Inflammation of an INTERVERTEBRAL DISC or disk space which may lead to disk erosion. Until recently, discitis has been defined as a nonbacterial inflammation and has been attributed to aseptic processes (e.g., chemical reaction to an injected substance). However, recent studies provide evidence that infection may be the initial cause, but perhaps not the promoter, of most cases of discitis. Discitis has been diagnosed in patients following discography, myelography, lumbar puncture, paravertebral injection, and obstetrical epidural anesthesia. Discitis following chemonucleolysis (especially with chymopapain) is attributed to chemical reaction by some and to introduction of microorganisms by others.
A plant species of the family VISCACEAE, order Santalales, subclass Rosidae. This is the traditional mistletoe of literature and Christmas. Members contain viscotoxin (5 kDa basic polypeptides related to thionins), beta-galactoside- and N-acetyl-D-galactosamine-specific lectin II (60 kDa), and polysaccharides. Mistletoe lectin I is a type 2 ribosome-inactivating protein. Commercial extracts include Plenosol, Eurixor, Helixor Isorel, Iscador, and NSC 635089 (ANTINEOPLASTIC AGENTS, PHYTOGENIC).
A plant species in the CHENOPODIUM genus known for edible greens.
Ribosome inactivating proteins consisting of two polypeptide chains, the toxic A subunit and a lectin B subunit, linked by disulfide bridges. The lectin portion binds to cell surfaces and facilitates transport into the ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM.
A plant genus of the family SANTALACEAE which is the source of sandalwood oil.
Specific, characterizable, poisonous chemicals, often PROTEINS, with specific biological properties, including immunogenicity, produced by microbes, higher plants (PLANTS, TOXIC), or ANIMALS.
Material prepared from plants.
N-Glycosidases that remove adenines from RIBOSOMAL RNA, depurinating the conserved alpha-sarcin loop of 28S RIBOSOMAL RNA. They often consist of a toxic A subunit and a binding lectin B subunit. They may be considered as PROTEIN SYNTHESIS INHIBITORS. They are found in many PLANTS and have cytotoxic and antiviral activity.
A system of therapeutics founded by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), based on the Law of Similars where "like cures like". Diseases are treated by highly diluted substances that cause, in healthy persons, symptoms like those of the disease to be treated.
Inflammation of the SPINE. This includes both arthritic and non-arthritic conditions.
A plant genus in the CHENOPODIACEAE family.
A species of METHYLOCOCCUS which forms capsules and is capable of autotrophic carbon dioxide fixation. (From Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology, 9th ed)
Percutaneous excision of a herniated or displaced INTERVERTEBRAL DISC by posterolateral approach, always remaining outside the spinal canal. Percutaneous nucleotomy was first described by Hijikata in Japan in 1975. In 1985 Onik introduced automated percutaneous nucleotomy which consists in percutaneous aspiration of the nucleus pulposus. It is carried out under local anesthesia, thus reducing the surgical insult and requiring brief hospitalization, often performed on an outpatient basis. It appears to be a well-tolerated alternative to surgical diskectomy and chymopapain nucleolysis.
Concentrated pharmaceutical preparations of plants obtained by removing active constituents with a suitable solvent, which is evaporated away, and adjusting the residue to a prescribed standard.
Protein or glycoprotein substances of plant origin that bind to sugar moieties in cell walls or membranes. Some carbohydrate-metabolizing proteins (ENZYMES) from PLANTS also bind to carbohydrates, however they are not considered lectins. Many plant lectins change the physiology of the membrane of BLOOD CELLS to cause agglutination, mitosis, or other biochemical changes. They may play a role in plant defense mechanisms.
A plant genus in the family VISCACEAE, order Santalales, subclass Rosidae, class Magnoliopsida. Species of this genus contain cytotoxic LECTINS. The common name of MISTLETOE is used for many species of this and the LORANTHACEAE families.
Any of the 23 plates of fibrocartilage found between the bodies of adjacent VERTEBRAE.
Circumscribed collections of suppurative material occurring in the spinal or intracranial EPIDURAL SPACE. The majority of epidural abscesses occur in the spinal canal and are associated with OSTEOMYELITIS of a vertebral body; ANALGESIA, EPIDURAL; and other conditions. Clinical manifestations include local and radicular pain, weakness, sensory loss, URINARY INCONTINENCE, and FECAL INCONTINENCE. Cranial epidural abscesses are usually associated with OSTEOMYELITIS of a cranial bone, SINUSITIS, or OTITIS MEDIA. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p710 and pp1240-1; J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 1998 Aug;65(2):209-12)
Materials or substances used in the composition of traditional medical remedies. The use of this term in MeSH was formerly restricted to historical articles or those concerned with traditional medicine, but it can also refer to homeopathic remedies. Nosodes are specific types of homeopathic remedies prepared from causal agents or disease products.
VERTEBRAE in the region of the lower BACK below the THORACIC VERTEBRAE and above the SACRAL VERTEBRAE.
The goosefoot plant family of the order Caryophyllales, subclass Caryophyllidae, class Magnoliopsida. It includes beets and chard (BETA VULGARIS), as well as SPINACH, and salt tolerant plants.
An order of protozoa characterized by their ability to aggregate to form a multicellular pseudoplasmodium, which gives rise to a multispored fruiting body. A stalk tube is present.
Examination of any part of the body for diagnostic purposes by means of X-RAYS or GAMMA RAYS, recording the image on a sensitized surface (such as photographic film).
A family of gram-negative, aerobic bacteria utilizing only one-carbon organic compounds and isolated from in soil and water.
Plants whose roots, leaves, seeds, bark, or other constituent parts possess therapeutic, tonic, purgative, curative or other pharmacologic attributes, when administered to man or animals.
Infection due to the fungus Geotrichum.
The heath plant family of the order Ericales, subclass Dilleniidae, class Magnoliopsida that are generally shrubs or small trees. Leaves are alternate, simple, and leathery; flowers are symmetrical with a 4- or 5-parted corolla of partly fused petals.
Osteitis or caries of the vertebrae, usually occurring as a complication of tuberculosis of the lungs.
A semisynthetic cephalosporin analog with broad-spectrum antibiotic action due to inhibition of bacterial cell wall synthesis. It attains high serum levels and is excreted quickly via the urine.
A plant genus of the family ASTERACEAE. Members contain bidensyneosides (polyacetylene glucosides).
Proteins found in plants (flowers, herbs, shrubs, trees, etc.). The concept does not include proteins found in vegetables for which VEGETABLE PROTEINS is available.
The first seven VERTEBRAE of the SPINAL COLUMN, which correspond to the VERTEBRAE of the NECK.
Use of plants or herbs to treat diseases or to alleviate pain.
A group of twelve VERTEBRAE connected to the ribs that support the upper trunk region.
Excision, in part or whole, of an INTERVERTEBRAL DISC. The most common indication is disk displacement or herniation. In addition to standard surgical removal, it can be performed by percutaneous diskectomy (DISKECTOMY, PERCUTANEOUS) or by laparoscopic diskectomy, the former being the more common.
Proteins that share the common characteristic of binding to carbohydrates. Some ANTIBODIES and carbohydrate-metabolizing proteins (ENZYMES) also bind to carbohydrates, however they are not considered lectins. PLANT LECTINS are carbohydrate-binding proteins that have been primarily identified by their hemagglutinating activity (HEMAGGLUTININS). However, a variety of lectins occur in animal species where they serve diverse array of functions through specific carbohydrate recognition.
Works containing information articles on subjects in every field of knowledge, usually arranged in alphabetical order, or a similar work limited to a special field or subject. (From The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983)
Affection; in psychiatry commonly refers to pleasure, particularly as it applies to gratifying experiences between individuals.
Rare cutaneous eruption characterized by extensive KERATINOCYTE apoptosis resulting in skin detachment with mucosal involvement. It is often provoked by the use of drugs (e.g., antibiotics and anticonvulsants) or associated with PNEUMONIA, MYCOPLASMA. It is considered a continuum of Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis.
A written account of a person's life and the branch of literature concerned with the lives of people. (Harrod's Librarians' Glossary, 7th ed)
Books containing photographs, prints, drawings, portraits, plates, diagrams, facsimiles, maps, tables, or other representations or systematic arrangement of data designed to elucidate or decorate its contents. (From The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983, p114)
Time period from 1801 through 1900 of the common era.
The observation and analysis of movements in a task with an emphasis on the amount of time required to perform the task.
Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.
Transplantation between individuals of the same species. Usually refers to genetically disparate individuals in contradistinction to isogeneic transplantation for genetically identical individuals.
