The attempt to improve the PHENOTYPES of future generations of the human population by fostering the reproduction of those with favorable phenotypes and GENOTYPES and hampering or preventing BREEDING by those with "undesirable" phenotypes and genotypes. The concept is largely discredited. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)
Abortion performed because of possible fetal defects.
The doctrines and policies of the Nazis or the National Social German Workers party, which ruled Germany under Adolf Hitler from 1933-1945. These doctrines and policies included racist nationalism, expansionism, and state control of the economy. (from Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. and American Heritage College Dictionary, 3d ed.)
The theory that human CHARACTER and BEHAVIOR are shaped by the GENES that comprise the individual's GENOTYPE rather than by CULTURE; ENVIRONMENT; and individual choice.
Intentional removal of a fetus from the uterus by any of a number of techniques. (POPLINE, 1978)
Procedures to block or remove all or part of the genital tract for the purpose of rendering individuals sterile, incapable of reproduction. Surgical sterilization procedures are the most commonly used. There are also sterilization procedures involving chemical or physical means.
Expulsion of the product of FERTILIZATION before completing the term of GESTATION and without deliberate interference.
Premature expulsion of the FETUS in animals.
Illegal termination of pregnancy.
Abortion induced to save the life or health of a pregnant woman. (From Dorland, 28th ed)
Individuals requesting induced abortions.
The retention in the UTERUS of a dead FETUS two months or more after its DEATH.
Any type of abortion, induced or spontaneous, that is associated with infection of the UTERUS and its appendages. It is characterized by FEVER, uterine tenderness, and foul discharge.
Three or more consecutive spontaneous abortions.
UTERINE BLEEDING from a GESTATION of less than 20 weeks without any CERVICAL DILATATION. It is characterized by vaginal bleeding, lower back discomfort, or midline pelvic cramping and a risk factor for MISCARRIAGE.
Chemical substances that interrupt pregnancy after implantation.
Premature loss of PREGNANCY in which not all the products of CONCEPTION have been expelled.
A mammalian fetus expelled by INDUCED ABORTION or SPONTANEOUS ABORTION.
Steroidal compounds with abortifacient activity.
A synthetic analog of natural prostaglandin E1. It produces a dose-related inhibition of gastric acid and pepsin secretion, and enhances mucosal resistance to injury. It is an effective anti-ulcer agent and also has oxytocic properties.

Accuracy of prenatal echocardiographic diagnosis and prognosis of fetuses with conotruncal anomalies. (1/83)

OBJECTIVES: The purpose of the study was to determine the accuracy of the prenatal echocardiographic diagnosis and prognosis of fetuses with conotruncal anomalies. BACKGROUND: The accuracy of prenatal echocardiographic diagnoses of cardiac lesions has been reported, but no previous reports specifically address fetal conotruncal anomalies. METHODS: Medical records of 61 fetuses, in which a fetal diagnosis of a conotruncal anomaly was made, were reviewed. Disease entities included were tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), double outlet right ventricle (DORV), transposition of the great arteries (TGA), and truncus arteriosus (TA). RESULTS: Fetal diagnosis was established at a median of 24.5 weeks' gestation. Termination of pregnancy was chosen in 31% (19/61) of cases. Postnatal assessment of the diagnosis was not obtained in 12 cases. Excluding two sets of conjoined twins, accurate prenatal diagnosis including definition of the great artery orientation was achieved in 36 of 47 cases (77%). Seven of 17 fetuses with DORV anatomy, of which 6 were thought to have a subpulmonary ventricular septal defect (VSD), had incorrect prenatal assessment of the great artery relationships. One fetus thought to show features of TA had aortic atresia with VSD and normal-sized left ventricle. Of the 42 pregnancies that continued, 15 had major extracardiac malformations and/or chromosomal abnormalities of which one died in utero with trisomy-13 and TA. A further nine died within the neonatal period. Among the 27 fetuses without a documented chromosomal or major extracardiac anomaly, 13 (48%) died. Overall, the survival rate beyond 28 days of life was 52% (22/42). In contrast, 75% (6/8) of fetuses with TOF, excluding the absent pulmonary valve syndrome, survived. CONCLUSIONS: Conotruncal anomalies can be diagnosed by prenatal echocardiography with a high degree of accuracy. Defining the exact spatial relationship of the great arteries is problematic in some fetuses. The overall prognosis for fetuses with a conotruncal anomaly is poor, with the exception of uncomplicated TOF.  (+info)

Prenatal diagnosis and selective abortion: a challenge to practice and policy. (2/83)

Professionals should reexamine negative assumptions about the quality of life with prenatally detectable impairments and should reform clinical practice and public policy to improve informed decision making and genuine reproductive choice. Current data on children and families affected by disabilities indicate that disability does not preclude a satisfying life. Many problems attributed to the existence of a disability actually stem from inadequate social arrangements that public health professionals should work to change. This article assumes a pro-choice perspective but suggests that unreflective uses of prenatal testing could diminish, rather than expand, women's choices. This critique challenges the view of disability that lies behind the social endorsement of such testing and the conviction that women will or should end their pregnancies if they discover that the fetus has a disabling trait.  (+info)

Prenatal diagnosis for detecting congenital malformations: acceptance among Israeli Arab women. (3/83)

BACKGROUND: A high rate of consanguineous marriages exists within the Israeli Arab community, with approximately half occurring between first cousins. This contributes towards a high incidence of congenital malformations and autosomal recessive diseases, many of which are detectable at prenatal diagnosis. OBJECTIVES: To assess the levels of both awareness and acceptance regarding prenatal diagnosis and termination of pregnancy among a group of Arab women in order to devise the optimal means of providing genetic counseling and general health services. METHODS: A total of 231 Arab women of childbearing age were interviewed 3 days postpartum to assess their knowledge of prenatal diagnosis and termination of pregnancy, their willingness to undergo prenatal diagnosis, and their opinions on termination of pregnancy in the event of a severely affected fetus. RESULTS: Half the women believed that prenatal testing is not an effective (or accurate) tool for diagnosing an affected fetus. A quarter had poor knowledge on prenatal diagnosis, and a quarter believed that prenatal diagnosis does provide the correct diagnosis. Ninety-five percent said they would agree to undergo prenatal diagnosis; and in the event of a severely affected fetus, 36% said they would agree to a termination of pregnancy, 57% said they would not, and 7% were undecided. CONCLUSIONS: There is a need for special intervention programs, with guidance by health professionals, geneticists and religious authorities, that will inform this population on the increased risk associated with consanguinity, stress the importance and effectiveness of prenatal testing to identify severe congenital malformations, and help them to accept prenatal diagnosis and termination of pregnancy if indicated.  (+info)

Psychological sequelae of elective abortion. (4/83)

A mild, short, depressive and guilt ridden period following abortion is quite common, but a severe psychological reaction is rare. The indication for the abortion and the preabortal psychological state of the patient are the two most important factors. Almost all reported instances of postabortion psychoses have occurred in patients who had severe preabortal psychiatric problems. Women undergoing abortion for socioeconomic or psychosocial indications appear to be at minimal risk for long-term negative psychological sequelae. In contrast, women in whom abortion is carried out because of exposure to rubella and the risk of fetal malformation, maternal organic disease or the prenatal diagnosis of a genetically defective fetus are at greater risk and may need supportive psychotherapy.  (+info)

Antenatal screening and its possible meaning from unborn baby's perspective. (5/83)

In recent decades antenatal screening has become one of the most routine procedure of pregnancy-follow up and the subject of hot debate in bioethics circles. In this paper the rationale behind doing antenatal screening and the actual and potential problems that it may cause will be discussed. The paper will examine the issue from the point of view of parents, health care professionals and, most importantly, the child-to-be. It will show how unthoughtfully antenatal screening is performed and how pregnancy is treated almost as a disease just since the emergence of antenatal screening. Genetic screening and ethical problems caused by the procedure will also be addressed and I will suggest that screening is more to do with the interests of others rather than those of the child-to be.  (+info)

Relation between trihalomethane compounds and birth defects. (6/83)

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the risk of birth defects relative to exposure to specific trihalomethanes in public water supplies. METHODS: A retrospective cohort study was conducted based on data from a population based perinatal database in Nova Scotia, Canada and from the results of routine water monitoring tests. The cohort consisted of women who had a singleton birth in Nova Scotia between 1988 and 1995 and who lived in an area with a municipal water supply. The birth defects analyzed included neural tube defects, cardiovascular defects, cleft defects, and chromosomal abnormalities. Two of the four trihalomethane compounds occur in large enough concentrations to be analyzed (chloroform and bromodichloromethane (BDCM)). RESULTS: Exposure to BDCM at concentrations of 20 microg/l or over was associated with an increased risk of neural tube defects (adjusted relative risk (RR) 2.5, 95% confidence interval (95% CI) 1.2 to 5.1) whereas exposure to chloroform was not. Exposure to BDCM of 20 microg/l and over was associated with decreased risks of cardiovascular anomalies (RR 0.3, 95% CI 0.2 to 0.7). There was a suggestion of an increased risk of chromosomal abnormalities associated with exposure to chloroform, and no evidence of any association between either trihalomethane compound and cleft defects. CONCLUSIONS: In this cohort, differences were found in the RR associated with exposure to chloroform and BDCM for each of the congenital anomalies under study. These findings point to the importance of examining specific byproduct compounds relative to risk for these birth outcomes and in particular implicate BDCM and other correlated disinfection byproducts in the aetiology of neural tube defects.  (+info)

Is current practice around late termination of pregnancy eugenic and discriminatory? Maternal interests and abortion. (7/83)

The attitudes of Australian practitioners working in clinical genetics and obstetrical ultrasound were surveyed on whether termination of pregnancy (TOP) should be available for conditions ranging from mild to severe fetal abnormality and for non-medical reasons. These were compared for terminations at 13 weeks and 24 weeks. It was found that some practitioners would not facilitate TOP at 24 weeks even for lethal or major abnormalities, fewer practitioners support TOP at 24 weeks compared with 13 weeks for any condition, and the difference in attitudes to TOP between 13 weeks and 24 weeks is most marked for pregnancies which are normal or involve a mild disorder. It is argued that a fetal abnormality criterion for late TOP is inconsistently applied, discriminatory and eugenic. Four possible moral justifications for current practice are examined, each of which would require significant changes to current practice. I argue in favour of a maternal interests criterion for any TOP.  (+info)

Is there a 'new ethics of abortion'? (8/83)

This paper argues that the central issue in the abortion debate has not changed since 1967 when the English parliament enacted the Abortion Act. That central issue concerns the moral status of the human fetus. The debate here is not, it is argued, primarily a moral debate, but rather a metaphysical debate and/or a theological debate--though one with massive moral implications. It concerns the nature and attributes that an entity requires to have "full moral standing" or "moral inviolability" including a "right to life". It concerns the question when, in its development from newly fertilised ovum to unequivocally mature, autonomous morally inviolable person does a human being acquire that nature and those attributes, and thus a "right to life". The paper briefly reviews standard answers to these questions, outlining some problems associated with each. Finally there is a brief discussion of one way in which the abortion debate has changed since 1967--notably in the increasingly vociferous claim, especially from disability rights sectors, that abortion on grounds of fetal abnormality implies contempt for and rejection of disabled people--a claim that is rebutted.  (+info)

