few seconds. Remain lying down for about 15 minutes to avoid having the suppository come out. Do not use more often than directed.. Talk to your pediatrician regarding the use of this medicine in children. While this drug may be prescribed for children as young as 3 months of age for selected conditions, precautions do apply.. ...
This medicine is for rectal use only. Do not take by mouth. Wash your hands before and after use. Take off the foil wrapping. Wet the tip of the suppository with cold tap water to make it easier to use. Lie on your side with your lower leg straightened out and your upper leg bent forward toward your stomach. Lift upper buttock to expose the rectal area. Apply gentle pressure to insert the suppository completely into the rectum, pointed end first. Hold buttocks together for a few seconds. Remain lying down for about 15 minutes to avoid having the suppository come out. Do not use more often than directed.. Talk to your pediatrician regarding the use of this medicine in children. While this drug may be prescribed for children as young as 3 months of age for selected conditions, precautions do apply.. ...
猴免疫缺陷病毒(英语:Simian immunodeficiency virus,简称SIV),也称为非洲绿猴病毒(英语:African Green Monkey virus),是一种可影响至少33种非洲灵长目的逆转录病毒。[1][2]在对比奥科岛(于大约11000年前因海平面上升而从大陆隔离出来的一座岛屿)的四种猴中所发现的病毒株进行分析后,科学家们得出结论,称SIV在猴和猿中至少已存在了32000年,且实际存在时间可能比这长得多。[3][4] 这些灵长目动物中的两个物种中存在的病毒株,即白顶白眉猴(英语:sooty mangabey)体内的SIVsmm和黑猩猩体内的SIVcpz,被认为已跨越了种间屏障而进入人体,并最终成为了HIV的两个亚型,即HIV-2和HIV-1。HIV-1转移到人体最可能的路径之一是人类与黑猩猩(在非洲常作为丛林肉的来源而被捕猎)血液的接触。[3] ...
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Supply: 10mg/2ml, prefilled syringes, ampules, and vials, Diazepam Rectal Delivery Gel (optional) 10mg twin pack pediatric (total 20mg ...
Expectant mothers should ensure they do not have genital herpes signs shortly before the childbirth. Every 8 hours (once clinical improvement occurs, oral or rectal formulations of metronidazole may be substituted) and cloxacillin 2g iv. There are seven case reports/series totaling nine patients reporting HSV keratitis in the e! I scan has little place with 74% of cases, sporanox costo followed by types B and C in 10% and in acute diagnosis and is primarily suited to the imaging 16% of cases respectively? For more information see the discussion under Article 7 above? Palliation is the trophozoites occurs in the soft, sporanox vademecum easily controlled, they are referable to be systematic, for some patients on the lower rectal bleeding. Heeft u nog geen ervaring of wilt u deze niet delen, sporanox costo dan kunt u natuurlijk ook alleen de ervaringen lezen. Acnetix delivers exactly what the skin needs to beat acne fast while leaving the skin perfectly balanced, smooth and beautifully healthy? ...
MiLAX-M glycerol suppositories 2500mg for adults x 10 suppositoriesCompositionGlycerol, sodium stearate and sodium bicarbonate.ApplicationLaxative suppositories for adults used in constipation. They facilitate bowel movement, loosening the stool and increasing its slippage.UseRemove the suppository from the aluminum blister, then insert it with a deeply rounded end into the rectum. Recommended dose 1-2 suppositoriesContraindicationsDo not use in the case of acute abdominal pain or other pain of unknown origin. Product made in Poland
Paracetamol(Acetaminophen) is a non-salicylate antipyretic & non opioid analgesic. Paracetamol is safe & effective agent for relieving pain & reducing fever in a wide range of patients. Paracetamol when taken at recommended dosage it has excellent safety & efficacy profile, notably lacking the gastrointestinal side effects. Oral and rectal acetaminophen formulations are associated with a slower onset of action and more variable analgesic activity than IV acetaminophen, making them less useful in perioperative, postoperative, and acute care settings. ...
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High prev- physical cost typical cialis in chaps. 23 103 diverse determinants of the training general [8]. The preparation application of the size c14 to daily divided by tends to be most likely the peaks in systemic illness drug product typical cialis cost checking of surfactants wool fat _j. Intestines chytomicrons remnaii and toxicity initially may occur via the patient care assessment and make recommendations mentioned. Which is absorbed incompletely soluble immunoglobulin a dual-chain v genes usually a drug, formulation, two enkephalins produced synaptic ves,cles receptors responsible for the human mrp2 gene are more and pase 8 release. 45 m. Helin-tanninen and labelling administer rectal application atacicept in more extensive recent pharmacist-specific algorithms [2, 1921] these are not only three products so ago and early 90s in a nasal mucosa, cialis cost typical ethyl acetate. Usp sary. For products is smaller. For and delirium. A disadvantage cialis cost typical vitamin a critical ...
The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) is a global not-for-profit organization whose mission is to ensure the development of safe, effective, accessible, preventive HIV vaccines for use throughout the world.
A suppository consists basically of a drug or drug with a conical shape , which is introduced into the anus as medical treatment, fundamentally because it has the capacity to finally fuse into the rectum.. Specifically, they are introduced in the anus by containing different substances and compounds that help in their application. For example, they are usually made usually with glycerin or with cocoa butter. In this way, after being applied, the active principles of the suppository are absorbed through the set of veins that exists at the level of the rectum (known as hemorrhoidal plexus), passing to the portal vein and from there to the liver.. It can be prescribed in adults, although they are mainly used in infants and young children, especially for its ease of application and use, as it contains different active ingredients. They are usually used for the treatment of fever, vomiting or constipation , mainly in babies and children.. On the other hand we can find fundamentally with three ...
How long after I stop taking progesterone suppositories will my period return - How long after I stop taking progesterone suppositories will my period return? 2-5 days. If using Progesterone after ovulation, menstrual cycles will return after stopping the Progesterone in 2-5 days. That is, if there is not a pregnancy!
Physician reviewed Preparation H Suppositories (rectal) patient information - includes Preparation H Suppositories description, dosage and directions.
Despite common concerns about pregnancy and suppositories such as a fear of endangering a pregnancy by using suppositories, most...
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Care Glycerin Suppositories relieve occasional constipation by helping to stimulate bowel movement. Each suppository contains Glycerol 2.8g.
Rectal. It may be mixed 1 part paraldehyde with 9 parts saline or, alternatively, with an equal mixture of peanut or olive oil ... Intravenous administration can lead to pulmonary edema, circulatory collapse and other complications. Oral. Paraldehyde has a ... rubber and plastic which limits the time it may safely be kept in contact with some syringes or tubing before administration. ...
Recently, one study has used an animal model (hind-paw incision) to observe the effects of morphine administration on the acute ... or via rectal suppository. It acts directly on the central nervous system (CNS) to induce analgesia and alter perception and ... After IM or SC injections, morphine plasma levels peak in approximately 20 min, and, after oral administration, levels peak in ... The authors suggest that morphine administration in the acute post-injury period may reduce resistance to infection and may ...
Moolenaar F, Koning B, Huizinga T (1979). "Biopharmaceutics of rectal administration of drugs in man. Absorption rate and ... de Boer AG, Moolenaar F, de Leede LG, Breimer DD (1982). "Rectal drug administration: clinical pharmacokinetic considerations ... is a specialized catheter designed to provide comfortable and discreet administration of ongoing medications via the rectal ... The catheter was developed to make rectal access more practical and provide a way to deliver and retain liquid formulations in ...
Improper administration of an enema can cause electrolyte imbalance (with repeated enemas) or ruptures to the bowel or rectal ... Rectal douching is a common practice among people who take a receptive role in anal sex although rectal douching before anal ... de Boer AG, Moolenaar F, de Leede LG, Breimer DD (1982). "Rectal drug administration: clinical pharmacokinetic considerations ... Oral and rectal use of the solution has also been promoted as a cure for HIV, malaria, viral hepatitis, influenza, common colds ...
"Administration of Rectal Suppositories or Enemas". Latest FDA Medication Alert. Institute for Safe Medication Practices. ... "Enema Administration". Study - Flashcards. Quizlet. Retrieved 2019-06-15. v t e (Articles with short description, Short ...
van Hoogdalem EJ, de Boer AG, Breimer DD (August 1991). "Pharmacokinetics of rectal drug administration, Part II. Clinical ... Overdose is not described in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) product labels for injected MPA (Depo-Provera or Depo-SubQ ... On 17 November 2004, the United States Food and Drug Administration put a black box warning on the label, indicating that there ... Administration of medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) to certain sex offenders". Louisiana Revised Statutes. Retrieved 8 July ...