Transfer of HEMATOPOIETIC STEM CELLS from BONE MARROW or BLOOD between individuals within the same species (TRANSPLANTATION, HOMOLOGOUS) or transfer within the same individual (TRANSPLANTATION, AUTOLOGOUS). Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation has been used as an alternative to BONE MARROW TRANSPLANTATION in the treatment of a variety of neoplasms.
A readily reversible suspension of sensorimotor interaction with the environment, usually associated with recumbency and immobility.
The regular recurrence, in cycles of about 24 hours, of biological processes or activities, such as sensitivity to drugs and stimuli, hormone secretion, sleeping, and feeding.
The album was certified gold and platinum in several countries and is considered to be one of the best-selling albums in Chile ... Cámara Uruguaya del Disco. El Tiempo (10 October 2000). "EL NUEVO BOOM DE CHAYANNE".. ... This album was the seventh album by the singer released by Sony Music, and was produced by Estéfano, Donato Poveda and Ronnie ... the album received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Latin Pop Album, losing to Vuelve by Ricky Martin. Lo Dejaria Todo Atado ...
"Canadian album certifications - Gloria Estefan - Gloria!". Music Canada. "Japanese album certifications - グロリア・エステファン - グロリア ... Cámara Uruguaya del Disco.. ... The album spawned four singles and one promotional single. " ... "Don't Let This Moment End" was released as the third single from the album and peaked at number 76 on the Billboard Hot 100. In ... "Heaven's What I Feel" was released as the first single from the album and peaked at number 27 on the Billboard Hot 100. "Oye!" ...
... for the album "tv party"[citation needed] Whitburn, Joel (2004). Hot Dance/Disco: 1974-2003. Record Research. p. 200. Whitburn ... "Mercedes Boy" was released as the album's second single on March 7, 1988, by the MCA label. "Mercedes Boy" was a big hit in the ... "Mercedes Boy" is a song by American singer Pebbles from her 1987 self-titled debut studio album. The song was written by the ... with altered lyrics on her only studio album Rear End (1999).[citation needed] In 2013 [Vaporwave] producer Luxury Elite used a ...
Bungle (1995). "Disco Volante Album Credits". USA: Warner Bros. Records. Cite journal requires ,journal= (help) Mr. Bungle ( ... While the self-titled album was described as "funk metal", with Disco Volante this label was replaced with "avant-garde" or " ... Bungle, Mike's bizarre alternative metal act famous for albums like Disco Volante, California, and their utterly batshit self- ... Almost all the members went by obscure aliases in the album credits. To promote the album in some stores, a Mr. Bungle bubble ...
Top R&B Albums: 1965-1998. Whitburn, Joel (2004). Billboard Hot Dance/Disco: 1974-2003.. ... Roberts, David (2006). British Hit Singles & Albums. pp. 541-542. Whitburn, Joel (2006). Top Billboard Albums: 1956-2005. ... The Supremes discography Wilson, Mary (1999). Dreamgirl & Supreme Faith: My Life as a Supreme. Whitburn, Joel (2007). Top Pop ...
The single also peaked at number twelve on the disco charts. In 1999, Marcia Hines recorded a version for her album Time of Our ... It was also included on the group's self-titled debut album. It spent two weeks at number one on the R&B charts in February, ... CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Whitburn, Joel (2004). Hot Dance/Disco: 1974-2003. Record Research. p. 244. CS1 maint: ...
He has also recorded with his side project The Urban Dogs and released a solo album entitled Stolen Property and a second solo ... Roberts, David (2006). British Hit Singles & Albums (19th ed.). London: Guinness World Records Limited. p. 244. ISBN 1-904994- ... single "Freaked". As well as singing he also plays the harmonica and bass, he played rhythm guitar on the UK Subs album ... A different version was on their 1999 Mad Frank's Zonal Disco album. Charlie Harper a song recorded and written by Demob. ...
... at the Disco's second album, Pretty. Odd. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Downpour. If an ... Downpour may refer to: Heavy rain Downpour (film), 1971 film by Bahram Beyzai Downpour (album), a 1999 music album by Mannafest ... "Downpour", a song from Unbreakable (Backstreet Boys album) "Downpour (I.O.I song)", a song from Korean Girl Group I.O.I A ...
In 2018 they self-produced an album entitled I See Fairisies. "Squashy Lemon Squeezy" (Single, 1998, EMI) "Walking" (Single, ... Hot Dance/Disco: 1974-2003. Record Research. p. 204. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) "New Releases". CMJ New Music ... Album, 1999, Atlantic Records) List of number-one dance hits (United States) List of artists who reached number one on the US ... their album 100% Human was released by Atlantic Records. "Walking" was used on the soundtrack for the 1999 film Anywhere but ...
"Strong Enough" is a song by American recording artist Cher from her twenty-second studio album Believe (1998). The song was ... The song's composition and musical style is strongly reminiscent of 1970s disco music. The song received positive reviews from ... "Strong Enough" was released as the second international single from Cher's twenty-third studio album Believe, which was ... "Cher throws more curves with latest album, 'Believe'". Knight Ridder. November 10, 1998. Retrieved March 13, 2020. "Believe - ...
DiscO-Zone ended up charting for over a year on the Oricon weekly albums chart and sold over one million copies overall. On 5 ... Also in 2005, Japanese music label Avex Trax gained distribution rights for O-Zone music in Japan and released the album DiscO- ... The group gained global popularity with their song "Dragostea Din Tei" and their subsequent album DiscO-Zone.[citation needed] ... Topping the Oricon albums charts, it reached over 800,000 sales in 2005 alone and became the 12th-most popular album of 2005, ...
... is the seventh studio album released on June 2, 1998 by Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona. The ... Cámara Uruguaya del Disco.. ... "American album certifications - Arjona, Ricardo - Sin Danos a ... If necessary, click Advanced, then click Format, then select Album, then click Type, then select Latin, then click SEARCH. " ... affecting albums that spotlights both his melodic skills and his sharp social consciousness.". All tracks by Ricardo Arjona ...
... is a tribute album to Swedish disco-pop band ABBA, released in 1999. It followed an ITV programme of the same name ... List of ABBA tribute albums v t e. ...
... this double-album served as the first two albums of his three-album contract. Euthanasia was the initial title of the album ... "Disco 2000 : 1963-1999 Les albums indispensables (décembre 1999)". Rock&Folk. Retrieved February 21, 2017. Adaso, Henry. The ... The album won the 1997 Soul Train award for Rap Album of the Year posthumously. Shakur also won the award for Favorite Rap/Hip- ... All Eyez on Me was the second album by 2Pac to chart at number one on both the Billboard 200 and the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums ...
In 1997 Fistaz Mixwell joined Channel T radio station as a mobile disco DJ. This is where he met the likes of Iggy Smallz ... In 1999 Fistaz Mixwell released his first album dubbed 'It's Time" (it achieved gold status in South Africa for 25,000 sales ... 1999 - It's Time (EMI, CCP Record Company) 2001 - Sumthin' Different (EMI, CCP Record Company) 2003 - Mixwell Avenue (Soulcandi ...
In March 2018, it was sung by Brendan Urie of Panic! at the Disco after being selected from the "Audience Suggestion Box." The ... Her version of the song is also featured on the soundtrack album Glee: The Music, Volume 2, which peaked at #1 on the Billboard ... The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (March 21, 2018). "Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie Sings the DuckTales Theme Song" - ... album)). His theme song for DuckTales is featured on the platinum-selling record The Music of Disney: A Legacy in Song. ...
Fusing drum and bass and trip-hop, the band signed with Jammin' Records the following year and released the album What's My ... Two further singles followed: "This Is The Way" and "Laura Palmer's Theme". Lee was voted PA of the Year by Disco International ... Lee returned to session work, including providing backing vocals on Diane Tell's French album Degriffe-Moi. He toured with Then ... Name? in 1999, produced by Lee. In 2000, Lee began writing for other artists including Britney Spears, Christina Milian, Girls ...
A third album, Atlantis: Hymns for Disco, was released in 2006 and also went platinum. His fourth album, Yes!, was released in ... Unknown (October 20, 2006). "K-OS 'ATLANTIS - HYMNS FOR DISCO' DEBUTS No. 1 ON DIGITAL ALBUMS CHART AND No. 5 ON CURRENT ALBUMS ... The album and the second album single, Crabbuckit, were rated the most downloaded "Hip Hop/Rap" album and track on the iTunes ... The album debuted as number one and number five on the "Digital Albums" and "Current Albums" Canadian charts, respectively. The ...
"Disco Heaven" featured a cameo performance from Boy George. However, the album passed fairly unnoticed and didn't chart. The ... In 1989, Johnson's debut solo album, Blast, reached number one in the UK albums chart. Two singles from the album - "Love Train ... In October 2014 Europa entered the UK Album Chart at # 63, becoming Johnson's first album to chart in the UK since his debut ... After the 1990 remix album Hollelujah, Johnson released his second solo album in 1991. Dreams That Money Can't Buy was a ...
