• protein
  • Recombination studies using a novel tombusvirus three-component system revealed that mutations in RPR motif of p33 replicase protein resulted in an altered viral RNA recombination rate. (uky.edu)
  • recombinant
  • To study the role of RNA during the assembly of functional tombusvirus replicase, recombinant CNV replicase that showed similar properties to plant-derived CNV replicase was purified from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. (uky.edu)
  • recombinants
  • Identified DI RNA recombinants were mostly imprecise, with recombination sites clustered around a replication enchancer and an additional putative cis-acting element that might facilitate the template switching events by the tombusvirus replicase. (uky.edu)
  • cells
  • When in addition to p33 and p92 proteins DI RNA was co-expressed in yeast cells, the isolated replicase activity was increased ~40 fold. (uky.edu)