That branch of medicine dealing with the studies and effects of flight through the atmosphere or in space upon the human body and with the prevention or cure of physiological or psychological malfunctions arising from these effects. (from NASA Thesaurus)
A weight-carrying structure for navigation of the air that is supported either by its own buoyancy or by the dynamic action of the air against its surfaces. (Webster, 1973)
Design, development, manufacture, and operation of heavier-than-air AIRCRAFT.
High-energy radiation or particles from extraterrestrial space that strike the earth, its atmosphere, or spacecraft and may create secondary radiation as a result of collisions with the atmosphere or spacecraft.
Personal satisfaction relative to the work situation.
The use of wings or wing-like appendages to remain aloft and move through the air.
A province of Canada lying between the provinces of Manitoba and Quebec. Its capital is Toronto. It takes its name from Lake Ontario which is said to represent the Iroquois oniatariio, beautiful lake. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p892 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p391)
Intentional removal of a fetus from the uterus by any of a number of techniques. (POPLINE, 1978)
A method of differentiating individuals based on the analysis of qualitative or quantitative biological traits or patterns. This process which has applications in forensics and identity theft prevention includes DNA profiles or DNA fingerprints, hand fingerprints, automated facial recognition, iris scan, hand geometry, retinal scan, vascular patterns, automated voice pattern recognition, and ultrasound of fingers.
Illegal termination of pregnancy.
Termination of pregnancy under conditions allowed under local laws. (POPLINE Thesaurus, 1991)
Persistent, unwanted idea or impulse which is considered normal when it does not markedly interfere with mental processes or emotional adjustment.
Protective measures against unauthorized access to or interference with computer operating systems, telecommunications, or data structures, especially the modification, deletion, destruction, or release of data in computers. It includes methods of forestalling interference by computer viruses or so-called computer hackers aiming to compromise stored data.
Pricing statements presented by more than one party for the purpose of securing a contract.
The organization, management, and assumption of risks of a business or enterprise, usually implying an element of change or challenge and a new opportunity.
The largest country in North America, comprising 10 provinces and three territories. Its capital is Ottawa.
The region of southwest Asia and northeastern Africa usually considered as extending from Libya on the west to Afghanistan on the east. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988)
Mobilization of human, financial, capital, physical and or natural resources to generate goods and services.
Care of the newborn infant in a crib near the mother's bed, instead of in a nursery, during the hospital stay.
The fundamental principles and laws adopted by an organization for the regulation and governing of its affairs.
A massive slaughter, especially the systematic mass extermination of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps prior to and during World War II.
The intentional infliction of physical or mental suffering upon an individual or individuals, including the torture of animals.
The act of deceiving or the fact of being deceived.
An ethnic group with historical ties to the land of ISRAEL and the religion of JUDAISM.
A general term encompassing three types of excision of the external female genitalia - Sunna, clitoridectomy, and infibulation. It is associated with severe health risks and has been declared illegal in many places, but continues to be widely practiced in a number of countries, particularly in Africa.
The doctrines and policies of the Nazis or the National Social German Workers party, which ruled Germany under Adolf Hitler from 1933-1945. These doctrines and policies included racist nationalism, expansionism, and state control of the economy. (from Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. and American Heritage College Dictionary, 3d ed.)
Facilities in which WARFARE or political prisoners are confined.
Nursing care of the surgical patient before, during, and after surgery.
Organized groups of users of goods and services.
A person who has not attained the age at which full civil rights are accorded.
Aspects of health and disease related to travel.
Payments or services provided under stated circumstances under the terms of an insurance policy. In prepayment programs, benefits are the services the programs will provide at defined locations and to the extent needed.
A generic term for the treatment of mental illness or emotional disturbances primarily by verbal or nonverbal communication.
An instrument for reproducing sounds especially articulate speech at a distance. (Webster, 3rd ed)
A form of psychiatric treatment, based on Freudian principles, which seeks to eliminate or diminish the undesirable effects of unconscious conflicts by making the patient aware of their existence, origin, and inappropriate expression in current emotions and behavior.
The branch of psychology which seeks to learn more about the fundamental causes of behavior by studying various psychologic phenomena in controlled experimental situations.
Any form of psychotherapy designed to produce therapeutic change within a minimal amount of time, generally not more than 20 sessions.
A form of therapy in which two or more patients participate under the guidance of one or more psychotherapists for the purpose of treating emotional disturbances, social maladjustments, and psychotic states.
Term generally used to describe complaints related to refractive error, ocular muscle imbalance, including pain or aching around the eyes, burning and itchiness of the eyelids, ocular fatigue, and headaches.
Persons whose profession is to give legal advice and assistance to clients and represent them in legal matters. (American Heritage Dictionary, 3d ed)
The moral and ethical bases of the protection of animals from cruelty and abuse. The rights are extended to domestic animals, laboratory animals, and wild animals.
The promotion and support of consumers' rights and interests.
Those federal and state laws, and their enforcement, that protect trade and commerce from unlawful restraints and monopolies or unfair business practices.
Days commemorating events. Holidays also include vacation periods.
The posture of an individual lying face down.
The transmission and reproduction of transient images of fixed or moving objects. An electronic system of transmitting such images together with sound over a wire or through space by apparatus that converts light and sound into electrical waves and reconverts them into visible light rays and audible sound. (From Webster, 3rd ed)
The production of offspring by selective mating or HYBRIDIZATION, GENETIC in animals or plants.
Organizations established by endowments with provision for future maintenance.
The anterior portion of the head that includes the skin, muscles, and structures of the forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, and jaw.

Does the liberalisation of abortion laws increase the number of abortions? The case study of Spain. (1/41)

BACKGROUND: Over the course of the 1980s a public debate on abortion took place in Spain culminating in a more permissive social climate and, in 1985, the partial decriminalisation of abortion. Before this, women were forced to abort illegally or abroad in countries which had decriminalised abortions. The aim of this study is to present jointly the evolution of abortions in Spanish women in England and Wales between 1974 and 1995, The Netherlands between 1980 and 1995 and Spain since the start of the register in 1987 through to 1995 and to compare trends both before and after the law in Spain. METHODS: Incidence rates were calculated in each of the countries studied and the slopes of the curves for 1974-1984 and 1987-1995 were compared. Data were obtained from reports published by the offices of abortion surveillance in England and Wales, The Netherlands and Spain. RESULTS: The rates increased constantly throughout the study period. From 1974 to 1985, a total of 204,736 Spanish women aborted in England and Wales and The Netherlands. After the law was passed, 34,895 Spanish women had abortions in those countries over the period 1986-1995. During 1987-1995, 340,214 Spanish women terminated their pregnancies in Spain. The regression coefficients before and after the passing of the law were beta = 0.3538 (0.307-0.400) and beta = 0.319 (0.243-0.394) respectively; no difference was observed. CONCLUSIONS: During the study period a significant proportion of reproductive-aged Spanish women had abortions in England and Wales and The Netherlands. Decriminalisation has had no observed effect on the trends in abortion, but rather it has benefited Spanish women by making abortion available locally and, therefore, reducing the inequalities implied by lack of access to proper health care services. These data demonstrate the impact of the liberalisation of abortion on the trends of procedures performed in other countries.  (+info)

Reports from the Faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care AGM, May 2002. Assessing the quality of information leaflets about abortion methods in England and Wales. (2/41)

This study assessed the quality of written information about abortion methods provided by clinics in England and Wales. Forty-four sets of leaflets were collected. The average leaflet was found to provide only half the possible information about benefits, risks and general procedures. Only half of the leaflets were of standard readability and accessible by 83% of the British population. Therefore, it seems unlikely that most women in England and Wales are in a position to make an informed decision about abortion method.  (+info)

Evaluation of near patient testing for Chlamydia trachomatis in a pregnancy termination service. (3/41)

AIM: To identify and evaluate advantages and disadvantages of a near patient test (NPT) for Chlamydia trachomatis, using Clearview Chlamydia MF (Unipath Ltd) in a British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) clinic. METHOD: The improved Clearview Chlamydia MF test was used to test endocervical swabs from 400 women attending BPAS clinic for termination of pregnancy. The results were compared with Ligase Chain Reaction (LCR), using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) as the arbiter. RESULTS: Twenty-seven women tested positive by Clearview Chlamydia MF (24 confirmed by LCR) and 32 by LCR. COMMENT: NPT has potential advantages in specific situations where a quick result is required for optimal management of those testing positive. However, the current technology available for detection of Chlamydial infection results in time constraints, which limited its benefits in this study, where there was a high throughput of clients. A significant number of cases were missed by Clearview Chlamydia MF, though the sensitivity found is within the ranges reported for various enzyme immunoassays (EIA) - currently the most commonly used testing method. The study confirmed the high positivity in those attending for termination, especially in under 25-year-olds.  (+info)

Pregnancy counselling clinic: a questionnaire survey of intimate partner abuse. (4/41)

CONTEXT: Intimate partner abuse has a significant and detrimental impact on the mental and physical health of a woman. Physical abuse is often associated with sexual abuse. OBJECTIVE: To examine the prevalence and nature of physical and sexual partner abuse experienced by women who request a termination of pregnancy (TOP). DESIGN: Quantitative data collection using an anonymous, self-completed questionnaire. SETTING: A pregnancy counselling clinic located within a large district general hospital in the north west of England. PARTICIPANTS: A sample of 312 women attending the clinic. RESULTS: Three hundred and twelve questionnaires were returned (96.7% response rate). The prevalence rate of intimate partner abuse at some stage in the woman's life was 35.1%; 19.5% had experienced actual physical abuse in the past year; and 3.7% had experienced forced sexual intercourse in the past year. Of the latter, in over half of the cases, this may have resulted in the current pregnancy. A total of 6.6% of women in this study are currently living in fear. DISCUSSION: The anonymity of the survey and the method of implementation encouraged an excellent response rate. The prevalence of physical abuse was higher than that reported in previous studies, however the prevalence of sexual abuse was lower. Up to 2% of requests for TOP could have been due to recent forced sexual intercourse. CONCLUSIONS: Many women requesting a TOP have been, or still are, in violent relationships. Some women may attend with an unwanted conception following sexual assault by their current or previous intimate partner.  (+info)

Characteristics of women undergoing repeat induced abortion. (5/41)

BACKGROUND: Although repeat induced abortion is common, data concerning characteristics of women undergoing this procedure are lacking. We conducted this study to identify the characteristics, including history of physical abuse by a male partner and history of sexual abuse, of women who present for repeat induced abortion. METHODS: We surveyed a consecutive series of women presenting for initial or repeat pregnancy termination to a regional provider of abortion services for a wide geographic area in southwestern Ontario between August 1998 and May 1999. Self-reported demographic characteristics, attitudes and practices regarding contraception, history of relationship violence, history of sexual abuse or coercion, and related variables were assessed as potential correlates of repeat induced abortion. We used chi2 tests for linear trend to examine characteristics of women undergoing a first, second, or third or subsequent abortion. We analyzed significant correlates of repeat abortion using stepwise multivariate multinomial logistic regression to identify factors uniquely associated with repeat abortion. RESULTS: Of the 1221 women approached, 1145 (93.8%) consented to participate. Data regarding first versus repeat abortion were available for 1127 women. A total of 68.2%, 23.1% and 8.7% of the women were seeking a first, second, or third or subsequent abortion respectively. Adjusted odds ratios for undergoing repeat versus a first abortion increased significantly with increased age (second abortion: 1.08, 95% confidence interval [CI] 1.04-1.09; third or subsequent abortion: 1.11, 95% CI 1.07-1.15), oral contraceptive use at the time of conception (second abortion: 2.17, 95% CI 1.52-3.09; third or subsequent abortion: 2.60, 95% CI 1.51-4.46), history of physical abuse by a male partner (second abortion: 2.04, 95% CI 1.39-3.01; third or subsequent abortion: 2.78, 95% CI 1.62-4.79), history of sexual abuse or violence (second abortion: 1.58, 95% CI 1.11-2.25; third or subsequent abortion: 2.53, 95% CI 1.50-4.28), history of sexually transmitted disease (second abortion: 1.50, 95% CI 0.98-2.29; third or subsequent abortion: 2.26, 95% CI 1.28-4.02) and being born outside Canada (second abortion: 1.83, 95% CI 1.19-2.79; third or subsequent abortion: 1.75, 95% CI 0.90-3.41). INTERPRETATION: Among other factors, a history of physical or sexual abuse was associated with repeat induced abortion. Presentation for repeat abortion may be an important indication to screen for a current or past history of relationship violence and sexual abuse.  (+info)

