I am not aware of a specific medical definition for "account books." The term "account books" generally refers to books or records used to track financial transactions, such as credits, debits, and balances. While account books are not a medical term per se, they can be relevant in medical contexts, particularly in the administration and billing of medical services.

In medical settings, account books may be used by healthcare organizations to maintain records of patient appointments, treatments provided, charges for services, insurance payments, and any remaining balances due from patients. These records help ensure accurate billing, timely payment processing, and proper financial management in the delivery of healthcare services.

I apologize for any confusion, but "books" is a general term that refers to bound sets of pages that are printed or written with text, illustrations, or signs, and are meant to be read, studied, or consulted. It does not have a specific medical definition. If you're looking for information about a specific medical term or concept, please let me know and I'd be happy to help!

I'm not aware of a specific medical definition for "book selection." The term "book selection" generally refers to the process or activity of choosing books, often for reading or using as resources. In a medical context, book selection might refer to the process of selecting appropriate texts or references for study, research, or professional development in the field of medicine. It could also refer to the task of choosing books for a library or collection related to medicine or healthcare.