Since 1997, He has released 13 studio albums and over 35 singles. 1999: The Disco Bassline EP 2007: Moscow Dyagilev EP (DJ Vini ...
In 2002, it was announced that he would perform as a supporting act on Britney Spears' Australian tour to promote her album ... Haberfeld combines the musical influences of punk, disco, early hip-hop, electro, kraut rock and synthpop. He studied under ... "Walk on Acid" featured on Honeysmack's studio album Flick Bubble in 1999. "Walk On Acid" was listed in The 100 Greatest ... As Honeysmack, he released his first full length artist album, Honeysmack Live (1997), a collection of live recordings taken ...
This album earned a Disco de Oro for its sales and a second Congo de Oro. In 1999 Villazon and Arguelles released the albums ... This album represents his most successful album because all of the album's songs became major hits on radio, including El ... The album was a success and the song is still considered his trademark. In 1985 he teamed up with accordion player Orangel ... They recorded the album Por ti Valledupar from which they produced three major hits; No espero mas by composer Efren Calderon, ...
Ray, Michael (ed.) (2013). Disco, Punk, New Wave, Heavy Metal, and More: Music in the 1970s and 1980s. New York, NY: Britannia ... The Essential Album Guide. Farmington Hills, MI: Visible Ink Press. pp. xxiv-xxv. ISBN 1-57859-061-2.CS1 maint: extra text: ... The Essential Album Guide. Farmington Hills, MI: Visible Ink Press. p. xxii. ISBN 1-57859-061-2.CS1 maint: extra text: authors ... The Essential Album Guide. Farmington Hills, MI: Visible Ink Press. p. xv. ISBN 1-57859-061-2.CS1 maint: extra text: authors ...
He relocated to Manhattan in 1975, attending disco nightclubs, which sparked his interest in becoming a disc jockey (DJ). He ... Benitez became involved with remixing Madonna's self-titled debut album in 1983, including the singles "Burning Up", " ... ISBN 0-517-56698-2 CNN Erin Burnett OutFront Remembering the disco queen, Donna Summer Dead at 63 Los Angeles Times Donna ... ISBN 978-0671781507 Haden-Guest, Anthony (1997) The Last Party: Studio 54, Disco, and the Culture of the Night. New York: ...
She performed vocals on the album Don't Mind If I Do by Culture Club in 1999. Brown has also performed backing vocals for Grace ... Brown co-wrote and performed the single "Disco Heaven" with Holly Johnson of Frankie Goes to Hollywood. ... She also performed on other tracks from the album Return of The Mack including the UK top 20 hit "Crazy". She performed backing ... In 2001 she recorded backing vocals on Danish Pop Musician Thomas Helmig on the RCA/BMG (Denmark) released Album "IsityouIsitme ...
The album secured two Top 40 singles in the UK and also was met with critical acclaim, being awarded Album of the Year by ... The band mix influences from many genres including dance-punk, post-punk, acid house, disco, and electronica. They were ... Later that year, the band released their first full-length studio album, Echoes. The band released their second studio album, ... The album's main song, "Echoes", was used as opening for the British series Misfits. The Rapture released their second full- ...
Inspired by jazz and disco music from the 1970s, the album was a critical and international success. It spawned three singles ... In Australia, the album reached number 96 on the ARIA Albums Chart and the track "I Don't Think So" was used in promotion for ... Her fifth studio album, Flesh Tone was released on May 14, 2010. The album spawned four singles, including "Acapella" and "4th ... Several of the album's tracks were designed for clubs, and contained electro beats meant for dancing. Her second studio album ...
The album was released on 25 January 2019. Volume 1 - Nick Warren (1 February 1999) Volume 2 - Dave Seaman (31 May 1999) Volume ... Back to Mine was published by the Disco Mix Club, but ended the series with Volume 28. The artwork for Volumes 6-19 and 25-28 ... Back to Mine is a series of mix albums, usually mixed by renowned DJs or composers of electronic music. The compilations ... Since volume seven, the albums have borne the subtitle "A personal collection for after-hours grooving". ...
It is a Japanese cover of Italo disco artist Mega NRG Man's song of the same name. It was composed by Groove Surfers with ... It was released as their fourth single and the original version of the song appears on the albums, Maximum (1996), Maximum ... Collection (1999) and Precious Collection 1995-2002 (2002). It was used in commercials for Japanese brand donuts Mister Donut. ...
"Nuevo galardón en la industria del disco". La Nación. Grupo Nación. Retrieved 13 May 2019. "Argentinian album certifications - ... At the 6th Lo Nuestro Awards in the same year, the album won the award for Pop Album of the Year and Miguel was named Pop Male ... In Argentina, the album peaked at number two on the album chart and was certified diamond by the Argentine Chamber of ... About the naming of the album he said, "This album expresses my personal self. I had a lot to do. I produced everything and ...
Techno Disco Lovers was an EP by Bis, made to preview the 1999 Social Dancing album. This EP was only made available in Japan ...
Cámara Uruguaya del Disco. Retrieved August 5, 2020.. ... New Zealand Albums (RMNZ)[28] 14 Norwegian Albums (VG-lista)[29 ... "Rapports Annuels 1997 - Albums" (in French). Ultratop. Retrieved September 21, 2015.. *^ "Top 100 Album-Jahrescharts" (in ... "British album certifications - Aerosmith - Nine Lives". British Phonographic Industry. Retrieved March 28, 2020.. Select albums ... The album was produced by Aerosmith and Kevin Shirley, and was the bands first studio album released by Columbia Records since ...
Disco Volante has been well received by critics. In their highly favorable review of the album, AllMusic wrote, "Mr. Bungle is ... album front cover photography Joseph A. Thompson - album outer tray photography Davis Meltzer - album booklet backpage ... Disco Volante is the second studio album by American experimental rock band Mr. Bungle. It was released on October 10, 1995, ... Disco Volante would be founding member Theo Lengyels final album with the band, leaving shortly after the tour due to " ...
Its an album about the coming of death. Its an album about the end of a life. Its bleak and its extraordinarily beautiful. ... The weird lyrics about marriage, the disco stomp underneath, the great loud releases of the chorus, the unconventional ... Its an album from the year of my birth that still feels like it defined much of the music of the next fifty years. Here it was ... The second album almost had the opposite problem - it was so immediate that much of it gave me a quick sugar high and then ...
The album was his first gospel. album, one that blended funk. , disco. , and according to Jim, even elements of punk. . It was ... album, heavily influenced by 70s. disco. , and I think the classic sounds of Chicago house. ." Greg adds that the album"could ... classic album dissections. The Belle Album available on iTunes. 139. Al Green The Belle Album. Al Green. is known for ... They also unpack a lesser known album from Al Greens catalogue: The Belle Album. . The album, released in 1977. , came out at ...
Vision Of Disorder: in studio a luglio per il nuovo disco. * VIsion Of Disorder ... Vision Of Disorder: uscita, artwork e tracklist del nuovo album. By Roberto Banfi Settembre 16, 2015 // 8:07 pm. Band: VIsion ... Razed To The Ground è il titolo del nuovo album dei newyorkesi Vision Of Disorder in uscita il 13 novembre per Cadlelight ...
The album featured Helge Førde and Frode Fjellheim and was both praised for its innovative fusion work and expressive style, ... Electronic music (or Electronica) includes sounds that are produced using electronic technology,[7] and it developed from disco ... Perhaps the most popular and controversial of modern Hardanger fiddle artists is Annbjørg Lien, who released her first album, ... However, many dansbands also record albums and singles. The band Ole Ivars scored a 1999 hit with the song "Jag trodde änglarna ...
Disco Funk (R gional) 2006 - Disco Funk (National) 2006 - mile et Images (Compile r trospective) Singles 1999 - Jusquau bout ... Discography with mile et Images Albums 1999 - Jusquau bout de la nuit 2000 - Jusquau bout de la nuit (r dition + 1 in dit) ...
... albums, and chart history. Get recommendations for other artists youll love. ... Mr Bungle released their debut self titled album on Warner Bros in 1991 & went on to release 2 more (1995s Disco Volante & ... 1999s California) before being dropped by the label.. Now in his late 30s, he has seen a lot as a musician, everything from ...
Richard D. James Album. LP,19,99 €. Aphex Twin - Richard D. James Album LP ...
Melanie Cs self-titled album is out on 2 October.. Follow us on Facebook, or on Twitter @BBCNewsEnts. If you have a story ... "I dont want to be your acceptable version of me," goes the refrain of roller-disco jam Overload. ... "But I want people to enjoy this album, I want people to dance to it, I want people to be empowered by it. And when coronavirus ... And once that wrapped up, she went straight into the studio to work on her eighth solo album, and kept going until lockdown hit ...