Awareness of emergency contraception. (6/41)

OBJECTIVE: To study the level of awareness and use of emergency contraception (EC) in women attending a pregnancy termination clinic. METHOD: A questionnaire was handed to all women attending the clinic for termination of pregnancy and related advice during the month of February 2003. Completed questionnaires were collected before the women left the clinic and the data analysed. RESULTS: A total of 78 women received the questionnaire and all except two were returned. Fifty-nine (78%) women were familiar with EC. Sixty percent of women felt that EC was easily accessible, but only 37% of them had ever used it. However, 90% of the women questioned would consider using EC in the future. CONCLUSION: Despite the level of awareness of EC in Fife being quite good, EC is underused for many reasons.  (+info)

Does dedicated pre-abortion contraception counselling help to improve post-abortion contraception uptake? (7/41)

OBJECTIVE: Many studies have shown a disappointing periabortion contraceptive uptake. This study investigated whether the provision of dedicated and targeted contraception counselling at the pre-abortion assessment visit can improve the post-abortion contraception uptake. METHODS: The study comprised a 3-month prospective reaudit of the abortion clinic. RESULTS: Of the 104 women seen during the re-audit period, 96% received post-abortion contraception. The majority (73%) of the women chose and received one of the less user-dependent contraceptive methods such as intrauterine contraceptive devices, the intrauterine contraceptive system, the progestogen injectable and subdermal implants. CONCLUSION: It was found that the provision of targeted contraception counselling by a dedicated team during the pre-abortion assessment visit can dramatically improve post-abortion contraception uptake.  (+info)

Referral to a National Health Service-funded abortion clinic. (8/41)