EU: Draft AXON cost model for setting European-wide wholesale fixed call termination rates (FTRs) published by the… ...
The South African Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act, No. 92 of 1996, allows termination of pregnancy (TOP) for severe fetal abnormalities at any gestational age (GA).1 Despite the provision of free antenatal care to all pregnant women, the majority of those attending public health institutions book for antenatal care in the late second or third trimester of pregnancy and miss the opportunity for early prenatal diagnosis of major lethal congenital abnormalities and early intervention if required. Limited resources and expertise at public health institutions compound the problem of diagnosing fetal abnormalities in early pregnancy. Consequently, many abnormalities are detected only after the fetus is viable, i.e. at ,24 weeks gestation.. Congenital abnormalities likely to result in the birth of a severely mentally or physically handicapped child necessitate discussing outcomes and possible grounds for TOP. Decisions regarding late termination of pregnancy (LTOP) should not involve just ...
The new album by FETAL AUTOPSY sounds like a group of very angry pathologists. Their riffs, knives, drums, scalpels, vocals and saws had been edged in the best cutlery ever. This American brutal death metal aristocrat Ray Bell has been taking his inspiration from more classical period of death metal and that´s why their new album is very raw, cruel and sanguinary like a beast. Imagine some kind of a cell where some morbid and nasty musically kinky rituals are done. You have two choices: A) the album would catch you and it would kill you or B) you would run away because you would be scared! Only the strongest will survive. This album has an enormous pressure. It is cruel and full of crazy melodies. As a proud member of the fast deadly metal cult I have to say that I´m satisfied. The world is a very bad place to live, however the „Backwoods Bloodshed is more dangerous and darker. I actually liked this album with a very few tones and in the end of the listening I was knocked out in the corner ...
Dr. Brian Goldman, in his blog for CBC radio, wrote about the new article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) on the sex ratio after induced abortion in Ontario, i.e. sex selective abortion. The article in the CMAJ confirms what is no surprise to me as an OB/GYN, that the ratio of male to…
Lung Only Autopsy - We provide Brain, Lung Autopsy services in the USA by experienced medical staff. Call us at 1-800-288-6779 for Lung Autopsy Examination Services.
Fetal double aortic arch (DAA) malformation is a rare congenital heart disease with few reported cases in the literature. We aimed to investigate the characteristics of prenatal ultrasound and postnatal computed tomography angiography (CTA) of DAA and to describe the associated anomalies and clinical outcomes to improve prenatal diagnosis and assist in perinatal management. The obstetric ultrasound imaging databases of seven tertiary referral centers were reviewed retrospectively to identify fetuses with a prenatal diagnosis of DAA between January 2013 and December 2018. Ultrasonographic findings, associated anomalies, genetic abnormalities, postnatal CTA images, and long-term postnatal outcomes were evaluated. A total of 36 cases out of 40 prenatally diagnosed DAA fetuses were confirmed by postnatal diagnosis (fetal autopsy, CTA, and surgery). In this cohort of 36 confirmed cases, 24 (67%) were isolated anomalies, while 12 (33%) were associated with intracardiac or extracardiac anomalies, and 2 (6%)
08/08/2013) The European Commission has again requested the German telecoms regulator (BNetzA) to amend or withdraw its proposal to set fixed termination rates (FTRs) three times (300%) higher than the average of Member States which follow the recommended approach set out in EU telecoms rules. This request comes after a three-month investigation, during which the German regulator has failed to provide convincing reasons for its proposal. Read the full press release. ...
Late term abortion or the late termination of pregnancy is that kind of an abortion which is carried out at a relatively late stage in the pregnancy or in
This 1229 word essay is about Fertility, Abortion, RTT, Gender studies, Human reproduction, Late termination of pregnancy, Dilation and evacuation. Read the full essay now!
Stillbirth or late termination of pregnancy due to severe fetal anomalies is a heartbreaking event for women and families-and one that poses challenges for all members of the healthcare team as they seek to provide empathic and supportive care, according to a special article in Anesthesia & Analgesia.​. ...
Stillbirth or late termination of pregnancy due to severe fetal anomalies is a heartbreaking event for women and families-and one that poses challenges for all members of the healthcare team as they seek to provide empathic and supportive care, according to a special article in Anesthesia & Analgesia.​. ...
Content/tw: cursing, discussion of ableism, including eugenic abortion As previously discussed, here are some good ways to support the Autistic community, especially during motherfucking April: Like I said in my last entry on metonymy, dont get your knickers in a twist over metonymy. Metonymy is a figure of speech that uses thing X, which is…
Gynecologists have finally begun making noises against sex selective abortions. The fraternity that openly held out guarantees of delivering only males by ensuring that female fetuses were eliminated and made easy money while performing this greatly needed social service is beginning to feel the heat.
What did Sophie do? She put off deciding until the last moment, and then impulsively chose for her son to survive and her daughter to die. Sons are frequently favored (for example as in China the ratio is now highly skewed to males) because a male can (in theory) have many more descendents than can a female. The preference for sons is well known, and is responsible for the selective abortion of females and infanticide of females. Michelle Dawson has blogged about this (as a somewhat peripheral issue). Ironically, the instinctive preference for sons in anticipation of more grandchildren means that many parents in China with a single son will have no grandchildren because there are many millions more males than females. The instinctive feeling that sons are a better reproductive bet than daughters has been rendered wrong by modern circumstances. It may be wrong and be known to produce an undesirable result but people still cant stop themselves from doing it. They are making the same choice that ...
1. Isolation Forest - This package implements an anomaly detection method that detects data-anomalies using binary trees. Using the property that anomalies are more susceptible to isolation, anomalies can be detected as data points which have short expected path lengths ...
114 During the processing phase of the collection, data checking was undertaken to ensure key priority outputs were produced to high quality standards. As a result, some estimates will have been checked more comprehensively than others. It is not feasible to check every item reported by every business, and therefore some anomalies may arise, particularly for small area estimates (i.e. Statistical Local Area (SLA) and below). To present these items geographically, agricultural businesses are allocated to a mesh block based on where the business reports the location of their main agricultural property. Anomalies can occur if location details for agricultural businesses are not reported precisely enough to accurately code their geographic location. In addition, some businesses operate more than one property, and some large farms may operate across mesh block and SLA boundaries, but are coded to a single location. As a result, in some cases, a particular activity may not necessarily occur in the ...
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Heidi Crowter has Down syndrome, and a message to those who might think people like her are disposable: dont screen us out. Heidis message went viral when she joined a group of Pro-Life advocates lobbying Parliament to turn down a proposal that would expand prenatal screenings on the nations publicly-funded healthcare system to include more widespread Down syndrome testing. Crowter knows that the screenings are often used to eradicate babies who, like herself, have Down syndrome, before they ever have a chance to be born.. In fact, the U.K. sees alarming termination rates compared to countries like the U.S. While 30% or more of U.S. babies diagnosed in utero with Down syndrome are aborted, the number is much higher in the U.K., with at least half of babies diagnosed with the condition aborted.. The termination rate for babies with Down syndrome has become such an epidemic in England that even people who otherwise self-identify as pro-abortion are speaking against the injustice. In January, we ...
The Progress of Eugenic Sterilization Paul Popenoe Human Betterment Foundation, Pasadena More than 150,000,000 people are now living under laws providing for eugenic sterilization in selected cases. The operations used for sterilizing patients, without unsexing them, are of relatively recent origin. It is true that as long ago as 1823, Dr. James Blundell read a paper before the Medico-Chirurgical Society of London in which he suggested that the fallopian tubes, which conduct the egg cell from the ovary to the uterus, might be cut at the time of a Caesarean operation, thus preventing future pregnancy. But so far as is known, Dr. Blundell never performed such an operation, but merely offered it as a possibility. In 1881 Dr. S. S. Lungren of Toledo, Ohio, tied the tubes of a patient with silk at the time of a Caesarean section in order to prevent future pregnancy. Such a ligature is still used sometimes, but since about one case in five ends in failure, it cannot be regarded as good surgical ...
In China 117 boys are born for every 100 girls, according to the latest statistics, the Xinhua news agency said. A normal newborn sex ratio is 103-107 boys for 100 girls. Senior family planning official Zhao Baige said the government plans to reverse the imbalance by 2010 by banning sex-selective abortion and launching campaigns to end the tradition of valuing boys more than girls. Any individual or medical organisation offering illegal sex-selective abortion services will take legal responsibility, Zhao said. Zhao blamed the imbalance on the traditional preference for boys, which remains strong in the countryside despite campaigns emphasising sex equality, and a poor rural social security system which forces people to become dependent on their children in old age. Zhaos commission is undertaking a national Care for Girls project to educate people to give up their traditional preference for male children. Additionally, parents who have two girls, as well as one-child parents and those with ...
One of the major changes that have taken place in India over the last two decades is a significant shift in the sex ratio at birth, as techniques for prenatal sex determination have become more widely available. There has, however, been little analysis of which factors influence the decision to abort female fetuses at the individual level. Furthermore, the sparse literature does not address the relationship between fertility, spacing and the demand for sex selective abortions, which may lead to biased estimates. Using data from the three rounds of the National Family and Health Survey this paper relies on the observed spacing between births to examine the determinants of the demand for sex selective abortions. By employing a discrete hazard model it is possible to simultaneously control for the fertility and abortion decisions, while taking account of censoring and unobservable characteristics that might affect either.. ...
A couple with no children became parents of five thanks to the miracle of modern science, but then they chose to correct this technological "glitch" by aborting three of their babies to arrive at a more manageable figure. Prudence reassures this woman that her decision was medically ...
Plant growth and development depend on energy provided by carbohydrates and the coordination of its storage and mobilization. Energy-consuming processes must be controlled to coordinate growth with energy availability in an ever-changing environment. One of the most energy-demanding cellular processes is protein synthesis: energy has to be provided for amino acid and tRNA synthesis, peptide bond formation, and the biogenesis of the translational machinery [1]. In Arabidopsis rosettes, 10% of the proteins were estimated to be ribosomal proteins, but these numbers are likely higher in rapidly growing tissues [2]. In addition, a large number of non-ribosomal proteins are needed for initiation, elongation, termination, and ribosome recycling during mRNA translation [3]. Translation is considered to be regulated at initiation [4], while elongation and termination rates are proposed to be less affected in most conditions [5]. Initiation rates control the loading of the mRNA into polysomes, affecting ...
Studies of relationships, sexual behaviour, condom use, termination rates and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases suggest that many young people require greater preparation if they are to minimise distress and health threats in their romantic and sexual relationships. Yet most safer sex promotion programmes have been found to be ineffective. Social cognitive theories have been found to reliably distinguish between those who do and do not report subsequent condom use. These theories provide a framework for designing and evaluating safer sex promotion materials and have informed the development of a new school-based sex education programme-the SHARE programme. ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Determinations of antepartum fetal death. AU - Nayak, S. R.. AU - Garg, N.. PY - 2010/12/1. Y1 - 2010/12/1. N2 - Objectives: This study was conducted to analyze the maternal and fetal etiologies of intrauterine fetal death, and to assess the diagnostic accuracy of an antenatal ultrasound, in the year 2007-208, at Lady Goschen Hospital, Mangalore. Methods: The study is a prospective, non interventional, observational study, with 28 women as the subjects.Women admitted to the labor room with intrauterine fetal death, were counseled for fetal autopsy after delivery.Written and informed consent was taken from the couple for the autopsy examination, and fetus with the placenta was sent to Kasturba Medical College, Pathology Department for histopathology. Results: Peak incidence was seen among the women 25-30 years of age with most of them being gravida two (46.43%). Maternal hypertensive disorders (28.56%) and fetal anomalies (32.14%) were the most common associations with fetal ...
So, why do these babies die? The Guttmacher Institute has looked at the reasons for late-term abortion, and the reasons are chilling. First, the top-line finding is clear: [D]ata suggest that most women seeking later terminations are not doing so for reasons of fetal anomaly or life endangerment. Instead, there were five general profiles of women who sought later abortions, describing 80% of the sample. These women were raising children alone, were depressed or using illicit substances, were in conflict with a male partner or experiencing domestic violence, had trouble deciding and then had access problems, or were young and nulliparous [had never given birth ...
Though massive awareness programmes are being launched at regular intervals against female foeticide the deliberate sex selective abortions and killing of newborns continue to remain a major cause of concern A case in point is the death of a woman who was allegedly set on fire by in laws for being pregnant with a second girl child
Besides topics I think are too difficult, I ask students to avoid arguments I fear will be faith based. I dont allow students to write about general abortion laws; they can write about selective abortion as the result of amniocentesis, but thats about it. I dont allow discussions about sex education or prayer in public schools either. Why? Well, in my hard-won experience, students have a tendency to write faith based arguments for those topics, which are so difficult to grade. Im trying to help students develop the ability to write a sustained, supported, logical argument, and faith exists beyond those criteria, which I know as a person of faith. When a student writes, God teaches us that this is wrong, it pains me to write, In the United States, laws need to represent those people who dont believe in God, too-why else is this wrong? What secular reasons can you provide? over and over and over again. Faith based writing is important, but because it doesnt rely upon causal reasoning, ...
Imperforate anus occurs when the anal opening is absent or not in a normal position. It is a birth defect caused by the failure of normal development of the anal area. Sometimes a fistula (abnormal passage) is present between the bowel and the vagina in girls, or between the bowel and the urinary tract in boys. There are three types of imperforate anus:. ...
By Madhu Gurung. YOU will not spare a second glance for 35-year old Kamla Mehra. She looks like any middle-aged Indian housewife, waiting at the crowded Lajpat Nagar bus stop for her children to return from school.. The bus arrives and two excited figures a girl in long plaits and a cherubic six-year-old boy lurch out and hurl themselves at her. Kamla smiles and hugs the boy to her bosom. She pats the girl affectionately enough and hands her brother s bag to carry, while she holds her son s hand and leads him home. The boy talks ceaselessly, basking in her attention.. He will never know his mother s secret, nor will she ever tell him. He will never know that a sister had been killed in his mother s womb to make way for him.. Kamla is just a face in the crowd one amongst the nameless sea of women who undergo tests to detect the sex of the foetus and selectively about if the tests show it s a girl. And as India s sex ratio shows a steady deficiency of women, selective abortions carry on for the ...
Hiện tại chưa có lời dịch cho bài hát này. Bạn hãy là người đầu tiên chia sẻ lời dịch cho bài hát này nhé !. Đăng lời dịch ...
The magnitude of the CIEs in soil carbonate for the four smaller, post-PETM events scale nearly linearly with the equivalent event magnitudes documented in marine records. In contrast, the magnitude of the PETM terrestrial CIE is at least 5 ‰ smaller than expected based on extrapolation of the scaling relationship established from the smaller events. We evaluate the potential for recently documented, nonlinear effects of pCO2 on plant photosynthetic C-isotope fractionation to explain this scaling discrepancy. We find that the PETM anomaly can be explained only if background pCO2 was at least 50 % lower during most of the post-PETM events than prior to the PETM. Although not inconsistent with other pCO2 proxy data for the time interval, this would require declining pCO2 across an interval of global warming. A more likely explanation of the PETM CIE anomaly in pedogenic carbonate is that other environmental or biogeochemical factors influencing the terrestrial CIE magnitudes were not similar in ...
Cancer is a disorder caused due to accumulation of mutations in genome. Usually these mutatuions are at more than one Locus. Typically genes which are responsible for controlled growth, maturation and differentiation of the cell are affected. This causes irregular and uncontrolled growth and multiplication of the cells, where most of the cells do not mature properly and also they lack differentiation.. Such cells starts growing abnormally and starts infilterating adjecent tissues and later starts migrating to other sites through lymphatics and blood vessels and infiltrates tissues at other site in body this is phenomenon called Metastasis.. As these cells are abnormal in growth and maturation majority of the cells of same tissue have abnormally different character due to which the tissue starts functioning abnormally and can not retain its normal structure as well.. This genetic anomaly can be a germ line defect or can be acquired due to life style or enviromental insults on the genome.. ...
Your baby has a birth defect. These are words that no parent wants to hear and with an imperforate anus, most of the time the diagnosis is a total surprise since it doesn`t show up on the ultrasound. That means that moments after the birth of your...
What Hersey seemed to be saying was that entire generations of Americas ruling class had been unwitting guinea pigs in a vast eugenic experiment run by scientists with a master-race hidden agenda. My classmate Steve Weisman, the Times editor who first called my attention to the letter, pointed out a fascinating corollary: The letter managed in a stroke to confer on some of the most overprivileged people in the world the one status distinction it seemed theyd forever be denied -- victim. ...
