• effects
  • ligand that uncouples arrestin-dependent PTH1R signals that increase osteoblast number/activity from G protein-mediated signals that stimulate osteoclastic bone resorption, will likewise uncouple the beneficial effects of PTH1R activation on bone formation from its adverse effects on bone resorption and renal calcium retention in vivo. (grantome.com)
  • human
  • Bennett's objective, in her book Vibrant Matter , is to uncouple the idea of "agency" not only from the "human," but from "organism" altogether. (equinoxpub.com)
  • Many therapists work with the APET Model ( A ctivating agent, P attern match, E motion, T houghts) of human behaviour. (humangivens.com)
  • themselves
  • She wants to suggest that objects create their own spheres of potentiality that project themselves into the world-and thus resemble agents. (equinoxpub.com)
  • There are few bigger accessories that detail the admeasurement to which the ri and best affiliated American multinationals accumulated calm to anatomy themselves into a basic agent for the Chinese government than Robert Dreyfuss' "The New China Lobby," appear in The American Prospect in January 1997. (realcookingguide.com)