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the referral process from two Primary Care Trusts to a National Health Service-funded abortion clinic in the North West of England. METHODS: The study comprised a survey of all clinic attendees from within the study area during a 6-month period. All attending women were asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire. A total of 202 questionnaires were given out and 143 were returned completed (a 71% response rate). RESULTS: At least 90% of the women were referred directly from the first health professional they consulted to the abortion clinic. Five percent of the women were either referred to another health professional or not referred anywhere. Twelve percent of the women had to wait longer than the 3 weeks recommended by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists guideline. In a minority of cases this wait extended up to 7 weeks. However, most women were satisfied with the length of wait, the health professional they consulted with and, in particular, the care they received at the abortion clinic itself. CONCLUSIONS: In a minority of cases the referral system failed to meet the guidelines and recommendations made by professional bodies. Changes are necessary to ensure that all women receive a prompt and efficient referral to ensure that their procedure occurs at the earliest possible gestation.  (+info) promotes research and ranks life scientists working in the life science spectrum involving biotechnology ...
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Of all abortions, 36% were repeat abortions. Women aged over 20 were more likely to have repeat abortions, as were migrants, particularly those with a Caribbean background (from Surinam or the Netherlands Antilles) and women who had children. Effect sizes of other factors were very small. Surprisingly, women who had repeat abortions more often used contraception in the preceding six months than women who had a first abortion, but also this effect size was small as well. A multivariate logistic regression analysis led to similar results ...
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The investigators intend to demonstrate whether there are statistically significant differences in the rates of repeat abortions between three groups: 1. women choosing to have an intrauterine device (IUD) inserted immediately post-abortion, 2. those choosing to begin oral contraceptives immediately post-abortion, and 3. all other choices for post abortion contraception including those stating an intention to obtain contraceptives at a later time or from an alternate location or to use no contraception. This data will then be used to conduct a cost-effectiveness analysis of health system provision for cost-free IUDs post-abortion. Thus, if providing a free IUD immediately post-abortion significantly reduces the rate of repeat abortions, it may be more cost- effective for health system services to provide free IUDs at abortion clinics than to field the costs associated with a higher rate of repeat abortions.. The researchers will conduct a retrospective observational cohort study by chart review. ...
We often hear abortion referred to as an issue of womens health. However, in Pennsylvania, freestanding abortion clinics are not subject to the same health standards as other ambulatory surgical facilities. Simply put, the current law favors the abortion industry, not womens health. Lax, inconsistent standards allowed for the existence of the horrific abortion clinic of Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia. The Grand Jury Report from the resulting investigation called for a tightening of existing standards. House Bill 574 is an answer to that call. Although it is unfortunate that HB 574 cannot put an end to abortion, it can provide a safer environment for women, reduce the occurrence of abortions, and remove legislation that clearly favors the abortion industry. House Bill 574 would hold abortion facilities to the same fire and safety standards, personnel and equipment requirements, and quality assurance procedures as other freestanding ambulatory surgical facilities. One might wonder, would Dr. ...
Selection of a well-reputed abortion clinic becomes difficult with regard to abortion. Abortion is very sensitive matter and if it is carried out improperly, then it can result in worse consequences. So, you d better look for that health center, which has educated physicians and well-experienced physicians, who can take good care of your health and execute the procedures of abortion in the best fashion. In fact, it is an emotional decision and so should be taken after good consideration. You can seek the advice and help of your loved ones in this matter. Apart from this, internet can also prove as the best tool to find the best abortion clinic. You simply need to make entry of the required details and the search details will come up instantly. Getting some testimonials and remarks from the last patients can help you decide judiciously ...
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Our Abortion Procedure. The doctor will then request you to place one abortion pill under your tongue. This pill is meant to block the female hormone called progesterone. Progesterone is the hormone that supports pregnancy and without it, the uterine lining begins to shed, hence softening the cervix After 1 hour, another set of abortion pills will be used either orally or inserted inside your vagina. This can either be done by yourself or ask the doctor to assist you. This abortion pill will cause cramping and bleeding might start after two to three hours. You may see large blood clots at the time of the abortion and if the pain persists then you will need to take some pain medicine provided by the clinic.. women clinic Tembisa. Our mission is to provide a friendly, safe, and professional care for women who have decided to terminate their pregnancies. We are proud of our reputation for treating each patient with distinctive care and the utmost respect. Because of this, we receive many referrals ...
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Mississippis only abortion clinic will remain open-at least for now-following a federal judges ruling yesterday that blocked part of a state law requiring abortion clinic doctors... Health News Summaries. | Newser
Santa Fe, NM - The only abortion clinic in Santa Fe will close as of December 23, 2011, when abortionist Lucia Ceis retires from private practice. The last day abortions will be done is December 16, 2011.. Ceis admits to having done thousands of abortions over her 35 years of business. Ceis posted an ad in The New Mexican newspaper announcing her retirement.. That closure will leave Santa Fe abortion-free and will reduce the number of abortion clinics in New Mexico to five. Cies abortion business offered abortions to 18 weeks at a cost of $500-$1,200. She also conducted abortions at St. Vincent Hospital in Santa Fe.. Abortion clinics continue to close as Americans become more and more pro-life, said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. The number of surgical abortion clinics has dropped from 2,200 in 1991 to only about 675 today. That is quantifiable evidence that we are winning the hearts and minds of the American people. Abortion is a human rights abuse that will soon be rejected and ...
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Abortion clinic in Jaipur is an expert Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with experience in areas involving Teenage care, Antenatal, Intrapartum, Post-natal care, Painless labour, Fertility control, Menopause management and basic Infertility, Endoscopic (laparoscopic and hysteroscopic) surgery, Gyne-oncology Colposcopy and Gyne-urology work-up and management.
Surgical Abortion D&C Procedure (Gentle Vacuum Aspiration Abortion). This abortion procedure is the safest and least traumatic available. The three main steps involved are:. 1) An injection, to numb the cervix. 2) The insertion of a small flexible plastic cannula (sterile tube) through the natural opening to the uterus, the cervix. 3) Removal of the pregnancy by suction, which is created by an aspiration machine. The actual gentle suction part of the procedure normally takes about two minutes.. This procedure may cause some cramps which usually go away quickly, less than half an hour. Some bleeding and cramps are to be expected for one week or so. Surgical abortion has been legal in the U.S. since 1973 and is very effective (about 99% successful) and has a very low risk of injury or infection when done properly by qualified clinicians.. A simple local anesthetic is administered to numb the cervix. There are fewer risks with abortion performed with a local anesthetic than with a general ...
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Pro-lifers pushing for better regs on abortion clinics ( The abortion death of a Chicago woman at a Planned Parenthood clinic has prompted a call for regulation and inspection of Illinois abortion facilities. Pastor Ceasar LeFlore III with the Life Education and Resource Network (L.E.A.R.N.) explains that the facility where the abortion was performed was not regulated ...
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Michigan abortion clinics will need a state license and must check to make sure women arent being pressured into getting an abortion under a new law.
Sometimes we lied. A girl might ask what her baby was like as a cerlain point in pregnancy. Was it a baby yet? Even as early as twelve weeks a baby is totally formed, he has fingerprints, turns his head, fans his toes, feels pain. But we would say, Its not a baby yet. Its tissue, like a clot. -- Kathy Sparks, former abortion clinic worker If a woman we were counseling expressed doubts about having an abortion, we would say whatever was necessary to persuade her to have the abortion immediately ... The abortion clinic that I managed was strictly a business operation ... We did not consider the well-being of the women who had abortions. -- Judy W., Office Manager of a Texas abortion clinic It is extremely difficult to watch doctors lie, clinic workers cover up, and hear terrifying storles of women dragged out of clinics to die in cars on the way to the hospital without beginning to question the party line. I began to wonder if we were really caring for these women, or if we were just ...
ST. LOUIS - The top doctor at Missouris sole abortion clinic on Wednesday defended its handling of four patients who faced complications - women whose care has been cited by the state as it seeks to revoke the clinics license. The testimony from Dr. Colleen McNicholas at a hearing that could determine the St. Louis clinics fate came as the state faced fallout over a revelation a day earlier from Missouris top health official that he kept a spreadsheet that tracked the
Five days later, Operation Rescue released a dozen of the photographs from the event, calling it a lavish secret party based on the account of the event given us by our source who affirmed that it was a special invitation only party meant to honor Tiller and his abortion clinic staff, and the fact that the Open Records information made no mention of Tiller. We released the photos after an account of the party was mentioned by nationally-known columnist Robert Novak in the Washington Post on May 26, 2008. The story immediately drew national attention.. Damage control causes damage. In response, Gov. Sebelius attempted to diminish the impact of the photos by telling reporters on May 28, 2008, that Tiller purchased the dinner, which she had donated to the Greater Kansas City Womens Political Caucus at the groups annual Torch Dinner a year and a half ago or so. (View video of that interview.) She said she had no control over who bid on the dinner. She also indicated that since the dinner was ...
JACKSON, Mississippi (CNN) -- A federal judge will decide Wednesday whether Mississippis only abortion clinic can continue to stay open under a temporary order or whether it should permanently shut its doors under a new state law....
Gov. Thompson announced Sunday that he will form a special task force of four state agencies to crack down on abuses in abortion clinics exposed in the Sun-Times and Better Government Assn. investigation of dangerous medical care in four facilities.. ...
Late this afternoon, pro-life Gov. Sam Brownback made Kansas the eighth state to take action to address shocking revelations about organ and tissue procurement from abortion clinics. Tapes of two undercover stings of top abortionists from Planned Parenthood can be found here. The Governor issued the following statement:
Another former employee testifies against Dr. Kermit Gosnell, talking about her loyalty as well as disturbing experiences at the house of horrors abortion clinic in West Philadelphia.
Floridas attempt to regulate and defund abortion clinics out of existence has officially failed. On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle perman ...
Is it right for Christians to protest at abortion clinics? Are there biblical principles that tell us that we should defend the defenseless? Are believers being disobedient to civil authorities if they do protest?
Periodically-usually when an abortionist has maimed, or even killed a woman-the name of West Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell comes up. So it was last week when abortionist Robert Rho pled guilty to criminally negligent homicide in the 2016 death of Jamie Lee Morales. Rho aborted her at 25 weeks.. There are many similarities to Gosnell, the owner of an abortion clinic which the Philadelphia district attorney aptly dubbed a House of Horrors. To name just two, both performed massive numbers of abortions. In Rhos case, 40,000 abortions over his career. Gosnells death toll was never calculated but he often aborted babies seven days a week for decades.. Women died at their abortion clinics. Ms. Morales died at Rhos Liberty Womens Health of Queens. Karnamaya Mongar died in 2009 at Gosnells Womens Medical Society, for which Gosnell was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.. But another woman died nine years before at Gosnells abortion clinic. The death of 22-year-old Semika Shaw rarely ...
A fascinating study by the Marriage and Religion Research Institute, utilizing data from the CDCs National Survey of Family Growth, shows among women who have ever been pregnant (between 2006-2010) that 10% of women whove never used contraception have had one or more abortions. However, 20.2% of women whove ever usedcontraception have had one or more abortions. Of those having abortions, 70.4% had their first intercourse at 16 years of age or younger. Contrast that with the 5% of those having abortions whove had their first sexual intercourse at the age of 20 or older. Delaying sexual activity clearly lowers likelihood of abortion. (The demographic having the most abortions are those ages 20-24, which comprise 33% of all nationwide abortions in 2010.). That aside, how any black journalist can spin the fact that more black babies are aborted than are born aliveis beyond comprehension. In New York City, for every 1,000 black babies that are born alive, 1,223 are aborted. The black community ...
As communications director for NC Family, I went to distribute the NC Family Voter Guides at a prayer vigil being held across the street from a Raleigh abortion clinic Saturday evening. My husband accompanied me.. The abortion clinic was closed for the day, and it was getting dark when we arrived. A brightly-colored bus from the national prayer group, 40 Days For Life, was parked across the street from the clinic, and a group of 50-60 people of all ages were gathered in a semi-circle listening to David Bereit, founder of the organization. He was encouraging them by telling stories of how prayers had helped outside abortion clinics all across the country.. Surrounding this small band of prayer warriors was a raucous crowd of 20-30 pro-abortion protestors. This, in itself, was not surprising, but it was how these protestors conducted themselves that was so disturbing. Several were dressed in tutus and most held signs. They were literally right behind our backs, and one even accidently hit my ...