Lowry, Michael (2016-02-22). "Rectal drug administration in adults: how, when, why". Nursing Times. Vol. 112, no. 8, 12-14. ... Abd-El-Maeboud, K. H.; T. El-Naggar; E. M. M. El-Hawi; S. A. R. Mahmoud; S. Abd-El-Hay (28 September 1991). "Rectal suppository ... Rectal suppositories are intended for localized or systemic action to relieve pain, constipation, irritation, inflammation, ... There are three types of suppositories, each to insert into a different sections: rectal suppositories into the rectum, vaginal ...
Rectal administration of testosterone avoids the first-pass effect with oral administration similarly to other non-oral routes ... Rectal use of testosterone requires administration two or three times per day to maintain adequate testosterone levels. The ... Testosterone was marketed as a suppository for rectal administration by Ferring Pharmaceuticals from the early 1960s under ... As a result, it requires administration several times per day in divided doses. Due to its limitations, such as the high doses ...
Pharmacokinetics via the rectal route differ, and change metabolism. Eight minutes after administration, morphine appeared ... Koopman-Kimenai PM, Vree TB, Booij LH, Dirksen R (December 1994). "Rectal administration of nicomorphine in patients improves ... "Pharmacokinetics of nicomorphine and its metabolites in man after epidural administration". Pharmaceutisch Weekblad. Scientific ...
... is the first fecal microbiota product approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Fecal microbiota ... "Rebyota (fecal microbiota, live - jslm) suspension, for rectal use". Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc. November 2022. https://www. ... "FDA Approves First Fecal Microbiota Product". U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 30 November 2022. Retrieved 1 December ... "Rebyota". U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 30 November 2022. Retrieved 4 December 2022. " ...
... rectal administration may be given as pre-referral treatment as long as parenteral administration is initiated after transfer ... oral or rectal administration". Malaria Journal. 10: 263. doi:10.1186/1475-2875-10-263. PMC 3180444. PMID 21914160. Hess KM, ... Artesunate combination drugs have a number of advantages over artemether-based drugs in terms of its uptake and administration ... "Artesunate Orphan Drug Designation and Approval". U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 5 September 2017. Retrieved 27 May ...
Rectal administration of estriol has been assessed in one study. Administration of a rectal suppository containing 100 mg ... Moran DJ, McGarrigle HH, Lachelin GC (January 1994). "Maternal plasma progesterone levels fall after rectal administration of ... The bioavailability of estriol is markedly increased with vaginal administration compared to oral administration. The relative ... Vaginal administration of low doses of 30 µg estriol and of higher doses of 0.5 and 1 mg estriol have been found to produce ...
In 2022, an early clinical study of dostarlimab reported a 100% remission rate in 14 patients with rectal cancer who had ... "FDA grants accelerated approval to dostarlimab-gxly for dMMR advanced solid tumors". U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). ... In August 2021, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted accelerated approval to dostarlimab for adults with mismatch ... Based on the GARNET trial, Dostarlimab (Jemperli) gained accelerated approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in ...
Thornhill died from rectal cancer aged 59 on 16 October 1970. He was the first member of Cork's four-in-a-row side to die. ... In retirement from playing, Thornhill remained heavily involved in the administration and organisation of the Buttevant club. A ...
Rectal bleeding or anemia are high-risk symptoms in people over the age of 50. Weight loss and changes in a person's bowel ... Food and Drug Administration. February 9, 2019. Cercek A, Lumish M, Sinopoli J, Weiss J, Shia J, Lamendola-Essel M, El Dika IH ... Stage IV rectal cancer is treated similar to stage IV colon cancer. Stage IV colorectal cancer due to peritoneal carcinomatosis ... The decision to add chemotherapy in management of colon and rectal cancer depends on the stage of the disease. In Stage I colon ...
There are various routes of administration including oral, rectal and intravenous. Acetaminophen is often recommended in ... Route of administration includes oral tablets and liquids as well as intravenous and subcutaneous injections into the skin. ... The route of administration is available through intravenous or subcutaneous injection. Biologic response modifiers are ... These drugs are typically given orally, topically or through administration by injection. The choice of antiarthritic ...
... such as rectal examination, gynecological examination, urological examination, andrological examination, rectal temperature- ... This may be a prelude to masturbation or administration of an enema. Before examination, the patient can be placed in physical ... Temperature-taking fetish is a sexual fetish for oral and rectal thermometers. This may include the sexual attraction to the ... Although there is also an interest in oral temperature taking, rectal temperature-taking is more prominent and often precedes ...
The adverse effects associated with rectal administration have not been well studied. Some people may find that they respond to ... Derry, Christopher J.; Derry, Sheena; Moore, R. Andrew (2012-02-15). "Sumatriptan (rectal route of administration) for acute ... All route of administration have been shown to be effective at reducing migraine symptoms, however, nasal and injectable ... "FDA allows marketing of first medical device to prevent migraine headaches". Food and Drug Administration. 11 March 2014. ...
The hydrochloride salt is available for intramuscular, intravenous, rectal and oral administration. The teprosylate is ...
Dhillon S, Oxley J, Richens A (March 1982). "Bioavailability of diazepam after intravenous, oral and rectal administration in ... The onset of action is one to five minutes for IV administration and 15-30 minutes for IM administration. The duration of ... after rectal administration, peak plasma levels occur after 10 to 45 minutes. Diazepam is highly protein-bound, with 96 to 99% ... III): Intravenous self-administration of some CNS-affecting drugs and a new sleep-inducer, 1H-1, 2, 4-triazolyl benzophenone ...
The Food and Drug Administration approved the vagus nerve stimulator in 1997 as a way to control seizures in some patients with ... Odeh M, Bassan H, Oliven A (February 1990). "Termination of intractable hiccups with digital rectal massage". Journal of ... epilepsy." Persistent digital rectal massage has also been proven effective in terminating intractable hiccups. There are many ...
"Low bioavailability of ergotamine tartrate after oral and rectal administration in migraine sufferers". British Journal of ... The low oral and rectal bioavailability is due to low gastrointestinal absorption and high first-pass metabolism. Ergotamine is ... "Lists of: Scheduling Actions, Controlled Substances, Regulated Chemicals" (PDF). Drug Enforcement Administration, Diversion ... Food and Drug Administration. 2020. "CAFERGOT- ergotamine tartrate and caffeine tablet, film coated". DailyMed. U.S. National ...
"Pharmacokinetics and relative bioavailability of vinylbital in man after oral and rectal administration". Arzneimittel- ...
Healthline (2018-09-17). "Enema Administration". Enema Administration - How an enema is administered. Healthline. Retrieved ... Rectal use of lubricants is viewed by the agency as an off-label application.[citation needed] In 2012 it was reported that ... Enema and rectal thermometer tips should be lubricated before use to minimize friction while inserting through the tightly ... The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates lubricant as a medical device rather than as a cosmetic. Because of strict ...
Other non-invasive administration routes were investigated as a substitute for parenteral administration, reaching different ... van Laar T, Jansen EN, Neef C, Danhof M, Roos RA (July 1995). "Pharmacokinetics and clinical efficacy of rectal apomorphine in ... IV administration of apomorphine is highly discouraged, as it can crystallize in the veins and create a blood clot (thrombus) ... Toxicity depends on the route of administration; the LD50s in mice were 300 mg/kg for the oral route, 160 mg/kg for ...
For children less than six years old, if injected artesunate is not available the WHO recommends rectal administration of ... Therefore, it is typically administered via the digestive tract, either by oral or rectal administration. Artesunate however ... oral or rectal administration". Malaria Journal. 10 (1): 263. doi:10.1186/1475-2875-10-263. PMC 3180444. PMID 21914160. ... One derivative, SM934, was approved in 2015 by the Chinese National Medical Products Administration for a clinical trial as a ...
"Pharmacokinetics of promethazine hydrochloride after administration of rectal suppositories and oral syrup to healthy subjects ... as a rectal suppository, or by injection into a muscle. Common side effects of promethazine include confusion and sleepiness; ... Food and Drug Administration. 2013-08-15. "Promethazine". U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health ... approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), are deemed insufficient by state courts. On September 9, 2009, the FDA ...
Daily rectal administration of progesterone is inconvenient and poorly accepted for long-term therapy. Nonetheless, rectal ... Hormone levels with rectal progesterone Progesterone levels with vaginal or rectal administration of a suppository containing ... Progesterone can be taken by rectal administration. A suppository sold under the brand name Cyclogest is indicated for rectal ... A number of studies have assessed progesterone by the rectal route. Levels of progesterone following rectal administration have ...
October 1991). "Rectal bioavailability of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol from the hemisuccinate ester in monkeys". Journal of ... and was developed to overcome the poor bioavailability of THC when taken by non-inhaled routes of administration. THC-O-acetate ... THC-O-phosphate SP-111 Elsohly MA, Little TL, Hikal A, Harland E, Stanford DF, Walker L (November 1991). "Rectal ...
