• periphery
  • Upon the assembly of WHAMM onto MTs, its N-terminal membrane-binding domain was exposed at the MT periphery, where it can recruit vesicles and remodel them into tubular structures. (rupress.org)
  • basal
  • To examine this problem, we studied microtubules on basal plasma membranes isolated from fully polarized MDCK epithelial cells. (rupress.org)
  • The microtubules of the ciliary axoneme grow directly from a centriole at their base, this centriole is often called a basal body. (stanford.edu)
  • cytoplasm
  • Being organized in a dynamic vesicle-actin network allows vesicles to move in a local random manner and a global directed manner at the same time: they can reach any position in the cytoplasm, but also move directionally to the cell surface as a collective. (warwick.ac.uk)