A twenty-one-year-old woman, unemployed, uneducated, without family, in the fifth month of her fifth pregnancy. A forty-two-year-old mother of teenagers, shocked by her condition, refusing to tell her husband. A twenty-three-year-old mother of two having her seventh abortion, and many women in their thirties having their first. . . .Oh, the ignorance . . . .Some swear they have not had sex, many do not know what a uterus is, how sperm and egg meet, how sex makes babies. . . .They come so young, snapping gum, sockless and sneakered, and their shakily applied eyeliner smears when they cry. . . .I cannot imagine them as mothers. ...
Three doctors who performed surgical abortions at clinics accused by state regulators of putting womens health at risk — including one case where a woman died — have had their medical licenses suspended.
A new Mississippi law requires doctors who perform abortions in the state to be board-certified OB-GYNs. They also must have privileges to admit patients
As Parliament will be aware, concerns were raised with my predecessor about the tactics of some of the protest activities taking place outside abortion...
Abortion in the United States Betty Friedan Civil Rights Act of 1964 Feminist art movement in the United States Feminist ... In 1974 the Equal Credit Opportunity Act criminalized sex discrimination by creditors against credit applicants. Also in 1974 ... "Abortion Rate in 1994 Hit a 20-Year Low". The New York Times. January 5, 1997. Retrieved July 12, 2014. "President Ford '76 ... In 1973 the Roe v Wade Supreme Court case legalized abortion. ... figure in the movement and support for legalized abortion and ...
She represented the applicants in A, B and C v Ireland in the European Court of Human Rights in 2009. She acted as Vice ... She appeared in several cases involving abortion in the Republic of Ireland. She acted for the Irish Family Planning ...
And in that case the applicant was seeking to respond, with a wholly inoffensive advertisement, to commercials broadcast by the ... adverts by wealthy groups seeking to ban abortion; or, if not among member states of the Council of Europe, adverts by so- ... BBC could refuse to broadcast graphic footage for an anti-abortion political party under the Broadcasting Act 1990 s 6(1)(a) ... a range of alternative media were available to the applicant and these are outlined at paragraph 124 below. In various dissents ...
In 1973, women's right to safe and legal abortion was established by the Supreme Court's ruling in Roe v. Wade. In 1968, sex- ... this allowed women to apply for higher-paying jobs formally restricted only to male applicants. In 1972, Title IX of the ...
... it was an open question as to whether Article 40.3.3 could have allowed a lawful abortion in Ireland in the applicant's ... it was impossible to foresee that Article 40.3.3 clearly excluded an abortion in the applicant's situation in Ireland. - The ... Abortion in the Republic of Ireland European Convention on Human Rights Sheila Hodgers Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of ... D v Ireland is a case of the European Court of Human Rights concerning abortion in Ireland. It refers to the court case itself ...
Abortion in the Republic of Ireland is very controversial and has been the subject of multiple constitutional referendums. The ... Judicial review between Johanna Morris and Sian Ní Mhaoldomnaigh applicants and the Minister for the Environment and Local ... "TDs to bring abortion legislation to referendum". Irish Examiner. 23 June 2013. Retrieved 23 June 2013. Collins, Stephen (29 ... "Govt drops proposal to petition President on abortion". Irish Independent. 12 December 1997. Retrieved 23 June 2013. Twenty- ...
Fletcher blocked an Arizona abortion law that basically prohibited all medication abortions. Fletcher wrote: "We hold that ... require bona fide asylum applicants to wait in Mexico for years while their applications are adjudicated." In July 2019, ... "Abortion businesses 'devastated' as Title X rule to defund goes into effect". July 16, 2019. Retrieved October ... abortion, gun control, and the conditions of detainees at the border. On October 22, 2002, Fletcher dissented in Jespersen v. ...
Furthermore, the experts found that in the applicant's case there had been no factors militating against the applicant's ... A pregnant woman from Poland, diagnosed with a severe eye disease, tried to get an abortion to avoid an escalation of her ... Tysiąc should avoid physical strain which in any case would hardly be possible as at that time the applicant was raising two ... He was of the view that, in these circumstances, the applicant should give birth by caesarean section. As a result, Ms. ...
In contrast, the Florida Supreme Court has held that the state has a compelling interest in compelling applicants for the state ... and water-but does not give individuals a right to physician-assisted suicide-and protects the right to receive an abortion. ... Section 22 requires parental notification prior to a minor obtaining an abortion. Section 24 specifies the state minimum wage. ... mental health records and that a municipality that was self-insured for healthcare benefits could require job applicants to ...
Mutunga was among twelve applicants, and one of the ten shortlisted, for the position of chief justice. On 13 May 2011 after a ... Some Christian Kenyans accused the Ford Foundation of funding, while Mutunga worked for the foundation, abortion rights ...
The Soviet authorities repealed the ban on abortion in 1955 - after almost 20 years of prohibition, abortion became legal again ... having been selected from more than four-hundred applicants and five finalists to pilot the Vostok 6 mission on 16 June 1963. ... In 1920 the Soviet government legalized abortion. In 1922 marital rape was made illegal in the Soviet Union. Labor laws also ... Abortion became illegal, homosexuality was declared a crime, legal differences between legitimate and illegitimate children ...
Tim Carpenter, Brownback blasts Kansas court decisions on abortion rights, Topeka Capital-Journal (January 23, 2017). New ... the order prevented Kansas state agencies from asking applicants about their criminal history during the initial phase of the ... As lieutenant governor and governor, Colyer supported laws restricting abortion. Colyer denounced court decisions striking down ... those laws as unconstitutional; After the Kansas Supreme Court struck down a state anti-abortion law as a violation of the ...
... "right to abortion", but the Republic of Ireland breached it by making it difficult for a woman to establish whether she ... finding that there had been a breach under Article 8 of the applicant's right to respect for private life. Smith and Grady v ... Northern Ireland's criminalization of abortion in cases of fatal foetal abnormality, rape or incest declared incompatible with ... qualifies for a legal abortion. Gillan and Quinton v United Kingdom [2010] ECHR 28 - Stop and search powers granted to police ...
... and that member states have a broad margin of appreciation to prohibit abortion. However, given the violation of applicant C's ... Irish abortion case: No human right to abortion under the Convention, says the European Court of Human Rights", Press release ... of abortion law defended". The Irish Times. THE GOVERNMENT robustly defended Ireland's abortion restrictions at the European ... so she needed to wait a further eight weeks for a surgical abortion. The abortion was incompletely performed. She suffered ...
Cortez Masto supports legalized abortion. In the 2016 election, she was endorsed by Planned Parenthood and funded by their ... or the Agriculture Department solely due to applicants' immigration status. In July 2019, Cortez Masto and 15 other Senate ... Messerly, Megan (August 10, 2016). "Cortez Masto ad goes after Heck on abortion stance". Las Vegas Sun. Retrieved October 5, ...
Nearly half of the applicants in the 1999-2000 year were not accepted. Abortion is still haram, or forbidden, according to both ... 26 lifetime abortions per Iranian woman, an estimated 73,000 a year, 27 abortions per 1000 women and 7.5 abortions per 1000 ... The Therapeutic Abortion Act of 2005, passed by the Iranian parliament, stated that if the reason for an abortion was not one ... There is a long history of abortion in Iran. In medieval Iran, it was not shocking to have plant-based agents of abortion and ...
... and with the consent of the husband if the applicant was married. This law went into effect in 1964. The application was made ... Although some argued that easier access to abortion would cause abortion rates to increase, the number of abortions has ... As of 2010[update], the abortion rate was 16.2 abortions per 1000 women aged 15-44 years. Sümer, Sevil; Eslen-Ziya, Hande ( ... An estimated 3,000 legal abortions and 7,000 - 10,000 illegal abortions were performed each year in the 1950s. In 1956, the ...
... even if the applicant is the putative father of the fetus. No waiting periods are imposed on having an abortion. A minor does ... Abortion in New Zealand Abortion law "Abortion Law in Australia". Parliament of Australia. 31 August 1998. Archived from the ... Abortions must be performed before a time limit of 28 weeks of pregnancy. Abortions must be performed in a hospital and be ... Abortion-related violence is rare in Australia. The first serious attack and murder by an anti-abortion activist occurred in ...
... which afterwards gives the applicant a Beratungsschein ("certificate of counseling"). Abortions that do not meet these ... As of 2010[update], the abortion rate was 4.5 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15-44 years. German abortion legislation was first ... makes an exception for abortions with counseling in the first trimester, and for medically necessary abortions and abortions ... Section 218 outlawed abortion, requiring a penal term for both the woman and the doctor involved. Legalization of abortion was ...
One doctor's signature is enough in the case of terminations before the 12th week when the applicant is under 17 years old or ... Abortion by country Abortion debate Abortion law Religion and abortion [1] (in Finnish) ... the abortion rate was 10.4 abortions per 1000 women aged 15-44 years. Abortions are provided free-of-charge in public hospitals ... In Finland, abortion was illegal until 1950, when the Parliament of Finland legalized abortions to preserve the physical or ...
... including asylum applicants, non-permanent residents, and those not registered in Sweden - are allowed to get an abortion in ... Act (2005:294). Abortion in Sweden was first legislated by the Abortion Act of 1938. This stated that an abortion could be ... The proportion of medical abortions constituted 93 percent of all abortions. Sweden has one of the most liberal abortion laws ... the length of the pregnancy at the time of abortion, method of abortion, and where the abortion was performed. One of the ...
Section 20: Employer providing certain services must accommodate conscientious objection of applicant or employee unless it ... Abortion is only illegal if a person who is not a licensed health practitioner procures or performs an abortion. Abortion in ... Anti-abortion activism have included picketing abortion clinics and hospitals, targeting doctors and members of the Abortion ... Growing public awareness and debate about abortion led to the emergence of rival anti-abortion and abortion rights groups. ...
Abortion is defended on the grounds that the fetus is not a human person, even though it is a biological human individual from ... In September 2012 Räsänen appointed a religiously conservative applicant, considered less qualified by the media, among six ... She is pro-life on abortion. She has made statements on the matter, since she is Minister of the Interior, that led a number of ... Räsänen contrasted abortion law to animal protection law saying that the latter gives better protection for animals than the ...
"Abortion access -- we have the answer". Medium. Retrieved 2020-08-25. "SFP News and Updates". Retrieved 2020-08-25. "ACOG News ... In order to apply for membership, a potential applicant must be referred by a current member. Members connect to the Society ... "Abortion Clinical Research Network". Society of Family Planning. Retrieved 24 August 2020. "Ob/Gyn Board Seeks New Family ... 135: Second-trimester abortion". Obstetrics and Gynecology. 121 (6): 1394-1406. June 2013. doi:10.1097/01.AOG.0000431056.79334. ...
... and that a future case in which the applicant had the necessary standing would be likely to succeed. It also urged the ... Lobbying in the United Kingdom Abortion Abortion law Abortion debate Religion and abortion Halsbury's Laws of England ... 87% of abortions were performed at 12 weeks or less and 1.6% (or 2,914 abortions) occurred after 20 weeks. Abortion is free to ... Since approval of abortion in the UK in 1967 to 2014, 8,745,508 abortions have been performed. In 2018, the total abortions in ...
Craighill argued that an abortion does not suggest that the woman has an undesirable character, nor does it mean that she will ... as well as establishing the standards for screening applicants into the Women's Army Corps and for Women's Army Corps medical ... Craighill suggested that women who had abortions should be retrained in the corps instead of dishonorably discharged. ... at once secured that gynecological and psychiatric examinations were to be given to every Women's Army Corps applicant. ...
Keown, John (1988). Abortion, doctors, and the law: some aspects of the legal regulation of abortion in England from 1803 to ... trades and handicrafts without having to fulfill the normal requirement of male applicants, because of their greater difficulty ... Japan: Abortion was banned nationwide. Canada: The Parliament of Canada unified criminal law in all provinces, banning abortion ... United States, New York: New York made post-quickening abortions a felony and pre-quickening abortions a misdemeanor. 1830 The ...
Section 20: Employer providing certain services must accommodate conscientious objection of applicant or employee unless it ... Abortion in New Zealand Abortion Legislation Act 2020 "Contraception, Sterilisation, and Abortion Act 1977". Legislation New ... A surgeon would be needed to perform an abortion and counselling was also made available to women seeking an abortion. The CS&A ... In March 2020, several of its provisions were amended by the Abortion Legislation Act 2020, which eased access to abortion and ...
Each fall, the editorial board of CUNY Law Review selects approximately 40-50 new staff members based on each applicant's ... abortion, foster care youth, home foreclosures, to the privatization of public parks in New York City, and beyond. ...
Anu becomes pregnant but Arjun is not ready for it as he is not happy in the relationship and asks her to get an abortion. He ... Arjun is then informed that his application is on Waitlist because he has 1 mark less than other two applicants of the top ... He manages to trick the other applicant to withdraw from the top University. The married couple now move to Dubai. In Dubai, ...
2) the applicants county of residence;. (3) the court of appeals district in which the proceeding occurred; ... b) A physician who performs an abortion as described by Subsection (a), not later than 48 hours after the abortion is performed ... a) A physician may not perform an abortion on a pregnant unemancipated minor unless:. (1) the physician performing the abortion ... 1) "Abortion" has the meaning assigned by Section 245.002, Health and Safety Code. This definition, as applied in this chapter ...
Anti-abortion activists rally in annual March for Life in Washington. 679 reactions5%68%27% ... The company says about 700 of the applicants got past phone screening to interviews, and offers have been made to 240. ... Delta, the second-biggest carrier, said last month that it got 22,000 applicants for 300 flight-attendant jobs - two ...
Ontarios decision to remove public access to abortion-related statistics makes a difficult problem even more difficult to ... Applicants with top-secret clearance are preferred. You cant buy tickets on Janet. You cant visit the hangar. But if youre ... Re: Ontario Cuts Off Access To Abortion Records, Aug. 10.. The news that yet another province has seen fit to hide abortion ... The censoring of abortion data is problematic because it places a stumbling block to any progress being made in addressing ...
