• vaccine
  • The cost of ACT is, however, much lower than a full course of other immunotherapies, such as the dendritic cell vaccine Provenge (which is not indicated for melanoma) or the immunotheraputic MAb drug ipilimumab, both of which cost approximately $120,000. (biopharmconsortium.com)
  • melanoma
  • Although such tolerance mechanisms have emerged as formidable barriers to immunotherapy, as discussed below, our knowledge of tumor-associated antigens for melanoma and other tumor types has provided potential molecular targets for T cell-based immunotherapy, and has allowed for the design of strategies to break immune tolerance for patients with cancer. (aacrjournals.org)
  • clinically
  • After many years of disappointing results, the tide has finally changed and immunotherapy has become a clinically validated treatment for many cancers. (beds.ac.uk)
  • mechanisms
  • In recent years, immunotherapy has emerged as a possible fourth pillar, targeting cancer not by its anatomic location or propensity to divide, but by the inherent mechanisms the immune system uses to distinguish between healthy and pathologic tissue. (rmmj.org.il)