Reduced fertility has been associated with AIH12 13but conception is not uncommon in women whose disease is in remission. However, the risk of an unsuccessful pregnancy has been reported to be high in these patients, with a fetal death rate of 50% in one series and of 33% of 36 cases pooled from the literature.12 13In the largest previous study, conducted 20 years ago, Stevenet al reported 30 pregnancies in 16 women.13 Fetal loss was high (23%) due to spontaneous abortions in three instances and elective termination of the pregnancies in four because of the belief that the pregnancy would adversely affect the course of the liver disease.13 Among the remaining 23 pregnancies, there were two stillbirths (9%) and the neonatal death rate was also 9%. From pooled data, largely prior to 1975, Steven and colleagues13 noted that the abortion rate reported from 36 pregnancies was 11%, termination rate was 6%, perinatal death rate 20% (from 30 completed pregnancies), and a maternal death rate of 14% was ...
The purpose of our retrospective study was to assess the termination rate and the image quality of MR exams performed in claustrophobic patients under medical hypnosis, as compared to patients undergoing MR under spontaneous breathing general anesthesia. Our study was approved by the ethics committee. The
Posted on 06/13/2007 11:59:38 AM PDT by LUMary. Eugenic Darwinism by: Wendy Cook, June 04, 2007 Charles Darwin is partly to blame for eugenics, according to Discovery Institute senior fellow John West. Merriam-Webster s defines eugenics as a science that deals with the improvement (as by control of human mating) of hereditary qualities of a race or breed. Darwin said that because of our sense of compassion we couldn t simply follow the dictates of reason and get rid of the unfit, but he certainly provided the logical basis for why we should do so and later the eugenicists quoted this passage and they weren t quoting it out of context, because in The Descent of Man Darwin really did argue that our progress as humans is dependent on a struggle for survival and that we were really impeding human progress by trying to undercut that struggle for survival, Dr. West explained to an audience at the Family Research Council recently. With savages, the weak in body or mind are soon eliminated; and those ...
Parents of children born with impairments, birthdefects or health condition can sue health professionals for the tort of wrongful birth; the tort of wrongful life is based on the same events but is brought by the child
Imperforate anus: Find the most comprehensive real-world symptom and treatment data on imperforate anus at PatientsLikeMe. 5 patients with imperforate anus experience fatigue, insomnia, depressed mood, pain, and anxious mood.
During the 20th Century many countries around the world adopted policies, influenced by the ideas of eugenics. The general purpose of these eugenic policies was meant to improve the genetic stock of each countrys superior population. Most people are probably aware of the eugenic policies of the Nazi government in Germany. Less well known are the eugenic beliefs of other world leaders, such as Winston Churchill, Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt ...
Isomerism is a term which in general means mirror-image. It is used in the context of heterotaxy and is of two types: left isomerism right isomerism Left isomerism Mirror image of the structures on the left side of the chest along the left-...
Over 35 million children have been aborted worldwide so far this year. Abortion numbers for India are hard to gauge because many dont get reported, but its more than half-a-million babies, and could be as many as seven million. The preference for male children is strong in India, leading to sex selective abortions and significantly fewer female children. This has exacerbated sex-trafficking of women.. ...
This study has shown a prevalence of cardiovascular anomalies in Downs syndrome of 42% in keeping with other published reports.8,-,10 Prevalence has remained relatively unchanged over time, although it does appear to be increasing in recent years. This may be due to improved diagnosis and the more widespread use of routine echocardiographic screening for infants with Downs syndrome.11 There has also been an increase in prenatal diagnosis of Downs syndrome,12 13 and the use of fetal echocardiography.14 15. The North East of England is well suited for population-based studies as it encompasses a well-defined geographical area with little cross-referral, reducing the risks of ascertainment bias. Data from our region have previously shown an increase in the prevalence of pregnancies affected by Downs syndrome and that, contrary to previous predictions, the prevalence of live born Downs syndrome has remained static, with a live birth prevalence of around 1.09 per 1000 live births.4 These babies ...
A recent study published in the British medical journal, The Lancet, indicates a connection between the increase in wealth and literacy rates in India and the increase in the practice of sex-selective abortions. Researchers from several different institutions used census data from 1991-2011 and data from Indias National Family Health Survey to examine approximately 250,000 births occurring between 1990 and 2005.. The study illuminates data from the 2011 Indian Census that represents the lowest ratio of girls to boys since 1947. For children under the age of six, the census found about 7.1 million fewer girls than boys. Ten years ago the gap was around 6 million, which indicates a sharp incline in sex-selective abortions. The Lancet study estimates that there have been 4-12 million selective abortions of girls in India during the past thirty years.. There is a cultural preference in many Asian countries for male children because of their religious, civic, and economic roles in society. The ...
Sex selection and abortion of female foetuses by Indian couples living in Canada has been rampant in the last couple of decades. And Indian couples are more likely to resort to selective abortion of female foetuses if it is a third or fourth birth. As a result, fewer than expected girls were born to these…
The one loop-hole, however, is the rhythm method -- refraining from sex during a womans fertile period -- one of those handy laws of nature which God has wisely ordered. If you and your wife/husband just make sure to have sex only at those times when shes/youre less likely to get pregnant, then you can have your cake and eat it, too -- avoid unwanted prenancies, while not interfering with conception or having to opt for a selective abortion. (The rhythm method, by the way, is estimated to be anywhere from 75-90% effective in avoiding unwanted pregnancies ...
Eggs are collected with a syringe during a medical collection by the mother. The father have an easier time giving the sperm (no invasive procedure needed). The eggs and the sperm are then mixed togeteher in a test tube/cell culture dish in a medium that will provide the cells the good conditions to survive. When some embryosstart to develop (at a few cwlls stages) they are reinserted directly in the mother uterus to finish developing. Since all the eggs do not fixe themselves on the membrane to finsh their growth, and then get lost, or simply do not survive the transfer, there is usually more than one embryo reimplanted, hence the higher number of multiple birth (or the need of selective abortion) with in-vitro procedures ...
Click to enlarge. HIV in Zimbabwe is disappearing like snow in the desert, in dramatic contrast to its neighbouring countries, mystifying epidemiologists, one of whom firmly believes the anomaly can be attributed to the countrys relatively high level of education. Brian Williams of the South African Centre for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA), was speaking at the 2nd Consortium to Respond Effectively to the AIDS/TB epidemic (CREATE) in Cape Town during the first week of November. He said reliable data showed that HIV/ AIDS prevalence in Zimbabwe had halved over the past 12 years, dropping from 30% in 1998 to 15% now.1 He suggested this could be put down to the countrys population having benefited from a superior education that enabled them to absorb and respond to prevention messages. My theory is that Zimbabwe had the best-educated population in southern Africa - and prevention messages only work if people are able to understand, internalise and act on them, he added. ...
A pedagogic aspect of a pathologists job is trying to explain symptoms based on autopsy findings. This follows a long tradition in medicine where a professor does dissections while asking questions to participating students. Occasionally, in order to elicit the opinion of other authorities, the more perplexing or challenging cases are presented to a larger…
"Poland: The Constitutional Court Repeals Eugenic Abortion". ECLJ. 2020-10-23. "W całej Polsce protesty przeciwko zaostrzeniu ... Poland now has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe, described as a "near-total ban" by the BBC as 98% of ... In 2017, a Pew Research Center poll showed 51% of Poles thought abortion should be illegal in all or most cases. 2015 Polish ... The votes on the new restrictive abortion legislation took place on 6 October and were voted down due to domestic and ...
Selgelid, Michael J. (2001). "Eugenic abortion, moral uncertainty, and social consequences". Monash Bioethics Review. 20 (2): ...
"Poland: The Constitutional Court Repeals Eugenic Abortion". ECLJ. 23 October 2020. "Ocena zgodności z Konstytucją RP wybranych ... This effectively made abortions on that basis unobtainable for women in Poland. The provision had been used for 1074 of the ... The Tribunal received a referral by 119 MPs on whether or not abortions of pregnancies unrelated to rape or not threatening the ... an 11-2 ruling declared that abortion in Poland due to foetal abnormality was violating the Constitutional protection of human ...
"Poland: The Constitutional Court Repeals Eugenic Abortion". ECLJ. 23 October 2020. "Prof. Andrzej Przyłębski ambasadorem w ... the Tribunal ruled unconstitutional the provision of the 1993 Act permitting abortion when the fetus is predicted to have a " ...
Kato, Masae (2009). Women's rights? : the politics of eugenic abortion in modern Japan. [Amsterdam]: Amsterdam University Press ... In 1907 a revision to the penal code intensified the punishment for abortion with a possible sentence of up to one year in ... While knowledge of abortion, infanticide, and rubber condoms, introduced by Dutch traders in 1867 and later manufactured in ... Even with these statutes and ordinances, there were still movements in Japan to legalize abortion up until 1930, and as late as ...
Ross, Loretta (1998). "African-American women and abortion". In Solinger, Rickie (ed.). Abortion Wars: A Half Century of ... In actuality Sanger's project was an addition to the mass eugenic movement across the south. Many African American women were ... Green, Tanya L. (2012). "The NEGRO PROJECT: Margaret Sanger's EUGENIC Plan for Black America". Retrieved 2 ... Ross author of African-American Women and Abortion, African American women were not passive victims of eugenics and some truly ...
Abortion in Japan, which is less stigmatized, is frequently used as the alternative. The Japan Family Planning Association, an ... but only for eugenic purposes. Women who gave birth to many children received awards from the government. The Family Planning ... Japanese feminists began to argue in favor of birth control in the 1930s; abortion was allowed by the government in 1948, ... She explored women's rights to abortion, which remained a hot topic until the magazine's end in 1916. Ito married an anarchist ...
To this goal, he supported abortion, both for eugenic and pro-choice reasons. Relgis also argued: "Instead of natural selection ... ISBN 978-973-630-189-6 Marius Turda, " 'To End the Degeneration of a Nation': Debates on Eugenic Sterilization in Interwar ... eugenic sterilization] into the realm of public debate". Turda also notes that Umanitarism și eugenism went beyond ...
1948 - The Eugenic Protection Act in Japan expanded the circumstances in which abortion is allowed. 1955 - The government of ... of abortion to women getting abortions. The law also meant doctors no longer had to collect data about women getting abortions ... Reforming Abortion Law in Ireland (2018) "Irish abortion referendum: Ireland overturns abortion ban - BBC News". 2018 ... 1990 - The Abortion Act in the UK was amended so that abortion is legal only up to 24 weeks, rather than 28, except in unusual ...
Birth control and abortion are turning out to be great eugenic advances of our time. If they had been advanced for eugenic ... Osborn explained the name change, writing: "The name was changed because it became evident that changes of a eugenic nature ... The American Philosophical Society considers him to have been "the respectable face of eugenic research in the post-war period ... Many civil rights leaders alleged that, even after the revelation of genocide in World War II, eugenic influences remained ...
In 1924, she argued for the right of women to abortion; in the spirit of those times, eugenic reasons were used to justify ... abortion in certain cases. She married Arnold Stegmann in 1911 but he died in 1914. She died in Arlesheim at the age of 64. ...
... just before the Japanese government passed an amendment to the Eugenic Protection Act 1948 which allowed abortions in cases of ... are estimated to be of equal number [as the abortions] (性病その他の婦人科疾患の患者数も同じ位あったと推定され)". Citations Kamitsubo (1993), p. 21: "The ... abortions (Asahi Shimbun, August 9, 1995) (二日市保養所は、1947年秋に閉所になるまでの1年半ほどの間に「四六二名」(千田 1977:81)、「四、五〇〇件」(『朝日新聞』 1995.8.9)
On 24 June 1949, abortion for economic reasons was legalised under the Eugenic Protection Law in Japan. In 1969 Ishikawa was ... On 13 July 1948, the Eugenic Protection Law (now the Mother's Body Protection Law) was established. ... advocated that Japanese government should begin to consider the legalisation of abortion in Japan in order to prevent ...
Regalski, Patryk (2020). "Eugenic Abortion Before the Polish Constitutional Court". European Center for Law and Justice. ... "Poland: The Constitutional Court Repeals Eugenic Abortion". ECLJ. 23 October 2020. "Ruling on the case K 1/20". Polish ... The anti-abortion groups then started to oppose the constitutionality of the existing abortion law. Following the 2019 election ... The number of legal abortions in Poland was about 1,000 legal abortions per year in the 2010s. Because the Lower House elects ...
Under the terms of the 1967 UK Abortion Act, abortions after 24 weeks (such as this one) should only be carried out if "there ... A ProLife Alliance spokesperson expressed concern at the verdict, commenting on the "eugenic mentality in medicine in the UK". ... influenced her interest in a much-publicised trial following the abortion of a fetus in December 2001. The abortion of the 28- ... Diagnosis of Down syndrome in the foetus is one of the most common reason given for abortion of fetuses in the UK, and it is ...
An example of California's eugenic and neo-eugenic practices is a case from 1966. Nancy Hernandez was a 21-year-old mother of ... Committee for Abortion Rights and Against Sterilization Abuse (CARASA) (1979). Women Under Attack: Abortion, Sterilization ... Eugenic philosophy claimed scientific legitimacy to uphold racial stereotypes of latino/as, deeming them as unfit and even " ... From these statistics, the "Save our State" campaign arose and worked to enforce more eugenic sterilization of these women. In ...
The third reason was that eugenic, allowing abortion in case of fetal malformation. Other countries were legalizing abortion at ... Abortion and contraception usage were both illegal. Women who did not want to be mothers who had abortions could be sent to ... Because abortion was illegal in Spain, during the 1970s, Spanish women who could afford it went to London to get abortions. In ... Portugal's Parliament made abortion legal in November 1982. Italy made abortion legal in May 1981 as a result of a referendum. ...
... and written on eugenic abortion in The Sunday Telegraph". In the 2019 Queen's Birthday Honours for Australia, Finnis was ...
Abortions for eugenic reasons were also prohibited during this period, but in some hereditary health courts such abortions were ... This consideration extended to the exemption of punishment for a Jewish couple who attempted to procure an abortion in 1938, on ... The Nazi's policies on abortions were conceived of alongside the general Nazi eugenics program. Upon coming to power, the Nazis ... Eugenics researcher Harry H. Laughlin often bragged that his Model Eugenic Sterilization laws had been implemented in the 1935 ...
This was all part of a medical and eugenic science driven effort to reduce the number of abortions in Spain. PSOE introduced ... The third reason was that eugenic, allowing abortion in case of fetal malformation. A Hispanic eugenics conference took place ... "Does the liberalization of abortion laws increase the number of abortions? The case study of Spain". European Journal of Public ... Abortion was finally made legal by Congress later that year by a vote of 186 - 50, but did not enter into legal effect until ...
... and Eugenic Abortion, founded in 2009. She is also a member of the Salvadoran Network of Women Human Rights Defenders. In 2019 ... The organization has brought 11 cases before the IACHR in its efforts to free women convicted of abortion. Abortion in El ... El Salvador is one of 6 Latin American countries that ban abortion. Abortion is tied to socioeconomic factors, as most ... In addition, they promote sex education and defend women who have been charged or convicted of abortion or related matters. ...
This was all part of a medical and eugenic science driven effort to reduce the number of abortions in Spain. The situation of ... Because midwives appeared to be so frequently involved in sharing knowledge about abortion and contraceptives and performing ... abortions, the male-led scientific community in Spain tried to marginalize these women. Professionalization in medicine would ...
This was all part of a medical and eugenic science driven effort to reduce the number of abortions in Spain. Prostitution was ... "Does the liberalization of abortion laws increase the number of abortions? The case study of Spain". European Journal of Public ... Despite this, prostitutes were often charged with the corruption of minors and with having abortions, most of whom were minors ... This was partly a result of Hispanic Eugenics that drew on Catholicism and opposed abortion, euthanasia and contraception while ...
This was all part of a medical and eugenic science driven effort to reduce the number of abortions in Spain. For women who had ... This was all part of a medical and eugenic science driven effort to reduce the number of abortions in Spain. Up until the mid- ... Abortion, like women's sexuality, was only allowed to be discussed in a medical setting by male doctors. Abortion was not ... On 24 January 1941, abortion was formally made a crime against the state by Franco. Doctors who performed abortions could be ...
This was all part of a medical and eugenic science driven effort to reduce the number of abortions in Spain. Despite being ... Doctors who performed abortions could be given sentences of between 6 years and 1 day to 14 years and 8 months in prison, along ... On 24 January 1941, abortion was formally made a crime against the state by Franco. It had already been a crime based on the ... Women could and did go to prison for having abortions. During the 1940s in Almería, 9% of female prisoners were there because ...
National Eugenic Law was promulgated in 1940 by the Konoe government, after rejection of the original Race Eugenic Protection ... Abortion in Puerto Rico: The limits of colonial legality, Yamila Azize-Vargas and Luis A. Avilés, Reproductive Health Matters 5 ... On the legal history of eugenic sterilization in the U.S., see Lombardo, Paul. "Eugenic Sterilization Laws". Eugenics Archive. ... The law was signed by Hitler himself, and over 200 eugenic courts were created specifically as a result of this law. Under it, ...
Adolf Hitler had praised and incorporated eugenic ideas in Mein Kampf in 1925 and emulated eugenic legislation for the ... Prenatal screening has been called by some a contemporary form of eugenics because it may lead to abortions of fetuses with ... In this period, people from across the political spectrum espoused eugenic ideas. Consequently, many countries adopted eugenic ... Eugenic policies in the United States were first implemented in the early 1900s. It also took root in France, Germany, and ...