Applicants with top-secret clearance are preferred. You cant buy tickets on Janet. You cant visit the hangar. But if youre ... Religious groups meet to discuss concerns over abortion clause in summer jobs grant application. ...
New justice nominee spurs debate over abortion rights .cls-1{fill:#fff;fill-rule:evenodd}. Video ... Cedarville University applicants will not need standardized test scores for next 2 years Local News ...
... will hear oral arguments challenging a 2007 Massachusetts law that prohibits pro-life advocates from approaching abortion ... Evangelical foster agency cant ban gay and lesbian applicants, UK judge rules. ... Abortion Clinics. Supreme Court to Hear Arguments Against Buffer Zones at Mass. Abortion Clinics. By Melissa Barnhart, CP ... "Abortion hurts women," she said. "This is ridiculous here, we are probably the only group that doesnt have freedom of speech." ...
... well continue to take risks and bring more awareness to issues of reproductive rights and abortion access in Oberlin, Lorain ... 1) Anyone with a uterus can have an abortion.. A lot of rhetoric about abortion uses the term a womans choice, but this ... 4) Theres no right way to feel when you have an abortion.. Abortion can be very personal, and everyone comes to the table ... Students read abortion stories that had been collected from both the Oberlin community and 1 in 3s online database. The ...
Subjects: All 1,446 abortion applicants attending the abortion clinic at University Hospital Malmö, in 1989. ... Results: Of this series of urban abortion applicants, almost one in ten underwent a change of mind. Women who chose to continue ... Continued pregnancy among abortion applications. A study of women having a change of mind Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand. 1997 Nov; ... Study design: A comparison of the women who continued the pregnancy and those who underwent abortion, with regard to the above ...
She was told she had to wait 72 hours before she could have an abortion; the Missouri law went into effect a little over a year ... In addition to abortion counseling requirements, many states require at least a 24-hour waiting period between counseling and ... Home National News Missouris 72-hour waiting period for abortion seen as gift to women- ... Even though she made a follow-up appointment to have an abortion, she knew she couldnt make a decision right away. ...
"We were inundated with applicants for abortion," says Nathanson. "To that end, I set up a clinic, the Center for Reproductive ... Why doctors do abortions. Many doctors who perform abortions cite the same contributory factors to their getting started - the ... Let me out of here." That woman is doing what I did when I had my abortion. Shes running from her abortion, not dealing with ... One particular abortion changed Brewers life. "I remember an experience as a resident on a hysterotomy (a late-term abortion ...
The successful applicant is a reformed juggalo, wears a Kangol cap, and once offered to go Dutch on an abortion. To insure ... The successful applicant will be expected to believe he is the only person who understands David Foster Wallace and have ... Applicant with an ability to completely isolate his partner from her friends will be especially attractive. Please submit half ... Successful applicant will be expected to establish a research agenda of panic attacks, puppy-dog eyes, germaphobia, and a ...
Consideration of applicants to medical schools with respect to their views on abortion. ... A bill to amend the Health Programs Extension Act of 1973 to provide for unbiased consideration of applicants to federally ...
Abortion Applicants - psychology Abortion, Legal - statistics & numerical data Adolescent Adult Contraception - methods English ... Abortion, Criminal - history Abortion, Induced - history Abortion, Legal - history Birth rate Contraception - history ... Abortion, Legal Abortion, Therapeutic - methods Adolescent Adult Contraception Female Humans Legislation, Medical Pregnancy ... Abortion, Legal Abortion, Therapeutic Canada Contraception Ethics, Medical Family Planning Services Female Humans Jurisprudence ...
Nearly half of the applicants in the 1999-2000 year were not accepted. Abortion is still haram, or forbidden, according to both ... 26 lifetime abortions per Iranian woman, an estimated 73,000 a year, 27 abortions per 1000 women and 7.5 abortions per 1000 ... The Therapeutic Abortion Act of 2005, passed by the Iranian parliament, stated that if the reason for an abortion was not one ... There is a long history of abortion in Iran. In medieval Iran, it was not shocking to have plant-based agents of abortion and ...
All qualified applicants will ...... Apply Now>>. 34 Clinical Nurse (RN), Imaging/ Radiology (Part-Time) Emeryville, CA, USA ... California : Abortion Information. A Womans Friend Pregnancy. 616 E Street. Marysville, CA 95901. 530-741-0556 web Abortion ... We encourage minority and female applicants to apply... Apply Now>>. 2 Travel Medical Surgical Nurse - Travel (MS RN) - Carson ... We encourage minority and female applicants to apply... Apply Now>>. 3 Cardiac Cath Lab Tech - Cardiovascular Technologist San ...
County food stamp offices shall screen applicants on the day of application. Applicants who meet the federal criteria for ... 11.Abortion services; policy and powers.. In keeping with the public policy of Minnesota to give preference to childbirth over ... number of applicants eligible for expedited issuance, length of time required to process and deliver expedited issuance, number ... Minnesota local social services agencies shall not provide any medical assistance grant or reimbursement for any abortion not ...
... doctors their right to freedom of conscience by requiring applicants for consultant posts to carry out elective abortions if ... One of the pre-conditions for applicants was a requirement to carry out elective abortions if appointed. By Joe Little ... doctors their right to freedom of conscience by requiring applicants for consultant posts to carry out elective abortions if ... a requirement to carry out elective abortions if appointed. ... stipulated that one of the main pre-conditions for applicants ...
I have had two abortions.The first one was when I was twenty-seven. I was playing professional beach volleyball. I was playing ... Heres the high-priced advice college applicants buy that doesnt trigger the FBI March 14th, 2019 in College & grad school ... People think abortion is such an easy choice-they say, "Dont use abortion as birth control." Any woman who has had one will ... I scheduled another abortion. But it was past the time when Planned Parenthood will do an abortion. Now it was a very expensive ...
If High Court Reverses Roe v. Wade, 22 States Poised to Ban Abortion. Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy had been a swing vote ... Facilities like these hunt for evidence that can determine the fate of applicants ...
Applicants are not required to be registered voters or UK nationals.. Perhaps we should do a recruitment drive targeting all ... Meanwhile, the Tories may or may not be making an issue of abortion (read post *and* comments). ... Can I also add that the abortion non-issue utterly bemuses me, an election will never be won on such an issue, along with ...
Next Document: Abortion applicants: characteristics distinguishing dropouts remaining pregnant and those having abo.... ...
abortion Americas Asia - Pacific Benedict XVI Catholic Church Catholic News clerical sexual abuse coronavirus COVID-19 Europe ... Supreme Court will consider Mississippis 15-week abortion ban * Pope Francis appoints Fr. Stephen Chow as new bishop of Hong ... May 17, 2021 ] Supreme Court will consider Mississippis 15-week abortion ban News Briefs ... meiron on Two California bishops represent divided state of abortion-Communion debate ...
... and with the consent of the husband if the applicant was married. This law went into effect in 1964. The application was made ... Although some argued that easier access to abortion would cause abortion rates to increase, the number of abortions has ... As of 2010[update], the abortion rate was 16.2 abortions per 1000 women aged 15-44 years. Sümer, Sevil; Eslen-Ziya, Hande ( ... An estimated 3,000 legal abortions and 7,000 - 10,000 illegal abortions were performed each year in the 1950s. In 1956, the ...
The House bill would not allow any plans to cover abortion if they enroll subsidized members, whereas the Senate would allow ... It also prohibits companies from hiking insurance prices based on an applicants health or gender. Older people could be ... and adding language prohibiting the use of government health insurance subsidies for plans that cover most abortion procedures. ... far to expand Medicaid and on language forbidding the use of public subsidies to purchase health care plans that cover abortion ...
Attorney General Kamala Harris is drawing fire from supporters of an anti-abortion activist whose undercover videos were seized ... More job applicants are being disqualified for marijuana use, spawning a debate over whether drug-testing rules should be eased ... Kamala Harris support for Planned Parenthood draws fire after raid on anti-abortion activist David Daleiden, an anti-abortion ... Some abortion clinics, including Planned Parenthood clinics in three states, make that tissue available as a donation. ...
Medical and counselling services are provided before and after the abortion. All FPAHK clinics provide consultation and ... applicants should prepare to… Read more » * Keep up to date with the activities of Women on Waves.. If you give us your email ... IPPF guide: How to educate about abortion: A guide for peer educators, teachers and trainers ... Animation how to do a safe abortion with pills in 20 languages!! ...
Applicants will be informed whether paper is accepted by 15 June 2018. Participants must submit their complete paper by 31 ... Assessments of the impact of broadening of abortion laws and policies on the incidence of abortion, and on safety of abortion; ... Studies documenting abortion incidence are essential for a broad array of reasons: From a demographic perspective, abortion is ... In countries where abortion is highly restricted, studies on abortion incidence and safety remain challenging and require ...
We encourage minority and female applicants to apply... Apply Now>>. 3 CNA - Days 7-7 - Kindred Hospital Louisville Louisville ... Kentucky : Abortion Information. Archdiocese of Louisville. 2911 South 4th Street. Louisville, KY 40208. 502-637-9786 web ...
Applicants. MD Applicants DDS Applicants LizzyM Application Assistant Application Cost Calculator Essay Workshop Interview ... Abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research, and pharmaceutical "perks" are super-charged topics currently facing physicians and ... Interview Feedback Essay Workshop Application Cost Calculator MD Applicants DDS Applicants LizzyM Application Assistant ... MD Applicants DDS Applicants LizzyM Application assistant Application cost calculator Essay workshop Interview feedback ...
Receiving less attention are the women behind the statistics-the 1.3 million women who obtain abortions each year1-and their ... who should be allowed to have abortions, and under what circumstances. ... Public discussion about abortion in the United States has generally focused on policy: ... Use of contraception and reasons for choosing abortion among abortion applicants (in Danish), Ugeskrift for Laeger, 1996, 158( ...
  • According to Massachusetts Planned Parenthood CEO Marty Walz, the former state representative who sponsored the "Buffer Zone Law" for Planned Parenthood and was subsequently hired by the abortion provider last year with a salary of $250,000, said the state's law is necessary to protect the rights of clients and the safety of their staff. (
  • Liam Lowney, however, supports Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley's effort to protect the Buffer Zone Law because his sister, Shannon, who was a receptionist at Planned Parenthood, was shot and killed inside the Boston abortion clinic in 1994 by John Salvi. (
  • But the minute I said I would get an abortion, he was driving me to Planned Parenthood. (
  • But it was past the time when Planned Parenthood will do an abortion. (
  • California Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris is drawing fire from supporters of an anti-abortion activist whose undercover videos and identity cards were seized by the state Department of Justice this week after Harris' political campaign sought to drum up support for Planned Parenthood. (
  • Some abortion clinics, including Planned Parenthood clinics in three states, make that tissue available as a donation. (
  • Detailed inspection reports obtained by And Then There Were None, a group started by former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson that helps abortion workers leave their jobs, reveals dozens of health violations levied against Whole Woman's Health, which currently operates 4 abortion facilities in Texas. (
  • Entering into the Colorado Springs market is a key component of our strategy of reaching as many abortion workers as possible with our message that we are there for them and can help them when they want to leave their jobs," said Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director who now runs And Then There Were None (ATTWN). (
  • So, since I worked for Planned Parenthood for so long and ran the inside of their abortion and family planning clinics I thought I would offer more thorough and honest answers to people who may be seeking employment with the organization. (
  • First, you should know that Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the United States alone, not to mention they have established other Planned Parenthood locations across the globe. (
  • Planned Parenthood, a major provider of both kinds of services, can receive federal family-planning grants while separately providing abortions. (
  • Planned Parenthood says its new center at 19831 Governors Highway in Flossmoor is the only facility offering abortion services in the south suburbs. (
  • Before the new Flossmoor center opened, the nearest Planned Parenthood centers offering abortions were in Chicago's Roseland neighborhood, Aurora and Merrillville, Ind. (
  • There's a Planned Parenthood center in Orland Park, but it only offers abortion referrals. (
  • Aside from Planned Parenthood, other agencies offer abortion services at clinics in suburban Downers Grove, Glen Ellyn, Wood Dale and Des Plaines. (
  • Thirteen years later in Thornburgh v. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists , the court extended the abortion privacy doctrine of Roe v. Wade by striking down a Pennsylvania law very similar to the law that they would later uphold in Planned Parenthood v. Casey . (
  • We can work together to minimize the occurrences of abortions committed when we have access to the records which indicate the effectiveness of strategies implemented. (
  • By cutting off access to information, one wonders what they are trying to cover up: too many late-term abortions, serious side-effects, too many post-abortion hospital admissions, inadequate counselling, etc. (
  • Exploring umbilical cord injections to produce fetal death prior to late-term abortions. (
  • Also, at a GOP National Committee meeting last January, Lungren argued successfully against a proposal to withhold party support from candidates who refuse to oppose late-term abortions. (
  • Currently, pro-life advocates are barred from standing within 35 feet of the front door of abortion clinics in Massachusetts. (
  • I had just finished a residency in obstetrics and gynecology and was impressed with the number of women who were coming into our clinics, wards and hospitals suffering from illegal, infected, botched abortions. (
  • The ruling leads to the establishment of so-called "abortion clinics. (
  • A law a year earlier "broadened access and granted an official license" for abortions to be performed in medical facilities such as clinics and hospitals. (
  • Whole Woman's Health is a chain of abortion facilities located mostly in Texas, with clinics also in Maryland, Minnesota and Illinois, who was also the plaintiff in the 2016 Supreme Court case Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstadt. (