The album hit #6 on the U.K. charts, and got some overseas play. But the band had already begun making things difficult for ... The B-side to the 12" release of "Jackie Wilson Said," "TSOP" is a cover of the disco hit by MFSB, which was the theme to the ... The album, which received pretty good reviews, is a bit of a potpourri of styles, and like most of Dexys output it ranges from ... In Defense takes a second look at a much-maligned cover artist or album and asks, "Was it really as bad as all that?" ...
ALBUMS. *I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection 14 released: 2012 I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection 14. Released 2012 * Pancho Villa ... "California" is a song written by Joni Mitchell that first appeared on her 1971 album Blue. It was also released as the second ... ALBUMS. *My Minds the Weapon: A Tribute to The Movielife released: 2010 ... single from the album, as a follow-up to "Carey.". Mitchell wrote "California" while living in France but longing for the ...
ALBUMS. *I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection 14 released: 2012 I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection 14. Released 2012 * Pancho Villa ... ALBUMS. *My Minds the Weapon: A Tribute to The Movielife released: 2010 ...
What would the set have sounded like if it werent written and recorded above a disco. What if theyd made it above, say, a … ... Stars new album No One Is Lost isnt a Christmas album, but lead male singer and co-founder Torquil Campbell sees a comparison ... The albums opener "From the Night" has already become a top 20 hit on the weekly Billboard + Twitter Emerging Artists chart, ... Beyond dance, the album includes jangly guitars ("This Is the Last Time"), 80s-reminsicent alt-pop (earworm "Trap Door," ...
... albums, and chart history. Get recommendations for other artists youll love. ... Estefan has announced she was working on a new album of covers, The Standards, released in September 2013. The album will ... As Miami Sound Machine began composing their own original material, their fusion of pop, disco, and salsa earned a devoted ... Glorias 11th studio album,Miss Little Havana. The Miss Little Havana Songfacts says that the first nine tracks tells the tale ...
The second solo album by my Vas Deferens Organization bandmate Matt Castille, Banana In Portuguese was conceived amid a ... GLAXO BABIES-NINE MONTHS TO THE DISCO, LP, 1980, U.... *POLKAHOLICS-S/T, 12 EP, 1983, CANADA ... Hard to find a place to put this German artists, but categories matter little when an album is this good. From weird delay ... ARIEL PINK EXCLUSIVE!!! NEW TRACKS WITH MICHAEL ALAN PLUS ARIELS ALBUMS WITH VAS DEFERENS ORGANIZATION IN WAV AUDIO! ...
Its two albums from the Disco Biscuits.. Both albums are still on my Want List as theyre rather hard to find.. The first one ... Not that old, but also out-of-print (and rather rare), so thats good for the second Disco Biscuits album on my Want List.... ... Its a pretty fine album (the second edition, that is), but Id rather have that first edition.... The second album that I ... disco biscuits: encephalous crime. (1996, cd, usa, private release). The re-issue (from 1999) does no longer include Pygmy ...
... from the album White Blood Cells for $1.29. Free with Apple Music subscription. ... The White Stripes returned in 2005 with Get Behind Me Satan, a dizzyingly diverse album that spanned disco-metal and light, ... After issuing another album with the Raconteurs, Jack White added yet another band to his plate as he joined the Dead Weather, ... That same year, he also appeared in the guitar-themed movie It Might Get Loud, and produced an album for Elson. That year also ...
Production (Mirwais Ahmadzaï album). Production is the second album composed and produced by Mirwais Ahmadzai known under his ... "Disco Science" was directed by French photographer/artist Stéphane Sednaoui in 1999 and released the same year. Inspired by ... High (The Blue Nile album). High is the fourth studio album by Scottish band The Blue Nile, released on 30 August 2004 on ... The album received generally favourable reviews, with many critics considering High to be a stronger album than their previous ...
This rare Coil album was part of the legendary subscription-only Prescription label album series in the late 1990s, issued in ... Cherub is inspired by 80s post-disco, synth pop, and funk.. Coil - Astral Disaster (Prescription Edition) [Reissue/1999] LP ( ... Peace Trail features all new songs that Young wrote since the release of his album Earth, this past June. This new album is ... recorded in 1970 with the original line-up as demo tracks for a planned second album. This second T2 album, had it been ...
And 1990s Violator was the culmination of their enigmatic tech-disco, laying the blueprint for industrial pop for the decade ... Listen to our 50 darkest albums as a Spotify playlist. 50 The xx (2009). Youd think wed be sick of The xx by now, given they ... Darkest albums ever: 50 of the best. By nme Jan 19, 2011 3:35 pm. ... An album that has lit many a lonely student the way to dusky death, Mitchells 1971 classic details her split from Graham Nash ...
Various/FUTURE DISCO #7 - TIL THE... DCD Mads Dalholt/CHARITE EP 12" Bakradze/BEFORE TIME ALTERED THEM EP 12" ... with 8 exclusive tracks on vinyl taken from the CD compilation showcasing the finest house and disco of today combined with ...
Claptone also released a series of strong singles and remix packages from the album which have kept the masked man at the very ... This was clear from as early as his 1998 debut album, Fokus, which saw him experiment with breakbeats and deep synth sounds. ... This culminated in the Play It Loud! album, issued on Richie Hawtins Minus label, and led to Carola moving from underground ... Black Coffee is on an ever-upward trajectory, after making a succession of award-winning albums and launching new artists with ...
8. Duck Sauce In 2009, A-Trak and Armand Van Helden sought out to produce disco house tracks as a joint partnership under the ... They even played the rock music oriented Woodstock Festival in 1994, and theyre still dropping music like last years album ... Their remix of Boys Noizes "What You Want," has an infectious disco rhythm and vocoded vocals reminiscent to Zapp & Rogers " ... they didnt release their debut album, Low Life, until 1999. Breakbeat became a key component in dance music in the 80s. These ...
8. Duck Sauce In 2009, A-Trak and Armand Van Helden sought out to produce disco house tracks as a joint partnership under the ... Interview: Lyric Jones Sets The Tone Of Showing All of Her Talents With New Album Closer Than They Appear ... Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom of Dada Life created their latest album based on their Dada Life Philosophy (or nonsense). ... Their remix of Boys Noizes "What You Want," has an infectious disco rhythm and vocoded vocals reminiscent to Zapp & Rogers " ...
Download Me The Disco Machine by Antonelli Electronics at! High Quality, Preview Available. Songs start at just $ ... Tags: download Me The Disco Machine album, Me The Disco Machine mp3,. buy Me The Disco Machine, descargar Me The Disco Machine ... Antonelli Electronics - Me The Disco Machine mp3. Me The Disco Machine (9 / 10) - 174 ... Me The Disco Machine. Artist:. Antonelli Electronics. Release Date:. 1999. Genres:. Dance. Duration & Bitrate:. 0:52:47149 Kbs ...
Its two albums from the Disco Biscuits.. Both albums are still on my Want List as theyre rather hard to find.. The first one ... Not that old, but also out-of-print (and rather rare), so thats good for the second Disco Biscuits album on my Want List.... ... More straight-forward as his previous albums. Less alien.. But still a very fine album.. There was a bit of a fuzz when ... Its a pretty fine album (the second edition, that is), but Id rather have that first edition.... The second album that I ...
3.1 Album. *4 Note. Il disco[modifica , modifica wikitesto]. Lalbum si piazzò ottavo nelle classifiche di allora, ... Pop Albums 8 Note[modifica , modifica wikitesto]. *^ (EN) William Ruhlmann, Absolutely Live, su AllMusic, All Media Network. ... aggiudicandosi il disco doro. Molti concerti furono registrati durante il tour del 1970 per creare il suddetto album. Il ... Questa voce o sezione sullargomento album rock psichedelico non cita le fonti necessarie o quelle presenti sono insufficienti. ...
If you have any Album request from our collection, Let us know it on our Chat Box. Si quieres Algun Disco de nuestra Coleccion ... Phillies_(Of_Wisemen)-Welcome_To_The_Detroit_Zoo-(Digital_Album)-2013-WSS ...