Sheryl Gay Stolberg, "Some for Abortion Rights Lean Right in Cloning Fight", New York Times (January 24, 2002) Lori B. Andrews ... March 19, 2002)."Open Letter to US Senators on Human Cloning and Eugenic Engineering". Archived 2006-09-30 at the Wayback ...
... align with the Society's crypto-eugenic policy. The American Life League, an opponent of abortion, charges that eugenics was ... In postwar Japan, the Eugenic Protection Law (ja:優生保護法, Yusei Hogo Hō) was enacted in 1948 to replace the National Eugenic Law ... eugenic' questions". He included a footnote to the word "eugenic" which read: That is, with questions bearing on what is termed ... Eugenic considerations also lay behind the adoption of incest laws in much of the U.S. and were used to justify many anti- ...
"Domestic Criminal Laws that Conflict with International Law - Burma's Abortion and Rape Laws: a Case Study". Archived from the ... and also embraced eugenic concerns about excessive procreation. British liberal feminists John Stuart Mill and Harriet Taylor ... positioned consent in marital sexual relations as an alternative to contraception and abortion (which many opposed), ...
নারীবাদী আন্দোলন বা নারী আন্দোলন বলতে সন্তানধারণ সংক্রান্ত অধিকার, গৃহ নির্যাতন, মাতৃত্বকালীন ছুটি, নারীদের সমান বেতন, নারীদের ভোটাধিকার, যৌন হয়রানি ও যৌন সহিংসতার মতো বিষয়গুলি সংস্কারের উদ্দেশ্য কতগুলি ধারাবাহিক রাজনৈতিক প্রচারাভিযানকে বোঝায়। জাতি ও সম্প্রদায়ভেদে এই আন্দোলনের অগ্রাধিকারপ্রাপ্ত বিষয়গুলি ভিন্ন ভিন্ন হতে পারে। যেমন কোনও দেশে নারীর যৌনাঙ্গহানির মতো ...
Anti-abortion. *Anti-pornography. *Equity. *Eugenic. *Femonationalism. *Maternal. *Postfeminism *Neofeminism. *State *Carceral ...
Trousers or pants (American English) are a staple of historical and modern fashion. Throughout history, the role of trousers is a constant change for women. The first appearance of trousers in recorded history is among nomadic steppe-people in Western Europe. Steppe people were a group of nomads of various different ethnic groups that lived in the Eurasian grasslands. Archaeological evidence suggests that men and women alike wore trousers in that cultural context.[1] However, for much of modern history, the use of trousers has been restricted to men. This norm was enforced in many regions due to social customs and laws. There are, however, many historical cases of women wearing trousers in defiance of these norms such as the 1850s women rights movement, comfort, freedom of movement, fashion, disguise (notably for runaway slaves[2]), attempts to evade the gender pay gap, and attempts to establish an empowered public identity for women.[3] Especially in the 20th and 21st centuries, the customs and ...
Anti-abortion. *Anti-pornography. *Equity. *Eugenic. *Femonationalism. *Maternal. *Postfeminism *Neofeminism. *State *Carceral ...
Anti-abortion. *Anti-pornography. *Equity. *Eugenic. *Femonationalism. *Maternal. *Postfeminism *Neofeminism. *State *Carceral ...
১৯৭০ এর দশকের শেষের দিকে, নারীবাদী আলোচনার বেশিরভাগই লেসবিয়ান নারীবাদ থেকে সরে গিয়ে নতুন বিষয়বস্তু যৌনতায় সরে গিয়েছিল। যৌনতা নিয়ে প্রাথমিক উদ্বেগগুলোর একটি হল পর্নোগ্রাফি, যা নারীবাদীদের মধ্যে বিশাল বিভেদ তৈরি করে। এই বিতর্কের দুটো স্বীকৃত পক্ষ হচ্ছে পর্নোগ্রাফি বিরোধী নারীবাদ এবং "যৌনতার স্বপক্ষের" নারীবাদ।[২০] পর্নোগ্রাফি বিরোধী নারীবাদের উপর যেসব বিষয়বস্তুর ...
Anti-abortion. *Anti-pornography. *Equity. *Eugenic. *Femonationalism. *Maternal. *Postfeminism *Neofeminism. *State *Carceral ...
... birth control and abortion with the aim of convincing the viewer that abortion is black genocide. Anti-abortion activists ... Price, Gregory N.; Darity, William A. (2010-07-01). "The economics of race and eugenic sterilization in North Carolina: 1958- ... Ferguson described abortion as black genocide. In 2009, American anti-abortion activists in Georgia revived the idea that a ... The next year, Senator Mark Hatfield, an opponent of legal abortion, emphasized to Congress that Jackson "regards abortion as a ...
In 1937, modeled after US-initiated eugenic policies, Puerto Rico adopted more liberal abortion policies which saw the ... Most of these abortions used one of two procedures, suction or the aspiration method. Only 2% of abortions in 2016 occurred in ... There were 19,200 abortions in 1991-1992, and 15,600 in 2001. There is an abortion rights community on the island, which is ... Abortion in Puerto Rico is legal throughout pregnancy. On June 22, 2022, the Senate passed a bill limiting abortion to 22 weeks ...
PMID 17538696.; Turda M (January 2009). ""To end the degeneration of a nation": debates on eugenic sterilization in inter-war ... and the normalization of abortion and homosexuality in many countries. Family planning has promoted a demographic transition in ...
Robertson Jones supported eugenic policies, including "helping the right sorts of persons to have more children" and ... Burns, Gene (2005-04-11). The Moral Veto: Framing Contraception, Abortion, and Cultural Pluralism in the United States. ...
This article was published as part of a special double issue, 'Abortion, Infanticide, and Allowing Babies to Die'. The double ... Why the Principle of Procreative Beneficence Must Work Much Harder to Justify its Eugenic Vision". Bioethics. 28 (9): 447-455. ... Savulescu, Julian (1 May 2013). "Abortion, infanticide and allowing babies to die, 40 years on". Journal of Medical Ethics. 39 ... Savulescu, Julian (1 May 2013). "Abortion, infanticide and allowing babies to die, 40 years on". Journal of Medical Ethics. 39 ...
Ziegler, Mary (2008). "Eugenic Feminism: Mental Hygiene, The Women's Movement, And The Campaign For Eugenic Legal Reform, 1900- ... tying elected abortion to compulsory sterilization (cannot receive a sought out abortion without "consenting" to sterilization ... 1993). The Eugenic Assault on America: Scenes in Red, White and Black. George Mason University Press. ISBN 978-0-913969-53-3. ... In addition to the immigration act, eugenic considerations also lay behind the adoption of incest laws in much of the U.S. and ...
... eugenic justification). According to this law, the mother could terminate the pregnancy in public or private health centres in ... Abortion legislation in Spain has a fluctuating history. During the 1930s, abortion law was liberalized in the area controlled ... In 2010, medical abortions accounted for: 67% of induced abortions in Portugal, 49% in France, 40% in Great Britain, and 70% in ... On 20 December 2013, the Government of Spain published its final draft law on abortion: Women undergoing abortion were to be ...
42 Hubbard, Ruth: "Abortion and Disability: Who Should and Should not Inhabit the World" in Davis, Lennard J. (ed.): "The ... The German Society for Racial Hygiene (German: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Rassenhygiene) was a German eugenic organization ...
Some in the anti-abortion movement, such as those from the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, have compared those in the abortion- ... or eugenic murder. They point to historical events like the USSR's Great Purges, the Nazi Holocaust, China's Great Leap Forward ... Anti-abortion movement, Religion and politics, Catholic theology of the body, Catholic Church and abortion, Culture, Pope John ... The platform's anti-abortion stance included positions on abortion; access to healthcare despite disability, age, or infirmity ...
The third reason was that eugenic, allowing abortion in case of fetal malformation. Other countries were legalizing abortion at ... Because abortion was illegal in Spain, during the 1970s, Spanish women who could afford it went to London to get abortions. In ... Portugal's Parliament made abortion legal in November 1982. Italy made abortion legal in May 1981 as a result of a referendum. ... In 1981, 22,000 Spanish women went to London for an abortion. Poor women with few options would sometimes have an abortion by ...
Rose, Melody, Abortion: A Documentary and Reference Guide, ABC-CLIO, 2008, p. 29. Tone, p. 178: Tone calls the ruling a coup ... Allegations of racism can be found in Franks, Angela (2005), Margaret Sanger's Eugenic Legacy: The Control of Female Fertility ... McBride, Dorothy (2008), Abortion in the United States: a Reference Handbook, ABC-CLIO, ISBN 978-1-59884-098-8, pp. 67-68. " ... After World War II advocacy for reproductive rights transitioned into a new era which focused on abortion, public funding, and ...
Early in his career, Kikuta performed many abortions. The koseki law at the time made the idea of adopting infants unattractive ... Kikuta's Adoption Movement and Campaigns to Amend the Eugenic Protection Act : On Reproductive Freedom to Give Birth". Annals ... He also proposed not allowing abortions after the seventh month of pregnancy. The movement caused by his actions and proposed ... changes to abortion laws eventually failed; a new special adoption law that recorded adopted children in the same way as birth ...
Price, Gregory N; Darity Jr., William A (2010). "The Economics of Race and Eugenic Sterilization in North Carolina:1958-1968". ... Schoen, Johanna (2009). Choice & Coercion: Birth Control, Sterilization, and Abortion in Public Health and Welfare. ... "Eugenics/Sexual Sterilizations in North Carolina". Eugenic Sterilizations in the United States. Archived from the original on ... "Did North Carolina Economically Breed-Out Blacks During its Historical Eugenic Sterilization Campaign? - American Review Of ...
... and legal rights to obtaining abortions ("pro-choice") were met with agitation against abortion ("pro-life"). The baby boom ... Eugenic or "hereditarian" concerns that masturbation would lead to insanity and that choosing sick or feeble spouses would lead ... In the United States, Eugenic sterilization laws were passed to prevent individuals with severe mental or physical health ...
... abortion, gender roles and drugs in contrast to earlier leftist or Marxist movements that had taken a more vanguardist approach ... by eugenic manipulators, by Proudhon's "anarchist" managers or Saint-Simon's technocrats or their more modern equivalents-with ...
Abortion was legalised (and, more commonly, endorsed) by the Nazis for disabled and non-Germanic children, but strictly ... Access to Lebensborn was restricted in accordance with the Nordicist eugenic and racial policies of Nazism, which could be ...
The eugenic laws were able to flourish in Nazi Germany because of the efficiency of their legislative model, which included the ... Sterilizations and abortions (almost no castrations) were common responses to deviancy. This was largely due to the fact that ... The Model Eugenic Sterilization Law required people who were mentally retarded, insane, criminal, epileptic, inebriated, ... More specifically, as Lothrop Stoddard stated after his visit to Germany in 1940, "Nazi Germany's eugenic program is the most ...
... authorising eugenic abortion. For the context of this referral to the Constitutional Court, see "Eugenic Abortion before the ... In 2019, this type of eugenic abortion concerned 1074 of the 1110 abortions performed in Polish hospitals according to figures ... A Ban on Eugenic Abortion in Hungary?By Nicolas Bauer1612270578008. The Constitutional Court of Hungary has authorized the ECLJ ... Eugenic abortion - The judgment of the Polish Constitutional Court (excerpts). Excerpts of the Polish CC Judgment ...
Abortion Jarosław Kaczyński Pandemic Poland News 2 YEARS AGOAbortion Jarosław Kaczyński Pandemic Poland News Polish Deal ... Abortion Jarosław Kaczyński Poland Pro-life Commentary 3 YEARS AGOAbortion Jarosław Kaczyński Poland Pro-life Commentary ... Siarkowska noted that the current verdict was a second attempt at ending eugenic abortion in the country. In the previous ... Polands abortion law, which was passed in the 1990s, restricts the right to abortion only to cases where the pregnancy has ...
Koop opposed eugenic abortions at Christ Hospital. I was sad to learn Dr. C. Everett Koop passed away on February 25. Dr. Koop ... One of nations oldest abortion practices closes. Click to enlarge the great news, from the abortion clinics website… ... Abortion supporters now both anti- "choice" and uber- "choice". Planned Parenthood triggered a massive identity crisis in the ... I dont think abortion advocacy groups appreciate the fact that Planned Parenthood is a billion dollar business. So its ...
Abortion, Eugenic * Adult * Age Factors * Child * Child, Preschool * Down Syndrome / mortality* * Female ...
... abortion was legalized in 1948 by the Eugenic Protection Law, amended in May 1949 to allow abortions for economic reasons. ... Abortion by country Conscientious objection to abortion History of abortion Medical law Religion and abortion Mainland China. ... Abortion debate Beginning of human personhood Prenatal perception Reproductive rights Abortion-rights movements Anti-abortion ... Abortion Coverage by Region, National Abortion Federation Canada. "Access at a Glance: Abortion Services in Canada , Action ...
Although some geneticists have assessed prenatal testing programs on this basis, such goals can have eugenic implications." As ... because the goals of prenatal genetic programs have never included the abortion of abnormal fetuses. The purpose of carrier ...
North Carolina governor vetoes bill preventing discriminatory, eugenic abortions. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has vetoed ...
"We therefore seek the abolition of eugenic abortion in its entirety. "We dont want disabled people of the first and second ... Abortion involves the cruel and violent death of a human being.. Abortion always claims two victims: the child who dies and the ... loophole in Spains abortion legislation that has led to over a million deaths, to stop the eugenic killing of disabled unborn ... calling on the Spanish government to end eugenic abortions. ... ZERO ABORTION PETITION. (Original in Spanish here.). Most ...
Eugenic abortion has become quietly commonplace, as evident in the paucity of disabled children seen these days. Over the years ... eugenic abortion increased as prenatal screening supposedly improved. But according to a recent New York Times report, prenatal ...
Justice Clarence Thomas Warns Against Eugenic Abortions Thursday, May 16, 2019. Challenging Roe ...
... eugenic questions." He included a footnote to the word "eugenic" which read: That is, with questions bearing on what is termed ... Abortion by "fit" women was illegal in Nazi Germany. During the twentieth century, many countries enacted various eugenics ... Galton first used the word eugenic in his 1883 Inquiries into Human Faculty and Its Development, a book in which he meant "to ... and now few jurisdictions implement policies that are explicitly labeled as eugenic or unequivocally eugenic in substance ( ...
Synthesizing Eugenic Abortion on a Macro and Micro Level. Abstract: The selective abortion of unborn babies based on being ... The ethics of this practice are disputed in favor of eugenic abortion being morally wrong in every instance. ...
Margaret Sangers Eugenic Legacy: Abortion and Planned Parenthood: Lauren Enriquez. Poll: Half Of Democrats Support Sanders ...
Countering the stigma that eugenic abortion currently imposes on persons with disabilities; ... compelling interests in preventing the eradication of people with Down syndrome through the practice of eugenic abortion.". The ... Yet the abortion of children with Down Syndrome approaches genocidal levels, threatening the Down Syndrome community with ... The brief also makes the argument that Arkansas prohibition against Down Syndrome abortions is not per se invalid under Roe v ...
Not to be left behind in advertising death care, Oprah Winfrey is telling women to "Shout Your Abortion!" What is the world ... Chelsea Clinton is touting this same eugenic/genocidal death care agenda as an economic boon. ... Her so called "aid" is laced with abortion and chemical/artificial device-laden death care. ... Her so called "aid" is laced with abortion and chemical/artificial device-laden death care. ...
Yet the eugenic sterilization program ironically offered rare access to a form of birth control women desired. Given the ... They have associated sterilization with coercion and abortion and birth control with womens liberation, thus situating them at ... the North Carolina Eugenics Board authorized over eight thousand eugenic sterilizations. By stressing the irreversible and ... Abortion Wars: A Half Century of Struggle, 1950-2000. *A. Tone, R. Solinger ...
It performs about a third of a million abortions each year. Planned Parenthood vigorously opposes any limits on abortion and ... Planned Parenthoods eugenic attitude (later couched more in terms of population control) lived on for decades. Alan Guttmacher ... Guttmacher was a long-time eugenicist and former vice president of the American Eugenic Society. He warned in a speech (in 1942 ... Indeed, many defenders of abortion argue that unborn children are human non-persons who simply dont matter in the same way ...
Planned Parenthood can begin to redress its past by ending its current embrace of eugenic abortion. The organization has been ... Black women are five times more likely than white women to obtain an abortion, and abortions are highly concentrated among low- ... Yet, as critics of McGill Johnsons statement immediately pointed out, PP is still proudly the largest abortion provider in the ... Despite constituting only 13 percent of the female population, black women represent more than one-third of all abortions in ...
Justice Thomas has 12 pages on the eugenic and racist roots of Planned Parenthood and abortion in the recent SCOTUS Indiana ... "Enshrining a constitutional right to an abortion based solely on the race, sex, or disability of an unborn child, as Planned ... which established a constitutional right to abortion. ...
Along similar lines, Id like to restrict "eugenic" abortions as soon as theres a pre-natal test for Aspergers syndome. ...
"Eugenic surgeries were never once debated within our division," says a man who was a technical official at the former Ministry ... allowing for the abortion of an imperfect fetus met with intense opposition from support groups for those with disabilities, ... "I thought eugenic ideology was something from Nazi Germany," he said, revealing that he was shocked when he learned of the ... When the eugenic protection law was changed to its current form as the Maternal Health Act in June 1996, the leprosy prevention ...
and eugenic abortion (ACDATEE), told AFP. Herrera said abortion should be decriminalized to save the lives of women and girls; ... They called "for abortion to be decriminalized in the country on certain grounds, so that we no longer have women imprisoned, ... El Salvador has categorically banned abortion since 1998, even in cases of rape or if the health of the woman or the fetus is ... Thousands of people march in El Salvador to demand the right to abortion. March 6, 20220 ...
Pope Francis has, of course, called abortion a "horrendous crime," a "very grave sin," and, just last month, part of a "eugenic ... It also rejects, in stark terms, the great progressive causes of the moment: a softened stance on abortion and euthanasia, same ...
1) Again, abortion is also eugenic for blacks, meaning that abortion is working to reduce the crime *rate* among blacks, so it ... ITS EUGENICS FROM ABORTION. Abortion is noncyclical by nature since fetuses that get aborted dont grow up to get abortions. ... Abortion is also eugenic for blacks.. 2) Ok, well when you fix all those other things, well be less desperate to keep abortion ... I am not claiming that this is the only factor, since making it harder to get abortions will also reduce the abortion rate. ...
The States did not stop doing involuntary eugenic sterilizations until the late 1960s. ... Some Happy Abortion News…for KKK Members. Katherin McCann of Ohio Right to Life wrote a very disturbing op-ed that should ... Unless you can prove that women of color are being kidnapped off the streets and dragged into abortion clinics at gunpoint, it ... Though African-American women make up less than 8 percent of our states population, 42 percent of abortions were performed on ...
I like the eugenic effects of abortion and capital punishment. Click to expand... ... Study Post Abortion Syndrome and you will see that abortion is bad for the mother as well as the child. But then, those who do ... Study Post Abortion Syndrome and you will see that abortion is bad for the mother as well as the child. But then, those who do ... Study Post Abortion Syndrome and you will see that abortion is bad for the mother as well as the child. But then, those who do ...
Now, the legal proposition to ban eugenic abortion will be proceed by the Polish Parliament within the next three months. The ... Stop Abortion: Poland. NoticiasPor ONEOFUS. diciembre 1, 2017. 830.000 signatures were delivered to the Parliament of Poland on ...