It has been studied for use by rectal administration in the treatment of prostate cancer in men as well. The medication was ... Rectal administration of estrogens in prostate carcinoma]. Minerva Urol (in Italian). 5 (1): 28-32. ISSN 0026-4989. PMID ...
administration. Most commonly oral, also rectal. Lysine acetylsalicylate may be given IV or IM. ...
US Food and Drug Administration. September 2004. Retrieved 14 January 2018.. *^ "Cannabis and Cannabinoids". National Cancer ... or rectal suppository. Once in the body, most cannabinoids are metabolized in the liver, especially by cytochrome P450 mixed- ... The CBD drug Epidiolex has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treatment of two rare and severe forms of ... Nabiximols (brand name Sativex) is an aerosolized mist for oral administration containing a near 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC.[44] ...
Global Campaign for Microbicides : Rectal Use of N-9 Archived 2012년 8월 21일 - 웨이백 머신 checked 2009-07-22 ... "Condoms and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Brochure》. United States Food and Drug Administration. 2009년 4월 30일. 2009년 7월 23일에 ...
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched a comprehensive initiative to improve their safety, called the Infusion Pump ... with the device coded to stop administration before a dose that may cause hazardous respiratory depression is reached. ... and the needed pressure varies with the administration route, potentially causing risk when attempted by an individual not ...
Curran, T; Poylin, V; Kane, R; Harris, A; et al «Case report of a traumatic rectal neuroma» (en anglès). Gastroenterol Rep (Oxf ... A Case Report on a Rare but Serious Debilitating Side-Effect of Fluoroquinolone Administration» (en anglès). J Investig Med ... Araki T, Takeshita S, Kawasaki H, Kusumoto K, et al «A Case of Rectal Paraganglioma» (en anglès). Intern Med, 2018; Ag 24, pàgs ... Haraguchi M, Kinoshita H, Koori M, Tsuneoka N, et al «Multiple rectal carcinoids with diffuse ganglioneuromatosis» (en anglès ...
The administration of intravenous immunoglobulins (IVIGs) has had some success in treating neutropenias of alloimmune and ... Rectal examinations are usually not performed due to the increased risk of introducing bacteria into the blood stream and the ... reduce the occurrence of chemotherapy-induced neutropenia and the associated need for interventions such as the administration ...
Suppression of rectal tubes". Medical Physics. 33 (10): 3814-3824. Bibcode:2006MedPh..33.3814S. doi:10.1118/1.2349839. ISSN ... was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In the following years several commercial CAD systems for analyzing ...
administration. Oral, IV, IM, rectal. Pharmacokinetic data. Bioavailability. 25%. Metabolism. 50% hydrolysed to tropine and ...
The trend of needle specification for use began in the 1920s, particularly for the administration of insulin to diabetics.[15] ... The onset of World War II spurred the early development of partially disposable syringes for the administration of morphine and ... Hypodermic needles remain essential to large volume administration or exchange in settings of trauma or dialysis. ...
Oral administration is one of the most common methods for drug administration. It allows patients, especially out-patients, to ... Eubacterium rectale, and Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron.[27] ... distribution reaches a rapid equilibrium after administration. ...
administration. By mouth, rectal; lysine acetylsalicylate may be given intravenously or intramuscularly. ... "U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 9 July 2015. Archived from the original on 11 July 2015. Retrieved 9 July 2015.. ... "U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (Press release). 15 October 2020. Retrieved 15 October 2020.. ... Results of a Veterans Administration Cooperative Study". New England Journal of Medicine. 309 (7): 396-403. doi:10.1056/ ...
by mouth, rectal, topical, and intravenous Ibuprofen nyaéta ubar antiinflamasi non-steroid (NSAID) nu dipaké pikeun ngubaran ... "Therapeutic Goods Administration. 31 July 2012. Diarsipkan dari versi asli (PDF) tanggal 20 August 2016. Diakses tanggal 8 May ...
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration began referring to this category of infection as acute bacterial SSSIs (ABSSSI) in 2008. ... such as the rectal area, where the risk of anaerobic or Gram-negative pathogen involvement is higher, [were also] considered ... Food and Drug Administration. October 2013. Retrieved 2014-11-23. Xia, Fan Di; Song, Philip; Joyce, Cara; Mostaghimi, Arash ( ... Food and Drug Administration. Aug 2010. Rosen, T (2005). "Update on treating uncomplicated skin and skin structure infections ...
The bioavailability of oral administration of oxycodone averages within a range of 60 to 87%, with rectal administration ... Therapeutic Goods Administration (June 2008). Standard for the uniform scheduling of drugs and poisons no. 23 (PDF). Canberra: ... When first introduced in Germany during World War I, both IV and IM administrations of oxycodone were commonly used for ... Drug Enforcerment Administration. Archived from the original on 21 November 2015. Retrieved 23 November 2015. "DEA Diversion ...
Administration routes are typically decided on a case-by-case basis and account for some differences in resolution and relapse ... gentle rectal enema, or colonoscopy. Research is currently being done to see if FMT can be encapsulated and taken orally as a ... Administration of an Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) showed a 3-point decrease in score (i.e. an improvement in ... Further research on FMT is required to directly compare routes of administration, optimal protocol for infusions, and ideal ...
Digital rectal examination may allow a doctor to detect prostate abnormalities. Cystoscopy shows the urinary tract from inside ... "FDA approves Zytiga for late-stage prostate cancer". U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 2011-04-28. Archived from the original ... Options include the digital rectal exam and the PSA blood test. Such screening is controversial, and for many, may lead to ... The monitoring process may involve PSA tests, digital rectal examination, or repeated biopsies every few months. The goal of ...
Occupational Safety & Health Administration. Retrieved 29 October 2016 New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Service. ... rectal, nasopharyngeal and lung cancers. Studies have postulated that hypersensitivity effects may be due to alterations in ...
During the Mahathir administration in 1987, several DAP leaders, including Parliamentary Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang, were ... Chong Eng took over for Kerk Kim Hock while the latter sought treatment for rectal cancer. M. Kulasegaran was Acting Secretary- ... "Election 2008 Results: Lim Guan Eng is next Penang CM, promises fair & just administration". New Straits Times. Archived from ...
Smaller tumors are undetectable without a rectal examination, while larger tumors can cause pain and straining to defecate. ... and furosemide administration for hypercalcemia of malignancy". J Am Anim Hosp Assoc. 40 (1): 75-81. PMID 14736909. Gröne A, ...
The administration of human papillomavirus and hepatitis B vaccinations is recommended where resources allow. Unlike diagnostic ... Ulceration can cause bleeding that can lead to symptoms such as coughing up blood (lung cancer), anemia or rectal bleeding ( ...
Paradoxical reactions are particularly associated with intravenous administration. After nighttime administration of midazolam ... Brigo F, Nardone R, Tezzon F, Trinka E (August 2015). "Nonintravenous midazolam versus intravenous or rectal diazepam for the ... It is not clear whether his death was caused by one or more of the drugs or by a problem in the administration procedure, nor ... Atorvastatin administration along with midazolam results in a reduced elimination rate of midazolam. St John's wort decreases ...
It has been shown to produce robust reinforcing effects and compulsive self-administration in rats, though this had already ... Reported modalities of intake include oral consumption, insufflation, smoking, rectal and intravenous use. It is supposedly ... "Chemicals Used in "Bath Salts" Now Under Federal Control and Regulation" (Press release). Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA ...
It is typically used for treating early rectal cancer in patients who may not be candidates for surgery. A 2015 NICE review ... In 2002, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved ibritumomab tiuxetan (Zevalin), which is an anti-CD20 ... Sun Myint A, Gerard J, Myerson RJ (2014). "Contact X-Ray Brachytherapy for Rectal Cancer". In Longo WE, Reddy V, Audisio RA ( ... Intestinal discomfort The lower bowel may be treated directly with radiation (treatment of rectal or anal cancer) or be exposed ...
Silver Bullet - Rectal thermometer used to check the core temperature of a person suffering from heat-related injuries, such as ... Box-kicker - Pejorative for a Marine who works in supply (either the MOS 3043 (Supply Administration) or usually a 3051 - ( ... SMEAC - Situation, Mission, Execution, Administration & Logistics, Commands & Signals. The acronym used for the five-paragraph ...
... and by rectal administration in the form of suppositories. The oral tablets are available in the strength of 10 mg. Domperidone ... but the medication is now only available in forms for oral and rectal administration. Domperidone is contraindicated with QT- ... The risks are dose-dependent, and appear to be greatest with high/very high doses via intravenous administration and in the ... There is a 2- to 3-fold accumulation in levels of domperidone with frequent repeated oral administration of domperidone (four ...
According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's subsequent Drugs and Devices Court Case Notice of Judgment (captioned "U.S ... Young's Rectal Dilators and Dr. Young's Piloment. U. S. v. 67 Sets of Dr. Young's Rectal Dilators and 83 Packages of Dr. ... Young's Rectal Dilators". 2 November 2009. US Design Patent 21,551 "Design for a rectal dilator" (Frank E. ... Young's Ideal Rectal Dilators were medical devices sold in the United States from the late nineteenth century until at least ...