  • It has taken two years, starting early 1998 and finishing December 1999, for Mirwais to complete the composing and production of his second album. (
  • The Seattle band's ninth studio album, recorded in L.A. with producer Rich Costey in late 2017 and early 2018, stands alongside classic albums like their 1998 debut Something About Airplanes and 2003's masterful Transatlanticism as a definitive collection - 10 tracks that are by turns beautiful and dynamic and darkly anthemic and bittersweet. (
  • A new Spanish-language album, Alma Caribeña , followed in the spring of 2000. (
  • The album has been released through the French independent label Naive Records in April 21, 2000. (
  • PIG DESTROYER toured throughout 1999 and 2000 with DAYBREAK and GODSTOMPER, further abusing the East Coast scene(s). (
  • Fundou sua própria gravadora em 1999 , assim fazendo parceria com seu irmão Yamanaka Hidetoshi, chamados de Spiky Brothers , fizeram duas demos em 2000 , Spiky Lane e Spiky Love . (
  • The band's 2000 debut album, Mer de Noms, found Howerdel and Keenan. (
  • Mer de Noms" es el disco debut de la banda de rock norteamericana A Perfect Circle y sali a la venta el 23 de mayo del 2000 a travs de la. (
  • I'm going to estimate that I listened to "Sing" once a day for the nine months of the 1999-2000 academic year, along with an appropriate amount of Portishead and probably too much of the first Muse album. (
  • Although much of the song's lyrics are limited ("Carry Stress in the Jaw", "Phlegmatics"), are in another language ("Desert Search for Techno Allah", "Violenza Domestica"), or are just gibberish ("Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz"), lyrical content in Disco Volante is, like in their eponymous debut album, both dark and comedic. (
  • Carry Stress in the Jaw" and "Phlegmatics" are parts II and III of the "Sleep" trilogy, with part I being on the band's eponymous debut album. (
  • Having formed in New York in 1999, where Campbell and Seligman largely recorded its debut album Nightsongs , the band relocated to Montreal, its base since recording 2003 follow-up Heart . (
  • Such performances helped support the duo's self-titled debut album, released in 1999 and dedicated to blues icon Son House. (
  • White also formed the Raconteurs with Brendan Benson and the Greenhornes' Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler, and spent much of 2006 touring in support of the group's debut album, Broken Boy Soldiers. (
  • Though they formed in 1988, they didn't release their debut album, Low Life, until 1999. (
  • progetto che vede la collaborazione tra membri di Hellyeah , Nothingface , Dog Fashion Disco e Polkadot Cadaver , farà uscire il debut album " Black Mass Hysteria " il 14 febbraio. (
  • Their 1986 debut album Licensed To Ill - a supremely bratty, hard-punching, pitch-perfect mix of rap and hard rock - was hip-hop's first number one album, and remains near the top of the Billboard catalog charts to this day. (
  • Meanwhile, in London, motor-mouthed DJ/producer Goldie emerged from the basement clubs with a fully realized debut album. (
  • Mer de Noms (French for "sea of names") is the debut album by American rock band A Perfect Circle. (
  • Endowed with an eminently Neo Symphonic style, this Chilean outfit recorded their debut album under the rootsy influence of Classical Music and the British school of Symphonic Prog Rock (Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd, Marillion, etc. (
  • Her debut album A Girl Called Dusty included mostly covers of her favorite songs by other performers. (
  • His debut album as Golden Eels is Periscopes in the Air . (
  • The next albums (now out of print), Ground Altitude in 2002, Crestfallen in 2004 and Civilize the Satanists in 2008 were also the mark of a long term friendship with Arbouse Recordings label (Thousand & Bramier, Astrid, Melodium. (
  • Les albums suivants (aujourd'hui épuisés ) sont Ground Altitude en 2002, Crestfallen en 2004, Civilize the Satanists en 2008 et Hesitation Blues en 2009. (
  • She was named among the 25 female rock artists of all time by readers of Mojo magazine (1999), editors of Q magazine (2002), and a panel of artists on the TV channel VH1 (2007). (
  • Nine Lives is the twelfth studio album by American rock band Aerosmith , released on March 18, 1997. (
  • Here, however, the pair are working under a pseudonym that refers to the album s dedication to Melvoin s brother Jonathon, the Smashing Pumpkins keyboardist who died of a heroin overdose in 1997. (
  • Renditions of the White Blood Cells tracks "I Can't Wait" and "Offend in Every Way" debuted in 1999 with another one of his short-lived outfits, Jack White and the Bricks, and "This Protector" and "I Can Learn" were played by the White Stripes at their initial shows in 1997. (
  • Acetate Zero commence ses activités soniques en 1996/1997 à Paris. (
  • The Impression That I Get" helped the 1997 album Let's Face It go platinum. (
  • Originally set for a summer release in 1996, the album was delayed, because Columbia Records felt dissatisfied with the nine tracks that Aerosmith and Ballard had produced. (
  • The 1996 double album Being There was a conscious attempt to break out of the No Depression dust bowl and put the ghosts of Uncle Tupelo to rest. (
  • The album was produced by Aerosmith and Kevin Shirley , and was the band's first studio album released by Columbia Records since 1982's Rock in a Hard Place . (
  • In keeping with the band's feverish pace, the album had been written and recorded in two weeks that spring. (
  • 38 Counts Of Battery' is an intense register of the band's work and includes the remastered 'Explosions In Ward 6' album, tracks from the ISIS and ORCHID splits and their scalding demo. (
  • Never a commercial success, Uncle Tupelo nonetheless defined the style dubbed No Depression, after the title of the band's first album. (
  • But when his songwriting foil and high-school pal, Jay Farrar, adecided to split Uncle Tupelo following the band's terrific 1993 album Anodyne , a dejected Mr. Tweedy gathered the remains of the band-drummer Ken Coomer, bassist John Stirratt and various-strings man Max Johnston-and carried on. (
  • The band's first album, A.M. , arrived a bit too early to take full advantage of grunge's backslide. (
  • In 1979, after 32 albums with Kuti, Allen left the band in acrimony over its finances, as well as tensions related to the band's radical politics. (
  • That album, Elevator was the band's major label debut and was released commercially by Warner Bros. In April 2005, Dante handed guitar duties over to replacement Luke Paquin when the band started their 2005 tour. (
  • It has the respectful, delicate beauty of the band's 1994 show in Jerusalem, as well as the pummeling, thrashing brute force of the 1999 album cut at Middleheim in Belgium. (
  • The mix was handled by producer Mark Lewis (Megadeth a.o.) and the resulting 2018 album 'The Passage Of Existence' was born. (
  • Absolutely Live è il primo album live pubblicato dal gruppo musicale rock statunitense The Doors nel luglio del 1970. (
  • As Miami Sound Machine began composing their own original material, their fusion of pop, disco, and salsa earned a devoted local following, and in 1979 the group issued their first Spanish-language LP on CBS International. (
  • That's why it opens with his 1979 disco nugget "I Wanna Be Your Lover," followed by the pre-Y2K anthem '1999. (
  • Chic's distinctive approach not only resulted in some of the era's finest singles, including the number one hits "Le Freak" and "Good Times" -- only two of several classics off the platinum albums C'est Chic (1978) and Risqué (1979) -- but also helped create a template for funk, dance-pop, and hip-hop in the post-disco era. (
  • However, on March 20, 1990, while touring in support of the album, her bus was struck by a tractor trailer. (
  • Esoteric Recordings bring us an expanded and remastered version of Colin Scot's self-titled album in July! (
  • Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce a newly remastered expanded edition of this wonderful album from 1971 by singer-songwriter COLIN SCOT. (
  • This new Esoteric Recordings edition has been newly re-mastered from the original master tapes and features four bonus tracks including three alternate takes and a song omitted from the final completed album. (
  • In 2009, they put out the new album Hesitation Blues ' (Cd, 2009) again on Arbouse recordings, with more tight songs and new landscapes to give more intensity to their wishes. (
  • In 2003 the band re-released the 2001 album of tracks recorded prior to their Sub Pop recordings, Scenes One Through Thirteen , on the OHEV Records label. (
  • O the pillows já teve três baixistas: Kenji Ueda ( 1987 - 1992 ), Tatsuya Kashima ( 1992 - 1999 ) e Suzuki Jun ( 1999 -atualmente). (
  • Production is the second album composed and produced by Mirwais Ahmadzai known under his artist name Mirwais. (
  • She had never worked with Mirwais, whose "Disco Science" became a hit on the French club circuit. (
  • It was released on October 10, 1995, through Warner Bros, and is considered to be the most experimental of all their albums, mixing elements from such varied styles as death metal, jazz, Arabic music, musique concrète, easy listening and even tango. (
  • Mr Bungle released their debut self titled album on Warner Bros in 1991 & went on to release 2 more (1995's Disco Volante & 1999's California) before being dropped by the label. (
  • He signed to Warner Bros. in 1973 and recorded a further two albums, but commercial success still eluded him and Scot concentrated on performing in Folk clubs in the UK and Europe, settling in Amsterdam. (
  • Three years later, he had one of his biggest hits, "Sossego," and another success with "Acenda o Farol," both included on Tim Maia Disco Club (Warner Bros.). In 1983, he had hits with "O Descobridor dos Sete Mares" (Gilson Mendonça/Michel) and "Me dê Motivo" ( Paulo Massadas / Michael Sullivan ), included on O Descobridor dos Sete Mares (Polygram). (