You have an abortion youre more likely to have fertility problems later. Dont leave it to the doctors its your problem, who ... Furthermore, blacks, of their own free choice, use the eugenic services of Planned Parenthood ast a rate that greatly exceeds ... Perhaps, increasing the fertility rate for blacks could be addressed by lowering the abortion rate. It should also be kept on ...
"Some believe that the United States is already experiencing the eugenic effects of abortion." ... And, with shades of science fiction dystopia, its how anti-abortion activists depict the terrifying future of abortion, in ... I]nsofar as abortion is viewed as a method of family planning, black people do indeed tak[e] the brunt of the planning," ... In a surprise move, the Supreme Court issued a split decision on an abortion case Tuesday, allowing Indiana to require medical ...
I do think it was necessary to find out whether late-term abortions were being allowed for eugenic choices. We know gender ... The only context in which I (and others here) have been opposing wrong gender abortions in recent months is in the cases of ... I am in favour of those late stage abortions, for various reasons. Some defects identified at that stage could make life ... I dont understand why we are only hearing now that the checks on abortion clinics prevented other work that had higher ...
  • Planned Parenthood triggered a massive identity crisis in the pro-abortion world when it announced on February 9 it was abandoning the term "pro-choice. (
  • The brief also makes the argument that Arkansas' prohibition against Down Syndrome abortions is not per se invalid under Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey . (
  • Planned Parenthood vigorously opposes any limits on abortion and actively supports political candidates who champion unfettered and publicly funded abortion-and who will funnel hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars annually back into Planned Parenthood's coffers. (
  • The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) likewise promotes abortion all around the world. (
  • Planned Parenthood can begin to redress its past by ending its current embrace of eugenic abortion. (
  • The organization has been involved in lawsuits against legislation in Ohio and Indiana barring abortion of babies suspected of having Down syndrome … Maybe Planned Parenthood is serious about abandoning eugenics. (
  • Enshrining a constitutional right to an abortion based solely on the race, sex, or disability of an unborn child, as Planned Parenthood advocates, would constitutionalize the views of the 20th Century eugenics movement," Thomas wrote. (
  • Justice Thomas has 12 pages on the eugenic and racist roots of Planned Parenthood and abortion in the recent SCOTUS Indiana decision. (
  • Far more than Planned Parenthood in the 1960s, whose initial forays into the abortion issue were tepid at best (and whose founder, Margaret Sanger, was generally anti-abortion), NARAL was at the cutting edge of the abortion debate and would play a strong role in its legalization. (
  • Planned Parenthood did not argue that the provision placed an "undue burden" on women seeking abortions, which is the standard the Court has applied for 27 years, and which is at the heart of the recent six-week abortion bans passed in Georgia, Mississippi, Ohio, and Missouri. (
  • As Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocates continue pushing for abortion-on-demand, including the killing of unborn children because they are suspected of having genetic anomalies such as Down syndrome, the pope has pushed for recognition of the equal rights of all, born and unborn. (
  • These eugenic and racial origins are hardly what most people associate with the modern Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), which gave its Margaret Sanger award to the late Dr. Martin Luther King in 1966, and whose current president, Faye Wattleton, is black, a former nurse, and attractive. (
  • With Black Leadership bought by the dollars of the abortion industry, lead by Planned Parenthood, our community is left deceived and decimated by abortion and its devastating ramifications. (
  • While Guttmacher and Margaret Sanger, both eugenicists, were concerned that overpopulation was a threat, it was under Guttmacher's leadership that Planned Parenthood first voiced the idea of abortion as part of the 'solution' to this perceived problem. (
  • Today's mainstream media (spun by Planned Parenthood's multi-million dollar PR machine) refuse to acknowledge the irrefutably historical involvement Planned Parenthood played in eugenic crimes against humanity. (
  • Recently, the head of Planned Parenthood acknowledged the racist and eugenic beliefs of its founder, Margaret Sanger, and stated that the organization is working to undo the damage these views have caused. (
  • Eugenic motives are still alive and well in the abortion- and contraceptive-providing business, of which Planned Parenthood is a leader. (
  • I've come to see abortion and eugenic thinking as quite intertwined, and what makes me completely disbelieve that Planned Parenthood cares is that we don't see them lobbying to expose or stop pressured abortions , or notifying the state when underage girls are raped and made pregnant by adult men. (
  • While Planned Parenthood was founded in 1942 by eugenicist Margaret Sanger, the organization didn't open its first abortion facility until 1970. (
  • The decision to push for decriminalization of abortion and then subsequently begin committing abortions was brought in under Alan F. Guttmacher , a former vice president of the American Eugenics Society and president of Planned Parenthood in the 1960s, long after Margaret Sanger's departure. (
  • In Live Action News' series on this subject, we previously documented how former Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) president, Alan F. Guttmacher began advocating for abortion years before taking the helm of Planned Parenthood in 1962. (
  • George Langmyhr, chair of Planned Parenthood's Medical Committee and the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals ( ARHP ) at that time, detailed the organization's abortion genesis, writing in 1971, "It goes without saying that Planned Parenthood Affiliates have long been involved in programs of abortion information, counseling and referral. (
  • I think it is fair to say that most professionals and volunteers associated with Planned Parenthood have accepted, for a long time, the necessity of abortion as an integral part of any complete or total family planning program. (
  • In 1969, Planned Parenthood-World Population passed a policy on abortion. (
  • In a programmatic way, Planned Parenthood began to get more deeply involved in abortion programs through its involvement in pregnancy detection services. (
  • But in 1968, shortly after the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals liberalized its abortion stance, Planned Parenthood followed suit. (
  • Not only has she bought into the eugenic and racist lies that Planned Parenthood sells and what their political contributions guarantees that what goes on inside of Planned Parenthoods each and every day is anything but violence and racism. (
  • Abortion has been used by Planned Parenthood as a population-control strategy. (
  • Planned Parenthood has utilized abortion as a method of population control. (
  • The story is incomplete without addressing the constant attacks on Planned Parenthood, the only abortion clinic in Cincinnati. (
  • The Planned Parenthood Surgical Centre at Auburn Avenue, Cincinnati is a highly active site for such protests and religious activities, being the sole provider of abortion services in the city. (
  • In the following section, I backcast into the history of Planned Parenthood, abortion laws and political ideologies that continue to cause polarisation on the subject even today. (
  • The predominant controversy related to Planned Parenthood is their abortion service and its polarizing effects on America. (
  • In a recent BuzzFeed article , past and current employees of pro-abortion organizations Planned Parenthood and NARAL, an abortion lobbying group, were called out for their racist policies against black and other women of color employees. (
  • We are asking you to use your position at Planned Parenthood to confront the systemic racism of America's abortion practices and to publicly renounce the racist legacy of your founder, Margaret Sanger. (
  • By Sarah Quale - Up to this point, Planned Parenthood has boldly denied its eugenic roots and the racist legacy of its founder, Margaret Sanger. (
  • Others have reported that Nixon was pro-choice in his thinking, and he shared the same eugenic agenda at the root of Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger . (
  • Planned Parenthood v. Casey , decided in 1992, laid out the undue burden criteria for obtaining abortions. (
  • In 1970, Planned Parenthood officially began performing abortions in New York on the first day that the state legalized them. (
  • In 2015, Planned Parenthood performed 323,999 abortions, all while receiving $553.7 million from US taxpayers. (
  • Chiquita Brooks-LaSure "accepted thousands of dollars from Planned Parenthood ," writes Mr. Freiburger, "to advise Democrats on abortion issues, financial disclosure documents reveal. (
  • Thomas added, "the Court will soon need to confront the constitutionality of laws like Indiana's," and admonished that "Enshrining a constitutional right to an abortion based solely on the race, sex, or disability of an unborn child, as Planned Parenthood advocates, would constitutionalize the views of the 20th-century eugenics movement. (
  • Obama is without question the most rabidly eugenicist president ever, and as I wrote in November 2004, he supports and promotes forms of abortion that even Planned Parenthood doesn't advocate. (
  • I first met Mike Pence when he was serving as a congressman for Indiana, and he was leading the fight to stop taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, America's largest abortion provider. (
  • Should Planned Parenthood publish details of abortion, contraception, prenatal or other services by gender and race, this could shed even more light on the proportion of services they provide to members of the Black community, but it is not likely this will ever happen. (
  • Former Planned Parenthood managers have even stated that in their experience, Planned Parenthood actually had nothing to offer pregnant women besides abortion. (
  • Prenatal care at Planned Parenthood has been on the decline even as its abortion numbers continue to increase year after year. (
  • During that same time frame, Planned Parenthood committed nearly four million abortions . (
  • Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in the nation, committing 354,871 abortions over the course of just one year (based on the organization's latest annual report from 2019-2020). (
  • More recently, anti-abortion activists have escalated their violence, returning to the murderous extremism that characterized the movement in the 1990s: in Knoxville, a fire that burned down a planned parenthood clinic on New Year's Eve was ruled an arson. (
  • There's an irony in the media's obsession (some of it justified) with Penn State's coach Joe Paterno's failure to report sexual abuse of boys by his colleague Jerry Sandusky when he was made aware of the abuse, and the media's relative whisper about a much much more egregious scandal-- a crime actually-- involving Planned Parenthood clinics concealing the identities of child rapists to protect their abortion-mill income. (
  • With no questions asked, the Planned Parenthood clinic allows him to sign for the minor's abortion in place of her mother and father and to speed up the process and perform the abortion quickly in violation of the state's 24 hour waiting period. (
  • Posing as a thirteen-year-old girl seeking an abortion due to intercourse with her thirty-one-year-old boyfriend, Lila Rose called a Bloomington, Indiana Planned Parenthood clinicand was encouraged to lie about her boyfriend's age and to go out of state to skirt parental notification laws. (
  • Between 1929 and 1975, the North Carolina Eugenics Board authorized over eight thousand eugenic sterilizations. (
  • None of the fantasies of negative eugenics have a realistic chance of happening either - yes, there are Down Syndrome abortions - but the demographic impact of that is so small that it hardly justifies celebrating a touchdown in the endzone. (
  • And as far as eugenics goes, write Charles A. Donovan and Robert G. Marshall in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, PP should consider refusing to abortion babies on the basis of foetal abnormalities. (
  • Abortion is used to discriminate against children with abnormalities, applying eugenics. (
  • Supporters of the law have said the state has a compelling interest in preventing discriminatory eugenics practices, especially against children with Down syndrome, who are at high risk for abortion. (
  • I say eugenic because eugenics, roughly, is about controlling who gets to exist - it's about controlling populations - and not having access to abortion services in the states in which there are trigger laws, should Roe v. Wade be overturned, really forecloses the futures of people who can become pregnant. (
  • She published such articles as 'Some Moral Aspects of Eugenics' (June 1920), 'The Eugenic Conscience' (February 1921), 'The purpose of Eugenics' (December 1924), 'Birth Control and Positive Eugenics' (July 1925), 'Birth Control: The True Eugenics' (August 1928), and many others. (
  • And he claimed that "[f]rom the beginning, birth control and abortion were promoted as means of effectuating eugenics. (
  • Thomas is correct in his assumption that abortion can be a swift road to eugenics. (
  • I had the wonderful privilege of meeting Elaine and serving on a panel about abortion and eugenics targeting the black community, which is the heart of our campaigns. (
  • Frederick Osborn, President of the American Eugenics Society and close colleague of Alan Guttmacher, described their intensified focus on population control: "Birth control and abortion are turning out to be great eugenic advances of our time. (
  • Abortion and eugenics can't be separated, I wondered how many vulnerable moms this doctor had encouraged to remove their supposedly "imperfect" babies from the gene pool. (
  • After the German experience, eugenic thought was at its nadir, and to the present, the term "eugenics" invokes a sense of horror in some people. (
  • gerri577 "And the fact that you would support eugenics type abortions says a lot about what kind of man YOU are" - I'm proud of who I am, and I presented my views in public multiple times, never having received a sensible counter to them. (
  • I have worked my entire adult life for our laws to recognize human dignity, to support mothers as well as children, to reject eugenics, to defend conscience rights for health care workers who want nothing to do with abortion. (
  • Abortion in America is population control (Eugenics) in disguise, pure and simple. (
  • PLLDF believes it is important for the public to consider and appreciate the sometimes obscure relationship between abortion and eugenics. (
  • Abortion is tethered to eugenics, and the CDC's 2019 data confirms that communities of color, which have a disproportionate number of abortions, are still being targeted for eugenic abortions. (
  • At the First International Eugenics Congress in 1912, a Carnegie Institute-supported paper, Preliminary Report of the Committee of the Eugenic Section of the American Breeder's Association to Study and to Report on the Best Practical Means for Cutting Off the Defective Germ-Plasm in the Human Population ("Breeder's Report"), analyzed the problem of the "unfit" and the need to find solution to "cut[ting] off the supply of defectives. (
  • Title image: Anti-abortion activists attend a protest in front of Poland's constitutional court that has ruled that a law allowing abortion of fetuses with congenital defects is unconstitutional. (
  • Anti-abortion movements, also referred to as "pro-life" movements, were led by a combination of groups opposed to abortion on moral grounds, and by medical professionals who were concerned about the danger presented by the procedure and the regular involvement of non-medical personnel in performing abortions. (
  • Physicians used anti-abortion laws, pushed in state legislatures, to increase their own stature and undermine their opponents. (
  • In the 1970s the anti-abortion movement remained heavily Catholic, and they continued to pitch their issue as a rights issue rather than a religious one. (
  • In response, soon after the Public Hearing was announced, anti-abortion forces contested the profile of the participants chosen. (
  • Don't let anti-abortion activists co-opt that cause. (
  • The anti-abortion crusade also involved health propaganda, family (including antenatal) benefits and the propagation of a "pro-family culture" which were maintained after 1945. (
  • I also seek to show that the current anti-abortion tendencies are not merely a contemporary phenomenon, but are instead deeply rooted in a long Polish history of political reaction in cultural and sexual fields. (
  • The anti-abortion statute prevents the doctors from providing care as long as the fetus is still alive, she wrote. (
  • Poland has had one of the most draconian anti-abortion laws in Europe since 1993. (
  • The doctors can't help as long as the fetus is alive thanks to the anti-abortion law," she wrote. (
  • Associations between white supremacist groups and anti-abortion forces are robust and longstanding. (
  • In addition to Patriot Front, groups like the white nationalist Aryan Nations and the neo-Nazi Traditionalist Worker party have also lent support to the anti-abortion movement. (
  • It's not that the anti-abortion movement's embrace of white nationalism is totally uncomplicated. (
  • What got Roe Vs Wade overturned were anti-abortion measures passed by the states, then successfully challenged through the state Courts of Appeals. (
  • Then the sponsors of those anti-abortion measures appealed further to the Supreme Court, which ruled in their favor. (
  • Poland's abortion law, which was passed in the 1990s, restricts the right to abortion only to cases where the pregnancy has come about as a result of rape or incest, when the woman's life is threatened by proceeding with the pregnancy, or when the fetus is damaged and could result in a child born with disabilities. (
  • In a concurring opinion in a Supreme Court case announced Monday, Justice Clarence Thomas issued a lengthy call for his colleagues to overturn "demonstrably erroneous decisions" even if they have been upheld for decades - prompting legal observers to say Thomas was laying the groundwork to overturn the seminal 1973 case Roe v. Wade, which established a constitutional right to abortion. (
  • The right to abortion declared by our Supreme Court protects only the decision not to bear a child at all, not a right to decide which child to bear. (
  • We also explained that the case law of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) contains no basis for a conventional right to abortion. (
  • Going beyond refuting the so-called "right to abortion", the ECLJ's amicus brief demonstrated the existence of an international obligation to prevent abortion. (
  • They fight for a "human right" to abortion. (
  • which established constitutional federal protection for what has come to be called the "right to abortion. (
  • I think people who are realizing that maybe the right to abortion isn't as successful as they thought it would be for the rest of their lives are now thinking about, 'OK, what I am using for birth control? (
  • That world is already taking shape with states crafting their laws reflecting the values of their citizens from Colorado passing a law protecting the right to abortion up to the moment of birth to Louisiana banning all abortions except in limited circumstances. (
  • It could not be more clear, as the court said, that "rights regarding contraception and same-sex relationships are inherently different from the right to abortion because the latter (as we have stressed) uniquely involves what Roe and Casey termed 'potential life. (
  • Under the new law, it says that anyone that becomes pregnant has the fundamental right "to abortion. (
  • However, given the spate of cases challenging a woman's right to abortion, nothing should occasion surprise. (
  • 3 states have passed a constitutional amendment explicitly declaring that their constitution does not secure or protect the right to abortion or allow use of public funds for abortion. (