  • Most of the changes involve rules and regulations under the administration's direct control, such as a proposal to forbid federally funded family planning clinics from referring women for abortions and separately allowing more employers who cite moral or religious reasons to opt out of no-cost birth control for women workers. (
  • A recently proposed rule would make major changes to Title X, the family-planning program, including banning clinics from sharing physical space and financial resources with abortion providers. (
  • 13. In no event shall a certificate of need be denied because the applicant refuses to provide abortion services or information. (
  • Recently, there have been a series of attempts to compel hospitals, health care groups, and other hare care organizations to either provide abortion services or to be denied the license, permission or opportunity to engage in the health care service. (
  • Each of these centers appears on a list compiled and publicized by the Texas health department of organizations that offer free sonograms to pregnant women and that do not provide abortion services or referrals. (
  • The news that yet another province has seen fit to hide abortion data should not only prompt criticism from some anti-abortion groups, but should concern pro-choice groups as well. (
  • David Daleiden, an anti-abortion activist, had a search warrant served on his Huntington Beach apartment by the state Department of Justice. (
  • In 2010, the National Abortion Federation will explain: "The motivations for anti-abortion laws varied from state to state. (
  • The amendment is a response to the 1973 legalization of abortion by the US Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision (see January 22, 1973 ), and represents the first major victory by anti-abortion forces to restrict the availability of abortions in the US. (
  • SACRAMENTO - Republican Dan Lungren now says he will vote for the two California Supreme Court justices under attack by anti-abortion extremists. (
  • But this assurance by the anti-abortion conservative has lacked credibility for many Lungren watchers because he has refused to endorse the two Supreme Court jurists up for retention: Chief Justice Ronald George and Associate Justice Ming Chin. (
  • Whatever, Lungren is sending a signal to anti-abortion Californians that it's OK to vote for these justices because--unlike Rose Bird 12 years ago--they are "honorable. (
  • And he's messaging moderates that they shouldn't fear--he won't stack the courts with anti-abortion judges. (
  • Xeni Jardin / Flickr ) If you want to help carry out the anti-abortion mission of the taxpayer-funded Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center, you have to be a Christian. (
  • The list was created last year as part of a sweeping anti-abortion law signed by Gov. Rick Perry. (
  • Collectively, for the current fiscal year, they are allocating approximately $17 million to these anti-abortion centers. (
  • Trump also is appointing numerous new federal judges endorsed by anti-abortion groups. (
  • Justice Neil Gorsuch, the president's only appointment to the Supreme Court so far, has a sparse record on abortion, but has drawn praise from anti-abortion groups and criticism from abortion rights supporters. (
  • The new "attestation" on the grant application is aimed at anti-abortion groups who have received the federal grants in the past. (
  • Continued pregnancy among abortion applications. (
  • A comparison of the women who continued the pregnancy and those who underwent abortion, with regard to the above mentioned factors. (
  • Their success was rapid and total - resulting in abortion being legalized in all 50 states, for virtually any reason, and throughout all nine months of pregnancy. (
  • Understanding women's reasons for having abortions can inform public debate and policy regarding abortion and unwanted pregnancy. (
  • While a small proportion of women who have abortions do so because of health concerns or fetal anomalies, the large majority choose termination in response to an unintended pregnancy. (
  • 2 However, "unintended pregnancy" does not fully capture the reasons and life circumstances that lie behind a woman's decision to obtain an abortion. (
  • 8 Because social and demographic characteristics may be associated with motivations for having an abortion, it is important to reassess the reasons why women choose to terminate a pregnancy. (
  • The decision does not make abortion freely available to women in any stage of pregnancy. (
  • Legal abortion is allowed only before 19th week of pregnancy. (
  • Abortions were legal so long as the pregnancy had not exceeded twelve weeks, the ensoulment period - or, if it had, so long as the mother's life was endangered specifically by carrying the child to term. (
  • 1 This finding strongly suggests that there is considerable support in Australia for a woman's right to choose an abortion early in an unintended pregnancy. (
  • Even though mifepristone is widely used overseas for early abortions, most women with an unintended pregnancy in Australia cannot make this choice because mifepristone is not registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) and is classified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as an unapproved drug. (
  • In response to criticism following the death of Savita Halappanavar the Irish government has published an early draft of the proposed abortion law, the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill 2013 . (
  • Fully implementing the Court's decision will mean that women in Poland no longer have to seek out clandestine and dangerous abortions," said Marczyński.Several weeks after P. first petitioned doctors for to interrupt her pregnancy, she was finally able to receive an abortion 500 km from her home. (
  • And when South Dakota passed a law requiring that women get counseling from a "pregnancy help center" before receiving an abortion, the Rapid City center was quick to sign up - becoming one of three such facilities listed on the state's official website. (
  • Called 'Boss Bills,' New York's new laws would force Evergreen Association to hire pro-abortion employees for its pregnancy centers. (
  • Officials say the doctor-patient relationship is protected because if a woman asks for an abortion referral, Title X doctors could offer a list of pregnancy services providers, including some who perform abortions. (
  • Taft, A., L. Watson (2008) Depression and termination of pregnancy (induced abortion) in a national cohort of young Australian women: the confounding effect of women's experience of violence. (
  • Abortion is legal for any reason by any means during the first six months of pregnancy, but in the last trimester of pregnancy, abortion is restricted only to cases when the life of the mother is seriously threatened or when pregnancy would result in irreversible impairment of a major bodily function. (
  • Thus, for all practical purposes, in 1973 the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion on demand throughout pregnancy for any reason or no reason. (
  • Pro-abortion groups challenged provisions involving informed consent, spousal notification, and confidential reporting requirements but allowed two provisions -- limitations on abortions after the sixth month (only to save the life of the mother or when pregnancy would result in "irreversible impairment of a major bodily function") and no abortion for the purpose of sex selection -- to go into effect. (
  • According to the Guttmacher Institute, there were about 13,160 abortions in 2014. (
  • States have enacted 1,142 laws that restrict abortions since 1973, the pro-choice Guttmacher Institute said this month. (
  • Just a few years ago, they attempted to enact regulations for accrediting medical schools and teaching hospitals to force medical students and young doctors to be trained to perform abortions. (
  • The Life Center is among 12 centers on the list that also receive state funding through the controversial Alternatives to Abortion Services Program. (
  • Written in response to the horrific conditions found inside a West Philadelphia abortion center run by Kermit Gosnell, Act 122 requires that abortion facilities be licensed as outpatient surgical centers and subject to regular inspections. (
  • Prior to Act 122, hair and nail salons in Pennsylvania were subject to greater scrutiny than abortion centers. (
  • In 2018, the Trudeau government tried to force Canada Summer Jobs applicants to sign an attestation supporting the prime minister's views on abortion. (
  • This seminar will cover various topics such as the availability and use of misoprostol, the role misoprostol has in reducing inequities in access to safe abortion services, and much more. (
  • The case was taken by three women living in Ireland who were forced to travel to the UK to access safe abortion services. (
  • Since 1980 at least 140,000 women have been forced to travel to the UK to access safe abortion services. (
  • Because of increased risks to a woman's health during the second trimester, the state may regulate the abortion procedure only "in ways that are reasonably related to maternal health. (
  • Honolulu, HI - The University of Hawaii is recruiting patients as young as 14 for second-trimester abortions to determine how much they bleed during the procedure. (
  • Methods: In 1998, the National Abortion Federation surveyed the 261 accredited U.S. residency programs in obstetrics and gynecology, and analyzed the availability of first- and second-trimester abortion training. (
  • The Society of Family Planning [12] provides millions of dollars in grant money for abortion and contraception-related studies. (
  • Many times, we hear that contraception reduces abortion. (
  • New York's 'Boss Bill' was passed in tandem with the state's Reproductive Health Act which legalizes abortion until the birth of the child and the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act which requires health insurers to provide no-cost birth control, including abortifacient drugs, in their health plans. (
  • The article, illustrated with a picture of Martinez and his family, quoted members' views on abortion, divorce, sexuality and contraception which were contrary to those of the Church. (
  • Hospitals with religious affiliations typically don't offer access to contraception, let alone abortions, Lynn said. (
  • Improving the provision and use of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services, including: contraception, comprehensive sexuality education, safe abortion where legal, and menstrual hygiene management. (
  • We were also incredibly lucky to have three Cleveland-area abortion activists speak about their stories and experiences with this kind of work. (
  • During the tumultuous 1960s, after centuries of legal prohibition and moral condemnation of abortion, a handful of dedicated activists launched an unprecedented marketing campaign. (
  • But women's-rights activists and some medical experts view the multi-pronged changes as a dangerous ideological shift that could increase unintended pregnancies and abortions. (
  • The Liberals began this process to ensure that organizations like the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform , where I serve as communications director, would no longer be able to secure funding from the Canada Summer Jobs Program after a campaign by abortion activists insisting that pro-life groups be declared ineligible resulted in the Liberals declaring that pro-life Canadians would be rejected if they applied. (
  • International agreements long ago carefully negotiated by nation states are being hijacked by activists to promote radical pro-abortion and anti-family ideologies. (
  • Many abortion advocates say the amendment unfairly targets low-income women, effectively denying them access to abortions, and restricts abortions to women who can pay for them. (
  • Churches and religious groups across the country are struggling over what to do with a confusing clause in the Canada Summer Jobs application that seems to require them to endorse access to abortions in order to get funding. (
  • Seminar organized by the IUSSP Scientific Panel on Abortion Research and the Population Council-Nairobi. (
  • We persuaded the media that the cause of permissive abortion was a liberal, enlightened, sophisticated one," recalls the movement's co-founder. (
  • We announced to the media that we had taken polls and that 60 percent of Americans were in favor of permissive abortion. (
  • We aroused enough sympathy to sell our program of permissive abortion by fabricating the number of illegal abortions done annually in the U.S. The actual figure was approaching 100,000, but the figure we gave to the media repeatedly was 1 million. (
  • Initially, advocates of permissive abortion argued that they merely desired to give women the private choice to select abortion. (
  • g) A physician who intentionally performs an abortion on a pregnant unemancipated minor in violation of this section commits an offense. (
  • Abortion applicants: characteristics distinguishing dropouts remaining pregnant and those having abo. (
  • When a young Vietnamese woman found out late last year that she was pregnant after arriving in Japan on a technical trainee visa, she was given a stark choice: "Have an abortion or go back to Vietnam. (
  • They asserted that they did not intend to force anyone to do anything, but only sought to repeal laws that prohibited one option - abortion -- that they believed should be available to pregnant women. (
  • Then they tried to stop citizens who wished to exercise their right to peacefully assemble in opposition to abortion, and to punish individuals who tried to offer free, peaceful "sidewalk counseling" to pregnant women to advise them about alternatives to abortion. (
  • That is, until the interviewer hits you with this question: "Suppose a young pregnant woman and her boyfriend come to you seeking an abortion. (
  • b) "Applicant"means a pregnant female less than eighteen years of age and not emancipated, or a person acting as next friend on such female's behalf. (
  • The three applicants, who all became pregnant unintentionally, told the court that the impossibility of obtaining an abortion in Ireland made the procedure unnecessarily expensive, complicated and traumatic. (
  • The third applicant was in remission from cancer when she became pregnant. (
  • In addition, between 1994 and 2000, the proportion of women having abortions who were poor increased. (
  • The Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act was passed in 1989, but held up by court injunction until May, 1994. (
  • The 1994 ICPD Programme of Action defined abortion as a component of reproductive health in "circumstances where abortion is not against the law. (
  • A police officer watches pro-life and pro-choice supporters demonstrating to mark the anniversary of the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion decision in Washington, Jan. 24, 2011. (
  • Since the Supreme Court's controversial Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, American doctors have performed well over 40 million abortions. (
  • It contains events related to the event January 22, 1973: 'Roe v. Wade' Legalizes Abortion in US . (
  • Though in the mid-1960s some states will begin liberalizing their abortion laws, it will not be until 1973 that abortion becomes legal throughout the United States (see January 22, 1973 ). (
  • On January 22, 1973, in what one dissenting Justice referred to as "an exercise in raw judicial power," the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the "right to privacy" encompasses a woman's right to undergo an abortion. (
  • In a letter sent to Coakley last Thursday , Massachusetts State Reps. Marc Lombardo (R-Billerica) and James Lyons (R-Andover), are asking the attorney general to investigate Walz's ties to the nation's largest abortion provider since she was a leading sponsor of the abortion clinic Buffer Zone Law and was subsequently hired as its CEO, alleging that it's a violation of the state's conflict-of-interest law. (
  • Their aim was twofold: first, to capture the news media and thus public opinion, and then, to change the nation's abortion laws. (