  • Dejte alba, jako je výborné „Appetite For Destruction" (1987, mj. (
  • Disco Volante is the second studio album by American experimental rock band Mr. Bungle. (
  • Disco Volante is considered to be the most experimental of all their albums. (
  • Disco Volante has been well received by critics. (
  • A few years ago, a newly reconstituted version of the band (now simply called "Dexys") began to perform, and a new album, One Day I'm Going to Soar , was released in the U.K. last year, with an American release supposedly scheduled for later this month. (
  • No wonder: the band recorded its seventh studio set above a disco, the since-shuttered Royal Phoenix, in Montreal. (
  • Having made his name in bellowing motorcycle rock and with the brassy pop of the 'Born In The USA' album slowly coagulating, in 1982 The Boss took the bold stand of releasing the haunting folk demos of 'Nebraska' rather than the full-band version. (
  • High is the fourth studio album by Scottish band The Blue Nile , released on 30 August 2004 on Sanctuary Records . (
  • The band recently released their first album. (
  • Every year I hope that a band like this will put out an album like this. (
  • This time out, the band turned what could have been another folk-rock retread into a surprisingly omnivorous album. (
  • C'è comunque da dire che il disco è edito dalla Epic , l'etichetta sotto cui i quattro erano in precedenza sotto contratto, e che quindi la band non ha nulla a che fare con quest'album. (
  • He had already established himself as a solo performer with his 1975 album Jealousy , and now formed his own band, the Afro Messengers (featuring members of Africa '70 who had left along with him). (
  • To be eligible for nomination, an individual artist or band must have released its first single or album at least 25 years prior to the year of nomination. (
  • The album is produced by Don Piper, who has his own band a don piper situation . (
  • Today I learned that 3 of the songs of the 2005 album The Third Face are available as free downloads at Myspace , which has led me to give this band another listen. (
  • Maybe it's time for me to seriously considering buying the album, because everything I've heard so far from this band is very, very good! (
  • It was the very first album released in vinyl format for a Chilean band at that time. (
  • The band split up in the early nineties after Alfredo Peña's suicide and reformed around 1999, recorded 'Enslaved to the Machine (2001)' and once again split up, this time due to musical differences and lack of time. (
  • The band expects to releasing in 2015, the remake of their album 'Reborn' originally from 2009 and finish up the works on their new new album (no name yet). (
  • Following the 2015 album release, the band has toured as Jeff Lynne's ELO. (
  • Hot Hot Heat was a Canadian indie rock band from Victoria , British Columbia , formed in 1999. (
  • The band was signed by Seattle label Sub Pop in 2001 and released its first EP, Knock Knock Knock , and first full-length album, Make Up the Breakdown , the following year. (
  • The band released five full-length albums, the last being the self-titled Hot Hot Heat in 2016. (
  • Following on from this, on April 5, the band announced via Twitter they would be releasing their fifth and final self-titled album on June 24. (
  • Guitarist Dante DeCaro announced his departure from the band in October 2004, but stayed to complete their next album, and in 2005 joined Montreal band Wolf Parade . (
  • This album marked the beginning of the progressive phase of the renowned Brazilian band. (
  • Eddie succeeded in bringing out the best in this band, but unfortunately this would be the last album of this caliber for the band as their hunger for success would begin to push them further and further into pop territories. (
  • Unfortunately the album didn't do quite as well as the band or their label had hoped, never even breaking the top 100 on the pop charts. (
  • The band split in 1999. (
  • The band scrambled to put their self-titled first album together, and it spawned a minor follow-up hit, "Everybody Dance," in early 1978. (
  • Yes, you have to suffer through that staple of the bloated '70s live album, the drum solo, but by the time the band reaches its 20-minute freakout take on "Space Truckin', that minor hiccup is more than forgiven. (
  • The first disc faithfully recreates the more Krautrock-ish cuts from Bowie's Berlin albums, which favor the whole band over just Bowie even as they show off his solipsistic turn to pre-New Romantic deadpan pop. (
  • By 1995, the Inferno had burnt out but Johnson remained inspired by their playful, subversive manifesto and thus, the album here, partly produced by "Nottingham's own Martin Hannett," Martin Cooper, is difficult to pigeonhole either at the end of the millennium or even now. (
  • The crop of albums released in 1995, including several remarkable debuts, showcased the many moods, textures and possibilities in electronic music. (
  • Björk, a then-recent '90s transplant to the U.K. from Iceland, also called on Bristol connections for her startling second album, Post (1995). (
  • Her crossover album Dreaming of You , which was not finished, was released on 18 July 1995. (
  • Beyond dance, the album includes jangly guitars ("This Is the Last Time"), '80s-reminsicent alt-pop (earworm "Trap Door," complete with a sax solo of which the late Clarence Clemons would surely approve) and ballads like Campbell's favorite song on the set, "Look Away," which he sings with Millan. (
  • Tremendous work from Coleman Hawkins - a sublime 'with strings' session from the 50s, and one of Bean's greatest albums from the decade! (
  • Great reaction to the 'Explosions in Ward 6' album established PIG DESTROYER as one of the best new grind acts to emerge worldwide in the last decade. (
  • and recording three new studio albums in the last decade, 2004's To The Five Boroughs, 2007's The Mix-Up and 2011's Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. (
  • The 46-year-old has always sung about her issues with self-acceptance, from the title track of her 1999 solo debut Northern Star to her 2017 album Version Of Me. (
  • It's two albums from the Disco Biscuits. (
  • Not that old, but also out-of-print (and rather rare), so that's good for the second Disco Biscuits album on my Want List. (
  • Infatuated with the religious/philosophic sect Cultura Racional, in 1975 Maia independently launched (through Seroma) two minor albums, Racional, Vol. 1 and Racional, Vol. 2. (
  • O disco contém faixas que Barbra cantava em suas apresentações nos clubes noturnos,da mesma forma que seu álbum de estréia.No entanto,a canção "Gotta Move" foi escrita especialmente para o álbum e também foi cantanda em um especial de Barbra chamado "Color me Barbra" anos depois.O disco foi gravado em apenas 4 dias. (
  • For the first time, the complete sessions for the sole album by this threesome, pioneers of the instrumental avant-garde scene in São Paulo between 1976 / 1981, together with bands such as Grupo Um and Pé Ante Pé. (
  • they recorded one album in 1982 before they had to disband due to Roger's debilitating tinnitus, but their influence is undeniable. (
  • They even played the rock music oriented Woodstock Festival in 1994, and they're still dropping music like last year's album Wonky. (
  • Released in July 1994, the album was an immediate outlier in a golden age of alternative rock. (
  • In late 1994, Charles Koppelman , the chairman of EMI Latin, believed that Selena was ready to release a cross over album. (
  • In the middle of Dexys' first album, containing original attempts to reimagine the Northern soul sound, they dropped in a raucous cover, "Seven Days Too Long" by Chuck Wood, a song that was, by some accounts , one of the most popular songs of the genre. (
  • he toured frequently, produced albums, wrote songs for many other artists, and recorded hundreds of songs that still lie unreleased in his vaults. (
  • On songs such as the kinetic "Gold Rush", "Northern Lights" and "You Moved Away" Ben Gibbard ruminates on the flux going on in his hometown and weaves a thread throughout the album about how interconnected geography is with memory, and how hard it can be to hold onto places, and to people, too. (
  • The album represents a new chapter for the former Smith Westerns member, one in which he stretches out his songwriting chops and uses his life experience to craft loose-limbed, hook-filled songs that combine pop appeal with finely sutured lyrics. (
  • But some other songs on that album are just completely bizarre (and kind of scary), and I feel like, if I played them in the presence of anyone else, they would ask me, "What the hell are you listening to? (
  • From those albums, the only songs I like are Turn on the News, One Beat, History Lesson - Part II, Corona, and Search and Destroy. (
  • Carmen Lundy's 14th album features 11 of 13 songs written, co-written or arranged by Lundy and features the stellar talents of guest artists Patrice Rushen, Geri Allen, Randy Brecker, Mayra Casales, South African vocalist Simphiwe Dana, Bennie Maupin, Carol Robbins, Ada Rovatti and Warren Wolf along with core rhythm section members Darryl Hall and Jamison Ross. (
  • That's almost 63 songs per day or 5-6 albums. (
  • While the album was nominally "progressive house," its songs channeled the thrum of London through dub, reggae and pop hooks. (
  • Overshadowed by one of the greatest pop songs ever, O'Connor's second single off I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got is aesthetically more in line with the art rock of her great previous album. (
  • Intending to make an authentic American album, the Springfields travelled to Nashville to record the album Folk Songs from the Hills. (