  • By contrast, only 13 states and the District of Columbia have laws that protect the right to abortion, 2 states and the District of Columbia have codified the right to abortion throughout pregnancy without state interference, and 11 states explicitly permit abortion prior to viability or when necessary to protect the life or health of the woman. (
  • They called "for abortion to be decriminalized in the country on certain grounds, so that we no longer have women imprisoned, unjustly criminalized for having undergone an obstetric emergency", said Morena Herrera, leader of the Association citizen for the decriminalization of therapeutic and ethical practices. (
  • Ms McElhinney said: "It is bad enough to take action to allow others to engage in discriminatory and eugenic practices. (
  • It is something else for the British government to actually intervene on a devolved matter to take to themselves the right to commission discriminatory and eugenic practices because, very properly, the Northern Ireland health minister has refused to commission abortions on this basis. (
  • Stoddard was something of a Nazi enthusiast who described the eugenic practices of the Third Reich as 'scientific' and 'humanitarian. (
  • They often exploited the mythology of overpopulation to justify implementing anti-human eugenic practices. (
  • Specifically, the constitution's Charter of Fundamental Rights insists on "the prohibition of eugenic practices. (
  • In his film, Hillary's America , D'Souza slams Hillary Clinton for praising Margaret Sanger and exposes Planned Parenthood's notorious eugenic practices. (
  • Tribunal held that permitting abortions in the case of foetal deformities legalised "eugenic practices with regard to an unborn child, thus denying it the respect and protection of human dignity. (
  • In the ruling, the constitutional tribunal's president, Julia Przylebska, said that permitting abortions in the case of foetal deformities legalised "eugenic practices with regard to an unborn child, thus denying it the respect and protection of human dignity," The New York Times reported. (
  • But in October 2020, Poland's Constitutional Tribunal - the country's highest court - ruled it was unconstitutional for women to terminate pregnancies in the case of fetal abnormalities, saying that that the exception constituted "eugenic practices. (
  • The gender imbalance has grown so severe that a team of pregnant Indian women went undercover to help expose sex-selection abortion practices ravaging their country. (
  • that condemns practices that destroy the lives of women and girls, including sex selection abortion and infanticide. (
  • Mark Crutcher, Maafa21 filmmaker, traces eugenic thoughts & practices used against African Americans from the era of slavery to today. (
  • As of 2022, countries that legally allow abortion on request or for socioeconomic reasons comprise about 60% of the world's population. (
  • Ms. Daniels is the author of "Reconciling Reproductive Rights: Eugenic Abortion and Home Birth Disputes at the European Court of Human Rights," 71 Duke Law Journal 1605 (2022). (
  • In 2022 the government, in the Standards for Abortion Counselling, sought to demonise Christianity by blaming missionaries for teaching Maoris that abortion was intrinsically evil and should cease. (
  • Nevertheless, it became clear that illegal abortions continued to take place in large numbers even where abortions were rigorously restricted. (
  • He said in a 1970 interview , "If we could get the abortion law liberalized, most of the 750,000 unwanted pregnancies would not lead to babies - rejected children, battered baby syndrome and illegal abortions. (
  • Anecdotes from those who worked at Gosnell's clinics indicate that there were substantially more homicides and illegal abortions than is generally believed. (
  • Besides the fact that it would be useful to know how they determine the number of illegal abortions in a country, the "findings" are reported by region & broad income. (
  • An estimated 80,000 to 1,20,000 Polish women either go abroad or seek illegal abortions every year due to the country's strict laws or the stigma assocoated with it. (
  • In its judgment of 22 October, the Polish Constitutional Court held that Article 4a(1)(2) of the Act of 7 January 1993, which allows abortion when "prenatal examinations or other medical data indicate a high probability of serious and irreversible disability of the foetus or an incurable life-threatening disease", was contrary to the Constitution of the Republic of Poland. (
  • Although some geneticists have assessed prenatal testing programs on this basis, such goals can have eugenic implications. (
  • As a geneticist, I find this approach very disturbing, because the goals of prenatal genetic programs have never included the abortion of abnormal fetuses. (
  • Over the years eugenic abortion increased as prenatal screening supposedly improved. (
  • Similar concerns have been raised when a prenatal diagnosis of a congenital disorder leads to abortion . (
  • Dr. Esteban Rodriguez Martin gave his testimony as a gynecologist and victim of the Spanish regulation on abortion and prenatal diagnostic procedures. (
  • In his petition to the Supreme Court, Hill noted that the advancement of prenatal testing technology makes the case all the more urgent, as unborn babies who test positive for Down syndrome are at higher risk for abortion - at a rate of about 67 percent in the United States. (
  • But the fact that the March of Dimes encourages prenatal screening for birth defects that can only be "treated" by abortion does not support the claim that they are neutral. (
  • The judgement caused that abortion was only permissible in three cases, namely when "pregnancy poses a threat to the life or health of a pregnant woman," "prenatal tests or other medical indications indicate a high probability of severe and irreversible impairment of the fetus or an incurable life-threatening disease," and when "there is a justified suspicion that the pregnancy resulted from a criminal act" (article 4a para. (
  • abortion where "prenatal tests or other medical indications indicate a high probability of severe and irreversible foetal impairment or an incurable life-threatening disease" is a violation of the constitutional right to life. (
  • Planned Parenthood's eugenic attitude (later couched more in terms of population control) lived on for decades. (
  • Among them were Alan F. Guttmacher, the impetus behind Planned Parenthood's decision to commit abortions, and Lawrence (Larry) Lader, a former co-founder of NARAL Pro-Choice America (known then as National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws) who was dubbed the "father of the abortion movement. (
  • Then, in 1968, under Guttmacher's leadership, Planned Parenthood's board approved a resolution to begin calling for the decriminalization of abortion and offering abortion referral services. (
  • In this report, readers will learn about Planned Parenthood's first abortion facility, which opened in 1970. (
  • Langmyhr called Planned Parenthood's early role in abortion activities "necessarily unpublicized," pointing to "the outspoken advocacy of abortion law change by Dr. Alan Guttmacher" and going on to detail the organization's involvement in abortion information, counseling, and referrals following the "advent of abortion reform movements," as well as Planned Parenthood's role in pregnancy detection, "clergy counseling," national abortion hotlines, and the opening of abortion facilities. (
  • Up to this point, Planned Parenthood's role was advocacy for the decriminalization of abortion as well as abortion referral in states such as New York, Colorado, and California, which had already changed their strict abortion laws. (
  • By Marion Algier - Ask Marion Planned Parenthood's roots and history go back to the eugenic ideals of its founder, Fabian Margaret Sanger, and the ugliness surrounding this progressive institution just keeps going! (
  • Planned Parenthood's history goes back to the eugenic ideals of its founder, Margaret Sanger. (
  • Planned Parenthood's own staffers recently acknowledged the organization's racist roots, forcing the abortion corporation to admit they have had a systemic racism problem for decades, covered up by a complicit media despite years of exposure by pro-life organizations. (
  • Robert Franks edited Margaret Sanger's Eugenic Legacy: The Control of Female Fertility, which was released by McFarland in 2005. (
  • Nathanson, who was still conducting "therapeutic abortions" when he wrote "Aborting America" with Richard N. Ostling in 1979, had operated the largest abortion clinic in the world. (
  • The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Bill, 2021 aims at expanding access to safe and legal abortion services on therapeutic, eugenic, humanitarian or social grounds for women. (
  • Their girl survived, nevertheless when she sought for scientific help both for of those she are detained", consigned in the a statement put-out with the Thursday brand new Resident Class to have the newest Decriminalization out-of Therapeutic, Ethical and Eugenic Abortion , that helps the lady. (
  • So it regulations maybe not only prevents people off accessing safe abortions, even the underside therapeutic circumstances, not extends to the fresh criminalization of every suspected abortions. (
  • induced abortion (your basic medical abortion, AKA artificial abortion ), therapeutic abortion (for the health of the mother), eugenic abortion (because the foetus has serious defects), criminal abortion (done illegally), legal abortion , and habitual abortion (usually defined as abortion over three or more consecutive pregnancies, AKA recurrent abortion ). (
  • On 22 October 2020, the Polish Constitutional Court considered the appeal of 119 deputies against the provisions of the Act of 7 January 1993 on family planning, protection of the human foetus and conditions for terminating pregnancy ( case K 1/20 ) authorising eugenic abortion. (
  • Many women are prosecuted after seeking medical help for pregnancy complications on suspicion of attempting an abortion. (
  • Elizabeth Johnson in 2015: Women seek abortion because of the stress of "unprepared pregnancy, single-motherhood, financial pressure and relationship discord. (
  • This case opposes the Mississippi Department of Health against an abortion clinic (JWHO) challenging the constitutionality of a March 2018 law banning most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy in the state. (
  • Since then, banning on abortion before 24 weeks of pregnancy is considered unconstitutional, although states retain a (limited) margin of appreciation. (
  • As explained here , European states do not constitutionally protect abortion on demand up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. (
  • Thus, of the thirty-four Council of Europe member states that allow abortion on demand, twenty-nine only allow it during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. (
  • She managed to keep her pregnancy secret until an abortion was out of the question and Donnie was born. (
  • Indeed, the tendency in continental Europe is to regard the abortion as a crime against the unborn child, and several codes (notably that of the German Empire) expressly recognize the life of the foetus, while others make the penalty more severe if abortion has been caused in the later stages of pregnancy, or if the woman is married. (
  • An abortion must by law, except in a few extreme cases, be carried out before the twenty fourth week of pregnancy. (
  • The suction method at the early stages of pregnancy is a risky do-it-yourself method used where abortion is forbidden by law. (
  • Further, the National Medical Committee has issued Standards for Pregnancy Counseling Programs and Abortion Services. (
  • He adds that " as soon as there is freedom to terminate pregnancy ", nothing will stop the introduction of an eugenic public policy. (
  • New Hampshire law still permits eugenic abortion after 24 weeks of pregnancy. (
  • These abortion-free agencies go far beyond crisis pregnancy management. (
  • The Supreme Court's decision rules on the constitutionality of a 2018 Mississippi state law which sets abortion deadlines at 15 weeks of pregnancy, except for medical emergencies or severe fetal malformations. (
  • In France, the Parliament recently extended abortion deadlines from 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. (
  • But before you or some woman reading this article says "what about when pregnancy endangers the life of the mother, rape or incest", you need to know that such cases do not make up the bulk of abortions in America. (
  • Roe v. Wade legalized abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy and declared the preborn child "not a person. (
  • This decision gave us the trimester framework , ruling that no regulation of abortion was necessary for the first month of pregnancy. (
  • During an one such debate, I was referred to a 2020 article in the journal Lancet , " Unintended pregnancy and abortion by income, region, and the legal status of abortion: estimates from a comprehensive model for 1990-2019 ," that supposedly gave proof that abortion restrictions result in higher rates of abortion. (
  • When the women returned to Japan, the Japanese government directed officials to perform abortions on those who had become pregnant, including on those in very late term pregnancy. (
  • The amendments aim to broaden the scope of safe abortion services available to women and ensure their dignity, autonomy, secrecy, and justice for women who need to end their pregnancy. (
  • The amendments include substitution of certain sub-sections, insertion of certain new clauses under some sections in the existing Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971, with a view to increase upper gestation limit for termination of pregnancy under certain conditions and to strengthen access to comprehensive abortion care, under strict conditions, without compromising service and quality of safe abortion. (
  • In another Outfront billboard , featuring African-American abortionist Monica McLemore, pregnancy care centers were bogusly attacked for their "abortion deception" (aka medically accurate information about what abortion is and how it impacts mother, father and child). (
  • Abortion was only permitted in the largely Catholic nation for nearly three decades if the pregnancy was the product of rape or incest, if the mother's life was in danger, or if there were abnormalities in the fetus. (
  • The great majority of Americans believe abortion on demand after this point is cruel and inhumane, and they reject Roe when they understood that it puts us in the company of just a handful of nations - like China and North Korea - that allow a late-term abortion more than halfway through pregnancy, even up to the moment of birth. (
  • For nearly three decades, abortion in the predominately Catholic country had only been allowed under three circumstances: If the pregnancy was a result of * or *, if the mother's life was at risk, or in the case of fetal abnormalities. (
  • 3] Most have only compared the risk of having an abortion with the risk of not having had that pregnancy, instead of comparing the effect of having an abortion with the effect of having a full term pregnancy. (
  • Abortion and contraception are alternatives to compulsory pregnancy which alone permit women to define themselves beyond the narrow scope of motherhood. (
  • If a distinction is made between abortion and miscarriage (and usually there is), 'abortion' can be used when the death happens before the fourth month of pregnancy, and 'miscarriage' for any thereafter. (
  • Pro-lifers may have a list of conditions under which abortion is acceptable, i.e. if there are severe deformities of the fetus, or if the pregnancy is the result of incest or rape . (
  • With the current state of abortion 'propaganda'--who wants to listen to the message that 'if you have some self-discipline, you can avoid pregnancy' When the opposition tells you 'naw. (
  • This bill secures the "right" to an abortion all the way up to the ninth month of pregnancy, with no limitations. (
  • In 1973, 30 states banned abortion at any stage of a pregnancy, with some exceptions for the health of the mother. (
  • States like Colorado, New Jersey, Oregon and Delaware actually protected abortion without any limit on the stage of a pregnancy - guaranteeing the right up to just before time of birth. (
  • Roughly 60 percent of abortions today are carried out at home, not in clinics, using pills with mifepristone and misoprostol to abort a pregnancy. (
  • The health of the woman is so broadly defined as to make almost any issue sufficient for a woman to get an abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy. (
  • In 2019, this type of eugenic abortion concerned 1074 of the 1110 abortions performed in Polish hospitals according to figures published by the Polish Ministry of Health. (
  • In 2019, a group of 118 members of the lower chamber of Polish Parliament, representing right-wing parties, submitted a request to the Constitutional Tribunal for examination of the second of the above-mentioned exceptions with the Constitution, i.e. regarding the admissibility of abortion when there is a high probability of severe and irreversible impairment of the fetus or an incurable disease that threatens its life. (
  • However, when the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party took office in 2015, they vowed to tighten the law even more, promising to do away with the fetal abnormality exception, which, according to data from the Polish Ministry of Health , accounted for 98% of all known legal abortions performed in Poland in 2019. (
  • But when the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party came into power in 2015, they pledged to tighten the law even further, saying they would remove the fetal abnormality exception, the most frequently used case for legal abortion, which accounted for 98% of all known legal abortions carried out in Poland in 2019, according to data from the Polish Ministry of Health. (
  • Anticipating the closure of abortion centres in 21 states if Roe was overturned, they estimated that an average travel distance of 25 miles in 2019 would increase to an average of 249 miles and a maximum of 791 miles, with 39% of US women affected. (
  • Also according to the study, the number of abortions worldwide is declining due to increased access to contraception. (
  • And this is not just for abortion services - there's a worry that certain forms of contraception, like IUDs, are going to be restricted if Roe v. Wade is overturned because there are some states that want to define life at fertilization, which is deeply alarming. (
  • On these biblical foundations, the Talmud established the legal framework in virtually all fields of medical ethics, setting forth the main principles applicable to a wide variety of medico-moral issues, such as abortion, sterilization, contraception, euthanasia, malpractice claims, etc. (
  • These include celibacy, delayed marriage, contraception and abortion . (
  • These included coercion in the form of laws passed in 1920 and 1923 banning abortion and contraception. (
  • People have always attempted to prevent birth by contraception and when that has failed by abortion, and even, when that has failed, resorted to infanticide. (
  • The court said that "intimate sexual relations, contraception, and marriage" are not impacted by its holding because "abortion is fundamentally different, as both Roe and Casey acknowledged. (
  • In a historic victory for Poland's pro-life movement, the Polish Constitutional Tribunal has ruled that the existing laws concerning eugenic abortion are incompatible with the country's constitution. (
  • Abortion laws vary widely among countries and territories, and have changed over time. (
  • Such laws range from abortion being freely available on request, to regulation or restrictions of various kinds, to outright prohibition in all circumstances. (
  • In the 19th century, many Western countries began to codify abortion laws or place further restrictions on the practice. (
  • Political movements soon coalesced around the legalization of abortion and liberalization of existing laws. (
  • By the first half of the 20th century, many countries had begun to liberalize abortion laws, at least when performed to protect the woman's life and in some cases on the woman's request. (
  • Thirty-three states in the United States implemented eugenic sterilization laws during the 20th century, and an estimated 65,000 US residents underwent coerced sterilization via state policies. (