  • Considering that Ontario has followed British Columbia in concealing abortion data, how can proper strategies to prevent and care for women in crisis pregnancies be put in place in these two provinces? (
  • Abortion hurts women," she said. (
  • The stories were written by many different people, from elderly women who had abortions in the pre-Roe era to young people who were not financially prepared to be parents. (
  • A certain proportion of women applying for legal abortion later change their minds. (
  • A consent form for the survey notes that the purpose of the study is to "better understand why a significant number of women sign the 72-hour consent form to have an abortion, but then never return to the clinic to have the abortion procedure. (
  • Birthright St. Louis, a nonprofit organization that provides free counseling to abortion-minded women, has seen an increase in visits at its four locations in the past 14 months, noted executive director Maureen Zink. (
  • six states, including Missouri, require that women seeking an abortion are told that life begins at conception. (
  • The original abortion-rights slogans from the early '70s - they remain virtual articles of faith and rallying cries of the "pro-choice" movement to this day - were "Freedom of choice" and "Women must have control over their own bodies. (
  • It turned out that many, many women I knew had had an abortion. (
  • Each of those women told me that I should get an abortion so that I could keep my options open. (
  • In countries where abortion is highly restricted, studies on abortion incidence and safety remain challenging and require adapting and improving methodologies and research designs to take into account changing conditions under which women obtain abortion and to improve accuracy and reliability of estimates. (
  • and in rapidly growing and changing cities, where women are increasingly in the labor force, the opportunity cost of unplanned births is increasing and in addition, abortion may be a more accessible option, through informal and formal providers. (
  • Demographic changes over the last two decades highlight the need for a reassessment of why women decide to have abortions. (
  • In 2004, a structured survey was completed by 1,209 abortion patients at 11 large providers, and in-depth interviews were conducted with 38 women at four sites. (
  • Receiving less attention are the women behind the statistics-the 1.3 million women who obtain abortions each year 1 -and their reasons for having abortions. (
  • In a 1985 study of 500 women in Kansas, unreadiness to parent was the reason most often given for having an abortion, followed by lack of financial resources and absence of a partner. (
  • 3 In 1987, a survey of 1,900 women at large abortion providers across the country found that women's most common reasons for having an abortion were that having a baby would interfere with school, work or other responsibilities, and that they could not afford a child. (
  • 5 An extensive literature (both quantitative and qualitative) examines how women make the decision to have an abortion or a birth. (
  • 6 Here, we focus on women who have already made the decision to have an abortion. (
  • One compelling reason is that the abortion rate declined by 22% between 1987 and 2002, 7 and another is that the demographic characteristics of reproductive-age women in general and of abortion patients in particular have changed since 1987. (
  • The sections of the Qur'an that detail the importance of health for women have been used to combat this argument, and have been moderately successful at changing the legislation against abortion enacted after 1979. (
  • Never mind that the overwhelming majority of those studies report risk increases for women who have abortions. (
  • I have read too many autopsy reports of women who bled to death during abortions to think this is anything but immoral and ghoulish. (
  • The Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children, where the abortion study is based, does not advertise abortions on its website. (
  • Abortionists are continually conducting abortion experimentation on women. (
  • We completely oppose this gruesome abortion experimentation on women, especially minor girls who cannot legally give their consent," said Newman. (
  • Those that really want to help women should put their efforts into ending abortion, not inventing new grisly ways to kill babies and exploit women. (
  • Most abortions performed in Australia are surgical first-trimester procedures, 1 and very few women have access to early medical abortions (EMAs), which are endorsed by both the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in the United Kingdom. (
  • Robert Bork's America is a land in which women would be forced into back-alley abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, rogue police could break down citizens' doors in midnight raids, schoolchildren could not be taught about evolution, writers and artists could be censored at the whim of government. (
  • Abortion is seen as a way for women to escape the idea that biology is destiny, and from the tyranny of the family role. (
  • The Polish authorities must take urgent steps to ensure women and girls have full access to sexual and reproductive health, Amnesty International said after the European Court of Human Rights found the country violated the rights of a teenage rape victim who was denied a legal abortion. (
  • At a time when Polish lawmakers are rigorously debating abortion legislation this landmark decision brings to light the stark injustices that expose women and girls to the risk of human rights violation. (
  • Doctors are required to distribute this list to women before performing an abortion. (
  • In the same pattern, a recent string of New York attorneys general has sought to silence peaceful citizens offering abortion-bound women information on life-affirming alternatives. (
  • Expectant Mother Care and EMC Frontline exist for the purpose of advocating for and providing desperate women with alternatives to abortion. (
  • State Rep. Jeanne Ives, of Wheaton, represents the interests of those who felt "betrayed" when Gov. Bruce Rauner in September signed a law that expands taxpayer-subsidized abortions for women covered by Medicaid, she told a crowd at a Jan. 14 March for Life rally in Chicago. (
  • Coyle, C., V. Rue, P. Coleman (2010) Inadequate pre-abortion counseling and decision conflict as predictors of subsequent relationship difficulties and psychological stress in men and women. (
  • Coleman, P., V. Rue, M. Spence, C. Coyle (2008) Abortion and the sexual lives of men and women: Is casual sexual behavior more appealing and more common after abortion? (
  • Pedersen, W. (2008) Abortion and depression: a population-based longitudinal study of young women. (
  • Rue, V., P. Coleman, J. Cougle, D. Reardon (2004) Induced abortion and traumatic stress: A preliminary comparison of American and Russian women. (
  • Reardon, D. J. Cougle, V. Rue, F. Scheuren, P. Coleman, P. Ney (2003) Psychiatric admissions of low-income women following abortion and childbirth: A record based study of California Medicaid patients. (
  • Niall Behan, Chief Executive of the IFPA said: "The experiences of the three applicants are illustrative of the reality faced by thousands of women in Ireland. (
  • The Supreme Court on Wednesday will hear oral arguments challenging a 2007 Massachusetts law that prohibits pro-life advocates from approaching abortion clinic workers and potential clients past a regulated "buffer zone. (
  • In the case, McCullen v. Coakley , the Court is being asked to decide whether the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit was right in upholding the state's law that makes it a crime for pro-life advocates to "enter or remain on a public way or sidewalk" within 35 feet of an entrance, exit or driveway to an abortion facility. (
  • With the buffer zone in place, pro-life advocates assert that their First Amendment right to free speech is being inhibited, making it more difficult for them to share their life-saving message with girls seeking abortions. (
  • Advocates of particular procedures and programs, particularly major providers of promoters of abortion are systematically singling out health care providers and entities to squeeze and compel them to abandon their moral values as the price to pay to remain in the profession and market. (
  • How could we in good conscience hire someone who advocates abortion to encourage expectant mothers not to pursue that deadly route? (
  • He also spoke on how abortion is being promoted at the Nairobi Summit on ICPD25 and how pro-life advocates can utilize internationally-negotiated agreements to push back against abortion advocacy at the U.N. He also attended UNFPA's Nairobi Summit on ICPD25. (
  • All 1,446 abortion applicants attending the abortion clinic at University Hospital Malmö, in 1989. (
  • According to the Passport Rules, 1980, all the applicants born on or after 26/01/1989, in order to get a passport, had to, hitherto, mandatorily submit the Birth Certificate as the proof of Date of Birth (DOB). (
  • Then in 1989 came the first ray of hope for those who had struggled for 16 years to restore some sanity to abortion law in the United States. (
  • In the fall of 1989 the Pennsylvania legislature by substantial majorities (143-58 in the House and 33-17 in the Senate) passed the 1989 Abortion Control Act. (
  • Although polls consistently show a clear majority of Americans disapprove of unfettered abortion-on-demand, the movement's well-crafted, almost magical slogans - appealing to Americans' deeply rooted inclination toward tolerance, privacy and individual rights - have provided the abortion camp a powerful rhetorical arsenal with which to fight off efforts to reverse Roe, which struck down all state laws outlawing abortion. (
  • b) If a person to whom notice may be given under Subsection (a)(1) cannot be notified after a reasonable effort, a physician may perform an abortion if the physician gives 48 hours constructive notice, by certified mail, restricted delivery, sent to the last known address, to the person to whom notice may be given under Subsection (a)(1). (
  • The country's Catholic bishops have accused the National Maternity Hospital of denying doctors their right to freedom of conscience by requiring applicants for consultant posts to carry out elective abortions if appointed. (
  • Results: Of the 179 programs that responded to the survey, 81% reported that they offer first-trimester abortion training-46% routinely and 34% as an elective. (
  • With Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's signature on Tuesday, almost half the states now ban government workers' insurance from covering abortion services. (
  • The case challenges the constitutionality of New York's so-called "Boss Bills," laws that make support of abortion a protected class in the employment nondiscrimination laws of both New York State and New York City, thus forbidding employers from making hiring and promotion decisions based upon "reproductive health" decisions of employees or applicants, including the decision to have or promote abortions. (
  • Step by step, the Trump administration is methodically remaking government policy on reproductive health _ potentially limiting access to birth control and abortion and bolstering abstinence-only sex education. (
  • [Source: RubeReality (.com)] The US Supreme Court, in a 7-2 decision, legalizes abortion on a federal level in the landmark case of Roe v. Wade . (
  • If Bork approved abortion at the time of Roe v. Wade (he has since come around to a very different position), why would he oppose the Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal? (
  • I objected to Roe v. Wade the moment it was decided," Bork wrote, "not because of any doubts about abortion, but because the decision was a radical deformation of the Constitution. (
  • Bork offers a disturbing insight into the radical feminist-inspired pro-abortion worldview behind Roe v. Wade. (
  • Safe and legal abortion is every woman's right. (
  • 1 On the question of public opinion in Australia, the VLRC concluded that the majority support a woman's right to choose, but an undefined subset of these people also support restrictions based on the grounds for abortion and gestational age. (
  • The dissemination and translation of different medical texts to and from China, India, Greece, and Persia led to attempts to develop extensive lists of all medical practices, including abortion, and the practice is described in detail in texts from many different regions. (
  • On January 26, Congress passed a law outlawing the practice of private religious schools excluding student applicants who are not baptized or whose parents are unwed. (
  • Likewise, family-practice residents have encountered similar situations in which they are marginalized for not assisting in abortions. (
  • Prohibits the use of foreign assistance to pay for the performance of abortion as a method of family planning or to motivate or coerce any person to practice abortion. (
  • But as many job appointments will be conditional on applicants having these qualifications this is effectively also a bar on practice. (
  • There is a long history of abortion in Iran. (
  • Reardon, D., P. Coleman, J. Cougle (2004) Substance use associated with prior history of abortion and unintended birth: a national cross sectional cohort study. (
  • The social and political sensitivity of the issue of abortion means that carrying out high quality research on abortion overall, including work on abortion incidence, is difficult. (
  • This is despite the fact that federal law prohibits medical schools that receive federal funding from discriminating against candidates based upon their views on abortion. (
  • Less important was education, reproductive history, and stated reasons for abortion. (
  • Bivariate analyses examined differences in the reasons for abortion across subgroups, and multivariate logistic regression models assessed associations between respondent characteristics and reported reasons. (
  • Edwards has long contended that his support for gun rights and opposition to abortion helped position him to win as a Democrat in conservative Louisiana. (
  • That's how the D&E abortion process and other abortion methods were invented, for example," said Newman. (
  • States that funds may not be used for biomedical research related to methods of or the performance of abortion or involuntary sterilization as a means of family planning. (
  • Coleman, P., V. Rue, M. Spence (2007) Intrapersonal processes and post-abortion relationship challenges: A review and consolidation of relevant literature. (
  • Prior to this she got rejected by hospitals in two cities despite the fact that she was entitled to an abortion under the current law. (
  • In a series of cases, they repeatedly tried to get the Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution so as to invalidate laws that restricted public funding and provision of abortion in public hospitals. (
  • 4 Thus, residency programs that rely solely upon abortion patient volume in hospitals may have difficulty providing adequate training in the procedure. (
  • In March, we were among a coalition of religious leaders who presented an alternate attestation that expressed support for human rights without specifying abortion. (
  • I never wanted to work in an abortion clinic when I was growing up - and neither did many of our former abortion workers. (
  • The judge ruled that when a woman requests abortion, the proper course for a doctor who has a conscientious objection is to decline to embark upon the process, and inform the woman she can obtain the service from another health practitioner or from a family planning clinic. (
  • Rule 24: Rules of Procedure Governing Petitions for Waiver of Parental Consent for Abortions by Minors. (
  • Pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated § 37-10-304 (i), this rule is promulgated to ensure that proceedings governing petitions for waiver of parental consent for abortions by minors are conducted in an expeditious and anonymous manner. (
  • Abortion for unemancipated minors requires the consent of at least one parent prior to abortion , unless a judge rules the minor is competent to make the decision herself. (