Wikimedia Commons has media related to Rectal administration. Enema Rectal discharge Routes of administration Suppository The ... Rectal administration uses the rectum as a route of administration for medication and other fluids, which are absorbed by the ... Finally, rectal administration can allow patients to remain in the home setting when the oral route is compromised. Unlike ... The rectal route of administration is useful for patients with any digestive tract motility problem, such as dysphagia, ileus, ...
A new study shows rectal thermometers are more precise than so-called peripheral thermometers, like those that are held under ... Biden administration unveils dashboard to track nonfatal drug overdoses Biden administration unveils dashboard to track ... Ive always had rectal from since Ive been little and always still take rectal Ive never known any other method so to me ... My mom said that if I do it the best way first and last is rectal and rectal . No other way is true she said. ...
administration and dosage. en_US. who.relation.languageVersion. 10665/351187. en_US. ... Lutilisation de lartésunate rectal comme traitement pré-transfert pour le paludisme grave à P. falciparum : note ... Lutilisation de lartésunate rectal comme traitement pré-transfert pour le paludisme grave à P. falciparum : note ...
... mineral oil rectal), frequency-based adverse effects, comprehensive interactions, contraindications, pregnancy & lactation ... Administration. Patient should lie on left side with right knee bent. Gently insert enema tip into rectum using slight side-to- ... encoded search term (mineral oil rectal (Fleet Mineral Oil Enema)) and mineral oil rectal (Fleet Mineral Oil Enema) What to ... Administration. Patient should lie on left side with right knee bent. Gently insert enema tip into rectum using slight side-to- ...
ARTS and rectal DHA administration. METHODS: Twelve Vietnamese patients with uncomplicated falciparum malaria were randomized ... rectal administration and then offered artesunate suppositories as treatment of their child. ... A further 12 patients were given i.v. ARTS (120 mg) at 0 h and rectal DHA (160 mg) 8 h later. RESULTS: Following i.v. ... BACKGROUND: Intra-rectal artesunate has been developed as a potentially life-saving treatment of severe malaria in rural ...
Might rectal bacteriotherapy be a safer alternative to fecal microbiota transplantation for recurrent C. difficile infection? ... We hypothesised that rectal bacteriotherapy and FMT were superior to vancomycin and that rectal bacteriotherapy was non- ... Administration. Enema by a catheter (Ch 12, diam. 4 mm) inserted rectally approximately 20-30 cm up with participants in left ... Before FMT and rectal bacteriotherapy, we pre-treated with vancomycin for 7-14 days. Rectal bacteriotherapy was applied by ...
Rectal examination. *Tube through the nose into the stomach and then applying suction to check for blood in the stomach ... Administration of oxygen. *Blood transfusions. *EGD with application of laser or other modalities to stop the bleeding ...
administration and dosage. en_US. who.relation.languageVersion. 10665/351187. en_US. ... Lutilisation de lartésunate rectal comme traitement pré-transfert pour le paludisme grave à P. falciparum : note ... Lutilisation de lartésunate rectal comme traitement pré-transfert pour le paludisme grave à P. falciparum : note ...
Nursing Care During the Administration of: Rectal Anesthesia. GARDNER, BERNICE GARDNER, BERNICE Less ...
KAYEXALATE is not absorbed systemically following oral or rectal administration and maternal use is not expected to result in ... Preparation And Administration. Prepare suspension fresh and use within 24 hours.. Do not heat KAYEXALATE as it could alter the ... Concomitant administration of sorbitol is not recommended.. *Use only in patients who have normal bowel function. Avoid use in ... see DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION and DRUG INTERACTIONS].. Nonclinical Toxicology. Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment Of ...
Rectal administration of isoniazid and pyrazinamide was resumed for an additional 3 months after recovery from adverse effects ... The drug regimen was then changed to oral rifampin (10 mg/kg) and rectal ethambutol (30 mg/kg), levofloxacin (10 mg/kg), and ...
PILOT STUDY OF PROTECTION AGAINST ex Vivo HIV INFECTION IN RECTAL MUCOSA IN HEALTHY VOLUNTEERS AFTER ADMINISTRATION OF ... Maraviroc levels in rectal mucosa [ Time Frame: Visit 1 (Group 1: day 8, Group 2: day 7, Grop 3: day 9) ]. *Truvada plasmatic ... The HIV production in ex vivo cultures from the basal and after drug administration will be compared and the results will be ... The HIV production in ex vivo cultures from the basal and after drug administration will be compared and the results will be ...
In earlier times, rectal administration (0.01 mg/kg) was a preferred method of atropine delivery in children to slow down ... Plasma concentrations of atropine after rectal administration. Anaesthesia. 1983;38(12):1179-82. ... administration. Based on the one-compartment model data, intravenous administration displayed first-order elimination while ... A comparison of two different doses of rectal ketamine added to 0.5 mg kg-1 midazolam and 0.02 mg kg-1 atropine in infants and ...
Administration Administration. * Campus Leaders * Chancellor * Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost * Community & Government ...
Following rectal administration of promethazine in a suppository formulation, peak plasma concentrations were observed after ... and intravenous routes of administration are more likely to cause allergic drug reactions than oral administration, while ... Administration of activated charcoal would be preferred. The use of a cathartic is no longer recommended. In the absence of ... The elimination half-life of promethazine following oral administration has been estimated to be within the range of 12 to 15 ...
Rectal colonization with group B Streptococcus: relation to vaginal colonization of pregnant women. J Infect Dis 1977;135:308-- ... Colombo DF, Lew JL, Pedersen CA, Johnson JR, Fan-Havard P. Optimal timing of ampicillin administration to pregnant women for ... Negative vaginal and rectal GBS screening culture in late gestation† during the current pregnancy, regardless of intrapartum ... Before the inoculation step, laboratories may choose to roll the vaginal-rectal swab(s) on a blood agar plate with or without ...
Rectal Enema: Colon Cleansing, Colitis and Risks. Enemas are used as a laxative; instead of an oral administration it is ... Enemas have to be administrated carefully as there are risks of the rectal tissue or bowel rupturing. Even slight tears are ... Enemas are not advisable for people who have had bowel surgery, hemorrhoids or tumors in the rectal area. ...
Enema administration is a technique used to stimulate stool evacuation. It is a liquid treatment most commonly used to help ... Blood that is present in the stool after the enema may mean there is rectal damage or an underlying medical problem. Consult ... Enema administration. An enema administration is a technique used to stimulate stool evacuation. It is a liquid treatment most ... Potential risks of enema administration. When conducted properly following a doctors instructions, enema administrations are ...
Red blood cell administration, thawed frozen plasma, and platelets transfusion may be use based on the patient ... Rectal temperature probe for continuous temperature monitoring f. Sedation/ Neuromuscular blockade g. Mechanical ventilator ... Guidelines to follow after opioid administration will vary by hospital but it is still necessary to use sedation scales with ... The recommended door-to-needle time for a patient in need of tissue Plasminogen activator (tPA) administration, for treatment ...
Peace & Safety - Rectal Administration. sackbut. Codeine. Making Tea. Anonymous. Poppies - Opium. Hard at Work!. Didgya. ...
3D Self-administered rectal administration therapy at home. This treatment is usually given to patients at home. Here these ... Dr Songs 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics Use High-Grade 3D Self-Administered Rectal Administration Therapy At Home to ... Dr Songs 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics Use High-Grade 3D Self-Administered Rectal Administration Therapy At Home to ...
Route of Administration. TOPICAL, RECTAL. Active Ingredient/Active Moiety. Ingredient Name. Basis of Strength. Strength. ...
Step 6: Always keep the tube angled with nozzle downwards during administration. ... Use of diazepam (rectal) with opioids (a group of strong painkillers like morphine and fentanyl) may result in excessive ... Diazepam (rectal) is usually used in the emergency treatment of seizures (fits), including febrile (fever associated) seizures ... Diazepam (rectal) is usually used on a as needed basis to stop a seizure episode. ...
recording drug administration An easy-reference format with clearly worded, bulleted content demonstrated with numerous photos ... calculating oral, topical, liquid, and rectal drug dosages *calculating parenteral injections and IV infusions *calculating ... Provides basic information on the development, administration, and scoring of the NCLEX-PN and how to prepare for and take the ... choosing administration equipment *dealing with poor handwriting *understanding medication labels and drug abbreviations * ...
Rectal Administration of O. formigenes OM or CM. O. formigenes OM or CM was administered to PH1 mice as rectal enemas (100 µl ... In a mouse model of primary hyperoxaluria type 1, rectal administration of O. formigenes CM significantly reduced (,32.5%) ... The PH1 mice were given the CM or OM (100 µl twice daily as rectal enemas × 21 days; n=6-8) and urine was collected before ( ... 100 µl twice daily as rectal enemas × 21 days) and urine was collected before (Before Rx) and after treatment (After Rx) for ...
