Aceraceae is a botanical name for a family of flowering plants that includes maple trees and related species. In modern taxonomy, Aceraceae is often included within the family Sapindaceae. The plants in this family are characterized by their opposite leaves, which may have palmate or pinnate venation, and their winged fruits, known as samaras. Maple trees are well-known for their attractive foliage and their sap, which is used to produce maple syrup. Other genera within Aceraceae include Acer, Dipteronia, and Negundo.

"Acer" is a genus name in the plant kingdom, specifically for maple trees. It does not have a medical definition per se, as it is not a term used in human or animal medicine. Acer species are known for their beautiful and distinctive leaves, which can sometimes be used in herbal or traditional medicines, although these uses are not typically recognized by modern evidence-based medicine.