• walk-in coolers
  • We felt like imposters, feeling the eyes of the store clerks on our backs as we drifted aimlessly from aisles of wine to walk-in coolers of craft beers to displays of various whiskeys, tequilas, vodkas. (vol1brooklyn.com)
  • Keep
  • This Volition VPT67 67" Pizza Prep Table uses an effective self-contained refrigeration system to keep your pizza-making supplies at the optimal temperature. (rapidswholesale.com)
  • hold
  • The cold glass fit snugly against my palm, the weight of the bottle satisfying to hold, and I ran my little finger over the ridges that circled the bottom like Braille and looked at it for a full minute, savoring how pristine, how perfect it was. (vol1brooklyn.com)
  • soft
  • The short drive to our apartment was charged with anticipation, the soft, almost musical clinking of the bottles jostling in the box on the floor of the passenger seat the only sound. (vol1brooklyn.com)