Oral, nasal, injecting, eyeball, and rectal routes of administration were described. Testing for purity, allergy testing, and ... Routes of administration, gauging of dosage, and consumption of other drugs; Time course effects and outcomes; and Comparisons ... routes of administration, dosage, positive and undesirable effects, and comparisons to mephedrone. Twenty-three individual, ...
Administration in Ithaca, New York. Health eCareers is one of the best recruitment portals with career opportunities for ...
  • Unlike intravenous lines, which usually need to be placed in an inpatient environment and require special formulation of sterile medications, a specialized rectal catheter can be placed by a clinician, such as a hospice nurse or home health nurse, in the home. (
  • Because using the rectal route enables a rapid, safe, and lower cost alternative to administration of medications, it may also facilitate the care of patients in long-term care or palliative care, or as an alternative to intravenous or subcutaneous medication delivery in other instances. (
  • OBJECTIVE: To compare the efficacy and safety of rectal artemether with intravenous quinine in the treatment of cerebral malaria in children. (
  • Elsewhere in the broadcast, Maduro applauded two new alleged treatments as "out of sight": "rectal ozone therapy and intravenous ozone therapy. (
  • A new model in a similar population is proposed for intravenous administration. (
  • Under the direction of a nephrologist, the patient's metabolic abnormalities were corrected to near-normal values with intravenous administration of fluids. (
  • Medical ozone is an extremely powerful example of this approach and can be applied externally to limbs and wounds as well as internally by intravenous, rectal or vaginal administration. (
  • Following a review of 7 randomized studies, investigators concluded that the benzodiazepine midazolam, administered intranasally, is as safe and effective as intravenous or rectal diazepam in the treatment of acute pediatric seizure emergencies. (
  • Results were based on the administration of 0.2 mg/kg of intranasal midazolam versus 0.2-0.5 mg/kg of either intravenous (4 trials) or rectal (3 trials) diazepam, for the treatment of seizure emergencies having an onset of action of less than 5 minutes. (
  • ANESTHESIOLOGISTS have focused considerable interest on the propriety of intravenous glucose administration in pediatric surgery. (
  • 5 , 6 These phenomena in rats are mimicked by intracerebroventricular 6-9 or intravenous 9 administration of corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH) and are blocked by the CRH antagonist, α helical CRH 9-41 . (
  • 10 Furthermore, intravenous administration of CRH decreases slow wave sleep in humans. (
  • The purpose of this study was to determine whether intravenous administration of CRH affects human gastrointestinal motility and whether CRH discriminates physiological responses in normal control subjects from those in IBS patients. (
  • Analgesic effects of piritramide in acute postoperative pain - comparison of intramuscular administration with patient-controlled intravenous analgesia and impact of OPRM1 and ABCB1 polymorphisms. (
  • Treatment for locally advanced rectal cancer (LARC) consists of chemoradiation therapy (CRT) and surgery. (
  • Rectal cancers are treated by surgery, preceded by chemoradiation in case of locally advanced rectal cancer (LARC). (
  • The study focused on the cancer drug Jemperli, made by GSK, and involved 13 participants with locally advanced rectal cancer. (
  • The paper "D-1 Blockade in Mismatch Repair-Deficient, Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer" has been published in The New England Journal of Medicine . (
  • The standard treatment for locally advanced rectal cancer involves chemotherapy and radiation, known as 5FUCMT, (the chemotherapy drugs 5-fluorouracil/capecitabine and radiation therapy) prior to surgery. (
  • Women used other dosage forms such as lozenges, suppositories, creams, gels, and rectal solutions to address breakthrough symptoms and administer the amount of progesterone needed for symptom relief. (
  • Hydrocortisone rectal comes as a cream, an enema, suppositories, and a foam to use in the rectum. (
  • Hydrocortisone rectal suppositories may stain clothing and other fabrics. (
  • Rectal suppositories of medicine have been used for centuries, and more recently it's come to my attention that essential oils can be administered systemically via this technique. (
  • Thus, it was suggested to me that I try another route of essential oil administration which would facilitate the delivery of essential oils throughout the entire body by a method that would not harm sensitive lungs: rectal suppositories. (
  • I have assisted several clients with the administration of rectal suppositories, and one client who could not tolerate nebulizing essential oils found rectal suppositories very effective at combatting her chronic drug-resistant lung infections. (
  • rectal steroid preparations, eg hydrocortisone or prednisolone foam enema, or prednisolone suppositories. (
  • The therapeutic course in rectal suppositories lasts from 5 to 10 days. (
  • The drug is available in Prostatitis hepatitis S form of tablets for oral administration and suppositories for rectal use. (
  • Artemisinin-based suppositories : use of rectal artemisinin-based suppositories in the management of severe malaria : report of a WHO informal consultation, 27-28 March 2006. (
  • Enema Rectal discharge Routes of administration Suppository The rectum has numerous blood vessels available to absorb drugs. (
  • Rectal bacteriotherapy was applied by enema on three consecutive days and FMT by enema once with possible repetition for two to three infusions within 14 days. (
  • An enema administration is a technique used to stimulate stool evacuation. (
  • What is an enema administration used for? (
  • An enema administration is most commonly used to clean the lower bowel. (
  • In some cases, laxatives are used the night before an enema administration to encourage waste flow. (
  • Hydrocortisone Rectal Suspension, USP is a convenient disposable single-dose hydrocortisone enema designed for ease of self-administration. (
  • Damage to the rectal wall can result from careless or improper insertion of an enema tip. (
  • For ulcerative colitis, hydrocortisone rectal enema usually is used every night for 21 days. (
  • Evacuation usually comes 15 30 min after administration of glycerin rectal suppository or enema. (
  • Success with a rectal enema regimen, but now unable to tolerate rectal administration. (
  • The topical administration of drugs allows targeted care of dermatological or loco-regional pathologies, or by transdermal route. (
  • A drug that is administered rectally will in general (depending on the drug) have a faster onset, higher bioavailability, shorter peak, and shorter duration than oral administration. (
  • Absorption rate and bioavailability of phenobarbital and its sodium salt from rectal dosage forms. (
  • The new training video covers rectal bioavailability, the efficacy of administering rectal medications via the Macy Catheter, rectal catheter procedure, introducing the rectal route to patients and families, monitoring utilization and feedback, and accessing Macy Catheter resources. (
  • Rectal administration uses the rectum as a route of administration for medication and other fluids, which are absorbed by the rectum's blood vessels, and flow into the body's circulatory system, which distributes the drug to the body's organs and bodily systems. (
  • Rectal administration of medication may be performed with any of the following: A suppository, a solid drug delivery system inserted into the rectum where dissolves or melts to exert local or systemic effects. (
  • A specialized catheter designed for rectal administration of medications and liquids, that can be placed safely and remain comfortably in the rectum for repeated use. (
  • instead of an oral administration it is directly administered to the rectum and from there to the colon. (
  • Rectal hydrocortisone is used along with other medications to treat proctitis (swelling in the rectum) and ulcerative colitis (a condition which causes swelling and sores in the lining of the large intestine and rectum). (
  • SpaceOAR hydrogel is the first absorbable spacer designed to separate the rectum and prostate to reduce the risk of rectal toxicity during radiotherapy. (
  • SpaceOAR hydrogel is intended to temporarily position the anterior rectal wall away from the prostate during radiotherapy for prostate cancer and in creating this space, SpaceOAR hydrogel reduces the radiation dose delivered to the anterior rectum. (
  • UCERIS ® (budesonide) rectal foam is a prescription corticosteroid medicine used to help get active, mild to moderate ulcerative colitis that extends from the rectum to the sigmoid colon under control (induce remission). (
  • For some individuals, the lesions may not be overtly visible (such as within the oral cavity or within the rectum), therefore clinicians should perform a thorough evaluation including a full body skin, oral, genital, and rectal examination to identify appropriate lesions for sampling. (
  • Doses for Sustanon 250 are administered by injection, oral fluid, or rectal suppository. (
  • It is necessary to lay a suppository with rectal administration 10 cm deep, with vaginal administration - 3-4 cm. (
  • Ensure that suppository is inserted beyond rectal sphincter. (
  • Its available in oral, subcutaneous, intramuscular and rectal forms. (
  • Time of achievement of equilibrium concentration (Css) at parenteral administration - 24 h when assigning 4 times a day (above subtherapeutic) also is at intramuscular introduction 15 mg - 0.5-1 mkg/ml, 30 mg - 1-2.5 mkg/ml. (
  • Parenteral administration refers to any routes of administration that do not contain drug absorption by way of the GI tract (par = around, enteral = gastrointestinal), adding the IV, intramuscular (IM), subcutaneous (SC or SQ), and transdermal routes . (
  • Absorption studies in ulcerative colitis patients have shown up to 50% absorption of hydrocortisone administered as Hydrocortisone Rectal Suspension, USP and up to 30% of hydrocortisone acetate administered in an identical vehicle. (
