• metastasis
  • Preliminary studies have been done in certain areas like vulva and cervical neoplasm, intraperitoneal ovarian metastasis and some begin diseases like endometriosis and menorrhagia. (gfmer.ch)
  • A three dimensional volumetric analysis of cervical carcinomas by Burghardt 6 revealed that tumor volumes less than 400 mm 3 were unassociated with lymph node metastasis. (glowm.com)
  • SUBJECTS AND METHODS: Fifty five cases of metastatic carcinoma of unknown primary to lymph node, bone and parietis were collected from September, 2013 to August, Among the above cases, most of them (forty seven) presented as metastasis to different lymph nodes (cervical, supraclavicular, axillary or inguinal). (healthdocbox.com)
  • invasive
  • It was therefore proposed that all cases of extramammary Paget's disease arose as epidermotropic spread from an in situ or invasive neoplasm arising in an adnexal gland within the dermis, analogous to mammary Paget's disease arising from ductal carcinoma in situ. (bmj.com)
  • However, unlike mammary Paget's disease, where the proportion of cases in which an associated neoplasm can be demonstrated is high, the extramammary form is associated with an underlying in situ or invasive neoplasm in a much smaller proportion of cases (9-32% in several small studies). (bmj.com)
  • small
  • The external os is usually small and round in nulliparous women but can be seen as a transverse slit in those who have had cervical dilation during labor. (medscape.com)