  • According to Nathanson, he and Lader were discussing the overall strategy for legalizing abortion in the United States in October, 1967, six years before the Supreme Court would knock down all state laws that criminalized abortion in its Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions and two years before the formation of NARAL. (
  • Abortion has done more to suppress the Black vote by virtue of eliminating African Americans from the voting population than all of the efforts of the KKK and Jim Crow laws combined. (
  • It has become common practice in the United States for federal courts, seized by representatives of the abortion business, to strip pro-life laws of their effect on the grounds of unconstitutionality. (
  • He added, however, that "[g]iven the potential for abortion to become a tool of eugenic manipulation, the court will soon need to confront the constitutionality of laws like Indiana's. (
  • Alliance VITA's website provides an analysis of the abortion laws in this country. (
  • In the early 1930s , Hitler rose to power and took US eugenic laws as a model. (
  • In France, after the post-revolutionary civil laws of 1791 and 1810 banning abortion, the state's approach to abortion was generally similar to that of the Church regarding withdrawal or the Ogino-Knaus method (a method that Pius XII eventually recognized in 1951): it was considered opportune to avoid a campaign which would use up considerable resources for an uncertain result. (
  • In 1996, the left-dominated Parliament re-relaxed abortion laws. (
  • Poland's abortion laws were already considered some of the strictest in Europe. (
  • Poland Has Some Of The Strictest Abortion Laws In Europe. (
  • Her family says Izabela is the first victim of the latest tightening of Poland's abortion laws, already among the most restrictive in Europe. (
  • Abortion laws are woman-control laws. (
  • Roughly 16 states are poised or expected to make abortion illegal immediately under so-called trigger laws. (
  • Therefore the abortion laws in NYS are dismissive of the real health of the mother. (
  • 21 states have laws that could be used to restrict the legal status of abortion. (
  • 10 states have post-Roe laws to ban all or nearly all abortions that would be triggered if Roe were overturned. (
  • 7 states have laws that express the intent to restrict the right to legal abortion to the maximum extent permitted by the US Supreme Court in the absence of Roe. (
  • He tells CBN News the truth is that minority women do not need Roe "because it is opponents of Roe - pro-life activists - who extend compassion and care to pregnant women of color, even as the abortion industry targets their children for destruction. (
  • Our lawyers defend pro-life activists courageously proclaiming the truth about the bloody and brutal nature of abortion techniques, support emerging civil movements for the protection of life, participate in the national legislative process and prepare numerous analyses, proposals and memoranda addressed to international organisations. (
  • In the interwar period - that of unprecedented low fertility in France (roughly 620,000 annual births after 1935 and a TFR below 2.10, compared with 910,000 and 2.9 in 1901) - hardly more than a hundred people were actually convicted each year for abortion in French courts, whereas the annual number of "crimes" ranged between 300,000 and 1,000,000, according to the activists' rough estimates. (
  • Pro-abortion activists tried, in vain, to tear down our billboards or have CBS Outdoor (now Outfront) remove them. (
  • On Thursday, it was ruled that an existing law allowing abortions of malformed foetuses was unconstitutional, immediately provoking an outcry from women and pro-choice activists across the country. (
  • The protests had delayed the Law and Justice government's implementation, and abortion activists have announced more protests-but the new protections for pre-born children have taken effect. (
  • When abortion activists say that abortion is an act of mercy, they don't mean for these happy people. (
  • These cases, which the Catholic fundamentalist activists have recently started calling "eugenic abortion," make up almost all of the generally small number of abortions conducted legally in Poland. (
  • Pro-life advocates and a member of Parliament at the Australia March for Life were assaulted by thousands of pro-abortion activists over the weekend. (
  • In Buenos Aires he stood firmly against abortion, euthanasia, human trafficking, and all forms of violence against the human person. (
  • This involved Improving the Race by Eugenic methods which included sterilisation, abortion, and 'euthanasia', and the supersession or even elimination of lesser races. (
  • Support policies that stop: a million abortions each year, euthanasia and assisted suicide to deal with the burdens of illness & disability, the destruction of human embryos in the name of research, the use of the death penalty to combat crime, and imprudent resort to war to address international disputes. (
  • Some forms of infanticide in ancient societies, present-day reprogenetics, preemptive abortions, and designer babies have been (sometimes controversially) referred to as eugenic. (
  • The selective abortion of unborn babies based on being predisposed to developmental disability is an issue of global scale. (
  • It also included a provision that would have required medical facilities to cremate or intern fetal remains of babies who died by abortion or miscarriage. (
  • The pope has been a vocal opponent of abortion of the disabled, repeatedly denouncing the "eugenic tendency" behind eliminating unborn babies with handicaps, which reveals a "narcissistic and utilitarian vision. (
  • The dishonesty--the embrace of eugenic abortion smuggled in under the cover of dying babies-- is both nothing unusual and disheartening. (
  • transhumanism's push for developing "post human" genetic enhancement technologies, eugenic abortion of fetuses testing positive for Down syndrome and dwarfism, the push for infanticide of babies born with disabilities, among other supposedly progressive causes. (
  • All too often, though, doctors recommend abortions for women whose babies test positive for "undesirable" traits. (
  • Why would it respect its employees of color, when it routinely targets preborn babies of color for abortion? (
  • If unborn babies are "persons," as modern science shows, the 14th Amendment outlaws abortion, since abortion deprives a class of persons of their life without due process of law and without equal protection. (
  • But many don't realize that this amendment fails to protect pre-born babies and their mothers and instead, expressly grants the ability to regulate abortion, further enshrining it into law. (
  • Riots have been occurring since the nation's high court issued a ruling that protects unborn babies with disabilities from abortions. (
  • On Oct. 22, Poland's constitutional court struck down one of the few exceptions allowed in its 1993 abortion law - abortions on unborn babies with disabilities, saying that the exception violates the constitution because it discriminates against humans with disabilities. (
  • Our billboard campaigns ("Black Children Are An Endangered Species", "Black and Beautiful", and "Fatherhood Begins in the Womb") highlighted the fact that more black babies were being aborted than born alive by an industry birthed in eugenic racism and elitism. (
  • Nationally 1,786 [blacks] are killed each day by abortion, and in New York City, for every 1,000 precious [black babies born], sadly 1,525 are mutilated to death within the womb. (
  • In total, more than a third of the abortions performed in Poland so far concerned children with Down's syndrome. (
  • Now, women will no longer be able to obtain an abortion if their sole reason for the abortion is because tests show, for example, that the child has Down's Syndrome. (
  • Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt today led a coalition of 22 states filing an amicus brief in support of an Arkansas law that would prohibit abortions solely based on a pre-natal Down Syndrome diagnosis. (
  • Yet the abortion of children with Down Syndrome approaches genocidal levels, threatening the Down Syndrome community with complete elimination. (
  • All States share Arkansas' compelling interests in preventing the eradication of people with Down syndrome through the practice of eugenic abortion. (
  • The brief recounts the disturbing history of mistreatment, neglect, and abuse of people with Down syndrome by medical professionals in the past, and argues that when screening or diagnostic tests report the possibility of Down Syndrome, the counseling process is heavily tilted towards abortion, stating, "The counseling received by parents at that vulnerable moment heavily favors abortion. (
  • Then there is post abortion Syndrome that destroys the women who abort. (
  • documented 96% abortion rate for those diagnosed in the womb with Down syndrome. (
  • Though some abortions of children with disabilities involve diagnoses that are likely to be fatal, many involve non-fatal conditions such as Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, and spina bifida. (
  • Some other Western countries have near-100 percent abortion rates of unborn children diagnosed with Down syndrome. (
  • In some Western nations, however, children diagnosed with Down syndrome are on the verge of being eliminated from society through selective abortion. (
  • Rosaleen McElhinney, whose daughter Cara Rose has Down syndrome voiced her upset and concern in The Irish News newspaper, where she talked about the discriminatory abortion law in Northern Ireland that permits abortion up to birth when an unborn baby is detected with Down syndrome or any other disability. (
  • The Abortion Legislation Act 2020 allowed for these Down syndrome children to be killed up to birth. (
  • Whilst many have praised her courage, others have accused the British actress of being anti-choice, using her son Olly with Down's syndrome to make mums-to-be feel guilty over abortion, being too emotional, and even too personal. (
  • One of her children was detected with Downs Syndrome while she was pregnant but the couple refused abortion. (
  • According to this group of MPs, this very provision allowed for eugenic abortions, for instance, in cases where it is probable that a child would be born with Down Syndrome. (
  • In line with the current abortion of those with Down's syndrome, much research in regards to other neurodiverse conditions such as autism and dyslexia is also geared precisely towards finding genetic markers. (
  • Iceland has virtually eliminated Down's syndrome through abortion. (
  • Poland on the target of the abortion lobby in the European Parliament. (
  • Women wear protective face masks and gesticulate towards a pro life counter protest during the fourth day of protests against the Constitutional Court ruling on tightening the abortion law at Krakow's UNESCO listed Main Square on October 25, 2020 in Krakow, Poland. (
  • Lempart and Suchanow want free access to abortion on demand, something which has been prohibited in Poland since 1993 and is opposed by over three- fourths of Poles . (
  • However, I will start with a brief introduction on the history of the legal regulations on abortion in Poland. (
  • In 1918, when Poland was re-established as an independent state, the prohibition on abortion, provided for by the still binding Austrian, German and Russian law, was in force. (
  • The regulation on abortion was relaxed in 1956, at the very end of the Stalinist period in Poland. (
  • Since then, abortion has been permitted in Poland without any major restrictions. (
  • On October 3, 2016, cities across Poland were seized by massive demonstrations against new proposals for a total abortion ban in the country. (
  • After 1950, under the Stalinist bureaucratic regime, abortion law in Poland was based on conservative Soviet medical law. (
  • I spoke with pro-life leaders in Poland at the time, and they noted that the ruling had become a flashpoint for dissatisfaction of every type-but that the Polish people have actually become far more pro-life since the end of Communism rather than more pro-abortion. (
  • Abortion is now only legal in Poland in the cases of rape and incest or when the mother's life or health is in danger. (
  • This entry was posted in Blog Post and tagged abortion , Jonathon Van Maren , Law and Justice , Poland . (
  • They have associated sterilization with coercion and abortion and birth control with women's liberation, thus situating them at opposite poles. (
  • The economics of race and eugenic sterilization in North Carolina: 1958-1968. (
  • TOKYO -- In 1973, the head of the former Ministry of Health and Welfare's public sanitation bureau effectively denied that there were any grounds for performing forced sterilization surgeries under the now-defunct eugenic protection law. (
  • At the time, doctors who had accumulated clinical experience joined the ministry as technical officials, and the scientific basis for the eugenic protection law (1948-1996), which allowed for the forced sterilization of those with intellectual disabilities, mental illnesses or hereditary diseases, was starting to be called into question. (
  • In 1971, The Gadsden Times documented Hardin's coercive abortion and sterilization ideas, quoting Hardin as saying, "Let's call it X number. (
  • She would by law be required to have an abortion and sterilization. (
  • Western and Eastern interests converged in 1948, when American advisers steered the country toward passing the Eugenic Protection Law, which legalized abortion and sterilization. (
  • Jordan condemned war and promoted conservationist causes for the California wilderness, and he advocated for the eugenic sterilization of thousands of Americans. (
  • Guttmacher was a long-time eugenicist and former vice president of the American Eugenic Society. (
  • The call for legalizing abortion in the United States was not due to women demanding it - the call came from eugenicist zealots pushing abortion as a population control solution. (
  • If there were to be a reversal, the Roe v. Wade barrier may be breached, as some states would now be able to ban abortion before the threshold of foetal viability (before 24 weeks). (
  • After the Supreme Court threw abortion access into turmoil when it overturned Roe v. Wade in June and conservatives signaled that birth control is one of their next targets, the U.S. government took two important steps toward contraceptive equity. (
  • By David Bjornstrom - We concede too much in assuming that, if Roe vs. Wade is overturned, the individual states should decide whether or not to outlaw abortion. (
  • The judgment of 22 October prohibiting this type of abortion was adopted by a large majority of thirteen judges taking part in the hearing (out of fifteen judges of the Constitutional Court in all), since only two judges expressed a divergent opinion, on the grounds that it would be for Parliament to decide on the issue. (
  • Abortion continues to be a controversial subject in many societies on religious, moral, ethical, practical, and political grounds. (
  • permitting it on eugenic grounds. (
  • Furthermore, he suggest eugenic, socio-economic, and ethical considerations may be additional grounds for legalizing abortions. (
  • If having an extra finger or a cleft lip is valid grounds for a eugenic abortion, I imagine that there'd be parents wanting to screen for the baldness gene as well. (
  • Supporting safe abortion as a woman's right on both public health and human rights grounds. (
  • Many doctors refuse to perform abortions on ethical and religious grounds. (
  • But after the fetal abnormality diagnosis, Izabela asked for an abortion on medical grounds. (
  • Mikolaj Pawlak, Poland's commissioner for child rights, said: "The decision of the Constitutional Court declaring eugenic abortion incompatible with the constitution is a victory of life over death. (
  • Pope Francis Condemns Abortion…, , 10/29/20] [Ed. note: Poland's govt. (
  • The event was organized by Women's Strike - Strajk Kobiet - the feminist organization at the root of Poland's mass pro-abortion protests of late October and early November. (
  • Poland's Constitutional Tribunal ruled that an existing law was unconstitutional because the Polish constitution assures a right to life and the abortion based on a foetal malfunction was a directly forbidden form of discrimination. (
  • A ruling by Poland's constitutional court on October 22 banning eugenic abortions triggered widespread outrage and massive protests, with leftist groups of every stripe attempting to utilize the "abortion revolution" to further their cause. (
  • Poland's President, Andrzej Duda, weighed in on Izabela's case during a press conference last year, asking why an abortion was not performed, and why her life was not saved. (
  • When the Supreme Court first agreed to hear the challenge to Mississippi's fifteen-week abortion ban, the only question presented by the parties for review was a quite narrow one-whether all pre-viability prohibitions on elective abortions are unconstitutional-but the Court itself, indulging a practice that has become increasingly common, specifically directed the litigants to brief the broader question of whether Roe should be overruled in its entirety. (
  • The question that will guide its consideration is whether all bans on abortion before the foetus is viable are unconstitutional. (
  • What conditions favored asking the Court to judge Brazil's abortion law to be unconstitutional? (
  • For women in Texas, Roe has already been nullified: the court went out of its way to allow what Justice Sonia Sotomayor called a "flagrantly unconstitutional" abortion ban to go into effect there, depriving abortion rights to the one in 10 American women of reproductive age who live in the nation's second largest state. (
  • with the majority being up to 12 weeks for abortion on request, up to 24 weeks for rape, incest, or socioeconomic reasons, and more for fetal impairment or risk to the woman's health or life. (
  • In a surprise move, the Supreme Court issued a split decision on an abortion case Tuesday, allowing Indiana to require medical facilities to cremate or bury fetal remains, but striking down a ban on abortions performed because of the sex, race, or disability of the fetus. (
  • Fetal abnormalities or woman's health considerations are rarely the reason for undergoing a late-term abortion. (
  • Lord Alton had written to Mr Blair about fetal experimentation and eugenic abortion . (
  • Those who oppose abortion for fetal abnormality have been allowed to assume the moral high ground in the discussion. (
  • But Izabela requested an abortion for medical reasons after learning of the fetal abnormalities. (
  • It noted that abortion is unique in dealing with "what those decisions called 'fetal life' and what the law now before us describes as an 'unborn human being. (
  • Nineteen states and numerous pro-life and disability groups have petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold an Indiana law prohibiting abortions based on race, sex or disability. (
  • Interestingly, the Supreme Court, in a subsequent judgment in the case of Suchita Srivastava v. Chandigarh Administration ((2009) 9 SCC 1), while reflecting on the eugenic theory, held that such measures are anti-democratic and violative of the guarantee of equal protection before the law as laid down in Article 14 of Constitution). (
  • In a 2009 New York Times Magazine interview with now-deceased Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg suggested that Roe was a product of eugenic philosophy meant to limit certain populations. (
  • Thomas said that the Supreme Court's current avoidance of ruling on the law should not be interpreted as agreement with the lower court's findings and that the time is swiftly approaching for the Supreme Court to tackle the issue of abortion. (
  • On August 3rd and 6th 2018, the Supreme Court of Brazil held a Public Hearing on ADPF 442/2017 [1] , a juridical instrument that challenges the constitutionality of the articles in the 1940 Penal Code that criminalize abortion. (
  • On August 3rd, medical doctors, public health professionals, bio-scientists and bio-ethicists, psychologists, legal scholars, social scientists, and feminists expressed their support for and enlarged the arguments presented in the ADPF 442 petition to the Supreme Court, favoring the decriminalization of abortion. (
  • The New Hampshire constitution could still be amended to protect abortion - or the constitution's "privacy" amendment could be construed by our state Supreme Court to accomplish the same thing. (
  • By Dr. Charles Lugosi, SJD - Editor's note: The Canadian Supreme Court has refused to hear a case launched by Mary Wagner, a pro-life activist who was arrested for engaging in an act to save the lives of unborn children at a Toronto abortion facility in 2012. (
