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  • Representing a seminal compilation of research and technical knowledge about green roof ecology and how functional attributes can be enhanced, it delves to explore the next wave of evolution in green technology and defines potential paths for technological advancement and research. (springer.com)
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  • Other projects they have completed in the city include a family residence with a V-shaped roof and a pair of homes made to look like one . (dezeen.com)
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  • The work contains examples of green roof venues that demonstrate the focus, level of detail, and techniques needed to understand the structure, function, and impact of these novel ecosystems. (springer.com)
  • Great work, i love the foliage roof. (dezeen.com)
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  • This is also one of the finest principles of Hundertwasserhaus: the architect wanted every tree or bush that was destroyed in construction of the building to be brought back to the roof and the complex itself. (klm.com)