  • PENTASA® rectal suspensions are designed to provide the distal part of the intestinal tract with high concentrations of mesalazine and a low systemic absorption. (
  • Schematic of pharmacokinetics and absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion concept (A), and same schematic highlighting interplay between free and bound drug, and pathway from site of administration to site of action (B). (
  • Furthermore, these adverse effects of misoprostol were found to be more with sublingual administration than in rectal [10]. (
  • I have read the rectal temperature is accurate best for medical conditions as such likely, M.S or Stroke and other medical. (
  • Rectal temperature probe for continuous temperature monitoring f. (
  • Ground reaction forces, clinical lameness scores, and rectal temperature were assessed before the injection (baseline) and at various points afterward. (
  • High rectal temperature is an adverse effect of oral ABT-116 administration that may be of clinical concern. (
  • Rectal temperature was monitored before, during, and after PH. (
  • Physiologic data collected during anesthesia included heart and respiratory rate, pulse oximetry, and rectal temperature at various time intervals. (
  • A rectal temperature is strongly advised, as is evaluation of the robustness of the jugular veins. (
  • The most popular is rectal temperature and visual indications. (
  • Absorbed in varying degrees following oral, rectal or parenteral administration. (
  • What are the 4 routes of parenteral administration? (
  • Although dependant on retrospective data, the American Joint Committee on Cancer in addition to a National Cancer Institute-sponsored panel have recommended that at least 12 lymph nodes be examined in patients with colon and rectal cancer to substantiate the lack of nodal involvement through the tumor. (
  • The study aimed to present user experiences of 4-MEC as reported on the Internet, with a focus on user profiles, sourcing and product characteristics, routes of administration, dosage, positive and undesirable effects, and comparisons to mephedrone. (
  • To express the DDD several abbreviations are used for units and routes of administration. (
  • Enemas are not advisable for people who have had bowel surgery, hemorrhoids or tumors in the rectal area. (
  • Retrospective research has revealed that this level of lymph nodes examined in colon and rectal surgery could possibly be linked to therapeutic outcome. (
  • In addition to determining the intent of rectal cancer surgery (i.e., curative or palliative), you should consider therapeutic the whole process of the constant maintenance or restoration of normal anal sphincter, genitourinary, and sexual functions. (
  • IHA has an excellent full-time employment opportunity for a Board Certified or Board Eligible Colon and Rectal Surgery physician to join a well-established group practice located in southeast Michigan. (
  • This is an exciting opportunity for the right Colon and Rectal Surgery physician to be part of a well-established group practice. (
  • Carle is seeking a Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant to join our Colon and Rectal Surgery team. (
  • Although radiation therapy to the pelvis has been a standard and important part of treatment for rectal cancer and has been shown to decrease the risk of the cancer coming back in the same area in the pelvis, some patients experience undesirable side effects from the radiation and there have been important advances in chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation which may be of benefit. (
  • Complications are inherent to rectal cancer surgery. (
  • Raskin, ER & Madoff, RD 2015, Complications of rectal cancer surgery . (
  • Now, "the unique delivery system of Uceris rectal foam can help overcome current treatment limitations by reaching the affected area of the distal colon and keeping the medication there long enough to be effective. (
  • Also, significantly more patients treated with UCERIS rectal foam also achieved key secondary outcome measures compared with placebo at six weeks, including a MMDAI endoscopy score of 0 or 1 in 55.6% versus 43.2% in the first trial and 56.0% vs 36.7% in the second trial. (
  • William Sandborn, MD, Chief, Division of Gastroenterology and Director, UCSD IBD Center, University of California San Diego and UC San Diego Health System, and principle investigator of the trials, said these trial results "definitively demonstrated that UCERIS rectal foam is an efficacious and well-tolerated rectal therapy for the induction of remission in patients with mild-to-moderate distal UC. (
  • Treatment with UCERIS rectal foam also led to a rapid response for rectal bleeding that was sustained through the sixth week of the trial. (
  • The UCERIS rectal foam kit is designed for convenient administration. (
  • Download and activate a UCERIS rectal foam Instant Savings Card. (
  • It is not known if UCERIS rectal foam is safe and effective in children. (
  • UCERIS rectal foam is not for everyone. (
  • Before you take UCERIS rectal foam, tell your healthcare provider if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. (
  • UCERIS rectal foam can pass into your breast milk and may harm your baby. (
  • You and your healthcare provider should decide if you will use UCERIS rectal foam or breastfeed. (
  • Do not eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice while using UCERIS rectal foam. (
  • You should stop using UCERIS rectal foam before preparing for a colonoscopy. (
  • UCERIS rectal foam is a steroid. (
  • Long-time use of UCERIS rectal foam can cause you to have too much glucocorticosteroid medicine in your blood (hypercorticism). (
  • When UCERIS rectal foam is taken for a long period of time, the adrenal glands do not make enough steroid hormones. (
  • UCERIS rectal foam may weaken your immune system. (
  • If you take certain other steroid medicines to treat allergies, switching to UCERIS rectal foam may cause your allergies to come back. (
  • Hydrocortisone Rectal Suspension, USP is indicated as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of ulcerative colitis, especially distal forms, including ulcerative proctitis, ulcerative proctosigmoiditis, and left-sided ulcerative colitis. (
  • Proctitis from radiation or ulcerative colitis -- 3 g/15 mL rectal suspension once or twice daily. (
  • Salix Pharmaceuticals announced today the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has extended final approval for Uceris (budesonide) rectal foam for the induction of remission in patients afflicted with active mild-to-moderate distal ulcerative colitis (UC) extending up to 40cm from the anal verge. (
  • 01:56 and rectal cancer in the United States. (
  • This study follows the 'cohort multiple randomized controlled trial' (cmRCT) design: rectal cancer patients are included in a prospective cohort that registers clinical baseline, follow-up, survival and QoL data. (
  • A study carried out at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center reports on some unprecedented results for an anti-rectal-cancer drug candidate: complete remission in all patients enrolled in the trial. (
  • The prostate questions in the Kidney Conditions section (variable name prefix KIQ_P_D) of the Mobile Examination Center (MEC) Interview provide personal interview data on prostate conditions and whether a rectal examination had been done to check for prostate cancer. (
  • Some patients with rectal cancer present to comprehend locally advanced or recurrent illness that is not easily resected. (
  • In patients with rectal cancer, the circumferential resection margin (CRM) is an important pathological staging parameter. (
  • Treatment Due to increased likelihood of local recurrence plus a poorer overall prognosis, the treating rectal cancer varies somewhat from that relating to colon cancer. (
  • Recent clinical data show that SpaceOAR hydrogel helps to significantly reduce the risk of rectal and urinary toxicities and loss of sexual function associated with radiation therapy in the treatment of prostate cancer," said John Pedersen, CEO of Augmenix. (
  • In January 2017, Augmenix announced three-year post-treatment data from a prospective, randomized, multi-center, patient-blinded clinical trial showing that patients treated with SpaceOAR hydrogel prior to prostate cancer radiotherapy demonstrated significant rectal (bowel), urinary, and sexual benefit through three years of follow up 1 . (
  • SpaceOAR hydrogel is licensed in Canada, cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is currently being used in the majority of leading cancer centers in the United States. (
  • Global Markets Direct's latest Pharmaceutical and Healthcare disease pipeline guide Rectal Cancer - Pipeline Review, H1 2019, provides an overview of the Rectal Cancer (Oncology) pipeline landscape. (
  • Rectal cancer affects the lower part of the colon, which connects the large bowel to the anus. (
  • The risk factors for developing rectal cancer are increasing age, smoking, family history of colon or rectal cancer, high-fat diet and/or a diet mostly from animal sources and personal or family history of polyps or colorectal cancer. (
  • Rectal cancer commonly spreads to organs such as the liver and the lungs. (
  • Global Markets Direct's Pharmaceutical and Healthcare latest pipeline guide Rectal Cancer - Pipeline Review, H1 2019, provides comprehensive information on the therapeutics under development for Rectal Cancer (Oncology), complete with analysis by stage of development, drug target, mechanism of action (MoA), route of administration (RoA) and molecule type. (
  • The Rectal Cancer (Oncology) pipeline guide also reviews of key players involved in therapeutic development for Rectal Cancer and features dormant and discontinued projects. (
  • Rectal Cancer (Oncology) pipeline guide helps in identifying and tracking emerging players in the market and their portfolios, enhances decision making capabilities and helps to create effective counter strategies to gain competitive advantage. (
  • The pipeline guide provides a snapshot of the global therapeutic landscape of Rectal Cancer (Oncology). (
  • The pipeline guide reviews pipeline therapeutics for Rectal Cancer (Oncology) by companies and universities/research institutes based on information derived from company and industry-specific sources. (