  • S. Other observers opine that the faster pace of disco-style songs gives them a fresh edge. (
  • I have to also mention that one of my favorite songs off this album, "White Lightning" is actually a reworking of an old Bux tune. (
  • Still, this album is chock full of great songs. (
  • For the benefit of those who like cold, hard data, here is The Metaphorical Boat 's top albums and songs of 2014 in easy to digest list form. (
  • Oddly, there were only three songs from the new 'La Cucaracha' ('Your Party' suffered for the lack of the saxophone from the album version). (
  • The double-CD also offers a glimpse into Buckley pulling his own material together, offering songs like "Grace" and "Mojo Pin" in raw, direct forms that make the beautiful versions eventually released on Buckley's studio album seem overproduced. (
  • When reviewing one of the first songs released from this album-a rendition of a Johnny Cash poem Paisley put to music called " Gold All Over The Ground "-it was said this could be a very important record in Brad Paisley's career. (
  • The two compositions were originally released in 1999 on Mille Plateaux, and then reissued partially in 2016 on GAS BOX . (
  • Out this week: this deluxe 5CD set features all of the albums recorded by Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come between 1971-1973! (
  • Electric Light Orchestra (or ELO for short, now going by Jeff Lynne's ELO) is a British rock group from Birmingham, England, which released eleven studio albums between 1971 and 1986 and two more albums, Zoom in 2001 and Alone In The Universe in 2015, both which featured only Jeff Lynne and Richard Tandy from the original lineup. (
  • Nine Lives was their longest album, tied closely with their previous Get a Grip both having total track time of 62 minutes. (
  • given the time to sink in, the album fits well in their canon. (
  • i used to listen to this album all the time and can't find it anywhere. (
  • I didn't know at the time just how much time I would be spending with this album. (
  • Even on the more strangely quiet, upbeat fare, like the Prince-era whisper-disco of 'Let s Say,' the shadow-boxing funk of 'I ve Got No Strings' or the off-time keyboard line that redeems the borderline-corn of 'I ve Got a Big Bowl of Cherries,' the funk conjured is more out-beat than upbeat. (
  • The album opens with probably their signature tune, Up The Hardway, co-written by Moore and Majors, a grinding heavy slab of stoner rock, with a time-change solo mid-way in the 5.40. (
  • The music tends to become more sophisticated as the album moves on through "time", "Lake Constance" for example being a purely orchestral piece inspired by the romantic period poets. (
  • By the time Yo La Tengo released their first classic album with Painful , they had already had a full career with five albums. (
  • 03: The Mars Volta- De-loused in the Comatorium (I decided to not include the live album this time because technically it's a DVD. (
  • The Flaming Lips released the The Soft Bulletin in 1999, which many at the time called "a modern classic" (We'd agree). (
  • The album became the fastest-selling Latin album of all time. (
  • Juliana Hatfield (pictured) : Juliana left Atlantic and has been prolific, putting out a number of solo albums, but never quite recreating the commercial success she had at the time of “My So-Called Life.†She’s still a compelling live performer and her later work is criminally underappreciated. (
  • By the time Chic appeared in the late '70s, disco was already heading toward mainstream saturation and an inevitable downfall. (
  • Deep Purple's studio albums got more and more overripe as time went on, but this alternately stretched-but-taut live show hasn't lost an ounce of its raw power. (
  • Stars' new album No One Is Lost isn't a Christmas album, but lead male singer and co-founder Torquil Campbell sees a comparison. (
  • Dusty Springfield (born Mary Isabel Catherine Bernadette O'Brien on 16 April 1939 - died 2 March 1999) was a British pop singer. (
  • Their first album 'The Search' was released in 1988, recorded in Chile, produced in Brazil and released via Metal Maniac Records (now Hellion Records) in Brazil. (
  • L'album si piazzò ottavo nelle classifiche di allora, aggiudicandosi il disco d'oro. (
  • By his own admission, 'Low Birth Weight,' owes much to the East London experimental group, Disco Inferno who, embracing sampling technology, attempted to turn pop music inside out. (
  • PIG DESTROYER then took listeners on a rampaging journey through an unsettling, psychotic world with their 2001 album, 'Prowler In The Yard. (
  • Prince's first two albums were solid, if unremarkable, late-'70s funk-pop. (
  • Prince was set to release the hard funk of The Black Album by the end of the year, but he withdrew it just before its release, deciding it was too dark and immoral. (
  • Also, if you consider pop-punk as having punk-influenced albums - which I think is pretty reasonable - then I voted for quite a bit of those, since that's largely what I grew up listening to. (
  • CNN) -- Stepping into the studio to record her newest album, "Music," Madonna said she had one thought running through her mind: "God, I hope I can keep coming up with the goods. (
  • Madonna has a few club dates planned to promote the album. (
  • won a Grammy Award for Best Mexican/American Album. (
  • This approach, which Allen called "Afrofunk," culminated in 1999 with his Black Voices project. (
  • He is more famous for Deep Purple's first albums and Jethro Tull's debut single (as Jethro Toe) after working with Joe Meek. (
  • The group's second album already presented a strong tendency towards Symphonic Rock (though genre-wise they were closer to Neo-Progressive and Art Rock trends). (
  • Follow-up "I Want Your Love" reached number seven, cementing the group's new star status, and C'est Chic became one of the rare disco albums to go platinum. (
  • After the release of his first album, New Misery , he had to deal with busted vans, crashed cars, mangled relationships, and other trials that can leave one feeling like the world is playing a cosmic joke. (
  • If Welton's job was to integrate Prince with the sound of the present, then it works: His steward never sounds out of place on this release, even as it starts with superfluous, direct quotes from "1999" and "Let's Go Crazy. (
  • On September 7th Metal Blade Records will release 'The Passage Of Existence', the brand new studio album by Florida Death Metal legends MONSTROSITY! (
  • And once that wrapped up, she went straight into the studio to work on her eighth solo album, and kept going until lockdown hit. (
  • It was the second of the four singles from his debut studio album True Cool . (
  • Fifth studio album by the British rockers. (
  • Perhaps more significantly, Detroit garage-rock duo the White Stripes-composed of Jack and Meg White-started receiving similar enthusiasm for the self-conscious grittiness of their third studio album, White Blood Cells . (
  • MONSTROSITY releases first studio album in 11 years! (
  • Intec Digital was also the home for Carl's 6th studio album, 'All Roads Lead To the Dancefloor,' released to critical acclaim in late 2011 on state-of-the-art, self-updating USB technology. (
  • This double live CD documents their latest concerts recorded before and after a five month European tour, with material from their three previous studio albums plus a number of new compositions. (
  • The Black Keys are gearing up for their eighth studio album as their seventh LP, 2011's "El Camino," has a shot at an Album of the Year Grammy next month. (
  • Molti concerti furono registrati durante il tour del 1970 per creare il suddetto album. (
  • Il produttore dei Doors, Paul A. Rothchild , editò accuratamente il disco prendendo i brani da molti concerti per creare un unico, perfetto concerto dei Doors. (
  • Prince's new album HITNRUN Phase One is, on the surface, his most relevant album in decades-well, it'll get relevant once it stops being a Tidal exclusive -and reasserts his ageless, boundless range as a sheer creator. (
  • Prince co-produced HITNRUN Phase One with Joshua Welton, the 25-year-old who also co-chaired the better of Prince's two 2014 albums, Art Official Age . (
  • Rowland released two solo albums - one that received some critical praise and one of covers that decidedly did not - and both were commercial failures. (
  • Twofer CD reissue of the Jeff Beck Group/Faces/The Rolling Stones guitarist's first two solo albums. (
  • But the dramatic transition from the orchestral interlude "Chromatica II" into the synth-pop dance tune "911" soon went viral on TikTok, making the latter the most-streamed solo cut from the album aside from lead single "Stupid Love. (
  • With two solo albums behind him (Aftertime and Life Cycle of a Massive Star), his output has primarily been fueled by a desire to write beat-less music, something Roly is keen to specify he doesn't view as being the same as ambient music. (
  • releasing solo albums as well as playing with a wild variety of cool artists over the years (none of whose names need be mentioned here). (
  • Musically on Seeking Thrills , Georgia distills her various influences, pulling in synthpop, disco, Chicago House, and 1980s Detroit techno with sprinklings of UK garage, dancehall, and even post-punk. (
  • In their highly favorable review of the album, AllMusic wrote, "Mr. Bungle is the musical equivalent of a David Lynch movie", calling the music a "totally original and new musical style, and an album that sounds like nothing that currently exists. (
  • Too-Rye-Ay is also a very strong album, influential in unexpected ways - it is likely that the opening track/manifesto, "The Celtic Soul Brothers," served as a key inspiration for the book/film The Commitments - but the rest of its music was overshadowed by the success of "Eileen" and the predictable anti-Dexys backlash that followed. (
