• organ
  • Im Unterschied hierzu führte die Abfolge von 60 Minuten warmer Ischämie und 4 Stunden Kaltkonser-vierung unweigerlich zur primären Organ-Nichtfunktion innerhalb der ersten 24 Stun-den nach Lebertransplantation. (hu-berlin.de)
  • study
  • The goal of this study was to investigate whether the "warm-up" effect in angina protects against ischemic left ventricular (LV) dysfunction. (onlinejacc.org)
  • blood
  • One notable exception is the warm blood group diluted with KH, group 2, that unexpectedly displayed superior recovery of ATP. (pcdior.com)
  • further
  • After exercise, patients with coronary disease demonstrate persistent myocardial dysfunction, which may represent stunning, as well as warm-up protection against further angina, which may represent ischemic preconditioning. (onlinejacc.org)