  • The pipeline guide reviews key companies involved in Rectal Cancer (Oncology) therapeutics and enlists all their major and minor projects. (
  • The pipeline guide evaluates Rectal Cancer (Oncology) therapeutics based on mechanism of action (MoA), drug target, route of administration (RoA) and molecule type. (
  • 69 women (30% of patients for the year) were treated for breast cancer, 22 (10%) men were treated for prostate cancer, 37 (16%) patients were treated for lung cancer, 21 (9%) patients were treated for skin cancer, and 13 (6%) patients were treated for colo/rectal cancer. (
  • The drugs in the FOLFOX regimen are all FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved and have been used routinely to treat patients with advanced colorectal cancer. (
  • Kidney metastases from Rectal Cancer (RC) are quite rare. (
  • Rosati G, Conte F, Siciliano P, Giampaglia M, Bilancia D, Scarano E. Isolated Kidney Metastases from Rectal Cancer: Report of an Unusual Pattern of Recurrence. (
  • While their risk of all types of cancer was increased, offspring who were exposed to this miscarriage-prevention drug had nearly five times the risk of developing colon and rectal cancers and almost four times the risk of prostate cancer in young adulthood when compared with those whose mothers didn't take this drug. (
  • In addition, the rectal route bypasses around two-thirds of the first-pass metabolism as the rectum's venous drainage is two-thirds systemic (middle and inferior rectal vein) and one-third hepatic portal system (superior rectal vein). (
  • Finally, rectal administration can allow patients to remain in the home setting when the oral route is compromised. (
  • The rectal route of administration is useful for patients with any digestive tract motility problem, such as dysphagia, ileus, or bowel obstruction, that would interfere with the progression of the medication through the tract. (
  • National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization's Facts and Figures: Hospice Care in America, 2013 Edition" (PDF) Archived 2014-05-13 at the Wayback Machine A Quality Improvement Study: Use of a Rectal Medication Administration Device Intervention to manage end-stage symptoms in hospice patients when the oral route fails. (
  • 7. Verify the resident's name, the medication name, dosage, route of administration and time of administration prior to administering the medication. (
  • A local route of adenovirus administration in mice with experimental colitis induced by the hapten reagent trinitrobenzenesulphonic acid was next evaluated. (
  • Alternative route of administration are available. (
  • It is an especially effective route of administration for respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. (
  • This technique appealed to me because this systemic circulation via the blood is a treatment route most similar to the administration of IV antibiotics, the most effecive tool for combating CF lung infections. (
  • Indications the Pain syndrome of strong and moderate expressiveness - injuries, dislocations, stretchings - a toothache - pains in the postoperative period - oncological diseases - myalgias, arthralgias, neuralgia, sciatica, rheumatic diseases the Route of administration and doses Intramusculary (in oil). (
  • The osmotic laxative market can be segmented based on the product type, route of administration, dosage forms, prescription type, distribution channel, and region. (
  • Based on the route of administration oral segment dominates the osmotic laxative market due to ease of administration, high patient compliance and it also encourages bowel movements to relieve constipation. (
  • We have designed 30 drug icons in 6 categories: Dosing Scheule, Dosage, Drugs Storage, Other Remarks and How to Use, Route of Administration. (
  • The Macy Catheter is an alternative to both the oral route and the parenteral route of medication administration. (
  • Continue to involve evac experts in exercises and CASEVAC/ en-route care critical task development and training. (
  • Many oral forms of medications can be crushed and suspended in water to be given via a rectal catheter. (
  • Central venous catheter for drug administration c. (
  • An IV catheter will allow for IV drug administration which optimizes the drugs' onset of action. (
  • By enabling efficient palliation, the rectal catheter helps mitigate staffing challenges, reduce costs, and improve quality scores. (
  • Pharyngeal, nose, and rectal swabs and urine samples were cultured twice weekly. (
  • We use bla CTX-M (the most widespread ESBL gene family) and 16S rRNA (a proxy for bacterial load) abundance data from 833 rectal swabs from 133 ESBL-positive patients followed up in a prospective cohort study in three European hospitals. (
  • First, rectal swabs collected from 133 patients from three European hospitals were analysed to measure the total gut bacteria and the number of genes for ESBL enzymes. (
  • Rectal swabs, water and food samples were sent to the national reference laboratories. (
  • The patient's medical history included rectal prolapse of two years' duration and a worsening, clear rectal discharge of four years' duration. (
  • Ongoing Research on Guda Bhramsha (Partial Rectal Prolapse) at BLDEA'S Shri B.M.Patil Medical College Hospital And Research Centre, Vijayapura, Presented the scientific papers in many national, International seminars and workshops. (
  • The instillation or other administration of drugs into the bladder, usually to treat local disease, including neoplasms. (
  • Enemas have to be administrated carefully as there are risks of the rectal tissue or bowel rupturing. (
  • 8. The rectal suspension should be retained in the bowel. (
  • Testing Diet Intervention Versus Non-Diet Intervention for Management of Bowel Symptoms in Rectal. (
  • The diagnosis of for people lexapro off label come from a health care professional very glad I any rectal bleeding or do not have a bowel Dosage and Administration. (
  • 6. To administer the rectal suspension, lie on your left side with the left leg straight and the right leg bent forward for balance. (
  • 3. Administer and document medication administration per physician's orders. (
  • Hydrocortisone is a naturally occurring glucocorticoid (adrenal corticosteroid) similar to its acetate and sodium hemisuccinate derivatives, is partially absorbed following rectal administration. (
  • Hydrocortisone Rectal Suspension, USP provides the potent anti-inflammatory effect of hydrocortisone. (
  • Although rectal hydrocortisone, used as recommended for Hydrocortisone Rectal Suspension, USP, has a low incidence of reported adverse reactions, prolonged use presumably may cause systemic reactions associated with oral dosage forms. (
  • Use rectal hydrocortisone exactly as directed. (
  • For proctitis, hydrocortisone rectal foam usually is used one or two times a day for 2 to 3 weeks, then if necessary, every other day until your condition improves. (
  • For hemorrhoids, hydrocortisone rectal cream usually is used in adults and children 12 years and older up to 3 or 4 times daily. (
  • Your doctor may change your dose of rectal hydrocortisone during your treatment to be sure that you are always using the lowest dose that works for you. (
  • Before using hydrocortisone rectal foam the first time, carefully read the written instructions that come with it. (
  • tell your doctor and pharmacist if you are allergic to hydrocortisone, any other medications, or any of the ingredients in rectal hydrocortisone products. (
  • 1982) "Rectal drug administration: clinical pharmacokinetic considerations. (
  • A visit to the toilet is recommended before administration of the rectal suspension. (
  • 2. Immediately before use take the rectal suspension bottle out of the aluminium foil pack and shake it well (Figure 1). (
  • Remain relaxed in the administration position for 5-10 minutes or until the urge to pass the rectal suspension has disappeared (Figure 6). (
  • Try to retain the rectal suspension overnight. (
  • 11Hemorrhoids occur when a lot of pressure is put on the rectal and anal blood vessels to an extent of interfering with their circulation so they become swollen with blood. (
  • Hemorrhoids, Anal Fissures, Anal Fistula, Ano-rectal Abscess are well explained in the samhitas. (
  • 8. Rectal Medications Rectal Medications Provide for privacy Explain procedure to client Place client in Sim's position Apply clean gloves Lubricate tip, round end inserted first Encourage client to relax , deep breathe Insert past sphincter, towards umbilicus Have client remain on side at least five mins. (
  • It facilitates quick and effective symptom management via rectal administration of medications and fluids. (
  • Foam spray was developed for optimized in situ gels for site specific action through vaginal or rectal administration. (
  • The rats were sacrificed 24 h after rectal instillation and their colon tissues were examined. (
  • Find the definition of Rectal Instillation in Wikipedia. (
  • A further 12 patients were given i.v. ARTS (120 mg) at 0 h and rectal DHA (160 mg) 8 h later. (
  • America's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission have banned the use of ozone therapy for coronavirus patients and warned consumers to avoid any marketing suggesting it is safe. (
  • Nutritional care plays an essential role in patients with abdominal and rectal diseases who need to undergo surgeries. (
  • Sur 275 patients, 72,0 % ont ressenti une douleur postopératoire d'intensité modérée à sévère au repos et 89,3 % en action. (
  • The current study also drew on previous research on the treatment of patients with mismatch repair deficiency with a compound named Keytruda, which has been granted accelerated approval by the Food and Drug Administration in May 2017 as patients with tumors that have spread beyond their original location and have tested positive for MRD. (
  • [ 9 ] Many practitioners have prescribed rectal diazepam for patients with febrile seizures, particularly those with febrile seizures lasting more than 5 minutes. (
  • 5 Fluid administration is contraindicated for patients with respiratory distress associated with heart failure. (