  • Since the late 1970s, the number of obstetrics and gynecology residency programs in the United States that offer abortion training has dropped steadily. (
  • Directors of programs that do not offer abortion training were asked if there is "a system in place" for their residents to go elsewhere for training. (
  • 7 When given a choice, some residents may refuse to perform abortions as a way of exercising control over their own schedules and not because they oppose abortion for moral reasons. (
  • When I ran for office, I pledged to stand for life," President Donald Trump said in a recent speech to the Susan B. Anthony List, which backs political candidates who oppose abortion. (
  • In substance, it considered that the Parliament had not been coherent in prohibiting PGD while tolerating therapeutic abortion (§ 71). (
  • Then on Saturday, the president announced a bill that would introduce into law so-called 'therapeutic abortion,' a limited definition for cases in which the mother's life is in danger, a fetus's birth is considered unviable, or in cases of rape. (
  • citation needed] Abortion is currently legal in cases where the mother's life is in danger, and also in cases of fetal abnormalities that makes it not viable after birth (such as anencephaly) or produce difficulties for mother to take care of it after birth, such as major thalassemia or bilateral polycystic kidney disease. (
  • People think abortion is such an easy choice-they say, "Don't use abortion as birth control. (
  • at the time of the adoption of the US Constitution, abortions before "quickening" (i.e. birth) were commonly performed. (
  • In the third and final trimester, since the rate of viability (live birth) is markedly greater than in the first two trimesters, the state can restrict or even prohibit abortions as it chooses, "except where it is necessary, in appropriate medical judgment, for the preservation of the life or health of the mother. (
  • The administration says it supports family planning and isn't cutting funding - merely drawing a "bright line" between birth control and abortion. (
  • Among the goals set forth by the conference were deeply controversial agenda items: the promotion of the universal acceptance of birth control, graphic comprehensive sex education (CSE), acceptance of various forms of "sexual orientation and gender identity or expression," and abortion. (
  • Medical and counselling services are provided before and after the abortion. (
  • and from the rights perspective, studies on abortion safety may point to need for broadening legality criteria and improved access to safe, legal services. (
  • The girl, named as "P" in the court case, was denied access to safe and legal abortion services due to harassment and intimidation by hospital workers, the police and others. (
  • Also, there have been attempts to mandate that health care insurers and private employers provide coverage and pay for abortion services. (
  • The Bill provides that it will be a legitimate part of the employment process for an employer that provides any of the health services specified in new section 19(1) to ask a job applicant questions about whether they conscientiously object to providing an abortion. (
  • It's across the spectrum of women's health services," said Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Col. "They're proposing abstinence-only sex education -which study after study has shown doesn't work- restrictions to family planning, and more and more restrictions to abortion. (
  • The strange thing about this is that people who want to decrease the number of abortions are taking away access to the very services that help prevent them," said Dr. Hal Lawrence, CEO of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, one of the eight groups. (
  • other means of abortion were also described with warnings and instructions for treatment of the woman after the procedure. (
  • For a long time, abortion in Persia (and then Iran) was a legal gray area, which may explain why it was not uncommon to describe the correct procedure. (
  • A question on a controversial abortion bill that Edwards recently signed, which would ban the procedure after about six weeks and offers no exceptions for victims of rape and incest, presented even trickier terrain for the governor. (
  • Besides having served as chairman of the executive committee of NARAL - originally, the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, and later renamed the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League - as well as its medical committee, Nathanson was one of the principal architects and strategists of the abortion movement in the United States. (
  • In addition, accurate measurement of abortion incidence (safe and unsafe) and morbidity is needed to assess the impact of changes in abortion laws, regulations and service provision. (
  • They won their case, which threw out laws in Texas which would have required abortion facilities to meet common health and safety standards and for abortionists to have admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles of the facility. (
  • She had applied for asylum, claiming that she had been forced to get an abortion in China to comply with the country's family-planning laws, and she was anxious about her coming interview with immigration officials. (
  • In doing so, the Court struck down all existing state laws on abortion and created new abortion law for the entire United States. (
  • In particular, they argued that Ireland's restrictive abortion laws stigmatised and humiliated them and risked damaging their health and, in the third applicant's case, even her life. (
  • where abortion is broadly legal, official data may also be incomplete and data collection systems of poor quality. (
  • As a result, there is need for better measurement and data collection in a wide variety of contexts, ranging from countries where abortion is broadly legal, to those where abortion is permitted only under narrow criteria. (
  • And you can lose out even if you've never stuck a toe out of line: Andrews warns, 'Perfectly legal behaviors done by adults'--think expressing your thoughts on abortion --'are nonetheless used against them. (
  • In its judgment, which is subject to appeal, the Court found that by not providing P access to a legal abortion and disclosing personal data about her, Poland violated Article 8 of the European Convention.It emphasized that "the fact that the issue of the availability of legal abortion in Poland is a subject of heated debate does not absolve the medical staff from their uncontested professional obligations regarding medical secrecy. (
  • Poland has been ordered to pay non-pecuniary damages of €30,000 to the victim and €15,000 to her mother, as well as €16,000 to both applicants to cover legal costs and expenses. (
  • The website clarifies that "reproductive rights" means "the right to access safe and legal abortions. (
  • Abortion is legal, but under longstanding law and regulations, taxpayer money cannot be used to pay for abortions. (
  • In the 45 years since the U.S. Supreme Court decided 7-2 that abortion is a legal right, opponents have relentlessly fought to weaken or overturn the decision. (
  • In hopes of determining whether an applicant is really saying what they believe, an interviewer will often ask two seemingly different moral questions and see if the applicant answers the same way, or changes his/her stance. (
  • The Constitution has nothing to say about abortion, leaving it, like most subjects, to the judgment and moral sense of the American people and their elected representatives. (
  • Interestingly doctors who have a moral objection to abortion are still able to complete the Faculty's qualifications because the Abortion Act 1967 contains a conscience clause which protects them. (
  • The amendment, sponsored by Representative Henry Hyde (D-IL), prohibits the use of certain federal funds to fund abortions, and primarily affects Medicaid payments. (
  • Before the Supreme Court decided in Whole Woman's Health favor, the abortion facility in Austin had shut down and was put up for sale. (
  • The censoring of abortion data is problematic because it places a stumbling block to any progress being made in addressing unwanted pregnancies from an educational perspective. (
  • For example, why implement safe-sex programs in schools if we have no idea whether unplanned pregnancies, and the abortions that often accompany them, are even a problem? (
  • This already happened in the case of A, B and C v. Ireland regarding the prohibition of abortion. (
  • The Supreme Court has declared that the Constitution protects private choice of abortion against state prohibition. (
  • In a related case, Roe v. Bolton , the Court strikes down restrictions on facilities that can be used to provide abortions. (
  • A study called "Responding to Crisis" that evaluates how abortion providers are responding to abortion restrictions in their states. (
  • The significance of the Webster decision was not so much in the specifics of the law but rather in the reasoning of the majority that in effect reversed Thornburgh by establishing that the standard of review for abortion law was not "strict scrutiny" but rather "undue burden," a lesser standard that would in all likelihood allow abortion regulations but not actual restrictions. (
  • It meant that the Court no longer held that abortion must be entirely unrestricted, but that restrictions could not impose what the Court would deem an "undue burden" on mothers seeking abortion. (
  • In a flyer recruiting a research associate [10] to assist with the study, one of the "Factors for Success" in the position was "Comfort with observation of surgical procedures and abortion-related healthcare. (
  • Studying outcomes of very early surgical and medication abortions. (
  • Experimenting with the dosage of Misoprostol, a uterine contracting agent, prior to surgical abortions at 13-18 weeks. (
  • EMA has become an alternative to surgical abortion, not a replacement. (
  • Of abortions performed between 3 and 8 gestational weeks, 51% were medical and 49% were surgical. (
  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the most pro-abortion prime minister Canada has ever had. (
  • Prime Minister Trudeau announcing in 2017 a $650 million commitment to increase global access to abortion. (
  • Not that I am not fully in support of access to abortion, but if the Trudeau government is going to get people to commit to un-named "underlying values" and things that aren't there at all, and bar groups from funding based on it, someone might be less inclined to take Harper's approach of avoiding the hornet's nest. (
  • Thus, we are all about offering alternatives to abortion. (
  • 24 hours prior to an abortion, the abortionist must offer the woman information about the gestation of her baby, the development of the preborn child, the physical dangers of abortion for her health, and alternatives available to her, including financial assistance if she bears the child. (
  • As medical procedures were developed to increase the safety of both births and abortions, medical doctors began attempting to legally exclude practicioners such as homeopaths, midwives, and apothecaries from performing abortions, in part due to legitimate medical concerns and in part to ensure that they collected the fees paid by clients for abortions. (
  • Eat children of abortion for drug cytotec ags and midwives as these have applicants of plek and tumors and help with building a counter better cesarean faith. (
  • The Scientific Panel on Abortion of the IUSSP and the Population Council are sponsoring an international seminar on Medication Abortion: Availability and use, and impact on abortion safety and women's health in Senegal in July 2016. (
  • This seminar will provide an opportunity for researchers to present results from new studies on the use of medication abortion. (
  • This international seminar will bring together demographers, public health researchers, sociologists and anthropologists, as well as scholars from other related disciplines interested in exchanging the latest scientific knowledge on availability, accessibility and use of medication abortion and its impact on abortion safety and women's health and survival. (
  • Coleman, P. (2011) Abortion and mental health: quantitative synthesis and analysis of research published 1995-2009. (
  • Indeed, it is the best evidence Lungren has offered that he would not use an abortion litmus test in appointing judges. (
  • Applicants for the bench can be for or against abortion rights, he long has insisted: "The only litmus test for judges I'll have is, 'Do you understand what your role is? (
  • In small ways, Lungren already had shown that he's not into abortion litmus tests. (
  • While no systematic study has been done - largely because many medical schools would be unwilling to take part - anecdotal evidence compiled over the last three decades by groups such as the Catholic Medical Association indicate that abortion-related questions are being used as a covert litmus test for admissions at some schools. (
  • In the late 1800s, the newly formed American Medical Association (AMA) argues that abortion is both immoral and dangerous. (
  • Their sin, in the minds of the extremists, was to help strike down a parental consent requirement for a minor's abortion. (
  • Schaefer, who is chair of the Senate Interim Committee on the Sanctity of Life, said that the university is violating state law that prohibits public funds, public employees and public facilities to be used to perform or assist in abortion or for "encouraging or counseling a woman to have an abortion not necessary to save her life. (
  • While the law prohibits explicit discrimination against pro-life candidates, it does not prohibit schools from inquiring about abortion during the interviewing process. (
  • Prohibits the use of funds to lobby for or against abortion. (
  • Prohibits funding any organization or program, as determined by the President, that supports or participates in the management of a program of coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization. (
  • in Iran, a consensus has recently developed that abortion is legitimate if it is before this four-month mark. (
  • Although rather than their argumentative abortion essay academic essays have several hundred and other legitimate. (
  • If this were the sole reason for their inclusion, questions about abortion and abortion access could play a legitimate role in the interview process. (
  • I love how the cartoon in the Scum has a horse hding in the back, so nasty stereotypes of travellers and when was the last time you saw a horse in a hospital?Can I also add that the abortion non-issue utterly bemuses me, an election will never be won on such an issue, along with terror and asylum. (
  • Finding refuge in Russia is already a long shot: It gave two out of 211 North Korean applicants permanent asylum between 2004 and 2014, according to Civic Assistance. (
  • The inquiry has led to the prosecution of at least 30 people - lawyers (including Mr. Wang), paralegals, interpreters and even an employee of a church, who is on trial, accused of coaching asylum applicants in basic tenets of Christianity to prop up their claims of religious persecution. (
  • The new plan calls for Mexico to send troops to its southern border to stop the flood of illegal immigrants entering Mexico headed for the U.S. and to let the U.S. return asylum applicants to Mexico while they await a ruling. (
  • Conclusions: After a decades-long decline in the availability of abortion training, opportunities for abortion training have increased. (
  • And the early abortion marketers brilliantly succeeded in doing exactly that - diverting attention away from the core issues of exactly what abortion does to both the unborn child and the mother, and focusing the debate instead on a newly created issue: "choice. (
  • In Florida, a man is facing charges and serious jail time after tricking his girlfriend into taking an abortion pill which resulted in the death of their unborn child. (
  • North Koreans who are forcibly repatriated commonly suffer torture, arbitrary detention, summary execution, forced abortions, and other sexual violence. (