  • Known as the 'Queen of Latin Pop', she in the top 100 best-selling music artists with over 100 million albums sold worldwide, 31.5 million of those in the United States. (
  • In 1999, she also made her feature film debut alongside Meryl Streep in Music of the Heart , recording the film's title song as a duet with *NSYNC, and scoring both a massive pop hit and an Oscar nomination in the process. (
  • A brand new series of releases devoted to the rise of Disco in the '70s, a genre which began when soul music became the. (
  • This album is pure fun pop music. (
  • This album is just minimal background music at times. (
  • Layers of ominous intensity supported by muffled kick drums as classical music loops incessantly swirl with no direction, Zauberberg is the definitive GAS album and a perfect starting point for those not familiar with his music. (
  • While some of them may be more difficult, these albums have some of the best energy, most inspired performances, and most interesting riffs in all of rock music, so I can't see how you would dismiss punk as a whole genre. (
  • While Third Law is related to his past, for Roly this album represents finally coming to terms with his goal of leaving dance music as it is, free to explore ideas of rhythm, bass, sound design within his own world without having to shape any of these elements to fit any preconceived ideas or rules. (
  • In the '70s, Maia started to record albums and do shows promoting his indigenous synthesis of American soul and Brazilian music with elements of samba and baião. (
  • It directly quotes early '90s dance music that Prince had nothing to do with-think "Vogue"-and overworks the beat with garish synths and quotes from disco and soul horns. (
  • Disco was the first music that captivated him but by the early 80s Cox had moved on to playing the same music as other young London DJs - rare groove, New York hip-hop and electro. (
  • Carl formed his own label, Intec Records, in 1999, scoring a series of underground hits and enjoying eight years at the forefront of electronic music. (
  • The music here is diverse, ranging from another orchestral piece, through further tribal chants, to disco dance rhythms. (
  • There's some pleasant music on this album, but whether it's worthy of the "Bell" series tag is questionable. (
  • In 2004 Make Up the Breakdown won "Favourite Album" at the Canadian Independent Music Awards by popular vote. (
  • S. "While the beat is reminiscent of disco, it's more a combination of the growing European and Latin influences on American music," he says. (
  • Especially since, observers say, '70s disco offered some elements disfavored in modern music. (
  • There was something very joyous and light about this music, as opposed to the more serious stuff now," says Vicki Sue Robinson, who currently stars in the Off-Broadway show "Turn the Beat Around," based on her disco hit. (
  • As a result, Chin sees these neo-disco beats as merely a reflection of the fact that "once something is added to the music vocabulary it never really dies. (
  • Their remix of Boys Noize's "What You Want," has an infectious disco rhythm and vocoded vocals reminiscent to Zapp & Roger's "Computer Love. (
  • Donna Summer, meanwhile, was coming off of a dominant year, releasing the massively successful double album Bad Girls , the last true blockbuster of the disco era. (
  • In its wake, Jennifer Lopez put a night-fever song on her debut LP, the neo-disco British bands M People and Jamiroquai have just put out new albums ("Testify" and "Synkronized," respectively), and next week Donna Summer launches a major comeback attempt, sponsored by no less potent a promoter than VH1. (
  • GLITTERBOX presents "LOVE INJECTION" with 8 exclusive tracks on vinyl taken from the CD compilation showcasing the finest house and disco of today combined with some golden era classics. (
  • To date, the Jeanne Dielman record company released two vinyl compilation albums with old saturn singles. (
  • Luckily for us Warp has just reissued all their albums on vinyl. (
  • Niet alleen vinyl maar ook cd en dvd aanbiedingen natuurlijk. (
  • Schrijf je in en ontvang wekelijks info over nieuwe releases, speciale 'Sounds' tips, vergeten klassiekers, vinyl van de week, instores, aanbiedingen etc. (
  • Packaged in a beautifully designed tri-fold digipak sleeve (complete with lyric insert and inner album sleeve that recalls vintage vinyl), 2 is an intoxicating spin that is strangely appealing and perplexing. (
  • Legacy: Apart from the odd ironic theme night, disco is long since dead and buried. (
  • Annie carried the Swedish pop legacy of The Carnivals with a further embrace of futuristic disco and a deadpan diva vocal approach. (
  • Once Barbra Streisand showed that she could sing a disco song, something like "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)" was probably inevitable. (
  • The phisical CD will be available in November via Digmetalworld Records but the album will be released to the public via MVD Entertainment Group in North America and Plastic Head in Europe in January. (
  • From the guitar that drops out of the sky on the opening track "Four Years" all the way through the fade-out of kaleidoscopic closer "A Real You", The Diet is a powerful modern indie-rock album that is buoyed by warped, analog pedals/transistors and tailor-made guitar tones. (
  • The highlight of his week is going to the local disco, where he is the king of the dance floor. (
  • Tony meets Stephanie at the disco and they agree to dance together in a competition. (
  • That album quickly found critical acclaim, and its singles "Bandages" and "Talk to Me, Dance With Me" received regular airplay on MTV and radio, including influential Los Angeles, California station KROQ-FM , on whose charts both reached No. 1. (
  • Still, Isaak sees the escalation of older dance tracks less as evidence of a disco-revival per se than as a reflection of the influence of other, related trends in the U. (
  • Dance, Dance, Dance" hit the Top Ten, peaking at number six, and made Chic one of the hottest new groups in disco. (
  • Two more cuts from the album, 'Can't Forget You' and 'Live for Loving You', secured her foothold on the adult contemporary charts. (
  • EN ) Live & Rare , su Discogs , Zink Media. (
  • EN ) Live & Rare , su MusicBrainz , MetaBrainz Foundation. (
  • In the 21st century Allen began making his way back toward the original Afrobeat sound, finally making a complete return with his much-heralded 2006 album Lagos No Shaking , recorded live in the Nigerian metropolis. (
  • Acetate Zero took part to the MOFO #4 festival, toured with Rothko (2006), The New Year and Chris Brokaw (2008), played live at the French TV show ce soir ou jamais , shared the bill with the Album Leaf, Encre, Empress and others. (
  • I had so much fun writing about some of my favorite live albums the other week that I thought I might share some of my other musical favorites. (
  • And since I had so many live albums on the brain and received a number of suggestions for other albums to try, I thought I'd post a few more of my live favorites, as well as some of the new discs I've been trying lately. (
  • John Zorn's avant jazz quartet dedicated to creating a new Jewish songbook sports a number of fantastic live albums, but Live in Sevilla strikes the best balance out of all of them. (
  • Techno Disco Lovers was an EP by Bis, made to preview the 1999 Social Dancing album. (
  • Sports & Red came out in 2010 and 2011 but this is the album that made me their #1 fan. (
  • And this new album has really made me a fan all over again. (
  • His 2005 album The Howl Sessions made a lot of people sit up and take notice. (
  • I know it's so horribly cliché to say "Play it Loud" but I can honestly say this album is made for that. (
  • The UK's 12 best albums are proposed in a shortlist made by the prestigious Mercury Prize. (
  • Le Freak," the first single from sophomore album C'est Chic, was an out-of-the-box smash, spending five weeks on top of the charts toward the end of 1978 and selling over four-million copies (which made it the biggest-selling single in Atlantic 's history). (
  • Strange but true, the esoteric British artist is back with a brand new album. (
  • Still keeping it one album per artist (which makes it infinitively harder). (
  • A great look at the early years of Bobby Womack - featuring tracks from his first few albums for the Minit label, plus later hits from his mighty years at United Artists! (
  • Their first album, the critical acclaimed and sold out Softcore Paradise lp (1999 - Orgasm records, reissued via the US label Drumkid Records) came up then: their frozen manifest. (
  • Conséquence: le premier album, Softcore Paradise (lp - 1999 - Orgasm records, réédité via le label américain Drumkid Records), est salué sur la scène indépendante. (
  • Un album de The Fall sorti en 2008 chez (label inconnu) . (
  • An exceptional album from Bobby Womack's years at Columbia Records - and a record that brings together smooth and roosty styles wonderfully! (
  • I really would have been obsessed with this album 10 years ago or 20 years ago. (
  • Brazilian Group which recorded their first album after many years of playing together. (
  • Original album cover, replaced due to controversy. (
  • O álbum foi lançado apenas 6 meses após o disco de estréia da Barbra.A capa original do LP era bastante branqueada,além disso o relevo do nariz da Barbra era menos evidente,quando o CD foi remasterizado, a fotografia feita por Kuzuomi foi restaurada em gloriosos tons de cinza, sem retoques. (
  • The Soft Pink Truth are possibly coming back soon from a long-ass hiatus, maybe with original material, maybe with another album of covers, according to this interview . (