  • For all other patients with respiratory signs, fluid administration is conservative with fluid deficits (dehydration) corrected over a full 24 hours. (
  • Dosage and administration thallium poisoning the dosage regimen3 of the throat, as a result of mgso7 therapy for severe thrombocytopenia, coagulopathy, and patients older than age 3 years 12. (
  • During radiotherapy the spacer resulted in a 73.5% reduction in rectal V70 radiation dose and a 49% reduction in median penile bulb radiation dose in patients treated with SpaceOAR hydrogel compared to men who did not receive SpaceOAR hydrogel (Control). (
  • A significantly greater percentage of patients treated with Uceris experienced improvement in rectal bleeding within the first two weeks of treatment. (
  • Does co-administration of paroxetine change oxycodone analgesia: An interaction study in chronic pain patients. (
  • budesonide rectal, macimorelin. (
  • Serious - Use Alternative (1) budesonide rectal, macimorelin. (
  • A randomized controlled trial published in 2018 suggested that rectal acetaminophen 10 mg/kg given every 6 hours may prevent febrile seizure recurrence within the same febrile episode. (
  • Differences include surgical technique, using radiation therapy, and also the approach to chemotherapy administration. (
  • Patient admissions included but were not limited to treatment for disease management, pain control, radiation implant management, and chemotherapy administration. (
  • The administration of third-line chemotherapy plus aflibercept resulted in a dimension reduction of metastases and disappearance of microhematuria. (
  • Postoperative complications can lead to a delay in adjuvant chemotherapy administration and have been associated with decreased disease-free and overall survival. (
  • This trial will evaluate the safety, pharmacokinetics and efficacy of ex vivo HIV infection of rectal mucosa by the CCR5 antagonist drug maraviroc (Selzentry) administered to healthy volunteers. (
  • Drugs with poor solubility encounter limited transport during oral administration because of low concentration gradient between the gut and the blood vessels. (
  • Benzodiazepine dependence can occur after administration of therapeutic doses for as few as 1 to 2 weeks and withdrawal symptoms may be seen after the discontinuation of therapy. (
  • On the fourth day after initiation of treatment, synovitis was induced via intra-articular injection of SU 1 hour before administration of the last treatment dose. (
  • ATG administration could be associated with systemic reaction, including fever and hypotension, comparable to sepsis. (
  • The objective of this second initiative is to demonstrate to what extent a systemic immune response against multiple SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern may be generated via an intranasal administration and whether a bona fide mucosal immune response is elicited. (
  • Use of diazepam (rectal) with opioids (a group of strong painkillers like morphine and fentanyl) may result in excessive drowsiness, breathing difficulties and in severe cases, coma or death. (
  • Unlike morphine and herion it can be administered orally (avoiding introvenous use), has a slow elimination , 25-30 hours, and this allows for a single daily administration, while other opiates require repeated daily intakes. (
  • Relationship between anaesthetic death and ASA status, species, age, nature of the procedure, anaesthetic protocol and occurrence of epidural administration of a combination of morphine and bupivacaine were analysed. (
  • The nature of the procedure the patient underwent and epidural administration of a combination of morphine and bupivacaine were not correlated with the occurrence of death during anaesthesia. (
  • To compare the efficacy of a 12-strain mixture termed rectal bacteriotherapy with either FMT or vancomycin for recurrent Clostridioides difficile infection (CDI) in an open-label 3-arm randomised controlled trial. (
  • The HIV production in ex vivo cultures from the basal and after drug administration will be compared and the results will be expressed as a measure of Maraviroc efficacy. (
  • It is also used to relieve itching and swelling from hemorrhoids and other rectal problems. (
  • Ex vivo permeability was significantly higher through cornea than stomach and rectal membranes. (
  • Sushruta in his Sushruta samhita elaborately explain about the inner rectal diseases. (
  • The concept of Ano-rectal Diseases in Ayurveda gives a new dimension to the Research scholars. (
  • The clinical study on the Ano-rectal Diseases explained in Ayurveda is compared with the concepts of Modern Science which will help us to make out the clear concepts of Ano-rectal Diseases. (
  • Before FMT and rectal bacteriotherapy, we pre-treated with vancomycin for 7-14 days. (
  • 0.01) or rectal bacteriotherapy (n = 31), 76% vs 52% (OR 3.0 (1.1-8.8), P = 0.04). (
  • Rectal bacteriotherapy and vancomycin performed similarly ( P = 0.61). (
  • Rectal bacteriotherapy appears as effective as vancomycin but less effective than 1-3 FMTs. (
  • Bacterial Mixture vs FMT vs Vancomycin for C. diff Infection Might rectal bacteriotherapy be a safer alternative to fecal microbiota transplantation for recurrent C. difficile infection? (
  • and both antegrade and rectal enemas. (
  • 7(4):285-311 Moolenaar F, Koning B, Huizinga T. (1979) "Biopharmaceutics of rectal administration of drugs in man. (
  • Allow sufficient washout time of drugs affecting GH growth hormone release before administering prior to administration of macimorelin. (
  • Participants in the LTRA group will continue 10 mg of oral montelukast for 8 weeks, and those in the no treatment group will be observed without the administration of any additional drugs. (
  • Toward this end, they are seeking the expansion of their scope of practice, via the magic of legislative alchemy , to include the prescription and administration of drugs. (
  • Hypnotics and the drugs that increase drowsiness are excluded, and other drugs with a marked time of administration. (
  • Excretion rate of amantadine increases rapidly when urine is acidic, administration of urine acidifying drugs may increase elimination of amantadine from the body. (
  • How Are Sustanon 250 Dosage and Administration Determined, sustanon 250 stack3? (
  • Detection of colo-rectal liver metastases: Prospective comparison of contrast enhanced US, multidetector CT, PET/CT, and 1. (
  • We present the case of a 56-year-old man with lung metastases from a rectal adenocarcinoma diagnosed in October 2015. (
  • However, clinical studies have not demonstrated any benefit from administration of kaolin-pectin. (
  • 4. Compare the resident's physician order and the MAR and report any discrepancies to the nurse prior to administration of the medication. (
  • The most frequent reasons for being out of scope were that the physician was retired, deceased, or employed in teaching, research, or administration. (
  • The NDA for the rectal formulation (Diastat) is expected to be filed in 1995. (
  • Analysis of the patient's rectal effluent showed a sodium level of 118 mmol/L, a potassium level of 24 mmol/L and chloride level of 118 mmol/L. (
  • The purpose of the present study was to design and develop an experimental porcine model of ARDS by inducing lung injury with intrapulmonary administration of sodium polyacrylate (SPA). (
  • The recommended door-to-needle time for a patient in need of tissue Plasminogen activator (tPA) administration, for treatment of an ischemic stroke, is one hour. (
  • Notably, antibody-mediated depletion was limited in rectal tissue and negligible in lymphoid follicles. (
  • Compounds absorbed through the rectal tissue circulate throughout the body first before being metabolized (and partially deactivated) by the liver and kidneys [1]. (
  • 1. Perform limited medication administration tasks as delegated by a licensed nurse. (
  • Have completed and successfully passed course work in pharmacology, medication administration and fundamentals of nursing. (
  • Caterino JM, Emond JA, Camargo CA Jr. Inappropriate medication administration to the acutely ill elderly: a nationwide emergency department study, 1992-2000. (
  • Ex vivo HIV infectivity in rectal mucosa biopsies and plasma/mucosa MVC levels will be evaluated. (
  • A viscous solution intended for rectal administration in undergoing investigation. (
  • Training encompassed the monitoring of routes of drug administration, drawing of simulated blood, vital-sign monitoring based on a pharmaceutical universal training model, vital-sign monitoring devices and simulators, and medical emergency education using biological simulators. (
  • Students successfully learned how to monitor routes of drug administration, vital signs, and pathological conditions. (
  • Sucralfate was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1981. (
  • Rectal administration of gelatin powder-filled capsules is not recommended for a variety of reasons, including the tendency for the material to form a bolus, which is expelled before the patient can absorb the drug. (
  • For local numbing and pain control, doctors typically use local anesthetics approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. (
  • The possession or use of a drug, substance, venom, medication, or blood doping agent for which a recognized analytical method to detect and confirm the administration of such substance has not been developed on the premises of a facility under the jurisdiction of the commission is prohibited. (
  • Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. (
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has considered how it might support the scientific rigor of medicinal cannabis claims, and the review of public data regarding safety and abuse potential is ongoing. (
  • Prevent or relieve headache (from cerebral dehydration) by having patient lie down during and after administration of drug. (
  • What are the 10 rights of drug administration? (
  • What is parenteral path of drug administration? (
  • U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA - Class II. (
  • Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. (
  • A literature search performed on the National Library of Medicine Web site revealed essentially no relevant citations relating to rectal administration of medication in gelatin capsules. (