  • In that decision," notes IFRL, "the Supreme Court upheld a Pennsylvania abortion waiting period law. (
  • The former law clerk to now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is staunchly opposed not only to abortion , but to medical fertility treatments and surrogacy as well. (
  • The Role of Primary Care Clinicians in Protecting Access to Abortion Services. (
  • Restricted Access to Abortion, the Dobbs Ruling, and Radiation Oncology: Standing United Against Reproductive Injustice. (
  • These proposals, first drafted by the Ordo Iuris Institute, a reactionary Catholic foundation, were designed to deny all access to abortion, with no exceptions. (
  • In many countries, the most contested front in this fight has been efforts to limit access to abortion. (
  • by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat The Arkansas Legislature has overridden Gov. Beebe's veto of the state's 20-week abortion ban. (
  • Though African-American women make up less than 8 percent of our state's population, 42 percent of abortions were performed on them. (
  • At the time of our campaign, though African-Americans made up only 13% of Ohio's population, they comprised a hugely disproportionate 44% of the state's abortions. (
  • Whites made up 78% of Ohio's population yet comprised an unrepresentative 49% of the state's abortions. (
  • According to Hardin, "If abortion did not solve the planning problem there was always infanticide to fall back on… Most people think that the practice of infanticide is confined to savages. (
  • According to a 2007 study conducted by the Guttmacher Institute and the World Health Organization, abortion rates are similar in countries where the procedure is legal and in countries where it is not, due to unavailability of modern contraceptives in areas where abortion is illegal. (
  • Called by the acronym NARAL, the organization began as a collective of pro-abortion groups, nascent feminist organizations, illegal abortion referral services, and various Zero Population Growth zealots in the late 1960s. (
  • Because Hogue is not being forthcoming about the history of her own organization, here is what readers should know about the founding ideals of one of the nation's most powerful pro-abortion lobbying groups. (
  • The incorporation papers list two abortion clinic employees as directors of the Wiccan organization. (
  • Readers of Open Circle were encouraged to become 'clinic escorts' and were told how they could help fund the South Brevard National Organization of Woman's program to 'help low income women have abortions. (
  • In December 2021, oral arguments were held for both sides: the Mississippi State Health Department represented by Thomas Dobbs, and the Jackson Women's Health Organization, the only abortion clinic in the state of Mississippi. (
  • This is an organization with racist and eugenic roots. (
  • In the more than 40 years since, abortion services have grown to consume a bigger and bigger market share for the organization. (
  • All proposals to liberalize abortion were quickly condemned by the PAX Association, an influential pro-government, ultra-nationalist Catholic organization led by the prewar head of the fascist National Radical Movement-Falange, Boleslaw Piasecki. (
  • The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer is an international women's organization founded to protect the health and save the lives of women by educating and providing information on abortion as a risk factor for breast cancer. (
  • On August 4, 1992, two employees of Aware Woman abortion clinic, Veronica Jordan and Rebecca Morris, registered a non-profit religious corporation known as the Wiccan Religious Cooperative of Florida (WRCF). (
  • Sanger, who trained as a nurse, opened the first birth control clinic in the country in 1916, at a time when both birth control and abortion were illegal. (
  • Now, sharing names, photos and addresses of abortion providers and clinic staff is standard practice in the mainline anti-choice movement, and the stalking and doxing of providers has become routine. (
  • I dont mind dumb characters in horror movies, but the clinic s brainy concept streamlined eugenic selection, along the lines of hitlers proposed master race rather requires a smarter script. (
  • Eugenic surgeries were never once debated within our division," says a man who was a technical official at the former Ministry of Health and Welfare's mental hygiene division, during an interview with the Mainichi Shimbun in Tokyo, on April 26, 2018. (
  • Fletcher Armstrong writes that the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform's graphic abortion photos appeared in London's Sunday Times , reaching one million readers. (
  • Despite these positive changes in the country's reproductive rights for women, abortion has always sparked heated moral, ethical, political, and legal disputes. (
  • The girl daughter endured, however when she needed medical help for of them she is actually arrested", consigned during the a statement released into Thursday the newest Citizen Classification getting the brand new Decriminalization out-of Healing, Ethical and you can Eugenic Abortion , that helps the lady. (
  • The Soviet state initially preserved the tsarist ban on abortion, which treated the practice as premeditated murder. (
  • Yet, as critics of McGill Johnson's statement immediately pointed out, PP is still proudly the largest abortion provider in the United States . (
  • In fact, that was its purpose according to the founder of the largest abortion provider in the nation. (
  • What eugenicists couldn't achieve, morally, through public opinion and forced sterilizations, they've achieved, politically, through decades of propaganda and the massive taxpayer funding of the nation's largest abortion and population control chain. (
  • In Cleveland, Lamar Advertising allowed Preterm-Ohio's largest abortion business-to place 9 of 16 outrageous pro-abortion billboards in predominantly black neighborhoods. (
  • But, in reality, the largest abortion corporation in the nation offers little in way of health care to the Black community. (
  • An Alabama health committee heard testimony on legislation to regulate abortion clinics. (
  • The district court threw out the law's application, claiming that states have the power to "regulate abortion procedures before foetal viability (24 weeks) as long as the measures are not disproportionate to the woman's right. (
  • After that, states could decide if they wanted to regulate abortion in the second and third trimester. (
  • It performs about a third of a million abortions each year. (
  • The Soviet state recognized that banning abortion would not stop the practice because women would continue using the services of private abortionists. (
  • Its fundamental goal was to legalize abortion and to repeal any restrictions on the practice that were in place in every state at the time. (
  • No recognition of the right to conscientious objection of health care institutions that according to their ideology refuse to practice abortions. (
  • Abortion as Essential Health Care and the Critical Role Your Practice Can Play in Protecting Abortion Access. (
  • The moral perception of induced abortion (referred to simply as abortion in the following) has varied greatly over time and space from the earliest known traces of the practice in ancient times. (
  • Feminists for Life of America recognizes that abortion is a reflection that our society has failed to meet the needs of women. (
  • Women deserve better® than abortion, ®Refuse to Choose, Women Deserve Better, and The American Feminist are all registered trademarks of Feminists for Life of America. (
  • Kristin Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America , agrees and tells pro-lifers not to worry, saying she has faith that the country's young people see through the abortion rhetoric. (
  • In doing this, she proclaimed not only what those of us in the pro-life movement genuinely believe and fight for every day in front of Planned Parenthoods and other abortion facilities across America. (
  • It is no coincidence that "black" women make up less than 20% of the population but 40% (or more) of the abortions in America. (
  • Since abortion was legalized in 1973, America has witnessed a steady decline in valuing human beings. (
  • Obama yet again showed what kind of person he is because as he was feigning solemnity over innocent people being killed around the world, for every hour he spent at the National Prayer Breakfast nearly 75 unborn black children were murdered by abortion in America. (
  • Obama feigned concern about innocent people being murdered everywhere but here in America vis-a`-vis abortion. (
  • Nikolas T. Nikas, president and general counsel of Bioethics Defense Fund, said in a statement that elective abortions on the basis of sex, race or disability constitute "eugenic discrimination. (
  • However, one rule they did not decide to touch is one outlawing abortions on the basis of sex, disability, or race. (
  • The eugenic theme figured prominently in the Birth Control Review , which Sanger founded in 1917. (
  • But while Sanger openly used eugenic terms, Lader was more subtle, claiming that society should be responsible for the "protection of the child and its future. (
  • It is a little-known fact that Margaret Sanger, that pioneer of eugenic solutions to "racial, political, and social problems", began by targeting Jews, opening her first center in Brownsville, Brooklyn, complete with Yiddish and Italian flyers, aiming for the two immigrant groups whose high reproduction rates were considered a social problem. (
  • The second provision of the Indiana law would have banned health care providers from performing abortions when they know that the reason for the abortion has to do with the sex, race, or disability status of the fetus. (
  • In March 2016, Indiana's then-governor Mike Pence signed the Dignity for the Unborn law, which would have prohibited elective abortions based on the conditions of race, sex or disability. (
  • Their demands do not match those of an overwhelming majority of the demonstrators who took to the streets at the end of October to protest against a judgment of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal prohibiting eugenic abortions (abortions in case of serious and irreversible disability or an incurable life-threatening disease of the unborn child). (
  • another had barred the knowing provision of abortions based solely upon the sex, race, or disability of the fetus by abortion providers. (
  • All possible means compatible with women's rights must be used to reduce the number of both unwanted pregnancies and abortions. (
  • The preeminent requirement to protect the weakest, innocent unborn children, by restricting and bringing to an end their destruction through abortion, & providing women in crisis pregnancies the supports they need to make a decision for life. (
  • Their refusal to aggressively educate the public about the role abortion plays in heightening the risk posed to subsequent pregnancies is another sign that their claim of neutrality is a just a veneer over a pro-abortion, eugenic-minded "charity. (
  • Late-term abortion places these women at greater risk of surgical complications, subsequent preterm birth, and mental health problems, while simultaneously ending the life of an unborn child. (
  • In reality, abortion is only tolerated as part of the margin of appreciation left to Member States, which is itself limited by the interest of the unborn child. (
  • Abortion is killing something at the beginning of life, more for the good of the mother than the unborn child, though sometimes for its sake as well. (
  • Thousands of protesters gathered in Warsaw, to demonstrate against the country's constitutional court's new abortion ruling, which is banning abortions in all cases except for rape, incest, or when keeping a fetus endangers a woman's life. (
  • When we talk about third-trimester abortions, these are done with the consent of the mother, with the consent of physicians, more than one physician by the way, and it's done in cases where there may be severe deformities, there may be a fetus which is non-viable. (
  • Under prior New York State -(NYS) law only the "life of the mother" would allow a third trimester abortion. (
  • The justifications put out by pro-abortion organizations play on the concerns of certain black individuals who think that being denied access to abortions is somehow discriminatory. (
  • Historical documents reveal that most of the clear-sighted stakeholders of the time, including some of those who considered abortion as incompatible with their own (personal) moral values, had already warned that it would be utopian to combat such a social phenomenon, short of implementing total(itarian) social control. (
  • The judgement of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal on the controversial issue of limiting the admissibility of abortion was passed on October 22, 2020. (
  • In January 2020, the Union Cabinet approved amendments to the MTP Act , allowing women to seek abortions as part of the reproductive right and gender justice. (
  • It's also an argument for eugenic murder (see his comments about deformities). (
  • Lader would effectively harness and use anti-Catholicism as a fundamental aspect of NARAL in abortion politics, legislating, public debate and media coverage. (
  • Under the influence of Lader and NARAL, Catholicism would become the issue, as much as abortion itself. (
  • Lader went on to quote Garrett Hardin, a leading eugenic ecologist who was a co-founder of NARAL with Lader: "When unwanted children become parents they are more likely than others to be poor parents themselves and breed another generation of unwanted children. (
  • It denied certiorari on the second issue, thereby prohibiting Indiana from enforcing its restrictions on abortion. (
  • Pain management for medical abortion before 14 weeks' gestation. (
  • Enrique Jaureguízar of Spain's Doctors for Life, quoted the Spanish philosopher Julian Marías: "The gravest thing, from the moral standpoint, that has occurred in the 20th century, is the social acceptance of abortion. (
  • Priests tended to close their eyes on many intimate arrangements (like the emblematic "Onan's crime") and, until the early 20th century, usually avoided any mention of abortion in their pastoral activities (Sevegrand, 1995). (
  • Essentially, declares Jones, in addition to its anti-science stance, "it is an electorally handy attack on the abortion movement, because giving legal rights to the unborn undermines a woman's right to control her body. (
  • The effect of having an abortion has profound effects on a woman's mental, spiritual and physical health and obviously the baby as well. (
  • As a result, abortion is still linked to state-sanctioned conditions rather than a woman's rights. (
  • The doctors in the hospital did not perform the abortion, so you have to answer why it happened and why the woman's life was not saved," Duda said. (
  • This video looks at the spiritual roots of abortion and exposes the myths surrounding child killing. (
  • As a result, if a woman solicits abortion services, health care professionals who object to providing assistance, but are not pre-registered as an "objector," are legally obligated to either perform the abortion or give a referral-even if doing so would violate their conscience. (
  • The association of U.S. state-level abortion restrictions with medication abortion service delivery innovations during the early COVID-19 pandemic. (
  • Not only towards women in general, not only towards progressives but pretty much against the entire society, which is 70-80 percent (depending on the pollster) against any further restrictions on the law regulating abortion. (
  • San Salvador (AFP) - About 2,000 women marched through the Salvadoran capital on Sunday to demand the legalization of abortion and a decrease in the murders of women in the Central American country. (
  • Now, once the court's decision is enacted, abortions will only be permitted in cases of rape , incest, or if there is a threat to the mother's life. (
  • Many countries around the world still ban abortion, some allow it only if the mother's life or physical or mental health is in danger. (
  • Priscilla Coleman in 2010 (citing the Guttmacher Institute): "[T]he vast majority of late-term abortions are performed for socio-economic reasons, on a healthy and potentially viable fetus. (
  • The earliest known records of abortion techniques and general reproductive regulation date as far back as 2700 BC in China, and 1550 BC in Egypt. (
  • Abortion regulation is to be left to the states. (
  • The Dobbs decision returns abortion regulation to the states, meaning the people we elect to be our state representatives and senators and executive councilors and (God help us) governors will still be the ones to call the shots on our behalf. (
  • Abortion, doctors, and the law : some aspects of the legal regulation of abortion in England from 1803 to 1982 / John Keown. (
  • It alters the MTPA 1971 to raise the upper limit for abortion from 20 to 24 weeks for certain types of women, removes the limit in cases of significant foetal abnormalities, and establishes state-level Medical Boards. (
  • Since the Polish constitution assures a right to life, Przylebska argued that an abortion based on a foetal malfunction was "a directly forbidden form of discrimination. (
  • The ECLJ intervened in this case as amicus curiae and advocated the prohibition of eugenic abortion in light of international law. (
  • And while the Court declined to take a position at that time, at least one justice - Justice Clarence Thomas - held out hope that the merits question, whether the so-called abortion "right" is really so expansive that it includes a right to eugenic discrimination, would be revisited in the future. (
  • The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals struck down that provision, holding that it placed an undue burden on women seeking abortions. (
  • It was observed that as a result of these stringent provisions of the law, the health and lives of many women seeking abortions were being compromised. (
  • But as of Wednesday, January 27, the new law has taken effect, banning nearly all abortions. (
  • [3] Indeed, at the Public Hearing, the representative of Cfemea, a feminist CSO, reminded the Court that since the mid-2000s, federal legislators have abdicated their responsibility to address the detrimental effects of criminalization of abortion on poor, young, and black women, but instead had further restricted abortion. (
  • The first change came in the Soviet Union itself, where in 1955 the Supreme Soviet, formally the highest power in the country, repealed the criminalization of abortion. (
  • Quickly, the public issue of whether or not abortion should be fully legal in the United States descended into a cauldron of unrelated issues of separation of Church and State, the Catholic Church's tax exempt status, the religious affiliation of abortion opponents, alleged "Catholic power," and the imposition of sectarian belief on American law. (
  • Now, the legal proposition to ban eugenic abortion will be proceed by the Polish Parliament within the next three months. (
  • If abortion was not lucrative it would not be legal. (
  • Moreover, unlike the US states, there is no legal obstacle to European states banning abortion with a simple law. (
  • Any attempt to paint legal abortion as a good for minority communities will backfire for two reasons," he said. (
  • The Democrats have decided that the era of safe, legal, and rare is over - the era of 'Shout Your Abortion' is here. (
  • But, to strengthen their model, they threw out 62% of women at reproductive age because data from China & India, where abortion is broadly legal, "skewed" their numbers. (
  • Within the erican Legal regarding Peoples Legal rights influenced one El Salvador had broken the brand new liberties away from a woman seen as Manuela who was simply despatched to help you prison to possess breaching the latest abortion regulations and you can died whereas serving her 30-seasons sentence. (
  • This was the most commonly used justification for legal abortion. (
  • Abortion Pundit: Obama's Next Papal Visit-- Same As The Last One? (
  • One Guttmacher-backed study estimated that between 93,500 and 143,500 women, especially in the Midwest and the South, would have difficulty getting abortions due to the increased travel time required to get a safe abortion. (
  • Selective abortion and in vitro fertilization already allow the American elite to choose only the most physically appealing, genetically "perfect" embryo and discard the rest. (